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The Evening Sun Nov 17, 1911

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i .1'.'/./ /.
legislative Library
x%x %
Eleventh Year—No. 3
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. November 17. 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Department of Agriculture
Will Continue Its Educational Work
The department ol agriculture, in
accordance witb its policy of education, will continue the fruit packing
schools ae inaugurated two years ago
and extended last winter. Tbe five
schools, with a total attendance of
120 pupils in the spring of 1910,
grew to a tola! of thirty packing
schools, With a total attendance of
3>S5 pupils in the spring of 1911
These schools proved very popular,
and bave undoubtedly filled a great
need in the districts in which they
were placed. The decision of the
department to continue its praviou-
policy and to extend the seii a ol
schools to cover every district
will, it is expected, meet with tl e
approval of the fruit growers It is
hoped that this year schools will In
placed iu every fruit district of tin
province where a sulKcieut numbei
of pupils can be secured.
The expert instructors who were
secured for tbe previous years, we
are glad to say, will be in charge
this year. A comparison of . thi
class of instruction furnished hen
wilh that of Oregon, and Washington, has demonstrated lis elliciene \
lor the purposes of meeting al
modern competition in fruit packing
The standing and experience ol th.
instructors secured, and the coiifi
deuce reposed in Ihem hy the de
pertinent of agriculture, guiirunUi
to the fruit growers the highest pus
sible class ol instruction.
The policy of placing the local
administration of the packing schools
in the hands of a responsible local
body, euch as the Farmers' Iusti
tute, tbe Fruit Growers' association.
or the board of trade, haa proved
entirely satisfactory, and the samt
plan will be continued tins year.
The department of agriculture
provides the instructor, and pays his
expenses. The department will alsn
bear the cost of the packing paper,
tbe fruit, and all otber legitimate
expenses, except that of secretarial
work and of hall rent, which it has
been found most satisfactory to
leave to local arrangement.
The responsible organization in
each case will he required to guar
antee a minimum of twelve pupils,
but not more tlmn fifteen, with the
proper qualifications, at a fee of £'.'.
each, to take the twelve lessons of
two and a half hours a lesson, the
school extending over one week. In
a limited number of districts a double packing school can he arranged
for any in which the minimum
guarantee will be twenty-four pupils, hut uot more than thirty, for
the same number ol lessons. Tbe
guaranteeing organization will also
arrange for and bear ihe expense of
tbe hall, its .heating and lighting.
The ball for fifteen pupils must be
at least thirty feel hy fifteen feet,
nnd well lighted. It must he heated
price. About three boxes per pupil
is necessary. The hardier varieties,
sucb at Ben Davis and Gauo, are i
preferred. Fruit must be in good
condition, but need not be graded,
and nonesuch run under 2j inches
in diameter. Organizations should
at once secure the necessary fruit,
or, if none is now available, the department should be expressly noti-
iied, and will then procuie snme.
The instructor will bring with
him the necessary packing tables
and fruit paper. On his arrival, he
sbould be met by some responsible
person, who should provide him
with all necessary information, so
as to get the school under way with
nut loss of time.
The advantages of packing schools
1. Principally, practical and thorough instruction in actual commer
Dial packing. Each pupil is en
.aged in actual packing under the
p raonal supervision of an instructor
who knows and can teach commer
id packing.
2 Pupils will learn tbe methods
in equipment used in up-to date
ond progressive associations in picking, grading, wrapping, packing and
handling of fruit.
3 Instructions will he given in
i he proper marking of different sizes
a id grades of fruit,  and the   inter
.relation of the Fiuit Marks Act.
4. Packers whom the instructors
uive a score of 75 efficiency in the
picking school, nnd who put up n
C ■ -(limbic pack tbe following year,
.vill he entitled to a diploma certifying the snme, from the department
>f agriculture.
5. Fruit growers not attending the
school regularly, may visit the
packing school to secure infornia-
lion, at tbe discretion of the instructor.
6. An evening meeting can be arranged, at which the principal features will he the following: (a) Packing demonstrations, by tbe instructor; (b) packing contest, by the pupils; (c) fruit judging, botb in plat, a
an I boxes of fruit, hy all present;
(d) a general discussion on tbe Frirt
Mirks regulations, tha ii.arking of
boxes, fruit handling from the
orchard to the car, packing house
equipment,  etc., by the instructor.
The demand for packing schools
is already evident, and, oa it may be
necessary to start operations in - December, districts wishing lo avail
the-nselves of this opportunity
sbould send application as soon as
possible to H. H. Winslow, provincial horticulturist, at Victoria.
Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister nf Agriculture
General Meeting ofthe Farmers' Institute Next
Monday Night
A general meeting of the Kettle
Valley Farmers' Iustititute will be
held iu tbe city hall Monday night,
November 20. W. A. Cooper will
give a report on the Dry-Farming
congress held at Colorado Springs
last month, and J. D. Honsberger
and James Rooke will discuss tbe
hest varieties of apples for thia district. 	
Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor of
Knox Presbyterian church, will
preach a special sermon on Sunday
evening, November 19, to young men
and young women.
The police of Greenwood made a
raid on the poker games in tbat cil)
last week.    Col. Lowery is jubilant.
J. Gelinas, II. B. Cannon; Tamarac,
Smelter mountain, Al. Benoit; Grace-
field, and Nip and Tuck, Franklin
camp, li. Bai ii bridge; Big Four, relocation of Bonanza, Gloucester camp,
.John Holm;'Silver Moon, relocation
of Enterprise, Gloucester camp, John
Holm; Carl fraction McRae creek, J.
A. O'Reilly.
One third of Union fraction, Wellington camp, E. T. VVickwire to
Thomas Hemmerle.
One-fourth of R. Kipling, Wellington camp, J. E. McEwen to George
Antelope fraction, Franklin camp,
F. M. Kerby; Alto fraotion, Franklin
camp, F. M. Kerby; Alert, Gloucester
camp, F. M, Kerby; Eclipse, Franklin camp, F. M. Kerby 3-5, B. Lequime 2 5; Yellow Jacket, Franklin
camp, F. M. Kerby J, B. Lequime J;
Original, Clown's camp, A. C. Burr
I, C. E. Baker £
Maine fraction, Brown's  camp, Patrick J. Byrne.
One Thousand Majority in
Favor of the New
Wm. Wallace waa put in the oil)
jail at Republic recently on a chargi
of obtaining money under false pre
Died Suddenly
Yasterday morning the news was
brought to this city that Sheldon
Wells had been found dead in his
cabin at Cascade. Mr. Wells was
about A0 years of age ac the time of
his death. He has been foreman of a
C.P.R. mason crew for a number of
years, and was well and favorably
known  in  all  parts of the Boundary
A hunting party composed of E. E.
Gibson, Harry McLaren and two
other .gentlemen left for the North
Fork country ye.terday in quest of
deer. A wireless from Lynch G-W k
to The Suu this evening stales that
the party had slaughtered seven deer
today. Mr Gibson surprised six of
the animals in one hunch. He kill
four of thorn; Hied live shot at lhe
tilth; wounded it slightly, and then
tracked it for six miles over the
mountains, but he finally had to re
trace his steps without the deer.
There was not much business transacted at the council meeting on Mon
day night. The bill for the funeia
expenses of the late W. Keron wa
r t'eried back to the finance committee for investigation. The city band
asked for au appropriation in order to
enable it to purchase music. Tin-
balance of the evening was devoted t)
a discussion of the advisability of
bringing in a salary bylaw, which was
brought to an end by Aid Smith giving notice that he would intrisluce
such a measure at the next meeting
Aid. Downey and Lequime expressed
themselves as opposed to such a bylaw, while the mayor and Aid. Smith
favored it. 'I'he other aldermen did
not express any decided views on the
Following are_the locations, certificates of work, hills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the .Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of tbe Grand
Forks mining division, from October 20 to November l(i, inclusive.
No. 18, Summitcamp,  Mulligan et
It appears to be certain now that
the strike of the miners in 'he Crow's
Nest Pass eoal fields hat come to an
official end. Official reports from all
locals in District No. 18, except
Baukhead aud Canmore, give a majority of 1000 in laior of the new
agreement. The vote in round numbers was 3000. Only one local heard
from gave a majority against the
proposition. It is reported that work
will be resumed at once.
Storing Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes in storage have
ihree very definite requirements,
rhey must he kept in a cool place
well ventilated and dark. That the
potatoes he kept cool is most important, The hest temperature is.from
33 to 35 degrees If the temperature
falls below 'i'i. degrees there is dan
_'.-r ol freezing, although it takes h
slightly lower temperature to freeze
potatoes than waler. Good ventilation is necessary in order to preyent
the spread of rot, and it is well to
•ieep the potatoes dark, so they will
n.t start to sprout at any time. A
a nil, dark, well ventilated cellar fairly dry, is the hest place to store
«eed potatoes on the ordinary farm.
As spring comes on, ssed potatoes
-lioiild not he allowed to Bend out
he lung, pale, spindly shools so often
seen. This may he prevented by
keeping the potatoes cool and durk.
Some of the eastern growers, three
or four weeks before planting time,
spread their seed potatoes nut in the
light ut u temperature of (10 to 70
ilegrees, and here allow them to develop sprouts a half to an inch long
Tbese are strong, sluhhy, little
sprouts, that are not broken off in
planting. Il is sai.i this process both
hasten the maturity of the crop and
increases the yield.—Farm and
Ranch Review.
I.;   Maple   Leaf,    Franklin    camp,
Young et   al.; Winchester,   Franklin ada who cannot profit hy reading it
A Bargain Indeed
It would bo impossible tn figure
whnt a benefit The Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal ban
heen lo the West. It affords the
greatest amount in* genuine good
reading for every member of the
family and its benefits to the   farm-]
ing   community in   its agricultural I u.f|   Vancouver;  secretary,
pages are worth hundreds of tbous-1 *Mm, Westminster.
amis of dollars every  yeur.    It is a
practical   farm   paper in  every respect and there is no farmer in Can
Good Roads Convention
The good roads convention held
in New Westminster last week was
the most important step ever taken
in connection with the good roads
movement in Canada. Before tbe
convention adjourned tbs Canadian
Highway association had been
formed, its object being to secure tbe
building of a first-class road from
Halifax, K.S., to Alberni, B.C., and
also to assist in the extension of tbe
Pacific highway, which now runs
from Tia Juaua, Mexico, to Vancouver," B.C.,. the plan being to
eventually make Dawson the northern terminus of this road.
Over a hundred delegates from all
parts of Canada und the American
Pacific const were in attendance, n-
eluding some of the most prominent
advocates ol good roads on this con
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister of
public works, made the important
announcement that federal assistance towards tbe construction of
main roads iu British Columbia was
assured. On behalf ofthe provincial
government he promised a vigorous
pursuance of the better roads policy
with which his name bas been associated.
The following were elected ollicers
of the Canadian Highway ussocia
lion: Honorary president, Hon.
Thomas Taylor; president, W. J.
Kerr, Westminster; vice-presidents
for the British Columbia coast district, A. J. Met landless, Vancouver
board of trade; T. S. Baxter, Vancouver Auto club; A. K. White,
Westminster buard ol trade; T. J.
Armstrong, Westminster Auto club;
Reeve F. Bowser, Point Grey; L I'..
Marinniil, I'nqiiiiluiii; A. K Todd,
Victoria Aiiln clui.; Reeve Nicholson, Saanich; Dr. Elliott Rowe,
Vancouver, Vice-presidents will bu
appointed hy all public bodies which
affiliate with theCanadian Highway
association.    Treasurer, T.   S. Bax-
P.    VV.
Taken Up-
Notice is hereby given that on   the
.   t   r.      ,-.     , a-     ..      _.-n    im       ■ -_. . ... "th of November I took up two stray
oamp, A. J. bee, Franklin, Burnt Ba- Two cents a ween, one dollaJ a year1    •    • - >   - *.-<•!***.*?__i
_^^_^^^^_^_^_1^^_^^^__^^^^^^^^^_^^_t animals,   a  steor and   a heifer; about
 . „     n„ ,.    „,„., „, ..    ....   I*--1   MoNeely  et   al.; Yankee  Boy —the prico of  one bushel of wheat M years old: spotted, red aud white;
country.    On the night of his death,   .      .        ■,_.„•       << x.    ,     _.  , .   , ,       ,      .  .. " £      ... __ i
,,      •     a i fraction,   Burnt   Basin,   McNeely et for   a   whole year s subscription to no brand.    Owner can have same liy
be retired late in the evening  in  the<       m]m ,nMon  No ,„ _.nd  N() ■ ,bftt nol t()        ,_ of ,he p,,^   for   fe(j(1    ,Ild     advertising
bost of health, but he  died alone   OS-Ik,  n , ,, ,,. .   ,    I.       ... . . ,        . „ charges.    If   not   claimed   in  thirty
'       ,        , ., _,     21, Greeuwood camp, Mulligan et al.;  beautiful premium picture, 'Home,       *        'i...'!"* .*.""•"■» J
fore morning from heart failure.   The _      ..   „       , _-_.,. .; .    •   ,,   •      _,_>____ i    i _,-•
Parrott, Brown's oamp, Qunilivan et  Again, ' size   22x29 inches,   ready.
aaaaai   T»o> ai^iiaiau.   iv , aaaaa-i ,,o    uca.ou la, .    u       .     ,L-        •, ,    .1 .«-*, —.,. -..._.■«... y,    -^«	
sufficiently to prevent chilling of the       *7 ,—*  *,"",,     •_.__. •■•!   Twilight,   Franklin   camp,   Fee for framing.    It makes one  wonder
I - . W I ■.._._<__,_,_.    .aaal  ttaaaa     aitl.aaiaaia.t-      ,_      Mima,
et al. if  tbe   publishers pay their paper
hecohd of locations , hills.    Any   home in  this western
Atlantis,   Franklin   camp,   P.   J.  country that does, not   receive   the
lingers of the packers, and to   pre
vent freezing of the fruit at night
Tha  department will, as  far  as
morning, and thi*  afternoon   it   was
•hipped to Vancouver for burial.
days they will be sold.
I.   I'll! IIIIUMMR.
Dated N6veiT)lier 17, IUU.
The Knob Hill Mining company of
Republic paid'ita fourth dividend last
^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^__       He who knows whether to use a wa-, -i^*************^********x*^**me*sxx****************************m********************************m
possible, use local fruit, paying for loon or. sleighs these days is a wise Dyne, J-   Gelinas,  H.  \\ Cannon; Family Herald and Weekly Star for'week.    Like its three predecessors, it
the suine  the   legitimate    market man. I Ethel, Franklin eamp, P. J.   Byrne,   1012 will miss a bargain indeed.       'was for 110,000. THE SUX, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA'.
keeps children
healthful and happy.
Give them a few drops of
this strengthening food-
medicine every day and
watch them grow.
Whooping - Cough
Loss of Flesh
and many other troubles
all onuealSTS
Author el
fits Mn-seis MM; The CarsHnal Meth; The Weight ef th* Crewn;
Ths CeiS-ar Heuas; Th*   Slav**  si  Mime*.   Cravsn
Fertunsi   Ths Fatal Dees; Nstta.
Two-liundrcd anil forty-nine out of
every tliousond or Ilie world's population live beneath the sovereignty of
I.Inf. George V.
Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated.
A thoroughly well nuulo alUBrit'rfi Hammer-
lew- Gun.   British proved, tared on Gicener'i
woild-rcnowncil cliuhe l»re system.   Simple,
htrong, msy to Strip *nd clean.
S3-65,   ta.av.a-   Hull   Hill,
CMalogWU. Tne.
Venner was emphatically of.the sumo
view; personally, he wns exceedingly
clad that the knot liml heen cut in
this Cushion und that thc unpleasant
business was ended. Ho discussed the
matter thoughtfully us he and the latter walked In the direction of his
rooms, for he had refused to spend
the night at Merton Orange, though
Vera" of necessity, had arranged to
stay there.
"I suppose one ought to be thankful," he said, "that matters are no
worse. Still, nt the same time 1 express that I should like to have a few
words with Zary. I wonder It we could
got him to take us back to Mexico
with a view to exploring the Four
l'lnger Mine. After all aaid and done,
It seeniB a pity that that rl.h treasure
house should be lost to the world." •
"Better leave It nlone." Gurdon said.
U makes me creep when 1 think of it.
All the snme, 1 am with you ln one
thing. I should certainly like to seo
Zary again.."
Ourdon and his companions were destined to have their wish gratified sooner than Ihey had expected. Thcjy let
themselves Into the farmhouse where
they were slaying, and Venner turned
up the lamp in tho big rambling sitting-
room. There, half asleep in n chair
before the fire, sat1 the very man
whom tbey had been discussing. He
appeared to be heavy with sleep—his
melancholy eyes opened slowly as he
turned them towards the newcomers.
"You have been thinking about me."
he said—"you have heen wondering
what had become of me. We ure
strangers and yet we are not strangers. Mr. Vender is known to me, and
Mr. Venner's wife also. I was awave
that my dear young mistress was his
wife when It wns a secret to everybody else. You are puzzled and mystified over the death of Mark Fenwick.
Mr. Ourdon hus been reading an account to you from the newspaper."
"You are certainly a very remarkable man," Gurdon said. "As a mutter of fact, that Is exactly what I have
been doing. But tell me, Zary, how
did you know?."
"You havo ii great poet." Zary said,
calmly and deliberately. "He was one
ot the noblest philosophers of his
time. I huve read him; I hope to
read hiin again many times. His rfame
Is Shakespeare, and he says 'therfrare
Now, don't you think we can begin to
forget all about this kind of thing?
Surely, we have had enough horrors
und mysteries, and I can only wonder
how those girls bore up against all
their troubles. Tell me, what are you
going to do? I mean as to your future?"
"Upon my word, I really haven't
given lt a thought," Venner snid. "It
Is not very often that 'a man has the
unique experience of being married
three years without a honeymoon, and
without more than half un hour ln his
wife's company. You can but feebly
guess, my dear fellow,, how terribly
I have suffered during the time to
which I refer. Still, I trusted my wife
Implicitly, though all the dictates of
common sense were against me, and
I am sincerely happy and glad now
that I took the line I did. As soon as
possible, I intend to take Vera away
for a long tour on the Continent. When
I come back I shall have the old house
done up again, and, I suppose, settle
down to tbe life of a country gentleman. But, of course, I can't do anything till Beth's future Is settled. I
suppose,* for the present she will go
hack again to Le Fenu'3 doctor friends,
pending her marriage with Charles
"The programme Is all right." Gurdon said. "But, suppose Lord Merton objects to the arrangement?"
"I don't fancy he will do that from
what I hear," Venner said. "All the
Evors have been wild In tbelr youth,
and the present lord Is no exception
to the rule. Depend upon lt, he will
be very glad to have his son back
again, happily married and eager to
become domesticated. Besides, from
what I understand from Vera, her father worked the Four Finger Mine to
considerable advantage during bis lifetime, and Beth Is something quite considerable In the way of an heiress. On
tbe whole, I am not disposed to worry.
Now, let us have one quiet cigar, and
go to bed like a pair ot average respectable citizens."
(To be Continued).
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know If you possessed Ihe powers that
I do. But I could not explain—for the
last time we have met. And because
I could not citluie a formal parting,
I have come to you to give them all a
message from me. It is only this, lhat
I shall never ceasr to thirk of them
wherever I may bSr-but 1 need not
dwell uprn that. As to Fenwick, I did
tot. design that he should die so peaceful a death. I had guaged his mind incorrectly; 1 had goaded him into, a
pitch of terror which drove him over
the borderl2'.d and destroyed his reason. Therefore, he committed suicide,
and so he Is finished with."
There was a pause for some time
until became evident that Zary had
no more to say. He rose to his feet,
and was advancing In the. direction of
the door, when Guidon stopped him.
"Pardon mo." the latter suid. "but
like most ordinary men, 1 um by no
means devoid ri my share of curiosity. What is going in bc done ln the
matter of the Four Finger Mine?'
Zary's largo round eyes seemed to
emit flashes of light. His face, had
grown hard and while like that of a
"Well," ho demanded, "what ahout
'ho mine?"
"Why, you see, it practically belongs
o Mr. Lo Fenu's children." Ourdon
.-.aid. "In which caso lt should prove
an exceedingly vulyulile property."
"The mine belongs to us: It belongs
to me." Ziry cried. "1 nm the hat of
my tribe, and the secret shall die with
uie. Mall, do you suppose lhat happiness lies in the mero accumulation of
money? I lell you. Hie thing Is n
curse, one of the greatest curses that
God ever laid on humanity. To hundreds und thousurije of us this life on
earth Is u veritable hell through the
greed nf gold. Of all lhe wan: that
have hi ought pain and suffering lo
Immunity, none bus done a tithe of the
harm wrought by the Incessant battle
for the yellow metal whicli you call
gold. If (here had been no such tiling
on earth, the tribe lo which I belong
would .today walk us goda amongst
ordinary men.   No, I shall do nothing
do lt safely, Surely and without pain
or griping. Concerning them Mrs. S.
0. Braaten, Uergland, Ont., says:—
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Remedies are Needed
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nothing so good «s Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, a glycerio compound, extracted Irom nstive medicinal roots—sold for over forty years with great satisfaction to ell users.    For
Weak Stomach, Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Pain in the Stomach alter eating,
Heartburn, Bad Breath, Belching of food, Chronic Diarrhea and other Intestinal
Derangements, the "Discovery" is a time-proven and must efficient remedy.
Yon can't afford to. accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-alcoholic, medicine or snown composition, not even though Ihe urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels.   Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take as candy.	
3ei7 you'll be ioferesfe
in fbe new
Mod .
if. Wafer ca .
Extinguish if. If
dejfus you to pu'fifouf.
"tbe only Mafcb Made   ..
~<fbaf you can Always 3
>M  DePe»d Upon. All
Leading Sporfii)gGood#^
w„   Houses carry fheiruDrop in    A
ts "$ and ttytljem/or yourself. Al way;
■■'0 - everywhere in Canada. Ask r
Ne. M7.
Many Believe That Nothing Short of -
the Surgeon's Knife Will Effect
Cure.   They Do Not Know.
DU chaseTointment
Thc agony caused by the Intense
Itching, the depressing and debilitating effect on the system, the dread lest
surgical operation might be 'necessary—these are the things which
make piles or hemorrhoids so distressing.   '
The doctors have heen recommending surgical operations as the only
cure. But the surgical operation, with
nil Its dangers mul expense and pain,
does not usually effect a lusting cure.
Many a case has been cured by Dr.
Chase's Ointment after thc surgical
operation had fulled. Here ts a case
which doctors gnve up.
Mr. J. 0. Mawyer. Koden. Man.,
writes: "Dr. Chase's Ointment Is a
| wonderful preparation. 1 had Itching
lilies for over six years, und though
1 tried two doctors' prescriptions und
used many other preparations could
not obtain much benefit. The doctor
told me tbere was no cure for me,
and that I would have to undergo an
to pander to this disease. When I die'operation,
the secret nf the mine perishes with "I bought r. box of Dr. Chase's Olnt-
mc. Never more shall man worts-there (ment snd was completely cured In one
so long as I have health and strength week. As this aws six mouths ago
to prevent It." 'and' there has been no return of the
Thc latter part of Zary's speech had old trouble, I believe that thc cure is
sunk almost to u whisper: he made a ,u permanent one."
profound bow to Venner and Ourdon, One thing certain Dr. Chase's Olnt-
then left the room softly. He seemed | ment will bring you relief from the
to vanish like a spirit of one of his'dreadful Itching and burning almost
Aeparteil ancestors, and the place jas soon aa applied.
knew 111 in no more. From that day To make the cure thorough and last-
he was never seen again, ling It la only necessary for you to
"Curious man," Guidon said, keep up the tretnment regularly and
thoughtfully. "Very quiet and gentle persistently. Don't be satisfied with
as n rule, but not the kind of person relief, Dr. Chase's Ointment will cure
you would care to have aa a foe. I completely If you will do your part,
have a very strong feeling tbat none [(0 cents a box at all dealera, or Ed-
ef na will ever see Felix Zary again, jnnnaon, Batjs ft Co., limited, Toronto.
The Friend of a Life Time
For a gift to tt friend ur un iuvi._stmi.nt for
yourself a
pays lot) ccnti on the* dollar In satisfaction
und   reliability.
The movement Is ittaudardlxed Hunn. lu
Jewelled—the lust word in wutch efficiency,
nnd scientifically und mechanically perfect.
Mens* 11!.   Itl und 18 nixes, 1& Jewel   *7 7C
A qunlity  cant*    ■#••••■
Ladles'  O .*»lse,   15  jewel,   It <|iiullly     7 Aft
case      ,,ww
A. quality case same at Fortune or Banner.
B. quality case same as Empress or Alpha...
Cases are highest muuIIU H'-'d fill' d. mude
In plain  engraved «"' englm*  turned.
If ft does not give you entire satluaotlon yoii
ran return It and we will cheerfully refund
your  money.
A written guar fit. tec, which protects yuu
in every way. accompanies tgen wat eh.
We hereby guarantee watch a-company-
Ing this certificate, case No  sold tu..
 to he a thoroughly reliable time
keeper, ami wo agro* to keep same In
good running order for two yearn from
date,   breakages   excepted.
United   Watch  end   Jewellery   Co.
l>r ■ ■ ■ ■ •
" Waltham '* —
Platei constructed
of solid nickel
hardened steel, exposed winding
wheels. Compensat
Ing balance. Pre-
quet hairspring.
IS Jewels (Amethyst).
United "V. IV'~
Plates constructed
0 f solid nickel,
burdened steel exposed winding
wheels, compensating balance. Bre-
quef hairspring. IE
Jewels, (Amethyst)
Plates nicely dam-
usketned. Nonmagnetic, Pendant
Ask your dealer or write direct for complete catalogue of Watches, P-.lr.cs, Jewellery
and Leather Quods.
United  Watch   and  Jewellery  Co.
■____■ flttr"1 "Tfv r.TtAXD FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
It shortens your life, spoils your temper and ruins your looks.
Try tho new way—tho MOONEY way.
No spoiled baking.   No overheated kitchens. Lots of leisure in the home?
MOONEY'S  BISCUITS are so fresh, so crisp, so appetizing thai
they are largely taking thc place of home baking with thousand!, of Western
people.   Ask for
In air tight, dust proof and damp proof packages
—or in sealed tins if you prefer them.
Made in the Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg,
for men. Canadian-made. Guar-
antect1 beet bat value tn Canada.
Ill sizes anil shapes ln soft and
still felts. Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAB.  C.   PUNCHARD    6    CO.,
Toronto, Ont.
MK*. WlNtUMV'H SlaCaTllIN(I  SVSt'F tllS   t*a.II
air.1 .or over RIXTV VliAKSby MILLIONS o.
Tg-.THINO, Willi 1'l.ltIItCr SUCCESS. II
is tlie beet reniedr Inr DIARBIKEA. It is aila-
eolnlely liarinlee.. ne sure tad uk for "Mrs.
Winslow's soothing tivrtip," and Uke ao otlier
kind.  Twnty-five cents • bottle.
One of the most pa*hetlc sights ln
Nature is that of Petulant maa who
Packs up his Doll-lings and Ooes!
A Pill That Is Prized.—There have
been many pills put upon the market
and pressed upon pnhlli: attention but
none has endured so long or met with
so much favor as Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. Wide spread uso of tbem hns
attested ttfelr great value, and they
need no further advertisement than
this. Having firmly established themselves in public esteem, tbey now rank
without a peer ln the list of standard
vegetable preparations.
Whalebone Is not bone at all, It
lias not a single one of the many distinctive properties of bone.
Of each dollar received by the city
of New York in taxes 3 cents goes to
public charity
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
ss mercury win eurely dMtror tun lean, of smell
snd completely derange Uie wltole system wheal
eat-rlng It through the murou, mrlnces. suaah
irtle.rt -tumid never bo used except on prescrip
tion! trom reputable phyelelane, al the daman tbey
will do la ten [old to tha good yon can po_B-A.lv *'
rive Irom them. Halt's Catarrh cure, manulaett _
by F. 1. Cheney k Co.. Toledo, <>.. contains no mer-
.ury, and to taken lutcmaally. acting directly upon
tke blood and mucous aurfarea of the ayatam. In
buying nall'a Catarrh Cure be mire you set tbt
5amine.  It la taken internally ami made ID Toledo
bio, by tt, I. Cheney a Co. Tettlmonlalt free.
Sold by ..rnggkti. Price, TSc. per bottle.
Wu Iltll'i Family Filla for conatlpatlllg. V
When you are crowded, Just keep
on moving.
Canadian    Pacific    Railway    Pushing
Steel in the West.
Settlers, coming Into Canada net.
..•pa.1- will have at (heir service many
miles ot new railway lines for truns-
pcitetlort into new- sections of the
prairie provinces, In Saskatchewan
alone the Canadian Pacific Railway
has at present under construction
nearly six hundred miles of new
branch lines. Hundreds ot gangs of
laborers and track-layers are at work
lu various parts of the country, and
surveyors aro at work mapping out
other llrxw ln all parts of the province. As fast as these lines are completed and Inspected regular services
are being inaugurated, so that when
the yearly laish of new settlers to the
West stints, next spilng, there will be
plenty ol new territory opened up.
Th* largest of the new lines In Susk-
ateliewan being built by lhe 0. P. Ills tliat between Regina nnd t'olonsuy.
This line iuns almost directly north
Trom Keslna until Craven Is reached,
wheti It branches' off In n westerly
direction to Winnipeg—Edmonton
line, lt is 13:; miles from 'Colnnsay
io lteginn und on this, a service will
shortly be Inaugurated between Colonsay. and Imperial, a distance of 49.7
miles. South of Imperial track-lnyitig
has advanced another twenty-five
miles. This line passes through u
splendid farming country whicli will
be thickly settled before long.
Another of the new C. P. H. branch
Hues In Saskatchewan of over a bundled miles ln length Is that between
Outlook and Kerrobert. Tills ia really the middle division of the Moose
.IttW-Macklln branch. Services hnve
been operated for some time between
Macklin and Kerrobert and Outlook
and Moose Jaw. but there are still a
number of miles of thc middle division to be built. When it Is finished
tlie entire branch will be 2G7 miles
long and will eventually form a Junction with the Lacombe—Castor branch
at Kerrobert. This new line will be a
great boon to all classes in Saskatchewan for not only will tbo tanners
along tbo right-of-way benefit, hut lt
will give tbo towns and cities, ln Its
territory, direct new connection with
the main line of the Canadian Pacific
to Moose Jaw, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Paul and
\ third hig branch under construction is from Weyburn to Lethbridge.
Up to March nf this year track on this
line had been laid as far as Omega,
fifty-two miles from Weyburn. There
Is now a through service between
Weyburn and Omega. On -the rest of
tho Une from Omega westward grading was commenced In Msy of this
year and up to last month fifty per
cent of It luid been completed up to
miles sixty. This line when completed
will permit of a new route from Portland, Oregon, tb St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Chicago, and it will also open up a
very fertile country.
From Swift Current there are being
built two branches, northwest and
southeast. Both of these branches
were only started three months ago
but on eaeh fifty per cent of the grading Is now completed. The first named branch will give good transportation facilities to the farmers near the
South Saskatchewan River.
There arc also two branches being
built from Wilkie. Ono ot thess
branches reaches out In a northwesterly direction and the other In n south'-
westerly direction. On tlio former,
which Is 3(i miles long there is 73
per cent of the grading completed,
while on the latter out of hi miles
there Is 15 per cent of the grading
finished. The Southern branch from
Wllklo will he further supplemented
by a branch running from Kerrobert,
ln a northeasterly direction. With
these two brunches completed, transportation facilities for the formers In
the country through which they pass
will be unsurpassed, and they will
probably prove n big factor In the
Inducing of new settlers to locale In
that locality. This branch from Kerrobert, northeasterly, will bo twenty-
five miles long. Up to date eight
miles of grading have been completed.
On the Estevan, northwest branch,
there nre fifty-five miles of new track
under construction. This branch connects with the Weyburn—Letlibildge
branch at Forward. On Regina—Bul-
yeu branch, 42 miles, track-laying has
been completed and a service will
shortly Uo instituted. On the double-
Hacking from Paequa to M00M Jaw
eighty-five per cent of t.ho grading Is
completed but no steel baj as yet
been laid. About equal progress has
been made on tbo double-track between itlooso Jaw and arnn.
Tho other C. P. 11. branch ln Saskatchewan on whioh construction work
Is being der J. la between Moose
Jaw southwc.'rly, to miles iff, (Ira*
ig Is going ahead on thiB branch at
rapid rute.
win remove tbem end leave ao
blemubea.Ciinaa nnypnH or
swoulng. DoeliM-.tlalletercr
remove tho hair, florao can bo   _
,-ked. ttsci per bottle delivered.
 .__   _ _,. liniment
ror Mankind. For Baalu, Bnal-.a-_,
lldsorea,Sflj«lllnae tioltre,Varlcoaa
relax, varictaeltlea. Allays Pain.
Mean and ll bottle at dran.llt.ot delivered.
Will toll more If yon write. Sfannfacturedonly SF
W. 5*. Y0CNG. _M>.F_. .WLymaM IM). K.ntrr at Caa.
Alio fl.nal.baaa lav . tatUlo Raalaa _. Wynne Ca,.. Wli-dpflgf
Ta_,S.»al«i-l liana fluatCiaaianla.-fll C_„\l*laiai![aAj__ ___ltf_.rri
-ad HtU'la-taaoa Pre Co. Ltd.. Vanaaaiuvcr.
Those who in the autumn take tiielr
ease are the more likely Intel' on to
Minard's   Liniment  Cures    Dandruff.
Kill glaives have nothing to do villi
kids They are made ol Ilie shins of
Homo of the older hoys snd girls
havo dotibteler.s studied cancellation
in school lint -there Is another kind
nf cancellation that cnn bo used by
boys and glr a of nil ages. For ex-
rtinplo two boys were speaking of un.
: rather boy.
"Ho is slow hi Mines," snid one.
"Ms,, '.aopllotl  Um  oilier, "but  al-
. ways playa fair.'
"Ho ts stupid flat school," e&'.i the
: llret hoy,
I    "nut ho always studies herd," anewered lho nneiind,
Thus you sen overy unkind word
spoken by lite firat boy was cancelled
by a kind word from Ihe second. Suppose the next llffio wo bear an unkind
word wn try tu cancel It by pulling ti
kind one In Its place.
Tliere |i one hen to every acre of
Unitary In England.
CoiutepaHon is the
root of many forms of
sickness and of an
endlesi amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
thoroughly tested hy
over fifty years of use,
have been proved a
safe and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. *
25c a box.
W. N. U. Ne. »7. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
  blunders to record." The New
K-i.bll.hed a, Grand Cork.. Britlah Columbl    I Y<H*k Sllll Lolstei'S Up tlliS   ai*-
 , __ guraent by quoting the Bible:
"(Matthew, chap, xxvii) Pilate
"•A-KY"' M..or.,.dPubi..h.,!saith untQ them) Wha(. shaU j
~ . do then with Jesus which is
A^TmrAjVo^^^ Christ?   They all say
Fleet Street. B.C.. London. Bnafnud, freo of !
Jbartre, and that firm will be glail to reoelve
.ubaorlbtlona and advortlaementa on our he-
nalf. ,
Una last.. I1.M
Una Tear (It. adranoel  1.(10
Una Year. In Unllad Slataa  1.60
Aalalr-a,. all oaiininunleatlo,,. to
Ths BvBNtsa Htis,
Phoss till Qlaiso Pones, H.C
The salary question ia the
latest war cloud to make its
appearance in the local horizon. The ratepayers, some
years ago, expressed their disapproval of paying salaries
to aldermen, and the mayors
during the past seven or eight
years have magnanimously donated their services to the
municipality. As the duties
of the present city officials
have not been of a more arduous nature than in former
years, there is no reason why
they should not display the
same magnanimity, especially
as the city is as much in need
of money aow as it ever was.
If the impending controversy over the salary question
serves no other purpose than
to awaken the citizens to the
importance of taking a deeper
interest in municipal affairs,
it will not have been raised
in vain.
Ald. Lequime and Downey
have placed themselves on
record as opposed to a salary
bylaw. The latter gentleman
says he intends to fight it to
the end. We expoct to see
the honor roll grow.
The salary bylaw should be
referred to the sanitary department.
Nelson now counts that day
lost on which there is not
some new mineral discovered
in her immediate vicinity. It
is either lost, or else there is
unto him, Let Him be crucified.
"And the governors said,
Why, what evil hath He done?
But they cried out the more,
saying, Let Him be crucified.
"When Pilate saw that he
could prevail nothing, .but
that rather a tumult was
made, he took water, and
washed his hands before the
multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just
person; see ye to it."
The city band is no doubt
an admirable organization. It'
has been liberally subsidized
by the municipality. The city
purchased the instruments,
furnishes the band-room, and
has made a number of appropriations for music. In return for these favors, the
band has given but one open-
air concert, and in its dealings
with the citizens it is notoriously biased. We have no
grudge against the band. We
merely wish to remind it of
the fact that fair play makes
the best kind of music.
Even when they have noth
ing to do, some fellows  can't
do it well.
When a man is laughed at,
it hurts him as much as to be
People seem to disagree on
every statement, except that
the cost of living is too high.
If a loafer is not a nuisance
to you, it is a sign that you
are somowhat of a loafer your
Holt Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
am. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m,; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m, All are'cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Mkthodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
The following are the i
returns of
the ore production of the
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Mother Lode  6,900
Jackpot      282
Rawhide   2,894
■   164,504
No. 7	
Phoenix Atrial	
Others  1,507
Total 11,7(54
Smelter treatment—
B.C. Copper Co... 11,386
t^e Gift Store
We are now showing pijn JOTII AO AMMO.
the largest stock of UlUllOI Wind UUUUu
ever shown in Grand Forks.   Chlnaware, Kodaks,
Fancy Goods, Toys, Stationery, Etc., Eto.
-*! WOOD LAND    6c   CO.i-r-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy* your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
 I business   honestly    upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Form No 1.
P. O. BOX 1353 44S ftEYMOUR »T.
m-bmii s, Crotflejr Brut.. Manchester, Bug.
MdltotH nf Gm Producer PI anti nnd Oil
KnuinpH for general power or electrical
lighting purpose*.
MeftNri. Pick, Kerr & Co., Ltd., Preiton,
Kngland Kquipmrnit for Mine* and Con-
trnctord Light I.'icoiu'Klvei (iteam aud
eleviriofti), uio.
^ti'iHiitf Telephone <*o., portable idiot-
firing tnaWitni'ifor mlnem, emit radons
pro ..pectoris. The bent on the market.
Write for partit-ulati.
Motor*, 'ie.ifM-.itor-i,   Hrecfoal  Suppltei
BU-.tnc.il Heating  and Cooking  Apparu
tm, Storauti i atierleti,et>-.
Your eiiuiil'ii'i will receive our  promp-
attentioti.   Wiiteforiiifornmtlon.
F. S. & N. Eates
A report from Olympia states that
an order reducing the freight rates on
the Spokane Falls & Northern branch
of the Great Northern will be issua-d
by the public service commission,
probably this week on the return of
the members from Spokane. Owen O.
dlilerhead,   rate   expert,   with   the
a blizzard raging.   The latest help of Stephen V. Oatey, assistant
discovery is a substance Which attorney general, is at work preparing
has been christenedUanadium. *• A°™» »fth. formal order so that
it will be ready for the  signatures »f
| the commissioners.
It should make a capital material out of which to manufacture flagpoles for the old
Original* Mineral Cluim, iltuate In thu
Qrand Fork* Mining DlvUlon of Yale I>U-
WhiTi* located:   In Brown')-- camp.
TAKK MJlU K that 1, Alexander C Burr.
Free "iiier.-'fVrtliinite No. 3ft8!WB, ior
myself Miid •*>■ airent for Chftiie* K. Raker,
Pree Miners' (Yrliticale N". SWAB, lie
tend, »lxty dtt'n from ttipilatc hereof, tn npply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, forthe purpose of obtain*
lug a Crown <Irani of the h ovi* claim-
And further tnke notioe ihat aoilon. under
section H7, miut he commenced before the
l»iuuoce oi   hiich ■ crtittcat*  of   Improve*
Dated thli 28th day of June, A D. l'JU
NOTICE ti hereby given that an application
will lit; made under Part V. of thu "Wuter
Act, 1909," to obtain a Uoet.ee iu the BtralUa-
liit*t*11 Division nf Yule DUtrlot.
(h) Tin- nnme, addreu and occupi-tlmi of
the applicant: Peter Veregin. of Brilliant,
BrltUh Columbia, Fnrmer. (If for mining
purpose*) Free Mlner's ('ertlncate No	
(li) Tie name nf tha lake, stream or
Kource (If unnamed, the description li):
Fisherman Creek.
(0) The point of diversion Is about one
thousand leet easterly from the crossing of
the Columbia & Western Railway over Pish*
ertnan Creek,
td) The quantity of water applied for (In
cubic feet |n-r second): Une cubic foot __.
(e) The character of the proposed works:
Pipe Hue and -mull reservoir,
(f) The premises on which the water Is to
be Hied (describe   >at»e):  Lot 3)17 O. I.
(g) The purposes fur which thu water It to
be used:   Irrigation. I
(h) If for Irrigation describe the land tn*
tended to beirrlgaied, giving acrenKo: Undulating foothills to the extent of two hundred
(1) If the water Is to be used for power or
mining purposes describe the place where
thn water is to be returned to tome natural
ch-miiel, Hud the dlllereuce In altitude between point of diversion mul point of return.
(J) Area of frown land intended to be oc-,
ci ii-led by tbe proposed works.   Nil.
(It) This notice was posted on the 20th day
of August, lull, aud application will be mnde
totheConimlntdot'ei»inthe2i*rth dny of Octo- ,
ber. 1D11. i
(1) Give the nanny and addresses of any
rlpurlan proprietors or lloemwes who or
whose lands are likely to be affected by the
proposed works, either above or in-low the ]
outlet.   Nil. I
(Signature) PK1KK VKREQIN.
(P.O. Add rata) Brilliant. B.C.
John Ziiio.i.i. i-, Agent.
Noie-Oue cubic foot tier second Is eqiilvae
leut to 18.71 miner's inches.
The hear ing of this amplication has bean
chsugrd to the 3rd dny of November, 1911.
For yearn thin ruwl haa been operating ut an orphan, althouvh owned by
tlie   Hill   people.    Briefly, the order
  'will   reduce  rat an  from 10 to 60 per
So.MK  of   our   expectations emit, aa   it   will   require  the Oreat
havo   been   rudely   Bhattered,  Northern to treat thia   branch  aa   a
The federal house has been in P»rtof iU«y»temand eaUbli-h   prae
, i       _.   .  tically the stmn rates *• nre in  (.fleet
session two days, ana not a    .,.,.,. .,   ,. i
Boooivn,   •- ...    on the niHin line for minilar distances.
single duel between thc loyal-1 __0rjent jmirnal.
ists and their Nationalist allies 	
Not eVOIl a duel of WOl'ds. A new lot of latest designs   of  pro
' uniiii nml menu cards just received at
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. 1 )on't forget this.
■■                                Tiik Sun job office
Four weeksago,in question- ^_^_
ing the wisdom of the rejec
tion of the reciprocity agree
ment bv tho Canadian people, taieUndDistrict,Dittriet of simtikaraeeu.
J -   *       - -     TAKK notice tlmt Rfifafcrt 9. Page ol Olds,
I vlnTtii <i_'Cii|i itnn Fnrmer, Intends to
npply for fywnnlnlon to purclm-i* the  foi-
tiitvjui; il.-n ilic-d lands.
Commencing at a punt plnu'ed about HO
chnins north of the northwest corner of I.nt
M^tS.. on Deep Creek, and nlmiit Hve tnllm
enst of the town of t'asende: thence north
iu chains: thence wc t to chains; tlieuce
-Mi uth 1'lrtialiis; thciHc i-a*-t lOohatus tdpnlut
of ronimencnmetit,
.1  K. Cranston, Afient.
Dated September JimI. 1911.
The Sun made use of the following sentences; "Tho majority of the people are not
always right in their judgment They may bo right
most of thc time—but not all
At the Head
Thc man at the head of affairs
whether al home or in business, ts
the one whose attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the best class
of homes anil is read hv the head uf
the family. That accounts for thc
results obtained by thc use of
Classified  Want   Ads.
Practical Plumber
All work guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Msde I. E^li.d
11.00 per Doz. Upwards
Christmas would  not be the
Without its grtwtings true,
Wishes sincere from far anil
From fiiemls both old and
Order  Early
Sample Book
The Jun Office
Dun't forget tlmt Tin* Sun hns the
best jut) printinK deparrineiit in the
Boundary country.
Th*ttecret of tha iucohi of our
Wont Ad*. I* that thoy aro abort
and anappy. Pooplo llho a plain
butlnoM ttory told In a fow words
and If thoy want anything- thoy
rotor to tho plaeo whoro thoy
will find It with tho loatt traubla,
vlf., tbo ClaooMfld Want Adi, li
your butlnoto roprooontod thoro.
tfuhllthtd Annually)
KualilH Irsilsr, tliroiisliuut th* world In
oonimu.itcate dlreol with B.icllih
In oooh elawof kixmIk. Realdm holuf h c<m*>
iil<t« ooinmerofiil sultle U. Loiulon nml ita
-mlmrha, tho Hlrwtory ooutalut llntn of
with lho Qoodl thoy kltlp, aud tho ColonUI
ami Kurd tf n Market* thoy iiipiily,
j Hrrmnrftl timlor tho l'orti to whioh they lall,
' ami Indleatlugthenpiiroxlmate Hailing*:
i of leo'lliiK Manufaeturi>ri( Merohaute, eto., In
i rhe prti.i'iiMt* pri'ViiM'laltowiiiainl luduitrla!
eentMeof the United Kingdom.
A «o|iy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Portal
Order (or 20s.
healers, cooking Agenclei ean adverthe
Ihnlr trade rnrdi lor &\, or larger advertlte-
iihmiin from £3,
25, Abuhurcb Lane, London,  E.C.
Rememlier that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody. TtlE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your Money Back If You Are
Not Satisfied With the
Medicine We Recommend
We are so positive that onr remedy will permanently relieve consti-
pation, no matter how chronic it
may be, that we offer to furnish the
medicine at our expense shpuuld it
fail to produce satisfactory results.
It is worse than useless to attempt
to cure constipation with- cathartic
drugs. Laxatives or cathartics do
much barm Tbey cause a reaction,
irritate, and weaken the bowels and
tend to make constipation more
chronic. Besides, their use becomes
a habit that is dangerous.
Constipation is caused by a weakness of the nerves and musolm of
the large intestine or descending
colon. To expect permanent relief
you must therefore tone up and
strengthen these organs and restore
them to healthier aclivity.
We want you to try Rexall Orderlies on our recommendation. They
are exceedingly pleasant to take, being eaten like candy, and are ideal
for children, delicate persons, and
old folks, as well as for the robust.!
They act directly on the nerves and
muscles of the bowels. They apparently have a neutral action on other
associate organs and glands. They
do not purge, cause excessive loose
ness, nor create any inconvenience
whatever. They may be taken at
any time, day or night. They will
positively relieve chronic or habitual
constipation, if not of surgical variety, and the myriads of associate
or dependent chronic ailments, it
taken with regularity for a reason
sonahle length of time. 12 tablets,
10 cents; 36 tablets, 25 cents; 80
tablets, 50 cents. Sold in Orand
Forks only at onr store—The Uexall
Store.    11. E Woodland.
A. B. Brewer, of Curlew, inventor of the oun-ent motor for irrigation purposes, was in the city this
week. He stated that the American
Land Development & Manufacturing company, which is marketing
hia invention, has secured contracts to install an 8800 irrigation
plant at Carmi, B.C., and a 8900
plant at Karamin, Wash. Both of
these plants will be installed early
next spring.
"All th» world's a stage, and the
meu are merely players." Comedians off the stage sometimes wish to
play tragedy, but in a city like
Orand Forks, where Brotherly Love
dwells, they can lind no opponents.
However, Love does not alwayB
mean Peace.
In spite of the fact that The Sun
is still on friendly terms with the
United States, it managed to secure
two new subscribers in old England
this week.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Wednesday, November 15, to Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Clayton, a son.
A. C. Flume/felt, of Victoria, was
last week elected a member of the
board of directors of the Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power company.
Tha, Jeanne Russell companv
filled a two nights' engagement at
Grand Forks opera house the first
of the week. On Monday night
The American Girl" was presented,
and Tuesday night "Two Married
Men" supplied the entertainment.
Both plays drew large and enthusi
aBtic audiences The comtmny is
evenly balanced, and fully redeemed
the promises made in the advance
notices Miss Russell is a clever
actress, and ahe is well supported by
Mr. Brandon. ,
Work on the new postoffice build
ing has been suspended until nexi
Tbe members of the Cur ing club
will hold a meeting this evening.
Rev. Franklin Watson, of   Lome
den.   Sask.,   has accepted a call lul
St. Jude's church Greenwood.    He
will   take, charge   ilie   first of  the
Harry Hunter, formerly of Phoenix, and Miss~JeB8.e Nicholson, of
Nanaimo, were married in the latter
city last Monday. They will reside
in Vancouver.
Hansen brothers, ol Gilpin, have
sold their stallion, Decide, to the
Doukhobors for $1050.
Hotel Colin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furuUhed throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Writ-
class accommodations for
trauslentt. Board and
rooms by the week at prevailing rates. Fine line of
Wines, Liquors and Clears
always in stock at the bar.
Grand Forks,B.C
The Sun crosses a good boundary
lines each week. In goes as far
south as Peru and as far noth as
Sweden fitty-two times per year.
The Sun, The Montreal Family
Herald and Weekly 8tar and
"Home Again" is the most stupendous aggregation of art and literature ever offered the people of this
province for the small sum of $1.50.
D. C. Canerly, of Vancouver, arrived in the city this week, and has
taken J. E. Murphy's position at
the Royal bank.
Let your friends and relatives
know that you still remember them
by sending them some of those artistic personal Christmas cards
which can be obtainen at Tbe Sun
office. .	
Steel on the V. V. A E. has been
laid as far as Coalmnnt.
Mining St,ock Quotations
Boston, November lfi —The follow-
. are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentijiied:
Asked.        Bid
(Iranby Consolidated.    30.00    2800
I.. C.   Copper	
4 00     3.2o
Mtetal Quotations
New York, Nov. 16—Silver 53;
standard copper, $12.25<H;12.3.5, firm;
Losdon, Nov. 16.—Silver, 24J
lead, £13 6s 3d.
A. C. Uren, formerly conductor
on tbe Grand Forks I'hoenix Great
Northern ore train, bas moved to
Hillyard, Wash.
The Beautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.  ^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^4 Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to he
I the greatest and best family and firm paper on the continent, has nn
many occasions given its readers most delightful premium pictures,
but this season they have secured what il beyond any question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper reader., It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful inoideut between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
■'Laddie," a collie dog, (anions for his beauty and gentleness, winner
ol many prices at dug snows, the pride ol the family and neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in bis struggles for freedom dangling Irom his collar.
His familiar bark brings bis little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
sbe throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
whicfl bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
wbine.'which in his dog language means—"Where 1 love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, ber affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture thai will win a favored place
on the walls ol any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. l'.lsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture ''Horns Again" on b*?«vy !>•"'• paper 22x29
inches all ready tor framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
The small sum of 81.50 will secure the two papers for a full year in-
oiuding a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact il could not he bought at tbat price.!
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth this
The high price of.living has
not affected our job printing
Slices. We're are still doing
igh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
i You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
1 he O'iver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Pleue rpnd tlie beadllnelover a^aln. Then its
iramviiiliniH Ni"tiitlc»iirc will Iuwn upou you
An Oliver Typewriter—Uio Mumliml visible
writer—the tiioi-t highly peri -ed tynawHter
■n 'hy mnrket—ymirx for 17 oenU duy!
The 'typewriter WhuMoouq.ient ol the com
merelnl worlit in a nmtter of nlatorv— yours lo
\'i cent* it day!
The typewriter that is cqui|>|..<.) with acoreii °*
■milt eoiiveiilvticea as "The Bulanoo Shift"-
•The Killing Device"—"The Double Releese"-
■'Tlie locomotive Bum-"—"The Automatic
BpMcer"—"The Automatic TatmlatorM—,*The
-"The Adjustable Paper Kliiuera"-"Thfl Sol*
entitle Condensed Kev-
board"—all -*%
Tours (or 17
Gents a Dayi
We aiionnced this
new cuius idan recently, Just to feel the pulse ol
the iit'-i[ilo. Simply a small cash payment--
then 17 oents a day. That i» the ulan In a nutshell.
The result haa been such a deluge of applications lor machines that we are simply astounded.
The demand comes from people of all clunges,
all at.es, all occupations.
The majority ol Inquiries has come ^from peo-
li* of known financial stamiiiiK who were attracted by the novelty of tlie prupos. 'nn. An
Impressive demonstration of tin- Immense pop*
n arlty of the Oliver Typewriter
*  A i-tHrtlitiK confirmation nf uur belief that
the Km of Universal Typuvvrlitiiu Is atband.
A Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money with
IT}* ___
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter is a money-maim
right frnm tne word "got" s.m'Bbv to run thai
b-atii.iH.ru soon get In ihe "expert" class. Knni
as you leant. Let the machine ray the 17 oeiiU
a nay—Alia all above that Ih vniin..
Wherever ynu nre, there I* work to bo dom*
and money to be made bv i.mji.k thu tHlvor, TS
business world is catting for ullver operators.
There are not enough to wipplv tho demand.
Their salaries are considerably above those ol
many clsmsuH of workera.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That Is thc battle cry today, Ae have mnde
the Oliver supreme Iii imefuliicHsand absolute!*
iudliipensabte In business, Now comes tlie eon
quest ofthe home.
Tht simplicity nnd strength ofthe Oliver lit li
for family une. li i- becoming an Important
factor iu tlie home training of voting people.
Au educator as well as a monev maker.
Our new selling \<hn\ puts the Oliver ou thi
threshold nf every home tn Ameriea. Will vqi:
oinae tht door of your home or Olttce on this re
marhablf Oliver off r?
Write for further details of onr wisy offer and
s free copy of the new Oliver catalog. Address
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter nmliliiiaj,
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
If you come to ine
for treatment, ex-
licet tu he cuici. If
others have fiilh-tl,
expect me to 0-UTfl
yuti toh--. I know
I can eure you I will
uot accept youTOftM
and In every Ml-
-dunce I trout li? ■■■>'
own original or ml-
Viiln eil alld -cleiililti*
Spornintorrhoea.   Organic    W6ftkiu)M.
Lost Vliror, Varicocele,   Hwlrocole, ('on-
tr acted Disunite*-,  Sj iOf Itlood   I'tilm-n.
Piles and Btrleturei-reatorliiit all affected
organs to normal and healthy action In
the xhortest possible apace of time.
S.-e   All the "Forms  of  Diseases
of Men.
Consultation nnil lii.triit-tinti booklet
tree at offlre or Ity mall.
City and Suburban
#•»,#% tm Jfc-175X17.'. IT. LOT l_etwr«n
CVffcll Sion.Ud Third atrMU,
JiuaJU i"*1 nhtive Judge Leamy'i
*Y*s\w**^^Lw uml It. Gaw'i )ilscf>s; Separated from all other properties hy 20-it,
lane: as law* it" seven or .■■h.lil ordinary Iota.
adjiitiiinu )■(.* arc worth fl -o; would make
ulee home, with mi Hi cient irr< und for ebtoh*
ens. fruit, unrdan and lawn; most desirablt
oetiiioo in oity.
r.  At-iM-.s mljotnluK
eity limits on   |M II tilt
H   Here-   ch-HM-il:   !'■»'
fruit treesi now four*
un i.oune; burn f *r six nortui bofMi
huuiry, double Inn ne..- and farming imple
niciiti.   All tot P»0D.   Kiih.v terms.
mid three hits within
one block  of business
„ centre;   lawn,   J.nil..
'rees. fruit trees,berry bushes, hirirc garden,
fl III nlso sell furniture of hon-e if desired.
One-half oae.li, bit In nee terms.
I1;, miles from town;
7-room house, plait*
ereil; InrtrcliuutryHbc'l,
 .       _   _     woodshed;    l*«o    unit
trees, 7b hearliiir; J1- acres sirawhcrrlcs.
Knoseberriea, currants, rmtjilM-rriei; true t nm
muat: the host location around Orand Cork**:
plenty of goud water; fruit and oro|> In
Met Wonn ;; nnd tl acres
in Writ end or city:
lirst (bum null, all mi-
, der col Ivatlou; small
house, wood-iii'il nnd ooibulldiiiur>; \w\\ mul
piitnp; amid fence.  This Is a annr ilice, ita owner it about to leave city. Terms-
Fur further Information re
gunlin^ tliu above |iro|iortioa
call or uiJilie.sH
Now Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is 11 dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper, lt. is a pracical hook, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with tho
trained scientists, and its language   is
lily   understood   by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain '
EngliSh without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lilies to sixteen pnges, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to he the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about milling, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is 85 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may bo returned within a week of re>
■■eipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postof-ice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY avnlliililn Dominion Lsiaalaa within the
c*   Ki.llv.-ity Ui'i. of Itrltl.ti Oolumblu may l.ta
[|ia|[ia--t|..,ilail lav aaaay laa'l.aaaa aa laaa i.  thai   liPBi.t
of ii tiiiuily. or any initlia ovnr eiaxhttaeu year,
ot aaa-.i'. to Ilia, extent of mi.willt.rter Mactiou
of llaii itere., more or laMs,
Kutry must lit. iiiniK' |ier.titti.lly at the lorn!
Inn,! itn.eefor tlm ill.trlct in wlilt'lt the Iwmi
li situate.
The haameHteitiler i.  reiinlreil to perform
tin, q Illloit. eaaniiejleil therewith  miller
one of tlie fullaiwillit iilianaa
(I) At least .ix month.' re.lilenon upon anil
taiiltivntloii of the Inanl In each year fur three
('_) If th'' f.ttlifi (a.r mother. If the father I.
tleceufletl), ot III,' htimeatta'aila-T re.i.te. uiit.ia at
ftiriu In the vicinity of tlte lam! entered for.
the retiiiireineaala, a. taa reatlajence may he .at*
I.Ileal lay .Huh per.on re.iiliuif with tlte fat he.
«,r ni.tt her.
(I) If the aettler hn. ht. permanent retl
detiiae tiiaaaaa laaraaiiiay lauial owneil hy him In
tbe vicinity of hi. Iiiii.iei.tea,l, the require1
ment. n. to resilience may he .utl.Heil Ity
reeltieiiee uiiaiti the .tiial laml.
six luoiath.' notice III wrillua .hol.lil lie
given tile Coliiml..inner til lloinliiloii l.ttuala
at 11.late ta aaf in,, ail iaaaa to apply for pattaiat.
Cial -Colli mliiliiK rltrlit. »..%v he la.na.eal
laar it  perlnil of Iwelity-olie yeur. at nu  nu-
innli rcaiaai of S1.Q0 per aore. Natmorestian
IMiiaereiiliall he leeeiu in one Inaivltlual aa.
I'lalnpntiy. A royallty ait the rate nt live aent.
per taau flhilll lie i-itlleeleil on the luert-lii.li>.
little fiiullnluetl,
lli-laaaly aal the Miltl.ter of the Interior.
N.II.~Ulii.ullnirUi.il   pithlieutli f   till.
a.alv.arti.elti,aaat will uot he pnltl for.
Hccrlve huth Ladle-ami Qmitlerneii ai reni*
ilt'iit ur dnys tudentoj.hu» a romplRteCfitn*
merelal or IliiMlneii ('<mr.«v. \>rr\ uim stii-
(ImiU in vain Traolifri1 Ortitiratei of all
irriulp*. niv.'i thi* four ynam' courao (or ilia
Tt, A. liettree, antl tie II mt year ol ntfBBbr'il
of .-i*lri.i*fTOiii*.i',iimfliiinii».ii wilh thf To*
roiitoUnlverilty; lini a ipcclal proip«tctora
court!! lor nilneri wbo work in B C. Iu«triir-
tinii Ii ii).)i u Iv-ti Iii Art, Muvlc, Phyklral Cm .
ture   uml  Elocution.
For Calaudari,ate . a-Kirr***
Importance   Recognized
"Uo you think that man really appreciates the Importance of tlie office
id which we have elected him?' said
one foils'Ituent.
"1 guess ho does," replied the other.
"The first thing he did was to any
tt ought io command a larger salary.-'
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion Hint the most wonderful discovery 61* iccotit years was
Uie discovery of Zam-Buk. Just think!
As soon as a single thin hiyer of Zam-
Btil: is applied to a wound or sore,
such injury is insured against blood
oolson! Not one species of microbe
has lieen lound thut Zam-Huk does
not kill!
Then again. As Boon ns Zam-Buk Is
applied lo a sore, or u cut, or lo skill
disease, li stops the smarting. That
'ts why children uie such friends or
Zam-Uuk. They care nothing for the
science of the thing All thry know is
that Zam-Buk stops their pnln. Mothers should never forget this.
Again. As soon ns Zam-Buk is applied to :t wound or to a diseased part,
the cells beneath tlie skin's surface
ere eo stimulated that new healthy
tissue Is Quickly formed. This forming or fresh healthy tissue from below
Is Za.m-I.iuk'.. secret of healing. The
tissue thus formed Is worked up to
the surface and literally casts off the
diseased tissue above it. This Is why
Zam-llul. cures are permanent.
Only 'the oilier day Mr. Marsh, of
101. Deloj-imler Ave., Montreal, called
iil.oit Ihe Zam-Buk Company and told
them thnt for over twenty-five years
he lin.il been a martyr to eczema. Ills
hands were at ore time so covered
with sores -that lie had to sleep in
gloves. Four years ago Zam-Buk was
Introduced to him, and ln a few
months lt cured him. Today—over
three years after his cure of a disease
he bail for twenty-five years—he is
Btlll cured, and lie lias had no trace
or any return ot the eczema!
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at Mc.
box. or we will ..end free trial bo* if
■you send this advertisement and a le.
etsmp (tojiay return postage). Address Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Aaong the Muy Stylet Shorn in A* Catttog.
you eu obtain a plow perfectly nited for
YOUR portiettUr requlreaent'i.
.   The Height of Song
Mi&s Mary Garden at a supper.In
New York that preceded her departure for Europe, praised a new tenor.
"He Is one of those tenors," said
Miss Garden, "who have to shut their
eyes when thoy slag."
"Why so?" asked a young millionaire.
"Hecutse,' she replied, "he goes so
high that lt makes lilui dizzy."—Detroit l'Vec Press.
Pills The! Have Benefitted Thousands—Known far and near a.» a sure
remedy In the treatment of Indigestion
nnd all derangements of the stomach,
liver and kidneys, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills have brought relief to thousands when other specifics have failed.
Innumerable tes-almoulalu can be produced to establish the truth of this
assertion. Once hied they will be
found .superior to all other pills ln the
treatment of the aliments for which
they are prescribed.
Generous Offer
He—I told your father I could not
Hve with you.
Shr—-And what, did he say?
He—Oh, lie offered to pay my funeral  expenses.
If one be troubled wltlC corns and
warts, he will find In Ilolloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
There were ln Argentina at the
close of 11110 approximately 15,875
miles of railway, ns compared with
fourteen thousand four hundred and
eighty In 180!), It Is estimated that
the length of the Argentina railways
ln 1911 will be lfl.tioo miles.
The Candian Pacific Hallway an-!
flounces thai their Fraser Canyon Hot-'
el bus been re-oiiened until October
lftlli. This hotel lias been thoroughly
renovated and refurnished and Is now
on a par with the otlier C. P. It. mountain hotels with regard to accommodation. As lhe hotel is particularly well
•ituated it will be very popular wltb
Lindsay, Ont-'*I think it Is no
more than right for me to thank Mrs.
I'iiikhaui for what her kind advice and
I-ydls. K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done fnr
me. When I wrote
to her some time
ago 1 was a very
sick woman, suffering from female
troubles. 1 hail
inflammation of
the female organs,
and could not
stand or walk any
distance. At last 1
was confined to my
bed, and the doctor
____ said 1 would have
to go through au operation, hut this 1
refused to do. A friend advised Lydia
1-. I'inkha.iii's Vegetable Compound,
ami now, after using three bottles of it,
I feol likeaiiewwonitiii. I most heartily
recommend this medicine to all women
who suffer with female t roubles. 1 have
also taken I.ydia 1., Pinkham's I.i ver
Pills and lliluk they are line."—Mrs.
FllANK ISMSLKY, Lindsay, Ontario.
We cannot understand why women
will lake chances with an operation or
drag nut n sickly half-hearted existence, missing three-fourths of the joy
of II i ing, without lirst trying Lydia I-'.
I'lukliam's Vegetable Compound.
I'or thirty years it has heen the
standard remedy for fcmnlo ills, and
has cured thousands ot women who
have been troubled with such ailments
as displacements. Inflammation, ulcer,
ation, fibroid tumors, Irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, indigestion
and nervous prostration,
Dysentery corrodes Ihe Intestines
nnd speedily cuts away the lin Inf..
bringing ubout dangerous conditions
thnt may cnuse death. Dr. .1. D. Kel-
logg's Dysentery Cordial clears tbe Intestinal canals of the germs that
cause the infhuunintlnii. and by protecting the lining from further ravages restores thnn to healthy condition.
Those subject lo dysentery should not
be wllliout Hits simple yet powerful
C. P. R. Constructing New Lines
Not for many years has the Canadian Pacific Railway bad so many new
lines of track under construction as
they have this year. New lines are
being built practically r.ll over Western Canada, and hundreds ot gangs of
track builders are at work ln the various provinces. The C. P. R.'s network of new lines ts rapidly extending
Into new districts, and as fast as Ihey
ore being built they arc being opened
for traffic. Since the middle of June
five or six new services have been Inaugurated, and lt is stated that there
are several other lines which will he
carrying regular trains before the end-
of November. These new lines arc
among the greatest inducements to
new settlers to open up new districts,
ns when the services are established
they bave transportation fncilllles for
getting their produce lo the markets.
i'"or the Incoming settlers of next year
It is stated that the C. P. 1). will rush
to completion nearly four hundred miles of new line In Alherta and Saskatchewan. These lines Include that
from Moose .taw southwest, 35 miles;
Kerrobert. northeast. 25 miles: Weyburn branch extension, 21 miles; Este-
van Branch. 55 miles; Swift Current,
southeast, 45 miles; Wilkie. northwest
82 miles; Wilkie, southeast, 81' miles;
Klninvle Branch extension. 37 miles;
Bassano to Klninvle Jet., 36 miles;
and the Ktpp branch extension, 27
Smokeless   Ponder   Shells
The superiority of Winchester
Smokeless Powder Shells is
undisputed. Among intelligent
shooters they stand first in popularity, ' records and shooting
qualities.   Always use them
for Field or Tra|> Shooting.
Aak Yeur Dealer For Them.
$50.00 REWARD
Is still offered for the young man,
William Eddleston, of weak Intellect,
aged 2!l years, height about 6 ft. I) In.,
with whiskers and moustache, and
small mouth, who left his home on
June.lst, lfill. Any Information leading to his discovered will be thankfully received hy hts anxious parents
at 607 Manitoba Avenue, Winnipeg.
VSm COMMISSION—for local repre-
'Betvtatives; Immediately; permanent
Iposition; experience unnecessary; ra-
jild advancement; spare time accepted.
1 Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
Persian  Feline  That  Was  Hated  by
Pareee Loved by Mohammedan
The ldian pulsion for law reached
Ils record Ln a ense just ftnislir.l after
a six yenrs' legal feud.thai nil began
about a.cat That feline-animal lias
ccf.t millions since the (|uarrel begau.
As ih? Parse'e and the treasured
IPetslan pots of the world's wealthy
• women hailed originally from the
! same land, 11. is a peculiar fact Unit
I the I'arsro regards all cats with lo.ti'.h
ling. So when n wealthy Pursre found
the domestic p<l of his Holiaiiui'-edrin
neighbor, Mookriji-e. wandering Into
his house every night and curling up
In lhe mofit sacred corners ot bis a-
bode be s.cnl sharp protests nexl floor
Mookcaijee gave blm the laugh, so ho
threatened to kill the est nex; time It
Cat Came Baek.
Along came the cat. the following night and went to slr.-p In the
fire place. So the Parsee slipped her
Into a sack and threw her out nf the
topmost window. The Mtvbamnird-.n's
servant, picked her up and reported In
his in.i<-'.r, who declared an c-fenml
feud on bis-neighbor. The correspondence that followed wns heavily
charged w'.th acid, till on" day the
cat disappeared and matters took n
j set ions change,
I Mookorjee swore Hie Parseo haul
jdrown.fd her In the River Tnptl. lie
gathered his servants nml ilu-y fought
i the Potrsoc's retinue from duwn till
idaik. Then they took lhe law courts.
iMookor*co discovered thui his neighbor was using pint of his bind for a
! roadway, so ho sued for danmgrs. The
| Pursee countered with a elniln that
j Mookerji e hud loped In part nf his
! laud, nnd niblrd It lo his garden. Ev-
ii:y night ihe servants stoned each
ether, In emulation Of the Ill-will between ihri:- musters llll neither hnus-
acs had nny glues l.'fl In tbe windows.
| Appeal After Appeal
From courl to court the law suits
.wore la'lcon on appeals and counter
Claims iitilil iln* Mohammedan had to
Fell lnnd In satisfy thc legal costs and
tlie Paiy." had to recourse lo tlie
Then n lin1" while hook Moolferjee
heard a no!?" ln his bedroom. II wns
his old cal come bnck In n weather-
beaten condition from her wanderings
far afield.
She Suffered from Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Other Symptoms of Diseased Kidneys—Dodd's Kidney Pills
Made Her Strong and Healthy.
Peverll. Vaudreiiil Co., Que.
(Special)—One more of   the   tired.
ualn-wreeked women of Canada    has
I mud relief and hew life ln Dodd's Kid-
jney Pills. She Is Mrs. Jos. Cheff, ot
| this place, and she never tires of telling lier neighbors  nf ber wonderful
'cure, or singing praises of tha good
old remedy that brought lt about.
' "I suffered from Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Violent Headaches and Pulpit-
Intton ot the Heart." Mrs. Cheff .state;...
l"Afy back, ached, i was always (ii;cd
and nervous and I bad weak spells.
,_,ly ibielor '.told me to Just rest, but
Hint, waa Just what I couldn't do. until
II ending of the cures of others led me
to try Dodd's Kidney Pills.      •
j ."From the first doso .'lliey helped
me. 1 soon left my bed nnd started to
'do my ordinary, housework.
I "I took lu nil. twelve boxes of
J.odd'B Kidney Pills and now my h.-allh
Is excellent. 1 recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills t-a all suffering women."
Thousands of Canadian women will
1.-11 you thai Dodd's Kidney Pills are
the one sure thing for suffering women.
"He's got a lot of nerve, hasn't he?"
"I should sny. Knows tbo art of
i bluffing Ids creditors, doesn't he?"
1 "Bluffing his creditors? Why. man.
be clulms he can bluff bis wife."—Toledo Blade.
The professor of shorthand adduced
this unanswerable ai-giim-enl In an address to ji new class the other day;
j "Wc are told that it took Gray,
apthqr of I lio well know 'Klegy ln a
Country Churchyard', seven yeara to
j write that famous poem. If he had
I know stenography he could hnve done
lit lu seven minutes. We have students
who have done that same poem ln
that length of time."—Tlt-Ults.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Rome folks are under the erroneous
a impression Hint Ivy on lhe outside
iwalls of n bouse tends to make II
{damp. A thought on this subject Is
enough to convince one of Its fiillncy,
since the Ivy must perforce extract
itlie damp from brick or stone work ln
'order to live, fnr this moisture '» essential to the plain.
Of tho iii'id ootlon seed oil mills 111
lho World Sin are In lhe United Suites.
How to Build up Health and Strength
- After Wasting Disease
When th" system is run down following attacks of fever, Ia grippe, or
other wasting diseases, Dr. Williams'
I Pink Pills are of speclnl value. They
niake new rich blood, which reaches
'every organ and every nerve In the
body, and In this way restore the
l'mtloni to active" health .and, strength.
In proof of this we give tlie case of
Mrs. James Randall, Silverstrcnm,
Siidk., who says:—"1 feel that If there
is anyone who ought.to testify to the
Imeilts of Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills lt is'
[myself. About four years ago I was
[taken down with typhoid fever which
(left me ln a very weak state and my
stomach so impaired tliat even a drink
of milk would cause me pain. To
make ninlteri worse the change ot life
followed, and although I was under
Ihe care of one of our best doctors,
1 was steadily growing worse. Before
1 Was sick I had often read of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, but thought no
more aboui them. Hut now when I
was sick nnd helpless and almost
hopeless, and with no benefit coming
from medical treatment, I kept thinking of Ihe Pills and finally decided to
try them. I did an and I am thankful to
ihe able to say that they restored me
to health and strength, and enabled mc
jto pass through that trying period,
ifrom which so many poor women
emerge wilh shattered health. I hope
that many nlhcr poor sufferers mny
read this statement and take fresh
courage from tt. as I nm sure that
what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
done for me. Ihey will do for others.
1 may add that I always keep Dr. Williams' Pink Pills In the home, and feet
lliut they arc better thin a doctor."
These Pills are sold by all medicine
dealers nr may bc had by mnll at i'u
cents u box or six boxes for 12.fin from
The Dr, Willinms' Medlclno Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
The  Best  Ever  Made.    Guaranteed   to   give    you    aatlsfaatton.
Send us 25c   State Style und Size
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
58 F raze r Ave.,
Toronto,      :       :       :      Ontario
esrABusHSO /aar.V    S/7
Awarded first prize at World's Exposition on its work and methods.
Write for a free catalogue. Wc also
give Instruction by mall.
Lighting Supplies
We can save yon
10 o|o to 20 ojo on
Gasoline Lighting
Supplies no matter wbat system
you. use. But
quality mantles
and glassware alway* In stock. We
are the largest
Gasoline Lamp
and Supply houae
tn Canada. Write
^^^^^^^    for new prtoe list
Toronto   :   Montreal   :    Calgary
At Hamburg, GcTmony, a fashionable
restaurant occupies a building which
was mntdo uf compressed paper.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Eto.
Recent heavy rains have caused the
water to flow over the falls of Minnehaha for the first time In two year*.
I It Will Cure a Cold.—Colds mc the
iiiiiiiiioiiest nllmcnta of mankind and if
neglected may lead to serious conditions. Dr. Thomas' Bcleotrlb on will
relieve the bronchial passages of in-
| flamination speedily nnd thoroughly
Mul will strengthen them ngiilust utib-
jiiciiiienl attack. And us lt cases the
Inflammation  It   will slop the cough
ibecause It nllnys nil Irritation lu lhe
'throat.   Try It and prove II.   •
Charcoal   placed   In   a   refrigerator
will absorb    the odors of food.
Proice. tie child trow the ravages
of worms by using Mother Graven'
Worm Exterminator. lt.ls a standard
remedy and years of use hits enhanced Its reputation.
Honolulu will equip Its fire department with motor driven apparatus.
W. N. U. No. 8*7.
Hear Island, Aug. Bli, ino.1.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your traveller Is here,
today and we are get I ing a large quantity of ynur MINARD'S LINIMBNT.
We find it the hest remedy on the
market making no exception. We
have been In business thirteen years,
and have dropped thorn all but yours;
that sells llself; Ihe others have to
be pushed tn get tld nf.
| Experiments prove that the gums
i of trees, so highly prized by man, mo
produced by disease. Trees can even
in- Inoculated and made tu furnish the
coveted gum.
The grape vine was brought from
thc Island of Crete and Introduced Into the Canaries In the fifteenth century—the source of the famous wine
named for these Islands.
', V TO matter how dirty'
|\j   Ihe children C-t
Ihsir fo.-M snd hand.1
and their cijubby ktieos and
feet, SNAP will clew them .
quickly, without' hard scrubbing, and leave the skin soft
and smooth.
Gel a can st your dealer's—
The Real Reporter
When  the chief  reporter    or    the
Popplcton  Post  bought  an  aeroplane
'ilie pi'Opilotor siuhinoned lhe editor tu
dismiss bis successor.
"For. of collide", observed Ihe proprietor, "we shull  soon  have a vac-
1 aney."
i "flow aboui Jones!" suggested the
editor. .
, "Jones?" queried the proprietor,
doubtfully, "1 thought he was rather
' a failure,"
I "On the contrary, he's one of aour
promising recruits," replied Hie edit-
,oi-. "Vcs, Jones Is u genius, sir! You
remember the Smalbam railway
muesli.   Well. Jones found the broken
(rull  thn'  caused  the disaster    three
j hours before the express was due. He
sat down by- the line, wrote up thc
account wiille ho watted and sent us
Ills report Hit very minute after the
wreck  took plnce."
New on the Job
"Your wife wants you on the telephone," announced the new boy In nn
office where two different .phones
were Installed.
"Whicli one?" Inquired the boss,
thinking of the two telephones.
"Please, sir," said the boy, "I don't
know how many you have."
The late King Edward hnd typewriting machines Introduced for the
convenience ot hli secretary.
Baby Dreadful Suferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
end Ointment and He Is Well,
"Enclosed lind my sna'ai photo and I fed
by writing itu'.fl tow lines to you I am only
doliift my duty, as my son sts a dreadful
sufferer from eczema. At
tho sge of two Keeks bo
began to sot covered wilh
red .-.puts on his It ,;s and
groins, which mutlur
UuiiiglH wu red gum or
thrush; but day by dty
"***! it grew worse until every
Joint and crevice were
affected sud baby started
ii'-reamlng for hours dty
ami nlfht, tucli a thing
ts sleep wis out of th*
question. I took him I*
two of Sydney's leaning doctors; one aaid tt
wu one of the wont cues he hadwien, lbe
otlier did not think It so serlmis; one ordered
ointment for rubbing In, the oilier t dusting
powder. I followed their prcscrintlotis tor
over four months tnd still tuby kept settler
worse. I could not keep blm trap >cr>tcblng
to greet nu l.ls tgoiiy.
"When he wu Bvo months old I tried Ih*
Cuticura Hemedlm tnd ! tm very thankful tea
say my baby Is to-day free from til hfs -uttering. His groins were bleeding when I marten,
and oilier pans effected were thc loner pert
of hit body, under the knees, trms, In trra
Joints, eyebrows and neck; hut tfter twice
tmlng Cuticura Ointment I la-Run to see a
difference snd by tho time 1 had used on*
tin, along with tho bathing with Cuticura,
Bosp, baby wu nearly cured. I still kept org
using the Cuticura Hoap and Ointment, sac
n*v, think goodness, ho Is quite well tnd,
although he Ts now ten months old, has not
hid tny further return of the trouble.**!
(Signed) Mrs. a. Martin. 2 Knight 814
knlilnevillc, Sydney, N.8.W.. Mtr. 91, mil
Cuticura Notp tnd Ointment aro iota
throughout the world but a liberal simple of
etch, with 2 Sf-page book on the caro tit*
Ement of tbs ...n and hair will Im sen*
in aopjleation to-rotter.Prug,4Clie«,
tha, artleles and lllustrttiont mult not
kt reprinted without special permls-
ilThtn the tun It rising over
The green meadow kitted with dtw
Hnd glows golden on tbe clover
I   And the apple blossoms too.
II lt then old robin ctllt me,
And I hear his summons sweet
■*rom the tret betide my window,
Aad I lis* tht mora to greet.
Ht the door th* rote* meet me
With their tragrtnc* fresh with dew,
And tb* lilact from tha garden
Breath* a welcome round me toe,
Ob, 'tis then that beauteous Nsturt
.  Wears her moit entrancing smile!
And th* lovely world around me
Seems like Eden free trom gull*,
Ob, th* glory of th* morning
Pur* and tweet with thought sublime)
Imblem of tbtt brighter morning
FUled with ectttay divine.
When neighbor calls "your pullets
Mow as 'lasses ln January nt hiyln'"
tnd chuckles round about his "phe-
Boms" that beat the band layln' at
tsar months, let him rattle away,
i Jost remember, If tbat red splashed
•tf comes much before Sept 1, that
premature bonanza Is bound to burst,
tet sucb pullets lay a few little eggs
Md tben lay off their feathers to lay
them on again. Early maturity Is a
stizle datzle. Fowls tbat lay so early
•n generally pnsheii to It. All poultry hsr* n natural breeding season and
■ait bavt a period for perfect development, and tho trine'' tn0 brcea **■*
Infer to properly mature, Turkey
treeders an teeing this, nnd many
Met* by C. IC Btrnltt,
rami pui-hti.
■ow will allow only three-year fob-
Hers and two-year hens lu their breed-
tag pens, claiming tbey are not developed till thnt age.
Pullets must have time to grow organs, build frames aad cover them
with Ceili and feathers.
There mnst be constitution and
■lamina behind a pallet or thos* early
•ft* are a drain and sho become*
dwarfed and weak.
Henca practical egg farmers try to
Bold baek birds that show signs of pre
gocloutnesH, changing them from place
lo placo and keeping them from food
lhat stimulntM the egg organs. To
I* a prima continuous layer a pallet
•nut bo well nourished as • chick, b*
■provided with mtnml for frame, pro-
Ma for organs, mn*cles, feslbers.
•nough carbohydrate* for beat and en-
•iffy. Willi plenty of greens, fresh air
•nil wtter. Tb* life a la nature makes
tt* big, rangy. flufHy cockier. Whoa
•aeb birds ar* brought from rang*.
■set) ibem on mixed grains In litter,
•nd for a Da* math, moist or dry, as*
III* following:
ad oets...., m
•t bran................................ B
•t middimils.".".'.'.'.'.'.'".".'.'.'."!ii."!. tt
•i (trap •» ■
M clovtr.... »
\  ..,........0..„t„,„rl,t,.*..,H*»***-*   •<•
Funny   Llttlt   Welsh   Town   Whtn
Sexet Havt Chtnged Places.
Thers is Iti Pembrokeshire, Wales
a little town called Llangwm, which,
were it not for an exceedinglj
strange custom, would never in thi
wide world attract any more attentiot
than any other community ot litth
stone cottages and old world flsherlolk
Ot Flemish origin are the inhabitant!
ot Llangwm and in all the town men
man no longer holds sway aa head o'.
the household, nor is he compelled U
earn his own living.
If a likely youth and il arrived at
an age—not necessarily oi discretion
—and size that enable him to maki
himself useful about the house it
cooking, washing, cleaning, bed making and such other duties as usuallj
are discharged by the weaker sex, hi
is approached by some maiden win
has "laid eyes on him"; a few wordi
are spoken, perhaps kisses inter
changed, and the bargain is completed. Such embarrassing duties ai
"asking ma and pa" and those incidents peculiar to courtship in othei
localities oro quite unnecessary at
Llangwm. The marriage ceremony ii
of the simplest character, and no suet
thing as a honeymoon is allowed. Thi
youth settles himself down to his Iiii
job and is happy so long as he doei
not become entangled with the head)
of the other households.
The Llangwm maiden is an expert
flsherwoman. She rUea early and
braves all weathers. She not only
catches her fish but sells it in the
neighboring towns. She is usually
stronger than the average champion
oarsman and cau row with almost ai
much skill.
Of course the wife is the chancelloi
of the exchequer in this strange community. As she earns tlie money, she
naturally feels competent to spend it
to the best advantage. Indeed, thc
husband, known among fish wives at
"my man," is not considered sufficiently elevated to buy his own Sun-'
day clothes. Thc flsherwoman queen
selects euch garments as may suit hei
taste, and irom her decision there it
no appeal.
In religious matters Uie Llangwm-
itns are extremely straitlaced.
Dancing, card playing, novel reading
are absolutely barred. No intoxicating liquors can be obtained in the
place and ior years inhabitants have
revolted against tlie opening ot an inn
In the house conversation is not allowed during meals, and although
newspapers are sometimes brought iu
they are hidden away from .Saturday
night until Monday morning. The
villagers look askance at all strangers
picking their way along the narrow
street and stigmatise them ss foragu-
Fishing by Ut.
From Appledore (Eng.) the salmon-
boats pull out every day at this time
of the year, each with its huge mass
of nets piled in tlie stern, and mantled
by a crew of four. Tbey go down the
estuary just aa me flood tide begins
pouring in over th* great wastes of
golden sands that stretch across from
Westward Ho! eastwards. About a
score ot boats tn all work from Appledore and the other villages at the
mouth of Taw and Torritlge, and it
might be supposed that the crews
would quarrel tor the possession of
the best places to cast their nets.
But they never do so. At the beginning of each season—that is, in
March—the owners of thc boats meet
together, and au equal number of num.
bered slips are put into a hat, and
drawn, ln this way the place ot each
is settled for the season.
A boat does not stick to the snme
spot all through the season, lt Hshus
tor two tides from ono bank, ami
then changes over to tho other side.
Very large fish arc sometimes caught
iu this estuary. There is a record ct
a salmon of sixty-seven pounds. A
boat thinks itself lucky it it gets two
fish at a haul.
The price which the boatmen re'
ccive for their catch is usually Is. Id.
a pound..
A Lightning Freak.
The marks left by lightning on a
boy of 18 were described at a recent
inquest at fiattersca, England. The
medical attendant stated Hint the electric current seemed to haw* entered at
thc right side of thc back of thc lund,
cut a long, deep gash around tho rignt
side ot tne neck, and then to have
taken a zigzag courso down und
around tlie chest, passing down thc
riglit leg and out at the great toe.
A bullet like jagged hole marked the
point of i mergence, while the too was
turned perfectly black. Tlie cranium
was lacerated, a burn ou tho throat
showed where Uie collar stud had
been, and tree-like Impressions were
left on the thighs. DeAtu resulted Irom
shock. Thu buckles of the boy's braces
were near tho path taken, and were
made jlif inly magnetic,
"I hav* alwtys fancied," a correspondent writes, "that tn th* matter
ol odd personal relationship, there
wat nobody ln English history at ail
like Robert Boyle, ths eminent mau
of science, who was described as 'the
father of English chemistry ami brother to (hs Earl of Cork.' But this
worthy, young readers may be Interested to learn, has a rival In the renowned Devonian, Sir Humphrey
Gilbert, 'the father of electrical
science and half-brother of Sir
Waiter Ralelfh,' This delightful toucb
I found th* other day In th* Borough Guide to Dartmouth, a twopenny booklet 'Itsued under tht auspices ol th* Dartmouth Town Council
and ol Uu U__it*d utvou Association',".
Mrs. Wiggs Turns Down an Offer
of Marriage.
Neighbor Advltti Htr t* Lttrn Intention* *f Man Wh* Drink* Htr Oln-
Itr Tt*, but Sh* Will N*v.r Threw
Htrttlf tt Any Man'* Httd.
[Copyright, 1911, by Attoclated Literary
THE Widow Wlfgs was la her
tomato patch filling a dish
with ripe fruit when she aaw
tb* Widower Griggs sauntering down from his house. She hastened ln and met blm at tho front steps
with a cup ot hot ginger tea In her
hand and the words:
"Silas, It's been a hot day."
- "It has, widow," he replied.
"is lt too hot for finger teal"
"Not at all. Ginger tea Is t balmy
drink. It soothes and restores. Its
principal effect Is on tha brain and
nerve, center*. It wss very kind of
you, widow, to think of me."
"Bat there hasn't been a day In the
last twelve years, Silas, tbat 1 haven't
thought of yon. Only an hour ago, as
I was driving a hog out of the gnrden,
I Bays to myself, says I:
'"Sow, Sarah Wiggs, there's Silas
Griggs. He's a widower and a lone
Maa.  If a piece ot your custard pie or
about* tn ii a roon urn* womau.
i cap of your ginger tea can bring
happiness to hla bosom It's for you to
tee that be gets 'em. Toa kuow how
It la yourself to be alone and lonely,
but It's far worse for a mnn. That's
wbat ] says to myself. Silas.'"
Should Bt In Whit* Heutt.
"Which was very kind of you, widow," bo replied as be tipped at his
"And then when the bog was out I
■ays some more, says I:
" 'Sarah Wiggs, Silas Crlggs Is a
great man, but too modest to let tb*
world know lt If be hnd a little more
assurance—If be but came to know
his real worth—he'd be tu the White
House instead of a cooper shop. He Is
wis*. Be ts profound. He Is deep
You had lived for forty years without
knowing what vacuum wns, but the
minute you ask Silas he up and says
It's the bunghole tn a barrel.'
"That's what I say*, and now I asks
you. Silas, lt the world at large hadn't
crier know yon and deposit It'* praise
and fame at your feet. Shouldn't It
know that not even Shakespear* *r
Napoleon could bar* answered that
question as you did? It's your modesty, Silas. Toa must get rid of It
You must com* out In tbo open. Didn't
George Washington come out In th*
open and cross ibe Delaware'/"
Tetrt end Sigh*  Mingled.
"You speak feelingly, Widow
Wiggs," sold Mr. Griggs as bo tlu-
Isbcd hit ginger tnd imncked his lips
over It.
"Uecaus* I feel* that way. Silas.
Haven't wo lived sldo by side nearly
all our lives? Didn't you bolp to bury
Wlgg*? Didn't I help to bury Mr*.
Griggs? Didn't our tears and sighs
mlnglo over them? Ain't you alon* la
your lonely bouse, and ain't I alon* lu
mine? Don't I know wbat great
thought* flit through yoar bralu at you
cooper away at tb* bsrr*l»? Sll**. caa
President Taft mak* s elder barrel?"
"Ho cau't, widow."
"Can Mr. Rootertlt rehoop • waits-
"Could Benjamin Franklin mak* a
batter Hitter
"I don't txlloT* so." -
"Well, ther* yon ar*. Toa can do
•II thl», gad mucb mora, and. though
you don't **t yourtelf up to b* great, 1
know yon to b* to."
"Thank**, widow."
"M*bb* yon was looking oat ot th*
cooper shop winder at 8 o'clock and
saw Eld*r Hopkins nop ber*?" aatd
Ull, Wira «fttf taking tenth.
•Tes, t saw htm,"
8p*k* F*r Anothtr.
"He's not a widower, Silas, as yon
know. He did not com* ber* on bt*
•wn account, bat on account of John
Hastings, who lost his wife two years
sgo. When the elder bad talked about
the weather for a fow minutes and
asked me It I ever dreamed about
Wiggs coming back to earth he said:
"'Widow, you ar* a poor, Ion*
R'I am, elder.'
"•You ar* lonely by day and by
«'It's th* trot*."
"Tor more than twelve long yeara
you hav* been a widow, though you
mlgbt hav* married six times over.
You aro not so old, you are not so
plain, and yon are a noble cook. Tske
them alon* aud them sausage* you
make and fry ln the fall and winter
should be enough to get you your pick.
Widow, John Hastings bas seen and
fallen ln love with you.'
" 'It'll do bim no good, Elder Hopkins."
" 'But he's a man of substance. He
ts looked up to. Ua stand* well. What
woman could ssk tor a better bus-
"'There taa better man, elder, but I
won't name him—yes, a better man—
and he has my heart in hia keeping.
Thanks to John Hastings, but I'm not
for him.'
Widow Will Net Hint.
"'Is tho better mnn th* old bung-
hole maker?' asks tke elder.
" 'I'm not saying,' says I, 'but no living man can abuse Silas Qrlggs ln my
presence. He's a man of brains. He's
a man of character. He's a man for
any Intelligent wife to be proud of.'
" 'But docs he love you, widow?'
" 'I'm not saying.'
"'But otber folks are. It ts being
said that he's no marrying man and
Is making a fool of you. Widow
Griggs, bring blm to time. Ask blm
right out what his Intentions arc.'
" 'Never will I do it, elder—never ln
this world! If Silas Griggs haa anything on his mind he will speak out
ln time.'
" 'II* should hnve spoken eleven
yeara ago, when jour year of mourning wns up.'
" 'That's as It mny be. Never will I
throw myself at any man's bead. If
be wants me be must win me'."
" 'But why don't bo give you a hint
of his Intentions?'
"'That's bis own business. Some
men mnke up their minds tn five minutes, and It takes some thirteen years.
I'm thanking you. elder, for yonr call,
but you've thrown your time away.'
Htlptd tt Bury Wiggs.
"That's wbat I said to him. Silas,"
continue*1 the widow, "and 1 don't
think he will come again."
"Mebbe not." grunted Mr. Griggs.
"If he does It will be the some an
"Silas, you helped to lay Wiggs la
bis grave."
"I did, ond lt was well done."
"Yon and I huve beeu friends."
"We have."
"It's twelvs yenis, Sllns."
"I mnke it two weeks uud three days
and a half over."
"And I make no doubt you are right.
If you haven't spoken, Silas—if you
haven't considered the tlm* had
"Spoken of what, widow?"
"Slias, If It hns seemed to you too
"Too soon for what?"
"Silas, I have refused six different
offers of marriage."
"You shouldn't bars done lt, wldder
-you shouldn't have done It No woman sbould. It's a waste of material.
Uo. bum. I think I'll bo going horn*
to feed th* bog and mike my bed."
Quick Retting.
Georg* W.'s fondness for staying up
Into in the fac* of having to get up
early alarmed one et the regulars nt
the old Sherman House. Ue made bold
to Introduce himself to Mr. W.. prefaced his remarks by saying tbnt ho
knew It was none of bis business, but
was curious to kuow how anybody
could stay up until il or 8 nud get up
"I'll toll you." said George. "I'm an
unusually fist sleeper."- Chicago Evening Post.
*• ►♦»>♦»
HI* Chance,
Whit* tb* dtvil Isn't supposed
to Uk* a vacation, h* probably
I keeps Ms ty* on a number of [
people who do.—Atchison Globe.
Mar* Equipment.
"Wby don't your daughters tak*
tbelr vacation* togcth*r'i"
"Tbey prefer tu pool tb* fall* hull
•nd th* clolhe*, and etch flrl ha* th*
uu of th* nllr* out lit for two w*«k»."
-Loultvlll* Courier .li'iiruaL
Tourltt-l» ttil* fuld* a thoroiiflily
skillful climber'/
Hotel Keeper-Well, he In* lost two
parMes ot tourist* off th* mountain
aid* nnd each tlm* bu com* off wltb-
vlit • Kntek-Xviiav Bll4*.
Sir Thomas Moore, Bart., Whose Family Hat Com* Upon Evil Days, la
One of the Queerest Characters In
Romantic Ireland and Until Ht
Married a Scottish Womtn, Mils
Elphinttone, Ht Wat Well Known
on Streets.
Ireland lias never lacked quaint and
romantio personalities. Sir Thomas
Moore is the owner of what must uol
be described as a mushroom title, lt
did not grow in a night nor was il
conferred on him for any political
service. Sir Thomas is no mere \
knight, lie is a lull-Hedged baronet,
but aa in the caso ol many oi the
Irish aristocracy his title did nol
bring with it any ol the rich thing!
ot this world. 8o Sir Tliomas Moore,
Bart., was obliged tor quite a number ot years to resort to thc expedient
of hawking coals lor a living in the
streets ot the Rebel City, where he
became a conspicuous character.
Sir Thomas' finances could not even
reach the dignity of tho usual horse
and trolley, mostly adopted by coal
hawkers in Cork streets. A donkey
and barrow had to suffice, snd froui
this barrow the baronet weighed out
coal from 14 pounds upward to the
democratic citizens of his native town.
There was however some satisfaction to Sir Thomas iu feeling that
his poor customers enjoyed the unusual honor ot being Bcrved in this
way by a real man of title, wliaj
lr-oieover never manipulated the
scales to the disadvantage of the buyer. They said he was a real "barrow
knight." a
Titles to Irish men of honor have
often proved to be more of an impediment than a source oi income, and so
it has proved in the case ot Sir
Thomas Moore. No consideration, linancial or otherwise, ^..u.u induce him
to lend his authority to wild-cat
schemes where his name might be au
attraction on the front pag3 ot a company promoter's prospectus. Even the
nn Thomas unoaa.
blsndisliments ot American snd English heiresses, anxious to annex a
title, who Haunted their money bags
in the face ot this i-ipc-eunious baronet, failed for a considerable number
of years to move him Irom the position he hod taken up ot earning a
modest living by tlte obscure occupation oi coul hawker.
An amusing story is related ol an
Knglish society woman who came to
Cork with tlie hope ot persuading Sir
Thomas lo abandon bachelorhood. She
invited lum t'a dine witli her at »
local hotel. Thc burouet left his donkey and barrow round the next block
and put in an appearance at tlio hotel
covered in coal dust and with all thu
other traces of his occupation thick
upon him. In spite of that, the Isdy
was out lor a title aud was willing to
take Sir Thomas to the nearest Kegis-
try lajffice, but l.u amount ol beguiling or fascinating glances could soften the bachelor hesrt of the aristo-
crstlo etal dealer. "l*hu eame, slin
aaw, but she did not conquer'' wns hit
observation when lie told the ttory
lomn Hmo liter.
Hut iu spite ol all his determination
tin* Jay e*me wlim the proud old b»r-
onet succumbed to His blandishments
ot a lair lady ul Scotch aiicaslry whom
he married about u year ox". Matilda
Klphinstonc, now Lady Moore, wss
llm only .laughter ol Cuntuiu John (1.
Elplilnstoue who occupied a post in
luilin under tlie Indian Civil Service.
I.llt" her husband, she bus psased th*
years of frivolous and youthful romance, but iho hts brought her hus*
band a small income which hts enabled him to retiro iu his old .%«
from his tiring occupation ol carrying
coals up the rlcketty staircase* ol
Cork's tenement houtes.
Tht folkt thai on th* farm ibid*
Aro most Inalttent wight*—
Eipect th* ftrmer to provide
Romtslle moonlight nlihta.
—Withlnaion IliriML
"After I am gono Iho world tbat ll
now so carat*** will learn wbat I bar*
accomplished." "1 wouldn't let tbat
worry me; tbty can't arrest you ibt-n,
you know."-Houston Post
Th* man who murmur*, "lan't It hot**1
I* pr*tty hard t* belt,
Bui kt't Mcond to th* o*t who t*yii
"I MTU fill UM bUb' T#E   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr. Simmons, dentist, Morrison
block.    Phone E 39.
W. A. Williams, local manager of
tbe Granby smelter, returned last
Friday from a trip of inspection to
the Hidden Creok mines.
The W. A. Cook Book will be on
sale at the Parish Hall on Thursday,
the 23rd inst.
J. E. Murphy, who has been accountant and teller at the Koyal
bank in this city for the past sis
months, has been transferred to
Kelowna, and he left for that city
last Monday.
Come and buy your Christinas
presents at the W. A. sale of   work.
Wm J. Bonavia, of Victoria, bas
been spending the past week in the
city. He is collecting data for the
provincial government relative to the
tmbunt of water in the 9treams of
the district available for irrigation
purposes, and ia also making a thorough-examination of all the water
rights recorded up to date.
There will be a fish pond at the
W. A. Sale of Work.
C. Varcol, of Victoria, bas been in
the city for a week collecting satisfies for the provincial government
regarding the number and varieties
of fruit trees in the valley.
Order your Christmas cards at the
W. A. Sale of Work.
Mr. and Mm. John W. Rutherford
returned on Tuesday from *Van-
couver, where Mr. Rutherford attended the annual provincial convention of schuol trustees as a dele-
gale from the local school board.
Dr. Ilsley, provincial inspector
of dairy stock, completed his work
in this district last Monday, and he
left for Kootenays, accompanied by
his wife. Mr. Ilsley stated that he
found all the dairy animals in tbis
valley in a healthy condition.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity church will hold a sale of
work in the Parish Hall on Thursday afternoon and evening, November 23rd. In the evening, wben an
admission of IU cents will be charged
at the door, a short musical program will be given.
Loss of Appetite or Distress
After Eating a Symptom
That Should Not Be
Appetite is just a natural desire
for food.' Loss of appetite or stomach
distress after siting indicate indigestion or dyspepsia. Over-eating is
a habit very dangerous to a person's
good general health.
It is not what you eat but what
you digest aud assimilate that does
you good. Some of the strongest,
heaviest and healthiest persons are
moderate eaters.
There is nothing that will cause
more trouble than a disordered stomach, and many people daily contract serious n_nludie6 simply
through disregard or abuse of the
We urge all in Grand Forks who
suffer from any stomach derangement, indigestion, or dyspep»ia,
whether acute or chronic, to try
Uexall Dyspepsia Tablets," wi.h the
distinct understanding that we will
refund their money without .question
or formality, if after reasonable use
of this medicine, they are not perfectly satisfied witb the results, tt •
recommend tbem to our customeis
every day, and have yet to hear of
any one wbo bas not been benefited
by them. We honestly believe ihem
to ba witbonl equal. They give very
prompt relief, aiding to nt-utalize the
gastric juices, strengthening the digestive organs, to regulate the
bowels, and thus promote perfect
nutrition, and eradicate all un
healthy symptoms.
We urge you to try a 25c box of
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, which
gives 15 days', treatment. At the
end of tbat time, your money will
be returned to you if you' are not
satisfied. Of course in chronic cases
iangtb of treatment varies. Fur
such cases, we have two larger sizes,
which sell for 50o and $1.00. Re-
mem b*r, you can obtain Rexall
Remedies in this community only al
our store—Th* Rexall Store. H. £.
R, B. Gains, an implement dealer
of St. John, Wash., who is also one
of the largest stockholders in the
Knob Hill mine at Republic, Spent
Sunday and Monday at the home of
J. A. Smith in this city. While
here Mr. Gains visited the Granby
smelter and the orchards of th* valley. He expressed himself as
pleased with what he »nw, und stated
lhat there was a probability of his
returning in the spring fur the purpose of making some investments.
For Sale nt a Sacrifice—Fourteen
room boarding house, seven uiin
utes' walk from Oranby smelter.
Will sell for S1200. One-half cash;
balance monthly payments. For
furtlur particulars apply at this
A. L. Bradley haa returned to his
borne in Danville from an extended
business trip to the eastern slates.
He visitsd New York, Boston and
Take your repairs to Arm-urn's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Orand Forks.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
NOTICK i« hereby given that an application
will be made under Part V. ofthe "Water
Act, UN ill," to obtain a license in the Simiiku-
ineen Water District, Division of Yale Distrlot.
(it). The mime, address, and occupation of
of tlie applicant: George Washington Swank,
(irand f'orks, B.C., Farmer.
(b). The name of lake, stream, or Bourne (it
unnamed, the description is):   Cedar Creek.
(e). Thi* point of diversion is where the
creek enters my land near the ventre of the
East line, on Lot numbered One A (IA) aubili-
visititi of C.P.K. Lot number twenty-Heven
hundred (2700) in Croup 1 in the Similkameen
(formerly Oitoyooa) Division of Vale District.
(d). The quantity of water applied for {In
cubic foet per second). One cubic foot per
(e). Thp character of the proposed works:
Dam and flume.
(f). The premises on which the water is to
be used (describe same) is on Lot Oue A (1 A)
-iiii.division of C.l'.R. Lot number twenty
seven hundred (2700) In Group 1, in the Simil-
ktmeeli {formerly Oioyuos) Division of Yale
(g). The purposes for wlitoh the water Is to
be used: For irrigation ami domestic purposes.
(10. If for Irrigation, describe the lund Intended tb he irrigated, giving acreage: Is ou
Lot One A (1 A) subdivision of U.F.R. Lot
number twenty-seven hundred (27(H)) In Group
I In the S.niilliiitiieetr (formerly OnoyOot) Division of Vale Dislriet, containing liith-iu acres,
more or less.
(jt. Area of Urown land Intended to be occupied hy the proposed works; None.
iky Tids notice was posted on the Mb day
of Aiijru-t, r.i.l.iuid application will be made
to the Commissioner on thu 6th day of Hep-
timher, mil.
(1). Give the names and addresses of any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or
whose lands are Ilk ly to he attected by the
proposed work*), either above or below the
outlet: None
Grand Forks,B.C.
NOTICK Is hereby given that an application
will he made under Part V of the "Wuter
Aot, 1900," to oi'tniu a license In the Similkameen Division of Vale District.
Name, address aud oneunatien of the applicant:   W.Sayer, Rancher, Grand Korks, H.C.
Deseriptlon of lake; Small body of water
(no name), fed by springs.
Point or diversion is 40 chuins above Rest
line of Pre-emption No. 1800 S.
Quantity of water applied for: One eublt
foot per second.
Characterof proposed works; Ditch and
reservoir, to be used on Pre-emption No.
Purpose: Domestic aud Irrigation.
Description of laud to be irrigated; Acreage, 78.
Acreage uf Crown Land Intended to be occupied by works:   Nil.
This notice was posted on the 17th day of
July, 1911, and application will he made lothe
Commissioner mi the lttth day of August, 1!>U.
Name and address of rlpariuu proprietors
or licensees wiio will be afleet ml by the proposed works." None.
(Signature) W.HAYEK,
(P.O. Address) • irand Fo rks, H.C.
Bt. Joseph Mineral Claim,situate In the (irand
Forks Mining Division of  Vale District.
Where Locate!.:   In Central Camp.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Henry Johnson, K/ee
Miners, Oriffinite No. SftSllB, for mfielf
and as agent for Peter Kdw«rd Blakle, Free
Miners Certificate No. 3SRSB. Intend, slxt>
davs from dale hereof, to apply to the Mlnitip
Hecerder for a Ce.illlieateof Improvement*, for
the puri-nsc of obtain.uk crown grants of the
above claim
And further take notice that action, nuclei
section 87, inustbe eomnu'iuTd before the Imiu
ance of such Cerillcan' of Improvements.
Dated this I'Hth day of July, A.D 1911.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are it fine form of silent Salesmen.
Make tliem liricf, terse and pointed
Print tin-in plainly, to lie read nt n
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horss
power gasolene engine. Apply J. II
Plath, box 10, city.
Bridge Street,
The best aud most
-nhstuntial tire-|iro"f,
building lw the Boundary country. Recently completed and
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally locuted. First-clans ac-
ooinmodat ions for the
travelling public.
Hot aad Gold Batfii
PlMt-CUis Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
la Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
IT Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and In the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd curry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement*.,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitution!, and By-laivs,
Shipping Tags, Circulars mul Placards,
Hills of Pare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Dry' four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, J£U Columbia p. o,I
VlUV.1/ nVlLlllLlVI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let ua estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Dunn.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey s Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consignment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Ci
and  Si
Palace Barber Shop
>r Hnn*ng a S
Hum- Hnn'nit a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Oranby Hotel,
First Struct.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklkpiionk A129
ItUTiiKHFoiin Bros., Props.
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
eo YBAitr
.....       CW"*/nioHT» Aa
Anyone lMli!la.| a .ketch and _ln.crlMI.-in m«T
flnlclilr eecertailn fa-ar opinion free wlimlii-r _ui
retention la Ptohi.MyratOTjnMft_yoramun.i9_.
tent frtae. ol'loat Metier for afcairlita/wttentfc
Paata.-i.ts taken tliriauath Munu tk CO. TOC
nsMlaotUe, without. sUnK, lathi
paciaaumflatf, i,«_,hu __.*_..
Semitic American.
A haudaoioely Uluatmted weekly. L_.ri.oB_ clr-
nalatllaan of arnr aroniPo Journal. Torn, for
".a:.-!-!al,^l.-.">ll yea-i-.poaittttfci lir.-|aala1. Hold by
• fl^-aU"'-    '.
' a* ■ .'-.»,..
We entry the most lushion'ihie stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the onlv
illice in' this section that have the
■oriect material for printing it. The
Sun job olti.it..


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