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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 14, 1912

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IHUH ,    ,   I   ,
legislative Library
Eleventh Year—No. S3
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. June 14, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Architect   Carrie  Submits
Sketch for a $17,000
Rear Addition
Tuesday night, at the regular meeting of the school trustees, fresh designs were received from Architect Carrie,
of Nelson, showing a rear
plan addition to the Central
school building, the estimated
cost of the same being, approximately, $17,000. As the
government grant for the construction of the building is
only $12,080, the board decided to ask the city council
for an additional grant of
$.5000. If this request is re
fused, new plans will have to
be prepared.
D. McCalluin was elected
delegate to attend the convention to bo held at Kamloops in September of the
British Columbia School Trustees' association. John Donaldson was chosen alternate.
The resignation of Miss
Huestis as a member of the
staff of instructors was accepted.
The school board is calling
tor applications for a male,
assistant principal, to take
the place of Hugh Glaspell,
who has been promoted to the
principalship, and also for an
intermediate teacher to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation of Miss Huestis.
introduce the Grand Forks fire
limits amendment bylaw, but failed
to obtain a mover.
The clerk was instructed to call
for tenders for the position of caretaker for tbe cemetjry for four
Aid. Downey gave notice that at
the next meeting he would introduce
a bylaw authorizing the raising of
$16,000 for the'construction of the
proposed reservoir and connecting
tbe same up with the cily waterworks.   .
The aldermen's salary bylaw and
tbe waterworks construction bylaw
were reconsidered and finally passed,
Tbe quession of purchasing a
horse or a team of horats was referred to the board of works, with
power to deal witb aB they thought
The City Council
\V. Bonthron was awarded tbe
contract for tbe erection of a 10x12
tool house at the cemetery, at the
meeting of the city council on Monday night. His tender price was
The contract for the construction
of new sidewalks was awarded to J.
G. Galloway at 13c, 7c and fo per
foot for a 12 foot walk on Bridge
street, and four-foot wallis on Stxtb
und &arden streets.
The clerk was authorized to purchase a new hose wagon, the chief
of the fire department to supply
bim with the required specifi
cation of the vehicle.
The chairman of the hoard of
works was instructed to proceed
with the construction of a cement
sidewalk on Bridge street, between
Second and Third streets, the neces
nary legal formalities in connection
with the petition having been completed.
The board of works was authorized
to purchase a car of lumber for
sidewalk purposes.
Aid. Davis asked leave to introduce tbe tax rate and levy bylaw,
whicb was granted, and it was advanced to its third third reading.
The matter ofjimproving the road
to the Great Northern depot was
discussed and referred to the board
of works.
Aid. Davis asked permission to
McBride and Roblin Knights
Commander of St.Michael
and St, George
A Boston Paper Says the
Red Metal May Sell
for 25 Gents
London, June 13.—An official
announcement was mude tonight of
tbe king's birthday honors. Rod-
mond Falen Roblin, premier of
Manitoba, and Richard McBride,
premier of British Columbia, are
made knights commander of the
order of St. Michael and St. George,
wbile John McDougald, of the department of customs, and Prof.
James Melville Macoun, of the dt-
partment of mines, are created companions of the same order.' Joseph
Dubuc, late chief justice of Manitoba, is created knight bachelor, and
William Henry Walker, of tbe department of external affairs, bas
been admitted to the imperial service order.
Tendered a Smoker
Thomas S. Watts, who has been
chief electrician at the Granby smelter for a number of years, will leave
on Monday or Tuesday next week
for California. He bas resigned
bis position at tbe smelter, and will
settle in that state permanently.
This evening Mr. Watts was tendered
a smoker in tbe fire ball by bis coworkers. He was presented with an
address and a handsome gold watch
by the hoys who have been working
under bim since he has been elec
trician at the reduction works. Mr.
Watts made an appropriate response
to the presentation address.
P, T. McCullum, immigration in
spector, deported a man and woman
who had come across the line to
Phoenix illegally on Tuesday, both
were Austriana. .Mr. -McCallum
states tbat practically all foreigners
who try to cross the boundary line
into tbis country claim Austria as
their home, as the Dominion government have relaxed the immigration act in order to allow this race
ot people entering.
" Aubrey Miller returned home yesterday from tbe Washington State
college' ,
D.  Shannon returned yesterday
from tbe Peace River country.
W. K. C. Manly left for the coast
on Saturday. He will attend the
opening of the fine new hotel which
his brother, Lloyd A. Manly, has
erected at Port Mann.
There is still every reason
to believe that we are eoming
into a big speculative market
in the coppers and that prices
will go very much higher.
Copper is selling around 17£
cents «id likely to go to 20
or 25 cents, and as yet the
stock market has not discounted a 15-cent metal market.—Boston Commercial.
Speaking of the advance in the
price of copper to 17 cunts, the high
est price since A ugutt, 1907, when
tbe overage was 18.35 cents, Financial America says':
The advance was brought ubout
by a renewal of buying for the account of foreign and domeBt consumers, and at lbe close tbe indi
cations pointed to the early estab-
inent of tbe metal ou a better tban
17 cent basis.
As predicted in certain quarters
the demand for copper developed
greater activity and at least one large
producing interest sold practically all
of ita August copper. Quite an urgent demand also existed for spot
copper, or for copper for nearby de'
livery, but very little of the product
was obtainable. Europe continues to
take substantial quanticies of the
metal, indicating tbe continued
heavy consumption abroad, especially in Germany and France, wbere
larger quantities are being used tban
for some time past. In other conti
nental countries consumption also
shows a fair degree of expansion.
In this country copper consumption also is on a larger scale, tbe in
quiry from wire and brass manu
facturers being a very encouraging
factor in tbe situation. Notwithstanding the political developments
business generally shows a gradual
increase in nearly all lines, and with
clarification of tbe political situation
it is believed still greater activity in
all branches of trade will develop.
Although the statistical position
of the metal hns not been so strong
in yeara as il is at tbe present time,
all indications point to a further
merterial strengthening in this respect, and thu May statement of the
Copper Produecrs' association, lo be
issued next Monday, will in all
probability show stocks of the metal
on hand to be at the lowest point in
years. According to some reliable
authorities, deliveries to domestic
consumers last month were fully as
large aa in April, if not larger, while
expur'sto Europe showed a substantial increase over those of tbe
preceding months, the aggregate being approximately 07,000,000 lbs.,
according to tbe United States,cus
toms house returns.
It is estimated that tbe total deliveries in May aggregated from 135,-
000,000 to 140,000,000 pounds. The
production of the refineries wsb interfered with by strikes at the Baltimore plant and also at tbe plant ot
the Nichols Copper company at
Laurel Hill,   L.I.,   although   the
short duration and did not materially affect operations. At the Baltimore plant, however, the labor trouble last for at least a week which probably reduced tbe output of the
plant by 5,000,000 or 6,000,000
pounds and perhaps to greater extent. On this account estimates of
the month's totol refinery output
are placed at about 125,000,00
pounds which would indicate a
probable decrease in stocks during
the month of May of approximately
The fortnightly statistics issued io
London also are expected to show a
further shrinkage in supplies in
wbich event the world's visible supply of the metal will have reached
a very low level.
Assessed $50   by   Police
Magistrate for Creating
a Disturbance
In the police court on Wednesday
C. A. Houghtaling was fined |50
by Police Magistrate Cochrane for
creating a disturbance in a Winnipeg avenue borne. Houghtaling
paid the fine, and on Thursday
morning he was escorted across the
international boundary line.
Merchants Will Close Their
Stores Wednesday Afternoons Daring Summer
Scandinavian Picnic
The committeein charge~of"ttre-big^ *
celebration of the Scandinavian Aid
and Fellowship Society, whicb will
be held at Christina Lake, Monday
and Tuesday, June 24th-25th, report that everything is in perfect
order for two days of real pleasure.
The baseball grounds have heen put
io shape and the diamond artists
will have one of the best flats in tbe
country on whicb to sbow their pro-
ess. The May pole is being put in
position and an illuminating plant
is installed which will give lights on
the grounds producing 2000 candle
power each. Tents, refreshment
booths, etc., are being erected forthe
comfort and convenience of visitors.
The favorite haunts of the lake
trout and black bass are being watched and the bathing beaches are being
made safe and pleasant. Chas. E.
King is making the pavilion floor so
perfect that the "Cubanolo Glide"
und the "Waltz Me Again, Dearie"
will be danced as never before.
Ole Johnson is preparing the Viking ship for the great spectacle and
it is rumored lhat he will take the
part of the Viking iu the last act ol
the incineration and Imriul of the
great national hero.
The following merchants
and business men of Grand
Forks have agreed to close
their stores and business
places every Wednesday afternoon at 12 o'clock from
June 19 until September 18,
both dates inclusive:
Thos. Mclntyre & Co., Jeff
Davis & Co., S. G. Kirk, McNeil & Henniger, Geo. Arm-
son, Mann Drug Co., A. S.
McKim, It. F. Petrie, J. P.
Hood, Teddy Waldron, Geo.
E. Massie, A. P. Jordan, Mclntyre & Clayton, P. A. Z.
Pare, Campbell & Liddicoot,
L. M. Huffman, Geo. W.
Cooper, W. K. C. Manly,
Miller & Gardner,Clark Bros.,
P. Burns & Co. Ltd., Thos.
Miller, Ormond Dunn, H. A.
Sheads, N. L. Mclnnes & Co..
Woodland & Co., A. A. Morrison, J. A. McDougail. John
Donaldson will close his store,
but the Columbia postoffice
will be open.
When a legal holiday occurs in any week the Wednesday holiday will not be
trouble at the latter refinery was ot Princeton Star.
B. C. in Voight Camp
At Voight camp the B. C. Copper
Co. is making good progress with development work, a force of between
forty and fifty men being employed.
Drilling below tbe first level on No.
14 is going on with satisfactory results. The main tunnel on the east
side is driving towards tbe ore body
on 14 and will be some 2,300 feet in
length when completed. It ii the
largest "Bre mining tunnel in the
country and will accommodate a
double track when the mine is producing. First clans ore is uncovered and most favorable conditioni
point  to   extensive   operations.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper BroB.' ranch:
Friday  88
Saturday  81
Sunday  83
Monday ■'•• 84
Tuesday    81
Wednesday  64
Thursday  »8
Ranfall during week, 0.83 inches.
Nearly Suffocated
Chris Cougblan, manager for P.
Burns & Co. al Kusxlund, wus nearly
suffocated by ammonia in the company's slore at that place on Wednesday afternoon. lie was taken to
the hospital. He will recover in n
few days.
Lacked Good Horse Sense
Cooper Brothers mourn thc death
today of a valuable horse. Cause,
breaking into a grain and over-eating. Tbe animal had been a parcel of
their ranch for fifteen years.
A Political Motorist
J. R. Jackson, M.P.P. for Greenwood riding, is in the city tonight
exhibiting a new motor car.
Big Dividends
The Copper Curb says that the
president of tbe British Columbia
Copper company, hai recommended
the directors to begin paying divi-
pends at the late of 12 per cent per
Queue In Scotland In IMS.
Tho disappparance of the queue in
the British Islns. It was recently
noted a_i of peculiar interest tliat the
3ueue was seen on lho streets of I.on-
o.i so recently 1.3 the year 1855. Yet
surely so far buck as that the wearing
of it could not have been such a
rarity cither in England or Scotland.
Not "further hack than the year 1885
says Mr. David Ross, of 456 Marguer-
etta street, lie eamo acrosi an nged
man residing in an outlying part ot
Lochliroom. a parish in Rosshirc. in
tha north cf Scotland, who then wore
tin queue and had done so habitually
ever since he had arrived nt manhood. This old man of the rocks may
have lived for 11 few years longer, tint
in any. case he expressed himself
firmly resolved to continue wearing it
to tha end. as his forefathers had
done, he said.
From a fairly extensive knowledge
of the different pints of the British
Isles the writer limits that this old
man was probably the last to wear
the queue us un every day habit.
There are natives of Lochbroom in
many parts ot Canada who undoubtedly ean recall this old man and corroborate as lo the date given ahove.
Tho hamlet, or township, in Lochbroom in which tlio old man resided
was called Reef—a most dangerous
promontory for navigators, extending
far out into thc Atlantic.
Carlyle't Lettera.
A naive compliment to Carlyle's
powers of letter-writing is mentioned
ny   a correspondent  of  The   British
' Weekly. While slaying at Kccle-
fechan last summer he visited the
birthplace of Carlyle, and was shown
over the house by the old lady caretaker. The letters of Carlyle to his
friend  Mitchell   of  Linlithgow   were,
• to the visitor, the most interesting
things in the house, and he spent two
hours going through them. When he
was leaving he remarked to tho old
lady that the letters wero so very interesting ono could spend hours reading and re-reading them. "Yes," sho
replied, "I don't know much about
Carlyle's book, but many a half hour
I have spent reading thes.0 letters
when I should have been vorking. I
haven't so much time now, so, when
I come up here to duct, 1 just leave
my sDecs downstairs 1"
Facts From France.
'i'he Paris police use acetylene torches
during dense fogs.
In the past forty years the population of France lias increased by only
Paris lias baby rallies, at wblcb Infants from foundling asylums are disposed of by cliauco to those wbo waut
Fully 1.000 singing societies wllb a
membership of 100.000 are expected to
take pnrt In tbe Coucours In'.ernotiou-
11 le de Muslque to be held In Paris tbls
•.uuimer.  ___________
Political Pointers.
If presidential terms were eight
years long ihis country would accomplish much more of everything except
politics.—Chicago News.
Pardon any seeming Impatience, but
can tbe esteemed congress point to a
single, solitary thing It hns done In the
last two months7—Kansas City Star.
If Andrew Carnegie has one of bis
pence movements that cnn be spared
perhaps It conld be advantageously ap-
{died to the present political situation
n tbls country.—Philadelphia Presi.
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
'About seven years ano pimples broke
•ut all over my face and neck. When tliey
would drat come out they would be big and
red, then alter a while they would turn white,
and matter would come out. Sometimes
they would Itch so I could hardly sleep. I
was ashamed to go down street, my faco
looked tn bad. I went to several doctors
and got medicine, which did me no good, and
bought ointment, salves and patent medicines,
but none of tliem would euro my face and
neck. A friend advlied me to try Cuticura
Ointment. 1 got one box, and It took tbs
nlmples away before I had It all used up. I
can aay It It a wonderful remedy. Any
sufferer who has pimples ehould un Cutlrura
Ointment lf tliey want a sure eure. I never
bad any soap equal to Cuticura (Soap."
(Slgnertf Ajajmer Mathers, PatkbUI, Ont.,
bit. 84, l»(t.
Sores All Over Baby's Body
"When my baby boy was six months
uld, bis body was completely covered
wltb large sores that seemed to itch and
iurii, and cause terrible suffering. The
Uruptlon began bl pimples which would
alpcn and run, making large sores. His hair
lame out and Oarer nails fell off, and the
lores were over the entire body, causing
little or na steep for baby or myself. Great
Main would como off when I removed his
l&lrt, we tried a great many remedies but
nothing would help lilm, till a friend induced
me to try Cuticura Boap and Ointment. I
Hied the Cuticura Boap and Ointment but
ft short llm* beiore I could see that he wes
Jmorovlng, »jd In »U.j«i_ .x'__J_i!_.1*S**.
*****—*. S.UWA   •  **- _,_ui-a**.«4   _.^«ufl   m,l
Cuticura Bemeaies wuiai.au !_"»•»,*i'"*"3J
Rr them and a great deal more.'*   (Signed)
ra! tf TSbnSi. Bodaon, Hont.. Jan
88    1011a
CiMlcu'ra Boap and Cuticura Ointment sold
by drugghta and dealer. 'VMy^iem Bei d
to Pott" Drug * Ohem. Corp., 66 Coliimbus
Ave., Boston" U. 8. A., for a liberal free
(ample of eacb, with 3»p. booklet,	
W- N. U. I
Famous Old Masterpiece It Known
as  "tha   Miracle   Painting."
Combining the value cf a rare old
picture with lbe virtue of a sacred
relic, what is known as "The Miracle fainting" hangs iu tbe Basilica
at the Shrine of Ste. Anne de Beau-
pre. This masterpiece was painted
by Charles Le Brun tor ths Marquis
de Tracey Th the year 1615, and its
recent restoration revives an interesting history of the votive offering to
"l.a Bonne Ste. Anne."
The Marquis de Tracey was a special ambassador to New France sent
out by Louis XV., and his mission
wa.a both political and for the purpose of obtaining accurate information as to the various intrigues that
were disrupting the colony. He is
said to have also made a voyage of
discovery to Hudson Bay. During
his stay at Quebec he desir-d tn be
cured of some lnng-enduretl malady,
and with bis countess made a devout
pilgrimage to the famous shrine,
wjiich even in those remote days was
deemed a place of wondrous miracles.
80 profound was his gratitude for
benefits derived from this devotion,
he forthwith announced his intention
of donating an altar-piece to the
shrine, a form of bequest much in
favor at that time.
Charles Le Brun, the noted Kronen
artist, was at the zenith of hi.i successful career as a painter ol historical portraits and religious subjects.
To him the marquis entrusted the
commission for the altarpiece, specify-
ing with much exactitude the composition of the painting. The central
figures of Ste. Anne instructing tbe
Blessed Virgin were to be copied from
Ruben's original work, whicli is now
in the Antwerp Gallery. The figure
of Joseph was to be omitted. The por-
traits of the Count and Countess de
Tvaccy were to be placed on either
side, in attitudes of devotion, and depicted as pilgrims. The Eternal Father and angels and the dove descending were to be seen hovering above,
and the coat of arms of the Tracey
family waa to be placed in tbe centre
ol the picture below. Le Bruu has
worked out this composition with
wonderful fidelity, and now that the
accumulated dirt of centuries has
been removed, the details of the picture may be plainly seen. The painting was ordered in 1615, arriving et
Ste. Anne the following year, and has
since remained there as the altarpiece
of the vestry.
The work of restoration lias recently been completed by Mr. J. Pur-
ves Carter, art curator of Laval University, under instructions from the
Redeinptorist Fathers, who have
charge of the many interesting sacred relics preserved nt the shrine.
Advlca to Municipalities.
Frank advice to Canadian._inimici-
palities desiring to borrow in London
is tendered by Tho Financial Times,
in referring to the postponement of
loans by the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Tbe failure of the
recent Vancouver issue to obtain
public support is given as the principal reason fc- the postponement of
these proposed loans and ihe cause
of this fiasco as well as the difficulty
now being experienced in placing
Canadian municipal issues is stated
to lie witb the municipalities themselves, the reason being that the
municipal authorities have a too exalted idea of tbeir credit and are not
disposed to listen to thc advice constantly tendered by the financial
"An instance of this," says Tho
Financial Tim*--., is' provided by
Montreal. In the early part of February, when Montreal was making
enquiries about a new loan, tlie statement was made iu the Montreal press
that the Bank of Montreal, the city's
financial agents in London, had stated
that an issue of $5,000,000 of four per
cent, stock could bc made at 90 per
cent., but the city authorities would
not accept such a price, and the suggestion wus made that a better price
could be obtained in Paris.
"Tlio policy which the Canadian
municipalities havo been pursuing is
to give tlm- loans to tho highest bidder. It has been repeatedly pressed
upon the municipalities tbat they
should place themselves iu the hands
of tbeir financial agents to do the
best for them, iu. lead of going outside, nnd they aro now being forced
to realize, to their own discomfiture,
that it is heller to follow their ftniin-
cUl agent's ndvic.."
Motoring Through Canada.
A recent Issue of T/jrd Montagu of
Beaulieu's paper, "The Car," contains
a tour-page article contributed by
the Hon. Margaret Amherst, who recently -made nn extensive motor tour
through the Dominion, accompanied
by several well-known society folk,
among whom was Mr. Evelyn Cecil,
M.P., whose photograph., illustrate
the article. Alluding lo the ubiquity
of the motor car in Canada, the writer says:
"In Eastern cities it is natural
enough, but in the West it is certainly surprising to find it in such gen-
t"! ":;. *ii"Motiireal, lo'.jiito, and
Ottawa, cars, with their 'hooters' and
odor of petrol, are as much a feature
of St. Catherine street, or Yange
street, or Wellington street,. as of
Piccadilly, and'the smart appearance
of their up-to-date bodies, occupied
by chic and fashionable owners, is
in 110 way behind that of their London contemporaries."
Tlio police In Pails are not equipped
with police WbWIfin J
She Suffered for Two Years and Found
a Cure for all   Her Troubles In a
Single Box.
Lower Caraquet, Gloucester, N. B.,
(Spsclnl).—Mrs. Jos. o. Ohiasson,
wife of the police magistrate here,
who for two years lino been practical
ly an invalid, is a.jniu in lit*, best of
health, and she is telling her friends
how quick und complete wns 'lie cure
when she look Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"My illness," Mrs.    Chinsson Buys,
vas caused by a strain, uud for two
years I was a sufferer. My back ached, I was always tired and nervous,
there were dark circles under my
eyes and after sleeping I had a hitler
tuste ln my mouth.
"I had u pressure and sharp pain on
the top of my head. I waa always
thirsty and my skin had a harsh, dry
feeling. I was oft*.n dizzy, I perspired
easily and my prrsplriitlou hud an nil
pleasant odor.
Almost from the Hi si doso Dodd's
Kidney Pills helped me and by the
time I bail linlsheil th? first box I was
a well woman."
Mrs. Ciiiasson's symptoms showed
tbut tl.e trouble vas her kidneys.
That's why Dodd's ICtdney Pills cured
ber so quickly.
Remarkable Experiment.
Sir W. Ramsey believes that something will be done In the nature of uot
raising coal at all, but letting it. lie
underground, burning it there, and
taking off the gases. He has been In
communication with a large colliery
proprietor, and that gentleman is
making the experiment. It wil be
started on a very small scale.
Americana the Biggest Meat-Eaters.
Despite the fact lhat the census reports show that. Americans are steadily
drifting towards vegetarianism, they
are still (says the famil Doctor), tbe
greatest nfeat caters in the 'world.
Their meat costs every year one hundred million dollars more than their
vegetables, including imported vegetable foods, ln the aggregate American
pay every year about $2,250,000,1)00
for food.
Ask for Minard's and Uke no other-
There   are   2400   adleni    (mostly
Poles) ln ScottUh mineB.
In France and Algeria, Greenwich
time has been adopted since .March
of last year.
■  _-»,    »      RUBBER fc
[Tread softly -
L Step safely.
tmbod*} mt patented features    I
of Cafe Paw Heels.    ,,„
Old Sorei, Lumpi
la Breast, Growth!
removed and healed by a simple
Home Treatment
No pain.    Describe the trouble, we will tend
book and testimonials free.
10 Churchill Av«., Toreaie.
Look better, flt better, wrnr
longer and give better satisfaction than other makes. They
are the result of 66 yenrs* accumulated knowledge and ex-
Serience In building High Qrade
hoea. Stocked by leading
dealers everywhere In Canada.
Tha John Mcpherson co.,
Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
on the
W» offer yon fret
tfail book that tellsyou
I all about horse «lls-
i eases aad how to cura
tlieat. Call for It at   .
| your local druggist or write
•t7nwS .I|«S. *MO -tat to. UraM..I«»il» I
»n^0.l_M,*-1^»«fll_«S<**STt*** |
sm*\ ttut hual niaakoM.u' It am* slm 1.1
_   fa>urwttkf,lUM". I
Struggling Author: "This world
will not. recognize all I have done until after my death.'*
Friend (consolingly: "Well, I
wouldn't worry. You'd he beyond
injury then."
HI* Arch Look.   :
George M. Cohan, the comedian,
was talking about men's clothes,
"Blank," tald Mr Cohan, referring
to a certain actor. "Blank ls a well-
dresned chap. Blank, I warrant,
you, will look superb in his new Easter clothes ln the .Ouster Sunday parade on Fifth avenue."
"Blank would look well enough, I
admit," said a tragedian, only, hang
It he ls bo>V-legged."
"Oh, but that." said Mr Cohan,
"that Is what gives him his arch
i Homr
.   m.i.i.wiMUCMr«n
nlnakle TNtUia. "ii t_- ,- .
' lkmwdl»<*la<*ll>iif|<>» I
. IPtlii Com Ikli MUMMtb I
k    ml nm. ***. *«* ft. • I
___■*»'• «r»»ln I
k <*»..!___.•*_'_•_ *11
_P ll-M ft lotto, tar I
» ba.Ul.fl Sir IM0. I
Teal a_uaflatnt.il
: or onr ra*. book tt I
jroair  Koxl  tan**, I
The firBt bread was made by the
Greeks and the first windmill liy lhe
Rather Grateful.
"Do you think lt possible to love
you enemies?'"
"Not exactly," replied Miss Cayenne, "Yet many of us ought to
feel rather grateful to our enemies,
as the only people who take a real In-
le 'est In us."
Summer s«rvr_e.
Montreal - Quebec - Liverpool.
Empress of Britain .. Friday, May   3
Lain Champlaln .... Vliura.. May   t
Empreeu of-Ireland .. Friday. May H
Lake Manitoba    _,h*_.'*' May 21
Empress of Britain .. Friday,. Say It
and weakly thereafter.
Empreeseei $92.90 Saloon, 153.79 Second, 132.50 Third I'lasa.
Other Ships:    160.00 Second,    331.25
Reservations and detalle from an»
Hallway Asent or wrtta
J. S. CARTER, Gonl. Aal.
IIS Poitaga Ava.,  Winnipeg.
. The Origin Of Diamonds.
Von Bolton thinks that diamonds
are formed ln nature by the action of j
metal vapor., such as Iron or magnesium, on carbon dioxide. He has
succoeded In making microscopic diamonds by the action of mercury vapor on carbon.
Mrs. Win. Sullivan, Main Biver, N.
B., says: "L'p to the time my baby
was three months old it cried almost
continually day and nlglit. I tried
many things but got nothing to help
It until a neighbor advised Baby's
Own Tablets. I go: a box of these mil
there wns a change almost after the
flrst dose and In a short time th.
cKild was iu Ihe best of health, anil
ls now a big, fat, good-natured baby.
I am now never without the Tablets
In the house aud recommend them to
other mothers." Tho Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mall at 26
ccnls a box from the Dr. Willinms'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
A 7% Safe Investment
1 per cent guaranteed and a share
In farther profit*,
Th* above aoeurltr ts th* bast la-
duatrtal ever offered In Canada.
Write at nr.ci. for parllciilHvn.
National Securities Corporation, Ltd.
Confederation Life Bid*.        Toronto.
Special Notice
Agents wanted to buy junk for
Cor. King A Sutherland, Winnipeg,
Whin Your Eyti Nud Can
Try Murine Sn Remedy. No Smart! nr—'Feeli
Fine—Acu Quickly. Tn Jt for Kt.il, Wfa*
Watery Iy«i and MrenuUied Eyelid*.  Ilia*
treted Book In each Package. Murine ff
compounded by our OcuHiii-D-i a "Patent Med*
lc.ne"-bat Pied lo ti.wt_n.__.foi PhynlclBnt' Pim»
lice for many yean. Now dedicated to Ike Po*
lie and aold by Vruuliti at Ho and lOoj»r Bottl*
Marine Bye SeWeTo Aaepilu Tubes,* Ko and N*
Murine Uy Remedy Co., Ohloage
'Xf&ffl/     Don't let repairs
eat up your profits
Whether they represent actual cash outlay, or
only the time of yourself and your help, repairs
are waste just the same.   When you make an
improvement—no matter how small-it., cost may.
be—let it be permanent.  Then it is a real investment, something on which you can realize in cash should you decide to
sell your property; and something that will pay you constant
dividends in convenience, sightliness and comfort as long as
the farm remains your own.
Concrete Improvements Are Permanent
They last as long as the very hills themselves. They do not
require experts to build them. Their firfct cost, in most cases,
is no more than for inferior materials.
Aren't you interested in the subject of permanent, modern
farm improvements'!
Then write for the book that describes hundreds of them—
It lent a Catalogue.   Every one of Ita 1*0 handeomely llluetratad page* la Intereet-
Ing and Inatruotlve.    They tell how to mlu concrete, how to piece It, what ean be dona
with IL   The book wae printed to aall for SO cento, but we have a copy for you, free.
Your  name  and  address on a poatal will bring this book
Hall tha postcard to-day.     Tha book will come to you by
return mall.     Addrae
Wanted to Do Tht Right Thing.
A wonmu in Treuton, N.J.. who hns
linen having u lot of trouble witli her
domestic help, was obliged recently
to accept the temporary service of a
raw recruit In tho fchn.ie ot an Irish
girl iust lauded ln this couutry.
After a prelltnlrary sun*ey of the
girl and a dejected sigh, the lady of
.the house asked:—
"What can you do."
"Shure, most anything at all,
murii," responded the newcomer,
The lady of the house glanced
about, the room. There was every
thing to be dono. "Could yon Iltt
Ihe lamps?" she dually ventured to
ask.  .
"Shure, I "Mil fill the lampB." exclaimed tlie enthusiastic Celt, as she
grabbed oue and started ont. Then,
with the ulr of one' wishing above all
things to suit the possible caprices of
a new employer, ehe paused to query:
"Au* Is It gas or oil ye'd be wantin'
thim filled with?"
Expansion And Contraction.
A teacher In a Now Jersey educational institution Had been trying to
make clear to- her pupils the. principle ln physics that hont expands and
cold contracts. The rule was discussed In Its various aspects and
bearings, ami finally the teacher
"Wllllam Brown, suppose you give
me a good example of tho rule."
Well, ma'am," auswered William,
"in summer, when it ls hot, the days
are longer, and ln winter, when it is
cold, the days are ahortcr"
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cura, which Is entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory ln Its action.
How Tim* Changes Words.
"Owe used to mean "to own, to
Any boy was once a knave.
Idiot onco upon a tlmo was applied to a prlvaite person who took
*.irt in public life. It Is a Greek
word, and the Greeks believed that
all such persons were foolish; ao lt
has come to mean a foolish person.
Hussy now characterises an Impudent woman, while originally It was
a short word, meaning houswlfe.
A villain was once a slave attached
to a farm.
Tyrant once applied to any prince
or governor.
"Infant was once synonymous with
"•peechiess."—Kansas City Times.
' Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
Preparing for the Future,
"He drinks heavily "
"1 know It"
"He sambles."
"I nn, going to Blurry him to reform
"My girl, listen to me. Try one ex-
peiibwnt ii«fairc- yon do that."
"Whai 'lpailnvnt?"
"Take In a week's washing to i'o,
and eve how you will like I! "
Keep Minard's Liniment In the house.
Mrs Wombat, I understand you
have beeu happily married for
_ twenty-five years."
"To one husband?"
"Would you consider an offer to appear In vaudeville?"
"No: T don't believe In making a
■ensatlon out ot such matters —
PlttisJturgh Post.
Alaskgn MeequKoes.
Mosquitoes in the icebound northern country are a plague beyond reliel. They come to life about the
middle ot May, before the ground ia
thawed out and while many leet ot
ice still covers the lakes and all but
the swiftest rivers. Stagnant, Bun-
h eat a.d water Is not ln the least necessary. They breed in the glaciers
wherever a bit ot earth or manure
has melted a little pool. Tneir
wrigglers are seen ln running ice
water, By the 1st ot June it Ib uncomfortable to sleep without protec-
tection, and from that time on until
September, when the flrst froBts
have benumbed them, especially during the warm, rainy season of July
and August, they become a never-
ceasing scurge, swarming In thousands. The Alaskan mosquitio ls
small, brown, silent, and very much
in earnest. He never sings a
warning nor fools about selecting a
spot to taste, but, says a sufferer,
comes In a bee-line with his probe
and gets ln to action. .Every inch ot
your clothing ls industriously bored,
so that you look like an animated
brown cocoon, and the slightest exposed spot on wrist or neek Is promptly set on lire. I experimented
with a small hole In my glove. After Ihe first mosquito had found the
opening others came in quick succession to the spot. He left some
microscopic '.'kind lady and no dog"
sign there, If I killed the first and
left his carcass it servedNas a warning not at all, The others came the
faster, lind the more I killed the
more eager tho survivors became,
perching quite unmoved on the remains of their confreres.
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians.
Academy For Dogs.
An enterprising person ln Paris
has opened an academy for dogs, The
duration of the curriculum ls a minimum four months, when presumbly a
pasB degree Is obtained, For honors the time spent with class fees ls
somewhat heavy. The animals received at the school, which has above
Its portals ln letters of gold the
words "Academle pour Chlene,"
are taught a thousand and one graceful tricks, and on leaving they take
with them their diploma signed and
sealed. Some of the alumni, we
read, have already obtained a deserved reputation.
Wretched from Asthma. Strength
of body and vigor ot mind are Inevitably Impaired by the visitation of
asthma. Who can live under the
cloud of recurring attacks and keep
body and mlud at their full olllciency?
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dissipates the cloud by removing the
cause.. It floes vollevt-. it doea restore
the sufferer to normal bodily trim nnd
mental happiness.
Rather Useless. '
Kind Lady—And what does your
father do?
Urchin—Ain't got no father—only
a stepfather.
Kind Lady—Well, what does your
stepfather do?
Urchin —He ain't done nothin'
since we've had him.
And Success
are such intimate relations that no
one can be expected to be well
acquainted with success who docs
not keep good hold on health.
Most serious sicknesses start in
minor troubles of the digestive
organs. Thousands know by
actual experience that health and
strength*—and therefore success—
Are Increased
By Use of
Beecham's Pills in time, and be-
fore minor troubles become deep-
seated and lasting. This famous
family remedy will clear your system, regulate your ltowels, stimulate your liver, tone your stomach.
Then your food will properly
nourish you and enrich your blood.
You will be healthy enough to
resist disease—strong enough to
take due advantage of opportunity after   taking, as needed,
Distribution Of 8exes. .
X German economist. Herr Gulisc-
fcambarof, has recently made some
calculations concerning the population
ot the world, says the Globe, and he
arrives at the conclusion that there
are _.,7»0, 000,000 souls, From the
point of view of sex, he possesses
some data concerning 1,038,000,000
and he finds that ot these 521,700,000
as males and 618,300,000 are females,
consequently on the aggregate, the
professor concludes, there are 000 females for every thousand men. Herr
Gullschambarof finds the same distribution beyond Europe, In Africa
women preponderate, and the ratio
ls greater than that of Europe, for
In the black continent there are 1,046
females for every thousand men,
compared with 1,027 women to the
same number In Europe.
In the three other divisions of the
world women are ln the minority. In
America they count for every thousand men 004 women, ln Asia 901,
and ln Australia 937. In Africa that
part were the women population ls
greatest In Uganda, where for a thousand men they count no fewer than
14$7 women. The female population shows weakness in the Western
and North-Western States of EEast-
em Australia. The greatest paucity
ot women ' lt to be found In Alaska
and the Malay States, where for 10M
men we find only 391 and 389 women
A Power ef Its Own—Dr. Thomas'
Eclectiic Oil has a subtle power of
its own tlmt other oils cannot pretend to, though there are many pretenders All who have used it know
tbls and keep lt by tliem as the most
valuable liniment available. Us uses
are Innumerable and tor many years
lt hus neeii pri_.a_>d as the leading liniment for man and beusi.
Toads Embedded In Chalk,
Mrs Marie S. Hagen, of Hopely,
ralsee an Interesting, though much
discussed, question ln the current issue ot the Selbourne Magazine. She
writes: "Recently 1 was having some
deep holes dug out ot the solid chalk
ln which had recently been a meadow, tor the purpose ot planting
some pillar-roses, and in two ot these
my gardener found several small
toads firmly embedded ln the chalk,
and one tightly fixed Into a large flint.
I bad often heard of toads being
found embedded ln a rock, but I
never quite believed it. The chalk
in question cannot, I think, have
been disturbed since lt was flrst laid
down upon the floor ot some ancient
ocean. Can the toads have burrowed so far beneath the surface—and
through so hard a substance as solid
From ths Fan, Arms and Neck Told Freo
Society women and actresses nil ovi'r
Kurope are strongly Indorsing a-new-
inarvelloUB discovery of how to removal
pupcrfluouB hair from the face, arms ami
neck. This new dtseowry ia row for Hi"
lirst time Introaluceat Into Cuuada. Any
woman afflicted with tlio growth of slip
fl'eo of charge. Send Va.u name und aS-
tSi-tstts together with a 2 cer.t stamp t<
Madamo Fayurd, Room 25. Blobari Block,
Really Rainproof.
In Lapland garments made ot rein
deer wool are famous for their mols
ture-roslstlng property as well as for ■erlluons hair can obtain tha informatlo'i
>_• w    ■■_»•_• u     i- or w trexr.   rxt   ..,\.x x.ewr. Uuiwl    ••.ill    Innn,,    ,111,1    (l-l_
their warmth. The hair, unlike that
of many animals, is not hollow
tlirougliou. its length, but is divided
into watertight cells filled with air,
which appears to be under compression, so that when the garments are
placed in water the hair, or wool,
swells without breaking, and the
wearer is buoyed up, and does not
really sink lt he falls overboard.
Such garments are ln common use
among the Swedes and Norwegians.
Height Of Shooting Stars.
According to "Cosmos," the mean
height at which shooting stars flrst
become visible ls 81 miles. The
mean height of their disappearance
is about 68 miles. The mean length
of this visible path ls 45 miles.
"Who gets the custody of the automobile?"
"I 'old my wife she might have lt.
I can't keep up the machine and pay
alimony, too."—Louisville Courier-
When going away from home, or at
any change of habitat, he ls a wine
man who.numoers among his belongings a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. Change ot food
nnd water in aome strange place
mere there are no doctcrs may bring
n an attack ot dysentery. He then
1;,» a standard remedy nt hand with
v.hich to cope with tbe disorder, aii'l
fwanuetl he can successfully fight
Hie ailment ami sul lun lt.
la toaae, lgo.
W- N. U. 806.
Whit Polly Wanted.
The McKeesport man was telling
the minister about his educated par
"Ask him something," he urged.
"Polly want a, cracker?" asked the
"Naw, gimme throe cards."
Do not give your fsmlly food made
with alum baking powder. Use Magic
Baking Powder. Cos'.s no more thim
the ornlutry kinds ami U Ru&i-uiite.d
not to contain ntum. All Ingredients
are plainly printed on each packag.)
See it they sre o.i the brand you are
now using. All upto-date Grocers se'l
nnd recommend "Magic."
A Sheet That Couldn't Bs Turned.
Thero ls In London a gentleman
who has given up several yeara of hla
lite to a crusade against the ordinary
sheet. He has Invented a sheet
which cannot be turned by the maker
of the bed, so that the sleeper Is always sure of being between the same
surfaces. He holds that very few
hotels give to each border a clean
pair ot sheets, and that the proprietors havo an unpleasant habit of
turning them, or ironing them, and
then calling them clean. "Few people realise," says the Inventor, "that
an ordinary pair of sheets can be put
on a bed In 32 different positions. It
ls an appalling thought that one may
bo the thirty-second person to sleep
between those sheets.
*$% Get My New
"QEE how handy my new granary is.
O You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time in
harvest hauling to stacks."
"Then my granaries come In to hold your grain from each
stack. My granary keeps grain clean, dry and unheatsd.
Ho musty grain, no losses from rats or vermin. When
ready haul direct to ths elevator from the granaries."
"Intake severalslies of this handy granary. You can
get 180 200, 300,400, SOO, 000 and 1000, full measure guaranteed Imperial Bushel' size* (not
small U.S. bushels) and vou sat up any
Pedlar Granary in half a day. Remember
you can move it easily any time. My
Granary saves Mg money by cuttingdown
teaming and keeping tho grain right"
"See how the man at the left can shovel
grain in from the threshing machine,
ft it has no leg-spout to deliver grain
direct through the manhole on the root.
The other man is bagging grain. Granaries are had
with door-section or plain, as desired. My new Granary
is iust right for saving cost, tt pays for itself In a year.
It comes in sections—low freight cost. A boy can Ht
up.  Write for my descriptive booklet." 700
Write f.r Booklet Ho. st
The Pedlar People Limited,0shawa,0nt7
wimnrEa   oaloaby edmostoh    beoikA
76Lombant St.   Crown Block 563 3rd St.W. 1901 Railway St.S.
•AIKATOOH moose jaw lethbbidoe
Drawer IMS core Whltlock A Marl_.lt      , 323 Fifth SL S
a Kingston, Ont., June (th. 1909.
Dear Mr». Currah,—I feol so very much better after using the 10 daya' treat"
taent of ORANino ULY you wero kind enough to lead, that I will not require any
more. In tact, I feel entirely well, and It to now a month ainco I stopped uelng the
treatment, (Miss) F. W. T.
.    Similar letters ta the above ere net fafncraaBt. though, of coarse, such eeam
t   '  ■        ■    m     * | P ar.  not of long etandlng.    Mutt wc.
I      .   _*______■ ^feaflaaa ____.    -ffl men   who   have   suffer—3   for   aay
length ot time will require to ue«
ORANGE LII.T longer than tke
Trial Treatment In oner to elect
* con—tote care, but In every can
they will bs perceptibly benefited.
Further, the benefit will be permanent whether they continue to us*
ORANO™ LILT nr net. tt Is not
taken internet!?, and does not con-.
tain any alcohol or other-stimulant,!
It le an applied treatment, and
acta directly on the .uttering or-'
gans. In all cases of votneu'a dis-,
orders, theeo organs are rongcst-l
  ii    **    i ed to a greater er tees extent, nnt
IBANOB LILT will relieve and remove this congestion lust as poeltlvely and ier.
ainty as the action of ammonia or soup on soiled linen.   It Is a simple chemical
inly ai
enough el
•111 send
■ ahd the result le always ths same, a step towards better  heulth   und
>Vmp that every mirroring woman may prove Its good qualities. I will eon*
of OIUNOB Mt.Y for lo day's treatment, absolutely free, to each Judy who
d me her eddreia.       MR». FRANCLk. E. CURRAh, WINDSOR. ON I,    10
The day before she was to be married the old negro servant came to
her mistress and entrusted her savings to her keeping.
"Why ahould I keep It?   1 thought j
you were going to get married?" said
the mistress.
'So I is, missus; but do you s'pose
I'd keep all dis money In the house
wid that strange nigger?"
"Hard Drinking Water.
Many persons have long believed
that lt Is injurious lo the health   lo
drink   "hard"   water.     Medical au- j
thorltlea now assert that there Is no
foundation   for the belief, and some!
maintain   lhat   hard water Is even
superior to   soft water for drinking
purposo.      Thoy point out the fact
that ordinary food contains a great
deal more lime than Is to be found
ln oven a larger quantity of water
than any one    would    bo likely  to
drink, (lout is saitl to occur allko a-
mo i; llioso who do and   and those'
who do not   drink hard water.   Ac!
WeU, WeU!
_«?»♦ ANYONE
i uge
I dyed ALL .hese
—'      of Goods
-•ith the SAME o»..
I used
! HO mmi, cleadaa Ike WlIONO Dm lofltk. Goo*.
MehMtocetor.   AStflfllort Iron, van, IHateelM oar
cording to the statistics quoted In the
■engineer, lho dcath-rato In "hard-
water towns" Is actually less than In
"soft-water towns.." It Is also Ihe
fact that most of lhe natural waters
attributed to thn drinking ot hard
water, themsplvea contain no small
proportion of lime salts.
Depend oa ber geacral health aad Ireedom Iron pain. Maay a woaua looks old
before her time bsccuse ol those irregularities whieh era eeseoiislly letaiatat.
Stertief Iro* early womanhood, she augers Ire* Irequeatly reeurviagderaai—sale
that upset her womanly health. II she ba beautiful ska draws iato thai milo*
ago without wrinkles aad crowfeet about tha eyes or the Mae circles underneath.
It is lavariably th* rale that euoh woaea eager little, or aot at sll, Iroa womaaly
deranfeaunto whioh sap the health aad leave in the he* tha tell-tale etory ol pake
aad luferiag. Dr.R. V. Pierae.lh* ******* specialist ia the diseases of woaten, fouad
• prescription ia bis early practice that soothed the orgsneess peculiar to woaaaw-
hood-oiled the machinery, ae it were,ol the human eyitem-aad helped the womao
to pest those painful periods that scar-lined aad aged her lace. This remedy decanii
tbe well-known Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, tbst hss
benefited ihouiands ol women sod saved them Irom misery]
and suffering st different periods in tile. I
Hss. nutiMl.T E. Picai's. of Mt Bright Street. Rartila, Ont.. wrilea:
I an bow a well woman after .uttering tor tbree yeen and dortoring
with etveral different da*tore, each one urlat It wai umalhlng differ
ent, and tho laat one. after putting ma thranga a thorough eumluUon.
uaal I wu lurTerlng from a growth, whieh. In time, would mull la
cancer, end Mid I would sot lira moro than two —are If not oper
ated upon right away.   I became hopeleaetr dlawureged but would not
content to tho operation aa I waa too weak end too much afraid, but aa
**_*«. th..-*.*. •mij^'m. Ttsaas
et ot 'llaallng Supuo.no.let' an)
caa aa Mr pralafle uie name of Dr.
Pierre* medl-lnr ■ to sll who antler from any female d'oasee. for theae
inedirinn ara ell itier are claimed u be, aad I hope will help others oa.
Uit, tiuoofh lb* advk«o
f m* " ran*. .. 	
.... _ ..„_.....    . _— _„_ ....   i at   lWulni SuppoiKariw
..Chi boxta of ; Utl«« Tibtato,' *v4 ett _tWr.pr.tiM
 „.... _ __'»c!ft.mi°
they bit* he'iiW ■»." THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Sight Testing
If you have .any trouble with
your eyes, difficulty in seeing
distinctly, if you-" suffer from
headache, if the child can not
see well at school, or if the child's
eyes get tired, call and have
them most carefully examined by
oui* specialist. Examination free.
aal.IUha.al at Grand Portia, Rrltlah Colnmhl
I. 4. KV4RS
..Bdltor and Publiahor
flow to Rid Fruit   Trees
and Shrubs of These
lis impossible a stream from tbe
spray pump may be employed.
j For tbe red spider of the green-
I house, sulphur is commonly placed
on the beating pipes. Tbe fumes
given off prevent the development
oj the mites.
suasoaipnos aaiss i
Jno Year  _ .........
Une Year (In advance)  1.00 1
One Yoar, In United States  I.M)
Addreae all eommunlcatlone to
Ths Bvsninq Sua,
IJ__0.I1  B 74 OlIAND POBSS, B.O
FRIDA\, JUNE  14, 1912
The state experimental station, lit
Pullman, Wash., has issued the
following bulletin, wbich will be
welcomed by fruit growers generally:
Tbe red spider is not an insect,
but a mite It sometimes is reddish
in color, hence the name, but it is
often brownish or greenish yellow
There are red spiders of the orchard,
of bops, of   raspberries and straw-
A file of thle paper oan be eeeii at the office ' >• *       ar_.________,,o__       nlnnto
A Meeer.. B. A J. Hardy a Co.. W, JI and 82.   oemeS,       Ot       greenHOUSe      plants,
HUM Street, B.O.,.London,. Bniland, free of '   . ,, « _j au.JB
■barge, and that firm will be glad to reoelve  etc.,   as    wen  as di grass ami Himue
nb«rl|.Uona.nd«dverti..nienteo,, ourbe.alreegj |jk(, |()(,..B|g   an(J   cot,onw(lodi
•   ' '    j   ; ' | The true red spider passes the win
ter in the ground in a partly grown
li,50' condition. Other, red spiders, like
the clover mite or orchard mite, lay
thick shelled but microscopic winter
eggs on the bark of the plants Ihey
infest. Often the eggs are so numerous on certain twigs of orchard
trees ns to give a red color to the
bark. Sucb eggs are generally resist-
"" ant to spray. Sulphur-lime has but
The United States house of repre- |itlie effect on them, but the black
sentatives bas passed the Panama ]ea{ epray destroys many,
canal shipping bill, with an amend- j A11 mitee are susceptible .tp sul-
ment permitting American coastwise pnur. Again, cold waler has also a
ships to use tbe canal free of charge, detrimental effect on tbeir growth.
Foreign vessels, and American ships gumnier Bprays containing sulphur,
in foreign trade, must pay a toll not Bllci, M wea|j puipbur lime (one part
to exceed SI. 25 per net registered 0f concentrates with thirty parts ol
ton. The bill forbids railroad com- water) or gu|phured kerosene emul
panies, subject to the interstate Bj00i wort we]| ln checking either
commerce laws, to own, lease or t|,e Dr0wn mites nr red spiders. In
operate any ships using the canal.      making the kerosene emulsion add
one pound of sulphur to each gallon
of kerosene used. A common formu
la is to add sulphur to soup solution
(15 pounds sulphur and 2 pounds
whale oil soap to a barrel of water)
Instead of soap as a sticker flour
paste is sometimes used. Sulphur
may be mixed with the paste and
added to weak sulphur-lime. Simply
dusting sulphur into the trees if
effective in summer time.
Black leaf tobacco extract is very
dependable. Il may be used one
part to seventy live, or the strnnger
black leaf 40 may be mixed one to
eight hundred of water. It would
be well to add this to the whale oil
soap and sulphur spray. A sinipl>
treatment that often proves entirely
satisfactory is to turn a garden bose
on the infested plants.    Where thi
Seventy years ago a little red-
beaded boy wan playing about the
streets of Hannibal, Missouri, having fun willi other boys of his own
age. Last month the house in which
he livml was formally presented to
the town, anil will be preserved as a
memorial. On the outer wall has
been set a bronze tablet with the inscription; "Mark Twain's life
teaches us tbat poverty is an incen
tive rather than a bar; and that any
boy, however humble his birth nnd
sucrouinlings, may by honesty nnd
induftey accomplish great things."
A bluff will carry you only a short
distance, and iB liable not to work at
all; finally the world will know what
you actually can do,
Paroid Roofing
Is the Best.    We have it
in 1-ply and 2-ply at
$3.25 and $4.25 per square
Granatized Roofing
$3.25 per square
is $3.00 and $4.00 per square
You buy the best when
you buy from us.
Gun Club Scores
Tbe following scores were made
by tbe members of the Orand Forks
Gun club at tbeir weekly shoot last
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty:
L. Skinner  49
E. E.'Gibson  43
F. W.Russell  39
T. A. Mclntyre  86
E. Miller  86
Mr.Lehr  36
Dr. Acres  34
Mrs. W. S. J. Miller, of Arizona,
is visiting at tbe borne of her sister,
Mis. H. J. Lutley.
J. P. Flopd has opened his meat
market in the Davis block.
The million-dollar rains in tbe
Kettle Valley during tbe past few
dayi have made the ranchers bappy.
Mining operations were suspended
in Wellington camp this week.
W. B. Bower, of Vancouver, was
a visitor in the city lust Saturday.
Mr. Bower was a resioant of. Grand
Forks until last year.
1. A. Dinsmore, of Greenwood,
provincial constable, is in the city
Wm. Henderson, of Victoria,
government architect, was a visitor
in the city last Saturday.
Joseph Pringle, of the North Fork,
bas gone to Midway.
A wagon road is being constructed from Fife to the Swedish settlement, a distance of six miles. Jos.
Darragh is in charge of the work.
Where Psyche Met Her Fate
"And wbom does tbis statue represent?" asked Mrs. Green, who was
'•doing" the museum under ihe
guidance of her more sophisticated
friend, Mrs   Brown.
''That is Pysche," replied Mrs.
Brown, 'executed, I believe, in
'•Oh, Ihe pour thing!" exrliimed
Mrs. Green. ''How barbarous they
ire in thnse South American countries!"
Holy Trinity C'iiuik'h, Henry 8t«ele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will lie celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as .well as at 8
a m. Week day and special services
us they are announced from time to
time Yuu are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased tu met vou.
Knox Piiksrytkiiian Chuucii—
.Sabbath services at 11 a. m, and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath schuol and Bible class at
9:4011.111, All an* cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Chuucii J. Kev. Calvert, D. D., Ptuiti ir. —Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth I_e*gue, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. H. VV.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine.    Apply J. H
Plath, box 10, city.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a* fine form  of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and  pointed
' Print them  plainly, to he read at a
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland fi Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Office, K«fi Efrct <ttrPPt
Mllknl's Rbciuknce, Kits
Silver Kin* and Silver Queen Mineral
(Malms, iltHHte In thi; tiruntl Forks Mining
l>ivinlun of Yale District.
Where Located: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK MiTlfK that I. Jacob M. PaiiUen.
Free Miner'* Ciriltlctite No. £8181., fur
mj-i'lf and as uaent for William It. Hoffman,
< xpcutor, anil lioia Major, executrix, of the
will <>f Citlierinc Hoffman. Free Miner*
Certificate No. 115*17B. intend, nlxty dnys
mnn date hereof, to Httnly to tlie Mining
Rei't'rderforaCHitUii'Hieof-linprovfinent*, for
the |nii|»o__cof obtHlnliiK crown drums of the
iibi.vt' eiHlmi
And further tnke mn ice that action. iimU'i
tiei'tinn 87, must he eomiuenced hefore tbe issuance of tmoli CcrillcU'cH of I iiipM'Vi'inei.t.
Dated thin Ith day of May, A.l) 1912.
Accomplishes Much
A two crnt tump doci a lot tot   jj
very little money, but it would re-   l|
quire thiniflandi of two cent itjrnpi   l|
and   personal  titer,  to make your
winu known, to at many people ait
a 15c. lnvcitmc.it in our Claitificd
Want Ads.
Simrlee Mineral Cluim, illume In the
Ilranil forlta Minim Dlvialun of Yale Dlltrlot.
Where located:   In Wellliiirt.m oamp.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Joteph Alfred Miller.
Free Miners' Certificate No. B4.788, Intend, sixty davs Irom the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Reorder for a Certificate
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown (Irant of the alaove claim.
And further take notioe that aollou, under
seotion 87, must be ooranieneeal before the
Isauanoe ol  auch Certificate of   Improve
Dated this .6th day of April, JUVUJ3. „__,
Electric Restorer for Men
Ph OSDhonol rwlotea .nrj am, tn the body
.-iiu..yi.>.ii.._ ^ (tl proper fnuion j reiioTM
The following are the return.*, of
the ore production of the Boundary
mined for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby 2fi,305
Mother Lode  8,096
Rawhide  6,937
Jackpot      357
Others      140
Smelter treatmen—
Oranby 24,130
B.C.Copper Co...14,991)
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparr ment in the
Boundary country.
Tlm and flUl.tr. Premature decay and all sexual
makneet alerted tt enct. Fboepho»ol will
make »ou » new man. Price Ma fera^or twofor
U. Mailed to any eddresi. tbtlwWnDrag
OSw M. OMMMkM. Ont.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ Tbe Sun. 4
choice of
thousands of
housewives because
of its fuel-saving.
' cooking and  baking
[qualities.    Call and
see the "Kootenay."
I We guarantee it
to  be  pe:f^ct
in every
Repairs, when necessary, alway* in
stock at Vancouver.   Sold by-
W.K. C.cTWanljJr
National fair, the largest annual exhibition in tbe world. The attendance laBt year approached 1,250,000
Fruit for the government displays
will be secured from twenty fiv«
centres, and from over forty individual ranchers. Straw berried,
raspbersies, currants, gooseberries,
apples, cherried,.tomatoes and other
vegetables, crab apples, peaches,
apricots, nectarines, pears and
plums will be included in the displays, bottled fruits being used
when the season grows too late for
fresh produce.
Two to One
In one of the interior counties of
Maine a case was called thut had
long been in litigation. The chief
justice—who at tbat time was plain
Judge Petere—thought (it impruuti
cable to keep tbe suit longer in
court, and advised the parties to re
fer the matter.
After due deliberation they assented, agreeing to refer tbe case to
three honest men.
With a grave smile, in perfect
keeping witb judicial dignity, Judee
Peters said that the case involved
certain legal points which would require one of tbe referees, at last, to
have some knowledge of the law;
therefore be would suggest the propriety of Ibeir selecting one lawyer
mul two honest men!—Argonaut,
"That'll be pretty hard," said St.
Peter, '*but if you say so, I'll
do it."
"Then get five thousand altos."
"Then ten thousand baritones,"
"Then you'll have a real choir."
"But how about the'bassos'?"
l,0h, I'll sing  bads."—Argonaut.
Sir Wilfrid May Come West
Sir Wilfrid Laurier id iminritited
with requests to BpeAk at various
portions of the Dominion, cays nn
Ottawa dispatch. He has not yet
mnde anv plans fur the summer,
but may, after spending a few weeks
at Arthiiliiiskn in July, gu west ns
far ns the Pacific coast. He will be
given a banquet by the Liberals
of Ontnrin some time in September,
and may nlso accept one in Halifax
during ihe fall.
The old chief is in great spirits,
and ia delighted at the signs nf political reaction which he dees on
every hand.
Fruit Prospects in British
Columbia Were Never
W. J. Bjandrith, provincial exhibitions commissioner, who haa recently travelled tbrough practieally
every fruit growing district in tbe
province, makes tbe following statement regarding the prospects of the
fruit crop:
"Tbere never was auch a crop of
fruit in sight in British Columbia as
there is tcday. And the splendid
proswects for a record-breaking crop
( are not confined to any one section
or to any one variety of fruit. Every
portion of the province as far as my
observation bas gone and all kinds
of fruit, with tbe exception possibly
of raspberries, which will be light,
seem certain to share in the remarkable crop tbat is foreshadowed by
present conditions in the agricul-
tiual districts.
"During my travels over the province I bave seen in no place any indication that the frosts last winter or
last spring were sufficient to injure
tbe crop*."
In addition to the dry farming
congress at Lethbridge, Mr. Brandrith states tbat the provincial government will exhibit this year at
Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saska
toon, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa,
and London, Ont. At tbe capital
city tbe occasion will be tbe Dominion fair, while at Toronto the
province will show at the  Canadian
THE 8TANDARD ia the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
vt Canada. It ls national In all Ita
It uses the most expensive eftgrav-
Ings, procuring the photographs from
sll over the world.
Ita article* are carefully selected and
It* editorial policy ls thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IX FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers.
Precious Attributes
"Why are diamonds sn highly
•'I suppose," replied Mr. Growch-
er,* "it's because they are made of
carbon, which s the equivalent of
coal, and at the same time look
like ice."
Equal to Anything
Scrag McQuorig, one of the lead
ing Republicans of Schoharie,
drifted into tbe New York Republican headquarters witb tbe following
Roosevelt story:       *
I bad a dream about Roosevelt
the other night. I dreamed he died
and went to heaven. After St. Peter
had shown bim about and asked
him what he thought of everything,
Mr. Roosevelt said: "I like everything but your choir. Ought to improve that."
"Well, what would you suggest."
"Well, first off, send fur ten thousand sopranos."
An Argument for Gold Coin
We do not now tolerate filthy
paper, except it be this paper money.
Let a piece of paper become soiled
to (he extent of one fraction of the
clinging dirt found upon nine-
tenths of theCanadian paper money,
it'would quickly find its way to the
waste paper basket and thenre tn
the furnace. But year in and year
out we gu nn using lhe vinrii and
ugly bnnk rotes which prnsperoup
bank mnn g menta in Onnada persist in giving us in lieu of sparkling
gold —London Free Prea-s.
Reasonable Prices
For the next .30 days I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 J. 4 Zeigler Block,
N. E  Cor. Riverside J. Howard,
By the Barrel or Carload
■JUST ARRIVED—A  full line of Seed Grain
and Garden Seed.
McNeil  & Henniger
ll under 4tu_rt Hell, of Lot :_671, P. O. box
SUB, Grund Forks, will apply (ur a licence tn
tnke and uae one cubic root per second of
water nut »f Nortli Pork Kettle Kiver Creek,
which flows in a southerly direotlon through
Lot 3671 and ominlet* Into Kettle River near
(irand Korku. The water will be diverted opposite the townsite of Niagara, and will be
used for irrigation purposes on the land described an Fruit Ltmd, ahout IM aorei.
This notice wai posted on the ground on
tlie mnhdnynf March, 1912. The application
..ill be filed in the office nf the Water Re-
colder at Fairview.
Objections may he filed with the aaid
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, H. C.
G. A. S. BELL,
^fe Shoe Shop
Pepairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. G.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
thia Season.  <*_y4/i Inspiration of Love and
Affection—t^A Picture that will be like a
Member of the Family—A Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHI'. Family Herald nml Weekly Slur of Montreal, acknowledged tn he
I the greHteKt und bent family and farm \mper ml the continent, Im* <ui
many occasions given iln render* ii.ot-t delightful premium pint urn,
hut lliisi season they have secured what is heyond any question nf dnuht
the heat picture ever offered newspaper readen. It in entitled "Hume
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie ilo(j, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winner.-
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family nml neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning wilh the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings bislitlle mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
sbe throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on ber shoulder and resting his bead against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a womnn of soft curves, lender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with bair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture lhat will win a favored place
on tbe walls'of any home.      j.
The picture is by tbe celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
Tbe beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate paper 22x*2.l
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
The small sum of 11.50 will secure tbe two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at tbat price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1.50 worth this
1 fie Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Micas.' rem) lhe tipa'ttine'nver ..^hIi..  Then it
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An Oliver Typewriter—tho Mmidrinl  vlalbli
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The typewriter Whhweouqtieit itf the ion
meirlal world ine timttur of .linoi-v-yonr* fn
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The typewriter th nt la equipped wtthsooreftOf
sueh eutiveiiieiieeo us  "*i"lu.   itii|aiitii< Stuff""
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"T|ie Loeoiuotive Buse"—"The AulpillAlIc
-Sp'ieer"—"The Automatic Tahuliitir"—-'The
Disappear! njrliidiciitor"
-"Tiie Adjustable JV
perHi.jrer.-.1,-"The 8e|-
eHtlflc t'ondenwd Key
Yonrs for  17
Gents ii Day!
We ai inn ncwl   fhb
ew mile-, plait recently. Juki to feel tiie (Milne ol
the people.   Simply h smi..!  ea-li  payment*--
tli-uu IT ueiits aUity.   Tl.tit isihe ulan in a nutshell.
Tlie result bat been Mich a deluxe uf applies
liotiH tor mnehilicx Uml we are i'i Ul ply m>-
toif tided.
Tlie demand Comet from jajople nl all vliifSe*
all ago*, sll wcupaiioiw.
Tin- majority of iuquirl.* his rnine^frnui peo
leof known linancial Mundii.jt nho were si
tmeted b> the novelty of tbe phi pit., 'nn, Ai
impressive demonstration nf the ininiem-e pup
'I srlfV'.f Hit) -t.lv t T»'iw*vi'i jr
A -liitiiini! i-nufint iiiinti l ..ur laulel Ih.u
the Km nfUiilverwil T)|i willli-H i* niiiand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are   I . i j    Mney with
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 403(1 copper
mines and companies in all purts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, accordim*
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook ii conceded
to be the ,
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs tin* ti""l< for
iln1 flu-is it gives him abodt mines,
nining and the metal.
The investor n6eds the lunik fur the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments und copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in pluin English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
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Horace J.  Stevens.
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453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
tor 1912 for only (1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to £.00.
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Ty pen rlter la n monev iintk.-i
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0|lv«r TypQwrlter Rnliillng,
Serial* and Other Stone*.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes ol the
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 .nd Sample
Copies of The youth's Companion, Free.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Eran* Naw S«_Ncr-tor wIm cut. mri
ud Mad. tbit .Up (ar maalioiu thia
War) wilk $1.75 for Ika 51 bmaa.
liar 1»12 willracaira
Al Ika Imaa lor Ika ria.a_a.at
waab.aT Itl I fraa, ImM-s Ika
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J** Companiaa'i flaiara CeSmemt
tor 1*12, Utkatrapkad ia II color,
aad gald (aa aatn aapr katas Mai la
"  ladftiakacripttoa).
Tkaa Tka C—paaiM. doe Ika 52
waab al ltl2-all tor |t.7f-raar
laataekaacaatlakprlca. OaJaaaatr
I, 1*12, II wM ka aaVaacad to f 2.
Sew Stteritrtiau Rk«_t«I tl Tkb Offics. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
What Makes
You Tired
So Tired That   Even   Sleep Falls to
There  Are Poisons In the Blood Thai
Can be Removed by
You Ret tired. That ls only na.ui
al, whether 3011 work with braiu or
musele. But when 5011 are not restored by a nlglils' sleep there ls 801110
thins wrong.
The process of living Is something
like thai burning of a Are. When Cic
nerve cells are consumed by the ac
tlvlty of lid) and work there Is lent
In the system au ash ln the form of
polsonious waste matter. These pji
soiib In tbe system cause pain a.il
give rise to feelings of fatigue.
Nothing will so quickly sweep
these poisons from the system ar. Dr.
Chase's Kidney I.lver Pills. Tho 11
ver is quick'.™ d In action, the bowels move rfr._u.arly and the kldutys
take on new vigor and activity.
The blood Is purified, the waste
matter which has been clogging and
retarding the organs of digestion Is
removed. Headaches und     bucK-
achos diappear, the appetite ls
sharpened, digestion improves and
you feel fine ln every way.
A single box of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills, at a coBt of twenty-five
cents, will ennviuce you of the
promptness and certainty with which
this great medicine cleanses the filtering and excretory organs and restores to health and vigor the whole
digestive system. One pill a dose,
25c a box, at all dealers or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Not Yet Finished.
During a recent visit to a Southern
town a Washington man was much
Interested In a sihhII darky who had
been told off to administer to his
On morning the. stranger opened
his eyes to find the diminutive coal
black servitor -.[finding at his bedside with a tray bearing coffee uml
"Who are you, anyhow?" facetiously demanded the Washlngtonlan.
The tacltiiiii youngster vouchsafe'
no r.-;.ly, but  grinned broadly.
'Wliane v.-i.,-.' yon raised?" next Inquire I Uie visitor, with a vague 110-
lolt. .that tliis wiis un opening frufs-
liou  'bat. this  wus au opening ques-
lhe little darky grinned agalu and
.'iiilckk-ir    ■
"I ain't dow* imsr-d yit, suh!"
Hard To Understand.
"I can't understand why a woman
should He about her age. I should
never try lo deceive anybody in that
"Still, you wouldn't want everybody to know ' you were 41, would
you!" *
"Forty-one! The Idea! I'll not
he 'i'i till my next birthday."
A PHI that Proves Its Value—Those
of weak stomach will find strength
ln Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, because they serve to maintain Ihe
healthful action of the stomach and
the liver, irregularities in which are
most distressing. Dyspeptics are
well acquainted with tbem and value
them at their proper worth. They
have afforded relief when other preparations have failed, and have effected cures ln ailments ot long standing where other medicines were
found unavailing.
Cheerfully Subscribed.
Mra. Noopop—"Charlie, what do you
think? Dad Just sent us a one-thin;-
sand-dollar check for our new baby!
Wasn't tlmt good of hiin?"
Mr. Noopop—"I should aay so! Ill
write at once and thank him for hi.,
coiiti'iliu'.inii to tlle Fresh Ilcii1 fund."
By Way Of Consolation.
"There Is such a thing as overdoing
this "bright side' business," recently
observed a crusty old bachelor, "as
was evidenced recently ln the household of a frluu.l of mine, whose wife
has always prided herself on the elr
ciiinslHiii e that she looks 011 the
bright side.
"The husband, an absent mimical
sort nf a cbnp. put thc lighted end of
his cigar In his mouth 11* he sal reading ono evening. Of course, hp .lump.
ed up and made a dreadful racket for
a moment. Then wiley, auxlous to
live up to lier reputation of being
nice and cheerful and encouraging
smiled blandly And observed:—
"At anyrato, dear, lt was most forlu-
nuto thnt you discovered It nt once'"
Reckless Bonuslng of Branch Lines—
The Question Carefully Considered.
The present railway situation calis
for careful consideration. On the one
hand the development of Northwestern Canada demandB railway facilities, and on the other lt is possible
that railroads may be constructed In
wrong districts and more Important
localities be neglected. The fact ls
undeniable that hundreds ot miles of
branch roads have been and are being
constructed that cannot possibly pay
the Interest on tho first cost, to say
nothing of the cost of equipment and
operation. Look at the parallel lines
through the three western provinces.
In many places there are three lines
where the whole ot the traffic obtainable in the district Is only sufficient
for one. Many of these roads are not
ten miles apart, and ln several places
they ore not two.
On examining any good railroad
map of Western Canada we find that
these parallel lines aggregate hundreds of miles of railway, while there
are many thounands of square miles
of virgin territory entirely without
the rairoad facilities they so urgently
need and which they must have or
the continued development of the
country will be seriously checked.
The trouble arises from the facility
with which railway charters can be
obtained, and the hnnuslng system.
To illustrate: Say half a dozen men
of no particular linancial standing,
me.et and decide to get a charter for
a railway. They decide ou a scheme
and OBk the government for a charter. A little lobbying ot parliament or
legislature and they get all they ask
for. They then ask for a bonus and
get a bond guarantee for (13,000.00
a mile. The next step is to organize
a construction company among themselves. The bonds are sold, the cash
ls to hand, and the contracts for construction of the lines are given to the
construction company. Maybe John
Smith Is president of the railway
company, and the same John Smith
Is president of the construction company. So John Smith and the directors of. the railway company award
the contracts to John Smith and
directors of the construction company
at tbelr own high figures. In short
they contract with themselves, pay
themselves out ot the proceeds of the
sale of the guaranteed bonds, aud
pocket the profit.
Tliat was the old scheme, but the
new one go«s It one better—it Ib to
organize a Branch Lines Company,
aud get a charter and a bond guarantee entirely Independent of the trunk
line oompany. They can now reap
all the advantages gained by a construction coinpany, but the trunk Hue
company disowns all responsibility.
Should the branch lines fail to make
good, the trunk Hue company can refuse to be accountable for Its actions,
and can leave It to .v.lft. for Itself.
The results may be that the interest
on the bonds of the branch lines company Is not paid and they will then
call on the government to pay it.
Thus the trunk line company will
have all the beneflt of the traffic they
would have got In any case, the
branch lines company will pocket all
the profits they made on construction,
and the people will pay the piper.
Of course this game could only be
worked 011 a railway bonused by
guaranteed bonds. It could not be
manipulated in constructing branch
lines, on a road that paid the entire
cost ot their construction and operation, without bond guarantee, out of
Its own treasury.
Is it not time to call a halt In thiB
bonuslng business and the indiscriminate giving ot charters to railway
promoters. The credit of the provinces Is not unlimited. Every million dollars worth ot bonds guaranteed Is a million dollars taken from
their borrowing power. The time will
come when the limit will be reached
and at the rate we are now going it
will not take a very long time before
that limit will be passed.
There Is now a congestion ln the
transportation of grain. The opening
ot every branch line Increases this
congestion. We are told that It production continues to Increase as it
haB Increased during the past few
years the railways will not bu able
to handle mora than forty per cent,
of the grain crop of 1915 before the
close of navigation unless the railways double track their main lines.
Is it not time to put an end to this
insane bonuslng of branch lines until
provision is made for sending our Immense harvests to the markets of the
//, PILL5
ll a,ri A 1
•H,    _,    [al
"> 11 I   1 I  '■
Minard's   Liniment   Lumberman's
I see your wife has her hand lu a
bandage.   What is the matter?"
"I set. a mousetrap and put It in
my coat pocket last night?. —From
A Woman's Way.
"My deal," says Ilie bacteriologist's
wife, "did you remember to order the
"Doggone tt!" growls the bacteriologist. "Every time I count up to nine
hundred anil elghty-flve thousand
three hundred and folly-live germs in
this spoonful of milk, she conies nn.l
interrupts mc and makes me lose tho
Closing the door with a slam, he begins again, "One, two, three," etc.
There waa a deficit ot nearly £1,-
000,000 on the working of the P.O.
telegraphs snd telephones for 1910-
According to a Board of Trade return, 32,761 passengers left the United Kingdom for places, out of
Europe during February, ot whom
18,273 proceeded to countries within
thc British Empire.
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
I was very sick with Quinsy and
thought I would strangle. I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cure;
me nt once.
I am never without Itnow.
Yours gratefully.
'auwigewauk, Oct. 21st.
Told Him The Reason.
We don't approve of impertinence,
says thc Boston Transcript, but perhaps in the following case the grouchy streei car passenger got no
more tban he deserved. Ilo had
asked a conductor If be knew when a
certain train left the North Station,
and, on being answered ln the negative, ho exclaimed offensively: "Why
la lt that this road employs so many
farmers?" "Just to look after the
cattk that travel on the cars," was
tho conductor's quick retort.
What Worm* Exhale.
It waa Darwin who started the
game of investigating the habits of
the humble worm. Ho estimated
that an acre of ordinary soil contains 27,000. According to the
"Mark Lane Express."" another scientist avers that each worm exhales
carbon dioxide, and 27,000 worms
will exhale 81 grammes ot the gas,
causing an equal volume ot oxygen
to And its way into the soil.
.Nicotine when It Is practically
pure, ls worth I860 per pound.
Etato of Ohio. City of Tolulo       \    __.
Lucas Counts*. I   **'
I'Ymil. J. Cheney makes amlli Unit lip Is
senior psiiner of tho firm of F. J. Cheney
ot Co.. lining business In the eity of Toledo, County Hiial Stale sfi.reral.1, und lh.it
raid Dim will pay the mun of ONK lll'is*.
DRKU DOLLARS for each and every
ense of i'ia 1 an- lhat eannot hn eureil by
tho une of Hall's Catarrh Cure; FRANK
Sworn to hefore me nml Riihierlbed In
:ny presence, thin Sill day of Deeemlier,
A.D. J.-iJ.
(Stlil > A.  W.  Gt.EABOJC.
Notary Public.
Ilnlt'x i'.iian-1-h Cure li taken Internally,
and oets dlreetly on tho Mawd and
muenua surfaces of tlio system. Scud
for teallmonlalH free.
F, J. CHF.NKY & CO..    Toledo, O.
Saalal by all druggists, 75c.
Tako Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
It Is reported that of 1012 market
crabs turned loose In various places
In the North Sea the great bulk bave
ound their way back to the Norfolk
coast where they had been originally
Maypole Soap
ins ikn, Men
colon, hee liom
xtiexx, and absolutely Un. Don Ml
lUintiuidi oi kettl.i
24 colon, will an
aay ikadc, Colon
10c, black I St. si
yoo d.tl.i'i 01
port ■ paid wilh
booklet "How is
Dye "hen
F. 1. KHEDICT t CO. Minim
In all eases of
ot all homes, broodmares, colts, stallions,
on their tongue* or in the feed put
Spolm's Ut.nld Compound. Give tha remedy to all of them. It acts on the
blood and glands. H routes the disease
by expelling the disease germs. It ward*
off the trouble no matter how tliey are
"exposed." Absolutely free from anything Injurious. A child mn safely take
It. 60c und $1.00; 16.50 uud $11.00 the
doKcn. Hold by druggists and harness
All  Wholesale  Druggists
Chemists una Bacteriologists
GOSHEN,   IND.,   U.S.A.
How to Get New Health and  New
Strength at Thia Season.
Spring ailments are not Imaginary.
Even the most robust And the winter
months most trying to their health.
Confinement Indoors, often in overheated and nearly always badly ventilated rooms—ln tho home, tho office, the shop, nnd the school, tav.a
the vitality of even the strongest. Tin
blood becomes thin and watery and
is clogged with Impurities, Some
people have headaches and a feeling
of langour. Others are low-spirited
and nervous. Still others are troubled with disfiguring pimples and akin
eruptions . while some get 111 ln the
morning feeling lust as tired as when
tbey went to bed. TheBe are all
spring symptoms that the blood is
out of order and lhat a medicine la
needed. Many people take purgative medicines ln the spring. Thia
Is a serious mistake. You cannot
cure yourself with a medicine that
gallops through your system and
leaves you weaker still. This is all
that a purgative does. What you
nerd to give you health and strength
In the sprlug ia a tonic medicine that
will enrich thc blood and soo'he. tli->
langlod nerves. And the one always reliable tonic and blood builder
Is Dr Williams' Pink Pills. These
pills not only banish spring weakness but guard you against the more
serious ailments that follow, such as
anaemia, nervous debility, Indigestion, rheumatism,, and other diseases
duo to bad blood. In proof of thia
Mra Emma Duck, Carleton Place,
Ont., saya: "I was greatly troubled
with weak spells, dizziness and extreme nervousness, and did not find
anything to help me until acting on
the advice of an aunt I began the use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Aftir
using five boxes I found my health
tally restored, and cheerfully recommend' the pills to others."
It you are ailing tbla spring you
cannot afford, In your own Interests
to overlook ao valuable a medicine
aa Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mall at 60
cents a box or six boxes tor $2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
One pit pony which was brought up
from a mine at the beginning of the
coal-strike had not seen daylight for
twenty-two years-
Stocking Canadian Waters.
Hatching fish by artificial means to
stock the waters of Canada Is engaged In on a large scale by the Dominion Government. ' In 1909 the Dominion fish hatcheries planted no fewer than 1,024,282,000 fry in various
waters throughout the country. Ot
the 37 hatcheries now ln operation,
British Columbia and Quebeo have
eight each. Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick, and Ontario have five
each, and Manitoba and Prince Edward Island each have three.
TUINO. aritk rgapHCT 8CCCL..     ..
■A. .It to ab-
Ual Twn-74.Mc«alaa
ukbf "M*
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar. It is clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
- vermin proof and practically
Indestructible. Makes houses
draft-proof, easy to heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or write (or sample
and Booklet to Um a.
Sab Cuadtoa Moxnxtmfmen
Ilntrul. Meat*. Cil|«ry. Vuesmr.
Railway Agents, Telegraphers ant
Clerks ln great demand throughout
North-West. Six months will quail,
fy you. Day and Mall Courses. Post*
tions secured. Free book 19 ex
plains.   Dominion School Telegraphy,
Write tor agency for our special to>
order tailoring tor your town.  There
li money in It   John Dawson, Ltd.
Church St, Toronto.
vate dlseaaes and drink habit,
Write 81 Queen East. Toronto
W- N. U. R06. 4>
The Last
Inhabitant I
A Sailor's Yarn
♦ ♦
♦ 0«Ofl»O*O«O«0**O«O«O*O»O«0+
"Ves, siree," ejaculated Ananias Sllne
as lie bitched bl* chair a little nearer
the rcdbot stove In Janes Honey's
' etore,- "1 could tell you the strangest
atory yon ever listened (o In all your
life lf I didn't have to go to supper
now. That's the trouble with hotels
and boarding houses. If you ain't
around at meal times you don't get
enough to eat It's poor enough aa'tis
without being scrimped on It."
.tabes Honey looked both anxioua
aud apprehensive. He wanted lo hear
the story tbat Ananlns would tell so
convincingly that one could almost believe It, even Ananias himself. Then,
again, the price of the,story would bo u
supper served, to Ananias from tbe
shelves of tbe grocery atore. If Jabes
did not fall td tbe bait ot the hinted
elory, why, Ananias would simply carry bis tale across the street to Drake's,
wbere tbe clerks would be glad enough
to hand out anything Ananias asked
for rather tban to miss one of his stories.
It was a stormy winter evening. It
had been snowing for an hour, and
now. at supper time, tbe flakes were
burling themselves against the store
wludows wltb Utile hissing spats that
boded u long storm. It was lonely In
Jabes Honey's store. The loungers
wero more likely to frequent Drake's
larger store.    *
"As I wns snylng, If I had time 1
could tell you tho queerest story you
ever heard," repeated Anaulas, rising
to his feet and buttoning his overcoat.
"Ho, hum!" ho yawned. "Guess I'll
stop lu Drake's a minute. Good night,
Jabez."   :
"What's the use of going?" asked Jabez weakly. "Can't yon pick up a
supper here? I'll treat so long as
you're going to entertain me with a
"i don't mind If I do," ssld Ananias
with alacrity, and he whipped out of
his overcoat, tossed It on u convenient
barrel aud rubbed bis bands expectantly.
Jabez got up and moved toward the
cheese case. "Wbat'll you have!" be
asked. "Crackers and cheese and a
glass of sweet elder?"
"Hum!" grumbled Ananlns, frowning. "I've kinder cut out cheese and
rrackers, Jabez. Tbey seem, to give
me Indigestion.
"Well," began Ananias between huge
bites of a corned beef snodwleh, "It
was when 1 was sailing past tho Weary Islands down In the south Pacific
that thia adventure happened to me.
We was bound home from Calcuttn.
and tbe ship was tbe old Indus, Cap-
lain Barnabas Fish commanding, but
If you expect Captain Kith to substantiate tbls story you'll be disappointed, because he was always a Jealous
| man and calculated to discount anything I might tell. Some captains sre
I that Jealous of their first males.
"As I was saying, we sailed past the
I Weary Islands and was leaving 'em
I far astern when Captain Fish took a
I notion that Ihe water we'd taken on
1st Calcutta was bad tasting, and so
I we put back to Ihe Wearys for a sup-
[ply of fresh water. Tou can't beat
I Ibem tropical Islands for cold, spark-
| ling springs of pure water.
"The outermost one of the Weary
■Islands Is a tiny little one that Is separated from the others by forty miles
sr so.   We wss nearest that Island,
ivhlch wasn't much moro than a coral
ef covered with sand and wilh trees
owlug on It and springs of water
|from somewhere down below. Captain
Flsb snid It wss an old Island and
had been much bigger, only an earthquake had swallowed most of It Into
the water, and what wa* left ef lt
wasn't enough to support human existence, sll of which I didn't believe a
mlte of.
" 'Ananias,' says the captain to me,
'you go ashore and get the water,'
and bo gave me a couple ot men and
some kegs to fill the big butt* which
be hsd emptied as soon a* he entered
tbe little hsrbor,
"As soon aa we got ashore I set out
to look for a aprlng, and 1 found It not
far from the white beacb. I sat th*
men to filling the butts while I looked
around for more springs nnd also to
see tf there wss any fruit on tbe Island.  I'm kinder partial to eocoanuts.
"While 1 was looking I poshed further Into the Jungly growth until 1
finally came out on tbo otber side of
tbe Island, and there above me was a
tall cocoanut palm. On tt I could see
Just one cocoanut. Dark brown It
was and peeping down at me through
the palm branches kind ot saucy snd
"'Oh, bo, Mr. Cocoanut,' I says, '1
guess I'll get you 1'
"So I picked up a Vt stone from
tne oeacn snd nove it at tbe brown cocoanut Well, sir,' I hit Itl And It
come down, and behind lt wss a big
hairy body and two arma and two legs,
and the whole combination came at me
In great long leaps.
"I run fast, Jabez Honey, bot that
there monkey man could run faster,
sir, and It wasn't long before he cnugbt
up wltb me, and Instead of jumping on
me and tearing out my eyes and hair
by hnndfuls, as I've beard tell they
did, he doubled up a great hairy Ust
and struck me between tbe eyes. I
didn't see blm for awhile after tbat
because my bead ached and 1 waa lying down on tbe sand and It wns very
"Wben I opened my eyes this monkey man sat beside me, watching me
wltb a sly grin on bis homely face.
"'Well, matey, I guess you'll look
twice before you heave another stone
at me,' he muttered In English.
" 'I thought It was a cocoanut,' I explained.
" 'That's a poor excuse for attacking
an Innocent man.' he aaid, wltb an ugly
look coming Into bis little eyes.
" 'A man?* 1 asked.
"'Why not':' be growled, doubling
bis fist again.
"'Excuse me, mister, but I guess
you'll hnve to tell me about It,' 1 said
as humble ns 1 could muster, for I
could soo he was easily riled, and I
wanted to henr the story,
"'Oot any 'baccy, mate?* he asked
" 'Ves, and a pipe,' I says, and gave
him all I had. As soon as he wa*
smoking'a more peaceful look came
Into his face, aud be seemed almost
" 'I'm the last Inhabitant,' he said at
" 'Last oue of where?' I asked.
" 'This here Island. I wns born and
r*lsed here, and twenty years ago nn
earthquake came, and most of tbe Island was dumped Into tbe sen, uud I
was tbe only human being saved. I've
lived here all alone ever since, and I
expect to die right bere.' He put his
head down on his knees and wept
real tears,
"'My friend,' snys I, for I was
moved by bis emotion, 'why spend tbe
rest of your days In this forelorn Island In tbe sea? Why can't you leave
It and go Into the world?'
"'My yacht Is out of commission,'
he says, very sarcastic like.
" There's otber vessels,' I hinted.
"'But they don't put tn here.' he
'"What's the matter with the one
that's lo here now?' I asked, and at
that he Jumped up and gave me a
queer look.
'"In bere? Ob. Lord!' be yelled,
and began to leap toward that cocoa-
nut palm. He was up It like a streak,
and ouco more 1 saw his brown face
looking like a ripe cocoanut as he
peered out. But Ibe Indus was lying
behind blm, nnd ho didn't see her at
II rat.
"When he did he gave vent to one
whoop and came down the tree and
made for the Indus, where the men
were going back aud forth carrying
water on board without so much ns
looking to ate what had become ot
me. I expect any one of 'em would
have lieen glad If I'd never gone back,
for some one would hare liked my
"Well, sir, that man-monkey went
down to tbe boat and persuaded the
sailors to take blm out to Ibe Indus,
and Jabez, would you believe tt wben
I tell you tbnt Captain Barnabas Flsb
took thnt heathen snvngo monkey
man on board the Indus and put blm
In the crew nnd made a man of blm I
Now, If It hadn't been for my adventurous spirit that heathen monkey
man would never have been civilized.
What do you tblnk of that, eh?"
Ananias Sllne brushed the crumb*
of the last doughnut from bis cost
and reached for his overcoat Jabes
Honey had listened It the story with
growing skepticism showing In bis
face. He had witnessed the disappearance of CO cents' worth of food,
and be appeared dissatisfied with tb*
"What Ho 7 think of Itr' be asked
unpleasantly. "Maybe I'd bave en-
Joyed It better, Ananias, If Captain
Fish hadn't told that same atory ben
last nlgbt, setting in tbat very cbalr,
only tbe story wss different In some
"How was It different?" 'Ananias
was evidently taken aback, for hi*
face reddened even to tbe lid* ot hi*
bulging light blue eyes.
"Captain Fish be said he* stopped
tor water at tbe Weary Islands and
thst be sent bla flrst mate (bo didn't
mention no names) ashore wltb some
men after fresh wster. The* mate
wss missed after awhile, and tbey
found him, Ananias—they found him
drinking rum with n shipwrecked
Portuguese sailor he'd found on tbe
Island, and Captain Flsb took the foreigner aboard the Indus and let hint
work bis passage home."
Jabes Honey smiled quizzically at
the abashed story teller.
"That was a good story, Ananias,"
he said as he removed tbe debris of
Mr. Sllne's feast, "most as good a*
Captain Flsb's story."
But Ananias bad vanished Into th*
snowstorm, and if he heard the last
remark be mode no answer.
Writing Which May Bt Made Invliibls
or Visible at Will.
There are several ways In which two
persons can correspond witb each other unknown to even tbe people before
whose eyes the very letter Is held. Ovid
taught young women when writing to
their lovers tbey should use new milk
as Ink. Tbls wben dried Is invisible,
but by scattering coal dust or soot upon
tbe paper tbe writing becomes legible.
Ansonlus ndopled this method wben
writing to Pnullnus.
Diluted sulphuric acid, lemon Juice,
solutions of nitrate and chloride of
cobalt or of chloride ot copper write
colorless, but on being boated the characters written with the flrst Iwo become block or brown and the latter
green. When the pnper becomes cool
the writing disappears nnd leaves tbe
paper blank ngaln. Saltpeter dissolved
In water and equal parts of sulphate ot
copper and sal nmmonlnc dissolved ln
water are two good Invisible Inks.
There are nlso some inks which are
Invisible when dry, but risible when
moistened with another liquid. Thus
a solution of muriate of antimony
washed with (Inciure of galls becomes
yellow, green vitriol Ink washed with
the same solution turns black, nitrate
of cobalt washed with oxalic acid turns
blue, arsenate of potash with nitrate
of copper green, solution of gold with
muriate of Iln purple.
Tha Ferocious Microbe.
..ifo Is growing too complicated for
the average unlearned human being,
says lhe Dietetic nnd Hygienic osteite. It has been discovered by medical men tbat birds are dangerous
carriers of disease—that "even the
fluttering of n canary tn Its c.igo mny
throw out Infection" and tbnt as for
tbe companionable. Impudent parrot.
be often suffers from something called
pslttacose, which may be transmitted
to tbe unsuspecting owner. The unfriendly germ, tbo vindictive animalcule, the blustering bacillus, browse on
our carpets, hide In our books, bold
swimming races In the water wis
drink. They seat themselves by our
side In the trains. Invade the very
clothes we wear and penetrate to the
Innermost portions of our anatomy by
means of Ihe atmosphere which wo
shall very soon be cautioned not to
Three Races That Hav* Left Traeta el
Thtir Customs Bahlnd Them.
Science has proofs of the existence
of several prehistoric races, but only
J three of these hnve left truces of tbelr
customs behind Ihem.   These are Ho-
I mo Europeus, Homo Eurafrlcus and
I Homo _-.urnsl_.iis.  Tbe flrst race Is ex-
I tlnct.   Its representative man rcsein-
' bled the remains of Neanderthal.   Ills
forehead was low ond retreating and
bis eyebrows beetled.
Probably tbe second race Journeyed
to Europe from the uorth of Africa.
Their traces havo been found on tbe
Thames, In Moravia, aud In caves of
different regions,
Sergy, a close student of human
origins, traces tbe second race to tbe
paleolithic culture of the quaternary
epoch In the south of France. In that
culture analogies wltb Mycenaean and
prehistoric Egyptian civilization are
fouud. Some families of the race may
hare been Inspired by I belr adventurous and artistic Instincts to wander
onward out of tbelr own land to a land
specially suited to the development of
their dreams of something tbnt tbey
bad never beeu able to produce In
thoir own country. The geographical
conditions, the climate ond the natural
| beauty of tbe land tbey settled In mny
have allured them nnd encouraged
them to develop their rude arts.
Tbe  third  race,   Homo   Eurnslcus,
came Into Europe from western Asia,
I and Its members were the ancestors
] ot tbe modern European peoples.—
I Harper'*,.
■np.  LINCOLN'S RETORT. ,^v,
Csustle Answer te an Opponent' at S
Pelitieal Meeting.
Herndon, hi* law partner, tell* the
story of Lincoln'* encounter with one
Mr. Forquer, who had suddenly changed from tbe Whig to tbe Democratic
faith and bad been rewarded with a
fat political office. Forquer bad thereupon built himself an elaborate borne
In Springfield and over It'bad erected
n lightning rod, tb* only one In tbe
place and tbe flrst one Lincoln bad
ever seen.
Once at a political meeting Forquer
set himself to "take down" tbe presumptuous young' man of elongated
stature and ready tongue. "His reply
to Forquer," says Herndon's Informant,
"was characterized by great dignity
and force, I shall never foget tbe conclusion of that speech.
" »lie gentleman bas seen lit to a Uud*
to my being a young mnn, but be forgets that I am older In years than I am
In tricks nnd trades of politicians. 1
desire to live, and I desire place and
distinction, but I would rather die now
than, like the gentleman, lire to see
tbe day that I would change my politics for nu office worth 13,000 a year
and then feel compelled to erect a
lightning rod to protect n guilty conscience from an offended God.' "—New
Vork Post.  •
Belfast Social Worker Is Hard at
Work Turning ths Attention of Her
Sex In tho Gresn Isle Toward Proper Housing and Better Rural Llfs
—Dancing Parties to Help Home
Among the newer associations aiming at tlie development of a new Ire-
lund, with brighter conditions and
better administration, iioii.' is more
active than Ihe "United Irishwomen."
This is the women's side ol the great
notional movement that is animating
lli j nation to-day.
The immediate object'of the "Unit,
ed Irishwomen" is to get together •
substantial volume of opinion that
will te representative of the whole ol
Th* Great Chang* That Cam* Ov«r ths
Poor Littl* Fat Boy.
Sir Francis Cbuntrey, the famous
sculptor of Georgian days, wbose bequest for tho encouragement of art ts
now famous as the "Chantrcy trust,"
Is the subject of n very pleasing story
told in Lady Chattcrton's diary:
"Last week I met Sir Francis Chan-
trey, and Luttrell at* Rogers' house.
Lady Dufferin, Mrs. Dnmcr, - Lo:d
Lansdowue nnd Lord Glenelg were
there. After breakfast Cbuntrey pointed out n sideboard and said to Rogers:
'"Do you remember a poor little fat
boy In a common workman's dress who
eamo one morning many, many years
ago to take some order about tbat sideboard?' -
" 'Yes, I do,' said Rogers, 'for I
thought wbat n tine head and Intelligent look tbe poor tioy had.'
"'Well, he ts tbe now celebrated
sculptor, who uot only goes to nil tbe
best houses In London, but gives parties that people are so good ns to call
pleasant, where all the highest and
most intellectual pcoplo honor him
with tbelr presence. Cnn you guess
who It Is? Well,' Chantrey added,
'that cabinetmaker* apprentice was
A Conscientious Jury.
On one occasion n native in Rail,
Hawaii, cheated n neighbor out of a I
small sura ut money. The community j
was indignant nnd determined that the
guilty party should be punished. Tba
dny of the trial cnmei tbo testimony
was conclusive: tlie judge closed Ills
charge, reminding the Jury tbat__"It
takes uine to convict,'* for n three-
fourths majority was required Instead
of a unanimous Jury, It was thought
that the twolve might decide In tbe
box, but tlie tlainillnn likes form, and
they gravely withdrew to tho Jury
room. They were gone nn unconscionable time. At length the Judge, Impatient, sent to tind out wbnt In Ibe
world wns the mutter nnd discovered
this predicament: All twelve were for
conviction, and no three could be Induced to vote for tbe defendant
(he lending women of Ireland, independent of creed or class, with a view
lo focussing atl.ntion  on   the   need'
lor   better   housing   accommodation
and the brightening of rural life.
Tlie membership is confined to
women born in Ireland or women ot
Irish descent, but linancial support is
accepted from all who desire to see
a happier ami more contented Irc-
The secretary and chief organizer
)f the United Irishwoman i« Miss
3dttat. Crawford, u Bella.I. woman,
who has engaged in improving the
social und intellectual s:.!e r.f young
Irish ***©nion in the nortBcrn capital.
A brunch of the United Irishwomen
has been established in Conne-tiara,
perhaps out of regard f r the syin-
pathetic support of tha; Duchess of
Manchester, while other branches are.
in process of .initiation throughout
the other three provinces. Dancing
parties ore part of the means by
which the organizers cf tho movement hope to convert young men
Irom any inclination to oppose Home
Th* Rtason of It.
"nave yon seen Joe lately'/"
".Why, yes.   I saw the old chr.p yesterday.   And, whnt do you think, tie's
going to hn married."
"Cnn It he possible?  To whom?"
"He's going to marry Mary Merrle."
"What!    Why.  I didn't know they
knew euch oilier."
"They don't That's why they're
going to be niiirrlcd."-Cleveland I'luln
Footpad-Hnnds up! If you move,
you're n dead mini! Professor Yalo—
Pardon me, my friend, Hint statement
Is neither logically nor vtymolnglcally
correct Manifestly, If I move I'm a
living man, not a dead man! Uu a
little more careful In your use of word*.
Advice to Bride-Elect.
Lord Harris has celebrated his
sixty-first birthday. He was educated
ut Eton and Christ Church, «t one
time act-d os Under-Secretary for
War. and was Governor ol Bombay
for live years in the nineties. He has
also been assistant adjutant-general
of Imperial Yeomanry both in England and Sout'i Africa, and he waa
Lord-in-Waitin^ to Queen Victoria.
Lord Harris is keen on cricket, and
one of the chief promoters of the
national game in the old country. In
1874 he married the Hon. Lucy Jervis,
daughter of u former Lord 8t. Vin-
Lady Harris is a pretty, lair woman,
Willi much tact uud churm of manner,
and during her husband's "reign" os
covernor of Bombay she made many
friends and not a single enemy. She
holds ths Order of the Crown of India.
A funny story has been told as
regards the opt remark made by one
nf Lord Honis's predecessor's. Tho
Lord Harris in question wos sent to
fetch Princess Caroline ot Brunswick
and to net as lur mentor on lur voyage to Kiiglaiul lo become the wife of
the then Prince «l Wales, afterwards
George IV.
One day he heard the royal bride-
elect boast that she could dress herself entirely in ten minutes. Upon
which he said: "Madam, you had
better take ten hours if you wish to
bo happy in your new position, for
your future husband is the most fastidious prince iu all Europe."
Thst Waked Him.
Diffident Lover-Dri you know !-er-<
actually dreamt thnt I proposed to you
last nlgbt.    N'ow-er-wbat can that j
mean?    Practical   Girl   (promptlyi—
Mean?  Well, It means that you nre s I
Inl more sensible asleep tban you ar* '
swake, Freddy I
Oidn't Appreciate It
Mrs. Peck-Really, wo never know
who our best friends nre. Peek-That'*
true. There's Iho fellow I won you
■way from. He hasn't spoken to me
•Ince-Boston Transcript
He only employs prejudice wbo can
make ao um of ~**iob.-CIc*io.
A Remarkable Fish Story.
Delivering an address at the Sur*
veyora' Institution in London recently, Mr. Julian C. Rogers quoted the
following from Kilburno's topography
uf Kent, published in 1867, a copy ol
which was in the library:
"A monstrous fish shot himself
ashore (in Thanet), where frnm want
of water he died, aa fish sometime*
iln under such circumstances. His
roaring was heard above a mile. His
length was 22 yards, his nether jaw
opening 12 feci. Ono of his eyes was
more than a cart with six horses
could drsw, his tongue waa 15 feet,
and his liver two cart-loads.
Starfish.       —
Starfish can be cut Into a* many aa
all pieces and still not only survive,
but form a new starfish from almofl
•very pjece. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,  .Morrison
block.    Phone R 39.
M. S. Middleton, of Nelson,
deputy provincial horticulturist, was
in the city on Saturday.
W. J. Meagher left for Spokane
on Tuesday for medical treatment.
FOR SALE—320 acres of good farm
land, partly improved, with young
orchard. Write for particulars.
Address Box 21, GreenMood. B.C.
W. T. Cook, of Princeton, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Cook, thia week.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and wood
shed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms ahd further particulars apply
on premuiea.   VV. J. Meagher.
The CP.R. aent sent a crew of
surveyors op the North Fork laat
Saturday to survey the company's
timber limits in that district,
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The British Columbia Copper
company has resumed work in
Franklin camp on the properties
owned by Pete Santure and Joe
George Traunweiser is spending
his annual vacation in Spokane thia
Arthur Mann, the druggist, left
this week for his old home in Ontario.
Great Britain and Germany
If the governments of England
and Germany can bring it about, relations between the two countries
will be much friendlier in Ihe future.
The British war secretary visited
Berlin on a mission of peace some
time ngo, and now Barschall yon
Biebflrstein', the most distinguished
Germtn diplomat, is to be transferred frnm Constantinople to London It is reported that he is to use
alMiis skill in allaying suspicion
nnd in bringing about a friendly
understanding between the two peoples as well as between the two governments
Valuable Clay at Orient
In an article published in the
Spokane Chronicle describing the
big $100,000 factory of the Clay
Product company at Spokane, praise
is given to the slip clay shipped by
W. J. Gilpin from Orient, as follows:
"After passing through the drier
the pottery that requires glazing is
taken to the glazing room-, and after
being dried again,is pat in the kiln
to burn. The white glaze is secured
by a combination of calcium carbonate; zinc oxide,feldspar, clay and
flint, and the black and brown glaze
iB secured by natural slip clay found
at Orient, Wash.
"The slip clay deposit at Orient is
one of the most valuable elay deposits in the country, there being
only two other places in the United
States in which slip clay or natural
glaze is found."
Laurier Mine
A report from Laurier states that
Ihe long tunnel in the Laurier mine
has struck ore, says the Orient Journal. Work on this tunnel has been
in progress off and on for the past
three years or more. Extremely
bard rock has caused comparatively
slow headway until the last few
weeks, when a softer formation has
been encountered.
The Letter of the Law
A mother led her six children to
the apple tree. Il had home but a
single apple—no longer visible to the
casual observer. "I told you not to
pick that apple," she said sternly.
"We didn't pick it!" the children
answered in chorus And the oldest
girl added in injured tone, "You
see yourself that it's still on the
tree. I—I mean the core is! We
only climbed up nn'—an' took a bite
mice in a while—we didn't pick it'.'J
Big Events in the States
Kepnbliean national convention
it Chicago, June 18
Democratic national convention at
Baltimore, June 26.
General election, November 5.
Character in Walking
Obstinate people *»ho, in argument, rely more on muscularity
than on intellectual power, rest the
feet flatly and firmly on the ground,
walk heavily and slowly, and stand
with legs firmly planted and far
apart. Quick steps are indicative of
energy and agitation.
Tiptoe walking symbolizes sur
prise, curiosity, discretion, or mystery. Turning-in toes are often found
with pre-occupied, absent minded
persons. The miser's walk iB represented as stooping and noiseless,
with short, nervous, anxious steps.
Slow steps, long or short, suggest a
gentle or reflective state of mind.
When a revengeful purpose is bid
den under a feigned smile the step
will be slinking and noiseless. The
proud step iB slow and measured, the
toes are conspicuously turned out,
the legs straightened. Where the
direction of the step wavers and follows every changing impulse of the
mind, it inevitobly betrays uncertainty, hesitation and indecision.
Reciprocity in States
Reciprocity is playing tin important part in the United Stnte* election campaign also. There arc Re-
publicans and Democrats who nsse-
ver that if the agreement hnd gone
into effect the great republic would
have become an adjunct of Canada
The theories of trade restriutionists
are certainly wonderful cerebral
emanations —Victoria Times.
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of charge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
remedy for CONSUMPTION, AaSIH-
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will coat them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Chnrles A. Abbott,
60 Ann 8treet, New York Citv.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city forthe past week amounted
to 4:14.(K'iO pounds, bringing lhe
total shipped for the year lo «. 144,
500 pounds.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Pleach regulator] novel tails. Tlieie
sills are exceedingly pnwerllil In regulating tlie
generative pairtlon ol the female system. Ketaasc
all cheap Imitations. Dr.*s_»Ws are sold at
M a box. or three lor 110. Mailed to any adareis.
the Soobell Drag Co., st, Catharines, Ont
Suits to Order ft 18 iwa8
If We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When yon order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
10ur spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Chapman 8 Walker.Ltd
P.O. BOX 135 3 448 SEYMOUR »V.
Mess-s. Crostiey Bro«„ Manchester, Eng.
Maker* of Gal Producer Plants and Oil
Engines for general power or eleetrloal
lighting purposes.
Metara. Dlek, Kerr & Co., Ltd., Preston,
Kngland. Equipment for Millesimal Contractor* Light Locomotive* (steam and
eleetrloal), etc.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
ftriiig machines for miners, contractors,
prospector*. The beet on the market.
Write for particulara.
Motor*, Generatos, Electrical Supplies-
Electrlcnl Heating   and Cooking Appara
tut, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our prompt
attention. Write for information.
Metal Quotations
New York, June 13.—Silver 81$;
standard copper, $15.75@16.25,
London, _Tune 13.—Silver, 28$;
lead, £16 10b.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, June 13.—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations (or
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 51.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      4.75    8.60
(I'ulillalieil Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with English
In each olass of goods. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London anil IU
suburbs, the directory euntniue Hats of
with tho Goods they ship, snd tbo Colonial
and foreign Markets the. suppljf!
arranged under the Ports to which they salt,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
ol leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc, In
the principal provincial town* and Industrie!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order Inr 208.
Dealers seeking Agenoies can advertise
Iheir trade oards tor il, or larger advertisements from £3.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*.
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Dr*J four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Furniture Made to Order,
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Down./. tlOar Store
'   A conpmtb Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
_ sy
A Froth Consignment ol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the niiiBt modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, snil carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads nnd Envelopes,
l'iiHt4>rs, Dates nnd Dodgers,
, Business nnd Visiting funis,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tin***, Circulars and Plnetirds,
Bills of   Knro nnd  Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
I'iiiIk.   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up lo-date I'rintery.
C*C\(\Y\ PPI1MTI1W2—tlie kil"* we do_•" in
V.1WU  LIVILUIUV)   »„ advertisement, and a
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate oh vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Palace Barber Shop
Kuor Honing > Specie-, j.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Oranby Hotel,
First Street.
. Mark*
CorrmaHTi 4c
' leccrlntlrmnMir
 aether au
Honey in Economy
ClualAed. Wut Ana. *** sis.
•cenonlcM xtmS effective methaai
.1 retching Ihe bwlntf public
Theis- esaall cost le not •_. «•
l»»"a bat ia iKMettuM nahkh
will return large MrMeMfe.
Some business men are so fond of
being  deceived  that they even endeavor to believe tbat they can reach <
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.


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