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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 4, 1913

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e Valley Orchardist
CWI KIKS, H C, I-Bir'AI, APRIL 4, 1913
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
A beattie "starvation" doctor lose*,
two patients through his treatment.
Floyd Allen and his son are executed in Richmond, Va., for the
Hillsdale courthouse murders.
The report on the higb cost of living shows that the figure lor 1912
was the highest within a generation.
The Montenegrins opened a fierce
atUok on all sides of the fortress of
Scutari today by order of King Nicholas.
The Liberals and Conservatives in
the house unite is asking for the re
inoval of the duty on traction machines.      .
The treacherous waters are rapidly
subsiding in Ohio and Indiana, but
rising in New York and the New
England states.
The London Standard says that
King George and Qaeen Mary »ill
make Ceremonious visits, to Paris,
Berlin tnd Vienna.        '
The Servian treops lose heavily during the attack on Adrianople. The
condition ot the peuple in the captured
city is not very bad.
Saturday •
Duke and Duchess of Connaught
with Princes* Patricia reach London.
Hon. VV. 8. Fielding says thatCan
ada is well able to build her own
shipe.  .
C. H. Love, the Owen Sound wife
murderer, is sentenced to be hanged
May 27.
The Huerta government appeals tu
the United States to prevent the passing of munitions of war across the
Fighting still continues before Scutari. The fall of Adrianople arouses
the peop'e against the Turkish government.
Illinois is the new centre of the
flood distress. Cairo is threatened,
and the people are leaving the city
by the trainload.
Relief work continues in the flooded district, where thu receding waters
parmit of redoubled efforts to succor
the distressed ones.
Hon. George K. Foster arrives in
Au-itralia during the. bustle and excitement of the federal elections. He
will wait for an opportunity to talk
Australian commonwealth to build
seven additional war vessels.
Pat Burns states that he will not
construct a model oity near Calgary,
The death of J. Pisrpont Morgan
takes place at Rome. It has little effect on the market.
English auffragettes who have
served a term In jail are barred from
the United States.
The total trade of Canada for tha
Usual year, which closed yesterday,
reaches the billion-dollar mark.
Desperate fighting is reperted from
Constantinople, where the Turks are
making a last stand in defense of their
Welter H. Page, editor of World's
Work, has been appointed by President Wilson as United States ambas-
dor to England.
The services to Canada and the empire of the late Field Marshal Wolseley are eulogieed in the Dominion parliament by both leaders.
Seeding is expected to begin in the
west within a week.
Austria's squadron is prepared to
attack the Montenegrin forces.
Another party of Doukhoboss is on
the way from the prairies to this
province.      -
A commission expert refutes tbe
charges made by the fruit men in the
house of commons.
All union men except the carpenters strike at Nelson for more money
and ehorter hours of labor.
Fourteen employees of the printing
bureau at Ottawa will be dismissed
for alleged political partisanship.
It is reported at the Montenegrin
capital that Qreat Tarabosch, another
of the Turkish lines of defense, has
George Wilson, who held up the C.
P.R. train and tried to murder J. H.
Sinclair, ia sentenced to. penal servitude for life by Judge Morrison in
Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux, in the
commons last night, demanded an investigation into the manner in which
the contract for mail bag looks had
Been awarded.
j nin
Qrand Forks Board of Trade
Reorganized on Broader
considers it expedient to defer distribution to tbe shareholders at present. Tbe annual meeting of the
company was held yesterday.
The remains ef J. Pierpont Morgan
are placed on boajd • train at Rome
for Havie.
The Conservatives of Alberta de
cide to nominate a candidate in every
Montenegro will be robbed of the
f.-uit of victory. Scutari's chief defense is carried by the forces of King
Nicholas. .
The commons discuss the treaty
witb Japan respecting restriction on
immigration. Supply bill passes the
third reading.
The vice-presiaent of the Grand
Trunk says tbal the last spike in the
main line of the road will be driven
near Fort Oenrge in the autumn of
British commons pass a government
measure to circumvent the hunger
strikes of the suffragettes. Lord Robert Cecil advocates deportation. Mrs.
Pankhurst is on trial.
son to End Life Proves
Eight teachers quit the public
school in Nelsdh.
The Nelson carpenters vote to
strike next Monday.
Langdon, a town twenty miles east
of Calgary, is burning.
One of Dr. Friedmanu's patients at
London, Out, is apparently improved.
The Mberla campaign is growing
warm. Premier Sifton attacks R I!
Liberals in caucns at Olta*a decide to continue the fight against the
naval bill.
Vice President Bury snys that the
Rogers Pass tunnel of the C.P.R. will
lie electrified.
The French capture a German airship equipped with the latest secret
Canada leads intimmigration. The
Canadian Pacific railway handled 20,-
000 newcomers last month.
English suffragette threaten a reign
of terror. Mrs. Pankhurst is found
guilty and is sentenced to three years'
penal servitude,
Thirty-five per cent of the menu*
Hirers will oppose the Ontario workmen's compensation bill as a physical
The Sacrament ol the Lord's
Supper will be dispensed at the
Presbyterian church next Sabbath,
April 6, at the morning service. All
communicants will kindly Uke notice. Members of sny evangelical
church are welcome to participate in
this service.
An enthusiastic meeting of tbe
Grand Forks board of trade was
beld in tbe city hall on Wednesday
evening. A large number of busi
uess meu and citizens were present.
The board wsi reorganized on
broadaj principles than it has heretofore worked under, and every one
in attendance re-jointd the organization. Fred Clark was elected president and Mr. Barlee secretary. Mr.
Clark stated that in future the
board wonld be conducted in tbe
best interests of tbe entire oity and
district, aud that all cliques and
favoritism would be eliminated
from ils deliberations. If this prin*
oiple is carried out, it will be an in
centive for every eitizen to become
a member. In the past it has not
been an uncommon thing forthe
board to boost certain institutions
at the expense of competitors, while
toward others, equally deserving, it
has shown thin-veiled hostility.
This undoubtedly accounts for its
uumerous lapses into a comatose
state. If this kind of picayunisb
business is barred in the future, the
board will have a prosperous career.
A system ot proposed publicity
work wss discussed tt length. Another meeting will be held next
Wednesday night to consider this
Wm. Million, an Englishman,
aged forty nine years, is in cus ody
in Spokane on a charge of insanity.
He mailed a package containing a
clipping and a disconnected communication to President Wilson
challenging bim in fight a
duel. In January last he challenged
Premier MbBnde to a duel, and
swore vengeance on him for some
fancied grievance. The package addressed to President Wilson was
opened in the Spokane posiofHce,
snd he was placed under arrest.
Milson owns property in various
oities in this province. In Grand
Forks he owns the lot between the
Lion Bottling Works and McNeil &
Henniger'a store on Bridge. Hi* lias
also property in Rossland, Fernie
and Vancouver,and is fairly well off.
Il is prohsble tbal he will lie de-
deported if be is not commitud to
t Washington asylum for the insane.
Following the meeting nf l.ne Biit-
I ish Columbia Copper cum pany, the
'following statement was issued:
I The net earnings of the company,
{after charging off all ordinary devilment work on tbeir proprietary
' mine for tbe calendar year ending
: December 31, 1912, were 142-1,985.
During tbe same period the company paid on account of new properties and in their exploration and
I development 9229.489. The com-
' pany has also under option numerous properties upon whicb pnymenta
are to be made during the current
fiscal year, and tbe board of directors deems it best to use the available net revenue for that purpose,
wbich is thought essential for tbe
purpose ot supplementing the company's   ore  reserves, tnd therefore
In   addition   to a large cement gecond   Attempt Of A. Nel
block packing bouso, Frache Bros,
of tbe Columbia   Greenhouses,   will
build two more greenhouses during <
the. present season... Each of these,
structures will be 40  by  200 feet,; 	
and contain, together, 16,000 square'
feet of spsce, whicb, with tbe present U*1 Mond«y «Mrota« Arohie
plant, will give the firm 34,000 Nel,wn' who- 8 week P^wus, ••-
square feet under glass. The ms- l«mPted mkiie by »hootin8 h,«--
terial to be used in new buildings "«'» iu lb« he*d and the heart, end-
will be steel, cement and glass. jed h*8 *rtbl7 career by h,n?,n>!
  .himself  tt  the  Cottsge   hospital,
A. F. Michener, who went to where he was receiving treatment for
Halcyon a couple of weeks ago for his self-inflicted wounds,
treatment for a severe attack of i , The gun wounds were quite esri-
sciatict and muscular rheumatism; ous, but they were not considered
is reported to he in a precarious dangerous by tbe Attending physi-
condition, a case of pneumonia hav-': cian, Dr. King, and his recovery
ing developed Mrs, Michener left had progressed to such a degree thnt
Inr that place last week in order to. his preliminary hearing for attempt-
ussist in nursing her husband. j ed suicide bad been set for the day
  I he   ended his life.   For a week he
Work was resumed Ihis week on' (,ad been under guard of the prn-
H. C. Kerman's new brick block on vincial authorities, who kept a close
Bridge street. The building will watch on bim. On Monday morning,
have a frontage of 60 feet on Bridge under pretence of using the lavatory,
street and a depth of 100 feet.  One- ,he  gUMd    relaxed  his   vigilance
balf of it will be used for store purposes, while the other half will be
constructed so thst it can be used for
t moving picture theatre.
Ernest Miller, M.P.P., returned
to the city on Monday from the
coast for tbe first time since the
close of the late session. The first
person he met wss The Sun man,
hence our readers can rely this this
news being absolutely exclusive.
for t few minutes, and when he
went to bring Nelson from the room
he found the door locked. Entrance
was gained by the window, and
when the attendant entered he found
the man, withjhis belt around bis
neck, hanging to a hook in tbt
wall.   Life was extinct.
Nelson   was  a   Norwegian,   tnd
came bere last summer. He was apparently   a  quiet  snd industrious
man.   He  leaves a wife and   two
-— — children in destitute circumstances.
' R. D. Fraser, of Cranbrook, was it is alleged tbat he tried to poison
in the city last week looking ior a his wife on the day be attempted to
business location. : shoot himself.   Ths  remains   were
buried on Tuesday tt the expense of
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub-customs offices, as re-,
ported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of March:
Grand Forks  $4,001.40
Phoenix    1,024.74
Carson  65 44
Carcade         53 40
Total .
,  15,144 98
1 wish to announce In the people
. oft j rami Forks and surrounding district thnt I have engaged the ser
I vices of J. Maugham, a practical
I heating engineer. Mr. Maugham
| has many high recommendations,
having hid'fifteen years' experience.
; He hns been wilh the hest firms in
| some of the largest cities in Montana,
j Idaho and Washington. We will
■ be glad to call and figure on your
; heating plant. Kali males (ree.
i Oro, W. Cooper.
the province.
The following iB the minimum
and maximum tem|ieruture for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch*.
Min. Max.
Friday, 28th  30 46
SatuYday, 29th  32 68
Sundiy, 80th  28 53
Monday, 31st  28 62
Tuesday, 1st.    28 52
Wednesday, 2nd    2t 64
Thursday, .'Ini  27 4!)
Rainftll  0-08
Mr. tnd Mrs. H. A. Sbesds returned on Monday from a three
months' trip lo Gettysburg, New
York city and other eastern points.
A social in aid of Ihe Methodist
Sunday school will be held at tbe
home of Mrs. R. L. Hodgson ihis
If You Neglect to Register
Tomorrow or tJVlonday You Will Be
Under the recently-passed amendment to the provincial
Elections Act, the voters lists of the province were cancelled
| on Monday, March 8. From March 3 to April 7 is the time
I set apart under the act during which .names may lie put on
J he new lists. After April 7 no names may be added. Lib-
I erals are reminded of the date and arc urged to take the
necossary action without delay, so that none of their names
' will be left off through neglect.
Believes Insurance Will be Beneficial
to England, as it Has Been to
Berlin, Germany.—Doctor Kaufman,
president of! he imperial Insurance de-
partirieut, has just given his views
regarding the betterment ot national
end social conditions ln England,
which may be expected from the new
Insurance laws, which recently came
into force. Thc president was careful to explain that he only spoke from
his knowledge of German conditions,
but that he expected analogous results
in England.
There will be, thinks Doctor Kaufman, an enormous reduction In poor
law expenditure, in consequence of the
Insurance laws. Thrift will be supported and nourished, and In millions
ef cases created. It Is a mistake to
suppose that insurance will kill u desire to better one's conditional In
Germany Insurance has Implanted
courage to face the future. It will
also be so in Kngland.
Secondly, insurance will result ln
the freeing of the people from their
greatest fear. In consequence, there
will be Increased national happiness
and higher standards of lite and living,
ln Germany for example, the consumption per head of population ot rye,
wheat and meat, notwithstanding the
high prices, has largely increased, the
deposits with savings banks have
enormously risen, and Dootor Kaufman believes lhat these indications
of national prosperity are mainly attributable lo the national Insurance
.economic development, of course,
plays Its part, but this development is
furthered by the security which Insurance in all its branches gives to
the workers. Reasoning by analogy, similar results may be expected
in England.
Thirdly, an Improvement tn the
(■(.millions of lite of the worker means
Improvement In the quality of work
done by him. This may be regarded
as an Industrial axiom.
Fourthly, the new English law will
affect the lower strata of people, just
as it has done ln Germany. This
strata hitherto were helpless, but sick
Insurance and old-age pensions re-
more their most crying needs. Compulsion for these classes was absolutely necessary, ln a few years will be
witnessed a new life, new hopes and
new ideals in these classes.
Tinally, there ie the Improvement ln
national hygiene to be expected, especially in all that affects tuberculosis
and other'national-diseases. Tbe
hygiene initiative of the Insurance
laws will be felt from the highest to
Ihe lowest classes in the state, but
especially In the homes of the poor.
In Germany the worker's life has been
prolonged; it will be so in England.
C.reat sanatorlas will rise in all parts
of Ihe country climatically suitable,
and Uie English may look forward to
the complete stamping out of certain
diseases which have hitherto ravaged
thc nation.
ln conclusion, this high German official said the act at first would probably not run smoothly, but with patience It will become an essential and
indispensable part of the social life of
the English people.
Bring Money to Office and Get Papera
In Return
London, England.—Two Kent dog
have obtained their own licenses.
A dealer's dog with the written message: Please give Sambo his license,
and $1*75, walked into the Canterbury
postofliee. The clerk took the money
snd made out the license and gave it
lo the dog, which walked out to Its
master waiting outside.
At Rochester, Bob, a cross between
an Irish retriever and a terrier, made
his fourth annual visit to tbe postofliee with $1.75 in his mouth and a
message from his owner, G. 0. Ham-
ar. with a request for a dog's license.
Wagging his tail, Bob waited for hie
license and promptly returned homo.
The sftMmposed task of breaking
the world's pinuo-playlng record has
just heen completed nt Llthgow, N.S.
W., by Waller P. Brent. He was at
the Instrument, for 7614 hours, beating
the record, It Is stilted, by thirteen
jii'nii:cs. The performer finished
comparatively fresh, though his (ace
was drawn and his bands were somewhat swollen.
is probably due to uric
acid in the system—the
blood must be purified—
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be improved.
Thousands testify that
Scott's Emulsion rids the
system of poisonous acid
by enriching the impoverished blood, and its concentrated nourishment is
converted into red blood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist on
Scolt & Sowne, Toronto. Ontario 12-60
The longest straight piece of railway-lino In the world is from Nyn-
gia to Bourke, In New South Wales.
'I'lils railway runs 130 miles on a level
In a perfectly straight lino.
William llton, nn Inmate of thc Hospital for Incurables nt Heidelberg, Australia, utter being paralyzed, blind,
<leaf and dumb for twenty-flve years,
has suddenly recovered his faculties.
Bad Blood-
la the direct snd Inevitable result el
Irregular or constipated bowels and
doggrd-up kidneys and skin. The
Mdigested food snd other waste matter which is allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood and the whole
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them—on the kidneys, giving them
ease and st length to properly filter th*
blood—and on the akin, opening up
the pores. For pure blood and good
health take
Dr. Morse's   *
Indian Root .Pill.
W. N. U. 938
King's Recent   Reception   of   Their
Loader Makes Him Exceedingly
Madrid, Spain.—The visit of Senor
Azcarate, the Republican leader, to the
palace and the Intention attributed to
the king of summoning other principals personages of all parties, notably
of the Republican and Socialist parties has created a sensation.
Both Republicans and Liberals welcome this action of the king, which I
on the other hand .seems to produce
among the Conservatives and Reactionaries a diametrically opposite effect.
In the course of his Interview with
Senor Aszarate,' lhe king showed himself to be strongly in favor of the creation of old-age pensions, also of
strict political sincerity, and most ample religious tolerance, and the development and liberalization ot education.
His .majesty asked the Republican
leader if he regarded It as desirable to
hold a conference, in the event of a
ministerial crisis, of the leaders of the
antldyiiastlc parties.
Senor Azcarate, surprised at the
question, reflected for a few minutes,
then answered: Yes, and he believes
tbat the king wil) take this step, lf necessary. Senor Azcarate la convinced that if the Liberals wish to do
liberal work on a great scale, they
will encounter no obstacle.
The king also made declarations on
religious toleration and political sincerity. Expressing his appreciation
of the army, hia majesty said: If I
were not king, 1 should be a captain
In the army.
The action of King Alfonso ln Inviting the Republican leaders to the
palace to talk politics with them has
caused a great stir throughout the
Republicans are cheering for the
king. Pour days ago Senor Melqui
ades Alvarez, speaking at a meeting
of Republican reformers, asked his
audience to support his majesty and
that sentiment bae been' reiterated
throughout the land since the king received the Republican leaders on Jan-
uary 14, when his majesty expressed
himself In favor of old-age pensions,
religious tolerance, and liberal education measures. A wave of Republican enthusiasm for the monarchy has
spread over the country.
It ls Impossible to say what will be
the ultimate effect of this paradoxical situation. The king has long
been known to hold generous, si,
vanced views on the question of government, but his friendly encounters
with the Republicans have spread con
sternatlon among the Conservatives.
A gentleman who had been ln Chl-
cigo only three days, but who had bcen
paying attention to a prominent Chicago belle, wanted to propose, but
was afraid lie would be thought too
hasty. He delicately broached the
subject aa follows:
lf I were to speak to you ot marriage
after having only made your acquaintance three days ago, whet would you
say to It?
Well, I should say never put off llll
tomorrow that which you should have
done thc day before yesterday.
Dipsomaniacs In Sweden when put
under restraint, are fed almost entirely
on broad steeped In wine. In less
than a fortnight they loathe the very
look and smell of liquor, end when
liberated generally become total abstainers. In Russia a similar treatment ls followed witb good results.
Aunt Mory—Good gracious, Harold!
What would your mother say U she
saw you smoking those cigarettes?
Harold ^calmly)—She'd have a fit;
they're hers.
She—Which do you .hink Is the best
time for her to be engaged?
He—I should sny just before sbe ill
married, ,
The man who hasn't the price of an
automobile says ho doesn't care for
anything but an aeroplane, but his
wife won't let him have It.
Cousins to Solomon
The story is told of a well-known
traveller who on one journey was
much anhoyed by a pedantic bore,
who forced himself upon him and
made a great parade of his learning.
The traveller bore It ae long as he
could, and at length looking at blm,
gravely said:
My friend, you and I know all tbat
ls to be known.
How is that? said the man pleased
.vith what be thought a complimentary
association, **
Why, said the traveller, you know,
everything except that you are a fool,
ahd I know that.
Yenr druggist will refund' money It
PAZO OINTMENT falls to eure SM
case of Itching, Blind, Blsedlng or
Protruding Piles tn 6 to 14 days, 80s.
He' Is never able to hold a job long.
He Is such a good liar.
Poor Old Spook
He took a company on the road;
But as the seats refused to sell.
The ghost was -very old and lame
And couldn't walk so very well.
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured
by local applications, as IXttr cannot
retch th* diseased portion of tht ear.
There la only ont way to curt deafness,
•nd that It b: constitutional remtdltt,
Deafness it roused by an Inflamed con-
dition of the mucoua lining of tht Eustachian Tube. When thli tubt is Inflamed you hsvt .' rumbling sound or
Imperfect heating, tnd when It Is entirely clcsed, De-tlneis tt the remit, tnd un*
lest tht' Inflammation can be taken out
and thli tube restored to Its normtl condition, hearing will be destroyed for evtr;
condition of the mucous surfaces.
Wt will el re Ont Hundred Dollars for
tny cue ofDeafnesi (caused by catarrh)
that cannot bt cured by Ball's Catarrh
Curt.     Send for circular!, fret.
F. n. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Draeglstf, 75c.
Takt Hill's Vamlly Pills for constlpa-
Plaators, ointmenta and -sulphur were
alike useless, but Dodd's Kidney
Pilla Made a new man of him.
Princeton. B.C.—(Special). — All
over Canada people are telling of the
great work Dodd's Kidney Pills are
doing, and even ln the rocky mountain
fastnesses where nature hides ber
mines men are telling of cures made
and Buffering relieved by the great
,'anadlan Kidney remedy. Wm. Murray, sixty-six years old, Wflu has
tramped the frontier aa lumber jack,
rancher, prospector, miner, hunter and
trapper, and who 'has friends all over
the west, Is one of these. Many a
tale of hardship and danger he can tell,
but his first real trouble came when
Rheumatism claimed him.
"I slipped on the mountain side-and
strained my kidneys and then my
troubles all seemed to set In at once.
I had nearly all the symptoms of Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Diabetes,
Dropsy and Bright's Disease," Mr.
Murray states.
'Then I broke out In a terrible rash
that spread all over my body and kept
me In tortures. I tried all sorts of
liniments and ointments and look sulphur enough to start a little hades of
my own. But It was all no use.
Then I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills, and
ail I can say ls they made a new man
of me."
At the County Court
Counsel—I wish my client was here
Instead of as I expect lying ln bed.
Hla Honor—Perhaps be Is Better 1;
Ing in bed than lying here.
An Always Ready Pill.—To those
of regular habit medicine le of little
concern, but tbe great majority of men
are not of regular habit. The worry
and cares of business prevent It, and
out of the Irregularity of life comes
dyspepsia, Indigestion, liver and kid.
ney troubles as a protest. The rundown system demands a corrective and
there Is none better than Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They are simple In
their composition and can be taken
by the most delicately constituted.
Every Time
After all, what ls money worth?
Yes.     What does It amount to?
A hundred cents on the dollar.
Weil letter
if instead of
soap yon use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP con.*	
tains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep tbe skin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
tbe difference. 47
flrtM tr.it yen ,.4_.i U-JflJ-.   Sflflfl P-upou.
r submit lo a headache Is lo watte energy, time and comllvt
Tb slop it at once simply tske
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggist will confirm our statement lhat they do not contain
anything lhat can harm heart or nervous system.    25c. a box.
Tbere are ae vttttabltt last like yest
wa grawitg.   Prtvidt far • good table,!
eat vtftlab.es, aal threw away ■edicitt-
Wt tot oaljrtapply yes with tht FiteatTttttt?
Seeds fer thia Contry, bat we alt* show yew
Told la oar booklets, 153 pates (copyrighted!
The firat et Ike kind pritttd la Canada.    Tkey
coatait Ike  best Western experience ef expert
Market Gardeners.   Soaad, practical nd stasible—
{est wkat yea waal le batw ia prtptritg Ike —*4
Set, anurias, itirtitg Ika seed, IraatplaaHag, ftrciag,
riptaiag, storing, dtilrtyial itttclt, etc.     Tbe price
la 10 ctets per booklet (fl.00 for Ike Ml tet ef ll.
iicladitg vegetable aad special field crops), bat FREE lo
parckstert of oar teeds.      See o»r catalogue, page 2.
smtrz to-day i-or btm nice cataloode. atohmins dui i >;•.-.
■fl ' i i,-in i ii    ORt 41tSI
.if/'/) HOiSl
She—Pardon me, sir, for walking on
your feet.
He—Oh, don't mention lt, I walk on
them myself you know.
Mlnard'e Liniment buret Dlttomptr.
It makes a lot of difference In a
boy's patience whose sister. he is
waiting for.
Asthma Cannot Last when the greatest of all asthma specifics is used.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
assuredly deserves this exalted title.
It has countless cures to Its' credit
which other preparations had failed
to benefit. It brings help to even the
most severe cases and brings the patient to a condition of blessed relief.
Surely suffering from asthma Is needless when a remedy like this ts so
easily secured.
An Old Hand .
Mrs. X.—It Isn't right to charge
Willie with taking that money out of
your pocket. Why don't you accuse
Mr. X.—Because It wasn't all taken,
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Garget in
Cows   ■
Wife—How does my new spring hat
look, Tom?
Hub.—Uml lt looks to me like two
weeks' salary.
Mrs. Pierre Lambert, Paquettevllle,
Que., says: "I read in the papera of
what Baby's Own Tablets were doing
for other children so decided to try
them for my baby who was suffering
from constipation and stomach trouble.
They worked like a charm and now I
always keep them In the house and re
commend them to all my friends."
Baby's Own Tablets cure constipation
and Indigestion; they expel worms,
break up colds and allay simple fever
and make teething easy. They are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. WU-
Hams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Her Ideal
The Inventor—That machine can do
the work of ten men.
Visitor—Qee whiz! My wife ought to
have married itl
She—You are very depressed. I
didn't know you cared so much for
your uncle.
He—I didn't; but I Was tke means
of keeping him ln an Insane asylum
tbe last year of his life and now that
he has left mo all his money, I've got
to prove that he was of sound mind.
Look about you and see how trained
brains win better salaries tban trained muscles. We train yonn; men
and women to use their brains In business. They succeed. Wby not
you? We invite you to write for a
copy of our curriculum If you wtnt a
good training for a business office or
wish lo become a competent telegraph
operator. Write W. H. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Canada.
Take Good Care
Of The Colts
It's cheaper to raise colls than te
buy horses. But it's costly if you leu
tho coin. Keep a bottlo of Kendcll's
Spavin Curo lianily. For tlilrty-fivo
years lifts proved it tlio txti, roliablo
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, ring*
bono, bony growths and lameness
from other causes.
"I tssrs Vunsi. o;ia
Iptvln wllb ' >uur
IpavlnCiiT*. iti-l nni
i-iiw trjltij it o:i m-
Mhn w!ih foo-t ro-
lulU. 1 sM'blsh'r
fltsssi.   with   four
•   ' r, wmi.M.
|1 a WM.--stars'*.
A»dr-iffl*t frr tins
topy otP'A Trftuil •
hi tt* Vans' or
•Hts  . ^B
Dr. B. J. Kandall Company    M
EMtbun Fafb."-— V. X A*
Cheer Up!
You won't be bothered by the
blues if you keep jour liver active,
your bowels regular, and youi
stomach in good tone by timely
use of thc lime-tcslcd, beneficent,
and always effective family remedy
Md wexxrtwam*.    •      ■
What is you name, little girl?
And what ls your last name?
I don't know.     You see, mamma
hasn't got back from Reno yet.
woni in the V'nKt-d btnt-M at*
mRMifiu.himl hi New York, th*
world's brr.t market. Send fot
price Hut find ship to
M. F. Pfatlztr *. Co.*
I E. 12th 8t. ttfeirk U)r N.T-* &
"•ample free If you write National
graii and Chemical Co., et Canada,
'limited, Toronto.
Wash Day
Makes the Clothea as
White at Snow
Try It |
Manufactured by
Th* John.on.R___h.rd.on Ca
UmlMd, Montr..l, Cn.
All Off Now
He .(nervously)—Er—er—Margaret
^er^—er—there's something been
trembling on my lips for the last two
She—Yes, so I see. Why don't you
shave it oft.
Miller's Worm Powders act so
thoroughly that stomachic and Intestinal worms are literally ground up and
paeeed from the child without helng
noticed and without Inconvenience to
the sufferer. They are painless and
perfect ln action, and at all times will
be found a healthy medicine, strengthening the infantile stomach and maintaining lt In vigorous operation, so
that, besides being an effective vermifuge, they are tonlcal and health-giving ln their habits.
A Cheerful View
. There's this old hat of the master's,
Mary.     Do you think the man would
give us anything ter it?
Law, yes, m'm, there's many a poor
'man as would be glad to go to ble
wife's funeral ln a hat like that.
Winnipeg, Man.
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
The Beach Girl
She seems to be something of a
Stat, ***
I should say she doea.
What Is her specialty?
Learning to swim.
The poor man bas one consolation
-he will not have to dodge an Income
•tax.     ■■-■
etable Compound Did For
Their Health—Their own
Statements Follow.
Haliburton, P.E.I.:-" I had a doctor'
ixamine me and he said I hsd falling of
Uie womb, so I bave been taking Lydia
G. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound and
lt has done me a lot of good. All the
iearingfldown .pains have vanished. I
have gained ten pounds in weight, the
discharge is all gone, snd I feel better
than I have for a long time. I think any
woman-Is foolish to suffer as I did for
the sake ot a few dollars.
" Yon can use my letter as a testimonial. Itmay encourage other poor women
Who suffer aa I did to use your Vegetable
Compotnd." —Mrs. Geo. Collicutt,
HsUburton, Lot 7, P.E.I.
Bead What This Womnn Sayst
New Mooreileld, Ohio.-"I take great
pleasure In thanking yoa for what your
Ihas done forme,  I
■ bad bearing down
I paint, was diiiy and
| weak, bad pains In
I lower back and could
I not bo upon my fett
I long enough to get a
I meal.  As long sal
■ laid on my bsck I
I would feel better,
Ibat when I weald
I getnp those bearing
down-pains would come baek, aad tha
doctor said I had female trouble. Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound was
tha only medicine that helped me snd 4
havstbeen growing stronger ever since
I commenced to take It 1 bops it will
help-ether suffering women as It hu me.
Yoa ean use this letter. "-Mrs. Cassis
Iflixrirb,NewMoorefteld, Clark Co-.Ohio.
W. N. U. (38
ST .flips DANCE
It is Most Common Among Children of At School Age.
if your child—whether boy or girl—
Is fldgetty, emotional and awkward,
you Bhould watch It carefully as lt may
develop St. Vitus dance. Frequently
children cannot keep still, they move
with stra'ngeiactlons. their limbs Jerk
and their features twitch nervously.
Speech ls confused and the whole muscular system not under control. These
are among the symptoms of St. Vitus
dance, a trouble that afflicts growing
girls and boys, most frequently during the school age. nr. Williams'
Pink Pills are such a splendid nerve
tonlo that, they have cured the worst
cases of St. Vitus*dance. They do
this because the new, rich blood they
make feeds and. strengthens the starved nerves, thus throwing oft the disease. Here Is an example. Mrs.
L.* L. Glfford, Westover, Ont., sayS:
"For over two years my. little girl, Con-
Stance, was e Sufferer from St. Vitus
dance. She wae frightened badly by
a dog, which seemed to bring on the
trouble, and notwithstanding all we
did for her lt seemed to.be growing
worse, She grew so bad that She
could not feed herself end her speech
was so badly affected that we could
carcely understand her, Tlie twitching and Jerking of her limbs was pitiable. At this Juncture we began giving her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
to our great Joy they have completely
cured her, and she is now as healthy
a child as you can find."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold
by all medicine dealers or sent by
mall at BO cents a- box or six boxes
for I2.B0 from The Dr, Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvlljle, Ont,
There was a terrific explosion off to
the southeast of the hill, and General
Splna.chlvl.ch turned pale as a ghost.
By St. lkom! he cried, they have
dynamited the King's Own Fusiliers.
No General, replied his chief aide-
de-camp, looking at the same through
his fleld-glasseB. It Is only the moving picture pepple taking a flashlight
of the Roy.al Scullery Guards ln a football scrimmage.
Found Her Favorite Again
A bright young lady tells how she
came to be acutely sensitive as to the
taste of coffee:
"My health had been very poor for
aeveral years," she says. "I loved
coffee and drank lt for breakfast, but
only learned by accident, as lt were,
that ii was tho cause of the constant,
dreadful headaches from which I suffered every day, and of the nervousness that drove sleep trom my pillow
and eo deranged my stomach that everything I ate gave me acute pain'
(Tea Is Just as Injurious, because It
contains caffeine, the eame drug found
in coffee).
"My condition finally got so serious
that I was advised by my doctor to
go to a hospital. There they gave
me what I supposed was coffee, and I
thought tt was the best I ever drank,
but I have elnoe learned It was Postum. I gained rapidly and came
home ln four weeks.
"Somehow the coffee we used at
home dtdn't tsate right when I got
back. I tried various kinds, but none
tasted as good as that I dihnk In the
hospital, and all brought back tho
dreadful headaches and the 'sick-all-
over' feeling.
"One day I got a package of Postum, and the first taste of lt I took, I
said 'that's the good coffee we had ln
the hospital!' I have drank It ever
since, and eat Grape-Nuts for my
breakfast. I have no more headaches, and feel better than I have tor
years." Name given upon request.
Read the famous little book. "The
.oad to Wellvllle," ln pkgs. "There'e
a reason."
Postum now comes In concentrated,
powder form, called Jnstsnt Postum.
It Is prepared by stirring a level teaspoonful In a cup of hot water, adding
sugar to taste, and enough cream to
bring the color to golden brown.
Instant Postum Is convenient;
there's no waste; and the flavor ls
always uniform. - Sold by grocers—46
to BO-cup tin 30cts., 00 to 100-cup tin
A B-cup trial tin mailed for grocer's
name and *_-cent stamp for postage.
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor. Ont.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Ca__n-____ttiir.__t.__i_. purntirtt.  Therm
bniU--lur.h-uiinece.iary. Try
Purely vegetable. Al
gently on tlielivef,
eliminate bile.and
Skk Heemecke **i hAeexHsx.
Small PHI, Saudi Data, Small Price.
Genuine bus bear Signature
me - ./tt) Mtrt/ssif
DYE, om can bur—Why you don't even h.v. to
know what KIND of Cloth your Good. .r. nud.
ot.-So Mutate, ar. JrapoMlbl..
Send for Fr.. Color Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklet giving raaulta ol Dyeing over other colon.
e* Montre.1, Canada.
x.    -Wliettyotirordcrcome9frotttllieRroc«t*a
" s« that he hns sent you WINDSOR TADIJi
SALT. -WhyahoddyoubolhervrilhaaltUut
"ctkW ta hardm* rock, what you ean art
' WTM__t§S loll TsTall ralt-atnoiuteIy pure
i clean crystal — nnd every grain a perfect
I crystal.  It costs no more. '*■
Unable to Work
for 14 Months
Complete Hervoue Breakdown Left
Mr. Blaok u Invalid-Cured
by Dr. Chate'e Nerve Food.
Mr. Henry Black.
What a helpless mass of flesh and
bone tho human body ls, once the
nerves become exhausted. Extreme
weakness comes over you, and you
lese control dt tho limbs. The next
step Is paralysis.
You will be fortunate If, like Mr.
Blaok, you get the building-up process
In action before It is forever too late.
By forming new, rich blood Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food carries new vigor and
energy to every organ and every member of the human body.
Mr. Henry Black, 11 St. Catherine
street cast, Montreal, Que., Writes :—
"The wonderful results I obtained
from the use of Or. Chase's Nerve
Food constrain me to write this letter In order that others who suffer
from nervous exhaustion and weakness may uso this medicine with equally satisfactory results. As Hie result
of overwork I became completely exhausted, and was unable to work fer
fourteen months. As I am the father
of a family, these were sad days for me,
but after I had used six boxes of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food I had Improved
so greatly that I continued the treatment until I was completely restored
to health and strength. I now work
twelve to flftebn hours a day, and keep
ln excellent health."     w
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 10 cents a
box, all dealers, or Edmansen, Bates
* Co., Limited, Toronto.
I. X. L.
Price $3.50
For the Following Reasons
1—It Is compressed air that does the work.
2—You can wash a tub ot clothes tn THREE minutes.
3—COMPRESSED AIR and SUCTION are the latest known science
, for perfect cleaning.
4—There is no wear or tear on the clothes.
6—It eliminates all the hard   work ot washing. i
6—You can rinse or blue a tub ot clothes In 30 SECONDS.
7—One hour's work will do any ordinary family washing.
8—It will last for years.
9—Anything that can be cleaned by soap or water or gasoline can be
cleansed perfectly without breaking a thread.
10—THREE minutes in the suds. TWO minutes In the boiler (If you
boll your clothes), 30 SECONDS in the rinse water and 30 SECONDS In the blueing water, will wash a tub ot white clothea.
11—Lace Curtains, Bed Comfort., Fancy Shirt Waists, Wollen Blankets, Overalls and even Horse Blankets can he washed perfectly
without any wear or tear on the goods.
12—It forces the water through the fabric.
13—The finest fabrics can be washed ln the same tub with ordinary
white clothes with no possible Injury.
14—The work that takes trom 40 minutes to ono hour to do on a rubbing board can be done in THREE minutes without any haid
15—You can use the machine In the holler, thereby forcing tho steam
through the clothes, which bleaches and whitens them.
16—It only costs S3.50 and will save at least (50.00 per year In your
home by not wearing out your clothes.
It—The Washing Machine only weighs VA pcunds.
18—You can do all your DRY CLEANING with this machine. You
simply use gasoline ln place of water.
19—Because the I.X.L. Vacuum Washer ls sold under a money back
guarantee to wash quicker and better than any washing machine
made irrespective of price and construction.
20—Because if you use the coupon below, you can get one of these
wonderful washers tor (1.50.
To wash a Tub of clothes perfectly in 3 minutes
Not only washes, but rinses and blues
No rubbing or batting.   Absolutely no Friction.
No Severe Exertion Required  .
A cV.ld can do an ordinary washing and have It ready for the lino
ln one li "ir.
Send For One, You Run No Risk
Present or mall this Coupon and 11.GO to Dominion Utilities Mre. Co
Ltd.. 4«-',.  Main Street. Winnipeg,  Mun.. snd you    will   receive   ons
All char-set prepaid anywhere In Canada on condition thst ynur moniy
Is to be refunded If the Washer does not do all Hist Is claimed.
h THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
6. A. Evans. Editor ano Publisher
Jue Tear , , 11.50
One Year (In advanoe)  1.00
Oue Year, in United Statu  1:60
' Address all eommunleatloni to
Tub Bvbninq Sun,
faoa* B74 ... QbasoFobis, B,C
[FRIDAY, APRIL  4,  1915
strong reasons do exist in thia case,
if tbis measure, so exceptional in-
character, is passed tbrough the
commons by such extraordinary and
unprecedented procedure."
The man who gains his political
iufsrmntion from tbe Tory newspapers tbese days knows less than if
be had not read them at all. A few
days ago a dispatch staling tbat
Him W. 8. Fielding favored Premier Borden's naval policy wns sent
out from a Conservative news bu-
rsau. Here are Mr. Fielding's views
on this question:
"Those wbo take the view thst
Canada can not supply the ships ss
well as men will have difficulty in
convincing Canadians that they are
right. On our Atlantic coast there
is as fine a class of men for naval
service as is to be found anywhere
in tbe world. Hundreds of young
men of tbe Maritime provinces are
manning the Canadian fishing fleet,
and many of them, I believe, pass
from tbe fishing fleet into the American navy, The difficulty in establishing shipyards bas been mucb
magnified. One of the great English shipbuilding firms has jnst established itself at Montreal, nnd one
of its principals even thought, tbat
Dreadnoughts could be constructed
herd. We are not expecting to
tbuild Dreadnoughts in a day, hut
that Canadian navy vessels o' a
substantial type cm be built in Canada at a moderate advance over
British prices was proven by the
tenders two yeurs ago from the shipbuilders of tbis country, the very
men wbo today are building for the
"If Premier Borden carries out bis
threat of introducing the closure in
stead of appealing to tbe country, as
Sir Wilfrid Liurier did on another
occasion, there will no doubt be a
fresh Strugs:!-. Until the closure is
adopted all the forces of the oppo
sition will he employed ngninst it,
as well aa against the navy hill. If
the olosufe is adopted and the navy
bill passes, what becomes of it in the
senate? The Li'ii-rals are not in
dined to look with favor upon -rejection by the senate of tho house of
commons lull-unless there lie vert-
strong reasons, m d there will lie
many wbo will  contend  Unit   auch
The Laurier hall in the West end
has been secured by tbe busketbnll
team, nnd the members of the organization Mill go into in-live train
ing and star) pmclioe operations nt
T. J. R. Largue, of tbe British
Columbia Copper company, and
Miss Helen M. Nicholls, both nf
Greenwood, were married at the
Presbyterian church in thit, city last
Robert Anderson, master mechanic of the Kettle Valley line, is
having a fine residence erected on
Victoria avenue.
For Sale—Strawberry, Rhuhnrb
and White Mammoth Asparagus
plants. James T. Sthflford, Ruckle
ions. Far from doing tbat, it is
stated that he means to force the
naval bill through by introducing
the closure. Tbe first fruit.therefore,
8 a domestic crisis in Canada of tbe
first magnitude. We bave frnm the
first criticised the substance of the
Borden scheme on constitutional
grounds. We bave repeatedly insisted that it wns doing an ill Bervice
to the.empire to make the navy sn
issue between tbe parties in the dominions Now thut Mr. Borden's
scheme has been pushed to the point
of nn acute political crisis in Canada, it will be agreed by all rational
minds that it in doing the worst of
servioes to imperial unity.—London
Daily News and Leader. ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Davis returned
ou Tuesday from Spokane, w heie
Mrs. Davis has been for some time
for medical treatment. They in
tend to leave tomorrow for Vancouver, wbere they will live in. In
ture. A. P. Jordan hns rented their
residence in this city.
I. A Coryell has sold his house
opposite the Methodist church to
Peter Hansen.
Dr Acres has purchased tje Mayhew property near the Canadian Pacific railway shops in the West end.
Tbe property consists of one and
one half acres of land a substantial
dwelling. The price paid was
With a view of impressing upon
prairie poultrymen the fnct that
tbey can buy better stock in British
Columhia than they can secure in
the east, wbere they are accustomed
to make their purchases, the Hritish
Columhia Ponltry association, aided
by tbe provincial government, ie proposing to send a carload uf tbe hest
birds iu the province to Ihe big
show in Edmonton next summer.
. I -.pairs Imperial Unity
Mr. Burden would seem to stand
nln-e among th- statesmen of the
Dominion, and the least concession
be can make is tn consult the jicn
pie of Canada Mure lie Coiuniilr
lli'in In a cniiBtilutinnal revolution
c n-lemneil >i\   > I the other doiiiiu
Friedmann Unafraid
Nfw York, April 2.— Dr. F. F.
Friedmann announced tonight
thut he would proceed with his
promised government clihie, at
which he will treat one hundred patients with his tuherculoHis vaccine,
as soon as his incubator has hecn
This apparatus, which regulates
the temperature of the culture,broke
yesterday. It is In cause of .this
that the German specialist declared
it necessary to defer the test requested hy government   physicians.
Half Ihe tuberculosis cases selected fnr the oVnmnstrntion sre in
an advanced stage nf the disease.
Dr. Friedmann repudiated tonight a
statement credited today to one of his
assistants that he would not consent
to holding the clinic because so
many of the patients were near
death and their cases practically
"When my incubator is repaired
I will be ready and will stay bere
until I think my mission is finished," declared Mr. Kriidmann.
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnaiity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls.,.'.  .$1.25 each
Woodland ^ Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
Something   That You
Never Seen Nor
Heard Of
it is used this year as a little
Kaster present, or rather a mark
of courtesy to friends and relatives. Its value as a token lies
more in the novel idea than in the
price of the article It is arranged
so that it can be sent, just like u
postcard, for a cent or two, to
uny place iu Cauaiia or tlie United States The endearing idea
uiiout it is the embedded Luhin
ous Choss, which will shine all
night long (or in any dark room)
in a Glokioiis, Mvruic Blue
Light, after yon have nad it exposed to daylight for a few minutes The price is so low that
anyone is enabled to be convinced of its real nature It is -
indeed an article which is held
in high esteem by any Christian
family or person, The shining ■
cross is niade of a stone whii-h is
found only near Jeruaa.li m and
of which already the Bible speaks
aa the Lukinoijh Stone in picturing Solomon's Temple.
PRICES ARE-16 oent" each, 2
for 25c, 5 for 60c, and 1*2 for $1.
(Sole Agent fur Canada and U.S )
Was the Surprise .
Why all this surprise if it is true
that Napoleon's grandson is piling
lumber in Los Angelen? Probably
Napoleon's grandfather piled lumber
too. It was neither of them, but
Napoleon himself, who was the sur
prise of th.- family.—Toronto Star.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The Sun job otlice is overstocked
with some sises of hillheads. Call
and get n bargain.
Ten .Minorca Roosters, one vrnr
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, April 3 —The follow -
ing arc today s opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granhy Consolidated. 63.50 75 (X)
B.  C.   Copper       3.75     4 60
Plymouth Rocks
and Row Comb
Rhode Island Reds
tre Shipment*
The ore shipments and smelter
treatments of Ihe Boundary mines
and smelters for the past week were:
Granhy mine, 27,255 tons; Mother
Lnile, 8280; Hawhike, 4870; Nopo
leon 584; Queen Victoria, 531.
Smelter Treatments—Granby, -..,-
585 tons; Mother Lode, 16,370.
fl  ;  .
Don't forget that The Sun hae the
beat job printing deparrment in tbe
Boundary country.
Some business m-n (>re so fond nf
being deceived that they even endeavor tn helieve that they can resch
lhe consumers of this disirict with
oui -idveriixingiii The Sun
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Filly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Impairing
THE Great Northern Hotel
1    has added a
Barber Shop
to its already well equipped
hostelry.  .
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened   by
an expert.
'   ETC., ETC.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our' store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre C& Smith
for halchlatf Iron Q A    each.la sny
8 Bihlhltloa Sloil *-\JC quality
Change of Program
Each Week
.Iny ol Maruh. A. D. 1111:1, probate ol
the will nf .1. hi, Abraham Coryell, decettscil,
late of the i It*, of (.laid Korks. B c, wa.
lit anted out of tlie t-uprenio' oult ol Hrltl.li
Columbia, al Grand Forki. B '.'., t-> Kmmn
Fertiuioli Coryell and l-'ralik O orge Cut. ell.
executrix and executor therein named,
both of Grand i- ork.. II.C.    .
i Kvery perro-i Indebted to laid estate U
required to make payment lurthwHIi to thi'
I .aid executrix mid executor, and every per.
tou having In pofl.^.fllnn   eftceta    Mom-lug
lo i-.tate Is  required forthwith to deliver
tame ov< r to .at'-, executrix and exeoutor.
Kvery creditor or other peraoii  navlug any
f claim u(rf>n or Interest In the distribution of
tho e.tnte of thc deccaflcd It required before
lhe ath day of  April A.D. IUU. to lend by
| registered letter, addressed tu the under
i signed hit name and ad'lrett aud lull
particulars ui his olaim or interest, and a
I statement of his account, verified by statu*
I tory declaration, ami the nature of the security lit any) held hy him. •
After Ihe said 28th d y of April thc exeou-
' tttx uud executor will proceed with the sd-
mini, trntlnu of the estate, having regard
to those claims   only of whioh tney shall
: then have notioe.     * '    •
I    Dated this 19th day of March, A.D. WIS.
EMMA t. CORYKLL. Executrix,
HUNK (1. COBYELL, Executor,
At tlie Head
The man at the head of afliiirs
whether at home or in butineu, it
the one whose attention you with
to attract.
Our paper goes into lhe best clan
of hornet and it tad hy thc hend of
the family. Thst accounts for the
retullt obtained by- lhe ute of
Clattified Want Adt.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol Materia every nerve la the body
K           to lit proper teuton t restores
imtturt decay and all aexnal
      Pbi.phe.el will
vim and vitality. Fret
weakness (verted at ance.
Co-it. Catimr.net. Ont.
or two (or
Don't he misled hy false state-
mentu of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Care of Nursery Stock Before
Planting j
Instruction issued by the Riverside
Nurseries:    ,
Oo not allow your shipment of
trees to lie at lhe railway station or
express offing. Go and get them immediately they arrive. When you
have brought them home, if it is possible, plant at once. If, however,
this is not possible, follow the directions below.
Ir in Balms—Place bales in the
cellar., or shady place; star.d Upright,
remove the straw around the tops
but nol the sacking around the roots;
then saturate the roots with water
and keep them moist until ready to
plant. A watering ran is the best tu
use, as it distributee the water more
evenly. The sacking around the
riots should always bs.kept wet
If in Boxes—Place in a shady
place. Remove the c .ver. and wnter
the ends of the boxes wh re the roots
are. A pail is best for this. Keep
wet uutil ready to plant.
Heeling in Process—Dig a trench
two feet deep, throwing the earth for-
ward so as to form a sloping bank
to put the trees on, with the roots
in the trench Cut t'"* bunches open,
shake out the pa< kin 4 and lay the
trees in the trench in a thin layer.
Then throw a good layer of earth on
the roots and also on the whole length
of the trees to the very tips. Work
the soil in well, packing it firmly
Then dig the trench back further
and put in another layer of trees, cov
erino all deep with soil. Add in this
way, as many layers as are necessary
8111110th the sides so as to turn off
wat<*' and dig a trench entirely around
th'i mound, with a ditch to carry off
the surface wnter To those who
will not take the trouble to do th s
properly, the safest way is to adopt the
watering plan as above, for the trees
can safely be kept in their ortginal
packages for a week or len . days, if
tho above instructions are carefully
Piantino—When ready to plant
the trees ot tushes, trim,off the ends
of the roots, making a slanting cut
with a nharp knife, cutting from the
under si le so the cut surface will rest
against the soil. Any long slender
roots should be cut back to about
eight inches, the ends of anv bruied
roots cut off and ai.y dry,. fibrous
rv«ts trimmed off. "
■ Puddle the roots, load on a wagon
it stone boat, cover them with old
bli.nlret .or carpet and draw to the
P anting ground.
Dig the , holes large enough to re
ceive the roots.easily without. crowd-
ing or bendinir and to nl'ow for the
trees to be planted four inches deeper
than they were in the nur>ery rows.
(If in heavy clay soil, plant only
two inches deeper ) In digtinj the
holes, keep the top soil sepa ate foo
the bottom soil.
In planting,one man should hold the
tree in posit_i-n,h'riiiing the earth wh ch
the other man throws in th • hole
Firming the earth around thn roots is
of great importance.. Lack of finning
properly is largely resi onsibble for the
failure of many trees to live. Therefore, holding the tree well in pos ton,
throw in some of the best top soil and
work it in well around the roots.
I/pave no air poctets Tramp and
pound the soil in well until the hole
it three-i|iiin--*T* full. Then, if the
soil is. very dry, p> ur in several
gall- n- of water. I_ei the "Sier-nli
ill, and th'en ltd up lhe hole Willi
lo W-* earth, hut do not train,, it in
after watering
Never put manure in the hole with
th* . tree, bectu-e it will make air
pockets and cause the roots to dry
"Ut.     ..'.,.
t Prunino—Trees should lie pruned
and hush fruits cut back iuunedi-
att>lv after p a iting.
To Make a Pi-mile— Dig a hole
two feet deep and two feet across; fill
it with' water and stir in the soil (elav
preferred) until you have a stiff batter
When ready, dipjlhi* roots of the trees
in the puddle, and ihey are ready to
plant. ' As you uso it, renew the
earth anrl water.
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts of the City
Also Fruit Lands and Tracts suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Real Snaps left
in the boom "centre in the West End. I
sell my own property, and save you commission.
E. A Wisemsn, nged 48 years,
died at the Cottsge hospital on Friday afternoon from typhoid fever.
A widow and family of two sons
nnd five daughters survive him.
Deceased was a millwright hy Uade.
The funeral wss held nn  .-iaeurdav.
W. A. Hey, of this city, and Miss
Ethel  Oonrley,  of  Toronto, were
miuried in Nelson last  week, The
couple will live in this city.
Tbe Great Northern railway has
abandoned-its claim to its right of
way down the San Poil river from
W. K. C. Manly hss a hig display
of farm and garden seeds in his
show window.
Mrs. P. O'Donnell and non left
last .week-fnr Ontario, where they
will live in future.
A. W. Johnson has been granted
a license for his new hotel at Lynch
Eggs for Sale
Buff Orpingtons are now
ahead in the heavy-weight
varieties in the second
International Egg-laying
J. A. MiCAUOM, Proprietor
Greed Forlp, Plum I 101
Mink 2nd, 1911.
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusians.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs.
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks,
ROBERT CLARK winni"™ midge
Mrs.   E.   Waldon
hsve returned from
visit to Spokane.
and   children
1  three  weeks'
City Assessor J. A. McCallum this
week commenced the work of making up the assessment mil.
'Tbe Russell hotel has a new stone
Commander llnssnp hns returned
frnm Englsnd.and will, spend the
snmmer wiih Major Glnssop at Ket
tie-Vnl lev.
Miller A Gardner expeci a carload
of gnnds in a few days.
It ia slated on good authority
that Ernest Miller, M.P.P. will
open a law office at  he coast.
Columbia Poultry
Single Comb Rhode Island Reils.Single
Cotiib Vyiiite," Leghorns, Houdans,
Eggs for sale,' (3 and $5 for 15. Win
ner of 1st .cock and 2nd hen in single
eorfib Reds, afcthe Provincial Show; 10
cups, over- 70 1st prizes and other
speefals iii 4912* Our birds are tested
layers as well-as winners in the show
room.   A few good cockerels for sale,
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. G.
,.\<s£H sm
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
•.AnaSl., Ke» York Clt)-.
Dear Bin I hsve known fnr orer 40 yeirs of im
•_hcUo!Willon'ik«m.-dy [Wilson's' I --.	
■oury troulilei.
At th;. p..iut 1 will lay to yoa
Ten Minorca Knnsters, nne year
old, for sale Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
. for Sale—New Peerless  Incubator
ahd- Brooder; *.*.!. egg.  Robert  Clark.
what you havo not bef.n e known of: that 4s nan
~'~~ wbila I wai a n -i.l-iit of N.Y. City, I was
'lllwithlungrroL.Me. Pfcyilciannaidlwia
.leoai-uwptiviondrnyl.iiily phyiician told my wif*
.halh«tho«lhtI<W. ml never. MyattMtloa
waa il-mtifle tha Wil-un Kenedy, which I *mt
with aalaadM elect. I lu_ve brer, on my flat aod al
mmk.*m**tm 'mttari, Youratraln
tMar H. •.Ciiircb, Hunter, (GruoaCo.,) N. V.
Oi Dae f, so,,. Mr. gazer wrote Mr, Abbott;
"My health li very s..od.,r
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will gladly funii. U vou any further
information yuu desire.
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in a growing
business returning $2.00 nn every
tl 00 invested Incoipniated
for $1,00(1,000.1100,000 yours If.
you are the right man. References required. Apply A. B. B.,
this office.
I will* sell foy entiae crop of last year's Potatoes at $0
pel* ton if hauled from hy root houses on my ranch in the
West end.   Good-varieties.   Splendid condition.     ..
Hew rea spat mmttmewt rau
aStea,  aamemS   aaat*a**n*L   aam  aAA*****. ^^^^^^^^^^0
fmSs w*w***s n_m |Mr
Ba tea earn* m leas, aenem,
•mm mat
'   A *»*M im *m a* t»*,
If you read The Sun yon get the
news of the city, the provjnee and
the world. It is possible for a Sim
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of tbe daily  papers,
-' We &
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
tUft (kmi forks $mt
and the Montreal
3 amilg \%tn\b mi WtMg&Uv
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasure./*,", for
M   erlx
! $1,500
IS      160 Acres in
jg      Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
S500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear-, 5875 Cah,
Balance Term
For Further Particulars Apply
The    Sun    Office
Newspaper Law
1, A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a sub
scriber does not. take bis paper out. of
the postoffice, anil state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect u,
do so makes tho postmaster responsible to the publisher fnr payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
ami collect the whole amount, whether
the paper is taken from the olliee nr
not.' There can lie no legBl discontinuance until,payment is made.
8, Any person who takes il paper
out of the postolliee, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether lie lias
■ subscribed or not, is responsible for
the piiv.
4. If a subscriber orders hia paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is hound to
pay for it if lie takes it out of thu
post office. __This _p.<s_ceds upon thu
ground Ibat a man must pay for what
he uses.
5. The courts bave decided that re
fusing tp take neirtpapeis or periisli-
calf, from the post ofliro or removing,
leaving them -uncalled lor, is prima
iieie evidence of intentional fraud.
F Wlote; weither roughens and reddest
your skin, causing chaps, chilblains
and general discomfort, try
Witch Hazel Cream
fhe creamy Ingredients sooth and softea
' tha outer skin, while the Witch Hazel
Knetrates and heals the deeper tissues,
■lightful alter shaving or washing.
-'   26c. a bottle, at your druggist's.
How would you like to be our Selling
Agents and make BIQ MONEY in
your Spare Hours ?
We have the Goods I
Send Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into Business."
M. O. Dept. P. O. Box 1156, Montreal, Can.
U you feel "out of sorts'*—"run down*
or "got the blues," suffer from kidney,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic weax.
nesses, ulcers, okln eruptions, piles, so.,
wrlto for my FREE book. It ll ths
most Instructive medical book ever written. It tells sll about these diseases
and the remarkable cures effected by
the new French Remedy "THERAPION1'
No. 1. tlo. 2. No. 8, and you can decide
for yourself tf It ls the remedy for your
ailment. Dan't send a cent. It'a absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" clrcu*
lam. Dr. LoClero Med. Co, Haver*
stoek Rd.. Hampstcad. London, Ens.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers ot   all   kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work.
Write us tor Prices
. 14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Baek Frt«. A ..<•»!•
■ou lre>tn.il r«a.y<__
leap Iron Iki. lady'i br».l
014 wna, alc.r. aa4
.     ...     ... iroarllia carai."'D.aeriC
roar trouble | wa will -end book aa«t t.iliao-i.lv
Thi Canada cancer institute, tains
1 Mas. Wimslow's Soormifo Syrup lia. beea
Med for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS o(
MOTHBKS for their CKI_.DK.tN WHl-.lt
b the best remedy for DlARRHfJ.A. It is ab*
aolutely hartnless. Be sure aad aak for '-'Mr-,
-Wlnilow's Soothing Syrup," and take ao other
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
atoek broking business? I want a Ure
ambitious representative In every eity
and town to handle stocks, bonds an«
mortgages; applicant must furnish refer*
encea and hava from $100 to 1500 persoa-
. si capital. Write or call M. R. Kdgv
* Co.. It Vlctorls Street. Toronto.
Wanted—Agents tor Hall and Wind*
storm Insurance.    Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
and light bo wins at home; whole
or spare time; good pay; work sent
any distance; charges paid; send
stamp (or full particulars. National
Manufacturing Company, Montreal.
'/    PILLS    -r.<
'j'.'W      -\?
A\ • • -\ fl-*A->f)'S1'
(0c. a box ar alx boxes tor »2.60,
at alt deslsw, er Tht Dodds Midi-
tint Company, Limited, Toronto,
Hard to Explain
Mr. Wedgwood Benn, M.P., tells this
amusing Incident ot his lite ln Parliament. Once when his Party were
particularly anxious to have a large
attendance ot Members at the House,
after sitting all night, It was decided
to send telegrams to those who were
not In attendance, stating: Awaiting
you at the House.
Unfortunately, the telegrams were
accidentally sent to several members
who were present, with the result that
upon their returning home and explaining to their wives what a terrl.
bly busy night they had had at the
House, trouble ensued.
Reverend Gentleman Fully   Corroborates
Tha Hall Mark
I am very fond of automobtllng.
I didn't know your father kept a
He doesn't, but I never consent to
be engaged to a man who hasn't a
fine motor.
No man or woman Bhould hobble
painfully about because ot corns, when
so certain a relief ls at hand as Hollo way's Corn Cure.
Miss Kale L. Dolllver, of Caledonia,
Queen's Co., N.S., says: "I must add
my testimony to the value of Zam-
Buk. Ulcers and sores broke out on
my arm and although I tried to heal
them by using various preparations,
nothing seemed to do me any good.
The sores spread until from Angers to
elbow was one mass ot ulceration.
"I had five different doctors, and
faithfully carried out their Instructions. I drank pint after pint of
blood medicines, tried salve after salve
and lotion after lotion; but It was of
no avail.
"My father then took me thirty
miles to see a well-known doctor. He
photographed the arm and hand. This
photograph was sent to a New Vork
hospital to the specialist; but they
sent word they could do nothing
further for me, and I was to despair.
'One day a friend asked me lt I
had tried Zam-Buk. I said I had not,
but I got a box right away. That
first box did me more good than all
the medicine I had tried up to that
time, so I continued the treatmont.
Every box healed the sores more and
more until, to make a long story short.
Zam-Buk healed all the sores completely. Everybody in this place
knows of my case, and that it is Zam-
Buk alone which cured me."
Minister corroborates.— The Rev.
W. B. M. Parker of Caledonia Miss
Dolllver's minister, writes: "This is to
certify that the testimonial., ot Miss
Dolllver is correct as far as my knowledge goes. I have known her for a
year and a half and her cure effected
by Zam-Buk Is remarkable."
Wherever there ls ulceration, blood
poison, soreB, cold-cracks, abscesses,
cuts, burns, bruises, or any Skin in-
Jury or disease, there Zam-Buk should
be applied. It is also a sure cure for
piles. All druggists and stores sell
at BOc. per box, or post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse
cheap and harmful Imitations and substitutes.
Her Own
MIstresB—Cook tells me, Mary, that
you wish to go out with a friend tonight.     Is it urgent?
Mary—Oh, no, ma'am, Hlsn't 'er
gent—it's my gent.
Astonishing Deliverance of Woman
Thought to be Hopelessly Deaf
NEW YORK (Special Despatch).
—Fully convinced that her hearing
has been permanently restored after
years ot torture with head noises and
almost total deafness, Mrs. B. C.
Barry ot 555 W. 170th St., N.Y. City,
baa now been persuaded to tell the
story of her wonderful deliverance.
After having spent hundreds of dollars on mechanical devices, medicines
and doctors' fees, she decided that this
latest discovery, however simple and
inexpensive, should be the last she
would try before resigning herself to
the hopelessness of permanent and total deafness. Those Interested in Mrs.
Barry's case and the hope it holds
out for them, may write to her ln confidence for full details, which she offers to send gratuitously.
Old Mr. Ootrox—No, sir, you cannot marry my daughter. The Idea!
Why. you're not the sort of young man
I take to.
Young Mr. Tenaweek—But you 11
like me better after I've lived with
you a while.
The cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts It within
touch ot all, and It can be got at any
There is no place like home, which
appears to be the reason why some
men spend most of their* time elsewhere.
Minard't Liniment Curst Coldt, Iti.
Matching Things
Is this a balf price restaurant?
No. .,
Where can I find one?
I don't know. Why ire you looking
tor one?
Because I have only half an appe- ■
tlte. •
Didn't Want the Squeak
I don't like those shoes you sold
me, said ihe lady customer.
What's the matter with em? asked
the shoe dealer.
Why, they squeak.
Ii that all?
Is that all? Well, Isn't that enough?
It I'd wanted something tbat would
squeak I'd have spent a little more
money and brought a phonograph.
(dlnard't Liniment Curet Dlphthsrli.,
Might Investigate
Where doeB thia car run to?
I am a new conductor on thli line
and I am not certain myself.
How can I find out?
You might stay on the car and see.
Mothers Value Thli Oil.—Mothers
who know how suddenly croup mny
seize their children and how necessary prompt action ls ln applying relief, always keep at hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, because experience has taught them that there ls
no better preparation to be bad for
the treatment of this ailment. And
they are wise, for Its various usee
render It a valuable medicine.
Poor Old Spook
He took a company on the road;
But as the seats refused- to sell.
The ghost was very old and lame
And couldn't walk so very well.
Cures the slclt and acts ae a preventative for osiers. Liquid
given on the tongue.     Safe for brood marea and llll others.
Best kidney remedy. Sold by   all   di-ugglata   and   harness
houses.    Distributors—ALL   WHOLESALE   DRUGGISTS.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. Chemist., Ooshen, Ind., U.S.A.
The Way It Goes
Only the brave deserve the fair.
Is that so?
It i«. -«,
That may be, but notice that It ts
only the rich who can afford 'the
S**m 1   ■     ■      I —IM
Falrvllle, Sept. 30,1902.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—We wish to Inform you
that we consider your MINARD'S LIN
IMENT a very superior article, and
we use lt as a suro relief tor sore
throat and chest. When I tell you
I would not be without lt It the price
was one dollar a bottle, I mean It.
Yours truly,
Wagner told how he got the Idea
for his style.
I heard a peace conference ln session, he said.
Take LAXATIVE   BROMO    Qulnlae
Tablets. Druggists refund money If It
falls to curt. E. W. GROVE'S tlgna-
tun lt oa each box.   25c.
When a man wears a new hat down
the atreet, lt a third -ot the men he
meets are not wearing one like It he
feels like a lay, but it a woman sees
another hat like hers she goes home,
throws her hat ln the corner and vows
she will never wear the old -thing
again. .
Sold by'dealers everywhere
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
Never put off until tomorrow the Joy
ride you may take today.
W. N. U. tit
No mixing—no
dirty work—no
mess when yott
use the handy
paste ln the big
Sound Common Sense Advice
Black Knight
It makes work
easy — a few
light rubs bring
a brilliant, lasting shine. Not
affected by heat, j 46
1GMdroSayTHlSEAi-e(jood fa Little Bovsl'/
"GOOD" is right. Pure chocolate, pure milk
and pure sugar—that's what Maple Buds are. They're
not only good to the taste —they're nourishing and
-wholesome. The children may eat all they want,
Maple Buds satisfy their craving for sweets and at
the same time build up their little bodies.
Buy Maple Buds at your grocery. Teach the children
to spend their pennies for these wholesome sweets.
.  nstm x*i imf. mitten*.
Leak let tha Hataa.
They're not Maple Buds
unless they're Cowan's
William MoSlt.
■ Gin mv gri to, no. £^£jrWmb*
aM.iaui.iwin- a—»~
CAI4GARY ft »,}l£'l!i*«*a«tto» «*-*• him £HRmit wt tin svssA bstwrntb* sroduM. to* tht. THE SUN, GRANDFORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
He Preferred lhe Gray
j liirougn tne nan and ont ot tht door
without another word.
Agatha watched blm tbrough the lact
curtains as be cranked the little ma-
i rblne and tben sprang Into his seat
j without one backward glance or wart
■ }f thc hand toward ber. When the au-
Their lirst mectlug was Ibe day bt
wns graduated from college. Uo bad
delivered his oration in the morning,
■ud In the evening tbe president gave
thu usual reception lo tbo graduating
class. Agaiba had been present at tbt
graduating exercises aud had 'looked
upon tbe different aspirants for oratorical, honors without, emotion till
Henry Molding nppenrcjj. Tbere was
Mtnetliitig about this young man tbal
■ppcaled to her, Wns It Ills smooth,
resonant voice? Wns It a certniu.gr.ice
Imparted to his figure by tbe flowing
gown he wore? Was It ibe earnestness
with wbich be spoke upou n subject
the did not understand? Whatever it
wns sho was thrilled by bis very presence. Within her was born n desire to
possess blm for herself alone.
In thc evening at tho president's reception he wns presented to her. The
valedictorian, the inliitiilorltiu, all tbt
toinoblle had disappeared down tbe
maple shaded avenue the doctor's wife
pressed slender fingers across her beautiful eyes, and when ihe drew them
sway tbey were wet w.th team.
"I bite ber, 1 bate her!" she half
lobbed as sbt picked np her embrold-
When Hr. Fielding returned thret
hours later ht bad forgotten tbe little
Incident of tbe afternoon, for Agatha's
Jealousy bad become such.a common
occurrence that ber husband merely
nerved blmself to endure It, thank-
ful wben tbe mood bad passed, as It
usually did wben hli wife's naturally
tweet aud forglvlug disposition righted
The most exasperating feature of
Agitba'i Jealousy, of her young husband was tbat it wit entirely unfounded, and In tht bottom of ber loving
heart slit knew It to be to; still, there
came moments wben, teeing blm absorbed In bis beloved profession, giving
days ahd night; to the interests or orn-
ers, when she was stung wltb a sudden
terror of losing bis love, or not being
ail to him tliat ho was to her.
There was Miss Smith, the clever
trained nurse, whose skillful services
were n factor In mnny of her husband's
successful cures. Agiitlin always saw
tbe slender, dark eyed young woman,
self possessed, capable, never btunder-
b'ackgrouna tncre hia crept in* tne new
-creature wbo bad fascinated ber bus-
band-the woman with tbe greenest
eyes be bad ever seen.
"Harry," sbt said timidly, "do you
mind If I speak about the girl wltb tht
green eyes?"
• "Oo on, dear," be said, a smile tucked away nt (lie corner of bis lips.
For answer Dr. Fielding took -his
wife's lovely agitated face between bis
hands and g^zed Into her wide gray
eyes. "Dearest," bo said meaningly,
"feature for feature, sbe looks exactly
Uke you. Sbe ls tbe loveliest woman
In the world, and I lore ber best ln the
world-only sometimes ber eyes are
gray, like yours aro now, and tome
times they are green—green wltb Jealousy!" His lips touched ber trembling
ones In a tender kiss.
"Harry," she whispered n little Inter,
"I shall so manage It that you will never see that green eyed girl again as
long as you live. Do yon mind very
"Dear," sold Dr. Fielding emphatically, "I don't cart It I never we her
ngnin. I ilways did like gray eyes tbt
honor men, were present, but to her
tbey were pygmies beside Henry Field- j ing or exciting the physician's Irrltnbll
Ing.   He passed from ber to another • '"      '  --■*■-■ *-    >■--■■■--  -"
girl. Immediately that girl wns an object of dread to Agatha. He passed
still to another. She was a beauty,
with it willowy figure nnd dark, loo-
gulshlng eyes, which sbe cist up ll
tbe young graduate with a seductln
power. Agatha was astonished at tbl
panic she felt within Iter. Bbe had
■cen hliu fur the first duy, and yet tbi
moment bo approached another girl
the wns In dread.
He must hare bcen drawn to ber nt
Sbe was drawn to blm, for be took
■tops to follow up the acquaintance. Hi
did not know it, but hi never paid tbt
ity ut critical moments. Kcsldes all
tbese virtues, Helen Smltb possessed a
certain piquant beauty that was enhanced by the demure uniform of ber
Agatha Fielding was more jealous of
Helen Smith than ot auy otlier woman;
perhaps it was because professional
duties brought tht physician and nurse
together at frequent Intervals. Tbe doctor bad grown weary of his wife's, allusions to Ihe pretty nurse, and this ono
rift In lliclr newly wedded life threatened to become a wider breach,
- On this particular evening Dr. Fielding came Into tbi house, hollow eyed,
weary and despondent. Agatha, dressed for motoring, met him at tbe door
and recognized bis condition at once.
"Tou are tired out, dear," sbe cried
Templeman's Drill.
The Hon. Willism Templeman takes
an acute interest in the most minute
details*ol the operations of his paper,
The Vlctori*. Daily Times. Not long
ago The Times was burned out, and
.ince the occupation of the new building great pains have been taken to
keep Are preventive measures in good
working order.
One day recently Mr. TemplemM
w:»_' in the composing room and
caught sight of a coil of hose.badly
covered with dust. "Is that hose in
working order?" he enquired of the
foreman, who had to reply that he
did not know, as he Ud never used it.
"Why, dear me, that hose might
leak in a dozen places if a fire broke
out. We'll have to organize a periodical fire drill to keep these things
riglit." Whereupon Mr. Templeman
immediately assigned each man a
position and a duty to perform as
soon ae the fire whistle was blown.
Mr. Templeman decided to screw
the hose into the wicket, while the
foreman was to run and turn on the
water in another room.
The whistle blew. Every man
jumped to his position. Mr. Templeman commenced to screw, the end of
the hose in. the socket,
Hsr Visitor Wat Sorry For That Until
Ht Was Enlightened.
It was snowing in the nortli, but ln
New Orleans the air was as soft ns
May, and in n garden brilliant with
flowers and sunshine the winter visitors drank after luncheon the famous
Creole coffee. ,
"How good this creole coffee Is!"
■aid u young mau.
"j make lt," suid the hostess. "I um,
you know, n Creole."
Tbe young man looked shocked, hurt.
"Well, after all," be snld in a low voice,
"you can't belp tbut, and I'm sure no
sensible person thinks any the worse of
His hostess, who was very beautiful,
-witb hnlr and eyes like night, laughed
"Define the word 'creole,'" sbe suid.
And the young mnn replied, "A creole
Is a descendant ot French or Spanish
Immigrants, with a touch of negro
blood ln his or her veins."
"Aud the word means Just the opposite!" the woman cried. "A creolo ls a
desceudant of French or Spanish Immigrants whose reins bold not a drop of
negro blood."
"Well, well! I didn't know thnt."
"No!" she said. "Nobody from the
north does. The word creole is probably the unique word of tlie dictionary,
a word that ls universally misunderstood. Why, lt tins though you thought
up there ln the nortli that white meant
black."—New York Tribune.
Britain's Firs. Catholic Nobleman Has
Had Experiences Which Would
Make a Lesser Man Spruce Up,
But Hs Is Incorrigible—Mistaken
For a Verger it Gladstone's Fun.
•ral at the Abbey.
Unlike the majority *jf tlie aristocracy, the Duke of Norfolk pays practically no regard to personal appearance, nnd his general nir of shnbbi-
110=8 lias led to many curious mistakes. When he attended Mr. Gladstones funeral at Westminster Abbey
he was mistaken for a vcrjer. On another occasion he entered a small
shop nt Portsmouth, when Ihe shopkeeper, who hud advertised ior an
assistant, mistook him tor an applicant for the job, and greeted him
with the announcement: "Too late,
my man; tlio liost is filled."
To crown ull, ho wns once taken tor
• beggar.   Tlio occasion was a distri-
rushed (o  turn on  tht  water.   The
English Bakers Had te Be Careful In
tht Old Days.
In the time of Edward I. of England
Innkeepers were not permitted to make
either bread or beer. Tbe former tbey
were obliged by law to buy from tbe
baker and tbe latter from tbe brewer.
In "Customs of Old England" If. J.
Sn.ell declares tbat lf the law defended
wbat was considered the legitimate
claim of the baker to n proper livelihood it was equally solicitous for tbe
welfare of his customers and was most
■evere upon the baker who sold bread
deficient In welgbt or quality.
For tbe flrst offense he was drawn
  -— -, on   a  hurdle   through   the   principal
The foreman   Greets, which would bc thronged with
"lou are urea our, ueur,    .ue v.™   ,oreman wfln
anxiously.   "You shall not stir out of      "8phi-i-ittt.   splash
tbe bouse tonight. Jane can prepare
some supper at once. Our trip to Oak-
wood will keep until another day."
"Very well, Agatha," he said rather
shortly and passed Into bis oflice.
Agatha followed blm, pale nnd accusing. All her tenderness bnd lied, and
■he wat orevome by a tpasm of
Jealousy. After spending three houn
In tbe companionship of Miss Smith,
wbom he must treat courteously, he
had returned to his wife silent and
taciturn. It was not fair; it wat not
Standing there In thc oflice doorway,
Agatha told her husband nil these
ihlugs and more—more things than tbt
dared remember afterward in a saner
moment "I bate her!'* sbe cried passionately. "Toil always loved mc,
Harry, and now you nro fascinated by
her dark eyes! You used to think my
gray eyei were—wert"— And poor
Agatha dissolved In a flood of tears.
Dr. Fielding, pausing In tbe act of
shedding bit linen dust coat, stared at
her Incredulously, pityingly. Then,
tossing bis coat to a chair, bt mixed a
i!"    The   water
people and fftul with traffic, witb tbe
offending loaf suspended from bis neck.
blew" the half-sc? wed hose From thi   «■» «**» •* "lclt'"f «£_££
Mcket and drenched Mr. Templeman   mony  it appears  tha   the  unhappy
tradesman   wore   neither  shoes   nor
most thoroughly.
"There now, there now," spluttered
thot gentleman. "You never know
when these things get out of order."
Since then Mr. Templeman has not
taken any active part in a fire drill.
-Toronto Slar.
Not Such Easy Money.
In recent eastern papers there appeared 'a despatch telling how thirty
farmers, several of them in the prime !
stockings nnd had bis arms strapped
to bis sides. It seems nlso Hint two
horses drew the Hurdle, which suggests
tbat It rattled along at a pretty lively
For the second offense the baker en-
Joyed another ride upon (be hurdle and
then underwent nu hour's exposure in
the pillory. If be proved so Incorrigible as to commit the offense n third
it life, 'were retiring lasr fall, in the ' time bis oven was de.jollsbed and bt
Portage la Prairie district, with for-! was forbidden to follow bis trade.
■tightest attention to any other girl,   sedative and made her drink lt When
■be bad calmed down lie tat down beside ber on tbt lounge, and, clasping
his bandt abont ont knee, he looked
at her under half lowered lids.
"Dear," ht tald patiently, "tbt girl
I love hasn't got dark eyes, ind ibt
hain't got gray eyes, cither!"
' Agatha lifted her held and gazed it
blm in horror.
"Another?" ibe gasped tragically.
Ht nodded.  "Thc gill I have always
loved, always will love, has greeu eyes
—tbt greenest eyes you ever saw,
Agatha." Ho looked at her closely, but
■be win staring back at hliu grief
"Very well, Harry. Thank you for
your confidence lu me," iho told, witb
sudden unexpected quietness. "Per-
hnps-pcrhsps something ran be dout.
1 thought It was Miss Smith."
"1 am sorry to say Ibat Miss Smith
wit married IhU afternoon," mid Hit
doctor grimly.
f   "Married?" gasped Agotlm.  "Wby-
, why-oh, Harry, ind did you know It
■II tbt time-that ibt will going to bo
-. married?"
Ht shook hit hetd Impatiently.   "1
with I had.   It wil very unexpected,
' but I believe she married n mnu whom
' tbt nursed through typhoid ferer a
! year ago.  She wna tbt best nurse on
| my list, md If I bad only bsd her belli
thli nflernoou"-   nt paused and bit
bis lip.
I "Wbat luippcucd, nnrry?" she tsked
' quickly.
| "I lost Mrs. Munson's case. She died
Ihis afternoon. I had to lake n uew
' nurse out wllb me, and she did not uu*
' dcrstnnd Iho nature of tho ntlnck nnd
! wns not quick to respond to tny orders.
■ Thnt ts how I shall miss Miss Smith."
{ Agaiba mil in painful silence. While
tlit fascinating nurse bnd retired lo tbe
but Agntba became stricken wllb ■
horrible sensation thit she wai about
to lose blm. During « four year count
is a medical student Ibey wert engaged, nnd when bt took his degree ol
lt. D. they wert married.
' Young Dr. Fielding buttoned blmself
Into a linen duster, crno-nied I rap on
bis hend uud bent down to klsi bli
pretty wife.
"Another  call,  dearest"  bt  tald,
holding her face between bis hands.
,"1 must go nut again,  tioodby."
> "Wben tbli timer asked  Agatbi
"Onkwood," he replied.
"Wbo Is 111 there?"
"Mrt. Munion hat bid another it-
* A cloud gathered over Agathi'i face,
aud.the drew nwiy from ber but*
land's toucb. "I suppose* I hat menu
you will stop for Miss Smith. I wu
going to soy that I'd lovo to go ovtr to
Oakwotd wltb you, Harry."
i "I'm sorry, dear," bt frowned, "but
you know.Mrs. Munson always requires a nurse when tbt suffers ont
ot these attacks, gnd M lur Smltb It ber
7nvorl(6 among tbem, ind I'm lorry
ihe car Tioldi only two." Ht went to
Ibt door.
i Agatha's neck stiffened haughtily. "I
wasn't criticising your choice .of n
burse, Harry, 1 dart say Miss Smith Is
li competent ns any of Ibem, I wat
merely wishing for |b« rhlc,"
: "I will bnrry home as, fast at I ran,
tnd we will run back to Oak wood nnd
have dinner nt Hit clubhouse'." lie
nunc' bark lo lirr and would have
dropped another kiss on her ml lips.
but Just then she turned her head, and
lhe caress fell on one llllle ear. The
sector   swung   about   and   Iniiiipiii
tunes ranging from $75,000 to S250,
000. "Every dollar," they declared,
"has been made out of their farms."
The Daily Graphic of Portage la
Prairie takes up the story and punctures it. "It would bo difficult," it
says, "to find ono farmer retiring
this year or last year, or any other
year, for that matter, with $75,000-
let alone J260.000."
Tho Graphic goes on t' say that in
legitimate farming  it it difficult to
Queer Egyptian Burial Customs.
Tbe Egyptians hare many curious
customs In connection with the burial
of tbelr dead and the healing of the
sick. At every Moslem funeral, for Instance, there are hired mourners, varying In number according tu the wealth
of the deceased. These funerals arc always headed by old blind men. carrying long staffs lu their hands ond wall-
earn a competence.   Here and there i ing loudly. They nre followed liy the
a msn who was lucky enough to take
up a lot of land in a location where
the values have been greatly enhanced has made money out of his real
estate, but in actual farming and
grain-growing the drawbacks suffice to
restrain and limit prosperity.
relatives nnd friends of lhe deceased,
and then comes the coffin. This Is succeeded by two or three of lbe native
flat carts common fn Cairo, filled wltb
women mourners. Mourning, iu fact, is
quite a profession mining tho women.
Every day you see groups of thcni
1 squatting ou the ground outside the
Mads From Nova Scotia Pulp.
It it interesting to note that th,!hospital at Cairo, waiting to be hired
tickets used in the  London (Eiig.) ( for a funeral.-,Ude World Magazine.
tram oar system are made from color- 	
ed board manufactured in Nova Seo- Unique Signs In Franc*,
tia, a eompany there having the con-;    Frederick O.  I'enlleld wns walking
tract with the city of landon.   The' a|0U1, „ Ncw jcrw,y rm.d whllo Ills
cartons used by ono ol the belt British manufacturers of oocoa art madt
from tht product of these mills while
one of the best known oi tht imp *
manufacturer! of England uses many
topi ol tha Nova Scotia product        i
bntion of prises at a big convent, tnd
he was to bc the central figure. As
the time for the ceremony drew near
a shabby individual was seen squeea-
ing his wsy through the crowd, when
he was Btopped by a sister, who said:
"My good man, we don't distribute relief here. You must go round to the
back door." "No; but you do prizes,'
was the duke's response.
One of the best Norfolk stories concerns a trip he made on a railway
train with the Ear! of Rosebery. Tliey
were in a compartment, Uie only other
occupant of which was a London commercial traveler. The latter with all
the assurance of the Cockney engaged tliem in breezy conversation without a hint of their identity. Tliey
joined' in good-hunioredly, and the
"drummer" entertained them until
Rosebery arrived at his destination.
As the Irain pulled out the Londoner
saw the "lone furrow" statesman
climb into a fashionable trap driven
by a, smart attendant. He turned to
the Duke of Norfolk.
" 'Oo's 'c?" he asked in amaze*
"The Earl of Rosebery," replied tlie
shabby duke gravely.
"My lieye," ejaculated the Cockney,
"Just think of 'im talkin' lo two cadi
like us."
Warmth In Snow.
Know ls warm by virtue of Iti light
■nd woolly texture. But It li ilso wirin
on iccount of IU whiteness. Hid snow
been black It would bave absorbed the
beet of tbt tun and melted quickly.
Instead, It reflects beat, ind.tht reflected bent fulli upon bodies tbort tbt
mow, whllt tbt warmth of tht earth ls
preserved beneath It
A Witch Under ■ Tumbler.
Placing i watch nnder i tumbler
near tht bed of ■ sick person will give
him relief from tbt ticking which Is
frequently very trying to highly trait-
tin nerrt__.-\Vomnn'i Uomt Companion.
Mnrjorle-tle proposed it toon is ht
beard me warble.   Kdna-I'd hate to
admit I got my hushnnd for a inng.-
As small lettere weary the eyt most
mi nlso the smallest iffilrs disturb at
chauffeur fixed a broken tire,   lie noticed n danger sign ut (lie roadside.
"In France," he.said, "at the entrance
to lliclr towns they hnve signs Unit are
characteristically French nnd seem to
me delightful lu spli'lt. Over Hit road
as ynu enter Hie town limits Is un arch
on which is printed the name of the
town, the nuinlier of the road-fur nil
thc rouds nre numbered In l-'rance-nnd
the name uf the department In which
lho town lies. Then below tboso In
larger letters, 'Attention mix enfnnts'
('Uo careful about tbe children'). And
then as you leave the town you see lhe
back side of a similar sign, which says,
■Morel' ("i'hanks')."-Now York I'ott
Thi Snail tnd thi Screw.
At evidencing lhe fact thst for the
moat part human inventions havo been
suggested by natural objects, it lias
been pointed nut that there is en interesting parallel between lhe sliall ol
the si-nil and the ordinary screw; ll ii
thM/l.t Hut the Idea of tho screw
was sucec-tcd by thc spiral shell of
the edible snail. It was not the shape
of the iJicll that suggested the screw,
but the spiral motion which it is r.:c-
essory to give lo the body of the snail
In order to withdraw it froni the shell.
Tills st once showed lhat an object
of a screw shape Imbedded In a solid
powerfully resisted attenipU to with-
i Craw il by a straight null
What He  Escaped.
One evening, several years ago, in
a gold-mining cnmp in the Transvaal,
a man, partially intoxicated, and supposed to bc actuated by jealousy, attempted suicide. He first took morphia, but this not proving strong
enough he tried to hang himself, but
was prevented and handed over to the
sheriff lo be kept in safe custody for
the night, an-1 to be tried before Hie
Acting Gold Commissioner, a shrewd
and solemn Scot, the next morning.
There being no !nw lo prevent him
from committing suicide if he thought
fit, but it b"ing considered desirable
to'punish him in some wsy, it was
decided to bring a charge of drunkenness ond disorderly conduct against
him. To this the prisoner pleaded
guilty, wh.reupon the Aeling Gold
Commissioner, without the ghost of
a smile,' delivered the following extraordinary judgment:
"I sliall fine ye twa runiis for your
drunkenness i but I'll jusl gie ye to
under.-land that I ken vera weel what
ye attempted to line, and. had ye sue-
ceodel in your attempt, your pnonisb-
ment would have bin vera much more
severe than it is I"
Honeymoon Ill-Luck.
Ill-luck has tllcnded a 12.000 mile*
honeymoon trip from London tn
Auckland, New Zealand. Instead ot
spenolng her Christmas at sea, thn
bride Is an inmate ol the infectious
diseases hospital at Plymouth. Mr.
and Mrs. Rose Erbach embarked at
London on the New Zealand Shipping
Co.'s ship Remuera for a honeymoon
voyage to New Zealand. The bride
was taken ill aboard ship, and ths
doctor dlugnosed the ense os one ol
diphtheria, and had hex removed
ashore at Plymouth.
English Literature In Bulgaria
Bulgaria Is Ibo most literary of tb*
Balkan staler, and the wotks of Eng.
lish wHtcrs bare n considerable v«gu»
there, botb lu Ibt original and In (rant*
lltloni. THE  SUKI,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing.at
one operation. Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Sennet's Metal Polish
Per quart.
Per pint..
a son; March 27, to  Mr.   and  Mrs
Chas. Bickerton, a son.
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good ap
pearance this is urisur
Harness Oil
50c .
25c |
Per pint	
Harness Soap
Per cake	
Wanted—Situation  as  stenographer  or  bookkeeper;   1  year's^ex
perience.    Apply   H.   B,  P., Sun j
Rev. Mr. Calvert, formerly pastor
of the Methodist church here, was
in the city.on Wednesday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The Sun joh office is overstocked
with Home sizes of billheads. ' Cull
and get a bargain.
a    ntrawn
Metal Quotations
Ngw York, April 3.^-Silver 61};
standard copper, $15.00® 15.50;
London, April 3.—Silver, 28^;
lead, £16 108.
The new government traffic bridge,
known aa the Cooper bridge, has
been completed and was opened to
traffic on Tuesday. The structure
cost 113,000, and was built under
the superintendence of William
Kobert Lawson, the rancher, and
E, C. Henniger, feed merchant,
have ordered motor cam, and expect thein here soon
• The Yale botel is being raised
eighteen inches above its precetit
grade. A new foundation will he
put under it and other improvements made
E. Miller attended the sitting nf
the county in Greenwood yesterday.
J. A. McCallum returnrd the latter part of last week from a short
visit to the coast cities.
triple fracture of the jaw and also
received other injuries. He will he
laid up fir hImi|H a  month.
Mies Mary KullWrford, of Nelson;
visited her cousin, Miss Marjorie
Mann, in this city this week,
The tract of land on Columbia
avenue, near the cehetery, is being
platted into lots.
I have for sale three spam, of
young horses, 15 3 to 16 hands high.
Some good roadsters in this lot, and
they niil he priced right. R. R. Station, Karamin, Wash. H. H. Phillips, P. O. Republic, Wash.
A heating plant is being installed
in the Pacific hotel.
Born—In Grand Forks, pn Saturday, March 29, to Mr. and Mrs.
Rohert Livesley' a son; on March
27, to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McDonell,
Mining Stock Quotations   i
.Spokank, April 3.—The foll.w
ing are today h opening t|iioti.tions for
the slocks mentijned:
Bid. Ask'id
Granby Consolidated. 63.50 75 00
B.  0.   Copper       3.75     4 50
irncicNT in
From a Minister la New Tork: "I waa
"severely 1)1 with lung trouble. My ntten-
"tlon was directed lo the Wilson Remedy
"which I used with ipluudld elect."
From a lady In Michigan: "I nsed yoar
"medicine flrst 43 or 44 years ago and It
"saved me from ending my days with consumption. There would be no use of so
"many people dying with consumption If
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
"Bemedy."     ■ mmx*************************s
If you are suffering from ANT lnng or
throat trouble It Is your duty to Investigate. Semi for free full Information to...
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood. N. J.
(I'ublUhed Annually)
Bnal>l«H trader.. turuuKhout the world tu
i communion to direct with KngHih
In each claw uf irtindN. Heilden hei tie n com-1
plt'te comiiiHicitil if nidi, tn Loudon mid iti
luburbi, the directory contttim lUts ot
with the tioodt they vhlp, nnd the Colonial
and Korrlftn Market* they supply;
arranged uuder tlio .'oruto.whi.'h they nail,
and Indicating the approximate Stilling*:
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchants, etc., lu
the principal provincial towm and Industrial
ofiitrctof the Uidtt'd Klnndom. ,   '
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt uf Portal
Order fur 200.
Dealers seeking Agencies cau advertise
their trade cards Tor £1, or larger advertisement x- from £3,
25, Abchurch Land, .London, E.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
HOM 129
Trunks to and from Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*. I
Located in the central part uf the city
iif Nelson, offers every facility for u
solid education ill Euglish, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music,
An alutm of fire yesterday after
noon developed the fact tbat a pile
of rubbish was being cremated on
the corner of Riverside avenue and
Bridge atreet
After spending tbe past winter at
tbeir old home in Ontario, Frank
and Archie Scott bave returned to
this city.
The death of the two weeks old
son of Dr. and Mra. W. Truax occurred in this city nn Friday last.
Interment took plnce on Saturday.
H. Arnold has returned from a
four months' visit to his old home
in Charlottetown.
E E. Gibson, of the West Kootenay Power and Light company,
visited Greenwood and Pboenix on
Thomas Cummins, of the West
Kootenay Power nnd Light com
pany, Bonnington Falls, has heen
appointed manager of the Casrada
unit of the system.
A number of small dwellings an
1-eing erected near lhe C.P.R. station
in the West end.
PHONE    L.1-4
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
IL CALLOWAY. JSa mm ft 0. |
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
.     A Fit-ill .■uiit.lKl.lti I'll tot-
Hmivi.il Weikly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
tUior f'n.i.Mig ft Spemaiy.
Val McDavis, n Grent Northern
greman, who wan formejlv well
known in sporting circle* in thii
city, wna severely assaulted in Phoenix laat week by Fred Hall nnd
Geo.   Stoy.    McDavis    suffered   a  PHQNF 64
Billheads und .Statement.*,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
- 'ery
Up-to-date Printery.
SuitS  tO  Order   M8  Upwards
f We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clotheB in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want youi* trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Stye ftttt fruit fctw-p
    we do—is  in   itself
^^^^^^^^^^^^Jfcn advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Dr. de Van'* Female Pills
* • —.—-*„_.■ •_»_.«_._.
I*  nnne   *««.*_, ■_-   __ -,	
A reliable French regulators never fails. These
I US exceedingly powerful In regulating the
"—retlTO portion of the female system. Refuse
heap Imitations. Dr. da Tan'e are sold at
Mm, or three for 110, Mailed to any address.
■mWU One Co* it. GMhM-ltiM, Oa*.


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