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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 5, 1912

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2^R.A, ?i#
Eleventh Year—No. 23
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. cApril 5, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Small Fruit GrowiDg Pays
Well When Conditions
Are Right
Raspberries.— To obtain ths best
results, a deep soil, well drained and
with a large moisture holding capacity
is desirable. In the coast dit.tr.ets
where the humidity is high, it is advisable to obtain a site with a sufficient slope to give good air drainage.
The same method of preparation of
the soil as given for strawberries is
applicable here. Deep cultivation
and ploughing is advisable befoie
setting out a patch, especially on the
heavier soils.
Propagation—The roots of a raspberry are perennial, so the general
method of obtaining plants is to dig
up the one year old plants from the
bearing patch. It is also possible,
sometimes, to nse the suckers and re-
' plant them the same spring in which
they start, especially if weather and
soil conditions are favorable, '
Planting—This is done eilber in
{Jf.he fall or spring, depending on the
district, the condition of the land and
the grower. The planting distance
depends on the variety, type, and
condition of the soil and the district,
so that no distance which would be
satisfactory for all aitei can be given.
As a general rule, the rows are six to
eight feet apjart, and the plants set at
eighteen indies to two feet in a row.
They require' pruning before setting
in the same way as a one-year old
apple tree, i.e., roots trimmed and top
cut baek. Plant about three to five
inches deep, depending on the soil,
•Spread the roots, and pack the earth
*ell around them.
Training—It is found advantageous
to support the vines with trellis. This
is generally done the second or third
year. To accomplish this post, are
set thirty feet or so apart with a
cross piece at the top which should be
about' three and a hajf feet from the
ground,, on which two wires are
strung, one at either end of the cross-
piece. Within this space the vines
nre kept upright, bringing the plantation into better condition for cultivation ahd other cultural operations.
Pruning—Fruit is borne on the
one-year old wood, so that in pruning
nil canes that have borne fruit are removed, and the remainder thinned out
if necessary. The best time to prune
is immediately after the fruit is
picked, as hy leaving the old canes
they form an unnecessary drain uu the
plant fi od and soil moisture, The
taller of new canes should also be
pinched or cut back at the time so as
strengthen the bearing shoots for the
following season. They are again
gone over and cut back before growth
starts iu the spring. < Blackberries are
pruned in the same manner.
Good cultivation should be kept up
in the same manner as in a strawberry patch until midsummer or a
little later, depending on the soil and
nt, but   where they have been tried
in favorable districts they are   being |
sucuessfnlly   grown.   They   are produced in the States to the south of us,
both for the fresh and dried producta.r
They have been fouud to do well on
almost all types of soil, and are being
grown i-uccessfully on tha heavier
types. The same general remailis re
preparation of land as given nn strawberries are applicable here.
Propagation—They can be propagated by tipping, layering, or by the use
of cuttings. Tipping is generally
practised as described below.
Planting—This is done either in the
fall or spring, but spring plantiug is
generally practised, Planting distances
vary. One of the largest and most
successful growers ' nf this fruit in
Oregon has his rows eight feet apart
and the plant set the same distance
apart in the rows. A trellis is con
structed for the support of the vines
by placing posts in the rows every
thirty-two feet, on which are strung
thtee No. 12 galvanized wires in a
similar manner as on a grape trellis.
Pruning—The fruit is produced on
one-year-old wood, so in pruning all
the canes that have borne fruit are
removed; this should be done as .0011
alter fruiting at possible. The canes
ihould be cut oil at least fix inches
from the crown of the plant Ten to
twelve new canes ean- be left, and
these are wound round the trellis
wire so as to have them well dis
Cultivation—Good cultivation " is
ifiven until midsummer. The patch is
plowed in September, throwing the
furrows towards the vines. At that
time a number of the vines, where the
patch has received good care will have
reached the ground, and the tips of
these are plowed under, They take
rent and afford a supply of new plant-,
for selling, or use in the uew planta
tiou ths following spriug.
A logan berry patch when well
handled will yield good crops for
many years.
Currants and Gooseberries.—They
do best on a good deep soil, well
diained, retentive of moisture, and un
sites that will afford good airdrainags.
Propagation—By cuttings principally. Sometimes by tipping and
mound layering. They are generally
planted in hills about four to five feet
on the square.
Pruning—Gooseberries bear on one-
year-old wood and ou spurs which
bear profitably for two or three years.
It is advisable to cut out all wood
over three years old and keep a sup
ply of new shoots and two-year shoots
under way. The red and white currants bear principally 011 two-veur-old
wood and are pruned accordingly,
The information given in this article on each species of small fruit is
necessarily brief. Some of the more
important essentials to success have
been mentioned, which ihould prove
ot value to the grower who purposes'
planting small fruits. It should be
borne in mind that the profit which
is made on small fruits is due largely
to careful attention to cultural operations. Ths grower who intends planting should have sufficient labor in
view and should bo in a positiou to
look well after his plantation,
Orchardists on the Covert
Estate Will Dam Fourth
■ of July Creek
The orchardists on the Covert estate are planning to dam
Fourth of July creek in order to
conserve the water for Iheir gravity
irrigation system in the event of an
extraordinarily dry season. Tbey
propose to construct a reinforced
concrete dam 150 feet wide and 40
teet high, with a rock and earth fill
in front, this spring, at a cost of
$2500 About fifty carloads of apples were shipped from this estate
last fall.
Pruning has beeu the order in
the Keltle Valley orchards for sev
ernl weeks, but nearly all of thic
work is now completed, and spraying ie being vigorously prosecuted.
All the orchard? in this district
came through the winter in excel
lent condition, and the prospects
(or a good fruit crop were nevei
better.' Many new orchards will be
planted this spring.
A good plantation when properly
handled will bear profitably for twelve
or fifteen years, and sometimes longer'.
Logan Berries.—The culture of
logan berries has not been extensive
in British Columbia up to the   pres-
F. Roney is rapidly recovering
from bis recent misfortune of blood
poisoning brought on by a shell
striking bim in tbe fact.. Present
indications are that be will be able
to wear bis new Easter hat next
At the meeting of the Farmers' institute on Monday evening J, T.
Lawrence, delegate to the British
Columbia Farmers' institute, submitted bis report. Owing to the light
attendance, the discussions on the
subjects of "Cold Storage" and "Cul
titration" were deferred until the
next regular meeting of tbe insti
Tbis is the busy shipping season
for the Riverside Nureries, and ti
number of loads of trees are being
hauled lo tbe railway stations
daily. The sales last amounted to
about 220,000 trees. For thiB year
the sales are not all in yet, tnit it is
expected that tbey will exceed this
From all reports, the potato acreage iu Ihe valley will be greatly increased this year. J. D. Hon_-
berger intends to plant sixty, acres
on his ranch, and all tbe other large
ranchers will plant Urge tracts.
Last year this was the best paying
orop. »
Last year J. D Honsberger de
cided to experiment with a nut-tree
plantation. He planted a large
number of Franchelle walnut trees,
together with a lttrge"varie.y of other
nut trees. He reports that all of
them came through the wintei' in
good condition.
Cooper Rrothers have increased
the size tbeir orchard by planting
twenty acres to fruit trees this
J. D, Honsberger is increasing his
orchard tbis spring by plsnting
twenty acres to fruit trees. His old
orchard consists of 130 acres of
bearing trees, and 280 acres of trees
that bave not yet come into bearing.
either an irrigalional or
tural surprise.
J. T. Lawrence and R.W. Hughes
have completed installing their electric pumping irrigating plant. The
pump and motor could not work
Three carloads of potatoes were
shipped from the city this week.
The Grand Forks Gun club tbis
week aent an invitation to a team
of five from the Nelson Gun club
for a competitive shoot in thiB city
tomorrow. The invitton was accepted. It is expected tbat a return
shoot will be beld in Nelson later in
the season.
The Yale hotel milk wagon and
Cooper Brothers' automobile happened to meet on the Cooper bridge
on Tuesday morning. Had tbe
side of tbe bridge been as rotten as
some people say it is, the fishes in
lhe river could have lived on cream
for a week. However, a runaway
was averted, and all's well that ends
The slag elevator at Granby smtl
ter has, according to latest reports,
passed the experimental stage, and
is now working satisfactorily. Fjveof
lhe furnaces have been assembled to
ibis automatic method of disposing
of the granulated slag, and connection is now being made with tbe
Since Joseph Wibner, late ol
Phoenix, became part owner nf the
(irand Forks brewery, tbe beer
brewed at tbat institution bas been
fully equal, if not superior, to the
beverage shipped in from outside
points. Tbe addition to the brewery
is rapidly nearing complerion, and
the proprietors expect to have the
bottling plant in operation in tbe
course of another month.
A small bush fire across the North
Fork opposite tbe city called out
tbe fire department at 3 o'clock tbis
afternoon. The fla*nes were quickly
The gun club is holding a practise
shoot today in order pick out the
best'men to meet the Nelson Gun
club team tomorrow.
The Greenwood Ledge says tbat
moving picture shows damage the
tfieht, and in some cases lower tbe
morals of those wbo attend them
C. F. Andereon, tho new eity electrician, moved his family from
Greenwood to this city this week.
In the county court at Greenwood
a probate has been granted lo Lillian
Bonnett, a step-daughter of the late
Louis Kholt.
J. W. Cook left today for Nelson,
wbere be will meet one of his
brothers from Newfoundland, who
will visit the Cook family in this
city foF-a short time.
Mrs. Sloan has purchased Mies
Walker's boarding house on upper
Bridge street.
Wbat reliance can be placed in
the  news  of   paper   whoso editor
this year's crop have not yet been j ,nerel-v wrile9 his itc,n9 with a view of
contracted for. \ ol>"»*nil*g advertising business? Tho
  business  firms' which   he  cannot
Peter A. 'L Pure is not uttering a. capture by flattery, he attempts to
•ingle syllable these days. This secure by threats and false news
pen-up quietness evidently presages items regarding impending competi-
The Sunbeam orchard will be increased with twenty—twenty—fruit
trees  this  spring.   The   hoxes for
Fair Directors Buy Land for
a Road to the Grounds.
Other Improvements
The direclers of lhe Grand Forks
Agricultnral association met on
Wednesday evening, and discussed
a number of details in connection
with the next fair and the improvement of the grounds.
The directors have purohased a
strip of land from Mr. Ruckle between the First street bridge and
he entrance to the grounds, and
tbe Bame is to be graded to a first-
class driveway,- This work will be
commenced au soon as possible.
Dave Shannon submitted a design for an exhibition hall. The
building, as planned by Mr. Shannon, will be Mix WO feet, with a 25x
50 foot whig on each side. The
structure is of a handBome archi
tectural appearance, a cupola surr
mounting the central 60x50-foot Bee
tion of the building The directors
decided to increase the length of the
building 25 fact, and each of the
side wings 12* feet, thus greatly in-
ei^asing tbe floor space for exhibition purposes. With these allera-
lions, the p'sns for the hall were
avorably considered by tie directors, and the building committee
was instructed to ascertain the cost
of the building.
Tbe directors decided to lease the
grounds tbis year for the care of the
Tbe baseball diamond will be
widened, and tbe earth obtained
from tbis work will be used for improving tbe road to the grounds.
A committee of three was appointed to ascertuin the feelings of tbe
citizens in regard to holding a celebration in tbe city on the 1st of
A resolution was adopted that all
attractions to be shown on the
grounds must first have the approval of the board of directors.
A committee was appointed to
interview the city council at its next
The various standing committees
made their reports, and then the
meeting adjourned.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature tor each
day during the past week. 11s re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
Friday  63 82
Saturday  6.9 28
Sundiy  64 .'12
Monday    62 27
Tuesday   08 80
Wednesday-!  54 ii"
Thursday  58 3S
Ranfall during week, 0.00 inches.
Snowfall during past winter, 66.7
tion. Result: A highly colored and
thoroughly unreliable newspaper.
There are some papers ot this typo
published not far from this city.
They are not the most acceptable
competitors; but that which can not
be cured must he endured.
Furniture for Sale.- Apply
Walker's, Bridge strict.
Ml Treatments Failed. Relieved
by Peruna.
Mrs.   Wm.   Hoh-
mann, 2764 Lincoln
Ave.,   Chicago,   IU„
"I suffered with
I catarrh of Ihe brim
f ehial tubes and had
1 a terrible cough ever
since a child.
"I would alt up ln
bed with pillows
propped up behind
me, but still the
cough would not let
me Bleep. I thought
and everybody else
that I had consumption.
"So reading the
papers about Peruna I decided to
try, without the
least bit of hope tbat
mul 1* would do me any
Mre. Hohmann.  g00(,; But after talc.
Ing three bottles I noticed a change.
My appetite got better, eo I kept on,
never discouraged. Finally I seemed
not to cough so much and the pains In
my chest got better and I could rest at
"I am well now and cVed of a chronic
cough and sore throat. I cannot tell
you how grateful I am, and I cannot
thank Peruna enough. It has cured
where doctors have failed and I talk
Feruna wherever I go, recommend It to
everybody. People who think they
have consumption better give it ___.
How Growth of the Forest* May be
Made to Increase the Grain Yields
How can the existence of forests at
the sources of a stream affect the
crops ln the district watered by the
Tbe question Is not hard to answer.
The chief need for the growth of all
plants is water. One of the best
known authorities estimates that field
crops use .100 to 600 tons of water
for every ton of dry material produced. This uses up the water ln
from 2 1-2 to 5 Inches deep of the
Naturally, the nearer the water is
to the roots of tbe plants, the eas'er
lt is for the plants to take up the water and the better the crop will grow.
Water, whether running free In the
stream or lying in the soil, will seuk
the lowest level. If tbe level of tlia
water in the stream falls, then tho
water In the soil (first from the near
neighborhood ot the stream, ami meu
from farther away) will find its way
to the stream, and the level of the
water In the soil will fall and so the
plants will find it harder to get water.
In order to keep up the level of the
streams ln the summer, there must be
a constant flow of water from the
head-waters. It Is well known that,
when the forests are cut away, the
water from the melting of tbe snow
In spring and the rains of other seasons flow away rapidly. Often causing damage by floods. The dry seasons ot the summer find the streams
almost dry.
The soil ln the forest, however, Is
of a spongy nature and soaks up the
water falllUT on It, afterwards giving
lt out gradually and bo furnishing an
even supply to the streams and enabling them to keep up their levels.
The higher the level of the stream
Is maintained, the higher will be the
level of the water In the soil, and the
easier the plants will find It to grow.
It Is for reasons often outlined that
lt Is so Important to the farmers of
the West that tlte Dominion forest
reserves should be maintained. The
Rocky Mountain forest reserve thus
serves the farmer of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Riding and Duck
Mountain reserves »serves the
farms of northwestern and northern
Manitoba and the Turtle Mountain reserve a considerable portion of southern Manitoba.
French, German and English am
taught ln the schools of Holland, and
pupils are required to pass un exam-
(nation In these languages before
;hi s ui*, »'\-
Removal From Calcutta to Delhi
Righto an Ancient Wrong
The commercial Instinct of the East
India Company led lt to perpetrate a
great outrage upon Indian national
susceptibilities by removing the capital to Calcutta. Ever since tlio days
of civilization Delhi had figured as the
Government seat. The Hindi;, und
Moslems both had favored it In this
way. Off and on In the ciu^se of
centuries whimsical rulers had jilted
India's hub for some other favored
city, but sooner or later the lucky
metropolis always managed to gain
the upper hand over its rivals,
The East India Company, knowing
little of and caring less for the sentiments of Indians, established the capital of India at Calcutta, for, situated
as it was on the banks of the Hooghly,
a navigable river, It was easy of access from the sea, whereas Delhi was
hundreds of miles from any port,
When the suzerainty of the peninsula was transferred from the commercial corporation to the British
Crown at the close of the Indian Sepoy
Mutiny in 1857, Hindustan hoped that
lustlce would be done to its imperial
city; but lt has been disappointed.
Again expectation ran high when
the Assemblage was held at Delhi In
1877, especially ln view of thc fact
that the British by that time had
learned enough about their Oriental
subjects to convene the Durbar there
instead of at Calcutta; but the people
once more were doomed to disappointment. When King Edward was proclaimed Emperor of India ln 1903 the
natives were thrilled by the same
hope, only to have It dashed to the
Thus lt has been reserved tor King
George V. to right this wrong and
make all Hindustan happy over lt.
Only a very limited number of people
will decry this measure. Among them
no doubt are the alien and native merchants and property holders of Calcutta, who have fed and fattened on
'hi necessities of those who must per-
'o'-ce make their homes ln the capital.
W. N. U. No. 886.
Ideas Worth Money
Ideas are worth money. Send in
good suggestions and we will pay you
for them.'
The Pennsylvania Railroad announced recently the results attained by the
above order, which was sent out to
its employees some time ago. It said
the response was Immediate. Many
of the ideas sent in, moreover, proved
valuable, and their originators received rewards In cash for them.
A clerk ln one of the roundhouses
won a premium by submitting a plan
for Increasing economy by further use
of carbon sheets, which remain In repair card books after the cards have
been filled in and removed. He devised a way of using this carbon paper with one of the company's forms
for ordering material from the warehouses. A tinsmith in one of the
shops discovered an Improved method
of fastening in engine cabs tbe boxes
which contain flags, torpedoes and
medicine case. He received pay tor it.
A fireman saw a way to minimize the
loss of coal through vibration by
standardizing the heights of coal
gates on locomotive tenders, and received an ample reward for the idea.
There were many other suggestions
from employees which were consider
ed worthy of financial reward.
A Lucky Beggar
Robert Newman telephoned the police:
"I want you to find my trousers,"
ho said.
"Did you look under tha umllitss?"
asked the telephone clerk ln the
chiefs office. ..
"No," said Newman.
"Give me the description," he said.
"All right. The -number on the
case Ib 5,574,561 and the number on
the workB Is 6,133,476."
"What are you talking about, anyway?"
"My watch."
"I thought lt was your trousers."
"YeB. The watch was In the trousers' pocket. A beggar called here and
asked me to give him a pair of trousers. I did. After he was gone I discovered I gave him the ones with my
watch In.  Find the beggar, will you?"
Never Spoke Again
Grantley Berkeley, In his Recollections, notes one of the shortest parliamentary speeches on record. "Leonard Charlton tried to ma'tc a milder
speech, and, rlBlng ln his place will a
very bald head, known too as he was
to everybody as one of the oldest
stagers ln all the ways ot the world,
ho began with great affectation of inexperience, and with an exceedingly
mild voice. 'Mr. Speaker, I am but a
young member.' On hearing thiB assertion from so cratfy a man, possessing bo venerable a pate, the entire
house roared with laughter. Twice
he stopped, and three times he commenced with these words, hut It was
UBelesa. The house would not listen,
and he never assayed to speak again."
Dealer.—Look hero! The bill for
that motor car has been running for
over a year now.
Customer.—Let it run. I want to
have something connected with my
motor car that will run for over half
an hour without stopping.
"Givln' a man advice." Bald Uncle
Eben, "generally don't nmount to nuf-
fin' but worryln' him wlf talk about
troubles dat he knows a heap mo'
about dan you does."
Eight-four per cent, of Porto Rico's
trade during the financial year ended
June 30, 1011, was with the United
No man Is so weak thf* •'•* "»a't
break a promise.
National Drink of Tibetans—Fermented Coconut Milk
Arra may be said to be the national
drink of the Tibetans, being given at
all times and places. The natives
carry It ln long buffalo horns on
then* trips from place to place, and
the shepherdB deem their existence
miserable if they have not their dally
allowance. Arra Is used also by the
Blmllans, but the great drink of these
people Is marwa. This Is a kind ot
beer made from millet. The grain la
subjected to a very primitive method
of fermentation without malting, and
is stored lu earthenware Jugs; lt has
to be used quickly, as lt soon sours;
lt is very light ln alcohol, but ts extremely nourishing.
Nlpa wine made from tho ulpa
palm, is a common beverage ln Burnish. It resembles ln taste and flavor
the palm wine or toddy of India,
though by some it Is thought to be
more powerful ln its inebriating qualities. But the favorite beverage of
the Burmese is shouchou, which greatly resembles sam-tchoo, only lt is a
little more fiery In taste and Its effect Is somewhat quicker and decidedly more lasting. '
They also use the milk of the cocoa-
nut, which they ferment in vast quantities and preserve lu glazed earthenware Jugs, which hold from 100 to 150
gallons apiece. Like their neighbors,
the Hindus and Chinese, they are prolific in the distillation of their many
fruits, and many excellent drinks are
made therefrom. They Import large
quantities of European liquors, especially gin, and as a rule they prefer
strong spirits instead money in payment for what we term odd Jobs.
One Kind of Boss    -
Apropos of scientific management
and the miracles it performs, Jerome
S. McWade, the Duluth capitalist said
the other day:
"An interesting part of scientific
management is the weeding out of the
officlouB, Billy, Ignorant boss—the
boss who, to show his authority, is
always interfering with his men.
"A boss of this description was overseeing the removal of a lot of dirt on
a railway contract of mine. It happened that one of the workmen's wheelbarrows squeaked dreadfully. The
man, therefore, turned the barrow
over, and he was beginning to grease
it, when the boss rushed down upon
him like an avalanche.
" Here you I What the blankety
blank are you doing there Pedro?'
'"I'm Just greasin'.my barrow, boss.'
' 'Who in the blank name of blankety blank told you to do that, you
maccaroni-fed asterisk?' \
'"No one, boss.'
'"Well, get back to your work then,
and don't let me catch you at anything
of the kind again. What the blank
do you know about machinery?'"
Not What ShTtvieant
Maud.—I've Just heard of a case
where a man married a girl on his
death bed so that she could have his
millions when he was gone. Could
you love a girl like that?
Jack.—That s just the kind of a girl
I could love.   What's her address?
Whenever you feel a headache coming on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain ■
opium, morphine, phenacetin, acetanilld or other dangerous
drugs.   25c. a box at your Druggist's. 12j
Clay Pipe Still Here
The clay pipe has not quite departed.
It Is always to be seen tucked, stem
downward, In tbe strap which the
dustman and the coalman use to hitch
up the legs of their corduroys—Just
beneath the knees. The china cigar-
holder, however, Ib not only dead, but
forgotten. Lady Dorothy Nevill can
recall the monstrosity: "Lord, Abergavenny," she notes, "remembers having seen my father-in-law, the Hon.
George Nevill, born In 1760, smoking
a cigar throughva china holder, about
the most uncomfortable method of
Bmoklng possible. These old-fashioned china cigar holders were often elaborately painted," Just the very
thing, in fact, for a birthday present
to the husband.
There will be no occasion in a
short time for Prince Rupert, the
Pacific terminus ot the O. T. P. to
Import its supplies of cement from
England, Germany or even Victoria,
aB last summer there was discovered
near Shames, B. C, which is also on
the line ot the great Transcontinental
Railway, a large deposit ot lime stone
tlmt Is considered perfect tor the manufacture of cement. This Bhould
prove a powerful stimulus to the
building boom in Prince Rupert.
Thi Invalid
"You know that ball player who
has a glass arm, a weak knee and a
game ankle—the one wbo only finished in five games during the season?"
"Yes, what about him?"
"He's going to work In a stone yard
through the winter."
Motto of the miser—Never give up.
Ready for the Warden
To make sure that tho boy was
not disobeying the bass fishing law,
the game warden took the string of
fish out of the water and found only
catfish, perch and suckers on the line.
A few feet farther down the stream
he found a large black bass wiggling
on a string weighted down with a
stone, and asked the hoy what he waB
doing with tlie fish.
"Well, you see,' answered tbe boy,
"he's been taking my bait all morning,
and so I Just tied him np there until
I got through fishing.' '
Last year the consumption ot coal
ln this country was 502,000,000 tons
in round numbers, in England,300,O00,-
000 tons nearly, and in Germany about
350,000,000 tons.
Nothing Like Leather
For oyer twelve months now a rotfd
made principally ot leather has bean
lu use at Handsworth, Birmingham,
and shows practically no signs ot wear.
It is another example of the elimination of that commercial bugbear, .'•the
waste product," for until some ingenious person hit upon the idea of the
leather road practically no use had
been discovered for the leather waste
from which It is made. The waste
leather was shredded until it veritably
.l3?".?*a pulp* K waB then treafied
with bitumen and tar and laid In the
usual way. The road is claimed >to
have many great advantages. It
creates little or no dust, gives considerable wear, Is resilient and silent
and g ves a goood grip for motor tires
and almllar objects. It "is a comfortable material for homes to tread on,
and the heaviest vehicles that have
bo far passed over lt have made no
Impression on lt.
Scotch Wit
A Scotch woman, whose name.wat
Margaret, did nothing but swear and.
abuse instead ot answering, the minister.
"Ah, Margaret," said he, "dlnna y*
ken where a' the slnfu' gang?"
"De'U take them that kens as well
aB them that speers," cried she.
"Ah, Margaret, they gang where
there be wailing and gnashing of
' By my trow, then," said Margaret,
"let them gnash that hae them,- for
de'il a stump hae I had these twenty
"My present patient," said the pretty nurse, "is a peevish old millionaire.""
'Never mind, he may ask you to
marry him."
"Yes he may. He has about run out
of other requests."
"Did you know," said a man who
was reading about the contraction of
metals, "that a clock ticks faster In
winter than In summer?'
"No. I .never noticed that about -a
clock.   But I know a gas-meter does."
Faint ?
Hsve yes week heart, diuy (aeliags, oppressed
breathing altar meall P Or do you experience pain
over the heart, shortness ol breath oa goiag up-stain
and the many diitretiisg symptoms whieh indicate
poor circulation sad bsd blood? A heart toaie,
blood aad body-builder that has stood the test of
over 40 yeen ol cures is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
The heart become* regular as clock-work. The red
blood corpuscles are increased in number—snd tbe
aervsa la turn are well led. The arteries an tiled
with food rich blood. That is why aervous debility,
irritability, (slating spalls, disappear sad are overcome by this alterative extract of medietas! roots
put up by Dr. Pisrea without the use of aloohoL
Ask yonr neighbor. Maay have bsea cured of
scrofulous condition!, ulcere, "fcver-iores," white swellings, ate., by taking
Dr. Pierce's Discovery. Just the refreshing aad vitaUzlag toalo Beaded for
excessive tissue wsite, ia convalescence tram fevers er for run-down, anaemic,
thin-blooded people. Stick to this sab aad sane remedy sad refute sll " iust
as good " klads offered by the dealer wha is looking (or a larger pro St. Nothing witldo you hilf •• mueh good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medioal Diioovsry.
Don't let repairs
eat up your profits
Whether they represent actual cash outlay, or
only the time of yourself and your help, repairs
are waste just the same. When you make an
improvement—no matter how small its cost may
be—let it be permanent. Then it is a real investment, something on which you can realize in cash should you decide to
sell your property; and something that will pay you constant
dividends in convenience, sightliness and comfort as long as
the farm remains your own.
Concrete Improvements Are Permanent
They last as long as the very hills themselves. They do not
require experts to build them. Their first cost, in most cases,
is no more than for inferior materials.
Aren't you interested in the subject of permanent, modern
farm improvements!
Then write for the book that describes hundreds of them—*
It Isn't a Catalogue. Kvery ons of Its 110 handsomely Hlustrsted pages Is Interest*
_ and Instructive. They tell how to mm concrete, how to place It, whet csn be dona
th It   Ths book wss printed to sell for N cents, but ws have a copy fer you, free.
Vour  name  snd sddrsss on a assist will bring this beek
Hall the postcard to-day.    The book will come to you by
return mail.     Addrees
Zam-Buk Worked a Miracle of Healing.
Reverend Gentlemai. Fully-
Miss Kate L. Dolllver, of Caledonia,
Queens Co., N. S., says: "I must add
my testimony to the value ot Zam-Buk.
Ulcers and Bores broke out on my
arm, and although I tried to heal them
by using various preparations, nothing
seemed to do me any good. The sores
spread until trom fingers to elbow
was one mass ot ulceration.
"I had five different doctors, and
faithfully carried out their instructions. I drank pint after pint of blood
medicines, tried salve after salve, and
lotion after lotion; but it was of no
"My father then took me thirty
miles to see a well-known doctor. He
photographed the nrm and hand. This
photograph was sent to a New York
hospital to the specialist', but they
sent word they could do nothing fur-
thor for me, and I was ln despair.
"Ono day a friend asked me If I had
tried Zam-Buk, I said I had not, but
I got a box right away. That first
box did me more good than all the
medicine I bad tried up to that time,
so I continued the treatment. Every
box healed tbe sores more and more
until, to make a long story short, Zam-
Buk healed all the sores completely.
Everybody in this place knows of my
caso and that tt is Zam-Buk alone
which cured mo."
Minister corroborates.—The Hev. W.
B. M. Parker, o'. Caledonia, Miss Dol-
liver's minister, writes: "ThiB Is to
certify that the testimonial of MIbb
Dolllver is correct aB far as my knowledge goes. I have known her for a
year and a half, and her cure effected
by Zam-Buk Ib remarkable."
Wherever there Is ulceration, blood-
poison, Bores, cold-cracks, abscesses,
cuts, burns, bruises, or any skin tt.-
Jury or dUeaso, there Zam-B'iu sh.iuld
be applied. It Is also a sure euro lor
piles. All druggists and stores s»lt at
60c. per box, or post free fi'Oatt '/.Mil
Buk Co., Toronto, for pr ce. Hef.iPO
cheap and harmful lmltatlinc nnd substitutes.
A species of white ants, called termites, Is noted for Its high hills of
dwellings. If the houses of men were
proportionately high, size for size, thc
humblest cottage would be a mile In
Mothers Value This Oil.—Mothers
who know how suddenly croup may
seize their children and how necessary
prompt action is in applying relief,
always keep at hand a supply of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil, because experience has taught tbem tbat there is no
better preparation to be had for the
• treatment ot this aliment, and thoy
aro wise, for Us various uses render
It a valuable medicine. >.
At most railway stations ln Italy It
is possible to buy English biscuits,
and usually, also, English preserves.
SMt slops coaaika. cm* colds, heals
Ikieataadlaals •     Z8c.nl..
  Call and let us explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.
Jane Austen's Sailor Brother
The House of Commons has declined to abolish prize money, and,
Indeed, when one remembers the great
people who have enjoyed and been
encouraged hy it, one Is not sorry.
Jane Austen's sailor brotherB were
awarded for their valor in this way.
Charles Austen was lieutenant of the
Endyminlon, under Captain Philip
Durham, ln 1800.
On the occasion of the capture of
the Scipio tie encounter took place
in a violent gale; but in spite of .vi.iil
and weather he put off in a boat 'villi
only four men, and boarded the vessel.
Jane v Austen writes to tell her slatar
Cassandra how he spent his prize
"Charles has received £30 for his
share ot the privateer, and expects
£10 more; but of what avail Ib it to
take prizes it he lays out the produce
iu presents for his Bisters? He lias
been buying gold chains and topab
crosses for ub. He must be well scolded. I shall write again by this post
to thank and reproach him. We
shall be unbearably fine." '
These Pills Cure Rheumatlsm.—To
many who suffer from rheumatism a
trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills Is
recommended. They have pronounced action upon the liver and kidneys
and by regulating- the action ot these
organs act as an alternative In preventing the admixture ot uric acid
and blood that causes this painful disorder. They must be taken according
>o directions and used steadily and
'hey will speedily glvo evidence of
their beneficial effects.
Never be In your placo of business
when a person wants to borrow money
off you, because If you are in, you
will be out, but if you are out you will
be ln.
Look (or tho signature of E. W. GP.OVB.
Hied the World over to Cute a Cold tn
One Day.      25c.
Still Safe
'What do you think of girls being
allowed "to propose ln leap year?'
"It doesn't bother me as long as
there's no year when men are bound
to accept them."
Mlnard s Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 13 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh and
injured her elbow so badly lt remained
stiff and very painful for three years.
Four bottles of MINARD'S LINIMENT
completely cured her and sho has not
been troubled for two years.
Yours truly.
St. Joseph, P. O., 18th August, 1900.
Why he Was Lucky
When the man who had been hit by
the automomblle at last opened his
eycB a sigh of relief went" up from the
"It's a wonder you weren't killed,"
said one of the bystanders. 'You're
luckier than most of the fellowB who
get hit."
' I certainly am," replied the victim,
rubbing his bruises. "I got his number Just before he struck me."
Williams'  Pink  Pills  Help
Blood and Make You Well
"Why do you make such palpable
efforts to avoid your duty as a citizen to serve on tho Jury?" sternly
asked the Judge.
"Your honor," the venireman explained, "I'm as patriotic as the next
man, but I'll be hanged if I'll allow
anybody to make me out such a plumb
Idiot ai a man seems to have to be
to be acceptable as a Juryman."
AHUM*. CuUCTOT Rotp sad OMaaM IN
SOlS M drawn. tnS dMt.ll xwerntttm,. Kami
Stash ot tut, vita M-pmo booklH oa th. tut
tMUfttoM.1 ol IM tkla. will bt Mot ponMno, oa
W. N. U. Ne. Sta.
The Balky Party
A Toronto man In company with a
friend waa driving a big car along a
road In the Interior ot Hastings
County, when tbey met an old-fashioned carriago ln which were an old-
fashioned couple. The frightened
country people Jumped to the ground
and the motor car came to a halt.
Observing the consternation of the
startled couple, the owner left his car
and stepped toward them.
"If you will let me," he said, "I will
lead your horse past our machine."
"Nevor mind .the horse, stranger.
'You lead my old woman past that
thing and 111 get the horse by all
Minard't Liniment Curet Burnt, Etc.
Tht Fool and Hit Money.
Tho money that was co recklessly
squandered by the young man ot
whom we read much In tho newspapers, a member of "the Idle rich "
was never worked for by blm. It waa
never earned, never accumulated nor
really appreciated. Its new owner, to
wbom it was bequeathed, whether unexpectedly, or after long and impatient waiting, had never watched lt
growing; he had never planted the
teed, nor tilled the soil of which he
wastes the harvest. Perhaps this Is
why we accept lt as a truth that "the
fool and his money are soon parted."
But we hug to ourselves the comfort.
Ing belief that tho conditions could
never affect us In the samo way.
Brought Down His Man
Hon. Martin Burrell was explaining,
at the live stock men's dinner In Toronto how hard It was for a politician
to please everybody. "I mustn't say
too much In pralso of the horsemen,"
he said, "or the catUe men will be offended.
You may have heard the ttory of thc
Englishman ond the Frenchman who
were to fight a duel tn a pitch-dark
chamber, tiring their pistols at a word
of command. The Englishman being
courageous ond tender-hearted, didn't
with to kill his opponent, so. having
previously located tlio chimney, when
the word was given ho fired up tho
flue—and brought down the Frenchman.
"Now, romombor, If you ever have
to toll this story tn Franco, bo suro
to make It tho Englishman who drops
out of the chimney "
The human body Is the busiest factory in tho world. There Ib no eight
hours day, no slack season, no holidays, no cessation of labor at any
time, Day and night work Is being
carried on ln the workshop of your
body, and it never ceases until the
engine—the heart—stops forever.
The foctory of your body haB its
motive power, without which it would
have to close down at once. That
motive power is the blood, healthy,
rich, red blood which keeps your
whole system efficient and which
drives away all diseases that may attack it.
Good, red blood Is the chief
controller of *every action; the source
of all the energy you possess. It builds
up every substance of your muscles,
nerves, sinews and flesh. It removes
the waste and poisonous products constantly created In your body, which,
If allowed to remain Bet up disease
and weakness of every kind. Good
blood glveB energy and vitality to the
nervous system, besides regulating
the function of the stomach, Intestines
liver, kidneys and other organB of the
body. Briefly, on the purity and richness ot your blood the health of your
whole body depends.
Often the blood begins to tall and
becomes thin and poor ln quality. It
becames loaded with waste matter and
charged with poisons. Then It Is that
the motive power of your bodily workshop goeB wrong, your physical machinery becomeB disorganized and you
fall 111. You become anaemic: maybe
the nerves break down, or you begin
to suffer from indigestion, neuralgia,
general debility, severe headaches,
pains In the back or side, rheumatism,
or even paralysis.
In all failures of the blood Dr. Williams Pink Pills are the beet known
remedy. These pills actually make
new, rich blood, which brings health
and energy to every part of the body.
Thousands and thousands of people,
not only ln Canada, but all over the
world, testify to the truth of this
statement. The following Is a bit of
proof. Mrs. Fred Strieker, Jr., Moose-
field, Ont., sayB: "A few years ago
I was a physical and nervous wreck;
V had pains throughout my whole body.
I hsd no appetite and my stomach felt
as if there was a big lump in it. The
least exertion would make my heart
beat violently, and I would be attacked
with trembling spells, and such a
weakness that my breath would come
In gasps. I was under a doctor'B care
for nearly two months, but got very
little relief. I then tried other remedies, but with no better results. Finally I decided to try Dr. Williams
Pink Pills and this was the first medicine that reached the root of my
trouble. After taking the plllfl a few
weeks I waa much better, and by the
time I had taken ten boxes I was entirely recovered. I now always keep
the pills In tho house and If I feel the
least worn out take an occasional
box and feel all right again."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Out of 760 samples of milk examined
lu London during three months 106
vera pronounced tuiierevwls." To
find the source of infection 8,750 cows
had to be examined. They were located on 102 farms scattered all over
the country	
Household troubles: Headache,
Toothache, Earache, Stomach ache,
Hamllns Wizard OU cureB these aches
and pains so why don't you keep a
bottle in the house.
A Natural Bent
"ProfesBor," said Miss Skylight. "1
want you to suggest a course in life
for me. 1 have thought of Journal-
Ism "
"WJiat are your Inclinations?"
"Oh, my soul yearns and throbs nnd
pulsates with an ambition to give the
world a life work that shall be mar-
vellouB in its ecope and wlerdly entrancing ln the vastness ot Its structural beauty.'
"Woman, you're born to be a mll-
Opportunities make us known to
others and still more to ourselves.
Whin Your Eyes Need Cm
Try Uurlna Eye Remedy. No 8mi.rtln.r—Feel?
rino—AcU Quickly. Trr It lor Red,	
Watery Ejrei and Qrannltted Eyelids.
trateal Book In each Package.
Murine. It
ooDiponndeu Of onr OcQllita-~nol:a "Patent Ma
lolnf'-bot Meat tn MtaasMfal PhntoaN'Pn
tlee fur nftar yean.  Mow dedicated lo tbt Pub*
Ho and told f i vrasibta al jBoand too Der Bolt*
Murloe K;e Saltern jklepllo Tibet, tt. and tee.
Murine lye Remedy Oo., Ohloogt)
Scotsman'! Twenty-Two Yeart In
Central Africa
Mr. Daniel Crawford, who recently
returned from the wilds of BrltlBh
Central Africa to his native town of
Greenock, at a publio lecture narrated
some of his experiences during the
twenty-two years that he dwelt with
cannibals ln the centre of the dark
Speaking of the cannibalistic traits
of tlie natives ho said he knew tbe
postal address of a man who had several bodies burled. Before he feasted
off one ho would murmur a prayer
and an apology, "O corpse, I havo rescued you from the cold, clammy soil
and I am now going to give you the
honor of a human Interment." One
of his "boys" accldently Bliot his father, and as lt is a cannibal point of
etiquette that one may not eat one's
own father, ho passed the body along
to several of his friends.
Once a cannibal chief whom he was
seeking to improve asked what happened when there had been a battle
between 10,000 white men, and when
told that they were alL decently bur-
ted, exclaimed, 'Oh, look at tho waste;
the white man kills for murder only,
but the black man kills to live."
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts it within
reach ot all, and It can be got at any
An Ancient Instance
Methuselah Just turned forty-six,
Wentforth to hunt a Job,
But everywhere they told him "Nix!
You're a year too old, you slob!"
"Too old!" he echoed, with racous
"You'd better Oslerlzo me, quite?
You dubs, I'll live   nine   centuries
And so ho did—for spite.
To'be rigidly exact he should havo
said "923 years more," but he could
not have done so without Interfering
with the rhythmical necessities of
this effect. Don't lay it up against
Mlnards Liniment for tale everywhere.
Tho first boat to dock at thc New
Grand Trunk wharves at Vancouver
is the Canadian-Mexican liner "Beck-
enham" which arrived via Victoria
from Santa Creez.
A Drawback
' It is really an odd thing that counterfeiters are nevor caught."
"Why "so?"
"Because the detectives are so often on the trail ot a false cent.'
We often pardon those who weary
us, but we cannot pardon those whom
wo weary.
■■-..rK.    STEAMSHIPS
Weekly   Sailings   to   and   From
Prepaid Passage,
All Railway Stations
Manitoba,  Albtrta,  Saskatchewan,
British Columbia.
At lowest rttes.   For reservations,
tickets, details, see local agents or
J. 8. Calder, Gen'l Agent, Winnipeg
requires an occasional stimulus
in order to keep it working properly, to keep it clean and
healthy. When your liver is
wrong, everything apparently
seems at sixes and sevens, you
can't think right, you can't work
right and you don't look right
It is just as well to take an
occasional dose of—
"Is Ills credit good?"
"Good, I Bhould say lt Is. Why, his
grocer trusted him for a pound of
butter yesterday."
Good Health is the Target
of your aim—or should be—and first in importance. Get and keep
good health and you can work with hope—find life worth living—rise
after nights of restful sleep—have energy and ambition—know
content.   If you are out of health, or in poor condition, see what
can do for you. Your food will taste right and nourish you better
—your bowels will be regular and your nervous system corrected.
Your blood will be purer and you will feel more cheerful. Your
whole system will be benefited and you will know why so many
thousands have found that Beecham's Pills hit the target and
Hit Right Every Time
Prepared only by Thomae Betcbim, St. Helens, Uncishlre, England.
Sold everywhere In Cmdmd U. 8. Aawrica,  labotoo 21 cteie.
DrClarK's   -
1 pills'e
   _ fortified .vill BR.  	
fifty ccnta a box or mailed direct by
when ymi have lame back, frequent headaches, rheumatic puna, spot a before the eyes, twinges In tlie Joint*,
etc. Three-quarters of all human ailment a aro duo to
tbe kidneys failing to properly free the ayatem of
poiaonoui tici-.a andwnate matter.
' To alimulrte, tone, cleanse and strengthen the kidneys,
then the Ant day you have cause to think your kidneys need attention. They contain sweet nitre and
Hto other sovereign curative agent*. Acute or chronio
__ kidney din-ease can never get a foothold In the ayatera
CLARK'S SWEET NITRE I'ILLS.   Bold everywhere at
Economy in little tilings is just at
important as economy in big .blags
■will answer one of your "economy question}." 60 yews
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
When Eyes Grow
Dim With Age
Glasses become an imperative necessity, and the importance of giving the eyes proper care obtrudes
itself upon the dullest understanding. Our skilled optician is qualified to test your eyes in a thorough
and reliable manner. Examination
.D.lVlorrison, opticus
-iibllshod atUrand Korks. British Colnmbl
*. A. Kvans    Hdttor and Publisher
A till*, of iliis paper can be anon Ht tlie office
,f Meinrn_ Bi 4 J. Hardy Jfc Co., 3D, Ul and 32,
fleet Htniet, K.U., Loudon, iiti'.'laud, free of
■Imrtff., and that firm will be {{lad to receive
iiibscrii.tmuBiitid advertisements on our behalf.
One Year *L50
Hue Year (in advance)  LOO
One Year, in I'niied States  1.50
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
PiiEMiKit McBride is to make another tr p to England this summer.
This probably means that tho people of British Columbia will be
called on to contribute an additional
(511,000 to defray bis expenses. It
would be cheaper for the people of
the province if Mr. McBride would
take up his permanent residence in
A six FOOT perrigrinating poet
drifted into the aSun office this
week. He was too large and healthy
to affront, although our fighting
editor- is not considered a slouch.
Diplomacy was therefore employed
in inducing bim to tjuit the office.
We told bim that our contemporary
paid a better price for such stuff
turn we did.    Revenge is sweet.
ish Columbia the liquor- trallic is
manipulated from Victoria. The
municipalities in this province
should start an agitation' for home
It is not likely that the government power sprayer will find time
to spray the orchards owned by
Liberals in thiB valley.
It was a great Tory victory, even
if thc electors were bribed with their
own money.
A FRUIT tube planted this spring
will be worth two planted year
Just Stay With It
"Thelonger I live," suid the philosopher, Huxley, "I am more dis
l posed to set less value on mere clever-
I ness und to think that the power of
enpurance, with persistence, is the
most valuable of all."
Now there is encourugemout for us
ordinary folks, who have no wonderful gifts, na> genius, but who may
have a lot of grit and bulldog hang-
emit iveness. If you ore fighting to
master your trade, profession or business, fighting to bring about reforms,
lighting to get a home, why—
J ust stay with it till you win.
Premier McDkii.e will probably
fin I some pretext lor visiting Lon
don annually" until he obtains thut
coveted titie. Let us petition his
majesty to mnke him Sir Richard.
Then we can keep his expense account down.
In tbe old country the demand
for home nil :is spreading.   In Brit
East,e Day Services
The following services will be held
in Holy Trinity church on Easter
Day, April 7:
Holy communionaf 8 a.m.
Morning prayer and holy communion at 11a. m. The following
is the proposed music for this service:
Hymn, 16G, Alleluia! Alleluia! Al
Christ Our Passover, 22o, Mac-
Special psalms, 2, 57, 111.
Te Deum, 35, 37, 39; Hayes,
Itnssell, Stainer.
Jubilate, 88, M. B. Foster.
Hymn, 163, "At the Lamb's
High Feast We Sing."
Kyrie Eleison, 267, Stainer.
Gloria tibi, 275, Garrett.
Offertory anthem, "Now is Christ
Risen," H. E. Nichol.
Sursum Cords and Sanctus, 356,
357, W. T. Clemson.
Benedictus, T. Morley.
Agnus Dei 323, Stainer.
Gloria in excclsis 332, old chant
Hymn 157, "Jesus is Risen Today."
Children's service at 3 p.m.
evening prayer and sermon at 7:30
with the following proposed  music:
Ilytnii 168, "Come Ye People,
R_ti«e the Strain."
.Special psalms, 113, 114, 118.
Magnificat 114, M, B. Foster.
Nunc Dimitis Kit, Bridge.
Hymn 167, "The Day of Resurrection "
Hymn 592, "On the Resurrection
Offertory anthem, "Now is Christ
Risen," H. E. Nichols.
Vesper hymn, 384, Bell.
Sevenfold amen, 381, Stainer.
Hymn 520, "Jesus Lives."
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, April 3.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consoliduted. 42.00 44 00
B. 0.   Copper       6.50 . 7.00
A Genius
He was a genius. There was no
doubt about it. His hair was long and
there was a dreamy, far away look in
his eyes, and he had a scheme that
would make 'him rich—rich beyond
the dreams of avarice.
"What is your scheme." asked a
friend of his, seeking the secret in-
"Come toa quiet corner, and I will
tell you," suid the long-haired one.
"Tis thus. It has been estimated
that the common female housefly lays
20,000 eggs in a season."
"Well," answered the friend,"what
of thut?"
"I propose," continued the other,
in a triumphant voice, "to graft the
nousefly on so the hen!"
Metal Quotations
New York, April 3.—Silver 58};
standard coppor, $15.25(S'15.76,
jLosnoN, April 3.—Silver, 27 1-16;
lead, £16 3s lJd.
Hoi.v Trinity Ciiukcii,Henry Steele,
Rector—.Sunday services: Holy communion, ,S:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and serniain, 11 a. tn.','evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
ii.m. First Sunduy of the month
holy communion will bo celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service us well as ut 8
ai m. Week duv and special services
ais they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Piiesbytkiiian Chuucii—
Sabbath sej'vices at 11 a.m. and 7:30p.
m.j Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a,in. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
METHODIST OhUHOH J. Bev. Calvert, 1). D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:o0 p.m.;.Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.in.; pruver meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fi'i-
days, 7:00 p.m. Kverylioaly will be
Baptist Ciiukcii, Bev. H. VV.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
el tss anil Sundav school at 10 a.m.
That's the first tiling yoti wnnt in  Hani,van*.
brands wc sell have stood tlie test of time.
The following are the returns of
; the aire production "f the Boundary
j mines for the week, nnd also for the
| vour to date:
Grimliy 24,224
Mother Lode  7,830
Rawhide   5,050
!.Jackpot      .554
j Athelstan 	
! Kmnia	
Smelter treatment—
iG.riii.by 23.720
! B. C. Copper Co... 12,175
That's the next thing yon want to know is right.
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weakness averted at once. Phoaphonol will
make vaiu a new man. 1'aicc $3 a box, or two lor
15. Mailed Io any addreaaaj.. Tlie ScoboII Drag
Co.. It. Cathtuiiui. Ont.
New Wall Papers. The furniture, no matter how good,
cannot make the room attractive if the walls arc ugh.
stained or faded. SEE OUR NEW .SAMPLE,^ AT
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Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
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will have to he tho malter of your
own iiiii'aic.le.
Soma i eople nre teniipoi tit milking nuisances of themselves.
There probably is cowl i" everv-
hody, but it never seems brave
enough to crop out in some folks.
Hansen S Mullen
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F. Downey's Cigar Sture
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moment's notice Cost of operating in only
It! per mile. Free engine clutch and magnet*
on all 1H12 modela. For particulars write or
P. O. BOX 1353 4488EYMOUR ST.
Mi'i-N (■■. Cru-sicy Hr.j-;., Manchester, Kite.
Multnis «>( Gus Producer-Plants and Oil
Hugh-en for general power or electrical
llgiitini? purposes.
Messrs. Dick, Kerr A: Co*, Ltd., Preston,
l.hfjiiiixl. Equipment for -Mines and Clou-
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Sterling Telephone fo., portable "hot-
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Iii each class of ty>tidM. Hesides hei rig n com-
plete eoiiinic'cU.l guide to London nnd its
Bilburbsj the directory coutniut. lists of
e Hoods t*hey ship, and the (
■eltfii .'lilukets they supply;
.,1th the Hoods t*hey ship, and the ('uloiiiiii)
and I'orctgii 'laukets they supply;
..rrunged under the Ports to which they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of lending Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.. in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United KlnKdom.
A copy of lhe current edition will he for*
warded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 203.
Uciilcrs seeUhig AgenetcH oan advertise
heir trade cards lor il, or larger Advertise*
tnetfft from £3,
25, Abohui'on Lane, Lnnilon, E.C.
Original Mineral Cluim, situate lu the
Grand forks Mining Division of Yalo District.
Where located:   In Brown's camp.
TAKK MJTU.'K that I, Alexander C. Burr,
Pree Miners'Certllleate No. .V-M8R, for
myself mik] ns ntrent for Charles K. Ilnlwi.
Free. Miners' Certificate Nn. S:*8R6H, intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ol Improvement, fur the purpose of obtain
lutr a down Hi ant of the iiliove cluim.
Anil further tike notice that aotloa, under
section  :17,  mpgt he-commenced hefore the
Issuance of   sueh i.'ertlticute  of   Improvements,
Dated this -Mil. day of June, A.D. 1011.
Yale Land District, District of SlmllkAmeen.
TAKK notice that Robert F. Pane of Old-'.
I Alhertu, occupiition Parmer, intends to
apply for "permission to purchase tho fol-
Ltwlntr described lands:
Cmnmeiiclt'ir at a post planted About. 31)
chains north of lhe northwest oorner of Lot
lliWS., on Deep Creek, nud about live miles
east nf tlie town of Cascade; thence north
ill chains; thtwee we>t Mi chains; thenc*
south 41)ehains;thi_iic«. east 40chains to point
of commencement.
J.R. Cranston, Ajrent.
Dated September 2nd, 1911. d
Facts About Indigestion and
Its Relief "That Should
Interest You
Althuuj.li Indigestion and Dyspepsia are so prevalent, most people do
not thoroughly understand their cause
and cure. There is no reason why
most people should not eat anything
they desire—if they will only chew it
carefully and thoroughly. Many actually starve themselves into sickness
through fear of eating every good-
looking, good smelling, and good-
tasting food; because it does not agree
with them.
The best thing to do is to fit yourself to digest any good food.
We believe we can relieve Dyspepsia. We are so confident of this fact
that we guarantee and promise to supply the medicine free of cost to every
one who will use it, who is not perfectly satisfied with the result? which
it produces. We exact no promises,
and put no one under any obligation
whatever. Surely, nothing could be
fairer. We are located right hero,
and our reputation should be sufficient
guarantee of the genuineness of our
We want every one troubled with
Indigestion or Dyspepsia in any form
to come to our store and buy a box of
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Take thero
home and give tbem a reasonable trial,
according to directions. Then, if not
satisfied, eome to u» and get vour
money back. They are very pleasant
to take; they aid to soothe the irritable stomach, to strengthen and invigorate the digestive organs, and to promote a healthy and natural bowel action, thus leading to perfect and
healthy digestion and assimilation.
A 29c. package of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes 15 days' treatment,
ln ordinary cases, this is sufficient to
produce a cure. In more chronic cases,
a longer treatment, of course, is necessary, and dependi upon the severity of
the trouble. For such oases we hare
two larger sizes  which  sell for  50c.
There arc people who are certain
tbat one good turn deserves three.
Of Interest to Farmers
The provincial department of agriculture, with the Hs-aistince of the
minister of agriculture for the -Dominion, offers for 1912 prizes for
field grain, potatoes, corn, field
roots, and fodder crops.
These competitions are to be organized by the provincial department of agriculture and conducted
under the auspices of the fanners'
institutes, and each institute may
provide competitions for not more
than two kinds of crops. Competi
tors will be allowed one entry in
only one institute, and fields enter-
ad must be within tbe area gov-'
erned by that institute.
Notification of competitions proposed, witB crop" ..elected, must be
forwarded to the department of
agriculture, in Victoria, not later
tbau May 15. Ten bona fide entries
must appear for each competition,
and au entry fee of not less than M)
cents nor more than $1,000 will be
In each competition not less than
875 must be offered in .cash prizes:
FirBt $20, second $10, third $12,
with prizes for every additional five
entries over ten as follows: Fourth
$10, fifth $8, sixth #6, seventh Si
Of this amount $60 will be paid by
the province, tbe remaining $16 partially defrayed by entry fees, to be
contributed by tbe institute.'
The British Columbia department
of agriculture, at it. o_.ij_._Hti. wil
furnish judges, but wbere necessary
the institute must furnish a non-
interested guide to the country.
Further regulations governing the
competition will be forwarded  later.
Disease in Potatoes
Owing to tho shuriage in the potato
crop this year, dealers and some
growers of potatoes find it necessary
to import large supplies for table and
seed purposes from Great Britain,
Ireland and other European countries.
Bulletin 63 issued by the Dominion
experimental fai m. Ottawa, explains
how potato canker has found its way
across the Atlantic into Newfoundland with potatoes imported from
Potato canker is a disease at |prcs
ent unknown in Canada. It is one of
the most serious diseases known, affecting not only the farm lands on
which the potatoes are grown, but the
disease is also directly injurious to
the health of the consumer of affected
potatoes. Boiling does not destroy
tbe injurious properties. The disease
is characterized by nodular excres-
senccs which may often be larger than
the tuber itself. These cankers affect
theeyes of the (potato and ate very
small in the early stages. Any tubers
found with smaller or larger outgrowths rising from where the eyes
are situated should under no condition be used for seed or table purposes, The introduction und establishment of this disease would seriously compromise one of the most im
portant agricultural industries of
Canada,viz., potato glowing. Farmers
and consumers should be exceedingly
careful in using potatoes that may
have been imported from tireat
Britain or tbe continent of Europe,
Suspicious looking tubers sbould le
destroyed by fire and not be thrown
on the ground, or the disease, if present, will establish itself permanently
in the ground.
The bulletin referred to explans in
detail the character of the disease and
ia available.lo anyone making application for the snme to H. T. Gussow,
Dominion Botanist, Ottawa, Out.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers r
this Season.   c_/l_n Inspiration of Love and
Affection—c_/l Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHI*. Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
1 the greatest and best family and farm paper on the Continent, has on
many occasions given ils renders nwi-t delightful premium picture,
but this season they have secured wbat is beyond any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Again" nnd describes n touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with thc rope
which ho broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door nnd
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome hy putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting bis head agiinst her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with bair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; tbe warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate annB around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture tbat will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
The small sura of $1.50 will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth this
Would Be Worth Seeing
The mayor of .Quebec has declined
to accept an increase of salary. Moving picture operators are i.nxi ius to
secure a film showing bis worship in
the act of dodging the city treasurer
—Vancouver Province.
The only 'policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
18; the, man who has retired
from business.
Our time, knowledge aiftl
experience in the printing
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not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still-, doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
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It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
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Its articles are carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy la thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.    ^.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers.
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tider .ttiiart Ml, nfl.ut 8671, 1'. 0. 1J
«ia, Grn»d Korks, will apply fur a llcem-n to
tnke nml use one cubic fun' pur wecum! of
water nut nf North Pork Kd'le Itiver . rei'li,
which HnWK in a southerly ilireotimi Ihiotiish
Lot Still uml. :ini> ies lut" K ft tie Itiver m ar
Orand Foi ks, 'lli.* water will he divert eil up-
po-m; tin' tow unite of Ni.m_mi.iuid Will In*
lined for irrigutioi purpn-es on the la d de-
ui ribed (in Fruit L ind.-about 1T.4 ui-r s.
Tills notice was posted on the ground on
tin' ■•dth duv oi' Mi'ivh, 1912 < he ttppli.'utiou
will be Died in the office of the Water Ke*
co'der at Fairview.
Objections may be hied with the said
Water Recorder "r with tho Cmi. pi roller of
Wuter Itiuhts, Parliament Buildinc*. Victoria, H. 0,
O. A. 8. HEM.,
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promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
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writer—tho inust highly peri(  ted typewrite)
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The typewriter whuteconquest of tho com
incrcfnl world is a matter of history—yours fo
17 cents a dny!
The typewriter that Is equipped withscoreiof
such corivenlunees as "the Hulumx' Shitt"-
"The Killing Hevice"—"The Double Release"—
•'The Locomotive Bate"—-The AutoOiR-la
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—"The
-■'The Adjustable Fa-
por FlugunT-'-Tho s,-i-
cntlfio t'oiidL-iiM-.i Key
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Gents a Day!
We aiiounced   thli
new sales plan recently, Jnst to (eel the pulse of
tho people. Simply a small cash puy incut—
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The result has been such a deluge of applies
tions for machines tliat wo are simply as
The demand comes from people of all cfaii&
all Hgcs, all occupations.
Tiie majority o( inquiries has coine^rom pco
b* of known finam-lnl stuiiilliiK who wt-icm
tmcicd by the novelty of the ptopoi.'mt! An
impressive demonstration of the Immon »■ pup*
utarltyof u..« UlW«rTypewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief tlmt
the Km of Universal Typewriting lb at hnnd.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are VI ;. i g Mney with
Tlje j__
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter   is   a   i.im,,*v-iniik.-r
right from the wordL'-'w!" Ho easy to run thnt
begtUtietU soon Ket In ibe "expert" cbiH-.   Kum
as ymi leum.   Cot tbe machine ray Iha 17 cents
a iliiy-ntnl nil above that Is voiirx.
Wherever you are. there fi work to be done
ami money to be made by using the Ollvor. The
business world incallliiK for Oliver operator*-.
There are not enough tn supply tlte demand.
TheirnalMrk'H are considerably ahove tliose ol
many ('lansesni' worketv.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That It tho battle cry today. \ve Have nude
LlicOliver supreme In iitefulliQsiaiid absolutolj
Indispensable 111 btlllougg. Now conn's the eon
guest of the homo.
The Blm pll< Ity and strength ofthe Oliver lit It
(or family  tue.   It  Is ..ei-mnlim an  impoilMiil
raptor in the home training oi young peoplo.
A n educator as well n- a money maker.
Our now lolling plan pnis the Oliver on the
threshold of evory homo in America, will vou
eiose the door of your home or oflice on this re*
workable Oliver oflerT
Write for further details of onr ca*v nlier ami
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The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewrlt-i. Sulla,! 11 j,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a do'/en books-in one, covering the
history, geography, geology; chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and nuances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the eoppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the. plain'facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 40,1(1 copper
mines and companies iu all parts of
the world, descriptions funning from
two lilies to sixteen pages, according
to importance"of the propel ty.
The Copper llaiid'ioaak is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The milling man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
tactsit gives'him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
"xposed in plain Knglish.
Price is 80 in Buckram with gilt
top; (17.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, ou approval, to any address ordered, ami
may he returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Kditor and Publisher,
45.) Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
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Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
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Athletics for Hoys, Chats with Girls,
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Tha Companion for 1912 will receive
All Iha issues for Ihe remaining
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Tha Companion** Picture Calenrtof
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1, 1912, it will be advanced M ....
Htw SihKfiptiooi Rcceivfd r.l Tb'il Oiiicl. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA. I
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
A toilet delight, with the exquisite
fragrance of fresh roses. Makes
chapped hands smooth and soft and
keeps them so. Preserves the most
delicate complexion against exposure
to ths severest weather. Try It—
you'll certainly appreciate It.
ln 25c. opal jars, at your druggist's.
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Styles In Ailments
"Well, here I am," announced the
fashlonahlo physician In his    breezy
way.   "And now what do you think
Is the matter with you?"
"Doctor, I hardly know," replied the
fashionable patient.—What is new?"
Suffered for ten months,    but   wm
cured by   a single   box.—Splendid
reputation of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Golden Valley, Parry Sound District,
Ont. (Special).—W. S. Kettyle, well-
known ln this district, has added his
testimony to the   great   mass   now
coming forward to prove that Dodd's
Kidney Pills cure kidney disease, no
matter where lt is found or in what
form It is found.
"I suffered from backache, gravel
and headache for ten months," Mr.
Kettylo states. "My sleep was broken
and unrefreshlng and the least exertion would make me perspire freely.
Utter taking one box of Dodd's Kidney Pills I was completely cured. That
was a year ago and I bave had no return of my trouble since."
Dodd's Kidney Pills have done a
great work In thiB district. Numerous
people can be found who have been
cured by them ot almost every kidney disease, including rheumatism,
lumbago, dropsy, and Bright's disease.
They are looked upon by all who use
them as the ono sure cure for kidney
Men have found a mass of native
copper weighing 420 tons, and they
have discovered a chunk of pure silver weighing one and one-half tons,
but the largest nugget of gold that has
been seen weighed only 190 pounds.
And gold seekers nre Informed that
larger finds In the future are unlikely. 	
$100 Reward, Slow.
The ruder, of thia. paper will be pleased to letm
Uut tben Is at least one drraata-al dtfletute that swore
has laaaen able to cure la all Its llmta*. and that Is
Uatarrh. Hall's Catarrh cure Is tbe only posith-o
cure now knoan to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constlttitlonal disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken la-
.crnslly. Acini, directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of tbe system, thereby dcstroylnit Ihe
foundation ot tho disease, eial giving the patient
rrtreufth by building lip the constitution and aaaetaat-
tng nature In doing Its work. Tbo proprietors have
so mueb faith In Its curative powers that they .after
One Hundred Dollars for any caso thut It falls to
cure.  Send for list of testimonials
Address F. J. CHKXEY & CO  Toledo, O.
Boltl by sll Uriunrlsts, 750,
lake Hall's Family Pills for consUnatlott.
Drastic Cure
"Lady," said. Meandering Mike,
would you lend mo a cake of soap?"
"Do you mean to tell me you want
'Yes'm. Me partner's got 3* ale-
cups and I want to scare bim."
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
Willie.—Wonder what all tho anl-
mals did during those forty years ln
the ark.
Tommy.—Oh, they Just lay around
and scratched themselves I guess.
Willie.—Scratched themselves nothin'! What'd they scratch for when
there was only two fleas?
haa Helped countless
thousands of thin, weak,
delicate children—made
them strong, plump
and robust.
It creates an appetite,
aids digestion, fills the
veins with rich red
After illness or lost
of weight from any
cause, it brings strength
and flesh quicker than
anything else.
sll osuoaisrs
Interesting Discoveries In the Palace
of a Roman Emperor
Prof. Bonl's explorations of the
house ot Domltian, on tbe Palatine
between the house ot Augustus and
that ot Tiberius, are leading to Interesting archaeological discoveries. So
far the researches have been limited
to the areas of the atrium, or roofed
court, with Its prolongation, or tab-
llnium, and to the triclinium, or dining hall.
In the court a rectangular central
piscina with remains of an octagonal
basin Inside of it has been discovered,
whllo on the walls small nltches and
low marble pillars have been found,
and these are evidently Intended for
small bronze statues and figures of
birds and animals, which serve as
ornaments to the fountain. All the
marble facing of the piscina has disappeared and only the bricks which supported the marble slabs that covered
the sides and bottom of the basin havo
been found.
The finds In the triclinium consist
of a great portion of the pavement in
small slabs ot precious marbles laid
over bricks placed upright so as to
prevent dampness trom damaging the
marble, several large fragments of
columns and broken pieces from tho
walls and celling. Evidently the building collapsed owing to an earthquake
followed by a fire which completed its
destruction. Perhaps some ot the
sculptures were save from the ruin,
but tbe building was left as tt fell.
In time earth accumulated over It
and the grass grew. Pope Paul III.
between 1534 and 1650 laid out the
Farnese Gardens over the site where
the house of Domltian stood. Two
hundred years later the first excavations took place and the archaelogist
Blanchlnl discovered the walls of the
court and dining-room covered with
rare marbles, which he removed. He
carried away sixteen Corinthian columns of Numldlan marble of extraordinary size and excellent workmanship,
colossal statues ln marble and bronze
and other works of art, some of which
are In the museums ot Naples and
Attacks of cholera and dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being any
warning ot the visit. Remedial action
must be taken Just as quickly it the
patient Is to be spared great suffering
and permanent Injury to the lining
mombranes of the bowels. The readiest preparation for the purposo is Dr.
.1. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial, lt
can be got at small cost at any drug
store or general dealer's, and lt will
afford relief before a doctor can be
"She married him nfter a week's acquaintance."
"Wasn't thnt taking a risk?"
"Not so much as walling."
J slickly stops con ribs, emt.. cat**, heals
,o Ihrost a id laeja •     29 cents.
Not Strong Enough "
A Press Agent says that Dr. Cook
' tells a fascinating story."   You bet!
But "story" Is not the word we uso.
Baby's Own Tablets are a most
valuable medicine for Infants and
young children. They break up colds,
expel worms, regulate the stomach
and bowels, and ln a natural way promote healthy sleep. They contain no
Injurious drugs and cannot possibly
do harm. Concerning them Mra. J. A.
Illx, Ebbsfleet, P. E. L, writes: "My
baby was troubled with her stomach,
but Baby's Own Tablets speedily cur
ed her and now sho is a bright healthy
child." Tho Tablets aro sold by medl-
icne dealers or by mall at 26 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
A Bountiful Harvest
"As a man soweth, so shall he
reap;" and youth Is the time in which
he must do his sowing If the granary
is not to be empty when old age overtakes him, as It surely will If he lives
long enough. Tho making ot money
and the saving ot money, as distinguished from the miserly love of money,
should be the ambition ot everyone;
but It does not necessarily follow that
tt you muko money you will have it ln
your old age, as many a one-time millionaire has died ln tlio poor house,
But II you take advantage of the Can
adlan Government Annuities system,
and out of your wages, salary, or income pay the amount fixed to be paid
each woek, month or year, or as otherwise arranged, provision for old age
may be made with absolute certainty
and at much less cost than on any
other safe plan. You may lose everything else you own but the Annuity
cannot be lost or taken from you by
any proper source of law, no matter
w long you may live. ABk your
-.ostmaster for literature on this subject, or write for the same to the
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa,
to whom all letters may be addressed
tree of postage.
"Dat wasn't a bad epigram of the
judge's," said Plodding Pete. "What
did he say?" "Taholty days." 'Dat
ain't no epigram, Is lt?" "Sure lt is.
I asked a fellow what an epigram iB,
an' ho says it's a short sentence dat
sounds light, but gives you considerable to think about."
Spasms of
And   Frantic   Qacplng   for   Breath
Common to Bronchitis and '
Both bronchitis and asthma are diseases of the nerves aB well as of the
bronchial tubes, and for this reason
only slight irritation or excitement is
required to bring on the terrible
coughing spells and frantic gasping
for breath.
There is nothing like Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine to
bring relief to sufferers from bronchitis and asthma.
It soothes the Irritated nerves, cases
and prevents the attacks ot coughing
and enables the system to throw off
the disease. In fact the great popularity of this medicine Is largely due
to Its success in curing bronchitis and
severe chest colds.
Since permanent recovery depends
largely on getting the nervous system thoroughly restored, Dr. Chase's
Nervo Food Is ot the greatest assistance ln revitalizing the wasted nerve
cells. This combined treatment Is
Ideal as a cure for bronchitis and
asthma, tor, while the Linseed and
Turpentine brings relief to the organs
of respiration, the Nervo Food restores
the body to full health and strength,
and enables lt to tight off disease.
There are many Imitations of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. Tho portrait and signature of
A. W. Chase, M.D., are on every bottle ot tho genuine; 25c. a bottle, at
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
The appearance of Watrous, the
thriving young Saskatchewan town 1.*
to be greatly enhanced this sinks
by the laying out of parkB on >liher
side of tho Orand Trun!: Pao'.flo de
It Is only those who are. despicable
who fear being despised.
Scarcely any man Is clever enough
to know all the evil ho docs.
Both Ways
The hotel visitor had taken his dinner elsewhere with a friend. When
on coming to pay his bill, he found
himself charged with a day's board,
ho protested vigorously. It was explained to him that the American plan
adopted there was based strictly on
a day rate, and that it he chose to eat
elsewhere lt was his own look-out.
Tho man, however, refused to be pacified, and paid tbe bill under protest.
Then, to everyone's surprise, he asked
If dinner was still on." He waa informed that lt lasted until nine ln the
"I've eaten ons dinner," he exclaimed, "but I'm going to get my money's
worth out of this house If I suffer all
the torments of dyspepsia!"
He rushed into one of the dining-
rooms, seized a bill of fare, and ordered overythlng he could think of.
When he finally reached his limit, the
waiter handed him a bill for a good
round sum.
"What's that for?' he demanded.
"Your dinner,  sir."
"But I have already paid for my
dinner ln my bill," protested tho unfortunate man. "I am staying here
on the American plan."
"Then you should have gone Into
the other dining-room," said the waiter. "This part of the hotel Is conducted on the English plan.'
Trial la Inexpensive.—To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatism or any ailments arising
from derangement of the digestive
system, a trial of Parmelee'B Vegetable Pills Is recommended, should the
Bufferer be unacquainted with them.
The trial will be Inexpensive and the
result will be another customer for
hts excellent medicine. So effective
is their action that many cures can
lertainly be traced to their use where
nlier pills have proved Ineffective.
Last winter tho Ice was loo 11 hi to
cut. This winter It Is too thick. The
consumer never cuts any Ice. And
there Is the cold truth.
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
58 Ira'ad Ave, Toron.aa. Ontario
UAl/C VAN aLanpialheBreut.ot
llni la IUU « Growih oo .ray part of
Ihe body, or • Sore thst will not hnl >
If you have, write, describe the trouble, and
mention trite paper and we will mail FREE 1*
plain env-lope, particulars ot the
Painless Home Treatment
Write to-day.
10 Caaraaill Ave., Teroslo.
__Us.Wixa.r-ow'!! BooTiurfO Svaltr has been
nud for over SIXTY YEARSlav MI..MON8 ol
MOTHIiKS for their chii.uken whilb
is the best remedy for DIARRHO.A. It Is .*»
solttU'ly harmless. _3e sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and Uke w olkcc
kind Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Bricks can be made from Cttty, Shale
or Sand.   Full Information upon rciiuosL
The Berg Machinery Mfg. Co., Limited.
Toronto, Ont.
W. N. U. No. see.
No man or woman Bhould hobble
painfully about because of corns when
so certain n relief Is at hand as Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure.
Business man (explaining)—When
ihey flay "money Is eaBy" they moan
simply that the supply Is greater than
the demand.
His Wife.—Goodness! I shouldn't
tlilnl; such a thing was possible.
"James told me a touching little
story Just now."
"He told me the same one this morning and it touched me for $5."
Send (c» tree sample to Dept.N.C,National Drug ft Chemical Co., Toronto.
lour claaj«_fa»i will refund money if PAZO
01N'i'4i__M' talis to cure any case ol
li-niia*. mind. Bleeding or Protruding
lilts in t to 14 days.    60c.
The eloquence consists In saying
all that is necessary and nothing but
what Is necessary.
Minard's Liniment Relives Neuralgia.
Prisoner.—I admit that In a moment
of weakness I pinched the ptano.
Magistrate.—A moment ot weakness! Good gracious, what would you
have done In a moment ot strength?
Individual Effort
This Is essentially an age of cooperation, and wisely so, for It Is Just
as true to-day as lt ever was that "In
union there Is strength." But this
highly developed spirit ot unity, however wise in other respects, has some
regretable features. There Is a growing belief that individual effort
counts for naught—that it Is only
through some powerful organization
that real results may be obtained. But
organizations, at their best can only
work for the betterment of the Individual, a function which the Individual Is highly equipped to perform for
himself. Ill fact, If the world was
peopled wltb a race ot perfectly developed Individuals, such organizations
would not be needed. So here—In
self-betterment—we find a field where
Individual effort finds unlimited opportunities.
Get busy!—By Maurice Floyd.
Gravity Is a mystery of the body
invented to conceal the detects of the
specialist, 1 College St., Toronto.
Preparing His Speech
A reply very characteristic ot the
statesman and diplomat who made it
Is given In tho "Autobiography ot
Alfred Austin."
Lord and Lady Salisbury were
among theguests at Hewell grange.
Lord Salisbury had come to speak at
a publio meeting. On tbe morning
ot the day when the speech was to
be. delivered, seeing Lord Salisbury
passing into the study, I said to htm:
"I suppose you are going to think
over what you will aay tonight?"
"No," said he, In his Ironical way,
'rather to think over what I must not
The potato crop of Great Britain
for 1911 Is estimated at 3,830,218 tons.
WeU, WeU!
rl dyed AU. this*
of Goods
.= ■1.1. the SAME oil*
I used
on* has lo color. All color! (tarn s^l*' Dr«fti«l ot
Pealir. FRF.fc ColorCtrdsnJ S'OftY W/*l*ttl».
Tbo Johiuow-WcfcirJw Co..   JmUtd, fcmatfttl' 5
j     LOVE!
A Story Attempting lo Prove
That It II Immortal
Copyright by American Press Association, 1911.
were united through tneir cnuaren. ror
no children were born, to them. It wai
a case of unity between two Individuals whose Individuality was lost 'In
each other. And I shall show you by
an Incident which occurred that this
love continued after tbey were separated by death. I cannot prove that
tbe love of Ihe one who was taken continued Ihe same as before, for we cannot see beyond tbe veil tbat Providence bus bung between us and tbat
which lies beyond. I must confine myself to the one wbo remained hers
among us. -
"Mme, Leroux fell ill and died tea
years alter tne pair were murneu. tue
changed condition of her husband after her death was simply tbat be did
not now see ber, did not hesr ber
voice; tbere was no contact. The wife
wa» burled In Pere Lacbalse cemetery,
no) that tbe widower mlgbt go tbere
to weep, for be did not consider ber
mortal past ss aught except corruption, but that be mlgbt conveniently
1'rofessor Markbstn, wbo occupies
ibe chair ot anatomy st — college, Is
s materialist. Ills friend Taylor, professor ot psychology, Is an extremist
'en tbe opposite side, taking tbe ground
tbat man Is an eternal spirit, Inelosed ; visit her grave occasionally to see that
In a material body. Tbe two .were die-  tbe plants sho best loved and wbich
cussing questions based upon thess , bo had placed there be nurtured."
two very different opinions, wben Pro-!   "Why," »*'ko*1 ^teaaoT Uarkbam.
lessor Markhnm said: |
"Take, for Instance, love. To bs
more particular, let us confine ourselves to love between tbe sexes. You
men of spiritual bent consider tbat tbls
is a spiritual condition, s mingling of  "hero the faculty of sentiment should
exist.  Tbe widower did uot place the
flowers tbere for tbe dead, but for the
"it tbere was only corruption beneath
the sod wero the shrubs tbe womnn
bad loved planted tbere? Corruption
bas no appreciation?"
"In you materialists," responded Professor Taylor,  "there la  n  vacuum
taking np a newspaper, read a notice
of the marriage of Jnles Bombardier,
a Franco-American, who bad recently
returned on a visit from bis adopted
"Leroux tired tbe same life, so far as
women were concerned.1* that be bad
lived wllb his wife. In other words,
after ber death be continued to live
with her tn tbe spirit"
Thc narrator paused for a moment
thoughtfully, then concluded:
"It I bare not proved my case I bars
at least made It equally strong and fsr
more acceptable tban your theory that
love Is but a means by wblcb nature
produces procreation."
"I admit that you hare," replied
Markhnm. "There Is a barrier tbst
neither of ns can pass. I reason from
analogy based on cause and effect that
I see In material things about me,
while your reasoning Is based on the
same premises ln a spiritual sense. We
are botb confined witbln our narrow
sphere. Nevertheless from tbe foundation of the world love has been recognised as a divine attribute Indeed, the
only divine attribute we possess in tbe
flesh. If It Is not eternal we may well
assume that all things die."
two souls. We materialists tsks It to
bc In the Initiative at least, simply a
device of nature to compel obedience
to one of her laws, procreation."
"Which we deny. Love Is eternal."
"Then wben a couple who lore are
separated by death wby Is tbe place
ot tbe one wbo bas been taken filled
by another?"
"Cases of real love are rare.  In such
cases tbo piece of the departed ons
living womani To blm the thread of
her life bad never been broken. More-
I over, In our natures there ts that
' which we call association, and there
was to htm a pleasure In associating
tbe plants ahe loved with tbe place
where her mortal part lay.
, "One evening nbout sunset Leroux
entered tbe cemetery of Pere Lacbalse
to visit bis wife's grave and see tbat
all was In order tbere.    As he ap
is not filled by another. 1 bave known proached It he was astonished to see a
sr beard of several Instances of tbls
true love, but only one wbere tbe conditions 1 bave stated were fulfilled. It
was related to me wben 1 was studying medicine In Paris, and tbe principal figure In the story bad been a professor lu tbe university wbere I received my education.
"Jean Leroux, n bachelor of thirty-
mnn, uncovered, bending over the
mound, apparently absorbed in grief.
Wbat could It mean? Leroux bnd
never beard his wife speak of a brother or other male relative near and
dear to ber, nnd ho wondered wbo
tbls monrner conld be. Advancing, be
addressed the stranger:
'Pardon mc.   Mny I ssk wby you
six,   n   botanist,   wns  ons  morning  «re thus grieving for my wlfeT
tramping through tbe southern prov-1   "The mnn turned.   The grief his
Inces.  bunting for plant specimens, countenance bad worn was turned to
wben be came upon a chateau In anger.
whose gardens wore mnny beautiful    "'Your wife! Then yon sre tho man
flowers.  In bis enthnslasm he Jumped who robbed me of my love.*
tbe wall and wss soon lost to every- I   "'Your lovet  She never bad but one
thing except the objects of his study,  love, and tbnt surely was not yours.
Be was bending over a variety of sxa- I Wbo ars your
lea which be bnd never seen, tbougb I   "K)ne who loved the woman who
be wns familiar wltb It through bis "«• there*-
faooks. wben suddenly bo wss recalled to himself by a musical feminine
tolce saying:
*' '.Monsieur Is absorbed In tbe flowers.'
"Leroux looked np Into s pair of
eyes that were looking Into bis.
"Now. If you anatomists were to
claim tbat lore acts ss two chemical
affinities, wbich on meeting become
one'and tbe sams substance, I could
tn s measure sympathize wltb you.
Botb  tbese persons  admitted  after-
" 'She doss sot He there.' Interrupted
Leroux. 'Sbe Is In heaven. Hnd you
loved ber as yon Bay, you would not
speak of ber as lying there.'
"'I say i loved ber,' reiterated tbe
otber fiercely, 'and sbe loved me. We
parted In anger1- /
" 'Real love Is never angry. It may
grieve for nnother's fault, but lt cannot be angry.'
'"I left her for a foreign land.
America. There I have been since
tben; tbere 1 prospered.   1 returned
iwnrd to tbe other tbat tbs moment to do penance nnd claim my love. I
tbelr eyes met they loved. : heard- tbat some one bad won ber
" 'Pardon,' said Leroux, 'I sm s tree- hand, though I know that no one but
passer. I bave been led by my love myself could have won her heart; tbat
for my profession to examine your the bad died and was burled bere. I
plants.   I will withdraw at once.'        jcume to ber grnve to weep for her.
" 'On ths contrary, you srs welcome snd fate bits brought me the man wbo
to study my plsnts to your heart's believed be occupied my place.'
content, and If tbere sre sny thst you
covet 1 shsll be happy to give them to
"For Ihe* rest of that morning Leroux and tbe lady wandered about ln
the gardens, bs giving ber mucb Information about ber plants.  She loved
"'1 know not wbat tbls means.' Leroux rejoined. 'If my wife bad a lore
affair before ahe married me she knew
lhat tt waa not true love and would
pain ns to Speak of It; therefore sbe
Wbo are you to assume this—you.
tbem for themselves; but, loving them. Iwho If you received sny love st all,
It pleased her lo learn of their nature, j received a dead love.'
Sbe was Mile, de la Fontayne, wbo j "Tbe man. provoked by tbe uncom-
lived witb ber old mother on the , promising certainty of one he consul-
place, her fhtber being dead. Mnde- cred his rival, was by tbls time beside
.noisette wss some half dozen years , himself wltb anger.
Leroux's Junior, nnd since botb of them
bad passed the heyday of youth tt cannot be claimed tbat tbs love wblcb
flashed Into being between them was
of the grosser type.    Leroux when
" 'Had we weapons I wonld soon
'convince you tbat I nm tbe rightful
mate of the woman who lies tliere;
thnt you are an Interloper. Ths only
recompense you cnn grant me for tbe
asked afterward If lhat wns not tbe  robbojy you committed Is n meeting
happiest morning of his life replied
that it wns far happier tbsn sny bs
bad known before, bnt no happier
thu those tbnt followed.
"Mile, de Is Fontnyne would not permit Leroux to depart without partaking of luncheon, or, rather, tbe second
breakfast of the French people, and
sfter tbe meal they returned to the
garden. In spirit the professor never
left the chateau so long as Mile, de ta
Fontayne remained there. But sbe did
not remain there very long-at least
permanently, for Leroux was obliged
to be st tbe university In Parts, where
be lectured, and the two found It ex-
cruclatltqf to be apart No great-time,
therefore, passed before they were
married, residing during the winter In
Paris and In tbe summer at the De Is
Fontayne chateau.
"These two lived, so far ss their rotations lo each other were concerned,
in perfect happiness. No word of sailer ever passed between tbem.'.'
"Was oot thnt thp result of normal
nervous system perfectly assimilated?" asked the listener;
"I do not ndmll It I bellevs that
from tbelr meeting tbey bnd become
one being.  Nor cnn it be said that tbey
Fer Afternoon Wear.
Tailored wear Is tbe approved style
of costume for afternoon dress, but
now French tailored garb Is anything
but severe und utilitarian ln type.
Tbts charming suit is built of snow
wblte cloth over a petticoat of blsck
tomorrow   morning ln ths  Bols de
Boulogne.' bo said.
'"Since my wife through a mistake
once may bave thought enough of you
to engage herself to you 1 shall not
harm a hair of yonr head.'
"Tbe stranger felt convulsively for s
weapon be knew he did not hare about
him, then, taking out a enrdrase. threw
a card at Lerout's feet, saying. 'If
you are not n coward 1 sbalt bear from
you.' Then he strode out of tbe In-
closure snd down the avenue toward
tbe cemetery gate.
"The card bore tbe name of Jules
Bombardier.   Leroux. calm as wben be
entered Ibe cemetery, attended to what
be had come lo do. then returned to
Ports.   On "the wny he tried to think
of some mention of n love affair bis
i wife bad passed through before meet-
I tng him. but be could not.   Neverthe-
, less be was content to remain In Iguo-
i ranee concerning It.
I   "This Is whnt I call true lore.-and I
I will show you thnt Ihe stranger who
I manifested all the outward appearance
I of love had not experienced it.    Not
six mouths after Professor Leroux hnd
met blm weeping nt the grave of the
' woman he believed he loved Leroux,
The Metals That Are Used snd tht
Process of Manufacture.
The tiny tip ot white metal seen on
the under side ot tbe point of n gold
pen may be of platinum, bnt It Is more
likely to be iridium. Iridium ts s very
bard metal, and It Is expensive. II
costs abont four times as much as gold
Tbe purpose ot tbe Iridium tip Is. of
course, to give tbe pen a more durable
point i
Tbe gold pen maker buys his gold at
the assay office in bars of pure 34 carat
gold, which be melts snd alloys wltb
silver and copper to tbe degree of fine-
ness required. Gold ot 14 carats Is
used In the manufacture of the best
American gold pens, tbat being tbe degree of fineness deemed most suitable
for pen use, but good pens made In
tbla country for sole In Prance are
mnjjp of 18 carats, the French government requiring tbat oil articles exposed
for sale In that country as made ot
gold shall be of not less tban IS carats
Tbe gold from which the pens are to
be made Is rolled and rerolled until
wbat was originally a thick, heavy bar
of gold bos been rolled Into a thin gold
ribbon shout three feet In length by
four Inches wide. Then tbls gold ribbon Is put Into n machine whicb
Btamps out ot lt pen shapes, all still
dnt Then on tbe top of each ot tbese
pen shapes Is fused tbe Iridium point
and- tben tbe shapes go to a slitting
machine, which cuts the silt In the
pen. From tbo slitting machine the
pens go tbrough another, which gives
them their rounded, familiar pen form,
and tben tbe liens nre ground and polished and finished ready for use.
American gold pens In fountain pens
or as dip pens are sold in every country ln Europe tn competition wltb pens
of British or of German manufacture,
and under the same competition they
are sold throughout the world in South
America, Africa. Japan, Cblna. wherever pens are used.-New York Sun.
tailored sorr or white cloth.
velvet and the wide black velvet collar adds a distinctive toucb. The buttons are white crochet wltb hand
worked buttonholes between each pair.
With' this suit will be worn buttoned
boots of wbito buckskin, ~ltb blsck
intent leather ramps.
Cleaning a Woolen Skirt.
A small amount of soap tree birk
will easily clean a black woollen skirt
Put tbe bark Into a gallon of water
and set tt ou tbe store, allowing It to
boll ten minutes. Then strain and pout
Ihe strained water Into n tub containing sufficient amount of warm water
to wash tbe skirt. Rub thoroughly In
this water. Do not use n board, bui
rub tbe garment between the hands.
Put tbe strained water back on the
stove wltb cold water und heat It Just
warm enough for rinsing water. Illnse
lhe skirt In tbls aud hang out to dry.
When It Is almost dry take It from tbe
line and iron It on the wrong side
while It Is still damp.
A bit of old kid glove or old canvas
sewed under the bands of the skirt
Jnst wbere tbe hooks aod eyes nre to
be placed will prevent tho bands tear
leg sway.
Durability of Steel
Nearly all the failures of sleet occur
very early In Its history. A bar or a
plate ot steel tbnt lasts a year In service mny be regnrded as perfectly durable. Continual bending backward and
forward, ns In whnt Is cnlled**pantlng"
a boiler's end. Is (he most trying for
steel which, according te an expert. Is
"tumultuous In youth, trustworthy In
middle age nnd beyond reproach In
old age."
Watlensteln, Whs Never SmlltrJ. Wes
the Mast Dramatio of All.
Washington's reserve made him
stiff, formal aud III at ease In company, but It also prevented bis plans
from being betrayed to the enemy and
the country from being deceived by
bis promises.
William tbe Silent was frugal of
words, because n reserve that concealed bis designs, even from tbose acting
wltb him. was necessary to the Independence of the Netherlands.
,Tho most dramatic of silent men
was Wallcnsteln, the antagonist ot
Gustavus Adolpbns aad tbe commander ot tbe emperor's armies In tbe
Thirty Years' wnr He Insisted thnt
the deepest silence should reign around
blm. His officers took care tbat ao
loud conversation sbould disturb tbctr
general. Tbey knew a chamberlain
bnd been hanged for waking blm without orders, and an officer who would
wear clanking spurs Is tbe commander's presence had been secretly put to
death. In tbe rooms of Wallenateln's
palace the servants gilded as tf phantoms, and a dozen sentinels moved
nround bla tent charged to secure tbe
silence tbe general demanded. Chains
were stretched across tho streets and
roads In order to guard blm against
the disturbance of sounds. Wallen-
stein's taciturnity and love of silence
tbat caused blm to be Irritated at tbe
slightest noise was due to bis constitutional temperament He never
smiled, be never asked advice from
auy one. and be could not endure to
be gazed at, even wben giving an order. The soldiers when be crossed
the ramp pretebded not to see bim.
knowing that a serious look would
bring them punishment-Exchange.
Cenerste 8lays Put.
As- concrete gets'older It becomes
harder and more durnble-that ts. of
course, If Ibe concrete Is properly
made Tbe usual means of wrecking
a bouse bare not tbe slightest effect
on concrete. Tbo sledgehammer, tbe
drill snd dynamite must be used.
Acids mlgbt be nsed to disintegrate
the concrete, but tbe expense would
be enormous. Tbe only tblng to do ts
to loosen tbe material with explosives
and tben break It free from the steel
re-enforcement wltb sledgehammers,
and tbat ts s long, tedious Job.-Boston
New Sailor Hat Fer
Wear st Palm Beaoh.
niw till OBOwmo SallLOB.
Bere Is the most radical change Iff
sailor bat styles tbat bas been seen Is
many a day. Tbe crown of tbls new
sailor la almost tbree times as high si
tbe brim is wide, snd the very bross*
velvet band nnd bow Increase the ap
penronce of belgbt materially. Naturally tbls new blgh crowned sniloi
will be a bit trying, especially at first;
until tbe lines of the shape bare be
como familiar, but tbe hat Is really no
higher than some of tbe low crowned
sailors of previous seasons. Tbe bl|
crown settles down over tbe bead almost to the tops of tbe esra, and tbs
brim at the bottom of this big structure
of crown surrounds the face like ao
outstanding frame.
Making a Ousts.
Hard Looking Customer (slinklnf
into pawnsbopi—Say. bow much can f
get on this gold wntcb?
Plain Clotbea Policeman (suddenly
appearing)—Let mo see It H'm, mj
friend. I think ye'll get about a yesi
tin tbst—Chicago Tribune.
"How did you happen to loss out?"
"Some of my misguided friends got
up nn automobile procession for me,"
explained Congressman Wbangdoodle,
"Most of tbe voters, however, bave M
»atomoblle."-Knnsns City Journal.
Always Possible.
Stella-You can't nut an old hesd oi
young shoulders.
Bella-But you ran put a- new walsf
line on any aged woman.—Judge.
■j-i'i'i trti i-ii 111 it i iii-i 1111
The Proerastlnatore.
The trouble with some of us ',',
Is tbst we wait till we're triced ;;
up by tbe thumbs before we'll .
consent to take a braes.—New [
York World.
ui AS I.I i 1111 li I IsM 11111-11 tt
The Latest Version.
Mary bad a little lamb-
I read it In a book.
They thought ahe did not need It, so
Away the lamb they took.
When Mary got It back again
From a Chicago ehop
Bhe had to pay about two bits
For every little chop.
"Leave ma tha wool at least," said ahe.
But actio answered: "Nay.
That part of It la tangled up
Somewhere In achedulo K."
—Washington star.
"Say, come over here, old man. I
want to ask you something ln confl-
deuce. Is there anything peculiar looking about me?"
"No.   Wby?"
"Tbat tall, handsome woman Just beyond tbe punch bowl asked me a moment ago whether I fiddled or played
chess."—Chicago Record-Herald.
OystJrs of Japan.
Japanese oyster* grow on the rocks
between high sud low tide levels and
adhere so fast that they cannot be
taken off. When tbe tide Is low the
Japanese gather the oysters by open-
Ing Ihe shells and Inking tbem ont
without trying to break tbem loose
from the rocks.
Trie Running Otar.
"Tou aay you bnre a new musical
comedy?" asks tbe manager. "Have
you a scenario of ll?"
"Yes. I brought It along." answers
the author, producing a collapsible
evening bat a seltzer bottle, a set of
eccentric whiskers, pink silk tights, sn
artificial nose ond s German dialect
Deep Sas Life.
Animal life, existing nnder a pressure of fire and a half tons to tbs
square Inch, has been found In tbe
Tonga basin, near New Zealand, at s
depth of four nnd three-quarter miles.
Tlie greatest ocean depth -known Is
less than s mile deeper.
Table Hints.
He who aata tha proper way
May live to aat another day.
-Chicago Record-Herald.
While ba who bolta hla beana and pie
May never live to awat tha fly.
—Springfield Union.
However low hli pride may atoop,
No one ahoultl ever farglo aoup.
—Birmingham Asa-Herald.
And ha who proper training shows
Don't epi Inkle pepper up Iiii note.
—Tonkera Statesman.
Why, Certainly!
Mrs. Cltlly-Brldget. wbo was that
at tbe door Just now?
Brldget-A leddy wanttn' to know if
we had furnished rooms.
Mrs. Clttly-Whst did yoo tell ber}
Bridget-Sure, an* I towld her tbat
all our rooms were furrnlshed. She's
lookln' st the llh'ry now.—>"
Bets snd Pigeons.
Twelve bees released at s distance
of tbree miles from tbe hives wers
found to travel boms faster than
twelve pigeons released st the sam»
time, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr Simmons, dentist, Morrison
block.    Phone lt :-0.
On Eastar Sunday special services
will lie held in the Methodist church,
both morning and evoning. Special
features in the morning will be a
solo by Arnold Carter, and an anthem. "Christ tho Lord is Risen Today," by the choij. Tho following
is the Hitler of the evening service,
beginning utS:;iU: Doxology; prayer;
anthem, "Our Mighty bold is
Risen," choir; hymn; solo, "Face
to Face," Mr. Tweddle; Scripture
reading; hymn; offering; solo,"Lord
Jesus, in Thy .Mercy." Mrs. Davis;
Easter stjrmon, Dr Culvert; anthem,
"The iiesuiTeetion," choir; hymn;
The sehool board held a special
meeting on Tuesday evening for the
purpose of having a conference with
Mr. Carey, the architect who is to
fcubinit plans for the new addition to
the public, school building.
Pete Santure this week sent fifteen
egga from thoroughbred Black
Minorca hens to Alberta,'receiving
$5 for them.
The Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be dispensed in Knox
Presbyterian church next Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Iving Ballew, of Danville, is being
groomed hy his friends to enter the
primary race for the Democratic
nomination for cheriff of Ferry
H. E. Woodland, the druggist, returned on Saturday from a two
weeks' visit to Vancouver,
James McArdle left on Monday
for a business trip to Vancouver.
Al. Traunweiser, of the Ynle, returned on Monday from Calgary.
F. B. McKeehan, immigration in
spector at Marcus, was in the city
on .Monday.-       ' .-.   . .
I. A. Dinsmore, of Greenwood,
chief ■ provincial constable of the
Boundary district, was in the city
on Tuesday.
Horses for Sale —Apply E. Barron, West End.
Robert Mcintosh, the architect,
left on Tuesday for Victoria, where
he will locate permanently.
The Retort Critical
Professor Hurry Thurston Peck, the
brilliaat critic, said at a dinner in
New York;
"The painter vows tlmt none but
the painter is competent to criticise
his pictures; and a playwright suid to
me tho other day:
'.. 'You never wrote a, play. What
right have you, then, to puss judg-
I have for sale, Silver Spangled ment on the 4rama1!s
Himil)iirgs,Partridge Wyandottes, s.c " 'Wel1' '"? dettr f<jllow>' ,aid *• 'l
I!. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of nevor laid ttn eK8- eithe,'i but tl,e
Brown Leghorns, Blue Andalusians minute I taste one I know whether it
and Silver Spangled Hamburg*.- is S00'* or ba(1 '"-New York Sun,
Robert Clark, noith of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
A. L. Bradley, of Danville, is
spoken of as n possible candidate
for the Washington legislature fioni
Ferry county.
Take your repairs to Arm-ion's
Hoot and Shoe Hospital, llrialge
street, (Irand Forks.
William   Sands, of  Danville, bus
purchased a half interest in a black- ,1ft^Sc!.SS1rS::K.yi;,",,n'.^i»i,,;i<',S
smith shop al   Itepuhlic  from Ben M3,KTOS\&te©it
ti\ it l.nx, nr three tor 111),   Milled to nny address.
Th> Scobell l»ru(? Co.. St, Cut liar ine... Out
A Statement of Facts Backed
by a Strong; Guarantee
We guarantee immediate and positive relief to all -sufferers from constipation. In every case where our remedy fails to do this wo will return the
money pail us tor it. That's a frank
statemet of facts, antl we want you to
substantiate them at our risk.
Rexali Orderlies a're eaten just like
candy, are particularly ,prompt and
agreeable in actiou, may be taken a"t
any time, day or night; do not cause
diarrhrea, nausea, griping, excessive
looseness, or otlier undesirable effects.
They have a very mild but positive
action upon the organs with which
they ceme in contact, apparently acting as a regulative tonic upon the re
laxud muscular coat of the bowel,
thus overcoming weakness, and aiding to restore the bowels to a _uiore
vigorous and healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children, old
folks and delicate persons. VVe cannot
too highly recommend them to all sufferers from any form of constipation
and its attendant evils. That's why
we back our faith iii them with our
promise of money back if they do not
give entire satisfaction. Three size?:
12 tablets 10 cents, 3G tablets 25
oents, antl 80 tablets' 50 cer.ts. Remember, you can obtain Kexall Remedies in Grand Forks only at our
store—The Rexall Store. H.E. Wood-
Eggs for Sale"
From thoroughbred utility birds
Single-comb Rhode Island Reds ami
single-comb Whito Leghorns. Won
I.S firsts and 9 seconds, besides 8 spe
cials, at Grand Forks, Greenwootl and
Trail last fall and winter; cup ul
Trail for best pen In shew on S.C.
Rhode Island. Reds, also special foi
best Red in show, either comb. Ijggs,
13 00 and So.UO per setting. T.
IjOWkn, (irand Forks (Columbia P.O.)
A Gallant Cabman
An old lady was getting into a cub
in (irufton street, in Dublin, ws"
heard to »ay to tho driver: "Help me
to get in, my good man, for I am
very old."
"Bceorru, ma'am," snid ho. "No
matter what nee yuu are, you dou'i
look it."
Dr. de Van's Female Pill?
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine.
Plath, box 10, city.
Don't forget that Tho Sun has the
Apply J. H.  best job printing deparrment in the
■ -Boundary country.
Some business men ure so fond of
being deceived that Ihey _.,_:., . .
deavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
You might as well cut oif
your legs because you arc run- j
aing well in a footrace as to
cut oft' .your advertising be- j
cause your business is too'
good. |
A new lot of latest tlesigns of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
This Sun job office. '
Grand   Forks, B. C,
Suits to Order &18 twtds
'; We are agents for some of tlie leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
thc advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satifaction.
II Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at thc lowest prices. We always have men that know
their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
- you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor!
PHONE   A 14-
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
Bridge Street,;,.'
The 'best and most
•n but initial l.re-i.roM
hnUffiiitflu the Bou n-
rhiry pouiitry. He-
cent ly com pit? ted and
ii c w ly furulidied
tliroimhniit. Kqiiip-
ijeil with all modern
Blnotrlcal conveniences, fl'entrally lo-
(ited. Kirst-eliisa ao?
■oiiiiiioi-.iitiuns for the
travelling public.
Hu. nnd Gold Ruths
Bittt-CUsiB.tr, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
-4r '^Ilrv
We are prepared to do '
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
Ori the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
Wo Imve the nfiint modern jobbing plant
in the Houndnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads -nnd Statement*.,
ladici'lii'iuls and Envelopes,,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Kindness nnd Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and Bylaws.
shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Puds,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery. -
noon PRIMTIMfi-the ki"a we a°—is in ■tse"
ww l "'--I * sx*i\M   an advertisement, and a trial
. order will convince you that our stock and workmanship nre nf the best.    Let us estimate on   vour order.
We giiiiraintee satisfaction.
Furniture Made to Order.
-. Also Repairing uf all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly  Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store-
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh i'imn_>,'uiii.>tit<if.
Received Wefkly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doon North of Granhy Hotki,,
First Street.
?omru tallica.-
-.,..._ , .... ,„.„_.__.., on Paienu
•cm Irar*. UMmI aMner forKflfl_ll.il pflaa.nl.
1'aatcaiU Uken through tlrjm. A Co. NOilTt
ijmIoI nolle* without Atria, In IS*
Scientific American.
A tunuUomoly Uluitratad weekly. Urgent Mr-
gllatloo of ur Mlontlflo Journal.   Terror, (or
.nulla. 13.76a ins, pouaio prepaid.   Bold br
Reaching the People
A prominent rail aetata daalar
In Toronto aaya thot ho got*
better ond quicker roaulto trom
tho Cleaalfled Wont Ado. thon
trom any othor1 kind of publicity.
Ho atates thot tho roaulto oro
out ot proportion to tho omoll
expense Involved.
There la o morel In thot for you
If you wont to reeoh tho people.
We carry the iimst fashionable stock
wedding   stationery in the Boun
dary country. And we are the only
otlice in thia nection that have the
aorrect material for printing it. The
Sun job office


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