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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 25, 1913

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«4\"' ■   *, -y ----- -
" ^Trchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
A Orazy Hindu in the Oity
Jail Makes Savage Attack
on Constable McDougail
Provincial Constable McDougail
was severely slashed with a jack knife
in the bands of Punjab Singb, a
crazy Hindu, in the oity'jail on
Monday afternoon.
Singh had been confined in the
city jail since last Friday awaiting a
medical examination aa to bis mental condition. As it wu a provincial case, the constable decided to
transfer tbe prisoner to tbe provincial jail,and entered tbe cell witb tbat
object in view. He had no sooner
closed tbe door than the, Hindu
jumped on bim' and commenced
slashing bim in the neck and on the
shoulders. McDeugall was taken
by surprise, and before be recovered
bis presence of mind he had been
stabbed in seven or eight places, tbe
Hindu having hoth blades of the
knife open and working his hand
with lightning rapidity. As soon
as be realized tbe true state of affairs, be caught Singb by the tbroat
and called for assistance. Chief Savage and Mr. Quinlivan happened
to be in the fire station, near by,
and tha tbree men - soon bad the
dusky warrior overpowered.
Luckily for tbe constable, none of
the knife thrusts were very deep,
although one of tbe wounds required five stitcbes. Tbougb pain
ful, the wounds are not considered
dangerous, and Mr. MoDougall resumed bis usual duties tbe day after his thrilling encounter witb tbe
It ie a mystery wbere Punjab obtained tbe knife, as be bad previously been searched for weapons.
It is surmised, however, tbat it was
smuggled into tbe jail by some of
his fellow countrymen.
The doctors on Tuesday examined
Singh as to bis mental condition,
and decided tbat he is orazy enough
to be eenUo the New Westminster
asylum, and he will be taken to
that institution next week by the
constable he attempted to kill.
Singh bu been working in tbis
district for a number of years, and
is lhe possessor of a bank account.
Besides being Crazy, be is also an
opium fiend.
$160,000,000 must bave been realized in recent months in the sale of
municipal securities alone. It is
further estimated tbat exports of
grain beld at ths head of the Great
Lakes through tbe winter baa loosened up funds for the Canadian
banks to tbe extent of $100,000,000.
Tbs tide of immigration has been
flotfing strongly, and it is beld to
be a conservative estimate tbat the
incoming settlers ha.io brought with
tbem at least $50,000,000.
The Sun Was Right
Stetson's *'Uncle Tom's Cabin"
company gave the worst presentation of that play in tbe opera bouse
on Monday night ever seen on any
stage. It was simply horse-play
from ttie time tbe curtain rose until
it was rung down on the last act,
and some of tbe specialties and
"gags" were absolutely vulgar.
Managers wbo book such trash do
not deserve tbe confidence of theater
goers, and newspaper writers gulity
of boosting for such barnstormers
should engage in some calling that
does require judgment.and in wbicb
tbey would bave no opportunity of
misleading tbe public. The Sun
last week told the people what to expect, but it seems thai about fifty of
them paid no heed to our warning,
and investigated for themselves,
to tbeir subsequent sorrow.
Woodmen's Pfcnfc
The Woodmen's pionic at Lynch
oreek on .Wednesday was taken advantage of by the people of the city
as an opportunity to spend the day
in the shady glens of the forest
primeval. Two trains, one in the
morning and another at noon, car
ried the people up tbe river. Tbe
crowd returned to the city at about
9.30 in the evening.
At tbe crick daneing and athletic
sports furnished amusement for tbe
risining generation, while tbe more
sedate citizens contented themselves
by indulging in Isaak Walton's favorite pastime. Some phenomenal
catches are reported. Mike Tompkins says be caught a trout
tbat only lacked two feet of being
two inches long.
Louis Johnson, owner of tbe
Union mine, iu Franklin oiiiip,
this week let a contract to Peter
Hansen and Peter Peterson to have
four carloads of ore hauled from
tbe property to Lynch Creek. From
Jhat place it will lis shipped to. the
Trail smelter. Messrs. Hansen and
Peterson will commence hauling the
ore in a few days. The ship
ment will be made in tbe nature of
an experiment to demonstrate tbe
quality of thn ore. If it proves successful,, it is quite likely that further
shipments will be made.
The Union is a silver gold proposition, and adjoins tbe Maple Leaf
property. The ore is said to assay
192 ounces in silver and $32 in gold
to the ton. Tbere is a twenty-font
vein of this ore on tbe -property.
Tbe ore will be sacked before it is
Much Money Comes to Canada
The Montreal Gazette says tbe estimate has been msde by a financial
authority tbat possibly close to
$300,000,000 ban come into Canada
in the last few months tbrough sales
of municipal securities, through exports of grain, and through immigration, and that, despite the talk of
continued stringency, tbe Canadian
situation must have been relieved to
that extent since the pinch began
to be felt. The $300,000,000
estimate, however, does not include
s.ile of Canadian securities other
than those of municipalities. Canadian Pacific railway, through its
uew stock issue, is bringing in close
to $100,000,000 of outside money,
and, despite the tight money market, good sized blocks of railway and
industrial securities have been die-
posed of abroad in the first half of
the yean.
Bankers estimate that close to
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on E. V. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
July 18—Friday  48 91
lU-Saturday  .... 02 96
20—Sundiy,  53 97
21—Monday  89 97
22—Tuesday  87 97
23—Wednesday.. 84 93
24 -Thursday  55 97
Rainfall  0.00
Four Carloads of Ore Will Be
Hauled From Franklin
to Lynch Oreek
vices Ba|cher8 to Adopt
Mixed Farming
In their petition they state tbat
Veregin, through Peter Evalenko, of
New York, is trying to persuade the
government to give four million dol- 	
lars  as compensation,  and   assert! t ■ ,
lhat if tbe request   is granted Eva- Horticulturist  WUSlOW Ad-
lenko  and   Veregin   will   ge.t   the
"VVe; over 1000 independent Doukhobors wbo have escaped from the
slavery and .misery •unSerV^t-*
Veregin's rule, are entitled urohare
in llii.-i compensation" says tbe petition, wbich is addressed to Hon.
W. J, Roche. Tbe independents
call Veregin a czar and say members
of tbe community want to break
away, but are held in bondage because tbey are penniless.
Killed by Lightning
Tuesday morning tbe authorities
of tbis oity were notified that tbe
body of a dead person had been
found on the road between Cascade
and Deep creek. Provincial Constable McDougail went down to investigate, and be bad tbe remains
Drought to this city, wbere tbey
were identified as those of Earl
Toliver, a lad of sixteen, wbose parents reside near Laurier, Wash.
Evidences showed that the boy bad
been killed by lightning during the
thunderstorm on Monday night.
Tbe parents of tbe boy were notified,
and tbey came up aiter tbe body on
Entrance Examinations
In tbe provincial high school entrance examinations 1314 candidates
were successful out of 2101 wbo sat.
First place was secured by Veta M.
Steel, of Armstrong, with 819 marks
out of a possible 1100.
From tbe local school sixteen out
of twenty candidates passed. This is
the best record made bere for years,
and reflects great credit on tbe staff
of teachers. Tbe names and stand-
iug of the successful candidates follow:
Mary A. Munro  693
Ellen G. J. Heaven   688
Grace J. Barron     682
A. G. Heaven  665
E. D. Farmer  657
Oswald Hay  657
£.8. Atwood.. .  648
H. D. Barlee  648
J S. Donaldson  646
H. C.Sloan  634
A. A. Munro  614
Helen DeCew  699
C. MoCallum  565
J,'J. Taylor .  566
Ruth M. Krischke  855
Mary J. Newbauea  580
Money for Development
According to a statement given
out at Boston, the British Columbia
Copper company is spending $20,-
000 monthly to carry on extraordinary development at propetties
under option. To date about
1,500,000 tons of ore carrying copper values bave been developed in
these optional properties, and indications are that in tbe next tbree
months 1,500,000 Ions more will
bave been added.
Inspects Buildings
Vice-President Bury, of the Canadian Pacific railway, was' in the
city on Wednesday. Wbile here be
inspected the now divisional point
buildings in the West end,and other
improvements, including. bridges,
on wbich nearly $500,000 have been
expended during the past year.
Mr. Bury traveled in a motor car
from Penticton to Midway. At the
latter place be was met by General
Superintendent F. W. Peters and
other officials in a special train.
After a short stay here, the party
left for Nelson.
Old-Timer Dies in Mexico
Frank Coryell received a letter
from Esperanz-i, Sonora, Mexico,
last Saturday, stating that W. S.
Murray had died tbere suddenly on
June 24. Deceased was about 48
years of age, and a native of Petrolia,
Ont. The letter stated that
after supper on tbe 24th Mr Murray went outside his cabin and sat
down, and in a few minutes he had
expired. He was buriied on his
ranch at Esperanza.
Mr. Murray was a pirmeer nf
Grand Forks. Up till ahout five
years ago be was part owner nf tbe
Murray-Coryell ranch, west of tbe
city. Then he disposed nf that
property, and visited his old home
in Petrolia. After a six months'stay
tn the east he returned to Qrand '
Forks, and shortly afterwards went^WS OF THE CITY IN BRIEF
down to Mexico.
Granby's Output
During tbe period from January
1 tn July 7 of the current yesr the
Granhy smelter in this city treated a
total of 648,853 tons of ore, of
which amount 642,203 tons were
from the Granby mines and 6205
tons from other properties. During
the same period Granbv has made
and shipped a total of 11,273,697
pounds ot blister copper.
A largely attended meeting of
the Grand Forks board of trade was
held in the city ball on Wednesday
A letter was read from tbe Spokane chamber ot commerce, tendering tbe board free space for tbe display of tbe products of tbe district
in tbat city. The offer was favorably considered, and a permanent
exhibit will likely be senl to tbat
city later in the season.
A letter from Calgary informed
tbe board tbat it had been awarded
a cash prize of #160 and a diploma
as winner of tbe second prize in tbe'
district display class at the recent
fair. The money and diploma had
been forwarded to this city.
A letter was received from tbe industrial department of tbe Canadian
Pacific railway from n parly in the
Btatet, enquiring concerning tbe opportunities of establishing a vegetable cannery here. Tbe secretary
was instructed to gather data on tbis
subject and to communicate with
the party direct.
A resolution, wbich had been
drafted by a committee, urging tbe
provincial ^government to enforce
the laws against tbe aliens owning
land in this province, was favorably
considered and approved by the
board. It was decided to request
tbe Associated Boards of Trade to
endorse tbe resolution at its next
R. M. Winslow. provincial horticulturist, addressed the board tor
half an bour, reviewing the fruit
growing industry. Mr. Winslow
emphasized the fact that, in order to
attain the highest-measure of success, it was necessary for the ranch-,
er to engage in mixed farming, and
not to specialize in any particular
branch. He pointed out that the
opportunities for engaging in profitable dairying and stock raising were
as good in this district as on the
coast. Every rancher should own
a herd of cattle. He was surprised
to see so lew of tbem in the valley.
After the disposal of a good deal
of routine business, tue board adjourned.
.    ... _-        ...... ■■-   dead   """ty °t  » man was
Veregin Wants Four Millions found   in   the   Kettle   river,  near
The independent Doukhobors of .Nicholson creek, on 8unday  by
• i •_■   .    ..:.  __•   .        .;.! -.;-.» ,t.. Whiting.    Coroner Black, of Green-
this   province are   petitioning thel   ood   \M   gn enquiry but could
Dominion government to give tbem ! fi„d no clue to tbe man's   identity.
consideration in  tbe claim for four, Evidently he was  drowned  some
million dollars which they allege is' months ago.
being   made   by  Peter Veregin forj 	
compensation    for    improvements!    The rector of Holy Trinity church,
made by the   Doukhobors to  Saa- the Rev. flenry_8teele. held a mem-
katcbewan land for which' they
could not secure title on account of
their failure to become citizens. Independents are Doukhobors who
have broken away from tbe community.
orial service for the Knighls of
Pvthias at Danville last Sunday
Chris Coughlan, mauager for P-
Burns it Co., returned yesterday
from Rossland.
Market for All Good Fruit
James Rooke, manager of the
Grand Forks Fruit Growers' association, states tbat a representative of
Hudson's Bay company, at Calgary,
wus in tbe city last week, and entered into an agreement tn buy all
the first-class fruit in the valley tbis
year. The Hudson's Bay company
will mako Calgary its fruit distributing headquarters for tbe en ire province of Alberta, Good prices for
the fruit will be received by tbe
growers, but every box shipped must
be absolutely first grade, Tbe association bas not yet made arrangements for the disposal of the second
grade of the crop.
Last Thursday a most enjoyable
picnic was beld on tbe Brinkman
farm near Carson by the Sunday
school and parishioners ol Holy
Locking up the Tower of London
Strange to eay, very few people
arc aware of an ancient custom which
is etlll kept up at the Tower ot London. Just before midnight a beet-
rater and lhe chief yeoman porter secure (lie keys from the governor's
house to 'lock up.' Having received
lhe keys they proceed to tbe guard
room.  , <,
R-tfort for the keyBl calls otit the
porter, and a sergeant and six privities turn out.
The procession Mien marches off,
aud the sentries they pass issue the
usual challoiige of 'Who goes there?'
to which the answer Is 'Keys.'
Arriving at the entrance to the
Tower grounds, the Lion's Gate, the
porter locks the gate, and the parly
return's to the guard room, the sentry
•■hallenglng as before and receiving
the same answer. However, on arriving at the guard room again, the
sentry stationed there stamps his
foot, at the same time giving (he usual challenge.
Keys, replies lhe porter.
Whose keys? lbe sentry asks.
King George's keys.
Advance ICInc George's keys, and
all's well.
The porter then says: God bless
King George, and all present respond
with 'Amen.' The keys arc then
saluted, and returned to the governor's house, where they remain until
ths next night's ceremony'.
Yes, tald the man Just back from
west, when 1 went out to Montana 1
did what nearly every other tenderfoot does—hotifjht one of thoss broad-
brimmed felt hats like the ones stags
cowboys wear, aad put it on at the
■flrst opportunity.
Mine wasn't the only one In town,
but I felt conspicuous Just the same.
Somehow or other 1 hadn't acquired
the knack or wearing it. One windy
day—and. believe me,   It   can   blow
some in B without half trying—I
walked down the main street of the
town tolling onto my hat with one
hand and n.v coat with the other. As
1 turned a corner the wind seemed to
stop browing, and I let go of the hat,
when a sudden gust came, took it off
my head and sent it rolling I'.ke a
fr'ghlcned hoop down the street.
I started to give chase, when another bullosa uinn—he was a sure-enough
westerner, too—took me by the arm
ami said:
Don't chase it, pardner: there'll be
another one along Jn a niinnte. •
One Better
He wai a jolly sailor-lad, and had
■fotr.fi to spend a few days In h'.s native village.
Ves, he remarked, proudly, as his
B-Oamt-ilp company was being referred to in complimentary terms; ours ie
lhe longest Hue In iho world, stretching, as it docs, from England to
There was a moment's silence, nnd
lien the li osti.fi s, a hard-working Scot,
(:*,lined In:
Wm), I dinua ken lf ye've cause tae
bounce fae much, for does not iuy
class (clot he ".j line stretch fre pole
lae pole.
And .lack good-litnnoredly agreed
that he was beaten.
.... Tblngs Forbidden In War
It is not generally realised that the
game of war is hedged round by as
many restrictions as a boxing, contest under Queensberry rules. These
regulations, which are under the sanction of all the Civilized countries ol
the world, are designed to ensure fair
play for the combatants.
When it is intended to bombard a
place', due notice should be given, so
that all women and children may be
removed to a place of safety; and
every care must be taken to spare
churches and hospitals, as well as all
charitable or educational buildings.
All chaplains, doctors, and nurses
are protected in every possible way,
and are not to be taken prisoners or
in any way injured.
Any soldier robbing or mutilating
an enemy is liable to be shot without
trial; and death Is the penalty for
wounding or killing a disabled man.
The bodies of the enemy are to be
carefully searched hefore burial, and
any articles found on ihem which
might lead to their ldcntil.ei.tlon are
lo be sent to their proper quarters.
.explosive bullets must not be used,
and quarter must be given to the
enemy whether he asks for tt or not.
In an attack on the enemy there must
be no concealment of the distinctive,
signs of tbe regiments; aud the use
of poisons for polluting drinking water is strictly forbidden.
Her Mother's Friend
When the new minister, a handsome
and unmarried man, made his first
pastoral visit at the Fosdlck's he took
little Anna up ln his arms and tried
to kiss her.
But the child refused to be kissed.
She struggled loose and ran off Into
the next room, where her mothej was
putting a few Unletting touches to hor
adornihent before going into the drawing rotith to greet the clergyman.
Mamma, the little girl whispered,
the man In the drawing-room wanted
to kiss me. _
Well, replied mamma, why didn't
you let him?     I would If 1 was you.
Thereupon Anna ran back into the
drawing-room and the minister asked
Well, Utile lady, won't you kiss me
now ?
No, I won't, replied Anna promptly,
but mamma says she will.
Oultag Shoes
Skin Cracked nnd Died, Causing
Much Pain. Was Getting Discouraged, Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Soothed Right Away.
Used Them Four Weeks. Has
vt Been Bothered Since.
8 Hunter St., Dailsvlllr, Toronto, Ontario. -"My Utile Ctrl »a» trouble* with
.-.rucked -ir.'»s end fnoo from the time >ba
flvaa born, They were certainly very much
i.Mgurcd, lho skin wa* Ktulilve aud
.-racked tnd bled, earning much pain liy
Mjarilni. When lu-allng a llllle It took
the form of ll riling, 'lhe troublo made her
vci-y teem. -When she cried the tears would
make it smart and cause more pain. I trlod
cold cream, ,— —and anil
tt (ol heller only to break out again whon
exposed to (ho sir, 8ho suffered for over
three yt-.rs and I was net ting discouraged
when 1 read of Cuticura Soap aad Ointment
i,nd cent for tamplco. Cull, ara Ointment
seemed to soothe it right away, where other
oln'.racuu nude It burn, to I bought some
more, I used tliem for four weeks ond ehe
has not been bothered since. Her face and
Lmtis bays uever hnd n mark since, In fact
lii-i Complexion Is wonderfully clear,",
(Signed) Mrs. t'nderhlll, Dee. 11,1911.
Cuticura Soap Is beat for akin snd hair
became of its extreme pudty, delieato yet
.iflccl.vo emollient propor i les, aud refreehing
fragrance, lt costs but Utile mora than
t: « mry -caps, wean (0 a wafer snd give.,
romfort and satisfaction every moment of
He use, for toilet, bath and nursery. Cnt(-
Cura Soap tnd Cuticura Olnteoe.-it ara sold
everywhere. Liberal sample of etch mailed
free, with 33-p. Skin Book. Address post
<ard IV.ter Drug fc Chun. Corp., Dept,
♦'J&. Eo-toa, V. B. A,
W. N. U. 984
Reason for It
At a debating society some lime ago
the Irish question was discussed. An
English doctor was sustaining an argu
ment that the Irish were naturally a
race with right sentiments, but poorly
developed. At Liverpool, he said,
he had three hundred Irish patients
on his books, and of these oui/ thirty
paid him for attendance.
Son-, said the Irishman, who rose
with Hushed cheek to defend his countrymen—Sorr, there is never an effect
without a cause. There is never a
phenomenon that does not admit ot
an explanation. Now can we explain
thc astounding phenomenon to which
the doctor has called our attention?
lie finds an explanation In the natural
depravity of the Irish nature; I. sorr,
bave another explanation to give, and
It Ib this—the thlrly patients recov-
Tbe father of a bright young eon
went tb a wise friend for advice.as to
what profession the youth should be
fitted for,   The sage was brusque.
Let the boy choose for himself, he
But, protested the father, he's too
Well, responded the wise man, put
htm In a room alone with a hook on
theology, nn apple, a knife and some
small (barge, and see w';al he makes
of It. If he chooses the book make a
minister of htm, tf be takes the knife
make him a surgeon; if the apple, he
will make a farmer, and lf be chooses
ihe money a banker.
Much relloved, the father went
away, but returned in a tew days
complaining the plan hadn't worked
at all.
Wby not? demanded the wise man.
What did he do?
When I went tn. said the father, be
was allting on the book, with the
knife lu one hand and the money in
his pocket, and eating the apple.
Ah! said the sage, that's easy. The
boy Is a natural born lawyer.
Frenchmen are being r.crved regularly with carrots tbese daya. It Is
on thoir restaurant menus and la served In the most lat-hianuble homes.
Ever since Dr. MelchnlkoK declared
that carrots are really the most beneficial diet In the world, that particular vegetable Is finding its way Into
the houses and on to iho tables of
rlcii and poor pcoplo alike.
Carrots, saj-s Dr. Metchnlkolf, contain a peculiar sugary substance.
This clement hts a tendency to kill
a certain germ whose deadly lmltit-nce
prevents the most of us from achieving the rips age of lio. Of course,
we have been told how carrots, possess the properties whioh will give
us a fine complexion lf we will only
ent thorn long enough and persistently enough.
The ministry or marine at Athens,
Greece, states that Lieutenant Bakop-
tilos, while carrying out the observations entailed hy tbe naval duties assigned to him, happened to notice on
the sea bottom to the cast of the Island of Lcmnos, on tho rce.'s marked
on tbe British admiralty charts, under lhe hame ot the Pharos Bank, at
a depth of from five to twenty-live
■neters, some ancient ruins which
were perfectly visible nnd prove the
existence ot a town of about three
miles In cti-ciltoferei.ee. Oiders have
heen Issued by the ministry to carry
out scientific researches on the spot
Liked to bs Prepared
A gentleman, well known for his
love of .horseflesh, was driving through
a country village one day breaking In
a new horse, when he overtook a doctor of his acquaintance who was traveling on foot.
Jump in, doclor, he cried, pulling
up. I've got a borse here that Is a
perfect treat to sit behind.
The doctor Jumped In, and the gentleman drove off.
The horse was.a treat, ln the sense
ot speed and sklttishness, and presently stood stock still and shot both
hind legs underneath the trap, splitting it to pieces, and throwing both the
occupants out into the road.
The dootor Jumped to his feet, feeling himself all over Jo see lf he was
injured. The owner also got upon his
Look here! .exclaimed the doctor,
what on earth do you mean by Inviting: nie to ride behind a horse, like
Well, you see, gasped the other,
luckily there are no bonea broken; but.
when breaking In a brute like this I
like to have a doctor with me|-
Critic.—The heroine of your story
old man, is simply wonderful.
Author (delightedly)—You think
so? '*
Critic—Yes. Yon say on page ten
that she hissed. You are a liar! and
any woman who can hiss such a sentence as that can't help, being wonderful .
"Mothers can easily knew when their
children are troubled with worms, aud
they lose no time in applying the best
of remedies—Mother Graves' Worm
No Excitement
A young man was compelled by ills
father to turn farmer against his will.
Not liking the profession, he went
and l-tnged himself, leaving this written statement: Farming la a most
senseless pursuit; a mere laboring in
a circle. You sow that you may reap
and then you reap that you may sow.
Nothing ever comes of it.
Minard's Liniment sui by Physician*
Fortunately Pa Is Rich
yon think your daughter
exceptional talent?
There's no doubt ot it, replied the
fond mother, although we can't exactly locate it. The music teacher
says it's for painting aud the art
teacher Bays It's for music.
_—■—■■  -ll n
Ancient Graft
The guide, in referring to the Egyptian pyramids, remarked:
It took hundreds ot years to build
Ttfen it was a Government Job, eh?
replied the wealthy contractor.
Mathematician Figures Out ths Food
It anyone requires a clear head It
Is a teacher of mathematics. He
must reason In tho abstract as it were
and' full concentration of mind ls necessary ll correct results are to be
forthcoming. ,
A man writes:
"I am a teacher of mathematics and
for 16 years prior to four years ago,
I either took a lunch composed of
cold sandwiches, pickles, etc., to
sohool or hurried hone and quickly
ate a hot dinner.
The result was that I went to my
afternoon work feeling heavy, dull of
brain and generally out of sorts. Finally I learned about Grape-Nuts food
and began lo use It for my noon-day
'From the first I experienced a
great change for the better. Tbe
heavy, unpleasant feeling and sour
stomach caused, by the former diet
disappeared. The drowsy languor
and dlsl cllnatlon to work soon gave
wav to a brightness and vim In my
afternoon work, a feeling entirely new
"My brain responds promptly to the
requirements put upon lt, and what
is of more Importance, the results
nave been lasting and moro satlsfaot-
otv, the longer I have used Grape-
Nuts as a food.
My wife had been suffering from
weak stomach accompanied by sick
headaches nearly all ber life. She
is Invariably relieved of these when
she sticks to Grape-Nuts, either eaten
dry or with milk. Her atomach has
gradually grown stronger and her
headaches less frequent since Bhe began to cat Grape-Nuts." There'll
a Reason." Name given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Read
the booklet, 'The Road to Wellvljle,"
in pkgs.  .
- Ever read the above letter? A
new ene appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest,
Quite True
Business Manager of Great Newspaper (to clerk)—George, take down
an advertisement as I dictate lt, and
then send it up.    Ready ?    All right.
Wanted—A man for a pleasant indoor position; short hours, light work,
no experience necessary; place permanent; salary $5,000 a year. Answer
ln own handwriting. -' *■• Millionaire.
Great Daily Office.
Clerk—I have It down, sir, and will
send It to the prlnteis at once.
Business Manager (a week later)—
George, how many answers were received from that advertisement?
Clerk—Eighteen thousand.
Business Manager (an hour later)—
Good, morning, sir. What ca- we do
for you, sir?
Seedy Individual. What do you
charge for an advertisement for a situation wanted?
- Business Manager—Our charges are
high, 60 cents a line; but you must
remember tlie vast number ot people
we reach. Why, sir, from one single
advertisement inserted last week there
were received eighteen thousand answers.
Baby's Own Tablet: are a safe
medicine for little ones. Ii fact they
are guarantee 1 by a government analyst to be absolutely, free from opiates or any of the ('.rugs so harmful
to the lives of little ones. The Tablets never do harm—always good and
may be given to the new-boru babe
or growing child with equal safety.
They never fail to cure constipation,
indigestion, colic, break up colds and
fevers and make teething easy. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at «5 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
in   Ihe
me just
Is  that
A Startling Request
1 say, remarked the   man
chair, I wish you'd try to cu.
a little.
What? cried the barber.
a Joke?
Not a bit of it.     You see my best
girl gave me a razor on my birthday,
and it would please her   it   I   could
make her think I've been trying to
shave myself.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tin reader- el tbl. paper mil be pieunl la lean
lhat en a at least una dreaded dkeaae tnat ammo
taa been abn to curs Li atl lu alalia, and that a
Catarrh. Hall'a Oatanb can - Iha -air poeitlve
care now .knowu to the nedleal tritrrnllr. Calarrr
being a eonitltutlot.nl dlacate, require, a* eonititct-
Monil treatment. Hell's Catarrh Can a taken In-
tcrnallr. art'aj directly upon Ibe blood and mucoua
wlacea el the intern, iborebr tl.-tn.yl-t live
toundatk-a ot ibe dMaee, <)d alrl-l the patient
.Ira-lth by bunding up the eomtltmloa aod aeal-t-
Inf nature lo dolnl Ita work. Tke propiletora havo
ao mueb faith lo Ito curative pew-m tbat tber one.
Ona Hundred Uollarj lor en» cue Ibat ll Uue ta
eure. Send lor net ot uetiaionla*
Adi'raai F. ]■ CHENEY * CO . Toledo, 0.
If... b, ill Onahla. 76,.
Taki Hall'i family ran lor roixutetloa.
Judge—Now, my boy, you are on
your oath. Do you understand what
that means?
Witness— Why—er—I—don't Jester—reckon—   .
Judge—Do you know what you're
expected to tell?
Wltnesa—Oh, yes, the lawyei1 that
brought me here wrote it all down so
as I could study lt.
A Helpful Suggestion
The Stage Manager—I say, Heavy
Tbe Lady  Macbeth—Well?
Tho Stage   Manager— When   you
speak the line: Out, damned spot! in
the sleep-walking scene try to imagine
you're cleaning a silk shirtwaist and,
not putting the dog outdoors,
The Deoadenee cf Art
He thought he was a connoisseur,
and he was lamenting the* decadence
of art.
I.ook, he said, at the great Italian
school ot pal-ters, Look even at the
old Greeks! Why SCeuxIs painted
grapes so naturally that birds came to
peck at them.
He did, did he? said a hearer. That
Is nothing. I have got a friend who
paints a dog so natural lhat he has to
paint a muzzle on btm to keep him
from biting.
»■ ■
Tlppad Off
Madeline—Don't come   up   to   the
house to-night, Harold.
Harold—Why not, dear?
Madeline—Pa   bad   a     puncture,
cracked cylinder, aud a bent steering
wheel to-day, and   I'm   afraid   he'll
wreak his vengeance on you.
Sample '•■ ' It vou write Tlte Natlensl
Drue and rhemlcal ve., et Canada,
Limited,  Toronto.
Crossing Atlantic In 36 Hours
Mr. Grahame-Whlte, the well knows
aviator, has announced hts Intention of
flying across the Atlantic ln thirty
hours, and be hopes to undertake the
trip In June or July. He Is-building
a machine witb this object, but little
has leaked out so far in regard to-its
plan of construction. lt is known,
however, that lt will carry four engines, arranged in Independent pairs,
each rated at 250 horse-power.
HiB object Is to produce an aeroplane with power to make a tremendous life wlthont reducing its speed.
It is understood that hid machine will
he a biplane, owing to tba superior
weight-carrying properties of this particular type of machine.
Roughly speaklnit. the distant between tlie coast of EiiKlawl and that
of America Is some 3,000 miles, so that
ln order to accomplish his Journey
within the stated time, he will hove to
travel continuously at the rate of 100
miles an hour.
Horns cilople the feet and make
walking a torture, yet. sure r.llef ln
the shape ot llolloway's- Corn Cure is
within reach of all.
Extraordinary Longevity
The inundation ot 1701, wbich swept
away a great part of the old Tyne
Bridge, Newcastle, was long remembered nnd alluded to with emphasis as
'the flood.' On one occasion Mr.
Adam Thompson was put into the witness box at the assizes. The counsel, asking his name, received for answer: '
Adam, sir—Ad.-.m Thompson.
Where d-i'you live?
At Paradise, sir. Paradise ia a village about a mile and a half west of
And how long have you- dwelt In
Paradise? continued the barrister.
Ever since thc flood, waa the reply,
made In all simplicity and with no intention to raise r. laugb.
Minard's     Liniment     Lum
a on t
Absolutely Rlg.it
Hampton—What la  your
Riley—Have   the   garden
planted look like the picture
seed packets.
Madame, began the visitor at ths
rear door, I am a man with a history.
Sorry, but we don't allow any book
agents around here.
And she closed the door.
Price  nnd Quality    Equally
At the Altar Ralls
It ls given to _e*-v ministers to meet
with the experience which befell ons
suburban reverend gentleman a short
time ago. He was edgaged to marry
a couple wbo wero wbat ls described
as middle-aged, and when that part of
the ceremony where tbe. contracting
parties have to Join hands arrived
there was a hitch. The pastor repeated the order lo Join hands, nnd
still It was not obeyed. In a louder
tone of voice the Instruction was
again given, without the desired result.
Mister, said the bridegroom, In a
tone heard uver a considerable part ot
the sacred edlflc-, we can't do that,
ns we've lost our hands, and **r.ve only
Then Jolt hooks, directed tho officiating clergyman. There was a metallic click as the two Iron hooka were
united, and tho service proceeded.
TfcAn>f 1_aaIt   Wouan's d*,,e»to •J""*1" raqulrM
Wil I JJUUli TT more than ordinary care and at.
AU s9m\*tmm*ntxm tsntion - more care and attention than
VMI JDCIUrflB    it is given by the average woman.
"VaUI* HP! IMA Neglect it and IDs soon creep tn, and
X UUT M. IIU-V the look of old tn, sometimes quickly,
m*W*%W*%W*S*%W*%**W**S   sometimes gradually follows.
That backache, ao common among womeo, triage with It tke sunken cheat, the
h-tedeeke, tlrad «eueele._CTow-|.f«t, and soon the youthful body is as saoreyov.*-
faltaeypaanaM-aad all because ef lack of atteatlos.   -
There is no reason why yea should bs se eafortuoate, when yea aan at year
dlspeeel a treeaedj sueh as Or. Flam's Par.-, rite Praeetipttoa-iwenaendW
for over 40 years as a lemidy fer allmeiita peculiar te wenoa.
«da wo. U.m.a.1 *t te-t-wmlali on Sle-tke «__^__
ilatl-n of iSjaare-Uetf-rloi to lia effect- ■
We hays thsa-
Ivanou. Nsittar aarcetki ner alcohol
Irra-rularlUaa. Cot rat tt
ttei nor aleatol ere te ke __^ <_■»• •
«bkj,.-^ Dr. Pierce's
noma. IMata about
elaed <_j>.«.*iie<*<«»«. ___._._
*r**H*at*atuilttm. **tmt motel, iter*
Dtin't Persecute
yojir Bowels
Cat eel cathartics and purgatives.  They al*
sVata-SbarsliMuinecessar). l.y
Purely laudable. /
aenlljnae the Irrkri
Bct HmJetl,, mi Mitestetn, *t mHlrtr- -MT.
Small: Pill, Small Doae, Small Prico.
Genuine mint bear Signature
1 The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel
Piano Action
K-taWisaunVa Soothiho svaue haa beca
■edfcrairer sixty years by millions oi
 S for their CHlLUtEN  wkiij.
.-_____ ^-SO. with PBRFBCT SUCCBSS.    tt
QiAiseti pain j conns wind couc, and
ktheW remedy fee DIAKRUttA.   It ia ab.
stately -fcarmteea. - Be nre aud aak foe. "Mrs,
JrtsaWe'e Soothing Syrup," and    '
Had. Sweaty-iTeceaUatwtlle,
Somcthlnt better than  linen  and  no
limdn^kllts.     Wash lt with soap and
Yator;  "-All store* or direct. State style
aid sh»>    For 25c.  wo ytlll mail you.
M Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
___________•)_____•SSSSi S'.SSKi'.'.'y.'^AJ!.?H?!>
—a «o.H-ar,taflo. LosooH.ua
Bonds, Profit Sharing,   Series     $100,
(SOO, 11.000. Terms
years. Withdrawable after on' y ar.
£--nd   for     tptal.l
folder ta National Securities
Cerporatlo   Limited, Con.ed-
srallon Life Bldg.  Toronto.
i    .i-i_. ;      —■__■_
> one of■ the most obstinate of dlseaees
Jo cure. We have a remedy that In a
large percent**) ot caaea  curea.   This
> a prescription of a practicing phyalc-
lan of' forty-three years experience.
ONS uOLLAR only by mall postpaid. If
ao relief-or cure follows, we refund your
money. Bee your druggist or write us
to-day for full Information.
Co., Sts,- College Street, Toronto, Ont.
Ideal Silver
Cream le a scientific preparation
specially adapted
for cleaning all
kinds of SILVER
purely vegetable
compound and
. docs not contain
any Injurious substances. Any article polished With
IDEAL will acquire a betfutlful
lustre that will not
For sale by all
Three-year-old Louise's father had
slapped her hands U: holding the
screen door open, as the files were extremely anndylng- Her mother said
to him In a low tone: She doesn't understand wby you are punishing her.
A ahort time after she did something
naughty, and—, aa she spied her father coming towards her, said: Don't,
Don't papa; Louise don't understand.
There Ire very few slaters of the
same else who do not pool their
;      PIUS    ._-
VL KiDNEY.r;,,
Ht a box or slsTixM for 12.60,
at Ml tlsalsrs, sr Thp Dodds Medietas Csmpsny, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. SH
What Germany Is Doing to Ott Supremacy of Air
Dreadnoughts of the air will play as
great a part ln deciding the Issue ot
the next war as the Dreadonughts of
the sea; and It ls because they wish
to impress this fact on the mind of
the man In the street that certain people have been so loud in their denunciation ot the War Offlve for paying
$90,000 for an airship throe years ago,
and afterwards making no praotlcal
uae of it. We may have a fleet of
aeroplanes, they say, but we must also
compete wf h France and Germany in
the matter ot airships, and judging
from the extraordinary efforts which
Germany Is making at the present
time to perfect her fleet of airships, it
Is obvious that she considers they are
as essential as war vessel.) for the
maintenance, of her power.
In thp matter ot airships, Germany
at the present time easily stands first
in the world. They possess twenty-
five dirigibles of the rigid type, and
by the end of the present year will
have thirty-two. And It is significant that the Zeppelin Company; which
now turns out an airship every three
weeks hopes to be in a position at the
end ot six months tc double this output.
Germany pins her faith to ths rigid
type of airship, and considers it by
far the best tor war purposes. So
convinced are they of this that when
we tried to buy a rigid airship some
time ago the German Government vetoed the order, although they altowed
us to purchase a Parsival, a non rigid
Some facts regarding the capabilities of German air Dreadnoughts given by. the expert already mentioned
provide an Illustration of their dead-
llness in time of war. ' Before an airship Is sccepted by the German Gov
ernment It murt have done a trial trip
of a continuous 1,600 miles at a speed
of fifty miles an hour. As a matter of
fact, eighteen vessels now in commission have a range of 2,000 miles.
They can carry six tons of explosives,
and at the present time are practising
with apparatus■ whicli can direct
bombs of dynamite weighing half a
ton apiece. Which means to say that
a couple ot these air Dreadnoughts
could utterly destroy a town or army,
unless they were first destroyed. In
addition to explosives, however, each
dirigible c.rrles heavy quick firing
Hangars capable of holding the
largest air vessels are being constructed. The late types of hangars are
built on turn-tables, so that there Is
no difficulty in docking, or taking the
airship out on a strong wind. The
latest type at present being constructed ln Heligoland Is suoh a .turn-table
hangar which sinks Into a pit, so that
Its heavily-armored roof is flush with
the ground. In addition all over
Germany there are erected iron towers
as snehorares.
These towers are built with revolving tons, to tbat the airships can ride
ln softly, no matter how th** wind
changes. The towers are built close
to hydrogen stations.
It is Interesting to note that one
Such tower Is built on the Austrian
frontier, two on the Russian, three on
the French and debt on the North Sea
coast—whieh Is the British frontier, !.
Nelson's dictum still holds good
A ctrtaln representative ot Georgia
sayt that when he was judge of his
county court a fellow was before him
charged with having stolen a pair of
pantaloons—they call them britches,
ln Georgia. There were several witnesses, bnt tht evidence was rather
meagre and the accuaed was acquitted. Ht was told that he could go,
but ht remained In-his seat. His
lawyer, to whose successful defence he
owed his liberty, hint d to blm that
ht wat free to depart, hut he didn't
I don't want to go satd the fellow.
And why not? asked the lawyer.
Let the witnesses go first.
Why, sir, I've got on the britches I
Ths Terror sf Astnma comes like
a thief ln the nlgbt with 1*. dreadful
throttling, robbing its victim of
breath. It seems beyond ihe power
of human aid to relieve until one trial
Is made of tbat remarkable prepara
tion, Dr, J, D. Kellogg's Asthma Re
medy. Then relief comes with a
rush. Lift becomo. worth living,
and lf the remedy be used persist-
ently, the disease is put-permanently
to rout.     Take r.o substitute.
A certain well-known scientist ln
Washington was left In charge ot his
family ot. small children, aa bis wife
expected to be absent some hours.
Upon her return tn the early evening
she found the house unusually quiet,
and wished to knot.' wbat had become
ot tht children.
Tht husband explained that as they
had been rather noisy he himself had
put them to bed without watting for
her return.
I hope they gave you no trouble,
she satd.
No, replied the scientist, wjth the
exception ot the one lu thc cot there.
He objected a good deal to my undressing him and putting htm to bed.
The wlte went to inspect the cot.
Wby, she exclnlmed, that's little
Sammy from next door!
Broa'n—The facial feature? plainly
Indicate character and disposition. In
selecting your wife, were you governed by her chin?
Jones—No; but I have been ever
since wo married.
Stronger Proof of Curs Could Scarcely bt Found Than Thlt
''To be reallS cured of Neuralgia is
a marvel to me," .writes Davidson 13.
Plttmmer, from Kingston. "During
the six weeks Neuralgia held me ln
its grip I suffered agony. Wben I
Lad used almost every remedy, hope
fairly died wl.hin me, T.vlce every
day the attacks would recur. Had
the pain been persistent I could not
have borne It. I was away out ln
Alberta when the attack came, and
was probably not robust enough for
the conditions of lite lr. that new
country. I Just had to suffer, as
nc thing seemed to subdue that awful burning pain. But relief was
coming all the same, coming thousands ot miles, tor some new people
came ln from the M .rithne Provinces
and they brought with them a number
of the Catarrhozone Company's medicines, among which was a dozen
bottles of Nerviline. Hearing of my
sad plight, they sent me two bottles.
At first tho effect of Nerviline seem-
e.. to fluctuate. Hope would rise,
then followed despair, but within
twenty-four hours Nervlllne's victory
was assured. The first bottle cured
and I am still well. Tha second bottle I havo also used for colds, earache, toothache, sick headache and
other Internal disorders. I will
never be without Nerviline again."
No home Is either safe or complete
without Nerviline. Fami' size bot
ties, 50c.; trial size, 25c, at all storekeepers and druggists, or The Cat-
arrbozo:.e Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
A Liberal Fee
A young lawyer whose cases were
few, was asked to defend a l jverty-
strlcken Tramp accused of steal!'-ays
The lawyer pleaded with all the ardor at hla command, drawing so pathetic a picture with such convincing
energy that at the close ot his argument tbe court was in tears, and even
the tramp wept.
The jury deliberated but c few minutes, and then returned the verdict'
'Not guilty.'
Then, tbe tramp drew himself up,
tears streaming down his face, aa he
Sir, I have never heard so grand a
plea. I have not cried hefore since
I was a child. I have no money with
which to reward you, but, drawing a
package from tbe depths of his ragged clothes, 'here's that watch, take
It and welcome.
'.'/hat Ht Wanted to Know
MIs3 Gibson was very rich and Mr.
Hanna was very poor. She liked him
but that was all, and he waB well
aware of the fact. One evening he
grew somewhat tender, and at last he
said: You are very rich, aren't you,
Yes, Tom, replied the girt frankly;
I am worth about balf a million.
Will you marry me, Helen?
Ob, no, Tom, I couldn't.
I knew you wouldn't.
Then why did you ask me.'
Oh, I just wanted to see how a man
feels when he loses half a million.
It Oep-nds
Do you think a woman believes you
when you tell her she is the first girl
yon ever loved?
Yes, If you're thc first liar she 8as
ever. met. .      .
A story of Mr: Plerpolnt Morgan
which is lllustrativo ot the scale of
his domestic affairs, reaches me, says
a writer In tho Manchester Guardian.
My correspondent was ln a London optician's shop wben another customer
entered, and, striding up to the counter, brusquely Inquired: Can you make
me another pair like that? presenting
spectacles of the goggles type in tortoise shell rims and gold frames.
Yes, said the optician, I can.' Send
them up to my place as soon as they
are ready. You know who I' am,
were the laconic Instructions given
an tbe customer strode out of the
shop ac quickly as he had entered.
The optician explained that that was
Plerpolnt Morgan. The spectacles
were delivered, and my friend making
Inquiries ln the matter, heard the end
of the rttatr trom the optician. Pierpont Morgan returned to the shop,
and speaking mere effusively than on
the first Occasion, Baid: Tlidoe spectacles were very good—very satisfactory Indeed. I shall want some more
ot them. I'm always missing my
'specs' after a change of clothes. L?t
me see (pausing and looking down on
his waistcoat as lf to Interrogate), I
have eleven waistcoats—yes, eleven
so you had better make me a dozen
pairs. So a dozen tortoise shell
rimmed and gold framed spectacles
were supplied to the millionaire,
much to the satisfaction ot the optician and rim-maker, who. between
them pocketed sixty guineas.
Liniment asked for at my store and
the only one we ktep tor sale.
All the peorle 113c it.
Pleasant Bay, C.B.
Not long ago three scientific gentle,
men from an eastern Institution visited a certain Llontana mine. One of
the men was evidently of a nervous
temperament and on the ascent by
means ot the usual bucket he perceived signs of weakness ln the rope by
whicli the bucket was suspended.
How often, Inquired he of the attendant, when the party was about
half way up: how often do yon change
these ropes?
Oh, about every three months, carefully replied the attendant. Then
he added, thoughtfully: We'll change
this one to-morrow If we get rj safely-
Disord.rj of the Blood are Cored
by Dr. Williams'Pink PilU.
If people would realize the Import
ance of keeping the blood rich and
pure there would be less sickness.
The blood Is the medium through
which thc nourishment gained from
the food' reaches the different parts
cf the' body. It the blood is Impure the nourishment that reaches
nerves, bone and muscle Is tainted,
with poison and disease follows. The
blood is also the medium by which
the body fights oft disease. If the
blood Is thin and watery this power
of resistance to disease ls weakened.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People build up the Hood. They Increase the ability of the body to resist disease. Th.y strengthen thc
nerves, increase the appetite and cure
every disease caused by thin and Impure blood, and that embraces such
diseases as anaemia, iudlgestlo:., neuralgia, nerve exhaustion, rheumatism,
and many others. Every claim made
tor this medicine ls amply proved by
the grateful testimony of those who
bave been cured. Here Is one instance. Mr. Jai. Sauger, Peterboro,
Ont., says: "I began to be troubled
with dizzy spells. These were especially noticeable In the morning on
rising and were accompanied by-
feeling as if my body had taken on
two or three times its weight during
the night. When I went out ot
doors everything would suddenly seem
to get topsy-turvy for a few moments,
and i would apparently see specks
flouting lu front of me, and for a
while 1 could hardly drag myself
.along. This feeling at lirst only
lasted for a few minutes but as time
went on- the duration of the spells
soomed to increase. Whilst during
the day I would be suddenly attacked
with dizziness compelling me to hold
on to something until the feeling
passed. I had in the meantime been
taking various blood tonics, as I
was convinced my condition was due
to my blojd being out ot order.
None of these, however, seemed to
have any permanent effect. For .1
little while I would be fairly well,
but as soon aB I quit using them the
attacks used to come back with renewed vigor. One day I cume across
au advert'sement ot Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and decided to try them.
1 soon noticed a moro t'.eclded Im-
pmvement than I had felt before. ThcJ
dizzy spells were becoming less frequent and less violent, and by the
time 1 had taken six h.ixcs I was well
again. From formrr experience I
had some fiat's that the trouble might
return, but low, four months after
discontinuing the use of tbe pills. I
have had no return of the trouble.
.In fact I never felt better than I do
now. and I think nothing can equal
the PIUs as a blood medlcln.."
Ths PIUs are sold by all medicine
dealers or can be lad by mall at 60
cents a box or six boxes for 12.50
trom The Dr. Williams* Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Birch and Beech for Flooring-
Birch and beech, on account ot
their cheapness, are becoming more
and more popular as tho supply of
oak and maple decreases. This
statement, taken from a bulletin sooa
t. bo issued by the Forestry BraJch,
Department it the Interior, Ollawa,
on the Wood-Using Industries ot Ontario, Is based on reports received
from over twelve hundred firms, and
la therefore worthy of consideration.
The average wholesale price p_r
thousand feet, board measure, given
in the above bulletin for maple and
oak flooring is twei-ty'two dollars and
eighty two cents and flfty five dollars
and seventy'elght cents respectively. The a.erage price for birch antl
beech flooring, on the othe- hand, ii
nineteen dollars and sett-nty one
c .-.its and twenty one collars and seventy four cents respectively, which represents quite a savinc, especially
when compared with oa'. .
But these woods have other qualities to recommend them besides
cheapness. Twenty two per cent ot
the flooring manufactured ln Ontario
la made from the wood of the black
a..d the yellow birch, the more com-
{mop white or paper birch not usually
growing to a sufficient size tor this
purpose. Birch is a hard, strong,
fine-grained, reddish-brown wood,
which take- a blah polish and, therefor, Is very liltable for flooring. It
can be ttained to Imitate more expensive woods, such aa mahogany, cherry or walnut, and, being easily worked, lt Is also extensively used for furniture aftd Interior decoration.
Beech Is one of Ontario's cheapest
hardwo.Hls, the ordinary grades jf
lumber costing only thirteen dollars
and sixty one cents pe thousand feet,
board measuro. It frequently constitutes one tenth to one third of tht
cheaper grades of birch flooring, but
its qualitcs justify its separata use,
for it ls strong, fine-grained and so
hard that it become; quite slippery In
time. It Is also used for furniture
to some extent.
Of the birch and beech used In Ontario, ninety per cent of the former
and ninety eight per cent ol the latter are home grown. The existing
supplies of these woods I.*. Ontario
are sufficient to meet a much greater
demand, and as oak and maple ars
growing Increasingly, dear, it Is certain that the use ot bircli and beech
especially for flooring will soon become much more widespread.
Copies of the bulletin mentioned
above can be obtained fro.i the Forestry Branch, Ottawa.
Use Miller's Worm Powders and
tbe battle against worms Is won.
Tbese powders correct the morbid
conditions of the stomach whicli nourish wjrnis, and theae destructive parasites cannot exist after they come ln
contact with the medicine. Tht
worms arc digested by (tie powders
and are speedily evacuated with other refuse from the bo vols. Soundness
Is lmparter to the organs and tht
health of the child steadily improves.
Tor t-iorotts-dy cleans-os tta.lii and ataka.
Aud it does not hurt thn
hartdfl like most rieans'nc
powders and aoapj. It
Im vas tkea. .moot), and l.It
Cat Caa Mar
lan tke Caspar.
tats Caswaaf Us_|«-. Uaatrari
A small hoy was sitting on his father's knee watching his mother aa site
painfully went through the very delicate operation of doing he.- halt- la
lhat most becoming wave effect.
No waves for you, pa. said the Infant philosopher as he fondly polished
hia parent's bald brad. You're all
The phy-lclan wat giving good advice to the layman.
Don't let the little thlug pass unnoticed, said lhe doctor. It's Ihett
little things that oftcu turn out to bt
serious, It allowed to run on without
attention. Even If you have a slmpls
ailment, keep your eyes on It.
But now cau I. doctor? cried the pa.
I lent.     I havi
my neck.
a boil on thc tack oi
An old German farmer entered lhe
office of a .wholesale druggist one
morning and addressed the proprietor:
Mister Becker, I bat der schmall-
Merciful hearens, Mr. Jacob! exclaimed Becker, as the office force
scrambled over each other In their
hurry to get out; don't come any
Vot's der madder mit you fellers.
anyhow, quietly replied Jacobs. I say
I hat der schma.ll pox of butter out
In mine wagon vot der Mrt. Becker
ordered last wee*-alreaty!
Certain Relief
from headaches, dull feelings, and
fatigue of biliousness, comes quickly
—and permanent improvement in
bodily condition follows—sf ter vow
stoma-ii, liver ond bowels cava
been    toned   and   legated   by
Md l.mrwmxe-, I*kestea, _._. casta. _ THE   SUN;   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
6. A. Evans, Editor and Puauamn
susaoaxFTtoK saxss.
Jne Tern-  -.:-.,.' r ..»LW
Una tear (In advance)  1.00
One Year, In United Statea  I.S0
Address all comnninloatlons to
** Ths Obano Rosas Sun,
fHona RM 0h4»d Fokk8. B.C
FRIDAY,  JULY 25,  1913
A Conservative government at Ottawa and a Democratic adminictra
tion at Washington appears to be an
uncongenial combination for the
money market on this continent.
The Doukhobors want »500,000
from the Ottawa government for improving land in Saskatchewan which
they were unable to hold because of
their refusal to become Canadian
..citizens. • We fail to see where they
have anv daim on the government.
People who can not become citizens
and conform to the laws of the land
they expect to make the r permanent home are of no use to any
cessive caution the whole globe be-
°omes financially, depressed. That is
what ails Canada. British money is
not flowing as freely in this direction
as we would wish, and the result is a
financial stringency throughout the
Dominion. And yet Mr. Burden proposes that Canada shall made a contribution of $3.5,000,000 to help the
old country old. Even that sum
would have to be fort-owed in England. Canada needs that money a
thousand times more than Great
Britain dues. The contribution might
oome the other way.—Victoria Times,
Only A Few
A comparatively •mall number of Ham*
tltou tt at..lies are.made every yenr. Their
extreme accuracy and tine adjustment
forbldi making them ln Urge quantities.
% Hamilton Hatrij
1' The Railroad Timekeeper oj America"
Not only the man or woman who wants a
very acrurate watoh buys ths Hamlltnu-
bltt the individual wbo- knows about
watches usually demands a Hamilton. We
aell Hamilton watches complete- or supply
a Hamilton movement for _ our piesent
watch case. All slaes for men and women.
. U. HlunnioUn qrand fohks. a.o.
A Doukhobor left for Brilliant
last Tuesday with all his worldly
goods. Hih chattels consisted of a
waslub half of bread, a saw and a
spinning wheel. Ue eefused to say
bow many years be h>td worked to
acquire this wealth.
The £15,6+0,000 which the government gave to Mackenzie and Mann all
came out of the pockets of the people
It is about $2 per head, or $15 for
everv, average farmer's family. So far
as the farmer is concernsd he is in
just the same position as if he had
dumped 12 bushels of his beat wheat
into the river
A sage rises to remark that if you
are unpopular, not to worry about
it, as'fools pester a   popular  ■*■■*■■
The Wilson tariff bill reduces the
duties considerably on certain Cana
ilian natural produota. Our contemporary at the time it was introduced
expressed satisfaction over the measure on the ground that it gave Canada
concessions which did not have to be
paid for in kind. But what about
the American trusts grabbing our raw
material and manufacturing it on the
other side?—Viotoria Vimes.
Mr. Winston Churchill's statement
fn the British house of commons yes
terday afternoon on the naval situa
tion is a somewhat reluctant admission
that the program of the Borden ad
ministration, which received its quia
tux at the hands of the senate, -was in
no sence justified by existing conditions. He removes entirely all needs
for contribution on the ground of an
emergency. He makes, too, a some
what tardy acknowledgement of the
loyalty of tliose Canadians who prefer
a program uf national construction to
one uf tribute to the admiralty —
Vancouver Sun.
Oreat Britain is the world's banker.
Her wealth is colossal. When her
money barons suffer from a spell of ex-
On Sunday evening tbe Preshy
terian service will  be  held   on. the
manse lawn.   Tbe pastor   will   con
tinue the report on tbe recent  Presbyterian congress.
Conductors Easton and Ennis, of
the Canadian Pacific railway, have
commenced work on handsome
residences in tbe West end.
nearly to death.
It has been warm enough during
the past week to burn the cash in
the pockets of a person seated on a
cake of ice.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. Wt*
have a splendid stock of stationery
nn hand.
Negotiations for the purchase of
the Mountain Lion mine and mill bv
the British Columbia Copper company ia said to be under way. J.
Lome McDougail, of Ottawa, representing the McClaren estate, princi
pal owners of the property, was here
fur several days this week making ar
rangements for the transfer nf the
mine.—Republic News-Miner.
A charming woman is one who
knows exactly how to have her own
Tbe man who is fond nf his wife's
relatives cerlaiii|y has something
coming to him.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our. customers.
Twelve-Year-Old Girl Seriously Injured at Christina Lake
As the result of a lamentable accident at Christina lake yesterday
afternoon, twelve-year-old Flurie
Blundell is in tbe hospital in tbis
oily iu a serious condition, with a
bullet bole in her head, the result
ol a shooting accident
Her brother, 13 years of age, wns
out shooting chipmunks witb a 22-
calihre rifle. He had laid the
weapon down, and it was picked up
by a companion, wbo threw it over
bis shoulder, causing it to discharge. Tbe bullet entered the girl's
head above tbe left eye. She was
hurried to theCottage hospital in this
city last night in Mr. Brown's auto
car for medical treatment. Today tbe
attending physician was successful
in extracting the bullet. Her condition at present is considered as
being quite serious.
The probability  of being found
out is a wonderful quickener of the
lhe End of Earth
In all tbe common rocks and materials of tbe crust of the earth tbere
is a perceptible trace uf radium and
its attendant radio active materials
—about one or two parts of radium
in each million parts of   rock.    According lo Mr. Frederick Noddy,  of
Glasgow    university,    radio active
changes produce a million times as
much energy as is given out in any
material changes,    Mr. Suddv   estimates  that the rocks forming the
eaith's crust are about  twenty fiv.-
miles deep, snd that   they   contain
enough   radium   to   make good all
| tbe bent thnl tbe earth loses to oiil-
j side space     Unless,   as  seems  iin-
| prolmhle, there is no radium at  nil
j below that depth, the interior of the
'etrlh inuril he steadily getting hot-
1 til.     He believes tbnt   Ihe   process
may   continue   for   a  long period,
I possibly 10(1,000,000 years, without
■ inconvenience to tbe human   race,
I but tbat eventually the   world must
j burst and revert io the incandescent
, stale in which it Ib supposed to have
I had its beginning.
He who wrestles with us-strength-
| ens  our  nerves and sharpens our
skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
Thn Sun only costs 11 a year.    It
prints all (he news.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They j
run light.
Tliey are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear. !
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don t
make good. .,
Mclntyre C&*Smith
We wish to inform the people of
Grand Forks that we have purchased
the bicycle business from George W.
Cooper, and will conduct the same in
future. We will carry a complete
line of wheels. In addition to dealing in wheels, we will do all kinds nf
bicycle repairing. Aii work will be
done by competent mechanics,-and
fully guaranteed.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, rJrVIutton, Veal
and Young Pork ,
Fresh Fish Daily
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums C& Co. Limited
x\.i->riv/rx goods
Used iri the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See onr new stock of Gloves,. Balls' etc.
Reach Balls.   $1.25 each
Woodland CS» Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
H. C." and "Copper King" Mineral Clalnn,
situate In the Grand Forki Mining Division
ol Yale District.
Where located:   In PraiiL-lli, oamp.
TAKE NOTICE (that I. William H.Hiffnmii,
I    lor mvtell aa exeeutor of the will nl the
late Catherine Hoffman, and as agent lor
Jacob H. Paulson, Pree Miners' CertiBcates
Not. -U.9B and H97IB, respectively, lutend, i
sixty ,d» i Irom the date  hereof,   to  apply to the Hinlhf Beeorder for Certificates,
ot Improvement, lor thn purpoee ol obtaining Crow n iiiaute ol the anon clalma. I
And further take notioe thnt notion, under I
section 81, muit be jBOmmenond belnre the
lnuanoe of such Certificates ol Improve*
Dated thli «th day ol May, A.D, IHIS.
Modern Rigs arid Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model livery Barn
Bona ft O'Ray, Prope.
Phone 68 Second Street
IN THK MATTKR of an Application for lhe'
luue of Duplicate Certificate! ol Title to,
Lots 1 to II Inclusive, Blook 4, Map "-!, and :
Lota < and 11, B,ock 1, Subdivision of Lot
NoflCUlS HUB-BUY OIVKN that It Is my I
intention to Issue nt the expiration of
one month nfter the first publication hereof
duplicates of the Certlllcattsof Titles to the
above-mentioned Lots in tba nnme ol Henry
Wlille. which CertlHcittes aie dated the 19th
ilny ot liei'ember, 1M», ami the Mh day pi May,
l'-on, respectively, and numbered B178A nud
tm*., respectively.
Dated nt Kamloops, B. C Al,rll*2Jth, MS.
O H.DUNBAK,       I
Dial riot Registrar.
R.S. B.C. Ull, Cap. -«, Sec. 17.
In the matter ol the Bstate of Hnrrlett
Amelia Leach, In'e ol <<rnnd Forlta, 11 C,
Widow deceased
NOTI' r_ Itl I1KKKHY OIVKN that all persons having any* elalms against the
Estate nf the Inte Hnrrlett Amelia Leach,
wh-, died nu or about tbe loth day of April.
1911, nt Orand Forka aforesaid, arc requested
lo .end by ihi_i prepaid, or to deliver to the
iiudnraliiiied Solicitor hofloin for Margaret
Rebecca Hrnu ami Kvallne M Thompsin,
Kxeeutrlxea and Trustees under the will ol
the aaid Hnrrlett Arm Iln l-rach. Iheir namea
anil addresses and full i>artleu'ars in writing
of their clalma nnd stxtentento ol th, li no-
count* nnd the unture ot nncurlty (If nny)
beld by them.
An I take notice, thnt niter the list day ol
iun.,19l*i,the«n'<l I xee.it'lxee and Trnateea
will proceed iodlitrlb.it   the assete of the
aid deceased anion* tbe persons entitled
erec. having regard only to 'he clalma of
whieh th y shall then hove h-d notice, nnd
that the snld kxeeutrixen «i.d Trust ece will
not be Hal, e fur the snld annate or nny part
thereof, to nny person whose claim they
fliinll not hnve hail or received nolle,-.
Hated at Orand Forts. B C llil< First day
of Mny, till
1 nml 8 D vis Block,
(irand Porks, 11. tl..
Solicitor for the said Margaret llebeooa Hrnu
and Kvallne -.Thompson.
(Fubllebed Annually)
Knablei tradera throughout the world to
communicate direct with Bngllah
lu eaoh claaaof good*. Reildea being a complete com mere lai guide to London and Ita
luburbi, the directory oontaiua Hata of
with the Uooda they ahlp, end tha Colonial
and Foreign Market* they aupply;
arranged under the Porta to which they aall,
and Indicating the approximate Salllnga;
of loading Man uf actu r era, Merchant*, etc., In
tho principal provincial towua and luduatrla!
otMitroa of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the eurreut edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Poatal
Order for 20*.
Dealen seeking Ageuclea oan adverttxe
their trade oarda for 21, or larger advertlee-
menta from £3. ,
25, Atwhurtih Lane, London, R.C,
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOIDbonol restores every nerve In the body
riiw*xrii*i*i*ix t0 |t| pro_)tr tnutim, rettorw
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at ence. Ffcnenhoaol will
make Ton n new man. Price Wn box. oitwolor
tt. Mailed to any address. TbeaeeWoUDrac
Oo- at. OaOutrlnee. Ont.
S BALED TKNDRR-I will lie received by  the
nndereig' ed upto 1- n'otxck ii"oll on Tuesday, Und July. 1911, lor lhe purchase nf the
undermentioned mineral claim forfeited to
lhe orowu. All tender a must be st least etiual
tn ihe upset price aa iiiven below, which represents tbe tnxo», oo-ts, Interest, etc., Crown
tlrant Pei-s and cost of advertising.
The name • •! lbe mineral claim Ts "Amma."
Lot llll situate neur Orand Porka. In the
Ofloyooa Division. Vnle District. Upset price
1106 Ci, Knoli tender must bc accompanied by
a eerllflid olieque payable at per at Penile-
ton. Tlie oheque of nny unsuccessful ten-
dereri-r will bc returned nt ence.
Dated at Kalrvlew loth dny of June, WIS.
.IAS. R. BrlOWN,
Government Agent,
• Fairview, B. C.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
Take ynur repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Qrand Forks. •
At the Head
The man at Ike head of affaire
whether al home or in business, is
lhe one whoee attention ynu with
lo attract.
Our paper goes into lhe bed cl,iu
of homes antl is read by thc head of
lhe family. Thai accounts for lhe
results obtained hy Ihe use .of
Classified Want Adt.
It you read Tbe Sun you get the
news of the city, tbe province and
the world. It is possible tor a Sun
reader to keep abreast ot the times
without tbe aid of the daily papers.
i ; "—     - THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Moat Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
The town of Sheridan,  Ore, sixty
miles southwest of Portland, ia wiped [
out by fire,
Dr. Langis, superintendent of the
Lazaretto at Tracadle, N.B , thinks
that leprosy ia a curable diseaae.
Cumberland, Ladyamith and Nanaimo anticipate a satisfactory settle-
tlement of the coal, miners' strike from
the labor minister's visit.
The eastern railway companies now
indicate a willingness Ui permit the
special board to decide all differences
between themselves aud tbeir employees.
It is asserted that the king of Bulgaria is in flight, although the rumor
is denied from responsible quarters.
A great Bulgar victory over the
Greeks is reported
"Intelligent farmers no longer pray
for rain; they pay for ij," the slogan
of the Western Irrigation Congress, is
denounced as blasphemous by the
Aoglioaa synod at Calgary.
Hundreds of sailors of United
States warships commence a violent
campaign on all I. W. VV. or Socialist headquarters in Seattle.. A yelling
mob parades the streets, waving flags.
A church and the Salvation Army
room are deaecoated.
—^^-S_---------B-5-S-P-^^^ ——mmm, mmmmmmm
Why Swelter in a
Hot Kitchen
During the hot weather, when for a small
sum at our store for any of our lar&e variety
you can have a cool kitchen and do your
cooking in comfort?
We have a complete line of Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves and Electric Cookers and labor-
saving devices.
We are offering reduced prices on all Oil and
Gasoline. Stoves.   Below are a few of out*
3-burner .wickless, blue-flame  Oil  Stove;
regular $10.00.   Special S8.00
2-burner wickless, blue-flame  Oil  Stove;
regular $7.50.   .Special ....... 6.00
2-burner  Gasoline Stove;  regular   $5.75.
Special......  5.00
Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regular
$4.00.   Special  3.25
Miller & Gardner
Hardware        Home Furnishers Crockery
Mrs. Pankhurst hoodwinks the detectives by getting a supporter to impersonate her, who leads the Scotland
yard officers a merry chase.
The Canadian-American company
makes an urgent appeal for the protection of its employees at a lumber
camp at Madera, Mexico, two hundred miles soush of El Paso.
The Bulgarians are threatened by
Turkey. The porta's note to the
powers demanding a new boundary is
foreshawed as a declaration of war.
Adrianople falls after a short light.
A sea captain, in giving evidence
before the sealing claims enquiry at
Victoria, declares that Canadians were
badly treated by English officials and
that tbe Japs were given preference.
The Chinese government is still despatching troops to subdue the revolu
tionarj- movement in the disaffected
southern provinces, but has not   with
drawn    any.   soldiers    from   Mon
golia. '
The French chamber of deputies
late to night concluded the debate on
the measure which is Prance's reply
to Germany's Increase ill armanent,
by passing the three yerrs' military
service bill,
Discharged employees attempt to
burn buildings on the Rockefeller
estate at Pocantico Hills, N. Y.
The floor of a large department store
in Pittsburg gives way, and six workmen are seriously injured; four others
are missing.
The Panama canal commission has
announced its readiness to make*
signments of land at the Pacific end
of the canal for oil storage purposes
under revocable leases.
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria makes
a personal appeal to the Oerman * em
peror for aid.    Greece waives claim
to Ravala aad  Drahna in order   to
facilitate peace, negotiations.
The situation iii Mexico is bocnm
ing serious for President Wilson's
cabinet, the keenest opprolieiision be
ing felt in Washington over the latest
reports from the troubled republic It
is believed thut the Huerta regime
will soon collapse.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best-Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The steamer Boethic, with a Urge
cargo of supplies consigned to officers
and departments of the Canadiuii.gov
eminent at Hudson Bay statims,
went ashore today at Point Rich, on
the northwest coast of Newfoundland,
and will be a total loss prrubably.
The Dominion government is look
ing into labor conditions in the railway consUuctiou camps.
The house of lords tonight treated
the Welsh disestablishment bill ex
actly as it did the home rule bill.
A militant suffragette "arson
squad" early today set fire to a Urge
unoccupied mansion at Perry Bar,
near Birmingham.
The suit of James Dunsmuir and
Mackenzie it Mann goes to the privy
council* both sides being dissatisfied
with the decision of tbe British Columbia court of appeals.
Turkey defies the European powers,
and the Balkans may yet cause a gen
eral conflagration. Russia is ready
for intervention, and may establish a
grip on Constantinople. Austria to
seize Novibazar.
Fifty persons were killed according
to late estimates and us many inFured,
a dozen of them mortally, in a fire
which swept the four storey factory
building of the Binghampton Clothing
company, at Binghaiiipton, N. Y
this afternoon.
Church union in England makes no
Grain harvesting commenced ii
Manitoba today.
The steamer Boetic is refloated
Is only slightly damaged.
Dr. Robert Bridges, of Oxford,
England, has been appointed poet
laureate by Premier Asquith.
The Chinese .government  is   in
de«perate plight.   Sun Yat ISen stakes
his life on the outcome of  the strug
' i.
Unofficial advices received in Mexi
co City today persirteutly report that
tlle town of Ton eon, in  tlle  state  of
CoahuiU, has fallen into the hands of
the constitutionalists.
The powers are undecided how to
deal with turkey, but peace prospects
are brighter in the Balkan states,
The King of Hmimania is more conciliatory and proposes immediate ces
sation of hostilities.
John A. Reid, late deputy provin
eial treasurer of Saskatoon, antl now
financial commissioner for Regina, has
been appointed agent for Alberta in
connection with the provincial offices
recently opened in London.
Chinese rebels attack an * arsenal
and are repulsed.
Turkey invades Bulgarian soil, but
there is no sitn of European interven-
tvllmost (A New Store |
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
CLj.i.. A fine line of Neg-
Onil. lb ligee Shirts, attach-
tion. Greece and Servia do not
an armistice.
Straw Hats;*£
straw hat weather. We have all
styles aud qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine  Balbriggan,   fine mesh
short  sleeves  and knee pants.
Also the well known  sleeveless'
B. y.D      underwear.      Prices
range from 90c to $3 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices 11 to S3 56.
T-Trv-.'.-prv* F"nc-V Ho8iery
no&iery f(,r men anrt
women in silk lisle  and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
I We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that .we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethea you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up to-datn work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done lie-
fore the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary,
Two suffragettes were arrested in
Glasgow today as they were about to
set fire to a large mansion which, was
at one time the residence of the late
Sir John Muir, lord provost.
John Konkin, of Brilliant B. C,
and M. W. Casakoff, of Veregin,
Sask., and their agent, W. M. Eva
letiko, of New York, are in Ottawa
fur the purpose of asking the Doinin
ion government compensation to the
amount of $500,000 for farming land
the Doukhobors were forced to vacate
in Saskatchewan because they would
not become Canadian citizens.
Four men were killed and one fa
tally injured today in a battle be
tween the striking miners and watch
men employed by the Wake Foreat
Coal coinpany, at Wake Forest) Weat
Seven livas were snuffed out at
Beloeil, Que., today when an explosion of nitro glycerine blew one of the
isolated buildings of the Canadian
Explosives company to pieces.
Ore Shipments
Tbe following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the past week. Granby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
8R5 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
Don't forget that The Sun has thj
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Read The Sun and' keep   posted
on current events.
A child who had been taught that
Socrates had a .wife who wag unpleasant to him, that the great philosopher drank hemlock, when nsked
tbe cause of 4iis death replied: "Socrates died from an overdose of wedlock."
The citizens of Phoenix are endeavoring to make arrangements to
celehrute Labor day.
Take ynur ' repairs to Armson'a
Knot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Your1 Vacation
Will be better enjoyed if you have
a policy" protecting you from loss
should *Jour home suffer as the result
ot an adjacent fire. c^A policy in one
of our standard companies is conducive to peace of mind. Let us quote
you rates.
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Go.
Established 1901 Flnrt Street THE SUN, GUARD FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
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NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
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Do you need Land?
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Do you need an Executor?
Send for our Will forms sup-
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Do you need an Administrator?
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no Wil
Do you reed an Assignee?
Confidential interview invited
and b:st advice given without fee.
Agents wanted In all Unr-preaent-
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Apply to—
The Standard Trusts Company,
directing your letter simply to its
offices ln
Winnipeg,   Saskatoon,   Edmonton,
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According to locality in which you
Painful andDangerous Disease
'mere are hundreds of sufferer*
from Gall Stones who will be glad to
know of the grent.results being derived from the uso of fianol; tho re-
tnedv that Is safe, cure nnd remark-
ably rapid In Its action. It removes
the necessity of an operation; relief
comeft promptly, tho stones being dls-
so.ved or passed off In the stool without danger to the patient and without pain.
We have mnny testimonials from
people who have thus been cured.
Wo are able to give names and addresses of numbers of theso, and will
gladly do bo to all who enquire.
The following from the letter of a
woll-known  Toronto gentleman:
"Replying to yeur letters, I followed your Instructions, ond purchased two bottles of BANOL. Vou
might t-r-.ui me aft much of the mix-
mro as I need. If I ean, hi nny way
heltt the Eale of SANOI,. and by doing fo help eome other unfortunate,
I will be only too pleased to do so. as
I consider It the best remedy r^txde."
SANOI. Is mode oirtv bv tho SANOL
v» Innlpcg, Man.
For sale at the leading Druggists.
Everett, aged 4. v.as commenting
upon the teamrf which were passing on
the street. There goes a mule team,
Auntie, he cried. Do you know the
difference between a horse and a
mule? asked Auntie, much amused.
Of course, he replied, n horse has a
hair tall, and a mule has a meat tall.
FRQM45 to 50
Women—Their Statement*
Worth Reading.
Effects of a Sml*    -
A professor In one ol our famoua
Universities has suggested a chair of
smiling and t. course In good-fellowship.
Wo have courses In decorum and
course-. In composure and courses ln
the direction of energy. Then what
reason Is there aguiuet Inaugurating a
course ln optimism? Why should no:
our young people I19 taught to think
along the path ot sunshine, to look for
tho brightness In life in a (scientific,
methodical way?
Too much of the present-day learning ls Inclined to make gloomy people
nf us. Smiling, which Is a sort of
banner of optimism, has too long been
ih': uncertain matter of temperament
Instead of a reliable habit of life. *
As a rule, tha majority of persons
nro attracted to others who smllo easily. The smllors succeed In business
to that success ls often said to be the
cr.-.se ot Iheir smiling when perhaps
it Is the oppo.He which la true.
Tliey seem to radiate happiness and
opulence, and we say their paths He
In pleasant places.
But maybe they lighted- the paths
with their own smiles first.
_ There must be a way ln which
thought can be brushed up with light
touches, Athletics teach the man to
control his temper; the gymnasium
braces up his muscles; a course ln
ethics sets his face toward the moral
standard. There surely is a place for
a course in smiling.
Aud there Is no reason wny lt should
not come Into the medical department
for smile., make light hearts, light
hearts aid digestion, and digestion ls
the ro.il of health.   -
Ask for Mlnard'a and taka ni other
Sure Remedy
The editor 0! the correspondence
columns had a very busy day, so busy
ln fact that he had to enlist ths serv*
ices ot John, the office boy, to read
out tho correspondence.
What ls the next query? he asked,
when he was halt way through the pile
ot letters.
Oh! eald John, Constant Reader
wants to know how to prevent the
hairs ln his moustache from falling
out.    What must I put down, sir?
The editor paused a moment, but
only for a moment.
Well, he replied nt length, very deliberately, Just put down thc best way
to prevent the hairs from falling out
Is to brush them lightly apart and keep
them from quarrelling!
The Bowels Must Aet Healthily.—
In most ailments the flrst care of the
medical man is to aee that the bowels
aro open and fully performing their
functions. Tarmelee's Vegetable
Pills are so compounded that certain
Ingredient: In them act on the bow-
els solely and tliey are the very best
medicine available to produce healthy
action of the bowels. Indeed, there
is no other specific so serviceable ln
keeping the digestive organs ln
healthful actlou.
Great Bird of New Zealand Twelve
Feet High
A gigantic extinct bird of New Zealand (-the 1110a) possessed the most
massive bones of the entire class of
birds. The bones is* its feet almost
rivalled those of tho ground sloth or
the elephant ln size. In the museum
li Canterbury College, Chrlstci.urch,
New Zealand, there are two specimens ot the moa which measure 12
feet 3 Inches ln height, such remains
having been found ln the peat bogs of
New Zealand In tht> seaside Sand
dunos and cases were preserved the
ligaments lioldl.._; the bones pt skeletons together, also piece 1 of dried
skin aud feathers, etc, The moa ls
more nuarly a.lied ln structure to
emus, cassowaries and klvil.i than to
thc ostrich. -It closely lesembles
the kiwis except fot- Its short beak,
and for having atlershafts after Its
feathers.        ,
For a long time It was hoped that
In somo ot the backward mountainous regions of New Zealand some living specimen of the moa might be
found. But the expedition of an
Australian naturalist, Herr Rels-
ckek, in 1877-8 tor this object, was
fruitless, so .hat the question ot the
nioa's extinction was considered finally settled, and lt Is believed to have
occurred a little over SOO years ago.
The fact that it was flightless—not
having a trace of rudimentary yvlngs
—no doubt contributed largely to render lt an easy prey to its natural enemies, Including man, and thus to
lead to its early extinction.
It Has Many Qualities.—The man
who possesses a bottle of Dr. Thorn-
Eclectric Oil Is armel against
many Ills. It will cure a cough,
break a cold, prevent sore throat; it
will reduce the swelling from a sprain,
cure the most persistent sons and
will speedily heal cuts and contusions. It is a medicine chest ln Itself, and can be got for a quarter, of
a dollar.
Don't Break Your Back
To Baste Your Bird
The New Perfection Stove with the New
Perfection oven is just the convenient height.'
Everything about this new stove is just right.
It bakes, roasts, broils and toasts to perfection, and it does not heat up the kitchen.
Made 'with 1, 2 and 3 burners. Stocks
carried at all chief points.
Wiaoipef, Moctreal, Toronto, Vaacoarer. Halifax, St. Job
Kiyelilt Oil It tbt belt ttr*-
net ftr all stives etui l.tnyi.
The nurse ou duty ln a hospital was
giving the little ones their last meal
for tho day. All save one were patiently waiting their turn to be served
the one In question being a rosy-cheeked convalescent who was lustily calling for her portion. The nu.'.e was i.n
English girl who had not yet become
Quito sure of her aspirates.
Are'nt you a little Impatient, -Florence, Inquired the nurse, with Just u
tone of correction in her voice.
No, I'm not I returned Florence,
promptly.     I'm a little her latlent.
White Oak, Ont.-"At Change of Life
when doctors could do no more and I wu
1 given up by my
1 friends, Lydia E.
j Pinkham's Vegete-
] ble Compound came
] t--i the front and did
| wondeA for me. I
bad been bavlng female trcubles for
years, my head troubled me severely at
times, I had bearing
down painsand backache and I was very
anaemic from excessive flowing. I recommend your Compound highly and do
all I can to advertise It as a genuine woman's medicine." — Mrs. Sylvustsr
Mamtoic, Whits Oak, Ontario.
Tlio Case of Mrs. Klrlln.
Clrcleville, Ohio.—"I can truthfully
aay that I nevor had anything do me so
much good during Change of Life as Lydia \ Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
'' lefore I had taken one half a bottlo
of *'t I began to feel better, and I have
continued taking it My health Is better
than it has been for several years. If
all women would take It they would escape untold pain and misery at Ihis time
of life."-Mrs. Alios Kirun, 858 W.
Mill St., Circlcville, Ohio.
The Change of Life ls one of tlio most
critical periods of a woman's existence.
,' AtsuchtimeswomenmayrelyuponLydla
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Wooden Leg That Won a Husband
Augustus Hare used to relate how a
certain lady was wooed and won for
the sake ot her cork leg.
One day, net long alter her marriage
she was during her husband's temporary absence, urged by curiosity to open
u wardrobe that had always been kept
religiously fastened, and found therein, to her terror, two wooden legs,
each ot which were labelled with the
name of a lady, carefully put away on
one of the shelves.
Filled with dismay, she sought somo
mutual acquaintance, to whom she
conflded her gruesome discovery, only
lo be assured that, although tho false
limbs were Indeed those of her bus
band's two former wives, there was
no cause for alarm, tor her husband
who had originally wedded a one-leg
ged lady, had bcen so happy In his
marriage, that on her death ho had
vowed never to mate again save Willi
a wlto similarly circumstanced.
A Bhort time afterwards he met a
lady who fuiniled the required stipulation. Her he courted a'nd won,
even more fellcltlous than the flrst,
bad caused him ou his beloved partner's disease, to renew his former
vow, the outcome ot which was his
present happy union. This explanation calmed his wife's alarm, r-.ir she
now recognized that tlio wooden leija
wer3 not only momentos of past but
guarantees of future happiness.
Saskatchewan Lady Adds Her Testimony to What Ha* Already Been
Said of the Qreat Work Dodd's Kidney Pills are Doing.
Caesarvllle,   Sask.     (Special). —
The scarcity of female help ln a now
country subjects the women ot the
prairies to unusual strain, an. careful observation  has  established th?
fact that this strain first makes Itself
felt ln tbe kidneys,     For Ibis reason
Dodd's Kidney Pills are making an enviable   reputation   from   the   Great
Lakes to the foothills of the Rockies. "   '
Everywhere you -vill find women
singing the praises of the grt.it Canadian kidney remedy that has banished their pains and weariness, and
brought them back to health. Among
the many Is Mrs. Edgar Cowen, an
estimable lady of this place.
"I have found Dodd'a Kidney Pills
very beneficial," Sirs. Cowen states.
"If anytblug I can say will help any
sufferer I am glad to add my testimonial to what has already been
Tbe kidneys strain all the refuse
material out of the blood. If they
are out of order this refuse remains
In the blood, and becomes poison.
That's why sound kidneys .nean purs
blood and good health. Dodd's Kidney Pills make sound kidneys.
Flight of the Wild Geeio
Thero can ba no more impressive
eight than a straining line of wild
geese moving In the clear air with
steady strokes, thel.* rigid necks
polntint, to their northerr. summer
home, their outlines slowly diminishing until, os a row of floating dots,
they vanish in the uncertain distance.
As they scan thc continent in t'.ielr
northward swtep (he foible efforts
that dot it here and there with cities
must seem to them helpless presumption. They call in the Joy of their
strength, and the poor prisoners of
gravitation fancy that the resonant
(ones fi\ni the vast, airy dome Is a
special mes-iage to their own little
worlds. More linpr?ssl,-e than (his
volco of the open day or the sight
of the vigorous and ateaiY forms
coursing the air Is. the sonorous mingling of cries In the starry dome wheu
tho lofty way of travellers ls concealed by (ho enshrouding night.
Through tbe battling   mystery   of
countless points of light from Immeasurable Distances comes tbe more appealing mystery of the near but In.
visible wanderers, halllpg from their
unchartered   course.       Fancy    pictures (he geometrical accuracy of (he
pausing fiock.     Their course can be
followed by the tireless repetition of
their resonant calls'.       Even    (belr
number can be guessed by the multitude of voices.
Are you one of those to- whom
•vory meal la another source ol
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dy»pep»i» Tablet*
will help your disordered stomachflto
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never (eel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at ynur
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. tso
W. N. U. 954
A small town boasts a female
proacher. One day whllo working
ln her study she heard a timid knock
at the door.
Answering the summons, she found
a young German on the steps.
Good atternoon, the preachcress remarked.     What do you wish? °
Dey say der minister llf In dis house
Yes, sir.
Ves. Veil, I vant me to get married .
All right; I can marry you, she
Ths lady's hair  was beginning to
silver, and the German glanced at It
Tben without coaunent   he   hurried
down -tlie walk'
Will you come back? she called aft-
er him.
You gets no char.ee mit me, lie answered. I don't want you; I hat'got
'.ne a g!r! »lrs.f?
The Chicken Thief
Some fellows are so corrupt tbal lu
Ihe most Innocent proposition they
see corruption. They resemble old
Wash White.
There was once a missionary out
West trying to educate the Iguorant
mountaineers, and he was hard put
to It for a suitable schoolroom, lie
heard one day ot an abandoned henhouse that, being unusually roomy
and light, would serve his turn. So
he said to Walsh White, an aged loaf-
Wash, my man, here's a tip for you,
and I want you to go up this afternoon
and clean out that old henhouse behind McWade'a barn.
Old Wash, wiih a look of astonishment, pocketed the tip.
But- surely, boss, he said, surely
you wouldn't clean out a hen-house In
the daytime!
Meant Whit He Said
Tho Stranger—When you get lime
drop in and see mc and I'll give you
some honest work.
Bllhkey the Peterman— When I git
time! Huh! De Jury-Jus' now give mo
t'reo years' lime for burglary.
The Stranger—So 1 thought.   I'm
warden of the penitentiary
A Serious Matter ;
Ths poets say that in ths spring a
young man's fancy lightly turns to
thoughts of love.
Lightly, th? Lightly! With rent.
gas, clothes and the high cost of living to consider. It is easy to see
that poets are irresponslbls mutts.
But for the mistakes made by great
men and women history fcould be such
a bore. '
Bodily Health
Affects Character
Keep Mlnard'e Liniment In the house
And now, my. dear General, come
and sit by nie and tell mo all the
scandal that's happened while I've
been away.
Well, really, Mrs. Malle'cho, er—you
see—er—the fact ls. that while you've
been away there's been no scandal.
The mean annual rainfall of the en-
are glub-t Is thirty six Inches.
Character, as well as success ln
lite, deponds vory largely on the condition ot the health. You cannot
Imagine a sufferer from Indigestion*
being cheerful ln disposition. Nor
do you expect a person with exhausted nerves to be other than nervous,
Irritable, easily excited and short-
There was formerly much guess-
work In the treatment of exhausted
nerves, but since Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food bas proven so successful In restoring nerve force to the system
there Is no necessity for experimenting. Some experiments are neces-
cary for thc advance of science, but
(hdy need not be at your expense or
yonr risk.
No one can develop good character
and ability with nervous headache, indigestion and the depressing effect ot
an exhausted nervous system. Thera
is always the dark cloud of narrow
collapse, and some form ot paralyala
to look forward to.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is not a
"quick cure"—no sedatives to lull
tbe patient Ih the delusion that his
pains are disappearing, no narcot'o
or Injurious stimulants to exhilarate
him temporarily at the futuri expense
ot health. |
Thlo food cure positively forma
new, rich blood and builds up in ths]
most natural way the starved and
wornout nerves. '
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
CO oents a box, 6 fer $2.50, at all dc lcrs, or Edmonson Bates & Co., Ll_»|
lied, Toronto.
A Chase
j Sbe Led the Chaser ■ Pfetty!
Tbere was a ring at tbe telephone
bell at tbo University club, aud a waiter *
answered tba summons.
. "Is Mr. Kennurd In tbe clnbl"   I
I Til see, sir.  Hold the wire."
' A  messenger  was  sent scurrying
tbrough the apartments and found
Keuunrd engaged lu a game of poker
lo one uf tbo private rooms.
I "You're warned at tbe telephone, sir."
' Kuunard w.-ut to the telephone booth)
■ml asked wbo bad called blm.
"I am Mr. Uiitfuoy of Gaffney, Cal-
ierwuod & l-'iiuk, uttorueya. We have
a telegram from correspondents ln San
Francisco nnnoiiucliig th* death of
Kormuu L. Uenuard"—
"My unclel"
"lie las bequeathed his fortune to
joh, but tbere Is a condition Involving
a limit at time which Induced our cor-
tei.poiidt.nt to use tbe telegraph Instead'
•t (be mall. I would recommend yon
tn mil.ut our office at once since wbat
we bare to coiuuitinlente Is uot exactly
the thing to be transmitted over a
"Cull u cnb." said Mr. Kcnnnrd, and
in ten minutes lie'wns In Mr. Gatfney's
private oIHce, wbere the telegram that
announced bis uncle's dentil was shown
Mm. lt contained u brief clause of tba.
will that, siuce the testator wished tbat
bis fortune should bo kept together
and desired bla stepdaughter, Agatha
Bnrt'li, to share In It, the Inheritance
was conditional on Kennurd marrying Miss Kurt-h. Tbe limit of time wa*
abort, being but six weeks, nnd Mis*
Kiirrb, wbo wa* n great traveler, wa*
Mr. Kcnnnrd "got biwy" at once. A
Meniner would sail In six hours, and he
•pent most ot this time telegraphing
to loam (he whereabouts of. Miss
'*■* Burcb. Unfortunately no on* knew
Just where to locate her. Her permanent iiildreos was Paris, from whence
her mail was forwarded to ber, Ken-
asrtl determined to mnke straight for
tbat city, where Ite would learn the
kst onler given for tbo forwarding ot
During tb* voyage hM, mind was
toutlnuully on tbe matter before blm.
Ue had never seen Miss Hiirch, but
bad beard thnt she had been something
ef a belle In San Francisco society, was
pretty and of an Independent aud a
(earless  disposition.   Sbe  bad   been
•broad several time* nnd eacli tlm*
bad penetrated further Into barbarous
countries.   Indeed,  It was surmised
tbat tier stepfatber, wbo wns opposed
to ber rambling*, bnd refrained from
bequeathing ber any part of bis fortune outright since It would leave -ber
tre* to continue thorn ratber tbitn settling down In a permanent home. Sbe
bad been bis solo reliance In a domestic way, and he bad been bitterly opposed to Ibis trip the bod taken.  Bb*
was very fond at ber stepfather, bnt
*o great wns ber passion for visiting
•ut ot thu way laud* tbat she bad
promised blm If he would consent to
this one trip sbe would never go on
another.   When tbe left be was perfectly well, but soon after sickened and
died, wltb no on* to smooth bis pillow
except a * hired nurse.   Tbo peculiar
-will was tb* mult of tbls. lamentable
-  When Kcnnnrd reached Paris h* betook himself to tbe branch otbco ot ■
banking house in tb* Place Veudoint,
■where lie learned tbat tho last plat*
designated for forwnrdlug Mis* Bnrcb'i
■tall was Vienna:   At tb* time war
bad Jnst been declared between t.s
Bnlkau state* nnd tb* Turk*.
:  "Fur henren's sakcl" exclaimed Ken-
lard.   "I bop* her mania for teeing
tblngs won't lead ber to visit th* tb*
■ter of war.* If 1 hav* to bunt tor her
then It will be Ilk* looking for * needle In a haystack." I
Taking the first train for Vienna b*
Ind ibe bad luck tu meat with an ae-
Hdcnt and wa* delayed twelve hour*.
On reaching Vteuna bo learned tbat
Miss Iturcb bad left four hours befor*
bis arrival.   Order* had bcen left al
tbo otlice ot hei botel to forward mall
to Uelgrade, Ih*capital uf Servla. Tber*
was no train for that point till evening, and be was obliged to lounge about
- A'leuua nearly all day. When lho hour
for departure cams be wss told tbal
•whig to (bo. unsettled conditions and
the mobilization of troops tbere was ne
prosiicct of getting through on sehed- •
Hied time.   Tbt* added to bis dlsconi.
fltitre, and encb day, esch hour, tbt'
feur grew upon blm that bt might not
'catch I bo lady tn tlmo. I
I  Keuunrd was delayed two dny* I* ■
Budapest owing to the railway equipment being used In tba movement ot
troops antl did not reach Belgrade un
til (ho end of tb* third day nfter leav '
lug Vienna.   On reacldng bis destln*-1
>j|lui) ha drove hurriedly to lb* nddrest
Mlu uurcn nna len at ner hotel *na
learned tbat she bad taken a train tot
Bill-barest, In Roumanla.
"Oreat Scott!" ejaculated tbe punning man. "She's getting nearer and
nearer to tbo fighting. Suppose ibt.
should be killed! I wonder lf tb* win
makes nny provision In case ot hei
death before I can marry ber."
Defore leaving America he had ask
ed lbe attorney to write out such In
formation as ho mlgbt need, and now
taking out tje paper containing lt hn
found the word*, "A marriage as earl)
•s possible ts desirable, for in case ol
tb* death of either party Interested thi
eroperry woma go tt th* lnsUtuQou
Assigns ted."
"Then'* mother danger," growled
Kennard.  Th* confounded girl 1* going right dowa among a barbarous
people who are killing on* another i
ligbt and left  Sh*'* rare to fall by,
the band of some bloodthirsty Turk. {
However, Itouminla doesn't seem to
be mixed up in th* affair at present,
tnd If tb* will only »tay tber* it will
be all right Bnt tlm* i* getting *hort"
Tben be began to tblnk ot tb* matter
•f a courtship.  A girl wbo would be
to reckless as to go down into a region
where • bloodr war wu eolng.on
mignt pe siny enough to refuse a fortune that wa* attached to a man sh*'
didn't bappen to fancy.  And even if
ibe fancied blm would sbe forego that
sentimental nonsense called a courtship? .
Wben Kennard reached Bnkbarest
be learned that a young woman answering Miss Btircb's description bad
goue to Soda, tn Bulgaria, but as to
Miss Burcb as a certainty be bnd lost
Ibe trail. Slue* be could not Bnd her
in Bnkbarest there seemed nothing for
blm to do but to go to Sofia.
Ou reaching tbe capital ot Bulgaria
be found everything tn turmoil. Troop*
were being dispatched to tbe front, and
. everybody, was busy forwarding nip-
piles ond munitions of war. Kennard
went the rounds of thc hotels and ou
tbe register of one found the name ut
Agatha Burcb, TJ, 8, A.
"1 wish to tee tbat lady nt once,"
said tbe pursdlng lover to tbe proprietor, pointing to tbe name ou the book.
"Tbat young lady!  She's gone."       .
"Uoue! Gone where?'
"Let me so* what address sbe left
for ber letter*.  Ah, here It 1st  'Forward letter* wllb Ibe army mall.' Now
1 remeniber-thnt's the American girl
wbo organized * corps of nurse*."
"She's a fooll" cried Kennard, beside
himself wltb Irritation.
"A fooll 1 beg your pardon, sir.
Tbe young lady mnde herself very
mucb admired and beloved ber*. lt
was a noble act tor ber to"—
"Noble nonsense! She's demented,
crazy for mingling wilh new and exciting scenes. There's a large fortune
waiting for ber In America, nnd It she
gets killed she will lose It."
"Of course sbe ran hsve no use for
a fortune If- sbo Is dead, but wbat Is
that to you?"
"Why, you mutlonbeadl I'll lose a
fortune, too, and n wife."
"It seems to ine that it Is you wbo
ar* demented."
- Well, tbere was nothing left for Ken-,
nard but lo follow the army tbat bad
gone In the direction of Adrianople.
A* for tbe ordinary mean* uf transportation. Hint was not to be thought
of. So be bought a bene and, mounted, pursued bis wny,
Tbere was terrible fighting between
the allies and the Turks, and Kennard
made no headway whatever In finding
Agaiba Burcb, though he used every,
means tbat preseuted Itself for reaching ber. At one tlm* be drove an
army supply wagon: at another be
passed blmself off for a newspaper
correspondent. Lastly be took • gun
and marched wltb on Infantry regiment. But her* b* got more than lie
bad bargained for. The fore* be wa*
with went into battlo wllb tb* Turks,
- and h* wu obliged to flgbt
"Wbat follyl" be cxololmed.   "Tbl*
girl by ber Idiocy ha* not only endangered ber life, bnt mine, and there'*
a million dollara walling for us at
bom* with which to tee the world In a
rational manner."
Suddenly Kennard was turned clear
sround by tb* tore* ot n bullet, nnd bis
legs dropped under blm. D* wa*
trampled by (hose behind,
"Wby   In   Ibunder,"   lie   groaned,
"didn't (hat uncle of mine leav* me bl*
fortune without scudlng ms after tuch
a woman?  But 1 don't blame blm fot
not leaving any ot It (o her direct.
She'd us* It to visit the south pole."
Tb* list man who Hepped over Kennard ground n hobnail boot In bl*
face,   Tbl* made blm a dgbt to bo-
bold.   II* lost conscluumeis, and tb*
next thing be knew a woman with a
red cross on bar arm was pouring
wm* liquor down hi* tbroat.   Kou-
nard bad seen n number of lied Cross
nurses during bts inarches, and every
i time ho so,w on* ho mad* Inquiries for
tb* nun* bo wsuted.   Uo asked tbl*
on* If sbe knew an American Ited
Cross nurse named  .lurch, and she
■aid Mlsa Utirch wns tb* bead of her
corpt ot nurse*.  Sbt wu on tbo field
directing tlio succor of lb* wounded.
Kennard begged bl* Informant to call
her chief. Ebe did so. bnt It wu more
than on hour before Ml** Burcb cam*.
"Are yon tb* American who desires
to ite me?" thc uked of tho mucb
mutilated, dirty and btooay Ktuutra,
I ?Well, what can I do tor J08l,, ^
I "Marry me." ...
! "Marry youl'"        '	
- Th* look of repulsion at hts appear
ance wa* discouraging.
' "Are you Agatha Burch?*« ' ' -   ,
"lea." . '; "
"Well, your stepfather Is dead and
left his fortune to me. his nephew, wltb
tbe provision that I marry you within
six week* after the probat* of th*
"My goodness gracious!' Suppose I
"Vou.get nothing; neither do I."   -
"How much time ls left?*
"I tblnk nbout n week."
"That's lucky. If I hsd to say Tes'
right now I'd decline. Perbsps In a
week I can get you to look Ilk* a human being. We'll see."
Within the seven day* Miss Burcb
could see ln the wounded Kennard tb*
semblance of a good looking man, and
sbe accepted tbe conditions of the will.
"Tbat uncle ot mine and your stepfather- was no fool," remhrked tb*
groom .nfter th* ceremony had been
performed. "I'll see that you settle
London Doctor Knows Cases Equal to
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Are there In actual existence cases
of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?"   A ,
remarkable   article   in   the   current i
number oi The Practitioner by Sir
George Savage, lecturer on mental dis- *
cases at Guy's Hospital, seems to indicate tbat phenomena of dual personality approaching very nearly Stevenson's iamous phantasy ue occasion"'
ally discovered by those whose studies bring them in contact with the
mysteries of   the   abnorn.al human
The article is entitled "Automatism," which the writer- defines broadly as "the condition in whit1* complicated mental processes give (die to
complicat.d reactions to the surroundings, which ara not recollected in the
ordinary waking and normal state,"
Halifax Officer Is a Member c( ths
Slxty-Sixth   Regiment   and   Is   a
Leading   Rifle   Shot   Among   tha
Marksmen oi ths Dominion — Has
Worked Hard In Behalf oi Higher
Class Sharpihooting.
Major R. B. Simmond, ol Halifax,
N.8., has been appointed adjutant ot
the Canadian Bisley team ior 1013. He
was commissioned a lieutenant ln bis
regiment in 1898 and promoted a captain in 1021 and a major January 2?,
'8?3Uni»dFSS ol more I %or .^X^oX'lta number
serious automatism Into three groups. , interest In rifle ihoot'ng for » numo
In the flrst there is no epilepsy, in ! ol years and is a nast president oi
,, _    .,   -»,_ __li — 1   _,_.  „,.!,._    41,o KnvA _«cot
The Silver Lining.
"I am ruined, utterly ruined." cried
the bloated monopolist "This new
tariff bill will put me on the bread
"Then I congratulate you," said tbe
"Congratulate me?"
"Yes—on escaping tbe Income tax.
Of course. If you aro worrying any
about tbe Income tax It Is n sign tbat
you do not expect to be utterly ruined,
ln which event I congratulate you
.   Uut the bloated monopolist declined
to be comforted.—Brooklyn Times.
Violet Was Needed at Once.
Wben a certain darky ot Mobile,
Ala., announced bis engagement to the
dusky one of his choice the congratulations tbat were showered upon bltu
Included a note of wonder.
"Joe." said one nf these friends, "I
shore is surprised. We all never
thought you'd speak np. It's going on
(wo years sence you begun (o fool
uicnnd Uls* Violet"
"Dot's true," said Joe, "but de fac'
Is, old man, I didn't lose my Job until
last nlgbt"—Judge.
A Sad Blew.
"1 know I'm not very attractive, but
1 had no Iden I was beginning to look
old as well as plain," sbe said.
"But you're not"
"Yes. I um. A mnn offered me bl*
seat In the street car totlny, and that's'
the first time (bat's happened In yeurs."
—Detroit Free Press.
XXX     flUC     I1LO,     flUfl-.B     .-,     ..m     »...-.— ,,,
the' second fits are followed by auto
matlo acts, and in the third replaced
by them. He give* two terrible in-
sttnees of the first two groups. In
one a man killed his wile, in the
other a mother wounded her child
with a knile. Both man and woman
were unconscious ot what they -were
"In the third group," continues the
writer, "we f.nd cases like that oi a
certain country squire of middle age, ,
ol healthy active habits, with no hereditary history of any neuritis, who '
came to London to consult his solicitor on a certain Tuesday morning.
Th.. lawyer asked bim to call again
at three o'clock. He did not return,
but finding himself near his lawyer's
office some dsys later about hall-past
three, he went there, believing the
day still Tuesday and that he was only
hall an hour late as a result ol hi*
watch having stopped. He could not
believe that the hour was half-past
three and the day Friday. He then
recognzed lhat he. had not shaved,
but he seemed to have washed, dressed and eaten regularly. He certainly
had not been drinking. He could not
trace where he had been or what lie
had done, but it is clear that there
had been nothing abnormal in hi*
conduct to lead any one to suppose
him to he out of his mind."
Not the least interesting part of
this extraordinary question of automatism, dual personally, loss of inem-
oi years in. ... a past president of
the Nova Scotia Hide Association. II*
has been a frequent attendant it th*
meetings ot the Dominion ot Canada
Hide Association meets here and holds
the officers' cup a* the best shot
among the officers ot his own regiment, the liiitli of Halifax. He has labored   stienuou-ly   to   promote   tha
matlsm, dual personally, loss of mem- «•«*! ot riflf shooting in his native
or? - -whatever may be the correct J'*"1'.™ ,*"'<* wa,3. » menlh" a0,1 *-?!
title  for each  instance-is its legal   Kth rifle team which won the Harold
Woman, the Predder.
"Wlgley take* bis Job too seriously.
To me It looks as If he'* trying lo work
his head off. What do you reckon ls
tbe matter wllb him?"
"I dunno, unless bo's trying to prove
to blmself that be has tho snme chances
for great success that his wife tells
blm be has."-8t Louts Itcpubllc.
aspect, and how far the author of
crimes committed while in au abnormal state is amenable to ihe criminal
law. To what extent must Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde suffer for the misdeeds
of Mr. Hyde? This is Sir George Savage's view:—"I hsve on several occasions been ssked to defend female
kleptomaniacs on the plea ot unconsciousness, but I have generally declined although I admit it is possible
tor thieving, adroitly don; and with
apparent endeavor oi concealment, to
follow an epileptic seizure."
Another famous mental specialist,
asked his views on this point, said:—
"Serious crimes as well as petty thefts
can, ot course, be quite unconsciously committed and no memory ot what
has been done may be retained. This
was a theory in the notorious, 'Jack
the Ripper' cases."
"And Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Do
they—or does he—exist?"
'I have known ot cases «c extra.
piUVllll'C    Mil.,     _,,»_,    _»    ...-...._.-.     -.     -
C'.tli rifle team which won the Harold
L. Borden team match in Ottawa last
year • at the. Dominion Rifle Association meet, making a team total ol 201
points out of a possible 210. Major
Simmond himself scoring a possible.
Major Simmond is one of the most
efficient officer.) ot the Garrison City
militia and Nova Scotia has certainly
an able representative on the Bisley
team nt this year in this popular officer. The 68th Regiment las also two
other notable shots, fiergt. Armstrong,
who was on the Bisley team at 1BI3
and who captured the Daily Graphio
cup and also shot for first place in
th-- Prince of Wales prize, and Sergt.
Parker, who is on the team this year
and will accompany Major Simmond
to Bisley.
Appreciated Brevity.
Dr.  Abernethy, the famous Scotch
surgeon, wss a man of few words, but
__^________  her once met his match—in a woman.
I have known oi cases »c _».,.- 6he called at his office in Edinburgh
ordinary, was the reply, "that tha one day and showed a hand badly In-
actual physical appearance of the pa- flamed and swollen, when the follow-
ticnt is different during his period ol |„g dialogue, opened by the doetor,
aberration.  I have known a physical-   took place:
ly sound and normal mau to develop     "Bum?" '
paralysis of an arm or some other      "Bruise."
limb, or alteration of facial expression ;    "Poultice "
in sympathy with the abnormalities ;    The next   day   the   wo.nan called
of his mind.' , again, and tlie dialogue was as tok
Saved by His Pony. (    "Better?"
One oi Mr. Harry Lander's pet pro- |    "Worie."
jects is to better the lot of the pit,    "More poultice."
pony, and there is quite a romantio     .Two days later the woman made so.
story behind this humanitarian prin-   other call, and this conversation on-
ciplc. curred:
In his early daya he was a pony i    "Better?'
IU   Ills   can;    u.,.   ..m    	
driver in a Scotch coal mine. He was
..riving it through one cf the galleries when suddenly the pony pulled
up. Though he nrged it forwsrd, it
refused lo move, and the next moment
there was a terrible roar caused by a
fall ol rook on the very spot where
1 -    X'.m    ....    ,\,m   MftllV
"Well".   Fee."
"Nothing!"  exclaimed  the doctor.
Moat sensible woman I ever met."
Auto Travels Through Water.
In order to meet with the rigid requirements  ot  tome  ot the  British
fall      OI      TO1--.      -,*      XX.W       fl-*/       -_-"         u _l,t-IV_>- m-        .mm—  	
he would have been had not the pony   dominions in respect to motor cars
relused to move.    The animal had   wbicb can be taken  anywli
"No, Mr. Spooning. I ran never be
your brldo. You are not (he man of
my drums."
"Ob, you wnnt a fairy prince or
"Well, Just to be bas a title,"-Wisconsin-Stat* Journal.
reiuseu w ui<ms.    ..... - —  —   , h»r. ,, i
heard the low rumble ot the moving mry.hMt M EngVi'ih'mVnnlacturer
rock which young Lauder had tailed ho \ M out * mod(,, wb|cb ™
to detect, and bui tor the pony h* be irlm.n t.. mile, th b u
would have been crushed to death. tmt ,Mt |nd even flvB feet^cep. Af,
So overcome was lie by hli narrow elec,rio <oniM, magneto, and bat-
escape that he flung his arms round ,„,,,, ir, ,,rotected by special insn
the animal and kissed It. And ths. Ut, „„.$ M, lengths ot pipe sr.
puir bcartle." lays Lauder, "looked at i .„.„),„, t0 thi extl,;n PiwF,pn(1 ,,
ine as il he understood, and forgave ""
ue lor whipping him."
Peer Unprotected Manl
I   Llllle Sarah-Pa. tbere'* n suffragette at tbo door who say* she's hiking to Washington, and sbt wants *
cold mack.
i   Mr. Pewce (tlnildly)-Henvons! And
' your mother Is away and w* *r* all
alon* In Ibt boijKl-Puck.
Climbed M*unt Oeek.
A notable mountain ascent wu!
mad* at Sydney, New Zealand, recently by Mlu Du Kaur. oi Sydney, who !
hu In previous lesions mad* Meant*
worthy ot note, Including Uie lilgneoi
peak ol ML Cook, N*w 2e*I*nd. R*-
etntly ah* mad* a traverie ol Mi
Oook trom west to eut, including all
th* thru peak*, beginning witb lb*
Disinterested  Affection.
Ht—Darling, you must want m* to
give you something or you wouldn't
be so iweet and gentle to-day. Sue-
On the contrary, I don't want anything at atl. It's only for tbe dressmaker.
There Yet.
8oott- My wife's mother has visited
us only once in five years. Molt-
That isn't bad. When do you expect
her to piy her second visit? dcott—
Oh. she hain't got through her tint
IKUUIll,   BIIU   Mil.    .fl...av.._.    w.    ,..,._    _.
attached to th. exhaust pipe and to
the intake manifold. Wheu a car ol
this type is driven through five leet ol
water only the tip ol the radiator aud
the seats ihow above the surface.
Will Fell Suffragists.
A   nouinflsmmable   envelope   hu
been invented in England by an op-
rionent of women's suffrage, and ii
ikely to be put on the market soon
for the benefit ol thou who at the
present time feels qualtna whenevei
th./ drop a letter in t.i> box. The
inveutor luggests addressing the envelope ou both sides.
Music as Aid to Werk.
Sir Laurence Gotnrae, London, st»
tiitician and archaeologist, regards
musio as an aid to work. He relates
that at the beginning of hi* official
career he uied to add np huge columns ol figures lor statistical pnrpoaei.
by the simple procen of doing the
Sincerity. |
When there  is   P«lect  •i««f'i£-1
when every man is true to himtdl.
» on every one strives to realize what 	
hi thinks the highest rectitude-then   by the timpie iitoct.. «■ »"'*'*-,"
£« %...■,.   pro.per.-H«b«t   £ ^Orego^n .££££ •** THE   SUN.   GRAND   FOEKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer, dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Atk (J*
Oar Paint Advice Is Free
All cadets are requested to attend
drill at the public school on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday of next week,
at 4.30 p.m sharp. Thin will be the
last drill before going to Kootenay
Camp in August.
A meeting of the Grand Forks
Produce association was hold in the
Miners' Union hall Saturday. G. M.
Fripp occupied the chair aad E. F.
Laws acted as secretary. The cons ti
tution and bylaws were under consideration during the entire session.
A dispatch in the daily papers on
Wednesday contained an account of
the death of F. 0. Bishop, president
of. the Vancouver Mountaineering
club and a prominent businss man of
that city, who was killed by falling
in a crevasse while engaged in climb
ing Mount Baker. Mr. Bishop was
the father of W. B. Bishop, of this
city, assistant superintendent of the
Granby smelter.
The Weat Kootenay Poultry' association at its monthly meeting in
Nelson last Fiiday night took the
preliminary steps toward securing a
special train from Nelson to this city
for the accommodation of poultry
fanciers who will make exhibits at the
Provincial Poultry show, which will
be held in this city from December 9
to 12 next.
Columbia, commonly known as tho hut
air line, representatives of the Chi^
cago,. Milwaukee J. St Paul engineer
ing department at Seattle have completed a trip over the proposed route
down the San Poil to the British Col
umbia line The trip consuniwl two
weeks, during which time the representatives of the Milwaukee made a
thorough investigation of the possibilities of tapping this central Washington territory.—Spokane Chronicle.
Harry Mann left on Saturday for
Hidden Creek, where he will enter
the hardware department of the Granby comdany's store. A large number
of his friends bid him good bye at the
union station.
R.. F. Petrie returned on Saturday
from Denver, Col., to whioh place he
accompanied his mother, who will
spend the summer with relatives in
that city. Mr, Petrie reports having
had an enjoyable three weeks' vacation.
A. A. Frechette, the Greenwood
harnessmaker, was in the city on Saturday. Mr. Frechette stated that he
intends to move his shop to this city
in about two weeks.
Henry Eye and family returned on
Saturday from Texico, N.M-, for
which place tbey left about a,  month
The new high voltage power line
being constructed jointly by the city
and the Canadian Pacific Railway
company on Winnipeg avenue is now
nearly completed. The transferring
of the wires from the old to the new
poles is row in progress.
John gowerby, local manager at
Grand Forks, is leaving for Duncan
early in July, his place being taken
hy H. Hnlston, of Vancouver. During his stav in Grand Forka, Mr.
Sowerby made many friends, and
they say the sun will have to take on
an extra -polish to make up for the
loss to.that district. All join in wishing hiin every success in his new Held.
—Telephone Talk
A meeting of the Grand Cork*
Fruit Growers' association was held
in the Davis hall Friday afternoon,
when routine business was transooted
and steps taken to facilitate the marketing of the current year's fruit orop.
Jack Ford and Thomas Lyden,
electricians in the employ of the
Granhy company, left last Saturday
fur Granhy Bay, whore they hav« ao
i-epteil positions in the same oora
pany's electrical department.
J.-iiiiiis Kuuko loft oil Saturday fur
Nelson, wlii-ii. he attended a meeting
uf the llritish Columbia Fruit Growers' association on Munday. He returned home un Tuesday,
We have just added
another Silent Salesman for the purpose
of displaying Neckties
only, so that our patrons can choose their
neckwear without any
In Neckwear
Our shapes, styles and
prires will compare favorably with any stock
in the Boundary, and
has-the advantage of
being new and up-to-
R. Campbell
With a view to scouring a north
und south lino through the Colville
Indian reservation, possibly the surveyed route uf thu Spokane _k  British
ago with the * intention of locating
there permanently. They are glad to
get back.
For Sale—Ten acres of good fruit
land in tbe West end of the city,
about balf of wbich ie planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to bear,
Apply to'E. Barron, Grand Forks,*
Basil Hackins, who was seriously
injured a couple of weeks ago by the
explosion of a dynamite cap, is improving, but it is still questionable
whether his eyesight can be saved.
Miss Haddon—London trained—
is prepared to give elementary lessons on tbe violin. For terms and
arrangements apply P, sj. Drawer M.
T. A. Campbell, of Rossland, man
ager nf the West Kuotenay Power &
Light company) visited the city on
Wednesday.    .
R. M. Winslow, of Vicluria, provincial horticulturist, was in the city
on Wednesday.
Fnr Sale—Five and one fifth aores
of the Itest fruit land; cleared; fenced;
well; four-roomed house; fifteen minutes' walk from town. Fur particulars
apply to owner, G. H. Pell.
Ben Hoy, of Vernon, assistant horticulturist, arrived in the city on
Miss Hadden has been appointed as
a teacher on the staff of the Grand
Forks public school.
A Nelson syndicate has purchased
CAD C A F17 ^ 5-roomod
rUR OitLEl cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing uf all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
KasoV H mil ns . Spmi •__ ».
for Quick Sale We Are Offering the Following:
Full size wood body, regular i|t25.<X), for. 120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter-size brown wicker,  "   $17.75, lor 13.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for  10.50
Full collapsable, all steely regular $12,00, for    9.00
Fi-fain Braai>«, Bu. The Complete House Furnishers
Grand Forks Furniture Go
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
from McQuarrie ifc Robertson a block
uf forty residential lots in the West
end of this city.
Palace Barber Shop
OV Hon I nf ____
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Doob North or Uh.-niiv  Ho-mi..
Fiiiht Sthkkt.
Suits to Order &18 twa*
f We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee yon the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction. j
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor!
oven to vcarv
■koteh ond _-ooer.n-.on _____
" opinion n_M_jv_.oil.or m
TMoc Mamie
__   Ocean*
Copyright* 4c.
_tnTOM.-r.-lti.i__ ok •       	
qnloklr oicortoln onr
l-.TO.i_.on il BTobolilf
l tn*. iSlMH tenner t
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A .el'iblo Fi
bio Fronc-iroaulttoriooTof filli. Theoo
oKoodlngly powerful la tertumllet .th»
pitta on oKoodlnalv powerful la roiuk
nunlin portion ol flwtonoWtritom
•II choip ImltitloM. Br. do Ta»'e xt
Dr.. Gih-oy, dentist, returned on
Monday from a trip to Prince Rupert
and uther coast cities.
VV. C Chalmers made a   bu-ine-s
trip to Spokane thia week.
Grand Forks Transfer
raoNB 129  '
Trnnks to and Fran Stations
Mclntyre 0 Clayton, Prop*.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Stun
uli'i.'r.; KuiDaaci. M8 0™ SWW
•ro told •(
»» box, or three lor 110.   Moiled to any iddron.
» aookoll nrac Oik. M. CMharUee, Oat,
Printing |
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billhead* and .Statement*,
Letterheads snd Enveloped,
Posters, Date* and Dodgem,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and  Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pad*.   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stook and workmanship are of the best. Let. us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
u% $un print fbott


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