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Sixth Tear-No. 22
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, January 18, 1907
Semi-Weekly—$1.00 Fer Year in Advance
Summary   of   Facts  Established by Kaien Island
What the Band of Adventurers Got Out of the Big
Land Deal
That the provincial reserve dated
12th October. 1891, did not extend
to Kaien Island, and was not intend-
1 to do.
that the applications under the
land laws of the province, under the
South African War Grant Act and
under the Mineral Aot were not considered by the government upon their
merits but that the same were rejected under the subterfuge of applying
the reserve of 1891 to said lands contrary to the purport and intention of
the order in council creating the
same.  *
That the government did not deal
directly with the Orand Trunk Pacific
Railway Company, but on the contrary with a band of adventurers
(male and female) who applied for the
said lands for' purely speculative purposes, to the knowledge of the government. That the government hod no
communication either verbal or written, with any representative of the
Grand Trunk Pacific prior to the pawling of the wriler in council of May,
1904, and that the telegram of the
29th of April was a mere move in the
game to enable the speculators to contend that they could carry out their
original intention of procuring the establishment of the Grand Trunk Pacific terminus on these lands, and to
give the government a pretence, a
very specious one at that, that they
had heard in an indirect way, if not in
. a direct way, Irom the Grand Trunk
.. Pacific company.
That by the order in council of
May, 191)4, the government placed in
ft hands of Messrs. Anderson and
arsen one of the most valuable public assets in the province for barter
,wifh the Grand Trunk Pacific. And
that Anderson, shortly after the passing nf the order in council, proceeded
to Montreal where he succeded in (jetting aa agreement from the Grand
Trunk Pacific to pay himself and Lar-
sen $40,000 for the concession which
they had obtained from the government by said order in council.
That no satisfactory evidence was
offered show ing the ultimate fate of
this $40,0(10 agreement.
That the government had no power
to make this grant, either to Messrs.
Anderson and Larsen or to the Grand
Trunk Pacific without the assent uf
the legislature, and that the ministers
• wrongly advised his honor the lieutenant-governor mul obtained the order
- in council contrary hoth to the spirit
vnd to the letter of the law.
fhttt the government took nu step*
whatever to ascertain whether or not
the grunt in question Was in the pub*
lie interest. That ministers had no
knowledge upon which tu proceed in
deciding that question', and beyond
milking one or two modifications in
Mr. Bodwell's original proposal were
utterly reckless with the rights of the
That  the  provision   to divide the
fareshore into blocks of not less than
1,000 feet was a most unwise one and
enables the Grand Trunk Pacific to
divide the foreshore into large blocks
and after the government has selected
its block or blocks to place its terminals and wharves in such a position
as to render almost valueless that portion of the foreshore belonging to the
That by reason of the secrecy main
tained by the government and Messrs
Larsen and Amderson, the said Larsen and Anderson and their immediate associates were enabled to obtain
other lands, including North and
South Porpoise islands, contiguous to
Kaien Island and the proposed railway line,-!*) the extent of over 3,000
That James Anderson received from
his partner Lacsen, in settlement uf
their interests in Kaien Island and
other adventures in the immediate
neighborhood, the sum of $10,000, besides salary and expenses. He also
received one-sixteenth interest in
North and South Porpoise Island and
other lands contiguous to Kaien Island, located by him under South
African war script. And also about
five square miles of coal lands some
distance down the coast.
In connection with the foregoing
statements of facts it is interesting to
recall the. petition of George T. Kane,
re-pre-emption records and war script
land locations on Kaien Island. Mr.
Kane's petition reads as follows:
Whereas, un the 21st of March,
1904, I foi myself, and" a sagent for
many other citizens did proceed and
stake in accordance with statutory regulations, a pre-emption and several
South African war land grant applications—the pre-emption was for myself, the script applications were fur
citizens and veterans—on Kaien Island, Coast district:
And whereas, on the 29th (lay of
March, 1904, I did ayply in accordance With government regulations for
a pre-emption record for 160 acres of
land on Kaien Island, and did also
npply for several South African war
grant application:
And whereas, on June 6th 1904,
the deputy commissioner did return
a 1 script anil refuse same, us also did
he at the same time refuse my pre
emptiou record, giving as his only
reason therefore, that the land in
question was reserved from sale or
preemption on the 12th day of Oifto-
ber, 1891.
And whereas, I now hold said script
and money that that the said deputy
commissioner refusal subject to his
And whereas, reserve uf October
12th, 1891, applied to the Tsimpsean
peninsula only and therefore the said
Kaien Island was open for pre-emption and purchase:
And whereas, the chief commission
er has informed your petitioner that
only reason why 1 was refused my up
plication was the 1891 reset ve aforesaid:
And whereas the chief commissioner did also state to your petitioner
that if any body got the land I could
get it:
And whereas, tliere is nu valid rea
sun why said lund should not lie
granted to the aforementioned applicants:
Now, therefore, 1 would respectfully ask that your honorable body will
look int.) this matter wherein a great
i-ijustice las been done, and that you
will remedy said injustice by granting
my pre-emption record uf 100 acres uf
land on Kaien Island, und also grunt
to the other citizens and South African was veterans their respective
script applications fnr ItiO acres of
Inliil each.
And vuur petitioner will ever pray.
(Signed)       GEO. T.KANE.
Was Asked a Number of Embarrassing Questions by
Coal Men       :
Bowser Reviews Legislation
Enacted During Past
Three Years
terms," He took great pride the
part he had played in this episode.
The premier and his party left today for Phoenix, where they speak
this evening. In order not to be
without an audience, they took a
crowd of the faithful in this city
along with them.
Premier McBride and his right
hand bower, Thirty-five Dollars-per-
Month-for-Workingmen Bowser, accompanied by tbeir special press
correspondent, Mr. Burd, arrived in
the city yesterday afternoon, and
last night held forth nt the opera
house, attempting to defend the government's record before a large audience composed of all political
W. H. M May occupied the chair.
Ernest Miller, Conservative candidate for this riding, was the first
speaker. In a brief but eloquent
speech he gave his reasons for supporting the government. He also
spoke quite flatteringly of his opponents in the present campaign. The
only thing he objected to was the
word "labor" after Mr. Gregory's
Mr. Bowser started his evening's
discourse by telling a funny story.
He then threw a few complimentary
remarks to Mr. Miller's side of the
house, after which he reviewed the
legislation enacted by the McBride
government. This did not take him
long. Most of his time was consumed in defending the hew School
Act. He was candid in stating that
he did not pose as a friend of the
workingmen. He also indulged in
a tirade of abuse against W. W. B.
Mclnnes. At the conclusion of bis
speech something like u faint attempt
at applause ran through   the   house.
Premier McBride started bis remarks by endorsing the candidature
of Mr. Miller. He then launched
out boldly l>y saying he did mil
think he hud uu enemy in Grand
Fnrks. [A vui'*e: ■'Ymi have lots of
them."] He then made another attempt, by predicting a Conservative
victory iu this riding. [Another
voice: "Ymir judgment is bad
Tm- premier then went over the same
ground that had been covered by
Mr. bowser. The law preventing the
exportation uf sawlogs und the Kaien
islund land deal were the only new
subjects broached by hiin. He contended, in Spile of tbe evidence to
the contrary, ilmt the government
hail (l.ii 11 directly with wilh the
Grand Trunk Pacific coinpany. He
then entered a plea of justification lor
the increased luxation, concluding
by asking how the revenue could be
raised if not by taxation. [ V
voice: "Get $7(1,000 more from the
Southeast Koiiteniiy coul locators."]
Mr. McBride pretended not to hear
this, nnd asked Ihe gentleman to
stand up and repent his remarks.
The request wus complied with, the
man telling the premier to get his
revenue from Ihe ('rand Forks coal
men. Mr. .McBride turned this incident aside by saying thut he knew
nothing about the Grand Forks coul
Mr. McBride concluded his speech
with a lengthy reference "to   "better
Benj. F. Wilson,' the California
Socialist, spoke in the opera bouse
Tuesday to a large crowd, the audience being composed of all political
creeds. The address was more in
the nature of a lecture than a political speech, none of the issues involved in the present campaign being touched upon. It was a characteristic Socialistic cry—a cry
against capitalism, with no adequate
substitute advanced for the present
industrial system.
Railway Taxation
The failure of the McBride government to collect the taxes legally due
upon the following lands of the B. C,
Southern railway company and the
lands of F. A.' Heinze was the subject of a resolution of want of confidence in the government last session:
A—4588 112,640
4589 408,893
4590 518,400
4591 358,400
4592 769.800
4595 627,200
4596 870,400
Wins in the Mayoralty Contest by a Majority of
76 Votes
There Were Many Surprises
on  the Aldermanic
But very little interest was taken
in the municipal elections yesterday.
The lightest vote iu years was cast.
In the composition of the board of
aldermen chosen there were quite a
number of surprises, especially in
the West ward. The result of tbe
voting follows:
For Mayor—
Jeffery Hammar (elected)  191
J. D. McDonald....    115
Aldermen, East Ward—
N. D. Mcintosh (elected)  123
Sam Horner (elected)  Ill
John Donaldson (elected)    97
Ed Davis    85
Aldermen, West Ward**—
James Hardy (elected)     86
H. E. Woodland (elected)    74
P. T. McCallum (elected)    66
B. Lequime    57
Peter A. Z. Pare    54
B—From which the following must
be subtracted—
Sold and agreed 76,417.73
Dominion government; 50,000.00
Morrissey Townsite      371.00
Fernie Townsite       640.00
Crow's Nest Coal Co 215,120.00
Leaving a balance uf 3,413,184
Ayes—Drury, King, Brown, Murphy, Jones, Evans, Oliver, J. A. McDonald, Henderson, Paterson, Hall,
Nays—Davidson, Hawthorntwaite,
Williams, Tatlow, McBride, Cotton,
Clifford, Bowser, Fraser, Ross, A.
McDonald, Green, Fulton, Garden,
Taylor, wright, Young, Shatford,
Grant, Manson.
It will bo noted that the three Socialist members of the legislature voted approval of the government's course
in not collecting these taxes and it
will be further noted that the Socialists did not vote simply to prevent
the government being defeated, for
hail they voted witli the opposition on
this occasion the government would
sfill have been able to defeat the reso-
stitinn by a majority of two.
The votes uf the Socialist members
of the legislature on this occasion
clearly demonstrate that the principals they advocate ou the public plal-
f nni have no weight with them when
casting their votes in the legislature.
It is this double dealing that has dis
credited Hawthornthwaite with sin-
otre Socialists in Xaniumo and Van
cover and which accentuates the feeling that he uud his two colleagues in
the House were mine concerned in
bolstering up the McBride government than in advancing the principles
they were elected Ui defend.
Electors should note carefully who
voted for anil against this resolution.
Major Soliey, of Greenwood, and
Miss F. J. I.eard, of Vancouver,
were mnjried at the Yale hotel Wednesday, Hev. Mr. McLeod officiating.
Found—A glove, Call at Sun office
Mkthomst Church, E. Manuel,
pastor.—Services next Sunday at usual hours. Morning subject, "Religion
Rational;" evening subject, "The
Devils Masterpiece:" how it works in
the individual, the church and in the
industrial life of today. You are invited.
Baptist Church, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
C. P. R. and the Government
Any doubt as to the real relations
existing between the present government and the C P. R. system can
forever be set at rest in view of cecent
developments. Transportation troubles, delayed trains and schedules
generally, are as an airy nothingness
t> McBride, who in cumpany with
"Thirty- Five-Dollars-A-Month for the
Workingman" Bowser, is stumping
the Kootenay, country. Special
trains, the superintendent's private
car, every aid and comfort at the
command of the mighty corporation,
have been freely placed at the disposal
of the premier, nnd as freely used.
While the opposition meeting had to
be postponed at Nelson owing to train
delays, BuBride and Bowser were being rushed from Fernie to Cranbrook
in a C. P. li. special, to which was
attached the superintendent's private
car, and later the west bound train
was held until the private car cunld
be cut in to carry the government
"free from all C.P.R. entanglements "
with a rush to Kootenay Landing.
Rossland will h old its tenth winter
carnival from February 12 to 16 inclusive, As will be seen by the advertisement in this issue five grand
trophies and $200 in prizes will be
offered, and many interesting events
are announced. Tho winter weather
now prevailing and the heavy snow
fall this year should bo a guarantee
of excellent sport in the Golden City
next month.
Read The Sun for tbe latest news. ernment to enact the eight-hour law
for smeltermen. If the public domain is until heritage that belongs to
every poor mnn, then Im is indeed
a slave; and if the eight-hnnr law
is not intended to elevate tlm condition of labor, elevation is impossible,
Yet, in spite of llm Socialists' ndicms
record on these two important tnea-
sires, we find that they still huve the
hardihood to ask laboring men to
vote for their candidate.
nnd "did vou get that?" The man
certainly has enough cgiitism for nn
orator of twice his ability.
A Tweed Overcoat
for &8.00
Bridge Street, Grand Forts
3typ ••Ebimmg £>im
Published at Grand Corks, Hritish Coluiuliis,
Every Tuesday and l-'riiliiv Bvenluirs.
(J. A. Evans ..    ,. Editor and Publisher
One Tear I1.B0
One Tear (In advance)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished nn apulloatln
Leiral notlees, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
Thi Evening Sun,
Phone B74        Grand Forks, B.C.
FRIDA**., JANUARY 18, 1907
From every section of the province
the most cheering information of the
prospects of Liberal success on the
2nd of February continue to arrive. In Vancouver and Victoria a
clean sweep is confidently predicted
by the'shrewdest politicians of the
coast, and in Rossland it is stated
that the opponents of leader J A.
Macdonald won't even get a look in.
From other interior points equally
roseate reports nre being received.
Locally,- the Conservatives hnve taken
to whistling to sustain their flagging
courage, and to base their claims of
victory on braggadocio. The defection from their ranks to the Liberal
party goes merrily on. As nn evidence of the dire straits they nre in,
it is only necessary to point out thnt
their headquarters is being moved
nightly from barroom to barroom.
Meanwhile the independent nnd intelligent voter is spending his even-
IngB at home, carefully investigating thc records of the candidates and
analyzing their platforms, nud on
election day ho can he depended on
to cast his ballot for honest, straightforward men, ns against a corrupt
political machine composed principally of corporation puppets.
What iB the use of importing such
ranting foreign demagogues as Mr.
Wilson to champion Socialism, when
every school child of the province is
familiar witb the record of that party
in the last legislature. There is not
a voter in the province but knows
that the Socialists could have prevented the giving awny of 800,000
acres of public lands to a big riilroad
corporation, and compelled the gov
Under the Mcliride government
mining men have hnd to pay their
taxes or forfeit tbeir claims; but it
has been quite different in tbe case
of a big railway corporation, Not
only hns it escaped taxation, hut
while roads, trails and all kinds of
badly needed improvements were
held back because the province was
too poor and couldn't spare the
money, the railway corporation got
by special legislation 800,000 acres of
land thnt it bad forfeited and of
which it was not entitled to a single
acre Tbe poor claim owners who
can't pay their taxes, have tlu-ir
properties sold by the province; but
in this instance no special legislation
is enacted to give these claims back
to the former owners. Why should
n powerful corporation In* grunted
privileges denied the hard-working
miners, who have done more to develop the resources of this province
than any other class of citizens?
As nn acrobat and contortionist
Benj. 1'- Wilson—Eugene V. IW
protegp—gave the finest performance
ever witnessed in the Grand Forks
opera bouse on Wednesday evening
A cry against, "capitalism" without advancing, an adequate substitute is anarchism pure and simple.
Has Ihe standard of Hritish CoJ-
umbiu intelligence sunk so low that
it hns become neeei-snry to import
foreigners to tell us bow In vote?
An Knglish Ambassador wns once
given his passport ul Washington for
nieilillioi'in American politics. Why
should not I'oiiign niiibl ei> in Brit*
isl| Columbin politics he given the
same treatment? \Vr nre capable
uf managing our own affairs.
Benj. F. Wilson, the blatant spellbinder from California, came here
to teach free-born British subjects
how to vote. He was highly recommended by Eugene V. Debs, who
belongs to the most dangerous type
of anarchists. Those who would
like to have the red flag of anarchy
substituted for the Union J ck would
probably rather take their instructions from this class of demagogues
than honorable residents of the
During the past year thousands of
acres of land have been applied for.
The cash and the survey notes have
been sent in to the lands and Works
department, but not five per cent of
the applications have been gazetted.
The balance have been held up. It
would be interesting to know the
real situation in tbe lands and works
department right now. And that's
a business outside of politics. From
the scant information that has leaked
out to the outside world, the affairs
of thut department must be in such
a deplorable tangle that only a change
of government can straighten them
out. The only way to accomplish
this, is to vote tbe Liberal ticket.
The survey of crown lands available foi settlement and, where practicable, the parcelling of them into
small holdings as part of a comprehensive immigration policy, is one of
the features of tiie Liberal policy
that Mr. J. A. Macdonald very
properly lays great stress upon. The
settlement of British Columbia has
been seriously retarded by the fnil-
ure of the government to deal in a
businesslike wuy with the public
lands, and this obstacle tn settlement
has necessarily added to the burdens
of the taxpayers. What is needed
is an aggressive im in ignition policy,
with a view to settling upon our va-
cunts lands a good class of settlers,
who will in due course become citizens of the country.
We have been promised two or
three more importations of foteign
agitators to champion the cause of
the Socialist candidate in this riding.
They all come highly recommended
by Eugene V. Debs, the bloodthirsty
revolutionist who, a year ago, offered
to head an army to anhilate the
present form of government.
The most commonplace observations in Mr. Wilson's speech were
freely punctuated with: '-Listen,"
"now, get this," "now, follow me,"
We have been promised a
engagement of ex-ltev. Wilson
faille   iis an  acrobat anil conn
ist assures him u big audience.
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ine  and
Barely Lived Through It
A terrible experience had Edw. J.
O'Connor, of Sault Ste. Marie. "From
boyhood," he writes, "I have been a
constant sufferer from asthma and catarrh. My nose and throat was al
ways stopped up and I had droppings
in the throat. When attacks came
on I thought I couldn't live through
the night. 1 would sit up, gasp for
breath and endure great distress.
Catairhozone made me entirely well."
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The Orand Forks orchestra, A. C.
Walgamott leader, will give a dance
in the opera house on Thursday
evening, January 24. Good music
and time guaranteed. A prize of 85
will be given to the best waltzers.
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Stock Certificates printed at The
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Sim Was Wild With Pain
From Willow Creek, Out., Miss E.
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was drenched with rain and got liim-
bagj; it was like a steel rod piercing
my back. I also had earache and
was just wild with pain 1 applied
batting snaked with Nerviline to my
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Winten Carnival
February 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
5 Grand Trophies and $2,000 in  prizes.    Two  bands in  attendance.
HOCKEY—International and inter-provincial championships
SNOWSHOEING—Championship of British Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute oViwn the "Zip."
8KI-ING— Jumping mi,\ Racing.    Championship of Canada,
SKATING BACKS—For championship of Hritish Colombia.
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Two Platforms
eVl have from time to time purchased |fj	
The Policies of the Liberal and Conservative
the interests of several of the local
people and the majority of the stock
is held today by a few Chicago investors. Were the shipments' of the
Providence limited to the present
basis, the net annual profit would
easily be $100,000 annually. That,
amount is 5 per cent on a capitalization of $2,000,000, and the Chiraffo
investor likes to capitalize the earning
power of his money at a proper proportion. An extraordinary meeting
of the shareholders' of the the company was held in Greenwood last evening; a resoluton was passed authorizing the increase of a capital stock to
this amount, and the Providence mine
takes its place among the big ones.
Two million dollars is a large sum
of money, but on the other hand,
nothing is capitalized in Cobalt for
less than two million, and the stock is
lften plnr-ed on the market at thrfe
times its par value. There nre rich
mines in Cobalt, but there are few
more promising than the Providence.
In comparison to some Cobalt flotations of today, the new capitalization
of the Providence mine is very modest
ndeed. In addition, it has behind it
the fact that after four years of development, it is a permanent shipping
mine and a regular dividend payer,
which, after all, are the best tests of
the value of a mine.
Wise People
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4. Surveys of Crown lauds available for settlement, and where practicable parcelling them into small
holdings as part of an immigration
5. Repeal of School Act and return
of a system of State education.
6. Revision of the laws of placer
and dredging leases, and a lessening
of the danger of inadvertant forfeiture.
7. No alliance with those revolutionists who would destroy our system
of government and haul down our
flag; but on the contrary, co-operate
with that great body of labor which
would reform abuses in a constitution-
Our policy is defined by our stand
on the measures hrought before the
House, plus our aims regarding other
meiftures which cannot be introduced
by an opposition but only by the government.   These are;
1. The oreation of a department of
labor and information; subjects too important to be left, as at present, without shape or provincial guidance to
guard us against undesirable immigrants.
2. Full inquiry into water record
and  irrigation, and  while protecting
prior  rights,  providing for  a   wider
distribution of water available for ir
rigation purposes.
2. An adequate system of forest
The government's policy is its record.    That record spells:
1. High taxes.
2. Neglect of roads and trails.
3. A monstrous School Act.
4. Neglect to protect onr forests.
6. Neglect to compile, and furnish
information regarding public lands, in
aid of settlement.
6. Broken promises to deal with
railway situation after proclaiming
necessity for action.
7. Backdoor methods of dealing
with public lands.
8 Barefaced attempt on the part of
the premier to make "better terms" a
party issue and election cry, in face of
what took place in the House, where
the resolution brought in by the leader of the opposition ou the subiect was
adopted by the government and pass
ed unanimously.
9 Subserviency to a railway corporation evidenced by unsuccessful attempt to give one and a half in.Hum
dollars in cash for 8nO,u'tA' acres of
public lauds.
, 10.  Refusal  to make railway cor
porutiun pay its taxes.
11. An unnatural alliance with
the declared enemies of the coiistitu
The Providence Mine
M. F. Madden, of Chicago, president of the Providence Mining coin
pany of Greenwood, was a visitor in
the city last Tuesday. It is now
over four years, says -the the Greenwood Times, since the Providence
Mining company was organized with
a modest capital of $-.'00,000. Uut
the mine had a history previous to
that date. Tlte story of how William
Fowler took charge of the Providence
in the days when the hurricane deck
of a cay use was the only means uf
transportation, packed oie to Marcus,
(15 miles distant, and thencs by rail
to Tacoma, how even Providence niV
could not stand such a transportation
handicap, how he abandoned the mine
and afterwards returned after the
railway was built, and finally cleared
up $50,000 by a sale In local people,
has often been told. The local purchasers wero afterwards joined by N,
A. Madden, representing himself and
other Chicago capitalists, who, like
most Chicagoans, knew a good thing
when they saw it. Since the organization of the company the Providence
has heen a regular dividend payer; in
fact, was practically the first dividend
payer in the camp. Over $100,000
has been taken from the mine, and
last year the value of the ore extracted was $131,000, notwithstanding the
fact that for eight mouths of the year
no ore was shipped further than that
neoessury to pav fur development
work. The shaft was sunk iu ore
from the 400 to the B00 font level;
drifts and crosscuts were run and a
fully equipped pliint was installed.
I The large amount of develnpniet work
has demonstrated that the veins retain their values and that they run to
great depths.
All this work has been done from
the proceeds of the sale of ore ex tract*
ed from the mine, ami not from the
sale of stock. Tliere is no stock for
sale by the company.    The Chicago
Hot and Cold Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely re-
furnished and renovated throughout.
First-class board by day, week or
month. Special rntes to steady boarders. American aud European plans.
Finest iiar in City in Connection.
8I3N   OF   THE   BEST
Thanks to Voters
1 take this means of expressing
my sincere appreciation of the kindness shown me hy the voters in 'the
municipal election hy their votes in
my favor for aldermanic honois,
inasmuch as I had made no solicitations whatsoever for siic*n favors.
Few Will Escape
The torturing aches of corns. Be
prepared,—the only painless cure is
Putnam's Corn Extractor. Fifty
years in use and absolutely guaranteed.
Try This for Your Cough
To relieve a cough or break up a
cold in twenty-four hours, the following simple formula, the ingredients of
which can be obtained of any good
prescription druggist at small cost, is
all that will be required: Virgin Oil of
Pine (Puee), one-half ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; good Whisky, a half
pint. Shake well and take in teaspoonful doses every four hours. The de
sired results cannot be obtained unless the ingredients are pure. It is
therefore better to purchase the ingredients separately and prepare the
mixture yourself. Virgin Oil of Pine
(Pure) should be purchased in the
original half-ounce vials, which druggists buy for dispensing Each vial is
securely sealed in around wooden case
which protects the Oil from exposure
to light. Arouild the wooden case is
au engaged wrapper with the name—
".Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure)"—plainly
printed thereon. Tiiereure many imitations and cheap productions of Pine,
hut these only create nausea, and
never affect the desired results.
You tArt Next
o4* the
Palace Barber Shop
or f-Tnit* tiir ii
C. S. B A K E R
Samples Given Prompt -Attention.
Correspondence Solldted.
Complete Superintendence of Ore Shipments.
t. 0. BOX 43        , FH0NE 53
Kutite of the famous end favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,   Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul.
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Kansas City and St. Louis.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
Windsor Hotel
.Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms In the City
First and Bridge Strests
AGENT  ton
Tlm Lightest and
Fastest State .Made.
Kaznr Mrm-hir a S|meinlty.
P.  A. Z.  PARE, Proprietor
Wti.n.i Hotel,
Bridge Street, Qraud Porks, B. 0.
and St. Louis in Union Depots fo. all
points East and Southeast.
To euable i-arties wnu ho desire to visit
friends and relatives In the Bunt during the
un miner season of .1BOB, the NORTHERN PA-
Cll'lf will on JULY 2nd and 3rd, Al'OUST
7th, 8t6 nnd 9th, und SKI'TEMBEK 8th and
10th toll roil ml-trip ticket** from poind Id
tliii territory to Chicago*. St. Louis, Ht. Paul,
Minneapolis, O'-ahaaud Kansas City ut one
lowest first class fare plus Ten Dollars, with
final return limit ninety days from date of
tale, but not beyond Oetober 31st, 1906.
Extremely low rates are In effect front
February 15th to April 7th and September
15th to October 31st, 19U6, from all points in
the East to points lu this territory. If you
desire to send for a friend or relative on
these rates we telegraph tickets to Eastern
points without extra cost.
The NOTHBBN PACIFIC have all announced very low round-trip rates from
points in the East to points in this territory,
and tickets will be on sale from .Tune 1st to
September 15th Inclusive, filial limit for re*
turn October 31st, 1906.
For further Information address any one of
A. (i. P. A., Geo! Art..
Purl land, Ore.     Spokane, Wa-.li
| W. H. Ude,
I Traveling Passenger Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
Tinning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing,Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Serpen Doors "anil
First Street        Grand Forks. B.C.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
(Jriiud Forks, II. O.
Foo Lee
shirts Washed clean and
nice and ironed by
machinery,   new
' men employed.
iPaoiffc Hotel
Ptrit-oliui in evri-.v retpeoti
Hnmpls room* for couiiner-*
'■iiil tlRVOJetfs
lint and Cold Matin,.
linr In Connection.
Kini-l lliaiid-.-f-WltiMi
I-iijn.ir- and .'i|*nis.
^rrii^ij *J i
>*"V {Off -'J**-*- **>xT   *, SPOKANE OFFICE !
NOTICE It hereby {riven that thirty days
after date I intend making application
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to out and remove timber from the following described
lands: Commencing at this post, located on
the east bank of Savage creek, a west branch
of the North Fork of Kettle river, al a point
7ft feet southeast of where a landslide or dry
wash enters said creek from the west *"'de,
and where a small jam and pond is formed on,
and about three miles from the mouth of
■aid creek; thenee running west 40 chains;
thence north 80chains, thenee east 80 chains;
thenoe south 80 chains; thence west 40 chains
to place bf beginning, containing 640 acres.
Located this 20th day of October, 1900.
J. F MAJOR, Looator.
T«e palm
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
Hotel   V
Newly Refurnished Throughout.
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smeltermen's Trade
Solicited. Terms * Reasonable.
Table Supplied with the Best the
Market Affords.
The Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars are Always  in  Stock  at the Bar.
Second Hand Goods
Carpets Gleaned and Laid,
Purniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, and
other jobs In the house-
cleaning line.
Call or leave orders at
Next Door to Lion Bottling Works,
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
Rutherford  Bros., Props.
NOTICE Is hereby (riven that t will apply, et
the next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Gram! Porks License District, lor transfer of the Retail Liquor License for the Northern hotel, situate at Rail-
nook City, Yale District, from the nude.*
signed to Robert Lindholm, of Bannock City
Dated the Uth day of November. 1008
I'illlii'iiil** mul IStiili'in.'iitH,
Lt'tli rhi'iiils nml l*nveilipps,
PnHtflu, Dnlm nnd Diiilgi'i*,
I'llsincps nnd Visiting Cards,
f'idgi' Ciiiistiiiiliiins ami liy-liitm,
Shipimii! Tuns, ('inuliir* iili'l I'lnnirils,
Hills nf Fine and Mi-nu Oui'iIp.
Aiiiiiiiini'ciiii'iils mul C'liintiT I'iiiIs,
Wedding SiHiiiiiidrv,
And everything turned mit in mi
Up-tndiite I'lintiM...
Good Printing—the kind we do—is iu iUelf
an advertisement, und u trial order will convince
vou that our stock and workmanship ure »f the
liest. Let us estimate on'your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
tgfe  Evening   Sun
Job Department
An unusual *reck occurred Monday evening to the Great Northern
train on its way to Phoenix. Strange
as it may seem, the wreck occurred
on the C. P. 11. rails. Being late the
train was running at high speed near
Oro Denoro, where a spur connects
the two lines, and at that point are
but a short distance apart The
switch being open the Great Northern
ran in, passing the Emma mine and
on up the C. P. It, grade to B. C.
junction, and on to the main C.P.R.
Phoenix-Eholt line, At this point
the entire train of ten cars, including
several heavy 50 ton ore dumps, wns
derailed, fortunately no one being injured. _ The wreck is now being cleared away by a C. P. It. crew from
Eholt. Nn very serious damage waH
done. The cause of this peculiar accident is being investigated by Superintendent R. C. Morgan of the Great
Northern lines north of Spokane.
Pour furnaces of the Granbv smelter were blown in on Thursday, after
being idle for a few days. Sunday
the eompany received thirty cars of*
coke from th« Crow's Nest and nn
Monday ten cars mi ire, over the C. P.
R. The company's mines ut Phoenix
also started up in full force on Thursday, having had but forty or fifty
men at work for several days; owing
to* the temporary shut down at the
smelter which in turn was occasioned
by the railway companies being short
of coal for their own power purposes.
No more Hindus are likely to come
to Canada, steps having already been
taken by the Dominion government
to convince the Indian government
authorities that this country is not
suited to this class of immigration.
The following  table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906  and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine,'Snnmiit..	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood...»	
Rrooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, WeBt Fork	
Snlly, West Fork 	
Rammer, West Fork	
liuteher Buy, West Fnrk	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Lust Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark 	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro. Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundnry Falls	
Miscellaneous ',
shipments of  Boundary mines
1905 1906     Past Week
663,889       814,886       10,167
8,+26 6(10
174,567       104,120        3,301
9,485 12,881 231
3,007 6,404
55,731        149,085 1,906
25,108 26,032 1,056
3,056 48,390 704
4,747 3,555 100
33     "
30 30
145 86
Total, tons.. I	
Smelter Treatment—
'rranby Smelter       687,988
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter        220,830
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter         84,059
933,548     1,164,034      18,155
Total treated       982,877   1,182,546      18,174
Three quart bottles of NeUon beer
for 60c at the Lion Bottling Works
Fits Your Case Exactly
You know how you feel,—blue,
sick and heavy. Each morning you
wake in a dull, "dopy" condition and
wish it were night again. Your liver
is wrong and need fixing with Dr.
Hamilton's Pills; they do cure all
liver ills. At once the system is relieved of poisons, blood is enriched
and purified, appetite increases and
digestion picks up. ' Health and vigor return because Dr. Hamilton's
Pills make the body proof against
weakness and disease. For your liver,
your kidneys, your stomach, for the
sake nf your looks and feelings, try
D. Hamilton's Pills, 25c per box at
all dealers.
Everything for the Housewife
and Prospector
Can be Selected from our large stock of
General Merchandise and
Miners' Supplies   0  0 *
Groceries, Crockery and Glassware, Fancy
Dishes, Jewelry, Nuts and Fruits
Our Stock in all these departments is complete.
.   A trial order will convince you that our prices are right.
Ji  Boll & CO« Danville, Wash.    1
In the matter of the "Land Reglttry Art,"
and lu the matter uf the Title to Ptirt :"\
acres of Lot 53u, Group I, Osoyoos Division,
Yale District.
WHEREAS, the Certificate of Title of .Mary
Young, being Certificate of Title Nn.
785*1 ia, ti> the uliove hereditament!, has bee"
lost or destroyed, and application In«■ been
made to me for a duplicate thereof.
NOTE' K  U  hereby (riven that  u dii|>li*-iit-*
ertifloate of Title to the above hei-edit-
n it ten hi «ill he issin-d at the expiration of
one month from tl.adnte hereof, iinlen** In
the treat-time vulld objection to the con*
tnir.v be made to mc In m-ltitiir.
District Kp .atmr of Titles.
Land RegUtry Office, Kani o-hi-.I1..'. Movent-
ber 14th, MM.
WOTIPK is hereby given that thirty day*
■™ nftii dute I intend making a n i>l'cat ion
ti» t|tp rhlef Com ml**** I oner of Lntid* at-1
Works for a special lice'ine to cut and re-
 Ve timber  from   tlte   '•■lltnvin-*- di-m'rfbed
■audi! Coiituieueing a< this t ost, loenf'"l on
l' ■•■'!-.-* hank of Suvii-.'o creel;, n went briu-ch
<>r tin* North Pork of Kettle riv**r, nt n point
"5 feet southeast of where a Innd-dide or dry
tvn«h eaten* suhl "reek from the we-ft hide,
and where 11 miml! jam or pond it. formed on.
and about thn"- mtleti from the month of
fabl creek: thence riiuuinir went -III chains;
theneeuouthfU) chain-*: thence east Hit chitln>:
thence north 80 chains; thence we-t 40ehaltia
to place of lieglimliia-- containing WH iiui-ph.
Looted thin 20th day of October, |!n*l.
J. P. MAJOR, Locator
A. Erskine Smith & Co
To Franklin Cump by Stajie, Private Vehicle, Freight Team or
Hiirsi'biiek, ask for our juices.
Bridge and First Sts
The Purest and Best In the City.
On Draught Exclusively* at
60   YEAM'
its iv«- hoth Ladles ami Gentleman "resident or dnv students' has a ooniidete Commercial or lliifjness Course] prepares student, to "iii" TenclieiV Ortttl<-at«*s of all
grades: gives the tour years' course for tin*
11 4 degree, and the first year of the Sohoiii
nf Boleuco oourse, In affiliation with Ine Toronlo University: Im-* a special prospectors'
course for miners who work In B.C. '""'rui-
1I011 is also given in Art, Muslo, Physical < niton, and hi tion.  Term opens Bent. 17,
IM.   Por Calendar!, ete , add fees
Trade Mark*
Anyone sending a sketi*and.dMCrtl^n may
quickly asoerUln our oiilnlon free whether an
fnientlon Is probably IMlmtabl*, •i^B''"!""-
tlonsstrl<!tly<*onCdeii...i.l. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free, Oldest agenrv for semi-fag^ents.
Pstents taken through Munn A Ot. receive
special notfcs, without clisriio, lu the
sent free, oldest agenrv for seeu
Pstents taken tnroujh Munn
ijwdal txttee, without olisrso, luiuc
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly.   Mrcesl oil*.
MUNN & Co.38"""*™'N8W YorK
Branch Offlce. m V Ht.. Wnahliiaton, D. c.
To Win. James Nelson, of Rossland, II. C;
Yon ere hereby notified that I have extended $100 In labor and iuprovemetits on
tlte "Vermont" Mineral Claim, idtuated In
the Orand Korku Mining Dlvitlou, of Yale
District, In Hrlttih Columbia, to count as
aH-ripsNiiient on tald claim, ai will appear by
certificate of work recorded In tbe -office of
the Mining Recorder for the said Uruni.
Korku Mining Division, lu order to hold suid
claim under the provision** of Seotion 24 of
the Mineral Act, mi oh being thn amount re*
unired to hold the laid olaim for the year
A nd If at the expiration of 90 deyi of publication uf thin Notice you fall or refute to
ooutrihiite your portion of tbe expenditure
required under Section 24, together with all
cosli of advertising, your interest In tald
claim Hhall become vetted in the tuhtorlber
[one of your co-owner-*] under Seotiou 4 of
the Mineral Act Amending Act 1900.
muted nt ■'■■uud Forkt, B. C, thltthe 30th
day uf November, A. I). l.Mi


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