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The Evening Sun Feb 9, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 15
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. February 9, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
i n
a capable supporting eompany, a
treat of satisfying proportions is as-
. sured.
Local Immigration Officers
Arrest a Man Wanted
for Murder
P. T. McCallum, Canadian immi-
migration inspector at this port, and
K. B. McKeehan, United States immigration inspector at Marcus, last
Monday were successful in causing
the arrest of a Greek named Leoni-
daB Belegris, who is wanted for a
murder committed by him in Greece
in 1906. Friends of Belegris were
veiy anxious to get him across lbe
boundary fine. This aroused the
suspicions of the officers, and Mr.
McKeehan telegraphed a description
of tbe man to Washington, and
asked for instructions. Following
the receipt of a cipher dispatch from
Washington, Itjr. McKeehan arrested the Oreek. Belegris has since
confessed that he is the man want
ed, and was taken to Spokane ou
Second National Apple Show
From present indications, it isal-
together likely that the second Canadian National Apple show will be
held either in Toronto or Montreal
before the end of tbe present year.
It is gratifying to learn that the
fruit growers of the eastern provinces are finally awakening to the
importance of boosting and taking
advantage of this national enterprise
whicb had its origin in tbt far .west.
Her True Bent
"Professor," said Miss Skylight,
"I want you to suggest a course in
life for me. I have thought of journal sm—"
"What are your own inclinations?"
"Oh, my soul yearns and throbs
snd pulsates with sn ambition to
give the world a life-work that shall
be marvelous in its scope, and
weirdly entrancing in the vastness of
its structural beauty!"
"Woman, you are born to be a
"The Barrier"
"The Barrier," adapted by Eugene V. Presbrey fro*n Hex Beach's
famous story of life in the Yukon,
ia announced ss the Orand Forks
opera house's next offering, the date
for its presentation being Tuesday
night, February 13. Tne play made
an emphatic bit in New York and
on the eastern and midwestern circuits lsst season.
Competent critics hsve prononnced
'it a much better drama than its author's previous success, "The Spoilers," because its plot is equally interesting, and is unravelled with
liner skill. While all the gripping
episodes of the novel are retained,
l hey are mellowed to meet the requirements of those theatre-goers
who prefer realism to extravagance.
"The Barrier" thrillB by legitimate
Flambeau, a trading station on
the great Alaskon river, is ths place
of action, and the time is summer.
In Ihe first and second acts the scene
is the interior of Gale's store, a very
picturesque stage setting.
The living room in the same
structure is shown in the third act,
and in the last act the military barracks is realistically presented.
All the love making that made
the story a "best seller" for several
months is condensed into four acts.
Ths duel that forms one ol tbe most
exciting chapters of the story is
fought in full view of the  audience.
Eleanor Htber has been specially
engaged to impersonate Necia, and
with Lee Miller as Captain Burrell,
Norval McGregor as John Gals, aud
Why It Was Hard
"I want you to understand tbat I
got my money by hard work."
"Why, I thougnt it wat left you
by your unole?"
"So it was; but I had hard work
to get it away from the lawyers."
Dominion Fruit Conference
On the 14th, 15th and 16th of
this month an important gathering
of fruit growers from all parts of tbe
Dominion will be held in Ottawa.
Large questions affecting the industry will be discussion, and every
fruit growing district will be represented by delegates. James Rooke,
of tbis city, will represent the Kettle valley, at the conference.
A. R. Brewer, of Danville, inven
tor of the American current- motor,
was Jn the city on Soturduy. Mr.
Brewer called at Tbe Sun office and
showed the mechanical editor a perfect working model of his invention. He bad made it himself, and
it was a very nice piece of work.
Tbe Rawhide mine resumed operations last Sunday. It will soon
have ite full force of 160 men working.
As the vote on church union ia to
be taken by the members and adherents of the Presbyterian church
of Canada not later tban the 15th of
March, Rtv. M. D. McKee, pastor
of Knox Presbyterisn church, will
preach a sermon on "Church
Union" on Sunday evening, February 11.
It's difficult for some men to get
square after a round of dissipation.
The coke supply at the British
Columbia Copper company's smelter has now become more satisfactory, and the big furnace will soon
again be in operation.
A. D. Mackenzie and George
Rogers have been appointed police
and license commissioners of Pboenix.
Greenwood's industries are wideawake. The Ledge contains the foi
lowing ad: "There will be a poker
game in Greenwood next Saturday
evening.   All art welcome."
W. P. Kinney, of St. Paul, gener-
traffic  manager of  the   Great
Northern, and Mr. Costello, of Seat-
western traffic  manager, passed
through tbe city yesterday  in Mr.
Kinney's private car on tbeir way to
For Sale—Three thoroughbred
Rhode Island Red roosters; two $10
each, and one for f">. Miles Barrett.
Fred RuBsell Visits Spokano
on a Mission Out of the
. Ordinary
Fred, Russell, proprietor of the
Russell hotel, returned from Spokane Wednesday afternoon. Mr.
Russell's mission to the metropolis
of the Inland Empire was sufficiently removed from the ordinary rut
to be classed among the unique happenings of the world. His mother
resides in tbat city. She 'owns a
pretty home there, and has considerable cash in the banks. At tbe
age of 70, so tbe story runs, Bbe was
seriously pondering over a second
matrimonial venture. The object of
her affections possesed naught of
this world's goods, being merely a
fortune bunter; more in love with a
good borne tban witb the old lady.
Mr. Russell's logic and persausive
eloquence won tbe battle, and Mrs.
Russell will continue to live iu
single blessedness for a short while
longer at least.
James Rooke, who is a member
of the board of directors of the Pro
vincial Fruit Growers' association,
returned last Saturday from Victoria, where he attended the annual
conyention of the association. Tbe
provincial association selected Mr.
Rooke as one of the delegates from
tbis province to a conference to be
held in Ottawa on tbe 14th inst. of
representatives from all the fruit
growing districts in the Dominion.
Mr. Rooke left last Monday for the
Silkstone destroys the labor of
housecleaning. Choose a suitable
tint for this spring, and wash it
clean in the fall and spring. It lasts
for years. Call at our store and ask
about it.   Thos. A. Mclnryre & Co
The following have beeu appoint
ed commissioners for taking affidavits for election purposes in the
Greenwood riding: H. B. Farmer,
Rock Creek; J. S. Harrison and F
Roberts, Midway; John L. Coles
Greenwood; Alex Stewart and John
Henderson, Eholt; James Mcintosh,
The Castle Square Entertainers
played to a large 'audience at the
opera bouse on Wednesday evening,
and one of tbe most delightful en
tertaiuments heard in tbe city
for many months was given. Each
member of the quartette possesses
abundant talent. Tbe program was
varied sufficiently to suit evsry taste.
It consisted of popular and high-
class music, solos, duos, trios and
quartettes. "The Sextette" was one
of the best and most difficult of tbe
quartette numbers. The humorous
quartette numbers in costume were
A largely signed petition has been
sent lo the minister of public works
at Victoria, praying to have the two
railways at Midway join their tracks
for tbe accommodation of tht
freight traffic.
been residing for tbe past eight or
nine years. The doctor is accompanied by his family, and they left
today for Princeton, where they own
a ranch,- on which they will make
their home in future.
Mrs. T. S. Watts and Miss Edna
Traunweiser went over to the Rossland winter carnival on Tuesday.
George McCabe, of this cisX, wss
one of the prize-winners at the Rossland carnival tbis week.
John Lawler, the government instructor at the apple packing school,
will give a public lecture in tbe city
hall on Thursday evening, February
15, at 8 o'clock, on the subject of
apple, packing, etc. Every one will
be welcome.
A letter from John Wright, Great
Northern agent in this city, Tho, in
company with bis family, has been
spending a two months' vacation in
Scotland, states that they intend to
leave for home on the 10th inst.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W, Fraser and
family will leave for Vancouver next
Monday. They intend to reside
permanently at the coast. Dr. Acres
and family will move into Mr.
Fraser's residence in this city.
The Borden government has
shelved the marriage question for
some years, and most of the politicians who used it against the Laurier
government are now SB week as
The horticultural 1 ranch of the
agricultural department will hold,
under the auspices of tbe Kettle
Valley Farmers' institute, a tbree
days' course of instruction in vegetable growing next week.- The sessions will be held in Miners' Union
hall on Wednesday, Thursday and
We are pleased witb tbe reception
of our new cash system. It will save
you money as well ss us. A cash
price is the cheapest and best for all.
Thos. A. Mclntyre & Co.
H W. Collins returned on Monday from the annual convention of
the British Columbia Fruit Growers'
association, to which he was a delegate from the local association. Mr.
Collins states that many interesting
papers were read at the convention,
and a great variety of important
subjects were discussed aud acted
P. T. McCallum, immigration inspectoral this port, made his regular monthly visit to Phoenix on
Monday. As a result of his trip to
the camp, three aliens wert sent
back across tbe line.
J. I). Honsbergei, the well-known
fruit grower, returned on Tuesday
from Victoria, where he was an interested spectator at the annual convention of the British Columbia
Fruit Growers' association.
Dr. John Westwood, who was the
first physician to locate in Grand
Forks, arrived in the city yesterday
from Coleman, Alta., where he hts the average.
There was an epidemic of fistic
combats in the city on Saturday and
Monday, but none of tbem were of
sufficient magnitude to warrant the
wasting of balf a line of space in this
E. S. Busby, of Victoria, inspector of customs, was in tbe city lost
Saturday on his periodical tour of
Man wants but little here below
Will Open Next Monday uV
der Auspices of Farmers' Institute
The second annual apple packing
school will open in Miner's Union
ball on Monday, February 12, under tbe auspices of the Kettle Valley Farmers' institute, and will
continue for one week. J. Lawler,
of tbt Okanagan Fruit Growers'
Union, will be tbe instructor. Those
wbo have signified their intention of
taking a course of instruction are:
C. A. S. Atwood, J. T. Lawrence,
Harry Boswortb, Mrs. Bosworth,
Laurie.Riddell, J. B. Markell, Mrs.
\V. A. Cooper, Robtrt Lamond, Miss
Leora Hughes, Mrs. Wm. Pearce,
Miss Baker.' Cecil Collins, G. C.
Brown, Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Coryell,
Roy McLeod, Don Manly, Mrs. I.
Hughes and lady companion. The
tuition fee is only $3.
Dividing the Surplus
To show what the Borden ministry can do with a $30,000,000 surplus left in the treasury by tbeir
predecessors, Hon. F. D. Monk has
intimated in tbe house that he intends to ask for a special vote to
pay for a private secretary for each
member of tbe bouse. The sum to
be asked for is $500 for each member. Tbe proposal should have met
with a storm of protest in ite incipience, but it cannot properly be attacked by the opposition until it
takes the form of a practical proposal. Members of the house now
receivt $2500 a year sessional allowance, free railway passes over every
transportation system in Canada and
travelling expenses to Ottawa for
one session a year. While many of
the members are worth many times
this Bum to the country, there is a
mucin larger number who are worth
nothing, and the proposal to add to
the emoluments and pickings of
such men in the sum of $500 a year
is only another example of tbt rule
of graft upon wbich the country has
again eutered.—Victoria Times.
A Splendid Publication
The January number of the Fruit
Magazine, Scientific Farmer and
Canadian Citizen maintains its claim
to being one ot our most up-to-date
exchanges. The "Second Canadian
National Apple Show," the "British
Columbia Poultry Show," ths "Dominion Fruit Conference," and
other important subjects arc treated
editorially. Among the contributed
articles are "Tbe Great Northland
of British Columbia and "Alberta."
"Range Stock in British Columbia,"
"Determination of Sex in Poultry,"
"Oliver Goldsmith and Canada."
"Spray Calendar foJ 1912," "Tuberculosis in Fowls," and "How to
Grow Grapes."
A Winner
-,.. "I told him there were dozens of
people right bere in town who bad
never heard ot him."
^ "I  guess  tbat took him down a
pe^.tjr two?"
"I guess it didn't. He started
right out to find them and borrow
money." s
The Colonel Always Ready to Defend His Honor.
Happened to Go tho Way Thoro Woo
No Enemy, ond This Mistake Caused
Cruel Remarks That Served oo Basil
For Challenges.
(Copyright,  1511,  by Associated Literary
" W T   was   ray  custom,   suh."  said
I    Colonel Bunker ns lie carefully
*\\ replaced tlaa glass ou tlio tulilo
and elevated Ills feet, 'it wns
icy custom lu nil perilous moments
during Iho wub to place myself at the
hood of my regiment und ware my
sword and call upon my gallant meu
to follow mo to victory or death. 1
do not go so fnr as to say Hint 1 originated this custom or practice, but I
believe I followed It more closely than
any other colonel lu the service.
When n ptivnte soldier sees his eom-
mundlng officer rendy to sacrifice his
life there cnn be no hanging back.
"Ves. sub, 1 would plnce myself
where shot nnd shell mined tho thickest, nud after allowing the men to
steady themselves I would wave my
sword nnd utter a few words of fervid
eloquence. Then I would wheel and
lead them, and It wns seldom that
victory did not perch upon our banners.. She had to perch. There was
no getting out of It.
"When you follow n fervid speech
with n dash and n yell something has
got to bronk. The one noted exception wns at tho second bnttlo of Manassas. My glorious old regiment was
placed lu a certain position nnd ordered to bold It untl) my judgment dictated an advance. We had fought for
three hours when the opportune moment arrived. Placing myself in front
of the line, I went through the usual
waves and then said:
" 'Men, the enemy Is In front of us'.
Who will follow mc until tbe last one
has died or surrendered?
Daihed For Two Milee.
'"I will!' shouted a hundred men.
and the next moment we were dash-
lug forward. After we had dashed
about eighty rods I begun to look for
thc enemy, but bc was not to bc found.
We kept on for half a mile, but no
enemy. Wc were determined to do or
die. suh—do or die—nod we continued
charging ahead nnd thinking of out-
forefathers who died ut Lexington or
Hunker Hill until we hnd gone two
miles. It then transpired that there
was no enemy for ten miles ln that
direction, and after n rest we relurned.
"I am sorry to say that our gallant
dash was misconstrued In certain quar
ter... The brigadier, for Instance, snlii
he couldn't mnke out why wc should
go charging all over tho couutry after
an enemy that was close nt baud. I
repeated tbo words of my fervid nd-
dress to him. but It was uo go. I told
him of our wish to die for our country,
but he only smiled. At length, sub. at
length when bo became sarcastic 1 remarked tbnt be was my superior otli-
/  PIU5>
W. N. U. No. f "8.
-er nml outside „i miv a-'i.illi'iise from
mo. but if we bull] I'vi-d u, ihe end of
ihe wnh he would be forced to meet
me on lhe Held of honah. For my
words I wns put under nrrcst for two
Colonel Johnson Misunderstood.
"Colonel Johnson of my own brigade
wns nn'ther who did uot understand
the situation. It was just nt the time
blackberries were ripe, and would you
believe, suh. that he hnd the Impudence
lo nsk me tf 1 bad taken my regiment
on n little trip tn gather the succulent
fruit? I bnd him challenged within
Ave seconds, but In going to lbe field
selected I fell over n stone and injured
my back so tbat I wns laid up for n
month. At tbe end of that time Colonel Johnson was drafted Into another
regiment, nnd wo did not meet ngnin
until nil was over. Tben he came up
to me ono day wilh outstretched hand
and said':
" 'Colonel Bunker, J hnve hnd nlmost
three years ln which to think thnt
thing over, nnd I have come to tho conclusion that blackberries hnd nothing
to do wltb It. 1 think you were Inspired altogether liy heroism and that
If you had found tlie enemy he would
hnve been slain to the lust mnn.a Forget the words spoken yenrs ago, suh;
forget them.'
Brigadier Wss a Grocer.
"I had to forget them, sub. Yon
can't force a mnn to tight yon nfter be
gave you tbe scheme?" asked Mrs.
"It did. I was ln the library trying
to find some further Information uuder the head of 'Ducks,' but wns unable to do so. Thc encyclopedia seems
never to bave heard of It."
"Aud your Iden Is to charter a ship
and proceed to this Island and load
her with dajcksl eggs?" was nsked.
Bettor Thon Finding North Polo.
'Trecisely. 1 hnve figured tbnt I
can stow away 5,000,000 eggs at each
cargo aud make three trips n yenr.
There will be fresh eggs waiting for
me every trip. I think I carn contract
half a million dozen eggs In ndvance.
I shall take possession of the Island
on my first trip iu the name of the
United Stntes nnd name lt Bowser Island. It will, ot course, be named for
me nlone.
"There Is the whole scheme, and I'd
like lo know what you think of it.
Isn't it n sure thing? - Isn't It better
tbnn discovering tbe north pole? Are
tbere any gold mines in tbe west to
bent It? Vou hnve called me an easy
mark and a visionary, but I guess you
will have to tnke lt bnck, eh?"
"Hnve you figured on the expenses?"
nsked Mrs. Bowser, with sinking heart
nnd realising thnt there wns another
row on tap.
"In a genernl way, yes. They won't
nmount to much ln compnrlson with
the promts, probably a tenth of the
profits. I suppose the nntlves can be
hired to gather nud stow tbe eggs
aboard for a few ynrds of cnllco clotb
per dny. The lire ducks, of course,
come in crates—twenty-four ducks to a
"You hnve figured very close."
"That's me—Hint's Bowser. I always
figure very close when I am going Into
anything. That's the reason It turus
out a success. You haven't told me
Just wbat you think of the scheme
"I am naturally biased ln your favor, and for tbnt reason I wish you
would go over and consult with the
druggist He Is a very practical man,
you know."
"Yes," replied Mr. Bowser as he remembered how many times tbat aame
druggist bad called him an Idiot
"Yes, bo's practical, but I think 1 cnn
manage tbls affair wttbout blm. He'd
naturally be Jealous, you know."
Druggist Listens Patiently.
Mrs. Bowser argued the matter,
however. She ndmltted that Mr. Bowser was as smart nnd keen ns a Wall
street broker, but hints from other
smart men were uot to bc despised.
After a little flattery of this sort tbe
duck's eggs mun sallied forth. Ue
was greeted with a cheery welcome
at tbe drug store, and two customers
were kept waiting while ho told his
story. The druggist listened with
close attention, nnd when the story
wns finished he slnpped Mr. Bowser
on the shoulder nnd exclaimed:
Good for you,  old  mnn.    You're
surely struck It (his lime!"
"Do-do yon mean It?'*
"Surely 1 do."
"Then I-I"-
"Thc very first cargo of eggs nnd
ducks will pay your board In a lunatic asylum for ten years." •
Mr. Bowser walked out of the store
nnd kicked nt n dog and bullied u
tramp nud then sat down on tho curbstone of a side street until n policeman came along and snid If be didn't
move on he'd get his neck broken.
Mrs. Bowser was In bed nud asleep
whon he enme sneaking In. but she
roused np enough to bear him sny to
This Is tbo Inst straw, nnd divorce
must suroiy follow. She put tbe Job
U|\ ind she must suffer for It."
if all the truste are event away
At once we murt bewere
A dreadful money rimlutt may
AM to our welsh! of core.
Dairying In Syria
In the battle for existence, the dairyman in every part of the world has
ills troubles aB well as comforts, and
whether lt be under the shadow of a
great American city, with an outlet
bringing tho top price, or whether lt
is among the storm-swept mountains
of the Orient, business management,
attention to detail and steady, consistent work are required.
"In our country," a Syrian who Ib
thoroughly acquainted with agricultural conditions thero, tells us, "wc
have the dairy business reduced to a
system similar to this country, although our product brlngB only about
one-quarter aB much. Not only do we
produco butter and cheese, but also
Dutch cheose, and these products go
to the great cities of Western Asia.
Daraatlcus and Beirut are the No*
York and Chicago markets of Western
.Asia, while many of our products find
solo In France, Italy, Germany and
other European countries. Constantinople Is a good market, but wo consider It second to Damascus.
"Wo do not limit our production of
dairy products to the cow, but the
goat Is also pressed into service, instead of 'dual purpoBo' cattle, which
were spoken of in America, we can
nptly call our cattle "triple purpose
Btock*. A farmer will till IiIb soil with
hie cows, and when they outlive their
period of usefulness they aro butchered. The cow Is pressed into*6ervice
on tho farm, as the coat of horses Is
prohibitive; a horse can only be
owned by the nobility or tho wealthy,
and an average Arabian canrot be
purchased for less than $2,000.
Goats supplement the cow In the
production of butter and cheese. We
consider that goats test high, and one
of our ordinary goats, a goat that
could not hold down a station ln a
Canadian lodge room, would make the
owners of some of the high -testing
cows sit up. and take notice. The
coats are pastured on the mountains
In the mimmer, and as the winter an-
pronches the flock Is worked south-
warl toward tho lower lands and Hi"
Ben. Generally about five men accompany those goats, herding and
milklni. them. The men tnke turns
in making butter, or cheese, whichever It may be. the latter generally
being made by these itinerant dairymen.
Our dairymen do not have the advantages of agricultural colleges.
Journals and field meetings. They
have been schooled, however, in dairy
methods by the strenuous struggle for
existence, in which only tho fittest
survive. Our dairymen do not know
what thc test, meana, although In the
lower countries there are now being
developed cheese factories, creameries and skimming stations! and modern methods of agriculture are gaining a foothold, and our herdsmen supplemented careful breeding by elimination of the weak and unproductive."
According to the new edition of the
Encyclopaedia Britanulca, the word
"steak" is apparently derived trom
Icelandic "steik," used In the same
sense as tho English word, "whicli
meant properly roasted meat, from
stolkja, to roast; that is, placed on a
stick or peg of wood beforo the fire
(compare Swedish, stek; Danish,
stek, roast meat)."
The samo authority says: "A 'por-
terhouoe' steak Is a choice cut of
steak from the loin, so named, apparently, first In New York from a well
known 'porter house', and eating
house, where chops, steaks, etc., and
porter or stouts were served, at which
these steaks were a specialty.
"A steak grilled between two otlier
ateaktt which Is not served after the
cooking Is finished. Is also sometimes
called a 'porterhouse' steak."
Not. in these days of high cost meat
would such a practice as tho latter
he generally followed, however.
The Long African Forest
One of tho great natural treasures
of Africa Ib the Immense extratropl-
ca! forest that extends almost unbroken from the extreme Southern
ca-id along the Eastern highlands to
the equator.
Thore are gaps ln It,, and the trees
chango In kind somewhat with change
of lutltudo, but upon the whole It has
tho same character throughout. The
altitude above the sea changes regularly with decrease of latitude. Near
the cape the forest grows at sea-level;
In Natal and tho TranBvaal Its altitude Increases to 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000
feot; nud on approaching the equator
it riseB to 7,000, and finally to 10,000
feet. In the equatorial highlands the
growth Is very vigorous, and the for-
cut Is enriched with tho "pencil cedar"
of Abyssinia.
A Book
A book Ib good company. It Is full
of conversation without loquacity. It
comes to your longing with full Instruction, but pursues you never. It
Is not offended at your absentminded-
noss or Jealous If you turn to other
pleasures of leaf, or dreas. or mineral,
or even of books, lt Bllenlly serves
the soul without recompense, not oven
for the hire of love. And yet more
noble, lt seems to pbbs from ItBelf, and
to enter tho memory, and to hover ln
a silvery transformation thore, until
the outward book Is but a body, and
tho soul and spirit aro flown to you,
and poaBesBos your memory like a
On some afternoons the velocity of
tho wind at San Francisco rises with
almost clockllko regularity to about
twenty-two miles an hour, and a solid
wall of fog, averaging 1.B00 feet ln
height, conies through the Golden
Gate causing a fall In temperature to
about that of tbe sea--namely, 55
degrees Fahrenheit
Ninety-Fourth   Annual    Meeting     of
The Bank of Montreal has Ju.ii completed 94 years of business in Canada,
which In the history of a young country Is no inconsiderable period. The
94th annual meeting was held on December 4th witt president R. B. AnSus
n the chair. In many ways the uiee'-
ng waB one of the moat memorable
m the history of tbe i>ai.k owing to
the fact that the not profits for the
year wero the largest on racdrd and
that the retirement of Sir Edward
Clouston as general nianagai1 wau announced. Another feature of mar--
than ordinary I iterest wns iiio re-"d-
Justiient Of the values of ihe bank
premises. For yeara those wen' valued at. $000,(100, but a rB0(mt app;ait-
al increased tills to $l.iiuo.0uil. The
$3,400,(100 thus secured was partly
used In increasing tho rest account,
which now standB nt a sum equal to
tho paid up capital, while lho balance
was carried to tlie profit nnd loss account.
Tho total asaets of thc bank now
stand nt 3ZS0.O0ll.00O maliliu; it one or
the strongest flnunclal Institutions on
the continent. A more detailed examination of tho report shown that the
net profits for the year amounted to
S2.27fi.BlS as compared with 81,71)7-
992 for the .previous year. The balance of profit and loss carried forward
for the present year whs $1,855,185 or
practically douhlo the figures for
1910, which amounted to $901.789.
Premiums on new bank stock isaued
by tho bank during tlie year amounted
to $305,(177 while the re-adjustment of
tlie bank premises account brought in
an additional $3,4110.000. Thus a total
of slightly over $7,000|000 was made
available for distribution this voar, of
which $1,440,000 was expended In
dividends, $3,000,000 credited to the
rest account, and $708,001) to new premises account, leaving a balance ot $1 -
8B5.000 to bo carried forward as balance of profit ond loss. A further examination of tho report shown thnt
the bank has denosita bearing Inte.r-
fW of nearly Sliiti.OOO.OOO whllo its deposits not bearing interest amount
to $411,000,000. The amount, of call
nnd short loans In Great Britain and
the United States consists of over
$42,000,000 while the current loans nnd
discounts ln Cannda and elsewhere
amount to over $121,000,000. Tho latter shows an Increase of over $9,000,-
000 which Indicates that the bank continues to do Us full share of'furthering tlie development of the country
and that lt continues to grow with tho
country. To call and short lonna
which the bank keep In New York
and London while returning only a
small rate__pf Interest Is found to be a
wise provision. Tho call of theae
loans placed ln London and New York
is far leBS disturbing.to Canadian husl- j
nesa than if they were on call In Can-1
Altogether the showing made by the
Bank of Montreal Is a very sntlsfac- j
torv one and reflects the highest |
credit upon the directors and upon
t.ljo general manager who Is now ro-
HnoutshluB the position which ho has
held for so many years. His successor
will be Mr. H. V. Meredith, who has
been associated all his life with tho
bank whose affairs ho will further direct.
The address of PreBident R. B.
Angus was as usual a careful resume
of the financial, commercial and Industrial expansion of the Dominion.
The Bank of Montreal with Its many
branches scattered throughout the
country nnd Its Intimate relationship
with every plinBe of our national life
ts able to 'present authoritative reports regarding the country's growth
and development. Without exception
this year's report by the president was
full of optimism. That thia was not
unfounded was shown by the hank's
record for 1911 which was the most
successful In the 94 years If Ub history-
A Good Digestion
menu r, a man or woman good for
something—good work or pleasant
times. Whoever has distress after
eating, sick headaches, nausea,
bnd taste, unpleasant breath, cannot find pood in anything, or be of
much use in l!ic world.
l!ut these symptoms arc only
signs thnt tlie stomucli needs ■ littlo
care and attention and the aid that
can Rive. Safe, reliable, thoroughly
tried, this family remedy has wonderful reviving power. They tone
ilie stomach, liver nnd bowels—all
organ.! of digestion. With these
organs in good order, the whole
system is better nnd stronger,
'fry a few doses and see
for yourself what a splendid
bodily condition  lint-chain's  I'ills
Can Create
gold Everywhere.
ia borne lie.
Hashed Romance
There may be nothing in a name,
but thc American traveller of who:::
tho following Is told found at lenit*
confusion therein. •
He had landed at Liverpool, and
hastened out of tho city to a. rural
village, whoro lib found a charming
old-fashioned Inn which delighted hia"
It was late when, he arrived, and
when he asked what, he could have foi-
supper, the buxom landlady suggested
minced collops
Ho agreed In enthusiasm, the dish
sounded so romantic, so ftobin Hoodsy.
so almost medieval. And what do
you suppose thoy brought him? Jus!
plain hash!
Loading Papers Cisplcy the Danger
Signal Against Alum In Food
Tkournnds have no doubt, read ths
commendable articles recently appearing in Somo of tho leading American and Canadian papers on
the uce of alum lu baking. Until the
Dominion Government follows the lead
of England, France an 1 Germany and
prohibits the uso cf alum ln foods,
there ia but one safeguard against
alum, and tbat is to buy only a baking-
powder which has the Ingredients
plainly stated on the label.
Petrified Forest Clants
Three petrified redwood trees,
pronounced the very largest in
the world, have thus far been uncovered from the debris of the mountain
side, only a short distance from tho
fanous Bohemian Club grove In Sonoma county, California. This point
is near the little town of Occident.
Ono of these prehistoric monBterB.
that make the pyramids of Egypt
modern by comparison ln their ages,
measures twenty-three feet In diameter, and la 350 feet in length. The
two other petrified treeB are thirteen
and twelve feet In diameter, respectively. 	
Whales, because of their great slao,
aro uot fast, swimmers. Tbey ran
make only about ten or twolve miles
an hour.
It was stated by good authority re-
candy that tho Canadian Pacific
Railway has decided to use crued oil
for fuel for Its locomotives on a portion ot its British'Columbia Division.
This rumor has been current for some
months, Sir Wm. White," ex-Vice-
President of tho C. U. R. Railway
having made a Btatcment laBt summer that the matter was rocelvln?
consideration at Ilea.', garters. Itis
also mli that, lu Ihis connection circular tanks of rlvottcd steel boiler
plato, with a capacity of 200,-
000 gallons will be built on the Shus-
wap and Mountain subdivisions of the
first dstrlct of the 1). C. Division at
Field, Golden, Rogers Pass, Revelstoke, Stcamous Jut.. Notch Hill and
Kamloops. It is also stated tbat the
only change uocessary In the locomotives will be the insertion of Jet burners in the fire boxes. Tho tenders will
bs changed to hold oil instead of coal.
Telephones on Trains
Tho conquering of space and time
by electricity Ib oue of the common
factB of life, but a new invention, bids
fair to do astonishing things.
The invontlou of a Birmlnghaam engineer, enables a passenger ln the
fastest train to talk with any one on
tho telephone system. It may soon
he possible to hold a conversation
with a man ln ABtrachan whllo we are
travelling through England on an express at sixty miles an hour. This,
however, Is not the most Important
thing about the railophone. It has n
bearing on the development of the
railway. Now that tlio monorail has
become, by use of the gyroscope, a
practical meauB of traffic, it is highly
probable wo shall soon bo ablo to
travel at one hundred mllos an hour.
le only en* of many symptoms whioh eome women endure through weekneii or displacement oi the womanly
organs. Mre. Lizzie White ol Memphis, Tnu., wrote
Dr. R. V. Pieroe, o> lollows i
11 At times I was hardly able to be on my feet.
I believe I had every pain and aoho • woman
could havo. Had a very bad ease. Internal
orgono were very muoh diseased and my baek
woe vary weak. I suffered a great deal with
ncrvoue hoadaehee. in fact. I Buffered all over.
Thie wao my condition when 1 wrote to you for
adviea. Alter taking your ' Favorite Proecrip-
tion' for abont these months ean say lhat my
health wao never belter."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is a positive oure lor weakness ond disease of tho feminine organism.   It alloys
inflom.na.ioa, heale ulceration and soothes pein. Tones tnd builds up tne nervee.
Do not permit a diohoneet deelcr to substitute lor Ibie medicine whicli ho* a
record ol 40 yean of cures.   " No, Ihtnk yon, I wont whet 1 oik for."
Dr. Pie.-je'e Pl-ai^i.. Pcttetti induce atlht tt.t.r.1 towel nrovement once n Say. mmm
11 '
'is du Highest type of
is die highest type of
curative food. .
The nourishing and
curative elements in
Scott's Emulsion are so
perfectly combined that
all (babies, children and
adults) are equally benefitted and built up.
Ba ean ta gat SCOTT'S—
it'* th* Standard and alway*
A Stable Warning
When having a look round a stable
when a number of horses are kept,
It becomes quite natural to bestow a
pat or caress on any equine which
may take the visitor's fancy: but this
Is a matter ln which care should be
used. Tho most harmless looking animals may prove to be really vicious
and resent attentions In a forcible
manner. In most big stables where
visitors are frequent. It will be noticed that certain ot the horse stalls
have pieces of straw rope attached to'
the posts. This Ib intended as a
warning that the occupant Is not of
an amiable disposition. Why the
warning does not take the form of a
notice which anyone might' read Is
rather Incomprehensible. Presumably
the prevailing sign Is a purely profes-
lonnl custom wilh those who have to
deal with horses.
A Medical Need Supplied.—When a
medicine Is found that not only acts
upon the stomach, but is so composed
that certain Ingredients of it pass unaltered through tho stomach to find
action In tbe bowels, then tbere Ib
available a purgative and a cleanser
ot great effectiveness. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are or this character
and are thc bost of all pills. During
Uie years that they have been ln use
they have established themselves as
no other pill has done.
The Father.—"Did Mamma p'unlBh
you today?" The Boy.—"Made me
stay In the house while she was taking her singin.; lesson."
Minard's Linltrcnt Cures Distemper.
Patience.—"When I was young I had
at least fifty off;rs for my hand."
Patrice.—"Those were what you
might call your palmy days, 1 suppose?"
quickly slops coughs, cares colds, heels
*_>i, tbfaoot oad loads -      23 cents.
A kindly will often makes a way
when a hitter tongue will erect Insurmountable barriers.
Teacher (to the new pupil)—Why
did Hannibal cross the Alps, my Utile man?
My Utile Man.—For the same reasons as the 'en went across tho road.
You don't catch me with no puzzles?
Ttemiids Now Use This
Iw-tatjjougli Syrup
A Family Supply for Me, Saving Vou IS—
The Quickeot, Beet Thins You Ever
Used, *r Money Refunded.
Th* prompt and positive results given
Sy this Inexpensive cough medicine have
caused It to be used In more homes in
the U. S. and Canada than any other
cough remedy. It gives Instant relief,
and will usually wipe out the most obstinate), deep-seated cough inside of It
hour*. It aulekly sueceeds, even In
whooping cough and croup.
A •J-eent bottle of Pinex. when mixed
with home-made sugar syrup, makes is
enneea a family oiwly—of the most
Pleasant and effective couch remedy that
money could buy, at a eavlng of 12. Easily prepared In five minutes—full directions In package.
Children take Pinex Cough Syrup willingly, because it tastes good, lt stimulates the appetite, and Is slightly laxative—both excellent features. Bplendld
for hoarseness," throat tickle, bronchitis,
etc., and a prompt, successful remedy
for Incipient lung trouble.
Pine* Is a special and highly concentrated compound of Imported Norway
White Pino extract and Is rich In guala-
ecl and other natural healing pine ele-
aunts. Simply mix it wltb suger syrup
er strained honey, in a lt-os. bottle, and
tt Is ready for use.
Wnex has often been Imitated, but
never successfully, for nothing else will
produce the same results. The genuine Is
guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction
or money refunded. Certificate of guarantee Is wrapped In each package, your
druggist has Pinex or will gladly get it
mJ?"- ,.-_J■0,■ —s* to Ths Pinex Co.,
Toronto, Oak
W. N. U. No. 878.
Hunting th: Emu
The natives of Australia are ingenious. A black, on discovering emus
feeding on a plain, will cover his back
and head with an emu skin, allowing
It to hang down well on the Bide toward tho unsuspecting birds. In his
right hand he will carry, hidden by
the skin, a boomerang and one or two
throwtng-sticltB- or "waddles'" Then
his left arm will protrude beyond"tue
skin straight out to the elbow, and
the forearm will be bent up. with the
hand at right angles to it-thereby making a capital imitation of an emu's
head and"~neck.
Now and then this hand or head
wlllbe brought to the-ground as If for
feeding: aud as the black walks along
he Imitates every -motion ot the bird,
while at the Bame time, by means of
the big toe, he drugs a spear along the
An Englishman, whllo riding with
a companion across one of the vast
plains of Queensland, was passing a
ridge when, as his eyes cleared the
summit, he saw one of the very wild
blacks of the district walking quietly
along toward.a small scrub ln tlie middle of the open. The Britons pulled
up to see what the man would do. His
sharp eyes, however, soon detected
the white men. though their heads
only were visible to him, and he
dashed Into tho scrub.
Almost Immediately from the opposite side of the scrub darted out what
to tliem appeared an emu, driver, out
by the entrance of the black, so thoy
gave chase, but quickly discovered It
to be only thc black, acting emu, not
expecting that tho white men would
give chase to what was Ip those parts
a very common bird.
There Ib no poisonous Ingredient In
Holloway's Corn Cure, and It can be
used without danger of Injury.
The Indispensable Camel
On his return from a trip across
the Sahara lo Lake Chad, M. F. Four-
cau said recently, "My trip Is the
burial ot tho trans-Saharan railway
Idea." Other explorers agree with him
in the opinion that a great railroad
across the desert cannot be financially successful. The railroad can succeed in comparatively rich countries
only, and Africa, they say, must always be poor ln comparison with
Europe. Railroads may be built near
the sea, nnd along some of the rivers,
but for Interior traffic, and the industrial development of the Inner
parts of the Saharan region, the ancient camel caravans must be depended on.
I retted,Week.Wetiy.WsUfylyeeoW 1
"My husband never gets wbat he
should for his poetry." said the poet's
wife, with a tinge of sadness. "Oh,
don't be too hard on him," replied tbe
girl absent-mindedly.
An English Inventor Iiub copied an
old Idea In the history of telephony by
designing a transmitter shaped like
the human ear.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT from time to time for the
past twenty years. It was recommended to me by a prominent physician of
Montreal, who called It the "great
Nova Scotia Liniment." It does thc
doctor's work: it is particularly good
In cases of Rheumatism and Sprains.
Yours truly,
0 0. DUSTAN,
Chartered Accountant.
Halifax, N. S„ Sept. 21, 1905.
The Fooci Supply of Japan
The American Consular report to
harUT states that -the population of
Japan is increasing faster than the
Increased output of foodstuffs. The
population ot the country has been Increasing at the rate of 1.2 per annum
so that at this rate the country's population will exceed 71.000,(100 ln 1937.
The output of rice, tho principal food-
stuff of the Japanese, has also Increased of late years, but thc production of a normal year does not exceed
243,000,000 bushels, roughly, ahout 5
bushels per capita of the population
It Is evident that the supply of rice
will gradually fall short as the population Increases. There ts no prospect
of any great Increase In the production
of rice sufficient to meet the Increas
Ing demand In Japan, and It Is there
fore necessary tn look to the colonies
Formosa and Korea, for a sunnly tr
make good the deficit. The dislike ol
the Japanese to eat foreign-grown rlcr
Is also a factor in lho situation.
Somebody Would be Hurt
Patrick Murphy was preparing to go
out on Fair Day, when his wife called
out:  "Pat, bave you got yer shllle
"Ot havo," replied Pat, at tho same
time emphasizing tho fact hy g thun
dermis whack on the doorpost.
"Thin put a brick insolde yer hat.
Remlmber the broken head tho blioys
gave yez last Fair Day."
"Thank yen for the gentle reminder
me darllnt, but Ol've got a better surprise packet for thim, the spalpeens.
Ol've sowed a doynamlte cartridge Inside me hat. There'll be an unhappy
Fair Day for somebody when they lhr>
Pat Murphy's head this year. Ol'm al
tber thlnkin."
A Gsrm Disease Which Is Baffling the
Doctors and Alarming the
People Generally
It may be said that doctors are only-
agreed on two points regarding this
much dreaded disease.
First, that it is a gorm disease, nnd.
second, like all germ diseases can
only be fought wltb pure, rich blood.
Prevention Is always the better way
and that Is why we arc alwaye talking
about the wiBdom of keeping the
blood pure and rich and the nerves
healthy and strong hy using Ur.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Rich, red blood Is a deadly foe to
disease germs whether they are germs
.of Infantile paralysis, of colds, of consumption or any other disease.
Don't let the blood get thin and
watery. Don't let the nerves get exhausted. The risk Is too great. Every
doBO of Dr. Chase's Nervo Food goes
to the formation of a certain amount
of pure, rich blood. For this reason
you are certain to benefit by this
You need not wait until you have
some form of paralyslB before testing
this great medicine. Be warned by
headaches, sleeplessness, Irritability.
tailing memory and power of concentrating the mind. Restore the system
while still you have something tc
build on.
Get new energy and vigor into the
system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, 50 cents a box, C boxes for
$2.50: at all dealers, or Edm__&__.):_,
Bates & Co., Limited. Toronto.
Canadian Pacific officials state that
the Windermere Valley. British Columbia, ts being very rapidly settled.
Settlers are going in In large numbers, mostly from the British Isles.
and many lots have been purchased
by the new-comers in Isvermere, the
commercial centre of the valley^ The
latest bulletin Issued by the Canadian
Pacific Railway states that construction on the Kootenay Central Railway
iB proceeding rapidly, grading being
completed as far as Bllllmcheen. SI
miles south of Golden, while from
the Crows Nest Pass the rails arc
laid as far north as Fort Steele. A
small tourist hotel was opened In In-
verinere in August, and two banks
have secured sites for buildings to be
erected in the spring.
Pills for Nervous Troubles.—TJie
stomach is the centre of the nervous
system, and when, the stomach suspends healthy action the result Is
manifest in disturbances of the nerves.
tf allowed to persist, nervous, debility,
a dangerous ailment, may ensue. The
first consideration Ib to restore thc
stomach to proper action, and there
Is no readier remedy for this than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Thousands can attest the virtue ot these
Pills ln curing nervous disorders.
"Isn't that ~ Miss Yawer singing
across the way?" "Yes. I wished she
belonged to a grand opera company."
"You surely don't think she can
sing?" "Not st all, but grand opera
companies never come Into thiB town."
Etiquette for Murderers
The trials of self-confesBed murderers'who wish to be arrested are related  In  the   Matin  by  M.  Clement
Some time ago a man named Bcrges
was stabbed to death in the. Place de
Malakon at Algiers. Three men were
arrested on suspicion, but as they
proved their innocence, were released,
and the matter waB shelved. A tew
days ago, however, a man called at
the office of a police commissary and
said to that official: "My name Is
Marius Yvorra. 1 killed Berges, and
this is how 1 did it." The commissary
listened to the man's confession and
said- "You had better sec my secretary."
The secretary also listened to the
man's confession, and after a little
reflection, said: "Now took here, my
good mnn, this is not the way to get
arrested. You must write us a letter confirming the verbal statements
made to us. Then we'll be able to attend to you. Now, get uhmg." The
man left the office, and perhaps because he waa uot a good writer, has
not been Been slnco ln Algiers.
Bricks can be nrnda? from Clnv. Shale
or 8nnai. Full information upon request.
The  Berg  Machinery  Mfg. Co.,  Limited
Toronto, Ont.
specialist. 6 dollege St.. Toronto.
cstabusheo ietx\, y
Awarded first prize at World's Exposition on Its work and methods.
Write for a freo catalogue. We
also give instruction by mall.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Mrs. Hubbubs.—I seo you stlil havo
your cook. I thought she was going
to leave.
Mrs. Subhubs—She was, but I bo'i._ht
a new sei of dishes, and 1 don't thli.k
she'll go till they are all broken.
Why didn't Eve have the measles?
She'd Adam.
Why are hogs like trees?
Because they both root for a living.
You often need some heat
in early Fall, when you have
not yet started the furnace.
In whateverpart of the house you want it, you can get it
best and quickest with a Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater.
The Perfection is the most reliable healer on lhe market, and you
can move it wherever you please.
Start it in bedroom or bedroom, and you dieu in comfort on the coldest
morning. Tske it to the dining-room, er.d early breeldut becomes l pleaiant,
coaeymeal.   A touch of a mstch at dusk, sod all is snug for lhe evening.
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater is beautifully finished—an ornament
anywhere.    Drums oi plain steel oc enamelled in blue i nickel trimmings.
A special automatic device makes smoking impossible.   Burner body cannot
become wedgej.   All parts eerily cleaned.   Damper top.   Cool handle.
Desists sesrrwhtni ar saarile Ier doaiptin circular te ear ximxcr el
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
■t?MmiM*~*!WW»<l*.,,. „. „,,■-...„..,-:,,,,_ .; -:■. aa.:---.-,-,,-. :J<,.. ■ iJtajaMihemZ
Tflhinking of Building a .Silo
.Better Build it
of Concrete
THE construction of a Silo altorde
an excellent example ef what the
farmer  can  do  with Concrete—
and ot the superiority ot Concrete over
all   other material  for  various structural
work about the farm.
The usual wooden silo, besides being expensive, Is for
tram satisfactory. In the flrst place, It does not endure;
and, more Important still—being far .from weather-proot
—Its contents become water-logged—producing an unsanitary condition.
A Kilo built of Concrete, en the other hand, Is
practically everlasting-It Is proof against heat, cold
and moisture—and it has the merit of comparative
"What ths Farmer Can Do
mth Concrete."
Tells you how to use Concrete tn constructing
This economy fsaturs Is farther explained In our free book—"What thi Fat mtr
Can D» Wilh Concrete."—which tells how to
mil and use Concrete for the making of
alios and other buildings on the
Dipping Tanks
Fence Poete
Feeding Fleers
Hone* Neete
Hitching Poets
Horeo Blocks
Poultry Houeee
Root Cellars
Shelter Walts
weii sur*
i., oFe.,
Fill out the coupoi
and send for the
book to-day.
You may
send mt a
copy of book
entitled "Wk*ltkt
Former Can Dt IVitA
Canada Cement Co. u-hu
■1-60 National Bank Building, Montreal
Address , THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Publtihed at Grand Pork«, BrltUh ColumM
li. A.Ev*sa  Editor and Publisher
A Hie of thi* paper can be ie«n at the office
of Memv. K. A J. Hardy A i'o.. Si, 31 ami 32,
Fleet Street, K.C., London. Knar)und, free of
ohartee, and that Arm will be clad to receive
•ubiorlisttonii und advertisement* on our behalf.
line Year	
Dun Year (In advnnoe)	
One Year, in Cnhed States	
Address atl communications tu
Thk Bvbnino Sun,
Hhonb B74 Ghanu Fohks, B.C |
.. LW
■Hjglin>wiiflg§ttii| GRAND forks OPERA HODSE11 im-' pi \fjf\o
___.__.._,_ ||   |    „,d Goorlay 1 IALl|VJi3
Whkn the city desires to dispose
o! any of tbe property tbat bas reverted to it by reason of delinquent
taxes, it should do so by holding
auction sales. That would give all
the citizens an equal opportunity of
securing bargain.
This year has been prolific in
bringing new Suus to the centre of
the stage. Dr. Sun is sbedding new
li^ht on China, and next Monday
the Vancouver Morning Suu will
commence to, throw mors light on
the dark spots of ToryiBm. In Grand
Forks the Evening Hun is maintaining its normal heats.
The Greenwood Ledge has been
exceptionally severe on tbe poker
fraternity of late. There is cause for
the apprehension tbat the colonel
has lost a phut jackpot.
Kansas is not tbo only common-
wealth on the continent where
ths women are eligible for mayoralty
The Sun acknowledges the receipt
of a valuable book, Progress and
Prosperity—a Christmas present
from James J. Hill, of the Great
Northern, lt iB an iufallible guide
wealth, and wc shall hand it down
to posterity. .
Tiie provincial elections are surely near at hand. Tbo phrases "golden opportunities" and "glittering
generalties" have made their reappearance in the public press.
Some men haven't even a pull
strong enough to lake time by the
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
dny during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  80 10
Saturday  25 7
Sundiy  25 5
Monday...,.,  ;!.i 20
Tuesday  89 III
Wednesday  38 38
Thursday  12 33
Uniifiill during week, 0.13 inches;
snowfall, 0 Of
Forbes M, Kerliy relurned on
Wednesday from a business trip in
Medicine Hat.'
Tuesday, February 13
Firat Transcontinental Tour
A Thrilling, Heart-Gripping Story
of the Last Frontier
Direct from Its
Long Run at the
New Amrterdam
New York City
PRICES; $1.00 & 50c
and Gourlay
We purchase our Pianos outright and are therefore prepared to give our customers the hest
price and the best terms. We handle only
High-Grade Pianos.
-SiWOODLAND    &   CO,i*r
we are prepared to give the people of (inuid Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Men  are like snme dog; nil they
do is to lie nround and growl.
The photographer is the same hefore taking as after taking.
The man who has the best of.it
in a fight, often gets the worst of it.
in the police court.
The following nre the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 23.001      lOfi.iiOS
Mother Lode  8,320       38,551
Rawhide  2,772
Jackpot      453 1,835
Athelstan   ". 165
Emma       353 2,S31
Othen......;      158 1,092
' Smelter treatment—
Granby 23,655        99.011
B.C. Copper Co... 9,734       46,879
Boundary Hockey League
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Jan. 1—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Grand Forks I, Greenwood 3
Jan 5—Greenwood at Grand  Forks.
Greenwood 3, Grand Fvrks 1
Jan. 10—Grand  Forks  at   Pboenix.
Grund Forks 2, Phoenix 10
Jan. 15—Phoenix at   Grand  Forks.
Phoenix 1, Giand Forks  1
Jan. 19—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Greenwood won on   protest.
Jan. 23—Greenwood nt Phoenix.
Greenwood won on proteat.
Jan. 26—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Greenwood 7. Grand Finks 2
.bin. 2(1—Phoenix at Grund Forki.
Feb. 2—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb. 6—Pliis'iiix ut Gret'liwiMiil
Keii. 12— Greenwood at Grnnd Forks.
Fab.  16—Grand Forks ut Phoenix.
11 olyTiiinity Church, Henry Steele,
llect il-—Sunduy services: Holy communion, 8:00 u.m.; morning prayer
uml sermon, 11 u.m.; evensong und
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m, First Sunduy of the month
Holy communion will he celebrated ut
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
u m. Week dny unci speeiul services
us they ure announced from time to
time You ure cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met vou.
Knox Presbyterian Chuucii—
aSiihli.itli services ut 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school nnd Bible clnss at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially.invited.
.Scuts free. Rev, M. D. McKee, pus
Methodist Chuucii J. Rev. Calvert, IJ. L)., Pustor.—Sunduy services,
11 u.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday scIhmiI,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
nt 8:00 p. m.; prayer meeting, Wed'
i nesduvs, 8 p.m.; J uly ov League, Fri
days, .7:00'p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pustor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
cI_.ni. und Sundav school nt 10 u.m.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B. C.
^ Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Colombia, B.C.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu curds just received at
Thi. Sus job olliee.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay.his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business..
F. O. BOX 1353 448«EYMOUR ST.
Mem. n. Croailey Brot., Manoheiter, Bur,
Maker* of Gas Producer Plant* and Oil
Btigluei for fteiierui power or elettrtcal
HKlitlnir t'lirpoKOH.
Me-wrs. Dick, Kerr A Co., Ltd., Preiton,
Kiitflimd. Kquipuieut for Mine* and Con-
traetor* Light Locomotive* (wteim and
Sterling Telephone Co., portable   •hot-
firing iiiai'litntifor miners, contractor*.
uroriiMctor*.    The hew »n the   market.
Write fur purtl.iitaf*.
Motor*, <ii.ii«int<i„.  KUrtrir.it   Supplier
Hk'i'triciil Heutliiff   and Cooking  Appant
tm, Storuuu Hatierleu, etc.
Vi.nr  euuniiii"* will receive our  prompt
at lent lOU.   Write for Information,
C!IF If CTftlM 1? 18 1 flat w.all color. We have the
OlLlVsjlU^L popular shades. It i.s used on plaster, Wood, etc., anil can .lie washed without destroying
the tint. Try it this spring when hbuseclefUiitig.
Pricea:    1 Gal., 43.20; 1-2 Gal., M.75; 1 Ot., 90c
We also have the well known Wa-ko-ver
.Stains—A better assortment than ever.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't for-
:et this.
FrM&ical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
VT OTICE is hereby given I hut about
;\ week* iia_j,i there a.ti-nyp.1 tO my
premises one sorrel mare, be
tween ,'i mul 9 years old; white stripe
on face; litflit inane and Ull; white
stocking on ohe him! leg. Owner is
rei|iiesii'(l to call and claim property,
otherwise the animal will be sold
utter the expiration of a month to
pay charges for its feed, eto.
Robert Lawson,
Columbia, BG.Feb. Iti, 1912.
(Till Milled Annually)
Kn»i>len trader., throughout  tlit*  world  to
■•cimiiiiiiiicutn cliret't with Kngluli
Iii Oacll (iloMuf goods.    Mrsiilt'H being u b01D<
pl' tl'    i*illlillll*'l*i'll    guide   tu    Lolllloll   ttll'l    1th
•iiitmrliH, ttiuillrc.toi) t'lMitulim lUt- nf
with tho Ooodi iIm'.v vliip,'mul the t.'oloiiliil
itii<l i-'iir< inn Market* they supply:
npranged under the Port*to wliloli they llttl,
and Indicating the,approximate Sailing*.;
uf leading MuiiufiU'tttrt-m, Merolmuti, etc, hi
the prlmdpnl pr»vlnclnl town* mul hidiutrial
ut-utruanf tin- UiiltflVil Kiti-fldimi.
A qppy of the current edition will bn for*
warded, frclirht puld, on receipt of Poital
Order Inr 20S.
Dflftleri Keokfnir Agencies can wl virtue
tlielr trade vntiit lur it, or larger advertltie-
tnoiitH from £3,
25, Abuhur-uh Lane, Ijowlon,  K.C.
OririiMil Mlnirnl Cl'lm. nltnate In tin
lirmid Korkx M-uliiy DlvMun of Yale DU
WlnTf lui'aieil:   In Hruwn'n ramp.
TAKK MjTK K  that   I. Alexa-iftr C Itpir.
1    Kn« ^liiern't'ertlHoaM No. :tft(Hli. (or
myHolf hihI »n aueiit for Chnrloa K   Malier.
ti'i.il si,vt> tin*., fvuiii iln* duti- hereof,'in npply to the Mining Rworder for a Cerilllfiiie
ui Improvi'inent, forthe pnrpotie of ohtaiu-
Um n On*., ii iii mit of ih« a'-ovu I'lulm
Ami fnrthiT tiihe mi'icK lhat   avlloh.  lin
■Octlop M, tutiMt lie i'<nniiii'iiued Itefore the
i-nm,.!'   of   HIK'll  ■i'l'tltli.ate   of    Iniprn^e-
Dated thli IB'tl duy of .hun, A.D. \'M\.
YaleKaiiflnistrh't. Dintriet ol Sliiillluimein.
TAKK notiei- that Holier! F. I'aue of Oldl,
Alhnrtii. occupation Kurmur, Intend-, lo,
apply for tyw'ni.f.idoii to piirchnxu the foi-
Inwhitrdt'tiurlhed lands:
(Inmmeneti-K at a post planted almiit :;n
ehahi* norih nithe northw**Ht oorner of Lot
IIWS.. on Deep LWk, and iilmiit live mill".
eust of the town of Cascade: thenoe north
■in ehuhiR. tlienee wi"-t in ohalt'N; theuei*
Miiith ini*lmiiw:tlu'ii<e e»-t I'lcliaiiiH to point
of eoiniiiencnineiit
.1   K. CratiRtnn, Apenl.
Dated Sopteaiher Jial, 1011, mmmm
mamm*a*w*i,.,, .a.i,mi^ji .njinnn.^i. .m n*j*m"
~   -   -     -   -       ■ '—-— — ■ ' ■——	
We Guarantee to Cure Dyspepsia. If We Fail the
Medicine Costs Nothing
ture? wu the position of the Grangers
on the proposed restoration of the
■teel bounties. A resolution was
passed opposing the good roads policy
nf the government.
To unquestionably prove to,;the
people that indigestion and dyspepsia
-can be permanently relieved and that
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets will bring
about this result, we will furnish the
medicine absolutely free if it fails to
give satisfaction to any one using it.
The remarkable success of Uexall
Dyspepsia Tablets is due to the high
degree of scientific skill used in devising their formula as well as to the
care exercised in their manufacture,
wheieby the well-known properties of
Bisinuth-Subnitrate and Pepsin have
been combined with Carminatives and
other agents.
Bismuth Subnitrate and Pepsin .are
constantly employed and recognized
by the entire medical profession as invaluable in the treatment of indigestion and dyspepsia.
The Pepsin used in Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets is carefully prepared so as
to develop its greatest efficiency.
Pepsin supplies to the digestive apparatus one of the most important elements of the digestive fluid. Without
it the digestion . and assimilation of
food arc impossible.
The Carminatives possess properties
which aid in relieving the disturbances
and pain caused by undigested food.
This combination of these ingredients
makes * remedy invaluable for the
complete relief of indigestion and dyspepsia. -
We are so certain of this that we
urge you to try Rexall-Dyspepsia Tablets on our own personal guarantee.
Three sizes, 25 cents, 50 cents, and
$1.00. Remember, you can obtain
Rexall Remedies only at our store—
Tht Rexall Store.    H. £. Woodland.
The Dominion Orange, in session at
Ottawa last week, passed a strong
resolution in favor of reciprocity with
the United States. If the government will pay the wages of the farmers' hired man, the Dominion Grangers say, the country will blossom as
the rose. The steel bounty equ-i's
the wage bill Of the steel men. Why
not apply   the  same rule to agricul-
[ Vi'ords are Wind in.Kmpty Spaoe;
'.Writing leaves a Lasting Trace.
•Search thrice: thy  Heart  and thrige
thy-Soiit again;
j Thus shalt tl ou  know _ the  Minds of
-other men.
Who scolds his Wife at Candle-light
, Is Uke to sleep alone that night.
The Coward   holds a Shield above his
Because a Falling Leaf   might strike
him dead.
Three are the Great Calamities of Life:
To lose one's Father ere one's  Youth
<s done,
In Manhood's Prime to mourn a Con
atant Wife,
And last, in Withered Age, to lack a
Teach your Son a Trade before he's
Whatso'er his powers.
Plant your fields with Rice and Beans
, a plenty—1
Not too many Flowers.
Despite the Rascal's Righteous Creed
His Deeds are ever ill.
The Snake witnin his Hollow Reed
Contrives to Wriggle, still.
In talk he's a wonder,
But small are his Gains.
How loud is the Thunder!
How little the Rains!
The Petty Rascal's fetters clank;
The Wholesole Robber starts a bank.
The   Needy Student reading late at
Bored through the Wall to steal . his
Neighbor's Light..
Who seeks   the Tiger's Cubs, must
The Peril of the Tiger's Lair.
You hare Muscle, he has Wealth:
Spending these for Wine and Bread
He sains Illness, you gain   Heilth,—
Which one blither goes to bed?
If Eighty Yiars be yours to dwell on
Expect not Thirty Thousand Days of
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a   fine form   of silent salesmen,
, Make them  brief, terse  and   pointed
| Print them plainly, to be| read at a
Latest Picture of Borden
This is tbe season te subscribe to
a newspaper, or to renew, if already
a subscriber. Our paper is as good
as any, and better than many. Why
not take it?
It reprensfiits the welfare snd
progress of the community and district with which it is identified, and
vi; apart from its local value, an alt-
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
has made the Hon. Mr. Borden the
central figure of our Canadian public life. Many would like a good
picture of him. We can supply one
Fbke We will send any one our
paper for a year, and the Weekly
Mail and Enmire (the regular rate
of which is 81.00 per year) for the
same period, the two together, tn include free picture of the new Canadian premier, for 81.50.
The Borden picture is on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photo
tints, 18x24 inches, and is in itself
as a work of art, easily worth the
price of a year's subscription to
either paper. Send all orders to the
office of this pnper.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor In believe thatthpy can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Hotel CoKn 4
Opposite Great Not them Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. l-irst-
elan -accommodation* for
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates, fine line of
Wine*., Million*and Clffars
always in stock at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Mon-
treal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   (j4.h Inspiration of Love and
Affection—i^A Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
[ the greatest nnd best family and farm paper on the continent, has "on
mnny occasions given ils readers most delightful premium picture,
Imt this season they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Astain" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two* friends
wbo meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of tbe family and neighborhood,
bus heen stolen, and nfter many days' absence he escapes one night from
bis captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with thc rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
__, His familiar hark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and "brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome hy putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
mid parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an,eager boy with bair like
his mother's and tbe quick gesture of excited boyhood; tbe warm-hearted
uirl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture tbat will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
bis skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals,
Tbe beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FllEE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Slar for 1912.
The small sum of 11.50 will secure the two papers for a full year in
finding a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easilv worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big 81.50 worth this
1 he Oliver Typewriter
(or 17 Gents a Day!
I'lcHNt* rend tlie headline|over again. Then it* '
rrememlnns KluultUiancc will 1awu upon you j
An Oliver Typewriter—the standard visihle
writer—the mont highly peri ted typewriter
un the market—youra fur if (.emu     day I
The typewriter whose <»i>nt| next nf the com
mi.rclul world is a matter M hiatorv — ymirs fo
17 centM ii tiny!
The typewriter that Is equipped with loore* ot
nieli conveniences as "Tho Hiilatiix- shift"-
The Killing DevlPe',-"The  Double KeleHse"-
Tlie    Locomotive    Base"—-'The     Auionimlc
apHcer"—"The   Automatic  Tahulator"—''The
—"The Adjustable Paper KiiiKurt,1'—"The Sol-
entitle Condensed Keyboard"—all >>•*%
loan (or 17
Cents a Day!
We anounced  thit
ew sales plan recently, Jnst to feel the pulse of
the people.   Pimply a small cash payment-
then 17 cents a day.  That Is the plan lu a nutshell.
The result hai been such a deluge of applications for machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all Hges, all nccupntions.
The majority of inquiries has come \ttotix peo-
leof known financial standing who were attracted by the novelty of the propoa.'on. An
Impressive demonstration of the Immense pop*
uiarlty of the Ullver Typewriter
A startling confirmation nf our belief that
lhe Era of Universal Typewriting is at hand.
A Quarter of a Million People
are M ;* 2 Mney with
If you come to me
for treatment, expect to he cured, ff
others hnve failed,
expect me to  eure
{ou rule's 1 know
can cure you I will
not accept your ea*e
and in every Instance I treit by toy
own original or ad-
vuiired and scientific
Spermatorrhoea. Orgmilo Weak n em.
Lost Vigor, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Contracted Disorders, Specific Blood I'dimm,
Hies arid Strictures—restoring all affected
organs to normal and henlth.v iicttun lu
the shortest possible space of time.
See All the Forms of .Diseases
of Men.
(laHiaatiltuilaaaa mill Instruction itnoklet
tree nt ufflt-0 or by mall,
At the Head
Tht man al it.c hud of aff.iirs
whether at home or in business, is
the out whose attention you wi-.li
to attract.
Our paper pes into the best class
ol homes and is reail hy the head ,_f
lhe Canily. That accounts for the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want A.ls.
The StandardVisible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter li a money-makei
right from the word "got" So easv to run that
beglittien soonjtet in the "expert" class, Earn
as you learn. Let the machine piy thu 17 cent*
a duy—and nil ahove that Is yours.
Wherever you are, there Is work to he dime
And money to be mnde by using the Oliver. Tht
business world Is falling for ullver operators.
There sre not enough to supply the demand.
Thelrsalsries are considerably above those ot
many elas^esof wotketa.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is the battle cry today, Ae have made
the Oliver supreme In usefulness Anil-ahMilutcl.
Indispc-usaliie In bu-luess. Now comes tbe cnn'
quest of the home,
lhe simplicity aud strength of the Oliver nt It
for family use. It Is hi-miplug au Important
factor in the home training of young people.
A u educator as well as u money maker.
. Our new selling phin puts the Oliver on thi
threshold nf every home in Ameriea. Will vol
close tbe door of your home or olliee on this re
itiarkable Oliver off* r?
Write for further details of our easy offer and
a free copy ot the uew Oliver earning.   Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver T) paawrllor Rilllilliig,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen luniks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper, it. is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged ip any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 1636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pnges, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fai'ts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investment* and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoftice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
City and Suburban
-115X17;. PT. LOT between
Second nnd Third streets,
just iilii-vcJudirc U'Hiny'i
and K.Uitw's places; separated from alt other properties hy 2(Mt.
lane: as larue ai seven or i-U.ht ordinary lots.
udjoiiiiiiir lot*- are worth tr<4); would nutke
nloe home, with sufficient irrnund for chirk-
ens, frnlt, icurdeu and lawn; most desirable
ocation In city.
3ft  Af'ltKS adjoining
eity limits on south;
14 acres cleared; l.'-n
x fruit trees; new four-
roum house; hum fur six home*; home,
huitiry. double hnrties* and In ruling Implements.   AllfurfWOO.   Km? terms.
and three hit* within
one hlnclt of business
. centre;   lawn,  shade
trees, fruit trees, berry hushes, larire garden.
Will also sell furniture of house if desired.
One-half cash, balance terms.
—i\i miles from town;
7-rooin house, plastered; large bustyshed,
 ..,    woodshed;   ISO    fruit
trees, 70 bearing: 1% acres strawberries,
gooseberries, currants, ruspberriei: free from
trost: the best location around Grand Forks;
plenty of goud water; fruit and orop included.
-Hetween .'t and 4 acres
lu West cud or city;
first class (toil, all under on) ivutlou: small
house, woodshed and outbuildings; well and
pump; Rood fence. This Is a sacrifice,as owner it abont to leave city. Terms.
For further information re
gar-ding the above propertied
call or address
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks ol 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to git
the paper at thia price. On January
1, 1912, It will be advanced to J2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues ol 1912 will contain
the equivalent oi 30 volume! Ol tin-
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
tbe Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1012 and Sample
Copies of The youth's Comtanun, free.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Emrr Nam Subwribar wha euU oat
Mid MBait tbia slip (or mention, (hi*
paper) with $1.75 lor lb* 52 iuu.. caf
Th. Companion (or 1912 will recaira
All Iks braaa (or lho remalnins
woolu of 1911 froo, htcliidiaaf tbo
bowtIMHoliday Ntuabonl oIk> sn
Tho Compaoloa'a Picture Ca.ena.ar
for 1912, lilboaraphad la 12 color,
aad (old (aa aatra con, bains aant to
avoir a*. MUsf * |fff aa-bacripuoo).
Thaa Tho Companion (or tb. 62
wooka al 1912-aU for Sl.TS-ro*
la_teha__caatthi.pr.ca. On Januatr
1, 1912, il will b. adfl-ancad to |2.
law Mitftat.— RKcind st This Office. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Member Standard stock and Mlnlns
Correspondence Invited.
Next Best Thing
A colored woman went to the pastor
of her church the other day to complain of the conduct of her husband,
who, she said, was a low-down, worthless, trifling nigger. After listening
to a long recital of delinquencies of
her neglected spouse and her efforts
to correct them, the minister said.—
"Have you ever tried heaping coals of
fire upon his head?" "No," was the
reply.   "But I done tried hot water."
so he tried ihem
Suffered with his Kidneys and was
very feeble, but now he Is feeling
Saint Walburg, Sask., (Special)—One
healthy, happy family ln this neighborhood are always ready to speak a
good word for Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They are Mr. snd Mrs. Leon Sergent,
and here is the reason In Mr. Sergent'B
own words:
"I suffered with my Kidneys and I
was very feeble. My urine was thick
and had a brick-dust sediment. As
Dodd's Kidney Pills had already cured
my wife, I bought tbree boxes. Now
my urine is normal and I feel fine."
It Is statements such as these that
give Dodd's Kidney Pills their popularity. They are no cure-all. They
simply cure diseased Kidneys and the
ills that come from diseased Kidneys.
But no matter what neighborhood you
visit you find some man or woman
who has been sick and ln pain and
has been cured hy Dodd's Kidney
Pills. For a score of years this work
has been going on and today in every
part of Canada Dodd's Kidney I'ills
are known as the one sure cure for
Kidney Disease, Urinary Troubles,
Backache, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Diabetes and Bright's Disease.
Young Flicker.—"Which weeds aro
the easiest to kill?"
Farmer Sassa Fras— "Widow's
weeds. You have only to say 'Wilt
thou?' and tbey wilt."
• Deafness Cannot Bc Cured
by local application!, as thry caiianot rrnrti thai all*
eawil portion ol tho ear. 'llicro u only ono way to
cure dealniM. and that la by constitutional .middle*.
Deatncs. a caused by an Inflameal rooalltlaan ot tbe
mucous llnlni ol the Eustachian Tube. When tbls
tube Is Inflamed you have a rumblltm sound or Ira-
perfca-t bearing, and when It a entirely closed, D.at-
ness ia, tbo result, and unless the Inflanimaatlaan can ba
taken out and this tube restored to Ils I ornmi com!;-
tlo.i. beauiuf will be destroyed forever: lalno osaa-
out of taa are caused by Catarrh, which Is r.othim;
but aa Inflamed condition of the mucous snrlnces.
Wo will itlve One Hundred Dollars lor any case of
Dea.nesa (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Hall-1 Catarrh Cure.  Send fnr circulars, free.
1,1. CHENEY 4 CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Dru-.sl.ts, 780,
Take Hall's I-aiiilly Tills for constipation.
Miss Vere.—Mr. Desmond, why did
you go to the dining-room before you
greeted the hostess?
Mr. Dresmond.—Well, the hostess
will keep, but the refreshments seem
to be getting away.
If the devil lost his tall, would he
find another in a saloon where they
retail bad spirits?
Specialist Did Skin
Trouble No Good
Very Itchy and Disfiguring.  Got a
Little Cuticura Soap and Ointment and Was Cured.
"For two summers I suffered with
■Un trouble on ray arms, ud on my
lep from my kneta down. My arms
were badly disfigured, and I kept them
covered. It caroo like the hives, and
ww very itchy. I consulted a specialist,
who gave me medicine, as well as an
ointment, but seemed to do no good. It
was U-ginning to appear on my face.
"I got a little Cuticura Ointment
snd some Cuticura Soap. Tbe first
touch of Ointment seemed to relieve,
and before the Cuticura Ointment was
finished I wu cured. I have not the
least sign of trouble I think it would
have spread over my whole body if
Cutloura Soap and Ointment had not
cured me. I am delighted with them,
and do feel pleased to think I have something I have confldnnce in. I tell all
my friends about them, and I think
Cutloura Ointment Is the best I evrr
saw." (Signed) M. J. Boddy, 73 McCaul
St., Toronto, Dec. 22, 1910.
Cold-Sore Began to Heal With First
Use of Cuticura Ointments
"Cuticura Ointment cured a very
bad cold-sore that gave me hours of
■even pain and loss of sleep. I tried
lots of other remedies but nothing did
me any good tUl I tried Cuticura Ointment, and from tbe very flrst application it began to heal and now there is
not even a scar left." (Signed) Mrs. W_
Boyce,Mermaid Farm, P.E.I., Jan.8,'ll.
For more than a generation Cuticura
Soap and Cuticura Ointment havo
afforded the speediest, safest and most
economical treatment for skin and scalp
troubles, of young and old. Although
they are sold by druggists and dialers
everywhere, a liberal sample of each
may be obtained free, from the Potter
Drug A Chem. Corp., sole props., fit
Columbus Ave., Boston, U. S. A.
W. N. U. Ne. 878.
Preparing fer Gigantic Celebration to
Mark Century of Existence.
The preliminary preparations for
celebrating the centenary of the founding of Kamloops in 1812 by the Pacific
Fur Company, are now well in hand.
His Royal Highness, the Governor-
General, Lord Strathcona and otlier
noted personages are expected to attend the opening ceremonies which
will take place in September next,
and will UBher in the festivities
extending <.v..r an emir,, week.
The early, history of Kamloops Is
full of interest. After the post had
'jeen established as Astoria by the
partners ol the Pacific Fur Company,
on.i of their .jiumher, David Stuart,
made an exploring tour to the Shus-
wap country ln the fall of 1811. Finding the district offered a lucrative
field for trading he so reported upon
his return to Astoria and at a meeting of the company, the first to be
held at Astoria, early in 1812, Stuart
was authorized to establish another
trading post between Fort Okanagan
and New Caledonia, where the North
West company had'posts.
Uofore proceeding ln this task
Stuart sent Alexander Ross upon a
trading excursion. Ross followed the
route taken a few months earlier by
his superior and arrived at "Cum-
cloupB," as ho named the Indian village at the mouth of the North
Thompson River. Later he retraced his
steps, and on August 24 David Stuart
In his turn went to Kamloops and car-
lied out his instructions to build a
fort. Soon after the North Wes'
coinpany established a post at thn
snme place, ln charge of a clerk- in
the service, named La Boquc. This
was the beginning _of Kimlrj.'",
founded hy tlio same men who Cr.tt.t-
llshed Astoria at the mouth of the
Columbia. Its growth, leading to the
settlement of the Interior of tho province, and its present commercial Importance fully warrant an elaborate
celebration of tho clty'B centenary.
An amusing Incident happened some
time aco ln ono of the Paris courts
of justice. A vain, haughty woman
was called up as witness, when the
magistrate enquired hei- age.
"Twenty-five last August," promptly replied the lady.
Tho next witness was a young man,
who at once acknowledged that he
was 2" years of age.
"Are you related to the last witness?" queried the magistrate.
' "Yes. I'm her son," he replied.
"Ah!" mused the magistrate, "your
mother must have married very
young." •
Used according to directions. Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will
afford relief In most acute form of
summer complaint. Whenever the attack manifests Itself no time should
be lost in seeking the aid or the
Cordial. It will act Immediately on
the stomach and Intestines and allay
the Irritation and pain. A trial of it
will convince ■ anyonp of the truth of
these assertions.
Mr. Payup (calling for account).—
So Mr. Detts. you thought to slip me
by moving from your other house, but
you see, 1 have found you out.
Mr. Detts.—Worse luck, you've
found nie in.
Minard's liniment cures garget In cows
"You said that you were going Into
some business that would bring you In
quick returns," Fald a young fellow to
his chum. "I did," was the answer: "I
am sending manuscripts to the magazines."
Stiff neck! DoeBn't amount to
much, but mighty disagreeable. You
will be surprised to see how qulckly
Hamllus Wizard Oil will drive that
stiffness out.   One night, that's all.
Soil Radiation and Health
Professor John Mllno suggests that
certain experiments made by him,
showing that photographic effects are
produced hy some form of radiation
from chalk and granite ln the Isle of
Wight and Cornwall—radiation which
he thinks is probably or au electrical
nature—may posBlbly throw light, on
differences of climate observed In
places which aro relatively near together. Future research, he thinks,
may perhaps show that thc well-being of living things nn the surface of
our earth Is more dependent upon Ils
radiations than has hitherto been supposed.
Youthful Logic
Tho teacher In elementary mathematics looked hopefully about the room.
"Now very carefully beforo you answer my next question."
The small pupils sat. eagerly awaiting lt, wide-eyed, and In some Instances, open-mouthed.
"Which would you rather have,
three bags with two apples In each
bag, or two hats with throe apples in
each bag?" asked the teacher.
'Three bags, with two apples In
each bag," answered a boy In one of
tho last seats, while the class still debated a* to the best answer.
"Why, Charlie?" asked the teacher.
"Becuase there'd he one more hag
to bust," announced the practical
young mathematician.
A fruit pie Is very good, made with
a little water and edges stuck together. Then, when It is baked thc top
crust can be lifted off and a syrup
of water, sugar, spice and butler
poured In. In this way tho Juice does
not boil out In the baking antl leave
the pie dry.
Ib a ship a pile of snow when lt Is
That makes them neater, cr'ispcr, daintier, moro appetising;
The one biscuit good enough "to take the placo of your own baking,"
Fresh as the biscuits from your own oven.
Think what that means! Freedom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on tho porch
or in the parlor.   Time to do the Httle"knick-knacks that havo been neglected.
Are the creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They are baked in tho big sanitary factory in Winnipeg-
right at your very door.
Use MOONEY'S and bo sure of a biscuit tlmt if
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that \>ill satisfy the family,
In tempting packages or sealed tins
i you prefer.
The Tyranny of the Uniform
In the recent English Church Congress an innovator proposed that the
reverend clergy discard their clerical
coats, cassock vests, etc.. and dress
like other.folkB. The Queen newspaper does not think well of the suggestion. "If," it says, "cycling, golfing, hunting, yachting, cricketing, ..nd
football, if soldiering and salloring,
and even shopwalking and company
promoting each has it recognized style
of costume or dress, why should not
tho ministerial office have its own
appropriate apparel?"
Slickly stops coudha, cans colds, naaala
• liroat a ill lull*      -      •      39 crala.
Sir William S. Gilbert was once
standing outside his club when a
stranger approached him and said:
"I beg your pardon, sir, but do you
happen to know a gentleman, a member of this club, with one eye, called
Sir William paused for a moment.
*'I can't say I do," he replied. "What
is the other eye called?"
"What's that you have ln your
hand?" asked Mrs. Gimlet of her husband, as ho brought home a roll of
"Brains, madam," replied Mr. Gimlet pompously. "Are you surprised at
the fact?"
"Not ln t'*e least," she replied. "I
knew you didn't carry them In your
Worms feed upon the vitality of
children and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
"Do yoi: wish to have a life-sized
portrait." uahed tho artist. "Certainly." replied Mrs. Newrlch. "It'll probably cost more to frame, but gracious,
we ain't goln' to stop at that."
"He aays tha. his employers always
regarded him as a valuable man."
"Yes, they offered a large reward for
htm when he left."
For our fast selling Drugs and Drug
Sundries. Wo supply you with articles
some of which.are saleable in every
home, and on which you will receive
a profit ot 200 to 300 p.c. We have
agents earning 15.00 to $10.00 per day
the year round. Be an agent. Send
at once for our special agents price
list. Don't overlook this chance. It
means d. liars to you.   Write at one*.
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
Mks. WiKSLow'ai soothing 8v»ur lias been
nurd lor over SIXTY YEAKSlay MII.UONS of
ia tlie beat remedy (rar DIARRHOEA. , It Is absolutely harmless. He sure and aak for "Mra.
WltMlow'a Soothing Syrup," and take ao other
kind. Tweuli-fiveceiitan bottle.
Oil for Toothache.—There Is no pain
so acute and distressing as toothache.
When you have bo unwelcome a visitor
apply Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil according to directions and you will find
Immediate relief. It touches the nerve
with soothing effect and the pain departs at once. That it will case toothache Is another fine iiuallty of this Oil,
showing Ihe many uses it has.
Besides the usual burglar alarms
Hint protect bank vaults a snapshot
iiiiniei-tt has been introduced. A*to-
mallciillv II will take the burglar's
picture lis he looked while In the act.
The I'lu.shlighl photos ran)) will both
send io identify the matt and furnish
evidence of his gitlll.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Mrs. Enpeck.—The philosophers tell
us that blessings often come to us ln
disguise.       . ..'._.
Mr. Enpeck (with n sudden show of
spirit).—Mm la, when are you going to
Queen Elizabeth of Helgiuni is taking stepB to revive the making of
BriiBSOl's lace by thc girls nnd women
ot hor country. She Ib having lace-
innklug taught in the Industrial
schools, and lias formed a company
with a capital of $27.1100 for the purposo of getting the fttce to higher-
priced markets, particularly In the
larger American cities.
The Aiiington Co. ol Canada, LU.
.18 liaSti Ave..Toioulo. OnUno.
The Famous jfcyfr Lamp
The Rayo Lamp is the best and mosl serviceable lamp you can find
(or any part of your home.
It it in use in miilioni of families. Id strong white light hu made
it famous.   And it never flickers.
In the dining-room or the parlor the Riyo fives just the light dial it moat efec-
tiva. It ii a becoming lamp—b itself and te you. just lhe lamp, loo, (er bednea
or library, where a deaf; steady li|ht it Beaded.
. Tho Rayo is Bade oliolid bram, aickel-plated; al» in numarom other alvlei aad
finishes. Easily lighted without retno»ing shade or chimney; easy lo clean aasrewkk,
Tbe Impend Oil Company, Limited
Economy in little things ie just *i
important as economy in big tluags
will answer one of your '"economy questions." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does die work of several others
of inferior make.
it Requires-Much Will Power to
Overcome Them.
One ef the Novtltltt Dsvisid hy •
Clsver Woman Who Is Always
Thinking Up Something Ntw In Rib-
hens—Where the Pianola Scores.
Uy Dear Elsa-l am feeling scrappy
today. Now. dear, don't get frightened and Jump to tbe conclusion that I
am going to trend on the toes of all
jour pet hobbles or make myself officiously obnoxious, for 1'ui not going
to do anything of the sort My pronouncement merely means that I'm
lu a conversationally scrappy state of
mind. Vou know the nieutiil attitude
—wben Ideas dart ln and out Id a
tumbled hodgepodge fashion. You remember how our English tcncber us«d
lo call my mind a scrap bag affair,
don't you? Well. It reverts to type
every now nud then, and today is one
of the nows aud tbens.
For the lirst scrap—haven't you heard
people sny, "Oh. I simply can't cat
pork or olive oil," whlchcvor the case
may be?
And baveb't you known them to sit
down and est at another's dinner table
and enthusiastically announce their
delight lu tbe delicious morsels—disguised bj* a clever hostess, who smiles
In ber sleeves?
Now, renlly. haven't yon done these
things yourself? Most of us do hug a
pet dislike to our bosoms when we
would be very much better oil without tt
I bad an amusing Instance of this
at my own table recently. Mrs.
Van A., a dinner guest of mine, was
mil sun or niBBOK.
horrified when Dorothy D., another
guest, mentioned the fnct of liking a
slight flavoring of garlic about certain
dishes. Mrs. Van A. bristled up Immediately, saying sbe never could en
dure tbe odor, mucb less the taste, of
tbe horrid things.. And the joke wns.
Elsa, that at tbe time of tbe conversation she was eating my prise soup,
which owed mucb of Its test to the
flavor of garlic. And, best of all, sbe
begged pardon for ber breach of etiquette and nsked for a second helping
Of "tbat delicious soup." Wasn't II
too lovely?
But all onr pet dislikes nre not con-
lined to eatables. 1 know that sometimes 1 take a perfectly unreasonable
hatred to a person in whom 1 nm positively sure 1 could And charming
qualities If I would only look for
Tbls does not Indicate strength of
character, as to many of as fondly 1m
aglne, but a decided manifestation of
Tveakncss and one tbnt requires a
whole heap of will power to overcome.
Now for scrap No. 2—apple pralines.
Don't yon love them? ' And ln New
Orleans they make the best ln the
world, no I am going to pnss along tbe
recipe for tbem Riven to me yesterday
by a woman visiting bere In New York
from Ibe Crescent City.
These spple pralines, ns you know,
are a French preparation nindo by
combining almonds and currant Jelly
with applet as follows: Peel and'core
•tx npples. Have four ounces of cumulated sugar and n pint nud a half of
water ia a saucepan nnd ns soon as It
comes to the boiling polut add the
fruit and cook It for fifteen minutes
very gently, so thnt It will nnt break.
Turn the apples with n skimmer orco-
alonslly so that Ihey will rook evenly
ou all tides. On removing them drain
them upon a cloth nnd let them cool
off. Blancb two ounces of almonds.
drain, peel nnd mince tbem nnd then
put them Into n copper basin with
three ounces of granulnted sugnr, hnlf
a gill et wnter nnd a tenspoonful at
vanilla essence. Stir the mixture wltb
a wooden spoon for half n minute.
Dace It on n brisk Are nnd stir continually until tt Is a nice golden color.
Then remove from the fire. Arrange
the applet on n deep, pretty plate, (In
their cavities wltb currant Jelly and
spread the almond preparation over
them, then terve. Just to write about
them makes Day mouth wnter. Tbey
art delicious.  Try them.
And, speaking of dishes, a friend re-
««ntly |*v* me an exquisitely pretty
torn dltb msor* entirety or rninon*
which yon will net- sketched.
Tbe colorings In the basket are pink
and green, the rlhbont being intertwined to give a woven effect Tht
flowers are also of the ribbon In two
shades of pink. The ferns ore artificial. It ts n clever Idea, and tbe next
time I have a small formal luncheon
party I am going to fill the centerpiece bosket with La France roses
mnde of ribbon. To each rose will be
attached a piece of baby ribbon reaching to tbe place cards. At the close ot
tbe luncheon tbt guests will pull tho
strings and keep tht rotes at touvt-
Here's a big mental Jump from ribbon baskets to pianolas.
A music loving mother who hoped
to see ber children develop Into musical genulses told me yesterday tbat
not only her hope, but the hopes of
many other mothers sbe kuew, had
been blasted by tbe attractions of the
pianola. Children, she explained, who
bad shown quite a talent for music,
rebelled outright against further study
wben a pianola became tbe property
of a neighbor. "What's the use of
practicing," they would argue, "wnen
we can make the machine play the
tune with our feet!" And, though
mothers' hopes may be blasted and
neighborhoods may suffer from the
number of pianolas going nt onco on
still summer nights, the days will be
more peaceful in the Individual borne.
The ears of the family will not be as
sailed by the sound of five linger exercises, nnd there will be fewer contentions becnuse piny Is preferred to
practice. In fnct nowadays the only
children who do tbelr daily two hours'
work at the piano are those destined
to be star performers later on.. It's a
pity, but accomplishments are no
longer considered necessary, ln smart
society. All one has to do are "stunts,"
which In most cases are puerile imitations of some stnge celebrity or nn
accidental personal hit If I don't stop
scribbling I mlgbt get logical, and that
would not be at all Uke        MABEL.
New York.
To Wives.
Don't quote father.
Pet your husband. He's only a big
Meet him at tbe door with a smile
when be comes home.
Dress as carefully as you did when
he came courting.
Wear the color be likes you ln and
tbe style of gown.
Have something In the wny ot a surprise dish for dinner occasionally.
Read tbe papers and magazines and
be your husband's equal. _
Keep up wltb bim ln any special lint
of work.
Encouraga hts bobby.
Keep bis clothes In order, a clean
house and good food.
Be systematic and do not tell htm all
the troubles of tbe day. He bas bad
bis own, more significant and important Individually tban til yours put
Your husband lt then yours forever
and ever. No chorus girl or pretty
stenographer can lake blm away from
yon. But keep him or somebody else
will snap him up and make blm tblnk
tbat she nnd she alone did or ever will
understand blm.
Covered lee Pltehtrt.
Careful housekeepers will find covered Ice water pitchers useful for
many purposes besides tbo one for
which they arc especially Intended.
Tbey come lu different sizes, from
less tban a pint up to a quart or more,
at prices varying from 30 to 85 cents.
They are of Ivory tinted porcelain,
decorated wltb vnrled designs In color,
tome for the little ones having Mother
Goose, pictures. Tbe covert ore of
porcelain to match tbe pitchers. They
extend slightly over tbe edge of the
latter and for this reason are unusually effective ln keeping out dust
Pearl Harbor D •ydock.
The excavation vork on Iht big
otvtl drydock at Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands. It completed. The dock
Is to bo 814 feet In length. 113 feet 4
inches In width nt the entrance, anil at
mean blgh water It will bave thirty-
two and one-half feel of wnter over
tho keel blacks. Pearl Harbor Itself,
which is being Improved, will bo open
to navigation probably late In 191*2.-
Bclentlttc American.
Wireless Lighting.
A Danish Inventor him made successful experiment* wllb wireless lighting.
Two Incandescent lamps were lls.li.fd
tnd extinguished by n transmitting an-
pn-.titus In another mum Tbere was
ao connection of any kind between the
apparatus and tbe lamps.
Crowded India.
The population <>f India Is 3IH.000.-
1100, though Its area Is not greater thnn
tbnt of nine or ten of our  western
A row of guut'oiton reaching from
Edinburgh to London. It In snid. could
be llroil In two minutes, mi rapid It
tbe transmission of detonutlon from
one Hart tu number.
Australian' Marine Plant Possesses
Valuable Properties.
In Australia there was recently dis
covered an extraordinary fiber of marine growth which by reason of the
vast amount of tbe deposit and the remarkable qualities of the-liber is expected to prove of great commercial
This fiber is tbe result of the shed-
dings of tbe leaf sheath of a sen grass
botanlcally known as Posidonht austra-
11s and so far has been fonnd oply In
Spencer gulf, South Australia, wbere
tho sbeddings have been Imprisoned
by thc action of wind and waves ln
tbe sand flats of tho gulf.
The uses of the fiber nre found by
experiments made by competent persons to bo many and varied, and lt
possesses mnuy unique qualities, lt
will spin and weave In union with
wool nnd will also take dye equally
well, being so far ns Is known the only
vegetable fiber to do this, lt Is practically nonlntlammablc, its charring
polut being 3f3 degrees V., and it is to
that extent a nonconductor, unlike cotton, lt docs not shrink and has more
resilience thnn kapok. It is also found
to be ns good for ship calking as
Blankets and cloth woven of n mixture ot wool nnd this fiber, together*
with samples of the fiber iu various
stages of producllon from plant to
yarn, are uow on view io tho sample
room cf one of the lending wool houses
In Australia, and the manufactured
articles are being most favorably commented upon by those Interested ln the
textile Industries. Ou account of Its
splendid dyeing properties it can also
be used lu the making of carpets; also
for coir matting, hcsslnn. bagging,
woolpacks, nod lt appears difficult to
say to what other uses with proper
machinery It cannot bc put.
Swansdown Trimming the Vogue.
Paris Is going mad over swans-
down as n trimming for gowns, wraps
and hats. The cut shows a charming
little poke shaped bonnet with sides
and  brim covered  wltb swausdown.
Designed by Or* Cnt.
The loose crown U of black velvet
and thu high pointed bow of beige
and melon pink grosgraln ribbon.
The oilier bat l» au Imported affair
of royal purple velvet with the elde
g*rown covered with lavender lace medallions. The same kind of medallion Is used as an ornament to support
the bead of tbo wheat, wbich It made
entirely of ribbon.
Hie View ef the Matter.
"Joseph." snid his mother reprovingly, "I nhiiiiid nihil; you'd bo asbnmed
to be In the same clnss with boyt to
much tmnller than yourself."
••Well, mother," replied Jo*. "I look
upon the matter In a different wty
altogether It makes me feel Iln* to
nee how proud tbv small boys aro to
lie In the clnss with a big boy ilka me."
Why Papa Staytd it Home.
"llninnia." u.-flUy Hie Utile boy, "who
aw the HlgilwntiTS."
"Hlgliwiiters?" answers the mother
"I don't liuow any such family. Wby
do you ask?"
"Well. I beard Mr. Perkins nsk papa
If he'd be over to tho Utile gutue tonight, and pnpn snid lied be thero Is
flapllt of Helen HUiwator."-'
It Prtved t* ■• t Riot, Find and Became a Town'e Name.
Thero ll a certain natural pride felt,
tfter success bat come, In wearing th*
epithet given In contempt by those
who prophesied failure. Instance! art
not uncommon of triumphant tectt
and partiet and even nations retaining tbt very title first given tbem by
tbelr enemies. A cat* In point It
Tombstone, Aria. How did It coma to
havo inch a name? It wat not borrow,
ed or-stolen trom tny otber place on
tbo globe nor even suggested by any
novel or romance.
The ttory It that two young mon,
brothers, when about to start from
Tucson on a prospecting tour Into tb*
Dragoon mountains, Souora. or somewhere else were advised to give up tbt
undertaking, for tt tbey perished tbey
would find neither mine nor fortunes,
but their "tombstones" Instead. Th*
boys bravely bade goodby to tbelr
friends, tbougb emphatically warned
thnt tbey never would return alive.
Tbe prospecton tet off and, following
tha "blind trail," came to tbe plain
nnd made tbelr camp. On examination
tbey found a ledge of ore cropping out
several feet, all marked and rich wltb
tbe precious metal. "We have found
our tombstone!" they exclaimed, and
no .other name would, do to designate
tbe camp.
The town bat kept tbe name, wblcb,
It not poetical. Is certainly original. A
valuable tombstone, too, It must bt
confessed, for tbe Bchleffelln brothert
sold their balf Interest tn tbe mine
and mill late In tbe eighties for something Uke a million dollnrs.-New York
Scsndinavians Belisve It Is Eaten Even
In Heavan.
In the sacred books of th* Scandinavians pork Is represented as the
principal food even In heaven. It was
the chief food of tbe Irish ln tbe
twelfth century aud also of tbe Anglo-
Saxons at an earlier period.
In France lt was equally common,
nnd Chnrlemagnc kept in hts forests
immense droves of pigs. Late In the
Blxtecntb century tbere was a particular disease said to be caused by tbo
quantity of pork eaten In Hungary,
and even at present tho barbarous
Lettes are passionately fond of It ln
Hie middle or the sixteenth century
Phillip II. wben In England generally
dined on bacon, of which he ate so
much as frequently to make himself
very 111.
By a singular contradiction tbe African Mohammedans now "believe tbat
a great enmity exists between bogs
and Christians" (Mango I'arUi. Many
medical authors bare supposed thnt
pork Is particularly unwholesome ln
bot countries, but this requires confirmation, nnd It Is certain that It Is recommended by Arabian physicians and
Is more generally enten both In Asia
and Africa thnn Is usually believed.
The North American Indians aro
said to bavo "a disgust for pork." Do-
bell believes there Is more pork entea
In China than all tbo rest of thc world
put togotber. — Buckle's "History of
Apiary Notes.
Never disturb the hees In cold weather.
Bees winter better If they ore given
pnrt honey nnd pnrt sugar to lire on.
There are beekeepers nil over the
United States who. wilh a favorable
locality and good management, nro
mnklng nn excellent living.
Beekeepers frequently flud It necessary to feed a few colonies during
tbe cold months In order to save them
from starvation. As a rule, tbe beekeeper who extracts honey too late In
tbe summer finds It necessary to supplement food during freezing weather
tn vvnrd off heavy loss.
Extracted honey. If brought lo a
temperature of not aver Kid degrees
V.. bottled and scnled while hut, will
usually. If kopt In uniformly warm
temperature, keep liquid for a year
or more. Rut there Is a great difference In honey. Rome will enndy
much more quickly than others. Cold
atmosphere Is quite favorable to
candying of both extracted und comb
honey. Cellars nnd cold rooms art
poor plncca for honey
Suggestions Fer Serving Pish.
Clams Wltb Cream.—Chop moderately fine fifty small clams. Season vith
salt and pepper and put Into a stew-
pan a piece of butter the size of nn
egg. Wben bubbling sprinkle In oi.e
teaspoonful ot flour und cook a few
minutes and stir ln gradually the clam
Uqnor (previously straluedi, then the
clams and stew about four minutes.
Add one cupful of boiling cream end
serve Immediately.
Baked Flsh.-To bake frcsb flsb clean
thoroughly and let He ln salted cold
water bnlf an hour. Take It out aud
dry with a towel. Butter a dripping
pan, lay tbe fish ln, sprinkle salt and
pepper Inside, also a teacup of still*
breadcrumbs, wltb butter tbe size of
an egg. Put bits of butter and crumbs
on outside of dlsb. Pour one pint of
boiling watc? ln pan around .flsb aud
bake half an hour.
Creamed Mackerel. — Hash a salt
mackerel and toak twenty-four hours
In cold water. To one mackerel add
one-half pint of milk. Put Into a moderate oreu and'bake one bour. Beforo
the flsb is done drop bits of butter
upon It
A Dainty Fish Dish.—A rockflsh
weighing five pounds should be boiled
abont twenty minutes. Take It out
and flake It, removing all bones. Mix
until smooth two spoonfuls of butter
and one ot flour, add one-half pint of
milk or cream (tbe latter Is best). Pour
this over thc fish and bake.
Shrimps.—Most of us know shrimp tn
a salad, and good tbey are there. But
they make an excellent hot dish If
they are served In tomato sauce-or tn
curry sauce. For the latter you may
make a cupful ot wblte sauce, cooking together n tableapoonful each ot
butter und flour until they bubble,
then pouring on tbem o balf plot ot
milk nnd stirring it until you bave a
sauce tlie thickness of double cream.
To this add a teaspoonful of curry
powder nnd put the shrimps tn this.
Leave on the "fire till well bented
through. Season to taste. Servo on
toast or crackers bot
Salmon Snlad.-Ono can of salmon
chopped fine, four bard boiled eggs,
eight lettuce leaves. Mix these wltb a
salad dressing made of one-bait teaspoonful salt, one-half teaspoonful ot
ground mustard, plncb ot pepper, ono
pound sugar, oni pound butter, ono
pound Sour, one egg yolk, one-third cup
vinegar. Hent butter and blend dry
Ingredients. Tben add egg yolk and
vinegar. Cook In double boiler until
lt thickens. Serve salad on lettuce
Caper Sauce.-Mclt a rounding tablespoon of butter und ndd tbree level
tablespoons of flour, one-half level teaspoon of salt and a few dashes of pep-,
per. Hub smooth. Pour on one and
one-half cups of boiling water, cook
Ave minutes and add two moro rounding tablespoons of butter cut In small
pieces and wben melted stir in one-
half cup ot capers that bare been
Salad a la Runt.
Peel tlx good sited tomatoes, remove thin slices from top of each
and take out seeds and pulp. Sprinkle
Inside wltb salt Invert and let ttund
one-half bour. Place seeds and pulp
removed from tomatoes In a strainer
to drain. Mix one-tblrd cup cucumbers
cut In dice, one-tblrd cup cold cooked
peat, one-fourth cup pickles finely,
chopped, one-third cup tomato pulp
and two teaspoons copers. Season
with salt, pepper aud vinegar. Put ln
a cheesecloth and squeeze, then add
one-half cup cold cooked chicken cut
ln very small dice. Mix wltb mayonnaise dressing, refill tomatoes, sprinkle
wllb flnely chopped parsley and place
each on a lettuce leaf.
Whenever It seems desirable
to change crops or methods ot
farm management, adjust yourself to tht change quickly ond
make the most of It It Is folly
to cling tenaciously to a system
that does nol meet tho needs ot
prttcnt dny agriculture.
Stuffed Peppere.
Six green peppers, one onion finely
chopped, two tablespoons butter, four
1 Ublospoons chopped mushrooms, ous-
' balf cup  brown  sauce,  tbree tablespoons   breadcrumbs,  salt  snd   p«r*»
| per. buttered breadcrumbs, four table-
! spoons Itsn raw bam flnely chopped.
I Cut slice from item end of escb pep-
] per, remove seeds and parboil pepper*
fifteen minute*.   Cook onion In butttr
three minutes.   Add mushrooms tnd
htm aud cook one minute, then add
brown sauce ond breadcrumbs.   Cool
mixture, sprinkle peppers with silt flit
with cooked mixture, cover with buttered bresderumba and bake ten minutes. Serve on tout wllb brown ttoc*.
Flits Fer Small Families.
Tbe old woman wbo lived tn a shoe
"1 have to on account of tbo clothespin skirt," she cried.
Thus w* see to whnt fashion will
drive a woman.—Sew York Sun.
A Hint
'1 am to be married U young Mrs,
"I suppose I should congratulate you.
bnt you know what ber preference la,
don't your*
"Her preference?"
"Yet. She greatly prefers to bt »
widow." THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,   Morrison
Simmons,   dentist,
Phone R 39.
Peter A. Z. Pare has imported a
great variety of garden seeds from
France. He considers the collection
very valuable, and will keep it
locked up in his safe until planting
John W. TUitherford returned on
Saturday from a business trip to
North Vancouver.
On   Monday   evening,   February
We Back Up Our Statements
With Our Personal Reputation and Money
We are so positive tliat we can relieve constipation, no matter how
chronic   it   mny   be, that we offer to
12, Bev. L. B. Lee will give another funlUh *• n,elJi(:ine free o£ •■'(i08t if
lecture and show the concluding
half of his beautiful lantern slides
illustrating the life of our Lord, in
wo fail.
Wa think that it is worse than useless to attempt to cure   constipation
Metal Quotations
Nbw York, Feb. 8.—Silver 57|;
standard copper, IU.00@14.15,
Lokdoi., Feb. 8.—Silver, 86|;
lead, £15 15s.
,. For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horsepower gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.    -
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, F*b. 8.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 35.00 37.00
B. C.   Copper!,..      4.00     4.25
Dr. McTaffeart'B tob&oeo remedy removes
all desire for the weed tti a few ilnyn. A vegetable medicine, ami only requires rbnebing
the tongue with it occasionally. Price ¥2.110.
Mm-vHIaiaas results traun talking hla remealy t
lan-tin-liiliiaar Iiiiiiii.    Sale una luexpi'iialve-.
omo  tl-a>iitllnaial ; aaai laylaaul" nail'  iaajaactlnna.
Iiaiailllilia-ity, ana laass of time from   llltaaineaai 	
aal aa a-liat- mud aula ral. ' .
Ailalri-fls or coi,_iiilt Or. MoTaggart, ttYonge   _"^rpinrl     ITrir'U'S*    R    l_?
root, Toronto,Canada. «|l_j_rraTlU     r urKBi. P*  *-•
Holy Trinity Parish hall, beginning with cathartic drugo.^ Cathartics muy
at 7:30 sharp.   Open collection.
A community club has been organized ut Danville by some of the
citizens and young people for the
purpose of spending a social evening
once a week in thc K of P. hall.   J.
!*(_). fctutz has been elected chairman
and J, H. Grunwell secretary-
treasurer.  The meetings will be held
' every Friday night.
do much harm. They may cause
a reaetion, irritate and weaken the
bowels, and make cur.stiput.ion mure
Constipation is often accompanied
and may bo caused by weakness of
the nerves anil muscles uf the large
intestine or colon. Tu expect a cure
yuu must therefore tone tip and
strengthen those parts and restore
them to healthier activity.
The discovery uf the active principle of uur remedy involved the labor
uf skillful research chemists. This
remedy produces results such as are
etpected from the best  uf  the  best-
Governor Hay, of Washington,
has issued a proclamation setling
aside Friday, February 26, as l» o<-
ter day.    He urges every citizen of
the state to send a post curd, news-1 |<nown intestinal tonics, and it is par-
paper or pamphlet telling of VV«6h- ticularly prompt in its results,
ington's advantages and resources to | we want you to try Kexall Oid.-r-
some friend in the eastern states, as ijea 0„ our guarantee. They are ex-
well as to purchase on that day some ceedingly pleasant to take and are
article made in the state. i ideal fur children.   They apparently
act directly on the nerves and muscles
I have fur sale, Silver Spangled of ll)B bowe|S| having, ;t wouid „ecn).
Haniburgs,Piirtridge Wyandottes, s.c a Ileutrai ttctiun un other organs or
B. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of g'an()_,. They do not purge or cause in-
Brown Leghorns, lilue Andalusians convenieIlc(,. if ,|ieJ. do nut positively
and Silver Spangled Hamburg**.— |oore ^^ ot hairitual constipation
Hubert   Clark,   north   of  Winnipeg &nd th„8 felieve th|, lnyi,)ada uf assu-
Dry1 four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY,«« Columbia p. o.
i britl"
ciate or dependent elirunic  ailments
your money will   be   Refunded.    Tr
Take your   repairs  to  Armson's  Uexall Orderlies  at uur  risk.   Three
Boot  and   Shoe Hospital,   BridgeL^ of;pa(!k|jge8) 10Oi|2_io., and.50o.
street, Grand Forks. Bemetnbef, you   ean   obtain  Rexall
' Remedies in this community only at
YOU might as   Well   CUt  off our 8t<)|.e._-n1« Rexall Store.   H. E.
your legs because you are run- Woodland.
iiing well in a footrace vas to
cut oft' your advertising because your  business   ia  too
Don't forget Unit The Sun Imw the
Wt job printing dgpnrrnffibt in the
Boundary couiUry.
BridiJc Street,
The Iir".l iii id nmst
tmUdii.tfln tlie Hoim-
ilary country. Recently completed anil
n 6 W ly fiirnislii-'i.
throughout, luiuip-
ped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally lo-
rated. First-clims ac*
fiinuiinilutioiis fnr the
truvelliiitr public.
Hot ind Gold Bitlis
Br at-CI ass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooma
in Connection.
"?~-- -r-T"*    - i—^--fl—i--l_J.J .X  -   '-.-a.,,-.-.	
ElMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
<T Printing 1
We are prepared to do aVl kinds of
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wi. have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Hminiliiry Country, employ competent workman, and curry a complete
line of Stationery.
mis all
1 Bj
l.illlieiiils anal Statementa,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers;
Business and Visiting t
Lnrlge ('onstitut
aping Tuns, Circulars and Plncardt-,
Hills of Fil.ro and Menu Curds,
Aiuiiitinceinents and Counter
VV (.deling Stationery,
Anal everything
in ni
Up-to-date Print
_H_Ti_n_r\ PRIMTIlSI(_Ti~t'm *t'11'' we (1"—is in *ts''" tt"
VlWU rmL^lllLlVl advertisement, and ti trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. l_et usestimate on vour order. We guarantee
Scene from "Tbe Barrier," at the Opera House, Tuesday, February 13.
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Furniture Made to Order.
. Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
k. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh C.oiiHlBiiiHem o!
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
n Fresh Supply of
Ice Gi
and Si
Palace Barber Shop
Kuzor Honing it Specialty,
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North ok Granny Hotel,
First Street.
eo YeAM*
Trade Mark*
CofyniGHTS Se.
Anyone aenrilnB a taketcli and flpflcrimiran may
qulokly aacf-rtatlat oaar opinion froo wiaaaalaer an
lc.a_m.lnn lalaraahBlalf — *—~"~   "
opinion fraaoai
ciicy for b ucuriin? y
tlonimriG liilaHAHOffOORonPfttcuti
lent lriu. UI<U'« fluency fo; sucurliiK patents*
l'ntcnta token through Muun A Co. rccolw
i*>rrial notice, without ©name, lath-)
Scwtic American
K hanttaomeiy Uluatntea weekly. Lai-Rent ctr-
oilm'on of any loientitra juuiml. 'ferms (ot
flViiiuitftaJ..,"*) ft your,po3tuno prupald. Bold b|
■ " rnT/hrtcr'"*^,
''! Iffq t% \ ^SSiBtwdn,, fi-y ^
'      'St v'sstU'i,':!   i.i: Q
Ths aocrct of tha aucceaa of our
Wont Ada. la that they oro short
ond anappy. Pcoplo llko a plain
business story told in a fow words
snd If thoy want anything-tnoy
refer to the place where they
will And It with the least trouble,
vie, the Olosslflsd Wont Ada. la
your business represented there.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in tho Boundary country. And we aro the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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