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The Evening Sun Oct 9, 1909

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Eighth Year—-No. 49.
Grand Forks, B. C, Saturday. October 9, 1909.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
works should examine the plan., and
specifications of new buildings before passing upon them, instead of
leaving the whole matter to the
•hairinan,   as has   been   the    case
t\     • «» _       ,.   .    _       uuuumini,    as nas   neen    ine    case
Uesires More Detailed In-j heretofore, aui. McCaiium was of i Figures That   Show  Thar
formation Regarding
Fire Escapes
The regular bi-weekly meeting of
the city council was held in the
council chambers on Monday evening, Mayor Fripp and Aid. Lequime, Manly, McCalluin and
.Sheads being present.
A communication was received
from the secretary of the Union of
llritish Columbia Municipalities,
asking the council to send delegates
to the annual convention of that
body, which will meet in North
Vancouver on Thursday, November
11th. Ordered acknowledged and
A communication from the secretary of the school board stated that
some of the records of the school
property were missing. A letter to
the land registrar's olliee at Kamloops had elicited the information
that the West end school was in lhe
name of the city of Columbia, the
Central was in tht name of the
king, and the high school was in the
name of the Grand Forks Townsite
company. The board was of the
opinion that the deeds of these
jjioperties should be in the name oi'
the municipality of Grand Forks.
Referred to the city solicitor.
A letter from the lire chief stated
that he had inspected all hotels and
public buildings, and had found
them equipped with lire escapes and
the doors opening toward the street.
He recommended that chemical
fire extinguishers be placed in all
public buildings where they would
he handy to the public in the event
of a lire. The mayor and aldermen
were of the opinion that the report
was not sufficiently explicit regarding lire escapes on hotel, some of
the members asserting that at least
two of buildings were without any
lire escape. In a general discussion
on the subject, the opinion was expressed that the fire limitB bylaw
was being evaded.    The report  was
the opinion that the appointment of
a building inspector would give better satisfaction. All the members
appeared to be of the opinion that
the bylaw had been enforced against
some parties, while too much leniency had been shown others. All
citizens, the mayor thought, should
be treated alike.
Bylaw No. 04, relating to sidewalk construction, was reconsidered
and finally passed.
The mayor reported that the C.
P. 11. signal service at the Riverside
avenue crossing had not yet been installed, and the council instructed
the solicitor to take the necessary
Bteps to induce Ihe company to use
a little more speed in the installa
tion of the same.
The matter of a subway atthe Winnipeg avenue crossing of the C.P.R.
was also brough up and thoroughly
discussed. It was shown that it
would cost about $300 to replank
the bridge, and it Mas thought that
by adding a little to this Bum a fill
could be made over the low section
and a subway put in under the
tracks, and this would eliminate future expense, as well as safeguard
traffic. The board of works was instructed to investigate the matter
and bring in a report.
Export Bureau
The department of trade and commerce, Ottawa, announces its intention of compiling an index of Canadian manufacturers, exporters, and
producers generally, who desire to
extend their trape abroad.
For this purpose blank forms have
been mailed to manufacturers, exporters and producers all over the
Dominion. These should be executed and returned to the department
without delay. It will assist the department materially if the details
under "articles manufactured or produced" are entered in alphabetical
The list compiled by the department will be given preference at all
times when tho names of such  Can
to  all  the Canadian trade commissioners   in   the various parts nf Ihe
referred back to the chief, with   in
structions  to submit more detailed Illlli,,n ,lrms are mluire(1 ''? inlend-
inforination  respecting fire escapes N Purobftser8 abroftd'
on public buildings. '     As the information is received  at
Geo. E. Massie offered 8200  f01. | the department it will be forwarded
lot (1,   block   11, and   the   building
situate thereon.    On motion of Aid.
Lequime and .Sheads, the offer   was world'   nnd   be   systematically  in
accented dexed, and be readily available   ii
The chairman of the water   and |their respective offices,
light committee reported that  satisfactory progress was being  made on
the construction of the new  intake
cistern at the pumping station;  the!
There Is Money in Fruit
The following
Writing in a new Vancouver publication, which, under the name of
Once a Week, recently made its initial appearance in the field of provincial journalism, Richard Weston
has the following article, which is of
considerable local interest. He says:
Think of a man deriving an income from ten acres of apple trees
sufficient to enable him to live in
absolute independence and take his
family to California every winter.
Yet this is the case with many orch-
ardists in the Northwest. They can
do this and have a surplus  left.
The profits from apple raising by
irrigation are almost incredible. The
country wdiere these results are obtained is dry and sunny, the mere
fact of an abundance of sunshine
necessitates irrigation, and this irri
gation, when the water is applied at
the right time, forces growth and
produces the superfine fruit.
The essential factors in perfect apple raising are soil, water, sunlight,
elevation, drainage, and in addition,
the frost of wint . is very beneficial.
In the far southern latitudes fine
appearing apples are produced, the
sun giving ihetn a beautiful color
and c fair size, but they lack the
orispness and firmness so necessary
for good keeping qualities, and the
llavor does uot compare with that of
apples grown in tbe Northwest.
A long rest for the trees in the
winter and a steady but reasonably
rapid growing season means healthy
trees, and healthy trees produce
good fruit.
Ten acres of raw land in the semi-
arid districts costs but littU to put
in shape fnr planting, the growth of
sagebrush or bunchgrass is easily removed or ploughed under.
As an exa-nple of what can be
done with a small orchard, the foi
lowing figures will do for illustration:
Ten acres, planted 75 trees to the
aere, or a total of some 7.30 trees,the
fifth year from planting, will produce, if given reasonable care, at the
least calculation, three boxes to the
tree, instances are on record of five
and even six having been gathered;
but three is a very conservative estimate—this would bea total of 2250
boxes from the ten acres.
These apples will sell at retail  for
be duplicated in another, when the
same climate and soil conditions
prevail. Il is, of course, the winter
apple that pays the big profits, be
cause it can be kept in storage and
shipped tu the best market for use
when the supply of other fruit is low
or nil.
A great deal has been written
about the profitable cultivation of
oranges, lemons, grapes, and other
fruits, but for big returns and minimum risk, the winter apple of the
Northwest stands pre-eminent, and
thc man who plants an orchard and
cares for it can figure on the cer
tainty of an income, ample, even
luxurious, for those later years
when the hurried life and nervous
tension of the city ceases to interest
Annual Shoot of Rifle Association for Cup and
Prizes Today
The annual shoot for the cup and
other prizes was coinmeiied at 10
o'clock this morning by tne members
of the Grand Forks Rille assoeiiition
at the 200-yard range. The prizes
donated by tho business men have been
on exhibition at the C.P. H telegraph olliee uring the past two or three
from i?2 to $3 per box, and it is safe
readings to assume   that they   will   net   the
showing the minimum temperature for „„.„., «, „„. i,„v  " ir„ ,_„„,i,i <\,u<
South    Kooleieiv   Power   poinirinv        i     i        i    •       .i i r grower »1 per IIOX.     llcwouni   Hills
oou-ii   .vooiuiaj   roiur   company j Ba(!|,   (|ay   dimng the   week   endu?"
had ordered the poles  for the   new Ootober 8, 1909:
; receive the filth year a net return of
pole line, and the new fire wagon I
!n2250, and eaeh succeeding year uf-
had   been   ordered  from  Winona,! Sacurday  36 terwards could count on a large   in-
Minn. \H"mi'y  32 cfease,
Monday  to . ,
The chairman   of  the   board of Tuesday  38     ">'   lbe   tM"° bls orchard is ten
works reported that tho   Columbia} Wednesday  51 ! years old something over  15  boxes
Rtreet bridge was being replanked.
Some of the stringers were so badly
decayed that they would have to be
replaced. Two carloads of lumber
had been received, one for the
bridge and the other for sidewalks.
The building bylaw came in for
a lengthy discussion. Ail the members agreed that the council had
been lax   in  enforcing some of its
provisions.    Aid. Lequime thought      For sa]e c],eap] a go0(] pittlla
all  the   members   of the board of quire of H. C. Kerman.
Thursday     ;l(i to the tree could be counted on, thus
Friday     ;i0 : 750 trees would produce say 11,250
I boxes, and these, as a minimum   of
Bom \'t* per box, would make $11,250, or
In Grand Forks, on Monday, Oc- 8U25 per acre; hut these figures are
tober 4, to   Mr.  and Mrs.  Horace away below what is  actually   being
Knight, a daughter.
In Grand Forks, on Monday, September 27, to Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
W. Mills, a daughter.
Some growers have realized as
much as $3000 per acre from Spit-
zenbergs, Yellow Newtown Pippins,
Rome Beauties or Jonathans, and
what has been done in one place ean
Miss Elliott, of the teaching stuff,
is spending the week-end at Greenwood.
C. E. Lane and family left Tuesday
morning for a week's automobile touring trip to Spokane.
Mrs. W. K. C. Manly and Mr.
and Mrs. Jell' Davis and their sons
spent the week in Spokane.
Illness of a serious nature has confined Mrs. Ed Clayton to her home
during the entire week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hood returned
home on Wednesday from a week's
visit to the coast cities and the Seattle
C. A S. Atwood, of the Riverside
nurseries, left on Tuesday for a business trip to Spokane, returning home
last evening.
Mr. Cox, of Arizona, is visiting in
this city at the home of his sister,
.Mrs. Effie Knight.
Mr. and Mrs. John Luny, of Regina, Sask., left on Thursday for their
home,, after a week's visit at Mrs. A.
D. Morrison's home
Miss White, sister of .I. E. White,
returned last Monday from a visit to
the coast cities.
Woodland it Co. have added a
number of late publications to their
circulating library.
J. A. Anderson, provincial auditor,
inspected the books at the government
olliee in this city this week.
A. W. Eraser, late of the Granbv
hotel, returned home last night from
a week's visit to the coast cities.
A. Erskine Smith, formerly engaged in the real estate business here,
but wbo is now located at Vancouver,
arrived in the city lust night for a
short visit.
John   ll. Spence,   lhe Greenwood
barrister, was a lisitor in the citv last
M.I Maun, of Nelson, visited his
brothers in this citv this week.
George Rilev linn returned home
from Celistu, U.C, where be spent a
month with relatives.
A. Mann returned on Wednesday
from a short business trip  to  Nelson.
Mis, S. Andrews, of Smith Falls,
Ont., is visiting at the home of her
daughter, Mrs, John Rutherford.
Mrs. M. W. Wolverton und daughter, of Cascade, were {guests at the
Yale last night.
Mining Stock Quotations
New York, Oct. 8.—The follow-
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked. Rid
GranbyConsolidated. 105.00   95.00
B. C. Copper    6.97|     6.124
The case of John Heubeck vs. F.
Hartinger, an action in whicli complainant accused defendant of purloining some of his empty beer kegs, was
tried before Judge Cochrane in the
government building on Thursday
and Friday. Judgment was reserved
till next Friday.
A. D. Morrison brought some fine
specimens of Concord and Moore's
Early grapes into The Sun office yesterday. They had hecn grown in his
garden in the West end; were
fully matured and perfectly ripe, and
compared favorably in HaVor with the
imported varitod.
Mr. J. G. Whiten, principal of the
Cirand Forks high school, has handed
in his resignation, to take effect on
the first of next month or sooner.
The trustees will take action ou the
matter at ther meeting next L'uesilav.
The Bachelor Girls' club is the
name of an organization which came
into existence Monday evening. A
number of young ladies met at Mrs.
Traiin.wt'isers home and leagued for
social purposes. Miss Edna Traunweiser waselectedpresident,Mis.. Irene
Haverty vice-president, and Miss Ida
LeRlunc secretary-treasurer. Tin'
youn_[ ladies have issued invitations
for an assembly to he held on the
evening of October 12th iu Laurier
Since tesigning his office us minister of Knox church, Rev. T. G. MacLeod has received a call from the
managers of the Presbyterian church
at Kaslo, B. C. Mr. MacLeod was
formerly in charge of the Kaslo congregation, and the call to return comes
as a tribute to bis worth.
I Fred Stanslield and company will
; give a union show in the opera house
j next Tuesday evening, October 12th.
I A hig double program, consisting of
! mechanical animated pictures, illus-
' tinted songs and vaudeville, will be
I presented. Admission 25 uud 35 cents.
Alex Sitzenberg, a miner, was
crushed to death between a tramuar
and-tho drift in the Granby mines at
I'hoenix last Saturday.
Und lu Orand forks, on Mme
duy, Octobor I, infanl daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. David Turnbull, The
"liild was three months of age, and
bud been ill lor several weeks.
II. Forrester is erecting a large two-
story residence on his property northwest of the oity, Ualliird Si 1'lat.h
have been awarded tho coiil.net.
Excavating for the foundation of
lir. Kingston's new hospital, on the
coiner   of   Winnipeg    avenue    mid
Fourth street, wus started   ou    Wednesday last.
Wanted—A good girl: must be able
to cook,    (,'ul I or   address   Mis. T.J.
Ryan, Columbia, B. C.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, (),;r. 8.—Silver, oljj;
electrolytic copper. 12 If" 12J.
1_oxiion, Oct. 8,—Silver, 23 3-4:
lend, £13."is.
Fruit Inspector W. J. Cook hits received a request from Commissioner
Ruddick for an exhibit ot Kettle Valley fruit to be displayed at Ottawa.
Go-Cart for Sale—Apply A. II.
Napper. JOHN   D. SPENCE
£lu> Bmtitm 8»un
Publlihed at Brand Korks. BrltlibOolumhla.
0. A. Kvass...  Editor anil Publisher
A Hie <>f tills pnr_ar oan be s, nt tbe office
ol M..,sis. I.. ,i S.Hardy 4 Co., an, 81 nnd 82,
fleet Street. R.O., l.omloo. IllUflninl, freo of
oliarge, nnd tlml Hrm will lu, irlml to reaelve
iiibflurl) liens und atlvei ttaonients on our behalf.
Dun Vriir U.»
One Year (In advanoel  UM
_Lrlvertl«iu« rutn. .in-iis'i . t.i.i 'Inn
Letrnl notlcoi, Id Rod ■') flentl iier line.
Addretl nil oommiinioatloiii to
The Bvbsinq Sun,
PnnSK 1171 uiusn I'niiKS. B.C.
SATURDAY, OCT. 0, 1 Sit ill
The lirst issue of The Fruit Magazine reached The Sun's exchange
desk hist night. It is a handsome
publication, profusely illustrated,
and is printed in Vancouver, the
home of many high class journals.
It is edited by Maxwell Smith, for
many years Dominion fruit inspector nf this province, who is lhe best
authority on fruit growing in the
country. As the magazine is the
only publication of its kind iu Canada, it should have a prosperous
The parties interested in the for-
niaion of an agricultural association
in this city should not allow the project to die by pursuing dilatory tactics. Now is the time to perfeet the
organization while the subject is u
live topic. If a fair is to be held
next full, all the time between now
and then will be required to arrange
the necessary details.
The mull who invests his money
in Kettle valley fruit luiidsat present
prices will reap a handsome profit in
the near future. There is no reason
why inferior land in less favored districts should command double and
treble the price asked for land in
this valley, and the homeseeker will
realize this fact before many more
years have passed.
A. C. Sutton entertained a few of
bis bachelor neighbors in "Peaceful
Valley" Inst Saturday night. Vocal
and instrument music, furnished by
Messrs. Jiimes Robinson, Ed Ballard
and L. A. Riddell, made the evening
pass very pleasantly. At 23 o'clock
a luncheon was served, which was
greatly relished.
Attention is called to the advertisement of John 11. James, the photographer, in this issue. Mr. James has
some splendid views of the city on
hand. He is prepared to take any
kind of picture wauled, indoors or
Judge Cochrane and Mr. Jones returned from Christina lake last Sunday with a big catch of lish. The
largest one weighed 7 pounds, dressed.
Herbert Sadler, tuner for the Mason ifc Riscb Piano coinpany, is iu
town. Phone your orders to RilS, or
leave tliem at Robt. Petrie's.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Bishop left for
a short trip to the coast cities last
Monday, Mr. Bishop bus nearly recovered from lhe olToets of his recent
Wanted at Once -Intelligent, noat-
appearing men to advertise Pels*
Naptha Soap. Call at Yale hotel and
ask for Mr. Davis.
The Sun owes its readers an apology.
For one small item last week we relied on the authenticity of our con
temporary, corroborated by a Grand
Forks correspondent. Rut notwithstanding all tbis evidence,Government
Agent Almond has not yet returned
home, und he is not likely to arrive in
the city until about the Kith inst.
Tbe fruits and vegetables at Luw-
fon's store, on Second street, are re-
pleilished every day with a fresh
A. D. Morrison is busy this week-
raising the grade of the Boor iu his
store 15 inches.
You can depend on everything
you get at Lawson's being fresh and
George Rutherford returned last
Saturday from the Seattle exposition.
He also attended the meeting of the
Grand Lodge of Oddfello.ws in that
Don't iorget to drop in at Law-
son's grocery store when yos lire in
town,    ft will pay you.
Rav, W. C. Schlichler, pastor of
the Methodist church, lefl on Monday
Inst for a two weeks' visit to Vancouver. No service will be held in
the church in the morning, but a song
service will be rendered ill thc evening,
Four cars of potatoes were shipped
from the citv this week to Nelson and
East Kootenay points.
When you want .(rood groceries,
don't forget Robert   Lawson.
11. II. Tiiieniun, tbe Vancouver
photographer, is now at Blome's old
studio on Bridge street.
A new foundation is befog constructed under T. A. Mclntyre's
hard ware store.
Judge J. R. Brown, of Greeenwood,
will remove to this citv about the
loth inst. He has rented the residence lately occupied by W. H. Itter.
The marriage of Richard Frache
and Mrs Geo. Taylor will take place
on Tuesday next.
R. F. Langford has arrived in the
city from Nelson to harvest his fruit
crop on his 10 acre orchard on the Co
vert estate.
Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor of the
Baptist church, has tendered bis
Large Bottle Port Wine, 75c. Lion
Bottling Works.
You might us well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam us lo attempt lo reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery iu the Boundary country. And we are the. only
olliee in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job olliee.
When you order olliee stationery
at Tbe Sun job olliee yon can rest
assured tbat it will be printed with
modern faces of type, and that the
workmanship wili he up to the standard of metropolitan work. Our
stock of all kinds of paper and stationery is the most complete in the
Will all growers of fruit and vegetables having anything to sell kindly communicate with Robert Law-
Eor Sale—Complete household
furnishings.    Apply to \V. II. Itter.
,•»»•• »»••• .......a HtHMHAC
For Rent—Two-story residence on
Third street, between Bridge and
Main sheets. Apply A. Traunweiser,
Yale hotel.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days   from   the   date  hereof   j,
(lie Johnson, Rancher, of Christina.   Lake,   intend   to   apply   to tho
Pretty Guts
Water Ci
('.. Eor a license for four cubic feet per j
second   from    "Sutherland"   Creek,
about two hundred feet East of Gov-;
eminent wagon road  and   about   six
hundred   and   seventy  feet North of
j wagon rou,I leading to Christina Hotel
jut Christina Lake, B. (J., for domestic I
[and iarigation purposes to be used on
mv land, being   Lot    Nine   Hundred J
and Seventy, Group One, Siniilkiinieen
Division of Yale District, in the Province of British Columbia,
Dated this 3rd day  of October, A.
D. 11)01).
J] and pretty pictures don't do
a man much good if he is
hungry---unless the pretty
cuts are well selected cuts
"j of choice beef, lamb, mutton
or ham. That's what we
good meats, properly boned and trimmed,
and we would like to suppfy your larder. Our prices,
as well as our meats, will suit you.
Purses and
We aro offering Ladies' Purses
;_n<l Handbags at special price*.
Come in and soe uur stuck.
Anodyne Liniment
For surains, bruise
rheumatism   mul    swollen
joints thero is nothing hotter   than   Dr.   Harwood's
Anodyne Liniment.
Price f>0c a botfclt
A new lot of latest designs of pro-
gram and menu cards just received at
Tin: Sun job olliee.
There's No Other Way
To reach the large ami ever-incro;_Mn<j
circle '.>f our readers than through Tin-;
Sun's advertising columns.
Tenders for Freighting of Supplies for
the Yukon Teleic uph Line.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to tlm undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for PuokhtR
Supplies, will be rPcelved until 5.00 i\ M.
on Thursday. November 2-\\m, ior the packing ot material uml supplies for pofiUs aloiiR
the Yukon TeleKrapli line between Quesnelh
and \tlin. in ilii! course of the bcbsoiib of 1010,
!!U1 nml 1612. Forms of tender nnd Rpectflea-
lion niay lie obtained mul form -"Si conlrnetsoeti
on application to Mr. .1. T. Phelan, Superintendent of tiovernmeM Telegraph, Vancouver,
B.C., Mr. .Wm. Henderson, District Superintendent Government Telcgrapha, Victoriu, B,
i'., awl from tIn* Government Telegraph Agents
.■it Asbcrolt, H.i:, Quesnclla, H.C , Hazelton, B.
c .and Telegraph deck, B.C
Persons tendering are notified thnttenrtnv
will tint be oontrfdereri unless made on the
printed form supplied, and signed with their
actual Rigtia4ureB with their occupations tind
phu-1-of residence. In the caso ol Arms, the
netiinl signature, tho Datura of the occupation
mul place of residence oUttch member of the
linn muni he given.        ^
Kiirh tender must be accompanied by an
accepted oheque on a chartered hank, made
payable to tin- order of the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent [10 p. <'■} of the amount of the tender lor
one year'* packing, which will be forfeited if
the person tendering decline to enter Into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fall
to complete the work contracted for. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does uot bind itself to accept the lowest or any lender
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, September 24,1009.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement if thev Insert It   without  authority
from the Department.
NOTICK is hereby given tlmt ut the
next meeting of  the Board   of
License Commissioner!! for  the |
City of (irand Forks, 13.C, we intend
to make application  for the  transfer
of the retail liquor license   in  respect
to the "Granby" hotel, held  by Alex-1
under William Fraser and   Fred   W.
Russell, to the suid Fred  \Y. Russell
And further  tnke  notice,   thnl   ul
snid  meeting  an   application will be
made for   permission   t<> change the
I name of the "Granby" hotel i"  that
(ofthe "Russell" hotel.
Dated Grand Forka, B.C., the 21st
day of September, A D. 1909.
NOTICK  is  hereby given that the
partnership heretofore  existing
between us, the undersigned, u<
hotol'keepers   at   the   City of Grand
I Finks, in ihe Province of British Col-
iiuiliiu, hus thi-, day been dissolved by
iniitiiul consent.    All  debts owing to
the suid partnership nre to be paid  to
Fred W. Russell, who will continue
to  carry   on   the   business, and  ull
claims against   the   snid   partnership
i are to be presented to the snid   Fred
VV,Russell, by whom the same  will
] be settled.
Dated at Grand  Forks,  B.C.,  he
20thday of September, A.D. 1I10U.
'    Witness: W. IS. CooillUNB.
I. X. I.. Mineral Olaim, situate hi flip
Grand Fork. Miniug Division „. Vnlu Dis-
Wlipre looatedi In Franklin caron.
TAKE NOTICB that I, James MoArdlo Pree
Miner's Cert IH _•..... Ne. B2G15S, for nivself
utiil us agent ior l-'ruiil. M.-i-'uilune. I'rtie
Miner'.. Certiliru.i' N„. IllnsM); John MoLarcn,
l-iiM- Miner's Certificate No. BUI889; Peter
Wolf, Free Miner'. Certificate No. H26I8H, mul
A 1.. \\ hltesldc, Free Miner's Certificate Nu.
B26U86. intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Imp "Yemeni- lo, ti.e
purpo-e or obtaining a Crown (Iriiut ofthe
uhove olaim,
Ami further take notice that action, under
seotion Hi. must le> commenced hefore the
Issuance of such Certificate of   Improve*
Dated this 18th day of August, A.D. num.
PH0NL 13
Before closing your contract for
reading matter for the coming your,
rend the tempting clubbing offer we
make on the third page.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for 81.00 per year.
oMcKenzie » Pfeiffer, Props.
Will   open  up on
or about
November rst
With up-to - date
dJWoving Pictures
and high class specialties in the store
now occupied by
A. Waugh on 1st
PRICES;   -   -    15c AND 25c
Sat. Matinees, - 10c and 15c
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete Stock of
tt.\m, Pipes anil Tobaccos
A Fresh i nuslgui it nt
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
To all my friends and patrons 1
extend the felieitationa of the
season. An openingof Imported
Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
will lie given April I'-' and 13.
A cordial invitation tu nil.
tfVlts. Ida Barnum
*f Notice to the People of Grand Forks
W. and Vicinity:
.5*. You need not depend on  any travelling photographer
^\Hj to take ynur pictures.
now settled in his new quarters next dour to the Yale Hotel,
and will take any picture you want, indoors or  out, at
Reasonable 'Prices
Builder 8 Architect
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
Winnipeg    Avenue
Parties Intending te build ivi.l do well to consult mo.
1909 cTWODELS tf
Bicycles and
Indian Hotocycles
English Bicycles—Rambler
Bicycles. Bicycle Sundries.
Repair Shop. Second-hand
Wheels.    Wheels to  Kent.
INDENTS promptly executed nt
lowest cash prices fur all kinds of
British  and  Continental  goods,
Honks and Stationery,
Boots, Shoes and Leather,
Chemicals and Druggists' Sundries,
China, Earthenware and Glassware,
Cycles, Motors and Accessories.
Drapery, Millinery and Piece Goods,
Fancy Goods and Perfumery,
Furniture and Upholstery,
Hardware, Machinery and Metals,
Imitation Jewellery and  Precious
Jewellery, Plate nnd Watches,
Photographic and Optical Goods,
Provisions and Oilmen's Stones,
etc., etc.
Commission 2\ in ft°/Q.
Trade Discounts allowed.
Special Quotations nn Demand,
Sample Cases from £10 upwards,
Consignments cf Produce sold mi Ac
t (Established 1814),
25, Abchuroh Lane, London, E.G.
Cable Address: "Annuaibb, London."
Shirley ffraottotial MItioral OlaiimaUnnto In
the Grand Forks Miniug Division of Yale District.
Whore Located:  In Summit Camp, adjoin*
Inff tho   Slii'ivsiun-U   Mineral   Claim   tu ttie
TAKK NOTIOE that I, Elsir- _____ Clement, Free
Miners' Cortlfloate No; B26891, intend, sixty
days (nun date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Recerder for a Cettifloateof Improvements! for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above cmltns.
And further tnke notice that action. Under
section "", must be commenced before the lssu«
ancu of tut oh Certificate of Improvements,
Dated at Grand Korks. H.C, ihm 28rd day of
Auk bt. A.D. WW.
ELSIU L. CLEMENT, We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to i
the Boundary.    Sun Job Office.
Three bottles of cold Nelson Beer j
50e.    Lion Bottling Works.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen hooks iu one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of ;
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will puss muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is So in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
493 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, .Michigan.
Soap Bargains!
Olive Oil and Cucumber  Soap I! for 1'iic
Oatmeal and Juice of Lettuce 6 for 25c
Peet's Mechanics'Soap 3 for 25c
"Snap"' Hand Cleaner 20c tin
Sponges, Bath Brushes, Nail Scrubs, all prices.
Prescription Druggists
Phone 35 Night Phone 104
1 HolyTiiimtv Chuucii,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
anil sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.in.; Sunday school, 3|
p in. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will lie celebrated at
lthe 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
ja.ni. Week-day and special services
j as they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Piiesbytkrian Ciiuhoii—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
0:45 a.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
m. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p.m. All are cordially
invited; seats free.
Methodist Chuiich, Rev. Sohlieh-
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
ami Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wedues
davs, 8 p.m. Everybody will be wel
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at 2:30 p.m
For   Sale—100   aores   of   good
timothy land.    Apply this office.
Now is the proper time to have them  taken.
The well   known   Vancouver  Photographer, is now in
the city and will remain for
Any one desiring first-class work in hi-: line should not
fail call on him at
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge Street
IWe Q°of> qhV
WEEKLY  .__-'
STAR        •<. 1
Montreal       ! |
$i.t)U    I
IfWHl MI \l--j).M   Lil/ a< *
i(H*Y    i»TC»Ql
Regular Price S3.00
An Oiler Which Meets the Special Wants uf All Classes oi Readers
The Western Canadian reading public i.s made up chiefly of these classes
Persons wiio have lived in the West for a lengthy period and are out ami out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Country, from the United
States and from Eastern Canada,
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, hut by this combination offer every .special need is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has special
departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star supplies tho former resident of Eastern Canada with news of the
Eastern portion of the Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides
thelocal and Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
High living doesn't fit one fo
higher life,
The worst dishonesty is honesty for
policy's sake.
Trilles make perfection, but perfection is no liille,
A cheap pair of gloves don't always '
;et the glad hand.
No man can invent an excuse original enough to be patented.
The self-made man sometimes makes
a noise like a phonograph.
rV man can frequently see his finish
without the aid of a telescope.
Trying to please people is a matter
of business witli an oflice seeker.    ,
If you cannot give anything else,
give a smile and a word of cheer.
Even the fellow who likes to get a
run for his money may win in a walk.
A loafer may make a hit with some
peuple, but he doesn't get paid for   it.
When a woman is inclined to be
disagreenble she is sure to make good.
Fully as important as knowing who
to know is knowing who not to know.
It is the doctor's business to see
that we kaep boiJyand soul   together.
There are people who believe everything they hear, and a lot they don't
A political plum seldom drops into
the lap of a man who isn't expecting it.
Some people want justice for the
purpose of passing it ou to those who
need it.
Lots of women would make secret
gifts to charity if they could only keep
the secret.
The man who can convince others
that he is as good as he thinks he is,
is a wonder.
When a woman helps her husband
do anything she invariably wants to
do the bossing.
When the average girl gets married
she regrets that the church organ isn't
a brass band.
Money talks and a penny makes
more noise on a contribution plate
than a $2 bill.
If heaven were to be won only by
achievement it would be a t'righuuliy
lonesome place.
A man is sometimes away off when
he claims that distance lends enchantment to the view.
Some time we may have an ideal
legislature—one that will repeal more
laws than it passes.
We know what we'd like to hand
lhe coal man—and also what we'll
have to hand him.
We should accustom the ininil tn
the best company by introducing it
only to the best books.
It mav be possible fur a woman to
keep a secret, but most of tliem are
woefully out of practice.
The average man doesn't think
about mending his ways till they are
pretty badly shattered.
About lhe only way a mnn can fool
a Woman is tu make her believe she is
fooling him when sho isn't.
Mont "merry widow" huts i>w(* all
their jauntiness to the wiudowed
widowed tresses under them.
We are inclined to believe that actions do not speak louder tlitm words ,
at the meetings of  a  sewing   society. ;
It is all very well for you to ask i
that mother wake and call you early, j
but who do you expect to call mother.' j
A woman who is capable of marrying a man OUgnt to be capable of making him support her, and sho generally is.
An acquaintance with   bill   collect-
ora   may   not   seem desirable; still, it
inevitable,   it   is   wise   to make them I
think you are a good fellow.
Hotel _C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
F\ D. McLONALl), Proprietor
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently locuted
for railway men. „ l''lrnt-
duss accommodations for
transients. Hoard and
roomi hy the week nt prevailing rates. I*"ino line of
wines, Llquoriand Ctsart
always in stock at the hnr.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Yale   Und "District.    District of   Similka-
TAKK    NOTICK   that    Smith    Curtic    of
Kofciland. n.('_. occupation mine operator,
intends to apply for perm Ull on to  purchase
the following [feiorlbed lands;
Commend nu at a post planted on thp wait*
fll'll Bide line of the  Nelson A  Fort   Shepherd
Hallway company'* Land Uranifand at the
southeast corner of Peter Shaw's pre-emption on Btff sheep Greek] thence west ill
chains; thenoe south tfiohalni, more or less,
to the north line of J. J. GUI's pre-emption :
thence east 85 chains, more or less, to northeast oorner of said (tilt's preemption;:
thence south 1 fi chains: thence east US chains,
more or less, to the western line of aforeseid
Railway Land Grant; thence north Wi chains
to point of ct.mmeiicement, containing ItiO
aores, more or le«s.
Dated DeOember 14th, 1908.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
M. l.i>,t. M. E.
Plumber by Examination
and Sanitary Engineer
Repairs of Every Description
Shop :
Second Street
Paiinh 1377
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing nf ull Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
,. m_ln.Aino.il.m,
Anil iitluT siiliMAiillalrnliipnulcii.
ANY iivntlnlde Dominion Lands within the
Hallway Itelt of Hritish Columbia may he
hnitmsteadefl hy any person who is the head
of a family, or any male over eighteen years
of aire, to the extent of one-uuartcr section
of 1(10 acres, more or less.
Entry must he made personally at the loeal
lain! office for the dUtrict in which the land
The homesteader Is required to perforin
the conditions connc-ted therewith under
une of the following plans!
(1) At least six months' resilience upon and
cultivation of the luud in each yeur for three
(2) If thc father (or mother, tf the father is
deceased), of the homesteader resides noon a
furm In the vlolnlty of the land  entered  for,
the requirements as to residence may be sat-
islied by such person residing with the father
or mother.
(8) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned hy him in
the vicinity of his homestead,the requirements tis to residence may he satislied by
residence upon the said laud.
Six months' notice in writing should he
•riven the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
at Ottawa of Intention to apply for patent.
Coal -Coal mluing rights innv bo leased
for a period nF twenty one years at au annual rental of SI ,00 per acre. Not more than
2..WU acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at thc rate of live cents
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
K.B, -Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not he paid for.
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs.
Sample Copy Free.
itHt-rtT I mmi.,' I'l'llLISIIKIIS,
LB™"o_St « W. S8TI1 ST.. NOT Yuri.
Furniture Moving a Specialty.
All orders receive drompt at
_%3Eimti»0#tttt PETER- ANSE[
l'tiiits more live I;,.miliary news titan
anv other |m[>t*r published in the
district, The pi ice of Tin; Su.v is
ouly -'I.(Hi per yenr—one-half tho cost
of its competitors.   Tin; Si n ia never
on  the  [e  rugardiiiK questions of
public interest. Tin; Sun is acknowledged I" be one of tho brightest
papers published in the interior of
the province. Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, will have thoir I
money refunded by calling at the oltlcs
• if publication,
The Evkninii Sun and theToronto
Weekly  Globe and  Canada   Par r,
SI.on per year in advance,
Thk Evknino Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farm-
r uud  tho  Montreal Family Herald
and Weekly Star, $2.00  per year in
The Sun is read  by evorybdy bo
cause it prints nil the Boundary news:
Special   Old   Port IJ  per gallon. |
Lion Bottling Works.
Hotel Province,
Receive both Latitat and Oetttletn n reel-
dent or day -titdenuilm. nletoCom-
tnerotuior Hugineii Coiir'ei prennrot Mil-
denuto train Teacher.' Certlllonteu ul nil
gradeit gives tlte four win.' cutireo f',i the
fl. A. degree, and the Art! renrortlie School
ids.hi nine, In nfflllnlloii tvltli tin. To.
ronto University! hni a ipcolal prospectors*
ounriofor miner, who work Iti it C Instruc-
Hon li also given In Art, Mu.lo, Phy.lenl 'til-
turn   nml   Kioctltlon.   Tern, open. Sept.   II,
litis,  ror I ftlondart, etc., sddre.i
lil'V'l.l'.s   AND   III.run    WoilK      A
complete line of 11109 dels,    A tV>*
second-hand wheels cheap. \\ heels
to rent Geo. i'haih.i., Winnipeg
Avenue. Stomach Blood and
Liver Troubles
Much sickness starts with weak stomach, and consequent
poor, impoverished blood. Nervous and pale-people lack
good, rich, red blood. Their stomachs need invigorating
for, after all, a men can be no stronger than his stomach.
A remedy that makes the _;tomach strong and the liver
active, makes rich red blood and overcomes and drives
out disease-producing bacteria and cures a whole multitude of diseases.
Oct riu of your Stomach Weakness and
Liver Laziness by taking a course ot
Dr. Pierce's Holden Medical Discovery
-the treat Jtomach Restorative, Liver
Invi&orator and  Blood Cleanser.
You can't afford to accept any medicine of unknown
composition as a substitute for "Golden Medical Discovery," which is a medicine op known COMPOSITION) having
a complete list of ingredients in plain English ou ils lutt-
tle-wrapper, same being attested as correct under oath.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate aad Invigorate Stomach
Instructions to Canadian Exhibitors at the Big Spokane Display
Ken. II. Rice, secretary-manager
tif'the National Apple Show, to be
held in Spokane, bus issued a circular letter for the information of Canadian exhibitors regarding customs
entries, duty and consular eerlifi-
cutes on exhibits for competition at
the second show, November 10 to
20, when 825,000 will he distributed
in prizes and premiums in twenty
classes, ranging from a full carload
to a single plate of five apples.
llritish Columbia carried off its
share of honors nt the first exposition in that city last December, and
it is expected that many growers
will be represented at the coming
competition. The text of Mr. Rice's
letter follows:
Exhibits can be shipped from
Canada, shown at tbe second National Apple Show and returned to
the point of shipment free of duty,
provided the following instructions
are carefully carried out:
All shipments should be made
through one of the following points
on the international boundary line:
Eastport, Idaho; Blaine, Sumas and
Seattle, Wash., and   addressed  dis
thinly,   "National   Apple    Show,
'Spokane, Wash., In Bond." Shipments mnde through other port
will possibly he subject to duty before permitted to cross the line.
; Exhibits valued at less than 8100
do not require a consular's certificate, but the regular bill  of   lading
'and invoice must be forwarded to
Spokane for presentation to the collector of customs nt the time of arranging bond.
As soon as exhibitors have decided definitely on the variety and
extent of their exhibits, and provided the same is over $100 in value,
particulars must be given to the
nearest United States consul or consular agent, and n consular invoice
obtained from him, n copy of which
must accompany the shipment. Consuls and consular agents are stationed at the following Canadian
centers: Vancouver, Fernie, Nelson, Lethbridge and Calgary. It is
very important that the consular in-
. voice he obtained as early as possible before shipment is actually
made, so that serious delays will be
At tbe time the shipment is due to
arrive in Spokane, and if the exhihi-
i tor is not already represented there,
the secretary of the second National
Apple Show will attend to the customs entries, arranging of bond,etc.,
provided he is notified and the bill
of lading, invoice and consular's certificate (if over $100 value) are  for-
The following table gives the
for 1905, 1006 and for the past wee
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Hoy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, (ireenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Golden Eagle 	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U, Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundary Falls	
Golden Eagle	
shipments of   Boundary  mines
1901 1908    Post Week
613,537 1,032,51!!       18,985
135,001 45,956         4,170
208,321 314,029         8,S00
14,481 65,S00
warded lo him.
If the apples exhibited are sold in
the United Slates, thev will be subject to a duty of 25 cents per bushel.
Exhibitors desiring to sell their
apples after the closing day of the
show, will please notify the secretary in good time.
UBIows in Another Furnace
The British Columbia Copper
coinpany blew in its third furance
hist week. The management expect to be treating 2000 tons of ore
per day before long.
All Furnace Enlarged
The work of enlarging the furnaces at the (Iranby smelter is now
Hearing completion, mid the last
one, No. 8, will he blown in in n day
or two. No. 7 was placed in cnin-
inission last week.
Eailway Belt Map
The department of interior, Ottawa, bus issued a map of the railway
belt   of   British  Columbia,    It   is
printed in colors, and the information upon it is corrected up to July
1st last. A glance at the map will
show a person how any particular
district in the belt stands, colors be-
iiiK used to indicate lands that have
been dealt with in any way. Thc
map covers British Columbia from
north of the railway belt down to
tbe international boundary line, and
includes the Boundnry country, the
Arrow and Kootenay lake region,
and the Crow's Nest district.
Tbe Grand Forks Conservative association will hold its annual meeting next Wednesday evening fnr the
olection of ollicers and transaction of
general business.
Allan Will.io, Presbyterian missionary at Midway, has returned to
Winnipeg to attend college.
Mr. Dredge, Presbyterian missionary at Rock Creek, has returned to
college in Toronto.
.lust received, a large consignment
of the latest patterns of spring and
summer suitings, (ieo. Massie, the
up-to-date tailor.
I he Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Please read the headline over again. Then it*
tremendous Eden! flounce will Jhwii upon you.
An Oliver Typewriter—the utmidard visible
writer—the most highly mr,   ie<i typewriter
un the market—yours for l? cents    dny!
Tho typewriter whose conquest of the commercial world is a matter of nlstor r-yourt for
17 centfl a day!
The typewriter that is equip ith scores ot
such convenionees as "The Bnlauce simi'i"--
"The Ruling Device"—"The Double Roloase"—
"Thy Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
spiicer"—"Thy Antomntii* Tabulator" ■••Tin'
—"The •Adjustable Paper Fingers1'—"The >v\-
iiiutic Condensed Key.
l.o.inl"-Mll •    '
Yours for   17
Gents a Day!
Wi? announced this
now salt's ptuu recently. Just to feel ihu pulse ol
iln- people Simply a small cash payment-*
then 17 oolite a day. Thnt Is the plan in >• not-
Tho resull lins boon such n deluge of application* tor machines thai we are simply astounded,
Tho demand comes from people of all classes,
nil ages, nil occupations.
The majority o! Inquiries hns conic from pco-
pic of known tltnmi'iiii standing who were at*
traded by the novelty of the ptopoa 'ou, ah
nnproBBive demo ust ration of the immense pop-
ulanty of the Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our bollof that
the Bro of Universal Typewriting Is at hand.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
Bridge Street,
Thp hest and most
substantial fire-proof
building In the Boundary couutry. Ke-
ceutly completed and
n e W ly furnished
throughout. Btttiip-
ped with nil modern
electrical conveniences, Centrally locuted. t-'irst-eliiKs uc-
oommodatlons forthe
ravelling public.
Hoi and Gold Baths
First-Glass Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
ElMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
Printi n
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
Wo havo the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads nnd Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tujb, Circulars and Placards,
BilU of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Total, tons  1,148,2:17 1,479,682 32,255
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter  637,62(1 1,031,671 18,519
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  341,952 355,035 8,874
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  153,439 22,666          	
Total Treated      1,133,017    1,420,272
-the kind   wo do—is  in   itself   an
advertisement, and  a trial order
1 convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best.    Let us estimate on your order.    We guarantee
The StandardVisible Writer
Tlio Oliver Typewriter la n inoiiev-mnkir
right from the word "gol" Soeiuyto run lhal
beginners soon gut In lhe "expert" olaas, Kan,
asyon learn. Lot the maohine ray Ilie 17 wills
tt nay—ami nil above that In yours.
Wherever yoll are. there Is work  to bo dim.-
ami money to be made by nxiiij; die Oliver. Tbo
business world la vailing for Oliver operators,
Ihero are not enough to supply tho demand.
llielrsalnnes nn uslderably libovo those of
many classesof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tlmt is tho battle ery todnv, *Vo liavomado
the Oliver supreme in usofuliioMaud absolutely
IndUpeuanblo In Innducss, Now comes thu cm'
([iienl of the home,
The simplicity nud strength ofthe Oliver fit it
[or inmily use. It h bucomliu au Important
factor iu the home .training of young people.
Au educator as well tun money maker.
Otir new Belling plan puts the Oliver on the
threshold of evory home in America.- Will vou
ulose tb- door ol your homo or otllee on ibis remarkable Ollvor oflVr?      -
Write for further details of our easy oiFer and
» free copy of tne uew Oliver catalog.  Addross
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Ollvor Typewriter Hnlldliig,
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply ofj
Ice Cream   and  Summer Drinks
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Namr ok Company. Capital.
Granby'Consolidated -Copper... |W_0W,«»
Cariboo MoKinney-Gold  J-&&&   "«-»„
Prnvlflnnafl  -Silver ....JP 200000       31 IKX>
U.C  (!w!»r-C..w'.r............    3.000.000    :«08.M0
mnoriieii/-SHAKn-^      Pnlil    Total to    Lnteet      Per
limihil      Issued. Pur.        10011.        l>nlo.        Dute.    Share
••■X'SoO     188,000 SUH) '»1,620,000 $8,563,080 Deo. 1MB »8.00
180,000   1.280,000     ■' M"™ '"''■
HW.O.XI     UUUi    !•'""     ■i'.l.v'i
140,887 Feb. H«ll     .00
iS   '" ill.lkid      'js.'ii.l Sept. 1006
(5          201,200 Sept. 1007
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooii Norm of Giianhv Hotel,
First Strkkt.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Pns-
sengem and Trunks to ami
from all trains.
liuTiiKKFoim Huos., Props,
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone lending a .ketch end description may
qntoklf ascertain onr opinion free whether an
_ ._. oUKh Munn _t I
i_>.c(ol notice, without chime, In ths
Scientific Hmericatu
All newsdealers.
. .Brood OToe. &6 F Bt, Washington, IX Cj ,


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