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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 11, 1913

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 mW0    jiff
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Local Poultry Breeder Tells
How to Fatten Birds
for Market
At the regular monthly meeling
of the Orand Forks Poultry association, beld in the office of the secretary, W. E. Hadden, considerable
business of importance was transacted. It was also decided that the
association Bhould donate a large
silver shield, to be contested for an
nuallv at the British Columbie Provincial Poultry show; A splendid
—paper was read by C. C: Heaven on
"Fattening Birds for the Market,"
He said, in part:
There   is   no doubt that a great
deal more profit could be made from
our surplus cockerels and cull pullets if we took more pains to  fatten
tbem properly; so I bave chosen the
subject of crate fattening the   birds,
in whicb line I bave had very con-
iiderable experience in the past, and
found a very good margin of  profit
-  resulting from tbe  same    Tbe best
weight to have the birds at the commencement  of  the  fattening is 3J
pounds, and  if  fed properly they
should gain one pound in the first
two weeks and about as mucb iu tbe
following ten days, three and a half
weeks being as long aa tbe birde can
profitably be kept in tbe crates.   If
it is  desired to still further fatten
the birds a cramming machine  will
have to be resorted to; but person
ally I bave not found the use of this
machine to pay, as it is a  considerable job to cram a lot  of birds, and
one is very liable to ohoke an occasional bird.   Twelve   birds  of  3J
pounds  will  consume   IJ pounds
eaob meal, but only 1 pound for tbe
first  four days, or their appetites
will   become  cloyed; and  be sure
never  to  leave  any   food in   tbe
trough.   The following are the rations  that  I   have found the most
No. 1—5 parts cornmeal, 4 parts
shorts, 1 part Pearl oat-dust, aod 1
part animal meal. For hot weather.
No. 2—2 parts cornmeal, 2 parts
buckwheat, 1 part oat-dust. Good
any time
No. 3—4 parts cornmeal. 2 parts
buckwheat, 2 parts oaldust.
Uood for cold weather.
Cooked potatoes is tbe only vegetable that is any good to mix   with
there   is  a   net profit of 15.70 on
twelve birds.
The fattening crates should be
made of slats, 20 inches square, to
hold four birds; but tbe best plan is
to make them 5 feet long and 20
inches wide and 20 inches high,
divided into three compartments,
wbich will bold a dozen birds.
Place a movable trough in froftt,
wbioh can be removed as soon as
tbey bave finished their meal.
Have the back slat in tbe bottom 2
inches from the back, whicb will allow the droppings to drop on the
Pearl oat-dust can be' secured
from the several oatmeal mills
When tbe birds are ready for
marbet, be eure not to feed tbem for
at least twenty-four hours, so that
the crops and intestines will be
quite empty. It tbe birds are to
be shipped, kill tbem by breaking
the neck, as they keep in good
shape longer if the skin is not
Pick them dry—do not scald tbem
—and you will have a nice, white
carcass of tender, juicy meat, with
very little refuse, for it has been
proved by numerous tests that during the fattening process almost tbe
entire gain in weight is in tbe flesh,
tbe weight in bone being practically
tbe same at the end of the fattening
period as at tbe beginning.
Merchants and Hotel Men
Are   Expert Stick
E. 8tanaway..Centre field.. A.E.Savage
W. Medow...Right field. D Mc.Ki.uu.ti
Francis Left field..R. J.Gardner
Plans for Provincial Show
The British Columbia Poultry
show. will this year be held from
December 9 to 13 at Grand Forks.
Tbis will be the first occasion on
whicb the provincial show bas been
held in tbe interior of the province,
aud it promises to equal if not surpass in success, from the point of
view of tbe number and class of tbe
exhibits shown, the shows previous
ly beld at Vancouver and Victoria.
Interior poultry breeders are earn
estly bent on making tbe show the
most successful ever held in the
province, and a great number of
special cups and prizes are being put
tor competition, among whicb are a
cup by the Trail Poultry association, a shield by the Grand Forks
Poultry association, and a shield by
the West Kootenay Poultry association, wbich has its headquarters at
A meeting of the executive of ihe
provincial poultry association will
be beld in Nelson shortly to arrange
tbe final details of the prize list.
Executive members will be bere
from Sydney, Victoria, Vancouver
and Grand Forks.   Geo. Horsiead,
The merchants vs. the botel men
and barbere played a great baseball
game at tbe fair grounds on Wed
nesday afternoon. That it develop! d
into a slugging match, was not the
fault of the pitchers. The expert
wielding of the stick by tbe batters
was tbe true cause uf tbe double
figures in the score. Had the stick
work been of tbe ordinary variety,
both clubs would probably have
been shut out without a tally. As
it was the score waB only 27 to 23
in favor Mclnnes' team' al the end
of the game.
The game was essentially a bat
ting and base-running contest, although at frequent intervals the
pitchers did effective wurk. Both Mclnnes and Pare showed wonderful
speed, and all the latest curves were
sent across the plate. But, as has
been previously stated, the batsmen
were all heavyweights Dan McKinnon and L. Alexander appeared
to be able to hit tbe ball whenever
tbey desired to do so.
In the first few innings the merchants gained a long lead—16 to 6
in tbeir favor is the way tbe score
read at tbe end of the fifth. At this
juncture Pitcher Pare was noticed to
turn an anxious countenance in tbe
direction of tbe overhanging clouds
and offer up a fervant prayer for a
deluge. But the comptroller of tbe
weather bureau paid no heed to him.
In tbe first balf of the sixth four
hotelmen and barbers crossed the
home plate. In second balf three
merchants held down tbe bases
when A. E. Savage stepped up to
tbe plate. Pitcher Pare threw one
of hia must puzzling curves, but tbe
batsman saw it coming, and with a
savage swing of the bat he sent tbe
sphere through the invisible. By
and by the ball came back, but not
until four runs had been tallied.
Many other notable hits were made.
Mr. Gardner made a three-bagger.
This meant tbat tbe ball crossed tbe
international boundary line. E. E.
Gibson struck the sphere wilb such
superhuman force that he dislocated
his right shoulder. Numerous otber
instances of a like exhibition of
strength might be cited, but   what's
a Solid Concrete Packing House
Frache Bros., nf the 'Columbia
greenhouses, hive completed their
solid concrete packing house. The
building is 34x50 feet, one storey
high with a basement, and is as near
fire-proof as it is possible to make
it. The ground floor is divided into
office, packing room and dark rooms
for storing flowers. The floor is
constructed of 2x4 planks, set on
edge. The building cost about
$3000, and it is said to be tbe best
packing house in tbe province.
D. Graham has struck some rich
ore in tbe Togi claim near Greenwood. It'assays over $400 to the
ton in silver and gold. The rich
ore was found at the bottom of a
shaft, -.'<) feet frum tbe surface. Tbe
Tugi is abuut balf a mile west of the
once celebrated Providence mine.
"Gideon Getting Ready," is tbe
subject of Sunday morning sermon
in tbe Baptist, and "Tbe Great
Divide," tbe first of a series on,
"Jacob, a Self Made Man," will be
tbe evening subject. Rev. C. VV.
Knight, the pastor, will preach.
the meal Tbe cbopshould be j preilidenl ol the West Kootenay\ the ^ Everybody saw the game,
mixed wilh an equal weight of water, | P()ultry 8gHOciation. is the Nelson Towar(, J J Q, „.„ ^atch
or, if possible, milk, and must be . representative on the provincial ex <ih. mellll)erg of Mr p,,^, „,„,
quuesuft   lhe rations will cost, ex-1eculive. | on    lhejr ^
elusive of in.lk,   about 2 cents per     Arrangements   have   been   com- Fn„ „, „,,„ Ume „ ,wked M if (h
pound.    rwelveb.rdew.il consume L,eted by ,he provincial  execuliv. mi .,   wjn b       clo8e ,have.    But
w   the twenty-five days about 115 1<ir , carload of exhibits, which will tbey didn't
pounds, at a cost of $2 30, and gaiu |w Bhown at the Edmonton exhlbi-,    I . „   '    ,        ...
an average of 2 pounds eacb, or 24 lioo; which wi„ ,,e held from August'   ,Be'1 McLe".d uml"rfl(! ,,he 8ame'
pounds altogtlber, at a cost of   10; i, J, 16    Io thta way it j. the J,n «*»<*> *» «**S ** *™ ■»*•«■
cents per Round; but the actual gain: 0, tbe provjDcia| authorities to show "''ght have be?D  ««»*»P-n*«d   with.
is very much more than this, a. any tbe prai,ie fancierg that birds of a There ""! ™   I  ! TT
poultry market will pay 4 to 5 cents! high class quality can be bred in 0i'°"8'    A" he h"d  ° d° WM. \°
more per pound for crate   (aliened British Columbia as Well as in the "-11 ,he »tr,ke(*'  ne"'y   evefy   Ml
birds  than  for tbe usual run, and prairie and eastern districts.   The
this extra 4 or 5 cents   per   pound exhibition will   include  some 250
will increasa the profit very  materi-1 birds from all parts of British Col-
ally.   Twelve  birds of 8$ pounds • umbia and is expected to open the
each, bought at 18 celits per pound.  eyeB  „f  prairie   fanciers.—Nelson
would   cost  $7.56.    At the end of News B 	
the  fattening   period   they should!   F.Russell Catcher L Shanks      Rev. C. W. King, who was in at
weigh 06 pounds, at 22   cents  per      MacDowd & Thompson, of  this Pr^-^p^fl^«W^.N.L^iajines ten()ance at ,be   Brjtjgb Columbia
pound,   or  a total of $14 52, thus'city, are now giving moving picture LAlexander".2nd,base..W.McIntyre BaPl'Bl   convention in   session   at
showing  a  gain ot $7.04.    Deduct ( shows in Greenwqod on   Tuesday,  A.Traunweiser.3d base E. Gibson Victoria, returned to Ibis city Thura
tbe  cost  of the grain, $2.40, and  Friday and Saturday nights. A.Miller Shortstop H.Mann day afternoon via G. N. R.
pitched going over the plate, and
many wondered what he did to earn
hie salary.
Puns on C. P. R. Names
In 1888 Devid Wright Wells, wbo p^fo BroBi a&ve  Finished
later wou fame aB a playwright and,
novelist, found himself one wet day
at the Glacier house.   Taking a Pa-!
cigc railroad lime-table be reeled off
this punning skit on its stations.
It came to pass ahout the timet he
Goiden suu was stunim; <m the Selkirk Summit, tbe Lord of the Isles
was surely afflicted with a Spuzzum,
so that be Spatnum Jack fish that he
was eating out upon tbe Field of
Broad View.    Much  did  he enjoy
tbe Tranquille prospect aa he glanced
at tbe Sand Point in   the North
Bend of tbe   English  River.    But
his   pangs   returned,   so   be said:
"Here will 1 have an illicit wet (III-
ecilliwaet) for my stomach's ache,
albeit liquor is under a Banff for fear
that Shepards who Rideout to guard
the Antelope should get full aB ticks.
Ab I must cross Tbree Rivers I
will take the Government Road and
stop at tbe hothouse, so as  not to
keep my man who has the key waiting   (Keewutin).   I Hope on  the
Hull tbat I shall reach the Mission
before   the   Klock  striken ten.   I
ahall not be a Goner after all; and
shall have done more to check my
qualms and queasiness than by Lag
gan to the Forres (t).   He bade bis
niece,  Miss Delia Duffy, farewell,
and ask ber to go to the Cascade and
shoot a few Ducks fur supper.   Mrs.
Duffy offered to go instead.   Her little son said:    "Nay, ma, go send
her   (Nemegasenda) and tben departed.
Wben tbe Lord of tbe Isles
reached the boathouse be said to tbe
boatman: '-Ross, you must t.hater
a canoe, or get one tbrough Deception, and push out into tbe Swift
Current by daybreak. Next morning wben he moved off from, the
Morse-covered bank be Stair(ed)
about hiin and saw things which
glued hia gaze. Passing by a Higb
Bluff on which perched many Cas-
ails, the ground thick with Summer
Berries, he saw Otter Tails busily
slapping mud into walls for a dam.
Further on, in a Sidewood of Cypress he remarked an Indian Head,
but he feared not, for all who go
where abound the Salmon Arm
themselves with care. His spear
was tipped witb keenest Elkhorn,
and he brandished a massive Moose
When the canoe scraped the shore
the Lord of the Isles lifted bis Dex
ter hand and bawled, "Ross, port!"
Rosb answered, "Can more of a
landing be found down stream?"
'■Ross, land!" was tbe surly response, They came ashore opposite
a cabin bearing the sign Dry Knock
(Drynock), and as our explorer was
somewhat careful of hia Pennies he
decided to swap (Shuwap) a few
pair of shabby moccasins for some
liquid Medicine (Il)at once. Then
taking a peep at a portrait of Delia,
he rejoiced tbat he would soon re-
jine ber (Regina).
Here is a recipe furnished by a
Grand Forks man: Take a few
bunches of white clover and place
them in two or three different parts
a room and the flies will soon vacate
it. Tbis simple remedy is worth
Tbe British Columbia Copper
company will put in a mill at Boundary Balls to reduce the silver in the
ore from tbe Lone Star and Washington mines, and in this way make
a product more suitable, for smelting witb other ores of the district.
The Granby company received a
half ton of higb grade from its Hidden creek mines by express last
Saturday. Tbe shipment was made
for tlie purpose of obtaining assays
of the ore.
W. J. Meagher returned to the
city on Wednesday Irom Portland,
where he took part in a large family
reunion. Mrs. Meagher will spend
the summer with relatives in the
Oregon metropolis.
John M- Kwing, of this city, has
heen appointed principal uf the
Greenwood public school.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Friday, July 11, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Baker, a son.
Tbe Dividend   mine on   Kruger
m^—^^^—^^^^^__ mountain, near Osoyoos, is shipping
The line-up of the two clubs foi- ore to 0rovi„e on     five.to|, mo,or
Iowa: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pare's Pets. Mclnnes' Steppers
F. Russell Catcher L Shanks
P.A! Z. Pare...Pitcher..N.L.McInnes
A. Jordan 1st base A.  Mann
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer on !•',. F. Laws' ranch:
6—Saturday ...
. 49
. 48
„ 48
0.11 *t10r-
Looking Toward the Light
1 asked the robin c. he sprang
from branch to branch __nci sweetly
What made his breasl so round and
'Twas looking toward tlie huh, he said.
I asked ihe violets sweet and blue,
8parkl)ng wilh thc morning dew,
Wlirnce came iheli- rotor.    Then, so
Thoy answered:  Looking toward the
I ssw lhe rosea one by one
Unfold iheir petals to the sun.
I asked what made   their   tints    so
.   bright
Thfy iiiiHv.-et-ed:  Looking toward the
! asked the thrush whose silvery note
Came like u song from angel's tbroat,
What made him sing In the twilight
He answered: 'Looking above io Him.
Referring lo tho .iimensely wealthy
lu n speech some time since, former
U. S. Senator Beverldge was reminded of nn incld.nt lhat-he had witnessed a few days before on a street car.
At one of the street intersections
u man boarded tho ear, and after fu
tllely fishing through his pockets for
small change for some time he handed the conduct or a $10 bill.
I am very sorry, apologetically remarked the passenger, hut lt is the
smallest I have.
For one lingering moment tlie conductor looked scornfully, yet enviously
at the passenger and his ten, and then
yanked the bell rope.
You don't waul, a street ear, said
he, with much emphasis. What you
want is a taxlcab.
Raise Horses In Yukon
Horses are raised successfully far
up in the Yukon territory, where abundance of fine land is available for pasturing. Late in the fall ot 1911 a
number of Oregon horses used the previous summer hy the international
boundary survey corps were taken to
the head of the White river, near the
International boundary line aud turned out for winter. The mares and all
lhe colts lived and are doing well,
making more hardy animals than their
predecessors. Several Instances are
known in which colts foaled ln the
far north have grown into the hardiest of horses, having become fully
Inured to the severity of the winters.
When horses have lived for some
length of time in this region they become naturally protected from the extreme cold by lhe frow.il of a lonrer
coul of hair.
An Exception
Ueorge dear, what is all this I rouble
between the C'alifornians and the Japanese?
Why. the Callfoinians don't want
the Japanese In that state to become
citizens and hold property.
> But, George, I noticed that all the
students in the graduating class at
a California theological school this
year are Japanese. Why should the
t'alifornlans permit this?
Oh, that's all right. Theological
students are never expected to hold
any property.
A Host of Memories
Discussing a popular uovel of Utile
worth, a well-known critic said: The
pathos of the book is really bathos
It reminds ine ot a private's widow
The good woman was about to sell
her household furniture, her rugs,
plated ware, and what uot. As she
was going over these articles her
eyes filled wilh lears, n host of mem-
orie. rose to her mind, and laying
aside a half dozen knives, she said:
Oh, dear! I can't let these go! They
have been In poor George's mouth too
Does your husband run after the
Yes, he's been a cook-chaser for
year?, said Mrs. Suburbs, composedly.
Dining With Traitors
Lord Charles Beresford's outburst
against, 'dining with traitors' recalls
lhe vehement political hatred of the
past, says the London Chronicle.
Coke of Norfolk used lo tell how his
grandfather Instructed blm. Now,
Tom, as long as you live, never trust
a Tory, and would add, 'And I never
have and never will. In more re
cent times the old Duke ot Marlborough was much perturbed because
Lord Randolph Churchill sometimes,
entertained Sir William Harcourt and
Mr. Chamberlain. He could not understand, he said, how his son could
cultivate social relations with persons
of such pernicious opinions, and was
quite sure that House of Commons
traditions had greatly changed since
he succeeded.
It Mtei the burning, •tinging
pain, steps bleeding and bring*
tm*. P-meverance, with Zam.
Buk,-Man*cure: Why not prove
tbi«?   atS-ny-eeto^mKeSrm
am BuK
Dlggs—My wlte Is a wonderful vocalist.      Why, I have known her to
hold her audience for hours-
Biggs—Get out!
Dlggs—After which she would lay
It in the cradle and rock it to sleep.
Bessie—Mamma has gone downtown to buy some watered silk. What
do they nse watered silk for, anyway?
Bobby—Dunno, but I guess they
make bathing suits out of it.
The African Methodist Episcopal
congregation was jubilating over the
success of an outdoor festival. Gradually the jubilee toned down to a solemn debate as to the use to be made
of Ihe profits. When the general
opinion seemed -to be setting in favor
of the purchase of a chandelier for
the meeting house, Mam Ringer, the
town roustabout, who Lad been greatly
exalted by the jubilation, for the first
time in his life spoke ln meeting.
See heah, -Mlstah Pahson, said he,
Ise agreeable, sah, Ise entirely agreeable wld the rest of de membahs, sah;
but Ah would lea' like to ax ono question, sah, jes' one. Ef we does git dis
chandellah, sah, it we does get it
who am a gwine to play on it? Dat
is what ah like to know?
A politician gave his cousin, fresh
from the 'ould sod, a job as smoke
inspector. He wao not Instructed as
to his duties, but told to go out and
At the end of his first month he
made this report:
This ls to certify that I have Inspected the smoke ot this cily for the
past thirty days. I have to report
that I have found plenty of smoke and
that the Bmoke is of a good quality.
The other Sunduy two small boys
were Industriously digging in a vacant lot, when a man who was passing
Btopped to give them a lecture.
Don't you know that it is a sin to
dig on Sunday, unless it be a case or
necessity? asked the good man.
Yes, sir, timidly replied one of the
Then why don't you stop it?
Cause this is a case ot necessity,
replied the little philosopher. A feller can't fish without bait.
Her exalted rank did not give Queen
Victoria immunity from the trials of
a grandmother. One of her grandsons, whose recklessness In spending
money provoked her strong disapproval, wrote to tht queen reminding
her of his approaching birthday and
delicately suggesting lhal money
would be the most acceptable gift. In
her own hand she answered, sternly
reproving tbe youth for Ihe sin of
extravagance and urging upon him the
practice of economy. His reply staggered her:
Dear grandma, It ran, thank you for
your kind advice. I have sold Ihe
same foi»-£5.
Soap and Ointment
Do so much for pimples,
blackheads, red, rough
hands, and dry, thin and
falling hair, and cost so
little that it is almost
criminal not to use them.
Cuil.iira Soap nml Ointment are m>1<1 Uirowtinu.
tke world. A liberal mmple ot each, with 32-paf e
I,jt-lpt on the care and treatment of the ektn aad
p-alp. eent poet-tree. ASdreai Potter Drag * Cham,
Corp, IVIVt. -ID, Bolton, V. S. A.
W.   fl     0
Morv Anne was an Irish girl who
had obtained a situation In the home
of a lady of title, who happened lo
have her mothcrlu-law, who was a
dowager, stopping with her.
Now, Mary Anne, said Hie young
mistress one morning, I am going lo
iown, and if anyone calls you can tell
them that 1 am out, but, she added,
yott can tell ihem that the dowager
is at home.
Sometime afte- her departure a lady
called and Inquired for the mistress.
Well, madam, replied Mary Anne, the
mistress Is out, but uie badger ls upstairs.       ^^    __
Molly—My little sister's got meas-
Jimmle-Oh! i.0 hno mine.
Mollv—Well, I'll het you my little
sister's got moic measles than your
Ten More
He—I have saved up ten thousand
dollars.     Will you be my wile?
She—Ob, Mr. Jones, this Is too sudden!    Save u*i another ten thousand.
Too Bad
Tlie other night, as the laBt train
was about to go out, an old farmer
rushed into an already over-crowded
compartment, it so happened that
an occupant—a dandified young man
—was one of his customers. By way
of pleasantry the young man inquired
what he had got in a small box under
his arm.
Oh, said the farmer, a bbx of chalk
I see, the young man replied, glancing with an air of wisdom at his fellow passengers, chalk for the milk,
Not exactly, drawled the farmer
slowly, but I've done so much chalking up for milk at your house that I
have had to buy another box!
There was one young man, said the
chaplain thoughtfully, who seemed to
regard my opening prayer with the
deepest attention. He showed a degree of nervous Impatience that wae
almost painful, and when I concluded
—I made the petition a little longer
on hig account—I am positive his
overwrought feelinf were relieved by
a sigh that was almost startling. I
looked for him afterward, but he had
gone. A young man with light hair
and eyes and an obtuse nose—do you
know him?
Sure 1 do, replied the doortender.
He was waiting for the copy of your
stuff for one of the afternoon papers
—and he hnd to get over in time for
the noon edition.
Housewife—Norah. how    long
you boll these eggs?
Norah—Six minutes, mum, by the
kitchen clock.
Housewife—Don't you remember I
told you not more than four minutes
and they are as hard as rocks.
Norah—Yis, mum. but the clock is
two minutes slow, and sure, I had to
make  allowance for that.
Johnson—Bilklns Is an awful boun
Jackson—Naturally; he made his
money in rubber.
Frost—Some people arc always borrowing trouble.
Snow—Probably no one will lend
them anything else
When the baby crieB continually do
not put It down for pure ugliness—
that la not the baby's nature—it is to
be happy and laughing. Every baby
should cry on an average of fifteen or
twenty minutes a dty—that is how he
strengthens his lungs. But mothers
if your baby gives sharp piercing cries
or low sobbing walls, he ls ln pain and
needs attention. Nothing will relieve
the little one'so quickly as Baby's
Own Tablets. They regulate the
stomach and bowels, expel worms,
break up colds, and will make baby
healthy and happy. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail
a*. 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.   Brock illle, Ont
H erDlploma
She says she went abroad to finish
her education. I wonder if she learn
ed much?
She told me lhat she had six new
ways to fix her hair.
Wise and experienced mothers know
when their children are troubled with
worms and lose no time In applying
Miller's Worn Powders, the most
effective vermifuge that can be used
It is absolute ln clearing the system
of worms and restoring those healthy
conditions without which there can be
no comfort for the child, or hope of
robust growth. It Ib the most trustworthy of worm exterminators.
The trolley had slipped oh* the overhead wire, leaving the tram in darkness. After some little fumbling the
conductor made the connection, and
the car lighted up, whereupon a small
voice raised Itself ln shrill Inquiry
Mamma, who put the penny in?
New Food Makes Wonderful Changes
When .. man has suffered from dyspepsia so many years that he can't remember when he had a natural appetite, and then hits on a way out ot
trouble he may be excused for saying
"It acts like magic."
When It Is a simple, wholesonn
food instead At any one of a large
number of so called rcm.>dl.s in tbe
form of drugs, li* is more than ever
likely lo feel as though a so.'t ot miracle   as been performed.
A Western - inn, ln the dellgh' of re-
stored digestion, puts It ln this way:
"Like magic, fittingly describes the
iinnner in which Grape-Nuts relieved
me of poor digestion, coated tongue
and loss of appetite, of many years!
standing. j
, "1 tried about every medicine that
was recommended to mc, without re-!
lief. Then 1 tried Grape-Nuts on the
suggestion of n friend. By the time
I had finished the fourth package, my
stomach was all right, and for ihe'
past two months. 1 have been eating
with a relish, anything set efore me.
That Is something had been unable
to do previously for yeara.
"I am stronger than ever and I consider the effects of Grape-Nuts on a
weak stomach as something really
wonderful. lt builds up the entire
body as well aa the brat- and
nerves." Name given by the Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Cnt.
"There's a reason," and '-. Is explained In the little book, "The Road
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
on* appear* from tlmt to tlmt. They
*r* genuine, true, and full tf human
Relieve* Asthma at Onet. If you
could read th thousands of unsolicited letters received i/ the makers
from grateful users you, too, would
realize the remarkable curing powers
of Dr. a . D, Kellogg's Asthma Rem.
edy. All cases', Incipient and chronic, are benefited by this gr-at family
remedy, and many of them are cured.
Why suffer or experiment with worthless preparations whtn the genuine
Kellogg's can be purchased everywhere.
Sample I. .1 If vou wrltt Tht National
Druo tnd Chemical Co., of Ctnada,
Limited,  Toronto.
Looking Ahead
Little Nora (aged eight, to Edith,
aged ten)—What! A big girl like you
playing with a Teddy Bear?
Edith—Yes, haven't you got one?
Nora—Mine Ib locked up in the cupboard, where if shall stop until I am
married, when I may bring it out for
my children to May with.
Edith—What if you don't have any
Nora—Well, then, in tbat case It
will do for my grandchildren.
Liniment     Lumberman'*
A pai.er engaged a reporter to travel  and  send by wire all important
news.      Tlie reporter was a novice,
and  sent  the    following    Important
news to his paper—
A judge Is down shooting here.
The editor telegraphed back-
Let yourself to him for a target.
Pt.t—I was at a rarty last night,
a conjurer took tour matches and a
lemon, and made them Into a pig and
challended anyone to make more of
the   material.
Well, yon cannot make more out of
tlie same material.
Pat—But I heat him.
Pat—I took four matches and a lemon, peeled the lemon, strewed the
peel and the matches all over the floor
and made a litter.
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Drugtristh refund money If It falls
to cure. R. fl****** GROVE'S signature Is
on each box.      25c.
Aud now. my dear General, come
and sit by me ai.I tell me all the
scandal that's happened while I've
been away.
Well, really. Mrs. Mallecho, er—
you aee—er—the fact is that while
you've been away there's heen no
State of Ohio. City of Toledo,
l-uoas County
Frank ,T. Cheney makes onth that ht Is
senior partner nf the firm of F, J.
Cheney ft Co., doing business In the eity
of Toledo. County nnd State aforesaid,
and thnt snld Arm wtll pay the sum of
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the tiur- nf Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to befu-e me snd subscribed tn
I..-* presence, i—a 6th day of December,
A.d: 1S8«.
iSeal.) A. W. OLBASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
md acts directly on the blood and
•mucous surfnees of tht system. Send
for test: -nntnls free.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
Sold Iv aU druggists. 78c.
Ta*:o Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
A boy who applied for a situation In
the City was asked' by the manager If
he had been properly brought up.
Oh, yes, Bir. The porter brought
me up the lift.
Ask for Minard's and tak* ni other
Meeting a boy, the bishop Btopped
and asked him: Can you tell me the
way to lhe nearest station?
The boy pointed out the way.
How far Is tt? the bishop asked.
About a mile, the boy replied, staring hard at tlie bishop's knee-breeches
and gaiters. As ills lordship turned
away the boy added: What's up?
Somebody pinched'yer bike?
Something better than linen, and no
laundry bills.      \V  sh   with   Soap   and •
Water.    .All stores, or dlreot. State style
and size.     For 26c. wa will mall you.
58 Fraser Avenue,  I oronto, Ontario
lias. Winslow's Soothing Bysvp hu beta
wn) for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
It the best remedy for DIAXKH03A. It is ab*
wittily httnlew. le tare ud uk foe "Kit.
WiMlow's Soothing Syrup," tad take ao otuef
Had.   Xweatyfive cents • bottle.
When buying your Piano in-
Bint on having an
Piano Action
Bo.k Tree.    A -,-rtU
■•■•  lr.elai.it rl»vi_
>aaa fraai .Malady'a tnatl
Old a<ire., alcera aad
~L7~Tt     ... drewtke cared.   Describe
rear trtil.lt | wa will seal beak aall Icatiawalala,
THI Canada cancer institute, lmitu
If vail I.., fll1Tn„n,ri".iiu nn... _<_.'_-_...-_ _.. __■
turret from kidney, bi.addek, kekvous diseases.
writ, for mr rllEB booh, thk most instkuc.ivt
R__*__________a__!___L_K*_W*SA"Ll CUBES EFFECTED bf
-,»--.« »*■*-»<-, ni* YOliRttLV
•^mmemataxxxtst. Doo'tHBtaMat,
B. No-followop-clrciilari. DR-LKCLBBt
MUtCS HD.-lAM. _1I«0, -.OSDON.KSIk
LADIE8 WANTED—To do work at
home; decorating cushion tops; can
make from $3 to $5 per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dopt. N. 4J
Steele Blk., Winnipeg.
And Thlt In RuttU
Possibly the most generous meal Is
the world is at the railway halt between Petersburg and Moooow. It
Is about midnight. Yott walk into
a large tea. vegetables, fish of all kind
to be sampled, vodka at tin.rt. Every,
body walks round and takes what he
wants at the moment. The train
sounds the departing note. The pas-
scngers walk out and say at. the doer
what they have eaten and drunk and
pay. Russia Is Bald to be a dishonest country, but this system pays.
The Russian won't cheat the people
who provide his supper.
Dirigible Dogs
When the aeronaut aloft dc   ■ fly
What pastime could be merrier
Ihen to be followed, licet and faithful, by
His Skye or Alrdale terrier?
Ask Your Grocer.
Young .Man (to provision merchant)
,—Your daughter and I, sir, :.uve
agreed to rov; down the river of life
Provision Merchant (sarcastically)
—Have you .got any provisions on
Young .Man—No, tlr. Considering
yonr business we thought tbe victualling department w.*u more In your
and beauty—to prevent wrinkles and "crow's
feet" and deep black circles under the eyes-*
nothing is as good aa
Give it a fair trial for banishing those distressing pains or
drains on one's vitality. This prescription of Dr. Pierce's regulates all the
womanly functions. It eradicates and destroys "Female Complaints" and
weaknenet that make women miserable and old before their time. Every girl
needs it before womanhood. Every mother needs it It is an Invigorating tonio
for the female system. AU medicine dealen have sold it with satisfaction, ta
customers for the past 40 yeara. Itis now obtainable in liquid or tablet form
atdrugttoret-or send 50 one-cent stamps for trial box, to R. V. Fierce, Buffalo,!
MgataU tmS lavlg-H-aU steaaack, liver aa* I
■agar ctaltd, tiny graaalas, ssssy to tak* u
■-■  ■     ■        |[ THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
.;   i
Your Liver
is Clogged up
Tkat't Why You're Tired-Oat *t
Sortt—Hare at Appetite.
will put you tij
Thw do
iheir duty.
Stm*atata, Inl'itttliot, eal Sit* Htt-hch.
Small Pill, Small Dot*, Small Plica.
Genuine nuitbcw Signature
chance of
if you use
The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
All Kinds ot Cloth,"
TRY IT antlpro%-»ItforTouri»HI
lend lor Tret Color Card. Story Booklet, ind Booklet living reaultt of Dyeing ovtr other colore.
TW Jolmeoa-RldierdiOB Co., limited. • Montreal
Tbal! Are Guaranteed
Why tak. chances in buying a pair
if Jove- when you can g.t apooitivt
guarantoo . ao'..-d by Canada's
largest glove factory in tht -
madt from .pcclally tanned horse-
hid.. ' C-.-aranteed wet j,ro f, wind
pr of, st.am and heat proof, Send
fer 111:--..rations.
B03S0W BAcf HNffmNO CO.
CttdiU'-tiiccrtaio-...- ill_lil:I-i-_t3-_,
He Shot Hit Bolt
The householder smothered his
strath and descended to the cellar.
Are you the plumber? he asked of a
jrlmyJooking person who was tinkering with the pipes.
Yes, guv'nor, he answered.
Been ln the trade long?
'.Bout's year, guv'nor.
Ever made any mistakes?
Bless ye, no, guv'nor.
Oh, then, I suppose It's all right. I
Imagined you had connected up the
wrong pipes, for the chandelier ln the
drawing room is spraying water Uke
a fountain and the bathroom tap is on
Ure. •'■
Rub It In for Lame Back.—A brisk
rubbing with Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil will cure lame hack. The skin
will Immediately absorb the oil and
It wilt penetrate the tissues and Lrlng
speedy relief. Try tt and be convinced. As the liniment sinks In the.
pain comes out and there are ample
grounds for saying that its touch Is
magical, as lt Is.
When Scones was at Oxford he was
a moat excellent fellow, and only had
one enemy—soap. He was called
bitty Scones. One day tho wag,
Bolus, went Into his rooms and, remonstrating with him on the untidy,
slovenly, and dirty state ot everything, said:
Upon my won,, Dirty, It's too bad.
The dnly clean thing ln the room ls
your towel.
//   PILLS j
i Mo. a box or alx uxet for $2.50,
at: all dealers, or The Dedda Medl-
j etna Company, Limited,   Toronto,
j Oanada. _
Claims 'Staked' In Forty Fathomt of
Captain Heater, of the Victoria, (B.
C.) fishing schooner Jessie, and his
crew are the hopeful owners of a gold
mine over which forty fathon.3 ct the
Pacific octan roll. The claims are
staked with buoys In the absence of
pegs of the requisite length, and in
order to convince the world of the
genuineness of their discovery a barrel ot quartz was Irought to port on
board the ve.sel.
Describing the events that led to
the staking of the submarine gold-
field, Captain Heater said that the
fishermen were out in their dories one
day, and *whe.i they returned to the
schooner they reported having made
a great catch. He was told that ln
the nets wSre foun-', large quantities
of star fish, which in the West Coast
waters grow to an enormous size. The
star fish were place on deck, and the
fishermen also started to pry off pebbles and small stones. One ot the
fishermen noticed tho stones glistening in the sun when the star fish were
hauled abroad, and a hasty examination was performed to discover the
reason. When they felt satisfied
that the claim waB a good one, Captain
Heater and his me- decided to stake
lt. The mine Ib located oft Fox
Mountain, British Columbia, between
Kyuquota and Cape Cook.
Release, Yea,  and a Cure for
Lumbago is Now Known.
W. N. U
A Real Good Time
What constitutes recreation depends of course, on the point of view
ot the on j who Ib -created. This
ancedote Bhows what one youngster
t'-ought enjojable:
A boy ln a certain school wrote his
flnger badly. We are all very happy,
are having a good time here now.
Mr. S  broke his leg, and can't
work. Wa went on a picnic, and It
rained, and we all got wet Many
children here are sick with mumps.
Mr.  H  fell off the dogcart and
broke his rib bat he can work a little.
The man that Is digging the deep well
whipped as boyr with a liorse-whlp
because We threw sand In his machine
and made black and blue marks on ua.
Ernes: cut his flnger badly. We are
all very happy.
A Wonderful Climate
As each man stepa his foot ou shore'
—wrote one adventurer of the period
of the 'Forty-Nlners' he seems to
have entered a magic circle in which
he Is under the Influence cf new impulses. . nd, as an additional testimony to the extraordinarily stimulating quality of the California air this
delightful tal. ls told:
A popular figure In the streets of
San Francisco was a black pony, the
property of a constable, that stood
most of the day, saddled and bridled,
ln front of his master's office.
The pony's favorite diversion waa to
have his hoof a blacked and polished.-
Whenever a coin was placed between
his lips he would carry lt to a neighboring bootblack, put flrst one foot
and then the other ou the foot rest
and after recelvln a satisfactory
shine, walk gravely back to hts usual
Even the dumb animals felt that
stmethiug unusual was expected of
them ln California.
Warranted to Draw
A day or two ago a woman antered
a suburban telegraph office, and sail
to the receiver of messages that she
desired to telegraph to her husband,
who was In the country, for money.
He pointed to the counter suppll d
with blanks and told her the rate for
a dozen words. She struggled away
for a quarter ot t.n hoar, and then
handed ln the following:
Won't you please send me Ave
pounds by next post?
1 don't know whether that will do
or not, as the felt for her money. It
you were tj receive a telegram from
your wife, would you forward the
money? , '
■Well—well, 1 might, ha replied In
doubtful tones.
Now, you wait. I don't like the telegram at all, because 1 tried to keep
lt within twelve words. I'll write another.
She tore It up, walked over to the
counter, and ln three niuiites handed
lr. a new one, reading-
Am out of food and fuel, and want
five pounds as soon as you can get lt
here. If you can't spare lt I'll pawn
the parlor carpet.
That would bring the money from
me, said the receiver, as he read the
lines and marked the number ot
Then it will from him. Send It
quick. ,
. • Deadly Work
Sir Robert Edgectimbe gives an an-
dent Jibe this local edge and setting:
A Dorset doctor of somewhat boastful temperament *was dining one day
at a big dinner party, when the conversation after dinner turned upon the
army aa a profession. The doctor
remarked that his parents had made
a great mistake ln not sending him In
to the army, tor which he declared
himself eminently fit.
Oh, you make a great mistake, said
a Dorset squire across the table; you
would not hnve killed half as many
if you had gone Into the army as you
have In your own profession.
Confound It, said the uptown druggist, that woman took aV. '>.ke_ change
I had ln the drawer.
Why didn't you tell her you could
not break her ten dollar bill?
No, no, she's oi e of your regular
pttrens. Why, I've known that wo<
man to buy as high •.*. eleven one-
cent postage stniui's in a week.
To cure Lumbago — surely It's a
good thing to know how. ils information meant to Jno. E. Neave the
difference between invalidism and robust health. Writing from his home
near Cornwall, he says:—"A severe
and prolonged attack of Lumbago in
my youth rendered me at all times
liable to aches In the back and loins.
So established became the predisposition, and so frequent the at'.-.cks, I
confess 1 accepted the condition as my particular weakness to
be borne with as much composure as
any evil circumstances might permit.
One day an unusually bad attack developed, and unfortunately there was
no medicine cE any kind in.the house.
I sent to a neighbor for help and received with a strong recommendation
a bottle of Nerviline. My friend was
surprised we didn't use Nerviline, Baying that they found use for lt ln their
family almost every day. So quickly
did Nerviline check the attack, and
so grateful was the relief, that I was
in a day ou the high road to recovery.
I have cured my tendencies to Lumbago with Nerviline, and consider lt
the most powerful pain-subduing liniment ever made.
For curing colds, hoarseness, tight
cheat and winter Ills Nerviline la a
marvel; aB for Lumbago, Sciatica and
Rheumatism, Nerviline is considered
to be without a peer. In the home
it ls especially valuable, because lt
cures cramps ln half a minute, stops
nausea, controls vomiting and upset
stomach. Fo:- internal or external
use, wherover there Is pain, apply
Nerviline. Get the 60c. family size
bottle: trial size 25c, at all storekeepers and druggists, or The Catar-
hozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
The palm for absent-mindedness ls
probably taken by a learned German
who one day noticed his wl-: placing
a large bouquet on his desk.
What does that mean? he asked.
Why, she exclaimed, don't you know
that this ls the anniversary of your
Ah, Indeed, ls it? said lite professor, politely. Kindly let me know
when yours comes round, and I will
reciprocate the favor.
Can Only Be Had Through Rich
Red Blood.
When the blood ls poor and thin
and the stomac'.. ln consequence is
Imperfectly supplied with oxidized
blood and -nerve force, the digestive
process be.omes s'ow and fermentations of the food goes on, with the
formation of gas and certain acids.
The pressure ot the gas causoB pain
ln the stomach; sometimes H. affects
the heart. When the gas ls belched
out through the mouth tbe patient is
temporarily relieved, the sour risings
ln the throat, and the burning sensations in tbe throat and stomach are
caused by the acid fermentations.
There are plenty ot things to neutralize these acids, or to "sweeten the
etomack" r. lt Is called, but they do
not cure the trouble. Pure, rich
blood which will tone up the stomach
and enable lt to do the work nature
Intended lt to do Ib tl . only road to
a cure. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
make new, rich, red blood—that is
why they curo even the most obstinate
cases of indigestion a The following
ls a bit ot proof. Miss Minnie
Greene, ot Hall's Bridge, Ont., says:
"About a y*ar ago I was greatly
troubled with my stomach. Everything 1 ate caused me pain and distress. I would feel aB though I was
starved, but when meal time came the
Bight of food caused a feelluj ct loathing. There were <".ays when I could
not even hold milk ou my stomach,
and my head would ache bo that I
could hardly keep from screaming.
Only those who have suffered from
stomach trouble know the torture I
suffered. I tried almost every remedy recommended, but found not the
least benefit until I began taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. These 1 used
for a couple of months and they worked a perfect cure and 1 am again enjoying good health and able to ent
freely all kinds of food."
If you are Buffering from Indigestion
or any other trouble due to poor watery blood, begin to cure yourself today by the uae of Dr. Williams Pink
Pills. Sold by all meClclne dealers
or by mail at BO cents a box or six
boxes for *2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Bro.'kville, Ont.
An Inducement
Special note to Sidesmen: Putting
your left hand gracefully in you.- pocket while handling the collection plate
with your right ls always good form.
It you Jingle it bit of small change,
the stimulating effect upon the congregation mar be quite extraordinary.
HUBband—I shall most likely bring
old Jobbens home to dinner tomor-
row- • .   ..
Wife—For   gcodncss   sake     don t
dear.     It's cook'B evening out, and 1
shall have to cook lt lf you do.
Husband—That won't matter.      1
owe Jobbens a grudtt
Surprised th. Patient
A doctor had two patients. One
had lumbago and the other had some
treuble with his ear. They had appointments about the same time, and
the doctor looked into the waiting
room and called Cor Mr. Blank. Mr.
Blank came ii:.
Take off your coat and waistcoat,
said the doctor.
You never know what a doctor is
after, and you generally do as he bldB
you. Sometimes doctors dou't know
what they are after themselves, but
a patleut uever questions them. If
you go to any other kind of man you
generally Bpeak out it you don't know
what he, vants to do, but you don't
do that with a doctor.
The patient took off his coat and
waistcoat. The doctor began Hi imping him on the back.
Do you feel that?
Yes, doctor, yes.
Is It very sore?
No, not very sore, but aore enough.
Can you stand this? sa'.d the doctor,
giving him a terrific thump.
Well, I can stand it, but—Jon't do
Well, well, you're not ao very bad.
I will be wheu jov. finish your examination .
That' all right. You are not bad
enough to. worry about. That'll do.
Y'ou had letter put on your coat and
The man put on 'ils clothes. The
doctor was about to shake hands with
him, when tho patient said:
Now, doctor, I'd like to know what
you're doing to do about my ear?
Which ear? Bald the doctor. Your
ear? Then it's the fellow outside
has lumbago?
Smart Business
A customer wi.lked i.to a boot shop
recently and asked for a pair ot boots.
The assistant, a youth of fourteen
showed him a suitable pair, the price
being $5. The customer stated that
he only had $3 with him, and Inquired
lf he could pay that and bring the other }2 next day. He was told that
he could do so. After the customer,
who was a stranger, had left the premises, the proprietor severely reprimanded the assistant for allowing the
man to take the boots, saying he
would never see him again.
Ay, but I shall, replied the Bmart
youth. I wrapped up two boots for
the left foot, bo he's bound to come
Outing Shoes
Got On: jf Her Own
The Christian name of the bride-
elect was Ruth. The > rldcsmakl was
ii..* sister Patience.
While tho marriage ceremony wat
being performed, the bridegroom was
so perturbed nud anxious to get it
over quickly that he answered some
of the questions almost before they
were asked.
Have patience, man, he said; have
No, indeed, the bridegroom replied.
I have courted Ruth for about livo
years, and If I cannot have her now
I will have nobody. Besides, Patlenca
has got a sweetheart of her own.
Minard's Liniment Co., Llmltod.
Gents,—I have uaed yeur Minard's
Liniment iu my family and also ln my
stables for years and consider it the
hest medicine obtainable.
Yours trulv
Proprietor Ro ion   Pond   Hotel   and
Livery Stables
Old Gent—Well, sonny, did you
take your dog to the vet next door
to your house, as I suggested?
Bov—Y'es, sir.
Old Gent—And what did he say?
Boy—'E said Towser was Buffering
from nerves, so Sis had better give up
playiu' the planner.
No one need endure the agony of
cornB with Holloway's Corn Cure at
hand to remove them.
Here's an Item, observed RIvorB who
was looking over the newspapers, to
the effect that the King of Sweden
raises prize dogs on h'.s farm.
I suppose he uses them, suggest .
Brooks,1 to drive his Stockholm.
After which the rattle of the typewriters broke out afresh with great
Freed From That Weak, Languid, Alway* Tirtd Feel-.
ing, by Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Compound.'
Thessalon, Ont - " I cannot spealc toa
highly of your medicine. When my appetite is poor and t
have that weak, languid, always tired
feeling, I get a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and It
builds me up, gives
me strength, and restores me to perfect
health again. It it
truly a blessing ta
women, and I cannot
speak highly enough of it I take pleasure tn recommending it to others." —
Mrs. Annie Cameron, Thessalon, Ont
Women who are suffering from those
distressing ills peculiar to their Bex
should not lose sight of these facts or
doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound to restore their
There ara probably hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of women in tha
United States who have been benefited
by this famous old remedy, which waa
produced from roots and herbs over 30
years ago by a woman to relieve woman's suffering. If you are sick and need
such a medicine, why don't you try itt
If yoa want special advice write to
lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (coil-
denllal) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter wlU
be opened, read and answered by a
woman aad held ln strict confidence.
Moneylender—Y'ou want to borrow
a hundred pounds? Well, here's the
money. I charge five per cent, a
month, and as you want lt for a year
that leaves Just forty pc mds coming
to you.
Innocent Borrowei—Then lf I wanted lt for two years, there'd be something coming to you, I suppose, eh?
Not In
You appear to find the observation
of persons interesting.
Yes; I am very -uccesiful in finding people out, said the stranger, who
had been watching the crowd.
What ls your business?
A bill collector.
Bride (throwing her arms abont
the bridegroom's neck)~Y'ou are my
prisoner for life!
Bridegroom—It's not lmprlaonmenl
tor life, love. It's capital punishment.
When Run Down
in physical condition it is usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or dafectr .
Then there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relil •
the ills -which occasionally depress even the brightest and
strongest The one remedy you may take and feel safe wit' is
(Tht UrtMt Silo ct Any Mediclna la tba World)
The first dose gives speedy relief in sick-headache, biliousness, constipation, lack of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia,
and lasting improvement follows the timely use of- this favorite and reliable home remedy. You will become healthier
and stronger, and more cheerful if you let Beecham's Pills
Pick You lip
DlratloM with mn bns point the way ta health and xrx np«Ullr valuable to in.ua.
Prepared only b/ Thorn., R-._h.n-. St, Ileleni, Uncaehire, F.n(l.,id. «
Sold everywhere In Canada and U. 8. Anuries.  It bona, 8 cant,. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
utyp (kandlfarkB &un
G. A. Evans. Editor and publisher
Miss Jessie Spraggett.   Mrs Nathan A Marvel Of ACCUMCy, Thi-HIKS and
Taylor was appointed  grand   ;.uar
diau at tbe assembly, which met  at
Nanaimo on June 10. |
'—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous ac
Une Year (In ndvauoe)    1.1
One Year, In United Statea    I.M
Address all oommllnloatlone to
Thb Gband Forks Sun,
hhoni r.i       gbakd fobis, b. c
FRIDAY,  JULY  II,. 1915
* The Balkan allies are now righting
among themselves for a fair divi i n
of tbo territory wrested ftom the
Turk. It will be remembered that
this state of affairs coincides with
the prediction made by the Sun
when ths Turko-Balkan hostilities
broke out. A prophet is never believed in his own bailiwick.
The remains of a prehistoric man
millions of years old have been
found nt Regina, Sask. Of Course
the remains were tbose of a man.
A woman never gets that old.
The six-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Hackett.who live up in the
North Fork district, was brought to
tbe hospital last night for medical
treatment. The little fellow had
had tbree lingers blown off and an
eye ssverely injured by the explosion ot a dynamite cap, whicb he
was poking witb a stick. The doctors have hopes of saving tbe sight
of one of his eyes.
Work on the clock tower on the
new post oflice was commenced yeB
Tbe Granby company has taken
a lease ou a copper mine in Alaska.
Mayor G. M. Fripp mape a busi
ness trip to Spokatic this week.
1.0.0. F. Officers
Last night District Deputy Grand
Master John Kavanagh, assisted by
Grand Marshall J. N. Currie, Grand
Treasurer J. Pickard, and Grnnd
Chaplain \V. Pearson, installed the
following officers of Gateway Lodge
No. 45, 1.0O.F.: P.G., Gus Lindley; N.G., Barry Logan; VG..J.B.
McDonald; Rec. Sec, H. B. Chap
man; Ft Sec, S. M. Pitman; Treas.,
Chas. Pearson; Warden, Frank
Scott; Con., Frank Hicks; Chap , E.
Harrison; R S.S , J. Cadoo; L 8.S.,
D. Fleming; R.S N.G., J. N. Currie;
L S N.G., W. Lt-ibemau; R.S.V.G.,
W. Easton; L8.V.G. H. J. McDougal; I.S.G., 0. E. Allen; O.S.G.,
H. S. Mills; organist, V. A.   Davies.
Rebekah Officers
Last Monday evening Banner
Rebekah Lodge No. 25 installed the
following officers, the installing of
ficer being Mrs- Eliza Cnoper.district
deputy president, assisted by Miss
Armstrong, grand marshal; Miss
Huffman, grand warden; Mrs Watson, grand secretary; Miss McCallum, grand treasurer.and Mrs. Thos,
Powers, gmn>l chaplain: P.N.G,
Mrs. BoBworih; N.G , Miss Douglas;
V.G., Mrs. P> rcy Clark; F. Sec, Miss
Nicola; R. S*c, Mrs. Cooper; Chap.,
Mrs Thos. Powers; Warden, Mrs
Currie; Cnn., Mrs. H. 8. Mills; R.S.
N., J. N Currie; L.S.N ,- Mrs. Fair;
I. S V.O, Mis. Watson; LS.V.G,
Miss McCalluin; I.S.G., Mrs Pritch
nrdjOS.G..   W.   Fleming;   pisnirt.
Second  International   Egg-
Laying Contest
Held unde'r the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria.
Total eggs laid from December 2,
1912, to July 2, 1913:
No. of
Pen.    Owner and Breed. E!Wa
15_Norie Bros, Cowichan,White
Leghorns 880
17—E.    Soole,   Cowichan, White
Leghorns  Bu
18—Seymour   Breen,   Duncan, B.
C, White Leghorns 8lu
16—J. Amsden, Box 1, Deerholtne
P. 0., White Leghorns „809
4—A. Unsworth, Sardis,   White
Leghorns 788
14—A. Easton,   Duncan,  B.   C,
White Leghorns   786
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, Anemias .' 753
13—Mrs. Cross,2138 Bslmontav,,
Victoria, White  Leghorns...730
3—R. W- Russell.PO. Box 450,
Nanaimo, White Leghorns...728
19—J.   E,    Baines,   Saanichton,
White Leghorns 2726
7—J.   Emery,   Sidney,    White
Leghorns  696
6—V.   H.   Wilson   Koksalah,
White Leghorns 693
12—A. H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Hamburgs 686
2—V. Cleeves,Hngan PO., Saanichton, White Leghorns 681
5—E. A. On-, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns 628
20—J. Allen, Bux 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns  610
9—F. Preston.care F. P. Hearns
&  Son,  155,   Uth  Av.   E,
Vancouver, Anconas 609
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. O,
Saanichton, White Leghorns 609
U\\t Hamilton Watrlf
" The Railroad Timekeeper of America"
We oan sell you the complete watch, or wu
cm-npply a Hamilton movement lifted to
vour present watch case. All alsea tot men
and women.
A. 0, MORRISON »^%\To*.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, ^Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums CS, Co. Limited
M3WMVJ aoojLy V
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood antl will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (&*Smith
tl—C. N.   Borton,  Summerland*
Brown Leghorns  561
8—W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. O.,
Huff Minorcas 408
32—C. W. Bobbins, Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons 788
39—A. E. Smith, May wood P.O.,
Victoria, S.C. Reds 751
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Viotoria,
White Wyandottes ....641
33—Ferd Matthews, Kamloops,
Barred   Bocks 623
25—Suseph Arnould,Sardis,White
Wyaudottes 619
37—Mrs. E McC. Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Reds 619
22—L. F. Solly, Westholme,
White Wyandottes 614
35—H. E. Waiiy, Enderby,Barred
Rocks 606
27—Dean Bros., Keatihgs, White
Wyandottes   571
24—U. E Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Black Orpingtons   563
29—J. J. Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Reds , 546
23—A. C. Lovekin, Glengarry
farm,Metchosin,Bar'd Rocks. 542
30—F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyandottes 528
21—R Wilson, Langley Prairie,
Barred Rocks  521
34-0. B. Ormond, R. D. 3, Victoria, R.C. Reds 480
40—S. D. Evans, Box 201, Penticton, White Orpingtons 452
38—W. H. Van Arum, 2390 Cud-
boro Bay Road, Victoria,
White  Orpingtons..., 414
26—J. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoriu, Buff Orpingtons .. 389
28—W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Game361
36—Dr. W. H.   B. Mtrfd, Mount
Tohnie, Black Orpingtons 303
It will be noticed that records  are
tabulated    differently   thin    month
Competitors'   pens     totals are   now
given similar to last years' reoords
Average   price   of eggs,   33c )ier
dozen     Pen   temperatures:    Highest,
89°; lowest, 38°; mean, 61.8°,    Rain
{ell on three days; suu shone brightly
on 26 days.
Top Scorers—Pen 1, 135 eggs;   19,
133; 14, 126; 6, 124; 15, 122; and 13,
Broodies—Pen   20,   4   birds; 4,  7
and 11, 2; 2,3, 9. 10, 14, 15, IU,   17,
18 and 19, 1 each
Periodical Weighing of Eggs—First
six pans; pin 8, 29 ounces to th" dor.
en; 17  26\;., 25J;  3, 25J;   7,   25;
and 10, 25
Moullers— Pens 4, 7,   11,   16,   17
and 20
Class   II—Top  Scorers— Pen   31,
I16eugs;25, 105; 21 und 24,  99; 34
and oil, 92
Broodies—Pen 28, 6 birds; 30 and
37, 5 euch; 25, 29, 34, 36 and   40,  4
esch; 22, 24, 32, 33, and 38. 3   euch;
21, 28, 25,27, :lti nn.l 31), 3eault.
Moult*rs— Pens 22, 25, 25, 26, 27,
28, ;9, 30, 34, 36, 38, 40.
Coinuaring some of  the rasults   of
the contest with thoso being obtained
at the North American contest,   ('on-
eecticut, we find that pen 15' s  record
of 850 eggs in thirty weeks two days
excels the highest pen record   in   tint
North   American    for     thirty three
wenks,   This   was made by a pen of
White L'ghorns from England   They
laitl 798 eggs,  In the English contest
the leading pen of lightweights, Black
Leghorns,   laid   608   eggs in  seven
i months.
In   tho   heavyweight class of the
North American contest the   leading
l pen, Whit* Wyandottes, laid 651 egg.
in thirty-three weeks. Pen 32's record
of   788   eggs   in   thirty   weeks also
eclipses this.    In the English contest,
; heavyweight   class,   a pen of White
Wyaudottes   are.    leading  with 711
eggs for seven months.
Toial eggs   for month, 3,583; total
to date, 24,923.
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Beach Balls? $1.23 each
Woodland C8i> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
"B. C." and "Copper King" Mineral Cluim".
situate in the Grand Porka Mining Divitiioii
of Yale District.
Where located:   In Prank Un camp.
TAKE NOTICE |tlmt 1. William If. Hoffman,
I   formvielf as executor of the will of the
late Catherine Hoffman, and ai agent  tor
.IhcodM. f'aulsoti, Pree Miners' Certificate!
Nos. 618408 and R.-V.HftH, respectively, Intend,
sixty,dais from the   date   hereof,   to   apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate!
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
IngCroun-irantsofthe ahove claims-
Ami further take notioe that action, under
seetton 87, must be commenced beforo the
Isiuanoe of  Much Certificates of Improvements -
Dated this 6th day of May, A.D. 1918.
IN THK MATTKK of an Application for the
Issue of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
I-Ots Ito 18 inclusive, Hloek 4, M.t|* "It. and
Lots 6 and 15, Hiock 1, SubdtTlsion of Lot
5«, Map61.
Intention to Issue at the expiration of
one month after the tint publication  hereof
duplicates of theCertlllcHtnof Titles to the
above-mentioned l*ots in the name of Henry
White, which Certificate! ure dated  the 19th
day of Decemher, 1899, and the 9tt> day of M ay,
l-KH), respectively, aud numbered S178A aud
HSU A, respectively.
Dated at Kamloops, B. C, April24th, 1918.
District Registrar.
K.8. B.C. UU, Cau. fl&l, See. *7.
In the mstter of the Khtate of Harriett
Amelia Oach. la'e uf '■rand Forks, 11 C,
Widow deceased
NOTKE (8 HfiKKPY OIVKN thst all per-
units having any datum against the
Estate of the late Harriett Amelia I each,
wh" died nn or about the 10th day of April,
1918, at Urand Porks aforesaid. «re requested
to'ciidh) poitprepaid, or to deliver to the
iii-deralgiicd Solicitor lie-eln for Margaret
Kebeccn Hran and Kvulliie M Tbompi *n,
Executrixes and Trustees under the will ol
the snid Harriett Am< lia If acli. their names
audaddressos and full particulars lu writing
of their clsims and htitetnents of (tht It ao*
count" and the nature of security llf any)
held by them.
An I take not ire, that after ihe list day of
'un-, 191!., the fad Executrixes and Trustees
will proceed todlstribut the assets of-tie
■aid dciTHKi d among the pet-sons enti led
thereto, having regnid only to the claims of
which th y •.hall then luve hid notice, and
that the suid Kxeeutrlxesiind Trustees will
not be Mali e for the mid enacts or any part
thereof, to any person whose claim they
shall imt have had or received notice.
Dated at Grand Porks, B C. this First dsy
uf May, 1918.
, nnd 8 D vis Block,
Grand Korks, B. C-.
Solicitor fnr the said Margaret Itebecca Hran
and I*:valine    .Thompson,        ,
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at .
Model Livery Barn
Barm 8 O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
(Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with English
In eaoh class of goods. Besides being a oomptete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, tbe directory oontalus lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Ports to which they sah.
and Indicating tbe approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the Uulted Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20».
Dealers reeking Agenoles can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abohurch Lane, London,  E.C.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol rwtotw every nerve Id th. body
t-itxi*xyxxM„w, ln ((t vti)fti UMinn : rciloin
•In ind vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at one Pfcaaphtmol will
make yon a new man, Prlco 18a bo«. orlwfor
Wa Mailed to any address, th* SrnUx. Drag
K-, St. OMharln.*. Ont.
SBALED 1'ENpBRS will h. resolved by the
uuiicrslir- ed up to 11 "'cluck noon on Tuea*
d.y, 22nd July. 1918, (or the purchase i,( th.
uiiilermet<tlai<_Hl mineral claim forfeited to
tin- crown. All tender* tnu.t be nt lean equal
lu th. upset price nl Riven below, which rep-
resent, th. tax... ousts, Intercut, etc., Crown
UrautFeet .ud cost of advertising.-
The name of ihe mineral claim Ts "Amma,"
Lot 1141 situate neur Orand  Forka.  In the
Ofliiyoos Division. Ynle District.   Upset price
Ills. Si,   K.cli tender-must he accompanied by
a certified choline payable at par *t Pontic-
ton.  Tlie cheque of any unsuccessful tenderer,, r will bc returned at mice.
Dated at Fairview 10th day of June, 1011.
Government Agent,
Fairview, I!. O.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves snd Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.
Take your repairs to Armson'a
Root and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
At the Head
Tht man at the hud of (Haiti
whether al hame or in business, ii
the on* whole attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the beat class,
of homes anrl is read hy the head of
the family. That accounts for thc
results obtained by the use of
Classified Want Ads.
If you read The Sun you get tbe
news of the city, tbe province and
tbe world. It is possible for s Sun
-reader to keep abreast of the tiroes
without the aid of tbe daily papers.
•amSS**************. llf
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
A strike at Johannesburg ties tip
the gold mining industry of South
German experts say that slides and
earthquakes are a serious detriment,
and may retard the opening of the
Panama canal.
A reduction of about 25 der ccnton
all express matter transported in the
western part of Canada went into
effect yesterday.
Brindejonc de Moulini_is,the French
aviator, makes a record for the longest flight; one hundred and ten miles
au hour for ten hours.
Settlers in the Cobalt district are
again fighting forest fires for their
I19nr.es. Property loss at Belle river
amounts to $300,000, and consterna
tion reigns. '
Hostilities have broken out among
the Balkan allies without a declara
tion of war. The casualties number
over 12,000, ami 2000 wounded have
arrived at Belgrade.
Paul Spintlum, the Indian convicted of killing Constable Kindness,
is sentenced to death at New Westminster, and Moses Paul is given a
life sentence for being an accessory to
the crime.
Great Removal
For 10 days, beginning
July 10th, we will offer
special inducements for
cash on all our large
Stock of High Class
Home Furnishings
See Hand Bills for
Special Announcements
Miller ^Gardner
Hardware    Home Furnishers    Crockery
The Evening Telegraph will succeed
the Montreal witness,
A bad electrical storm suddenly
terminates the heat wave in eastern
Peter Brown creek, a settlement
100 miles east of Cochrane, Ont., has
been wiped out by forest fires.
The Bight Hon. Alfred Lyttleton,
member of the houae of commons for
St. Georges, Hanover square, died in
London soday.
Evidence that serious fighting is
occurring in Macedonia is found in
the arrival of large numbers of
wounded and prisoners at the various
Balkan oapiuls.
Harry C. Knight, known as the
hero of the (.Indianapolis speedway,
was instantly killed at Indianapolis
today, and his mechanician died
shortly afterwards of a fractured
skull.   .
Fierce riots result   from the gold
miners' strike, and^anarchy reigns in
Johannesburg. The torch is applied
to a newspaper office; the light is cut
off; troops charge the mob; trains are
at a standstill.
A unit of the British cadets will
visit Canada this summer.
The St. Charles Roman Catholic
church in Montreal burned this afternoon. Loss 1200,000, covered by insurance.   '
The settlement of the strike of the
gold miners on the Rand proves ineP
fee tive, and mob law reigns in Johannesburg.
The Servian forces meet with a
great disaster. The casualties are- reported to be over thirty thousand,
which is more than the entire loss in
the war with Turkey.
Jack Wilson, the famous Banff
guide, is in the Banff hospital with
two bullet wounds in his breast and
a gash in his throat as the result of
an encounter with bandits nn a lonely
road in tne Banff mountains on Friday night.
Seven suffragettes and ther six male
companions,one of whom was a clergyman, were ejected for raising a disturbance during the course of a speech
by Chancellor Lloyd George yesterday afternoon at a garden party or
ganized by the Radicals at West Is
cAlmost *zA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into 1
modern plate-glass store.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in
part  of the  country.   We  use the best
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to
this reputation.
We cTWann  Ding
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
* Tho manufacture of pulp in Canada
is great, but there is still room for
The flrst lord of the admiralty is
anxious not to offend the overseas
Two hundred people listen to eloquent speeches at the opening session
of the fifteenth convention of the Canadian Forestry association at Winnipeg.
The war in the Balkan states is
being waged with inhuman ferocity.
Hand to hand fighting, and bayonets
are used as daggers. It is reported
that the Greek force has been shattered.
Many of the miners in Johannesburg refuse to accept the terms of the
settlement. Twelve thousand members of the trade unions marched today at the funeral of the victims of
the riot:
In London today, the will of the
late Sir John Mun av bcntt, leaving
nearly J5.000.0UO to Lndy Sack ville,
daughter of the former British min
ister to Washington, was sustained liy
the jury which heard the evidence in
the contest brought by Sir John'
One hundred thousand conductors
and trainmen in New York vote to
Three men were killed and property damave estimated at 150,000
was done by an electrical storm at
Elgin, III., today.
The strike situation in Johannes
burg in improving. The police sup
press native unrest. The recall of the
governor and withdrawal of the im
pel ial troops is demanded.
An arson squad of militant suffru
gettes burned down the country resilience of Mir William H. Lever, located at liiviugton, near Norwich,
Lancashire, this morning.
The United States won' three out
of the first four cases to be decided
hy the American and British claims
tribunal, which recently completed its
initial sessions at Washington and
Formal declarations of war are
issued by the Balkan states. The
powers will make no attempt to mediate. Tlie Oreek losses are enormous
Two thousand olHcers aro among the
casualties. Koumania will j.iin die
Winnipeg's industrial exhibition
opened yesterday.
In less than forty four hours more
than 6000 immigrants have arrived
at Quebec for thu Canadian west.
The body of T. G. Procter, formerly
a   prominent   citizen of Nelson, was
Straw Hats ™£
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D. underwear. Prices
range from 90c to $3 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
clothes, _   ■ .
QK-irtc A fine line of Neg-
OHiriC-. iigee sllirtS| attach.
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices (1 to 83.50.
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock, of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection of the above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethci you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have il done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
lenk in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
found last night on the Oak Bay, Victoria, car track.
The reports from  the Balkan   war
are conflicting.   Dispatches from Bel
grade report Servian victories.    The
Bulgarians retire before the Greeks,
Many lives were lost and much property destroyed by the tail end of tha
northern Illinois gale, which swept
over Aurora yesterday.
The final session of the Canadian
forestry convention at Winnipeg ad
vocates an extension of educational
methods in regard to forestry.
and her army will invade Bulgaria.
It is reported that the Bulgarian general with the army has surrendered,
and that the country is making an appeal for peace.
Newcastle, N.B., will bea wireless
A London suffragette confesses to
burning the Lever mansion.
The prairie provinces are drenched
by heavy rains, and the crop prospects
are greatly improved.
The advance guard of a great army
of geological experts from all over the
world arrives in Montreal.
Railway representatives appeal to
President Wilson to prevent the
threatened strike of conductors aud
The Victoria poice Ihuve solved the
mystery of the death df T. G. Procter.
They declare that he was killed by an
Lightning strikes a barge on the
St Lawrence and explodes dynamite,
injuring live men and wrecking the
barge, valued at, 850,000.
Roumania joins  the   Balkan    war,
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundnry mines during
the paBt week. Oranby mine, '24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
865 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
For Dollars
Are you satisfied
■with the catch?
Are you using the
best bait?
Classified Want
Ada. in this
paper bring
•per ur-ug
results.     I
For ojutrick sale we offer four |{ood
Lota close to centre of city, all planted
with standard Apple Trees
&175 Each, Cash
+      .
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Co.
Established 1901 tint Street IHE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
The Uplift
A noted Knglish parliamentarian
tossed back his thick white maue ot
hair, strolted his white beard and said
In a broad Scotch accent to a New
York reporter:
The rise ln the world ot wages has
been great, but the rise ln the world
of prices has been greater. We have
ha.1 progress, but It has been progress
In the wrong direction.
A tourist was travelling In your
Far West. As he Inspected an In
dlan encampment he said to his cow
boy guide:
And are these Indians progressing?
'Betcber life,-the cowboy answered,
taking a (resit chew ot tobacco.
'Betcher lite they're progressing. AU
their medicine Ben are pater.t tnedl
cine men uow.
As a vermifuge there Is nothing so
potent as Mother Graves' Worm Ex-
.nrmlnator, and It can be given to the
most delicate child without fear of in-
|ury to the constitution.
Look here, Mr. Editor, exclaimed an
'rate caller, you referred to me yester-
iay as a reformed drunkard. You
must apologize, or I'll Bue your paper
tor libel.
Very well, id.*, replied the editor.
I'll retract the statement cheerfully.
I'll say you haven't reformed.
It Imparts a delljlitliil alow of vljorotu
health to the akin and leaves
it emooLh nnd soft.  Keep
your   kitldiea' knees and
hands clean with SNAP. It
docs thev. ork.
Your Dnl-rSell. Sup.
'i J:' la
Brown—The facial features plainly
indicate character and disposition. In
selecting your wlte, were you governed by her chin?
Jones—No; but I have been ever
since we married.
When the Trouble Began
A friend of the family had been
summoned to teBtlfy much against his
will, as to domestic disturbances ln
a certain household.
You saw those blows administered? asked counsel.
Yea, sir, replied the witness.
Did you witness the beginning of
the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs.
I did.
When was lt?
Six years ago.
Six years ago! How Is that possible?
I was a guest at their weddlug, said
the witness.
Minard's Liniment used by Physician"
Maud—Mr. Allround ls a sort of
universal genius, Isn't he?
Mabel—Yes, he ls exceedingly clever.
Maud—He ls something of a lawyer
and something of a musician. Wbat
Is his profession?
Mabel—Well, the lawyers call him a
musician and the musicians call him
a lawyer.
J&SSSS&'i wl" refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cur* any caae ot Itoh-
lng, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
ln C to 14 days.   DOc.
A Famous Comedian
Arthur Roberts, the well-known
comedian, ln his early days was a
humble clerk by day, and at nlgbt
kept London In.merriment. His fellow-clerks never Imagined tor one moment that the comedian everyone was
talking about was the quiet youth who
sat amongst them. Roberts enjoyed
the situation, and perplexed the oflice
by Bending tickets with Mr. Arthur
Roberts' compliments.
At last his musical work became so
heavy tbat he had to resign. One of
tbe clerks ventured to ask If he bad
got another situation. Oh, yes, I
have an evening job. That won't
bring you ln much money, laughingly
calculated the clerk; you had better
stay on here with your good wages.
But Roberts did not think so, and
casually mentioned that the evening's
work brought him about $200. Then
of course, he had to divulge the secret that he was no other than the
great comedian.
Nellie (calling to her sister)—I'm
going to make some lemonade, Mary.
Where ls the squeezer?
Mary (In a brown study) -— The
squeezer? Oh, he hasn't arrived yet,
but I'm expecting him any minute.
Let us tend you mr
ea Interesting
niihry cf cooking.
It eh, tlm, a deer,
simplt dtmlpti,*
if thi Dominion
Frldt Rest,—ttm.
plttein tpety detail,
Readist this toil Is
Hi, examining tht
rant* itttlf.
Send for a copy.
Save 30%
on your New Range
That's about $20.00 isn't it? And you can
save it by ordering direct from the factory (the
biggest malleable range plant in Canada.)
Dominion Pride Range U the range you would
choose at any price—a beautiful Keel range with
unbreakable doori, castings and lids of mslleable
iron—a range that saves coal—a range so solidly
built that with cars il will last a lifetime.
And you can secure a Dominion Pride Range by
malting a small payment with your order—the balance on terms t» suit your convenience. .
Dominion Pride
Thousands upon thousands *
of Canadians have sent to us
direct for their ranges,
and we have yet to hear
a complaint. Our unconditional guarantee
goes with every range.
Canada Malleable & Steal
Range Manufacturing Co.,
Send • frta copy of yenr bosk
"The Evolatlon of tba Coeksteve,"
KAMI                                   '    *
Cool Courage
A tiger belonging to the King of
Oude escaped one night, not long ago,
from the menagerie fronting tbe
Hoogly, swam the river, and entered
the Botanical Gardens at Hourah.
Early the next morning two gentlemen, one ot whom I know, strolled
Into the gardens. When turning a
clump ot palms the tiger sprang upon
one ot them, pinned him to the ground
and began to lick him. His companion rushed up to the animal, caught
him by both ears and kicked him!
Recovering his set.ses, and realising
tLe futility of his action, he slowly
backed from the scene, and when
some bushes intervened, ran to the
curator's hcise, seized a gun and on
returning to the spot found the tiger
Bttll licking his unconscious victim.
He then realised th '. the weapon waB
a duck gun, cbarg t wltb largo shot
only, to Are which at even a short
distance meant possible death to his
friend without killing the tiger. He
walked straight up to the animal, put
the gun to Its brain, and shot lt dead.
The friend was but little Injured,
his face only being disfigured where
the tiger had taken the. skit off when
That's Why Mr. David Heon, of Nlco-
let Co., Quebec, la Recommending
the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy
To His Neighbors. -"
St. Wenceslas, Nlcolet Oo., Que.,
(Special)—"I started to take Dodd's
Kidney Pills because the doctor told
me I was threatened with diabetes.
After taking ten boxes I was again examined by the doctor, and he told me
that all trace of diabetes had disappeared."
This ls the statement of Mr. David
Heon, well-known and highly respected here, and he ls only one ot many
ln thiB neighborhood who have found
a new lease ot life In the great Canadian Kidney remedy.
It Is cures such as this that have
given Dodd's Kidney PIUs their reputation. They are now known from
the Atlantic to the Pacific as the remedy that never falls to cure kidney
disease, no matter where or in what
form lt ls found.
Dodd's Kld.tey Pills are no cure-
all. They simply cure diseased kidneys. The reason they cure backache, dropsy, rheumatism, neuralgia,
diabetes, urinary troubles'and Bright's
disease Is that atl of these are either
diseases of the kidneys or are caused
by disordered kidneys falling to do
their work.
Tree Life Depends on Protection of
Insect-Eating Birds
Each woodpecker ln the United
States ts worth $20 in cash, when the
value Is estimated on tbe value of the
good tbat this bird does to trees, says
the Manchester Union. Other birds
are worth Bums proportionate to the
good that they d The nuthatch
creeper and chickadee are worth from
$5 to $15, varying with the locality and
the condition of trees and crops. The
downy woodpecker is also the relentless enemy ot the codling moth) an
insect that damages our apple crops
to an extent of $12,000,000.
In the war tetween tbe Insects and
the trees millions ot dollars are being
spent each year by tree owners who
know that Insects have Increased so
rapidly of late years that their trees
mutt be protected. The locust and
maple trees are preyed upon by the
bag Insects; elms are sprayed ln order
to kill the elm beetles, while borers
are slaughtering th) hickories.
Her Predicament
SarSh Bernhardt was narrating reminiscences of the stage to a group
of friends.
Mash notes, you call them, sbe said,
laughing. Well, I received a very
funny mash note once ln a small town
of you Far West.
You are adorable, my mash note
ran, and I'd have preferred to send
you orchldB. but in this one-horse town
I am reduced t, molasses candy, of
which I am forwarding a two-pound
bag. WlU you take supper with me
tpnlght? If you consent blow your
nose on the stage, aud I will understand .
Mme. Bernhardt laughed again.
And the worst ot lt was, Bhe said,
I had a bad cold at the time and was
afraid to blow my nose all the evening.
Look at the Clock
He would sometimes return home
late at night, after his better halt
had retired, and when she asked htn
what time lt was, would answer:
About twelve, or a little after midnight.
One night, Instead of making the
usual Inquiry, she said: I wish you
would stop that clock, I cannot sleep
for the noise.
All unsuspicious he stoppec*. the pendulum .
In the morning, while dressing, his
■wife Inquired artlesly: Oh, by the
way, what time did you get home?
About midnight, replied the erring
Alonzo, look at that clock!
The hands ot the clock pointed tb
W. N. U. 952
Bakes Bread
to Perfection
Oil Cook stove
Cleaner than coal or wood.   Cheaper
than gas.
For best results use ROYALITE Oil
Stock carried at all chief points.
Winupeg Toronto Halifax
Montreal Vancouver   _   St. John
Table Conventions
A certain wealthy lady celebrated
her birthday by Inviting some of her
old country villagers to dinner with
her. They were all rlgbt as long as
the soup was Just soup, but when a
footman appeared on the left, holding
out a plate with chips of toast on It,
confusion followed.
One old man scratched bis head in
perplexity, until a light dawned on his
Aere, my lad, lf the wantest some
of my soup, they can have It, he said,
and ladled a spoonful on to the bread.
Keep Minard's Liniment In ths home
Conscription, which Is now causing
heated discussion In England, ln ita
modern form (for lt existed ln Rome)
was born in France tn 1798. Between
that year and 1813 over four million
men were thus levied for tbe army of
France. Kendal ls trying hard to
understand the meaning ot the word,
which some local politicians contend
means merely an old vicious system
under whioh a rich man could buy
himself oft and another might escape
lf lucky enough to draw a blank.
But France has long" ago abolished
these privileges, and we still call lt
'conscription' which literally means
the keeping of a register.
Visitor—What are you ln here for?
Prisoner—For flattery.
Prisoner—Not at all, sir. Imitation
ls the stneerest form ot flattery. I
am In here for imitating another
man's signature.
Leopold's Humor I
Wit was not commonly associate!
with tbe late Leopold ot Belgium In
life, but ln a recent volume of reminiscences Lady Dorothy Nevll has credited his majesty with at least ons
good thing.
King Leopold was one addressed
by a person ot a type, halt-snob, half-,
My only regret your majesty he volunteered, is that you should be a king
when you are so admirably equipped
by nature to be an ideal president of
the Belgian republic.
Thank you very much, returned the
king. I shall remember your remark
when I go to see my doctor thia afternoon, and tell him what a pity it Is
that he ts not a veterinary Burgeon.
Coatlveness and Its Cure.—When
the excretory organs refuse to perform their (tractions properly the Intestines become clogged. This ls
known as eostivenes- and 1( neglected
gives rise to dangerous complications.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will effect
a speedy cure. At the first intimation ot this ailment the sufferer should
procure a packet of the pills and put
himself under a course of treatment.
The good effects of the pills will be
almost Immediately evident.
A professor, whose pupils made too
mucb noise, let the following naivete
slip out: Gentlemen, it everybody b»
silent we shall be better able to discover who makes the row.
This reminds us of a medical report
which began thus: There exists a
great number of families ln Dublin
wbo have died ot cholera.
The Solar Plexus a
Great Nerve Centre
With the single exception of the
brain itself, the solar plexus ts the
most Important nerve centre ln the
human body.
Situated Just back of the stomach
and close to the spinal cord, the solar plexus supplies the motor nerves
to the vital organs. Injury to or
weakness ot the solar plexus consequently means Incapacity of the vital
organs o( the body. This explains
why a blow which reaches the solar
plexus means helplessness to the person receiving lt.
These nerr. centres all demand an
enormous quantity of good, rich blood
and, falling to get this, the r.-.rve cells
are starved and deplt'ed, and (all to
supply vital energy to tbe digestive
and eliminating organs.
The   wonderful   success   of   Dr.
Chase's Nerve Fool ln revitalising
and reconstructing the broken-down
nervous system ls cue to lhe (act that
lt supplies nutrition to nerve cells
tbrough the itKdlum of the blood
Weakness of the stomach, (allure
o( the live.- and kidneys to filter the
blood, Inactivity ot the bowels and
(eelings o( (atlgue and discouragement
usually Hrlse from an exhausted condition of the nenv.a system. The
nerve centres, such as the solar plexus, have not the nerve for.o to work
the machinery ot the body.
The most natural treatment Imaginable Is Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and
Its benefits are lasting, because It actually rebuilds the wasted and broken-
down nerve cellt-.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
SO cents a box, 6 tor $2.60, at all dealers, or Edjnanson, Bates & Co., Lint,
He Feels For the Man Who Made
a Business Failure.
To tho Extant of $5$ In Exchange For
a Watch and a'filpg—His Eyes Are
Opened, bt^t He Gets "Hunk" at
Last and Turns In.
icons-right, 1913, by Associated Literary
WITB bis dressing gown and
slippers on, wltb a good
cigar in bis mouth, with
bis toes turned up to a
cheerful fire, wltb tbe winter winds
bowling out doors, Mr. Bowser grunted with contentment and figured it out
that this was a good world and tbat
be was all right, and that Mrs. Bowser
-was all rlgbt, and that everything and
everybody was all rlgbt and the goose
bmig high. Then there came a ring
at (be bell. Mr. Bowser answered lt
In person, as be was expecting a neigh-'
bor to call, and as he opened tbe door
be (ound a ratber seedy, middle aged
man waiting to say to him:
"JI/ dear slr,_ 1 want a moment's
conversation with you on a strictly
business affair."
He was admitted In a grudging way,
ami, brlngl g a rueful smile to bis
face nnd speaking tn confidential tones,
be continued:
"After fifteen years of bard work I
bnve made a (allure In business. I
could swindle my creditors or go Into
bankruptcy, but my conscience will
not permit me.   1 wish to pay dollar
(or dollar. To do so I must sacrifice
everything, even to my wife's Jewels.
Here Is a diamond ring which I wish
to get rid of snd turn tbe niouey over
to n heartless creditor who would even
deprive my children of bread. Will
jou name a price for '.IT
A Hard Luck Tal*.
"If It's a straight business failure
jou tire not required to sell the shirt off
your buck," replied Mr. Bowser.
"Uut it's a mutter of conscience, you
eec. 1 said I'd pay 100 cents on tbe
dollar, and I'll do It If I bave to go
barefoot. Will you show tbat ring to
yotlr wife?'
Mr. Bowser bad bcen gum gamed two
or three times and was ratber suspicious, but he took tbe ring and walked
bnck to the slttlug room.
"Don't buy it nt any price," ssld
Mrs. Bowser as sbe looked at It. "It's
-probably some snide affair, uud tbe
ni'iii Is no doubt a fraud, wbo thinks
to take advantage of yonr Innocence."
"Do you mean tbat the man takes
me for a (ool on sight?'1 exclaimed
Mr. Bowser na be flashed np.
"He may not, but I think he's looking for a soft snap."
"Ob. yon do? That's yon to a dot-
always suspicions and distrustful and
always bnrd hearted. I shall buy tbe
, Ht Is Touched,
i Mr. Bowser went bnck to tbe man
and (ound blm very reasonable. All
be wanted for bis wife's birthday ring
•was 110. and that was only one-tblrd
of lis cost. It grieved blm to part
•wltb It, but what was grief compared
to Integrity of character! As the tears
began to appear Mr. Bowser sent blm
off with $40 in his pocket nnd returned
to Mrs, Bowser to say:
"How yon  can  steel  your  heart
•gainst the cries of humanity the way
jou do Is a  wonder to me.    Vou'd
doubtless have turned tbut poor man
■ way with aetab lu the bnck."
, "And saved $40," she cnrtly replied.
' "Do you mean that this ring Isn't
•worth fully *IOOr he blustered.
i "I don't believe It's worth $8."
' "Woman, doydh take me for a fooU"
shouted Mr. Bowser, with furious gestures, ns ho danced around nnd frightened the cot under the piano.  "1 tblnk
] know a mnn ot Integrity -when I see
one.   I also tblnk 1 know a diamond
tins, from 5 side ot sole leather.  By
the living jmgo, it I nao yonr cob- ,
temptibte spirit I'd go hang myseld"
He walked about for a few minutes,
breathing hsrd and perspiring under
tbe collar, and nothing further was
■aid on tbe subject The cat gradually
recover-KMier courage, the fire biased
cheerfully and peace had returned to
bover over all when tbe bell rang
again. Again Mr. Dowser went to th*
door. It wss tbe mac of Integrity re- j
"Pray, excnRe me," he said aa he
crowded his wsy Into the hall, "bnt
van were so kind to me nbout the ting
i nave returned to snow yon tbls
watcb. 1 had thought to keep lt from
my creditors, but conscience stings me.
It is a watcb that cost me $50, but under tbe clrcumsttiuces"-
"Mr. Bowser, will yon step here a
moment?" Interrupted Mrs. Bowser.
He had no intention ot buying the
watcb. He meant to get rid o( the
man at once. But Mrs. Bowser's interference nettled blm and changed bis
plans. Turning to the man, be said:
"Tbe watcb Is well worth $50, and I
should be glad to give you that sum to
belp you settle with your creditors,
but 1 have only $15 In my pocket."
"Then I'll take tbat," sighed the
business (allure, wltb a quaver In bis
voice. "I want to settle a claim at
ouce—tonight-and know tbnt I shall
bave at least cold potatoes (or breok-
(ast. It grieves mo—but-take it"
Th* Truth.
Mrs. Bowser called- again, but Mr.
Bowser passed over tbe money, patted
tbe man of Integrity ou the shoulder
snd closed tbe door after blm. Then
he returned to tbe sitting room, placed
the watcb end ring on tbe mantel and
sst down without a word. After a
quarter of an bour of silence Mrs.
Bowser went upstairs to keep clear of
any further row, and tbe expected
neighbor came In. Of course he was
told o( tbe honest business man and
shown tbe watcb and ring. He began
to grin as soon as tbey were placed in
bis hands, and pretty soon he said:
"Look bere, Bowser; you have been
played (or a suckerr'
"It can't bel"
"But It can be aad Is. Tbose diamonds ara nothing but glass, and tbat
ring Isn't worth $3. Was Mrs. Bowser bere wben you bought It?"
•'What U she was or wasn't?"
"She'd bave detected the fraud.st
once. Tbo game that (ellow worked
on you Is as old ss the bills. What on
earth made you bite?"
"I—I wanted to belp an honest man.
As for the wotcb"-
"Ho, ba, ba!"
"What ln thunder do you mean?" demanded Mr. Bowser ss bis face kept
growing paler.
"I'm laughing at tbe cheek -of tbe
man to come back and swindle you a
second time. Say, now, but you are
dead easy! This watcb never cost
him over $3. Bowser, old man, you've
bcen lambasted for $65 wltb your eyes
wide open. You'd better let Mrs.
Bowser deal with sucb cbaps after
"But what does sbe know of such
folks?" protested Mr. Bowser.
"A heap more than you do, I tbould
say, If you are so easily taken In.
Well, well, I wouldn't have believed Itl"
He Gets Even.
As tbe situation was somewhat embarrassing tbe neighbor didn't stay
long, and wben be bad taken bis departure Mr. Bowser sat down to chew
tbe bitter cud. He bnd been chewing
for about tweuty minutes snd wondering how he could get even wltb Mrs.
Bowser wben tbe bell rang, and he
made his way to the door and opened
lt to Gnd tbe snme business failure on
tbe step again.
"Ton will excuse me, I know," said
the man, "but I bare a diamond pin
I didn't show you. lt Is a pin my wife
gave me on my fortieth blrtbday, wben
everything wns going well wltb us.
As It Is worth $150, I thought I could
easily get rid of It among your nclgh-
bora for $30 or $10, but I find I can't.
Tour exceeding kindness to me and
your desire to help me maintain my Integrity lend mo to bopo"-
i    "Como In," Interrupted Mr. Bowser.
The man ontcred tbe hall and opened
a pasteboard box to reveal a diamond
pin reposing on a nest of red cotton.
; "You-you bave u diamond pin to sell
mc?" snld Mr. Bowser lu a strange,
bnrd voice.
"Tes; I thought to keep It from my
creditors, but my conscience won't let
mc. It Is wortb $150; but, owing to
<Tlicn Mr.  Bowser Jumped on him.
Thc mnn ot Integrity wns taken by
surprise and rolled on the floor, but ho'
soon recovered, and there was a scrap
tbat upset the hall tree, tickled the cat
hair to death and mnde the dust fly.
It lasted for fire minutes, nud then Mr.
Bowser got thc door open and "lifted"
: tbe man of Integrity out luto the cold
uud cruel world and turned to And
Mrs, Bowser oo the stairs.
|   "Well," she, queried as be glared at
i Iter and puffed like an old engine set
going for tho fall nnd winter trade,
j "have yon gone out of the Jewelry
He slowly extended bis arm snd
shook his finger nt her snd tried to
ntiswer back,, but his emotions were
iso grent
"If yon bave," she continued ss she
turned and began to ascend, "you'd
better lock np and come to bed antl   Hon.  Martin  Burrsll  Is a Versatile
let me rab you down with witch ba- I      Min ind , Br,M1(lnt Sp,aker.
It ls noteworthy that in both the
Seorge V.' Llket the Out of Doort and
Enjoy* It Frequently.
From the moment King George V. I
tscended the throne of England his-
object was to win the support and respect of all classes. On that account
tie has mingled with his people more
Ireely perhaps than any other monarch of the day, with the possible exception of the intrepid Alfonso ol
King George never lets a sense of
tlie royal dignity keep him from enjoying outdoor sports. He attends the
races, the shooting matches, the regattas and other events of the kind
and not infrequently enters into the
contests himself with great sea).
The King is an enthusiastio horseman, and when the weather is fair he
spends a couple of hours each day in
the saddle.
The King is probably the best shot
in England. A few yeara ago while he
was still Prince of Wales he was
classed _.mong the five, best by a
sporting authority, who now gives him
first place.
His Majesty's prowesB with the gun
is referred to by an admiring paper as
excellent evidence of his perfect physical condition, for the steadiness of
nerve, accuracy of eye and quiokness
of hand require:! to bring down fifty
; Laurier and Borden Cabinets the portfolio of Agriculture has been held by
men of the widest culture. Hon.
Sydney Fisher waa a man of the finest taste—a scholar and a man whose
knowledge of fine arts was exceeded
by few, if any, of his colleagues.
HiB sucessor, whose important
Agriculture Bill has just passed the
House of Commons, is also a man of
high instincts—a thoughtful, well-read
public man, whos speeches strike a
high not in Parliamentary debate.
He is a Berkshire man and a graduate of St. John College, Hurstpier-
point. His life in Canada has been
tpent largely in two famous fruit districts. Fourteen years were spent is
the Niagara Peninsula in fruit farming and in lecturing at farmers' institute gatherings. The last twelve years
bave been spent mainly at Grand
Forks in the beautiful Boundary
country as fruit grower, nurseryman,
editor, mayor and politician.
Hon. Mr. Burrell ia fifty-three years
of age and in the prime of his mental
and physical powers. Mr. Burrell's
work for the next few years will be
closely interwoven with the expenditure of the $10,000,000 which the Government of Canada is to spend during
the next decade "for the purpose of
aiding and advancing the farming industry by instruction in agriculture,
including the work carried on by
veterinary colleges."
Those who have not heard the Min
Whit*   Hout*   Clerkship
May   Oo  to   Mitt   Hill.
9 by American Press Association.
The friends ot Miss Alberta Hill are
Snl's^stoUngVo'Sof^dSrot   iitaTSfptte^ taBS^*"*   trying to Induce President Wilson to
any physical disability. graceful diction from the concluding  establish a White House precedent by
The King has accomplished several   paragraph of his speech in introduc-   appointing her to the position of record
times the ambition of all grouse shoot- i ing the hill jUBt mentioned:—
ers to have four birds falling in the i    "On this Bide of the House and on
air at the same time, killed by two   that are many men who either know
double barreled guns. I by  experience the farm life of our
There is no doubt that the assooia- | country,  or whose   fathers   or fore-
tion of King George with the sport   fathers have toiled on the land.
of pigeon racing, like the association |    "It is well for us to keep a vision of
of the late King Edward, has done   that solitary figure in the distant fur-
much to give an impetus to the sport. I row, that stooped  form  tending  the
 ■  j hearth of the isolated home—symbols
I and types of our national necessities.
! our national virtues and our national
, strength.
| "Here between these four walls we
sit year by year making the laws of
cmr country. We do it amid mucli
strife; sometimes ill, sometimes well.
too often attaching importance and
permanence to that which is neither
important nor permanent.
"Our laws would be better—there
would be less bitterness in our strife
—if we were oftener moved by a
sincere desire to lighten the work antl
brighten the lives of those who in
the silence and solitude of the field.
Haunted the Captain.
An island skipper, on a run from
Suva to Melbourne, ill-treated a Fijian. The black died, but before be
died he lifted himself on his elbow
,and spat upon the captain's uniform.
'The Fijian was something ol a .witchdoctor in his own corner of the
world, and that captain immediately
struck trouble. The night after the
Fijian expired, the door of the skip-
iper's cabin was struck seven hard
(blows at midnight—blows that seem-
led as if they were administered with
a sledge-hammer. The captain sprang
■fronti his berth, but there was no one   ~"d-woo^ ale ,joing the foundation   tbere made an extensive study of
at the door.   At two bells the thing , mj common country." «w*.t   ____.m_.i__.  with  refereno.
was repeated, and again at four bells. |	
The captain was ready at the last ' ___.._.    .
visit. He pumped five bullets through Such  a Moan  ManI
the thin panel of the closed door, but I    An incident occurred on a Broad
when he t-ashed into the passoge there
was no quarry to reward his marksmanship.
The game continued for seven days,
then a companion of the dead Fijian
guaranteed to kill the ghost if the
captain gave him two pounds ten
shillings. The captain paid, and the
fuzzy-headed native immediately asked to have pointed out to him tbe
spot where the dead man had spat
upon the coat. This was done and
tha ghost-killer cut the portkn out
view car in Toronto which caused considerable amusement to everybody ex-
1 cent those personally concerned.
The car in question left Victoria
street to go east at about 10.30, and
nn arriving at the corner of King and
Broadview two ladies and a little lad,
presumably about six years of age,
got on. On the conductor applying
Tor fares one lady placed two blue
and asked   for !
clerk of the executive mansion. The
office of record clerk was created by
congress two years ago, but It has never been filled.
Miss Hill by her index work nt tbe
Democratic national headquarters during tbe Wilson campaign called forth
much favorable comment from every,
one wbo bad anything to do with tbe
management of tbls bureau.
In an entirely different manner Miss
Hill also earned tbe gratitude of Mr.
.Wilson, ihe made a number of speeches ln tbe Interest ot bis candidacy and
also did a lot of unpretentious but effective private missionary work. [
Miss Hill ls the daughter ot Mrs. Alberta Hill, formerly tbe wife of a
wealthy resident of Chicago. Hor
childhood days were spent In Japan,
and sbe ts an ardent suffragist Several years ago Miss Hill and ber mother traveled ln Australia and while
municipal problems with reference to
equal suffrage
l Miss Hill once said that she bad
tbree nmbitions-tho election of Wood-
row Wilson as president, tbe salvation
of American 'politics and her own election to the assembly of New York
state, Tbe Democratic success In November she believes gratified the first
two. Tbe third sho hopes to come true
In 1921, for sbe feels sure that by tbat
time the women of New Tork will
bave the ballot
and burnt it on the deck! The door-
knocking ghost never returned.
Well Known at Eton.
Lord Lytton was seated one day at
dinner next to a lady whose name
was Birch, and who, tradition says.
was beautiful if not over-intelligent.
She said to his excellency.
'Are you acquainted with any ot
tickets   in   the   box,
Carlton transfers.  The conductor then   CACuinii COLLEGE AT BERLIN.
demanded  a three-cent fare for  tho   r«»niUN UULLCUC HI  DCnun.
child,   much  to   the   disgust  of  the |
Alter considerable argument the
woman agreed to pay, and took a
$10 bill from her stocking, tendered
it for the three-dint fare. This tli?
conductor refused to accept for sonic
lime, but thinking that he would
cause further annoyance to the women, he changed the bill by giving
them small silver. Meantime the car
had reached the point where the wo-
Profettor Dotgt to 8tart Institution t*
Fight Parltltn Ideat.
The Berlin capital Is developing a
revolt  against the predominance ot
Parisian fashions.   Professor Doege.
the eminent expert ln tbe history ot
costumes, proposes (o found a unlvof-
slty of women's fashions.
lie says tills Is tke only possible wsy
the Birches?" MXeTcheV'the^point wher7t..e ;"o'.! of delivering Germany from the doml-
Replied his excellency: Oh. yes, I ^ had to chang^and the conductor notion of Paris ln fashions. The past
knew some of them most intimately, m«nn»a «![«»,?^_™ •"."". __,,_ I .»«-,-*. __r _!„_,.. nni.t. tn offect
while at Eton; indeed, more intimate
ly than I cared to
"Sir," replied the lady, "you forget
that the   Birches   sre   relatives  of
mine." < ..     -, __.
"And yet they cut me,    said the
Viceroy.   "But."—and he smiled his
wonted smile — "I have never felt   ...
moro inclined to kiss the rod than I   have ever met.
do now."
Mrs. Birch, sad to say, did not see
the point, and, so the gossipB have it,
told her husband that his excellency
had insulted her.
tried to hurry them off the car, but attempts of German artists to effect
the woman, in order to have the best this aim have foiled, owing to their
of the argument, decided that it was lack of practical kuowledgo ond tbe
only right that she should count her { absence ln Berlin of a costume tradl-
change. This she proceeded to do on; tlon- Tbo nniversity will have a lithe seat, and kept the car oyer five | j.^ ot paJt faita|on8-
minutes, finally   departing  with  thc
words, "You arc the meanest stiff I
Canadians In Picture.
An oil painting of especial interest
to Imperial riflemen will be complet-
j ed some time during the present
month showing in s group, which includes several Canadians, the officials
and supporters of rifle shooting. King
George is the central figure as an
expert marksman and head of the
N.R.A., for whom the picture is being
The artist Waldo Hester, whose por
Mtaningt of Dyke.
"Dyke" has even more divergent
meanings than ditch in Lincolnshire
nnd bank in Holland. In Scotland it
means a low wall or fence of turf ot
unmortgaged  stones,  and   ln   some
parts of no.'hcrn England a "dyke'          , .. ,,
ii a lieditc.     ot there arc other north-1 traits of celebrities in   Vanity Fair
■   •** • " known, is now painting the
ern districts where it is a pond. Orig-1 arc well known, is now painting the
inally, in English at any rate, "dyke1' j Duke of Connaught. The picture in-
or "dike" and "ditch" both meant eludes, among others, Lord Cheyles-
what ditch still means to us, but as more, Karl Waldegrave Earl Roberts,
the dicing out of a ditch necessarily Sir Evelyn Wood, tnd following Can-
involves the raising of a mound with adians: J. Crippcr, W. Stimson, J.
the du?out earth the words came to '• Duff Stuart, captain ol thit year s
signify ditch and mound together and BiBley team; W. Burlan McHarg,
eventually in some cases the mound Lieut. Mortimer and W. O. Morns.
alone.-London Standard. I The painting will be placed in the
 .               *, theatre of the Royal United Service
A Curlout Epitaph. I
The following epitaph it copied
from a tomb in tho vicinity of Port
Royal, Jamaica-. "Here lieth the body
of Louis Caldy, Esq., a native ol
Montpelller, it France, which country he left on account ot the revocation. He was swallowed up by th*
earthquake which occurred at that
place In 1692, but by the great provt- ,
dence of God was, by a second shock, \
flung into the scs. where ho ccnlinu-
Institution, where the King
sped it.
.ill in-
At least a quarter of the continent
of Australia has never been explored.
Its neighbor, New Guinea, the largest
island in the world, it known only in
small part, althongh it may be filled
with undeveloped riches.
Tht Timt te Kttp Qultt.
When a man   doesn't  know  Jusl
cil swimming until rescued by a boat  what to tay he generally sayt it, any-
and lived forty vean altcrwtrd."        bow- an ' thyi regrcti it, _
An Institution of tbls kind exists at
Paris, and Professor Doege has already
obtained approval of bis plan from
many eminent persons, Including the
artists Westpbal and Bchulze and numerous dress reformers.
At a meeting called to discuss th*
project a woman apcaker said that the
university should be directed by a
famous artist and the practical side
controlled by sn expert tn tailoring
and millinery. In order to keep In
touch wltb the life of fashion the university should have connections with
tbe most Important shops and with
tome of the better theaters.
Helmed Duke't Request.
It took the Ottawa Botrd of Control only a miritte to refuse a roysl
rtquest a few utys ago.
It eame through the Public Works
Department, and asked for about 18
inches of the city's sireet at Government House gate to enable some alterations to be made whereby tha
entrance to the grounds would be improved. Tht letter from the Publio
Worki Department slated that thc request wat madt at taa instance of the
Duke of Connaught, but even that did
not deter the controllers from voting
tgaintt giving up the 18 inches of tbt
ttreet asked.
kept • Good Tablt.
Brown—Keeps a good table, doct
Robinson - Excellent. Solid oak.
Hu had lt tor vjiKs., THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Ask Us
Onr Paint Advice is Free
The wagon road to Franklin camp
has been repaired, and is now open
for traffic. Mr. Spiaggett, superin
tendent of roads, on Wednesday
made the trip with his auto to
Franklin townsite, a distance of
forty-five miles, in three hours.
The same speed was maintained on
tbe return trip.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McNeil re-
tnrned to the city on Monday from
Long Beach, Cat, after an absence
of over a year.
A. E. Sowerby, wbo has been
1 ical manager f r the Britieh Colun -
hia Telephone company for a couple
of years, has been transferred to
Vancouver island, and be left for
that locality on Monday, accompanied by his wife.
Bert Lane and family moved to
Greenwood on Saturday. Mr. Lane
will he manager for P. Burns & Co
in tbat city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen returned from their wedding tour on
Monday, and have taken up their
residence on Winnipeg avenue.
E C. Alexand, r, after visiting his
boh at the Yale for a week, returned
to his borne in San Francisco on
Mr. Fraser, manager of the Western Canning company, Kelowna,
was in the city on Friday. He expressed himself as heing willing to
establish a cnnnpry here, provided
local people would subscribe for
J-20.000 worth of stock.
Local new potatoes are now quite
plentiful in the Gjand Forks market.
Mayme Lewis-, 574; Robert  Smith,
Miss Haddon—London trained—
is prepared to give elementary lessons on tbe violin. For terms and
arrangements apply P. o- Drawer M.
F,. Miller, M.P. P., returned yesterday from Greenwood.
For 8ale— Ten acres of good fruit
land in tbe West em} of tbe city,
about half of whicb is planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to bear.
Apply to E. Barron, Grand ForkB,
We wish to inform tlie people of
Grand Forks that we have purchased
the bii-vcle business from George W.
Cooper, and will conduct the same in
future. We will carry a complete
line of wheels. Iu addition to dealing in wheels, we will do all kinds nf
bicycle repairing. AM work will be
done by competent mechanics, and
.fully guaranteed.
Moovboer & Postma.
This is to inform the public that I
have sold my bicycle business to
Mooj-boer & Postma. The members of
this firm are thoroughly reliable, besides being first class mechanics,  and
An ice creom pocial will bs held
in Holy Trinity Parish hall next
Tuesday evening, July 15, from 7
A.   0.   Frache, of the Columbia
greenhouses,   hat   been   appointed
judge of  thp  Nelson rote carnival,
which   opens   in   thit   city on the
IGth inst.
L.   A.   Campbell,   of   Rossland,
manager   of   Ibe   West    Kootenay
I'nwer it Light company, was in the |
citv on Tuesday. J
J. B. Fleming, principal of the
Grand Forks high school, lefl on
Saturday for the coast.
We have just added
another Silent Salesman for the purpose
of displaying Neckties
only, so that our patrons can choose their
neckwear without any
In Neckwear
Our shapes, styles and
prjres will compare favorably with any stock
in the Boundary, and
has the advantage of
being new and up-tor
R. Campbell
In the rural high school entrance'
examinations tbe following pupils!
passed in Greenwood: C. V. Ellen
Jakes. 730; George H. C. Kales, fiOO;
Suits to Order M8 iwds
1 Wc are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in tho country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
I take great pleasure in recommending them to the people of the city and
vicinity. Any business or work entrusted to them, I feel sure will receive prompt and conscientious consideration.       George W. Cooper,
K. of P. Joint Installation
The three Boundary lndees of Ihe
Knights of Pythias held a triple
joint installation of officers at Phoenix on the night of Tuesday, July
8, and there were over 110 brothers
present, including Grand Chancellor
E. 9. H. Winn, from Rowland, ac
compnn'ed hv Past Supreme Representative Nohle Binns, of Trail, and
Past Chancellor Young, of the satie
Onecsndidnte for the first rank
and three fnr the second rank were
put through, followed hv the installation ceremonies snd a sumptuous
Some thirty brothers went up
from Greenwood in otitos and rigs,
and thirty-five from Grand Forks
hirer! a special train, on the C.P.R.,
which left the union depot at 7 p.m.
Tuesday, returning at f* a.m. Wednesday. ' Every one thoroughly enjoyed the occssion, and the hospitality or the Phoenix brothers left
nothing to he desired.
A special feature of the occasion
was Ihe presentation to H. A. LeRoy by the grand chancellor of a
pnet chancellor's jewel from the
Grsnd Forks lodge.
17 AD -C A F17 A 5-roomed
rUR BALE, cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
* Haior Hoii'nff a Speaia£>.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon North of (Juaniiy Hotel.
First Street.
oven ca vcari*
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
Anrono raiding a iketob and dwcrlptlnn ni,
qulc-lr ucirLftla our opinion Item wliotlicr r
'■ - *— -Mblypst, *-*-   "-— '-
•annoy t
  _ _ tliroupb ___
■DKUImUM. without enme, in t
Inremlon It protmbly
  iSdonMai. mull	
    ___t Honor tor■oenttRCMtwl
Pntontl taken through Munn A Co. no
.   u Mil our wnM«ntuX1ill(lo6M< on fauna
HntliM. Olrteit aponcr for mfl-urtr	
Scientific American.
A ImmlBomolf Ulu-tntoa woeUr. tantcitotr.
eolation ofUT rclenllnc Journal, 'reran for
Qanada.p.lSaytw.foiuiepnpoM.  Sold br
" Ts^fiSW
culntioo ofWT sen
Canatl*. KtfSt yMT,
Dr. de Van's Pemale Pills
I A reliable French regulator; never fails. Theae
puis are exceedingly powerful in regulating the
generative portion of the fcmnlc system.   Refuse
! all cheap Imitations.   Dr. 4b Van'a ara sold at
i IB a box, or three for $10.   Mailed to any address.
1 VIM .iootM.il Drug Co.. St. Catharines, Ont
For Quick Sale We Are Offering the Following:
Full size wood body, regular $2.5.00, for 120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter size brown wicker,   "   $17.75, lor 15.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for  10.50
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $12.00, for. /..    9.00
PitflW Fr.mimi, Bic. The Complete House Furnishers
Grand Forks Furniture Go
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE .58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
The offlcHrt. nf Qrand Forks M%r
installed were: C..C. A. J. Ander-
*on; V.C., E A. Munro; Prelste,
Percy Taylor; M. at A , Chas. A.
Michener; M. of F., Walter E. Hud-
den; K. R. and 8., H. A. LeRoy;
M. of E., R. J. Gardner; M. of W.,
S. SiddalljIG., Fels Setterlund; O.
G., E C. Henniger.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry  four-foot   Fir  and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
orru-R, KM Chat ttfont
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On-the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in tbe Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill* nf  Fare and Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor,
We guarantee satisfaction.
ijifs 8wn frint Shop


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