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The Evening Sun Mar 17, 1911

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Tenth Year—No. 19
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. March 17, 191 J.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Estimates Submitted—Inexpensive Plan for New
Water Tank
The mayor and all the aldermen
except Mr. Atwood were present at
the council meeting on Monday
An application from A. Mackin
tosh for a position as sidewalk repairer, was ordered filed.
An ofiered of 810 per lot was
made by Stewart Carruthers. for lots
17, 18, 19 and 20, on the Hat below
the Columbia brewery. Referred to
the chairman of the board of works,
with instructions to report at the
next meeting.
A communication from the Salvation Army of Toronto, soliciting
funds in aid of missionary work in
British Columbia, was ordered tiled.
A letter from Mrs.F. M. McElliott
stated that sbe bad not authorized
tbe removal of ber father, M. Uo-
herty, to the Cottage hospital. She
therefore refused to assume the bill
for his medical treatment.
Joe McDonald applied for tbe po
lition of poundkeeper and  to  work
on the streets.   Ordered filed.
A communication from the min-
stated tbat
them. After the council had thoroughly discussed the subject, it was
decided, on motion of Aid. Lequime,
that 8 collection box be placed in
the postoffice and that the clerk be
authorized to receive contributions.
Rev. McKee thanked the council for
the action taken, and assured the
members that the churches would
co-operate in the movement.
The clerk reported that the following estimates for the current
year's expenditures bad been submitted for the consideration of the
Board of works 33,000.00
Light department  7,966.00
Water department  2,70000
Police and fire department 2,094.00
New water tank  1,372.50
The estimates were referred to the
finance committee.
The chairman of the board of
works reported that the Winnipeg
avenue bridge, at the C.P.B. crossing in the West end, would practically bave to be rebuilt this summer. He was of the opinion that a j
subway under the railway tracks
could be put in for $600 or 8700,
while it wonld probably cost 8900
to replace tbe bridge. The C.P.U..
he thought, might be induced to aid
the city in constructing the subway.
On motion of Aid. Davis, the clerk
was instructed to correspond with
the district superintendent of tbe
road in regard to tbis flatter.
City Clerk Minhinnick reported
tbat he had made a thorough examination   of  the  city water tank,
' Police  Commissioners  Instruct Chief to Enforce
Curfew Law
tract and Decide to Buy
Pumping Plants
ister   of   public   works
definite action in regard to the  re-1
pair  of   the Cooper bridge and lhe and h'ad found il t6 be in a dan8er
~ ..    i m>_,,.__,.,I,ti,,n.   No one appeared b
The regular statutory meeting of
the police and license commissioners
was held In the city hall on Wednesday evening, the mayor and   Commissioners Downey and Kerby being present.    The only  business of
importance   which   came up was a
consideration of the curfew bylaw,
which  has been flagrantly violated
for some time  past.    The chief   of
police was instructed to rigidly enforce the law.    The bylaw  provides
that the curfew  shall  ring at 7:45
p.m., and that fifteen minutes after
it has been rung all  children must
be  off   the streets.    A violation of
lhe law is punishable by  a  fine  of
SlOon parents who allow their children to roam about the streets after
time specified.
A letter to the golfing editor of
The Sun from old England states
that there has been a veritable revolution in golf clulis This is astounding news. The golfing editor has
been under the impression that revolutions are confined to Mexico and
South America.   He does nut th nk,
with the exception of W. A. Cooper
and N. L. Mclnnes.
Tenders for supplying the school
with stationery during the  coming 	
Bchool year were received as follows:
Robert Petrie, 8424.50; Woodland & ImgatioMStS Analyze  Con-
Co., #409.00; Gazette, 8394.20.    On - —    '-    ■ - r*—
motion, the Gazette's tender, being
the lowest, was accepted.
The following accounts were ordered paid: Geo. M. Hendry, of
Toronto, 820.25; Sun, $6; Clark
Stewart, of Vancouver, 815.60; Gazette, 810.60; C.P.R., freight, 84.22.
Tom Steele was awarded the contract for supplying the school witb
fifty cords of wood at 84. B0 per
The school report for February
showed that there had been an average attendance of 19 in tbe high
school, and 290 in tbe public school.
J. W. Rutherford was elected
delegate to the convention of school
trustees, which will be held in Vancouver in September next. D. McCallum was named as substitute.
Sunday School Conference
The Rev. I. W, Williamson, secretary of the British Columbia Sunday
School association, haB arranged to
hold a conference here April 2nd
and 3rd. Mrs. (Dr.) MacKay, superintendent of the elementary department; Horace J. Knott, chairman of the central co/nmittee and
leader   of   the adult Bible class de-
The irrigation meeting in the city
hall   on Tuesday evening was well
attended.  The business which came
up for consideration, however, was
of such a nature that it did   not
furnish much copy for the printer.
Nearly the entire evening was taken
with the consideration of the agreement  between the  Cascade Water,
Power & Light company   and  the
rancherB of the valley electric power.
James Rooke occupied the chair.and
J. D. Honsberger acted as secretary.
Objections were taken  to two or
three of the seventeen clauses of the
contract.   The meeting was unanimously of the opinion that Clause
5 should be altered bo as reduce   the
meter rent from 50 cents to 25 cents
per month, and tbat Clause 13, prohibiting  the  reselling of power by
consumers, should be eliminated.
On motion of Messrs. Feighner
and Cooper, the committee was instructed to secure the insertion of a
new clause granting the consumers
the privilege of renewing the contract  from   time to time at a price
grading of tbe road from the Bridge
street bridge to the Cascade road
would not be taken until be had per
suiijlly inspected the proposed improvements. He intended to visit
the city shortly. Ordered filed. A
letter   from   E    Miller,   M.P. P., in
ous condition. No one appeared to
I be able to estimate the life of it. It
might last for two years; but he
would nut feel safe in guaranteeing
it for two days. He advised enclosing the tank with a 10 inch reinforced concrete  wall,   which,   he
however,   that    the    golf    enthusiasts in this district are sufficiently Soh°o1 association and  superinten-
nunieruus   to warrant  ihe publka- rt(,nt of the M(>unt Pleasant Sunday
partment, and C. E. Mahon   treas-,----■- lce.
urer of the British Columbia Sunday-|no^2   ,/Mr. Kerinan, the
letter   from   E    Miller,   tM.l'.l'., wi	
reference   to   the   same  work, and •8aid'   would   <?ive <he city a tank
,, •  ,        , I'eu.i   .„__„i.i   hB   tirnelicallv     inde-
con.eying the same information,was
tion   of the elongated communication.
The new cyanide mill at the British Columbia Copper company's
Napoleon mine wus put iu operation
during the past week, and some sat
also tiled      _
Peter A. 'L. Pare et al. petitioned
the council fir rotd improvements
to the extent of $101 near Mr. Pare's
ranch in the Priest addition. Referred to the chairman of the board
of works, with power to act.
Tbe bill of the Eastern Townships
that   would   be  practically     hide-1 isfuctory tests have been made. The
structible.    He gave a carefully pre-! mill bus boen constructed at a  cost
pared itemized estimate of the coBt, of 8200,000.    It   has a cupacity of
'  '   *- ' 100 tons per day.
school, the largest in the province,
will assist Rev. Williamson in this
conference. All of tbe above partita
are residents of Vancouver. Delegates from the other towns in the
tlistriet, representing the different
churches, are expected to attend.
Further information, together with
the program of the conference, will
be given in our next week's issue.
Princeton's Modern Hotel
The Sun man was shown this
week the plum* of the Great Northern hotel, to be erected at Princeton
this spring by Lloyd A. Manly, of
this city, and Mr. Swanson, of Princeton. The plnns were drawn by
Robert Mcintosh, architect, of this
The building will he 70x70 feet,
  .MMMM^^^^ . I three stories in height, with a  bnse-
tnkeii nieisureinents, and hud found The mayor reported that he hudj. ^^ Mol|)togh ha8 g orew 0f ment, and when completed will be
the work to he less than was claimed received information that the plans j ^ ^ mfV ue&[ ^ ^-^ y-„ : the m(Mt m(„lern and hest furnished
in the bill. On motion, the clerk ! of the new court house should have j ^ ^..^ ,....,..;..., ft gowe UUM. hotel between the Boundary district
wai instructed to return the hill and! arrived in thc   city today, and that i ,Q{ ^  Hardy bridge up the and the const.    Th. |mn(  nidation
to notify the bunk that the nieiisu'r- only  three  weeks   would   be given No(t|) por|, "        c jis t" i"> «f
in mis wero incorrect and   the work ; contractors in whicn to submit their 1 * plu
T. J. Lawrence and Mr.
of  the   vroik, whicb   amounted   to
81,372.50.   The matter was referred
to the finance committee for investigation.
Aid. Lequime and other mernbes , - __
... ., i •    j  u ' 1 he lhoenix orchestra  will supply
,._,_„.._, i of the council complained  because vv '
   nslllps r I Humiliate.
hank  for the city's  portion t.f the the curfew bylaw was being violated,
cost of tbe cement walk in front the They W' 8tated  ,h"1 ll,e  Police
bank building, and for erecting the commissioner*  would   take  up the   	
retaining wall on the adjoining lot,  ma,ter at their next meeting, and he j proaching the millionaire   class   in
was considered.    The chairman  0f, liromi8(id   that   '"   ,uUlrt'  ll'° law' K"ile uf   the  inactivity at tlie Vol-
The l.O.O.F. will hold their an
nual ball in the opera house on
Easter  Monday,    April   17,   1911.
the music
R. A. Brown Iris sold some of his
timber   limits,   and  is  rapidly ap-
tlie board of works stated that he had
would bt: enforced.
spite of   the   inactivity at ttie Volcanic mine,
committee waa instructed to endeavor to secure a modification of
Clause 15.
After the agreement had been
considered clause by clause, a resolution was adopted referring the
contract to a committee for consideration, with instructions to report to
nother meeting of the ranches after
a conference had been held wilh tbe
representatives of the power company. The chairman appointed Ci.
M. Fripp and W. A. Cooper as such
On motion of Messrs. Cooper and
Kennan, a resolution was adopted
setting forth that the men who intended to purchase pumping plants
immediately be given slips of paper
on which to write the the names of
the firms they wished to patrsnir.e.
The lirst ballot resulted in seven
votes being cast fur the Canadian
Westinghouse company and two for
tbe Fairbinks-Moree company. A
second ballot being taken, eight
' "otes were cast for the  first-named
The   nine   plants   will
Uii-a'isfactory. I tenders. 1. tl. Jjawreuuo mm  .<.,,   Whiting
A delegation consisting of Rev. | Aid. Smith was granted leave to I left on Wednesday for Spokane, be-
M D. McKie, It-, v. Mr. divert and introduce bis pound and dog tax hig commissioned by the board of
Riv. \V. II. Wright a .dressed the j bylaw, which was advanced lo tlie (trade lo do some publicity work in
coun:il on the pitii ile statu of af-j third reading stage. The bylaw that city,
fa.rs   at   present  existing    in   the; prohibits    all    animal,    including
famine dislllotS in China.    Rev. Mc-  poultry, from running at large wilh"
Kee asked if tin re   was any   posxi-, in the city limits, and  provides  for
bilitv of the   city  starling  a move-  the redemption or sale of the same ^	
funds in aid of the I if imnounded.   The tux on   male school   building on TPesdny even-
School Board Meeting
The regular monthly meething of
tlie st-lii ii il board was held in the high
ment  lo   raise
nlTerers.    He   understood   that   a, dogs iB 83, and on females £i
cent a day was sullieient to save
tine of these p "pie from starvation.
T.ie churches would co-operate with
the council, but he thought more
good c itil'l lie accomplished   if  the
lirst tax is due on the 1st uf
The Ing.
April  =
nil   ilie trustees being present
.....,...._.    The front elevation I
is to be of  ornamental design; the: company.
bing throughout will be strictly »'«ke about a carload of freight,
up to dale, and it will he hinted   by
steam, with hut nntl colli   waler  on CrOW's Nefit Coal
every   floor.   The     house   will   be      The annual meeting of the Crow's
equipped with its own system of lire Nest Coal oompany was held in To-
protection, an ample supply of hose, ronto on the I lib inst. A dividend
being planed al convenient places on of 1 per cent, the third since Inst
every Moor. August, was pnsseil.    The president
One of lhe oorner rooms ol tho slated that, when analyzed, the re-
ground Hour has bjen rented by a port wns tbe best in the history ol
local imuk. Tlie balance ol the the conjpahy, with an inspiring out-
spnee will be taken up by a  20x50 look.   The company's  payroll Inst
dining-room, a large kitohe Ilice, year aggregated neurly 82.600,000,
bar, and n number ol samples rooms The board ol direotors was elected as
Roger?,   president;
next, and thereafter on  the  1st ol and light-committee. ^	
January of etioli year. i    Aid.  Downey   made   application for commercial travellers.   Tbe see- follows:    Klia
Oh motion Ol Aid. Davis, the as- foi   city   water on behalf of J. II. ond and third floors will contain  30 K C. Whitney,
_ ._ sessor was instructed to  return  thc Plath, L. A. Riddell et al,  Referred large  bedrooms,   and a number ol M. Given, H I
city inau.'timted the campaign for I assessment roll to the council on the to water ami light committee, smaller ones.   Six of the moms will O.Graves,   W.   1
funds.'   Rev. Culvert was also uf the | 24th of April. The clerk was instructed to notify   have private bath".   Tliere will  also Col, dough,
opinion   that   it  sbould  he a civic |     Aid. Davis gave notice that at the the proprietors of the new pool  ami  be a number   of   parlors   on   tbese
movemen , an 1 R>v.\Vrig it thought | next meeting he would introduce a billiard   parlors  not  to allow hoyir floors.   In the basement, which Is      During tbe flrst
it would be a good pl.ni to   inform | temporary loan bylaw. under   Id   years   of   uge   on  iheir to Iwe i\concrete floor, will   be   lo- ils fiscal year lhe
the public that the city clerk would      Tom Steele made application  for premises, cnteil  the   heating  plant, the limn- doted  hns shipped
eceive  contributions   and forward I city water.   Referred to the water     The council then adjourned, dry and a number ot storerooms.
; Dr.   Howland,
II    Robinson
eight  months
Qranby  Cpnsi
846,777 Ions
ore from its I'hoenix mine*.
.li- THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
.*. THE  .-.
Author ot        •
The Crimson Blind: The Cardlnul
Moth: The Weli.it of the Grown:
The Oorner House; The Slaves of
Silence; Craven Fortune; The
Fatal  Dose;  Netta.
It was Gurdon's turn now to listen.
He leant forward in hie chair, his
whole attention concentrated upon the
figure oi the stranger, huudleu up in
the armchair at the little tub'e opposite. He toucheu Venner on the
arm, anil indicated the figure of the
man who hud sutfeied so cruelly in
some form or other.
"The plot thicKens,"' Venner murmured. "Upon my word, he seems to
know this Murk Fenwick as well as
1 do."
The mnimed crippled figure in the
armchair had dragged himseif almost
to his feet, with his powerful, muscular arm propping him against the
table. His wonderfully handsome
face was all broken and twisted up
with an expression of malignant fury.
He stood there fo- a moment or two
like a statue ot t'licontrollab.e passion, rigid, fixed, and motionless,
save for the iw'iching o' his face.
Then, graauully he uropped buck into
his cnair again, a nroken and huddled
heap, quivering from nead to loot
•with the pam caused by his recent
exertion. A moment later he took
from his pocket a silk shade, which
he proceeaed to tie over his eyes, as
if the light hurt h'iu. Watching his
every move with intense eagerness,
the two friends saw that he had also
tuKen 'roiu his pocket a snial., silver
case, about the tmue size as an or-
umury box of eafe'y matches. Indeed,
the cuse looked not unlike the silver
coverings for wood matches, which
are generally to be seen in well appointed households. Then, as if nothing interested h.m further, the cripple 1611111 back in his chair, and appeared to give himael' over entirely
to his enjoyment t the band. In all
probability no diner there besides
Vennoi and Guruon had noticed anything In the least out of the common.
"I.ow. this is very oramatic," Gurdon suid. "Here ie a melc-tlraina
uctua'ly taking place in a comedy
'set' 'ike this. I nm glad you will b»
in a position later on to gratify my
curiosity. I confess I should like to
learn something more about this Mar';
Fenwick, who does not appear to be
in the least like one's idea ot \m
prosu'c money spinner."
"He isn't," Venner sa'd grimly.
"Anything but thot. Why, three
years ago that man was as poor and
desperate as the most wretched outcast who walks e streets o* London
to-night. One thing you may be sure
of—wherever you u'ne from now till
your dying day, you wUl be under the
roof of no more diabolical scoundrel
than the creature who ca'ls himseh
Mark Fenwick."
There was a deep sote in Venner's
voice that did not fail to stimulate
Gurdon's curiositv. He g'.anced again at the millionaire, who appeared
to be talking in some foreign tongue
with his compan'on. The tall, fair
Kirl with the shining hair hnd her
back to the friende so that they could
not see her face ,and when she spoke
it was in a tone so low thut it was
not possible to catch anything more
than the sweetness of her voice.
"I wonder what she is doing with
him?" Gurdon s d. "At any rati
she Is English enough. I never naw
a woman with more thoroughbreH
oir.   She is looking this way."
Just for a momi nt thc girl turned
her head, and Venner caught a full
sight of her face, lt was only for an
instant; then the n.ir head was turn
etl again, and Hit: girl appeared to
resume her dinner, Venner Jumpe*'
from his chnlr and took three strides
across the room. He paused there as
if struggling to r- gain possession •'
himself; then he uropped into his
chair, shielding his face from the
light with his hands. Gurdon could
see that his eon-i anion hiul turned
to a ghastly grey. Veritably it wns r
night of surprints quick, drnmntic
surprises, pillowing dose upon one
another's heels.
"What, do yo" mean to toy you
know her, too?" flurdon whispered.
Venner looked with a strange
unsteady smile on his face. He appeared to be fighting very hard to regain his self-control.
"Indeed, I do know her," he said.
"My Irientl, you are going to get all
the surprises you wnnt. Whnt will
you say when 1 te'l you thnt the g'rl
who sits there utterly unconscious of
my presence, and deeming me to be
at the other end of the world, is no
less a person than—my own wife?"
The Lost Mine.
Gurdon nodded thoughtfully. He
was trying to piece the puzzle together
in his mind, hut so fur without success. He was not in the least surprised to find that Venner had guess- i
ed correctly.
"You've got it evactly," he said.
"That is just whet the gruesome thing
is.   Whnt t'ons il all mean?"
By this time dinner had long heen
a thing of the past, and all the guests
had departed. Here antl there the
lights were turned down, leaving half
the mom in semi-darkness. It was
just the time  and  place for nn ex
change of confidences.
"How do you,know exactly what
was in that box?" Gurdon asked. "I
have read things of this kind before,
but they huve generally taken the
form of a warning previous to some
act of vengeance."
"As a matter of fact, this is something of the same kind," Venner said;
"though I am bound to say that my
guess was somewhat in lhe nature of
a shot. Still, putting two and two
together, I feit that I could not have
been far wrong. Since I have been
here this evening, I have begun to
form a pretty shrewd opinion as to
where Fenwick gets his money from."
"What shall we do with that box?"
Gurdon nsked.
"Leave it where it is, by all means.
You may depend upon it that Fenwick
will return for his lost property.
The prophecy came true quicker
than Gurdon had expected, for out
of the gloom there presently emerged
the yellow, sickly fnce of Mark Fenwick. He came in with a furtive air,
like some mean thief who is about to
tlo a shabby action. He was palpably
looking for something. He made a
gesture of disappointment when h
saw thuj the table where he hnd dined
was now stripped of everything except
the flowers. He did not seenj to sei
the other two men there at all. Vei
ner took the box from his companion's
hand, and advanced to Fenwick's side.
"I think you have lost something,
sir," he said coolly. "Permit me to
restore your property to you."
The millionaire gave a kind of howl
as he look"d at Venner. The noise
he made was ludicrously like that of
a child suffering from toothache. He
fairly grovelled at Venner's feet, but
ns far as the lntter's expression was
concerned the two might have met
for the first time. Just for a moment
Fenwick stood there, mopping his
slimy-yel'.ow face, himself a picture
of abject nvsery and despair.
"Well?" Venner said sharply. "Is
this little box yours, or not?"
"Oh, yes, oh yes," Fenwick whined.
"You know that perfectly well—I
mean, you must recognise—oh, I
don't know what I mean. The fact is.
I am really ill to-night. I hardly
know whnt I am doing. Thank you,
very much."
Fenwick (snatched the 'box from
Venner's fingers, and made hastily
for the door.
"I believe we ere allowed to smoke
in here after ten," Gurdon snid. "If
thnt is the case, why not have n cinar
together and c'iscuss the matter?
What I am anxious to know nt present is the inner meaning of the finger
in the-box."
There was no objection to a cigar
in tlie dining-room at this late hour,
and presently the two friends were
discussing their Murias together.
Venner began to sneak nt length.
"Perhaps it would be as well." he
se.itl, "to stick to the box business
first. You will remember, some three
years ago, my writing you to thc effect
that 1 wns troing to undertake u
journey through. Mexico. I don't sun-
pose I should have gone th"re at nil,
on'y I was attracted liy the notion
of possible adventures in that country, amongst the hills where, ut one
time, gold used to be found. There
wns no question whatever that gold
in large quantities used to be mined
ill the wild district where I had chosen to take up my headquarters. Practical engineers say that the gold 's
exhausted, but thut did not deter me
in the least.
"The first mun who put the iden
into my head was a half-caste Mexican, who had an extraordinary grip
on the history of his country, especially as far as legends and traditions
were concerned. He was u well-eduj
cated man, antl un exceedingly fascinating story-teller. It was he who
first gave me the history of whnt he
called the Four Finger Mine. It appears' that the mine had been discovered some century or more ago
by a Frenchman, who had settled
down in the country and married the
daughter of a kind of native chief.
The ori'.'inal founder of the mine was
a curious sort of mun, and was evidently possessed of strong miserly
tendencies. Most men in his position
wou'.d have gathered together a band
of workers, and simply exploited the
mine for all it was worth. However,
this man, Le Fenu, did nothing of
the kind. He kept hisi discovery an
absolute secret, and what mining was
to be done, he diil himself. I understand Dint he wns a man of fine
physique, antl that his disposition
Wits absolutely fearless. It was his
habit at certain seasons of the yenr
to en up to his mine, nntl there work
it for a month or two at a time, spending the rest of the year in the bosom
of his family. II is quite certain,
too, that he kept his secret, even from
his grown-up sons; for when he died,
they hail not the slightest idea of
the locality nf the mine, which fuel
I know from !,<» Fenu's tlescentlents.
"An<l now comes the interesting
pnrt of my story. Le Fenu went up
into the mountains early in May one
year, to put in his solitary two months
mining, ns usual. For, perhaps, the
first time in his life, he suffered from
a serous i'lnt'BS—some kind of fever,
I supnose, though he hnd just strength
of will enough lo get on the back of
a horse and ride as far ns the nearest
"Now, on this particular farm there
dwelt a Dutchman, who, I believe,
was called Vnn Fort. Whether or not
Le Fenu partially disclosed his secret in his delirium, will never nctuallv
be known. At any rate, Ifto or three
weeks Inter thn body was discovered
not very fnr nwny from the scene of
his mining nnerntinns, and from th ■
evidence obtainable, there was no
doubt in the world thnt he was foully
murdered, Justice in thot eountrv
walks with verv tnr-'v footsteps, ond
though there was little question who
the real murderer was, Van Fort was
never brought to justice. Perhaps
that was accounted for by the fact
'hat he seemed to be possessed of
more money than usual, and was thus
in a position to bribe the authorities.
"And now comes a further development. Soon after the death of Le
Fenu, it was noted that Van Fort
spent most of his time away from his
farm in the mountains, no doubt
prospecting for Le Fenu's mine.
Whether lie ever found it or not will
never be known. Please to bear in
mind the fact that for a coup'e of
centuries at least Le Fenu's mysterious proiy ty was known as the Four
Finger Mine. With this digression,
I will go on to speak further of Van
Fort's movements. To make a long
story short, from his last .journey to
the mountains he never returned. His
widow searched for him everywhere;
I have seen her—a big sullen woman,
with a cruel mouth and a heavy eye.
From what I have heard, I have not
the slightest doubt that it was she
who iiisp'red the murder of the
"She had practically given up all
iden o' ever seeing her husband again;
when, one dark nnd stormy night, just
as she was preparing for bed, she heard
her husband outside, screaming for
assistance. From his tone he was evidently in some dire and deadly peril.
The woman was by no means devoid
of courage; she rushed out into the
night and searched fnr and near, but
no trace of Van Fort could be found,
nor did that imploring cry for assistance come again. But the next morning, on the doorstep lay a bleeding
forefinger, which t' e woman recognised as coming from her husband's
hand. To moke identity absolutely
certain, on the forefinger wns a ring
of native gold, which the Dutchman
always wore. Please to remember
once more that this mine was known
as the Four Flilg°r Mine."
Venner pnuscd just for a moment fo
crive dramatic effect to his point.
Rut Gurdon said nothing; he was too
deonly interested in the narrative to
make any comment.
(To be continued.)
Welsh by Extraction
One of the foremost lawvers in England is Lord Halsbury, who was Lord
Chancellor of the Balfour ministry.
A friend tells this story of his career
at the bar:—
He was once arguing a case on behalf of a Welshman, and showed
great knowledge of the principality
and its people.
"Come, come," said the judge at
last, "you know you cannot make
yourself out to be a Welshman."
"Perhaps not," replied the barrister, "but I have made a great deal
of money out of Welshmen in my
"Well, then," replied the judge,
"suppose we call you a Welshman by
One of the commonest complslnts of in-
flints Is worms, and the most effective application for them 1b Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator.
St.   Peter Wat  Right
A Canadian editor asked for admission to Heaven.
"Can't let you in," said St. Peter,
"the record of your good deeds never
came to our exchange table."
"But," said the editor, "the postal
authorities are to blame if you did not
receive your paper. Why, they would
not even allow it into the United
States without 62 cents postage per
"Then you'll have to go to the other
rlace and fight it out," said St. Peter,
"the postal authorities are all down
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper
A lady wanted a tutor for her children. 8he wrote to a friend asking her
to look out for a suitable person, and
gave a full description of the sort of.
man she wanted, enumerating all the
mental nnd mnrnl qualities she ex- j
pected him to possess. I
After feveral months of fruitless ex-1
pectation, she at length received a re- j
ply from her friend to the following!
effect: "I hnve not been able to meet
with a gentleman such as you dc-j
scribe. If I do, you may rest per-!
fectly assured that I will marry him."
Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Byrup Is the
result of expert chemical experiments,
undertaken to discover a preventive ol Inflammation of the Iuiir-h and consumption!
hy destroying the terms that develop these
diseases, and All the world with pitiable
subjects hopelessly stricken. The use cf'
this Syrup will prevent the dire conse-.
quences of neglected Colds. A trial, which i
costs only 25 cents, will convince you that I
this  Is correct.
Oltl Bill Titcomb hnd tnken a sack
nl grain to an old-fashioned mill to
hnve it groutttl into meal. He watched
the ponderous wheels revolving slowly
while a tiny stream of meal trickled
out. Finally his patience became
"Do yor know," he said, "I cud eat
that there meal faster than yer durn-
ed mill can grind it!"
"Yes?" remarked the miller, "but
how long could you keep on eating it,
Mr. Titcomb?"
"Wal," replied Old Bill, conclusively, "I reckon I cud keep on at that
rate till I starved."
The tough customer was struggling
with a tough steak in a tough restaurant.
"Say, you," he Anally roared nt a
woiter. "I ain't used to eatin' rhi-
nocerous hide. Fetch mc something
n litle more nourishin' in a hurry!"
"Aw, fade oway, little one!" snid
the pugilistic waiter, witheringly.
"What do you t'ink this joint is—a
diet kitchen?"—Seattle Post-Intel-
Can be handled very easily. Tbe sick are curod.and another*
In tsuue stable, no mutter uow "exposed," kept from buvlnff
the disease, by using SPOBH'B UUU1U MSTKMPKH CUHK
Give on the tongue or lu toot. Acta on tbe blood and expels
germs of all furmsof distemper.  Best remedy ever knows
for mares In foal. Wc and II a bottle: 16 and 111 ducen, ta
ll dniRiilstsand harnois. dealers.  Ont shews how to poultice
/' throats.  Onr freo Booklet gives everything.   largest welling
horse remedy In existence—16 years.   Ustrlbutors—ALL
SPOHN MlDIOAL CO., Chemists and Baetorlologlsta, Qoahen, Ind., U. S. At
The Distinction
When Fenelon was almoner to Louis
XIV., his majesty was astonished to
find one Sunday, instead of the usual
crowded congregation, only himself
and the priest. "What is the meaning
of this?" said the king, "I caused it
to be given out," replied the prelate,
"that your majesty did not attend
chapel today, that you might see who
it was that came here to worship
God. and who to flatter the king."
Hit Insatiable "Curiosity"
One day, after he had asked his
mother several million questions, she
said to him: "Jimmy, for pity's sake,
stop asking questions. You drive me
frantic. Don't you know that curiosity killed a cat?" Jimmy was
crushed, and for a long time was
silent. At last he went to his mother
and asked: "Ma, what did that cat
want to know?"—Horton County
(Kan.)  Headlight.
ihe Famous
The Rayo Lamp Is a tilth trade lamp, aold at a low price*
Thurs »-• Umtm thtt «-»■( mon. out tb*r« If ■« better 'mod m*>r*s ■* »*»f
priflt. OnHnictM si soM hts,si; ■<<*•! plated-tuU? kept ol«»n: w
•rtumt fen ant room la any hon*. Tb«r» It aothlnc known tn th* »•*
•f Urap-natlaf *h%t ran add te tht ta*« of th* RAYO 1 amp a* a llphfr
fl»h» d«rie«. Bvar* rt*fcl*r •?*r»wh*r*. If aot al roan, writ* fur <__*•
Mtiptlv* siren Kt to *hs *•*"><! a"*ncv nf
Tha Imperial Oil Coinpany, Limited.
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Jcb Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
Wi an   avarywhara with tht   standard gooda.
Papar and Matchaa ara aur aptclalliaa.    Lai ua
knaw yaur wants—wa'll da tha rail.
TIM a PIMM, LIMITED, Aunts, Wlnnlpaf, Calgary, Cdmantan,
Hasina. Part William and Port Arthur.
Winchester .aa Caliber Cartridges botM Black"
and Smokeless powder ara unequalled for
accuracy and uniformity in shooting. The
Smokeless powder cartridges are loaded with
Winchester Oreaseless Bullets which makes
them clean to handle and prevents the powder
from losing Ha strength. Try them next time.
Ask for Winchester make—the Red W Brand.
Added to the Long List due
lo This Famous Remedy.
4JlanfordStation,Ont—"Ihave taken
I LydiaRPinkham's
Vegetable Compound for years
and never found
any medicine to
compare with it I
had ulcers and falling of the uterus,
and doctors did me
1 no good. 1 suffered
I dreadfully until I
I began taking your
I medicine. It has
also helped otlier
women to whom I
have recommended it"-Mrs. Hknky
Clark, Glanford Station, Ontario.
Gardiner, Me.—" I was a great sufferer from a female disease. The doctor said I would have to go to the
hospital for an operation, but Lydia E.
Plnkham's Vegetable Compound completely cured me in three months."—
Mrs. 8. A. Williams, R. F. I). No. 14,
Box 30, Gardiner, Maine.
Because your case is a difficult one,
doctors having done you no good, do
not continue to suffer without giving
Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound a trial. It surely has cured
many cases of female ills, such as inflammation, ulceration, displacements,
libn":! tumors, irregularities, periodic
pains, backache, that bearing-down
fueling, indigestion, dizziness, and nervous prostration. It costs but a trifle
to try it, and the result is worth millions to many suffering women.
If von want special advice write
It is free and always helpful.
Belated Popularity
Askitt—"Was Skinner what you
would call a popular man?"
Knoittr-"Well, he never had much
ol a following while alive, but had a
big funeral."—Chicago News.
SMohs Gure
y atom apnea*.
aaUa, hernia
W Mala.
The Canadian students of Princeton
university anil of the Theological sem-
innry have organized themselves into
a club, called the Canadian Club of
Princeton, New Jersey, which meets
on the secind Saturday evening of
every month.
Mothers Should Realize What)
Neglect of Skin-Troubles
May Mean to Children.
A lifetime ol disfigurement and suffering
often results from tbe neglect, In Infancy or
childhood, ol minor affections of the skin and
scalp. A mother overlooks a little rath or
attempts some simple treatment and In a
day, perhaps, tbe little one.Is covered with
severe eczema or a similar distressing eruption.   Then the struggle 'or a cure begins.
A multitude ot remedies are tried, doctor
alter doctor consulted and hospitals visited,
but too often the suffering extends, without
substantial relief, from days to weeks, weeks to
months and months to yean. Added to this la
the ever-present fear that tbe Itching, burning
and disfiguration will become chronic, marring future welfare and making life miserable.
In the prevention ot the simple skin troubles
Irom which all this suffering so often arises
and ln establishing a condition ot skin health
that makes eruptions Impossible, mothers are
assured that nothing is purer, sweeter or more
effective tban Cuticura Soap and Cuticura
Ointment. And greater still, tf possible, ia
tbe success of these simple household remedies
ln the treatment ot tbe severer skin affections
themselves. With the first warm bath with
Cuticura Soap and gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment, the Itching and burning
of eczema cease, the child falls Into a refreshing sleep, the mother rests and for thc first
time, possibly, in many weeks peace falls on
a distracted household. Frequently a single
cake of Cuticura Soap and boi of Cuticura
Ointment are sufficient.
Positive as la this statement, it Is Justified
by mora than thirty years of pronounced
success. To quote but a single Instance,
llobert Mann, of Proctor, Minnesota, says:
"Our boy was born In Toronto on Oct,
13, IMS, and when three months old a slight
rash appeared on his cheek. Wbat appeared
to be a water blister would form, when It
broke, matter would run out. starting new
blisters until his entire face, head and shoulders were a mass of scabs and vou could not
lee a particle of clear skin, we tried about
every advertised remedy without avail, Indeed some of them only added to his suffering
and one in particular, the Remedy,
almost out the Infant Into convulsions. The
family doctor prescribed for him and told us
to bathe the baby In buttermilk. This did
not do any good, so we took him to a hospital.
He was treated as an out-patient twice a week
and he got worse, If anything. We decided
that it could not be cured and must run Its
course and so we Just kept his arms bandiieed
to bis side to prevent his tearing his flesh.
We left Toronto and shortly after our arrival
In Duluth. theCutlcura Remedies were
recommended. Wa started using them In
May, 1906, and soon the cure was complete.
You would not tblnk he waa the same child
for Cuticura made his skin perfectly clear and
ho is entirely free from the skin disease. There
has been no return. We still use only Cuticura Soap for baby's bath."
% Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment. Cuticura
Resolvent and Cuticura Pills are sold bv drug-
cists everywhere. 8end to Potter Drut. Vic
Chem. Corp., Boston. Mass., for a free copy of
their latest 32-page Cuticura Book ou treat-
Vent of akin diseases.
Conditions of Employment and Living In B. C. Province.
"Undoubtedly there are excellent
opportunities tor the right type ol
female immisfant in British Columbia, but we have known nl many disappointments owing to the ignorance
of new arrivals as to the different
conditions which prevail in the province, as compared with other parts
of Canada, particularly in reeard to
domestic service." This statement
was made during an interview which
a representative of Canada had with
Mrs. Pemberton, nf Victoria, and the
Rev. Canon Beanlands. who was lor
so manv years a prominent resident
of the Pacific province.
Tt was pointed nut that, while the
Chinaman is extensively employed in
domestic service in British Columbia,
the native-born Canadian girl almost
invariably seeks work in an office, a
store, or a school, being able to pick
nnd choose an occupation which, because it would give her the greatest
nmount of leisure time in the even,
ines, seems most to her taste. Another point dwelt unon waa that in
the towns of Canada those families
which ore in a position to employ
female domestic servants, expect service as such, and not as lady-helps.
Frequently disappointment has been
occasioned becanse the new-comer has
heen led to believe that she will be
treated as "one nf the family." Tn
other eases, girls have gone out who
have been employed in those large
establishments which are so numerous in the Old Country, and of which
there are so few in Canada—rich
men's nouses where a number of servants are kept, eaoh one having some
defined duty to perform, which has
made her either incompetent or unwilling to discharge the duties of a
"general" servant.
A common cause of mutual dissatisfaction between mistress and maid
—in trivial matters almost amusing
—is, however, the inadantnbility ot
the newcomer to her different surroundings. Cases were quoted of
eirls who have always used this or
that British polish, and could not be
made to realize that a Canadian-made
article—one with a name to which
they were not occu«tomed—could per.
form the work. Occasionally, also,
there is disappointment in the matter
of wages, though as much as $15 a
month may be paid to even the
"raw" girl who really shows anxiety
to learn and willingness to work.
The opportunities lor such a girl to
rise and, frequently, to settle in a
rood home ol her own, are, it waa
specially emphasized, much greater
than in the older land.
In discussing the necessary expenditure as compared with earnings, aa
to which so much difference of opinion has been expressed, it was stated
that in British CoNmbia, without
doubt, clothing is about 60 per cen).
more costly, and the making of
dresses by local dressmakers is probably twice as dear as in England. Cotton goods and underwear are, however, not any more, expensive, but
sometimes cheaper, than "at home."
"The general impression," said Canon
Beanlands. "is. I think, strongly in
favor pi the lusher wages as balanced
against the higher price of commodities; there is a larger margin for saving or spending."
As regards openings for school
teachers, typists, or stenographers,
and shops ot office workers of any
kind, the local supply is considered
quite adequate to the demand. Another point drawn attention to was
the entirely different conditions existing in cities like Vancouver or Victoria Irom those in the country districts on the mainland or islands.
Probably no province has so many
people directly from the United King,
dom engaged in fruit-farming, ranch-
inc. etc., who wouid welcome the
right sort ol female help in their
homes, and would value the addition to the family of those who could
join socially as well as helpfully in
their circle, in fact, be true "lady
Those who desire more detailed information recording the existing
openings in British Columbia might
communicate with the Secretary of
the Young Women's Christian Association in Vancouver, in connection
with which there is a committee
which looks after new arrivals, and
a hostel where a certain number can
be boarded while arranging tor a
situation. The British Women's Eml.
gration Society, which has its offices
in the Imperial Institute, London,
will aend out a personally conducted
party of young women in March.
Ciaverar Than He.
The confirmed bachelor came back
lo the club lunch Irom the end of the
earth, and we all aaked him il he waa
married (he is nearly fifty). "I shall
marry a clever woman it I do," he
replied grimly. "Thought you didn't
like those clever women, said the
youngest member simply. "I don't,"
laid the bachelor, whose views are
trell known and widely spread. "But
il ever I marry it'll be an infernally
clever woman who does it."—London
Turned to Syrup.
It was found, on the arrival ot the
British steamer Cawdor Castle, at
Port Elizabeth Irom East London, recently that the lower hold ol the vessel was full ol water, and its cargo of
TOO tons oi sugar waa iu a liquid condition.
lhal  ...SOtftt
MUt 2*0 uta.
Batter 100 It*.
tlttt.   «**
V«MtaMse MO lbs.
This represents a fair ration for a man for a year.
But some people eat and
eat and grow thinner. This
means a defective digestion
and unsuitable food. A large
size bottle of
Scott's Emulsion
equals in nourishing properties ten pounds of meat
Your physician can tell you
how it does it
to> S4LI n ill nanooiars
S*__4 ts.,, awe ot taper wl this ot. too an
beautiful Sarin* Book .nil OhiU'. BkHtoa-Boafc.
_Uak book contain* a Good Luafc Patutr.
SCOTT t\ sow.se
IM Wnlllwtn Slra.1. W..I      T«M_te. Om.
Some women are beautiful because
of their clothes, and some in spite of
No Nacaaalty.
Many  a woman makerup everything except her mind.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills the
Only Hope for Weakened
Nervous People
This warning will be read by thousands of people who only just succeed
in getting through the day's work
without a breakdown. If you feel always tired out, have but little appetite, and a poor digestion, cannot
sleep well, suffer from headaches,
backaches and nervousness, it may
mean that you ore on the verge of a
serious breakdown.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure weak
nervous, troubled men and women because of their direct action on the
blood. Every dose of these Pills helps
to make new, rich blood, which tones
the vital organs, strengthens the
nerves and brings renewed health
and strength. Mr. Geo. Johnson, of
Lequille, N.S,, suffered for some years
as a result of ove' work and strain,
but found no help for his condition
until he began the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mr. Johnson says:
—"While working on a railway handling heavy ties I hurt my back and
had to give up work. Later I was able
to do light work, but for about six
years 1 suffered from dreadful pains
in the bock and down my legs. This
condition became aggravated by indigestion and chronic constipation, and
my life was one of constant misery.
During tliose years I was treated by
different doctors, but did not get any
help. One day a friend urged me to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
proved his faith in them by presenting
me with a box. It was more to please
him than from any belief that they
would be of service to me that I began taking the Pills. Before tlie box
wos finished, however, they seemed to
be helping me; the pains in my back
and legs grew less intense and the
bloating in my stomach, caused by
the indigestion disappeared. I continued taking the Pills until I had
used over a d07.cn boxes, when I found
myself fully restoreJ to my former
health. I am now able to do heavy
farm work, and for the past yeor have
not lost a dny, or hnd the least' symptom of my former troubles, and I attribute it entirely to the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nre sold by
all medicine dealers or may be had by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"What is vour favorite wild gnme?"
The man with the grudge is usually
able to hold his own.
The Dead .Engine
(This beautiful poem   was   written
for "The Rotary," by C. J. Byrne, a
Northern    Pacific    switchman,    now
working in St. Paul.)
Just back of the door, on the playroom floor
With drivers shining bright,
An engine and train are blocking the
And the tracks are lonely tonight.
For every one of the crew has gone
And left it standing there,
On the long iron track    that   leads
away back.
To the roundhouse under the chair.
A laughing boy, a mother's joy,
Has answered his Maker's call,
For he was the crew, the  manager,
The brakeman, conductor and all.
But never more at the parlor door
Will he whistle the Sofa Grove
As his train sweeps down and into
the town
Behind the kitchen stove.
Still as a mouse, a lonesome house.
No laughing, noisy boy
To cheer our life, our grief and strife,
To fill our hearts with joy.
Your train is here, but you, my dear,
Our engineer of seven,
Will need no cars up in the stars,
The "Great White Way" of heaven.
Just About Normal
"How's your father getting along?"
"Oh, he's much better this morning.
He's begun to tind fault again."
Cures all chronic diseases. Write
hiui. His valuable adviee will
cost you nothing.
BOX 216.      NEW YORK CITY.
First Sportsman—"I wonder yon
ride a brute like that at your time of
life, Jack!"
Second Ditto—"Keeps one young,
don't you know."
First Ditto — "Likely to prevent
your gettin' old, anyway."—Punch.
'GHTS   D'-.,i
Pains That Make Misery.
A Talk With Our Lady Readers.
Have you ever noticed how miserable and unhappy the little pains and
aches make one? A stinging cut, badly chapped hands, a nasty burn, a
sore foot, a poisoned flnger—none of
them wounds or ailments ever likely
to cause serious trouble, which come
to every woman—and man, too—ond
are Just sufficient to take the edge off
one s temper and give one a "grouch."
Zam-Buk is just the thing at such
times. As soon as you put it on to
a sore, a cut, a burn, or any skin injury, it stops the pain, and the smarting and starts up healing. Don't
make the mistake that because Zam-
Buk is so widely used by medical
men, by nurses, and for serious skin
diseases and accidents, that it is only
for serious cases. Keep it handy and
use it immediately you get some trivial injury or have some little sore.
Mrs. Chas. H. Barrett, Harmony
Road, Truro, N.S., says: "I had an
ingrowing toe nail, which caused me
acute agony. Sometimes the pain was
so severe I could not sleep. It became
so bad that I feared blood-poisoning
had set in. I was advised to try Zam-
Buk and bound up the sore toe with
it. In a few days it wos much easier,
and I continued the treatment. The
result is that today the toe is sound
nnd I have no more trouble with it.
We always keep Zam-Buk in our
house, and I would strongly recommend it to every housewife."
Zam-Buk is just the thing, too, for
the little ones. Pure in its composition, and herbal in nature, it is suitable for the most delicate skin. It
also cures piles, eczema, varicose ulcers, cold sores, abscesses, blood poisoning, ring-worm, and all similar
skin diseases. Sold everywhere at 50c
a box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, upon receipt of price.
The greatest factor in sending up
the price of sardines whicli are imported from Europe is the rapidly rising price of the bait. "
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion ot the car. There Is only one way to
cure dealness, and lhat is by conatltutlonal remedies.
I)ca_neta is caused by ait Inflamed condition 01 ths
mucous limns ot the Eustachian Tube. When this
tube Is l.iDamed you have a rumbling sound or lm-
pcrlrct liearinx, and when It Is entirely closed. Deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can be
taken out uud this tube rcatorod to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever: nine cues
out ot ten ara canoed by catarrh, which Is nothing
but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaof*.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of
neatness (caused by catarrh) that cannot lie cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure, send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists. ">c
Take Hair. Family Pull tor constipation.
Argentina's Government spends as
much on education as on its army
and navy combined,
The publisher of the hest Farmer's
paper in the Maritime Provinces in
writing to us states:
"I would Bay that I tlo not know of
a medicine that has stood the test of
It lias heen un unfailing remedy ill
our household ever since 1 con remember, and has outlived dozens of
would-be Competitors und imitators."
The Teat of Time
"Are you quite sure this fish is
"Absolutely. I've held it a week to
be sure of it."
Minard's Liniment Curet   Colds, ate.
The man about to pay his fare on
the pay-iie-you-enter cur dropped a
dollar, which fell to the platform antl
rolled across the pavement into an
opening, when' it disappeared.
The loser watched its course.
"It Wouldn't have gone hull as far
if I'd spent it," he said.—Buffalo Express.
>y MUlOm o.
UUTHRKS  lor   their   CHILDREN   WHIU
toed Ior over SIXTY YKARS by MILLIONS <
Is thc best remedy Ior D1ARRHCSA. It U a»
solutely harmless, be sure and ask lor "Mra
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," aod take h otbef
kind.   Tweaty-ftve cents a bottla
Poaitiona Guaranteed Competent Men
MEN WANTED-Age 18 to S5, for Firemen
$100 monthly, antl Brakemen $80. on all
Canadian Railroads. Experience unnecessary. No strike. Promotion to Conductors
or Engineers, $150 to 8280 monthly.
Railroad Employing Headquartera
Over SOO men sent to positions monthly.
State age; send stamp.
Dept. 80S.      227 Monroe St., Brooklyn, N.T.
Awarded First Prise at World's Exposition on its Work and Methods-
Catalogue Free.   Address,
Cor Portage Ave & Fort St. Winnipeg
You Can't Cut Out
THOBOOGWflt, bnt
wUIcImb •hem off parmanantlr, and
yoa work th* bora* nm tlm*. ooal
not bUlter or remoTi th* hilr. Will
tell joo mora If sun writ*. 12.00 pal
bottla tt d'lar* ar dalif'd-Book t£>fra*.
ABSORBINB. JR.. for moklnl.
hi H bottla. Kaducaa Varloia Valni.Var*
l*oo*l*i Hydroeale, Ruptured Muacica or Lira-
mmu. VnUrgad Olanda. AlUr* p»in quickly.
t. F. YOUNG, P. 0. F., 137 Ttmplt St. Sprlngflold, Mm.
IIS KATH1NAI. USUI J. IIIIJI I'lL IM- <ll..lpf . «__•
ssryi oat SISBISSM aMM. Ctk, Ul, tosaaiw.
Daily during December.      3 mouths
Mmit.   Stop over privileges.
The Doable TracK Route.
Reduced Fares tor
Steamship Passengers.
November 11th  to  December    31st.
Five months limit.    Write   lor    lull
oarticulars and descriptive pamphlet.
General Agent. Passenger Dept.
Representative lor all Steamship Lineg
and Cook's Tours.
_80 Portage Ave Winnipeg.
Canadian Pacific
Plua 12.00 lor tha
Round Trip   -   •
From all stations in Ontario, Port
Arthur and West, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to
Tickets on sale December 15, 16 and
17, 1910; January 20, 21, 22 anil 23,
and February 14. 15 anil 16, 1911;
good to return within three mouths
from date til issue.
Apply to nearest C.  P. Ry. agent
lor full information.
W. N. U., No. 831. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Published «t Oraiid Parks, Rritlsh Columhl
K. A. Evans Editor and Publisher
A Hie of this paper oaii be seen at the office
of Messrs. E. _fc -1. Hardy Jt Co., 8.1. SI and 32,
Kleet Street, K.C., London. Kii_rUiid, free of
charge, and thit Hrm will be (.lad to receive
Ml bicrll-tloiis 'intl advertisements on our behalf.
der our forests." "Reciprocity will
swamp us with . cheap American
timber and ruin uur lumber interests."
One Vear WM
t)ne Vear (In advance)      1.00
Cue Vear, in I'lilted Slates   I.M
Address all entntnlliitcatjous to
Thk Rvbnino Sun,
Phonb H7I Gband KowiH, H.C
Thk city clerk has rendered the
corporation u valuable service by
making a thorough examination of
the water tank, and suggesting it
practicable scheme for rebuilding
the same at a modertte cost. Every
one who has inspected the tank during the past year has reported it to
he in a dungeious condition. Taking
for granted that they are right, the
city is not only liable to he cut of
from lire protection at any moment.
hut the people living beneath it are
in danger of serious damage in ' the
event of tbe collapse of tbe tank. It
is therefore apparent tbat action to
have it rebuilt cannot be taken too
Thk state of affairs in the famine
zone of China is pitiable, the daily
deaths from starvation being appalling. The matter was brought to
the attention of the city counoil by
the local clergy on Monday night,
and a way of rendering assistance
was devised. Citizens who are
charitably inclined should contribute their mite. Donations may be
left either with'the city clerk or at
the postoffice cigar store.
British Columbia now has a
minister of railways. What his
duties will be is not transparent at
first glance, as it is generally understood that Canadian railways are
under fedeial jurisdiction. Perhaps
the dispatches in tbe daily papers
furnish^ the key to the problem.
They state that the minister is to
have a large oflice stuff. There is
doubtless a horde of officeseekers
yet unprovided for in this province.
Mini, years ago the city council had under consideration a plan
for putting in a subway under the
C.P,K. tracks at Winnipeg avenue.
At that time the railway company
expressed a willingness to co-operate
with the city. If it is still similarly
inclined, it should be a good time to
do a little permanent improvement
work here this summer.
The Fruit, Packiug School
The fruit packing opened in the
rooms ahove Morrison's jewelry
store, on Bridge street, on Wednesday morning, and two sessions per
day are being held. The morning
sessions commence at 9:30 and the
afternoon sessions nt 2:00. The
school will end next Tuesday, the
couise consisting uf twelve lessons
of two and one-hulf hours each.
James Berkley, of the Okanagan
Fruit union, is thc instructor, and
the parties taking lessons speak in
complimentary terms of nis qualifications for the position he holds.
A large number of interested fruit
growers are daily attracted to the
rooms. The pupils have already
attained a high degree of efficiency,
and it is safe to predict lhat the
fruit shipped from this valley next
full will be better packed than it has
been in any previous year. The
school is being held here under the
auspices of the Grnnd Forks Fartr
ere' institute, the department of
agriculture furnishing the instructor.
The   parties  taking lessons are:
C. Meggitt, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Andrews, Mrs. Symes, T. Rooke,  Miss
Jewell, H. Burr, C.  C.  Heaven, C.
Hesse, C. McAdam, P.  H.  Donaldson, George Traunweiser and P. Me-
Niven.   The following methods   of
packing are being taught.
No   OF
2x3 Pack.     Apples.
§_, /2x3x4xo—1131
___: = \3x8xSxo    125/ .Mark 4 Tier.
.3.    f2x3xCx6—138)
3x8x6x7—163[Mark U Tier.
2x3x8x9—213[Mark 5 Tier.
2x2 Pack.
("2x2x3x4— 56
2x2x4x4— 64
2x2x4x4— 72 Mark 3A Tier.
2x2x5x5— 80
2x2x5x6— 88
2x3x6x6— 96)
2x2x6x7—104 I
2x2x7x7—111 [Mark 4 Tier.
m a
a «■
ft c
2x2x7x8—120 |
2x2x8x8—128 J
2x1x4x4— 361
2x1 Pack.
<4— 36)
2x1x4x5— 411
3 Tier Staioht,
3 wide, 3 deep, 6 long = 54
120 |
-128 J
45 [
Mark all
3 Tier.
It is quite probable that one of
reasons why member of the provincial government are straining overy
effort to misinterpret the provisions
of the reciprocal trade treaty is, that
they realize that if it is ratified and
tested its popularity might threaten
the rule of the Victoria machine.
Altiu'MKNTs against reciprocity
similar to the following, taken from
the London Advertiser, have probably appeared in every Conservative
newspaper in the Dominion. It will
he noticed that one destroys the
other: "Tho United States market
is valueless to the Canadian farmer."
"The United States market will divert our export trade to the United
States and draw us into annexation." "The cost of living in Canada will be increased by reciprocity."
"Under reciprocity, the country
will be flooded with cheap American
fruit and vegetables." "Reciprocity
will enable the Americans  to pluii-
Foi Sule at a Bargain—Twohorss-
powt'i gustffene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, eity.
Situation wanted by young lady
on first of February, March or April;
bookkeeping or teaching -preferred;
speaks English, French, German
and Dutch. Address P. O. Box 316,
Grand Forks, B. C.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
nrHOLE or separate ten-
VV dors will be received by
the undersigned up to and including Saturday, March 25th,
at 4 o'clock p.m., for the erection and completion of a residence on Winnipeg Avenue
for Judge Brown. Plans and
specifiations may bo obtained
by applying to the undersigned. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
and Repaired
S. D. CURRY has re-opened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. J_ew Johnson.at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
C_A11 Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
A Rossland tradesman was fined
$10 this week for selling tobacco to
a boy under 16 years of age. The
defendant said the boy told hun it
was for an elder brother, but merchants are warned that they cannot
supply tobacco under any condition
to a boy who is under 16 years of
age. A boy under 16 who is seen
smoking in the street, or in any
public place of resort can be summoned and lined, and no one must
give any smoking materials to a
youth under lhat age. No boy under
is can frequent a pool room no matter where it is situated, uud if u pool
room is attached lo a saloon lie must
he over 21 before he can visit it.—
Bossland Miner.
A charity ball, under the auspices
nf the Ladies oi the Maccabees and
the Pythian Sisters, is being held in
the opera bouse tonight. The attendance is large and the music
Impudence and conceit are qualities usually associated with amateurs.
Are read by the people be
cause Tiik .Sum gives them
news nf vital interest. People
no longer go looking about fur
things they want—they goto
their newspaper for iuforma
tion as to where such things
may bo found. This method
saves time and trouble. If
you want to bring your wares
to the attention of this community, our advertising columns
Wall Papen
Our new stock is now in. Call and make selections at once while there is a large variety of samples to choose from. We have a special Book on
House Decoration, free to tliose buying paper from us.
^i WOOD LAND    &   CO.K-
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at ■
To bring in your Wheels
to have them overhauled,
so that you may get more
enjoyment out of the
balmy'spring days.
Bicycle Doctor
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
jib e\sm%sm Jt-i7AX17ft FT. LOT between
K?K|| S.vunihiiiii Third itreeu,
^M^*3U   jiut iilinvu Jiidire lomny'i
**\\w ^sW "^XW •*\w mul li. Gaw's plaoni »ei>-
uruled fi'ntii all other properties hy 2(Mt.
Inni'. us turtTQUB unveil or Hjjlit ui'diti.iry lota.
iiiljniiiin- Idts* pre worth si di; would mnke
nice home, with milHelent trr«mi<l Tor chli-lf •
enn, fruit, u'lirilfin uml luvvn; most ileairulilu
ideation in city.
Show cards for Widnowa and inside
are u fine form of silent salesmen,
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
For Sale—Two bedroom suite?,
Bolid walnut, including springs nnd
mattress, at lid and (22, Apply
Mr?. J. Jiraniley, near G. N. depot.
Yh.Ii. L»tld Dlitrlcl, lUbtrlct of Sinillkniiipfii.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt SUM Uufiit*. of CoMetl,
I iimhoIh. u.s.a.. (ii'tiiinitiou Parmer* Intend., to a|ip|)' for piTiitUmioii to purrliUHt! tin-
foli'-nihlf itencrilii'il Ifllitlvi
CoNltllPlll'ltlll nt (I |)OHt lllltlltf'll HllOIlt 2H
OhalllMMt of tllO   Mlllllll'llst    (Milll'T   of   Lot
IJIHS., "ii Used Creek; tbonoo well siichfiltm;
ttienoo south StU ohnliitt tlimice uiwt 60chalm!
thenoe south 2u ehaina; thence emt 20chali.il
thenoe north 40 cftttlni to point of commence*
SIUR MNGI.E, Applicant,
J.R Croniton, Agent.
Dutid December 12th, 1010.
Ynlo Uml District, District of Similknmectt.
TAKK  notice that I, AgnewBUen Paulson,
oi I'auUoii,   H. On occn nn tion Wile, in*
tcmU io apply for  porm Union to purchase
thn lullrnvhiniii'-crlheil land*:
Coimneiicinir nt a post planted at the
ho nth went corner of ,1, MlllerN pre-rmp-
i inn, Lot 1118 S., on Deep Creek: thence north
ft) chains: thence went JOchainn. theneesonth
in chnins: thence we*t 40 clmlns. thence
couth Sochainai thence enst (10 chains to the
point of commeaoeinetit
J. It. Crunttoti, Airent.
Duted Dot ember Uth, 1010.
88 ACRES adjoining
city limit* on ■"Uth;
14 nureN cleared) 150
fruit trees; new four*
room limine; tmrii f<r six ho runs; horse,
luiuiry. double liiirneaa and tunning implement v    AII for I32Q0.    Kus.v term -
and three lots within
one lil-'ik of business
„ centre|   lawn, shade
'reps, fruit ireeiiberry buihei, large garden*
Will (linn tell furniture of house If desired.
Otit-liiilf rich, baliiiicc terms.
5> AflPA I1., miles from town;
fl I ____#____■ V ' |,<M"11 house, plus*.*
li 11 nril 'ii il; Iii r ue Ini_,'ir3'iilieil,
nilllkW   wnoJshed;   160    unit
irei'K. 70 lieiirUiif; _,''L. ucres strawberries,
KooNeherrics, eurratith, raspberries: free from
irost; the limt tociitfonaroutut Grand Korks;
plenty of go.id water; fruit nud orop Included.
Ilct ween :i hnd 4 acres
In West end of city;
first i Iiish noil, nil under enl ivutinii; smnll'
uOiioldliofs; well amf
pump; i: 1 fence,   'this ll n HiicrllicH.asowth
eriiabotii toleavoclty, Termi,
18000 Oftih) bal
uni'C terms. One
oi but hotels in
, the lillHluesH cen
tre<if <irnud Ko'Us: now tlnlutr a prolituble
bltilliOMJ owner denires to remove to the
coast. Thlsls the liest harfrnlii In thi" pnrt
of   the province, as tbere are hut level) hotel
II censes in th •mul Korks.   city Is growing
rapidly. Soother town In southern Hritish
Columbia has ns bright future pulped*.
For further information re
Riirding the ahove properties
call or address
foam or notici
Yiilfl l.nliil DInirlct, Ul.tricC uf .Slnillkninpeii,
TAKK NOTICB Hint Tliiinm*  llmiry  Paul-
nun, ul 1'HllI.uil, H. C.   m-c'ipittiuil   Mnr-
rliniii. IiiIiuhm lo mnily lur  permliiloii to
imro_taMthelollowlpff umorlbed hunt-;
OninmeiifliKr «t a pout iiliuitfiil ulmut H'xty
I'linlnn norlli ol tlie nortliiint i ormir ol MII10I
HimiImtS pri- i-mplinii. Lot 11111 S., on Deop
Crpiik; thence norlli H ohnltltl tnonoD went
iOonhlnil thenee unilth 8(lcl»>liin; thence emt
J. K. UriiiiHtoii. AKi'iit
Itaieil Decemher 12th, mil.
2,500,00 feet of commercial
Umbel- on property; £500 hewn
log home; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $876 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Taking on the Pilot
Our OtaMHtad Want Ma. will
pll«t Ik* ship •* kwinoH te ts*
•««• liaiMr at commercial pret-
parlty. fatal* m_ tk* "ArtlelM
tae m*Mm ma.. It yarn hata Mm«-
thlnc te wn tell th«n akwit It.
On. latf PMwhliMfy Arm In
Tmanta ha* built up It* butlMM
ky ulnc OlaaalfM Want Ads. .%
IKKDLKWOKK vaiitnl todo «t home.  Call
on Mr-. Wm   Keron.Seeoml ttreet.
Gi>IIIM>ASTUI<A<IKforinttle rlowto cltyi
Miff fenee: iihiiniltlee ol fet>(1.   For term:
apply lo John Hummer, Kointli of July creek.
WIN I'Kll •Sltiiiiilon 11. Jmiltor or harteml-
er.   A'ldn'.s W.  J., Umieral  Delivery.
Hi .m.i Korli«, 11.1'.
FUKNISHKIl KOOM8-Apply Mr.. E.Cruw-
MVKItTISINO SI'ACK In The Sim.the moat
widely read nowHpupvr In till. Kettle Vnl -
I   otHoe.
new.    Apply Sun
rllHKH   HOTTI.KS fold  Nelion  Reer   SOo.
I   Lion Uuttltnir Works.
BAKN AND llnUSK-Tho Korrenter burn, 2
lots nml houHe, In Coliimbiu.   Apply J. 11.
I'lntli, Box 111.
I AHOK BOTTLE Port Wine Mo, Uoii Hot-
tlini. Works.
LANll—lOii aeres icooil timothy land.  Apply
Ihis office.
QPAi'K for udTertUliiff   purposos  In The
Sun. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
6 Year Old Girl Curedof
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
Pills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent ami uncontrollable, especially at night. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to In.vc frequent
headaches, and the least exertion
would tire her.
I We had tried
linany remedies,
1'iut she did not
improve. Finally
■we learned of
I Booth's Kidney
ll'ills and procured a box. In a
short time slit? was
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal, and she plays around
the house with no apparent fntigue
We always recommend Booth's Kidney Pills."
Booth's Kidney Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will be refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, 50c box, or postpaid from the R. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H. E. Woodland A Co.
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The committee appointed at the
irrigation meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the power contract
with representatives of the Cascade
Power & Light company, had a conference with E. B. Gibson yesterday.
Mr. Gibson expressed a willingness to
consider all the objections made to
the agreement with the exception of
the one asking for a reduction in meter rentals from 50 to 25 cents per
month, stating that thiB clause is
identical with the price the city
charges for power meters. The contract, as amended, has been forwarded to Manager L. A. Campbell
for approval.
While only nine votes were cast
at the irrigation meeting last Tuesday hy parties who intend to purchase pumping plants, it should not
be inferred that this is the total
number that will be installed this
spring, A number of ranchers who
have expressed themselves as being
ready to install plants were not
present at the meeting.
The high price 6f living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
An interesting communication has
just been received by British Columhia sheriffs from Ottawa to the
effect that the Dominion government does not contemplate the appointment of a successor to the late
Radcliffe, as Canada's official executioner. In future, it is said, ihe
sheriff will be expected to provide
hangmen as occasion demands in
their respective districts.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
NTHEMvTTER ol the Und Registry Act
nml In the matter of thu title to Lot 17:I."i
ilroiip 1, Osoyoos lilvl.loii, (now known ai
Similkameen) lllvlafon ol Vale District,
llritish Columbia.
WlllfKKAS Oertillcute or Title of Patrick
Tarrlon, being Certllleate of Title Nn.
7i)4ilt to the atinvo hereilitnments has heen
lost or ilustroyed, an application tins tiut'n
made to me lor aduplloale thereof.
Notice is hereby given that a duplicate Cer*
tilloitteo! Title to the above hereditaments
will lie Issued tit thu expiration of one month
from the date hereof, unless in the meantime
valid objections to the contrary be made to
me in writing.
District Registrar ol Titles,
Laud Registry Office.
Kamloops, B. C, Sept. 1,1910.
$4.00 Ptf Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Frii.
47 W. HWH ST. M* YOU
(hiMUheil Annually)
Knitliien trailer*  tliroiurhout  the world  tu
ooiii mil ii it'ute direct with Biiffllih
I ii <Mioh cIiih of u<id<]». Hfsiilfw being u com1
|il"tn' comniAiniu] liiiidi- to London nnd It*
.iiliiirlm, the directory cmitulim lUtt of
with the (iotidn they uhlp, mid (tie ('olonlnl
.ui I KorHtrti Murket* ihey m.ppl.v;
.i rriifiirH under the I'orti to which thoy aall,
mini Indloatlnji theniiproxlmnte Stilling*;
. J i»
I'titnwof tlm United Kingdom.
K aopy of the current edition will he for'
.Minted, freight |inld, on receipt of Pimtiil
»pl«r for 20s.
nf leading .Maiiiifnoturvrii, Merchant*, ate., iti
rhe prliiflpa' t»r •viuc.iiii towuiand Ind nut Hit!
Metiers seeking Aactioles can advertise
their tradf*,(!iir<l« ior £1, or liirgor advert.ae
menu from £3,
iit, Abehuroh Lane, Lutitlun, E.C.
J. A. Todd and left on Tuesday
for Spokane, where Mr. Todd will assumes the duties of manager of tbe
Wild Rose Orchard company.
Holy Trinity CnoRcn,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.in.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior Leigue, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. .Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at II a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
NOTICE Ir hereby given thnt an application
l» . will be mnde under Part V. of ihe "Water
Act, two." to obtain a license In the Hlmilka-
tneen Dlvinloiinf Yalo District.
(a) The immei, ndilrean a n dore u put Inn of the
appflcai'tH: VV, A. Cooper nnd A. -I. Cooper,
Qrand PorkN.'B. ('.. K'niohem. (If for minimi purponei") Free Miner'* CertlflfM'e No	
(b) Tho niiiiii'Di' the lake, it res in or Honrec (if I
unnamed, the dcucrlpil'in N) Hninll lake (no |
nnme) wholly tUrnfe upon  Lot Number f*<0. I
Group I.Slmilkiinieen DlVlllon  of   Yule District, M. C.
(0) Thbpoint of nlvomlmii At Hmithwest
portion of aaid I <ke In mild I.nt Number ■'■(ill,
(til 'TheqiiHtitiivof wuter applied for (iu cu-
Mefeetper second): due entile foot perscr-
(e) The I'lmrtii'tiT of lhe propped work*:
Pumping plant and pipe.
(f> . i he prera|Nft« on wn[m the water Is to be
used (ihuerlbe name): 1'ortlnn of Lot .600.
QmtlpOne, WiiillKHiin'i'ii Mlvlnluli of Yale On*
trlel, owned bv atipMeatilii.
(it) The purpoM'N for Whicli the water Is to lie
iiM'd:  Irrlualliiii and iijrricu|Mir«'_
(I;) If for Irritfii'londewrihuthe lnn-1 Iniftml
ed to hi' nrlmiir I. ulvluv aerenue- Kiint fifty
acres olhiiIiI Lot-MI0, droiti><hie, Mltnllktmivcii
Division of Yale Dlitriel, H. (.'., owned by applicant*.
(1) li'the water If tohe u«cd for power nr intuitu.' purpOHctidWOriliO the plnee where the water
N tn Im- returned lo noma nntnral channel, and
tho difference In altitude between the (mint of
llverniiiu and the point of return:   Sol to-he
The London Sunday Chronicle
announces that a certain discovery
made by "Spook" Stead and soinf-
body named Bottomley is likely to
prove of great value to Canndian
farmers. The discovery comprises a
chemical composition which Stead <__.
Co. have christened "Nitro-Bacter
ine." The virtue they claim for Ihis
stuff certainly places a strain upon
human credulity, but still it may be
all right. The stuff is a fertilizer,
and it is asserted that it will transform sandy wastes into fertile and
flourishing pastures, Tbe copt ie
next to nothing, for one gallon,
wbich will endow an acre of lnnd
with an abnormal crop, costs only
one dollar, and it is guaranteed to
return within two years a clear profit
of #150. This ought to be news to
some of McRride's settlers, one of
whom I met the other day. He has,
so he says, piled up a fortune on it
It was among the ranges, where life
serfdom brings ill changes,
That I met him, when light-hearted he took up his bit o' land.
With bright hopes before him gleaming, as he  set to  work,  and
Of the fortune time   would  bring
him in tbis   country rich and
But, alasl long years    of    toiling
brought him raught but  ceaseless moiling,
Till the curse of  disappointment
lay like lead upon his heart,
Yet   he  labored lute nnd early, to
maintain existem e barely,
While he watched his aspirations,
witb bis surplus cash, depart,
But our ways apart had  drifted, for
I took the tip and shifted
To  a   spot   upon   Ihe river that
would grow a bit of hay; ■
And for months I hadn't met  him,
though   I  did not quite forget
Till I chanced to run across him
down in Menzies street today.
But the change and tranformation,
and the look of glad elation
That he wore left one bewildered,
aB he gazed at me serene—
"Must have sold his old selectinn.to
have shifted his dejection,"
But  he   answered, when I nsked
him, simply "Nitro Bacterine."
"Yes," said he, "I've struck   salvation," and in tones of jubilation
He proceeded to inform me what
had brought the change about;
"You   re-nember   how I struggled,
till my head got sick and   fuddled. '
And  for  years  I couldn't get a
blanky blade of grass to sprout?
Well, my coin hnd all but vanished,
and my last hope had banished,
For I knew I'd have   to   sling  it
when I hadn't got a 'bean,'
When I struck a Yankee paper.with
a strange new-fangled caper—
Som°thiin» new in fertilizers.chris
tened 'Nitro-BacterineP
Well, 1 tried it and succeeded—'twas
the one thine that I needed
To start me  «n the high road to
become a millionaire—
Yuu could never find a match now,
for inv sandy little patch now—
'Twill go eighty to the acre—with
a hng or two to spare.
There's a harvest every quarter, and
I don't depend on water,
I can laugh at all the flood  times
and the droughts  you've  ever
Ever  acre  costs   a  dollar, but for
every one I collar
Over fifty,since I toik   to   using
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Flrst-
plans accommodation! for
transients. Board and
rooms by the week at pre*
vailing rates. Fine Uue of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always In stook at the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
such convenient!.* as "The  iliilutiee Shift'
"The Kullng Devlce"-"The Double Kelcuse"-
"The    Lncomollve    Bane"—"The     Automatic
Spacer"—"The   Automatic  Tabulator"—"Th,
Ttie O'iver Typewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!!
Please read the hcadllne'over apt In.  Then iln'
tremendous Ptirai flounce will Ihwu u|mn you
An Oliver Typewriter—tbe standard  visible
writer—the moat highly per;   ted typewriter
op the market—yours (or 1* cants     day!
The typewriter whuse conquest of the commercial world Isa matter of histo v— vmnv for
1 cents a day I
The typewriter that is equipped with toorea ol
uch conveniences as "The itnluuee Shift"—
'The Double Belease'1-
ise'—The Automatic
atio Tabulator"—"The
-"The Adjustable IV
per Klnt_W-"The Sei-
ciuific Condensed Kev<
board"-all -2j
Toon for 17
Gents a Day!
We anounced thli-
new sales plan recently, just to feel the pulse of
the people. Simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents a day. That Is the plau In a nutshell.
The result has been such a deluge of applications for machines that wu are simply em-
The demand comes from people of all classes,
all sues, all occupations.
The majority of Inquiries has come ;from peo'
leof known financial standing who were at-
tmctcd by the novelty of the propos. 'on. An
impressive demonstration of the Immense pop*
u .arity of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief that
the Km of Universal Typewriting Is at baud.
A Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money.with
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter la a money-makei
riglit Irom the word "ml" Soeaiy to ran thai
beiniinen noon net in ihe "expert" oliM, Earu
aiyiiu learn. Utthe machine pay Ihe 17 cent*
a duv—nud all above that la youra.
Wherever yuu are, tliere la work to be1 done
and money to be mail" by ualng the Oliver. The
liii-lnesB world Is calling lor ullver oneratnra.
I here are not enough to supply the demand
I Heir salaries are considerably above tliose ol
inaiiy.i'lassesof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That is lhe bailie cry today. Ae have made
lhe Oliver supreme In luehllMUIlM absolutely
Indispensable In businuu. Now comes the con'
illiest of the home,
The simplicity ami strength or the Oliver lit li
lor family use It is becoming an Important
factor 111 the home training of voung people.
A n educator as well as a money m'nk..r.
Onr new selling plan put, the Oliver on Ihe
threshold ol every home-In America, will von
eiose the liniir of your home or olliee on this remarkable Oliver offerT
Write for further details ot our easy oiler and
a free copy of tne new Oliver catalog.'  Address
The Oliver Typewriter Coinpany,
Oliver typewriter Building,
"Spread the neivn to every 'cocky,'
tliini_.li   his   Inml   lie bare and
Thpilgh he's toiled from  dawn  to
ilnrknt'ss,   year   by   year, and
toiled in vain;
Though (trim ruin's on liiin  creeping, there's a chance that  waits
his reaping —
Tell him 'Hactorine' will put him
on his solid legs again!"
Since I left him  I  have   i ondered,
and the more I thought I won
If his trials had sent him crazy—
u,_hI for power or mining pnrp .s«. if his woes too much had heen;
0!i .reaiiicriiiviiiHiiiiintciidedi to be oecu- Qr pPrf.|,ancein cultivation   of   his
pieil n>  llie propoiisi wonts;   inii. • ...
(k) This uolli-e was pn.ted ou the tit-i -lav of
-latniniy. H'll. and application will be made
to the roinmlssliilier oil the lfith dnv of February, inn.
(I) '.ue the iiaiiii-s and addresses nf any
riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose
Inliil-ar.-liselyto beallecti-d by the proposed
work",either above or below the outlet: w, A.
Cooper and A. J. Cooper. Ihe applicants,
(tllgnatiite)   ,W. A.OOOPRR,
(P. o. AdiircMi urand Ifdrki, ii. o  Boundury country
(■troll); imagination
He hail used "Spook's" fertiliz"r.
christened "Nitro-Bacteiine."
—J, J. M., in Victoria Tines.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing department   III the
Receive hoth Ladles and Gentlemen aa real*
dent or day students; has a complete Com -
merclal or Business Course; prepares stu-
dentsto train Teachers' CYrtMcatea ol all
grades; gives the lour years' course lor tin
M. A. degree, am) the first year ol the Schoo
ol Science course. In affiliation with tbe To
ronto University; hnt a special proepeotore
course for miners who work In B.C. In-true
tion Is also given In Art, Music, Physleal Cul
ture and Elocution. Term opens Sept. II,
IMS.   For fale'iiliirw. etc.. address
Mining Stock Quotations
JIoston, March Hi.—The following are today's optiliing i|iiutaiiiiiis foi
the stuck* inuiili inctl:
Asked,       Kid
Granby Consolidated.   46.00   8800
B. C.   Copper       7.25     ti.GU
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, March 16.—8ilvor,64§;
■tandard copper,tn>. -0(n 12,25, steady,
London, March 16—Silver, 26J;
lend, £ 13 5b.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
;ed in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies itl all parts nf
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 87.50 in' full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postotfice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Some liiisiness men nre m fond i
licing  deceived  thut liny even endeavor lo believe thnt they ran reach
the ooneumera of this disliict without advertising in Thc Sun.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion Lands within the
Kuilway Belt ol llritish Columbia may be
homesteailed by any person who is the bead
ol u faml ly. or any male over eighteen years
of age, to the extent of ooe-ituiirter section
ol 160 aeres, more or less.
Kutry must lie made personally at the local
Inml office lur the district In which tbe laud
is situate.
The homesteader ia rewired to perlorm
the conditions coiine_tt4si therewith under
one ol the following plans:
(I] At least six mouths' reslilenoe upon and
cultivation ol the land In each year lor three
(2) If the lather (ur mother, II the lather Is
deceased), olthe homesteader resides upon a
fiirm in tin- vicinity ol the land entered for,
the requirements as to resideuoe may he sat.
Istled by such person residluff with the lather
or mother.
(S) 11 the settler has his permanent resilience upon farming lund owned hy him iu
the vicinity, ol hts homestead, the require-
incuts as to'resldeuce may be satisfied by
residence iiiiiiii the said land.
six months' notice in writing should be
given tile Commissioner o! Dominion Lauds
at Ottawa of intention to apply lor patent.
Coal -Ciiai mining rights mav be leased
for a period of twenty-one years ut all annual rental of fl. un per acre. Not mure shun
I.MIIaeres -bull be leased to one Individual or
i-oliipitiiy. A royalty at the t-iiteof live cent,
tier too shall lie collected on the merchant-
uhle cml mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised  publication of  thi.
advertisement will not he paid for. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Her Lack of Skill
Lockspur—"My wife can do anything on the sewing machine."
Burlap—"Mine can't. She tried to
sew a button on my coat the other
night, and broke ten sewing machine
needles, the button, und put thirteen
stitches into her finger."
A tireless worker so long as supplied
with rich, red blood.
The brain is one of the most patient
nnd industrious organs of the body.
It can be induced by good treatment,
to perform prodigies of work.
But it is sensitive and will not
brook abuse. It responds to the lash
ut first, but if the lash i.s laid on too
hard it balks.
The brain insists on having plenty
Tommy's Hurry
Gmndfather—"Hey! Stop a minute, boy.   I want 'ee."
'tommy—"Can't, 'cos mother's waiting to give me a thrashing."
Grandfather—"Bless me! Fancy a
boy running for it."
Tommy—"Well, if I don't, father'U
get home first, and he's got a heavier
A Standard Medicine.—Parmelee's   Vetre-
tahle Pills, compounded ol entirely vege-
nf o-nnrl   roil hlnriil wherewith in renew I tahle •ubtances known to have a revivify-
oi gooa, reo. moon wnerewnn to reniw   ,_._, an(I MlutarT offoot unon thB di„,tivt
its waste antl from which to manu
facture  the   nerve   force   supplied  to
the whole body.
Nervous trouble is generally bruin
trouble, and no suffering is to be compared to mental suffering, with the
accompanying dread, suspicion and
One-fifth of the blood in thc human
body is consumed by the brain, so
make the blood rich and red by using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food and you will
overcome diseases of the nerves.
There is no other way. Stimulants
arouse false hope. Narcotics deaden
the nerves, and temporary relief is
followed by a condition which is
worse than the first.
Get the blood right and the nervous
system will adjust itself. Headaches
will disappear, irritability will go,
digestion will improve, and weakness
and despondency will give place to
new hope and courage, new vigor and
Mrs. Geo. Fuller, Lakeland, Man.,
writes:—"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
cureil me of nervous headache, from
which I was a great sufferer, and I
am no longer troubled with twitch-
ings of the nerves in the arms and
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food will
enable you to avoid such extreme
nervous trouble as prostration and
paralysis. 60 cents a box. 6 boxes for
$2.50, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
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inc. and salotary effect upon the dint-stive
organs, have through years of use attained
so eminent a position that they rank as
a standard medicine. The ailing should
remember this. Simple in their composition, they can he assimilated by the weak-
eat stomach and are certain to have .a
healthful and agreeable effect on the sluggish digestive organs.
Concrete Stairs Need No Repairs
Easy to Build and Last Forever
Gyer—Windig had an athletic stroke
Myer—Athletic stroke! You mean
paralytic stroke, don't you?
Gyer—No, I mean just what I said.
He got mixed up with a professional
Small quantities of Japanese canned
beef are being shipped to this country
for consumption by Japanese residing
mostly on the Pacific coast.
As Good as Having a
Doctor in The House
Doctors failed to cure his Bright's
Disease, but he found relief In the
Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Clam Point, Shelburne Co., N. S.
(Special)—Joshua Nickerson, postmaster here, is among the many in
this neighborhood who tell of pains
relieved and disease banished by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I am sixty-two years old," says the
postmaster, "And I'll tell you why I
think so highly of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. Owing to a bad cold my Kidneys commenced to bother me, and
thettrouble developed into Backache,
stiffness of the joints, and finally
Bright's Disease.
"I was treated hy a doctor, but that
did not help me much, and it was
six boxes of Dodtl's Kidney Pills that
brought me relief."
Everywhere you go in Canada people tell you of the great work Dodd's
Kidney Pills are doing, and everyone
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there is no case of Kidney Disease
Dotld's Kidney Pills cannot cure.
These people have tried them and
proved this true. Backache, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Diabetes, Lumbago,
Heart Disease and Bright's Disease
are Rome of the more serious troubles
house ns  long us my    children    are t|lllt Docl(1's Kidney Pills always eure,
small.   They are   a   wonderful medl- 9impiy because these,  ure   all   either
cine and are as good as having a doc-  Kidney diseases  or    are    caused  by
tor in the house.   I gave them to my 1 diseased Kidneys.
little boy for colic and they quickly j	
cured him.    I am always giad to re.
commend them   to   other   mothers."
The Tablets are soltl by medicine deal.
ers or at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine   Co.,    Brockville,
That is what thousands of mothers
say of Baby's Own Tablets. These
Tablets promptly and surely cure all
tbe minor ills of babyhood antl childhood, ond what is more tbey are absolutely safe—they have never been
known to harm the youngest baby—
they never will barm anyone—they
are good for babies of all ages. Con-
cerriing them Mrs. Wm. Higgins,
Karn, Ont., writes:—"I shall never be
without   Baby's   Own  Tablets  in   the
The potato wns first grown as a
hobby by Spaniards in the sixteenth
century, but it wits not until the
eighteenth century that it was grown
for food.
INK. Look for tbe signature of E. W.
GROVE. Used the World over to
Cure u Cold in One Day.   25c.
"I punished you merely to show my
love for you," suid the father.
"T-that's all r-right," sobbed the
little fellow. "It's a g-good thing I
ain't h-big enough th return your
The Caller—It must have taken a
lot of will-power for your husband to
stop smoking.
Tlie Hostess—Yes, indeed, my dear;
it took all I had, for six months.
MO matter how you view it
wooden stairways can never
be considered economical.
Wood deteriorates rapidly
under ordinary usage, and requires frequent, and often extensive, repairs to keep it in
good condition.
Concrete stairs will be as
good fifty years later as the
day they are first put up. Age,
which proves so destructive to
wood, serves only to intensify
the strength and hardness of
concrete. Needing no repairs
or painting, concrete first cost
is last cost.
Let us send you our new illustrated book free—" What the Farmer
Can Do With Concrete." Photographs
and diagrams show many examples of
concrete work aa applied to the construction of farm utilities. Much of
this work you'll And you can do in
your spare time. Writ* for lh« book
to-day. It may save you dollars,
though it only costs a cent.
Canada Cement Co.
51-60 National Bank BuildlnJ
"Man," she sighed, is never interesting."
"No. In the summer time he talks
nothing but baseball; in tbe winter
nothing put politics."
Woman suffrage has heen indorsed
by the Minnesota State Editorial Association.
Shiloh's Gure
fUaaJy .lope Miih earn. mUi  Seale
&. ttuoataad luce. •   -   • tf mam.
Diphtheria, Quinsy and Tonsilitis
begin with sore throat. How much
better to cure a sore throat in a day
or two than to be in bed for weeks
with Diphtheria. Just keep Hamlins
Wizard Oil in the house.
When a girl knows she isn't pretty,
she must be. clever; in fact, clever
j enough to know she isn't pretty.
Ice sells for a cent a pound in some |    PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS
parts of Mexico. j Your druggist  will  refund money  il
  ! PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
Corns are caused liy the pressure ol tight cnse ol Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
& & l\T^LX TrS&r.. Protruding Pile, in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Holloway's Corn Cure ie available. I -""■ .
  |    "Do you tell your wife everything
Strong minds ure much more any--you do while she is away?"
thing than agreeable. |    "No; tbe neighbors attend to that."
The Imitator
"Why," protests her husband,
"should woman have the monopoly of
thc  low  neck? "—London Bystander.
Minard's  Liniment Cur*  Diphtheria,
A Welsh rabbit may he cooked on
an electrical chafing dish at an expense of 1 1-2 cents for current.
Fresh Supplies In Demand.—Wherever Dr.
Thomas' Ki-U-i-trii- Oil has been introduced
increased supplies have been ordered.
Hhnwinc. thnt wherever it goes this excellent Oil impresses its power on the people.
No matter ln what latitude it may be
found lie potency is never impaired. It
is pot up in rnoet portable shape in bottles
t»'"i can be carried without lear ol breakage.
Miud—"Why don't you prefer
Harry to Will? Harry is capable of
Gladys—"Yes, but Will owns some.
"At lost," said the ambitious young'
novelist, "I have written something
that 1 think will be accepted by the
first magazine  it   is sent to."
"What is it?" his friend asked.
"A check for a year's subscription."
Small but Potent.-l'arnu'loo'H Vegetable
Pills are small, hut they aro effective in
action. Their fine iitialiticH ns a corrector
ol stomach troubles arc known tn thou-
sands and they aro in constant demand
everywhere by those who know what a sale
and simple remedy they are. They need
no introduction to those acquainted with
thorn, hut tn those who may not know
them Ihey are presented as the hest
preparation on the market lor disorders of
the Btomach.
A thousand red enrs have been
ordered for the Vermont husking bee
in Boston. And how many chaperons?
—Boston Herald.
Minard't   Liniment  Curet  Qarget  In
Tbe final revised edition nf the
New Testament, together with the
first completed book nf the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, is now
issuing from the press ut Pekin in
W. N. U., No. 831.
Navy Cut
iYrrnrinrrrtr>T^^v^g^ THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. R.
Its First Case and the
Way the Bill Was Paid
Copyright. 1910. by American Preae
Tbe doorbell rang sharply, and Eva-
Una dropped tbe rolling phi and opened tbe aide door. I
A iuuu stood In tbe porch, his bat ln
hand—a good' looking man of forty,
perhaps, wltb a nice smile and a well
shaped bead. Evallna liked a man to
bave a well shaped bead, and ahe
rather liked Ibe looks of thli man.
Wben be spoke abe liked tbe deep
mellow tones of bla voice.
"I am looking for Miss Ward," he
said pleasantly.   "Is sbe at borne?"
"I am Mlas Ward," acknowledged
Evallna. smiling.
"I waa told Mlas Ward could supply
me wltb some homemade bread."
"I have wheat, rye and graham."
Evallna opened a glass case ibat rested on a aide table and from Its depths
drew forth a crisp golden loaf
"I'll take one of eacb." be declared.
Just then tliere came a querulous
voice from a room beyond tbe kitchen.
"Evallna, wbo are you talking to}
You ain't got any beaus out there,
bare you?"
Tbe girl (lushed brightly, and a
Strange air of reserve settled over her
lovely face. "It Is my Ureat-aunt Harriet Sbe Is very old and somewhat
peculiar. I hope you will oot mind
wbat she said."
"Evallna! That's Tom Tsylor's voice.
What's be doln' bere?" Aunt Harriet's
voice shrilled through tbe rooms..
The man let himself out the door
while Evallna baatened to tbe side of
bedridden Aunt Harriet
"What's Tom Taylor doing here?"
■sked Ibe old woman iieevtsbly.
"It wasn't Tom. Aunt Harriet; It
was a stranger." explained tbe girl
wltb sweet patience.
"What you going to give me for sup.
per?" Wltb Evelina's belp she sal up
wbile the girl brushed back ber scanty
gray lucks and straightened tbe bedclothes.
"Creamed toast and peaches, some of
my fresh Jumbles and a eup of tea."
"Bounds dreadful good. Hvulluu. I
expect I'm migbty cross to you some
times. You've got tbe patience of an
angel, for you ain't never cross." Aunt
Harriet stretched forth a bony hand
and caressed tbe girl's bright balr.
Kvallnu iiem and kissed her softly
"Too bad 1 can't be nice to you. Aunt
Harriet, you're all I've got lu the
"I'm a poor critter." lamented Aunt
Harriet—"not worth my sail. You're
killing yourself baking and brewing
tbere to make a living for us both. I
wish you'd get married, Evallna."
"Maybe I shsll marry a millionaire,"
laughed Evullua as sbe went busily to
aud fro "You would like tbat. aunt
for I shouldn't do any more baking.
Wouldn't tbat be perfectly lovely? You
might ride In an automobile. How
would you like that?"
"I wouldn't like lt a mite." said Aunt
Harriet grimly. "I'd say to the driver.
'You ran take me right up to tbe
graveyard now; I'm bound to get tbere
If I go riding In an automobile.' and
so if tbere was an accident I'd be
right bandy to the Ward plot. Tbere.
Evallna. tbat supper does smell real
tasty. It's a sbame you don't get married. You are a splendid cook, and
aome good man would appreciate yon."
"Aunt Harriet. I believe you might
operate a matrimonial bureau, only
please don't practice on me. I'm loo
busy to get married."
Evailna hurried away to attend to
ber baking, wblcb by a series of accidents bad been delayed until tbe late
afternoon. As sbe bustled to and fro.
putting things to rlcbts. clearing away
the disorder of flour and other Ingredients, sbe passed a amall mirror banging on tbe wall.
"Pear me!" murmured Evallna. "I
wonder If tbat smudge of dour waa on
my forehead wben be wu In ben. 1
hope not"
"Evallna. do come and aet me right!"
called the old lady "I've eat my supper and spilled tbe tea, and 1 want to
go lo sleep."
When Evallna had cleared away the
nipper things and Audi Harriet had
been tucked under tbe covers Evallna
sst a long lime over ber own meal
with soft brown eyea dreamily died on
the glowing square of the stove door.
Every day thereafter the strange
man called al Uvallnt's house and
bought some product of her baking.
One day several weeks after tbe
stranger's flrst visit Aunt Harriet was
left alone In tbe boose while Evallna
went to a nearby town to order sup
piles. Late In tbe afternoon thero
came a knock al tbe sitting room door.
"Who Is It?" demanded Aunt Harriet shrilly.
"I would like some bread, please,"
came tbe meek voice of tbe stranger.
"The key's under the mat" called
Aunt Harriet eagerly. "Come right
When the door had opened and closed and she knew the stranger waa In
tbe sittltg room Aunt Harriet called
again: "Evallna's gone to tbe store.
If yoo want bread yon can take It
from tbe ease snd leave the money on
the table.   Be yon Tom Taylor?"
"No. I'm not Mr. Taylor. I merely
called for some bread. I'll help my-
tait witb your permission," came ths
genial tones In reply.
"Will you please come here a moment?" Aunt Harriet spoke rather
timidly for a woman of her forcible
"Certainly, If you wish." In an Instant be was filling tbe bedroom doorway and looking down at Aunt Harriet's eager old face. "Wbat can 1 do
for you?" he asked kindly.
"I wanted to see yoo. I like yonr
voice," said Aunt Harriet, with sudden decision. "Wbat did you say
your name was?" sbe asked shrewdly.
The stranger smiled broadly. "I
didn't say, bnt 1 am Ur. Maasen, tbs
new physician in town."
"Dr. Maasen," repeated Aunt Harriet slowly, aa If she enjoyed tha
sonnd of tbe words. "Aro yon married, young mnn?"
"No. I am not" be laughed lightly.
"Drink?" asked Aunt Harriet briskly.
"Yes. and enjoy It too."
Aunt Harriet shook ber head disapprovingly, but made no comment
"Chew?" she asked.
"Lord, nor' he laughed again. "And
I don't believe I use swear words
"Yes, you do. You Just said one,"
contradicted tbe old woman dryly.
"But never mind; you'll do."
"Thank you for saying so. And
now may I hare tny bread?"
"You better wait till Evallna comes,"
suggested Aunt Harriet agreeably.
"You can alt right down ln the other
room. There's likely to be Suntiay
school papers on the table. You can
read till Evallna comes. She'll bo
along lu a moment"
"Very well." said Dr. Maasen. obeying ber suggestion wltb suspicious
Thereupon followed a conversation
tbat would better be called an Inquisition. Tbere was no question concerning tbe life of John Maasen thht Aunt
Harriet did not ask. Hie past was
laid bare for Aunt Han-let's Inspection, and then she In turn told the
simple story of Evallna's self sacrificing life "All for an old woman that
Isn't worth ber salt" she said tearfully.
"Xonsensp!" said the doctor cheerily.
"I know Mlsa Wsrd enjoys doing It
for you."
"If I was to die she'd be all alone."
said Aunt Harriet wistfully. "1 wlsb
abe'd get married."
Dr Massen was silent for several
moments "I'erbaps sbe will some
day." he said, with some eotistraliil
"Why don't you marry her?" asked
Aunt Harriet sharply. "Evallna's a
resi good rook."
"Aunt Harriet!" Evallna's voice came
Indignantly from tbe doorway. "Why
are you speaking of me in such a manner to a stranger. How may I serve
you. sir?"
Dr. Massen. looking down at ber. marveled at ber great anger. She linked
like some little fluffy ruffled bird, a
little blight hued bird wbose domain
has been Invaded by aome marauding
dog or cat.
"I came for bread." be said meekly.
"I hope you bare aome to spare "
"I believe there Is none left." ssld
Evallna loftily, and then she blushed
painfully while he .bowed low aud left
the room.
Evallna walked Into tbe bedroom
and. throwing herself down into a
chair beside tbe bed, burst Into tears,
"Aunt Evallna, how could you?" she
sobbed bitterly. "You bave mortified
me so."
"I was only starting my matermonlal
bureau. Evallna. You won't do nothing yourself about getting married, and
you can't hake all your life. Tbere
ain't no need to take on so; be was
real pleasant about Ibe matter."
"I'leusant!" walled Evallna. "Oh,
Auui Harriet wby did you pick him
out? If It had only been somebody
else! I'll never dare look him In the
face again!"
Aout Harriet turned bar faro to tbe
wail and smiled wisely. "I can't say
I'm sorry. Evallna. bot I won't say
any sucb things again, I promise."
Two weeks afterward Aunt Harriet
Ward suffered one of her periodical
"poor spells." snd old Dr. Lake was
sent for In great bast*. Bot Dr. Lake
was himself a prisoner, tied to the
bouse with Inflammatory rheumatism,
so It happened tbat the tall form of
br. Maasen darkened Evallna's doorway one* mora. ■
She did oot look at him. hot led the
way directly to Aont Harriet's side.
Sbe stood span and reluctantly confessed to herself tbat hla skill waa far
superior to tbst of tbe old doctor. Hla
terse questioning, bis kindly manner,
his aulck diagnosis of Aont Harriet's
baffling case, opened a world of encouragement for both women.
Evallna found herself flying to do
his bidding. An hour afterward they
were chatting like old friends across
Aont Harriet's contented face.
"Seems like I feel ten years younger,
doctor." said the old woman gratefully.
"After I give you a course of electric
massage you'll he running around witb
tbe best of us." he encouraged her.
"I can never repay you if you do."
abe said tearfully.
"You've paid me in part already. Miss
Ward." be said gravely, wltbout looking at Evallna. "Some day I'm coming to present my bill—and perbaps
levy on your moat precious possession."
Evallna In tbe next room was again
an eavesdropper, but tbis time she
was silent Her hand rested lightly
wltb a half caress on one of tbe doctor's sealskin gloves thrown on the
table, and tbere waa a deamy look lo
ber eyea.
"I'm glad be likes spice Jumbles,"
thought Evallna before abe awoks to
trembling realisation of what tha at
mission meant
In the Grampian Hills.
In literary and historic allusion the
Grampians are rich. Over the hills
to the south is Blair, the seat of one
of the mightiest chieftains, visited by
kings and queens, and honored, for «
while, by the presence of "the great
est lyric poet the world has ever
seen," our Scottish plowman poet
Burns—at whose instance, I am told,
the pass of Kiliiecranlsie was planted
with trees and decked with its present
loveliness. Turning toward the west,
■ignin, and sweeping 'away over the
waters ol Loch Erieot, is Ben Alder,
it giant indeed, and the loveliest mountain by far seen from Sur manse window. Its'wizardry is enchanting, it'
charms immense, and its changeful-
ness of mood and aspect a source o<
'lourly, nay momentary, wonder anl
enrichment. Again to the west, ever
the great hills are, down by Ardver-
kle, is Lion Laggan, the scene of
'.nntlseer's famous pictures, "The
Challenge," and "Who but the Brave
Deserve the Fair." Further to tlie
north is Lilian bridge, in the centre
of a beautiful verdant valley, with
foamy soil ami fuir farmsteads, anJ
■trosperous looks. Hence we had the
'Letters from the Mountains" by
Mrs. Grant of that ilk. "Green Laggan," she called it, and green it verily is, and beautiful for situation
Within easy reach of her lived Mac-
pherson of "Ossian" fame, and many
another of whom her "Letters" tell.
But, rich as they are in literary and
historic allusion, I incline to think
the Grampians have not yet been
"discovered," and wait their poet and
romancer alike.—Scotsman.
Answers by School Children.
Here are some genuine school
"howlers," Irom recent examination
papers which have the merit of being
What are fossils? Fossils are those
remains of plants and animals which
keep best when left to themselves.
A volcano is a very powerful rock.
What is the feminine of bachelor?
j Old made.
The minerals of Holland are gin,
pickles, linen and crockery ware.
i Nnme some Enrlish sovereigns who
died a violent tl.-ath? Queen Elizabeth: She lull into a deep sleep, Henry VII: He died by fits. Richard I.i
He had his head extracted by an unskillful physician.
What is an interdict? It is caused
by bad sewage.
What is' a patriot? A grandfather.
How could the King have let all the
people at a distance know that tbey
must prepare for war? He might
have set fire to a deacon on the top
of a hill.
What were the Provisions of Ox-
lord?   Salt, beef, ham and bacon.
What was the use of a city of
refuge? When t man hod been murdered accidentally he might jump up
und run for it.
Give the character ol Henry VII.
He had a downcast in his left eye.
What would you have done if you
had been an ancient Briton und wanted warm clothes for winter? (The absence of shops, etc.. had been fully
impressed).   I should have cried.
Too Extensive.
Now thnt the British political situation is once more absorbing the interest of the civilized world, anecdotes
concerning the members are flying
briskly about. Among the: t is u
story concerning Mr. William Redmond, commonly known as "Willie."
Some years ago when a debate on
Woman Suffrage was agitating the
House. Mr. Redmond on behalf of
the ladies, remarked: "Mr. Speaker,
I assert that I believe that a vote
should he given to every one ol God's
The members hurst into a roar of
laughter and "Willie" retired in confusion. Truly it would have been a
stupendous undertaking to extend
the suffrage to the denizens of the
Zoological Gardens, who doubtless
would have voted for "open bare."
Busy far Police.
Nearly two-thirds ol the crime in
I,ondon    is   perpetrsted   between   !
&m.  on Saturdays   aad   9 a.m.   on
Origin ol the New Governor-General
of South Africa.
Mr. Herbert Gladstone's title, Vis-
jount Gladstone of Lanark, revives
in a very interesting way the old connection with a part of Scotland in
which members of his family were
settled for several generations. The
connection, however, is not with the
town of Lanark; it iB with the county
of that name. It was really to the
Biggar district of Lanarkshire that
the new peer's ancestors belonged. Indeed ,the name of Gladstone is still a
somewhat common one in Biggar, ol
which town the viscount's great-greatgrandfather was an honored inhabitant. In the churchyard close to the
doorway of tho parish kirk there is a
large throughstane inscribed with
the names of many Gladstones.
The first is that of John Gladstones,
"portioner," who died on June 1,1756,
oged 63 years. He was a prosperous I
maltman—the malting industry was
then an important one in Biggar—and
was "keeper of the baron's girnnl";
that is, custodier of the rents paid in
kind by tenants to the Lords Fleming.
An elder in the kirk, a Freemason,
and holding a good social position,
he was a man of considerable importance in the town and district. This
John Gladstones was the great-grandfather of William Ewart Gladstone.
He had a large family—six daughters and five sons. One of the latter,
James, was destined for the Church
of Scotland, but failed in the pulpit,
and,_ like many other "stickit ministers of the age, turned to teaching.
More successful in this profession, he
became rector of the Grammar School
of Leith. His brother, Thomas (the
fourth son of John Gladstones),
started business as a corn merchant
in that seaport and was very successful. He had a son, John, who was
also in business in Leith, but who removed to Liverpool, where he engaged
in the West India trade. Acquiring a
fortune, he purchased the estate of
Fasque, and in 1846 was created a
baronet. His third son was William
Ewart Gladstone.
Originally the family name appears
to have been Gledcstano. The first of
whom there is any record is, curiously enough, a Herbert—Herbert de
Gledestane. He appears in very unpatriotic guise on the Ragman Roll
as one of those who in 1206 did homage to Edward I. of England. TJie
connection of the family with the
Border district began in the reign of
David II., son of Robert Bruce, who
in return for some services bestowed
upon William de Gledestanes a grant
of the lands of Woodgrenynt, on the
Eddlestone Water, in Peeblesshire.
Other lands in the neighborhood were
acquired by marriage, and the family
appears to have developed an acute
attack of land hunger.
Several claims were advanced to
common lands, and, although these
claims were set aside by the courts,
. the Gledslanes were not seriously
discouraged, and on more than one
occasion attacks were made on burghers Who resisted them. John Gled-
stane in 1561 was indicted for the
slaughter of two burghers whose death
had occurred in one of these forays,
although nothing seems to have come
of the prosecution.
"But other days and other fortunes
came." There does not appear to
have been any sudden catastrophe,
and there is nothing to suggest that
the change in the feudal position of
the Gledstanes was due to the political revolutions and unrest wbich prov-
ed the undoing of so many Scottish
families; there appears rather to hnve
been a gradual decline in the family
fortunes. First the estate of Gledstanes went; it was followed by that
of Hundleshope, nnd eventually ths
last of the family possessions, the
estate-of Arthurshiel. went also. Then
William, the son of the last of the
Gledstanes of Arthurshiel, settled in
Biggar as a maltman about the end
of the seventeenth century. From
this time the family became identified
with commercial pursuits. William
was succeeded in the same business
by his son, John, ulready mentioned.
It seems to have been this John
who changed the name from Gled
stanes to Gladstones. The final s was
not dropped until 1835. when Sir John
Gladstones of Fasque obtained the
royal license to change the name tc
The old ancestral stronehold of tht
Border Gledstanes—thc Gledstanes ol
that ilk—has completely tlisappearcd.
There was—there must have hcen-
an ancient castle, but none of it re
mains. Easter Gledstanes has a farm
house, and at Wester Gledstanc!
there are a few small cottages for agri
cultural laborers, but tliere nre tic
traeos, no relics, antl no landmark!
of the old Gledstanes on their ancienl
ancestral estates. It ia to Biggar ic
Lanarkshire that one tnust turn foi
sucli relics and landmarks.
Attorney-General of Hit Province Now
Mr. MacLean Givet Promise of Going Much Further In the Public
Life of Hit Province and of the
Dominion—H» Sat Formerly In the
Federal House lor Lunenburg.
Hon. A. K. MacLean, Attorney-General of Nova Scotia, was the lending
spokesman nf the Maritime Provinces
in tlie delegation at Ottawa recently in connection with the readjustment of the representation ol the
different provinces in the House ol
Commons, which will have to take
plnce after the next census if the
British North America act is not
changed. Owing to the opposition
from the Quebec delegates no agreement wns reneheil ami the meeting
was postponed until a later dnte, when
it is lo be hoped some satisfactory
solution ol the difficulty will be reached, so thnt un interprovincial agitation may lie avoided. The Attorney-
General of Nova Scotia ably presented the arguments in, favor of the Maritime Provinces audi his views made a
very favorable impression on all the
delegates, it is said; except those from
Hon. Mr. MacLean is one of tho
most brilliant young public men in
Canada and for some time has been
acting Premier of Nova Scotia.   It is
An Example.
Knlcker-They   say   thnt   In   8.onn
years Niagara will stop flowing.   Mrs
Knlcker-Thnt   makes   tne  hope  tin
plumber will git uur leaklied yet.
Harper's Bazar.
Dramatist and Politician.
As an office boy in the Citv of London, Eng., Sir J. W. Benn. the leaflet
of the Progressive Party on the L.C.C.
was once sternly rebuked by Lord
Mayor Cotton Ior sketching Mincing
Lane celebrities on trade catalogues.
In his younger days Sir John achieved
considerable fame as a lecturer, and
illustrated his lectures with lightning
cartoons. He has also written ana
produced a play at his house and
played a double part himself. It may
be remembered that he was defeated
during the recent general election
while contesting Devonport. Of the
House of Commons he has said: "It
is like one of the ancient clocks in
the Guildhall Museum, a splendid
piece of old work, which excites the
admiration ol everyone, but useless
tor modern timekeeping. It wants a
new mainspring and the 'latest improvements   to make it go."
rumored that he will be made Premier
in the near future, as Hon. Mr. Murray, lender of the Government, who.
met with an accident some time ago
and had to have his leg amputated,
will, it is claimed, retire from active-
politics and he raised to the Senate to
Iill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Senator McGregor to the Lieutenant-Governorship of Nova Scotia-
Mr. MacLean wos formerly member
for Lunenburg, N.8., in the House of
Commons at Ottawa, and while in
the latter body established a reputation as a fair and honorable Parliamentarian of exceptional ability.
While in the popular chamber he wus
one of the brainy young Liberals that
was nearly always in the fighting
line and he did yeoman service for
his party. When the Government had
a knotty task in defending the North
Atlantic Trading Co. transactions in
respect to immigration, Mr. MacLean
was one of the stalwarts who threw
himself into the breach, and his fighting stieech was a splendid specimen
of defensive political tactics that highly pleased seasoned Parliamentarians.
This bright young man from the
Maritime Provinces was born at Upper North Sydney, Cape Breton, June
18, 1865. He was educated at Dal-
hoiisie University. Halifax, and subsequently studied law. He wns an
unsuccessful candidate lor the House
of Commons in 1900, but was elected
to the Nova Scotia Legislature in 1901.
He subsequently resigned to run for
the House of Commons in the general
election nf 19C4 and was elected for
Lunenburg. He was re-elected in 190-1
and resigned in 1909 on being appointed Attorney-General of Nova Scotia.
He is a most aggressive Liberal fighter, being a good mate for the indomitable E. M. MacDonald, of whom he
is a cjose [lersonal friend. On the
death of Hon. Mr. Pipes he was selected for his present position and ht
is generally recognized as the coming
man from the Maritime Provinces as
he will no doubt succeed Premier Mut-
ray at an early date and become the
recognized leader of Uie Liberal hosts
down by the tea.
Bother the Laws.
IX'. Pigou, the dean ol Bristol, Rutland, hat lor long had the reputation
ot being one of the brightest humorists in the church.
One ul his stories turns upon the
deceased wile's sister. It appears thai
a vicar of Dr. Pigou's acquaintance
had, in ignorance, solemnized such a
marriage, and he interviewed the old
verger whoso business it wat to look
alter such things.
"Yet, yes," exclaimed the old man.
"I knowed the parties. I knowed
"Then, why in the world didn't yoo
Mil me?" exclaimed the vicar.
"Well, vicar, it was this way, yoo
sea," replied tlie old fellow. "One ol
'em parties waa 83 and t'other was
86. Bays 1 to meself, 'It csn't last
long; bother the laws and let 'am
two wed.'" THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORES,   B. C.
When You Think
Of  the pain which many women  experience with  every
month it makes the gentleness nnd kindness nlways associated   with  womanhood   seem   to  bc   almost  a  miracle.
While in general no woman   rebels against what   she  regards as a natural necessity there is no woman who would
not gladly be free from this recurring period of pain.
Dr. Pierce*s Favorite Prescription makes
weak   women   strong   an ft   sick   women
well, and gives them freedom from pain.
It establisnes regularity, subdues intlam*
matinn,   heats   ulceration  and  cures fe»
male weakness.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce hy letter,
fret.    All   correspondence   strictly   private   end   sacredly
confidential     Write without Kir and without (ce to World's Dispensary Medical As ociatton, It. V. Pierce, M. t)., President, ltuffulo, N. Y.
If you want a hoc k that tell*, all about woman's diseases, and how to cure
them at home, send v  cine-cent stumps to Dr. Pierce to pay cost of mailing
ii ■'■   ond i    will p nil you a fret copy ol  bis great thousand-page illustrated
j-tip.H)*' * "- <\   '* !*; ter— revised, up-to-date edition, in paper covers.
In .....        B''j< ■' stamps.
T. A, Mclntyre bas returned from
.u >'     .      . ■     .     -I-    qualities
a two months vacation trip   lo   lu-
ronto, Montreal nnd Ottuwa.
j Pine nt Repuhlic. .t Ims yioldad
itself up for 100 feet without showing   any   tendency   to   lessen     it*
K(.2s   for   Sale—Imperial   Pekin
Ducks, from the celebrated Missouri
Squab coinpany. Tbey need no water!
to  swim   in; they tlo  just  ns   well|
without.    $1.50   for   iii.   Mrs    P.
Kenneth Hankinson, formerly
ecretary to .1. II. Kennedy, chief
11 engineer of the V., V. tt E., passed
through the city yesterday, being
en route to' his home in Princeton
from a visit with relatives in Salgary
and tither prairie cities.
Lloyd A. Manly left for Coleman,
Alta., on Monday,
S.O. Rhode Island Rids won 1st
pen, 1st cock, 1st cockerel, 1st pullet
unci specials at the Grand Forks fair
last fall; eggs #3 00 for 13. S. C. VV.
Leghorn eggs 83.00 for 13, from prize
winning stock. Pekin Duck eggs,
62.00 for 10; won at Grand Forks 1st.
duck, 1st drake, 1st pen untl speeiul.
T. Bowen, Columbia P.O., Grand
Forks, B.C.
H. B. Cannon bus come out victorious after a two weeks' battle
with la grippe.
For Hale—S.C. Rhode Island Reds
pen of 1 cockerel and 10 pullets, fyl').
T. Bowen, Columbia P.O., Grand
Forks, B. C.
J. J. Warren, of Toronto, presi
dent of the Kettle Valley line, was
in the city on Monday.
Lady Travelling Companion Wanted—Any one who intends to leave
for England on or before May 1st,
kindly communicate with Mrs. L. C.
Rogers, Grand Forks, B. 0.
Eva Miller entertained fifteen of
her young friends at a birthday
party on Sunday last.
Eggs for Sale—S.C. .Rhode Reds,
from prize winning stock; $1.50 per
setting of 11 eggs. Apply A. C.
U'Ren, Grand Forks. IJ. C,
W. H. Covert returned on Monday from a business trip to Spokane.
The copper mu rket is still inactive, and there arc no indications of
an improvement in the near  future.
P. A. Z. Pare is the busiest rancher in the valley this spring. His
projects are so numerous that he is
seriously in need of a private secretary.
Tracklaying on the V., V. & E
northwest from Princeton will probably commence innbout two months,
according to a statement mnde by
Chief Engineer J. H. Kennedy.
G. W. Rumberger hns returned to
Phoenix from southern California.
Another hose wagon is to be
added to the Phoenix fire department.
The (iranby smelter is treating
about 3600 tons of ore daily at present.
Parisian Sage   Will Grow
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop fulling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time nnd stop scalp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky und luxuriant. As ti hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer, , It contains
nothing that cull harm the hair—It is
not sticky, oi I v or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women nntl children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing and no
home is complete without it. Monev
buck if it fuils.
Druggists nml stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your monev if it fails. Ask 11
E. Woodbind it Co., drugg'St-i, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from GirouX Manufacturing Co.. Fi.rt Brie, Ont. See
that tbe girl with the auburn hair is
on eaoh package, Sold and guaranteed by H E. Woodland tt Co.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
If \"ii ure buffering from indigestion
unit the attendant distressed stomach
vou should give Mi-o-na, tlie guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Slmfer, nt' 23ll Queens St. S , Berlin,
Ont., says: ''For years I have been n
sufferer from ueu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach. 1 decided to try Booth's
Mi-ona Tablets "and tbey .have done
mo more good thnn anything I huve
ever used, I nm now more free from
this trouble than I have heen tor
yeurs. 1 uni pleased to endorse nnd
recommend this remedy to all who
stiller with stomach trouble."
Buineinlii'i- Mi-o nn Tablets nre
guaranteed to cure ntiuie chronic indigestion nml turn the old stomach
into a new one in a few weeks, All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
Tholl. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Earl Erie,
On t. Scd and gtiaranteen by II. E.
Woodland & Co,
Take your repairs lo Armson's
Boot nntl Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram nnd menu curds just received at-
Thk Sun job office,
The following nre the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and nlso for the
vear'to dute:
Granby 19.no;i    2-l2j2«7
.Mother Lode  7;202       59,199
Jnektiot      H82 5,306
Rawhide     "412       34,280
Snowshoe  2,100       34,280
No. V        Tt) 1,350
Phoenix Amid       '  1,950
Totnl 3,0,349 330,250
Smeller treatment—
Granby 18,005 214,645
B, C. Copper Co... 9,851 . 105,172
New Vork Mltiornl Cliiluu, situate lit tliv
ilnnnl   l-'iM-lis Mining Division uf Vnle llls-
\\ lii-n- lul-iiti'ii: In l'.r.iivii'-|.|iiii|i
TAKE MiTl' Ktluit I. Williiiiii A. I'iiwii'Iit.
I Pree Miners'Cortlfloate No. Itt.'l'.'. In-
tend, sixt.v iln' - fro tn tin- Uut,' lum-iif, in upplv ti, tlie Mining l_.-,-oi-ili'i' tor It Certificate
ui Improvement, Fur tin. otirl-oiie of obtain
Ing n Croit ii -Hunt ol tlm u1 uvi- elulins-
Ami fnrtlii'i tike notice Unit uotion. under
MH'tiiin sj, must lie  nnieticeil before the
Issiiiiiu'fi of  stu'li Certllleate of   Improvement.
Uiin-.l tli|_21.t ilny uf January, A ll inn.
Bridge Street,
Tlio best nnd most
-iitMiuitiitl flre-oronf
building hi the Boundary country. Ke-
cently completed uud
it c w ly furnished
throughout. Equipped with nil modern
electrical eon'ven*
leuoes.   Centrally
ravelling public
Hot and Cold Baths
First.CIms Bur, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
Printi n
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
\\'t> have tin; most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Ct'mntry, employ competent workmen, atid carry a complete
line of Stationery,
S, T- Hall, who lum been associated with the Greenwood Times dur
ing the past flvo or bix months, returned to the city on Tuesday,
The government grant to the l'hne
nix school amounts to $10,000.
For selling liquor without a lioense
at tlio Windsor hotel, in D&tfaro,
Mrs. Haines was' fined 8100 lust
Successful burglatxare neither teen
uur heiiiil.
The llrt'iitheiilile Remedy for Catarrh
The rational way to oopibat catarrh
is the Hyomei way, \iz, by breathing
Scientists for years have hecn agreed
on this point, but failed toget mi antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germa ami tint ilesiriiv the tissues uf
the itieinlii'iine lit Mie siiinu time, un-.
til the discovery uf llyoniei (pronounced High-on io.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and gbrro-ridden membrane four or
five times a day, uml in ti few iluys the
germs will disappear
A eoini'ilete Hyomei outfit, inciud-
vantages of the Kettle River valley I ing the inhaler, costs 81.00, uml extra
,. i ■      __  „,_,   ,.,...„„.„n„ • bottles, if afterwards needed, oust but
to those   seeking  homes,  especially i .1    m!i„n.i t
... , . 150 cent.   Obtainable from votu- drug-
retired   officers   of   thc army   »»0||i,t.'2r.postpald from the R. T, Booth
H. \V. Farmer & Co., of Hock
Creek, Imve a pagB advertisement in
the War olliee Times,' of London,
Englnnd. Betting forth the many ad
llll}.'   I
ml Statements,
beads nnd Envelopes,
Posters, Dates nnd Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
'ni!s, Circulars and Placards,
s of Pare and Menu Cards,
Aniiiuiiiei'ineiits antl Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date' Printery.
_pnnn ppuM'TiMm-"'"kiml w ili,~'is in i,sf'"Hn
V-IV'UU [lULlllLlU   mjvoi'tisenmrit. and h trial order
will coiivineeyini thut our stoek anil workmanship are of
the best, J*t usestimate on vtiur orilt'i'. Wu guarantee
satisfaction.|      SSta
Furniture  Mude to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds
Upholstering Neatly Done,
Rubber Tires  for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Ore assaying i?103 to the ton is
.being exposed in a four-foot body
below the tunnel level of   tbo Lone
Co., Ltd" Kurt Erie, Out. Ilyuuiei
is guaranteed to oure asthma, oroup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money   buck.    Soltl   untl
guaranteed by 11. E. Woodland it Co,
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Downey's Cigar Store
A OOHPivETH Stock i)F
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Consign maul ol
Iti'i-iiviiit Wi-i-kly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stuck
a Fresh Supply of,1
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
.{tutor ffouluirii
Kiizor Honing n SpeuiiiUy.
P.   A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1ST DOOll NllllTlI OF  UltANIlV    HoTI.1.,
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers antl Trunks to and
from ull tniins.
Telephone AU'fl
IIHTIIKIIEOIIII    linos.,  l'lllll'S.
60  YEARS'
Aiillimi/.i'il ^"HIIA«KS~.
I miltiil.    IshiipiI. Pur,
I'lllll     Ttitfll tu     l.ilti'st
ItHrtt.       Date.     Jlute
Oranh7couiioU_lat^-6'php«r...flf,l)od,'68), TmSoO 'tm ir,So3(KJ |I,5B,SW ihtVikis
I Csriiitiii Mi-Riiiiif.v   Oold
I Prnvlili'iii'i'   Sllvor	
Con. i opirar—Cuiipiir ,,,
i,::,ii.iNiii l,85ti.(W *l
am win ai ooo H
1,000.000   608.000     *H
unum Ki-ii. nm
io.ooo     ss.ssi Sunt, in
...%. 201,'JUO Stipt. I
Trace Marks
ConniGHTt Ac.
Anrono flStiiUns a Hkoleh find drtcrintlon ittAf
qii(,-iilT tisi-triiilti mtr oiiitili.il rtoa wliutlior ah
It'Totitlnn In iimtint.lf ti..teni nbte, CnmmutilfA.
tir,iiAKtrli;llr''"n:ii!,'',ti.il. IIAtlDPOtlK onl'Ateuta
■t-iit fii-b. Ol -osi iiLTii.'j inr HL'i'umiil pttentA,
I'.if.'in tii«tn tl_n.ui.il Munn * Co. rooelM
nrnultiutlc«. ttlthuu^cbitrnQ. lu tho
$d«ic American,
A hnntlitumui/ iiiui._.nUcil ^oekly.   LiirRmt dr*
mltiloo tot Miy Bciontlflo loanuu,   xanni fur
C.nit.ilii, _.- Ui ii ytur, contuHO pPcpnltl.   Hold by
AVo carry tlio most lusliionahli. stoek
of .weddipg stationery, in. tlio Boundary country. Ami we arc tlio only
olliee in this section that have the
eoiTect inuttiriiil for printing it. The
Sun job olliee.


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