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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 4, 1912

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 and - ~~-;^;:r^~~
Kettle Valley Orchardist "_.
l^fWat-vt Uhrsry ^.
vjc-,r r.'f \v-
Kettle River Valley Rifle
Many Frizes
Three Local Records Were
Broken During tbe Thirteen Events
The annual shoot of the Kettle
Kiver Valley Rifle association was
successfully held on October 1 and
2. The number of entries was less
tban last year, but tbis was probably due to the fact that the fruit
fair being held September 26 and
27, a great many could not get away
from tbeir work another two days in
the following week.
Some very good shooting was
done S 0. Kirk made the possible at 200 yards, winning tbe Royal
bank oup. John Hay won the
Burns cup witb 33 in the rapid fire
at 200 yards. Captain Spraggett's
team again won the cup in the team
■hoot at 500 yards. The cup now
becomes the property of the win'
ners. There was a difference of only
six pointa, Mr. Kirk's team leading
until the laat man fired,
Tbe aggregate cup for the 200,
500 and 600 yards was wan by" S.
0. Kirk witb 96, which is a very
good score.
Three local records were broken
tha possible made by S. O. Kirk at
200 yards, the score of 33 in tbe
rapid fire made by Mr. Hay, and
the aggregate score of 96 for tbe
200, SCO and 600 yards made by
Mr. Kirk.
A very fitful wind sprang up
about noon of the first day and continued throughout tbe afternoon.
Tbe second day was more windy
than tbe first, and at times tbe targets wart very hazy, caused by tbe
smoke trom the smelter, which is
only 200 yards distant. Tbe wind
increased to aimoat a gale, and was
very unsteady while tbe 1000 yards
event was shot off, whicb accounts
for tbe poor scores made at tbis
The association wishes to thank
tbe donors of prizes for tbe merchants' match. The prizes were
given without having been solicited,
and are exhibited in tbe window of
A. D? Morrison's store.
The following is a list of the winners:
Event I
Phizk. SniltK
8.  O.  Kirk, Royal
bank cup and  14 00
Leo .Mader    3 00
John Hay     2 60
F. Hutton    2 00
H. Talbot     1 50
Wm. Sayers (tyro)   3 00
J. Slater "       2 50
.JSvent III—200 yard off hand, 7 F.
shots and sighter:
1. Wm. Bayers, Fripp
cup and     14 00
t, S. O. Kirk     3 00
3. John Hay...    2 50
i. Leo Mader    2 50
5. H. Talbot     1 50
Event IV-200yard, rapid fire, 7
shots in 60 seconds:
1. John Hay,  Burns
cup and.  14 00
IL S. G. Kirk    3 CO
3. Leo Mader    2 50
4. F. Hutton...........   2 00
5.' E. Spraggett    1 50
-205 yards, 7 shots  and
Event V—500 yards. 7 shots and
1. John Hay  $6 00      32
2. Ht Talbot    4 00      31
3. 8. G. Kirk    3 00      80
4. F. Hutton    2 50      30
5. Leo Mader    2 00      28
Event VI—500 yards team shoot,
5 men to team. Spraggett's team,
consisting of E. Spraggett, J. Hay,
F. Hutton, Wm. Sayers and J.
Slater, won tbe cup. The individual
prize winners were: -
1. 8. G. Kirk...  $5 00      31
2. J. Hay ,4 00      31
3  Leo Mader    3 00      30
4. F. Hutton    2 50      29
5. H. Talbot    2 00      26
Event VII—600 yards,  7  shots
and sighter:
1. S.G. Kirk    |5 00       31
2. John Hay    4 00       30
3. Leo Mader    3 00      30
4. Wm. Sayers    2 SO       27
5. N. McCallum    2 00      24
Event VIII—800 yards, 7 shots
and sighter:
1. John Hay.....:  14 00      31
2. Leo Mader    3 00       26
3. N. McCallum    2 50       23
4. F. Hutton    2 00       21
Event IX—900 yards, 7 shots and
sighter; Merchants' match:
1. Leo Mader Sweater      28
2. F. Hutton Knife      27
3. Jobn Hay ... Clock       24
Event X—1000 yards, 7 shots and
1. John Hay  |4 DO      17
2. F. Hutton    3 00      12
3. Leo Mader.    2 50       10
4. N. McCallum    2 00        8
Event XI—Aggregate of  Events
1, 5 and 7; £00, 500 and 700 yards!
1. S. G. Kirk.cupand $7 00      96
2. John Hay...-    5 00      93
3. Leo Mader :...   3 00      90
4. F. Hutton    2 00      83
5. H. Talbot    1 00
and 1000 yards:
1. J. Hay, medal and fi 00
2. F. Hutton    3 00
S. Leo Mader    2 50
4. 8.G. Kirk    2 00
5. N. McCallum    1 00
Event XII—Championship;   __,
gregate of Events  1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9 and 10:
1. J. Hay, championship medal and.. 17 00
2. Leo Mader    6 00
3. 8. G. Kirk  J 00
4. F. Hutton    3 00
The following pupils of the public
sohool were neither late nor absent
during Saptember:
Division I—D. Barlee, M. Fritz,
O. Heaven, D. Kennedy.R. Krischke,
E. Larsen, Aulay Munro, Annie Munro, J. Simpson, R  Tracy.
Division II—G Ardiel, A. Bowen,
R. Gill, A. Gilpin, F. Hartinger, L
Holmes, R. Holmes, M. Mcllwaine,
H. Massie, 8. Massie, I. Michener,
M. Rollins.
Division III—B. Cochrane, H.
Dinsmore, W. Hoi men, E. Larsen, 8.
McCallum, O, Mcllwaine, W. Peterson.
Division IV—L. Allen, F. Barlee,
E. Coryell, V. Donaldson, V. Forrester, E. Keller, G. Latham, IC. Mcllwaine, A. Mooybuer, H. Petersen,
W. Ruckle, M. Spraggett, T. Walker.
Division V—J. Downey, R. Forrester, II. Kelleher, 55 Kirk, A. Ko-
betich, C. Lyden, H. Massie, E. McCallum, A. McKinnon, G. McLauch-
lin, O. Meikle, R. Petersen,J. .Scoley,
V. Siddall.
Division VI—T. Barlee, T. Cooper,
Canadian Pacific Will Re-
dace   Distance Across
Financial Times' Interview
With the President of
the Company
The special representative of the
London Financial Times, II. Wood-
house, in an interview with Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy, tbe president
of the Canadian Pacific Railway
company, on behalf of bis paper,
elicited some facts of great general
interest in connection with the new
proposed southern main line to the
Pacific coast, a route wbich will
shorten tbe distance from Winnipeg
to tbe coast by no less tban four
hundred miles, and the time of the
journey by twenty hours, no mean
consideration to tbe public, especially in view of the continually increased congestion of tbe railway
year by year. Mr. Woodbouse's interview is herewith reproduced:
Tbere is no time in tbe day when
tbe average healthy man feels better,
tban after a good breakfast, when,
under pleasant surroundings and in
E^'XH-Xgg^gate WO, 9»Dial "'T^ * site *"» to en
.4 innn _._._.__.    e loy a good cigar. It was
211 M. Fowler, T. Hudoklin.C. Krischke,
Latham, R. McDonald, R. McKie,
N. Mills, A. Moir,   C.   Montgomery,
H. Steele, G Wiseman.
28 ! DiviKion VII—N. Allan, C. Camp-
28, bell. F. Cooper, It. Eureby, P. Gil-
20 mour, V, Lyden, L. Mill**, L. Me-
25 Kinnon, W. Nelson, H, Quinlivan, F.
23 Uren, L. Uren, O. Walker.
Cooper Bros, have on exhibition
in a store window in this city a
number of ripe and perfectly developed  Japanese   walnuts..    The
25- nuts came from trees on their ranch
23 grown from teed.
joy a good cigar. It was under ideal
conditions such as tbese tbat I bave
mentioned tbat I approached Sir
Thomas. For a few minutes we
chatted on general topics, and when
I'saw tbat tbe cigar was burning
perfectly, and the length of the ash
was causing him considerable satis
faction, I fired at him my leading
"Wbat information can you g ve
me about the new southern main
line, sir?"
"Well, we are progressing very
satisfactorily," replied Sir Thomas.
"It is a great big job and, considering the amount of otber work in
band, is being built very rapidly,"
and putting bis finger on tbe map
he pointed out tbe route. "We bave
already built out. from Weyburn
about 170 miles and the steel will be
laid tbis fall, wbile from the Stirling eud we bave graded the road for
36 miles and sball lay tbe steel at
"When do you expect to complete
tbis section?"
"Fairly early next year. In fact,
as soon as possible."
"Do I understand, Sir Thomas,
tbat you are going straight through
Stirling and are going to miss Lethbridge!"
"Yes, we are," replied tbe president of the road.
"Now, how about tbe tunnel at
Hope, between Hope and Penticton?" I enquired.
Not soTast, not so fast," said Sir
Thomas, laughing. "We must he
satisfied witb reaching Stirling for
the moment. Tunnels of the twenty
million dollar variety need some
thinking about and providing for;
we do not build railways quite so
fast, even in Canada, young man.
As I said, you must be satisfied witb
the fact tbat we are building the
new southern road wbich will be of
tbe greatest value to us, but beyond
Stirling I will not discuss with you
for tbe time being."
Sir Thomas is not a man to argue
witb, and aa tbe cigar was fast nearing its end I hesitated and tben
risked one last question, "How will
this affect Lethbridge?"
Sir Thomas looked at me quizzically and gently blew tbe smoke
from tbe cigar into tbe air and replied irrelevantly, "It will not do
Stirling any harm."
The cigar went out; Sir Thomas
went out; hnd then I Went out.
Angus Cameron and Miss Cameron,
of Cascade, and Misses Ethel Cook
and Marjorie Maun, of Orand Forks,
left for the Spokane fair on Wende*-
Leo "lader and Elmer Rice will
spend nekt week up in the North Fork
country, enjoying themselves by hunt-
ini; and doing assessment work.
W O. Miller, of Nelson, district
superintendent of the Canadian Pacific railway, was in the city on Wednesday,
A. E, Humphreys, traveling immigration inspector, and Mrs. Humphreys were in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Qeorge Gowland left on Wednesday for a visit with friends and
relatives in Spokane and Portland.
Frank Haverty and James Hardy
left for the Spokaue Interstate fair on
Joe Gelinas and Ab Fee wiH- leave
for Franklin Camp next week.
Ben Baiabright will leave for the
North Fork next Monday.
F. Schlieke left for the Spokane
fair on Tuesday;
R. F, Petrie made a business trip to
Nelson this week.
Ed Mann left for Prince Rupert nn
The following is tbe maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermom
eter on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
' MAX.       MIN.
Friday 66 33
Saturday  69 32
Sunday  68 27
Monday,    60 36
Tuesday   61 40
Wednesday  65 33
Thursday  42 34
Ranfall during week, 0.16 inches.
One's vanity get a hard jolt when
the cbilnren get to expressing tbeir
It is reported tbat tbe plans for
tbe new Greenwood postoffice are
now nearly completed, aud tbat
tenders will shortly be called for.
A man is sure to change bis opinions wben hta liuds tbem interfering
with bis comfort.
R. E. Morgan, of Three Hills,
Alta., bas purchased the Stork store
in Greenwood from Hugh Smith.
Wbat bas become of the old-fashioned girl wbo used to collect, press
and varnish autumn leaves?
P. Burns & Co.'s
Promoted to a Position
in Victoria
Bert Lane,of Kaslo, Has Been
Appointed to Succeed
.     Him
George Gowland, who bas been
manager for P. Burns & Co. io tbis
city for a couple of years, has been
promoted to a position witb tbe
company in Victoria. Mr. Gowland
bas rented his residence bere to A.
D. Morrison, and will leave for Victoria in a few days. Mrs. Gowland
left for tbat city early in tbe week.
During their residence here Mr. and
Mrs. Gowland have made a wide
circle of friends, all of whom will
regret to learn of their departure.
It is said that Mr. Gowland's pro-'
motion is due to the fact that ha has
been the most efficient manager tbe
company bas had here. He bas
shown bis faith in Grand Forks by
purchasing property bere, and by
improving it.
Bert Lane, of Kaslo, has been
appointed manager of P. Burns &
Co.'s meat market in this city. Mr.
Lane is an energetic young man,
and comes here highly recommended. He arrived in tbe city today,
and will take immediate charge of
the business.
A team from tbe Grand Forks
Gun club, consisting of E. E. Gibson, W. B. Cochrane, Fred Russell,
H. C. Niles and L. Skinner, went up
to Greenwood on Tuesday and engaged in a competitive shoot with a
team from tbe Greenwood club.
Grand Forks won by a score of 199
to 166.
Vander J. Rose died from heart
failure at the Rock Creek hotel last
Thursday, aged 43 years. He was ill
but a few days, although his health
had not been good for some time.
Tbe funeral took place at Rock
creek last Saturday, and was largely
H. G. Johnston, an immigration
inspector from Winnipeg, arrived in Midway last week to investigate some differences'"between
Robert Kerr and the railway contractors over tbe importation of alien
labor from Spokane to work on tbe
Kettle Valley line grsde.
James Miller, a native of Scotland, 34 years of age, who has been
working witb the C.P.R, bridge crew
for some months, died at the Cottage hospital last Saturday. The
funeral was held on Monday.
Tne fruit growers of the valley
bave started to pick their fall and
winter apples.
Money has au aviation record
tbat ought to entitle it to some expert notice in tbese days of flying
Ed Clayton is confined to his
home with a severe attack of intimn-
matory rheumatism.
The proprietor "of the Province
hotel was lined $125 in the polsce
court today for keeping bis bar open
on Sunday. The contplaint wn«
made by the police commissioners.
Three carloads of potatoes are be-'
ing loaded in this city today. The
scarcity of sucks is said to retard
shipments at present as much as the
lack of a market.
was    a     barnstorming THE SUtf, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
The Annual Convention to bt Held at
Lethbridge This Year, Attracting
Dry-Farming means better farming
according to the official call of the
International Dry-Farming Congress,
the annual convention ot the dry-land
farmers of the world, which meets
October 19-26 next at Lethbridge, In
Southern Alberta, In the heart of one
of the greatest grain belts. The definition of the term "dry-farming,"
which is coming Into such general use
everywhere and of which thousands
have never learned the essentials, ls
most Interesting, and, furthermore, it
Is logical, and the adaptation of Its
precepts has brought reward to those
farmers who have looked to science
to aid them where misfortune and
hard luck through unfavorable weather conditions pursued their neighbors
who farmed as their fathers and
.grandfathers did before them.
Every civilized country ln ttteVorld
ls now studying the tillage and crop,
ping methods taught by the International Dry-Farming Congress, and its
monthly scientific bulletins and reports go to the four corners of the
earth. Its corps of Instructors Is
famed world-wide, and Its next Convention promises to be attended by
agriculturists from some SO nations
and official delegations' from some 30
states and provinces of the United
States and Canada, upholding the
great agricultural Interests of tbe
North American Continent.
Dry-Farming, says the call, Ib a
scientific term used by colleges and
authors to differentiate between the
new system ot agriculture and the
older methods utilized in the rain-
belts and Irrigation districts. A
special system of tillage of the soil
for the purpose of moisture and fertility conservation Is known to be
necessary for at least 63 per cent of
the agriculture acreage ot the world,
and the Dry-Farming Congress was
brought Into existence for the purpose
of working out these problems and
remedies for the troubles confronting
farfaersNif the sub-humid districts, or
in districts where there are frequent
draughts or falling soils. Dry-Farming is free from mystery of any kind!
Any farmer on any soil and in any
climate ci.n Increase production, crop
AlU-oa_.li Culleunt BMP ml Olt.-H._M u*
Sold br t_nwtli.i ind detlcn c Terr where, . liberal
•unpla. ol ciaah, villi M-pwo booklet M the em
KOd lrf»tmanl ct the ikln. will bo aveiat ptaMree, on
iUPUu-llian to ••C'ut!.uta,"Dt-at. W. Uootou, UJSA, .
Blister s,
Sore  Feet.
Everybody now admlU
Zam-Buk best for these.
Let ib siva YOU ease
and comfort •
Druggists and Stent everrmkin
am Buk
W. N. U. 912
quality and bank account.
Dry-Farming methods' can be utilized wlti profit upon every acre in
every district of tho world. The
phrase does not mean the operation
of farms where no moisture ts obtainable, but does mean the utilization of
such tillage methods as are from time
to time demonstrated to be most efficient in the reduction of evaporation
and the production of a practical storage reser.olr ln the sot), the utilization of minimum or untimely moistures, etc. The work of the Congress
includes the study of farm machinery,
tillage, the development of drought-resistant plants and better methods on
the farm.
The sectional conventions ot the
great Congress will be in charge of
the following prominent men:
Crops and breeding—Chairman,
Prof. Alfred Atkinson, Montana; Agricultural College, Bozeman, Montana;
Secretary, Prof. F. D. Farrell, Bureau of Plant Industry, Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
Livestock and Dairying—Chairman.
Prof. Ed. H. Webster, Dean Kansas
Agricultural College, Manhattan,
Kansas; Secretary, Prof, J. H. Shep-
perd, Dean North Dakota Agricultural College, Agricultural College, N.D.
Farm Management — Chairman,
James Murray, Sutfleld, Alia.; Secretary. Prof. Ed. H. Watson, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Scientific Research — Chairman,
Prof. R. W. Thatcher, Director
Washington State Agricultural College Experiment Station, Pullman,
Washington; Secretary, Prof. F: J.
Alway, Nebraska Agricultural College, Lincoln, Neb.
Agricultural Colleges and Experimental Stations—International Conference—President, Dr. Charles A.
.Lory, President Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado;
Secretary, Prof. E. A. Burnett, Dean
Nebraska Agricultural College, Lincoln, Neb.
Rural Homes-International Congress
ot Farm Women—President, Mrs.
Byrtha L. StaVart, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Secretary, Mrs. Eleanor L.
Burns, Lethbridge, Alta.
Agricultural Forestry — Chairman,
Carlos 0. Bates, United States Forest
Assistant, Denver, Colorado; Secretary, Chas.. A. Scott, 8tate Forester
of Kansas, "Manhattan, Kansas.
Soil, Tillage methods and machinery—Chairman, H. M. Balner, Am*
arlllo, Tex.; Secretary, Prof. A. M.
McOmle, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.
Agricultural Education—Chairman,
Dr. J. H. Connell, President Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Okla; Secretary,
Prof. E. J. Oddlngs, Idaho Agricultural Colltsge, Moscow, Idaho.  '
A Grim Proviso
A curious occupation has sprung up
in Paris Several doctors have received a circular from a newly-formed agency, which offers to find patients for them. The tees are rather high. They vary from $20 to
$100. On receipt ot the fee the doctor 1b assured a list of 20 consumptives, 30 epileptics, 20 people suffering from cancer and so forth. He
ls then at liberty to call and offer his
services. The agency's circular declares that the lists ot patients are
compiled from absolutely certain
sources and that the money will be returned lf there are more than three
mistakes ln each list. This ls
rather a grim proviso.
A Remarkable Dog
A dog which had, during nine years
ot its life, collected upwards of 15,000
coins under remarkable conditions,
died on Saturday at Reading. The
money had been devoted to local charities. The dog never carried a box,
but begged for a coin. For a halt-
penny the dog demanded a biscuit as
r. condition of releasing the cSin, and
two biscuits were required In exchange fo. a penny or two coins. In
all, the Cog had earned 18,000 biscuits ln its philanthropic collecting.
Collier's Nimbi* Wit
While the king was looking at a
pet pony which had been brought up
for his Inspection the pony proved
Bomewhat restless.
. I expect the daylight worries him,
said the king. .   .
No, sir, replied the miner, It ls the
headstall, ho doesn't like. He can't
see your ma]e3ty plain enough._»-
Leudon Spectator,
Anxious to Know
Officer, she said, hastening tb the
policeman, that person has been following me for'an hour.
Do you want me to arrest him?
No, but 1 wish you would find out
whether he  thinks I'm  beautiful  or
Is Just running around after mo be
ciuse I "wear a panier skirt and carry
a   cane.   —The   Birmingham   Age-
A Grouch's Story..
A coupk ot old grouches were one
night speaking ot an old friend, who
upon his marriage, took up his rest,
dence in another city. One of the
grouches had recently visited the Old
friend, and naturally the other old
grouch wanted news of the Benedict.
Is lt true that he Is henpecked.
asked the second grouch.
I wouldn't say Just that, grimly responded the first grouch, but I'll tell
you of a little Incident ln their household that came within my observation. The very flrst morning I spent
with them, our old friend answered
the letter carrier's whistle. As he
returned to us, ln the breakfast-room,
he carried a letter In his hand. Turning to his wife, he said—
A letter for me, dear, May I open
Women and Asthma —Women are
numbered among the sufferers from
asthma by the countless thousands.
In every climate they will be found,
helpless In the grip ot this relentless
disease unless they have availed
themselves of the proper remedy. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
brought new hope and life'to many
such. Testimonials, sent entirely
without .-application, show the enormous benefit it has-wrought among
women everywhere.
A Lengthy Stock In Trade
The late Will McConnell, an advance agent and a Broadway character of much renown, was standing In
the baggage room of a railroad station ln company with Mel Stoltz, "another advance agent. They were
waiting to have their trunks checked.
Presently a baggttge handler passed,
pushing a sample trunk, which according to Stoltz, wbb about nine feet
long and about two feet wide.
For tho love ot Mike! ejeculated
Stoltz, what do you suppose the owner of that trunk sells?
I don't know, said McConnell, but
from the shape of that package I'd
say bowling alleys.—Kansas City
Times. ^
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Japs Want Longer Legs
The attempts now being made to
lengthen the legs of Japanese schoolchildren, so that eventually the stature of the race may equal that of the
European and American, were described to the City Club recently by
Harvey N. Shepard, of Boston.
Mr. Shepard had Just completed a
globe-encircling trip, which was devot-
et*. to Btudy of local self-government.
Children ln Japan now sit upon
chairs Instead of squatting, he declared. This Is being done as an
attempt to make their legs grow longer,
Japanese surgeons say that the
trunk of a Japanese ls as large as
that of a European, but that the
former's legs are much shorter, making the race of Nippon appear decidedly smaller, lf the legs of several
generations can be stretched by using
chairs, Instead of the old custom of
squatting, the Jap will be as tall as
men of other nations'. • .
No man or woman should hobble
painfully about because ot corns when
so certain a relief is at hand as Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure. ,-
Spanking Inspiration
Olle was recalcitrant and she was
wise. Mamma had certain rules tor
punishing her irrespresslble offspring
and they were as unalterable as those
of the Medes of whom Olle had never
heard but whose rigor she understood.
So when Olio forgot mamma's commands one day and lingered too long
at forbidden play she felt the coming
storm as she meandered home. Then
came an Inspiration.
Aunt Annie, won't you spank me,
please? Olle fairly shouted at her
aim tie.
Why, Olle; what do you mean?
What have you done? ,
Then otme a tearful confession ot
wrong-doing, and as a climax:
Please, you spank me, Aunt Annie;
mamma hurts more than you do. -
It Is only fair to state that Olle
escaped altogether this time.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In
A Novel Complaint
A real estate man was confronted
with a novel case of fault-finding the
other day, and is still a little puzzled
by It.
It appears that he negotiated the
sale of a piece of land for a special
purposs several years ago, and the
property, through neighborhood
changes, has become worth ten times
what the present owner paid for it.
The other day the same man came
In and said he wanted another lot
for a special purpose. The dealer
told him he had the very thing, adding that he believed the land would
increase tn valuo In tbe same ratio
the flrst had done.
Not on your life, cried the prospective customer. I bought a $3,000
lot from you and lt serves my purpose
as well as if lt cost twenty times as
much. Instead 61 paying the expenses on a $3,000 lot, however, I am
assessed on a $30,000 one and have no
possible .way of making up the difference. Sell me a $3,000 lot that will
stay put at $3,000 this time, and don't
.you dare saddle me with a hungry
white elephant.
And the dealer ls still a little dazed.
Whenever you I«ti headache coming on take a
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers!
They stop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
opium, morphine, phenaoetln, acetanllld or other dangerous
drugs. ' 25c. a box at your Druggist's. us
The Northern Trusts Company
'    This company acts In the-capacity-ot v
and we shall ba glad to forward copy ot   our   Booklet   "Somwhlai
r.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation of Western farmers will never know the
difficulties and v xatlcns experienced by their predecessors In the
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped ln
bulk except by io._dlng lt through an elevator. The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owners
at arbitrary rrici s, and oft times to submit to heavy, dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o! ..ars as fixed by the Oraln Act, and the use of the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer- to secure
satisfactory treal.ra_.nt in tbe disposal ot his grain, and the highest
market prices at time of sale. Every farmer therefore, should more
and more endeavor to use the loading pli.tf'irm In shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It ls the safeguard ot the farmers' freedom ln disposing of his grain to the best advantage for himself. If
farmers retrain from using the loading platform freely, lt might result in its being done away with, becaure railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to 1'.. lt ls easy to understand why elevator people desire the leading platform abolished.
The railway neople on their part Bay it delays the loading of cars
and helps to cause car shortage. This we know to be nonsense,
because frequently after cars are loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they are sidetracked for days aad even
weeks Instead of ticlng promptly moved forward to destination. It
is engine shortage and shortage of competent train men that mostly
causes grain Uockades on rajtways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer therefore, do all he can to use t._e loading platform and become an independent shipper. In subsequent advertisements We
will state In detail the savings and oth»r advantages of direct loading into cars compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on can bills of lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are Inspected, secure the highest prices at time of sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Write us ior shipping instructions aha
market Information. ^_ .' '■
Thompson Sons & Company
Until 1839 dogs were employed to
draw wagons through the streets of
London as they are now in parts of
School Inspector-^What was Napoleon's most famous costume?
Kid—His divorce suit.
The population of a Newfoundland
has Increased 10 per cent. In the last
10 years.     It now reaches 242,000.
On an average Qreat Britain, yields
30 bushels of wheat to the acre; New
South Wales, fifteen; the United
States, twelve; and Russia eight.
It ls said that each year three thousand foreign waiters find employment
In England.
A hlghgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual
"Empire" Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
l!here are no dead flies
Hying about when
I- ;
are used as directed.
A)l Druggists, Grocers and General Dealer? sell them*
Are the bes* ever made and are guar*
aateed to give you satisfaction. At
•11 dealers, or send us 25 cents stat.
Ing stylo and size required.
Ihe Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd.,
68 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont,
Gu is, Rifles,
and all
Hunters' Equipment
Write for Illustrated Catalogue 61U
The Kingston South Anns Co.,
J488 Main Street, Winnipeg :
\FamacIa has a great, deal ot valuable wood In its Interior, but the
streams aro not large enough to bring
it to the coast..
$100 Reward, $lw.
Tniei maStr. ot this oxtKt trill be ptoAMd to leero
Sxxl ttMn Is at taut one rtrradrd dlM* aw titan sct-raw
hu bmi able to earn ta mt ,u suets, ittd tbst u
UUWTk. lulls Catirrh (tin- ti tbe only poflitla'.
BUM mm known to tbo nidlk-ul Irstentltr. t/sisr att
bel.il * eonstltullO'Jii dasa-aiac. rtaquUn • roDstltti-
Uotwt treatmrnt. mil's Cattaarrti Cure b token In-
Van-ally, net'ss adlrrctly upon tho Wood and matcoan
Turt_aca-» ol the systrm. thera-by dntroytnu tbe
foi tdntlol ol tlie dlatoaaae. , )d giving tbe patient
AfflOftb by building up tlaa constitution and stfaaat-
tai natara. t. dolnff Its worn. Tlie proprietors hnve
» mucb tilth In IU curative pywers that tbey obit
Hoe Hundred Dollara for any a-ase that tt tails to
sore.  Send lor tat ol (estlmonlaH
AaUlMF.J.CHENEY*CO   loledo.O.
Bu.& Or sll DruRtsts, ;«<•.       <*
Take nail's Family tills for constipation.
No Milksops
One great mistake made by many
•I the parents who object to training
young children ts the notion that discipline connotes harshness. It need
do nothing of the kind.
How did you bring your sons up
to be so obedient nnd dutiful? .we
said.a They defer to you in
everything, and yet tliere isn't a bit
of the milksop about them, and they
are not a bit.afraid ol you. You
seem to be such friends, and yet I
have heard you say you have strong
Ideas about oeciUcnce. How did you
manage It?
I made them obey absolutely; I
waB strict ln my discipline: 1 tried
to bo entirely Just, and I loved them
to death, was the answer.
So long as ayour children arc persuaded that devoted love ie the cause
and accompaniment ot tho discipline
you need not bo afraid that they will
drift away from you, if you make Justice one of the foundations of your
Begin with your tiny baby and, aB
you drill him ln regular habits ot eating and sleeping, accustom him to
the metbed of obedience. When thc
time comes—as lt may—when wc
will attempt a small revolt, don't give
way, but Lold your own. Avoid Issues as much ai possible, but when
they'come meet tliem squarely.
A Sea Sandstorm
With Its decks covered with an
Inch 'or more of sand, and tho ollicers
tnd -crew looking as If thoy had returned from a desert trip, tho schooner Alvena, twenty-seven days from
Columbia River, In command of Cap-
lain Abrahamson, arrived In San Diego, Cal., recently. While the vessel was coming alone under a light
wind seventy-five miles off shore
and .125 miles north of San Diego, lt
became enveloped ln s cloud of Itoio
sand. Tbe sea was Smooth and the
wind from tbe south-east. The dust
seemed to drop from the sky. ' "
Tbls condition prevailed for two
lays, according to the creat. and not
until Point Loma was sighted did they
get out of the dust. From that time
until the schooner got Into port the
erew was busy sweeping tbe accumulated sand off the lumber cargo and.
decks, and getting tbe fine particles
•t grit out of their eyes and hair,
McCall's Magazine.
Tardy Honors for Lady Hamilton
An extraordinary proposal has been
made, apparently in good taith, to exhume the remains ot Emma, Lady
Hamilton, trom her grave ln Calais
and transport them to Westminster
Abbey. The argument is-that Nelson bequeathed her to the country,
and sentimentalists think that some
amends tor letting her die In poverty
may be made by burying her nearly
a century later ln the "national Valhalla."   '
It Is argued that lt was only
through her Influence that Nelson
went to rea again and so fought and
won his greatest victory .at Trafalgar. He had formed a desire to settle down to a country life, but Lady
Hamilton persuaded htm to make one
more cruise ln the service of his
country. .
Those who oppose thotrnnsfer Biggest that her motive was not patriot-
Ism, but a desire tor a little * more
limelight, and they add that although
lt Ib true ehe ran through a property
ot (2,000 i. year of her own she was
not exactly starving when Bhe died,
as she Was ln the enjoyment of an
annuity ot $200 settled upon her by
her daughter Horatla.
What do you think of this scheme*
of having jthe countries exchange
What's the Idea?
An English family, for instance, exchanges children for a couple of
years with a Oerman family. Thus
both sets of children get a chance to
learn another language. References
are exchanged and all that sort of
It'a an elegant scheme. My
neighbors have a kid that I would
like to see exchanged with some family iri Siberia.—Louisville Courier-
Journal .
The summer months are the most
dangerous to little ones. The complaints of that season which are
cholera infantum, colic, diarrhoea
and dysentery come on so quickly that
often a little one Is beyond aid before
the mothir realizes he.Is really 111.
The mother must bo on her guard to
prevent these troubles or tf they do
come on suddenly to cure them. No
other medicine is of such aid to the
mother dufing hot weather as ls
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate the bowels and stomach and are
absolutely safe. Sold br medicine
dealers or by mall at 25 cents a box
trom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co..
Brockville, Ont.
The curfew tolls the knell of parting
The lowing herd wends slowing o'er
the lea-
Ann auto wends Its record breaking
The lowing herd wends to eternity,
Royal Relics
Notwithstanding the efforts of
stewards to keep track of royal relics,
such things turn up ln odd places
from tide to time. For Instance the
silk Blockings which Queen Victoria
ls snld to have worn on her wedding
day and a piece of orange-blossom
from her bridal bouquet were among
a number of royal bits and scraps
sold a day or two ago at the Manor
House-, Knaresborough, near Harrogate. They fetched-$77. They
were found in a bijou table which
also contained pieces of the bridal
cake of King Edward and King
George, Lord Nelson's garter and a
pair of shoes once worn by Pauline
Bonaparte, sister of the great Napoleon.
W. N. U. IU
Wise Doctor Gives Postum to  Con*
< valeacsnts.
A wise doctor tries to give nature
Its best chance by saving the little
strength of the already exhausted
patient, and building up wasted energy with simple but powerful nourishment.
"Five years ago," writes a doctor,
"I commenced to use Postum In my
own family Instead ot coffee." (It's
a well-known fuct that tea Is Just as
Injurious as coffee betnuse lt contains
caffeine, the same drug found in coffee). "I was so well pleased with
the results that I had two grocers
pl.ee lt in stock, guaranteeing Its
"1 then commenced to rccommrr.d
It to my patients in place of coffee, tii
a nutritious beveratf**. Tho consequence Is, evory store in town is now
selling It. as It has become a household necessity In many homes.
I'm suro I prescribe Postum as ott-
on as any one remedy In tho Materia
Modlca—In almost every caso of Indigestion and nervousness I treat,
and with the best results.
When I once introduce lt into a family, lt Is quite sure to remain. I
shall continue to uso It and prescribe
lt In families where t practice.
"In convalescence from pneumonia,
typbold (ever and other cases I give
It as a liquid, easily .absorbed diet.
You may cse my letter as a reference
any way you see fit." -Name given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,
Read "Tho Road to Wcllvllle" to
pkgs.     "There's a reason."
Ever read ths   above   letter?     A
new ono appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and (ull
human Interest.
ill If
What a Rat Will Do
Almost unbelievable are some ot
the things done by the rat, the squealing, filthy, gluttonous, all-pervading
and all-destroying brown rat. Rats
often gnaw the hoofs of horses until
the blood comes. They have been
known to attack fat hogs and eat
holes in their bodies, causing death.
They will fight "human beings it cornered. They often steal valuable
articles to help them ln building
The following were found ln a single nest- Three hfdroom towels, two
serviettes, five dust cloths, two patfs
of linen knickerbockers, six linen
pocket handkerchiefs, and one silk
handkerchief. This rat, which was
a model of industry and'thrift, had
carried away and stored near Its nest
1% lbs of sugar, a pudding, a stalk,
of celery, a beet, carrots, turnips and
In the last dozen yearB over 6,000,-
000 human beings have died ot plague
in India alone. The Indian Plague
Commission, nfter careful enquiry,
found that bubonic plague ln man is
entirely dependent on the disease of
the rat.
Marvelous in its destructivenesa ls
ths common house-mouse, closely related to the rat. The field-mouse,
too, ls highly destructive, the most
destructive ot all the rodents.
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts It within
reach of all, and it can be got at any
Save One for Her
Edith was light-hearted and merry
over everything. Nothing appealed
to her seriously. So one day her
mother decided to Invite a very serious young parson to dinner, and he
was placed next the light-hearted girl.
Everything went well until she askod
Vou speak of everybody having a
mission.     What Is yours?
My mission, Bald the parson, Is to
save young men.
Good, .eplled the I'lrl, I'm glad to
meet you. I wish you'd save one
for me.
This is to certify that I have used
MINARD'S Liniment ln my family
for years, and consider it the best
liniment en the market. I have
found lt excellent tor horse flesh.
(Signed) "-
W  S pineo;
"Woodlands," Middleton, N.S.
The Psychology of I tal Ieo
Doctors of style ln the writing of
English declare that the use ot Italics
for emphasis Is a positive fault, show,
ing weakness of construction and inability to express ideas strongly by a
right arrangement of words. Nevertheless, Italics are used deliberately
by some forceful writers to gain added
effect and to fasten the eye and tbe
mind of tl.e reader upon Important
points somewhat as a speaker will
strengthen his oration by vocal emphasis and gesture. Whatever may
be said for or against the use of Italics
they certainly reveal the writer's
sens* of relative Importance in the
thlugs he has written. He has
selected words and phrases, and has
given them special prominence. As
we pote their significance we begin
to know mora of the man behind
the words. His choice ot emphasis
tells us what manner of man he Is.
His Italics are either an Index of bis
mental or moral character.
We ara all writing history day by
day. On every page some things
are written small, others stand out
boldly ln Italics. Take up the book
ct night and read the story of the
day. It will be an Interesting record—perhaps a startling one. Doubtless we shall feci very much like correcting the proof when we find where
the Italics are set.—Christian Herald.
An OH That Is Prized Everywhere.—
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil was put
upon the market without any flourish
over .thirty years ago. It was put
up to meet the wants of a small section, but ns soon as its merits became known It had a whole continent for a field, snd tt ls now known
and prized throughout this hemisphere. There ts nothing equal to
Size of Puturs Ships
Sir William White, a loading naval
architect, declared recently that tke
ttcta that tend to limit the Increase
ln thc size of ships are chiefly commercial. Large Alps coBt more to
build than small ones, and are .more
expensive to operate. Moreover
they are not so sure of obtaining
their complements of passengers or
cargo without delay. In addition,
comparatively few harbors possess
channels of sullieient dopfh or docks
forge enough, to accommodate ves-
ecl3 even of the length and weight of
tho Mauretanla. Sir William believes that although large ships will
continue to ply between a few -favored ports Cor special services, and
even larger ones may be built, thc
great bulk of ocean traffic will continue to be carried by vessels of moderate size.
Very (cw hairpins are made In
France, most of Its supply coming
from England and Germany.
TLf ANY brands of Baking Powder contain alum.
. which is an injurious acid. The ingredients of
alum baking powder are never printed on the label.
Magic Baking Powder,,
contains no alum and is the
only baking powder made
in Canada that has all the
ingredients plainly printed
on the label.
Geo. Ham's Laundry
T story ts told ot a party of eastern manufacturers who were making
a trip thtough the Canadian Northwest. The train waB running about
three hours late and it was essential
that they reach a certain point A—
on time to make train connections
without dejay. As they proceeded
however, the train lost mdre- tlmo and
the easterners began to get nervous.
They hunted up the conductor and
had him Interview. the crew, but
there wos no gain In speed. At a
stopping point they Interviewed the
crew personally and threatened to
telegraph Sir Thomas Shaughnessy,
but this had no effect.
Finally a happy thought struck one
o(. the Montreal travellers. He
knew that George Ham was travelling
ln the'west with/an English party.
He also knew that George Ham always Bent his laundry to Montreal
and it was forwarded to him where-
ever he happened to be. He told his
confreres, and hunting up the conductor had him send a note to the
engine driver that George Ham's
laundry was on board and that the
.train must reach him at A— in
time to deliver it to him. Tl,. hint
of George Ham's laundry being on
board was sufficient. The train began to gain time and that afternoon
they steamed Into A— three minutes
ahead of time.
^ Power From the Tides
Study has-been made ot a proposition for generating power for Schles-
wlg-Holsteln by utilizing the ebb and
flow of the tide, and work ts tinder
construction. The Island of Nord-
strand '.£ being connected with the
mainland by a high-water reservoir
of 1,500 acres and a low-water reservoir of 1,250 acres. There will always be a head ot water ln ono or
other ot the reservoirs, which will be
available" for operating turbines constantly .
In the causes of Infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently,
and it may be said tbat complaints
of the bowels are great destroyers of
child life. If all mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy
as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial many a little one could be
saved. Tbls Cordial can be given
with safety to the smallest child, as
there Is no Injurious substance In lt.
A Voice of Experience
I can't understand why married
couples ever have a disagreement, she
said. I dont see why those matters can't be so adjusted that there
will be no friction. Now, my husband and I understand each other
Indeed, he   replied.       How   long
have you been married?
Nearly  three days.—Judge.
Nothing Serious
Young Bllfur and Miss Wapple fell
out yesterday.
Do you think they will make up
I'm sure Miss Wapple will. They
tell out of a motor boat.—Blrmjng-
ham Age Herald. ***
Miss Thrill—Do you find yachting
as exhllaiatlng as motoring?
Tom—No! There's no thrill In lt
at all. You Bee, there's nobody to
dodgo and cuss you when you're
Australia has taller trees than
A Frenchman Invented the envelope In 1653.
A hone in the field It worth two
la,the bam.  You cant prevent
Spavin, Ringbone, Splint, or Curb from
putting your horse in the lam bat you
can prevent these trouble* from keeping
horses in the barn very long.   You can get
and cure nil such nilmctits. I'or y, yean,
Kendall's Swivtu Cure has been the horseman's standby. *
Auifl-lVfiUsB, Ont. March 34th, 191s.
"I have used Kendall's Spavin Cure for
over 14 years curing two Dog Spavins, one
Curb, one Bone Spavin and a Ringbone—all
bad cases. Vour medicine is the best in the
Frtce $t per bottle—6 bottles & Ask
druggist for free book "Treatise on the
Horse" or write direct to w 75
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company
Ewwbnf Tails. Ver^etH, U. 3. A.
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
vateiproof, exceptionally strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining (or
walls, floors and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or writ* (or sample
and Booklet tb tha u
S.L Cuadtaa M_un._actur.rs
•I Cauda, Limited.
■•aireil, Wlaaltti, Cil|srr. Vnnim,
A few deors south of C.P.R. Depot
flstei $1.50 to $2.00 per dsy
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot Md cold water In- every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
MM. Will
thiko, with rssrscr succaes    11
ittt cuiid. nm.11 the odul
r_tt>il»;CU»IS»*NDC0LIC. sri
~iitZli, Aa UfOe.ia.aV. II Is s*.
,__.. ... jaiTssltW * sure Md ask tea "test.
WtesssVs tsMtlH Syntn" *** **** »• *>■**
Mad.  TWMtr-lrtwausWtU.
Managed to See It
Walter—Well sir, how did you And
the beef?
Diner—Oh!      I happened to shift
a potato, nntl—well, there It was.—
Serious Costly Sickness
ii far loo lure to come when your bodily strength hae been undermined
by the poison of bile. Headaches, sour stomach, unpleasant breath,
nervousness, and a tviih lo do nothing ara all signs of biliousness—signs,
too, that your- system needs help. Just the right help Is given and th*
bodily condition which Invitee serious sickness
Is Prevented By
timely use of Beecbam'r Fills. This faaaoos vegetable, and always efficient
family remedy will clear your system, regulate your bowels, stimulate ynur
"  , . .        - food^i"
liver, tone your nerves.   Your digestion wiH bc •o.iinpmvrd, your ft
nourish you and you will be strong to DO and to resist.   You will feet
greater rigor and vitality, u well as buoyant spirit*—after you koowand uso
Tbe **ammm*tm% every am are veMUe-esaeshli-lee
Ml everywhere,  la _mi«.2Sc THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes oxa.ni.ned. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
ure expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
Jeweller and
 '      optician
(grani. Jforka &mt
tsl.llHlissd nt lirau.l CurUi. British Ooltltalhl
A Hie of this patter emt be seen at the office
ot Messrs. K. * .1. Hnraly 4 Co., 311, 31 aanal 82.
Fleet Street, E.C., Loaaala,,,. Baglatid, free of
attarge, and thaflfni will be sled to receive
atihscrli-tions amai advertisements on our be
euBsOHimoii bats, t
;*. i.m
Jne Year   ..	
'Ine Year (In ndvnnco)  . .
One Year, in V tilled States 	
Address all caxuintiialcatlons to
""     Ths Bvkniso 8us,
a'Hiaaal 1171 QbaSO Posits, H.C
With both Sir Wilfrid Luurier
and Premier Uorden co*ning to Brit-
isb Columbia, the prospects for the
naval question remaining in politics
a few months longer at least are
The Montreal Shareholder ^claims
to know that already Premier Borden's cabinet is torn by dissensions, and it "would not be surprised to see an early appeal made
to the country, and to find that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier was returned to
If Premier McBride remains in
power a few yt are longer, the Tory
newt-pipers in this province will
have fnrgetten how to make a living
unaided when there is a change ill
the Victoria government.
Egg-Laying Contest
International egg-laying competition, held under the joint uuspiut>s of
the British Columbia Poultry association, the Vancouver Exhibition board
and the p-iovinbial government. Total
eggs laid up. to the end of the tenth
month, September 20, 1912:
Pen.        Class I. Eggs Laid
2—White Leghorns  920
9—White Leghorns  837
: 19—White Leghorns  7.05
, m_Whtie Leghorns  718
14—White Leghorns  704
118—White Leghorns   701
j   4—White Leghorns  (WO
20—White Leghorns '  1.71!
7—White Leghorns  671
1—White Leghorns  (io*!
•JS-White Leghorns  Glli
12—White Leghorns  CH2
5—White Leghorns  6211
22 -Buff Leghorns  ti 12
8—White Leghorns   801
21—Mottled Anconas 531
3—White Leghorns  820
li—Blown Leghorns  500
16    White Leghorns  496
13_White Leghorns 495
15—White Leghorns ".. 488
11—White Leghorns  417
17—White Leghorns   408
Pen.        Class II. Eggs Laid
,13—Rhode Island Reels  782
38—White Wyandottes-  771
31-a-Rhode Island Reds  695
2G—Buied Rocks  687
37—Barred Rocks  670
34—White Wyandottes  066
32—Rhode Island Reds  649
39—Buff Orpingtons  572
35—Barred Rocks  ,855
29—Buff Rocks : 841
30—White Wyandottes  528
25—Buff Orpingtons  515
36—Partridge Wyandottes ...... 478
28—Columbian Wyandottes...... 414
27—Silver Pencilled|Wyandottes 408
40—Silver Laced Wyandottes... 403
Average price received for eggs,
50c per dozen. Pen Tampemture—
Highest, 60°; lowest, 42°; average
mean temperature, 66 1°—these are
shade temperatures. Hain fell on
seven davs; the rest of the month was
line and fair. _
Most Important tvents  of
Past Week Told in Brief
The hooking of a few more theatrical companies of the r.\i<g< of 11 e
two thnt recently appparetl at Jh«
1 ical opera house will effectually
destroy the reputation of the citv
as a giod show town. It is worse
than highway robbery to take iHe
pt opie s money and give them nothing but such trash ih return fnr it.
We would be perfectly willing
be talked about if we might first o.
k. what is to be said.
The man ' who knows his own
mind often feels sorry for it.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in Entrlish, commercial
and music branches Kmbroirlery,plain
and fancy needlework nnd sinning are
given special attention. The commercial couise includes stenography, type
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for exaiiiinai
tions of the Associated Boards of the
London Rnval Academy and Royal
College of Music
Winnipeg to Gulf of Mexico railroad being surveyed in Minnesota.
Duke antl Duchess of Connaught
are enthusiastically welcomed at Victoriu by city otticiuls.
With greatest fervor the closing
meeting of the anti-home rule-campaign closes at Uister hall.
Coal miners' strike on Vancouver
island assuming serious aspect. It is
feared a coal famine will result.
Hon. Joseph Martin avers that the
grain growers brought about the proposal of reciprocity with  the United
Advices confirm the belief that
there will be a congestion of grain.
Shippers are, however, doing their
utmost to avert a blockade.
A Tacoma jury brings in a verdict
of 823,000 damages against a priest
alleged to have abducted a young
girl from her mother.
Illinois family of four persons murdered at night, then house ' is burned
io ground.
Toronto bank clerk is sentenced to
twenty years in penitentiary for stealing 820,'OUO.
Ghastly details of Nicaraguan revolution revealed in special uiail correspondence.   .
Fifty-one defendents in conspiracy
case at Indianapolis will appear for
trial Tuesday.
I. W. W. association leads strike at
Lawrence, using knives on policemen
who break up parade.
William McCaffrey, assistant sales
manager of the Canadian General
Electric coinpany, aud four members
of his family, drowned at Pitlgeon
river, their canoe being upset by a
fourteen-pound fish.
Government reports that Canadian
trade figures for the first third of the
fiscal" year are 30 per cent greater
than tor the corresponding period of
last year, and Chat Canadian trade
will reach the billion mark during the
present year.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICKS $•_ to .$.12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
P. BURNS C& CO., "d,
^Always   have on hand al! the
Delicacies of the Season,
Fresh-killed t^feats
Beef       ^Mutton
Finan Haddies
Chickens        Ousters
Pork        Vaal
Kippered Herring
Still at the Old Stand
Stiver King and Silver Queen
Claims, nitwite In the Graud Forks
Division of Yale District.
Where Located:  On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NOTICE that  I,   Jacob JI.  Paulsen.
KK     MHIlfi [MSI    I,     allvvu    _.     	
Free Miner's Certificate  No.   3A8I8B, fur
„.„_jelf and as       """*    """
executor, and
myself and as agent f"r William jH. Hoffman,
executor, and Rosa Major ****-  -* *•">
will  of   Catherine  Hoffi
Major, executrix, of the
w.   „_._ Hoffman,   Free  Miner's
Certificate   No. 8W17B.   intend,  "ixty   days
from   date hereof,   to npplf  to   the Miniug
..««..  __._...,  -PPH?- —    -—
Keeerder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose o"
ubove claims
of the
the purpose of obtaining crown
":mve claims
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of suoh Ccrlllcatcs of Improvement.
Dated tbls 4th day of May, A.D. 1912.
Our   Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Hone-Hind and Pig*
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business witli you.,. You'll find our wire ,*u.1 our prices right.
Whatever lie your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the plik'e to supply those, needs.   .
Fifteen thousand Huston stonemasons declare sympathetic strike.
War clouds gather darkly over the
Balkans. Authorities in London and
St. Petersburg predict war.
Central America greatly incensed at
the United Stales for intervention in
Nicaragua, antl may boycott goods
from that country,
Dutch baroness escapes from asylum where she has lieen lodged by her
relatives, after she had eloped with
her chauffeur.
Hun Frank Cochrane withholds ap
pinwil o Peace River railway plans
until map, of the Calgary-Kuril niton
a claim have been drawn.
Immigration into Canada, for five
months, shows increase of 14 per cent
over cm responding montha of the laat
liscal yeur, lhe nuniher cot responding
to tli.. united population of Winnipeg
and Va comer.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in a speech at
Cornwall, declares that a new election
is thu only wuy to solve the Conservative naval policy, claiming that the
cabinet is so. torn by dissensions that
they aro unable to como to a decision
Complicated election case at Two
Mountains heard by supreme court in
liailway freight rates, as applied to
western Canada, will be investigated
by tho commission.
Short age of cars for grain ti utile reported from several points in the west,
hut anxiety is not apparent.
Wilfrid   Laurier,  in   fighting
-r , denounces  methods used   by
Conservatives to win last election.
Terrific storm along British and
French coasts result in destruction' of
several yachts and one naval yard.
Turbine explodes aboard United
States torpedo destroyer, resulting in
death of lieutenant and two mates.
Presbyterian synod may seek |
amendment of marriage law in order ,
to obtain uniform Dominion legisla- j
tion. I
War cloud continues to hover over
Balkans, with no active steps save
local massacres of Turks in southern
■L ~
Fatal train wreck near Kingston
when cars leave track and go over an
embankment; one dead and many injured
Western Liberals invite Sir Wilfred
Laurier to three great conventions to
t|e held in British Columbia. Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Reported that uliniatum' delivered
to Turkey demanding autonomy and
reform within three days or else co
alition will enforce demand within an
other three days. Two Greek vessels
fired upon in Bosphorus by Turkish
ferts. _^
Bulgarians cross the frontier, autl
it is reported that hostilities have already begun. Powers still hope for
peace. —
Provincial legislature will meet in
January. An attempt will be made
to cancel thn poll tax.
Forty six defendants face judge aud
jury at Indianapolis in dyninate case
Australian commissioner says that
Grout Britain and the United States,
standing together, can dominate the
Premier Borden will visit this prov
Sunrise Mineral Cluim, situate In tin'
(rand Porks Mlnlnir Division of Ynle Dis*
Where located:   In Wellington oamp.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Joseph AlfredMiller.
i    Free Miners' (-ertlHcate No. B477H6, In-
tend, sixty davs Irom the date hereof, to Hp-   *
ply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
o' Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain*
Ing n Crown Grant of the a*-ove claim*
And further take untie* that action, under
seotion 87, must be commenced before the
lesuanoe ot such CertlHcate of Improvements.
Dated this tttli day of A pill, A.D. 1A12.
cAutomobiLe Livery
Meets all the train* wheu not othcrjvise engaged. Calls nt all hotels,
also at privato residences when notified in person or by phone. For
business or pleasure.    Prices reasonable.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhonol restores every nervo la the body
y lo lit proper tension; restore,
ii , .iuu,- i»....._v...__ __-._._ -_._! .n ._._.„_,»
_____-_________■mmm.—b ,U  !!■   |I,VpV.   HaaaWfl, BE9.U...
vln^and vitality. J'retuatute decay snd all muat
weakness averted at once,
make you a new man.  Price
IL   Mailed to any address.
Co _. it. CMharlnas. Ont.
or two lor
ill Drue
PHONB B127  _.-,_,.„
orricia   miller 4 oakoh«h'» stone
Some'fiusinesB men are so fond of
being deceived lhat they even endeavor to believe that they Can reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisingih Tbe Sim. THE   SUN,   GRAND- FORKS,   B. C.
When you
r buy a "Kootenay"
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
is guaranteed by
' makers and dealers alike \
to be a strong, durable
range and a \perfect
cooker and
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver.   Sold br
W. KJG. manly
ergy   and   money  which, bas been steamer  Southampton destined  to UATPI   PRfWHV(f~ F
necessary in less enlightened  lands.   Buenos Apres,   Argentine  republir.  SSXflllU  liVV/fluV
And this opinion has been since eon- At  Seattle   last   week, the Pacific i
firmed   by   the magnificently   pro   Coast Steamship company's  lineis Badf. Street, -
for San Francisco part of their   car*  GRAND  FORKS, B.C.
goes were 15,0U(J hoxes nf Win-liing*
ton apples, to be transferred at  San
Francisco to a boat bound  for A lis
Political Equality
In view of the extraordinary interest being manifested, not onl\
throughout the world in general 1ml
pirtictilarly in this DotnimW, in
the now vital question of woman
tuff 'ge, and especially in view of
tha' facts tbat Premier Borden has
ctiiasa tiled to red ive a deputation of
Cunt'liiin women tm this subject,
and t'iat the newspapers of every
ei .I i   i ileal opinion are  open-
gressive step taken hy the goyern
ment in tbe new University Act—
the first, I believe, in tbe history of
Canada'to provide expressly for.
absolute equality of scope and privilege between women and men in
every department of university life,
even as regards the appointment of
officials, from the highest downwards.
The men showing such liberality
of mind, such foresight, judgment
and courage, are not likely to delay
to carry the principle it embodies In
its logical, conclusion, or to deny (o
their countrywomen that recngni
lion of citizenship, and the key to its
effective use, wbich they accord to
any European immigrant when he
has been in the country the stipu
lated time and has taken the oath ot
•illegiance—(however fur removed
his traditions and ideals of life, social and political, from Canadian
standard)—who has happened to be
hoin a n a'e.
I am therefore being Sent ont on a
tour of organization, and hope to be
ti your district from November IS
'o- November 20 1 shall be very
ilad to hear from all ihose inter
••sled in this very vital question on
tny arrival, or before, especiilly
from any Australians or New Z«a"
lander, who always give this move-
nient the valuable support bated on
-u c ssful ex|ierie'nee.
Dorothy \V. Davis
Lacrosse Championship
The  world's  lacrosse championship for 1912 will he determined at
the   Provincial  exhibition   in New
Westminster  on   October 1 and 5,
when the New  Westminster   team,
i     ■ columns to the sympathetic ehampions of the British  Columbia
ussion of it as a matter oj  prac   lacrosse association, aiid the   Comical politics, it has been decided hy wail club, champions of the N.L.U.,
Wenatehee Apple Crop
The harvesting of the largest apple crop in tbe history of the We
natchee valley is now on, and it is
expected that 100 carloads a day
will he sent out of Wenatehee dur
ing the season, as the entire crop of
lbe valley is estimated at 3500 car
loads. This will mean approximately 2,000,01)0 boxes of apples,
which will average to the growers
net $1 per box.
Utilizing the Mirror
A dentist was filling a lady pa--
tron's back teeth, ■ When he had
finished with the firs tooth he
handed the lady a hand mirror that
she might see the result for herself
Then be went on with bis task, re
peeling his performance wilh the
mirror after each tooth wus filled.
Finally, when the job was com
pleled and she had handed back lh>
mirror with thanks, he said:
'•Well,.madam, how do they look
to you?"
''How do what look   to nn?" sin
'lhe teeth I just filled."
"Oh, 1 forgot iiliiaiil Ibt
she exclaimed, reaching
hand glass.
'•What diaTyou look at each Inn
1 gave you the mirror?"
"My bair."
Hot and Cold B.ttts
Flr.t-CI.aai. Bar, Pool
Band llllard Room,
la Gonneitlon.
Emil Larsen,
the headquarters brunch of the battle for possession of tbe Minto
Poiittcal Equality league of this cup, which carries with it the title
province that the time has come to of world chamnionB. The cup waB
organize the movement throughout held by New Westminster for three
tbe land, forming local branches years, going to Vancouver in 1911.
which shall distribute information, The Siilmonhellies regained posses'
arrange for meetings, and colleot sion of Ihe trophy this summer, and
sin • i
cir ti a"
gOVeanllieial    VI
a bi I gii'h
tht' I'lilliin.
The d,,--i aa
COHitnitlee   ),< 'I   lai   lie 'ti nli
auddenly owing to  ui.expw*ted
very promising developments,*
convinced   us   that if a widespread 'from Wenatehee. It   was a trail  tf
and united demand were male by thirty six cars loadedwith ovar 24,-
• uiioii u i,i,-ti is in tm ihe  Cornwalls, hy   virine of their
1'iist, lifkiitg li.i.1 Ihe victories in   the east,   have   come
I iimy  west in uiTwffort   to carry   off   the
Intro nn
the   li'"«lipiarters
Apples Going Abroad
r in    ainie.t .ingle t_o.tlsignnient.of
i| ■ ■I,,.,.- ava r "hipped over  the  Great
h Northern   was   gent   out   last «eek
preinl troin Wenatehee. It ' was a trai
e  by thirty six tars loaded with ovir
the women as well as hv   the   pr   • 000 boxes of Jonathan apples, going
ent   ehctors.   we should get    m r thrmiuh to New Y"tk citv  without
recognition as citizens at onci wilh- breakii g  bill'.-,   wher      We ii'-five
out all the expenditure of tihiej  en* carloads will be (Tans erred   to   tie
lor    the
Newspaper L.
1 A postmaster is in
notice by letter (letunn
does not answer the law
seriber'does not take Ins
the postofliee, and state i
its not being taken. A
do so makes tlle poftttnai
ble to the publisher for
2. If any pee-on  ord-
discontinued he must   pi
ages, or Ihe publishers   n
to .send- it   until   paiynie
and collect the »Hole an
the paper is taken from   '
not     There enn he   no   I
tinuaiit-e until pauiteitt
3. Anv person w ho t»
out of the post office, wl e*
'o his name or not, or wl.
subscribed or   not, is   re
the pav
4. If a suhserilier tit'tli
stopped anal the pilWishi'i
ia-nd it; ihe   siil'scriher
pay   for   it    if  he take-
t'O-t latlia.,.     This proceed
ground that n man must pay fnr whai
he iises
5 Tin- courts have decided tlml n ■
fusing taa tn It*' newspapers or iierindi*
i'ia.U t'roin thr pnst office or removing
leitvinii them uncalled for, is prims
t'scie evidence of intentional fraud.
Anybody can tell us what to do,
but we can't get anybody to do it.
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample hook of the "Art"
• writs of Pergonal'"-Christmas Cards
for 1912 has been received at The
Sun office. Tbese cards proved
very popnlar last year, lbe de
signs this year are prettier than last
year. The. prices range from 81 pel
dozen upwards.   Order early,
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five
room house and one lot on 'First
street. Bath-room and toilet ii
house; good cellar, stable anil wont!
shed; lots of small fruit. For price
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.    W. J. Meagher
Don't be misled by false state
nients of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is reatl by itmri
people than any oilier paper printed
n the Boundary district
AafMt ii, itoj.
6. Ann St., New York Cltf.
!■: ■>**_:
Invites you io ilie
Sepi.30ioOci 61912
Tke Wand &npix^iyit%r
Seven days and six ni6hi&cf
edudaiion and amitsemSii ■ •
SotwtiiinA ^iniei*t%*lteve*^\*iili^
RedweorRa/fivgy. Rales'
VM«loReblHCoiffov*.9eey for PretmotiUtiml
tUttftMlei Dsjj/RoJ-a BJ ,•_—i_ B0 m^mlm. 03
ma-oary-4ra.u_.ea.    At thia point     ... _. .
what yon hava not bafora knowa af: that aa Kara
•Inc., whila I waa a ntldanl ol N.Y. City, I waa
■evenly ill with lung trouble. Phytldaaa-aid I waa
•coniamptivs and my family phyvdaa MU my wlla
that ha thouaht I«.«»»« Aeewer. Myattaatioi
waa diractad to tha Wllnn kamedy, »Ua» 1 aaad
wlthiplandldeScct. I hava oee. on my (sal and at
work everaincs micro. Yonratnly.
Paator II. I,Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
■ On Dee t, ign, Ur. Sent wrote Mr, Abbott;
"Uy health ie very good.*'
If you will write Mr. Abbott be
will gladly furnish you any further
information you desire.
THE 8TANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper uf the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national In all Its
aims. _.
It uses tho most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world*.
Its articles are carefully selected and
its editorial policy ls thoroughly
A subscription to Tho Standard
costs $2.00 par yoar to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.-',
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Stindard PubllaMna C«.,
Limitod," Publiahore.
Iwueri Nov. 15. 1900.)
■lin in onu, uoveHnp  tho
■i|iliv,   gNi)iij;y,  ilifinix-
i»y.  iiiftiilluritv*,  kMntiii-
t^Ltistics tiihi   H'tancHS   of
« a [irui-ini!   linok,  HMtsful
i't»KHtiry lo mo*»t incii  eti
'n\   briw'iuh  of (li«* cuppof.
Its fitt^s
..ill pass muster wiili   tho
■iiti-tH. and ita. IntigiiHiie   is
lit     ana
ai'i'staaaad   by   the  everyda,)'
n.  It «
la's tli>' plat'ii facts in   plain
glisl,   a,
ilnitit fear iir fiivoi
:ail  dest'l'ilies,   Ki.'lli   en|ipi't'
lies anil
■ "inpanies   in   all  pints of
a!t'scri|'ti'aus rutiitiiig   froin
II  iill    I
aisiattei'ti  pages,   atictii'iliii_i
nee of the praipei Iv.
The l ,..
.al'l'   llaitirl'lllllla-   is     Cl llU'Wlt*! 1
1 he Oliver 1 ypewrite?
for 17 Gents a Day!
IMfRM. rend ttie hrartlitietrtVer figDln. Then n
irenieinlnuii ffllmiitlftiui'i.* will   l.iwn uimu  yoi'*,
An Oliver Tynewrlter-the nhndwl vlnllil
wrjti.T— thc liinct highly ncM 1 p<I .vvcwrilf
itl itu- inatki't—y«inrs for 17 (Wilts     tiny! .
'lhe tvju'wrior wlioKecnoqiieMi nf thoi-ol
'iicrcinl worlh it.ii uinitKi'uf .il«*i>- * — yiiiir" f«*
The typewriter that 1 a equipped with snore* ol
iinli t-miv. itifiici**- ms -Ttid i'..'iliiucf Shilt'-
• i he KuitiiK pevlre"—"The Double Bl'lertmj!'-
fl'lio IjienmAtlVf hn»u"—"The Ait'oinn *i
•ipitcer"—"The Anromatl*. THOiiiiitor'*-- The
—"The AilJiiMuMe !'«-
Iter Hnjier.*.1'—"The Bo|.
pi".o, i miiU'iiw-o Key
* ard"—all
Toon for  17
Cents M Day!
We anouneeil   tbU
new PuIlb iiiuu r*itv i ...fljimt UifiKl nu-imlht-io
(lie puo;>le. Siincly » Hiuitll euch |.iiyiuent—
tiit'ii 17 eeiKiflti •!«>'■   Tliiit'i* ihe i*lnu  In  a nut
The rem.II Ii.im lieuil Mich a delude oi U|i|>llen
iloim Inr imu-iilneM Hint wo are »lui|ily hs
touiiileil. —
The lieiioiinl (hiinoa from people of all tliil>H»
nil agvf, all owjiipatloiis.
Tim inaj'irl'y oi hiqulrleena* wine,from jieo
Iti Of ItliiiWU llimu.'ial RiaildlllK who were al
:r,ii(.*.i bj tlie noveltj' of the proptHi. 'on,   ai
un|.resHive ijemonHiratloii of the luiuiense pop
u nrity.if the Oliver Typewriter
A MartiluK I'oiitin. miun <>f mir la'lief tliin
ilie Km of Universal Typewriting le at han.l.
A  Quarter of a "Million People
are   I ;    j    Mney with
"*%* ....
The Standard Visible Write)
I'I «•   l- ii       .III.  -•.■.. l.nlti,. ■   IU   IHVI •
In-uilvi r fiicreiia* in il*efiilnepaaoit abwitlltul)
ni'li'ltliMiii'e in ho-Iiii-ik.   Sutv 0O|iie» Hn* 0'>n
| 'i .i-t-i tii tnu iiome.
■    'he«hiiplU-ltyainl siiuugth oftheUlU'ui i.i i
■r liiinily use, ll I- ti.'.-niiiiut/ an I i pttriiii>
ClOf in the iniiiii* traluiliK "f > oiiiik i ><i|>.<
ILi"In.'liter in. weiiiiH.i money in.lit r.
uur nun Ml Iuu Hun ywx, ;\w • liu r <•, w,*
INtfllolil .-f every hniny in Aunrlni. Will yo1
■ >m ih.* llm). .n \((1ir in,tm; or .illi.'o un ilil*. re
nikiit,h* ihnt-i ml. i?
\- rilp ior |i|iiliitr <h i>ii!s nt our eii*-v oiler  iiin*
'!■■■■ i*.»|.y or tne new Ollvpj Catalan.  Ad,' n**\
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oilier T)|»*wiltei Iinlliliua.
NOTlOKOihereb* irlven tint George Alex*
itmler-tiurt IVI1 <»f I nt :f!71, I'. O   \'t
liniii  I'nrhh. will apply for o lleence t
'ih.  fn
t Ite nml use .nip .'nble font per ieo.
i «ui' r niti - f North K.»rk Ket le I* J ver < reek,
i whleli iln ■•. In a Hoittiierly ill reef loll thmuifh
^Lot SOU itnn cniltiIn Into Kettle Kiv»r neur
1 (iriiiMl Pnrif*. 'I h" wati-r will ho diverted np-
pn-'te the towimlte "*f Moi/nro, mid will he
ii-.. .1 r..p Irrigation pitrpo-ei oh the land de-
ie rihe.l ii* Fruit l.nn.l. ntiOllt 154 urn »
This n *lee wi\h |ji"i'r"l "ii the ground on
fcheilpH day of .Mnrcll, iiH2 The onpllentlnti
wilt he lilo.i In the nfflufl of tho Water Re*
po *•, r at I'airvlew.
Olijpi-tloiiH mny '*" tiled wltb tlle said
IWer ftecrilei "*r with tin* roinOtrnller of
Water Ui-.li!-. riirliiiiifot l.iiihlint_;s. Vie-
'. ria, H.' .
0.A.8, HEI.I..
. hi- tln-
Wiirld's Standard (tetorence
Rook on Copper
The niinini* itiaii tietails tlir liiHtlt for
'he (ivls it gives hint iiIhiiiI mines,
niniiig antl the metal.
The investor nettls the bunk for.the
nets it given him aliiiut iiiilitnu, iiiiii-
nj; investmentpa ulid eo(.i|it*r' >,t.itistit.s.
Huntlreils of BwintfTiiiK foni|iiiniefl an-
exposed in plain Knglish,
Price is 85 in Buckiatm with gilt
top; K7.50 in full'lihrary inorocco.
Will he sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, ami
may Ive returned within a week of re
tieipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
I ..ditor and Publisher,
453 Postofliee Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; alto all the
issues for tlle remaining weeks of 1911,
Free, It is your last chance to get
the paper at tills price. On January
1,1912, it will be advanced to |2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volume! of tlle
best resiling, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
tbe Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send far Annonncement for 1912 ond Sample
Copies of The youth's Companion, Free.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Evary New Subscriber who cote Ml
uid Miiclt thi* •lip (or mention* this
P«P*r) with $1.75 for tha 82 iuueeof
Tha Companion for 1912 will raceive
All Um Iswh-m fer Um remaining
weehi of IS 11 free, lecludini Um
beautiful Holder NumbersiaIm sh
The Companion's Picture Calendar
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Than The Companion for the 82
wea!cs of 1912—all for $1.75—your
last chance al this price. On January
1, 1912. it will be advanced to $2.
Ntw SibtcriatiMU Received it Tbit Office. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Belief Growing That Man Should be
Why is It that we neglect to use
the felt hand so much?
Among English-speaking people 9?
cut ot every 100 are right-handed
when they reach maturity. Out of
every 100 such persons 17 are born
right-handed, three are born left-handed and the remaining 80 are born
without preference as to either hand.
Eighty are Influenced - to become
strongly right-handed during early
No great asset in the world la so
neglected -aB the average left hand.
Formerly ull the world was ambidextrous. ?rlmltlve man had no preference which hand he used. And In
various parts of the world efforts aro
now bolng made to revive the use of
'he left hand.
Japan haB for many years been
teaching two-handedness to the men
of Its army and ln its Public schools.
The German Oovernment Is following
Japan's example. Sir Robert Baden-
Powell, hero ot the Siege of Mate-
king and founder of the Boy Scouts,
does not consider a man a well-trained soldier unless he can mount equally well on either side of .his horse, use
the sword, revolver and lance equally
well with both hands.
Guarding a Royal Train
Few people know that the passage
ot a Royal train Is guarded almost
every yard of the way, be the Journey of the Sovereign short or long.
Many people laugh when they read
of lines upon lines of soldiers drawn
up along the railway metals ln Rns-
r'a where the Czar travels; but the
same thing practically occurs in England, only without the ostentatious
display of uniforms. The linepver
whicli the Royal train ls to pass is
quite as effectively guarded, though
lo all appearance there is nobody
Health Restored
Gained 29 Pounds
Dizziness, Sinking Spells and Excessive Weakness Disappear With
Use of
Nearly evory woman will read
with interest the letter of Mrs. Geo.
Bradshaw, quoted belcw. It tells of
years of great suffering from Nervous
Headache and other symptoms arising from weak, watery blood and a
Blurred and exhausted condition of
the nervous system.
Mrs. George Brtidsiiaw, Cosy Nook.
Harlowe, Out., writes:—"I am glad
to state lhat 1 received benefits from
Dr. Chase's Nerve Fcod which I failed to get any place else.. I was
troubled for many years, ln fact from
my early womanhood, with weak,
watery blood, and given to dropsy.
I Buffered untold agonies from nervous sick headaches, dizziness, antl
sinking spells, in fact was a semlin valid for many years. I tried
many kinds of patent medicines, and
got no help, and tried every now doctor that came along, but all tailed to
help me. Doctors told me 1 had no
Wood, antl that my heart and kidney s wen. diseased, and that I had
so many complaints there was not
much use ln doctoring up one or two.
Four years ago I took six boxes of
Dr. Chase's.Nerve Food, and was glad
to see I felt better, and then got six
more, an* they have- .cured m > ef
many of mj complaints. Whin :
began taking Nerve Food I welgned
110 pounds, and to-day I weigh 139,
and am 45 years old.
Dr. Chute's Nerve food, 50c. a box,
8 for $2.50, at all dealers or Edninn-
■on, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Black Fox Farming
There it in Prince Edward Island a
new development which is attracting
great attention In the shape of raising fur-bet.r!ng animals. It has been
proved that the climate of the province is particularly suitable for the
breeding vt black foxes, and a number ot farmers have embarked in the
Industry v/lth the most profitable results. The fur ot the black fox, owing to Its rarity, has become exceedingly valuable, and the Commissioner of Agriculture for Prince Edward
Island states that a pair of live foxes
were sold recently for (25,000 and another pair for over (20,000. The
price of this Spring's pups was over
$10,000 a (air and $5,000 a pair, while
a cash deposit varying from 10 to
25 per cent la being paid for fox
cubs that are due to be born In the
Spring of 1913. Black fox farming
as lt Is called, does not entail any
considerable expense, the ranches consisting usually of an acre Of ground
with a steel wire enclosure about 50
feet square for two pairs, containing
llttlo houses for the animals.  ■
Minard't Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
A German- merchant, resident In
Moscow, has left all his fortune, a-
mounting to half a million, to all those
of his employees who have served under htm ror Ave years or moro. Their
portions are to be reckoned on the
basts of the first annual wage multiplied by the number of years they
have been In Ills service. Those
' who have worked for the firm leas
than Sve years receive a Joint sum
ot $60,000, which Is to be divided according to wages and length of service. The staff have decided to organize tho business Inherited by them
Into a Joint stock company.
Mr*. Kadon—Isn't that a delightful
shortcake, Henry?
Henry—I'll consider It Innocent un.
ill It's been proven guilty.
[Tmkl softly -
*\*Ms**\t**aai tt_> A_i_t_Mittd fnati
<oTCa1S Paw Heels,
W. N. U. »12
Science to Imitate Nature
The view haa been adva'ieed Iii.
more than one quarter that during the
next two or three centuries invention
probably will bc en the direction of
Imitating the' wonderful economy antl
tho simple, direct methods of Nature.
An Instance ln point ls the electric
eel'.' Its electric organ Is ln no
sense a storage battery, but a contrivance by which electric energy ls liberated at thc moment when It Is required . At rest the organ shows so
small an electric force tbat a gat
vanometer ls needed to detect lt, but
a sudden nervous Impulse from the
eel's spinal cord raises a potential
of many volts with very little heat
and so .mall an expenditure of matter as to defy the .most expert chemist to weigh it. Fireflies, glow
worms, and many deep sea Ashes produce light without heat at a coat
which would make a match an extravagant outlay.—Harper's Weekly.
Great Discovery
I tell you we live tn an age of progress.
How now?
Now some.sharp has discovered that
you can shake fleas off a dog with
a vacuum cleaner.—Kansas City
The Pllle That Bring Relief.—When.
after one has partaken of a meal he
Is oppreBrod by feelings of fullness
and pain In the stomach he suffers
from dyipopslc, which will persist If
lt be not dealt with. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are the very best medicine that can be taken to bring relief. These pills are specially compounded to deal with dyspepsia, and
their sterling qualities ln this respect
can be vouched for by legions of
A dlme-ln-theslot photographic machine Is, !t ls announced, about tor
bo put on the market. The sitter
places the coin ln the Blot and pulls
a lever; the mechanism turns on an
electric light, drops a plate Into position behind the lens, opens the
shutters for three seconds, develop*
fixes and washes the plate, and In
fifty-seven' seconds delivers the picture, finished and In a neat frame.
If the mechanism should fall to work,
the dime Is automatically returned.
Sometimes Lengthy
I believe honesty payB ln the long
run.     So do I; but I often wish tt
were not Euch a mighty long run.—
Chicago Record-Herald.
™ >
'" 'St
like this
won a prize
last year.
'"pHE drawing was made
"*• from a photograph of
the root-cellar with which D.
A. Purdy, of Lumsden, Sask., won
s cash prize in last year's contest-   In that last
conteit ther* were 36 prizes.   There will be three
timet as many prises (108) in the
"'HUS you will hsve three times tu msny chances of winning a cash
priie. You do not have to use any certain amount of Canada Cement
to win a prise.'  There are absolutely no "itringi" tothhoffer.
There are twelve prises, for each Province (three ol $50 j three of $25; three of
$151 and three of $10) and you compete only with other farmers in your own Province and not with those all over Canada.
It makes no difference whether you Ijave ever used cement.   Many of last year's winners
had not used it until they entered the contest.   When you write for full particulars, we will
send you./r.e, a book, " What Iht Farmer Can Do Wilh Omerelt," which tells everything
you need to know about concrete.   It is absolutely free, snd you are under no
obligation to buy " Canada ** Cement or to do anything else for us,
WRITE y »aar tal"* anal Bald. HI M Ih. caaujoaa. and mall ll. aar Me Irttaar or ra,t cud, XX,
w..all».'od raw at.uce tb. taa*a»k and lull ratUcaUn .Ith. 1912 Priw l_.nl.it.
Xitnx. Paklklly Muasa..
Caaada Cm* C.-saia; Uallet 5Q4      HsraU MUtkf, Metfftal
Longest English Word
What Is thc longest word In our
language.' The query has been suggested to a correspondent by the present discussion aa to disestablishment.
Our reader has found dlsa atablish-
mentarlan ln hla dictionary, and presume there Is no objection to adding
the prefix antl, and so obtaining a
word of twenty-flve letters. A goodly number and one which ought to
tarry conviction by *$\eer weight.—
London Chronicle.
The moat densely populated of all
the countries of the world Is Belgium,
with 636 Inhabitants to the square
^  PILLS -
Pound of 8%uds, Pleas* -
Wben eggs and vegetables are sold
by weight, as lt is proposed, and as
they sbould be, the next step, we pre.
sume, will be a demand for a pound
of beer for a nickel.—Troy Standard-
Minard's Llnimtnt Cures Colds, Etc.
Shank's Allss
Lew Shunk, the Indianapolis mayor,
went to e convention out of town and
registered at a hotel under the name
of Frank Dawson. An acquaintance
ot his sounded him on the alias, to
which Mr: Shank responded.
It's this war. When a man In
public life travels around he Is frequently annoyed by visitors and
cranks. If I put down my right
name I wouldn't have a minute to
I'm not alone ln this Idea. Nowadays many a public man travels nux
Appreciated It
Father—How Is It that I And you
kissing  my daughter?   Answer me,
slrl How Is It?
..Young Han—Fins, sir, line!—Satire.
Modern Boy
Teacher—What Ib tho Bluff that
negroes are made of, Tommle?
Totnmte—You'll have to excuse me,
teacher, but I'm not booming any particular breakfast food.—Yonkers
Weirh Doctor*' Odd Fees
Welsh monarchs used to pay thoir
doctors on a singular scale. At th*
court of the Oyyuedd Kings the physician or surgeon ranked twelfth In
order ot precedence among tbe house*
hold officials, and his fee* were carefully defined. For curing s flesh
wound that was not dangerous th*
doctor waa allowed no other perquisite than suen of the garments of the
wounded person, as were stained with
blood. But tor curing any of what
were called the three dangerous
wounds, he was granted a fee of 130
pence and his maintenance during
the cure, beside tbe blood stained garments.— London Chronicle.
18o* Tin.
SKIP I. th. o&ianuL mt SKIT fin
OLEAMtX.   WUImigitWlBlMlai
The Guest Who Is Treated Like
One ot the Family.
On* ef th* Ntw Dome Shaped 8un-
thadai Would Bu Charming Present or Buettltt For Her Dainty Llttl*
Pumps Any Girl Would Lov* to Hav*.
lleur Klsa-1 bar* Jnst come from a
week end spent wltb some friends of
mine who "treat me as on* uf th*
lintilly." I know It Is considered quit*
■ ciinipllmeiit to be so trailed, but per*
soiiiilly I bar* ti sneaking Idea tbal
there are a uumber of hostesses who
assume tills attitude toward tbelr
gueiis purely from * lazy motive,
.Vtintever th* attitude. 1 know that
iuy spirit always tall* when 1 am assured by my hostess that "we are not
going to mnke any tusa over you; w»
Heller* In treating compauy exactly
like home folks." Then 1 know lust
wiiut lo expect
Now, you know, dear, that most ot
my llf* Is siwnt among my own people,
where I am treated as "one of the family" Hern use 1 uut une. So when I do
go ob ti visit I Ilk* to have a fuss
uuid_r*over nie. 1 lor* to hsr* my preferences deferred lo by my hostess
when tlle plans, for Instance, tbs
menu. I uetunlly purred all over recently when nu old classmate of mln*
remembered when plnunlug a luncheon tor lue ilmt I adored strawberry
shortcake. Indeed. I Ilk* lo bar* my
arrival looked forward to aa a gala oc*
cnslun-lluit the guest room haa been
cleaned tiud swept in my bonor and a
fresh bunch of (lowers Is ornamenting
III* writing desk.' I know lt ts a trouble tor my hostess to take ber pretty
forty dresses out of the guest room
closet, bui II flatter* me Immensely
to feel that the pleasure ot my society
Is vuiiildered worth th* Inconvenience
of tu extra thought >.
Nie* to Hav* Attention.
It th* children an arrayed tn clem
dresses as ths bour of my approach
comes nigh 1 am doubly pleased. It Is
«lso nice to know that my hostess hss
planned for my pleasure tod bu p*t-
nap* Invited a few/ choice spirits to
meet ni* during my day. as tt 1 wer*
lu truth t veritable personage Instead
ot merely an old school friend, for
wbom one doesn't bar* to bother.
Now, wben 1 am lo my own bom* 1
don't expect people to be looking out
for mc. Oo my own ground, 1 can look
out for myself. If tbe food on tb* ta*
bl* doesn't suit me 1 can order som*
tblng els* tbnt dees. If 1 bar* tn
overwhelming desire to «p*nd th* afternoon Indoor* I am it liberty to indulge tb* desire. Uut wheu one It under tome tmo else'* roof, even though
Ibtt torn* on* els* be su old snd Intimate friend, on* must silently bow one's
will to tbtt ot lb* hostess and follow
her lead, lu consequence th* hostess
who "treat* ber guest it on* of th*
family," meanwhile pursuing tb* even
tenor ot ber way amid housekeeping,
marketing, supervising tb* dressmaker
tnd attending to her own engagement!,
It n«t to my liking. When treated. In
this fashion one feels Ilk* t men supernumerary wbo might ss well hevt
stayed tt horn*. If you are bored tt
limes you art not tt liberty to ask tb*
rbtiiiffeur to tnke you for t drive, although yon bave been assured that th*
. place It Liberty Ball tnd you arc fro*
to do m you 'please. .You're not,
("hough, snd you sr* obliged to walk
mlgbty gingerly lest you Interfere wltb
some cherished tradition of tb* bout*.
A* « milter of fact whu t hostess
ts complacently Battering herself tbat
thi confers nn honor by treating her
guest ss "one of tu* fsmlly," 1 tm
tempted lo ask It the It not tn effect
freeing herself from tb* burden of
hospitality, meanwhile leaving th*
liclplesav visiter enthralled In lb* fitters of ber gtiesthood. iltbongb deprived of II* dlllgbtful compensation*
Whin Sh* OrsdusU*.
' Now you wtnt in* to luggut graduating gifts for t few of your sweet
girl friends wbo are lu receive thilr
sheepskins tbls Junot Well. h*r*'» •
list Hint will read Ilk* ■ department
iliop gift book.
Why uot patent on* of them with t
inratol In on* of tli* new French
dorn* (hape* or th* new Bat durbar
stylet Tb* sunshades ire lot expen
■It* ind ire very mucb In vogu* tbl*
Since slippers are so Important this*
days and eurh pair needs Its burkl* or
■ornament you might select t pair ot
Ibe colonial ones tbnt are th* fnshlon
uow or little rhlneston* oruimentt fot
ber evening pump*.
An overnight bag will be Just th*
' tblng for lb* girl who gtw* «hout
much. Tbls bag Is Just large enough
lo hold her brushes, a blouse, t
"nightie" and ■ few other needfnli.
They come In bllek wulritt, teal snd
mn cowhide.
On* of th* ntw deep backed lie*
•dlai'i-prcteribly uf Irish Mc*-would
be useful tor s. sweet girl graautw*
summer gowns or tier cloth suit Tb*
lace ts very durable and I* therefore
* most practical girt
Now that earrings are so much worn,
even by ynuna gfrls, it. pair, not too
elaborate, ot course.' tn ber favorite
stone or color would be n very accept-
Able present.
And lu artcVtlon to these tbere are
neaps at other things to give-Bowers,
ol course; bonks ol many kind*, beau-
tlhil handkerchiefs, bracelets, brooches
and cottar pins, fans, watches and
gloves.   Alwttyi devotedly yours,
New Vork. 11A MCL.
A Study In Wrinkles.
hen George Rlguold was playing
Henry V. in London a friend visited
liim in nis dressing room and remarked a large and handsome photograph
of Wordsworth hanging on the wall.
Said the friend, "I see you are tn
admirer o! Wordsworth."
"Whe't Wordsworth?" queried thi
"Why, that's his nicture — 'Wordsworth, the poet."
"Is that old file a poet? I got him
for a study of wrinkles."    — •
Improper  Car*  of   8ow  at   Breeding
Tim* Largely (Usponail.lt.
To the best of my knowledge and ex.
pertence the principal cause of small
litters In herds is tbe lack of proper
care at breeding time, writes Ueorgt
•lolce In the National Stockman. Most
breeders of registered stock keep tbeli
breeding animals too fat A sow ta
produce a Inrge Utter should be In •
thrifty condition und possibly a little
tbla. About three or four weeks before you wish to allow ber service begin gradually to feed her plenty of rich
nnd nourishing feed. At the time ol
service sbe sbould appear to be picking np flesh pretty fast Keep ber on
good feed nt least four weeks nftei
service, then lf you think ber getting
overfill reduce the feed gradually, but
keep her ln thrlfly condition and dc^
oot stint or slit mny farrow about one
balf of her Utter runts.
We hnve tested this matter yenr
tfter yenr and Bnd tbat a tow will
not start more pigs tban tbe can carry
ou tbt Ktii provided. Tbls Is on* of
nature's provisions and Is involuntary,
it far it the male or female It concerned. If th* ordiftnry sow't assimilative organs were capable ot providing food for twenty-live unborn pigs
tnd tbo dam uo doubt tbe would farrow tbnt number, but nature provided
tier with ten to fourteen teitt, with
tn occttlontl sixteen teater, although
som* sows are ao well fed that Ihey
farrow from tlxtceu to twenty three
pigs. The wild bog farrowed tad
reared from three or four to twelvi
pigs, bnt generally eight or nine, according to whether sbe was gaining
or falling st the tlm* ot service.
Th* Duroc-Jentey I* one of the most
prolific of breeds, but nature's laws
mnst be obeyed, W* bsr* a register,
ed sow tbat on Msy 10 farrowed
eleven a* a gilt raised ten; March 17
farrowed thirteen, raised twelve.   Sbe
Chester Whllt hogs hart long
been a favorite breed throushout a
Itrgt part ot tht United State* antl ■
atlll hold their own- against other
varlellei. As a breed Hit Cheater
Whtlt Is Isrgt, Ions In body, has
heavy t-ont and la not at refined
or compact ta aomt of tht other
breeds. Tht sows art good mothers, good grazers and ait very proline. Tht llluatrallon shows l Chester Wbltt tow tn ftt condition.
Hit Viltt Found Hit Pr*p*r Vocation
at Lilt
Jack Martin ot New York. Parlt,
London tnd otber distributing centers
was In the French capital 'without a
vnlet, a valet being a person wbo Is
expert lu tbe folding, pressing and
draping of men's apparel. Ur. Martin
employed the man wbo first applied
for tbe position, but after halt an
hour ot close observation went off ilk*
a geyser wltb this:
"What you don't know about valeting would break tbe beart of any real
valet In Christendom! You don't know
t sleeve button from a pressing Iron.
Whnt on earth Is your real vocation V"
Then tbe Impostor confessed. II*
said be was not a valet bad never
been trained as a valet and boped be
would never be t valet As a matter
of fact, be explained, bis real business
was that of chauffeur.
"Uoudl" exclaimed Martin. "I fire
you ut valet tnd engage yo.'i at chauffeur. You may drive my mucblnet for
After the first day of the new Job
tbe chauffeur and Mr. Mnrtlu bad narrowly escaped deutb about sixteen
timet. *
"See here!" exclaimed tbe employer.
"You're not a chauffeur. You don't
know bow to delve a car. You're
fired I"
"I know It, sir," sobbed tbe valet-
chauffeur, "but I'm in American, and
I was hungry when 1 applied to you
for a Job. 1 hope you'll forgive me.
My real business Is pugilism. I'm
some pugilist I.cliev* me, I'm tome
At Inst the truth was out, and at lost
Msrtdu wna enthusiastic.
•'Finer' be cried. "You're not fired.
You're re-engaged. 1 make you my
valet again."
Then the man tnd the manservant
sailed for tbe United States. On tbe
dock In New York a customs oGlclnl
told Martin to open bis trunks. Tbe
valet did It Tben tbe official insisted
on Martin's opening ill the trays In
each trunk.'
"1 won't do It," said Martin, "and I
won't allow my valet to do it"
Whereupon the official converted the
Martin trunks into a storm nnd scattered rainbow pajamas and silk socks
to the four winds, all of which greatly
pained Mr. Martin, who turned to thi
valet and slid In a low but stern volco:
"Heat him upl'
As a beater up that valet was a blu*
ribbon performer, and be mad* lb*
customs tifftclnl's face look like scrambled eggs cold. A few mluutes later
lbs police appeared, tbo vnlet was
taken to tbo lockup, and Martin Jump-
ed into a taxlcab nnd started for his
club with a friend.
"I don't tblnk this Is fair," objected
the friend. "Why should that valet go
'lu Jail for obeying your orders?"
"Oh, he's got no kick," said Martin
lightly. "I always pay him $20 a day
extra when he's uuder irrcst."--Popu.
Itr Mngaxlne.
 : & .
Found HI* Plie*.
Two New England men wer* talking
over th* dayi of their boyhood when
on* referred to an old schoolmate who
bad n most unfortunate disposition.
"I often wonder what becum* ot
Dick," suid his friend. "It ulwoya
seemed to me thnt It wouldn't be possible for him to get nny enjoymeut out
of life or to find nny sort of work tbut
suited bim."
"Ob. he's fixed all right." said Ihe
1 otber man. "I saw blm In Chicago
last year, where he bas a Job that suits
blm perfectly. Uo Is station master
In a place where there nre flfty trains
a dny coming nnd going and Dick sees
somebody miss every one of them."—
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
was very poorly cared for ths nest
summer ind full snd on April 4 fnr
rowed one and raised all, and th* following March sbe farrowed eleven living pig*. Kit* wa* fetl for n large Utter. Arillter sister was belter fed s
year ngo last fall and farrowed four
teen snd raised ten.
1 tbtuk tho tit* of the coming llttci
It Involuntarily decided within a
month «ftcr service. If lb* *ow
should return beot three weeka nftei
serrlc* she should b* well fed It least
six weeks longer.
" As we know, the -unborn pig take.
nourishment from tbe dam througt
lb* umlilllcnl cord st th* unvel. II
more pigs ara started than th* feed
provide* well for thc tow will draw
from ber own More for i time, iftit
which som*'of Ib* unborn pigs must
subsist on halt faro, lf tb* tow li
stinted * llttlo mora somo of these
half far* pig* (now riintsi will starve,
Ibu* will be born dead. Ot a litter ol
twelve two may be born dead (starved
lo death before blrtbl, two runt*, ind
tb* remaining eight be nice, tbrlfty
plgt. The owner or feeder doesn't let
why tbey were not ill that wty.
Rarer Thtn Hen's Eggs.
It it raid tnat there aro but TO rp»
clmens nl th* ty| ot tb* treat auk 1*
Method In His Madness.
An Englishman traveling In Germany kept constantly putting bit
head out ol th* window nl tli* rail-
way carriage until at length I gust ol
wind blew away liis hut. Ha immedl-
atcly took down his lialbox and hurl-
ed it out of the window. Hli Ccrmin
fellow-trtvilers rotred with Itughter.
"You don't expect your httbox to
h-'ng your hat back, do you?" on* ol
them asked.
"I do," said the Englishman. "No
nam* on-tht hat—(ull name and ad-
dress on the lux. They'll lie found
together, and 1 shall get both."
Th* Most Accural* Frontier.
As an Instance ol the Jealousy exist*
ing in the relations between Norwty
and Sweden it may be noted that tin
boundary liue between the two coun-
tries is the most minutely exset io
Europe. In every parisli touched hy
ths line there is deposited an elaborate plan which is renewed every ten
years, the whole ol the work ol iur>
veylng, etc.. Icing carotufty repeated
each time.
Frail Human Natur*.
The Judg* was in a rage. "I hear."
he thurdered. "that beta have been
made on the result nt this case. I
won't lisve such a state ol lliings. All
gambling must lie stopped within tht
jurisdiction ol this court."
"Btt you a fiver It can't b* done I
laid tht counsel fur lhe defence.
"Put up your money," said th*
Judge, reaching (or his purs*.
Pleasant Manners Frequently Accompany the Moat Crooked of Minds.
That the modern burglar is liy nn
means the uncouth, ill-mannered type
of person that Dickens pictured Dill
Sykes to be is evidenced by tlte extraordinary acts ol politeness lhat some
criminals perform in the course nl
their nefarious work. The oilier day,
for instance, a notorious pickpocket
in Paris robbed a music hall singer
ot her handbag, and sent her a neat-
ly*worded letter ol apology the next
A gentleman whose pocket was picked ot a purse containing money ami
two railway tickets in Blackpool not
Inng ago was astonished a lew (lays
afterwards tn receive the purse nnd
thai railway ticket* back by post. Inside the packet containing thi.ni wss
« note to tlie effect tliat the writer
only required the money that had
been in the purse, and advising the
owner of the latter article to he more
careful of his valuables in future.
Some burglars who stolo several
hundreds of dollars' worth of Jeweller;* from a jeweller's shop, situated
in a large country town, Ieit behind
them a ten-cent piece, and a note
which ran as (ollows: "We are sorry
we had to damage your window in
getting in. Here is the money to pay
for the repair." -Needless t'l say, it
cost much more than ten cents tu repair the broken window, and the loss
of even one ring would have heen
more to the jeweller than a smashed
window; but the criminal kink in the
burglars' nature did not enable Ihem
to realize this* and their one thought
on departing was liow they could be
polite to their victim.
The innate chivalry of one burglar
once induced him to leave a wealthy
man's house without stealing as much
as a cent. One night, during the
absence ol tho master of the liousa,
his wife was awakened by hearing
footsteps in the hall. On going out to
see who it was, she was confronted
by a desperate-looking man, who held
a revolver pointed towards Iter, and
said: "Make no-noise, or you will
meet with harm.   Are you alone'r"
The frightened lady replied lhat she
was nlone, with the exception of her
two little children, who were then
fast asleep, and she gave tlle burglar
permission to walk off with whatever
lie pleased, provided that he would
not wake the little ones 'olid thus
frighten them.
Something, perhaps the remembrance of his own childhood's days,
seemed to touch the man's heart.
"All right," lie replied, "I wouldn't
frighten the kiddies for th* world."
And to the amazement oi the trembling mother, he turned round, walked slowly down the stairs, and a moment later she heard the front door
close upon him. A thief who visited
a heu roost at Hartford on one occasion was evidently gifted with a love
ol poetry as well as a vein of politeness, for although he stole no fewer
than twenty-six (owls, he Ieit two
hens behind him and the following
couplet pinned on the door of the
"I've robbed the rich, but not the
And left two old hens to hatch some
A lionseowner w.ss recently much
upset one morning when he came
downstairs and found that his house
had been burgled in tlie night of a
number of valuables. Out he was even more upset when lie went into thc
garden and discovered tliat the criminal, or criminals, had poisoned his
favorite dog, which had been in the
habit of guarding his premises. Tlte
next day, however, he was amazed to
find that another dog of the same size
and breed was occupying the kennel.
A letter was tied round its neck,
which stated that: " are very sorry that they killed your dog. They
know how fond one can get of a pet
animal, so they take the liberty of
replacing tlte one they made away
with by the animal of the same brcct!
which you see beiore you."
Ts Quit the Stag*.
Mr. Forbes Robertson is ahout to
set out on farewell tours in England
and America. He is now approaching
his sixtieth birthday, and after
spending forty years on the stage he
feels that he has well earned t period of leisure.
Hoth in England tnd America the
public are loth to part with an actor
of tho distinction of Mr. Robertson.
It is doubtful whether thero has ever
lieen such a line Hamlet, tnd tho
public will ever remember Ills portrayal of the character nf Hick, tlie
blind war correspondent, in "Tha
Light Tint Failed, or his association
with Mrs. Patrick Campbell in "Romeo and Juliet."
During the past lew yetrs It* his
scored a phenomenal success with
Jerome's play, "The Passing of the
Third Floor Hack." It is natural
that he should seek a well-earned
rest, but it is certain that the stage
can ill spsre him, for at tho present
time there is no one to Uke hit
Pewter It best cleaned by washing
It wilh bot water,  rubbing lt wltb
fine tand and when dry polishing It
wltb leather.
Mailing splinters eislly wben twept
with l bare broom.    '.*• piwrvt It
either •letii It wltb t sift briith or
cover the broom with a gray canton
a fiatiuel bag.
Work th* Only Tttt af 8trtngth antl
Staying Qualities.
There Is no goud reason wby a draft
million sbould not work, and there ara
■ goud many reasons why he should
work, snld J. O.-Arbutbiiot In the report of Ihe Kansas live slock registry
board. Any man who Is a horseman iu
the true sense ot the word can work
one or even two stallions. I have iwo
I'ercherou stallions thnt worked together last slimmer, and neither wns
broken to harness until the .preceding
tprtng. We hitched tbem wben on*
bnd been worked three limes and tlio
other live or six times. After tiler
bnd been worked together a few times,
oue mun handled Iheui nlone. We kept
a Jockey stick ou tliem when hitched
and taught tbem that when they luifl th»
bnrnesH nud blind hr.dk** on-there wits -
to be no fooling. Many u time we tin.
bttclted from tlie manure (spreader und
' took tbem Into the barn, uobariiesM'tt
Ibem tnd'changed tbelr bridles lu try
mares nnd jtien put tbem riglit buck
Into tbe burnous.
Work-It lbe only proof of the tlreng'l i»
tnd staying quullilcs of n work borke.
1 have known draft stallions tu tlo a
good business when tbey were so un*
. sound lhat If castrated and tried nut
! a borse buyer would not iiinke n bid
on them.   As stallions tney cuulu fool
' i goud mnny people.
Tbe American trotter hns wnn th*
admiration of tbe world on account ot
his speed and endurance as exhibited
In many bard fought battles on th*
i track.     Buch   endurance   tud   speed
Jn tht Shirt we hive the result
of many ge'neratlona ot Bcleriiltlu
breeding on a flied Iln* for the spe-
eltlo purpose of producing a model
draft horse. Tha Shire la salt! lo
hav* more vitality than '.he Per-
eheron tnd ta ur a more klmlly disposition and more easily broken lo
harness. Shires art also easy keepers. Tht breed crosses well nuif
gett fewtr misfits, because Shir*
blood will tttt. Th* prevailing colon art nay, brown, black and cray.
Tht Shirt la t Hula mller ami
heavier than the Clydesdale. 'Hi.
Shirt mart shown was a prize win-
ntr last year In England.
would not have been possible except
for tb* stamina begotten liy uflcestoii
who stood on the merits of their records and the records of their ancestor*.
lu fuctflSbo ui'ble.eraents of the American trotter and pacer are simply "tbo
survival of tbe fittest." while the
icbieremeiits of the American drafter
sre too often the survival of the fattest An animal kept lu Idleness cannot be expected to possess any great
amount of strength and endurance,
sad on* of thc strongest laws of breed-
Ing Is "Ilk* begets like." A borse cannot transmit good ipialltlcs which lie
does not himself pusses*. In tact, not
til borset cau beget with any cer laa Inly tbe good qtialltlet wblcb tliey ih>
lf tbl only lite of (he draft bora*
was the butcher's block, the snme a*
the fst Btttr mid the fat hp;;. then no
work would lie ueeessary to prudin*»
the grestest amount of soft, tut tlesh.
but when ws consider ibe henry loan*
that ara to be drawn hy the offsprlmt
of our draft stallion, we should elliios*
■ stallion tbat hilt size combined with,
action, strength and endurance. Tber*
Is no wsy to tell whether n horse pnis-
tesses tbese qualities except u; putting blm to tbe test.
"Hit Jack t good renou for being
Itbimed of his ancestors'!"
"I tbould uy to. His grandfather
struck out four tlmn tn n* world'* n>
rle»."-New York Telegraph.
Trttt Ftr Prtlrltt.
Inditn Head, Sask.. has a forestry
fsrm of 790 teres ami i'atce it wa*
•ittbliihed in VXri, li_.WC.aHi Inns
b*v* been distributed \
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
The busines on the Great Northern railway haa increased to moh
an extent that a daily freight train
was placed on the run between this
city and Oroville thia week.
J. E. Wells, who whs last week
awarded the contract for the construction of the four room addition
to the public school building, started
work on the foundation last Monday. Brick haa commenced to arrive for tbe building.
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub-customs, ollices, as reported to the chief otlice iu this city,
for the month of August:
Grand £orka...'.  15,248 44
Phc-mix        991.92
Carson        164.21
Carcade        103.78
The roof is being put on the new
post office building this week.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed in tbe Presbyterian church next Sabbath, October 6, at the close of tbe morning
A. J. McCallum captured prizes
for all excepting one of his poultry
exhibits at the Greenwood fair.
The cement sidewalk on the west
side of Bridge street, between Second and Third streets, has been
completed. This improvement is
of such a substantial nature that it
should induce other property owners to follow tbe example.
W. J. Cook is relieving Customs
Officer .-Angus Cameron at Cascade
thiB week.
Take your repairs to Armson'a
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that by virtue of a
Warrant of Execution issued out of
the Supreme Court of British Columbia, between The Brunette Sawmill
Company, Limited, and The Grantl
Forks Fruit and Nursery Company,
Limited, directing the Sheriff of the
(irand Forks and Greenwood Electoral
Districts, in the County of Yale, to
make of the goods und chattels of the
above defendants, The Grand Forks
Fruit and Nursery Company, Linii
ted, the sum of $756 50 and cists, I
huve taken in execution and will
(iffer for sale on Monday, the 21st
duy of Oetober, 1912, at 2 p.m., ut
my office in the Government Building
in the City of Grund Forks, all the
nursery stock and chattels of the de
The chattels consist of one team of
horses, 2 wagons, drop harrow, 2
plows, 2 cultivators, harrows, harness,
buggy, ami a lot of small tools anil
Tiie nursery stock is on the Lawrence and Newby ranches near the
City uf Grund Forks, nnd cun be seen
at any time, also further particulars
can be obtained by applying tu me.
Terms of sale cash.
Duted ut Grand Forks this 28th of
September, 1912.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Oot. 4.—The follow
ing ure today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned: .
Bid, Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper.      5.25x  5.75
Total  $6,508.35
Copper Shipments .
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
tbis city for the pan} week amounted
to 532,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for tbe year fo 16,052,-
500 pounds.
The following are. the returns of.
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,049     839,811
Motherlode ,.6,241     337.839
Rawhide:  6,012     158,187
Jackpot        12,237
AthelBtan  340
Emma  4,901
Napoleon      342 6,878
LoneStar       2,022
Othere      340       10,440
Smelter treatmen—
.Granby 24,900     920,435
B.C.,CopperCo... 12,681     460,986
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, af
ter suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the ineaiia, of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
curp. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies,' I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it iB invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.  ■
(Published Annually)
Enable, trader- throughout the world to
communicate direct with English
in eaoh claw ol rood*. Besides being a complete commercial (aide to London and Ita
•tibiirbi, the directory contain! Uit» ol
with lhe Gooda they (tip, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market! they lupiily;
arranged under the Porta to which they ull.
and Indicating the approximate Sailings:
ol leading Manufaoturere, Merchaiita, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centred the United Kingdom.
A copy ol the ourrent edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order lor 20S.
Dealen seeking Agenolei oan advertise
their trade earda lor ft. or larger advertln-
Metal Quotations
New York, Oot. 4 —Silver 61$;
standard copper, ' tl7.25@17.50,
London, Oct.- 4.—-Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
ments from £3.
25, Abohurch Lane, London,  E.C.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
I Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
office, r«« First fitrppt
Ws Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Mop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
We aire prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plunt
inlho Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Grand Forks Transfer
- jraosi 129
Trunks to and Fran stations
a., •
Mclntyre  8 Clayton, Prop*.
Furniture  Made- to Order.
c\\m Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dune.
Downey's Cigar Store
A .'oMH-rrK.-vroi k of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
v     A Krt'Bli t-oiulfiiiineiit of
Keitlvnl Weakly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Billheads and Statement**,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards
Bills of   Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an _
Up-to-date Printery.
Suits to Order $18 iwds
If We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie. the  Reliable Tailor
V-lVUI/ riWLllILlVI an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best, Let usestimate on vour oi-der.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Dr. de Van'f Female Pills
mare ___» >*_*   ♦    ___.     Al  ____. ___. *r\*%  OT. Ot Vail'i remBIC mw
liTchMD ImHtilorn. B»* *» *•»*» .n sold «t
n.box'o,• m.« lo,lia *"•''* {"!»•£*£■■
Th* ImM Drat Co., M. CsUhwIbm, Obi.


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