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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 7, 1913

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 Ill I llll
J    'twW.tiv.Ulw.ry
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Peter  Veregin in a Run-
away--A Workman Falls
Two Hudred Feet
Mike Ber roi ie, a workman at tbe
Fife quarry, was badly injured on
Tuesday last by falling a distance
of 200 feet. Several bones were
broken,and he also received some bad
flesh wounds. He was brought to
the Cottage hospital in tbis eity for
medical treatment. . His recovery is
now reported to be progressing favorably.
Peter Veregin, bead of * e Doukhobor society in Canada, is re
ported to have had a narrow escape
in a runaway this morning. While
be and another member of tbe
colony were on their way to Phoenix,
tbe team which tbey were driving
became frightened at an automobile
and ran away. The wagon overturned nn Ihe occupants, but thty
luckily erne d from he wreck
witb only a few scratches.
Public School txamiflfltions
The following are the names of pupils in order of merit as determined
by the results of tbe September and
Ootober examinations:
Division I (Principal's Class)—
Pauliue Sloan, Reunie Keron, Ulrio
McCallum,Marie Fritz, Ronald Traey,
Avia Michener, Emma Needhara,
Henry Frits, Edith Barlow, Alios
Bpraggett, Harold M wsie, Dean Galloway, Myrtle Spraggett, Joyce McLeod, Alice Bowen and Archer Davis
eqnal, Vera Reid, Glad\s Ardiel, I via
Michener, Arthur Gilpin. Amy Frank'
ovitch. Elver* Walker, Marg* e: Mcllwaine, Stanley Massie, Sam Montgomery, Ludwig Frankovitch, Enter
Larsen, Ribert H< 1 oes,Quentin Quii-
livan, Marie Barnum, Fr.nk Hartinger, Maud Reburn, Hugh Wells,
Raymond Quinlivan, Ralph Gill,
Maud Peckham, Archie Symes.
Division II—Fred Dempsey Al
Peterson. Catherine Stafford, Walter
Peterson, Ida DeCew, Mi Id red Meikl*.
Hattie Gaw, Agnes Stafford, Law-
rence Holmes, Blair Cuchran»,Gordon
Fulkerson, Harry Atwood, Lawrence
Nichols, Dema. in Ryan, Herbert Dinsmore, Chads Krischke, Edith Larsen,
Helen Peterson, Violet Walker,
Lloyd Cronant* Merle Herr, Wilfred
Holmes, Reginald Hull, Ab a-n Mooy-
boer, John Herr, Thorn** Helium,
Jame< Lvden, Holger Petersen, Uvn
Wells, Willie. Meikle, GeoJge Cooper,
Lillian Kelleher.
Division III—Sarah McCalluin,
Earl King, Margaret Graham, Eime
man Jacobsen, Kathleen O'Connor,
Mildrel Hu t n. Muriel Galloway,
-Ruby Keeling, Ethel Jacobsen, Glenn
.Suiupmiii, Fred Barlee, Laura Allen,
Frances Sloan, Mary Coop r Uwennv
Mcllwaine, Gladys Latham, Tud
Dempsey, Viola Pell, Susie Brown,
Dorothy Burns, Lvda Kelleher,Willie
Ruokle, Thelma Walker, Roy Kennedy, Eddie Mcllwaine, Hope Beu
son. Aurena Barnum, Friti Schliehe,
Kthel Wright, Garibaldi Bruno,
Clarence Crosby, Kathleen Kerby
Division IV—Hope Williams, Ruby
I'yron, Liziene Irviug, Gladys Rash
leigh, Bernard Crosby, Bernioe Ken -
nedy, Muriel Spraggett, Gwendolyn
Humphrey**, Vernon Smith, Cecelia
Lyden, Earl Kelleher, Douald Laws,
Rosa Peterson, Lily Ardiel, Bessie
Harrison, Anna Anderson, Ewing
McCallum, Margaret Micheuer, Vera
Donaldson, Roy Forrester, Helen
Massie, Harold Fair, Francis Frits,
Gordon Murray, -Robert O'Connell,
Frank Veriuh, Alfred Downey, Lottie Peterson, Beulah Francis, Helen
Wassholm, Vernon Forretter, Edith
Coryell, Wilfred Brown, Emery Todd,
George Lemaster,
John   Fruit,   Mabel   Steele,   Ernest
Mountenay, May Mountenay.
Division V—Doris Burdon,  Doro-
I thy Jacobsen, Helen Campbell, Amy |
[Heaven,  Carena   Harkness,   Phyllis|
(Atwood,   Teddie   Cooper,    Ambrose
McKinnon,   Peter   Miller, Florence'
Mclntyre' Isabella  Glaspell,  Norma j
Ericson, Annie   Crosby,  Alice Gali- j
, peau,   Ronald  McDonald,  Tony Hu-'
I doklin, Thelma Turnbull,   Sam  Eric-
son,   Amelia  Wiseman, Christopher
Pell, Richard  Stacy, Gent go  Meikle,
Julia   Downey, Antoinette Schliehe,
Edward   Potentier,   Marie Mc-Elliot,
Glory Morrison, Gertrude   Krischke,
AleaU   Nichols,   Thomas   McElliot,
Fred Wiseman, Walter Larsen,Joseph
Rowlandson, Jeanette Reburn.
Division VI—Lenore Cronant, Wijjlie
Harrison, Denis O'Connor, Cleophus
Montgomery, George Hodgson, Amy
Peckham,   Willie  Sprinthall, Helen
Simpson, Emile P     on, Howard  De
Cew,   May Crosby   (ii ce  Wiseman,
Margaret Keron,     • ••li Dm-   Alien
Ryan, Randolph Davi .   GladyS Mo-
Laughlan,Emina Irving, Harry . -    le,
Nellie Mills, May Smith, Esthe    Anderson, Tannis Barlee; Ernest  Bake,r
Peter  Peterson, Reid   McKie,   Boyd
Nichols, Guner Lindgren, Eloise Staf
ford, Genevieve Griffith, Charlie Cooper,  Robert   Tryon,   William   Lain,
George Brown, Mary Miler,Jack Brau,
Ellen  Harkness,   Frances    Latham,
Margaret Fowler.
Division VII—Harold King, Isabel Bowen, Charles Wallace, Price
Jones,Joseph Grenier, Charles B op,
Clara Branner, Blanch Kennedy, Cecelia Crosby, Louise Lavigueur, Orville Baker, Dean Kennedy, Zella
Walker, Alma Grigg, David McDonald, Gladys Dimmitt, Oswald Walker,
Coryl Campbell, Mary Errett, Angus
MoDonald, James Needham, Douglas
Barlow, Peter Harton, Ray Brown,
William Nelson,.. Alberta. McLeod,
Nick Swithchnoff ji
Division VHI-^-Second Primer—
Thelma Hutton, Lee Sung, Renwiok
Williams, Dorothy Meikle, Raymond
Harris, Willie Ruhmann, Flora Mo
Donald, Lillian Hull. Margaret Mc
Elliot, Willie Switlichnoff, Leona
U'RfH,Franoes U'Ren.Reggie Heaven
Ruth Eureby. Lawrence McKinnon,
Grace Graham, Gladys Annum, Leo
Mil's, Harold Quinlivan, Doiotliy
Schliehe, Mary Beran, Alfun.e Galipeau, Mary Wi Inner, Margaret Bruno,
Johanna Lam. First Primer, senior
—Fred Cooper, Llewellyn Humphreys,
Lewis Waldon Connie Burdon, Willie
Smith, Ethel Wiseman, James Pell,
Nellie Allan, Vera Lyden, Adrianue
Lam. First Primer, junior—Veryl
Steeves, Alice Peterson, Pearl Brau,
Goneva Jones, Annie Crosby, Lola
Baker, Evelyn Stafford, Kenneth
Murray, Harry Stecey, Jeff Ryan,
Helen O'Connell, Dorothy Latham,
John Lane.
Division IX—A CUs*—Harry
Druytn k, Phyllis G-e.g. Clarence
Donaldsou Lulu Harkness, Hardy
Qriswnld, Chow Fung. Anitu Jacob
son, Myrtle Dimmitl, John Peterson,
Frank Worden, John Visser, Kenneth
Campbell, Gunner Halle, May Farm
er, Clare U'Ren, Joseph Japp, Elsie
Morel lo Class B—Regina Freeh
ette, Adeline Mi*Ellintt,Teddy Caron,
Alva Taylor, Elsie Nelson, Irene
Montgomery, Irene Frankovitch,
Lilian Brown, Herbert Heaven, Fred
Oalipoau, Mary Harton, Harry Car
l-enter, Emily Penrose. C Class—
Stewart Ross, Lloyd Quinlivan Jennie
Allen, Vivian MacLeod, Clarence Lid-
dicoat, Francis Stafford, Annie Ma-
rnvioh, Ruby Eyre, Grace Brau,Doris
Kennedy, Charlie Shannon, Fern
Sheeley, Nora Harris, Ethel Miller,
John Bluekins, Peter Switlichnoff.
Enormous Increase
Subscribers to tbe Family Herald
and Weekly Star, of Montreal, are
renewing earlier than ever thiB sea-
eon. The subscription receipts for
October were 80 per cent ahead of
October 1912. The Family Herald
grows In popularity year after year.
It is tbe big dollars worth beyond
doubt, and deserve* its immense circulation. Any home tbat does not
receive Tbe Family Herald should
Vernon Siddell, give it a ttial for 1914.
A Washington Canneryman
Says There'll be a Market
for B. 0.'s Product
Win. E. Scott, deputy ministerfof
agriculture, hits received the following letter from Senator Faulbamus,
president of tbe Puyallup ___. Sumner
Fruit Growers' association. Tbe information and advice contained
therein will tw of considerable benefit to the different canneries operating in the province:
"Mr. Winslow called on me this
morning, and in talking over tbe
fruit industry be advised me that
same of your fruit canners are experiencing some difficulty in finding
markets for their 1912 pack of apples, rhubard. beans and sucb other,
producte as were put up in the canneries, lt occurs to me that if
these gentlemen can handle themselves a little wbile longer tbey will
experience very little difficulty in
finding a market for tbeir surplus
"In our own case we inventoried
•166,000 worth, mostly blackberries,
apples, squash, beans and similar
products, January 1, 1913, but I
am pleased to advise at the present
time every single can of this stock
has been sold.
* "Last year tbe apple crop was so
extremely heavy in every apple
growing community in the world
that tbe price of fresh apples, as you
know, continued extremely low for
the entire season, with tbe result
that pies were made of fresh apples
instead nf any kind of canned products. In addition to this, apple
sauce and everything else lhal apples could he used for was used as a
substitute for canned goods
"Aa ynu are aware, the present
apple crop is just as much short as
the apple crop of 1912 was long.
This will entirely reverse things. Instead of buying fresh apples for pie
making and similar uses, it will he
necessary for the bakers and hotel
people and other people who use
this i-lars nf fruits to depend upon
tne ciiiinid goods inrtead of tl e
*'I believe thst your fri. nils in
British Cnliitnliia will experience no
difficulty in inil.i uling every can of
fruit nr vegetables lhat they are now
carrying, provided that it was put
up in Bond shape and will continue
in marketing condition for six
months lunger I know that this is
the experience with all of our canners except in rare instances where
tbe goods are not packed  properly.
"If there are any of your fruit
glowers' associations who need help
or encouragement, I believe it
would be a goud idea to write tn
them such information as this letter contains. In some instances
you will find that such organizations
have borrowed money from eome of
the banks, and if tbe bankers understood tbe situation as it really
exists I sm satisfied tbat tbey would
extend such credit as is required to
tide things along.
"Sbould any of your friends de |
sire to offer your canned goods on!
this side of the line, it occurs to me
that the J. M. Paver eompany, of
Chicago,   III.,   who  are  extensive
dealers, might be able to post you
as to the probability of marketing
in that territory, and post you as to
The Eiquor Traffic
Editor Qrand Forks Sun.
In view of it being "World's Temperance Sunday" on November 8,
the following from Sir Victor Htirse-
ley, the eminent English physician,
will be of interest to tbe teachers
and their classes. He says: "The
question of total abstinence is socio-
ogical and economic, and oot only
one of personal betterment; drink is
undoubtedly the commonest cause
of unhappiness, pauperism aod
sickness. An increase of drinking
in Belgium has been accompanied
by an equally rapid inceease in the
number of paupers, lunatics and
suicides, wbile in .Sweden a decrease
in drinking bas been accompanied
by a striking decrease in pauperism,
lunacy and suicide." In a recent
luncheon address this same eminent
surgeon declared tbat tbe medical
profession in England is now hostile
in its attitude toward alcohol.
"They have found out wbat alcohol's value is as a drug, »nd that is,
in my opinion .at any rate, practically nil." When he was a student,
alcohol was the traditional remedy
in surgery in blood poisoning, and
for infectious diseases like pneu
monia. It is no longer so used. In
1862 the expenditure on milk in the
London hospitals was fl 5.000 a
year; on alcohol $40,*000 a year.
Twenty years later tbe expenditure
for milk and alcohol were equal.
About that time antiseptic surgery
became general, and in 1902 tbe expenditure for alcohol was reduced to
115,000. The lowest death rate ie
in the London Temperance hospital, where alcholic liquors and medicines are not used. The custom is
rapidly dying out in tbe other hospitals. Philaurious.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer oo E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max
Oct. 31—Friday  23 33
Nov.   1-Saturday  ...   30 42
j—Huudiy,  28 43
3—Monday  20 36
4—Tuesday  25 42
5—Wednesday... 33 37
II -Thursday  34 47
Snowfall     8.8
Rainfall.....'  0.60
Sale of Work
A sale needlework, homo made
bread, cake and candy will be held
in Holy Trinity I'urish hall on
Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Wednesday evening, November 12 and 13. Refreshments
will be served during this time. On
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock a
concert and one-act drama will be
given in tbe parish hall. On this occasion tbe parish orchestra will
make its first appearance before tbe
public. Admission to concert, 50
Wheu a child commences to
cackle it is a sure sign that it has
Tbe Jewel mine is to be further
developed by tbe sinking of a shaft,
and ten men will be added to the
force this month.
British Columbia Telephone
Company Improving Its
Line in the City
The British Columbia Telephone
company is erecting a pole line
from the Catholic church to Winnipeg avenue, and out Winnipeg
•venue to T. K. Needham's home
•nd the residences being erected by
C. A. Wallace. In future the company intends to construct its pole
lines in the alleyways in all sections
thickly enougb settled to warrant
this being done.
William Beach is building a private telephone line from Christina
lake to Cascade. The enterprise
will cost about $700 It will be
operated in connection with tbe
British Columbia Telephone company's system, and that company
will probably take tbe line over
next summer.
Geo. E. Massie bas secured the
services of A. Cupples, an up-to-
date cutter of ladies' aod gentlemen's garments.
A general meeting of the Overseas club will be held in the Davis
banquet hall on Friday evening,
November 21, at 8 o'clock. Members are requested to attend and
bring along other British subjects
wbo would like to join.
The federal inspector of electric
meters, of Vancouver, is now engaged in testing the meters in this
Harry Witherell, of tbe Empress
theatre staff, was taken to tbe Cottage hospital last Sunday and operated on for appendicitis. He is recovering rapidly.
Hallowe'en was appropriately observed last Friday evening. Malicious pranks were fewer than in past
years. Witb exception of an occasional display of fetid bruins on
plate glass, evidently put there by
people whu cuuld ill afford to lose
them, tbere are un overt acts to
Do not miss the Cafe Cliautunt at
tbe'opera house on tbe evenings of
November lilth and 20th. Mr, Coy-
is iu charge of tbe entertainment.
An admission of 10c will be charged.
Those who wish to send their
friends pretty Christmas gifts should
go to the opera house on Wednesday and Thursday, November I 0th
and 20th.
Freda Davis, the eight year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
Davis, bas been eejiously ill during
tbe past week.
Dr. Kingston's new two-storey
concrete-block hospital building is
now under roof. It is one of the
handsomest and most substantial
buildings in the city.
Work on the Lone Star mine,
near Danville, will be resumed this
The past week has been rather
wet in Grand Forks, but the sun invariably shines on Friday. THE SUN, GllAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Types of Canadian Girl
Tha Western girl i-osenibles Uie
(Vild rose of tlie open liel.l; the Biib'.-
ern girl is not a hot house bloom, bui
she Is 'pruned and milted to a stuld
perfection you miss (and bless Heaven for) when you meet Uie Western
girl. The latter (says n writer In
Canada), Is a charming Diana; limb
free, wearing an air of calm assurance—un unaffected air it is—riding
to hounds, golfing, tennis, racquet
swinging as she passes over the
prairie trails, or, under emergency,
sitting Uie binder in the grain field,
and this Just as gracefully aB sbe sits
at the piano in Ihe drawing room. The
western girl goeB to public school,
graduating in tbe ologles and the domestic arts at. the same time. She
studies French and drawing; painting and music are not 'fad«' with her;
ahe will discuss Browning and Shakespeare with you while engaged in
mending the household linen, and that
'with neither an Insipid nor yet an inane air,
She holds sound opinions on all
subjects, yet she never thinks of in
trading herself or hor opinions into
public life.
She controls the voter, not the
Trained to wall upon herself, she
possesses the great virtue of adaptability, and lf she becomes a wage-
earner (as she usually does) you
find her accepting thc responsibilities
attached to whatever she takes in
hand; she feels no shame In her
work, she rather dignifies whatever
she undertakes. Accomplishments to
the western girl have real meaning;
she accomplishes things; she does
not dabble ln art, but she becomes
an adept in art.
The Eastern girl ls somewhat proud
sb Bhe is pensive; but like her western sister she Is wholesome ln heart
and mind. She, too, Is the embodiment of mental and physical strength
verging (her critics say) at times
upon the boisterous. The chiet character of both types is cheerfulness,
and this, combined with humor, gives
both the charm they are allowed to
In Uie sports la belle Ouiiiidienne
holds the records, and all the while
she Is domesticated to high degree.
She has so many distinguishing characteristics that, separating them, you
become bewildered; you Bee her in
many lights, many moods, but all combining to make her what she Is—
clever, capable and kind.
Discovery of Ancient Coins
An Italian farmer has made a Valuable archaeological find in a Held
near, l.esi. He discovered an earthenware vase containing 5.300 silver
coins of the Roman republican period.
The vase weighs about BO pounds.
Most of the coins are rare specimens
and are in an admirable stale of preservation. The field Is owned by
Count lloiiorotl, who has renounced
his right to a claim of one-half of tbe
value of the discovery and has allowed Prof. Dalloso to remove the coins
to the museum at Ancona for Identification. Only one-half of them have
been examined as yet, but their value
to estimated at more than $1,000,000.
The Government gaa've the farmer
Tlllie's Philosophy
mile dinger says she may he mistaken, but she estimates that spending two month's salary for a two
weeks' vacation ls about like buying
thirty dollars' worth of glngeiBiiaps.
Skin Would Cake Over and Peel.
Spots Large, Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. Has Not Had a
Mark on Her Since. They Also
Cured Mother of Pimples on Face,
6781 il,.(l..i mmi Ave., Toronto, Ont.—" My
bahy'e troublo began as a rash anil lbe skin
<ucd In -omollaif-i ikoI off and look as If It
were coins to got belter,
but would Just t ako over
ligaln and peel. The spots
were large and It used to
nialte her face very red
and Inflamed all tbo lime.
It came on her face, bands
aud arms, and It used to
• make her restless at night.
She got tho raeh In Men-h
aud bow I hated to aee lt
on hor llttlo face and
heads' 1 tried a lot of different tlilngi after
That but nothing did any good. I saw the
odvortt-ement anil Kent for samples of Cuticura Soap and ulnimont and lt started to
Set belter riglit away. I mod them only
about onco a day, and la little moro than
two weeks she hadn't a spot oa ber anywhere. She bad It tbree months before I
mcil lbe treatment. She has not had a
nark on l'ci- since and alio is two and a halt.
years old now. Cuticura Boap and Ointment also cured pimples on ray race.'!
(Signed) Mra. McKntgbt, .Ion. 8,1012.
For treating poor coinpUixloin, nd, rough
hands, iiwD-ry, tbln and falling hair, Cuii-
i-ura Hoap and Cuticura Ointment havo been
the world's ravorl.es for mora than a generation. Sold throughout the world. Liberal samplo of each mulled free, with ;i-*-p.
Skin Honk. Address posi card Poller Drug
A Cbcm. Corp., Dept. !MD, Boalou, U. H. A.
W. N. 'J  <-6f
Youngest Volcanoes In B.C.
Professor Burw.ish, who haB been
at work on the geology cf British Columbia for several years, haB return
ed from an esamlnattion of Garibaldi,
which may have the effect of placing
that splendid mountain and some
of its neighbors in the poslilo.. of being the youngest voleanos ln the province. He went up to the recent summit camp of the B.C. Mountaineering
Club, and accompanied ty the president. Mr. W. J. Gray, made a careful
study of the district. He has found
that Garibaldi, Red Mountain and another smaller volcano jiave been built
upon a glaciated surface about 6000
feet high. None of the hreo volcanoes bears the marks of glaclation, except Insofar as tbelr own homegrown
glaciers have been able to modify
their outlines In some very slight degree. But the work of such local
glaciers requires very careful looking
for; whereas the platform from which
the volcanic piles stand up has been
glaciated so Intensely that even the
inexperienced eye can recognize lt.
The lava streams which flowed from
the volcanoes, and the bei* of stuff
which were formed by the accumulation ot the fragmentary material
blown out of their crates during eruption, are all to be traced, cold, black,
and forbidding, lying upon the gently
undulating surface of the glaciated
Professor Bui-wash believes the evidence* he has obtained sufficient to
Move tbat these volcanoes came into
existence during thle second sta,;e of
the glacial epoch. He regards lt as
very doubtful, however, If the volcanic action had begun whe.t the flrst
stage of the glacial epoch was on. The
general moulding of the platform on
which Garibaldi stands was done during that earlier stage, when Ihe Ice
spread far and piled  high.
These are very Important results.
Something of the geological interest
ot the district was recognized by the
members ot the Mountaineering Club
during the summer camps. The photographs which appeared in the
Northern Cort-illerun, together wiUi
the descriptive notes of Messrs Gray
and Samson, allowed the desirability
ot having an examination made by a
geological expert. Now that this has
been done an Important additional
Interest haB been given 1o the Alpine
hinterland of Vancouver.
Four Months Without Water
Sheep on the Nebo National forest,
IHah, go four aud a half months without water except tor su'cli moisture as
they get from the dew and the juices
of forage plants. Crazing sheep on
a range entirely destitute of water is
a recent Innovation due to the increasing demand for forage and effort
of the forest office to find a place on
the forest ranges for all the Btock that
can be safely admitted. The area on
the Nebo which has now proved usable by sheep is high and rocky, a portion of It being above timber line, and
It ban neither springs nor streams ot
sullieient size or accessibility to be
used for Btock watering purposes. The
griming season lasts from June 15 to
October ill, and during this period of
four and a half months the animals
do not get a drink.
Under such conditions, however, the
sheep have done extremely well, and
laBt year's lamb from this range had
an average weight at the close of the
season of 68 pounds on the Chicago
market, which was rather above the
normal weight from that vicinity.
In one area on the Targhee forest
in Idaho sheep get w.-.tei- only twice
during the four months summer grassing seasan. There Is no water on the
range but the sheep ure driven to a
nearby stream lower down the mountainside. Lambs from this range
weighed 65 pounds on the Chicago
ylfa^/frtf- Co   */U^<C*tA^U, ~tircu/e*xr
<2&r£tnrXmJbf ~*U "771A4&. _/4-1-^r-^ ■•Wr*^?
The Caller
Tfie Caller—Who is that singing';
The Hostess—That's our new maid.
She alwayB slngB at her work.
The Caller—What a happy disposition.   Mercy, how loud she sings.
The Hostess — Yes.. When she
Blngs loud she's breaking something.
First Postal Car
The lli-st trial of u postal-car ser-
Ice In which mall matter is assorted
while In transit, was made Aug. 118.
1864 on Ihe Chicago & Northwestern
railway. The scheme was a thorough
success, and railway mall service was
Inaugurated that year on several of
thc Important railway lines and was
gradually extended all over thte United Slates, and adopted In other countries. In 1874 the American railway
mall system was thoroughly organized
on a permanent basis, with eight territorial divisions, each in charge of
a superintendent subordinate to a
general chief r.t Washington. Tho service was among the first to ndopt a
modern clnsslfled civil service, appointment ot railway mail clerks having always been madj for a probationary period, permanent employ-
ment being conditioned on satisfactory service and conduct, and removal based on good cause only. The
service bas been gradually Increased
and new divisions organized, and Is
now operated on practically every
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as tbey cannot
reach tbo diseased portion of the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness
and tbat is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by on Inflamed condition of the mucous llnini; of tbo Euc-
tacblan Tube. When this tubo Is Inflamed you bave a rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearing, and wben lt Is entirely closed, Deafness Is tbo result, and unless tho Inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to Ita normal condition, hearing wilt be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which ls nothing but an Inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will glvo One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused .by cat
tu-rh) lhat cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.   Send for circulars free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, Ohio
Sold by Dm.  Ists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constlpa
100 Straight From 19- Yards Wins
Western Handicap -hoot *
With the only perfect score ever recorded ln the even*, and one that has
been duplicated In winning no Interstate tournament since the season of
1910, C. A. Gunning, of Longmont,
Colo., shooiing a Remington pump gun
and Nitro Club speed shells from the
19 yard mark, broke 100 clay targets
straight in the main event and won
the Western Handicap. At thia, the
fourth of the season's five great clay
bird assemblies, held August 5-7 at
Imaha, Neb., W. H. Heer, shooting a
Uemlngtou pump gun and Arrow speed
shells, missed but three targets out
of the 350 thrown and captured high
Keneral average for the meet. 3. C.
Norris, of Basin, Wyo., with the same
Bhoottng equipment made the tournament's long i-un, breaking 23E straight.
J. S. Young, of Chicago, and J. P.
Prink, of Wcrthington, Minn., each
with the same perfect shooting combination, broke the p.-..gram's entire
hundred straight on the third and last
lay of the shoot.
the Real LUer PHI—A torpid liver
means a disordered system, mental de
presslon, lassitude and in the end, lf
care be sot taken, a chronic state of
debility. Tlie very hest medicine to
arouse the liver to healthy action is
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They are
compounded of purely vegetable substances of careful selection and no other pills have their line qualities. They
do not gripe or pain and they are
aereeable to Uie most sensitive stomach
One afternoon Mrs. Murphy appeared at the settlement house, all dressed up ln her best bonnet and shawl
A huge black and blue spot disfigured one side of her face, however, and one eye was nearly closed.
Why, Mrs. Murphy, what Is the matter? cried one of the teachers, and
then, realizing that she might have
asked a tactless question, she hastily
turned It off by saying: Well, cheer
up; you might be worse oft. Sure an'
I might, responded the Indignant
Mrs. Murphy. I might not be maided at all.
Nobody now living has ever been
killed at a grade croaslng.    Still, this
Is no argument In favor of lho grade
Will Resume
Mri. Newrocks—Dear nie. Vie
must leave Paris tomorrow and we
are only up to page nineteen of the
Mr. Newrocks—Mark tiie place and
we'll come back next year and begin in page twenty. ,
Teacher—Now, Wli'.le, where did
you get lhat chewing gum? 1 want
the truth. '
Willie—You don't want the truth,
teacher, an' I'd rather not tell a lie.
Teacher—How dare you say I don't
want the truth! Tell me at once
where you got that chewing gum.
Willie—Under your desk.
Most Likely .: Fallow Proper Eating
As old age advances wo require less
food to replace waste, and food that
will not overtax the dlgestivo organs,
while supplying true nourishment.
Such an ideal food ls found In Grape-
Nuts, made cf whole wheat and barley by long baking aud actlca of diastase ln the barley vhlch changes Ihe
starch Into a most digestible sugar.
The phosphates also, placed up under the outer-coat ot the wheat, are Included lu Grape-Nuts, but are lacking
In white flout because the outer coat
of the wheat darkens Die flour and Is
left out by the miller. These natural
phosphates are necessary lo the well-
balanced building of muscles, brain
and nerve cells.
"I have used GrapeNuts," writes a
Western man. "for 8 years end feel as
good and am .tronger than 1 was ten
years ago.
-'Among in* customers 1 meet a
man every day who Is well along ln
years and att.ibutos his good health
to GrapeNuts and Postum which he
has used for the last 5 years. He mixes Grape-Nuls with Praium and says
they go line together.
"For many yearB before I began to
eat GrapeNuts, I could not say that I
enjoyed life or knew what It was to be
able to say 'I am well.' I suffered
greatly with constipation, but now my
habits arc as regular as ever In my
"Whenever 1 make extra effort 1
depend on Grape-Nuts food i-nil It just
Alls the bill. I can think :.nd write a
great deal easier."
"There's a Reason." Name given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,
Out. Read "The Road to Wellvllle,"
I*.  pkgs.
Ever read the abeve letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
The  ongest  Day
A retired Colonel had been advised by his doctor that if he did not
give up drinking it would Bhorten his
Think so? asked the Colonel.
I am sure of it, colonel. If you
stop drinking I am sure it will pre
long your days.
Come to think of it, I believe you
are right about lhat doctor, said the
Colonel. I wect twenty-four hours
without a drink six months ago, and
I never pu: in Buch a long day ln my
Cleans and disinfects
everything In your
home from ths cellar lo the attic. Put
it on your dieter and
dust Hardwooid Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleums,
Pianos, Furniture, etc.
Makes everything just
like n.w. Money re.
funded If not satisfactory.   Mads by the
Hamilton, Canada.
• Caterhall, Nfld.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Whik ln Ihe country
last summer I was badly bitten by
mosquitoes, so badly that I thought I
would be disfigured, for a couple ot
weeks. I vas advised to try your
-Liniment to liny the Irritation, and
did so. The effect was more than I
expected, a few applications completely curing ihe irritation, and preventing
the bites from becoming sore. MINARD'S LINIMENT .s i lso a good article to keep oil the mosquitoes.
Yours truly,
W. A. V. R.
Aren't you going to say your prayers, Willie?
No, I'm not. I am tired of praying
for this family without getting any
That's a nice umbrella you've got,
Mr. Jones.
Yes; it was a present.
Indeed! From whom?
1 don't know. But it says on the
handle: Presented to John Robinson.
Health cannot be locked for In the
child that is subject to wormB,' be
cause worms destroy health by creating internal disturbances that retard
development and cause serious weakness. Miller's Worn, Powders expel
worms and r.re so beneficial ln the..*
action that the systems of the little
sufferers are restored to healthfulnes3,
all the discomforts and d mgei-s of
worm infection are removed, and satisfactory growth is assured.
Baby had been displayed tn his
best bib and tucker to a number of
admiring callers. The laBt one looked him over and was evidently trying to think ot something nice to say.
Finally she remarked: Dear me, how
much he looks like his father!
It's only the warm weather, te-
plled his mother, somewhat testily.
Tho child Is .usually right cheerful
and handsome.
is a
Vita Guaranteed "ONI DYI for'
a       AH Kind* of Cloth. i
• Ohu_.SInel«,NoC-wac«olMI«ttfcN. THY '
A   111 SenSlorFrt»ColorC.cS>nSBootlM.
|TS«JotMM-IU<-kuSMaCo.UniuS,Hi»linl ;
Made iv mi villagers ih Acckinokahsiiirf..
No. 100.
ter ran1-
..ave a
of Collar;-.
„  -■■ —        —^—..J Huhies.
Our Lace* wire awarded Gold MedaTIt   Ties. Front...
the  Festival of Empire Md  Imperial   Set.., Yokes.
Exhibition, Cryital Palace. 1911.
STOCK COLLAR, M carte     "
Oi -78 i'i
Jaboti, At.,
(mm ■ '■
Five o'clock
-fee. and
•very thins
lhat can be
>*UUle in Lace. Yard Lace
and insertion irom  ,10
.SO. .SB up to «9.S<
Booklet entitled A*
iMeraitlal Heat Mm
err," illuetritinc over
110 dekigai ol Pillow
Lace, post free to anv
Crt of world. The
. :*• waken are very
glad ol any Milei***,
iowever uuul
Mri. Una
Olney. Bucks
■      ill in'in-
A button eeving attachment for ordinary Hewing machines has been patented by a California!!.
fM etltoeto tto tsTtofeto
VMS ptbMM 5 Witt qpfttt.
wltt Its btttafttto fat*
The Mosquito
WE ARE all exposed to snch dangen-our only armor U tead.red
blood! Let your stomach b. of nod digestion, year H*m ocUt.
and tout laags fall et good pan sir uu! yon don't sninader to. aay .1 Um dloeeae-
bear ini (tms. Ths Mst newa tail, and attentive, that comet* a torpid 11 wr,
and helpe digestion so lhat good Mood Is aaaafactand aad Um eyelets unwished, la
f£U -fwOlden Medical niscovery
This famous medicine has been sold hy medietas dealen la Ha liquid torn foi
onr fort* yean, gltlng great eatlsfaetloa. If yon prefer yoa caa earn obtain Da ,
Pieree'e Golden Medical lieeoTery tablets of yonr drantst at M.00, alaa la Me tin
r by mall—send M one-cent stamps, R.V. Pierce, II. ft, Bnflsfe, M.T., ftr Wai hn. .(
You will lind that the interest today centers
more-and more in Remington-UMC as the dependable ammunition, not only for Remington-UMC firearms but for every standard make of    rifle and pistol   used
in iKe world ol sport.
You want Remingion-UMC—the Remington quality. You want freedom from all iha
nagging little annoyances that uncertain ammunition can throw into a good day's sport.
Let us lend you a booklet explaining simply the technical caie in the making which is responsible (or the
Remington-UMC reputation. Your name and address on a postcard will bnns this book by return -aall.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., T.'indsor, Ont. I
Let utiriid you isr
took* 'The evolution
,s interesting
history ofciokisg.
Jt also [Ives o clear,
limplnilesci ipli.it
if thi Dominion
Pride Range—com-
Realist thi* took is
lite examining tht
range itself.
Send for a ropy.
Save 30%
on your New Range
That's about $20.00 isn't it? And you can
save it by ordering direct from the factory (the
biggest malleable range plant in Canada.)
Dominion Pride Range it the range you would
choose at any price—a beautiful steel range wilh
unbreakable doors, castings and lids of malleable
iron—a range lhat save* coal—a range io solidly
built that with care it will last a lifetime.
And you can secure a Dominion Pride Range by
making a small payment with your order—the balance on terms to suh your convenience.
Dominion Pride
Thousands upon thousands •*
of Canadians have lent to us
direct for their ranges,
and we have yet to hear
a complaint. Our unconditional guarantee
goes wilh every range,
Canada Malleable & Steel
Range Manufacturing Co.,
Send a free copy of your book
' .ofthi _   *   *      '
"The Evolation t
he Coakstave."
Stopplng tho F ght
Village Orooer—What are you running (or, sonny?
Boy—I'm trying to keep two fellers
from fighting.
Village Grocer—Who are the persons?
Boy—Bill Perkins and me.
Sportsman's Luck
So you took a day off and went
duck shooting.
Yes, replied Uie  man   who  Insists
on being cheerful-
Have any luck?
Certainly. A day oft Is luck enough.
An eminent, tcientlst the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful discovery of recent years waa
the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just think!
As soon as a single thin layer of Zam-
Buk ls applied to a wound or a sore,
such injury Is Insured against blood
poison! Not one species of microbe
has been found tlmt Zam-Buk does not
Then again. As noon, as Zam-Buk Is
applied to a sore, or a cut, or to skin
disease, it stops the smarting. That Is
why children are such friends ot Zam-
Buk. They care nothing fer the Bcl-
ence of the thing. All they know ls
that Zam-Buk stops their pain. Mothers Bhould never forget this.
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk ls applied to a wound or to u diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new
healthy tlssitj Is quickly formed. This
forming of fresh healthy tissue from
below Is Zam-Buk's secret of healing.
The tlBsue thus tormed Is worked up
to the Burlace eud literally casts oft
the diseased tissue above it. This
Is why Zam-Buk cures are permanent.
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, of
101 Delorlmier Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co. and told them
that for over twenty-five years he had
been a martyr to eczema. His Itands
were at one time so covered with 3ores
that he had to sleep ln gloves. Four
years ago Zam-Buk was Introduced to
him, and ln a few months it cured
him. To-day—over three years after
his cure ot a disease he had for twenty-five years—he is still cured, and has
had no trace of any return of tthe eczema I
All drugglsls Bell Zam-Buk at 60c.
box, or we will send free trial box if
you eend this advertisement and a lc.
stamp (to pay return postage). Address Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Likely to Stay There
First Undergraduate— Have you
telegraphed to the old man for money?
Second .Undergraduate--Yes.
Cot an answer?
Yes. 1 telegraphed the old wan,
'Where Is that money I wrote for?"
and hla answer reads: In mv inside
life is Uncertain
■■■the   life   of  a   wooden   tub
or  pail.
Save time--temper-dollars—by using
utensils that seem to never wear out.
Made of
ub J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer
tf   Just as good aa
f Eddy's  Matches
Oram Commission Merchants
Multc Bills Lading road: -*ort Arthur or Fort William.
Co., "Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Noltfy i'oter Jansen
But G-id.s
One on Mother
This Isn't llko the bread mother]
■makes, suid the- young married man.
So you ni-e going to start that, are
I was merely congratulating you.
Mother nevor was a very good brend-
.nnlter.    .
Wasn't for the Neighbors
Hewitt—Publicity ls a great boou.
Jewell—Oil, 1 don't know, the man
icxt door had Ws cornet stolen, nnd
io advertised for It and got It back.
Dr. Morae'a
Indian Root  Pills
are just the right medietas for the
children. When they are constipated
—when their kidneys arc out of order
—when over-indulgence in eome
favorite food gives them indigestion
—Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills will
quickly and surely put them right.
Purely vegetable, they neither sicken,
weaken or gripe, like harsh purgat ives.
Guard your children's health by
always keeping a box ol Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills In the bouse, They ,,
Heap  tha  Children  Wall
Aik Any Man
Gladys— Mamma, when people gel
married am tliey made Into one?
Mamma—Yes. dear.
(lladys—Which one?
Mamma—Oh, Ihey find that out aft*
erward, darling.
Your Asthma, Too. The efficacy of
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Ilemmly Is
not something that Is merely to be
hoped for; It Is to be expected. It
never falls to bring relic., and In your
Individual case it will do tic same. So
universal has been lhe success of this
far-famed cure that every one afflicted
with Ihis disease, owes It to himself to
try lt.
The new cook came uut and did
very well her first nfternocu at Lone-
lyville. Afccr dinner she approach'
ed tho head of the house.
How early shall I get up In the
morning? she Inquired.
Well, said Mr. Subburbs. the first
train for the city leaves at 6.35. You
will have to get up as early as 6
o'clock lf you want to make that.
Mln.-rd'a Liniment Curei Burns, Etc-
W. N. U. 96?
Judge—Are you guilty or not guilty?.
Prisoner—Not guilty, your honor.
My counsel's words have entirely convinced nie of mv Innocence.
Greasy Ointments No Use—Mutt
Be Cured Tbrough the Blood
It Is not. a good thing for people
with a tendency to iiave pimples and
a blotchy complexion to smear themselves with greasy ointments. In fact
they couldn't do anything worse, because the grease clogs thc pores of the
skin, making the disease worse. When
there ls an irritating rash a soothing
boracic wash may help allay the pain
of Itching, but of course It doesn't cure
the trouble. Skin complaints arise
from an impure condition of the blood
and will persist until the blood ls purified. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
cured many cases of eczema nud skin
diseases hecauso they make new, rich
blood that drives out the Impurities,
clears ihe skin and Imparts a glow of
health. The following proof is offered. Mrs. l-'red Tremble, Gunter. Ont.,
says: "For more than a year I w,_s
steadily afflicted with salt rheum or
eczema. My hands were so sore that
1 could not put them In water without
the skin cracking open. I tried all
Boris of ointments recommended for
the trouble, but they did not do me a
particle of good. I was told Dr. Williams' l'lnk Pills would cure the
trouble, and began taking them. I
took the PIUs Btendlly for six or eight
weeks and thoy completely cured the
trouble This was several years ago
and I have never I.ceil bothered with
lt since."
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills nro sold by
all medicine dealers nr by mall at 60
cents a box or six boxes for ?2.60
from The Dr, Wllllr.ms' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Onr.
Suffragette Jealousy
A small girl,, one of a party from a
local girls' club, was playing her flrst
visit to the art gallery. After studying the Venue ln the entrance hall,
she turned to one of the women who
accompanied the party: 'Ave yer seen
that thore monlment? Eh? the suffragettes 'avo been at lt! The arms
are all knocked off.
"The   Kiddies   all   Like   It'
Sold by all Grocers
can slways make sura of getting tho highest prices (or WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car tote to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
-Dally Market Letter and Saropl* Grain Bags.
Bend us your nam* and addresa and we win
put you on our malllm. list—it's tree.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
oars.    Our Oar Tracing and Claim Departments worlc In our
clients* Interest* Ws hava every facility for prompt service and
wa get beat results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whose business has been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, 1160,000
References,    any    Bank    or
Commerols-l Agency.
Canada  Atlantic Grain  Co., Ltd..
Licensed—Bonded Established 1910
Is fully maintained fn the magnificent new (191.*-) one clnss cabin (H.i twin
screw sleattiera "Aiulanla" and "Alaunla.'*
Lounge. Gymnasium, Drawing-room,  Smoking-room,    Open    and    Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
from  Portland to Liverpool.    Ne.v  (1913)  S.S.  "Alaunla."      Carrying one
class cabin *<ll) and third class only.
Early application for reservations Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, Boston
and New York, apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD., 304 Main  Street, Winnipeg.
Hansen   Grain   Company
Licensed and Bonded Grain Commission Merchants,
Grain Exchange, WINNIPEG
A trial will convince you that we can servo you In the way you want and
obtain the very best results.    Liberal advances.   Prompt returns.
4 quarts of
W» ■uartnto* that your home will ilirivo better on 4 c,
oatswitliatablMpoontuloflNTER.NATiONAL Stock Ftxm'lhaii
Ot) 0 auarfcMN oatu Without it.     Also, in addition to Having feed,
that it will keep your horses deck, fat nnd full of energy and en.
durance «_. that they will do more work.
Wa guarantee that
jlllfotten, your Rof s, Cattleud Sheep InWdajiless lime ona _..„■_. grain-nod
that it will make your Milch-Cows eam from one lo lour quarts of milk a day
II purine, the blood, strengthens Ilie entire sy.lem, pr. vents many lorn,, of
diseaflcm all kinds of live stoek and only eoHt» vou 3 feed, for I cent
Wepositively guarantee resullsoryour purchase price will he promptly refundtd.
Fer sole by dealers even-where nr if i-enr denier can net
lU/ifly von, write HI t/iretl.
Toronto,        .        Oot.
Hit Wat the Better Hand
lie bad just returned frnm u trip tu
l.ii.opi-, und was telling Iii:; adventures.
Tlle mini in tlie liaclc seal hail listened ln alienee up to tills point, and
now Ills lips curled scornfully us he
'flint's nothing; I once played with
lour Mugs.
Ws.     Four kings and :m ace.
There may be other corn ti.res. but
Holloway's Corn Cure stands at the
head ot the list so far as results are
Putting It Clearly
Raslus, what's a alibi?
Ratitus—Proving yo- were al a
prayer raeetin' whar yoh wasn't In
order to show dat yoli wasn't .at de
crap game whar yoli was.
Duties taught right at your horns
by -neant of our NEW MAIL
COURSES, the n-cst complete evi r
published. We Invite yeu to write
for particular- and simple lessons
Shaw's Telegraph and Railroad
School, 2 Gerrard Street. Toronto,
Ont. W. H. SHAW, Pree.
Is your wlfo still awny from liomoT
My wife Is still nowhere.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Wife—Henry, you need it rest. Let
us go to Bongtong Springs.
Hub—Thai place! Wh It's only fit
for women and fools.
Wife—I knew It. Let's so there together.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Wutery Eye*
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murint Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Boohs Free by Mail,
*M Bye Teals tso-4 He AH Ipsa that Hem* Cars
Mur.ne  Eye  stained;  Co.,   ChiciaM THE~ SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
stated that the Grand Forks
post office had been moved
into the new federal buildins.
We still get our mail from the
old stand on First street.   It
!',5 \l" iin idvinMiV.'.'.:.:'..: :::.\\';*w is better to  print  something
>.,« Year, ln united states '•■"■■that is instructive or enter-
tddr... ... eo^roi.n.e.t.on.^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ Qg false
•Ho»i ru oba»dfo««s, b.o hoods as news.
si'Bsohiption sains ;
It is an old saying that if
you give a person rope enough
he will hang himself. This
appears to be the piesent predicament of the provincial
government. It has had too
much rope, and it is now beginning to feel the effects of
strangulation. Its method of
subsidizing its party organs
has brought an honorable profession into disrepute. The result is, all Tory papers in the
province are discredited. The
people read them and smile.
They know that their news
pages are e lited with a view of
reflecting credit on the administration, and that their
editorial praise is regulated
according to the patronage
which they receive. Instead
of making friends for the government, they are straining on
the rope which will strangle it
in the next provincial elections.
Newspaper writers iacking
a sufficient vocabulary to express their thoughts in English without resorting to slang
should spend the evenings at
home and study the dictionary.
Newspapers go into the homes
and form a large share of the
reading matter ofthe children,
. who should be kept way from
the flippant phrases of the
street until they have learned
to speak the king's English
correctly, and then they will
have no use lor the language
of the sporting world. Slang
is never nice. It is not hum
orous, although some people
think that it is.
What is news? A month
ago an item went the rounds
of the district press to the effect that steel on the Kettle
Valley line had b on laid tu
the summit between Midway
and Penticton. lhe steel has
not yet reached that point.
Last week some of the papers
The citizens of New York
have again clipped the claws
of the Tammany tiger. Tammany, in its most arrogant
sway, has never been as lavish
in squandering the taxpayers'
money as the British Columbia government. But the people o" this province have not
the courage to curb the government's generosity. Thre's
the difference.
The indications are that the
next provincial election will
be a battle between the taxpayers and the government
The Calgary Herald, no
doubt in the light of what has
occurred in the field of real
estate speculation, is busy
warning the whole world to
beware of investments in oil
"propositions" in the prov?
ince of Alberta. Our contemporary urges outside investors
to wait until the value of the
oil fields has been proven.
The advice of the Herald is
sound, and it is to be congratulated qn its frankness. Sufficient harm has been done
already in the money markets
by the conduet of a few "wildcatters."—Victoria Times.
There is no necessity for
going to Mexico to see a Mexican election. Under the Conservatives we find them coming very near home, so near,
in fact* that the ruling clique
who have seized the emblems
of authority at the capital pick
out candidates from the de-
Eartmental offices for the road
osses    to    elect,—Victoria
Ulster is to have a provincial government. The only one
we remember in Canada was
organized by Louis Biel, and
everybody knows what hap-
paned to him.—Vancouver
Rim11 Phe Sun  anil  keep   [nisteri
on curr -nt -v, n ■
Sample Books
Mclntyre ®, Smith msun office
Your Watch Beats
Its tiny balance makes 18,000
vibrations an hour. Day and night,
year in and year out, this creditable gait it must keep up at almostl
unvarying speed. But no watch
made can do this without regular
care. Expert watchmakers say once
every 12 or IS months.
Equally important it is that a
specialist does the work. An inexperienced or incompetent workman 1
can do more harm in a few min
utes—often unwittingly—than anl
expert can undo in hours nf patient
My "fix it right" department
for the repairing and regulating of
fine watehes and clocks is in the!
hands of competent men whose
knowledge of this business enables
me to guarantee their work.
Let me demonstrate our ability!
in this department by regulating or
repairing that clonk or fine watch
of yours I will send for it., put it
in order, regulate it anil return it
promptly for a very moderate charge
a. d. morrison!
There are no   vacant houses  in
Midway at present.
Hunters are  plentiful in   Grand
Forks, but venison is still dear.
The total receipts of the (ireenwood fair this fall we.e a little over
•$S300. More than $900 of this
amount was gate receipts.
The Oreenwnod Fall Fair association has elected the following offi--
oers: Honorary president, Hon.
Price Ellison; honorary vice-presidents, J. It. Jackson, M.P.P., Col.
Glossop and O. Lachmund; president, Ted McArthur; vice-president,
G. A Rendell; seoretary-treasurer,
P. H. McCurrach; directors, J. L.
White, K. C. B Fjith, Dr. McLean,
A. Sater, B. Logan.W. G Kennedy,
W. Togan. W, .lenke was elected
delegate to the convention.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
The Christ ehureh branch nf the
W A. will give n bazaar on the 19th
and iOth of November.
If yon are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
joh office. We guarantee satisfaction, and nre prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
nn hand.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beit, <fautton, Veai
and Young Pork
'   J.
Fresh Fish Daily"
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums C& Co. Limited
R Jjc^m-'c  New Disc Phonographs
liaison s Jurt Receivea "J:
Visit our store and hear this wonderful machine.
The reproduction is superior to any other on the
Woodland CS, Quinn
Edison Dealers
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Burn. 8 O'Ray, Prop..
Phone 68 Second Street
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
All Kmds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Store
Grand Forks Transfer
Sol* Atfuu for
Gait Goal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnis, Proprietor!
iondon Directory
(Published Annually)
KnaMet traderi throughout the world to
communicate direct with Engliih
In eaeh clan of roods. Resides being a complete commercial guide to London and Itt
•u burin, tbe directory oontalus lUte of
with the (ioods they *htp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
Arranged nnder the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings:
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, eto., hi
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom-
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for $5.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean advertlve
their trade cards for $S, orlarger advertise-
mcuiift-om $15.
25. Ahchun-h Land. London,  F..C
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They!
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood nnd will
stand tbe roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good
No need having piles any longer]
No need of suffering another dayi
Steam's Pile Remedy (complete with
tuhe) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remedy ls a combination ot the
lately discovered, hlgh-jirlced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful cura-
tive principles, m.tl IT 8TOP8 THB
So sure are we that Steam s File
Remedy will benefit you that we will
not satisfied.
This ls the only pile remedy that
we can guarantc* end we know you
will thank us for lellln*? you about It
We have the exclusive agency.
WOODLAND it i|l ,vv
Don't fori*!*! tlmt Tin- Sn mis th»'
be-' :.ili I'rinlltiK ilfpii! ii ill ill,'
Kim', hiry rninitry
Tin* Sim only oof's %\
prinifl! all Iln* news,
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts, Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Adopt the use of Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money makers (or others.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, as Ihey enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can And his requirements.
Will he find your business
represented? IT?
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Returns up to tonight indicate that
tbe Morris government bas been
sustained in Newfoundland. Incomplete figures for nineteen seats give
thirteen for tbe government and six
for tbe Bond party.
Tbe thirty Hindus who are await
ing deportation at Victoria on the'
next outgoing Japanese steamer* are
going to emulate Thaw in invoking
tbe magna charts remedy of habeas
corpus in an attempt to get into
Tbe striking coal miners of Van
couver island app-al to the government for the appointment of a
board of arbitration.
A shortage of food and fuel, with
its accompanying privations, for the
poorer classes, is commencing to be
felt throughout New Zealand as a
result of a general strike of coal
miners and dockers.
Repree *i tatives of the Lumbermen's association and officials of the
forestry department consider proposals for a new lumber royally scale
at Victoria.
Made Like a
The Arcadian Malleable Non-Breakable Range is not made of cheap coke
steel, Sit of the belt Charcoal Iron Platei, and iti curing! are not made ol
common gray iron, but ol the Highest Quality of flallcable Iron.
Malleable Iron ia the ideal material for a practical, durable and economical
range. Owing to iu cloie, deme and ("impact texture, it ia better fitted to
resist the strain of heating and cooling. It possesses great strength.
Charcoal Iron, of which the beit and largeit iteam boilers are made, in
order that they may endure the greatest strain, Is what is used for the body oi
the Arcadian Range. This charcoal iron has a density and fineness oi grain
which gives it great power oi resistance against rust and equalization, making
it practically Indestructible.
A pure aibeitoi mill-board ii used to line the flues and other parti ol the
range. It ii held between a sheet of charcoal iron and the charcoal iron body.
All joints ofthe Arcadian Range are riveted io closely and solidly and
witb mch skill that they are ai tight as a locomotive baler and will never
open tram expansion er contraction.
The Standard Oil trust wants a
charter to build a railway into
W. W. Foster, demit v minister of
public works in British Columbia,
will resign his position and will contest the Islands constituency as the
government candidate. Tbe official
announcement of tbis is expected aa
soon as Premier McBride returns
from Ottawa.
Ottawa papers today published
contradictory reports as to the condition of Premier Borden's health.
It is reported io Vancouver tbat
New York capital has been secured
for tha completion of the Portland
Canal ifc Northeastern railway.
Women in Mexico are deserting
tbeir homes to take part in tbe fight
against tbe rule of Huerta.
The leader of tbe Salvation Army
jb welcomed to Toronto hy the
mayor and hundreds of citizens.
White slavery was given aa one of
the causes of militancy by Mrs
Emmeline Pankhurst at Chicago.
at Ihe first sitting of the   Dominion
exchequer court.
The Canadian Pacific railway
train No. 4. the Toronto express,
rain foul of a switch in tbe yard at
Moose Jaw, when running into the
city on time this morning. One
girl wss killed, and many of the
passengers were injured.
President Huerta bas been notified by tbe Washington government
that be must resign tbe presidency
of Mexico without loss of time, aod
tbat be must not leave as his successor General Blanquet, tbe minister
of war, or any other member of bis
official family, or of tbe unofficial
coterie wbom he might be expected
to control. ,
Ulster plane guerilla warfare and
will drive away the Catholics.
Austrian capitals propose to purchase ten thousand acres of land
and establish a colony on the Skeena
river. •
Judge Cassels is now on his way
from Ottawa to Vancouver. He will
try tbe case against Judga  Clemeut
New York City clips Tammany's
claws. The fusion forces carry the
city by an overwhelming majority
Ex-Qovemor Sulzer is elected for
the state assembly. Boston goes
Tbe Mexican situation was the
subject of widespread comment in
Washington today, hut the day'* developments in official quarters added little of a definite or tangible
character concerning ' tbe exact
status of affairs.
Three hundred followers of Sun
Yat Sen are excluded from the
Chinese parliament by tbe president
Lord Chancellor Haldane, speak
ing last night at University college
London, upon "Legal and Political
Unity of the Empire," made some
interesting remarks upon the establishment of a judicial committee of
the privy council as a movable im
perial court.
The refusal of thirty members of
tbe police force in Indianapolis
to ride with strike breakers caused
tbe fourth day of the street car
strike to pass without a service.
With us is when a customer is dissatisfied. We
make it a point never to have a "Sore Spot." When
anyone buys goods which we recommend, and they
don't give satisfaction, we always replace them.
That is the right, is it not?
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
PNeW nameSS harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.  Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
A band of 55 Filipinos, brought
to Belgium for exhibition purposes,
a.ie starving to death in that country
Tbe forest revenue in British Co
lumbia this year will be in the
neighborhood .if #3,000,000.
The rout nf Tiiuimany in Tuesday's New York election was com
plete, nearly every office being cap
tured by the opponents. Twenty,
three assembly men who voted to
impeach ex Governor Sulzer are de.
feated, ami Vaininiiny loses control
of the assembly.
The insane King Otto of Bivaria
was deponed today from the throne,
and Prince Id-gent l.udwig proclaimed himsell king
Dominion Trades and Labor con
gress officials petition the minister
of justice fnr clemency for the riot-
ing Nanaimo strikers.
The Hudson's Bay company con
templates issuing two hundred
thousand shares of preferred stock
for tbe construction of new stores.'
The eyes and brains of tbe busy
man, no matter what kind of work
be follows, become weary and need
rest, just tbe same as any other part
of tbe human body. Nothing has
been found in the wide world tbat
will give weary eyes and a tired
brain more immediate rest tban a
few moments' gazing on  a pretty
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our ''large sales, small
profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancy" Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear  Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes Hosiery and
Shirts     Boots  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
bed of bright colored flowers. The
contrast jb so great from that whicb
has occupied the organs until they
were well nigh exhausted, and the
effect is simply marvelous.
Flowers in the home divert tbe
mind and rest tbe weary eyes of the
housewife and mother.
A bouquet in tbe sickroom aids
in keeping the mind off the disease,
and often starts the brain on ii new
channel of thought lhat puts the patient on the road to recovery.
Flowers in the office, or on the
deBk of the weary clerk or stenogra
pber. will produce such » telling effect that hy actual comparison more
work is accomplished by those
wbose eyes and brains are rested by
he pr nence of tho«e gifts from nature.
Artists visit the parks and gardens to study the flowers, and their
orbs are wonderfully toned up by
the refreshing glimpses of the colors
of nature, and no artist has ever
heen successful who does nnt study |
colors in the beautiful flowers.
Il will |ny any student, or **iny-
'ine deeply entcri'SHed in thought
alone nny piirlicuhr line which is
apt lo in-ike the brain weary, lo
have a vase of bright flowers oh
the desk.
If  you   nre in  wrong with your,
best girl, senrl her a box nf our ex
tra choice Carnations, and note   results.
Choicest blooms for every message
that flowers can convey, at Frache
Bros., Florists.    Phone R20.
Money is Tight
But there is no need of
you getting "tight" if you
The pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
bottled by the
"ISe busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a nome, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust &. Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is right tht
il much and bowels are right.
i-.v;»!j but firmly com-
p ■• r \-yiy l.vrr to
d. Itl duty
Cures Con-
Headache, and Diitrest after Eatlnge
Small Pill, Smsll Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
T,..»y,.«"..to..,»•».. ply- ltec..N.eiii.n,-flollli«..l««
,-| Ln, wo Cl-i«.l~ii. ToWIU, nml fulfil-, t, mlllraifl I*.',
-, Vl., _«. 515 udy-i SOLID COLD WATCH,
i'ji-jlUh Gfl.-rwHi-Ilt Ilitinpell, fully Js-v.ll.il. ss a .-Kl-I-
UW.  (Silver Wat-'ie.a"; pres-nl-ilto <.|»'<0
Simd your _».tr..upt on a -heel of papfir,
lo.eth-i- mt*. .tommd ad,lre«.«cl env.Ioi-o
lor -t,o!y lo FELLOWS & CO., 10. Gnuvenor
n-iililin-:.. Steclhouio Lane, Birmintham.
F.oilond. Tho winner i. require-, lo porohjue
n Chain fr nm u. lo wear wilh watch. I he
name of lai. paper must ba menlionea, TOM"
\,, inneri of laflt competition were I
Mrs. A. Gay. Amherst, Nova Scotia, Can.
Mrs.   A.      Fowlow,  Trinity  East,  Nfld.
lan. Co, haverstockRd.Hampstead, London, Eno.
Something   better  than  linen  end  no
laundry bills.      Wash It with soap and
Wnter,     All stores or direct. State style
nnd size.      For 25c.  we will mall you.
68 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Mas. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
■led for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
is the best remedy lor D1ARKHU. A. It Is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask Ior "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Symp," and Uke BOO-tet
kind.  Twenty-live cents a bottle,
WANTED at once
Persons to work lor us
In spare tlms tt home. Mo experience
require! with our NEW ART COLOR*
INQ PROCESS Easy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Writs
for Instruotlons /free),
115 College Street.        Toronto, Canada.
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel
Piano Action
coiiKC-nlal needlework at home; make
from three to five dollars per day decor-
stlng cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Ill-lit.  B-, Uredalbane Block, Winnipeg.
Swedcnhorg's great work on Heaven anil Hell
and thc life after death. 40Q|,aKefl,only2_ice_its
po-tpaid,      H.U».4MIs__HAw.,T«rMle,0sl.
Every Advertiser Knows Thlt
She—Doesn't   It  take all  you  ran
tnalte to pay  tor Jour big advertising!
He—By no means; but lt would
lake more than I could moke to pay
for less.
Photographer — Now, then Mr.
I'roBner. lf you p' -asc, look pleasant
for a moment. That's it. A moAient
longer—there! You may now resume
your natural expression.
Me. s -oit or tlx boxes for $2.SO,
at all dealera, or The Dodds Medicine Compcr.y, Mr I ted,    Toronto,
Wild Oatt
Last summer a Connecticut farmer
was approached by a tramp, who asked for something to eat and a nlgnt'a
lodging. It was pretty well towards
evening and the work was all done,
so the farmer gave the tramp bis
supper and sent Mm to the barn to
sleep, agreeing that he was to call
him the next morning in time to work
out his keep.
About half-past tl.ee in the morning the farmer routed out the tramp.
What's all this, boss? said tbe tramp,
rubbing his eyes.
Time to get up and work
What doing?
We're going to reap.
Reap what?
Are they wild oats, boss?
No, of course not.     Why?
Well, if they ain't wild onLs, why
do you have to sneak up ou 'em like
this in the dark?
Cheapest of Oils Considering the
curative qualities ot Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc OU It is the cheapest of all
preparations offered to Uie public. It
ls to be found in every drug store in
Canada from coast to coast and all
country merchants keep it for sale. So,
being eaBily procurable and extremely
moderate in price, no one should be
without a bottle ot It.
Most Any Time
A country road, trees, sky, summer
homes, a lake in the distance. A
steam railway line crosses the road
at right angles.
Enter up the road, an automobile,
well loaded and running at high
Enter at Ihe tar right nn express
Both automobile and .rain are rushing toward the crossing.
Owner of automobile to chauffeur:
Can you make it?
The chauffeur, speeding up: Sure I
can make it!
Dead heat! * -? !! !! •*?*!?????
Wat Never Able to   Obtain    Lasting
Benefit Until    Dr.   Chase's   Nerve
Food Was Used.
Too manj- girls grow, up with weak,
anaemic bodies and exhausted nervous
systems. Indoci lite and too much
application in s-hool are sometimes
the cause.
The blood needs enriching and the
nerves nsed strengthening by such
treatment as Dr. ChaBC's Nerve Pood.
This food cut-3 la doing wonders for
many thousands ot girls whose parents had almost despalr.d of their
ever developing into strong, healthy
Mrs. J. Bagnall, 395 Woodvi'.le avenue, Toroito, writes: "My daughter
suffered from nervousness since child-
lioo-i, and any medicines she tried did
hot do any lasting rood. We read in
the papers about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Pood, and uy daughter used it with
wonderful results. This treatment
has built up '.ier system and so
strengthened the uerves that -she feels
like another girl."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood. 50 cents a
box, 6 for $2-60, all deUers, or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Bearing Out the Adage
What'B the best thing you ever saw
that bore out tlie old adage that cleanliness ls next to godliness?
Lemme see. Oh, yes. Back In
the town where 1 came fro-m the Salvation Army barracks was next door
to the Chinese Laundry.
I aee now why It takes you so long
to shave. 1 have been watching yon,
You make a lot of hideous faces at
yourself while doing It, and every
face, of course, requires a separate
shave.       ^^
**i_..»S.     ■ -n-amwm
Minard't Llnlmer. Curea Dai.drufT.
W. N. U, 909
Hla Last Request
Not a sound could be heard in the
court-room. The prisoner had just
been .condemned to death.
You have a ri{(ht to expres: a last
wish, said the judge, and if it Is possible it will be granted.
The prisoner, who was a barber,
gr.ve the judge an appealing look as
he replied:
I should like just once more, to be
allowed* to shav. the district attorney.
Only the Half
Maiden Aunt—Venice at last! One-
half of the dream-ot my youth ls now
Niece—Why only half, auntie?
Aunt (sighing)—! contemplated going to Venice on my welding tour.
A small boy saw some young puppies at the dog dealers.
Oh, Mr. Brown, he asked the man,
how much do you want for those
They're $3 apiece, Master Beverly.
Oh, but I don't want a piece, 1
want a whole dog.
A Kitchener Story
Lord Kitchener thinks that ina_-
rlage means the end of a soldier's career; in fact,, n soldier should be wedded to his profession. Some time
nso a very well known lady to whom
he had expounded this view retorted
by asking lilm a question.
If the officers of the army today
are not to marry, said she where are
you to lind the officers for tiie army
And Lord Kitchener, remembering
that officers are usually the sons of
officers was silenced.
jn Burma
Yeast Cakes
be careful to
11 ^
In the Country
, This Ib juat like grass, ain't It?
It is grass, you silly!
No it ain't 'cos you don't havo to
keep off it,
Minard't Liniment for talc everywhere
A well-known Scotch professor was
occasionally called up to Balmoral to
attend the late Queen Victoria, and
was extremely proud ot the honor.
One day a notice appeared In the university which stated   that   Prof.	
could not attend bis classes that day
as he had been called up to Balmoral to see the queen. A waggish student, who saw the notice wrote underneath It: God save the Queen.
Information Wanted
Mrs. Benham—I wish you would tell
me one thing.
Benham—What Is lt?
Mrs. Benham—What happens with
one of these lock qanals wben they
can't find the lceyt
Sweet and palatable, Mother Giavte'
Worm Exterminator Ib acceptable to
children, and it does Its work surely
and promptly.
This, remarked Mr. Calne, Is my
photograph with my two French
poodles.     You recognize me, eh?
I think so, said Miss Softie. Yon
are the ono wlLU the hat on. are jiju
A man of letters who visited Washington recently appeared at but ono
dinner party during his stay. Then
he Bat next io the daughter of a noted
naval officer. Her vocabulary li of
a kind pectillur lo very young girls,
but she rattled away at the famous
man without a moment's respite. It
was during a pause In the general
conversation thut she said to him.
I'm awfully Bttick .on Shakespeare.
Don't you think he's too terribly interesting?
Everybody listened to hear the
great man's brilliant reply, for as a
Shakespearian scholar he has few-
Yes, he Bald, solemnly. 1 do think
he Is Interesting. I think he Is more
than that. I think Shakespeare ls
just simply too cute for anything.
Judd Ward—Bill Purdy's dog bit
Lew six times.
Oene Woods—Lew's dog has a license, you know.
Judd Ward—But I don't think the
lhensc allow blm to bite a man
more than once.
And Got a Sharp Look
I asked my husband tor some pin
money this morning.
What did ho say? !
He asked me how mucb nius were I
a packet ,
Convincing to Ladies-
This Oven Test!
So that you may use less flour, we
do what a home cook would do if she
were in our place.
From every shipment of wheat
delivered at our mills we take a ten
pound sample.   We grind this into
aaagmm m ajagm AM* * flour.   Bread is baked from the flour.
P| lPITw      Wc f'na< ^at some samples make
•   ******* »^1 ******** xxxovt bread and better bread than
*\ others.  So we keep the shipment from
V which the more and better bread
\       comes.   The others we sell.
^x       You save money by using jQo.ju;
\that bears this name.   And yyr get
better bread. /
".More BreacNand BettefyBTread" and
Concrete is the best
i building material
ABROAD •.element—Yd literally Hue. The *m oi nan from tb*
beginnbg hu been to make hit btuldrnj matenali at neatly like natural ttone at possible. Thepeatlabor requited to quany tloae led
him to teek variom minufactuted tubttitutet. The only tenon ho ev«
uied wood wat lhat it wu eaiiett to get and mott convenient to um.
Wood it no longer eaty to get. Like mott building material, iti cort it *%-
creasing at an alarming rate. . ..
The cost of concrete it decreeing.   So. from the ttandpemt of either tsf
vice or economy, Concrete it the betl building matenal.
Canada't farmert are wing mote concrete, in proportion to thai numbw,
than the farmert of any other country-   Why )
Became they are bung tuppKed with
Canada Cement —
• cement ol tke Uahe* possible quality, wklek sm.
•urea the euceeM el iheifeoacreto wert. '
The secret ol concrete's popularity ia Caaada Bee m
the fact that while we have been edvottieiu the use
ol concrete, we have alee beea pndudaa, by eeie*.
lific method*, a cement a* u__-.ora.ly hi* ia quality
that the concrete made with it glvae tho complete
eetUfaction our ailveitiaemeata premise*.
Concrete wouU sat have beea la ouchi anivenal um
today, had en inferior grade el cement been eupplied.
laml upon getting Canada Cemaat It ia year beat
emumnee ol thoreughhr eetufaetery retake (rem
your concrete work. Then ie a Caaada Came*
dealer in your neighborhood.
Without thle label it ie
anl "Canada" Cement.
Writef*r**rFret i6o-fi*f,boob "Wh*t TbtFtntur Cam Bt SNib Catttrtli*
—Nifsra " "
farmer eaa afford tibt mithtul a ett).
Canada Cement Compawr Limited
Jhe Editor of the Publication Explains His Position.
Pointa Out That Swindling Advertise*
mente Never Appear In His Paper Ns
Matter What ths Inducement-'-
Deetnt Aepire to Be "Dictator."
CCoryrliht, ini, bv Aaaoelatea* Literary
WD have often bcen asked
why we started the publication of the Kicker, anl
we have bad but one answer to give—for our health's sake.
We return_tbe same answer wben ask-
od wby we continue Its publication.
We bave never been out for tbs
money nnd never sball be. From our
childhood up to date we bave always
had a fatherly Interest In tbe public,
and tbat feeling bas grown wltb tbe
passing of yeara. As an editor we can
protect tbe public far more than we
could If owning nud running a sawmill.
No swindling advertisements bave
ever sppeared In the Kicker, and
■one ever will. Wo personally own
■even mountains, 40,000 acres of desert
land and thirty-nlno caverns and
could swindle all New Englnnd, but we
bave steadfastly refused to unload on
a confiding public. They trust us and
arc never deceived.
Not only ns innyor. but ns editor
of lhe Kicker-! (circulation almost
8,000.000,000 weekly), we aim to keep
* fnlherly eye on Glveadam Gulch Itself. About onco every two months
we mnke n lour of tbe town and a gen-
ernl cleaning up of things tbat
ebouldn't be.
We do this from goodness of beart
alone nnd not because wo aspire to bs
I dictator. We don't wnnt to be pointed out ns (lie big "It" We haven't tbo
slightest idea that we own the town
or that things have got to go ns we
decree. Tbose who charge ns otherwise do ns a great Injustice.
At au early bour last Wednesday
mornlug we buckled on our gnus nnd
went bunting for an Individual named
Idnho Sam. He nrrlyed here four weeks
•go nnd announced that he wns n holy
terror, and he bas since made a nuisance of himself. We found him nfter
balf an hour's search and tendered blm
his choice between hitting tbe trail and
hanging. Fie started to argue the mat
ter, but we got tbe drop on blm and
as a result the midday sun sbone down
en blm as he rested on tbe far side of
Wolf creek.
Our next visit of state wns paid to
Mr. C. I. Flint, attorney nt law. Mr.
■ Flint Is of that clnss called shysters.
Ho was disbarred In Chicago and came
ont bere to make n fresh stnrt. Ilia
doings have been unsavory, ami ho ban
neglected to take advantage of llttlo
hints thrown out by ns from time to
time. When we called nnd nnnounced
to blm tbat he must pull his freight bo
grabbed fur a shotgun tn tho cornel
of his office, but soon thought better of
It nnd agreed to change climates. Ho
went that nlgbt. In bis new locatlor
we wish lilm well.
Three months ago.Dr. Barnes hung
out his sign on Apache avenue. Be
fore ho hud lieen a week In practice
we learned that he knew nothing about
medicine except wbat he learned In n
sawmill. We decided to give lilm a
chnnce, however. Out ln llils country
wo feel thnt evory man Is entitled to
at least one fair show. Dr. Barnes
hnd made a botcb ot It at sotting broken limbs nnd diagnosing cases, and
It wns tlmo fur blm lo move on. Wo
slated tho case gently but llrinly. nnd
he replied that bo bad been expecting
It aud was glad to go.
When Mr. John Taylor arrived In
Glveadam gulch six weeks ago bt
gave out that he was looking for a
place to establish an orphan nsylnm
Ua was offered sites on tbe mountains
and on the plains, but bo seemed to
lose Interest. It soon developed tbat
ho was simply a good tiatured sort ol
deadboat Thero has been no particular harm In him, but ns bo was breathing ozone rightfully belonging to some
one else, he wns asked to move on
Ho moved. There wcro tears In bit
"eyes ns he went, and his Inst wordt
were Ibat this was a cold old world.
Before we hnif visited Lawyer .Mm
Whcelan tn bla olliee to hold a Hills
talk word came to lis Hint lit* had a
giin and Intended lo shoot on sight.
Mr. Wlitiehm Is another shyster, lit
enme here from Milwaukee In escape
helm! sent to state prison, but lhe
change of climate didn't bring reform
Willi It. On several different on-nslimt
We huve had In refer In lilm In III*
#£,_•'__,. uw „ lltii' and n scoundrel, mul
tbe relations between us nave oeeu
■omewhat strained.
When we entered Ur. Wheelan's office the otber day be wu ready te debate tbe question. We found onrsell
looking into tbe muzzle ot a large and
liberal revolver. As a matter ot tact,
he pulled trigger on ns, and it tbe
cartridge hadn't failed to explode thlt
Issue of the Kicker would have contained the obituary. Ihe failure ol
the cartridge gave nt onr chance, and
within four hours Ur. Wheelan andjils
law' library and hit little ways tnw
ent et eight down the Panther creek
trail. Other towns may greet him
with open arms, but tbere waa something lacking between him and the
Many and many a time In the last ala
months have we warned Dr. Henry
Uason that be sbonld have stuck to
iheep herding tnd left the practice ot
medicine alone. When we came to
learn tbat he couldn't tell quinine from
morphine we talked to him like a
brother and offered to pay his fare to
Florence, but he waa a man wbo would
dwell on tbe raised edeea of fate He
Deneved in destiny, and be believed
destiny meant blm to lead tbe medical
profession. He argued lt out so clearly
tbat we abut up.
A week ago Dr. Uason killed off hli
third patient. It was only a Chinaman,
but out bere we are even coming to
look upon tbe Celestial as a human
being. The public didn't actually rise
up and demand tbat tbe doctor go or
hang, but we ratber put It tbnt way
when we called. He wasn't a mlmlto
ln saylng.that be would go. He bad a
good offer to go back to his herding
and so mucb Latin and medicine together made his bead ache. He retire*
with honors. Ho could bave killed a
dozen patients during bis practice, but
he has been content with three.
For a few minutes after we atruck
the (rail of ,1oe Canlff It looked as If
somo one would be planted before
sundown. Joseph came here from
Santa Fe a few weeks ngo with an
object ln view. Tbnt object, ns stated by
blmself, was "to raise blazes." He hae
accomplished It pretty thoroughly. He
has had two shooting scrapes and tbree
or four barroom rows. A few daya
ago tbe vigilance committee sat on
bts case, and It was resol.cd that he
must go.
Joseph was tbe last one on our list
We hunted btm ont ln n pool room and
assumed a brotherly smile It didn't
go. Then we tried tbe fatherly dodge.
It didn't work. Joseph wns fly. He
had two guns, nnd It was Just his bour
for shooting. There wns somo little
discussion, and then be started to
draw. We beat him by the fraction
of a second, and, as ho afterward said,
he ought to have had sense enough to
Hence Ho Waa Pleaaed to Have His
Judgment Confirmed.
'A Kansas man, wbo bad played tht
role of the henpecked husband tor a
number of yeara, one day met an agent
-wbo waa selling a book. The book
agent dilated at length on tbe beauty
and literary merit ot tbe book, bnt the
Kansas man told him he wasn't prepared to buy. "But," he eald, "tbere
la a woman who lives tn tbe house
next to the corner In tbe next block
wbo I'm satisfied wants that book
and wants it bad."
The agent hastened to the bouse and
managed somebow to get Inside the
door. In about a minute be came out
on the run nnd in a wild Jump from
tbe porch missed all the front steps
and lit on the sidewalk running. The
hen pecked husband had been an interested spectator from the outside.
When he saw the Kansas man, tbe
agent stopped and with some heat said:
"Say, tbat woman you recommended
me to ls tbe worst wildcat I ever saw."
"Sure about tbat, are yon!" said tbe
Kansas man.
"Sure? Well I sbould say I am sure,"
aaid the agent as he rubbed the place
on his head tbat had been bit with the
"Sort of glad to bear you say so, said
tbe Kansas man. "After twenty-five
years' experience wltb her I'd about
come to that conclusion myself, but I
didn't want to be hasty about formln'
an opinion till I had tbe Judgment of
some unprejudiced wltness."-Kansas
City Journal.
pnt bunds up. Ho didn't, however, and
we bnd to bore a bullet Into his shoulder. All things considered, he got off
easy. Uo Is now In Ihe hospital, but
after a few days will set off with s
now sang In his heart and look for a
town wboro a man ot his caliber Is ap
predated, t-oouer or Inter ho will bs
lynched, but thcu he will hnro lots ot
fun whllo ho docs live. We regard
the towu now as In a healthy socinl
condition and should not bu a bit surprised to seo a boom set In and real
•state Jump 35 per cent
No ono cxnctly knows where the In.
dividual calling himself Judgo Williams bailed from. He gavo ont tbat
he wns here In aee abont establishing
waterworks, but wns soon n hanger
on for free drinks nnd wns always
rrantlng to borrow a dollar. Ills Attitude nnd occupation appeared against
lhe best Interests of Arizona, and we
therefore, gave lilm a hint to move on.
lie snld he would sadly miss the homelike surroundings of the Uulcb, bui
ho vanished.
Ordeale Nativee of India Will Face to
Be Cleansed.
It Is astonishing tbe belief natives In
southern India bave In tbelr "caste"
and wbat they will do to regain lt lt
lost A certain day ln the year Is set
aside for the ceremony of regaining
An lnclosure a unit twenty feet square
is fenced off, and In this logs of wood
are burnt, tbe ashes of which are kept
red bot by continual fanning.
Those going through tho ceremony
have to wasb themselves In the river
about a mile away; tben, wltb strings
of flowers hnnglng round their necks,
tbey run to the lnclosure. By the time
tbey reach It tbo red bot asbes bave
been raked all over tbe floor and the
Idol of whatever caste they belong to
has beeu placed on a platform at one
In rusb the "cnstcless," barefooted,
without tbe slightest hesitation, and
dance round nnd ronnd on the red hot
ashes until they drop from exhaustion
and are dragged out by their friends.
Before going through tbls painful ceremony of regaining "caste" a mnn la
first supposed to fust for at least three
days.—Pearson's Weekly.
The Hanging Judge.
iVhen Lord N'orbury. "the hanging
Judge," as be was called In Ireland,
was sentencing a man to death for
stealing n watcb bc said:
"My good fellow, you mode a grasp
at time and caught eternity."
Nothing seemed to please Lord Nor.
bury more tban tbo continual uproar In
court created by his puns.
"What Is your occupation, my honest
man?" he asked a witness.
"Please, your lordship, I keep a
racket court."
"So do 1," said the Judge.
When Lord N'orbury was being burled the grave was so deep that tbs
ropes by which tbe undertaker wns letting down tbe coffin didn't rcacb to the
bottom. The coffin was left banging
midway while somebody went for new
"Aye," cried one In the crowd, "give
blm rope enough; don't stint blm. He
was tbe boy tbat never grudged ropo to
a poor body."
Means Plenty ol Chicken.
Miss snutvlhikv - Doea >o' lielluta In
wishbones. .Mr. -laekson-W'y, It's a
sign nli oxcepflnim! lurk lo linn a fresb
mie Hi yniiali piii-ket every ilny or Iwo.
- I'lli'lt,
Remarkable Doge.
A German cobbler and bis wife bad
two dogs, a St. Bernard six months old
and n fox torrlcr tbree yeara old., A
friend calling one dny said to the cobbler, "Tbose ore two fine dogs yon
"Yes," replied (he cobbler, "und do
funny part of It Is dat de biggest deg
Is de littlest one,"
His wife tben spuke z*} and explained:
• "Vou must uilno busband cgscuse.
Hu sbpe.iks not very good Knglish. He
means the oldest dog ls de youngest
one."-Chlcngo Record-Herald.
Fielding's Turning Point.
England's censorship of the drama
caused Fielding to turn from play-
writing to novel writing. Fielding
began his literary career as a dramatist, nnd by his political satires brought
nbout tbe. establishment of tho censorship In 11:7, the hill being Introduced
by Wnlpoie. one of Fielding's victims.
Wltb piny writing thus barred to blm,
bc turned his attention to tbs novel.
Cutting It Short.
Tourist (exasperated at not being
able to git n satisfactory answer) -
llnt bang It all, mnn, you surely must
know bow fnr It la to the station. Is It
three miles? Road Mender-N-no. vi.;
' It ain't so far aa tnat-uot II you urry.
English Missionary Tells of Peoplt
Among Whom He Worked.
A great work is being done far up
on the northeast shores of Hudson
Bay in converting the wandering Indians and Eskimos who inhabit lhat
desolate region to Christianity. A devoted little band of three or foul
Christian pioneers is stationed there,
and a member of that "Arctic mis-
sion," who is in England ior a short
"leave," gave some of his experiences
ol the country and people.
"I am stationed at a tiny settlemenT
on Great Whale River," Baid the Rev
W. G. Walton, "and the 'town' consists oi two houses and a 'store.' I
live at one oi the houses with a Hud
son Bay trader. We get two mails a
year out there, but the newspaper!
only visit us once, so that you can
imagine our expectation when newspaper day comes round. At the end
oi August every year a ship calls, and
we have to be very careful to remember to order everything we want, because il we forgot anything we should
have lo wait another year. The Eskimos never wash themselves.
"I have often seen an Eskimo wo
man washing her young children like
a cat does a kitten—by licking them
all over. Their only means of livelihood lies in catching seals. They are
always on the lookout for seal holes
in the ice. They eat the blubber,
that is, the fat of the seal, and clothe
themselves or at any rate make theii
trousers out oi sealskin. It is very
cold—15 degrees below zero as a rule—
and we Europeans have to keep roaring tires going in every room of oui
"The people don't live in villages,
but separately in families, so as tc
have as wide a field for hunting at
possible. They are a very revengeful
people. A short while ago an Eskimo
was out hunting, and saw a black dot
in the distance on the ice. On ap
proaching he made certain that it was
a seal just protruding from a seal hole
He iired and hit it, but when lie got
up to it he found that he had accidentally shot a man. He called on
the widow, said how sorry lie was.
and, promising lo help the woman,
asked for forgiveness. The son of tht
dead man entered, and. when he
heard, rushed off and killed all thf
unfortunate hunter's family in revenge. In retaliation the hunter killed all the dead man's family, and so
the ieud began. When we were informed of this and came to investigate
we found that tliere was only one man
surviving out of two families oi about
seventeen persons. We could do nothing but lecture the survivor.
"Thoy were terribly lawless until
we came, and even now when in the
grip of starvation commit the most
awful deeds. Lately a mother, ravaged terribly by hunger, went to the
length of eating her two children.
Another killed his wife and lived on
her, and when she had been eaten
up tried to murder three other men's
children. Luckily he was prevented.
There are no native laws. They don't
steal, but think nothing of murder.
When they are 'put out-,' as the saying goes, they must take a life. They
don't mind whom they kill when tliey
are angry as long as they kill someone. There is no sort of punishment
for the crime. They are very fond ol
singing, and their favorite or only
game is connected therewith. A piece
of seal bone, with a little hole in it,
is suspended Irom the 'roof.' They
all sit round the 'room,' and each
tries to throw an arrow into the hole.
He who succeeds h*s to sing a song,
but he who sings most songs wins the
game. They get enormously enthusiastic over this pastime. They have
large families, and the race would increase tremendously were it not fur
accidents and murders. They are,
Jiowever, very impressed by the Christian creed, and we are gradually get
ting them to change their ways."
Tekahlonwake'e Aehes.
Where the twining roadway
branches into two at Ferguson's Point,
in Stanley Park, Vancouver, and near
the Siwa'sh rock of which she sans,
the ashes of the late Miss E. Pgpline
Johnson, Canada's Indian poetess,
were laid to rest, in the place of her
own choosing. The burial wus private, and only the late Miss Johnson's closest friend! were Invited to
be present at the lime of interment,
but people walking in tlie park gnlh-
jred to the graveside, and there wore
lome fifty mourners when the last
fltc! were being conducted by Rev.
". C. Owen of Christ Church.
It was a typical March day, with a
:alm but overcast sky, and not a
breath ttirring the tall trees when the
irn containing the ashes which was
incased in a concrete vault, which
lad been brought from Centre &
Henna's parlors, was placed in the
(round just beside a fallen forest-
jiant from whose dead trunk there
iprouted and overhung fresh fir
iranches, symbolic, as it were, of life
roin  the desd.
A granite boulder was rolled over
■lie grave, tjie ground was strewed
with fir branches, so dear lo the poet-
iss in life, and the wreaths of friends
placed around; a canoe with daffodils
in thc boulder itself, and prominently
it lhe sides a wreath of oak leaves
md an Indian brooch of double hearts
- the tribal badce oi the Mohawk In-
iians. of which the poetess was Prin-
•ess Tckahiomvnkc—Vancouver Sun,
Strang Hint.
BnHndlst-Don't jou think If I'd cut
out one of my four sougs It would Improve my act?   Btnge Manager-Tes.
about *_!i ner cctit.-Hru*il*!yn Life.
Former Prime Minister of Australia
Says ths Commonwealth Will Not
Welcome tlte Little Yellow Men to
Its Shores-Not Desirable in Large
Numbers — Australia's Military
Ia spite of the alliance that exists between England and Japan, Rt. lion. Andrew Fishor, until a few days ago premier of the commonwealth of Australia,
declares himself emphatically for Japanese oxelnsion. He is considered to
voice the views of au overwhelming majority of the views of the people of
Australia and Mew Zealand.
"The newer countries," says Mr.
Fisher, "those with many natural resources still undeveloped, are considered
fair Holds for exploitation in these ilsys
of migration and emigration and it is
tinio that the lawmakers of such countries guard tho eternal well being of
their own peoples,, regulate severely the
incomings and doings of the alien who
would reap a harvest at the expense of
or at least in unfair competition with
tke legitimate heir to the soil and ita
products. 1 am unwilling to iusnlt tke
patriotism and intelligence of Australians by even intimating that the Nipponese are welcome to our shores.
"Millions of the best and most loyal
people of tbe empire will rejoice when
the time limit «et for the life of this
understanding will have bcen reached,
Mi   ■^aaXHShmi
ji!     '      .j
B ^M
It was entered into inadvisedly, at least
oa England's part, for its working out
must have made England take sides
with Japan as against some of tko white
nations, Russia, Oermany, France ot
Portugal, over eastern affairs.
'•I do not regard the Japanese as a
desirable people to have in large numbers in a white man's country. Even
with the franchise — which they will
never obtain in Australia—they would
form elements separate aad distinct
from the rest of tne community.
" A few years ago it wos believed by
moit people that tho vast sections ot
land in tne new countries would never
be taken up tor settlement. Yet land
is almost at a premium to-day and the
time is probably not far distant when
lho last portions of tho publio domain
will be thrown open to the people.
"Australia is learning, and we do not
propose to lightly or lavishly beitow our
public lands."
Austrolia has provided for future contingencies by the buiiding of a navy
and the adoptioa of compulsory military service. Every Australian boy
from 1* years of ago is a senior cadet
and must do 16 days' drill annually. At
18 he is moved up into the citizen army
end from then until he is 20 he must
do 1(1 days nanually, If infantry or
horse, and 25 days in case of artillery
or engineers. There are 178,000 senior
cadets registered throughout Australia.
In July, llll 2, the first batch of cadets,
18,000, wero moved up into the adult
ranks. Military observers have exprett-
oct astonislimeiit at the energ- aad ability of the new soldiors.
The Empire's Resources.
Only hard llgurot can adequately tell
the story of the resources of the British Empiro. ia the production of staple
articles that part of the world under
our flog has somo amazing facts to un-
fold. Tako the year 1911, for example.
During that, year staple products to the
following value! were produced within
tho British Empire: Coul, £125,800,000;
diamonds, £8,21)9,000; gold, £55,000,000;
lilver, £4,868,000.
Turning to miantities from mere cash
values, the British Empire produces of
wheat, 788,700,000 bushels; of wine,
0 500,000 gallons; of tea, 455,000,000
lbs.; snd of cotton, 1,279,016,000 lbs.
All our Overseas Dominions contribute
their quota to the above amezing totals,
And the figures of our smaller Colonies,
such at Newfoundland, give one the
idea that such Dominions are, after all,
sot quite to small as one would imagiae,
"Executioner to Her Majesty."
The actual signboard of John Cal-
craft, the famous piiblio_-*xecutioner,
who during his long term of office carried oot tlie extrcmo penalty of the law
on many notorious murderers, has just
been placed on view ia Mme. Tussaud'a
Exhibition. The board used to be outside Calcraft's shop. It it framed, and
haa crudely painted upon it, in large
block letters, the following extraordinary inscription: "J. Calcraft, Boot
and 8hoo Uaker. Executioner to Her
Majesty." Surmounting the frame is
tho Royal Coat-of-Arms. John Calcraft,
who was bora in 1800 and died ia 1879,
was exeettloner ia London frost 1821
uatil 187k -Eveniog Standard. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
patntt itisNotTo°coid
JLN \mJ V V ing Floors, Woodwork, Tables,
Chairs, and Screen Doors that are being put
away; Storm Windows and Doors for this
winter. Just drop in when you anything in
the paint line.   Our stock is complete.
oManly's Hardware
"(fie Brighten-up Store
Sudden Death of Mrs.Haveaty
Margaret Haverty, aged 00 years,
wife of John Haverty, died suddenly at 10 o'clock last Sunday morning of heart failure. Sue ia survived by her husband, four bods
and two daughter-.. Twu of tbe
Bona and one daughter—Charles,
Frank and Irene—reside in this
cily. Two sons live Winnipeg, and
out! drtugljler lives iu Tacoma, Mr
Havciiy Iihb lieen spending ttie past
six or seven years in thf northern
part of the provinc-, uml wins away
trom lumie al the, tune of lhe death
ol his wife, and was unaiile lo return iu time for the funeral.
Deceased had been a resident of
Grand Forks for about thirteen
years, tbo family moving bere from
Winnipeg in 1900.
The funeial was beld from the
family residence on Third street at
9:30 Wednesday morning, the service in tbe Catholic cburub and at
tbe grave being conducted by Kev.
Father Seliouiel. There was a large
attendance of friends of ihe family.
Interment took place iu Evergreen
Card of Thanks
We wish to return our heartfelt
thanks to our friends and tbe  citi
zens of Grand Korks generally for
tbe many expressions of sympathy
. on the sudden loss of our late mother,
and for courtesies tendered us during lbe preparations for the funeral.
C. J. Haverty,
F. E Haverty,
Mary Havekty,
Irene Haverty.
A large force of workmen is now
employed on the new canning factory, and the concrete foundation is
nearly completed.
10 CENT "0AS0.&KET8"
For Sick  Headache,  Sour Stomaoh,
Sluggish Liver and Bowels—They
work while you aleap.
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indlies-
tlon. Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches come from a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, wbich causa your
atomach to become filled with undigested food, which sours and ferments
like garbage ln a swill barrel. That'a
the first step to untold misery—Indigestion, toul gases, bad breath, yellow
skin, mental fears, everything that la
horrible and nauseating. A Cascaret
to-night will give your constipated
bowela a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep—a 10-cent box
from your druggist will keep you feeling good for montha.
A. Visitor's Opinion
J. W. Ellis, proprietor of tbe Mer
ritt Herald, wbo visited Grand
Forks last week, speaks as 'ollows of
tbe city in bis paper:
"Grand Forks has a population of
about 3000 people aud is one of the
most prosperous towns in the Dominion. It comprises a very lurge
valley and all set out for fruit growing, whicb is a very successful industry. Imposing public bud lings
nave recently beeu erected. Tbe
giik'eriiineul nuildiii|>s aie tine und
bubsiaiiliui, a new poet olliee aud
customs bouse baviug recently beeu
completed' Here al Grand Forks
a visit was made to tbe U ran by
smeller, Whicb is lbe second largest
in tbe world and wbicb proved uf
great interest. Tbe towu is healthy
and prosperous, and one fact struck
tbe Merritt man—lbe entire absence of empty houses."
Many pretty and useful articles
will bo on sale at the. Bazaar on the
19th and 20th of November. Open
afternoons and evenings.
Edward MoCutcheon. of Greenwood, has gone to Toronto, where he
will open a broker's oflice.
Miss Mary Haverty, lit Tacoma,
arrived in the city on Euesday to
attentl the funeral of her late
Armson the shoe man has i-einmol
to his new stutiti, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets,
John Heron aud family   bave lo-
lated permanently iu Kamloops.
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If y-m ci:i for heavy hair that glistens with beauty and ls radiant; with
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Just one application doubles the
beauty ot your hair, besides lt Immediately dissolves every particle ot
dandruff. You can not have nice
heavy, healthy hair lt you have
dandruff. This destructive scurf robs
the hair of Its lustre, Its strength and
Its very life, and if not overcome lt
produces a feverlshness and Itching of
the scalp; the bair roots famish,
loose" and die; then the hair falls out
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Knowlion's Danderlne from any drug
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Grand Forks, B. G.
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George Hansen bas added an anto
delivery to liisdairv luisitipss.
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Eaoh "Pape's Diapepsin" digests 3000
grain* food, ending all atomach
misery In five minutes.
Time Itl In five minutes all stomach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of
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food, no dizziness, bloating, foul
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very painful, have doctored for years
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Houri; 9 a.m. to ft p m.; Sunday*, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
210   HOWARD
Palace Barber Shop
Kamr Hotifiig a Special y
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Ukanby Hotel.
First Street.
ftL Gait Goal
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Office, Has nK| Maoat
Hanbo.'■ RSaiDiscs.RMiUM ollBBI
Tbe mask Actuate, reliable and «oly Mirke-i Bcpert and met um
"tlte ft&ubert Ripper"
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Highest market price paid for live stock.
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The G * eenwood Mim-in' Union
I as added a tyiiinasiniii to its oilier
attraction* fo* niemliew
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm
tender little Stomach, liver
and bowels.
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
Bleep, eat or act naturally, or Is feverish, stomach sour, breath bad; has
sore throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and ln a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested food
and sour bile gently moves out ot Its
little bowels without griping, and you
have a well, playful child again. Ask
your druggist for a 50-cent bottle ot
'California Syrup of Figs," which contains full directions for babies, children ot all ages and for grown-ups.
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P rintiti
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petent workmen, and carry a complete
Une of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
I/odge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
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Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
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Most Important Events at J
Home and Abroad Daring the Past Week
Gifts for Christmas II txt> a r~ F.o-htino-
We Have a Complete Line of Useful Articles That
Would Give a Lot of Pleasure to a Friend or Relative
Most ot the happenings in the City I
of Mexico today sontinue to indicate
that Victoriano Huerta is unalterably,! |
determined not to accede to the demands of the United States government for his elimination as president |
of Mexico.
That the Ulster question will bo 1
nettled and that home rule for Ire-1
land, however modified, will be enforced before a general election, is ihe j
conviction in the best informed circles
in London.
The London Outlook makes a bitter'
denunciation of attempts to start
friction between ahe United .Stales
and Mexico
The Quebec license commissioners
condemns prohibition and make recommendations for regulating Ihe
liquor traffic.
An order-in counoil has been passed
at Otta/aa amending the Britian Columbia flailing regulations.
A redistribution bill he introduced
when parliaments meets at Ottawa.
The famous placer mining proper
ties of the Consolidated Cariboo Hv-
draulic company have been restaked
be John Hupp and associates, under
the belief that some of the mining
regulations with regard to working
placers hare not been fulfilled.
Ladies' and Gent's Writing Desks
In many designs and finishes.
Large and Comfortable
Easy Chairs
In Oak and Leather.
Oneeda   Community   "La
Rose" pattern exquisite
Rich and Sparkling Cut Glass
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convince you that you can make no mistake in
purchasing your Xmas gifts here. Purchases
made   now will   be   stored   till  Christmas.
in all, arrived at  the National  bank
in Montreal yesterday from   London.
Fire starts in the Hudson's Bay
store at Pincher -Creek, and half the
town ia swept away by a great con
Sir Eriward Grey thinks that
Great Britain will not object to the
United States fortifying the   Panama
in uniform, has been taken to heart in
l.erlin and the same rule has been introduced throughout the diplomatic
Two lieutenants of the United
States army aviation corps, are killed
by a fall from an aeroplane at San
Diego, Cal.
Allegations of rubber atrocities ex
needing the horrors revealed some
years ago in Putumayo. Congo, are
made in respect to the Acre territory
in Brazil.
John Hopp says his action in re-
staking Um famous Cariboo pltocr is
i|uite justified,a. he uUiimi Iho owners
'iM-MSIBOl -Hjeiwlwl tin mines l>>i- about
The Mr-vaii n-oitpmftieut is no
longer afr<J-if. of American threats, and
Huerta will fiotitinui* to pound a«-«y
in the determination tn win or lose
his fight.
Several thousand people of many
creeds and nationalities welcomed
Gen Bramwell Booth, head of the
Salvation Army, at Carnegie hall,
New York, this afternoon.
Approximately four and one-half
tons of gold, about 14,000,000 worth
Gen. Botha, premier of South
Africa, in a trenchant speech upon
the Indian situation in Natal, last
night, made it clear thai South African autonomy was to be respected as
much as lhat of Canada.
At a meeting of the cabinet at Ottawa this evening the dates of the
Macdonald and the South Lanark
bye-elections were set. Nominations
take place December li and the elec
tions*on December I -I The unseated
Conservative member will again be a
cmdidale iu Macdonald.
The Dublin strike is said to be collapsing iu spite of Larkin's eloquence.
President Wilson's belief that the
Huerta government in Mexico is
slowlv crumbling Was reiterated today
in Washington,
The currency bill reaches its second
stage in the house at Washington.
Emperor William's edict forbidding
German army and navy offieers to
dance the tango and other steps while
Now is die Time to Get
Fitted Up for Cold
The Fa& That We Are Doing
tbe Business is Evidence Enough
That   Our   Prices  Are   Right
CAMPBELL'S for ^ality
A thieatened strike of Grand Trunk
Pacific telegraph operators is averted
by a decision of the board of arbitration   for an increase of pay
Francis Bowes Sayre and Miss Jessie Wilson, second daughter of President aud Mrs. Wilson, were joined in
marriage late today at the White
House, before a coinpany of distinguished ollieials of tbe United States,
members of the diplomatic corps, close
friends and relatives.
The Mexican Constitutionalist lead
er orders a general advance and
drives the government forces back.
The decisive engagement of the campaign is now being fiercely fought
near the American border.
The shareholdejs of the Hudson's
Bay company approve the plan to
issue five million dollars in 5 per cent
preferred shares.
Chief Justioe Hnnter, at Victoria,
declares that the order in council goes
beyond the immigration act, and orders the Hindus under the ban to be
Dr. M. P. Ravenal, head of the
bacteriological department of the Uni
versity of Wisconsin, says that bovine
tuberculosis is inimical to mankind
and that stricter inspection of cows
and more careful preparation of milk-
for market will be necassary before
we can hope to prevent the transmission of bovine tuberculosis to man.
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
ISIpur HnriiACG aml do all kinds of
New nam eSS harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
'.  ■'-
A compromise with Ulster appears
to be precluded by a statement made
by Premier Asquith. He makea an
important and definite announcement
to a delegation of Irish Liberals.
The Bank of British Nortli America at Agassis is looted by a band of
six bandits.
The Mexican federals are in full
retreat before Gen. Villa's victorious
army. Three hundred were killed in
the fight yesterday. The rebels defending Juarez consider all danger of
further attack from the federals as
Only intimate friends know where
Mr. and Mrs Sayre have gone for
their honeymoon.
The chairman of the railway commission reports on his investigation
into the freight rate situation, and advises a full enquiry into Atlantic
A policy of free food was what Sir
Wilfrid Laurier submitted ta his audience at the banquet given tonight in
his honor by the Federated Liberal
Clubs of Ontario in Hamilton.
fcThe thanksgiving dinner of the
American socity in London tonight
was noteworthy by the prominence o
the British government's endorse
ment   of the   Monroe   doctrine   by
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Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts     Boots  and  Shoes
Fruits and Farm Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Viscount Haldane, lord chancellor.
Three hundred and fifty meu and
women, with a large number of Brit
ish guests, were present, and they
cheered Lord Haldane's words again
and again.
The Conservative candidate wins in
the East Middlesex bye election.
Queeu Mary frowns on the tango
It must not be inoluded in any enter-
tasnment under royal patronage.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst sailed
from New York for England today,
taking with her, she said, $20,000 collected during her recent lecture tour
iu the United States.
Cure   Sick   Headache,   Constipation.
Biliousness,   Sour  Stomach,   Bad
Breath—Candy Cathartic.
No odds how bad your Urer, stomach or bowels; bow much your head
aches, how miserable you are from
constipation, Indigestion, biliousness
and sluggish bowels—you always get
relief with Cascarets. They Immediately cleanse and regulate the stomach, remove the sour, fermenting food
and foul gases; take the excess bile
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trom the Intestines and bowels. A
10-cent box from your druggist will
keep your liver and bowels clean;
stomach sweet and head clear for
months.   They work while you sleep.
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Armson the shoe man has removed
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Fourth streets.
Highest rash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. 0. Peckham,
Second hand Store.
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is a home product of
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Between theRocks
if ruin and disaster the Fire Insurance
Policy safely sails the thoughtful man.
Fire, Hood and famine, loss ot home
and friends may wreck your fortune,
but the right kind of an insurance
policy will always be a haven of refuge
Insurance of All Kinds
Established 1901
First Street
Hit Cleverness
Don't be so lazy. There's plenty of
room at the top, and you're clever
enougb to get there.-
But, replied the lazy genius, think
how clever lt ls of me to find a place
at the bottom where ther- isn't so
inip.li" room.
No More Tips
Guest—Are tips expected hero?
Waiter—No, ash. We don't accept
10 vulgah tips, , *i. We is free bolin
American citizens we is, and we wish
x> preserve ouah self respect, sah.
I'm glad to hear that.
Yes, Bah. All we requlah Is a retaining fee, same as lawyers, sab.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cat out c>tlurtlci and pureatitM. They i
■mUl-httrih-unnfl«e,Mry. Try
Purely vegetable. Act
5en.lyo.it he liver,
soothe thedeli.
ofthe bowel.
Sick HtbUathi nd tnilgstthn, u mtttsas htssr.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price •
Genuine must W Signature
Jn.l..rogto,Nm ...».,.«tm•--■#
xxjrtt* trom flD.tr. tL.ODlt. nttvoim di._a-__l
xxintM from tlD.tr. iL.DDlt. ntavou* militia
•MMic wl.ihiuu.iact.. »ii. i»,rno.l.ri__5
•«• <« m, fatt two,. Tat Kelt imrtiK-
■SDICAl •001 Mil VII HM.lt ULtt ULlbnl
^ffsVrX*v*f£*\y*w\oirHTi _
pllBBfl Mt'
Itvautaca u, Hum tu, Uimi,
The Heart of a Piano ia the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel
Piano Action
Something  better than  linen and no
laundry bills.     Wash It with soup and
Wnter.     All stolen or direct. State style
•nd size.      For 25c.  Wo will mall you.
68 Frater Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Ship your Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Write for Price List ant*. Shipping
a- congenial needlework at home; mak*
from three to five dollars tier day decorating cushion tops.    Armour Art   Co.,
Dept. Tl., nrednlhnne Bloc'. Winnipeg.
A lie will travel faster than the
truth, hut It will not bo the flrst to
arrive at the (instillation, because lt
must double on Its tracks so often.
'(ii PILLS j
50c. a oox or six boxeg for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
See the "Sask-Alta" before buying.
ist Sold by good dealers everywhere.
729 ^ ..mmm™.       iilSf
 Winnipeg    Vancouver   St. John   Hamilton   Calgary   Saskatoon   Efaonton  "
||! London   Toronto    Montreal
Red Has More Meaning and Greater
Effect Than /.ny Other Hue
Bed has a greater effect upon both
man and the lower animals than any
otbor color. It is, ln fact, the king
of colors, according to Profossor W.
Pcabody Bartlett.
Perhaps, Bays Professor Bartlett, lf
our blood were green Instead ot red
we would bold green as the king of
colors, because blood ls life. The
sight of it stirs both man and tbe lower animals, and for that reason the color of it is the most effective of all
Every one knows the antipathy a
bull has to red, how he will bellow and
become blindly enraged at the sight of
it, but the bull Is by no means the
only animal tliat is affected by thle
color. Put a dog ln a kennel and
cover the end tbat opens to daylight
with a white cloth or a black cloth
and the dog will pay little attention
to it, but cover the opening wither
bright red cloth so that the daylight
comes through to the dog lr. a red
glow, and the dog will at once begin
to bark furiously.
Put a rooster in a dark bag or a
green or yellow bag and he will remain quiet, but put him in a bag of
thin red cloth, so that the light may
-thlue tbrough and show tbe color, and
the rooster will crow lustily. This is
not because he might thin!: the red
indicated sunrise, because roosters
will crow long before the first faint
tinge of color appears in the east.
Make Him Prove. It
Do I look an Idiot?
I refuse to commit myself.
But a fellow just called me one.
Chance of a lifetime.    Sue him for
libel and Bee what the jm. says.
Suffragettes haven't thought of horrifying the men by appearing in their
last year's bats.
QIN PILLS Give Prompt Relief By
Curing the Kidneys
Mr. Samuel Longmore, ot Montreal,
says "Just a word ot praise for GIN
PILLS. About fifteen months ago I
could not walk across my room, suffering severely with Rheumatism. I
took GIN PILLS and became quite
well. Two months ago, I had Rheumatic Pains with Neuralgia. I resorted to GIN PILLS again for one
week and became quite well."
60c. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free lf
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 218
A Wis. Child
The little daughter ot a prominent
divine, whom lt would be cruel to
name, was recently taken to ber father's church for the flrB't time. She
was, ot course, intensely interested in
all that went on.
A true little Yankee, her first remark on coming out was:
Do all those little boys in nighties
get paid for singing?
Yes; I suppose so, replied ber mother.
And does father get paid too?
Well, I shouldn't think they'd have
to pay blm much, for be does nothing
but talk, and he just loves to do that.
What Makes a Good Cow?
Professor \V. J. Kennedy of the Iowa
station recommends the following in
reference to the selection of breeding
stock for the dairy.
In selecting dairy cattle tbe real test
must be the scales and tbe Bahcock
tester. The cow is a machine to convert food Into milk ThuB she must
have a large middle and a strong constitution to insure the   best   results,
Every mother Is anxious for the "welfare ot ber little ones—above all she
wants them to have good health. Thousands of mothors havo learned the secret ot keeping their little ones healthy
—they have learned that by keeping
Baby's Own Tablets ln the house and
giving an occasional dose to the little
ones that they will escape constipation, vomiting, colic, colds, worms,
etc. Thc Tablets never tal! to he of
service In keeping the baby healthy
and happy. Sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Help for the Dense
That was a line Joke you had ln tho
Glad you liked lr.
Rut wasn't there something iiiIbb
What wns It?
Don't you throw In a diagram?
The Last Asthma Attack mny really
bc the last one If prompt measures are
tnken. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy will safeguard you. lt will
penetrate to the smallest bronchial
passage and bi-lr.t; about.. healthy condition. It always relieves and Its con-
tinned use often effects a permanent
cure. Why not get this long-famous
I remedy to-day and commence its uso?
Inhaled as smoke or vapor it is equally effective.
A Demoralizing Change
I have to watch those players who
were one the  stage all winter, remarked th.. manager.
Why so'.'
It's hard to set 'tin to go nine ir.
nlngs after t.'iey have got used to a
drama tha't only uiVctl four acts.
W. N, U. 972
Most every statesman and near
statesman now haa a prealdentlal
lightning rod sticking out ot his hat
Nervous Prostration of Three Years!
Standing Cured a Year ago by Dr.
Chase's Nerve Pood.
Anyone who knows the discouragement and despair which accompanies
the helplessness ,of nervous prostration will appreciate the gratitude felt
by the writer of this letter.
Mrs. H. C. Jones, Scotch Lake, C.B.,
writes: "I suffered from nervous prostration for nearly three years. I had
freojieat headaches, had no appetite
was troubled with my heart. After consulting two doctors without obtaining satisfactory results, I began
the use o. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and was completely cured by this
treatment. It is nearly a year since I
was cured, and I want others to know
of this splendid medicine. I now attend to my Lousework with pleasure
and comfort, and am glad to have the
opportunity of recommending Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food."
At least some benefit Is bound to l.e
derived from each dose of this great
food cure, as day by day It forms new
blood, and builds up the system. 50
cents a box, 6 for (2.50, all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, i>
Bear Island, Aug. 26, 1903.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your traveller Is here
to-day and we are getting a large
quantity ot your MINARD'S LINIMENT. We find lt tho best Liniment
on the market inaklm. uo exception.
Wo have been in business 13 years and
have handled all kinds, but have dropped them all but yours; that sells It-
self; the others have to be pushed to
get rid of.
Proper Treatment
A big flsh has been playing around
here for some tlnu  but it is a bad
Give It the hook.
To Restore
Good Health
The first thing to do is to cor«
rect the minor ailments caused
by defective or irregular action
of the organs of digestion and
elimination. After these organs have been put in good
working order by timely use of
(Dm isqssl Ms si Aw IMMss te Ms MM)
better digestion results, and then
the food really nourishes and
strengthens the body. Thc first
dose gives relief and sounder sleep,
quieter nerves, and improved action
of all the bodily organs are caused
by an occasional use of Beecham's
Fills. They give universal satisfaction and in safety, sureness and
quickness of action Beecham's Pills
Have No
Known Equal
__•)_. eeitywtxm.   In Itwxet, 2S cento
tb* d*t«cll»-> with cv.rj
b*. *t* .It, YllullUt.
< i»
Gives quick, glowing warmth where
and when you want it Easily portable. No smoke. No smell. Safe,
clean, convenient. Steady heat for
nine hours on a single gallon of oil
Stock carried at all chief points
For best results use ROYALTTE OIL
•t John
Do not ship your grain to Fort William or Port Arthur, before you b-
written us tor shipping instructions, a* we are able to obtain a preniff
if yon ship according to .ur special iturtrucnons.     tvT_*lt_« ua-tods
Licensed and Bonded  Commission Merchants
118-122 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
How To Get Rid Of The Drink Habit
The IrrlatsUble craving which drives all drinking men on and ultimately
wrecks them physically, mentally and financially can be removed by tho
Treatment ln three days. Tho Neal Treatment Is a safe, sure vegetable
remedy taken internally which eliminates all craving or desire for drink ana
removes all traces of alcoholism from the system. No hypodermic Injections are employed and no 111 after effects aro experienced.
Tho drink habit Is discouraging both to ths drinker and to the drinker s
family. Drinking men promise themselves that they wilt stop and often con-
Hclentlously try to do so but tlie craving ls stronger than the will power
to resist, and Invariably after ono or two attempts to stop Ihey begin.to drink
harder than ever. ..*__■.•__.*_____$»
Tho only hope for these men Is ln the Neal 'treatment.
If you are a drinking man you can visit one of *.be Neal Institutes una In
three days bs freed from the drink bablt and return to : our home free from
all desire for drink and complete master of yourself.
You can tak« the treatment at one of ths Neal Institutes and return home
In a fow days and your friends will scarcely have tlmo to note your absence.
403   .roadway,  WINNIPEtT "   S»_THI^lto..,  W„  CALGARt.
Proved Hit Case
Every one knew Jonathan Skinflint
as a millionaire, with the exception, so
it appeared, ot Sklr-fllnt himself. He
Invariably woro the shabbiest of
clothea nnd It, reported to have dined
one day on a couple of peas and a
grape Bkln.
One day au old friend endcavorod
to persuade tbe miser to dress better
1 am surprised, lie eald, that you should
let yourself become so shabby.
But I am not shabby, expostulated
Skinflint. ,    .
Oh, yen yorf are, repllc*. the friend.
Kemember your father. He was always neatly, even elegantly dressed.
His clothes were very handsome.
Sltlufllnt gave utterance to a hearty
laugh. Why, he shouted triumphantly
these clothes I've got on now were
Serious   Loss
On the third day ot his Aunt Jane's
visit to the city Motorton took her for
a ride In the high power runabout.
They had proceeded only a mile or so
when 'Hang the luck!' exclaimed Mo-
Goodness! What's wrong? said
Aunt Jane.
Engine's missing, tersely replied
Bear nie! said Aunt Jane. I do
hope It's beeu found by an honest person. Where do you suppobc wc dropped It?
Out of the Course
Owing to tog a steamer stopped at
the mouth of a river. An old lady inquired of the captain thc cause of tlio
Can't Beo up the river, replied lbe
But, captain, I can see thc stars
overhead, she argued.
Yes, said the captain gruffly, but
until tlle boiler busts we ain't going
that way. ,
It Rubs Away Pain.—There ls no Hn
lment so efllcacioi'.c in overciTmliiK
pain as Dr. Thomas' Ecloctrlc Oil. Tin-
hand that rubs tt In rubs the pain
away and on this account there is no
preparation that stands so high ln publio esteem. There ls no surer painkiller procurable, as thousands cn*i nt-
test who have used lt successfully ia
treating many aliments.
Ot course you like the big, juier.
red and white streaked strips of bacon. But you may not know that
this kind of bacon ls produced by feeding ground barley mixed with skim
milk. Soaked barley alone ls an excellent hog feed. Barley also is good
for sheep and as a feel for horses and
cattle ls nearly equal to corn.
A simplified X ray by which a bill
collector could see bow much money
a man had In his pocket would fill a |
'ong felt want.
The Three Star Lodgers Have a
H Was All Iseause ef an III Timed Taxi
Ride and Feminine Jealeusy, According te the tlanlter—Another Outbreak
■y M. QUAD.
ICopyrlght, MM, by Associated Utsrary
EA8 lot you or somepodj
else, Ur. Bprocketl" quertet
the german grocer as the
janitor ot Paradise Flat*
lounged into the (tor* the other even-
"Yes, it's me."
"Bnd you vhas ellT«?"
".Tost about"
"Vhas lt mora troubles mit your ten-
"That's it  So I look all broke up?'
"Mr, Sprocket yea vhas looking like
tonie man mit his toes ln der grave."
"I shouldn't -wonder. There -was an
hour or so last night when I didn't
know whether I'd ba living today or
"Did you go most dead mit dot asthma?"
"No, it wasn't the asthma altogether.
In fact tha asthma was as good as left
ent ot lt Those people broke loose
•gain, yon lee, and the nervous strain
en me aimoat knocked me out"
"Vhat a wicked people, That a wicked worldl Bnd so dere vhas sou*
more rows?"
"I told yoo th* other day about tbe
three ladles having a scrap," replied the
janitor as he settled himself down on
the head of a barrel. "Well, they went
abont with their noses in the air for a
day or two and then decided to make lt
tp. That's a womtn'f way, yon know.
They couldn't visit each otber while
they were mad, and each one ot the
three waa Jost dying to tee how th*
others had furnished op tbeir rooms
and whether th* whole family bad to
sleep in en* bed or not Mrs. O'SulU-
van had th* most cariosity, and ai
ah* bad drawn a diamond ring with •
. pout-d-*!* lWy "W ftr. tsS wstitsd tc
albow It olf Ht <-• (ioilfiofl 1*0 i'Ito in Rest
. Yeelerdaj taoiatag-rte knocked on lli..
dago's door, sud vba fiajo p'.'l he- miss
mil. and asked:
'"Whara you wants of mc, *~T
Make* First Overtures.
"'Countess, I've.com* to make uj
Wid ye,' said O'Sulivaa 'Sayiu* nothln'
ot th* word* ln th* Bible and th*
ieacbln's of good m*n that we sbonld
dwell together in harmony, I'm will-
in' to believe tbat I wa* mistaken in
ye aa a dago. Th* way ye used yer
lingers in m* bair, to say nothin' of the
bat on m* month, proves that ye an
- a perfect lady and entitled to my
esteem. Sbak* tn* hand, Countess
l>lrlto, and let'* b* friends.*
"'You no want* Igbta auy tnor*?'
asked th* countess as sh* cam* oot
Into th* ball.
'".Not unother wallop,' answered
O'Sulllrao, 'ft'* rather airly ln tb*
mornln' tor • high society call, bnt If
yt'll overlook It for one* I'll com* in
and show yoo th* (ISO diamond ring
me 'llm banded m* from bla bind
pocket thlt mornln' for a birthday prta-
"I heard It all," Mid th* Janitor,*"and
lb* countess tat ber In and met her
half way. I thought it wonld be s good
(bing for m« and McMurpliy and a bad
tblng for tb* darky, but It tumid ont
tiptop all around. Wben two women
let to making up a quarrtl tbey In-
dud* all creation, and it wasn't over
naif an hour befor* th* two came ont
with their arm* aronnd each other and
started np to see th* barber's wife."
"Py gaily, bnt I Ilk* dotl" exclaimed
tb* grocer. "Vb«n I waa mad nt some
man*, und b* com* around next dsy I
vba* all oafer htr. If nobody vine
mad, den you see liow linrpy w* all
»i*ii» "
"That's it, Mr. Wssserman. If you
only bad the aathma you'd make a
good Sathouse Janitor. ?es, tbey went
up, and the darky heard tbem comlug
and waB ready tor them with nn old
chair leg. She was spitting on ber bands
for n good grip when Urs. O'SuIlivan
told ber that the quarrel wns nil made
ap and the dove of peace bad come
tbere to batch her brand. She'd been
thumped pretty hard, and ahe was
.■ather oBsh, bnt she toed the mark
after awhile, and there was kissing
snd hugging all around. An hour later
O'SuIlivan eave a mornln? tea, which
waa mostly beer and crackers, and
inch quietness fell upon tbe bouse that
I began to feel lonesome. About 1
•'clock in the afternoon tbe tbree got
tressed to go out ln company, and ot
coarse each ono put on ber best duds
to make the other jealous. Vou know
What women ave, Mr. Wasserinan?"
"Vhell, maypo! I lit mit my old wo-
nans for oafer dwenty year."
Out Fer an Airing.
"Of courso. Tbey praised each other's hats and dresses as tbey stood in
tbe ball, but lt was all hypocrisy, you
know. Tbe countess was perhaps the
best dressed, though It was a pretty
even thing all over. They sailed away
llko three graces, and I kicked the goat
r>*;t ef tbe halls, run tbe dogs on to the
street aud heaved the carts In the back
yard. For two hours I bad a house to
be proud of, and I had mado np my
mind to tell McMurpliy to raise the
rent when tbe ladles returned. Tbey
bnd treated each other to clam broth,
ice cream nnd candy and bad come
back in a taxi to end up in u swagger
way. When tho taxi eamo dashing up
tbere was a sensation on that block,
and^JBfty other women turned pale as
they looked out of tbelr windows."
"Vhas some rubber tires on der
wheels of dot taxi?" asked ihe grocer
as be seemed to call up a picture in his
mind's eye.
"Aye, there was, Mr. Wtisscrmnn."
replied the janitor. "Yes, thero was
rubber tires on every wheel—none
missing—and the cboffer was In uniform. For a minute or two I felt so
proud tbat I was determined to ask
McMurpliy to raise my salary to $20 a
month and fuel throwed in; but, nlas,
It wds the taxi that was our undoing."
"Did she broke down?"
"Not at all. Tbo ladles didn't bave
money enough to settle tbo fare, you
see, or they wanted to beat each other.
They could rcrape only 45 cents together, while the fare wns a dollnv and
n half, and thc cboffer wasn't slow In
Riving them his opinion of bilks. It
wasn't two minutes before tho whole
neighborhood was on to tho racket, and
then tbere was fun. At first the three
women bung together as sgalnst tht
cboffer, but pretty soon Mi-a. O'SuIlivan got ber Irish up and turned on the
other* wltb:
"'Be me sow), but I might have
knowed itl What but this should happen to a dlsctndant of the O'Sbanes
wbo vocs out with a dago and a nay-
Hostilities About te Begin.
"'Who yon calla dago?' yelled tht
" 'And who's a naygur?' shouted Mrs.
"Tben a great crowd gathered
around, hoping to tee a scrap, and
wben I tell you, Mr. Wasucrmnn, that
tba reputation of McMnrphy's flatt
-ht- chick and gentility suffered a Bet
buck tbat they'll not get over for years
I apeak ths word wltb aching heart
To satisfy tbe cboffer and avoid a row
on the street, Mrs. O'SuIlivan handed
over that tea store diamond and sailed
into tb* bouse as grand us a queen
and wben tbo others bad followed bet
I locked tho doors on tbe crowd."
"Ond so all vhas peace onco more?"
queried the grocer wltb a slgb of relief.
"Not on your life, old man! Too
know wbat a prelude is, don't yoo?"
"I pellet I do, but I don't carry some
in stock. Bhe vba* too perishable."
Just a Curtain Raiser,
".lust io. Well, tbat llttlo affair on
the sidewalk was a prelude, a prologue, a curtain raiser. It didn't take
tb* O'SuIlivan over seven minutes tc
get back into ber lighting togs, and
■hi made a break for upstairs at one*.
Tbe dago and tb* colored woman wert
ready for her and also for eacb
otber, and tb* way tbey did sail is
and break down door* and knock od
plaster gav* me palpitation of the
heart and thought* of graveyards. 1
limped off and let tb*m have It out,
and tb* thret of them ar* in bed and
will be for a week to com*."
"Bnt maybe dey ahall make oop good
friends und stay so!" suggested tbt
"Maybe; but you can't expect it Ur.
Wasscrman. It ain't in what tbey call
nature, you tee. It'a Ireland agin Italy
and Africa, and Italy aud Africa agin
Ireland, and three women agin eacb
otber, and If you don't mind I'll takt
a cucumber bome for my luncb and
get what rest I can for my asthma before the menagerie breaks loos* again."
Red Haa Mar* Meaning and Great*?
Effect Than Any Other Hu*.
Bed ha* a greater effect opon both
man and tha tower animal* than any
other color. It ta, in tact, th* king ot
colors, according to Professor W. Pet-
body Bartlett
"Perbapa," aay* Professor Bartlett
"If our blood wero green instead ot
red we woold hold green a* the king
of colors, becaus* blood ta life. Th*
light of it stir* both man and th* lower animal*, and for that reason th* col.
or of It I* tb* moat effective of all col*
Every one know* tb* antipathy a bull
ba* to red, bow be will bellow and become blindly enraged at tbe sight of it
but tbe bull ta by no mean* tbe only
animal that Is affected by this color.
Put a dog ln a kennel and cover tb*
cod that opens to daylight with t
whit* cloth or a black clotb, and th*
dog will pay little attention to It bnt
cover tb* opening with a bright red
clotb io that th* daylight comes
through to the dog ln a red glow, and
the dog will nt once begin to bark furiously.
Put a rooster ln a dark bag or a
green or yellow bag and he will rcniain
quiet, but put htm in a bag ot thin red
clotb, so that tbe light may shin*
through and show tbe color, and th*
rooster will crow lustily. This to not
because he might think tbe red indicated sunrise, becausa roosters will
crow long before tho first faint tinge ot
color appears ln the east
In ono experiment a spider and a
wasp wcro placed In a glass bottlo and
seemed to get along very comfortably,
with no attempt at fighting eacb other,
tailj.s soon ns they were put in a bottle of red glass they began to Dgbt
until they had killed each otber.
Hold three apples before a baby, on*
green, one yellow aud one a bright red,
nnd the child will almost Invariably
pick the red apple. Tbo color appeal*
lo It. lied blooms In thc check of beauty'and touebes the lips of fcminln*
youth. lied plays u great part In life,
und it mny be, ns I'rofcssor Bartlett
snys, due to tho fact tbat red Is tb*
color of blood and blood is life, so It
sceuis from bumble wasp snd flsb to
rooster, dog, bull, und so on through
tho list of lower animals to man and
woman, red Ims more meaning and
greater effect thnn auy other color,
making tt Indeed the king of colors.—
New York American.
Sure Preef.
••nut iro you mre," persisted th*
grouchy custoinor, "tbat this 'er* stuff
will cure my rlienmnllx?"
"Oil. yes." ren»cd the drag clerk; "*U
the dncton refuse to rocommend It"—
Iridio- Platinum and It* Qualities of
Accuracy and Durability.
There are undoubtedly no product*
of human skill on which a greater degree of curo Is expended than the
standard of weight nud measure In uso
among the civilized nations. Two
things In particular must bo considered
-accuracy nnd durability. Nature doe*
not It Is contended, furnish any single
metal or mineral which exactly answers the requirements for a standard
of measure or weight that sball be as
nearly as posslhlo unalterable.
It ts held that the best substance yet
produced for this purposo is au alloy
of OO per cent platinum with 10 per
cent of Iridium. This ts called Irldlo-
plntlnum, and It Is tbe substance ot
which the metric standards prepared
by tbo International commission of
weights and monsurca are composed.
It Is hard, It Is less affected by heat
tbau any pure metal, It Is practically
nonoxldlzable, or not subject to rust
and It can be finely engraved. In fact
tbe lines on the standard meters ar*
hardly visible to th* naked eye, yet
they ar* smooth, even, sharp and accurate.
It I* uld tbat If onr civilization
should ever bs lost and relic* of It
should be discovered tn some brighter
age In the remote future there Is nothing which would bear higher testimony
to Ita character than thes* standard
measures of Irldlo-pletlnnm.-Barper't
Weekly. ,	
A Police Sinecure,
An Inquisitive member ef th* hou**
of commons wai struck on* day by tb*
presence of * policeman In on* of tb*
lobbies. Uo wondered wby tbl* particular lobby ahould alway* bar* a guardian (trolling up nnd down and mad*
Inquiries. Tb* record* of tbo bous*
were senrcbed. and It waa found ibat
flfty yeara previously, wben th* lobby
wai being decorated, * policeman bad
been stationed tber* to keep member*
from colling tbelr clothes Th* order
never baring bcen countermanded, th*
constable hnd kept bi* beat for bait t
Anttdiluvlan Mmittri.
lhe Government explorers, who
spent lsst summer in the Canadian
west, looking tor fossils, returned
with tons of specimens.
Two monstrous skeletons of the
dinosaurs, one 32 feet long and the
other 40 feet long, were discovered ln
th* bona beds et the Red Deer river.
Alberta. .   ,
Th* remains ot a horned plant-eating dinosaur and et th* flesh-eating
dinosaor were found.
Thes* Interesting specimens will bt
mounted tnd placed on exhibition at
the MOMlwi tn Ottawa.
Explorer Stefansion's Story *f Awkward Mishap In ths Arctic.
With a rifle and a sarBcient supply
ef ammunition, said Mr. Vilhjalmur
Stefansson, the Canadian explorer,
lecturing before the Royal Geographical Society in London, it iB possible
to go over the discovered lands of
the Arotio. In the course oi an interesting lecture Mr. Steiansson told
a remarkable story ot a five years'
sojourn in Arctio regions in search ot
a raoe of Eskimos who had never before aeen a white man, They lett
New York in April oi 1908, and the
small item that may upset the best-
laid plans was illustrated by the fact
that they were relying upon a supply
ot matches at Berschell Island on the
north Alaskan coast, and as these
were not forthcoming Dr. Anderson
had to retrace his steps a distance ot
1,900 miles to Barrent Point tor them.
"The whole expedition cost only $10,-
000," said Mr. Stefansson, and quite
halt that sum was spent in securing
matohes. From Herschell Island the
party pushed steadily eastward and
reached Cape Parry in the winter, and
here they found a whale, which eked
out tbeir provisions fortuitously.
"That whale," recalled the explorer
with a dry smile, "had been dead four
years." The Eskimos said so. It had
frozen in the winter, and had thawed
in the summer. It was after he had
leen two yeara in the Arctic that Steiansson set out upon his specific quest
for the Eskimos who, to use his own
Wrds, "had not been contaminated
(by missionaries or traders—(laughter)
—ot course, I mean from the scientific
point oi view." Alter a long pursuit
etelansson, standing on a hut, saw
the party he was searching ior seal
hunting about seven miles away, and
went after them. The Eskimos thought
they were spirits, and prepared to
defend themselves, but hi-i (Stefansion's) Eskimos discovered that they
spoke a similar dialect, and peace was
secured and introductions to all the
tribe—men, women and children—ensued. Intellectually these Eskimos
were on a level with tho inhabitants
of Great Britain 10,000 years ago. It
was on Victoria Island that he came
across the blonde Eskimos, whom he
preferred to call bronze ar copper.
They eyes were blue, their eyebrows
and whiskers fair, and the formation
oi the head and face akin to Europeans. Sir John Franklin had recorded that he saw one such Eskimo
in 1624 in the Coppermine district,
and Stefansson said he had come to
the conclusion lhat they were descendants ol an ancient race of settlers
who, originating in Scandinavia, had
traveled to Mackenzie by way of Iceland.
Gave Wolseley Raspberries.
Now that the British nation is lamenting the loss of one ot her greatest
warriors of modorn times, it is interesting to meet with people who accompanied Lord Wolseley on thc Red
River expedition, which made his
name a never-to-be-forgotten one to
the Canadian people.
Suoh an one is Alexander Ritchie,
of North Toronto. Mr. Ritchie, moreover, as far as he is aware, enjoyed
the unique distinction ol being the
youngest member oi tho volunteers,
who took part in repelling tho Fenian
Raid in 1866.
Mr. Ritchie was born at -Kingston
in 1850, and at the age of 14 he joined
the volunteers. When tho Fenian
Raid took place in* 1866, Mr. Ritchie,
then only 16 years old, was sent with
his regiment to Cornwall, where it
was stationed till the trouble blew
In 1870 the Louis Riel rebellion,
which led to the Red River expedition, broke out, and Private Ritchie
was one oi the members ot the ex-
Sedition. Mr. Ritchie recalls liow one
ay, at a wild spot away beyond Lake
Buperior, ho and aome ol his com-
panions-in-arms were picking raspberries when Col. Wolseley rode up on
horseback. Mr. Itilchic, «ho had his
linen hat cover full of the berries,
ottered them to his commander, and
thc colonel helped himself.
Asked about tlie expedition, Mr.
Ritchie described liow they went by
boat to Prince Arthur's Landing, now
Port Arthur, but at that time an unsettled wilderness, and nf the arduous
Journey from thero to Fort Garry.
Specially prepared boats, manning
six oars and about ,10 teet long, wero
used for transporting the men and
supplies up'the Red River. The lir..t
boat set off on the 4th ot July and
lt waa tho 27th ot August before the
last boat reached Fort Garry,
Big Birthday Cake For Little Bi*
ble Students.
Children Help*. I of th* British dibl*
Sooisty Matt th* Lard Mayor at Anniversary Party—TW-g* of Interest
to Small Paepl*.
An unusual birthday party, attended
by about 2,000 children, wai held at
Guildhall, London, wltb tha lord mayor
and aldermen aa guests. Tb* celebration wa* in honor of th* one hundred
and ninth aunlveraary of th* birtti
of th* British md Foreign Bible sod*.
Ue*. Tbe invitation* were conflnaf
chiefly to the London children'* helper*
of the society, and each ot tbem caittai
tway a smalt cardboard box containing
Htr Tnuhlai.
"Is tho now nurse kind to your chll
"Ob, yoa But one always bas troublo wltb Iho nurses. Tbt uew ont
takes such good car* of the chlldrto
(but they won't coiue to me any mor*."
% 1913, by American Press AieoclaUo*
a piece of tbe mammoth cake provide!
for th* occasion. Tb* cake wa* a b*tw
tiful sight and weighed 109 pounds-^
on* pound for each year ot tb* ws
dety'i existence. The flrst celebratlo*
took plac* tn 1001, and th* cake mad*
for the children then weighed ninety*
seven (ounds, but the- passing ot y*an|
baa added twelvo pound* to th* monor
ment ot sweetness.
Tbe cake was cnt by a granddaughter of th* lord mayor and then packed
tn boxes for distribution to tb* children and others fortunate enough li
tet a piece,     	
Things That Inttrttt
Kissing the hands of great men wat
<n old Grecian custom, though originally ot eastern origin.
Tbe smallest flower known to tht
botanist ls said to be that ot tb* yeast
plant   It is microscopic tn sis*.
So strong ls th* light emitted by Jt-
raalca fireflies that the presence of sV
will enable a person to read.
Daffodils, wblcb are one of th* harbingers ot sptlag, are ao called frooi
the old English "affodyl*"-that whicli
cometb early.
Elephants can climb to a greal
height Thdr tracks bavo been see*
upon the very aummlt ot mountain*
(7,000 feet high.
Tbe mummy of an Egyptian princes*
wbo lived 2000 B. C. shows aronnd tbt
waist a contrivance similar to th* modern corset
Among tli* Panlyans, t laboring
class in Malabar, when a man wlabtt
to marry a girl bo must carry n linndl*
of firewood to her house Daily for rit
Hew Do You Like Yeur Neighbor!?.
Tho company must bc seated In t
ring, with one person left standing la
tbe center. This person may nsk any
one he chooses. "How do you like youf
neighbors." Only ono of two answer*
li allowed, "Very much" or "Nol at
If (he person questioned answer*
"Not ut all'' he Is asked whom lit
would prefer, when lie must nnme twt
other members of Ihe circle. Tho nld
neighbors and tho new must then
i-hongn places, and whllo they nre out
of their scats lhe player In the center
must try lo scenro ono of lliein.
Tbo person who loses bis scat must
then tako his place in tho center.
Should lbe person ipiestloncd answer
"Very much" every ono of 111* playM*
must chango scats, so tt la not very,
difficult In this case for tb* qursttovgl
to And a scat      	
Tht Lamb's Prettetert.
Th* thnggy wolf dog waa **t M
watch a lamb. Auotber dog, alio nttt
a wolf In shape ond color, saw blm ant)
fell upon him at once. "Wolf, tnlt,
wbat are you doing with this Iambi*
cried lio. "Wolf yourself! Be off at
you'll find out to your sorrow." wit
th* answer. Tbe one tried to carry off
tlie lamb, tlie olhor to keep tt by tores,
and between tb* two tt waa lit. ib*
Paint N*t Wilt Taktn.
Un, Tinkles ito email daughter uy-
lag prayirsl-A IHU* under, dear   I
can't hear.   Daughter-tea. tint I'M
aot speaking te you.-Ncw Vork l'j-st THE   SUM,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
It is Not Too Cold
to Paint
ing Floors, Wood work, Tables,
Chairs, and Screen Doors that are being put
away; Storm Windows and Doors for this
winter. Just drop in when you anything in
the paint line.   Our stock is complete.
oManly's Hardware
t$e Brighten-up Store
E. C. Henniger.t.ie loc-il feetlman,
and R. Q. Ritchie, the Cascade merchant, started out on Munduy morning un a deer in the wild region*
remote frnm Christina lake. Wednesday evening, wben a searching
party was preparing to take tbe
trail, a wireless uieseage reached the
city from Cascade to the' t-ff'-ol that
tfie hun ter* had returned tn tbat
place. Nn mention was made of
tbe deer, but Irom the tenor oi the
dispatch ii is surmised that the
auiuials escaped injury,
A self-styled professional hockey
player, who obtained employment
as bartender at a local botel on the
strength of showing a contract witb
the local hockey olub, left town suddenly ou Friday. Several I.O.U.'s
in the cash register furnished a clue
to bis hurried departure. It iB said
t tat the Trail police would like to
interview tbe spurt.
Morriu-Thompson & Co., of Pboenix, agents for tbe Overland automobile fur eastern British Columbia
bave booked orders for thirty seven
cars, lo be delivered between now
and April 1. Their territory extends west from Kamloops to the
Alberta line. Many of the ordeas
were booked by sub-agents.
It is stated that from present indications tbe Granby company's
p operty at Hidden Cre k will be on
a producing basis January 1, as per
If you are bothered wilh headache, quint or cross-eye or if tl e
glasses you are oow wearing are unsuitable, consult the speciulist in the
Yale botel, on Thursday, DtJCt.ll -
ber 4.      	
"Papt't Diapepsin" makes Sick, Sour,
Gatty Stomaeha surely feel tint
In five minutes.
If what you Just ate la souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead, refusing to digest, or you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of dlsslness,
heartburn, fullness, nausea, bad taste
in mouth and stomach-headaehe, you
can get blessed relief ln live minutes.
Put an end to Btomaeh trouble forever
by gettine, a large titty-cent case of
Pape's Dlariepsla from any drug store.
You roali.:o In Ave minutes ho*v needless It I to suffer from '•■ I'm-stlon,
dyspop;<! or aay stomac. Isnrder.
It's tho I'lilckest. surest stomaoh doe-
tor   ln   tbe   world.    It's   wonderful.
Geo. E. Massie
Ladies' tnd Gentlemen's
of Every Description
Bridge Street
Grand Forks, B. G.
II. VV. Collins on Saturday received word that he had been
awarded second prize nf #50 at the
Widnipeg Land and Apple exliibi
lion for hia display nf five linxes of
pears. The display consisted of u
number of varieties.
The regular annual meeting of
me (irand Forks Agricultural association will be held in the city hall
on Thursday afternoon, December
4, at 3 o'clock. The election of
officers will be held, and other important business transacted, and a
full meeling is'requested.
Mrs. A. A. Francis and daughter
left on Saturday for Rnchester, N.
Y, where the latter will undergo
treatment for her eyes. Mrs. Francis will visit relative* in Buffalo
during the winter.
Another detachment of the gov
ernment's pets arrived here for the
colony west nf the cily on Wednesday.
Save your Halrl  Get a 25 cent bottle
of Danderlne right now—Alio
•topi Itching icalp,
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff—tbat awful aourf.
Thero is nothing so destructive to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the bair
of ita lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverish-
ness and Itching ot tbe icalp, whieh
lf not remedied causes the hair roots
to shrink, loosen and die—then th-
hair falls out fast. A little Dander!-
tonight—now—any tlmo—will sn-
save your bair.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderlne from any drug store. Tou
surely can bave beautiful hair and lota
of tt If ynu will Just try a little Danderlne.    Save  your  hair!   Try  itl
Grand Forks Second-
and otore op.wi»ip<tHoiei
We Bay, Sell tnd Exchange
Everything We also t\„ all kinds
of Tni luring Work We are Ex
parts in Furier Work, ('leaning,
Pressing ami Repairing. Satisfnv
tinn guaranteed in everything.
H. Baneson, Proprietor
Scientific JUnertcaiu
A b-Od-OmelT Uluatnted wertlr.  I_umat olr-
-1-tlon of *n, 101-1111110 Journal.   Tort-ir. tot
t • t**r,tnn*ia* pnp*kl.   Sold hj
Maughan Bros, have; opened a
plumbing shop in the Oddfellows'
building on Bridge street. They
also have shops at Fort Steele, B.C.,
and Bonners Ferry, Wash.
Coming—Dr. Kilberger, eyesight
specialist, representing the Torie
Optical company of Vancouver, will
be in the Yale botel, Grand Forks,
Thursday, December 4, and will be
pleased lo have persons with defective eyesight call and consult him
Eyeglasses and spectacles fitted. See
notice on page 8.
Rtad the advertisements in The
Sun hefore you do your Christmas
Big Sums for Furs
A. B. Shubert.   of   Chicagn,   the
argent house in  the  world  dealing
exclusively in American  raw   furs,
in a letter to The Sun, says in  part
as follows:
Furs are extremely fashionable
and a woman's wardrnhe is not complete without one or more sets of
furs. Even in mild climates, there
are large quantities of fur overcoats
being sold to gentlemen.
The present prices of American
raw furs, as compared with the
priors of a few years ago, make
pleasant reading lo the old trapper
and collector, hut to the tenderfoot
in the fur game it seems like an im-
Grand Forks people who have atom
ach and bowel trtyible should guard
against appendicitis by taking simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adler i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by
curing appendicitis. JUST ONE
DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on
the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY because this siiinple mixture draws off such a surprising
amount of old foul matter from the
body.   Woodland & Quinn, druggists
By Modern Methods
mite prices. Expert medioal ex-
uitiituition free Free cxumlnuiion
of urine when neeens-nry. Consult me—tree, Don't delay. Detayi
nre dangeroiiB. Cull or write-
Pree booklet. Everything confidential.
Hours;  9 a.m. tngpm.; Sunday*, 10 a.m. to 1 P-m.
Palace Barber Shop
ur Hon (nir a
Kaior Hon (nir a Speela.ty.
aT_ .i—____» .ff.y-J    ''m***>'m »«*■■—»■—■—*-«-"
00 TOUR MR BIISIKESS DIRECT wilh Ilie larjf-t il.nse In Ike WofM
dealing eidlislwly la AMERICAN CAW FURS
Get "More Money" for your FURS
• reliable—responsible-safe—FurHraisa with an unblemished reputation istinu for "more thanaquart-rof acentury," a lonrsu<-;
cessful r-t-ord of sen-llns Fur Shippersprnmct-SATlbPACTORV
AND PROFITAI.-.K relurns. Write for * Et* MAM _Ml»ptr.
th. only reliable, accurate market report and price Ust published.
Wrtto tot It-HOW-U** FBBK
A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. Bg .JSgS^giSgtfflg:
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
possible story, and if the old timers
didn't know tbe facts to bs tru***.
Ihey would ssy, *'tell it to Sweeney.',
Why, it was only a few yean ago
that one conld buy sll the musk-
rats in Canada for 6 cents apiece,
nnd they sold as low an 4 cents.
Winter and spring collections last
season brought 45 cents to 60 cents.
The entire collection of northern
mink could be bought at $1.50 and
$2.00 for No. 1 large prime skins.
But furs are a great deal higher
now. The cause of this tremendous
advance ia the keen competition
created by the well known circular
bouses. The trapper must be paid
for the hardship he endures, and if
Shubert made tbe market, furs
would be mucb higher, aa tbe average trapper does not get the collection he did years ago.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granby Hotrl.
First Stkkkt.
?Sr Gait Coal
F, Downey's Cigar Store
Orrur., RUB
9rn.__.Mi--      _. Flr$tjtre.it
The Toric Optical Company
Will be !•
Yale Hotel, Qrand Forks, Thursday, Dec. 4
and will be pleased to have persons with defective eyesight call and consult him. Eyeglasses, Spectacles and
Artificial Eyes fitted at a reasonable charge. Satisfaction guaranteed absolutely on all work done.
McDonelPs Tent Studio
Christmas Off er
From now until December 18,1913, I will give free
of charge with every order of Photos amounting to
$6.00 a splendid $3.50 Crayon Enlargement, size ltix
20 inches. This offer of these expensive Crayon
Picturea could not be made under ordinary conditions.
I have made special arrangements with the artists
to introduce these Crayon Enlargements in Grand
Forks, and so am enabled to give these
Handsome Pictures Free
of charge. Samples may be seen at the Tent
Studio, corner Bridge and Second Streets. Theae
pictures must be seen to be appreciated. Photos
$3.00 per dozen and upwards. Don't wait tor bright,
sunny days, as cloudy days are the best.
Developing arid Printing for Amateurs
J.R. McDonell,Photographer
Corner Bridge and Second Streets


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