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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 7, 1913

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 ■^*SSS^^   'X i
MAR H 10|3
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Horns and Abroad! During the Fast Week
Two Victoria tennis players will
represent Canada for the   Davis  cup.
At least twenty, if not forty, lives
are lost in a disastrous blaze which
destroys an Omaha hotel.
Attorney-General Bowser introduces a measure to keep the govern
inont alive an extra year.
President elect Wilson is thought to
be against exemption of American
ships from Panama canal tolls.
The Liberals gain two votes when
the second reading of the navy bill
pusses with a majority of thirty.
Widows and children surround the
Mount Lyell mine when eighteen
bodies are taken out after a search of
nearly Ave months.
Parker Williams moves a resolution
to censure the British Columbia gov-
ernment on the ground that it assists
mine owners against strikers.
Premier Borden gives the admiralty
estimate of the cost to build a navy in
Canada, but the opposition members
show that it is much to high.
Deputy minister of justice at Ottawa declares that sn r.hy and confusion would result from au interpret*
tion of the Companies Act as desired
by the provinces.
The second reading of the woman's
suffrage bill waa defeated in the loeal
legisl ture by a v. its of 24 to 9, Hon.
Or. Young, Messrs. Williams, Place,
Lucas, Miller, Wood, Forster, Hunter
and W, J, Manson voted for the extended franchise.
A plot to attack the town of Douglas,
Ariz., is discovered.
Sir Edward Grey presides over a
convention of ambassadors of the
powers conferring in London on Turkey's request for mediation.
The opposition members at Ottawa
dispute the figures given by Hon. J.
D. Hazen with regard to the cost of
constructing warships in Canada.
Five thousand.suffragists at Washington are forced to almost fight their
way through a turbulent crowd. The
cavalry is called out to protest them.
The American town of Douglas still
fears an attack by the Mexican, rebels,
and the citizens prepare to form a
newspapers doubt that
Wilson will be able to
his   ideals   into   practical
Grand Forks Liberal Association Will Meet Tues-
i»h'.J kvemiu!
son's store this evening for the purpose of electing officers and to transact general business.
Five thousand women will inarch
today in the suHVagist procession at
The emperor of Germany is credi
ted with the statement that 1913 is
as critical a time as 1813 fur his
French and Italian steamers are reported to have breu flred upon by tbe
Bulgarians. It is also rumored that
British ships have attracted shells.
Both the senate and the house of
representatives will be forced to sit
all day .Sunday in order to finish the
business of the sixty-first congrers.
American soldiers cross the Mexican bonier ill pursuit of the men who
shot at four American officers. Four
Mexican soldiers are killed in the
The Vancouver polioe officers capture a man believed to be travelling
captain of the Black Hand society
nfter a desperate revolver battle on
the street.
A continuous session at Ottawa is
expected by both paitios, preparation
being inade to prevent surprise by dividing the members up into eight-
hour "shifts."
Tl\e   Australian   governo rgeneial,
Lord Denman, praises the atitude of
the commonwealth in wishing to man
- its ships, at the formal opening of the
naval college.
The lord mayor of Sydney doffs his
dignity and goes to work with a
shovel during the present great gas
works' strike.
President-elect Wilson makes a
triumphal entry into Washington.
Pant-np exuberance of sixteen years
let loose by the Democrats.
Great precautions are taken to prevent a recurrence of skirmishes between American and Mexican soldiers
Robbers torture a New York woman by offering poisoned bread to her
child when she rofuses to tell the
whereabouts of money.
President Wilson gives a stroug
outline of what reforms may be expected in his inauguaral address before seventy-live thousand people.
A senasational run on the Montreal
City and District bank results in more
than a million dollars being paid out
to depositors during the day.
The deadlock   over the naval pro
posals of   the  government   continues
and is expected to last until Saturday
night.    The   Liberals  make   strong
Two Indians are poisoned at Curd-
ston, Alta., by drinking Florid.
water.   ~    •"•-    #  "     *  *
Cruiser rams a torpedo boat at the
German naval maneuvers. Sixty six
of the crew are drowned.
The Canadian Northern railway
announces the location of fourteen
new stations along the main line.
The ranks of the striking silk  n
operatives   at   Patterson,   N.J,   are
i.wnl!el by 3400 dyers aud weavers.
Enormous war taxes in Germany
explained by the downfall of the Tin-
kish empire an J the rise of the Balkan
The deadlock still continues in the
house at Ottawa, with no sign of
either side giving way. Fifty-seven
hours' continuous session.
Amnesty measure passes the Mexican congress. Those in arms against
the government are invited to make
submission within a fortnight.
The celebration of the tercentenary
of the accession of the Romanoff's to
the imperial throne of Russia began
at St PetersliurS today. Amnesty to
to political offenders.
Peace negotiations between Turkey
and the Balkan allies makes slow pro
gress. M ilitsry operations at a stand
still owing to the heavy drain on the
allies' resources
Six passenger trains are snowbound
near Toronto.
Ten thousand seasoned troops will
placed in the field to suppress the rebellion in Mexico.
A. B. Grace, editor .of the Cran-
qrook Prospector, is appointed collector of inland revenue.
A meeting of the Grand
Forks Liheral association will
be held in The Sun office ou
Tuesday evening, March 11,
at 8 o'clock. Important business will come up for consideration, and all members are
requested to be present. By
order of the President.
There will be a special general meeting of tiie Grand
Forks Valley Farmers' institute on Saturday evening,
March 8, at 8 o clock; in the
Miners' Union hall, and each
and every member is specially
requested to be present, -as
matters of vital importance
will be brought up for definite
action. Everybody will be
The Oddfellows will hold their annual ball in the opera house on Monday evening, March 24.
Mark   Christenseu   is putting in a
sawmill on his ranch  near   Boundary
A post office will be established at
Whiting's in the Rock Creek district.
It will bu called Kettle Valley.
One Thousand Men Will Be
Employed on Construction This Summer
Mr. and Mis. Mrs. Inglis, of New
Westminster, are visiting at the** home
of their daughter, Mrs (Dr.) Truax.
J. H Ryley, of Victoria, will open
a law office in the Davis block iu this
F. J. Wilms has opened
shop in the Great Northern
the West end.
a   barber
hotel  in
Globe-trotters will soon be afford"
ed tbe exceptional opportunity o'
traveling around tbe world on a
system owned and operated by one
company, a Cauadiau company.
Within the next couple of months
one of tbe magnificent C.P.R. transpacific liners will leave the old
country forthe Pacific, travelling tu
tbe far east by what is known as tbe
Suez route. From Japan she will
cross tbe ocean to Victoria.
Burns & O'Ray, of ths Model
livery, bave ordered a seven-passenger automobile, which will be used
lor livery purposes. Tbey expect
tbe machine bere about tbe first ot
Wheels were substituted for runners, during the early part of tbe
week iu this distr ct.
J. W. Cook was seriously injured at
the city pump station on Weduesdey
by being caught in some belting. He
wus removed to tha Cottage hospital.
His condition is nuw reported as being satisfactory, and it is hoped thut
he will soon be ont again.
J. M. George, of the Princeton Ce
ment works, is in the city. He states
that the plant will be ready to com
mt mm operations nuxt May.
This week J. A. McCalluin shipped
out three Buff Orpintoii cockerels and
I wo settings of Buff Orpington egg-J.
Mi- McCalluin during the lust five
mouths has disposed of over twenty-
live Buff cockerels, and has had to refuse several orders.
The committee having in charge the | e|eotora) district.
arrangements of the dance to be given
by the Grand Korks Social club in the
opera house ou St. Patrick's day are
making good progress. The supper
will be served in the Davis hull by
the Rebekahs.
Voters' Lists Cancelled
The following forms the principal
section of the act to amend the Provincial Elections Act, passed by the
legislature last week before prorogation It is difficult to understand
exactly tbe reason for the last clause
quoted below. In any esse a redistribution must take place before a
new provincial election. Some think
there is a bint in tbis legislation of
an early Dominion election:
"On the third day of March, 1913,
tbe present authorized voters' lists
shall be cancelled, und thereafter
sball not, except as hereinafter mentioned, be used in any election lo be
held in the province; und un the
passing of this act the registrars of
voters for the diSeren electoral dis
tricts or polling divisions shall forthwith cause notices in the form in
tbs schsdule hereto, or to the like
effect, to be posted in conspicuous
places in tbeir respective electoral
ditricts or pulling divisions, and to
bs advertised for sucb time as may
be directed by tbe . lieutenant-governor in council, in a newspaper or
newspapers published and circulated in such electoral districts respectively, or if nu newspaper be
published in any electoral district,
| then in a newspaper published in
the province snd circulating in Mich
A gang of workmen and ten carloads of material for the rebuilding of
the big C.P. 11. bridge at Greenwood
arrived in that town last Monday.
The stone for the arches will be
brought from Coryell.
A prize fight on the Kettle Valley
line station platform on Wednesday
attracted a small crowd. The gate receipts were not as large as the merit
Run on the Montreal City and Dis- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
trict bank stopped by the assurances j of the encounter deserved
of Sir Thomas Shaughnessy.
Dr. J. W. Roche, minister of  the
m,..        .....-».     »....   -.  ....      A. H. Marcon is now  manager   of
intariorVm'ust'undergo "an '"operation jthe Canadian Bank of Commejce in
at a Minneapolis hospiW on Saturday.' Greenwood.    H. T. Newmarche is ac-
_ ..,•■'    countant in the branch in this city.
Chairman s decision in the Ottawa 	
house is reversed on an appeal being The public 8(.hool thi„ week gUrted
taken to the mambers. Record of long, on th„ 8Uinmel. schedule, the morning
session is broken. i session being called at  9 o'clock   in-
Turkish   fortress falls   to    Greek ! stead of 9:30,
army.   Pierce bombardment  breaks
down Janina'a defence,   and   thirty-
two thousand troop* surrender.
Vancouver, March 4.—"We shall
bave over 1000 men engaged on construction and other work this summer in connection with the building
of our proposed 2000 ton smelter at
Granby Bay," said W. A. Williams,
manager of tbe Granby smelter.
wbo went north laat night.
"The main furnace room will ba
380 feet long and 83 feet wide. Tbe
Northwest Steel eompany of Vancouver will supply the structural
steel. The contract calls for the delivery of the steel beginning May 1.
All contracts for equipment have
been awarded, several Canadian
firms being among the successful
"While these improvements are
being carried on we will build a railway trom the mine to tbe smelter;
build a dam and power line and
erect a hospital to cost $10,000 and
a $15,000 hotel. Tbe smelter will be
in operation about a year hence. The
total investment of tba company at
Granby Bay, including mineral
claims and their development, will
reach about $3,500,000. The smelter will treat copper ores. A lead
stack may be installed later. E. K.
Campbell, one of the mining engineers, is leaving tonight for the
Hazelton district to report on the
possibilities of ore tonnage from
tbut district,"
"No applicatiun and no affidavit
shall be rsceived ur accepted by any
registrar uf voters or be considered
at any court of revision unless il be
made and dated subsequently tu the
third day of March, 1018.
"Notwithstanding anything in this
section contained, (he voters'lists by j
tbis act cancelled shall lie tbe lists
of voters to be used at any electiun
that may be beld prior to the cer-
tification and printing uf the lirst
register of voters prepared under
authority of tbis act."
Acting Manager at Jewel
F. W. Smith is acting manager of
the Jewel mine and mill during the
absence of Mr. Banks in England.
Five nr six men are employed get-
ting ready for the new machinery
that is to be placed in the mill. By
Moy forty men will be woiking at
tha mine and mill, and the pro-.
Tbe Grand Forks Poultry and Pet j duction of gold will be greatly in- j
Stock association will meet in Morri- creased.
"Short" Courses
W, H. Brittain, provincial pathologist and entumologist, delivered a
lecture in the Miners' Uniun hall
last Saturday afternoon before tbe
members of the Grand Forks Valley
Farmers' institute. Mr. Brittain
spoke on "Insects and Fungi in Relation to Horticulture," with special
reference to pear-blight and silver-
leaf. Fire blight, be said, was a
disease that had been known for
thirty years, and was caused by-
green aphis. The varieties most
susceptible tu tbi* disease were, in
tbe urder named, tbe Spitzenberg,
Wagener, Transcendent crab, Jonathan, Grimes Gulden and Mcintosh
Red. Silver-leaf, be ssid, was a
fungus diseaae, and ususally entered
the tree through some wound. At
the conclusion of his address be was
tendered a hearty vote of thanks.
Four other speakers were on the
program fur lectutes during the
afternoon and evening, but owing to
the adoption by the institute of a
resolution censuring M. S. Middle-
ton, assistant horticulturist, for circulating alleged reports derogatory
to tb* district, they refused to appear.
A Potlatch
The provincial government is going to increase tbe remuneration of
members of lhe legislature by tour
hundred dollars. Tbe present session will lut about six weeks, fur
wbich, on the old scale of par, the
members would receive twelve hundred dollar*. Stem* almost adequate, all thing* considered. But,
aa we bare said before, it is not a
government; it ie a potlatch. Victoria Time*. *ti**m**wxmee**'
"Sampla free  If you writs National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada,
Max. WlMUf'l Sooiiiiho svnur has been
nled loroen SIXTY YEARS hy MIU.10N8 al
MOTHKKS Itr their CHILDREN Willi,*
to the best remedy lor DtARRHCEA. ' It U ab>
aolutely harmless. Be sure and ask lor "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrnp," and take ao other
kind. Twenty-five ccnis a bottle.
all Uric Acid Dlsensea. Including Kidney Trouble, Bladder atonei Gall
Stones. Gravel and Lumbago are rapidly relieved and permanently cured
by SANOL. A remedy that has an
enviable reputation throughout Canada. We will send letter! from
scores of people, who have been cured
of one or more of thess complaints,
Write for full Information.
Price 11.50 Per Bottle at all Leading
stock broking business? I want a Uvs
ambitious representative In every oily
and town to handle stocks, bonds anl
mortgages; applicant must furnish refer*
encea and have from $100 to $500 person-
si capital. Write or call M. R. Edgar
A Co.. 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
Tbls school Is located In Toronto
and does mucb each year to supply
Ihe active demand for Telegraph operators wanted by our Canadian railways. A successful record'of fifteen
years and hundreds of officials and
operators ln active railway service today Is the best guarantee of tbe reliability o? this well known school.
The book "Guided by the Key" explains the work fully. Write for lt.
Address W. H. Shaw. President, Toronto.
Heavens, Henry!
Romantlo Wife—I wonder if the old
oak tree under which you proposed
is still standing*.
Mean Husband—Naw! I went back
the next week and chopped it down.
An Interesting despatch has been received from Vancouver. B.C., which
reads as follows: "That the Paciflo
and Greht Eastern Railway, having its
seaboard .terminus at Vancouver, Ib regarded by the government as destined to become the future great development artery north and south
through Britlah Columbia and beyond
ls Indicated ln the news which has
just leaked out from authoritative
sources. Expert special agents ara
even now Investigating the volume
and character of the resources of the
terra incognita lying beyond Fort
George with a view to the pushing on
of Vancouver's line otlirect contact
with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
as soon, or even before, the G.T.P.
and P.G.E. are completed as now proposed. Arrangements are now said
to be taking shape through which
construction on the Peace River district and into Alberta to an eastern
connection will be assisted^by provincial legislation to be introduced in tbe
session of 1914, At the same time lt
is said to be ln view to continue the
great north and south western trunk
line from Vancouver into the Yukon
territory and-Alaska either from Fort
Qeorge or from the vicinity of Hazelton. In connection with this progressive scheme provincial aid would
necessarily stop at tbe territorial border but efforts are said to be inaugurated in the direction of securing
Canadian and American Federal co-operation. If this ls carried out it
would bring much of tbe passenger
and fast freight traffic now served by
coastwlwse steamships directly overland to Vancouver and ln less than
half the time now required.
Legil Viewpoint
first Lawyer—I was looking over
tny geometry lesson last night. I
was (juite tntorei.ti.-cl iu that proposition, tlmt tha three angles of a triangle sta equal to two right angles.
Second Lawyer—Tlmt isn't very,
First Lawyer—No. but I was trying to think what a man could do lf
he had the other side of tbe case.
He was cashier In a west end business bouse and his fortnight's liolldvy
had Just ended. As lie entered the
oflice on Monday morning bts fellow
clerks rose to greet him, but he held
up his hand for Bilence and before anybody could say a word, lie distributed
among them a number ot neatly printed little cards, reading thus:
Thank you!
Yes, I had a splendid time.
Oh, walking, fishing, golf and so
Yes, had quite a lot of rain.
Hard to tear myself away? You bet.
I ought to, I'm feeling fit as a fiddle.
And without a word he started ln ..t
bis regular work.
Warts on tho hands is a disfigurement tbat troubles many ladies. Hoi-
loway's Com Curo will remove the
blemishes without pain.
Her dear little brother came Into the
somewhat durkened room where sat
bis Bister with Mr. Jones.
Do you know what I think, sister,
dear, he asked sweetly.
No. said tho sister.    What Is It?
Well, said the boy, I think If I were
not In the room Mr, Jones would
kiss yon.
You Impudent boy, said sister.
Leave the room InBtantly.
Mo. a box er six boxes tor 1240,
ol oil deals*, or Tho Dodds Modi,
slno Company. Limited, Toronto,
It Makes New Friends Every Day.—
Not a day goes by that Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil does not widen the circle
of Its friends. Orders for lt come
from tbe most unlikely places ln the
west and tar north, for Its fame has
travelled afar. It deserves this attention, far oo Oil has done so mu-h
for humanity. Its moderate cost
makes It easy to get.
As evidence of the strong tend of immigration from the United States to
Western Canada, Mr. F. W. Hopper,
General Agent ot the Grand Trunk
Passenger Department at San Francisco reporlB that he ls receiving from
three to five inquiries per day for
particulars of pre-emption lands in
British Columbia as thc result ot a recent advertising campaign In Southern California. He also states that
a Canadian financial company which
has a branch office ln the same city
und has considerable holdings tributary to the Grind Trunk Pacific ls figuring on organizing laud-?e«kers' parties for the Naas Valley in early spring.
Baby's Own TabioU aro Uie bost
medicine a mother can use to relieve
her little ones from constipation and
all other stomach and bowel troubles.
They act as a gentle laxative, are
pleasant to take and are absolutely
safe. Concerning them Mrs. Philippe St. Pierre, St. Perpetue, Que ,
says: "My baby was badly constipated
and was cross all the time. Nothing
1 gave ber seemed to do any good UU
I began Baby's Own Tablets. They
are the best medicine ln the worn
for little oncB and quickly relieved mv
baby." The Tablets are sold by mai-
icine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
England's   Foremost   Contralto     to
Sing at Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, February 17th
Mme. Clara Butt, the English contralto, and one of the world's few
very great contraltos, will be hoard
at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, on
Monday evening, Feb. 17th, when she
will give a grand recital in conjunction with her husband, Mr. Kennerley
Rumford, himself an artist ot almost
as wonderful genius and fame as his
Illustrious wife.
The biggest voice In-tne world and
the biggest, or rather one ot the biggest women on tbe stage, form a combination that makes Clara Butt a peculiarly interesting artist. She ls
over six feet tall and of magnificent
proportions, making a most Imposing
and attractive figure on the concert
platform. She has been likened to
Juno in her statellness, yet she Ib ex
ceedingly gracious in manner and very
Mme. Butt arrived in New York on
Dec. 29th and made her first appearance there on Jan. 7th with the Volpe
Symphony Orchestra, at Carnegie
Hall. On Jan. Uth, Bhe and her
husband gave a recital at the samo
world-famous music hall.
Mme. Butt and her husband are In
America under Loudon Charlton's management. Three or tour concerts will
be given ln New York and about fifty
throughout Canada and the United
States. The famous English singers
are en route to Australia, where thev
have made many successful tours, as
they have of South Africa and Continental Europe. They have wltb them
on this trip their three charming and
Interesting children, for Mme. Butt is
such a devoted mother she would .not
leave the youngstcrs-behlnd.
Manager Walker ls to be congratulated upon his enterprise ln having secured these splendid artists for a
Canadian hearing, and the people of
Winnipeg and the Canadian West aro
fortunate in having tho chanco to hear
tlii.ni.   /
Tho management ot the Panama
Paclficlnternatlonal Exposition reports that grading tor the Railway
Buildings and machinery ball ts well
under way and Ib ln fact now practically complete. The buildings and
Grounds Committee has let the contract for the grading of the entire
Exposition site, also that, for the improvement of Fulton Basin which ls
to be used as a yacht harbor.
W. N. U. 934
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Dlstempsr.
A certain prosy preacher recently
gavo an endless discourse on the prophets. First he dwelt at length on
tho minor prophotB. At last he finished and the congregation gave a
sigh of relief. He took a long
breath and continued: Now I shall
proceed to the major prophets.
After the major prophels had received more than ample attention tho
congregation gave another sigh ot r>
Now that I have finished with the
minor prophets nnd the major prophets
what about Jeremiah? Where is Jeremiah's place?
At this point a tall man arose In
the back of the church. Jeremiah
can have my place, he said. I'm going home.
The man who frequently repeats
that ho will never do a certain thing
will Invariably do lt if given tlm 9
Your druggist will refund money ,t
PAZO OINTMENT falls to curo aiy
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 daya. 60c.
Would Have Quoted It
Mrs.  Exe—So your   husband   fell
asleep in church last night? I suppose you woke hip up?
Mrs. Wye—Not uutil after the sermon. There was a lot in lt about
woman's extravagance—nonsense, of
course, but I'm mlghtly glad John
didn't hear it.
A Three Day Cure
The moat obstinate case of slavery to the Drink Habit can be safely
and absolutely cured ln three days by the
No man who ls an habitual drinker or who suiters periodical cravings
for Intoxicants, can overcome his passion unaided,
The Neal Treatment will take away all desire for further stimulants,
and ls perfectly harmless.
Three days only aro required.
There aro no hypodermic Injections
There Is no Injury to health
There ara no after offsets and
There are no failures.
If you are a victim to the Drink or Drug Habit, write to us without
further delay.   All correspondence strictly confidential.    You will oe
completely cured after a three days sojourn at our Institute
40S Broadway,
2244 Smith St.,
820 Thirteenth Ave-, W.
Thero aro as vegetables jost like yoar
•wa trowing.   Provide lor a good table,
oat vegetables, aad throw away audiciae.
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Tbo first of Ih. kiad eriated la Canada.    They
coataia tbo bast Wootora axporieaco et     .
Market Gardeaera.   Souad, practical aad aeaaiblo—
Jast wbat yea waal to knew ia preparing tho teet
bod, manuring, atarllsg tbs aaad, traaaplaatiag, foreleg.
ripeaiag, aloriag, deatroyiag besets, ole.     Tbs pries
Is 10 cuts per booklet ($1.00 lor tba fall oet of 11.
including vegetable aad special field crepe), bat FREE ts
pnrckaaara of oar aooda.      Sea oar catalogue, page 2.
v*. i ir-iiT m   GREATtST
iONT let your hones
' run down during the
■  wtaterandgetaosoftthat
they will loce flesh badly when
you start your spring plowing.
If bones ara not worked
regularly during the winter &» ami Ot,
.— FOOD,.!  „       .
organs, enable them to get all the good out
.     of their  feed, prevent tbe  blood   from
becoming overheated, and thus ward off diseasJT
Iahobah, Sa«., Jan. rith. 1911.
coin, they weighed two lb«.
harvested 163 acrea and *
them again and they weigl
Now, the Neighbors wanft_ _.
For sale by dealers everywhere,
receive your name and address.
bought t:
Our ti.ooojo Stock Book-sent free when we
Ii DIM MB WS tt. 11:
A. Crerar, E. 3. Fream, John Kennedy, William Moffat.
Manltooa—T. A. Crerar   John Kennedy. Wm.  Moffat, R.  IfoKenata.   Saakalchtwan-Oaa.
Langley, J. A. Mahara, F. W. Green. J. Morrison.   Alberta—B. J. Fream.-
If you consign your (rain to ua It will he locked after In tha beat poaelble manner.
Te belief the COnuiilon of tha farmer and cut ont (ha apraad betwaaa the prodnoor and tbs. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
***** 'iimiiiii |
Two Brothers
A Story of tbe Western Plains
of Former Times
1 ►■■«■—■*■■■,*«■«■—■■■»s>i-i>..« i*>-s».|.*fc it»»M.i
*■■■"■■■ -"6
"Tbls yere country," snld tbe old
plainsman, "Is beln* civilized so fist
Hint every time I como bnck to It I
scarcely know It. Wbere tbere was a
troll there's now a macadamized road.
Wbere thero was a few log bouses
tbere'* a towu lighted by electricity
and runnlu' trolleys. Where tbere was
lewsbnrps or perhaps a fiddle there
are now pianos. Wbere tbere was
tbree card monte sharks, now there's
the gentlemanly swindler. And tbe
punishments Is all changed too. It a
man shot another In them days nobody took much notice ot tbe fact, but
tbey bang a boss thief. Now, If a man
shoots another, there's a murder case
drnggln' through tho courts tor years,
and lf a thief gets away with a team
like enough tbe police Is tn cahoots
wltb btm, and' tbe owner Is glad
enough to pay (or gitttn' the boss back
and no questions asked."
"Singular," I remarked to the old
inan, "bow different conditions require different treatment"
"So they do," he rambled on. "Tbe
nearer you git down to nature tbe
simpler tbe forms of law. But It Isn't
always so told blooded down near the
bottom as you'd suppose. I've known
the most hardened villain to give ble
life for a woman or a child. There
was lots o' misery In tbem days. Just
as thero ls now. Families would come
out yere from tbe cast, not ltnowln'
what they was comin' to, git stranded
and If It hadn't bcen for tho help of
some gambler or road agent would
-'starve to death."
"Did yon ever have any such experiences?' 1 asked.
"Waal, yes; so I did. I bad one that
turned out mlgbty Important to me.
Fact ts, 1 hain't got over the effects of
It ylt. When these yere plains -wa*
covered with herds o' wild buffalo me
and Jack Cundlff followed the business,
huntlti' 'em for their skins. In them
dsys buffalo robes was used Instead of
tbe finer furs tbey uso now aud was a
staple article ln tbe market Thafa
wbat killed 'em off ao fast. We that
wa* buntin' 'em used to Jlst slaughter
'em for the money tbere wa* In 'em.
"Wbat I wa* goln' to tell you about
happened near tbe foothills of tbe Rockies west o' where Cheyenne now
stands. It stood there then, but It was
the terminus of tbe Union Pacific railroad, and a tough place lt wat, too,
with Its gamblln* and dance houses and
other slch shebangs. Jack and 1 was ln
camp oue day, as I was tellln' yon, near
the bam of tho mountains. Buffaloes
.wero getting scarce, and wc allowed
we'd turn to prospectln' for gold. We
didn't have anything with us that was
wo'tb anything except our bosses, so
wben we went to sleep nights we jlst
turned ln without worryln'. onless at
tbe loss of tho animals. Since a man
couldn't git over the ground without
one ot 'em they -was mlgbty valuable.
Fact bi, tbey was tbe most valuable
tblng to be had. And that's wby we
strong "up tbe boss thieves and didn't
string up tbo men shooters. There was
plenty of men, but only so many
hesses, and each boss would bring a
good price at any time or anywhere.
"lack Cundlff and I was smokln' our
pipe* after' onr noon meal of hog fat
and crackers, talkln' over whether we'd
better give up the buffalo skin business
and try our luck nt prospectln', when
along comes two young feller* on foot
and, seein' our camp, stopped and looked at us. They (aid lomep'n to eacb
other, then wa* goln' on, when I balled
'em and asked If they dldu't want anything. They came to where we wa* an'
w* had a powwow.
"They said tbey wis brother*. The
older one wa* middle height, but the
younger wa* small. Tbey was both so
young tbat thslr beards hadn't sprouted ylt, and they looked hungry. 1 asked
'em what tbey wa* doln' without
bosses, and tbey said tbey didn't own
any bosses. We questioned 'em wbere
they'd eome from and where they was
goln', but they didn't teem to have a
home, and I couldn't learn trom 'em
that they -was goto' anywhere. Fact ls,
they wns down on tbelr luck.
■'We offered 'em somep'n to eat, and
they chawed It np mighty fast Then
I poured out a cupful ot whisky and
handed It to tb* oldest one of the two.
Be tried to drink it, but 1 could sea
plain enough lt was burnln' out his
tbroat. There wasn't any use gtrlu' lt
to bis brother. It the oldest couldn't
drink the stuff tbe other sbore couldn't.
1 tbort tbe biggest one looked big
enough to drink whisky, but I was
hot surprised at tb* little teller not
wantln' lt
"Tbey looked so tired that Jack aud
I asked 'em If tbey didn't want to stay
tilth ns awhile and rat   Tbey ssld
they'd me to git some steep, so we mu
out a buffalo skin for 'em, and they
lay down beside each other, and fust
thing we knowed tbey was fast asleep,
tbe ypnnger boy's arm throwed around
the older one'a neck. Jack and I looked
down at 'em, and we felt so sorry for
'em that we allowed we'd do somep'n
for 'em. So while tbey was a-sleepln'
we stuffs some gold Into their pockets.
They mnst 'a' been mighty sleepy, for
they -didn't wake up while we was
doln' lt
"About supper time w*. woke 'em,
and when tbey see we was goln' to
make coffee and fry bacon the oldest
reller said he'd like to pay bis way by
doln' the cookln' snd seemed bo anxious
about It that we let blm du It. Lord,
bow handy he was, handlln' tbe skillet
Just like a. womau! He got Into our
supplies and found some corniueal and
fauna notnm.-
"Flrst thing Jack and I done wu .to
go out and about a couple o' antelope*.
There waa- a lake not tar away with
some good fish ln it and we pulled out
some ot 'em. We stayed with the family Ull we got 'em In1 pretty good condition so far aa grub goes; then we
went down to Denver and come back
with a lot o* clothes. But tbey didn't
stay wbere tbey was very long. Tbe
man got well and took 'em all to Denver, where he got a position with a
firm that did a business he knowed all
abont, and pretty soon he waa gitttn* a
good salary.
"Jack and I stayed ln Denver, toe,
for we'd got tired prospectln', not bavin' tho luck to strike any big tblng.
We bad n little money between us, and
we went Into buyln' mlnin' stock, first
._,.i_i„ - -.m., -i „__.... .,.-. ...... _,_..,_ I °ff °dd lots, ana, makln  sutbln, w*
mude a mess ot corn pone that beat   „„„. „„ ....•      .' rf ,,_, „ „„.,'
anything of the kind 1 erer eat. I told
him he must 'a' done cookln' for his
"Wben we'd bud our meal be nnd his
brother washed the dishes and wiped
'em jlst a* lt we was all in a house.
Jack and I had been used lf we was
near a creek to puttln* 'em in it and
lettln' the water run over 'em, but we
never tbort o' wlpln' 'em. It seemed
too much trouble. Wben the boys got
through we found tbey hadn't anything
to smoke, and we offered 'em pipes.
They both took 'cm and puffed as If
they'd never smoked before in tbelr
lives, but tbo fust thing 1 knowed the
littler one turned white and went off
behind a bush to get rid of bis supper.
The big one smoked-only a few minutes when he laid bis pipe down.
"'How old are you fellers anyway?'
I asked. 'You act like u couple o' kids.'
"'I'm twenty,' said tbe big one, 'and
my brother Is.seventeen.'
" 'Twenty years old and can't drink
or smoke? I hollered. 'Where was you
brought np?
"He said they came from tbe east,
but tbat was no news, for tbey both
looked like tenderfoots tbnt hnd been
long enough ln the country to git run
"So far neither of 'em bnd put his
bands In bis pocket, but the yonngstfer
when be como back from tbe bush lay
down on the ground, and after rollin'
over two or three times he caught
sight of somepln' ablnln' on tbe ground,
picked It up and found it was a Ovo
dollar gold piece. Xou'd ought to seen
tbe look on his face. Then ho "put his
band In his pocket and pulled out another one.
"'How did that come there? he
"'Haven't yon got any of 'em? I
asked bis brother.
"The teller put bis hand ln bis pocket
and pulled out some gold too.
" 'See here,' be said; 'yon men bave
been puttln' that gold in onr pockets.'
" 'Well, s'posln' we bave,' I remarked.
"The brothers looked at cueh otber
mlgbty queer.
" 'Tbls is too much,' ssld tbe big oue.
'If you knowed all about us you
wouldn't 'a' done It'
"He looked aa lt be was ugoln' lo.cry.
" 'Who are you? I asked.
" " 'I think,' he said, lookln' at Hie otber one, 'we'd better tell 'em the whole
" 'Reckon we had.'
"That oldest one be began le tell
us a story, and before he'd balf finished
he got to cryln'. That set bis brother
to doln' the same. I bate to see n
man cry, aad I told 'em to sl«p tbeir
" 'I can't,' said the or». thnt wns tnlk-
In'. 'I ain't a man; neither Is he. We're
girls. We're out to run off stock. Our
folks Is over there beyond Iho hills,
starvln', and my sister and 1 allowed
we'd got to go and git somepln' to sell
for money to buy victuals wltb. Bosses
ls all tbnt's worth anything, and we
wtt* goln' to light oat tonight with
two of yours. Ihat your kindness has
broken us all np, We can't do It'
"Jack saw me feelin' for more gold,
and hlsliand went to his own pocket
We banded out a couple o' more pieces
and tbat opened the dam o' tears still
wider.   We told 'em It would bo all
right In tbe mornln'.   We'd go over ,
to where they lived and see wbat we !
could do for 'em.  Then we spread all j
the buffalo skins we bad, one over tbe *
other, to make a bed for 'em nnd put j
on a couple o' blankets for cover, and
tbey turned ln.
"1 reckon that was the fust night's '
sleep they'd bad tn a long while with-'
out feelin' that tho bottom o' the world
was a-droppln' out.under 'cm.   Jack
and I didn't do nothln' till they got to
sleep.   We hadn't left ourselves .anything to sleep on or under except onr j
overcoat*, and we allowed we'd keep
up the fire all nlgbt and we spread ■
our coat* over tbe girls, 'cause It's cold
iu tbat region wben the sun's gone .
down. i
"Next mornln' tbe girls got breakfast;
and now 1 knew they was girls I
wasn't to struck with the handy way
they had and wbat good things they
could make out o' our small stock o'
provision*. After breakfast wc all went
over tbe bills to tbelr home. We found
a log hut and a family. The father
was sick, tbe mother frightfully run
down and tbe children tbo most miserable light I ever saw. They'd came
eut to the west not kuowin' what they
was golj\' te find, and they , hadn't
went on till we sized up a purty good
pile. We found tt easier to make'money thnt wny than prospectln'."
"Whnt became of the two girls," I
asked, "wbo were Intending to ran off
your stock?'
"Oh, the girls? Wbr. I married th*
oldest one. snd Jack Cundlff married
the other."
He-Are your relatives friendly wltb
that gentleman I Just saw you with?
Sbo-All but my mother. He's my,
husband, yon know.-Vouker* Statesman. |
Bs ssy? Who can whtn ths north wind*
And threaten the world with arms ot
For, whatever else may happen, we know
That the coal man's tolas to raise nil
-Chicago News.
'   "What are you nslng tbat sbovel
' for?"
I   "To dig with, you ninny."
"Whnt are you digging for?'
"Oh, for about twenty minutes."—
Pittsburgh Press.
All He Had.
Henry Augustus was learning to
dress blmself. He was not as big as
the name sounds.
Mother, looking on, said, "Why, my
Eton, you bave your shoes on tbe wrong
"Well," screamed Henry Augustus,
"they're tbe only feet I bave to put 'em
on 1"—Judge.
He Wished Fer Her.
They were dining in a restaurant
and he had ordered a wbole roast
"You see," be explained as be showed ber the wishbone, "yon take hold
bere. T<ien we must botb make A
wish nnd pull, and wben it breaks tbXt
one who has the bigger part of It will
have bis or ber wish gratified."
"But I don't know wbat to wish
for," she protested.
"Oh, you can think ot something,"
be snld.
"No, I can't," she replied.   "Jcni
think of anything I want very much*.
"Well. I'll wish for yon!" be ex-
"Will you, really?' sbe asked.
"Well, then, there's no use fooling
wltb tbe old wishbone," she interrupted, with a glad smile, "you can have
mef-Fun Magaaine.
Fer tht ley's Sake,
A Koscvllle man stopped smoking for
the sake ot his young sou. "if I smoke
I (ball set blm a bad example," be argued and gave up tobacco witb many
sighs of regret For three year* he baa
done without the weed. Th* other
night he found * box of little cigar* tn
the boy'* coat pocket, a well smoked
brier pipe ln tbe youngster's tool box
down cellar snd a pack of cigarette* ta
th* woodshed.—Newark New*.
His Exptrltno*.
"In order to succe.|i In any line ot
business," said the great merchant,
who was given to the bablt of moral-
lrjng, "one must begin at tbe bottom."
"1 tried tbat," replied tb* yoang mnn
with th* fringed trousers, "and now
I'm on my upper*."—Exchang*.
•tackles* Dlttlpstltn.
HI* Mother-Hlram, ain't yon
■shamed o' yourself tettin' np till half
past 8 pl*yin* solitaire? Whar yoo get
yonr tttt* for gamblln' 1 don't know.-
No man ean do nothing, and no man
Win do *T*rythlng.-tlerman 1'roverU
The Rear ef IU Mighty Water* One*
Stilled Fer a Day.
Only one* In history has the roar ot
tb* mlgbty (alia of Niagara bean *i-
lenced. Thi* itartting phenomenon occurred on March 81, 1848. Early on
that morning people living near the
falls were surprised by a Strang* hush,
as startling ln effect a* would be an
unexpected and tremendous explosion
In. an ordinarily qnlet community.
Many persona thought they had been
afflicted wltb deafness, and all went
oppressed by a sensation ot dread.
Wltb tbe coming of light tb* amused
people comprehended tbe reason for
Ihe disquieting silence. Where tbey
were used to teeing tbe great falls wat]
a bare precipice down tbe face of which
a few small and constantly diminishing
streams trickled. Above th* falls, Instead ot a rushing river, -was only a
naked channel, with insignificant
brooka splashing among th* rock*. All
day long tbls astounding condition continued, and persons walked, dryshod
trom tb* Canadian aide, along the vary
edge of the precipice, as tar ag Goat
Island, on the American side.
Early tn the morning ot April 1 tb*
familiar thunder of the great cataract
was again beard and bas never sine*
been silent, though similar conditions,
wltb like results, mlgbt prevail any
spring. The winter of 1847-8 was on*
of extreme severity, and Ice of unprecedented thickness formed on Lake Erie.
When the breakup came toward th*
end of March a strong southeast wind
was blowing, and the ice was piled into
banks as large as icebergs.
Toward the night ot March 80 tb*
wind suddenly changed to tbe opposite
direction. Increased to a terrific gale
and drove the Ice into the entrance of
Niagara river with such force that a
huge dam waa formed, of sucb thickness and solidity as to be practically
Impenetrable and strong enough to
hold back tbe great mass of water
pressing sgalnst It. At last in the
early morning of April 1, the ice dam
gave way nnder the tremendous pressure ot restralued water, and tbe falls
were once again one ot tbe scenic wonders of the world.-New York Timet.
The Pennsylvania State college out-
letln No. 114, on dairy rations, given
th* maintenance ration for cows of various size*. These tables show that th*
larger a cow la tb* more It takes ts
keep her, but lee* In proportion to six*.
write* R. U. Patterson hi the National Stockman. The maintenance ration
for A cow weighing 750 pounds Is given aa .4 of a pound of protein and 4.1)8
therms ot net energy and that for a
cow weighing 1,600 pounds as .OS ot s
pound of protein and 7.00 therms of
net energy. Tbat Is, when on* cow
It twice as large aa another lt take*
a little over on* and one-halt time* ai
The dally welshing of milk and a
ten (or butter (at at regular Intervals art necessary to determine the
value o( a dairy cow. The Ohio experiment station recently tested two
cows belonging te a dairyman.
With respect to at* and lactation
period they were much the same.
Both received the same cart and
attention. On* produced 8,130 pounds
o( milk and Mit pounds ot butter
(at In !N1 days; tho other, whose
portrait w* print, produced 6,183
pounds o( milk, containing SSS
pounds of fat The Oral cow's product waa worth 435.50; tb* other*!
Th* Faoulty That Enables Yeu te Preserve Yeur Equilibrium.
lt Is nlmost a 1,000 to 1 bet that yon
don't know you have a sixth sense.
Bnt you bare, nevertheless. It It
known as tbe sense of equilibrium.
The sixth sense Is located ln the
semicircular canals ot the Inner ear,
and whenever a person hi ln danger
ot falling or losing his equilibrium a
warning message Is communicated to
the brain. For years physiologist*
have been puzzled to know the function of tbese canals, because it was
proved definitely that tbey had nothing
to do with the sense of bearing or tbe
proper working of the auricular organ.
Thus they came to be considered aa
semicircular tubes, almost at right angles to one another and full of a clear
Scientists have discovered that tbese
enr-nls enable a person to tell wbat position he Is in no matter whether be is
blind or paralyzed. By some peculiar
process not well understood tbey warn
us when we are about to fall and give
us the consciousness ot being ln any
position assumed.
Steeplejacks and other workers on
blgh buildings wbo finally lose their
nerve and are afraid to go very far
above the ground hare lost part of
their sense ot equilibrium. Examinations by physicians in such Instances
have shown that their semicircular
glands were diseased. It was largely
by this means that the existence of a
sixth sens* wu dleovered.-New Xork
• Crushing.
The English judge, Psrry, In his
book "What tbe Judge Saw" telle this
story of a very masterful counsel who.
was not afraid to put even tho bench
In its plnce sometimes. On oue occasion lie wns arguing a cose when the
Judge asked for his authority for a
certnln statement.
"Cshor," coonsel called out In hla
most rasping voice, "go Into the library mid bring hla lordship any elementary book on common law!"
much to maintain ber body. Tbls refers to tbe feed lt would tnke for each
lt neither was giving milk.
Now, If two cow* ar* equal tn pro.
ductlon and ln every other point except size lt ls evident thst tbe smaller
cow ia tbe more profitable, because lt
take* more to keep tbe larger one. Besides tbls, tbe larger one ls worth mon
for beef and tbus represents a larger
Investment of capital.
On tbe otber band, when the larger
oue produces milk or butter In proportion to ber sizo sbe is Ihe more profitable. If a 1X00 pound cow produce*
twice as mucb as u 7DO pouud cow th*
larger cow Is worth more than twice at
much as tbe smaller cow, as It takes
less tban twice as mucb to keep th*
larger one, and there Is little difference between taking care ot a larg*
cow and a small cow.
Other facts besides size and production should bo tnken Into consideration. Among these are age ot maturity and the age at which the cow may,
be expected to lose ber usefulness hi
the dairy. It ls believed that tber*
may be some relation between the**
two points In particular and th* *lz*
of tbe cow,
It Is tbe general opinion that when
a heifer is bred young abe doea not
grow so large nor make so good a producer as sbe would lt not bred until at
nn older age. Tbe best authorltlea,
however, tblnk tbat nature ts the beet
guide in such matters and that wben
tbe heifer ls properly ted early breeding will not Injure ber In iny way.
Even It late breeding does Improve n
cow It Is donbtf ul tf It Is profitable, aa
a heifer cannot be kept from tbe ag*
of two to three years for less than 82G.
Tbe tendency always baa been te
butcher large cattle at an early ag*
because of tbe high price they brought
and to keep tbe smaller ones for tb*
dairy because tbey were not worth so
mucb for beef. Thus there has been
more breeding from aged animals la
tbe smsller breeds tban ln the larger
ones. This has tended to produce cattle capable of producing to a great*
Both email and large cattle hav*
their advantages, and In tbe absene*
ot otber evidence In each case It In
better to choose the Individual, family
or breed that will produce th* most te
proportion to sit*.
Spider's Thread.
Tbe thread spun by a spider la to
excessively fine tbat a pound of it
would be long enough to reach around
the earth. It would take ten pounds ot
It to reach tb tbe moon and over 8,000
pcinds to stretch to the sun. Bnt to
get a thread long enough to reach tb*
nearest star woold require balf t million tone,
Memorial to "Mammies.*'
Mrs. Moor* of Berryrllle, Va., baa
started a movement ln that town to
erect a churoh as a memorial to tb*
old black "mammies" who wen loyal
and faithful to tb* children of th*
toutb tor more tban a century. Tb*
mammies of those day* would hav*
defended their foster children with
tbeir lives, and It I* not likely tliat any
inch love and loyalty will ever be
•■own again by tenants ta Ue homes.
Scaurs In-Calves.
Among the common calf disease* It
scours. In the case of thit, as well at
of other calf diseases, prevention It
of first Importance. Clean, dry, well
lighted stalls, clean pall* and plenty
of pure water help to keep the young
calf healthy, A tablespoonful ot soluble blood meal mixed with each feed
serves to keep tho bowels tn good condition. In case of nn attack ot scour*
the ration abould be cnt down to half
th* usual amount and a teaspooaM
ot a mixture of bait an ounce ot
formalin w fifteen ounce* ot water
shoald be added to eacb pint ot milk
fed. As soon ** the calf recover* tb*
ration may be gradually Increased te
full feed. In the more severe case* ol
scours three ounce* ot castor oil may,
be given to clear away the Irritant
causing the trouble, tnd a teaspoonful
of t mixture ot on* part aalol and tw*
parte subtfltnt* ot bismuth nay b*
given three tlmo* t day ter two et
tbree dey*.-Conntry Gentleman. THE   SUN,   GRAND   EOBKS,   B. C.
G. A.  EVaN*. EO.TOSI AN^PU*LI«HEB   new8paper gnd the eI)dawe(]    preM.»
There are indications that Prof. Mc-
Mahon prophesy, has already begun
that in
this respect British Columbia takes
the lead.    Here some of the news-
tint Year (in advance)'.'..'.'...... '..'...'...'. lJM   ItB Work of   evolution, Slid
One Year, In United States  1.60
address all communications to
Thb Bvbkinq Sen,
i>«o»s B7l OBAsn toast, B.C j ^^ ... endowed by the province,
FRIDAY, MARCH  7, 191:
***= ] and, we dare say, the municipally
I endowed publication could also be
found without tbe aid of a lantern.
In view of the fact that it is generally believed that memberahlp in
a Conservative association is un essential recommendation t* obtain
work on the roads and other government construction in this province,
the following jokelet hy Fre-tiier
McBride will be heartily appreciated
in Ibis district: "I can say tbat
generally, in respect to tbe civil service in British Columbia, tbat we
try to select our employees on merit.
I frequently hear of complaints from
my own political friendt that we ara
too kind to the other party. I think
it would bs impossible to puint to a
case where we knew whether the appointee was a Conservative or a Liberal. I want to reiterate what I
bave often said from my place in
this bouse, tbat this government is
one for the whole country. We are
not running this government for ths
Conservative party but for the whole
Prof. Edward McHahon, of the
history department ot the University
of Washington, in an address given
1 afore the students of tbe department of journalism, said recently
that he believed tbat "tbe newspaper
of loday wonld eventually   develop
No such a, disgraceful piece of
political juggling has ever heen manipulated in a Canadian province as
that which the McBride government
has engineered during the present
sitting of the legit-luture fnr the pur-
! pose of retaining power for another
! term. The members of tbe cabinet,
or rather Premier McBride and the
■ Hon. W. J. Bowser, who constitute
the whole adtninistrntion,kn.iw verv
well that even with Ihe una rnpn-
lnu» muchini*. which ha« eii»hl»H
them th carry the province in the
past, their hold uprco,the people is
weakenii-g. They realize that if
they wait until the legitimate ter
mination of ihe present parliament
before appealing to the electorate,
they stand in danger of defeat, and
they have decided thnt the evil day
must be put off ns long ss possible.
To effect this two bills have been put
through the house. One cancels the
present voters' lists; the other extends the term of the legislature
from four to five years The object
of these acts is so apparent that it is
needless to point it out to any intel
ligent reader. The government will
be able to pad the new voters'  lists
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the List uf Voters
for the Grand Forks Electoral District hus been can-
called, and that Applications to be placed on the Voters'
List will be received at my Office itt Grand Forks, where
printed forms of Affidavit to be used in support nf an Application to Vote will be supplied.
The list of persons claiming to vote will be suspended from
and after the seventh day of April, 1913; and a Court of Revision will be held on the nineteenth day of May, 1913, and
notice of Objections to the insertion of any name on the
Register of Voters must be given to me thirty clear days before the holding ofthe Court of Revision.
Dated this third dav of March, 1913.
Registrar of Voters for the Grand Forks Electoral District.
we've cot what YOO
pretty well as it pleases, and when
this matter is satisfactorily settled,
a new election will be brought on,
in all probability aome tine before
next winter. It must be? »oon, indeed, if the government is Uo retain
its position, and no one ii better
aware of this than Mr. Bowser.—
Vancouver Sun.
Clever Vfolet Asquith! Not a soul
dared to interview her in Canada.
Not a journalist saw fit to chase
aiter her from Ottawa to Toronto,
and ask her what she thought of all
she saw and heard in Canada. In
the house of commons, without giving him any intimation of her presence, ahe heard. Mr. Guthrie laud
and magnify the name of her distinguished father, the premier of
England, and a contemporary suggested that she heard more in Canada than in England ahout lhe dangers of the empire, and hastened
away like a dutiful daughter to acquaint Mr. Asquith tith all the
facts But in New York -she realized, what it was to fall into the
hands of the Philistines. There the
newspaper men gu<.ceed*eTf'ih*getting
her to talk, and she gave them some
idea of her traitiing-iiiMrplomacy by
saying tbat the Americans were
very remarkable people, and that
one could not understand just
what tbis meant without visiting
among them. There was "such perfect harmony with them," "suoh
hospitality," such "libraries and
picture gulluries," such "delightful
surprises, and pleasant maetings,
aud jolly times." Clover girl. She
knew what they wanted, and she
gave it to them in little scented
paukages, done up in the loveliest
paper tied witb pink ribbon.—Kingston Whig.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death,
run light.
Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (2& Smith
Times coilfiiins the following among
its Australian news: "Mr. fearer,
federal minister of defence, declares
thai tbe naval position is eminently
satisfactory. Recruits are being enrolled in good numbers and are taking kindly to training. The only
trouble is to provide sufficient accommodation afloat for the splendid
material which i* coming forward.
The Cockatoo island dockyard was
officially transferred to tbe federal
government last Saturday, and the
keels of the Brisbane, the first
cruiser tn he huilt iu Australia, and
of the tordedo boat ilesloyers Torrent ami Derwenl Were, laid." And
vet we are told Unit Canada can not
build ur mnn ships.
The legislature finished its business at 3 o'clock this morning and
prorogation is to lake place this
afternoon. We desire to go on record once more as strongly protesting
against the manner in which many
important measures have been
rushed through the house in Ihe Inst
lew days. It is nothing short i f
scinilaloiis, and the country will
suffer for it It wuuld disgrace a
muck   parliament.—Victoria Times.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES -f2 to 91
Woodland 8 Go.,
The Kodak Dealers
und all like vulgarities of the underworld.—Kingston Whig.
The Calgary man was talking
about the way his city was growim
and claimed a present population p
85,000. "Yes, 1 know," said thi
Toronto man, "but leaving out
Moose Jaw and Banff, what's your
real population from horizon t"
horizon!"—Toronto Star.
Th^Hl_*|fl*TlifRt? t h^ n i i n i m u m
and* maximum fern petal ure for each
day during thc past week, as re
corded by tbe 'government thermometer on K. F. Laws' ranch:
.-, Min.     Max
Friday, 21sf. .....    4 32
Saturday^inil..        5 25
Sundiy, 2.1id    8 29
Mondnv,24ht   HI 3(1
Tuesday, 25th      4 28
Wednesday. 27th      0   ■ 22
Thursday,*27lh.    4 92
Precipitation for month 13
Now is the time to place
your orders. We have for
sale settings of eggs from
Buff Orpingtons, Black
Minorcas, Silvef* Pencilled
Wyandottes and White
). A. McCALLUM. Proprietor
Grind Forki, Phone L 101
Feb. ISA. 1911.
Horse-Shoeing a Specially
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
President elect Wilson ia nnt in
fnvor nf the iiiauxtiral hall because
of tbe modem indecent dance* which
turn the modern ball into a beer
garden of indecencies. It is lament*
•hie that "the flower of American
society" is given over lo grizzly hear
gyrations, bunny hug tenderloin
movements, turkey Irot  contortions
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a j
Barber Shop
to its already well equipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given,
Razors  sharpened  by
an expert. .'•*.'
At the Head
Tht man at lhe head of affairs
whether at home or in business, is
the one wheat attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper foes into thc best diss
of homes and if nml hy thi- head nf
Ike family. That accounts for the
results obtained hy lhe uk of
Classified  Wart  Ads.
Silver King and Silver Queen Mini-nil
Claims, slMiiiti- In tlie ..rami Fork. Mlnin*
lllvlnliiii nl Yale lit. trii-i.
Where loratrcl: On tlie Rait Knrk or thp
North Fork of Keltle Rlvnr.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Jacob M. Pniilien.
Prati Miner'" Cerllfleate Nn. 8S818H, tor
myself and as ae-ent for William It. Hoffman,
exoelltor. and lt>>_a Major, exeontrlx, of the
will nf Catherine Hoffman. Free Miner n
OrtiHimte No. JSM7H. ink-nil, .lxty any.
frnm .Into hereof, to up|ily In tho Mining
Heccrrler fnm Cetllllcale nf Improvement!., for
tbopnrnofienfnhtitlnlnu; crown grant* ol the
Anrl further t-ike notice rhat notion, under
section :17, niiiathecoiiuneiiciil lieforo the Ihnii-
mice of mieli Cr riflemen of I ni|irovemei-t
Dated this Ith day of Mn), A.D 1918.
THB STANDARD ls tha National
Weekly Newspaper of tha Dominior.
„t Canada. It Is national tn all Ita
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
inga, procuring the photographs from
all over tha world.
Its articles ure carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tha Standard
coats $2.00 psr yaar to any address la
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers.
[    Don't forget that The Sun has the
■ bent job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
I.its iif people get stone bruises on
their consciences travelling the rocky
' road to fortune,
' Some business, men are no fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisings Tbe Sun.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol restores every nerve la the body
i-nuspnunw    |t§     ^ |u|l(m| „,,„,„
vim sad vitality. Premature decay and all sexual,
weakness averted al ones. Pheepheaal will
mske you a new nun. Price it a bos. orjIwo fer
M. Mailed to any address. CkeleAell
£•_ at. CMhar laee. Oat.
Don't be misled hy false statements of competitors. Advertise in
Tbe Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Written Examination at Public School for January
and February
The following is the standing of
the pupils- of the public school as
determined by tbe written examinations for January and February:
Division I—mifiihuta,* 1200
marks; Oswald Hay 71)3, Gladys
Heaven 792. Aulay Munro 786, Eric
AtwiMid 780, Ham Montgomery 762,
"Jailing Barlee 788,Hugh Sloan 738,
Stanley Donaldson 724, Grace Barron 722, Don Farmer 721. Helen
DeCew 700. Ruth Krischke 682,
Afred Heaven 672. Caughey Mc
Callum 660, Annie Mnnro 632, Ivy
Taylor 631, May Newbauer 631,
Jennie Simpson (127, Avia Michener
635, Henry Fritz 603, Marie Fritz
566, Rouald Tracy 561, Ma* Lyden
538, May Spragift-tt 524, Vera Reid
521, Glenn Lemaster 463.
Divfsinn II, Senior—Total, 1100
marks; Fred Demsey 860, Pauline
Sloan 826, Harry Bowen 800, Ester
Larsen 79S, Robert Holmes 795,
Joyce McLeod 790, Dean Galloway
786, Alice Spraggett 779 Maudie
Peckham 753, Ulric McCallum 740,
Lawrence Holmes 739, Arthur Oil-
pin 723, Gladys Ardiel 7ltt.Margaret
Mcllwaine 711, Ralph Gill 692;
Maud Reburn 680, Archer Davis
678, Rennie Keron 672. Elvera
Walker 643, Dan Wells 633, Harold
Massie 628, Hazel Argersinger 620,
Archie Symes 568, Lila Burns 548,
Stanley Murray 480, Bertha Wise-
man 468, Emma Needham 445, Gordon Fulkerson 443, Earl Keeling
388, Ivia Miohener 243,John Brown
203, John McLaughlan 162. Junior
—Marie Barnum 828, Quentin
Quinlivan 796, Hugh Walla 768,
Amy Fiankovitcli 740,Tracy Cooper
730, Austin O'Donnell 720, Olga
Frankovitch 716, Frank Hartinger
693, Stanley Maasie 687, Alice
Bowen 682, Linus Freece 638, Lawrence Nichols 595, Raymond Quinlivan 451, CatharinJ Stafford 382,
Hattit Gaw 298.
Division III—Maximum, 100
marks; Harry Peterson 758, ICiith
Larsen 728, Mildred Meikle 720,
Ida DeCew 709. Sarah McCallum
fi 6, Al Peeiaon 693, Watir Peter
son 666, kt-ggie Hull 638, Blair
Cochrane 630, Victor Gilmour 621,
Wilfred Holme* 604, Tdomas He
burn 602, Harry Atwood 686,
Abram M uuy liner 583, Ruby Keeling 681, Teddy Dempsey 579. Uvo
Wells 575, George Cooper .•■63,
Gwenny Mcllwaine 546, Griffin
Mayhew 645, James Lyden 537,
Holger Peterson 535, Denis ri* Ryan
532, John Herr 531, Willanl Shaw
528, Hoy Kennedy 628, William
Meikle 521,Violet Walker 6l3,Lilian
Kelleher 515, Herbert Dinsmore
499, Chads Krischke 490, Mary
Cooper 488, Gladys Latham 487,
Muriel Galloway 485, John Cbi-po
479, Lodia Kelleher 467, Kathleen
462, Susie Brown 450, Helen Peterson 418, Muriel Spraggett 433, Gari
baldi Bruno 4(Ki, Dorothy Burns
388, Alexia Fulkerson 382, J (it
Beran 336, Merle   Herr 329,   Mary
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts of the City
Also Fruit Lands and Tracts suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Heal Snaps left
in the boom *centre in the West End. I
sell my own property, and save you commission.
Cheplo 307, Clarence  Crosby   3*i6,
Agnes Stafford 107.
Division IV-Viola Pell 632,
Freddie Barlee 623, Mildred' Hut
ton 619, Kathleen O'Connor 617,
Anna Beran 614, Olivine Galipeau
602, Frances Sloan 593, Vermin
Smith 592, Fritz Schliehe 581,Eaura
Allen. 591, Bernard Crosby 591,
Engeman Jacnbsen 586, Ednie Mcllwaine 681, Gladys Hteb+eigb 581,
Glenn Samps.ffiW8"*-I!dit_t)^Cpryell
577, Ethel Jacobsen 573, Loretta
Lyden 666, Bessie Harrison 5".9,
Cecelia Lyden 542, Thelma Walker
540, Margaret Michener 538, Wilfrid Brown 535, Francis Fritz 533,
Willie Ruckle 528,Ewing McCallum
524, Farl Kelleher 518,* Aurena Barnum 515, Amelia Wiseman 505,
Hope Benson 497,Amy Murray 597,
Gordon Murray 497, Helen Massie
492, Ethel Wright 484, George Lemaster 483, Robert O'Connell 483,
Richard Stacy 481, Lily Ardiel 472,
Pauline Hatfield 471, Rosa Petersen
457, Violet McLaehlan, 449, Vernon Forrester 431, Harold Fair 43u,
Peter Miller 408. Sam Ericaon 392,
Ray Forrester 391, Alfred Downey
387, Cecil Ruckle 308, Vera Donaldson 294, Ray Lane 230, Ernest
Hart 211, Frank Verzuh 195.
The Government Majority
The government majority was
diminished hy two more votes in the
division on tbe second reading of tbe
naval bill in the house of commons.
It went down tn thirty. In the last
parliament when the government
majority was reduced lo thirty a
shout of joy ascended to the heavens
ftnm every Conservative journal in
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various -sub-customs offices, as reported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of February:
Orand Forks    $3,793 26
Phoenix     1,203.17
Carson        197 12
Carra-le  48 67
Total  #5.242 22
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in a growing
business returning $2,00 on every
$1.00 invested. Incorporated
for $1,000,000. $100,000 yours if
you are the riglit man. References required. Apply A. It. B,,
this office.
Lists Close April 7
Under the i-ecently-paswed amendment to the provincial
Flections Act, the voters' lists of the province wero cancelled
on Monday, March 3. From March :. to April 7 is the time
sot apart under the act during which names may lie put on
he new lists. After April 7 no names may be added. Liberals are reminded of the date and are urged to take the
necessary action without delay, so that none of their names
will lie left off through neglect.
Provincial Poultry Show
In Grand Forks
aud get your eggs from R. C.
Reds and Barred Rocks
for hatching from
Partridge WyanpotteS,
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusians.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs.
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks.
ROBERT CLARK Winnipeg bridge
IF YOU WANT  to  raise
1 winners for the next Pro
vincial Show in Grand Forks
visit the
Columbia Poultry Yards
and inspect some high-class
cockerels, bred from winners.
S.C. Rhode Island Reds
S.C. White Leghorns   -   Houdans
Prices to Suit All.
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. G.
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
Our "Wart *«.- mlumnt ar*
Moodily crawlnf aa piopla .p.
•!*•***, Oiulr voluo.
Thoy hulp mm mi many of
11ft* SMIUul.laj.
***** you (ot oomotninc you
S* *M mod, or nooa* •ornithine
ro« how not ro»?
Oo you want to torn*, korrow,
If you read Tbe Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
tht world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of tbe times
without the aid ofthe daily papers.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
JMp (6rat.ii .forks $mt
and the Montreal
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasurer," for
I $1,500
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp   HI
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property Rj
S500 hewn log house p.
£]    North Fork runs through ***
the land $$
Kettle Valley Line  survey £Q
crosses property (Q
J3    DeetfClear, S875 Cash,      |jj
Jfja Balance Terms yj
"*" *\e
gJThe    Sun    Office gj
_m«M«U_MMua_kM__.    m
For Further Particulars Ay ply
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster ih required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
dues not answer the law) whon a subscriber does not take his paper out of
tho postolliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
m. If any person orders his pajier
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
nnt. There* can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
.'I. Any person who takes a paper
out of thc post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a Subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is hound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
0. The courts have decided that 1-0
fusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Urged by German to Accept Title and
Then Sell it to Kaiser
Paris, Prance.—Viscount Alfred Ue
Breull, a young French explorer, has
recently had an experience In empire
building, which recalls the adventures
of M. Jacques l-ebaudy. The French
explorer, who had acquired some ta-
liuenco over many primitive tribes-fl
Arabia und Syria, was approached In
1910 by a German named Nicholas
The German proposed that the viscount shotild return to Asia and Induce
the tribes hy presents to declare their
union und Independence and elect him
ltlng. Subsequently the viscount
should sell his title and right to tho
German emperor. Viscount do Brcull
wus skeptical as lo the funds necessary for the undertaking, but when a
Frankfort bank sent a check for $40,-
000 to be paid for the title ot king of
Arabia and ot Syria when it should
have be tm obtained, ho agreed <p embark on the adventure.
Benz gave hiin an advance of M60O,
with which he departed for Arabia.
Some time afterward twelve tribes
assembled in a "djema" at El Aloun
with the emirs who governed them,
and this'assembly presided over by
Abou Hassan, proclaimed the independence of Arabia and Syria, and
elected the viscount monarch with the
title of "King Alfred I."
Abcu Hassan wus made grand vizier, und the twelve emirs were appointed to be ministers. Further, a
solemn contract was drawn up forming a veritable charter. In the first
urticle It was stipulated that the Independent kingdom of Arabia and Syria should be placed under the "protection of tlle Virgin Mary und ot St.
Marltis. The viscount de Breull had
these documents authenticated by the
Egyptian authorities and did homage
to the apostolic delegate at Cairo.
Proud of his success, thc 'king explorer' Iben returned to Paris to
collect the $40,000. To his amazement and disappointment he found
that Nicholas Benz was In jail, having
been sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Further, the viscount discovered that Benz had withdrawn the
$40,000 from the bank.
He lodged a charge of embezzlement and one of swindling
against Benz, hut as the funds had
been sent from Frankfort to Benz directly and placed in a Parisian bank
solely in his name, the Investigating
magistrate decided that there was no
ground to.- an Indictment.
Hastened Her Exit
It was the scene ol the f,m\ i.aulo-
niimo rehearsal. E' .ivm- wus there.
Including tho stage I agi r and the
principal boy.
The latter, who Is always ol tbe
feminine persuasion, aa most |iuo;i1(j
know, had her dainty head thrown
back, and was warbling right merrily.
Everybody's doing lt, doing It, doing
Stop! for Heaven's sake—stop! yelled the afore-mentioned stage-managev.
That won't do a bit! Can't you put
more life and go into it? I.ook here,
open your mouth wide, make an extra
special effort and throw yourself Into it! .
This Ib ihe precise moment when
the priuclpal bqy resigned.
Invest $10 In line of l*p greatest development ever known around Winnipeg,
The coming Chicago of Canada where the following'developments are taking
placo. New Exhibition Ground,, on which tl,000,000 or more will be expended. -
Close to the New City Park, one of the finest ln Canada. Klnlock Place fronts
on Main Street which Is 132 feet wide, which will be asphalted and double street
car line. Klnlock Hace prices are the lowest In the district and 1-6 of what
similar lots are selling for In the west eud of the city.
Scud for booklet and price list. Choice lots $160 up. Terms 125 eaeh and
510 per month. Good Improved farms to rent in Man., Sask., and Alta. Send
for lint.   Live ugents wanted at every point.
22 Canada Llfs •ulldlnfl. Winnipeg, Man.-
Aeroplanes to Become Factors In' Development of German Colonies
Berlin.—After a recent flight as
a passenger ln a biplane recently,
Doctor Solt, secretary tor the colonies,
expressed his conviction that flying
machines will fill an Important roi*)
In the colonies For this reason, In
added, he has been devoting special
attention to the subject tor some time
past, and is awaiting a favorable moment for carrying his views Into execution. This moment, he believes,
will soon be at hand, and plans respecting the employment ot flying ma*
chines in German colonies are already,
worked out.
In the flrst place the colonial secretary considers that aeroplanes will
render valuable service in transmitting
instructions in case ot risings and Insurrections; ln the second place he
proposes to establish an aerial postal
service ln districts where as yet thero
aie no ordinary means ot communication, and iu the third place he Intends
to employ aeroplanes in colonial land
It Is reported that a number ot higher colonial officials now ln Germany
on leave are being trained as pilots,
and that lt it intended to place aero-'
places at their disposal for use In their
dli-tiicts when they return to their
The woman who looks before she
leaps may want to seo it her hat ls
on straight.
Spread on Limbs. Red and Inflamed.
Became Sores. Had to Tie Hands
While He Slept. Well, Thanks to
Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
St. Coratre, Quebec.—"My child was
scarcely two months and a half old when
bis face and arms became covered with llttlo
rod pimples which a llttlo
later spread on bis limbs.
The pimples wero very red
and Inflamed. Tbey were
i llko a little ml spot which
'.' *wn liecamc a little lorgor
and raised up. Then
wero four or five together.
These pimples caused blm
* to scratch so that wo had
to Uo his bands while ho slept. The Itching
mado him suffer so much that ho cried part
of tho nlsht, waking up most of the people
In the house. Tho pimples became sores aad
wcro very painful.
"I used without success several remedies
which were recommended to mo. I then
used Cuticura Ointment and Hoap, giving
him a bath evory morning with hot water
and Cuticura Soap, and then applied a tbla
layer of Cuticura Ointment on tho parts
affected. They gavo great relief with the
lint application. After using one box of
Cuticura Ointment and a llttlo more than
ono cake of Cuticura Soap my child was
completely cured. Thanks to tho Cuticura
Soap and Ointment my baby Is perfectly
well, and 1 shall always liat-o them at band."
(Signed) Mrs. N. Jobln, Jan. 4,1012.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold throughout the world. A single sot ls
often sufficient. Liberal sample of iach
mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post card Potter Drug A Cturn Com., Ueph
i»D. Boston, U. S. a.
W. N. U. 934
Woman Saves Penny After Penny to
Purchase Clock for a Church
Geneva. — A widow, nearly 76
years old, Mme. Honegger, of the village of Bremgarten, Canton ot Arg-
ovle, has lived in great misery tor
the last flfty yeara, and practically
wasted her life in order to buy a pre-
sent for her commune before she died,
Recently the widow's strange self-
sacrifice came to an end, when she
pL.-estcd * large clock worth $4100
lo the commune, to be- erected In the
steeple of the old church, She had
saved the amount penny by penny on
ao average- ol JS5 a year, dressiiiE as
a besqar, aud often starving herself
during the fifty yc-ars past.
E'.eiyli.-.dy -.vas surprised when lt
became knows that she had Baved sueh
a large sum. After the forronl presentation of the gift Mme. Honegger
Bald tbat she had gained the object of
her life, and that now death did not
Package Containing $360,000 Picked up
by ■ Paris Carter
Purls, France.—A carter named
Schlld picked up a package ln the R ie
de Vauglard recently. Another man
saw him and claimed the parcel and
when Schlld refused to surrender tt
both men went to the police station.
When the parcel was opened It was
found to contain $630,000 ln bank
notes, gold -and valuable securities.
The man who claimed lt from Schlld
could not give a satisfactory account
of himself, and as he had two revolvers and a largo knife In his pocl«t
he was locked up.
It the owner of lhe parcel Ib not
discovered ln a year and a day, it will
become the property of tbe carter.
Where Ha Scored
MrB. Timothy Talker was an ardent
upholder of lost causes, and a consequent ardent neglecter of home and
Mr, Timothy Talker.
Now she was reading a treatise on
electricity, and after perusing lt
through, she removed her glasses and
Wonderful, Timothy! glancing at
her better half Immersed In his evening paper. Do you hear? Soon we
shall bo able to got anything by merely touching a button.
Umph! grunted her husband.
Wouldn't do here!
Why nol, I should like lo know.
Mrs. Timothy waited lo crush her
spouse with the sledge-hammer of au
Incontrovertible argument.
Because, murmured Timothy, as he
sUHcd to tho door, nothing would over
Induce you to touch a button! I.ook at
my shirt.
Pat has always been celebrated the
world over for his repartee, and he
did not belle his reputation for smait
retorts quite recently.
It happened that a warship touched
at a military port on the coast of Ireland, and a Tommy, -meeting a full-
bearded Irish tar ln the street, accosted lilm with:
Here, I say, Pat, when are you goln'
to put those whiskers ot yours on the
reserve list?
Pat turned and eyed his questioner
thoughtfully for the space of halt a
second; then:
Begorra, Just as soon as ever you
place your own tongue on the civil
list! was the reply.
Ever notice how eager one doctor
is not to boast ot tho ability ot another.
A Mild Beginning
A cross-grained old farmer recently
had a difference of opinion with his
neighbor, and ultimately called upon
a solicitor.
I want you to write him a letter,
and tell him this 'ere foolishness hus
got to stop, ho said firmly. I know
Just what to say, but, I ain't good
enough sbliolard to put it just right.
Well, what do you want ine to say?
the lawyer asked.
Well, begin by telling him he's the
darnddst, lylngest, thievingest reptile
on earth—and then work up.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tbe readers ot uu, ptper .,111 be pleued to lean
tbtt tbere ta at letat one dreaded dlsesse tbat science
bu been able to cure In sll lu staves, and that fc.
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ,11 thu only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrl-
belnt a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken lev
-crnally, act'ns directly upon the blood and mucous
lurfacca ol lhe srstrin, thereby destroying ths
•oundatlon ol Ihe disease, aid ihrlm the patient
itrengtb by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Ils work. The proprietors bavo
so much faltb In Its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred boilers Ior any esse that lt tails to
•lire.  Send tor list ot testimonials
Address F. J. CHENEY 4 CO . Toledo, O.
Bed by all Drugslsta, Tie.
Take Hall's Family puis tor tonstlpeUon.
Ignorance helps to boom business
when a man orderB a $3 frame for a
30 cent rlcture.
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Wasted Labor
Tlilnss looked very busy at the offices of Messrs. Solomons & Cohen.
For three whole days the partners had
been- poring over books and feverishly adding up huge columns of figures.
Then, at the end of it all, a wall ot
despair escaped tbe lips of Mr. Solomons.
Ach, Cohen, he sobbed, vot a vaste
—vot a vaste! Ve have given the
bookkeeper a veek's holiday, and hla
books vas right, after all!
A reminder of the victory of Germany over France cornea to the men
on duty at the Spandiui fortification
every year, Bays a Berlin letter, because for severzti days every new year
officials of the Imperial treasury perform an Important duty there. They
count the 120,000,000 marks which is
part ot the sum-exacted from France
when peace was agreed upon, In 1871.
It was deposited tbere and still remains in the Jullusturm, all In ten and
twenty mark gold pieces. The great
sum brings the government no revenue, and Dr. Gwinner, one cf the directors of tbe German bank, has suggested that lt be invested in home
and foreign securities, bo that the
fund may be Increased to 300,000,000
marks for either peace or war.
Tliere is no more effective vermifuge on the market than Miller's Worm
Powders. They will not ouly cleir
the stomach and bowels of worms, but
will prove a very serviceable medicine
tor children in regulating the infantile
system and maintaining it in a healthy
condition. There is nothing in their
composition ihat will Injure tbe most
delicate stomach wben directions are
followed, and they -can be given to
children ln the full assurance that
they will utterly destroy all worms.
An acre of ground lhat now supports two people will have to support
a thousand In days to come.
Well, lt can probably do it, asserted Mr. Wombat. 1 used to barely
support myself. Now I support a
wlfo, four children, a mother-in-law
and two of my wife's brothers, and I
don't scorn to feel lhe strain very
much more.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
What reason havo you to think my
daughter loves you?
She says she is willing to make
any sacrifice for rae.
That's no sign she loves you.
What Is lt, then?
An indication that she's crazy.
Chipped liads
Wra'l hiker
it instead of
■oap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep the skin smooth •I
and in splendid condition..        '-.. '■■*$..
Try SNAP for a week and notice
tlie difference. 47
0._._t__e'n_jtut<Uekrt.-._r.  lefl coupon..
Pay, or Publicity
He was a North Country smail
tradesman who bad Just set up business tor himself, and it was his dearest ambition to restrict his customers to paying cash, and that promptly.
But, alas! there were a good many
good souls who insisted on taking
out credit books.
He began to feel very keenly that
this sort ot thing must be stopped before lt went too tar, so he posted up
the following notice lust inside tbe
door of his shop where all could read:
Please don't ask for credit as a refusal often offends.
But, alas! this delicate hint direct
had no effect whatsoever, and the
struggling small trader nearly tore hla
hair ln vexation.
Next morning this notice look the
place of the former: The names and
addresses of all thoso who buy goods
at this shop and don't pay for them
ean be viewed Iu Ihe credit ledger for
the sum of twopence.
The result was little Bhort of miraculous. Tho curious paid their two-
pencea with avidity—Just to see who
owed—and inside a week every debtor
had paid his account ln full.
Minard's  Liniment  Curea Garget in
The Biter Bit
The workhouse inmates were Just
about to sit down, when two men
came along one of the corridors car
rying a steaming cauldron between
Aha! cried the official who had been
laying ln wait for them. Put that
kettle down, and fetch mo a spoon
One of the men brought a spoon,
and at the same time tried to sav
something, but was peremptorily told
to hold his tongue.
D'yer call that soup? at length splut-
tered the official, aB he Bwallowed a
hoaped-tip spoonful of the steaming
mess.     It's more like dirty water!
But that'B just wot it Ib, sir, answered the second man timidly. We've
a-beetl Bcrubbln' down the tables.
The lesB brains a man has to spare
the more likely be is to lose his
An honest man seldom blows his
own horn—probably because he Is too
poor to own one.
Multitudes of People
take SCOTTS EMULSION regularly to repair wasted vitality and
enrich the blood to -withstand
winter colds and exposure.
It contains the highest grade of
cod liver oil, medically perfected;
it is a creani-like food-medicine,
scrupulously pure and healthful
without drug or stimulant. Endorsed and advocated by medical;
authorities everywhere, '■■ i
colds—nourishes the membranes:
of the throat and lungs and keeps'
them healthy. ..   ■
Nothing tqaal. SCOTT'S]
EMULSION for tang and bronchial
iveakness-—tore, tight chtttt and'
all pulmonary troubles.
Equally good for infants,
children or adults, but you must •
have SOOITS.
8cott & Bowne, Toronto, OnLnrlo       32-56
Luke McLuke Says
When a man has a little wife wha
weighs about 90 pounds, be always refers to her as the old woman, but
lf she weighs about 200 pounds he invariably calls her the little girl.
A woman has queer Ideas about
sport. She regards nagging a husband as a popular Indoor pastime.
Why ls lt that a woman can come
home ln a cab and nothing ls ever
thought of it? But It a man does
lt there is a scandal.
A magazine poet says: "It is hard
to be poor." Perhaps lt ls, but we
bave always imagined it was easy ti
be a poor magaztm poet. •  **"
Why doesn't she takt
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop thetdacht promptly, yet de not contain any of
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. Ask your
Druggist about them.   2So. a box.
Na-riMM. ■sua am* Cnshmmi cs. tr causes. Limits t. ijj
Tht only aura and satisfactory way in whieh ths Western Farmn
ean secure the highest possible market value for his wheat, oats, barley ana .
flax It by shipping It by the carload to Port William or Port Arthur, or tt
Duluth lf ears cannot be got tar the other terminal! (loading It If Dossll.lt
direct Into the car aver the loading platform to at to tavt elevator charm
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission firm to bandit and dispose of It.
We continue to act at the Farmers' Agents solely en a commission batlt.
We tre not trachbuyert tnd we never buy tht Farmers* grain on our own
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entruttea to ut, as tht
tgentt of those who employ ut, and lt It our detlre md endeavor to glvt
everyone the very beet service possible. We make llbertl aqvaneet sgalnst
ctr shipping bills, tnd will tlio carry tht grtln for a time under advaneet tl
a moderate commercial rate of Interest, if considered tdvltauie. wt Invltt
til Farmeri lo write to ut for thlpplng Inttructloni tnd market information,
Thompson Sons & Company
hereby gives notice lhat It Ib not responsible for and has not in any
way authorized or approved of circulars or statements in circulars
offering for sale any of the Company's 0 per cent. Iucome Charge Convertible Debenture Stock; aud
and v
give notice that neither of Ihe said Companies nor any Company allied
with them or either of them ls responsible tor or has authorised or
approved of circulars or statements In circulars offering for sale 8TAT-'
That the said Statutory Stock forms pait of the share capital of Th»
Canadian Northern Quebec Railway Company, and that payment ot
neither principal nor dividend is guaranteed nor Is secured by mortgage or otherwise and that lt Is unlikely that dividends will be paid
on the said Statutory Stock.
Assistant Secretary,
The Canadian Nofthevn Railway Company,
v The Canadian Northern Quebec Railway Company.
Toronto. Jauuaty 4t.i, 1913. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
How He Escaped
An Operation
And Was Complttely Ound ef
NIm of 14 Ymra' Standing
by Dr. Chaw'e Olntnwnt
Sought Dowry to Build up Fortune
Scattered by Hit Extravtgtnct
Berlin, Germany,—Count Leopold
von Saldern-Ablimb and his mothsr
Countess Louise von Saldern-Ahllmb,
belonging to a well-known German
family, were charged at Wiesbaden
with obtaining (3750 by false pretenses.
The count has been In custody since
May. The defense put forward on
his behalf is that he is mentally deficient and afflicted wltb a mania for
extravagance, It was alleged that he
and his mother lived ln brilliant style
In Wiesbaden hotels and boarding
houses on money advanced by hall
porterB and landladies. After amassing, lt ls alleged, debts amounting to
(160,000 or $200,000 for such luxuries
as motorcars, race horses and Italian
palms and distributing bills of exchange for (75,000, the count was Induced to consider a marriage with on
heiress as the easiest way out ot tbe
dlffculty. He went to live at Wiesbaden ln 1911 for the purpose ot cooperating wltb a matrimonial agent In
quest of a wealthy bride, but all lib
efforts were In rain.
Mr. Chas. Beauvois.
Doctors say that about one person
in eveVy four suffers more or less
from piles, and who can imagine a
more annoying, torturing, . disagreeable ailment?
After trying a few treatments without success, and as the ailment grows
■worse, the medical doctor it contultod.
An operation, he says. Is necessary.
Tou think of the suffering, expense
•nd risk to life Itself, and hesitate
before taking such a step.
In many thousands of such cases
Sr. Chase's Ointment has made
thorough and lasting cures. Read
thli letter for the proof.
Mr. Charles Beauvals, a well-
known citizen ot St. Jean, Que.,
writes:—"For 14 years I suffered
from chronic piles, and considered
my case very serious. I was treated
by a celebrated doctor who could not
help me and ordered a surgical operation as the only means of relief.
"However. I deolde*- to try Dr.
Chase's'Ointment, and obtained great
relief from the flrst box. By the use
of three boxes I was entirely cured.
This ls why It gives me great pleasure
to recommend Dr. Chase's Ointment
to all who suffer from piles as a
■ treatment of the greatest value."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
box, all dealers or Edmsnson, Bate*
ft Co., Limited, Toronto.
Cause of Asthma.—No one can say
with certainty exactly what causes the
establishing of asthmatic conditions.
Dust from the street, from flowerB,
from grain and various other Irrltaftts
may set up a trouble Impossible to ir-
radicate except through a sure preparation such as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy. Uncertainty may
exist as to cause, but there can be no
uncertainty regarding a remedy which
has freed a generation of asthmatic
victims from this scourage of the
bronchial tubes. It ls sold everywhere .
Money talks—and lt always stops
A bigamist, Cordelia, Is a man who
has more wives than Judgment.
It's difficult to rattle a bore; in fact
you can seldom shake him.
Many a girl who loves a man for
his money ls too modest to mention lt.
After a city boarder has spent the
summer ln the country he is apt to believe that the original gold brick factory ls located out of town.
Most of us would rather accept another man's cigars than his advice.
Wants Other Women to Know
How She was Finally
Restored to Health.
The Army of
b Growing Smaller Every Day.
litfi.   Mil.
tbem Ior
mi* leHgtiSm, SlckHttieat, StthmSkla.
Small Fill, Small Dote, Small Pric*.
Genuine munben Signature
Hammond, Ont -"I am pasting
through the Chang* of Life and for two
years had hot flushes very bad, head-,
aches, soreness In the baek of head, waa
constipated, and had Weak, nervous feelings. The doctor who attended me for
a number of years did not help me, but
I have been entirely relieved of th*
above symptoms by Lydia E. Pinkham'*
Vegetable Compound, Blood Purifier and
Liver Pills, and give you permission to
publish my testimonial." —Mrs. Louis
DBAUCAOR, Sr., Hammond.OnL,Canada.
New Brunswick,
Canada. — "I can
highly recommend
- Lydia E. Pinkham't
to any suffering woman." I hav* taken
it for female weakness and painful
menstruation and It
iXthA me. " - Mrs.
DkVsu Babboub,
Harvey Bank, New
Brunswick, Canada.
Lydia E. Pinkham'* Vegetable Compound, made from native roots and herbs,
contains no narcotic or harmful drugs,
>and to-day hold* th* record of being thf
most successful'remedy for female ill*
w* know of, and thousand* of yoluntary
testimonials on file in th* Pinkham laboratory at Lynn, Mas*., seem to prov*
thi* fact Every suffering woman owe*
it to herself to giv* Lydia E. Pinkham'*
Vegetable Compound a trial
If rem want special advice writ* U
Lydia B. Plakbtm Medicine C*. (eoafl-
dkMtUDLyia.Hut. Ttur Utter will
It «pea*d, ns4 mi Mtwmed by a
i u< held ta strict omMmc*
That Elusive Object
For certain districts "object" drawing has become the vogue in schools,
and troops of chubby-faced children
may be seen tripping to school armed with such weapons as hammers,
hatchets, chisels, buckets, and similar
domestic articles to be used as "objects."
Recently one of these classes was
about to commence, when a small boy
sidled up tearfully to hiB teacher's
desk, and burst forth with a convulsive gulp:
Please, teacher, I've swallowed me
Oh, Billy, what ever was It? cried
teacher, and held her breath while she
waited for his answer.
A banana, miss! whispered tho embryo artist, as the salt tears worked
havoc with his small face.
Left Weak, Miiei. ble and Pery to
Disease in Many Forms
One ot the most treacherous diseases afflicting the people of Canada
during the winter months Is la grippe,
or influenza. It almost invariably
ends with a complication of troubles.
It tortuij-s Its victims with alternate
fevers and chills, headaches and backaches. It leaves him an easy prey lo
pneumonia, bronchitis, and evejt consumption. Indeed tbe deadly aftereffects of la grippe may leave the victim a chronic invalid. You can
avoid la grinpe entirely by keeping
the blood rich and red by an occasional use of Dr. Williams* Pink Pills. If
you have not done this and the disease attacks you, you can banish It-
deadly after-effects through tho use of
this same great blood-building, nerve-
restoring 'medicine. Here Is proof
of the wonderful power ot Dr. Williams' Pink Pill* over this trouble.
Mr. Emmanuel Laurin, St. Jerom-5,
Que., says: "I wu seized with a severe attack of la grippe. I was ob
llged to stop work and remain in mv
bed for several weeks, and while I
appeared to get over the flrst stages
of the trouble, I did not regain my
usual health. I suffered from headaches, loss of appetite and extreme
weakness. I did not sleep well at
nights, and would arise In the morning feeling tired and worn out. This
continued for about two months during which time I was taking treatment
but apparently without avail. Then I
was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and I got a halt dozen boxes. By
the time I had taken three boxes there
was a decided Improvement, and actually before I had completed the sixth
box I waa enjoying my old-time health.
I was strong as ever, could sleep well
and eat well, and no longer Buffered
from lassitude and headaches. I have
proved tho valuo of Dr. William--'
Pink Pills for the pernicious aftereffects of la grippe, and can therefore
recommend them to other sufferers."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills curo by
going to the root of the trouble ln tho
blood, which they enrich, and mak-*
•red and pure. These pills cure all
troubles due to bad blood, and If you
are ailing you should start to curo
yourself to-day by taking this great
medicine. Bold by all medicine dealers or by mall at EO centj a box or
six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
It you have too much money you
can easily acquire more.
Mother—Now, Franklyn, It I hear of
your playing football again I shad
chastise you.
Franklyn.—Well, mother,, a chap
who's afraid of a licking would be no
earthly use at football.
But Dodd's Kidney Pills Cleaned Out
I W. F.  Black'* Sciatica
W. N. U. 934
Figuratively speaking, an old bachelor nearly always hugs himself when
he sees a meek-looking man trying to
quiet a Equaling Infant.
A girl marries to gain liberty; a
man remains single to keep lt.
The successful man Is ono who Is
on the job when the main chance
comes along.
He wa* In agony when a friend gave
him a box.   Now he   recommend*
them to everybody.
Newcastle, N.B. (Special)—In thess
cold fall days when the chill winds
crystallze the uric acid in the blood
and cause the pangs of Rheumatism
and Sciatica to bring Bleepless nights
to many a home, a man's hest Mead
is he who can tell his neighbor of a
sure cure for his tortures. Such a
friend ls Wm. F. Black of this place.
He Buttered from Sciatica and lame
back. He waB so bad that he could
not lace his boots or turn in bed.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured him and
he wants all his neighbors to know
ot the cure.
"Yes," Mr. Black says, ln an Interview, "I was so bad with Sciatica and
Lame Back that I couldn't lace my
shoes or turn ln bed, when a friend
gave me about a third of a box of
Dodd's Kidney Pills.' I started taking them without much faith ln their
curative powers, and found them all
they were recommended.
"Now I am reconimeu[liiif. Dodd's
Kidney Pills to all sufferer-, from Kid
ney Diseases."
Dodd's Kidney Pills ar ■ uo faith
cure. They're a simple Ini. sure cure
for diseased kidneys.
G.T.P. Town Planning
In a recent thoughtful review of the
events of 1912 a western writer has
this to say of Grand Trunk Pacific
The railroad's methods of building
a real town are most Interesting.
Take for instance, the line from Edmonton to Calgary, which runs
through 233 miles of the richest farming country in the west and which
eventually extends to the International
boundary, where lt will connect with
railways giving direct communication
to the Important cities of tho United
States. Along this line are all of
the conditions which go to make up
wealthy farming communities, and
thriving young cities. Had the
Grand Trunk Pacific bcen Intent on
making sales alone, It might have
planted, boomed and sold a dozen
cities between Calgary and Edmonton, and might perhaps have made an
Immediate profit of several million
dollars. But the road looked ahead
to the reaction. Bo It sent out Its
best engineers and Investigated, and
ln the end decided to build but one
city In that distance ot 233 miles, Instead of several. At the same time
lt placed on a dozen or more smaller
townsttes, which were ln no way to
be advertised as possible big towns;
but which were to be made thriving
little places serving the needs of their
communities. But midway between
Calgary and Edmonton, 123 miles from
the former and 111 from the latte.*,
was found the Ideal location and conditions for a town that would become
a city. It Is not a "happen-chance"
town, lt ls the divisional point ot the
Grand Trunk Pacific between Calgary
and Edmonton and though It Is only
a little ovsr a year old, lt already has
five miles of track with three more under way, repair shops, round-houses,
stock yards, elevators, hotels, over 30
places doing a hustling business and
approximately 500 people. Within
two years I predict that lt will have
live or six thousand. Conditions and
not wildcat booming, will compel a rap-
Id increase ln population. These
conditions are a result of what might
be called "Intensive" town building
rather than extensive. The Grand
Trunk Pacilic made sure of conditions
before lt started—conditions which
will in time place It among the Important cities ln the west.
An eastern man who was on a busi
ness trip through the west stopped
at the small hotel ln a country town
one day. He entered the dining
room and was shown to a table-by a
Will you have some pork and beans,
sir? asktd the waiter aB he brought
the customary glass of water.
No, 1 don't care for them, answered the man. I never eat pork
and beans.
Dinner ls over, then, sir, said the
waiter, as he moved away.
An Irishman was going along tho
road when an angry bull rushed at him
and tossed him over a fence.
The Irishman, recovering from his
fall, upon looking up, saw tho bull
pawing and tearing up tho ground, au
Is the custom ot the animal when *r
rltated, whereupon he smiled at th?
animal and said:
It it was not for your bowing and
scraping and your humble npologl.s
you brute, falx, I should think you
had thrown me over the fence on pu,-
Minard's Liniment Cure* Cold*, Eto.
A man can never remember what a
girl said when she proposed to him.
It takes a good pugilist or a poor
minister to put his man to sleep.
Faint heart   seldom   escapes   fair
Take LAXATIVE   BROMO   Quinine
TabletB. Druggists refund money If It
falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S slgni-
ture Is on each box.   25c.
The mere fact that a man doesn't
laugh at his own Jokes Is no Indication
that he doesn't think them funny.
A bird In thc hand falls to catch
the early worm.
And a baby would rather go to sleop
than listen to a lullaby.
proves value. Tested throughout
three generations—known the
world over as tl .eniost teliableprc-
ventive and corrective of stomach,
liver, bowel troubles—an unequal-
ed reputation has been secured by
•     •    httualh
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,—I have used your MINARD'S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments I can safely say that I have
never used any equal to yours,
If rubbed between the bands and Inhaled frequently, It will never fall to
cure cold iu the lietui tn twenty-four
It is alsl. tha BeB. Ior bruises,
sprains, etc.
Yours truly.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a frtdtmn-u
Columbia Grafonola -
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the specia
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Colombia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Oil-
Territory Open to Dialers
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
Kidney stones and Gravel art quitk-
ly expelled from the system by Um
uso of
whieh hu been a tlmtl tuoottt
throughout Canada at a complttt
oure of Kidney Trouble tnd til Urlo
Add Diseases. VT. will tend letters
telling of many curtt to all who will
write ut.
Pilco 11.GO Fer Bottlt at til Letdlni
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers ot   all    kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
In accordance with subsection P of
section 3 of the Manitoba Game Protection Act every holder of a big
game hunting license must return tho
eame to the Department of Agriculture & Immigration, duly sworn to before Justice of Peace or a Commissioner for taking affidavits showing the
number, kind and sex of animal killed
and taken, immediately after the close
of the season, and not later thai
January 15th. Those who have not
yet returned their license should take
warning that they are not only liable
to a penalty provided ln section 30 of
the Act but cannot be granted a similar license ln any subsequent year*.
Holders of HunUng Licenses for tho
last open season must govern themselves accordingly.
A Cur* for Fever and Ague.—Disturbance of the stomach and liver always precede attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement of the digestive organ-, and deterioration in
the quality of the blood. In these
ailments Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
have been found most effective, abating the fever and subduing the ague
in a few days. Tliere are many who
are subject to these distressing disturbances and to these there ls no
better preparation procurablo aB a
means of relief.
. It yon reel -out ot sort**'—"run down"
or --cot tho billon," euffiir from kidney,
bladutr. uei.ous diseases, chronic wettc.
I nes-s.s, ulcers, akin eruptions, piles, Ao.,
wilto for tny FREB book, it It th*
most in.-irut-tlve medical book ever wrlt-
! ten. lt tells all about these dlteate*
ana the remarkable curet effected by
the new French Kom-ly "THERAPION*
No. 1. No. 2, No. _, and you can decld*
for yourself tf It ia Hits remedy tor your
aliment. Don't tend a cent. It't tb-
tolutely FREE. No "follow-up" circulars. Dr. LeClero Med. Co, Haven
itocl; Rd., Haropttcad, London, Eng.    .
A Cleveland manufacturer- hired a
private secretary not many months
ago. He had never hail ono before,
but he thought he could afford the
luxury. And luxury It was, for tho
young man found little to do. Ono
day, however, a real Job eamo hla
Smith, said his employer, I want*
you to figure out for mo how we can
cut down the oRlco expensos. I'vo
been over the whole thing carefully,
but I can't And out where we are
spending nny money unnecessarily.
But still It's a bit too much. It
you'll find out whore wo can save $">0
a month, I'll add the amount to your
The secretary figured for an hour or
two, and. then announced that ho was
ready to report.
Have you found thc leak? naked tho
Yes, sir.
Good boy.   Let's hear lt.
Vou pay $60 for a private secretary
and then you do all the work yourself.
You hava absolutely no use tor a
private secretary. If you'd get rid
of me you'd save that $50 a month.
That's so, but you're knocking yourself out of a Job.
No, I'm not. You promised me a
raise ot $50 for showing you.
He got the raise.
If a man didn't have • wife, he
probably wouldn't know that h* had
Write us for information concerning our two Winnipeg Subdivisions
"Deer Lodge Subdivision" — the
finest property In tbe West end, and
"Woodlawn" situated to the south
east.    We guarantee profits.
Sterling Bank Bldg , Winnipeg.
W~W m **** r""'    A •'■tie
Bf J-*m*  ll-ett__.se! reaeved
3d IssnbMslUtMr-.kNMt
jgmfjK        oi* wu. .k... ,u
„TT^ ,„ Imstt* cert*. Detcrlbt
rttr Imklt | wt will lead bosk ud Iss .Insists.
How would you like to bc our Selling'
Agents and mako BIQ MONEY in
your Spare Hours?
We have the Goods 1
Send  Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into tttisincss."
M. O. Dept. V* O. Box 1256, Mont-
real. Can,
Any man thinks   he knows   a   lot
about woman until ho marries one.
Sold by dealers everywhere
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one operation. Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Sennet's Metal Polish
Per quart 50c
Per pint 25c
Harness Pressing
in pint tins. For giving
.   the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint 35c
Harness Soap
Per cake  35c
The Phoenix hockey leam on
Monday night defeated Nelson, at
Nelson, by the score of 4 goals to
3, and thereby took the lead in the
series of two home and home games
for the possession of the Daily News
and Premier McBride trophies, *m-
liematic of the championship of the
interior of British Columbia. The
attendance was the largest since the
Edmonton team visited Nelson. The
ice was sloppy, The second game
will be-stayed in Phoenix next
Monday night.
Robert Campbell, of Movie, has
opened a gent's furnishing store in
the Manly block on Bridge street.
He bas also purchased an acre tract
n*ar tbe school house on Winnipeg
avenue. Mr. Campbell was engaged
in the general merchandise business
in Moyi* for fourteen years.
In tbe bill to amend the Taxation
Aat there is a section, No. 5, wbicb
it is said will amply cover the case
of F. Augustus Heinze, who at one
tim* figured very extensively as a
financier in the early, day* of tbe development of tbe Kootenays' and
who became possssed of a one-balf
interest in the land grant of 800,(100
teres conveyed by tbe provincial
government to tbe Columbia & West-
em railway in aid of tbe construction of tbat line. According to tbe
terms of subsidy theBe lands ware
not taxable till alienated, or until
tb* year 1912, Thu balf interest of
Mr. Heinze in these lands was un
divided, and therefore has never
been finable.
tuch extreme measures were not
eonsidered necessary, and the night
passed, as all others pass in Phoenix, as quietly ss a midsummer
night's dream.—Phoenix Pioneer.
Hubert Clark has rec ived an
autograph photo from Thomas A.
Edison. Mr. Clark recently carried
on some correspondence with the
famous inventor inventor in reference to the treatment of low-grade
Marcus was visited by a serious
fire last week, when tbe Great
Northern depot was burned to the
ground. The tire started from a defective Hue.
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for Bale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
The members of the Danville
Farmers' Local Union are preparing
to open a co-operative store there
similar to the one at Curlew.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
complete the construction of tbe
power line from Canon, B.C., to Republic, and to increase the capacity
of the'eyanide mill to 1000 tons.
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby smelter, retnrned to Hidden
Creek last week.
The News-Miner says tbat the
news has reached Republic that J.
L. Harper, general manager of the
Republic Mines corporation and
North Washington Power & Reduction company, has succeeded in
raining sufficient funds in the east to
All tbe members and adhi rents ■ f
the Presbyterian church, and especially those who are not acquainted
witb the chureb people, are invited
to an "at borne" to be held in tbe
Davis ball Friday, March 14. Come
and get acquainted and help to
make tbe evening enjoyable.
The new Cooper bridge has been
linislnri with the exception of the
planking, whicb can be done mure
expeditiously after the disappearance of the snow.
There was some talk about calling
out th* Greenwdod patrol of the Boy
Seoul* on Wednesday to furnish an
escort   for  the   Boundary Hockey       OFriOt AT MTWM •TOM
league  pr.sident,   but  fortunately PHOKF 64 6IAND FORKS, B. C
Suits to Order &18 twfc
' t We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E* Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Lost—Plain gold wedding ring;
initials E. J, to C. C. Finder return
it to the office of The Sun.  Reward.
J. D. Honaberger left for Nelson
last Monday.
The Sun job office i* overstocked
wilh some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, March 6 —The follow
inj; are today a opening quotations foi
the stocks mentioned:
Bid, Asked
Granby Consolidated. 63.50 73.00
B, C.   Copper      3 75     4 50
F. Downey's Cigar Store
H »n8kn*b itmuniNcs. Hss ™«sireet
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Mwch 6.-Silver 61fc
standard copper, fl5.00@15.50;
London, . Mauch 6.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Prom a Minister ln New York: "I was
"severely 111 with lung trouble. My atten-
"tion was directed to the Wilson Remedy
'■which I used with apleudld effect."
From a lady In Michigan: "I used yonr
"medicine flrst 43 or 44 years ago and It
"saved nie Irom ending my days with na.
'sumption. There would be no use of ao
"many people dying with consumption tt
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
I liemedy."
If yon are suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble It ls your duty to Investigate. Send for free full Information to.
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood. N. J.
(TuhJUhed Annually)
KmiMea traders  fl iron ..'hout  the  world  to
communicate direct with Knjrllsh
In each clam of goods. Hest den being a com-
pli-te commercial guide to London and Itt
iiiburbi, the directory cantaiiiH Hits ol
with tbe (Ioods they ship, and tha Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
.irranged uniler the I'orts to which they .Mail,
and Indicating tin-approximate Sailings:
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
A coin- of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order lor 20a.
Dealers reeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards lor tl. or larger advertisements from £3. *
•25, Abehurch lane, London, E.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
raoNi i»
Trunks to aad From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY. JS» Columbia P. o.
Ua. C. A. ABBOTT, Aognat ss, so**,
6. Ana St., New York City.
Dear Sir: I have knnvrn for over 4a ysan at ta_*l
•Stctsol Wilson's kcrardy [Wilson's Preparatlsa
Monary troubles,    At th-.a p t I will say 10 yoa
what you have not before known of: that 4a yean
since, while I was a r.-id.nt of N.Y. City, I waa
severely til with lung trouble. Physicians said I waa
a consumptive and my family phyiician told my wife
that ha thought I ce.fi net recover. Mflatten.low
«aa directed to the Wilflon Remedy, which 1 nasi
with splendid effect. I have heen on my fast aad tt
Work ever sinee my core.   Yourstnily,
R1_V. CM A*;. SAGER, I
taster II, t. Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N.Y.
Oa Dec t, ieit, Mr. Sr.-ier wrote Mr, Abbott;
•■My health is ver) _..«)."
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly finiii li you auy further
information v <-.: .csie,
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
' the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in thc Boundary Country, tin ploy com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads und Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tags, Circular*, and Placards,
Bill* of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcement*)   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in   itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and  workmanship are of the best.    Let us estimate on  vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
lip &tttt f rtat Shop
Located in the central part of the citv
of Nelson, offers every facility for 'a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroiderv.filaiii
and fancy needlework und singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and comlnercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frt'lh i*<iiit-imimeiito(
Kwelred We.-kly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Hrmfii-g a Special*.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Oranby Hotki..
First Sthekt.
oven ea vcahv
i Maims
OomnoH-ra Ac.
Anyone rtnllaf a sketch tat aeeorintinn mr
fmuklr ascertain onr opinion freewoollier an
Intention Is proenwr P-Mi.|f|Me/_Coiii--ur.i.a.
llousiriotjrranll-siitu. MINDBOPI ooPu-uu
tIra*. (tMesiajeocy formsrlUHlwu.
•nu taken Ibroush Munn fCoTrmoei-*
iiuWM. without alum, IntF-
A bsoasoaMif U_ua._n.ed weekly, IsigssS ex*.
tjolsilon oJjsnr sdenuno Journal. Tarns lor
-.Mod-* JJXe year, pou««e unpaid.   Sold *,
""""" L?;r£W
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
all cheap Imitations. Dr. * *»*••• ara mid at
»aboi, or three lor lia   Mailed to any address.
• SeoS.ll Drac Co, M. OMfearlM*. Oak


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