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The Evening Sun Oct 14, 1910

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Ninth Year—No. 50
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, October 14, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Annual Event of the Kettle
Valley Eifle Association
The annual shoot for prize? of tbe
Kettle Valley Rifle association was
held at the range in tbis city on
Wednesday and Thursday, and was
participated in by nearly all tbe
members of the organization.
The following were rhe prize winners:
Dr. Follicle's cup; oil'hand shouting,
seven shots and sighter. First prize,
holds cup and wins sweater donated
by Clark Bros., won by G. M. Fripp;
second, goods to value of $4.50, donated by Fred Russell, won by M.
Kirk; third, tobacco jar, donated by
R. Petrie, won by C. 6. Wheeler:
fourth, box of cigars, donated by M.
Frankovitch, won by R. Lamond,
Tyro prizes for shots who have
nsver won a prize worth $3. First
prize, hunting knife, donated by C. G.
Wheeler, won by F. Hutton; second,
rug, donated by R. Gardner, won by
W. Dinsmo.e; third, 2 lbs. coffee, donated by R. Lawson, won by C. Atwood ; fourth, jack knife, donated by
A. Mackintosh, won by T. A. Mclntyre.
Rapid fire, 7 shots in 60 seonda;
cup given by P. Burns, to be won
twice in succession or 3 times in all.
First prize, holds cup and wins smokers' companion donated by E. Miller,
M.P.P., won hy W. Dinsmore; second, jardiniere, donated by Neil McCallum, won by !_. Spraggett; third,
alarm clock, donated by P. T. McCallum, won by F. Hutton; fourth,
butter knife, dona'.ed by £. K. Gibson, won by C. G. Wheeler.
Seven shots and sighter. First prize,
vase, donated by G. C. Brown, won
by John Hay; second, box of cigars,
donated by Charles Peterson, won by
F. Hutton; third, vase, donated by J.
D. Campbell, won by D. McRace;
fourth, huning knife, donated by R.
K. Gilpin, won by M. Kirk.
Five shots sitting or kneeling; no
sighter. First prize, sil ver teapot and
salver, donated by G. A. Spink, won
by M. Kirk; second, sweater, donated
by J. Donaldson, won by R. Lamond;
third, box of cigars, donated by S. J.
Miller, won by D. McRae; fourth,
meat fork, donated by D. McRae, won
by H. D. Talbot.
Seven shots, no sighter. First prize,
Dresden clock, donated by Dr. Kingston, won by R. Lamond; second, jardiniere, donated by D. Whiteside, won
by D. McRae, third, Japanese tea set,
donuted by Rev. McKee, won by W.
Baker; fourth, salad bowl, donated by
Mrs. C. G. Wheeler, won by M. Kirk.
Cup presented by E. T. bank for
Hve shots, standing, sitting or j
! kneeling; no sighter. First prize, set
of carvers, donated by John Hay, won
by W. Dinsmore; second, pair of orthoptics, donated by A. I). Morrison,
won by C. G. Wheeler; third, cartridge belt, tlonated by H. Lutley,won
by F. Hutton; fourth, razor strop,
donated by J. D. Campbell, won by
H. D. Talbot.
Seven shots and sighter. First
prize, silver coffee pot, donated by G.
Cooper, won by D. McRae; second,
ivory handled knife, donated by W.
K. C. Manly, won by J. A. McCallum; third, razor, donated by Heron
A Miller, won by 11. Lamond; fourth,
picture, donated by Rev. Calvert,won
by W. Dinsmore.
event XI,
First prize, won by M. Burrell; second, P. Andrews; third, A. E. Savage;
fourth, Dr. Follick.
Events 4, 8 and 10. First prize,
holds cup presented by Capt. Spraggett and wins 5 lbs. of tea donated by
A. S. McKim, won by D. McRae, 93;
second, ride to Danville, donated by
Alex Fraser, won by C. G.. Wheeler,
91; third, box of cigars, donated by
E. Larsen, won by John Hay, 89;
fourth, year's subscription to Gazette,
won by R. Lamond.
First prize, keg of beer, donated by
the Columbia brewery, won by C. G.
Wheeler; second, box of cigars, donated by W. C. Chalmers, won by D.
McRae; third, #1.50 in goods,donated
by W. Dinsmore, won by John Hay;
fourth, 11.00, donated by J. VV.
Rutherford, won by R. Lamond.
First prize, baby's bottle, won by
A. Savage; second, packet Mellin's
food, won by VV. Buker.
Plans of New Court House
to Be Altered to Suit
Local People
weather. Seventy-five thousand dollars was voted for this purpose last
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister of
public works, arrived in the city on
a tour of inspection today, and will
leave for Nelson tomorrow. A delegation of citizens most vitally interested waited on Mr. Taylor and
informed him that a large portion of the people are dissatisfied
with the planB of tbe proposed new
provincial court hoUBe, as they consider the rooms in the building
badly arranged. Mr. Taylor assured
them that he would instruct the
government architect to prepare new
plans, in which the alterations desired would be made.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government oflice at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from September 30 to October 13, inclusive.
Copper King, Franklin camp, relocation of Copper King, P. T. McCallum; Tiger, Gloucesqor camp, relocation of Russell, John Holm; Mineral
Hill fraction, Gloucester camp, reloea
tion of Key fraction, Wm. Minion;
Enterprise, Gloucester camp, relocation of Minnie, Win. Minion; Bonanza, Gloucester, relocation of Bonanza,
Chas. Hansen; Magnet Gloucester
camp, relocation of Magnet, John
Holm; Pilot Rock, Franklin camp,
relocation of Missing Link, John
Holm; Golden Eagle, Franklin camp,
relocation of Golden Eagle, Leo Mader; Black Rock, Franklin camp, Joe
No, 16, Summit camp, Kerby et
al.; Earthquake,north of Grand Forks,
C. W. Mills; Winchester, Franklin
camp, A. J. Fee; Cragalee, Franklin
camp, P. T. McCalluin; Scarboro
Heights, Franklin camp, James Little; C. C, A. B. and E. F., Christina
Lake, H. D. Cameron' 3  years each;
rapid fire team shoot;  seven members I Dreadnaught, Frankliug camp, Thos.
in each team; to be won three times Livingstone; Gold Hill fraction, McRae creek, Sohwartzenhauer et al.
Protector, Goat  mountain,   L.   Nell'
iu succession.    Seven shots and sighter in 60 seconds; winning local  team
holds cup. The four highest individ-1 Last Chance, Goat mountain, M. S.'
ual scores won the following prizes: Neff. jupjter, Summit camp, Michael
First, safety razor, donated by T. Mc-j Bellefontaine; White, north of Grand
Intyie A Co., won by 0. G. Wheeler; j F,)r|j8| H. J. Birnie, survey; Mineral
second, carving set, donated by Capt., Hill, Gloucester camp, John Holm;
Spraggett, won by R. Lamond; third, I Jumb0. Goat mountain, Neff et al.;
military brushes, donafed by Wood-, iak&i Goat mountain, F. Hartinger;
land* Co., won by E. Spraggett; Qartford, Goat mountain, M. Hart-
fourth, year's subscription to Gazette,
The second enlarged furnace at the
British Columbia Copper company's
smelter has been blown in, giving the
reduction woiks a daily capacity of
from 2000 to 3500 tons of ore.
Gus Parker returned from the Spokane Interstate fair on Monday. He
contradicts the report  that he accom-
nietl Mars on one of his aerial
The site for the new public school
building in Phoenix has been selected
at the comer of Dominion avenue
anil Second street. The plans of the
building will be ready in the course
of a week.
J. W. Nelson has sold the site of
the Pioneer hotel, Greenwood, to the
Dominion government for $3200.
The government will erect a new post
oflice on the site, i
The Rt. Rev. A. A. de Pencier,
Lord Bishop of New Westminster,
made his first visit to the parish of
Holy Trinity, Grand Forks, this
week. On Saturday afternoon be
was taken for a drive around the
valley, and in the evening the parish
gave him a reception in Davis hall.
On Sunday his lordship preached
morning and evening, and at the
morning service he confirmed six
candidates—Misses Olive and Mona
Henderson, Harold Hendtr-on.
Thomas Fraser, Timothy Allen and
John Slater. On Monday, in company with the rector, the bishop
visited Rossland, where he consecrated the Father Pat memorial
There are 75 tneu repairing the old
Midway & Vernon gjude near Midway.
There will soon be 150 men em
ployed at the Rawhide mine at Phoenix, and 700 tons a day will be
shipped to the Greenwood smelter.
Drifting is being done on the seam
at the Midwav coal mine, an excess of
water having having caused a cessation of operations in the shaft.
Arthur J. West, bookkeeper for
the Robinson it Lequime Lumber
coinpany, will leave tomorrow for
Spokane, where he is to be married
early next week to a young lady
from Michigan. The young couple
arrive in this city on Thursday next,
and will take up their residence in
Geo. Chappie's house on Winnipeg
The ladies of the Scandinavian
Aid and Fellowship socity will give
a dance in the Davis hall on Friday
evening, October 28th. Tickets 50
cents, lunch 25 cents. Everybody
A lodge of  Mordern Woodmen is
being organized in this bity.
Two more furnaces will be blown
in at the Granby smelter next week,
whicb will make six in commission.
H. G. Herbert, travelling inspector
of immigration, department of interior, Ottawa, is in the city today
on a tour of inspection.
There is a rumor in Greenwood that
the two small furnaces at the Boundary Falls smelter will be run on ore
from the Lone Star mine.
Profits of the Company for
the Past Tear Were
H. D. Offutt, a Spokane travelling
man, and C. VV, Nelson, a Mevers
Falls merchant, arrrived in the city
tonight, enroute to Republic. They
are touring in au auto.
Al Traunweiser, of the Yale, received a new auto this week. It was
a present from his brother.
The old steel on the Phoenix branch
nf the C.P. R. is now being replaced
by 8-1-pound rails.
The British Columbia Copper company produced 6+2,341 pounds of
blister copper duuiing August. The
earnings for the month were g3-1,625,
which compares with $11,918 in July
and 87121 in June. The cost of production, after allowing credits from
gold and silver, was 7.7 cents a
George Rowlandson, of this city,
and Miss Marion Huddart, of England, were united in marriage at the
home of the groom's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Rowlandson,in the West
end of the city on Wednesday evening, Rev. Mr. Calvert officiating,
The groom has been a resident of
the city for admit live years, while
the bride arrived here from the old
I country on the first of the month.
The young couple will make their
home in this citv.
A. Best, of Danville, who has
been confined in tho Cottage hospital here for several weeks, suffering
from typhoid lever, returned to bis
home this week.
won by John Hay.
Seven shots and sighter. First
prize, pair of shoes, donated by F.
Roney, won by C.G. Wheeler; second,
fountain pen, donated by Mann Drug
Co., won by R. Lamond; third, box
of cigars, donated by Eastman ifc Peterson, won by M. Kirk; fourth, compass, donated by J. A. McCallum,won
by G. M. Fripp.
All of Earthquake, north of JGrand
Forks, Ida Lindhclm to Chester VV.
All of Lake Shristina Lake camp,
all of Extension, and one-half of Alpha, H. D. Cameron to VV. H. Beach.
E. E. Gibson, local manager of the
South Kootenay Po*er company, returned on Wednesday from Rossland.
Misses Bernice Bradley and Agnes
Landes, of Danville, attended the
teachers' institute in Republic this
William Howarth, of Anaconda,
Mont., and Miss Rebecca Dcmuth,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Fred De-
linith, were married at the Methodist
parsonage in this city on Tuesday
morning. Rev. J, Calvert officiating,
After the ceremony a sumptuous
wedding breakfrat was served at the
Hotel Winnipeg. Mr. and Mrs.
Howiuth left on Tuesday's Great
Northern train for their future home
in Anaconda.
Mr. and Mrs.  J.  S.   Palme,',   of
Danville, have   removed to Republic.
A special appropriation of $'.25,000
has been made by the British Columbia governmenl to cover the unanticipated cost of fighting fires throughout
the   province during the  recent   dry
James L. Robertson, C.P.R. section foreman at this point, and Miss
Nellie Kydtl, of .Dundee, Scotland,
were married in the Knox church
manse in this city on Tuesday last,
Rev. M. D, McKee performing
the ceremony.
The statelnent for the fiscal year
of the Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting & Power compony, presented at the directors' annual meeting, held in New York last week,
shows the net profits to have been
$564,946. Profit and Iobs surplus
is $2,464,370, as compared with
$2,698,687 a year ago. The actual
cost of mining this year is $2.70, a
decrease of 41 cents as compared
last year.
During the year the company produced 22,750,111 pounds of refined
copper at an averuge cost of 10.34
cents. The average selling price
was 12.91,and the company realized
a profit of $3.80 a share, or a total
of $564,940, from which a dividend
of $2 a share on the 135,000 shares
then outstanding was paid last December. The company closed the
year with $1,012,000 of cash, copper and quick assets on hand, and a
current indebtedness for wages ami
supplies of only about $176,000.
The sum of $53,635 was expended
on new canstruction and equipment
at the smelter; 13,267 feet of new development work was done, and 6238
feet of exploratory diamond drilling. All of this was charged against
the cost of making copper.
At the meeting it was voted that
the directors should hereafter issue a
semi-annual report of progress to
stockholders, supplementing the annual report. President Langeloth,
G. C. Clark, G C. Clark jr., H. L,
Higginson and Payne Whitney retired as directors. The remainder
ofthe board were re-elected, and J.
B. F. Herreshoff, William Hamlin,
Northrup Fowler, E. R. Nichols and
George W. Wooster, treasurer of the
company, were elected to fill the vacancies. At a subsequent meeting
tbe following officers were elected:
George Martin Luther, president;
Jay P. Graves, vice-president and
general manager; Edwin Thome and
W. H. Robinson, vice presidents;
I George W. Woosier, treasurer; Nor-
thrup Fowler, secretary.
It is generally inferred that the
new directors are in accord with the
progressive policy of General Manager Groves, and nn expansion of the
company's operations is predicted.
The company has 8900,000 cash in
J bank, which it proposes to use in
development work and in the pur-
! chase of new properties, some of
which have been under consideration for sonic time.
Manager Graves, in his report at
the meeting, intimated that the development of the Granby's water
power at Kettle Falls, estimated at
100,000 horsepower, may begin iu a
year or two, At first there will he a
market for 25,000 horsepower, anil
later for all that can be produced.
The Hat rate for power in the district is vSV)0 per horsepower annually
The Granby coinpany pays $36, ami
its own water power is nearer the
mines and smeller than the source
fjom which the electricity it now
uses conies.
Pears by the carload are being
shipped from Kelowna to Australia
antl Scotland. Slip iEtotttttg §un
."iilillsli_.il nt Grand Fork., Rritlsli Columbia
Kilitor nml Pnlili"!)"
> nt the iittii'P
daliliiis,   Mr
nutritious   substance   to  supply  the
blood and nerves.
And if the nerves are   not supplied
with nourishment, they begin to rebel.
They   kick   up a great   disturbance.
buttonhule  bouquets,  They inako you irritable and  cranky,
Bower 1st.
Display dahlias in space 3x2J feet,
Alice Lequime 1st.
Collection stocks, Mrs. G. Gowland
A flip uf tills tuuipr oat) lip sttc _
ot .Mew™. B. 4 5. Hardy 4 Go., HO, 81 aud Si, i - , ,
fleet Street, R.C., London. KiibIimi.-I, free of "son 2iul
oluircp. mul ill it liiin will lie ulwl tu receive
I uml iiilvpitisenipiitN uu our l>e-
Mrs. (J. Gowland.
Begonias, Mrs. H.   A.  Sheads  1st.
Preserved Fruits, Jams, Ktc.—
Home-made wine, Mrs. A. D. Mor
sitlisi-rii tii.
II .nn
One  Year .	
one Year (in.advance)	
Advertising rateafurutihe I" >
Leeral notice*, 10 and r> emits per due.
Address nil QomtUUIttoatlutlfl to
Thb Evrsino Sun,
HhoNB H74
,nilDA\, OCTOBER M, 1910
The next t)ig event fur the fruit
grower will he the National Apple
Show in Vaneover.
The Dominion parliament opens
next uionth, and the loeal house will
convene in January.
The Fruit Magazine, of Vancouver,
litis been greatly improved in appearance by changing its pages lo the
regular magazine size.
Prize Winners at the Fair
you worry about trifles, and you cannot sleep soundly at night, you have
bad dreams, and you get up tired in
the morning,
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Belching of gas, heartburn, sour
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hefore tbe mighty power of   Mi-o-na.
Try Mi-ona. Woodland & Co.
sell it and will refund your money if
it doesn't cure, and only 50 cents a
large box.
Woodland & Co.
The following prize winners were
omitted from our last issue on account
of lack of space:
Lace Work, Embroidery Work,
Etc.—Judges, Mrs. John Hay, Mrs.
Atwootl aud Mrs. Dockerill.
Point lace, Mrs M. E. Mclntyre 1st
Battenburg, Mis F. E. Cooper 1st,
Mrs. J. T. Lawrence 2nd.
Duchess lace,Mrs. J. Rutherford 1st
Lace   handkerchief,    Mrs.  H.   A.
Sheads 1st,Mrs. D. A. McKinnon 2d.
Eyelet embroidered shirt wnist.Em-
ma Hatumill 1st, Mrs. K.  L.   Hodgson 2nd.
Tatting, Mrs. R. L. Hodgson 1st.
Drawn work, Mrs. VV. K. C. Manly 1st, Mrs. J. Rutherford  and   Mrs.
R L. Hodgson equal for 2nd.
Embroidery in Mount Mellick,Mrs.
11. Steele 1st.
Embroidered table cloth, Mrs A. D.
Morrison 1st, Mis. N. Larsen 2nd.
Embroidered tea cosy, Mrs. J.
Rutherford 1st, Mrs. T. A. F. Mackintosh 2nd.
Embroidered doilies, Mrs. A. B.
Hood 1st.
Embroidery, eyelet, Mrs. J. Rutherford 1st, Mrs. Rutherford 2nd, two
Embroidered sofa cushion, Mrs. VV.
B. Cochrane 1st, Mrs. 1. Barnum 2d.
Shadow embroidered shirt waist,
Miss K. Davis 1st, Mrs. W. K. C.
Manly 2nd.
Pincushion, Miss K. Davis lst,Mrs.
R. L. Hodgson 2nd.
Handkerchief case, Mrs. H. A.
Sheads 1st.
Best buttonhole, Mrs. J. T. Law
rence 1st, Mrs. A.   D. Morrison  2nd.
Hand-made apron, Mrs. H. A.
Sbeads 1st, Mrs. W. B. Cochrane 2d.
Darning, Mrs. J. T. Lawrence 1st,
Emma Haiumill 2nd.
Best work done by ladies over GO
years tif age, Mrs. M. Frache 1st, Mrs.
M. F. Clark anil Mrs. W. L. Bennett
equal for 2nd,
Patch work quilt, Mrs. J. Donaldson 1st.
Embroidered monogram on linen,
Mrs. A. B. Hood 1st, Mrs. Ed Davis
Hooked nig, done by hand (uncut),
Mrs. W. J. Galipeau 1st, Mrs. A. E
Nichols 2nd.
Hooked rug, done by hum! (cut),
Mrs. A. E. Nichols 1st.
Collection embroidery work, Mrs.
A. B. Hood 1st, Mrs. T. A F. Mackintosh 2nd.
Collection lace work, Miss M. C.
Hall 1st.
Children's Work-
Embroidery on linen, Mabel Steele
Crochet work  in   cotton  or  linen, ! jjjj
May Symos 2nd.
Pencil or crayon drawing, May
Symes 1st.
Penmanship, Gladys Heaven   2nd.
Free hand drawing, Gladys Heaven
Collection postage stamps, Dorothy
(i. Cox 1st, II. Mcllwaine 2nd.
Collection   souvenir    post    card",
Strawberries, not   preserved
J. T. Lawrence 1st
Bed raspberries, not preserved,Mrs
VV, B Cochrane 1st.
Cultivated fruits, not preserved,
Irene Shepard 1st, Mrs. E, 0. Henniger 2nd.
Cherries, not preserved, Mrs. J. T.
Lawrence 2nd.
Cultivated fruits, preserved, Mrs.
F. Latham 2nd
Collection jellies, Mrs. E. Clayton
1st, Mrs. W.'lC. C. Manly 2nd.
Black currants, preserved, Mrs..M.
Df McKee 1st.
Gooseberries, preserved, Mrs. J. T.
Lawrence 1st.
Home-made catsup, Mrs. J. T.
Lawrence   1st, Mrs, VV. B. Cochrane    g J fmmapm„+w)
Pickled white onions, Miss M. Tay-  CURES  CATARRH, ASTHMA,
lor 1st Irene Shepard 2nd. Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, or
Collection pickles, Miss  M.  Taylor   money back.   Sold and guaranteed by
1st, Mrs. E Clayton 2nd.
Chili sauce, Mrs. J. T. Lawrence
1st, Mrs. M. E. Mclntyre 2nd.
Dairy Produce—
Dairy butter in rolls, Mrs. J. T.
Lawrence 1st, Mrs. Jas. Little 2nd.
Home Baking—
Home-made buns, Mrs. E. Barron
1st, Mrs. M. D. McKee 2nd.
Suoth short bread, Mrs. C. S. Galloway 1st, Mrs. M. C. Mclntyre 2nd.
Oat cakes, Mrs. C. S. Galloway 1st,
Mrs. J. Hay 2nd.
Oatmeal cookies, Mrs. M. D. McKee 1st, Mrs. E  Barron 2nd.
Potato cake, Mrs. E. Barron 1st,
Mrs. J. Hay 2nd.
Doughnuts, Mrs. A. B. Hood 1st,
Mrs. M. E. Mclntyre 2nd.
Home-made white bread, Mrs. F.
Ruckle 1st, Mrs. W. B. Cochrane  2d.
Home-made candy, Mrs. G. Gowland 1st, Mrs. R. L. Hodgson 2nd,
Painting, Photographv,Pyrography,
Painting on silk or satin, Mrs. D.
A. MclCinuon 1st, Mrs. R.  Hull 2nd
Painting on china or porcelain,Mrs.
N. Larsen 1st, Mrs. VV. T. Huffman
Oil painting, Mrs. G. Gowland 1st,
Mrs. W. B. Bower 2nd.
Water color painting, Mrs. G. Hull
1st, Alice Lequime 2nd.
Pen and ink drawing, Mrs. A. B.
Tweedle 1st, Alice Lequime 2nd.
Pencil drawing, Miss M. McCoy
1st, Alice Lequime 2nd.
Relief map of B. C, Alice Lequime
Collection of amateur photography,
Rev J. Calvert 1st, A. Napper 2nd.
Pyrography work on wood, Irene
Shepard 1st, Alice Lequime 2nd.
VVood carving, Mrs. W. T. Huffman, 1st.
Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
SKALKI)THNI)E!!SiiddreBsed 'o tlio under-
Mailed, mid endorsed -'Tender Far Examining Warehouse Vanoouver. •'.<'." will
be reueivoi) at this oiiico until 4.mi p.m., on
Wednesday, October \M, liilO, fur the construe-
limi nf uu Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, B.C.
I'lans, specification and form of contract
cun be seen slid forms of tender obtained ut
the otHci'of Mr. Joseph ureenihld, resident
architect. Wiuntpeit, Man,. Mr, Wm. Henderson, resident architect, > loturla* \, C.,at ihe
Pout Olliee, Vancouver, and at thli Department,
Persons tendering are notified that tender*'
will u-t be considered unless made on the
printed form rillppiled, aud signed with their
net mil   signatures, st iiiim llieir  occupations
and place* ol lesidence. In the cane al firms,
the ui-iiiiii »|guiiiiir , fie ' attire oi the occupation and plaue of residence ol each member of
i lie lit in ii.nsi be mve .
hurh tender must be uccompanied by an
accepted cheque ou a chartered bunk,
payable to tbe order of the Honourable tlie
Minister of Public Works, eqtlal to ten per
ceut (IU p.o.) of ihe minium uf the tender,
whicb will be forfeited if tbe person tendering decline to enter Into a contract when
called upon to du so, or fail to complete the
work contracted for. If tbe tender lie not
accepted the chetfiie will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself  to accept tin' lowest or any lender
By order.
Department of Public V orks,
OltHWa, September 21,11110.
Newspapers will uot be paid for this ad.
vertlsriiieiit If they insert it without authority irom tbe Department.
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tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Snap it (fuick
Why"  not get   a
permanent picture
^^^^^^ of some   ot    the
beautiful things in this district?   If you
have: a camera
with you there are many things you can get in
this way. Let us show you the Kodak Line.
-^•WOODLAND    &,
City and Suburban
aa^a\ms\tpm Jk-175X175 FT. LOT between
fl:ylir|   Secondnud Thiil st ts,
Tl^jZjiJ just al. ive .Indue beamy*
*P %*\\W **\W **\W    audit. Gaw's  places;  sep-
aruted from ull other properties by 20-ft.
blue: as lar^ea* seven or etuht ordinary lots.
adjoining lots are worth $1'i0j would mnke
nice home, with sufficient wound fur chick*
ens, fruit, garden ami lawn; most deslruble
locution lu city.
S3 ACHES adjoining
city limit* ou a'Uitli;
14 acres cleared: 160
fruit trees; new four*
room house: hum for six horses; horse,
bunify, double harness aud tunning implements.   All for $8200.   Easy terms.
uml three lots within
one block of business
centre;   lawn, shade
trees, fruit trees,berry bushes, large garden.
Will also sell furniture oi house if desired.
One-half cash, balance terms.
A Shipment of
Anti-Splash Filters
Ever-Ready Cigar
Winnipeg    Avenue
NEEDLEWORK wanted to do M home. Cull
tin Mm. Win. Keron, Seoott 1 Itroeti
GOOD PA8TUEUdtt for Cattle Clow to Oltji
mile fence: ulilliiilueu tit feed.   Enr term*
apply to -Inliii Hummer, liiiiitli of .Inly ereou.
WANTED—Situation an Jtuiitur or bartend*
er.   Aililrt-'.. W.  J.. Qelierril Delivery,
V-j miles from town;
7-room house, plus*.- ■
(■red; large imggyshed,
      woodshed;    160    fruit!
trees. 1(1 bearing; 2^j acres strawberries. |
guoseberrh-s, currants, raspberries: bee from
irost: the >■• st location around Ont ml Forks;!
plenty of good water; Iruit ami crop Included,
between It bud 4 acres
In West end of city;
lirst class soil, all under cul ivation; small
bouse, wood-lied and outbuilding; well and
pump; KOOd fence. This is a sacrifice, as owner Is about to leave city.  Terms.
—$8000 OAlh, bnl*
io0 terms. One
best hotels in
_   .    _ the business ran
Ire of Urand Potkst now doing a profitable
btllltietlt owner desl'cs tn remove to (be
coast. This Is the best bargain iu this part
of tbe province, as there are hut s<-veu hotel
licenses In the (irand Porks. Oity Is growing
rapidly. No other town In southern Mrltish
Columbi'i bus an bright future pios pacts.
For further information re
gardluft the above proportion
cull ur address
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $500 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKE NOTICE thut Walter Gary, of Brandon, Man,, occupation Farmer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the follow*
Ittjr described lands:
Commeuvlm; at u post planted ou the
south boundary of Lot :;4lS. and about, ten
chains norih of the N.W. corner of Lot 747 ou
Hit; sheep Creek; thence west UHI ohains;
theuco south 4n chain*; tlieuce cast 80 chains;
thenee north __?() chains; thenee eust HOebalns:
tbence north U0 chalm to poult of commence*
WALTER OKRY, Applicant.
By J.R Cranstou, His Atfutit.
Dated    this 11th day of March, WM.
*   Grand Forks, It. C.
SEALED   TENNERS,  marked  ou    envelop-
"Tenders for tbo Construe lou of   Nelson.
II. 0 , Hide bailee " and addressed to  the
Secretary of the J'.liilla   Council,   Heodqtiar*
Ottawa, will be received until   noon, the
_   October, tor the construction  of u Kllie
Range at Nelson. B.C.	
Plans and specifications muy he seen, nnd    . iwuoTrarNn «_p \nv,,. ti... <<„,, h<_- hhkI
,.11 i,i(„rt,,,,.!c„ obtained ,, tl.. otil..,, ..fjltu  £>5{fS^_Kii^
pURNlSHED ROOMS-Apply Mrs. E.Crnw-
T    for '
District Oftid-r Commanding Mlbtiury Db
trier No. 11. Victoria, B.C., the Director of
Engineer Services, Heiulmmrters. Ottawa,
and tbe Officer Commai'ding lU2nd Kect,
Nelson. It.C.
Tenders must be made on the form supplied
by the Department, and accompanied by an.
accepted cheque, oil a Canadian chattered
iiiiiiU. for ID per cent of t he nm uul of lbe ten*
der, payable to the order o! the Honourable
the Minister of Militia ad Defence, whioh
TYPBWRITER-OIIvert  new.    Apply Sun
I    otlice.
I     Lio
BOTTLES  cold   Nelson   Heer   50c.
on liottllutr Works.
BARN AND HOUSE—The Forrester bam, -J
lots ami house, iu Columbia.   Apply J. II.
I'httb, Box M.
I AlJtiE MOTTLE Pert Wine Tic
L   tllutr Works.
Lfoii Bot*
,i    f*   ri«* ivi-   Rloir   Cucliranp amounti will be forfeited if tbe party'tender-
Dorothy b. Cox l^t, 15lan    oocurune iilir<i(l)>lhle to ei)tHr illtu B oontraftt, In ho-
•>...!   II   Kiirmpr 3rd cordflnoe with the tender,
JnO, v. rarmoi  uiu. rhe Department does not bind Itself to ac-
Witter color drawing, brio   Atwooo ,.eirt thL, lowest or any tender.
Ut, Pauliue Sloan 2nd. EU0, P ooLel.
ITUeiil _ I'ep'y. Minister nf Militia uud Deleiico.
Collection asters, Mrs. 'G. Gowland  DepMtmeuto'f MUitlo and Defence,
1st. | Ottawa, luth September, li»10.
r'/dltti'frwiii niters in BDftCe oX.~h U.'(>t.      Newspapers will nntbe paid for this adver*
tOlieOUOn aswri il   ap»uo ua*j , . Mg(,m(;IJl (f Ul0y il|Herl ,t wWl01|t nuthorlty   QPEOIAL OLD PORT $1 per Kallon.   Llun
Mra. G. Gowluni 1st. ftom the Department. O   Bottling Worki.
LAND—160aorei trooil timothy laud.
this otlice.
SPACE for advertising   purpos.s   In  The
Our Special
Cabinet Photos ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Now is the proper time to havo your photo taken.
The only opportunity you will hnve to obtain them
thin full will be when
The well  known Vancouver Photographer, next visits
(iraiiil Forks, which will be on
Cabinet Photos for So.OO.
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge St NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS
SEALEDTENDBRB, superscribed 'Tenders
for Court-House-Orand Porks," will i>e
received by the HouPurnhle the Minister of
Public Works uit to noon ou Tuesday, tl.e
25th d«y of Oetober; 1010, forthe erection
and completion of a brick and stone building
nt Orand Porks, H. O.
Biuui-, Specifications. Contract, and Forms
of Contract mav be seen on aud titer the 24th
day of September, 1010. at the ottb'e or the
Oovcrnment Agent, Grand Forks, and the
Department of Public Works. Vtctnrlil.
Rttoh proposal must be aci ttianied  hv an
accepted hank cheque or certificate of deposit
on a chartered ba"k of Ciinada, made payable to the Honourable th« Minister of Publio
Works, for the sum of £MHHI which shall be
fot felted If the pa-ty leudelng decline to
enter into eOntrAOt when called upon lo do so,
or if he fall to complete tie! work eonMaoted
for. The cheques orcer'iHea os of deposit of
unsuccessful t'bdere'H will he returned to
thein upon lhe cxeintiou "f the eoii'rnct
'lenders will in t b con-ldered unless made
out Oil tbe forms supplied. Mined with the
urinal signature of the tenderer, ami enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
i he lowest or any lender not necessarily
^ P.C   GAMI.E,
Publle Works Engineer.
Department of Publio Works,
Victoria, B. C, September 20th, 1910.
Buttercup Ice Cream
Our SODA FOUNTAIN is now running full swing, anil we
ram give the best satisfaction as to QUICK SERVICE
Special Prices on Ice Cream for Garden Parties, Afternoon Teas, Etc
Prescription Druggists
Phone 35 Night Service
Hotel Colin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKK notice that I, Amies* Ellen Paulson,
of Koifllaud, ■*.{.).. occupation Wife, in*
tends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of .limits Miller's pre-emption, Lot 118B S.. on Deep Creek; tbence north
60 eliains: thence Weft -Hlehains: thenee south
'20 chains; thence wet 40 chuins: thence
south 20 eiml'is; thence east tiO chains to the
point of commencement
J. K. Cranston, Agent.
Dated May 16th, 1901.
Ynle Land DUtrlot, District of Similkameen,
TAKE NOTICE that I,Thomas Henrv Paul-
I sou, of 1'nulsoii, H.C, occupation Mer*
chain, Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described binds:
Commencing nt a post planted about sixty
chains northeast of the northwest corner of
Miller's   pre-emption,   Lot    1181 M„ on Deep
Creek: theuce east 40 chains, thenee north
40 ohains; theuce west 20chains;thence north
80  ohains; t.heuee west 40 chains;   thenee
south 80 chains; thence east20 chains: (hence
south 40 chains to point of  commencement.
J. K. Cranston, Agent,
Dated May 17th, 1910.
(Published Annually)
Enables tmderi throughout  the world to
communicate direct with English
In each class of good-, besides being a complete commercial guide to Loudon and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of |
with the (Ioods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets tbey BUpply;
arranged under the Ports to which thoy sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Manufacturers. Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centre* of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fur 20s.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards lor £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abuhui'oh Lime, London, E.G.
James McArdle left on Monday
for Calgary mul Edmonton on huni-
ness in connection with some coul
properties in which he is interested.
Yale Lain! District, DUtrlot of Similliameen,
TAKK iiiitii'ithiit St'iti C. .ItitieH, of Coleman,
Alta., ottoupniiou Miner, I11tent.11 to ap*
fly for |R'rmlnKioii to pttrtihnte t lie following
tlesi'rlliett Imnls:
Cotnineiiolll- nt a pout plunted ubout 80
cliuiuti euttt of the HQiitheaitt corner of Lot
lUftj, on liei'liCreek, uml on tlie south sule ot
the West Kooletiu* Power A Unlit t'om-
pnuy'ti tltrl.t nf wuy: thenee west uloiit: the
W. K. P. ii [.. Co.'s riirlit of wey BU chain"!
tlntiee South 20 elinins: thence east till eliuiim:
thUtiee norlh_;0t__uiiii_ to the point i'f com*
STAN C. JONES, Applicant.
J. It. Cranston, ills Agent.
Hatetl this liith day of April, lulu.
June  Mineral   clnlin. situate In the liriuicl
Korku Minim: nivisinli ol  Vnle Dt-triet.
Where l.nt'uti'tl:   In llrowtt'tt Camp.
TAKK NOTIOE tlmt 1, Albert K. SiivtlRe, Free
Miners' Ceri|flcnto No. DtftfB, Ittteutl, sixty
iIuvb frnm dale hereon lo apply to the MIiiIiir
Heivnler torn Geitlllcttteof Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claim.
And further Ml;.' notice  'hut action, under
section B7, must he c'liiimeu I hefore tne isstl-
iiiic. ■ iifsutth Curtlflca'Q of improvements.
Hated ui lir.i.id b'orks. U.C., this 4th   day ol
Julie, A, D. l'.mi
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will he celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week flay and special services
as they are announced front time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, antl we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pas
Methodist Chuiich Rev. Calvert.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
lass and Sunday sohool  at 2:30 p.m.
Stomach Blood and
Liver Troubles
Much sickness starts with week stomach, and consequent
poor, impoverished blood. Nervous and pate-people lack
good, rich, red blood. Their stomachs need invigorating
for, after all, a man can be no stronger than his stomach.
A remedy that makes the ntomach strong and the liver
active, makes rich red blood and overcomes and drives
out disease-producing bacteria and cures a whole multitude of diseases.
Get rim at your Stomach Weakness and
Urer Laziness by takint a course ot
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
— Ihe ireat titomach Restorative, Liver
invltorator and  Blood eleanser.
You can't afford tn accept any medicine of unknown
etinl,miiiou as a substitute for "Golden Medical Discov-
c-v," which is a medicine ui known composition, having
ii complete list of ingredients in plain English on its bot-
tla-wrappor, -mme being attested as correct under oath.
/jr. Pletx.', Plausni .'WM. regulate aad tavlgont. Stomach,
Mrs. Thomas Watts and son returned on Monday from a month's
visit with friends in Manitoba.
Al. Traunweisier. proprietor of
the Yule, returned on Monday from
a six weeks' visit with his brother in
J. F. Royer, formerly engaged in
the livery business in this city, but
now located at Gull Lake, Sash,
v sited friends here this week.
'NTIIEMt'lTt.-K of 'In. Land Registry Aet
und In the mutter ot the ttie to I.nt 17:1*.
Oroup 1,Osoyoos Division, (now known ns
similltatneeni Division nf Yale District,
Hritish Columbia
WIIKRK.s Certilioate of Title of Patrick
Torrlnu, being Certllleate of Title No.
87ll.il, to the ahove heradlt intents has been
lost or destroyed, an application tins lieen
inutli. to tne for atlttulit'ai -thereof.
Notlee is hereby given that a duplicate Certificate of I'ltle to the uboi'e   hereditaments
will be issued at the expiration of one month
from the date hereof, unless in the meantime
valid objections to the eouttiiry be made to
me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
Kamlon|>s, 11. C. Se pt. 7, ll'io.
The old timers and Indians are
braving popular favor by predicting
u severe winter. But most weather
predictions are like dreams. They
usually go by contraries.
R. H. Tiueman, the Vancouver
photographer, arrived in the city on
Tuesday, and will remain at Blome's
old studio on Bridge street until
Monday, the 24th inst.
Work on a large scale has been
started at the Napoleon mine, near
Orient, The big mill is nearing co m-
pletion and forty men have been
added to the outside crew. The work
of stripping the big ore body wm
started lust week with sixty teams
and scrapers.
This is Indian summer. Itis to
be hoped that it will last until the
first of April.
October Slst has been desig
nated hy proclamation as Thanksgiving day this year.
All householders who wish to
vote at the next municipal election
must register during the month of
Considerable interest is being
aroused bv the announcement nf the
pastor nf the R-iptisi church that
next Sunday tbo subject for discussion will bo "The Twentieth Century Mr. Hohah."
Rev. H. W. Wright held a gospel
service in the school house at Danville on Tuesday evening He hns
arranged to hold such a service
there weekly.
Recently completed and
newly fiirtiiiheti throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. I'ir-t-
cluss accommodations for
transients. Hoard and
rooms by the weelt at prevailing rntes. Irine line of
Wines, I .ii, it, it's ami t lea's
always in stock at tlie hat-
' (irand forks, B. C.
Hoi Air, Lone Pine and Lookout Mineral
Ol'llmi. Situate in tin <;r.ui<l I'orlts Mining
DIvUion nf Yale District.
Whore luonted:   In McKinley oamp,
TAKE KOTICJE that I, Fred   VV,  tl eld, Free
I    Miners' Certtfloate No, BlWiW. fnr myself
and as agent for -1. iv, Cook,  neo Miner*'
Certlfl'-ate No.  R20260, and a. Ii Whiteside.
Free Miner*.' Ortlfien'e No. Hl.I'.t5ti, intend,
sixty davs from the date hereof, to npply to
the Mining Recorder for Certliientes nf Improvement,   for the purpose uf uhtuluiti^
Crown Qrants of the ahove eliiimw.
And furthur tnke notice tlmt action,  under
section 87,  must i>e commenced before the
tssnurice uf    such  UertiHeates of   Improve*
I    Dated thiB 3;lrd dny of July, A D 1010.
Liver and Bowel*.
Brldoe Street,
Tlie best nud most
substantial lire-proof
building In tiie Itonn-
dnry country. Recently completed and
VnMvly fiirutshed
ttirnuulinut. Equipped with nil modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally located, Kirst-ciusH ac-
cnmmodatiouH forthe
ni veiling public.
Hot and Cold Baths
Pirst-Glsis Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
MIL.   LARSEN,   Prop.
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister nf
publio works, will arrive in the eity
on a tour of inspection on the 17th
Wnntwl -^Two crnotl froah milch
cows; perfectly apntle; mnsl not he
niiii't1 than seven or eight yenrs nhl.
Address li Forrester, Columbia 1'.
O., Orand Korks.
Rev, Ilnnrv Slpolc accon.pnn.pd
the bishop of New Westminster In
Rosslnnd on Monday, nn<l took pnrt
in thn conseorntiorl of the new St.
George's ehureh in tli it city.
If the Eustern Townships hnnk
iIops   inlond  to move into its new
building, hut continue to let it pose ;
ns  an  ornament   for nnothnr yenr, i
The Hun may conclude to  move its
plant into it some  night when the j
moon is obscured by elouds.
For the year ending June 30. the |
Consolidated Mining company mada
a profit of jt809,9« OS. During the
yenr two properties were bought—.
thn Molly (iihsnn in lhe Kootenay, i
nnd the No. 7 in the Boundary.
rPAKE NOTICE that I have received objections in writing to the reten-
|      tion of the following names on the Register of  Voters  for  the  Grand
Forks Electoral District on the grounds stated below.
And take notice, that at a Court of Revision to be held on the 7th  day  of
November, 1910, at the Court House, Grant! Forks, B. C, at  10  o'clock  in
the forenoon, 1 shall hear and determine the said objections, and  unless such
named persons or some other Provincial voter on their behalf satisfies me that
such objections are not well founded, I shall strike such names off the  said
Registrar of Voters.
Dated this 10th day of October, 1910.
The following persons are reported absent from the District:
No. IJJame. Plack.
l...Agnew, Edward M Snowshoe mine, Pboenix
2„..Agnolu_ai, Eugetiio  Wellington street, Grand Forks
3,..AItlborn, .Inhti Clias. Vivian.   ..Carter's addition, Grand Forks
9...Allen, Edward J Granby hotel, First st, Phoenix
16...Anderson, Erie Third street, Grand Forks
17.. Anderson, John Alexander H. C, Mine boarding bouse, Eholt
25... Angove, John Alexander hotel, Pboenix
28,..Ashby, Charles Henry Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
30...Austin, Percival Burton Cascude
31,..Auvache, Frederick William Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
33,.,Baglow, Alfred Idaho property, Phoenix
30...Huit-d, Thomas Henry Dean's hotel, First st, Phoenix
47...Barlow, Richard First street, Grand Forks
<H... Hates, Frederick Granby hotel, Grand Forks
od.... Beau, Thomas Andrew Wade, Fife
71...Belton, George Russell  Victoria avenue, Grand Forks
87...Bird, William Near Newby ranch, Grand Forks
93...Black,  J Gospel Hill, Phoenix
94...Blakeway, AlbertE Grand Forks hotel
97...Blondon, Simon Dean's hotel, First street, Phoenix
106...Boreall, George Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
107...Bin-row, Alfred E. D West's boarding house, Grand Forks
100.. Bostock; Charles Granby hotel, Phoenix
1'21 ..Breestifet-re, Alfonso Granby hotel, Phoenix
134...Brouillette, George  Win Near old power house,Grand Forks
I3C...Brown, Robert  Granby hotel,  Phoenix
143....Brown, George Mr. Moore's house, near Stemwinder
mine, Phoenix
149...Buchan, Alex Ritchie. Bridge street, Grand Forks
lul ...Budiinir, Mike (iranby hotel, Phoenix
152...Bunting, Charles West's boarding house, near   smelter,
north of Grand Forks
lS3....Burdon, Frederick William  (iranby hotel, Phoenix
166 ..Burns, William Granby hotel,   Phoenix
1113...Calder, Hector John Brooklyn hotel. Phoenix
174....Campbell, Roderick Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
ISO ..Cannon, Hugh Benjamin First street, Grand Forks
191....Carinicliael, William R  Victoria hotel, Phoenix
I'.I'J....Carson,   James Balmoral hotel, I'hoenix
SOU...Cose, Frederick  Grand Fm-ks
209,..Chambers, Arthur VVe»t,s boarding house, Grand Forks
215..„Chishol Inlin A Granby lintel, First sireet, Phoenix
217..Chisholm, Dun William Granby hotel, Phoenix
21tS„..Christensen, William  Province hotel, Grand Forks
220...Clark, Abner I) Snow«hoe boarding house, Phoenix
222.,.Clark, Charles Arnold    Near smelter. Grand Finks
223....Clarke Frank I, Dean's hotel, Phoonix
280....Clyde, Wilfred Thompson Hoffman house, Grand Forks
24 1....Collins, Tuck  E Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
244....Connelly, Fred P  Gold Drop mine, Pboenix
249....Cook, Carlton Henry Plioeiiix
250....Coote, Frank B. C. mine, Eholt
259...Coryell, Frank  Coryell ranch, Qrand Forks
202....Cosgrove, John Phillip Bridge street, Grand Forks
205...Cote, Outer  Granbv lintel, Phoenix
2B8....CoUI'tney, William Granbv hotel,  I'lioenix
271...Couture, Henry Viotoria hotel, Grand Forks
274...Coward, George (iranby hotel,  Phoenix
275...Coward, Albert Edward  Granby hotel,   I'lioenix
281....Crawford, Hubert Gaw bldg.,Winnipeg av.,(Irand Fm-ks
288.,.Crippen, Harry Warden  Snowshoe mine boarding house, near
284....Crocker, Frederick (iranby hotel, Granby  place, Phoenix
285...Crossly, David (iranby hotel, Phoenix
288....Crump, Tnonius Huntley Grand Forks
289..,Cummings. James Granby hotel, Phoenix No.
478 ,
Name. Place.
...Dargie, William Dean's hotel, Phoenix
..Davies, Stephen Granby hotel, Phoenix
...Davies, Elias Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Decoste, Ben Brooklyn av„ Tuft's tenement house,
...Dion, Petre   Cascade sawmill
..Dixon, Chas. Henry Cosmos hotel, Grand Forks
..Dully, Thomas Alexandria street, Qrand Forks
..Dugind, George Bellevue hotel, Knob Hill av., Phoenix
.Ellard, Harry Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Erikson, William  Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
...Evans, Richard Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
...Fair, William .Stanley Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
..Finren, Edward C King's hotel, Phoenix
..Field, Thomas Cascade
.Finchain, Frank  Windsor hotel, Grand Forks
..Fitzmaurice, W. G, 8 Ruckle addition. Grand Forks
..Fitzpatriek,Louis  Clarendon restaurant, Grand  Forks
..Flaiimigan, Edward Phoenix, Lt. 9. Illk. 10, Brooklyn av,
. Fletcher, Arnold Huekle addition, Grand Forks
Forsaith, Thomas H Fife
..Frache, Richard  Frache'sgreenliouses,nearGrand Forks
..Eraser,  William Bridge street, Grand Forks
..Fraser, James Dean's hotel, Phoenix
..Fraser, William George Granby Co.'s mines, near Phoenix
..Futcher, Arthus Chas Bridge street, Grand Forks
..Gaw, George R Second street, Grand Forks
..Goddard, Henry Archer Grand Forks
..Gibbons, James Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Gooding, Wyatt Kaylor E. T. bank, Grand Forks
..Goodwin, William Joseph Phoenix hotel, Phoenix
.Gough, Arthur Carson (Covert ranch)
.Gould, John  Fisherman station, C.P.R.
..Graham, Isaac  Cascade
.Graham, Edward Henry Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
.Graham, James Edward  Victoria hotel, Grand Forks
..Grant, Duncan D  Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
.Green, Frank Rawhide mine, Phoenix
.Greenwood, Fred Grand Forks
.Guerin, William John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
.Guichon, David Joseph Riverside av., south of  power  house,
Grand Forks
.Halcrow, Alex Gordon West's boarding bouse,  Grand  Forks
.Hall, Cecil V. E Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
.Hall, Stephen Thorn  , Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
.Hall, Robert First St., near City Hall,Grand Forks
.Halliday. Mathew Dominion avenue, Phoenix
.Hanley, George   Stendal's boarding house, GrandForks
Hunna, John Alexander Granby hotel, Phoenix
.Hannay, William Henry  Fife
.Hanson, Neil Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
.Hanson, Harry West's boarding house, Grand Forks
.Hardie, Alexander Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
.Hartie, Chas Granby hotel, Grand Forks
..Hartley, Joseph A Dominion avenue, Phoenix
.Hartling, Robert Clinton Crawford'sboardiugliouse.GrandFoiks
..Hicks, Francis James North addition, Grand Forks
.Higgins, Frederick First street, Grand Forks
..Holmberg, Emil Laurentius  Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
..Hooper, George Snowshoe mine, Pboenix
..Hot-ell, Robert Phoenix, Knox Hill av., between  1st
and Church streets
..Hoskinsr, Thomas B Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Hosking, Jacob H Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Houlson, William John Dean's hotel, First st., Phoenix
..Hughes, Newton Church street, Grand Forks
...Jackson, George Alexander Paulson
..James, John Hay.... Bridge street, Grand Forks
..Johnson, William  Stemwinder hotel, Phoenix
..Johnson, Christian Bet. Winnipeg and Victoria avenues,
Grand Forks, Mrs. Taylor's boarding house, Second street
..Johnson, David Cottage hotel, Phoenix
..Jost, James Stanley Cor. Main and 6th sts., Grand  Forks
..Kavanagh, John  Graham's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
..Keefe, Andrew Brown bldg., Knob Hill av., Phoenix
..Keefe, John Cabin near C.P.R. depot, Phoenix
.Kennedy, John Frederick Grand   Forks
. Kennedy, Henry Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
..Keown, Robert Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
..Knowec, Dyonz West's boarding house, Grand Forks
..Knowles, John L Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Kranatz, George Wellington street, Grand Forks
..Lane, John McClintock's homestead, Grand Forks
..Lang, John Snowshoe mine  boarding  house, neur
..Lawson, Chas. Henry Second street, Grand Forks
..LeBlanc, J. E Grand Forks
..Lindsell, Chas West's boarding house, Grand Forks
..Liuklater, John  Phoenix
..Livesley, Robert A     Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
..Long, Harvey Granby hotel, Grand Forks
..Longhurst, William Sydney Miss Walker's house, Grand Forks
..Luccnte, Luigi Fife
..Lyttle, Samuel Wiseman's, North Fork, Grand Forks
..Mills, Thomas Grand Forks
..Marchanton, Alfred K  Riverside avenue, Grand Forks
...Marks, William Alex I'hoenix   Xew York   townsite
..Martin, Alexander  Marsh block, Phoenix
,.Martin, Daniel (iranby hotel. Phoenix
.Martin, Alex  D Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Mtitliieson, Alex Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
..May, W. II   M   Grand Forks
..Mcdcalf, Richard  Granby hotel. Phoenix
..Mellor, Joseph Edward Oro Denoro house, Eholt
. Michelson,   Michael Riverside avenue, Grand Forks
..Miller, Matthew Grand Forks
...Moore, John West's boarding house. Grond Forks
...Morgan, Edward  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
..Morrison, Malcolm Fife
..Mullen,  Patrick ;... Butte hotel, Phoenix
..Mullin, Calvin Herbert Stemwinder hotel, Phoenix
..Munro, Duncan David Fisher block, Grand Forks
..Munro, Henry Alexander Ironsides avenue, Phoenix
..Murray,  William Snowshoe boarding house, Phoenix
.McBeath, Wm. Maxwell Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
..McBelh. Neil (Iranby hotel, Phoenix
..McBride, John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
..McCallum, James Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
..McCharles, Andrew J Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
No. Name. Place.
910...McCullock, Andrew Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
918,...McDonald,  Angus John Curran'a boardinghouse, Grand Forks
919...McDonald, John Charles First street Grand Forks
924...McDonald, Alfred Bellevue hotel, Phoenix
926...McDonald, John J Dean's hotel, Phoenix
927...McDonald, Duncan A  Granby hotel, Phoenix
937...McDonald, John Alexander  Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
940...McDonald, Harvey William Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
955...McDonough, Joe West's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
963   .McElligott, A. P  North Fork, Grand Forks
976...Mclnnes, John Granby hotol, Phoenix
977...Mclnnes, Daniel Idaho claim, I'lioenix
979...Mclnnes, John H Granby hotel, Phoenix
983...Mclnnis, Donnie A Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
984...Mclnnis, Jesse H Province hotel, GrandForks
997...McJver, Thomas Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
1002...McKay, John Duncan Spion Kop, Pboenix
1003...McKay, Frank Victoria hotel, Phoenix
1010...MacKenzie, George Thomas 11. C. mine, Eholt
1025...McKinnon, Archie Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1026...McKinnon, John Deans hotel, Phoenix
1032...McLean, Hugh Granby hotel, Phoenix
1033...McLean, Jonathan D Dean's hotel, I'lioenix
1036... McLeod, Alexander Ross Columbia, B, C.
1042.. McLeod, Thomas George Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
1054...McNaughtoii, Alexander W  ....Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1083...McVeigh, Albert GrandForks
1046...MacLeod, Donald  Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
1088...Neill,  Herbert Phoenix
1091...Nelson, Wilbur Floyd ranch, Grand Forks
1100...Nicholson, Angus Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1101...Nicholson, Angus Neill  Cottage hotol, Phoenix
1102...Nicholson, John J Cottage hotel,  Phoenix
1103...Nicholson, Daniel Granby hotel, Phoenix
1116...O'Brien, James Patrick B. C. mine boarding house. Eholt
1117 ...Ockenuan, John Stendal's boarding house, Nortli addi-
" tion, Grand Forks
1118...O'Connor, Patrick Joseph Grand Forks
1126...O'Neill, Michael GrandForks
1176...Petterson, Angus Johannes  Stendal's boarding house.Grand Forks
1184... Pierce, Thomas Milton North addition, Grand Forks
1187...Pimm, Edgar John Bridge street, Grand Forks
1188...Pinker, Clias. Henry Idaho claim, Phoenix
1189...Pinker, Percy Banner mineral claim, Phoenix
1212.. Pureell, William John B. C. mine boarding house, Eholt
1224...Rawlinson, Ed H.C Third street, GrandForks
1229...Redhead, Sydney Granby hotel, Phoenix
1232...Reeder, Mathias Freithrik Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
1234...Rees, William.  Snowshoe mine boarding house,  near
1233. ..Reeves, Christopher Healey Delahay block, Dominion av., Phoenix
1238...Reynolds, William H  Christina lake, Fife
1243...Richardson, Samual  West's boarding house, Grand Forks
1246. .Richmond, Charles Stuart Gladstone
1248. .Riordan, John  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1258...Robertson, William John Fife
1273...Rollins, Elmer E Bridge street, Grand Forks
1279...Ross, Thomas Province hotel, Grand Forks
1291.. Roy, Adelard B. C. mine, Phoenix
1292...Royer, Jonas Franklin Model Livery barn, Grond Forks
1302...Rutherford, Wilburn James Granby hotel,  Phoenix
i303'...Rutledge William Prest's addition, Grand Forks
1304...Ryan, James Edward  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1309...Sallis, Timothy New York Townsite, Phoenix
1319...Schaefer, Theo M King street, Grand Forks
1320 ..Schlichter, William Clemens ...Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
1321...Sehulli, Roberto Fife
1324...Scott, James Snowshoe mine. Phoenix
1329 ..Sedargreen, George West's boarding house,north of Grand
1337...Sharpe, Miles Madocks Granby hotel, Grand Forks
1343...Sherbino, Vivian McKenzie Knox Hill av. and 2nd st., Phoenix
1344...Silverthorn, Richard Cor.Knob Hill av. & 2nd st., Phoenix
1345...Simard, Joseph Marie King street, Grand Forks
1347...Simon, Nazrre Union hotel,   Riverside   av..   Grand
1350...Sims, James Leaman Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1366...Smith, David Granby hotel, Phoenix
1376.,.Speare, David M Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1401...Stewart Peter M Fife
1406...Stone, George L    Butte hotel, Pboenix
1430. .Sweeney Ambrose Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
1434...Swindle, Alfred  Cabin near Alexander hotel, Phoenix
l439...T'aprill, John  Snowshoe mine, Phoeuix
1450..,Tedesco, Guiseppe Fife
1452...Tedesco, Giovanni  Fife
1455...Thomas, Martin B. C. boardinghouse, Eholt
1472...Tooley, Raymond Ralph Rawhide mine, near Phoenix
1476.. Townshend, William Stewart...Phoenix, Black's hotel
I486...Turner, Roy  Fife
1487...Turner, Robert W Fife
1489...Turner, George Duncan McMillan block, Phoenix
1495...Van Buskirk, Sunford E  Granby hotel, Pboenix
1496...Vaughan, Leonard Mclnnis iti Vaughan ranch
1506...Wnlker, Robert D Province hotol, Grand Forks
1509.. Walker, Edward Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1520 ..Watson, John Wesley Lot 2, block   24, plan  23,   Main  st,
Grand Forks
1525...Waugh, Joseph Grand Forks
1527...Webster, Herbert James Near G.N.Ry. station, Grand Forks
1529....Welch, James William West's  boarding  house, near  Grand
1531. .Welsh, Etlward Joseph Phoenix hotel, Phoenix
1542...White, Milton Daniel  Victoria avenue, Grand Forks
1558...Williams, Morris J. L Granby hotel, Phoenix
1564...Williams, Edmund Golden Eagle mine, Grand Forks
1590...Wynne, James Granby hotel, Phoenix
1594...Yonng, Herbert Walton Near V. V. & E. bridge crossing Kettle river, Grand Forks
The following persons are reported deceased:
No.                 Name. Place.
254...Cooper, Frederick Edward  Bridge st, Lt. 2,Blk. 15, GrandForks
700...Keron, William  Second street, Grand Forks
771...Lund, Arnt C  First street, Grand Forks
1094...Nelson, Soren GrandForks
1283...Ross, Walter Roger Cr. 4th and Spokane sts..Grand Forks
1524...Waugh, Andrew Over Hunter:Kendick Co. store, north
side st. between 1st and 2nd sts.,
Grand Forks
1587...Wolverton, William Marshall....Cascade.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complbtk Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (louslgnmetitof
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of J
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
ior Honintr a
Razor Honintr a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ut Door North op Granby Hotel,
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c
Anyone lending a sketch and description may
quickly oscertain our opinion free wfietber an
quickly aacertain our opinion fre
irventlfm iipronitbiypiUmum&,
tlotumrletlycontlUuntlul. HANDBOL
lent froo. Oldest aitency for eecoiwepatei
Fntonta taken through Munn 4 (&. W
tyctalnotice, without charge* lathi
Scientific American.
A UMUHomaly Illustrated weekly. Lament clr-
gtlutlon of nny flclomlilo Journal,   'reran (or
unaiU, fl..li a year, po st-wo prepaid.   Sold by
,U neWBdepler",
£ Q{) SeiBraUhoy, Jj-
Cffl:- I1'- _r su, WutllDEt
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Houndnry country, And we are the only
office in this section that; have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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