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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 1, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
'■■■"■*     ^*f^,*'' ni'viu^\ =
/f _■ '.   •        ]f
-fcl.00 PER YEAR
Enforcement of This Law
Will fie Beneficial to
Local Grower*
Under (be fruit marks act all Canadian shippers of fruit* bave been
compelled te comply with its requirement*. This British Columbia grower* bave faithfully and
cheerfully done, tbougb imported
fruit wning in direct competition
with them was allowed to be sold
without hindrance, without in any
way complying with the law. Tbi*
situation created a condition of unfair competi ion wbicb tbe Dominion government recognized, and in
1912 endeavored, on represntations,
to remove; and in tbis tbey were unsuccessful, because tbe law did not
apply to imported fruit, aod even if
it bad, tbere was no adequate provision for ils enforcement against
foreign shippers.
The British Columbia Fruit
Growers' association at its last annual meeting in January passed a
strong resolution citing tbe injustice
•nd unfairness under wbioh the industry wu laboring and asking the
Dominion government to formulate
regulations, making it incumbent
upon foreign shippers to comply
with the fruit mark* act before the
package* were allowed in Canada. A
committee composed of W. 8. Goggo
of Vernon and Thomas Abriel of
Nakusp, and the secretary of tne
association, proceeded to Ottawa in
February to press this and otber
matters before tbe Dominion government. Hon. Martin Burrell,
minister of agriculture, met them io
a most belpful spirit and gave tbem
all possile assistance. He fully rec
ognized the injustice in tbe fruit
mark* act and had legislation prepared to remedy it. Tbe bill secured precedence in tbe bouse over
many other* which were dropped,
and, despite the crowded aod contentious character ot the session
and some opposition, tbe bill was
Under the bill, as pissed, tbe
governor-ill council had power to
make regulations, and these were
duly published, and so given tbe
force of tbe law, in the Canada Ua-
zette of July 5. Tbey read aa foi-
Hia excellency the administrator in
council in pleated to order that the
following regulation) ahall be and the
name are hereby made and e.Ubliahed
under the pruviaions of section 'J.ISA
ot the inspection and sale act:
1. In theae regulation), (a) '•Im
porter" means the ponton, Arm or cor
poration in Canada to whom fruit
from outside of Cauada ia sold,
•hipped, consigned or delivered, (b)
"Fruit" means apples, crab apples,
peara,pluuis and poaches when shipped
in closed packages, (c) "Inspector"
means an inspector employed by the
department of agriculture uf Canada
to enforce the provisions of part IX
of the inspection and sale act, chapter
85, Revised Statutes of Canada, I WH,
and the regulations made thereunder.
2 No fruit shall be imported into
Canada except as hereinafter provided.
3. Every, importer ot fruit, or his
representative, shall cause all grade
marks found on closed packages containing imported fruit to bo completely removed, erased or obliterated,
when such grade marks -are different
to, or inconsistent with the marking
or branding required by seotion) 320
and 321 of the inspection aod sale act,
or section 4 of there regulations.
4. Every importer of fruit, or his
representative, shall cause all suoh
closed packages containing such im
ported fruit to be marked or branded
in a plain and legible manner, in lettera and figures not lass tban half an
inch long, and in the following manner:
[Place here the    [Place her* the cor-
proper grade root name  of the
mark.] variety.]
Imported by
[Insert here the name and
address   of   the importer.]
5. The removal, erasure or obliteration of original grade marks or brands
on closed packages containing import
ed fruit and re-marking or branding
of said closed packages to conform
with the provisions of the inspection
and sale act as required by theae regu
lations, shall be done at the time
when the said packages are being
taken from the railway car, steamship
ur other conveyance in which they
have been be ought into Caaada.
6 The marks or brands specified in
section 4 of these regulations ahall be
placed on the end of the packages.
The association bis just received
a letter from J. A. Ruddick, dairy
and cold storage commissioner, wbo
is charged with tbe enfoaoement of
tbe fruit marks acl, saying that a
circular is in the bands of tbe printers for distribution. Tbis circular
makes public tbe provisions of the
Uw, wbicb must now be obeyed by
the importer under the penalties of
tbe act.
It abould be • matter of congrato
Jation to British Columbia fruit
grower* that tbis unfairness hu
been removed. The change will assist mtterially in securing for our
fruit a market at a fair price. The
success of the British Columbia
Fruit Growers' association in tbis
matter will be of benefit to all the
fruit growers of. Canada, and
ihould greatly encourage us to improve tbe condition of the industry
in otber wave.
Resolution Adopted Favoring
Cannery as a Local
On Monday President Clark of
the boajd of trade received a c»ni-
munication from the Western Cannery company, of Kelowna, in
reference to the establishment of a
fruit and vegetable cannery in this
city. The company made a proposition to build a cannery at this
point, and to bave it ready in time
to handle next year's crop, if tbe
people of tbe city and valley would
subscribe for 120,000 worth of stock
in the company. If an additional
$200.0 worth of stook could be sold,
a jam factory would be added to the
Mr. Clark, on receipt of tbis letter, called a special meeting of tbe
board to consider tbe matter. At
this maeting, whicb wa* tbe most
largely attended held here for some
time, the company's proposition was
thoroughly discussed.
The majority of tbose present
seemed to tbink tbat tbe figures submitted by the Western Cannery
company were too higb, and at the
close of the discussion a resolution
was adopted instructing tbe secretary to answer tbe communication,
and to tell the company tbat tbe
board, at tbe present time, did not
see its way clear to endorse the
proposition. Another resolution
favoring the establishment of a
oannery by local people was
adopted. A number of citizens are
now engaged in perfecting the plans
of such in enterprise.
are unable to pay their legitimate
bills. Some lots purohased in
Athabaska Landing, for instance,
•t $150 eacb, are assessed at $2ft,
and on writing to the municipality,
tbe reply came back tbat tbe people
of Athabaska Landing did not buy
lots a mile and a balf from town,
and they doubted sf the lots would
bring $25 eacb at forced sale.
Here iB another instance, and tbis
from Moose Jaw, of lots being sold
by a syndicate for $175 to $250. Tbe
owner of this property, on account
of its proximity to Moose Jaw, haB
valued it at $100 per acre vit being
at present a fine wheat field) as farm
land. As a real estate proposition
its value is about $200 per acre.
Tbere appears to be no possibility
of getting water tbere within tbe
next fifty years.
A Blook and a Half of Cement  Sidewalks   Is
Metal Production
Of British Columbia gold lode
production for 1912, which totaled,
$$,322,000, Rossland produced
more tban one-half, or $2,730,000.
The Boundary is credited witb $2,-
167,000, and Nelson district wltb
•361,000. The Nickel Plate mine,
at Hedley, yielded $775,000 from
free milling quarts. The total production of tbo province, botb placer
and lode, was $32,440,000, The
silver production for the province
wae $1,810,000, nf which the Mlncan
district produced 61 per cut, the
Fort Steele district 12 per cent, and
and the balance from the Lardeau
and Nelson district*. The total lead
production was $1,806,000; copper,
$8,405,000; sine, $316,000, and
coal, $9,200,000.
Want to Buy Foxes
A number of Canadians have
written to the department of commerce, at Washington, seeking to
buy some of the blue and silver
foxes from the government's preserves in Alaska, but no citizen of
the United Ststes hss msde a simi-
lir request, altbongh the department
ie anxious to get some American to
go in for fox breeding. Assistant
Secretary Sweet declares tbal good
profits await those who take up the
Tbe man found drowned in the
Kettle river list week may be Robert Birchall, of Boston, A man of
tbat name bis been missing trom •
trap camp at Beaverdell' since June.
The following is tbe minimum
and'maximum temperature for eacb
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
July 25-Friday 64 89
26-Saturday  .... 53 89
27—Sundty, 52 99
28—Monday  04 71
29—Tuesday  46 71
30— Wednesday .. 43 84
31 -Thursday  49 90
Rainfall  0 07
Hign School Examinations
In the results of the July examinations in the high schools of tbe
province 1228 pupils passed out of
1747. Tbe highest marks were obtained by Hazel McConnel, of Victoria, in the preliminary course
junior grade, witb 882, and A. L.
Marshall, Victoria, in the advanced
course, junior grade, witb 857.   ■-
Tbe pnpile in tbe Grand Forks
higb school wbo passed were:
Advanced Course, Junior Grade—
Harold W. Mclnnes, 674; Gladys
Traunweiser, 616; Doris Kerman,
574; Sherlock W. Ingram, 550; Robert Newbauer, 516; Bertha M. Oil-
pin, 509.
Intermediate Grade—Constance
E. Munro, 751; Edna M. Stuart, 734.
Disposing of Railway Lands
An order-in-council has been
passed providing' that within tbe
40-mile railway belt in British
Columbia the minister of the in
lei ior may grant lands in areas not
exceeding a legal subdivision of forty
acres, more or less. Tbe minister
may, in tbe case of lands deemed to
be specially Valuable, dispose of
tbem in sucb areas snd on such
terms and conditions aa to price and
settlement duties ss be may see fit.
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smitb, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright were present at tbe
meeting of tbe city council on Monday night.
The chief of police was instructed
to enforce the provisions of the
noxious weed act.
A petition was received from the
property owners for a ceineni sidewalk on First street, from Mclnnes'
store to P. Burns it Co.'s store. The
petition was granted.
Property owners on Victoria avenue petitioned the council for one
block of cement sidewalks, which
was granted.
The board of works reported tbat
the Bridge street bridge had been
temporarily repaired; also that some
grading on Riverside avenue bad
been completed.
The health and relief committee
reported that tbe frame blocks between P. Burns <k Co.'s and the
Bontbron-McKie block, on- First
street, to be in an uusanitary condition, and tbe olerk wu instructed J
to notify tne owners to bave septic
tanks constructed.
The health and relief committee
complained of the unsanitary methods of the meat markets in handling
their meats. The clerk wu instructed to notify tbem to take
greater precautions in future.
City Engineer F. W. Reid was
granted a two weeks' leave of absence.
K. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs  receipts at the
j various   sub customs   offices,   as   reported to the chief office in thia oity,
{for tha month ol July:
Grind Forka  $5,472.54
-Phoenix     2,083.51
Carson        112.18
Carcade         54.92
On Wednesday a most enjoyable
and very successful social was beld
at Mrs. James Livesley's residence,
in tbe Ruckle addition, for tbe benefit of Holy Trinity parish. Ice
cream and other refreshments were
served, and recitations, songs and
instrumental music helped to pass
the time away most agreeably. A
perfect evening, beautifully lit up
grounds, a most genial host, and
good coinpany, made this occasion
one of the happiest ol the year.
Total    $7,723.'16
Have You Been Stung?
The Fernie board of trade continues ils efforts against real estate
peddlers nf faraway subdivision lots.
Tbese real ettate peddlers make
special efforts to sell to nurses,
teachers, clerks, waitresses and'
chambermaids, and the Fernie
board finds that mucb of the stuff
•old is worthless and will not bring
tbe price paid for it for many years.
Fully $50,000 is sent out of Fernie
.month to complete psyments,
and Ice customers of tbe merchants
A number of enthusiastic Mori
culturists ol the city ire advocating
i tbe (urination of an improvement
' club for tbe purpose of holding a
flower show here next summer.
I It is claimed that nothing gives the
citizens ol s town a greater incentive
I for beautifying tbeir lawns and gar-
' dens than a flower show, and there
fore the project should be encouraged.
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of
agriculture, and Hon. W. T. Reid,
minister of finance, who are now in
l-ondon, were presented to King
Oeorge list week.
Labor day will lie  celebrated   by
the chizens of Phoenix.
A Federal Bird Law
The s xty-second congress ot the
United Ststes passed a bill tbat
places migratory birds under the
powerful protection ot the federal
government, and tbat will put an
end to tbe shooting of song birds
and insectivorous birds in any state.
Tbe Weeks-McLean migratory bird
law provides tbit tbe bureau of
biological survey ol tbe United States
department of agriculture sball fix
the seasons in wbicb tbe shooting of
migratojy birds iB permitted. The
bureau hu completed and published the first stt ol regulations,
wbich (nay become effective on October 1. These regulations take absolute precedence over all existing
statutes in lbe various states Spring
shouting is absolutely prohibited,
and eo is lbe shooting of migratory
birds between sunset and sunrise. A
closed season is established until
September 1, 1918. for band-tail
pigeons, little brown, sand-hill and
whooping cranes, swans, curlews,
all sbore-birds, except black-
breasted or golden plower, Wilson or
jaeksnipe, wood duck, and greater
and lesser yellow-legs. At all limes
and in all states, tbe regulations
prohibits tbe shooting of insectivorous birds, such u robins, grosbeaks,
larks, and many otber birds. They
also protect the smaller shore-birds,
and others that bave become greatly
reduced in numbers.
Wbile working in tbe Jewel mine
lut week, F. P. Howard - had his
right hand badly crushed. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
accomplish U-.eir purpose '
v.-itli maximum efficiency
nud minimum discomfort.
Iucreas..i_* doses are not
25c. a box at your
Druggist's. 174   '
_ Natl-112lD_t_ga__dr.1e1_1.ctl ;
.Co, el Canada. Umlicd.
English Reserve
An lnforn:al address was delivered
ty 11 member of the Anglo-American
community at one ot London's most
poni-lar clubs on the text: ls the
Britisher Losing Ills Habitual Ite-
r-ei-ve? The speaker hai live! ten
years in London and the provinces,
and claims thut a complete change has
come over the Englishman during that
time, for Instead ol haling the sight
tf his fclLw men, he has got so that
he Is now almost human. The English Sunday has changed, the Englishman no longer stops at home. The
res'aurant habit has Increased his
affaUHty so that he sot only does
no', avoid strangers nt his table, but
even talks to them. Then 10 years
ago he would dp his best to find a
la-lway compartment for himself, now
he has become qiil'o an agreeable
travelling companion.
Many forces, the speak.'- averred,
have been at work to breakdown the
Englishman's traditional reserve. The
cinema picture houses, the theatres,
nnd nmsle hall's, the big department
-tores, continental lours, winter
sports, summer teasidc resorts, golf
and a dozen ether (actors are helping
10 make an Englishman more congenial. The clubs that epitomized this
reserve are becoming less popular
—they were the high altars of the Isolationists' creed.
Yes, concluded Ihe speaker, the
walls are down from the Englishman's reserve; his thoughts nre open
to progress; he finds he can get on
much more pleasantly and econom
.cally by sharing the world .with oth-
' er», and (he whole tendency is good,
and one lh..t commercial people should
not forget In arranging to do business
wltll the new generation cf Englishmen.
At the Tiller
A sailor 0:1 leave was about io escort his best girl across the road, an
off-shod uf a busy thoroughfare in
London, when an omnibus came bowling round the corner, and they had a
narrow escape from being upset. The
railoi-mnn poured out the vials of his
wrath upon the conductor.
What's ihe use cf talkin' to me?
cried the conductor; I ain't drlvln' am
No, replied the salt, hut you're steer-
In' ain't yer?
Saskatchewan Has One of the Largest Farms in Western Canada. How
Tractors Brought the Land Under
One ct the largest farms In Western
Canada is that known as the WeKsen
Farm, situated about ninety miles
southwest ot Saskatoon, and twenty
miles south of Rosetown, whicli ls
on the Goose Lake branch of the Canadian Northern Railway. The farm
comprises sixteen sections, or 10,240
acres, of beautiful undulating prairie
land with almost unbroken surface,
free from stone, brush or other obstructions, with a rich chocolate colored soil several feet ln depth, on
clay subsoil.
The land was originally purchased
from the Canadian Northern Railway
about four years ago by O. 0. Winter, who was for some years superintendent of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, with offices at Winnipeg,
Fort William and Brandon, and later
general superintendent of the Grand
Trunk Pacific. Mr. Winter, with
friends residing ln Minneapolis, organized the Weltzen Land and Agricultural Company, for the purpose of
putting the land under cultivation
under his direct management.
This big farm was flrst developed
in 1910, and ln order to carry out the
work with the greatest possible despatch, three big gasoline tractors
were employed, with an equipment of
gang plows, packers, discs, steel
tanks for hauling gasoline and other
necessary utensils.
The three engines, each drawing six
fourteen-lnch bTeaklhg plows and a
packer, were kept ln constant service day and night, with the result
that by the first of September the
virgin prairie, which had for ages
been the roaming ground of the buffalo, showed an expanse of 4,500
acres broken up by the plow shares.
The plows were then replaced by
six discs, attached to each engine in
such a manner as to give the upturned sod a double stroke, thus pulverizing lt well and putting the sod In fine
condition for seeding. The whole
4,500 acres were treated In this manner before the close of the season.
Since that time the progress of the
work has been steady during each
succeeding year, and the Weltzen
farm ls now one of the show farms of
Saskatchewan for mechanical equipment.
John, aged 3, was le'ng prepared
for bed.
I'm afraid you'll not be nble to wear
Ihis waist any longer, said his mother,
It Is getting too small.
You'll have to get another little boy,
mother, he answered thoughtfully.
Fact and Fiction
Me vowed he would traverse raging
teas iust to look into my eyes.
When—last nigh
No; last night he telephoned me
that it was raining too hard.
Prevented by
And Cuticura Ointment. Directions;
Wake 11 parting and rub gently with
Cuticura Ointment. Continue until
whole scalp has been gone over.
Next morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap. Shampoos alone may
bc used as often as agreeable, but
once or twice a. month is generally
sufficient for this special treatment for women's hair,
Cullcura Snap and ointment are wld ttirnmlimit
tbo worlil. A liberal Mmuli. ol each, Willi :>_-p-na
booklet nn the ears awl treatment ol ll.o-klna-4
aralp. flent ptnt-free. Atlilren Potter Urus4 *"'
Corp., Dept. -ID. noetoo, U. B. A.
Suggestion Is of three kinds: subconscious, musculan, and external.
The first must be noted here. When
you put a shell to your ear you hear
a niurmur as of far-off volceB. So Is
It with the mind. It Is haunted by
the sub-conscious memories of the
past. Some of them are echoes from
the silent lips ot our ancestors, still
repeating themselves ever more faintly In succeeding gencratlcus.. In
that subsconclous state we catch the
undertone of great events, which long
since moved the world, just as the
wavelet which laps the shore has In
lt a tremor from storms which ages
ago swept the ocean.
What influence the mlnda of a congregation have on the extempore
prayers of the minister Is a question
of interest. At such times his own
will Is often subordinated to the Influence of the moment. The well-
known instance ln the lite ot 'Rabbi' Duncan may be clt .tl. Unknown
to the preacher he had entered the
church and seated himself below the
pulpit. The prayer uttered by the
minister was clearly not his own; the
very form of the petition bore evidence of thc strong Individuality of
the earnest worshipper seated below.
The Apt Retort
• There Is rather a good story current ln connection with a lady principal ot a girl's college In the west
of England. Intercourse between
her pupils and the boys who attend
a neighboring school ls strictly forbidden, but one morning the lady
principal beheld a small boy and girl
engaged In conversation, and commenced the attack as follows:
Lady Principal (majestically)—Little girl, have you ever been Introduced to this little boy?
Little Girl (trembling)—No.
Lady Principal—Lltlle boy, have
you ever been Introduced to this little girl?
Little Boy  (defiantly)—No.
Lady Principal (sternly)—Then you
must understand that lt Is exceedingly Impolite to speak to anyone without
a proper Introduction, and—
Little Boy (Interrup(lng)— Then 1
think It's a jolly cheek of you to
speak to me!
The lecture was put off until another day.
The Mysterious Turtle
He is neither fish nor flesh nor
fowl. Yet he has the characteristics
of all three. As tor his eating, It
seems quite superfluous, for he can
remain shut up In a barrel for a
number of weeks and emerge at the
end of the time apparently none the
worse for thc lack of food and light
and air.
SBl   Outing Shoes
We mny Judge a man's character
by what he loves—what pleases him.
lf a man manifests a delight ln low,
sordid objects, the vulgar song and debasing language, the misfortunes ot
hia fellows or animals, we may at
once determine the co iplexlon of his
On the contrary, If he loves purity,
modesty, trulh—lf virtuous pursuits
engage his heart'and. draw out his
affections—we are satisfied he is an
upright man. When we see a young
man fond of fine clothes and making
a top of himself, It Is a sure sign that
he thinks the world consists of outside
show and ostentation, and he Is certain to-make an unstable man without
true affection or friendship, fond of
change and excitement, and soon
weary of those objects and pursuits
whicli for a time gave him pleasure.
No surgical operation Is necessary
In removing corns lf Holloway's Corn
Cure be used.
A very large and muscular Irish
woman had the little, shrivelled up
man to whom she was married haled
up in the police court on the charge
of assaulting and beating her. He
was the worst dilapidated man the
judge had ever seen. - His arm was
In a sling, his head was tied up, his
eyes were blackened, and he seemed
scarcely able to stand. The Judge
listened to the big Irish woman's tale
of woe, and unable (0 stand lt any
longer, asked In derision: Do you mean
to say that little bit of a physical
wreck could beat you as you have
Yer honor, he wasn't a physical
wreck until he tried to beat me.
Bridget — Johnny t'rew his ball
t'rough the windy, mum, an' broke a
pane of glass.
Johnny's Mother—Well, that's nothing to make a fuss about. Accidents
will happen, and besides, we don't own
the house and Intend ..to move next
Bridget—But (If* ball struck that
chany teacup yoii got with half a
pound ot tay and smashed lt all to
Johnny_s Mother (angrily)—What!
Send that boy right In to me! I'll
teach him to be more careful tbe next
Moses Meyer brought a piece of
cloth home to have himself a suit
made. The family, examining the
goods which were spread out on the
table, remarked upon the fine quality,
pattern, etc. Even little Isldor was
called upon to give his opinion of
father's new suit.
He Immediately turned the Btuff on
the wrong side and began to examine
Isldor, said old Meyer, laughingly,
Isldor, that Is the wrong side. How
stupid you are.
Why stupid? answered the boy. It
will not come to me until It's turned
on the wrong side.
Had "Nerves'" from Youth
W. N. U. SSS
A farmer (CKik out a po'.cy of fire
Insurance oa his barn. After a loss
and due proofs, (he company came
to settle or adjust the loss, but took
advantage of Its option under tho
contract to build a new barn.
Subsequently a life Insurance company sought to have him Insure his
life Jn favor of bis wife
Oh, no, he said, you don't catch me
a second time. If I'd die. you would
come around here and offer to get
a new husband for her.
"When very young I began using
coffee and continued up (0 the last
six months," writer a Southern girl.
"I bad been exceedingly nervous,
thin and very sallow, After quitting
coffee and drinking Postum about a
month my nervousness disappeared
and has never returned." (Tea contains the same injurious drug, caffeine, found in coffee). "This Is the
more remarkable as I am a Primary
teacher and have kept right on with
my work.
"My complexion now Is clear and
rosy, my skin soft and smooth. As
a good complexion was something I
had greatly desired. I feel amply repaid even though this were Ihe only
beneflt derived from drinking Postum.
"Before beginning its use I had suffered greatly from Indigestion and
headache; these troubles are now unknown.
"I changed from coffee (0 Postum
without the slightest Inconvenience,
did not even have _, headache. Have
known coffee drinkers, who were visiting me, to use Postum a week without being aware-that they were not
drinking qoffee."
Nam! given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont.    Write for book
let, '"iho Boad to Wellvllle."
Postum cornea In two forms.
Regular (must be boiled).
Instant Postum doesn't require boiling but is prepared Instantly by stirring a level teaspoonful tn an ordinary
cup of hot water,  which makes  It
right for moBt persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people who like strong UilngB put ln
a heaping Bpoonful and temper lt with
a large supply of cream.   .
Experiment until   you   know   the
amount that pleasea your palate snd
have lt served that way In the future.
"There's a Iteason" for Postum.'
Acrobats and Jugglers by Far the Better Trainers
Training with tho average boxer Is
a Joke. Tn fact they seldom do any
real training. Even when they are
making a bluff at It tbey do a little
running In the morning, a little shadow loxlng ln the afternoon.' Most ot
their so-called training, however, consists ln loafing ln the training quarters and more time Is spent In undressing and dressing than ln actual work.
One man who gets around to the
fighters' gymnasium once In a while
timed a fighter who was supposed to
be training hard for a bout. This fellow did a lot ot undressing end dressing, and a lot of talking and Joshing
with the other scrappers. But be
did very little actual work, as a matter of fact, just 11 minutes, That
was just one minute more tban four
rounds ln the ring.
Professional acrobats, jugglers, etc.
could give the fighters tips on exercising. They spend hours every day
of their lives doing their stunts. They
never miss a day, even ln the
winter when they are laying off, they
keep limbered up by constant exercising. Men who do hard acrobatic
work at afternoon and evening per
tor-nances don't consider that enough
work to l.-.ep in :'.ape, but also do
tome training every morning just to
take the stiffness out of their limbs
and arms.
Many musicians practice four and
five hours every day, keeping lt up
for years. When this work Is compared with the fighter's 11 minutes,
the scrappers' system seems like a
The funniest thing, however, about
the training ot the modern boxer is
the rubdown. Even the cheapest
preliminary fighter nowadays has to
go through a massage treatment every
time he goes to (he gymnasium, no
matter how little work he does. Most
of these fellows get the idea that the
rubbing will Increase their fighting
ability, whereas It does nothing but
increase their natural laziness,
baby'sISng time.
Mothers find baby's teething a
source of great anxiety—the little one
becomes restless and nervous; he becomes cross and cannot sleep, end
sometimes constipation, diarrhoea, colic or convulsions seize him. Baby's
Own Tablets will prevent all this.
They regulate the stomach and
bowels; allay the feverlshness, and
baby will cut his teeth without pain
or worry. The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
New Form of Lynching
The old-fashioned disorderly lynchings are no longer ln vogue, according to dispatches from Georgia, which
Is an acknowledged authority on
lynchings. We read where a quiet
and orderly gathering of gentlemen
entered a county jail, took therefrom
a prisoner and hung him. The sheriff, wl.c was asleep In the Jail, was
not disturbed. This Is the latest
and most approved type of lynching,
—      * m*
l.tk tor Minard's and taka 111 othgr
Sueh Is Lovs
Come on home Micky. Don't yer
see de llghtnln'?
Aw, what does er guy care for
llghtnln' when his girl's frown him
down fer a dago?
$100 Reward, $100.
Ht rtaderi ot thia paper will ba pleated to M	
Vial there *t at leaat one dreaded dMeaaa that leienoo
tixx beta able to cure in all lia ttaira, aad that a
Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure * the nol, poelllvt
cure now known to tht medical lralernlly. Catarrh
belna a conatllulkjaal dlaeaae. require! a conatllu-
tlooal treatment. Hall'a Catarrh cure k taken ln-
ternallr. art'at directly upon tht blood and mucoua
liirfacea of thn ayatem, thereby dratroylna tht
Inundation ot Iha dlaeaae. eld alrlna tht patient
itrtnslh by building up Ihe eonatltution and aaaart-
lot nature In dolna Ita work. The proprlelora have
aa much faith In Ita curauee power! that ihey otter
Ona Hundred Dollara lor any caae that It latla M
eure. Mod lor Mt ol traumnnlale
AlKreea T. 1. CHENEY 4 CO  Toledo. O.
so.d by all li-.ii_i.ela. lie.
Take Ualla family FUla Iv -ooaupattoa.
You can drive a prisoner to-a pile
et oakum, but you cannot make bin
pick. This is what worried Warder
I've come about convict Ninety-
nine, sir, said he, bluntly, to the governor,     'B refuses'to pick hoakum*!
Refuses, does he? said the- great
man, grimly.
Yes, sir. See he wants put-tin' ts
his own trade.
Well, well, that's only natural, after
all.     Put him to lt.
But that's hlmposslble, sir.
Impossible? roared the governor.
Yes, sir—the man was a havlator.
UPTON'S     "
Is particularly adapted for cakes
F-cts and Newa
President Wilson bas a dry wit,
said a newspaper correspondent.- In
Trenton, before the Inauguration, 1
was once pesteriug him for cabinet
newB. Now, we all know that some
Irresponsible writers had sent out l
good many cabinet fakes. Well, II
was apropos of this that President
Wilson made a net remark.
Do tell me about the cabinet; I per-
slsted. The public ls dying for the-
Dying for the tacts, lt Is? said he.
Well, nevertheless, I'm afraid! lt wil!
have to be satisfied with the news.
Ornsmenta Long Lived
Ornaments last longer than anything else man makes. There are
brooches and necklaces In museums
more than 40 centuries old. Monuments, perhaps," stand second, and
houses third. Tho life of furniture
is shorter still. There Is very lltlle
furniture In England which dales beyond (he year 1500. Pictures laat
longer than furniture and there are
paintings still In fair condition which
have weathered six centuries of life.
Miller's Worm Powders are sweet
aud palatable to children, who show
no hesitancy In taking them. ' They
will certainly bring all worm trouble,
to an end. They are a strengthening and stimulating medicine, correcting the disorders of digestion tbat
the worms cause and Imparting a
healthy tone to the system most bene
fleial to development.
Louise, 4 years old, was eating fish
Her mother told her to watch uut foi'
the bones, that tbey were like little
pins. Very soon she Bald: Mutha, 1
don't care for tbls fish; It tastes like
a pincushion.
Keep Minard's Liniment In thf
Exchange of Courtsslss
This man who warns board on credit claims to be a foreign nobleman
Show you any proof? asked the pro
Showed me a photograph of a cat
■ Well, I have no objection to yoi
showing him a photograph of a hair,
Stomach Wealc? WEtfettftj
1-tl-_r--.-_ww.-_e3 n«-49 Is At hand so convenient and
DlOOd Daa; at so little cost-
Liver Lazy? Dr. Pierce's Golden
>|ervous? Medical Discovery
aids digestion and putffUs the blood. As a eonsequsnea both
tha stomach and liver return to thair normal and^»»thy wirilUwi.
Nervousness and biliousness soon disappear.  Tha eatSra system
takes on new llfs. %*'::._ .__    - - ..-, .., - --*-■■•----.   ._, ' -
:"3*"** For otsr forty fairs this fcntous old1 medicine     * :
•J        hu "mads good-'-and never more so than today,,
enjoying a greater sale all over ths world than
any other doctor's PP^ff1^*"^'
For aala mt sill
you ean eend t.
II druMUts In Mould
riftjrlc sts-mpe for «
>— .-—t-- "w*,i
. or tablet form,**$
. .„ trial bos.  AaUbraee >
. -   —  *--i"i_^*flC 1?
Powi: il|§|i
We unhesitatingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder at being the best, purest
and most healthful baking powder that it is possible to produce,
All ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
The One In Command
Who's that Impressive looking woman over yonder?
That's Mrs. Peckum, She's a remarkable strong-minded woman, and
they do say that she commands a very
large salary.
How does she earn It?
She doesn't earn lt, Her husband
earns lt and so she commands lt,
Monumental Crime
John Bright's voice was unequlvo-
-ally for peace.
He was walking once past the Crl-
ascan monument ln London with one
mt his. sons, then a lad. Everyone
knows that the word Crimea is engraved on the monument. The boy
jointed to the monument, and to the
word upon It, and asked:
rather, what ls that?
That, said John Bright, pointing alio to the word, is-a crime.
ihe Could 'Find Nothing to Cure Her
Rheumatism Till On a Neighbor's
Advice She Tried Dodd's Kidney
Bt. Walburg, Sask. (Special) .—"I
can truly recommend Dodd's Kidney
Pills for any one suffering from rheumatism." TheBe are the words ot
Mrs. W. A. Baldwin, a highly respected resident ot this place. And
Mrs. Baldwin gives her reasons.
"I waB nearly helpless with rheumatism for two years," she states.
"I got medicine from the doctor, and
tried-several other remedies but no-
thing hei.ed me. Then* one of my
neighbors advised me to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I bought four boxes,
snd they helped almost trom the first.
1 have used nearly two dozen boxes
and am nearly cured."
That rheumatism ls one ot the re-
lulls.-of diseased kidneys ls again
shown In Mrs. Baldwin's case. Shs]
had headaches, stiffness ot the joints]
and backache, her sleep was broken
and unretreshlng, and Bhe was always
tired-and nervous. Her limbs swelled and she was always thirsty. These
ire aU symptoms of diseased kidneys.
When Bhe cured her kidneys with
Dodd's Kidney PIUs, the symptoms
vanished—and so did the rheumatism.
i     i - —_...
Wise Boy
Boss—You told me an untruth yes-
terday when you said you wanted to
get away to go to a funeral.
Office Boy—Well, the home club
lost, and It was almost as sad as a
One In a Thousand.
Yes, my wife Is one In a thousand.
Fine coo.c?
It isn't that.
No, it Isn't that.
What then?
She always listens patiently while
I tell her all about the game.
He was a very down-hearted and
disgusted-looklng boy; with torn
clothes and rumpled hair, and a few
suspicious bumps on his face; so I
stopped and asked him what the matter was :.nd whether I could be of any
assistance to him.
Naw, yer can't do njthln.-; fer me;
it's a business trouble, he explained.
Ah! Have you lost your position? I
Naw; anl I wouldn't care lf I had.
The president of our company ls the
worst old duffer In town.
Does he Ill-treat you? I said kindly.
Naw; he doesn't even know me by
sight; but he come into th1 office
cross as hornets tbls mornln' and
climbed up the secretary's collar the
worst you ever seen.
But how did that affect you?
Why, don't you see? the boy asked,
Impatiently. The secretary had to
get square somehow, eo he jumped on
the cashier with both feet; and after
the cashler'd thought it all over and
got good and mad, he jumped on the
book-keeper, and the book-keeper
jumped on the entry clerk, and the
entry clerk jumped on the bill clerk,
ahd he just sailed In and gimme particular rats. An' there wasn't no
one fer me ter jump on so I thought
I'd go out and lick a district messen
ger. *
Well, couldn't you find one to lick?
I asked.
Oh! I found hint quick enough, but
I didn't lick "Ita.
Why not?
'Cause he licked me!
In the lobby ot a Washington hotel
the other evening they were talking
about big legal fees when Representative Koenlg cited a case.
Some time since, according to the
representative, a man fell Into an
open coal hole, sued for damages and
waa awarded a substantial amount.
When he received a bill from his lawyer, however, he waB stumped again,
and as soon as he could get Into
hustling shape he hastened to see
Your bill Is outrageous! exclaimed
the client to the legal one. It Ib
more than three-fourths of the amount
that I recovered.
Quite true, was the calm response
of the lawyer, but you musn't forget
that I furnished the skill and legal
learning for the case.
Yes, excitedly cried the client, but
I furnished the case.
Oh, as far as that goes, was the
scornful reply of the lawyer, anybody
can fall down a coal hole!
_,.,. , JHOEMUSH
isagreeable Odor in
if bather because there
Ea»y to. Uw, *Qpod for the Show
—The new "Ses-qui"
The day was warm, the children
restless, the teachers Impatient. One
curly haired boy was moving his jaws
faster with chewing gum than hts
brain had ever been known to work.
His feet were In the aisle. A smile
was on the face ot more than one pu
pll when the teacher said:
Take that gum out of your mouth
and put your feet In.
of fevers.
These Women
Everything my husband touches
turns'to gold.
Then you didn't really bleach your
hair, after all?
P|ease the
Home Folks
B/j serving
Wife (complalnlngly)—Yo 1 are not
like Mr. Knagg. He has been married 20 years, and Mrs. Knagg says
he Is so tender. Husband—Tender!
Well, he should be.after being in hot
water all these years.
Externally o'r Internally, It is Good.
—When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc OU
opeus tiie pores and penetrates the
tissues as few liniments do, touching
the seat ot the trouble and Immediately affording relief. Administered internally, It will still the Irritation ln
the throat which Induces coughing
and will cure affections of the bronchial tubes and respiratory organs,.
Try lt and be convinced.
— An Irishman, ln order to celebrate
the advent ot a new era, went out on
a lark. He didn't get home till 3 in
the morning, and was barely in the
house beforo nurse rushed up, and,
uncovering a bunch of soft goods,
showed him triplets. Tbe Irishman
looked up at the clock, which said 3,
then at the. three of a kind in the
nurse's arms, and said:
I'm not superstitious, but thank hlv-
tns that 01 didn't come home Lt
Banished Through the Uie of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills.
Following wasting disease- such as
fevers, many people find lt difficult
to regain their former strength.
They become breathless and tired out
at the least exertion; their appetite
is fickle and they often teel as though
death was staring them in the face.
The trouble lies with tbe blood which
has not returned to Its normal condition and ls lacking ln the red corpuscles wlthou*. which good health Is
Impossible. It is at a time like this
that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills prove
their great tonic value. Every dose
helps to make mw, rich, red blood
which means health and vitality.
Mrs. Theodore Foley, Athens, Ont.,
says: "Following an attack of typhoid
fever I was left ln a very weak and
disheartened condition. The smallest exertion left me worn and tired
out, and I was hardly able to get
around, and naturally felt despondent.
I decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and they proved of the greatest
beneflt to me. I am now as well and
strong as ever, and can do all my
own work, and as we live on a farm,
it goes without saying that there ls
much to do. I teel, therefore, that I
cannot say too much In praise of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills."
It you are suffering from the after
effects of fovers, la grippe, or any
acute disease, you should begin to
get new strength to-day through the
tonic treatment with Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Sold by all medicine
dealers or by mall at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from Tbe Dr.
Williams'  Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,
The only matches of the kind
In Canada.
Tho "tips" are positively
harmless. You or your children can bite or swallow them
without danger.
Sold In two sizes—regular
and pocket. Protect yourself
by using none bu'. Eddy's
new "8cs-qul "
Coal Prices Rise
Nova Scotia and Cape Breton collieries are this year quoting for short
tons of coal the same prices which
last year applied to long ton's. This
Is equivalent, to raising prices precisely 12 per cent.
Four-year-old Donald lived near thc
carbon works, and liked to watch the
men coming from their work as black
is It they worked in the coal mine.
One evening as he was waiting on the
verandah for his black friends a ne-
gress passed the house with a baby
in a eairlnge. Donald cawled upon
a chair where he would have a better
view nnd lien, all excited, called:
Mamma, nmuima, come quick and see
the llllle ctrbon works baby.
A Dutchman was going to cross a
bridge; he was riding In a little cart
drawn by a goat. The toll man came
out and said:
Here, you've got to pay loll before
you can pass this bridge.
What, to pay toll?
Yes, 5 cents to cross this bridge.
After an argument the Dutchman
paid the 5 cents and went on. In the
afternoon he came back again, only
tbls time he had the goat sitting on
the seat, and he was dragging the cart
Out came the toll man and said:
Here, you know you've got to pay
5 cents.
The Dutchman shook his head, and
pointing to the goat, said:
Don't talk to me—ask the driver.
Reduced by Asthma.—The constant strain of asthma brings the patient to a dreadful state of hopeless
exhaustion. Early use should by all
means be made of the famous Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, which
more than any other acts quickly and
surely on the air passages and brings
blessed help and comfort. No home
where asthma is present in the least
degree should be without this great
Do you need Money ?
Send for our application forms.
Do you need Land?
Send for our list and terms.
Do you need an Executor?
Send for our Will forms supplied free.
Do you need an Administrator?
Confer with us if deceased left
no Will.
Do you need an Assignee?
Confidential interview invited
and best advice given without fee.
Agents wanted In all Unr-present-
ed Districts
Apply to—
The Standard Trusts Company,
directing your letter simply to Its
, offices ln
Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton,
or Vancouver
According to locality In which you
I live
, Toasties
They are among the good
thi igs to eat, but not in the
cook book, because they require no cooking,
oisties are always crisp
appetizing—ready to eat
:t irom the package.   You
satfe heaps of time and avoid
het work in the kitchen.
Same rich cream—sugar if
yoiji want it—or cool fruit
Juipe, with these fluffy bits of
,cofn and you have a dish
thft is fascinating for any
roial of the day.
foattiei are sold by grocers
•T^ry where.
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
. ^JUd.. Windsor, Ont.
L -i-
W. N. U. 955
I was cured of Bronchitis and Asthma by MINARD'S LINIMENT
Lot 5. P.B.I.
I was cured ot a severe attack of
Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Mahone Bay. JOHN MADER
I was cured of a severely sprained
The angry citizen pulled Into the
office ot the city editor.
See here, sir, he yelled, what do
you mean by publishing my resignation from my political office In this
You gave the story out yourself,
didn't you? asked the editor.
Of course I did, replied the angry
citizen. < But your fool paper prints
It under the head ot Public Improvements .
He thought he vas a connoisseur,
and he was lamenting tbe decadance
iof art.
Look, he said, at the great Italian
school ot painters. Look even at
the old Greeks! Why, Zeuxls painted
grapes so naturally that blr.'i came to
peck at them.
He did, did he? said a hearer.
That's nothing. I've got a friend who
paints a dog so natural that he hus
to paint a muzzle on him to keep him
from biting.
The lumber Industry on the Pacific
northwest employs 250,000 men.
You drank too much punch at the
reception yesterday.
Who saw me drink too much punch?
It wasn't necessary to total up.
When I came ln you were holding
an animated conversation with a
piano lamp.
A Dutchman was relating his marvellous escape from drowning when
thirteen of his companions were lost
by the upsetting of a boat, and he
alone was saved.
And how did you escape this? asked one of his hearers.
I tld not co In te pole, was the
Dutchman's placid answer.
Chicago s contemplating the Installation ot a $6,000,000 high-pressure
water system for fire purposes.
KE SATO—'Tew of iii realize how much ult
we eat. The tact that we put salt on all
meats and vegetables—In bread, cake and
pastry—sottps and sauces—butter and cheese
»shows (lie importance of using an
absolutely pure salt."
SHESAID-'Well we are using WIXDSO-l
BAI.T and no one could make me believe
there was any better aalt In tbe whole world
than my old standby 62
.     Mystery Explained
Glbbs—I often wonder who those
fellows are that loaf around watching
a new building going up.
Dlbbs—Easy! They aro thc men
who start out In tho morning to look
for work, and compromise by looking
at It.
E. H. Rife, Rock Springs, Wyo,,
has lust married Mrs. F. C. Doyle,
who was bis sweetheart 60 years ago.
One of the neighbors had recently
purchased a little donkey for ber little boy, Walter. Of course, all the
children In the neighborhood were de
lighted and were allowed their turn
to ride.
The other afternoon Jim, the donkey, acted very badly, and caused
Walter to kick and scream to get off
his back, when trying to ride.
Howard, aged 4, ln telling about It,
said: All the children were afraid.
Were you afraid, dear? I asked.'
O no, he said, I wasn't afraid. I
jnst said I don't care for any ride
to-day.     I would rather have one to-
First Bootblack—Wot's the matter
Jimmy?     Ter looks played out.
Second Bootblack—Played out! I
should think I am. Just been giving
two policemen a shine.
appreciate it when you bring home
a can of SNAP. For cleaning her
hands, after filling the lamps, milking the cows, peeling tlie potatoes
nnd onions, there is nothing to equal
It leaves the skin smooth and
soft.    Order from  your
, dealer to-day.
Symptoms Warn to
Remove the Cause
The ordinary doctor spends Ills efforts In arresting symptoms rather
than removing the cause of trouble.
He Is often compelled to do this
against his better Judgment tn order
to satisfy the demands of his patients.
8ymptoms arc removed at a dreadful expense to the organs of the body.
As an example, consider the effect on
the nervous system ot drugs bo powerful as to Immediately stop headaches and other bodily pains.
The reaction ls most exhausting on
the system, and the result Is that
the pains and aches return, and the
system constantly grows weaker and
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food cures by
removing the cause. Gradually and
naturally this food cure revitalizes
the feeble, wasted nerves, and by
Invigorating the system drives out
pains, aches and disease.
This Is Nature's way of curing disease. It Is the . only way. The
treatment ot symptoms Is only a
makeshift way of avoiding pain. It
overlooks tho Importance ot symptoms as a warning of Impending
To get well and keep well use Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food until the blood
Is rich and red, the nerves steady and
the body filled with health and vigor.
wcaiflr, .
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
50 cents a box, ( (or $2.50, at all dealers, or Edmamon, Bates k Co., Ll*
Had, Toronto. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
®1jp (kanti JnrkB &tm
G. A. Evans, Editor and Puslishir
•Jue Tear  IU0
'Ine Tear (ln advance)  1.00
One Year, ln United Statea  1.50
Address all communications to
Thb Obasd Forks Sun,
fHOifa R74 Gbano Forks, B.C
FRIDAY,   AUGUST 1, 1913     \
Only A Few
Mrs. James Stewart Meets
Accident While Cleaning
Gasoline Stove
"Old Moore," England's licensed
prophet, predicts tbat tbe suffragettes will get the vote in 1914. Is
""■"'our most fruitful source of hrwb to
be tbus subverted for the cauce of
According to newspaper reports,
the persons killed in the Balkan
war outnumber the original population of the several states two to one.
People evidently grow very rapidly
in these countries, because figures
never lie.
Our old friend, Cipriano Castro,
once dictator of Venezuela, lately
kicken out of the United States, is
once more in harness, and Venezuela
has an up-to-date revolution of her
own. She need no longer be jealous
of ber neighbors.
Mexico offers a fine field of opera'
tion to the man who imagines that
he is a fighter. We advice all men
in Grand Forks who are aching for
for a scrap to go down there and
have their heads cut off.
Mrs. James Stewart, wife of the
Canadian customs officer at Carson,
was severely burned late tbis afternoon, and 'she wag brought to tbe
Cottage hospital in this city at about
6 o'clock. While Mre. Stewart was
engaged in cleaning a gasoline stove,
which was burning, a gust of wind
threw the flame onto her apron,
which immediately ignited and set
fire to some of tbe furnishings in tbe
room. In her eagerness to extinguish the blaze in the room, she
neglected ber own clothes, which
were rapidly being consumed by the
flames. She fought the fire heroically, and finally succeeded in
quenching, it, but not until nearly
every Btitch of clothes was consumed by the fire, and she bad been
seriously injured. In this plight
her husband, whose office fn the
Carson station adjoins their living
apartments, found ber. He at once
phoned to thiB city for tbe ambulance.
Mrs. Stewart is severely burned
on several parts of tbe body, but it
is not thought that the the wounds
are dangerous.
In the wilds nf Africa the dusky
society belles dress only in the beads
of their own perspiration. An east
ern Canada preacher thinks their
white sisters in this country would,
show more modesty if they would
change their hnbbled,skirts for the
same costume. But the difficulty
would arise in acquiring the perspiration beads during tbe winter
Our Conservative contemporaries
have evidently discovered that the
parcels post would bc a popular institution in Canada. Otherwise
daily attempts to popularize the
Borden government with tbis bait
would not be necessary. Up to the
present time the Ottawa administration's legislative work has not been
of a nature tn enthuse the people.
This is possibly why tbe parcels post
if dangled in front of our eyes.
A. E. Watts was summon ed to
appear in court at Midway on Tues
day charged with five infractions of
the coal mines act. He did not ap
pear, and a bench warrant was
issued for bis arrest.
It really seems too bad that born
talkers are gsnerally those who find
•t nece-wiry -•> etrn a living.
The railway commission bits sent
engineers to examine the manner in
which tbe C.P.R is building its big
bridge over the public road in the
north end of Greenwood.
A comparatively small number of Hamilton Matches are made every year. Their
extreme accuracy and tine adjustment
forbids making them ln large quantities.
Sljefamtlimt Watrlj
"The Railroad Timekeeper of America'1
Not only the man or womao who wants a
very accurate watch buyi the Hamilton-
but the individual who knowi about
watches usually demands a Hamilton. We
veil Hamilton watches com plete. or supply
a Hamilton movement for jour present
watch case. All viiei for men and women,
■ Ut nunnioun orand porks, i.e.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the eity
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
morning service, the  Sacrament of
tbe Lord's Supper will be dispensed.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
It is said that there is enough
bunch grass up the West Fork of
tbe Kettle river for 50,000 cattle.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Rory Chisholm bas sold bis interest in tbe Queens botel at - Phoenix.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
bave a splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Wbat is claimed to be the largest
plate glass ever brought to Grand
Forks was put in Miller & Gard
ner's new store yesterday. The
building is now nearly ready forthe
A circus, consisting of one car of
animals and tents, and one car of
people, passed through the city yesterday for Greenwood.
Al the Presbyterian church   next
Sabbath,   and   at the close of the
The Sun only costs $1 a year. It
priuts-all the news.
As far as we can sae the only thing
that has improved, since Laurier
quitted power, in the rate of interest
of the banks. Is it making the peo
pie rich?—Vancouver Sun.
Love is a temporary aberration of
the intellect—in those who have that
kind of intellect.
Being able to make a good omelet
is second ouly to being able to earn
Tbe kind of reputation that is hard
to make is easily lost.
All things come round to him who
waits except the up-to the minute
Every man has his price, but every
man doesn't Hud some one willing tu
pay it.
Bltsaed are poor, for they have
few friends tu lone.
History   that   makes     inieresting
reading is a sordid thing in the   mak-
Wr «i«h in inform the people aaf
Grand Forks that we have purchased
the bi''Vi'le business from George W.
Cooper, and will conduct the same in
future We will carry a complete
line of wheels. Ill addition to dealing ill wheels, we will ilo all kinds of
bicycle repairing. Aii work will be
done bv competent mechanics, and
*ully guaranteed.
MooviioKit .fc Postma.
Don't forget thnt The Sun has thg
hest job printing depiirrmcnt in the
Boundary country.
Read The Sun and  keep   postid
on current events.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They j
run litfht,
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear. 1
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good. :
Mclntyre C&Smith
"B. C." and "Cupper King" Mineral Clftlmi.
tituato In thu Orand Vork* Mining Division
of Tale District.
Where located: In Franklin oamp.
TAKK NOTICB (that I, William 11. Huffman,
I formvielf at executor ol the will nf the
late Catherine Hoffman, and na ascent for
.lacol) M. Paulson, Free Miner*' Certificate*
Nos. 61M9B ai.d8iy.7SB. respectively, Intend,
■Ixtjr ,<lavi from the date hereof, to ap.
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet,  ^Mutton, Veal
and Yoting Pork
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums C& Co. Limited
IV.I->/TV-/ll <K)ODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Beach Balls j $1.25 each
Woodland C& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
,_ SPOT   «"» T" »( 1913 *m***
SF,PI15T_- 21.1915
Modern- Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Barm 8 O'Ray. Prop*.
Phone 68 Second Street
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtain
* ,a Cronn «'ratit«of the above clnlins
And further take notice that action, under
..eMnn 17, must be cnmnicnceil before the
litsuance ol  suoh Certllleate. of Improvement. .
Dated this «th day.of Mar, A.D. WH.
International Polo
Daily Games between Canadian
and American Tes mi
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to tht World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U. S. Government
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
$500CashPr-zesforBetter Babies
"Custer's Last Fiftht" Nj
A thrilling reproduction of thi-famous
battle with JOO Indians and 200 Soldiers
Fireworks Display Every Kifcht
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Races Daily
Poultrymen'sMeeting Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Battleson Horseback
ft For illustrated Daily Program and
Premium List, address 505 Chamber of ..
Commerce Building ll Spokane, Wash.
(Published Annually)
KnaMw traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with English
lo eaeh olass of rood*.   Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and Its .
suburb*, the directory contain* lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
j and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to whieh they sail.
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, eto., ln
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
ef litres uf tbe United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20*.
Dealers seeking Ageneles ean adrerthe
their trade cards for if, or Inrger advertise-'
ment* from £3,
ib, Ahuhurch Lane, London, EC.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol leetecee ever* nerve In the body
x-„xi*x,xx\si,xn (o |t| fxortr .Miton. m|    '
>lro and vitality. Premature decay and all aemat
weikneM averted at ence. Fhoapl-oaol will
make von a new mm. Prlc. Ill boa, or two lor
tt. Hilled to anv addreii. TbeleeMIDnc
Ci.it. aubarlnee. Oat.
At tlie Head
The man at the head of affair,
whether Jt home or in butinoa, n
the one whoK attention you wish
lo attract.
Our paper goes into the bnt cbu
of home, and il read h> thc head , i
the family. Thai account, for the
remit, obtained hy the um of
Clmined Want Ada.
If you rend Tbe Sun you get tbe
newii ol the city, tbe province and
the world. It ie possible for s Sun
reader to keep ■ breast of the times
without tbe aid of tbe dally papera. ■
Most Important Events at]
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Why Swelter in a
Hot Kitchen
(vllmost dA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
PL.-j,).. A fine line of Neg-
OXUI Lb )igee shirt3i ,ttaijh.
Two masked highwaymen  hold
a stage near Gold Lake, Cal.
Nearly three million tons of cargo
more than last year pans through the
Canadian canals.
The professor of Brandon college
gets entangled in the rope of a balloon I
and is nearly killed.
Direct wireless communication  has
been   established   since   Sunday be- |
twaeu Nome,   Ala.ka,  and   Anadyr, '
Ltrge forces are being mint southward, and every available power in
northern China will operate against
the rebels.
An important development in the
Balkuu situation comes wilh orders
from Vienna to cease hostilities immediately. Turkey is still deliant
and wains Russia against continuing
her advance upon Ottoman  territory.
The first gold output from tbe
Shushanna strike arrived in Dawson
today, and comprises 2U0 ounces
from the discovery claim ou the Chi-
sina. Thia sum was shovelled in by *
two men in two days. Dawson is
wildly excited over the possibility of
a stampede, and hundreds are prepared to commence a rush to the new
gold fields
The Bulgarians are again defeated.
The powers are powerless to deal with
Downing   street,   London,  is the
scene of another disturbance  by   the
.  suffragettes.
Non-Militant suffragettes hold a
monster demonstration at Hyde
Park, London.
The king's prize is won at Bisley
by Private W. Hawkins, of the
48th Highlanders, Toronto.
The report of the provincial department of mines for the year ending December 31, 1912, shows that
the mineral production of the province of last year far surpassed that of
all previous years, having reichjd the
large sum of 13 J,440,000 in value, an
increase of nearly ♦9,000,000 over the
preoe-iing year aud more than $6, -
000,000 over 1910, which had prj-
viously been the banner year.
Strong   representations,   the   most
During the hot weather, when for a small
sum at our store for any of our large variety
you can have a cool kitchen and do your
cooking in comfort?
We have a complete line of Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves and Electric Cookers and labor-
saving devices.
We are offering reduced prices on all Oil and
Gasoline Stoves.   Below are a few of our
3-burner wickless, blue-flame  Oil   Stove;
'       regular $10.00.   Special S8.00
2-burner wickless,  blue-flame   Oil   Stove;
regular $7.50.   .Special  6.00
'2-burner   Gasoline .Stove;   regular   .$5.75.
Special — -.  5.00
Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regular
$4.00.   Special  3.25
Miller & Gardner
Hardware Home Furnishers Crockery
Straw Hats Jgy
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In tine Balbriggan, Hue mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D underwear.- Prices
range from 90c to $'A 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
audits for this popular line of
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices fl to«3.50.
Hrvsierv Fnncy Ho9iery
nvtiiciy for men and
women in silk lisle  and   cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Era-
press shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stoek of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have sol veil the problem. The re*
duction in their hills prove it. No matter whethe.i you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show yoi!
drastic in phraseology that have been
made since the present American administration came into power, were
made to the Huerta government in
Mexico today. The United States
government demanded the prompt arrest, court-martial and punishment of
the Mexican federal soldiers who shot
Charles B. Dixon, an American immigration official at Juarez, and the
immediate release of Charles Bissell
and Bernard McDonald, mining managers, imprisoned by federal soldiers
at Chihuahua, and said to be threatened with execution.
The Intercolonial rail/nay may have
to face an employees' strike.
The heat wave in eastern Canada
is broken by a violent thunderstorm.
There are no new developments in
the Balkan war. Hunger faces the
It is expected that the ' grain crop
in Alberta this year will break all
Shanghai is terrorized by the Chinese rebels, who shell the foreign settlement.
Traffic in New South Wales is de
moralized owing to an epidemic of
President Wilson and Ambassador
Wilson are at variance on the Mexican situation.
The city of Brandon, Man., sua
pends all public work on account of
the financial stringency.
According to the Daily Sketch, thd
police have received information of a
suffrageete plot against King  George.
According to au official insurgent
message, the Mexican government's
gunboat Tampico has been destroyed
by a bomb dropped from an aeroplane
over Guaymas harbor.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation. *
^fe oMann   Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Clip Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The Chinese rebels receive large
quantities of ammunition.
Desperate fighting between the
Greeks and the Turks continues.
Manitoba grain growers this year
expect the biggest yield on record.
The department of railways at Ottawa does not expect a str.ke on the
Intercolonial railway.
Hon. T. W. Crothers, on his ar
rival in Ottawa from the coast, says
tbat prosperity is everywhere evident
in British Columbia.
The boxmakers of the British Can
adiail Canning factory at Port Dai-
housie, Ont., are out on a strike for
an increase in wages.
The ambassadorial conference in
London today settled the status of
new Albania. A prince will be nonii
nated six months hence to rule over
the new state.
Charles Beisel aud Bernard McDonald, the mine managers held by
Mexican federals uuder sentence of
death, have been released by the Huerta government. Secretary of State
Bryau.is gratified at the result.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
cabinet minister; China ia to have another bloody rebellion, and there is a
big massacre due in Asia Minor.
Montreal city foremen are charged
with making laborers pay for their
The Canadian Bisley team anrl the
Canadian bowlers sailed on the Virginian today for home.
The Democrats and Bepublicans of
tlle senate clashed again in debate on
thu ruderwiHsl tariff bill today.
Washington, D. C , is visited by a
violent storm, whieh lashes the city
like a giant Hail. Three persons are
dead and scores injured. The property loss is enormous.
Learning that this coast is shortly
to be deluged with Russian peasants
from the steppes of the Volga and the
barren wastes of Siberia, Mayor Mor-
ley, of Victoria, protests to tho immigration department against the flooding of this province with these people.
According to "Old Moore," Kng-
' land's only licensed prophet, 1914 will
be an evontful year. The majority of
' the suffragettes will got the vote;
, Turkey is to be sponged oil' the map
j of Europe; war between Germany and
France will be only narrowly averted;
England is to have a nation-wide
'strike, a death in the royal family
1 and an attempted assassination   of   a
The advance guard of the international geological congress arrives in
The Urnsed States will distribute
millions of dollars in southern banks
to preuent a money stringency.
A sanguinary battle is fought in
the Balkans. Two thousand Greeks
are killed and seven thousand
A Democratic senator attacks the
American administration's tariff measure. He says free sugar will ruin
Venezuela is in the throes of a
revolution, which started simultaneously in several states. Cipriano Castro is at the head of the movement.
Five trainmen were killed and two
injured when a Grand Trunk double-
header freight train run into a sleeping herd of cattle four miles east of
Otter lake this morning.
The secretary of the Dawson board
of trade makes makes a statement, in
which he says he brlieves that the recent gold strike is genuine. Two men
washed out 8,'I2,U0O ill four
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Bon.nd_-.ry mines during
the past week. Granby mine, '24, •
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
8<>5 tons; Greenwood. 11,075.
Don't forget that The Sun has thj
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Read The Sun and  keep   posted
on current events.
For Dollars
There are persons who seem to have
a remarkable propensity for losing
money and friends at the  same   time.
Are you satisfied
■with the catch?
Are you using the
best bait?
Classified Want
Ads. ln this
paper bring
Accident and Sickness
Plate Glass
Automobile and
Employers' Liability
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Co.
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief— Permanent Cure
(ail.  Purely vqjtt-
abl«—tet surely
but gently oa
the liver.
Stop aha
gallon—improve tho complexion—brighten
the eyes. Small nd, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine nm.tbs-i Signature
K.7 G      *    . ' '
I*   o' FOR
{$  ts  ftr-  tlCTS. TRAVELING  RA'VS
1 Mas. Winslow's 8odth.no Svrup has been
wed tor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
800TI1E8 the CHILD, SOFTENS tlie GUMS,
b the best remedy for DIARKHQiA. It is absolutely liamtless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
-Win-low's Soothing Svrup," aud take 00 Other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Something  better  than  linen  and  no
laundry  bills.      Wash It with soap and
Water.     All slorcB or direct. Stjto style
nnd size.      For -Be.  wo will mall you.
63 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
It T OU ...I OOT OV SOU IS"* It* DOWN'-f'OOT Till BLUir
surras iron, xuimv, slaodsr. hbsvol-s d.hases,
wtus for mj mt* took, ths most ikstructivs
6-1 It's ths rsmfdr lor rous owNsUnsnl. DM-tsstSscsoL
kwtu'.lrrRCC No-Mlons-elrtolors D« LtctlM
so. Co, usvsasToca tut, Ham. _,. - ad. London!., ho.
When buying your Piano insist on having an
Piano Action
Bonds,   Profit  Sharing,    Series     $100,
(500, $1,000.  Terms
3 yearB,   Withdrawable after onr y ar.
Cists    tor      81)631.1
tolder to National Securities
Corporatlo   Limited, Confederation Life Bldg.   Toronto.
Is ono o' Iho most obsttnato of diseases
lo cure. We havo a remedy that In a
largo perc.ntoge of crises cures. This
Is a prescription of a practicing physician of forty-three years experience.
ONE ,-OLLAR only by mall postpaid. If
no relief or cure follows, we refund your
money. See your druggist or write us
to-day fnr full Information,
Co., 315,  College Street, Toronto, Ont.
and light sewing at Lome, whole or
Hparc time; goud pay; work sent
any distance; charges paid; send
mump for full particulars. Na-
tlonal Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
Make your heart light and gay
With a right merry roundelay;
Old acquaintance oft renew
And never change old love for new
Kle. a box or six uxea tor $2.50,
■t all dealers, or Tha Dodds Medl.
alna eompany, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. SSS
Women Pearl Dlvera
Pearl oysters are found at a depth
of from 5 to 30 fathoms. Women who
are employed In Japan for the work
dive to the bottom without any spec,
ial apparatua and retain their breath
when under water.
They disdain the use ot weights
to help them in their descent and
can remain below the surface from
ono to two minutes—In a few instances as long as throe minutes—
without experiencing any ill effects.
In the cold weather they will dive
for an hour and then return to shore
and warm themselves at tlte fire
specially built for this purpose, resuming fhelr work again after partaking of a frugal meal of rice and fish.
The divers range ln age from 13 to
40 years. It has been found, however, that those from 25 to 35 make
the best workers because of their physical strength and experience. Some
of these women will bring to the surface a score, or even 50 oyster3 in a
minute from a depth of 13 fathoms.
Partly to realize what this means you
have only to He at the bottom of a
six-foot-deep swimming bath while
you count 60, and then remember
that these women stay for the same
length of time, and more, at 12 to 13
times that pressure and depth, busily
working with their hands the whole
Tho hours of labor vary with the
seasors, In warm weather about six
to eight hours constitute a day's work,
and at this time of year three divers
have been known to collect 1,000 oy_t
ters between them. In very cold
weather the women cannot work tor
more than one to two hours. The
wages paid range from 12 to 50 cents
a day. The highest ever paid In
Astonishing as it may sound, some
of the women manage to save considerable sums, largely because the
cost of living is so low. Some of the
y.iunger girls endeavor to earn their
marriage dowery by diving.
Worms cause fretfulness and rob
the Infant of sleep, the great nourishes Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will clear the stomach
and Intestines and restore healthtul-
Astute Procrastination
Madame Novlkoff, In arguing lhat
the Bulgarian army should not be denied the hard-earned honor of entering Constantinople, repeated an interesting remark of General Grant's apropos of the failure of the Eussian
army to enter the Turkish capital in
1876, which, when similarly placed,
was held back by orders from St.
I was in Paris, she writes, when
General Grant, the American ex-president, called on me. Almost the first
thing he asked me was: Can you explain why the Russian army did not
occupv Constantinople, when it was
so entirely ln its hands? 1 replied
that, to our sorrow, our government
had telegraphed tke order not to advance further.
Well, replied Grant, all I can gay Is,
that lf I had been one ot your generals, I would have put the telegram
In my pocket, and have opened It three
days later at Constantinople.
Recessional  Mau Sold for $120
A sheet of notepaper covered with
neatly-written verse, was Bold for $120
at Sotheby's recently. The writer
was Rudyard Kipling, and the poem
was the femous 'Recessional'- • -r
God of our fathers known of old-
Lord of our far-flung battle line.
An Interesting reference to the
poem Is made In a letter In which
Mr. Kipling says;
Glad you like the Recessional.
These things come not for fasting or
prayer. They arrive by themselves
somehow. Evidently the Idea must
have been in the air, or men would
not have taken to the rhymed expression of lt so kindly.
The sum of $400 was paid for a letter written by Lord Nelson to Lady
Hamilton from the George Inn, Portsmouth, on September 14, 1805, Just
before the admlrnl went on board the
Victory. Six letters written by Lord
Byrcn realized $605.
A collection of autograph letters by
Charles Lamb, Coleridge r.nd South-
ey from the correspondence of John
Rlckman, the originator of the census, and tor thirty-eight years an official of Ihe house ot commons, was
Bold tor 64.750.
Mlnard'a Liniment usji by Physlcl«n*>
I understand tha'. you called on the
plaintiff.     Is that so?
Yes, replied the witness.
What did ho say?
The attorney for the defence Jumped
to his feet and objected that the conversation could not be admitted ln
(he evidence. A half hour's argument followed, and tho Judges retired
to their private room to consider the
An hour later they filed Into the
courtroom and announced that the
question might be put.
Well, what did the plaintiff say?
He weren't home, sir, came the answer.
Mary, aged fourteen, was found one
day by an older sister sobbing and
crying. ,    , ,
What Is the matter? she asked, with
great concern.
neo boys have asked me to go to
iicl tonight, was the unexpected reply.
Well, my dear child, certainly that
Is not auch a terrible misfortune.
Yea, but I told the flrst one that I
would go with him, and tha last one
was a long-pan ter.
With an Aching Shoulder and Lame
Back That Seemed Incurable
— . mmmmmmm
"Very few people could so patiently suffer for three years as I did,"
writes Mrs. M. D. Durand, from her
homo in Augusta. * "Sometimes I
did feel very discouraged, but knew
that a remedy would some day turn
up with the power to relieve my sufferings. Nerviline was the one thing
that ever did me real good. It had
the power to sink Into my stiff, sore
muscles, and It'drey out thj pain and
gave me release from such distress as
few people know. My condition was
largely Rheumatic, and c:> this account I do urge every person with
Rheumatic tendencies to uso Nerviline—rub It ln frequently and bind a
hot flannel cloth over tho aching
part-i. This is very Boothing and will
surely cure."
It ls just Buch cases as this that has
made Nerviline famous In many lands.
No liniment ls so penetratlns, so
strong, so pain-subduing. Its Influence over Neuralgia, Lumlago, Sciatica and Rheumatism Is simply a
marvel. Thousands of actual, permanent cures prove thU. In the
homo Nerviline Is so useful because
It can be taken Internally with Bure
results, for cramps, stomach pains,
and diarrhoea. It stops vomiting,
cures nausea and sick headache.
No home»complete without Nerviline. Family Blze bottles, 50c, trial
size 25c., at all storekeepers and
druggists or The Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
A little bov was given two Images
of plaster, coated on the outside with
pink sugar. He wanted to eat the
images, but he was warned on no account to do so.
They are poison, he was told. If
you eat them it will 1.111 you.
However, the boy was dubious. He
had been cheated beforo this by
grown up people. Finally he had a
young friend to spend the day with
him, and that night tt was discovered that one ot thc images had disappeared. His mother nearly franc-
tic, rushed to him.
Harold, she said, where Is that pink
Image? Harold frowned as' he answered, defiantly: I gave it to. Richard,
and if he's alive tomorrow I'm going
to eat the other one myself.
Harvard university had Its beginnings at Newton, afterward Cambridge, Mas3., ln 1636.
Dont's for Lightning Storms
Every year quite a large number ct
people are killed by liglitnln; because
they did not know what to do in a
First of all, It ls safer to be indoors
than out. Most people get killed
when out In the open. It you are
caught lu a thunderstorm, then don't
be afraid of sheltering under a tree
just because you have heard that it
is dangerous.
It is dangerous to shelter under a
solitary tree, because lightning likes
to strike the highest point and a solitary tree is the highest point as a
rule for some distance around. But
you are pretty safe it you take shelter
ln a wood. A tree ln a wood ls seldom struck.
Certain trees are mor« dangerous
than others. If you have a choice
between an oak and a beech tree, then
take the beech tree all the time. A
far g'-eater number of oak trees are
struck than beech treeB. Elm trees
are nearly as dangerous as oak trees.
Avoid big crowds and collections of
animals. For some reason—probably because of the warmth that rises
from their bodies—crowds of animals
and persons are liable to be struck
by lightning.
Mlnard'a     Liniment     Lumberman's
A great many men are so broad-
minded that it makes their heads
A man never rises so high as when
he knows not whither he ls going.
There Is green delight ln mental
light. Make a hobby of study and
get alb the light you can on something
ln art and science.
Happiness consists ln activity. Such
ls the constitution of our nature; it
ls a running stream, and not a stagnant pool.
Our ambition generally grows more
rapidly than our capability.
If our heads were made cf rock
crystals and our brains of rubles,' people would not always understand us.
An Easy Pill to Take.—Some persons have repugnance to pills because
of their nauseating taste. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are so prepared
as to make them agreeable to the
most fastidious. The most delicate
can take them without feeling the revulsion that follows the taking of ordinary pills. This Is one reason tor
the popularity of these celebrated
pills, but the main reason is their
high tonical quality as a medicine for
the stomach.
of the bowels is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from thc food which
collects there is got rid of at least
once a dav, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and tick headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate the delicate lining of the
' bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills—entirely vegetable—regulate
the bowels effectively without weakening, sickening or griping.   Use
Dr. Morse's   M
Indian Root Pills
Swallow's Long Trip
A communication from Utrecht,
Natal, conveys the Interesting tact
that a swallow ringed at Rosehill,
Cheadle, Staffordshire, by Mr. J. U.
B. Maseflcld, on May 6, 1911. was
caught at the farm of Mr. J. Mayer
Roodeyand, 18 miles from Utrecht on
Dec. 23 last. There was a metal
label round a leg ot Ihe bird with
the words: Wllherby. High Holborn,
London, and on thc other side B 830.'
There was not even standing room
ln the crowded car, but one more passenger, a young woman, wedged her
way along Jnst Inside the doorway.
Each time the car took a sudden
lurch forward ahe fell helplessly back
and three times she landed ln the
arms of a large, comfortable man.
The third time lt bappened, he aaid
Hadn't you better stay here?
b 'the: (test* reffiedy
known for- sunburn,
beat -rashes', eczema.
jsore feet*, stings ana;
: (blisters.  A skin food!
-Ill Bruerfstt aitl Storts,~Ut„
Prevents ths Tremendous
Loss from Ries
Files tout the rtxnvtS of CamiU nllllom of
dollars -ii.iiua.ljr by rat atdln-r I lio fro trtJ» or UIIciiIdi
of-Uilnia4iii.il tor greatly ndbttfau tiuiwodiK-tioii uf
milk by i-onsUnUyamioj'-nsttin »iil-0»fi»lt»umn»r.
Every faiun-r or attwknlwr knows this •Utemoul
to be true from hi iown exjerieiicf.
FIlM.tUDcai.'Ufti'reatloM of life lySprudinf
from farm t-> farm,    "Intertiiitioi.il I'ly
W;iy"wlltke*pfli(iiilf yournnlmah-yiilfclvu Uiem
porf-tct rtit from V.H'*>» p-sl-ifi-rii-us Iti-wct*. which
Will male yon num money lu a Imripit prodttcUuii of
Bdlk or mucb qulckw growth of sll tutimats.
By Using
II lo fittivHy -pmnntcrd to \m rffectln fn
DrlTlnf Away Mm, Voiqulfoo, ond olhi-r insert!
wliltli worry iUkV and r«lui:*atliBlrc.iniln*_!*i**iwclly.
ItUhinul-Mtntliolialraiiitikiii autl will In f-.ut.it
^ifa'tit latUa-cUHJ wlieu   u-a-a ftceordlflg   to
We lilac* onr lw*Mity jean of rupnlatlon Wk of
"Tnter-ietl'-tiol Fly Woy,?-U.ii oak y*>** t«» leitltoa
•or fiOtittroitwunntte,   .    „
Vou HAM at Am, nm!..™.
»«. U
Brts Summer
r 2 te Ai* 16
Thf Arts come
tmij be ukM bu
bet stideats deitr-
Inj- ti tteS****
nut attend Me
For caleaAan write
Sober Second Thought!
Through all the past with metnorlei
I've kept me many a friend
By tearing up the letters which        '
I wrote but did not send.
r Know WHat This
Label Means ?   A
It mean- cement ol the higheit possible quality. _    '
It meant cement letted by experts whose authority it final ildoa mil.
It meant cement acknowledged by engineer*, architecti ud hundred* of thouundt
el fumen to fulfil every requirement of tdentifically made Portland cement.
It meant a cement that it abiolutely reliable, whether uied fot • peal bridge et
for a concrete watering bough.   You can we
Canada Cement
vith complete confidence thit your concrete (werk will be thoroughly ntuhctorr.
You ought to hare thb confidence i.n the cement you uie, bscauie jrou here not the
lacilities fot letting ita qualitie-, euch at are at the dltpewl of the engineen ia charge of
big contracting job.. —'
Thete engineen know that when cement hu pawed the teett made upon it at Ctnede
Cement mil!,, it will put ell their tette.
And this Mine -fement it sold to you lor yoar silo, your foundation* your feeding-floor,
your milk-home or your watoring-trough.  .._      . ,    ,__ .,.     .
udplue eewnu. bet willil«> «in«t koim el un hi ll en ner (ua, eettt *** el A,*** wuakls
M yotTlnsSkfiot tlit book ten de »| licur the Wtt-teM tHIgatWt.
There is ■ Canada Cement Dealer la Your Ntighhorheed
Aiirati Famtri Infermallm Barest,
wr~ . \
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA!
Giveadam Gulch Continues tho
''      Even Tenor of Its Way.
And a Number of Mere or Lett Promt*
nent Citizens Are Personally Con*
ducted Across the State Line—The
Editor Only Helde Five Offices.
[Copyright,   1013,   by   Associated   Literary
Frets. I
AltOAD agent stopped nnd robbed
it mall currier on the Lone
.luck route Ihe other dny nnd
got 11 rents for Ills pains.
Tbls seems to tm running nn bouored
profession Into the ground.
During tlle Inst three sessions of the
eoniiiion council tho mayor (who Is our-
self) Ims not bnd to keep u gun on Al-
dcrinnn Murphy to keep blm In his
plnce, nnd his constituent!, nre wondering whether he bns goue down tu his
boots for good or Is wailing to catch
ns with empty shooters.
Tbe editor of the Blue Hill Times
charges us with, holding eleven different offices nnd grubbing for others.
We lind only lire offices, and the only
other we nre renclilug uut fur Is the
presidency of (he Uulted States. Please
correct nud oblige.
' William Johnson, who nrrlred in this
town with two guns nml it whoop one
dny Inst week, left It Inst night with
-0  iN? yj^C*
nl        ^(cr*;
Xffae**^- \—	
\    {£§    gPi
—-jsams, ^
Pr Sjj Vj&M_fl^^^B
&___!________________. ^___l_Mi^^^^f ^W^y^Y-*^l
Vaft*\W*A  ^Se^cS'fe
-J_ri W> -N-MM
ffflttlk  yjf^&r
H •ffltffWi
In Ft *      i UM
ttae np. too necoracr man la in error.
We hold five political offices nnd are
after the sixth, and Arizona was never
more solid ou ber pins.
We may tnke tbe lecture platform
next month for a few weeks In this
locality, but we desire to warn all audiences In advance that ve shall bave
our dignity and our guns along, nnd
lhe first frozen rabbit that comes whirling past our head will be the signal
for return notion on onr part. We hate
to shoot our lecture on Ihe rise of
Shakespeare Into (he audience, but we
hnve got through Jumping out of back
windows or. biding in the woods.
■ When we claim 10.000,000 weekly
circulation for the Kicker we He about
lt, of course, and that's Ibe difference
between n New York nnd Arizona editor. It's nil In tbe profession, however, and all meant to encourage the
reader to lead a life of Integrity.
Major Desbro of tbe IM.'! ranch says
be cau identify the dead Hum hangrd
to Ihe limb of a Iree at (he crossing
of Wolf creek the otlier day. It was a
person named Tinker, whu started te
leave Arizona on one of the major's
blooded horses, but didn't get a fust
enough gillt on hliu to keep ahead ol
the procession.
We always thought there was something wrong In the head of Joe Hathaway, and his denth hy suicide the
other duy proves It There are at least,
four towns within a radius of thirty
miles which nre fairly aching for a
lynching lice, nnd It Joe wanted to die
wily not give some vlgllnnce committee
u show? Let other critters In despondent mood try to Improve on his shape. '
During onr temporary nbsence from
the postofliee Wednesday afternoon un
ill favored stranger, who Is supposed
to be a teamster, entered lhe corridor
and fired six bullets into thc clock nnd
got safely away, lf he will come some
day when we nre at home nnd start In
' to repeat Ibe performance- we will
guarantee hliu thc finest coffin to be
They Tell Mon Than the Name and
\ Address to the Postman.
1 Envelopes often tell me more about
■ man's financial standing tban could
the best "private Inquiry agency."
Vou can't "swank" a postman. And
wben I deliver on a certain day every
month nn official envelope with the relief stamp ot a furniture firm on the
back of It 1 know pretty well that tbe
envelope contains the receipt for an
Installment on tbe furniture. Wben
that envelope falls to turn up 1 keep
an eye open for tbe other signs of impending bankruptcy.
i An envelope with a crease down the
middle has obviously been inclosed in
another envelope.   This tells me tbe
Sweetheart of  Heroine Talk of the >
Woman He Loved.
Mr. Jimmy Giles, of Ipswich, who
for nearly sixty years was (lock-gate- j
man and assistant engineer, is.a won- i
derlul link with the past, inasmuch
as he  was the sweetheart of Grace !
Darling.   Listen to the following con- I
versation with the old seaman, and
live over again the memories oi that j
brave exploit near Longstone Lighthouse that made immortal history:—
"When a young man I took a cargo
ol salt irom Ipswich to Sunderland.
While there I left my brig and was
made coxswain ol a coble that supplied Longstone Lighthouse with pro-
visions. This was in 1839, and as
Grace's great deed took place the pre-
Celebrated Aeronaut and Balloon
Manufacturer, Who Died Recently
In Britain, Inherited His Love For
High-Flying From His Grandiather
and Father—Used Balloon In War
In 1890.
handwriting of tbe householder and the
kind ot*tationery be uses   When I de* j ™ »-* h "Vwdtai at the light
liver one of these day after day at the   house door_ but  though I tried to
Ol almost world-wide reputation a,
a balloonist, which career he started
at the early age of eight, Mr. Percival
Spencer, of Spencer Bros., the lamou.
« _,   . -.       balloon   manufacturers,   died   at   hi*
tious year I was anxious to meet the | |lomi?| Aberdeen Park, Kighgate, N.,
famous girl.   On myfirst trip in the , (Kng j nt (he age B, 49    Mr. Spencer,
tame house I know that tbe occupant
is out of work and is answering advertisements. But when the envelopes
■topcoming lam left to wonder wheth
draw her attention, she got behind
the door. The next time I visited the
lighthouse I took a silk handkerchiel
full of grapes and gave the lot to
er the applicant has been successful | Grace when I saw her.   She thanked
; me, and we got on well. We walked
| and sat about on tho rocks, and one
' day we paid a visit to Bamborough
—or can afford no more stamps.
Sometimes there ls tragedy, In envelopes. There was a young fellow
who used to stare down at me from behind the window curtain—so anxious
to see what I'd got In my band tbat be
wouldn't wait till I'd pulled tbe bell.
I soon tumbled to his Job, for by neurly every post there would be a long envelope creased dowu the middle, showing It was a return. A writer he was.
—Pearson's Weekly.
Her Manner, Rather Than Her Beauty,
Was Her Chief Charm.
Tbe only authentic portrait ot Cleopatra that ls known to archaeologists
ls a bust wblcb appears on a series ot
coins, It Is on the reverse and bears
tbe Inscription in Greek, "Queen Cleopatra, Ibe Divine, tbe Younger," while
on the obverse Is u portrait of "Antony, Dictator For tbe Third Time, Triumvir,"
The workmanship of the coin ts far
to'see the castle.   As she hnd to re
turn early to see to the lighthouse I j
rowed her back. I
"Grace was not handsome, but she
was passable, with dark eyes and
hair, and a lace bronzed by the sea
air, and conveying a sense of purity
ani innocence that I hove never be-
who was a widower, was tlie eldest
ol three brothers, who conduct tlu
business oi balloon manutocturers at
Highbury, and he was a daring and
success'-l neronout. Mr. Spencer
must have sp=::t more time in the
air than any contemporary aeronaut.
He said quite recently that he thought
ballooning was the safest wny ot traveling in the world. And he recommended it for jaded nerves. He also
said that a diy aloft did one as much
good ns a week or even a fortnight
of any other sort of relaxation. The
6pencers are a ballooning family.'
Mr. Spencer's grandfather made ascents as far back as 1836, and his son
carried   on   the  family   tradition by.
as good as any sailor, and could set
a sail or pull an oar with the best of
them. ,    , ,
"Her father, an old man, nigh seventy, was a very old-fashioned man,
and always wore drab knee-breeches
and buckled shoes, with a sparrow-
tail coat, big waistcoat, and a round
skull cap trimmed with fur.   He did-
. n't think  much oi my carryings-on
with her.   Grace often referred to the
loss ot lho Forfarshire, but made lit*
tie of her own exploit.   She showed
i me  her  presents,   including  a  gold
I slipper  in   a scarlet  morocco   case,
I which the Czar oi Russia sent her.
_,-■      . _   ,, ,   ,     „„_.   6he was often asked to go to London,
had la town aad a funeral procession   from good, and this accounts   n some   fcnt Bhe wou]dn't ]eave 'Daddy.' And,
held in  any other.    She wore very 'Illa|,ill)t an a3cent at the Crystal Pal
short skirts and a dark blue Scotch B0C when on|    eig(,t years 0|d,   ott
cop, which suited her well.   She was that 0<,casj0„ ),e Was accompanied by.
* _ fl-..*        - _r*_-l      aaiiM      B__-_.fr m    ...... x _._._. .        *   . ■
his lather, and afterwards he made
balloon ascents and parachute descents in Egypt, India, the Straits'
Settlements, China, nnd Japan. He
made speciol ascents that were witnessed by the Czar of Russia and the
Emperor of Japan. Mr. Spencer was1
a familiar figure not only at the Crys-
t .1 1'alaee, but also at fetes and galas
throughout the country. On seven occasions he crossed the Channel by balloon, and he has flown across tha
Irish Sea irom the Isle of Man to
Scotland. From ballooning Mr. Spencer passed enthusiastically to the air-
three jumps nud a sigh. Ue made several efforts to get up a reputation as a
terror, but we gave blm thirty minutes
to reach ttae town Hue, aud bu didn't
want but fifteen.
That we will bave tbe esteem and
confidence of Ihe people wns proved
last week wben we were elected chief
ef the lire department, named ns orator
for next Fourth of July and nsked to
lead the church cbolr for the coming
year. Integrity of character, backed
up by two guns, will always win.
Tbe New York cocktail has been tried
bore and found to be a Hut failure.
Ttae Iden or a cocktail with our people
Is to leave a feeling along the throat
as If a string of barbed wire fence had
been swallowed.
We are given to understand Ibat
there will be more high teas and at
homes In Glveadam Gulch this spring
thuu ever la-Tore and that society will
be elevated at least two pegs. -
A florist from Chicago who was here
tbe otlier duy says ibat the 'J.OOO.OOO
seres ot desert land In Arizona could
be made to grow *__0,UO0,iJ<*0 worth of
roses every yenr. We'd like to see the
rnctus, the rattlesnake and the prnlrle
dog hitching along to make room for
The mnn who woke us up at midnight the other night by heaving a cob-
blestone through tlie front window of
the Kicker office hud a good start as
.we threw up tlie sash and fired at blm,
but we think wc winged him hy the
wny It* limped around a corner. We
are Blwnjjs ready for little surprise parlies and always do our best to make
them entertaining.
Did our esieemed contempornry shoot
st us on the street Inst Monday after,
noon? He declares that he tired six
. shots at us, and we declare that we
never knew anything ntmut It. and
we'll give anybody if> cents to straighten tlie ktnks of the mystery nnd settle
the question ono wny or another. We
like to know when we nre shot at, even
by a man who shuts his eyes wheifhe
pulls the trigger.
The Ixme Jnck Recorder says lhat
we bold seven imllllenl office* ami nre
wire pulling for eight nnd asks If such
tblngs can be nnd Arizona remain right
balf a mile long.
An Individual known as Kansas Tom
got out of town last Monday night Just
teu minutes too quick for the vigilance
committee, and tf he keeps tip Ibe gait
he had ou blm when be left tils neck
will be safe for some time to .come.
Old Joe Wheeler, the bear bunter,
seuds us word from his cave la the
mountains that bu ls coming down
some dny next week to shoot a few of
tbe townspeople and have a Jolly good
time for a couple of days. Come on.
Joseph. This town Is always reudy for
something new nnd lively.
There Is not much to record In social
events this week. The only event of
Importune* was the high tea given by
Mrs. Colonel D'Arens, nnd owing to
some mistake In tbe highness of the tea
many of lhe guests did not get home
till afternoon the next day.
In order to maintain our dignity as
mayor of tills town we hud to throw
Colonel Chllvers down the city ball
stairs one duy Inst week, and we uu-
derstood that he Is likely to bu laid up
for some time to come. Sorry for the
colonel, who ls a good fellow at bottom, but our dignity must aud shall bo
Joe Baker, who lives over on Pnnthoc
creek, called upon us yesterday to suy
that he had discovered what appears
to be a mine of condensed milk nnd
that he Is now looking nround for n
mine of canned coffee to miutch It. You
cun find anything you waul lu tbe blue
mountains around us.
Wc understand that Major Callahan,
who used to lie a resident of tills gulch,
has come to bis end at Santa Fe. Uo
ordered burnt gin nt a saloon over
there, and tlie bartender burned too
mahy holes In It. and there wns a row.
Then he burned a bole through tbe
major. -*
Mr. George Parsons of Tucson writes
us Hint we nre n brnggnrt. an egotist, u
liar and a scoundrel and that lb* people of Arizona ought to rise up and
drive us forth. Thanks, George! We
like to feel bad now and then.
A party which went Into Hill Williams' mountain Inst week tn the Interest of science found undeniable evidences of a race of people at least 10..
000 years old. We regret that It Is too
lute to choke up a few subscriptions
among tbem.
     3   p   I
On thejOther Foot.
".lohu, how much money have we In
•tWt? I have a few hundred dollars,
Maria.   Why?*'
"Nothing, only I Just got a letter today from the Inwycr who settled np
my father's estate. There was more
properly than anybody ontlclpotod-o
good deal moro." —
•That's Duel How much do we get
out of It. .Miirla5"   .
"We? I get a few thousand dollars,
John.  Wby?"-ChlcnBO Trlbuue.
measure for tbe undeniably plain appearance of tbe queen. Yet tbe likeness, as far ns the features go, Is a
true one, for the other coins of tbe
samo scries, though ot a different type,
give her the same features, an aquiline
nose, a strong chin, a long neck and
narrow shoulders.
The fact Is thnt ber bconty wns not
so remarkable as oue would think from
although I became her sweetheart,
that was the reason she gave ior not
marrying, and so we drilled apart.'
—————— — -a
Flrtt Thing Taught.
The Rev. T. E. Brigden Is, with
one exception, the smallest mnn—
physically, of cours?—in the Wes-
feyan Methodist Church. When a
iludent at Didsbury College he was
the spell sbe cast over Caesar and An-   appointed to preach at one ol the big
tony.   Plutarch, for Instance, tells us   chapels    in   Lancashire.      Arriving
that ber beauty in Itself was by no ' early, he took possession ol the ves-
* . . ..... A —.l_J      ■._./_    lr\r,lrti,l    flV.r    HIS    ItPT
means Incomparable nor calculated to
amaze those who saw her," but adds
that the magnetic charm of ber manner, the gracefulness of her movements,
tbe persuasiveness of her conversation
and ber figure were most attractive.
Enjoyed What He Paid For.
It is luteresting to note tbe effect
tbnt reputntlou bas on those who nre
not good critics of tbe efforts of public
performers, as a clerk in a downtown
' bnnk wus telling.
"I happen to know a celebrated concert artist," be sold. "One evening
sbe was In the city and bod nothing to do, so sbe enmc up to our very
bumble flat In Harlem to spend a quiet,
homelike bour or two. Tbe night was
warm, and the windows wero open.
After dluner sbe sat down at the piano
nud sang several songs for us. The
next day I beard that one of our neighbors complained loudly nbout the 'yelling' In our flat and said tliat such nuisances ought to be prohibited. Two
nights later that same neighbor paid
$2 a seat for himself, bis wife and his
daughter to hear our friend sing ut a
coucert"-New York Sun.
try, rested, and looked over his sermon notes. The society steward et
this chapel had bcen new'.y appointed, and was big. very big, with his
office. Having little education himself, lie despised it in others, and
thought it tawdry and unnecessary.
Just before service-time ho came j
swaggering into the vestry, nnd, seeing the boy-like form ol Mr. Brigden,
addressed him in a hoity-toity man-
"I suppose," he said, looking disdainfully at the student—"I suppose
you're our preacher lor the day?
"Yes, sir," meekly replied Mr.
Brigden. _,, ,
"And you come Irom Didsbury
"Yes, sir." _    ,
"I have no patience with these colleges," continued the steward. "They
only cram a lot o! rubbish into the
iellows' heads, ond precious little
good it is to them." Then, raising
his voice, he said: "Whet on eorth
do they teach you thore?"
■•Well," soid Mr. Brigden, meekly,
"one ol the Qrst things they teach us
is to mind our own business."
The steward asked no more questions.
ship problem, and he believed that
he was the first balloonist to take an
active part in military aeronautics.
Tlu occasion was the war in Acheen,
Sumatra, is 1890. Accompanied by
Major Droese, of the Dutch Army, he,
made a scries of investigations that
afforded useful information to the
Netherlands officers. During part of
Hi" operations the balloon, attached
to the last truck of an armor-plated
train, was drawn through dense tropical forests. When thc aerostat watj
liberated it ros3 high in thc air and'
showed the position of thc enemy'sl
forces, and at a given signal thc guns'
of the forts poured out shot nnd shell,
on the native insurgents. The effects
were noted from the balloon and orders issued to the forces below. In
thc pursuit of his profession he had
many  thrilling experiences.    One of
Sand-Bin Beds.
Ptolemy's Bin Boat Shortly after eleven ot night » po- his most serious occurred  in  Indis.i
Ptolemy   (Phllopator)   wns  fond  ot ' .iceman in a Yorkshire town was as- He made an ascent outside Calcuttaj
. ,7    ,i    kl.    n.~ ~i !■,_._,_. i. i tnnished to hear the cock which was and came down in the jungle.   Quito
building big boats    One of theu I   | °^ft^r^Vemarket-ploce strike outside  l.is  beorings,   ind   with  no
said to have been 420 feet long. 5,   eet   !" ™«   ™ndla lew minutes later one knowledge  of  his  whereabouts.   Mr.!
broad and i2 feet deep from the high-   ', j   k*     0n going to the tower  he Spencer  wandered about  the  jungle
est point of the stern.   This vessel had   ,ounr). j|,e door open, and, clambering lur three dnys.   When eventually he
four rudders or what some would coll t|le jadder, found a man apparent- found his wny into Calcutta, he wot
steering oars, ns they were not fasten- ,,. fasj asleep amongst the works of to emaciated nnd weak lhat ho wasl
ed, each forty-five feet long.   Sbe car-   the   clock.    Whether  the   man   had thought by thc natives to be a ghost,:
' dreamt that he wos ploying football, aud wos to described by them.    In
ond hod so kicked and deranged the Japan he fell with his balloon into
clock os to cause its erratic striking, thc cccan, ond was only saved ironil
did not transpire, nor why he should drowning through thc timely appear*
have chosen such a strange sleeping- onco ol a boat from a battleship.
Every Londoner knows by sight the :
iron sand-bins which thc I..C.C. pro- I
vide Ior use in" lrosty weather.    But
rled 4.000 rowers, besides 3.000 ma-
rlaes, a large body of servants under
her decks nnd stores and provisions.
Her ours were fifty-seven feet long,
and tbe bandies were weighted with
lead. There were 2,000 rowers on a
side, and It Is supposed thnt these were
divided luto five banks.   That this ex-
traordlnnry vessel ever put to sen Is I {herr cold sides and gritly contents
doubted, but tbat she was launched would not seem to moke them suit-
ond used nt times, If only for display,   able as sleeping-places.   Still, quite
policeman was turprised
several historians are agreed.
A Case In Arithmetic
The teacher was henrlug her class of
small boys In mathematics.
"Edgar," she said, "If your father
can do a piece of work In seven days
and your Uncle William can do It In
nine days, how long would It take botb
ef tbem to do It?"
"They would never get It done." answered the boy earnestly. **Tbey
would sit down nnd tell lish storles."-
New York Post
Iodine Stains.
Boiling hot starch will, it is soid.
remove iodine stein* from linen ana
oot ton.
recently, _ , -- .
to find a mon curled up in one ol
them and sleeping as soundly as if he
had been on a leather bed.
Perhaps one of the has' stnries told
of Lord Croud Hamilton, chairman
of the. Great Eastern Railway nn I
M.P. for Soulii Kensington, who has
announced his retirement Irom Parliament at lho 'text flection, is that
concerning a remark lie once made
when speaking to lhe electors whotfl
suffiiig'-s he wos seeking. "Gentlemen," he soid, "t hove been spoken
ot os a Mooted niistocro*." Then, passing his hand dovin his thin chest.
"Gentlemen, is that quite loir? Am I
bloated?" He was never afterwards
called a hloated aristocratic in that
Good Training.
"These quick lunchrooms hsve on*
good point"
"How now?"
"Get you In training for afternoon
tens. I haven't spilled anything on a
gown tbl* winter."-Kansas City Jour-
The Neighborhood Traveler.
It Is written, and the world believe*
It. that travel ts tlio Infallible, exclu.
slve cure for provincialism. Perhaps!
Ultimately thnt depends on wlutt th*
iflnn takes with htm In bis wanderings.
Merely to go accomplishes naught. In
fine, one need not travel st all. lf th*
mnn with tho common eyo will but
use bis eyes he may bring all the world
to him. Tbo Alps and lbe Hnckles nr*
wortli seeing. Indeed, but the man who
Is capable of really *eeln& tbem. If
■mong them, Is capable slso of beholding Inndscsp* and glory In hi* ow«
■eiibborbood-Jlooklover*' Magazine. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Oar Paint Advice is Free
D. Ewart, ISO, chief architect of
public buildings, of Ottawa, was in
the city on Tuesday and inspected the
new post office building Mr. Ewart
expressed satisfaction with the building and tho manner in which the
clerk of works had performed his
duties. The work on the clock tower
is now progressing very rapidly, and
will soon be completed. The inside
fittings have not yet arrived, but it is
expected that they will reach here in
time so that they can be installed and
the building opened for business about
the 1st of October. The city council
has petitioned the government for a
portion of the upper lot iu order to
make a better curvature iu the Street.
Five drills are busily employed T>y
the British Columbia Copper'couipany
on Co'pper mountain and 110 men are
on the payrt.ll. A large amount of
open cutting or trenching has been
made besides a lot of underground
work in tunnels and cross cuts. The
work of exploring and estimating the
ore bodies is being pushed. When
completed railway construction will
be proceeded with from Princeton.
The permanency of the British Columbia Copper company in these patts
is beyond the doubtful stage.—Priuce*
ton Star.
Mrs. Geo. E. Massie and family
are spending the season at their summer home at Christina lake.
and family, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. H.
Hnll and family are spending the
midsummer months at Christina lake.
Miss Mary Munro, who had- the
highest number of marks in the high
school entrance examinations in this
city, won one of the governor general's
bronze medels.
For Sale—Ten aorps of good fruit
land in the WeBt end of the oity,
ahout half of which is plnnted to
fruit trees, now commencing to hear.
Apply to E. Barron, Grand Forks,
Constable McDousall left last Friday for New Westminster with Punjab Singh, the Hindu who was last
week adjudged mentally  unbalanced.
"Jim Spier.'i the old guardian of
the E. T. bank, returned last Monday
from a year's visit to China. He
brought a young son back   with  him.
Miss Hnddon—London trained—
is prepared to give elementary les
sons nn the violin. For terms nnd
arrangements applv P. q. Drawer M.
W. C. Chalmers retnrned from Spokane on Mondav.
Dr. (Kingston   has   recovered sufficiently from hie long confinement in
Wanted—Plain sewing; 11.50 per
day. Call or address Miss Bessie Justus, Riverside ave., North Fork  add.
Grand Forks Lodge No. SO.Knights
■of Pythias, held an enjoyable "at
home'- in the Davis hall ou Tuesday
evening. Cards and dancings fur
nished the amusement, and refresh
nients were served. Tliere was a
large attendance
The workmen on the North Fork
wagon road are reported U> have created a flurry of excitemeut in mining
circles hy discovering good copper ore
mi tho Sti aw berry claim.
The old Graham ranch of 320 aores
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
Charles Bissell and Bernard McDonald, who are now imprisoned by
the federal seliders in Chihuahua,
Mexico, nre well known to the pioneer
miners in this district Both men
were resident* of Bossland when that
camp was booming.
We have just added
another Silent Salesman for the purpose
of displaying Neckties
only, so that our patrons can choose their
neckwear without any
In Neckwear \
Our shapes, styles and
prires will compare favorably with any stock
in the Boundary, and
has the advantage of
being new and up-to-
R. Campbell
For .Sale—Five and one fifth acres
of the best fruit land; cleued; fenced;
well: four roomed house; fifteen minutes' walk from town. For particulars
apply to owner, (i H. Pell, Grand
Forks, B C.
Mrs. \V B. Bishop and family,Mr.
und Mrs R. R Gilpin and family,
Mr. ami Mrs D McCallum and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mcl_end and
fnmilv, Mr. and Mrs. VV.   E. Hadden
the Cottage hospital with typhoid feve
to resume his professional duties.
Charles Mix returned   from Greenwood and Rock Creek on Tuesday.
Machinery Year
This will be.a real machinery year
at tbe Interstate fair, which opens
in Spokane September 15, Six eastern machinery firms have already
reserved space for the week, and
are going to bring no less than two
catloads of new appliances. Daily
demonstrations will be made of new
gas tractors for use in making roads
as well as farm purposes. Threshing
machines, reapers. caterpillars,
ploughing machines, stump pullers,
dairy appliances—all will be running in full blast for the education
of the visitors. The fair is making
every effort to have this year's display rank with any in the country,
and special inducements are being
made to manufacturers to have
them bring their products to Spokane for tbe beupfit of the farmeis.
Reports Show Short Crop
According to statistics compiled
by the North Pacific Fruit Growers'
association, the apple crop of the
United States this year will fall far
short of tbat of 1912. The associa
tion's latest report says: '*We have
enough data to know that peaches
will be normal, pears, prunes and
plume ahout 60 per cent, ami apples
RAD C A117 A 5-roomed
■Tim (JALU cottage with
all modern -improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
For Quick Sale We Are Offering the Following:
Full size wood body, regular $25.00, for. 120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter size brown wicker, " $17.75, lor 15.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for.... 10.50
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $12.00, for     9.00
&sSz„  G"ranc' Forks Furniture Go
Fifan Br.mi-u. Bu. The Complete Houae Furnishers
Fresh and .Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONF 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
not to exceed from 66 to 75 per
cent." This should mean better
prices for apple growers.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
There is a considerable degree of
difference between being broke aud
staying broke.
Being able always u, see where  the A.     GALLOWAY
laugh comes in and to hail it with ao- RANCH WOOD DEALER
claim help a lot. | PHONE L14 COLUMBIA, B. C.
Grand Forks Transfer
-    PHONE 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
F. Downey's Cigar Stun
Tilepkosbs; __
Officii, Rue Cfftt ttMUt
Banbis's Rssidihci. BBS ' US* OinWI
We are prepared to do
all kinds.of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Suits to Order &18 cPward
K We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Puds.   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
we do—is in   itneir
qucklf ascertain our opinion
Invention {• probably patenta]
Patent* taken
Scientific JfoRrtcan.
A farad*
dilation <
»ly Illustrated weekly, lasrgcst dp-
any itcienttflo Journal, Terms for
5 a year, pottage prepaid.   Bold by
|sM1 BfCtoMy i
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator;never (ills. These
pill, «n exceedingly nowerlul In regulating the
generative portion ol the female system. Refuse
•iTcheap Imitations. D*. iUTm's in sold at
III • box, or three fnr 111). Mailed to any address.
Tb* .emboli Draft Co.. St. CMh-trlnM, Ont,
ClOUl) iKI-Nll-Nto »„ advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that onr stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Ul)t fcmt pint $lmp


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