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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 21, 1913

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•* mii.it/
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Curling Club Prepares for
the doming Winter's
A largely attended meeting of
tbe Grand Forks Curling olub was
held in tbe oity ball on Tuesday
evening. Besides transacting routine business, fourteen skips were
selected and an ice committee
cboeen. Tbe skips are: ii. Hills,
C. A. S. Atwood, C. H. Niles, N. L.
Mclnnes, R. J. Gardner, M. DeCew, T. A. Mclntyre, A. E. Savag*,
H. W. Gregory, G. M. Fripp, A. S
.McKim, J. D. Campbell, W. Bonthron and N Taylor. The ice committee is composed of A S. McKim,
B. NorrU  and   N.  Taylor.   Many 	
valuable   prizes  ami cups will bejsuch   petty   differences and get to
aod Equipment Near
(list before tbe telegram in question
came before tbe meeting, it would
not bave been necessary (or the Ga-.
zette. to depend upon those  whose I 	
special interest was to have the telegram in question saddled on lhe;J, Xj, Manly BuyS a Ranch
hoard for its report. Tbe parties'
wbo were responsible for sending
the telegram to Mr. Pineo may be
honest enough in their efforts to
bave the Doukhobor question settled, but their action will only tend
to convince tbe government that the
people of Grand Forks are not anxious for a settlement.
It is difficult to imagine the motives which promptod a denial of
the "Pineo story." Fred Clark may
feel annoyed at an opposition business coining to Grand Forks, anil
the Gazette may feel disgruntled at
tbe loss of an ad.,hut thatsbould nol
be sufficient cause io warrant them
in abusing the offices of the board
of trade. The time is ripe for the
people  of  Grand   Forks to forget
bung up, and tbe   olub  anticipates
some good sport during the season
An Explanation
Editor Orand Forks Sun.
Tbere seems to be a great deal of
misrepresentation io connection with
tbe report of a meeting of tbe executive of the Grand Forks board of
trade, at which, it is admitted, A.V.
Pineo was present, Tbe writer, wbo
is a member of the executive, entered tbe meeting shortly after it
was opened. At no time, nor by
any speaker, was it ever intimated
witbin hexing of the writer that
tbe meetiug was of a private nature;
and it was only when the report of
the meeting appeared in print that
Mayor Fripp came into my place
aod assured me tbat the meeting
was meant to be private and not for
It appears tbat Mayor Fripp, Fred
Clark and T. A. Love immediaiely
took upon themselves tbe responsibility of sending by wire an apology
to Mr. Pineo, stating tbat "the report had been sent by an irresponsible person, and was garbled, in or
rect and unauthorized." Tbe proper
course that should bave been pur-
'sued by the individuals wbo bad
assured Mr. Pineo a secret meeting,
would have been to apologize to bim
for tbeir own neglect in not advising
tbe members tbat tbe meeting wss
of a private nature, instead of sending bim a worthless message denying the accuracy of tbe report, and
signed by T. A, Love as secretary,
when as a matter of fact Mr. Love
holds no sucb office in tbe board of
In a "garbled" report of a meeting of the Grand Forks board of
trade, beld on tbe 18th inst., and
whioh appeared in the Grand Forks
Gazette last Saturday, tbe Gateite
states: "Tbere wss an unusually
representative gathering of business
men of the city present." There
were present twelve member of the
board out of a membership of fifty-
three in good standing. Only balf
of that number were business men,
including tbe writer; snd yel the Gazette would expect to retain tbe confidence of tbe public by calling that
an unusually representative meeting
of business men in Grand Forks.
Had T. A. Love,who is connected
witb the Gazette and who signed
himself ss secretary of the board,
remained in tbe meeting instead
of msking bis exit by tbe back door
gether In a strong move for a "Better City."
[A copy of this letter   has   been
sent to tbe Grand Forks Gazette.]
R. Campbell.
Granby Stock to Sell at $100
Gran hy stock bas oeen conspicuously strong throughout tbe recent
period of depression, when its very
great advance in price during the
past year is taken into consideration. As bas been stated before in
the Boston Commercial by Geo. L.
Walker,' stockholders will awaken
before the end of next year to the
fact tbat tbis Company's shares are
worth well over ilOO, and, again, it
undoubtedly will be one of the leading speculative features of the copper share market. On reactions
tbis stock should be bnugbt.
Hard Water
The force tbat a jet of water can
exert, under certain conditions, iB
shown by a factory in Grenoble,
France, wbich use* tbe water of a
reservoir amm g tbe bills, six hundred feet above tbe town.
According to an English newspaper, tbe water reaches tbe factory
through a vertical tube tbat has a
diameter considerably less tban an
inch. Tne jet drives a turbine
wheel. Experiments have shown
tbat tbe strongest man can oot cut
through tbe jet witb a sword, bow-
ever well tempered. In some instances, tbe blade bas been broken
into small fragments without deflecting so much ss a drop of water.
It has been estimated tbat a jet
of water _ a fraction of sn inch in
thickness, if it were moving with
sufficient velocity, could nut be cut
by a rifle ball.
J. L. Manly, of this city, has
purchased the Joe Johnson ranch
between Bridesville and Myncaster.
The deal involves the exchange of n
ten-acre orchard Ht Grand Forks.
Mr. Manly will get about sixty head
of cattle and all the farming equipment, except tbe liorses. He will
work the farm, hut will continue to
reside in this city.
A compressor and other plant is
being put in at tbe British Columhia
Copper company's Lone t«r and
Washingron mine, situated just
across the international boundary
line and about eight miles south of
Greenwood. Tbere is already approximately 300,000 tons of ore developed on the properly within less
than 7 per cent of its area, Further
development work is to be done to
make available for extraction a still
larger quantity. As the is of a refractory nature, a conce (rating
plant bas been installed near the
Dominion Copper company's smelting works at Boundary. Falls, three
miles from the British Columbia
Copper company's smelting works
at Greenwood, to eliminate tbe refractory constituents from tbe ore.
—Greenwood Ledge.
The ladies of the Woman's Auxiliary of Christ church wish to tender their thanks to all those who assisted in tbe entertainment, and to
the citizens in general jor their liberal patronage.
Mr. and Mjb. S. J- Miller and
daughter, late of the Hotel Winnipeg, left on Tuesday for Spokane.
They will probably spend tbe winter in Honolulu.
Judge Brown held a Bitting ot the
county court in Greenwood
yesterday. Tbere was a heavy
The British Columbia Copper
company has resumed work in Wei
lington camp.
Most of the stores in this cily
bave commenced to display tbeir
Christmas wares.
The   Union   hotel in  Eholt furnishes music free during meal hours.
James Hooke, president of the
Grand Forks Frait Growers associa
tion, made a business trip to Nelson
this week.
The post office was moved to the
new federal   building   on    Bridge
last Tuesday night without
Fork  ores
before shipping to the
The government telephone line to
Franklin will be finished in a few
days. The wire ie being strung to
Tbe Granhy company began diamond drilling in Big Four camp
this week. The company controls
or own thirteen claims in the camp.
Monday,  November 24, at 3 p.m
—Special  business meeting of the {street;
Christ church   W. A. in tbe Davis! any loss of time. The customs office
i was moved Saturday night.
Monday, November 24—Meeting I 	
of  tbe city  council in tbe council j    A large force of workmen is now
chambers. ' employed on tbe new canning  fac
Tuesday, November 25—Meeting tory,   and  the  bricklaying on tbe
of tbe executive of tbe   Boundary  firet storey is about completed.
Hockey league, in Greenwood,  for j 	
purpose  of arranging tbe season's     A ton of ]ow gr8(fc ore  frulu  the
Bchedu,e• Sally mine will be shipped to Den-
Wednesday, November 26-Meet: ver. Co]   toasceatain what kind of
ing of the Grand   Forks  board of .   „_„_,_,„  _,„„ij  i^ ,_,„ l   .
...j. __ .__. _._._. i__.ii a  concentrator  would be the best
trade in the city ball. .  i,       .„,      ,                  ,     ■
  ' for milling tbe ore around Beaver-
Dr. Millar, of  Fort  George, has *•***••   A saving of/l 1 a ton can be
located in Phoenix. effected by milling some of tbe West charged.
The principal of a small college
was visiting the little town that had
heen bis boyhood's bome and had
been asked to address an audience of
his former neighbors. In order to
assure them that his career bad not
cauaed bim to put on airs, he began
his address thus: "My dear friends
—I won't call you ladies and gentlemen—I know yoa all too well to
ssy that."
Timothy Growers Assisted
A striking example of the necessity of improvement in the methods
of cleaning timothy seed can be seen
in the following figures wbich are
published by the Dominion seed
laboratory, Calgary, where a number of samples were tested for farmers and merchants.
The samples in almost every case
wers of exceptionally fine quality,
and had they been properly cleaned
would rank among the first on tbe
The suitability of many parts oi
Alberta and British Columbia for
growing timothy for seed is unques
tionable, and it is tbe intention of
the government, through the se
branch, to assist formers in their
methods of handling and marketing
their seed.
LaBt year the Dominion seed laboratory at Calgary examined 317
samples of timothy, of which 155
were received from farmers; 135 of
tbese came from Alberta, 11 from
British Columbia, 8 from Manitoba
and 1 from the United States.
Of 317 samples received 278 were
examined for weed seeds and graded
as follows: Extra No. 1, 7; No. 1,
23; No. 2, 99; No 3, 54; rejected,
Samples containing more tban 80
noxious weed seeds or a total of
over 400 of all kinds of weed seeds
per ounce are rejected and are pro
bibited from sale under Section 9 of
tbe Seed Control atit.
Lambs quarters is by far the most
prevalent weed seed found in western grown tiiii.itny semi, occurring
in 204 of tbe samples Rough
cinquefoil is nest, being found in
138 samples. Oilier common weed
seeds are worm seed mustard, gen
tian, yarrow, blue eyed grustt, peppergrass, tower mustard, evening
primrose, western false flax, ball
mustard, curled dock and catch fly.
Many of these weed seeds could be
easily removhd from timothy by an
ordinary fanning mill, fitted witb
the proper sieves.
Farmers having timothy seed are
invited to Bend samples to tbe seed
laboratory, Calgary, for grading, or
to receive information as to the
proper sieves to be used for cleaning
their particular seed.
Samples in which seed may be
senl. as well as further particulars
in regard to taking and senning samples, may be had by sending a request to tb.e above address.
Twenty-fit-.! samples ot seed will
be tested free of charge for any one
party; after   tbat 25c a sample is
Woman's Auxiliary Bazaar
Takes in Nearly Seven
Hundred Dollars
The Christ church bazaar in the
opera house on Wednesday and
Thursday was an unqualified success, viewed botb from a financial
standpoint and as an entertainment
enterprise. A large crowd of people
was constantly in attendance, and
an immense quantity of fancy and
useful were disposed of. The total
amount realized from the bazaar
was 9680. Tbe ladies who had
charge of the bazaar, as well as tbose
wbo furnished the amusement program, have reason to feel proud of
the aplendid success attained.
Hamilton in Islands
Alexander Hamilton,, a well-
known farmer of Ganges Harbor,
was cbosen by the Liberal convention on the 19th inst, to represent
the party in the coming bye-election
in the Islands constituency.
The coostkuency is essentially a
farming one, settled long before the
McBride^ government was ever
dreamt oftand settled up by stalwart
yeomen from tbe old land, or east
ern Canada. It has been represented
in the past by farmers belonging to
tbe only political party that a farmer can consistently owe allegiance tn,
and after December 6 next the outlook is thst it will again be represented by a Liberal farmer.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max.
Nov. 14—Friday  19 33
15—Saturday  .... 30 35
16—Sundty,  34 40
17—Monday  33 35
18—Tuesday  31 38
19—Wednesday .. 31 38
20-Thursday  25 32
Snowfall     0 6
Kainfall '  0.24
A New Fruit
Those members of the stuff uf the
United States department of agriculture who explore the world for
new fruits and plants that may be
profitably grown in that country
seem tn have found a promising
fruit in the jujube, one of (he principal fruits of China. Accurding (o
tbe National Geographic Magazine,
tbe jujube is quite us delicious as a
choice date, and can be grown hundreds of miles farther north; for example, trees in tbe grounds of tbe
department of agriculture at Washington have withstood temperatures
considerably below zero. The jujube
tree grows from thirty to fifty feet
higb, and is found both wild and
cultivated in China, (he Malay
archipelago, Ceylon. India, tropical
Africa, and Australia. Tbe Chinese
cultivate many varieties, wbich they
distinguish by tbe size and the
shape of their fruits. Some of the
varieties are highly valued ae desserts. Some are seedless, and tre
usually stewed witb rice; some are
eaten |fresb, and some are dried,
candied, or preserved. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
m aaa-™ sant ^S-CsSS.^- ^^ii.SSSain5r iS^Tfl-JISSt-SS,
Millionaire* mad" their, fort un**-**;"  '..   .',..,.,in   will    Havo    tt
ae„ niade_
.fl......K-n,    —- llitllf   inn:*,,...   ...    ~ —      Ot
1.000.000 within the next decade and millions of prolita    will    Hp_, maae    by
present day Investors.     We offer In Klnloelt Place which fi-ontn on Main
 ,..-__   choice lllttli  Lots.      Price $175.   S10 cash    nnd    S10    per
'" mean  much to you in a few yeara time.
Street.  Winnipeg,
month,    litis Investment
22   Canada    Life    Building,
Winnipeg,   •   Man-
Agents wanted at every point
Without  any obligation on   my pari,
please send me plan and till particulars, re Kmlo.-k Flr.ce.
German Governor's Method of Hand
ling Refractory Prisoner
Captain Ainuitdsem in a lecture at
Madison, Wis., told of the hards-iips,
especially the hardships of Uungor, attendant on arctic expeditions.
And it Is an unfortunate fact, said
the discoverer of Uie south polo, that
hunger la always accompanied by a
vivid remembrance of the most delectable food tbat one hns over cut en.
While compelled to live for Blx
months on ono month's provision,
helped out perhaps by a little suit
meat and seal blubber, you are tormented by visions of former banquets
Christmas dinners at   home,   certain
Place of Daaolatlc.i
The abomination of desolation is
tills lake, declares u traveler who
has visited the island of Trinidad,
wlfem-e comes most of our asphalt,
ln spots, ti palm killed by the ash-
pfoalt droops disconsolately. A few
tufts of grass havo secured a Tooting In places. But for the rest It
ls a solid mass of black, dull, evil
smelling pitch, wltb pools of water
hero and there In which swim little
par-holled fishes. — Against any of the
hot spots In the world, bar none, this
can be backed.
A wicked looking black Biiako six
feet long glides Into the bushes near
the margin of lhe lake. It has been
sunning Itself on   -the   asphalt
Owl Plays Plane
Hearing the notes of. his piano
struck, first up the keys and then
down, Mr. Krnest Lemmy, of St.
Paul's road, Peterborough, England,
peeped through the open door and discovered that the player was his pet
owl. The owl would step on a key
aud then listen aa if pleased with the
Bound. It tried another and another,
and seemed highly pleased with the
noise it was making.
ii HAH ■' ... iii
Ou tlte train out Medford way, Sub-
bubs got Into conversation with a
strnngeivwho remarked: 1 Beo you
are putting up a jood many new build
Yes, answered Subbubs; new trtrtld
ings are the only kind we put tip.
....  __ home,   cert-iiu sunning nst.ii. uu   -uo   ...,—
favorite dlsheB.    Yes, if you are hun- wonder the serpents are supposed to
gry the thought of fine food ls exqui- be creatures of tho devil.     As for
site torture. ourself, IB minutes stay takes away
An* in this connection, the captain every bit of vitality we can summon.
. ... _, „ ctnrv Not enough interest -s loft in life to
coXuSTam reminded.ot-M
about the governor of a ceitain uci-
Tie'Sing this governor said to
•JSSWhc ™ is ..behaving
wt-rsetoevcr.    Ml him on bread
%£$'* already doing two last
daThenU'ordered tho merciless govern,
or, give him a cookbook and see. that
he reads It.
Attacked ty a Cheetah
A Dublin cuslt-m house ollicer named Craves, had an alarming experience
recently. He wus set upon In Itath-
niiiies, one of the suburbs, by the |
cheetah, an animal of the leopurd
type found in India and Africa, which
had evidently escaped from its captors. Ho had his dog and a thick
e'lck with him, and he succeeded ln
killing the animal. It ">Vas while
walking near Grosvcnor square about
midnight that Ihe strange-looking animal, somewhat larger than the Irish
terrier, suddenly sprang at him out
of a hedge near some gardens.   With
Wot enougu mifl-iun- .,_	
inquire what the negroes hewing with
mattocks at. the asphalt receive in
wages.    They earn the pay, whatever
It Ib.
There is no mechanical way yet discovered by which the stuff can be dug.
Hour after iiour thes negroes hack
the brittle pitch, which flakes away in
pieces a foot square. They lift the
burden to their heads and dump it into steel buckets, which start their
slow way to the ship. The holes llll
up lu a few dayB with new pitch.
The lake is 1)0 lo 100 acres In extent now, but it is gradually shrinking with the removal of such large
quantities. A good percentage ot the
asphalt pavement ln tne world comes
from this one lake and its geological
complin} nt In Venezuela.
Dragon CIuj Leads Simple Life
The Dragon Club ln London, with
dinner for sixpence, has stirred many
Inquiries. It was a woman journalist who, at her last sixpence, offered
to organize that Chelsea restaurant
on cheap line, and run lt as a club.
It was the superfluities that were cut
off.     The laundry bill—why   should
f i^teTit'W* "1 *"£? £ youeat from a bare {able that
fefS thej-nj* tearing ^h.]™   ^ ^sl.y cleaned, J^S.
.-Winnipeg Montreal
Beginning with the flrat ot 1914, lce-
l.-nders and tourists alike will have
to quench their thirst with other than
alcoholic drlukB. Under the Antl-.
Spirit law, consumption of (he present
stock of liquors In Iceland, which wm
to a certainty be exhausted by January 1, was permitted.
Since Iceland began to deal with
the liquor question in a drastic manner, her trade and industries have tremendously Increased. In the past ~o
years a great dairying trade has been
built up ai.d sheep raising and fishing
have growyi to enormous proportions.
Baltimore. Md., Nov. 11, 1903.
Ulnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,—I came across a bottle of your
1 MINARD'S LINIMENT in the hands
of one of the studmts at the University of Maryland, and he being so kind
as to let mei.se t for a very lad
sprain, which I obtained ln training
fir foot races, and to suy that It
helped me would be .ml ting U **ery
mildly, and 1 therefore aak it you
would let me know ot one of youi
agents that Is closest to Mbw; »
that I may obtain some of It. Ibank
Ing you In advance I remnln.
Yours irnly,
\V. 0. McCueaih
14 St. Paul alrcet.
Care Oliver Typewriter Co-
1>.S.—Kindly answer at once.
What asked tto Sunday-school
teacher. Is meant by bearing falsa
■ llness against one's ^Ighuor. _
I know, sulci a little girl, boWlns her
hand high in the ah*. It's .yben
iioboCy did anything and somebodj
went and told about it.
It Will Oure a Cold.-Colds are
comiaoi-est ailments ot -mankind and,
II neglected itiay lead ito s-wlpus coudH
tium.. Dr. TiiomaB' Kclectrie OU Willi
:ellove tho b-onclilal WArtl*.} of: in-
lummatlon  .-pe.'Uly   tM  thoroughtlj
d will s-irimtrthen ihem itKalnst subsequent attack; And as It eases the
Inflammation It will stop (he cough
because It allays al! irritat on in the
throat.     Try It and prove it.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Cm quietly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
-_.rtiu.ely and
Etally oa tne
ver. Cute
Dim.    *w er-w
****, oi ladiie-t-on.   They do tbeir duly.
Small PHI, Smell DM*. Small Pike.
Centime mutt ben Signature
can use
Vhe Guaranteed "ONI DYtfor"
*■       All Kinds of Cloth.        |
ClMs.Sfmpli.NoChiocaof MlsttkM. TW
i   IT) Send lofFra* Color Card and BooklH.
leg near mo ..-_>»,         cleth. *'"   ••"" —• -—
He shook the animal off, and a fierce  can be eaBlly cleaned.
s'.rttgglo then took place' between it business was run tn   careful   lines.
and his tlog.    Seizing the dog's throat "he™ V..t0° mucl1 crockery ,or ,ne
the cheetah dragged lilm towards the'
hedge but Graves caught the cheetah
a heavy blow behind the ear with his
stick, and killed It.   The Surmise is
that the ttuiniul was    brought   from
abroad liy some resident with the object of making it a pet.
The Biggest Locomotive
The  most powerful  locomotive  in on oursetveo, ...„_. ,„	
the world haB Just been built by the meal is substantial, and the hungry
American Locomotive Company for person can get It by Joining the club
the Virginian rallrcad. It can haul and putting up his sixpences '~
155 loaded   fifty-ton   capacity   goodB  tickets. '
simple life.
. We eat off bare tables, writes the
founder of the' dragon Club, and the
food- ls dished In French fireproof
bowls with lids to them, serving the
double purpose, when necessary, of
saucepan and plate. Our spoons arc
of horn and bone, to save labor in
polishing silver, and our mugs are
Doulton to sav» labor, and we wait
on ourselves, also to save labor. The
The Muazled Wolves
-he wolveB were upon us, he related
to thc girl h was trying to Impress.
Their howltn_. penetrated to our very
marrow. We fled for our lives. But
each second we knew that the ravenous pack was galniLg on us. Closer
and closer—at last they were so close
that we cot.ld feel their muzzles
against our legs so that—
Ah, sighed lhe lady, greatly relieved. How glad vou must hove been
that the • liad their muzzles on!
Salt Cellar Hoodoo
In some parts of the world, particularly In Germany, It is still believed I
that the upsetting of the salt cellar
ie the direct act of Satan—the peace
disturber. And the habit ot trying
to avert auy catastrophe which may
happen by tossing a little of the salt
over the shoulder It due to the belief
that by so doing one hits the invisible
Satan In the eye, which temporarily
at least, prevents hlra doing further
5 yearYrheumatism
really cured!
soltitelv harmless. Be sure and uk tor "Mre.
WImsIow'h SooUiine Syrup," ud Uke tto Otlrtr
ki»d.  Ywenty-flftve enti a bottle.
Your Case Isn't Likely to be Worse,
and Can be Cured Quickly by
trucks at ten miles an hour.     It haB
sixteen driving wheels.   The locomotive and tender weigh 752.000 pound*!
antl the  lire-box Ib large enough to I
hold a shunting locomotive.
_—_—.,, *,——.____.
Formed Watery Pimples. Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation.
Lost Some of Finger Nails, Could
Not Open Hands. Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
2:i,'» N, I-Ugar St.. Toronto, Ontario.-—>
"I'or be\ en years I have luvn troutilod tilth
ult-rlit'tim.  11 eamo nut on iuy liamla and
-   The Terrible Child I
. Here is one that was told by the
public printer nt Washington when
those around hliu started to hnnd in
kid stories:
The teacher ln a public school waa
endeavoring to Instruct a clusa of
youngstera In natural history. Selecting the cut its the first subject she began to ask questions.
Cnn any little boy or girl, .he queried, tell mc what kind ot clothes a
pussy wears?
Thero was no response. Thc youngsters merely glanced at each other
and at the floor, whereat the teacher
made another attempt
I am surprised, said Bhe, that no
one can tell mc what a pussy wears
i Docs a pussy wear clothes like a hu
man being?     Docs a pussy wear—
Sny, Miss Mary, finally broke ln lit-
t'.e Jimmy Smith as a pitying expression flouted over his features, hain't
you never seen .  cat?
Kidney Trouble. Cured by
Ml'. Banlel F. Fraser, of Bridgeville,
N.S., says about OIK PILLS. "For
twenty years, I have been troubled
with Kidney and Bladder Disease, and
have been treated by ma.y doctort
but found little relief. I had given
up all hopes ot getting cured when
I tried GIN PILLS. Now, 1 can say
with a happy heart, that I am cured
after using only four boxes of GIN
50c. a box, 6 tor $2.60. Sample free lf
you write National Drug r.nd Chemical
Co. ot Canadt Limited, Toronto. 211
A gen'rous lad's my broth *■ Ned,
Satd Llttlo Johnny I.ovl. ,
He takes thc middle ot thc bed
And leaves me both sides of IL
"After being an enthusiastic user of
Nerviline for years, I feel lt my duty
to tell you personally what your wonderful preparation haB done for me.
"I fterei". torture fron. rheumatism
and heart trouble, tried scores of so-
called remedies, consulted for weeks
and months with Toronto's most eminent physicians, bin derived only
slight beneflt.
"A fritnd Insisted on my using Nerviline, and to my surprise a vigorous
rubbing  ot   this   powerful   liniment
eased the pains and reduced the st'ff-
ness ln ..iy Joints-   I continued to use
Nerviline and vaz pernanently cured.      I am r.ow  perfectly well, and
for three years have bad no rheumatism at all.     1 fciow   many   families
where no otrer medicine but Nerviline
Is kept—It Is so useful la minor ailments like earache, toothache, neuralgia, coughs, cold.*, lumbago, and sola-
itlsa.   I     call     Nerviline   ray   'Life
' | Guard,' a i.i urge all to try Its merit."
Dec. 17tb, U3 Pi.lmcrston Avenue,
It Is almost criminal to keep on
suffering when Neivillnu can be bad
in any drug store.    60c. buys a large
and light sewing at home, whole
or spare time, good pay; work sent any
dletance, charges paid; send stamp for
particulars. National Manufacturing
Co., Montreal.
WANTED at once
s- Fersoni  te work tor ua
In spars tlma at home. Nojutperteoo*
requlrr.l with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy an* fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Writ*
far Instructions (fr«e).
IIS Collage Street. Toronto, Canada.
Tne Soul of a Piano is the j
Action.   Insist on the
"OTTO   fflGEL"
Piano Action
formed kind of watery pimples
all over litem which became
Itchy mul it had a horrible
littrnloK i.enRation which
caused me a good deal of
-.pain.    It. i-anio out un my
-      Iiutule In the fall and remained
Mr, /   there   till   after  sprlnc.    I
might mention titat I lost Rome of ray
finger-nails by the dlttrafta, ' During thle
length of time 1 waa utterly useleee, aa I
could not open my hands.   J. tried several
other patent medicines without a bit of
relief.   .Some of my friend- advised me to
try t 'in Intra Itemodiefl so 1* stnt for samples
and by using them there was a great lm-
provesieat.   Then I went to the druggist
and bought one cake of Culfcura Soap and
two boxes of Cuticura Ulntmoat-, after using
them 1 am glad to say I am completely
cured,   f bad given up all hope of being
cured.   I can aay to all those who have
sidTeiTd as I have, pot to lose coiirage but
td gKe Cuticura Itcmedie- a fair trial.'*
(Signed) Mlsa Lillian Irwin, Oct. 1.1,1011.
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment have afforded the
moat economical troutmeut for affections of
the aldn aud acalp tbat torture, Itch, bum,
acale, and destroy sleep. Hold everywhere.
Sample of each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin
Book. Addreii post card Potter Drug k
Cera,, Dept. SOD. Boston, U. S. A.
W. N. U. 971
Cute Tommy '
Mrs. Jordan had Ideas on the way
children should b.i reared. Her
young hopeful, Tommy, caused her a
lltlle anxiety In this respect. Now
and again, therefore, a serious politeness lecture was administered.
Now, Tommy, dear, sho tinned, supposing you accidentally stepped upon
a gentleman's foot, wbat would you
I would say: Beg your pardon.
That's my own llvm- son! smiled the
pleased mother. Antl if the gentleman gavp you a penny tor your no
llteness what w»;ld you do?
The Innocent look paaaed from Tommy's eyes aa he quickly answered:
Why, I would stand on the other
fool and sny: Beg pardon again, of
Lady (to Irish gardener, who obliges
by the day)—Well, Dan, and what do
; 1 owe you for today ?
Dan—Sure, ina'am, I'd   sooner   bo
I taking the half crown you'd be offering me than IS-- two shillings I'd be
aBl.lng of you!
  RE  IVED i bottU)i 2Bc. for the trial size. Prepared
Old Time rl-r.lth, Eating    rape-Nuts, t,    The   Oatarrt*ozone   Co,   Buffalo,
•~~~"    ... -..i.i,   .'.Y-, and Kingston, On
•*i hid been sick for 10 years with        ' _
dyspepslawd a lot of complications, ^ „_.„,.„
***>'* ...       _!_..„      __I._l_1*l1l .■I*************************1
mitt na rrn-Mi   *        '    «._ms
BCT._!,. I wafta bed three days In
To week and got so thin 1 weighed
only Sib.   Vo food seemed to agree
W-I told my busband I was going to
«SS»?SSfl« -x.ee.iw.
§\y you will be mine!'. if you do
ImC I'll throw myself luto the Seine.
Thank you for warning me I must
get a Alter.
A Proper Queetlou
Hurry, dear. d-> my skirts show*!
Relow or through'.
Not a Bad Caae
So th.it Is your av
Up was.     But thc
cot cured blm.
, t .nd nothing has seemed to sat-
\ f'Z flke t I never teel hungry,
Uly me like It.    '     appetHc.   Have
SUt, ™ fc-'-'ouSTpells since I began
\%tsl:,.ndVave taken no medl-
pleasanter than   taking   m
N1^e fi   nnty SSS  ■'Tlie Road to
Weti?rt P^ •There's a rea-
"I am an old man—and many of my troubles
never happened."-KLBKRT HUBBARD j
rLE white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and women tall
of doubt, fear and anxiety—more than disease or age. Worry plays
roc with the nervous system-so thatdlgeai
.   What oil is to tha friction of the delicat
I GSlSJgB Medical Discovi
| Is to tha delicate organs at tha body. It'a a tenia and body bu.Har-becn.it it
■ stimulates the lrrer to vigorona ac tion, aieuta the atomach to assimilate food—tbea
[ enriching tha blood, and tne nerrea and heart In tarn are- fed en pure rich blood.
Neuralgia "ia the cry of starved nervea fer food." Fer forty yeara "Golden
\ Medioal Dlsoevery" in liquid form haa given great satisfaction aa a tenia aad
blood maker. ■■
Note U ean te obtained in tablet form-from iealere in stedieine
sr eend SO one-cent etumpt for trial box. Write R.V.Pierce,BtttTala,
,d^M Ever read *g*XisTU*^\
tke liver.
' Inteieat $.
Bagley'a   Revenge
On oiie occasion,' just previous to
Opening' In one of the large cities,
Joseph Jeffertoh discharged his property man, Bagley, tor humiliating
him before a number of friends by familiarly addressing him as 'Joey.'
Bagley got drunk right away, and
that night made his way to the gallery
_o see Mr. Jefferson present 'Rip Van
Winkle' The angry frau had Just
driven poor, destitute Rip from the
sottage. when Rip turned, and with a
•world of putlios, naked: Den haf I uo
interest in* dis house? The house
■was deathly sill!, the audience half
lit tears, when Bagley's cracked voice,
'responded:* Onl., eighty per cent.,
Joey—only eight.' per cent.
Ylnard'-- Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Not Very Nourishing
Dootor—Fo;* dinner you sliould take
..«rty minutes,
Timid l'al-eiit—Would il be dangerous to udil u bit of meat and some
WHEN you buy a "Sask-Alta" Steel
Range you make a permanent
investment. The ■,'Sask-Alta,' is an efficient and economical cooker and baker as
well as a very durable range.
Hare yonr dealer explain it fully before buying;.
Vtmt   Trad   Mul   WnJJMf   Vamw
lllill INIfllfllfMtrtHnilHIiiirlillMIM  M]MlltHIIIMIllllllMlf!IIIINII.d^^^..JNMl(!
St. Job   Hamilton
Little Bobby was told to sweep the
sidewalk, and when he was doing bo
a friend came along.
Hi Ho, Bobby, said Ibe lady. Is
your mother ln.
Sire, she's ln, answered Bobby, Do
you think I'd ba sweeping the sidewalk It she wasn't in?
n Waterman's Ideals it is a notable
fact that gold pens can be had to suit every hand
and character of writing. The more particular the
writer the greater the satisfaction in lulling him.   Back oi
Ihe wonderful range of points in Waterman's Ideals, however, are other essential features nhich have made for
fountain pen success: the famous spoon feed, the ink-tight
chamber, friction cap, Ideal Clip, practical ahapea, pure
Para rubber, the sizes, types, etc.   Avoid substitutes.
BttsUl en Re.ntit
/Sold by the Best Local Dealers
L, E. Waterman Company, Limited, Montreal
A Puzzler
Oh, dear, sighed her husband's wlte,
I can't And a pin anywhere! I wonder where tbey go to.
That's a dlflloult question to answer,
replied his wife', husband, because
they are always , olnted ln ono direct-
Ion audi headed In another.
If one be troubled with corns and
warts, he will find in Holloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
Where Ha Draws the Lino
Does your husband object to  the
slit skirt?
Only on me. *
Mlnr.rd'a Liniment Curea Burnt, Eto.
Charitable man (to former blind
beggar)—What! have you recovered
your sight'.
Beggar—Well, you see, It's this way.
I've lost my dog and as I can no longer bo blind, I have become a deaf
mute. ,
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: I'ort Arthur or Fort William. Notify Peter Jensen
Co., Winnipeg. ,
Liberal Advancea                      Prompt Returns Beit Grades
SometlilnR  better  than  linen  and no
nundt-y bills.     Wash It with soap and
IVater.    All stoi-en or direct. State stylo
tnd slziy ■   For -Gc. we will mail you.
61 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Explained •
Mrs. Newlywed—I wonder why we
ire grcwins tired ot each other?
Newlywed—I haven't any Idea.
Mrs. N.—Yes, maybo that ls the
reason. -
Here's a chance
for you to buy
your range from
the factory and
•are 30%—to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
lhe very range
I .you would choose, even if you
I Jhad lo pay the retail price.
■ Our free book shows yeu
. leuclly what lhe range it like. It da-
: Klibee eacb point clearly, ead we
! guarantee our range tens just
j aa represented.
You Digtit at well lave iha retail
pro-t.   Miil. ike coupon to-day.
Dominion Pride
il bodr-
doors end
,. beautifully
NttM-le I %^
Hatl Un, Hl|. ^i
Ci., li-titel, ii.i«i.
Plaaie nni Stek.
W *■• CiiharCradil
^•%-   We Fay
^%   Freltkt
All He Asked
The young jnnn and the girl were
standing outside tho front door having a flnal chat after his evening call.
He was leaning against thc doorpost,
talking In low tones. Presently the
young lady looked round to discover
her father ln the doorway, clad In a
dressing gown.
Why, father, what in tho world Is
the matter.
John, said her parent, you know I
have uever complained about your
staying late, and I am not going to
complain of that now; but for goodness sake stop leaning ngalnst the
boll-push and let tbe rest of thc family get som..- sleep.
Old Lady-How old aro you, little
Bobble—I am under five years on
the street cars, and over sixteen whon
I go  o the movies.
Change of Heart
Yes, my friend, I was about to marry
the countess when I suddenly learned
that she spent more than $12,000 a
year on her dressmaker.
Then what did you do?
Married her dressmaker.
Often Laid Up for Days at a Time—
A Wonderful Tribute to Dr. Chase's
Few people were ever more enthusiastic in praising Dr. Chase's Ointment than the writer of this letter.
When you read the description of his
case you will not wonder why.
Mr. John Johnson, Coleman, Alta.,
writes: "Three years ago I was cured
of blind, Itching ..iles of 27 yearB'
standing by using Dr. Chase's Ointment. I used to think that death
would be the only reliel I would ever
get from the :errlble misery of piles.
Often I was laid up for three days at
a time, and at other times worked
when I sliould have been In bed.
"Dr. Chase's Ointment Is worth sixty dollars a box Instead of sixty cents.
I am a different man alnce using lt.
I am farming all the time, and never
mlsB a day. Words fail to express
my gratitude for tho cure this ointment made for me. I cannot tell half
as much n'.-out tt as lt deserves. Anyone doubting this .*u writo direct to
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
box, all dealers, or Edmnnson, Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
Whether your arm is a Remington or ony
other standard make, whatever its calibre and
the load you need, you want Remington-UMC
metallics — not because they are  necessarily
stamped with the same name as your firearm,
but because they give more accurate results.
This company has been malting ammunition for fifty
ji years. Wo produce metallics for every standard make of
i'   arm—and every Remington-UMC cartridge is tested io
"   the arm for which it is made.
';'i    ' ! I'i"-71, tAlt weiendyou a booklet tipl-iuinc .imply many of die
I i'. >, '.i'.j',:..'. teennic-lpoints of ammunition i-iMiu.ac.eri..   Your name and
..1,  lllill K? address on a post card flvill briag it by return mail. -
Remington Anns-Union Metalllo Cartridge Co.,   Windsor, Ontario
Makes Home Brighter
and Labor Lighter
A Paste ItheF.F.Dalley(3_J NoD
No Waste I Hamilton, canadaI NoR
Whsn   you   Cross     the     Atlantic ftr TATA Dfl        I ¥\H7
Choos.    the      OLD      RELIABLE *~U 1*4 (\-\IJ        L/tlVkm,
tho pioneer lino ot Atlantic Steam shipping, decently, Iwo jitilntlal now
steamers have been added to tlie Cunard Canadian Service, tlio "Andiiniii'
and "Alaunla," carrying ono class cabin til) mul tliinl class. These
splendid ships afford every luxury and comfort fo- tli" iicconimodntlcii
of passengers. They nro fitted with Mm coul Wireless Telegraphy, Submarine Signalling, etc., in fact, every modern device for thy safety of
Lounge, GymnaBiuni, Drawing-room, Smokiuy-.ooiti, Open und Covered
Promenades. Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) S.S. "Alaunla" carrying one class cabin (II) and
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings aud services from Montreal, Portland, L'oslon
and New York, apply to Local Agents, or
THE  CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD , 304  Main  Street,  Winnipeg.
You don't have to when you CAN 8HIP TC
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Man.
Licensed-Bonded Established 1310
Us Happy Home
You loolt forlorn, old fellow.Where's
your wife all tlnso months?
Veiling how to make homo happy
on the lecture plattorm.
VV. f. U. 971
Asthma Overcome. The triumph
over asthma has assuredly come. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved the most positive Messing the
viotlm of asthmatic attacks haB over
known. Letters received from thousands who have tried it form a testl.
monlnl which leaves no room for
doubt that here ls a real remedy. Get
it to-dny from jour dealer.
Rash Promise
Wife (complalnlngly)— Vou promised beforo we were married that I
should have all tho money I wanted.
Hub—I must have thought there
was much more of It In circulation.
Worms, by the Irritation thst Ihoj
cause In the stomach and Intestines
deprive infants of tlte nourishment
that they should derive from food, and
malnutrition ls the result. Mlller'i
Worm Powders destroy worms nnd
correct the morbid condltlous In tho
stomach and bowels that nre favorable
to worms, so that the full nutriment
of the child Is assured and development In every wny encouraged.
Merely Logical
Boss, complained the famous twlr-
ler, I'm all run down!
1 don't wonder, sharply answered
the manager ot the team. You've
been trying to snv.t your arm by pitching wlthou'. winding up.
Well Met-
A dainty, nourishing dish
for breakfast, lunch or supper
—ready to serve direct from
the package with cream and
"Toasties" are thin bits of
choice Indian Corn skilfully
cooked and toasted to an
appetizing golden brown.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Oat.
Life is Uncertain
—the   life   of  a   wooden   tub
or   pail.
Save time--temper -dollars   by using
utensils that seem to neverjrair out.
Made of
ub J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer ^
Just as good ss
Eddy's  Matches
Can always make sura of getting the hlgheat pries for WHEAT. OATS.
BARLEY anil FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM MID
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Dally Market Letter anl Sample flraln Baca.
Senl us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list—It's free.   Let a*
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
ears.   Our Oar Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
eHenttf Interests. Wo have every facility for prompt service anl
we get best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of snmple bags snd deal with i
Arm whose business hns been built tip by satisfied customers,
Paid-up Capital, 1160,000
References,    any    Bank
Coaunerolal Agenoy. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,-  B.C.
member   is   returned  it
ould  be  in order for Mr.
to step  out of the
eUHBOlUPTloN utile,:
•a* H.M  IWO
i.te Tear (In advance)  ...  LW
ine Year, In United States  1.**
lildress all communication- to
ThsUbano Fohks Sun,
mos» Hli Okasd Points. H.C
Even with but candidates
in the Islands constituency,
Alexander Hamilton, tho Liberal candidate, should gain an
easy victory, if the reports
which come to this eity of
the political situation at tlie
coast a"e correct, ln a three
cornered tight, as there is
every indication of the contest developing into, he should
have a walkover.
The Tories in the Islands
evidently intend to win the
const.tue icy by danglitfg h
cabinet portfolio before the
It was Sir Walter Scott, we
Velieve, who designated a low
breed of a man as the male
offspring of a female dog.
Were Sir Walter alive today
he would probably apply this
appellation to the newspapers
and their pro rietors who
change their political opinions
to conform with the party in
power in order to [ participate
in the spoils.
When a newspaper is paid
to play the sycophant for the
government its opinions do
not carry much weight with
the people.
In the east the small boys
are imitating the "movies"
liy fighting duels and attempting to burn each other at the
stake like real" cowboys and
Indians. If not properly censured, the "movies" will become as great a menace to the
morals of the rising generation
as the penny dreadful.
The result of the bye-election in the Macdonald constituency will be awaited with
keen interest. The Conservative member for that district
was recently unseated for
fraud in the last election.
Hon. "Bob" Rogers conducted
that campaign, and if a Liber-
Grand Forks has commenced to crow over the
forthcoming poultry show.
Sir Richard McBride before the Canadian club in Ot
towa advocated the doing
away with politics in discussing the naval question, and
forthwith proceeded to make
a violent attack on Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's naval policy, although it now includes a feature, the lack of which he formerly found fault with, name
ly, provision for a Pacific fleet
unit. Doing at the same time
what he advocates doing away
with must surely qualify Sir
Richard as the champion po
litical acrobat. — Stratford
The people of Nelson, in
fact the people of Briiish Columbia generally, would be
pleased to hear from A. V.
Pineo. That gentleman is a
member of the attorney-general's department. Some time
ago he was sent to the Dou
khobor settlrment in the
Boundary district to enquire
into the alleged abuses there.
His investigation as reported
in all the newspapers of the
province was wholly condemnatory of the social conditions existing in the Doukhobor settlement. There
seemed to be no doubt of
what he said, He arraigned
the methods pursued by the
provincial government in a
somewhat startling manner.
He told the public that the
attorney general was not do
ing his duty and he intimated
that the investigation conducted by William Blake
more, an appointee of that
government, had been worse
than useless. Now we are
told by the government news
paper in Victoria that them is
nothing to investigate, that
the reports cover with d's-
credit an innoeent and hardworking community of people
and that they will bring dis
frace on the people of Grand
'orks. Let us hear from
Grand Forks; let us heav
whether the whole English
community of Grand  Forks
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our storo and see if .we don't
make good.
A Christmas Gift
Worth While
I   thin
UK'S nothing yu iniuld
ink ijf tlmt will express Ih>_-
tur thn spirit „i li^lpfulhese
and ami I will than thu gift of
guild wntch Far from being merely
ornamental, it represents a lifetime
of useful service anil permanent
Our Christmas display shows all
the standard guaranteed makes in
the newest models at prices ranging
friiin (10 to $40, in gold filled or
solid gold cases, Any watch selected now will be set aside on pay
mentofasmall deposit. You will
have a better opportunity to shop
if ynu call now while the stuck is
complete and before the rush cent-
See our window display.
ire m falsifying the position
there or whether we are to accept in preference the representations of the government
and its paid press.—Vancouver Sun.
Girls! Try Itt Hair gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a 23 cent bottla
of Danderlne,
If >--". cm for heavy hair that glls-
tor.s v. Hit beauty and ls rati!ant, with
lite; bas an Incomparable softness ana
Is fluffy and lustrous, try Danderlne.
Just one application doubles the
beauty of your hnlr, besides It Immediately dissolves overy particle of
dandruff. You can not havo nice
heavy, healthy hnlr lf you havo
dandruff. Thia. destructive scurf robs
the hair of Its lustre, Its strength and
its very life, and tf not overcome lt
produces a feverishnoss and Itching of
the Boalp; the hair roots famish,
loi-i ". -tnd die-, then the hair falls out
far.t -nroly get a JB<ent bottle of
K..II...ion's Danderlne from any drug
store and just try lt
UhuiI rin* Sun  -mil  keep  po-teil
•n current even'*
Sample Books
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, glutton, Veat
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns CS» Co. Limited
Mclntyre (&» Smith1 mm office
V^\.e-,~-x*-'* New Disc Phonographs
Mison s ju5t Receivea
Visit our store and hear this wonderful machine.
The reproduction is superior to any other on the
Woodland C&> Quinn
Edison Dealers
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burns 8 O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
r\artin r\ullen
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Stoi e
No need having piles any longer!
No need of suffering another dayi
Steam's Pile Remedy (complete wlft
tuhe) will help you or IT COSTS YOO
This remedy ls a combination of the
lately discovered, high-priced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, at.d IT STOPS THB
So sure nre we thot Stearns Pile
Remedy will beneflt you that we will
not sstlsfled.
This ls the only pile remedy that
we can g_iRr_.ir.r--_ uud we know you
will thank us fur telling you about IU
We havo tho ;-:s.-.i...ve ngenoy.
Dtni't linnet thnl The Sun hns the
iicst jolt f-riulliiK ileparrineiil in iht
Itounilnry country.
The Sun only ousts 81 n yenr.
prints all tht' m-ns.
Grand Forks Transfer
Sole Atieirti for
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at- AU
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietors
ondon Directory
O'uMished Annually)
BiiuMct traders throughout ths world tu
communicate direct with English
In each classof goods. He-Hides being n com-
pli'tB commercial guide tn Loudon and Its
suburbs, tbe directory contain.-, lints of
with the (roods they ship, and the Colonial
and foreign Markets they supply;
itrrauged under the Ports to whioh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings'.
of Wiinir Mantifautnreis, Merchants, eic, In
the prlueipft* provincial towns au>l Industrial
of WHnir MapufaetureTM, Merchants, eic, in
the prluoipa1 pr»*r*ncial towns« ' * ' *"' '
pent ret, of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition \x\i\ he forwarded, freight paid, on n-colpt of Postal
Order for %&,
Dealers seeking Agencies can advert)*?
their trade cards for $5, orhirger advertisements from $15.
25, Abchurch Lane, Li-ndon,  R.f
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
'Adopt the use ot Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money maker* for others.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, a* Ihey enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can find his requirement*.
Will he find your business
represented? THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Most Important Events atj
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
Gifts for Christmas
We Have a Complete Line of Useful Articles That
Would Give a Lot of Pleasure to a Friend or Relative
Two thousand five hundred skilled
workmen on the Southern Pacific
railway decided to stop work last
While excavating for the new stadium at West Seattle, and whin
abont 150 feet below thu surface, the
engineers unearthed the skeleton of a
mastodon, whioh, according to Prof
J. H Bretz, of the University of
Washington, has lain undisturbed fnr I
more than a million years.
The neutral position of the powers
may be a help in unseating President ]
Huerta. The Mexican dictator is
found visitiug in the suburb of the
capital. Efforts to reopen negotiations with Mr. Lind are regarded as
supporting the belief that Huerta'
will agree to his successor being
chosen by both sides
There is every probability of the
intioductitin at the present .session of
the Quebto legislature of a hill providing for oompulsorv education in the
province of both Protestant autl Cath .
o ic children.
Samuel Gnuipers, at the labor  con-1
v ntion in  Seatt-e,  has  introduced a
resolution declaring in favor of a   na
vnl holiday from warship construction.
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Mexican rebel commander "VVe will
accept no transaction with, uor interference of, anv nation," says Car
ranza. The British minister waits
on President Huerta aud says that
Britain will support the United
States. •
The Conservatives at Ganges Har
bor choose W. W. Foster as candidate
in the Islands district bye election.
With a terrific explosion a big
building collapses in Cedar Rapids,
[a. Fourteen men sink with the
structure. Ten of them are still
buried in a mass of steel and conc.-ete.
Hon. Price Ellison only gets three
supporters on the government's tuberculin test of cattle at a meeting held
in the Conservative olub, New West*
minster, condemning the test. The
condemned animals were sold to
A  crowd  howls  down Attorney
General Bowser at a   Tory   assembly
in Vanoouver. He is taken to task
fur the Nanaimo strike, anil upiiiat-
follows a verbal ba'tle, the police being called in but appearing only after
the event.
At Chicago the death sentence is
passed on Harry 8dencer, the slayer
of Mildred Allison Rexroat, the dancing teacher, aud his infamous career
will come to an end in the electric
, The successful attempts to force the
deputy minister's candidature on the
I Islands constituency displeases many
| delegates. "
A land and rockslide delays   traffic
, on the main line of tlio CPR.
The London Times declares that
Premier Asquith will seek to suspend
the clause in the home rule bill for a
definite number of years, as it affects
Ulster, and place another burden on
the taxpayer.
Water street, Vancouter, has the
worst conflagi ation in years. The
total loss, it is expected, will amount
to $600,001).
Provisional President Huerta informs the American charge of his determination to resist pressure.
Two seven-year-old boys fight a
battle with rifles in Toronto. Start
out to shoot birds, but end by dlaying
a terrible game.   One is wounded.
The commercial aeroplane has arrived. Robert Fowler, an aviator,
announces that he has signed a contract with the Qreat Western Power
company of San Francisco to patrol
its line between Oakland and Oroville.
The English postal worker enter a
conference with the Bricish postmas
ter general in an angry mood, and
threaten to strike.
Two scores uf coal miners are buried
when an explosion occurs in a eoal
mine at Acton, Ala Some are white
and some negroes Seven bodies have
been recovered.
i An automobile laden with flowers
-, follows the remains of Lady Strath-
' cona to her grave in London,
The strike of East Indian laborers
in Natal, South Africa, spread today
to the south coast, Practically ev uy
one of tbe 150,000 workmen of Ka t
Indian blood had laid down their
tools at noon. Serious riots are
The Stefansson exploring expedition is belived to be perfectly safe.
The boats may be frozen in, but if
crushed the party would take to the
A computation just concluded by
the underwriters' appraiser sets the
damage done bv the big Vancouver
fire at 1467,000.
Afraid of being bottled up in the
capital, Americans in the City of
Mexico take flight to Vera Cruz
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P.CW IiarnebS harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
Tho demands of the English postal
employees are rejected by the postmaster general.
The British battleship Iron Duke
effected a timely rescue of the. thirty
passengers and crew of the steamer
Scots Dyke while the steamer was
burning in the English channel today.
Canada's exports show an increase,
and agricultural products are at the
head of the list
That those who have no regular
home and sin accustomed to eat their
Sunday meals in cafes aud restaurants
mny have to ao hungry if the Lord's
Day act is strictly enforced, was the
discovery made this mot ning in the
police court at Vancouver.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is seventy two
years old today. Both the leaders of
the Dominion parliament are in good
There will be a three cornered fight
in the Islands constituency. Liberal,
Conservative and Independent-Con
sei-vativo candidates are in the field.
The formation of the Ulster volunteers has produced a counter move,
which has for its ideal the creation of
what is styled the Irish national volunteer army.
It was admitted in Montreal this
morning that a wreck had occurred to
the No. 1 transcontinental train,
bound from Montreal for Vancouver,
east of Fort William on the C.P.R .
but no details had been received.
There is a serious dissension  in the
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British cabinet on the Irish question,
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& A)
| A Sociological
|     Exhibit L
3Josefa Followed Her Nose, as
2     Was to Be Expected.
*H *«♦♦♦♦♦«*■»«♦♦♦♦♦«♦
It Josefa haa uot had the Morrli
nose things might hare happened. The
Morris nose,  uudetstand, was mora
than a feature-rather a ball mark of
torts throughout Itabua count*,*. Whoever owned it was held bound not on!;
*•.     to follow lt, but to keep It going In the
'    social lines marked out by Great-grand-
fuller Morris, n gentleman wbose splr-
•   lt hud been as blgh as his nose.
Sho was not blgh spirited, but In
atead meek and lowly In mind, as be
eame her very moderate fortune. Bet
mother, a bom Morris, had married
badly. At least the family tbougbt so
and had never scrupled to say that
poor Billy Clayton never did but one
sensible thlng-namely, dying before
he had ^ulto wasted his wife's dowry.
Bhe bad brought him land and money
—and tho laud remained, only a little
farm, to be sure, but big enough to
■t-_iuta.il tbe widow and her child.
It would tako managing, of course,
but the Widow Clayton, sbo tbat veil
Antto Morris, was a born manager
That was exact truth, ln proof take
lbe fact that when Josefa was eight
ten she had boon fairly educated, kepi
always in wholesome comfort and bad
hnd all along clothes quite as good aa
any of ber richer cousins.
What wonder then that Cousin Anne,
who never whined or nsked for any-
tking-ndvlec least of all—was well
Kited and wholly respected throughout
Iho whole family connection.
What  wonder  either thnt  Cousin
Maria Dalton, also a born Mori-Is, wbo,
having no children, was a chronic Join-
er and daughter of wha lover came
tloug, took a violent fancy to Josefa.
»■ Maria Dalton wns mighty proud of thc
Morris blood and doted especially upon
great-grandfather.   Sbo hail a copy ot
his portrait over tbe mantel In her
front parlor and had coaxed Lemuel
Morris, hts eldest grandson, Into giving
hor his commission ln tho Continental
army.  That, too. of course, was framed and hung up beside tlio portrait.
Inevitably the next thing was to en-
lertnln her follow daughters upon tbe
occasion  wben state chapters forefather, and lhat meant having Cousin
Anno nnd Josefa belp ln tbe entertaining, notwithstanding neither of them
bologcd to so much as one chapter.
There wero reasons, Mrs. Dnllon was
raretul  to explain  to the visitors-
Cousin Anno was the greatest bomd
hod . nnd Josefa, staying with her
Ititifnily. bad no need of bclouglug.
"Ves: Josefa Is going to be ray belr-
»s. I believe so In blood." sho eonfld-
ed to the lady president. Ibat person
pricked up her cars. Mra. Dalton was
rich, ahd lho lady president had a son,
i lawyer, just starting to practice ln
tho county town. He needed a wife
badly, especially ono with expectations
ind family Influence, and be wns tight
on the spot, having come along with
the chapter, not only by way of escort,
bnt as speaker of tbe occasion. He
had seized npon It ns a chance to show
his enthusiasm for local history. His
mother. Mrs. Melvtn, was Inclined to
regard tho fact ln the light of a special
providence. Sho msusged to speak
wltb lilm quietly; a llttlo apart, before
he read his paper and was delighted to
hear him throw Into tbe reading solid
chunks of enthusiasm for Rabun county and Its glorious past.
Before the assembly broke ho had
met Josefa and talked witb her a good
half hour. Next week be called ou her
•nd the next and tho next. Mrs. Dalton was early taken Into bis confidence
and of course was bis warm advocate,
"Tes, as you say, Josefa Is a Morris
out and out, all but tbs name, and wo'll
change that," she said, smiling st blm.
"And, remember, you aro golug Into
politics. I want you (o lie senator at
lbe very least. No matter bow blgb
you go, Josefa 'II do you credit. But
dou't you fool yourself thinking you
can get her Just tor asking. That Is
not tho way with girls ot tha Morris
blood. Court her lika a man and don't
take 'No' if she gives It to you the lirst
Jack Melvln listened, yearning to grit
his teeth. He was not tho least bit In
love. Josefa was not pretty for all sho
was so fresb and wholesome, nnd be
craved beauty above everytbtng. Betides, thero was Amelia Ware, but hs
flared not let Himself think of her.
Since thoy could not marry ho meant
[o marry this Josefa. I made him
laugh only to think of her saying "No"
to lilm. How could sho wheu sho kuew
nobody else save :t few awkward country fellows?
Imagine bis stale of mind wheu .lo-
lefa did say "No" tho first time, Ibe
lecond, tbo third and each time mora
lud more as though sho meant It. Aft-
ir die third rclectlon ho went lo Mrs.
Dalton, She inugned a langn or indulgent pride wh. he had tinlsked, but
snid emphatically: "I don't blame Joscy
-not a b t. Tou've got the name of
being a dreadful flirt. Whether or no
you deserve It I am not saying. I'll g.i
over and stay all night with Cousin
Anne tomorrow. Vou come out lli?
next day. 1 think you'll Bud thing.
changed n bit."
Woman disposes*,, man proposes;
sometimes fate Intervenes, Josefa
stood wltb fate In Ibis particular wret
tie. She said "No" again and In t, wny
lhat told .Tack Melvln nt least tin
game was up. Rut Urs. Dnllon hold nn
stoutly to ner plan. Cbusln Anno hail
fallen In wltb It ardently, l-'or all ber
thrift she had a whole lot ot family
pride. Moreover, she wanted Josefa to
get the Dalton money. So sho joined
forces with lut' cousin, nnd between
them Ihey gave tho prospective heiress
uuall peace,
Obstinacy, pure and simple—ibnl was
What ailed Josefa.   So said ber (wo
elders ln conclave.   There could not
possibly bo anybody In Melviu's wuy.
Josefa had been sent to school, the
strictest possible boarding school, when
sbo was barely thirteen,    since she
ram« hack ■from il none of the young,
sters roundabout had done more tlmn
speak civilly to ber.   Not one had so
much as come to the house, except
Clayton Trigg, wbo was n fnroff cousin and bad come lo buy yearlings und
fat lambs.    In virtue equally of his
kinship and it sudden shower he hud
stayed to dinner and after 11 bad shaken bands cordially with both the ladies
ot tbe house.   All he had said to Josefa
was that lf sbo happened to be nt the
county fair next fall be hoped she
would look at bis saddle horses. Muggins nnd Mill Boy, as ho was sure they
would wlnadie blue rlbbou.
At fair lime, wilh Josefa still obdurate,- Mrs. Clayton hod doubts as to
going, but Mrs. Dalton overruled the
doubts. Thus the thrco went together
in the Dalton btu-ouche, nntl for the
best part of the day Josefa was handed
over to Melvln. Just how she managed
It she never knew, hut toward S o'clock
sbe slipped away from him nnd lo«*
herself In lho crowd. It was a dell-
clous sensation. All the late summer
sbe had been telling herself she would
run sway tf sbe had a chance, but how
could sbo when she had not so much
as a dollar ot her own? She almost
ran until sho came to the farther side
of lho amphitheater. At the foot ol
the stairway she found herself stopped,
ber band strongly gripped and n frank,
suuburned fare with honest liluo eye*'
smiling down at her, but flushing In
spite of Its sunburn.
Mrs. Dalton wa3 off with ti knot of
the daughters. Mrs. Clayton stood i-nnt
in contemplation of prize patchwork.
Each believed Josefa safe with the
otber; also that Melvln wns a further
guard.   Therefore they smiled affably
when   ths   ringmaster   shouted   lhal
there was a new feature, a wedding In
tiie exhibit of Scrollsnw, Varnish &
Co., tbe enterprising furnishing men.
A popular young couple bad agreed to
be married In tho parlor nrrnuged by
lho firm, who meant to show tbelr appreciation by making the newly wed a
present of tbe suit.   Mrs. Dalton said
to ber next neighbor: "Oh, I reckon It't
somebody from the bnck eotinln*.   It
must be.   Only bumpkins and llicit
sweethearts still tolerate parlor suits."
The neighbor  nodded,  but ndtledi
"Let's go ond see.    I come lo fairs
mostly to see that sort of people. They
aro sociological exhibits, you know-
better ""worth while than anything In
the ring."
"Do you think sn? Then let's hurry."
Mrs. Dalton agreed, but somehow In
spite of hurrying their progress was
alow. They eamo closo enough at last
to hear without seeing. After the benediction the crowd drew Ils breath,
and women ln tt. whispered: "Why, did
you ever! The girl looked radiant and
quite tbe lady. And tbo fellow didn't
kiss her, although tho squire bade him
do It."
"Hero they comel" salt! olhcrs. falling apart to make way. airs. Clayton
hnd somehow met them. Melvln was
across the way, with Amelia Ware, her
eyes downcast, clinging lo hts arm.
Between Ihem. bright eyed, bend up,
walked Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Trigg.
Josefa went straight to ber mother,
saying demurely, but with tho least
bard drawn breath: "We're golug ou a
llttlo trip, mother, but It won't be extravagant. Tbo money for (he parlor
suit—wo sold It beforo wo earned It-
will moro than pny expenses. You
stay wllb Aunt Rla, please. IIII we get
"And then we're going to take cara
of yon always," Clnyttin Trigg Interrupted.
Mrs. Dalton was too stunned to
speak, but Mrs. Clayton said composedly: "Well. Joe, I suppose yon had to
follow yonr nose. -The Morrises ah
ways did hnve Iheir own way."
Crait Fer Gambling Amtng th*
Fathianablt Women of London.
A oertain area ot fashionable Lorn
don is infested with gaming establish.
nients, tome open from early afternoon
to early morning. In and around Pio.
cadilly, St. James street, Backvillt
street, Hyde Park corner and Sloant
street the gambling hells flourish,
targe sums frequently are expended
(or suitable accommodation. In ons
instance a young officer living near St.
James Palace was able to let his flat
(or $100 a night for tix weeks, be him-
■elf going to live tt a hotel.
While there it no suggestion oi
.betting at these places, gradually tht
capital ot both winnert and losers It
absorbed by the "kitties" or percent-
■ge of the "house." To insure themselves against, dishonored checks, the
proprietors of soma gaming establishments have taken out-money lenders'
licenses, and instead of accepting a
cheek in return for a loan, they now
tsk tiie borrower tor a promissory
note payable in a few days. Interest
it five per. cent, is charged, to no
suggestion of usury is made. In these
circumstances tlie gaming act cannot
be pleaded, and the money lent it
recovered without legal difficulty.
One case in point is that of a man
occupying nn important post in India.
Last Christmas lie sen*, his daughter
$1,860 to enable tier to buy the trousseau lor her approaching marriage.
Accompanied by her sister, the girl
fame tn London on a shopping expedition. On tlie way they called on a
cousin who took the two sisters to a
restaurant for luncb. And afterward
to a gambling establishment.
Within an hour the trousseau money
had .disappeared and a note for $425,
signed by the widowed sister, was in
tbe hands of the "house." The London cousin was unal.e to help, so
tliere was nothing for it Lut to write
home. The mother sent an angry letter antl a check for $1,600. all she
could raise at her bank. A day or
two later ths sisters returned home
and tearfully confessed that th. $1,600
likewise had gone in an attempt to
recover the first anvnint. Tlie wedding
has been postponed indefinitely,
The wife of a member of Parliament
Is known to have squander.-J in card
playing three or for,r times the $8,000
her husband receives in return for hit
services to his country. She has confessed to losing $7,260 since the end of
last year.
Another society woman is practically
destitute its a result of gambling and
hts the brokers in her home at tht
present time.
Audaeieua Tett of a Harktman't Skil
In a Dutl,
M. Colombey, In his history of dueling, tells an anecdote' of a certain .
noted duelist of bis time.
One day tbls man, M. D„ was at'
Desenne's shooting gallery In Paris I
watching the pistol practice. There '
was ono man who was shooting very
well and Dosenne was threatened with
the loss of all hit glass balls and
swinging dolls. Every shot was greet
ed by the spectators wltb exclamations of admiration.
B. looked on for awhile, and finally,
tn a calm voice, mnde tbe remark, "Ht
could not do as well on tbo Sold."
Tbe object of tbe slighting remark
turned around, and ln a loud and
angry tone cried: "Who aro yon to
tay tbat? Would you like to test the
truth of your remark?"
"Willingly," replied tbe unrecognized
dentist ns he led the way out to a
secluded place. After taking their respective positions, they drew lots, nnd
It tell to B. to shoot last. Ho watted
ln silence for bis adversary's shot. Tbe
man fired—and missed.
B. lowered his pistol. "What did
I tell you?" he said, wltb a smile.
Then, putting bis pistol In his pocket,
he walked away whistling.
Women Make Good Shewing.
Itl l-.ng'anJ, Norway   and   I'rance
there are more women than men.   ln
Ameriea, Australia, New Zealand and
Canada tliere are more    men    than
women. At the lime of the lust llritish
census there were 18,684.884 women in
the country and only 17,445,003 men,
so that 1,179,276 women  are hardly
likely to get husb'ands-or rather, let
us say, the prevailing theory would
havo  us belisve that women  marry
from cilher a senso of duty or necessity, but never from inclination.   Ths
causes for the preponderance of one
sex over the otlier are still very olv
seure.   That new countries should attract-   men   rather   than   women   is
natural enough, but w!Ty should th?
proportions vory so markedly between
the different pails of old settled countries?   For example, in liu-t Sussex
it wat found that lliere were 1.250 women   to every   1,000  men.   lu   Monmouthshire there were 003 women to
1.000 men.   Another curious result ot
the English census shows lbe ilispari-
l ties in the criminal proclivities ,,l men
| nntl   women  Tiie  prisons  contained
only 130 women to ever.* 1.000 men,
while in the reformatories tiie proportion was 878 to 1.000 anil in Ilie workhouses (jii-l tn 1,000.   On   the   other
hand, in the lunatic nsylumi thero
wero 1,140 women to 1,000 men, while
in tlie Inebriate reformatories ond retreats tliere were only 301 men out of
1,357 inmates.
long Distance Pianist
Private Doughty, of the Hoysl Mar-
ine Light Infantry, completed a remarkable piano-playing performance tt
Ettt Cowes Town Hall recently, having
played without a ttop for twenty-five
hours. Doughty finished remarkably
fresh, his only feed hating been a few
hard-boiled eggs, gripes, and t littls
milk, relieved by an occasional puff ef
a cigarette.
Meets ln Ntw Zealand.
Information given by a West Coast
tettler to t Wellington (New Zealand)
resident viaiitng the south in the s.s.
Hlntmoa, leads lo the belief that tlit
moose liberated some years ago in
Oeorge Mound are multiplying tt a
great rata and indications sten by tht
passengers on the I'nemos tend to
conform this belief.
These of tht Humming Bird Art About
tht Size of a Walnut.
The most exquisitely dainty home
built by thc bill aud feet of birds la
that of the ruby throated bumming
bird. When completed It ls scarcely
larger than an English walnut and ls
usually saddled ou a small horizontal
limb of a ti-co or shrub frequently
many foot from thc ground.
This dainty domicile ls composed almost entirely of soft plant fibers, fragments of spiders' webs sometimes being used to hold tbem in shape. Tbe
sides are thickly studded with bits ot
lichen, and practiced Indeed Is lho eye
of tbe man who can distinguish It from
a knot on tbo limb. The eggs aro the
size of quinine pills.
Although lho bumming bird's nest la
exceedingly frail, there appears to be
nothing on record to show tbat any
great numbers of them come to grief
during lhe summer ralus. It is, however, not culled upon for n long tenure
of occupancy. Within three weeks
after the two little white eggs are laid
tho young have departed on tbelr tiny
Cold, Heat and Humidity.
In hot weather less food ts needed;
there Is more blood tn tbe Internal
organs, the skin nets more and tbe
kidneys act less thnn in mild weather.
Iu cold weather more food Is needed;
tho skin acts less nnd the kidneys more.
There Is moro desire for active exercise.
numhlity reduces the actual heat ot
tbe air iu summer, but Increases Its
oppressiveness nnd makes people lethargic nnd relaxed. The perspiration
does not evaporate and the pores get
clogged. In cold wcalber dry air leaves
tbo body free to retnlu or give up Its
natural heat according .to Us needs,
bnt moist air brings about n leakage of
bodily warmth that Is difficult to prevent. Clothes will not do It, aud wind
increases it. That Is wby we feel
damp cold so much more tban dry.—
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Ptrtonal Remarks.
Tbe habit- of making personal remarks grows upon people, and many
tre surprised when informed that
tbere can be no greater breach ot
In auy place where a conversation
can be overheard mischief beyond repairing Is often done by remarks concerning tho personal affairs of cither
the speaker or her friends. Usually It
Is women that make tty.su remurka.
Men have to be more careful, for tbe
reason that they may roup tho just
reward of a knockdown from some one
Offer these remarks arc made from
au overwhelming senso of curiosity.
An incident relates a story of a very
young girl who, attending a large reception, noticed a most peculiar looking woman standing neur and as soon
j as conventional greetings were ovel
eagerly inquired of her hostess, "Deaf
I Mrs. X., wbo is that dreadful woman standing over tbere by thc door?"
Imagine her horror when the reply
came In cold tones, "That Is my
mother." Sho fled to a near friend to
tell ber tale of woe and received then
and tbere a lecture that lasted through
life on tbe importance of keeping hot
remarks confined to other things than
personal matters.
It Is bad taste, which means a breach
of etiquette, to ask anything about
anybody ln a crowd, whether lt be at
a reception, on tbe street, ln a publio
conveyance or ln any cose excepting
perhaps tbe name of a person.
Of ter the very person tor whom the
curiosity ts felt ls really of importance,
in a way, may be a celebrity, eccentrlo
In dress and bearing, so lt la well to
steer clear of personal remarks unless
ln tho nature of a compliment 'Ih*
woman who Is Invited to spend any
time with friends will do well to remember tbls law, for lt ls a law ot
etiquette, before making any sort Of
remark about one guest to another ot
to her hostess about auy guest present. She may find herself In very deep
water and never be Invited again.
People are prone to talk about people,
ximi about things, and that ls wby on*
woman got the reputation of being
"tbe best talker about tbe weather"
ever heard. Sbe bad found it a sat*
topic and kept herself out ot troubl*
by using all ber powers to mak* it
her one pet subject
Ths Record Potato.
A farmer in the Black Springs district of New South Wales lias grown a
potato 16 inches in length, IS inches in
circumference at Ihe thickest part, and
weighing 6 pounds. The tuber, which
wtt of the Beauty of Hebron variety,
in tbtpt resembled a seal.
Ntrve ef Htr.
"How is ynur now tnald'.'
"1 guess sho Is all right; she list tbt
baby out at present But sho hts a
"How was that?"
"She wanted to take Fido along, ant)
alio Is almost wholly unknown lo ns."
-Houston Post.
An Arab Honeymoon.
For seven days nftor the wedding
tbe Arab brldo und bridegroom aro
supposed not to leave their room. Tho
bride may see none of Iter own family
and ouly the womou folk of her husband, who wait on her. Sho remains
In all her weddlug llucry and paint and
does absolutely nothing. The bride-
groom generally slips out at nlgbt after three dnys and sees n few friends
privately, but ho persistently hides
from bis wife's family, and should he
by accident meet Ills father-in-law bo-
fore the seven days nre over he turns
his back and draws his burnouse, or
balk, over his face. Tills Is their view
of a honeymoon, nnd they grow as
weary of It us any European couple do
of tbelr enforced  continental  lour.—
Wido World Magazine.
A Milwaukee innn wont to order a
wedding enke the other day.
"I'm getting married," he said, "snd
1 waul u cake."
"Well. It's tbe latest thing," said ths
salesgirl, "lo hare wedding cakes In
harmony wltb the bridegroom's calling
or profession. Thut n Journalist has a
spice enke, a musician an oat cake, an
athlete a cup cake, a man who loafs on
bis friends a sponge cake, and so forth
and so on. What Is your calling,
"1 am a pianist,"
"Tben,of course," said tbe girl, "you'll
want a pound enke."— Exchange.
All In the camt.
"Harold, jou mustn't ent all the peanuts, even If you are pretending to
be n monkey.   Vou must give sister
I SOW*."
I ""But, mother, I'm pretending slice
I somo kind o* animal wot docsu't cnt
i ■eaonrs."-I4f«.
"Johnny, I'm afraid I'll have lo whip
you," said the mother of an Incorrigible youngster.
"All right, mamma," he replied. "And
after you whip mo, may I hare tbt
whip lo piny horse wllb?"-Chlcag*
Our Courtasy.
"There is nothing which so exalts)
and graces a man ln tbe opinion of
otbera as his politeness and consideration for his wlft. Instead ot being,
as some unfortunately teel It, unmanly
tnd weak, lt ls the highest type of
manliness, and to such service of lov*
and respect the woman will Invariably
respond with all tbe tenderness and
affection of her nature," says an authority on etiquette.
What a splendid thing tt would be If
every married man would take that
paragraph Into hla heart and model bis
manner to bis wife upon Itl
One of tho awkward moments •
guest sometimes experiences ts being
a witness of a man's rudeness to hli
wife. Sympathy for tbe woman, wrath
at the man and Indignation on het
own behalf—for rudeness to his wife
Indicates tbe man would bo discourteous to all women It be dared—make
her contemptuous of one so lacking in
true manliness. Fault finding about
food, criticism over small oversights,
Impatience over errors at cards—all
trivial matters that a man sbould regard as tho accidents ot the moment
and rise ahove—make the spectator
wonder how iho wlfo fares In thc
privacy of home.
Such  things wound and humiliate
tbe wife and lessen her love.   Vos,
Ihey do.   How can sho believe In a
man's lo-te who will uot rcryrd ber
1 feelings ln public at least?  She laughs
them off-it Is the only thing she can
I do—or she passes tbem over In silence,
i but she knows how other women regard them, and she knows ber bus-
| band's stock Is going below par In
| their estimation, and that hr.rts het
pride In htm.
Envoy Trom Cuba.
A receut visitor te the Dominion wss
■ose Montesino y Oarcis, of Havana,
_ubi, who it seeking bttter trade rela-
ions wilh Canada. Recently, he aaid,
ht Cubans had undertaken the raising
>f eattle en a large scale, and, wosder-
(ul mi-cess wtt being obtained. In
lensection with this a demand wat bang (rented for Canadian hay and ottt.
.iibRiis tie alto importing Canadian-
i lour for their own ust.
In the matter of trade, ht thought
he greatest frlrnflthip ihould txltV
ittween tbt twf eeuntrltl. Of th*
tven piin-ipel l.aplti in Cuba, th*
loyal Bank of Canada stood next to;
ht First National Btak ef Cuba sstV
tad tix branchft thore.
Net sta .
Dla-aendr tie iitereat B«tt
►ika taw«*« *********** THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
It is Not Too Cold
to Paint
ing Floors, Woodwork, Tables,
Chairs, and Screen Doors that are being put
away; Storm Windows and Doors for this
winter. Just drop in when you anything in
the paint line.    Our stock is complete.
oManly's Hardware
t^fe Brighten-up Store
Miss Pauline Paulson, a niece of
J, M. Paulson, arrived in Dunville
1 ist Saturday from Germany. She
crossed the Atlantic on the nteatni*r
Cincinnati, which passed the smoking hull of the Volturno shortly
afii-r that ill-fute-l vi'ssel had Iippii
bu m-d t*i the water's edge in mid-
ocean The passengers of the Cincinnati witnesse 1 the denouement of
a sea tragedy that will cling to them,
as long un thny live.
J M. Paulson will hold a hig
turkey ghaut at Danville next Tups
day, November 25. This will he a
good plans to get turkeys foi the
American Thanksgiving, which occurs next Thursday,
If you are hotlierpd with hend-
aohp, quint or crnHS-eye or if tre
glasses you arp now wearing are nn-
suitihlp, consult thp sper-it-list in the
Yale hotPl, on Thursday, December 4
A new edition of a series of four
maps covering the Dominion rail-
wiv lipll in iIip province of British
Colombia is now being issued from
thp railway lands brunch of the de-
oirtinpnt of the interior at Ottawa,
This set of maps, the Katnloop-i and
Lytton and the Sicamnus shpets of
which are at present available for
distribution, shows in a most
graphic way the land situation to a
very recent date, and the standing
of each quarter-section, according to
the records of the department at
that datp. Copies of the thee s named
muy he obtained free of charge upon
application to F. C. C. Lynch, SU-
pprintPtident of railway lands, de-
parttDPiit of the interior, Ottuwa.
For Slek  Headache,  Sour Stomach,
Sluggish Liver and Bowels—Thty
work while you
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indigestion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches come trom a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, which cause your
stomach to become filled with undigested food, which sours and ferments
like garbage In a swill barrel. That's
the flrst step to untold misery—Indigestion, foul gases, bad breath, yellow
skin, mental fuars, everything that ls
horrible and nauseating. A Caacaret
to-nlglit will give your constipated
bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten •on out by morning. They
work while you sleep—a 10-cent box
from your druggist will keep you feeling good tor months.
McDonald <fc Williams are building a n«nl and convenient, five mom
cottage near thp Central si-houl fur
James Harris, of UiiIhhh,
F. Janes, who formerly livpd in
Greenwood, arrived in the city last
Saturday from Victoria It is in
tentioli to start a liakprv hpre.
Geo. E. Massie
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
of Every Description
Bridge Street
Grand Forks, B. G.
Thp regular annual nippling of
tin- (Hand Pnrlts Agricultural asso-
ninti m will b" held in the city hall
on Ihursdav afternoon, December
4, at 3 o'clock. The election of
officers will be hpld, and other important business transacted, and a
full meeting is requested..
Coming—Dr. Kilherger, eyesight
sppcialist, rpprpspiitint! the Toric
Optical company of Vancouver, will
be in the Yale hotel, Grand Forks,
Thursday, DpcemliPr 4, and will be
nlensptl to hitvp persona with defec-
tive eyesight call and consult him.
Eyeglasses and spectacles fitted. See
notice on page 8
Each "Pape's Diapepsin" digests 3000
grains food, ending all stomach
misery In five minutes.
Time lt! In five minutes all stomach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of
gas, acid, or eructations of undigested
food, no dizziness, bloating, foul
breath or headache.
Pape's Diapepsin Is noted for its
speed ln regulating upset stomachs.
It ts the surest, quickest stomach remedy ln the whole world and besides lt
ls harmless. Put an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin
from any drug store. Tou realize In
live minutes how needless lt Ib to suffer from indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It's'the quickest,
surest and most harmless atomacli
doctor ln the world.
Grand Forks Second-
and store 0p.wiHip<iiHoi.i
We Boy, Sell and Exchange
Everything We also do all kinds
of Tailoring Work We are Ex
petts in Furier Work, ('leaning,
Pi-easing and Repairing Satisfaction guaranteed in everything
H. Baneson, Proprietor
Tmdc Mamo
A-iron*. tnaint a rtet-t- tnd defoiptlon nt
Qnlcklr autrtara onr opinion tro. wl,ctli_r mi
Invention l_prob«t>lyp_wtiUt.le,__C.miiiiuiil.-._.
llnruttnotlr<*'n_.Jfliill-l. HMOCO
tent Inn. uldaat wetter for hou
Ptunta taken tnrouvb Munn .
ttne^l-ctlcx, .fllll.ool._i.rv-. tut
Scientific American.
-Unncb CHfcejfab
Born—In Grand Forks, on Sunday, November 16, to Mr. and Mrs.
John Donaldson, a daughter.
On Wallace mountain, ahout fifty
miles up the went fork of the Kettle
river above Midway, are a number
of mining properties which have in
the past attracted more or less at
tention on account of the high grade
character of their ores, hut which
through lai-k of adequate transportation facilities have been worked
only in tht* most desultory nnnn-r,
though the records show that over
2000 tons have been shipped fnmi
this mountain by trail, wagon road
and railroad, Most prominent of
thn Wall ice mountain properties i»
the Sully mine, which has recently
been acquired hv a Viylitrin syndicate from the Vaiii-inivir fiiiil Bum -
dary Creek Mining a>td Dcvelo) -
m»-nt company, ami under tlie sn-
periiitendenty of Alex Itobi s-m,
who lias resided in Vancouver for
the past two years, has again been
put upon a shipping basis Mr.
Robikson states that a carload of
nre which was shipped last week
will, according to assays, run more
than $100 per ton in \*alue, and
thai a Wagon haul of only two and
one half miles is now required to
pnt the ore on the cars of the Kettle Valley railroad.
An   English   lord   wns  traveling
through t'ie country  with   a   sn all
Woodland & Quinn,rlrnggisttyleserve
praise from Grand Forks people for in
troilucing here the simple buckthorn
bark and glycerine mixture, known aa
Adler-i ka. This simple German reme
dy first became famous by curing ap
pendicitis and it has now been discovered that JUST A 8INGLE D08F.
relieves sour stomach, gas on the
stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. Ita quick action is a big surprise
to people.
By Modern Methods
mid unTTni(i,|i,;Ult'Hftn(-*"«!,,ri''
UUn IHUI lUimmrniitfpilatiiiod-
tpote price". Kxi-en medical ex-
titntuntluii free Free exit initial Ion
of urine when iierenevr?- Con-
■nil mc—Iree, Don't delay. Oelayt
are «li litre run 8, Call or wri'e.
Pree booklet, Kvei-ythii tf confidential.
Houn; 9 a.m. t'» 8pm; 8un-
dayc.lUa.tu.to 1 p.m.
210   HOWARD
Palace Barber Shop
Kuxtir Hoiti nu a Special y.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh North of Uiianhv IIotki.
First Strkkt.
fe Gait Goal
F. Downey's Cigar Slure
llllli k, Rut Ifrtt StTMrt
H»Ki«N> RttalDlKCI.IMS ***** 411 en
reliable and*___
"Wyt feftutort Ripper"
UtSIci Uwlitelr Im It rar Shit ten-Sen i "Skatcrt"
year naw ta a ful lodtr
You want thii valuable publication—it ia north hundred! of
dollart to you. inued at every change oi tht Fur Market,
giving you an accurate and reliable report of what ii doing in
all the Mtrketi of the World in American Raw Fun.
Writowrli 'Bow-'lraw—      __—____, ___-____,
ft. B. g HUB EMT. Inc. ».SMBS.yff-i
Fresh and Salt Meatn, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
party of frii'titls. At a farm house
the owner invited the party in to
Buppor. The good housewife, while
preparing the tahle, discovering
that she waa entertaining nobility,
was nearly overcome with surprise
and elevation. All seated at the
tibl*-, .carcely a moment's pi ac
did fhefirant to her distinguished
guest in her endeav >r th serve and
plenty, him. It waa, "My lord, will,
you have aome of this?" and '*niy
lord, do trv lhat; lake a piece of thia,
my lord," until the meal waB nearly
finished. The little four-year old
son of the family, heretofore unnoticed during a moment of supreme quiet gaw his lordship trving
to reach the pfckle dish, whiob was
just out of his reach, and turning to
his mother said: "Say. ma, god
wants a pickle."
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
The Toric Optical Company
Will be I.
Yale Hotel, Qrand Forks, Thursday, Dec. 4
and will be pleased to have persons with defective eyesight call and consult him. Eyeglasses, Spectacles and
Artificial Eyes fitted at a reasonable charge. Satisfaction guaranteed absolutely on all work done.
McDonelFs Tent Studio
Christmas Oder
From now until December 18, 1913, I will give free
of charge with every order of Photos amounting to
$6.00 a splendid $3.50 Crayon Enlargement, size fix
20 inches. Thia offer of theae expensive Crayon
Pictures could not be made under ordinary conditions.
I have made special arrangements with the artists
to introduce these Crayon Enlargements in Grand
Forks, and ao am enabled to give these
Handsome Pictures Free
of charge. Samples may be seen at the Tent
Studio, corner Bridge and Second Streets. These
pictures must be seen to be appreciated. Photos
$3.00 per dozen and upwards. Don't wait tor bright,
sunny daya, as cloudy days are the beat.
Developing and Printing for Amateurs
J. R. McDonell, Photographer
Corner Bridge and Second Streets


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