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The Evening Sun Jan 20, 1911

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 Tenth Year—No. Jl
^M '■^-""•"
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. January 20, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Event of the Season at the
Eink Will Be field Next
Tuesday Evening
The annual fancy dress carnival
will be held at tbe Orand Forks
skating rink on Tuesday evening,
January 24. In past seasons tbese
events have proved great successes,
and this year preparations are being
made on a more elaborate scale than
ever before, so that it is not unreasonable to expert that tbis attempt
will eclipse all others. The Grand
Forks band has been engaged for
the occasion, and those wbo attend
are assured an enjoyable time. The
following cash prizes are offered for
tbe best costumes:
Best Gent's Costume—First, $3.00;
second, $2.00.
Best Lady's Costume—Firet,$3.00;
second, $2.00.
Best Boy's Costume—First.$2.00;
second, $1.00.
Best Girl's Costume—First./2.00;
second, $1.00.
BestSustained Comic Character—
First, $3.00; second, $2.00.
Potato and Barrel Races—First
and second prizes.
Half-mile Race, open to all—
First and second prizes.
School Board Meeting
The first meeting of the new
school board was held on Wednes
day evening. Those present were
Messrs. W. B. Cooper, J. W. Rutherford, D. McCallum and Geo. H.
The secretary reported no contest in the recent election, consequently thc three retiring trustees,
namely, VV. A. Cooper, J. W. Rutherford and D. McCalluin, were reelected for the term of two years.
The following ollicers were elected
fur the term: Chairman of tbe
board, J. \V. Rutherford; secretary,
Geo. H. Hull. Committees—School
management, W. A. Cooper and G.
H. Hull; buildings and grounds, D
McCallum and VV, A. Cooper;
' finance, N. L. Mclnnes and D. Me-
Calluni. The first named of each
j committee is chairman thereof.
W. H. Truax, M.D.. was re-ap
I pointed school health inspector at a
|! .salary of $150 per annum, payable
Tbe school reports received for
['December showed the attendance at
[the high school to have been 19;
I Central school, 269.
Communications    were  received
.roni Principals Allen and  Fleming,
enclosing marks and results of. tbe
(December examinations.
The following accounts were
If. N. Campbell $ 1.75
Jleo. M. Hendry* Co  11.05
|)oiniiiioii Express     1.50
(Ieo. W. Cooper  12.60
. C. McCutcheon    6 00
.A. Mclntyre     2.10
(Min Campbell    10.00.
The board will meet on the sec-
Hnd Tuesday of eacb month at 8 p.
ft. in the high school building.
boxes, 20x11x10 inches; pear boxed,
18Jxllx8J inches; plum boxes, four
basket crate, 15§xl5fx4J inches;
peach boxes, 18^x1 Ifx4i inches;
crab apple boxes, same as pear
Tbese recommendations will be
forwarded to the Dominion Fruit
Growers' association, which meets at
Ottawa next December, witb a request that tbey be approved and
sent to tbe Dominion minister of
agriculture, with a suggestion that
they be legalized. There is now no
legalized standard size for fruit boxes
in Canada except apple boxes for
Tbe discussion showed that the
size of the apple box endorsed is the
same as that set forth in the Fruit
Marks Act as required to be used
wben apples are packed "for export
only." When the Fruit Marks Act
was before parliament, tbe words
"for export only" were not at first
in the bill, but were inserted afterwards at the instance of millmen
who manufactured two sizes of apple boxes. Wben a fruit grower
packs his apples it is impossible for
him to know whether they are for
export or not. Consequently he uses
whatever box he prefers, and the result is conf us on. For this reason
the fruit growers of British Columbia think it would be better to bave
one standard size for all purposes,
Meritorious  Entertainment
Presented hy Sunday
Sohool Pupils
Express Rates to Orop
In tbe judgment delivered by the
railway commission after an enquiry
into the express rates of Canada it
was decreed that as the tariffs of the
Canadian companies are too high,
there will have to be a reduction.
The form of contracts between shippers and companies were regarded
as unfair, and will have to be replaced. The methods of the companies were generally condemned.
A rate reduction of at least 10 per
cent on through express traffic has
been ordered by the commission.
The entertainment presented by
the Holy Trinity Sunday school in
the opera house on Saturday night
attracted a large audience. Mis.
Mclnnes rendered a couple of solos,
whicb were heartiy encored. The
butterfly drill, by nine girls, and
tbe two tableaux —"Sing a Song of
Sixpence" and "Queen of Hearts"—
were well presented, and received a
great deal of well merited applause.
Tbe little folks taking part in tbe
tableaux were Miss G. Heaven as
queen, Master H. Mclnnes as king,
Master Hall Barlee, as knave, and
Miss Tannis Barlee as maid. The
program was concluded witb tbe
musical play, "Cinderella." The
little actresses did remarkably well,
and were rewarded for their efforts
by repeated applause from the audience. Tbe costumes were very
pretty, and the ball scene was well
staged and faultlessly rendered.
Those who took part in the piece
were: Miss F. Gilpin, as the fairy
godmother; Miss M. Symes, Proudie;
Miss Vivian Rasbleigb, Crosspatch;
Miss M. Gilpin, Cinderella; Mi<-s L.
Elmore, Herald; Miss M. Fraser,
Sir Holliday; Miss G. Traunweiser,
Sir Hector; Miss G. Barron, Prince
A bonspiel of the Boundary curling clubs will be held at the curling
rink in this city next Tuesday.
Rinks from Phoenix, Greenwood
and the Mother Lode will participate in the eveot.
Money io Mining
That mining investment is the
soundest aed most profitable of all
when 'nade under the advideof competent engineers and managed with
capability and integrity, is evident
from the fact that for the first eight
months of last year 120 mines paid
$48,301,333 in dividends, and this
despite tbe abnormal prices of tbe
metals, What other industry or
system of investment can show sucb
results? In tbe same period seven
smelting companies paid dividends
amounting to $11,269,600.—Mining
and Engineering Record.
Standard Fruit Boxes
The British Columbia Fruit Grow-
■i,' association at their recent meet-
|i in Victoria approved the follow-
sizes   for  fruit boxes:   Apple
It will be good news to Rossland-
ers that the Granby coinpany ia pre
paring to str.rt shipments of ore
from the Cliff mine here to thair
smelter at Grand Forks. Already a
small force of men is busy putting
the road around tbe mine iu good
order for heavy traffic, and the ore
will be taken to the spur on the
Great Northern railway near Hun
ter's warehouse. Arrangements for
the haulage of the ore will doubtless
be entered into witb a local firm. It
is hoped tbat tbe shipments will be
made regularly.—Rossland Miner.
The entire battery is now in operation at the Granby smelter in this
city, the eighth furnace having been
blown in this week. The company
intends to make a record run during the present.'year.
Napoleon mine where the glory
hole will be started as soon as the
raise is completed, says the Orient
Journal. They have uncovered a
vaBt  body of highly oxidized ore,
and it is tbis ore winch will he Committees Appointed and
treated in the cyanide mill when it Qft   Sojicitor>s Salary
is completed.    At   present   all   the » J
ore being  mined is of a sulphide KcllSed
character, whicb is shipped to the
company's smelter at Greenwood.
Miss Mary Zenter, employed at
tbe Yale hotel, was successfully
operated on for appendicitis at the
Cottage hospital on Wednesday by
Drs. Truax and Kingston. Sbe is
rapidly recovering.
It is reported tbat the Phoenix
Amalgamated (War Eagle) will be
added to the list of tbe Boundary's
regular ore ehippeii before the end
of tbe present month.
Peter D. Murphy, of Pboenix,
and Miss Mary McDonald, of Antigonish, N.S., were married at tbe
Sacred Aeart church, Phoenix, last
The Great Northern railway bas
put on anolh'T ore train between
this city and Phoenix, there now
being two trains per ilny steady.
These trains are run Ity Conductors
W. F. Smith and A. C. Uren and
Engineers Dan Fleming and George
Knox, all old and reliable employees of the company.
At the annual meeting of the
Central Farmers' institute, attended
by delegates from all sections of
British Columbia, a resolution was
adopted condemning tbe proposal of
reciprocity in natural products with
the United States, and asked that
tbe duty on fruit entering Canada be raised to a tariff equal to
tbat of the United States.
Johli Lever and John Hueheck
were granted naturalization papers
by Judge Brown at a sitting of the
county court yesterday.
Fivo aliens who attempted to
evade the Immigration Act by get
ting oil tbe train at Danville and
then being driven to the C.P. R. sta
tion in this city by private conveyance, were rounded up by Inspector
McCallum on Wednesday as they
were in the act of taking the train
for Pboenix. They bad a hearing
before the police magistrate and
were each fined $10, which tbey
paid. Tbey were deported yesterday morning.
Wm. Cooper and C. O. Robson
left on Tuesday for Midway, where
they will get out ties for the Kettle
Valley line.
A ski club has been organized in
Pboenix. This ia the only organization of tbis nature west ot tbe
W. '8. Murray is at bis old home
in Petrolia, Ont. His mother died
at that place recently:
Fire gutted the Queen's   hotel
Phoenix last Sunday morning.
Tbe  payroll   in    Phoenix
month amounted to $95,000.
Tbe Orient Journal says it   is reported   tbat   the   Colonel    Peyton
groug, near the McKinley mine, has
has been sold to the British Colum
bia Copper company.
A year or so ago a jeweler named
Zimmerman was brutally murdered
at Penticton. Tbe object of the
crime was robbery. A large amount
of jewel ry was taken. A suspect was
arrested, but a careless official permitted the prisoner to escape. The
whole police force of the Boundary
country went to work on the case.
Over on the other side a crime is
never forgotten. The guardians of
the law never cease hunting a criminal. Perpetrators of a crime may
keep under cover for a time, once in
a while escape altogether, but if they
stay in the conntry the chances are
against them enjoying pmtracted
liberty. Recenty a clue has been
discovered to the Zimmerman inur-
The first meeting of the new city
council was held on Monday evening, the mayor and Aid. Atwood,
Bonthron, Downey, Davis and Smith
being present.
Four applications for the position
of city clerk were received, among
them being that of F. Irvine, of
Nelson. Tbe council decided to
postpone tbe appointment until the
next meeting, and in the meantime
to investigate the qualifications of
the different applicants. On motion
of Aid. Atwood and Davis, it was
decided to invite Mr. Irvine to visit
tbe city and look the situation over,
and tbat tbe clerk and finance committee have a conference with him,
with a view of his appointment as
city clerk.
A communication was read from
the city solicitor, requesting an increase io his salary to #75 per
month. Mr. Sutton was present at
tbe meeting, and stated tbat since
bis appointment as city solicitor,
two or three years ago, the legal
business of the city bad more tban
doubled. On motion of Aid. Davis
and Smith, tbe increase was granted.
The mayor nnmed the following
permanent committees:
Board of Works—Bonthron, Downey and Smith.
Water and Light—Smith, Lequime and Davis.
Finance—Atwood, Davis and Lequime.
Cemetery—Lequime, Downey and
Health and Relief- Davis, Smith
and Downey.
Aid. Downey give notice tbat at
the next meeting he would introduce a bylaw changing tbe dates of
the sessions of the council to the
second and fourth Mondays of eacb
The council tben adjourned until
next Monday night.
Plans of the Granby
Granby's new management is
making plans to operate tne property this year to the full capacity of
its smelting plant, says tne Boston
Commercial. It is expected tbat
this will result in a production of
over 25,000,000 pounds of copper at
a cost of not over 104 und possibly
under 10 cents a pound.   This  will
There are at present six heavy
-teams and a crew of men busily engaged in stripping the surface at the
derer. Articles of jewelry taken ulj8ive lho company net earnings of
the time of Ihe murder havo been $^,r,° l0 $5 _»r "httru ,vilh copper
found at Sidley, where they were in 8ellil|fe' nt 13 oeilts a l"'u,)d-
the possession of a woman. The The management hus satisfied it-
police are now on the trail, and the;self that if tbe smeller were opera-
I guilty party may be landed at any jted continuously to only half its ca-
' liine.'—Oroville Gazette. ' \ P"0'lVi US '' l>»8  been   during   the
i   greater   portion   of   last year,  the
Because hot coffee was accidentally 8,000,000 tons of developod ore in
thrown into his eyes, Jnhnnio Mas- tbe propeity would bc exhausted
lonka, a ten-vear-old buy living in with little or no profit to thc stock-
! Midway, B.C., is likely to lose his holders, due to the fact that tho
sight. In au effort to save tlio boy's costs arc so much higher when tbo
eyes tho Children's Aid society has output is curtailed. By operating
arranged to have hiin taken to the tbe plant to full capacity the ore al-
home in Vancouver for treatment, ready developed can be made to
The youngster belongs to a family of yield a profit of between £'3,000,000
foreigners in Midway, and owing   to  and 84,000,000.
the poverty of his parents  no doctor 	
was secured to look aftor hint   when      Frank Johnetono has moved from
the accident occurred. Fife to English Cove. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
He Waa a Fine Fellow and ;(
Served ar. Important Purpose
b, r. A. MITCHEL
Copyright, 1910, by American Prats
Everard Tomlinson waa considered
an admirable catch. He was a Hue
fellow lu every tvny and when he
came ot n{_e fell Ueir to a fortune ut
some iftMi.iswj lie was besieged by
fortune hunting wins.
It was mimethitiK of a relief, therefore, when Mrs. Stetson, an old friend
of his mother, reminded him tbat be
was promised to her for a visit at her
unpretentious bungalow on Lake Was-
sspogie for tbe lust two weeks ln September. He had engaged for this visit
ln tbe spring tu please bis mother and
before be bad made his round of bouse
parties. At tbat time be looked forward to two weeks in Mrs. Stetson's
bungalow as burying himself ln tbe
woods. Tbere was to be no otber
guest and tbe family consisted only of
Mrs. Stetson, her son, Roy, aged sixteen, and her daughter. Alice, aged
twenty. Tomliusnn waa told that lt
would not be necessary to bring evening dress: tbat he would need flannel
shirts and any old clothes he might
possess. His days would be passed Id
a rowboat and bis evenings In tbe living room of tbe bungulow wltb the
family sitting around a table reading
by a kerosene lamp.
After being bunted by spinsters
Tomlinson rather liked the Idea uf getting away by himself. True, tbere wat
Alice Stetson, wbo might be lying In
wait for bim, but It was not Improbable tbat he could get away occasionally alone for a pull over tbe waters
of tbe lake.
lt was near tbe 1st of October wben
Tomlinson was driven up to the rear
door of tbe bttngalow-the bouse faced
the lake and was built on its verge-
and tbe foliage uad already begun to
take on Us variegated uues. Mrs.
Stetson and Roy welcomed tbe guest.
Tomlinson noticed tbe abseuee of Miss
Alice and was so well bred as to say
that be hoped sbe was nut from borne.
Be was told that ahe waa In the bouse,
but would not appear before dinner.
Ber mother vaguely bluted tbat there
was a reason for ber keeping ber room
for tbe present, aud from the sympathetic tone In which the statement
was made Tomlinson Inferred that
some tad event bad occurred.
Alice came out of ber room as dinner was announced. Sbe did not say
anything about the lugubrious event.
bnt ibe looked Intensely aad. Indeed,
her eyes were red, an evidence that
abe bad been weeping. The effort she
Bade to seem cheerful was touching
Tomlinson was tempted to Inquire
what was the cause of ber melancholy,
but was too well bred to trespass on
the sacred feelings of a young girl.
Alice retired to ber room early In the
Tbe next morning ber depression
continued,' though Tomlinson noticed
tbat she ate heartily. Mrs. Stetson
suggested tbat tbe show Tomlinson
tbe beauties ot Wattsapugle lake. Alice
cut a look of appeal at ber mother,
et much ae to tay. "Jt'a cruel that 1
must exert myself to entertain a stranger when my heart Is crushed." but
the mother insisted, telling ber daughter tbat tbe fresh air would raise ber
spirits and that tbe should make an
i. Wbat kind nf an effort she should
make the mother did not explain. Roy
got out a boat, and aa Alice stepped
Into It dressed ln a very becoming
blouse and a short skirt Tomlinson
noticed tbat ahe possessed a foot aud
ankle the curves of wblcb were very
delicately turned. She asked Ilny If be
was not gutng with tbem. and wben
he said he wat going Instead for
ducks the gave hiin n reproachful
glance. Tomlluton, relieved at Rny'i
refusal, took tbe oars and pulled away
from tbe front porch, which served at
a landing for the little bungalow burled under trees and shrubbery, dipping bis oars Into water lilies, tben
gliding away Into deep water.
Tbere was an autumn crlspoesi In
the air. and Tutnllnson wished the lady
were In a better condition to enjoy It
wltb him. He drew ber Into conversation and soon learned tbe cause of her
distress. When he admired a clump ot
trees nn the crest of a knoll abe said,
"Mr. Mieklejohn always admired that."
When be pulled Into a llttle'cove with
a tiny beach overhung with wlldwnod
and remarked what a charming spot it
was she replied sadly. "Mr. Mieklejohn and I always used to pull In here
when we came out boating."
"May. I ask who Mr. Mieklejohn Is?"
"Oh!" This wns an exclamation at
though she had unwittingly betrayed
herself. "Mr. Mieklejohn Is a very
good friend of ours. He left us yesterday morning Just before you came."
It was all out. This bee Mieklejohn
bad been tbere, bad captured tbe prize
and there was no sweetness left for
poor Tomlinson,
"Pardon me." he said, with a suspicion of hauteur. "1 did not know that
I was trespassing on sacred ground."
"Ob, no. 1 assure you you quite mistake me."
"in what respect?"
"It's as I said. Mr. Mieklejohn Is a
very good friend to us all—mother,
Roy. alt of us."
"Rut when he goes away you do the
She looked very much hurt at this,
almost offended.
Tomlinson was disgruntled. Notwithstanding tbat thia was very different
from tbe social life he bad been en-
Joying be would bave liked the
change, especially for the company of
this pretty girl, had not Mieklejohn
spoiled tt all by going away, taking
ber heart wltb him. Wltb tbe girls
Tomlinson bad met be was surfeited.
Here was a girl so preoccupied wltb
another tbat sbe couldn't even be companionable. Thia ts a specimen of tbe
way she talked abuut Mieklejohn:
"Do you sing? Nol Mr. Mieklejohn
has such a lovely tenor voice. When
be sings be thrills me. He used to sing
parts from 'Faust' and I almost
wished I bad been Marguerite. Mr.
Mieklejohn It very versatile. He Is the
best whist player, tbe best billiard
player, tbe best horseback rider, tbe
best swimmer"—
"Did you tumble out of tbe boat
wben he was bere tbat be might swim
ashore with you?"
"How ridiculous!" She pouted. Tomlinson asked ber to go on with the catalogue of Mleklejohn's accomplishments, but sbe turned away from him
aa from one wbo bad slapped tbe face
of ber idol and, pulling on the port
rudder rope, headed the boat for tbe
After dinner Alice sat at tbe table in
tbe living room wltb ber mother, her
brother and Tomlinson—that Is to say,
sbe was going to sit tbere, bnt the
guest spoiled It all and drove her away
by asking If Mr. Mieklejohn read poetry to ber by tbe dim light of the kerosene lamp. At ibis reference to tbe
dear departed Mieklejohn Mrs. Stetson
cast a frightened glance at ber daughter. Roy waa reading a book on tbe
game of football and was oblivious to
tbe shock to his sister's sensibilities.
Alice arose and. with ber eyes bent to
tbe floor, left tbe room. Tomlinson
could bave bitten off his tongue, for a
long evening was before bim with oo
otber companions than an elderly lady
and a boy, tbe room In wblcb tbey
were being lighted by a dim lamp.
Mrs. Stetson retired at 9 and Roy half
an hour later. Tomlinson vowed tbat
it tbe period of this seclusion ever ex-
pired-lt teemed to him that It never
would-be would not get into aucb a
trap again. Resides, be waa much
piqued after having been tuught by
finer girl* to be completely Ignored,
considered a personage nf no Importance whatever compared with tbe Immaculate Mieklejohn. A desire came
to bim to supplant Mr. Mleklejubn and
when be bad dune su leave Lake Was-
aapogle wltb bis nose ln the air.
Tbe next morning Mrs. Stetson, evidently still concerned about ber daughter's sorrow, suggested another boat
ride. Alice didn't seem to care what
she did ao long as Mr. Mleklejobu was
absent Sbe yielded possibly to her
mother's with. The boat wat taken
out and the guest ot the bouse, with
the littlest girt again left the bungalow.
'tomlinson bore the references to
Mieklejohn. gritting bit teeth, but
making no reply. His object wat
rather to draw Alice's attention away
from thli remarkable man to otber
subjects from which * be might the
more easily direct it to himself. He
exerted whatever lady killing faculties
he possessed for an hour, at the end of
wblcb time bit companion teemed
really to bave plucked up tome Interest in ber surroundings. Tben for an
hour the failed to mention tbe lost one.
Tomlinson wat encouraged.
Two weeks passed, eacb day being a
gradual drawing away of Alice Station from a man who wat absent to a
man wbo wit present. All tbe dell-
clout little nookt wblcb bordered on
the lake were visited again and again,
and at laat Tomllnaou chuckled to
"Now bring on your Mieklejohn."
One bright morning tbey were drifting Idly through some rushes. There's
nothing like some rushes, some smooth
water, a little brush and a few overhanging trees, wltb a man and a girl
lo a boat to make a picture of young
love. Tomlinson was making an effort
to complete tbe thntterlug of tbe ta-
cred image—Mieklejohn. He overshot
tbe mark and made use of the word
"love." Had Mtas Stetson been sitting
at ibe otber end of the boat from him.
possibly what happened might not
have hapened. at least nut then. Uut
they were lifting side by side. Alice's
head fell on Tninlltison's shoulder.
What could be do? He completed the
transition. Tbe burden wus removed
from tbe shoulders of the dear departed and placed upon thote of the
Thia It a letter written by Alice Rtet-
•on to her bosom friend Molly Biwn
announcing her engagement:
"Tou  lee, dearest   mamma  knew
from Mre. Tomlinson tbat Ned wat De-
set by a lot of society girls of tbat
class which Is trying to live in swelldom without having the meant to do
■o. Mrs. Tomlinson waa afraid some
of tbem would get him and, knowing
what a plain, modest unassuming girl
lam, without a bit of deception In my
nature, sbe aaked mamma to Invite
Ned bere, hoping be and I might make
a match. Mamma aaid he wouldn't
'look at' me after all the fine ladles he
had met This set me to thinking, and
I determined to be as unlike tbem at
possible. Wben he came I pretended
to bave just parted wltb somebody
else—a Mr. Mieklejohn, I called him—
talking about wbat a One fellow be
was, bow 1 missed bim. and all that,
till Ned got so mad every time I mentioned his name that I thought he
would murder me. Now I'm afraid
he'll murder me when he finds out tbat
Mr. Mleklejobu is a myth.
"We're going to be married during
the holidays, and I wish you to be my
first bridesmaid. We're not going to
have a splurge wedding, bnt quite gay
enough to warrant the prettiest gown
you can invent."
Fun In tht Homt.
Whatever your lot in life, keep joy
with you. says Orison Swett Mardon
In Success Magazine. It is a great
healer. Sorrow, worry, jealousy, envy,
bad temper, create friction and grind
away the delicate bnman machinery so
that the brain loses its cunning.
Half the misery lu lhe world would
be avoided if the people would muke
a business of having plenty of fun at
home Instead of running everywhere
else In seurcb of It.
"Now for Uest and Fun." "No Business Troubles Allowed Here." Tbese
are good borne building mottoes.
Wben you bave bad a perplexing
day. when things have gone wrong
with you, and yon go home ut night
exhausted, discouraged, blue. Instead
of making. your borne miserable liy
going over your troubles und trials.
Just bury tbem: Instead of dragging
them borne und making yourself and
your family unhappy wltb them and
spoiling the whole evening, Just lock
everything that Is disagreeable in your
Just resolve tbat your borne shall be
a place for blight pictures and pleasant memories, kindly feelings toward
everybody and. ns Mr. Roosevelt says,
"a corking good time" generally. If
you do this you will be surprised to
see how your vocation or business
wrinkles will be Ironed out ln tbe
morning and bow tbe crooked things
will be straightened.
Domtttie Girl li Happy.
The girl whuse sphere Is set tn domesticity can find as keen a satisfaction lu doing Iter work to the very best
of ber ability as can ber sister wbo
achieves college honors or fame lu
tbe literal? world. Indeed, tbere is
something peculiarly satisfying and
fine and healthy about work wltb tbe
hands, becnuse, for one tblng, it It
generally service for others.
Again, tho great mass of women
must luevltably find tbeir scope tn domestic life, and every girl, whaterer
ber social position may be. would he
the better (or two years' thorough
training In housewifery, says tbe Philadelphia inquirer. Therefore. If yuu
are going through your "boneless
phase." try good honest housework aa
an antidote. Work bard with your
hands and at tbe same time cultivate
a cheerful spirit and aa Interested
bablt of mind.
Tried Hlmpelf.
Orl'l'a recently had the unusual
spectacle of a magistrate trying a caw
igainst himself. Moreover, nfter hear,
ing the evidence, the police magi*
tratc dismissed the charge.
When court opened on Friday morning, the first case called wns tha'
against "George H. Clark, for allow
ing his dog to be at liberty withotr
a muzzle." The charge was laid hi
Constable Georgfe Reeve, who wa* act.
ing as day constable in the absence
of Chief Reid, on hia holiday*. Th-
police magistrate, who evidently hetl
an easy conscience, pleaded not auil-
ty. Three witnesses, Messrs. J. 1)
Knox, A. Clark and C. B. Hewett
were called by Constable Reeve in
support of his charge, but all three
disavowed any knowledge ae to whether or not Mr Clarke's dog had
been wearing a muzzle on the day
mentioned in the charge, i His Wnr
ship thereupon dismissed the esse, remarking that he had done his best to
comply with the regulations as to muz
zling,.and if his dog had ever aot
abroad unmuzzled, it was through accident. Messrs. Knox and Hewett jo
cularly asked "What about witness
fees," but tbe police magistrate retorted that he certainly was not going
to pay them. And so ended a case
unique in the annali ol Orillia court
Mushrooms In Saxony,
There Is prulailtiy no country In tht
World where mushrooms are more high,
ly prized for fond tban In Saxony. Although It It recugnixed that their nutritive properties are moderate, nevertheless mutbroome are extviitlveli
used tbere In place of ordinary vegeia
blea, as well ii for wupi, tnuces and
Mr. Hanniktr Htaton Mistaken For
Edward tht Seventh.
Although Mr. Henniker Heaton
M.P., has announced his approaching
retirement Irom Canterbury, which hu
has represented for twenty-five years,
his agitation ior cheaper cable rated
shows that he is as active as ever in
the matter of postal reform. The
country has to thank him for the establishment of penny postage through
out the Empire and to the United
States, and will one day have to
thank him for the extension of the
system to France. The City of London conferred its freedom upon him
eleven years ago, and successive Governments have pressed a K.C.M.G.
upon him. But Mr. Heaton has four
times declined the honor. There il
a joke in connection with Mr. Hea-
ton's friendship with Mr. Marconi
which might bear repetition. When
he. was made a Freeman of the City
of London Mr. Marconi accompanied
him, and when the letter's turn came
and he received tlie freedom of Rome,
he insisted that Mr. Heaton should
return the coiftpliment by going with
him to Rome. Some little time belor ..
this Sir Benjamin Stone had photographed them together on the terrace
ot the House of Commons, in ths
costumes of their respective courts,
Mr. Marconi sent a copy of this to an
Italian newspaper, and the latter published it on the day Mr. Marconi received the freedom of Rome over the
inscription: "Mr. Marconi and King
Edward the Seventh." One of Mr
Heaiton's most treasured possessions
—and he only received it during hi*
election campaign this year—is a letter irom Mr. Chamberlain wishing
him success. Lord Desborough has
chosen the following extract from it as
an inscription for Mr. Heaton's tomb
stone: "lt has been given to few men
to promote reforms independently,
and to see them adopted in their' own
lifetime with universal approval.''
There is an amusing anecdote in connection with a Parliamentary chess
match which the famous postal reformer got up between Great Britain
and America in 1907. It was played
by cable, and at one stage of the game
everything pointed to the defeat of the
new world players. Realizing this,
they wired "You're too good for us;
we'll play you at poker I The game,
however, ended in a draw, and the
offer to play poker has not been accepted.
Inland's Surnamtt.
The impression is general that at
least nine out of every ten men in Ireland are named Pat Murphy, and tor
once there is some real ground for the
popular impression, for, if you call
every person you meet in Ireland
"Murphy," you will bit right once in
every eight times, li the others are
not named Murphy, the chances are
two in seventeen that they are Kellys.
A strong and growing rival of Murphy
and Kelly, however, is Smith. In both
England and Scotland Smith is far
in the lead, and in Wales beats Jones
by a narrow margin.
The numbet of typical English
names in Ireland is surprising.
Messrs. Baker, Cooper, Long, Small,
Turner, etc., are frequently encountered, but, despite this invasion and
the equaliy vigorous attack ot Welsh
Joneses, there ure enough left of the
Aherns, Riordans, Fagans, and Moyni-
hana to keep alive the traditions of the
Any Murphy in Ireland, or out of it,
can tell you that "Murphy" is a concession to the poor, ignorant English,
who found difficulty in pronouncing—
the taints help t;ieni I—a simple name
like MicMunough—the name oi the
ancient kings of Leinater, oi whom
Dermot wu the lait.
She Hugged tht Weathtr Van.
A rare example ol feminine nerve
comes from England. Anxious to obtain unique photographs for sale in
connection with a church, Miss Lydia
Akiena, nineteen, climbeo a steeplejack's ladder to the top of the'spire
of St. Mark's Church, Leicester, which
it more than 200 leet h'jgh. Having
reached the top. Miss Aki ns, camera
in hand, coolly walked around the
narrow, unprotected slug ng and snapshotted some fine views of the town.
Bo awe-inspiring was the sight that
many of the crowd below walked
away, declaring they could watch her
no longer. Finally the intrepid snan-
thotter caused tremendous excitement among the on'ookers when she
climbed another ladder and reached
the weather vnne, on which she rested for some minutes. Miss Akiens
claims the championship at woman
tteeplejack ot the world,
Coltridgt at Convtrtatlonallit.
Coleridge wu a prodigious talker,
and hit fluency and eloquence In discussion toon brought hit fellow debaters to a standstill. Edward Irving,
once complained to a fellow guett at
Mr. Oillman't:
"Can you ever get a word in with
"No." was the reply; "nor do I
ever wish to."
There lt i ttory of Coleridge's buttonholing Hazlitt in the Grove and1
subjecting him to a'stream of eloquence. The latter was pressed for
time, but waited till his patience became exhausted; then he cut off the
button and fled, leaving Coleridge to
discourse to it it leisure.
Tangle of Red Tape In an English Extradition Case.
Lott of Firmi Aftir All.
The total area of England, Scotland,
and Wales is 56,214,153 acres, excluding water, and the total under crop
this year his been 32.144.0W aeret
(exclusive of 12.844._H6 aeree of moan-i
tain and heath land used for (rasing).
Only tht Qulok Wit of tht Canadian-
Polio* Intpteter Kept • Notorious
Criminil In Custody When In Rtalty
Ht Wat it Fret it th* Air.
The manner In which a prisoner extradited to England from a foreign-
country Is treated while on the voyage
home depends very much on the detective who haa him ln charge and)
also on whether or no tbere la any
suspicion tbat he may be contemplating violence either to himself or to
others. *
For Instance, in tbe case of Jabej
Bnlfnttr, who waa taken to England all
tbe way from Buenos Aires, thero
waa a strong suspicion—probably lit
founded—tbat be contemplated committing suicide. Consequently Inspector Freest who had him ln charge, decided to take no rlski that he could*
possibly avoid.
Tbe regulations do not permit of an
unconvicted prisoner being handcuffed
on board sblp once tbe vessel hns left
port, and he must be allowed one-
hour's exercise on deck eacb day.
These Indulgences, if indulgences tbey
may be called, were therefore not
withheld from Balfour.
Rut he got few others. For twenty-
three hours out of every twenty-four
he was Immured In a locked cabin. He
waa not permitted even to enter the
public dining room, bis meals being
brought to him by Mr. Froest himself
after the rest of tbe passengers had
fed. He was, besides, constantly
watched and was subjected to a most
rigorous search immediately on coming aboard.
His only relaxation was an occasional game of chest wltb tome of tbe
passengers who kindly came to bla
cabin to play with bim by periajpslon
and In the presence of bis keeper.
This ten Imprisonment lasted exactly
one month and a day, and Balfonr
afterward declared that It was the
most trying experience of a captivity
that was destined to continue for
nearly twelve years.
One of lhe longest and tn Its Inter
Itaget one off the pleasantest voyage*
ever undertaken by an nnconvlcted
criminal was that which Charles Hyl-
ton Davidson, tbe notorious forger,
made tome yeara back In tbe custody
of Chief Inspector Murray of the Canadian department of justice.
Murray tracked the wanted man to-
Mexico and secured his extradition to
Canada. But tben hit difficulties began. He could not bring hli prisoner
to Cinadn by tbe direct route through
the United States, for immediately
Davidson set foot in that country he
could bave demanded to be released.
There was therefore nothing for It bur
to convey bim by way of Jamaica ant
England and thence baek across tbe
Atlantic to Quebec.
On the voyage Murray kept David-
ton nnder close observation, although
allowing bim considerably more freedom than- Froest allowed Balfour.
When, bowever, be had got safely aa
far at London be wai both mortified
aud astonished at tbe likelihood of bla
having bad all bla trouble for nothing
The law waa, he wat told, thit a
prisoner extradited from a foreign
country to a British colony could not
be kept ln custody In Englind for
longer tban twenty-four hours, nor
could he be taken aa ■ prisoner bn
board a British thlp sailing from a
British port
Bere was a dilemma. Davidson watt
free as air—had he only known tt.
Bnt Murray waa equal to the occasion.
"Look here. Davidson." be said. "I've
got yon safe. Tbere It only the laat
atage of the Journey to complete. If
I allow yuu to travel saloon wltb me
ai an ordinary tSrtt diss passenger
will yon give me yonr word to play
me no tricks7'
To this propoaltlon Davidson, knowing nothing of the real tlate of affairs,
was naturally quite ready to agree.
And to It came lo pan that one of tbe
moat notorious criminals Canidi bis
ever known came borne In state; free,
yet not free, a voluntary prisoner, and
yet in involuntary one.—Peanon'e
A Wet Harvest Relic.
A curious token has been found at
Barton, Inscribed "Tunstead and
Happing, 1812. One Halfpenny. Payable at the Corporation House." This
was the year ol the wet harvest in
England, the worst ever known. It
rained incessantly all September,
October and during most of November, and November 29 farmers were
carting barley, a sharp wind frost
prevailing. Wheat wat 63 shillings a
coomb, and so bad was it in quality
that dough made from the flour resembled slime. Every Monday morning the overseers and church wardens
met at the parish churches to devise
means to provide employment and
relieve the starving poor.—London
Standard. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
who get little exercise, feel better all round for
an occasional dose of
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
They tone up the liver, move the bowels gently but freely, cleanse the
system and clear lhe brain. A new, pleasant and reliable laxative, prepared
by a reliable firm, and worthy of the NA-DRU-CO Trade Mark.
25c. a box. If your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25c. and
we will mail them.
Too Verbose
"Here," said the editor, "you use
too many words. You say: 'He was
poor, but honest.' You huve only to
say that he was honest.
"Again, you soy, 'He was without
money and without friendB.' Simply
say that he wus without money. —
Smart Set.
What Milwaukee'is Doing
Milwaukee hus a Big Brother ami
Big Sister league. The Big Brothers
hnve secured work for 1,000 boys anil
homes for twenty-five boys. Milwaukee has 456 Big Brothers and asks for
1,000 to help 10,000 boys to be good
citizens. Thc call is out tor 600 Big
Sisters to help 5,000 girls in need of
Mtt. WlHSlOW'S IOOTB1NO SVSl'F till  \Xt.
Med for mt SIXTY VBAR8 by MILLION* ol
H the belt remedy tor LIARRHCSA. mean,
voltitely hannleae. Be lure and ask for "Met.
Winalow's Soothing Syrup," and take bo other
kind.   Twenty-five cctta a bottla.
Mimrd'i Liniment Curtt Diphtheria.
All in One Clatt
Wife—Can you remember the first
ci?ar you ever smoked, John?
Husband—Yes, love—also my first
sea voyage, and our wedding day!
Coat Sweaters, Underwear, Scarfs,
etc., for Men, Women, and Children,
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Mall Ordtr Only, no travellers em-i
ployed. Send cash with order, goods
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niatjitois ooosha, tares eoldj
fee OuMtaad laaaa •  •  • la
Rich and Costly Furs
part of the COONTRY. Ship THEM to
HOUSE. Br Ihlpplnl DIRECT to ui yen
receive far better PRICES than you have
obtained eUcwhere, became we Hit direct to
the manufacturer! of HIOH GRADE FURS.
A trial ihlpment trill CONVINCE vou.
A epeclally arranged trice Hit for your
Territory will be nailed upon requat. We
pay all exprenage, charge oo M—lM-Sti.
and rmlt promptly.
By An Old Hand.
How to tan or dress all light fur
skins, such aa mink, muskrat, weasel,
fox, fisher, lynx cat, Ac; how to tan
dog skins, sheep skins, wolf skins,
badger, &c, for mats, ruga, robes,
gauntlets, &c.; how to dye sheep skin
mats any desired shade; how to remove the greaBe from furs or fur skins
without wetting the skin, making the
fur as clean and lively aa new; how to
clean white fur, such as thibct, angora, white rabbit, &c, making them
us white and Irish as new; how to
ttan cow and horse hides for coats,
robes, Ac.; how to make easily and
quickly a good tough leather for repairing harness and general use on
the farm; how to care for hides and
skins that are to be sold, and how to
sell them to get the moat money for
Any of the above recipes will be
sent to any address on receipt of 50
cents, or the booklet complete for
$3.00. Address:
Box 383, Winnlptg, Man,
Real   Unkind
She had been making a noise on the
piano for twenty consecutive minutes.
"Shull I open the window?" asked
the young mnn in the pnrlor scene.
"What for?" she Inquired.
"Why—er—so you cun get the air,"
he replied.
Mintrd't Liniment Curtt Colds, &c.
A housekeeper asks—"What is the
simplest way to keep preserves from
molding " If you shut a small boy in
the pantry fir it few minutes nny day
it may do something towards it.
manure?? ?*«
Plch and  poor alike try to dodge
their tnxes.      Thc only difference is
tbat. the rich know how to do it.—
Wnll Street Journal.
They Cleanse While They Cure.—
The vegetable compounds of which
Purmoloe's Vegetable Pills ure com-
pos"d, mainly dandelion and mandrake, clear the stomach and intestines of deleterious matter nnd restore
the deranged organs to healthful action. Hence they are the best remedy for indigestion available to-day.
A trial of them will establish the
truth of this assertion and tlo more
to convince the ailing than onything
thnt can be written of these pills.
One way to remain happily married
is to cut out your relatives who are
alflictcd with the butt-in habit.
You can please a woman by telling
her she looks like a picture—although
she knows there are some horrid pictures. , .
Platters, Ointments and Sulphur, wtrt
Alike   Useless,   but   Dodd's  Kidney
Pills Madt a New Man of Him.
Princeton, B.C. (Special) .—All over
Canada people are telling of the great
work Dodd's Kidney Pills are doing,
and even in the Rocky mountain fastnesses where nature hides her mines,
men are telling of cures made ami
suffering relieved by the great Canadian Kidney remedy. Wm. Murray,
sixty-years old, who has tramped
the frontier us a lumber jack, rancher, prospector, miner, hunter and
trapper, and who has friends all over
the west, is one of these. Many a
tale of hardship and danger he can
tell, but his first real trouble came
when rheumatism claimed him.
"I slipped on the mountainside and
strained my kidneys and then my
troubles all seemed to set in at once.
I had nearly all the symptoms of
Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Diabetes Dropsy, and Bright's Disease,"
Mr. Murray states.
"Then I broke out in a terrible rash
that spread all over my body and kept
me in torture. I tried all sorts of
liniments and ointments and took sulphur enough to start a little hades of
my own. But it was all no use. Then
1 tried Dotld'a Kidney Pills, and all I
can say is they made a new man of
A Barnegat schoolma'am had been
telling her pupils something about
George Washington, and finally she
"Can anyone now tell me which
Washington wus—a great general or a
great admiral?"
Tbe small son of a fisherman raised
his hand, and she signalled him to
"He was a great general," said thc
boy. "I seen a picture of him crossing the Delaware, and no great admiral would put out from shore
standing up in a skiff."—Everybody's  Magazine.
Tlmt Hit Tttted It.—Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil has been on the market
upwards of thirty years, and in that
time it has proved a blcaaing to thousands. It is in high favor throughout
Canada and its excellence has curried
its fame beyond thc seas. It has no
equal in the whole list of liniments.
If it were double the price it would bc
a cheap liniment.
It's the natural bravery of a widow
that makes her wunt to take another
Shi'—"Are you engaged?"
He—"To whom?"
She—"That ia for you to settle."
He—"1 leave it entirely to you."
Even In Hit Day
Croesua was complaining of the
high cost of living.
The worst of it, though," he grumbled, "is that I don't know whether
it's cnused by the tariff or an over-
supply of gold."
Bitterly regretting the necessity for
economizing, he cancelled his order
for a mess of ortolans' tongues and
told the waiter to bring him an omelet of humming birds' eggs.
"I tell you I must have some
money!" roared the King of Montana, who was in sore financial
straits. "Somebody will have to cough
"Alas!" sighed the guardian of the
treasury, who was formerly the court
jester, "all our coffers are empty."
Swallows Hit Own Tait
"Old Captain Tafrel is one of the
most wonderful men to kid to himself
that I have ever met with," said
Spiffer. "Be spins some of his yarns
so often that he actually believes
them himself."
"Then, he's like the American hoop
snake," chimed in Spoffer.
"How's that?" aaid Spiffer.
"Why, he swollows his own tale,"
answered Spoffer.
"Will you always be true?" asked
the broker's suspicious daughter,
when young Sportleigh hod thrown
'. imself at her feet and begged for her
"As true as steel!" he cried.
"Common or preferred?" ahe inquired,  still  suspicious.—Chicago News.
Maritime Magistrate's Case.
Mr. C. E. Sanford, of Weston,
King's Co., N.S., a Justice of the
Peace for the county, and a Deacon of
the Baptist Church in Berwick, says.
"I have used Zam-Buk for piles and
found it a splendid remedy. It cured
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prince Albert, Sask., writeB: "I must thank you
for the benefit I have received from
the use of Zam-Buk. Last summer I
had a fever, which left mewith piles.
I started to use Zam-Buk, and found
it gave me relief, so I continued with
it. After using three or four boxes, it
effected a complete cure."
Zam-Buk will also be found a sure
cure for cold sores, chapped handa,
froat bite, ulcera, eczema, blood-poison,
voricoBe aores, scalp aores, ringworm,
inflamed patches, babies' eruptions
and chapped places, cuts, burns,
bruisea, and skin injuries generally.
All druggiats and stores sell nt 60c.
box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, upon receipt of price. You
are warned agoinat harmful imitations and aubstitutes. See the registered name "Znm-Buk" on every
package before buying.
Anything to Please
Lady Guest—"What do you do in
case of fire?"
Clerk (ringing bell)—"One moment,
madam." (To bellboy): "Set the hotel on fire for this lady."—Life.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
oeen able to cure in all its stages,
and that ia Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional disease
requires a • constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blond
and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution anil assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for ary
case that it fails to cure. Send for
list of testimonials.    Address:
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
"Papa," aaks the little boy, "why
do they say a woman ia setting her
cap for a man when she wants to
marry him?" "Because, my son," explains thc father, softly. "If she
sets her bonnet for him she knows
blnme well the price of it will score
him to death."—Judge.
In Dread
of Piles
Many Btlitvt That Nothing Short of
tht Surgton't Knift Will Effect
Cure.   They Do Not Know
Dr. Chase's Ointment
The agony caused by the intense
itching, the depressing and debilitating effect on the system, the dread
lest a surgical operation might be
necessary—these are the things which
make piles or hemorrhoids so distressing.
Thc doctors have been recommending surgical operations ns the only
cure. But the surgical operation With
all its dangers and expanse and pain,
does not usually effect a lasting cure.
Many n case has li en cured hy Dr.
Chase's Ointment niter the surgical
operation had failed. Here is a cuse
whicli doctors gave up.
Mr. J. Mawer, Rnden, Man., writes:
"Dr. Chase's Ointment is a wonderful
prepurntion. 1 had itching piles for
over six years, and though I ttied
two doctors' prescriptions and usetl
many other preparations, could not
obtain much benefit. The doctor told
mc there wits no cure for me, and thnt
I would have to undergo an operation.
"I bought a box of Dr. Chase's
Ointment nnd was completely cured
in one week. Aa this was six months
ago and there has been no return of
the old trouble, I believe that the
cure is a permanent one."
One thing certain, Dr. Chase's Ointment will bring you relief from the
dreadful itching and burning almost
as soon as applied.
To mnke the cure thorough and lasting it is only necessary for you to
keep up the treatment regulnrly nnd
persistently. Don't be satisfied with
relief. Dr. Chase's Ointment will
cure completely if you will do your
part. 60 cents a hox, at all dealers,
or Edmanion, Bates & Co., Toronto.
How tht Big Man Btfritndtd a Can*
dim Boy In Botton.
The late Hon. Duncan Cameron
Fraser, Lieutenant-Governor of Nova
Scotia, aud formerly member lor Guys-
boro' in the House of Commons, who
died recently, was the hero of many
stories which had gathered around
his name and hia picturesque person
ality iu the courae of his lengthy and
varied career aa lawyer, judge and
politician. A giant in stature, stun.I
ing well over aix feet in height and
broad in proportion, he had a heart
«nd soul which matched his herculean I
frame. He was a Scot of the Scot,
filled alike with the pride of race and
the gift o' the gab, and his oratory
was in equally great demand at Liberal campaign meetings and banquet*
of the St. Andrew's Society and the
Sons of Scotland.
One of the best talcs concerning
him had its locale at a political meet,
ing in his native province. The fu
ture Lieutenant-Governor was striking
the sentimental chord, and was dibit
ing on his boyhood days to an audience largely composed ot his fellow-
"Gentlemen," he said, "I do not
know whether you will believe me or
not, but it ia nevertheless a fact that
at school I was only punished once
by the teacher—and that waa for tell
ing the truth."
"Wesly, Tuncan," came the quick
retort in the high-pitched tones ol an
aged and shrewd Heelan' mon, "it
cured ye a' richt."
Another anecdote which showed th.'
Innate kindliness and generosity ol
Mr. Fraser concealed under a bluff
exterior was contributed several year-
ago by a Toronto newspaperman to
the annual program issued by the Toronto Press Club. Under the caption.
"A Nova Scotia Angel in Disguise.'
the story runs:
In the days before telephones were
in use in the United States to the ex
tent that they are now, a Canadian
newspaperman was stranded in tlie
good old, city of Boston. After several
days of '.he strenuous life without the
wherewithal to support his strenuos
ity, he managed to get same space
work on the old Journal. He "mad.
good" in a fashion, and was congrnt
ulating himself that the days of pari.
benches for sleeping places and a
tightening of his waist band for tneni.
were over. But the first night, or
rather early in the morning, the city
editor called him across to his desk
and said:
"Take a herdic and go out to Brook
line, call on Mr. Blank at such and
Jbch an addresa, and ask him whethe-
it ia true that his wife haa left his
house and entered action lor divorce
Don't come back without the stor.
and bring the photos of the principals
with you."
The Canadian, who had not lost all
sense of decency, and who still retained hia belief that a newspaperman
might be a gentleman and that beini
a reporter was not synonymous with
being a cad, felt his breath come in
jasps at the very idea. He was about
to protest, when the city editor wa.-
callcd to the chief's sanctum, and the
chance woe lost. He bad to go at the
assignment, or quit.
It was a difficult choice. A man
with an empty pocket haa sometime*
to pocket his pride in lieu of some
thing else wherewith to Ull it, an.I
hunger won the day. Accordingly the
Canadian started out. He went ova'
to tho Tremont House in acarch of 'i
herdic, and was feeling just about at
miserable as any self-respecting nun
could, when he was hailed by a checrv
voice of Gaelic accent: "Hullo, whet
are you doing here?" The Good Sa
maritan (for such he proved to bei
waa a burly Nova Scotian politician,
well known all over the Dominion for |
the strength of his voice, ond no*
occupying the highest place in the gift
of the crown in hiB native province.
Tho reporter told his story—how he
hnd outrun the constable, how he Ind
been stranded, and finally the dis
agreeable assignment which he hail
been given.
"Come here, youngster," aaid the
Nova Scotian, and he took Ihe Ind by
thc arm. "You am not going to Brook
lino to-ni?ht or any other night on
such a mission Vou are going to sleep
right in this hotel, and you arc goiue
to have a good supper. Leave it to
me to attend to that city editor."
And thoy went in together.  Tho re- j
porter went down to thc ret'nurant nnd
filled hlmieli with Boston chicken pie;
the  politician   went away  to  return \
half nn hour later with the remark, j
"Here's the price of your day's work
Thnt Jaek._n-ofl.tW won't ask a Can* I
tlian boy to prostitute himself nguiii
in n hurry."
Then they had a drink and went
to bed, thc boy to dream of an angel
in human lorm. six feet or more high
Ho awoke in the morning to find his
Good Samaritan gone and a ticket for
Mot.treal awaiting him in an envelope.
Ship Monty.
Charles 1 was badly in need of mon-
ly, and his attorney-gene, al in the
.-ourse of hi* antiquarian re<enrche!
discovered that in the dim ages of the
past the crown had issued writs *.i
the cities and towns on the const requiring them to provide vessels for
the royal necd«, and he suggested
thnt this nncient right might be
brought into use again. Instead >f
the actual vessels a money contribution might be exacted instead. Thut
the king would be able to tax a larger part of the realm while theoretically observing the laws. Writs for ship
money were accordingly issued, but
Ihe patriot John Hampden declared
that they we-e illegal and raised such
protest against them that they were
is the trademark which
is found on
every bottle
of the genuine
Scott's Emulsion
the standard Cod Liver
Oil preparation of the
world. Nothing equals
it to build up the weak
and wasted bodies of
young and old.
Send 10c., name of paper and thia ad. for
our beautiful Savings Bank and Clilld'a
Sketch-Book. Each bulk contains a
Good Luck Fenny.
121 WeUimUa St., Waal. Toronto, Oat.
Cures oil chronic diseaaes. Write
him. His valuable advice will
coat you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW YORK CITY.
Awarded Firtt Priae at World's Ex-
potition on iti Work and Methods—
Catalogue Fret.   Adtlren.
Cot. Porttpt Av» A Kort 8t. Winnipeg
The Woman Alive
to her own best interests,— at toon
at there it need, will help her whole
system with the tonic action of
AI women should read the tpadal
directions with every box.
MM Bnrywktrt. I* tout IK.
Dominion Express
Money Orders snd
Foreign Drafts
If teat ar ritlayo* In tht matte a
refund will bt a reman* arrant**.
ar a naw ardor leaned without
farther ahara*.
Monay Mnt by T»l»«raph and
Oabl* to all Principal Oltlaa
Aetnelee Leeeted In all
C.P.R. •latlana
practically nullified.
Canadian Pacific
Plut 12.00 lor tht
Round Trip   •   •
From nil stations in Ontario, Port
Arthur nml West. Manitoba, Saskatchewan nml Alberta to
Tickets on sale December 15, 16 and
17, mill; January 20. 21. 22 nnd 23,
and February 14, I.S   and   16,   1911;
food to return within three months
rom date ol issue.
Apply tn neareat 0. P. Ry. agent
lor lull information.
W. N. U., Ne. 124 THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Published at Grand Forks. BrltUh Columhl
Q. A. Evans...  Editor and Publisher
A file of this paper can be seen at the otlice
of Messrs. B. & ,1. Hunly A Co.. ail. 31 mul 32.
Fleet Street, B.C.. Loudon. England, free of
charge, and thnt firm will be glatl to receive
subscriptions mid advertisements on our behalf.
The newspapers in Grand Forks, Greenwood and Bnoeiiix Imve adopted the following scale (or legal advertising;
Application for Liquor License (:itl days).* 4.0
Certitirate of   Improvement Notice ((JO
days)    7.50
Application to Purchase Land Notice (60
days)    7.50
Delinquent Co-owner Notice (tlOdnva).... 10.IKI
Water Notices (SO days)  15.00
All otlier 'esal advertising, l'-i cents a line,
single column, for Ihe first insertion, and 8
cents a line for each subsequent Insertion.
Other advertising rates furnisheu un n|ip li
subscription Bales:
One Tear $1.50
One Year (In advance)  1.00
One Year, In United S'ates  1.50
Address all communications to
The Evkning Sun,
Phonb B74 Grand Fohks. B. C
FRIDAY,   JANUARY   20, 1911
Telephone Talk, a new monthly
magazine, has mude its appearance
from the offices of the British Columbia Telephone company at Vancouver.
It is rather technical, yet of a character to'cnnitnend it to general interest
as well as to the attention of every
telephone employee. The initial January issue has for a eoverplate a picture of the operating room in the
Vancouver general exchange, whil
on an inside page a reproduction of
the first central switchboard in that
city in 18S7 gives ample testimony of
the growth mude during the years of
the company's existence. ArticleR in
the magazine deal with such subjects
as "The Work of the Late Dr. J. M.
Lefovie," "The Development of the
British Columbia Telepone Company,"
"Selling Telephone Service," and
"Lessons in Telephone Life," aa well
aa a number uf other interesting features, attractive both to the departmental employees and to the general
public. A line half-tone portrait of
the late Dr. Lcfevre, who did so much
to develop the field of the British Columbia Telephone company and build
up ita service, appears as a frontispiece.
The sporting editor of The Sun
bas been indulging in tbe favorite
winter recreation during the past
week, and has had the pleasute of
putting on his skates nightly. He
reports the sport rather tame. Alter
kicking a 13x19 Gordon all day, the
act of keeping up with the procession at the rink is but child's play,
and be finds it tliilicult lo keep bis
legs from going to sleep while on
the ice.
Eobinson & Lequime Lumber
Company Will Increase
Its Operations
The capitalization of the Robinson
& Lequime Lumber coinpany, of this
city, has been increased to $200,000.
The company will operate its mill on
Smelter lake on a more extensive
scale than ever before during the com
ing season.
The average man boosts   the aver-
The copious snowfall during the
present week will undoubtedly develop into beautiful Snow tipples
next fall.
The society editor of The Sun lost
a pair gloves somewhere between the
Yale hotel and the cemetery on
Wednesday night, lt was the only
pair he owned, and iu future he will
be compelled lo abstain Irom intending social I unctions unless tbe tinder
is kind-hearted enough to return
them to this olliee.
John   Carlson,   a Swede,    was
killed lust   week by ti    fulling   tree
while cutting timber on  the  main
Kettle river,  about i'i   unit's from
Kock creek.
It is mighty easy to say that hard
knocks do some other fellow a lot of
A girl will trust her young man
with another girl wh»-n she's sure
there ia un attractiveness enough between thein for two.
Never say ahything against a man
you can't lick.
Good will ia often an overestimated
Nine times out of ten patience ia
pure laziness.
The meanest man in the world can
be flattered about how he isn't.
The home is the bulwark of the
state and the cook is the foundation
of the home.
Some women slander another mere
ly to be able to confide to her that
somebody is saying things abuut   her.
A man thinks he has a natural 'capacity for history if he remembera the
year his home town won the baseball
Marriage ia like war when it is an
unia'gamation of conflicting interests.
If a big family isn't divided by a
big estate, there is enough to go round
uud the will is unbreakable.
Really great refoimera accomplish
Thinking possibilitiea makes more
people happy than counting proba
Some men ahow their greatest tenacity iu gripping a bad investment.
Every one has a sneaking idea that
he excels in something.
Save your regreta of yesterday until tomorrow.
Don't attempt to wear a halo u i
you get your wings.
Anywny, the man in jail doesn't
have to worry about what the city
council is going to do.
The hearts of men cannot be warmed with cold-storage sermons.
Nothing troubles a handsome man
like the loss of his good looks.
Wall  Street  likes  to gossip about
Grand Forks Gets in the Race
for the Cup by Defeating
In a clean, swift game at tho rink
in this city, the Grand Forks
hockey club defeated Greenwood by a
score of 4 goals to 0.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
W. Carruthers, travelling
passenger and freight agent of
the Southern Pacific railway,
has some original ideas on sizing the worth of a town.
"When I enter a new city," he
says, "I do not look up the
newspapers to see the amount
of sensational news they print,
but turn to the advertising
columns to see the character
and volume of advertising carried by the local advertisers.
1 can always tell whether a
town is a live or dead one by
Woodlands for (Quality
Everything sold here i.s selected with regard
to Quality and Service. When you want anything, ask Woodland first, and get satisfaction.
-3 WOOD LAND    Sc   CO.£-
Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
1 business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Yale Land Dlntrlct, Diatriot of Similkameen.
TAKK NOTICE that Silas Llngle. of Cobden,
I Illinois. U.S.A., occupation Farmer, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
follfiwlnic described lauds:
ComniHiieiu',' nt   a  post planted   about 20
ch.il'iH east of the southeast oorner of Lot
1149 S., on I'i'ep ''reHt. tluluv wesl SOohaltiB.
thence south 211 rlinlns; theuce east fill chains;
thence south 20 chains; theuce enst 20ehaina 1
thence uorth 40 chuin _■ to point of commencement.
SILAS LINGLK, Applicant.
J.R Cranston, Agent.
Dated December 12th, 1910.
Vale Land District, District of Similkameen,
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas Henry Paul-
I sou of I'miUon, M. C., occupation Merchant, intends to apply fur permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Cninnieticiutr at a post planted about sixty
chains north of the northeast corner of Miller
Brother's pre-emption, Lot 11Ki H., on Deep
Creek: thence north 80 chnins; tlieuce west
40 chains; thenee south 811 chnins; thence east
40 chains to point nf commencement,
.1. K. Crunaton, Agent,
Dated December 12th. 1910.
Tale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKE notice thnt I, At-'tiessEllen Paulson,
oi Pauls.hi, H. C.. occupation Wife, in*
tends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands;
Commeiicitiir ut n post planted at the
southeast corner of J. Miller's pre-emption, Lot ll.t!S.,on Deep Creek; thence north
tin chains; theuce west 'JM chains: thenee south
■in chnins: thence we-t 40 chiilns: tbence
south 2<i chains; theuce east liO chains to the
point of commencement
.1. K. Cranston, Agent.
Dated December 12th, 1910.
A letter from Midway to The
Bun Btatea that tracklaying on the
Kettle Valley line was actually begun at that point on Tuesday last.
When it mat) makes a boast of being a church member, it'« a pretty
Mire Indication that he is not an ornament to religion.
everything but itself.
Some men do most of their worry
ing over the success of other men.
Speechless fear usually can make
itself heard.
Some people think more of a few
dollar*' interest than of a thousand
dollars' principal.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
Ih tho Estate of Margaret E. Coryell,
NOTICE IS HKRRHY (JIVEN that on the 16th
fluyot November. A.D. 1910, probate of
the Will of Vnr.fturet K. Co veil, deceased, lute
; nf the * ity nf < .mud Forks, H C , wan granted
out of the Supreme Court of llritish Coluni-
i bin, at Vancouver. B.C., to John Abraham
Coryell and Prank G onreCoryell, executor*,
both of Giuuil Parks. H.C.
Kvery pewon indebted to said estate U
returned to make payment forthwith tojthi
; executors, nud every person having lu pos-
■eslnnfl eli.'.'M lielf)iiuii<ir to estate is required forthwith to deliver same over to said
Kvery creditor or other persons hnvlmr auy
cluim tlpOtl or interest iu thc distribution of
tllomtntoof thc deceased is requited before
the lotii'teciuh day ol January, A.D. It'll, to
send by ivjjihlercd letter, nddres*ed to the
tinders.«i.ed hit* uniiic |atul nddtes.1 and full
particular* of his claim or interest, aud a
itatemetit -jf Ms i.ecouut. verified by statutory declaration, < ml tbo nature ofthe security (if any) tela hy him.
Alter the Mnttl lirst dny of February  the executors   will proceed   wltb the administration of the eitQte. having  reuard to those
claims only <<f  which  they shall then have
Dated this Wtb day of November, A. D. 1910.
.itillN A. COKYKLL.
in Bulk
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Lowest Prices
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $>U0 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
-176X110 FT. LOT between
Second and Third streets,
Just above Judge Lcamy's
, _ and K. Gaw's  places; nop-
arated from all other properties by 20-ft.
lane: as larue as seven or tight ordinary tots,
adjoining lots arc worth $1'»0; would make
nice home, with sufficient irround for chick*
ens. frnlt, Knrdeu aud lawn; most deslrahlc
location in city.
■:15   ACRES  adjoining
city limits on   south:
14 aeres cleared: ISO
__, fruit trees: new four*
room house; barn for six horses; horse,
buKgy. double harness and tanning implements.   All for $;V200.   Easy terms.
antl three hits within
one block of business
ecu tic;   lawn, shade
trees, fruit trees, berry hushes, large garden.
Will also sell furniture of house if desired.
One-half cash, balance terms.
5 m f\f\fPt\~i''l miles from town;
fl I ' U L V '■roiini house, plast-
HlBnill ''ri,l: Inrgehtiirgysbnd,
nUlllaV   woodshed;   IM    fruit
trees, Id hearing; Z\$ acres strawberries.
gooseberries, fin ninth, rasidierries: free from
trust: the best location around Grund Forks;
plenty of go.nl wuter; fruit and crop In
-Between 3 bud 4 acres
lu West end of city;
first (duss soil, all uii-
„ tier cul ivutlou; smull
house, woodshed und outbuildings; well nnd
pump; Kood fence. This is a saorilice, us own*
er li about to leave eity. Terms.
$8000 cash, bal*
ttiicc terms. One
ot best hotels in
„ the builnesseeii
ire of Qrand Folks; now doing a profitable
business; owner desires to remove to the
const, Tills Is the best bargain in this part
of the province, as there are hut seven hotel
licenses lu thc lirawl Forks, ''ity Is growing
rapidly. No other town ln southern British
Columbia lias as bright future ptuspeots.
For further information regarding tlie above propertied
cal! or address
complete line of 1910 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. bo. \Y. Coopjr, Winnipeg
"Vessels Large May
Venture More, but
Little Ships Must Stay
Near Shore."
Th* lorgo di.pl.ar ode. .v. good
for ih* largo business hnd Ih*
ClossiAsd Wont Ado. oro proportionately good for tho .moll Arm.
In foci monr largo firm, bocotno
tnh br tho diligent ti.o of tho
Clooolliod Column*. Thoro *■>
omplo lo good   .tort now.
EEDLKWOItK v. anted to do at homo.  Call
oil Mr,. Wm. Kitoii. Srooml street.
GOOD PASTURAGE for ont.lt claw to i'lty:
Niifo fci : iihntiilncn ot font,   lor li-rm:
apply to John Hummer, Fourth of July crcoK.
WANTED   Sll.nill.in i» Janitor or bartend-
or.   Aililri-'.it W.  J., llnituntl  Delivery.
Grand Fork., II. 0.
FTKNISHEIi WHIMS -Apply Mr.. I.Criiw
f   fjrd.
DVEKTISIN <» SPACK In Tlio Klln.tlio mint
widely read newspuper in tlie Kettlo Vnl-
TYPRWRITBR-Ollvon   new.    Apply Suu
I    oIKre.
HIIKK   BOTTLES  cold   Nelson   liner   .'ilk;.
Lion Hottlluir Work..
BA11N AND tlOOSE-Tbe Forrester barn, 3
lot, and house, in Colunitiiu.   Apply J. H.
Plntli, llnx IU.
I AHOE IliiTTI.K Perl Winn 7'C   l.loii  But-
L   tliliit Work..
LAND—180 aore, good timothy laud.   Apply
Ihis office.
SPACE for advertising-   purpos..   In  The
Suu. THE   SUN,   GEAND   FORKS,   B. C.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
nigh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising be-
•cause your   business   is  too
• good.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
W. Carruthers, travelling
passenger and freight agent of
the Southern Pacific railway,
has some original ideas on sizing the worth of a town.
"When I enter a new city," he
says, "I do not look up the
newspapers to see the amount
,of sensational news they print,
but turn to the advertising
columns to see the character
and volume of advertising carried by the local advertisers
I can always tell whether a
town is a live or dead one by
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service'air well as at 8
a.m. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Chuhcb—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. llev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at 2:30 p.m.
ltemember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
, The man who discovered
the method of contracting
Christmas into Xmas should
be electrocuted. How would
you like to see the sign of a
ten-dollar bill used for the
Saviour's name?
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James (St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little daughter, Christina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at uight. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to ht.ve frequent
headaches, and the least exertion
vnuld tire her
I We I ad tried
1 uany remedies,
I ut she did not
nptove. Finally
J ve lea ned of
lliooth's Kidney
I Pi I Is and pro-
ured a box. In a
short time she was
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal) and she plays around
the huuse with uo apparont fatigue
We alwavs receminend Booth's Kidney Pills'."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guar
antee that if you derive no benefit
your money will he refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, flOo box, or postpaid from the R. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H. E. Woodland & Co.
(I'utillihed Annually)
Kimble* trildem  throughout  the   world   to
communicate direct with Knirllsh
In each olawof jfoniK Hest den l.rlnir >i <)nm<
ptete commercial guide tn London und its
suburbs, the directory contain* lints of
with the (toadn they ship, ned the Colonial
uml Foreign Markets ihey mipiily;
nrruiij_re'l under the I'ortfl tn which they nail
mill Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, elc, in
the principal provincial towns uml Industrial
centra* of the United Kingdom-
A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order Ior 208.
Ivitlers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertise*
inenis from £3,
ib, Abchurch Luue, London, E.C.
NOTICE ll hereby given tlmt nn application
will be made under Part V. nf Ihe "Water
Aet, Mill." to nbtain a license in Ihe SlmiUn-
meen Division nf Yale District.
(a) The names, address nmlnr-eupatlon ofthe
applicants: W. A. Cnoper nn'1 A. J. Cooper,
Grand Forks,'B. C, RHuohers. (If fnr minim: purposes) Vree Miner's Oertlfloate No......
(b) The iiiiiii,' of the lake, stream or source (If
unnamed, tbe description is) Small lake (no
name) wholly situate upon Lot Number IVOO,
Group I, Similkameen Division of Vale Distrlot, B. c.
(c) The point of diversion: At southwest
portion of said lake lu said Lot Nuniher .100.
(di The quantitv of waler applied for (In cubic feet per second): One nubia foot per second .
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pumping plant snd pipe,
(f) Thc premises on which the water is to be
useit (describe same): Portion of L"l IM.
(IronpOne, sfnillltunieeu Division of Ynle District, owed by anplicmls.
(ir) Tho purposes for whicli thn water Is to be
used:  Irrigation and agriculture.
(h) If fnr Irricalon describe the land Intended to be irrigated, giving acreage" Kust Hfty
nt". s ni said Lot -MXI, Group One, Stmilkamui u
Division of Ynle Disirict, B, <:., owned by applicant*.
(I) 11* tbe water Is to be used for power or mining purposes de'crlbe tbo place where thc wnter
I, to bc returned tn nnme nnturnt channel, and
the dlllerence lu altitude between the piilut -if
diversion and the pnlnt ot return: Not to bc
used for power or mining pnrp ises.
(j) Area nf Crown bind Intended to be ocuii-
pied bv tiro proposed works;   Ml.
(k) This nollee was posted on the flt-i ilavor
In.uuuy. P.m. tni'l application will he mnde
tn tlief'nmillissinuoron the 15th dav of February, mt.
(I) Olve the ti'imes and niMresses of any
riparian proprietors nr licensees who or whose
btlitts are likely tn bcalt'ected by tlie proposed
works, ettltnr above or below the nutlet: W. A.
Cooper ami  A. .1.   Cooper,   the   applicants,
""*" (Signature)   W.A.04OFKR,
A..I. cooi'Klt.
(P. O. Address) Grand forks, li. C.
Heroes and Heroes
We never hear anything about a
Carnegie hero medal  in connection
with the editor of a wayside  weekly
when the  thermometer is hopstep-
ping ahout the 40-below-zero mark.
The   country   editor who has  tbe
courage to get out his  paper  when
the front door of the office faces the
north pole and the wind whistles a
doleful dirge through  the cracks, is
a hero whose valor is still unsung.
The fellow who pulls a mean, selfish'
two by-four critter out of six feet of
ocean foam when the tide comes in
and   then  applies to Andrew for a
medal ougbt to be forced to go to the
cold, icy   sanctum of the   humble
editor and tbere learn tbe rudiments
of rough-necked, everyday heroism.
Tbere is something to this thing of
picking up a lot odds and ends from
1 a   case  of body type and make a
string   of   news   out   of   wben tbe
thumb and index linger feel and act
like two who had been  friends but
were   now seeking opposite roads.
There is no get-together spirit tbere,
brother,  and you   know it.   Peary
really   thought   he did something
when he accidentally ran Across the
north pole; but the printer who bas
set up a marriage notice aud   a sale
bill   to   the   tune of tlie whistling
north wind knows better than tbat.
An  editor   thawing out a galley of
type over a suckling fire and playing
his fingers over tbe dope to see bow
near it is coming apart   has oppor-
tnuity   of   discovering    something
more crisp than tbe imaginary  pole
of   tbe   far   north.    Yet he  never
misses an issue,   The water may be
frozen   where hangs the proverbial
office towel; tbe  sponge may be in
shape to be used for a rock  crusher;
the floor may be converted   into  a
skating rink; the old stove may be
as cold   as  a  Boston   girl, and the
shop   as   uninviting as   a summer
cottage when the harvest   days ure
over.   And yet the   country   editor
moves   and   bas   his being in the
midst   of   this frozen hell without
missing   an   issue.    What   do you
know about   that, anyway?   Don't
you   feel   as   if old Andy ought to
pick out   his heroes  with a   bit of
better judgment?   Of course.   The
editor  speaks   from experience, al
though working in steam heat these
days.    We have been  through   tha
dark regions with printers of frostbitten shops, and know bow it goes
Milton must have hni the picture of
such a place in his mind   he   wrote
"Paradise Lost "—Oclieyedan (la.)
Hotel Colin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly tarnished throutfli-
out. Conveniently located
for railway mon. l-'lrnt-
class accommodations for
trnnsicitts. Board and
rooms Ity the week at pre*
vailing rates. Pine line of
Wines, Lienors and Clean
ulways In stock at ttie bar.
Grand Forks, B. C
1 he OWer Typewriter
for 17Cents a Day!
Pleasf read the hcatllliie'ovcr ugalt).  Then its
Tremendous slirflfllontice will lawn  upon  you
An Oliver Typewriter-the sttmrttml   visible
writer—the most highly p:_n    ted typewrite I
wn rhe market—yours for 17 cents     day!
The typewriter wIiwbuconquest, of the commercial worla is a matter of himo v— yours to!
17 centR a day!
The typewriter that Is equipped with scores ol
such conveniences txa "The BttlatiCu Shift"-
"The KulliiK Device"-"The Double Kelease"-
•'Tbe Locomotive Bate"—-'The Automatic
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"--"The
-"Tlie Adjustable Paper Fiuuera''—"Tlte Scientific Condensed Kev-
bOard"-all -*»
NTHKM\TTKIt of Hie laud Registry Hot
and in the matter of the t •!*> to Lot ITii
liroup l.Uimyoos ''ivlsiou. (uow known its
SimiPtamceri)   Division   uf     Vale   District.
Hrlttsh Columbia.
WHKUKAs Certllleate of Title nf I'atrlrk
T»rrii>n, b0ilig Certificate of Title No.
704 a, to tin- n'tove here .it um-iits hag been
lost or destroyed, an application has been
made to me for adiiplleate thereof.
Notice ts hereby given that adiiplleate Cer*
tltieiite of Title to tbe above hereditaments
will lie issued at tbe expiration of one month
from the dnte hereof, unless in the meantime
valid objections to the contrary be made to
me lu writing.
District Ketfistrarof Titles.
Laud IteiriHtry tiffin*.
Kamloops, H. C, Sept. 7, DUO.
$4,00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
47 W. Una ST., NIW YuHK
Miniug Stook Quotations
Boston, Jan. 19.—The follow
in;,' ure today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
QranbyConsolidated.    43.00    38.00
B. C. Copper      7.50     6.75
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
  We anottneed  thiB
new Balus plan recently, Jlilt lo fed the pulse, ol
the people, simply a itnall CRHh pnyineliP—
then 17 cents a day. That is the plan in a nutshell.
The result has heen such a deluge or applicu-
lion* for machines tbat we are simply astounded,
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all Rf.es, all occupations.
The majority of inquiries has come^froin pen-
le of known financial itandluif who were al-
traoted by the novelty of the propos. 'on. An
impressive demonstration of the Immense pop*
ulartty of the Oliver Typewriter
A stiirtlhifi confirmation of our belief that
I he Era of Universal Typewriting is at hand.
A  Quarter ,of a Million People
are Making Money with
The Standard Visible Writer
The Ollvfar Typewriter is a monev-nmkiM
riglit frnm the word "gol" Snenivi.) fun tliat
lieirinnerH soon lift in the "i-xport" <;Iiibh. Karii
us yuu learn. Let the mnchint; rny the 17 cent*
a nay—and nil above that 1b yours.
Wherever you arc, there is work tn he done
anil money to in* made by uxltis thu Oliver. The
business world is calling for oiii-t_r opera ton.
Then- nre uot eunuch tu supply the demand
Their Rata ries nre eouslderably above ttioie of
ipaiiy.elnSBOSOf workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thnt is tlie battleory today. «\e imve made
the Oliver supreme in iiaefuluectand absolutely
indispensable lu bUF>iucss. Now comes the eon'
qtlOlt of the home,
The simplicity and strength ofthe Oliver flt it
for family use. ir labecomlug aa Important
fnotor iu tiie home training of young people.
An educator el well as a money maker.
Our new selling nlan puts the Oliver on the
threshold of every home in Ameriea, Will vou
close the door of your liomeoroiliee on this re-
marhsble Oliver offer?
Write for fun her details of onr e_i*y offer and
a frcucopy of tne new Oliver catalog,  Adt'rcs
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter IiuII.Iii.k,
Boundary Hockey League
Jan. 2i—I'hoenix tit Greenwood
Jan. 27—Grand Forks at Phoenix
Jan. 30—Phoenix at Grand Korks
Feb. 3—Grand   Forks at  Green-
Feb. (i—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb.   9—Greenwood   at    Grand
Feb. 13—I'hoenix at Greenwood
Taxing Improvements
One of the questions submitted to
the voters at the forthcoming munic
ipal is as to the desirability of relieving improvements on real estate
from taxation. We are strongly of
the opinion that the question ought
to be answered in the affirmative.
It is right in principle that a man
should not be taxed because he improves his property. When Ihe
owner of a lot buildB upon it, he
adds to the value of unimproved
property in the neighborhood, that
is, speaking as a general proposition;
but the way assessments are now
imposed, if the value of   the neigl
Receive both Lndies and Gentlemen as resident or dny students; tinea complete Commercial or business Course; prepares stu-
deutsto train    Teachers' Certificate * of ull
firades: givea the four years' oonrte for tlie
I. A. decree, and the first year of the School
uf Science course, iii utSllutioti with the To
rnnto University; hat a ipecial pru.neeuirr
course for miners who work In B.C. In,truce
lion 1. uisn given In Art, Music, Physical Cut
ture and Elocution. Term opens Sept. II,
inn,',.   For l.Hleii'lnrs.etc., address
purpusi s because of his improve
nients, the value of the improved
land is also raised, and on top of
this is clapped a tax on the im
provementS. Tli<-re is no fairness
in this.—Victoria Colonist.
For Sale —Two bedroom suites,
solid walnut, including springs am
mattress, at 415 and 822. Apply
Mrs. J. Brantley, nearO. N. depot
Don't forget that The Sun tins tbe
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. If. is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
,'aged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
lt lists and describes 463(5 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lauds within the
l.nilwny Belt of llritish Columhlii may he
homesteuded by nny person who is the head
of n family, or any male over eighteen years
of iittc, to the extent of one-.|iiarter section
of 1 *.". acres, more or loss.
Kutry must be uiudepersonally at the loeal
hni-1 office fur tlie district In whi.ih the laud
Tlie hoinestcudcr is required to perform
the ,'Otiditlons fonue_ated therewith under
one uf the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land iu euch year for three
(2) tf thc father lor mother, If tbe father Is
deceased}, of the liouif'st-'ilder reside, upon a
farln iu the vicinity of the lnnd entered for,
the reiiuirenienls as to residence uut.v hesitt-
Islled hy such person rcsiillnic with the father
or mother.
(II) If tbe settler has his iierinnueiit residence upon fnruiliii. land owned liy him lu
the vicinity of his homestea.l.the requirements ns to residence muy be suflstled by
residence upon the said laud.
Six months' notice in wrltln-x should be
(riven the Commissioner of Uoiniiilou Lauds
at Ottawa of intention to apply fur puleiit.
Coul -Coal Ulllilntr rights lll.iv he leased
Tor a jierlod of twenty-one yenrs at an annual rents] nf .s| INI |ier ucre. Notmorethan
H.MV'neres shull he Ulid tn iitic Individual or
Company. A royulty at tlie rut,,,if live cents
per ton shnll be collected on the merchant*
Ohio coul mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N'.ll.-Uunutliorlied publication uf this
advertisement w ill not be puld for.
Friends of The Sun should
patronize tho local merchants
boring lots is raised   for assessment who advertise in this paper. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Desperate Efforts, Disheartening
Failures and Final Success.
Ectema la t skin affliction to which men
tnd women alike are subject, from the first
to the last day ot their existence. It may
occur aa a sinple tiny spot, appearing and
disappearing with each change in general
health or present only at certain seasons;
at the other extreme, the whole body may
be Involved In a torturing eruption. The
latter condition may gradually arise through
the neglect or Improper treatment of lesser
troubles or an apparently healthy skin may.
In a single day, become a mass of eczema.
But whatever the form of the affection, the
distressing itching, burning, scaling and
crusting, the serious disfigurement and the
constant dread that the eczema will become
chronic, make a speedy cure tho aim of every
sufferer. Unfortunately, such a cure is not
always readily obtained. The most skilled
physician Is often at a loss and even hospitals
are forced to discharge the patient as Incurable, Then a wide variety ot remedies are
resorted to, many perfectly harmless and
equally Ineffective, others so offensive to
every sense that, were lt not for the relief
they are supposed to afford, no person of
refinement would tolerate them for an Instant.
To such sufferers, discouraged by repeated
failures of even these heroic methods, the
.Instant relief afforded by the first bath with
Cuticura Soap and gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment is almost incredible. They
stop the itching and burning at once, make
deep possible and, tn most cases, point to
a speedy cure. So pure and sweet are Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and so free from every
substance of a disagreeable or harmful nature
that they can be used without hesitation on
the youngest infant or tenderest skin. Besides, they are most economical, a single set
being often sufficient for tbe treatment of
even the severest cases. ^
in proof of the efficacy of the Cuticura
Remedies it will be enough to quote here a
single letter, from Mrs. Edward Nennlng,
11 Lansing Block, Watertown, N.Y.: "Four
years ago I suffered with a terrible eczema,
being a mass of sores from head to feet and
for six months confined to my bed. Curing
that time I suffered continual torture from
itching and burning. After being given up
by my doctor, I waa advised to try Cuticura.
After the first bath with Cuticura Soap and
application ot Cuticura Ointment I enjoyed
the first good sleep during my entire illness.
X also used Cuticura Resolvent and the treatment wu continued for three weeks. At the
end of that time I was entirely cured and
have felt no Ul effects since. I would advise
any person suffering from any form of skin
trouble to try the Cuticura Remedies, as I
know what they did for me."
Cuticura Soap, Ointment, Resolvent and
Fills are sold by druggists everywhere. Potter
'Drut? & Chem. Corp., sole props., Boston,
Moss. Mailed tree, on request, latest 32-page
Cuticura Book, a guide to the speedy and economical treatment of skin and scalp affections, from Infancy to ago.
Daily during December.      3 mouth,
limit.   Stop over privileges,
_ S^'
The Doable Track Route
Reduced Fare, (or
Steamship Passengers.
November 11th  to December    31st.
Five months limit.   Write   (or   (ull
particulars and descriptive pamphlet
General Agent. Passenger Dept.
Representative (or nil Steamship Line,
and Cook's Tours.
260 Portage Ave. Winnipeg.
Danger Ahead
Uncle    Ezra    snys—"Some      (oiks'
castles   in   the   air  nre   gain'   to   he
knocked out by airships   sooner   or
later."—Boston Herald,
A good honest remedy (or Rheumatism, N'etiritlgiu end sore throat is
Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Nothing will so
quickly drive out nil pain and inflammation.
"Well, who do you think you art?"
asked David, unafraid.
"I am tlie man higher up," gruffly
answt rctl fiolinth, looking contemptuously tin" n Upon liiin.
"Hut David got him."—Chicago
lil;„„.    'GHT s  Ol5' »c
_?'*«_; ft. 5 '_, ••-
W. N. U„ No. IM
Cosmopolitan Medley of People on tho
Street, All Day Long.
In his article on Singapore, in Harper's Magazine, W. i. Aylward givef
a picture of the varied life of the city.
He says: "It wa3 late in the afternoon
when we reached the mouth of tho
river, the hour when everybody that
is anybody is out driving on the Es- ,
planade, and every one who is not il
there, to see. Along the broad, tree-
shaded river the fascinating show
trots by, and one cannot but admire
the genius.jjf the people who made it
possible in this little peninsula for
which John Bull gave the whole island of Java to the Dutch, and where
but a generation or two ago Lord
Cavenagh found but a few pirate huts.
"Across the road, with your back to
the sea, you can easily imagine yourself at a large week-end party in England. On a broad smooth lawn which
years of exncri:m>nt coaxed to grow
in alien soil, scant-clad figures work
hard at socker, cricket and rounders.
Women in fluffy white and Paris hats
sit languidly in wicker chairs, attended by native servants who keep guard
over blond babies, while their mistresses watch the game. Through a
rich, dark curtain of heavy foliage a
pocket edition of an English cathedral peers and raises its delicate spire
against a flaming sky.
"Under the tree-shaded road, between the lawn and water, a parade ot
nations goes on—brown men, black
men, yellow men and white; Hindoo,
Malay, Japanese, and Kling, awheel or
afoot, with here and there in tho
motley, gaudily costumed throng tho
snowy garb of the helmeted master
mind. Next to him in importance aro
the Chinese men of wealth, the real
merchant princes of Singapore, who
give a fairly good idea of how a Chinese can rise if given a chance. On
the seat of the most fashionable dogcart one goes by, behind a high-stepping, docked sorrel driven by a Bengali lad in livery, with a duplicate
footman gravely enjoys his daily drive
and ciiat with his son just homo from
"Following him, a sober equipage
contains an English mother with three
marriageable daughters; then a high-
caste Hindoo in his low carriage reclines on rich cushions, his crinkly
white frock and silver buttons setting
ofl magnificently his dark, bearded
face, crowned with fathoms and fathoms of soft, white-stuff in a carefully
laid turban; a skittish horse, with an
officer in the Lincoln-green uniform
of the Sherwood Foresters at the ribbons, his bull pup beside him and a
little baboon in barefooted livery sitting astern; a shabby gharry and a
Portuguese priest; a rickshaw with a
Chinese woman in flowing blue, surrounded by her little brood; a bv
rouche full of French girls — all pass
through a chattering throng of Tamil-
men in skirts, with little velvet, embroidered skullcaps on their heads;
turbaned Klings in loincloths; savage-
looking Javanese, a Manchu lady in
yellow silk limps pitifully on hobbled
feet after the musical slink ol her
lord and master's wooden clogs; Ben-
galeae, Mohammedan, and Parsees."
Hu been Canada's favorite'
Yeast over a quarter of a
century; Enough for S cts
to produce SO large loaves
of fine, wholesome, nourishing, home-made bread.
Do not experiment—there
is nothing "just as good."
_„    ,        TORONTO, ONT.  _
Winnipeg Montrta'
Awarded higheat honor, al
all Expoutioiii.
Glove Was Kid
She dropped her glove
He raised his lid.
And picked it up
With "Oil, you kid!"
"How dnre you, sir?"
He smiled nt her.
"Excuse me, miss;
It's just like this—
I meant the glove."
—New York Telegram.
SMohb Gure
lulokly lisp, aoufhs, oarM soldi, *•- ■
ta* throat ond lugs. ■   -   - it
Atlas suddenly began to show ijgns
of weariness.
"I have just learned," he snid,
shifting the burden to the other
shoulder, "that this globe I am lidding up weighs 7,000,000,000 tons!"
Thus we see, despite the old maxim,
that knowledge is not always po'ver.
—Chicago Tribune.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget  in
Boggs—"I know a mnn who joined
the navy and he can't swim."
Scroggs—"That's nothing. I know
a man who went up in a balloon and
can't fly."
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time in applying the best
of remedies—Mother Graves' Worm
They were talking about beauty
the otlier evening, when Miss Smith
remarked, "Well, talk as you will,
homely people are almost always unusually bright."
Miss Brown (sotto voice)—"The
High Power Microscopy.
There has been exhibited before tho
Royal Society of London a form ol
microscope, the invention of Prof.
Gordon, by means of which enormous
magnification of un object can, it is
stated, be attained without the blemishes due to optical causes that formerly marred such images, says Harper's Weekly.
We may suppose that the enlarged
image of an object is received from a
microscope lens upon a ground-glass
focusing screen, and that then annth-
ed microscope is employed still further
to enlarge the image so formed. This
is, of course, quite feasible, but tho
grain ot the glass would be magnified
together with the image and would
vitiate the result. Prof. Gordon uses
a translucent screen oi the finest possible texture, and he causes it to be
kept in continual motion while the
object is being viewed or photographed. By this means the grain oi the
screen is eliminated and the greatly
magnified image of the object alone
seen. Specimens magnified to the extent of ten thousand diameters were
shown as proof of the ellieacy of the
method adopted-
Jenny Lind's Charm.
The anniversary of the death of
Jenny Lind calls to mind a most lovable and charming personality. The
Infirmary at Norwich, named after
her, "The Jenny Lind Intlrmary,"
was founded fifty-eight yenrs ago by
her. She was one of tlie sweetest
singers that "ever poured upon the
world a flood of harmony," and
among other ol the great men of her
time who appreciated Iter at her
right value was Mendelssohn, who
said of her. "She is as great an artist as ever lived, and the greatest I
have known." For a long time she
lived in Kensington, at Clairville
Grove, in a pretty one-storied cottage,
over which grew a fine magnolia, A
critic wrote of her, after she had sung
lor some years in grand opera, that il.
she had not been the greatest singer
in the world, she would have been tho
greatest actress."
Getting Baek It Papa.
Rev. Dr. Fourthly, mildly reproving
his youngest daughter:
"Florence, do you think it is appropriate to wear that gaudy hat to
church? It looks as if you went there
merely to be seen."
Miss Florence Fourthly, aged 12,
demurely responding:
"Well, papa, all you go to church
(or it to he heard, isn't itr"
I was cured of painful   Goitre   by
Chatham, Ont.
I  wus cured   of   Inflammation by
Walsh, Ont.
I wus cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Parkdnle, Ont.
It is always advisable to select a
brand of prosperity that you can
Pills of Attested Value.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are the result of careful study of thc properties of certain
roots and herbs, and the action of
such as sedatives and laxatives on the
digestive apparatus. The success the
compounders huve met with attests
the value of their work. These Pills
have been recognized for many years
as the best cleunser of the system
that can be got. Their excellence
was recognized from the first and
they grow more popular daily.
"You women never keep posted on
current events." "Why, yes we do.
t rend All about the Pole. But,
John?" "Well, what?" "How did
tlie Pole happen to be lost?"
Would Not be Without
Baby's Own Tablets
Mothers having once used Baby's
Own Tablets for their little ones
woultl not be without them. These
Tablets are a never failing remedy
or the little ills such as constitution, eolie, worms, colds, ete., that
afflict so many little, ones. And then,
too, they can be given with absolute
safety to the youngest child for they
are sold under the guarantee of a
Government analyst to contain no
opiate or other harmful drug. Concerning them Mrs. Chas. Whatley,
Peterboro, Ont., writes: "I have
used Baby's Own Tablets for my little girl and have found them to be
of great value. Others to whom I
have recommended the Tablets say
they would not he without them."
Soltl by medicine dealers or hy mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Carries On
Woggs—8o young Saphead and his
father are carrying on the business?
Boggs—Yes. The old man does the
business, while young Saphead does
thc carrying on.—Punch.
Cures the sick and acts as a preyentattve for others. Liquid given on
tbe tongue. Safe for brood mans nnd all others. Best kidney remedy}
60 cents __ bottle; 16.00 the doten. Bold by nil druggists and harness
houaes.  Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE. DRUGGISTS.
WORN MEDICAL CO., Ck.-l.l.. (testes. lad., 0.8. A.
The Retort Courteous
"I'm looking for a breezy march,"
said the bandmaster in a Chestnut
street music store the other day.
"How about the one dedicated to
the Aero club?" the facetious clerk
"I suppose it is written for wind
instruments," the bandmaster countered.
"Well, the air is easy," the clerk
shot back, and the interchange stopped.— Canadian Home Journal.
Operation Needed
"Your daughter, madam, has a
rapidly growing mentality." "Mercy
on us, doctor! Will she have to go to
tlie hospital and have it cut out?"—-
Baltimore American.
Sudden transition from hot to cold
temperature, exposure to rain, sitting
in a draught, unseasonable substitution of light for heavy clothing, are
fruitful causes of colds and the resultant cough so perilous to persons of
weak lungs. Among the many medicines for bronchial disorders so arising, there is none better than Bickle's
Anti-Consumntive Syrup. Try it and
become convinced.   Price 26 cents.
Ups  and  Downs
"When I get excited," said the
giddy girl with the fluffy head, "I just
jump up and down."
"You may jump up," rejoined the
tall-browed girl from Boston, "but
I imagine the law of gravitation must
be responsible for the alternating descent."—New York Sun.
A single bee, with all its industry,
energy, ond innumerable journeys it
hns to perforin, will not collect more
thun a teaspoonful of honey in a
single season.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.
A French aeronaut hos patented a
balloon which, when deflated, can be
packed in its basket and the entire-
equipn: lit carried on a man's back.
Corns cripple the feel and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief in
the shape of Holloway's Corn Cure is
within reach of all.
More people would take chances If
tnke things as they come were it not
for the fact that most of the things
that come are not worth waiting for.
You Can Work Near a Window
in winter when you have i Perfection Oil Hester. It is t portable
radiator which can be moved to
any part of a room, or to any room
tn a house.  When you have a
S?il Hfc/vrt»:
AUalttUb flMblM ssi UarUtt
you do aot have to vork dote to the
■tove, which it uniilly tar from the
window. You can work where you
wish, and be warm. You can work on
dull winter days in the full light nest
the window, without being chilled to
'the bone. •
The Perfection Oil Heater quickly
gives hest, and with one Ailing ot the
font burns stesdily for nine hours, without smoke or smell. An
Indicator slwsys snows the smount of oil In the font. The filler-
cap, put In like a cork in a bottle, ia attached by a chain. This
heater hu a cool haadle snd a damper top.
The Perfection OU Hester hu sn automatic-locking
flame spreader, which prevents the wick from being turned
hieh enough to smoke, snd is essy to remove snd drop back, so
the wick csn be quickly clesned. The burner body or gallery
cannot become wedged and can be unscrewed in sn instsnt for
rewicklng.. The Perfection Oil Hester Is finished in japan or
nickel, is strong, durable, well-made, built for service, and yet
light and ornamental.
,  It'tat it ttart, arts, tf
at tki aoirsn sjoty of ta,
We are   everywhere with the   standard good*.
Paper and Matches aro our specialties.    Let us
know your wants—we'll do ths rest.
TEBSyfr PER88E, LIMITED, Aunts, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,
Regina, Fort William and Port Arthur. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
A Pawned
It Was at the Bottom of
a Plot
Copyright, 1910. by American Press
"Goodby. Harold."
"tiuodby. J, lice."
Tbese. aud these alone, were the
parting words beiweeu Harold Roth-
well nnd Alice Swulu. tor tbeir hearts
were too (ull to say more. They were
to bave beeu married wltuln a few
months, but Until well bad developed
pulmonary trouble, and it was decided
tbat be should go west aud lU'e au
outdoor life. The prospect before
tbem wits gloomy. Even if Harold
recovered bis health tbe givlug up of
prospects ir, was leaving might keep
him in poverty and necessitate their
continued separation. He turned away
and set oui for lbe railway station
Alice watched him till be reacltea a
bend In the road, when he turned and
tbrew ber a kiss. Sbe returned It. aud
he passed out ol sight. Hud us they
were, tbey would bave been far men.
•o had ihey known what would bap-
pen before they should meet again.
That same duy two yeurs heiier
found Itoihwell financial manager for
Henry Palmer, a rancher, though but
Just appointed to tbe position. ICotb-
well bad long beeu a sheep herder for
Palmer, and the out of door life hud
completely cured him of bla ailing
As soon us It wus considered safe for
bim to lead a mure cunHued life Palm
er, who had taken a great fancy to
bim uud avha needed a clerk, put hiui
in charge of tbe financial part of bis
ranching. Tben Hothwell wrote to
Alice Swain that within another year
be ho|ied to return for ber and bring
ber back with bim. ,
The ranch was not a large one, and
the owner und his clerk were tbe only
two persons enguged upon It except a
few herders, wbo were always away
tn care of tbe flocks. Tbe men lie-
came very warm friends and were al
must constantly together. Uue day
Palmer said lo bis clerk:
"You know, Harold, tbat 1 am n
bachelor, and bave no ono ln the world
to leave what belongs to me. I'm
going to make a will bequeathing this
ranch and the stock on It to you "
Hothwell smiled. "Considering that
yon are but ten yeara older than I and
far stronger, I tblnk 1 would better
leave my poaaeiuilons. If I bad uny, to
"Furthermore." Palmer onntlnnefi
without noticing tbe comment "there
- aro Ave gl.omi bonds, wblcb will aim.
be yours. Tbese bonds, together with
aome old family trinkets. I have plated In biding, ami I am going to show
you where they are hidden. Tbey
too, will go to you at my death."
Ha led the way to tbe attic and
frnm a recess formed by a corner In
the roof between two Joists took a tin
bot, opened It nnd showed Hothwell
tbe bonds and tbe trinkets referred to
Tbe latter consisted of a gold watch
bearing tbe Initials H. P. and some
article* of Jewelry.
"Yoo are very kind." said Roftweii.
"to make me Jour heir; but. as I have
tald. I don't tblnk tbere is the slight
eat chance of my ever receiving my Inheritance."
"Tbere Is a better chance tban you
tblnk." aaid tbe other.
Rotbwell looked at him Inquiringly,
but received no further confidence.
Palmer replaced the box. and tbe two
men returned to tbe lower story. Then
Palmer opened a safe .kept on the
premises, took out a will, showed
Rotbwell tbat It was In his favor, pot
It back and closed tbe safe door.
"Why." asked Rotbwell, "don't yon
keep tbe bonds and tbo otber things
in lbe safer
"1 bave a special reason for not
keeping tbe bonds tbere. As to tbe
watcb and Jewels, lt doesn't much
matter where they are kept. Some
day foo may learn the reason. Bo
long aa I live I can trust yon not to
disturb tbe box In tbe garret, and
after my death wbat It contains may
be of some beneflt otber tban for tbeir
Intrinsic value."
"To whomr
•Tbat, will appear at tbe time."
This was not very satisfactory, bnt
Rotbwell waa obliged to be satisfied
wltb It s
It waa bnt a few weeks after this
that Itoihwell, having got In aome
funds for the sale of sheep, rode to
tbe town, some down miles away, to
deposit tbe money in bank. Tbe day
proved an eventful ono. On the way
two masked men sprang upon bim
from a wood beitlde tbe road and
rnlitied him. Returning to the ranch.
he fun nd Calmer lying In the living
room uf the bouse with a bullet bole
In bis brain.
As soon a* he had sufficiently recovered from the shock to tblnk be
determined to ride to the nearest
ranch, get a messenger and send for
the proper authorities to come and
take legal action upon the matter.
Within a few hours an officer of tbe
law arrived and took charge of both
tbe premises ond the body.
Wben Hothwell hr.d* told bim the
whole story of his connection with
Palmer, concluding with the statement
tbat be was Palmer's heir, that he
hod started for the bank that day to
deposit some $1,200, heen robbed, on
the way and returned to And bis benefactor murdered, tbe official looked
at bim curiously. Tben he called a
messenger and sent bim otf posthaste
When tbe messenger returned be
brought tbe sheriff witb bim, wbo.
without a word of explanation, clapped
a pair of handcuffs ou Hothweil's
wrists. The prisoner was taken tu
town and lodged in Jail, cbarged wltb
tbe murder of Henry Palmer and the
embezzlement of tbe funds be claimed
he bad Intended to put ln tbe bank.
Tbe case wus one of circumstantial
evidence—or, rather, of motive—alone.
lt was assumed tbat Rotbwell had got
behind tn bis accounts, bad embezzled
tbe amount of wblcb be claimed be
bad been robbed and. fearlug that if
detected be would lose bis Inheritance,
bad killed the man whose property be
•vould Inherit
This made a strong case against
bim, and there was very little to be
said In his favor. No trace of any
one having attacked Palmer and no
evidence of Hothweil's story thut he
hud been nibbed appeared. The court
retained charge of Palmer's property,
but allowed tbe legatee sutUeieni
funds to pay a lawyer to defend him
His attorney did the best In his power
fnr liiin. but was unable to establish
bis Innocence Tbe Jury hung tot
some time between murder lu the
lirst nud second degree, hut tinull.t
brought tn a verdict of guilty of the
former. He wus sentenced to sulfet
the death penalty.
And so It was that Hothwell, having
eseuped death front tuberculosis, huv
lag reached a condition where be
might bring his sweetheart to bim at
1,1s wife, wus doomed to suffer on rhe
gallows for a crime be hud uot coin
mltted. There are not the delays In
punishment for crime In new countries
tbere are where tbe safeguards against
infringing on tbe rights of accused
persons are more strictly enforced.
Rotbwell was sentenced to be buuged
a few weeks after bis conviction No
new trial was granted, no stay of pro
ceedlugs. and the day of distill was
near wben something happened.
A young woman stood looking In
through the window of a pawuahup In
the town where Hothwell was convict
ed. At tbe time sn officer of Ihe law
dressed ln plain clothes wus In the
shop Interviewing tbe pawnbroker
about some stolen goods thut bv had
loaned money oo. Tbe woman enteral
tbe shop and produced a watcb uu
wblcb sbe asked for a loan. Tbe bro
ker Inspected tbe watch nnd at once
caught sight of two letters, "H. P..'
on the case.
"Whine Initials are those?" asked thi
broker ,
Tbe woman suid she did uot know
Tbo detective took a baud in questkiu
Ing ber and. ber replies being contra-
dlclory. took ber to police heitdqnar
ten. There, after many surmises
some one noticed tbat "H. P." wen
tbe Initials of Henry Palmer, for whose
murder Hothwell wus to lie hanged In
a few days. Tbe cblef of |silice pui
tbe woman through the "third degree"
process, with the result of a confession
that sbe had murdered Palmer.
Many were Inclined to doubt that
the confessiott was genuine. Had ll
no* been for the fact that Ibe wutnati
bad attempted lo liorrow money uu a
watcb wltb Palmer's Initials on it lit
tie attention would have lie, ,i paid to
ber statement. She claimed to huve
been a discarded wife of Palmer's, nm
It waa fur this casting off that she hut
killed him. The watcb wits shown t.
Hothwell. and be tuld tbe police where
lie bail seen It. This Itleutifled the
woman wltb Palmer, she was chiirged
with bis murder, and Rotbwell was released. He asked to see the person
who stood In his place and was taken
to ber cell.
Whu I was his amazement to recog
nize Alh e Swain
Before be hud lime to betray their
relationship she gave him n look tbut
put bim ou bis guard. She then spoke
to him as u stranger, telling bim that
If he could get permission to see her
alone she would throw additional light
on tbe murder. Permission was grunt
ed. and the two were lefl alone.
Nut during to embrace eacb other,
tbey refrained. Alice talked about the
murder, but. fearful of being over-
beard, said nothing to reveal tbe true
situation. Meanwhile she scratched
on u bit of pa|ier:
This Is a plim to save you. Luckily you
wrote nts or the tin box. I came, took the
wstch snd pawned It to get arrested. Uo
swsy snd I will convince them of my Innocence.
It wus agreed between them through
tbe same medium that Harold should
have a week before Alice revealed
the trick. When the period hnd ex-
, plred uud he was safe In biding ahe
called for the lawyer wbo bad defended bim and told him how Rotbwell bad written ber of tbe Interview
he bad bad with Palmer and of tne
tin box, showing bim the letter—how
she bad gone to tbe biding place,
taken tbe watcb and pawned It. knowing the tnau who was at the time with
the pawnbroker to be a detective. Tbe
attorney soon obtained a dismissal of
tbe charge against her, and later sbe
was set at liberty.
She at once went to the ranch house
and in ber future husband's name |
claimed for bim bis Inheritance. Making a more thorough examination of
the contents of the tin box. she fonnd
a bit nf paper on wblcb were written
the following'words:
tf I am murdered lt will be by my old
partner. Jacob Wilcox. When we separated I took some bonds that he claimed
belonged to him. He told me tben that
he would have the bonds If he had to kill
m. to get them.
In time Rotbwell came Into bis Inheritance and married the girl wbo
j had saved him. He spent ronsldera-
' ble money trying to And Wilcox and
bring bim to Justice, bnt never succeeded. The Rothwell ranch Is now
one of tho largest ln that section of
Spoiled His Aot.
A mnslcnl artist announced to bis
friends tbut he bad a feature for his
act tbat was calculated to make the
whole profession sit up and take notice. Several days later be was asked
to divulge his plans.
"Oh. that's all off," was the answer.
"Well. If It was sucb a wonderful
tbtng what was it?" was tbe general
,"1 bad planned to have a real skeleton," the musical man replied, "with
Its ribs tuned up so that 1 could play
music on It like a xylophone."
"Grea'tl Why aren't you going to do
The musician heaved a sigh of disappointment
"1 tried it." he answered, "bnt somebody sold me tbe skeleton of a ticklish
man and 1 couldn't bit tbe ribs."—
Youngstown Telegram.
A Clossd Dlsousston.
Tbey had argued long and furiously
over tbe question. "Can a man marry
bis widow's niece!" and tbe blgbly talented lawyer In the corner had waxed
eloquent over the marriage laws of
every state In-the Union, every country tn the world, civilized and uncivilized, aud had cited tbe affinity tables
of every church and even tbe legislation ot Lycurgus down to tbat of
Brlgbam Yonng, when a young man
quietly announced his Intense desire
to be informed where tbe deuce a man
was wben his wife was a widow?
Then the discussion closed down and
fourteen excited controversialists ordered Iced water.—New York Times.
A Fair Sized Trout.
The gentleman was strolling across
a large estate wben be came upon a
man Ashing.   "What sort of Ash do
you catch here?" be said.
"Mostly front," replied tbe man.
How many have yon caught."
'About ten or twelve, sir."
"What  Is about  tbe  heaviest  you
have caught?" continued tbe gentleman.
"Well, I don't know tbe weight, but
the water sunk two or three feet wben
I pulled lt out!"
Divides tho Waters.
Situated exactly at the bigbest point
of th* divide of the Rocky mountains,
on tbe Crow's Nest division of the Canadian PaclAc railway, in British Colombia, ia a hotel. When it rains ln
the mountains tbe water which fall*
on tbe eastern slope of (be, hotel roof
trickles sway to Join a tiny rivulet,
which tn due time mingles Ha water*'
with tbe Atlantic. Tbe water falling
Just beyond the ridgepole, on tbe otber
side of tbe roof, flows westerly and
ultimately Into the Pacific.
Bad Feeling In House. \
The outburst of temper occasioned
by the all-night sitting at Ottawa is
likely to delay prorogation. Some
members think they have already!
earned their 12,600 which a tolerant
publio pays them for their ability to.
perform the gentle operation of doing nothing. The naval bill ia strand-;
ea high and dry, being docked for repairs. The insurance bill Vhich is
so bulky a document that whenever a
member wants one, it takes the united efforts ot two page boys to bring
it into the Honse, haa made its appearance on the order paper after
taking up all the time of the Senate
so tar this season. Unless the dove,
W peace begins to hover about th* i
Erecincts of Parliament soon It will
e well on to midsummer before pro.
rogation guns boom from Nepeaa
Author's First Success.
Like many another young author.
Mr. W. E. Norris is attracting much
attention, began hi* literary career by
sending a story to The Cornhill Maga-
ine. The story was at once accepted,
and this success determined Mr. Norris to abandon a legal career, tor
which he was orignally intended, and
try literature. To-day he is one oi
Britain's most popular novelists.
"Matrimony." his last, being, in tlte
opinion of many, the best story lie
ever wrote. Mr. Norris lives in a I
beautiful house at Torquay with Iiii
daughter, who is his constant compau-
Ion    His <iMer is Lady Havelock.      '
British Were Warned by W. Brandish, a Telegraph Opsrator.
The following story of the Indian
mutiny is told in The London Daily
There has just been retired from
the service of the Postmaster-General
e servant who may be said to have
practically saved India to this country. This is W. Brendish, ielegrapb
master, the sole survivor of those
who were present in Delhi in May,
1857, and who. in the courageous discharge of his duty on the memorable
11th of that month, rendered invaluable service to the state.
It wus Mr. Brendish who, without
orders tind acting on his own responsibility, despatched the telegram
which warned the authorities of the
Punjab of the outbreak of the terrible
mutiny. "Tlie sepoys have come in
from Meerut und are burning everything," he wired. "Mr. Todd is dead, i
and, we hear, several Europeans. We
must shut up."
The futeful news was sent to Lahore by Mr. Brendish, who was then
but a youth, while the mutineers
were pursuing their work of slaughter in every part of the cantonment.
It has been acknowledged that this
presence of mind on the part of young
Brendish saved India. The story is
told by Mr. Brendish in a modest
narrative of his services on that
eventful day. The telegraph staff at
Delhi, he says, consisted of Mr. Todd,
assistant in local charge, and two
young signallers, Brendish and I'ilk-
On Sunday, the 10th of that month,
in the forenoon, the signallers at the
Meerut oflice wired that eighty men
of the 3rd Cavalry had been confined,
and were to be blown away from
guns for refusing to bite the.Enfield
cartridges only recently issued to
the troops. No further news was received, and at 4 p.m. the line with
Meerut was found to be interrupted.
On the following morning Mr. Todd
took a dak and started for Meerut, to
ascertain at what point along the road
the break had occurred. He got no
further than the bridge of boats over
J unum. for he there met the mutinous 3rd Cavalry, who killed him.
The signallers remained at their
post in the telegraph office, which
was fortunately outside the city
walls, about one mile distant from
the Kashmir Gate ond from the Flagstaff Tower. They saw a regiment of
native infantry with two guns pass
along the road from cantonments towards the city, ond learned afterwards that they had joined the 3rd
Cavalry. Later on, heavy fii-i-- was
heard in the city, and Brendish, who
was st the signalling instruments,
kept an wiring to Lahore all news
that was brought to him.
At noon he went out on the road to
see what was going on, and presently
there passed a wounded British officer, driving from the city, who called
out: "For God's sake get inside and
close the, doors.
"We did so," says Mr. Brendish.
"but even then Rilkington and I did
not feel we were secure, as we were
nut two lads encumbered with the
wife and child of Mr. Todd, whose
sad end was not yet known to us, and
surrounded by servants who perhaps
were prepsred to take our lives, hut
who were doubtful as to the termination of events."
For two hours more the bovs held
on, listening to the firing within the
walls. At 2 p.m. Brendish went to
the Umballa instrument for the last
time and signalled to the hands at
the other end of the wire the historic
message, ending "and now I am off,"
the meaning being that they were
leaving the office.
He and his comrade had persuaded
Mrs. Todd to accompany them to the
Flagstaff Tower, where a number of
Europeans had already congregated,
as it was the only possible place nf
safety. They remained there until
sunset, and witnessed the blowing up
of the magazine. That night the refugees fled, and the two signallers
eventually got safe to Umballa,
A Latham Incident.
An Italian paper has a good story
of Latham, whose accomplishments in
elude prowess with the gun. The
aviator made a long stay in Abyssinia,
and indulged in big-game shooting
One day he brought down two ele
phants, malo and female. The law of
Abyssinia required Latham to pay for
his authorization two of the tusks. H?
sent those of the female, the smaiiei
ones. The authorities demanded the
larger, but the aviator flatly refused.
Then began Fort Chabrol anew. La-
tham barricaded himself in his house,
which the soldiery surrounded. Ht
was well armed and well provisioned
Tlie siege lasted a month, and it was
brought to an end by Menelik learning of the incident. The Negus ordered the forces to retire, and returned
the trophies to the heir-at-law of Nim-
rod and Icarus,
For the Children
General    Baden - Powell,
Founder of Boy Scouts.
Ths New Stamps.
The new British stamps are to be
ready in May. The colors are to be
practically the same as those during
the last reign; but the design will be
different. They will, of course, be
submitted to the King for approval before being finally passed for circulation, and as His Majesty is a great
authority in philately, he will doubtless take great interest in the matter,
and give it very careful consideration.
Has It Corns to This?
Hank Stubbs—I'd like to go out an'
pick up a few chestnuts, but I don't
dast to.
Bige Miller—Why nott
Hank Stubbs—I'm feard I'll be mistook fur a red souirrel an' eit shot
Photo by American Press Association.
Tbe boy and girl scout* of America
will be glad to learn that Lieutenant
General Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell
of tbe British army, originator "and
founder of tbe scout movement. Is soon
to visit tbe United State*. The general
recently landed In Canada with sixteen boy scouts from England under
command of Captain Arthur Wade.
Tbese boys are the pick of the English scouts and are experts In tbe work.
They bave lieen sbowlng tbe Canadians bow well they are drilled, and
those who hnve seen tbem are full ot
praise. The hoys will also give drill*
and demonstrations iu this country, it
being General Baden-Powell's Idea to
Instruct lbe youth of America In tb*
beneBts of training along military line*.
'        An Impossible Story.
A certain king once tuude a proclamation that be would give a golden
ball i to any one of his subjects wbo
would tell bim the most wonderful
story, but It must be quite impossible
for the story to be true or the prize
wonld not be given.
From all parts of tbe kingdom people came to him wltb remarkable stories, but the king declared tbat It waa
not quite possible for one and all of
tbem to be ttue, and the prize was not
At last tbere came no old man, followed by two servants bearing an Immense Jar between them.
"May It please yonr majesty," (aid
the old man, "your most excellent father borrowed from my father this Jar
full of goM, promising that your majesty would pay the same amount back
to me."
"Oh, that I* absurd and Impossible!"
(aid tbe astonished king os be looked
*t the huge Jar.
"Tben If It 1* Impossible." said the
old man, "1 have fairly won the golden
ball, but If my story be tme yonr majesty onght to pay your father's debt."
Thus the king wa* obliged to declare
tbat the old tusn bad won tbe prize.
Why Is a nail fast in tbe wall like an
old man? Because It Is Indrm.
How are all lawyers related? Tbey
are brothers-in-law.
Wbat Is the most popular paper at
the summer resorts? Fly paper.
Why Is the Ay one of tbe grocert
best customer*? Bectuse It settles oo
the spot
Why does an aeronaut dislike speaking about bis trips? lt Is a soar point
wltb bim.
Wbat la unable to think or apeak, yet
tells the troth to all the world? A pair
of scale*.
What country doe* a crying baby
■Igb for? More-rock-ob or tap-land.
Why Is a shabby cost like * man
with Insomnia? Because It haa not bad
a nap for a long time.
effects of Gales on Lakss.
The tide-like effects ot gales on lake*
having no ordinary tides is very considerable. In the Caspian a gale will
raise the water on, one side six feet,
causing o total difference of level of
twelve feet; in the Baltic easterly
gales will produce a charge of eight
feet, and in Lake Erie heavy gale*
occasionally cause a difference of level
of more, than fifteen feet.
Paris Pawnshops.
Practically for more than a century antl absolutely fc ...ore then
fifty years the Mont de Piete has enjoyed a complete monopoly of the
pawnbroking business of France. Hy
article 411 of the penal code any person lending money on pledge is liable
to imprisonment fifteen days to *hree
months and a fine of 100 to 1,000
tranc* <• franc equal to 19.? cental. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Afraid of Ghosts
Many people an* afraid of ghosts. Few people
are afraid of gena*. Yet the ghost is a fancy and
the ferm is a {sot. It the germ could be magnified
to a size equal to Its terrors it would appesr more
terrible than say fire-breathing dragon. Germs
can't be avoided. Tbey are in the sir we breathe,
the water we drink.
The germ oan only prosper when the condition
of the system gives it free scope to establish itself and develop.   Wben there is a deficiency of
vital force, languor, restlessness, s sallow cheek,
a hollow eye, when the appetite is poor snd the
sleep is broken, it is time to guard against the germ.   Yon can
fortify the body against all germs by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.   It increases tbe vital power, cleanses the
system of clogging impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stomach and organs of digestion aud nutrition in working condition, so
that the germ finds no weak or tainted spot in whioh to breed.
"Golden  Medical  Discovery" contains no alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming drugs.   Ail its ingredients printed on  its outside
wrapper.     It is not a secret nostrum but a medioine or known
composition and with a record of  40 years of carts.   Accept no
«■ ■•,,,.,. to—there is nothing "just as good."   Ask your neighbors.
The Grund Forks hockey team
won the first game to he ployed in
the new Greenwood rink, on Monday night, hy a score of four goals
to two. The Greenwood tenm put
up a strong fight and appeared to be
winners until the laft minute, when
Grand Forks tied the score. In the
twenty minutes' overtime play
Graud Forks scored two goals, thus
wresting victory from the Greenwood seven. A special train was
run from this city, and a large number of local enthusiasts witnessed
the most exciting game of the season.
The Spokane Chronicle says that
the Belsber mountain country, between this city and Repuulic, has
received a new impetus through the
reported purchase of the Copper Key
by the Granby interests. The
Key is on the same vein as the Belcher and the Blue Bell. It has already shipped extensively under the
management of E. L. Tate, of Spokane. The Granby company, it is
said, already has a crew of men on
the ground surveying and preparing
to build a tramway to get tbe ore
down to the railroad. >
Tbe legislature met on Monday.
Municipal nominations were held on
Monday. A northern blizzard struck
the province on Monday. Tbe
blizzard may have struck the prov-
vince on Monday by chance, still
tbe righteous should Dot cease praying for honest government, and tbe
unrighteous should keep a close
watch upon those wbo are handling
tbfeir money.—New Denver Record.
A. C. Uren returned on Monday
from Spokane, where he was called
through the illness of his father,
who was suffering witb sciatic rheumatism. Although Mr. Uren reports him improving, it will be
some before he will be able to be
out and to work.
Clyde Avery, who has been firing
on the Great Northern Pboenix pas
genger run for tbe past year, has
taken a run on the Mnrcus-Grand
Forks local, and nas moved his
family to tbis city.
bridge, whioh is to replace Ibe
wooden one across the main Kettle
river at this point.
W. U Bowman and Lester Bowman were called east the fijst of the
week to the bedside of their mother,
who is seriously ill.
John Kirkup, of Rossland, government asse9"or for this district,
was in the city on Wednesday.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horsepower gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Emil Larsen, of the Province
hotel, made a business trip to Greenwood on Tuesday.
R. G. Sidley, of Sidley, B. C,
was a visitor in the city on Tuesday.
E. Spraggett left on Wednesday
for a trip to the coast cities.
Mrs. A. B. Hood nnd daughter returned on Monday from Sherbrooke,
Que., where they have been visiting
relatives for a couple of months. On
account of the blizzards in the prairie provinces, they were four days
late in reaching Nelson, where they
were joined hy Mr. Hood.
Parisian Sage  Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop fulling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time and atop scalp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—it is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents an well as cures diseases uf the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing and nn
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H.
E Woodland it Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid Irom Giroux Manu
faoturltlg Co., Fort Erie, Ont. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaran
teed by H E. Woodland & Co.
Situation wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching preferred;
speaks English, French, German
and Dutch. Address P. 0. Box 31ti,
Grand Forks, B. C.
You can't rest on your oars in
business; you must advertise if you
wish to keep your business before
tbe public. The Snu is the paper
to use, as it goes in tbe homes.
Miss M. Armstrong, operator nt
the down-town C.P.R. telegraph
office, is spend her vacation at her
borne in Uevelstoke.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A, Manly left
on Tuesday for an extended _ vacation trip to New York city and
other eastern points.
A bridge crew of sixteen men on
Monday commenced driving piles
for the piers of the new C.P.U. steel
If you are suffering from indigestion
and the attendant distressed stomach
you should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Shufer, of 230 Qneens St. S., Berlin,
Ont., says: -'For years I have been a
sufferer from acu'e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
mv "toinach. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na Tablets and they have done
tue inure good than anything I have
ever used. I am now more free from
this trouble than I have been for
years. I am pleased to endorse and
i eciiniinend this remedy to all who
suffer with stomach trouble."
Kameniher Mi-o na Tablets ore
guaranteed to cure acute chronio indigestion and turn the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
The R, T. Booth Co, Ltd., Fort Erie,
Out. St.d an d guaran teen by H. E.
Woodland & Co.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
Btreet, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Tiik Sun job office.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby ; 19,894       44,553
Mother Lode  8,226        15,524
Jackpot      385 829
Rawhide  3,105 7,161
SnowBhoe  2,160 4,360
No. 7      225 475
Total 33,995 72,902
Smelter treatment—
Granby 21,16" 42.855
B.C. Copper Co... 11,237 24,881
New York Mineral Claims, situate In the
Grand Forks Minim? Division of Yule District.
Where located:   In Brown's camp.
TAKK NOTICE that 1. William A. I'nwnder.
Free Miners'Certllleate No. R26219, Intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, In npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtaining: a Crouti Hrantof ttie n'.ove cltiims.
And further t;iUe notice that  actios,  under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance ol   such Certificate. of   Improvement.
Dated this 21st day of January, A D 11111.
Bridge Street,
The best and tnmt
"_ibt4tatitfal lirr-pro'if
building In the Hoiin-
ilHry country. Recently completed and
n f w ly fumUtied
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Outrnlly Iu-
cated. Kind-rhiM ac-
commodationit for the
ravel line publio.
Hot and Cold Bathi
Flrtt-Clau Bar, Pool
and Billiard Room
la Connection.
¥ Printing "|
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Bouhdary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Metal Qaotations
Nkw York, Jan. 19.—8ilver, 54jf;
standard oopper,f 1C, 20® 12.25, steady.
London, Jan. 19.—Silver, 2h\;
lead, i'l.'l 5.n.
The Breathoablo Heineily for Catarrh.
The rational way to Combat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, viz, by breathing.
Scientists for yeara have been agreed
on this point, but failed to get an antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs and not destroy the tissues of
the membrane nt the same time, until tho discovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
Ave times a day, ami in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, and extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your druggist or postpaid from the K. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Out. Hyomei
is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money back. Sold and
guaranteed by H.E. Woodland J. Eo,
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
__HAArt PBIKITIKIfi-*e kind we d0-'8 in it8e" an
VlUvLJ rMLlULlVl advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (ionaii_n.m__.it nr
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Urn tilu f :oui..ilitl__t!.d-Co|>per.. .#tS,O00,0U0
Uiirllmn-MiKllinoy-Oolit      l,_5ll.«K>
I Providence-Sliver       S»0M
loii. Copper—Coper      1.000,000
Authorial r-intHU--, Paid Total to Utert Per
r'aDitnl. lulled. Par. W06. Date. Date. Share
•MHHSa    'JS'ffiS VlSl  «l,820,UOO ll.M8.680 Dec. im »8.00
81000     *5         19.000        W.1M Sept. 1900     .SO
'S0S.U00     15          J01.20U Sept. 1007     .00
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of]
Ice Cream sni Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Hotline a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooe North or Granby Hotel,
First Strbkt.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
.        Tklepiionr A129
Rutherford Bros., From.
eo YMitr
Tmdc Mark*
Anyone ttnd.ni a rt etch •__•deeorlnuoa mut
quickly ajcer tain onr opinion free wiiottier aa
Intention ll probably n^ntabla. Commnnlca.
 ,l probably
acta free. Oldest loom. _
Patflnu taken tbrouh
HwrtalMttM, wltbon*   -
Afiudibmely UiiMtmtad weekly.  Lamrt otr-
colatlon of any iciontitio Journal   Terraa for
f,n^fi,'&..'",•f,,,,,w,,B,'-,*   *»*'
'<Tm.oi.rV- ''•<rrBt_WaibinJir"r?n       '
We carry the most fashionable Rtoek
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that' have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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