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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 10, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
•11.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Tremendous storm sweeps Atlantic
comt, causing several fatalities and
great property damage.
Ranchers in New Guinea are butchered by cannibals. The government
sends a punitive expedition.
The Balkan allies present what is
practically au ultimatum to Turkey,
placing a time limit on the reply.
Fashionably .gowned women in Chicago aids the escape of desperate auto
mobile bandits who smash a jewelry
store window and carry off valuable
The railway commission will hear
arguments of western counsel at an
important session to decide the case
of alleged discrimination against the
,.■ The president of the railway employees bjotherhood declares that the
Canadian Pacific has not lived up to
the terms of the hoard's decision ami
that the men are still on strike.
President Mvdero agrees to protect
life and American property in Mexico.
The conk of a Norwegian steamer
is washed overboard twice and then
wasted back again.
An eighty-tnilo gale in New York
kills three persons and destroy $500, -
000 worth of property.
Notable American and British persons attend the funeral of . the late
Ambassador Reid in New York.
A Bulgarian delegate believes that
the peace negotiations will stop. Tur
key declines to give up Adrianople.
President Taft says he is in favor
of submitting the Panama canal toll
question to The Hague tribunal for
Edison produces another amusement device. The klnetophone is a
combination of the moving picture
machine and the phonograph.
The Saskatchewan governmeni will
ask high his royal highness the Duke
of Connaught to investigate the conduct of Hon. Robert Rogers.
Two-two sailors are drowned in
Chesapeake Bay when the American
steamship Julia Luckenbach strikes
the British steamer Indrakuala.
The Chicago Federation of Labor
denounces Judge Anderson as unfair
in sweeping resolutions condemning
the conviction of the dynamite conspirators.
Vancouver and district is swept by
n severe snow storm.
Cornering the stock mnrket in
either clothing or spodstuffs is declared to bo illegal by the United
States supreme court.
Southern California is in the grioof
a severe frost, the worst in thirty
years, and citrus fruit crops are in
danger of uttet ruin.
Thrilling story of rescue of the captain's young bride from the sinking
ship Carrie Winslow is told by the
survivors of the wreck.
British Columbia market commissioner advises against growing peaches
in this p'ovince.
Two liners run aground in New
York harbor in a dense fog. Thirty-
one sailors are drowned.
Hon. F. D. Monk is in poor
health, and will not be able to attend
parliament this session.
A pretty Calgary school teacher
sues a Nanton business man for $25,-
000 for breach of promise.
A Winnipeg syndicate plans to
build a railway to Hudson Bay. The
road will develop many natural re
New York   garment   workers are
ready %x   a   protracted fight. The
employers   will   not    recognize the
closed shop.
Evidence before the railway commission at Ostawa shows that railway
earnings are greater iu the west than
in the east.
W. C. Ricardo, at the opening session uf the British (olumbia Fruit
Giowers' association, demands legislation that will keep the Canadian market for the Canadian producer.
Duchess of Connaught is dangerously ill at Ottawa.
Mountain railwaylioes in western
Washington are buried in snow.
New York garment workers will
line up sixty thousand men and
women in an immense parade,
Lome A. Campbell to move reply
to speech from the throne at the open
ing of the provincial parliament next
Alberta's premier returns from
England with a large sum of money
to develop thc provincial telephone
Western Federation of Miners, District 6, opens convention in Nelson.
Asks the government for improved
savings bank.
It is believed that Adrianople must
soon surrender. Proposal that the
city should be ceded to the powers.
Delegates think that the powers should
remove Islam from Constantinople.
Garment workers' strike in New
York causes a desparate riot.
Canada's industrial and coinmercia
growth shows and enormous growth
over last year.
Tremendous seas are raging in the
north Pacific, and much damage to
shipping is reported.
Royal municipal commission recommends a two-year term for aldermen.
Taxpayer to have right of franchise.
Tax sale titles absolute.
Miners' convention in Nelson want
the eight-hour law extended, and urge
amendment* to increase the suinclaim-
able in oases of injury.
A Public Meeting of the
Ratepayers Will Be Held
Tuesday Evening
A public meeting of the
ratepayers of the city will be
held in the Grand Forks opera
house on Tuesday evening,
January 14, at o'clock, for the
purpose of hearing the views
of mayoralty, aldermanic and
school board candidates re-
specting'their policies for the
administration of the business
of the city during the coming
year. All candidates aro requested to attend, and will be
afforded an opportunity to
outline their policies. A cordial invitation is extended to
the ladies and the public generally.—By Order of the Committee.
The Sun man made a search last
Sunday for the park whicb was to he
established out of the aldermen's salaries. The mantle of beautiful white
snow evidently hid it from view.
Anyway, the mayor and aldermen
got their salaries There will, thei'e
fore, be no complaints aliout tho stringency of the motley market from
these gentlemen.
The Sun does not know when the
C.P. K. intends to commence to run
its passenger trains through the city.
An honest confessiou is better than a
plausible lie.
John Kirkup and family left Rossland this week for Alberni, where
1 Mr. Kirkup will in future act as government agent.
The members of the City Brass
brand are still uncertain whether or
uot they were included in ths salary
Dick Peterson, a miner employed in
the Granby mine at Phoenix, was accidentally killed yesterday,
Mrs. E. Miller and  son  Ross left
yesterday for Victoria, where the lut
ter will re-enter school
E. Miller, M.P.P., is recovering
from a week's illness,
Rossland has decided to hold an ice
carnival this winter.
The impression prevails in diplomatic circles that the powers will intervene and force Turkey to accept
the terms of the allies.
A very strenuous local option
tight and maynralty campaign in vari-
ors Ontario cities and towns ends
with honors comparatively even.
Weekly Banner Contests
Tbe contests for tbe attendance
banners at the public school tbia
week resulted as follows:
Percentage* and Number of Pupils Late—Division I 86.54, 2 late;
Division II 92 95, 6 late; Division
III 95.00, 3 late; Division IV 95.05,
late; Division V 96.51, 8 late;
Division VI 93.33, 2 late; Division
II, 114.8, 4 late.
Division VI wins the banner for
punctuality, and Division V tbe
banner for highest average attendance,
Be good, but let others find it out. Itio"8'" **• province.
William Mole was seriously
jural at the Granby smelter
day, He was inside a furnace repairing a water jacket, and when he had
finished his work and was ready to
come out seventy-five bricks fell on
him from the top of the furnace, a
distance of about thirty feet. He
was badly cut on tbe back of the
head and on his bodv Had he been
standing upright at the time of the
accihent, the descending bricks would
probably have killed him. He was removed ta the Cottage hospital, and
his condition is now reported to be as
satisfactory as can be expected.
The Suu has been informed that our
local contemporary last week stigmatized the ranchers as grafters and
"spongers," This remarkable outburst can only be accounted for on
the theory that an insane person believes that all sane people are insane,
It is quite evident that the Gazette
would like to get out another fake
special edition, printed in up to-date
sporting slang and choice pigeon Eng
lish. Naturally it wants the people
who have made it possible for the
editor of that paper to live here to
pay a big price for it.
Grand Forks will soon have an exclusive and up-to-date furniture store.
J. T. Simmons, late of Nelson and the
prairie provinces, was in the city last
week, and rented the Pribilski block,
lately occupied by Woodland li Co.,
for that purpose. He will commence
business about tho 15th of next
Three coach loads of Grand Fork
hockey enthusiasts witnessed the
opening game in Phoenix Wednesday
night. The reward of tliose composing the excursion party for being kept
up till 4 a.m. was a good game, iu
which the Graud Forks tet_m won by
a score of 7 to 4.
Contrary to published reports, none
of the C.P.R. employees at Eholt
have yet moved to this city. The roof
is now being built over five stalls of
the roundhouse, but it will be some
time before it is completed.
The addition to the public school
building materially improves the appearance of that structure, and
it is now one of the largest and
muat substantial  educational  institu-
West End Ratepayers Hold
a Meeting and Select
Mrs. Lydia Knight antl daughter,
Mrs. French, returned to the city this
week from Creston, where they have
been living for a year. Mrs. Knight
will probably remain here for three or
four months.
Don't tell them,
Anybody can wear a campaign but
ton, but it is the vote that counts.
Never get gay with an  officer just
1 after his gang has been  muck  raked.
Cheer up !  If your candidate didn't j    Contractor Lequime states that the
j wm you have penty of time  to select j new ^ officB w||, ^ finisllfid ab_,ut
A gang of criminals which has  tor-1 •,not,,el'' | the middle of March.    Of course, tlie
rorized Calgary while working as mu-!    Some women  seem  to   wear their government may decide   to   postpone {
nicipal employees ia broken up by the martyr's   crown   jauntily, as if they moving  into  the  building until next j
arrest of three alleged members.           thought it becoming. fall,                                                  '
Coast to Kootenay Road
J. J, Warren, president of the
Kettle Valley railroad, was in Victoria recently, and, in an interview,
laid tbat tbe road would be completed from Midway to Hope early
in Angust, 1914.
Construction is now being actively
advanced between Midway and Merritt, 270 niles, trackage having been
completed for forty-six miles out of
Midway, and it being intended, as
soon as tbe line bas been officially
inspected, to inaugurate a limited
train service thereon for the accommodation of settlers,
From the steelhead at mile forty-
six through to Penticton, a distance
of approximately ninety miles.every
foot is under construction; while at
Penticton, just now an exceedingly
busy and prosperous little cily, there
have heen established commodious
docks, creditable station and freight
warehouse buildings, and a first-
class tourist hotel, which is arlready
proving a most valuable acquisition
tu the district.
On the section of 135 miles between Penticton and Merritt, nbout
1000 men are engaged, while steel
has already been laid from Penticton to Trout creek crossing.at which
point a massive steel bridge is tn b»
erected, and from which point access is had to West Summerland.
Grading has heen virtually cum
pleted between Trout creek and
Osprey lake, thirty miles; antl from
Otter summit into Merritt, another
thirty miles, tbe steel hns been put
down and trains are now being
operate n In the very considerable
advantage of residents and the trav
eling public.
On tbe Coquahalls division.wbich     The following is the  minimum
branches off from the Ket le Valley a.nd ■•■«*in>um temperature for each
•    . , „ 'day  during  the   past   week, as re
road   main   road   some twenty live, cor(led hy the government thermom-
miles south of Merritt, to extend on eleron E. F. Laws' ranch:
to Hope and a connection there with THRBKOMBtkh
the C.P.R., a contract   has  recently -'[■"•     •*/"J
been let for the first thirteen   miles, g^urdi     4,..,"	
snd on this seclion men are already gunj,y ' 5t|,
at work. | Monday,   8th",
Tuesday,. 7th	
Copper Shipments Wednesday, 8th
Shipments of blister copper from Tlu"'8,Jll>'' **'h-
the  Granhy company's smelter in Snowfall.................. 5.3
this city forthe past neck amounted  ■
to 523,000  pounds,   bringing the     „„ ,   . 	
....      ,,     , „, ,,,       ">w annual   ice carnival will be
total shipped for the yearto 32,882,- M([.. ,he pkatin(? rink „oni0 „„„.
500 pounds. ing between the 16th and 20th imt.
A public meeting of the ratepayers
of the West ward was held in the
Columbia fire hall Wednesday evening for tbe purpose of discussing
civic affairs and to select and endorse candidates for the municipal
election next week. Tbere was a
large attendance of ratepayers.
E. Spraggett was chosen chairman, and be performed his duties in
a manner that proved satisfactory
to every one present. P. H. Donaldson was selected secretary.
Tbe financial condition of tbe
city was discussed by Messrs. Woodland,   Neil   McCallum,   Henniger,
F. J. Miller and others. Mr. McCallum stated tbat wben be was
chairman of tbe finance committee
tbe tax rate wse only 20 mills, and
tbe city was never in better financial condition than it was when he
left the council. All the speakers
agreed that io tbe absence
of the annual statement not much
light could be thrown on the pressnt
status of tbe city's finances.
Neil McCallum was put in nomination for mayor. Mr. McCallum
at first flatly refused to enter tbe
contest, but on being pressed by
everybody in tbe room, he said be
would give a definite answer in a
few days after he bad familiarized
himself witb tbe financial condition
of tbe oity.
For aldermen, E, C. Henniger,
Frank Miller Sr., Aid. Taylor, W.
H. Dinsmore and Cbas. Bickerton
were nominated.
J. A. McCallum, R. Hughes   and
G, T. Moir were selected for school
trustees. Mr. McCallum is a graduate of Toronto university, is an old-
timer of Grand Forks, and iB undoubtedly the best informed man
on municipal matters in the valley,
having served for over len years as
city clerk. The other two candidates ure gentlemen of high standing and unquestioned integrity.
On motion of C. B Peterson, it
was decided to hold a public meeting in the opera house next Tuesday evening, after the nominations
are made, fnr. a general discussion of
civic affairs. E. .Spraggett anil P. A.
Z. Pare were appointed a committee
lo make arrangements for securing
the hill. All candidutes will be invited to attend, and will be given an
opportunity to express their views
nn matters pertaining to the city
Incite, ■■.-•-■*:.~_;rr;*!r33«K2i_^s:'_;;*~™'.'.'';
Millions of Matches
'•''f[>' -»erti-s ngo yonr grandfather
liotigW matches tlr.tt up in bunches.
Tney were itilcft wooden matches
v.'.iji sti'ong-snielllltg BUlphtu* lieatls.
Many ot tli03e matclies your grand-
faDliia* bought ami uscil carefully and
sparlngiy, eaaio from a llitlr- sir.il
close to i.l'iui.-rslci-.
Thea-6, ivii'.i a few willing hands to
iioHi him, a Samuel .T.t*in-._*,]<i.-i.l.iiid
liirncd on1, matches which, nlthoiigh
(lie best of iheir limo. were very cnido
things comparcil with the neat, boxes
tii" matches you buy today.
Bui Morelalid had realised Uiat hi
inutcht I was lo br- found a fortune.
iln tit i.i-ini ud that Jlorelaud's mnitcli-
,>s -should In* fiiiinus.
Today in placo of .hot Utile shod
ind almost on the sumo siiol there
s.iiiitls a huge factory that turns out
Morelond's "l-iip-liiml's Glory," matches ur Uie rale ot twelve uiilliou an
The match making machine is really iln? last word in innriil'.icry. After
Ilie blocks of limber have been cut
up into splint!, Uie machine takes
tliem, holds tliem In thc proper posi-
liiui and dips Ihein in paraffin.
After that it. jnst puts their heads
luto tlio i-ompuniUoii ot which the
!ie_i.l uf u match is made, dries them,
and drops the finished matches, ready
counted, into boxes waiting -to receive
Within a single hour of the arrival
of log*, of timber from the wharf they
iiru out up and converted Into matches
ready for the, busy housewife or the
To wall; over the factory, which
o/jvc.'b seven aeres and la being enlarged, takes ovfi- an hour.
"England's Qlory" matches ave
known everywhere, as are John Bull
matches, another product of Jlore-
hind's amazing energy and foresight
fifty years ago.
Port Rouse, Winnipeg, 5 clear titled lots and some cash for wild or
Improved Quarter or half section of western land.
30 Horse Power automobile and some clear title lots and cash for
good improved half section..
.1 fully modern houses centrally situated in Winnipeg well rented lor
western land.
Write ns for list ot choice Winnipeg Investments, also for booklet
on tontines made in Winnipeg real estate irtLtoh will Interest you.
22 Canada Life Build Ing,       Wlnnlp.|, Man
Wanted- A porter and man of all
work. So ran I he advertisement that
i':iiaii!ifed from the book-seller, and
among Uie applicants was a sturdy
Irishman, glftod with more musele
than book learning.
lie st foiled slowly Into ihe shop and
gazed round rather uncertainly. Then
he espied n, large notice suspended
from tho topmost shelf.
Dickens' works, all this week for 10
Tho announcomeu-t&t once aroused
the mi her sharp temper of lhe son ot
Oi caino here after this job, he re-
■marked i-j Iho book-seller, but. Ol've
changed nie mind. Dickcna can work
all ih:- week for sixteen bob if ho
lolkes, hut I'm hanged it Oi'ra going
ui.    I'e's better kape Pickens.
Reports from the wesl slate that
great excitement reigns at Kitsclns on
the line or the Orand Trunk Pacific
ii British Columbia over rich -finds of
free milling gold bearing ore that have
lately bcen discovered. That this is
the real thing snys the report, is established beyond doubt; assays made
rkcently have run as high as $700 to
the ton. and quantities of Uip ore are
to bc round ivll.hjn a short, distance of
V.ic railroad. So far no great amount
of B'orlt has bee done and it is Improbable that active operations will
commence before tlie spring. Numbers
of claims have been staked, however,
and one company thinks that with Uie
railway facllltlos at hand they may be
abio lo make n trial shipment In the
immediate future.
As a Kiii grows older she -becomes
wiser nud quits wearing so many pins
in the vicinity of her waist line.
- Farm Women Will Erect a    Fitting
I    Memorial to Her Who Blaied the
Way to the Gulden West
i    At the second annual session, of the
1 International congress ot Farm Wo-
I men, held ill    1-elhblidge   the    laBt
week of October, the keynote was the
. betterment ot country lite, the lessen-
! ing of Uie burdens of the farmer's wife
and mother, the adoption of methods
and  devices that  will  conserve the
woman, and the improvement of the
home-, the country church aud the rural community.     The speakers numbered many men and women ot note
including Dr. John A. Widstoe. Hon.
Martin Burrell, Mta.a AH Kuli Kahn,
Miss Alice Bavenhill, Dr. Liberty H.
Bailev, Alexander   Aaronsohn,   Mrs.
John Harbcrt, Mrs. Alberta Kepper,
Rev.  Matthew Brown   McNutt   and
Prof.  Geo.  W.  Putbam.
The Congress elected Mrs. John
Havbert of Mauzanola, Colo., president, and re-elected Mis. John T.
Burns, secretary by acclamation. Oklahoma City was chosen as the next
meeting place.
The closing si sslou was marked b?
lhe decision, to raise a pioneer fund
with which to erect a large moiium-nt
in bronze to the first farm woman ot
the golden west. A model was
shown ot a farm womau standing on
a. doorstep with one arm euciroliiij.
the neck of. her hopoful son and hor
eyes looking toward the setting sun
across tlle great prairie farm, depleting tho evening hour when the husband and father, the pioneer and
home builder, was due to return from
! Ms day's toll ln the field.
i The suggestion of this paying tribute to the noble woman who flrst
blazed tho way across the desert
prairies originated with Charles Ohrls-
tadora of Point Loraa, Calif., and the
I young sculptor who had submitted
| -..he- model desired that his name be
kept secret until the accomplishment
of his great work.
I A commilteo was appointed lo further the raising of a fund of $150,-
000 within one year, comprising Miss
Irma B. Mathews of Oklahoma City,
Okla; Mrs. R. W. Charles of Mani-
tou, Man., and Mrs. John T. Bums of
Oklahoma City, Okla. The Canadian
delegates started the popular subscription with $47.60.
Tho plan of subscription is to urge
a popular contribution to the. fund In
30 cent payments. The organization
to curry on the campaign in every
state will be named by the committee
at an early date. In the meantime
those desirous of contributing their
mile may send it to tho eecreUu-y,
Mrs. John T. Burns. Oklahoma City,
I A feature of lhe Dry-Farming pro-
I ducts exposition held during the week
I v.-as thc women's exhibit, and the displays mado by the farm women and
tho home economic societies wero as
much enjoyed by the visitors as the
grand displays of farm products.
I During the week lhe International
I Farm Women's Press Association held
i several meetings at which officers
I were elected, and lt was decided to
j establish a slato or provincial auxll-
l iary iu every state and proviuco ln
; North Ameriea, and also lo have re-
. presonttvtives from foreign countries.
j Thia auxiliary organization, whicli
■ started at Colorado Springs In 1911
' Willi 11 memhers, now numbers 64, 20
' of whom were in attendance. Mr
i Mary Is. Bigolow of the Farm. Stock
j and Memo Journal of Minneapolis was
I elected president, aud Miss Mary A.
Whcdon of The Farmer's Wife. St.
! Paul, secrc-iiiry-lrciisurcr.
Not the {tame
Time was when he had been an officer in a -.rack regiment. But he
had fallen on evil days. Now he was
compelled by force of circumstances
to resign bis commission, and enlist in
another regiment as a humble private.
Ha found lt, however, very hard to
forget bis former position, aud when
he was requested by a sergeant to hold
his horse he remarked:
Er—you—er—forget, Bergeant, that
I once heW his Majesty's commission.
The sergeant looked at him lu the
cold uud critical way that only a sergeant can.
Did you, my son-.' he asked. Well,
you can just hold one of his Majesty's horses now,
Getting Along
Spratts—Miss Elder ls much older
than I thoutfot.
Spratts—Well, I asked hei- if she
had read Aesop's FtableB and she said
the reed tbeit when they flrst came
Unique -
Wiseman—I see an Ohio man has
gone Insane from reading the Congressional Record.
Cynlcus—So? Well, he has won
distinction In a field that never before
has held out hope to any ambition.
No Chance
And wbat ls your occupation? ask
ed the Insurance agent,
I'm a woodman. During the hunt'
Ing season season I act as guide.
Oh, I'm sorry, but my company,
won't write a policy tn your class.
Why not? Surely I'm a good risk.
My dear sir, you're not a risk, you're-
a certainty.
Query—Is a. bride selC-posscssed
arter her father gives her away?
You can always get a lot for yout
money if you patronize a real estate
Xo olhcr keeps lhe skin and scalp
so clean and clear, so sweet and
healthy. Used with Cuticura Ointment, it soothes irritations which
often prevent sleep and if neglected
become chronic disfigurements.
Millions of mothers use these pure,
sweet and gentle emollients for
every purpose of thc toilet, bath
and nursery.
CQItrum Sntp wnl Ointment tre sold ttirnuilinul
ilie worlil. A llbtrnl -ample ot mr... wilh .._-d„.
l..,"l!ii mi Ili« ['tre xo,\ tre*_tue_it ot tlie .Ilnanil
n-e.lv. m-nt tioflt-lrr*. / <M.e__ Four. Drug e\ Chetn.
Cecil., Ut lit. -ID, Boswn. U.S.A.
Livestock Means Success
I On neurly every farm livestock
raising is.morely a side line when It
i should be tbo main tiling. Tbere ls
' no place where the farmer enn mark-
1 e'„ his corn nnd roughage so profitable
' as feeding it to good livestock, says
! the Kansas Farmer.   The market is
I right nt homo Iii lho teed lot and
j no long hauls to town are necessary
. If a farmer can feed tbo W cent corn
: to good hogs which will pay him
' 80 coins for It, does he not make Ml
; advance on the price of IiIb corn und
! a profit. In the fertility returned to
; the soil, as well ns u saving of ex
I pense in tiie hauling? Breeding purebred livestock Is a business which
"'should bo entered gradually and routed from reluctantly. Improving the
I common stock a little each year will
lead up to the pure-bred business.
I There can oxiBt no permanent system
! ot agriculture wiUiout livestock and.
i on high-priced land, purebred slock
the only kind to have.
W.N.U.  92*
A man can have short legs mul still
carry his hcad"k_gb.
It always costs more to acquire a
grouch lhaii its worth.  .
Betweon the toothache and Ilie dentist a man Is forced to choose between
two evils,
No, Cordelia, a dancing academy ti
not necessarily n bop joint.
A Pill for All Seasons. - Winter and
summer ln any latitude, whether ln
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills ean be depended upon to do their work. The
dyspeptic will find them a friend always and should carry them .with Wm
everywhere. They are made to withstand any climate and are warranted
to Jtcep their freshness and strength.
They do not grow stale,,ji quality not
possessed in many plllS now on the
Stranger—Could you help a ,,poor
fellow whoso wife and children are
Jones—Why are they thirsty?
Stranger—Why, we just got a ease
ot beer from a kind lady, but we ain't
got. no money to buy a corkscrew,
see? • »*-
Mlnsrd's  Liniment Cures Dlphtherli
Owing to Uie rapid growth of business In the city of Edmonton tlio
freight offices of the Graud Trunk Pacific there have become Inadequate
necessitating tho move which hns Just
been accomplished to large aud more
pretentious quarters. Tlte old building will be devoted to tho Grund Trunk
Cartage and Ihe various foremen for
the present.
Deafneat Cannot bo Cured
by local anpllcatlons, aa they onnut
resch lho diseased portion ,of the cm-.
There Ib only one way to oure Ueafnest.
end that Is b.- constitutional remedies.
Deafness In _vueed by an Inflamed condition of the tr.uoous lining ot the Hue-
tachlan Tube. When this tube ls Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
lm_.tr.eet hc.iiuig. and when It le entirely dried, Deslncse ta the result, and unless the Inflammation con be takeu out
and thia tube restored to tie normal condition, hearing Will bo destroyed for ever:
nine cases out of ten aro caused by Catarrh, which la nothing but on tnflamoil
condition of the mucoua surfacps.
TVo Will Kt.-e One Hundred Dollars for
any caae of Deafness (caused by cattirrh)
that cannot be cured by llall'a Catarrh
Cure.      Send lot- circulars, free.
If, ... CHENEY It CO., Toledo, O. I
Sold by Dliigglata. lio.
Take llall'aTamlly Pill for canstlpa
Two old college chums lost sight
of each other tor years. Ono days
ono of them, down on his luck, worn
of face and clothes, entered a cheap
eating house and seated himself ut a
Yes sir? asked the shabby waiter
Then the customer looked up aid
lo his amazement recognized his old
Great. Scoll, man. he. exclaimed.
Fancy yon having sunlt to being a
waiter and In a place like this, too.
The waiter turned up his nose.
Ves, I'm a waiter, ho replied sarcastically bnt thank goodmss 1 don't eat
As a Vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Graves' Worm Ks-
terminator, and It can bc given to lho
most, delicate child without fern- of
Injury to tho constitution.
Lots of poor men arc lhe architects
of other men's riches.
N'oLhlng worries n nagging wife so
much as n husband who won't gel
Minard's Liniment Curea Dlitempt*
Mrs. Pry—What Is ull iha! noisu
in yonr house, \VMIe?
Willie—Ma told pa I was jusl like
him- always llgbiin'—and pa suid 1
wasn't—and now they're having li
Out of Sorts?
Lots of discomfort — thc
blues — antl many serious
sicknesses you will avoid if
you keep your bowels, liver
and stomach in good working order by timely use of
%•!<__ «»«»wh«t,
•rein Cemmlsilen Msrchanta Wlnnlata   „
^•^JJJ^'"! re»«: _»ort Arthur er Tot, William. Notify Pet«
Literal AjvaneSt Pr*m»t Returns Beet
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In thji writing we desire to put betoro o.ir Western Farmer!!1 the
saving and advnutagc of loading grain dlrec'. on cars. Shipping grain
through an elevator, it matters no', whether a Government elevator or
one run by an elevator company or individual owner, does not. add
the loan fraction of a cent to the value of ;be grain, nor does it "give
the farmer any better-change ot marketing It to advantage than whon
loaded direct on cars. But ioadlng direct sn cars ctttg out ln the first
Place tLe elevator charge, winch Is usually 114c. per bushel, say
$17.SO on a thousand bushel car. Tho elsvator ^ockago is also
saved: this may bc worth more or less, depflnding partly on how dirty
the grain Is, but mostly nn the .farmer's ab'lity la holding his own
with .he elevator man tatting It In. On tho average tbe dockage
may bt considered worth "c per bushel lo the farmer, or say $30 per
car of i,000 bushels. Whon grain is loathd direct luto car over the
Loading Platform, the farmer knowt! for sure that it la his very own
grain that will be graded by the inspector, si.d that he will without
doubt receive the full and exact outturn ot his car at whlohever terminal elevator It is unloaded; for all grain 's unloaded from the cars
under government "supcrlnlcndancc ond weighed by properly qualified
government Welshmen under tho rules an,l rtipervislon of the Dominion Government Board of Groin Commissioners..
Ot -ourso, It makes no difference in our loading of the tarmeri*
grain whether it has been shipped through an elevator or over the
Loading Platform, but It can easily be seen from what we have stated
above where the farmer's advantage lies, w'.en jt saves him around
$50 or more on every car he ships.
We continue to act as the farmers' agen' lli looking after and disposing ot carlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley and flan strictly on
a commission of 1 cent per bushel. We are not connected with,
nor Interested In any elevator companies nv elevators, cither loeal or
terminal, neither are we track buyers, in fact, we never buy farmers' grain on our own account, but only to i.mdlo and dispose ot-ths
r.ralu . ..trusted to ns as the agents of tliose who employ us. Many
yisrB' experience, with a wide connection and ample facilities for engaging In this special branch ot the grain trade, have given us a re
puliation of lbe highest character In it. Wl- make liberal advances
on ear hills ot lading. Write ns for sliipph-.g Instructions and market information. We glvo as ref'-rences to .-,*.'.!• reliability, efficiency
and financial standing any cily av country H.ynk Manager ln Westeri
Thompson Sons & Company
I01-7JJ  Y   Grain   Exchange.
Winnipeg, Canada.
GRAIN GROWERS of the West, what is your
duty to the Grain Growers' Grain Company?
WIS UAYE now :. rworrn fun.] ..f $200,620.60, with a paid m> .
• -nptl.it ot $>■*.■••."'"■. In uddUioi] tn pitvlim a Natisfactory
dividend t« our RhareboldciD, wn luivn in tlio last alx yeara :
donated about $*K.,i*,i.n Hi ttie VVdatorn pitdn Growcra' Association*
tnni to other educational wurk aninnK the fanners.
lind the grain that mado this profit "been shipped lo other
fiviiw or Qonunuuiioii houisei. rhr* dtVluondti ptttt tn shuv-ebbldera ana
the ttnimtlons to iht> Qrnln Growers' Aasoff&Uoiiii would go t"
incr^Kse thn profllfi of private < ommlnfllon houses ana grain dealen*.
iti widow these tacts, we have created competition |n the grain
trade thui c»uia not coiqe by any other means. Our export
activities have been successful In hooping Winnipeg caab ciuota-
itona fnr grain right up to export valuou, aet ting for tho fartnor
RomethJng closer to what supply and demand would warrant.
You will notice tbat there U Ibis yoar nu extra effort made on
Uie port "f fl Ijrgf nnnihor of HofnmlBfllon firms and others in thn
business ln having tlie country oewsred by trai-li buyers, street
buyers and solicitors fnr grain, Thia nil costa money and th«
farmer pays for it all ln commissions; if you alilp to ymir own
Company vou pay your own pg-enoy the commission. What is nnt
iiaed In conducting Um bualncaa of Tho Urufii Growers' Grain
t'ompanv gyea t<> MOreasa our l^srtTfl fund, to puy dlvidQuri* to
mr stooHbolders, and lo carry od additional educational work In
tho interests of the producers of grain.
operating Uie Jtanltoba Gftvom
...mom Hue of elevators,
store, tmy In ear loads an
We are opera
Our operators win take your grain
traek or hi w:igg«m loads on ntve<'1. -
Farmers have always maintained that  Tlio Grain Growers' •
• -'tain Company ncmled a terminal nlcvMor   tu   matte   them   an
..fj'e.-ive force "In keeping up the urlto or grain nnd in giving tho
farmers ttie hesl «ftmoe to plafe thoir pwduots in ihe oonmnneis
hands on ultimate matkels.      V«m Imve yom- own U nnliu.1 now.  -.
ftnii wc Urns appeal to ymi In help   make   this   undertaking   a j
-ne-v-t-f. by coindgnlng }6Vr grain io The -'n.in Growers' Oram #
• •oinpam*s innilmit ax l-'uH William.
Also subscribe for uto-ek, iln- additional papllid la nnieli needed
ir we are to enter the co-opernliyo field, Hesidta, n Is n sound
GRAIN GROWERS, it is all in ymir hands,
what are you going to do?
, i
la b*B«, 25c
Thev contain Vitnie't own rcmrriiM.   Tliey
■.n.rr«i..._i  nni Rinrt tbetn acA.11 in normal setlvhy,
a bu ot mailed direct by
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
H i, ilidr wav of ialllu» your »tl«!>tioti lo «be l»o»
il..', ihfv nre not in |,nrln-l Wl ■.Won. M»ny |i«ipl«
«lio |«ni,t<oilb in.ira-.il "»K»Wg ,"'yi,'«,.8_:"'D
l.fl-tb.lidmyfl«M iiiibchronic(iitfcremfronikWney
■ud Umliln- Cottipltlllll flrliicli wtil lit.y wilh them
until they dip, tnd i.r.li,.is hlMen tlie end.
How much M1i>r lo help the kidi-ij* the moment
lhe> ,h»» >ifn> „i icdii* a Utile MraUjKrl i«*»
DR. fl.AHK'S KWI.l-l- MTIIK PITTfS In tt«M.
Sold m'rywhenTiit Wly <*eut'»
not only keeps cold out, but
conserves body-warmth; body-
fat serves the same purpose,
it enablea ua to resist unuettled
elements and aervea as the
great source of our body-heat.
Creator body-warmth means
richer blood, more fat, not
obesity but fat which the body
consumes for warmth, vitality,
resistance-power—as a furnace
consumes coal for heat-
Scott 's Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful afc«?r each
meal makes body-warmth—
healthy, active blood—
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good.
It drititi eut amtktept eat coldt
by raising enduranoe-power
and creating strength.
R*J*et lubitilutu far SCOTTS.
SciM & Bownt, Toronto, Ontiu If, 12-61
White Pins Culls Now In Demand
. A peculiar feature of current lumber demand In the old wblte pine eec-
16ns ot tlie North la the extraordinary roqulremont for low grade stock,
it ls so persistent and devouring.that
It takes In culls ao ranks that 20 or
ifO years ego they would havo been
■lonaldered refuse; tit only for the
.-ougliest kind of patching up of sheds,
and when accumulation became too
burdensome they were thrown Into
itis burner- or used-'to build wharves
-ir roadways, of for firewood. Grading
downward has come with the demand
.'or box material, until three-men
boards, as they have been Jocosely
..ailed, are now graded aa No. 5 or
anything below tbat. The call for
low-grade, stuff haa become ao general and Insistent that such stuff ia
more saleable than the medium and
better qualities. - Tbia feature Is Uue
not only of the lumber market of the
Northern States, but pertains Mao to
that of Canada, At Toronto the demand for the lower grades of pine
Is especially active tnd Urge, ao that
there ls a veritable shortage ot mill
culls and what are called dead pickings, ln It. This condition with respect to the lumber market of Ontario shows how oloaely tlie lumber trade
of that prognce Is connected with
that of thlsTowitry, the same requirements tor cull. lumber—namely, tor
box manufacture—provalllns hi that
province as in the northern part of
;.Uo United States. The way in
whioh the cull lumber of the Northern States and Canada Is being- used
up almost to the last carload has
more than ordinary significance. It
nieaus that anything iu the shape of
a tree or log ls being utilized In the
way of sawed product, and that timber that waa onco considered usable
only aa firewood ls now being converted tnlo lumber that actually sella
quicker than good stock.—American
Poor old Patrick! lie was but the
shadow of hla old self. Ho waa a sol-
dlor boy who'd been serving iu a minor war ln the hill country ot India,
and he'd had a rough time, bedad.
Bo seedy. ,_o thin and worn Indeed,
was Patrlok that he was invalided
home that lie might have an early opportunity of pulllug. himself together,
and showing that, lie was truthfully
a brawny son of Erin,
As he stepped ashore from the troopship at Southampton his coualu Timothy stepped up to meet him.
Why, Patsy, my bhoy, remarked the
.-ousln, It's right glud that 01 am to
see ye're back trom the front.
Patrlok looked grieved and sad,
chastened and Ul-at-oase.
Bedad, Tlm, he said, 01 knew 01
was thin, but Ol'm bothered If 01
thought I waB as thin as that.
, .
When yon begin to sniff aud feet a
burning sensation ln the nasal passage!:,
nr wheu a tickling irritation iu your
throat starts you coughlug, the -ir..t
important Ihlug is to act at once. Ifs
tbe neglected cold tliat becomes trouble-
tome and dangerous,
The second important thing to do Is
to take Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed,
I.lcorice and Chlorodyns, and keep It up
tilt the cold disappears entirely.
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
aud Chlorodyuo Is absolutely free from
harmful drags, aud cau safely be glveu
even to moderately young children,
[t ia pltasaut tasting and quick acting,
promptly relieving lhe irritation of the
throat and. nostrils, loosening Ihe
mucus, promoting expectoration, sud
checking the cold,
Your druggist haa Na-Dru-Co Syrup
ot Unseed, licorice and Chlorodyne iu
,'5C and soc bottles, or can quickly get
It for you. Compounded liy the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, 315
W.N.U. «»
Brutal Exhibition In an Ingllsh Town
Is Stopped by Audlsnst
An, exalting scene occurred at a
musto hall, in whieh the audience rose
In a body and protested against ths
performance was described to tha
Scarborough magistrates yesterday
wheu John Hendrlckaon, proprietor of
an animal circus, wns summoned for
cruelty to a small bear and a monkey.
It was alleged that on Monday night
defendant Introduced Rt the People's
Palaco and Aquarium what was described as a light between the bear and
the monkey. The latter had Hod to!
lis neck a heavy weight, which pre-'
vented ll from moving easily; aud a
small black bear Was dragged on to
the stage, evidently very much against
Its wilt,
I am now liilnidiicliig John Johnson, defendant told the audience. You
will now see a flrht between black and
white, lie then Incited thc animals
to tight.
The monkey lumped upon the bear's
baek and bit lt about the eyes, The
bear alteiup'ed tn escape from the
stage, but the defendant dragged ll
forward again and a fierce struggle ot
about ono minute's duration ensued
between the animals.
Tho bear I.-ced Itself, but the de
feudant ngnin brought It up to tho
scratch and u furl her light took place.
Tha audience rose almost en maese
and protected against, the continuance
ot the disgraceful exhibition and subsequently the manager burred the performance for the rest of the week.
Defendant told the magistrates that
tie waa very sorry that he had ever
shown tho boar-. The two animals
had played together like kittens,
The magUtratos Imposed a fine of
{5 and Costa.
Nine Out  of  Evary   Ten   Show
Symptoms  of This   Serious
Don't Persecute
your Boweb
Cut out catliirtlca and pnrxati.,,.  thxy _._ _t
bnil_il.-h_ir,lt-uoriCL-ii,ary. Try
Purely VMrttablt, Act
Kntly on tljtllvi
inlimt* bll,,«
wills bowl
Well lliiemeh. .ni h__|l.''.n, «, nUbn, law.
Small Pill, 9n_.ll Do.., Small Price.
Genuine am* bu. Signature
The Central Business College, Toronto, with Four City Branch Schools.
—The Central Teftgraph and Hallroad
Sohool and Ths Shaw Correspondence
Sohool, aro row commonly known as
"Shaw's Schools," In these schools
a great work Is being done In training
young people for business pursuits
ah.1 for earning good salaries, The
annual ourrldulum ls Interesting and
la mallod freo on sending request to
W, II. Shaw, Prealdent, Toronto,
Ho steadily dues anaemia undermine
tho health ot young, growing girls and
young women that It Is rightly regarded as one of the greatest enemies of
her sex. Sine women out of ten
are bloodless, more or lass, ami in
many cases neglect has allowed anaemia to develop Into hopeless decline,
There Is a security antl new strength
for weak, tired girls and women iu
Dr. Williams' Pink Villa for Pale
People. They actually main tlie
new, good blood of health that bani.ti-
es the "alwapa tired" weakness, and
lis continual backaches ot anaemia.
They drive away headaches, tha low
spirits, the palpitation of Iho overworked heart and the fits of nervousness that nferli the women whose
weak blood ls unable to nourish their
wasting frames. Dr, Williams' Pluk
Pills have given health to unhappy
auaemies lu cases loo numerous to
record. Here is one example, Miss
Hattlo B. While, Whitehall, Ont.,
says:- "Seme two years agn I became
very much run down. I consulted n
doctor who told me that It vita a bad
casa of anaemlu and nervousness, I
had most of Uie symptoms tliat accompany this trouble, such ua headaches,
a tired feeling, poor appetite, and pallor, The doctor's medloiue did not
seem to help me and then 1 began
changing from one medicine to another, but with no better results.
Finally at Uie suggestion of my mother I decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I got two boxes antH»y the
time I had taken tliem 1 began to feci
better, This cheered me very much,
and I continued using the Pills until
I had taken tine or ten boxes, when
1 was again enjoying the very best
of health, and bad gained in weight as
well. I have proved In my caso ilia;
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are .1 cure
for auaemla, and can recommend
them to similar sufferers."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box, or six bnves
for »3.r,0, from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Matter of Taste
He was the sort or young men who
lakes a (.irl out ami talks a lot of
protty things, but never dreams of busing anything, not even a penny bar of
cocoanut taffy. They had been walking out together fnr quite n time, nnd
she was gettlns n bli tired of It, Ono
evening they cnuin to a pause outside
n gaily dooorated confectioner's shop.
Look, darling, he whispered gushingly,
I can seo your beautiful s.veet fucc
quite clenrly In  Hint  whitlow,
But alio wan determined on making
a chango. '.'lint's nil right, George,
about my s»rot face, sho said, coldly.
I'm tired of hearing about it. I wish
you'd remember my sweet moth now
und then Instead,
One Saturday night, at the hour
struck eight, a small figure might have
been seen sitting up ln Its cot, and
gating thoughtfully into space. The
thinker was little Bobble and he was
up against tho biggest problem he had
ever had to tackle ln all the vast experience of hts six years,
Were father, mother and brother
Jack'golug out while he was put safely; to bed? That waa the question
und ohl how to And out.
Stay! A tnought suddenly strtiak
Master Bobble, aged six, and he called
tn blather Jack to come at ones,
Hrotlrer Jack came and was hugged
violently for two or three moments
and then thrust on ono side.
Call mummle now! demanded Bobbie,
Mummle was called and subjected
to Identically the same treatment, ex-
oept after pushing her away from
him, Bobbie looked steadily at her,
triumph struggling with sorrow iu his
face as he exclaimed.
There! I knew It.. Vou ara all going out without maj I ean smell
fresh soap on your facesl
Used according to dlreoUcns, Dr. .T.
D, Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will
afford relief ln the most acute form of
summer complaint. Whenever the
attack manifests itself no time should
be lost ln seeking the uld of the Cordial, lt. will not Immediately ou -the
stomach and intestines and allay tho
Irritation and pain. A (rial of il. will
convince anyone of ttie truth of these
Distribution From ths Dominion   Experimental   Farms.    1912-1113
By Instructions of tlie Hon. Minister of Agriculture a distribution of
| superior sorts of grain nnd potatoes'
', will be made during the coming win-
! ter and spring to Canadian farmers
| Tbo samples for general distribution j
Willi consist of spr>ig wheat, 5 lbBfJ
white oats, • lbs:  barley, 5 lbs; and!
Held peas 6 Hts>  These will bo sent
out from Ottawa.    A distribution ot!
potntoes fn 3 11) samples will be ear-j
lied on from several of the export-[
mental farms, tho Central Farm at;
Ottawa supplying only the provluces
of Ontario and Quebec.   All samples
will be sent free, by mall.
Applicants must give particulars lu
fegard to the soil on their farms, and
some account of their experience with
suoh kinds ot grain (or potatoes) as
they have grown? so that a promising
sort for their conditions may be selected .
Bach application mutt be separate
and must be signed by the applicant.
Only one sample of grain and one of
potatoes can be sent to oach farm.
Applications ou any kind of printed
form cannot be accepted. *. It two or
mere samples are asked for ln the
same letter only one will be sent.
As the supply of teed is .limited,
farmers are advised to apply early;
but the applications will not necessarily be filled In the exact . order In
which they are received. Preference will always be given to the most
thoughtful and explicit requests, Applications received after the end of
January will probably be too late.
All applications for grain (and applications from the provinces of Ontario and Quebec for potatoes) should
be addressed to the Dominion Cereal-
Is!, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Such applications require no
postage, ]f otherwise addressed delay and disappointment may occur.
Applications, for potatoes, from
farmers ln any other province should
be addreaaed (postage prepaid) to .the
Superintendent of the nearest Branch
Experimental Farm In that province.
Awful Asthma Attacks. Is there a
member ot your family who la ln the
power of this distressing trouble? No
service you oan render him will equal
the bringing to his attention of Dr.
J, D, Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, This
remarkable remedy rests Its reputation upon what it has done for others.
It has a truly wonderful reoord, covering years and years ot success ln
almost overy part of this continent,
aud even beyond the aeas,
Very Evident
An old hou-vlvant who kept, a lino
establishment received a visit from
his maiden-aunt. He took great pride
In showing her over tho place nnd
pointing out Its many treasures, re-
marks I.lpplneoU's. As n special
favor he let her havo a glimpse ot his
famous wine collar.
You're Hie fli-Bt woman who has
ever Eot foot lu here, ho said.
Gracious, I should say I waa, ahe
replied, Why the place la full of cobwebs.
The Cheery Ad. Man
New Merchant—How   big   nn   ud
wouW you advise?
Advertising Mnn—Tliat depends on
how many tons of customers your
store floor will sustain. Vou would
not want 'cm to break through Into
the cellar, of course.
Mnny n boy lias acquired somo very
good habits by not following in thc
footstops of Ids father.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Gargst   In
\ Tlie strenuous minister dispenses
rellglbn by the pound.
A Treat
Crisp, delicately
Ready to serve without
further cooking by adding
cream or milk.
Often used with fresh
or canned fruit.
"The Memory Lingers''
Csnsdlsn Fosium Cereal Co.,
Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.
Conquered by GIN PILLS
Mr. W. G. Reid, Hamilton, Ont., wiilss:
*'I have been for the last two year, a
cripple with Muscular and Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I tried almost every thing
known to medical science and sought
change of climate without relief. Your
manager iu this city recommended Git.
I'ills and I have sincetaketi eight boxes
and am now cured. I consider Giu
Pills the conqueror of Rheumatism and
Kidney Disease".
50c. a box, 6 for $2.30. Sample Iree
if you write National Drugind Chemical
Cd. of Canada, Limited, l'oroulo.     IM
A few titers south of C.P.R. Depot
Rate* »1.I0 to 12.00 per Set
Oulslna unsxeellM
Het *nS ctld water In every rears
Hetol  practically  Flreersel
All Outside Rooms
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
Geo.  Wright A Mack Carroll
A Matter of no Importance
Little Kitty, with arms spread well
across tl-.-* 11\ lo, and with little tongue
well out, was bending over a piece ot
paper, on which she made queer and
Illogical dots and marks.
Darling, cried her mother, as she
came Into the dining-room nnd found
the cnrly head bo low over its task,
what aro you doing?
Oh, Just writing to my friend, I.lllle
Smith! auswerctl Kitty quietly, and
resumed her wayward scratches,
Her mother suppressed a laugh ns
she .rallied the earnest little 'dashes
sorawled across tli_t white paper.
Then she finally said, trying to speak
with as much Indifference in her voice
as had her little daughter:
But, dearast, you don't know how
to write, do you?
No, luunislo, replied tho small
Borlbe, ns Bhe glanoed round pityingly
nt her par ont, But what does that
matter? Mille Smith cau't read.
—tako   on   weleht   faster -
make Detter beef— when dehorned.    Cows   arlvo   more
milk—and half the danger tn
shipping by rail or boat Is
itoes the work In 2 minute*,.
Cuts from 4 sides at once.
Write for free booklet.
R.  H.  McKENNA,
Robert St.  Toronto, Out.  Mention
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
Made to Measure
The traveller wes waiting at the
llttlo countryside station when ho was
suddenly stn.-llcd by a sharp rinsing
of a bell.
Instantly three ot the railway employees ranged themselves up In a!
lino 011 the platform, and slood at at-'
tent Ion,
A moment later a locomotive flash-'
ed by with a single carriage, Out of
the window of ths carrtuge a man
was loaning. lie made hurried notes
lu n pocket-book as he pnssed.
The traveller marvelled greatly, and
Inquired of lhe station-master the I
meaning of lhe strange scene ho had j
That'.' replied the official.   Tlmt wan
the company's tailor measuring us for1
new suits. ,
Thou the traveller'went mad and
promptly lioutht a station sandwich.
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
Cleans and disinfects everything
ln your home from the cellar to tho
attic. Put lt on your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors, Woodworlt,
Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture, etc.
Makes eery thing Just like new.
Money refunded if not satisfactory.
Mnde by tho
Hamilton, Canada
While tlio new Grand Trunk Pacific
Intel in Edmonton has been christened after Sir John A. Macdonald the
Grout. Canadian stutcsmuu lt ls nlso
suid tu be n fact thut tho original net-
tier In Ufa Albertan Capital was a man
named John Macdonald, who came
from Guilh tit the closo of the eighteenth century nnd established what
Is today a thriving city of 55,000 before the Hudson's ilny Company eroded lis fort and irndlng station on tho
banks of the Saskatchewan Ittv.r. It
in sold that ho proceed the plain* with
na ok team In the n-.ininier at 1780 and
located on n fnVm over-looking tho
river, within n stone's throw of wbat
Is now tho pplnclpal business thoroughfare. Thus tiin "Chateau Macdonald," will have double unsocial'ons
nnd a link with tlio history of tho
clt.i* in ivi;!i'b It is jUuatefl an well ne
wlih iho history it lhe entire Dominion.
Edward cleaned up 510,000 yesi, r-
Edwin    Great.      How did he tlo It?
Edward—Oh, easy enough. Used
ono of these new machines for washing bunk notes.
Tne Playing of It
Town Hand f,eutler-v,'hl8 Is great.
Most of the audience is wee.)..''.
Oboe player—Aw. I bet It Isn't, ihe
sentiment of thc piece—it's the way
wo plavcd It.
She Had Such
Beautiful Hands
that It was perfect!)' evident
tlmt ulie wed .snap, the
origins! lintul
cleaner, to (*<
move tlie grime
of housewodcs
JIaud deane™
hy i.ny oilier
lur:.** do ttot
(tmcll m tweet.
Ayo1i) funk
inilutiofn, ami
remember thc
ftauift :•'■
Ortar fr-Kn four dtklarto-fef,
*»"• ct>upoT_i. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
fine Display of Jewelry    j   J- A- MaCawim w*** undoubtedly
' head  tbe   poll   for sehool trustees.
A. D. Morrison has now the finest His   knowledge  of city affairs will
display of goods suitable for Christ-  make him a  valuable   member   on
maa gifts ever   brought to   Grund  »h*? bl"--»>-    F°"*<»  Kerby   and K,
„   ,       T»   , • .      i HukIics are also good men.
Jorge.    He has a  grunt  variety of       6 b
silverware, flatware, cut glass,  dia-:    This is the first year since   amal-
monds, watches,  clocks and   other gcmaiiun   lhat   the  linancial state
ment has not been  published  prior
to the civic nominations.
useful and ornamental goods suitable for presents. The seeker after
pretty, appropriate and inexpensive f If deemed necessary in the inter
gift articles should not fail to visit ] est of the city. The Sun will issue
Mr. Morrison's store. an 8Xlra sUet the nominations have
beeu mude.
6. A, Evans, editor and Publisher !
em,.     itw .«     i      a A NEWSPAPER ie often  accused  of
flUlJPUStfatUl-irDrRSSPttH ••knocking" when it tells the truth
'The real "knockers" nre the people
who make it necessary forthe papers
to disclose tbt* (acts. Tbe members
of the present council nre "knockers" to such an extend that even the
boldest paper in the district—The
Sun—has refrained from giving publicity to tbe city's linancial policy.
Mini  MJfi
One Year (In advance)  1.110
One Year, tn lulled Statei  1.60
Address all oommunloatlotii to
Thb Bvbmino'Sun,
Phosi B.« Gkand Poms, B.C
The municipal campaign was
started WVtlnesoay night, wben the
ratepayers of the West ward met
and entlorsed candidutes for mayor,
aldermen and school trustees. Then
a lull occurred until today. This
afternoon a number of prominent
citizens induced G. M. Fripp to enter the mayoralty race. As far 68
the contest for chief executive is concerned, Mr. Fripp's candidature
nullifies the action taken by the
residents of the West ward, in istnuch
as Mr. McCallum, who was the
choice of that ward, did not give
the meeting definite assurances tbat
the would accept the nomination,
and he has siuce signified hie intention of keeping of tbe contest. This
cuts the mayoralty candidates down
to Mr. Fripp and the present mayor
(it is taken for granted that Mr.
Gaw is in the field, but not in the
race). Mr. Fripp should prove an
easy winner. The citizens need
only to compare his record as mayor
witb the record of the present incumbent of the office to justify them
in giving him their enthusiastic
Some very good aldermanic timber has heen brought out in the Eust
ward. The names most frequently
mentioned are those of H, E Woodland. W. K. C. Manly, J. A. Smith
and Fred Downey. A delegation
could be picked from these names
tbat should be able to pull the city
out of tbe peculiar situation into
which the present municipal ad
ministratiion has brought it.
How Trees Live and Die
Trees literally breathe, inhaling
oxygen and exhaling carbonic' acid
gas. The leaves are the lungs of the
tree. On the lower surface of the leaf
are vast multitudes nf minute moths
or openings (HlO.OOO to the square
inch, it is estimated) which admit
the air and expel the carbon.
There are other openings, called
lenticels, in the bark dots and lines
which can be eiaily seen on the
twigs and smooth branches, which
help tbe leaves just as the pores ol
the skin help the lungs. The perspiration of plants is technically
known as transpiration.
The exhalation of water from the
leaves is very great. Thut from a
large oak is estimated at 150 gallons
a day during the summer. The evaporation of water from the forests is
fully as important as that from tbe
ocean, if not more so. The ocean
alone could not produce rain enough
to sustain vegetation.
The tip endB of the tree roots ab-
l irb moisture from the ground even
in zero weather, but the passage of
water fn m the roots up the trunk is
r.-larded until winter relaxes its hold.
The largest roots anchor tbe tree to
the soil and do but little else. The
slender rootlets and the tips of the
large roots collect all that part of
lhe tree's food which comes from the
Trees eat and drink through the
leaves nnd the rootlets. While they
breathe all the time, day and night,
rain or shine, as steadily as we rln,
they feed only part of the tim>*.
They sleep in the night, iluri"!»
rainy weather and throughout the
winter. The growing season is very
ftiort, ending by midsummer.    The
summer drouths cut off or diminish
the supply of water. The leaves are
battered and eaten by insects,
A long period af rest is essential
that twigs may harden and the wood
ripen, Careful preparation for winter
takes the places of further thickening of the trunk or lengthening of
the limbs. The twigs and stems and
roots m'uet be stocked with food.
The trees strive to take in all tbe
nutritious parts of each leaf before it
casts it off When winter comes it
generally finds the tree ready. The
lenticels are sealed during the winter to prevent the breathing away of
the tree's moisture.
Each leaf is a laboratory, where
minerals and gases, water and sunshine nre made into nourishment for
the living issu», from which comes
wood, cork, fioweL fruit and a large
number of gums, oils, essences and
perfumes which have become indispensable in art, manufacture and
The leaves take charge of the
nourishment of the tree as soon ns
they open. They prepare food only
in the daytime, and in the presence
of the sunlight; the more warmth
Ihe more work. They make a complex substance known as starch,con
taining carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The tree finds its growing season inaugurated when it is supplied
with foi ag*. Each leaf is a builder.
A larger sugar maple is estimated to
have 432,000 leaves, presenting to
the sunlight nn aim of half an acre.
The wood of the tree is nnt alive,
neither is the bark. But between the
hark and the wood is n peculiar cellular substance known as cambium,
which is the living part of the tree,
frnm which new tissue" are developed. This ministry by the leaves is
what lenghtens the hranches and
roots and adds to the tree's diame
ter. The upward mounting of the
sap remains one of ths unexplained
mysteries of tree life. If a tree is
girdled it usually dies because the
descending sap can not reach the
reach the roots, which soon ne*-.«h
of starvation from lack of the food
sent them by the leaves.
A tree does not die of old oee. It
necnmulntet. infirmities with tbe
years and tins manv dise-""-0. Il
may starve or die nf thirst; caterpil
Inr* may eat ils folia-"*, scale tnurs
suck its juices, beetles tunnel under
the hark, scab, rust, moulds, rot
blight may prey upon it. The wind
is also un enemy.
Holiday  Presents
Carving sets    1847 Rogers Silverware
Skates    Pocket Knives
Etc., Etc.
Special Gifts
tj*. Supreme Souviner Range
A White Sewing Machine
$10.00 Down---$5.00 per Month
It. would he something of a jar t
onr etjotism if we knew the things for
which people pity us
The reason whv wmen have no
sense of humor is bera_une tln-v an
slated to live with men
You can't make evervbrdy happy,
hut if you set about it you can keep
t'ie neighborhood amused.
Maybe he doesn't make the best use
of thorn, hut. the man whoJdoeWt wor
ry conserves his vital forces the  Ion,
Some business men nre so fond of
being   deceived   that they even en
denvor to believe thnt they can resell
the consumers of this district  without advertising!!! The Sun.
There are lots ef honest people in
Ihe world. ILyou have lost something perhaps an honorable person
(ound it.
This is an honest paper and honest
people read it.
Ten Ihem abuut youi loss in eut
Classified Want »ds
We Offer to Our Patrons
13k finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb. Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
is a guarantee of good' quality.
Fish of all kinds tn season.
P. BURNS Ct\% CO.,l«
Silver Kliif. and Silver Queen Mineral
.'talma, iltuate In the llrmid Fork- Mining
Division ii! Vnle District. ■       . .   ■     |
Whore l_ora.«l: On the Eaet Fork of the
North Fork ol Keltle Hirer.   ,,,_,,
AKB NOTICE that I. Jacob M. Paulaen.
Five Miner*! Crrltltt'ste No. 8*81811, fur
myself ond as aee1" '*" Wllllsm'll. Hoffman,
pxeoutor, ami Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will ot Ciitherine Hoffman, Iree Miner■
CertHtcate No. S5817B. Intend, sixty daya
Irolfl date hereof, to apply to tlie Mining
Kcrerdcr torn Oitlfli-iiteol Improvements, for
the pariHtse of obtaining crown grants ol the
above cluim* — . ,
Anil further tuko notice that action, uniler
section :.7, must be commenced before Ihe issuance of auch Ccrlllcaies of I niprovemert.
Dated this ith day ol May, A.D 1912.
Of time and energy can be avoided
by thc use of our Claiiified Want
Ada Time and energy rcprcicnt
good dollari in (kit ife. Do not exhaust i*hcm in an timlcii search foi
goad help, llw aar Waal Adt and
thc help will coma M fa,
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Don't forget that The Sun hae the
best job printing depnrrment in Ihe
Boundary country.
Lot* of people get stone bruises nn
their consciences travelling the rocky
rind to fortune.
Don't he misled hy false state-
nients of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, becnuse it is roud by more
people than nny other paper printed
in the Boundary tlistriet.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhoiiol restore! every nerve ln the body
t-nospnunoi,, ||( _.__._._»jjjjj." _ „,,    '
vim and vitality. Premature dcrny and alt sexual
weakness averted at ence. Phoaphonol will
make yoa a new man. Price js a box. or two tor
». Mailed to any address. The Bcobell Drag
Co- It. Catharines. Oat.
THB STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national In all Its
It uses the most expensive eflgrav-
lngs,. procuring the photographs from
all over the world,
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy ls thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address in
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co-.
Limited, Publishers, I   ■•-
Snaps for the LiveOnes
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
argued—that individual strength
would make for separation. But I
have no sympathy whatever with that
point of view. On the contrary, 1
believe that in proportion as the self
governing dominions grow in power
tliey will feel a stronger desire to
share in the responsibilities   and   the
"If the self governing states were
going, under our present constitutional arrangements, merely to contribute to a central navy, whether in
money, or, better still, in men and
ships, I do not think they would take g|ury uf the emp'ire."
that interest and pride in the matter
which it is essential they should take.
They should continue, as now, absorbed in their local affairs, and, even
if they felt their obligation to the empire as a whole, they would rest con
tent to liave discharged it by such a
contribution. The contribution, under these circumstances, would probacy not be large, but that is not really
the weakest point in such a system.
Its fatal weakness is that the participation of the self governing states in
imperial affairs would begin and end
with the contribution."—Lord Milner
Why should not Laurier and th
Liberals stand for a Canadian navy
Boaden and the Conservatives stood
for that policy three years ago, and
conditions have not changed since.—
Tortonto Globe.
Under the Borden policy, when
Great Britain is at war Canadians will
be at home—under the bed.—Manitoba Free Press.
Canada's naval gift will cost Canada, at three per cent, (1,050,000 a
year, and will cost Britain $3,000,000
a year.—Toronto Globe.
Rev. George Woods, of Earl Grey,
Sask., has resigned his charge and become a carpenter. He will still have
an opportunity for plane living and
high thinking.—MacLeod   Spectator.
Canada proposes to give to the
motherland the one thing she does not
ueed—money.— Manitoba Free Press.
A Toronto editor has been knighted
Surely newspaper men have enough
difficulties to overcome without being
classed with sausage makers, brewers,
tea peddlers, pettifoggers, cenien'
mixers, horse trainers, etc,—lie*
Denver Record.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier's policy
gests separation," says the London
Free Press. A Canadian capable of
using such an argument has degenerated to the lowest stages of pusillanimity. . "I know," says Lord  Milner,	
"that it may be argued—it has been iled look.—Toronto Globe,
William Blakemore, editor of the
Week, is opposed to Mot-monism.
William Blakemore, 'Doukhobor commissioner, ik apparently not opposed to
free love*. William is a very versatile
individual—in his pronouncements.—
New Denver Record.
When the American colonies
revolted against Britain the most du
spited men in lhe British army were
the Hessians— men paid to light fur
others. Yet today the Borden government holds the people of the old
motherland in the same despicable
light—men to be hired, and hired as
cheaply as possible to fight for Canada.—Regina Leader.
/I We \
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Canada is to provide the ships and
the gnns, Britain is to provide the
men behind the guns, and the powder
and the coal, and the hardtack, and
all the other things needed to maintain the men and the ships. And yet
they are to be our ships and subject to
recall. No wonder John Bull begins
to scratch his head and assume a puz
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber does not take his paper out of
the postofiice, antl state the reason for
its not being taken. Auy neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it ont of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
6 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled ior, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
®lj? flkanh Jtoka &mt
and the Montreal
3Famtlg fwalb anil Ute-khj £>tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
Bridge Street,
Hot nil Cold Baths
fir.t-Clin __•_, Pool
Bnd lllUrd Room
In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes
out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Oil, that holds 41 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will refund your money" cheerfully.
. Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of yonr
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
Name . :	
We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
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lamps, so fi out coupon below and send us your order at
Address a  orders to—
Empire Oil Co.,
BOX 2196 Winnipeg:, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty- » *W ,  ■       **. -o.-     .........
SANOL is the    Most    Reliable   and
Rapid Cure for this Painful and
Dangerous    Disease.   Strong
Thero are hundreds of sufferers from
sail-stones who will bo glad to Uno'A" oi
the great results toeing derived from the
use of 6ANOL, tho remedy that Is safe,
sure and remarkably rapid In its action,
it removes tho necessity of an operation.
Relief comes promptly, the stones being
dlsiolved or passed oft Iq tho stool without danger to tho patient nnd without
pain. SANOL lias cured hundreds ol
people in Canada of this painful and dan-
gerous disease. We hava mauy testimonials from people who havo thus been
cured. For obvious reasons we eannot
publish their names but many or those
who havo been cured aro quite willing to
tell others in eonfldenco of the results of
using SANOL. Wo are nble to gJva
names anu addresses or numbers ft.
these aud will gladly do so to nil wiio
The following extract Is taken from the
letter of a well-known Toronto gentleman .
"Replying to your letter. I followed your
Instructions and purchased two bottles of
SANOL. You might send me as mtu-h
nf the mixture as I need. If I can in any
way help the sale of SANOL and by doing so nelo somo otlier unfortunate. 1
wm be only too pleased to do so, as I
consider it the best remedy ever mad^.
You have a medicine that is worth millions,"
SANOL ls already widely recognized by
tho medioal profession of Canada as a
specific remedy for Kidney atones, gallstones, kidney disease, gravel, stones In
The bladder and all other diseases due to
the presence of uric add in tlio system.
SANOL la also a great and reliable preventive and if taken at any time by those
who have any weakness of the kidney or
bladder will often prevent a serious illness.
SANOL Is made only by tlie SANOL
077 Main Street, "Winnipeg. For sale by
all druggists or direct from the makers
n.t SI.SO per bottle.
_ Book I*i-...    A x.mo'.x
■<>■•  treatment relieved
Itinlrea title Iriy'jbreMl
Old eeree, alcere **i
.,     ,„ IrowlM core*.    Deecrlbe
rear treeble | we will text beek Ml teetlmeilele,
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds— En<{'.nss,
Pumps, and Heavy Plata Work
Writ* ui tor PrleM
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
llM,Wimuiw'i SooriuNo Svkhp _.•« fc«»
lined lor over SIXTY VBARS by MILLIONS ot
la the beet remedy for DIARKHd.A.. It to **•
Mlutely haritiles«. Be sure and aak for "Mre.
win_'.o'w-B S-othini Synip," and Uke ao othef
kind,  Iwentj-Svc cents a bottle.
S65 to S200
A Month. Xeara a new profession.
Beren Week*. We ha*o JoB* for in me
faitiittrert men before Mny 1st, 1013.
Tha Plan That Failed
Ha waa a dear old profeaaor. very
learned and very absent-minded. And
the latter trait ot his was constantly
getting blm into hot water. This
did not worry hiin so much as the
one tact that he could never find his
clothes ln the morning on getting up,
having compbtely forgotten where he
had laid them.
One memoi'atile duy, however, a
brilliant inspiration came to blm He
would devise a clothes plan. He Uld,
and It ran something like this:
Coat on third peg left baud corner
ot room, waistcoat and trousers on
cbalr by bed, collar on door-handle,
tie through key ot door, vest on floor
by window, cuffs on bedstead knobs,
shirt ou portmiintcau, sockB on gasbracket, boots outside door, professor
ln bed.
This worked splendidly, and next
morning tlie dear old thing collected
his wardrobe with lightning rapidity,
until ho came to the last Item on bis
list. He rushed to the bed; but it
was empty.
Running his hand through his
scanty grey locks, he exclaimed, in
deep despair:
There! Now the professor Ib lost.
I'm much afraid utic-r all tbis plan ls
no good.
Ship Your i
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Far-Reaching Influence
What is meant by graft? saitl tho
Inquiring foreigner.
Graft, said the resident of a great
city, ls a eyBtein whicli ultimately re
suits in compelling a large portion of
the population to apologize constantly
for not -having money, and the remainder to explain how they got lt.
No one need endure tlie agony of
corns with Holloway's Com Cure a
band to remove them.
What r.re'you doing dear? asked the
little girl's mother, as she paused to
look at some very strango marks the
Child was making on a piece of paper
I'm writing a letter lo I.lllie Smith
was the answer.
Hut my dear, laughed Ilie mother,
;ou don't know how to write,
Ob, that doesn't matter, Mother,
I.lllie doesn't know liow to read.
Wc. a box or six boxes tor jj.50.
at ill dsalaej, or The Oodde Medl-
olne Company, Limited, Toronto,
W.N.U.  926
Raw, Inflamed, Itching Skin Is Soothed
tnd Healed by
Barber's Itch Is a form of IUngworm
which, when once started, is most annoying and unsightly, autl most difficult to cure. Barbers often refuse to
shave anyone having this disease, for
fear of passing it on to other custom;
But you can cure Barber's itch and
keep the skin wonderfully soft and
healthy by applying Dr. Chase's Ointment. Just read what this teacher
has to say abont. the healing power of
I>r. Chase's Ointment.
Mr. Chas. C. Poirier. Upper Cara-
qnei .-5.B., writes:—"Two years ngo
while teaching at. Shippegan I caught
Barber's Itch. A friend told mo Dr.
Chase's Ointment wotdd cure me, ns
It had hiin. When I went, for a box
I 'thought it doar, but wheu I found
how good it was I thought it cheap.
"Not only was I cured by that slugle
box. but It also cured two ot my pupils, and this too quickly to lie believed. One of them, a girl, had a
running Bore on the chin, which the
doctor "had tried in vain to cure. The
other had a sore on thc car; water
running out ot it. all -the time*. I
can certify to thc cure ot theae
Wherever there is Itching skin or
a sore tliat refuses to heal you can
apply Dr. Chase's Ointment with positive assurance tliat thc result will be
entirely satisfactory. The Boothtag.
healing power of this great ointment
is truly wonderful. 60c. a box. at. all
dealers or Bdmanson, Bates &. Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
I tell you. Edgoly, said Mr. Todd
as tliey sat ln tho park, the way women dress these days ls absurd. And
nine times out ot ten it Is thc fault
of the men. .Iust for instance, take
that woman coming down the park.
Some fool husband has told her she
looks perfectly charming iu that outrageous get-up, lacking tho stamina to
come right out bluntly and tell her
that sho looks positively ridiculous.
Since this remark, Mr. Todd has
never been seen in public without his
glasses.    Tbe woman was Mrs. Todd.
Gentlemen,—In July 190j 1 wns
thrown from a roud machine, injuring
my hip and back badly aud was
obliged to uso a crutch for 14 months.
In Sept. 1000 Mr. Wm. Outiitlge of
Lachute urged mc to try MINARD'S
LINIMENT, whicli I did with the most
satisfactory results and to-day I am
as well as ever iu my life.
Yours sincerely,
lie waB standing near one uf tho
stamp windows lit the general post office. Ills fnco was flushed and his
features distorted, wlillo he tugged
with his ic?t It at a knot In his handkerchief. When tho knot gave way
a friend, who had bcen watching the
unusual performanee, stepped up and
asked: What was tlie knot for—to remember BometliliiR?
Yes, to have my wife's umbrella
Did you have 11. done?
No; forgot lhe blamed tblng In Iho
subway. But I remembered ibe knot
nil light.
Ah. Jack, old fellow. Haven't seen
you since your wedding two year3
ago.     liow goes matrimony?
Very well, thanks. Hut, Jove, it's
expensive comfort. Tlio dicssfliakcr
alone.    It I bad known—
You would have remained single,
No, no. but I would have married
tho tlre?8inaker.
Zam-Buk Will Cure Them.
The particular danger of chapped
hands and cold cracks (apart altogether from the pair.) is that the cold
ls.likely to penetrate and aet up inflammation, festering, or blood-poisdn.
Directly the skin is broken by a cut.
gr;ize or scratch, or chafed and cracked by the action of the cold winds
and water, the one necessary precaution 19-to apply Zam-Buk freely.
Tlie pure herbal Juices from which
Zam-Buk ls prepared are so perfectly
combined and refined that tlie Immediate effect of these Zam-Buk dressings
Is soothing, antiseptic, and healing.
Pulii and inflammation are allayed,
disease germs expelled from the
wound or sore, and the hitler Is
quickly healed.
Zam-Buk Is net only a powerful
healer and skin purifier; it is strongly antiseptic and germicidal, and so
forms the Ideal protection for tho skin
against disease germs.
It quickly heals cold cracks, chaps,
chilblains, cold Bores, etc.
Mrs. O. AI. Phoen, Neuchatcl, Alia..
writes:—"I must tell you how pleased
I am with Zam-Buk. My husband had
an old frostbite on his foot for many
years, and had tried almoBt every
known remedy without any effect, but
tbe first application of Zam-Buk seemed to 'help him so much that lie persevered and the sore is uow cured. We
would not be without Zam-Buk in tbe
Zam-Buk is also a suro cure for
piles, eczema, ulcers, abscesses, scalp
Eores, blood-poison, bad leg. eruptions,
eto. Its purely herbal composition
makes it the ideal balm for babies and
young children. All druggists and
stores sell Zam-Buk 50c. hos or post
free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
pi-Ices. Try also Zam-Buk Soap, 25c.
*S**SSSSSSSSs**wM    earn
Smokeless   -   '
oil Ht/vTfE
Morning, said Busitnan as he met an
acquaintance travelling up to town
on the lato train. Strange meeting
you. Yda -generally travel up a bit
earlier than this. What's become of
tlie (rain yon used to catch?
Oh, replied the other, that train's
been taken off.
Taken oft. is It? asked Mr. B., with
unnecessary curiosity. 1 suppose
you miss it?
Not so often as 1 used to, came Ihe
An actor who ls knotpi as Lew is of
German descent, and his father speaks
broken English. Lew says the old
gentlemen went to a big art gallery
recently and came homo greatly enthused.
Saw a fine painting, Louis, lie Bald.
You did?"
Yes it was a lino one—-hundreds of
people looking at it. it must haf been
worth a hundred dollars, sure.
What, was its name asked Lew.
Dot I can tell you not, but It vas a
fine picture.
Describe it to inc.
Veil, Bald tlio old gentleman, thero
vas three fellers. Von was playing
the fife, vou was playing the drum,
aud the other hatl a headache.
For Frost Bites and Chilblains.—
Chilblains como from undue exposure
lo slUBh and cold anil frose-bitc from
the icy winds of winter. In thc treatment of either there Is no better preparation than Dr. Thomas' Electilc
Oil, as it counteracts the Inflammation
and relieves the pain. Tlio acl lou of
the oil Is instantaneous and its application is extremely simple.
A tall, austere man, who was evidently a stranger in those parts entered a church in a small town lu
.Maine. He took a seat in the rear
of the churoh and listened apparently
interested for a short while. After
that he began to show nervousness,
Leaning over an old gentleman on his
right, evidently an old member ot the
congregation, he whispered:
How long has he beon preaching?
Thirty-live years. 1 think, responded
tlie old mau; but 1 don't know exactly .
I'll stay then, decided lhe stranger,
lie must be nearly finished.
Will heatr a good sized room
even in the coldest weather.
Economical.   Burns nine hours on one
gallon of oil.
Ornamental.   Nickel trimmings; plain
steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums.
Portable. Easily carried from room to
room; weighs only
eleven pounds; handle doesn't get hot
Doesn't Smoke
Doesn't Leak
Easily Cleaned
and Re-wicked
Lasts for years
At Dealer. Beeryamere
Whenever you see a well
gloved hand think of
What He Gained
Mrs. Smith was grieved and disappointed at vile conduct of her sou
tlobort. She called him into her presence and questioned him freely as to
hts latest enormity.
Mrs. Hayes tells ine tliat you tied
a tin can to her dog's tall, she said.
Yes, mother.
What a shameful thing to do,
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know that the poor tlog ran
away bo far that he has never come
back—that iic.probably ran himself to
Yes, ma'am.
Oil. Robert. What did you gain
by such conduct?
I gained a dollar from Mr. Ilayos,
Tho oldest colleges still retain Iheir
Something Worth Listening To
A young man was advised by a
frio-.ul to cat Urnpc-Xuts because he
was all run Mown from a spell of fever,
He tells tbo story.
"Last spring I had -an attack of
fever that left, me ln a very weak condition. I Ijad to Quit work; had no
uppetile. wns nervous anil discouraged .
"A friend advised nie lo eat Utape-
Nuts, but I paid no attention to bim
and kept gelt lug worse as linio went
"I look many kinds ot medicine but
none of tlicni uoemed lo help me. My
system was completely run down, my
blood got out of order from want ot
proper food, and several very large
boils broke out on my neck. I was
so weak I eouhl hardly walk.
"One day mollier ordered some
Grape-Nuts and induced me to eat
some. I felt better and that night
rested fine. As I continued to use
the food every day, I grow stronger
steadily and now have regained my
former good -health. 1 would not be
without drape-Nuts as I believe lt is
the moat health-giving food In the
world." Name given by Canadian
Postum Co.. Windsor, Ont.
Kead the book, "The Head lo Well-
illle," In pkgs.     "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
ons appears from time to time. They
srs genuine, true, snd full of human
Mrs. Ulderle Roberge. Lac Long.
Que. writes:—"I have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my baby wiio suffered from stomach trouble and vomiting, also from constipation and they
completely cured him. I can.recommend them to all mothers as the very-
best medicine for young children. The
Tablets aro suporler to all other medicines not only because thoy promptly
cure stomach trouble, constipation,
colic, etc., but because they are guaranteed to be absolutely safe and freo
from all harmful drugs. Sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams* Medicine Co., Brockville. Out.
■ ^trPsnm**a%(fuS{
t>Vk, on* cen buy-Why yon Son'1 trtn .,■-• to
..now a. hit KIND of Clot*, yonr Cooo*! isi mxl.
ol.-s- Ml,,.... in I_.poMll.la.
Sano for Fran Colo. Cord, Story Sooblat. .nl
Sooklat living motif ot Drains ovar oOtet colon.
Monlmol. Ctnnln.
A little Irishman in a state of gre
excitement and dlshablle inn Into V
lobby of a hotel.
I want a room, he said to the clci
and I want it Quick.
What room do you want? lnqtiir
the clerk politely?
I want 37.
But 37 ls already occupied—Mu
gan has that room.
I know ho has, responded the lit
Irishman. I'm Mulligan, and 1 ji
fell out of the window.
Good for Evil
Young Matter Billy Tubbs reached
homo recently with his nose streaming goro.
Goodness gracious! exclaimed his
klndhonrtcd mother. What ever
have you been doing?
Boo-hoo! roared William lhe non-
Conqueror. That boy Baggs hit my
none 'cos I called him a bully!
There, thero! cooed Ills mother, as
she restored tho small countononco
to order. I'll glvj you something
nice to give little Baggs. Tliat will
he returning good for evil.
Accordingly next morning Billy
started out with a wonderful plusfe
cako for the warlike Tommy Baggs.
But dinner-time saw him appearing
in the distance with two lovely eyea
so black antl swollen that lt was difficult oven to cry.
Willie, darling, what has happened?
asked the trembling mother, as she
drew his aching little head to her
heart.   -
Tommy Baggs—he—he, little Billy
gasped—lie wants t) know If you'll
send him a jam-tart this time.
llci-c Is the recipe for .making Wall
street consomme: Take a little common stock, and seven times as much
water -then catch your lamb.
Earned Him s50
RIAOMf   He>
.        Il-ll'l.ft'flU
■tlaalKtaritll' i :*•-.<«
lCtte esta-1 hia \'A.
■Tht •..»?* fci.l •!...•
mttla »»y  eut lum
Ittta mate. }Uar nn
Intkt •  immisns  el
ItaytOf Itacberfi tun
Icaiini __,;•« bp wMi I".«t
|d*tV*.   TliMlhryitUi
• Wf ptoSt.
Spavin Onr*
. ul to raaJrf* tuts tun ol C uW, S?»:>. By Ult.
Rlaibonc.   Ban?   i..-a-*tl>t at «_
Ufftitn    lf»n    brn.ifi f\rm*a*
•f   athtr  ou-wif    'n<*s*lrQt,,..
I u*!i •It.Ufr l-'trmin kr«(U-/ '**Ht,s*   ^^ u ■'"* ■iH»'i
x-     * ■   ■*'
• Vj.     .   *♦
"■*"■■"•-  »'"■■■
Adam Didn't Wait For Eve to
Offer Him the Apple.
Tbe girl on Ibe porch laid her hook
fnee downward beside her, a faint,
skeptical smile visible about her mouth.
"Hew do you go about It?" wss ths
<iucslluu tbat her eyes asked of tbe radiant landscape. "It's all very well to
sny lhat a womnn, lf she has not a
liump upon her back, may marry whom
the will, but how would she go about
The scratching of a match broke the
stillness, and ber meditations were snd
dAily precipitated trom the general te
the concrete.    She glanced where a]
man's form bulked In one of the hnge
growing taller, broader and more severely strong before her very eyes.
"Go back to your reading. I'm not
going to bother you another minute."
She Jumped up nnd, laying her hand
on bis arm. finished ingenuously: "Yon
lou't mind my bothering you, do you?
A girl gets so tired of woman talk! A
chat like tbis is like a plunge in a cold
stream." And sbe vanished into ths
house and scurried to her room, where
she threw a kiss to her Image in the
Theory ae te ths Csuis «f ths Crsekle)
Rear and Rumbls.
It has usually been thought that ths
noise of thunder is caused by the closing up of the vacuum created by the
passage ol ths lightning, the air rash-
ing ln from all sides with a clap. Bnl
the intensity ot the nolss is rather dis.
proportionate, and it Is now supposed
a^wm&is 5-sl*^va"srjss
well for a beginner, my love."
Down on tbe broad nluraa tbe man
had returned te ths closely printed cot-
minis before him, but after a balf hour
ho gave up.
"I'm stale," lie murmured, throwing
iio paper on tho table. "Wonder
Where's sho gone. Never before realized hc-w interesting she is-for a girl.
Bad 1 ever hsd a ladles'day? Umpbl.
That was funny 1" And he smiled at
the recollection of It.
I-'or the next two or three days she
avoided him as much as possible.
"1 must give him plenty of line," she
decided craftily, "and never let him
suspect that he's takeu the bait."
On Ihe third day lie proposed t long
wicker chairs.   Willi his hand forming tramp to her.
a screen he wSlighting a fresh cigar,     "Jon don't want.a silly thing like
seemingly oblivious to everything in[■*" she protested, will, notatJMlt
lire etceit lhat and a journal on engi-a=P;^ti»n-''l   can't   talk   about
.leering which lay In his lap. hrl?S« a»a ??' refiS?f a"lJ, f*,S"S
He was her Mother's best friend, •»* »« «"><■• interesting things that
• nd sho had known him for years, not you know about,
with much satisfaction, It must be con-'J011' '
1   "What wns lt you said the other
nan," living in a man's world lay «bout the creature that templed
ii-ding tho rustle ot feminine idam!" was his laughing reply.   "Per-
fessed,   since   he  was  notoriously  a
"man's in;
Mill regarding ...„ .   .       ,
skirts witb something of the same feel, ttana I .want to take up a new line of
lug that he did the humming of a mos-, study."
(,„!(„ |   "I jnst made him think I was tbe
But he was good te look upon-so """" dependent thing that ever lived,"
good Ibat a sudden, quick resentment «he confided Bhamelessly to her niir-
shot through her heart at his Indlffer- <™ that night. "My limid little feet
euec. It assumed the likeness of a per- could scarcely get over the ground
tonal affront, a sort of insult to her -without help, snd as for climbing
sex.   It would servo bim right lf some fences"—
girl should jnst make up her mind to I   She went off iuto a peal ot laughter
marry him aud do it, too, before he ts »ne remembered how solicitous he
I bad been about her getting over a
of gases, especially the gas ot water
I vapor along tbo line of electric dis-
I charge and the consequent conversion
of suspended moisiure into steam at
! enormous pressure.
In Ibis way jbe crackle with which
; a peal ot thunder sometimes begins
j might be regarded as ths sound ot
j steam explosion on a small scale onus-
l ed by discharges before the main
! flash. 'Ibe rumble would be ihe over-
i lapping steam explosions, and tbe final
! clap, which sounds loudest, would be
j the  slrnin  explosion   uearest to the
auditor. * •
In the case of rumbling thunder the
| lightning ls  passing from  clopd to
. cloud.   When the flash passes from
the earth to the clouds the clap Is
| loudest at tbo beginning. Trowbridge
I gavo substance to these suppositions
j by  causing electric  flashes  to pass
from point to point through terminals
clothed lu soaked cotton wool, and he
only bore ' succeeded lu magnifying tlie crack of
j the eloctrlc spark to a terrifying er-
i, tent.—Exchange.
Its Formation In ths Military Methods
of Ancient Greece.
A phalanx in (he military affairs ot
Greece was a square battalion or body
of soldiers formed in ranks and files
compact and deep, witb their shields
Joined and pikes crossing each olher so
as to render It almost Impossible to
break lt. At first t*!io phalanx consisted
of 4,000 men, but Ibis number was aft-
m-ward doubled by Philip of Maccdon.
Che city dude now takes his <erg
Aad hundred dollar (un
Aad goes Into tbe country
To hsve a let ot fun.
X* eeuld aet hit a tarn door    ,
It ho should shoot all dty.
■Is don wss raised on oheeelttoa   •
And don't know how to bay. ,
Mo surely looks courageous
With bis gun and (Ine eult,
But lt a sow Just mooed at bias
He'd up a tret quick tcoot
He'll sit fetters tbt cook stove
And drink hard elder down,
While Farmer Brown is sbootln' (tn*
Tor him to take to town.
Old Brown will skin eomt chickens—
Tbey'ro pheasants, don't you know-
Ht'H elioot somo ttmt brown rabbits.
Tou bet old Brown's not slow!
Then lie will take tiiost dur boras ,
Tbtt hung there twenty yoar.
He'll brush tbt cobwebs oft ot these
And on tbem free*, blood smear..
The dudt will slve us til a wad
And say to all, "Oootlby!"
Then quick to a photographer
The inlshty hunter fly.
Next day he'll let a balf page pu-l
An Illustrated lie.
He'll give the editor skinned ben
To make it pheasant pie.
Prlnoett  Eulslia'e  Book
Offends King Alphonst.
"The Thread ef Life," by the Countess ot Avila-such Is tbe title page of
the most discussed hook of the decade,
for the Countess ef Avlln Is none otber
than the Infanta Eulalla of Spain, and
"The" Thread of Life" ia the little volume of essays which has involved the
infanta ln so violent n discussion with
her nephew, King Alfonso.
Report made lt quite probable that
tbo publication ot tbe book would cost
Eulalla ber allowance and possibly
even ber titles, although tbese can bt
revoked only by a decree of tbe cortes.
On reading the essays ono is indeed
moved to hope that the royal lady bas
an Income tbat docs not depend ou the
approval of tbe Spanish court, for "The
"Thread of Life" Is as fiery a declaration of independence as ever woman
nailed to the wall.
Eulalla Is in revolt against very nearly  every  convention  tbat royally Is
knew what he was about. , ..   . —...   -
McnnwBlie bo bad tossed away the fenc9 N"1' Wlls ln ,*heir way-aud she   --$ t|,0 double phalanx Is hence often
match aud picked up the Journal again who conld tnrn n handspring as well | called tho Macedonian phalanx, l'olyb-
in      _■ i     i.   .i     i lus describes It thus:
"lt was a square of plkemen. consisting of 10 in flank and SOO In front.
The soldiers stood so close together
that the pikes of tho fifth rank extended threo feet beyond the front. Tbe
rest, whoso pikes wero not serviceablo
owing to tbeir distance from the front,
couched them upon the shoulders of
tboso who stood before them and. so
locking them together in file, pressed
forward lo support and, push on tbe
former rank, by which means the as-
as imperturbably as lf be were alone,, »« cltlier °* uer brothcrsl
a pair of half Indignant eyes watching'   "Of course I couldn't do It If I really
him with a combination of pique and U*<& Wm." "I"* murmured.   '1 hen.the
amusement «lrI In tho mirror averted her face
It certainly would serve him rlaht, | quickly. "I'm just going to glvo tilm a
her thoughts ran on, it some lady •»»<* needed lesson, you know," she
should just wind him round and round ™Dt- Ml. 'ms tlme (he girl looked into
her finger, make him fetch and carry her eyes for n moment. After that she
«t her beck and call, reduce him to a' threw herself on tbe bed and bmlcd a
perfect mush of sentiment. Something, not f»ce ln *ne Pillows.
In her steady gaze caused him to move! A" the weeks went by tbe slarlllng
uneasily, then look up. : conviction that there was ono girl in
"Did yoo speak?" the world who never bored him, uever   _ 	
He had tho perfunctory manner of a' ****■« *•'*** lc>ti. to escape and get back I MU7tVas"rom.ci-cd m"ore violent and
person who knows he must keep guard to his own kind, came to be a certain- j jrres|stii,ie." -lll0 SI)ea,-3 of those bo-
over himself or he will be guilty ot, ty to the man.   With the coming of j bm _]B. „,opp(,a tlle missncs of tbe
Rations are of three kinds-narrow,
wide and balanced. When narrow it
contains too much protein, when wldt
it bas an excess of carbohydrates,,
which Include fnU, and wben balanced protein and Carbohydrates stand
In the ratio one of protein to 4.0 carbohydrates.
For the convenience of friends who
desire to balance tho ration so thai
hens get just what they need we furnish this content table:
Total car- Nutrl*
Pro- bohydrales tlvt
lein.     and fr.u.    ratio.
Corn  .",-■) "6.4        1:9.7 .
Wheat  10,-i 73 1:7
Oats    9-2 s..»        '■■<•■*■
Barley    «.; tt.'i        H7.I
Buckwheat    7.7 53.3        "!:«.»
Kaffir corn    7.s 43.2        l:».l
Corn bran    7.4 70.1 1:1.4
Wheat bran lit IM 1:3.7
Wheat mlds 1S.I 40.7 1:4,7 j
Buckwheat mlds..   2.2 46.1 1:2.1
Beef scrap <ii.l IM IAS
Dried blood M.8    ,       M 1:0.1
Blood meal » 58 1*1
Cried fish 44.1 M.J 1*1
Green cut bone.... 1* 4J J:S.»
Buttermilk     I.» SI 1*1
gktomll--    U »9 1:41 !
Clover (Hi-led)   6.1 63.J 1:0.1
Alfalfa (dried)  11 41.3 1:3.8
L'abbaga     IS a.l 1:5.1
Mangels     M 10.4 1:6.1
Turnips    U 7.» 11M
Votatc.ee     OH lo.S l:t!.l
somo remissness. A heroic resolution
In do his duty was visible In hts face.
"No," she drawled, "I didn't speak.
But If yon don't mind very mucb I
think I will. I'd like to ask yon, for
instance, If you have ever bad a ladles* day?'
"A ladies' day'/" he repeated helplessly, shaking off his eyeglasses with
a characteristic movement, while bis
tormentor watched him as lf he had
been some sort of specimen that she  the ground she picked up one of the
this knowledge the world seemed
brighter, livelier place.
The idea of marriage, whleb had
hitherto seemed as remote as Hint of
suicide, came anil lodged within his
brain as if It were an old friend. He i
thought, with some scorn, ot his former
* e * e ♦      •      •
They were standing uuder tlie big |
apple tree in the back garden.   From .
enemy. Each man's pike wns twenty-
throe feet long. The word phalanx Is
also used for any combination of people distinguished for solidify and firm-
uess. A grand phalanx consisted ot
I0.P.SI men.
had impaled upon a pin. Then a light
dawned upon him.
"You mean such as they have at the
clubs—a day wben the place ls given
up lo your sex and other matters go
to the wail? Well, ne. 1 don't know
that I ever had."
"Don't yeu think It Is time!" the
"Possibly," he admitted, but he still
held the journal in a wty thst suggested a well nigh onconquerable de-
tire to return to lt. She stretched out
her hand. Kelnctantly be handed lt
"Did It ever occur to you," she asked
blandly, "that the creature who tempt-
ed> Adam to snccessfulty, who ls at
Iho bottom of everything, as lt were,
must be as-as Intricate as your old
engineering problems'*"
"I have always considered Adam
weak, very weak," was his evasive an-
■wer. "Men aren't like that nowadays."
At these boastful words a resolution
Ibat had been taking form In her mind
became toll fledged. Sbo was Inspired
with Ihe sense of a mission. Her
neglected sex should find au avenger
In ber.
"Von think you wouldn't hart eaten
ot the apple, then?"
'There, was a new note in her voice.
It was at the same time a challenge
and nn appeal.
As It lt were something absolutely
new It eamo to Ills mind that girls
were delicate, helpless creatures, and
a wave of tenderness for the sex swept
over him. Still he was very positive
that bo wouldn't have eaten the apple,
and something In Ihe soft, babyish, yet
dependent wsy In wblch-sho looked at
him caused blm to explain at great
length why.
"Has talked fifteen mlnutoi by the
clock," she wss thinking In high (lee,
hut outwardly sho was all deferential,
honey sweet attention.
"I'm suro he wouldn't have yielded
It he'd been like you!" was her earnest
comment wben be finished speaking,
round, smooth apples nod began to
eat It. Something in the action brought
back to him tbe conversation tliey oue*.
bad abpnt Adam, aud he wondered bow
he could ever have been so cross, so
dense.   He held out his band.
"Please, Eve," he beseeched.
"But you are not like Adam." she |
began archly.
"No," he said meaningly.   "He waited for temptation.   I—don't intend to I
And thst night sbo whispered to the i
girl in tbt mirror, "What TbneUeray j
s*y9 is true!"
Period Furniture.
For decorating period room*', which
are so much in vogue, French furniture of the Louis stylo is being used
for formal drawing rooms nnd bon-
doll-.". ,
With paneled walls of cream en-
amel and satin brocade tbe carved
chairs, tables snd screen of Oils pc
She gave me a unfile.
"i'v, as too cordial by l.alf.
Still I treasured It while
Site gave me a smile.
Though It see.-i:ed to beguile,
I f.ar 'twas a laush.
Blie save nie a xi'-lle.
'Twas too cordial by lit!..
Tht Ditputt.
A mbCit went out walkiug one day,
and when ho eamo homo be found Ills j
burrow occupied by a weasel.   He was j
greatly astonished at finding a siran- j
ger in his house.
"Seo here, Madam Weasel." lie said, |
"what are yon doing here? 'This Is not I
your home. Please get out ot my bnr-1
"Your burrow,  indeed!"  cried   Ihe
Weasel.   "I'll do no sueh thing.   1 nm !
pcrfeclly at home."
•'Well, now," said the rabbit gently. '•
"let's take the dispute to Urimalkiu." I
Now, Grimalkin was a cat, the judge '. rlod harmonize well, aud thero ate a
ef all controversies that eamo up In ] gay coquetry and preltlness about Ibis
tbe forest, and so tbe weasel could furniture ibat suit (he room of a beau-
do nothing less tban couscnt to do us ! tlfiil woman,
the rabbit suggested. They set bnt 'ths screen pictured ll of Loult XVI.
together and soon arrived before .ns style, carried out ln cano nnd wood,
judge. ■> ! both  materials   being   finished   with
"Come near lo me,  my children," > gold leaf'   It bas a top of gltss, in
tald Grlmslkiu; "I am deaf." . which are aet oral mirrors to reflect
Tbey obeyed, not dreaming of nny.1 milady's charms.
harm (hat might come, nnd the cat, I "
ctstlng out a clawed foot at eacb side, ' Cold Lined Shte.
gripped tbem both and tettlcd tbe dis-     At tbe weddlug of lho daughter et
ecntKN or ioc is in. union
pule by eating Ihem one after (he other.
Moial.-Peoplc often rulu themselves
by lawsuits. It is better to come lo
an agreement out of court-French of
Scarf Fer Hall Table. .
_._.,. ,  , .       . i    An effective scarf for a hall labia
tnd at the words he was conscious of ,        fc      a  of llneD c„,h w,th „ *f.
a pleasant expanslveneis a caressing   uf/cmbrolaerea on sn(,h e,d and of
sense ef satlsfacton as deIghtful ns   g c „, „„ ,„,
It was unusual.   It was as If he were   »»■»»""■ ********* ••        v sr
the bouse lu Uermany among Iho "upper ten" tbe old nurse prcsentt the
first shoe worn by tbe brido le lbe
bridegroom, wlfo, to make certain I
prosperous and happy married life,
must fill It. wltb gold pieces to her advantage.   	
Sta Horses.
In the Pacific ocean sea horses sltaift
a length of from ten to twelve Inches,
but seven Inches Is about tbe limit ef
tlrose four.d In Atlantic waters.
There are two tilings tbat make
many flocks uuptofitahle-too mucb
gralu and too Utile animal and green
food. This makes a narrow fattening
ration, and (bo bcus do not receive the
elements necessary for health nud egg
L'dwnrd Taylor of Alexandria, S. D..
wrote bis name on sn egg that was
shipped to Brooklyn. Miss Margaret
Graynor ate lbe egg, and lt was so
bon ton (hat she wrote (o Mr. Taylor.
They later sent out tbelr weddlug an
nouuccmenls written on eggshells.
One reason wby turkeys crossed with
tho wild do not get blackhead so often is because the wild blood iu thelf
veins lends tbem to wander and to
keep awny from lhe barnyard and tbe
beu runs, where tlio blackhead germ.
the Amoeba ma.eagrldis. flourishes.
Among tbe gifls at s douallon party
to s new preacher at Tcfro IIH1. Pa.,
wts a flock of fourteen line chickens.
They wcro placed In a now henhouse
the members hnd built nud started
rlgbt In lo lay. This bests serving
preachers antediluvian clucks nnd
The fellow who claims lis hns discovered tbo secret of Uie sex ot eggs
sod ran control tbe sumo sbould get
1 buty on the problem «f perpetual mo-
|tlon. If there Is any liar that can
I Dud Ihe secret without half trying be
can. Ills own wagging tr.-igue could
be used In tbe experiments.
Allentown. Pa . hns a fciunle society
called Ye Old liens. While it is
composed of yonug atnl coy maidens
tud the principles of the club nre not
null-matrimonial, the young men ol
Ihe famous Peanut City nre giving the
' fair members tlio cold shoulder, at
■ tbey fear cacklers nnd benpeckcrs.
j Dogs toon become proficient at opening spring gates. Our bulldog Ted
etilly opont tbe ordinary store door
by rising on bis hind legs and snapping thc latch, but when confined lu
a room where thero is a window he
doesn't bother Willi preliminaries, but
chews up tbe tasb. 'i'o avoid flocks
getting mixed and coeka gelling Info
mltiips uso bolts, bars or bookt te
keep out tht pnpt.
49,3^8^^narVg /
Plioto by American Frees Asioclatlen.
is risra EuiiatiU Of sfais,
brought up to respect, and she hat a
whole hearted, unequivocal fashion ot
speaking her mind. Bbe believes ln education for everybody, in all sorts et
rights for (he workingman, ln the com-
pletest freedom for women In every
walk of life and iu divorce for the asking. Could a Spanish princess * wave
tho red flag of revolution more vigorously?
It is the essay on divorce which bas
called out tbe tcverest protests from
King Alfonso. It ls, bowever, reasonable lo believe that In ber remarks
about the family and women she bas
nlso thrown a few bombs Into tbe court
in whicb she was reared, for her book
Is not a compilation of commonplaces.
On the subject of the indissolubility
of marriage tbere ls nV doubt that tbe
infanta feels strongly. Her own marriage was unhappy, and she speaks
from the heart when she declares herself in favor ef divorce. She argues
tbo matter at some length.
In her preface tbe infanta says tbat
she has been placed near enough to
tbo social questions sbo discusses to
know them and fer enough from some
to view tbem without prejudice. Sh*
believes that opinions ns honest and
as carefully thought out as hers will
interest those who seek to glean from
sll elements of society Indications ot
tbo tendency of tbe present. Aud she
adds, wilh a decided pen, thnl she has
never beeu afraid of criticism.
Milk to Clean White Glovet.
Ilie smell of gasoline on wblte glovej
la so very objectionable to tomo people
: tbey hositalo about using it.   It Is a
possible tblng to clean glovet nnd do if
, well, too, without using gasoline. This
method Is not only good becanse el
there being no odor.   It Is nlso eastei
ou the linuds. Gasoline Is very roughening to the skin. To clean gloves sue
ccFsfully fill a small basin of bowl wltb
[ milk.   Dip « piece ot clean wbtto flan
I nol in tho inllk and rub white totp oa
; tho flannel as well.   Tben clean yom
\ white gloves thoroughly wllb this. Be
* sure all thc soiled, grimy spots are gout
| and finally rinse with clean milk,   Dt
'' not be alarmed lf yonr gloves tnrn a
1 gray or yellow color.   You havo done
! tbem no barm.  After your gloves bave
! dried  you  will  find tbem  toft and
' glossy, and tbere will be no unpleasant
| odor.    Tbe expense cf cleaning tks
gloves is smsll.  Several pairs can fee
! cleaned iu a pint of milk.  Whit* kid
I shoes and slippers ct* also be cleaned
i In tbls wsy.
Merylir.d a little lamb,
Wliost fleece wtt white at enow.
And tve«*wher* that Mary west
The lamb wit sure te ta,
lt went Into a shop on* dty
I    fl.Cll_   IllflW   »   mUVW   fl"'W  —.
Whllt Miry mttched torn* ribbon
And stayed there thlrty-t*vtn yeart. .
And then Mary wasn't quit* sat*
Aed, but thought she'd at* wbat
•lit could do tl Smith'*.
-Lind** Opinio* ^ »^iKJ«wrJ«K' "J*"?!
Soap Lake Salt Baths
Given at
Good for Rheumatism, Skin
Diseases, and Many Ailments.    As   Cleansing
as a Turkish Bath
Try One
The Christmas tree and entertainment (if the Scandinavian Aitl und
Fellowship sticifty in the Davis hall
last Saturday night waa a very enjoyable affair. 11. A Brown, who
acted as junta. Claus, admonished
the children to choose a hijjb aim
in life and to stiive to attain it,
after which he presented euch -child
in the room wilh a basket of confectionery. C. Holm also made a
brief speeoh. The children were
iben given half an hour for games,
after which the older people present
turned the entertainment into a
dance. Dancing wag kept up till
midnight, when an appetizing
luncheon was served, after which
which tbe gathering broke up.
An alarm of Are was turned in
from the West end at 10:30 o'clock
last Sunday morning, The newB that
Barnard Lequime's handsome resi
derice was on fire ciiculated rapidly
in lhe downtown tlistriet. The
lire department made a quick run,
but when the scene was reached the
flames had been extinguished by
the West end brigade. The tire
caught in .the roof from a defective
flue, and only a small portion of the
roof wat burned. Nearly all the
damage done waa caused by  water.
H. Postma has purchased an interest in J. Mooyboer's blacksmith
shop, at the corner of Main and
First streets. Mr. Postma is an expert hicycle and automobile repairer, and will pay particular at
tention te this branch ofthe trade.
salaries for his services during the
(iast year. Only aldermen can af.
ford $50 turkeys fur Christmas.
J. A. McCallum will leave next
week to visit Victoria. While there
he will nttt'iiil the Provincial Poultry Show as the delegate from the
Grund Forks Poultry association.
Tnke your repairs to Amnion's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundnry
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granhy 21,900   1,366,800
Mother Lode ' 7.280     453,167
Rawhide  4,228     257,85-2
Jackpot        12,230
Athelstan   i-M0
Emma  4,900
Napoleon      705       16,653
Queen Victoria     306 1.079
Belcher  1.331
Lone Star  2,022
Others       166       12,543
Smeller treatmen—
Oranby..* 24.055   1,238,228
B. C. Copper Co... 14,759     655,133
Scores and Schedule
Following are the scores nf the
games played, and the schedule of
gumes to be played, in the Boundary
Hockey league during the present
Inn. 8   Grand  Forks nt Phoenix—
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
The annual vestry meeting of
Holy Trinity pariah, Orand Forks,
was held in the parish hall Monday
evening, January 6 Tha following
officers were duly elected: Lay delegate! to the Synod, W. M. Ansley,
0. A. S. Atwood, G. H. Acres; rec
tor's warden, VV. M. Analey; people'*
warden, K. It Barlee; sidesmen, Q.
11 Acres, U. Armson, J. T. Law-1
rent*, II. Lutley, C. C, Heaven and'
li S. Huslie A very large attendance wus recorded. The usual routine business was transacted, after
which tin- meeting adjourned.
Thc mayor presented each alderman witli ii Christmas turkey as nn
acknowledgement of their generosity
in contributing a portion  of their
SuitS   tO   Order   &18   Upwards
i 1! Wo arc agents for somi. of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you onler from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes-in tho country at the- lowest prices.
Wc always have men that know their business making
these clothes." Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Jun. 13
Jun. 17-
Jtin.   24
Jan 27-
Jun. 30-
Feb. 3-
Feb. 7-
Fcb. 11-
Keb. 14-
Feb. 18-
Phoenix at Grand Forks
Greenwood at  Phoenix.
Phoenix at Greenwood.
—Greenwood    at     Grand
-Grand Forks at Phoenix
-Grand   Forks    at Green-
Phoenix at Greenwood.
•Phoenix at Grand Forks.
-Greenwood at Phoenix.
-Greenwood     at       Grand
-Grand   Forks    at Green-
Mining Stock Quotations
(Spokane, Jan, 9.—The follow
ing are todays opening quotations for
tlie stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
15. C.   Copper       0.25     5.75
F. Downey's Cigar Store
First Street
om.K, Wil!
Hanskn'h ItKSIIHMi-l!. tWH
Hev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several'' years with a
sewi-e affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and tbrout maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description,1! which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
(iO Ann Street, New York City.
'    THE
(I'ubltihed Annually)
Knul'le* traders   throughout   tlie   world   tu
comtmmlonte direct with KntrlUh
Iii each clw-wof goods. Besides being n nom-
Dli'te cum m etc tal guldu to London and ita
suburbt., the directory ooiitniun lint-, of
with the Goods they whip, and the Colonliil
nnd I'orolgii Markets they supply;
arranged under the Forts to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate -Suiting*;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., tn
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom
A copy of tho current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers set-king Agencies can advertise
their trade curds lor i1, or larger advertise-
mentB from £3,
25, Abchureh Lane, London, E.C.
..PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
BEV. OHAG. «»iv.'*EB BATS        t
Mi. C. A. ADBOTT, Auguit is, 190J.
6s Ano St., New Ynrle City.
DearSir:  I havo known for over -loyearsof the
tff«tiofWilFn.i'_ik;ni.-t.y [Wilson's Preparation
of HypoDbMptlliea ahd Blodirettl] in cases of pulmonary troubles.    At tins p»uit I will say to you
what you have nnt before fcnuwn of* that *\e yeara
since, whils 1 wan a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
aevcrcly ill with lung troulile.   Physicians said I waa
a consumptive and my family physician told my wife
that he thought I could net •trover.   My attention
was directed to the Vi.-<_n Itemed?, which I used
vith splendid effect.   I hav- been on my feet aod at
work ever sine* w» curt.   Yours truly.
Faster M. E. Caurch, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N, Y.
On Dec t, ion, Mr. Steer wrote Mr, Abbott;
"My health is tttry goud.'r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly funii h vou any further
information you desire,
We are prepared to do .
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We Imve tlie most modern jobbing plant
in the lihundnry Comitry, employ com
potent workmen, nnd curry u complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and .Statements,
Letterheads antl Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions und Bylaws.
shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare antl  Menu   Cards,
Announcement!-   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery. «
C*C\(W\ PRINTIMfi-tl,e kin(i we do—•" ■" itNC"
vJUvU tn-lLlllLlVI an advertisement, und a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the be*t. Let us estimate on vour order.
W* guarantee satisfaction.
lip &mt put Stop
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Jan. 9.—Silver 61£;
standard copper, 817.l28@17.50;
London, Jan. 9.—Silver, 2S-J-;
lead, £16 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
.PHONB 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of Kelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Furniture   Mmlo  to Order,
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A ' nMI'I.KtK SfiHK UP
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh l-.un.lptiiii.'iil *»!
KO-eh-ed Ww-kly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kn?.i,r >'nnlii_r>3iM0la£r,
P. A. Z,  PARE, Proprietor
1ST DoOH NoltTll OK  tillANHV    llo'l'KI.,
FlHST Htkket.
Soner for flccutiiiRMtems.
rmn_l.__.-nl. * Co, rooeln
•PMlaldoMo, without otumo, In tb*
Scientific American.
A h .ind comely Illustrated weekly, Lamest ctr-
QtilfiitoQ of any scteiitlflo Journal, Term* for
Canada, i:t,75 a 7**1* pottage prepaid. Bold by
]) newsdealers
Dr. de Van's Pemale Pills
1 A reliable French regulator: never fall*. These
pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating tha
generative portion of the female system. Refuse
all cheap imitations. Dr. de Tan's are aold at
tli a box, nr throe forllO. Mailed to any address.
Tb* loobell Writ* Co.* St. Catliarlnas, Ont.


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