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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 28, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
Mah =g ioi a rA
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most ImpwtaQt Events at
Home and Abroad! During the Fast Week
order pf the secretary of war, is being
rushed to the Mexican border. Trouble ia feared.
The budget for 1913 shows a large*
increase in the estimated British Columbia expenditures. The public works
outlay is Urge.
The comfort of modern and humanized prisons is believed by the London
Chronicle to be responsible for the
contempt of the militant suffragettes.
Empress dowager of China 'dies,
probably from appendicitis.
The superintendent of 'the Matte-
wan asylum for criminal insane says
he was offered 120,000 to release
Harry K Thaw.
The police save Mrs. Pankhurst
from an attack by aa angry audience
at a meeting. She twits em with
being afraid to arrest her.
The United States government will
intervene to see that ex-President
Madero receives justice at the hands
of the new administration.
More stringent laws tn aid the police throughout Canada to suppress
immorality are advocated hy aninflu
ential deputation at Ottawa.
A   Buss-inn   who   left   Alberta to
bring back his wife and   children   iB
' thrown into prison and  later is   removed to the Siberian salt mines.
A member of parliament declares
'hat Premier Borden got the admir
n'ty naval memorandum under duress
and that his word need not be be
The British Columbia- government
is believed to be dissatifled with Ron.
Price Ellison, and a wall .defined rumor says that he will be made a senator. ...
Premier and Mrs. R L. Borden are
guests of hunor at a dinner given by
Governor Sulier of New Yor_|.
A brutal double murder in Montreal
during the early hours results in the
arrest of the brother of one of the victims.
Canada is assured a prosperous year,
according to the monthly nummary of
industrial and trade conditions al
ready collected..,
Canada's state prisoner, R C. Mil-.
Ier, requests a third hearing before the
bar of the house,and will answer question if changed slightly.*
A mass meeting of Hindus in Vancouver protest against the imiuigra
tion law preventing their wives coming to Canada under present condi
The United Stales is thought likely to intervene if foreign residents in
Mexico are nut protected Diplomats
will try to force au explanation of
the murders.
The deposed president antl vice
president Of the Mexican republic are
shot to death during a secret midnight
trip to the penitentiary from the national palace.
The London Daily Mail correspond-
entat Belgrade states on reliable au
thority that Turkey aud the Balkan
allien are secretly negotiating for
peace, to begin iu Maruh.
The king and queen accept an invitation to dine at the German embassy.
Tbe anti-jingoes are jubilant.
The British government is in a
quandary as to a decision on the question of the opium traffic* in China.
The Vancouver member will introduce a bill at Victoria regulating the
sale of milk throughout the province.
Mr. Bowser opposes a plan to deal
with intoxicated persons, and a resolution ou the subject is defeated at
The deputy minister of justice declare* that the power ot companies incorporated by provincial statute is
A force of Uuited States troops, by
Short Courses in Fruit and
Vegetable Growing in
Miners' Union Hall
The brother of the late President
Madero is reported to have beeu killed
north of Monterey.
At a meeting in Vancouver Sir
Charles Hibbert Tupper and other
■peakers condemn the agreement with
the C.N.R.
The retail merchants of -British Columbia discuss many important matters at their annual convention in
The Vanoouver member of the provincial! legis|atu.*e insists that old
court houae site should be given to
The Canadian Manuf usurers' asso
ciation cousidera that the companies
as at present constituted is a menace
to business.
Dr. Wesbrook, of the University of
Minnesota, accepts the position as
president of the new British Columbia university.
Loudon is on the verge of a bread
famine, owing to a decision of the
bakers to strike on March 16 if their
demands for better wages are not met.
British Columbia frnit growers are
said to be facing a serious crisis as a
result, ot unfair competition of the
Americans, who do not have to com
ply with the Dominion law*.
United States paper mills ask that
a duty be placed on paper from Brit
ish Columhia.
The British Antarctic committee of
London states that the Scott fund
now amounts to about $1,000,000.
Alfred J. Morley is elected mayor
of Victoria after the hardest fought
campaign in the history ot the city.
- Mrs Pankhurst. is unaffected by a
storm of hisses from a London crowd.
The mounted police clear the way for
Parliamentary term ot British Col.
umbia will be extended to five years.
Raise in sessional indemnity content-
The Liberals speak on the nsvy
question in the Dominion house. Port
Nelson will be the terminus for the
Hudson Bay line.
Royal commission says that no
blame can be attached to the late
Laurier government in connection
with the failure of lhe Farmers' bank.
Two hundred persons are killed or
wounde 1 in Spain by the explosion of
7000 pounds of black powder, laid by
government engineers to raise an
enormous block ot rock.
Two hundred million pesos will be
required for the pacification and rehabilitation of Mexico. President
Huerla will send tumps instead of
money to the rebels. Ilnmors of pints
aud counterplots.
The session of the provincial legislature will end tomorrow,
J, P. Morgan A Co. deny the ox-
istence of a money trust in the United
A London dispatch says that ths
suffragettes may be given penal servitude sentences for life.
Amendments to the naval bill are
voted down. Premier Borden says the
measure will be pressed to a conclusion,
Turkey secures the good offices of
Russia to work for peace. It is reported that she ii willing to cede
Tomorrow, March 1, a series of
lectures and demonstrations in fruit
and vegetable growing will be held
in th* Miners' Union hall in this
city, under the auspices of th* horticultural branch of tbe provincial department of agriculture. Both afternoon and evening meetings will be
held, the afternoon lecture starting
at 2:30, when VV. H. Brittain, provincial pathologist and entomolo
gist, will speak on "Insects and
Fungi in Relation to Horticulture,"
with special reference to pear-blight
and silver-leaf Al 3:30 M. S. Middleton, assistant horticulturist, will
give a pruning demonstration. In
the evening, at 7:30, B. Hoy, assistant horticulturist, will speak on
"Soil Cultivation Under Irrigation;"
at 8:16 Edwin Smith, in charge nf
the precooling, careful handling
and cold-storage investigations
branch, will talk on "Tne Handling
of Fruit." an* at 9 o'clock "Our
Market Conditions on tbe Prairies in
1912" will he discussed by J. For
syth Smith, British Columbia market* coniiiiissioner. The evening
lectures will be illustrated. Tbese
meetings will be held under the au
spices of the Grand Forks Farmers'
institute. Not only fruit and vegetable growers, but all farmers, will
find tbese lectures on soils, cultiva
lion, and plant growing of value to
them ■
J B Castner, who had charge of
the apple packing school in ihis city
this year, delivered a lecture on the
fruit growing industry in the Miners
Union hull last Friday night to a
large audience of orchardists. Mr.
Castner covered every phase of the
subject, from tbe selection of the
orchard site until tbe fruit had been
marketed. He is a practical fruit
grower, having had twenty years'
experience in the business, and di*
cussed the matter from the viewpoint of the man who feel* thoroughly sure of his ground. Hi* has
been employed by several enstern
province* Hnd stales to lecture on
thi* subject, wbich added additional
weight to his remarks. One view
expressed on Friday night wil!
doubtless h* welcomed by the fruit
growers of this province. In his
opinion the cleanly cultivated orchard would soon he a thing of the
past, and in ite place would come
the growing of grass between the
tree* a* a mulch. Tbe advantages
of tbe latter system, be said, are
obvious. The work of cultivating
the orchard would be slimaied; irrigation would be simplified, and on
turning on the water none of the
earth would be washed away. Th*
grass sbould be cut several times
during tbe summer season, hut the
hay should not be removed from the
Evidently it would have been more
satisfactory to many holder* ot the
■tuck had the company gone aa is
it started and paid for the development and equipment of the Hidden
Creek property out of earnings. A
large majority oi tha stockholders,
however, wanted dividend*. Unquestionably tbe polioy of capitalizing in part the property i* correct.
If Granby were lo go on buying, de-
vel ping and equiping new mines a*
rapidly as it could pay the bill* out
of the earnings it might be many
years before it would pay a dividend. Ratber than go to an extreme
iu this direction, it appear* to be
tbe intention to meet half tbe Hidden Creek expense from earnings
and capitalize the rest. The fact
that on* of the three or four leading
New York bonking houses underwrote Granby's bond issue, a firm
ibal had never before been interested
in copper*, is an important point to
keep in-mind. It means that Granby
ii* making new friends, strong and
influential ones. On any lurtber
reaction lhe stuck should be bought,
Itis a good investment and a must
promising speculation.
A Winnipeg dispatch says tbal
James V. Welch, a railroad contractor, wbo assisted in building
many railroads iu Oregon; Wash
ington, southern British Columbia
aud western Canada, died recently
at Port Arthur, Out., on which district be bad a coutract to build a
portion of tbe Canadian Northern
line east to Sudbury. He was 62
years old. Mr. Welch was well
known in tbis city at tbe time of the
building of tbe Columbia 6. Western. He bad a contract and cansp
at Lime creek, on the North Fork of
Kettle river, aud win be remembered by tbose wbo bad business
dealings witb lum as a generous,
wbole-bearted man. There will be
many of old-timers wbo w ill read of
bis deatb with regret.
On Munday night the Grand
Forka and Pboenix hockey club*
played a tie game at lhe local rink,
the score being 33, and on Wednesday Phoenix- defeated Grand
Forks at Phoenix by a score of 4 to
13, thus winning the championship
uf lbe Buuudary league. Tomorrow
night I'hoenix plays lbe first game
wllb Nelson, al Nelson, fur the Mc-
Hi nl,- cup.
H. W. Collins, who was the dele-
gale from tbe Urand Korks Fruit
Growers' association to tbe annual
convention of lbe Piovincial Fruit
Growers' association, recently beld
' in Victoria, will make bis report at
j tbe annual meeting uf the local association.
- Mr. and Mrs. Kmberion Walker
' have returned from Toronlo, ..Montreal aud other point* in eastern
! Canada, wbere tbey bave been
i spending tbeir honeymoon. They
! report having had a very enjoyable
i Tbe third furnace is again in commission at the Greenwood smelter,
after being cold for some time owing
to th* abortage of coke.
City Will Furnish Power at
Cost for This Pur-
Tb e mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the meeting of tbe
city council laat Monday evening.
A delegation from tbe West ward
composed of Neil McCallum, P. H.
Donaldson and W. H. Dinsmore
waited on th* eouncil. These gentlemen slated tbat they had authentic information to the effect that tb*
C.P.R. intended to abandon ita passenger station in the West end in
tne near future, and they wanted
tbe council to endorse petition to
lhe officials of the road requesting
tbat the same be maintained. Tbe
subject was thoroughly discussed
by tbe delegates and tbe members
of tbe council, but the council did
not aee ils way clear to endorse the
petition, in view of tbe agreement
with tbe road entered into by tbe
cily last summer. Tbe matter was
disposed of by tbe appointment of
Aid. Miller, Manly and tb* mayor
as a committee to ascertain tbe
Tbe finance committee recommended the payment of tbe accumulated
monthly accounts; that in future
tenders be called for in purchasing
fuel, and that the city account be
transferred to the Canadian Bank of
Commerce on or before Nebruary
28. All the recommendation* were
approved, but the clerk was authorized to purchase five tons of coal at
once. Tbe chairman stated that th*
committee appreciated tbe granting
of a temporary loan by the Bank st
Tbe chairman of tbe board of
works reported that tenders tor
the removal of the old Cooper
bridge bad  been advertised for.
Tbe council authorized the sale of
four lots, on tbe fiat across the North
Fork, to J. A McCallum for  tiOO.
Tbe city electrician'* salory was
riisetl from 1126 to 1150.
Aid. Manly, chairman ot the
water and light commitlee, reported
that a plan was being formulated
whereby business houses could be
illuminated at night at*a moderate
coM. The thought thai eight lights
could be supplied eacb store up to
11 o'clock at night at a flat rate of
$1 per month. The plan contemplated wa* to bave tbem detached
from the meters, with switches outside Ihe buildings, so that thsy could
, be turned oil by tb* night watchman.
After a short discussion relative
I to health snd relief molten, the
• council adjourned.
George L. Walker, in the Boston
Commercial, say* that the Granby's
bond issue did not tske very well in
speculative circles, due tb the fact
that it wu n*t clearly understood,
•nd traders bav* been selling -their
holding* during the put two week*.
1 There may be some consolation in
the fact that Grand Forks came close
enough to tbe cup to get a picture
of it.
J. D. Honsberger, the rancher, re-
The Princeton Star says that the
purchase of the V*igt camp by the
British Columbia Copper company
ha* been advanced to a stage wbere
buth parties to tbe deal are no longer
in doubt as to tbe issue. The form-
alties of closing the transaction are
now grogressing.
There are twenty-five men working at the No. 7 mine, with A. W.
Davis as superintendent.
Tbe Ledge say* that foreign gamblers can not raise enough money in
turned to the city yesterday from a' Greenwood to buy a humming bird
two mun ths' visit to Lethbridge. a meal ticket. THE SUN. PRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBI.A.
Belgium.—While It Is noy set-
tied beyond a doubt tliat Maurice
Maeterlinck, the famous Belgian author and philosopher, did not recently
come to this country, the arrival of
his talented wife, Mme. Georgette
Leblaiic Maeterlinck, Is a very well
established fact. The wife of the
great playwright, poet, essayist and
sage, herself a famous singer, is one
of the most interesting personalities
that have visited our shores. She
ls a high priestess of the cult that
preaches the perfect wifehood, and
she has evolved a philosophy of her
own for reaching that happy destiny
iu matrimony.
Resent Passage of Drastic Law Controlling Them Approved by Parliament
ln Home,    the   chamber    of    the
deputies has passed a new law which
is very urgently needed, disciplining
operations performed on   lhe   stock
exchange, with thc object of weeding
out unprincipled brokers.    All agent*
are required to deposit with the government a sum ot $29,000 aple :e as
caution money.
The premier, Slgnpr Giolittl, ln combating an attempt on the part of certain Liberals to modify this clause Tn
lhe bill, exclaimed: The government
is determined to apply once for all u
radical remedy to the bourses, because they are real centers of Infection ln thc economic life ot Italy. They
harbor a mass of operators who possess no guarantees of any kind. Let
us say nothing of their morality, but
at least let us demand substantial
'caution.' Those agents actually inscribed will easily find the requisite
credit and cash if they be truly
worthy of their calling.
Parliamentary approval of the drastic Glolittlar. measure which has
had the effect of raising a terrific outburst of Indignation on the stock exchanges In Rome, Genoa, Turin, Florence, Palermo and the center of Italian commerce, resulting in the resignation ot the bourse syndicates and the
suspension of all business as a sign of
protest. The brokers have sworn
not to resume business or allow others
to transact their affairs until adequate
satisfaction ls forthcoming.
Brought up on Beer
At Edinburgh Doctor Stilus
of Edinburgh, confessed to the members of ths Clinical Society at Newcastle that ho was brought up on beer.
He had never drunk a glass of mill:
until he went to Scotland,
he realized why there was moro tuberculosis in Scotland than anywhere
Began with Itching Sensation. Kept
Awake at Night. Caused Great
Pain, Thought Operation Only
Cure, Cuticura Soap and Ointment Entirely Cured in 6 Weeks.
M Strang- St., Toronto, Ontario.—"I auf-
fpiud for Iwo months with tho piles. Thoy
tint began wltb a sudden Itching sensation
vflilcti used ti- keep mo
awuke at night. 1 tried different kinds of ointment to
stop the if-hliiR which did
not prove vuluablo ln tho
lout and to my nirpriio
' after a few weeks they hogan to blood. I did uot
know what to do as they
caused me great polo. I hogan to think
that an operation was the only curo for
them. I hoard ot Cuticura Soap snd Ointment and decided to try them. I sent for
a sample and after using them a few times
I found out to my groat relief they gavo
me leu pain and later on the bleeding began
to ceaao. I got some moro and continued
with the Cuticura Ointment and Soap. I
began to get better sleep nt night and after
ill weeks' careful treatment I Bad that I
aa entirely cured." (Signed) A. Bennett,
Mar. mi. 1812.
I f you wish a skin clear of pimple*, blackheads and other annoying eruption-, hands
•oft and white, hair live and glouy, and
■clip free from dandruff and Itching, begin
to-day the regular uae of Cuticura Boap for
the toilet, bath and shampoo, atrimed by
an occasional light application of Cuticura
Ointment, Sold throughout thc world, liberal f ample of oach matliid free, with 32-p.
Hkln Book. Address post card Potter Drug
A Chen. Corp., Dept. «1D, Boston, U. p. A.
Winnipeg, Feb. 4th, to Feb. 18th
during Bonspiel    e extend a hearty welceme.   Make our office your headquarters.   Havo your mall addressed here.
We have a great many listed with ua at snap prices to sell or exchange.
POSSIBLY YOU DESIRE TO INVEST IN SOME CHOI'.E WINNIPEG PROPERTY, the coming Chicago of Canada.   Millions of profits will be mad* by
present Investors.
UP TO $10,000.
SCOTT, HILL a CO., 22 Canada Life Building
Winnipeg, Man.
Famous London Cathedral Said to be
Confroned by Grave Danger
London.— A new danger now
threatens St. Paul's Cathedral, ln the
opinion ot those responsible for the
fabric, the proposed tramway tunnel
that forms an important part ot the
St. Paul's bridge scheme being regarded with apprehension.
The parliamentary bill seeking now
er for this new venture has Just beeu
deposited by the London county council, and so we feel that we .must make
our protest at once, said Canon S. A
Alexander, treasurer of the Cathedra!
The danger arises out of the fear
entertained by our expert advisers
that the proposed subway through
which trams will run from a terminus
at Cheapside under the east side ot
the churchyard and Cannon street to
a point near the new bridge, will drain
our foundations. The Cathedral is
built on water-bearlug soil above the
clay, and the constant danger ia that
this soil may become dry and decrease
in bulk, thus leading to settlements
of the foundations and cracking of tho
walls. Indeed, Mervyn Macartney
architect to the dean and chapter,
takes so serious a view of any sucn
drainage that he Is unable to say
where the damage might end. When
we remember that Holy Trinity ln
Klngsway which stands beside a similar subway had to be rebuilt, we
cannot but do all In our power to
save St. Paul's from the possibility
ot ruin.
A protest has been addressed to
the chairman of the L.C.C. by the
dean and chapter, and aB custodians
ot a great national monument we trust
that due weight will be given to our
point ot view. About five years ago
the council diverted a big sewer
scheme which it was thought threatened the Cathedral just aa the proposed subway would do, and so we are
hopeful ln this matter. - The cost ot
fighting the L. C. Cs bill would be
bo heavy tor us and it Is so difficult
to find funds even for the present necessary repairs that we feel sure the
public will be with us In urging, th?
authorities to drop that part of the
scheme, which in the opinion of all
experts, would Berlouuiy threaten
Wren's great masterpiece.
Millionaire Found Hanging In Train
At Berlin, a millionaire cattle raiser named Berger has been
found dead ln mysterious circumstances In a train near Chemnitz, Saxony.
When tbe train arrived at a station
near Chemnitz the millionaire was
discovert d hanging from the celling of
a second-class compartment. At ilr .t
it was suspected that he had committed suicide, but an investigation revealed tho fact that several hundreds
of dollars In cash, which he had takoj
with him to purchasa breeding Btock,
had been taken from hts pockets.
Tbe police are searching for a farmhand who recently entered the murdered man's service after being released
from a convict prison. It ls believed
that the ex-convict induced Berger to
make a journey and either accompanied htm or .got In the same train by
$2,400,000 for Poor Family
In Paris there ls a working-class
family living In the village of Flelg-
iit.ii-., In the Ardennes, are entitled,
savs a Reims message to tbe Journal,
to a fortune of ' $2,400,000 awaiting
them In London. The formalities of
the transfer of the money have already
Of the Earth Earthly
A number of misguided persons
at Hanover, Germany, calling themselves Terraphages, have formed a
club pledged to eat nothing but earth
after the manner of certain degrade!
savage tribes. Pamphlets extolling
thc advantages ot Terraphnglsm are
being Issued ln Frencb, Oerman and
Pet Dog Nearly Frozen
At • Berlin, ' Star, the pet dog
of Prince Frederick William ot Prussia, after disappearing for twelve days
was found half frozen In the refrigerator chamber of Potsdam Castle. After being thawed he was restored to his
owner. *     .-;•
Nine-Hundred Year-Old Church
The Saxon Church ot Oreenated, ln
Ongar,' Essex, reached Its 000th year
yesterday It Is probably the most
curious church Ih England, being
built of rough-hewn oak trees split
W. N, U. M3.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
A Swan's Broken Heart
The last two beautiful swans
have disappeared from the octagonal
basin ln Uie Jardln des Tullerles, Paris. They were an exemplary couple,
Bays the Figaro; the male died ot
rheumatism and his widow of grief.
Now They Don't 8peak
Maud—So Jack compared me with
something sweet, did he? The dear
fellow!   What was It?
Marie—1 don't think I should tell
Maud—Oh, dp.     I Insist!
Marie—Well, he referred to you as
the human marshmallow. You •certainly had laid the powder on thick,
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Distemper.
Here Is a story about theman who
unexpectedly had three seats sent to
him for The Pink Lady. His wlfo,
of course, waB delighted, but sbe Bald:
What shall we do with ihe third
I don't know, my dear, he said.
Would you like to ask your sister?
She paused for a moment and then
a brilliant Idea struck her.
No, George dear, she said. I tell
you what we will do. You shall give
it to the man whom you always go out
to see between the acts and then you
won't have to disturb yourself.
$100 Reward, <$luu.
Tbe readwi ot this paper will tt. pltxxed to lean
that tbere U at taut one dreaded Ornxx. tbat
bas been able to care ta all Its atafta, and that a
Catarrh. Hill'i Catarrh cure k tbe only poeltlve
eure now known to the medical fraternity, caterrr
belng a _-HBtlt_.tloi.al (tlaraee, requlrea a conatltu-
tlonal treatment Hall'e Catarrh Cure a taken in-
tcroally, eet'ai directly upon tbe blood and mucoua
vurfaceB ot the ayatem. thereby deetroylng the
'oun-ailon ol tbe dlacaae. fid ilvlni the patient
itretuth by building up tho conaututkm aad aaatat-
•nt nature In doing lu work. Tbe proprietor! have
ao much faith In Ita ouraUve powera tbat tbey offer
One Hundred Dollara lor any cue tbat It talla U
<ure. Send lor Hit et -ta.ln_oi.-_la
Arldr caa t. I. CHENEY «. CO . Toledo. 0.
So.d by all Ilrumtlata, tie.
'rake liall'a Family Pilla for eon-tlpatton.
William S. Gummers, chief justice
of the New Jersey superior court, has
a keen sense ot humor, which sparkles
at time. He had just,taken a "seat in
a Pennsylvania railroad train on his
way home from Trenton the other day.
when a rather gaudily dressed woman
walked up to him and demanded to
know: Is this the smoker? No, responded the justice, quietly, you'll find
the smoker two cars ahead.
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it at hand, because
it proves Its value..
Once, in travelling, Dr. Bledso wns
exceedingly annoyed by a pedantic
bore who forced himself upon btm and
made a great parade of his learning.
Tbe doctor bore lt as long as he could,
and at length, looking' at him gravely
My friend, you and I know all that
there is to be krown.
• How ls that? said the man pleased
with what he thought a complementary association.'
Well, said the doctor, you Know
everything except that you are a tool,
and 1 know that.
Your druggist will refund money it
PAZO OINTMENT tails to cure an/
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Pintruding Plies ln < to 14 days. 60s.
Pat'a Anawer
When James T. Brady flrst opened
a lawyer's ofRce ln New York he took
a basement room which had been previously occupied by a cobbler. He
wae somewhat annoyed by the precious occupant's callers and Irritated
by Uie tact that he had few ot his
own.     One day an Irishman called.
The cobbler gone, I see, he said.
I should think he has, tartly responded Brady.
And what do you sell? asked the
visitor, looking at the solitary table
and a few law books.
Blockheads, responded Brady.
Begorra, said the Irishman, ye mint
ba doing a mighty fine business—yo
hul't got but one left.
When Holloway's Corn Cure ls applied to a corn or wart lt kills the
roots and the callosity comes out without Injury to the flesh.
Miss Helen Gould's fortune la sail
to exceed 120,000,000.
"   Vn
if instead of
soap yon use
SNAP, the
original bead
SNAP eon-
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils whicb beep the skin imooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP (or a week and notice
the difference. 47
OMsi tnrn your lUftltt i+4»j. hfieoitrou.
Practically every man who Is a slave to drink trie, again and again
to break the chains that bind him to this degrading habit. The intense craving '.Thick only repeated drinks will temporarily relieve la
proof that the system Is poisoned with alcohol.
Is a purely vegetable compound taken internally which leaves no bad
after effects.        "* -
The Neal Treatment takes away all desire for drink and removes
all alcoholic poison from the system.
It requires only three days, not weeks, for the Neal Treatment.
Write for full particulars. (
2244 8MITH ST.
405 BROADWAY 820 13th AVE. W.,
The best for
all occasions
Always suitable. Always stylish
Tha only aura and satisfactory way In whioh th* Western Farm*
ean secure Uie highest posalblt market value for Ms wheat. -*-— "~-" *
ita, barley aaa
Arthur, or t*
It If poastate
flax Is by shipping It by the carload te Fort William or
Duluth It cam cannot be got tor th* othir terminals (loading It .        	
direct Into th* car over Ih* loading Platform ao aa to eave elevator chant**
and dockage) ud employing a atrtctly commlaeUo fna t* handle and aii*
poae of It.
We continue to aet as th* Farmtrt* Agent* solely an a eaaaml
W* are not trecttbnyer* and we never buy th* FarnwnT min
account, but look after and dlapo** of th* grain entrusted to ui. *e the
agent* of thou who employ tu, and It I* our dealre ana endeavor te By*
everyone the very beat aervlcse possible.   We mak* liberal advance* .against
ear ahlpplng bill*, and will also carry tli* grain for a time under adyi	
• moderate commercial rat* of Intereat, D coneldered advlaam*. W* Invite
Ml Farmer* te writ* to n for ahlpplng (attraction* and market infora.at.i_B,
Thompson Sons & Company
,110 HOI'it
Tier* ara ae v*t*tabl*s j«at like jree*
nn |r*wia|.    Pr*vid* iar a food takl*.
eial **t*taU*i, aai throw away Medina*.
We net oalyeapply yoa with tkaFia**tT**ted
Seed* tor Iki* Ceoalry, bat wa al** akaw yea
T*M la oar beeUeta, 153 pa**, (copyrighted).
The ilrat el ika Ual prlatad ia Cauda.    Tfcey
csalaia Ik* beat Weetera experience al expert
Market Gard*a*r*.   Sound, practical aai aaaaifcl*—
]aai what yoa wait te katw ia praparln* ika eaeS
b*d, aanarlaf, alar Hat Ike eeei, traaaplaetiag, lord**.,
ripaaia|> aterlat deatroylaf laeocta, ate.    The price
_i 10 cute per booklet ($1.00 br Ik* fall **t *l 11.
iecladlat v***tabl* aal special Bald crepa), kat FREE la
parckaaaraol oar seed*.      Soo **r catalos**. P*l* 2-
Extra Light Weight
Repeating Rifle
Shasta .It thari, .It Um
and .tt Lang UM* OarMdgoa       L
This ia a well-made handy litUe rifle, known
aa ttie Model 1906, costing little money to
buy and little money to thoot It handle* all
three of the cartridges mentioned above,
which makes it very useful, either for target
or game shooting. It is made up to the Winchester standard, to shoot Strang and accurately and five satisft-ction in every way.
Look into it Catalogue sent free on request
London. — The wiilesdcn Rducir
tlon Authority has decided to start
cookery classes tor boys st th* local
polytechnic. •
Philosopher—Bear and forbear, Is
my motto.
Dyspeptic—Chew and eschew Is
\ If
liquid   Sulphur   Nature's
Remedy Cures
Rheumatism, Eczma, Stomach and
Kidney troubles, Asthma, Sore
Throat, Catarrh and Dyspepsia.
Use Liquid Sulphur Foot Bath tor
tired or Sore feet. Try the Liquid Sulphur Bath, they are very
beneficial .to the whole system, and
only costs a tew centB each.
Liquid Sulphur Is 100 times better than sulphur ln any other form.
Thousands ot Vancouver citizens
can tell yob how Liquid Sulphur
has cured them.
It your druggist   cannot  Bupply
you, we will send by mall at our
own Tlsk, upon receipt of prIc-3
60c, or 11.00 size.  Postage prepaid.   Prepared only by
Vancouver, B.C.
If you teel "out of sorts"—"run down'
or "got tbe blues." suffer from kidney,
bladder,.norvous diseases, chronic weak,
neases, ulcers, skin eruptions, piles, &•:..
write for my FREE book. It Is Uie
most instructive medical book ever writ,
ten. It tells all about these diseases
•nd the remarkable cures effected by
the new French Remedy "THERAPION'*
No, 1, No. '-, No. _, and you can decide
for yourself if lt ls the remedy for your
aliment. Don't send a cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" clrcu.
Iar*. Dr. LcClerc Med. Co, Havor.
stock Rd., Hampstcad, London, Eng.
Why He Couldn't Go In
A small but very black negro -was
standing very erect at one side of the
door of a house where a colored man
had Just died. The servioes were
about to begin. Aren't you coming
I would if I could, said the small
hoy, but, you see, Ise de crape'
Asthma No Longer Dreaded. The
dread of renewed attacks from asthma
has no hold upon those wbo hare
learned to rely upon Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. So safe do
they teel that complete reliance Is
placed ou this true specific wltb the
certainty that it will always do all
that Its makers claim. It you have
not yet learned how safe you are with
this preparation at hand get It to-day
and know for yourself,
Care of Dairy Cows
The cows should be kept ln dry
quarters and protected from the cold,
The barn Bhould be clean, warm and
well ventilated. Cold water should
not be given to the cows ln winter.
Warm It to about 65 or 70 degrees.
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
most effective without any discomfort.
Increased dose* net needed.  2So. a boa
at your druggist's.
a.tltiul Ini xxt (m*M C it baife UaH*.
' Heard at the Beach
As the couplo entered the dining
room at Revere   Beach   a   raucous-
voiced young fellow was assaulting the
air wltb alleged vocal music.
Wonder who he Is? said the girl
when the howler had stopped his racket.
Don't you know who that Is? returned her escort. He's the guy who
put the din ln dinner.
No More Children
Little Mary'B father had denied her
a pleasure which she had confidently
expected to enjoy. That night, when
she said her prayers at her mother's
knee, she concluded with this petition:
And please don't give my papa any
more children. Ho don't know how
to treat those he's got now.
When going away from home, or at
any change of habitat, he ls a wise
man wbo numbers among his belongings a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kelloggs
Dysentery Cordial. Change of food
and water ln some strange placo where
there are no doctors may bring on an
attack of dysentery. He then has a
standard remedy at hand with which
to cope with the disorder, and lore-
armed he cau successfully fight the
ailment and subdue It.
How to Do It
Sonny—Aw, pop, I don't wanter
study arithmetic.
Pop—What! A son of mluo grown
up and not be able to figure up th<_
baseball scores and batting averages.
aadJrooder^'RS' |y
If ordered
Canada.   '" '
walli.    thi.. bio   ell
doors.    Fret ;atal
i. Sanjtt'-rIt<•*<**,   •Tt!
'   ■ 240     Iteclw, Wl».»«. %. *u     m Chlek BreodOT
stock broking business? I want a llv«
• mblttous representative ln every city
and town to handle stocks, bonds ana
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and have from $100 to $600 personal capital. Write or call XI. R. Edgar
& Co., 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers of    all    kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Many a farmer has been
scrioubly injured by vicious
rattle. Don't run risks.
Dehorn yours with tbe
Quick —easy —humane —
makes clean, sharp cut from
x. sides. Costs little, Write
for free booklet. a
Kobert St.   Toronto, Ont.  Mentloi
Send yourRaw
Has. Winslow's Soothing svaur hw beea
■mti lo,over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
MOTH8R8 lor their CIULOREN WHI_.lt
la the bnt remedy for IUARRHtKA. It li absolutely hirmfaif. Be eure and tile for "Mre.
Wliitow'e Soothing Syrup." aad lake ao otter
Mad.. Twenty-fivecente• bottle.
Kidney Stonei and Gravel are aulekly expelled from tbe eyitem by Uu
uw of
whioh has been a aignal auessss
throughout Canada aa a complttt
eure o( Kidney Trouble and all Urlo
Acid Dlseaiei. W- will eend letters
telling of many cure* to all who will
write ua.-
Price U.M Per Bottle at aU Leadtn*
How would you like to be our Selling
Agents and make Bid MONEY In
your Spare Hours ?
We have the Goods I
Send Post Card to-day
tor particulars, and "Get into Business,"
' M. O. Dept. P. O. Box 1256, Montreal, Can.
,   ^ILLS
t He. a fox er alx boxes ror $2.50,
at all dealem, or The Dodde Medl-
aim Cem»any. Limited, Toronto,
O  N
Have You Received Our Sale
Catalogue ?
It Is Full of Money Saving Opportunities.
It will give you full informaticn
about the generous values we are
offering to our Mail Order Customers
and show you how to make substantial savings on many necessities.
In this sale we have reduced the profits to the point where they barely cover the
expenses of handling. This is one reason why we are offering such splendid values
in our Semi-Annual Sale Catalogue. The other is that our sale has assumed such
proportions that we can buy in enormous quantities, and quaniities always influence
manufacturers to allow us substantial concessions.
You should not be without a copy of this catalogue, lf you do not possess a
copy let us know and we will forward you one without delay.
AU orders should be mailed now. While we have made provision for a big demand it is possible that some lines will be sold out before the end of the sale, and
we cannot replenish any line that becomes exhausted. This is an important point
,hat we desire to firmly impress upon our customers.
Every item in our Sale Catalogue is
covered by Our Liberal Guarantee
of money refunded if you are not
fully satisfied.
w. n, u. m
J. Fream, John Kennedy, William Moffat.
mxamm*xmm**x**m*x****\ t DIRcCTORATE
Manltooa—T.  A.  Crerar   John Kennedy. Wm.  Moffat, R.   McKenzie.   Ssikatchawan—Oee.
I.angley, J. A. Mahari, F. W. Green, J. Morrison.   Alberta—B. J, Fream.
It you consign your grain lo us It will be locked alter In the beat po.ilblo manner.
To betur its condition ot the farmer and cut out ths spread between Ihe producer and ths.
T. A. Crerar, THE  SUN,   GRAND  F0RK8,   B. C.
Sil? (grand 9.ork.a$un
G. A. Evans. Editor and Publisher
•uaeoaiPTioH HAtse:
In. Im tl-SO
On. Year (In advanee)  1.00
On. Year, in rutted Slate.   l.ho
addr.ii all communications to
Ths Bvbning Sun,
phohs b74 gkanu kukks, b.c
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY •_!•_.    1913
Because Ths Sun. a coupe of
weeks back, ridiculed the idea thai
mysterious German airships are
hovering over England, and ex-1
pressed the opinion that all Buch
dispatches emanated from tha federal government's advertising agents,
who appear to he working overtime
in an endeavor to convince the country that an "emergency" does exist
for a cash contribution to the im
perial navy, the Phoenix Pioneer
rushes into print with a quarter of a
column of rambling remarks in defense of its "great and good" friends
at Ottawa. It is difficult to understand what facts the Pioneer wishes
to establish; but in one sentence,
where it lauds tbe Borden government, and doubta the patriotism—
or loyalty—of the opposition, it is
quite clear. This wbb evidently the
Bole object of the article. It must
he admitted that in timet peace the
Liberals have proven failures as
jingoes and flag flappers, but whenever the empire has been threatened
they have never been found lagging.
In this respect history will repeat
itself. The Pioneer also appears to
have the utmost faith in the ability
of airships to travel from Germany
to England. The Sun feelB quite
positive that up to the present time
no craft of sufficieent buoyancy to
navigate tbe air bejween tbe two
countries haB been invented—unless
it iB permissable to include in this
category the heads ol the people
who are credulous enough to believe tbese stories. But we prefer
lo take a more charttuble view ol
• the nutter' Until we receive-
further proof to the contrary, we
shall continue to believe that the
Pioneer man's head iB still heavy
enough to stay on earth wiibout
guy-ropes, and that it is only I t
pen which is foolish.
the white plague into building up
hopes for the "cure." Even the sen
ators of the state of Washington liav e
put themselves on record as favoring
the purchase of the serum by the government of the United States, and
similar purchase hy the German government "fur the benefit of humanity." Attention to the discovery was
drawn in the Dominion parliament by
a question to the government asking
if it intended making a special investigation. The idea of purchasing the
secret is inspired hy the off«r of one
million dollars made by President
Finlay, of the Aetna National bank,
if the German physician would come to
Ameriea and cure Finlay's son-in-law
and forty nine other tuberculous per
sons. American legislators reason
that if the cure is genuine il should
not be left to private enterpriao tu se
cure the boon to humanity. A physician who went to Berliu for some of
the serum on behalf of Trudeau, of
Saranac Lake, a well known pathologist, has returned with very pemiinis
tic ideas about the value of the Fried
mann discovery. But-so ranch good
has been reported to offset his testi
inony that it would not be safe to ae-
cept his estimate any more than it.
would be wish to believe unqu-mtiun
iugly in the efficacy of the serum
without official tests. Dr. Frieduianu
is coining to America, probably in
connection with the Finlay otter, and
though his action in withholding his
serum until a rich pecuniary reward is offered may be just ground
for judging him very mercenary, if
the serum lives up to the claims made
for it, it will be worth far more than
the price now offered.—Toronto Mail
and Empire.
Vincent, Astor, the heir to the
family millions, wiio owns among oilier
things a big farm on the banks of tiie
Hudson river, announces that he in
tei.ils nmkiiig it an experimental farm
along scientific lines, and that everything he does tliere will be told to the
people of the country. The idea is an
excellent one, and the results can only
be good. Anything tliat teaches how
the earth can be made to produce
food in abundance benefits the con
turner as well us the fanner.—Van
couver Sun.
There is something suggestively
British in the jealous vigilance with
which Ausialia guards her autonomy.
And strangely enough in the old
<•'Hint.iv press we seldom see evidence
of any suspicion as to the quality of
the island commonwealth's loyalty.
These interesting speculations are .reserved tor Canada, and we know the
reason why.—Victoria Times.
The wide publicity given to the
Friedmann tuberculosis s." >im owing'
t ■ the unusai conduct of the disco* •
urer has led an army of uullerrrs from ■
Tlie grain growers demand an increase of the British preference aud
free trade within live Jvears, Have
they no consideration for the poor
eastern manufacturer who is making
a desperate stiuggle for existen ie un
der the shelter of tlie thrift' wall?—
Brandon News.
hope of the Canadian west. This, wa
wish to point out, is exactly what the
west haii lieen indulging   in—farming
a little and subdividing the rest   fur
sale to eastern tenderfeet. And it's
a  great    thing    for    the west—so
far. —Toronto Star.
The financial genius who bought a
bank, discounted his notes in that
bank for the purchase price, and then
drew his cheque on the proceeds to
pay for it, is entitled to a | rize in the
art of buying a bank with, the bank's
money.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
"Yes," said the old man, "I find
my strength is failing somewhat. I
used to walk around the block every
morning, but lately I feel so tired
when I get half way round I have to
turn and come back."—Women's
Home Companion.
Mixed farming is  pointed to as the
We can't be on the level and sell poor took
Be on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools.   Our policy has always been, the best is the cheapest
in the end.   We want your business, we  want  your oon-
iidence and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
Mclntyre C& Smith
The following pupils uf the public
school were neither late nor absent
during the month of February:
Division I—Eric Atwood, Grace
Barron, Helen DeCew, S anley D..n-
Mdson, Marie Fritz., Oswald Hay, A -
freil Heaven, Ruth Krischke, On
McCullum, Aiia Michener, Sam Mont
goniery, Aulay Munro, Mary New-
beauer, Hu^h Sloan, Jennie Simpson,
May Spraggett, Ivy Taylor, Renald
Division II—Gladys Ardial Murie
Barnuin.Lila Burns.lJlga Frankovitch,
Dean Galloway, Ralph Gill, Frank
Hartinger, Lawrence Holmes, Robert
Holmes, Ulric McCallum, Joyce McLeod, Maudie Beckham, Pauline
Sloan, Alice Spraggett, Dan Wells,
Hugh Wells.
Divison III—Blair Cochrane, Geo
Cheplo, John Cheplo, Victor Gilmour,
Wilfred Holmes, Chads Krischke,
Ruby Keeling, Edith Larsen, James
Lyden, Teddy- Dempsey, Reggie Hull,
Kathleen Kerby, Gladys Latham,
Allium Mooyboer, Harry Peterson,
Holger Peterson, Muriel Spraggett,
Sarah McCallum, Mildred Meikle,
William Meikle, Gwenny Mcllwaine,
Helen Peterson, Walter Petersen, Al
Peterson, Thomas Reburn,Ida DeCew,
Harry Atwood, Dorothy Bums.
Division IV—Laura Allen, Lily
Ardiel, Freddie Barlee, Aurena Bar
num, Hope-Benson, Bernard Crosby,
Sam Ericson, Harold Fair, Ray For
rester, Vernon Forrester, Bessie Harrison, Mildred Hutton, Engeman Ja-
cobsen, Cecelia Lyden, Viola Pell,
Frits Schliehe, Frances Sloan, Kathleen O'Connor, Ewing McCallum
Division V—Teddie Cooper, Annie
Crosby, May Crosby Norma Eriekson,
Annie Gilumur. Isabelle ' Glaspell,
Ronald McDonnell, Ambrose McKinnon, Eva Moir, Glory Morrison, Chris
Pell, Edward Potentier, Mildred Rydell, Thelma Turnbull
Division VI—Esthei Anderson,
Clara Brunner, Charlie Cooper, Randolph Oavis, Margarget Fowler,
| Frances Latham. Reid McKie, Nelie
Mills, Annie Moir, Cleophus Mont-
gomiry, Anuy Peckhum, Helen Simpson, Hairy Slide, Hazel Bache, Florence Bache, Harry Jones, Hazel
Hart, Robert Tryon, Howard DeCew,
Dennis O'Connor.
Division VII-—Freddy Cooper.Hose
Roberts, Mary Hai-luii, Lee Sung,
Jimmy Pell, Reggie Heaven, Louis
Waidon, Adeline McElliott, Dorothy
Division VIII—Gladys Armsnii,
0. ville Baker, Margaret Bruno, Ray
liiowu, Cory I Campbell, Bert Cooper,
Celia Cmshy, Rntli Eureby, Mary
Errett, Peter Hal-ton, Lilian Hull,
Adnanue Lam, Johanna Lam, Law
rence MrKiiinuii, Willie Nelson,
Donald Rydell, Harold Quinlivan,
Dorothy Schliehe, Francis U'Reii,
Leona C'R.m, Oswald Walker.
Weekly Banner Contests
The cniitists for the attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pu
pils Late—Division 1 99.6, 0 late;
Division II 83 89, 0 late; Division
III 95.53, 3 late; Division IV 87.88,
4 late; Division V 89.78, 3 late;
Division VI 98.66, 8 late; Division
VII 90 38, 3 late; Division VIII
97.3, 0 late.
Division I won the banner for
highest average attendance, and Division VIII won the banner for
Brownie Cameras
Work just like -
TRICES W to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
dny during the past week, as re
corded by the government thernioin
eterdn E. F. Laws'ranch:
Milt.      Mm
Friday, *21st    4 3'_i
Saturday, 22 "1     5        . 26
Sundiy, 23id    8 29
Mondnv.'-Hht.,    Ib 3d
Tuesday. 25th      4 28
Wednei.i|.iv.'27i!i       <> M
thiirsdtjv, 27th     4 '.2
Precipitation for month 13
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
pnrt, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub customs offices, as reported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of Fel nary:
Orand Forks  13,793 26
Phoenix             1.2113.17
Carson  197 12
Caruade ..'  48 67
Total *  $6.242 22
Now is the time to place
yonr orclem. We have for
sale settings of eggs from
Buff Orpingtons, Black
Minorcas, Silver Pencilled
Wyandottes and White
}. A. McCALLUM. Proprietor
Grand forki, thorn I 10*
tab. Itok. 1911.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Worn folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
At the Head
Tht-mar. al ll.. heal ui affairs
whether st home uf in bu-inm. it
Ihe one whine .mention you wish
to attract
Our paper aot, into da- best data
oi homes and i- read li> lhe head ,it
the family That accounts for the
results obtained hy the use ol
CUwificd Want  A.ls
The government has appointed
Aid. Taylor and Andrew Mcllwaine
as police and licence commissioners
ot (irand Forlta.
Win. Henderson, of Victoria, government architect, ariived in the
city today.
Don't forget that The Sun haa the
beat joh printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
I,i)U nf people get atone bruises on
their consciences travelling the rocky
road to fortune.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that tbey can reach
the consumers oi tbis district without advertising^ The Sun.
Silver King and Silver Queen* Mineral
ilHliiiH, Hirsute Iii the Urand Fork* Mlnlnir
I'ivlninn uf Yule nimrlcr. ___
Where lawnteil: On the Kurt fork ol the
North Fork ol Keltle Rlwe.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt 1, Jacob M. Caliban.
Kiee -llutr'l Cerllflrsle Nu. 1681811, fur
myself and as airntit fur William H. Huffman,
executor, ami It-iea Major, executrix, of the
Kill ol Catherine Huffman. Free Miner'*
Certificate No. 9S817B. intend, sixty days
in m ihne hereof, to aunly to the Mlnlnir
Kci-flrtlerloraCeitlfleiiteol Improvements, for
the piiristxeuf obtsinliiK ermvti Krauts of the
above eiHimi
Am! further take notice that action, lindef
..ectieii H7, must tw commenced before tbo illli-
auee ul mioli Ccrltlcaice of Improvement.
Dated this Ith day of May, A.l) 1918.
THE STANDARD la the Nntlt-tiu.
Weekly Newspaper ot the Domlntoi
uf Canada, it ia national In all ita
It uses tho most expensive ehgrav-
lnii», procurlnit tho photograph! from
all over the world.
Its articles ure carefully (elected (nil
Ita edltorlul policy la thoroughly
A subscription lo The Standard
coits S2.C0 p«r ysar lo any address In.
Canada or Grent Urituln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
LimiUd, Publis'-ars.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOtDhonol "•!««• «"T an-, la the body
rnvmy"******* ... in proper tension s restores
to Its proper t
Premature dec .
 1 at sacs.   nisi-baMl will
new mm.  Pries Maboi-ortwo lot
tin sad vitality. Premature decay and all Mutual
weakness netted al sacs.   FhmbaMl will
to any sddress.
Don't be misled by false statements ol competitor*. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people tban any otber paper printed
in tbe Boundary district.
I r
After the wedding beHs cornea the
struggle with the new gas range.
You never saw a man wear his new
suit in order to make another man
The unlucky man is sure to find his
prize a white elephant when he dues
capture one.
Be young while you can; you'll have
hard enough work trying to be young
when you can't.
Some men tell the time of day by
the suu, and aome women tell the time
of night by the son.
There's is no rest for the weaay, hut
then who cares as long as there's a
crowd vl the social!
When we have to work only four
hours a day, think of all the time
we'll have to make chicken coops
The only time some persons enjoy
doing duty is when it is an unpleasant one for the oth r fellow.
The girl who can have faith in
three men at the same time has no
business trying.to be a summer  girl.
It is noticeable that the present
craze for old things doesn't lead any
girl into running tallow candles and
making soft soap.
And the present generation will
have nothing: but automobile races,
aeroplane meets and moving picture
shows to take the place of spelling
schools, torchlight processions and
husking bees.
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts of the City
Also Fruit Lands and Tracts suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Real Snaps left
in the boom ^centre in the West End. I
sell my own property, and save you commission.
The following fire tbe rettirrm of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,504      lS3,G()t>
Mother Lode  5,474       47,7!H
Rawhide  5,300       34,5,52
-Napoleon      620 5,243
Queen Victoria 1,0(50 4,3rt2
Others          «0 681
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 23,720      160,232
B.C. CbpperCo...ll.B4l        84.946
Second  International
Laying Contest
Held under tlu! supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria
First monthly total, from January 2
to February 2, 1912, 1013:
Nn. of
l'en     Oirne.r nnd Breed. /?</;/«
1—C. R Stainer, (Jimichan, An
conn-   125
2—V Cieeviw,Hagan'Pd'„Siian.
icliton, White Leghorns..    .   141
3—It VV- Kusvcll PO. Box 450,
Niiiuiiinii, Whitp leghorns...Ill
4—A. Unsworth, Satdis. White
Leghorns  "..151
5—E, A. Oir, Chilliwack; White
Leghorns 103
6—V.   H.   Wilson,    Koksalah,
White Leghorns    129
7—J.   Emery,   Sidney,    White
Leifhorns       116
8—W. Senkbeil,   Britcota P. 0„
Buff Minorca' „....    0
9—F. P. Hearns   & Son,  155,
Uth Av.-E., Vnnconver,An-
ennas   32
10—H Nicholson, Tui-goose P. O.,
Sn nichton, White Lfghorns. .* 8
11-  C N    Hortoii,  Suiiiinerlanil,
Drown Leghorns      35
12—A, H. Anderson. Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Hamburgs 123
13—Mrs. Cioss,2l38 Belmontav,,
Victoria, White  Leghorns... 137
14—A Easton,   Dum'an,   B.   C,
White Leghorna   156
15—Nmie Bros., Cowiohan, White
Leghorn*  208
16—J   Amsden,Box I, Deerholme
P. O, White Leghorns 173
17—I'.    Soolo,  Cowichan, While
Leghorn*  221
18—Seymour  Breen,   Duncan, B
C, White Leghorns 164
19—I.   E,     Baines,   Saanichton, 71
White Leghorns    	
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns  107
21—R. Wilson, Langley   Prairie,
Barred RockB     26
22—I,     F.    Solly,   Westholme,
White Wyandottes 148
23—A.   V    Lovekin,   Glengarry
farm. Metchosin,Bar'd Bocks   58
24—0.  E   Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Rlack Oi| ingtons 103
25—Snseph An ould.Sardis, White
W.audottes ...» 113
26— J. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoria, Buff Orpingtons .. 64
27—Dean Bros., Keating*, White
Wyandottes 126
28—W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor. Game    2
29—J.  J.   Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S   C Reds 129
30-F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyandottes   88
31— C  Adams, Box H40,Victoria,
White Wyandottes   36
32—C.   W  Bobbins,  Olliwack,
Huff Orpingtons 114
33—Ferd   Matthews,   Kamloops,
Barred    Rocks 103
34—0. B. Oi-mnnd, R. D, 3, Victoria, R C   Reds 109
35—H. E. Waby, Enderby.Barred
Rocks 124
36—Dr. W. H.  B. Medd, Mount
Tnhnie, Black Orpingtons   16
37—Mrs E  Mi-C  Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Re-Is.....'  96
38—W. H. Van A.um,2390 Cad-
horo   Bav   Road,    Victoria,
White  Orpingtons   24
39—A I. Smith, M«yw6od P.O ,
Victoria, S C. Reds 112
40—S, D  Evans, Box   201,  Penticton, Whit" Orpingtons   19
Average price of eggs, 45c per
dozen. Pen temperatures: Highest,
60°; lowest, 20°; mean, i*9.530, Ruin
fell on eight days, and two inches of
snow was recorded.
The following pens in Olass I laid
the largest number of eggs during the
month—15(1 *,5 egt-1. 17 (110), 18
(109), 4 and 16 (96), 14 (94). 12
and 2 (93).' 1 and 3 (85). The follow-
ng a'so laid six eggs on one day-
Pens 12 and 14.
The leading six pens in Class 1 are
as follows: Pens 17, 15, 16, 18, 14
and 4 Pen 16 displaces pen 6; 14
ouNts pen 7, and 4 move* up to sixth
position. Pen 8 still remain the wooden spnoni-ts.
The fight between pens 17. and 15,
from present appearances, would look
as if it is to he a matter of stamina, as
both pens are of the same strain.
Pens 2, 10 and 19 are also of related
The following, are the star performers in Clnss If: Pen* 32 (107
eggs), 34 (08), 29(94) 27 (fi3), 39
(90), 30 mid 24 (89). 37 (88).
The leading «ix reus are as follows:
Pens 22, 29, 27. SS. 32 and 25 The
following contestant* laid nix egg* on
one nr more flays. Pens 32 (twice),
37. 29 and 25.
Broodies—Pens 34 (2 birds), 35
and 27 (I each).
Pen 88 cmi'iinenced laving on January 21, pen 40 on the 10th, and pen
28 on February 1 nnd 2.
Pell   34   produce  eggs  of   a deep
Provincial Poultry Show
in Grand Forks
and get your eggs from It. C.
lteds and Barred Eocks
for hatching from
Partridge  U'vanpottes.
Partridge. Hocks
Blue Aniliilusians
Silver Spangled Hamburg*
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks.
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TF YOU WANT to raise
1 winners for the next Provincial Show in Grand Forks
visit the
Columbia Poultry Yards
and inspect some high-class
cockerels, bred from winners.
S.G. Rhode Island Reds
S.C. White Leghorns       Houdans
Prices to Suit All.
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. G.
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
...-own color, and ure closely folluwed
in thia particular by pen 87,
Owing to the abundance nf natural
animal food, the proposition of milk
albumen has lieen reduced 5 per cent
Tlte yards buva beod hoavily immured
tor sH\oial yeara past) und worms ure
present in abundance,
On February '1 tlm largpit (fatly
total, 1 I ___! egg8| was recorded.
To Our Customers
Recently our packing house, witli all its contents,
was burned to thc ground. We arc urgently in
need of funds, and would lie grateful if all our customers owing us would settle thoir accounts as soon
as possible.
Frache Bros.
We K
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Wat dranb Dtarks $un
and the Montreal
Jamthj Jf t .ral.u m& tfe*Wg#tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasurej;" for
i $1,500
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
ft 500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, $875 Cash,
Balance Terms
I wit
WM For Further Particulars  Ayply
$3 The    Sun    Office
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the lawj when u sub
BOriber does not take his paper out of
the postolliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do sn makes the post master responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments arc made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from tho office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is mado.
3, Any porson who takes a paper
out of the post otlice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
-I.  If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscribe.- is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post otlice. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5. The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers nr periodicals from the post otlice or removing,
leaving them uncalled lor, is prima
facio evidence of intentional fraud. TRE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Slow Chap
Tes, laughed the girl -with the pink
parasol, he ls the slowest young man
I ever saw.
In what way, dear, asked his Chum.
Why, he asked for a kiss and I told
him I wore one of those knotted veils
that takes so long to loosen.
And what did he do?
Why the goose took time to untie
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Willie, said the teacher. Is thare
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Yes, ma'am, -replied Willie, "Sufficient,' Is when mamma thinks you
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figures showing the Increased business
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amount of the current loans made by
the Bank. It was stated that the
Bank made current loans of nearly
(120,000, instead ot nearly $120,000,000,
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"The fact that the Bank made current
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Another Dog
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Haven't found your dog yet, I hear?
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No, answered Jones ruefully.
Well, have you advertised? asked
What's the use? said Jones, the dog
can't read.
Student in Physic— Could you get
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Professor—It depends upon who ls
W. N. U. 933
A Resemblance
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Why Ha Wanted it
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Did your mother say -what size you
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Why, replied the boy, Just give me
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And men tell a tale of an Irishman
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What name? asked the clerk ot the
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Dennis Malone, answered the immigrant.
Nothing here for you. Next, whnt
Dennis Malone, said the second
Didn't you Just hoar me say that
thero was no mall for Dennis Malone?
But sure, I ain't the same Dennis
Malone—I'm another wan entolrely.
Look and see lf there ain't none f r
me. . .
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Luck of the
Cross Eyed-
Ot, the Omen o( Bad   \
l in-.il sihki. I i -mmm ■ inml imniisfl
"Where did It come trom?' demanded Hob Sabln, hou ot tbe logging
Ths camp cook wared a floury band
In midair. "Search me," bs said
frankly. "Bere I rat maklug thess
bere biscuits -wben sll of a suddlnt
my eyes felt queer and l-*sokcd np to
see that-critter staring st ms big ss
life. I swan It glrs me s turn to look
at IL"
"1 never saw a cross eyed est before." remarked Sabln, surveying the
large black, lean looking feline wblcb
bad appeared In camp tbat morning.
Tbe cat bad been washing Its face Industriously, but nnder Bsbln's steady
scrutiny It suddenly ceased Its tabors
and stared back at blm uncannily.
Tbe right eye was Isrge and yellow,
with dilating black pupil In Its proper
plsce, bnt tbe left orb was marred by
a decided cast In fact, tbe pnpll ot
the tye manifested a desire to disappear entirely behind the animal's nose.
"I wonder If It means bsd luck T
mused Sabln.
Later tn tbs day Sabln remembered
tbe cross eyed cat, and wltb a tbonght
to tbe Ingrained superstitions of soms
of bis men and ths unnecessary talk
tbat wonld be ezebanged among tbem,
to tbs detriment of their work, be or-
. dered Smith, a newcomer, to carry tbs
cnt to where tbe highway crossed a
little section of woods wbsreln tbey
were working snd there leave tbe est
Glad ot any relief from tbs tedium
of hauling logs to tbe river bank,
young Smith picked ap tbt black cat
tnd carried It, unresisting. Into tbs
shadow of tbs woods. An bonr later
fee returned to say that bt bsd left
the black cat sitting In ths middle of
tbe highway.
"Gave mt a creepy feeling down tbe
tplnt as 1 walked away." be remarked
tt supper, "and I turned and looked
bsck, aod I know you won't believe
wbat I'm going to tell yon," be concluded hastily.
"Ob, yes, wt will,'' chorused his companions. "Firs ahead. Smithy!"
. "1 turned and looked back, and by
crlcky, boyt, that cat had shifted ber
position so that slit was looking after
toe wllb them craned eyes ot ben,
aod I never wont to set a mors tvll
•mile on snybody'a fact than there
.was on hers.'*
"A cat •tulle."
"Ain't you going It ratber strong,
Smithy 1"
"Itemember tbls ttn't no *4Hce In
.Wonderland' party," protested another.
Amid tbe chorus of gibes Bub 8a*
bin's clear volet startled tbem Into silence.
"lf you don't believe Smith, Just look
there, boys," be said quietly.
-there wus silence os tbe tlgbt men
turned and looked at tbe' spot which
he bad Indiesicd. There, on Ibe edgt
•r the timber growth, ist tbe black,
cross tyed cat, tn tvll smile curving
her wide month.
"Good heavens! I'm not going to
have tbat tblng around here!" ejaculated Peterson, springing from bis cbslr.
"What art you going to do!" bt wu
"Fill ber full of lead," bt announced
Hut tbtrt wns a murmur of protest
from bis companions. Sabln watched
them curiously, outing tbe element of
superstition tbnt tinged Iheir handling
of this matter. Ills men were com*
posed of Americans.Swedes nnd Frencb
Canadians, and of them til lbs Frenchmen were ibe most excitable.
"Ah, m'sleu." appealed Jean Fabrols
to his boss, "pray let us not bsrm tt
tvll eyed est! Nons of us bavt too
mooch ot ta good fortune lo takt tt
rn.sk. I myiolr will takt ber gently
•way tnd loss bsr."
•That's Ibt best plan. Peterson." said
Sabln, wltb t nod toward tbs msn
who was seeking his gun. Peterson
was disappointed and cams back to tbt
"Tbert's only ont way yeo can lost
thst rat," ht grumbled.
Young Smith nodded bis held. "Sbs
certainly camt backl" ht ejaculated.
"Whit will you do, Jean?"
"Ah. tlkt bsr in tt darkness ana'
low bsr forever In it tangle of woods
«n tt other stdt ot it river," nttlsd
the f reuebmsn gayiy.
''That's i good Idea, Jean." commend-
M Rabin, rising from tbt table. "Takt
tbt small boat aid bt back is soon ss
possible. Wt can't Itt a cat Intcrftrs
iWltb our work In tbt morning. It't ia
Important matter tbnt wt get thit lol
flown "*ltho«t delay."
"Out. m'sleu.*' rospoadrd Jsan Ft-
fcorlt •• bt suddenly swooped dow*
upon tht cnn tyed cat snd caught It f
deiterously In bis Isrgs hands.   As bt
disappeared In tht direction of tht rippling river  his comrades txebsnged
smiles of amusement and concern.
"Her vill comt back," said Larsen,
the big Swede, as bs pushed heavily
an-ay from ths table.
"I'll give ber three times to corns
back. Tht last tlmt will bt my torn,"
warned Peterson ominously.
Nest day the big drive occurred, and
Sabln and a number of picked men
went down to Doubft forks* hoping to
•vert a repetition of tbe trouble of tht
previout year. Tht river was running
full, for tbt spring freshets bsd added
their share to the brimming stream.
Tbt logs csmt down a roaring, tumbling chaos of blackness, now and tben
tossing out i dark arm is ths pressurt
from behind hermit heavier. Sabln,
tall and muscular and handsome, stood
on the east bank of tbt river at tbt
forks snd watched tbt logs crowding
srouud tbs beua. Ou either bank hli
men were strung ilong wltb poles,
standing ready to risk llfs and limb tbt
Instant necessity called for It. All
wort rough corduroy clothing snd long
hip boots.
"It tbls lot gets through all right wt'll
' be safe tbls time." muttered Sabln to
young Smith, who stood closs beslds
They looked upstream where tbt
white foam bubbled around/a mass ot
tumbling logs, It wn I great ligbt.
especially when a log was tossed twenty feet In tbs air to come crashing
down upon Its.fellows In life water.
Tbe two men were so Interested lu tht
tight ot tht approaching logs thnt tbey
did not realize at first what had happened when Peterson's voice was megaphoned across the river.
"Jam there!" be yelled.  "Jnml"*
Sabln looked.  It was true.
Across tbe river directly In front ol
tbem snd at Its narrowest point the
logs bad Jammed Into a wall tbnt momentarily Uftw wider as mors logs
were added as tbey floated down.
Somewhere In that raaiie of tret
trunks was one log that formed tbt
key to the situation. Locate tbnt log
and ptf It loose snd tbo wall wonld
bo broken. Then tbe rest of tbe drlvt
would follow like a flock ot sheep.
Sabln frowned aad swore s little.
Tbere wss t chorus ot .Indignant yells
is suddenly there broke from tbe
woods on tbe west bank ot tbt river a
lean, black streak that shot out In ont
flying leap Ind landed on one of tbt
logs tbat formed tht lower end ot tbt
- "The cross eyed cat!" yelled Peterson
through the megaphone. Then be'
danced sngrlly np and down as be
continued: "1 knew It would bring ns
bid lock. Mr. Sabln. If t can borrow
a gun I'd like to knock It Into flinders!
Mny I?'
"Don't bt s fool, Peterson!" shopjed
back bli employer. "One of you fellows get out there snd start tbat Jam,
snd I guess tht cat will get all that's
coming to blm."
Tbers wns a moment's conference
among tht men on tht west bank, and
tbsn Peterson lesped to tbe nearest ot
tbe closely packed logs and made bis
way cautiously toward the onter edge
of tbe Jam.   Be carried a gun.
All at once the lumbermen met with
another surprise From tbe same
polut In tho woods from whence hnd
come tbe cross eyed cat tbere darted a
girl's slender form. She wore s red
cloak, and a red knitted cap was tossed on the hack of ber wind blown
dark bair. She looked neither to tbt
left or right Her gaze seemed trans-.
Died upon ths small block form of tbs
cross eyed est and tbe gnu In Peterson's band.
Almost on tbe beets of Peterson sbe
leaned fearlessly to tbs Hooting logs
and tben darted from ons tn another
gntll sbe panted close behind Peter
son's big form. Tbe boss lumberman
on tbe shore watched ber wltb panic
stricken eyes. If tht Jam sbonld break,
as It mlgbt any Instant, whnt chance
wonld tbat frail girl bars among the
grinding togs} Peterson, big nnd
strong ss be was, realized tbat hs was
taking a cbaoce lu trying to break tbt
"Coward!" cried tbt girl, htr voles
rinsing cltarly above tbs boiling of tbt
water among tbt logs, As sbs spoke
she snatched Peterson's gun from hts
nerveless bsnd and flung It Into ibt
stream. Tben sbs leaped to tbt tnor.
mom pine log on whicb tht crura tyed
cnt ut and clasped ths uncanny creature In her arms. Tben sbs uruss and
for tbe first time seemed to realize tbs
Her lift wss not worth sn Instant's
purchase It tbe Jam brokt. Sbe turned
terror stricken eyes toward Peterson,
wbo Indulged In ont ot bis flerco tits
ot anger, laoghfd contemptuously it
btr and leisurely flicked bis way over
the logs, protending to scrutlnlzs each
one-sen re bing for tbt key log tbit
wonld break tht Jam.
Sabln watched tbt two for ont long
minute. Then, wltb an Indrawn brtatb
of mingled +sge snd fear, bt lit bli
foot on tbt nearest log ind wtnt to
tbe rescue of tbt girt. At ht lifted btr
fainting form In bli iron, togttbtr
wltb tbi bltck cit. wblcb ibt still carried wrapped in tho folds of btr rtd
cloak, bt itft tbt fi-Mt pint log oa
wblcb tlit crura eyed ett bad dtlinM
to Ht Stbtn'i foot hid bsrely ltft tht
log wben It shivered slightly.
"Tbt key log-she's breaking nowt"
shouted Sabln and need for tbt nearest shore.
Aa bt stumbled op tbt river bank
with bis double toad ot lovely girl and
cross tyed black cat there camt a
crabbing boom from tbt river as tbt
Jam brokt and the logs went thundering down to their destination.
After beautiful Malslt Woods bsd
departed for boms wltb her lost ptt-
yes, ths crass eyed bltck cat-big Peterson approached the lumber boss
shamefacedly enongb.
"I suppose yon'll wsnt me to band
ln my tlmt, sir," bt muttered. "It'a atl
tbt luck of tbat cross eyed cat"
"Nonsense!" returned Sabln brightly,
t happy light in bis dsrk tyei. "Stay
on, Peterson, and try to remember tbal
tht cross eyed cat brokt tbs Jam, after
all. If anybody can show ms a better
mascot than a cross eyed black cat I'd
like to bt shown."
Afttr Sabln bad married Maltls
Woods nnd had become part owner of
tbe black cat tbsy understood what ht
meant .
The Tramp—My pal says as 'ow yoa
'ave lust give Mm sixpence for 'avln'
one leg.
The Old Lady-yes, I did.
The Tramp-Weft, tben, gl' me a shll-
lin', cos I've gott wo.-Sketch. •>
And ths Qrsst Sculptor Heuden Found
His Name Changed,
Boudon, the famous Frencb sculptor,
rendered great service to tbe fine arts
not only through tbt masterpieces hs
left behind blm, but also by perfecting
tbt casting ot statues tn bronze. This
srt fallen Into dlsuss since tbe renaissance, be revived. Wben be reached
his seventy-third year, writes Mr. 0. B.
Bart and Mr. Edward Blddle In tbelr
life ot tbt artist, Boudon withdrew
from active work. As-a means ot
agreeable relaxation bo began also to
frequent the performances at ths Come-
dle francnls.
It lo happened that In consequence
of certain alterations tbe building bad
to be closed for a considerable period.
On the day of its reopening,Boudon
came as usual, but a new ticket taker
hnd been engaged since bis last visit
•'Monsieur, your ticket, pleasel" this
official cried.
"I don't need any," and tbe venerable figure continued to advance.
"But, monsieur, uo oue enters without a ticket"
"1 bave my entree, air," replied Boudon. growing warm.
"Bnt bow do you call yourself?"
"Bow do I call myself/ Bow do I
call myself?" Tben pointing to tht
statue tn tbt peristyle, wblcb be himself bnd made, "I'm tbe father of Voltaire!" be cried, aad be passed In triumphantly. The amusing part of It Is
tbnt the next evening as Boudon pass*
ed ln the ticket taker turned to bis assistant and Instructed blm to Inscribe
on tho register of entries for the evening, "M. Voltaire. Is pere." It ls easy
to Imagine tbo hilarious reception of
this at tbe Comcdle. and for somt tlmt
after tbe old sculptor nas referred to
by this name exclusively.
Paludan-Muller*! Flares Little Wift
Kept Him Secluded.
Ths famous poet of Denmark, Filu-
dan-Muller, was closely guarded in his
later years by an eccentric wife, greatly bit senior. Of her preposterous
oddity, writes Edmund Gosso la "Two
Visits to Denmark," stories were everywhere current ln Copenhagen. She
kept blm ii mucb as sho possibly
could from all Intercourse with tbt
onler world. During a visit to Copenhagen the bost of Mr. Gosse decided
to Invite tbe poet to dine, ond bis
daughter and guest were tent on ■
mission to Invite blm.
If ws could secure hlm.for t night
convenient to him, writes Mr. Gosse,
sll tbat was brightest snd best In Copenhagen was to bs constrained to
come too. But fortune wss against ns.
If we hsd found him alone It Is possible that success mlgbt bnve crowned
our efforts. When we arrived wltb
our dinner Invitation on our lips we
wcrt damped by being told tht poet
had gone ont for a walk, but tbat Mrt.
I'aludan-Muller would receive us. Tbs
fierce little lady, In fact, closed onr retreat by peeping round tbe edge of tbs
door and commanding us to enter.
Miss Alias Fog, overwhelmed by tht
event, lost ber presence of mind tnd
blurted out- tbs invitation, which ll
would bavt been wiser to suppress.
Ths answer came at once: "Impossible, my dear lady. Impossible! 1 could
not sanction It. Mr. Paludan-Muller Is
weak; be Is good nstured; bt Is only
too ready to go Into society. It ls my
privilege lo prevent It. I say to him:
'Vou aro too delicate, my dear, to mix
with others. Tou must positively consider your health'.'"
Miss Fog feebly tsked whether the
poet mlgbt not blmself bs appealed to,
"sucb old friends; so small a party; so
early an tourl" Tbe lady was quits
obdurato, however. "I conld not trust
him with yoar message. Be Is so
weak, so. good natured. Bis plsce ls
st home wltb me. 1 do not wltb to
dine abroad.   Wby sbould bt?"
Hit Hsrvstt Seiion.
Teacher—Now, Knrlle, tell nt when
ts tht harvest teton. Bsrllt— From
November to March. Tescbtr-Why,
Eirlle, I tm surprised tbst yoa sbonld
nsmt sucb barren months. Wbo told
you tbey went tht harvest season!
Esrllt-I't. Be't i plnmber.-Brooklyo
First Ftlt Net In tht Eyes, but 1* Ma
Organ That Is Weakest
No human organ, txcept possibly tbt
heart, lt called on for such bard and
continuous activity. Even the most
musical ear is never taxed beyond tbt
three or four houn of a Wagnerian
opera and at the worst Is rested by
(reqnent Intermissions. Tbe Drain,
even tn tbe case ot professional men.
Is called on for only six to eight hours
of work a dny. But we use our eyes
In business all day and tben nil evening In our amusements. In point of
fact tbt heart Itself ti less severe)/
Tbe eye bas, to bt sure, l most marvelous strength. Al long ts Its mechanism remslns measurably correct It
seldom or uever gives out, snd Itt vitality ls supreme. But wben to tbt
strain ot near work tn artificial light
are added defects tn Its own uiecban-
; Ism even tbls wonderfully adaptable
and hardy servant gives symptoms ol.
Tbt brain ls generally our flrst Informer. It automatically Applies Iha
energy tbnt flogs the lens muscle to Itt
ceaseless task, and It Is In the closest
possible sympathy wltb tbs retina, tbt
sensitive plate on which all vision Is
recorded. The brain declares Its exhaustion ln headache aod vertigo. Tbt
masterful tyt, tu tb speak, shunts oft
Its snering upon the nearest neighbor.
Yet In many cases even tbe brain
gives no direct symptom. It Is tba
central organ, tbe highly vital and
complex master, ot the entire system,
and lt also bas a superior way ot passing on tbe kick. Just bow It does tbls
oculists do not profess to know. Tbt
rule teems to bs tbat eyt ttraln declares Itself first in tbe organ wblcb ts
nearest snd weakest The stomach,
tbs liver, tbe Intestines, tbt kidney,
tht benrt or ths membranes of aosi
snd throat may develop symptoms
whllt tht eyt and tbe brain teem nor-
mat-Metropolitan Magazine.
Outdoor Floral detritions.
Pottery Jars snd vases are, of count,
very  attractive  for  holding  flowers
when used on tbe porch it a decoration, but tbe most suitable receptacle!
Lllsrsry Nets.
Dtntlst-Penley, tbt oovelllt, wat ll
this morning and hsd t tooth pulled.
Frtend-Abl An extract from ■ popu.
Itr author, ss It wire.-Boston 'l*ria>
a* Why, Indeed.
"Why, oh, why," remarked tho observer uf events and things, "will a
woman smile with delight when she
sees a hat in a milliner's window and
frofvn when she sees tho same hat
on her neighbor's head?"
Tha Hssling Laugh,
Merrlopathy Is tbe sclencs of tbs
healing laugh. Merrlopathy Is better
tbao homeopathy or allopathy for cur
Ing all the gloom diseases nnd grouch
complaints that innko llfs inlseniblt.
Tbi wise physician well understands
tbe therapeutic value or fun snd l
checrim spirit Medicine may bi t
necessary aad powerful agent In tbt
treatment of Illness, bnt It may fall
where tear and melancholy Join bandi
with Ihe disease. Laughter Is one ot
the best medicines In tbt world snd
lengthens lire as well ss brightens It—
Christian Herald.
Aids to Gordon.
Major Henry Octuvius Brown, who
was at ono time A.D.C. to "Chinese"
Gordon, and who received from the
Chinese Uovernui'-nt the rare order of
tin Imperial Dragon, died recently is
Ntw Westminster, sged 74 years.
Csrts Blanch*.
"1 tblnk." said Mrs. Cumrox. wbo
was arranging a musical -program,
"tbat wt will bavt t mezzo toprano."
"All right" replied her Indulgent
husband. "Don't bother me shout It
Oo sbead tnd set in architect"—
Washington Slar.
rtxtD DAISIES AMD rnuis.
sn those of birch bark, suggesting it
they do the spirit ot the woods.
The Illustration shows an attractive
arrangement of Held daisies and ferns
In a tall birch bark vase.
Pointing ths Path tf Duly.
""Don't you think women ought to
"Of course I do," replied Mr. I.row-
clier, "Mao Is oppressed by economic
conditions which only women cau uo
derstnnd. What women want to do Is
to get together and legislate to prareut
bnt mops trom collecting $10 for t
handful of straw aad t Duucb ot
fcithera."-\Vashtngton Star.
Wring Diagnosis.
Blngs-DId you see where tome critic
soys tbat women bave not gut the objective faculty? naags-Huhl I'd Ukt
thnt critic to start tny question wltb
my wtft.-Baltlmort Amtrl.-nn.
St Funny.
"I wonder," sola tht bead of tbt fim.
Hy, surveying t contemplated purchast
of a family Heed, "If ht will kick."
"Oh, pa," niggled hit daughter, "It't
funny, but tliut'i'exactly whnt Georgt
asked tbuut you."-Btltlmort Amerl-
lira. Jenkins-Mrs. Smith, wt ahall
bt neighbors now. I bavt bought a
bousi next you wltb a water trontagt.
Mrt. 8mltb-So glad! I hopt you will
Irop In lomt time.-Everybody's.
Tsm e' Shsnltr's Inn.
Every visitor to Ayr. Scotland,
tbould Its tbt lllllt Tim o' Shunter
Inn, wltb Hi tlmptt frflnt tnd great
lamp banging over tbt sidewalk, lien
opentd tbi tcene nblcb Robert Burnt
has Immortalized In bts pottn '"llm o*
Shunter." Tarn bsd spent a very cun*
vlvlnl tvtnlng at tht Inn, aud wben bt
Don My started bonis on bts gray mare,
Mtg. bs wns in s ratber foggy framt
of mind. A terrific ttorin was raging,
snd on ths way ht wot caught by
ghosts, whu ended bis csrthly csrttr.
Hindi Upl
"Tou uy you were beld up tbli
morning by a footpad with a revolver.
At whot time?"
"Five mlnutci to 1."
"Bow can you fix tbt time to precisely?"
"Because I could let tbt church
clock, and I noticed tbat Hi htndi
were exactly In tbt tame position it
my own."—Boston Transcript
Crutl ind Unusual.
Of course the Icemen ara all churls.
No wonder they look wan.
For every morn Ihey see ths flrlt
j        Without their mskiUDi on.
■sd Fsr Chickens.
.   "I think, dear, wt may ns -.veil glvt
, np tht Idea of raising chickens thli
|   "Why?   Don't you tblnk It will be ■
'good yenr for chickens?"
{ "Xo. It will cost too much to feed
Ilium.   Tho man next door tells mi
J lhat he hat Joined t golf club, sn bt
{Iso't likely to bavt a gardens-Chicago Record-Herald.
Policeman (to suspicious stranger it
midnight)-What ire yoa doing In this
•tortt Burglar-Can't ytr tet I'm tsk-
Id' stock?-Iloston Transcript
Tss Sensible tt dive Ut.
"Will yuu promise." tbt inilously
•sked "not to do snythlngdeiptri.il If
I tny It con uever btl"
"Vet," bt replied. "I tblnk i mtn'i
■ foot who (on to tht bad bteinst •
girl refuses to love him."
'Tbsn I will bt jours."-Cblcsg*
Hi's Out.
It's almost time In melt once more
Thst spoiler ot OsltlM,
That kill Joy, iiirtviltni bora
1       Who thlaki Ih* umpire rlibt
Ntxt to eictllinct It tht apprtclitloi
»t It-Thickenu _
Msks Uss tt Tlmt.
Know tbt trutriiuiot tlmt. Snitch,
selii ind enjoy tnry morotnt ot It
No Idttnm, ao ntlness, no procrtstl.
ostlons. Ninr put off (HI tomprruu
what yoo no do todiy.-CbtitirBii*
Pitlenct li bitter, hat Itt frulti U»
Austrisn English.
Th* proprietor of a bottl it Prague),
Austria, bli oppcuded tbt following
nolle* to hli English nt* card: "Dl*
satisfied guests are pleaded to bring
ibilr tlBlclloni to my own person."
Tht LtrgMt Lum.
attain/  hn tb* world'* Isrgtst
loom, Id which ftlt dliki for pipit
mills up to Sts fnt la ctrcnafltttct
CM bt W»T*B. tl'-.t' !•"•      I III	
*-u:j'-'" -""7
I am now ready to serve your
Hardware Wants in My
Big New Store
/ extend to you an invitation to
visit and see the up-to-date store.
sJWake this Your Headquarters.
I shall tn future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
An interesting case wns tried in
tht police court yesterday morning.
The provincial police summoned G.
M. Fripp fyr not renawing his motocycle license. Mr. Fripp's defence
was that he did not intend to ubb
machine this year, and therefore he
had no of a license. After both sides
had given their evidence, Magistrate
Cochrane rendered a verdict in fa
vor of tbe defendant and dismiss, d
the case.
A telegram hus been received in
Victoria from the secretary of commerce and labor at Washington, D.
0.,. to the effect that the decision
of tbe immigration officials at Marcus, refusine Peter Vereittn admission to the United Slates, has been
abrogated. It will he remembered
that Mr. Vtregin was on his way to
Victoria to interview the government when he ws« I opped at the
frontier, and as a consequence had
to return home.
In thp provincial estimates Grand.
Forks riding gets 188,000 for roads
and bridges; Greenwood, 163,0(10;
Okanasan, $260,000.
Mr. Harkness returned to the cily
last .Saturday from the Okanagan,
where he has been ranching for a
couple of years.
W. C. Allen, of Grand Forks, who
for several months has been the guest
of his niece, Mrs. A. L Towns, at
the Hotel Republic, will leave next
week for Vancouver, B. C-, wbere he
has purchased a home, He recently
sold a valuable fruit ranch near
Grand     Forks. -Republic     Newt*.
It iR reported in Greenwood that
the British Columbia Copper com
pany intends shortly lo resume development work al the Brooklyn
mine, in Pboenix cnmp, which has
hepn closed for a number of years.
Wm. Waterston, formerly city
electrician of Grand Forks, but whi*
for a number of years lias been lo
cnted in Vancouver, returned to
that city last Monday after a week's
visit in the Boundarv.
The Jewel mine has been tern
porarily closed down, and Supsria
tendent C. A punka lefl 'ireenwood
la«t week for London lo confer with
the directors of the property.
Columhia Copper company, to sue-
cet*d E  Hihhert.
Fo-'-es M Kerby, P.L.S, relurned on Wednesday from a bust
ness trip tn Kamloops and tbe coast
Lost—Plain gold wedding ring;
initials E ... to C. C. Finder return
It to the office of The Sun.  Reward.
Twenty-one sacks of T. Ea'on
catalogues arrived at the Grand
Forks post office last Saturday.
W. K. C. Manly returned last Friday from a business trip to Spo
Ten Minorca Roosters, one yenr
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
Substitute for the Big Stick
The United States of America appeared as complainant against'ont
walking stick" in a suit in the federal court in Boston last Saturday.
The cane was seized by customs officers because of a picture concealed
in its' handle. Judge Morton gave its
owtier, a sailor on tbe freighter In-
drant, until March 11 to show cause
why it sbould not be forfeited to the
United States, As the seaman is now
on tbe high seas, bound for China,
Uncle Sam may get a new stick.       j
The Sun job office ia overstocked j
with some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
Mining Stock Quotations' j
Spokane,   Feb.  27 —The   follow j
ing me today s opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Askerl
Granby Consolidated. 53.00 58 00
B.  C.   Copper       4.00     4.7..
From a Minister lu New Tork: "I was
"severely 111 with lung trouble. My otten-
"tlou was directed to the Wilson Remedr
"whicli I used wltb splendid effect."
From a lady ln Michigan: **1 used your
"medicine Snt 43 or 44 years ago ond It
"■and me from ending my days with consumption. Tbere would be no use ot so
"many people dying with consumption tf
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If yon are suffering from ANT tang or
thrci.it trouble It ls your duty to Investigate. Send for free full Information to
Wilton's Sternest, Westwood. N. *.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Orpic's, Rut'    '        '     ffart StrHt II
Hanssm's HKsinisc-t.RiB™" OltWil I
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Feb. 27.—Silver 6!\;
I standard copper, tl4.75@15.00;
I weak.
.London,     Feb.   20.—Silver,   28J;
I lead, £16 10b.
(I'ubltibed Annually)
EimiileB tntderi throughout the world to
communicate riireot with BngHith
In each clans, of irood*. Besides beinjr a com-
pltte coininert;iul guide to Loudon and lt«
suburbs, the directory o«ntaiuft lists of
with tbe (louda they .tup, and the Colonial
and Konlgn Marketi thoy.iuuply:
in-HNtred under the I'orUto which thoy
and iiidlcetinit the nuiiroxlmate Sail m_»
of leadlun Mamifsetiiren, Merchants, etc.. In
the principal provincial towna and '— -'
m-ntrcauf the United Kinadom.'
' A copv ol thc current edition will he fur-
warded', freight paid, on receipt of Portal
Order lor 208.
Dealers seeklnaaAgencles oan advertise
Iholr trade eardi lor IS, „r Uraer advertise
men!* from £3,
ih Ahchun-li Lane, London,  E.C.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY, «Su,. Columbia p. d
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
; Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Located in tbe central part of the citv
nf  NeNon, offers every  facility fur a
ali.J-A.iil.il education in Englinh, ciiiiitiierciul
and music branches. Embroider .-.plain
aud fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Geon»i D. Clark returned home
ihis week from a business trip to
Vancouver. _.
Take your repairs to Artnson's
Root and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
*treet, Orand Forks.
Ua. C. A. ABBOT", Aujnit ll, ■**.
fcAnnSl., NewYorVCUv.
Dur Sir:  l hav*. known fnr over 40 yean of tto
•_.ect>ofW.lton'.keni.i!v I Wllann'l Preparntfca
•I Hjpovboephltee uld Ulodwttll in mewl pul-
xxooxey troul.1.1.    At thli point I will xx, to yoa
what tou have not befor. known of; that 40 yeara
•uce, while I was • nsident of N.Y. City, I wu
aevanljIUw'tliliuigtnHil.'e.   Fhyilciuiuidlwaa
amtesaattr, and my fain, ly physician told my wl fa
that kathoosht I conld net reaver.   Mratuattoa
ana directed 10 the Wilson Kemedy, which I aaat
wtehapleadidedrct.   I havo been on ay feat and at
wcekavaraincerwreaifl..   Yours truly,
Wmm IC Vfl Chord, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N. Y.
Oa Pec ,, ion, Mr. Saser wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My kaalth li very uuod.'r
If you will -fl rite Mr. Abbott he
will gladly fmni >i you any further
Information yuu desire.
We are prepared to do        «i
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the  most up-to-date ©tyle
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Leslie J. Bruce, of Nelson, inspec
tor of schools, spent a couple of days
in Ihe city ihis week inspecting lbs
various schools of the disiiiel
wood and ice:
F. S. Norcross, a   native   of   Menominee, Mich., has heen appointed        or,,ot *T "TW**" 'TORE
general superintendent of the British PIONF 64 GRAND FORKS, B. li.
Suits to Order &18 iWs
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the eaat. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrive d
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee yon the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Killheuils und Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Uy laws.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   nnd Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
(pnnn pdimtiiwj-the kmd we r*o—i"-in ibw"
vlUUl/ LMnilLlVJ an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
m    Wye &tm f ritit Stop
M9**P&QaiP&V _^^»Ti
Furniture .Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.    _,
Upholstering Neatly Doije.
Downey's Ci$|ar Store
nMt'l-KTIt -fin K (IP
• Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
\ Ki'-nti . -Mi.mliti.iii.-iit f)|
IWivhI We. k v.
Postoffice   BuilcUng
Palace Barber Shop
Km*-" tiv h *
tig it H|M»<imSjr
P. A. Z.  PARE,  Proprietor
1st Door North op Giianbv  Hotkl.
FlIlST .SritKKT.
Tmdc Mams
I a itMoh ma dMenndim mar
Sur onlnlnn frM wliotlicr u
".; "..■i.'-.'jfl^ispsvs
jnu, ilia        AS Moan mj£t,,*tt*
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