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The Evening Sun Dec 9, 1910

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^2PRIA, B-^-7
Tenth Year—No. 6
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. December 9, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
After Paying All Expenses,
Fair Association Has
Money in Bank
There was a large attendance at
tbe first annual general meeting of
the Grand Forks Agricultural association, held in the city on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. President H. C. Kerman, who presided,
expressed satisfaction at being
able to report the assocition
in s|.lundid financial condition.
After paying all accounts in connection with the holding of the first
annual fair, the society had, he said,
a balance in the bank of about S90.
Treasurer T. A. Mclntyre read
the complete financial statement for
the year, as follows: The total receipts from all sources were $2,-
513.95. Of thiB amount $1,716.97
was expended in connection with the
holding of the fair, $674.55 was paid
on notes and interest in respect of
the purchase of the grounds, and
there is a balance to the credit of the
Bociety in the Eastern Townships,
bank of $122.43. Out of this bal
ance is to be deducted $32.50, due
winners of prizes at the recent fair,
but which has not been called for,
leaving the society #89.93 on the
right side, of the ledger. The report
was accepted, and the treasurer was
tendered a hearty vote of thanks for
for his sef-vices.
Secretary P. H. Donaldson's report showed that $1800 had been
subscribed hy residents of the city
and valley to the association. Of
thiB amount, S1090 had not yet been
paid.J Part of the sum was covered
by notes which had not yet ma-
A. B. Hood reported that $1000
had been paid Mr. Ruckle on ac-
C mnt of the purchase of the
grounds. The balance, ahout $4000,
was not due until May, 1911.
On motion, the treasurer wns instructed to obtain all information regarding the financial condition of
the association, so that the exact
standing may be ascettained at all
times. •
The eleption of officers resulted as
follows: Honorary president, Martin Burrell, M.P.; honorary vice-
president, Ernest Miller, M.P.P.;
president, H. 0 Herman; vice-president, Fred Clark; treasurer, T. A.
Mclntyre; secretary, P. H. Donaldson; directors, J. T. Lawrence, A.
B. Hood, G. M. Fripp, A. B. Tweedle, J. D. Honsberger, Et. A.
Sheads, Thos. Powers, A. E. Savage.
A communication was received
from A. E. Craddock, Victoria, secretary of the B. C. Fairs association,
asking tbe local association to send
a delegate to the annual meeting of
the society, which will be held in
Victoria on January 9th, and also to
forward before the 19th inst. any
resolutions which this association
might wish to have brought before
the provincial organization. President H. C. Kerman was the unanimous choice of the meeting for dele-
gate. The directors will meet in the
board of trade rooms next Tuesday
evening at 8 o'clock for the purpose
of drafting resolutions.
A resolution was unanimously
adopted setting forth that ,it is the
intention of the association to hold
its second annuul in this city during
the full of 1911.
The treasurer was instructed to
pay the Grand Forks volunteer fire
department $43.50, this being the
amount spent in improving the race
track grounds previous to the holding of their celebration on the 24th
of May last. A vote of thanks was
also tendered the department for
financial assistance.
Livestock Commissioner Jull
Spoke on This Subject
to Local Breeders
Expressions of Esteem Tendered Retiring Alderman
On Monday evening M. A. Jull,
provincial live stock commissioner,
delivered a lecture, under the auspices of the Grand Forks Poultry
association, in the city hall to a
large gathering, his subject Ijeing
"Poultry for Profit."
Mr. Jull opened his address by
pointing out the utility of the different breeds, explaining the laying
qualities of each variety, and the purposes served by the American birds,
such as the Plymouth Rocks, Wy-
andottes and Rhode Island Reds,
explaining how they are regarded
as layers as well as for table use.
He commented • favorable on the
French variety, the Houdan, which,
he Baid, was a splendid layer and
had good table qualities. Many
other varieties were also dealt
with by the speaker.
Mr. Jull favored the breeding of
but one variety, and striving for
perfection in that variety. If a person made a failure of one breed, he
would not be apt to make a success
of another kind. To attain success it
was absolutely necesBsry to give the
lairds proper care and attention.
Comfortable quarters, a varii-ty of
foods and plenty of etercise were essential requirements. The latter
could be supplied by providing
them with a deep litter of straw in
their houses, in which all grain
should be thrown. This would keep
them scratching for their food,
which would keep them busy and increase the egg production.
The speaker said he hnd heen informed that poultry feed iB much
higher here than in Vancouver,
Nelson and other points in the
province, while strictly fresh eggs
are. from 15 to 30 cents per dozen
less here than at other interior towns
or at the coast. These conditions,
ho said, could be remedied by cooperation.
At the conclusion of his lecture,
Mr. Jull was tendered a hearty vote
of thanks.
The regtllar meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evening, all the members being present
except Aid. Smith.
The secretary of the school board
requested that the council appoint
an auditor to audit the school ac-
oounts for the current year. Colin
Campbell received the appointment.
A communication was received
from the provincial secretary,stating
that the plans of the isolation hospital, recently send to Victoria by the
council, were not acceptable to the
provincial health department. Several alterationnwere suggested. Dr.
Fagan, provincial health officer, will
visit the city about the first of tbe
new year, and the council decided to
let the matter remain in statu quo
until bis arrival here.
The mayor reported that he had
arranged a settlement with Wm.
Pearce, through his solicitors, for
the loss of a horse, which it was
claimed bad broken its leg on the
Cooper bridge, on a basis of $30.
The council rutified the settlement.
Aid. Follick drew attenriun lo the
unsafe condition uf tbe sidewalk on
the west side of First street, between
Bridge and Main; also to lhe side
walk where it joins the concrete
walk in front of tbe Royal bank
Referred to the board of works.
Before adjournment, Mayor Clark
informed the members of the council that Aid. Follick was with them
for the laBt time, as he intended to
leave for his new home in Vanoou
ver the next morning. The mayor
S|ioke very highly of Aid. Follick's
efficient services us chairman of the
finance committee. Although a new
member of the council, he Inn! discharged the duties of his important
department with much skill. He
was pleased to note the excellent condition of the finances of the city this
year under the guidance of the chairman of the finance committee. He
was sorry to see Mr. Follick leave
Grand Forks, and felt sure that had
he decided to remain here there was
no gift in the hands oi the citizens
th.it would not have been accorded
him. As a citizen he had only words
of praise for him. He had been a
very useful member of society, and a
staunch BUpporteJ of what he considered was right. H
regret at the departure
Commercial Club at Danville
A commercial club has been organized in Danville. The following
is a list of the lirst officers elected:
President, Dennis Peone; vice president, J. Bell; secretary, Jv. Van.
Slyke; treasurer, VV. Page; chairman j
of board of directors, A. Boulais.
Twenty of the leading farmers in
the vicinity of Danville organized a
Farmers' -union last Friday night.
Will Co-operate [in Investigating Maible Formations Near the City
Federal Estimates Contain
That Sum for Postoffice
in This City
The main estimates, covering the
estimates of expenditure for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1912,
were tabled in the house on Friday
last in the absence of Mr. Fielding
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier. They provide for an expenditure of $138,-
863,200, an increase of $6,035,573
over the main estimates forthe current fiscal year. The proposed votes
for public buildings in thiB province
are: Grand Forks, public building,
$30,000; Greenwood, public building, $30,000; Crankbrood, public
building, $25,000; Revelstoke, pub
lie building, $30,000; Fernie, drill
hall $11,000, public building $10,-
000; Nelson, public building addition, $7000.
Silver Gilt Banksian Medal
The following letter has been received by James Rooke, president
of the Grand Forks Fruit Growers'
association, from the department of
agriculture, Victoria:
Victoria, Dec. 2.—Please convey
to the fruit growers of Graud Forks
my best congratulations on securing
the silver gilt Banksian medal for
best individual exhibit of fruit at
the Royal Horticultural society's
show held in Vincent Bquare on December 1st. This medal, as you are
no doubt aware, is the highest
award which is given by that society for any individual exhibit,
and the fact of its being awarded
should do a good deal towards bringing before the public of Great lirit
ain the claims of your district as a
fruit growing section.
You will also be pleased to hear
that the British Columbia government wns awarded the large Hogg
memorial gold medal for its display
of fruit, this being the lirst  occasion
city, and was sure thnt bis brother
members of the council ;wnuld join
hiin in wishing them Godspeed and
happiness in their new home.
E. B. Cale, poultry expert,will de- AM tbe members of the council,
liver an address on "Mating and as well as City Clerk McCnllun, ond
Breeding" to the members of the City Solicitor Sutton, endorsed the
Grand Forks Poultry association in j mayor's tribute to the retiring aldcr-
the oity hall   on  Monday evening, ! man- nnd wished him aml
expressed on   which   this    medal   bus   been
f   Mr. Ful- j awarded tu^nv one  in   the  history
lick and his estimable wife from the of this society. Yours very truly,
Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister.
December 12th.
Information as to the present
whereaboutt of J. P. Cochrane, who
worked for the C.P.R in this city
in   1905, is desired   by   his father.
The semi-aiiinial election of officers of the Grand Forks union Xo.
180, of the Western Federation of
Miners, was held last Wednesday
evening, when the following mem-
his wife''ler9 were chosen: President, Wil-
happiness and prosperity. Iii"" Hoffman;  vice-president, John
Aid. Follick, iu reuly, spoke at IN- Currie; 8ecoml vice-president,
considerable length. He dwelt on Ja,lle9 Plul1' at 0rient. W"^.; seethe pleasant relations which hnd ex- '■ retnrv-treasurer, Walter E. llndden:
isted between him nnd the other' recording secretary, Oscar Smith;
other members of   the council end conduotor, Wilson Fleming; warden,
the   city employees,
and thanked IsAmil Loseke, George Heatberton,
,Vny one knowing the man's present! themay-(.riu^ aldermen for their' prp«dent of the district and organ-
address are asked to communicate BM8j8tnnce during his term of office izer,-will be here at the next meet-_
with the chief of police, Grand and for the many favors shown hiin ing of the union, and all members
Forks, B. C, , during his residence in lhe city. are requested to be present.
A special meeting of the board of
trade was held on Monday evening,
President Hood presiding. The attendance was large.
H. W. Collins reported the expenses of the board of trade exhibit
at the Canadian National Apple
Show in Vancouver as follows: Construction and other expenses at the
show, $134.93; apples bought for
display in district exhibit, $127.45;
Mr. Broad's expenses, $50; total,
$312.38. The prize money won was
$260, and apples sold amounted to
$120.50, leaving a balance in favor
of the board of $74.12. The report
was accepted and ordered filed. The
secretary was instructed to apportion tbe freight on the whole car
und collect the amounts due tbe
board by the different exhibitors,-
the board having advanced tbe
freight on the carload in the first
instance. All accounts, including
the purchase price of the apples, in
connection with the exhibit were
ordered paid. Messrs. Collins and
Broad were teudered a unanimous
vote of thanks for their able services
in connection with the display. ;
A communication from the Portage la Prairie, Man., board of trade
in reference to railway switching
cliarges, was referred to the freight
A communication from the Winnipeg board of trade,asking the local
board to endorse a resolution to tbe
federal government favoring the construction of the Hudson, Bay railway, was complied with. The memorial favored the operation of the
road by the government.
Several small accounts, amounting to $21.50, were ordered paid.
The advertising committee reported that 1500 pamphlets descriptive ofthe valley had been distributed. The board still had about
2000 on hand, The secretary wife
instructed! to communicate with V.
Kistler, district agent of the Great
Northern, in reference to the dis
triliutinn iii the east by his company of literature advertising the
The board wisely decided not to
fend a memorial to the Dominion
government, asking that local mar-
ble be used in the new post office
here, as such action might hnve a
tendency in further dolay the construction of the building,
A. K. McDougail stilted that he
was in communicate with a practical marble manufacturer, who would
visit the city next week. He asked
If the board would defray the expenses of n tri|i of inspection to thc
North Fork marble formations. jThe
board decided to co-operate with
Mr. McDougail in his efforts to interest this man the new local proposition, and the industries committee will accompany the man nnd
Mr. McDougail on their trip up the
Our cut glass, wilh its spnrkling
brilliancy and its artistic cutting,
appeals to all those of superior and
higher tastes. --A. D. Morrison. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Velma Howard, th* American
Boawall   For  Selma   Lagorlof.
Almost everybody bas beard of Selma
Lugerlof, one of tbe most famous of
Sweden's women writers and educators, to whom tbe Nobel literary prize
waa awarded recently. But comparatively few people bave beard of Velma
Bwanston Howard. Mlsa Lngerlof'a
English translator. Vet to Mrs. Howard's beautiful and faithful Interpretations of her stories tbe Swedish authoress owes her present popularity
here In America.
"The Wonderful Adventures of
Nils." "Tbe Christ Legends" and Miss
Lugerlof* latest book. "Tbe Girl From
the Marshcroft." huve all been trans-
luted wltb wuiiilerful delicacy and
faithfulness to the original by Mrs.
Howard. Wben asked recently about
ber literary work Mrs. Howard said:
"I scarcely know wbat to say about
myself. I have given tbe best part of
Die to Miss Lngerlof for nearly four
years, and I feel ns if there Is not
much left of Velma Swanston Howard's personality. It has all been merged Into tbe greater personality of »«'!-
ma Lagerlof."
To one wbo knows Mrs. Howard
there Is no fear thut ber own charm-
lug self or her literary ability will ever
become completely merged ln that of
another. Mrs. Howard's life bas been
one of varied activities and literary enthusiasms. She bas done very clever
editorial and creative work both here
and ln ber native country. Sweden.
For elgbt yeara sbe followed tbe profession of acting, playing with the best
companies in this country. After retiring from tbe stage sbe gave- Ibsen
readings and lectures. Indeed, one
might say tbat\she popularized Ibsen
lo this country and at great risk of
losing ber own personal reputation, for,
strange as It now seems, at tbat rime
to openly confess un appreciation of
Ibsen's writings was to place oneself
outside the pale of respectability
Bnt even as a child Velma Swanston
bad a capacity  for discovering ortg-
tnallty and genius In others and for
Impressing tbeir ipialltles upon ber
auditors. An Instance of the kind occurred in her fourteenth year wben
she was receiving ber education at
tbe public schools of Chicago. An
opportunity of earning some pin
money came to her during tbe summer
vacation, lt wns to do some llgurlug
Id compound fractions for au Insurance company. To u girl of fourteen
tbe recompense ot a dollar a day
looked like a fortune.
Hut there was a Swedish girl In ber
class at tbe art school who wus i, milr-
vel at figures, whose skill wns the
envy aud admiral Iuu nt the small
Velma. So greut was ints admiration
that when an interview look piaee
'between Velma ami ttie mini who wns
to engage her services she tnld hiin
all nlioiii her niiitlieiiiiitli'iil friend Instead ot trying to prove tier own ability for the position So well dui she
plead the cinise ut bet prodigy, dwelling upon tier ipiiekui'ss mill itmtlie-
mnttcal aeeuraey uml tiiiull.v enthusiastically eseliiliiiliig. "She's Ihe girl for
lynul" thnl the nulli guve the Jut) to
the girl whom Velum Swatislnn
boomed fnr the pimliliiii
And to quote Mrs. Howard: "I've
been -whooping ii up' lor somebody or
something ever since. I like it. ton. as
it lake* ine nut uf myself Kvery
Johnson needs n Roswell in oilier
words, erer.v genius must hnve n pnv
innier. And a good promoter hns to
have a certain kind nl uileiit In urder
to convince (icnpie of ilie worth nf his
wares, whether these wares tie tmoks
'or buttons,"
One ot Mrs. Howard's pleasant re-
nieiiitirntiees Is an interview she hnd
with the lute King Oscur uf Sweden,
and aiming her most cherished souvenirs is u large autograph phuiogmpb
which his majesty guve her uu tbat
The Character Book W'-.ich Is Undsr
Police Supervision.
I Among the many domestic problems that Germany has solved io its
own satisfaction is thnt of the giv-
; ing or refusing of a "character" to
! a servant. The following statement
of the system in vogue in Germany
shows how completely it answers its
Every   man   or  woman   seeking  to
enter the service of another, whether
as laborer, clerk or domestic servant1,
I is under obligation to procure a ser-
! vice book, which after purchase must
j be officially   stumped   by   the   police
authorities.    The authorities enter in
I the book a description of the holder,
i huviug reference to age, personal apv
I peurance  and   religion,
i    When u situation is-applied for the
prospectiVe employer can   see   nt   a
dunce whether the applicant has been
in service before nnd if so what kind
of work has been done.   If the applicant secures the situation the employer writes in the book. "Entered the
service ol So-and-so of such a street
and town,"   adding   the   dnte, a description   of  the   work  required  and
the wages given.
The employer retains the hook as
long as the engagement lasts and on
banding it back makes another entry,
"Left my service on such a date,"
with a few lines as to character and
the servant's reasons for leaving.
Thus the character book go"i round,
and the servant has never the uncomfortable necessity of asking her
mistress for a recommendation.
Forged characters are practienlly impossible, since th«s, whole system is
under police supervision.
Destitution in old age among domestic servants and the lower class
of artisans has become an impossibility in Germany, for within the last
fifteen years or so it has been made
compulsory for all who earn less than
$500 a year to insure themselves
uguinst want after their working lives
.ire over.
Honor For Sir dames.
On the great ocean greyhounds between New York rind England it has
been the custom to always remember
the widows and orphans of the seamen who perish while following their
perilous avocation. Subscription!- are
received at a concert given by tlie
passengers. The most distinguished
passenger is always selected to preside. This post of lienor nearly always falls to the lot of some multimillionaire or man of note of the
United States or England.
The Campiinia steamed inn
York recently with 1,614 sou..- .,i
board. As a sign of the changing
times, the honor nf speaking for the
widows and orphans came to Sir
James Whitney, freiuier of Ontario.
In a vigorou- speech he reminded the
passengers of tneir duty to those dependent on the brave men who had
lost their lives on the ocean. No less
than 158,000 had died during the last
38 years, from British ships, of whom
some 98,000 were drowned. The totat
loss of life from the ships of all nations was something appalling.
The contributions amounted to the
largest sum received in a long time.
Insulted the Goldfish.
This time it's the kindergarten that
has furnished a school remark which
deserves telling.
In the kindergartens of Toronto,
globes of goldfish are an interesting
feature, and the feeding of the fish is
a regular part of the pleasant kindergarten routine. In the present instance
the fish had been given breakfast, and
the teacher had called the children
back to their places. One little fellow who had started his school experience that morning, lingered near
the goldfish.
"Come along, Bobby," said the
teacher.   "We're going to sing."
In a drawling voice, and with a tone
that indicated greater interest in the
fish than in the singing, Bobby said,
"All right. I was just looking at your
sardines for a minute."
An  Ex-in*p«eter Chat* on the  Perils
of the  Oriental   Peeler.
The European officers of the Indian
pnlicf nre the hardest-worked body
of officials in the world, and their
duties, more particularly in the
country and jungle districts, are of
an exceedingly varied and difficult
From the earliest morning until far
into the night they are on the alert,
now quelling brawls in the baznarpy
or religions riots, now in pursuit of
dacoitf)  and  cattle  thieves,  or  probing    apparently   unfathomable   mys-
| teries of daring robberies and murder
j outrages,   Then, after having passed
; the day in the arduous task of pro-
; tecting     the     law-abiding     citizens
[ against the  vast   army of criminals,
i and trying to brim: the latter to hook,
( they are often   called out   to secure
J absconding   elephants,   runninji   riot
land causing devastation in the pla»-
I tations, or to free an outlying village
from the attentions of a man-eating
And, in order to cone with all such
eventualities, nn insp"ctor%of a district, comprising perhaps forty or
more villages, each separated from
the other by mih'S of impenetrable
jungle, is given only one or two white
constables and a posse of native
policemen. The latter are mostly
Pathans, a physically well-developed
and strong people, but, unfortunately,
quite unreliable and often treacherous.
Moreover, to increase further the
difficulties of the position, the people
in towns and villages show an open
antipathy, not to say hostility, to the
police force. Instedd of assisting,
they place difficulties in the way,
and mislead the officers, even though
they might be in possession of clues
as to the identity or whereabouts of
the wanted criminals.
If, further, we take into consideration the fact that the criminal gangs
are invariably closely 'organized secret societies, such as societies of
burglars, cattle thieves, hmisehreak-
ers, dacoits, etc.. the roa.ler will bo
abie to irauge the enormity of the
problems with w hich the Indian
police have to cope in tlie course of
Uieir daily routine. Perhaps routine
is hardly the word to describe conditions offering so much variety and
Thus, a couple of years ago, I waa
in charge of an extensive jungle dis-
trict,in the Punjab, som* eighty miles
to tbe south of Khan. At the time
we were pestered with a particularly
audacious gang of robbers, whose
deeds and tactics proved them to he
at the very height of their profession,
and well acquainted with local conditions. They operated indiscriminately in the European and native
settlements, and had even forced
their entrance into the police and
military posts, with a view to stealing weapons, and all kinds of valuables on which they could lay their
A peculiar feature of their mode of
/procedure was tbat they invariably
administered some insidious drug to
their intended victims, and whilst the
latter were under its effect quietly
raided the place and disappeared before tne alarm could be given. This
fact satisfied us that the native servants were party to the conspiracy;
out whether they had been terrorized
into silence, or whether they shared
.n the proceeds, the most stringent
examinations and inquiries proved
abortive. Promises of reward and
threats alike failed to loosen their
tongues, and in the absence of incriminating evidence we could not
eveji ar-est them.
External Treatment
Necessary for Eczema
Surprising Results Obtained from DR.
This  Obstinate  Skin  Trouble.
Eczema may arise from a variety of
causes but once started it is a skin
disease that will continue to spread
and become more annoying until
local, external treatment effects a
This is why Dr. Chase's Ointment
hns supplanted the old-fashioned in-
ternal treat nients which were always
disappointing In results.
When this soothing, healing ointment is applied you see and leeUthe
benefits in short order. The itching,
stinging sensations are overcome and
with the wonderful relief thus obtained you ure encouraged to continue
tbe treatment until gradually the
sores nre healed up and the disease
thoroughly wiped out.
What is so annoying nnd discouraging as disfiguring, itching skin diseases. In Dr. Chase's Ointment you
have a cure for such ailments and
this ointment is so clean, pure and
soothing that it becomes a great pleasure to use it. Its use makes the skin
soft, smooth and velvety nnd for this
reason it is much sought by persons,
whose skin is susceptible to the
chnnges of wenther.
Mrs. Link, 12 Walker street, Halifax, N. S., states:—"After three years
of miserable torture and sleepless
nights with terrible eczetaa, and nfter
trying over a dozen remedies without obtaining anything hut slight
temporary relief, 1 have been perfectly and entirely cured by using
Dr. Chase's Ointment. After the third
or fourth applloatlon of this grnnd
ointment I obtained relief, and a few
boxes were sufficient to make a thorough cure. It is six months since I
was freed from this wretched skin
disease, and as there lias been no return of the trouble I consider the
cure a permanent one."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cts. a box,
nll.denlers, or Eilmnnson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. Write for free copy of Dr.
Chase's Recipes.
Took Him at His Word.
Guest—Why did you put me in thfit
weak bed?   Host—You suid yi-u were
a light sleeper.
Novel Pl*c« Cards.
A novel place card, hnineiiinde, for
lhe weddini. breakfast or tor a brides-
maid's luncheon Ih made by getting
kiiihII phoiiigraphH ot the bride, aa
mimv an tliere are guest*
The heads only are used Thev are
pasted on oblong* ot wilier color paper mi inch wide and twiAud a halt
niches long. 'I'he upper part of tbe
card la shaped iiroiiin) the head to re-
Hemhle a veil and simulated with pen
'and ink or palmed In I'he ptinto-
irraph Is then colored to look line a
f Another set of cards may have the'
nil hone, te* or the hrlde and groom plac-
led side by side, so nun only half tbe
groom'] face, which la underneath.
Stopping  Undesirables.
Since the beginning of the year
1910 75 persons have been picked up
at the frontier ns undesirables, according to the report of the Ontario
police The provincial authorities
claim that many of the lowest crimes
committed are the work of just such
people, who are ejected from other
countries. Two of these undesirables
were wanted by the United States
authorities for murder and another
for rape.
Cyclists' Parsdlst.
Denmark Is described In tbe report
of tbe American consul at Copenhagen
ns a wheelman* paradise, witb nn
abundance of good roads, good Inn*
nnd special tracks ln cities and few
gradients. In Copenhagen, he says,
there are I10.IKKI cyclists—probably a
larger proportion to tbe population
tban will be found In anv oilier citv
Grsst   Raohal   Mads  tha
Earn Its Monay.
Speaking of applause in theaters, a
theatrical man relates tbe following
concerning the great actress Itacbel:
"It seems tbat upon u certain opening night KaNiol received enthusiastic
applause, but on the second night It
was so noticeably slim that tbe actress
felt deeply grieved und bitterly complained that the claque was not doing
Its duty. The leader of the hired 'applause makers' on hearing of her displeasure wrote ber a letter ln which be
endeavored to exense himself from any
" 'Mademoiselle—I cannot remain under t|ie obloquy of a reproach from
such lips as yours,' he began. The
following Is an authentic statement of
what really took place: At the first
representation i led the attack ln person not less than thirty-three times.
We had three acclamations, four hilarities, two thrilling movements, four
renewals of applause and two Indefinite explosions. In fact, to sucb nn
extent did we carry our applause that
tbe occupants of tbe stalls were scandalized and cried out a la porte!
" 'My men were positively exhausted
with fatigue and even Intimated to me
that tbey could not again go through
sucb an evening. Seeing such to he
the case, I applied for the manuscript,
and nfter having profoundly studied
the piece I was obliged to make up my
mind for tbe second representation to
certain curtailments ln the service of
my men.'
"The writer thus goes on at some
length to nssure the actress be will
try to make future amends and requests her to believe in bis profound
President Johnson of the Americnn
league was pointing out to a sporting
ed,tor the wonderful money-making
possibilities of the baseball business.
"Baseball is ingrained in our people," be said. "They'll give their
lime and money to baseball though
the henvenB fall."
"There's a spice of truth in the
story of the boss who said to bis oflice
" 'Well, Henry, I don't see how you
will get to any of tbe games this season, as your grandmother died twice
while football wns on.'
" 'But, sir,' snid the boy, 'grandfather hns mnrried Hgnin much against
the wishes of the family."
Pruning the Grape.
In pruning the grape cut back to
the third   bud,  ns  it is  usually the
first entirely perfect bud produced.
All My Pimples Gone
Girl Tells How a Blotchy Skin Was
Cleansed by a Simple Wash
I wns ashamed of my face," writes
Miss Minnie  Picknid, of Altainnlinw.
It wns nil full of pimples und scurs,
hut after using D. 1). D. Prescription
I enn sny that now there is no sign of
that eczema, end thut wus three years
D. D. D. bus become so famous ns n
cure lind instnnt relief in eczema.nnd
nil other serious skin diseases, thnt
its value is sometimes overlooked in
clearing up rash, pimples, black-
heads, end nil 'other minor forms of
skin impurities.
The fnct is, that while D. D. D. is
so penetrating that it strikes to the
very root of eczema or any other serious trouble, the soothing Oil of Win-
tergreen, Thymol nnd other ingredients are so carefully compounded
there is no wash for the skin mnde
that can compare with this great
household remedy for every kind of
skin trouble.
D. D. D. is plensnnt to use, perfectly
harmless to the most del'ente skin,
nnd absolutely relinble. Write the
D. D. D. Laboratories, Dent. T. F.,
49 Oolbome St.. Toronto, for a free
trial bottle, nnd prove its wonderful
For side by nil druggists.
W. N. U., No. 818.
Significance of Certain Numbers In the
Telegraphers' Code.
"In the jtelegraphers' code numbers
bave special significance of wblch the
general public is not aware," remarked
a vetenui key night the otber day.
"Mosr everybody knows that 30
means 'good night," or the end of a
story, but few outside the profession
know that 31 Is also a code sign. Railroad operators, however, know that
tbis call Is a signal to the operator at
the other end to come back and repeat
train signals to tbe sending operator.
It also has another meaning. Train
order to be signed by conductor and
engine driver.' Nineteen, on the other
band, means that tbe train order Is not
to be signed by conductor or engine
driver. Twenty-four has also tho latter significance on some roads.
"Five is simply an Interrogation
point and in the vernuculur could lie
translated 'Anything doing?' Thirteen
signifies -Do you understand?' Twenty-five means 'busy.' but nobody seems
to know how It came to bave thnt significance unless perhaps It means tbat
tbe operator Is stilt In the midst of his
work, being some distance away from
"Seventy-three means 'best regards.'
and newspaper men and operators employ tbis expression constantly. Of
course 23 has come to mean In this
numerical language Just what It does
ln ordinary parlance, 'sklddoo,' 'vamoose' or 'butt out' or any of tbe thousand and one other equivalents."—New
York Herald.
Michael Anderson Joins the Throne;
Who are Shouting their Praises—
They cured His Gravel and Rheumatism.
Pine Valley, Man. (Special).—Michael Anderson, a well-known farmer
living near, here, is added to the number of those who have sent the cry
echoing over the Prairies, "Dodd's
Kidney Pills are the farmer's friend."
And truly Mr. Anderson has reason,
to praise the great Canadian Kidney
remedy.   Listen to his experience:
'A strain and a bad cold started
my troubles," snys Mr. Anderson*
"and for twelve long yenrs I was a
victim of Kidney Trouble, Rheumatism and Gravel. Doctors attended
me, and I tried many medicines, but
they did not cure me. Dodd's Kidney Pills cured nie in less than one
It is easy to do anything when youi
know bow. Mr. Anderson went riglit
to the root of his trouble. He cured
his Kidneys by using Dodd's Kidney
Pills, and with the root gone the other
disease disappeared. Dodd's Ki iney
Pills nlwuys make healthy kidneys
and with healthy kidneys, you can't
have Rheumatism or Gravel.
At the Immigrant Office
Officer—Hnve you any means of support?
Newly Arrived—I don't understand.
"Huve you any profession by whicli
you can make n living?"
"Ob, no; I'm nn artist."
A Seditious Poet.
One of the editors of the Nationalist
newspaper El Alam has published at
Cairo a book of poems said to contain
seditious matter, eulogizing the two
assassins Dhingra and Wardani, vilifying the murdered Premier Boutros
Pasha, denouncing the British occupation, and threatening the Khedive.
Ferid Bey, leader of the Nationalist
party, wrote a preface recommending
the book. The book has been confiscated, and (he tuthor of the poems
haa suddenly disappeared from the
ken of the authorities.
"What's the matter, little boy?"
"My  maws gone  un'  drowned alL
the kittens."
"Dear!   dear!   Now flint's too bad."
"Yep, she p-promiscd—boo    boo!—
'at I c'u'd do it."—Harper's Weekly.
Specialist  Could   Not   Remove
In The Bladder.
St ine
.loliette, P. Q.
"During Inst August I went to Montreal to consult a specialist ns I had'
been suffering terrible with Stone in
the Blndder.
'He decided to opernte but snid the
stone wns too lnrge to remove nnd
too hnrd to crush. I returned home
nnd wns recommended by a friend to-
try GIN PILL8.
They relieved the pain. I took
two boxes and went back to the specialist. He said the stone wns smaller, but he could not remove it, nl-
tbough he tried for two hours nnd a
half. I returned home and continued
to take GIN PILLS, and to my grent
surprise and joy, I passed the stone.
1 GIN PILLS are the best medicine
in the world, and hecnuse -they did
me so much good, I will recommend
them all the rest of my life." 46'
J. Albert Lessard.
BOc a box—6 for $2.50—at all denl-
ers, nnd money hnck if tbey fnil to-
give relief. Sample box free. Nntion-
el Drug nnd Chemicnl Co., Dept. N.
U., Toronto.
/   I (
I * Has been Canada's favorite
Yeast over a quarter of a
century. Enough for S cts
to produce 50 large loaves
of fine, wholesome, nourishing, home-made bread.
Do not experiment—there
is nothing "just as goofl"
„,,     ,        TORONTO, ONT.   „
Winnipeg Montr..'
Awarded Kighest honor, at
all Exposition,.
"No, sir," said the red haired man,
"I won't believe anything I can't see
for myself." •
"All right. I was going to tell you
your necktie is up behind, but it's no
Had Money to Burn
The picture  of misery—"Yus, lidy,.
there was a time wYn I 'ml money to I
burn, tm' where I made the mistake
waa wVii I did hum it."
The oil party—"Ami pray what did      ■&&
you burn it with?"
Tlie picture of misery—"Wiv an ole
flame o' mine.'.'—London Punch,
Wise Men and Women Know
that most of the sicknesses of life come from inactive bowels and
from unhealthy condition of the organs of digestion. If your
digestive system is not working right, your food does not nourish
you—poor blood and weakness follow; if your bowels are inactive
—waste matter poisons the whole system and serious sickness is
sure to follow.    To take promptly
te to save yourself trouble and expense. Gentle, but quick; safe,
but thorough, they enable the bowels to carry away waste matter
naturally and tone up the whole digestive system. They will
not injure the most delicate. They help you to get your bowels
and your digestive organs in that condition when they can
take good  core  of themselves  and  of you.    Beechnut's  Fills
Do Good Naturally
For/emnta, Baehom't Pill. or. wtclclb uiltoWe. Saltahuctlon mil* tori, too.
Prepired only hy Thomia Reecham, Si. Helena, Lancashire, England,
Sold everywhere In Canada and U. S. Ameriea.  lo bone 25 eeou.
W« ara   everywhere with the   standard goods.
  Paper and Matches ara our specialties.   Let us
know your wanta—we'll do the rest.
TEE8 & PERSSE, LIMITED, Aptents, Winnipeg Caliary, Edmonton,
Re|lna, Fort William and Port Arthur.
II j
m w
Depends Upon the Whisky
"A innn out west snys rattlesnake
tnstes ns good as trout*."
"Maybe. Uut yc* won't find anybody sitting in the sun waiting for a
rattler to come out and bite."
aw fltiMn A... It joa do not wl"l» to eonUnw. coris yoo
Ef Irooblni. wilh . Mm.rlc.bl. m lM.tm.nt   I want to.
,_B.r„, 1, mill, .11 ob.t- 1»I* totrr IS daia.	
i Senl no mi.<,   Writ, for mr »>«"• "W lr-lm.nt to-
dni. _cl.lOK*<rll rtoM-rti.ti,.,, nt,o«rcM«.
17. W.O.OOI'FM.  Dept. M«  DM Melnee. I~»
When n woman cun keep Irom talking In n cajd game it's a sign she will
never play.
Shi/oh's Gun
anlokly atop, oougka, earn col
tha throat nd lunca. ■
US eta.
The bnliy that is horn in Buenos
Ayres bus h better ohance ol living
thnn if it had been bom in liny other
of the world's lnrge cities.
Do not let n cold settle on your
lungs. Resort to Bicklc's Anti-Consumptive Syrup ut tlie first intimation of irritntion in the throat, nnd
prevent disease from lodging in the
pulmonary organs. Neglected colds
nre the cause of untdl suffering
throughout the country, all of which
could have lieen prevented by tile
application of this simple hut powerful medicine. Tbe price, 25 cents,
brings it within tlie reach of all.
"How did your new play go?"
"Utter failure."
"What was the trouble?"
"Why, 1 made it just as risky as
I dnred. nnd the critics merely culled
it pleasing."
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   in
Although it weighs only hn'.f u
pound, a female herring will lay
Si, nun eggs at a time.
Worms Bap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
The strongest inspiration for a man
to fall in love is to hi; lonely.
Pat and His Bike
A gentleman who bud purchased a
new bicycle guve his old one to au
"1'oull find the wheel useful when
you ure in u hurry," suid the gentleman to Put.
"Oi trust it will be a long toime till
Oi can ride it," said the Irishman.
"Why, have you never tried?" asked
the gentleman.
"Oi hov," was the gloomy reply. "A
frind lint me his. Oi hnd it three or
four weeks, practisin' dny and noight,
au' niver got so Oi couid balance me-
i-i.f shtanilin' still, let luone roide it."
—Lippincott's Magazine.
"Economy," remarked the mornl-
izer, "is the source of wealth."
"That s right," rejoined the demoralizer, "liy denying one's self all the
luxuries of life it is possible to save
up enough money to provide them
in liberal quantities for some one
A Common and a Dangerous Trouble-You Hast
Enrich the Blood to
Escape Danger.
Anaemia is simply a lack of blood.
It is one of the most common and at
the sume time most dangerous discuses with wdiich growing girls suffer.
It is common becnuse the blood so
often becomes impoverished during
development, when girls are too frequently allowed to over-study, overwork and suffer from a luck of exercise. It is dangerous becnuse of the
stealthiness of its approach, often
being well developed before its presence is recognized, and because of its
tendency to grow so steadily worse,
if not promptly checked, that it muy
run into con umption.
Tbe value of the tonic treatment
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills should
be known to every mother in the
lnnd. These Pills mnke new, rich
blood, tone tbe organs und nerves,
bring n glow of henltli to pale, sallow cheeks, and diive away the weak-
ness, headaches, faintness, heart palpitation and loss of energy so noticeable in young girls who are suffering
from anaemia. To nil such Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are an actual life
saver. Miss Mabel MeTavish, Prince
Albert, Sask., snys: "In my case 1
can only sny thnt life hnd lost its
magic; all work wns n trial, nnd even
pleasure only a tusk. When 1 went
up a flight of stnirs I wns rendy to
drop from sheer weakness, nnd I had
begun to think life would lie a continued burden. But nil this is now
shanged, thanks to Dr. Williams' Pink
"ills. These were recommended to
me, and after taking them for about a
nonth I found my health renewed.
I could sleep better, my appetitie re-
'urned, nnd I wns so strong and well
hat housework wns no longer u burd-
m to me. My sister seemed to be
going the snme way hist summer und
Dr. Wiliinms' Pink Pills were nt once
sent for und two boxes inn le her ns
well us ever. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
nre now the prized medicine ill our
home, nnd doctor bills hnve heen
fewer since we discovered the virtues
of this grent medicine."
Sold by n'l medicine denleri or sent
by iimil at 5H c'rits u box nr six boxes
for $2 50 from Th- Dr. Williams' Meili.
cine Co., Brockville. Out.
Exclusive to tho Last
Atl Instance ol exe'usivoness maintained under difficulties is reported
from tha In lies' cabin oil a liner. All
wit" sick except one lady anil a eat,
whicli Wondered unn-ily about, The
lady ventured to stroke the cat, r.e-
marking, "Poor puny." The cat win
inclined tn respond, nni elevated its
tail, in token of good will, whl n frnm
a neighboring berth came iti choking
tones tbe wonls: "Excuse me, that is
a private oot I"—Argonaut.
"The county fair management used
In   take   prid •   in   showing  the  lim
pumpkins   an'   sweet   potatoes   an'
suoh that could be raised."
"Yes." replied    Fanner   Corntossel.
Hut we've got 'way past that.   What
e're after now is tlie smartest aviators nn' the most surprisin' orators."
—Washington Stnr.
His Waterloo
A mosquito buzzing up on bis wuy
many things did tuckle; he bled a
boy and dog, they say, then made a
rooster cuckle. At last upon a
drummer's cheek he settled down to
drill; he prodded there for half a week
and then he broke his bill.
A fool man appreciates the nonsense
of a pretty womnn more than he does
the sense of a homely one.
Frankville, Ont., Sept. 27, W'
"I suffered for years from headaches
and pain in the back, and I consulted
doctors and took every remedy obtainable without any relief. Then I began
taking "Kruit-a-tives", the famous fruit
juice tablets, and this was tbe only
medicine that ever did me any real good.
I took several boxes altogether, and
now I am entirely well of all my dreadful headaches and backaches".
50c a box, 6 for $2.50 or trial box, 25c
At dealers or from Fruit-a-tives Limited,
Hamilton Man Badly Injured.
Reuben Atherton, of 'J67 Ferguson
Ave, Hamilton, an employee of the
Otis Ek'vntor Co., sustained serious
injury while at work. A plank fell
from a height on to his right foot,
crushing it bndly. He was taken
home, where Zam-Buk was applied
with good results.
Telling his experience of the halm,
lie said: "After the doctor had dressed the damaged foot with some preparation of his own I was in great
pain, and as day after day 1 seemed
lo get no relief I left off medical
treatment and tried Zam-Buk, From
the very first application I traced an
improvement. Zam-Buk really seemed
to act like magic, cleaning all the
unhealthy matter from tlie wounds,
drawing out all discoloration, inflammation and soreness; antl started
healing in quick time. In two .weeks
the toe and foot were well again.
Zam-Buk balm is cer'.ainly a wonderful healer, and I would not care to
be without a box in the house. You
can use the above statement in any
paper, books or publications, as it
may lead some other sufferer to use
Zam-Buk and get relief as I did."
All workers should keep Zam-Buk
handy. Applied to a cut or wpund, it
stops the pain, commences healing,
and—whnt is equally fine—it prevents
all possibility of blood-poisoning.
Zam-Buk is equally good for skin
diseases, and cures eczema, itch, ulcers, abscesses, vnricose ulcers scalp
sores, blood-poisoning, etc., it heals
cold cracks, chapped hands, frost
bi*e; cur,is pile and all inflamed conditions of the skin and tis^U". Fifty
cents a box from al! drttffg'sts and
stores, but avoid imitations and substitutes, some of which are highly
dangerous and none are beneficial.
A  Reassuring Truth
A lady on one of the ocean liners
who setmed very much afraid of icebergs asked the captain what would
happen in case of a collision.
The captain replied; "The iceberg
would move riglit along, madam, just
as if nothing had happened," and Abe
old lady stcmed greatly relieved.—
There are lots of ideal husbands—in
Suburban Joy
"Have you burglar alarms in your
new house?"
"Don't need 'em. When I've paid
for it there won't be anything to attract burglars."
are not caused by anything wrong
in the head, but by constipation,
btlymsness and indigestion, Headache powders or tablets may deaden, hut cannot cure tbem. Dr.
Morse's Indian Knot Tills do cure
siek headache in the sensible way .
by remo^|ng the constipation or
sick stomach which causes tliem.
Dr. Morse's Indian Hoot Pills are
purely vegetable, free from any
harmful drug, safp and sure.
When you feel the headache coming take
HOLIDAY BOOKS that sell ut
sight. Salary $2 per dny, guaranteed,
uml commission. Outfit FREE. Write
J. L. Nichols Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Cures Men nml Women. Write
him. His vuluiible advice will
cost you nothing.
BOX 215.      NEW  YORK  CITY.
SMA Gure
Illicitly stars .toughs, cum colds, bcn_»
the throat and  lungs. ... 35 cents.
Krompton—I have ii farmer friend
Whose crops for the last four years
have gone up in smoke.
Kllingsback—He must feel discouraged.
Krompton—Not at all; he grows tobacco.
A Purely Vegetable Pill.—The chief
ingredients nf Parmalee's Vegetable
Pills ure mandrake mil dandelion,
sedative ami purgative, but perfectly
harmless ill tbeir net inn. Thev cleanse
and purify uml have a healthful ef.
feet unon the secretions of the digestive organs. The dyspeptic and all
who suffer from liver ami kidney ailments will find in these pills the must
iffeotlve medicine in concentrated
fn-m Unit bus yet been offered to the
lufferii g.
Mat. WinuWi Boothiko Svaur h»» tal
ucd for over SIXTY YEARS by MIU.IONS ol
la the beat remedy tor UIARRHU.A. II la ao-
■otutety harmlew. Be ture and ask for " Mra.
Winslow'f Soothing Syrup," and lake no otber
kind.   Twenty-five cent* a bottla.
Awarded Kirst Prize at World's Exposition on its Work nnd Methods-;
Catalogue Pree.   Address,
Cor. Portate Ave 4 Port St, Winnipeg
"I    supposo,"    siii.l    the   sad-eyed
youth nt the musicale, "you know tbe
|difference betv. u bol oanto nml coloratura P"
"Young man," answered Mr. Cum-
rnx, severely, "I never bet on lace
horses."—\. ashington Star.
Solitude En Masse
Here is the extract from the prospectus of u hotel  in Switzerland:
"Weissbacb is the favorite place nf
resort for those who aro fond of solitude. Per'ons in search of solitude
arc. in fact, constantlv flocking here
from the f mr quarters of the globe."
—London Telegraph.
The man who bas daUy inured himself to the habits of concentrated attention, energetic volition and self-
denial in unnecessary things, will
stnnd like a tower when everything
rocks around him. and when his softer fellow mortals are winnowed like
chaff in the biast.—William James.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
Gentle  Hint
"Are you 'Hoots'?" blustered the big
Londoner in tbe American hotel.
"Nope," replied the bellhop. "They
call me 'scales.' "
T)i« Londoner scind mystified.
"Scales, eh? That's a blooming
nueer name. What do thev call you
'Scales' for?"
\   "Because  I  get tinped    so   often.
That's the reason, boss."
The inevitable will tnke enre of itself, so it really doesn't matter.
He is n  discreet *nan who allows
the other fellow to tell all the lies.
Tho be*t premiums and th* best values
ever offered. Gold ami silver Waii-lu-s, (ifm
Set Rings Mid llroorhfs, Utixbter-priKlucIni
Moving Picture Mii'-liinM, Finely Decorated
Tea Beta an I nrnny otber premiums given
KKKK for Mllnic onr hlgbelau (_<ld Km-
.tirttsed Picture Post Cards. Tho very latest
draiens In Views, Birthday, Floral, Holiday.
Comics, AC, ate for 10c. Hell *a.w worth and
win one of these fine premiums. You can
wil there In an hour or two, hut don't delay,
for we jive ait extra premium for promptness, write to-day and we will send you ft
ptefcace and onr nig premium list Come
with tfit crowds and get the best premiums
offered Write your name and adore** vera
plainly.        COBALT GOLD PEN CO. •
Dept WW Toronto, Ont,
W. N. U., No. 818. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
$[}£ Btrmng §«n
Hnhlishol at Urand Korks. British Columbia
Editor and Publisher
A tile of thia impel' enn lie seen at the olliee
of Messrs. Iv * J. Hordy 4 Co., 80,81 and IB.
Fleet street. KXli London, Borland, free of
pltnrtie. and tli nt firm will be glad to reqelvi
Itlbaorll tiiuis nml advertisements oil our lie
One Yeiii...... *1.!KI
line Year (hiVlvuiicn) Mm
Advertialnff rates rnrnlslie t on 'inn
Legal imtirns, ill lind 'i cent* eei lino.
Address nil oammunloatlotlB to
Phonb mt Ghanii Pohks, B,0.
FRIDAY,    DECEMBER   9,  1910
Tut: financial statement of
tho Grand Forks Agricultural
association is of such a nature
tliat. it can Im road with pleasure liy every citizen of thu
district. It is an unusual feat
for an agricultural association
to break even with its initial
exihibition. Such enterprises
generally show a deficit; and,
as they are of a public character, the people gladly foot the
bills. J Jut the local association has done better than to
break even. It has, after
paying all prizes and expenses
in connection with its first
fair, a substantial balance on
the right side of the ledger.
This is an accomplishment that
we do not believe has yet been
equalled in this province, and
it would lie an easy and pleasant task, had we the time and
space at present, to v(*rite columns of deserved praise in lie-
half of the men who so ably
directed the enterprise. The
good .icsults of tho fair are
now apparent to every one.
It is therefore gratifying to be
able to state that we are to
have another exhibition next
fall, and that practically all of
the old officers will be in
charge of it.
Since tlie 1st of November Messrs.
Atwood, Kerman and Kerhy have
sold fifty-four acres of the Johnson
estate to four different parties.
C. Scott Galloway and family
have moved into S. T. Hall's residence in the Ruckle addition.
B. Jewell, thi fruit grower, will
leave on Wednesday next for a six
weeks' business trip to Winnipeg
and Fort William. He will be accompanied by Mr. Symes, who has
bi en employed in Martin Burrell's
orchard during thn past summer.
Bert Willsie and Oliver Oil) orne,
of Danville, will trap in the mountains southeast of that town this
Onr hook on jewelry, silverware,
watches, etc., is free for the asking,
and will greatly help out-of-town pa-
tronB. —A. D. Morrison.
Chas. Mix will leave tomorrow on
a two weeks' trip to Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Hull, of Carson,
have moved to Vancouver.
Walter Miller and Hoy Curran
attended the meeting in Greenwood
today of delegates from Ihe various
hockey clubs of ihe Boundary.
All clubmen are not on the
police force.
"If"' is blamed for most of
our failures.
You can't do your   well   if
you dislike it.
Money ean always renew Its
leases on friendship.
The signature on a cheque
is a sign of prosperity.
Susceptibility is always
prospecting for trouble.
Misinformation suits some
purposes from start to  finish.
People that have family
dates on tap are seldom popular.
Even a truthful man  is oc-
eosionally guilty of exaggeration.
You are nearly always right
—from your own point of
Men are more or less afraid
of a woman who is flattery
A girl isn't necessarily a
jewel because she is set in her
What is one man's hobby
may be another man's nightmare.
Some of the first impressions were made by mother's
Often a woman makes a
fool of a man without even
You can think what yon
please, so long as you don't
say it.
Too many people's idea of a
friend is some one they can
impose upon.
Lots of men are as truthful
as the late G. W., but they
can't prove it.
There's no hope for men
who haven't sense enough to
invent excuses.
The trouble with the unexpected is qhat it too often refuses to happen. 15
Many a man who is smart
enough to make money hasn't
sense enough to keep it.
Country people make their
own jam, but people in the
city get theirs in the street
Politics is always ready
with .first aid to help a simple
problem resist solution as long
as possible.
When a man asks an uninteresting, homely girl for her
picture she is apt to be some
kin to money.
Many t? man stays and licks
his man rather than bike a
chance of getting it in the
back while running away.
For a
For a
means a much larger
assortment to choose
from—plenty of time
to make a careful se-
leotion—and a much
better .service.
Any young lady would
appreciate a Signet
RiUg fur Christmas,
At 81 50 we are Showing a 14k solid gold
ring in the bright finish, beautifully carved by hand.
A good practical gift,
to a young man would
bea pair of our $5.00
Cuff Links. They are
nuifle in plain heavy
14k gold, in the dull
yellow finish, and
make a most pleasing
gift, when engraved
with the recipient's
A.D. Morrison
Jeweler and
Putting up a bluff isn't so hard, hut
it is keeping it in a vertical attitude
that calls for the greater supply of
Lost—Light bay mare and bay colt;
nare has wall eve and three white
feet; brand ' U" on thgh. Reward
offered to any one returning the same
to P. Andrews, Grand Forks, B C.
The following are the returns of
lhe ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby 18,864
Falling Hair
Mrs. Jas. Ha.iris, of Wappella,
Sask., says:
"I have found Parisian Sage to be
the best sculp and hair tonic and
dressing I have-ever used. My hair
had been coming out. in combs full
and was very dry and bjittle and the
scalp was always itching and full of
dandruff'. I have used two bottles of
Parisian Sage and it has stopped my
hair from falling, the itching and dandruff have disappeared and my hair is
fine and soft and glossy. I would not
be without this fine hair tonic for
many times the price."
For women, men or children Parisian Sage is wi)hout anv doubt the
finest preparation for the hair. Dain
tily perfumed, it is free from grease or
stickiness, and ought to be where
every member of the family could use
it daily. Large bottle 50 cents from
all druggists or f.toui the proprietors,
The Giroux Mfg. Co , Fort Erie,
Ont. The girl with the auburn hair is
on every package. Sold and guaranteed by H. E. Woodland & Co.
Some business men nre so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
.Mother Lode
Rawhide  4.000
Mining Stock Quotations
Bostos, Dec. 8.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
GranbyConsolidatcd.    50.00    40.00
B. C. Copper       7.50     0.50
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
xHB Sun job olliee.
.. 2,->'2Q
Oro Denoro	
..     400
No. 7	
..     200
Golden Eagle...
Total 32,958 1,544.487
Smelter treatment—
Granby 18,165 945,2">.)
B. C. Copper Co... 12,818 307,5(14
Metal Quotations
Nkw   York, Dec. 8.—.Silver, "ity;
standard copper,$12i50@12,65,steady,
London,   Dec. 8.—Silver, 25 'J-IG-
lead, £13 3s 9d.
Ih the Estate of Margaret E. Coryell.
NOTICE IH HEREBY GIVEN that on thn Itftli
tiny of November, A.I), nun. jirnlmto uf
the will of iViii'uttret K. Co'ynt], deceittj.'il, lute
of thi>< Ity ofHinij.t Kurhh, H (,'., tt'ua grunted
oui uf tlio Huprcnie t'ouit of hritish Ooliun*
bin, ni Vancouver) B.C., lo John Abraham
I oryell innl Frank George Coryell, executor**,
both of G|and Kork". U.C.
Kverjr peraou Indebted to said estnte i«
required to make puyroent I orth with tut the
executory ami every person having lo pos-
sesilon enectB belonging to estate Is ie*
quired forthwith lo deliver sume over to suf<l
Every oredttor or other persons having any
claim upon or Interest In thu _iir.tiiii.iti._ii nt
the nstiitu of the deceased Is required before
the fourteenth day of J an nary, A.D, mil, to
send by registered letter, addressed to the
undersigned, bis nume laud addie** and full
par Iculars ot bis claim or Interest, ami a
statement of his account, verified by statutory declaration,and the nature of the security flf any) held by him.
After tile snid flr>tday of February tbe executors   will proceed   with the ntlmlnistra*
tjou of thB estate, havibg reward to tho.so
Claims only   of   which   they shall then hu1
Ddtcd this IMtb duy of November, A. D. 1010.
.lulls A. COKYKIX,
PIUNK. ti. C iKU.i.L,
OUR HOLIDAY GOODS are better than last year,
and tliat ways a great deal.
Call early and select goods, and we will lie
pleased to keep tliem for you. See tlio goods,
anyway, whether yon buy or not.
Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
in Bulk
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Lowest Prices
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
-176X175 KT. LOT between
Second aud Third streets,
jiiHt above Judfic Lcftiay's
and li. Gaw's places; separated from all other properties by 20-ft.
lane: an larfieas seven or eight ordinary lots.
n.lj.iiiiiHt: lots are worth $lfi0j would make
nice home, with sufficient irronod for chink-
ens. fruit, cardeu and lawn; most desirable
location in city.
-88 AGRKS adjoining
eity limits on smith:
14 acres cleared: 150
fruit trees: new four-
room house: barn for six horses: horse,
btlKiry. double harness ami tiriulog implements.   All for $8200.   Busy terms-
and three lots within
one block  of business
__ centre;   lawn,  shade
trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, large garden.
Wilt also sell furniture ot bou.se if desired.
One-half cash, balance terms.
—I'i  miles from tnwn;
-room   house,    plttlt"
■n'd: large buwyihed,
woodshed;    ]'>(_     iruit
trees,   V"   beiirliiir; -'j   acres    strawberries,
gooseberries, oiirrantSi raspberriesi free from
irost: tlie best location around Grand Porks)
plenty   of   BOdd   water; fruit nnd orop In
-Between;(bud j notes
in West end of city:
first class soil, nil un
der fill ivutlou; small
.. mse, WOOdsbed and outbuilding: Well mul
pump; BOOd fence. 'I his is a sacrifice, as owner is about tolvavuclty. Terms.
•■fMNHjciiNh, balance terms. One
oi best hotel* iu
v **w   r    —sw    -aw    -aaw    tllC butfnflfll 0BU
tre of Grand Folks) nuw iloinjr a profitable
business; owner desires to remove to iln
coast.   This is the hest bargain  in   this par
trenf liraud Koiks; now doi
business;   owner desires   to
coast.   This is the host bargain  m   wiis pari
of the province, as there aro but s'veu hotel
license* in tbeOrand Forks, ''ity It growing
rapidly. No other town In southern liritlsh
Columbia bus as bright future ptoS|iects.
For further information re
gardiug the above properties
call or address
Bicycles anp Kkpaik Work—A
complete line of 1910 models. A few
seobnd-hahd wheels cheap. Wheel*
to rent. no. \V. COOPRB, Winrfipeg
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; #300 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. §875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Swimming Against
=the Stream=
ll Wi* living to do • uoeeoiful
tuolneoe without odvertlilng.
Ami it lo not expenaivo to gain
dmnMo publicity by tho mo of
prlMoro' Ink. Our Clooolflod
Wont Mo. ooit llttlo ind iro
rood hy noorly everyone.
Try thorn oi o lyitim tinlo
JEKDLEWORK wanted to do at home.
1   on Mra. Wm. -Keron. Second atruet.
Gnlll) PASTUItAUE for cattle dine to city:
■Ufa fence; ulimuluiie ol feril.   For term:
npply In John Bummer, Fourth of July ereea.
WANTED  Situation us Janitor or bartender,  Adtlroci \v. J.. Genera! Unlivery.
Until,I Forks, II. C.
fURNlSmtlJ ROOMS-Apply Mra. E.Crnw-
f ird.
widely renil ueivspup-.T lu tlie Kettle Vnl-
•YPBWRITER-Ollveri   nc»'.
Apply  Sun
i-HRKE  BOTTLES cold  Nelaon  Beer   50c.
I    Lion Hnttliliir Works.
BARN ANDHOUSE-The Forrester linni, 1
lots mill hoilso, In L'ohltnhlu.   Apply .1. H.
I'lntli, llox 111.
I AKGE BOTTLE Pert Wine Tie.   Lion  Rot-
tlltin Worka.
LAND—160 acres jrootl timothy land.   Apply
this office.
SPACE for  mlvertlsinir   purposes   In  The
SPEClAI.ol.il PORT *1 per gullon.   Lion
lIuttliiiK Worka. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Now Open
City Clerk McCnllnm  is confined
to bis home by illness.
Hotel C°l»n
Opposite Great Northern Station
The Grand Foiks Curling club
will meet in the city hull on Tups-!
day evening, Ihe 13th inst., for the |
selection of skips, rinks nnd lie
transaction of other business. I
fith a First-Class
Moving Picture Show
Under entirely New Management.
At the Fuiiiiers' Institute meeting next Tbursdny John T. Lawrence will give (i short essay on the
"Advantages of the Institute," nnd
A. B. Tweedle on the first slage^ of
Recently completed and
newly furnished throush-
out.   Conveniently locuted
for railway   men.   Firm-
class iiccomiiioilatlons lor
transients. Board alio
rooms hy the iveek at pre-
railing rates. H'iue line of
Wines, Ucpiorsniid Ctair.
always in stock ut the bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Gateway Lodge No. 45, 1.0.0 F.,
entertained tbe members and their
families at a social nnd luncheon on
Thursday night. In the whist
games Wm. Hoffman  captured  the
d. I   CI.      ..      .     ill Chanse of program Monday,, nifn's first prize, and   Thus. Powers
id dinging   ll Wednesday and Friday.       ' "  ■ ■    ■   •      -    	
Matinee  Every Saturday   at   3
Admission 15c.    Children 10c
Free Seed Distribution
By instruction of the honorable
minister of agriculture a distribution
is being mude this season by samples
of superior sorts of gjain and potatoes
to Cnnadian farmers for the improvement of seed. The stuck for distribution has been secured mainly from
the experimental farms at .Indian
Head, Si.sk., Brandon, Man., and Ottawa, Ont. The suniples consist of
oats, spring wheat, barley, field peas,
Indian com (for ensilage only), and
potatoes. The quantity of oats sent
is 4 lbs., and of wheat or barley 5
lbs., sufficient in each case to bow
oiie-tA.entieth of an acre. The samples of Indian corn, peas and potatoes
weigh 3 lbs. each. A quantity of
each of the following varieties has
been secured for this distribution:
Oats—Banner, Abundance, Danish
Island, Wide-Awake, Thousand Dollar, Improved Ligowo—all white varieties.
Holy Thin ity Chuucii,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.in.; Sunday sehool, 3
p.m. First Suuduv of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a. m. Week-day and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pas-
I tor.
Methodist Chuiich J. Hev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
at 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Ihe baby elephant; Mrs. J. N, Currie
secured the ladies' first prize, and
Mrs. Bugbee second. At ihe conclusion of the card games lunch wab
served, after which dancing wns indulged in for the balance of the
Yule Land DUtrlot, DUtrlot ol Similkameen,
TAKK NOTICE tlmt Walter Gory, of I'run-
1   don, Maiii.iOooupntlou Ifnrn  intemls to
applv for  permission to purohaio llic follow
ii.trdesorlbed anils:
Cpiumenolnu ut   u  post planted  on   tho
south luHluiliiry of Lot 841S. uml about ten
chains north Ol the N.W. oorner of Lot "4" on
Riff Sheep Creek; tlicticc west llll! eliulus:
theneesonth 411 chains] thence inst NU riming:
thence',llorth Al clinics: thence east HOehalus:
theuce north -21) ahtiliii tu pofot of commence,
WALTER GBRY, Applicant.
Hv J.R  Cranston. Ills Affcnt.
Dated this 12th day of March, 1010.
Rev.   H.
Wheat—Red   varieties,     Marquis
and Early Red Fife (early beardless „ Baptist   Church,
.     .,.,,,.       ■   '    .....   , Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
sorts of high   baking   strength), Red ftt  ft  a;m_and  7.30 p.   m.;  Bible
Fife (beardless), Preston and Huron ciaS8 an(j Sunday school at i':30 p.m.
(early,   bearded).      White  varieties,
White Fife (beardless),   Bobs (early,
Barley—Six-rowed, Mensury and
Manchurian (a selection from Men-
sui'y). Ta_o-rowed, Standwell and
Field Peas—Arthur and Golden
Dlltrlot Registrar of 1
Land Registry office,
Kamloops, 11. C, Sept. 7. IU10.
N THE MvTTKR of Ihe Land Registry *et
ami lu the matter of tho title to Lot 1786
Group 1, Otoyooo nivielon, (now known us
Siniilkumeeii) Divlsiou of Yule District,
British Columbia.
WHEREAS CertHicute of Title of  Hntilck
Torrloil, beliiK Certificate of Title No,
8704a, to tho ahove liere<llt:imeiits Ims been
lost  or destroyed, un application nils liccu
inudcto me for uilniillcat thereof.
Notice Is hereby t-'iveu thut u duplicate Ccr-
Indian Corn (for  ensilage)—Earlv  tiftooteof Title to the abote  hereditaments
v °' J    will be issued ut the expiration of one mouth
sorts, Angel of Midnight, Compton s from the date hereof, unless In.themeiintlmi
,        '    , t Vftll(l objections to the contrary he mnile ti
Early   and   Longfellow.    Latel    va-  me In writing,
rieties, Selected Learning, Early Mastodon, and White  Cap Yellow  Dent.
Potatoes—Early varieties, Rochester Rose, ami. Irish Cobbler, Medium
to late varieties, Gold Coin, Carman
No. 1, and Money Maker. The later
varieties ure, as a rule, more productive than the earlier kind.
Only one sample can be sent to
each applicant, hence if an individual
receives a sample of oats he cannot
also receive one of wheat, ba.-ley,
peas, Indian corn or potatoes. Applications on printed cards or sheets, or
lists of names from one individual, or
applications for more than one sample
for one household, cannot be entertained. The samples will be sent free
of charge through the mail.
Applications should be addressed
to the Dominion Corealist, Experimental Farm, Ottowa, and may be
sent in any time from the 1st of December to the 10th uf February, after
which the lists will be closed, so tliat
the samples asked fur may be sent out
in   good   time.     Applicants   should
Yale Land District. District of SiinilUniuoeii.
TAKE  notice that I, Aj-ness Ellen Pauls 
of KoBslnntl,  -i.e.. occupation Wile, intend, to apply for  permission to purahapu
the following'ICM-rilieil lunds:
Commencing at. u post planted nt the
southwest corner of .luinis Miller's pre-cmP-
tion. Lot 118H S.,on Deep Creeli: thence north
till cli uii is: tlieuce west -0 eh ni us: theneesonth
20 chuins; thence west 411 chains: thence
south llOcliuilis; tlieuce eust fill eliains to tli
point of commencement.
.1. K.Criiiistnii, Agent.
Duted May lilth, IUU.
(I'ublfshod Annually)
Boobies traders throughout tho world tn
Qoiurauuiauto direct with Uugllsh
in each
plete oo mnn
suburbs, tin-
fffOOds,   He«idnn being ii oi
oiiil   tfUtdo tn  Loudon mul   Its
11rectory ooutalus lists (if
with the Ooodi thoy uhip, nnd tho (Jolonlol
mention the variety they  prefer, with  und Korean Morkotathey supply;
a .second sort as an  alternative.    Ap- j STEAMSHIP LINES
plications will be filled in the order in | ftrranged limIer the Ports to whioh the
whioh   they   are   received, so long as and indicating the approximate Sal Iln
the supply of seed lasts.    Farmersare; PliOVIXClAT, TRADE NONICES
advised to adply early to avoid   possible disappointment.    Those  applying
for  Indian corn   or potatoes  should
bear in mind that the corn is not usually distributed until April, and  that
potutoes cannot be mailed   until  danger from frost in transit is over.    No
postage   is   required  on mail matter
addressed to the Emperimental Farm,
Ottawa? Wm. Sauxdhus,
Director of Kxperimeutal Farms.
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc. in
tho principal provincial towns ami Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will h" forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 203.
Healers seeking Agencies oan nd ver Use
their trade ranis for II, or lnrger ailvertise-
ineiiis I'ruin £3.
25, Abohuroli Lane, Loudon, K.U.
Following arc the locations, certificates of work, hills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from November 19 to December 8, inclusive.
Stella fraction, Summit camp, J.
W. Libby.
All of White   Rear, Lucky Jack,
Little Cub fraction,   Big   Cub   nnd
Black Bear, Gloucester cafcip, Henry
Wotlin and H. C. Kerman.
Bay Horse, Wellington camp, J.
Mulligan A, Eric Jackson k
Burlington fraction, Wellington
camp, John Mulligan J, Eric Jackson J.
Columbia, Frunklin camp, Archie
Connection. Hardy mnnnlni ,
Lake D. Wolfard |, Forbes M. Kerhy i-
Early Dawn fraction, Wellington
camp, John Mulligan J, Eric Jack
son J.
Florence, Frunklin cnmp, Archie
Chisholm 6 8, Patrick Maginnis £,
D. W. Malhesnn fc.
Hennekin, Franklin camp, B. W.
Nnkiiso. Frunklin enmn, James
Wesl i, Archie Chwholm J.
Slielhy, Franklin cnmp, Archie
Tijjcr fraction, Wellington camp,
John Mulligan I, Eric E. Jackson A.
Violet fraction, Frunklin cnmp,
B. W. Garrison.
Mi-o-na, an Excellent Stomach Remedy
Mrs. J. R. Whyte, Killarney,
Man., who says: "I have found great
comfort and relief from Mi-o nil. I
had been greatly troubled fnr months
with heartburn and a heavy burning
feeling in my stomach, A fair meal
would disturb tnu sn much that I
would have In sit up at night—the
fund would sour nn my stomach and
form a gas which would cause lieVh-
ing mul dizzy spells. These ilisin—.
ing troubles disappeared niter using
Mi-o-na, and I shall always s|euk
highly of this excellent stomach
Mi-o-na is the best prescription for
stiima.'ih trdublo over written. It
gives quick relief and cures permanently. Mi-o na is put up in tablet
form and is small and easy to swal-
luw. Sold by leading druagistseverywhere, SO cents, wilh a guarantee to
cure?or refund your money. Or postpaid from The R. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Elie, Ont. Yon will search the
worlp over and not find a stomach
remedy half so good as Mi-o-na. Sold
and guaranteed hy H. tl. Woodland
ifc Co.
1 tie Ouver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please read the headllne'over again.  Then its
tremendous KiiniltlcRnce will lawn upon you
Au Oliver fvnewriter—the rtandanl  visibk
writer—the moat highly pen.  ted typewrite!
mi tlie innrltet—yours for 17 centu    day!
The typewriter whose eouquest of the com*
merelal worln isamatter of nisto.v — yours fot
17 cents a day!
The typewriter that Ib equipped with scores of
sni'li conveniences as 'ihe balance Shift
"Thi! Killing Device"-"The Double Release
"Tiie locomotive Base"—"The AutonmMe
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—"1 hi
—"The Adjustable Paper Finn.t'nr-"The Scientific Condensed Ke*
board"—all -*
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
  We anounced   this
now salbis piail recently, just to feel the pulse ol
ilie people. Simply a small cash payment—
then 17 cents it day. That lathe plan lu a nut-
The result has heen such a deluge of application* for machines that we are simply astounded,
The demand comes from people of all clnnses,
all HgCfi, all occupations.
The majority ol inquiries hascome from peo-
le of known financial standing who wereai-
trnetei] by flic novelty of the propon. 'on. An
impressive demonsirntion of the immense pup-
uiaritv nf the Oliver Typewriter
A sriirtling eo itirmatiou of our belief that
the Km of Universal Typewriting it> at hand.
A Quarter ||of a Million People
_ 'are Making Money with^
TTje *_
The Standard Visible Writer
Tlie Oliver Typewriter le a mmiev-maker
right from the word "gol" So easy to run that
beginners booh itel in the "pxpert" oiwts,  Karn
as you learn. Let the m-tfliine pay the 17 cents
a day—and all above that is yours.
Wherever yon are, there is work to be done
and moiiej' to be mud" by using the Oliver. The
business wnrld Is calling for uli»vr oponiMra.
i"here are uot enough to Bupply the demand
Thelraalariea aru coindderably above those 01
uiauylelflssesof workbra,
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Thnt is the battle cry today. Ae bave madi
the Oliver supreme in usefulness and absolutely
indispensable ht bu>iuess. Now cornea the eon
quest of the home.
Tiie simplicity nnd strength of the Oliver nt it
for iiunily use. It is hi'COinlrin an im porta 01
i|0tor iu the home tmlning of voung people
An educator a* well .is a money maker.
Our new selling plan puts the Oliver on tht*
threshold of evory home in America Win von
olose thn door ol ynur liumeorottloe on Oils remarkable Oliver off tT
Write tor further details of our easy after and
a free copy ui the new Oliver catalog.  Adi ress
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
'lot Air, i.uiie Pine and Lookout Mineral
Glllmi. situate lo tlie Oruml Korks Mining
Division of Yule District.
Where located; In McKinley camp.
TAKE NOTICB that I, Fred W. Reid, Pros
I Miners'Certificate No. B26JW, for myself
and nsfigpnt for ■). W. Cook, hiee Miners'
Certlfioote No. B262G0. and A. L Whiteside.
Free Miners' Certificate No. Bisrui, Intend,
sixty davs from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for Certlnontei of fm-
iirovement,    for tho  purpose ol obtaining
Crown Grants Of the above claims.
And further t.ikfl notion that action, under
seutiou 87, must he commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvement.
Dated this 23rd dny of July, A D 1010,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 190fi.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgi'. terminology, uses, statistics anil liiiances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with tho
trained scientists, and its language is
easily 'understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 463fi copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Cupper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fa'-ts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is |6 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens.
Editor and Publisher,
4511 Poatolfice Block,
Houghton. Michigan.
Receive both Ladles and Gentlemen n* re*-
dent ur day students! hasa oomnleteCommercial or 'insine*.-. Course) prepares stit*
dentstosrain Teachers' Certificates of all
grades] fives thp four years' course for tin
B, A, degree,and the'Hrst year of the Schou
of Bclence course, lu affiliation with tlio To
rotlto University . has a speeiul prospectort
oourttC for miners who work in B.C. In tnu-
tion Is also triveti io Art, Music, Physical Ctil
tore uud i.iooutinu. Term opens Soot. n.
IS'lid,   Inr < iiIi>'hI;ii'~, dr., addreHx
Don't forget that Tho .Sun mis the
hnst job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country,
Wo have some of tlu highest gradp
jSupcr uud stationery for up-to date
ciiminci cnii pt'ititingevery brought to
the Boundary,   bun Job Office.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lands within the
* Railway Relt of nrlttih Columbia maybe
■ homesteaded by any person who li the in-it'l
I >.f ii romlly.orati) mnia aver eighteen years
jnfiiL"', totneextonl of one*quarter nation
of I60nerei, mo earless.
Butrytniut be made personally nt the loeal
tan I oflice for the diitrlot in whldi tin* land
lis tuote.
The ho nesteader !■* required to perform
tbo ooudltloni oqnnejted therewith   under
 ofthe following plant:
(Ij At leiut six in.nuns' resldeuoe upon and
cultivation nf tlie lund in ebon year for three
' (2) If the father (or mother, If the father li
deceased), nf tbe homesteader resides upon a
farm In the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements ns to residence may bo satisfied by sUob person resldtutf with die father
nr mother,
C.\)   If the lettler bus hts permanent roil-
dem poufarniltiff inml owned by  him in
the vicinity of his hom»«tead, the require*
montsas to residence may bo satisfied bv
residence upon thesaid <mtd.
Blx mouths' notlee lu wrltlna should be
hIvbii theCommlsstuuerof Dominion Lands
ut Ottawa "f Intention to apply for patent.
Ciuil Coal mining ri^iits ma* be leased
for it period of twenty-one yours ut no an*
I nun! rentul of $1.00 per aere, Not more than
2,MOaores nIuiII bo leased tn one iiolivi.ln.it or
[•ompnuy. A royalty m the rote of Hve centi
per tun shull be collected nn tin- merchant'
able ooalnilued,
W. W.COftY,
Deputy of tbo Minister nf tlio Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorised publtoatlap of thi*
advertisement will not l.o onid for.
Thk Sun ih  read   by everybdy   be
cause it prints ull the Boundary news THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
for Skin
A lifetime of disfigurement and suffering often
rasults from improper
treatment of the skin or
neglect of simple skin affections. Cuticura Soap,
assisted by Cuticura
Ointment, affords the
purest, sweetest and most
economical method of
■caring for the complexion,
preventing minor eruptions from becoming
chronic, and speedily dispelling severe eczemas and
other torturing humors;
itchings and irritations,
from infancy to age.
Cuticura Sosp .od Ointment are Mid by
eruntsls everywhere. Potter DruR _c Chem.
On., Sole Prop... noaton. Mas.. Mailed tree,
Cuticura Book ou the care ot akin, aad acalp.
INNS OF CHINA.       , i
A  Knock That Wrecked ■  Door and
Raised a Rumpus.
Some ol tbe inus ot modern China
, are lindly built.   The correspondent of
| tbe London-'limes ln traveling across
tbe country recently bad tbis expert"
ence:   "At only one village bad I any
difficulty.    We were marcblng late ln
I Ihe dark, and  I   had sent uy groom
! oo ahead to tind nie an lun, as he bad
! often   done   betore.     He  entered   tbe
village, and, tindlng the large Inn door
closed, be called out to the people to
open lt   Rut his I'eking speech la not
easily understood In Kansu, and no one
answered him.   Then be knocked, and
to bis dismay the crazy door fell down.
Immediately  there  was a  row.    The
Innkeeper and   ins   vociferous spouse
shouted out their wrongs.
"Kvery one came into the street to
hear; the whole village waa roused.
When I arrived it seemed like a demonstration In my bonor. As Is tbe
custom, a dozen people together told
me what had happened, i soon satis-
tied every ohe by ttrsl examining tbe
danlage nnd then paying comiiensa-
| tlou in full. 1 paid 1110 rasb tratbet
more than twopenrei, and my gener-
; oslty was approved.
! '"I'he structure thus damaged reminded one of the Jerry built houses
familiar to students In Edinburgh,
wbere It la on record tbat a lodger
once complained to bis landlord tbat
tbe ceiling in bis mom had fallen
down. 'But how do you account for
tbat? asked the landlord. 'Somebody
In the next Hat sneezed.' replied tbe
The Water Pump.
The most ancient description wp
have of a waler pump Is by Hero ot
Alexander. There Is 110 niuhemii' ue
count ol" the general use of the pump
lu Germany previous to ihe beginning
of the sixteenth ceutury. At hIhup
that lime the endless chain and bucket
works for raising waler from mines
began to be replaced by pumps.
Needle's Journey.
A needle which entered the lefl knee
of a dressmaker al   Schroda.   rosea
emerged some days laier from lbe sole
of ber right foul
This elegant watch,
item wind and set, fancy
ensvaved Joijd Silver
cases, rt'LLT ouabak-
itked, will bo sent you
PUKtt If you sell  only
13.ro worth of our beautifully colored and embossed post cards at 6 for 10c.
Theso are the very latest
design* In Views, Floral,
Holiday, Comics, &c.    The
swiftest sellers.   Just show
then and take ln the money.
Brad your name and address.
iilaimy written, and we will
orward tou a package of
cards and our big premium
list. Don't delay, for we give
tils extra prescut for promptness.
Dept.   nu Toronto, Ont
Poor Stay-at-Hom*
Gunner—".\nd you don't think your
wife's letters are as affectionate as
usual? Well, you should make allow-
anee when she is at tlie beach."
Guyer (sadly)—"That's all I do—
make allowances."
Featherstone—"That Miss Twilling
you introduced me to is a very polite
girl. I called on her last night and
asked hor if she wouldn't sit down,
and what do you suppose she said?"
"1 can't imagine." Featherstone
—"She said, 'After you.' "
Scott's Emulsi
is a wonderful food-medicine for all ages of mankind. It will make the
delicate.sickly baby strong
and well—will give the
pale, anemic girl rosy
cheeks and rich, red blood.
It will put flesh on the
bones of the tired, overworked, thin man, and
will keep the aged man
or woman in condition to
resist colds or pneumonia
in the winter.
H.id 10c. HMI of pep«r sod thi. nd. fnr Ml
lic.uliful lo'tnit. Hank and Onllil'■ ak.toh-Book.
K_Mh bsak eoatalM ■ Good Luck Pminj.
12* WeUlafMa Sunt, Wart     TmK, 0__t
A Ready Weapon    Against    Pain.—
There is nothing equal to Dr. Thomas'
Eolectric Oil when well rubbed in.
It penetrates tlie tissues and pain
disappears before it. There is no
known preparation that will reach the
spot quicker thnn this magic Oil. In
consequence, it ranks first among liniments now offered to tlie public anil
is accorded first place among all its
Some people only feel tliat they
nre in reduced circumstances when
they can no longer borrow.—Philadelphia Record.
is the best;
Mathias Foley, Oil City, Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Charles Whooten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Kev. R. 0. Armstrong, Mulgrave, N.S.
Pierre Landers, snr. Pok 'tranche, N.B.
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield, N. B.
Miffins—"What is the miiin advantage of Ruff's new shaving soap?"
Battens—"Why, it smarts the face
so much that the pnin caused by the
dullest razor can't be felt."
aoleklT "lops coughs, cares colds, heal*
Ami throat and lungs. ■   •   •  25 cents.
No Place for Flirts.
The Owen Sound Herald is going to
reform that town. Henceforth it will
"freely and without regard to rank
and person publish the name of every
child of tender years, that is below
the age of fourteen, whom it shall see
ujKin tho street after ten o'clock at
nigh' without the escort of a parent
-,, guardian."
At any rate, some people are going
to hnve nil uncomfortable time unless
they mend their ways. As a preliminary to tiie name-printing campaign,
The Herald hurled a broadside entitled "Knocking the Flirt," followed the
next week by an equally crushing article entitled "Landing the Flirt."
Could we afford to buy ana give away hundreds of thousands of 50-cent bottles of Psychine (pronounced Si-
keen) if we did not know from a third of a
century's experience that it was
the greatest vitality-builder
of the age ?
Tern know what it would mean to ui
were Psychine a preparation without
• definite, beneficial action.
After tbe first bottle wblcb we would
;buy, no more would be purchased.
, And we would go out of business.
But we're not going out of business,
land our confidence tbat we're not Is
'based -upon our third of a century's
experience with Psychine.
Tea years after Confederation we
commenced compounding Psychine.
Since tbat time, wc have sold many
millions of bottles.
We bave cured many hundreds of
thousands of virulent ar.v. oftentimes
fatal cases of diseases.
We have in our files many hundreds
'of thousands of unsolicited testimonials.
And we have grown from a small
beginning to be one of the largest proprietary manufacturers in tbis country.
Here then Is proof that we have in
Psychine a preparation with abundant
an! demonstrated effectiveness, more so
than any otber preparation we, or anyone else, ever heard of.
Here then is the reason of our unalterable confidence ln Psychine. that it
is tn fact the greatest preparation of
Its kind ln tbe world.
Here then Is why we have Inaugurated a policy of actually buying hundreds of thousands of bottles of Psychine to give to those who should use.
To those who are blindly groping
ln the dark for relief from their
misery, who may perhaps be using
wrong methods to recover their health
and their strength.
* * *
The greatest and most effective
agents for the bodily health are the
white corpuscles, phagocytes.
These white corpuscles eat any germ
of disease that gains an entrance to the
body, when they're in large enough
numbers and sufficiently strong.
When they're not sufficiently strong,
the disease germs devour them and
disease holds the body.
* * *
■Pot centuries almost, herbs, nature's
own remedies, have been the most efficient foe to disease.
We bave not known very definitely
just how.
But now science tells us that certain
of these herbs increase the number of
the white corpuscles and their strength.
These certWn herbs are Incorporated
ln Psychine.
We go to the ends of tbe earth for
these herbs—to Arabia, to South America, to China and to Japan.
They are compounded ln the most
costly chemical appliances in this country.
And the result is Psychine—for a
third of a century the most effective
vitality-builder the world has known.
The one preparation that has cured
many thousands of the following diseases:
La Grippe Bronchial Coughs
Bronchitis Weak Lungs
Hemorrhages Weak Vo|je
.Sere Throat Spring Weakness
Anaemia Early Decline
Female Weakness Catarrhal Affections
Indigestion Catarrh of Stomach
Poor Appetite Nigllt Sweats
Chills and Fevers Obstinate Coughs
81ee*iessne_K and Laryngitis and
Nervon. Troubles Dyspepsia
After-effects of Pleurisy, Pneumonia and
La tirippe
Now we don't ask you to take our
word for the tremendously beneficial
effect of Psychine. Pill out the coupon below, mall It to us and we'll give
your druggist an order (for which we
pay him the regular retail price) for
a 50-cent bottle of Psychine to be gives
you free of cost.
We will undoubtedly buy and distribute in this manner hundreds of thousands ot these 50-cent bottles of Psychine.
And we do that to show our entire
confidence in this wonderful preparation.
A confidence that has been based
on our 30 years' experience with this
splendid preparation, with a full knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of
cures it has made.
COUPON No.  94
To the Dr. .T.   A.   SLOCUM,  Ltd.
193-195 Spsdms Ave., Toronto
1 accept your offer to try a 'Oc. bottle
ot Hsyciiiun IprcHiennoed Sl-keeu) at
vour expense. I lisve not had a 50c
liotLl.- of Psvchine under this plan.
Kindly sdri-e my drutaisL lo deliver
this bottle to me.
Illy Name	
Street and Number  ,L1,_
My Druggist's Name.	
Streetand Number	
ThiB coupon is not. good fer a 20c. bottle
of Psychine it presented to the druggist
—It must be sent us—we will then buy
the 50c. bottle of IV.rhiiie from vour
druggist sad direct h.m to deliver It to
you. This offer may be withdrawn al
any time without aoclce. Send coupon
What He Did
"What did young Mr. Popinjay do
when your father Innl kicked him
down the front steps because he tried
to kiss you?"
"Oil, he stood out. ,on tlie sidewalk
and made a few cursory remarks."
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
The lord mayor of London draws an
annual salary of $50,0C0.
Mothers having once u.ed Baby's
Own Tablets for their little ones
would not be_without them. These
Tablets ure IT never failing remedy
for ''■the little ills such as constipation, colic, worms, colds, etc., that
afflict so many little ones. And then,
too, they can be given with absolute
safety to the youngest child for they
nre sold under the guarantee of a
Government analyst to contain no
opiate or other harmful drug. Concerning them Mrs. Chns. Whntley,
Peterboro, Ont., writes: "I have
used Baby's Own Tablets for.my little girl and have found tliem to be
of great vnlue. Others to whom I
hnve recommended the Tablets say
they would not be without them."
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
•it 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Silence gives consent. But not at
Oys'|r Bay.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Fond Dad—I s'pose you nre trying
to live up to vour e. sny, "Beyond the
Alps Lies It'lly?"
"No, gov-nor.. It's now 'Over tlie
Fence Is Out."
Was Nursed by Miss Nightingale.
"Duke" Cambridge, one of Kingston's oldest residents, has tender
memories of the late Florence Nightingale, as the latter nursed him through
an attack of cholera during the Crimean War. He was a member of the
S9th Regiment. When he recovered
•he presented him with a black Bilk
handkerchief.  _
Tho King's English.
The origin uf the term "the king's
English" seems tu be a little shady,
but there Is no doubt aa lo what it
meant and menus. It dates back to
the days when the king of England
came aa near to being educated aa waa
anybody lu the kingdom, and It he
couldn't speak correctly there waa no
use In anybody trying. V
Your Druggist Will Tell You
Murine Eye Remedy relieves Sere
Kyes, Strengthens Wenk Kyes,
Doesn't Smart, Soothes Kye Pain,
nnd sells for 60c. Try Murine in
Vour Kyes and in Bnb'"'« KyeB for
Sciily Eyelids and Granulation. 1
"He'll   never   get   over   my   jilting
"Why, was be so in love witli you?"
"Ol'. "o.    He was so in love with
i .KiDNE^,
Would Be Exact
Scribbles—Quiller tells me he has a
great mind to write a book.
Dribbles—I  don't believe'it.
Scribbles—Don't believe wliat—that
he cun wiite a book?
Dribbles—Oli, he may be able' to
write a book, hut 1 don't believe he
lias a great unnd.—Chicago Daily
There is more Catarrh in this section of th? country than all other diseases put together, and until the last
few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science lias proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional eure on tlie
market. It is taken internally in
doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful.
It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and
testimonials.   Address:
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Tike Hall's Fumily Pills for constipation.
"How did that irrigated farm of
yours turn out?"
"Not well. I got thirsty one day
and thoughtlessly drank the water instead of putting it on the garden."
is a*, wsr «*
Sav Moiry
Drew Well
DmiWMl,CMlM, Nk ar Mixed Cool. P«rt.ctly
wIlKtheKAlJEDra-No chauaof mtolikt*. Ful
■nd BmmMwI C*!mi 1* cuita, trots, your Dm* atM «r
DmIw _U.<WC»l*_rC.rd.«rflTb*Y_Wk ,L «
The JobMM.f_Uttki.r_l.Ma Ca., United,  Moairaal.
We've tnkon in summer bonrders.
And we're makin' 'em fefil V hum;
We're sliowin' 'em every kindness,
And chargin' it up, by gum!
Shilohs Gum
anioklrstepa coughs, cares oeldi, heala
ie Ikroataad luaga. ■   ■   • M oeata.
Lady—"My husband and I never
•dispute before the children. If we
think a quarrel is coming on, we send
them out."
Kind Friend—"Oh, that's why I see
them so often on tile street."
Relief From Suffering Everywhere.—
He whoso 1 fe is made miserable by
the suffering that conies from indigestion and has not tried I'armelee's
Vegetable Pills does not know how
easily this formidable foe can lie
d"a!t with. These Pills will relieve
where others fail. They are the result of long and patient study, and!
are confidently put forward as a sure]
corrector of disorders of the digestive I
organs, from which so many suffer,    j
Society Womnn—"I see by today's
paper I nm referred to as one of fashion's butterflies."
Her Husbnnd — "Considering the]
way you go through clothes 1 should
think 'moth' wouid apply better."
Hard nnd soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, which is entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory in its action.
A Rival in the Field ,
"Whnt he.ve you done   with   your
tnlking machine?"
"My wife got jealous of its ability
and made me get rid of it!"—Judge's
MovtKo Flo
tiiii Hack ini   AND
Maoic Lantern combined.
If you wish to
give your
friends an entertainment
that will make
them split their
sides touching
at the comic
pictures get
one of theso
They are the
limit. No more
Idull hours.
Widi eat'ii maclune we give free films and
lantern slides with lull directions to that
anyone oan mn It We give lt FKLE
tor selling only 14.00 worth ot our QOI.D
latest designs In Views. Holiday,
Comics. *o., ate for loo. 8end your name
and ad 'ress plainly written ami we will forward you a passage of cards and our hig pre-
mlumllM. But don't delay, tor we give an
eura present tor promntauss. COBALT
GOLD PEN CO., Dept «*  Toronto, Out/.
_' cys-t '
From Western Canada Daily
November Nth to December 31st
5 months limit.
Write or call for ticket rates, reservations and full particulars.
A.  E.  DUFF,
General Agent, Passenger Dept.,
260 Portage  Ave.     - Winnipeg
W. N. U., No. 818. THE   SUN,   GEAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Tha Authorities of the Capital of tha
Anglo-Egyptian Soudan Have Laid.
Out the Town With a View to Making It tho Most Beautiful In tha
Dark Continent—At Present It Hal
Very Little to Boast Of.
The visitors' first impression of
the capital of the Auglo-Kgyptian
Soudan cannot fail to be a very pleasant one. The visitor sees from'tha
river, as he steams up, a long bank
of shady trees, green and grateful
in the heat of the March sun, with
here and there brilliant blossoms
gleaming, crimson, yellow, and
mauve. Behind the trees can be
caught glimpaes of cool, verandahed
houses, lying back in their gardens.
About tlie middle glistens the palace
of the Governor-General, with the
flags of Britain and Egypt floating
from the roof. Out of the ruins of
Gordon's house this imposing emblem of British dominion has sprung
It is not beautiful, but it stands
there, clean and solid and four-square,
fit emblem of the work Britain has
done and is doing in the Soudan-
tidying up and cleaning and straightening out.
Some   day   Khartoum   will   be   the
f;arden city of Africa. It has been
aid out with that view. Just now
the immensely wide streets are bordered only by small trees which make
'the hot, dusty expanses of roadway
seem dustier and hotter by mocking
the wayfarer, as if a thirsty man
should have a thimbleful of water offered to him. But growth is rapid
here. Before many years are past
these saplings wil spread their leafage wide, and everywhere one will
walk beneath a cool canopy of whispering leaves.
At present nobody walks. The first
morning I was here I made a great
mistake. I went out ior a stroll round
to get an idea of the town. Frankly,
I thought it was a detestable place.
"There is about enough here," I said,
"to make a decent-sized village, and
they have spread over an area big
enough for the cite of a city." It was
very hot. It was also windy. Dust
lay thick all over except in the very
middle of the road. I saw no white
people about. I came back to tho
hotel sticky and tired and in a bad
But after a cool drink in a long
chair on the balcony looi"n^ over the
river and over thc great stretch of
desert bounded by fascinating far-off
'hills, I reflected and began to under-
stand. In this dry atmosphere thirst
becomes a habit, and it is necessary
to drink often of lime juice or lemonade or very light beer. Ai I cooled
off I became more reasonable. I noticed the gathering of donkeys an!
of rickshaws drawn by small ponie-i
'near the gate of the hotel on the river's edge. Everybody who went out
took one or the other. Since then I
'have done likewise, and I have nr,
further complaints. There is one walk,
and a very pleasant one, left-handed
along the liver towards the point
where the Blue and the White Niles
meet, keeping each its distinctive color for many miles down, and when
the steam ferry plies to Otndurmaii.
on the further bank. But no one
would dream of walking even here un
der the palm trees until the sun lias
'dropped low. Rides in tho early morn,
ing freshness over the desert sand
and lawn tennis as soon as the shadows begin to lengthen—that is how
we take our exercise in Khartoum.
The distances wouid really be difficult, even if tlie roads were not so
dusty and hot. You are told that
aome place you want to go to is "at
tlie end of the street." This means
at least a mile, and sometimes nearly
two. Yet tlie buildings are scattered
only here and tliere. There is but one
good European shop. There are bits
of pavement in places, but for the
most part roadway and sidewalk have
not yot been separated. Consequently,
one has the sense of wandering about
a suburb whicli is still in the builders' hands and only just beginning
to be occupied. Well, for "suburb"
read "city," and that is perfectly true
of Khartoum
"Some day," they said to themselves, these far-sighted Englishmen
and Scotsmen and Irishmen, not forgetting Welshmen, "some day this I
vast country will, instead of being |
mostly desert, be covered with wheat
fields and cotton fields. Work and
water will turn the barren sand into
one of the great producing countries
of the world. In that day Khartoum
will no lonrer bc the head-place of a
province which is still luoked upon
as the Cinderella of the British Empire and treated accordingly.
"It will bo the capital of a rich and
powerful dominion. Whether it will
be fitted to play this important part
in the world-drama, and set an example to other capitals, depends upon
us, said these Britons, filled with a
great hope and pride; and they
mapped out tlie place accordingly.
Even in the native town away back
from the river there is order and design. Passing through the vast open
space of Abbos-squaro, which will in
time rank as one of the finest in the
world, you come to the markets, rows
and rows of straw huts with a man
'or a woman squatting in each, ready
to chaffer interminably for the eggs
or tomatoes or the chickens or the
green stuff spread on the ground outside. As you wander through, look
along every street of low mud houses,
and you will see it stretching away
'dead straight to where the town ends
on the desert. For a complete contrast go over to Omdurman. Eleven
years ago this was still the Dervish
capital, the residence of the False
Prophet who made his power felt over
nearly half Africa. It was a slave-
trading centre, a vast prison, where
every man felt himself a captive and
know that a turn of fortune's wheel
might at any time number him among
the victims who were hanged on high
fallows in the market-place every
riday to strike the Khalifa's terror
home to every heart. It was also a
vast harem, where women raided
from many tribes were herded together to give the fanatical Baggara a
foretaste of their bestial paradise.
A Satisfactory Increase
During his visit to Canada, Ri_.ht
Rev. Arthur Winnington-Ingra.ii
Bishop of I-ondon, has taken occasion
to refute tlie story of the decadence
of the Old Country. He said >_iat the
impression had been created by the
typical Englishman's lack of boastful-
ness, "The Americans think that John
Bull is serious when he deprecates
himself," said the bishop, "but hies*
you he doesn't mean it. If you ininit
ine over here that John Bull is plnye 1
out, you're making the mistake of your
life. Don't you be deceived by his
habit of deprecating himself."
The bishop did not find many Cana
dinns with tbe habit of deprecatinc
themselves. Every one who met him
wanted to know what he thought of
the growth of Canada since he was last
here. That was the query put to him
during his short stay in Toronto, for
he did not make the capital of Ontarir
one of his stopping places. Even in
the little town of Aylmer, he found
the citizens anxious to know if he had
not been duly impressed with the fact
that the Dominion is now enjoying
its growing time. To the friends of
his brother he gave a' very character
istic answer. "The last time I was
here," he said, "I had nine nephew*
and nieces; this time I find I have
four more. At this rate Canada's pop
ulation is increasing very satisfactorily."
Mme. Melba's Australian Tour.
Mme. Melba, who recently arnvul
in England from Australia, has been
chatting with an interviewer concern-
ing some of her experiences whilst on
tour "When I leached Melbourne
it had been arranged that a female
choir of 1,500 voices should greet me:
but, unfortunately, the crowd was so
dense that I could not hear the sing
ing. In fact, so great was the crush
at tlie railway station that, the police
locked nie up in a small telephone-
box." A pathetic incident happened
at this stage. A little girl of ten had
been deputed to present the prima
donna with a bouquet. Mme. Melba,
shut up in the telephone-box until
the dispersal of the crowd, was dis
turbed by the weeping of the child in
distress. An official was sent to investigate, and a bedraggled child in
tattered frock was ushered in, holdic.i.
forth in forlorn fashion a bunch of
melancholy stalks—all that remained
of the bouquet she had hoped to present to the great operatic star.
Earl Grey's Trip.
Nothing in the period ol Enrl Grev'«
Governor-Generalship of Cr _nda ha*
been more spectacular or more indicative of his interest in the wide Dominion which he serves thnn the iour-
ney to and across Hud-on Bay mi
which he has been engaged. To hrave
the hardships of the canoe ride from
Norway House, a Hudson Bay post
ou the Nelson River, to Fort Church
ill is sacrifice worthy of all praise.
From that point across the bay to
Hudson Straits and home to Quebec
by the Atlantic the journey wo- mate
in a Government steamer. The re-ult
of this tour is to add materially to
His Kxcellency's knowledge of the oft-
termed "Frozen North," a term which
Earl Grey himself expects to have occasion to considerably modify.
The arrival of the Governor-General
at Norway House took place in a
drenching rain, but fifty Indians, arm
»d with shotguns and rifles, lent a
festive air to the event hy firiiiw. a
snlute. A program of sports had been
arranged for His Excellency's enter
tainnient, but this had to be abandoned owing to unfavorable weather. ^
welcome from the Cree Indians took
the form of a banner witli a motto
in their own longuage which, trans
Inted. rend; "Welcome Irom the people of the north." Tho buildings ot
tlie Hudson Hay pos', were also lavish
ly decorated with flags and huntina
His Kxcellency's party Ieit. on the
wentiier clearing, a couple of dnvs lat
er. on their long paddle to Hudson
Bay. The party occupied twelve en
noes. They were prepared lor lonit
days in the ennoe and camping by thn
wayside at night, on which occasion
the Union Jack would he hoisted as
a mute symbol of the Vi.-e-Ue_.nl character of the notable but unostenta
tious travelers in the wilderness.
The   London  Gazette   Is Written by
Statesmen, Kings and Queens.
Which is the most important newspaper in the British Empire? Ninety-
nine people out of a hundred would
probably reply "The Times." But
they would be wrong, that is, if one
may judge the importance of a newspaper by the official character of its
The tftle really belongs to Tho London Gazette, the oldest and least read
of any newspaper in the old country
It is issued by the Government, and
is the channel of communication between royalty, the Cabinet, and the
people. Kings and Queens have written for it, while Cabinet Ministers nre
regular contributors. Its advertisements are regulated by law, and no
great manufacturer could obtain a
"puff," even although he were willing
to pay $50,000 a line for it.
Tlie Gazette varies considerably in
size. Sometimes it consists merely of
one page, and sometimes between 400
and 500. In onft memorable week, in
11847—the "Railway Year"—so many
j Parliamentary notices had to be pub-
I lisiied that The Gazette for one week
! totalled   about  3,000   pages;-but  the
firice always remains the same—name-
, y, Is., and it is said to yield a profit
jof about $100,000 a year, in spite ot
the fact thnt it has never been sold at
a railway bookstall and no newsboy
has ever cried its name in the street.
Practically the only Reople who buy
it are Government officials and lawyers.
The Gazette is the oldest and at the
same time the youngest newspaper in
the kingdom, as well as being the
most important. It was first publish
ed in 1665, in the'reign of Charles II..
and has ever since appeared twice a
week, with supplementary issues now
and then if required. It was first published at Oxford, as the court was in
residence there during the Plague, but
when the latter abated it was brought
to London, and for more than 130
years has been published by Messrs.
Harrison, tlie well-known printers of
St. Martin's Lane. At the same time,
it is the youngest newspaper on account of the fact that it wns only a
few months ago that it contained the
following announcement:—
"This Journal has been registered at
the G.P.O. for transmission by inland
post as a newspaper."
Previously it had been regarded as
a Government publication only, and
was dispatched "O.H.M.S.," in this
way escaping postal charges altogether; but apparently the Government
snw a way to reap a few extra halfpennies.
An interesting illustration of the
important position held by Tho, Gazette before newspapers and telegraphs
were what they are is furnished by
tile manner in which the news of tlie
Battle of the Alma was made publio
in 1854. The news was received by
the Secretary of State on Saturday
evening. There were no newspapers
until Sunday, and it was important
that the public anxiety should be allayed by the widest possible circulation of such a piece of news.
James Harrison was sent for, and
the position explained to him when he
reached Downing Street. He iminedi
ately thought of the theatres. There
were three of them open; why not
have the telegram read out there? The
plan wns considered excellent, and
Mr. Harrison returned to St. Martin's
Lane, set up the news with his own
hands, and sent men round to the
theatres with early copies of The Gaz
ette. "See the manager," were the instructions to the messengers. "Take
no refusal. Insist on having the per
formance stopped by order of the Secretary of State while this news is read
out." The men obeyed the order to
the letter, and at Drury Lane and
other theatres the scenes were historic
In the meantime Mr. Harrison mnde
his way to the Mansion House and
communicated the glad tidings to tht
Lord Mayor and sheriffs.
Street Names In Metropolis Pique th*
To the man who has read a little
history, and whose imagination is
slightly bigger thnn his hat, the
streets "of London are like the chapters in a tremendously long, fascinating romance written, in collaboration,
by all the writers of romance, from
Geoffrey Chaucer of Maurice Hewlett.
It is, of course, unfortunate that in
most cases the writing on tlie wails
hns been rubbed out, as it were. Only
the titles of the chapters remain in
tlie names of the streets. But, after
all, if one hns read Chaucer and
Shakespeare and Walter Scott, and a
few old histories of London, one can
til! up the text out of one's imagina.
tion and memory, writes Philip Giblu
in tiie Graphic.
These street names are like chapter-headings which suggest tlie most
exciting adventures, full of blood and
mystery, or of love and romance, or
of tragedy and comedy, or of pomp
and pageantry. Tlie strangest characters of history come slinking or swaggering along when the name of a London street gives tlie title to a new
chapter. And many old ghosts jostle
the living people on the pathway when
a few letters at a street corner turn
the key in the clockwork of one's
brain. Yet often one is jerked up by
the strangest contrasts, by the queerest incongruities, so tliat one laugtiB
aloud, to the confusion of the passers-
by, for these street names play the
most curious tricks with what one is
pleased to call one's imagination.
The other day, for instance, I found
myself in Fashion street, Spitalfields,
and straightway I saw a vision of the
old days when the fine ladies of the
town came here in their hoops and
farthingales to buy their silks and ribbons. But walking from one end of
the squalid street to the other 1 saw
that it was the home of rag-merchants
and of second-hand clothes dealers!
Only yesterday I looked up at a
street corner and saw that I was in
Eden Grove. It is in Holloway, and
here, two centuries ago, in the springtime, the birds sffttg roundelays to
their sweethearts, while little green
buds were bursting on tho bough, and
many a pretty Eve wandered in the
twilight with her Adam. The grove
has gone, and it is no longer Eden!
Paradise street, Bermondsey, has also lost the meaning of its name. It is
true that St. Peter and the Guardian
Angels have a church here, but in
the same street is a police station,
which suggests Paradise Lost.
It is strange sometimes how, in a
walk down a dismal, dreary street,
there comes to one the subtle, sweet
perfume of fragrant old memories. I
could not understand that when 1
strolled down Commercial Road the
other day 1 Then I realized that it was
an imaginative perfume, aroused by
the names of the street corners—Mar.
igold street, Greenfield street, Arbour
street, Heath street, Plough street-
reminiscent of the May-days of Mer-
rie England, when here the fields lay
open to the sun and the rain, and the
breezes were laden with the good
scent of the earth. As for ghosts, they
haunt one always in the London
street. I pass every day down the
Strand, and every day the modern
houses disappear, and I see tlie great
palaces of Elizabethan and Jacobean
London along the river-side; and out
of the side-streets come the Earls of
Dorset and Arundel, "Doggie Steenie,"
my Lord of Buckingham, the gallant
Essex, lhat "false smiling flatterer,"
Henry of Northampton, and many another figure in doublet and trunk
What ghosts lurk in Hanging
Sword Alley—that dark passage which
a man's arms can span, still thrust
like a sword into the heart of our
newspaper world! In the old days
there were murders here, when tlie
White friars and the Black friars were
chanting close by, and when in this
republic of Alsatia the bullies were
spilling red wine (and often red
blood) in the filthy taverna.
Th* Painted Slippers That
Ara   Smart   This
While kid slippers are nor new and
strauge accessories of the smart toilet,
but tnese same slippers when band
palmed In floral effects are very stunning, und. wUat la equally Important,
they are new.
Tho Illustration gives one a very
good Idea of how charming a white
kid slipper muy be wben painted In
a graceful forgetinenot deslgu. Any
small blossom will serve as a motif,
and the coloring should be sucb as
will lime In with a certain costume or
be Itii-oiispli'iiiiiis enough to "jibe" welt
with must ot lbe gowns lu one's tf aid-
Tiagedy In Horsedom.
A grievious event happened one
day recently on *u farm near Cnnit-
ton. when "Dan," an aged and superannuated horse, deliberately committed suicide. After heing a faithful
old servant for ""nv years and fearing the approach of another winter,
he jumped upon a (Ticket fence and
injured himself, but wns soon fixed
up by the farrier. But Dan's will
wns too strong to be baulked in that,
way. so he put his head into an opening in a rail fence, and throwing himself wns strangled to death.—Ontario,
The earliest mention of shoes is in
an    Ecyptian    papyrus   about   2,200
years before Christ.
Tyburn Gallows.
The last execution on a permanent
gallows in London took place ut Ty j
hum on Nov. 7, 1783, tlie malefactor
being one John Austin, condemned tor I
highway robbery with violence. "For
centuries Tyburn had been the scene
of executions. Tlie gallows consisted
of tune posts, and around it weoJ
open galleries, resembling race stands
in which seats were let. On account
of the disgraceful scenes on the road,
executions were transferred in 1783 to
tne urea in Iront of Newgate, despite
tne objections of residents, and on
Dec. 3 of that year the lirst hangim
took place there, when no less thai
leu were executed.—Loudon (spectator.
Chased av a Bear.
Moody   McLeod,   son  of  John   Me- '
r,cod, seventh concession nf Roxbnr-
1 ough, near Clicsterville, Out., is tell.
ing of a thrilling experience which '
reads like a tnle of pioneer days.
Hearing  his dogs  harking   in   the j
woods, McLeod took his gun.  Suddenly lie came upon a huge black hear. '
| McLeod fired hoth barrel.!, the second ,
bringing down  Mr.   Bruin.   He drew]
his knife and wns bleeding his game,
when a second, but smaller bear nr- ]
rived   on  the  scene.    McLeod's  gun
wns empty  nnd  as  the  benr showed
fight,   he   struck   out   for  th#  house
with bruin a good second.    He trip-1
oed and  fell,  breaking the stock  of I
his gun. hut just then the benr was I
attacked by one of the dogs that had J
been  wounded  and  thrown  under a
stump by the.bis hear.   The smaller'
bear  climbed   fl   tree  nnd   was   Kept
there by the does till M"L id secured
I another gun and ended its career. 'I he
| little do;; wns *n badly wounded thnt
he died the next da>. nud the other
1 Jog is badly disfigured.
Jews For Australia9
The London Jewish Chronicle savs
that tlie Government of Western Australia is considering a business pro-
jioaal ior the purchase of an exten
sive area in thnt state on whicli to
settle n million Russian Jews. Tins
is a very astonishing statement, see.
ing that tlie total pOpUlatiou of We.t
eru Australia at toe Inst census in
1)101 was only liM,I!_4. If anything like
n million Russian Jews were dumped
down in Western Au.-tialiti they would
enormously outnumber the rest of the
population, and tlie country would
pnietioilly became a Russian colony
witli alien language and customs. It
is difficult to believe tout the Onglisb
speaking Western Australian) can
have contemplated so momentous a
chin,ge. There are over 5.0U0.UOO Jews
in tlie Russian Kmpire.
Prima Donna and King.
Mile. Vcrlet, the well-known singer
from tlie 1'uris Opera, who recently
has been appearing in the Mozart Festival at His Majesty's Theatre, London, with great success, has probably
Bung bt.fore more royal personages
than n>iy other prima donna. She
was specially engaged for gala performances at tho Grand Opera, Paris,
and tells how on one ocension, after
singing before the late King Edward,
His Majesty came behind the scenes
to compliment her. "He did tbis in
quite nn informal manner," says Mile.
Verlet, "nnd chatted with me for soma
time about opera work in such a
chnrming, unaffected way thnt almost
made one forget he was a King." No
wonder Parisians referred tn his 1at«
Majesty affectionately as "King Ede
Hints Worth Taking.
For Rainy l>ayn.-A good way to
keep your skirt from getting dirty and
wet on rainy days is to put a piece ot
black elnsilc with hook and eye on
ends around the hlpa over your skirt.
Pull up the skirt on all aides, put on
your coat, und no one will notice It.
Tbe skirt will stay up aud relieve you
ot holding und crushing it
For tbe Mattress -When cleaning
bouse gel a quarter ot a .vara ot strong
ticking aud cut und sew double on the
sides of your mattress for handles.
You will Und it a greut help in lifting
and Iuriilng tbe mattress over.
Keys.—Try lying keys to doorknobs
with u loop ot narrow ribbon. It will
save a search for a missing key, particularly If there are small children ID
tbe house wbo are fond of taking keys
A Nail Hint.—Nulls used In bathrooms and kitchens on which damp
cloths and towels may be bung sbouiu
be pulnled witb white enamel so tbat
tbey do not leave rusty murks.
For the Fni-e — To protect the face
wben sweeping or doing otber dusty
work smear cold cream on face aud
neck generously and dust talcum powder over IL This saves tbe pores of
the skin from getting clogged with tbe
Good Soup For Boys.—Pick np bits
of simp that are left around the
bouse, melt, stir In cornmeat to thicken and make cakes of lhe muss, Wben
cold this makes excellent soap for tbe
small tioys lo get dirt out ot tbeir
Try Them For Dinner.
. For strawberry putties tnke one and
a half heaping tuhiespoonfuls ot powdered gelatin, bu it a cupful ot boiling
wuter. one tulilexpnnnful of lemon
juice, four inliiespoiiiiiiils of .sugar, one
pound of strnwherries and tliree-quur-
ters ot a |itnI ot whipped cream.
Pick  the strawberries and  rub sulll-
dent ot lliein through a sieve to make
hull n plnl ot puree. Warm ibis puree
slightly, tlieii mid geluilti dlsHnlv.it In
the bulling wilier, sugar and lellinu
Juiee. Allow in cool slightly and fold
in whipped crenili. Divide the mixture lulu tresli putty cases and set
away In a cool place. Decorate with
whipped cream and ripe struwbemes.
fear is In oysters.
While eating oyster.- at the reel,
deuce ol Stephen Wilcox. 43? Shaw
utreet. Tnronto. Mi-s M. Preston
found five pearls. All were in .>ue
cy-ter. i'liey were titiout the ,\-ta ol
buckshot. A jeweler will he naked
to pass opinion ou litem. All teemed
Im be certeol. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   13. 0.
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
A strong man is strong all over. No man can be
strong who is suffering from Weak stomach with its
consequent indigestion, or from some other disease
of the stomach and its associated organs, which impairs digestion and nutrition. For when the stomach
is weak or diseased there is a loss of the nutrition
contained in food, which is the source of all physical
strength. When a man ''doesn't feel just right,"
when he doesn't sleep well, has   an   uncomfortable
feeling in the stomach after eating, is languid, nervous, irritable and despond-
cat, he is losing the nutrition needed to make strength.
Such  a man should use   Dr.  Pierce's   Golden Medical
Discovery.   It cures  diseases ol the stomach and  other
organs of digestion and nutrition.   It enriches the blood.
invigorates the  liver, ^rcnojhens the kidneys, nourishes
the nerves, and i,o UIVE& health nxo STRENGTH TO
Yo'n can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-
■Icohollo medioine of known composition, not even though the urgent, dealer
muy thereby make n  lute bi '.'.er profit.    Ingredients printed on wrapper.
tlio law provides tlmt license
I holders  shall   have at   least
Mrs.  A.   \Y.    Fraser   re- three months  to dispose   of
turned   on    Tuesday  from a.thoir   stock..   After   the  ex-
short visit to Spokane, piration of three months the
law goes into force by proclaim B. Cannon returned  to mation and   no appeal  vote
the city teis week from Van-! can be taken for three years,
eouver,   where   he   has been        -/	
spending the, past summer.
The Greenwood Curling club
i.s in favor of the bonspiel for
southern British Columbia being held in Grand Korks this
Charles Fraser, clerk- at the
Yale hotel, returned Tuesday
evening from a visit to Spokane.
Geo. Wright arrived in the
city this wqek from one of the
prairie provinces. He is in
search of ranching land, and
intends to locate permanently
in the valley.
For Sale—Complete set of
household furniture, from
kitchen to parlor; mostly new;
also garden and lawn apparatus; party leaving town and
will sell cheap. Apply Downey's cigar store.
Running never   tires
who walk.
Take ynur repair* tn A'rmsnn'a
R ot nml Shoe Hoppitnl, Bridge
stieet, Grand Forks, 13. C.
Charles Phillips, the half-
breed Indian accused of the
murder of Raw! Siebert, near
Republic, last year, was found
guilty of murder in the second
degree in the superior court
at Republic la?t week by a
jury after six and one-half
hours' deliberation. He was
sentenced to life imprisonment at Walla Walla.
Catarrh Cured by Breathing
You breathe in Hyomei (pronounced high-ome) and inhale the
antiseptic vaporized life of the pine
and eucalyptol forests; As vou breathe
in this delightful air it passes over the
inflamed and germ-ridden membrane,
allays inflammation, kills the germs
and drives out the disease.
H. E, Woodland & Co., druggists,
sell Hyomei and guarantee it for catarrh, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and
croup. A complete outfit includes
hard rubber inhaler and costs you
SI.OO. Extra bottles of Hyomei cost
50e. By mail postpaid 50c and $1.00
from The Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Remember Hyomei is guaranteed or the motley back if it fails you.
The wire cable and machinery for the tram being constructed by the British Columbia Copper company from
the Lone Star & Washington
mine to Boundary Falls has
arrived at Danville, and will
be hauled over LaFleur mountain to its destination. The
line will be in operation by
the 1st of January.
When having your piano
tuned have it done by a reliable man, backed by a reliable
firm. Mr. A. R. Kelbey has
been appointed by the Mason
& Risen Uo. to take over the
territory lately covered by his
father, Win. Kelbey, and is at
present in town. Any orders
sent to R. I'etrie's will be
promptly and satisfactorily attended to or money cheerfully
The B. C. Gazette last week
contained the proclamation of
the vote to be taken on the
Canada Temperance Act, generally known as the Scott
Act, in PrinCe Rupert and
Chilliwack on December 14.
This is the first attemptthathas
been made to apply tlu; Scott
Act  iu   this   province.    Tlie
Spokane Did Not Shoot
The rifle shoot which had
been arranged to take place
between the Kettle Valley
Rille association tind the Spokane Rille and Revolver club
was a very one-sidod affair, as
the Spokane club failed,
through cloudy weather or
cold feet, to do their part.
The match was a postal
one.viz., to exchange scores,
Grand Forks to shoot on Saturday, Spokane on Sunday.
The local team did remarkably well. The five scores to
count as under; ten shots
straight; no sighter; at __J00
yards, as the Spokane team
did not wish to shoot farther.
-iu- li.-ti. lut.l ei..luiwil
E. Miller, M.P.P., and Judge
Brown were referee andjudge
respectively) Mr. Miller being
the   targets
and   l
iwn   taking
Newby acted as register!
•gt.-Maj. Whc
'it. Spraggett
Two hundred
and  tw
one points out of a possible
250—tins is the record of
Canada for a scratch team.
The average was 44.-!.
Sure Signs of Kidney Trouble
If your hack is constantly aching
and if you experience dull shouting
pains, your kidneys are out of order.
If your urine is thick arid clondy or
your passages frequent scanty and
painful, your kidnsys and bladder are
nul nf order. Neglect quickly brings
un rheumatism, diabetis, lumbago,
sciatica, etc.
Mrs. John Wagner, of UO Hollis
St., Halifax, N. S., says: "Dull
shooting pains would catch ine across
the small part of mv baok and extend
into my shoulders and neck, nfien
causing me to suffer with severe headaches and spells of dizzihess. Spots
would dazzle before my eyes and
everytuing would turn blick. I
would fall to the Hour and be unable
to get up again without assistance. A
friend told me of Booth's Kidney
Pills and 1 began their use. The lirst
box gave ine relief and I am now
well and strong."
All druggists sell Booth's Kidney
Pills, 50o a box with ii guarantee to
relieve or ynur money baek. They
are tlie world's greatest specific for
kidney and bladder trouble. Postpaid from the proprietors, Tbe R. T.
Booth Co., Ltd , Fort Erie,Ont. Sold
and guaranteed liy H. E. Woodland
& Co.
I    I.I  Mil-    Nil.I.'
rider for l-iibl
Bui Whiff, imuiicI i-'mu, B.C." will be receive
111  tbis   ..ihr_< until   1.(11) I'M., on   \\ ciln..-..,,
December'& 1910, fur tbe construction t,f «
Pub it- Building at urand Porks, B.C,
I'inritt, specification uml form ol contract
oan be seen am1 forms of teuder obtained at
the office of Mr. urn. Henderson resident
arohlteot, Viot-irla, B.O., wt the •'<>*t Office,
Grand l-'ork-, und at tin- Department.
Persons tendering are notified [but tender*
will nnt lie considered unless mud,, on the
printed form supplied, audslffiied with their
uvlual signatures! t.tutiim their occupnibn h
und place-oi residence. In the cime nl firms,
the actual slgnnluru. the until re ol the ueru,,..-
timi uml plnce hi residence of cadi member ul
tlie linn musi bc given,
Bfteb tender lUUst be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered hunk,
iKyubleto the order of the Honourable the
linixter ol   Public;   Works, equal to ten
Bridge Street,
Tlie best and mngt
"ubstantittl fire-proof
l.ljl.iii.- 1)1 the lio'lti-
darv country. Recently completed and
newly     furuMied
t> i ithnut.    I'.tinip-
ped with nil iinnlcrn
electrical conven-
leuces,  Centrally lo-
'nted.   I'irst-clasts no-
ravelling publio.
Hot .md Cold Paths
First-Class Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
If Printing ""|
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing fjlnnt
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Postere, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
cent (ll) p.c.) oi ihe rtfuouiit of the t
en per
„„m1.ft-  nf nnmaa   n t »t wuwl/i, I fr»    which  will   be   forfeited   if the person   ten-
niin>D8r OI names appended to|degln^dedtiit to enter Ihto ucoi.traet when
the petition asking that a""""1'"
vote be taken whs *1\\ in
Prince Rupert and 140 in
Chilliwack. The result of
the vote will be proclaimed
December 16, In the event
of the Scott Act being curried
culled upon to do so, or fall to complete the
Work contracted for, If the tender be Hot
accepted tin- cheque will be returned.
'I'he Deportment doen not bind itself  to 00-
Cept thc lowest or any lender.
By order.
Department "f Public Works,
Ottawa, November 24, 1910,
Newspapers   wilt not   be puH ior this ad.
vertlsument If thoy Insert it without authority Irom «i6 Department.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby, Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars* Pipes and Tobaccos
a Fresh Oonsignmput ot
Received weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stook
a Fresh Supply of J
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Honing ft Specialty.
P. A. Z..PARE, Proprietor
1st Doou North op Gkanuy Hotel,
Fihst Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passenger* and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
HuTiiKiipoun  Bros., Props.
/^nnr^ p___w\iTll\[_f__"~tl,e kiml wo <1°~_is in itHeil an
V_lUULJ rMLlllLlVl advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you tliat our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour order. Wo guarantee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Namrof Company.
Granby Consolidated—Copper
Carl boo-McKinney—Gold	
Providence—Silver .,
ton. Copper—Copper	
Authorized ,-• BHAHBfi
Capital.   Isaned. Par
Total to   Latest      Per
Date.       Dute.   Share
•^s I It'll.   I "(IT.           1900. mm-.           _'_«.."-.     •-'■• i«« «.
•XJffiKo,    185,000 *1U0   $1,820,000 |S,fi68t680 Hoc. ifoi «8.00
i—iiiiHH)   1'Tin<HK)     SI     546,831 Bob, 1904     M
.    'fiNS    *W    h       16.000 ,».£'&*. UN    M
3,000,000     50U.0OO      $ft            201J0U Sept. 1WI7      .00
60   YEARS*
Trade Marks
copyriohts ac.
Anyone sending * sketch nnd description may
quickly iiorortuin o-ir opinion free viieLlior an
Icventlon 1b probnhly pntentitMfc Comniunlcft.
tUinsfiirlctlyrmiudoutliiL HANDDOOK on Patent!
Miit froo. OMest atfoncy for aecuriugpatents.
Pntonts taken through Munn A Co. receive
snecialtwtke, wlttaoubcbarffo, iutbj
ScMfie American.
A handaomujy Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any BdentHio loarnsl, Terms for
C.iu.'iti, v-.7;i a year, foatut^o propnld.   8old by
■ RBSSH & G3.W1B—-f. R-^jf Ycrfc
".rnr.-.D Offl"" ^" 1* Bt.. Witnbtn.-: -i. ti O-
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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