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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 25, 1921

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the center of Grand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
tbe city.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
it///?is   ,n
THF SrilV '" t'"3 favor'te news-
11JU OVtm* paper 0f the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley tban any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me wbst you Know l» true:
1 csn lueu si well st you.
$1.00 PER YEAR
Liquor Control Board Present Figures of Its Operation Up to September 30th
Victoria, Nov. 23.—The total
liquor receipts through government
stores io British Columbia from
June 15, when the liquor control act
went iuto effect, to October 31 were
12,954,516, with tbe Vancouver
stores accounting for $1,413,104 of
This meant a monthly average for
the four and a half months of $656,«
559 for the whole province and
$311,800 per month for Vancouver.
Toe British Columbia government
made a net profit of £541,606 on
liquor sales for tbe first three and
one-half months of operation under
the liquor sales board from June 15
to September 30, according to a balance sheet filed in the legislature
this afternoon by Hon. J. VV. deB.
Farris, att irney general, in accordance to a balance sheet filed in tbe
liquor control act. Tbis does not include the $121,000 received from tbe
sale of permits.
In accordance witb the premier's
promises half these profits are to be
divided among tbe municipalities
on tbe basis of sohool population
Total assets of the board are placed
$2,502,741, with liabilities of $1,-
^Assets include cash in banks and
on hand, $365,672; cash advanced
to employees,! 80,128; stock on hand,
$1,848,477; real estate, $30,000;
buildings, 119,000, after allowing
$1000 for depreciation; present value
of equipment, 22,931; furniture and
fixtures $10,414, and fire insurance
and general insurance amounting to
The balance sheet shows that the
board started out witb an advance of
$1,438,550 from tbe provincial treas
ury. Confiscated liquors are set
down at a value of $184,753. TLe
trading 'account shows tbat mer
cbandiee to the value of $3,295,560
was purchased. Liquor sales totalled
$2,228,918. Operating costs total
$154,375 for warehouses and vendors, and $84,357 for head oflice
Secret servi e cost $10,598; main'
teuance of prisoners, $1661; refund
of licenses in Vancouver, $36,338
Tbe sum of $1713 was allowed for
discounts lo druggists; vendors
breakages amounted to $4213 aod
vendors' shortage to $3477. Ware
house licenses brought  in $48,000.
Kootenay Hive Case
for Wintering Bees
Possibly no phase of agriculture
has advanced so rapidly as that of
beekeeping. In many lines of farm
ing our methods are much the same
as tbey were a hundred years ago.
With oeekeeping there haB been a
great evolution, and today utensils
ami methods are standardised
throughout tbe whole country. Beekeepers, however, are constantly on
the oulook for new and still better
methods for carrying on, aud io the
Kootenay hive case there is a form
of winter and summer protection
that posaessis more virtues aud less
faults than many of the methods
now in vogue.
The Kootenay hive case is an im
provement on   the double   walled
hive. It bas been introduced io tbe
form of a permanent hive case, and
is made to take the ten-frame bive.
There is a tbree-incb space all
around the brood ohambet and supers. Up to the top of the brood
chamber it is kept permanently
packed with moss or planer shavings
tbe year round. This, is oovered witb
small pieces of wood to prevent the
moss from falling into the bive
when open. Beneath tbe floor of the
brood chamber Inere is also a tbree
inch space packed with moss.
The stories, or "lifts," are all alike,
and, as supers are added extra lifts
ars put on. The cover is similar to
the ordinary cover, but is made
ihree-eightbs of an inch larger all
around tban the top of tbe case
wbile small triangular blocks nailed
in each inside corner raise it snd en
sure ventilation. This opening also
affords a means of escape for bees
tbat may bave become entrapped
while working over tbe hive.
To pack for winter all tbat ie nee--
essary is to bave one lift dbove the
brood chamber packed with moss or
planer shavings. To facilitate the
packing we have pillows made from
moss and gunny sacks just tbe s iz
of tbe atory or lift. Tbe cover is then
added and the bees are packed for
tbe winter. The only attention required is to keep tbe entrance^ cleared of dead bees.
Tbe bees have more winter protection in tbis case than in the
double walled hive, while tbe temperature in tbe hive is coolor and
more uniform in summer. There is
not tbe trouble of packing in tbe
fall and unpacking in the spring as
io the case of tbe ordinary double-
walled hive or the Ontario wintering case. If is less expensive than
the double-walled hive, as it is constructed largely from shiplep. The
bees come tbrough tbe winter in
good shade and commence work
early in the spring. Beekeepers
would be well advised to give it a
trial, as it has many exce'lent features.
Municipalities Declined to
Accept Such an Unpopular Charge — Premier
Makes Announcement
Victoria, Nov. 23.—The government has dropped its proposals for
additional taxation on a personal
property basis. Tbe whole soheme
for municipal aid in the way of
funds went tnto the dieoard tbis af
ternoon. In tbe meantime, the present personal property tax, as collected for several ""years past, will
continue to be imposed and payable
to the government.
That tbe new personal property
taxation jb "off" was announced by
tbe premier. A meeting or caucus
was held this afternoon before the
regular session of the house. Follow
ing tbis gathering, Hon. John Oliver told a press representative tbat
tbe government had decided not to
proceed with the plan to thus pro
vide more funds for the municipali
After a four days' searcb.the body
of Sherill W. Iograham, who had
been missing for several days while
out on a bunting trip, was found on
Sunday last near Trail with a bullet bole in bis forehead. The coroner's jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and the remains were
buried at Trail yesterday. A sister
of Ingrabam was formerly employed
as a nurse at the Grand Forks hospital.
The Pre-War Favorite—"Well, I think that's the limit."
Tariff Question Presented
From Federal Administration's Viewpoint by
J. A. MacKelvie
An audience of moderate size
gathered in the Empress theate: on
Tuesday evening to bear J, A. MacKelvie, government candidate for
Yale in the Dominion elections. He
was given an attentive hearing, but
enthusiasm was noticeably lacking.
Dr. Kingston presided, and in a
brief speech introduced the speaker
of the evening.
Mr. MacKelvie's principal subject
was tbe tariff iaaue. His arguments
in favor of a high protecti ve tariff
were tbose that bave been advanced
by government speakers and Conservative newspapers since tbe beginning of tbe present   ampaign.
Mr. MacKelvie re-echoed tbe absurd olaim recently make by government organs, tbat to Hon. Arthur Meighen was dne the oonor of
originating and convening of the
great Washington disarmament conference.
The speaker reminded the ladies
that the Conservative government
bad given them tbe federal franchise; but he forgot to mention tbat
a Liberal administraiion at Victoria
had firat given them tbe provincial
franchise in British Columbia,
On tbe subject of taxation, be said
a great deal bad ben said about tbe
government favoring tbe big interests. Every knew bow he felt about
having to pay taxes. In tbe matter
of income taxes the big interests were
bit the hardest, and he asked whether the Meighen government favored
the big interests by making tbem
pay the greater share of the war
The speaker's ouly reference to
the Liberal leader was, tbat Mr.
King bad gone to Mantreal, where
he bad seen some empty sh?lls on a
dock and had been shell shocked.
A great deal of tbe speaker's
time was devoted to an explanation
of the national railway problem. He
admitted that the question was serious, but shifted the responsibility
for the present situation by saying
that it was a legacy handed down
by the Laurier administration.
The meeting closed with the singing of the national anthem.
Estimated - Expenditures
of Province for Fiscal
Year Wil Be Over $20,-
other foreign matter, which might
render the feed unpalatable or poisonous to stock.
The feed*, considered include
bran, aborts, middlings, feed flour,
barley feeds, oat cbop aod oat feeds,
corn products, oil cake meal, calf
feeds, hog feeds, poultry feeda, and
a number of miacellaneous products
sold under brand names. While it
does not claim to be exhaustive, the
bulletin furnishes information on all
tbe more common feeding stuffs.
Thia bulletin abould prove of very
considerable value to the farming
interest throughout the Dominion
and serve as a useful source of reference for all concerned in the purchase and uae of commercial feeding stuffs. Copies may be obtained
on application to the publications
branch, department of agriculture,
Local Member Is Reported to Have Expressed
Vieews onGovernmen t's
Rdilway Inheritanc
Victoria, Nov.' 24.—In keeping
with tbe report published two weeks
ago, it is understood tbat drastic
cute in tbe estimates are being considered in the legislature. The statement was made early tbis month
tbat members of tbe government in
caucus had demanded a decrease in
tbe proposed expenditures. This
has now been agreed to.
However, it is also certain tbat
large supplementary votes will bave
to be provided for, owing to tbe un
employment situation, the floods
along the P.G.E. and the province's
share in tbe Dominion government
scheme of municipal unemployment
When the Neelands resolution
asking tbat the house go into committee to consider the unemployment question was disposed of, Pre
mier Oliver promised a substantial
vote for tbis purpose. So tbe amount
aaved by paring tbe estimates, aa
provided for in tbe budget, will
probably be equalled by tbe new
supplementary votes. Tbis will
mean tbat the estimated expenditures for British Columbia for tbe
coming fiscal year will be over $20,-
Feeding Stuffs
There has recently been issued
from tbe division of chemistry, of
the Dominion experimental farms,
Ottawa, a bulletin, No. 47, entitled
"Commercial Feeding Stuffs."
This bulletin coot ins tbe chemical analyses and misroscopical findings of ovej four hundred samples
of feeding stuffs recently collected
throughout the Dominion and includes a consideration of all the
more important milling by-products
and compounded feeds now found
on the Canadian market,.
Tbe analytical data bave furnished tbe basis for the valuation of
these feeds from the nutritive standpoint and the micros iopical findings
—a new feature in work of thia
character—indicate the precence or
absence of noxious weed   seeds   or
Washington, Nov. 21.—The week
centering on November 23 is expected to bring a mixture of weather
events, but generally tbe well-known
Indian summer features will prevail
Tbat week will be midway between
two severe storm periods, one centering on November 14, the otber on
November 28, and therefore tbe first
and last part of that week may get
touches of these two storms. Tern-
peraturea of that week are expected
to average above and precipitation
abov. normal. For tbe week center
ing on November 23 unusually
warm weather and no severe cold
waves are expected.
The week centering on November
28 will be under tbe influence of severe storms. High temperatures will
reach western Canada and northwestern America near November 26,
followed by severe storms,increasing
snows or rains and moderate cold
wave. Theae conditions will cross
meridian 90 near November 28, and
reach eastern sections near November 30.
Indications of an excessively cold
winter are not yet in sight. December will average warmer than ueua
very warm on the weeks centering
on Deoember 1, 12 and 28; cooler
tban usual on tbe weeks centering
on 6, 19 and January 2. Less tban
usual precipitation. Most rain or
snow during tbe weeks centering on
December 1, 9 and 25. Most severe
storms during the week centering on
December 29.
Deputation From Vancouver Makes Appreciative Statement to Premier Oliver
Victoria, Nov. 24.—Expressing
their appreciation of Premier Oliver
and the government in leaving tbe
personal property tax as it has stood
in tbe past, a Vancouver delegation
waited upon tbe government leader
this morning.
The visitors said tbey felt lhat the
action taken yeBterday in dropping
new tax proposals would result in
the general stimulation of industry
aud would work out as the beat solution of a difficult problem.
J. J. Warren, preaident, and W.
M. Archibald, of the Consolidated
Mining <fe Smelling company, of
Trail, were in Princeton last week.
The Star says that negotiations
fraught with great possibilities for
that town and district are under
way, but no definite Information is
yet available.
Victoria, Nov. 19.—E. C. Henniger, Liberal member for Qrand
Forks, made a few brief remarks in
the legislature Friday afternoon. He
agreed wilh the member for New«
castle that tbe big university grant
was being used mostly to educate
tbo sons and daughters of tbe rioh.
He also thought tnat the government was providing too much service. A'oriey was being spent mucb
faster than people were being
brought into tbe province.
Mr. Henniger criticized the fin"
ance minister's proposal to increase
the automobile tax. He deprecated
tbe frequent references to the P.G.
V,., a subject wbich made him
"sick," he added.
"In fact, it reminds me of tbe old
farmer wbo said a long prayer every
morning," he reminisced. "Finally,
the son of the soil deeded the hired
men were wasting too mucb time
over piayers; eo he had copies printed and pasted on the wall. Pointing
to the document one morning, he
said, 'Them's my sentiments.' So
it might well be with tbe tbe P.
G E."
The Best Christmas Gift
Can you remember that Christmas when you first received The
Youth's Companion amoung your
CUriatmaa presents? You can perhaps recall the titles of som - of the
aerial stories in those early numbers, and you can well remember
how every one in tbe family wanted
to read your paper.
Today Tb Companion makes the
•ideal Christmas present. No family,
especially one witb growing boys
and girls, should be without the
tried and true Youth's Companion
—tbe friend and entejtainer of hosts
of people, old and young.
The Companion ia true to the
beat American ideals of life, giving
every week a generous supply of the
best stories, current events, comments on tbe world's doings, with
apecial pages for Hoys, for Glrla and
for the Family.
Tho 52 issues of 1922 will be
crowded witb serial storieB, short
storfea,|edilorials, poetry, facte and
fun. Subscribe'now and receive:
1. The Youth's Companion—52
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lthe monthly authority on fashions
Both publications only 83.00.
The Youth's Companion, Commonwealth Ave. and St. l'aul St.,
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received at this oflice.
Granby Bay Polytechnic
There lias recently been established
at Anyox with tho support and approval of the management of the
Granby Consolidated Mining ,fcSmelting company an inetitution known as
the Granby Bay Polytechnic. This will
give an opportunity to the young
people of that mining community to
obtain a knowledge of mineralogy,
metallujgy, etc. At tha inaugural
meeting H. S. Monroe, general manager for the company, gave the educational enterprise his unqualified endorsation. THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS.   B. C.
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addresr -** «•»—•—• 'cations to
Thk Grand Forks Son,
PhoshIOIR (Si.to B*jrs*i, B. C.
The poor P.G.E. seems to be friendless.   I
has become quite fashionable for everybody to
crack jokes or shed tears at its expense.    The
C.P.R. had to run the same gauntlet when   it
was being built through the mountains.   Yet
there is not a person in British Columbia  today who would like to be without that railway. Twenty years from now prosperous communities along the P.G.E. may hold similar
views about that line. The thing to do now is
to complete the road and to fill the territory it
traverses with bona fide settlers.   When this
is done it will cease to bea drain on the public
treasury, and will become a revenue producer.
To abandon tha enterprise now  would  be a
crime.   Croaking   and   weak hearted efforts
have never achieved any great public undertaking, and they will not complete the P.G.E.
and put it on a paying basis.   To acoomplish
this requires persistency, perspicuity and  a
liberal amount of level-headed   management.!
Those"who throw uptheir hands when theymeet
anobstacle midway between the starting point
and the finishing post would be sure to make
a failure of the job.   We admire the provincial
government for its determination to carry  the
enterprise   to  a successful conclusion.    To
strengthen that determination it needs the approval of the people and of the members of its
own party instead of criticism.   Undoubtedly
a great deal of money has been wasted on  the
road since its inception, but fully as much, if
not more, has been wasted on public highways
during the past two decades.   No one has the
temerity advocate a stoppage of work on   the
public roads.
commenced life as barbarians, barbarity must
always be with us; that the world is incapable
of progressing through error, naturally look
upon the Washington disarmament conference
as a joke, and never miss an opportunity to
ridicule it. But fortunately the world moves.
Tbe majority of the people of all nations look
to that gathering for an immediate relief from
the present burden of taxation, and they see
in the program as laid down on the opening
day of the meeting a principle which is capable of being enlarged upon until the world is
entirely disarmed and the energy of the hu
man family is directed toward peace and bap
Only Tablets with "Bayer Croae"
are Genuine Aspirin.
Many a young man is put to it to understand why it is so hard for a girl to walk half
a dozen blocks instead of waiting for a street
car. An evening dance that lasts from 9
o'clock until after midnight requires 28,000
steps, or a little more than eleven miles.
As the German reparation payments begin
nflux of German goods into England attracts
tbe attention of those who watch trade balances. In August the imports of German iron
and steel into England rose by £73,046, and
the imports of dyestuffs went up £37,019. The
increases are not perhaps alarming in themselves, but they give the British economist
some uneasiness, since they come at a time
when British industry is so nearly flat on its
back. There is a good deal of apprehension
lest the flow of German goods will seriously
retard the recovery of business n the United
Kingdom. But if the Germans are to pay they
must sell goods wherewith to get the money;
and they can now undersell almost every other
nation in the world.
That numerically small proportion of our
population who believe that because a thing
has always been it must continue to exist to
the end of time; that because the human race
The man who is brilliant a part of the time
is generally laborious all of the time.
Quitting time brings beginning time for
something; what a man makes of it makes
See that your mind is i.ot like amicroseope,
which magnifies little things but which is useless for taking a broad view of anything.
We have noticed that there are more men
willing to work wheu idle men outnumber the
available jobs than when the jobs outnumber
the men.
A  Great   Pacific   Liner
The new C. P. R. liner, the oil
burning Empress of Canada Is built
especially for the Pacific service.
The appointments will be the finest
and most luxurious possible to-day,
with particular regard to the C. P.
R. standard of "Safety, Speed, Comfort."
She has an overall length of 653
feet, is 87 feet, 9 inches in breadth
and 58% feet In depth to the bridge
deck; she has a straight stem and
cruiser stern, three funnels and two
pole masts. There is n continuous
shelter deck with bridge, promenade
and boat decks over, the former extending for the full length of the
ship; two complete between decks
and lower and orlap between decks
at the fore and aft ends. The "Empress of Canada" has a gross tonnage of 22,000 ton*, and is arranged
to carry about 490 first class, 10C
second class, 288 third class and 982
Asiatic steerage passengers, and
crew of 547. Of the cargo spaces,
a large portion bas been fitted for
the carriage of silk and refrigerated
cargo. Hsr speed is about 21 knots.
She ls bott to the highest class of
Lloyd's RMtater full Board of Trade
The fir* olass accommodation is
arranged m the shelter deck and ln
addition ts the single, double and
family reenn, there ate several
special roema and private suites,
<%Men comprise bedrooms, sitting
looms and bathrooms. The staterooms are fitted with tbe very latest
t aaam ■i-hlTi*'*'* with a ms-.
)ly of hot and cold water. The pubic lavoratories and bath rooms have
the most modern improvements in
sanitary equipment. A complete system of telephones is connected with
a central exchange to the rooms and
The dining saloon is on the upper
deck and will accommodate 825 persons. A large reception room is situated forward of the dining saloon;
the passenger elevator is at the fore
end. On the upper deck is also
a large swimming pool, 30 ft. by
18 ft., with adjoining gymnasium and
dressing rooms similar to the best
clubs. The other public rooms are
arranged on the promenade deck
with special view to convenience and
comfort. The large lounge will provide ample room for concerts and
moving picture performances, with
complete moving-picture operating
room. There is a long gallery,
specially designed room for children,
Drawing Room, Writing Room,
Smoke Room and Verandah Cafe,
and all are luxurious and attractive
in every way. Long promenade* and
recreation spaces for games, dancing
and sports are reserved for tbe use
of passengers.
The second class accommodation is
situated on the shelter deck aft, arranged in two and four berth rooms.
These staterooms are fitted similar
to the first class. The Dining Saloon
is on the upper deck and will accommodate 100 persons. The Lounge is
on the Bridge deck **%
In addition to a large laundry, dispensary, hospital, dark room for
camera enthusiasts, etc., there are
innovations in the steerage, food,
kitchen and pantry service. A perfect system of mechanical ventilation ia installed and all the supply
and exhaust fans are capable of
changing the air throughout the ship
at such frequency as to assure practically pure air at all times. All
thermotanks and supply fans have
an approved disinfecting apparatus.
Electric radiators are fitted in tbe
first and second class state rooms.
The cargo equipment is of the
most modern type as well, the cargo
derricks being operated by twelve
powerful electric winches. The steam
steering gear, manoeuvring and
warping machinery are also improvements on any now in use.
Throughout the ship particular attention has been devoted to the fact
that the "Empress of Canada" is for
Trans-Pacific and semi-tropical service; therefore the rooms are large
and airy and specially designed
The "Empress of Canada" bas
been preceded by two other oil
banters, ths "Empress of Britain,"
now te service, and the "Montcalm."
which was launched last year, and
will set a new pace in comfortable
passenger steamships for ocean
service. Two others of the popular
"M-boat" type are in course of construction. The oil fuel bunkers of
the "Empress jf Canada" hare a
normal capacity ot 4,800 tons of oil
If you don't see the "Bayer Cross"
on the tablets, you are not getting
Aspirin—only an acid imitation.
The "Bayer Cross" is your only way
of knowing that you are getting genuine
Aspirin, prescribed by physicians for
over nineteen years and proved safe by
millions for Headache, Neuralgia, Colds,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, and for
Pain generally.   Made in Canada.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets—also
larger sized "Bayer" packages csn be
bad at drug stores.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacidester of Salicylicacid.
While it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the
public against imitations, the Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stamped
with their general trade marie, ths
"Bayer Cross?
How .Are Tou
Getting Along?
Ask yqurself as to how you
are getting along. You
have a pretty good idea
whether or not your eyes
are working vigorously
and properly transmitting the world's sight
messages to yonr brain.
If you suffer from any
kind of eye defection or
fatigue you should at
once have your eyes tested by our optometrist..
His advice is absolutely
Jeweller and Optician
Bridge Street Grand Forka |
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks,B.C.
Established 1010
Real Estate and Insurance
Betlde.it Airmit annul Forka Towntite
Company, Limited
Farms    tOrchards     City Property
Agent* at' Nelion, Calgary, WlbnliKg and
otber Prairie poiuts. Vimoouver Agenti:
Bitabllshcd In 1010. we are In a poalllon to I
furnish reliable information concerning this
Write lor tree literature
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and  Ice
for Sale
Hava by careful and efficient management built up a large
business during the past ten years, and are the lajgest
growers of nursery stock in Western Canada.
A LARGE ASSORTMENT of very fine Fruit Trees and
Small Fruit Plahts are now growing in our Nurseries at
Sardis, which are being offered to planters at very Reason*
able Prices.
THE QUALITY of these trees and plants are of high order
being propagated from specially selected trees of known
We arge growing a very fine lot of Roses of leading varieties which have bloomed this season in the Nurserias and
will give good results when transplanted in your garden
or lawn.
We Solicit Correspondence from  intending planters and
urge the placing orders early in the season. WRITE TODAY
The British Columbia Nurseries Co. Ltd
Sardis, R. C. Department C.
Clinton A. S. Atwood, Salesman, Grand Forks, R. C.
Floor Coverings at Right prices
When in need of Floor Coverings do not forget that we carry a good range of patterns in
Linoleum,    Linoleum   Rugs
r Also Regular Rugs and Mats
We have the kind that give lasting service
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cTWiller CBb Gardner
Home Furnishers
The value to the public of the telephone service is bused on the reliability,
promptness and accuracy of that service.
Quality of service depends on the economic operation of all telephone activities.
From the time raw material is produced
until the finished equipment is complete,
itis a matter of continuous exhaustive
tests tp get the best. After installation,
ceaseless vigilance is maintained to get
the best character of service. All efforts
are directed toward the highest standard.
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With eaoh order for 6 or more books we will send a 20c copy of tbe
CANADIAN HOME JOURNAL FREE. Canada's leading Magazine
for the Canadian Woman and her entire household. We know you will
subscribe. Only $2.00 a year.      i
Whether on a silver screen or in plain print, no matter wnen, where,
or in what form published, printed today or twenty years since, a good
story is a good story, about as enjoyable a thing as there is in the world
—never out of date and always a source of genuine pleasure. Many of
the best short stories published appear in the collection we offer.
"EVERSHARP," the Perfect Pencil, lu 18 inohes of lead writes a
quarter million periect pointed words, and then replenishes for 25c.
Never requires sharpening. A thing of beauty and of use forever. Jur
standard No, 20 silver-plated "Evur-.l__.rp" with eraser and clip complete, sent for only $1.50. Other styles and finishes up to $30.00.
Complete list, with prices, sent on request.
Send Your Order To-day and make sure of getting your share of these
genuine Story Book Bargains, A Voritable Library of Fasoinating Fiction by world famous writers for $1.00. Don't overlook tbe "Eversharp"
for personal use or as a Christmas present to a friend. Catalog listing
1,000 Books free witb the order. Nothing like Books for Christmas
Presents. Address, naming this paper,
Office at R. F.  Petrie's Store
MtfM 64
Those wishing neat sign painting
to ornament their business places
should call on W. P. O'Connor, a
returned soldier.
Padlock Safety Paper.for private
bankchecks, kept in stock by The
Son Job Department. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, B. C.
(1) English boys being cured of consumption at Church
Army Sanitarium, at Heath Bnd, Alderahot, by means of
healthy exercise. The boys take different courses of training,
suitable to the different stages of recovery.
(2) Endurance test for army ohargere. Ont of seventeen
homes started in the 800 mile teet, in the United States, only
six finished. The picture shows Crabblt the winning horse.
The owner is holding the oup, which has Just been presented
to him by Secretary Weeks, who Is holding the horse,
(8) Pavlowa and her Russian dancers aboard a Oanadlan
Pacific steamship.
(4) Miss Sylvia Pankhurst at her editorial desk at the office
of the "Workers Dreadnaught," the Socialist Weekly. Miss
Pankhurst was recently expelled from the British Communist
Party because she refused to nand over the control of the
(5) Society at White Sulphur Springs, Va. A scene at one
of the recent tennis tournaments.
(6) The port of London Authority's new headquarters in
Trinity Sq., E.G., ranks among London's finest buildings. Tha
picture shows the tower, whioh is probably one of the finest
pieces of architecture in London.
(7) The opening of London's opera season. Knitting and
waiting for seats.
(8) General Dias, the Italian hero, arriving in New Ye*
to attend the armament conference.
C£//W8S«-M»  iatfetf sT~9\nms QtJtoS
Banff, the Beautiful, ls rapidly
becoming an all-the-year-round resort. The summer months during
which its palatial hotels are open,
will always be the leading season,
with Winter Carnival weeks as second, bnt tbe balance of the year
sees an ever-increasing number of
travelers detraining at the picturesque log station that blocks the
town's clean, wide Mpta street.
Autumn among ths mountains
that encircle Banff, ie a season of
pure joy. Thess ie a tang in the
air and the hoary giants wear their
cloaks of mist mote frequently, but
the crispy coolness invites to more
strenuous exercise in the open.
When the snow falls, a trip to Lake
Louise on skils or snowshoes permits a tete-a-tete with the Pearl of
the Rockies. Swiss guides are
available if -'Ir'llC to <ninit
beVeVreWO   Iff** XOO/SJ,
With the departure of the
throngs of summer guests, the wild
game whieh is protected in Rocky
Mt. Park in which Banff is located,
become more venturesome and lt is
a common sight to see deer grazing
along Main street.       •
The Government swimming pools
are open all winter and late visitors
enjoy the novel experience of
splashing    in   open-air,    glass-en-
Immxxxymt. maW est amtmmt watae fsses
e*-t*3*z**m  w*r**t*r A?ji   *—*s*r*s   **r*mxta  *******
Mevrtx**?    <5<9<v& S-    *,
Nature's own hot kettle, while oa*
lookers are wrapped ln furs.
There ls always plenty of hotsl
accommodation at Banff and travel*
ers will find a between-seasoM
stop at Banff a pleasant interlude
on tranB-continental journeys. This
is particularly true durlnpr Winter
Carnival days whon merriment and
healthful sport fill every waking
hour- H-fl
- —■'■'■!■—,-,!, .■tmXee-,
.mm. News of the Gity
The attention of the public is
called to the necessity of early mailing of correspondence and parcels
intended for delivery before Christ"
mas in Great Britain and otber
places overseas. British parcels
sbould be mailed in ample time to
connect witb steamers sailing from
St. Jobn or Halifax the first week
in December. All parcels for overseas should be mailed at tbe Grand
Forks post office during tbe coming week. Tbe public is also advised
to purchase money orders for pay
ment abroad by December 1st, or as
soon after as possible. Unless the
advices of these orders reach tbe
diffsrent exchange offices in time to
be certified for despatch by tbe
Cnristmas mails, the intentions of
remitters to have payment effecte d
before Christmas will be defeated.
A telegram was received in this
city from Anyox late tbis evoning
stating that Mrs. li. T. Cook, form
erly Miss Avia Michener of this
city, bad died at that place today
during confinement. The baby is
Mrs. J. H. Ryley and son Noel
arrfved io tbe city Wednesday night
from Queen's Bay. They.will make
their boms here with Mr. Ryley
during tbe winter months.
member for Vernon
has been approved
bills committee.
The tmi
by the privaS
iva** ill    aaf
A general reduction of 10 per cent
in freight rates on all steam roads
under the jurisdiction of the board
of railway commissioners will go
into effect on December 1.
Christina lake is reported to be
full of kokanees, but the fisheries
department keeps a watchman tbere
to see that none of them get away.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFarlane
returned to their home in Edgewood
on Wednesday.
Mrs. E. E. Gibson is visiting relatives in the city.
Huge Canadian
Irrigation Projects
Tremendous irrigation projects are
planned in Alberta as  the   result  of
Miss L. Huffman gave an at home
at the home of her mother on Wed -
nesday for the benefit of the Methodist church. '
Work on tbe concrete piers of tbe
Yale bridge, on tbe transprovincial
highway, was commenced by the
government tbis week.
George Tierny, road  contractor,
was in tbe city on Monday.
Employment has been furnished
to twenty more men by the blowing
in of a copper fiunace at the Trail
smelter last Friday,
Christmas Fruits
Stoned Raisins, Nuts, Orange Peel, Etc.—every
thing for your Christmas Pudding.    Also a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceeies i
help to make your holiday feasts palatab e.    Try
our Teas and Coffees.
R. IVf. McLeod     I Phone 25 I    H. H. Henderson
City Property For Sale
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the Gity, within the
Municipality, are-invited.
Prices:—From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms:—Gash and approved payments.
List of lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
The warm wave seems to be driving Jack Frost beyond the Arctic
Seeley, Famous in   This
Specialty, Galled to
F. H. Seeley, of Chicago and Philadelphia, the noted truss expert, will
personally be at the Leland Hotel,
and will remain in Kamloops this
Monday only, Nov. 28 (fron "12
o'clock noon till 9 p.m.). Mr. Seeley
says: '-The Spermatic Shield will not
only retain any case of rupture per
fectly, but contracts the opening in 10
days on the average case. Being a
vast advance over all former methods
—oxorap'ifying instantaneous effects
immediately appreciable and notwithstanding any strain or position. Thia
instrument received the only award in
England and in Spain, producing results without surgery, injections,
medical treatments or prescriptions,"
Mr. Seeley has documents from the
United States Governments, Wash
mgton, D. C, for inspection- He will
be glad to demonstrate without charge
or fit them if desired. Business demands prevent stopping at any other
place in this section.
P.S.—Every statement in this notice has been verified before the Federal and State Courts.—F. H. Seeley
Home Office, 117 North Dearborn
St., Chicago.
Be Sure You Get Fernie Beer on Your
Next Order
C.V. Meggitt
Real Estate and Insurance
Excellent facilities fot selling your far.
Wehave agents at   all   Const and Prairie
Reliable Information rogarclini? tills dlatrct
cheerfully furnished. We solicit your Inquiries.
The government inspector of motion picture bouses was in the city
this week.
Kates of postage after Januasy 1:
All places within   the British   em
p re, 4c first ounce; foreign (except
ing U. LA.), 10c first ounce;  regis
tration fee, 10c.
bide there™ CLEVELAND
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reaoh.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people'to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYROER gbandWrks,b?c!
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Clock
the provincial government backing
the $5,400,000 bonds of the Lethbridge Northern district, aud it is estimated that the total amount of out
lay involved in all the   proposed
Modern Ries and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
M. H. Barns, Prop.
Phone 68 Second Street
gigantic enterprise, wbich already is
serving hundreds of thousands of acres
The demand   for  irrigated   land
dertakings will amount to between greater than the supply at the present
$50,000,000 and $60,000,000. Tbis time, so impressive have been the re-
expenditure, of course, does not in • t|lrns trota tand furnished with water
elude tho Canadian  Pacific  railway's I artificially in Alberta.
Born—In Qrand Forks, on Wed •
nesday, November 23, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. A. Taggart, a son.
Mrs. E. C. Henniger underwent
au operation io Victoria on Wed.,
nesday for cancer. Tbe progress of
ber recovery from the efiects of the
operation ia reported to be satisfactory.
C. M. Tobiassen left ou Saturda y
for his old bome in Bellingbam,
Jas. Reeder returned on Saturday
from a visit to Spokane.
A private bill for tbe reliefof
Greenwood has been introduced in
legislature by Dr. K. C- MacDonald,
FOHKS, 11. C.
pITIZENS holding debentures un
'*"■' der By law 101 ure reminded
that tbe half year's interest thereon
becomes due on November 15ih.
Coupons for same will be honored
at the Canadian Bank of Commerce
ur tbe Royal Bank.
TJOLDERS of unregistered d eeds
'*"'■ or agreements of sale, wbo bave
not already done s , are requested
to furnish the City Clerk with S^tu-
tory Declaration on or before November 30th in order to have their
names on Municipal Liet of Voters
for 1922.
WHEN the Chief of Police is
'" wanted, please call 1ST. In
case of urgency and especially at
night, call Central and ask to bave
the RED LIGHTS put on, and give
your pboDe number where the Chief
may answer your call.
INSTRUCTIONS have been issued
■*■ to the Chief of Police to prosecute
the owners ot all animals running
at large or impounded.
City Clerk.
"The BiH will not let in Canadian wheat,
(wt will save to the American farmer the
right to raise a bushel of wheat instead
of transferring that right to Canada."—.
Mr. Fordney, in introducing the Fordney
Emergency Tariff Sill whieh has shut
mllions of dollars worth of Canadia'
foodstuffs out of ths United Suti
'H1LE ties of friendship unil
is that of "Business First"
tion from the United Sta
of that country are involved.
Uncle Sam haa built the Ford
additional Tariff proposals ar
Canadian gooda of every Icir.
Theae measure* are due to tl
ket shall be retained exclusi-
that country muat cease.   '!
rera and workers, who have
Protective Tariff, and who
assuring continued prospe
Crerar proposes to allow
enter the Canadian mar. .aty.
King proposes that the p.cscnt reasonable
Tariff on the products of the American
factory and farm shall be greatly reduced,
and that the home market of the Canadian
farmer and manufacturer alike shall be
thrown open to our Southern neighbour, in
the face of the United States Emergency
tariff, which practically shuts out Canadian
farm products from these markets, and also
in the face of the permanent tariff now under
consideration at Washington, which gives
every promise of being even more drastic
than the Emergency Tariff so far aa our
products are concerned.
In view of the attitude of the United States,
what folly it is for Crerar and King to propose
throwing open the Canadian market to a flood
are to build up a self-sustaiitiitt
ture here at home, the farmer
be protected  from   unfair  oof***-
;» from   those   tyossntries  whs***
Iturs is still being exploitta."—
dent Harding. The very spot chosen
in deliver this speech—Minnesota—show*
that Harding had {he Canadian Northwest in mind,
i the United States, the attitude of Undo Sun
. i.'.-miot and should not hope for any considers-
e interests of the farmers and busnieea people
. tly against Canadian   agriculture,    and    new
consideration to shut ont from tke United Stefan
the American farmer that tha United Statea aar*
! that the influx of Canadian farm producte into
9 to a like insistence of united Statea mannfacto*
:ry develop tremendously and grow rick ********* a
ill further increase in Tariff is tly only means at
of both agricultural and manafaetared pen-
ducts of the United Statea when there ia na*
the slightest possibility af any compensative
advantage to Canada.
Does any sane Canadian betters that Crerar
or King, hat in hand, eould persuade tks
United States Government to completely
reverse its Tariff policies and agree to reciprocal trade in face of American public demand for a high protective Tariff?
The people of the United States conduct their
affairs andjuotect themselves J£ the prin
ciple that "Business is buaini
Canada do otherwise?
•."Why should
Unlike Crerar or King, MEIGHEN
firm for a reasonable Tariff to protect all t_.
industries — those of the farm, the sea, tha
mine, the forest, the factory, and for thn
building up of a bigger and better Canada
through the full development of thi> home
let us defend our home market, our industries, our farms, our workmen, our homes by the same methods as are used ao affectively
against us. ~
Let us work out our own destiny—that of a strong, self-contained nation within tho Bril
Empire group of Nations, courageous, masterful, self-reliant.
rf-iHE value oi well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a meqpsof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vijitng cards
Sh'p'ing tags
Price lists
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
New Type
Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
Lake Street
Minimum prlo* of first-class land
reduced to $6 an son; seoond-olaas to
*1.60 an nor*. >
Pre-emption now confined to sor-
veyed lands only.
Records wUl be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
snd which ls non-timber land.
K..?*lII__*!!Sr*,hJ? Pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four msy
5SRT**. J°* .sajsosnt pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvement- on respective
claims. .a,
. Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ore yean and make Improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least i acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where prc-omptor In occupation not
less than t yearn, and haa made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certllleate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent »f
IMS per annum and records aame each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained ln
iSP« „Uian S years, and improvements
of tll.00 per acre. Including 6 txcrtss
geared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption. If he
Kulres land In conjunction with bis
-..". w,th<>ot actual occupation, pro-
VQ* statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Grown
granted land. 0
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 10
seres, may be leaned as homesTtes;
Amm*,l° *** obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For graslng and Industrial purnoaes
sreas exceeding (40 acres Trnaybe
***S*S •>/ one person or company.
MIU, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acrea
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
by existing roads may be nurchaned
condltlonaTunon OOfS^o^ofTSJd
to them. Rebate of one-half of costof
—•« not exceeding half of piinfaaat
■ mads.
eases of this Act Is enlarged to
Furniture Mode to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly   Don
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is mads. *****-**-*-,
The l_
include __
ing with _
"?»• **}***** whlsb. the heirs or devisee.
from for one year from ths death of
SfJ8$. c^nefSKTS-uS,"^?
SEctivT ****•«*•" — MP£
No fees relating to pre-emptions sss
due or parable T_y eSdleST-T^Jl:
smptlons rocofdeersitsTjaDS ML Kb.
Taxes sre remitted fer Ave yeara
-,5Sv,I'on '»T'••tora o* monSTaa-
crued .due and been paid since lugast
4, 1»14. on account of payments, lees
or.****y .— soldiers' pre-emptions.
interest on agreements to purciaee
V"° ojcHJ- lots held by mtjtVberVot
Allied Fore,,... or dependents, acqufred
direct or Indirect, remittedfiSm enlistment to March II. .**%\    ^^
LANDS. —***-,
Provision made fer Issuance at
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to oomnKu
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchsaa. Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes mav
be distributed ■>•——•—-^*r ___■»
whole area.
made by May l.
Grazing Act. Ml*, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provide-!, for graslng districts and ranee
administration under Commissioner
Annual Brazing permits tamed based
on numbers ranged; priority tor established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range menu*.
ment. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers sr '"ittIUts nn
»o ten head. ""
AM uu. txtiu iaxas ***.->
I   proportionately   over
Applications mast ke
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
guaranteed: _ >
C. A. Crawford
Neat Telephone Office


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