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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 6, 1912

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■ V
Eleventh Year—No. 45
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. September 6, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Frache Brothers' Greenhouses
The largest enterprise of its kind in British Columbia. The property
consists of eleven acres of real estate, nearly three of which are planted to
fruit trees; one acre of small fruits, one of shrubs, hardy herbacious plants
and several thousand rose bushes. The improvement!, and plant consist of
seven greenhouses, approximately 18,000 square feet under glass; residence,
two-storey boiler house, outbuildings and concrete cellars. A movement is
now on foot to incorporate the property into a limited liability company, with
a capital of $50,000. The greenhouses are situate one mile west of Grand
Big Copper Mine Makes a
Shipment Valued at
$43 a Ton
appears to be a certainty that the
building will be under roof long before anow flies.
Copious rains during the past two
weeks have seriously interfered with
building operations. We have now
all tbe moisture we need this year.
H. 0. Kermtffi May £rectJ okfron.
Two Brick Stores Tbis
Crab apples and fall apples are
now being shipped from Fruit Grow.
; ere'association's packing house at
A carload of ure was recently
shipped from the Big Coppor mine
to tbe Granby smelter by John Moran. It ran 12 per cent in copper,
witb small values in gold and sil-
' ver, ind lbe returns show tbat it
was worth $43 a ton. Owing to tbe
bad condition of tbe wagon road, it
ia not likely that any more ore will
be shipped until it can be brought in
sleighs to the railroad.
A report has been in circulation
this week that H. C. Kerman, who
owns sixty-foot frontage on Bridge
street next to the new Manly
block, intended to erect an opera
house Jnd two small stores on his
property. When questioned by The
Sun reporter today, Mr, Kerman
stated thst he hsd abandoned the
idea of building an opera house, but
' that he would erect two large stores
if be could find a tenant for one of
Two young daughters, aged four
and six years, of Mr. and Mra. Frank
Berzouh, of the North Fork, died
Wednesday after a short sickness of
If you don't see it in The Sun it
is a pretty safe bet tbat it didn't
happen. This paper prints sll tbe
news, It does not print rumors as
facts, nor record imaginary real
estate transactions in order to please
tbe land sellers.
The weather during the past week
must have reminded many people
that the time is drawing near to
order your personal Christmas cards.
Call and see sample book at this
Roomers wanted. Apply Misses
Wasson's, Columbia.
Mr. Harkness states that, contrary to a published report, he has
not resigned as leader of the Orand
Forks brass baud.
The   British  Columbia   Copper ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
company's metal production for the | tinguished before any damage   was
A small blRze at Dan McKinnon's
residence, in tbe Ruckle addition,
yesterday afternoon called out the
fire department.   Tbe fire was ex-
first ten days in August was the
largest in the history of tbe company. Krnings as published in July
do not include tbe income from (he
Dominion Copper company investment. Including these, the total is
more than' doubie \ its dividend requirements.   	
The "basement of the Doukhobor's
canning iactory, near the C. P. It.
freight depot, has heen completed.
At the rate construction is proceeding, tbe factory will probably be
opened at tbe same time as the
Panama canal.
M. 8. Middleton, deputy horticulturist, arrived in ths city today
from Nelson.
The* first storey pf the new post
oflice has been finished,   It now
A large number of real estate
agents and prospective Bcttlers have
visited tbe city and valley during
thc past week.
Canadian   Pacific   Secures
Running Bights Over
Great Northern
New Line From Metaline
Fall to Trail Will CoBt
The weather still continues to
play erratic pranks when the sun |
should be shining.
Tbe following rfport,which comes
from Spokane, indicates that Grand
Forks is destined to become a more
important railway centre tban was
anticipated wben tbe agreement witb
the Canadian Paciflo and tbe Kettle
Valley line was under consideration:
Tbe scheme outlined in tbis article
seems feasible, and there is no that
it ia being'seriously considered by
the Canadian Pacific, aB it would
materially reduce tbe operating expenses of tbe road:
"In order to avoid three mountains
and to get a water grade from Kings-
gate to Grand Forks, the Canadian
Pacific will build additional mileage
through tbe northwestern part of tbe
state of Washington and will utilize
the Spokane International, Idaho &
Washington Northern, and Spokane
Falls & Northern, thus insuring a
new freight line wbich will be one
of the important railway factors in
tbe northwest.
"The Shaughnessy road, it is said,
has secured from the Hill line a
right to use that part of the Spokane
Falls & Northern known as tbe Red
Mountain line from Northport to
Rossland and tbe further extension
of the Hill line to Nelson known as
tbe Nelson & Fort Shepard.
"Another important link in the
new freight line is tbe new Canadian
Pacific extension which is being located and surveyed from the terminus of tbe Blackwell road at Metaline Falls to Waneta at tbe fork of
tbe Columbia and Pend d'Oreille
riven.' Wben this branch is completed the Canadian Pacific will
have only a short piece to build in
"Tbe Canadian Pacific is planning to operate its freight to Kings-
gate over its own line, over tbe Spokane International to Clagstone
Junction, over tbe Idaho k Washington Northern to Metaline Falls,
over the new Canadian Pacific line
to Waneta, over the Spokane Falls
& Northern to Marcus, theuce (o
Grand Forks, over the Hupe mountains io tbe Fraser river and the
coast. The Canadian Pucific and
the Great Northern recently entered
into an agreement to build a joint
line over tbe Hope mountains.
*'H. A. Dibblee, locating engineer
of the Canadian Pacilic, in charge of
the line between Metaline Falls and |
| Trail, B.C., arrived in Metaline j
Falls on Friday for a conference
with representatives of bis road and
tbe Idabo it Washington Northern.
Engineer Dibblee is reported to de- i
dare tbat a remarkably easy grade
between   Metaline   Falls  and   the.
"Between Metaline Falls and the
boundary line tbe Canadian Pacific
will build eleven tunnels, according
to Engineer Dibblee. With this
enormous amount of heavy engineering a remarkably fine grade bas
been secured,
"The 40- mile line from Metaline
Falls to Trail will cost $3,000,000,
according to estimates of engineers
for the Canadian Pacific in charge
of the work, Tbe line from the
boundary will follow the Pend
d'Oreille river to Waneta on the
Columbia river, wbere it will cross
tbe Columbia and follow along tbe
west bank to Trail."
George Bury, vice-president and
general manager of the Canadian
Pacific railway, refuses to discuss
the above report, and refers all questions dn the subject to the president, Sir Thomas Shaughnessy. at
Montreal. Grant Hall, assistant
general manager, is equally reticent.
Otber officials of the road have no
knowledge of the report from Spokane.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy is now
somewhere between Montreal and
Grand Forks. His arrival in this
city bas been expected for two or
tbree days, and he may put in an
appearance now at any time.
Telegraphers May Strike
An Ottawa dispatch says it is possible but improbable tbat within a
few days the 1800 telegraph operators employed by the Canadian Pacific railway on its lines between the
two seaboards will be on strike because of tbe refusal of the company
io grant tbe 17 per cent increase in
wages with an eight hour day for
most of the operators and time and
a half for overtime^
The two sides of the question bave
been beard by a board of conciliation wbich made its award last Saturday and recommended a 6 per
cent increase without any other
concessions. J. G. O' Donoghue, tbe
representative of tbe men, refused
to sign tbe report and has submitted
a minority report to tbe department
of labor.
W. O. Miller, of Nelson, district
superintendent of   the  Canadian
Pacific railway, was in the city last
Miss C. McCallum, of the post! boundary ,or • distance of 10j\ miles
office staff, left yesterday for a two'ha» hi*1' secured, and that tbe sur-
weeks' vacation trip to Vancouver.    ! vey'n8  creW8   wi"   ■*. keP'in lhe
  ! field and work will he rushed on tbe
Emil Larsen, of ths Province test of tbe projected line, a distance
hotel, made a Jrip to Greenwood on; of thirty mileB from the boundary
Wednesday. ' to Trail.
Burned to Death
Billy Vaux was burned to death
in his cabin on Government street
Tuesday morning, says tbe Greenwood Ledge, Tbe alarm waB turned
in by Johnnie Huff about 6 a.m.,
tbe fire brigade turned out on a rec-
cord run, and bad tbe fire out in a
few minutes. The body of Vaux
was found on tbe floor behind tbe
stove. He was laat Been a little
after 2 a.m. going home with a candle in his hnnd. An inquest was
held by Coroner llliick. The jury
found that thc deceased iiiiiiii: to his
death by being burned by lire in his
cabin, and recoineiided that the
license commissioners Bhould see
thnt the act again*! the sale of liquor
io intoxicated men bc enforced.
Wm. H. Vaux was born in London,
England, ahout 71 years ago. He
served in the Crimean war as a powder monkey on board the Duke of
Well.ngton and Royal Albert, and
was on the gunboat Savage at tbe
siege of Sebastopol.
W. P. Tierney Has Contract
for Five Miles of Sidetrack in West End
Roundhouse  and   Machine
Shop Will Be Finished
This Fall
Railway construction work in the
West end of tbe city is now being
rusbed with all possible speed, in
order tbat tbe Canadian Pacific railway may be provided with am pit-
terminal facilities by tbe time winter sets in. Yesterday the force bad
been increased to about one hundred men and twenty teams. The
work of clearing tbe ground and
grading for tbe machine shop and
ten-stall roundhouse was well under way. Tbe mason crew is expected to arrive in tbe city tomorrow from Nelson, and early next
week the carpenters will reach the
city from the same point.
A corps of surveyors Ib now busy
locating tbe four new sidetracks,
whicb will bave a combined length
of five miles, and the work of grading for them will be started as soon
as tbe excavating for the buildings
has been finished.
The roundhouse and machine
shop will be located at the Y on the
east side of the track, nearly half a
mile north of the depot.
W. P. Tierney, of Nelson, the
general contractor, inspected tbe
work early in the week. He left
his son-in-law, Mr. Brydges, in
charge here. Cbas. Maglia is the
general foreman.
The yard in the West end is filled
with construction material, and the
place has every appearance of a
bustling railway camp.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
tbe Granby company's smelter in
this city for tbe past week amounted
to 435,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for tbe year to 14,64.1,-
600 pounds.
Rev. M. D. McKee, of Knox
Presbyterian church, attended the
meeting of tbe Presbytery of Kootenay in Nelson on Wednesday and
V. T. McCallum, Immigration inspector nt this port, left yesterday
for a three weeks' vacation trip to
thc coast cities.
Hon. M ii rt in Hurrell, milliliter nf
agriculture, will visit the wesl next
week. He may possibly make n side
to tbe Sunbeam ranch.
One car of potatoes and a number
of cars of fruit were shipped from
the city this week.
There will he a heavy docket nt
the county court in Greenwood next
J. I). Honsberger ex peels to ship
nine carloads of prunes this year.
.Steel on the Kettle Valley line
will reach Carmi tomorrow night.
Chief Constable Dinsmore has returned to Greenwood from his vaca-
ion at Christina lake,
It snowed in Pboenix last Friday
and Saturday.
Neil McCallum went up to Eholt
Seventh   International     Dry-Farming
Congress to be Held at Lethbridge
Attract! Widespread Attention
The Seventh international Dry-
Kiirnmif. Congress, which will he held
at l.e.hbridge, October 21-26 next, will
be the world's greatest gathering ot
farmers, and while every nation in
the world will probably send official
delegates in the personages of diplomats, or agriculturists, or practical
farmers, it will be the farmers themselves who will predominate on tlie
program of the convention. Many of
(lie most notable men and women of
Ihe United States and I'anada will
address the six days' meeting, and
among the delegates participating will
he some of the governors of American states, government officials of the
United States and Canada, representatives of m large number of cities,
agricultural bodies and commercial organizations on the American continent, anel official representatives of pob-
slbly 59 nations.
Royalty to Open the Congress,.
The Congress will be formally open-
,1 at 11 o'clock on Monday morning,
October 21st, by His Royal Highness,
I'he Duke of Connaught. governor-
general of Canada, as the official representative of the government, of
Qreat Britain, and Hon. James WU-
on', secretary of agriculture of the
'nlted States, will respond to the
.reelings In behalf of His Excellency.
Villlam Howard Taft, as the person-
1 representative of the President.
The Congress will hold dally ses-
alons, both afternoon and evening
;lirough the week presided over by Dr.
John A. Widstoe, International president, who ls president, of the Utah
State Agricultural College, anl one of
the foremost men In the dry-farming
movement, an author of renown and
an authority on agricultural development and agricultural education. In
addition to the business sessions of
the Congress, there will be nine sectional conventions, to tie held in as
many halls every morning, with possibly several special meetings of some
nf these sections. These sectional
conventions will comprise conference
on soil, tillage methods and machinery; crop and crop breeding, agricultural forestry, livestock and dairying,
agricultural colleges and experimental stations, which is an international
conference of men who are giving
their.Mves to agricultural science,
both In the college and the Held, aud
the Internal lonal Congress of Farm
Women, an auxiliary known as the rural home section.
Exposition to be a Feature
in addition there will be Ike largest
Exposition of Dry-Farmed Products
ever held, that Is, those products that
are grown under dry-farming methods
In a district with an annual average
ot 20 inches precipitation, (evaporation.deducted), and this will be a notable feature of the meeting. At least
12 of the western states and four provinces of Canada will contest for supremacy In the growing of grain,
grasses, forage crops, roots, vegetables and fruits, while there will be
federal exhibits from the United
States, Canada, Uruguay, Australia,
Bolivia. Russia, Hungary, Turkey and
other countries.
There will be a machinery exhibit
lhat. promises to be tlie most complete
farm machine show and tillage and
power demonstration ever held on
this continent. Upwards of 200
acres adjacent to the exposition
grounds will be used for field demonstration work. Some of the largest
premiums eyer offered will be given
for dry-farmed products, the premier
being a Rumely traction engine val-
Tight Years of Bad
Eczema on Hands
'.xix. tfarr
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Moturcai
Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Mta Vary A. Bentley, n Unlyrarjlty St.,
Montreal, writes, in a rea-ent leiler: "Some
nine j earn ago X noticed taiiiall pimples break-
ing out on the back of my liandn. They
R'i'anio very Irrltalinc. and gradually taecume
worse, ao lhat I wild not sleep at night. 1
ronaulted a ptiyslciau who tta-ated me a long
lime, hut ft got worse, and I could oot put
my hands In water. 1 wui treated at the
lireapltal, and lt waa Just ttia same. I waa
told lhat It was a very bad cane of eczema.
"Well, I Just kept on using everything that I
could for nearly eight years until I waa
advised to try Cuticura Ointment. I did so,
and I found after a few applications the
burning sensations wiare disappearing, I could
Bleep well, sod did not have any itching
during the night. I began after a while to
use Cuticura Boap. I -luck to Ihe Cuticura
treatment, and thought if I could use other
!» remedies for over sever* years with no result.
*i and alter only having a few applications and
llndlng ease from Cut'cur* Olutment. it
deserved a fair trial with a severe and ituh.
. born case.   I used the Cuticura Ointment
and Soap for nearly six months, and I am
glad tn say that 1 bave hands aa dear aa
anyone. It la ay wish that you publiili IMs
tetter to all the world, and it anyone doubts It,
let then) write me."
Ciitl'Mira Hoap and Ointment are sold by
dnigglsn and dealers everywhere. For a
liberal free sample of eaeh, with 32-p. book,
send to Potter Draft A Chcm. Corp., H
Columbus Ave,, Boston, U. tt. A.
W. N. U. (08
ued at $2,500. for the best bushel of
hard wheat grown in 1912.
Entertainment Features
While this is to be strictly a farmers business Congress, there will be
considerable diversion, with plenty of
music by several or the best known
bands of the west, the celebrated
Lethbridge pipers in their kilties, and
a chorus of 100 volceB of the famous
Cardston Choral Society. There will
also be drills by the Royal Northwest
Mounted Police, the most picturesque
organization in the northwest, the
great frontier police force which has
conquered reds and whites and main-,
tained discipline and wholesome respect for the law throughout the
thottBands of miles of frontier of
western Canada In the pasl century.
Then, too, there will be a pyrotechnic frontier drama, a public reception,
banquets, and further entertainment
f» the distinguished visitors who will
be in attendance.
Tours of Western Canada
Upon the conclusion of the Congress
lt is proposed to have several excus-
sions throughout Western Canada, extending over the agricultural province
of Alberta and Saskatchewan, covering also the fruit districts and the
picturesque mountain scenery of the
wonderful foothills and passes of the
Rocky Mountains, and across the vast
prairies and coulees, touring everywhere that man has opened up to the
world .he vast great last best land on
the North American continent. These
excursions will occupy from one to
two weekB each, and will be conducted
under the cusplces of the provincial
governments, with a view to showing
delegates the great resources, the
wonderful development and the remarkable possibilities of Western
Men of Fame to Speak
In the official program of the Congress upwards of 100 world-famed
men will participate. Invitations
have been accepted by James J. I llll,
the great railroad builder of the
Northwest; Louis W. Hill, chairman
of the executive board of the Great
Northern Railway, W. C. Brown,
president of the New Vork Central
Lines, and one of the foremost men
in the redevelopment of agriculture in
the eastern slates; Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president of the Canadian Paciffc Railway; George Bury,
vice-president and general manager nf
the Canadian Pacific Railway, who Is
a prominent advocate of diversified
farming In the prairie provinces; .T.
S. Dennis, assistant to the president
and chief of the Department of Natural Resources of the Canadian Pacific Railway, who has the supervision
of millions of agricultural land and
millions ot dollars Invested In colonization projects. Irrigation ditches,
readymade farmS, and vast dry-land
farms by the Canadian Pacific Railway. These men will represent the
railway development and transportation Interests lu connection wilh agriculture.
Among other speakers will be Dr.
Liberty H. Bailey, celebrated author
of agricultural textbooks and encyclopedias, and dean of the agricultural
college of Cornell University; Dr. J.
H. Worst, president of North Dakota
Agricultural College; Prof. Ed. H.
Webster, dea'i of Kansas Agricultural
College; Prof. .1. H. Sheppard, dean
of North Dakota Agricultural College;
Dr. Charles A. Lory, president of Colorado College; Prof. E. A. Burnett,
dean of Nebraska Agricultural College; Prof. R. W. Thatcher, director
of Washington State Agricultural College Experiment Station; Prof. F. D.
Farrell of the Bureau of Plailt Industry of the United States Department
of Agrlculturae; Prof. W. H. Falrford,
director of the Dominion of Canada
Experimental Farm at Lethbridge;
Duncan Marshall, minister of agriculture of Alberta; Hon. W. R. Motherwell, minister of agriculture of Busk.;
Hon. Robert Rogers, minister of the
Interior of the Dominion of Canada;
Hon. Marlln Burrell, minister of agriculture of the Dominion of Canada;
Hon. George Lawrence, minister ot
agriculture of Manitoba; Hon. Price
Ellison, minister of agriculture and finance of British Columbia; Professor
Carleton A. Ball. Prof. J'. S. Cole,
and Charles G. Bates of the United
States Department of Agriculture;
Hon. Frank W. Mondell, member ot
congress from Wyoming; Hon. Reed
Smoot. United States Senator from
Utah; Ex-Gov. Bryant B. Brooks, of
Wyoming; Gov. Edwin L. Norris of
Montana; President J. M. Hamilton
of Montana Agricultural College: Hon.
Hewitt Bostock of British Columbia;
Prof. W. .1. Black, principal of .Manitoba Agricultural College; Dr. Theodore Kryshtofovlch, commissioner to
the United States of the Russian Ministry ot Agriculture; Dr. Aaron Anion-
Bohn, the .anions agricultural explorer of Palestine who heads the great
Jewish Agricultural movement In
northern Africa; Hon. V. P. Von Eg-
ert, the famous agriculturist of Russia; Sr. Ing. Homulo Escobar, president of Juarez Agricultural College of
Mexico; Hon. Carl Von Leldenfrost.
multi-millionaire landowner of Hungary; Hon. Zollon Sbllassy, chief secretary of the National Agricultural
Society of Hungary; Hon. E. R.
Kone, superintendent of agriculture of
Texas; J. W. L. Corley, agricultural
commissioner of Oklahoma; Prof. J.
D. Tlnsley of New Mexico; Prof. S.
A. Bedford, deputy minister of agriculture ot Manitoba; A. F. Mantle,
deputy minister of agriculture of Saskatchewan; Hon. Geza Koppely of
Hungary; and Prof. W. M. Jardlne
of Kansas Agricultural College.
Special City of Special Trains
There will   be   numerous   special
trains from all directions, and these
will be parked on thc broad plateau
j east of the city In close proximity to
the Exposition grounds, and adjacent
to several ttreet car lines, making
this sleeping car city convenient to
the Congress meetings and Exposition. The park will . be brilliantly
lighted at night, equipped with city
water, sewer connections, telephones,
sanitary devices, etc., and will be excellently policed, and there will be a
half mile ot dining cars, in fact every convenience for the oomforts of
the visitors who come long distances.
The hotels and lodging houses and the
homes of the hospitable citizens ot
Lethbridge will accommodate several
thousand delegates, while the farmers
and others who come from points
within 100 miles or so will camp under
the broad sky In a tent city especially
constructed and equipped for the occasion.
The most unique and helpful Bervice
will be that of the BOy Scouts. 100
of whom, In new uniforms, will act
as guides and escorts to the women
and children, and every means will
lie taken to care, for all who visit
Lethbridge during the week of the
great Congress.
The Canadian railroads have announced a rate of one fare for the
round trip trom all points ln Canada
upon the certificate plan, the purchasers to obtain from the /ticket agent
from whom he buys his ticket a certificate which will be validated for
thp return trip and will be accepted
as a first class ticket. The American railroads have been asked for
special low rates from the States, and
lt is anticipated that this will be announced In ample season, so that all
who wish may take advantage or
them. Already the Soo-Spokane and
the Great Northern have announced
Hoineseekers tickets,' with first, class*
privileges, on sale at St. Paul from
October 15th to 18th inclusive, at
$39,60, good for return 25 days after
sale, while the regular Jlomeseeknrs
excursion tickets, with second class
prlvlllges, may be obtained at any of
the common railroad points ln the
United States on October 15th, giving
ample time to reach Lethbridge before the opening of the Exposition on
Saturday, October 19th, two days in
advance of the formal opening of the
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Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville. Out.
The Commercialism of the South
Stuart C. Leake, the railroad man,
had to wait for a train In Columbus.
Georgia, on° day and he put In the
time by hiring a carriage for a drive
through tho town and its neighborhood. Naturally, he was anxious to
learn .11 he could about the place,
and, to do tills, he addressed many
questions to the old colored man who
was driving him.
Uncle, he said Anally, what are the
principal lines of business here. Ihe
chief products of the town?
I cal'lates, boss, said the old man.
dat de principal producks In dese
parts is pedigree an' de preliminary
spring practizing ob de blg-leag ball
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again and restore you to your original condition before
you ever tasted liquor. It will do It In THREE SHORT
will do it while you enjoy the privacy and comfort of
our homelike Inetitute. Don't delay—every day loet
means more power to the Demon. For full particulars
and confidential' Information address the Institute nearest you.
Neal Institute Co., Limited
405 Broadway, 'Winnipeg
2244 Smith St., Regina Sask. 82013th Ave.W. Calgary, Alta.
Gas Engine Oil
gives the best -lubrication possible, alike in kerosene,
gasoline and gas engines. Keeps its body at high tem-   .
peratures.   Equally good for external bearings.
Mica Axle Grease
saves power and fuel in your tractors. The bsst i
known, most liked axle grease made. Never rubs i
off.   Never gums. I
Silver Star Engine     |
Engine Kerosene Oil  Gasoline  ■
Granite Harvester Oil—The short cut oil; specially
prepared (or use on reapers, binders and threshers.
Greatly reduces friction and wear. Body not affected by
moisture or change of climate.
Capitol Cylinder Oil — The very best oil for steam
•plants on the farm.   Lasts longer and gets more power ;
from the engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitutes ; costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red Engine Oil—Strongly recommended
for slow and -medium speed engines and machinery.
Eases the bearirigs and lightens the load.
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
Good Crops
Clinton Motor Trucks
to Market Them With
Looks a Good Combination to Assure Good
Feeling in Western Canada.
Clinton Delivery Cars are as Useful
to the Busu Farmer as to the Town
or Village Storekeeper.
Let Us xSend You Catalog.
The ClintonMotor Car Co., Limited
Winnipeg Offiee:--5«7 Sargent Ave*
6TERN8    *    BURTON,    Saekatoon
Sole   Agents   for    Saskatchewan
iodoi a_n__M ■
Hands Cracked, so Could  not Work
*i       —Cures Effected by
It does not take long tor Dr.
Cbuse'B Ointment to prove Its magic
healing power. A single -night Is
often sufficient to produce the most
startling results.
Internal treatment for skin diseases Is nearly always disappointing.
By applying Dr. Chase's Ointment to
the diseased parts relief is obtained
almost immediately, and gradually
the sores heal up and disappear. Here
are two letters whicli will Interest
Mrs. Chas. Gilbert Haystack, Pla-
oentla Bay, NBd., wrlteB.— "I was a
sufferer from Salt Rheum for ten
years, and bad abont. despaired of
ever being cured, so mhny treat
monts had failed. Reading of the
wonderful cures effected by Dr,
Chase's Ointment, I commenced using
it, and was entirely cured by eight
boxes. I want to express my gratitude for Dr. Chase's Ointment, and to
recommend lt to all sufferers."
Mr- Stanley Merrill. Delaware, Ont..
wrltos:—"For years I was troubled
with my hands cracking, often becoming so sore that I could hardly do any
work. 1 got some of Dr. Chase's
Ointment, and happily find that one
or. two applications of same to the
affected parts make them well. 1
havo had no trouble since using tbe
ointment tor sore lutjuls.
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60c. a box. nt
all dealers, or Edtnansou, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
*■ The Cool Stranger
Business was brisk In the village
store when the stranger entered;
Any of you drive In a trap? he asked casually.
Yes. 1 did, said Farmer Turnpike
disinterestedly.    Why?
Gray horse, nnd an old lady Inside.
Yes, that's right.    But—-
Can she manage him nil right? said
tlio stringer.
I Bli. uld tblnk bo, replied Turnpike.
Why, my wife's drove that horse ever
slitco ha was a 3-year-old.
Thai's all right, then, suid the
Btrangir. I merely asked because
the gray has just gone down the
street like a mad bull, and the old
lady's hanging onto the back of the
trap, screaming murder! Still, if
she can manage blm, there's nothing
to get excited about. How's thc
. prleo oT 'talera down ygnr way?—
London Answers.
The Oil of Power.—11 is uol claimed for Dr- Thomas' Electric Oil that
lt will cure every 111, but Its uses are
so various that II muy be looked upon
as n general pain killer. It has
achieved thut greatness for itself
ami any attempts to surpass it have
failed. It-, excellence is known to
nil wl •. have tested Its virtues and
leiiriil by experience-
Had Hla Doubts
Harry Lauder once scored with a
neat impromptu nt a Scottish theatre.
He had just linished hts third song,
ahd the audience were vehemently demanding more Some or his admirers were calling out the names of the
songs they wanted to hear. One enthusiastic young mau In a prominent
seat, was particularly insistent. I
love a lassie. I love a lassie, he kept
shouting. The genial comedian looked him over, shook his head, and remarked gravely: I hae ma doots, my
laddie, lf you did you'd ha' fetched
Uer with you.
A Double-Barreled Escape
- Miners are among the moat heroic
people lu tha world. Danger la always beside them, and they are
schooled to -believe that at
any time they will come face to face
with, death. The result of this ls
that they are humorous ln their boldness.
ln one of the mines of Pennsylvania there was a cave-In which Imprisoned a miner named Jack Thornton. The "accident happened on Friday afternoon, and the fellow laborers of the entombed men set to work
at once to dig him out. It was not
until Sunday morning, however, that
they reached his prison chamber, and
by this time they were wondering
whether he had been suffocated or
starved to death. One of them
stuck his head through the aperture
made by the picks of the resucers
and called out:
Jack, aro you all right?
All right, came the reply, and then
after a pause, What day ls this?
Sunday, answered the friend.
Gee! exclaimed Jack. I'm glad of
that. That was one Saturday night
when those saloon keepers didn't get
my wages!
Minard's Liniment Cures Coldt, Etc,
Examination Time
The eagle-eyed examiner was stire
Jones was cheating. Twenty times
during the last hour that individual
had pulled out his watch and examined It closely. Jones, suddenly
roared the master, bring your watch
to me! .lones reluctantly handed
over the timepiece, but all the disgusted examiner found waB a small
slip pasted to the dial on which was
written "Fooled!'' Jones was allowed to resume his work, but he still
referred to his. watch so frequently
that the examiner again grew suspicious. Suddenly an idea struck him.
Jones, be shouted, I'll see your watch
again, please! With eager hands
tlie examiner seized the watch, but
this time he devoted his attention to
the back of the case. Sure enough
there was a scrap ot paper Inside-
for it bore the Inscription—"Fooled
again!" Then Jones was allowed to
work in peace.
Among the coffee-drinkers a high
place must be given to Blsmark. He
liked coffee unadulterated. While
with the Prussian Army In France he
one day entered a country lun and
asked the host it he had any chicory In the house. He bad. Blsmark said, Well, bring It to nie; all
you have. The man obeyed and
handed Bismarck a canister full of
thlcory. Are you sure this is all
you bave? demanded the Chancellor
Yes, my lord, every grain. Then,
■aid Bismarck, keeping the canister
by blm, go now and make me a pot
nf coffee.
k PILLS  -r
W. N. U. MS
Waa carter One llunered Dollars Reward
lor any case of Catarrh tlmt aaannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.   ^
ir. J. CHENEY «t CO., Toledo. O.
V.'o the niiderfaiBiiaad have known F.
J. Clic-ney for the lam 15 years and believe htm perfectly honorable In all business liansaa-Uona, nnal Unam-.lally able to
carry out anv obligation* made by hla
Waldlng.  Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale   Druggists.   Toledo,   O.
Hall's Catarrh Gure Is taken Internally, acting dh-eetly iiiaian the blood and
mucous surfaces uf the ayatem. Testimonials aent free Price 75c. per bot.
tie.     i-old by alt Druggist*.
Take Hall's FamilyPills for Constipation.
The Solution of a Mystery
Job Hedges, the New Vork lawyer,
wit, and after-dinner speaker, was
called upon on one occasion lo give
advice to it young mun who was
thinking of taking up the study of
My young friend, said Hedges, 1
was once standing outside of a big
music store In the cliy ot New York,
and was lost lu admiration of the muscles and sinews of the men who lifted the piano on and off the drays. I
was joined by a middle-aged man who
looked like au Irishman.
1 love to watch those fellows, I remarked casually. Their strength ls
Yes, agreed the Irishman, and tliey
are interesting for another reason.
Whenever 1 see u lot of piano movers
and hack drivers, I am reminded that
every year the colleges turn out a lot
of graduate lawyers who never practice their professions.
A safe and sure medicine lot a child
troublotl with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm lixtermlnator.
The Simplest of Remedies
John Drew wos interviewed by a
newspaper mail in a hotel ln Chicago one night, und at last, realized
that he would have a hard time getting rid ot the visitor. The writer
seemed determined to sit forever, In
spite of the signs of sleepiness exhibited by ihe actor.
I suppose I seem like a night owl,
said the visitor when the clock pointed to nearly three o'clock In the
morning- As a mailer of fact, I'm
just that. I suffer intolerably with
Insomnia. 1 wonder what's the best
thing to do for It.
Oo to sleep, suggested Drew
smoothly. If you'll step into the
next room while 1 undress. I'll show
you how to do It.
Why He Wanted Milk
A clergyman hnd been displeased
with the quality of the milk served
him. At length he determined to remonstrate with bis milkman for supplying such unworthy stuff. He began mildly, I've been wantiug to see
you with regard to the quality of
milk with which you arc serving me.
Yes. sir. uneasily answered the tradesman. I only wanted to say, continued the minister, that I use the milk
tor.drinking purposes exclusively and
not for christening.
A poor woman was telling a kind-
hearted visitor how the doctor came
and aaid she had a sluggish liver.
What beats me, she added, Is how
them slugs get. Uiside the liver.
Yes. remarked the telephone girl
aB she gazed out at the waves and
wondered what their number was, I
um connected with the best families
in our city.
. The female home fly lays from 120
to 160 eggs at a time, aad thess
mature io two weeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants ot s
single pair will number millions In
three months. Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in the season, snd thus cut off
a large proportion of the summer
Best Interests
demand that every woman should
■pare herself unnatural suffering
by obtaining safe and proper help
■when physical ills and nervous
depression occur. When ailments
and suffering come to you remember there is one safe, effective
gentle and  well-tried   remedy—
of special , value to women.
Beecbam's Pills remove the cause
of suffering; they clear the system
and by their tonic, helpful action
relieve you of headaches, backaches,lassitudeand nerve rebellion.
Try a few doses and know the
difference—know how Beechain's
Pills will help your feelings;
how they  strengthen,  invigorate
and Protect
Every woman ihould bc sure to read
the special directions with every box.
Sold everywhere,     •      •     la Wse*. 2Se*
should carry a stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device of seamless
metal, unleakable, and the aure exterminator of every kind ot fly and
mosquito. Retails at Ioc. General
agent, Joseph R. Wilson. 204 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain ln Alberta, and Escott & Harmer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
w    Cures Horses While
w-    t\xt-t Work orRoat
p/tice *s •" au ocAiins ,
_m__.na,„ »,_,.. raa. __, umbos. ,o.UHTd
«ry hoai.ewil, a—
HA   Spam   Iroaa      Burnl   aaaa-llaylsta-ai I
.r..i_s. Dcniblc.nlekvt finlm—never isna.r
Ikuhei, naaa -r cell aaaaa ol a-."l.r. gilaair__fl.ay.al J
~ ill I con! saa laoaar to aa.aa- l*fnaa an-
aiala-a iMavrry. Sena, tor
i| aa aaataaai
.acme snciAtir CQ..WISSIPEO__l
Enterprise *
Hearing a noise at midnight In one
ot his rooms, a gentleman tiptoed to
the spot, thinking to take the burglar
unawares. Slkes, however, was not
to be caught napping, and before the
owner of the house fully realized
wbat was happening, he was looking
down tlie muzzle of a revolver. You
realize that you are at my mercy?
Yes, replied the house owner. And
also realize that I could shoot you
dead If I wished? Another trembling
affirmative. You did not hear me
enter the house? No. Well, if
you had your windows fitted with
one of Ketchuras new patent burglar
alarms, this wouldn't have happened.
I am an agent for the— But the
house owner had Bwooned.
What it was Worth
A Scottish lady, wbo was spending
her holidays in London, entered a
bric-a-brac shop In search of something odd to take liomn lo Scotland
wllb her. After she had Inspected
several articles, but hod found none
to suit her. she noticed a quaint llg-
ure. the head and shoulders of which
appeared above the counter. What
Is that Japanese Idol over tliere
worth) she inquired of tho salesman,
'I'he salesman's reply was given In a
subdued ton^. Worth about half-u
million, mndum That's the proprietor.      	
Minard's Liniment Curet Distemper.
Gracious! exclaimed Mr, Swell-
man, .be baby has Just eaten a lol
of that dog-btiscult.
Never mind, replied Mrs. Swell-
man; It Just selves Kldu right, for
he has often eaten the baby's food.
Some friends were talking of success. A certain man who hud made
u fortune was mentioned.
When that man came to New York
n few years ago, one suid. everything
he possessed was tied up in u handkerchief.     Today—
The speaker smiled and siro'.ed his
close-clipped mustache.
Today everything he possesses is
tied up lu his wife's name, he added
Asthma Is Torture. No one who
hasn't gasped for breath in the power
of asthma knows what such Buffering
Ib. Thousands do know, however,
from experience how immeasurable
is the relief provided by that marvellous preparation, Ur. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. For years
It has been relieving and curing the
most severe cases. If you are a sufferer do not delay a day tn securing
this remedy from your druggist-
-After the plumber had finished
some repairs about his office, the
kind-hearted business man said to
You will find soap and clean towels
in there when you are through.
The plumber spruced up after be
had finished his work, but, to the astonishment of the business man, he
appeared a tew minutes later with
bis face daubed with dirt and grease.
Why ln the world did you blacken
your face up agaiu after you had
washed yourself? the business man
Grinning guiltily, the plumber replied, If I went back to the oflice with
a clean face, the boss would think I
had been loafing on the Job.
Labor Lost
Freddy was taking his father's dinner, and on the way he saw a workman emptying a drain. That drain,
said Freddy to the workman, Ib the
one father lost a shilling down. Oh,
said the workman, and his face
brightened- Now. then, youngster,
hurry o.n with that dinner before it
gets cold. When Freddy returned
half-an-honr later the workman was
still working on the same drain. His
face was flushed and excited, and hit
hands were black with mud. Are
yon sure, he asked, that this is the
drain your father lost the money In?
Quite sure, piped Freddy, because I
saw father get it out myself.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Polite Commissioner—lf you were
ordered to disperse a mob, what
would you do?
Applicant—Pass around the hat.
Police Commissioner—That'll do.
You're engaged.
Warts on the hands is a disfigurement that troubles many ladles. Hoi
loway's Com Cure will remove th'
blemlsl'es without pain.
pensive. The conaUtU uu«
of drugs Ib expensive,
and likewise unnecessary. Nature Is
lhe ouly reliable doctor. Oct clone to
Nature and lie your own physician.
It Is not hard to do, not difficult to
learn. Nature's lawn arc simple.
When the fire burns low, you don't
run for the doctor or drug store or the
patent medicine bottle; you simply
put on more fuel, So when disease
or sickness attacks the body of yourself or any member of your family,
go to Naturo's vast storehouse of vitality and draw therefrom the revitalizing forces which banish disease
tfnd make you well.
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Botany v. Mercury
The sick and  ailing will  (Ind  a sun
restoration to health and vlcor In
Tbe  Eclectine Botanic Treatment
Tlie weak, norvdus und debilitated tu*
made strong and lobia. t by llotanio
Treatment, Skin and blood distaffs,
syphilis, lost vitality, emissions and gen-
Ito-urlnsry romplalntx, ahaoailu anil
complicated diseases of men and women
vleld to.. Volatile Treatment when all
oilier means have failed. Onr preparation! were given the sold medal ns IiIbIi-
est award ot the International l'.vlilbl.
tions In Brussels 1D09. London lino. Pacta
1911. Consultation free, ner.qonal «>,- by
letter.      Open   Id—8.no.
Tbe Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
263-26J  Yonge   street.   Toronto.
Chinamen are Great Savers
The Chinese never waste anything.
A shopman puts up parcels with hull
the paper and string used by Euro-
beans. Servants collect and sell
match boxes and things which seem
to us to be useless, ln the country
you will see a boy in a tree beating
down a single leaf with a stick tor
fuel. Women, when too old for any
work collect dry grass tor the nnme
purpose. A man collects his fowl
and then beats old damp nulls or mating. Cockroaches and other vermin
jump out, and the fowls bave a meal
that costs nothing. You give a coolie
an old coat that you are ashamed to
wear and he will probably get a tailor to transform lt for 30 or 50 cents
into two pairs of excellent trousers
for himself.—Detroit Free Press.
One Thing Lacking
The letter I gave you Ihis morning,
did you post it? asked the wife, looking nt her husband out of the corner
of her eye. No, denr, 1 did nol. said
lhe man boldly. Of course you didn't. And 1 told you it wus important lhat II should go to-day. Ves,
dear And of couise you forgot to
post ll If Hint's not Just like a
man! But dear— Don't but nie. I'm
angry. But. dear, look here nt the
letter.     Vou forgot to address lt.
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
I Are the.best ever mode nnd are. guaranteed lo give you satisfaction. At
all deulors, or send us _.'.. acuta suiting style and size required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd,,
58 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
M«s. Winslow's Sootuino Svsur bu bcraa
•Ual lor over SIXTY YKARSlay MILLIONS aal
It the brut rrmtily for IIIARHII(a>_A. II li absolutely harmless. Be sane and x,lx lo, "Mrs.
WMil-si'i HoothiDi Syrup," sad tike a* «hef
kind.  I'mau-ireceaisa battle.
Going Up
Arialnrs appear to be a modes! B(*t
They    probably   appreclato    the
truth of the adage, 'Pride goes before
a fall.'
Thst ii the nature oi Dr. Pieree't Favorite Prcscriptioe-the one remedy lor
women which ooateint no alcohol ead no habit-forming drugs. Made Irom native
medicinal forest roots. Dr. Pleree tells its every ingredient on the bottle-wrap,
per. Prominent physicians end tome ofthe best pedicel authorities endorse these
ingredients ss being the very best known remedies lor ailments end weaknesses
peculiar le women.
- This In what Mnn. 0«nktti K. CorxF.r, of l.ongstreo.,
Ky.. soy.: "I feel It my duly to write and tell you what
your medicines havo done for ms. 1 was a greut suffa'ier.
for sli years from a trouble peculiar to women, hut I aim
thankful to say, after taking lour hollies ot your' Favorite
Proscription' I am not bothered wilh that, dreadful dltaca-x.
any more. I fool like a new woman. When I lir-at wrote
you for advice I only weighed UT, pounds—now I weigh 135.
"I thank you very mlioTi for yonr kindness. Vou luiVa
been as a falhir to mo la advising me what to do, so maj
I Sod bless you in every effort von put forth for got,;..
" I hope this testimonial will lie lhe means of some poor
Mas. Cor. ey.        suffering woman seeking health."
Dr. Pieree's Medioal Adviser, newly revised up-to-date edition, answers hott*
ti delieete questions about which every wooua, single er married ought to know. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examine!.. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
tlie science of refraction. Examination free.
'ubitiihed at Oram! Porka, British Coliimbl
i. A. Evans  Editor and Publisher
A Hie of this paper can be seen at the office
jf Messrs. B. A -J. Hardy & Uo., 3D, SI and 82,
Fleet Street, K.O., London. Knglaud, free of
char ire, and that firm will be flad to receive
fiibscrl|.tlons und advertisements on our behalf.
Frache Brothers propose tp incorporate
as a stock company, with limited liability,
to enlarge their  Greenhouses.    Shares,
$50.00 par.   <^Ask us for our Prospectus.
have heen entertained, as the cottu-
cil hus no -neiuis of knowing whether it is correct or not, no force account having been kept hy
the city. But even if the contractors had lost money on the wotk, it
appears to be a piece of brazen
nerve on their part to ask the taxpayers to make good a loss result'
ing from a lack of knowledge of
their own business.
} Wl I 1.1
One tear tl.90
line Tear (ln advance)  1.00
One Year, In United States  1.50
Addreaa all communications to
Thi Bvbhing Sun,
Phonb H.4 GBAND Forks. R.C
Perhaps tbis is an opportune time
to draw the attention of tbe provincial government to the fact that tbe
summer is now drawing to a close,
and no steps have yet been taken to
rebuild the Cooper bridge. This is
a public work that we were promised before tbe provincial electinns,
and it is absolutely needed, because
the old bridge will be sure to go out
with the high water next spring,
and tben the ranchers south of the
river will be compelled to tnke a cir
cuitous route over bad roads to enter the city. When the meagre
appropriations made for this district
are compared with the extravagant
grants made for Revelstoke and Ver
non, where cabinet ministers reside,
the people of tbis city feel that
tbey have a right to expect that
(he government should fulfil its
promise in tbis instance.
It might be well for the ratepayers to watch the action of the
city council at its meeling next
Monday night on the reservoir contract murldlp. The Sun has been
informed that an attempt will he
made to reimburse the contractors
fur a loss they claim to hav? sui-
tninei1.   Such a claim should never
The good book tells us to love
our enemies. People seem to have
no difficulty in obeying this com
mand if tbeir enemies are young,
good looking and ofthe opposite sex.
But all other enemies are barred.
If the Doukhobor commission has
accomplished anything, up to the
present time except to provide a
salary for the commissioner it hns
not yet been made apparent to the
general public.
Doctors- claim that it interferes
wilh the action of the heart to lie on
the right side. This is probably
tbe reason wby all the Tory editors
lie on the wrong side.
The Tammany machine is not
quite as corrupt as the McBride machine, but as far as organization go
they are equally pefeet.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch;
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  47 41
Saturday  55 39
Sundty..  62 42
Monday   56 41
Tuesday     58 89
Wednesday  02 36
Thursday  64 .19
Ranfall during week, 1 41,inches;
rainfall for August, 2.28.
Don't forget that The Sun hns the
be<t job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Horse-High and Piy-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your "needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs,
Most Important tvents of
Past Week Told in Brief
Union of Canadian and Australian
navy in the Pacific proposal being
discussed in England at present.
Hon. L. P. Pelletier, before sailing
from England, makes announcement
that cable rates have been reduced,
Vancouver cadets materially assist'
ed by Australian government, which
is providing free rail  transportation.
The London Nation approves Panama toll discrimination, bnt other
newspapers grow more bitter in their
Thought probable that no legislation relating to marriage will be
brought up in  the Dominion house
this session.
Empire wide naturalization fully
discussed by the minister of justice,
who brought about some changes in
the proposed British bill while in
Peace negotiations between Italy
and Turkey reported to be broken off.
Provincial government will help
Vancouver cadets if federal authorities do likewise.
Canadian immigration decreases
owing to attractive offers by Australian government.
Reports of rain and hail throughout
the prairies, as well as frost. Mo damage has been dune.
Phenomenal building figures in
Sydney, N.S. VV., demonstrate prosperity of commonwealth of  Australia.
Food commission of Now Zealand
recommend that duty on all foodstuffs
be abolished. Urge stricter control
of trusts.
Duke of Connaught throws aside
the conventional speech mid urges
Port Arthur and Fort William to for
get rivalry.
Governor-general of Canada welcomed in both Saskatoon and Prince
Greek officers recalled from Egypt,
following trouble with Turkey on the
Thirty six people killed in a cloudburst which covered fifteoii miles in
area, in sections of West Virginia and
President Taft placed in delicate
position following Great Britain's demand for ai nitration, since he is
known as prominent advocate uf tho
Sir George Asquith arrives in Montreal to commence tour of Canada,
which may include Vancouver, in order to study labor conditions with a
view of introducing reforms in England.
Great Britain will present formal
demand on United States for arbitra
linn on the canal bill. It is believed
at Washington that the demand will
be refused. No action will be taken
until Secretary Knox returns.
Business is dull is England. Hotels
and theatres alone nre prosperous.
Sixty coal miners killed in an
explosion of fire damp at Lens,France.
Duko of Connaught opens the Alberta legislative buildings at Edmonton, •
Great Northern will soon award
contract for forty-two mile section
jiaiiii Coalmont to summit.
Cnnadian Pacific Railway may
form a holding company to tako over
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
<*N we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Port,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen & Mullen
. _    F. Downey's Cigar Store
aniaa,:, lan ftrei<_lrppt
Hambus's Rbsidekck,RH8 I***** «IICol
Mll.K.M.'fl Rrsiopncr, K18
Bllver King and Sliver Queen Mineral
Claims, Hltiiaiti' In Ilia- Oruuil Vork. Mlitlnit
Divlllnil „f   Yale lllrtrh-t.
Where l/WAted: On the Kn_t Fork of the
North Faarli of Keith- Kivr.
TAKK NOTICB that I. Jacob M. t'liiihaen.
Free Minor*! Caarlltlnalo Na,. SWISH, fur
niyii'lf ami a. aireiat for William.!!. Huffman,
executor, anal Kosa Major, executrix, of thu
will of Caittierhie llaaffmun. Free Miner'.
Certllleate No. S.V>I.H, intend, clxty day.
from aline hereof, to apply to the Mining
IteaeralaT fajraa Ceilitlealcaf Iin|irnrelneiitn, for
thc puri,ai. a, nf obtaining crown grant* of lhe
aalaaive I'latllll.
And further take uaitico that action, uuilei
taectinu .;7, iiautat Im I'Ulmuelieed laefaare the iaaim-
ance uf inoh CaTilicaie. of tiniirnvetaent.
Dated thia 4th day of May, A.D. 1912.
the company's vant land holding* in
the west in the event of the government refusing to sanction the capital
Policemau Robert. G. Macintosh
iiiuriit'i'cil by tramps in Calgary.
No definite announcement of government'" naval policy expected at the
banquet to be tendered the premier in
Ottawa next Monday.
Harvest reports from prairies show
that crops are now in danger of being destroyed by frosts.
Disastrous fire at Ocean Park, Cal.,
results in damages at S_.,2'>0,000 and
furnishes many thrilling incidents.
King diverge thinks theatres should
remain closed on (Sundays.
First collision occurs on the London tube.
Chinese premier, alarmed at international developments, will retire,
Woodrow Wilson says that free
trade in the Uuitaad States is impossible,
Bryan says Roosevelt's progressive-
ness is of recent date, but considers
Taft a high-minded man of much integrity.
Duke of Sutherland has gigantic
colonization project for British Col
Duke of Connaught visits Red Deer
and Calgary.
Fake Hitlers aro a menace to forests, declares the Canadian Forestry
Sainrln, Mineral Cliilm, altunte In Iha'
Urand Pork. Mining IllvUion nl Yale DUtrlot.
WhaTe Ux-Htoal:   Iii .Velllnirt.iii enmn.
TAKK Not let; that I. J„...|,la Alfml Miller,
Prie Miliaria' Certificate Nn. HMiHl, intend, aixly ilav. from the dale hereof, In apply t„ tho Miiiliair Ka-a'dralsr fair n Cartiflrat,'
nf Improvement, fnr the purpoia of nlitaiii-
liair a Croavn ilrantof the alaovo claim.
And further Mlia nntlee lhat aeltou, under
fa,a»!tia,i, 87, mint he eoinina'noeal before the
Iflamiincae of  Much Certificate  of   Improvement..
Dated thli .nth dny of April, A.D. Hill!.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhonol restores every nerve In the bod;
p .to Itl proper teutont reitorei
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all annual
weaknaM averted al ance.   Fhoaphaaol will
make von anew man.  Prlce_|flaboxLortwo for
W. Mailed to any addretai.
Go. St. Catharine.. Oat.
&a boa. or two for
Some business men are bo fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without ndvertisingin The Sun.
_____■ THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
)f the
SoW by W.K.C. Manly
f gg-Laying Contest
International egg-laying eQijjpeti-
tiotl, held iirt'ler tlm joint auspiees of
the British (.'olumbia Poultry wwii-m-
tion, the Vancouver Exhibition boar I
anal the provincial governmenl. Total
eggs laid up to lhe end of the tenth
in mlh, August 20, 1912:
Pen.        Class I, IJiSg* Laid
2—White Leghorns..  841
9—White Leithonifi  751
14--White 1/eghoins 646
ID—White Leghorns 646
4—White LfalioriiH  H31
10—Wlitie Leghorns   Ol'.')
18 - White Leghorns  $'.10
12— Wh'te Leghorna 582
20—White leglinrns  582
23—White Leghorns  581)
1—White Leghorns  576
5—White Leghorns 573
7 —White Leghorns' 553
22-l!utrLegli.i.-ns 515
8—White I eghorns  536
li—Brown Leghorns    479
3—White Leghorns 476
21—Mottled AneoDus 47G
13—White Leghorns,.,
16 White Leghorns..
15—White Leghorns .
17—White Leghorns..,
'11—White Leghorns...
Pen.        Class* II.
Eggs Laid
40—Silver Laced Wyandottes... 3,80
28—Columbian Wyandottes    364
27—Silver Pencilled Wyaudottes 358
Average price received for eggs,
40c per dozen. Pen 'I'-iinperature—
Highest, 88°; lowest, 41°; average
mean temperature, 56 fi°—these are
shade temperatures. Kain fell on
eleven davs; very heavy on the 15th.
Twenty-one days weie bright,and four
dull days were recorded during the
month. A great variance ef temperature was experienced on the 4th, the
glass rising from 44° to 80° during
the day.
Fears were expressed that the egg
yield would suffer dniing the past
month owing to the Vancoiver exhibition being held on the grounds
From a perusal of the records, opposite
results were obtained, owing, no
doubt, to the fact that blaming was
discontinued during the exhibition
The egg yield was higher from August
13th to 20th than during the earlier
period of the month. During the first
day of the poultry show, the birds
.were greatly disturbed by the crowing
Pen 2 in class 1 still forges iiluiid
increasing its lead over pen 9 *by 17
eugs during the month Pen 17 dis
places pen 4 in fourth place, and tie;
pen 14 for third place. Pen 10 creeps
u,i nearer lo pen 4, six eg s inly be
ing the difference this llioniai. l'en 5
d <>ps fro n seventh to iwe'fih p'a-,
'en 20 jumps from twelfth to sixth
teing with pen 12.
Following are the highest producers
luring the month: Pen 7 (109 eggs)
.'.(107). 10 and 20 (105 each), 18
'103), 1(102), 1*2 (99), 21 (96), 19
(95), 9(90) p,.„ 3 scored 17 eggs
md 17, 24 eggs during the tniiuth,
rhe former pen is moulting, nnd ap
peur very listless.
In class 2 pen S.S n '6ises its lead
by one egg during the month over
pen 33. Pen 21! separates from pen 39
in fourth place, and reduce 31's lea'l
by toii eggs during the month. Pen
32 reduces 37's leadvby twenty cgi;*
this ini in tli
Top scores fui' the month: Pen 32
(108), 26 (95), 37 (88), 38 (86), 33,
81, 34, 35 (85 each).
Broodies: Pen 30 (5 birds), 25,
'-'9 (5 each), 36 (3), 27, 34 und 30
(2 each), 20, 31, 32, 88, 39 (1 each)
It will be noticed that, in class
1, quite a few pens have equal rec
ords. Pens 14 and 19, 12 and 20, 3
und 21, are running neck and neck,
As corroborating the oft-repeated
assertion that strain and stamina is
more important than breed, it may
be mention*! that four or five of tin-
leading pens in diss 1 are related,
and are all close up.
3 .—White Wyandottes  6'
3 I -Rh.de Island Reds  (5N7
31 —Rhode Island Reds  630 I""'1
26-B'imd Rocks	
34—White Wyaudottes....„..
37-l.arred Rucks	
39— Buff Orpingtons	
32— Hhode Islaiul Reds	
85— Barred Rooks	
;»9—Raff Rocks	
3 —White Wyandottes	
20 — Huff Orpingtons.. .   	
:!(*,—Partridge Wyandottes ...
R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
makes tlii.'following detailed   re
604  P"lt "f   the  customs   receipts at the
592 various   sub customs   ollices,   as   re-
jkjlj  ported to the chief olliee  in this  city,
"i7|  for the month nf August:
500 Orand  Forks	
518  Phoenix	
465 Carson	
442 Carcade	
437     Total  14.688 08
83,370 29
157 I/I
116 06
vi■:(7.!S-*,i'V--■•"'•.•; :.\
'.*.!!:.!•:.:.!<. '
Meeting of Graduate Nurses HOTEL PROVINCE
A muss meeting of the 'graduate
nurses of the province will be held
in Christ Church schoolroom, Vancouver, Tuesday, September 10. at
3 p.m. The object of ,thia meeting
is to organize u British Columbian
Graduate Nurses association, for the
purpose of obtaining registration fur
the uuises of ihe province. Itis
hoped that all who can possibly attend will be present.
Why People   Lose   Respect
for Eaws
Charles Decker, New York lieutenant of police, deposited in the
savings banks $58,843 in nine
months, and his salary during that
period was only .£1687.
Personal Chtistmas Cards
A new sample hook of the "Art"
serits of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 hRS been received at The
3110 ollicH. These cards proved
very popular lust year. 'I he de-
dgns this year are preiiia-r than last
aear. The piices range from SI per
lozen upwards    Order early.
Britlajc   Slra'aat,
Hot and Cold Baths
First-Calms Bar, fool
Band illiard Rooms
in Connection.
Emil Larsen,
'- ,;»-a;.":^a;V
a m kmi u'ltfir.
Invites you io ihe
SePi.30ioOci. 61912
Tke Inland Empires Holiday
Seven days and sk nMn/Scf
education and ami&emeni
RedtMeor Railways Rates
\Mi lo Rcfcl fi CoS*ove. t-ceyr for Premtum List mi
llliurtwlsa Daily Probata IB ,i-~*_ W ..-i-*-*,..03
Game Laws for this Fall
YiirioUB new reguhitinns nnd
irilers in council under ihe game
rolectipn net have met .the up
inwal of the lienleiiuiHgiiveninr,
and among the more iniportant is h
rrgilhiliou reducing the uiiiiilier nl
pheasants n sportsman kill in nm
day lo six. It is also provided thnl
no person nniyhunt or kill phi'iis-
inls if there be three incht-s of snow
■ in the ground,
Ducks, geese, snipe and grouse of
ill kinds open in Ihis district nn
September *2, grouse shooting remaining open till the end of the
year, nnd ducks and so on until
February 28, 1913.
A close season is declared for
heaver throughout the province
from November 1, 1912, to Novell)
her 15, 1913.
Deer may he shoot throughout
ibis district from September 2 lo
December 15.
Prairie chicken may be shot in
Yale-Cariboo from September 15 to
October 15.
A close senson is declared foi
wapiti throughout ihe mainland until September 1, 1912 White-lailed
deer also enjoy a close senson in tin
Okanagan and Similkameen until
the same date; and hloose benefit
from a close season in lhe Columbia
electoral district unlil September 1.
1913.   .
Mr. C A. ADROTT, August m, 1305.
to Aim St., -flew Vork City.
I'aajrSar:   I [lavas known for over 40 yr.rsof the
elTa-CIS of Wilson's kearaa-aly [Wilson's !'.C!l3rntloi_
of ItypopIiaarptiUes nnal ulyaijrctti I i.i cnKj of j,ut-
nanaaaaay troubltf.    Al -.iaas p aaa. I will '.ay 10 yaau
what yaau laia'.ea n"t bcfu-c known of; t'aal  j. years
since, while I was a ra-fli-leaat of N. y. City, 1 wos
severely ill with lnngt.ntalile.   Physicians saaaal I was
a consumptive and nay family ptiysicaaa to.d any avate
that lie tnouffht 1 COuld Itet .cover,    l.lyattvaitia.n
Aval (Unacted 10 lite WUaon l.aaaaaial;', wlaa'll I used
wilh splendid effect,   I itave fa.--n aaaa my till aaid at
, w.arkcflcrsiuca: WChre.    Yoaarstnaiy,
Rl'.V.CriAn. SAOEH,
r-astor hi. E. Caiairch, HontCT, (Creenc Co.,) N. Y.
On Dec   1, nn. Mr. Saa-er wrote Mr. Ahhott;
1    "My health is „c.y giaoal.''
If   you   will   write Mr.  Aldiott   lio,
;   will gladly furnia.li yon any  further
information you desire.
Wit itoiteto
THE STANDARD Is tlio Nation^
WeeRly Nawipapar of tho Dominion
<>f Can&da* It In natlonul in all Its
11 ims.
It uses tlie most expensive ofttfrav-
IngSi procuring tho phutnf_;i'uj>liH from
ull over lhe worlil.
lis nrtlrles nro c.in*fully fiolncted und
Us editorial policy Is thoroughly
A suhflSerlptlon to Tho Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address in
Canada or Croat Urituln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing  Co.,
Limited, Publish*™.
l:e World
200 Garfoono 1 3 More
Thais 200 Oc^ns
TheWorkl'o EestC;   !i Month
Cartoons from dailies and weeklies published ia
this country, London, Dublh, Paris, Berlin,
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, St ult cart, Turin, Kome, Lisbon-
Zurich, Tokio, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, and ail the great cities of the
world. Only the 200 best out of 9,006 cartoons
each month, are selected.
A Picture History of World'* Events Eaeh Month
campr.ina in "Cartoons and watch the opposing paities caricature each other.
One free sample enp* will bc mailed by at) tires sine the publisher, II. H.WIHDSQR, 313 W. Waihiotfon Street, CHICAGO
. ■ on Issued Nov, 15, 190(5.)
iaav.i.11 luniks in nnt', covering tlm
■.. m'ai :in|ilay,   geolaiijv,   clia'ini.s.
aicrnlogy, inetallurgv,' to'niin-
iishs, staitisticN anil Rimncea of
i It •■ ., ruciiaiil book, useful
anal hecetflHary to most innn   en
M   iinv  branch of the coppes
• |>, i
1 lie vJ'iver I ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please rend th6 heftdltiietoversgalii. Then it.
remendona Hhrnlttcanco will Iuwn n|  yon
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The typewriter that jsoqUtppea with icoresol
tuch ounveiili np*w n> "Thu Bntatiue Shift*1"
■ i he ttiilliiK l»t'vii*t'"-,tTlm iiniii.iti Releuiie"-
»The L'-ciiiuitive Blue"*—"The Auioinntli
•Jpiicer"—"Tlje Au'iimHtli: TsfnilHtor"—''The
—"I'he Adjustable i'u-
perPlngurB'*--,,Th| Bel
emilk* r.milenwi Kuv
Tours for  17
Gents a Day!
We aiioiiiirtd iln
new n.iii-11 t:*t i' tf.iny.justtu feel the pulse ol
ilie puuple.  Hiinidy a small in-h payneut—
lun 17 tviit.s u day.   Thut iMiie tiUu   in  u mil
The result ims been mob a dot ngo of applies
Ions iitr Rischtiica 11 uit Hi* nre iluiply hh-
The demand outeen from people <>f nil clssse«
ill HgesiSH oeeiipntlojis.
The majority ol Inquiries niu come .from peo
lu of Icimwn iiiiuii.hu statidiiiH who wereai
tracted bj the novelty of the propos. 'on. An
nnpresiiva detnnnsiratloii nf tin' Imraente pop-
iiiarttyuf tlie Oliver Typewriter
A startling coiiflrmntioii nl «-tir belief ilmi
•hu Km of Universal Typewriting la at haud.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are  I : i |    Mney with
The Standard Visible Unlet
Tl.ul i> thu bnitlenrj ibdajr. Ae have mill,
i hu ult ver supreme in utefuliteHUnd abwlutet)
ii.ili-l»-iimiIi'l* In im lacsit. Nutt oumea the •■ m
tjiiest of tlle ue,
lho simplicity nnd atrength nf the Ollvui HI i
fin lamllj ii*«j. it l* bi 'o-uiii. mi Importan1
rnetor in the I.mm. i;.. :.■.■■: o| joium |iiuple.
* n rd id ii!.*! hi wnl i n ii iii ii *, mal(i ■
OHr new mIIu. ntao pnia die Oliver on thi
ilhru'hnldofever) hoinetn Amcrteu,   Will vo<
•■ "- ■ iha d" j ur iuttuo ornthce on thli m
markei'le Olivi i od r.'
■w.i.* ior fnrtherdetMlli of onr eat) orter mid
'i fn. copj ol tlte pew OH ver catalog,  Ad« re»a
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
llliaarla|-\ailla.| bUlldlll),
NOTICK liUreba idv.'i. thot Icorito A|ox-
.miliar .twin lli-ll  aaf I a,l .'i'a',1.  I'. II   Him
•111. (iriral    I'.a'llaa,   » 111   _,|,l,lj  fa.r„||a-| a- l„
I   la,.  |,a. I   II-,.   a IpI.-   .aaa,I   ||1T KOnil'l llf
aaailai "111 a f Na.llll I'.arla Kcl'li, PlV«r I l,-ll.
aalai.l, ||a,lfll 111 „ .,„,! laaal V ali-p,.|l„i, llirolllll
l.aat :a'.al aaaaai a „.|. i... |,,t„ Kettle l.'lvcr lai-lir
'llniaal l-'aa-k'. 'lli.. ,aaata-i' will laa> aliva'ra ,-,l op*
|,aa •!,■ til. laaWaiflila- a.f >'ia,i;iaiai. lilaal \v||| I,,.
II.. ll f.|- ia-aa_.,,l   „■.  | aa l(,a a ,-N lala til* la, aall   a|(,
.• ril.a-al aa- I rllit 1 1, aal I Kal laa-a- -
Tlalaa la.alli',. wn.   l,aafll„al nn   tin-   LM-aallla.i   aan
flip nn-li clnjr nr MWcli, M<i_   The ajiiillcailoii
aaill   In,   llloal   ll.   tin. ..Illr.. ,f lia.'H'aalar l:,..
 Va „l InlrvliMV
lllajratlaaiifl    alalia    laa-    llli'al     avilla    tin-   a.,iia!
«'„a,.r I! |«rnr  Villi Una I a"ii|.:r. Ur-' a,f
H ail,-,- lia ha- !'.,a li ..,,..! a lliillalliaa... Via'-
-..rial. II. '
O.A.B. 1'KI.I,,
U will pang muster with tin.
iMfl^.' ni)ientli<t8, anrl its lun^uiiue i"
I. Alia ihIi'i-sIimkI by tlm everydfty
an. 11 __ivt>n the plain fnrts in plain
n«lisli avitlmut fear or .(Ivor.
It lists anal alesarrihi's   Hi.'Ki   copper
■ ines innl  cuiiipaiiiea  in   all  pairts nf
ii' wiii'lfi, rleneriptions running from
•wn linns to sixteen  puiia*s,   according
■ a iiiipaiitiiiii'e of the prupoity.
The Clipper Hand'joiilt is conceded
i.i ha< the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
Tin1 mining mun needs th<j book for
ilia fa'ls it i^ives him alnmf mines,
-nining and tho metal.
The investor needs tlie book for the
facts it gives him ubout mining, min-
mg mvestinenta and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
rtXposed in plain Knglish.
Price is #5 in Rucktam with j^ilt
top) 87.50 in full library iporocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any undress ordered, and
may he returned within a week of re
cipt if not found fully satisfactory,
Horace  J.  Stevens,
j Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice .Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
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iw Sibicriptioas Reccired at Thia Offic* THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
A Summer Protestor
■gainst such Ills•>Cholera
Mairl.us, Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infntituttt and
Sitinraer Complaint — »
protector in which you
I cnn snfely plsce iuipttcit a
Extract tl
Wild Strawberry
In _jC and 50c. bottles, at
yonr DniBsists.
MaHtoil Drug ind Chtnicil Ci.
tl Cinril, IMM. 2i]
HI* Chance
What do you men know of women's
work? fiercely queried the lady orator. Is there a man here, she continued, folding her arms, that has
day after day got up in the morning
and gone quietly downstairs, made
the lire, cooked his own breakfast,
sewed the missing buttons on the
children's clothes, cleaned the pot a
and kettles, and swept tho kitchen?
It there Is such a mat ls this aud-
i'ence, let him rise ui>; I should like
ti see him. In lho rear ol the hall
a mild-looking man In spuctaclen In
obedience to the summons, timidly
arose. He was the husband of the
eloquent speaker. It was the first
time he had ever had a chance to
assert himself.
When going away from home, or at
- any change of habitat, he Is a wise
man who numbers among his belongings' a bottle ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. Change of f-.i,d
and water in some strange place
where there are no doctors may bring
on an attack of dysentery. He then
has a standard remedy at hand with
which to cope with the disorder, and
forearmed he can successfully fight
the ailment and subdue It.
Worthy of Sherlock Holmes
Tommy's mother had taken him to
church to hear the evening sermon,
and they Occupied seats In the gallery. Tommy tried not to allow his
attention to wander from the preacher, but It did. He seemed to be particularly Interested in a family who
sat ln front of him, and when the
sermon was about half over he whispered to his mother—Mamma, I never
saw those people' before, but I know
their names.     Hush dear!     "* '
Rate of Growth Studied In Canada and
United States
The aspen poplar, frequently spoken of as tbe white poplar, is one of
j the most common trees all over Can-
I ada (at any rate ln that portion of
I the   Dominion   east   of   the   Rocky
Mountains).     In many parts ot the
Dominion it forms quite extensive forests (especially ln districts that have
been burned over).     ThiB fact gives
it a place of some Importance In the
forestry of the Dominion, although It
Is one ot the interior woods.
Some years ago (in 1906) the Forestry Blanch of the Department of
t'ie Interior made a careful survey of
the Turtle Mountain forest reserve ln
Southern Manitoba, on which, this
poplar Is by all odds the most plentiful tree. As a result of luvestlgatlon
on the basis of data collected during.
this survey, lt was estimated that. If
the poplar were allowed to grow to
the age of forty years, there would be
an average growth, for the whole of
that time, of one cord per year on a
fully stocked acre. At the end ot
that time there would be standing on
each acre about 850 trees, ot an average height of 45 feet and an average diameter, at i% teet above the
ground, of 6 inches; these wonld yield
some 40 cords of wood.
, Recently the United States Forest
Service published their Bulletin No.
93, entitled "The Aspens," and it ls
interesting to note that their results
come close to the flgnrea made out by
the Canadian survey. Volume tables
given at the conclusion ot this bulletin show that trees of the height, and
diameter given above will each yield
between one twentieth aud one twenty fifth of a cord of wood apiece. Thus
the 850 acres would give somewhere
between thirty-four and forty-two
cords of wood. The average of the
two amounts gives thirty-eight cords,
a figure nearly the same as that obtained by the Canadians.
As there are 55,t»00 acres In the
Turtle Mountain reserve that are capable of growing timber, lt is a reasonable inference that the reserve
may be counted on to produce 55.000
cords, or thereabouts, of wood per
year. At the low rate of $1 per cord
on the stump, this would mean an annual revenue to the state of $55,000.
Or, to take another point of view it
would give to each inhabitant of the
electorial district of Sourls almost
two cords of wood per year.
_HK   _____■__>
That makes them noater, crispcr, daintier, more appetizing;
Thc one biscuit good enough to take thc place of your own baking,'
Fresh as the biscuits from your own oven.
Think what that means! Freedom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on the porch
or in the parlor.   Time to do tbe little knick-knacks that have been neglected.
Are the creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They are baked in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg-
right at your very door.
Use MOONEY'S and be sure of a biscuit that il
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that v. ill satisfy the family,
In tempting packages or sealed litis
as you prefer. «
do, persisted Tommy-
Hill. How do you know? Every
time the preacher says his text, "I
will lift up mine eyes to the hills,"
those two big girls look at each other
and smile. Subsequent inquiry
proved that Tommy was quite correct.
Father Bernard Vaughan gave some
advice to young men in a humorous
■ address.
Popularity, popularity among the
ladles. Is a grent help to any young
mau, said lie, and there ls nothing
like generosity to make a young man
1 heard a lady praising   a   young
man the other evening-
He ls so generous, Bhe said.     He
lakes mother und me out to dinner
marly every week.     We    dote   on
Then she smiled and added:
In fact, we table d'hote on him-
For arguing that our world ls only
one of many. Giordano Bruno was
burned to death .In Rome In 1*300.
A Perfectly Digested Breakfast Makes
Nerve Force for the Day
Everything goes wrong If the
breakfast lies ln your stomach llkt a
mud pie. What you eat does harm
If you can't digest it—it turns to poison. -
A bright lady teacher found this
to be true, even ot an ordinary light
break fust ot eggs uud toast. She
"Two years ago I contracted a very
annoying form of Indigestion. My
stomach was In such condition that
a simple breakfast of fruit, toast and
egg gavo me great distress.
"I was slow lo believe that trouble
could come from such a simple diet
bui Dually had to give It up. and
found a great change upon a cup of
hot Postum and Orape-Nuts with
** cream, for my morning meal. For
more than a year I hare held to this
course and havo not suffered except
when Injudiciously varying my diet.
"1 have been a teacher for several
years and find that my easily digested
breakfast means a Bavlng of nervous
force for the entire day. My gain
of ten pounds.in weight also causes
me to want to testify to the value of
"Grape-Nuts holds first rank at onr
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co.. Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason" Read the little book. "The Road to Wellvllle," ln
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from tlm* to time.
They ara genuine, true and full of human Intereat.
My mare, a very valuable one, was
badly   bruised   and   cut   by   being
caught  in  a wire fence.     Some of
the wounds would' not heal, although*
I .tried many ditferent medicines. Dr-
Bell advised me to use   MINARD'S
know  LINIMENT,   diluted   at   first,   then
ear*.      But.  I  stronger as the Bores began to look
Their name's  better,  until after three weeks, the
• -—,__,  —^ K_,„t nf nil. the
better,     aaaaaia   ._,.....	
sores have healed, and best of all, the
hair is growing well, and ls NOT
WHITE as is most always the case In
horse wounds.
A Financial Limit
Bobby had worn his mother's patience to the limit.
Vou are a perfect little heathen!
she remarked, giving way at last.
Do you mean lt? demanded Bobble.
I do, indeed, Bald hts mother.
Then say, ma, said Bobby, wiry
can't I keep that penny a week you
glmmlt for the Sunday school collection? I guess I'm as hard up as any
of  the  rest of  'em.
Conductor (to countryman)—If you
saw him picking the gentleman's
pocket, why didn't you Interfere?
Countryman—I Ba"w that sign up
there, Beware of Pickpockets, and I
was afeared to!
And so this Is the eud, said the
hero, as he bent, over the form of
th? dying heroine, while the orchestra played soft, sad music.        —_
Thank heaven tor that! exclaimec.
a pathetic voice from the gallery.
Orator—I thought your pnper waa
friendly to me?
Editor—So it ls. What's the matter?
Oratoi—I made a speech at the dinner last night and you didn't print
a line ot it.
Editor—Well, what further proof
do you want?
What la Faith
Faith is believing the dentist, when
he says It isn't going to hurt.—Detroit Free PreSB.
What, a pessimist that new baseball writer ls.
Why so?
He doesn't think lhat every new
player in the training camp is going
It lead the league this year.
The Orphans
A clergyman was once asked to a
farmhouse for dinner. Some time
duriug the evening he overheard one
of the children ot the houses talking
to a brood of chickens crying outside
the door, and saying. Poor wee things,
poor wee things. Tho minister eat
your mother.
There were some questions In geography required ln the preliminary
examinations for law students who
aspired to admission to the bar-
Among them was—"Name ten animals that, live lu the Arctic zone.
One young man wrote: Five polar
bears and five seals. N.B.—Permit
me to call your attention to the fact
that the question does not. Bpeclfy
that the animals should be of different varieties.
Are you still looking for your dog?
Why don't yon put an ad. In the
What's  thc use?     The dog can't
Do you keep football requisites
here? asked a gloomy-browed young
man the other day, as he entered a
sporting-goods store.
Then you may wrap me up a bottle
of  arnica,  a paper ot court-plaster,
and  an urm-sllng.      I  ahi  going  lo
play in a match this afternoon.
«■    i -    ■'-
You'd better fumigate these bills
before you go home. They may be
covered with microbes, said the druggist one Saturday evening as he
handed a few faded, worn and soiled
silver certificates to his clerk.
No danger from that source, responded the latter, a microbe could
uol live ou a drug-clerk's B&lary.
A Pill That Lightens Life.—To the
man who is a victim of Indigestion
the transaction 'of business becomes
an added misery. He cannot concen-;
trait'1 his mind upon his tasks and
loss and vexation attend him. To I
such a man Parmelee's Vegetable!
Pills offer relief. A course of treatment, according lo directions, will
convince him ot their great excellence. They are confidently recommended because they will do all that
la claimed for them.
Kulalla (elderly heiress)—Do you
think the Barou regards me seriously?
Rosa—Seriously? Why, my dear
every time I mention you he looks
positively sad.
Aren't you afraid you will catch
cold on such a night aa this, my boy?
No, %<r. Selling papers keeps up
the circulation.   y
Anydne, even a
little girl, can
make toast on the
^^^^^^^^    >il Cook stove
She will not burn the toast, and she
will not burn her fingers either, if
she uses the New Perfection Toaster.
For toast or roast \***\ »•» «•*« •>•»« *»«»••
/ quick and as handy at Ihe New
FOr boil Or brOil Perfection Oa Cook-tto\t« —the
—        1 ,    , \ convenient itove (or ill pthpoiej.
For fry or bake   }*\\ the ye.r round.
Every dealer hu it. Handsomely liniihed in nickel, wilh cabinet
top, drop ihelves, towel racki, etc. Long chimneys, enameled turquoise-blue. Made wilh 1, 2 and 3 burner*. Free Cook-Book with
every itove. Cook-Book alio given~~tb anyone tending 5 cenlt to cover
mailing coil.
W. N. U. MB
[Tread sofHy-
1   .Step safely.
|The Northern Trusts Company
This coinpany acta tn the capacity of
and we ahall be glad to forward copy ot   our   Booklet   "Something
i.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies" on request.
fafcrfl the ptteited features    ■
of Cafe Paw Heels.
From a height of 3,000 teet a man
ln an aeroplane can see a aubmarlne
gliding* 18 feet below water.
Plgt Oalore
A well known Judge, when he lirst
went to the Bar, was a very blundering speaker. On one occasion, when
he waa engaged ln a caae Involving a
right to a lot of pigs, he aaid.
Gentlemen of the jury, there were
juat 24 pigs ln that drove; juat 24,
gentlemen, exactly twice as many as
there '.re In that Jury box-
■? Slckhoadaohet—neuralgic headaohes—splitting
j Winding headachei—all vanl.-.h when you late
' Na-Dru-Co Headache Walera
Thay do not contain pnentosun, aoetanllla,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. a box at your Drugglst't, 123
NUTIMUL Oman 4 CHC«IC«L Co. tfC»M<. UmT»
Different Now
Chief Clerk (to office boy)—Why on
earth don't you laugh when the boss
telle a Joke.
Oflice Boy—1 don't have to. I quit
on Saturday.—Satire.
Making Music Useful
Economical Host—Alice. Just play
Borne popular song tbat our guests
can all Join ln Hinging. They ni«
doing nothing but eat and drink! —
The Code
A Story Showing How a Small
Circumstance May Turn the
Scale of Advantage
A few yeara before the war between
Ihe stntes 1 was obliged to go from mj
northern home to South Carolina. I
was sitting ons evening In s cafe wltb
a friend when a discussion aross st s
table near me between sn elderly mun
■ud one wbo was, st least by comparison, youug. Ths latter bad been sitting alone at tbe tabls whsn ths formei
entered tbs cafe, stood at tb* entranci
looking about him, then walked with a
limp to wber* tb* otber was sitting
and, taking a chair, called tor a Julep.
' Neither spoke to tbe other, and It wai
•vldent they war* strangers.
But presently the older man address-
ed a remark to the younger, which led
to conversation. At that time th* pro
and sntl slavery parties wer* contend'
Ing, the one to make Kansas a tree, tht
•ther a slave slate. Xhe man wbo bad
entej-ed Inst began to Inveigh against
th* "border ruffians," aa they wen
called In the north, at tbe same tlmt
charging tbem wltb committing Innumerable crimes. I was rather sur<
prised nt this, since be spoke wltb s
distinct southern accent, though at thai
time the southern people wer* not united on the slavery question, Indeed wen
not united eveu after tbe war com
Tbe younger man took Issu* wltb his
neighbor, averring that the south bad
the right to carry tbelr Institutions Into
the new territories as well aa tbe north.
.Whereupon the other became violent
and abusive. The advocate of those
wbo were trying to mak* Kansas a
■Iar* state endeavored to withdraw
from the discussion, but his opponent
would not permit blm- Finally tbe latter, waxing wrothy, declared that ths
proslavery movement tn Kansas was
conceived Jn iniquity and any man wbo
advocated lt was a scoundrel.
The other's cheek burned, but he eon-
trolled blmtelt, whereupon bis opponent, wbo waa evidently disposed to
drive blm to the wall, said tbat a man
who bad sucb opinions nnd declined to
defend them was a coward. Tbls forced tbe younger man to resent the Insult offered him, and, drawing a card
from bis pocket, be banded It to bla
"I bnven't a cabd wltb me, suh," said
the challenged man, "but wltb yo' ps'-
mission I will writ* my name on tbe
back ot yo'a. 1 will send a friend to
yo' Immediately to arrange a meeling
at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. I most
leave the city at 0 on impotent business."
"And I. sir," replied Ih* other, "hav*
an Important engagement In the early
morning wblcb will prevent my fighting you llll later."
"If yo' mean, suh, lo crawl out o' th*
affair 1 should be glad to know It now."
The goaded man, seeing me and my
friend sitting at another table witnessing tbls Imputation oo bis courage, said
coolly to his tormentor:
"Very well; since yon wish to be
killed before breakfast I will put off
my other engagement and kill you. I
will be at bom* for th* SM of th*
•venlng, when I shsll await tb* coming of your friend."
He arose from his chair snd went
out, leaving bis opponent In possession
ef the field.
II* bad uo sooner disappeared than
tb* man wbo had provoked blm beckoned to my friend Mortimer, wbo left
m* and went wltb blm to an unoccupied corner ot tbe room, and the two
beld a conference In a low tone. Wben
tt was over Mortimer returned lo me
and gar* m* a few word* of explanation. He ssld tbat h* was to b* tbe second In th* coming meeting of tbe mnn
wbom lit bad conferred with, Colonel
Rlngold. H* had commanded a regi*
ment of volunteers In tb* Vulcan war,
waa a plantar wbo owned alavea and a
aaan of high standing In th* community. Wby b* had provoked tbe man h*
bad sat wlth-Jerrold was hts name-
Mortimer did not say.
, ! bad a desire to se* th* *od of whnt
to m* was a very singular affair, and,
fortunately for my purpose, being a
physician, Mortimer agreed to take me
•wilh blm In th* capacity ot surgeon.
Meanwhile I wu to say nothing about
the matter. Colonel lilngold hnd not
given his tru* name, and bis opponent
did not know wbo h* was. Sine* Mortimer and I were the only persona betides th* principals and tb* colonel
(■would stay at bom* until be went to
th* ground tb* secret was not likely
to eome out
I confess I had been much prejudiced sgalnst Colonel lilngold tor fore-
lag s quarrel upon one wbo seemed
tn Inoffensive man.
TXen tblrk Jerrold in inoBtnslv*
man, do you?" said Mortimer. "Well,
1 will tell you about blm. B* Is on*
of those persons who grow np nnder
the dueling system-It Is rapidly dying
ont here In the south I am happy to
tay-wbo, having acquired great skill
with arms, conceive a passion for
making as many victims aa possible.
Re can kill tbe colonel If he wlsbes to
do ao, bnt Lsbsll use diplomacy to Induce blm fo be content to wing bla
enemy. There sre but two persons wbo
know wby tbe colonel Insulted him—
tbe colonel and myself. Jerrold does
aot know It; you do not know It, and
1 sball not Ull yon Ull tht affair Is
over. Tbe probability Is, bowsvsr, lhal
It will lead to another tight."
This fraction of a story left me more
puasled tban before. Indeed, my curiosity waa excited to such a pitch
thnt I did not sleep s wink during tbs
brief Interval before tbe meeting. I
was cnlled at II In the morning by
Mortimer and, with my case of surgical Instruments, entered a carriage
In waiting and drove to tbe ground.
Tbe colonel wns tbere, standing
alon* In the gray of th* morning. It
seemed to me that bis expression Indicated some special purpose, by which
be waa mucb moved. Since he knew
be was to meet a man who wns considered Invincible, be mnst hav* felt
he nld nothing. H* wu taken U Bis
carriage to a hospital, and t wu pleu-
ed to tear afterward Aat, after bavlng
recovered, tb* affair bad mad* a
changed man of Win. and ht had resolved never to fight another duel.
Mortimer, by bit diplomacy, as he
called It, saved the colonel's life. Wben
beating the colonel'* challenge b* prevailed upon Jerrold, for Jerrold'* own
good, to wound tbe colonel ln sucb a
way that ht could not continue tht
fight, for ht represented the colonel to
be sn obstinate and determined man,
wbo, once ln a fight would continue It
till he was put hort dt combat Jerrold, having another dutl on bud to
follow In tht wakt of tht flrst and
fearing to excltt antagonism sgslnsl
himself, ftll In with tht Idea. Mortimer suggested thst Jerrold, when con*
vlnced thnt bis enemy would kill blm
If be could, sbould break his leg so
that he could not stand upon It to continue the dgbt Mortimer knowing that
tins leg would be advanced and receive
tbe bullet and that that leg wat tbt
wooden on*. It wat s makeshift at
hest nnd resulted tn Jerrold's dlscom-
Slur*.       ^^^
Jickd-w as Scholar,
In  the  littlo village of Upton,  in
Berkshire. Kngland, there is a twelve-
soereo nrimw > »»»■"• »" year-old boy who has so trained a
that death for blm was almost cer- a ?ackdaw ihm\ he can take H to 8chooi
tain.   1 here wna a fnr away look In ^Hh him  and the bi|.d vM 8it upon
bis eye, sucb ss a mau mlgbt Have |
wbo dreads to leave tbose he loves
and who love blm. Wbile I bad been
prejudiced against blm a few hours
before, 1 now took him Into my heart
While I was regsrdlng blm a cap
rlage rolled np and out stepped Jerrold
and bla second and bis own surgeon.
Tbe colonel ta the challenged party
had chosen Derringer pistols, which
were nsed at tbat time In duels. The
seconds paced off the ground, and
since It was long before sunrise and
cloudy at that tbere was no toss np
for choice of position. Colonel lilngold
stood In one spot until hla second
placed him In the position trom which
he was to fight lt wna but a few
paces from where be stood, but I noticed wben he took tbem the same
limp was apparent as when be bad
entered tbe cafe the previous evening.
Just before the first fire, when all waa
.ready except to give tb* eigne!. Mortimer-whispered In my ear:
"Whatever you discover keep It to
He tben took a position midway between the two at tbe side ahd, holding
a handkerchief tn bis bsnd, dropped It.
Jerrold fired tn the air; the colonel's
bullet grazed bis adversary's sleeve.
To my surprise—Mortimer did not
appear to sbsre It—the colonel called
for another shot. Tbe two were sgaln
plsced In position, tbe signal given, and
two shots rang out Jerrold was unhurt: the colonel fell. I ran to him;
but getting np with difficulty, be motioned me to keep away. Standing as
firmly as before, he called for a third
If I was puzzled at seeing him fall
and thtn get up, bis sntagonlst was
amazed. Not a drop of blood was to
be seen, though bis trousers were torn.
Wben the two were standing waiting
for the next aignal I glanced at Jerrold and aaw at one* that something
was the matter with blm.
I have since thought that at the moment tbe aignal for the third shot was
.given Jerrold wis suffering from Indecision, ne bad gone on to tbe field
Intending''to wing bis advisory and
was now undecided whether to kill
him or not Indecision at a critical
moment ls usually fatal. It delayed
Jerrold's shot At any rate, it was not
fired Ull after he had received the colonel's bullet In bla lungs. Ills struck tbs
earth a few paces before him, be having pulled the trigger of his pistol spas,
modlcally with a bullet tn- him.
Jerrold's surgeon ran to him. 1, not
knowing nt Ibe time where Jerrold's
bullet hid gone, advanced toward the
colonel to see If he bad hecn hit. He
stood motionless, not appearing tn he
aware of my presence. Noticing the
tear In hla trousers and lifting the
cloth, I made tbe discovery that Mortimer bad cautioned me against bringing to the attention of others.
The leg was ot wood.
At that moment the sound of gal-
loplug horses wns heard, nnd s carriage
dashed up lo the dueling ground. Out
Jumped a young mau, not more tban
twenty yenrs old. who at a glance took
In the situation, then, rushing up to
Colonel lilngold, I brew bis srms about
"Oh. father!" be exclaimed. "Wby
did you do Iti"
"Because I didn't wish to lose my
It was a strange scene, Jerrold sitting on the ground, leaning sgalnst bla
second, coughing up blood and looking at the father snd sen embracing
eacb other, Then doubtless tbe canse
of the Insult of the nlglit'before was
apparent to him. He bad Insulted lb*
younger Rlngold, Intending to show hts
skill to killing him, and was lo hav*
fought blm on tbls some morning. But,
lusulted by the boy's father, whom
he did not know, be hnd pnt off th*
duel wllb the one to accommodate th*
Atl was so plain now thai the wound.
I ed man must bare surmised It   But
his desk during lessons. None ol tbe
otlier boys take any notice ol this
strange scholar, so used have they got
to ita meseuce.
Ons Fivt Milta In Length Grounded at
Cap* Rao* In 1884.
The flrst glimpse ot Icebergs Is
likely to bring disappointment to one'
who bas feasted blB Imagination upon
descriptions of Ibetr ponderous bulk
and Imperturbable demeanor. The glistening white, marble-like block* dotting the bin* expanse to lb* horizon
seem too small lo be guilty ot tbe disasters charged against tbem. Tbey do
not aectn capable ot causing tbe shipwrecks and suffering tbat lie at lbe
bottom of Ihe universal Homage paid
tbem by tbe mariner.
As one approaches them they gain In
grandeur and Imprcsslveness. They
range from SO to 300 feet in height
and one lhat rose above lbe wnter to
an elevation of 838 feet bus been recorded. 'They vary In length and
breadth, bergs a mile long and a qunr
ter to a bait mile wide being not uncommon. It Is reported that one which
was Ave mllea In length ran aground
In 1SS4 on Cape Race, tnd persons from
tht headlands of St Joho't taw one
tbree miles in length pass that point
In 1803. Ons nearly Ave miles long
was seen off (be coast of Labrador In
100b, aud lo April, 1802, observers In
the neighborhood of Notre Dame bay,
on lb* northeast coast of Newfoundland, saw ons which Is said to bar*
been uln* miles long and more tban
half a mil* In width and MO feet high.
A similar one Is reported lo have lieen
passed by tbe steamer I'orila off Cape
Togo, Newfoundland. Are years later.
Curious characteristics are seen
sometimes when approaching an Iceberg In tbe neighborhood ot Ihe gulf
stream. It will be benrded wllb Icicles
formed from the dripping ol tbe monster Itself, and occasionally a cataract
will be aeen pouring from Its crest
into the sea, the source of wblcb Is a
small loke formed on the lop Uy the
sun's rays and fog.-New Vork Trlh
Only Msds It Worst.
Harry waa taken out to dinner for
the drat time In bl* life. Ills mother
kept mm at her side because his mother Is a wise woman. But be acted like
a perfect little gentleman until Ihe
dessert course. Then hts mother found
occasion lo reprove blm.
"Harry," tbe exclaltncd In sucb a
loud whisper tbot everybody nt tbe
table could uear It "what do you mean
by wiping your spoon on your nap
kin?   Vou never do lhat at home."
"No, mamma," answered Harry In
an ureu louder whisper, "but it borne
we always get clean spoons."—Clew-
land I'lniu Dealer.
Th* Altsandrite.
Don't think that your knowledge ot
wouder gems Is complete till you hare
seen in till Ils beauty an alexandrite,
green hy dny and red by nlgbt And
such a green-olive bronze", wllb a potent suggestion thnt red la tbere:
green when held In tbe sunlight; In a
darkened room wllb artificial light a
ruby where the emerald ws* * mo
ment before-* tnnny wine red ol exquisite tone.
Thoy Vsry Aoeerdlng U th* Six* et tht
Tlotot Indigo bine, green, yellow, orange, red—the colors of tbt rainbow,
'Any child knowt that, ind tht higb
school pupil cm refer you to half a
dozen textbooks to prov* lt It Is true,
however, ot only a very few rainbows, at O. FItahogh Talman demon-
ttrstet tn tht Scientific American.
Tbt color* of rainbows vary with
tbtlr width, and their width varies wltb
tbt lis* of tht ralndropa, big dropa
producing narrow bows with bright
clearly defined colors, small drops producing wldt bows with pslt colon.
Here in tht colon u generally seen:
(1) Wben tbe raindrops average one
millimeter ln diameter, violet light
bin*, bluish green, yen, yellow, or-
snge, light red, dan red; (2) wben
tbe drops average three-tenths of a
millimeter ln diameter, violet light
bin*, bluish green, green, yellow, or*
•nge; (3) when the drops sverage one-
tenth of a millimeter, very pal* violet
violet whitish blue, whitish green,
•whitish yellow, pale yellow; (4) when
the drops average one-twentieth ot a
millimeter (fog), white tluged with violet bright white, wblte tinged wltb
yellow, very pale yellow.
■stein Pint War* First Uttd, snd
Thsn Csm* Ssmaphsras.
Signal fir* telegraphing, with it* very
limited scope of Information contained,
seems to bave been abont the only
means of communicating quickly across
distances until relatively modern timet.
It was not until tht days of th*
French revolution tbnt tny material
Improvement over tbe beacon Are telegraph developed. Three brothers named
Cbappe devised the semaphore telegraph. This system got Into active operation In 1704, nnd the first real message ever spelled out ind telegraphed
■cross country wns ln that year, and
the text was as follows:
"Conde Is taken from tbe Auttrlant."
Th* same dny the national convention, sitting In Paris, sent back tb* following reply to tbe army:
"The irmy of th* north deserves the
gratitude of the country."
The semaphore operaton attained *
speed of three letters a mlnule In fine
weather, with an average ot one t
minute over long distance. This made
necessary the Invention of condensed
codes, which came into fashion.—New
fork Telephone Review.
Quit* Sttitfssttry.
An old colored hnrber it responsible
for this gem: When asked It ht
favored (he abolition uf capital punishment It* replied: "No. sab, I don't
Capital punishment was good enough
fo' my fo'fnthen, nn' It's good enough
fo* in*.'Vllosioir Transcript.
Ntrv* Rtwardtd.
"Now, Billy," tald th* young man'*
father, "I've found a Una Job ror you-
n Job wblcb will, tf yon atteud strictly
to business, giv* you a splendid chanc*
to rise."
"Wbat Is tb* nature of tbe Job?'
"You'v* seen some or tbt big buildings In course ot construction, navS-n't
"Hnv* yon ever noticed bow th*
great Iron beams are lifted in tbeir
"Well, a friend of mine, who la a
contractor, bas agreed to use you to
Hand on the beams and balnnce them
as they are hoisted. I told him about
the splendid nerve you bad exhibited
In sitting around and permitting me
to support yon, and he agreed lhat you
would be Juat tbs man tor the ]ou."-
Chlcago Record llerata. ,
Read'* Caudle Comment on Hi* Portrait in th* House Gallery.
Among tb* moat Interesting feature*
ot tb* cnpltol at Washington are tbe
uumeroua paintings ot departed statesmen and events or Importance lu our
national history, lo the wide gallery
back Of tbe bouse ot representatives
are portraits ot tb* various speakers
ot tb* bouse. Tb* likeness ot eacb
speaker I* bung in tbls ball ol fnui*
upon his retirement trom olliee.
Tbe portrait ot every speaker ran ne
found tbere, wltb but one exception.
Th* missing face la tbnt of Nathaniel
Macou ot North Carolina, wno whs
speaker from 1801 tn 1S0T. Macon
was a modest, unassuming mini ol
simple manners, attired always to tb*
coarse homespun ot Ibe dny, although
an exceptionally able oldclal. A Kiver
of bones and cattle, he entered th*
pedigree ot bis own blooded stock in
his family Bible. Macon never poaed
for bla picture. Although evert effort
bas been mnde to dlsrovcKn portrait
of blm, th* search bas been without
A service of barely five minutes In
the speaker's cbntr won for one man a
apace on the wall of this gallery.
Scbnyler Colfax, speaker ot tbe bouse,
was elected vice president and look
tbt oath of office on tbe 4tb of March,
1800. On tbt morning of that da;
Colfax resigned tbt speakership, and
Theodore M. Pomeroy of New Vork
was elected sptaktr fer tht remaining
ftw minutes of tbe session.
Tbe picture of Tbomts 11. Reed wa*
painted during the Inst year ot bl*
term of oflice. Wben tt was sbown to
blm he looked dt II closely. Ue noticed tbe protruding lips, tbe florid
complexion, the heavy, flabby cbeekt
and massive neck.
His eyelldt partly closed and hit
countenance grew cold. Slowly son
wltb bit Inlmttablt drawl ba commented:
"I bone that my dearest enemy it
satisfied now."
Tben wltb so expression of Irony or
his countenance be turned and left (hi
Of Ih* maoy portraits trom life la
th* capltol th* most vaiuubl* Is on* ef
tb* gilbert Stuart pictures ot Wasb.
Ington. Tbtrt are two portraits oC
Washington- by Stuart Ont ot thess
Stuart portrait! ot Washington cast tbs
government JB.OOO. This tt tht most
expensive portrait In ibectpltoL However, other picture! In Ibt building
bivt been Infinitely more expensive—
for instance, tbe great "Until* ot lit,
Brit," st tht tnru ot lb* senate staircase, showing Commodore Perry Itav.
Ing hit flagship at-tht height of th*
battle, cost 130,000.
Then picture* In the capltol ar* tra,
quently denned, restored and re-
framed. Cor (hi* purpose tbe pictures
sr* removed from their frames. flrest
psds of blotting paper ar* spread ont
on th* turfac* prepared far tbe operation. These blotting pads are then
thoroughly soaked wllb oil. Tb* picture Is laid wllb Iti back on tbt pad*
while weight! ire placed on Ha fact.
The oil It slowly absorbed by tlie pic.
lure, and ihe color* gradually brigoteu
up.-Chlcigo Tribune.
His Prefsssion.
Mr. Justice Lawrence waa once passing sentence on a man. aud tu tbs
course or his preliminary remarks he
referred to uim aa "a professional
Th* prisoner raised loud protests
from tbe dock.
"Here." ns exclaimed, "I dunno wot
you mean by cnllln' me a professional
burglar. I've only done It one* beiore,
an' I've bin unbbed both times."
Mr. Justice Ijiwraoc* ueained upon
"Oh. I did not mean to say," bs remarked In his most suave manner,
"Ibat yon hsd heen very successful In
your profession."—London Aoswers.
Fully Attlmil.t.d.
Rty S. Baker, III* author, In in argument on Immigration cited the mar
velous speed wherewith tbt immigrant
family, bt It Certain or French ot
what not becomes assimilated Into th*
national lift,
"An Instance of this asalmllatln*
occurs to me." be tald. "I mtw a
worthy Neapolitan, one Pull Cencl.
-wbo came to tbit country ibree yetn
ago. Psoll's lllltt ton. Francesco, in
American citizen at tertn, looked uo
from bis scboolbooki tht other eve-a-
Ing lo tsk:
" 'Say, pa, what year was ll yon ink
lint discovered ut In J* "-Exchange.
A Practical Query.
My little lioy stood, open mouthed,
while a friend elaborated Ihe details ol
a tudden death. 'Hit ptllent bsd not
been considered vtry seriously III. snd
bis nuns entered, tpriugtug s bsked
potato for which tbt tick maa had expressed i with. "But," tald my friend,
■'before hi bad tasted It he died." I
dvprecuted Ihe sadness ot such recital
before the child, but I need aot bar*
feared. His baby vole* piped out
i "And what beenme ol tb* potatoj"-
Herper'e Magazine.
"Willie, didn't I lull ynu to shut that
ihutterT aaid Mn. Hogg*.
"Th* shntnft thut" replied Willi*,
"tnd I csn't shut It my thultee.'*-
Clucluustl Knouirtr.
Armless Child Wander.
A strange freak ol nature is lilt!*
siiilit-jesr-old    Msry    Sullivan,    tht
child nl a Derbyshire couple, who wns
. recently taken to the Nottingham
j Hospital   for   an  operation.       Born
without arms slid with one leg de-
I formed, she is able lo do with her
leet most things ordinary people do
'with their hands.  Elie can brush her
hair, wash lur lac*, tnd embrace hit
A Blew t* Carlyle.
Wben Ih* first volums ot Carlyle'!
masterpiece, "Th* I'reucti devolution," wa* finished, ll wis sent to nl*
great Iriend, John Stuart Mill, tor hint
tu rend, but by tome *itr*ordlnary so.
cldent Mill's servant used tbe nisnu-
script lo light tbe Bre.
Carlyle nad kepi no notes and count
scarcely recall a sentence of what o*
nad written. Nevertheless tin sei tu
work tgaln, although thoroughly disheartened, aud after two.more years
of hard tnu laliorloui work tht rnsnn.
script was for tbt wcoon am* completed.
Htr Mittskt
ttetllement Worker—Mercy, little bqyl
Ar* ynu fighting wllb that child?
The I.lltlo lloy-Me? Naw, 1 aln'l
flghlln' wit' blm. What's enlln' youseV
He's ae spnrrln' partner.-Clevelaud
Plain Dealer.
Not Msny Using It
tn winter each day h* would dip In tne
White his wondering friends would shiver
and flee.
Wben atktd wby for let bathing ht wt*
to keen
Ht told that la winter the ocean wa*
i     tlu*
-j-CtottonaM taQulrsr, THE-SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
C. Mair, of Lethbridge. Alta., arrived in the city on Tuesday. Mr.
Mair will relieve Immigration Inspector P. T. McCallum for three
H. W. Oregory received a telegram Tuesday noon announcing tbe
death of bis futher in St. John,
N. B.
Mrs. Jas. A. Stewart and child,
of Carson, left on Tuesday for a visit
with relatives in Ontario.
Arthur Cottingham, Great North
ern baggage agent at this point, wns
married at Colville on Friday. He
returned to this city with his bride
on Saturday.
Major A. B. Snow returt e 1 to
Victoria on Saturday,   Before leav-
ii i cj -a ssed himself as being
reasonably certain tbat tbe federal
government would make provision
for a drill hall in this city. The one
erected bere last fall by our local
contemporary he did not think
would prove of any practical value.
W. P. Tierney, of Nelson, contractor for sidetrack grading an
other excavation work in tbe West
end, was in tbe city on Monday,
and returned home on Tuesday.
His son-in-law, Mr. Bridees, will-j
be in charge of the work in this city.
Miss Edna Traunweiser returned
on Saturday from a three weeks'
visit to Bock Creek.
If all tbe deer had been killed in
the North Fork country tbis week
that hunters clafm to bave slain, the
game wardens would now be compelled to import a fresh supply.
Labor day celebration at Christina
lake was unattractive on account of
too mucb rain.
The hunting senson opened on
Labor day. A party of four from
this city brought in eighteen blue
grouse in the evening. They would
undoubtely have bagged more game
if it bad not rained so hard that one
of the Nimrods crossed the railway
track in the wilds of the North Fork
country without realizing the fact,
and thus became a lost babe in the
John Papey, a C P.R. section laborer at Eholt, was sent to the Nelson jail for thirty dnys last week for
looting after the Eholt fire.
Dr. Simmons and wife returned
on Monday from a short vacation
trip to Halcyon and other points.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stnbls and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.   W. J. Meagher.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy did not
celebrate Labor day in Grand Forks,
in spite of the announcement to
that effect in a local paper last
w eek,
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Orand Forks.
The W.A. of Holy Trinity church '
will hold  its  first meeting in tbe
Parish ball on  Monday afternoon,
September 9, at 3 o'clock.
Card of Thanks
We  wish   to  thank   the   many
friends for tbeir kindness and sympathy in our late bereavement.
Chari.es Wekell,
Mil. AND MltS.  Cl.UXlS  AND
Whylttxists ,
We notice that our old friend Robert A. Uenwick is still mighty with
the pen. We have rend his numerous
articles in the Victoria Week with
great interest. Tliey appear every
week and are entitled "Cancellation
of Reserve." The Week bas made
many ii dollar out of Bob's writing.—
The Lodge
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,386      790,796
Mother Lode  8,208     331.598
Rawhide . ... 5,852     15',175
Jackpot         12,237
elstan   340
a  4,901
ttpoleon      460 6,078
Lone Star  2,022
Others      598 9,648
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 25,035     871,005
. C. CopperCo... 15,205     433,252
Colonel and Private
: The colon-Si was talking to^the
private soldier.
"You are a remarkably clean
man, sir," said tbe colonel.
"Thar*'you, colonel," said the
"But, sir, you have bad habits."
"I am sorry for that, colonel."
"You drink, sir."
"I am sorry for tbat."
"Oh, I know you are sorry; but
why don't you drink like mc?"
"Colonel, I couldn't do it; it would
kill me."
Located in the central part of the eity
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
nnd music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, type
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
T|fe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
SuitS  tO Order   M8   Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you ordor from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and sec our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and wc can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection'and thatdread disease
CONSUMFl'ION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires itl will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will And it a wonderful
lung und throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address.Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
P. O. BOX 1353 448<8EYMOUH »T.
Metre-s.Crata-.ley Bros., Manoheiter, Bmr.
Milkers of Gas Producer Plants and Oil
Engines for general power or electrical
lighting purpose..
Messrs. Dick, Kerr A Co., Ltd., Preston,
England. Eaitttpmetit for Mines and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), uto.
sterling Telephone Co., portable -hot-
firing machines lor miners, contractors,
«rospeotors.   The best on the  market.
'rilo tor particulars.
Motors, Ueneratos, Electrical Supplies-
Electrical Heating  and Cooking Appara
tus, Storago Hatlerles. etc.
Your enquiries will receive our prompt
attention.  Write for information.
Metal Quotations
New York, Sept. 5. —Silver 61 J;
standard copper, $17.26@17.5U,
London, Sept. 5.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s..
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Sept. 5.—The follow
ing are today's opeuing quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      C.25    6.76
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Propi.
O'ufallihed Annually)
Ktiatitan trmleru throughout the world to
communicate direct with Eur Huh
ti) each clang of goods, Bealdei being a com-
ulcte commercial guide to Loudon and iti
■uburbs, the directory contains Hits of
with tbe Gooda they ihlp, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Forts to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade oards for £1, or lurger advertisements from £3.
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE    I-1*4
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
ft. GALLOWAY. JiL. Columbia p. p.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
v    in the Boundnry Country, employ  com
pctent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
e Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare nnd Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
w'uu tndLUmvl at, advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate nn vour ordor,
VVe guarantee satisfaction.
Wnt iroi f Hut Strop
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Froth (louilgument of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior ffonfnr a Speola£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dook North or Uiianuy Hotkl,
Fmbt Struct.
Landlord's Laugh
He hu no more use for hit
"To Let" tlg-i.
He ueed our Classified Went
Ade. and found • good tenant.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French ieful-toi; never Mb. Thete
pills «• exceedingly powerful la regulating Ihe
generative portion ol the female system, Refuse
ill cheap Imitation. Dr. de tn»*a ara fold at
Id a box, or three for 110.- Mailed to any addrees,
Tlu *e**.ll Drac Co., Bt. CMbarlnM, Va*.


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