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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 15, 1912

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
lackey Mikes Direct Application to Bulgaria for
aa Armistice
Hon. F. E. Smith bitterly attacks
ilie Under-Secretary (or the foreign office fyr criticising Lord Roberts.
Bonar. Law iu speech at Man chanter last night pointed to tbe Balkan
war » a lesson for Qreat Britain.
Canadian .Northern liner Royal
George still firmly wedged on reef aud
damage is thought more serious thau
at first'
Anglican 'church clergymen, from
Vanoouver to Halifax, sign powerful
appeal for greater unity among the
Tbree train bandits hold up Shasta
limited, northbound, seunring -bag ef
registered mail, after oue robber is
shot anil killed.
The sealing fleet at Victoria threatens to hout the German flag because
the - Canadian governmeut bas not
paid the promised indemnity.
Specific meeting of the British eab<
inet called for today to deal with the
Balkan situation. Grave fear is felt
as to the likelihood of international
One thousand houses burned ia a
disastrous conflagration at Canton.
Australia anxiously awaits Premier
Borden's declaration of a natal polioy.
Ambassador Bryce resigns his position to take up_the study ot literature.
War between Russia and Austria
deolared to be ..imminent in many
Letter carriers interview the postmaster-general, requesting several reforms in tbe system.
The United States will take every
measure to prevent Germany's threat
ened Wow at Standard Oil oompany.
Dominidn medioal council, for
which dootor* bave striven many
years, begins initial constructive work.
Dominion lahor leaders urge Premier Borden to have the Lemieux Act
repealed, alleging that it is unfair, to
It is reported that the steamer
Royal George Was grounded purposely
because of previous injury denied by
the railway officials
Canadian Northern steamer Royal
George is abandoned by its owners.
Tbe Grand Trunk Pacific railway
secures Boston and Providence connections.
Senator Bostock may succeed Sir
Richard Cartwright as leader of the
opposition in the senate.
Committee on divorce in British
parliament decides that habitual
drunkenness is sufficient grounds for
legal separation.
'Snap vote in houseof commons
which'defeated Asquith government
was a carefully engineered plan. Will
delay home rule'for about one week.
General Diaz, leader of. the shortlived* revolution in Mexico, believed
to have escaped from the military,
prison where he was awaiting death.
TUESDAY.     k
Turkey makes direct application tu
Bulgaria for armistice,
Twenty-one casei of smallpox in
Montreal smallpox hospital.
Jos* Canalejas Mendes, prime minister of Spain, is shot and killed by
an anarchist in Madrid.
by  many  applications for positions
during his term of office.
Royal George cargo is discharged.
The pilot is confident the ship will be
floated at the next spring tide.
Premier Borden favors creation of'
a federal district to include Ottawa
and some ef the adjacent territory.
Thirty witnesses will lie subpoenaed
from the Pacific coast to testify in the
"dynamiting" tfUl at Indianapolis.
Driver of "death car" turns state's
evidence. Says he heard the shots
fired that killed Rosenthal. The police lieutenant had "fixed" the cops.
opposition inclined to eat
humble pie, knowing that with so
touchy a situation in the Balkans the
Asquith government must remain' in
Australian professor returning from
tour urges Canadian educational system on commonwealth. -<
Riot in house of commons foi lowing Asquith's attempt to have Mon'
day's amendment rescinded.
Two policemen in New York  are
Night to Protest Against
Bowser's Aetion
. A publio meeting will be beld in
tbe <*ity hall next Monday evening,
November 18, at 8 o'clock, for the
purpose of protesting against tbe decision of tbe attorney-general''in
granting immunity from prosecution
to tbe Doukhobors. It is expected
tbst an explanotion from the attorney general will be forthcoming for
this occasion.
- W. C. Chalmers, wbo was formerly engaged in business bere, today
purchased tbe moving picture show
from tbe present proprietors. Mr.
Chalmew will take possession next
charged" by alleged falsely imprisoned  Monday.   Tbe (bow  will be   coo-
convicts with having cleverly  plotted
many robberies.
Nine lives believed lost when
steamer springs leek and sinks in
Madawaska river. Survivors tell story
of hardships in icy waters,
, Report that Turkey has appealed
to Bulgaria directly for armistice eon-,
ftsmed, and officials declare tbat. temporary peace will be established tonight.
of  Victoria  is sued by a
Appeals.from the railway board
will be limited.
Unionists have no regrets for the
disturbance in the British house of
The Canadian Pacific railway, company's freight truckers,- stackers and
checkers strike at Lethbridge.
Ninety-six thousand Bulgarians
killed or wounded in present war.
Censorship throws veil over operations in the Balkan states.
Poultry in Orchards
A suggestion was made last week
by a well known authority on poultry breeding in Victoria that orchards might well be nsed more tban
they are for the running ef poultry
flocks. Movable coops could be
pieced over a large area of ground,
thus affording a free range, which
would assist in building up the
stamina oi the chickens and birds,
snd tbeir presence would be nothing
but beneficial, as a rule, since they
would devour a large quantity of jn-
sect life.
Occasionally, it is true, the lighter
and more active breeds hsve been
known to uke a fancy to apples, but
this is rare snd would not affect ths
heavier birds, Tbe orchard would
benefit 'By the manure and the lessening of insect life.
When spraying and cultivating
time came round it would be a simple matter for notice to be given and
the coops moved out of the way.
Leghorns occasionally give trouble
by insisting on roosting in the trees,
where they fall a prey to large owls
and hawks, but this again could be
obviated by keeping one of the less
active breeds.
If you intend to send your personal greeting card to your friend
in the Old Country, it time to order them now. See samples of
beautiful hand-coloured specimens,
ducted in future along the same
lines as it has been in the past,
showing two nights every week in
eacb of tbe three Boundary towns.
With the improved outlook of the
district, Mr. Chalmers will undoubt-
ly make a brilliant success of bis
latest enterprise. It is safe to predict that be will keep tbe show
abreast of tbe times.
sll the Boundary and Kootenay |
towns with a view of making a se:
lection for investments.
W. C. Allen this week sold bis
fifteen-acre ranch and orchard to A.
E. Kipping, wbb has been a resident of tbe valley since last spring.
The price paid waa $4400.
The Granby company has taken
$1000 worth of stock in tbe Pboenix
skating rink.
The following is tbe maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by. the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday '. 39 37
Saturday   41 34
8und-»y .. 40 34
Monday.  40 36
Tuesday  42 S3
Wednesday  80 38
Thursday  43 34
Ranfall during week, 1.10 inches.
CP.R. Will Ran Its Passenger Trains Through the
Oity December 1
'Thomas Kelly, lineman for the
West Kootenay Power A Light company, wbo met with a serious accident at Pboenix lut Friday, waa removed to the Saored Heart hospital tn Spokane this week. His aon-
dition is still very serious. When
taken from Phoenix nearly bis entire body was paralysed.
Hugh Lisle, who was stabbed by
Sam Roberts, of Republic, laat week,
is rapidly recovering, and it is expected that.be will be able to leave
tha hospital in a few days.
At the meeting of the city council last Monday night, the bill for
$260 extra compensation demanded
by the contractors of the city reservoir was ordered paid. Tbe water
and ligbt committee also reported
that tbe laying ot the main in the
West end had been completed, As
the council is short of cash, no
further business of importance waa
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cooper will
return tomorrow from a - ten days'
visit to Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. John Temple ar
rived in lhe city on Monday from
Victoria for a week'a visit with
friends. Mr. Temple wss formerly
owner and proprietor of tbe Granby
hotel bere. He bas been engaged
in business in Victoria for the past
four or five years.
Mrs. H. L. Baker will leave tomorrow for Butte, Mont., where sbe
will spend the winter months.
JameS McArdle, Al. Traunweiser
and Neil McCallum have taken an
option on Dr. Averill's properity, on
thc corner of Bridge and Second
E. £. Greenwood, of Nelson, has
been spending ibe past week in the
Dr. Rslph, of Winnipeg, is in the
Presidentelect Wilson is besieged made in England, at The Sun office,  city today.   Mr.   Ralph is visiting
Fruit Packing Schools
The depsrtment of agriculture, in
accordance with ita -policy oi. tbe
past three years, will continue the
fruit packing, schools during the
coming winter. Tbe packing schools
proved even more popular io 1912
than previously, and we expect,
from the number of applications -already in, that there will be a great
growth in the work this winter. It
ia hoped that tbis year schools will
be placed in every fruit district in
the province, where - a sufficient
number of pupils can be obtained.
Tbe class of instruction furnished
by tbe experts, employed by tbe
department, in previous yeara baa
demonstrated its efficiency in meet:
ing tbe competition of Oregon and
Washington in fruit packing. Tbe
experience and standing of the instructors secured, and the confidence reposed in them by tbe department, guarantee to the fruit
growers the highest class of instruc
tion.   -
As in previous years, the local administration of the packing schools
will be placed in tbe hands of a responsible local body, aucb as tbe
Farmers' institute, tbe Fruit Growers' association, or tbe board of
The department of agriculture
provides the instructor and pays his
expenses. The department will also
bear the cost of the packing paper,
tbe fruit and all otber legitimate expenses, except thst of lbe secretarial
work, which it has been found most
satisfsctory to leave to local arrangement.
The responsible' organization in
each ease will he required to guarantee a minimum of twelve pupils,
but not more tbsn fifteen, with the
proper qualifications, at a fee of $3
each, to take the twelve lessons of
two and a half hours a lesson, the
school extending over one week. In
a limited number of districts a
double packing sehool can he arranged for, in which lhe minimum
guarantee will be twenty-four pupils,
but not more than thirty, for the
same number nf lessons. The guaranteeing organization will also arrange for and hear the expenses of
the hall, its heating and lighting.
The ball for fifteen pupils must bs
at leas* .10 feet hy 15 feet, and well
lighted.   It must be  heated suffic-
Tbe Canadian Pacific railway bas
officially announced that it intends
to commence running its passenger
trains over the Kettle Valley line
tracks tbrough the business pertion
of tbe city about the firat of December. Witb this end in view, work
was started on Tuesday on the enlargement of the present Kettle Valley line depot. An 18-foot addition
is being added to western end of tbe
depot, and'a new root will be put on
tbe old building. The new structure will be divided into four offices.
A work train ia also engaged'in
making a fill on the lot donated tbe
company by the oity for additional
trackage to accommodate the east
ajid west bound passenger trains.
Tbe Kettle Valley tracks -will be
connected with the Canadian Pacific
railway a abort distance west of the
Columbia depot
Work on tba machine shop and
ten stall roundhouse io the West
end is progressing very rapidly.
Bricklaying on the machine shop
will be finished this week, and it is
positively asserted by those- in—
charge of the work that both buildings will be completed this fall.
iently to prevent chilling of the fingers of the; packs, and to prevent
freeling of the fruit at night
The department will aa far aa possible use local fruit At lbe time of
making application for the packing
school, you are requested to reserve
fruit at tbe rate of 2i to 3 boxes per
pupil. Tbe hardier varieties, such
as Ben Davie, are preferred. Fruit
must bs in good condition, but need
not be graded, and none should run
under 2£ inches in diameter. The
department trill pay tbe legitimate
market price for thia fruit. If local
fruit cannot be secured, the department should be notified and will
undertake to secure same.
The instructor will bring witb
bim tbe necessary packing tables
and fruit paper. Tbe department
expects tbst he will be met on his
arrival by some responsible person,
wbo should provide him witb all
the necessary information, so as to
get the school under way without
loss of time.
It seems hardly necessary to present to you tbe important advantages to be gained from tbe packing
school, particularly in the way of
practical and thorough instruction
in sctusl commercial packing,
Pupils will learn, in addition, a
good deal about tbe methoda ahd
equipment used hy the most pro
gressive associations; will also learn
a good deal about the interpretation
of the Fruit Marka Aot, and will
learn a great deal of value about exhibition packing by attending the
packing school for inatructions.
Pupils wbo gain a score of 75 per
cent for efficiency in tbe packing
school, and who put up a creditable
pack for tbe department prizes the
following year, may secure a diploma certifying the same from the department. Wm. ' E. Scott,
,  ^, Deputy Minister.
Reflections by the Junior Office Boy
lots ot kids sees their old man start
out with his dinner buck!, ln lhe morning and they says, gee, I \vislit my pa
was rltch.
they think it Would be pretty swell
. It the old man hud a couple, of milly en
dollers, and they could ride in a aul-
omobeel and have Tee cream for dinner every day.
then they wouldn't never have to
go to work thcirselves, and they
would havaji nice long happy life.
that's what Ihey think.
some, of them kids better take a
look at what happened to Irving wo-
chllds and then hare anuther tblnk.
his pa got rltch out of tin roots and
when he died he left sevral niilyen
Irving was just a young kid then,
but he got a big allowance, and he
begun to find out what a young man
could do with a bunch of money along
broad way.
by the time he was 21 he was betting up a pretty good clip.
then he begun to draw 100,000 dollers a year from the estate and from
that time on he didn't touch nothing
only tiie high spots.
one reckless thing he done was to
get married, ln about a year his wife
sued for a divorce, because her hus5
band's chorus gerl friends took up bo
mutch of his time that he dident have
none left for her.
she got 700 dollers a month alll-mon-
ey, and Irving went on his merry way
In the wblte lite district.
just for fun he got hlsself appointed a deputy sheriff.
he had a diamond studded badge
made that cost 6000 dollers, and he
ust to pay fellers 100 dollers a throw
to let him arrest them.
when he was 25 he got 700,000 dollers In oen chunk.
that was just a year ago, and today
they are burying him.
a rltch father ls about the worst
misfortune most tellers can have, ts
the way lt strikes me.
Equal to the Occasion
Ho was a wily old lawyer and had
Instructed bis client, accused of theft,
to weep whenever he struck the desk
with bis hand.
In the heat of his argument, however, he struck the desk at the wrong
moment. His client promptly began
to sob with great energy.
What ls the matter with you? asked
the judge severely.
He told me to cry wben he struck
the desk, said the prisoner, as she
Httcd a pair of dry eyes from her
A laugh Immediately rang round tbe
room, but the lawyer was not abashed.
It Is not possible, he said, when the
laughter had subsided, that anyone
hi-re cnn reconcile the Idea of crime
with i*i:.'i candor and simplicity.
Bill -ne Gams
Bill had been attending a banquet
of hla loJge, It was early when he
Ket home—jvery' early—along about
(.30 a.m. 11" didn't know how In
thunder he couid explain It to Mrs.
Bill. So he took off his shoes and
tiptoed very carefully.
But Mrs. Bill beard him. What
time did you get home last night? she
asked sleepily. About twelve, he
answered hurriedly.
What are you getUng up so early
for? asked Mrs. Bill. (
Bill was allln for sleep, but he
arose to the occasion. My tooth Is
aching like fury and I'm going over
to the drug store to get something
fnr It, he said, putting on his shoes
Terrible Itching
Got Little Sleep
Und Cuticura Remedies Cured Him
Tbese wbe have raftered leaf end hope-
ktdr trom torturing ikln eruption will read
wltb tautest tbls letter from Mr. T. Williams,
US Paciflo Ke,.. Winnipeg (deled Jen. 14.
18111: "Tbe Cuticura Remedlee certainly
4M work finely /id I sm thankful thet there
b euch e remtoi, tnd thet I tried It. About
three months tee - terrible itchlnj commenced on my body. I could nol undrr.tind
It. Il gradually pew wone end covered a
Itrco portion of my body. Tliere wss ebe
a ilictit eruption of the ikln, tort of a rath.
1 tutfered greatly wilh the Itching sad st
nlftit ilmt I hid little sleep. I tried one or
two remedies which did no good, end Ibea
I tried Cutlctm Sotp, Ointment end Resolvent. In tbout len dty. I wti completely
Far more then s generation the Cuticura
Bcoicdlio here elforded the tpeedieit end
moot economlcel treelment lor Itching, burning, ectly end bleeding ikln snd tctlp humors, ef young tnd old. Sold by drugglne
and (tetters everywhere. For a liberal temple
ol Cutlcui* Soap md Ointment, with S2-P.
book en the cere ot the ikln end trettmenl of
Me aflectlor.e, tend e poeltl to the Potter
Drug A Chcm. Corp., tele prone., tl Colusa*
hue Ave., Boeton, O.8.A.
W. N. U. Itt
.. From My Hunting Day Beak   -
The Mu-ison Book Company, Limited have been honored by the Crown
Prince of Germany's instructions to
issue immediately a translation of his
volume "From My Hunting Day Book"
in Canada.
In. this book, the preliminary announcement of which has existed the
utmost interest, the German Crown
Prince records his sporting experience
ln Europe and America the work has
been produced throughout under the
most careful supervision of the Crown
Prince himself, and is Illustrated by
a large number of photographs taken
by the Crown Princess and the author.
The future Emperor of Germany
tells of his adventures ln a particular*
ly bright and pleasing manner. While
modestly disclaiming. ln his Introduction, any pretentions to literary merit
he writes of himself as a man who
loves genuine Bport, and to whom toe
poetry aud grandeur of Nature are
in Inexhaustible source of delight and
Tho book ls more than a voluive of
sporting reminiscences for from time
to time digressing from his subject,
tbe Crown Prince speaks with considerable frankness ot his Inclinations
and his reading, of his friendships and
his dislikes. Canadian readers will
be especially Interested In the account
of his experiences In India and among
a shooting party ln Scotland.
"New Rivers of the- North" by Hul-
bert Footner, makes no pretence to
be a scientific work. The author
seeks only to share the delight of two
amateurs In descending streams of
which no man could Bay wbat lay
around the next bend, and to convey
a sense, ot the pleasure one feels Jn
beholding sights that have not been
published to the world at large. The
story ls a dally record of the experiences of two men who launched themselves Into the -wilderness without
guides, and after travelling some 3,000
miles ln a 12-foot collapsible boat,
brought home an unexplored river and
a new cataract to take Its place among
the wonders of Canada.
1    "   -
' Never Asked a Fi
A granite shaft erected by popular
subscription soon will mark the grave
of Dr. Joseph Dawson, a physician
who never asked a fee.
Dawson was burled In the little
town cemetery two years ago, hut
his grave always has been unmarked.
Nobody knew Just when Dawson
came. He arrived with one friend
—a collie dog and soon established
a wide practice. Those who wished
to pay for his services could do so,
but he never Insisted on a fee. What
money he did not use for tbe actual
necessities of life he gave to charity.
Tb the curious he said:
I came here from California. There
I bave a wife and child. I like your
town and J'm going to stay here.
For 10 years Dawson lived with
his dog as a sole companion. When
he died the tribute paid to him was:
."He had more friends than any
man In the country."
Long Standing Asthma.—Many have
suffered so long from asthma and
have tried so many so-called remedies they think that there le no real
help for them. They should read
the letters received by the manufacturers of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy from! hundreds of cases once
as desperate as their own. Even ln
long-neglected cases this famous preparation brings prompt help.
A Demon Bowler
For many years Brown and Baggs
had been cricketers, and each thought
he was a better player than his friend.
At last Brown challenged Baggs to
meet him ln « slngle-wlcket match
and the wager was accepted.
Brown batted first, and mads nineteen runs, Tben Baggs took bis stand
against Brown's bowling. Brown's
bowling was so erratlo that lt was
Impossible for anyone to play lt.«alf
an bour passed, -then an hour, and
Baggs had not scored. At last the
batsman flung down his bat In disgust.
I'm going home to tea, he growled,
Go on bowling, and if you hit the wicket I'm out.
When Baggs returned from tea he
found the stumps drawn, and the
friend tbey had appointed as umpire
waiting patiently for him.
You've won, he said.
What do you mean? I haven't said
Baggs. .    ,
Yes, you have, repeated the umpire.
Brown bowled thirty wldes. You',-*
won by eleven runs.
■ I.     ■■! I
A Bad Slip
The barber (unaware that he has
the honor ot attending Professor Van
Blinkbottle, the world-famous violinist)—Really, sir, you ought to have
Just a little more off,, or people, will
take you for one of them fiddlers.
A Leader's Responsibility
If you want to realise your Importance, says Robert Burden, just put
your flnger In a bowl of water, take
It out and look at the hole. It ls
said, there ls very little difference between one man and another, but that
little ls very important.       .
A mkn ls said to atand on a. little
pedestal of his own who makes the
most of what ts given him. A man
who stands on a pedestal is looked up
to—is a leader. A leader is one Jo
whom some one looks for guidance.
When the guidance la wrong some one
suffers: When the guidance is rlgbt.
some one is made happier—hence a
leader's responsibility.
The weight of a leader's responsibility Is not determined by the prominence ot hts leadership. It Is of little concern to him whether he be a
guide block to receive ropes or a driving wheel to a great engine. The Important is this, ls he In his own place
doing his own work, filling his own
sphere, snd holding his own post ln
the battle of life? It la At life's certainties—the absolute dependence one
upon another.
Wbat would be tbe force of value of
a great locomotive but for the fire that
burns unnoticed beneath the boiler?
What would be the speed of the great
ocean liner but for the stokers who
keep up the steam pressure? The
full realisation of dependence and the
keen consciousness of the power ot
example are elements that are always
present when anything Important ls
That Waa All
A Western farmer, a Dane, applied
tor naturalisation papers. Tbe judge
ssked him: Are you satisfied with
Ihe general conditions of the country?
Yss, drawled the Dane;
Does the Government suit you?
queried the judge.
Yas, yas, only I would like to see
moro rain, replied the farmer.
If It were not for just' one little
thing, I once heard an Inventor say, I
would have the greatest Invention In
the world. That ono little thing Is
the trouble In every man's life.
General Booth's Will
By his will the late General Booth
has left not only all that was vested
ln him aa General, but also his private
property amounting to £417 19s to
the Salvation Army, while the property (now valued at £5,295) which the
late Henry Reed left for the General's
private use—and which had enabled
the General to live without drawinr
anything from the Army funds—has
heen divided among his children—
Bramwell, Catherine, Marian, Herbert,
Eva and Lucy. Personal mementoes
were left to all hts children and chll-
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Extravagant M.P's..
Members of the House of Commons
when they light-heartedly assented at
the beginning of the season to the
reappointment of the select committee
to Inquire In the expenditure on stationery and printing for the House of
Commons and the Public Service generally did not presumably anticipate
that some of their own little Parliamentary foibles would be ruthlessly
exposed to the public gaze by their
Few people will disagree when they
learn that 1*5,000 worth of paper ls
used at Westminster every year and
that of this sum $10,000 Is tor special
papers to suit individual preferences.
How's This?
SH afar Dm HartM DollMe Rente Itl est
am et Catarrh tbat cannot ba aired by *****
mmxrt. Cure.
* I. CHENEY* CO.. Toledo, O.
Wc tke tmeantpeS, have taowa r. J. cues*
ac tha hat ll yean, and believe him perfectly See*
ettMa It all bualneaa Uaueettoiia tad fjniamily
able te cany eut any oBUcaUone made by Mi tern.
WkolcealeDrama, TaMdo, &
■all'aCatairb  Cera  x,  taken   -Menially. latjM
Uraauy upon tba blood ted taaeeot Nrteea ot Iks
■elect   T-auaoolele aeat tree.   Fncc II eeale *m
bottle. SoM by au Drocrota.
lake Hall'a Family Mia Mi coeatlwioa
Blocking Traffic
There were times when McFee gloried ln the fact tbat he was the father
of nine children, even If they were
on the lines of the proverbial human
stepladder, but on the dsy when he
was taking them out for a walk he
felt chargrlned.
He was walking along at a.fairly
good gait when he' was baited by a
policeman, who asked:
I say, you, what you been doln'?
Nothing, replied   McFee.     Why?
Well what's the crowd following
you for?
A PHI That la Prized.—There have
been many-pills put upon the market
and pressed upon public attention,
but none has endured so long or met
with so muck favor as Parmeless's
Vegetable Pills. Widespread use of
them has attested their great value,
and they need no further advertisement than this. Haying firmly established themselves In public esteem
they now rank without a peer In the
list of standard vegetable preparations.
Natural Query
The Old-Timer—Yes, sir, we had two
ice crops this winter.
The Newcomer to the Coun try-
That speaks pretty well for this section. I'm glad we moved out here.
What kind of water did you plant?
Minard's Liniment for sals everywhere
First Club Man—Poor old Jones
was terribly mean.
Second ditto— Mean! Why they uy
tbat when he knew- he couldn't recover, he tried to walk to the cemetery to die, to save his heirs the expense ot carting blm there.
Castor oil is said to- be the best
medicine there ls. Curiously enough
lt ls the worst to take.
of Cftfb Paw Heels.
when you have lam beak, frequent Keadaehee, riaa-
snuio balm, epota before tba eye,, twingee in the kEte,
f Jc* __lf_?M'<>,»rt«e of all human allmenta are din, to
a-fl»d&.&.5er» *"the "'^ "
them Uu flrst day youheve cauee to think your lid-
**m tM****, ^^ 82™ bead attention. They oobttln en-eat nitre end
"■"       ■*""       ■"■""      $1* other aoverato curative aienta.   Anita or ohronle
More About
The Loading Platform
The preset gaaoruioa ot Western formers will never know tks
difficulties aad v rattens experienced by their predecessors In tha
earlier years whtn qo one could get a earload of grain shipped fa
bulk except ty losing It through an elevator. The system forced
the majority ot farmers to sell their grain to tbe elevator owaert
at arbitrary pries, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now howevtt
the distribution o. .iri as tied by the Grain Act, and the um of tke
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer te secure
satisfactory treatatat in the disposal ot ills grain, aad the hlgbest
market prioes at time of salt; overy farmer therefore, should mora
and more endeavor to use tha loading plitfirm In shipping hts grata
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard of the farmers' freedom tn disposing of his grain to the bait advantage for himself. It
farmers retrain Irom using the loading platform freely, It might result In Its belag done away wltb, because railway companies anl
elevator owners are strongly opposed to It. It is easy to understand why elevator people desire the loading platform abolished.
The railway teople on their part say ti delays the loading of cats
and helps to cause car shortage. Thia we know to be nonsense,
because frequently otter cart are loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they sre sidetracks', tor days aad even
weeks instead ot being promptly moved forward to destination., II
ts engine sho***tage .rod shortage of competent trait men that mostly
causes grain Vloekades on railways and -.-.at took ot ears. Let every
farmer therefore, dl all he ean to use t..e loading platform and become an Independent aklpper. In subsequent advertisements wa
will state In detell the savings and other advantages ot direct loading Into cars compared with loading through elevators. *-
We handle tits farmers grain ttrletly on commission, make liberal
advances-on car bills of lading, supervls* thp grading at time cars
are Inspected, secure the highest price j st time ot sal* and make
prompt returat whan sold. Writs ut for shipping Instructions ahd
market Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Wa ate tanas the areata* Mccmio tmiiaa Ae Meant iU , ~a.ic_-.Hi_a,
TreaHei, ItemaA Maey, ll.tr Cirjihaii, IMa B*ecacca, Ceaatttatlea.
DR.   A.   D.  CABOCALUft, 8uporli,tondont.
Meddlesome People
Mules are about the moat worthy
animals I know anything about. They
work bard, and live on halt that a
horse requires. I never knew a
mule to kick anyone, or run away,
yet no one ever looks at a mule without saying, 'Whoa there!'
Null tald
And yon Uke chicken, Sam?
Oee! Ah certainly does, boss.
And you get 'em once In a while?
Oh. ture. boss.    Ah gets'em.
How do you get 'em {lam?
Well, boss, you know dat ol' taylrf
Love will And de way.
What He Odd Comt!
"There ere two occasions when a gunner
feels perfectly happy,
—one is when his shot hits
the target and the'other is
when he can enjoy a chew of Empire
That wben rot* put a
.aire onto rout chltft ikln,
it pauss throufh ths pom
aai cntcn tfae UooJ, Just
Yots weuU aot pot a
coanc man ol animal fat,
colored by various miactal
pekooa (auch ai tnanr
create aal«f ate) into row
cMM's Mood t»r way d the
stoihach? Thtn why do
io % way of the potts}
Take sort*. Usafwtrfthe
mm tuibal ewsaois ftavidtd la
ZufrBuk. -Z-m-Buk ooottloa
a* trees al aay aalaal all ef 1st,
and «e ptssiisi ariaeralseiet*
lafatatttf. fans start taftabk
Hfc purely hnfcsL
It wlU heal seres, olcefvseacts-
tc% sMfDeat, va-rlceM tdeen,
cut, tone aad brakes moie
atdddy tbsn aay other known
preparation.   It  Is   ectfceslk,
soia ee cati swta sat*, Wrasses
tstssandMsed-etSealng. Illta
foahiaatioa el heekw aewetsad
tdsaUiic putty. Art these wke
•ill SrufMa e«4 Hem Ut tea or
SxF*.ttQ,.,tx*mti, fir trim.
* '■ ::■'* ;l   *
i   CAMDAToncum
SrotearodeleLea&aaaJaaliaealeo 12.000
'.,]      TaaFWiaiPalacn.
NextSaiKnii from Montreal
•ioiru cnao" o* im. n«. i x,
Xaut Sailinfa—From Halifax
"som u>waiu>" No,, m,
;"*tOT*iaC<a"Dec. Dili
Further Information from tny rail
or steamship etent, or write.
Al H. DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
271 Plain atreet Winnipeg
Look ahout you and see how trained
brains win better salaries than trained muscles. We train young men
and women'to use their brains ln business. They succeed. Why not
you? Wo Invite you to write for a
copy of our curriculum It you want a
food (raining for a business office.or
wish to become a competent telegraph
operator. Write W. H. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Can-
Mr. Farraway—Were you homesick
while you were abroad?
Hiss Beejiobroad—Only while going
over .and coining back. Then 1 was
awfully homesick tor the land.
I can't tell much about a tune from
hearing the average person hum It.
tOc. a hex er six boxee "for SIM,
at sll dealers, or The Dodda Medietas Company, Limited, Toronto,
W.N. U.I1I
Tongue Twletere
Now that they are talking ot bavins
a department for stammerers under
the management of tits Board of Education, eome people are wondering
what will be taken as the limit which
shall mark a stammerer from a person
who has only an occasional stutter on,
certain words..
It anything ot the kind ts done lt
ls probable that seme learned doctors
will devise a system of tests for tke
powers ot speech, just as they do now
for tbe powers of sight. Some day
we may aee children asked to stand
up and repeat something like this:—
She sells sea-shells on the seashore.
The shells the tells are tea shells,
I'm sure.
So if she tells sea.shells on the
Then I'm aure the sells seashore
Here ls another one that should
prove an excellent test ot a ' smooth-
running tongue:
Kimbo Komble kicked his kinsman's
Did Ktmbo Kemble kick his kinsman's
It Klmbo Kimble kicked his kinsman's
.     kettlo
Where's the  kinsman's  kettle  that
Klmbo Kemble kicked?
Simple and Sure.—Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil ls so simple ln application
that a child can understand the Inv
structlons. - Used as a liniment the
only direction Is to nib, and when
used as a dressing to apply. The
directions are so plain and unmistakable thai they are readily understood by young or old.
- Rather Thin
Two men, one ot them very short,
were passing through a station toward the train gates, when the bigger
one waa heard to say:
I've took a halt ticket for ye, George,
yer so little ye'll pass all right
But, protested Oeorge, how about
my beard? And be twiddled his thin
beard nervously.
Oh, rejoined the other, tell 'em It's
a mole, "
Carterhall, Nfld.
Mlnard'e Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—White ln the country
last summer I was badly bitten by
mosquitoes, to badly that I thought
I would be disfigured for a couple ot
weeks, I wat advised to try your
Liniment to allay the irritation, and
did to. ' The effect waa more than I
expected, a tew applications completely curing the Irritation, and preventing the bites from becoming sore.
MINARD'S LINIMENT ls also a good
article to keep off the mosquitoes.
Yours truly,
What Education May De
Abraham Lincoln walking fifteen
miles across country to borrow a
volume of the statutes of Illinois and
then reading lt by the light ot pine
knots lt a atrlktng contratt to the
conditions that exist ln this era of
public schools, public libraries and lecture courses. The rpad to education
la an easy one today. There la little excuse for the one who neglects
The most obstinate corns and warts
fall to resist Holloway'a Corn Cure.
Try lt.	
Wanted—Flat for manufacturer,
about 10 teet long and 40 feet wide.
Apartments wanted — Bed-Sitting
room wanted by gentleman with folding doors.
Room wanted by a student with
light and heat.
Rooms wanted (3) by young couple
with both kinds of gas.
Wanted—Good milch cow by an elderly lady with short horns.
In an English paper there appeared
under the heading, "Startling News,"
the following: Corns cured after suffering twenty-one yearB with Corn
Even When the Facts are Plain
It Is curious how people will refuse
to believe what "one can clearly see.
Tell the average man or woman
that the alow but cumulative poisonous effect ot caffeipe—the alkaloid In
tea and coffee—tends to weaken the
heart, upset thc nervous system and
cause Indigestion, and they may laugh
at you It they don't know the facts.
Prove lt by science or by practical
demonstration ln the recovery of tea
and coffee drinkers from the above con-
dltlons, and a large per cent of the
human family will shrug their shoulders, take some drugs and—keep on
drinking tea or coffee.
. "Coffee never agreed with me nor
with several, members of our household," writes a lady. "It enervates,
depresses and creates a feeling of
languor and heaviness. It was only
by leaving off coffee and using Postum that we discovered the cause and
way out ot these Ills.
"The only reason, I am sure, why
Postum ls not used al tgether to the
exclusion ot ordinary coffee ls, many
persons do not know and do, not seem
willing to learn the facts and how
to prepare this nutritive beverage.
There's only one way—according to
directions—boll lt fully 14 minutes.
Then lt Is delicious." Name given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,
Ont, Read the little book, "The
Road to Wcllvllle," In pkgs. "There's
a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time'to time.
They are genuine, true and full of
human Interest.
Instant Mc-
St*- Leee'e lattei
• eereet M_atn.
i earn Sett el the
"_._?■»! ,
   a hmstatss tl I
■barter hat bam* tad I
ring thaw te wltb Kan* I
Vs.   Ttuatfarttllatl
a bit petit.
vitowlVwrbMMt Whratt*•***•!
Spavta Oara
I Ml is mir fs em ohh af O
I fctegbNt, .any Gravis, as
ej Csmtfa, Ittvla, IpHate
LnVS ^*Z
I af   ether  owil    xxfx.fl
| aaa* olitm,.V.tw»rsw»**-l	
I let lt-iare tela Setat tt Se/, «•■,..   " -J"««_I>
_?'Srr«?.r-rsJ/,5S'^^,4 /
a\H*L?:-?*l-¥.^l.g&J!t*   ]
Now Tellt ef the- Wonderful Reeultt
Obtained by the Use ef
Sciatica, neuralgia and sciatic rheumatism are the result of a rundown
nervous system. For tbls reason
all treatments must-necessarily fall
which do not build up the nervous
Mr. Collins suffersd-for twenty-five
years aad never was able to obtain
satisfactory treatment until he began
the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
and Kidney-Liver Pills. While the
Nerve Food forms new blood and restores the exhausted nervous system,
the Kidney-Liver Pills Invigorate the
action of kidneys, liver snd bowels.
Mr. W. T. Collins, Morpeth, Ont.,
writes: "It affords me pleasure to
be able to speak favorably of two of
Dr. Chases' medicines—the Nerve
Food and Kidney-Liver Pills. I had
been a sufferer for twenty-flve years
from sciatica, lumbago aud neuralgia
and tried aimoat all the medicines I
could hear of, without one particle of
beneflt, until I commenced to use Dr,
Chase's. I noticed an improvement
beforo I had used two boxes, and the
benefits obtained by continued use
have been wonderful. I bave ao
much confidence tn these two medicines that I have recommended them
to doiens of my Meads, and I have
yet to hear of a slajle case In which
they failed to give satisfaction.
Dr. Chase's medicines are tor sale
by all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates A
Co., Limited, Toronlo.
' Too Much
..   Doesn't your choir sing at tho
prison any more?
No, several of the prisoners objected
on the ground that tt wasn't Included
ln thoir sentences
Amusing Ads
Like the tunny answers given by the
school child, which have become
known as howle-s, tbe advertisements
ln dally papers are often ext.-eiv.e'y
though unlntent. ma'ly funny. In thbso
advertisements the meantn; is usually clear, cut thi. construction lias given a funny turn tt the Idea expressed
A clothing house advertised: ll'.uc
men's striped shirts at 39 cents.
The Want advertisement column appears the richest field of fun as Is
shown by the following- advertisements, many of which appeared ln
Canadian papers:
Wanted—A waitress to sleep at
home; no Sunday work.
Wanted—An experienced man to
run a saw mill out of town.
A young lady wishes her passage
to Europe. Willing to take care ot
children and a good sailor.
Wanted, tor  Methodist church,
an organist, and boy to blow tbe
Wanted tor Alberta, a man to take
care ot horses who can speak German,
Wanted—Women to sew buttons on
the top flat.of the building.
Wanted, a dog by a young man
with pointed ears.
bottled baby.
Wanted—A boy to be Inside and
partly, outside the store.
Said the man ln the aisle to the man
sitting down: You ought to stand up
a^d give that seat to me. I am
the tlredest man in America. I have
lust taken part ln a 60-mlla motor-
paced bicycle race.
Said the man in the seat to the man
ln thb aisle: You have nothing on me
in the Une of exhaustion. Maybe
you rode the race, but I sat and watched It.
At a recent birthday party a young
lady began a song:
The autumn days have come; ten
thousand leaves are falling.
She began too high. Ten thousand—she screamed and then stopped.
Start her at five thousand cried an
auctioneer who was present.
To Make $100 Per Month
Above Expenses
Abort 2000 Man E™^
Toilet Articled, Stock ind Poultry Pre-para-
Uona, Polliheo, Eto. Onr Company, Indepen*
dm... Competitive. Profraaitve. GraateetBw-
tnjrt Manufacturing, Dlitrlbuttnc and Beata*
Organization to North America, makastarvatt
and moat complete Hia all aold direct U farm*
erf. Ettabltihed 18 yeara. Capital and Re-
aootcea over •S.tWO.OOO. Canadian aalenmen
aupplied from our bfv new factory at wtanlpear
—nodutyar low haul freight to pay. Quick
■ervlce. Total floor epaoa In factorial and
warabooaaa ovar 10 aaxaa.
taa,*.  UaasM Waa|OM__»Utftes<fcnB«eCt_ttM.sMl>
WS IWW WMII|trtsttktfnUdutfttfell4tU*-
triit to ftrmti-i eat) tthtn from e hum tfmlltr to the
out bttowf In abort, a Maa thit to Ukt full cliaift •*
tftrrthlHpwtelntiiito«nrWitatBilahtiaiflr.ct. Ktl
tTtnuacMlUthbeotlllonatrcea wttSort to cm*
tttcf-frith Ht wbo U fee tttwrtiut or too old or tot
rowf- Wt wtnt to hear from man who htft bate W»1t
Mcotrta-toMrt. Inewtrttte tm wbe will bt nlMti
to tutt Mi kM dim
$108 Pit Mirth City Pivflt
above tRfsnatt tbt tnl jttr, |1MO tht ttcoaa is*!,
SU 92400 tbt third fwr.
It ton tie Wrlf wall tcqulntt* la nor loctlity aal
tblat you cseftU tbt yoalUon, Itttee tlmt In writlni u
tctpwtioalirtM wt-tttaow rtfU-T iHle* ell ttout
Umttttj. We do not wnal to hoar tram mta entailer
ovurMfaaitof m». TofttthltpotlUtn a men an_4bt
t-.lttofura.ih1 tr 3 honttto eoeducl tbt builntM, tbo
good bntlaM etrta u ntotaota.  If
wrlUtiatyotitrtthtmtnwttrtitoklnefor.   Ib*position
ptji Mr, tt hoaonUt tad «•*■*■•»_»__-_■.___». '
Tht WeTe RAwltlgh M-m0o*I CtmpMty
iMeeetine ■ out-more - manu rue-run tee
RAW FUR J£S £, -«Ka*i
it titled your coBeettow.
ToioetoitthechitfFuTBitauitdurini centra of
tdt. Do buraat&ect and get tho full value for
Prompt euh (oc your cowitnnwiU. larfe or nul.
Write new for our trade oewi letter to be awed (ooa.
AdtbwWMMUt, WASH** CO., Derf.C.
M Frtat*., Ean, "*
centra of Caa-
This Engine Will Prove
A Good Servant to You
In this "Qas Power Age" the EATON Gasoline Engine stands out
as a leading example ot simplicity and excellence.
There ls scarcely a limit to tha ways ln which a gaspUDP engine'
can help you around the farm, and yon will And lt hard to locuui an
engine sold at anywhere near the price which will do jtUe wort; aa
satisfactorily as the EATON.
Tou can -se this Engine to drive a fanning mill anil so avoid
elevator dockage; you can do your own chopping; you can pump
water all iuy at a cost of one gallon ot gasoline. It will turn the
washing machine or tha cream separator, and It ls tire "very engine
for a sawing outfit.
Tha low-tension Ignition of tha EATON Engine ts tha simplest In
use. You need not be an electrician to understand the wiring. The
governor Is simple and accurate. Bearings are heavily babbited.
Engine Is hopper cooled. Simplest type ot mixer. The time-tested
poppet valve system Is used.
The EATON Engine le shipped on skids all ready to work. Each
Engine la supplied with batterlee, spark coll, sight feed, oil- cup and
compression grease cups, gasoline tank, starting crank, plain licit
pulley, and a supply of cylinder oil, together with necessary tools.
Cat. Na.
lUr. tar        Mute                   S«. al f alar
mxxx*.         Vatatt            Haa.
375          850          4 Ins.
4 lna.
3SD          050        10 Ins.
S Ins.
360          900         14 Int.
• Ins.
300        1000        IS Ins.
8 1ns.
300        1800        18 Ins.
8 ins.
For a
fuller description of the EATON Oasollno Engine, and money-
saving Information
on other lines of farm needs, see our new
Pall and
Winter Catalogue,
or lf a copy has not reached
you, write
for one
Help Wanted at Once
26 Young Women .
6 Experienced Stenographers
10 Freight Packers
- »->«k Expreee er Mail
10 Young Men, 16 te 20 Years ef age, suited te Transfer Werk
THE   SUN.   GR^ND   FORKS,   B. C.
If Ion Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
tlie science of refraction. Examination free.
(grand -JfarltB #«n
'ilhll__M.it at (Irand Porka, Britlah Colli in hi
.Bdltor and Publlaher
A -Tib ol thia papal —	
-   A IT Hard? 4 Co., 10,81 and S3,
ot Meiaru. B.  __
Pleat Street, B.C.
London, Bi
a *t the oflice
**, 11 and 82,
d, free of
.  _      . __ngli_. .
charge, and that firm will be sled to reoelve
.tib_orl).tlona and advertlaomenta on our be.
ment was made. Mr. -Blakemore,
like a good Tory, knows wben be
has a good thing, and intends to
keep it.
The payment of tbe 0250 extra-
compensation to the reservoir contractors does not look like conducting the affairs of city on business
principles. There have been so
many scandals under tbe administrations of the present mayor, that
the ratepayers will undoublely
heave a sigh of relief wben given an
opportunity to vote for a cbange.
That's all the space we can devote to
the subject this week.
suaaoiimos aaxse:
.-ne Vear      I1.80
<lne Tear (in adtanoel...  UK-
One Year, In I nlted State.  1.&0
Addreae all eoramilnloatlona to
Tas Evis.no Sum,
fHons B.. Obasd Uoate, B.C
FR-IDAY,   NOVEMBER 15,  1912
Locally, the Doukhobor situation
has assumed a more sinister aspect
than ever before. Last week Peter
Kucheon was arrested on a charge of
burying the remains of bis   mother
' without first obtaining a statutory
permit.   At tbe trial the prisoner
. maintained a profound s lenct*.
Kvery effort to make bim talk failed.
John Zebra, chief interpreter for
tbe local tribe, was ten arrested and
brought into court as a witness,
Tbis gentleman also refused to talk,
and be wie given eight days in jail
for contempt of court. Last Monday word arrived in the city from
tbe attorney-general's office to liberate the piisoners, and ou Tuesday
Constable Dinsmore performed tbis
. ta<k, The citizens are now doing
some deep thinking. Their opinion
regarding the action of the attorney-
general is not at complimentary to
tbat gentleman
When "William Blakemore was
appointed Doukhobor commissioder
Tbe Sun Remarked: "It is safe to
predict tbat tha job will eost all it
is worth, and probably a great deal
more." Recent events have shown
that tbe paper was endowed with
the gift of prophesy when ihe stall-
Tbe re.-il estate market is active.
An average of seven lots per day are
being disposed of near tbe Canadian
Pacific railway station in tbe West
end. Several important land deals-
may be looked for next week.
Alex Robinson, formerly of tbe
Robinson & Lequime Lumber com
pany, arrived in the city, thin week
jrom Vancouver, and will remain
here fur a couple of weeks.
Ill-97.35, 3 late; Division IV.9.3,68,
1 late; Division V 96.92, 2 late;
Division VI 93.01, 2 late; Division
VII, 95 98, 4 late
Banner lor highest percentage of
attendance will be held by Division
JI, and for punctuality by Division
IV, until won by some other  divi
Three residences are being erected
near tbe Sunbeam ranch.
Building operations are now so far
advanced that every structure uuder
construction can be completed tbis
Tbe canvasser is a nuisane. The
yeople know where to go when tbey
want anything.
Judge   Brown   will   hold county
court in Greenwood  next Tuesday.
On Wednesday evening, November 13, at 7 o'clock, Neil McNevin
and Miss Elva Abi Mayhew were
united in wedlock at the Presbyterian church, Rev. M. D. McKee
performing the ceremony. Botb
bride and groom have been residents
of the city fnr a number of years,
and the couple will continue to make
tbeir home here. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. McNevin were
heartily congratulated by their
many frisnds, after which they
drove to their home.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for tbe attendance
banners at the public school Ihis
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Numhnr of Pupils Late—Division I 90, 2 late;
Division II   97.89, 3 late; Division
Death of a Pioneer
Mrs. F. E. Cooper received a letter from Mra. Emma K. Coryell, of
Tucson, Arii., last Wednesday, stating that her husband, John Coryell,
had died in that city on the 6th
inst., and that the remains would be
taken to Kelowna for burial by tbe
side of his mothur. Deceased was
between forty-five and fifty years of
age, and is survived by a widow
and one brother.
Mr. Coryel. was one of the first
settlers in the Kettle alley. In partnership with his brother and Wm.
Murray, he owned, up to a few
years ago, one of tbe best ranches in
this neighborhood. He followed
land surveying as a profession, and
made the original survey of the
Orand Forks townsite. About a
year ago he moved to Tucson in ah
attempt to gain relief from an aggravated attack of bronchitis. Tbe
numerous friends of Mr. Coryell in
tbis city wil| regret to learn of his
Work just like
PRICES $itQ $12
Woodland S Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
Unanimous Verdict
Newspaper publishers and citisens
generally throughout the Dominion
are unanimous in their opinion that
tbe picture entitled "Mather's j,teas-
ureB," given with The Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal,
tbis season, is a most delightful and
beautiful subject. Here is tbe opinion of one publisher: " 'Mother's
Treasures' is a marvel of beauty.
Tbe subject is one tbat will have a
tendency to strengthen boms ties.
We, in tbe fame business, wonder
how you can afford to give sucb
value in- pictures besides the vast
amount of good things in Tbe Family Herald and Weekly Star."
Signed, E. W. Richards, The Mirror,
Millbrook. No home in Canada
should be without this beautiful
picture. One dollar pays a full
year's subscription to Tbe Family
Herald and Weekly Star, including
the picture, which is ready for framing, size 23 by'29 inches. It iB a big
dollar's worth, indeed.
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Borse-Hlflh and Pltf-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Oranby company's smelter in
t ds city for the past week amounted
to 454.0G0J pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 18,333,-
600 pounds.
r^Ask your Grocer or Butcher for
"Empress" Brand
if Butter
This is Eastern Townships
Creamery" Butter, and  the
.finest on the market.
Quality Guaranteed.
P. BURNS C8b CO., m
.      NOTIOE
Silver King   and   Silver Queen
Forki   Mining
....    — IC   ^ 	
Clalma, altnate In the Urand
Dlviiion ol Ysle Dlitrlct.
Where Located: On the Seat Fork ol tha
North Fork of Keltle Biver.
TAKE NOTICK thst I, Jacob M. Paulaen.
Free Miner's Certllleate No. 1581811, lor
tnyielf end ae scent lor WilllamlH. Hoffmen,
exeotitor, end Boaa Malpr, exaeutrix, of the
will ol Catherine Hoffman. Free Minora
Certificate No. B81.B, Intend, tlit; dan
from dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
Rererder foraCeitlflcateo? Improvement!., for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above clalma.
And further take notice that action, nnder
section 87, muat be commenced before the laau-
auce of auoh Ceatlicates of Improvement.
Dated thia 4th day of Hay, A.D. UU,
Ul   M-,7, SX.XI. -VIA*
DM you make a mb-hit
tba Mme yeu employed tht
Deal warry. There ars
hat af gtod fish In tbs sea,
antl a sure halt to catch them
I* —rj—
The following are 'the returns of
HiH.iri* production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for lhe
v«tr lo date:
Granby 25,458
Mother Lode  6,682
Rawhide  5,181
Napoleon       268
R'-lcher      460
Lone Star .,.
Others...„.        66
Smelter Ireatmen—
Oranhv... ...25,580
B. C. CopperCo... 12.290
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample book of tbe "Art"
series of Personal   Christmas Carde'
for 1912 bas been received st The
922,315 Sun  office.   These  cards   proved
176 770 Ve'7   P°pnlM la"t y6*r-   Tbe d"
12230 »'(!n8 ">ih year are prettier than last
840 ypar-   The pi ices range from 11 per
4,9Q0 dozen upwards    Order esrly.
460     Don't be misled by false slate
nients of competitors.    Advertise in
The Sua, because itis read by more
974.200 people tban any other paper printed
503.807 in tba Boundary district.
Tuesday, November 19
Licguld Air and
Wireless Telegraphy
Werner's Orchestra will, furnish music.
Reserved Seats $1.00 and 75c. Tickets on sale
at Woodland's Nov. 11. Adults are requested to secure tickets this week. J
,-_._»—^__t_i_i_—iii-.-i-—pii —*-!-!---^^-.^S^^S-S-SSS-g-.^-S-g-g-Si
for au punwsts
man MnmoN -ntsHWM
osrtifoats op imphovimint*
Sunrise Mineral Claim, annate In th.
(irand forka Mluliif DUialun ol Tale Ul.-
■ Wbere located:   In Welllngt jn oamp.
TAKE NOTICB thst I. Joseph AllredMlller.
I Free Miners* CertlSeeto Ho. B4718S, Intend, alxt? dave from the date kereof, In ap*
plx to Iks Mining Recorder fore CertlScete
ol Improvement, far Ike pnrpoee of obtain
incaCrootiiireutoftha ahon claim.
Ind further take notice tbtt aettoa, inner
M-cllon tn, max. .be eommeoeeri before tbe
Ifleuenee ol tack t'ertlSeete of Improve-
Silted tbla Mth del of ipill
thdaxof Apill.A.D. 1»U. :
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoaphonot gis;*"*^ g^.q»j_»fr
»lm and Titelllj. Premahredecaraedallaaiaal
•eakoess e.attad al eoce. Tbaatbieer.nl
Some business men are so land of
being deceived tbat they even endeavor to believe tbat tbey can reach
the consumers ol Ihis district without advertisings Tbe Sud. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   fi. C.
When you
r buy a "Kootenay"1
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
Is guaranteed by
| makers and dealers alike'
to be a strong, durable
range and a perfect
'cooker and _
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stoek at Vancouver,   Sold by
II William Blakemore,. tbe commissioner, who is conducting an inquiry into' the conditions prevailing
in tha Doukhobor colonies in this
province, does not bring his in
quiries to a conclusion very soon,
the public will begin to imagine that
bis appointment ia of a permanent
nature. A considerable number of
ot weeks have now eiapsed since
Mr. Blakemore betook himself on
bia mission to the upper country,
and be is still, it would appear from
a dispatch from Victoria, engaged
in tbia arduous but presumably not
unpleasant task. On Friday be waa
ccopied with introducing a deputa-
tien of three prominent members of
tlie Brilliant community to the j
members of the.cabinet then at the j
capital. We are told in the die-
patch referred to . tbat Mr Blakemore is conducting 'a searching investigation into all matters touching
tie. desirability ofthe Doukhobor as
a colonist in British Colu-nhi* "
Why the scope of bis inquiry should
be so extensive as is bere indicated
it is difficult to undercland Tbe
reason for Mr. Blakemore'* appoint
ment was that a misunderstanding
bad arisen between tba Donkhobor
colony at Brilliant and tbe provincial officers over the failure of tbe
colonies to register births, deaths
and marriages occurring among
them, in accordance with, the laa.
To report to the government the
causes wbich conduced to tbis re
fusal and to offer suggestions wbicb
would put an end to the trouble,
waB, in the estimation of the public, all tbat Mr. Blakemore bad to
accomplish, and it must be apparent that he could have gashered all
tbe material for his report in balf or
a quarter of tbe time be bas already
taken. Wby tbe government sbould
concern Itself witb the vague question • sb to the desirability of the
Ui.ukbobor as a colouisl iu British
Columhia, unless to provide lucrative employment for a favored sup
porter, we can not see. Tbe Douk-
honors are in British Columbia, and
whether they are desirable citizens
or not, they are likely _ to stay bere
as long as, it suits tbem to do so,
All tbat the provincial government
has to do ie to see tbat they comply
with tbe law, and tbereseems to be
no charge against tbem of having in;
fringed tbe law except in tbe par
ticular already mentioned. To determine whether tbey had been
guilty of the offences of whicb tbey
were accused and to recommend
some course cf procedure by whicb
tbey eould be persuaded to comply
with tbe law, it seems to us, was all
that waa required of Mr. -Blakemore.
j If so, tbere would not appear to be
any reason why the province should
be any longer taxed to continue an
House and 2 Lots
On Sixth Street,        ffiflfl
Near Winnipeg Ave. JKJvv
House and Lot    -
On Third  ff t AA/V
.Street for JM>UUU
—— =^
Ws tArt Series      |\
Crest Ins Cards
c_Mede In Englnnd
$1.00 per Dozen and Upwards
Christmas would not be the same
Without its greetings true,
Wishes sincere from far and-near,
From friends both old and new.
Order Early"
Sample Book at ..
The Sun Office \(
Home of the 2000 ton per day Granby Copper Smelter
and sawmill now producing over 600,000 feet of lumber per month, both owned by the Granby Bay Con"
solidatod Mining, Smelting & Power Co., Ltd., a corporation with assets of over seventeen millions I
The mines at Oranby Bay already have the stupendous total of 4,800,0(10 tops of rich copper ore
"in sight," and the mining carried ou in the winter of 1911-12 proved the wealth of the properties
beyond guess-work. The ore now in sight will
keep the smelter busy 75 years. Think of it! And
this not taking into account various other adjoining properties, come under option to tue Granby
Co. It is estimated that the Granby Co. can pro
duce copper here for 23 cents a ton cheaper than
at its Grand Forks smelter. When the big smelter is completed the total investment of the
Granby Co. here is expected to be nearly two
millions,and that over 1000 men will be employed
When you consider the faet that today two
bustling cities in British Columbia are almost en
tirejy supported hv the payrolls of this coiupanv
—Phoenix and Grand Forks—you van get an
idea wTiat Granby Bay will bu
Granby Bay has a good deepwater harbor, and
today the G. T. P. and C. P. R and the Union
Steamship Company operate regular steamers to
this point. —■
Granby Bay is going to be a Payroll Town.
And it is the kind of a town that is always "up
and doing." A conservative estimate places the
number of men to be employed at 1000 and their
monthly payroll at about $100,000, without figuring
on any other ind ustiies outside of the properties
and smelter of the Granby Co.
Grasp those facts! *
Granby Bay is in the very heart of a developed
abulously rich copper mining district.
Granby Bay has a smelter owned by a formidable commercial Giant, the Granby Company.
Granby Bay will have an immense payroll
every month.
Granby Bay must have a population ef over
1000 people.
Granby Bay is a seaport.
Granby Bay can produce copper cheaper than
in places where big profits are made from mining
and smelting,
Every lot in Granby Bay is a gilt-edged investment. ■
Only a few choice lots are being offered for sale in Granby Bay Townsite—and there is not much
doubt that they will he snapped up quickly. The prices are very low. To avoid disappointment
applications for lots should be made now. The Continental Trust Co., Ltd., of Prince Rupert, is acting
as trustee for the property.    Fill out the coupon and mail today for full  particulars, maps and  prices.
Sole Agent
' 336 Hastings Street West
Room 4
VANCOUVER British Columbia
Sole Agent "Granby Bay Townsite,"
Room 4, 336 Hastings Street West,
Vancouver, B C. Dept. "C."
Please send me, without obligation on my part,
fnll and detailed information about Granby Bay,
also prices.
Name  .'	
office from which no further advantage can be derived.—Vancouver
The cash price of oats in Calgary
is 24\ and 25J cents per bushel. The
caah price for oats at Seattle, wbicb
is not so very far distant, is from 43
to 49 cents per bushel. Tbe crops
across tbe line are very heavy  this
Ihe Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Pleeee reed the headlinelorer aseln. Tben it.
tremendous slKOitlcatice will lawn upon you
An Oliver Typewriter-Hie standard virtue
writer—tbe meet highly pent ted typewriter
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Tbe typewriter whi.se conquest ol the com
merelal world ls a matter ot bistort —yours to
17 cents a dayi
Tbe typewriter lhal is equipped wlthsooreeol
■ueb conveniences as "The Balance Sblft"-
"Tbe Ruling Devlce"-"The Double Release"—
"The Locomotive Base"—'The Automatic
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulatdr'-'—-'The
—"Tbe Adjustable pa.
per ringers''-"^ Scientific condensed Key'
loan for 17
Gents t Day!
Ws enounced Mil,
new sales plan recently, jusl to feel Ihe pulse i,|
the people, simply a small carb payment-
then 17 oenu a day. Tbat is ihe plan In a nutshell.
The result has been such a deluge of applications for machines that we are simply ar
Tbe demand comer from people ol all clarrer,
all ager, all occupations.
The niajnrltv ol Inquiries has come ;inuo |'_u-
leot known financial standing who wereai-
trected by the nuvelty ol the pmpos. 'nn. An
Impressive demniislriitlnii nf tnu Immenre imp-
uiarlly nf Ilie Oliver Typewrttor
A startling ronHrmatloii ol nur bellel tliat
Ihe Era of Universal Typewriting It at hand,
A Quarter of a Million People
are I il 11 JMney with
Thp Standard Visible Writer
Thftt Ib the haltlecry toJuv. At* have nude
theOUvtriupreme In UKfulneMami _e1ih)1u(«I>
Indlipeutable In bufttneu. Now comet thu con
qneit of tbe home,
The simplicity and strength ofthe Oliver fit It
for family uk. It Is bwomlu* an important
factor In the home training of young people.
A n educator ai well at a money maker.
Our new Mllltlff plan putt the nltver on the
threshold of every home Id America. Will vou
clone the door uf your liume or ..nice on thin re
marhable Oliver oiT.'rT
Write for further details of our easy offer and
a free copy of the new Oliver catalog.   Adr* res*
Tba Olivir Typewriter ConTpaRy,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
Bridge Street,
Hot sad Cold Balds
Hirst-Class Bar, Pool
Band Milan) Been
le Goaaeotloa.
Emil Larsen,
year, and accordingly prices are
lower tbao usual. But the price af
oats is at least 16 cents per bushel
higher in Seattle tban in Calgary.
Alberta farmers wilh oats to sell can
figure out for then s-lves how mucb
they are losing because there is a
higb tariff wall between the Uoited
States and Canada.—Vietoria Titun".
Don't forget that The Sun has thc
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
Made to order cheerfulness is
about as pleasant as sand in one's
If at first you don't recede you'll
duulitl -rs keep pushing a hnnd.
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does nut answer the law) when a subscriber dues not Uke his paper out of
the postoffice, and state the reason fur
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do no makes the [mst master reaponai.
ble to the publisher for payment*.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrear
ages, nr the publishers may enntinu
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal disuoti
tinuance until payment in made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of thc post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible fnr
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is hound lo
pay fnr it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds u|kiii the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses, *
6 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
Hs. C. A. ABBOTT, Aegut ss, teef,
SsAflnSt., New York City.
Dear Sin  1 1,-r. xn,,oa tne arret .oyesrs el tm
ejects of Willi"-! Kenedy [Wilson's PiamoUej.
«HUim>iil|lMe»aiKl blodfattlljecaaaeof xwU
aseaary lroul»i._.   At this o-.m I will say to yoe
what yoo have not before kaown ofi that xi tin*
date, wall* I Was a resilient of N.Y. City, Iwae
severely ill with luagtro-h's.   Physician said I waa
aeoesessptivesnd my fsm.ly physician told say wife
that he Iheeihl I eioU nd reteocr.   My etleatioe
IM directed lo the Wi.sen Kenedy, which I esed
Vkhspleadideffect,   lt-tre tx.non ssy fsetaed at
ejus ever *l*tamre*-e.   Yours truly,
M. B. Chorea, Iluoier, (Ureses Co.,) N.T.
Oa Dae a, nn, Mr, teres wrote Mr, Abhott;
**My health la «.; good.*'
If you will write Mr. Abbott be
will gladly farm, h you any farther
information you desire.
Wbt jHrnftark
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada.     It Is national In all Ita
It uses ths most expensive eAgrav-
lots, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
ita editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription lo The Standard
costs t*U0 par year to any address in
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers. ittni
A 7<?o  Safe Investment
Money returned at end ot one year
w at end of any subsequent year, oa
■SO days' notice if desired.
The r.bovo security la the best industrial ever offered in-Canada. Business •established 27 years.
Write at onco for particulars.
National Securities Corporation Ltd
Confederation Life Building, Toronto
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates 11.50 to $2.00 psr day
Cuisine unexosllsd
Hot snd cold water In evory room
Hotel  practically  Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
Ask your Clothier to show
No  others  as good
Beek Free. A eiasple
■ea-e trealaieat reassTsS
lassa (rear IhU ledy'ahreeat
OIS aeres, ulcere aaa*
reer Iroehle t we will aaaa heek an. leallaseaiala.
Are tho bos* ever mads and are gnat*
anteed to flTo you satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send us 25 cents stat.
tne sty' i and also required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd,
58 fraser Ave., Toronto. Ont
Mas. WiKstow's SooTiiiNo svatir has beea
used for over SIXTY VBARS tw Mtt.WONS ol
is the best remedy lor DIARRIKEA. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
-Wiaskw's Soothing Syrup," and Uke ao other
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
K you want to purchase a carload
Good Ontario Apples
Communicate with
HO Colbourne Street, Toronto
Engineers and Boilermakers
Dollers   of   all    kinds—Engines,
Pumps, lind Heavy Plata Work
WtfU un ftr Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canads
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds   of   cured   patients   can
prove our statement),
Sulferert, will receive pamphlet free
en reqti.st.
Sanol. PRICE $1.50 per bottle In
'liquid from Druggists, or diroct from
Winnipeg, Man.
Ths Kinder Pate
She—lt wu dreadful. He rocked
'tbe boat and she was drowned.
He—Lucky girl! Bhe might havo
escaped and married the Idiot.
Little and Big Religion
This story comes from Australia,
where 4,11 conversation turns eventually to matters educational, because
every parent ls painfully anxious that
his sons shall pass the standard which
will free them from certain years of
military service-. A visitor was conversing with his host's small son, and
opened, as a matter of course, with
the words: Do you go to school-now?
• And what do you learn? Reading,
writing, sums?
Oh yes, and I learn religion, too.
Yes, I learn the little religion which
teaches tbat we all come trom Adam.
But my elder brother ls In a higher
class; he learns the big religion which
teaches that we all come from monkeys.
All mothers oan put away anxiety
regarding their suffering children
when they have Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator to give relief. Its effects are. sure and lasting.
Put In Human Interest
. Ait did negro preacher says the
Atlanta Constitution, gave as his text
De tree ls known by Hs fruit, an' It's
Jes Impossible to .shake de possum
After the benediction an old brother
said to him:
I neber knowed befo' dat such a
text wuz In de Bible,
Well, admitted the preacher, lt
ain't dowu dat way I throwed ln de
possum to hit de Intelligence of my
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
A Bargain Offer
Coming this way ag'ln? asked the
Justice ot the peace, after he had
fined Jlmpson fifty dollars.
I'm afraid I'll have to, said Jlmpson
Wa-al, said the Justice, stroking his
ohin whisker reflectively, preeaps I'd
oughter tell ye that we sell a return
fine ticket for seventy-five dollars, en-
tttlln' ye to lmmunerty from arrest
on the way back,
Every mother knows how fatal the
hot summer months are to small children. Cholera Infantum, dlarhoea,
dysentery and stomach troubles are
rife at this time and often a precious
little life is lost after only a few hours
Illness. The mother who keeps
Baby's Own Tablets ln the house feels
safe. The occasional uae ot the Tablets prevent stomach and bowel troubles, or lt the trouble comes suddenly
—as It generally does—the Tablets
will bring the baby safely through.
The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
A fortune is said to be awaiting the
man who discovers a way of curing
ham after the rind ls removed. The
skin, it seems, ls badly wanted for
leather, and about $8,000,000 worth of
it is being -wasted on hams every year
ln Great Britain and Ireland alone.
W. N. U. 011
Your daughter has so much temperament,
I'm not sure what you call it. All
I know ls that her mother and, I can't
do anything with her.
The change of dietary that comes
with spring aud summer haa the effect
In weak stomachs of setting up Inflammation, resulting ln dysentery and
cholera morbus. The. abnormal condition will continue It not attended to
•nd will cause an exhaustive drain on
the system. The best available medicine ls Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It clears the stomach
and bowels ot Irritants, counteracts
the Inflammation and restores the organs to healthy action.
Dangerous Talk
Mother, I wish you wouldn't mention dishwashing when George is calling on me.
Why not, Indeed?
I don't like it. It sounds common, '
Common, eh? We have to eat,
don't we?      '
Ot course.
And George also knows that dishes have to be washed, therefore somebody hu to wash them?
But mother—
What now?
lf you keep on talking about lt
George may discover that you make
father wipe them, and he may think
the same thing Is coming to blm lt he
should propose to me.
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Novel Experiment
An experiment new to Scotland ls
about to be tried at Wlshaw, where
a seven-day's campaign bas been opened with the object of raising $36,000
wherewith to build and equip an up-
to-date Institute for the Young Men's
Christian Association of the town.
A committee of 100 business nen
has hjsen divided Into teams of 10,
each with a leader, and these will canvass the 2,000 people wbose names
are on a prepared list.
At the close of oach day'a collection
the teams will meet and report results
and a huge clock erected outside tbe
central rooms will duly record the progress of thc campaign'
The illustration shows one of the
many styles of body that we build for
our light Delivery Car.
221-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body  lettered as you  requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton    Get Catalogue and information from
Couldn't Take Risks
Agnes—This novel looks awfully Interesting.    Is it good?
Gladys—It's perfectly splendid. Id
lend It to you ln a minute, but lt belongs to me.
Never  Forget
that upon your physical condition
depends your comfort and usefulness—that your condition will be
bettered, your vigor increased—
when your bowels an regulated,
your liver stimulated and youi
digestion made sound by
.     .    hknw.it*,
Important Personage
Oh take off your hat to ths copper,
He'll be ln society yet,
In London he bows so politely
Arresting a fair suffragette.
And people ot rank and ot title
Tbelr sneers at the constable cease
For the popular notion at present
Is promptly to call the police.
We send hiin for opulent gratters,
We send htm for men higher up,
For summer resorters who tarry
At games of the late festal oup.
For leaders of various movements;
Trust magnates we tell them to get
So take off your hat to the copper,
He'll be ln society yet.
There Is something now a gentleman can do for a lady; crank her automobile.
The real economical people are those
who hav; no money, and whose credit Is not good.
A shiftless man's favorite saying, O
well, we'll get along somehow.
tSo • Tin.
OLIiasa.   Will e*mo*i ts—m mt Mlas
Mrs.   Ball   a   United
States Comtnissionsr.
ma. habil tm dim rill.
Mrs. Mabel Van Dyke Bell ot Coving-
Ion, Ky„ recently appointed'a Dnlted
States commissioner, Is probably the
ouly woman In the Dnlted States endowed with judicial powers. Urs. Bell
recently tried ber flrst esse. In which
she presided with ss much dignity ss
su j old practitioner. Ber robes ot
offlee consisted of a wblte shirt waist
and o brown tailored skirt. She arose
sud tourtoslcd to tbe members of tbs
bar in the most dignified manner, disposed of tbe case and then went boms
to enforce tbe domestic- Isws tbat
govern every well regulated household,
•Mrs. Bell had heen a deputy In ths
office of United States Court Clerk
John Mcnzles, and the experience gain-
rd there enabled hsr to presldo over
her court as flawlessly and with ss
much Judicial dignity as sny of her
. It Ir the duty ot the commissioner
to estcud preliminary hearing In all
cases developing In bis Jurisdiction
snd to either dismiss tbs prisoner, if
'there Is Insufficient evidence, or hold
him to tbe neit term of the court,- Hi
(be bond, psss upon the securities snd
perform other stmllsr duties. Violators of the Internal revenue and postal
Isws, nioonsblucrs, counterfeiters, retailors of liquor without federal 11-
renses and even bankers wbo may deal
lo "frensled flnsnee" to tbe displeasure
uf Uncle Bam may be brought before
(Ills woman. In all tbese preliminary
hearings the Commissioner exercises s
Judicial funelion-1., tn fact, n Judge.
Mrs. Bell Is at a loss to nuderstaud
ja-tay such nu unusual Interest bss been
, taken In her. Sbe regards Iter com-
nilxslonersblp ss tbe most nstural
thing In tbe world end her' appolnt-
roent ss the natural order of events.
However, her two boys, Davis and
lames, wbile their mother is officiating
ss an arm of the Dnlted Ststes gov*
ernment. ere quite convinced that she
h the one women of 'the country.
iTbese ere tbe only children that resulted from Mrs. Hell's marriage. Before going- to the federal building te
preside over her flrst court Mrs. Bell,
In the most'motherly manner, washed
her children's Tacts and hands, put
their clean bibs sed tuckers, on theis
snd started thero oS lo school.
Besides being tbe only woman fed-
, eral Jurist In tbe Dnlted Blates, Mrs.,
Dell bss the distinction of being one
et the most attractive ot the ber sex.'
Bbe wse e belle In her girlhood days.
6be Is still ln ths twenties and girlish
la appearance.
Wli.r. Remenee Failed.
"I ssw s curious Item about tbst famous author ot fairy tales who died •
Urn days ago."
"Tee, I saw lhat be wss deed-s, msn
st extraordinary powers of Invention."
"Why,  you  would  think  so,  of
•'Wbst wis ths Itemr      *
"Why, It stated last wben be happened to be eut late with the beys he
would go home and stsmmer and fetter
•nd get confhaed and miked up. and
end by telling his wife tlie whole story
Jnst as it bappened!"-CIevelond Plain
Lessen Per Levers.
Two vlolele bloomed In a gsrdea
Whso lhe bluff March brasses blow,
And tbsy loved escb othtr fondly,
As violets often do.
But sh/ncss kept tlicrnfrom speaking
i «l| Jjsth fit* ttSTK thim apart,
And neither knew Ihst th. oth.r
Had died ef a broken heart
Take warning, you who are lovsrs,
By the violate* lisplsss fata.
Don't wait till you're dead and burled,
Fer then It ntay b. too lat*.
Don't foolishly IM your passion
R.maln locked up In your breast,
But speak to your lovsd on* boldly
Aal s* got It off your clitsL
It Qot One Weekly Mall, by Horseaaak,
From the Bast In 1134.
Extracts from tbe first city directory
ot Chicago 'reprinted In the Record-
Herald abow, for tbe moat part, a feeling of satisfaction tn tbe compiler. The
directory appeared in 1814. "Our common schools." he writes, "sre worthy
of special notice." Regarding entertainment for the stranger within the
gates, be ts able to note deflnite improvement. Whereas. "In esrly times
our inns were miserable tn tbe extreme," now "we have eighteen -hotels
and bouses of public entertainment,
msny of tbem large and splendid establishments, not inferior to sny in the-
west"   '
Hs hazards a prophecy wbich bas
been more tbsn totalled wben be says:
"We have, four largo packing bouses,
end all ot tbem bave done a heavy
business thus far. The pork packing
Is only Just commencing, but will, It Is
thought be extensive."
. (The progress that hsd b-*en msde In
posts! facilities Is shown by tbls record: "A weekly mail from the east
was received here on horseback ln 1832.
The next year it was received in a
one borse wsgon weekly. In 1833 a
two horae-wagon was substituted, lu
1834 a four horse stage line was established semiweekly; triweekly tn 1835.
In 1831 there wns a dally eastern maiL
There sre now received and made up
St this oflice forty-eight malls weekly,
snd tbe receipts ot the office amount
to about $10,000." -4 j
In one or two respects tbo narrator |
eannot speak so cheerfully. He is com-,
celled   to   acknowledge   a   debt   of
$8,977.25.   He   adds,   however,   that.
"Ihe credit of thc city ls now cstab-'
llshed upon a permanent foundation
and cannot easily be shaken."  But for
tbe atage he sees no immediate hope.
This Is bis plaint: "Our tbtiatcr-a very
pretty one-has been In operation the
past season and met wltb some cuoonr-,
agement, bnt it muat be confessed that j
at present tbe prospects of the drama i
are not flattering."
He Didn't Offer the Usual Exousss,
"What's ths matter-you're aot working?"
"No.  I'm out of a Job."
"But you had a good position. Did
you resign)"
"No. To be perfectly frank wltb you,
I was discharged."
_"Oh, 1 see. Had trouble with tbe
boss, I suppose, end yon told blm
where be got off."
"That's queer. Be probably wanted
you to work overtime and you refused?"
"No. nothing Uke tbat"
"Tben 1 presume tbe boss let you go
to make room for one ot bis relatives J"
"No, I'm sorry to ssy. Be bad to
advertise for a man to All my place."
"Now I've got It fou Insisted on
bavlng more money, end he let you go
eo that be could hire a cheaper man."
"No, I don't tblnk that Is the reason."
"For goodndts, yon don't mean to
say that you were flrea because you
"Conldn't do tbe work. Tbst's It erectly. 1 wss fired for Incompetency,
Just as nine-tenths of tbe people are
who give all those other excuses."—
Detroit Free Press.
One That Was Stolen and Another'
That Waa Confiacated. |
WhHe Gustave Dore. was at Ischl
and wandering abont the mountains he '
became much Interested ln a country
wedding and sketched It on tbe spot
Be put the sketch In a book In the
pocket of bis paletot aud went back
to tbe botel to dinner. After dinner
he looked for tbe sketch.  It was gone.
Angry st tbe theft, th* artist allied
the landlord and mode complaint, but
no trace of tho book waa f irand. Prom
Ischl Dore went to Vienna, ami there
he found a letter and a parrel awaiting him. Tbe letter, wblcb wss anouy-
mous, read tbus:
Sir, I stole your hook it" Ischl. The
sketch wss so charming tliat 1 could not
resist th. temptation of having It In my
posswulon, and I knew very well that you
would never consent to aell to me, Uut
thelt Is neither my trad, nor my habit,
and I beg you to accept aa e souvenir
ot my crlm. and my enthusiasm tor your
talent th. walking allck whicli will reach
you at th. asm. tlm. aa this letter.
The'cane was a massive one with a
gold bead, ln which was set a gem of
On another occasion the artist tost
hie passport while on a tour in Switzerland. At Lucerne he eaked to be allowed to apeak to die mayor, to whom
be gave bis name.
"Too say tbat yon srs. M. Uustave
Dore, and I. believe yon".said the
mayor, "but," and be produced a piece
ef peper and a pencil, "you can easily
Dore looked around btm and saw
some pesssnts selling potatoes in tbe
street* Wltb a few clover touches be
reproduced the homely scene and. appending bis name to the sketch, gave
it te the mayor.
"Tour passport is all right," remark-
ed the offlclal, "but you must allow me
to keep It and to oiler you in return
one ot tbe ordinary form."—New Vork
Hymns In Theaters.
In south Wales when the people sre
pleased wltb tbe work of an actor tbey
hsve a custom of showing thoir appreciation by singing hymns at tbe close
of the performance. Benry Irving wes
once playing at Swansea wben be waa
surprised to bjnr tbe aodienco burst
Into "Lead. Kindly Light." when be ap.
peered before ibe curtnl.Mii response
te a call. At the ctoso ef the engagement the greet actor waa deeply
touched by tbe singing of "Clod Ua
Wltb Ton. Till We Meet Again." rendered Ih tbe most reverent mauner.-
London Spectator. ^
Only Quldopeets,.
' A well known Fourth avenue banker
faati sitting In a downtown restaurant
eating mush and milk.
What's tbe matter?" Inquired a
"Oot dyspepsia."
"Don't you enjoy yonr meals?"
"Rnjoy my meals?" snorted tbe In-'
dlcnant dyspeptic    "My  mcsis sre
merely guldcposts to tske medicine be-
(ore or after/'-l'Utehwgb Poet
In His Father's Suit
Colonel Winter Wlmbcrty of Macon,
Or., enjoya a wide reputation an a
story teller la Georgia, tbat land ot
story tellers..
Colonel Wltnberly waa ance engaged lu a case in .wblcb tbe plaintiff's
son, a lad ot eight years, waa to appear as a witness..
When the youngster entered the box
be wore shoes several sizes too large,
a bat tbat almost bid his face, long
trousers rolled up ao that tbe baggy
khees were st bis ankles snd, to complete, tbe picture, a swallowtail coat
that had to be beld to keep It from
sweeping the floor.
This ludicrous picture was too much
for the court, but tbe Judge, between
bis spasms of laughter, managed to
ask the boy his reason for appearing In
such garb.
Witb wondering look, the lad fished
In an Inner pqeket and hauled the summons from it, pointing out a sentence
with solemn mien as be did so. "Te
sppeer In his father's suit" It read.—
New Vork Sun. '
•rase Haa en Oder  Yet Copper aad
Zlna Separately Have Net
Brass, as every ode knows, nas sn
awful odor, yet the' two things ot
which brass consists, slue and copper,
give no odor whatever In their separate states. Tbls Is a problem tbat has
given s great deal of work to adenosis. It ls one aa yet not entirely
solved. f. .*>
To arrive at the general law It bss
been found tbat almost all alloys, or
mixtures of two metals, will glfe an
odor, while the metals themselves do
oot Brass Is not the single example,
though probably the most odoriferous.
Tbs explanation Is as follows: All
substances. Including metals, are always giving off small particles of tbelr
inbstnnce to tbe alr-tbat Is, evaporating. Some solids give those off so rap*
Idly as soon lo disappear, (ium camphor ls a conspicuous example. To
■tnetl any substance a particle ot tbat
substance has to gckle a nerve ending
In tbe nose. If a small particle ot copper, we sball say, does tbls by Itself,
ao effect Is noticed, but tf s particle
ot sine and a particle ot copper strike
st the same time the effect Is sucb as i
to cause, a perceptible Impulse to tbe
nerve, The chance for tbese two to
strike at tbe same time ie given only
wben tbey ere Intimately mixed In en
elloy.-New York Tribune.
A Matter ef Reach.
Judge W. 0. lllce, clerk ut lbe west
side court, wbo le a six footer, and J. a.
Bergen. Ave feet four inches, wno Is
also a clerk lu the criminal court, were
arguing about a Itsblng expedition tbey
bad taken io Long Beacb, Cal.
"I caught a bass down tbere one day
that long," said Judge nice, measuring
the length of one arm—wbich ts very
"That's nothing." returned Bergen.
"I caught a tarpon down there this
long," he said, stretching out botb
srms lo tbelr full length.
"Well, one time down there," came
back Judge :ltlcc. "I caught a small
sbsrk tbls long." and be, too, stretched
bts, erms at full length; besting Bergen's greatest capacity for measuring
by a good twelve inches.
"Ob, there's no use my signing wllb
you," said Bergen, turning away lo
disgust. "Tou know you're got longer
arms than I have."—Denver limes.
In Europe In 1348 th. Blaek Death
Claimed 25.WC.000 Vlotlms. |
In the twelfth century not less than
fifteen epidemics of disease and many
famines carried off tbe people ot king.
land. , Tbe thirteenth century saw!
twenty plagues and nineteen famines,
while 'tbo fourteenth' nad s blsck re*
ord of disease, In 1348 tbe "black
plague" or "black dsatit," wblcb was
brought Into tbo country trom tbe east,
caused tbe death of 100.000 persona la
London alone, wbile In Europe altogether 211,000,000 people fell victims te
Its ravages.
In 1485 the "sweating sickness" ap-
peered lu England, causing groat de>
etrnctlon ot human life, it reappear
od at various intervals for a century
thereafter. The laat terrible vtsltetios
of tbe plsgue In Bnglsnd was is
1004.06, by which 100.UUO lives were
lost in London alone.
This epidemic was followed by the
great Are of ions, which destroyed le>
000 bouses. Including all the moat
densely populated portions ot the etty.
Tbe rebuilding of London with eome
regard to sanitary laws appears te
have put tbo first check oa the epidemic dlsessss that bsd previously
devastated tbe population. — London
Standard,    .
Whletlea and His Deer Opens.
Tbere is in London a man wbo surely must combine tbe two characteristics ot laziness snd Invention to a remarkable degree.  It Is bis custom to
| have bla breakfast la bed, and, burdened wltb tlio trouble ot getting ont
of lied ror the purpose ot unlocking bis
; bedroom door, be bus Invented a door
j which opens to bis whistle. Be bss ao*
; compllsbcd tbls soAiewbat remarkable
| feat hy means of a simple oleotromaf-
! net wblcb draws lbe bolt wben a current passes tbrough tt. s platinum point
snd a ptsno wire sunned to a certain
note.  When tbls note or one of its octaves Is sounded the wire vibrates is
response, ana tbls vibration Mings K
In contact wllb the platinum point
Tbe circuit te tbus completed, end a
oensltlT.'relay la brought Into epera.
Uon.-Chicago Tribune,
Russian Place Namee.
Tbe ituasluu has not applied bis
nemos without reason. In 1858, when
be founded .the capital of the Amour
province, be named It Blagoves-
cbensk, Thia means "good, news"-to
all save the proof rerders to newapsper
ollices. Tbree years later be founded
tbe capital of Prlmorakaya and gave
It a name tbat plainly abowed wbal
it was Intended to be-Vladivostok,
"ruler of tbe east" Near tbe eud of
ble groat transcontinental railway be
made a brand new city and called it
Dalny, "farthest" s verv appropriate
name for a place (MIOO piles trom tbe
starting point of tbe road.
Hie Protocol.*.
"New, Robert what do yon Intend to
da when yoo become s man?" questioned Aunt KIM ea ahe looked approvingly upon her email nephew,
"I'm goto' to be a sektter." replied
tbs bey *• taapuy, "'cause tben I ess
Dgbt whenever I want te without being spanked for It"—tootb's Oonpaa-
Ite Suggestion.
"Wben I asktd our new girl tf she
could do aaytblsg In the line of putting
«p vegetables sbe replied, 'I can ran'"
"My dear, that sounds as If abe was
S French chorus gM." - Baltimore
mmmm—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmJ******\  *""
"What would you ssy, Kannette, H Bedouin Olrls. i
1JJJIT*.0 "" cV,Wt ™' ".p_"r ,.'   From birth e Bedouin girl to tbs'
"Wby. bow conld I say anything If     '™JJ   0, her ,ldMl fa«|B.*o«>in,
700 covered my moutb all 051". 1 ;„ j h,|„, aaa me marry sn* *m else
Cause Fer ateeVioet.
Twss eventide. Tbe boy stood on
the bridge, chipping bis bends vigor
eusly. Beyond tbe brow of tbs bill s
dull rfd glow suffused the eky.
"Ah. little boy," remarked Ibe stranger, wbo was rather nearsighted. "It
does my heart good to see you appreciate yon beautiful cloud effect!"
"Ves. sir," replied the Ind; "I've been
watching it for ten minutes."
Upon ths boy's face tbere appeared s
smile of radiant bliss.
"A real poet without a doubt And
do you watch aunseis often, little boy?"
"Runsets? Why, Ibat ain't a sunset
guv'nor! That's the village school
burning down."-Answers.
The Lady Who Told the PentHf Shi
Wiahad He Were Deed.
Lady I'ugot ln the Nineteenth Cen.
tury baa a chapter of recollecUens
dealing wilh life In Rome during the
flrst yeara of completely united Italy,
when Lady Pagct's husband was British ambassador to tbe Qulrlnal. Among
ber stories are some of Pope Plus IX.,
wbich show that pontiff in a most amiable light Tbough the pope had twice
excommunicated the king, they really
loved each other, says Lady Psget,
"for they were made of tbe aame kind
of stuff, and both belonged emphatically to the dnys tbat sre past and gone.
Impulsive in action, prlmesautier aud
generous lo temperament, they allowed
themselves the luxury of sometimes
letting tbeir feelings devlste from wbst
others mlgbt consider tbe stern path ot
duty."- j
Wben King Victor Emmanuel died
his chaplain, against all rules, gave
blm absolution for everything, though
he was under the major excommunication. The pope sent for tbe priest inquired most feelingly about the king's
last moments, nnd when the chaplain
confessed Pius IX., wltb tears In Ms
eyes, cried: "Bnl fatto bene! Hal fatto
bene." ("Tou bave dene welil Tou
have done weTIPI
Another atory Illustrates Plus IX.'s
sense of humor. It concerns lime, de
Corcel les, the wife of t he a mbassador lo
the Vatican, a delightful old lady, who
often visited Lady Paget In spite of
prohibitions. "For." she declared,'"!
aro the granddaughter of Lafayette,
ond I do what 1 please." Sbe never
addressed the cardinals ss eminence,
but bulled tbem lu cheery tones ss hei
"dear cardinals." Wben one day sbs
visited Plus IX. be ssked ber whether
she bad seen all the sights ot Rome.
"Tes, holy fstber." she replied, "but I
sbould desrly like to see a conclave."
' This story wss told by tbe pontiff
Traps They Have Ready Belted ts
Flue. Unwary T.uritte.
Picturesque Port Baid, at. the en*
trance to tbe Sues canal, Is given Sn
unsavory reputation by 1. Johnston
Abraham In bis book, "The Surgeon's
las." Ugly stories ars Wld about tbe
town, tbe writer says. Rod Us description of a gambling bouse fitted on pur
pose to fleece tbe unwary traveler
bean out his assertion:
Suddenly ss we drew near one houss
tbe strains of music eame echoing Into
the empty sandy street Ah If at a signal ihe decrepit chariot stool still, my
guide got down snd suggested 1 should
go in. I thought rapidly said then followed him. It was queer, uod 1 wanted to know. Be led the way upstairs
Into a large room, where severs) men
were playing roulette. None took any
notice of me, bot apparently tbe bank
was having a very bad time of It
livery one. was winning. Ths musts
from the automatic piano was deafening. I looked on silently for eome time
and tben made a more for lbe door.
An oily looking Oreek intercepted me.
"Won't you try your luck?" be sail}.
"I'm not drunk enough." I answered.
He sbrugged bis shoulders, sod I
pnssed on. On the stairs I psused snd
tbeu stole quietly back. The music
had ceased, end, all the confederates
who bad been playing eo feverishly snd
winning so mucb bad ceased sloe snd
were preparing to resume tbe siesta
my advent bad as fruitlessly interrupted.    ___________________________
Free Drink*.
Is tbs Frencb chamber of deputies
each speaker hae to mount a tribune
nenr tbe president's cbalr. On a deputy coming forward to address tbe as.
setnbly an usher Invariably brings a
glass of some beverage end places It st
bis side. Under the empire orators
were allowed only a glass of sweetened
water, end nowadays when s new
speaker advances ihe usher, to be on
lbe rlgbt side, gives blm a glass of
sweetened water, bnt among tbe veteran speakere water alone Is not very
high In favor. Cold soup, coffee, wine,
spirits end lemonade are among tbe
favorite beverages.
Perpetusl Motion.
Perpetual motion machine? Buppoee
tbat man could Anally perfect e machine tbat wonld run Itself. It would
not deliver a trace of power. Tbe
entire force would be employed In tbe
running. It wonld hnve to be free
from friction, not nearly, bat absolutely. Tbla nun eannot accomplish.
But the machine would of necessity
bare to start Itself, an Impossibility.
Only creative mlad to able to do this.—
New tork American.
Ne txsuee.
"We shell never have her In snolher
elnb we get up."
"Wbat's Ibe mailer?"
"Ber mother died laat week, aad one
resigned on that account."
"1 don't see how yen can blame ber
tor that It seems to me tbst sbs dti
tbe proper thing"
"I knew youd tblnk tbst Bnl 1$
was bet mm to eutertsln seat".    -\ THE  SUN,   GRAND  FORKS.   B. C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. . Full-sized Lots
60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,
On Saturday 0. B Taylor, a late
arrival in the city, who haa been em-,
ployed for a short time as. swam per
at the Colin hotel, wss arrested on
a charge ol stealing twenty-five
boxes of oigars from that house on
Friday night. On Monday he waa
given a preliminary hearing before
Police Magistrate Cochrane, and
was sent up to the esunty court for
trial. On Tuesday he appeared before Judge Brown, wss found guilty
as charged, und sentenced to six
months in the Nelson jail. He was
conveyed to that place on Wednesday. He pleaded drunkenness in
extenuation for his crime. Taylor
bsd tbe honor of being the first
man to receive a sentence in the
new court bouse.
Read the notice of Prof. Patty's
entertainment and lecture on Radium on page 4.
Mrs. W. K. C. Manly left on
Monday for a week's visit to Spokane.
Prof. Patty bu given bis lecture
on Radium, Liquid Air snd Wire*
less Telegraphy three times to the
Spokane high school. He will give
ths same lecture with demonstrations at the open house Tuesday
evening, November 19.
- .^ry**..,  — Mr end Mrs. F.  A.  Howse,   of
Princeton, were in the city on Tues-
,/ dsy. 	
Wanted—Any kind oi s job; ons
day, bslf a day, or one bour. Address K. Furutani, Box 536, city.
Lieut-Col. Qloesop, H. F. Fox
snd H. P. Wilson, of Rock Creek,
visited the city on Tuesday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Qrand Forks.
product of several districts in France
At Grssse, tor instanas, in whioh
neighborhood immense quantisiesof
them are raised, sll the old and stale
violets are purchased by the confectionery manufacturers, who steam
them, dip them in boiling vinegar
and sell them in commerce at a high
price as "confiture of violets." Rose
buds boiled in sugsr and made into
a preserve form are a sweetmeat popular among the Turks snd Greeks.
In Roumania, roses, lime flowers
and violets sre much used for flav
Oring preserves of various kinds,and
ate also utilized in Turkey, Persia
and Arabia in the preparation of
sherbets. The famous violet! sherbet
of the caliph is oi a greenish color,
and to this day is called the grand
siguor'a sherbet.
Tbat species of lily known to botanists as thunbergt is, in China, one
of the most choice delicacies of the
native kitchen. It is dried and used
for seasoning ragouts and other
dishes. The lilies are grown for market in many provinces of China,and
usually are dug up just before they
open. Cooked as a fresb vegetable,
they bave a sigularly agreeable taste
and fragrance. Ths Chinese also
candy dried, rosebuds, violets, jasmines and pomegranate blossoms,
while out of the yellow water lily'
tbey make a delicious jelly. Tbe
Turks also utilize thia common
water lily in the preparation of a
very favorite cooling drink.
Mining Stock Quotations
Swkahe, Nov. 7.—The follow
ing are today's opening qaotations for
tbe stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      5.25    5.76
Flowers to be Eaten
Tbs usefulness of flowers as edible
delicacies is practically not known
in tbis country,- tbough abroad they
are used as ingredients in many
Candied violets srs now s staple
Located in the central part ol the oity
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,p)ain
and fancy needlework snd singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupila prepared for examinations ot the Associated Boarda ol the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College ol Mrnic.
omen   -
F. Dmqrs assj Stare
DTettraoasa; _.__..       ,
nrrin, not fMUTSST
Hasaaa'a Rsaioasca, Rss nm SWSW I
TJfe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
SbopHeit CM. Hotel. Colombia, B.C.
ofpioi at si-rnii's stobs
new M     eiui run. i c
Suits to Order &18 (wink
. % We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always "have men that know their business making
these clothes. Gall and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Bev. Edward A. Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affeotion and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his follow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
ofohatge) a full description of his
curia. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
aa it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, . which wilt cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address, Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New Tork City.
(Pub-label Annually)
BnablM tndsri throughout tba world to
oonirn unloat* dir*ft wltb Bastlab
In caob data ot jroodi. Boildaa belns a earn-
wltb tho Qoodrtbw drip, and tba Colonial
•nd Fortran -tarkafethar supply!
arrantad uadar tha Parts to wbtob tbejr tail,
and Indioatlns tha approximate Ssiltuai; .
of laadlac Maaufaotoreri, Merahantt, ate., In
 (went •dition will tw lot-
freight paid, on reetlpt ot Postal
Metal Quotations
Ntw Toss, Nov. 7,-r«lviBr ■•'61Ji
standard copper; II7.26® 17.50;
Lenoir, Nov.; 7.—Silver, 28*:
lead, *16 10«; -
Hot tba
r ao»
Dealer* naklns* AnifelM oan advertln
thalr trad* oardi tor *1, or larger advartlie-
manu trom tS.
25, Aboharoh Lane, London, E.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trub to ud Fran Stiltons
■■'**.    e,   _______    '
Mclntyre  8 Clayton, Prop.
PHONE    L14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
a. cmiowAY. tmmt, mmk .1 o.
We are prepared io do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the mdst up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, -employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete
Une of Stationery. "
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates snd Dodgers,
' Business and Visiting Cuds,
Lodge Constitutions snd By-laws.
Shipping TsgSr Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare snd Menu  Cards,
Announcements  snd Counter
Pads,  Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in so
Up-to-date Printery. *
Wc,t §u« frtat Wrap
-the kind we do—ls in  itself-
an advertisement, and a trial
order vill convince yon that our stock and workmanship are of the best.   Let ns estimate on vonr ordor.
. We guarantee satisfaction.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
wramnfl Muioi
Downey's Cigar Store
A t'oururs Stock or       '  "
Clpti Pipes iri Trtacus
A rmb (<onHanm<ot ol
Rtrclnd Warkly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Saaor Hroilua a Seeata-St.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Doos Nosxa ot Grassy Horn,
Dr. de Van'c Female Pills
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