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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 22, 1912

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 and -~~-^;rvf*'
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Turkey Rejects the Demands
of .the Allies, and Will
Continue the.War    *
Arrqand   Levergne   violently   de-
noulice three.federal cabinet ministers,
_ describing them as a "gang  of   traitors."
Montreal is flooded when a water
main burst? and maroons many persons in the down town shops.
King George is in close touch with
British cabinet daring the present
crisis over the home rule for Ireland
Hordes of Turks migrating rapidly
from Europe in flight to return to
Asia. The demands of the Bulgarians
include seven stipulations.
The Dominion government releases
its claims to the Point Grey reserve if
the province will give ten acres for a
drill ball.
Presidentelect Wilson calls for an
extra seaaiou of congress, which will
take place daring April, to discuss
tariff revision.
Following a conference of Mr. Bow-
set* and Mr. Hazen, it is announced
that white fishermen will receive an
advantage over the Japanese.
Sir Rodmond Roblin and Hon*
Robert Rogers must face charges of
corrupting the Manitoba police in tbe
recent bye-election cases.
Ontario government sends a special
commissioner to find how British Columbia is getting their apple trade
Deoreaae in area planted to potatoes
amounting to thirty-three million dollars in a year cauaed by heavy rainfall.
Australian crowd is prevented from
attacking an American negro minstrel
troupe by the police.
First annual review of Australian
cadets is held at Melbourne, where
Lord Denman inspects the lads.
Startling disclosures, pointing to the
existence of a modern "Dr. Jekyll and
Mf. Hyde" reported from Buffalo.
Bulgarians are defeated atTcha
talja lines by Nasim Pasha's command, being swept baek on both wings
in an attempt tn break defences.
Three killed anil many injured in
fire at fashionable hotel at Los Angeles
Bulgarians again defeated at Tclia-
talja lines. A Vienna report states
that the Servians have wounded the
Austrian consul at Prisrend. Scutari
reported fallen.
Preparations for opening of Dominion parliament featured by interests
in Premier Borden's naval policy and
explanation of Monk's resignation.
The Unionists are called anarchists
following their recent behavior in the
commons. Sir W. Anson defends
theij action as the only course open to
The Canadian Pacific railway makes
■ Infinite announcement that the issue
if sixty million dollars common stock
will be made the coining year.
United Stales commissioner is arrested at Cranbrook, B.C., and will
be taken: to Lethbridge on charge of
unlawfully attempting to deport a lad.
Vancouver cadets arrive in   Auckland   after a wonderful trip through     Geo'.   Traunweiser   returned   on
the volcanic region of the north of the: Wednesday from a tbree days' visit
'"'end. 110 Spokane.
The bouse of commons, by a vote!
61 318 to 207, Adopts the new finan-j    The Granby smelter is extending
eial resolution to the horae rule bill,   its system of conveying slag,
This replaces the resolution
on November 11. -\:J
PT~ g: ' TUESDAY, i"" ' ~:Q_
Canadian Pacific railway'places em
bat-go on all grains in Canadian west,
causing serious blockade and loss to
Turkey and Bulgaria appoint peace
plenipotentiaries. Internutioiial situation again thought^serious Turkish
commander reports further victories
at Tchatalja lines.
Large and enthusiastic meeting in
London passes a resolution asking the
imperial government to intercede in
thn Ne Temere decree.
Los Angeles detective seized ignited
dynamite bomb trom maniac and
hurled it into the street, endangering
the populace.
Eighteen Chinamen injured when
Sou Flyer crashes into freight brain.
Toronto boy dies after' eating poisoned pills given him by   a   youthful
Porcupine miners leave camp owing
to a strike Involving several thousand
Hon Louis Coderre wins Hochela-
ga election with considerable ease.
"Gyp thb Blood," "Lefty Louis,"
Dago Frank," and "Whitey" Lewis,
who killed Herman Rosenthal, the
gambler, in New York at the instigation of Charles Becker, found guilty
of murder in the firat degree.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, leader of the
opposition.in the Domion houae, celebrates his seventy-first birthday.
K jottmay ranchers want a - central
medium for marketing fruit.
Canadian fisheries cutter William
Jeff rescues the shipwrecked crew of
the American schooner E. K. Wood
off Vancouver island.
Armand Levergne resigns his post
as opposition whip in tbe Quebec legislature.
The Marquis of Exeter will engage
in cattle raising on an extensive scale
in the Cariboo district.
Diplomats take np struggle over the
Balkan war. Plenipotentiaries will
discuss armistice today. Famous
mosque in Constantinople is now
pest house.
Four hundred railway employees go
on strike in Montreal.
Hen. G. E. Foster advocates imperial trade and industry.
President-elect Wilson denies having selected his cabinet ministers,
Turkey rejects the demands of the
allies, and the commander in chief ie
ordered to continue the fighting.
Ontario . fruit growers want the
prairie market. Market - comtnis
aioner will visit the west.
HominiOn parliament is opened by
the governor-general, Promise of a
lively session.
Earl Grey's suggestion to the royal
commission is to aetid children to the
overseas dominions.
Attorney-general at Washington
will appeal to congress fur publicity
in anti trust actions.
One hundred people killed in hurricane and tidal wave at Jamaica.
The government appoints a board
of conciliation in  the railway strike.
Railway  Improvements in
the West End Well
The brickwork on the Canadian
Pacific railway company's machine
shop and roundhouse in this city is
now practically completed, and th
work on the roof of tbe buildings
bas been commenced, Tbe large
boiler, for besting and power purposes, has been placed position
in the machine shop. The round-
bouse consists of two sectio.it*, each
section containing five stalls. It is
not thought at present that more
than one of these sections will he
finished this fall to house the locomotives. The concrete foundation
and basement for a large storehouse
have also been i-uii.pleled, but the
building will not be erected until
next spring.
Tbe largest audience ever seen at
the local playhouse gathered on
Tuesday evening to hear Prof. Wm.
Patty's lecture on "Radium, Liquid
Air and Wireless Telegraphy," and
to witness demonstrations in these
wonderful sciences. Tbe pith of
bis subject was that, after the
digging of the Panama canal and
the construction of the ocean railway
to Key West, no achievement in
tbis world should be elassed as impossible. He emphasized tbe im
portance of the rising generation acquiring all tbe grey matter possible,
and made some wonderful predictions of events that he claimed
would come to pass in tbe future.
His demonstrations in tbree sciences
mentioned proved interesting, and
most of tbose present went home
with a clearer knowledge of the subject.
With a magician as a side attraction, the moving picture show drew
large audience on Wednesday and
Thursday nights
Free Seed Distribution
By instructions of the minister of
agriculture a distribution of superior
sorts of grain and potatoes will be
made during the coming winter and
spring to Canadian farmers. The
samples for genersl distribution will
consist of spring wheat (6 lbs.),
white oats (4 lbs), barley (5 lbs),
and field peas (5 lbs.). Tbis will
be senl out from Ottawa, A distribution of potatoes (in 3 Ib. samples) will be carried on from several
of tbe experimental farms, lbe Central Farm at Ottawa supplying only
the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, /.ll samples will be sent free,
by mail.
As the supply of seed is limited,
farmers are advised to apply early;
but the applications will not necessarily be filled in the exact order in
which they are seceived. Preference will always lie given to tbe
most thoughtful and explicit requests. Applications received after
the end of January will probably be
too late.
All applications for grain (and applications from tbe provinces of Ontario and Quebec lor potatoes)
ahouid be addressed to the Dominion Cerealist, Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa. Sucb applications
require no postage. If otherwise
addressed delay and disappointment
may occur.
Applications, for potatoes, from
farmers in any otber province should
be addressed (postage prepaid) to
tbe superintended of tbe nearest
branch experimental farm in tbat
province. J. H. Grisdale,
Director   Dominion    Experimental
Cooper Bros.' Ranch and the
Yale Estate Change
New Variety of Apple
A most promising new variety of
tbe apple has been produced by C.
W. Meldrum, of 1241 Thirteenth
avenue east, Vancouver, says the
Fruit Magazine, and haa been christened by tbe originator, Meldrum's
Beauty. This a superior dessert
apple, and resembles in appearance,
size and flavor tbe Delicious. It
ripens in September, and under
proper conditions keeps till Christmas. In prime condition it iB a
mild, tender, sub-acid, juicy apple of
fine texture, with a rich aromatic
flavor, small core, small calyx and
a medium stem set in a rather large,
smooth, regular cavity, and the
specimens pear-shaped. Tbe tree is
a vigorous grower, hardy and an
early bearer. The new variety was
developed from a Russian apyle of
very fine flavor and a freak crab,
and it is one of the very best table
Business nnd Sport ■
Speaking of the juvenile of the
Dominion senate, Mr. linstock, of
British Columbia, the senators tell a
giod story on him when Ihey are in
reminiscent mood. Senator Bostock
is of English orig n, and an enthusiastic lover of tbe national game,
cricket. He has heen ranching in
the coast province, though, like a
good many other Englishmen in
British Columbia, it has not been
very serious ranching.
One day Senator Bostock was complaining to the late Senator Perley,
of Saskatchewan, who was a real
rancher, that he Inst heavily in his
ranching operations. Senator Perley
made inquiries as lo the number nf |
hands he employed, and was nsion-
islied to learn there were some'
twenty-five men.
"Why, what do you   want   with;
that number of men?" inquired Sen-
It is  a   wonder  that
One of tbe largest and most
important sales of farm properties
ever made in tbe valley was consummated on Tuesday, when
Cuoper Brothers disposed their ranch
and orchard to E. F. Laws, of London, England, wbo bas been spending tbe past tbree or four months
at the Cooper home, Tbe property
involved in the sale includes 107
acres of the best land in the valley,
fifty acres of whicb are planted to
orchard, a large portion now being
in a bearing state; all the farm
buildings, implements and live
stock. Tbe consideration is said to
bave been a baudseme sum, but tbe
figure bas not been made public-
Mr. Laws is a gentleman wbo wi 1
prove a valuable acquisition to tbel
fruit growing community of tbe valley. His wife and daughter will arrive in tbe city from London next
spring, when tbey will take up tbeir
permanent residence bere. Cooper
Brothers still own twelve acres of
land adjoining the property sold.
Four acres ef this is planted to fruit
trees. It is quite likely that tbey will
soon dispose of this parcel also, as
they intend to remove to Victoria
next week and take up their permanent residence there.
On Friday evening the Canadian
Bank of Commerce sold tbe old
Yale estate to Dr. B. B. Kalpb, who
represents tbe international Securities Company, Ltd., of Winnipeg.
Tbis estate consists of about 500
acres, a large portion ot whieh is
adapted to fruitgrowing and general
agricultural purposes. It extends
from Dr. Averill'a on the west to
Morrissey creek on the east, and in
cludr to tbe Yalo subdivision to tbe
city. It was sonnerly owned by
John A. Manly. The amount involved in the transfer has not been
made public. Tbe new owners will
subdivide Ibe land into live and ten-
acre tracts and place them on the
market. Dr. Halph has also secured
options on a number of other properties, and a few more important
deals may be looked for in the near
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cooper returned on Saturday from a ten days'
visit to Victoria.
The moonlight ia now quite intense. It is, in fact, possible to read
Tbe Sun by tbe moon'
Applicants must give particulars
in legard to soil on their farms, and ; alor Perley.
some account with tbeir experience you are not bankrupt."
with such kinds of grain (or  pota-l    "But  how  could  1 get my two
toes) as tbey bave grown, so tbat  a' elevens?" was the anxious reply   of
promising sort for their conditions Senator Bostock, who, it turned nut,
may be selected. : had a cricket match every Saturday.
Each application muBt  be scpar- —Saturday Sunset.
ate and must lie signed liy   thc   ap-1	
plicant. Only one sample of grain' A prince among shrewd commer-
and one of potatoes can be sent to eial men once said advertising will
each farm. Applications on any not cover a multitude of tnarchan-
kind of printed form cannot be ac- dialog sins. Not even governments
cepted. If two or more samples are en, keep the confidence of the eleo-
ssked for in the same letter only torate unless they once in a wbile
one will be sent. deliver the goods.-Victoris Times.
WM Move to Coast
The Sun feels sure that the people
of tbe community will join us in ex
pressing deep regret at Ihe intended
removal from the valley to the coast
of lbe Cooper brothers and Mra.
Cooper. During their residence of
twenty years in the valley they
make stuunch friends of all with
whom they have come in contact.
The Cooper brothers have done a
great deal lo demonstrate to the
world the agricultural and horticultural possibilities of ihe Kettle valley, aud on all subjects pertaining
to acientific farming they are recognized as the best sutborities in the
province. Their removal from the
district will be a loss to Ihe
farming industry, as well as to business and social circles. The Sun
wishes them happiness and pros
perity wherever tbey may decide to
<* t
Repartee in Politics
If the name of the victim of this
atory wero publisheil, it would create
s sensation from the Atlantic to tbe
Pacific, not to say from Uie Great
Lakes to thi Rio Grande. In short,
It the name were known, the gentleman in question would have seven
illicit fits, and the remainder of the
population of the United States would
leap madly Into laughing hysterics.
However, the victim ia a man high in
national politics and prominent in tbe
staring public eye. He had befriended the hero of this narrative, and had
liound him to him with hoops of stee.1.
An exigency of politics required signal service from the lesser ligbt, and
Van groat n_.au sent for the other and
said lo him:
I am yonr friend. I have made you
what you are. For my sake go out
Into tlie countryside, and do tbus and
The lesser light, having consulted
M.i own Interests and the opposite faction in the party, journeyed forth all
right enough, but what he pulled oft
In the aforementioned countryside was
!n direct contradiction to his instructions. When he returned to the
place from which he had started, he
ailed at the offices of his powerful
* lend, but was received by a subord-
lalc, who said:
My boss thinks that you have treated htm very badly ln view of all bis
past friendship for you, and he will not
receive yon. Furthermore, he wishes
you to send back to him the autographed photograph which he gave
The man, thus rebuked, hurled him-
iclf into a taxlcab, dashed Into his
humble dwelling seized a large stub
pen wrote an inscription across the
picture, and sent the photograph back
to ils giver.     The inscription read
Received   without   solicitation—re
turned without'regret.
We will advise weekly in this space, and will offer
bargains in Farm Lands, City and Suburban property.
We make a specialty of exchanges of all kinds, in-    • -
eluding Farm Lands, Winnipeg property, Automobiles,
etc. *
• It will be to your benefit to watch this space closely.
Correspondence solicited. Good live Agents Wanted
at every point in the west.
22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Do It Quickly
We (Australians) look to Canada
■with the greatest admiration; we
know that Intense as our loyalty ls,
that your loyalty ls just as intense,
just aa undoubted; wo think you may
adopt some other method than ours
In your wisdom, and lt Is not for us
to speak a word to you ln matters
that oo closely concern you, but I
think we have a right to say ln Australia after what we have done that
whatever the empire has got to do,
nr ls willing to do, to strengthen the
hands of our motherland, ought to be
•lone quickly.—Sir George Held at
He Qot it
Oh, said the manager, in thc interview with Timkins, what I want is a
reliable clerk for tbe weighing room.
One who knows what's what. Do you
Timkins nodded.
You know your weights and measures table of course, went on the manager. You might just run through
them now.
Fifteen ounces make one pound—,
began Timkins.
Go in and start ut once, cried the
manager, with a grin of satisfaction.
You're th» m. ji for mc!
Do Animala Swank?
The dsllghtful story ot Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox will help us to answer this question ln the affirmative.
As a matter of fact, animals undoubtedly do swank, and thc domestic ones
when made pets of, will give themselves as many airs and graces as a
girl In love.
It ls this characteristic that renders
so many of them amenable to training. The writer haB known a rat in
a stable to He ou Its side and pretend
to be dead. When turned over with
tbe foot it h,as Instantaneously become very much alive and scooted
for all lt waa worth.
An old horse employed In farm
work would pretend to be very lame
when put on the milk-churning, which
necessitated his going round in a circle, but directly he was taken oft he
would, metaphorically speaking, frisk
like a kitten.
The Irish terrier and the collie are
terrible swankers. They will put
up with any amount of petting, but
directly the victim is off his guard
they will not hesitate to nip.
Everybody ls familiar with the
phrase, playing possum, meaning uf
course, lying low, or pretending. This
extraordinary little animal, if attacked, stretches Itself stiff upon the
ground. You may beat lt, throw water upon it, and all but kill it, yet when
you have turned away iu the firm belief that It ls dead, the little Impostor
will jump up and scurry to safety.
It Is common knowledge among
sportsman that a partridge will flutter
just ahead of dogs or men, pretending to have a broken wing, till she has
lured them away from her babies.
Then she rises and sails home like
the wind.
Thia school is located in Toronto
and does much each year to supply
the active demand! for Telegraph operators wanted by our Canadian railways. A successful record of fifteen
years and hundreds of officials and
operators ln active railway service today Is the best guarantee of the reliability of this well known school.
Tbe book "Guided by the Key" explains the. work fully. Write for it.
Address W, H. Shaw, President, Toronto.
Lotteries  ln   the  United  Kingdom
were abolished ln 1826.
ot the bowels is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter Irom tbe food vhidt
collects there is got rid of at least
once a day, it decays and poisons tha
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate the delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Rile—entirely vegetable—regulate
the bowels effectively without weak*
ening, sickening or griping.   Use
Dr. Morse's   M
Indian Root Pills
A bile of Ihis and a taste ol that, all day
Ion;, dulls the appetite and weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
alter each meal—andout out the'piecing'*
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends (er sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia.   SOo. a Box
at  your  Druggist's.     Made  by  the
National Drug and Chemical   Co.  ol
Canada, Limited.
Ail grocers 25c lb. Tin
Tommy (at a concert, watching soprano singing aria and conductor waving baton)—Ma, what's that long-hair-
cd man hitting at her with that stick
His Mother—He isn't hitting at her.
Tommy—Then what is she screaming about?
Take Time for the Bible
As we drift along the swift, relentless current ot time towards the end
of life, as days and weeks and months
and years follow each In breathless
haste, an.l we reflect now and then for
a moment that at any rate for us.
much ot this eafuhly career has passed Irrevocably, what arc the interests
and thoughts—ay, tbe books, which
really command our attention? What
do we read and leave unread? What
time do we give to the Bible?
No other book, let ua be aure of it,
can equally avail and prepare us for
that which lies before us, for the unknown anxieties and sorrows which
are sooner or later the portion of most
men and women; for the graSual approach of death* for the period, be It
long or short, ot waiting aud preparation for Ihe throne and face of the
.eternal Judge.
Looking hack from tlie world, how
shall we desire to have made lhe most
of our best guide to it? How shall
w"e grudge the hours we have wasted
on any—be they thoughts we have
wasted on any—bo they thoughts or
hooks or teachers—which only belong
to things of time?—Canou Liddon.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, and Heavy Plai.3 Work
Writ* as for Prices
1* Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
More About
The Loading Platform
The present se.-,erttloa ot Westers farmers will never know the
difficulties and  r-xatkna experienced bj their predecessors la the
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped Is
bulk except ty loading tt tbrough an elevator.    The ayatem forest ;
the majority, of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owners
st arbitrary tries, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction.     Now however
the distribution o. .ars as Died by the Grain Act, and the uae of the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer to secure ,
satisfactory < realmtnt ln the disposal ot ills grain, anl the highest
market prioes at time of ule.     Every farmer therefore, should mors '
and more e'ldeavnr to use the loading pli tform In shipping his grain .-
to the terminal elevators.    It Is the safeguard ot the farmers' free- >
dorn In disposing of his grain to the best advantage for himself.   If (
farmers retrain Irom using the loading platform freely. It might re- |
suit In Its t*e!ng dona away with, becaure railway companies aad
elevator owners era strongly opposed to I'..    ' It Is easy to undsr- >
atand why tlevator people desire the lott-llng platform abolished. '
The railway  isople on their part say lt delays the loading of cars;
snd helps to cause ear shortage.     This we know to be nonsense,.
because frenuenlly after ears are loaded   whether with grain, coal-.
lnm.ier or other merchandise, they are sldet'acke' for days and even
weeks Instead of being promntly moved forward to destination.     It
ts engine sho-tage md shortage of competent trait, men that mostly
onuses grain llock&de* on railways and not laek ot cars.   Let every
farmer therefore, is all he can to use t e loading platform and become an Independent shipper.     In subsequent sdverttsements we
will state In detsll the savings and other advantages of dlreet losd-i
Ing Into cars compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, mak? liberal'
advances on car bills of lading, supervls* the grading at time care
are Inspected, secure the highest pries., at time of sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Write us tor shipping Instructions aad
market Information. \
Thompson Sons & Company
•     ■   ■
Baby Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and He Is Well,
.    ■—..-■»    mmtamam,
"Enclosed And my Bon's plioto in<t X feel
fey writing ttieeo few lines lo yuu I am only
tfoiritf my duty, as my wn v.***. a dreadful
sufferer from et-wraa. At
tho an-" nf two weeks he
began lo get cowed with
red spot* on his Ices aud
f.-roln**, ivlilch mother
thought v,m n'll (turn or
thrush; hut dsy by day
I tt crow wornc nutil every
joint and trrvlce wen
affected and baby started
li-h-aminjc for hour., day
. and night, such a thins
' as sleep waa out of tbo
question. I took htm lo
two of Kydney'a leaning doctors; one uld It
was one of the wont caaea be had seen, the
ether dtil not think it so eerloua; une ordered
ointment for nibbing In, the otlier a dusting
pov.der. I followed their prescriptions for
orcr four months and elill batty kept getting
wr**. I ttVJa nr,f '■Mn h'm ti°m scratching
to gr«t wa aai tt&7i
"When he wu Ave montha old I tried the
Cuticura Remedies and I am very thankful to
 . *.„•-.„ i„ irt_Amv ft-™ frnm sll t,fl illfff-r-
Mtnard'g Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,—A customer or oura cured a
very bad case of distemper In a valuable horse by the use ot MINARD'S
Yours truly,
Art the bet* ever made tnd nre guar
anteed to eIto you latUfactlon. At
all dealers, or aend ua 26 centa atat
Ing stv j and aim required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
IS Fraaer Ava„ Toronto, Ont.
BoU, mtmltfTfl hi* _ hid m.nv yean e ip.ii.nc?. Careful, individ-ial attention lo your ihifanen. by attreaiv-
x*m*m*xtm ranch to YOU. Send u»a trial rtiipnvent. Writ., wile « phone lot net track bid* or .hipping
531 Grain Exehange. Telephone Main 46. Winnipeg, Mnn.
Licensed Reference: The Royal Bnnk of Canada. __.   Lloniei
A minister having walked through a
village churchyard and obierved the
indiscriminate praises bestowed upon
Ihe dead, wrote upon the gate post the
following: Here lie the dead, and
here the living lie.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
During the past fourteen years the
production of crude petroleum ln India has Increased by nearly 200 million gallons.
A local painter worked three months
on ii painting. He spent a goivl deal
of money on models, but the finished
product Justified all his expenditure
and nil his time. Everybody told
him so when Uie pie-tun. -v.il exhibited. Everyone but one. This lady,
whose ..pinion ho valued most, was
the one lie took to tho exhibition with
liiin. I can hardly wait, Iha bubbled. Whic* is your picture? This
one, he told her—and waited. Sbe
studied it in detail. What ta It called? she wanted to know. Wood
Nymphs. How silly of me to ask!
They're so natural. Why, anybody
would think they were really made of
- uncu. a, n«.iii_-i_c_> •>»■ . «••„ .v.. .,.__.._._.. ,-
any my baby Is lo-dav free from all bli fuller-
hi, Ilia notm were til ectHrf •".HiH stall *
V, ,.is eouy, bilau uie mi--™. _,„„_,, ■„ _,....
Joints, eyebrows «nti reek; hut slier twice
- .     ~...— _-.,_.-,„.,, , _,_.„„ ,n .tot *
1> groins were bMg|.jfe«
carls tft.-i.-led wf-reim ,,.■>.. _--_-
ly. i-ii*.; tjn knew- arms, In arm
g. m I
' ,.is bod.
lever pari
The Food
Telia Its
Own Story
It's one dish that a good
many thousand people relish greatly for breakfast,
lunch or supper.
Grain Commission Merchants
Grain wommissien marb,,•>,,«■ . __**. Wlnnlpofl, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William. Notify Peter Jiiiiecu
Co., Winnipeg. •M********^**^*****************************************m***m
Liberal Advances
Prompt Returns
Best Grades
joints, eyebrows snd heeic: nur aurr namo
lining Cnlli-iir* Olntni-nt I bmn to see a
tllf.. rrnce and by the time I bsd used ons
tin, slung with the bathing with Cntli.i_.ra
Bos», '•c'-.y was nearly cured. I still kept on
ii'lng the Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and
11*1, thank goodness, lie I. quite well and,
although lis M now ten months eld, baa not
bad say further tclurq ot tbe Irouhle."
(StjrnerTf Mil. C,. I'm tin. _._.K_.;«iu St.,
trSVlneville, Sydney. N.8.W.. Msr. II, 1911.
'.  ..     _,—_.   .mt    m_.,»n.>_i_   are   _..!_
urskineviue, nyiiuey, „..-..„., __,... „..	
Cuticura Soap snd ointment sre told
throughout the world but a liberal ssmple of
eich, with a .t-'-psge book on the rare ind
treatment of the skin and hair will he s.nt
fret tb smillcatlon lo roller Drur * rtwm.
Coqi., w Columbus Ave., Boston, U Ji.A.
■tl   N. U. 919
Benzole, a by-product ot coal-tar, is
the root-source of our most brilliant
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dyseutery Cordial is compounded specially to combat dysentery, cholera morbus and all
inflammatory disorders that change of
food or water may set up in the stomach and Intestines. TheBe complaints are more common in summer
than iu winter, but they are not con-
tlued to tho warm months, as undue
laxnc-sB of the bowels may seise a
mnn at nny time. Such a sufferer
will find speedy relief In this cordial.
A census of tha Japanefo Empire Is
take** every Ike y ara.
Crisped wafers of toasted
Indian Corn-a dainty and
most delightful dish.
Try with cream and
"The Memory Lingers"
Canadian  Postum  Cereal  Co.,
Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.
What the A. B. Seaman Says:
''A sailor's life is bold and free, and life
is one grand tweet song—as long as
there's lots of Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco."
Mfl^BaCTTM /
Whydoeea'tshetalia    *
NA-DRU-CO HeatMhc Wafers
"n^atee a headache prempgy, y*x ie sol contain anv ef
the dangerous drugs common ta headache tablets. Aak your
Druggist about them,  -Bo. a box.
Nawmu er.ua an* eimieai. C. *, c»«a.», nam.. |M
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
It is their way ol calling your attention to the faot
tbst they ara not in perfect condition.  Many people
wbo persistently Ignored repeated warnings gives
by the kidneys ara now chronic sufferer* from kidney
sad bladder complaints which will stay with them
until they die, and perhaps hasten tbs ead.
How mucb better to help tbe kidneys the moment
I tbey aliow alena ot needing a little sHistucet   Take
__. .      „       . .PR- £!-*RK'8 SWEKT NITRE PIUS In tUae.
They contain nature's own remediea. Tbey lift the kidneys out ol their temporary
depreeekra and start them again in normal activity. Sold sverywhsrs al fifty rente
a bo* or mailed direct by 41
| Cutditn Northern S. S., Ltd. |
Stwatal route IcUodral and coctiaeni on 12,000
Tea FloariaaPaW
Next Sailings from Montreil
"MTU CEORGE" Oct. 16th. No.. 13th
1 "TOTAL EDWARD" Od. 30h
Xnti Sulin|t—From Halifax
. "gOTAL EDWAM" No.. 27*
: "gOTAL CIORGE" Dae. Uth
Further Information from any rail
•r steamship agent, or write,
A. H. DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street Winnipeg
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundred*  ot   cured   patients   can
prore our statement),
Sufferers will receive pamphlet free
sn request.
Sanol. PRICE $1.60 per bottle in
liquid from Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
\M07ng JDjattif,
< met diiftic
DYE, aaa caa Say-Why yea Soa'l aaaa hava aa
taaaakl KIND el CMS yearCeeSe aaa aaaSa
•l-Sa MMee.ec ara layoealMc.
SeaJ Saa In Color Cars. Steer aVaatlat, aaj
Baaklas etataf Needs al Dyetaf wen stmt colore.
In France there la a tax ot
and windows.
I •    r   , ■        '        \J
-i.    ,m /vi ;'j /.'
Mc. a box or six boxes far $2.60,
at all dealers, or The Dodde Medicine Cempany, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. »1S
All Doctor's   Medicine   Failed—Cure
Effected, by Use of
Again this great medicine lias triumphed over kidney diseases ot a severe type. From a bed ot suffering
and helplessness Mrs. Walsh was restored to health and strength by using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Kidney pains in the back tortured
her. Dropsical swellings had set ln
and she had no reason to hope for
cure, since tho doctor's medicine failed to even relieve her. Read what
the husband says about this remarkable cure.
Mr. Thos. D. Walsh, Plctou, N.S.,
writes:—"Two years ago my wife took
to ber bed after suffering tor a long
time from kidney palus ln the back.
She was not able to stand on her teet
or even turn herself ln bed. The
doctor's medicine was no benefit
whatever, that wc could see. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. Reading about a woman In
similar condition being cured by Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we purchased two boxes and when these
were used she was able to alt up.
With three more boxes she,, was restored to health and doing her own
As for myself I also found theso
pills all that ls calmed for them. 1
give this statement in order that
others may obtain the same ease from
suffering as that experienced by my
wife and myself."
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all
dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Now under construction, the super-
Dreadnought Delhi will carry 13.5
guns, throwing a shell ot 1,4001b.
Mlnard'e Liniment for sale everywhere
Light moves at the Tate ot 200,000
miles a second.
It one be troubled with corns and
warts, he will find ln Holloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering. '
Thirteen Hebrew or Yiddish papers
aro published In New York, three ot
them being dallies.
The True Waw to  Correct   Nervous
Nervous troubles are more >ften
caused by improper food and Indigestion than most people.imagine. Even
doctoro sometimes overlook this fact.
A man says:
"Until two years ago waffles and
butter with meat and gravy were the
main features ot my breakfast. Finally dyspepsia came on and 1 found myself In s bad condition, worse In the
morning tban any other time. 1
would have a full, sick feeling In my
stomach, with pains tn my heart,
sides and head.
"At times I would have no appetite
tor days, then I would teel ravenous,
never satisfied when I did eat and so
nervous I telt like shrieking at the top
of my voice. I lost flesh badly and
hardly knew which way to turn until
one day I bought a box of Grape-Nuts
food to see lf I could cat that. I
tried lt without telling the doctor, and
liked it fine; made me feel ae if I
had something to eat that was satisfying and still I didn't hare that
heaviness that I had felt atter eating
any other toad.
"I hadn't drank any ioffeo then In
live weeks. I kept on with the
Grape-Nuts and ln a mouth and a half
I had gained 15 pounds, could eat almost anything 1 wanted, didn't feel
badly after eating and my nervousness was all gone. It's a pleasure to
be well again."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor. Ont. Read the book,
"The Road to Well ville," lu pkgs.
"There's a reasqn."       •
Ever read the above latter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Human Nature
Muggins—I suppose It <s hn"i«n ->«.
ture to sympathize with the under dog,
Bugglns—Yes, especially ii we __...,
pretty sure he Ib going to get on top.
Asthma Overcome. The triumph
over asthma haa assuredly come. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved the most positive blessing the
victim of asthmatic attacks has ever
known. Letters received from thousands who have tried It form a testimonial which leaves no room for
doubt that here is a real remedy. Get
lt to-day from your dealer.
It ls eighty-three years since the
flcst horse-drawn public omnibus ran
ln England; the first public motor-bus
ran eight years ago.
How's This?
SH offer Oa. Hundred Dollara Reward nt em
■■> CK Catar.li tliat cannot ba cured br laP
Stork Cure. "™^
_    .a _. W !• t'HENEY a CO.. Toledo, O.
Wa tb. u-d-rilcned. biflve knowa r. J. cbeaff
• He laat ll nan, and    lie ve blm perfectly bee.
ataau IB all buataea. tru.-action, and SnaoclaSr
IHt ta carry out aa; obligation nad. br bli arm.
WaLDlKO, Kinnan a HaaviN.
       -        Wboieef_ieDni_ile-e,To.e«s>0.
■all'. Cetera Cun a taken tat.really. aaUag
Knotty upon the blood eiiQ mucoua eurfeeea at ma
Over 75 per cent of the trade ot the
Britlah Empire ls foreign; the rest Is
_.     ._    teatlmonrala wat free.  Price 71 i
bottle. Snld by all Drui.au.
Take HeU-a Family run Ur coMllijrw.a
In ono year over 500,000,000 tons at
goods were carried on the railways ot
the United Kingdom.
Deaths exceeded -births in France
last year by 35,000.
.   appmch'u
ltd   where Ij
....   ii
— Haw you
mantel you? collections.
Tomto ii die chief FOf nunufscturin« centre of Can-
soa, Uobuaimdhect end fetthe full ytlue for your
Prompt cssii foT your contHgnment*, larie or nail,
write mw for our wide new* Irtter ta be iaued looa.
Address WAGNER, MUSfEt ft CO., Deyt. C.
MFrMtSt.,Eut, Tawata, Oatarie
If your Clothier does not sell
the other fellow
Grocer* Mt Ursa Meads al Windsor
Table Salt TheylikeUoeUiLbecaaie
it la pure aad clean aad good.
Ask any grocer for his best salt, and
lie will Ave yon Windsor Salt every
time. Not because it costs more—
it does sot—but because the grocers
know that Windsor Table Salt pleases
their customers. er
ft MAC* S
Repeating Shotguns
shooting brings out the  shooting
" qualities of a gun.   Winchester Repeating
Shotguns last year won both the professional
and amateur Season's Averages.   This shorn
they ara reliable in action and close, herd
shooters.   These qualities make them ewe-lent
for bird shooting, especially for the quick, Cast
flyers.   Winchester guns are well built and finished
and will give good service for yean.  They are sold by
all dealen. Send postal fot complete illustrated catalog.
meana nruTiM un n,   .     hi km, cm.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  wits silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Caa-
adlanr since 1851—aecept ne ethers.
Tht E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Write ior the "Concrete Book"
JN Canada, where tin winters sre lent snd cold, houie. muat be solid snd .ubitsntiat.   No " (iagerbread frills,"
* inch aa diningui>h California bungalow., ran be permitted. Canadian homes ihould be built to defy wind and
eeld, to keep warm inside when It'i thirty below out-doort.
IT is'because Concrete, of all material., best withstand! wind, water and cold, tliat ill. fut becoming popular with
* Canadian home-build-... Concrete home, are warm in winter, requiring leu coal for beating | they are cool in
summer. A Concrete house nerer needs repair, j because, instead of decaying, it actually grow, ttronger with
time and exposure to the elements.
VEfUfattractive architectuixt effects may be obtained with Concrete, especially for houieiin the country, where
*   the rough concrete surface harmonizes with its surroundings.
- it never raajulrea ropalre, dr. firat
' caatala laanrwi raaldaaca la ita laat      bean
caet| eadfc I. diaper, la. ttie leasts.      tbeae
Sua aay ethea kiad at heaaa.
MOT Mir la Concrete the but material       IF rea Kaaea't inrratunted Ika uae al
*-* lev Hoiiee.buildinB.    It may alao ba       * Ceaeretearaaadtba heme aad an tli.
uead in eeaeea al atbee ware araaad tba       lain, wnla aaw lor aaa free bank, .aback
and aa tha tana.    Fac cock al       telle all abeet tba miauuj aad alettes al
it ie tbe beet Materiel       Coacceto.aaddaocnbeohuaaredanlpcec.
lical aaaa lor it.   lues aay " Send me year
hod.' ia a latter ar aa a peat card, and
Ika book will ba eeat yen ebeohk.y
PaUleily Manager
Wit* luring- Cement, ie mrt I*
ett.'iCaneia Cement." See that evi/y
**l*ndkarreleeartthii label. Thm
ye* mill et lurt.fmtii/tctiem. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
tho science of refraction. Examination free.
(Srattb 3fark0 &im
' iiblielii.il at Ornnil Porka. Britlah Columhi
.Keillor ami Publlaher
A Hia ol thie paper can ba eaen at the office
of Meiers, li. * J. Hardy 4 Co., HI, 31 mid 32,
Float Street, K.C., London. Knffiaiid, free of
.barge, and that Arm will ba tied to reoelve
tubeoriLtlon. and advertisements on oue be.
found a letter addressed to the purchaser. It read: "I got 70 cents for
this barrel. How much did you
pay?" This is an eloquent appeal
ro the fruit growers for better organization and co-peration in establishing their own selling agencies. Think
of tbe grower paying a fancy price
for hia land; preparing it for the
trees; buying and planting the trees;
spraying, pruning and cu'tivating
the orchard for six or seven years
without receiving any returns, and
then, when the orchard finally
comees into bearing, to receive less
than one-seventh as the share of his
labor, while the transportation com-
pinio.fl-, wholesalers and middlemen
take the balance. It is not a fair
euaaoBimos a»Tee:
Duo Teat	
One Tear tin advance)	
lino Vear, In United State.
. 1.1X1
.. I.M
Addresfl nil communications to
Thb Bvbnino Son,
,'HONK   K7_ GBAND Points, B.C
FRIDA),   NOVEMBER 22, 1912
The information volunteered by
Mr. Robinson at the publio meeting
on Monday night regarding the ex
istence of large areas of pulpwood
on the main Kettle river and ihe
North Fork, has been well known to
certain parties in this for years. In
fact, an effort to induce a paper
mill to locate here has bees made on
a number of occasions. Mf. Robinson's scheme of exporting the wood,
or pulp, to the United States does
net appeal to The Sun, Tbere is
enough pulpwood within easy reach
of this city to keep a paper mill in
operation for more than fifty years,
and the wood sbould be manufac
tured into the finished article right
here, in order that the community
might derive all tbe benefits to be
obtained from the employment ot
more labor. The manufacture of
paper is not a wildcat scheme. It is
a safe business proposition. The
demand for poper is incieaong
daily, and tbe price is steadily ad
A press dispatch tells tis that a
Winnipeg man this week purchased
a barrel of apples, pnying $.i.25 fnr
it.    When he opened the barrel  he
Early next month the railway
commission will hold a sitting in
Nelson. This meeting will be more
forthe purpose ot gathering information than to render decisions in
existing complaints againts the railway company. This will be an op
portuae time for the public organizations in this district lo supply the
commission with all the data in
their possession regarding the high
freight rates on fruit, lumber, etc.
A Middletown, N.Y,, man was
burned to death tbis week by his
pipe setting fire to hiB whiskers.
This is another argument against
wearing whiskers.
The London Economist contains
the following figures relative to the
frightful cost' of the Balkan war:
Wall over half a million men bave
been drawn away from productive
undertakings, chiefly from farm
work, and if we suppose the labor of
these able-bodied men to be worth
something like 10s. a week apiece,
tbat mi-ani a loss of £260.000 a
week. But these in n are a ,o being
fed and moved about at public ex-
pens -. If we allow for the food they
eat, the ammunition they censume
and the property they destroy, mid
make further allowances for additional expenditure on some 400,000
men who were already under arms
before mobilization, a reasonable
estimate would increase the weekly
cost of capital to a million sterling.
It sounds a cold and inhuman prop
oi ion to add—but economic ae.Mve
must add—lhat evi ry able- odied
man who is killed or maimed >n
war, or who dins nf ilisi-iisi-, constitutes mn ther loss of capit'I  in   ids
■HE GOODS    •»
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Horse-Hiuh and Pltf-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do burliness with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply tliose needs.
country and to the world, which
could hardly be assessed at less than
£250. Tbis computation assumes
that the average conscript can earn
£25 a year, and tbat his life is worth'
ten years' purchase.
Fate seems to be unfavorable to
the Borden government. Again it
has been necessary to go the United
States interstate commerce commission and make arrangements for the
transportation of Canadian grain
tbrough United States territory and
by the partial favor of American
railways. Wbile every one will rejoice that measures are being taken
to remove the grain blockade in tho
Canadian west, it seems nothing
shot of ridiculous to contend tbat
we must not increase out trade relations with tbe United States by any
fair and businesslike understanding
as to tariff regulations. Some politicians would rather go on tbeir
knees for a favor than make i
straight business deal, and the Borden government sooms to be constituted lhat way.—Victoria Times.
A peevish contemporary baa got it
into its head that the Star spoke
slightingly of tbe prime minister because it called him Borden, without
any handle. In tbe same article the
Star referred to tbe leader of the opposition as Laurier. No disrespect
is Intended in either case. In faot,
the leaving out of the ''Mr." is a
mark of distinction. Nobody talks of
Mr. Dickens, Mr. Browing, Mr. Tennyson or Mr. Carlyle. Nobody
thinks that a slight iB intended
when reference is made to Seott or
Byron, Wellington or Nelson, without the title. There are plenty uf
dukes, lords and knights, but only
one Scott, and only one Wellington.
Not a particle wag added to the
fame of tbe author of "In Memori-
am" when he wan made Lord Tennyson. A clever controversialist
might bave scored a point for tho
premier by pointing out that the
dropping of the handle was an evidence tbat he had got into tbe ro 1
of fame.—Toronto Star.
It is somewhat disconcerting to
find Canada governed—at a time
when the United States bas so completely eliminated tbe policy of high
protection from ite ideal*—by a
party elected to power to continue
and magnify tbe evils against which
tbe American people bave so sue-
cesefully revolted. In tbe United
Stall» nothing could divert the elm •
t irate al a ge tn tn the r SO t n
to lower tariff walls. Every utile
issue, no ma'ter of how mucb m-
pnrtance, was lost sight of in Ihe onslaught on the laiiff system which
fstaitlishea privilege to the cost of
the people, There can be no doubt
tint a Minilnr iiligiiiiient and mar-
si ailing of the intelligence and puir .-in of tbe Canadian people will
bring about Ibe same results in tbe
I o ..iiiiiiii.    1 he eietitii n of Wilson
must   have  a tremendous reaction
upon lhe trade policy of Canada.
Victoria Times.
A sage lines lo remark that if you
are unpopular, not to worry nbout
it, as fools pester a popular man
nearly to death.
rownie tiameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
zy4.sk your Grocer or Butcher tor
"Empress" Brand
tf Butter
This ia Eastern Townships
Creamery" Butter,, and the
finest on the market.
Quality Guaranteed.
P. BURNS <& CO., Ltd.
Silver King and Stiver Que«n Mineral
Clalnti, situate In the Urand Forki .Mining
Division of Yale District,
Where Lop.it eel: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Jacob M. Paulsen.
* Free Miner's Cprilflcnte No. I5818B, for
myself and as agent for Wllllam|H. Hoffman,
executor, and fiosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 85817B, Intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Kecerder for a Cer tiflcate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grauu of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh Ccrlhcatus of Improvement.
Dated this Ith day of May, A.D. 1912.
Did yeu make a mls-hlt
the time you employed the
last "help."
Don't worry. There are
lou of good fish In Ihe sea,
and a sure ball to catch them
Is a Want Ad.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister cu| per from
tlie (j ran by coiii|Hiny'B smelter in
this city tor tbe peel week amounted
tu Uf. (lOOj pounds, bringing tbe
tutu I shipped (or the year lo 111,742,-
500 pounds.
Thn 'ollowing are lhe returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, nnd alao for the
vear to dale:
Oranby 22,734   1,0('.9,008
Mother Lode  7,640     402,613
Itnwhide  6,1.44     2I6.6*.'8
Jackpot         12,280
Athelstan   840
Emma  4,900
Napoleon      513       11.174
i Belcher  1,331
I/oneSUir    ..... 2,022
Others ;.     234       11,639
Smelter Ireatmeu—
Granhy 22,405   1.073.912
B. C. Copper Co... 16,255     080,180
If you intend to wind your personal greeting card to your friend
in the Old Country, it lime to order tbem now. See samples of
beautiful hand-coloured specimens,
made in England, at Tbe Sun oflice.
Personal Christmas Cards
I A new sample book of '.be "Art"
i series of Personal Christmas Cards
| for 1912 has been received at Tbe
Sun oflice. These cards proved
very popnlar last year. The designs this year are prettier than last
year. The pi ices range frnm tl per
dozen upwards    Order early.
Don't be misled hy false statements of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any olher paper printed
in lbe Houndnry district.
Silurian Mini-Mi Claim, aitnata In tin-
Ilranil Porka Mining Dlvlalon uf Tain l)l«-
When- located: In Wi-llluirt >n cnniii.
TAKK NOTICK that I, JomiiIi Alfred Miller-.
I Krie Mliiera' Certlftoate Nu. HI7.M, Intend, al xtjr r|a- ■ from tha data) harcof, In apply tu tba Mining (trr-onler for a Certificate
ol Inipruvemei.t, for tba purixiec of obtaining a Ciou ii niaiitof the al'uvt- olaim.
And fir rther tnke notice lhat action. Uniler
aeetlou 81, muat be comnn-noeil before the
Iflaiianca ol auch CertlHcate of Improve-
Dalerl tbla Mill dar of April, A.D. NI2_
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoiDhonol 'etatm "*'t nerve In the body
>p to IU proper teuton! reetorei
aim and vitality. Premature decay and all actual
weakoen averted al wee. Fkaephoaul will
make, yoo x\ new man,. Price jS a bo_ttor two lor
make yon • ntw man.. Prle.
Some business men are do fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of Niis district without advertising^ Tbe Sun, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
guarantees the
'Kootenay' Steel Range
to be a perfect cooker
and baker as well as a
durable range. We
also guarantee the
'Kootenay' to be a permanent investment. Call
and see it before you
decide on the
you'll •
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock tt Vancouver.   Sold by
province, as well as from Washington and other northwestern slates.
An attractive variety of prizes have
been hung up, and the cups and
special prizes offered are sufficiently
numerous ann valuable to excite
keen competition.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
MIN.        MAX.
Friday  24 38.00
Saturday   30 42.00
Sundiy  29 38 00
Monday  31 40.00
Tuesday  37 51.11
Wednesday  26 40 00
Thursday  29 43 00
Ranfall during week, 0.11 inches.
Will Be Held in This City on
the 4th and 5th of Next
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pu
pils Late—Division I 97.63, 0 late?
Division II 95.14, 2 late; Division
III 92.72, 0 late; Division IV 88.04,
3 lute; Division V 97.5, 0 late
Division VI 95.38, 2 late; Division
VII, 92 2, 2 late
Hence attendance banner goes to
Division I and punctuality banner
to Division V.
Miss Dorothy M. Davis, orgsoizer
of the British Columbia Political
Equality league, will be in Grand
Forks next week for the purpose of
forming a local branch.
The first annual exhibition of the
Grand Forks Poultry and Pet Stock
association will be held in the Po-
cock building, on Second street, in
this city, on December 4 and 5 next.
At present every indication points
to a big success. A large number
of entries are being received from
poultrymen in all  sections  of  the
Chief Constable Dinsmora is inspecting the hotels in tbe Similkameen.
The C.P.R. has doubled the price
of ita lots in this city. Tbe Sunbeam ranch will soon be worth its
weight in radium.
Frank Buckless has a large contract for logs from the mill  at Cas-
West End Snaps
Two 30-foot lots in Block Sixteen, on
Columbia Street, the main business
street; served with 6-inch water main,
and electric light.   Only $100 each.
j.  A.   McCALLUM
We nArt Series
cMsde in England
$1.00 per Dozen and Upwards
Christmas would not be the same
Without its greetings true,
Wishes sincere from far and near,
Prom friends both old and new.
Homeof tbe 2000 tonper day Granby Copper Smelter
and sawmill now producing over 600,000 feet of lumber pel- month, both owned by the Granby Bay Con"
solidatod Mining, Smelting Jt Power '.'o., Ltd., a corporation with   assets of over seventeen  millions!
The mines at Granby Buy alreai) have the stupendous total of 4,500,000 tuns _ rich copper ore
"in sight," and the mining curried on in the winter of 1911-12 proved the wealth of the properties
beyond guess-work. The ore now in sight will
keep the smelter busy 75 yeurs. Think of it! And
this not taking into account various other adjoining properties, come under option to tue Granby
Co. It is estimated that the Granny Co. can pro
dure copper-here for 23 cents a ton cheaper than
at its Grand Forks smelter. When the big smelter iB completed the total investment of bhe
Granby Co. here is expected to be nearly two
millions,and that over 1000 men will be employed
When you consider the faet that today two
bustling cities in British Columbia are almost an
tirely supported by the payrolls of this company
—Phoenix and Grand Forks—you can get an
idea what Granby Bay will be
Granby Bay has a good deepwater harbor, and
today the G. T. P. and C P. K and the Union
Steamship Company operate regular steamers to
this point.
Only a few choice lots are being offered for sale in Granby Bay Townsite—and there is not much
doubt that they will be snapped up quickly. The prices are very low. To avoid disappointment
applications for lots should be made now The Continental Trust Co., Ltd , of Prince Rupert, is acting
as trustee for the property.     Fill out tbe coupon aud mail today for full   particulars, maps  and   prices.
Granby Bay is going to be a Payroll Town.
And it is the kind of a town that is always "up
and doing." A conservative estimate places the
number of men to be employed at 1000 and their
monthly payrollat about $100,000,without figuring
on any other industiies outside of the properties
and smelter of the Granby Co.
Grasp those facts!
Granby Bay is in the very heart of a developed
abulously rich copper mining district.
Granby Bay has a smelter owned by a formidable commercial Giant, the Granby Company.
Granby Bay. will have an immense payroll
every month.
.  Granby Bay must have  a population   of   over
1000 people.
Granby Bay is a seaport.
Granby Bay can produce copper cheaper than
in places where big profits ure made from mining
and smelting.
Every lot in Granby Bay is a gilt edgsd investment.
Sole Agent
336 Hastings Street West
Room 4
VANCOUVER British Columbia
Sole Agent "Granby Bay Townsite,"
Room 4, 336 Hastings Street West,
Vancouver, B  C. Dept. "C."
Please send me, without obligation on my part,
fnll and detailed information ahout Granby Bay,
also prices.
cade. He expects to establish hia
camp near Beaverdell in a few
Cliff Russell, of Greenwood, in
tends to buy an interest in a plumb
.ng establishment in Vancouver.
The sleigh bells ha ve been in  operation in Phoenix for a month. In
The Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Please rend the head Hne|o ver again. Then itr
tremendnm Kinnillcaiice will lawn upon yon
An Oliver Tynewriter—the standard  vi-.ii.lc
writer—the most highly pent  ted typewriter
un the market—yonm for 17 cents    dny!
The typewriter whoKeron<|iiest of theiim
merelal world U a matter of hlslorv— youri fo
17 it'll th a dav!
The typewriter that ia equipped wittiioorea°f
■uch cuiivuiik'ncea an "The balance Shift*'-
The Killing Device"—"The  Double Release"—
Tlte    Locomotive    Baae --'The     Auiunw'lc
Spacer"—"The    Automatic  Tabulator"—"'The
—"The Adjustable Taper KiBBorr"— "The -. i
entlflc condensed Kev
Yours for  17
Genu « Day!
We anounced thi*
icw mlei plan recently, just tu fi-el thc pulieof
the people. Simply a small ca*h payment—
then 17 cents a day. That Is the plan ln a nutshell.
The result haa been such a deluge of applications for machines Ilmt we are simply bv
toii tided.
The demand cumt-s from people of all CiMiea,
all uur*-, Mil occupation."-.
The majority oi liuiulrlcs has come Jfnnn pw
teof known i.h-hi.IhI -standing who wen-attracted by the novelty of the ph-pOM. '«ii. An
impressive demonstration of tin' tminen«o popularity of tho Oliver T> pewnier
A startling foiif.riiinl.iHi nf our belief that
tho Kra 01 Universal Typt-w rliluu is at baud.
Quarter of a Million People
are I tii j jMney with
Bridije Sireet,
Hoi and* Cold Bathe
Bint-Clan Bar, Pool
Bend llllerd Room.
Iti Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Grand Forks  we ore still enjoying
Indian summer.
John Hartman mid Miss Agnes
Sullivan were married in Phoonix
this week.
Order Early"
Sample Book at
The Sun Office If
TheStandardVlsible Writer
Tbnt ia the battle cry today. Ae have made
tbe Oliver Mipreme In useful (test and abnolutely
lurti.-i-MiK.ib.e ln biikinuaN. Now comes thu con
quest of the home,
'I be simplicity and strength of the Oliver tit It
for family use. It In beroiulmr an important
factor tn the home training of >uung people.
An edtif-ator aa well aan money uink'-r.
Our new telling plan pitta tbe Oliver on [be
tbreidioldof every nomeln America. WIN vou
Clowe the door of vour home or oltlce on thin re*
mark able Oliver owrf
Write for further details of our Mi? oiler anil
a freeeopy uf the new OllvercaUtog.   Ail- re»-
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
ollvor Trim, titer llnlMlnit,
Emile Clerl and Dun Bin.-r killed
seven deer on a hunting trip up the
Kettle river this week.
A Greenwood merchnnl litis in -
ported ii Swiss cheese weighing 212
Newspaper Law
1 A piifltNiiifller is ri>i|uii-i'ii to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
dues not answer the law j when it suli-
scriber linen nol tiike his panel* out of
thti postofliee, and State the reitstin for
its not being taken, Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible in tin- publisher I'm- payments.
2. If uuy person orders his paper
discontinued he must puy all arrear
ages, or the publishers mny contlu u
to send it until payments are made)
nnd collect the whole amount whethei
the paper is tnken from the olliee or
not. There tun be no legul diacon
tiniiaiii-e until payment is made. .
•*!. Any person who lakes a panel
out of the postofliee, whether directed
to his namo or not, m- whether he has
subscrilied or not, is responsible for
the pay.
•I. If a stilisi-iiher onleis hi.s paper
stopped nnd the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it nut of the
post olliee. This | roceeds upon the
ground tlmt a mini must pay for what
he uses.
it The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from Ihe post office or removing,
leaving them tint-ailed for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
pounds.   Greenwood may lie thank
ul it is not a limburger.
Dun't forget that The Sun bus the
best job printing department in the
Boundary country,
Mi. C. A. ABBOTT, Angnat It, tm.
Sn Ann St., New York City.
Dear Sir: I hare known Inr over4© yearnof lhe
affectl of Wilion's Remedy [Wilson's Prcpmttea
Ot Hypopho. phllc. turii .'liKizettlJ In c»sc.ol pul.
-nonary trouble!.    At thu p...nl 1 will lay to yon
what you have not Ixfo.- l-nowm of; that 41 yeara
•ince, while I was n resident of N.Y. City, I wan
severely ill with lungtroulile,   Phynicianfl said 1 waa
n con.umptive and my family physician told my wife
thai ht thought I eeoH not rer.,.r.   My attention
waa directed 10 the WiNmi Remedy, which I nieS
with splendid effect.   I Lave b-.n on ray fectaod at
work ever tiace my core.   Ymiratruly,
ratter It. E. Church, Hunter, (Grunt Co.,) N. Y.
On Dec t, iqii, Mr. Sager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health ia very jood.'*
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
will glsilly fnrni-li yuu any further
information you desire.
THB STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper ot the Dominion
ot Canada. It Is national In all Ils
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring tho photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles aro carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 pee yssr to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful discovery of recent years was
the discovery ot Zam-Buk. Just thluk!
As soon as a single thin layer of Zjrn-
Buk is applied to a wound or Bore,
such Injury ls Insured against blood
poison!- Not one species of microbe
bas been found that Zam-Buk does not
Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk
ts applied to a sore, or a cut, or to
■kin disease, lt stops the smarting.
That is why children are such friends
of Zam-Buk. They care nothing for
the science of the thing. AU thsy
know is that Zam-Buk stops their
pain. Mothers should never forget
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk Is applied to a wound or to a diseased part,
(he cells beneath the skin's surface
ne bo stimulated that new healthy
.issue ls quickly formed. This forming ol fresh healthy tissue from below is Zam-Buk's secret of healing.
The tissue thus formed Is worked up
to tlie surface and literally casts off
the diseased tissue above it. This is
why Zam-Buk cures are permanent.
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, of
101 Deloriinler Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Company and told
them that for over twenty-flve years
he had been a martyr to eczema. His
hands were at one time so covered
' with sores that he had to sleep in
gloves. Four yeara ago Zam-Buk
was introduced to him, and In a few
months lt cured him. To-day—over
three years after hi3 cure of a disease
he hnd for twenty-five years—he is
still cured, and has had no trace ot
any return of the eczema!
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at 50c
box, or we will send free trial box if
you send this advertisement aud a lc.
Btamp (to ray return postage).   Ad
dress Zam-Buk Co., oronto.
Net Disturbed
Two spiders who dwelt ln different
parts ot a church one day chanced to
meet and got Into deep conversation,
and asked one another where they
I live under the pulpit, said No. 1,
and every week I always think I shall
bo getting killed; the parson bangs
his hand dewn, and I have to get Into
the smallest corner I can find tor fear
of getting squashed.
Oh, said No. 2, you ought to coma
and live with me. I never get disturbed from one year's end to another.
Why, where do you live? asked No,
I live In the poor box,
Mas. Winslow's Soothinc-. Svri-p has been
used for over SIXTY YEARS liy MILLIONS of
Ii the best remedy for litARRHUSA. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
-Winslow's Soothing Syrup," aud uke a* other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
sion for local representatives;
either sex, permanent; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare
time accepted. Nichols, Limited, publishers, Toronto, Canada.
Maypole Soap
■ ASILV   ,
With Mnypnle
Seep diere li ae
ll hone dyeini.
Dyes cotton, wool,
silk oi miiluia. 24
shad.. Colon 10c.
Black ISc-alyout
wilk booklet "flow
le Dye" Itoii    M
,   F. I. lENEDtCT I Gl. Minimi
FROM 45 to 50
Women—Their Statement*
Worth Reading.
Whit* Oak, Ont-"At Chang* of Llf*
when doctors could do no more and I wis
given up by my
friendi, Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegeta.
bla Compound came
to tha front and did
wonders for me. I
had been having female troubles for
yeart, my head troubled ma aeverely at
dmet, I had bearing
down painaand backache and I wat very
anaemic from excessive flowing. I recommend your Compound highly and do
all I can to advertise It at a genuine woman'* medicine." - Mrs. Sylvebtcb
Manning, White Oak, Ontario.
Tbe Case of Mra. Klrlln.
Clrcleville, Ohio.—"I can truthfully
tay that I never had anything do me to
Orach good during Change of Life as Ly-
. di* E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound.
" Before I had taken one half a bottle
tf It I began to feel better, and I have
continued taking it.  My health It better
than it haa been for teveral years.   If
sll women would take it they would escape untold pain and misery at this time
ef life."—Mrs. Alice Kiiilin, 868 W.
Mill St, Circleville, Ohio.
Tb* Change of Life it one of tlie mott
critical period* of a woman'* existence.
At tuch timet women may rely upon Lydia
E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound.
W. N. U. 919
It Will Cure a Cold.—Colds are the
commonest ailments of mankind and
if neglected may lead to serious conditions. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
will relieve the bronchial passages of
Inflammation speedily and thoroughly and will strengthen them against
subsequent attack. And as it eases
the Inflammation lt will stop the
cough because It allays all irritation
in the throat.     Try it and prove It.
Formerly the duties of the Lord
Chancellor were those of a doorkeeper, who admitted suitors into the presence ot the King.
Minard's Liniment Curet Dandruff.
All trainers, jockeys, and apprentices must take out racing licenses
issued by the Jockey Club and when a
foreign jockey rides in England he
must obtain what is known as a temporary license.
Protect the child from the ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, and years of uso have
enhanced its reputation.
China possesses a coal-Held with an
area ot 21,000 square mileB.
New Health and Strength Obtained
by the Uie of Dr. Williams'
Pink Piib.
It Is useless to tell a bard-working
woman to take life easily and not to
worry. Every woman at the head of
a home; every girl iu offices, shops
and factories, ls subject to more or
less worry. These cannot be avoided. But it is the duty of every woman and evory girl to save her
strength as much ns possible and to
build up her system to meet any unusual demands. Her future health
depends upon lt. To guard against
a breakdown in health the blood
must be kept, rich, red and pure. Nothing can keep lhe blood in this
condition so well as Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. They strengthen the
nerves* restore the appetite, bring
the glow ot health to pallid cheeks,
and renewed energy to listless people.
Women cannot always rest when they
should, but they can keep their
strength and keep disease away by
the occasional use of Dr. WilliamB'
Pink Pills. Or if a breakdown has
como unexpectedly they can obtain
new heulth through this same medicine. Mrs. M, Thomas, Iver Street,
Toronto, snys: "For several years I
was almost a constant Invalid, unable |
to do my housework and spending.
much of my time in bed. My nerves|
seemed worn out and I was so run
down that all my friends thought I
was in a hopeless decline. I was as
pale as a corpse; I was so bloodless
that If I cut my linger it would not
bleed; my limbs were swollen far beyond their usual sine. At the least
exertion my heart would palpitate
Violently, and I frequently bad fainting spells. I was under treatment
by good doctors, but it did me no
good. Then one day my husband
brought home some Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and I began taking them.
They seemed to go to the root of ihe
trouble, and In the course of a tew
weeks the Improvement they were
making was quite plain. Gradually
as I continued taking the Pills the
swelling of my limbs disappeared: tbe
weak spells came less and less frequently; my appotito greatly Improved, and Anally I was completely
cured antl able to do my housework
with case. Later, my daughter Alma eeemed to bo troubled with nnae-
mis, and wo gave her the Pills with
tbe same good results."
Why ei:ffor In auy wsy when you
ran begin curing yourself to-day wltb
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
The illustration shows one of the
many styles of body that we build for
our Light Delivery Car.
The largest pyramid In Egypt contains 90,000,000 cubic feet ot stone.
Pills That Have Benefited Thou-
•and*.— Known far and near as a
sure remedy ln the Ireatment of Indigestion and all derangements of the
stom-"*',!, liver and kidneys, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills have brought relief to thousands when other specifics
have failed. Innumerable testimonials can bo produced to establish the
truth of this assertion. Once tried
they will be found superior to all other
pills in the treatment of the ailments
for which they aro prescribed.
France produces upwards ot 500,000
lounds' worth of oysters every year.
221-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body  lettered as you  requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
How Old She Knew
Mrs. Winkers—What! Going? Why?
Servant—Ploaso mum, when I cum
yesierduy you gavo mo thc keys to
your Iruuks and drawers, and chest.
and jewel-boxes to keep for you.
Mrs. B.—Yea, I did that to show
lhat I could trust you. What It the
Servant—Thur don't one of 'em lit.
ISo • Tin. a,
UiAPiitk.oaioiii_.LiU umt -una
auuraa. wm i
Ask Your Dealer to Show You
"For Workingmen Everywhere"
Broad Shoulders, Big Sleeves, Long Bodies
Mfrs. Celebrated Storey Line of Fine Gloves and Mitts. Every
pair guaranteed.
Order* for the Day
Mr. Henpeck—Is my wife going out,
Mr. Henpeck—Do you know If I nm
going with her?
Minard't Liniment Curat Burn*, Etc.
Two-thirds ot the Inhabitant* ot
New South Wales belong to tbe Church
of England.
Of the 3,000 languages and dlaicctt
on tbe earth, the Bible baa been Iran-
| tilted Into 180
A few door* touth ef C.P.R, Dspct
Rett* 11.50 te 12.00 per dty
Cultlne unexcelled
Hit tnd cold wtter In every reom
Hotel practically  Flretrool
All Outtlde Rooms 1
C-O'C •«>«_He>«>*0»«>H>*
If . How an Insult Was
i> Resented
K        ny F. A. MITCHEL
j. 0 'O' O'O tO'0t»»-O*&»0-"0'»-©,-C
When the war between the *tate»
jroke out George nun-la waa rendy
for college.    Uut Ucorge  bud  been .
more fnnd of bis gun than bit books,!
toting great delight In bringing down
pitge with th* dialect or uw tootaera
itatet of America. Tber* wer*. betide*
the young lady, an old gentleman, aa
old lady tnd several children. Bant*
noticed the young lady cbasg* Mat*
with one ot the children, and be toon
discovered thut tb* did to to avoid th*
■litre of a young man In uniform IP-
ling at another table.
After the yonng lady had turned ber
back to him he aros* tnd, though tev-
tral ollicers wltb whom he wtt In company strove to prevent blm, taking a
. dower from hit buttonhole, ttnggered
to the table of tb* Americant and drop.
mxl tt beside the young lady. Tben be
went Diet to ut own tsoie. lbe girr*
fac* turned icarlet, and her eyet flatbed dr*.
Several mlnutet patted whtn Bar
' I its, taking up a glass of win* that
■ stood before blm, arose, walked to th*
table of th* German otBceri tnd, hold-
viild anlmalt In the forest aud bird* Ing the wine over him, poured It down
In tlio air. He thut tcblevcd great on hla head. Tben without waiting to
■kill nt long distance mooting with a: observ* th* afreet of bl* act he ra-
rltte. At the beginning of th* war I t»™^^own tob^
ber* and there a regiment of sbarp-
tbootert waa organized, and It occurred to qeorge that since men were to
be shot Instead ot mooso and deer b*
might a* well lak* a baud In lt aa
other*. So bo enlisted tor tbat pur*
During hit term of service he learned all tha trick* of iharptbootcr war
fare, and tb* sharpshooter of thot*
timet wa* * very tricky man. B*
would lift bl* hat over a rampart on
the muzzle of bis rifle Just to tee bow
quick he could get a bullet tbrough Ib
He fought lu hams, behind logs, often
lying flat, covered by lbe tleuder de-
fens* of a. few fence ralle. But bit favorite position waa In tbo branchet of
• tree. Covered by Iti foliage, be could
pick off * man nt a long distance unconscious of any danger. And In bat
tl* th* teal* of victory and defeat
wit turned by torn* treed rifleman
bringing down (he gentrat on wbom
auccett depended.
When tbo war wat over George, who
htd tpent mnny an hour ln contests of
Han-It succeeded in getting n mm a
petition whin he could let It fall to
th* ground. Holding th* branch with
en* bind aad extending hi* rll* wltb
hi* bat on it to an opening, he drew    _____     ^  __     ,__.,.._.  ,
a *bot and at th* um* moment tet g* b^",0 'g,\'to'r a photograph." Every
the branch.
Tb* German ollicers.  thinking tb*
filling branch wit Hirrl*' body, tet
The Beet Pet*, «* • Rule, I* Fer th*
Three-quarter Face.
Bow very few people really know
nice ha* ltt weak points, and these,
unfortunately, bar* a way of cropping
.    ._._,.      _.   _.     .        ... _. op In a picture and ruining the effect,
np a about of triumph, bearing which M photograph ihould be ab-
Bwelnheart, thinking th* affair ended,
exposed bit full length at th* ban
window.  Hints, tiklng a careful aim,
dropped him, thootlng blm In tb* leg.
Thli finished th* fight    The Gen
lolutely lifelike, but at th* tame time
tne naturally prefers to look one's belt
; Scarcely on* face In a hundred bat
featurea perfect enough to promise a
satisfactory photograph ln profile, for
French Tebaee* Teeters end Thdr Pa*
culi.r Lin* ef Werli.
In lb* French mlnlitry of Anna**
there la a clasa of official* who** aa-'
Uvlty I* little known to tb* out*
world. These men aro the official tobacco testers, and tbey pasa Judgment
on every kind of tobacco manufactured
In Franc*.
They consist of a chairman and Hv*
itslstanti, and from morning to evening they have nothing to do but amok*
s^rsrrj: gfc-ar -' m- d^lnto s&**3»i jsss
There wu brief conversation among
tbe Germans, and ont of tbem went
to Htrrlt and uld something In German which George did not understund,
but tbe purport of wblcb be Inferred,
for. taklnc a card from bit Docket ha
wrote bis address on It and banded it
to the messenger, wbo took tt back to
tbe man George bad sprinkled. Tben
tli* Oerman* withdrew,
George's resenting the Insult to th*
young Amerlctn waa plain to all her
party. Soon after tbe officers departed tbe old gentleman went to him and.
In tbe young lady's nnme, thanked
blm and begged tbat he would not permit the matter to go any further, to
which George replied that anything
fbrtber would depend on tbe man
wbose insolence he had resented. Th*
gentleman tsked bis nam* ind address, which he gave.
Before going to bed that nlgbt
George received a call from tbe officer to wbom be bad given bis card,
bearing a challenge from tho man wb*
hnd offered lb* flower to the American
girl, Tb* messenger brought wllb blm
an Interpreter, and through blm floors*
(ht foreground.
For a full fac* picture a sitter mutt
possess One eye*, above ill things. If
they nr* good tbe pose will be a sue-
test, even If tb* other feature! ar*
lacking tn comeliness.
If on* ba* any pronounced defects t*
fide, tbe three-quarter face Is really
he happiest way to be photographed.
[This position enhances tbe charms of
th* beautiful and tones down lbe Irregularities of tho plain face.
It Is never well to bo photographed
In a bat distinctly modern style, for In
a year or eo tbe picture Is ruined by
| Ih* old fashioned headgear.  But a pic-
The Peet'e Reett '■tuiro bat-sueli as those worn by tb*
William  Watsou snys of tb* poet,' Gainsborough women-makeaa most
*'H* sits above the clang and dust uf Picturesque setting   for   a   beautiful
Ulne „ fac*. and this, of courte. Is never out
Tbis might Indicate tbat he tabes t* of fatbion.-London Answers,
tbt roof wben  bis
from tbe tree.
Tbe exhibition greitly Interested th*
German officer* present, ud Barrl*
waa mad* quite a Hon of by tbem, b*>
Ing Invited to tbelr barrack* and entertained livli' ly.
Of court* Hit* Marston heard all
abont the affair and tent fer Barrla t*
com* ind receive her tbtnki ln person.
Tb* Vinton of tb* itory she told bl
Berlin mid* blm a veritable Mra, bnt
he Mid he didn't se* wby doing tucfe
a trick In Berlin tbould cant* inch aa
uproar any mora tban doing it tlm*
tnd min In Vlrsrtnla.
wben bis wife beglna uei
spring housecleanlng.-Olereland Plill
A Big Catch. **•«" " " F"7dr *» .Whieh G,d H"
t,rc^rautorf/nVrorf ih5     Our ^ ha,,.''—£*
nie and Arthur Stringer were sharing to b* aa many at 400 species, most ot
the' stme oimp in Algonquin Psrk. j which confine themselves to the tropt-
None ol them had made tn exception- j cai regions.
a', record as an angler, but what esch i   only eighteen varieties live farther
does not know—or thinks he knows- | nort|, thaD  Mexico.    It It gcucrally
nbout flsh is not worth mentioning.     u,ong|,t that bumming birds live upon
One night ts tbe nimrods sat about   h Th|j(_ howe?er> ,t . mistake.
atrategem wherein Tank and Johonl*  _._.,., ,„„, h6 wouM „ „, „_., „„,   on
wer* trying to seduce eacb other to
tbow * vulnerable part cam* back
ansctthed. Miny a bullet had temped him, but he wtt to quick, ao wary,
tbat be wna uever really hurt Bnt on
tb* Mock of bl* rifle, wblcb be kept
highly polished, then waa a scratch
for tvery man be had seen fall In ra-
■pons* to a shot from htm, fonr vertical scratches crossed diagonally by
1 fifth.   Bla comrade* and. to com-
par* hi* mark* to a garden tone*.
Oeorg* wit very fond of hi* rifle, and,
■ow a leptuagennrlan, he still possesses It'lhougb tt t curiosity, for aa tbt
yean bav* dropped their anowa upon
hla bead be has com* to regret hiving
tent to many men to their long bom*.
Al th* close of th* war Oeorg* wu
twenty-three yean old, and th* llf* b*
had led bad robbed danger of It* Mr
for* When be came bom* from tbt
war he couldn't understand wby bit
father wai so ptrtlrulir shout locking
■p lbe house befor* going to bad.
When troubled wllb wakffulneet ht
would go out Into tb* yard and al**p
•a tb* ground wllb th* root of * in*
for a pillow Bli parent*, realizing
tbat com* tlm* must elapse befor* he
would Mill* back to tbe routine of ordinary life, proposed that ht mtk* a
trip abroad. Wltb tbla George coincided, for, bavlng missed a college ed-
■cation, be thought travel might Ib a
•setsura supply thi deflciency
George wat rontttntly breiklng th*
ftgulattortt of other countrlee ind.**
constantly trading the consequence*.
U* teemed to take a de ligbt In bother
log tbe police, yet never giving tbem
lb* advanlnge of him.
Tb* crowning feature of hla tour
Ibroad occurred In Berlin. On* even-
tag while dining In a eaf* he nolle-
Id a pnrty aiding at a table near by.
an* of wbom wai a very pretty girl
the group wer* American!, it wu In-
(betted by tbelr using tb* English laa
bit own terme-vli, that tlio two men
take position on either side of open
ground, surrounded by trees, at a dis-
tane* of a ihousaud yards, tb* weapon* to be rifles, nud tfter a given ilg-
nil either abould b* at liberty to tboot
th* other.
Th* expression on th* face* of lb*
Germins wnl curious to behold. Tb*
Interpreter tired protests in Engl lib,
while bli companion tired them In German. Tliey mlgbt aa well have atruck
tb* Bides.of an Ironclad man-of-war a*
George Harrll. After (white tbey
withdrew to report to tbelr principal
Barrla knew hi* enemy mutt fight blm
on bli own terms or Icav* tbt army
In disgrace.   ,
After I number of visits from th*
Germans tbey yielded (o the luevltnbli
tnd accepted tb* conditions. The meet-
Ing wu lo take placo at a firm near
Berlin surrounded with trees, during
tba afternoon of tbe next day. ln th*
morning George wax tb* recipient of a
bouquet of flower* wltb a card on
wblcb waa engraved "Mlu Louis*
Wanton." It also bore tbo words: "It
fa my wish tbat if It can be honorably »
I don* tbere be no mcellrg between yon
| and tbe German. Be win doubtless
Jr tlpiy and' unaccountable for bla act"
To (hla Oeorg* made uo reply, for b*
could not do m without giving away
tb* coming conteit
Shortly befor* tb* light It btcam*
known In th* barrack* of Bwelnheart'*
regiment-that waa tbe nam* of th*
ollicer who wu to b* on* of i lie prlncl-
pala-thtt Barrla waa a soldier of
tb* rece»t American conflict and th*
duel wis to be fought on lb* usnil
plan of duela In tb* American army.
Tb* eonstqnence wu tbit when tht
ligbt opened tb* flinlu of tbi combat-
anti were covered by a crowd of German officer* UMmbted to im th* In*
teretllng spectacle.
George took position behind a Ion)
■ton* will end for awbllt imused Mm*
aelf raising bla hat for bullen. They
came quick enough, but non* of tbem
•truck th* bat Bwelnheart after on*
of hi* shots, thinking be had killed bla
■nlagonlst wu Incautious enough to
rait* hi* head above a fenc* behind
wblcb h* bad eaken position. A lull
whistled within a few Inch** o» big
ear, and ht ducked.
Barrla now withdraw behind bushes,
•nd hli next ihot ram* from among
tb* limbs of • tne. HI* enemy, see
Ing tb* smoke, flred tt It but Hirrl*
is soon u he hid pulled the trigger,
dropped to a lower branch ind tbi ball
went several feet above his head But
be drew another by putting hla ual oa
tb* muzzle of bit rifle ind holding II
higher Kill where tber* wu aa open-
Ing in lb* branches.
Rwilnheart waa next In tvldenei I* •
Bam wbicb be reached by moving h*>
hind the fenc* that led to lt A pud
•f iraoke appeared In a loft window,
and a bullet camt dangerously near
their camp Are, McFarlane declared. ' "        „ „,
that he bad thatdaj'J&g*» ■£  bVmost of tbelr food consists of th.
mon trout leap ten feet in the air and
pick a butterfly off the twig of a tree. | email
••Quit* possible,"  agreed  Stringer.   flowoi
"I have frequently seen salmon trout
leap half-way up a twenty-foot fall,
hold themselves midway, by some
strange power, and make the remaining distance at a single leap."
"And if you notice," said McKish-
nie, "trout usually, in fact always,
jump against the wind, just at a wild
duck light* against it.   Tliey do it to
keep the* scales from becoming rut-1
fled.  Lsst summer I saw a man stand
on a narrow strip ol land between two
of these lakes and catch fifty salmon
trout, and he had nothing but an ordinary landing-net.     He caught the j
6sh in it as they leaped from one j
lake to another.   If they hadn t start-;
: ed jumping in pairs and carried away
| his landing-net, he'd have caught a
' thousand."—Toronto Star.
. A Night With the Beye.
Singleton- What's the matter, old
' man? Ton look aa If you'd been making a nlgbt of It wltb lbe boys. Now-
pop-You've atruck Itl The twins kept
me up till S o'clock tbit morulng.-Bos-
ton Transcript
Insect! wbich  Inhabit certain
Tbe little bird Is therefore useful at
well as beautiful and hns been called
a flower to which God has granted
to arrive at an estimate of tbe different kind! of tobacco submitted to
It It not only tha product! of bom*
Industry tbat cam* beforo them for
Judgment, but lb* cigars and cigarette*
that are sold In France hava alio to
make tbelr appeal to the declalon of
tbelr palate, and the pleasanteat part
of the day'a work comes when It fall*
to their lot to teat tbo high price Havana cigars told by tbo state.
Tbi officials wbo undertake tbla difficult and responsible duty ara ei-la-
apecton of tobacco manufactories who
bar* passed a certain number of yeara
In tb* state's service and bav* glvM
proof of their capability for thia peculiar kind of work. Tbelr by no mem*
light duty conslsti In smoking from,
0 In tht morning to 5 ln the evening,
tnd very often lt ti by no means tb*
best kinds of tobacco wllb wblcb they
have to deal. Tbe Injurious Influenc*
of this tobacco debauch, wblcb produces great dryness of tlie mouth and
tbroat and mlgbt easily lead to nice*
tin* poisoning, tbey endeavor to combat by drinking great quantities of
black coffee, wblcb sets at an amidol*
to tbe effect* of tbo nicotine Imbibed.'
And lt tt only black coffee thit renders It possible for tbem to distinguish
between ind eatlmnto lb* value of lb*
various kinda of atrong tobacco.
I Tbe danger sun by tbese valiant officials can best be gauged by remember.
Ing the blgbly poiaonou* character ot
nicotine aa brought ont especially liy,
tbe experience of a Croatian In th*
Crimean war, who. on finding a intka
ln a wall, knocked the bowl off bla chibouk and plunged tbe end Into ll*
month, wltb the result that It fell dead
Bumming birds ara eo small that   (t his feet aa atlfr at i piece of Iron.-***
wheu they are captured for commercial   Hamburger Nachrlchlen.
purposes It It Impossible to use even - __________
Ibe smallest shot for fear of Injuring
everything Out.
A "cub" reporter was sent out by
his cily editor to cover a Or* in th*
Back Bay district Before bo could
reach tb* bout* th* Are bad been extinguished and the Are department
gone. Nothing daunted, tbe reporter
rang lbe bell ef tb* house and soon
was confronted by a servant girl.
"I wish to tee Mr. noblnson," tald
tho reporter, politely lipping bis bat
"He't out," tertely inswered tbeierr>
"It his wife it bomtr tsked the reporter.
"No; the'* out too."
"Weil," cam* back tb* reporter. "I
understand yon bive bad ■ Ore here."
"Oh, thnt'i out, too," md tb* report*!
bloomln' government doesn't catch tbe   wcnt Blld|y away -- me door ilammed
their skins.  Tbey are therefore stunned
with a drop of water from a blowgnn '
er syringe and fall Into a net, when
they are quickly poisoned.
Bumming birds vary ln size from
tbose half at largt at a sparrow to
tbose about the size of a bee, Tbelr
flight Is so swift Ibat Ihey can be well
teen ouly wben poised on a flower.—
Ar* Maria.
Th* Train Rebbers.
"Tet," snld (he distinguished foreigner traveling In this country and
being Interviewed by the busy report-
ers-"yes, I've gona about quite a bit
In thia bally big hinterland, y' aee.
And 1 cawn't help wonderln' wby your
A Wideawake Prlsener.
"Tbe Jury bus uninliuouslr found
yeu guilty, prisoner it Ibe bar." sold
the Judge dryly, "but for aome reason
unknown to me Ihey bav* recommend-
ed you to ibe mercy of th* court Is
view of your crime you must be baug* ,
id, but In view of tbat recommends,
tion to mercy you may choos* tht
method of hinging."
"All right you're bonor," replied thi
prisoner. "If that'a Ih* cts* I gurnt
I'll be hinged In efllgy."-Hirper't.
train robbers and lock them
"Train robbers?" snld tbe American.
"Why. hare you met up wllb train
robbers alrcsdy J"
"Tubby Shnwl  Tubby Shawl"
"Who's tbat?"
"1 metnter say, yes, 1 bare. Then
bandits black tbeir faros, y'know, and
tben they come In very politely and
take in* money."
The American thought tt over, and
tben ll began to dawn upon blm tbat
thia wss only mother ttory nbout Pullman portera-Clevelind Plain Dealer.
Allayed Hit Fever.
Old Bachelor-Wbateller looking to
blm I bout old man?   D* Chippie- j
llcison enough.   Last nlgbt I drninnt.
Ically told Doc Ue nocks tbit I was
consumed witb love for hit daughter,
ind tbi old chump pretcrllied qtilnln*
for a fever and snld he'd tend tho bill,
liter.—Boston Record. i
Net Attractive.
Mra. lie Good-Why iren'l yon going
to church?  Mr. De Good-List Sunday
ibe roof leaked, and three or four dropt
went uuwii my bark   Mrs. D* Good- I
Tb* root ba* been reptlred sine* then. I
Mr   D* Gnnd-llub!   Tben tbey'll bt
wanting money lo pay for tbt rcpilrt,
-New fork Weekly.
Her Mi-tske.
"White In Kansas City last week I
bad occasion to dlctito tome notes to
a botel stenographer In regard to a
coming convention," aaid a Chicago
man. "I began one paragraph with
thit statement:
" 'On Wrdneaday evening Ibe visitors
will be tbe gueatt or tb* various fraternal organisations baring cluhhousta ■
in tbt dty.*
"Thli pirtlculir piragrapb cim*
back typewritten thus: |
'"On Wednesday evening tb* visitor! will bc th* guests of tb* virion*
freight terminal organisations having
clubhouses In tbt city.' "-Chicago Put ,
«!*• by . (g bla fac*.-Boston Traveler.
A Suggestion,
j   Tbe retailer stopped one of bis ol*
est customer* on tbe street
|    *'I want to speak to yon." lie began.
'■    "Go ahead, and tea If I care."
I   '"-Wv* got to care.   Tbla bill ot
yours haa been running a long tlm*
I now."
!    "Poor thing!   Bow can yon be •»
: cruel as to let It run a long tlm*?"
i    "Well, wbat are yon going to do
, wllb It)"
I "I'm going to mnke yen a mages-
! tion. If tbat bill baa been running fnt
I ai long u yon uy It has give It a
rett Let it ataud for a moutb or tw *"*)
I -Cleveland Plain Dealer.
per Evening Wear,
:    Coraige bouquets, boutounlercs tnd
I hair ornaments made of ribbon flowers
in the craze Just now, and these daln-
; ty  ornaments ar* mora often  worn
Th* Metn't Offspring.
Looking out of th* wladow on*
tvenlng. little Marl* uw tbi brlgbl
full moon In Ibe eastern iky ind apparently only a few Incbet from It th*
beautiful Jupiter, ahlnlng almost a*
brightly u tb* moon Itself.    Marl*
Th* Intruder.
A certiln beat coming up th* Ml*
tlsslppl on* day during a flood lost
ber way and bumped up agalutt a
frame house.   Sh* hada't mora thou
touched It befor* an old darky ram-   	
rued hla head up through a hoi* la tb*  .„„* latently it tbe spectacle for *
roof, where tb* chimney one* cam*  moment and tben, turning to ber rooth-
out, and yelled at tha captain on tha  (r_ eiclalmrd.
roof: "Wbnr't you gwlne wld dat boat?     "Oh. mother, lookl   Tbe moon hat
Can't you see nothln'?  Fuit thtog you   |,id tn tgg!"-Niw Tork Press,
knows you gwlne to turn dli boutt —«.u.t„nj—
««*. »-'«: - .ta«! ««"^f.  5 V! orh.ra..n_d. country wid   £ -£—« -WM
mind than w« ill down to contrive ir>
illcbtl appelltes.-Jobnson.
amusing  himself   and   the  German*   .m)r botti nDjbow?  Go on back yan
looking on. bnt now he began to watch
closely for aa opportunity to ring •
man U» did not wish to kill.
In th* tre* where Hnrrli was perched wit t dead branch, detached, hut
hanclnt ta another in-such br a fork.
der froo d* co'nflcld* an' get btck
Into do rlbber whar you b'iongs. Ain't
get no business tev'n mile* out In the
country foollo' roun' people*! boutea
souioasixiiM and aim o»rimmm oi
Tb* matt who lolls for a principle •»
_i_d lir^rSitt* out.-, Wide* himself by Uw M^MMM| STil*rtdE torn
(ban the real flower*. Illustrated he:**
are a coiffure butterfly, an old fashion.
ed posy bouquet and a smart little boil- THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. , Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Estate Investments,"
E. E. Gibson, local manager for
tbe West Kootenay Power & Light
company, returned on Monday from
Spokane, having taken ThomaB
Kelly, the line'nan who miraculously escaped instant death in an accident at Phoenix recently, to the Sa
cred Heart hospital in that city. A
.successful operation waa performed
on Mr Kelly while Mr. Gibson was
in Spokane, but no accurate prediction os to the ultimate result of the
patient's injuries can be made for a
VV. T. Ross and the Bell boys
killed a cougar and a coyote—both
in one day-—at Deep creek, below
Cascade, last Monday. The bounty
on tbe cougar was $15, ahd on the
coyote $1, total $16 All earned in
one dty as a side line to Mr. Eosb'
fruit growing operations.
Mr. and. Mrs. G. A. Stewart and
daughter, Miss Belle, arrived in the
city last Saturday from Calgary.
Mr. Stewart is lbe owner of the
Henderson residence, on Winnipeg
avenue, and the family intend to
make Grand Forks their future
If tbe young man who went to
Spokane and wired his father for
fits, bad not been in possesaion of
a return ticket, he would probably
be counting ties somewhere in the
vicinity of Chewelah at present.
A basket social and danc* will be
given by Banner Kebekah lodge in
tbe Davis hall on Monday evening,
December 2. Everybody welcome.
Each lady provide her own basket.
Cards and dancing.
John Hutchison, inspector of preemptions, who has been spending a
month in the district, left on Wednesday for other sections of tbe
The carpenters on the Boundary
Trust & Investment company's
building have been doing some
night work during tbe past week,
Fred 8tarkey, of Nelaon, the biggest booster for the interior in tbe
Located in the central part uf the city
nf Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, cnimnercial
and music branches. Etnbroidt.rv,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for exaiiiina-
tions of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
province,   spent    Wednesday   and
Thursday in the city.
Mrs. W. A. Cooper and Mrs. Geo.
Cooper visited friends at Meyers
Falls for a few daya this week.
The public meeting held in the
city hall last Monday evening, for
the purpose of protesting against the
decision of the attorney-general in
granting immunity from prosecution
to the Doukhobors, was very largely
attended, the hall being crowded.
The sentiment of those present,
who expressed themselves, was very
bitter against the attorney-general
for nullifying the work of the local
officers, and against tbe Doukhobors
for their utter disregard of the laws
of the land. The chairman, Fred
Clark, stated that iwo telegrams had
been sent lo Mr. Bowser asking for
an explanation of the action of his
department, but no replies bad been
received. Il was therefore decided
to postpone action until aa explanation ia forthcoming from the provincial legal department. Tbe old
committee was continued in otlice.
Mr. and Mre. John Temple returned to iheir home in Victoria
last Monday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Ernest Miller attended tbe county
court session in Greenwood this
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Office, Kli6 Chef tippet
Hasssm's RUSIDISCF., R88 !••* MIBBI
^e Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
GOOD PRINTING-^rrti^nUdina
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Suits to Order &18 iwds
1 We are agents for sorno,of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor %»^»^»^t»^»^»,
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Nov. 21.—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      5.25    5.75
Kev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chat ge) a full description of his
core. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies, I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address, Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
(Published Annually)
Kimble* traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with tfugllsh
In «ach class of roods. Besides being a complete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory oontaius lists of
with the Goods they ahlp, and the Colonial
end Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to whioh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of tbe United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20t.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards lor £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
_    Metal Quotations
Naw York, Nov. 21.—Silver 61$;
standard copper, 117.25(1! 17.50;
Londoh, Nov. 21.—Silver, 284;
lead, £16 10s.
PHONE    L14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, J"... Columbia p. o,
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statement!.,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery. *
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Ux)t Sun frittt Strop
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes anl Tobaccos
A PreaM-onitpumentol
Ke,_.ltr_»l Wttklr.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ur Hon tug at
Kaiur Hon tug * Special y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Doob North or Uhandy Hotel,
First Stkekt.
I a rtsUb saadwcT.o_.nn mat
• ' whether au
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A Mlisbl. Finch teialatermwm-tails. Ttaas
Bills srs escwdlnily powerful In icftilMlaalha


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