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The Evening Sun Mar 22, 1912

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 Eleventh Year—Nt?. 21
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. oMarch 22, 1912
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Work on the Building Was
Resumed Last.Mon-
Will Cost $45,000—Must
Be Completed Tbis
Tbe following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' much:
MAX.       MIS.
Friday  38 27
Saturday  42 23
Sundiy  42 24
Monday   42 32
Tuesday   39 21
Wednesday  38 17
Thursday... .40 29
Ranfall during week, 0.04 inches;
snowfall, 0.5.
0. A. S.H.U1 Retun.t, irom
Mexico---Buys Land
History of the Bushel
Work on the new posi oflice, the
foundation and basement of wbich
were finished last fall, was resumed
laBt Monday. The building will be
60x60 feet, two stories in height,
witb a basement. It will be located
on the lower corner of the triangular
block at tbe head of Bridge street,
and will have two vestibule entrances, one on Bridge street and the
oilier on Third street.
The contract calls for tbe construction of tbe building of Edmonton pressed brick, or brick equal
thereto, and cut stone, with copper
cornices. Tl e ground will he seven
feet above tbe street grade. The
building is to bo heated throughout
with bot-water registers. The post
oflice proper will be lighted by nine
three drop obandeliers, and there is
to be a drop letter box outside the
The basement will bave a 9^-foot
ceiling, with a concrete  floor, and
will  contain  boilers and two low
base bot-water furnacea,  a   13x16
fuel room, and a public lavatory, 11
xlj., furnished with wash basins, etc.
The  post  nfli e  lobby   on   tbe
ground floor will be 10x52 feel,«ith
a 15-foot ceiling and  a  tile floor.
Tbe   main   working  apace forthe
post oflice em i loyees  will be 30x48
feet, and the   postmaster's   private
oflice is to be 11x15 feet. In the rear
of the building, allotted to the customs department, there  will  be an
11x14  room for the  inspector of
weightsand measures;  cus'nms examining   warehouse,' 13x21    feet;
mail receiving,   5x9   feet, and the
postiofiice vault, 8x10 feet.
On the tirr-t Hour, on the west side,
is the customs room, 13x28 feet;
the -collector of customs' private
ro m, 13x20 feet, and two rot mi allotted to the inland revenue department, 13*20 and 11x20 feet respectively. On tbe east side of a wide
corridor tire the janitor's apartments,
consisting uf a living room, 13x20
feet; dining-room, 13x16 feet,
kitchen, 10x13 feet; two bedrooms,
10x11 feet each, and pantry, bathroom and lavatory, There will be
wash but-ill-, in all the customs and
inland revenue rooms,
Thevurious works are to be executed in a substantial and workmanship manner and of the best materials and. workmanship ot their
several kinds, in accordance with the
drawihgs, specifications and instructs a-is given from the publio works
aaa |.irtnient from time lo time.  '
Tbe contract contains a proviso
that no workman employed on the
bnilding shall at any time ,be paid
less than the minimum rate of wages
set forth in the fair wages schedule.
The appropriation for the building
was made by the late I.nurier government, and the contract waB let
previous to the general elections last
summer. B* Lequime, of tbis city,
ia the; general contractor.
Says Reports of Revolt in
the Republic Are Exaggerated
Growers of winter apples throughout the Pacific northwest,  tbe commercial orchards of which contritm
ted 14 per cent of tbe total production of the United   states in   1911,
already are lining up iheir forces to
defeat a bill  that  is to be brought
forward at the next session   of congress to regulate  the size' of apple
boxes.   The box used as a standard
the  last  ten   years in the P-icific
slope and intermoutitain country is
2,173,5 cubic iuches, while the national  apple   box  proposed in the
Sulzer bill,     recently   abandoned,
specified 2,352 cubic inches.
Since, the  bushel   roetsttre was
figured out by an English captain of
industry,   a  few  centuries  ago, a
bushel of apples bas consisted of  a
bushel heaping full, witb a cone six
inches above the rim, or 2,747715
cubic inches,   to be arithmetically
correct; but, on the otber hand, the
United States customs officials, in
the absence of direct legislation on
the    subject,     contended   that   a
bushel  of  apples is like any other
bushel,'and  should   contain   only
2,150 42 cubic inches, or  less thnn
tbe Northwestern box.
Now conies a decision of  Judge
Marion   DeVries, ,pf  the    United
States court of customs appeals, who
holds   in   brief a-i  follows:    "Tbe
bushel has come, by usage in   trade
and commerce, to be  with   us   the
Winchester bushel of English   law
prior to 1826, the date of tbe adoption of the imperial bus-he! in  Eng
land.   By a statute of Anne, A.D.
180,1, recognizing a  trade usage al
ready  in  force, apples and   pears
were required to he sold by heaping
measure; and in the absence of any
specific declaration   bv  congress as
to tbe contents of a bushel of  apples
or  the Jike,   it will be presumed
thut a bushel ol today is n bushel of
English law and   custom   in   1778,
and a bushel of applet is not a struck
Winchester bushel,  but that measure heaped."
J. A. Smith returned   Wednesday
from   Souora, "Mexico,   where   he
purchased 160 ucres of land.    He
will return to that   place  next   fall
with  his   family,  and  locate there
permanently.    Mr Smith speaks in
high   praise  of the fertility of the
soil   and . lhe   mild   and eqjiital.l-
climate  on the Gulf of California
The   colony    of   Canadians     and
Americans    in    Sonora,   he rays,
now comprise* about five  hundred
people, and the number is daily  in
creasing.   On   the west coast politi
cul conditions are tranquil,"although
in   the  interior anil  on tlie Texns
border some disorder  prevails,  but
as a rule  most of tbe ili-turbancts
reported are originated by American
newspapers   and    capitalists,   who
would like to pee the United- StateB
occupy the country.
February; but thought he would
have to leave Mexico hi order to
save himself from being planted by
the rebels.
Tne Hedley Gold Mining company has declared a quarterly dividend of 3 per cent,. and an additional dividend of 2 per cent, on the
outstanding .capital stock of the
company, payable Saturday, March
G. N. Ashton, the proviuciul constable who was shot on Tuesday at
the Summerland wharf by one of
tbe butglars be had arrested at Penticton, was well known in the Boundary, having at onetime been constable at Midway.
Found Dead
W, J. McWilliama was found
dead in a spring near Kholt last Sunday. He bail been missing for several days and a searching party
composed of John Henderson and
others found his body in the spring
about 100 yards from bis cabin. He
had been sick for sometime, and
while getting water out of the spring
fell in and died from exhaustion and
exposure. McWilliama was a native
of Ireland and had lived thirteen
years near Kholt. The coroner's
jury returned a vcrdict.of accidental
death, and recommended that the
government officers be- empowered
to take immediate charge of persens
who are in a sick and destitute condition.—Greenwood Ledge.
It is easier to think you are wise
than it is to act wisely.
The Polmatier Sisters nave it de
. light.ul musical and literary enter-
[tainmeut at the opera house on
Wednesday evening under the au
apices of tbe Grand Forks band. Nn
fault could be (ound with the pro
gram, as all the numbers were well
rendered, and tbe performers were
repeatedly encored. The members of
tbe band had worked hard advertising the show and disposing of the
tickets, and as a result of their efforts the bouse was crowded. The
oitizeni showed their appreciation
of the band by a united effort to
made the entertainment a splendid
Subcontractors on the Great
Northern branch from Wentttchee to
Oroville are preparing to commence
work. The grading from Otoville to
Patents has already been done, and
the grading between Wenatehee and
PateroB will be tbe lirst work coin
menced. It bus been announced
thut, unless hampered liy unusual
obstacles, tbe line will he completed
and trains running iu the summer
of 1913.
U. 1). Kerr, of Midway; has nsked
for an Injunction and duinugss for
wrongful entry of his lots neur Carmi by the Kettle Vulley ruilwuy.
Tbe caBe came before Judge Brown
in Greenwood on Tuesday, and both
parlies agreed to keep olT tho lots
until the dispute is settled by arbitration.
J. A. McMaster bus returned to
Eholt trom Vuucouver. He owns a
rooming house in tbe latter city.
If the worW really owed every
man u living it would have gone
broke long ugo.
The ranchers' long winter holiduy
has been rudely interrupted by
spring work.
Harvey Hansen has installed a
gasoline pumping irrigation  system
in his orchard.       f-
A charming woman is one who
knows exactly bow to bave her own
I. A. Coryell iB building a residence on his land near the Sunbeam
Spring is coming.   Peter A.  Z.
Pare is studying the seed catalogues.
"Scotty"' Carruthers' Residence and Furniture
Occupants of the House Have
Narrow Escape From
the Flames
"Scotty" Carruthers' large residence on Third street, near the Kettle river, was completely destroyed
by fire on Monday night. All thc
household effects weie also burned,
us tbe tire broke out shortly after
12 o'clock, when the occupants ol
building were asleep, and some of
ihem, on awakening, barely had
time to save their lives from the
flames. Some emerged from the
burning building wrapped in blankets, not even having time to save
their wearing apparel.
Tbe building   was a large frame,
structure, and the fire while it lasted
was exceedingly  hot.    Fortunately
the house wss isolated, and the tire-
nlen had no difliculty in preventing
tbe flames from spreudii g.     The
place has lately been run as a boarding house.   The fire is supposed to
have started from an incubator kept
] on the premises.    The loss iB  about
$2000, wilh no insurance, the policy
having expired about a *nonth ago
without being renewed.
Tbe roads in tbe valley are   now
diy enough to raise a little dust.
Next Thursday will he election
Fight for Mountain Pass
The railway commissions' session in
Calgary lost Saturday considered the
applieati ■ of the Kettle Valley Kail-
way company for approval of a lilie
in a canyon uear Hope, B. C. In this
connection a counter application was
presented by the Vancouver, Victoria I
k Eastern Railway and Navigation
couipnny, asking that their line in the
same canyon be provided for.
It appears that the canyon of a
small stream which eiiqtes Into the
Fraser river at Hope there aro lines
surveyed by both companies, and on
account ef danger from snowilides
both these lilies ure on the same side
of the rivet. Both railway cnmpaiiiei
claim priority of locution, and, titers
fore, lirst rights in the matter.
lu view nf the complicated nature
of the situation, the commission decided that the engineer of the board
should [ta sunt to make an invmtigg
New Line to Coast
Vice-President Bury, of the C. P.
li., buB stated that tbe- company
may shortly spend the sum of $60,
000,000 on an entirely new line of
railway from tbe prairies to the Pacilic coast, as an outlet for the grain
and products of the prairies.
This iB rcnderetl necessary owing
to the congested state of freight on
the present lines. The line, suys the
vice president, must be double-
tracked right away from Vancouver
to Winnipeg, and it was no use
shipping wheat if they had no lines
to run trains over, or the necessary
terminal facilities.
The development of Canada is the
greatest the world has ever known.
The Canadian Pacific hus planned
for ten thousand miles of lines all
over the country, hut these oan not
he constructed until the main lines
are double-tracked und in sh-pe to
cope with tbo trallic from nil over
the system. But, under the i ireum-
stanccs, the company bus to sea to
the [leedl of thc settlers most in
need   lirst,   und  that  is the policy
L. N. Mclnnes returned on Monday from Rochester, Minn., having
accompanied bis wife to tbut city.
Mrs. Mclnnes entered Mayo Bros.'
hospital for a surgical operation,
whicb, ni-eaar ling to latest advices,
was successful, and it is expected
that she will soon be well enough to
return bume.
W. S. Murray, formerly of this
city, in a letter from Mexico to Scott
McRae, of Greenwood, says that he
planted barley in Januuary, corn in
could uso the canyon.
tion, and that if  possible a   decision  which thu company hus adopted uml
will be reached  whereby   both   lines which will   be followed right along.
McBride's Railway Policy
Here is the liability of  the  province:
Canadian  Northern Pacific (original guiirun-
teel 821,00(1,000
Pacilic A Greut Eastern. 15,750,000
Canadian Northern  Pacilic (new guarantee). 10,325,000
Total .«l7.07.ri,000
The   interest   lull  ut   I   pur cent
j would   be,   in  ense nf default, $1,-
'" 1888,000, or about a fifth of the rev-
Some of us take adversity in
broken doses, and others take it at
one full swoop, but wc arc all due
to get it. '
The probability of being found
out is a wonderful quickener of the
The man who persists is due to
score—unless he dies of old uge
How we do hate to he obliged
take our own advice!
enueof the province
Cheer up.    If you have nothing     There's no use hurrying after the
you can't lose. count is in. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. 23ITISH COLUMBIA.
Doctors Said
Health done
Suffered with Throat Trouble
Mr. B. W.
_D. Barnes,
ex - Sheriff
of TVarren
T e n .lessee,
In a letter
from Mc-
M inn ville,
7 e n nesseo,
"I had
and had
three doctors treating
me. All
failed to do
m e a n y
good, and
p r onounccd
my. health
prone. Icon-
eluded ta ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
try Peruna) and after U3lng four bottles can say I was entirely cured."
Unable to Work.
Mr. Gustav Hlmmelrelch, Hochhelm,
Texas, writes:
"For a number of years I. suffered
whenever I took cold, with severe at-
tucl« of asthma, which usually .yielded
to tho common homo remedies.
"Last year, however, I suffered for
tight months without Interruption So
that I could not do any work at all.
Thc various medicines that were prescribed brought me no relief.
"After taking six bottles of Peruna,
two of Lacupia and two of Manalin, I
am free of my trouble so that I can do
all my farm work again. I can heartily recommend this medicine to any
one who suffers with this annoying
complaint and believe tbat they will
obtain good results."
Mr. 8. W. D. Barnes.
In Memory of Bunyan
Two hundred nnd twenty-three yeara
after the death of the famous tinker
of Bedford an ornate window in bis
j memory has Just heen placed in West-
i minster Abbey.    Naturally it depictB
rscenes from.the "Pilgrim's Progress,"
the chief episodes illustrated being.—
Christian's meeting with Evangelist.
His admittance at the wicket gate.
His deliverance from the burden of
sin at the foot of the cross.
Piety, Prudence and Charity harnessing him with armor.
Fight with Apollyon.
Vanity Fair. •
Crossing the rivet- to the Celestial
City. ,
Round the centre panels, which are
twenty feet high and six feet in width,
run a series of vignettes representing
minor scenes In the allegory, the first.'
if couise, being Pilgrim's wife and
family trying to dissuade him from
making the Journey. Tho headlight
contains n portrait of Bunyan, and at
the base of the window Is the inscription, "In mernsry of John Buyan. B.
IMS. D. 1088. The Pilgrim's Progress."
The window is ln lho west Isle of
tlio north transcript. Altogether the
memorial has cost £1,200, raised by
lovers of the "Pilgrim's Progress,"
'mt tho project has chiefly been carried through by the exertions and 11b-
.rallty of the Baptist denomination,
-in whose behalf Dr. Clifford will for-
•nally hand over the window to the
dean and chapter of tbe abbey on
'antiary 25.
That Old Fashioned Lady
Everybody loved that oldtaahtnaed
lady. And I find almost ovoryono past
forty has, at the back of his mind,
vivid impressions regarding her and
the social life of which she was the
centre. One remembers the atmosphere of that lady as one rememberB
the blush roses and spicy pinks of
old gardens. Even yet there are gardens where blush roses grow, and I
know some women not yet old, and a
few young girls, whoBe mere presence
servos today to reproduce that atmosphere. She was dauntless and sweet,
that old-fashioned lady, witty, but
lender; as notable a housewife as a
hostess; full of gentle concern for
others, wltb a mind ever at leisure
for their affairs, and a heart whose
lympathy was instantaneous in tbeir
'.rtrvice. Bhe stimulated and she
soothed. Fine, complicating and Interesting as the old lace and finely
wrought gold she delighted to wear,
she was a very precious piece of porcelain. The brilliant, soft daguerreotype that has preserved her only like-
nesB for us did not Idealize her beyond
'ier Just due. Perhaps the intimate
secret ot her influence was the impression she gave of one whose heart
Is fixed, one whom the world can no
longer harm.
eeKiy    Salllngr.   to    and    From
Prepaid Passages
All Railway Statione
Manitoba, Alberta,  Saskatchewan,
British Columbia.
At lowest rates.   For reservations,
tickets, details, see local agents or
J. 8. Calder, Gen'l Agent, Winnipeg
The Effect of 'Good Seed
If one extra potato were added to
each plant grown in the United States
the actual increase in the annual
yield of tho crop'would amount to
21,000,000 bushels. The figure is given
in a report on "Dry Farm Crops and
Their Improvement," by Prof. F. B.
Linfield, of the Montana agricultural
college, and published by the International Dry Farming Congress in its
annual handbook.
"If one extra kernel were added to
naoh head ol oats, barley, wheat or
ear of corn," says Prof. Linfield, "we
would have of oats, 20,000,000 bushels
extra; of barley, l.l.nno.otio bushels
extru; of wheat, l.r,,000.000 bushels extra; and of corn, r,.200,000 bushels extra. And nol for one year alone, but
for all time, this Blight Increase lu the
yield of the plant would add many millions ot htiBhels to our crops.
"Clean, plump selected seed, true to
variety, not mixed, freo from weed
sued and from disease and wilh strong
germinating power should always be
planted liy the farmer as a means of
Increasing his own yield."
The Ucv. Charles II. Spurgcon was
fond of n Joke, and his kentt wit was,
moreover, based on sterling common
sense. One duy ho remarked to one
of Ills sons: "('an you tell me tlie reason why the lions didn't kill Daniel?"
"Xo, Blr.   What was it?"
'■Because the most of him was hack-
bone and rest wns gilt."
ht s bli'1
Back to the Old Times
Sir UufiiB Isaac's first appearance
in wig and gown, bo he told a company
if students not long after he became
a, K. C, was In a County-Court caae
'n which he represented a fruit merchant who was being sued by a coster-
■nonger. The costermonger, who al-
'eged that some boxes of figs he had
purchased were unfit for human food,
Trew angry under Mr. Isaac's cross-
"Look you 'ere gov'nor," he exclaimed, "eome of those 'ere figs is in this
court, and if you eat three of them
and ain't ill In five minutes, I'll give
up the bloomln' case."
Tbe County Court judge thought
that Mr. Isaac ought to make the ex-
neritnent, but the young advocate, resourceful then as now, suggested that
It would be more fit for his client to
accept the challenge.'
"What will happen If I don't eat
theso tigs?" asked the frult-mercbabt.
The future Attorney-General told
him that tudim—it. would probably be
•i nealnst him.
•Then I'll lose the case," waB the
unbesitating reply.
Chinese Traits
The Chinese are orderly, law-abiding and well-behaved; they have a
strong sense of right aud Justice— are
fair-minded; they are reliable In commercial dealings—pay their debts and
keep their agreements, whether verbal
or written; they are dutiful to parents, fond of children and mindful of
cthiuette and punctilious ahout returning courtesies or favors: they are respectful to elders and superiors: thoy
honor and respect character an-1 Iniel-
la-ciual ability, and do not reo .grille
an aristocracy of wealth. Tliia< list
might he largely extended, h'li is Mat-
flcinnt to show what 1 have undertaken to show—tliat China has not hy any
means to seek abroad all the mints-
lies for national greatueBB and popular welfare; some cf tho most Important aro her- already.
Two of a Kind
"I find that my husband has heen
having the offico boy call me up every
day and mumble terms of endearment.
That'B a nico way to fool his wife. He's
been going to the ball game." How
Is it that you didn't catch on to the
volco?" "Well, I'm busy at bridge
every day, and I've been having the
cook answer the telephone."
"Do you know any good remedy for
a deadlock?"
"I should suggest a key to the situation."
A snuff club has been established in
Leeds, says the Standard, and it is
stated that motoring is largely responsible for Ihe fact, because the motorist cannot In his runs in the open
enjoy a cigar.
W. N. U. No. 88*
randpa.—Ah, Tommy, sonic    day
>u will be my heir!.'
Tommy.—Oh!   Then shnll I have to
sit on your head, grandpa?
China's Capitals
Tlie selection of Nanking as the capital by the provincial government of
China recalls the fact that the city
has had that designation at least twice
before. Literally,-the imiaio signifies
"Southern Capital," while tho meaning
of Pekin- is "Northern Capital." Just
bow long in the earlier history of the
empire, Nanking was the seat of the
Government is not mt-.de clear by, the
old records. In the early years of the
fifteenth century, however, tho capital was moved from there lo Pekiu.
During the Taipiug rebellion, the
opponents of the government designated Nanking as their seat ot government. That was in 1853; the rebels
kept up a semblance of power in the
city until their downfall in 1864,
. The new capital is in the centre of
what may bo designated the progressive part of China. Pekin's methods
and history are associated with tne
traditions of Manchuism.
If the- lately assumed attlt'.d.. of
the Manchtis shall be maintained with
any degree of success, existing Civil;
ese difficulties may resolve thenis>i1ve".
into a war between the north and the
south, with Pekin as the capHal of
the representatives of tho old lOglme
and Nanking as the seat of govern-
ment for a republic.
Devon and Cockney
Rev. It. J. Campbell was discussing
the English accent at a dinner in Phil
"Our worst accent," lie said, pushing
back his snow-white hair, "is the Cockney one—the one that turnB, you
know, 'make haste' Into 'mike 'Iste—
and so on.
"I once engaged two maid servants.
One was a Devonian, the other a
Cockney. They were both named
Catherine, but that fact, caused no
confusion in my household. I simply
lalled the Devon girl Kate and the
other Kite, and they always knew
-horn I was addressing."
Wean Heart
.^SijMatSx W Many people suffer from weak hearts.   They may expeu-
*   ^^L^^B^       eaee shortness ol breath on exertion, pain over the heart,
•^MlVa      or dizzy feelin*.., oppressed breathing alter meals or their
w~   ^^^Hf I      eyes become blurred, their heart is not sufficiently strong
r^eSmw    ,__a_y    to pump blood to the extremities, and they have eoldhaada
a   W   >w and leet, or poor appetite because of weakened blood supply
i^wm       ^.09%). to the stomach.   A heart tonic and alterative should be taken
^-__-_-l  ^^SJ-L    whieh has no bad after-effect.   Sueh is Dr. Pieroe's Golden
s   Medical Discovery, whieh contains no dangerous narcotics
nor alcohol. *"■*
The Ingredients,« attested under sath, are Stent rest (Cs.»«e____. fsaadsa
ill). Blooa-roajt {Sartntlmrl* Cxmoemmxlx). Colder. Seal r —
lb), Queen's rest <$tUII**Us f
Mandrake net (PooopbyHuo
In a scientific laboratory In a    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This tosie oontaint no alsohol to shrink up the red blood corpuscles: hut, oa
the other hand, it increases Iheir number and Ihey become round and healthy.
It helps the human system In the constant manufacture ol rich, red blood. It
helps the stomach to assimilate or take up the proper elementa Iron Ihe Iood,
thereby helping .digestion and curing dyspepsia, heart-bum and many uncom-
lortable symptoms, stops excessive tissue wasle in convalessenoe Irom levers;
for the run-down, nnstmte, thin-blooded people, Ihe " Discovery " it refreshing
and vitalizing. Stick to thia safe and sane remedy,snd refuse all " jusl at good
medicines offered by the druggist who is looking lor a larger profit. Nothing
_hut Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will do you hall as mueh good.
l'our druggist will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT tails to euro any caae ot
Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Pilea In < to ll days.    We.
The United Kingdom last year consumed 286,892,000 pounds of tea and
29,105,000 pounds of coffee.
Thousands of Consumptives die
evory year. Consumption results from
a neglected cold on the lungs. Ilsm-
llns Wizard Oil will cure these'colds.
Iust rub It Into the chest and draw
out the Inflammation.
Nearly every locality in Mexico has
its special variety of bread.
'Suutary Chemical ^*m*w Closetl
Fare fast replacing the disease-breeding,
draughty pnvy-pit closets of • few yeara
ago.   Ho man who values the health of his
kjo I   * oe family will hesitate between tha insanitary
INV I  *p CO back yard cesspool and a
N?2 .$ 20 Ptrkjtc Improved Chemical Closet
H • 3 3> 15     instal one in your house at little eost.
M0 A 4b \C\ Absolutely odorless and endorsed as sanitary
n.T^lV fpy leading physicians.    Highest  quality
materials and workmanship.   Lasts a life-
Anni?'inTf_l time.   Avoid inferior makes.   They cost
muu-cj. jw iv u much yet      fl^y buin 0( t00t
Al I DDI(*F*x terials, last only a short time and
nu. l-Klfl.Lt> are positively insanitary, because built
mn TVMKITC on wrong lines.
rVK KUII11J Ask your dealer or order direct
WF-nT HP Band for booklet-"Tho Path to Health."
onriirc        PAWKB-WHYTE, limited ,
LK0v.KIE5*«aaif«< Tertat* Vaactuvtr
TO submit to a headache Is to waste energy, time and comfort.
To stop it at once simply take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggist will confirm our statement that they do hot contain
anything that can harm heart V nervous system.    25c. a box.
Zam-Buk Worked a Wonderful Cure.
Sometimes a bad burn, a deep cut,
or-some similar mishap, sets up a
permanent injury, in the form of an
open, discharging Bore. In such cases
Zam-Buk will be found of unequalled
Mr. \ Nixon, of 901 William Ave.,
.Winnipeg, a blacksmith ot the C.P.R.
shops, hatl his foot badly burned by
some molten metal falling upon it. He
says: "The burn was a very bad one,
and utter the first tew days lt left an
open sore, which showed marked signs
of blood-poisoning. It discharged freely and caused me terrible agony. For
three weeks 1 suffered acutely and
could get no ease. At last I obtained
a preparation from the doctor, whicli
seemed lo stop the discharging and
made me quite hopeful, but finally the
wound became aB bad as over.
"I was then advised to use Zam-Buk,
and from the first application the
balm gave me relief. The inflammation wbb thoroughly checked, and the
poisonous matter cleared away in a
very short time after beginning with
Zatn-Bult. Healing then began, and In
less than two weekB the wound was
thoroughly cured."
Ono of the main lessons of this case
lies right here—try Zam-Buk first for
any injury, sore, Bkln diseaBe or
wound. Don't spend money and waste
time ln experiments. Zam-Buk is equally good tor piles, blood-poisoning, festering wounds, chaps, cold sores, child-
rens' eruptions, scalp sores, varicose
ulcerB, chilblains, etc. All druggists
and stores at 60c box or post tree from
Zam-Huk Co., Toropto, for price. You
are warned against harmful substitutes and inferior preparations.
Call and let us explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.
No Parting Now
"Were any ot your boyish ambitions
ever realized?" asked the sentimental-
"Yes," replied the practical person.
"When my mother used to cut my
hair, 1 often wished I might be bald-
What Makes
You Tired
There are 48 paupers In London for
every 1,000 Inhabitants.
$100 Reward, ,$100.
Tbo readers ol thu paptr will be plowed to learn
that there h at leant ono dreaded dlscaw that science
ban Uren able to euro ta all its Btimes, and that la
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh euro hi thc only potitivf
curt' now known to the medical fraternity, Catarrh
being a con-fllttutlonal disease, require* a cotutltu*
tiuni. treatment. Hull's catarrh cure la taken tn*
teroally. netln<t directly upon thc blood and tnucotu
mrfuecH til tho system, thereby dent my In it lho
i_.t_ntlj.ti.*'. ot the disease, and giving the patient
itrength by building up tho constitution and umlsU
ing nature in doing Its work. Tho proprietor* havo
n much faith In Its curatlva powers that they oner
One*'Hundred Dollars (dr sny ease that It falls to
cure.- Hend (or list ot testimonials
Address 1'. J. CHENEY &. CO.. Toledo, O.
.Hold by nil Iiruuclsts. 75e.
Tako Hulls family Pills lor oonstlpaUoa.
A tower that will rival tho Eiffel
Tower of Paris Is to be erected at
San Francisco for the Panama-Pacific
Exposition of 1915. It wilt-be 850 teet
In height, with a base 129 feet high,
making a total height ot 979 feet,
Mtehlv atopa courts,
the ikMai aid l**a*
colds, heals
iiS casta.
A knight ot Palestine did tare;
He had the colic; when and where?
In the middle of tbe (k) night.
Coctlvenesa and Its Cure—When the
exoretory organs refuse to perform
their functions properly the intestlues
become* clogged. This is known aB
eoMlveness and If neglected gives rise
to dangerous complications. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will effect
speedy cure. At the first intimation
of this ailment the sufferer should
procure a packet of the pills and put
himself under a couise ot treatment.
The good effects of the pills will be
almost Immediately evident.
So Tired That Even Sleep Falls
There Are Poisons in the Blood That
Can be Removed by
You get tired. That is only natural,
whether you wort with bruin or muscle. But when you aro not restored
by a night's sleep there is something
The process of living is something
like the burning ot a fire. When the
nerve cells are consumed by the activity of life and work thero is left in
tho system an ash in the form of poisonous waste matter. These poisons
In the system cause pain and give
rise to feelings ot fatigue.
Nothing will so quickly sweep these
plaons from the system as Dr. Chase's
.-.Idney-Llver Pills. The liver is quickened ln action, the bowels move regularly and the kidneys take on new
vigor and activity.
The blood Is purified, the waste
matter which has been clogging and
retarding the organs of digestion is
removed. Headaches, and backaches
disappear, the appetite is sharpened,
digestion improves and you feel fine
ln every way.
A single box' of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills, at a cost of twenty-five
centB, will convince you of the promptness and certainty with which this
great medicine cleanses the filtering
and excretory organs and restores to
health and vigor the whole digestive
system. One pill a dose, 25c. a box,
at all dealers or Kdmanson, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Denmark boasts 8e head of cattle
to each 100 inhabitants.
"Come along Joe, it's past time to
get upl"
"Pastime! It'a Jolly hard work
these cold mornings!'.'-
Skin All Covered
Tried Many Remediei 3 ot 4 Yean.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured.
A Quebec man, N. Henri Terdlf, of St.
Ccilmlr, writes In a letter dated Mar. 31,1*11:
"I bid a very bad akin, all covered with
eruption, eight yean bro. X have had all ol
both my shouluois covered with lt, and tho
hajtti put of my arnu, and my tare, but It
wan ths wont on my shoulders. I tried many
different remedies to cure It, but nothing wai
any good. Al last I went to an apothecary.
lie uked me If I had ever used Cuticura
Boap and Ointment. I told him no, and I
bought a box ol Cuticura Ointment and a
take of Cuticura Soap. I used three boxes'
at Cuticura Ointment, but I am glad of
the same, for Cuticura Soap and Ointment
completely cured mo of my skin eruption.
1 spread the Cuticura Ointment on alt my
aan parti, and I think that la washing my
face with tho Cutlrura Soap, it hindered my
eruption Irorr. Itching and burning. I tried
many remedies during three or lour yean
but CuUcur* Boap and ointment cured me."
(Signed) N. Henri Tardtl.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment an sold
throughout the world, but to thoeo who
have suflanxl much, lost hopo and are without fa'th ir. any treatment, a liberal tmraplo
of ea«.h with a 33-p. booklet on the skin
and snip will bo mailed free, on application.
Address Potter Drug A tliem. Corp., N
Columbia Ave., Boston, U. 8. A.
W. N. U. No. 884
Mrs. Dolina J. Lawlor, writing from
Oxbow, Sask.,'says: "I would be lacking in gratitude lt I did not write ypu
and let you know of the wonderful
good your Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have done for my daughter, Belle Lawlor. Indeed I think I may safely say
that tbey have been the means of saving ber life. For many years my home
has been ln Bruce Mines, Ont. Something over a year ago my son and
daughter, then in her sixteenth year,
left for tbe west. When leaving here
my daughter was In the best ot health,
but ln fie following spring .she was
stricken with what the docto.- said was
inflammatory rheumatism in Its worst
form. After n few weeks she was
able to get up, but her hands and
limbs were so swollen that Bhe could
not dress herself. She continued ln
this way for some tic.;, and. then a
second attack, worse than the first,
set in, and my son' telegraphed me, as
she yrea very low. While I was getting ready to make the trip of eighteen
hundred mileB I got a second message
to come at once, as they feared she
could not live. When I reached ber
I found her even worse than I had expected. She was bo weak and emaciated that I would not have known
her, and she could only speak in a
whisper. Her hands and fingers were
all twisted and her limbs swollen to
twice their natural size. The doctor
had then been attending her for two,
months, and she seemed steadily grow-^
ing worse. We did not dare move her
In bed for fear of her heart giving out.
She waa as pale as a corpse, and her
lips and face always cold. Wo had to
fan her continually, and if we ceased
only tor a little while she would gasp
tor breath, and no one who saw her
thought It possible sho could get belter. She suffered such pain that 1
used to go out of the room and put my
fingers in my oars to shut out her
Hasping and moaning. I had known
before of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
aB wo could gradually see her sinking
I told my Bon 1 was going to give her
the Pills. Ho was opposed to my idea
tor he thought a change in the medicine might prove fatal. Howoer, I*,
was finally decided to give her the
Pills, ln a week's time she showed
some improvement and felt like eating. From that time on she began to
sain steadily. Gradually her hands
and fingers became straight, the swelling ln the limbs went down, and her
heart-heats became regular, and the
color returned to her face, and Boon
the cure wbb complete. She Is now
as strong and healthy bb any girl of
her age, and to see her you would
never think she had passed through
an Illness from which none of her
friends thought she could recover. You
have my sincerest thanks for what
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills bave done for
my daughter, and you may be sure I
shall always recommend them."        I
Mr.'. F'atf—Alice can not seem to
master that difficult piece of music.
She's been trying all the afternoon."
Mrs. Nexdore.—Yes, indeed, site has!
The Friond of All Sufferers—like
to "the shadow ot a rock ln a wearyi
land" is Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil to
all those who suffer pain. It holds
out hope to everyone and realizes tt
by stilling suffering everywhere. It is
a liniment that has the blessings of
half a continent. It is on ?ale everywhere and can be found where i.-. esquired for.
thi* Debt ever maae
• a n t e c d U> q * v e you
At alldea'ers o> _>( r
After ten years' controversy, lt has
been decided in France that the industry of gathering old corks and
making use ot them a second time is
not detrimental to public health.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
"Did you get that castor sugar,
"No, mum, they was sold out; but
I got a bottle of castor-oil in the
chemist's instead!"
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy. No Smarting*—■Peels
Try Murine Bye .,___...
Flue—Acts Quickly. Try it ior lieu, weak,
Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelids. IUu*
trated Book In each Package. Murine in
compounded by our OculistB-not -a "Patent Mod-
kino"—bat used In Biiccutisfut l'hynlcInns' Prac
tiro for many years. Mow dedicated to tli.t Public, and sold by Druggists at 26c and Wc tier Bottle,
Murine Kye BalTeln Aseptic Tubes, Sue and He,
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chloago
The Ailinglon Co. ol Canada, Lid.
.8 Ft'asei Ave., Toronto, 0nt_wo
bricks can uo made from Cliiy, SUais
or Hand. Full information upon request
Ths Berg Machinery Mfq. Co.,  Limited)
Toronto, Ont
socialist, I College St. Tarsals.
kWeak Kidneys Don't Curs
They need wch help u Nature provides
'. excellent aid to .repaired kidneys ia
•teet nitre.   It ia one of the curative
•ante in DR. CLARK'S SWEET
fKITRE I'ILLS and is helped In its
work by St. other splendid medicines.   Take   DR.   CUtRK'B
Sweet .Nitre
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k, pains in the joints,
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ty cents a hox or mailed direct by
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Well, Well!
* I dyed ALL these
of Goods
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I used
OLEAN and 8IMPLI to Um.
Th* JofcabOfl-Richardion Co.. Li mi led, Montrtal,
Mas. Wi_.g_.oWs Soothing Svki.t lias been
used lor over SIXTY YEARS lay MILLIONS al
1> the best remedy for DIARK1K1.A. It Is absolutely harmless. __e sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take ao other
kind, anreat_r._wicc_._ae, bottle.
Advantages of a Good Pasture Replace
by Using
Twenty-Five Years Test Without Failure
It Keep* Sheep Free From Ticks and Assures Better Wool
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Flavor of Milk and Butter are Improved When Herbageum
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None Better-Cost Only 1 l-2c per lb.
HERE IT IS—100 lbs.   Oil Cake Meat. 300 lbs.  Shorts, 4 lba.
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Leading Poultrymen Assure Us that Herbageum Has No
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And Remember—Nothing Else is Quite so Good.
Sole Manufacturers.
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"Twentieth Century" (arm.
You wouldn't be sailstled to uae a scythe to cut your grain,
when a modern harvester can do lt ao much better, would you?
Ner to uae the old soft-Iron plough-share that your anceetora
walked bohlnd, when you can got an up-to-date riding plough?
Every Canadian farmer realises the advantage* of Twentieth
Century Implement*.
The next *tep 1*
The 20th Century Material-Concrete
Concrete I* as far ahead of brick, atone, or wood aa the
harvester I* ahead of the scythe or the riding-plough 1* ahead
of the old Iron plough-ahare,
Concrete Is easily mixed, and easily placed. It resist* heat and
cold aa no other material ran; hence la beat for Ice-house*, root-
cellar*, barns ailoa and homos.   It never need* repair; therefore
lt makes tht beat walks, fence-poet*, culvert*, drain-tiles, survey
monuments, bridges and culvorta.   It cannot burn; you can clean
a concrete poultry-houae by tilling lt wilh *traw and sotting tha
•traw allrc.   The lice, tick* and all germ* will be burned, but
tho houae la uninjured.
It 1* cheap—sand and gravel .ran ba taken from your own
farm.    Cement, the only material you must buy, form* from
ono-sevoni*> to one-tenth ot th* whole volume.
Do you want to know mora about Concrete ou tht Farm?
Then write your name and address In tha Unas above, or on a
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"What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
Not a catalogue, but a l«0-paga book, profusely Illustrated,
explaining how you can ua* concrete on TOUR farm.
tiJ.-.-      *-
If yiiu~liHve any trouble with
your Byes, difficulty in seeing
distinctly, or if you suffer from
lieu.laches—if the child cannot
era- well at school, or if its eyes
Ret tired, call and have them
most carefully examined
lay our specialist,
Ar\ HI        . JI WHILES ft
.D.Momson, optician
•aalillfllaa..! at airmail Porka. Ilrltl_.li Colli nl lit
.Editor and Publlalier
A Hip ot this paper can be seen at the office
jf Measra. K. & J. Hardy A I'd., Sal, Si anal 32.
Fleet a-.__a.eet, K.C., London. Bnalauii, frue of
-harffe, and thst Arm will be ((Tail to reoelve
ubacrliliona nntl advertisements on our be*
.Ine Year     .". *I.M>
'Ine Yeur (In uiivanoel  1.00
One Year, lu United Slates  1.-0
Addroaa all communications to
Tub Bvbnino Sua,
Phonb Hal Grand DoBRS, B.C
FRIDAY, MARCH  22, 1912
It required an appropriation of
$200,0011 of lbe people's money to
secure thi; election by acclamation of
one government member in Alberni.
Ijfri !.arly every instance where the
late government member has been
defeased for renominHtion he is running as an independent candidate.
The graft at Victoria must he particularly attractive.
Tub Grand Forks correspondent of
Nelson News should be more careful
in obtaining facts. The Sun does not
know of any Liberals or Socialists in
this dfstrict who have expressed confidence in the McBride government.
He is only "Good Roads" Taylor
by courtesy of a fawning party press.
The roads are realljLnot much better
than th^y were when he became a
cabinet minister, ulthough the loud
appropriations since that time have
been excessively high.
Going 1 Toko is the fnv..ri_« pas
time of people on their vacation
COMMENT ienl'1   hour—they  asked for it and
*   showed the 'premier  that  such  a
The liquor traffic of British Colui'n- • promise .would be necessary to carry
bia is at present under the absolute the constituency. The "railway"
control of t,he provincial government, , roule t(, power, fame and fortune is
and   is   used  as a political machine. I much shorter—or longer—.huh   the
The Liberal platform on this issue
reads as follows; "(1) We insist on
the complete removal of the liquor
question from partf politics. (2) The
control of the liquor traffic should be
vested in the municipalities or locally-
elected boards iu unorganized territories. (3) A local option law. (4)
For the protection of the public we
insist upon careful inspection of all
liquors offered for sale."
For five years the records of tho
government's prodigality—or worse—
has been locked and guarded and the
public denied access to evidence which
would inevitably result in  conviction.
In a speech at Agassiz, J. P. McConnell, Liberal candidate for Ya'e,
said: "I challenge Mr. McBride to
show whether orjiot the government
has made a payment of $800,000, o'r
any other sum, as a whole or part of
a first installment of interest on the
bonds of the Canadian Northern
railway guaranteed in 1909. It
would mean .that the fust payment
of interest would practically burden
the whole $4G,000,000 on the province."
It will be interesting to note'what
the local Conservative candidate will
have to say in defence of the repurchase by the government of thousands of acres of mountain peaks
and useless lauds from the C. P. H.
Railway company, for 40 cents an
acre. Messrs. McBride, Cotton, Tis-
dall and otber members and supporters of the government objected
to giving the railway company 25
cents an acre for the lands before
they were picked over and the best
culled out, but are quite agreeabU to
give 40 cents an acre for the refute,
and Mr. Shaw was among those who
favored this being done. What has
•he to Bay in defence of his action?—
Kamloops Sentinel.
HhiI the elector." of Nelson nsked
Premier McBti le for u railway in
stead of a traffic bridge across the
Kootehiiy river they wonld huve received a promiss of its construe ini'.
Railway's are the "veal-pocket"
specialties of the premier Revel
stoke has thc "assurance" ol a railway from that cily through un i> •
accessible territory to the Tele Jnine
Oche. and all laeciuse—at ihe elev-
Our -splendid now line of Builders' Hardware nnil
Tools is now ready for you.
We keep standard makes of Adzes, Chisels, Hammers, Hatchets, Saws—everything,
You take no chance in not getting the best when you
buy from us.
We want to see you often.
bridge route, and there is no reason,
other than their failure to grasp the
possibilities of the eituatioh, why
Nelson should not have a railway to
the lop of Toad mountain.— Vic-
touia Times.
Changing West
"Saw two famous bad men come
together during my trip west."
"Both killed?"
"Xubody killed. You can't talk
a man to death."—Washington
Holy Trinity Chuucii. Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services- Holy uoni-
munion, 8:00 A.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will.be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Weekday und special services
as they are announced - from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Ciiuhoh—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats fi-ee^ Kev. M. D.-McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunduy school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuiich, Rev. H, W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Removed With
TAe QexaMl Store,
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby. 25,112      243,003
Mother Lode  8,740       85,785
Rawhide  4.78G       22,704
Jackpot       122 3,609
Athelstan   340
Emma      .436 4,91*1
Others      2*20 2,633
Smeller treatment—
Oranby 25,111       288.87*2
B.C. Cupper Co... 1.3,955      119.994
Our time, knowledge and
experience in tlie printing
business is at your disposal
when yon are in need of .something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Tlie high price of living has
not affected our job printii g
prices. We're are still tloii g
high class commercial work- of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
%\\t SWmtek
THE STANDARD la tho National
Weekly Newspaper of tho Dominion
of Canada. It Is national ln all Us
It uses tho most expensive eftgrav-
incs, procuring tha photographs from
all over tho world.
Ita articles aro carefully selected and
Ua editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Thc Standard
costs $2.00 par ytar to any address in
Canada or Croat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publisher!.
Electric Restorer for Men
Ph OSphonol restores every nerve tn the body
—        . to Its proper tension: restores
viui«ud vitality. Premature decay awl fill sexual
weakness averted at once. Phoiphonol will
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15. Mailed to anv address. Th* Boouell Drug
Co.. It. CMhurinei. Uot.
Jw\ we are prepared to give the people ot Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all tne
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen S Mullen
Office I
F. Downey's Cigar Store
om.at:, mail IM Wrapt
IUnhen's Kksidemce, IBS ****** «lloCI
.    First-Class
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B. C.
P. O. BOX 1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Mefla. aa. Cralflaalpv   Hni... Murirlie.ter,   Knir. .
Maker* aaf Gaa. PruilubeV PluiiU nntl nil |
QinC n Motocyole—it's the most fasclnnt-
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Kiiglneiifor geuerul  power
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til* eli-i I ileal j
l  *m*********m***********-********.m*******************.-^
Mi'shi-4.  Digit",  Kerr A Co,  Ltd., Preston, I
Kngland    Kt|iiipini>iit for Mines nud Con- I
tractor.-:  Light.   Locomotives (nIoiiiii   uud
elect rlciM), ulu.
sterling Ttufephone Op., portable «ln_t-
ti i iuu: machines for minem, oontrueiorn.
nrofpeoton, Tin* bJjM On tlio market.
v\rite for particulars.
Moiors, UeiienttQ*.  Kleet'tcul   Snpplles-
KU_-c.tni.nl Renting  uml Cooking  Appuru
tiiH, Stornuo I'ntieries, etc*.
Your emiulrlefl will receive  our  prompt
attention.   Write fn.-iiifuimutUiii.
(l'ut>II«hed Annually)
K-uuMes traders throughout the  world  to
communicate direct with tiuglUh
In each class of good*, l-esldes being ii complete commercial guide tn Lon'dciu and Its
suburbs, tbo directory contains lists of
with the (ioods they ship, and the Colonial
nod Foreign .Markets tbey supply;
..rianged uuder tbe Forts to wblcb they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
nf leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns aud Industrial
centres uf tbe united Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 209.
Dealers seeking Agencies cnn advertise
iheir trade cards lor JE1, or larger advertisement.*, front £3,
Hit. Aheliuinli Land. London, K.C;
Or-irliiul Mineral Cluim, situate In tin
Grand Forks Mining .Division uf Ynle UU-
Where located:   In Itrown'M camp.
TAKK NOTICK tbat I, Alexander C. llurr.
Free Miliars't'ertltleate No. iMHMiR, for
myself snd hr agent for Charles K. Haker.
Free Miners' C-nHleate No, S'-SntlB, Itt-
tend, sixty At**'* from the dnto hereof, tn npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining a Crou n lirunt of the al-ove, eluho.
Aud further take notice that notion, under
section  Ul,   must  be commenced before the
issuance  of   Mich CertlHcate   of    Improvements.
Dated this mix dny nf June, A.D. 1.H1
Tale Laud District, District of Similkameen,
TAKK notice thut Robert F. Page of Old-.
Alberta, occupation Farmer, intend*, to
applv for '[permission to purchase the foi*
lowing described binds:
Commencing at a post planted about 3.i
chnins north or tbe northwest comer of Lot
1188 S., on Deep Creek, nnd nbout Hve inlle-
etist of the town of Cascade: thenoe north
40 chains; thence west 40 chains; thenee
Mint li 40cbalui; theuce east 40chatn« to point
uf commencement.
J.R. Cranston, Agent.
Dnted September 2nd, KM. THE   SUN,   GRxYND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your Money Back for the
Asking.   You Promise
We are *io confident that w« can
furnish relief for indigestion and dyspepsia that we promise to supply the
medicine free of all cost to every one
who usnit according tu direction who
is not perfectly satisfied with the results. We exact no promise aud put
no one under any obligation whatever.
.Surely nothing could be fairer. Wa
are lecated right here where you live,
aud our reputation should be sufficient
assurance of the genuineness of our
We want every one who is troubled
with indigestion or dyspepsia in any
form to come to our store and buy a
box of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets.
Take them home, and give them a reasonable trial, according to directions.
If they don't please you, tell us and
we will quickly return your money.
They have a very mild but positive
action upon the organs with whioh
tbey couie iu contact, .apparently acting as a regulative tonic upon the re-
vassal newspapers as surely as a fire
must have sticks.
Of course they receive suitable rewards in the form of advertising and
job printing and copious subsidies and
bonuses and premiums. But how the
bosses reduced them to such vassalage,
such servitude, and made absolute
flunkeys of them all, would be a hard
question to answer. The litte words
serfdom, bondage, and slavery do
not properly express the shackled condition of these newspapers.
Take any of these papers that wear
the yoke, for example. You expect a
party paper to support its party, of
course. But these papers do not only
do that: they are servile. Their obvious flunkeyism makes yuu sick,
afl'hey uot only follow .the government,
but they follow at its chariot wheels
with chains round their neck. This servitude is incomprehensible, because
the rewards received by these papers
are not big enough. With thiee or
four notable exceptions, tne bosses aie
not generous to these papers. Anybody can understand the bosses who
distate tne issue ukases to these parasitical newspapers insisting upon obedience, buhpuoh cowering, crawling,
groveling obsequiousness is hard to
The government's leading organs
fawn upon the two bosses like*- dogs.
Servile flattery and lickspittle ahuse-
nient   are   apparent   in every line of
laxed muscular coat of the bowel, thus
overcoming weakness, and aiding   to edlturial m^t tou(.hiog the "govern-
restore the bowels to more vigorous
and heajthy activity. The sizes, 25c,
.")0c, and $1.00. Remember, you can
obtain Rexall Remedies only at our
store—The Rexall Store. H. E.Woodland.
ment and its rule, and the news columns are full of "stories" that would
lead the person not supplid with local
knowledge to believe that the two
greatest men in the world were Bow-
eel* ond McBride, that their government was an absolutely perfect example of representative government,
that it had dowered British Columbia
with everything worth having, nud
that the two gentlemen who are at the
I head of this government are infallible
A Bribed Press
In British Columbia there are many
newspapers, but little liberty of the
press.    Most of the British Columbia
newepsw. are no more at liberty to ^.^   ..,|t b,0 ,,,  making ,ms
express     themselves    independently ^^ orof unythin„ but benevolence.
than the corner saloon, which is owned
by a certain brewery, is at liberty to _._._,   ju8tice.     Qne   mom-ng
.apll     nn.fll.Kor     !ti>au-a_>»'a      ______.* T_t__.    , >.>_>,.,
in   particular   is   of   all   the
sell another brewery's beer. The
Bowser-MoBride oligarchy, which holds
the province, of British Columbia in
fee fee simple, owns most of the
For along time British Columbia's
two bosses, Bowser and McBride,
have been running a feudal system of
their own in this province, and of
course a modern feudalism must have' cess.
virtue and almost god-like wisdom
organs known to me the most sickening example of sycophancy. This
paper is the principal government organ on the British Columbia mainland.—Saturday Sunset.
The man who makes a specialty of
gettihg there makes a   habit  of   sue-
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers •
this Season.   r_/ln Inspiration of Love and
Affection—r^4 Picture that will be like a
-. . Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young'
rrilK K.imily Herald nnd Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
\ the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, has on
many occasions given its readers most delightful premium picture,
hut this season they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
"•the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. c
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous'for his beauty and gentleness, winners
nf many prizes at dog snows, tbe pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and alter many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns homo on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
whieh he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjoric, to the door und
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers he'r welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breaBt with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where 1 love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman' of soft curves, tender eyes
nnd parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
1 i- mother's nnd the quick gesture iif excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck .of
ihe beautiful collie, all go to form a picture tbnt will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by tbe celebrated artist, Arthur J, Elsley, famous for
his skilful anil sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on henvy plnle pnper 22x20
inches all ready for training will be mailed FRKK to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
- The small Bum of 81.00 will secure the two papers for a full yenr including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which nlone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought nt thnt price.
Every home in Mhe Boundary should get the big Si.-50 worth this
The Candidates.
Vancouver—Liberals,Ralph Smirh,
Aid. C. W. Enright, Aid. W. S.
Cameron, Maxwell Smith, J. N.
ElliS; Conservatives, W. H. Bowser,
H. H. Watson, C. E. Tfgdall, A. H.
B. MacGowan, Dr. G. A. McGuire;
Socialists, J. Reid. J. A. Macdonald, C. Sayers, J. H. Aenderson, J.
P. Lord; Independent,  Sam Green.
Victoria—Liberals, H. H. Brew-
Bter, R. T. Elliott; Conservatives,
Hon. Richard McBride,' H. B.
Thomson, Frederick Davey.H. F.
W, Behnsen; Independent, B. J.
Perry; Socialist, V. R. Midgley.
New Westminster—L beral, Geo,
Kennedy; Consertive, Tom  Gilford.
Grand Forks—Conservative, E.
Miller; accamation.
Rossland—Liberal, L. D. Taylor;
Conservative, L. A. Campbell; Socialist, G. B. Casey.
Neleon—Conservative,W. R Maclean; Socialist, A. W. Harrod; Independent Conservative,  H.   Wright*
Cranbrook—Conservative, T. D.
Cnven; acclamation.
Kaslo—Conservative.Neil T. Mackay; acclamation.
Ymir—Socialist, R. 1*. Pettipiece;
Conservative, J. H. Schofield.
Fernie—Conservative, W. R.
Ross; Socialist, William Davidson.
Columbia—Conservative, FI. G.
Parson; Independent Conservative,
H. E. Forster.
Greenwood—Conservative, J. R.
JackBon; Socialist, George Heather-
Slocan—Liberal, AnthonySbilland j-
Conservative, William Hunter.
Alberni — Conservative, .1. G.
Wood; acclamation
Saanich—Liberal, W. Noble; Conservative, Hon. D. M   Eberts.
The Islands—Independent, Percy
Winch; Conservative, Hon. A. E.
Cowichan—Liberal, A. A. Herd;
Conservative, W, F. Hayward.
Esquimalt—Liberal, M. R. Jack
son; Socialist, George Oliver; Con.
servatives, John Jardine,. 11. D
Helmcken, H. tt. Pooley.
Newcastle—Socialist, Parker Williams; Conservative, R. B. Dier.
Revelstoke—Conservative, Hon.
Thomas Taylor; acclamation.
Similkameen — Conservative, L.
VV. Shatford; acclamation.
Richmond—Conservative, Carter
Cotton; acclamation.
Delta—Liberal, John Oliver; Conservative, F. J. A. Mackenzie.
Skeena—Liberal, Alex Manson;
Conservative, William Manson; Socialist, W. H. Montgomery.
Yale—Liberal, John P. McConnell; Conservative, Alex Lucas.
Nanaimo—Liberal, H. Shepherd;
Conservative, ex-Mayor Planta; Socialist, J. Place.
Okanagan—Liberal, 0. T. Sterling; Conservative, i I am. Price Ellison.
Atlin—Conservative, Mnn. II. K.
Young; acclsnialinii.
Chilliwack—Conservative, S A.
Cawley; acclamation,
Hotel C0,'n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly turn Is tied throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Pint-
class accommodations for
transient!. Board and
rnnms by the week at prevailing rates. Fine Hue of
Wines, Liquors ond Clears
always in Block Ht the bar.
Grand Forks, B. G.
Form No 1.
NOTl.'K li hereUy Riven that an application
will be made uniler Pa t \. ui m "WMur
Act. 1909," ti.ui.i.itna liiwime in the BliiiiUa
iii (.en Division of Va'*. Dihtrlct.
(a) The tm mc.  nddrcss mul   Occiipnt oi nf
*•■•?: applicant I  George   Alexander    buiart
Bell, Ramhur, l\ ()   Box *-13, Orand t'orks, If.!
C_.rft..iilei.i*e I,..wil,  ;(li for mining pur-'
posea) I'ree .Miner'*-. • erm'cate No	
(b) Tl e   nume   of    the  lake.  rtrenm or I
rxiiircc (if   unnamed,   the    description   Ik):
North Kork of Kettle Klver.   *
(c) The point of diversion; Opposite
townsite uf Niagara. *
(d) The quantity of water applied fur (In
culm, feet per second): <>ne cubic fout per
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe, gasoline pump and Hume.
(f) The premises on which the wa'er Is to
he used (describe came): Lot »tni,Slmil_wi-
uieen hi, i-i -n ot Yule.
(it) Tic I'lui'OK's for which the water is to
he usetl:    irrigation.
(h) If for i'ligation describe the land intended to .teirrlgateil, «iiv ng acre we: Fruit
laml on left bank uf North fork, about 1 -A
~(l) If the water is to be used for power or
mining purposes de-ciibe the ptnee where
the water ih to be returned to some natural
channel, and the diltcivnce In altitude between point of diversion Hnd point of return.
(J) Area of Crown land intended to be occupied by the proposed works.   Nil.
(k) This notioe wai posted nn the 23rd day
of Mtroh, 1_:12, and application Will he made
to the Commissioner ontheiMth day of April,
(1) Give the names and addresses nf any
ri pari mi proprietor*, or licensees who or
whose latids art. likely tube .itte< ted by the
pruiiov d Works, either ahove or he low the
outlet.   Nil.
(Signature) <*    A. 9. BHM,.
(P.O. Addresi.) I* O. Box B1H, (irand Forks.H.C
Note-One ruble font per second ts equiva*
.-■ut to 33.71 miner's inches.
Ws Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly clone.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
The only polity holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. 'I'he only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
lloniembei* that every added
Subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
1 he O'iver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Pica** read tlie iieadllm-jover uirnfn. Then it*>
'remeiidonu siimitimiici* will Iuwn upon you
An Oliver Typewriter-Hie utmi.lu.nl visible
writer—the moct highly perit ted typewriter
<n the market—youm for 17 cent** dny!
The typewriter wlionecoin|UR«t of the coin
nereial world is a matter of liintorr—your^ fo
17 renin a dsy!
I'he typewriter that tfi equipped with scores °*
-iicli conveniences as "ihe Butaueu Shift"-
*rrh0 Killing Device"--"The Jhmblu UeleaM'"-
Tlie LoCOtllOtiVe Bate"—"'The AlltomnMc
-pHcer"—"Tlie Automatic. Tabulator"-*5**"The
—"The Adjustable i*ft-
perPtiigenP—"The Rei-
emifi.* Condensed Key
Yours (or  17
Cents a Day!
We anotmeed   tbit
new tales plan recently, Jusl lo reel the pain oi
the people, simply a hinull chhIi payment-*
then 17 cents a day. That is lhe olau iu a nutshell.
The result litis been nuch a deluge of applications for Out cliff) ea lhat we are simply a*-
The demand comon from people of all rlaues.
nil ngflii, nil occupations.
Tho majority oi Iiiqufrlei hiwcomo;ftuirt peo*
lenf known lin mi< iai stand tint who were at
traoted by the novelty of the pruppa.'on.   An
un ih-'hivc ilmi'MiM nil iuu of th** Immense pop*
u arliy of the Ullver Typewriter
A -intl lint' eimllrn.iitjoii of our lu'liff tlmt
lhe Km of Universal Typ.w rlifiiK Ih nt hand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are M .i i tl Mncy with
IBe x-
The Standard I Isihle Writer
The Oliver Typewriter is ii money-nut It ft
rigid from the »ord "gol" Meanly tn run thnt
heitllilicn nih.ii [H.t In Die "expert" date*. Karu
as Vol! learn. Let the machine j m the IT CCIlU
a (lav   and all above tlmt Is your**.
Wherever you are; there i* work to be done
and money lo be made bv t.alnu the Oliver. TN>
bitMnenwprld li calling for Oliver operator-.
'there aie not enough tfl -upplv the demand.
Tliclriolarlojijare slderably above t e oi
inuny ClAtteaol workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tbat i" the battb'crv toiinv, Ac imve made
iheollxerfupreuic In uiofulucMaiid absolutely
luillspciisatiie in buslueia. Now cornea Ilie con'
qtteal of tin* hoine.
The simplicity and atrengtli ofthe Olivet ut n
for family use. it i- bccomlua au Important
liieior [ii tbe home triiiuim.' of yoilltg people,
A li educator m, well iik a monev maker
tlur new aolllng plan puti Lho Oliver nu the
IhnuOiold of every home in America,   win vou
elo-e I he floor of vour home oi otlice  Dtl Ihlf ie-
VVhtoforturtherdctallanfourensj offer and
new Uliui ealnlo;.   Adt Tut*
New l.aliliaan Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a duzen lioiiks iu one, covering the
history, (jeogruph)', geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
to all ami necessary to most men engaged in nny branch of the coppen
Its facts will pass muster with thc
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes Ift.'Ki copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen piiges, according
to import nice of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is Conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Booh on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fads it gites him about mines,
mining aud the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about .mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundred" of swindling companies are
exposed ill plain I'.nglisli.'
Price is Su in I.uckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may he returned within a week of t«
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens.
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Mock,
Houghton. Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for thc remaining weeks of 1911,
I'ree. It i9 your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
I, 1912, it will be advanced to fZ.W.
Serials and Otlier Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contami
the equivalent ol 30 volumes of tie-
best reading, including nearly 3U"
Stories, Articles by l'amous Writers,
Athletics for Hoys, Clmts with Girls,
thc Uaxtor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Aiintiunrrtncnt for 1°I2 CO,! Sam fir
Oipu-t of 'Die lout/i s Companuin. t,ce.
PH0NF64   -     GRAND FORKS, 8. C.
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor Tjiievrrllor Dull.linn,
FREE to Jan. 1912
Ever? Naw Subtcriber who cuts out
nnd sends this slip (or mentions tl. .
paper) with $1.75 for the 62 issueiof
Tha Companion for 1012 will rect. iva
AH tha Usuei for the rema.tii".f
week* of 1911 free, includm* lai
beautiful Holiday Numbers] also -
Tha Companion's Picture Cafti A -r.
for 1912, lilhotrnphed in 12 crfofl
and void (an extra copy .-.-in«t •*«•! to
every one tnakinR a ■: ;i • ni'.*icfi|*icij.
Then Tha ComfMnlaa I"* ih-. 52
weeUi of 1912-fill !■*. SI.7." -tour
lest chance at thi« ,*t. •<•. On January
1, 1912, il will be advaiMad to S2.
Mmt Subjcriytiooi Rcccivnl M TliU WH >. Tm?, st™. an r\srr, topks. uhtttstt COTJTMHTA
Bridgeville, N. S.
"For twenty years I have been
- troubled with -Kidney and Bladder
Trouble, and have been treated by
many doctors but found little relief.
I had given up all hope of getting
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I can ri'.y with a happy heart, that I
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Write ns for free sample of Gin Pills
io try. Then got the regular size boxes
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60c. a bopi, fi for $2.r,i). Money refunded If Gin Pills fails to cure. Natljn.il
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, I.
lted, Dept, N. U„ Toronto. l.'t
"Won't you come Into the fiarlor,
Where the light Is burning low?'
"No, I thank you, Mary, darling:
I don't like lnush-roonis, you know."
Saskatchewan man tells of quick relief
after three years of suffering.
Holbeck, Sask.,—Among the many
on the prairies wbo are shouting the
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The cost of Italy's Tripoli expedition is.estimated at $2,500,000 a day.
Minard's liniment cures garget In cow*
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"I understand that old Billyonair
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ailment and subdue lt.
Hard Work
"What is Billy Hardatit doing these
days?"   asked Smithers.   "Oh,   he's
working his son's way through college," said little Binks.
Relief for the Depressed.—Physical
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More than 57,000 motor    vehicles
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Mlnard'e Liniment Cures OlphJherla.
. A new college of agriculture has
been opened at Mlddleburg, South
In 1910 butler exported by Russia
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Mrs. Albert Rarriault, St. Alphonse,
Que., writes: ."I have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my baby who suffered from constipation. They completely cured her and I can strongly recommend them to all mothers." The
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A new English bullet ignites
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Canadian shingles have been practically driven out of the United States
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1 bathed lt well with MINARD'S LINIMENT and It was ns well as ever
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t. c. Mcmullen.
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Be sure you get SNAP the original
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on the
The municipal Improvements made
In Uerlln In our generation constitute
It one of the wonders of the world.
Thc amount devoted to such betterments is $80,000,000.
Soft corns nre difficult to eradicate,
but Holloway's Corn Cure will draw
them out painlessly.
In 1850, but one woman worked to
every 10 men; now tlie ratio is aUont
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Waa. offer yon freel
i .feUbso__.__ui_el.iyoa'
ell about hone diseases aad how to cure
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1 i« finlubl*.    It vam fpwin, c-irb, JMWL
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' Otlt.tmJS - "I ttrtTMT |MWt« CMS «, »
tint hi'l R-itAoM,Mt » cWt* k.* U
bur wsiks, urns'.
r. Ttsak fwtrt.0! mwCto, Qi*
in i    "rist.M M«a *•* four
TtlvaMt TrfA'lMt on tin Item.
Tton «wd Hip-" i-iuirt of TW
gut* In Odr* l til < wftMti wilh
ir-Mt iikmm Ml Aim If »
I UwbofiMMsn
"kndttll •*•».»
. euro ti sold it u»
\ ntittotm T>tl« "I
J |1.W S MUM «
J• WAll I Ut #5.00.
Wit 7»U rwit.ul f>'t it
' or ont trss boA «
jflnr lotal «ttfg|tot,
4 Horse-power
Although this ts our first Mall Order announcement of Motorcycles
and Automobile Supplies, we are by no means unfamiliar with this
branch of business. As nn'organization we probably nuniher more men
possessing first-hand experience with motor engines than any in the
country. We have a splendidly equipped Garage and Motor Sales Department, where information of the most practical nature has been gathered
for somo years past. Our buyers in their travels becomo familiar with
all the American and lirlt Ish models, so that we have -a wealth of experience to guide ua In selecting the Motorcycles best suited to Western
Our final choice gives us two machines thnt are absolutely thc highest
grade in the market, possessing speed, reliability and endurance in an
unusual way. We have priced them at our customary narrow margin of
profit, nnd we offer them for sale supported by our liberal guarantee—
money back in full If not satisfactory on arrival.
"30" at $1,980.00.
l—iSaaHf-alH.  V>rs»c»l.ll *)'*.■
Thr* Will Agree
*xxx*x%mxm%m      sss^mm      a-MsJfa-Mua
Unless worms be expelled from the
system, no child can be healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm lOxtcrmluator
Is the best medicine extant to destroy
In spile of Its grent oil fields, the
United 8tatcs Imports refined petroleum, though in limited quantities.
with you—and help you to keep
your stomach and other organs
in thc proper condition on which
your good health jruist depend   '
Mlnard'e l-lnlmant Cures Distemper.    *M ■wowssre.
latent 11*
We have In stock at Winnipeg a complete line of Automobile Supplies and Repairs. Every purchaser ot our Motor Cycles or Automobiles can depend on us for protection on this Important point.
The year 1912 will see an enormous increase ln the number of Motor
Cycles used In Western Canada. Last year the West led the world ln
speed and demonstrated most forcibly that the Motor Cycle has taken
front rank as a reliable and rapid means of travel over Western roads.
Our 1912 prices will make the Motor Cycle a present possibility to
hundreds of men, who havo heretofore not given lt serioiis com.ldera.llog.
Wo tliall be pleased to hoar from men who can use a Motor Cycle for
business or pleasure, and who have the cash to pay for one at our very
reasonable prices.   Full Information on request.
*fj. EATON C9,«,„.
7 Horsepower •—   ^L     375.00
"And you actually consented to let
your wife run for office?"
"Consented! Certalhly not. I ao-
One of the Hopeleee Things
lt a man thinks he knows it all, we
can't help feeling sorry for the mle*
guided individual wbo undertakes to
convince him that he doesn't. TUT?, RTTN. OW ATSTD FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Sad Surprise at the Wedding
Samuel Starts the Evening at Home
With High Resolves-Mrs. Bowser's
Jey Pales on Discovery That the
"Diamond" Gift Is Spurious.
•y M. QUAD.
(Copyright, line, by Associated Literary
THERE was a good nntnred
■mile on Mr. Bowser's face as
be entered the door tbe otber
evening, and tbe tired Mre.
Bowser' was glad to see lt. The cook
had taken a day off to attend tbe wedding of a sister, and the work had
fallen on the mistress.
"Never mind, old girl," Mr. Bowser
answered as she explained matters.
"The dinner will be good enongh for
anybody. It you'd telephoned me we
wonld have gone ont to a restaurant"
"Welt, If you won't scold I shall be
■II right"
"8cold? Scold? Why, I'm glad the
eook went out. We'll have a little dinner all by ourselves. Capital! Fine!
Just what I would bave wished for."
Mr. Bowser snt dawn ln a jolly
mood. Bc mlgbt have found fault
with some things, but he didn't.' He
praised everything, nnd now and then
be chuckled. His altitude was co
strange Hint Mrs. Bowser finally
•'Was business extra good today?"
'■Business sll right-all right."
"And aro you feeling better than
"Keeling like a new gold dollar.
Shake hands, Mrs. Bowser."
She gave lilm her hand across the
table, but at tbe snme time wondered
If be hnd gone crazy.
He grinned and chuckled and filially
burst Into laughter.
"Mr. Bowser, will yeu tell me what
tans happened! I can't make yon out
■t all."
"Ha, ba, ha! Little woman, do you
remember thirty years ngo today?"
"Why-why—let's see? Thirty years
■go?   My stars, but It's onr weddlog
ennlversary, eud I bad clean forgotten It!"
• "Sure jou had-sure!"
"But you had remembered lt, you
"Of course. Thnt'e wby I'm glad
•bout the dinner. It's our little wedding dinner over again. Fine, One!
Oh. I'm not such an old codger a; you
sometimes take me for:"
"You are Just oue of the best men In
the world, und I am coming aronnd
the table to kiss you! How forgetful
of me, and bow thoughtful of you!"
The meal was not half finished yet.
•nd Mr. Bowser continued to smile
■nd .'buckle. He evidently hod something up his sleere. What It was did
But develop until they bnd reached tbe
silting room. Mrs. Bowser wns on the
point of saying that ahe would like to
celebrate the occasion by going to tbe
Ibeater, when be announced:
Resolutions te Stop.
"It Is a snowy, blowy night, and
•we'll pass It at our own fireside In
talk. Yes. just thirty years ago this
afternoon you became my bonny bride.
Have you ercr regretted It. dear?"
"Of course not.   Hare you?"
•'Never. I have often talked about
divorce, but tbnt wns only n bluff, you
know. And I have done some blowing
■bout your extravagance In running
. the house, but. of course, I dldu't mean
It." .     -
"I never thought you did."
"that's sweet nnd nice of you.- I
ought to bc ashamed of myself, and I
■is, and 1 promise to do better .In the
future. Here, on tbe thirtieth anniversary of our wedding dny. I'm going to
promise to stop certain things:
"I shall not roar any more about the
coal bills.
"I won't sny nuother blamed word
■bout the gas bills.
"I'll never mention divorce end alimony again,
"I won't contend tbatl could run tne
house better than you do.
"I won't growl about tbe prices yoo
pay to tbe grocer nnd butcher.
"1 won't buy a Are escape, a burglar
alarm nor a dying machine.
"I wou't climb Mount McKinley nor
discover the north pole.
"1 won't try to save gns nor bring a
patent fuel Into the house.
"I won't trade tbe place for a chicken farm nor go to mlslug sugar beets.
"If we play euchre you can have the
Joker In the pack, and If you get It on
roar deal I won't aay yon stole It.
"There, dear, whnt do you think of
that?" bc triumphantly finished.
"Just ns I said before, you- are the
best man Iu the world," replied Mrs.
Handout of the Gift.
"Aud, now, dear, I want to hand yon
a slight token to aid you to remember
tho happy day.- 1. know you will ba
pleased with It, for you've always
wanted one. Give me a kiss and take
And thereupon he handed ber out a
bracelet set wltb diamonds. It was
more than set. It wns studded with
tbe precious stones. >
Mrs. Bowser ««v -asn of delight
and reached for tbe bauble.
Tben her baud and ber face fell.
"What Is It honey? Don't you admire lt?"
"Isn't It what you've long wanted?"
"1-1 guess so."
"gee bere, now," said Mr. Bowser aa
be rose up; "there's something wrong
hero, nud I want to know what it is.
Would you rather hnve had a cluster
"No, but"-
"But what?  Out with It!"
"Did you buy this at a jewelry
"Did I? Did I? Well, no, but It's
just ns good as If I bud, Isn't tt? You
cnn see thai It's new. I couldn't lind
nny bracelets In tbe jewelry stores.
They were nil just out of them. Just
as 1 got off the car this evening a gentleman stepped up to me aud asked me
to buy tbis at a bargain. It belonged
to bis wife, who died before sbe ever
wore it It's worth $200, but 1 beat
bim down to $S0."
"Ob. Ui*. Bowser, you didn't pay him
"I'd hnve been a fool not to!"
"But this forenoon a detective came
along our street and warned us nil
against the man. He's what they call
a faker. "He wns here balf an hour
before you came and offered tbis very
bracelet for $10!"
"By thunder!" ,
"And I'm sure he would have taken
$n. The gold ts only brass, and the
diamonds are glass."
Bowser Bunkoed.
Mr. Bowser, red fared and month
.open, stood for a moment und then
"Tben I don't know diamonds from
glass, eh? I'm u fool, ami? 1 need a
guardian, do I? -Woman, don't trifle
wltb mc!"
"But go out nnd ask some one. Go
to a Jeweler," she replied.
"I will go, madnm-I will go. And
I will return to confound you. Yon
may get. down on your knees to me,
but It will do uo good. Never-never
will 1 forgive you!" s
And three minutes later be was In
the drug store around the corner.
"You bought It off a man, didn't
ydii?" nsked tbe druggist as bc banded
tbe bracelet back.
"Five dollars?
"Tben go hang yourself! Yon are
tbe biggest fool In the state!"
Mr. Bowser visited three Jewelry
■tores In succession. In each Instance
the bracelet was handed back In a
weary way with the rooinrk:
"Wholesale price $2 each!"
Then be went home to find Mn.
Bowser reading. Sbe didn't even look
up, and after waiting ten minutes be
"In tbe morning you cnn consult
your lawyer nnd I will mine, nnd we
will arrange for the dlrorce and alimony!"     ^^^^^^^^
Two of a Kind.
A pcrsou begging alms of Lord
George Gordou said: "God bless you.
my lord! You and I hnve been lu all
the prisons lu London." "What do you
menn?" cried I-ord (ienrgc. "I uever
was Jn nny prison but Ibe tower."
"That'ls true, my lord," sold the other,
"nnd I have heen in nil the rest"—
"Tlmhs' Anecdotes."
Forthe Church Debt
Copyright, 1910. by American Press
"Brown- smokes quarter %cl-
"Can't he afford a whole one?"
-Boston Transcript
8heep as Producers.
Sbeep are- economical produce™.
They can make a pound of mutton
from less grain than ran a hog or
steer to make pork and beef. It bas
been estimated thnt a lamb cnn make
100 pounds of gain on 100 to IM
pounds less feed than u pig. On tbe
nrerngc cnttle require 800 pounds ot
grain to produce 100 pounds of gain,
h'.igs 400 iHiunils and shiwp "DO pounds.
"You will never get Edith," said
Dure Spalding to his friend Luther
Bennett, "and you may as well not
try. You are rich and she Is poor, but
you're not tbe kind of a fellow she
would fancy."
"You tblnk so?"
"I know so." i
"What will you give her for a wedding present if I do?"
"Wbat will I give? It seems to me
that's heads you win, tails I lose.
What will you give If you don't ?"
"I'll give a thousand dollars to nny
charity you name."
"In what time."
"One year."
"Have you received any encouragement?"
"None whntever."
"Very well; I'll go you. Ho.y do you
propose to win?"
"The basis of my operations will be
"She'll not marry for money."
"Not directly, but Bhe may be Induced to do so Indirectly."
A few weeks later Bennett received
a note from Miss Edltb Cromwell stating tbat a fair was to be glveu to raise
money for the church of which she
was a member wltb a view to paying
off tbe debt Sbe hoped he would attend and help thc cnuse. Mr. Bennett
replied tbat he would be on hand.
Whon tbe evenlug for the sale arrived
he sauntered up to MIsS. Cromwell's
booth, expended $10 ln various articles
bc bad no use for and left tbem to bc
sold again. Miss Cromwell was disappointed. She had expected to get at
least double the amount from one sho
knew to be her admirer and rich.
"Is there nothing else you sec that
yon want?"
"Nothing else? I haven't yet bought
anything 1 want."
"Is there nothing I can procure for
"Yes; I wonld like a photograph of
your pretty face, but that, of courso,
U not for sale."
Miss Cromwell made no reply for
awhile. She was thinking she might
get a pretty sum for the church by
yielding in tbe matter. Finally sbe
"Of course my likeness Is not for
sale, hut 1 might give it to the church,
and the church could sell lt."
"How much would It bring?"
"A thousand dollars."
Miss Cromwell caught her breath.
There were two reasons for her doing
so-viz, she wns flattered that any
man should value her photograph so
highly, and she would lie delighted to
band lu a thousand dollars to tbe
church. She turned tho matter over
rapidly in ber mlud. Wbat difference
would Bennett's possession of her likeness make? A mnn might buy a photograph of a fashionable beauty for a
few cents. Those of actresses were
for sale everywhere. Thc debt was
$1,205. The $205 would undoubtedly
be raised at this fair. The $1,000 she
would get for ber photograph would
.oniplete tbe amount required.
"What would yon propose to do with
my photograph?" sbe asked.
"Wear It In tbe hunting case of my
"Wonld nuy one except yourself see
"One standing hy when I looked for
the time of day would be likelv to see
Miss Cromwell thought again. "Will
you do anything else with it?" she
"I'll think It over. The fnlr lasts two
evenings. Come tomorrow evening
nnd I'll give yon nn nnswer."
Bennett went away, assuming a
careless air, though he was much Interested in thc proposed deal. He wns
desperately Iu love with lhe girl nnd
would have paid a dozen church debts
to get her. The next evening (Intel ho
stopped at her booth. As soon us she
saw him the color left her cheek. She
was waiting on some one else at the
time nnd as soon its she hnd finished
opened n little box. took out a cabinet
photograph and bunded it to Bennett
He concealed a look of triumph as he
drew forth a pocket check book, wrr.te
a check for $1,000 and gave It to her.
She folded It, placed It In the box from
which she bad taken the photograph
and sold:
"You can cut the bend off if you like,
nnd It will fit In your watch case."
"That's exactly what I propose to
do." And he walked away, apparently as carelessly as if he bad purchased
a pincushion.
The next day I.utbcr Bennett while
chatting with bis friend Dave Spalding took out his watch to look at the
time, and Spalding caught a glimpse
of Miss Cromwel.'s bend In the case.
"By Jove!" exclaimed Spalding,   j
"What's the matter?"
"You have won already."
"I don't claim to hove won." And,
llendlug au engagement, Bennett bur*
ried away.
Spalding went at once to Miss Cromwell, told her tbnt he had seen her
bead In Bennett's watch ense and asked her If Bennett bad a right to wear
It there. ./
Miss Cromwell was stunned. Sbe
admitted that he had, bnt she wouldn't
explain. Since she wns unwilling to
have It known tbnt she had sold her
likeness even for the church she never
explained. She sent for Bennett, who
came and convinced ber thnt there
was bnt one way out of tbe matter-
to marry him.
A Failure.
"Do you think, sir." nsked the waiter, helping the guest on with his etint,
"that lightning ever strikes twice in
the sume place?"
"Yes. I guess it does," answered the
departing dluer.
"Well, sir, the gentlemnn who sat
at tills table before you came in gave
me a fifty cent tip, sir."
"Ah, Indeed! And you think there
may be a chance Hint he'd come hack
tomorrow? I duubt It Good nlgbt."
—Toledo Lender.
A Christmas Hint.
If it only was good form at Christmas
We'd not be out many a V
Could we write on the card with the present	
A polite little R. s. V. P.
Lesson From the Past.
Sisyphus was baffled, but not discouraged.
"Look at Edgar Allan I'oe!" he said.
"It took him sixty-one years to get into
the ball of fame, but he made lt at
Bending to his work with renewed
energy, he rolled the sHne up the hill
again.—Chicago Tribune.
The Silver Bridge.
One of tbo customs observed nt a
Bohemian marriage feast Is that of
making thc bride cross a sliver bridge.
Tbe bride's father-in-law lifts her on
to the table, where she walks on two
rows of silver coins, nt tho end of
which her husband stands and receives- her Into his nrms. The silver
bridge typifies tbe wealth with which
her bridegroom hopes to smooth ber
path in life.
The scent of nn otter Is conveyed to
tlie pursuing hound while tinder water
by thc "chain" of bubbles wbich mark
Its devious course.
Chicken Droppings and Hogs.
Pigs are very fond of cblcken droppings, nnd tbut is the renson they root
over the chicken coops when tbey gel
to them, writes O. It Abraham In
Farm and Fireside.
I have never noticed (hat the chicken droppings did the pigs any harm
and do not believe they do yet, for, as
a rule,'there nro enough pigs In a gang
so tbat none get enough to hurt tbem.
1 hnd a sow nnd pigs thnt were doing
Sue, but tbe sow's appetite seemed to
leave ber, and she would neither eat
nor drink to do nny good, though I
did my best to make up slop to her
appetite. I hardly knew what to do,
for I knew It wn? golug to become a
serious problem. So I endenvored to
find the cause of ber loss of appetite.
One morning I culled ber from ber
bed to slop ber, ond she en ine direct
to the trough, but lifter taking a few
swallows  of  tbe  best  slop   I   could
i make up she walked directly to the
i tool shell, nnd of course a tool shed is
j a favorite haunt of chickens.
I    After seeing her gobble up the drop.
| pings made the nlgbt previous I con-
■ eluded I bad the problem solved.  Fas-
'■. teulng np the shed hog proof, 1 wns
I sat'iiled that I wuuld get results, nnd.
sure enough, I did.   lu about .twenty-
four hours she "enme to her feed" nnd
never missed a meal from that time
on. ■	
Went Baek on Her,
"God doesn't love mo any more!"
sobbed Mary to ber mother one day.
"Why, dear, God loves everybody!
What do you ineiiii?"
"Oh, no; lie docsn'l love nie. I'm
sure, for 1 tried lain: wllb u daisy I"—
Metropolitan Magazine.
Toe Trifling.
Candidatc-You know mc. I wouldn't
•teal a pin.
Tho Voler-Of course not. The market value of a pin Is too Insignificant
to bother with.—New Orleans I'ica-
The Sunset Kind.
"You say he is prominent?"
"Yes; lu a Way."
"Whnt makes blm promlncnl?"
"1 tblnk It's his vest."-Birmingham
Age-Herald.    ■
A Moving Picture.
They met In New Vork;        '.J..
They wed In Chicago;      ' '
They lived In Bt. Paul:
Then came the embargo.
Tlicy cult In Duluth.
Did lie know?   Did she know.
Me went io Spokane:
■he finished In Reno.
-Boston Herald.
Qualities That Indicate the Most Desirable Animal.
Every one wbo Intends to undertake.
to raise draft horses sbould look before
he leaps, says the Country Gentleman.
The same qualities are desirable In all
breeds of these horses, but unfortunately all the desirable qualities are
not confined to n single breed. For Instance, there/Js no breed equal to the
Clydesdale la bind pastern; tbe Suffolk
bns good feet, superior bowels nnd a
disposition equaled hy none; thc Shli-e
lias more size: tho I'ercheron an attractive carriage, smootl^ legs nnd ■
style and color pleasing to those wbo
like the grays and blacks. The Belgian has fewer admirers because he
lacks action, yet ho Is sturdy and s
splendid doer.
There are splendid nulmnls cf all
breeds, yet thc undesirable will always
predominate. • Soundness must be tile
first quality, lu n stallion feet must
always be marked down as quality No.
2. Small nnd shelly feet are often
transmitted from stallion to foal. The
foot should bc round nnd wide at the
bed, and the born should bc tough.
Disposition should be placed third.
Though a stallion should be masculine J
In every way, yet he should be easy to
handle and free from vklousoess.
Fourth Is bowel development It Is the
mainstay of a hard day's work. The
horse with good bowels hns room to
store his food, Is a big enter, a good
doer and a hardy animal. Do not be
deceived, however, by- tbe shrewd stallion dealer, wbo can put fnt - li u had
howeled horse and glvo bim the desired appearance.
Quality No. 5 will be chest and
quarters. A draft horse should be
wide In tbe cbest aod  bis quarter*
The modern Belgian can be described as wide, massive, ample,
round and compact In conformation, says the Breeder's Gazette.
The head Is shorter than the Flemish, the ears ore short and thick,
and the face Is rather lacking In expression. The-nccU Is characteristlo
of lhe breed, being short and massive and surmounted with a short,
dense mane of coarse hair The
withers Sre wide and thick, but not
very high. Tho back Is wide and
strong, but a little swayed, whllo
the croup, owing lo lis superabundance of muscle, is double. The
shoulders are strong, the knees wide
and flat and the canons short, There
are some blacka and many roans,
but the prevailing colors are bays
and chestnuts. Tho general appearance of a Belgian denotes enormous
strength, coupled^wlth a calm temperament, moro or less lymphatic.
The Belgian stallion shown waa five
times a lirst prize winner at Brussels.
broad and muscular and well let down
to the hocks. Action Is sixth. Always
stand directly In front of or behind
tho horse ns he Is walked nnd trotted.
The action should be true, tbe hind
feet moving In n direct line wltb the
front No "winger" or "paddler"
sbould be selected. The horse should
pick up his feet with a snap In bla
Quality No. 1 la bone. Years ago It
was aupposed tlmt lilg bone was ■
necessary adjunct of a druft horse,
but alnce no one has yet heard of ■
horse breaking bis leg becnuse hla
bono was not large enough tbe term
big bone Is used only by would be
horsemen and those who arc Iguoraut
of the deslrnblo qualities ln houe.
Quality is what we want. The bone
should be bard nnd (Inf. nnd the tendons on the legs should stand out
prominently. The round boned horse
should he discarded.
The otber qualities to be considered
nre straight hind legs, straight feet-
pigeon toed nnd slew footed horses nre
to be avoliled-sninotti shoulders well
laid back, neck that shows quality, Intelligent countenance, brond In tbe
forehead, small ears, general smooth-
mess over bnck, loins nnd blpa and •
tnH well set up.
Dairy Equipment.
The women folk on the farm should
assert their rights nnd have the modern nnd necessary equipments In tbe
dairy nnd thus produce wltb less labor a goud article of butter.
Irritable Man (at thc other end ot
phone lino-Hello, hello! What's tba*
matter with yeu? Arc you forty-seven? Angry Spinster (at this cudi-No,
I'm not. Who said I was? I'm only
forty-three. -Irritable Mau-Oh, ring
uff.-Clevelaiid I'luln Dealer.
"Wby are yon rushing around so ts>
"I'm trying to get something for ra;
"Had nny otTor..?"-louiev|lle Co*
rlerJournul. N-
Dr. Simitxiiis, ilentist, Morrison
block.    Phone 11 39.
The power sprayer shipped to this
valley liy the provincial government
arrived in tlie city last Saturday. Mr.
Tollundsiii'l, guvernment representative, is in charge of the machine.
Spraying operations have been started
in the (irand Forks Orchard company's orchard. The outfit will gradually work its way to the western end
of the valley. Orchardist desiring to
have their trees sprayed, can have the
work done by supplying two nozzle-
holders, and paying for the spraying
luatnriiil anal fuel consumed.
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills
and Harsh Physic Cause
Distressing Comolaints
The Canadian Pacific Railway
company is preparing to introduce the
burning of fuel oil bu the Esquimalt
it Nanaimo railway system on Vancouver islam), <m account of tjii. strin
gency of the forestry regulations, und
because of the company's desire to
prevent fires and assist iu conserving
the tiuiher of the island. The change
might be adopted with advantage iu
other portions of the province, whore
tliere is danger of valuable timber being destroyed by sparks from engines.
Premier McBride and Attorney-
General Bowser spent a couple of
hours in the city Saturday afternoon.
A public reception was held in the
Davis hall, and the faithful buzzed
about tlie ministers like bees around a
honey pot. As the election in this
district was by accla111auia.11, the citizens were spared the arduous duty of
having to listen to any more Bowspr-
McBride pre-election pledges.
Greenwood Miners' union held its
annual dance on Monday evening.
The proceeds were donated to Lome
Terhune, who recently lost his eyesight while working in a mine at
Mrs. Lloyd A. Manly und Miss
I!eien Manly returned from Spokane
on Tuesday.
I have for sale, Silver Spangled
Haiiiburgs.Purtridge Wyandottes, s.c
B. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown Leghorns, Blue Andalusiutis
and Silver Spangled Hainburgs.—
Hubert Clark, noith of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
It is again reported that the town-
site of Midway bas been suid ton
syndicate who will cut it up into
small fruit farms.
Take ynur repaire to Armson's
Hoot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Qrand Forks.
Forty acres of land in the eastern
end of the valley have been sold to
somo Russians from tho prairie provinces, the price paid for the land being 04250.
You cannot be over-careful in tlie
selection of medicine for children. Only
the very gentlest bowel medicine
should ever be given, except in emergency cases. Ordinary pills, cathartics and purgatives aro apt to do more
harm than good. They may cause
griping, nausea and other distressing
al'ter-ell'ects that are frequently health-
We personally recommend and guar
antee ltenall Orderlies as the safest
and most dependable temedy, which
We know, for constipation and associate bowel disorders. We have such
absolute in the virtues of this remedy
that we sell it on our guarantee of
money back in every instance where
it fails to give entirejsatisfaction, and
we urge all in need of such medicine
to try it at our risk.
Rexall Orderlies are eaten just like
candy, are particularly prompt and.
agreeable in action, may be taken at
any time, day or night; do not cause
diarrhoea, nausea, griping, excessive
ooseness, or other undesirable effects.
They have a very mild but positive
action upon the organs with whicli
they ceme in contact, apparently acting as a regulative tonic upon the relaxed muscular coat of the bowel,
thus overcoming weakness, and aiding to restore the bowels to t. more
vigorous and healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies commonly completely relieve constipation, except of
course wben of a surgical character.
They also tend to overcome the neces
sity of constantly taking laxatives to
keep the bowels in normal condition.
Three size; of packages, 10 cents, 25
cents, and 50 ceuts. Kemember, you
can obtain Rexall Remedies in Grund
Forks only at our store—The Rexall
Store.     H. E. Woodland.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply Ji H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are bo fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin Tbe Sun.
Show cardaai for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut offi
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off-your advertising because your business is too
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job otlice.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, J_Z.», Columbia p. o,
Bridie Street,
The best and   most
Mibattwittal flre-proof
but Mint: in tha Bonn-
dary country, Recently completed nnd
newly f urnUbed
throughout Equipped with all modern
electrical convenience*, ('rntrully touted. Fir-at-chiHN ui-
onniniodnttonsfor the
travelling public.
Hot md Gold Baths
Bint-CUm Bar, Fool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
EMIL-   LARSEN,   Prop.
Eggs for Sale
From thoroughbred utility birds
Single-Comb Rhode Island llcds and
{.ingle-comb White   LoghoruH.   Won
]K firsts (.nil 9 seconds, besides 8 specials, at Orand Korks. (ireenwood and
Trail last fall und winter; cup at
Trail for best pen in shew on .S.C.
Rhode Islund lieds, also speeiul for
best Red iu show, either comb. I£gg*),
S.'l (ID and IS.UO per setting. T.
Bowks, (.irand Korks (Columbia; P.O.)
rpi.Nl)l'.l!S will be received by tbe
1 undersigned for the digging of
25(10 feet of ditch and laving
wood pipe; also buililing and laying
1!)00 feet of Hume. Plana and specifications ou application.
S. T. IIuu.;
(irand Korks Orchard Co., Ltd,
Metal Qaotations
Nkw York, March 21.—.Silver 68$;
standard copper, $14.20@14.37$,
London, March 21.—Silver, 2fij;
lead, _£!.*> 10k .'id.
Mining Stock Quotations
Hobton, March 21.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned;
Kid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 30.00' SffdQ
B. C.   Copper      -100     4.78
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never (all*. These
pills are exceedmiily powerful in . dilating (lie
(••iterative pnrtinu of tht: tcimile RVHtem. Kefiise
nil cheap Imitations. Dr. de Van'i are Bold at
tl\n box. nr three tar lib Mailed to any ndilrcss.
Tho Hcobcll llruic Co., Ht. Cat limine!, Ont
Suits to Order M8 twa.
I We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments, in the east. When yon order from us yon have
thc advantage of being measured by n practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satifaetion.
II Onr spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you tlie best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always havo men that know
their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and wc ean give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial \ Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe most modern jobbiUR plant
in lbe Houndnry Country, employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Hilllu'iuls and Statements,
Letlerhonds and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
I.islge Constitutions and By-lawn.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars antl Placards,
Nilln nf   Faro nnd Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads" Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date 1'rintery.
-the kind wt* du—is in itnelf
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stoek and workmanship are of the bent. Let us estimate on vour order.
Wc guarantee satisfaction.
Uxyt $un | rittt fchop
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
u. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A OOMl'l.ETB Stuck uv
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Krcsli Consign incut nf
Keroired Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doou Noirrn or Giiasuy Hotel,
First Stiikkt.
Tut ot Mark*
Anyone tending a eketeta end deMrlptlam uav
nlcklr nicertaln our opinion freejrhei
qnlckfr nicertaln .
tnreniInn tt probal
mr opinion free wiieiher a:i
 . ___»_.   ^ommutiloft-
,......„ , ,,„._„ on Patente
■oner for leounnuwtentn.
„.. _.,_...,__ .or■.•curmawui
Potent! taken tF.rouah Mann A To. rcntire
ssptcuitnollcee withoutebame. In tb*
Scientific American.
A liamlflomelf Illustrated weakly. Largest cir-
culution of any aciontlflo Journal. Terms for
Canada. |S,75 a year, puutago prepaid. Sold br
Ono, h&VBrU Waibluuton, U. 0,
No Room (or Disappointment
Have you expended considerable
money and energy to make a dwelling
attractive to lodgers and boarders and
then been disappointed in your
patronage. .
There will be no room for disappointment if you use our W.ml Ads.
They will bring you lodgers and
boarders of a desirable class
Wo carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. ^And we are the only
otlice in this section that have tht*
correct material for printing it. Tlie
Pun \nh oflice,


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