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The Evening Sun Mar 8, 1912

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 . .ii. .'.Jll!..*'.1,..'—•'. 11 1 A-
Uitieieii*, Uh
Eleventh Year—No. J9
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, cTWarch 8, 1912.
$1,00 Per Year in Advance.
A Number of Parties Preparing to Erect Buildings
This Summer
The Bassett Ranch and Some
Oity Property Sold This
Waiter £. Hidden, of tbe firm of
Sheads & Hadden, has purchased
tbe 20-acre tract of land formerly
known aa the Bassett rancb, adjoining tbe Big Y orchard on the
east, from Mrs. Jane Pattinion, the
price paid for it being in the neighborhood of 13600. It ia Mr. Had-
den'g intention to improve the property, and to pay special attention to
the cultivation of small fruits.
Neil McCallum tbis week sold two
lots near the C P.R. station Jo Wm.
Wagstaff, boiler repairer for tbe
C. P. R. company at this point. Mr.
Wagstaff will erect a residence on
bis property tbis summer.
Building material,is now being
hauled to Robert Scott's two lots
near the C.P.R. station for a 21x40
store building. The building will
be occupied by Mr. Scott's son, who
w II. open up a cigar store, billiard
parlor and bowling alley in it.
The ground ii being cleared for
the addition to the Pacific hotel,
near the C.P.R. station, which is to
be erected this summer.
E. Larsen, of tbe Province hotel,
is erecting handsome cement-block
residepce on Victoria avenue. Tbe
outside work on the.building is now
nearly completed.
Construction work on tbe new
$45,000 federal public building will
be resumed as early as possil
this spring. The work was started
lust fall, and the basement has been
yoarsago: ''to build a line from
Grand Forks up the Forth Fork of
Kettle river not less than 30 miles;
aline from Midway to Penticton;
a line from Penticton to a junction
with the Nicola, Kamloops & Similkameen tailway near Nicola. To
begin construction of the lines of
railway herein referred to within
four months from the ratification of
tbis agreement by the legislature of
the province, and to proceed continuously and with reasonale expedition with the construction of said
lines, the whole to be completed
within four years from the ratification of this agreement by tbe legislature." No one now believes that
the Kettle Valley line will be able to
live up to this agreement. It has
taken the road three years to find a
grade between Midway and Penticton, and no one would be willing to
take an oath tbat it has been found
•ven at tbis late day. Only a few
miles of the road out of Midway has
been completed. On the North
Fork branch, wbich should have
been finished to Franklin a year ago,
not a shovelful of dirt has been
Poultry Association
The annual meeting of the Grand
Korks Poultry association was beld
in H. A. Sheads' office tbis evening. The attendance was large and
a great deal of important business
was transacted. The following officers wer.i elected for the ensuing
year,   ;
Honorary president, Mr. Edwards, pf Victoria; president, A. D.
. Morrison; vice-president, K. C. Ilea-
Uigur; seuielary-treasurer, Leo Mader; directors, II. Broad, A. S.   Me-
Kit     jjinl   H.   Luscombe.    Mr.
Morrison whs ulsii elected a director
of the Mulish Columbia Poultry as-
8opialii.il. The election of .Mr.
Morrison as president is u fitting
.tribute tn one of the leading potiltry-
nieo of the valley, who was tbe
prime promoter in securing Ihe organization of rhe local association.
The association decided to co.
o|*ratc witb the agriculture! association in regard to the fail fair, but
tl e third annual poultry show will
be held in Ihis city next winter.
Sample Railway Policy
* Here are a few extracts from the
ngreement'between the province of
Hritish Columbia and tbe Kettle
Valley line, as submitted to the
electorate  by   Mr., McBride  three
Qrand Forks Liberal Association Will Meet Next
Tuesday Evening
A meeting of the Grand
Forks Liberal association will
be held in The Sun office on
Tuesday evening, March 12.
All Liberals are requested to
attend. T. A. McIntyre,
"B, 0. Copper Oompany
The pjoduction of the British
Columbia Copper company for the
fiscal year ended November 30,
1911, compares as follows with 1910:
Production.     1911. 1910.
Copper, lbs 9,969,926   7,143,456
Silver, ozs....    130,441 ...   84,ISO
Gold, ozs      30,742        24,962
Figuring tbe copper at 12} cents
per pound in 1911, wbich may be a
little too liberal, silver at 53 cents
per ounce and gold at $20 per ounce,
the company's income for last year
is estimated at SI,953,519, thus:
Value. 1911.        1910.
Copper $1,271,646   $928,649
Silver....        67,133        43,670
Oold      614,840     499,240
Total $1,953,519 $1,471,559
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer oo Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  65 35
Saturday  37 10
Sundiy  31 7
Monday    29 6
Tuesday ,     34 6
Wednesday. :.. 46 ■ •'   87
Thursday .'  40 21
Ranfiiil during week, 0.00 inches;
snowfall, 0 0.
Eggs for Sale
From thoroughbred utility birds.
Single-eiiiiib Rhode Island Iteds and
single-comb White Leghorn*. Won
Iri firsts i.nd !) unwinds, besides 8 njao
oials, at Grand Forks, Greenwood mid
Trail Innl fall and winter; cup at
Trail for best pen in she* on S.C.
Rhode Islund Red*, also special for
lieitt Red in allow, either comb. Eggs,
$3 00 and ' $5.00 per setting. T.
Downs, Grand Forks (Columbia P.O.)
The Grand Trunk Pacific is now
constructing a chain of magnificent
hotels. «*hich will he built at Winni-
peg, Regina, Edmonton, Jasper
Hark in the Rocky mountains,
Prince Rupert and at other points.
Tbe Grand Trunk system constructed the St. Clair tunnel, one of
the longest submarine tunnels in
the world, which is now being operated by electricity.
J. A. Birmingham, general secretary of the Brotherhood of St. Andrews, with headquarters in Toronto,
will visit Grand Forks on Monday,
March 11. A reception will be tendered him by Holy Trinity Chapter
in the Parish hall at 8 p.m. on that
day. All men, whether churchmen
or not, are cordially invited to attend lbe reception.
Miss E. Gilmour, for three years
clerk in the post office, left last Monday for Vancouver, on a visit to her
sister, Mrs Staines She intends to
remain in Vancouver until next
summer, when her sister, Mrs. J. 0.
Taylor, and mother, of Port Arthur,
Ont., will visit the coast. Miss
Lilian Pell is filling hei place in tbe
post office.
Peter Hansen and M. F. Mullen
have formed a partnership for band
ling city baggage and to do a general transfer and teaming business,
They will also deal in wood. Both
are old residents of the city, and deserve a share of tbe patronage of tbe
officers were elected: President, W.
J. Mclntyre; secretary-treasurer, W.
Demntb; manager, F. Haverty.
The selection of a captain was post-
poned untir-fiiiiie future lime. The
club will give i dance iu llm opera
bouse Monday evening, March 18.
The baseball fans of the boundary
have exhibited considerable activity
during the past week*.    The   indies-J
tions ..re thai both Grand Forks and ( Will BaVe a'Capacity ofOver
..iviMiwuiid will   have strong   clubs]
this season/'
Profits Used for  Improvements Keep the Price
Fivt- inil.j)iL(if Rock creek, btwien
White'a bar and the falls, have be n
leased by a Keremeos aud Vancouver syudicate, who will test tbe bed
of tbe Creek for placer gold by diamond drill.
50 (J00,U 0 Pounds ol
topper Annually
lu the Illation t ( n.iiaticiul, Gm.
L. Walker says: "Granhy should
be entitled to sell for double its
price, were it not for tbe fact that
It probably will be two years before
the company resumes regular dividend payment!.    Il should earn at
The    Greenwood    Hockey  club
ends   the season   heavily   in debt.
Ils manager has left thS Boundary,, least $500,000, and possibly $700,
bis present whereabouts being  un- 000, net this year; but tt is tbe plan
C. B. Peterson, proprietor of the
Pacific botel, went to Spokane this
wet.1T for the purpose of obtaining
medical advice regarding a surgicil
Four Greeks who had evaded the
immigration laws by illegally crossing tbe line, were arrested at a local
botel on Monday. On Tuesday they
appeared in the police court, and
were fined $10 and costs each. Tbey
have since been deported.
The annual Boundary district
Sunday school convention will be
held in this city on March 18 and
19. A good program has been prepared for the occasion. A nuniher
of outside speakejs will participate
in the discussions. Meetings will
he held in the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches.
W. K Alexander, who was recently extradited from Spokane lo
answer a ' charge of stealing $700
from Gorman West at Bull creek,
and who escaped from the Greenwood jail last week, has not yet been
The league hockey mutch which
wsb to have been played at the local
rink last Wednesday night, did not
materialize. The Greenwood team
failed to put in an aOpeariliioe,
Tbe Greenwood smelter is now
well supplied with coke, and is
treating ahout two thousand ions of
ore daily.
Tbe Grand Forks baseball club
was reorganized for the season at a
meeting held in the city ball on
Wednesday night.   The  following
R. G. Ritchie, tho Cascade merchant, is in the city today.
Mining Stock Quotations I
Boston, March 7.—The following are today',, opening quotations for
the stocks meiiti ini'il:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 3600 39.00
B. C.   Copper       4.00     4.75
The McBride government is tbe
greatest aggregation of paper railway builders in tbe Dominion. At
the rate the Keltle Valley line bas
been constructed during the past
three years, the child tbat is born
tomorrow will he in its dotage before the road reaches the coast-
When a newspaper that ha" its
nose deep in the government's patronage trough, records an acknowledgement by a public official of a
petition for a public building as a
fact that the appropriation for it has
been made, it may be regarded ns
an infallible sign that an election is
in progress.
Land speculators owe the British
Columbia government $7,000,000
overdue first payments on land.
Tnxes on speculators' lands for
the current year should lie $8U0,-
000. The estimates show expected
revenue un all lauds, lin.her and
otherwise, of $4">0,000,
of. tbe management to pay for the
proposed new smelter and other
equipment, at the Hidden Creek
mine with the 'profits resulting from
tbe operation of ita iuiv.es at Phoe
nix and its smelter at Grand Forks,
and thus to avoid tbe necessity of
further capital issue.
"Of course, it will be greatly to
tbe advantage of the stockholders
ultimately if Granby stock issue can
he kept down to the 150,000 shares
now outstanding, and no bond or
other indebtedness incurred. After
its Hidden Creek smelter is completed and in commission the company sbould be able to produce at
least 45,000,000 pounds of copper
annually, as its capacity will then
exceed 50,000.000 pounds. This will
mean an output of 300 pounds of
copper a* year for eacb share of its
stock, and a profit of 10 cents a
pound, which Bhould easily be possible on a 14 to 15 cent metal mar
ket, would result in net earnings of
$lu a share annually. Tbree yeats
operations at this rate would return
botb principal and interest to the
buyer of Granby at its present price
and leave the bolder 'on velvet'
with bis Block.
"It sbould be remembered that
Granby has been able to pay approximately $1, in dividends, equip,
ment and property purchases, fur
eacb ton of ore so far taken from il s
I'hoenix mines; anil that it hus over
6,000,000 tons remaining there, all
blocked out, with un equal  tonnage .
j in addition reasonably assured in its
Who gets  Hidden Creek property.
"Granby also owns a  large Interest   in   the   coal   mine and coking
, ,-.,-..,       a.a     plant nl Crow's   Nest Pass,   und   a
form syndicates of the friends of lhe '
lOi.OHO-liors' power at lu-iil..   I'uH-,
iii     in    (      .     ., ,     a Washington, which togetlnr shiiulal
which should hu free to  the settler. 8 •
  I have a value of *}_',lll'(',0U('.    At «:. I
British  Columbia  last   year im- la share its eulire capital nlnck has  it
ported $17,UOO,000 worlh  of   fain, .market value nf  Only $5,100,099."
products.    British  Columbia alienated   to  speculators   hundreds   of     The   completion   of   lhe   Grand
thousands  of  acres of lund  from . Trunk Pacific railway  will shorten
the uuestimuted revenut)
Paid surveyors of the government
nn syndicates of thu friends of lhe
government to buy^uvernineiit lauds j
which rhe settler  was  barred.
The McBride government appropriated #200,000 for roads in Alberni as a bribe to the electors to
defeat II C. Brewster; so lhat McBride could "finish his work
peace and quietness.
i the trip around the  world   by   one
i week.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, March 7.—Silver 5Sj|;
standard copper, $14.20(S|14.37j,
London, March 7.—Silver, 26J;
lead, £15 His 3d.
Authorized mileage of Grand
Trunk Pucific main line ami
branches, 11,500—1745 miles h«.
in tween Winnipeg and Prince Rupert;
I .sot) miles ure nlso under contract
by Transcontinental Railroad Commission between Winnipeg and
Tlie^hipments of gold from the
Greenwood sme'te- every month are
worth more than $50,000. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA:
Caused Sore Throat and Ton*
sllltis.   Restored by
But George II. and Frederick of Prui-
B tl* Didn't Fr$h.
/Vf, M|\in| The personal enmity which'existed
lllj Iwlf llliiietween George 11. ana Friderlck.
I IP UlUr KinK ot I'ruBSls, reached i.t oue tl'iio
**FA\ *tMm*fm,S j to such a height that, as Baron By
_-_— '"-.^.j Held was Informed ou good authority,
the raonarebs conceived the very singular design ot gratifying It In a duel.
King George made a choice ot Brigadier Sutton for his second, aud the
King ot Prussia of Colonel Dersehau.
The territory of Hllderschelm was
picked nn (or the meeting. Ills Britannic Majosly was then at Hanover,
and His Prussian Majesty had come
as far as Salzdahl, near Brunswick.
■Heron Hoick, the Prussian minister
at London, and later dismissed from
tho court in a very abrupt manner,
having ropalred to the King, his master, at Bulidahl. found him lu such a
violent passion that he did not think
lt advisable directly to oppose his design, hut to gain time feigned to ap-'
prove ot the extraordinary combat
which His Majesty meditated, and ho
evon offered to carry the challenge.
The challenge was not sent. Ministers on both sides gained time, the
i-holer of hoth parties evaporated, and
tho following year the quarrel was
made up.
Mr. W. II.
Ho u.s 1 e jr,
T e nncsscc,
"Five years
ago I tooit»
wry severe
COld      Which:
. resulted In
I* grippe. I
never was
so bad oft. I
was ln bed
weeks, and
when I did
get up I had
to mil Itis
■nd   s o r •
throat ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"I tried to cure this for eighteen
months, but it gradually got worse. A
doctor advised me to have my tonsils
cut out, but I did not like the Idea.
Another doctor examined me, and told
me the same thing. I finally got a bottle ot Peruna, and after I had taken
one bottle iny throat was better. I
bought nnd used a dozen, bottles, and
ww I was going to get v.-cil, and I did.'*
Mr. W. H. Housloy.
Edible Birds' Nests
The uninitiated are apt to think of
birds' nest soup as a most disgusting
stew ot twlgs,~feathers and what not. y
As a matter of tact, the nest used by f
the Chinese Is a very delicate, semi-
transparent, gelatinous substance,
built by the Bwallowlllte birds known
as tbe Salanganc. Tho mists are
..found in tho Islands about Slam and
the Malay archipelago, and tbe harvest In the IMP *as eighteen thousand pounds, valued at over $100,000.
It used to be thought that, the nest
was formed of inspissated saliva se-
reted by the highly devoloped glands
pf the bird. Now it Is known that the
nest Is made of a species of alga, gathered by the bird. The season for
harvesting the ucsts lasts from April
until September. It takes three
months to build the first neat; and
Just before the eggs arc laid tlie nest
Is stolen by Ihe collector. Tho bird
Immediately sets about tho building
ot another nest, taking thirty days for
the Worki This is also stolen before
Ihe eggs are laid. The third -nest,
however, la unmolested, aud tho' birds
are permitted to raise their young,
after which the nest Is taken and sold.
The nests ara built In most Inaccessible spot.-, among lhe cliffs along
the coast, and tho natives must risk
their lives to reach them. In preparing birds' nest soup the nest is washed In cold water and then cooked for
eight hours in a closed vessel, after
which it is mixed with chicken broth,
seasoned and boiled for a quarter of
an hour. The dish is considered a
great delicacy among the Chinese, and
occidentals who have tried the soup
find it very palatable and much resembling chicken soup.
Reasonable Request
It was a cold night. The traveller
Inquired at the only hotel in the little
town if he could bo lodged for the
night, but was informed that it was
full up.
"But you muat give nie somo sort
ot accommodation," Baid the stranger.
"Surely you don't want me to sleep
under the starry, but chilly skies?"
"Welt," said the proprietor, the best
wc can do ts to make you up a bed
In tho passage and curtain lt oft for
you."   And so It was arranged.
In tho dark watches of tho night the
traveller awoke. A freezing draught
chilled him and the sheet which had
been hung up as a partition was blow-
tn£hicrrlly jn the breezo. The traveller rose and shouted ffr the landlord.
'What Is it?" queried a voice from
the stairhead.
"Please," said the stranger timidly,
"may I have a sheet of pins to lock
my bedroom door with?"
A Hint for Hubby
They lived in one of those new garden suburbs, where everyone loves his
neighbor, and the green grass grows
greener, and thc bouses ar white and
red. The great scandal of tbe moment
In that particular suburb was tho story
that, a newly married lady had ruthlessly hurled a plate at her hubby,
because he had ventured in error to
sit upou her new hat. Mrs. Nextdoor
was as flabbergasted at the tale as
anyone, and drew her own husband's
attention to the matter.
Ho placed hla (ace nearer to that of
his wife—they had not heen married
very long, either—as she remarked
"I could never throw anything at
* you, could I, pettle, however crossly
lt had made me."
"Xo, ducky, I am sure you couldn't.
You wouldn't lt you could, and I am
certain you'll never try."
"Of course I couldn't, Jack," replied
his bolter half. "You Bee, I haven't
got a new hat for you to sit, on."
Baldwin, Kas., Is the home ot more
superanuuted preachers, perhaps,
than any other town ot Its size In the
world. The spirit of the place Just,
suits them, for Baldwin is owned and
operated by Methodists and stands tn
a class by Itself.
/,   PILLS-
Staging It
A leading theatrical manager told
a dramatic critic stories as he strolled
ln tho bright, cold weather down
"There was one chap," said he, "I
couldn't get rid of. Dear me, he was
nerslstent. I refused his farce seven
times, and he still kept turning up
with lt, re-wrltten here and there.
"The eighth time he came 1 told
him firmly that it was no use.
" 'But sir,' he said, 'Is there no possible way S'ou could puf my farce on
the stage?'
" 'Well,' said I. 'there's one way
but 1 don't know If you'll submit '
" 'Oh, I'd submit!' he cried. 'I'd submit to anything!'
" 'Then, said I, 'we'll grind it up and
uso it as a snow storm.'"
Making 8urs
The wife of an over-worked promoter said at breakfast. "Will you
nost this letter for me, dear? It's td
•he furrier countermanding my order
for that $f'00 sable and ermine stole?
You'll be sure to remember?"
y. The red eyes of the hsrrassed, shabby promoter lit up with Joy. He
seized a skinning rone tliat lay with
a heap of dolls and toys tn a corner,
and. going lo bis wife, he said: "Here,
tie my right hand to my left, so I won't
By the use o* a snoclally constructed apparatus. In which helium was
nvaiwrated ln a vessel surrounded hv
liquid helium. Professor Kamerlintrh
Onnes hus succeeded in evaporating
helium at a pressure of about two-
tenths of a millimeter. The temperature thus attained corresponds to
about i.s degrees absolute, the lowest
tcnine'ftlure on record, cays the
Scientific American.
Not Worthy the Name
A newsboy, having received a quarter from a lady for whom ho had gone
un errand, resolved td convert lt Into
coppers. With that Intention he went
to one of thc banks In the city, pushed
open tho door, and marched up to the
counter: but tho teller, falling to. rec-
ognlzo the Importance of tlio transaction bade him mn away home.
Deeply hurt, the urchin drew himself together, walked to the door, and
there, standing on the mat, surveyed
the cutlre place and everyone there-
Tails of the Syrian Breed Weigh Ten
to Fifteen Pounds
It has been suggested that in the
sheep-rattcnlng process, which Is common In tho vicinity ot Damascas, one
might bc able tb trace the original
meaning of the Biblical phrase, "the
tatted calf." Mrs. Mcintosh thus describes thc process in her book, "Damascus":
"the sheop differ from ours. When
we show pictures of the latter to the
natives thoy ask what animals they
arc. They miss tho enormous tails of
the Syrian sheep, In which the fat ot
the body seerns to concentrate, and
which, after skinning and preparing,
often weigh ten to fifteen pounds.
'{Early In the summer the head ot
each family buys or sets apart one,
two or three sheep, according to his
rank in life of hls-wealth. The women
and children devote themselves with
great zeal to fattening these sheep.
The children fill large baskets with1
mulberry leaves and carry them to
their mothers. These several times
a day and also ln the night take little
wooden stools and sit up by the sheep.
With ono hand they keep the sheep's
mouth open; with the other they cram
tn the leaves, forcing Ihem down the
"Twice a day the sbeep are led to
the village fountain to drink, and their
coats aro frequently washed. About
the end ot September the work ot the
women and children comes to an end.
The sheep have grown bo tat they cannot stand up. They are then killed.
Their flesh Ib boiled, with spices, and
put into pots'far winter use. The
mincemeat Is eaten as a relish at festivities."
Sham Battle Shams ,
The military manbuvreB were in a
muddle. Tho "Purples" were supposed to be Invading the territory of tbe
"Greens," but why thore or what they
were tbey didn't exactly know.
A lartSe detachments of the "Purples" began to cross the river by a
wooden bridge to attack a small detachment of "Greens."
"HI!" roared the "GreenB." "HI!
You mustn't cross here! Can't you
see the notice? This bridge 1b supposed to be destroyed."
"H'm! Is'It?" responded the captain of the "Purples." trimly. 'Well,
then, we're supposed to bo swimming
Sick headaches—neuralgic headaches—splitting,
-   blinding headaches—all vanish when you take
Nev-Drn-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain phenacettn, acetantlld,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. a box at your Druggist's. uj
Nfl.TIOr_.l_. OrniO a CMIHIMI.CO. or C»«A_>». Limitcd
Whence the "Grass Widow*1 \ ,
To give positively the origin of the
expression "grass widow" appears to
be Impossible.   The authorities do not
agree on this point.   Ono contends
that a woman who said to her friends
that her husband "had gone to grass"
following a separation Is entitled to
the credit of coining the expression.
Our writers have attempted to find
an explanation ot lt ln the French
word   grace" to signify a widow by.
courtesy.   In the Scandanavlan lang-j
uages the .prefix "grass"   being   In
common uso, others havo conjectured-]
that It comes from the word "grading" meaning greedy; this signifying
a woman who longs for the husband
who Is gone. .
These give a wide enough choice.
An aged colored man was engaged
in burning the grass oft the lawn ot
a young broker when the latter returned to his home, and, thinking to
have some fun with the old man, said:
"Sambo, If you burn that grass, the
entire lawn will be as black as you
"Dat's all right, suh," responded the
negro. "Some o' dose days dat grass
grow up an' bo as green as youh
Whin Your Eyes NeidCire
Try Murine Eye Bemedy. No Smnrlinj.—Feels
I'liie—Ai-ib quickly. Try It for Sett, Weak,
Watery Eytaa uud uranuleteal Kyelials.  .Una*
for" E3, Weak
flflflflflia.J    ntjeaa ui.u   a.,_..._..„__._.   EyellllS.     IlltU1
.rated nook lu eaeh Package. Murine la
comFunnded by our Ooullsls-nur a "Pntent xtea-
la-lma"—but need ln Buceass.ril Physicians' Preo-
ilce lur many y.aurs. Now dedicated to the Public and wild by _J.a_ai._u at -So ond Sic per Bottle,
Murine Rye BolTrjIn A-cplIc Tubes, Sfto aad Hoc,
Murine tye Remedy Co., Chicago
In Tripoli.
"We had tb notify the soldiers to
hurry up and' get through the last
"What was the trouble?"
"The moving picture films gave
Here's the biggest
can of easy-shilling
ttove polish on the
market.   -
It's a Baste—eatlly applied—arid
Illvea a brillUnlly black poller! that
i not affected by tht heat. EqaaUy
nod for atovee, pipes, grates and
iron work. ,
If yonr dealer doet aot terry
"Black Keif lai ■ Steve Mish, eenal na
hla, name and 10c. and we will tend a
full tine tin by return mail. 35
IbkmertlHlaHOl-ilaralMMU. a
Ke Was Helping
A Baltimore man, whoso son Is a
resident at Prlaeeton, had found frequent occasion to remonstrate with
his boy . touching hla extravagance,
but the father Invariably "comes to
tho front" when request is made tor
further funds.
On his last letter to his son, thc
father, after the usual recital, stated
that he was forwarding a cheque for
?G0. and ho wound up with:—
"My son, your studies are costing
me a great deal!"
To which the hopeful In the next letter replied:—
"I know It father; and 1 don't study
very hard, either."
Helping Hsr Out
"Why didn't you get a younger turkey?" demanded the husband.
"I told the dealer I was rather
green," faltered the young wife, "so
he advised me to take an old, experienced one."
The first railway In Argentina was
laid In 1867, and was six miles long.
In 1910 that country had eighteen
thousand miles of railway.
Ot the 12,000,000 tons ot Iron ore
which Spain mines each year, only
about S.ooo.ooo tons are used at home,
the rest being exported.   .
Ths Msn of It
Mrs. Reed (with magazine).—Hero's
a fine photograph of a Jury ot Call<
forala women and they appear to be
paying close. attention to a woman
Mr. Reed (slyly).—Yes. What la
she wearing?
"I envy the man wbo believes that
superstition about Friday," said Mr.
"I consider it depressing."
"Not at all. A mat. ought to be
mighty comfortable who can feel sure
there's only' ono unlucky day In the
Fads for Weak Women
Nine-tenths ol all the sickness ol women is doe to some derangement or disease ol the organs distinctly feminine. Such sickness caa be ound—is cared
every day by •
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women WeU.
It sots directly on Iho organs effected nd is al the same time s general restorative tonio for the whole system. It cures female complaint right ia the privacy
oi home. It makes unnecessary the disagreeable questioning, examination, and
local treatment so universally Insisted upon fey doctors, and so abhorrent ts
every modest woman. Uf********s************J
Wo shall not particularize here as te the symptoms pi
those peculiar affections incident to women, but those
wanting lull information aa to their symptoms aad
means oi positive oure are referred to the People's Common Sense Medical Adviser—1008 pages, newly revised
and up-to-date Edition, seat fret on receipt ol SO oar-
cent stamps to cover cose of v.rappiogand mailing nsiy,
in frencb cloth binding.   Address: Dr. R. V. Pierce,
l-rcnvu vflvflflfl »«.-.«.     .-—"—--
663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
W. N.V. No. "82.
"Call yerself a tank," ho exclaimed
with lof >? disdain, "an' can't change
a quarts-.1."
Remember ths Accent
'Queen. Mary," said the teacher to
tlio class Id the hlstcry lesson, "l..»«d
France so much that sho declared the
word Calais would be found written
across her heart after she was dead."
Pausing for a moment tho teacher
looked at a boy steadily.
"Jimmy Uelth," she said, "you were
not listening."
"Oh, yes I wos." Jimmy replied.
"Well, what did Queen /lary tay
would bo foiud written across her
"Kelly," was  Jimmy's  triumphant
Reggy.—Aw, pwoud beauty, you
spurn me love now! Let mc tell you
I will not always be a clerk—I—
Peggy.—Of course, you may be fired.
Hewitt.—Do you Milnlt   long   hair {
makes a man look Intellectual?
Jewitt.—Not when his wife finds tt
on bis coat; lt niakee'hlm look foolish.
Concrete Root
Cellar Costs Less Than
Wood and is Much More
Cement is particularly adapted to the construction of Root Cellar floors and walls.
Experience proves that for the farmer, Concrete is superior to wood in every point oi
Concrete permits ol a desirable degree
of coolness without freezing. There is no
question as to its durability. Concrete lasts,
not for years, but for ages; and needs nt
■ Anyone who has scooped vegetables from
the old plank floor will appreciate the fact lhat
-Concrete offers a smooth, continuous surface
with no projecting plank ends or nails to
damage the scoop or ruffle the temper of tha
The rations uses to which
Concrete inay be profitably
pnt, on the farm, are plainly
and simply in our 160-page
What tht Farmer Can
' Do With Concrete"
whioh shows how the following
(arm buildings sad utilities ean
ke constructed of seaarotes—
Barns, Cisterns, Dairies, Dip-
■big Tanks, FeunSatlena, Pens*
Potto, Feeding Fleers. Gutters,
Hens' Nests, Hltehlng Peats,
Hera* Weeks, Houses, FmH*
Shelter Walls, Stsbleo, autre,
•Ulls, Steps, Tanks, Troughs,
Walks, snd a* forth.
•end ter It-It's free—though
It regularly salt* fer He. Writ*
LimKoa /
Overcoming Nature.
There was a maid ln our town
Who did not paint, 'twas said.
Because her soft and dimpled cheeks
Were made by nature red.     "      *
But soon this maiden quite petite
Grew wan, her roses fled,
And all because she followed out
The beauty hints she read.
Stops Pain at Once
This Is the verdict of all who have
tried 7«ni'Buk. The woman In the
home (move best Its value. A bum
fiom--the stove, trom s flat-iron, or a
hot pan, 1b Instantly soothed by Zam-
Buk. When the little ones fall and
cut- or scratch themselves, Zam-Buk
stops the pain and, Incidentally, their
crying. The best proof of this ts the
fact thnt children who have once nad
Zam-Buk applied come for lt again.
For many serious burns, too, It Is
unequalled. Mr. John Johnston, of
734 SOuth Marks Street, Fort Wlll'ain,
a moulder in Coup's Foundry, says:
"Some time ago I burned the tjp tt
my foot severely hy dropping sjibc
molten iron from a ladle I was cany-
. Ing. A large hole was burned througu
tny shoo and Into the top of my foot.
I was taken home and Zam-Buk was
applied to the bum directly. It was
surprising what relief this balm afforded. The burn was so deep and so
serious thut It required careful attention, but Zam-Buk prevented otber
complications arising, and as It was
dally applied, soothed the pains and
allayed tho Inflammation. In tbe
course of two weeks the hole burned
In my foot bad been quite healed." '
Mr. W. B. Gibson, of Belleville,
writes: "We have tried Zam-Buk often on cuts and sores, and I think
there, is nothing that can equal lt."
Zani-Bulc will also he found a sure
cure far cold sores, "chapped hands,
frost bites, ulcers, blood-poison, varl-
coso sores, piles, scalp sores, ringworm. Inflamed patches, babies' eruptions aud chapped places, and skin
Injuries generally. All druggists and
stores sell at 50c, box, or post free
firojn Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price.
Oh, the littleness ot tho Uvea that
we1 are living, denying to ourselves
the Wgnoss of that thing which Is lo
bo a man, to be a ohild of God!—Phillip Brooks.
Warts on the hands Is a disfigurement that troubles many ladles. Hol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove tho
blemishes without pain.
Mr. Homely.—I see you keep copIob
of all tho letters you write to your
wife. Do you do lt to avoid repeating
Mr. Faraway.—No. To avoid contradicting myself.
took for-the signature ot R W. GROVE.
Used the World over to Cure a Cold In
me par.      Mo.  -
Handing One Back
"Whnt an excellent judge ot human
nature you are."
"Do you think sot"
"I do Indeed."
-Just wbyt"
"Toti flatter so beautifully."
...    —.-.   vfl.flfl__.fl_j    tu   mo   BIJflLVQU.U   COIl
tury; "papa" did not come ln, borrowed trom abroad, until the seventeenth
century wa' well advanced. FloHo,
at the end pf the former century defined thp Italian "pappa" as "the first
word that children are taught to call
their father, as ours say 'ddd' or 'dad-
die.'" "Dad" seems to be the commoner to mankind of the two. Naus-
Icaa ln the "Odyssey" calls hor father
"'pappa phlle," dear papa, but Greek
bad "rata" also, and Welsh has "lat"
and Irish "dald."
taanr    -w,aa»i,aii *>aaA tone,,a,
fevjaan ana xxmosed to be ta<
near ream doctcro pronounced I
jiio.oi.tiS toesl naedlea, and b
-Ikon Is more OMsimairtleiecttooo! tile eo_rrr.it
taanr '. i***rlwam, mit loalntt, out WIS tbe kit
 1 lo be Incurable. For a tret
t It a local aamee tie
„ i br amtaatir tiliui
to euro wits Local treatment, pecaoouncecl It Incnra-le
Sokace San prores Csurrt- lo be a eonsuuitttnel ale.
mm. aa* I ban lets reviMo coaiUtuiioeal tnatnnt
itau-s oaten*, core. naMaeand br 1.1. Cone,
a. CB. Totofc,onto, k tbs ooiy oouutnuoael core oo
■be aesitss. It k lata. IMonaSy si Sooot trom is
drops to a teoapooarol. It arts dlrecUi oa aba Uoc
ood amoe-jo aartseia o.* tbe srstosL Ita? eaVf one
IraodNd donuo mt aav seat tt tuts w core. Sta*
■     "    ' ts aad Mtlrocalala    ■ '■ ■
r.i.CH£Nr.V4 0a,Tii_oea,OMo.
• me.
eost br rnonrku. i
Glbbs—Banks married his wife he-
cause she was a good conversationalist
Dibits.—Yes, and divorced her because she talked too much.
ia die best and quickest
•way to perfect health.
Women and girls who
suffer are simply weak
—-weak all over.
Opiates and alcoholic
mixtures are worse than
worthless, they aggravate the trouble and
lower the standard of
Sralf8 Emulsion
strengthens the whole
body, invigorates and
builds up.
Basaavtoget SCOIl'I—
It's ms Student ami alwaye
Call and let us explain our Special Anti-Saggiug, Anti-Friction tind Accurate Sowing features.
'Dad" and "daddy" wero well known
this country ln the sixteenth cen-
• _»•   -«_._. — ,,    _IU fl    -_. .__      ■	
The change of dietary that comes
with spring and summer has tho effect in weak stomachs of setting up
Inflammation, resulting in dysentery
and oholera morbus. The abnormal,
condition-will continue If not attended to and will causo an exhaustive
drain on tho system. The best available medicine Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It clears the stomach and bowels of Irritants, counteracts the inflammation and. restores
the organs to healthy action.
Didn't Watch Her
"Maud Is so clever."
"What now?"
"You know that Ella coaxed Jack
away from her."
"Well, Maud talked Ella .Into buying
a lavender gown.";
For Diseases
ofthe Skin
THERE   18   NO   TREATMENT   80
80RE8 A8
Dr. Chase's
The one common feature of nearly
all skin diseases is Itching, annoying
and oftentlmos almost unendurable
Tho strong point about Dr. Chase's
Ointment Ib that by reason ol Its remarkable soothing qualities It relieves
Itching from the moment it Is applied.
But Dr. Chase's Ointment does more
than this. It 1s composed of the
greatest healing Ingredients known
to science, and Its healing powers are
often described as magical.
Allaying tho Inflammation, relieving the Itching and gradually and naturally healing the raw, flaming flesh.
Dr. Chase's Ointment Is the most effective treatment for eczema and salt
rheum that was ever discovered.   -
There are many kinds ot eczema,
and nearly* all Itching skin diseases
como under this head, ln children It
is known as teething eczema, and
many a fond mother will tell you with
heart felt gratitude of how her little
one was rescued trom torturing, Itching eczema by the use ot this great
Wherever there Is Itching skin or a
nor© that refuses to heal Dr. Chase's
Ointment will :posltively; provo effective as a relief and a cure.
Dr. Chase's Ointment has an unparalleled record, of cures; 00c. a box at
all dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates & Co..
Limited, Toronto.
'Engaged this year!"
"No. I am waiting far a left-banded
"Why left-handed,"
"My. last one was right-handed and
I don't "want to grow lopsided."
Mlnartfs Liniment Cures Distemper.
"The mosquito," writes Consul Cole
from Dawson, "Is more numerous ln
the Arctic zone than In the tropics,
though thero Is no land too cold or
too bot for Its habitation, and tho
only placo where tt Is not found Is tn
localities, where thero Is little or no
moisture. There Is no. country where
tbe mosquitoes are so large and ao
numerous as tbey arc In tbo Klondike, and it Is Impossible to destroy
them, as they propagate In tho heavy
moss tnat grows here, which contains
moisture almost equal to swamp
Fish Culture In Canada
Batching fish by artificial means
to stock the waters of Canada is < n-
gaged ln on a large scale by the Dominion Government. In 1009 the Dominion fish hatcheries' planted no Sen
tban 1,024,282,000 fry In varloui waters throughout the country. In 100ft
only 271,906,000 fry were plants* by
the Government fish hatcheries, so
that the plant of young fish has increased by nearly 277 per cent. In the
past ten yean and tho numbe.- of
hatcheries has Increased from 12 to
37 or 20S per cent. Of the 37 hatcheries now in operation, British Columbia and Quebec havo 8 eaoh, Nova
Bcotla, New Brunswick and Ontario.
C each; Manitoba and Prince Edward
Island each have 3.
Tho amonut voted by the Dominion
Parliament for fish culture purposes
in 1909 was $322,300, and ot this $180,-
345, or approximately 56 per cent, was
expended. The Importance of carrying
on this work cannot be emphasized
too much ln a growing country like
Canada, where the Increasing population Is making greater and greater
demands on the fish supply.
It Makes New Friends Every Day.—
Not a single day goes by that Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil docs not widen
the circle of Its friends. Orders for
it come from tho most unlikely places
In tha west and far north, far its tame
bas travelled far. It deserves this attention, for no oil has done so much
tor humanity. Its. moderate cost
makes lt easy to get.
Some. Luck
"Been hunting?"
"Yes." ,
"Any luck?"
"Somo. Found a man who would
cash a check when the game warden
told mo what tho fine was."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ete.
A Fast Drive
Frank Work dearly loved a fast
trotter. By thc came token he hated
to drive at a Blow pace.
A friend took him out one day behind a pair of bays. Either the bays
wero slow or tbe driver believed in
sparing his horse flesh. At any rate
Work returned home ln a rather glum
"Did you have a nice drive, father?"
one of his daughters asked.
"Nice!" snorted Work. "Why the
very hearses passed us cheering as
they went by."
tf^**'.'?**..'- ""•• "ft *"' '
Exceptional knowledge of the Alps
has been gained by geologists In the
various tunnels which have been bored
through the mountains far railway
purposes. Prof. Wehrli, ot Zurich, has
Just given to tbe Berlin Scientific Society some particulars of discoveries
In connection with' the new Loetsch-
berk tunnel. One of them was the
unexpected piercing of a great coal
seam In the centre of a mass of much
younger triasslc stone. At Andermatt
and Alrcolo one can see by the quarries thero how, under tremendous lateral pressure the Jurassic chalk haB
been turned Into marble.
A safe and sure medicine tor a child
1-oubled with worms Is Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. .
Overlooked Him
Two lawyers before a probate Judge
recently got into a wrangle. At last,
ono ot the disputants, losing control
over his emotlon3. exclaimed to his
"Sir, you are, I think, the blgges'
ass that I ever had the misfortune tc
set eyes upon." .
"Order! order!" said the Judgf
<5ravely. "You seem to forget that I
am In the room."
W. N.O. He. SSL
Mule Was Uninjured
Senator John Sharp Williams, whoso
supply ot darky stories seems Inexhaustible, tells this new one:
"I was proceeding leisurely along a
Georgian road on foot one day, -vh.ni
I met a conveyance drawn by a nu,io
and containing a number ot rnvxa
tleld-bands. The driver, a dsrky ol
■bout twenty, was eudewoiir.i. t> increase Its speed, when su-l«'er_ly tho
animal let fly wUh his henls ut.d do:u!
him auch a kick that he wan it retch id
on the ground In a twinkling ' He lay
rubbing hla woolly plate tviio.o Ibt.
mule had kicked him.
' "'Is he hurt?' I asked anxiously of
an old negro, who had Jumped from
the conveyance and was standing over
the prostrate driver.
" 'No boas,' was tho older man's reply, 'dat mule will walk kind o' tcnda'i
to' a day or two, but he ain't hurt-'"
Tou ean never tell when
s horse is going td
develop a Curb, Splint,
Spavin, Ringbone or a
lameness.   Yet it is hound
to happen sooner or later.
And you can't afford to keep
hia in tbe ban. Keep a bottle of
Kendall's Spavla Care
handy at all times. Mr, Briem,
of Icelandic Hirer, Msn., writes:
"I bave been using Kendall's
Spavin CM* ***** »nd it safe snd
Get Kendall's SfSsis Cun st
any druggist's.  f i. per bottle—
( bottles for $&.
I "Treatise on the
write to
■Mean fsls, It,*. It.
To Alter poisonous adds aad milo matter Iran the
system, what SiaifMrM II the kidneys are oot ht
perfect condition? Thoy cannot property fitter the
poisons Irom the blood. What tbent Vint backaches,
pains In tha taints and muscles, frequent hcadachee,
then spots Datura the eyes, rheuraetio pains, that,
chronic kidney disease tn which—at gnat espenae
—only temporary relief oan   ba   had.   Finally,  eon-
kidneyjaeaan Joa warn of their unhealthy condition, it le
the alternative, when the kidneys begin lo warn el their unhealthy condition, Is
take DB.CLARk'8 SWEET NITRE HI.LB. They will help the kflneye anil ka
tbem kselthy for tho future.   Sold everywhere.! fifty osnts a boa or mailed direct by
The Arlington Co. ol Can,ida, Ltd.
A Rapid Changs
"Are you a friend to William Wiggins?    That ne'er-do-well."
"I Bhould think not, Indeed."
"Then you'll hardly be Interested to
hear that he's Inherited a hundred
.thousand pounds."
"What?   Dear old Bill."
For our fast selling Drugs and Drug
Sundries. We supply you witb artlclss
some of which are saleable in every
home, and or. which you will receive
a profit of 200 to 300 p.c. We bare
agents earning |6.00 to $10.00 per day
the year round. Be an agent. Send
at once, for our special agents pries
list Don't overlook tbis chance. It
means d liars to you.  Wrlto at once,
Canada's   Greatest  Cut   Rate   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
"Won't you take this seat?" said the
gentleman ln the car, rising and lifting hts bat.
"No thank you," said the girl wltb
tho skateB over her arm. "I've been
roller-skating, and I'm tired ot sitting
specialist, » College Bt. Teroate.
The Spoils of War
Mrs. Howard.—Anil so two ol youi
sons are Boy Scouts?  Where do tliej
do most of their reconnolta.'.iig ?
Mrs. Coward.—Iu our refrigerator.
Most Ills of Life
come from errors in diet, from too little exercise or from the mis*
takes we commit without thinking of consequences. Thess
sicknesses may be slight at first, but they (under work, prevent
advancement or bring depression and spoil enjoyment. What
is worse, they lead-to serious physical disorders if not checked in
time i b:t you CAN check them easily and quickly.   They wilt
Naturally Yield To
sucha safe, simple, re.UMefamfly.WMdy as Beecham's Pills! In every
household where this famous and unequalled medicine is known,
the wnole aspect of life is changed forthe better. Be ready to help
yourself—and your family—to overcome trouble and to regain, and.
keep, good bodily conditions by having on hand for immediate use
Fer t.melm. Beozhem'x Pits mmsxlse* g«Jli. 5eeIxmtstSxm (Mat est* las.
Prepered only by Thanes Bcsebsm, St. Helena, UnnsUre, Eajtaad.
Solde»eriwa»eIsCsaeassad U.S. America. IsaaaeaiSceaia.	
The long winter even-
inn give a woman a splendid chance (or sewing or
embroidery; but het eyes
safer from die strain unless
she has a good light.
The Rayo is the best
lamp made.
It gives a strong, diffused light that is remarkably easy lo the eyes.
There is no glare to it; no Bicker,   ll lights up a whole room.
The Rayo is an economical lamp, too.
You pt lhe
feu pt lhe moetpoeaUe lifhl-ralua (or lhe oil burned; aad die Rays liwll it a
«km lamp. Yet k is a hsndinens leap—aa otasaiaal to any room io lhe home.
Tke Rajro Lamp ia eerily lighted without roswriag shade or chimney; easy lo
Made of solid brass, aickel-plsted; also ia semeroui oilier stylet
clean and remes.
and finiakea.
Aak rear dealer la i*w rea ale taa al Kara luaftl a« wile htimrktm sksahs
The IaverialOUGM^any, United
Economy in littlo thing* ia juat as
important as economy in big things
will answer one of your "economy questions." 60 yeara
of constant betterment haa brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match doea the work of several other*
of inferior make.
Eye Strain Relieved
ii "■•
W'h are skilled Eyesight Special"
Ms. We will examine youreyea
without charge and give yoO o'uV
raiiijid ii(.iiiiioii us to their itufifli-*
t'on. if minuses are necessary we
are Llmnm^lily .•ompeleiit. to Ht
you with u pair'whielr will ex
actly meet the needs of your even.
ailallfltieil at ilranil r*ork«. UrlrLh (lulumlil
, A,KT»«a         Mitorand ftsbll.hei
A Hie of this paper oan be seen at the office
af Moure, it .t J. Hardy .1 He, . *i,n ami »•>
KlfaetaHrefit, K.O., Loudon. Kiiarl I'll, free of
aliarae, and that Arm will be _riu.l tu receive
ul,fla-ri| liaaia. aaaaai ai.lVHrtla,RI„a>allfl ana a,„r tie*
BunaoaiavrioN h _iss t'_
mo <ear       SI.5U
ine 1 ear (In advance) «„  I.IKI
One Year, In United Slates  IM
Address all communication, to
Ths Bvanina Sun,
a>HMi Bll Gnamo Komo. B.C
A8 THE City U.»q_i
til llave 11 |,HI IIIKI
the City Oleik's iiBia-e, applications will In- received liy the under-
flijriiml ii|i till Mundiiy, Maruli lltli,
I III*.', fill' a lndy ai»i»Uiit. Salary,
SlilS |iei iiiuntli.
^^^^^     JOHN HAY,
*.     City Clerk.
A campaign is now in progress,
and a great deal of nonsense is uttered by the suppnrteis of the   McBride  government about the wonderful prosperity of British Columbia,   all  due  to the transcendent
statesmanship of the premier. Some
(awning Tories  even go so far as to
intimate that the government should
lie returned to power unopposed on
the strength of the wave of prosperity now sweeping over the province.
Let us examine this subject in a
. common-sense  manner.   It is now
about ten years since Mr. McBride
obtained control—by' trjckiry—of
the political situation of  the   province.   Has tbe advancement of our
own city during the laBt def ade been
sufficiently marked to warrant the
showering of panegyrics on the government?   Have our citizens been
rewarded with even a just compensation for their labors?   How much
has our population increased?   Is
the volume of business now carried
on here greater than it wsb ten years
ago?   How many of citizens hnve
accumulated wealth sinre Mr. McBride  gained   power?    When you
bave solved these questions in regard
to your own city, apply   tbe same
queries to other  cities—to Nelson,
Rowland, Greenwood, Phoenix, Mid
way, or any town in the Similkameen—and   if, after  an   impartial
consideration of the foots in the mat-
• ter,   you   call   adduce   nny     well
founded   reason why the pump, ritv
cry   fl'ouli!   influence   yon    In (tilid
vour hsllot in favor nf the  uiuBride
gnveriitnent,   then  yuu   are u hide-
bound   pnrti/.iin   mul   iiiOdpslile of
viewing conditions as they mill*
exist. Compare thu development of
lhe interior of the province with the
iidviinueiiient mnde by tbe Liberal
provinces of'Alberta nnd Sunkiitche-
wan during the lust ten yeurs. We
a superior climate snd greater natural resnurciMi in our favor, yet no
one cnn sny thut our growth has
kept pace with the growth of the
prairie provinces. There the pros-
ftt-rity is general. Here only the
.M.I'.P.V, on a milnrv of $1200 a
year, ami a few unvernuieni hungers-
UU, appear In prosper Yet Ibe
newspapers in every one of the towns
named above nre fulsome in their
adulation of Mr. McBride and his
colleagues. They sre betraying the
people's interests for the sake of
participating in the patronage tbat
is so bountifully handed out from
Thksb are the days when great
progress—on paper—is being mad
with railway construction in this
province. The Tory papers now inform us thnt the contract for tbe
construction of the Keltle Valley
line over the Hope mountains is tu
be let immediately. Presumnbly.thc
the grade of the road will be finished
at once, and the surveys made, and
the fight of way purcbis d, when the
officials of tbe company bave more
leisure, wbich will probably be after
the election.
have decided :^eJ„eg(|ay   MftUT.  £.*}}
i amistant in **
ialmatier   jSisters
I All-Star Company
Uniler the Auspices of the
(irand Forks Band
Quintette   of   Real Entertainers
Orchestra Selections, Maudn'in
Orchestra, Cornet Solos, Vocal
Solos nnd Duos, Vocal and Instrumental Trios, llomnrous Headings, and high class Specialties,
W: cAnvil Chorous
With full Singing Chorous, and Elec
tricnl F.ffecU in the Beautiful Gypsy
Scene    New Costumes.    New Music.
Tickets on Sale at Woodland
& Co.'s Drug Store.
and Goarlay
We purchase our Pianos outright antl are therefore prepared tp give our customers the liest
f'rice and the hest  terms.   We  handle
[igh-Giude Pianos. *
WOODLAND   &,    CO.
loHcJUL Store
Thk electors are urged to vote for
the government candidates because
of tbe liberal grants—election bribes
—that were made to some of the
constituencies during the late see
sion of the legislature. As far as
known, Grand Forks riding bas received nothing more tban its just
dues, if tbat mucb. We bad been
given a 145,000 court house, while
at Vsrnon, whence a cabinet tniiiis-
tess bails, they are erecting a public
building costing J17U,0UU, and tbe
road appropriations for tuts district
have not been heavier thuu for any
otber constituency.
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong 4nd
aterman, 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service aa well as at 8
a ni. Weekday and special services
as they nre announced from, time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we. would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Phkbbytkrian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbatfhschool and Bible class at
9.45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.mi;Sunday school,
2:80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Welcome. . >
BaWiW Church, .Rav. K;' W>
Wright, pastor.—Service)! on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
Slices. We're are still doing
igh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
we are prepared to give the people of (Irand l*'orks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Come iu and see this handsome book. It will aid you
greatly in selecting a suitable
color scheme for your home.
Of course we sell
Paints, Stains and Varnishes,
because they are the very best,
being especially mode for this
Western climate—no severe
changes in temperature can
harm this paint.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yobk, Maruh 7.—Silver 58|;
standard copper, i}ll.i()(<r.l4..'t?A,
London, March 7.—Silver, 26f;
lead, £ 15 16s 3d.
Shop Next C.P.I. Hotel, Columbia, B. C.
t3e Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Botel, Columbia, B.C.
DinC * Motocjrola-lt'i the moat fasclnat-
MUC lu* nf all modern vehicles. Gives yuu
the means taro anywhere at any time mi a
moment*! notioe Cost ol operating la only
16 per mile. Free enrlue clutch and magnetron all 191S models. For particulars write or
It is reported tbal two feet ol cop
pci nulli ore was struck Inr-i »eck in
the Argo tunnel st Oreemmisil.
The following iirr lbe Mum* ol
thenra production of lhe l.iiundary
mines for thi- week, und alwifor the
vear to dale:
Uriml.y 2:1.515
Mother l.mle    6,MI
Rawhide  4,(110
Jnck'iot      J1:MI
Alhelntan        **.»
Emma      4.'lii
Others      4»3
Smelter treatment—
Granby 23,875
B. C. Copper Co...l2,S72
Hansen S Mullen I
F. Downey's Cigar Store
;C«;««_B...r-,i» First Streetl
MUM,*!*;'  RrMMUrcll, MIS
(IS, 309
12 .144
-  340
Wit $tmttok
THI STANDARD la the National
Weekly Newspaper ot tke Dominion
of Canada. It Is national In all IU
It uses the most expansive engravings, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.
IU articles ara carefully selected and
j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SllU   editorial    policy    Is   thoroughly
The only policy holder who independent,
doesn't need to pay his prem-!   A »»n»eription to Th* Bundard
iums is dead.   The only man eo,ta ♦"0 *» *nrt0 w •ddre" ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^!| Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Our time, knowledge and timiud, t»«Mi.h.ra.
busfnt.f.sC?8 'at vour §i_!ILi3 Electric Uestorer for Men
ousiness is at   your disposal phofDhonoi mt«ss...rrn<rr.oi__.h. .»<.,
and dialuis in
Mess .. CruNiley Bros.. Mstiobester, Bug.
suiters of Q>_ Proalurarr Plant. (Hid Oil
Kliglnes for ireneral power or ele'ttrlcal
Usiittiig purposes.
Hessrs. Dlek, Kerr A Co., Ltd., Pnitoa,
Knaland Equipment fnr Mine, and Coti-
traetor. Light I.aauomollves (.team and
elea'lrto.'ja eto.
Uterltng Telephone Co., portable shot-
flrlng niaiatiint-sfor miners, enntrniators,
prnatpeotors. The hest on the market.
Wr|tefor partlaular..
llolora, (*eiiernt.n, Kk>otr|oal  Supplles-
Klcflatraonl Heating  and Cooking A|	
tu., storav. Hatierles, eta-
lour enquiries will receive our prompt
attention.  Write forliiformstlon.
.-       nly 	
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
„- .    —   —    ,,   —,- ■.nmnnonui soounon everrner.elnth.bodr
, • i    p "nR_____"___"_llto its oroner tsnslon: f etlores
when you are in need of some- ,ln >ad ,tl,m,. PriSsVir.^T'***'1!»««..!
_.«.•_ •_  a.!.:., i:         T"»„-fl'4.    <*_-._. .-ar.fl—   -a
thing ir this line,
get" this.
»lrn aud Yllslilr. a..._.....
for- wsiiknsst ttstted stones.	
Ci.. gt, OMbur Inas. Ont.
(PuMlthw) Ahnually)
Ktia'ileR trnderi throuRbout the world to
I'ouiniiiiilt-Bt* dtr«ot with BngHih
laeaoholatiof aoodN. B«tld«* being *x oom-
plete ooinnteiolM Rutde to Loudnii and its
■uburbt, tbe directory con talus Hits of
with the (Ioods they ship, and the Colonial
and Korolgn Markets then supply;
arranged under the Ports to whioh they salt,
and Indicating th. approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchant., etc, In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centre, of the united Kingdom.
A copy ol Ihe ourrent edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Urder lor 20*.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean advertise
their trade oard. (or £1, or larger advertise*
menu from £3.
'lb* Abchurch Lane, London, E.G.
Original Mineral Claim, tltnate In thi-
Orand Vork* Mlnin* UlvUlon of Yale 1)1-..
Where located.   In Bmwn'e eamp.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Alexander G. Burr.
Free Mlnem' Certificate Mo. 8S6S8B, for
myself and m airent for Gharle* K. Raht-i.
Free Miners' Certificate No. ttBMB, In*.
tend, sixty davi from the date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a Oertlfleat*>
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain*
Ing a Crow n «rant of the a)iov» cluim.
And further tnke notice that action, under
seotion 81, must be commenced before tlir
Ixsuanoe of mich certificate of Improvr-
Tale Land District, Distrlot ot Similkameen.
TAKK notlee that Robert P. Page of QMa,
Alberta, occupation K.rmer, Intend, u,
Spply for lportnlssloo la purahase the fol-
iwlug desorlbed lands i
Commencing at a post ptanled about 811
ehatn. norih or the northwest corner of Lot
on Deep Oreek, anal •*—* " n-
the town of Casoade
....... nDill aa, in,   ,,«flflfl»wr»fl«fl..MW»-   am   ...I
1U»S.i on Deep Oreek, anal about Hve mile
t of the town of Cascade: thenee nor*1
40 . ohains; thenee weot 40 ohains; thai
east of
Su . onains;   snerroe ...» w  o„b,».; iHivaaa-
south fOchaln.; thence east Wekalns to point
of oommenoament _„___„_ „.„■
J. R. Cranston. Artnt.
Dated September Snd, llll. XTTV    ejrv- ,*-"?
UubTUiv.. hJtiui.ir'ib .
B. B. Gilpin, distorts t,fficeratthi»
port, makes the following datgiled report of the customs receipts at the
Loss of Appetite or Distress t^toft«^^i."aS:
After hating a Symptom
That Should Not Be
for the month of -February:
Grand Forks.
Uarcade ,.
33 80
Apdetite is just a natural desire for!     _, T    ^ .'
food, losh of .ppetite or .to.n.ci,|   Blow to the Government
distress after eating indicate indigos-! Hon. Geo. E. Foster, minister of
tion or dyspepsia. Overeating is a a trade and commerce, on the eve of the
habit very dangerous to a person's. South Renfrew election, said: "If you
good general health. j elect Geo. P. Graham it will be con-
It  is  not what you eat but   what I "dered everywhere as a blow  to the
you digest and assimilate thut does
you good. Some of the strongest,
heaviest, snd healthiest persons are
moderate 6*161*8.
There ia nothing that will cause
more trouble than a disordered stomach, and many people daily contract
serious maladies simply through, disregard or abuse of the stomach.
We urge all in Grand Forks who
suffer from any stoiiiach'derangement,
.indigestion, or dyspepsia, whether
acute or chronic, to try Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets, with the distinct understanding that we will refund their
money without question or formality,
if after reasonable use of this medicine, they are not perfectly, satisfied
with the results. We recommend them
to our customer! every day, and have
yet to hear of any one who has not
been benefited by them. We hor.ettly
believe them to be without equal,:
They give very prompt relief, aiding
to neutralize the gastrio juices,
strengthen the digestive organs, to
regulate the bowels, and thus to promote perfect nutrition, and eradicate
all unhealthy symptoms.
We urge you to try a 25c. box of
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets, which gives
15 days' treatment. At the end of
that time,yo'ur money will be returned
to you if you   are not   satisfied,    Of
new government, tat the new gov
eminent show what it can do before
you strike it suoh a blow,"
. I'inisiiing. ttis Worn.
Our. morning contemporary wants
British Columbia to ''let McBride
finish his work." At the rate' the
McBride government' and its friends
have heen getting in their wink on
the public lands, the provincial tiin
ber areaSflthe:treasury and the debt
of the province, how long will it take
him to complete the job of finishing
British'Colu in bis?— Vancouver Sun.
her K,ew-U'U
The cook for a well knwn- Seattle
family left, and no other could be
obtained, so the lady of the houso did
the cooking herself, with such satisfactory results that, after a iiiontn,
her husband gave her a beautifnl set
of sables as a token of his appiecia-
tion of the good dinners lie had en
Of course the neighbors soon heard
of thts, and when the cook left in an
other equa|ly well known family the
lady of tbat house to her husband:
"Well, the cook has gone, and I'm
not going to bother to get another.
I'm going to do the cooking myself,
deary. You heard what Mr. So and-
So gave his wife wheu she did tho
And, putting her arms round his
neck, she cooed. "What shall I get
for my cooking'!" -
"Woman," said her husband, pushing her away, ''you will get a long
black veil."
Nature's Blunder
Even the greatest actor-managers
do not know all there is tn know
..bout stagecraft, to judge from a curious story concerning Sir Herbert
Beerbohm Tree.
It appears that, at the rehearsal! ot
a certain play at Mis Majestv's theater a wonderful climax had been
reached, which was to be heightened
by the effective use of the usual thunder and liiJhtning. The stage carpetu
ter was given the order. The words
were spoken, and instantly a noise
which resembled a succession of pistol
shots was heard off the wings.
"What on earth are you doing,
man I" shouted Sir Herbert, rushing
behind the scenes. "Do you call that
thunder! It's not a bit like it."
"Awfully sorry, sir," responded the
carpenter; "but the fact- is, sir, I
couldn't hear you because of the
storm.    That was  real thunder, sir."
riotel Col'n^l
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently comnlpted untl
newly tnrnlshea throughout. Conveniently located
for railway im*m. lirst-
olass accommodations for
rrnuslents. Board and
rooms hy the week at prevailing rates. Pine line nl
Wines, Liquors and Ciirui-.
always in stook at the bar
Grand Forks, B. C.
1 Ke O'iver Typewriter'
for 17 Gents a Day!
W.i-Hr.1' n-nil the headliiiu'oviTtiynlii. Then it**
iifinciKliiMH •*i<:iiiii«*iiii|>c villi Ihwii upon yen
An Oliver Tynewiiter-tln! -i-iiiilanl vIs-IMc
writer—the root*! titahly per., ted typewriter
on the inurket—your* for 17 ('..lit*    day!
Thu typewrit* whuw ronijiiesr of the com
merelal world Is a nmtter of hietorv-youriJ fo
17 rents a dtiv!
The typewriter that U equipped with icores ol
mieh convenience* as "The liulaiicc Shift"**
"The Killing Device"—."The Double Releasu"-*
•'The locomotive Bum-"—-'The Autommfc
BpHcer"—"The Automatic Tabu in t*»r'*—"The
'— DlHappeRrinjtlndlcator"
—"Tlie Adjustable Fa-
perKhigern1'—"The 8ei-
eiitillc Cnmlenoeil Kev
Youn for 17
Cent* a Dayi
A rather brutal thing wan said'unawares at an evening  party.   Shortly
course,  in   chronic   cases  leugth of after     midnight   a   gentleman   wus
treatment varies.    For Buch cases, we pressed to sing. Veijy thoughtfully he
Flans Miscarried
It is reported that the original intention of the government was to have
all the members of the late legislature,
with the exception of Brewster and
Williams, declared elected hv. acclamation, but some busybody had to go
and tell Harry, Helmcken in far-off
Mexico what was going on, and the
redoubtable Harry telegraphed that
the nominations must be postponed
for two days or he would squeal.
Languor is that virulent feeling
that, attacks you when you feel that
you have the price uf a vacation trip
in your pocket.
_^_^__^^^__. We anon need this
tew sales plan recently. Jnst to feel the pulse of
the people. Hlmply a .-.mall c**h payment-
then 17 cents a day. That is the plan In a nutshell.    • -■      -
The result hut been mien a deluge of applications for machines that we are simply astounded. -:  r
The demand (-oities from people of all classes,
all Hues, till occupations.
Thu majority of inquiries has come'from peo*
leof known financial siandliiK who were at
traded by the novelty of the propos. 'on. An
impressive demonstration of the Immense pop-
u:arlty of the Ullver Typewriter
A staitlinK "uiiftruiatioti of our belief that
the Hni of Universal Typewriting It at baud.
A Quarter of a "Million People
are .VI ii i g Mney with
have two larger sizes, which sell fur
50c. anil 81.00. Remember, you can
obtain Rexall Remedies in this community only at our store—The Rexall
Store. H.E. Woodland. *
The fellow who always brags of himself probably believes in working
where work is most needed.
put forth the excuse that at the tale
hour the next-door neighbors might
"Oh, never mind the neighbors,"
cried the young lady of the house.
"They poisoned our dog last weeje."
There's no use hurrying after
count is in.
The Bsautiful Picture for GrandForks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   c_An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^A Picture that will be like a
Member of the Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'THE family "Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to. he
I tlie greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, ban on
many occasion.) given iln readers timet delightful premium picture,
Iuu this season they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper reader**. It is entitled "Home
Aaain" nnd describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
nf many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
Ims been stolen, nnd after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning witb the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother snd brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome hy putting his
piiws on her shoulder and resting his bead against her breast with a little
whine, which in bis dog language menus—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, lender eyes
nnd parted lip'B—the tyo glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
tbe beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
mi the walls of any home.
The picture ie by the celebrated nrtist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate pnper 22x20
inches all rendv for framing will be mailed FHKE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912. __.
The small sum of 11.50 will sicure'the two papers for n full yenr including a copy of the-ehnrraiiig picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at thai price.
Every, home in the Botlridary should get the big $1.50 worth this
Good Indian Mntocyde fur sale
nheap. Ueo. W. Cooper, Winnipeg
i venue.
The Canadian Northern railway in
■■apitalized fur 8104,000 a mile, upon
whicli every citizen in British Columbia will have to pay iifterest.
The lellow who won't spend his
monev fur a vitiation is saving it for
tbo iiutlerUkei'.    •
American timber spei-iilators lime
already cleaned up and taken in
profits out of llritish Columbia S.I0",
WOOD Xnd ice
PH0NF64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Gradually Growing
'Want Ad." columns ara
tteadlly Krov.:i.*> oa pooola «p-
mpmi**^ thftlr      lue.
Thay h.v _ »n« over many of
llfo'S dlfT.CL.Ulci.
Havo you got something you
do not na-ad, or nood to mo thin*
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter U a' nuitiey-tnnkpi
rtglit/rnra the wor<1-"go!" Hiu'hhv t» nm thai
{milliners noi.i_._fft hi Hn* •'expert" Hus-. Kuril
mb you learn, I.etthe inurhlne ["">' UitiH cent*
u day—find nil nUive tlmt Ib ynilrfc.
Wlierever you ure, tin-re I.** wurk to be done
nml money to lie mail'* by lining tlie Oliver. The
iiii-incss n.nrlil is i-hI'Ihu for it.her operator!--.
There if re not euoiiftlv to supply the demand.
Tlieirna-nrUw nre roimidertihly above Uiiim? oi
many i-Ihsm'nu. ,.oi kern.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tbat Is the buttle ery todny. we have mnde
ilit'i-llver supreme in UHefulneMand iilisnlutel;
.iiili_>|u-iisitl..e In bu-imns. Nmv comes the eon
qtieM of (lie home,
TheMmplfi'lty and sireitRtli ofthe Oliver (It H
for family use. It i- heewuimr au importnnt
factor lu the home training nf»on nit people.
A n educator hk well us n money m-ilcr.
Our uew Helllut! ploii pitta the Oliver on the
tlire«hold of every home tn America. Will voe
Hinge the door of vour home or iHttre on thin re
umrkHble Oliver oil" r?
Write for further deinils of onr eusy oiler and
a freecopy of tne uew Olivercittahuf.   Adr'rcsn
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter BulldiiiK.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, I'JOti )
U a dozen bonks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It in a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
industry.        \
Its facts wHI pass muster with the
trained scientists*, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
mat). It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in al I parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The"Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reterence
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for tho
facts it gives him ahout mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is'65 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, anil
may be returned within a week of ro
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,'
Houghton. Michigan.
City i\nd Suburban
as%% #%■■ atm\\- I7&X17A PT. LOT bi-rww.ii
*sa\Z   rfkll   S-eoinlai.il Thiol »treei«,
j|,^ril 1 jiiNt above Jiidfre U.amy'i
*J|r^_F%F^^ nud K. (fiiw'H plat-en: lep-
nrateil from all other propcrtfei h.v 20-i».
lane: aa laHfea* leveil or elybt tmllimry lot...
adjoining lot* are worth tl'iO; would make
nice home, with mitfieient around for chick*
huh. fruit, uurden nnd lawn; in,-it   desirable
ocation lit city.
BO ACltKS iulj.iii.hu:
• Hy limit* on ■"uth:
14 itere.* elenrcdt l-'ti
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fruit tree*: new four*
rii'mi holme; bam for six liorietl borne,
bu n ir .v. dun iile lntNio*-.** and tarmintf iniple
inenta.   All for (;:.'(!(].   Eaiy terma.
and three lot* within
one block of bimlueti*
centre:   Iuwn,  >.liu>le
trees, fruit trees, berry biishei, liirtfe trurden.
Will alto nell furniture of imu-e If dealred.
One-half eaub, balance terno..
-,}$ mile* from town;
7-room lunmi', pliHfl>'-
eri'd: lursre l>ii-.'ifyi.he'l,
woodHhed; IM\ (mit
(reel. 10 heiinnir: li'-j aerca nlrawherrleH,
Kooiieherriea, niirrnuts rimpberrie«j| free from
irost: the bt'lt loeationaround Gratld I'orkt;
plenty of it"*-"* wuter; fruit mel crop in-
Het ween 'i and 4 aorei
Iu West end of city;
fii^t ehisH r-oll, nil un*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ilereiil ivatlon; xmaU
hoime, wood-hed and oiithullditiifK; ■•.cil and
pump: i'ood fence. Thin i*- aaacrillce, an own*
er >i tiboiil to leiiverity. Terms.
For further information re
garding the ahove propertied
CftJ| or midress
5 acres;
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all tlio
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is j'our last chance to £a_t
the paper' at this price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volume! of ilia-
lust reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by I-'umoua Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Cluits with Cirls,
the Doctor'! Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement foe 1012 and Santple
Copies of Tlie Youths Companion, e*tee.
FREE tb Jan. 1912
Evsry New Subscriber wha cut* out
■od _«nda this slip (or monliur, thu
paper) with $1.78 for Iho 82 Intni ol
Ths Companion for 1912 will receive
All tho laiuea for tho remeininv
weeks of 1911 free, includins tho
beautiful Holiday Number,| slao SN
The Companion'. Picture Calendar
for 1912, litbosraphafla. in 12 color,
snd sold (an eitra copy belns aent to
every ono making a sift subscription).
Than Tho Companion for the S2
wee'is atl 1912-.ll for (1.78-your
laatchaneealthiaprlce. On Januanr
1, 1912, it will be advanced lo »2.
New SakscripUsw RstsitsJ st This Offics. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Elephant* Asleep
A question otteb raised ln regard to
the African elephant Is whether these
animals ever rest or not. At first
blush It.would appear tbat tbere could
only be one answer to the question.
So huge an animal must expend a terrific amount ot energy and, therefore,
as one might reasonably Infer, must
need more time than smaller animals
for rest and reiuvlgoratlon. Never-
thdeea many.travellers and some naturalist! havo asserted that the African elephant In Its native state never
sleeps, or at least never lies down.
A correspondent wbo bas sent photographs direct from Malek on the
White Nile, says ln the communication lhat accompanies them that the
picture "represents a herd of female
elephants photographed In tho bush
near Malek, ln the Mogalla Province
of the Anglo-Egyptian Soudan. It has
been maintained that the African elephant never lies down to rest. Several may be seen thus sleeping.
The Pill That Brings Relief.—When
nfter one has partaken of a ineal, he
is oppressed by feelings ot fulness and
pains In the stomach, he suffers from
dyspepsia, whicli will persist If tt be
not dealt with. Parmelee'B Vegetable
Pills are tbe very best medicine that
can be taken to bring relief. These
pills are specially compounded to deal
with dyspepsia, and their sterling
qualities in this respect can bc vouched for by legions of users.
Proper Place   .
His Friend.—fhere's a tlpless botel
down thc street a little way. Let's go
Jiggs—Just tho place. These otlier
ones bere are tipping something awful.
And Her Heart Trouble,    Backache
and other ailments disappeared.—
Says she owes her good health to
Dodd'a Kidney Pills.
Petit Rocher, Gloucester Co., N. B„
(Special).—When Mrs. Pierre I.
Comeau, a well-known and highly respected resident of tbls place cured
her kidney disease, her heart trouble
and other aches and pains also disappeared. She cured ber kidney disease
easily and quickly by using- Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
"My heart troubled me all the time,"
Mrs. comeau states; "and I feared for
the terrible result that might follow.
My limbs wouU swell, my back ached
and I was always tired and nervous.
"These symptoms led me to believe
that kidney disease was the root of
all my troubles, so I turned to Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Before I had finished
tae first box the swelling was gone,
my back was well and my heart no
longer troubled me. I am now In thc
beat of health, and I owe lt all to
Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Always strike at the root of the
trouble. And In nine esses out ot ten
all women's troubles start with the
Kidneys. That's why Dodd's Kidney
Pills are woman's best friend.
Scene*. Grocery bar.
fts. Shonk.—Pound of bacon,
Canteen Manager.—Yes; what sort
would you like?
Ptii. Shonk.—Nice, long, streaky
bacon; then I can uso the rind for
boot laces.
Bght Years of Bad
Eczema on Hands
Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment
like Mary A. llontley. 03 TTnlvenlty 81.,
Ifontral, write.., In a recent letter: "Some
Blue years xo I noticed small pimples break-
" I out on the bsck of my liainN. They
s Yenr Irrl 1st irar, and grailually Imcsuii.
so that I could not r-li-'-p st night.   I
e yenr Irrltst irar, and (trailnally l-ocema.
_ so tliat I co till not r-li-'-p st n_j.it.   I
 lilted a physician who tra-stoil rae s lon»
time, but It got woiw. and I could not put
my litnali In water.   I wsi trented at tho
hospital, and It wss Just tlm ssmo.   1 was
ton that It wss a very bad esse ot ecsems.
"Well. I lu-. t kept on using everything thst I
"' for nearly eight years until I wss
sd to try Cuticura Ointment.  I did so,
SI I found alter a tin supination, tha
mlag sensational were disappearing, I could
sleep wed, and did not have any Itching
doing the night. 1 began after a while to
use Cuticura Soap. I stuck to the Cuticura
treatment, aad thought If I coulrl use other
remedies foe over seven years with aa result.
aad ifler only having a few applications and
e*esjm  ~~~  '""  ' '
filial esse from Cuticura Ointment, It
drag fed a lair trial with a severe and stubborn ease. I used the Cuticura Ointment
antl Soap for nearly six months, and I am
dad lo say that I have hands as c esr as
Sraa It Is my wish that you publish this
Jetter toall the world, aod1 anyone doubts it,
let them write me."
Ootleura Soap and Ointment an sold by
Aufgbts airrTdealers everywhere. For a
Ittraral ttm sempl« ol each, with 32-p. book
send to Poller IJrog * Oiem. Corp., bi
Columbus Ave., Boston, U. S. A.
W. N. U. No. 882.
Tha Human Body
Accepting 134 pounds as tlie weight
of tbe average man, we find tbat'water alone accounts for 109 pounds of
the whoio. Kvery fibre and every cell
that enters Into the formation of the
human body Is bathed in moisture;
and even the bones, which appear to
be so solid aro more than half water.
That our bodies are full of water is
proved by the blisters that arise after
the infliction ot a burn. In fact, water plays a very Important part In the
human anatomy, and but tor Its agency the vital process would soon
A Mild Pill for Delicate Women—
J'ho most delicate woman can undergo a course of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills without fear of unpleasant consequences. Their action, while whoiiy
effective, Is mild and agreeable. No
violent pains and pnrglngs follow
their use, as thousanda of women who
havo used them can testify. Thoy are,
therefore, strongly recommended to
women, who are more prone lo disorders of the digestive organs than
men. e~
Has~3VlN8r_ow'e Soothing Svml-p hss laces
used for over SIXTY YEARS l>v MILLIONS of
Is the best remedy for DIARRHOEA, lt la tli-
solutety harmless, le sure snd ask for "Mn.
Winston's Soothing Syrup," and uke so other
kind.  Twenu-.fivecentsa boUIe.
Virtue Is Its Own Reward
'" Brannlgnn.—What's the matter, Wil-
WUIlkin.—Matter onough. You
know some time ago I assigned all my
property to my wife to—to keep It
out of the hands of—of people 1 owe
money, you know.
"Well, she's taken tho money and
gone oft—says she won't lire with
me because I swindled my creditors."
A Venetian Chandelier
Mrs. Eastlake—You visited Vcn'.cc
while you were tn Europe, I hoar, Mrs.
Mrs. Trotter.—Yes, Indeed: and we
were rowed about by one of thc chandeliers for which that city lu noted.
Your druggist will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT  falls  to  euro  any   case  of
Itching.   Blind.   Bleeding or    Protruding
Piles In C to 1. days.    50c.
Robert Herrick, the ' author, was
talking at a luncheon ln Chicago about
literary figures.. ■  ■   .
"Figures," he said, "are only good
when they illuminate, when they underscore or Italicize one's meaning.
"As I passed a building operation
the other day I heard the foreman employ an excellent figure.
'"What aro yo" doln" up tliere,
Smith?' lie shouted from the pavement.
"A head appeared above and an injured voice replied:
"'Laylu' bricks, of course.'
"'Well, by gosh,' said thc foreman,
'from yer silence yc might be layltl!
Minard's Liniment Curse Diphtheria.   _..
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Bin.—I have used your' MIN'ARD'S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments I can safely say I hare never
used any equal to yours.
If rubbed between the hands and
Inhaled frequently, It will never fall
to cure cold in the beud in twenty-
four hours.
It is also the Best for bruises,
sprains, etc.
Yours truly,
Nothing pleases some people more
than tho opportunity to spread bad
news about their nolghgbois.
Middy slops coudbs, carss colds, heals
tha throat aid lasts •      25 teals.
-.3 —	
Father's Requirements
"And arc you positive thai you can
support my daughter?"
"I tblnl: that I can make both ends
"Thnt Isn't sufficient. The man who
marries my daughter must not only
make both ends meet, he must be able
Ir nmko tliem overlap."
Advantages of a Good Pasture Replace
by Using
Twenty-Five Years Test Without Failure
It Keeps Sheep Free From Ticks and Assure* Better Wool
and Heavier Clip.
Flavor of Milk and Butter are Improved When Herbageum
is Girep Regularly.
None Better—Cost Only 1 l-2c per lb.
HERE IT IS—100 lbs.   Oil Cake Meat. 300 lbs. Shorts, 4 lbs.
HerbageUm, about I lb Salt.   Mix well.   Stir about
two cupfuls in a gallon of scalding water and feed warm
Leading Poultrymen Assure Us that Herbageum Has No
Equal   Now is the Time to Use It.
■    And Remember—Nothing Else is Quite so Good.
THEBEAVERMF6. CO.. LTD., 6alt,0nt
Sole Manufacturers.
A story of .lolm Drew*! wit Is cur-
dilating on Now York'! rlalto.
Mr. Drew, nt a New England luncheon ot turkey antl pumpkin pic—
turkey and pumpkin pie are nowhere
bettor served tliun at Moupuln'a—had
the III fortune to bo seated by a bore
and failure.
This bore and failure, a tragedian,
lamented the fact that he couldn't got
a place aa "lead," and put the blame
upon the pi-pun.
"There'e a conspiracy of silence
against nie," he snid. "A universal
cousplrary of silence. Wbat ought I
to do; Drew?"
"Join it." said Drew, nervously twisting up hla mouslache.
The chaniplon stingy church can-
gregatlon has been found In Marshall-
town. Ia. The pastor of the Friends'
Church there resigned when his flock
voted to cut his salary from U.000 a
year to $800. That waa bad enough,
the pastor thought, for a man with a
wife and six children to support, aud
ho decided it was robbing tt In for ths
church to demand that hs keep account ot all foes received and credit
the amount on his reduced stipend.
He has quit lu disgust.
"How did tho rumor lhat miliar?,
tho rostnuranl-keeper. was financially
embarrassed got out*!"
"Someouo saw him dining ln his
own restaurant I believe."
Stops a Cough Quickly
Even Whooping Cough
Sixteen Ounce; ol tht Quickest, Surest
Cough Remedy fer BOe—Money
Refunded If It Falls.
If you Imve nn obstinate, ilccu-soaicd
cough, tvlilclt ra'fiiare.fl to bo cureil, net a
fiO-i-fl-m laiitila- ol I'tnex, mis II with homemade- sugar j-j rii|i and atari talking It. Ill'
sldo ol -1 laa un- your cough will be gone,
or very nearly no. Hvon whooping cougn
Is quickly conquered In tlila. wny,
A co-ccut bottla- of I'lnex, when mixed
with home-made sugar syrup, given you
18 ounce.;—a family supp'y—of tho Uncut
eougli romcily that money could buy, nt a
clear saving of I-. Very easy tc prepare
—full directions In package.
Plnox snaattica und heals lbe hummed
membranes with remarkable rapidity. It
stimulates tho appetite, Is slightly laxative, nnd has a pleasant tar-to—children
lake It willingly. Splendid tor croup,
asthma, braincbltls, throat tickle, chest
pains, oU*„ and t\ thoroughly suoccsstul
remedy for Incipient lung troubles.'
PllieSt la a e.ieolal and highly concentrated: compound ot Norway White l'ln*
extract, rich In gualacot and other heal*
a ing plno elements; It has often been Iml-
j lated.  though    never    successfully,  lor
] nothing cisa: will produce the same re-
i suits. Simply rait with sugar syrup or
, strained honey, In a It-ounce bottle, ami
It Is ready for use,
■    Anyone who tries Pinex will quickly
understand why It Is n-aed In moro homes
In tho U. H. and Canada than any other
cough remedy. The genuine Is guaranteed  to glvo absolute    satisfaction    or
I money refunded. Certificate Of guarantee
I.i wrapped In each package. Your drug-
' glut has Fines or will get It (or you. if
: not, scud lo Th* rinex   Ce.. Toronto,
And They Klok Too
: . Pat was standing near thc car track
j when ho noticed an automobile coming
, up tin.' street and to be safo-he atepped
i bank a little from the. ear track
! Tho auto went passed, and Jut ns
I il wits passiug, the driver had oc.-v
I alon to turn off the track, cousin., tho
;back cud uf It lo swing around slicing
Pal and knccklng him down.
Put wns seen to get up and iook after tho cur and..sny, "Now, p'hat do yo
think o' tlmt—whin yo stand In front
I s' thim, they run over ye; and whin
you gll nut of the way to let thim
I pans they turn around aud kick ye."
Sore Threat Is no trifling ailment.
a It will sometimes carry Infection to
! the entire system through tho food
' you eat. liumllns Wizard Oil euros
■ Sore Threat.
Bilclts can bo made from Clay. Shale
or bnnu. ir iill tnfoi .nation upon request.
The Sera Machinery Mfg. Ce., (Limited,
Toronto, Ont.
I To sell tho greatest Labor Bavlng
Washing Compound on the market.
j Sold by Baton & Simpson of Toronto.
1 Send 10c for sample to Henry Arland,
'Berkeley  Apartments,  Toronto, Ont.
Professor.—Young man, I am loven-
ty-nlne years old*, and I never smoked
n ehred of tobacco lu my life.
Sudent tottering cigar).—Well, elr,
you're not too old to loam, III assure
you. Cato learnt Greek at the age ot
thirty, you know.
Minard's liniment cures girgsl In eov_»
"Docthor." tald    Dennis,   the   c'.il
squire's valet, "dou't yet the think Ihe
father la getting mighty thin?''
;    "No harm In tbat, Dennis," said tlie
! doctor.   "Ho waa: too- fat.   Hell be
I healthier when he's thinner."
!    "I-olkely he will." said Dennis, die-
appotnted'y; "but OI won't bc nble to
I wear bis old clothes thin!"
Business Proposition
"Scr h»ro, Mr. Sands," said Mm.
Tompkins to 'he grocer, "what do you
mean by glvln.s mo only nlno-tentht
of n pound of cliecso when I am pay.
'Ag for a pound?"
"In telling Swlsi cltoesc, my doar
madamo," tald tbo grocer with dignity, "business caution prompt! me to
allow myself 10 per cent for the boles,
which, aa you mutt be aware, make no
Impression oh tho moat delicately afr -
lusted scales.."
A Domestis Firm
Fist Omaha Mau (In surprise).—
What. Baek already? Why, I thought
you wero going to aee Europe?   -
Second Omaha Man (cheerfully).—
So did I, but It seems that No* York
saw mo first
gcnJ let Icee tample to Dept.N.O.,W»,,
tlonal Drug * Chemical Co., T*m*M, THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. 2RITISH COLUMBIA.
A Skyscraper
The Acton Play Real Parte
Which Are Their Own
Copyright by American Press Association, llll.
Tall offlc* building! with wings and
courts hare furnished u new world'!
theater In which real part! art enacted Instead of Imaginary ones.
I once attended a skyscraper per
formnueo. I paid no entrance fee tnd
agt nlone. Uy box was the space In
which my desk was placed, and I looked through whitlow gins* Tbe stage
wus set ono story below mo. which enabled me to look down upon It, and It
wui Just fur enough removed to enable
ue tp see tho actors clearly, even to
too expressions on tbelr faces. There
was no change of scenery from tbe beginning to the eud of tbe play. Tbe
atage setting consisted of three rooms,
•II of which I conld look Into- Uue
was a general oflice, with u number of
desk! for clerks. Next wns n small
room, nn anteroom to the third, bo-
tide the window of whicli stood a typewriter desk. This room communicated
by a single doorway with the third
' nam, wDk-h was handsomely furnished wllb oriental rugs and a large rosewood desk and etalrs. The desk stood
beside tlie window, und on tt wero a
telephono mid u bell with wblcb to call
Act l.-At Ibe rosewood desk site an
•Iderly and eminently respectable mnn,
while In the anteroom a young girl Is
lented at Ihe typewriter.
Sbe Is the leading lady of the drama.
Like characters In ticutlons plays, she
. Bust have a name, but It Is only necessary to give her ono by wblcb to designate ber. for she_ docs not speak a
word during the whole piny, nor la a
word spoken-to ber—tlmt Is, I can beer
ao words. I can only supply tbem by
what I aee.   We will call the leading
lady Laura. I call her Laura because
tbat li one of my favorite names foi
women. I wat about to say Margaret,
but tbat name denotes rather dignity
.tbin Interne heart
The gentleman In tbe next room taps
bis bell twice, Laura arises, goes Into
bli otBco and. taking s chair bestda
bli desk, receive* bli dictation. Be
bu n unrulier of letter! beside blm
which be It evidently answering. Wben
tbt pile In exhausted Laura goe* back
to Ibe anteroom nnd. placing her stenographic note* beforo her, beglui to
put tbem In typo. I bear nothing, bot
I ran Imagine tbo cllokety-cllck of tbo
Prom, lbe bark of the room, where
till tb* elderly gentleman, comet ■
young man, apparently about twenty-
one or twenty-two. He I* a big.elegant
looking fellow and tbe Image of the
older man-doubtless bl* nn. They are
both handsome men, tbe younger tbo
very Impersonation of youthful, manly
beamy. HI* father look* up al btm
villi pride a* th* youngster bends over
blm md kisses him. I don't object to
•eetng men kiss each other when they
•re futher nnd son   Indeed. I like 1t_J.
There Is some' talk between the two,
•fter wblcb tbe father takes up -hi*
check book wllb the Ibe usual result
of a conference with a loved and taring ton. The young man thanks htm
with ■ pleasant smile, lett bis arm
nut s moment lovingly about III*
ihnulder*. then makes nn exit by th*
door through which be entered. Rut
to i moment he reappear* In the ante-
Mom.  I car tee tha look on bis fac*
Is he advances toward Laura, and tbe
lorellgbt In '*l* eye* I* plain. I cannot
lee ber fact, for It I* turned away
from me.
Tbe young man being my leading
gentleman. 1 must bar* a namo for
blm. Be Is Juat the fellow to' be called Dick—good natured. Certl-miy-care.
kind hearted and in some rospect* *
trill* reckless. Dick Hand* chatting
with Laura, looking down upon ber
upturned fice. Something be Is aay-
tag evidently require* tbat lie apeak
In a low tone, and hi* fac* draw* sestet and nearer Iters till tbelr Up* m**t.
Tben be driwi bark •* If shocked al
what fie bu done, ua me toant* o*r
face In bar hand*, bending down till
lb* hnnd* rett upon ber desk. Dick
withdraws to th* front of th* office,
where bo It Invisible to me. But he
make* some sign to Laura, for, baring
raised ber head, ah* make* a gesture
wltb n*r band, tomething Ilk* the
throwing of a kls*. '
Act 11.-Dick and-hi* father afe th
tb* father's office. Dick pulls up ■
chair and begtna to talk. Bl* father
listen* wltb growing impatlence-n
scene in which fathei* and son aro antagonistic, botb talking at once. Vitally Dick arise* and makes a last Ineffective appeal. Tbo father brings bl*
Ust down on. tlio desk, and I fancy I
inn bear tbe tbnmp. Dick withdraw*
I watcb for him to enter tbo anteroom. Uo evidently opens tb* door
without coming in and sneaks a few
hurried words to Laura, for I enn't
tee htm. and by ber gestures I know
tbnt abo Is receiving some unwelcome
message. Rut tt Is all over in a moment. She walks baek nnd forth, evidently In great excitement.
The elderly man I* also pacing his
own offlcp door, evidently mucb
wrought up. Presently be sits at bl*
desk, seizes bis check book, writes a
chock and takes It Into tbe anteroom.
n* sayi something to Laura, the
standing wllb all the dignity ibe can
command, nor bead bent ns If receiving a blow. He bunds ber the check
be ba* written, then turn* and goe*
back to his office. Laura the moment
the door between tbem Is closed convulsively crushes the check tn ber
band, put* on her clonk nud bat and
leaves tbe room. Sbe ia not seen at
her window again.
Act 111.-An Interval'of six month!.
Tbo old gentleman at lilt desk. He
look! troubled Enter Dlek. wbo goes
to his falber nud rests bis arm on bli
shoulder, looking down upon bim pityingly. A man come* from tbe rear
and elands In tbe renter of tbe room
reading a paper. 1 can see as far up
as bis chin, bnt po further. Bavlng
flulshed be withdraws. The old man
rests bl* bead- In his hnnd* and hi* el*
bow* oo tbe desk before blm.
Dick pets blm and talks to blm, evidently trying to cheer blm, but without succor* Then lbe son bring* bl*
father'* bnt. coal und cane, helps blm
on wltb tbo coat, bands blm bl* rnno.
put* bla arm affectionately through
bli, and they leave tbe office.
Act IV.-An office desk I* at tbo
window where stood tbe typewriter,
nnd It la occupied by Dick. Before
him ire bundles of pollers. In the
adjoining office alt* his father, much
broken. Most of tbo time bo nod* a
newspaper or look* listlessly out of
tb* window.
Dlek I* aeon alternately at bis desk,
lu tb* general office aud wllb his father. The clerks, wbo are now fewer
than formerly, begin to put nway their
book* ind paper* and ono by ono leavo
for the day. Wben tbey are all gone
Dick goe* Into bis father's office end
tianda tb* old man bla bat aod coat.
Rut the father demurs, and Dick layt
tbe hat and coat on a cbalr. Tben be
goo* to bit .desk, pick* op a pile of letter* and tlti down to prepare the evening mall.
While Dick I* typing ho ttops, titrni
bta bead and half rises fmm bis sent.
Some on* bat entered, but I can't se*
wbo It I*. Dick disappear* to tho
front of th* office, bnt toon renppeurt
accompanied by a lady richly dressed.
Since tb* gloaming Is coming on. I
caunot make out her feature*, but
Dick turns on tbe electric llghtt, tnd
Laura stand* beside him.
She ind Dirk sll down together ind
begin to talk, though Dick most of the
time listens. Laura speaks with great
earnestness Dick shakos bli bead,
pointing to ward bin fn l hrr'a office. Laura takes from ber reticule a package,
unfolds It nnd exposes what looks like
mortgage hoods. Al any rule. Ihey ar*
securities nf some kind. She looks at
Dick nppcnllngly. He, forgetting under a powerful Impulse, Ibal the win-!
dow shades ire not drawn, takes her:
band nnd kisses It passionately. i
Both ttirt Some one bnt entered.
Dick aud Laura rise and face this |
newcomer. 1 know who be Is. for I
bave neen the old mnn In bla office
take up Ms hat and coat and leave It..
Ho hns come In to wbere bl* son It,'
and I ran see blm slowly advancing
toward Dick nnd Lunrn with a surprised expression on bis fare. Tben
Dick speak* Bow tantalizing lhat I
eanuot bear a word he snys. Bl* manner Is' Impressive. He points to tb*
bonds In Laura's hands, while be tell*
bis father about them. Laura stands,
her head beut, ber eye* resting on tbo
xjtxxe woras ar* few. Indeed, they
ar* but a single sentence. Wben it ta
finished all three stand for a few moment* ln silence-Dick etect, pointing
to the securities; Laura's *}** still
bent on the floor; ths old man looking
from one to tb* other in evident amazement. Tben, advancing toward Laura,
bo encircle* her In bl* arms and kisses
ber on th* forehead. Reaching for
Dick's hand, be bold* It for a moment
whllo ono arm ondrclea Laura, tben
tolned hi* ion'* band wltb ber*.
I have seeu thet* actors often sine*
tbe clot* of the play, and they ar* all
bappy. Tbe old man baa brightened
up, bnt leave* th* business in bli *on'i
hinds, though be goes to bit olfic* **
of yore. I have taken pain* to go and
look at tbe Arm namo on the office door
aud hare noticed tbat there baa been *
change from Jobn D. to John D. * Co.
I infer that Ltara. or, rather, young
Mr*. D„ It the company.
But ib* ba* nothing to do with tbo
management of th* business-Indeed,
bar attention Is taken up In cnotber direction. Only yesterday tbo came upon
the office stage attended by * nun*
carrying a little chap much ruemfeUng
bl* father and grandfather.
Picturesque Type ef Evening Sown.
Every   evening   frock   that  come*
from Paris Is different from all th*
rest and full of Individuality.   Tb*
gown pictured, by Beer, ha* * tunic
EiirmE ansXN beaded uodxl.
ot Ullet net embroidered with crystals
and wooden heads and Is mounted
over a foundation of empire green.
Tho corsage shows a novel one Bid*
drapery, und thc arrangement of ribbon bonds of gold tissue Is unique.
First-Woman In Diplomatic Ssrvlot.
Tb* president of Uruguay bas recognized a woman'* fitness to serve as a
diplomat by appointing u young woman Inwyer attache of tbe Uruguayan
legation at Brussels. She ts Miss Clotllde Lulsl, doctor of laws of lb* University of Uruguay.
He Got li.
Suddenly tbo llttlo boy who was entertaining tbe caller wbile bit mother
wat dressing to como 'town began to
weep bitterly.
"What I* tbo mutter, dearie?'' soothingly n.akcil tbo lady.
"I need Just a d-dlme," bo sobbed,
"to f fill my bank so's I c-can open It,
nnd mamma w-won't giro It to me!"—
Chicago Tribune
Ths Chrysanthemum.
Once more It comes In glsd srrayl
Each blossom Is a vision lay
Which unto fancy must recall
A splendid scrambled parasol.
It flaunts above Ihe autumn seer.*
With perfume that's a cross between
A drug store snd a motorcar
When oil and gas commingled are,
And yet we love th* sturdy grac*
They seem to bring Into each place,
They mak* a Jovial, happy crowd.
Where botany laughs out aloud.
-Washington Star.
Violin Resin Fer Musicians.
Dissolve lho ordinary Impure rosin
lu n glass retort wltb gentle beat In
alcohol, allowing nil tbe Impurities to
settle. The clenr rosin solution de-
cantod Is poured Into raluwttor, stirring It with n little stick, nnd tho deposit of rosin of Iho consistency of
cheese collected on n linen cloth aud
pressed Out. Tbo rosin 1* molted nt •
moderate beat, otie-twchtleth of wax
being added, nnd poured Into llttlo
box** for use.
A Quick Drying Ink.
A pntent ha* been taken ant by A.
Renter for-a quick drying Ink. An
addition Is made to, the ink of a neutral, volatile substance such as alcohol
or a similar material. In the proportion
of one part to llvo'if the Ink.
A Movement to Abolish th* Ut* *f
Postage Stamps.
Proposals bare been mad* to postal
authorities ln Europe that postage
itamps be dons away with, wholly or
tn part No oue who knowa what tb*
mall traffic ot a large commercial concern Is will wonder nt tbe dissatisfaction wltb tbe present system. Tbo entire time of one clerk frequently Is required ond In some concerns several
persons are occupied In placing the little oblongs ot gummed paper on envelopes and packages.
An experiment already bas been
made In Bavaria of postmarking large
consignments at tho postoffice, tho operation being carried out by machinery and no stamps being used. In this
way in enormous expense for printing, cutting and pasting paper itainpi
has been avoided, and no affixing ot
stamps bos been necessary. But It ll
suggested tbat this method Is crude
•nd that something yet moro saving
of time and labor might be devised.
A jneter resembling a gas or wnler
meter could be nttnebed to each large
commercial house, and the mailing
mutter could be passed through It. Th*
registry of the amount would bo automatic, and the postal authorities could
read tbe meter once a month and collect tbe amount due tbem. Different
meters could be hnd for first, second
and third class matter.
Certainly some method ns this seems
fnr moro consistent with the spirit of
tbe age tban our present laborious nnd
time honored wny of doing. We have.
of course, provisions for avoiding the
stump nuisance for some, matter, but
probably tbey conld be extended and
bettured.-Chlcugo Tribune.
Juliet    Caps    and
Egyptian Bandeau.
An English Critie Calls It Overtrsined
f and Out of Date.
Tbe London Times has been publishing u thoughtful series ut expert articles on the German army maneuvers
and remarkable conclusions tiro reached The army Is declared not to equal
tbo repute wherein II ts commonly beld.
Tbe new German niivnl enthusiasm Is
damaging In Its effect np«n Uie nrmy,
and the popular niivy la now ntirnctlug
ollicers more than the nrmy, whose
development has been starved by sheer
lack of funds. The nation, moreover.
Is declared to bc becoming less military
and more commercial thnn formerly.
Tbe corps ollicers nre less simple tn
tbelr life und tastes nnd loss exclusively professional thnn of old. Commerce
is beginning to attract the class that
hllherto regarded only the army as a
career far a gentleman.
Tho army appears to hnve (rained
Itself stale. I'he ceaseless round of
Intensive drilling has reduced It to a
lnuchine. while Individuality, freshness
and Initiative ure crushed out. Secure
lu its self confidence iho nrmy thinks
there eau lio nu dilllciiliy tn carrying
out military operations which lhe armies of other peoples hnve found Impracticable. The cnvnlry Is said tn be
equipped wltb out of dale material and
lo have become slow nntl Ineffective.
The methods uf tiring In vogue nppear
so Inferior (hat the nrmy cnn mnke no
pretension* to measure Itself against
tbe French nrmy npnrt from numbers
nud confidence, lis high state ot or
gnnizntlon docs uut present signs ot
superiority over the best foreign mod-
els. nnd In some way* It dues not rise
above tbo level of the second rate.
ai»DDn_K3 or KiinUn Drain*
Headdresses nr* quite wonderful.
There are wall* ot 'Troy In rhlno-
(tones and Jet with * white algret al
th* side; there are two Inch bauds Ji
tarnished bullion latticework set wltb
turquoise end garnet; there nre broad
bars of black tulle beld by borlzoutal
bars of rbloestones set ln silver; black
velvet bands with a latticework ot
Jewel* ind a yellow algret at the side.
In addition to all these oriental tllleto
thero Is a fide showing of tb* fourteenth century Italian caps In keeping
with tb* sleeves, the shoulder Hue Ond
Ibe lace ruffles wblcb are revived from
tbe Italian period.
The caps ure like those to which w*
onco give the name of Juliet They -
are made' of pearls, crystals, turquoise
aud corals on a white satin or whit*
lull* foundation. As pink Is so mucb
the fashion tbls year among the exrlu-
slvcs. although It Is not widely talked
(bout one sees a good many of thess
caps made of coral brads strung oa
coral silk aud mounted on a white fabric.
Satin Is rather an unusual material
for these raps, but It la newer (ban
tulle and looks quite picturesque wben
It I*'worn on top of the bead, edged
wilh a row of pearls or crystals and
cut to sharp points, that fall over th*
bair, wblcb hides the cars. Tbe headdress-pictured Is a charming reproduction of Egyptian art
China's Population. .
I According to the latest official r*-
turns, Iho number ot inhabitants ot
China proper, llaurhurta and th* new
dominion la 312.423 025. And as wo
have pointed out before, observes lb*
National Review iChinai. lhe estl-
mates of China's population'hnve al-
| wuy* hud a tendency to exaggeration,
! and even If 10.0UO.uiiO be a tided oo for
Mongolia aud Tibet thc total la far
below tbnt usually   quoted.'  In   1004
j Mr. Rockhtll, then Hulled States minister In 1'ekln. utter careful Inquiry
came to the conclusion tbat the number ot Inhabitants, of Cblna proper
wa* probably  less  than 270.0011.000.
, Tbat would make Ue total population
of tb* empire something slightly under
800,000.000, If something be allowed
for natural Increase sine* that time It
' docs not seem ua ir tho 312.ooo.niio ot
j tbe latest census erred on tbe side of
understatement-London Globe.
bllsge Ftr Dief Cattle.
We fitted n bunch of rattle for oar
public tal* last winter by feeding principally silage in nn open yard, sues an
uwn feeder In the Breeder's Gazette
they bad * little corn and cob meal
mixed In with tbs silage und timothy
hay for roughage, but did not se* tli*
Inside ot s burn until they went to th*
ul* ring. Wo hur* never fitted a
bunch of cattle that were Iu as good
condition as these were aud In as good
bloom. A grout mnny good' feeder*
were st th* sale and wer* anxious to
know how these cattle were fed, as
they remarked tbnt they were In as
Iln* condition for public salt as any
tbey bid teen.
Hog Nottt.
With cbeip corn ond other grains
tny mm wbo could buy i few pigs
■nd finish Ihem for mirket could mak*
i llttlo profit but it requires skill ind
Iblllty I) grow plgt ind fatten I bom
on sixty cent corn nnd make u reasonable profit
If you bar* never tried rap* raise *
imill field uext spring. It Is very
popular wltb lb* bogs and does them
a world of good,
Do not be stingy In the ns* of clean
straw for bedding, but tin nol us*
long, heavy straw In the bed of lb*
farrowing tow, ns sometimes very
voung .plgt get tingled up In It ind
Tee Much Grief.
"Then Ihe wedding wasn't altogether
* success."
"No; tlie groom's mother cried louder
than thc bride's mot her. II wns con.
sktercd very had taste."-_>ulsvlll«
Sup and Waltr In Otrmsit Schools.
Tb* latest feature of the German
city school system Is tho Introduction
of so*p, towels and water basins Into
children's dsy schools. The purposo
Is not only to diminish the dsuger that
may arise from dirt, but also to wak*
In tb* children the sense of cleanliness, mental as well as physical. Th*
city authorities, besides laying duwi
times and occasions for hand washing,
go on to explain how It Is done. Th*
great majority of mankind regard lit*
process of washing one's hands as ■
comparatively simple milter. Tbnt I*
not th* view of lho German authorities. They recocnlze * perfunctory
and a thorough wny of doing things,
ind witb tbls view they bavt Included
a nail brush In th* equipment ibout tn
be Issued to th* schools.
Llltt Ittlici Demanded.
IlellllveR of la'rnnz Liszt demanded
of the Hungarian government on th*
on* hundredth anniversary of bis birth
tbo celebrated musician's belongings.
The «bbe left, besides a small sum ot
money, presents uud souvenirs valued
It MO.00O. Tbese. which Included n
golden baton let wllb brilliants, tb*
gift of tbo composer's "friend" I'rlu-
cess Sayn-Wlttgcusteln. hav* been In
the National mu«*uin for a quarter of
a century, despite frequent protests
from near relntlvcs.-New Vork World.
Tht Aulopltw In War.
Germany has Introduced an auto-
plow for dlggln;; trenches during actual engagement, and it promises to play
in Important part hereafter tn nrmy
circles. Th* new machine can do lho
work three times as speedily as men,
besides saving Immeasurable energy tn
sn army, It requires but one operator -
sud travels it nbout ill milt* in hour
when tolug at top tpeedL
Dr.  Simmons,    dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone K 39.
Robert Mcintosh and E. Spraggett
returned on Saturday from a week's
visit to Victoria.
l).",M_.-l*ltnm'.has   been  appointed
returning: ollicer  for   Grand    Forks
The Palmatier Sisters scored a big
success on Tlionksgiviug day, having
tlie largest attendance on record for a
matinee here. The various numbers
ware received with hearty applause
lind continued encores, und the program was in eveiy way a most unqualified success. Every number
leiielieil such a high point of excel
lence, it is alifiicult to specify any
particulate one. The company is of a
high order whicb cannot fail- to win
popular uppniviil wherever manifested.
—Kegina Capital; The Palmatier
Sisters will till a une night's engagement at the Grand Forks opera house,
on Wednesday, March '-'fl, under the
auspices of tbe Grand F rks band.
Their ta'trits "nre well known here,
und tbey should be greeted hy a
crowded house.
Your Money Back If You Are
Not Satisfied With the
Medicine We Recommend
Lust week 4".'.,fll'0 pounds of blis
ter eiifper were shipiaeal from the
Granby smelter, malt'ng the tolail
production for tbt- first two main lb*1 of
the present year 3 542.IHI0 pounds.
Take ynur repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A. H. Armstrong, of Schenectady,
N. Y., truetion expert of the General
Electric company, and H. D. Bayn,
of Toronto, representative of the
Canadian General Electric company,
were in Rossland last week in connection with the electrification of the
Castlegar-Bosaland section of the
Canadian Pacific railway. Ongoing
over the route they were accompanied
by L. A. Campbell, general manager,
and J. D. McDonald, superintendent
of the West Kootenay Power & Light
company, and Superintendent Miller,
Engineer Moss and Chief Dispatcher
Parker, of the Canadian Pacific rail
way, were also in the party.
Silkstone destroys the labor of
houseclen-ning. Choose a suitable
tint for. this spring, and wash it
clean in the fall and spring. It lasts
for years. Call nt out store and ask
about it.   Thot. A. Mclnryre & Co.
The Pal matter Sisters' programs
are b_ri,to full of just what a tirad man
or woman needs te forget their troubles.    Opera house, March 20.
We nre plens*dawitb the reception
of our new cash system. It will save
you money ns well as us. A cash
price is the cheapest and'hest for all.
Thos. A. Mclntyre & Co.
We are so positive that our remedy
will permanently relieve constipation,
no matter how chronic it may be, thut
we offer to furnish the medicine at
our expense should it fail to produce
satisfactory results.
It is worse than useless to attempt
to cure constipation with cathartic
drugs. Laxatives or cathartics do much
harm. They cause a reaction, irritate,
and weaken the bowels and tend to
make constipation moro chronic. Besides, their use becomes a habit tbut
is dangerous.
Constipution is caused by a'w«ak-
ness of the nerves and muscles of the
large intestine br descending colon.
To expect permanent relief you must
therefore tone up anal strengthen
those organs anal restore them to
healthier activity.
We A-ant you to try Uexall Order
lies on our recoioni°tidalion. They are
exceedingly pleasant to taike, being
etiten like candy, and are ideal for
children, delicate persons, and old
folks, as well as for the rohust They
act directy on the nerves and muscles'
of the bowels. They apparently have
a neutral action on other associate organs or glands. They do not purge,
cause excessive hsiseness, nor create
any ioconvenienoe whatever. Thev
may be taken at any time, day or
night. They will.positively relieve
chronic or habiual constipation, if not
of surgical variety, and the myriads of
associate or dependent chronic ailments, if taken with regularity for a
reasonable length of time. 12 tablets,
10 cents; 36 tablets, 25 cctjnts; 80
tablets, 50 cents. Sold in Grind
Forks only at our store —The Uexall
Store. H. E. Woodland.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men are bo fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe lhat they can reach
the consumers of Ihis district without advertising^ The Sun.
Show card* for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut oft' your advertising be-a
cause your business is too'
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention td phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, w..?ZM, Columbia p, 0,
Bridge Street,
I'lip licit and moat
iilistiiiitml iire-|ir<)'<f
Imi.Iriiiitr in the Hun ii-
lui-y country. Recently uoii) itli.ted nml
ii '• w ly furnished
throughout, Equipped witli ull modern
electrical couveir
ieneei, Centrally located. First-clnss ac*
I'oniinodatioiiH for the
travelling publio.
Hot and Gold B.tKi.
ft rat-dan Bar, Pool
and Billiard Koomi
in Connection.
,11 -\'-
ELMIL.   LARSEN,   Prop.
John L Cades bus been appointed
returning ollicer fair Own wood dis
I imve for suit-, (.ilver Spangled
Hamburg»,Partridge Wyandottes, so
U>. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown Leghorns, Blue Andalusiatis
and Silver Spangled Hninburgs.—
Robert Clark, north of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
PEALED TEN DEBS will be re-
jj ceived bv the undersigned until
the 30th Mnrcll, 1912, for the
following supplies, to be delivered at
the School House, Grand Forks. Tenders may he for the whole or any part
thereof. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Ruled examination foolscap, ill
lbs  to 1000 sheets, 30,000 sheets
Scribbler Books, 3,000 books.
Exercise Books, 2,000 hooks
Drawing Books, 300 hooka.
Ruled sheet paper, size 3J inches
bv fl inches, padded in blocks of 100,
30.000 sheets.
Chalk, White Hygeia, 25 gross.
Pen Nibs, No. 404 (iille.lt, 15 gross.
Blackboard erasers, Weber's dust-
less, 3 dozen.
Lead Pencils, A. W or Johan Fa-
ber's drawing H, 4 gross.
Sample books for purpose of tendering can he obtained of the Secretary,
Board of Trustees
Orand Forks, February 20, 1912.
Dr. de .Van's Female P1II3
A reliable lrrwicli regulator! never lulls. Tlu-so
pilla nro exceed.milv p nverlul In 1 'Miiliitint? tlie
fgaiierutivu portion 61 His fomnlfl BVPtain Kuliine
till cheap .;.i*".-h*:vi. I»r. do Van'u are suit! nl
*Ba box. nr lure- I -rllO. Mailed I-mny itddriM*.!..
Th* Hoobvlt J»ru»: Co,. St. (..fUlutrliiea, Ont
Prin tin
We are prepared to d»
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
Wn have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ coin
petent workmen, and carry s complete
line of .Stationery.
SuitS   tO   Order   M8   Upwards
•; We tire agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the enst. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect lit. We guarantee satifaction.
• H Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
-their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Billheads nnd Statements,
bitterlleniIs and Envelope!.,
I'ostcrs, Dales and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Curds,
Lodge Constitutions anil By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Faro and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and  Counter
Paris,    Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in un
Up-tiwiii.e Printery.'
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Wop g>mt print S>lw.p
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Kepairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering "Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
■ A ('null ConilKUinmit.uf
Ki-rfivt-il Weekly,'
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and Summer Drinks
Kazor Hon.nn a Specialty.
Palace Barber Shop
ur Hon.nn a Sp
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ibt Door Nobth of Ukajjbt Hotbi.,
Fihst Strbbt.
AmraMrmdlnf a .ketch and dewriration ma,,
qui .kit ocertain onr oiiintoa In. wlioiliei- na
Intention isp_ubnlalrpiu_aia'aarala»._~£<ananaiaiili_s-
ll_miflrl_atiri-ona-lont.nl. HANDBOOK on IM_c_au
MntltMflOldMt uoncr fbr ■nuriiiMUuiM.
Patent* taken tbrough Wuun A Co. recelva
oatcuSaeUu, without mmw, In tho
Scientific American.
A hindMmelr Illustrated weekly. Largest ctr-
Station of any actantlflo Journal.   Ternm f-.r
timula,,lo,% a year,put-Uuio vrejialii,   BulU by
Branch Offloo, bb V BU Waafatngtgo, D. C.
Needless Wast
Of time and energy can be avoid'
by (he use of our Classified Wan
Ad*. Timp and energy represent
good Julian, tn this age. Do not cv-
hauit ♦'icm in an aimless March foi
good help. Use our Want Ads. and
thc help will come to you.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section thai have the
uorroct material for printing it, Tht
Sun job office.


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