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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 16, 1913

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 K«.ttl* Valley Orchardist
Ml  '..' .   '.il   '   "'    .''I
81.00 PER YEAR
Assessment Boll for Current
Yoar Has Now Been
Tha bi-weekly meeling oUbe city
counoil wu held on Monday night.
Present: Mayo.- Fripp, Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright.
A number., of eomunication, ot
mora ilr less importance, were read,
and wereeitherordered filed or referred to, some committee. One
from the' Fernie Steam Laundry,
asked for information regarding the
establishment of a laundry bere.
The olerk waa requested to furnish
4 he desired data.
Regarding tbe application for city
water in Columbia, tbe water and
light committee bad agreed to furnish the pipe, the consumers to
atand the-expense ot installing it,
the coat to be deducted from water
A petition was received from the
property owners in the block to
close a 12-foot alley between Ida
avenue and Donald atreet, and to
substitute therefore a 12-foot alley
between Cecil sireet and Winnipeg
avenue, aaJajrwd to tlja board ol
An application for a cement sidewalk on Bridge atreet* was, referred
to the board ot worts.
An application tor a board aide
walk on Cambridge avenue waa referred to tbe board of works.
A petition waa received from the
builders of tbe city, asking the council to raise tbe license fee from $10
to ISO per yeur. Tbe finance committee was instructed lo investigate
the matter.
-Au application was received asking permission to subdivide into
lots block 7, plan 67, aud part of
lut 633. Tbe' plan was accepted
and signed.
Tbe chairman of tbe health and
relief committee reported tbat a sick
man had been founn in a shack in
the North Fork addition. „ He bad
been removed to tbe Cottage hospital.
The chairman of the cemetery
committee -reported that . the ueiue,
tery was bow in good condition..
Aid. Manly gave notioe lhat at
tbe next meeting he would introduce a bylaw amending und governing the extension of water mains.
The clerk was requested to obtain
copies of auto speed bylaws from
other cities
'Al. TraUnweiaer offered 9lu0 per
lot for lots 8, 9, and 10, block 2,
plan 23. A committee was ap
pointed to investigate tbe proposition, and to report to tbe couneil.
Tbe finance committee recommended tbat tbe city employees be
insured; that the clerk be appointed
street commissioner and purchasing
agent, and tbat requisitions be made
oui by employees lor supplies; that
tha city clerk's salary -be fixed at
$125 per month. -■
City Clerk Wright reported tbat
ttjAssessment roll bad been completed and notiees sent out to property owners.
|Tbe court of jre'v^ion will be held
in the city ball on the 18th' Hay of
June at 2 p.m.   Tbe members  of
tbe court are*. Mayor Fripp, Aid.
Manly, Taylor, Wright, Smith and
Advertise the Climate
Editor Orand fork, Sim.
I often tell the people I meet here
in Ontario about ihe mild climate of
British Columbia, and I find that my
statements have a much stronger1 effect when I give specific facta and
dates. T have kept a record of the
dates on whioh the buttercups have
first appeared in bloom at Urand
Forks during the last four, years, and
I know from my own experience in
telling to people, both in Manitoba
and Ontario, that it would be a wise
thing tu give these dates in any booklets that may he issued and scattered
through the country concerning the
resources and attractions of Grand
Forks. In 1910 tbe firat buttercups
were gathered' oo February . 17; in
19II, on February 25; in 1912, on
February 20, aud in 1913, on March
9. It will be seen from these dates
that February 17 represents ' the
end ot a shurt winter at Orand Forks,
and March 9 the end of a long winter,
but the longest winter at Grand Forks
is very. u_uch shorter than the shortest
winters in Ontario and Manitoba.
I have often thought of writing to
you about this matter, as I think the
people of Grand Forks do uot give sufficient prominence to,their climate in
advertising the town. I remember
once talking to a well-known resident
ot Grand Forks who had been seat by
the Granby company to the Queen
Charlotte Islands. He stayed there
f jr some time, and when he returned
I aaked him how he liked it. Bis re
ply was, "lt haa the worst 'climate
God ever made;" and he added, after
a monaut'a reflection, "Grand Forks
has the best climate God ever  made.
It is the hope of most of moat of
the residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albert* to go to a milder cli
mate when they retire, and moat of
them look with longing eyes toward
British Columbia. Most of these people, having been used for many yeara
to dry, frosty winters, find tbe climate
of the coast much too damp for them,
and many of them, after living at the
coast for a year or two, go back to
the cold hut dry winters of the prai
ries. The people of the prairie prov
inces should be told that at Grand
Forks they ean have winters of ehe
dry and frosty type to which they
have been used, but much shorter aud
less seveae. There ara m-tny wealthy
men in the prairie pjovinoes who are
ready to retire from active business,
and who would be glad to go to Grand
Forks and settle there with their
wives and families if they knew about
the olimate. Such men would build
Urge and beautiful residences, and
have beautifully-kept grounds. They
would contribute greatly toward giving Grand Forks and the valley in
whioh it ia placed the kiwi of  beauty
An Artistic Recital by Prof-
Werner's Students on
Monday Night
The piano and violin recital by
Fridolph Werner's student.-, in the
Grand Forks opera house oh Monday evening, was greeted by a crowded house.
The opening number was an overture, "The Jolly Robbers," hy Werner's six-piece orchestra, whicb was
well rendered and fully appreciated
by tbe audience. Miss Barnum's
violin solo. "Lonely," was also well
rendered/' A selection entitled
"Vienna Waltzes" was ably given
by the Misses Gwenny Mcllwaine,
Edith Larsen, Helen Peterson and
Master Stanley Donaldson. The
piano solo, "Shanson des Alps,"
gi^eu by Miss Ivy Taylor, with second piano in score, revealed good
technical training. The piano solo,
"Snower of Stars," by Miss Marie
Barnum. wbo responded to au encore, was one of tbe best numbers
on tbe program. Miss M. Batman, a
student from Pboenix, was also a
very capable performer on tbe piano.
Mies C. Miller distinguished herself
by her rendition of H. Alberti's
classic fantasia from "11 Trovator,"
for the piano. The final item was
an overture, "Poet and Peasant,"
arranged for a quartette on tbe piano,
witb oicbestia in score. Tbis selec
tion waa perhaps the best of the
evening, and the performers all
tbrough tbis difficult piece showed
greet adaptability to the r respective
parts. Those wbo uontiihuted to the
success of tbe entertainment weie
the Misses Ri»a Ross, Sylvia Ross,
Esther Larsen and Myrna Pell
Others who assisted verv ably in the
concert were Miss Gladys Traunweiser, piano solo; Master Archer
Davis, piano solo; Miss Helen De
Cew, Joyce McLeod, Myrtle Spraggett, Arthina Donnon, Amy Mcllwaine, Marie Fritz and Emma Need-
bam in piano quartettes. Messrs. C.
McKay, L. Ware ond J. B. McLeod
contributed a violin trio intermezzo.
The members of  tbe   provincial
lahor commission arrived ici Ihe cily
which is produced by art. Nature has (m   Wednesday   from Phoenix, and
already done her share   in   endowing
last night a session was held in the
new court house. They left si noon
tuday for Rossland, where a silting
will be held tonight. While here
they were taken for an automobile
ride through lhe valley hy some of
the owners of cars. The personm-l
of the commission follows: H. ')
Parson, Golden, chairman; J. A. Mc-
corded by the government theruiom-'""""  "•"'••'•■°>   ™*h»'''"','< •
eteronE.F.Lawa*i1..Tch. iStoney, New ,Westminster.   A.  M.
thrrmomktbr Harper,   of  Vancouver,   is also a
the valley with beauty, and tlie man
made beauty should be io haruiony
with the natural beauty.
Joun Hirpsox.
Vienna, Ont, May 3, 1013.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eaeb Kelvie, editor of the Vernon
day-during tbe  past  week, as re-i Job|.  J|lrdiM   ¥jtr,uiamU.
Treasury Wooster, and John Wright,
the recentiy appointed city clerk of
Grand Forks, will take Mr. Mahan's
place. Mr. Wright has given every
evidence of efficiency in the city
office, and it is a pity that he can
not be retained in that position.
Friday, 9tb ; 60
Saturday, lOtb  37
Sundty, Uth  45
Monday, 12th  42
Tuesday, 13th.....'....   87
Wednesday, 14th  39
Thursday, 15tb  39
Rainfall...... P.....
Max  member of the commission,  but be
80 did not visit the city.
.'     64, 	
V'     Judging by the number ot stone
., Q2 l******,*AtWts   being   placed    under
58 Grand Forks buildings Ibis spring,
*; 53 the oity is now on a firmer founda-.
• j liidtet tion than ever before.
-   ....   ~~~,—~    7~   ,:   ■ __.      I* to reported that a  number
A three-line local in lut 'week's „i,«.«_ -m .l„.,i„ t^. „.A. :„ ._,.
Sun found a purchaser for a buggy, ch*°*~ I111.* u   V„     T       .
v  ;   *"   office staff at the Granby   smelter.
Ti,'e log drive on the TJorth Fork HwvV *?»»>«■. now "««■ book-
reached Lynch cr*<k on Wednes- *«•_»' 'or tbe 'company, is to be
day, promoted to private secretary  to
Bi-Monthly Examinations
The following iB the list of pupils
ol lhe Third and Fourth Readers, in
yrder of merit, as determined by
written examinations for March and
April: *
Principal's Division—Maximum,
11U0 marks. Gladys Heaven 905,Ruth
Krischke 846, Grace barron 839, Ivy
Taylor 839, Dall Barlee 826, Eric Atwood and Don Farmer 82U, Oswald
Hay 802, Annie Munro 793, Alfred
Heaven 790, Jennie Simpson 773,
Mary Newbauer 772, Aulay Munro
and Helen DeCew 759, Caughey McCallum 729, Hugh Sloan 717,. Sara
Montgomery 671, Ronald Tracy 662,
Mae Lyden 633, Stanley Donaldson
619, Avia Michener 601, Marie Fritz
598. Vera Reid 475.
Division II—Max., 1100 marks.
Senior Class—Pauline Sloan 851, Em
ma Needham 795, Rennie Keron 769,
Ester Larsen 636, Joyce McLeod 730,
Ralph Gill 730, Arthur Gilpin 715,
Ulric McCallum 715, Ivia Michener
706, Robert Holmes 674, Elvera
Walker 668, Harold Massie 666,
Gladys Ardiel 648, Lawrence Holmes
646, Harry Bowen 627, Margaret Mcllwaine 604, Archie Symes 588, Myrtle Spraggett 542, Maudie Peckham
541, Dan Wells 539, Karl Keeling
336, Fred Dempsey 328, Hazel Ar
gersinger 272, Archer Davis 267,
Maud Reburn 228. Junior Class;
maximum. 1100 marks— Alice Bowen
721. Amy Frankovitch 715, Raymond
Quinlivan 712, Quentin Quinlivan
696, Frank Hartinger 694, Stanley
Massie 687, Marie Barnum 678, Hugh
Wells 657, Tracy Cooper 577, Olga
Frankovitch 552, Hattie Gaw 651,
Linus Freece 548, Laurena Nichols,
Division III—Max., 1000 marks.
Harry Petersen 892, Ida DeCew 882,
Willard Shaw 852,* Mildred Meikle
807, Al Peterson 787, Walter Petersen 764, Violet Walker 761, Harry
Atwood 747, Reggie Hull 728, Helen
Petaraon 710, Blair Cochrane 710,
Wilfred Holmes 687. Uvo Wells 682,
Juliii Hen- 675, Demaris Ryau 666,
Teddy Dempsey 638, Jauies Lyden
628, Herbert Dinsmore 623, Ruby
Keeling 610,- Edith Larsen 603,
Gwenny Mcllwaine 606, Chads
Krischke 597, Lillian Kelleher 580,
Holger Petersen 576, Merle Herr 570,
George Cooper 567, Susie Brown 559,
William Meikle 546, Abram Moy
bouer529, Thomas Reuburn 510, Roy
Kennedy 489, Alexis Falkerson 288,
Mary Cheplo 217, John Cheplo 175,
Agues Stafford 100, Victor Gilmour 14
Division IV—Mai., 800 marks.
Bernard Crosby 646, Cecelia Lyden
642, Rosa Petersen 642, Fay Trynn
623, Mabel Steele 614, Ewing McCallum 611, Lily Ardiel 603, Ray
Lane 603, Wilfrid Brown 594, Helen
Massie 589,' Amelia Wiseman 587,
Bernice Kennedy 585, Francis Fritz
580, Frauk Veizuh 571, Robert
O'Connell 566, George Lemaster 558,
Beulah Francis 553, Gordon Murray
551, Harold Fair 544, Ray Forrester
518, Annie Gilmour 617, Anna An-
demon 608, Sam Erieson 498, Vernon
Siddall 484, Lottie Peterson 478,
Richard Stacy 469, Annie Crosby
467, Ambrose McKinnon 466, Liz-
zana Irving 462. Eva Moir 457, Alice
Galipeau 447, Peter Miller 445, Junie
Downey 440, Bertha Hart 427, Hope
Williams 124, Fred Wiseman 401,
Alfred Downey 381,Ernest Hart 251.
Division IX—Max, 700 mark,.
Kathleen O'Connor 598, Kngeman
Jacobson 595, Ethel Jacohson 586,
Marv Cooper 575, Frances Sloan 560,
Merle Galloway 556, Laura Allen
558, Vernon Smith 553, Lorctta
Lyden 650, Willie Ruckle 547, Viola
Pell 537, Glenn Sampson 530, Fred
Barlee 528, Giadys Latham 520, Lyda
Kelleher 519, Bessie, Harrison 515,
Mildred Hutton 512, Kathleen Kerby
Allen Gillman Falls in Biver
Near Lynch Creek With
Allen Gillman, employed on the
log drive for the Western Pine Lumber company, fell in the river a
short distance this side of Lynch
creek Isst Saturday, and was
drowned. Gillman, who was hut
eighteen years of age, caine here re
cently from Alberta. Nothing else
is known concerning him. The body
hae not yel been recovered. A man
named Roi, who was working with
Gillman, bad his leg broken by having it caught under a log at the time
lhe drowning accident occurred.
Roi was brought to the hospital in
this city.
Death of Mrs. J. P. Flood
Mrs. J. P. Flood, aged 58 years,
died at her borne in this city on
Mouday from acute Brigbts disease,
after a brief illness, wbich was not
considered serious. The remains
were taken to Greenwood on TuesJ
day, and tbe funeral toek place in
tbat city Wednesday afternoon, services being held in the Presbyterian
church. The funeral was largely attended by the many friends of deceased.
Mrs. Flood was born in New
Brunswick, and had lived with- ber
husband in Greenwood for seventeen years. During her short residence in this city she made a large
number of friends, all of wbom extend their profound sympathies to
the bereaved husband. She leaves a
husband, two brothers and two sisters to mourn her loss.
Australia's Naval Policy
Again bas the Hon. G. E. Foster,
Canadian minuter of trade and commerce, spoken in favor of the Australian system of a locally owned,
manned and built fleet.
During a speech at a luncheon
given in Melbourne on the 11th
inst. to the empire trade commissioners by that city, Mr. Foster congratulated the Australians on their
splendid defense system, whicb he
Baid set Canada a fine example. The
Canadian minister also expressed his
pleasure at the result of his reciprocity negotiations wilh Mr. Tudor,
and voiced the deepest hope lhat
the two dominions would always
work for their mutual benefit
After contrasting the work done
by Uu Canadian and Australian
pioneers, Mr. Foster concluded by
advising Australia to secure a greater papulation.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Woodland and
eon left this week on a two weeks'
vacation trip to Victoria and other
coast cities.
Dr. D A. Thomsett, of Vancouver, will in future be associated witb
Dr. Kingston.
507, Margaret Michener 497, Gladys
Rashleigh 495, Aurena Barnum 494.
Eddie Mcllwaine 492, Vera Donaldson 484, Olivine Galipeau 479, Dorothy Burns 465, Earl Kelleher 463,
Garibaldi Bruno 452, Hope Benson
450, Ethel Wright 445, Fritz Schliehe
443, Margaret Graham 374, Thelma
Walker 289, Gwenn Humphreys 263,
Brenda Humphreys 261, TTTT'.  SI
• V rv vxp rftl$KS. HRITISH COLUMBIA.
Unlucky   Stock   Speculations   Drive
Englishman  Insane and to Commission of Crime
Vienna.—The suicide recently ol
Mr. Charles Vincjih Banting, after
shooting his wife, Adellna, has created considerable sensation here. Mr.
Banting was a Londoner by birth,
and his wlte was also Knglish. So
far as can be gathered, they lived on
the happleBt of termB 'with each
The motive ot the crime has nol
been established, but lt ls thought probable that Mr. Banting's mind had become unhinged as the result of unlucky stock exchange speculation. It
Is slated that aome yeara ago, when
hie wife was seriously ill, Mr. Banting
attempted to take his lite, but the servant took his revolver trom him.
This servant, Barbara Crutia, gives
a dramatic account of the tragedy. At
noon ahe said, Mr. Banting came
home from the office in a very exclt
ed condition. The couple discussed
the financial situation at the mid-day
meal, and Mrs. Banting advised her
huBband to remove to England and get
a position there.-' ^
instead of going back to the office,
Mr. Banting went to a store room, and
remained there for aome time. The
servant called him and reminded blm
of the time, whereupon he asked her
to help him on. with his coat, and took
his hat as It to go out, but instead
of going he returned to the room.
Meanwhile Mrs. Banting, who spoke
very little German, was taking a lesson In the dining room from a lady
teacher, Frauloln Huesserl. She broke
off Ihe lesson to see why ber husband
was still at home, and was warned
by the servant that Mr. Banting seem-
id very excited, and. had taken s6me
hunting cartridges out* of a box.       .
Mrs. Banting I aid no heed to the
warning. She entered the room and
through the open door Frauleln Huesserl heard he. say to her husband:
Charlie give up that rifle. You know
ftS-l eland it. immediately there
las Ihe sound of a shot. The.servant
ran to the room and found Mrs.
Banting lying on the floor, with Wood
flowing fro... a wound ln the heed.
Then she was compelled to witness
n still more /terrible scene. Mr.
Burning was standing with |WI«
rifle in his hand, close by a chest. He
rested Hie weapon on the chest, and
simultaneously, pressed the- trigger
wlih one hand. There was a second
report and he, too, fell to thc floor
Medal for a Dog
London.—For saving his master's
life Glen, a collie owned by James
Wilson, Jr., Stenmulr, Berwickshire,
has been awarded the medal of the
National Canine Defense League. Mr.
Wilson was attacked by a bull, whicb
had thrown him and was about to gore
hiin, when Glen seized It by the heel
and by thus diverting its attention enabled the ,armer to throw his coat
over the infuriated animal's horns.
We do some things because wc want
to tlo Ihem, other things because other people try to persuade ns not to do
them. -    .
Burst and Formed Ugly Scabs,
Burning, then Itching. Had to
Go Without Shaving for Weeks.
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment. Skin Perfectly Clear.
|SI Clow St., Toronto, Ont.—"I wss
l.ntilited witli larltl cczeme for nearly ten
3i-i.ii>. Tlm lirst Klsns were pimples breaking mil ami then hurst lint and terrains nasty
ntrly rcttl,* Mriiii.nl my elirn. Very often the
M-iiMiiiiHi »a- thai, nf lutriilns*. then llehlna
ni tlmt I ttt-Tiilrlititl tho sore. -1 had lo KO
flfl.ltiirfl.it. ulimlnic for AYffks st a time. I
t rlt'tl many patent, remnllcfli hut did nob find
h iiernutiiriit eure. Kvery spring and fall
tin- ilifl :,s(i appear,*! at Ils worst. I sometime* set rid of It for s few months, tben It
retiirm .1 ns hatl as ever.
"'Ahout sli months apo I received a sample of Cuticura Heap anil ointment and
lound sreat relief after a tow applications.
I put'i'liasi'il twoboxes of Cuticura Ointment
ami sumo Cuticura Soap and used them aa
directed and now my skin Is perfectly clear.
' 1 ean shave with pleasure." (Signed) Wra.
JInellean. May 27, l!»l».
Not only are Cut Ictu-a Hoap and Ointment
most valuable In the t Tatment «r eczemas
i-nd other tllitres-lns eruptions of akin and
sttealp, but no other emollients do ao mucb
I.i. pimpine. hluckliraih, red, rough skins,
licking, scaly m-aliis, dandruff, dry, thin and
fading Iclr, efcnnpcrt bsnds and shapeless
tails, nor tlu It '4 MOOomlcslfy. A stasia
take of Oullctira Hoap (Mc,) and beta of
Cut kin* Ointment-(SOr,) sre often anfllolent
when ull else has failed. Sold by Uruetlate
anil dealers iliiiiughout the world, Liberal
sample of Oach mailed free, with !«-p. Skin
nook, Aihlrnta post card Potter Drug *
ClK'lu. Corp., Dept. 43D, Huston. U. S. A.
W. N. U. M
A Live Agent Wanted
In every town and village In Western Canada. A good live man ont make
16,000 per year working in uonjunctlon wilh iii, In selling the choice Real Eatate
Investment); we Imve to offer. In Haling farm land for sale, working exchangea
of farm land for eity property-, automobiles, etc. This la a chance of ft life
time for a hustler.    Write for list of propositions.     Addreaa—
Scott,   Hill   &   Co.,
!i Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Cannot be Killed Because the Koran
Forbids Mueselmen to do ao
Constantinople, Turkey.—On tho
desolate open apace, part drill ground
and part dunghill, whicb we know locally aa tbe 'Field of Mars,' yon will
aee any morning just now long strings
ot animals tied bead to tall. Tbey are
or once were, hones, pack animals of
the baggage train, and tliey have been
eent back here trom the army as unlit
tor further service.
Their shaggy, mud-matted hides sink
Into hollows among the framework .it
bones they cover. Every single back
ls raw with suppurating aores as big
as your two hands. Nearly every
horse is lame and some are constantly falling and bave to be flogged io
their feet to hobble on to the veterinary officer wbo Is dividing the curable* from the Incurables. They hava
been driven In tor two or tbree days'
march without food, often without water, aud tiie famishing animals gnaw
tbe rope that ties them to the next
horse In the string.
Tbe veterinary officer makes a rapid examination of each horse. Some
he picks out as capable of recovery
They are sent to the cavalry barrack
stables for a rest before going back io
work. For the others a worse fate
Is reserved. In shambling, hobbling
drove's the dying beasts are herded
dowu the hill, across the Golden Horn
and up to the horse bazaar near the
Faith Mosque. Here they are sold
for 10 to 16 piastres each—for 40
cents to 80 cents—sold to be worked
by tbelr buyers for a few days until ln
sheer weakneee they drop for tbe last
time, till no beating ean get them on
tbelr feet again and they are left tn
die. •   '
And wben you ask why the poor
brutes cannot be mercifully destroyed
Instead you get the naive answer that
the Koran forbids a Mussulman to
take lire.
There has probably never, been more
wastage of horseflesh ln any campaign.
Tbe Turk la a gool enougb horseman,
but no horsemaeter at all. Three
weeks after the war began the horses
ot tbelr best cavalry regiments were
in an appalling condition. In the
Interests, presumably, of soldierly
alertness, the horses were picketed at
night with their saddles on, and the
result was sores that made th*: lioisct'
i.acka look aa It they had bei-1 partly
With the pack animals it was even
worse. They were ot all sorts and
sizes, commandeered haphazard ae
tbey chanced to come along in the
streets of Constantinople _._ But however they varied ln shape or dimensions the same regulation wooden
pack saddle, turned out by tbe hundred, was clapped on to tbe back of
eacb without lbe least alteration or
easing, and kept there night and day.
There Is some talk of the raising of
a small fund by English women bere
to buy a few score of the worst ot
these pitiable animals and take them
to a country farm where tbey may be
turned out te grass, or If they are too
far "gone privately destroyed.
Lad Is Forced to Wed Under Threat
ot Inatant Death
St. Petersburg, Russia. — The
forcible abduction and compulsory
marriage of a Causlclan youth are reported from Kutals.
■A prelly girl of 16 named Rogova,
who lives in Ibe village of Kulla-Karl,
fell In love witb a handsome boy ot
the same age, named Sari, who lived
in a neighboring hamlet. Either
from shyness or from disinclination
Sari did nol. respond to the love-sick
maiden's advances, and she therefore
enlisted Die aid of a band of young
tribesmen, who made a raid at night
nn the dwelling of Sari's parenie and
carried Ihe youth off lo a hill fastness,
where Rogova was walling for blm.
At lli-sl. Sari rejected Ilie proffered
hand nf Rogova. but his abductors
threatened to kill him on the spot unless be made Rogova Ills bride. Under
compulsion Sari consented. The next
day the abduclors made another raid
In :i different direction and bore to the
rendezvous a clergyman, who unwillingly solemnized the marriage of Rogova und Sari.
In the meantime nn armed parly organised by the boy's parents, wbo were
well-to-do people, had found.lhe trail
nf lhe fugitives, but they arrived too
late to prevent lhe r.iarrlage. After
a stormy scene ihe opposing parties
were reconciled, and Rogova bore off
her now smiling bridegroom In- triumph to her home in Kulic-Kavl.
Russia Counsels Montenegro
Berlin—Tho officials of lhe German
foreign office slate that Austria will
send one further note to Montenegro,
sp as to exhaust the possibilities of
diplomacy before the character of Activity nt the warships change from
a ileinonslration Into offensive action.
It te understood here tbat Russia has
counselled the Montenegrins to yield.
Next time you are buy
You will be surprised at.
its goodness.
Can be had from your
A Woman Says Inebriates are Usually Fine Fellows—Should be Given
Milk to Drink
London.—ln an address on the curing ot drunkards, Dr Mary Murdoch,
at a conference of . the Yorkshire
County union of the British Women's
Temperance association which was
held at Hull, said that drunkards
as a rule were the very nicest of people, with wonderfully line natures
which made it difficult for them to resist temptation. Women whose li'js-
bands gave way to drink should give
them a varied diet of milk, eggs, veg-
(tables, poultry and fruit, and sh nut!
avoid tho grosser forms of butcher's
meat. Cayenne pepper and-sweets
-vould temporarily put off the craving
for alcohol.
Ladly cooked _ood, she sa'j wise
often to blame for diunkenncs.. nml
lf lhe girls of llio country ieain*-U tc
become good cooks there would he
fewer drunkards. ■ Smoking sometimes prevented the craving. The
curing of alcoholism was more a matter ot faith beating than anything else,
and secret remedies advertised when
tried were almos* invariably followed
by lapses. There was nothing like
sensible bard work to prevent the recurrence of the craving wben drunkards tried to cure themselves.
Naturalization Fee Reduced
London.—There Is great satisfaction
in the Jewish community at tbe announcement that the naturalization
fee haa been reduced from |1!5 to (IS.
The agitation for a lower fee has been
going on s-'uee 1886, when, Samuel
Montagu urged upon Ibe Liberal government tbe reduction ot the fee to
$5. Ae soon ae tbe Tory government
returned to power, however, lt raised
Ihe tee, but there has been a continuous agitation for the lower rate ever
The Effect of Tea and Coffee on Higi.'.j
Organized People
"I bave been a coffee user for years,
and nbouc two years ago got Into a
very serious condition of dyspepsia
and indigestion, it seemeJ to me 1
would fly to pieces. I was so nor-
vois that at Ihe leasl noise I was distressed and,, mnny limes could not
straighten myself up because ot lhe
Tei. Is Just as Injurious, because It
contains caffeine, Ihe same drug found
In coffee.
"My physic-Ian (old in I must not
eat any heavy or strong foot and ordered a diet, glvli g me some medicine.,
1 followed di reo! ions carefully, but
kept on using offee and did not get
any better.
"Last winter my husband, who waa
away on lur Iness, bad Postum served
lo blm In tbe family whero he boarded. He liked It so well that when he
came home he 'jrought some wltb him.
We began using It and I found lt most
"While I drank It my stomach never
bothered me tn the least, and I got
over my nervous '.roubles. When tbe
Postum was gone we returned to coffee, then my etomat-n began' to taut
me as before and the nervous con(l"B\
iona came on aaaln.
"That showed me exactly what wds
tie cause ot the whole trouble, eo I quit-
drinking coffee altogether and kept on
using Postum. The old troubles left
again and bave never returned."  .
•'There's a reason," and it Is explained lit the little book, "The Road
fo Wellvlllc,* Inpkg*.
Ever read '.he above letter? A naw
one appeare from time te time. They
are genuine, true, end full of human
Mrs. Jipes, I think I have beard
you say you bave a cousin ln Hie regular army. He le an officer, t presume?
Tes, he holds some responsible position, but I don't exactly knoy the
nature ot it. When he wrote to me
last he said he waa ln the guardhouse
—whatever that is.
A Pill That Lightens Life.—To tbe
man who ls a victim of indigestion
the transaction of bi.siness becomes au
added misery. He cannot concentrate his mind upv.. his tasks and
loss and vexation attend him. To
euoh a man fearmelee's Vegetable Pills
offer relbf. A course ot treatment,
according to directions, will convince
him of their great excellence. They
are confidently recommendel because
tbey will .O.j all tbat Is claimed for
Bc happy while you- may. Soon
your wife will present you with a box
ot Christmas cigars just like the kind
her brother smokes.
A woman can make the ordinary
man into a pretly respectable citizen,
bnt by tbe time she finishes the Job he
is about ready to die.
..    .      8cared
Do you believe that women should
have anything to do with politics?
I certainly do.
You do?
. She certainly should have both voice
and vote. - .
Well, maybe the vote's all right,
but I hope you don't want her to have
any more voice than she has now, do
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
In the Cycle
He Is bo much behind t'i.. times.that
he will never catch up.
There ls some advantage to that.
What is lt?
His Jqkes are so old that they sound
like new.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
f     that Contain Mercury,
u mercury will surely itr,troy the lenae of unell
■nil completely dental. In. whole ayatem when
entering It throiifh Ike miicoui ■tirfKee. . Sueh
utli-'A. ihonM never at need exeept on preet-rtp.
thine 'rout reputable pbreli-eno. x, the dlroase tbey
will do le tea fold to the sood yon am potelblr de-
tive irom them. Rtll'e catarrh Cure, mttntltctuted
by F. J. Cbesiy 4 Co., Toledo, O.. ronttlne M nter-
.ury. end li Uken Intensity, aettig dlrtetly upaa
tbe blood end r__iM.na euiftw*. el tbe system. Is
buying He'.l-e retarrli litre tie mre yon set CM
(entitle. It ta tnken internally and msde SI 'fWeda
Jblo, by F. 1. i-neney _> On. TeetimoeWe tree.
Sold by nritfi-'e.   Prior, lie. pet bottle,
'Uke Hall a Fenny I'liti Mr connlpeuea _
It's only tbe defeated candidates
that don't recognize ydu now. Tbs
successful ones will keep an eye on
their* fences.
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
home; decorating cushion tope; cam
make trom $3 to 16 per day; pleasant
wor- Armour Art Co., Dept N. 41
Steele Blk.. Winnipeg.
There's a heap of fun In this world,
and Jim Brown Bays he doesn't Intend lo miss any of it even lf he ban
lo knock off work occasionally.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands. .1. M. CAMPBELL.
I wat cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Sprlnghlll, N.S.    WM. DANIELS.
I was cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B. CEO. TIS'CLEY.
There Is no use   in   frettlug,    but
some folks do It Just for amusement.
Ynur dt-iiaRlst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to euro any esse of Itch-
Irm. Blind,  .Heeding or Protruding Piles
In il tu 11 days.   Bile.
The old fashlnoned woman will have
noun of tbe vacuum cleaners that obviate tbe necessity of house cleaning.
Wbat would life mean to bor If her
semi-annual debauch of housecleanlng
were denied her?
Miller's Worm Powders do not need
the after-help of castor oil or any purgative to complete their thoroughness,
because they are thorough In themselves. One dose of litem, and they
will he foui.d palatable by all children,
will end Ihe wurm trouble by making
thc stomach und bowels untenable lo
the paraeltes. And nol only this, but
the powders will be certain to exert
most beneficial Influences In Ihe digestive organs,
lYs.linlsm Ne another name for Indigestion.
While travel broadens a man, ll ls
not necessarily fattening.
It keen your "White Clothes" looking
J utUlke Nsw.
It doss not Spot er Streak the clothss
ss there Is no settling.
It Is ths "Handiest Kind** In us*.   .
It ItGusrantMd to giva Perreet Satisfaction sr money Cheerfully Refunded.
tiiv nv
end-Prov. ii
ege lasts sbool
* months, at It
blue- if Good
S... Waning.
"J-R Bine ii much better
thai) any other." Mi»
Thomson, Belmont, Man.
"J-R Blneltau Excellent
Blue, Superior lo otber
Bluti." Mri. Frank J.
Moore, Conn, Ont.
"J.R Blue ft the best
Blue I ever need." Mri. W.
Switier, Brandon, Mam
Maypole Soap
dvis ao
Soap Ibeic m ao
HotrUesodas anus
n c«Hos. wool,
colon-will give say
etude. Colon Ifc.
with beolUt "Ham.
lo Dye" hem
F. I.
Did you eve.* know a man wbo wai
stubborn as a ii.tili to be credited wltb
horse sense?
rj*he Cheerful Life
"^^ It Is the tSeMi *t avsryont to liva oad enjoy tke ckeorf ol life.   Wo owe
tt I* oin.lv.. ind ttos7wl.. Ilvo wilk md llvo Uo ohoorful Ufa.  We,
oaaaot do so If III health takes sold ol as. •
The wlfo, »otbar aad daagktorwffdriH trass ket laea*s,aor
katulior level «no.
",    nenisareoMdr.    ISrtf roc
Favorite prescription
seen ■4•^M,■, ***•***-'- * * ** •** ** TTr «T-V. GRAND FORKS. RRITISH COLUMBIA
Many growing gills in school
or business are frail—delicate—
inemic—lack'energy and ambition and have thin blood. It is
all unnatural and unless checked
leads to serious and chronic ills.
Nourishment, not drugs, is the
law of reason to build strength
—but when appetite is poor and
digestion weak, ordinary foods
do not nourish—then SCOiTS
EMULSION is* necessary.
| SCOTT'S EMULSION overcomes just sueh conditions; its
tissue material enters
the blood'without digestive effort and makes
it rich. It tones the
whole system and starts
the healthy action oi
cells throughout the
body. .
Imltall**, an oftoa
•rTeiW hti I* awtrtnli*
a*a mail tbt* SCOTTS.
A linrae lu the field la worth two
In the barn. You can't prevent
-wtrin, Ringbone, Splint, or Curb from
Jutting your horae la the bars but yoa
Snt •r.vent tlteee trouble, front-keeping
kotMs tn tlie barn very long.   You cut get
'add eor. all such ailment..  For 35 years,
Kendall--Spavin Cure lin been the bono-
.nan's standby.
'.'le,     AU1.T8VILLK, omt. March 14th, 1911.
;**'I have used Kendall's Spavin. Cure for
OTer 14 year, curlug two Bog Spavin., one
Curb, one Bone Spavin and a Ringbone—all
bad canon. Your medicine I-the E»t ln the
vrortd." JOS1AH KBDICK.
■Trice $1 per bottte-6 bottle. Jj. Ask
dngglat for free book "Treatlae oa tht
Horae" or write direct to ua 7$
Dr. B. J. Kendall Compear
Feb. Ver-eoot. U.S. A.
1 The man who can always tell you
wbat Is going to happen can also tell
you afterwards wby lt didn't.
Perhaps one reason wby the fool
killer Is out of a job ls because be soldiers on It.
F<M.Ye*rs,RfcstoredTo Health
by Lydi*L Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Canadian women are continually writ
birua such letters as the two following,
which are heartfelt expressions of gratitude for restored health:
Glanford Station, Oht-"I have ta-
ken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
1 pound and never
I found any medicine
Ito compare with' it
II had ulcers and fall-
ling of womb and
I doctors did me no
rood. I suffered
keedfuliy (or years
I until I began taking
I your medicine. I el-
I so recommend it for
I nervousness and in-
 I digestion."- Mrs.
Jt-Mir Cum, Glanford Station. Ont
Cheateirille, Ont - " I heard your
medicines highly praised, and a year ago
I began taking them for falling of womb*
and ovarian trouble.
" Hy left side pained ine all the time
and just before my periods which Wert
Irregular and painful it would be worse.
To'sit down caused me pain and suffering and I would be so nervous sometimes tlmt I could not bear to aee any
one or hear any one speak. Little necks
would float before my. eyes and I wu
always constipated.   .,--
!' I eannot aay too much for Lydia E.
Pihkham'a Vegetable Compound and
Iter Pills, fer there tre no medicines
like them. I have taken them and I
recommend them to all women. You may
publish this test-monlaL"-Mrs. Sw-
TOB* 3. BIartw, Chesterville, Ontario,
VV. N. U. 944-
. - Buffaloes Change Habit
Capetown.—A Radclylfa Dugdale,
lecturing at tbe Camera Club on his
experiences In British East Africa,
wbere be stalked game with tbe camera, said that a curious change had
taken placu in the habits of the African buffalo, wblcb had become a nocturnal creature. It seemed possible
he added, -that this was a protective
device, as tbe fly which carried rinderpest was diurnal.
He who has not done that which be
ought not to have done has missed a
lot of fun. I
For Cages of Exhaustion   and   Nerve
Weakness—How 8. Jeremy Pound
Relief When He Cured His Kidneys.
Snlatyn, Alta., (Special) .—Tbat the
natural remedy for   exhaustion   and
nerve weakness ls one that will give
good circulation and pure blood carrying nutrition to all parts of the body,
ls again proved ln the pase of S. Jeremy, a   well-known resident   of   this
"For over two years I suffered from
attacks of exhaustion and nerve weakness," Mr. Jeremy states. "I - tried
many nerve foods and tonics but must
admit tbat Dodd's Kidney Fills have
benefitted me more tban anything else
I ever used.
"I am more than grateful for what
Dodd's Kidney Pills have done for
nie.-V* ."*'      **: ■
NerveVeaknese and exhaustion are
caused hy Impure blood. Impure
blood ls caused by diseased kidneys
falling to strain the waste matter of
tbe tody out of the blood. Tbe natural remedy le to cure the kidneys.
Dodd's Kidney Pills bave yet to find
a caBe of kidney diseaae they cannot
cure. .
George has told me all the secrets
ot his past.
Mercy! What did you 'think of
I was awfully disappointed.
How to Get New Health and New
Strength at This Season.
Spring ailments are not Imaginary.
Even the most robust find tbe winter
months most trying to their health
Confinement Indoors, often In overheated ahd nearly always badly ventilated roofns—tn the home, the office,
tbe shop and the schools, taxes tbe vitality of even tbe strongest. The
blood becomes tbln and watery and la
clogged with Impurities. Some people nave headaches and a feeling of
langour. Others are low-spirited and
nervous. Still- others are troubled
with disfiguring pimples and skin
eruptions, wbile some get up tn the
morning feeling Just as tired as when
they went to bed. These are all
spring symptoms tbat the blood Is out
of order and that.a medicine le needed. Many people take purgative
medicines ln the spring. Tbls ls a
serious mistake. You cannot cujc
yourself with a medtolne that gallops
through your system and leavee you
weaker still. This Is all that a purgative does. Wbat you need to give
you health and strength ln tbe spring
Is a tonic medicine that will enrich the
blood and soothe the jangled nerves.
And tbe one always reliable tonic and
blood builder Ib Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. These Pills not only banish
spring weakness but guard you against
the more serious ailments that follow,
such as anaemia, nervous debility, In-
oigeetlon, rheumatism, and other diseases due to bad blood. Mlsa Lilian
Howe, Portland, Ont., says: "A little
over a year ago I was ln a very anaemic condition, suffering from most ot
the symptoms of tbat trouble. Often
I spent sleepless nights, and felt aa
tbougb I did not care whether I lived
or not. In this condition I began
taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
after the use' of ten or twelve boxes
,1 was restored to the blessing of perfect health. I teel, therefore, that I
cannot spy too much ln praise ot this
If you are ailing this spring you can-
not afford, In your own interest, to
overlook so valuable a medicine aa Dr.
Williams' Pink.Pills. Bold by all
medicine dealer* or by mall at 50
cents a box or etx boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co ,
Brockville, Ont.
Mostly ... .*
A woman can't' throw a thing
straight to save ber Ufe.   -
Oh yea. There's one thing ahe can
throw straight.
What Is tt?
A cutting remark.
Baby's Own Tablets tre good for
all little ones—good tor the new-born
babe or the growing child; They are
absolutely safe and are guaranteed by
a government analyst to be free from
opiates and otber Injurious drugs.
Concerning tbem Mra. Wm. Kernag-
han, Cartwright, Man., says: "I have
always used Baby's Own Tablets and
find them good tor little ones." The.
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box trom The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Some people can't worry over big
tblngs because tbey are so busy doing
a similar service for the little things.
It Is comforting to observe that th,.-
crazy people always take a view con-
ttary to our own.
No Asthma Remedy Like It. Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is distinctly different from other so-called
remedies. Were thia not so lt would
not have continued Its great work of
relief until known from ocean to ocean
for Its wonderful value. Kellogg's
the foremost and best ot all asthma remedies, stands upon a reputation
foubded ln the hearts of thousands,
who have known its benefit.
There's only one thing worse' than
having to sbovel, coal, and that ls not
having any to sbovel when the mercury hits the zero mark.    .
Could Not
Digest His Food
Suffered for Ytara From Indigestion Until Cured toy Dr. Charts
KMney-Uver Pllle.
Mr. J. D. 8. Barrett
It you suffer from chronic indigestion, forget about the atomach and
pay attention to the condition ot the
liver .and bowels. Ten to one that
la where the real trouble lies.
The liver gets sluggish and falls to
filter the bile trom the blood, tha
bowels become constipated and the
whole digestive system ls upset.
As to cure, you cannot do better
than to read of Mr. Barrett's
experience with Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llve'r Pills. There Is no treatment
ao prompt and thoroughly effective.
Mr. J. D. S. Barrett, Nelson, B. C,
end formerly ot Twillingate, INflil.,
writes:—"For several yeara I was a
great sufferer from Indigestion. The
least bit ot food caused me considerable trouble and often I could scarcely eat a meal a day. The many
remedies I tried proved (utile until ln
1906 I began the use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pilla, and after using
about eight boxes I was completely
cured- Since that time I have not
been troubled with Indigestion, which
I consider a great blessing."
Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 26 cents a box, all dealers
or Edmanson Bates a Co., Limited,
It ls a poor mai'.'sman who considers
a bird In tbe hand worth two in the
Because a girl ts afraid ot a mouse
le no sign Ibat she can (ear a cat.
Mistress—I shall want you to be
dressed by 3 o'clock, Ellen, to rcoel/e
any friends that may call.
Ellen—Oh, thank yer, mum! Ain't
you going to be In?
Take LAXATIVB BROMO Qulnlat Tab.
lets.   Drufilsts refund monev ITU falls
to cur*.    6. W. QROVS'S signature Is
on each box.     Me.
Much ot the original sin to be observed about us doesn't show many
signs of originality.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Dandruff*
When a man gets the. better ot us
we are Inclined to believe all the
mean things ve ever heard about him.
It s-ssMJind jeitfl
decs tbs work.
In all  cases nf
Ol   all   llOI-SCfl,   tpHU'.lUMI'C-,   rolls,   HtUtllOUS,
111 their tongues or In the feed put tfpt.im •
Liquid Compound. Give the remedy to
all of them. it acts on the blood and
glands, lt routes the disease by expelling the dineaae" germs. It warda off Ui*
trouble no matter how they are "exposed,'' Absolutely free from anything
Injurious. A cliliJ can safely take lt.
Bold by druggists and harness denier**.
DlHtiilnitoi's—All Wholesale Druggists
Chemists and Bacteriologists, Goshen,
Ind.,  U.S.A.
\ Do not be misled—
''.  ASK FOR
and LOOK for the Trade-Mark.
- f,
Perrin's Gloves are famed for
.      their Style, Fit and Finish.
Clovae that are HOT stamped with
■      either tha trad*.marie or the name
"Perrln'tMake" are not tho genuine.
 ; —.. i
-*■ ]
[• \9ftm*\
For Over 40 Years We Have Been
Making Vehicles in Canada
FORTY years ago we adopted the policy of "One grade
only and that the best, and we stijl maintain it. Men
who know our goods buy McLaughlin carriages
because they know they are getting the best whalebone
hickory, toughest steel, finest designs, and best finished
vehicles in Canada.
We want to get acquainted with the men who have
never owned a McLaughlin carriage or motor car. We
believe it would be in your best interests to carefully investigate our full line of goods before placing your orders.
We own and operate our own branch houses which
carry full lines of automobiles, carriages, spring wagons,
and repair partsat Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary
and Vancouver, and cordially invite your most critical
McLaughlin Carriage Co., Limited, Onhawa, Ontario
Harness Oil
Best for Wear
Insist on the
enuinc Eureka
arnesi Oil in
original package!
Dealer* everywhere
A contrary man la one Who won't
listen to the good advice we pour out
for hla beneflt.
We could atand (or our continued
bad luck If It were not ao monotonous.
We constitutionally hate monotony.
The most obstinate corns and warts
fall to resist Holloway's Corn Cure.
Try It.    	
Now I* the merry season when the
family bas to retrench because tii*
head thereof picked the loser twice.
Minard's Liniment fer tal* evsrywhers.
Tbe man who waits for opportunity
to knock And* the waiting good. .
Uaar • good dinner hu been spotted $r stem tmaemut-.
The boss Isn't round
claiming who he Is.
loudly   pro
•-Sample Iree II yeu write National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canadfc
' Limited, Toronto." THE   SUN,   GRAND   JF0RK3,   B.C.
U\\t CtaMorlw Sun
S. A. Evans, Editor and PunuaHiii
suaaoatmoa nine I
fljine Tear ,...* *1.»0
nne Year (In adranoe) 1.00
One Year, in United Statee > IM
Addrea* all communication* to
Taa Qbiko Fobkb Sua.
faoaa RM Gba»d Fouls, B.C
FRIDAY, MAY   16, 1913
Preinier McBride's form of gov
ernment by commission appears to
be a great success—for the eommis
sioners. Hewever, let us bope tbat
tbe deliberations of the labor commission will prove ot more benefit
to the people than did the recommendations of the Doukhobor com
Attorney General Bowser has taken
a vacation. f Mir.," Bowser might
combine businems with pleasure by
makiiiR a side trip to tbis sectiou of
the province mid watch tlie tiffed of
Commissioner Blakemore's recommendations on the Doukhobor question.
The government probably appointed five—five—members on the
labor commission in order to keep
them from getting lonesome. Surely,
the work they perform couid be
done by two-tilths of them.
It is undoubtedly gratifying to
political renegades to learn tbat tbe
Victoria goverumeut throws an
honest penny their way-rwbenever
possible by appointing them royal
cotuinii.iio.iers. -.
Tbe political boss, the liquor ele
ment, the white slaver, the child
labor employer and the food doper
an all opposed to woman sutfrag *.
The man who buys a pocket book
ou credit is a true optimist.
Second International
Laying Contest
Held under the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria
Total eggs laid from December 2,
M., to May 2, 1913:
No. of
Pen,    Owner and Breed. ' Egye
1—C. K Stamer, Uowiuhan, An-
conaa  491
2—V. Cleaves,liugim 1' 0., Saai,-
ichu.li, White Leghorns' 463
3_tt. W- Ru-se l,P.O_ Box 450,
IS minium, While l_t*nlioiiis...-l_.3
4—A. Uuswurth, Sardis, White
Leghorna 5o9
5—K. A. Oir, Chilliwack, White
Leghurus  41)3
6—V.   H.   Wilson,   Koksalah,    ^Ifcth, and pen 33, Barred  Rocks, did
White Leghorns    430 even better than this. They laid eight
eggs between 6 p.m. un the. Uth and
11 a.m. on tha 12th. Two perfect eggs
were laid on droppings board during
the night, and six additional were laid
befor* 11 o'clook," the first collecting
period. On Ihe 20th they laid seven
eggs, one being found on droppings-
board, aqd on the 24th they again repented the performance.
Vary creditable records were again
made in Class 1, the lowest record being 112 eggs. Following were top
scores: Pens 18 and 19, 146 eggs; 16,
143; 1 and 16, 144; 4 and 14, 143;
3, 158; 7, 186, and, 17, 135.
The first _ix penpjn Class 1 are 15,
17,4, 16, 18 and U.
Broodies—Pens 11 and 20, one in
-J.   Emery,   Sidney,    White
Leghorns 487
-W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. O.,
Buff Minorcas 178
■F. Preston.care F. P. Hearns _,_
& Son, 155, Uth Av. E„
Vancouver,Anconas. 366
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. O.,
Saanichton, White Leghorna.400
11—C.N. Borton, Summerland
Brown Leghorns ...............389
12—A, H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. 8. Hamburgs -
13—Mrs. Cio*8,2138 Belmontav„
Victoria, White  Leghorns...486
14—A JEaston, Duncan, B, C,
White Leghorns  533
15—Norie Bros., Cowichan, White
Leghorns 598
16—J. Amsden, Box 1, Deerholme
P. O., White Leghorns 558
17—E. Soole, Cowichan, White
Leghorns 596
18—Seymour Breen, Duncan, H
C, White Leghorns v..664
19—J.   E.    Baines,   Saanichton,
'  White Leghorns.. 2443
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Pott Lang
ley, Buff Leghorns ._*-...........457
21—R. Wilson, Langley   Pjairie,
Barred Rocks 333
22—L     F.    Solly,   Westholme,
"While Wyaudottes 465
23—A.   C.   Lovekin, ** Glengarry
farm, Metchiwin,Bar''d Rocks. 364
24—0. E. Heiming, Mead, Neb.,
Blaok Orpingtons 408
25—Ssseph Arnou.d.Sardiaj White
Wyaudottes 445
26—J. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoria, Buff Orpingtons ..298
27—Dean Bros., Keatings, White
Wyandottes 426
28—W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Qaine342
29—J.   J.   Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Reds 443
30-F. Horth, Sidney, U. C, Col
Wyandottes 408
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victoria,'
White Wyandottes 277
32—0.  W. Robbins,  Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons 562
33—Ferd   Matthews,   Kamloops,
Barred   Rooks 453
34-0. B. Ormond, R. D. 3, Vic
toria, R. C. Reds ...328
35—H.E. Waoy, Enderby, Ban ed
Rocks .... ■'.. 648
36—Dr. W. H.  B. Medd, Mount
Tolmie, Black Orpingtons 200
37—Mra, E Mt-C  Mottley, Karn
. loops, S   C. Reds 469
38—W. H. Van Arum, 2390 Cad-:
bom   Bay    Kuad,    Victoria,
White Orpingtons  286
39—A. E. Smith, May wood P.O ,
'"   Victoria, SO Reds .537
40—8. D  Evans, Box  201, Pen-    ,
ticton, W Into Orpingtons 305
Average prun of eggs, 30c per
dozen l'en ti-iii|.craiuii-s: Highest,
82°; lowest, 28°; mean, 51°, Rain
full ou six days; three days with high
winds. ConsiilH-ulile dull weather occurred, the sun shinngononly twelve
days duaing the month.
Some hitlierte daily records were
smashed this mouth, by a pen in each
class. Pen 14 laid seven eggs on   the
In Class 2 the leading six pens are
32, 39, 37,35, 22 and 33.
Top scorers for the mouth: Pen 39,
152 eKgs; 31, 146; 32, 144; 33, 134;
36, 126; 24, 140; 37, 116; and 30,
111, Pens 39 aiid 31 ara old rivals,
the former being first prize winner
Jast year and the latter second. The
Reds just beat their last month's ,ec-
onl by oiie egg, thus averaging approximately live eggs per day for the
past two mouths
Broodiea—Pen 21, 5; 25, 27, 35,
38 and 40, 4 evuh'; 24, 26, 28, 29, 34
and 37, 3T5aoh; 22 and 32, 2 eaoh;
23, 30, 83, 36 and 39, 1 each; total,
52 birds.
Record day'B production^ for the
month, 170 eggs. Total eggs lor the
month, 4798
Comparison with other contests for
five months:
"North  American," total aver-
ageegg yield per hen ., 47.5
English contest......,....*; .....43.8
International con teat.............. 71.7
During the month daily, omitting
Sundays, each pen has received approximately ll lbs. of dandelion
leaves, for which they have .evinced a
great liking. - '
Rev. Knox Wright, B D., general
secretary of the. B. C. auxiliary of
the Canadian Bible society, paid hie
annual visit to the oity on Monday
and Tuesday., On Tuesday evening
he addressed a meeting in the Presbyterian cburcb, in which he very
ably and clearly. set forth tbe aims
and objects of tbe Canadiau Bible
society, which is auxiliory to tbe
British and Foreign Bible society.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundnry mines during
the past week. &ranby mine, 27,-
103; Mother Lode, 6,450; Rawhide,
6,363; Napoleon, 660; Victoria, 526.
Sninller treatments: Granby, 24,-
440 tons; Greenwood, 11.906.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best joh printing department in thn
Rnundnry country.
A Marvel of Accuracy, Thinness and
BeaUty—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous au
Hilt ijamiltuin Vatrtf
The Railroad Timekeeper of _4.tBer.ca"
Wi-can sell ynu tlie complete watcb, or wo
oanMipi'ly a Hamilton movement Htted to
i-uiir pr< .cut watch onse. all .llua fut men
and women.
All   linDDIfl-flll JiWiLBB-omoiaN
Jtfilk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy absd-
solutely sanitary. We eh- -
deavor to please our customers.
11Y. ohamaoi* un
Aetna is, sim.
We Have R.eceived To-
Fresh-killed Beety e£Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dail3r
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. BURNS 8 CO. Ltd.
Used iii the West exclusively, being highest in
qnajity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls    .-..,.., $1.25 each
Woodland C&> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
**R. C." anil "Copper King" Mineral Claim),
situate in tlie Grand Fork* Mining Olvltlou
ol Tele District.
When-located: In Fran'Un camp.
TIKK NOTICE Ithet I, Willi™ H. H iffman,
I formvself as executor o.'the will of the
late Catherine Hoffman, and ae agent tor
Jacob M. I'aulion, Pree Miners' Certificate*
Noa. 61S49B and SSVTBB. respectively, Intend,
■Ixty ,da> a Irom the date hereof, lo ap-
ply to the Mining Recorder lor Certificate*
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining Crown ilratit i of the above clalma.
And further take notlee that aetloa, under
section 81, must be commenced before the
Issuance ol euch rertlttoatei ol Improvement..
Dated tbl. «th day of May, A.D. 1918.
IN THE M TTF.lt of AD Application tor Ihe
Iaiue of Duplicate Certificate* of Title to
Lot* 1 to 18 liicliulve, Block 4, Map'-J, and
l ot* 6 and lt, Block 1, Subdivision ol Lot
5*13. Ma_p«7. •    -
lnteutlon to laaue at the explratlt.n of
one month affair the firat publication herein
duplicates of theCcrtillostieof Title* to the
above-mentioned Lot* In the name ol Henry
Wnlle, which Certificate* are dated the l»h
day of December, 1_W. and the 9th day ot May.
11KI0, respectively, and numbered U78A and
-iei.fl, respectively.
Dated at Kamloop*. B.C. .April 24th, 1918.
Dial riot Registrar.
K.8. B.C. 1911, Cap. '-8D, Sec. tl.
In the matter of the Estate of Harrlelt
Amelia leach, lac uf i.raud Forks, BC,
Widow deceased.
NOT1'E IS HEKKPY QIVEK that all per-
■ons bavlng any claim* against the
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia Leach,
who died on or about the loth day of April,
1911, at Grand Porks aforesaid. >i re requested
to .end by post prepaid, or to deliver to the
undersigned Solicitor he-eln for Margaret
Rebecoa Brau and ..valine M Thompson.
Executrixes and Trustees under the will nl
the wild Harriett Amilla Uacli. their names
and addresses and full t.artlou arsln writing
of their claims and st iteuients ol th. ii accounts and the nature of nciuity llf any)
held by them. .   _..     ,       .
Anl take uuilce, that after Ihe tlit day of
.lun ,1918, the sail ixecuMxe* and Trustee*
will proceed tnillitrllnit the asset* of the
said deceased amonu tbe persons entiled
thereto, having regard only to 'he claim* of
which th y shall then have h«d uotlue, and
that the said hserut riles nil Trustees will
not be Malm- for the seld assets or any part
thereof, to any person whose claim they
■ball lot havv had or received notice.
Dated at Graud Kork*. B C. this Pint day.
ol May, 1911. . s
laud 8 11 vIsKlisk.
Grand Korks, B, C
Solicitor for the said Margaret Kebeooa Hran
anil Kvullne M Thompeiiu.
Rone-Shoeing a Sptclilty     _.-
Kepatrisg of Ef ery Description
All Work folly Guaranteed
Bicycle ant Automobile Repairing
won't work your horses to death.
■a.C.A.A'BBOTT,    !
,    «e Ann St., New York City. ,.
1      Dear Sin I have earn for am <a Tunoftt*
yon have, act before known of t that 4a yeara |
whllf I ma a resident ol N.Y. City, I waa
Qur wagons
run light. *
Thev are mluie of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will S^u! witMlogK-ffiK 'i*,^**.*-.^
a      x.xZ1 U    . .fl,^-, ** «eocu«iaipti™aiKlmrUnllr»hy*!ciaatokl»y»lfa
stand the roughest wear. m.    tm., thecght 1«»««« »»»>, ttjy«»tio«
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes Wrong: WkilSSdH.»&S jJ^STawTtaiK
with it drive up in front of our store and see if we, don'^^™^f^^AsysAOE!lf,     .   _.
,        '       . r ;    tkatorll.». Church, Hunter, (GrtMie Co.,) H.Y.
make good. o.n.1 ,,„„,«,. s^ «».■.. aw-h
<!My health ll very good/' ,    '
If you'.'will write Mr. ■Ab'pott he
will glailly furni.-h von aay  further
1 ' informatlou you dualr*.    -    .
Mclntyre C$» BtiMil
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoaohonol rcttont every nerve la the body
vim and vitality, Premature decay and all MM
wesknut averted at once. JP»f»,1,"?L'_S
For Bale—New Peerless Incubator
and Brooder; 2 20-egg.. Kobert Clark.
Gfaaniie of Prodrim
Each Week
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a
Barber Shop
to its already well equipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Razors sharpened by
an expert.
(l-uiflllshed Annually)
Knalde* tractor* tlirouahout the world t»
cominunlcate direct witb Rn(ll*h   '
In eaeh class olaoods. Reside*rbelnt.k onm-
plete eumtneiolal guide to Londnii and Ita
suburb*, the directory eantalus lists ol' .
with the Hood* they ship, and the Colonial
end foreign Market* Ihey supply;
arranged under tha Fort* to which tbey nil,
and Indicating the approximate Selling*;
ol leading Manufacturer*, Merchants, etc, In
the principal provincial town* and Industrial
centre* ol the United Kingdom.   -
A copy ol tbe current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, oo receipt of Portal
Order lor 20*.
Dealer* seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade card* lor fl, or larger advertlw
menu (ram 13. ■»*'•■'      -
25, Abchurch Lane, London, EC. THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS.   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Sir Charlei Tupper arrive" in England. He sees a great future for the
The legality of California'a anti-
alien law is doubted by international
lawyers, ,
Mra. Flora Drummond, a London
suffraggette, collapses and falls on the
floor while on trial.
The Saloniki correspondent of   the
London Times nays two of the Balkan
allies are facing each other on   a war ;
The foi mai order of the railway
board making a reduction of 20 per
cent in the express charges in the
west was issued today.
Evidence taken before the provincial labor commission at Peutiotan
tend to show that the I.W.W. movement is revolutionary, aiming at the
overthrow of-society.
Six sailors ars prey to the flames
that destroyed a vessel sear Vancou -
Premier Borden will introduce an
anti-cigarette bill in the Dominion
Nanaimo is threatened with a coal
famine. The present supply will oniy
last shipping for two weeks.
A reciprocity treaty has been arranged bet wees Cauadaand Australia,
.according to a London dispatch.
WilliamJ. Bryan.speaking at a dinner to the international delegates . in
New York, takes for keynote "(.eace
for all time,"
Public health officials at -Washington report adversely ou Dr. Fried-
inann's serum for the oure of tuberculosis. The government test is not yet
The naval Bill passes the committee
stage in the Dominion house of commons under gag rule The Liberals
are anxious that the money.should be
spent in Caada.
Thousands ot newcomers, bound for
the coast, reach Calgary.
One man ia killed and another
wounded in a street riot at Fort Wil
Reports from all Sections of western
Ontario tell of damage to the fruit
crop by frost*.
Two Bulgarian military lrains meet
in collision, and 100 persons are killed
and 300 injured.
Explosion of 600 sticks of dyna
mite near Masontown, Pa .wipes out
a mining settlement, kills three and
injures forty pet-sous.
The final division on the naval bill
is expected this week. The Liberals
will fight the measure to the bitter
end, and warm debates are expected.
The torch and bomb are the w.eap
ons of the English militant suffragettes. Farringt.'in hall is in ruin**,
and a bomb is found in a Dublin
The Mii'higan fruit belt has been
damaged by the frost.
The German militant suffragettes
intend to carry the war to Dublin.
Sofia is supplanting. Constantinople
as   a   diplomatic   centre in the near
The suggesting that Theodore Roosevelt be. made King of Albania amuses
a Loudon paper.
It is expected that much of British*
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation. - . ' ■
^fe oMann  Ding  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
- Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats,.Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
j. m KRAUS
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot VVatet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
Columbia's fruit ciop will  find a market in Australia this year.
It is reported from Vancouver that
the strikers on the Kettle Valley line
at Penticton* are returning to work.
Nanaimo coal strikers have applied
for the appointment of a board of conciliation under the industrial dispntes
act. :'
The minister of finance, in hia budget speech, announces that the Dominion lead bounties will be continued.
The ice in the Yukon is breaking
up, aud navigation will open June  1.
The Labor party of Great Britain
will take up the cause of the suffragettes.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will build
a chain of tourist hotels through the
Naval bill is sidetracked in the
house in today's debate. Third reading is expected on Friday.
The Great Northern railway will
spend 91 _. 5,000 on improvements on
the Nelsou ifc Fort Sheppard liue this
Jack Johnson, heavyweight pugilist, is found guilty in Chicago of via-
luting the federal white slave law in
The powers will occupy Scutari to
day and the Montenegrins will evacuate tbe city. Peace is assured. The
Bulgarian casualties during the war
were nearly ninety thousand men.
Five towns in Nebraska are nearly
wiped out by a tierce tornado.
Governor Johnson, of California, is
determined to sign the anti alien   bill
Third reading of the naval bill will
occur on Thursday. Itis reported tlmt
the whips of both part>e. have arrived
at an agreement and tlmt the closure
rules will not be applied.
Militant snil'rageUcs this morning
wit lire to the historic church of Penn,
The initiative and referendum ro-o-
lutiuii is drfi-aied by oue vote in the
Illinois legislature.
An inch of snow fell iu Moose Jaw
last night.
The chairman of the London iimni
gration committee thinks it would be
better for the empire if Canada welcomed the Hindus than to make a gift
of dreadnoughts.
A Close Shnve
Suddenly confronted by a two-
horse rig on Monday, just ns he was
rounding one of tbt turns to for;-
meos, "Lucky" Art Thompson, one
of the proprietors of lbe B. C hmel,
turned his sixty-horsepower Cbasc
deliberately from the highway,
cratbed through a barb wire fence,
shot over a fifteen-foot embankment
and brought the car to s  standstill
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property"
&500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley  Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear. $875 Cash,
Balance Terms
For Further Particulars Apply
03 The    Sun    Office
in a chaos of debris, without damage or injury to himself or tbe three
other occupants.
Mr. Thompson's action, which
required plenty of nerve, undoubtedly saved several lives, wbich
would bave been lost had a collision
taken place.
Mr. Thompson was returning from
Keremeos. and the powerful Chase
wss eating up the miles easily at a
speed close lo twenty miles an hour.
When the turn was__rouuded the
horses were not more t hun ten feet
away, an'd it required lightning ac
lion on the pnrt nf the driver to save
tbe situation. Mr. Thompson took
the chance, driving his car over Ihe
fifteen-foot omhankment without a
moment's hesitation. All the damage that resulted "was a strained
steering'rod —Penticton Herald.
Liberal Convention
The Provincial Liberal convention
will be held at Revelstoke on the
29th, 30th and 31st of May.
Card of Thanks
Mr. J. P. Flood takes this method
of expressing bis thanks to bis
friends and the people of Grand
Forks generally for courtesies extended and expressions of sympathy
during his late bereavement.
For Sale—Two second hand buggies; nearly new. Apply Moyboeer's
Blacksmith Shop.
The Great Northern  railway will
relay  tbe  steel  on  the    Phoenix
branch this summer.    It is the  intention of the company to eliminate.
some of tbe curves on the line.
r in
Grand Forks Townsite Company
Business, Warehouse and
Resident Lots
Present Profitable and Safe
Investments: Now is the time
to buy. Easy terms and
choice locatigns.
Call, Phone
or Write
Boundary Trust & Investment
Company, Grand Forks
The Army of
I* Crowing Smaller Every Dar.
re-ponsible—ihey not A
only give relief—
theypetmanetttly i
tim.   Mil-,
lions use
ihem (or t
sseu, Mifettion, Sick HttmaCM, Sallow Skin.
Small Pill, Small Deie, Small Prica.
Genuine mtutbeu Signature
Our 1913 list of the above is
now ready. Uniforms all made
to measure and satisfaction
guaranteed. Wrije for samples
of materials.
The Hing tton Smith Arm* Co. Ltd.
Dept. T      Winnipeg
Bttk Free.    A anvil
Bea»  Irealatat j.m.,.i
Itaa h-aa iWalady'e kraut
Ola atret'.'alcert aad
.     __.'     .- a«wlka earai.   Deaeriba
t**r Ir...:. i *,* win aaaa kaak aad laaU-aaaiala.
Unrest In India Causing Alarm
Calcutta, IndU.—The ferment
ed amongst Indian Moslems by tin
events In the near east far from abating, every day becomes more marked,
and responsible Anglo-Indian Journal*
all over the country ara drawing attention to the serious nature ot the
Tbe Indian Mirror, a. moderate Baa-
gall newspaper, says that tbe situation ls becoming most serious, as the
Hindu extremelst.i are taking advantage ot tbe Moslem unrest to push tbelr
own revolutionary propaganda, and
urges upon the government tbe advisability of prohibiting all meetings on
•he subject of the war. It this Is
not done, the Mirror ts at tha opinion tbat tha ferment will follow tbe
lines of tbe recent Hindu unrest. Tbe
attempt made some time ago br Aga
Khan to calm the popular feeling has
only resulted In, it anything more'
meetings being held, at whioh he ls
denounced as not a true Moslem
Reviewing the situation ln a recent
leading r.. tide, the Tlmeo ot India
says that it Is time that the wise
heads among the Moslem community
interfered te give tbe commuhlty a
lead, for the extravagant language
which Is now being employed, and Its
effects on the uninformed, are so mischievous that'll a corrective Is not applied tbe consequence muat be most
prejudicial to tie Indian Moslems
Stop the Cough. — Coughing ls
caused by Irritation ln the respiratory
passages and 1c the effort to dislodge
obstructions that come from inflammation ot the mucous membrane, Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
will allay the Inflammation ahd ln consequence the cough will ces.se. Wy
It, and you will use no otber preparation for a cold.
llaa.Wi_fS_.oWi Soothing Sykuf haa been
pad lor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
la the heat remedy for DIAKEIKEA. It is ab.
aolut.lv harmless. Be lure aad aak for "Mra,
-Wlnalowa soothinc svriij>." aad take ao other
kind.   Tweaty-_.fl-ccc-.ua bottle.
(Thai Are Guaranteed
Why tako chances In buying a pair
tf gloves when yeu can get apoaitivo
guarante* backed by Canada's
largest glove factory ln the
H.B.K. PtatoShellGIoves
made Irom specially tanned horse-
hide. Guaranteed wet proof, wind
proof, steam and heat proof. Send
(cr Illustrations. <
Castas't Super! clave and Mill Haktra.
JSjiemS CsSSititUttttr
llYr., ona caa bar-Why yen, don't area hava ta
know-.hit KIND ol Cloth faatCaeia ara aeeda
af.-So Hhuko* ara ta-foeelMe.
Sena f<»_ ft.. Color Cora, Starr BatMee, aaa
Booklet rivlna raaulle ef lly.lnf over oT
MonUMl. Caaada.
Kaiser to Visit Venice
Turin, Italy.—It ls stated In the
Venetian press tbat the Oerman Em*
pcror will pay a visit to Venice shortly, and that the visit wlH be tlie occasion ot a meeting betweer. the Kaiser and the King ot Italy. From
Italy the emperor will proceed on ths
Hobenzollern to Corfu.
Striking a Match
First Bachelor Maid—Miss Singleton Ib playing with fire again.
Second Bachelor Maid—How Is that!
First Bachelor.Maid—Going with aa
old flume of hers.
Hand an r-nlerprlslng man a lemon
and he will nik you tor- a glass and
some sugar to go along with It.
Ma. a box sr alx boxes tor U.M.
at all dsaleifli, ar The Dadda Modi-
•Ine Company, Limited,   Teranee.
London.—A spaniel, which WW
trapped on a ledge 800 feet high, oh
the face of the Dover eastern cliffs,
was rescued by a coastguard,' who was
loweied down the cliff bv a rope.
Rush From Churoh ts Picture Palace
London.—Despite vigorous protests
by several minister*, the Mlddlebrough
county magistrate* granted a seven-
day license for a new picture palace.
One minister said there was a rush
from churches to picture hall* after
evening service, which was unseemly.
Minard's Liniment Cure* Burn*, Et*.
Paris.—A new French Arctic expedition Is now being organised under M.
de Payer; an officer ot rese.rve and a
member of the Geographical Society.
The expedition will take two aviator*
ln the hope St realizing the dream ot
reaching the north pole by air.
Wonderful Moving Ploture Device to
Test Skill ef Rifle Shots
London, England.—It will soon be
possible tor any man or won,aa In
the heart ot London to shoot \ tiger
or fire at a motorcar travelling at th*
rate of Ally mile* an' hoar wltho-'ii
causing any bloodshed or running the
risk o! being summoned by the police.
Tbe new cinematograph target,
which will be exhibited for the first
time at th* Olympia Cinematograph
Show by the Lit* Targets Company,
ls one ot the most wonderful inventions In the cinema world.
It Is an adaptation of the ordinary
living picture for purposes ot marksmanship, and while doing away with
tbe tedium ot constantly firing at the
same object, it provides tbe rllirtnau
with something pf the pleasure nt the
The moving picture ls thrown on a
travelling paper'screen and as tiie figures dash past th* rifleman takes ntin
and fires. As soon a* he has sent
his bullet through tb* screen th*
sound wave* of th* explosion ars recorded tn a telephone receiver connected with a system of control ln th*
apparatus wbich Immediately causes
the picture to como to a standstill for
a few seconds.
Mr. J. B. Amnault, a Jostle* ot
Dm Peac*, ud rtatton nhittr'at
Wellington, oa tb* Print* Edward
hUad Railway, lays:
"Poor year* ago I »Upp*4 la th*
station and fsll on a freight.* truok.
sustaining a had cut dn tb* front of
my leg. I thought thi* would h*al»
but lmtead ot doing so lt developed
1st* a bad ulcer, aad later Into a form
ot eexsma which spread very rapidly
aaa also started on th* other tag.
Both legs bsomo so swollen ud *or*
that J covM only go about ay work
by having them bandaged. Hy doetor
aalt I must stop work aad lay up.
"After sts -fconths of tbls troubl*
I consulted another doctor, bnt with
ao better result. I tried all the salve*,
liniments ahd lotions I heard of, but
Instead ot getting better I got were*.
"Thi* wa* my condition when I got
my dnt box et Zam-Buk. Greatly td
my delight that flrst box gavs m* relief. J continued to apply It to th*
sores, and day by day tbey got better.
I could sm that at last I had got hold
ot sosMthlag which would cur* ms,
aad la the end It did.
"It Is now over a year sine* Zam-
Buk worked a cure In my cue, and
there hu been no return ot th*
Buch ls th* nature ot the great cure*
whieh Zam-Buk ls dally effecting.
Purdy herbal la composition, this
great balm is a sure cue* for all skin
disease], cold sores, chapped hands',
frost bite, ulcers, blood-poisoning, various sores, piles; scalp sores, ringworm. Inflated patches, cuts, burns and
bruises. All druggists aad stores sell
at 60c. box, or post free from Zam-Buk
Co.; upon receipt of price.
Italy Denies any Action In Albania
Rome.—All reports regarding Italian preparation* tor military action In
Albania br at other points on the
opposite shore ot the Adriatic aro unfounded: So far as the Italian government knows, the question ot Albania ls practically solved as it bu
been confirmed that Austria has
agreed that Jakova shall go.to Servla,
which will satisfy the wishes of Russia, and Russia has agreed that Scutari shall remain part of Albania. Thus
Russia, Austria and Italy are acting
in accord, supported by tho other
i   ■ ■
Peking.—The young and pretty
daughter of th* vie* governor of Klang-
tse province, China, bas offered her
hand and a dowry ot $6000 as first
prize In a lottery organised by her ta
aid ot tbe famine sufferers.
Rates and Ratcatchlng
London.—In five weeks the Colchester borongL ratcatcher has killed 600
rats at *an average cost to the rates
ot 3 pence per rat.
Pessimism ls another name for Indigestion.
The Soul of a Piano ia the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Use th* Proper Remedy and Colo's and
■  Sore Throat Disappear
"When I came home last evening,"
writes Sir. Thomrs E. Jarvls, "I wa*
all used up with cold and a racking
cough. I felt slok all over. My
wlte rubbed my threat and chest every
hour, and made me gargle with Nerviline aud water. I was soon warmed
up and made comfortable with th*
Nerylllne, and tne chilly sensation
passed away. At 11 o'clock, after
five hours' treatment, I wu practically well, I therefore writs you at
ones ln order that lt may be publicly
known that Nerviline will knock out
a bad cold over night."
It ls a tact that Nerviline will esu
up a tight chest, will relieve'that sore,
wheezy feeling, will knock out a col*
In Just a tew hours. It penetrate*
deeply, draws out the congestion,
cures promptly, Oet a large family
size bottle, 50c; small size, 26c, at
all storekeepers and druggists or Tba
Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, H.Y.
Be happy while, you may. Sooa
your wlfo will present you with a box
of Christmas cigars just l'.ls the Und
her brother smokes.
Why.did none of the candidate*
th'nk ot working the endless chata
system to get votes?
International Stock Food
it Equally Good for Cows—Horses—Pig*
Wa (Ml ta*te la for all lira ato c l-te mxi. turn
Jn met. tnllk-to kaa* taa woralna bonaa la x-1—
eondltloa-u Maa Ma and keep Ike "Maw*
atrbtag ead elf oroua.
Wa euaraaue ihat
a, auitt xxA Unite are-
tlf and tbrlflaiaU Ilia
All mothers can put away anxiety regarding tbelr suffering children when
they have Mother Graves' Worrp Exterminator to give relief. Its effects
are sure and'lasting.
w. n u. *m
Declare Action. Justified
Berlin.—The Nord Deutsche Alfgem-
elne Zeltung, referring to Montenegro's Interference with the Austrian
steamer Skodra and the treatment ot
Catholic Albanians, say**.
If Austra-Hiingary has resolved t>
call Montenegro to account Jor sucb
uggresslons, she Is acting for the av
ff-rtlon ot her endangered right* aat
interests, which corresponds to the
protection afforded by international
law and the principles of European
civilization, We abate nothing from
our announcement ot an understanding between Austria and Russia with
respect to the Albantan question, and
on the other hand are convinced that
a final agreement has been assured
on. the lut point, nttherto . controverted . '
Asphyxiation a* Method of Arrest.
Paris.—A weapon for the firing ot
asphyxiating bombs, devised after the
recent selge ot automobile bandits ia
their stronghold*, was used for the
first time, In the capture ot a negro
who had become suddenly tnad and
ran amuck In the Auteull quarter,
threatening everyone wltb a loaded revolver.
Detectives chased the man from
room to room in a house where he
bed taken refuge, firing gas bombs as
they went. The fugitive was finally
cornered on the roof of the house tn a
state of semi-asphyxiation, quite powerless, and was transferred to a hospital.  .
Now ls the merry season when the
family haa to retrench because Mi*
bead thereof picked the loser twice.
lA-USftUiH.?' ^Smtetms
au .a,   car.f«i Me aba. iter aa, __J_5»S5
aaflagl.fla *" i * , mile namr ftartlB-Tt, 11
ullMMfM  liaal_?«J.TCrV.l!S7
tateraatioeal Stock Food, Poultry Pood, tnd Veterinary preparations aro far aal* bp Ittlaaa
.,       mtpwktn.   If you cannot obtain our gooda In pour ton wrltt iVdirect.        (an
Tall tia tke numbaref-atAuf .to. k van-waan4«
Wl eeu pn t nn aim law Ita* Boek-r.ee.
North, South, East, West
men and women are subject tothe numerous ailments caused
b. "      -       '      "     *" ■- ~ --"■--
Oh* laesttt Sal. af Aap Madklae la llw WtriO
ar* tho most reliable corrective, and tha best preventive of these common ailments. Better digestion, more restful sleep, greater strength,
brightersplrits, clearer complexions are given to those who use occumo-
ally this time-tested horn* remedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubt help
you—It Is to yoar interest tony them—for all over the world thty
Are Pronounced .Best
Freaereii only, iy Tbon-j
d ert-T-iWl It Cm**, tad
. Iltltat, Ltnattklrt. Batftad
Aaala.   't Dotoe. B oeate.
Concrete is the best
building material
A BROAD statement-Yet benlly hue. Th* aaa ol hub from lb
AA beginning hsi been lo make his building materials u nearfy like nat-
*^ unUoo* as possible. The/great labor required to quarry Koae led
him to seek various manufactured lubititutee. The only ream he ever
wed wood wu that kwueaaestlo get and htm* eooveuaat.tew*. i
Wood is ao longer easy to get. Like moil building material. Us co* u ta-
creaiing at an aUrming rate. '-"     •."      -J
ThecaetolcoaBetoiidecMumi.   So, Iron the Mudpoial tf (id* ser.
vice or economy, Concrete is lhe best buildmg matenal. '
Canada's (amen are wing mote concrete, ia ptoportjoo to Iheu numbers
than the (aimers at any other.ewmtnr.   Why) ,
Became they are being supplied with /
Canada Cement -
a ceaeat ol the hiahaat posaiM* quality, which ia.
_.    , auraa the auceats ol their eencwta work.
Tha aecrot ol coAcrata's popularity la Caaada baa ia
tha fact that while w* hav* boea adv J* !    'L	
ef concrete, we havo also been prodii
aot "Canada- CmmM.
ths (act that white wa have boea advertisi** tho uso
ol concrete, we havo also faeaa pnduciM, Sy ect«s.
tific methods, a corneal ao aaltenaly U*a ia quality
that the concrete mad* wilh * gives the complete
aatitfactvoa our advsitiaeauat* pre salt ad.
ConcnU would a* hav* bom la such.uaivsnal uso
today, bad aa Inferior pads ol enseal bora supplied.
InaiatupoafottingCauda Cemaat It is year boat
atawaao* *i tbor*a(hb satisfactory rMuita fro.
pour coacrato work. Then is a Caaada Comsat
dealer la yew asighbotbood.
Write fee ear Sm lio-pap A*. "Who! Tee Former Caa De WUA CteuteW
—N, farmer taa afire" I* At msthnl a tefjr.
Canada Cement Cempujr Limited     .      Montraal
--auiija'-Bje—i.,* TT-ni. SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH C.OU7MWA.
How Deadman's Fiat
Became Arlington
A* late as twenty years ago we bad
a "wild and woolly west" and many
a good yarn descriptive ot tbe peculiar ways 'and manners ot a people
without any ot tbo adjuncts ot clvlll-
ssiiou, thrown upon tbeir own resources fer selt government There
•an be no stories (bout communities
tint do not exist, and wben the wild
western ways were replaced by those
•f law and ordor stories typical of th*
early efforts to subdue barbarism
•eased to be told.
But 1, not yet * very old man, had
an- experience among one ot tbose
Wild mannered communities of men
which no one will ever have again,
tor on the- spot where stood a gambling and drinking saloon a modest
church spire now points to heaven. I
have the satisfaction of knowing that
that church was tbe result of my ef*
fortsTo bring Order out of cbaos among
the people wbo reared it
The human heart ls a harp out of
which one.can get either discord or
bsrmony. Wben I entered tbe ministry I adopted this maxim ss a bnls
tor my Uf* work. And I. resolved to.
aegln tbat work not among people
(who worshiped ln cushioned pews,
bur among tbose wbo did not worship
at all. I went to that wild and woolly;
west to wblcb 1 bave referred and Inquired for tbe worst community to b*
lniind: thereabout. Deadman's Flat, a
ailiiltft csmp, was conceded to be as
anboly a place ss could be found on
lbe face ot tbo earth.   The revolver
for* Drmginc my Mi-nave a> a nose,
that all these womea were married la
time except oa* wbo conld not be
brought to what was to her aa ordeal.
I sent ber back to the east
Uy experiment was a marked success. It wss not to be expected tbat
all tbe uncoutbness wonld at once ba
stamped out tn Des.dmsn's Flat It
was not, but It died all tbe earn* under the feminine influence. Bnt th*
greatest cbange appeared a year later,
when tbe helpless bundles of flesh began to appear tbat now constitute the
population of tbe town. Indeed, tber*
wss fsr mors softening In the men it
the babies' sppesranc* tbsn wben
tbeir mothers bad arrived.
I remained in Deadmsn's Flat—now
called Arllngton-for ten years and left
It a prosperous snd sttractlv* town,
no more like the place I had found lt
than a menagerie of untamed animals.
I did not remain longer because I was
aot needed tbere. And by tbst Um*
■tost of the uncoutbness of the west
~n~sd begun to give placo to a more civilised condition. Wbere tallow dips
wer* used in dingy board houses today electric lights shins oa wills ir-
Ustlcslly decorated.
esse ma maae a proposition, i mvnea
■ response from any on* wbo would
speak for them.
Hickory Ben-so called for being ot
excellent and tongh liber—arose ind
"Parson, there's a hull gold mm* o'
■ense In wbat you been sayln*. W*
thought you wsr goln' to tell ns (bout
kingdom come, but Instead you've told
as bow to Improve ourselves right her*
In Deadman's Fist which Is a good
sight nlgher, and w* got to go tbrough
the Flat to get to tbe kingdom. Gent*,
you've seen th* hand the. parson lias
dealt job. DO von consider It a four
■ce showdown or _» bobtail flush? Air
you goln' to com* ln or stay out V"
"Comin' Ini" was the universal
"Call!" cried a somber voice.
I was escorted from the, meeting to
tbe stsgecoach by every male citizen
snd on tbe wsy was promised tbat
wben I returned I would And tbe place
"all cleaned up." The coach was driven away amid a cborus ot hurrahs.
Wben women were shipped tor wives
to Virginia ln tbe seventeenth century
s man bad to pay for a wife's transportation In tobacco, but I, fearing to
fall by compelling tbe men to pay out
money they didn't have, obtained the
transportation fund* from a friendly
philanthropist The women I obtained
from borne* for friendless persons, a
number being drawn from orphan asylums, the volunteers having reached
an age where they were expected to
do something for themselves. Having
collected my cargo, I put tbem on a
train ind started west with them to
Denver, where extn stages were provided, so that all could go to Deadmsn's Fist together.
On our arrival at our destination, is
we drove down the main street, I
noticed that tbe tin fans bad been removed, sidewalks laid and trees plant-  — ---,,-- ,,  , .   ...
ed beside tbem.   Certain shanties bsd i Probably no piace in all Asia Minor'
could leave a more lasting impression
upon one's mind.
Excellent  Method,  a.  Pr...nli,„ Ar.   wUMIKItll    rABKIuOl
Emptying Prisons. j _____
In recent years England hai been *
quietly drying up the sources of the   The NeW DreSS GOODS Have De-
habitual criminal class v ith such excellent results that suggestions are be-
vint made lor other uses for some of
the prisons. There has been a decrease of 25.000 prisoners in the last
three years — a decrease which has
been provided by the serious criminal, as well as the less serious and
occasional offender.
The flrst step was taken by the probation ol oSenders act, and a long
step that has proved to be. Under
this act when any person is charged
before a magistrate with an offense
punishable by him, and the charge is
proved,  but   the   magistrate thinks
lightful Draping Qualities.
Zigzag Suiting Will Make Many of tho
Bost Looking Tailored Costumes of
tho Spring—Neglige* For ths Eastar
Bride's Trousseau.
With the exception of lluen, which le
always the standby for the outlug type
of summer costume because of lis fine
v Conceit.
The more a man thinks about him- j
self—if he thinks clearly—the mors
humble he will become. Conceit is s
sign of confused perception and entire inability to see th* tn* proportion* of things.
laundering qualities and its sturdy
that the character or tlie antecedents ! strength of texture, everything this sea-
or. the age or health of the offender l0n Is di-.ipable. There is, first and
or the nature of tho offence or the I (orenlosf, tbe white cotton crape.which
circumstances,under which the offence,     ^, ral|ne str|   fl       e    „
^ir^rki^^di'sUi^nSlcriipe striped wltb cotton velours or
the offender conditionally on hts be-: cotton plush or baring * border of on*
ing of good behavior lor the next of tbese materials. Ubcse new cotton
three years, and he thereupon places plushes and velours look something
the offender under the supervision of 'like uncut relict, and they nre inor*
' attractive In tb* colored cotton materials than in tbe wblte, wblcb ratber
suggests toweling effects to a critical
Zigzag cotton suiting is tbe dernier
crl ln l'arls, snd this msterial ls ob-
tt*i>l*i**.t—m •
-rta first cocrLB aura to na, did i
and tbe knife were resorted to ln settlement of every dispute. Tbe ostensible occupation of the people wss
mining, but really gambling md elm-
Bar methods ot plucking stranger*
when tbey were to be bid, and at
ither times plucking one another.
' I went to Deadman's Fist snd before attempting-to do any work with
the Inhabitants made an Investigation
as to what basis there wss for my operations. The mines were valuable, bat
•ee*Vl capital for getting out the ore.
Capital was not forthcoming, principally on account of lbe bad character
•t tbe people. Thc only women Jn th*
place were worse than the men, btvlng
tome from dives in tiie east
I was unable to work on botb flexes
at once, aud by far tbe better chiao*
was with Ibe men., I found no hostility
1o ine ns a clergyman. Indeed, 1 wts
respected and deferred to wbere other
men were expected to light their wsy.
I called i meeting, of men alone, ind
mado them an address. 1 did not spesk
•ne word about religion or the ssvlng
at their soul* I begin on i lower foun-
datlon-tliclr Interests. 1 told tbem
that to make their mines valuable tbey
must get capital: In order to get capital
thoy must reform; ln order to reform
tbey must flrst get rid of tb* women
,who were among them snd All tbelr
places with those who would make
Ibem good wires snd build up borne*
for tbem. But tliey would fled the wo-
aicn like lbe capital tbey needed-timid
about coming Into so uncouth » community. A* they could not get the former without giving promise of reformation, so would they be deprived of the
"latter without flrst putting (wsy their
weapons, getting rid of the gambling
tnd dance balls snd by tidying .Ibem-
Wlra* up. It they would do the**
things I would bring oot from tbe east
a carload of respectable yopng women
tn marry them. Having thus slated the
been cleaned up, evidently to bouse
the women till. after tbey bad been
made' wives. At lbe tavern wbere the
stages pulled up tbe cltlzens-all men-
stood ln two lines, every man uncovered wbile tbe stages passed between
the lines. Bach man wore i serious
look, which wss partly Intended as respect for tbe newcomers and partly
from anxiety ts to how he was to
come out tn the scramble for a partner.
A committee beaded by Hickory Ben,
each man having secured from tbe
store i suit ot shiny black clothes and
white cotton gloves, banded tbs ladles
from the coaches, ind when all hid
'■lighted they were escorted by a band
consisting of i fiddle, two horns, i gui-
ttr, a flute end a drum to their quarters. The crowd was about to follow,
but I waved them back, telling tbem
that tbe ladies needed an opportunity
to "clem up."
I bad already by my practical method
acquired a considerable influence over
tbem, and tbey obeyed me instantly. I
am quite sure tbat tbe brief survey
they bod msde wss sufficient for some
et them to mike a choice, snd possibly
a glance given here and there from ths
men to the women ln or on tbe coaches
or when marching to tbe maidens'
quarters hid been returned ln kind.
Far wby sbould not lovo work is
quickly among tbe lowly ss among tbe
Tben, too. there was another opportunity for such an exchange of glances
wben the women marched to the tavern, wbere an excellent supper had
been provided for them. Tbe men
rather than eat their own suppers Improved the time watching for the exit
from the maidens' quarters and the return, ind an occasional blusb told thst
the wearer had not been displeased
with some one in th* crowd who had
made a mute proposal with tbe eyes.
I have mentioned ln the beginning of
my narrative ■ church that now stands
.on tbe site of i former gambling md
drinking saloon. The beginning of tbst
church, a temporary room, which Is
now used for a Sunday scbool, had
boon built during my absence and bad
been provided with a table for my nse
ind seats. On tbe evening of tbe ir-
rlvil of tbe women tbey were escorted
to tbls room md seated around tb*
wills, wben the men were admitted,
tnd the courting begin. Tbe committee of irrmgemente In order lo lessen
tbe probability of lights when more
than one msn claimed tbe same worn-
■n mado a rule that ss soon as s couple became engaged Ihey should eltbeiv
come up to tbe table before me and be'
married or go to tbeir respective residences till they were ready for the ceremony.
I wis surprised st the number of
couples who muted durlug tbe evening.
In ten minutes after all had assembled
tbe flrst couple came to me, ind I married tbem. In balf in bour two couples advanced together. Meanwhile
somo lire or six couples, left the hall
engaged. And so tbe good work went
on till 11 o'clock, wben ten couples bad
bcen married. Eighteen bsd left tb*
roam betrothed, leaving seven women
unprovided wllb husbands. Since tbey
were among tbe eomellost and most
refined of the lot I surmised that
cither tbey bad not in so short a time
been able to make up tbelr minds ss
to one or more suitors or that Ihey
-|'could not bring themselves to" such a
marrloge without more time for preparation.   However, I will say bere, bt-
All   the  World:  See Konia"—
Ancient Proverb.
- T-'e great archaeological authority,
Eir William Ramsay, considers the"
oldest city in the world to be the city
of Iconium, or Konia, as it is called age who have proved themselves erim
to-day. Tbe modern Ronium has very inals", and, on the average, have al
much to  interest the traveler,  and   ready been convicted three times. The
problem is to prevent these young
men and young women swelling the
ranks of the habitual criminal—their
certain destination if imprisonment
is to remain' the sole restricting influ-
ence in their lives.
So the  Borstal  system came   into
being, and these young criminals are
_ probation officer.
Whit his been the result?  Out of a
yearly average of 10,000 persons between the ages ot 12 and 25 years that.
were admitted to probation and kept
out of prison, less than six per cent,
have behaved so badly as to necessi-, --. --     ■■■ ■
tate their being called up by the court  talnabl* at most of the while eal**
and sentenced for he original or some I
subsequent offence.
Even more courageous and even j
more successful has bcen the result
achieved by the prevention of crime
act, so far ss it deals with what ia >
called juvenile-aduit criminal. Here :
we have youth of trom 16 to 21 years ol
The city derived its name from the
Eikones or images of mud, which, according to the ancient legend o! the
place, were made by Prometheus and
Athena at the command "of Jupiter,
who, alter the great flood, caused the taken and* placed under restriction, ;
winds to blow upon the,Eikones and' but no longer in prison. They are:
they became living men and women, each brought into contact with offi- j
Thus, according to this' tradition,1 oials of exceptional character, who j
was the first place settled after the.  take a real personal interest in them, '
flood. BQt the traditions of the place
go back, even beyond the flood to the
time of King Nannakos, who was told
by the oracle that when he died there-,
should cofne a mighty deluge in which1
all men shonld perish. Thereupon
he called all the people together to a
great temple and cried so bitterly and
with such a flood of tears in which
his Phrygian   subjects   joined, that
and who leave no legitimate opportunity unutilised to appeal*- to the
better side that exists in everyone.
Hard work is required, strict discipline is enforced, prompt obedience
is demanded; but throughout it all
there is present the sense of friendly
search lor the better clement; snd
once this is discovered no trouble is
spared to develop it  Games, reading.
the weeping in  the  time   of  Nan- I lectures, free association and all man.
nakos" became a proverb even among
the Greeks of later days.
The Golden Age of Iconinm. however, both commercially and politically, was not in the time uf Nannakos,'
or even of St. Paul, but many hundreds of years later, when the Selju-
kion Turks, the most virile as well as
the most artistic of all the Moslems,
in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries
made Konia the capital of the powerful Empire ol Roum. "The city was
then made so splendid," it is said,
"with   beautiful   buildings,  palaces, | young
mosques and mausolea, that the pro- about 80 per cent, are apparently reverb arose and lasted long among the , claimed, and the reports of ths Dor-
Turks, 'See all the world; see Konia'." I stal Association, which deals wilh the
after care of these young people, prove
ner of edacative privileges.follow, and
as confidence is deserved confidence
is reposed. So that when the Borstal
sentence of two or three years, draws
to an end the Borstal lad *3 occupying posts where his own right tense
of responsibility and his_j>wn -self-
reliance are continuously demanded
and exhibited.
And what is   the   result   ot   this
method? The reports from the Borstal
Institution show that eo far as the
lads are concerned — the girls and
women   are   more
I To Tin Sheet Copper.
To tin sheet copper on one side.
says The Engineer, metal is taken of
the correct gauge or within one number of tint size, and then cleansed
with the usual pickles and by scouring with sand or swarf and sand. The*
sheets are then coated with a killed
spirit flux. They are next plsced
upon a holder laid at an ingle of
forty-five degrees to thc tinning pot,
so that the excess of tin will return
by^gravity. The molten tin is poured
over the copper sheet and any excess wiped off with mops made of
plumber's tow. Tlie oxide formed on
the reverse side of the sireet from the
hest .of the molten tin is removed by
dilute sulphuric acid pickles. The
sheets are, washed and dried and then
if necessary rolled again to gauge and
pclished. For cleansing tinned articles there is nothing better than
whiting mixed with a little kerosene
oil, the surface being polished afterward with a little ol the dry whiting
or Vienna lime.
that 73 per cent, ot those who have
served a Borstal sentence are going
on satisfactorily.
The Servian War Song.
Mr. Bennett Burleigh says the Servian conscripts, as they inarch to
quarters fer enrolment or .proceed to
the railway station to go to the iront.
occasionally sing on the way. Ono ol
the favorite airs is substantially thus i
Gaily the Servian gqeth to war,
He scents the buttle from afar.
He careth not to pick new quarrels,
But  joye-th   much 'to   pluck   green
Thc cannon's smoke docs not affright;
To crush the cruel Ioc is his delight.
It is sung lo a .ivvly sir, resembling
that of "The British Grenadiers."   *
ktoliom or Micanrx imbroidert.
Bow. It Is woven from threads of
graduating site, alternating thick aad
thiu, nnd in tbe weaving the thread*
are pulled tn the loom to give a wavy
or zigzag effect to the material. A tailored suit made of Ihis zigzag stuff In a
pale tan shade Is Included in a trousseau of a prospective southern traveler.
The suit Is piped with corded lines of
black satin and Is matched by a blouse
of nil orer ecru embroidery mounted
ou cream net, the contrast of tint
briuglng out the embroidery design effectively. A new English walking hat
of cream inlliiii trimmed wllb a black
(booting bow of block edged tnu plcot
ribbon matches tbe suit, and boots ot
the new tun leather which are so esslly
wiped clean wilh soap and waler will
bc worn wllb Ibe smart street costume.
These boots, by tbe way, ure In the
distinctly new snd natty style, with a
very low heel, long pointed toe and a
top baring only live buttons, like a
ninu's boo Completing Ilie costume
la a long bandied parasol of tan silk
wltb nu inset baud of ecru colbert embroidery.
included In tbe trousseau of n spring
bride is this lovely negligee of inacbln*
embroidery and wide luce insertion.
Two sorts of embroidery ere used in
combination, sn open eyelet "cine"
pattern nnd a rose design lu "blind"
Preserving Dry Battariat.
Thc lilc of dry batteries, which are
to he used in  wet  or damp  places, j
may be considerably   lengthened by '
being treated in the following manner-. ,
The hatleries are pieced in glass 1
jars a little wider and higher than
themselves.- A layer of dry sawdu .t
is plsced in the bottom for the battery to rest on, and the sides are I
jacked with sawdust to within half
an inch of the top. Waterproof wires
are connected to- the binding posts
and melted paraffin poured over the
battery to the top of the jar. The
carbon and sine terminals should bo
marked to avoid trouble when connecting several, cells together. Batteries treated in this manner ara
waterproof and csu be submerged io
water if necessary. .   .
Swiss Silks.
Famoua Tree Dies.
The lamous chestnut tree du Vin.'l
Mars in the Tuillerics gardens of Paris
—famous because it was always the
lirst of the year tn burst into bloom-
is dead. Strange to sty, it Will not he
cut down, but [rut-oil in, awl this will
be done in regard especially to the
tradition which lias it that Ihe poor
Swiss  soldiers who died in  heroic de-i
fence  ol  lho   French ironarchs  on       ,      ,      ,  ,       „.,        ,    ,„,, .
Aug. 10. 1702, lie buried at lis loot.— I«0Ut«r of each Low. 'these, aro called
"Peg o* My Heart" Bowa.
I.nst spring a flurry of fnshloa
brought Into vogue tbe stiff llllle velvet
bows nf color or black for shirt wulsts.
Tbey hare been worn more or less
ever since nntl bare taken n fresh bold
en i-opukirliy through lhe small hearts
of rhluestones which aro placed In Ihe
London Chronicle.
Japan's Naval  Docks Completed.
Thc group of three shipbuilding
dry-docks under construction at Kure,
nn the inland sea of Japan, since
1009 has been completed. The docks
arc designed to hold vessels under
construction ahd thus do away with
the difficulties of launching. When
the hull is completed thc dock will be
flooded and thc ship floated out.
I "Peg «' My Heart" bows nnd wltb vel-
i vet ribbon nml rhliiestone pin cost SO
j rents complete.    Others contrived on
lho   sums   plan   sre   of   iwnrls-lwo
! threadlike pearl bands through wblcb
the ribbon runs and a small pearl ball-
bend stickpin thrust through from lb*
side.  These sre also .10 cents each snd
sre called "Kobef-plerrc" bows.   Hoth
■re pretty and on Improvement over
tlie pliltiM-elvet. which seems • trifle
■tiff aud purposeless.
Where He Drsw Ih* Line.
M. de S&lnte-Bcuvc,   the   populsr
Frcnc'i   writer, onco  fought  a duel.
Wheu the principals took their posi-
_-_„_. »! _.,__. __,__„.  •„     ...   i     i lions it was  raining hard.    SaTnte-
One, of_the most.important Indus-1 Bellv(, htd hu   piiM  t. 0D.  lund.
tries in Switzerland is the manufacture, o! silks. Next to the wstch industry tb* tiik weaving business,
whioh wis MttbUshed in tnd still
centres ia Zurich, Is the oldest in Uw
country./ .
with his other bsnd ho   held up his
umbrella.    The  seconds   protested.
"I have no objection whatever to
being killed." said he.. "Uut la to
being wet-no. nol"
Dwarl Is Pensioner. ..
' A man named Bice, 30 inches tall,
who wa* born tt the Old Tower,
Blackfriars Bold, Yarmouth, Eng..
over ninety" years ago, and claimed to
be the oldaat living dwarf in the couii-
try, i* now la receipt, together with
his wife, of aa *W-ag* pension. H*
began his edraer aa a boy thoeblaok
on^tmnalb aaad*. and wss I oltoa
aarttod htatt ia hia -Bother ■ - THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Our Paiat Advice it Free
The$odern Woodmen of America of Grand Forks Camp No. 15317
held a social at tbeir hull on Saturday night. It was a very successful affair. Guessing contests, ful
lowed bv prizes tud card playing
and a hearty refreshment supply
held the goodly crowd together till
late in the night, Quite a nuniher
of the fluents declared their intentions to join the local camp, whicb
is a branch of a society known to be
the largest and cheapest fraternal
insurance .organiZHtion in tbe world.
Henry Eyre, wife and daughter
daughter leift Wednesday morning
for Tesico, New Mexico, where they
will locate permanently. Mr. Eyre
was one of the oldest old-timers of
the city. Be came here in 1896,
and helped to clear the Grand Fork*
townsite He was also employed at
the Granby smelter for a number, of years. The many friends
of tbe family in tbis city will wish
them success io tbeir tunny southern home.
week.    The Sun ys  contemplating
a Can't Afford machine.
A.   A.   Frechette, of Grepiiwood,
wus in the city on Wednesday.
The Western Lumber & Pole
company will start n crew of almnt
twenty men up the North Fork nt*xt
week (setting out telegraph pulp"
and ties.
B. Lequime . ttates that be will
complete bis contract on the new
poet office in about two weeks. He
haa not received auy instructions
from Ottawa regarding tbe construction of a clock tower, although it
bas been reported that one it to be
added to tbe building.
A. Willey, of the West Kootenay
Power & Light company, Bonnington Falls, was in the city on Tues
Notice that on June 9 application
will he made to the board of railway
commissioners on behalf of the Kettle Valley Railway company nnd
the Ch tin dint. Pacific Railway company for a recommendation to * the
governor-in council for a sanction of
a lease of the former company's lines
to the Shaughnessy company has
been issued by E W Rpatty, solici
tor fnr the two companies.
The wall's of Fraohe Bros.'s new
fireproof reinforced concrete - packing houae have been completed, and
the roof is now being put on.
The  numerous  small   buildings
A freight wreck, caused by a rock
' alike, on the CP.R. near Paulson
delayed the passenger trains for several hours on Wednesday. Tbe engine and several cars of tbe freight
were badly damaged, but none of
train crew were injured.
Conductor Ennis, of th* C.P.R.,
has started work oa the concrete
basement nf a handsome residence,
wbicb will' be erected near Mr.
Donaldson's store in tbe West end.
For Sale—Top buggy and harness;
almost new. A big soap. E. C.
Peckham, Second-hand Store.
A man bere got A Ford car last
From n Minister l<i New York: "1 wu
"■evercly 111 will, lung tronlilo. My iitten-
"tlon was dlWletl to. Hiu Wllsnii Itemed/
"which 1 u-umI wllU HpU'iiilftJ effect."
From n Inrtr In Mlrtiltra I "I nn*tl yonr
•'ii-i'illi-hiv first Ul < r -14 ywirs ugu and II
"a*vnl mt* Irt.iu miling my dayi with r«>
**iu m pi ion. Tli.*r<> would tw no une of bo
•"many people living with couhii rapt ton If
"they niiiltl l»e pcriudiled to try Wlltoo'i
If yon nre tuffering from ANT long or
thront trouM- H  It yonr doty to inT.-_.tL-
giiti*.  Rend f f free full Information to,
WUmi'i Remedy, Went-wood, N. *
Not the Short Man, the
Thick nor the Thin, 'tis
not beauty of feature nor
strength of limb, but pure
nerve, experience and
generalship that wins the
fight. By those methods
we have won the name of
Fashion Plate
of Grand Forks for men's
clothing. When you fail
to get fitted correctly,
PHONF 64        GRAND FOIKS, B. C.
SuitS  tO  Order   M8  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of\ being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the cduntry at the lowest prices,
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes'. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliabe  Tailor
erected in front of tome of eur
hotels by the cement sidewalk con
tractor might be utilized, after the
work is finished, for garages.
James Rooke, president of the
Grand Forks Fruit Growers' apso
ciation, left on Friday for Victoria,
where he attended a directum' meeling of the British Columbia Fruit
Growers' association ou the 13i i
J. 0. Clark, the new local agent'of
the C.P., arrived in the city on Friday {miii Rnssland, and he bas assumed his duties at lbe Third street
The father and a brother of Je s
BUIock, who was lost in the Nonh
FnrR country last fall while on a
hunting trip, arrived in the cily tide
week, and started up the river tii
make another i-earoh fofthe body
of the unfortunate ma*. It is gen
erady believed that young Blalock
met with come accident thai ended
fatally. A search was made lor tht
body last fall, hut lhe searcher* had
to abandon the hunt when snow began to fly A small provincial reward is offered for the Jecovery of
the body. The chances of finding it
appear to he small.
The Cheape4.it the City
We have just received
a new shipment direct
from Scotland, and can sell you the genuine Scotch
Linoleum at the pri-tfe you would pay elsewhere for the
inferior goods.
Qrand Forks Furniture Go
The Complete House Furnishers
Plfti-re ttimltt.
Window Skidci
ttaex, Gftipcti, Bio.
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock;
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-fooj Fir and Tamarac.   Gedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone ordeia,
A. GALLOWAY, «_£_!., Columbia P. o.
1 a*   i
F. Doney's Cigar Store
urn. t, KM „ _ FtTSt StTfiBt
lUaaiN'* BSSIMWCI. RM ****** «»«"•
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
kavanagh & McCutcheon
witimrie avuob.
Commercial Printing f Do™^ife Store
On the shortest notice and fn
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
*'.       Letterheads and Envelopes, _ - .
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags; Circulars and Placards,
Bills of. Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
GOOD PRINTINfl-^^Zifltd*".
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
•ii*    ■
HH-t §i»t f tint fcto-p
i-jfc Ti*i *•_-*!> Til ~*\m ^l> 7^ 4.5
1&™ avPv &&V  ** "i
Cigars, Pipes and Tobtccu
A Prt-Hh (lonilftitmaiitol
Rereivwl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Uaiur Honing a SpMUS?.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor,
1st Door North or Uuambt Hotsi.,
First 8trk.it.
over u vcarv
Dr. de Van's Female Pllle


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