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The Evening Sun Feb 24, 1911

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A*       ^ '°;<fi'
Tenth Year—No. 16
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. February 24, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Details of   Electric Plants
Discussed at Irrigation
4 inch wooden pipe, per foot 19c  Fairbanks-Morse motor.    He would
. 6-inch wooden pipe, per foot '-'')o guarantee tbem   in every   instance.
If desired, he would visit all ranches
where it   was  proposed   to   install
The irrigation meeting in the city
hall^on Tuesday evening was called
to order by President Rooke, of the
Farmers' Institute, Bfcortly after 8
o'clock. The attendance was large
and representative, the majority of
the ranchers from the surrounding
district being present.
W. A. Cooper, chairman of the
committee appointed at the last
meeting to obtain prices of motors,
transformers, pumps, pipe, etc., ami
to collect irrigation data generally,
slated that forty ranchers had signified their intention of installing
plants. He made the following exhaustive report:
EiiEOTBiq .Morons—F.o.b. Vancouver, B. Ci
5 horsepower S 93.70
10 horsepower   246.00
115 horsepower—Price on application.
F.o.b. Grand Forks, B. C.:
lh.p 8 70.001
2 h.p     82 0011800 revolutions
3 h.p     DSOOf   per minute.
Ship  IOD.OuJ
10 h.p  200.00
1200 revolutions
per minute.
900 revolutions
pet minute.
15 h.p  275.50
20 i.p '<■"..L'.3(l
25 hp  36(1.00.
35 h.p  475.01)1
50 ii.p  560.00/
35-h.p. and 50 h.p. motors can be
nsed wilh 20U0 volt wire without
TiiAXsl'iiiiMKits—F.o.b.  Pittsburg:
li kilowatt (1000 watts)  .$35.80
8 kilowatt (8000 watts)    51.10
Three U kilowatt! transformers required for 5 h p. motors. Three 3-
kilowatt transformers required for 10-
h. p. motors.
F.o.b Orand Forks, Bi C:
1500 watts 8 ,'11 50
2000 watts    37.00
2500 watts      42.00
.'SU00 watts      44.00
4 kilowatts      GO 00
5 kilowatts )....   (15 00
7i kilowatts      96 00
IU kilowatts  115 0^
Io kilowatts   100.00
20.kilowatts  220 00
25 kilowatts  253,00
Pumps— Three mid one-half inch
Hymn Jackson centrifugal pinup,
capacity 300 to 600 gallons per
minute  to an  elevation of 50 feet,
One 3£ inch oentrifilgal pnnip,
capacity 300 to 350 gallons
per minute to elevation uf
50 feet   110 00
Other supplies     17.00
Total 8509.00
All motors run at a certain speed,
and the speed of centrifugal pumps
depends on elevation, etc. The efficiency of centrifugal pumps is
affected some by the relation of the
suction to the length of discharge.
To gel the greatest efficiency from
pumps, it is necessary*to haven
competent man —one thoroughly
conversant with capacity, speeds,
etc., of pumps—to examine each
individual pumping site, to determine or authorize the best or most
suitable pump to install. The Fairbanks-Morse company and the United Iron Works have engineers that
do this class of work, and both
oomnaiiies state tbat they will be
pleased to send men out to personally inspect the pumping sites and
advise as to the best pumps, etc.
The cost of all material can be
considerably reduced by all the
ranchers buying together. For instance, the rate on carload lots of
wooden pipe is 61 cents per 100
pounds, and in less than carload
lots 81.71 per 100 pounds.
J. A. MoCallum, representing the
Canadian Westinghouse company,
said he was prepared to quote prices
on motors and transformers. He
had bundled the company's machinery and supplies lor the past
twelve years'as city clerk, and had
no hesitancy in recommending tliem
the best on the market. He felt
confident ihey would give satisfaction, and would be ready in a few
days lo quote either cash or long
I time prices.
City Electrician Shannon said tlie
Wesiinghouse motors and transformers required no boosting. They
for use with 10-h.p. motor, 50-foot j were being used by the city and the
lift, or 6-b. p. motor for 24 foot lift, I Granby coinpany, and every one
{JllQ; 21 inch liyroii Jackson cen knew that the Granby people would
trifligal pump, capacity 100 gallons
per minute, 5-h.p. molor, 50 foot
lifi, jf86j s-inch Byron Jackson cen
8-inch wooden pipe, per foot 40c
Carload rates on wooden pipe  from
Vancouver or New  Westminster, 61o
per   100 pounds,   minimum    21,000 ph'nts, take  levels,  select the best
pounds, locations for sites, and give estimates
O'rincit Supplies—Strainer, with of the cost. After the plants had
iron foot valve, (i inoh, 87 40; gate been installed, the farmers would not
valves, iron, 6-inch, 89.50, weight' bave to do any worrying ahout tbeir
145 pounds; same gate valves, 4- efficiency. Cement foundations
inch, SU 65. j were recommended, but they  were
Cost op Plant—The approximate nol absolutely essential. He would
cost of installing a 10-h.p. plant is;     quote prices on pieces of machinery
10-h.p. motor 8250 OO'or on complete plants;   Steel riveted
Three 3-k.w. transformers   132.00 suction  pipes   were requiied, but it
cated men appearing on the streets
on Sunhay afternoons and evenings.
Xo action, however, was taken on
these matters.
A "Snuse" Famine Creates
Excitement Among the
Industrial Workers
was not necessary to have  iron  discharge  pipes.   The   farmers could
A serious disturbance in th'e
southern British Columbia industrial world was threatened during
the lirst half of tbe present week.
Thc blame rests with the local tobacconists.    It appears   that   they
save   mure   than   one-hiilf   of   the bad allowed their  snuff supply to
freight phatges  by   combining and dwindle down  to a cipher, aud  be-
The Byron-
ordering in carload lots,
Jack-on firm manufactured a vertical pump suitable for use where thc
farmers decided to pomp from wells.
F. A. Shund, of New Westminster,
representing the Dominion Wood
Pipe coinpany, stated lhat  some  of
fore the stock could replenished
things became quite animated in
this neighborhood. In the logging
camps up the river councils of war
were held, and lengthy resolutions,
demanding an ample and immediate "snuse" supply,   were   una'ni-
the reasons why more  wooden  pipe mously adopted.    A refusal of tbese
was being put in nowadays than
iron pipe were ils cheapness, durability and general utility. Thc life
of tbe pipe had been lengthened by
placing air valves in it at regular
distances. Mr. Shund had samples
of the pipe in the hall, lt was
wound with two] independent
wires.    This was an,, improvement
have nothing but the best.
G. II. .Ici'uberg, representing  the
Canadian Fairbanks Morse, said his
Irifugnl pump, capacity 1600 gallons .company hud installed many indi-
per minute to an elevation of BOlvldual gasoline pumping plants iu
fed. 35 h.p. motor, 8300, I the Ukaniigiin district.    He   was ul
Three and one-half inch two-j lhe opinion, .however, that with
singe'centrifugal pumps, 300 to 860 power at 3 cents per kilowatt hour,
gallons per minute to ^levatlon of; electric pumping plants such were
50 feet, 8050. I contemplated here, would prove the
Carload freight rates on pumps' cheapest and most ellicii.nl irrigation
fioni Vancouver, 80c per 100 pounds, system in thc province. It would
minimum'24,000 pounds. | be less expensive than   either gaso-
Pipk—Six-inch lap welded iron | line or the gavity system. He had
pipe,   in  live ton   lots, (i
A very pretty  marriage  was sol-
cents per I been associated with irrigation work I emiiized nt the home of tlie bride's
demands meant a general strike,
and the ticing up of the entire lumbering industry. Even at thc Gran
by smelter the winter of discontent
wis rampant, and had not vigorous
measures been taken to relieve the
situation the consequences might
have been disastrous. The telephone
wires between this city and Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Republic,
Danville, Cascade and Gilpin were
kept warm with the orders for
"snuse." Before any could reach
the city, however, the fact leaked
out tbat the postmaster had recently
seized a small contraband package
ol this commodity, and a deputation of "snuse"-fainished men waited on bill) and endeavored to induce
him lo part with it. He valiantly
refused, even though lynching was
hinted at. The lattei' calamity wus
happily averted liy the prompt arrival of our augmented police force.
The "snuse" market is once more
normal,and no one who witnesses the
peaceful tranquility tbat reigns here
totlny, could possibly imagine that
lbe city only a few days ago passed
through a crisis.
he said, which   no otlier  mauufae
turer of pipe haul yet adopted.
In the event of one strand breaking,
ur being eaten away by rust, the remaining wire would bold the pipe
intact. His coinpany was prtpared
furnish the best pipe and tu quote
the lowest prices.        /
The representatives of the inanti
I'acturing linns withdrew from the
room, and a general discussion on
irrigation ensued. W. A. Cooper
thought it would be advisable to defer taking definite as to which firms
to patronize until tiie representatives of two or three more houses
arrived in the city. He expected
them here in a day or two. The
committee also wished to ascertain
the freight rate on wooden pipe in
carload lots from New Westminster.
James Itooke advocated using tbe
best material, even if the cosi of iti-
stalling the plants would be increased. Tlie most serious trouble
be had found witli tlie wooden pipe
on the Covert estate had been at the
joints. This system bad been bur.
riedly installed, and tlie couplings
had been tarred.
Mr.  Cooper said the   committee
would be pleased to furnish anyone] re,u"' olnls 9""ru ul "'« »llll!'" lnl'|    Thomas Miller, who has been em
interested wilh all   the  informalion |'l"M»er h(! lla(J "mv »20 in lhebank ployed by tbe Kettlo Vallby line for
they possessed regarding prices and: to his credit, ami that l.y tlie first of; ft   ;,|()n   ^   hgg pm.0haMd Mr.
material, |Ju"u 1|0 intended to have enough lo Tayjor.B blacksmith sbopon Second
On motion of  .Mr. Cooper,  tbe buV a "Jimd-trip ticket to Europe. Hln.,.l
meeting   decided   to ask  nil com- Tllia  ,)L'ntH  ll"'  financiering of  the
....!_.„.   ; , ,, i        i,    cashier  who while the ciitcmrisiiu.       ' he I'hoenix citv council tcnilcjcd
panics to inspect the grounds anil to w""lu' w" • ***•*>' l"c cm. ipnsing .
,,,    ■, ,i   • . ,-       i .    • 11 vouth   is   holi-oiililiiin'    wilh    the  the undefeated    Pboenix   champion
submit then- quotations hu material I Juulu
and machinery.
The Sun's newsboy is a financial
wizard. Asa financier he ii a star
of first magnitude, He has already
left in his wake the cashier of this
institution, and if be lives a few
years longer tliere is no reason why
he should not run neck-and-ncck
with J. Pierpont Morgan. While
in n loquacious mOOd lhe other day,
he confided to the editor that as a
result of his share of the sale of lbe
had now  820  in the hank
B. Jewell, the fruit grower, returned this week from a three
months' business and vacation trip
to Manitoba and Ontario. A Mr.
Sunders, a practical fminilryioan
from Manitoba, accompanied Mr.
Jewell to this city. Mr. Sunders is
contemplating engaging in business
bere if he can find a suitable location.
Tbe valentine ball given the Banner Rebekah Lodge No. 25, I.O.O.F.,
in the opera house on Monday
evening, was one of the enjoyable
successes of lhe season. There
were ahout 150 young people present. Excellent music was supplied
hy lhe Pboenix orchestra, and a
good supper was served.
A second surgical operation was
performed on Mrs. W. H. Covert at
the Cottage hospital on Saturday
last by Drs. Kingston and Truax.
The patient was very low after the
operation, but she is now reported
to be out of danger, and her condition is rapidly improving.
Preparations are being made for
tho building of the cyanide mill at
Boundary Falls by the Consolidated
coinpany to treat the ore from the
No. 7 mine. The construction
work will comniehce as soon as
spring sets in.
Fifty thousand dollars in silver
bullion pa sed through Marcus last
week, consigned to ihe International
Bank of Hongkong, China. Thc
fortune was shipped from the Trail
smelter, and will be coined into
Chinese money.
Mr. La'Grippe took a fall  out of
red McKeehan last week and nearly laid him out. At this writing he
getting along nicely, and now
has hopeB of surviving tlie summer.
—Marcus Messenger.
Women have the right to vote in
this state and in ninny other respects
they are getting tptite mannish,
But < cry few of the gentler sex can
grow a  beard.—Marcus   Messenger.
A diamond drill lias arrived at
Fife, where a contract for 6000 feet
of drilling has been lei. Tlie drilling
Operations are in charge of James
foot; the same pipe in less than five throughout British Columbia, ns his
ion lots, 70 cents per foot; 4-inch I company had installed 00 per cent
lap-welded iron pipe, in five Ion,of the plants in the province. A
lots,  840.ID  per   100 feet.    Weight single-stage centrifugal pump would
parents, at Carson, B. C,   on  Wed-
crowned heads of the old world, will  bockoy team a banquet on  Monday
probably   have   to   content himself evening last,
with a few hours' vacation at Smel
Burn    In Grand Forks, un Wednesday,   February 22. to Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Savage, twins, both girls.
ter lake. The Sun wishes the hoy a
pleasant journey und nil kinds nf
prosperity iu the future.
—  Dr. B. Paxton,  of  M dway.   Do-
The first statutory meeting ofthe  minion   veterinary surgeon, was  in
nesdny, February 22, wben Eugenia! new   board   of   police and  license  tbe oity on Tuesday.
Herrick and Henry Albert McLaren, , commissioners was held in the city I
of GrandForks, were united in wed-  hall on Tuesday afternoon,  all   the!    There   are   about   200 people In
of above pipe, 6-inch, 18,76 pounds be most suitable, as well ns most re I lock, Hev. 11. W,  Wright perform- members being present.    Only rou-
per foot; 4-inch,   lO.Cli  pounds  per liable, in all cases where thc water ing   the    ceremony.     The   young tine business was transacted.    The
foot.                                                  [ did not have to he raised  over fifty ; couple are well known in  this  city, matter of devising   somo means of
Woiiiikn I'lPK—Prices of wooden feet.   Tbis would lift about 300 ^al- and   have   a1 wide circle of friends preventing  interdicted   men    from
pipe for (iO-lb. pressure, sufficiently  Ions per minute.    He  recommend-j here.    Mr. and Mrs.   McLaren   will obtaining liquor  was discussed  at
strong for pumping  purposes, f.o. I),  ed a Byron-Jackson pump,   manu : take   up   their  residence in Grand considerable lengtn, as was also  the
Grnnd Forks in carload lots:             l factured in   Berkeley, Cal.,  and a Forks.
Marcus who believ
is a bud tiling,
that la   gtippe
Jack Coryell left cm  Tui.duy
a business trip to Victoria.
I.C. Kennedy and wife, of Dan-
question of putting a stop to intoxi-  ville, arc visiting in Spokane. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
.-. THE  .*.
Author of
Th* Orlmton Blind; The Cardinal
Moth: Tho Weliht of tho Crown;
Tho Oorner  Houeel The Sieves of
.Silence: Craven Fortune; The
Fatal Don; Netta.
Tbe Black Patch.
Considering it wus nearly the height
ol the London winter season, the
Great Empire Hotel was not unusually crowded. This might have perhaps been owing to the fact that two
or three of the Iine3t suites in
the building hud been enguged by
Mark Fenwick. who was popularly
supposed to be the last thing in, the
way of Amcr'cun multi-millionaires.
No one knew precisely what Kenwick
was, or how he had made his money;
but during the last few months his
name had bulked largely in the financial Press nud the daily periodicals
of a sensational character. So far,
the man had hardly been seen, it being understood that he was suffering
from a chill, contracted on his voyage
to Europe. Up to the present moment
he had taken ail his meals in his
rooms, but it was w' ispered now that
the great man was coming down to
dinner. There was quite a flutter of
excitement in the Venetian dining-
room about eight o'clock.
The beautifully deporatsd saloon
had a sprinkling ol well-dressed men
and women already dining decorously
there. Everything was decorous about
the Great Empire Hotel. No thought
had been* spared in the effort to
keep, the plnce quiet and select. The
carpets were extra thick, the waiters
more than usually soft- footed. On
the whole, it was a restful place,
though, perhaps, the decorative
scheme of its lighting erred just a
trifle on the side o' the sombre. Still,
flowers and ferns were soft and feathery. The band played just loudly
enough to stimulate conversation instead of drowning it. At one of the
little tables near the door two men
were dining. The one had the alertness and vigor which bespeaks the
dweller in towns. He was neatly
groomed, with just the little suspicion of the dandy in his dress, though
it was obvious at the merest glance
that he was a gentleman. His short,
sleek hair gave to h's head a certain
suggestion o' strength. The eyes
which gleamed hehiiid his gold rimmed glasses were keen and steady.
Most men about the town were nc-
3uaintcd with the name of Jim Gur-
on, ns a generation before had been
acquainted with his prowess in the
athletic field. Now he wns by way
of being a barrister, though his ample private means rendered profes-
siona' work quite unneccesary.
The other man wns taller, mon
loose-limbed, though his square frnme
suggested greut physical strength.
As to the rest, he was dark in a hawklike way, though the suggestion of the
adventurer about him was so'tcned
by a pair of frank and pleasant grey
eyes. Gerald Venner was tnpined to
a fine, healthy bronze by many years
of wandering all over the world: in
lact, he wns one of those restless
Englishmen who cannot ior long be
satisfied without risking his life iu
some adventure or other.
The two friends snt there quietly
over their fish, criticising from time
to time those about them.
"After all," Gurdon suid presently,
"you must admit, my dear fellow,
that there is something in our civilization. Now, isn't this better than
starving under a thin blanket, with
a chnnce o' being murdered before
Venner shrugged his shoulders indifferently.
"I don't know," he snid. "There
is something in dnnger thnt stimu-
lntes me; in feet, it is the only thing
thnt makes life worth living. I dure
sny you hnve wondered why It is
that I hnve never settled down nnd
become respectable Wks the rest of
you. If von heard my story, you
would not be surprised nt my eccentric
mode of l'vinir; ut any rate, it enables
me to forget."
Venner uttered Ihe Inst word? slow-
lv and sadly ns if he were tnlking to
himself, and had forgotten the presence of his companion. Tliere wns »
spec lntive look ip his eyes, much ns
if London hnd vanished and he could
B»e the orchids on the table before
him growing in their nntivc forests.
"I suppose I don't look much like
n mnn wilh a east," he went on
"like u man who i. Ihe victim of r
,•■■ at sorrow. I'll tell you my story
presently, but not here; I really could
not do it in surroundings like these.
I've tried everything, even to money-
making, hut tbat is flie worst nnd
most unsatisfactory process of the
lot. There is nothing so sordid ns
"Oh. I don't know," Gurdon laughed. "It Is better tc he n multi-millionaire thnn a king to-day. Tnke tbe
case of this mnn Fenwick. lor in-
stnnce; the pnners nre mnking more
fuss over him thnn il he wns royalty
travelling incognito."
Venner smiled moro or less con-
temnttiously. He turned to get n
ensual glance at a noisy pnrty who
hnd iust come Into the dining-room,
for the frivolous note iarred on him.
Almost immediately the little pnrty
snt down, and the decorous nir of the
room seemed to stihdue them. Immediately  behind   Ihem   followed   a
man who came diagging his limbs
behind him, supported on either side
by a servant. He was quite a young
ni«n, with a wonderfully hapdsomei
clean-shaven face Indeed, so handsome was he, that Venner could think
of no more fitting simile for his beauty
than the trite o'J comparison of the
Greejt God. The mfa's features were
perfectly chiseled, slightly melancholy and romantic, and strongly suggestive of the early portraits of Lord
Byron. Yet, all tbe same, the almost
perfect face was from time to time
twisted and distorted with pain, and
from time to time there came into the
dark, melancholy eyes a look of al
most ma.ignant fury. It was evident
that the newcomer suffered from
racking pain, 'or his lips were twitcn
ing, and Venner could see that his
even, white teeth were clenched together. Altogether it wus a striking
figure to intrude upon the smooth
gaiety of the dining-room, for it seemed to Venner that denth nnd the
stranger were more than casual acquaintances. He had an idea that
it wns only a strong will which kept
{aslng with horrified eyes and white
"hnstly face at the innocent looking
little box on the table.
"Who broutrht this here?" he
screamed. "Bring that waiter here.
Find him at once. Find him at once,
I say! A little man with beady eyes
nnd hair like rats' tails."
The hend wniter bustled up, full of
importance; but it wus in vnin thnt
he nsked for some explnnation of
what had happened. All Fenwick
could do was to stand there gesticulating and crying and calling aloud
for the production of the erring waiter.
"But 1 assure you, sir," the head
wniter said, "we have no wniter here
at ell who answers to the description
of the man you mention. They nre
all here now, every waiter who has
entered the room to-night. If you
will be so good as to pick out the one
who hns offended you "
Fenwick's startled, bloodshot eyes
ranged s'owly over the array of waiters which had been gathered for his
inspection round his table. Presently
he shook his head with an impatient gesture.
"I tell you, he Is not here," he
cried, "The man is not here. He is
quite small, with very queer, black
The head wniter was equally positive in his assurance. Louder rose
the angry voice of the millionnire,
till at length Venner was aroused
from his reverie and 'ooked up to
Gurdon to know whnt was going on
The latter explained as far as possible, not omitting to describe the
strange matter of thc silver box. Venner smiled with the air of a mnn who
could say a great denl if he chose.
"It is all nnrt of tbe programme,"
he said. "Thet will come in my stor,
later on. But what pilules me is
where that handsome crinple comes
in.   The mystery deepens."
By this time Fenwick's protesta
tions had grown wenker. He seemed
to ramble on in n mixture o' Engl'sh
and Portuguese which wns exceeding-
lv puM-lint to the hend wniter. who
still was utterly in the dnrk ns to the
cause of offence. Most of the diners,
too, hnd gflthT-d round the millionaire's tnhle with polite curiosity, and
sundry offerB of assistance.
"I think we had, better get to our
own room." a sweet, gentle voice said,
as the tall, fair girl by Fenwick'
s'de rose and moved in the direction
of the door. It was, perhaps, unfortunate that Venner had risen at the
same time. As he strode Irom his
own tab'e, he came face to face with
the girl who stood there watching Irm
with something like pain in her eyes.
Just 'or an instant she staggered
back, and apparently would have
ia'len had not Venner placed his arm
about her waist. In the strange confusion caused by the unexpected dis-
turabance, nobody had noticed this
besides Gurdon, who rose to the occasion. .
"You had better take the lady as
far us her own rooms," he said
"This business has been too much
for her. Meanwhile, I wi 1 see what
I can do for Mr. Fenwick."
Venner shot his friend a glance of
gratitude. He d'd not hesitate for a
moment; he saw that the girl by his
si-.ie was quite incapable of offering
any objections for the present. In
his own strong, masterful way, he
drew the girl's hand under his nrm,
and fairly dragged her from the room
into the comparative silence and seclusion of the corrk'or beyond.
"Which wav do we go?" he nsked.
"The Grand Staircase," the girl re-
n'ied faintly. "It is on the first floor.
But you must not come with me, ynu
must come no further. It would he
madness for him to know that we
are together."
"He will not come just yet," Venner replied. "My friend knows something of my story, nnd he will do
his best to get us five minutes to-
trether. Ydu ha"e h°ard me speak af
Jim Gurdon before,"
"But it is madness," the girl whispered. "You know how dangerous it,
is. Oh. my dear Gerald, what must
you think of me when "
"I swear to you that I tlii/ik nothing of you that is unkind or ungenerous," Venner protested. "By a
cruel stroke of fate we were parted at
the very moment when our happiness
seemed most complete. Why you left
me in the strange wny you did. I
have never yet lenrnt. In your letter
to me you told me you were bound to
act ns you did, nnd I believed you
implicitly. How many men in similar circumstances would have behaved as I did? How ninny men
would hnve gone on honouring a wife
who betrayed her husband as you
betrayed me? And yet, as I stand
here at this moment, looking into
vour eyes, I feel certain that you are
the same sweet nnd innocent creat-
ure who dirt nie the happiness to become my wife."
The beautiful face quivered, the
blue eyes fiMed with tears. Her
trembling hand lav on Venner's arm
for a moment; then he caught the
girl to his side and kissed her passionately.
"I thank you for those words," she
whispered. "From the bottom of my
heart I thank you. If you only knew
what I' huve suffered, if you only
knew the terrible pressure that is
upon me;—nnd it seemed to me that
I was ncting for the best. I hoped,
too. thnt you would go away and forget; thut in the course o' time I
should be nothing more thnn n memory to you. And yet, in my henrt of
hearts, I nlwnvs felt thnt we should
meet neain. Is it not strange thnt
we should come together like this?"
"I do not see thnt it is in the least
strange." Venner replied, "considering that I hnve been looking for you
for the inst three yenrs. When I
found you to-night, it was with the
grentest difficulty that I restrained
myself from laying my hands on thnt
man who is the cause of all your
">is°ry ond suffering.   And how long
has he been passing for an Englishman? Since when has he been a
millionaire? I' he be a millionaire
at all."
"I cannot tell you," the girl whispered. "Iteally, I do not know. A
little time ago we were poor enough;
then suddenly, money seemed to come
in irom a'l s'des. I asked no questions; they would not have been answered if I had. At lenst, not truthfully. And now you really must go.
When shall I see you ngnin? Ah, I
cannot tell you. For the present you
must go on trusting me as implicitly
as you have done in the past. Oh,
if you oniy knew how it wrings my
heart to have to speak to you like this,
when all the time my whole love is
tor you and you alone. Gerald—ah,
go now; go nt once. Cnnnot you see
that he is coming up the stairs?"
Venner turned away, and slipped
down n side corridor, till Fenwick
had entered his own room., Then ne
walked down the stairs again into
the dining-room where n hented discussion was still going on as to the
identity of the missing waiter.
"They'U never lind him," Gurdon
muttered, "for the simple reason that
the fellow was imported for the occasion, and, in my opinion, was no
waiter at al1. You will notice also
that our crippled friend has vanished.
I would give n great deal to know
what was in the box that pretty nearly senred the yellow mnn to death.
I never saw a fellow so frightened in
my life. He had to fortify himseli
with two brandies before he could
get up to his own room. Gerald, I
really must find out what was in th(it
"I think I could tell you." Venner
said, with a smile. "Didn't you tell
me thnt the mysterious wajter fetched
it from the table where it had heen
placed by the handsome cripple?"
"Certainly, he did. I snw the signal pass directly Fenwick asked for i
wooden match; that funny little waiter was palpably waiting for the silver
box, nnd ns soon as he placed it on
Fenwick's table, he discreetly vanished. But, ns I said before, I would
give a trifle to know what wns in that
"Well, go and see," Venner said
erimlv. "Unless my eyes deceive me,
the box is still lying on Fenwick's
table. In his fright, he forgot all
about it, and there isn't n waiter
amongst the whole lot, from the chief
downwards, who haB a really clear
impression of what the offence was.
If you take my advice, you will go
and have a peep into thnt box when
you get the chnnce. Don't tell mn
what vou find, becnuse I will gueBS
Gurdon crossed over to the other
table, nod took the box up in his
hand. He pulled the slide out and
danced nt the contents with 'n mulled expression of fnce. The he dropped the box ngnin. nnd enme back to
Venner with n look on his face as if
he had be»n handlinc something more
than usually repulsive.
"You needn't tell me what it is,"
Vernier said. "I know quite as well
as you do. Inside that box is n dried
un niece of flesh, some three inches
ong—in other words, n mummified
human forefinger."
(To be continued.)
More Deadly
Than the Plague
The common cold it held responsible
for a multitude of human ills.
Colds kill more people than plagues-
When not avoided they can often be
hurried from the system by keeping
the filtering snd excretory organs,
Many write us that nothing helps
them so quickly get rid of a cold
as Dr. Chase's Kidney and Liver
Pills. This iB because these pills act
directly on the liver, kidneys and bow-
els, and promptly arouse their activity.
The poisonous matter which collects with every cold is quickly removed from the system before it has-
time to cause trouble or give rise toother derangements.
If misfortune in the form of a cold
should overtake you do not give it a
chance to attack the lungs or settle
on the kidneys. Get rid of it quickly
by using Dr. Chase's Kidney and
Liver Pills.
| Mr. J. H. Gibbard, Mission City,.
B.C., writes:—"Wc have used Dr.
Chase's Kidney nnd Liver Pills for
the last year, nnd think they are just
the thing ns a fnmily medicine. My
wife had been sick for nearly two
years with torpid liver and kidney
complaint. Sometimes she was so bad
she had to go to bed for two or three
weeks at a time, and she suffered
"Reading of Dr. Chase's Kidney
and Liver Pills, she decided to use
them, and she has been improving
ever since. She is never sick a day
now, so we believe the cure permanent. I hnve been greatly benefitted
myself hy this treatment for kidney
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney and Liver Pills, one pill a dose, 25 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates and Co., Toronto. To protect
you against imitations the portrait
and signature of A. W. Chase, M.D.,
the famous Receipt Book author, are
on every box.
"What shnll we say of 8enntor
"Just snv he was always faithful to
his trust."
"And shnll we mention the nnme of
the trust?"—Pittsburg Observer.
Sunday School Tencher—Is your pa
a Christian, Bobby?
Little Bobby—No'm. Not to-day.
He's got the toothache.
HOW'S   inia.
We ofer One Hundred Dentin tteweM in are
mm ol catena Ual eeaaot bo cured by bar
tatarrh cure.
F. 1. CHENEY * 00. ToMa. J
We. Uie nndenttned, have keowa T. I. Cbeoe?
•» th_ lut IB yean, and believe btm perfectly bo»
oriole la ell buelnev MiMcUm end Doaaclellr
able to cany out ear obnnucmi mode by hie Sim.
VtUMHO. KUHIAH a MAMM. .      ■
WboleMe DruoWo, Toledo. 0.
Hell'iOa-enti cure k taken irtmatly. eettts
directly upon the blood and mucous Mrteeee of the
lyiwm. TeeUaoolali not tlte. Price II MM* P"
bottle. Bold by ell Dninlata
TUe aaiii Family Flue lor miioouolhm.
Mrs. Byers—"All the big appleB are
on the top of the box, I suppose?"
Pedler—"No, mum; some of 'em are
on the top of the other boxes."
The Foe of Indigestion—Indigestion ir
a common ailment and few are free from
It. It ia a most distressing complaint
and often tho Buffering attending it la
most severe. The very beat remedy i»
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills taken according to directions. They rectify the Irregular action of the stomach and restore
healthy action. For many years they
have been a standard remedy for dyspepsia and Indigestion and are highly
esteemed for their qualities.
The mnn who sticks to the truth ia
never regarded as a good conversationalist. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
>■    "^      Lamp
The Ray* Latnf Is a high irate lamp, sold at • low price,
nm e«e le_aae tkal eoH more, let there Is ae better lama made at any
arias. Oaaetraeted al seUd bran; alcbet olated-eaetly (apt clean: aa
ee.sia.nl to aa, ream la aay home. There Uaotbtajbaowa to the art
of lama-maMaf thai aaa add te Ihe raise of the KAYO Lamp aa a light-
glrlna derlea. arm dealer etert where. If aet al roan, write lot da-
_Mri»Mtariio»larlolheaeamta™icjof .....        a
Tb* Imperial Oil Company, Limited.
knew your wants—we'll de the rest.
We srt   everywhere with the   standard goods.
Paper and Matches srt sur specialties.    Let us
TheEB.EddyCo.Ltd /^!L>r
MIL CANADA M>     ""■"■'
TCE8 & PERSSE, LIMITED, Agents, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton.
Regina, Pert William and Port Arthur.
Daily during December.      3 months
limit.   Stop over privileges.
The Doable TracK Route.
Reduced Fares lor
Steamship Passengers.
November Uth  to December    Slst
Five months limit.    Write   lor   lull
particulars and descriptive pamphlet
General Agent. Passenger Dept.
Representative tor all Steamship Lines
and Cook's Tours.
260 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
Magistrate—Now, if you two men
had had any common sense you would
have settled this matter out of
Defendant—Just what I wanted to
do, your worship, but the blighter
wouldn't lleht.—Punch.
A Sure Oorrectlve of Flatulency.—When
the undigested food lies in the stomach
It throws off gases causing pains and
oppression in tbe stomachic region. Tbe
belching or eructation of these gases is
offensive and the only way to prevent
them is to restore the stomach to proper
action. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
do this. Simple directions go with each
packet and a course of them taken systematically is certain to effect a cure.
Judge (to burglar on trial)
you anytbing to say, prisoner."
Burglar—"Yes, your honor. I was
only actin' on me doctor's advice to
take somethin' afore goin' ter bed."—
Boston Transcript.
Samples at the Butcher's
Book Agent—I would like lor you to
look nt this new book, "Cheap Cuts ol
"No; I don't like hash."
Minard's Liniment Cures   Colds, etc.
The Professor—For a beginner you
are good. Where did you get your
preliminary training.
Jones—It's this way. My wife be-
lieio's in woman's suffrage, and I
\\t. PILLS 4
ll'iv   M| = HT s   0'5%-
TMiictcs ' ,-
The Next Move
Wife—Dear husband, I find it quite
impossible to move in   this    hobble
skirt; won't you buy me an automobile?'—Megendorfer Blaetter.
Little and Big Religion
This story comes Irom Austria,
every parent is painlully anxious
that his sons shall pass the standard
which will tree them Irom certain
years ol military service. A visitor
was conversing with his host's small
son, and opened, as a matter ol
course, with the words, "Do you go to
school now?"
"And what do you learn? Reading,
writing, sums?"
'Oh, yes; and I learn religion,
which teaches that we all come Irom
Adam. But my elder brother is in a
higher class; he learns the big religion, and that teaches that we all come
from monkeys."
He Had Eczema 26 Years and Doctors
Said "No Cure."
Where We Lack
"Do you think that man descended
Irom the monkey?"
"Well, it was a descent if it was
anything. The monkey certainly has
it on him in climbing."
They Fixed up his Kidneys, made
his blood pure, and made him
feel young all over.
Franklin Centre, Que. (Special).—
The only way to start the New Year
right is to get the health right, and
Mr. William Gamble, a well known
farmer living near here is telling his
neighbors how he got his health
"I am a larmer sixty-seven years
of age," Mr. Gamble says, "and I
suffered with a weak back and stoppage ol water off and on for ten years.
I used several boxes of Doddfs Kidney Pills, and they made a new man
ol me. Dodd's Kidney Pills are the
best medicine I have ever taken."
Dodd's Kidney Pills will made a
new man ol you because they mnke
tlie Kidneys strong and healthy and
able to do their work ol straining
all the impurities out ol the blood.
Pure blood means new life. It means
good circulation and renewed strength
and energy all over the body.
Dodd's Kidney Pili% cure all forms
of Kidney disease, from Backache to
Bright's Disease .and they are also
doing a great work by giving renewed
health and energy to thousands of
Canadians who are run down, tired
and generally feeling no good for anything. Start the new year by toning up the Kidneys with Dodd's Kidney Pills.   It will pay you.
It is impossible to defeat an iv.wt-
nnt man in an argument.
Yet Zam-Buk Has Worked Complete
This is the experience of a man oi
high reputation, widely known in
Montreal, and whose caBe can readily
be investigated. Mr. T. M. Marsh,
the gentleman relerred to, liveB at 101
Delorimier Avenue, Montreal, and has
lived there lor years.' For twenty-
five years he had eczema on his hands
and wrists. The disease first started
in red blotches, which itched, and
when scratched became painlul. Bad
sores lollowed, which discharged and
the discharge spread the disease until his hands were one raw, painlul
mass oi sores. Just imagine this
slate oi affairs continuing for twenty-
five years.
In that time iour eminent medical
men tried to cure him, and each gave
up the case as hopeless in thc end.
Naturally Mr. Marsh tried remedies
oi all kinds, but he, also, at last gave
it up. For two years he had to wear
gloves day and night so terrible was
the pain and itching when the air
got to the sores.
Then came Zam-Buk. He tried it,
just as he had tried hundreds oi remedies beiore. But he soon lound
out that Zam-Buk was different.
Within a few weeks there were distinct signs ol benefit, and a little perseverance with this great herbal balm
resulted in what he had given up all
hope oi—a complete cure! And thc
cure was no temporary cure. It was
permanent. He was cured nearly
three years ago. Interviewed the
olb-r.dny, Mr. Marsh said: "The cure
whicb Znm-Buk worked has been absolutely permanent. From the day
that I was cured to the present moment I have had no trace oi edema,
and I ieel sure it will never return.
•Having sutfered Ior twenty-five years
I had naturally concluded that my
case was incurable, and I regard my
cure as a modern miracle."
II you suffer from any skin trouble, cut out this article, write across
it the name of this paper, and mail
it, with one cent stamp to pay return
postage, to Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
We will forward you by return a Iree
trial box oi Zam-Buk. All druggists
nnd stores sell this iamous remedy,
50c. a box, or three ior $1.25. Reiusc
harmful substitutes.
Mr. Samuel Martin, ol Strathroy,
Ont., passed twenty years oi his liie
in misery, suffering tortures from
lame back. He tried nearly all advertised remedies and household recipes, but, received no benefit from
any of them.
Some months ago, seeing Gin Pills
advertised, Mr. Martin purchased a
box. The relief which Mr. Martin
experienced alter he had taken
one box was so great that he knew
he had lound the right remedy at
last. He used two more boxes and
is now completely cured.
50c. a box, 6 ior $2.50, at all dealers. Free sample ii you write National Drug and Chemical Co., (Dept.
N.U.), Toronto, Ont. 140
*2ai  COUCH*   6  COt_.D«
The efiective men are still, as in
the time oi Homer, those who ever
with a Irolic welcome tnke the sunshine or the storm.—David Starr Jordan.
Cures all chronic diseases. Write
hun. His valuable advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW YORK CITY.
Mas. WiMBbow's Soothing Svaur has been
<xd lor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS oj
li the beat remedy for DIARHIMEA. It Is en-
solutely hormlees. Be sure aod auk for "Mra
Wimilow's Soothing Syrup," and take ao othel
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle
When Holloway's Corn Cure is applied
to a corn or wart tt kills the roots and
the rnllnslty comes out without injury to
the flesh.
Servant—"Heavens, I hnve knocked
the big flower-pot off the window
ledge, und it struck it man on the
Mistress—"What! My beautiful
majolica ?"—Fliegende Blaetter.
Wise mothers who know tbe virtues of
Mother Graves' Worm Kitermlnator always have it at band, because it proves
Its value.
"I think the champion chump ol
the silly person was tbe man who
married' thnt French actress."
"Well, I'm glad the championship
remains in America."—Kansas City
He had lent ber his stylograph pen,
nnd she commenced to write a letter.
She—"Ob, it writes beautifully. I
declare 1 am in love with this pen."
He—"I'm in love with thc holder."
She saw the point.
Liberty In His Own Housi
Mrs. Henpeck—"You, Charles,
what's thnt noise down there?' '
Mr. Henpeck—"I trust, my dear,
that I may fait down the cellar in my
own ltouse, it I wish to."
Taken at Her Word
"I said I'd bc a sister to bim."
"What did he say to that?"
"Nothing.    Just    sent    his    socks
round to be darned nnd tried to borrow a dollar."—Troy Record.
"You say he plays the violin?"
"Does he play it well?"
"He must do so, because he's on
speaking terms with all his neighbors."—Birmingham  Age-Herald.
The average girl is apt to generate
a desire to kiss her little hrothcr
when the right young man is present.
That is LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE.   Look ior the signature ol E. W.
GROVE.    Used  the   World   over  to
Cure a Cold in One Day.   25c.
Some women would eat predigested
sawdust il it was labelled "complexion beauiiller."
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper
"Did you know that the hairs oi
our heads were numbered, Willie?"
"Sure! I was wnii Sis when she
bought hers, and they were numbered nineteen-fiity, was twenty-two-
Scrofula disfigure* and
causes life-long misery.
Children become
strong and lively when
given small dosea of
Scott's Emulsion
every day. The starved
body is fed; the swollen
glands healed, and the
tainted blood vitalized.
Good food, fresh air and
Scott's Emulsion con-
quer scrofula and many
other blood diseases.
Scad 10c., name of paper and this ad. for
our beautiful Savings Bank and Child's
Sketch-Book. Each bank at
Good Luck Penny.
IM WeVaetoa _h. West. Ta
walaUyelopa oansba. earn sold} ImUs
E sLnatamd maas. • •  .U mam.
"It is the unexpected that happens,"  remarked the moralizer.
"That's right," rejoined the demoralizer. "I once knew it to rain after
the weather bureau had predicted it."
From a Baptist Clergyman,
Telling of Cures Brought
by   Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
The   Dr.   Williams'    Medicine    Co.,
Brockville, Ont.:
Gentlemen,—It has been my intention to write to you for some time,
but being busy I have neglected to do
so Until now.
I am a Baptist minister. Was ordained June Uth, 1887, in Cramahe
Baptist Church, Northumberland Co.,
Ont. I want to tell you in as few
words as possible whnt I know about
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I was pastor ol the Dalesville, Que., Baptist
Church in 1891 and again in 1&4-5.
While pastor, in 1891, the Rev. John
King, a former pastor, aged 74, was
stricken with paralysis so that he
could not help himseli. He had to,
or did, take a tablesponiul oi rhubarb
every day to keep his bowels regulnr,
I thought ol Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
He began taking them and it was not
long beiore he could wnlk again and
his bowels were regular. The paralysis never returned and his bowels
remained active. He died a tew years
ago practically irom qld age.
I went irom Dalesville, Que., to
Groton, Vermont, as pastor of the
Baptist Church in that place. There
lived a man about two nnd one-hnlf
miles from Groton hy the name oi
Neil McCren, a Canadian. I heard he
was ill, and being a Canadian, I went
to see him. 1 found him lying n Ltd,
He said he bad no pain, but was too
weak to sit up. His lips were bloodless, in fnct he was as white as chalk.
I recommended Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and gave him some. He began
taking them and in a short time
could see blood in the veins of his
bands and in the course of a few
weeks he was out watching men building a new barn for bim, and shortly
after that he came to Groton to
church. Now, I ought to tell you that
the doctor of Groton bad given him
up. The Ryegate doctor (a doctor in
an adjoining village) could not help
him and said so. The best doctor in
tlie hospital oi Burlington, Vt., came
and saw Mr. McCrea. but said he
could not help hiin. He did not Bet
any help till Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
put him on Itis ieet agnin.
Later I returned to Dalesville, Que.,
as pastor. A young lady who lived
about six miles west oi Dalesville at
a place called Edina, sent for me to
eome to see her, as she hail been a
member of my congregation in my former pastorate. I went to see her and
found a similar ease to that of Mr.
McCrea, of Groton, Vt. This girl was
so week she ciuld not sit up. She appeared to he bloodless. I said to her:
"It will cost you $6.00 to get a doctor
to come out from I.achute to see you,
whereas vou ean get six boxes of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for $2.50." She
followed my nilviee, took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and when some time
later I saw her in I.achute. she wns
as well as ever, and Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills did it all.
1 have given you the 'diets of these
three eases which came to inv |ier-
sonnl notice and I think only just to
other sufferers that these enses should
he given the widest publicity. If you
wish me to go before a magistrate nnd
tnke oath to the truthfulness of the
things mentioned above, I am prepared to do so. I am at present engaged
in evangelistic work, and have therefore not nt the present time n permanent address. I can. however, refer you to the editor of the Canadian
(Signed), T. C. Sowter.
Facing Exposure
Cholly Saphead—A—aw—college pro-
lessor has invented a—er—machine
for measuring the human mentality,
don't you know.
Cynicus—That means exposure lor
you at last, Cholly.
Awarded First Prize at World's Exposition on its Work and Methods—
Cntnlogue Free.   Address,
Cor Portage Ave & Fort 8t. Winnipeg
that Bake a horse Wham,
Roar, bava Thick Wind, or
Chokt-down, can Im n>
Bovsd with
o, ear Bunch or Bweltlnt.,
Ma Milter,   no   helrL
gone, and none kepi al7
work. as.OO ner  bottle, i*
Uteres. Cook 3D tree.
mankind, SI.OO, delivered, Bedneaa Goitre, Tanoit,
Wene, V.tleote Velai, Ulcer,, Hydrocele, Verio*
otl*.    Book frea   Made only by
t. F- tOIMt. P. D. F.. 197 Tsmle St.. toHmtflild, Sua,
-    LTUm, KLIMnd,poem. is»i>.. "
i__.r_r.utf iTasxn, aou a wysiiJS, wmw
m RiTioiiL sane a chimcal to- wi..!,., a cy.
 "* (»■ IKL »■•
s, spoon..
al exclusive design and fine
wearing quality art stamped
Tils mark on silver plate b a
guide to qualify recognized eveiy-
when as lbe world's standard.
Bail tea ith, Clsliei, walNn.
etc., are ilwped
["Sllner tlate that Wtart"
Kills Bone Spavin
Rich Valley, Alta, May 20th. 19C9
''I have used your Spavin Cure for a
Ion;;  tme aad would not be without It.
Have killed a Bone Spavin by H» use."
That telli the whole story.    Aad
hundreds of thousands have had the
same experience iu the past 40 yeara.
For Spavin, Blagbane, Cirb,
Splint, Swellings ui
all Lameness,
Kendall's Spavin Cure cures tbe
trouble—makes the horse sound and
w 11—and saves money for the owner
because it removes the earns* of the
Keep a bottle always at hand- $1 orlt
for fj. Good for man and beast. Ask
your dealer for free copy of onr book
'A Treatise On The Horse" or writ* us,
M a. j. Emm c». tt*wi taae. tl*-
Canadian Pacific
Plus 12.00 for the
Round Trip   •   •
From sll stations in Ontario, Port
Arthur nml West, Mniiilnliu, Husknt-
chewan and Alberta to
Tickets on sule December 15, 16 and
17, 1010; January 20, 21, 22 anil 23,
and February 14, l!i anil 16, 1911;
good to return within three months
from date of issue.
Apply to neareat C.  P. Ry. agent
for lull information.
W. N. U., No. 829. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Publisheil at Urinnl Porks. BritishCnliimhl
(i. A. Ev*NS Editor and Publisher ,
A Hie of this pripor oun Iib seen nt the otfliio
of Messrs. E. A .1. Hardy .4 Co.. 311, St Hml 32.
Fleet Street, B.C., London. Kiurliiiiil. free of
charge, mid thnt firm will be glad to receive
■ subscriptions nud advertisements on our be- j
I While Boring Hole for Irrigation, High-Grade Ore
Is Encountered   ■
News was brought into Ilie eity
1 this evening that the workmen who
j h.tve been engaged for a month past
boring   a  tnree-iiic.h hole   fr
One Teat fl.no! ill
One Year (In ndvnnce)  '•""   .1     1 err     1     ;   ,     .     .l    ret       1
One Tear, InDnlted States  MO  the base uf Hardy lake to the lived
Address nil communications to
Phonb 1174
The Evening Sun,
I. HANI)  FilltKS, B.C
die ranch [for   irrigation   purposes,
had encountered a three-foot lead of
_  high-grade ore 200 feet from Ihe entrance   and   at   a  depth of 70 feet
1911 The strike was  made   on   a   olaim
owned hy John Holm  and  Chnrh
"Tuk country is prosperous now—
why not leave well enough alone'."'
is one of the convincing (?) arguments frequently used hy the opponents to the expansion of Cnnadian
trade. The country is prosperous,
true; hut who has has made it prosperous? Surely, the Conservatives
do not intend to claim the credit.
Had they remained in power at Ottawa, the chances are that the stream
of emigration would still be from
Canada te the United States, instead
of being the other way. Since they
have been in opposition, they have
fought to the bitter end every pro-
gressixe measure proposed by the
government. But in spite of all
their efforts to impede progress,
Canada is destined to become a
great nation.
The Sun man is in a quandary.
Hcis in need of a certain article. It
is manufactured in the United
States, but not iu Canada. Whether
or not it is made in England he does
not know. Now, if he imports the
article from the States without first
ascertaining whether it can be obtained in England or not, he will
probably be accused of being disloyal to the mother country. The
question is, is it better to meekly
shoulder the obloquy of disloyalty
or to go without a much-needed
commodity for an indefinite period
of time?
himself invisible for a protracted
period. Tiie reason is obvious.
During these heated reciprocity discussions any one who does not possess a well trained Cockney idiom is
apt to be accused of disloyalty. As
he bad the fortune to be born and
raised on this continent, he intends
retire to the seclusion of his ranch
and acquire a mastery of the language as it is spoken in old London.
The "blue-ruin" cry having failed
to produce the desired effect, the
Tories are now parading the annexation bogy before tlie public to the
limit in their endeavors to amuse
popular feeling against thc reciprocity agreement. The nation tlmt attempts to annex us without our
consent will meet with a serious
diamond drilling
operations are being carried on under the direction of Mr. Murphy, of
The Granby Consolidated is now
mining and smelting its ore at $_!,30
a ton.
If To dream that your wife has
presented you with twin girls, means
tliat you will hold good poker hands.
flf For a girl to dream that she is a
peach, and on the free list, means that
the reciprocity treaty will eventually
be ratified.
% To dream that you have paid
your back subscription to this paper,
means that you are endeavoring to tie
gotiate a reciprocity treaty with St.
*]\ To dream that you intend to attend church every Sunday this year,
means that you can't tell the truth
even when talk in your sleep.
^| To dream that you are practical
politician, means that you are a des
cendant of Ananias.
*i\ To dream that you are skating
on tljree skates, means tliat yonr
night cap is too tight.
H To dream that you are being
chilled bv an open window, means
tliat you have an overdraft at tlie
f To dream that you have fallen oil'
the water waSon, means that you intend to spend a roll of money.
Following  are the locations, cer-
The Sun man intends to makef tificatcs of work, hills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office al
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from December 9 to February 23, inclusive.
Freddie,   west   of   Paulson,   II
Joe-Joe, Wellington camp, Jos. J.
Bassett; Long Willie fraction, Wellington camp, Jos. J. Basselt; Willis
fraction. Summit camp, Alex Rog
ers; MonteCristo, Seattle camp, Mrs
E. R. Shannon; Destra, Sutherland
creek, Ferdinando Bruno, 3 yenrs;
Copper Butte fraction and Copper
King fraction, Wellington tamp,
Anderson et al.
Ironclad fraction, Prince fraction,
and   Windfall,    Wellington    camp,
British Columbia Copper company.
^It's love lhat makes the world go
round. Whiskey has the same
effect if persevered i n.
Holy Tiunity Ciiokch, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, S:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Weekday and special' services
as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Kxox Pheshytkuian Cnuitcii—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
ni.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M, VS. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Churoh J. Rev. Calvert, U. I)., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; Junior League, Fri
days, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist  Ciiukcii,   Rev.   H.   W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.j Bible
class and Sunday school  at 2:30 p.m.
Don't, forget that The Sun na? the
best job printingdeparimetit in the
Boundary country.
Clothes   Gleaned
Pressed  and Repaired
S. D. CURRY has re-opened
the business formerly owned
liy Mrs. Lew Johnsoii.at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
cjill Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
Are read by the people be
cauSo Tin? Sun gives them
news of vital interest. People
no long r (o looking about for
things h v want- thev goto
their newspaper for iufnritia
tion as lo where sueh things
may be found. This method
saves time and trouble. If
you want to bring your wares
to the attention of this community, our advertising columns
„„„  Catarrh and
TOUP  Pneumonia
Formidable ailments,' these, when allowed tut run, and may
easily prove fatal. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR at on^e,
and bring his prescription to us, where it will receive out-
usual VERY CAREFUL attention. For coughs use our
Syrup White Pine and Tar, 25 and 50 cents per bottle.
-2 WOOD LAND    tSc   CO.fc-
A Dollar Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
To bring in your Wheels
to have them overhauled,
so that you may get more
enjoyment out of the
balmy spring days.
Bicycle Doctor
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
jteABB J%-!T>X1«.". PT. LOT between
tC^E%|| Second mul Tliiul tttroeta,
J% m^ \\\m 11 J"st nl>"v<- J u<1 no I-nuiiy'*
ip **\w **aW ^sW uml l{. (inw'n phicc*; fep-
iirutt'il from ttll other prooortles by 20-ft. |
I uue: us iiiriMMts npvoii nr viiibt ordinary lots.
iiiljiiiniiitf Int.- urt* worth $K>0f would mnke
nitre home, with sufficient irnmriil for chickens fruit, Liirilcii und lawn; must desirulile
.ociitiou in city.
2,')00,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; #ol)0 hewn
lug bouse; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance tortus.
For further particulars apply
Fhom all accounts, tlie snuff
famine in this city is not to be
sneezed ut.
Thk poor consumer docs not regard the present high price of eggs
as a yolk.
Mining Stock Quotations
Huston, Feb. 23,—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations fm
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Hid
Granby Consolidated,   46,00   JlNOn
II.  C,   Copper       7,25      (i.5()
Herbert Henderson returned
liomo last Monday from Chilliwack,
where he acted as best mnn at the
marriage of Ihe brother, George S.
V. H. Todd and family have
moved into II. li. Cannon's house
on First street. Mr. Todd is civil
engineer for the Granby company.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, Feb. 28,—Silver, 644:
standard copper.fl 2,20@12.26,8teady
LONDON, Feb. 23,—Silver, 25 J
lead, XI3 us.
.Show cards for widnows antl inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make tliem brief, terse and pointed,
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived thnt they even endeavor to believe tliat they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
Yuill l.iuiil Dlitrlol, DUtrlot of simlllininccu.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt SUM l.limle, of liiluliiii,
I hliiinu. U.S.A., iii-i iiiHiliiin Karliii'r, III"
hMiili tii Hpiily lur pcrintiuiluu tu purclinii.' tin*
fiillnwtiiir ili'-i'iiln'l Iniulm
('olnincncini. nt a |m-t {limited nliniit _:ii
eliiilntipint nl tin* -.mill.'ust I'nrii'T uf Lot
ii in s.. in, lieen Oreek I theltoo <mt stiolmliia:
tlie,ire lotlthlfOohftlllltt thenee1'HHt ill) I'huiii.:
thence m,iu li _n i-liuiim; I limine 1'iwt 'JUcIuiIiih:
i I north 40 eliulii. to point nf ciuniiit' -
SII.AS LINOl.K, Applira.it,
.l.K  Cnilisluii, Aui'iit.
Illltnl  Dpcrmlii'l' 121 ll, 1010.
Villi- Lend nintrlrt. DUtrlot of Slmllkomoon,
TAKK nutlet' that I, A.gneilBlletl PiiiiIhiiii,
ul I'iiiiImiii. H.C, lll'Cll|iiltlon Mile, intend,, lu npply fur porhtiiefon tu purO-tate
iln- fnlliiwiiiirili-Mirilieil limit-:
(jotnmoiioiiiB nt ii i ns! iiliiiiiml nt. tin1
southwest oornor nf ,1. Milleri pro-prop-
tion, Lot U88S.,on DeepCrock: thenee north
'in vim ins: tlii-iii',. west '-IIcIioIiik: thence .with
to pIuiIhh: tlipnpp wot III I'liiiliim tln'iit'i'
-nulli illoliattltl tlienci' earn liOolialtm to tin.'
liultit uf riiiiiiiii'iii'i'iiipiit
.1. It. CniiiHtoii, Aixi'til.
Iliil.'il Dprpiiilnir I2tli, HUH.
:i.i ACRES .uljf.inliiK
city limit* uu south;
14 nercs cleared; ISO
fruit treei; new four*
rOnta lipmet httrn f >r six horsed; horse,
huutry.dniihle hurtles* mil farming imple*
incuts.   All for |MK).   Eauy tormi.
tin (I three lots within
out* block of hlinttip_.fi
ctMitre. lawn, hliaile
tree*, fruit trees, berry hushes, lurjre trun len.
Will nlsoieli furniture of house if desired.
Oiii'-lmlf rush, balance terms.
l':; miles from town;
7-room house, plait*
Orfldl lurtre I'lusryshe'l,
woodihed;   tfio   fruit
iri'PH, 70 hearing; 2! 9 ucres struwherrles.
gooseborrlei. currants, rmpberrlett free from
irost: the hist locution ftroillld (Jnunl Korks;
nlciitv  uf  tro.xi   wuter; fruit ntnl crop in
-Hetiveeii :i hud 4 aeres
In West end of city;
lirst i-hisN soil, nil under cut Ivation. Kinii.ll
holMe. woiidshed uml utiluullnliiKfl Well ami
ptimpi uonu fence. 'I hi- is it sacrillce, us owner liubotll hi leavei Ity.   Terms
...*.*     !•__. I      I.'..      I        ,l..i.
SlMHICHsll,   hill*
 leriiis. One
hest hotels In
the UUlllie*! Ofltl
if Orand Pot Kit liuw dolnir a iirohtnble
bllfhieMj OWIier desires t" remove to thn
Ooniti This i* the hest hartraiu in this part
»f   the province, a*, there arc Init   s-ven  hotel
li -e- in the '.raii'l  Forks,    'ity is -rowing
rapfdlv. No other town in southern mulsh
Coliimhiii hut as Iniu'hi future pioMpocts.
For further Information re
garding the above propertied
call or address
Vnlp Lntiil Dlltrlot, DUtrlot of Slmllk i ir een,
TAKK NOTICK that Thomns  Henry   Paul-
I    huh   nf  Pftllhoili I. C,   oi'O'ipntloll   Mor-
iliniii. lutniiilii to npply for   permiMlon to
iiiii'i'liime inefollowlinrdeierlbea entui
Comtneuoliiir Bt u |iu»t iilniitoil nlmut » xty
phalli! north of the iiortlivi.it lorner uf Miller
Itmtlipr'H nre-oiiiti'lon, Lot 118, 8;, on Deep
break | thenoe nortli w oholmi tnonoo went
in I'htiiiii; tlii'iii'i' sniitli 80 ,'lmliu.: ih,'ui'i* 1'ii-t
4n cluiliistu iiolnt ut epmmenoetneiit.
J. It. Crillmton. Ani'iit.
Il.iliil December 12th, 1911).
Taking on the Pilot
Our 01—Wed Want Ade. will
pllet the ehlp ef buelneee to the
eafe harbor of oommerelal proo-
perlty. People road the " Artlclee
for Sale" ade. If you have lome-
thlnj to eon tell them about It.
One large machinery firm In
Toronto hao bum up Itl bmlnees
by uoin* Olaeelfled Want Ade. e><
JKI'.DLKWOKK wenteil tndo nt hnine.  Coll
1  nn Mrs. Wm Keron.Secoml itreet.
GOOD PASTUHAtlK for cattle clme to i'lty:
iafe fence: ithiiinlaoe of feoa.   eor term:
apply in John Hammer, fourth of July creeu.
WAN I HI)   Sltiiiitlnii n« Janitor or bartender.   Aihlrimi IV.   .,, neiier.il   Delivery,
(iriuul Kuril.. II. I.'.
r    I.nl
A IIVKKTISINO BPACK in The Stan .the mo«t
widely rend newnpaiHT In the Kettle Vol-
ryPKtt'KITBH-Ollver;  now.
I    ottioe.
Apply Sun
rllltKK  DOTTLES colli Nolion Deer   Wo.
I    Linn llnttlliiir Works.
BAKN ANDIKIUSK-Tho Korreater burn, II
lots und limine, in Columbia.   Apply J. H.
I'lnth, llux ill.
| AHOK 110TTLK Port Wine lio.
L   tlinir WorliH.
LAND-UK) aorei good timothy land.   Apply
thi, offloe,
SPAl'E for  udvertialnff
Suu.    '
purt'Oioe   in 'i'he THE
GRAND   FORKS,   B, 0.
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs, Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little, daughter, Chris
Una, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable/especially at night. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to have frequent
headaches, anil the least exertion
would tire her.
\Vo hud tried
Imariy . remedies,
1 mt she tlid not
inprove. Finally
learned of
Booth's Sidney
'ills and pro-
ured a box. In a
short time shewiis
well and tides not now complain ahout
her back, the kidn'V secretions have
become normal, ami she plays around
the house with no apparent fatigue.
We always recommend Booth's Kidney I'ills."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will be refunded. Bootii's
Kikney Pilli are a specillc for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, ")0c box, or postpaid from the K. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H. E. Woodland * Co.
School Estimates for Current Tear Laid Before
the Board
ji'<jeMiiun. M'V^fJ IVv. A'1", Le-
qoin.p untl SncjUh 'i™' 'hp ^ Ury
nf 'he medical he tli h i Hi er rum-- n
*hp *am*» j»m IhR* vcur. nun t* * $'20
• pr ronnth.
Mi.vpiI by A'd« Lqivnp n'd
Dowr.pv, 'h^t *he cMy Po''*i or
writp  Mr".   MrE'lio't    and    M
1 • :
Opposite Great No-thsra S'ait
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir tin's line. Don't' forget this.   ,
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
Erices. We're are still doing
igli class connnerci.il work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running \ypU in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business i.s too
N TIIK SI iTTKll .if iiii.   Uml  lli'iristrv   i,'t
mul iti che matt if iln- title tu  I.nt 173.1
i!rini|i l«0,oyoos Division', (now known tin
StmllKftraeen) nli-isim, nf Yulii Distrlot,
llritisli Columbia.
WIIBUKAS Certificate nf Tltlool Patrlok
T.'i'i'ii.ii. bdliijj Oertltlonte uf Title N".
7lllii, tn tl,,' nlinvi' lii'i'i.iiii i'ills Ims been
lost nr destroyed, un opplioatioti im_ been
niiiih' tn mi, inr iii|iiiiliiiti • thereof.
Notii'i' ii hereby nlveii ilmt aduplloate Cor-
titiiiiiti-of Title t<> ii"- above  hereditai ts
will im Issued nt tin- futiilrntla'ii ul one inuntli
from iln- date hereof, miles, In tin nntltne
valid objection, to the i-iiiitriiry be made to
nm In writing.
District ttegl.trflr uf Titles.
Lund [tegiltry I'tHi'i'.
Kamloops, B. C., 8opt. 7, lolo.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs,
Sample Copy Free.
47 VV. 2.TU ST.. SHW YtillK.
(I'ltlillshed Annually)
Knabloi traders throughout  tlm n'orld in
eutnmuiiloalodlrool with K ...h.li
In 1'iii'b olass nl k I-.   Bolides being a 	
pli't miimi'lii] irnlili' In London mi<l it.
subnrbsi tbedlrootuwi tuiin- list, nf
nn the floods they ship, nml >im <
ml t'ni'i Ign llarltets they supplyt
arranged under tlm Ports tn wl,lgh thoy -nil.
anil Indioatltig Ihettpproxlinnta Sailing.;
of Iou'Um Manufacturer*, MorolianU, Bto., in
tii.- principal provincial townifend Inuiiitrta!
«■ utruaof tin- united Klngilom.
A oopv nf tlie current B«fItloti will be for*
warded, frolffht imlil, on i fi|.t -it Pi ntnl
Oruor (nr 20s.
Dcaleri looking Agenolei twit ndvertine
their ti-H'lc oqfdi ior tl, or \arget ncjvorttte-
motiu from 13.
Jo, Abohuroli Lane, London, K.C.
The rfRtilar uieHtina ri'  th«   i-itv
onuitcil w«b held nn Mon Jay  evnn
tne, the tnaynr nhH _ill menihem ol
■ he  hoard, with   the  exoep'i'in   of
AM. A'wnod, heiim pipimnt.
The minutes of thn .lajl regnlii
mpfl'infz were ndnti'pfl Reread, upon
motion nt Aide. Liqyiiie an.'
A cnmn'titiieai'ti was rernivp'
from the Hon. Th."", T.vin- min,-
ia'er nf pub in work', Vid'ri a, aclt-
DO'Vledifii'i! ihe receipt of copies of
the reanluiintie puiwed at. ths Inet
meeting nf the hoard, whioh ie
quested the government In eon-
struct a wagon toal from ihe
Bridgestrtrl hririoe to connect with
the already e-'ahlished waqnn
road to the east o* the citv, a In
that the bridge near C oper Br'.p'
ranch be rebuilt n« a governmenl
undertaking The commm icaiion
wis ordered file I, upon motion uf
A'rls Davie ant1 D 'Wi ey.
An application w.« iec»-iveii from
1) Wuidheud Inr itnrk on 'he ci'y
-idewalke Ordered filed, tiptin
motion of Aide. Davie and Downey
The Provincial Board of Health
woie Ibe couneil no if.ing them
that the law now provided fnr compulsory vaccination, and requesting!
tbem to bave it enforced. On mo
tion of Aids. Lequime and Btui h
tbe matter was referred to the health
and reliel c in.mi'.'e'e.
A lommunii'atiun  waa  received
fri-m lhe et'hinil trustees, encloi-inti
he emimateH nf thai  board for ih
eurteiii yeir     Oil  motinn of Aid-
I.'Hit'tiie   and   Downey, tlm-e weri-
liiil on ine iiilile <n ciaie  un  will
Ihe.nlher oity eeiima'ea    The f'.l
i.wnn; were the eati.naiee   Hilitnii
' en:
Huhlie wihool —S.ilarie- $7855 OO
Supplied $630 80, Fu'l 1530.00 It-
pair-*350 00, Equipment $100 00.
Library ISO 00, Aeeeesmetit Provin
ciai Trne'ie-' As-nciation $65 00.
"rin'ing, Freight,etn., $185.00
Hiuh si'lv'il— Stlnrie- *17411.00
Fuel. $100 00
In aililiiinti tn lhe above the i ■
"Uranee nil the liriik erhonl. hi(!h
•clnml at! Colombia pohnnl It ►
•erm of ti.ri'i- veir*. iiiiiounting Iti
$848 20, ha« In !'e u.el thi   year
Aid Sin th, It 'he waler and
light rontniitt'e, reporled thai Ibt
coiiimit ee had tiiknn up'h" noftt'ei
fn lenewnl nf ron'Mct wi h the
S uth Kno'enay Power Co,, Ihrough
In- Imlil mnnsger, V, K liilieo ,
who li id given 'he annDRiitlee ne-
-iiraiiimn ilmt it ?iiti"faoli'rv ar-
nitiHt'ineiit could tin doubt I e irriv-
<'d at, and that he Would let tl e
•'iiiiitiiiitHp know ae minn ae pnAllblfl
nlier lii-aii'g from ihe company,
Aid Bonthron nave nniire that
he would nl the rexl rfiiu'nr meeting Introduce an iiiiiendinent to the
fin- linii.a bylaw,
Aid .Siniili gave i otloe tbat at
then'X' n.eeiing he would inlro-
'lui'e an anieiidinenl tn lhe pound
A fiiniinnnii'iitinii from the medioal healih officer re Hillary, which
waa laid on the lahle at the last
meeting, was limunlil  up lor con-
mm iJMmk •
l     Li.   Pri-^r«4|>
Rrahrm re imhnr.lng the  ,;■ i.    0MWW ™ ^W  VMU^A     l^Jt^^ ^,
'(-.'?.;,£. >'" !:■ .t'tttn'-V- .-'3 .■■."'  ■     .'>» '-''*> -aSKil    alwiivs In stock at the bar
fo- the r»re of   M     D'llghFrtr  >'nr- ; }!^^.;rla^!7::j.jX f_»! ;:,.f    f . l j*.jig' 'X*? <?fy
t'.i.'illv  ,..iiii lo'i-l uml
vly Inrilisbed  t'iruii:_li-
i.    '.ii.o'.'.ii,-nlv located
'   I'.iiU.i,"     ii.     : il'st-
--  lii'rniiininiiitiuii-   I'nr
I..innl-.    Iln i I'll   nml
ing hi« i'tne-s nl  the ci-.-  hnuni'ii1,
and   Ihn'  a   let'er f'o n P T    Mp-
Callnm, immig'Siinn in«jieetor, re
ihpir   uromi-w   t"   him   lh»t
Dougberlv   would    i ft   bpeotfe  a!
charge on 'be "i'v. he enc' ,ce'l
Moved hv  AM-    T,-n''*'""   n"d i
D ivi • that ih» haUni'e nl D    K'' V-
Stni'_ amnio! in I'nntiee'io"   vv-thj
M   Oouiil.i r' v  [inB« l.e imi'l
The account if J Moor" re -atii-
nrv woik. waa refoped lo 'le
health and reli.f couinii'tee in on
minion of A'de. L-qtiiire and
The following Hccotin'-i were ordered paid:
.1. Sn.velv $27 00
E ecuic Coo Co        1  40
T. P  O'Farrell'...:       5 00
W  K.C  Manly       '.     II) 20
Suu          (1 00
Cm.   Wl-' On     (ll    50
0 iii   (inn. Ji] en no        4  f'8
Don   l'.xiiii-- Co       1-1   lid
Prnv. Gail  (N l-ui)   ....       12 00
B C Tel. phone Oo     14 30
S. K. Power Co    41)7 80
Jaa, Taylor   3 00
II   C   (laze te        2 50
(i. F  Tranter   Co      34 07
McNeil & Henniger     64 40
Citv Treamrer     12 90
Colin Campbell     9(i 45
Coni-iileralile di-rn-Hinn arnee re-
-ardnip the Binount of feed uped
during Jat Uarv lor t1 e ci y   earn
I'he account   f Mi-Neil & Hennigei
amouniitig in $54 40, wan ordered
pnid along wi'h tin-re-' nfrhebll
Moved hy Aid . Smiih ai d   Le
luiine thai Alii. Runthron he pur
iihaeing agent   fnr all enppio   for
lie city mnhle nlier Marnii I -'.
An i ouuunt Ir un ih" E »tern
1'owii-liiii-i  11 ink f.r ihe  uoiicreie
iilt-wn k in.il rt-taiuing wall n
front  of   iheir   new   p enii-ei-, wae
tibniitti-d o the council.   Thia was
efi-neil to tlm chairman of iln
Board nf Wink-, on Oioliouol Aids.
L'-quime a <l Downey.
Mi,vnl ly AHp. D.'W.icy in tl
It Aiiliiiiu iuu City Clerk Minliin
nick ahe be city treaaurer onllet:
lor, ai-i-eit-or, etc, with pivvt-r in
,igii ohiquea,
The n,ember- of iheoounoil vvetii
into ii lengtby discucian on he
.ueier   eyetein   in   ciinneciinii   nilfa
lie sit e ol elec liciiy for lighting
purpones in the city. It was final
ly decided that ineiera lie plated in
ihe residences of all oonsuDQers nt
power, and any person  tefil-ing  i<
Sr+n±--i~J-L- ff'HH--
Mr.; I he O'iver I ypewfiter
- • -. --*.-: S    liraml Forks, B. C.
I'lini.' rend iln- linnllli.
l.'liH'inliiiis -Itn'tii ..ii...
.vii n.lvi'i Tytowiltor-
M I.
cr that Isoqiilpprd uithsooresol
I'lic D.iiihlo lt<
se"—"The Ail-in.iniii-
mli' Till.Hint.ir"--"'l|„.
Dlinippen "Mifflin] icHior"
- "Tl e Ail ilstnble p».
per Kin, ,,."_•• n„. M.
1'iitiiii' uoudeiiwd Ki-v
board"—nil ~ij
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
We iimninii'il   thib
ntly.Jnsi tni'ii'l theiinlaenl
y ii Miintl  cssh pnyinuitt--
117 (viiii.ii.iiiy.  That Is the plan m a nut-
nil HgC:
result Ims l.i'i'ii such i
tm- innclifiics Uml i
demand comes frnm p
dolnge of applici
•-. are  siinply ni
supleol ulli-lin-M-
s lin- !'iiiiiL';friiiii pel
midliia \i Im wore n
the ptuuos, 'mi. A
"i t.i11 inunense pui
OEALED  TENDERS »ill  be re-
^   reived hy the undersigned  imlil
iln- --^ili day of February (nrau|
plying fifty cords of wood -split  li
nml tamarack   in   four-foot   lengths
Wood must not have been uut previous
to tlni, winter, and of first i-lnss quali
iv. Same to be delivered And piled at
tiie sohool, house'as and where directed
not Inter than .lum' 1st, 1011.
The lowest or any tender lint liecei
sarilv accepted,
All wood must be cut from  Hand
ing timber.
Dated at Orand Borks,,Fob  Iflth
Seoretary to Board of Truatees.
nrtliaii [.-iiiillrmntloii nl i
il nl Ullil'cranl 'ly |). Ulll.ll,
ni- belle
is nl nm
A   Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with .
TBe ___
The StaluUwd Visible Writer
Tho Olivur Typo writer is n money-innltQi
rlglil from the word "gol" Hu oasv to inn Umi
i"'--ti.nt']> sunn nut in Uie "expert' class. Knru
»!■ j-oti it'iini Let ih,- muflilnu ( ny lhe 17 cetib
iirtiiv-tiiid atl Hbove that liy -s.
W lu-R'vi'i vn'i nn-. tli .ti- i* tv.irk to In- limn-
"'"' :■ i" hr mini.- by nsin- the Oliver. Tbe
biiMtiesw world liealUng for Oliver o| torn ton
There are not oiioiikIi t.. supply the ilomaud
riieirsalMrleii nre midernbly above tlmae i"
An-Oliver Typewriter fn Every Home!
Thut is tlu-haltlecry induy. rte liave inadi
Imiispunsitiiio iii hii-iiii'H'. N'uw coinci iiu- eon
rpioM i.i ii,.- i i.-,
Thenlmpllcltj and utrength ofthe OHvBr lit it
tor family in*e.   Ii i- bpconiiliui nu Importani
'"'■""■ in H"- li » train n,r of jounrfpeople
An eilocatnras woltayn money maker.
"ii'- pi' u lelliiia i'lini puti ih,. Oliver on the
ihrexholU of every homeln A ri.-_.    Will Vnn
oioocihedooroi y homeitromue on this re-
Hiiiil'.iMi' OliverolT'r?
WiUf for further detalli of onr easy otlbr nnd
ii free copy of the uewOllvereatalog,   Adr'rosa
The Oliver Typewriter Coinpany,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
Rocelve both Ladlei and Gentlemen us rent-
dent nr duy itudenU; Im-u oontoletoCofp'
iiKiciulor Builnen Cour«8i preparei stn-
denUtoH-nln Teeehen' CertlHcaWi <>f nil
trradeti elves thp four yean1 ooune fm thf
B. A.deirree.and the (Ini year of the Scboo
of Bel t ns,.. iri nfflllitt with thi.- To
roiitfiCniverhity; Iiiib it ipcelal p_roipeeto_rt
 irRO lur minori who worh in uJO, In .trtio-
lion \ni\ht, yiviii it. Art, MiiNK-, I'by-ii'iil t-'ul-
ture   ntnl   BlOOtltlOtli    Term   upeni Sept.   II,
urns,  PorCaleniiari.etOs, addrou
LH>Lt;\ll 1 AN < OLLKCJH,
l I   5    s [ )l-U>( )|\
NVtt   Ivlilin,,  l'.-!|i'i|  Ni.v.   I."),   I'Klfi )
1^ ii ilii/i'ii Imuk-! iii nni', (•iivi't'iii'.r   the
hl'-ini'V, ^«'.i^rr;.jili\,   penlo^iy,   cliBinis*
Irv,   iiiui' i.i;.iL,rv,   ii:rl;i]:nryv.   tfi-uiin-
luyy, uaea, Mttttititita und   [inances  <>t'
nj.| .■!•.    It is ,i pnujioal   Ij'-uk,  useful
oulj and necpjwivry to most men  en
aged  in   any  brunch  <>f the ooppea
its t'.irls will |»uss muster With the
trained scientists, nnd its language i^
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts iu plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and described 4Q3fi copper
mines and qompanies iu all parts of
the winrld, descriptions running from
two lines tn sixteen pages, according
tn importance uf tin' propei t v.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
tu he thn
Wurld's Standard HoiurBnce
iiiMi'.t \)\\ Coppor
The mining man needs the bnnk fur
the fa'-ls it gives him aboilt mines,
mining and the metal.
Tlie investor needs the bunk fur the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds uf swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is £5 iu liuckram with gilt
top; 87.00 in full library morocco,
Will be sent, fully prepaid, oti approval, to any aodress ordered, aud
may be returned within a week uf receipt if nut found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
163 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, .Michigan.
t£L.;_i -.*'''^
ii»vii it nn-tir infill I led will Imve
tlieir li(ihi ooni epiion oot i li.
('ity Bleotrioian Bhsniioo w»s
umnii'il peimlision io bim an ''Xlrn
inh,i iii assist in llm Installing nf
the meters upon molioi. uf Aidv,
Lequime and l> iwney.
Mayor Gaw noiifled tha various
ootDQiittees ilmi lie wished ibem tn
Imve iheir estimates preparetl mul
presented m ilie meeting nf Maroh
On motion of Aids. Siniili antl
Bootbroo, the Procedure Hylaw
Amendment waB finally passed.
Council then acjutiriud until
Mooday evening, February 27th.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANYttvutlabloDominion Latiil, within tlm
Kiulwny Bolt ui tlrltlih Columbin maybe
liniiicHiiiiili'il liy un.v person who i- the head
nf n family, in- ony male overelffhteen yeiiri
nf niri-. in tin-I'xti'nt of one-qttartor m-i-tiim
nf liiii ni'i-i-s, more or lot...
Bittry iini-.t In- inailo perionally ot tin- Im-ni
lini.l iillli-i. fnrtliinli.il iri in »lii,.|, i|„, |ul„;
The h6me.teotlor li r.-iinin-l tu perform
iln' i-iiniliiiiiii- ooiiiiejted therewltn iimter
inn-ut tin. following plan.:
in At lou-., -ix month.' n'-iil ie upon uml
i-nltiiiitii.il uf iln* lu ml iiii-iit-ii year fur three
(J) If tin- father (or mother, If the father 1.
■Ii.i'iiim-iIi, iif iln- hamoxtoatler r.-.iilu. iniun u
fill-in In ll.,. vli-liiitj- i.f III- Imi.l ..iitiTi.il fnr.
tin- requirement, us to ronlilenoo nmv hetnt-
ltBedby.uehper.on reitdlna with the father
in mother.
(8) If tin- nttler Im- Ul*Permanentre.1-
.l.-i..-•- iiiiiiii fui-iiiiiit: Inml owuoil liy liim in
iln- vlolnlty nl hi. iii.iiii'-ti-iul.tbe requl	
 nuns t,, n-.i'ii-u iv lu. tatlafled by
rojuloiicfl iiiiiiii tl Oil liiu-l.
six iiiniitli-' notioe In writing ilmul'l be
given thel ummU.lunorof Dominion I..m.i,
ni Ottawa uf intention to upiilv fur i>iitt>m.
Uoiil Cohl mining right, iohv In. leoi.il
fnr ii iH'iiuil of twont, one year, at uu ao-
mini ri-i.iiil uf-SI iki in.i- ih-i-o.   Not mure than
I,Mi>U0ro. alilill In- li u-i-il tu i.in. iiiillviililul nl
iiiiiiii.in,    A royalty at the rato of five oent.
per ton .boll I il.-*-1.-.1 on ii> erohnnt-
able i-iiiiliiiiiii-il.
W. W.t'llltV.
Deptlt) nf Hn- Mini-tor ul iln- Interior.
s.li.   iiiuiitiiuri/.i'ii   publication of   thi.
u.lii.iii.i-mi-tii uili nut bo paid for. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Find Help in Lydia E. Pink-
' ham's Vegetable Compound
Winchester, Ind. —"Four doctors
told me that they oould never make
 —tme regular, and
I that I would e vent-
I ually have dropsy.
II would bloat, and
I sutferfrombearing-
I downpains,cramps
1 and chills, and I
| could not sleep
I nights. Hy mother
I wrote to Mrs. Pink-
II began to take
I LydiaE.Pinkham's
-1 V«ffntahl«   Com-
Kund. After taking one and one-
lf bottles of the Compound, I am all
right again, and I recommend it to
every suffering woman."—MBS. Mat
Dial, Winchester, Ind.
Hundreds of such letters from girls
and mothers expressing their gratitude
for what Lydia E. Hnkham's Vegetable Compound hos accomplished for
them have been received by The Lydia
E. Pinkham Medicine Company, Lynn,
Girls who are troubled with painful
or irregular periods, backache, headache, dragging-down sensations, fainting spells or indigestion, should take
immediate action to ward off the serious consequences and be restored to
health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Thousands have been
restored to health by its use.
If yon would like special advice
about your case write a confidential lettet to Mrs. Pinkhain, at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice ia free,
and always helpful.
The Devil it in It
"Milton sold 'Paradise Lost' for $25,
you know."
"I didn't know it. Who got stung?"
Thousands ol country people know
that in time ol sudden mishap or accident Hamlin's Wizard Oil is the
best substitute ior the family doctor.
That is why it is so olten lound upon
the shull.
Lacked a Model    '
Inspector—Your design for this $100
bill is not artistic.
Artist—lt you would give me a hundred dollar bill I might do better.
Itching, burning, bleeding,
scaly and crusted eczemas,
tetters, rashes and other
torturing and disfiguring
humors that destroy sleep
and make life a nightmare
of physical and mental
suffering speedily yield to
Soap and Ointment
No otber rraedla for iklo and scalp so
■peedp and economical. A ilwte cuke at Cm,-
' run Boip and box of Cuticura Ointment are
often sufficient. Sold throuKliout tbe world.
fiend to Potter Drag * Cbem Corp., Booton,
U H.A.. for 32-pae book, aa authority on treatment ot ftkln and scalp dtoeaat*.
A Natural Conclusion
"When did Green die?"
"He isn't dead.' I saw him this
morning. Whatever made you think
he had passed away?"
"I thought surely he must be dead.
I heard Black praising him this
All Necessary
"You have three pairs of glasses,
"Yes; I use one to read with, one
to see at a distance, and the third
to find the others.';
"Wife away for her nerves, eh?"
"No; not tier's—mine."
—London Bystander.
Its Virtuei Cannot Be Described—No
one can explain the subtle power that
Dr. Thotnan' Ecleotric Oil possesses. The
oricinator was himself surprised by the
wonderful qualities   that   hli   compound
Sosses aed. That he was the benefactor of
iiiuanity ie shown by the myriads that
rise In praise of thiB wonderful oil. So
familiar is everyone with it that it is
prized as a household medicine everywhere.
A Long Explanation
"What made you so late?"
"I met Jinx."
"Well, that's no renson why you
should be nn hour late getting home
to supper."
"I know, but I asked him how he
was feeling, and the fool insisted on
telling nie."
Your druggist "will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding- or
Protruding Piles in G to 14' days.   50c.
Some fifty years ago, in a Highland
village, the inhabitants of which were
not proverbial for their sobriety, an
old minister was fencing the Communion table. "My friends," he said,
"you would all like to go to heaven;
but what kin' o' a heaven would you
like to go to? Well, I'll tell you.
You'd just like the Cromarty Firth
to be bilin' water, the Black Isle to be
loaf sugar, and the Homily rinnin'
whisky, and ye wad just brew and
drink and drink and brew to all
•auklv •!•_» megta. men. e*Ut hog*
Am tkiMtaa* mate. ■   ■   ■ •»•«•»
In honor of the eventful day of graduation from a cooking school, she got
up a little spread.
"Yes, I've got the loveliest diploma!" cried the fair graduate. "It's
on sheepskin parchment, with a big
gold seal. I cooked that dish you are
eating.   Now just guess what it is."
"Is it—cr"—the young cynic paused
impressively—"is it the diploma,
Peggie?"—Success Magazine.
Minard's   Liniment Cures  Garget  In
W. N. U., No. »29.
Vacation Delayed
Lecturer—The contortionist has
cramps ond cant' go on.
Manager—And his understudy has
to play ossified man this week. Tell
the bearded lady she will have to do
the act and put off her vacation for a
Let Him Stick to the Last
"What do  you  think  of  this  proposition to have 1,000,000 people give
Walker Weston $1 a piece?"
"I'm fer it if he'll only quit. Jes'
readin' 'bout him makes me leet
Time tries all things and as Bickle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup has stood toe
test of years it now ranks as a leading
specific In the treatment of all ailments
ot the throat and lungs. It will soften
and subdue the moat stubborn cough by
relieving tKe Irritation end restore the
affected organs to healthy conditions.
Use will show its value. Try it and be
convinced of its efficacy.
Mrs. Hoyle—'Your husband's business keeps him out of town all week
I understand."
Mrs. Doyle—"Yes; he is nt home
only one day; I cull liiin my Sunday
supplement."—New York Press.
Too High a Compliment
"You   shouldn't   hnve   called   that
man a pig,"   Haiti   the   conciliatory
"That's right," replied the vindicative person. "There is no sense in
implying that he is worth 20 cents a
pound to anybody."
Minnrd's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Last winter 1 received
trreot benefit from the use of MIN-
AHD'S LINIMENT in a severe attack
of LaGrippe and I have frequently
proved it to he very effective in cases
ol Inflammation. Yours,
A mnn is sure to hnve enemies—
unless lie marries a woman who has
no relatives.
Anyway, a woman can sharpen a
pencil just as gracefully as a man
can thread a needle.
You may have noticed that a good
many men who attend church are,not
troubled with insomnia.
Loaded Dice
"That horse of your looks poor
Patsy," said a stranger as he slowly
mounted a jaunting-car in dear, dirty
"Arrah yer honor, not poor, but
unlucky he is."
"Unlucky!   How's that?"
" 'Tis like this, yer honor. Ev'ry
mornin' I toss whether he has a feed
o' corn or I have a glass of whisky.
an', begob, 'tis he has lost for five
mornin's runnin'!"
Minard's   Liniment Cure   Diphtheria,
His Point of View
The poet led his friend, the politician to the' top of New York's tallest building to admire the view. The
man of politics' seemed stunned for
a moment by the beauty of the far-
flung panorama. Then he spoke in
a low, reverent voice; "Gee, what a
lot of assembly districts you can
see from here."—Everybody's.
SMohs Gure
sauk), steps Mogke. wnhUi bee*
Sta  threat aid  lua«s  .   .   .  It
A lady was walking along a road accompanied by her pet dog, when she
came across a tramp contentedly eating his frugal meal on the roadside.
The animal quickly evinced a disposition to make friends with the man.
The latter, looking up at the lady,
said, "Will I throw it a bit, ma'am?"
"Just as you please," she replied.
The wayfarer took hold of the dog by
the neck end threw it over the hedge.
Then turning to the owner, he asked
if he would throw it a bit more." She
walked on in indignant silence.
Mrs. R. Yates, Montreal,
Que., writes:—"Baby's splendid
health was obtained through
the use of Baby's Own Tablets.
They are a grand medicine for
constipation, as their action is
easy and does not give baby
pain. I would recommend them
to all mothers; no one should
be without tbem who have
young children in the house."
This testimony is similar to
thousands of others sent us by
grateful mothers. Every mother who has ever used the Tablets for her little ones will tell
you they are the very best
medicine in the world. They
not only cure the ills of the little oneB, but they make them
grow happy and strong. The
Tablets can he given to even the
youngest babe with absolute
BHfety as they are sold under
the guarantee of a government
analyst to contain no opiate or
other harmful drug. They cannot possibly do harm—they ul-
ways do good. Baby's Own
Tnblets ore sold by medicine
dealers or at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
His Theory
Perrywogger—I wonder why tie
jnckiiss come to be called such a fool?
Wondy Watson—I reckon is wuz becnuse he wur. de foist animal what
learned to work.
b the Standard Article I
For making soap, softening water, removing old paint, I
disinfecting sinks, closets, drains and for many other |
purposes.   A ean aquala 20 lbe. SAL SODA.
Uttfat far 300 parpaitt-JM Eviryhlnir:
K Shipping Fever
V \   Inlluenw, plnlTeye, epliootlc, dlmempw and all bom and throat
i llilil eaitea cured, and all other*, no mailer now "exposed," kept from ha
xposed," kept from having
eusetj cui
any of these dlneanes with SFOHN'S LIQUID _ _.....
Three to nix do«ea ofteu cure » case.   One aO-i.ent bottle guaranteed to
do bo.  Bent thing for brood mares.   Acta on the blood.   00c and 11 a
bottle.   10 and til a dozen bottles.    DriiKplsta and harness shops.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Ch.ml.U, Ooshea. lodlaaa. U. S. A.
Wincheater Repeating Shotguns are
net only safe to shoot, but sure to
shoot. They are easy to load or un-
load.eaayto take down or put together,
and strong and reliable in every
way. That's why the U. S. Ordnance
| 'Beard endorsed them as being safe,
sure, strong and simple. Over 450,000
satisfied sportsmen are using them.'
Slick tt 1 Winchester ind You Won't Get Stuck
Wlacnilttr Ota, and Wlnskester Amminltion~1hr Hot
1 Sit, tor Each Other nut Soli limner,
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House iu Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
This •
Concrete Root
Cellar Copts Leu Than
Wood and is Much More
Cement ii particularly adapted to the construction of Root Cellar floors and walls.
Experience proves that (or the farmer, Concrete is superior to wood in every point of
Concrete permits of a desirable degree
of coolness without freeiing. There is no
question as to its durability. Concrete lasts,
not for years, but for ages; and needs no
Anyone who has scooped vegetables from
the old plank floor will appreciate the fact that
Concrete offers a smooth, continuous surface
with no projecting plank ends or nails to
damage the scoop or ruffle the temper of the
The various uses to which
Concrete may be profitably
put, on the farm, are plainly
and simply in our 160-page
"What the Farmer Can
Do With Concrete"
which ehowi how the following
farm buildings and milium can
be constructed of concrete:—
Derm, Cleterni, Dairies, Dipping Tanke, Foundation!, Fence
Poeta, Feeding Floors. Outtere,
Hena' Nests, Hitching Posts,
Horse Blocks, Houses, Poul-
Shelter Welle, Stsblee, Stalre,
Stalls, Steps, Tanks, Troughs,
Walks, and eo forth.
Send for It—It's free—though
It regularly sells tor (Oo. Write
Bl-eo National Bulk
Building, -:?
The Final Happy Meeting at the
Old Stone Fence.
At tbe tender age ot eleven years she
used to station herself behind tbe atone
fence that divided their grounds from
tbe road to see the boy pass by. Regularly at 8 o'clock Hve days lu the week
abe waa at her post, peeping over tbe
fence very rautlounly lest tbe boy himself should discover ber,
Tbere waa something about ibis particular boy tbat she liked. Bla eyes
were na blue as those of lilad.vs Arabella, ber favorite blond doll. Tbat In
Itself was enough to draw ber stormy
gase like a magnet But there were
otber things besides. Tliere was tbe
easy way tbat he ant on his pony, there
was the wuy be pulled bis cloth cap
raklshly to one side, there waa-well,
tbere was a during, dashing, fascinating something about Mra even at fourteen Ibat proclaimed bim one of tbe
For weeks she had paid him tbe silent homage of that trip lo the fence
each morning. Then one day. waxing
.careless from long security, her black
bead and big dark eyes appeared just
above It. Be slackened his pony and
stared at her with open curiosity.
"Hello, there! Whjtt you staring at,
ilssy?" he called out wltb boyish
roughness.  The bead disappeared.
He waited a moment but as she
failed to reappear be dashed off down
the road laughing.
After that It was bis delight to catch
her watching him. He would turn at
tbe most unexpected momenta to see
If he could surprise her. Bnt wben
once In awhile, be succeeded In getting
a glimpse nf the gypsy-like head and
the flery dark eyes his brusque "HI
there, sissy! Bee anything green?" al
ways had tbe same effect She
dropped out of sight
e e e * e e
It waa a private school for boys kept
by in old friend of tbe family. So hei
parents sought a place for ber there
when It was necessary for them to sail
without Iheir small daughter.
For her the excitement of being
placed In the school where the buy
went eacb day was delicious. They
had known each other for a year-that
Is, sbe bad watcbed bim and be bad
known that sbe waa there.
"My eye! It's the girl who's always
peeking over tbe fence," he remarked
to his chum at hla flrst glimpse of tbt
new pupil. "Isn't sbe a regular In
ilan, though!" and be gawd curiously
It tbe straight, shining black hair anil
tbe black eyes. He did not mention tu
bla chum that be liked shiny black
balr and eyes like big dark slant.
After awhile be looked toward hot
ind smiled, a foolish friendly smile.
Instead of meeting this overture witb
tbe ladylike graclousness tbat bet
training bud taught, she made up a
face at him. liueas he wouldn't tblnk
now that abe liked bim—tbat horrid
For some time after thia he Ignored
ber. bnt at laat be Impulsively proffered ber a stick of borebound wben
they met In tbe corridor one day.
Wltb a stamp of ber foot abe threw
It to tbe ground. "If your mother
makes you eat horebound. eat It yourself. I'm not going to sat It!" she
flashed out with spirit Tben. In a
tumult of happiness, sbe fled, leaving
tbe astonished boy gazing after ber
With nn open mouth.
"Rpltllre!" waa his greeting when
next ihey met
Thus the Ice waa broken. Morning
after morning now be came to school
wltb some offering for the girl. Often
It waa it bunch of rosea begged from
the gardener. "The prettiest ones you
bave." he would command Importantly, never guessing that their fresh
beauty was Instantly quenched tn the
darkness of tbe girl's small trunk.
Each time Unit sbe lifted tbe lid to put
ln a fresh bunch the exquisite scent
of the withered ones floated out Into
the room. Yeurs afterward tbe drifting scent of roses would bring before
ber tbe laughing fact of tbe boy.
Ouce. Indeed. It did more. It waa a
moonlit nlgbt In California. Propped
up hy pillows of mystical. Japanese
design, ahe lounged In the oriental
chair tbat waa her special delight
Her companion leaned toward her
and began to apeak In a low, eager
voice. Hla words of love aeemed nat-
ural-a part of tbe breathless enchantment of the time and place. Wby not
decide ber fate now and have It done?
Borne on tbe light breeze that ruffled
tbe leave's of the toyon tree at her
side, a breath from the rose garden
brushed ucross her face. A subtle
change came over ber.
"No. no. Bugh.   Please atop, dear,
pleuae!" she pleaded.   "I'm ao sorry,
hut I can't snt yes to you. I can't!"
Bhe could   "it tell ray, but lt was
th* scent of the rows that baa decta-
Tbe old boy and girl affair bad died
the usual deatb of inch attachments.
He bad gone to college and abe to a
finishing school. Tbey had sworn never to forget and to write twice a week.
And for six months ihey kept tbeir
Later a certain society belle whose
"dark beauty" waa much exploited by
the newspapers occasionally fonnd herself wondering, ln off moments, what
bad become of the boy. And he—one
nnat not be bard on hint. The world
Is ao fan of pretty girls, snd bla »y«a
were bine and daring, bis shoulders
broad, ind be waa gay and debonair.
•        e        a        e        e        e        e
She bad n-nebed tbt mature age of
twenty-dv* ou a gray day in November, and thr girl and Her companion
paced almixsNiy up and down tbt
platform nf tbe little Scottish railway
station, waiting for the southbound
A Handsome young mm wbo bad
been taking a turn up and down ibe
opposite platform, waiting apparently
for a train to tbe north, glanced across
at tne people wbo, like himself, paced
back and fortb Impatiently. Aa bis
eyes fell upon the tall, graceful girl
with a face like a brilliant flower, ne
paused In astonishment. Tben a wave
of warmtb and excitement surged over
him and be dashed across the tracks
and advanced with boyish eagerness
toward ner.
It was a pretty bit of comedy sparkling with pleasure, surprise, eager
ness Then the big black engine swept
down upon tbem with a wild, triumphant shriek aa mucb as to say: "No
more of this nonsense. Come with me
to Landon, young lady." And in tbe
midst of their excited greetings they
were obliged io part.
"Not married?" she laughed aa bt
stood at Ibe door of tbe compart ment
"No: I'm waiting for tbe lady fair,'
he answered gayly.   "And you?"
"Waiting for tbe gentleman dark,"
she replied archly.
Then tbe guard called "All aboard."
and aa sbe waved ber hand in gay
farewell tbe train pulled out of tbt
eta tion.
The world seemed suddenly flat to
him. "And 1 didn't get ber I/mdoo
address!" be exclaimed aloud aa oil
stupidity dawned upon bim. "Well, I'll
be nangedl"
e • • a • e a
Two yeara later the eervanti at Fair-
acre received notice from tbeir young
mistress of her Intention of opening
tbe bouse for a tew weeka. Tbe old
place bad been doted since ber early
She bad traveled far and wide, been
courted and admired. But after awbllt
oue got tlred-so tired. In tbe very
midst ot tbe season, wben gayety was
at Its beigbt. thoughts of tbe dear old
days naunted ber mind. Tbey were
gone forever, those wonderful calmi-h
days, but at least abe would go back
and nave a bit of "make believe" all
to herself.
Tears rose In ber eyes as sbe was
driven up in ber own door. How well
she remembered tbe quaint supporting
pillars aud the broad veranda: The
sun wus Just dropping out ot sight,
but Its taint golden glow lingered lovingly on Ihe place. In tbe darkness of
ber old room Ibat night sbe thought
wltb wet eyes ot tbe little girl of otber
At 8 o'clock tbe next morning sbe
stole down to tbe none fence once
more, smiling foolishly to beiself its
sbe did so. There wu no need io hide;
the boy would not go by. And so sue
leaned upon tbe wall, thinking pensively ot the past.
A weird buzzing aroused her. and
she looked up io see a big red louring
i-nr spinning dnwu tbe mail toward
her. For a moment abe winched II Indifferently. Tben aa It drew nearer
anil Ibe outlines nf lis occupant became clear ber Heart Jumped wltb delight.
"It's he: It really Is!" she exclaimed
Ai ihe same moment the automobile
slackened speed, and the man Inside
lifted his hat with a flourish und sang
out Joyously: "Hello, little girl! Wbat
you sin ring at?" Aa of yore, she dropped suddenly down out of sight.
"Hut Isn't It alrange that you should
happen ulong this very flrst mornlug
tbat I'm homer sbe queried wben.
their nonsense over, tbey stood talking across tbe will.
"Well, not so odd aa It would bavt
been If I bud not known you were coming." he admitted laughingly. Tben a
queer look came Into bis eyes.
"Why haven't you married?" he demanded abruptly. Bhe opened her lips
to reply, but something In bis face arrested ber. Sbe flushed furiously. Ht
laid his band on hers.
"Haven't we been a pair of ldlotal"
ht isked, wltb a happy laugh.
Incidents That Havt Roused Irs tt
The public interest that was aroused by the recent court-martial on
Lieut. Sutor, considerable though it
was, was as nothing by comparison
with the fever of excitement into
which the country was thrown some
time hack by a court-martial on two
young officers ol the 46th Regiment,
named Perrv and Greer, says Pear-
son's Weekly.
Th»se young men were unmercifully "ragged" by «he other officers, and,
because thev dared to attempt to de.
lend themselves with their fists in
the good old English fashion, they
were court-mnrtialled, and their army
earners ruined.
Or, at least they would have been
ruined, but for the public outcry thnt
ensued. The press took up their
case, and not a newspaper in the
cnuntrv hut what was upon their side.
Even The Times broke with all its
traditions, and bitterly denounced
the military authorities, warning
them in a most remarkable and outspoken lending article that the temper of the people was such that murder would probably be done unless
Messrs. Perry and Greer were reinstated.
Meanwhile no officer of the 4fith
dared show himself in uniform in the
streets of Windsor, where the regi-
ment was stationed, and even officers
of other corps, who had nothing directly to do with the affair, became
the objects of gibes and jeers of the
populace. Eventually, however, the
sentences were reversed, and quiet
thereby restored.
Another sensational A court-martial
was that in which a certain Cantain
Robinson was the principal figure.
This also was a "ragging" case, but
unlike Messrs. Perry and Greer. Mr.
Robinson made no attempt to defend
himself while he was being "ragged";
so, as it was determined to hound
him from the service, he was tried
on a charee of "submitting to tin-
gentlemanly conduct by his brother
To the ordinary civilian mind It
seems as if the officers who had been
guilty of the ungentlemanly conduct
were the blameworthy parties rather
than the one who under compulsion
submitted to it, but this was^not the
light thnt the army authorities regarded the matter in. After a trial
lasting thirtv days they found the
prisoner guilty, und the usual sentence of dismissul was pronounced;
but again the public arose in its
wrath, and once more the sontet.ee
was annulled.
A quite different type of court-
martial, hut one that aroused fully
as much general inteiest, was thai
which sat at Chatham for the trial ol
Colonel Templar, chief inspector of
the Army School of Militant Rulloon.
ing, on a charge of having sold secret
information to a foreign Government.
The evidence was of the most sensational description, but It pointed conclusively to others as being the real
guilty parties, and Colonel Templar,
after having been honorably acquitted, was publicly handed hack his
sword amid scenes of frantic enthusiasm.
Black memories cluster round the
courj-marfiul that was assembled at
Kinirslown, Jamaica, hy Governor
Wall, for Ihe trial of Sergeant Armstrong. Tho prisoner was charged
with mutiny, but his real offence
seems to have heen thnt he had in
curred the enmity of Wall, a harsh
The sentence was eight hundied
lashes, and the flogging was inflicted
with such merciless severity, Wall
himself standing by and urging the
Doggers to do their utmost, that the
unhappy man died soon afterwards.
Wall fled, and hid himself tor twenty
years, but he was brought to trial In
the end, and being found guilty of
murder was hanged in London in the
presence of some forty thousand pete
tie, who shrieked imprecations upon
Moss Grown Steps.
To remove green and otber stains
from diiirsteps, dissolve one onnce of
oxalic add In half a gallon of water
and brush tbe aleps with It. using a
very stiff broom for the purpose. Then
wash down with clean water.
Request That Won Reprieve
The release ol Edward O'llrien
from Portland, just announced, recalls
a remarkable point put forward ill his
defence when he was tried in Liverpool in November, 1805, Ior the murder of Sarah Jenkinson, a domestic
servant. Evidence was given that he
had three marks ol depression of the
skull and that people in tliat state
were more easily influenced by alcohol than others. The jury without
leaving the box lound him guilty and
Justice Collins passed sentence ol
death. Then the prisoner astonished
the court by the following request:
'<My lord, nfter I am hanged and
done (or will you allow my head to be
sent to the infirmary to be examined
as to the wounds on it?"
The judge remained silent.   A  re
soon followed.—London Even- .
tug Siiiiidurd.
Oldham's Lady Mayor.
"Through no effort on my part
wealth came to me, and I hnve considered it my bouuden duty, as well
as a pleasure, to expend some ol it
tor the good of the town." Thus Mr'.
C. E. Cee,, who haa been elected by
the Oldham Town Council to take the
mayoral chair for the coronation yea'
tor that town, explained her many
benefactions recently. The widow of a
wealthy, Oldham manufacturer, she
has acquired the distinction of being
the flrst woman to be placed at the
head of the municipal affairs of an j
important town. She is nlso the i.n v
woman on whom the freedom of iId-
ham has been conferred, and was tin.-
firat woman town councillor iu Lun-
oaahlre. I
British Annals Art Full tf Striking
At one time it was customary to
address long and flowery communications to the electors, calling attention
to past services and setting forth the
candidate's opinions in detail. A member of the Lyttelton family, in an address about a century ago, asserted,
"I have discharged my duty without
fear or favor, resisting equally the
undue influence of the crown and the
machinations of turbulent sedition," a
reference to the monarchy which
would not be tolerated in these days.
The longest address of recent years
was issued by a West Country candidate; it ran into more than 4,000
words. As a set-off to this there is
the famous one issued to the electors
of Birkenhead by Sir Elliott Lees. It
consisted of the single word, "Pretoria," cabled from Pretoria, where
h« was serving with the Yeomanry.
An oft-quoted addresi, was that issued by a candidate at Merthyr Tydfil ten years ago. It was said that
the gentleman had it printed in Cardiff by mistake, being under the impression he was in the constituency
for which he was to stand. "I have
lived, loved, and married," he told
the electors; "owned children und
houses; experienced the world, the
flesh, and the devil; made and lost,
and made and explored; mined, distilled, manufactured, built, lent, borrowed, bought, and sold."
For really weird election addresses
one must go to the thousands of nun
who aspire to the modest honor of
local councillor. A year ago a Christian Socialist tailor came forward at
Leicester, and it is pathetic to think
that his really gorgeous address only
brought him fourteen votes.
He began by asking the electors ot
his ward to "anoint their eyes with
the spittle of love, and wipe them
clean with the napkin of righteousness." The address is too long to
quote in full, but its import was thut
every worker was to have a fixed
wage of $15 per week, "with Iree trav
el and all rent and taxation ended."
No one is to work more than five
hours a day, and retire Irom active
labor at forty-five.
"I want you to put me into power
to send all school children on a tour
round the world during the lust four
years of their school age at the nation's expense, to make them bright
and intellectual men and women, to
be well-guarded by our soldiers and
sailors, under the charge of their
teachers and the most eminent physicians in our land." He also intended
"to put the whole British Empire in
apple-pic order," when "every man
shall smoke his pipe of comfort Ire,;
from taxation, with beer of purity,
while listening to the orchest.a'
strains of parish bands."
It was a Hibernian candidate who
stated: "My posterity belonging to one
of the most famous Irish families and
myself being a man of unassailable integrity, of clear intelligence, and of
exhaustive will-power, 1 will do my
utmost for our prehistoric town."
Students Cheer for Liberty.
The Khedive of Egypt wsb unpleasantly impressed recently by a demonstration which occurred at Tauta, 60
miles north of Cairo, as his highness
halted there on his way home Irom
A number of students of the secondary school shouted, "Long live tin-
constitution! Long live the constitutional Kgypt!" tnus indicating thut
they were only ready to cheer the
khedive when parliamentary rule is
established there. The shouts b.'came
deafening, and signs of displeu^ur
were noticed on the khedive's face.
When the khedival train departed tin
governor of the province proceeded t.i
the school and an inquiry was opened.
The executive committee of the
school has in consequence exp lied
twelve of the students, lt bus been
found thut the students belong to u
secret society, the aims of which nr
unknown. Before their expulsion the
students paraded the streets, shouting "Down with the Governor. Death
to him!  Ixuig live the constitution I"
A number of hooligans Joined thiol.
and several arrests were made. Including that of a Nationalist lawyer.
Much excitement prevails at Tuntu.
An Ed'tor't Clever Daughter.
Mrs. Violet Tweedale, the writer of
many brilliant novels, is "a woman
of all works." She con paint u landscape and cook a dinner; she can
write a book and make u shirt; she
can etch a sporting scene and embroider the finest designs; she is a
brilliant pianist, and has Ihe reputation of being one of the best political
speakers of the day. As a girl she
wus a beauty, and now, in middle
age. with her regular Icuturcs. white
hair, und commanding presence, is
si klnple hnu ihoiue. Mrs. Twcidnle,
who is tho oldest daughter ol the late
Robert Chambers, editor of Chambers' Journal, Uvea in u delightful
home in Aberdeenshire. Every hour
of the duy is assigned to one or other
of her numerous interests. "I never
know an idle moment, and 1 never
know an unhappy one till, by some
misadventure, I am forced to sit with
idle hands," is a remark she hus
often mode.
mob e
He la a Big Man iPhnaipally and
Mentally, and la eit^tted to De
dome Good Organ|pfj$pn Work In
the Opposition—Entered1, House In
1907 In the "Tom.flt^'S^uce Campaign—Popular on Both Sides.
John Rtnnfield. "Holiest John" is
he ia affectionately known by hia fellow members, who hus just been promoted to the responsible job of Opposition whip for the Maritime Provinces, is physically one of the biggest men in Parliament. He is not
quit© so tall as Glen Caknpbell, or
C. A. Magrath, but he has a massive
trame. HiB preferment in the ranks of
ill   ____. ""1
ma )?*|
% '
___S__w      ' lEyffl
bit party is well clestirWS. Forty-
two yeurs of age, a native; of Prince
Edward Island, repute^ ,.|li'x' one of
the wealthiest men in'the House (an
excellent recommend __tii..iw to secure
preferment at the hand^ oflfiither party) a leading manufacturer of the
provinces by the sea,'.'M»j Stunfleld
entered the Federal n^na in 1907,
when he carried the County of Colchester, N.S., by a malttHty of 223
in the bye-election made famous by
the casks of "Tomato if auce." This
election was necessitated by the elevation of F. A. LawreniW.'rtie then sitting Liberal member, -to itllf Nova Scotia bench. In this election Mr. Fielding stumped the codnW'knd all the
forces of the Murray 4g_|jiiiiistration
were thrown into the,.j\ght agninst
him. In the general etecfions ol 1008
Mr. Stnnfield retained the scat by a
alighlly reduced majority. Popular on
both sides, his preferment is not
liKeiy to necessitate _tS?a increase iu
thc site of his hat. - 'IHtnest John"
ie expected to do great .things in the
way of party organization. He has it
in him. 11 h j.
Baking a Cake.
If you wish lo see Ibat your cake to
baking properly atrlke a match and
bold It by tbe partly o|iened door. Tbe
whole aurface of the cake can iben be
•een al a glance nnd tbere will be no
risk of causing ihe collapse of tbe
confection as wbeu tbe door la opened
wide or Ibe cake moved around
lt Interested Her.
To Sir Robert BaUi who recently
lectured at tlie Caxtbn Hall, London,
on "The Earth's Begirtaifig," the proceeds being devoted to. .the National
Society Ior the Prevention of Cruelty
to Children, is ncorieiJlttd the good
fortune ol being nhli; tf, attract larger
audiences titan any other living scientist.
Son ol Dr. Robert!Ball, tho well-
known naturalist, Sir Robert wus bom
in Dublin seventy years ago. He is
Lowndean Professor !of,ftf>tronomy and
Geometry at Cambridge, and hus been
director ol the Cambridge Observatory
sines 18HS. '''
On ono occasion Sir.|Kobert met a
young ludy, who told him how sorry
she wus thut she Innl to t-n unable to
nttcpd his latent lecture: "Oh. I don't
think it would huv8/ interested you
very niucli," said nie. eminent scientist, genially; "yoU1 'si!*, it was all
about sun sixits." ."typ It, really?"
Then il would have interested tne
greatly," she replied; "lor, between
you a.nl ine, Sir i.ocn ft, 1 have beeu
u martyr to freckles all,my life!"
The story goes that while dining
out with some other ^scientists, Sir
Holiest thought lie would liuvu a joke
with the landlady'of the inn, and
said: "Madame, I ;ui going to civ.-
you a little lesson iil"i»troiiiiiiiy. Have
you ever heard of the great platonlc
year, when everything must return
to its first condition? In 36,000 ycur<
we sliall probably all be lure again,
on the same duy And ul the .-am.'
hour, eating n dirtier just like this
one. Will you giv* us credit until
"Oh, yes." replied the iundlndv,
who was equal to the occasion; "it is
just ai.M.II years sibce you were hero
before, though, and y°u h'lt without
pnying thou. II yjou will settle the
old bill now, I'll willingly trust yuu
witli the now."
Yachtsman Judge.
Two years n.,0 Lprtl Justice Fletcher Mini lion bought a 20-ion yacht,
with deckhouse and accommodation
for six people, oi> board which ho
has since spent tho Long Vacation,
cruising on the French and . Dutch
coasts and up the great canals ol
those countries. His crew consists of
his secretary as captain, hla butler
aa steward, his two chauffcuts as engineers, and his I«ndon chef ns cook,
while Sir John hiiqipclf takes his turn
at the wheel and lends a willing hand
in tlie general working ol the yacht. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
A Clean Man
Outside cleanliness is less than half the battle. A man may
scrub himself a dozen times a day, and still be unclean. Good
health means cleanliness not only outside, but ;nside. It means
a clean stomach, clean: bowels, clean blood, 9 clean liver, and
new, clean, healthy tissues. The man who is ilean in this w«y
will look it and act it. He wilt work with energy and think
elean, clear, healthy thoughts.
He will never be troubled with liver, lung, stomach or blood
disorders. Dyspepsia and indigestion originate in unclean stomachs. Blood diseases are found where there -s unclean blood.
Consumption and bronchitis mean unclean lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
prevents these diseases. It makes a man's insides clean
and healthy. It cleans the digestive organs, makes pnre,
clean blood, and clean, healthy flesh.
lt restores  tone to the nervous system, end cures nervous exhaustion and
(.mstrtition.   It contains no alcohol or habit-lorming drugs.
Constipation is thc most.unelc.in imclcnnlinesN.   Dr. Pieroe'l Pleasant Pel-
ii :t cure it.   They never gripe.   Rasy to take as candy.
The American Land & Development company, of Curlew, will install a current motor jnst below the
Kettle Valley line bridge at Danville this spring in older to demonstrate the merits of the invention.
A. R. lirewcr, who is now in Danville constructing the motor, says it
will have sufficient power to irrigate
twenty acres twenty feat above the
river. The company has another of
these machines fifteen miles farther
up tne river.
AngUB and Dan McDougail, of
this city, who reeently purohased A.
Boulais' interest in the Danville sawmill, are milking ' preparations to
move to Danville to take charge of
the property they have acquired,
wbich consists of a half interest in
the mill, about three million feet of
outlying lumber, a general merchandise store with nil its stock, a residence, and a aa'ncb near Republic.
Mike Bellfonlaine has killed fourteen horned owls, in addition to
mnny wild fur-bearing animals,
around Denoro and I'ass creek this
this winter. Last winter he 'nade
$400 trapping in this district.
The girders, 101 feet long, were
setin the C.P.K. bridge at Cascade
last Sunday under the management
of Jake Wagner. The work caused
a delay of seven hours to passenger
trallic on Monday.
H. H. Minhinnick arrived here
last Saturday from Phoenix, Ariz.,
and has assumed his duties as
clerk, treasurer, collector and assessor of the city of Grand Forks.
The Grand Forks ladies' hockey
club met defeat as the Rossland carnival last week by a score of 3 to  1.
Greenwood defeuted the Grand
Forks hock'-v team at the. local rink
last night by a score of + to 1.
E. Engen, of Phoenix, won the
ski championship of Canada at the
Rossland carnival Inst week.
Duncan Uoss, ex-M.P. for Yale-
Cariboo, visited his old home in
Greenwood this week.
A povernment grunt of 81000 has
been made to the Greenwood Agricultural association.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Sun-
dny, February 19, to Hev. and Mrs.
H. W. Wright, a son.
If von are suffering from -indigestion
and the iitt'-ndutit distressed stomach
vou sbiiulii give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial.; Mr. William
Sliiifcr, of Hill) Queens St. S., Berlin,
tint., says: ''For years I have been a
sufferer from acu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stotnaoh. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-ona Tablets and they have done!
me more good tluiti anything 1 bave
ever used. I am now more free from
this trouble than 1 have been for
years. .1 am pleased to endorse and
teeoiiimeiid this remedy to all who
suffer with 'tomach trouble."
Ramemher Mi-o na Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chronic indigestion and turn, tho old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
The R. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
On t. Si d und guaranteed by H.. E.
Woodland it Co.
Phoenix won four trophies nnd
twenty medals at the Rossland carnival last week.
There are 108 telephones in this
city, 119 in Greenwood and 103 in
Eholt bad a lively   payday this
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city. /
For Sale—Two bedroom suites,
solid walnut, including springs and
mattress, at $15 and S22. Apply
Mrs. J. Braniley, near rS, N. depot.
Situation wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching preferred;
speaks English, French, German
and Dutch. Address P. 0. Box 31M,
Grand Forks, B. C.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
snme time and stop sculp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky und luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—it is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand uso it daily as a dressing and no
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask 11.
E. Woodland k Co,, druggists, what
thoy think of it. Tbey sell it at 00c
per large bottle or you can secure it
hy mail postpaid from Giroux Mnnu
facturiug Co., Fort Erie, Out. Sei
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guiii'an
teed by H E. Woodland it Co.
Tnke your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Tnu Sun job office.
The following are  the returns .of j
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, nod also for the
year to date:
Granby .'.,;,23,U0     160,282
Mother Lode  5,173       48,177
Jacklot      528        3,422
Rawhide   3.270       30,214
Snowshoe  1.930        15,750
No. 7      130 1.010
Phoenix Amal     570 850
Total 34,611 254,842
Smelter treatment—
Grainy 25,570 1(11,43(1
B. C Copper Co... 9,232 78,843
New York Mineral t liiinm, slltlate In the
Griind Korku Mining Dlvl.ioii of Ynle UU-
Where located: In Brown's ciumii.
TAKK NOTICB that I. William A. I'nwiiiler.
(free Winers' Certificate No. Hiii.'ln, In-
tctul. sixty iIiivh trom the date licri-ut. io npply to the Mining ttftoorder for u Certificate
of Improvement, for the purpose of nlitnin
inir H C ro« n I Hunt of tlm il'inVL' t'lnlmH.
Slid tii rthrrtuke notice that m-tlim. incler
-tvtiuii :i7, must lip comnicnoetl before the
isstianoe of  such UertiHoate  of   Improve*
Duteil this 21st day of January! A 1) l'.ill.
Bridtftf Street,
The bent ntnl   most
hiiildhiir hi tin- No miliary country. Kfi-
ti 6 Wlj furnished
tlirrmul.out. K<nii|>-
ped with ull n.ntlprn
electrical conven*
lenepH, Centrally 1«*
rated. I'i rat-chin* nu-
(.•omm<'dnthniKfor the
ravelling public.
Hot and Cold Baths
Flnt-ClaM Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooma
In Connection.
I' Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinds of.
Commercial  Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wo have tho most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, und carry it complete
line of Stationery.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
On Reasonable Terms
Computing Scales,
Collco Mill.
Cheese Case, glass, and Computing
Cheese Cutter.
Show Case.
2 Heating Stoves nml Pides.
1 Taylor Sufo, lHOOIlw.
Biscuit Stand and Biscuit Case.
Large Window Blinds.
Shelving and Counters.
Scoops, Vinegar Measures and Elec
trie Light Globes.
1 Mare, 7 years old, weight 1400.
1 year-old Colt.
1 set donble driving Harness.
1 set single driving Harness.
1 set Delivery Harness, single.
1 Delivery Wagon, single or double
1 Cart.   .
1 Feed Cutter.
Arri/v to
Grand Forks, B. C.
Successful burglars are neither seen
nor heard.
The Bra_.thet.blo Retnedy for Catarrh.
The rational way tn Combat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, viz., by breathing
Scientists for years have lieen agreed
on this point, but faileil to get an antiseptic strong ennugli tn kill catarrh
germs and not destiny the tissues of
,the membrane at the same time, until the discovery of Hyomei (pro-
nnunced High-o-iiie.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
live times a day, and in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs 81.00, and extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from ynur druggist or postpaid from the 11. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Ont. Hyomei
is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your monoy back. Sold and
guaranteed by H. E. Woodland .fc Co.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads nnd Envelopes,
Posters, Dates und Dodgers,
Business nnd Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills ot Fare und Menu Cards,
Announcements nnd Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printory.
r*nf\T\ PDIMTIMfi—,1,('ki'"1 w" ,|"~'iH '" its"" *"
VtVV/U  t MLll iLlVl    advertisement, and  a  trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship arc of
the best.   Let us estimate on voar ordor.   We guarantee
satisfaction.!       QJM
Furniture   Made   to Order
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dune.
r. McCutcheon
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
, lnvniBNim-   -i-
Atithqrllod r-(BASM1-.      Paid   Total to   Latest
NAMEoproMrAHY. I'npltal.    I.«ll*il. I'lir.       I»».       I'««J;       ' »'«
Granliy r,..,,.oll.li,t.'il-Copp«r...Hr.,i«*i.i»io.   MM*. M® M.MMM »«»> £"?• 'Kg
Csrllimi MoKliiiiey-Uulil      '*™  '*S    fl   ""iniiiili      iBljl ftjn.   M
Pr., villi, iu-1.   Silvi-r . 2UU000       SIWW     fB lt,,WS        Bi U\ Scut. IW1
5M.Jop5_^ofe........:::. ••«».<»» «*» »        »i*»s.pt.i
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goodsi
Downey's Cigar Store
*■"     A Complete Sto'iC op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh *!()!)olKitmento(
Hei-ofveU Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of j
Ice Cream and Summer Drin
Palace Barber She
Kuior Honing a Speoialty,
P. A. Z. PARE, Propril
1st Dooh North of U_.aj.bj Hi
Fntsr Strkkt.
Heavy and Light Dray Wotl
Attended to Promptly, P«T
Bengers and Trunks to at|
from all trains.
Tbi.bphonk A129
lUiTiiKiiFoitD Bros., Pitopf
Track M/J
 ctljrromjilo.—. ...	
tent free, oldest aircncy for leouripj
I'ntouti taken through Munn * Co.
tvtcutl notice, without ohMge, In tM
Scientific flmcric
A handsomely Illustrated weekly, tar
gilut ion of any scioutltio Journal.   Tu
iiiiniii. *:(.'_*> a year,MMtagfl prepaid.
«'! mnviutoft'cn.
'.i.-..i.ft OB(5> '-" V) Bt, Wa_.lila._ic-
We carry the most iaahionaol
uf wedding stationery in tli
dary country. And we are tl
office in this seetinn than
correct material for printing I
Sun job office.


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