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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 19, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
Predicts a Bumper Fruit
Crop for the Province
Next Jfear
Thinks a Good Market for
Soft Fruits Oan Be Developed on Prairies
That tbe fruit growers of British
Columbia will bave a most promising market open to t etn by the
shipment of produce, especially soft
fruits, to the prairie provinces hy express in carload lota, is the opinion
of R- M. Winslow, provincial horticulturist, wbo bas just returned
from Ottawa and Toronto, where he
conferred with Hon. Martin Burrell,
federal minister of agriculture; Hoo.
W. T, White, midister of finance,
•nd other Dominion officials, and
also at ended the meeting of the
executive of tbe National Fruit
Growers' association.
Mr. Winslow on his trip accompanied W. C. Ricardo, president of
the British Columbia Fruit Grow-
en' association, and tbe other British Columbia representatives oo tbe
executive ot tbe National. Fruit
Growers' association, and aa a result of their visit it is probable tbat
•n active campaign will be begun to
develop the shipment of soft fruits
by . express from the Boundary,
Kootenay and Okanagan districts
to the smaller towns of the prairie
provinces next season.
"The apple crop in the Pacific
coast district protui.es t*> be a big
one in 1914," aaya Mr. Winslow,
' and the opening up ol a new marketing centre would give a valuable
stimuloua to tbe fruit growing in
dustry in British Columbia. Tbe
large crops have come in alternate
yeara. The 1913 crop, while larger
than 1912, was not up to its possibilities, and 1914 is expected to be
proportionally as mucb a dumper
orop as came in 1912. Added to
this, tbe setting of fruit buds gives
promise of an exceptional yield next
year. The trees have matured
wonderfully well and, as a rule, tbe
soil is full of moisturo, a combination ot conditions calculated to
bring the trees through the winter
safely and to start tbem vigorously
io the spring.
"Tbe growers already enjoy low
freight rates and special privileges
(or'tbe shipment of tbeir fruit, and
W. B. Lanigan, assistant freight
manager of the C.P.R., promised
us tbat he would lend active and
practical assistance in marketing
our fruit and in developing market
organizations. Tbe president^! the
Dominion Express company also
gave us assurances that he would
aid us in developing tbe trade in
carload lots by express from points
nt.s interior of British Columbia
to Alberta and the prairie provinces,
•'Mr. Kimmins, manager ot tbe
N, D. Smith Frnit company, which
hae developed an enormous fruit
business from tbe Niagara district
to cities in the Canadian middle
west and the Maritime provinces,
shipped  last year  140 carloads to
Manitoba and 180 carloads to tbe
Marstime provinces by express.
Most of these shipments were sent
direct to the retailers, especially in
the smaller towns.
"The advantages ot shipping by
express in carload lots are many, as
not only does the consignment arrive iu fresher condition, but tbe
full flavor of the soft fruits is assured by allowing them to ripen on
the trees before gathering. Tben
again, this method eliminates one
and somotiines two middlemen,
whioh means an increased profit to
the grower."
The Fruit Marks net was also up
for discussion, and a number of
minor changes in the act were
brouubt forward snd discussed, and
these will be submitted to tbe general meeting of the National Fruit
Growers' association, which takes
place in Ontario next July. It was
felt that a stricter enforcement of
the act was needed, especially with
regard to imported fruit, and it is
probable that tbis question will be
brought to the attention of the Dominion authorities in tbe near future.
Before visiting Ottawa Mr. Winslow was present at tbe Land Show
at Chicago, where, he reports, British Columbia had a large and most
attractive exhibit. Three lectures
were given every day during the
two weeks tbe exhibition remained
open and tbe audiences, numbered
about 300 at eacb lecture.
"Tbe beat of the building somewhat wilted the fruit," says Mr.
Winslow, but it made a splendid
display and was certainly one ot tbe
features of tbe show. Moat ofthe
inquiries came from men seeking
cheap general farming lands sucb aa
obtain in northern British Columbia, but tbe exhibit and tbe lectures,
wbich were accompanied with moving pictures, cleareu up a good many
misconceptions among the visitors
with regard to tbe possibilities of
this province. On British Columbia
day more tban 200 boxes of fruit
were distributed free among the
' The Best Christmas Gift
The very best Christmas gift you
can make yourself, your wife and
all tbe members of your family is a
year's subscription to that great
paper, The Family Herald and
Weekly Star of Montreal. It costs
only one dollar and its visit each
week will make your household
happier than ever beiore. No home
in Canada should be without tbat
great paper during 1914—Every
issue is worth the money.
Annual Meeting of the Farmers' Institute Next
Two Ranchers Killed While
Hauling Wood Near
The annual meeting of the Grand
Fin-Its Viilh-v Fanners' institute will
be held in the 'city hall on Tues
day afternoon, December 23, at 3
o'clock. A full attendance is requested The annual financial state .
tiinnt will be read, and officers and
directors are to be elected and a
delegate chosen to represent tbe institute at tbe annua,! meeting of tbe
provincial institutes. Mr. Rub-
mann, assistant horticulturist, will
also address tbe meeting.
Last Friday evening John Mord-
horst and Steve DeBellas were
killed wbile hauling wood from Lone
Ranch creek to LeBellas' house, near
Danville. The wagon fell down a
steep embankment, tbe men being
buried under the' load. Mordhorst
was killed instantly and DeBellas
died a few hours later while being
moved to the hospital in this city.
Mordhorst was a pioneer rancher of
Danville. He leaves a widow and
one brother, Hans Mordhorst, who
lives near Spokane. DeBellaa was
formerly section foreman on the
Great Northern, and had recently
engaged in farming. He in survived
by a widow.
A directors' meeting of the Grand
Forks Agricultural association was
held in the secretary's office on
Wednesday evening. H. A. C.
Baker was elected managing direc
tor of the next annual fall fair, and
a great deal of routine business waa
The Social club gave its first dance
of tbe season in tbe opera honse on
Wednesday evening. Werner's or
cbestra furnished the music.
school  district  this  year
719 names.   Nearly all of the
are real Male owners.
Hockey Schedule
Jan. 5—Greenwood at Phoenix.
7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
9—Grand Forks at Greenwood
19—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
23—Grand Forks at Greenwood.   I
26—Greenwood at Phoenix.
28— Phoenix at Grand Forks.
30—Grand Forks at Gjeenwood.
Feb. 2—Grand Forks at Phoenix.
4—Greenwood at Grand Forks,
4—Greenwood at Qrand Forks.
6—Phoenix at Greenwood.
9—Greenwood at Phoenix.
11—Phoenix at Greenwood.
13—Grand Forks at Greenwood.
The Christmas will he celebrated
in the Baptist chuich wilh special
morning and evening song services
next Sunday, and on Tuesday tbere
will be a Sunday school Christmas
tea and tree, beginning at 6 ojclock
in the evening.
The show windows in the Grand
Forks stores bave never us prettily
decorated in former years as tbey
are at present. Every one of tbem
is a tempting invitation to tbe public to enter and to make a closer inspection of the pretty holiday
Tbe Granby company haa stopped
diamond drilling on the Big Copper
for tbe present owing to a lack ot
Tbe British Columbia Copper
company has one hundred men and
four diamond drills working on Copper mountain, near Princeton.
W. K. C. Manly and N. L. Mclnnes left on Wednesday lor a business trip to Spokane.
Mayor Fripp has returned hame
from week's business trip to Victoria.
J. M. Maugban, the plumher,
made a business trip to .Spokane
this week.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max.
Dec. 12—Friday  26 3.4
13—Saturday  .... 29 38
14— Sundiy 30 36
15—Monday  30 37
16—Tuesday  32 38
17—Wednesday .. 25 30
18-Thursday 23 30
Kainfall  0.00
Snowfall    0.6
McBride's New Railway Policy
He is one who sees far ahead and
has tbe courage to devote wisely
conserved energies to the accomplishment of development works
that will benefit, not only tbe present, but future generations and
make for the increasing solidarity
of British Columbia and ber sister
What, already 1 We had thought
ten thousand swords would have
leaped from their scabbards lo
avenge even a look which threatened
us with annexation! And yet there
it is in cold type—''British Columbia and her siBter staten," meaning
of course Washington, California
and Oregon. We always feared that
Standard Oil railway proposition,
that north and south business, would
be disastrous to our national integrity, hut we did not imagine that
the mere fond contemplation of it
wonld ho affect our contemporary as
to inspire it to speak of "British
(.olumbia and her sister states."
We blame it on that University of
California degree conferred upon Sir
Richard laxi year. It was lhat
which turned his adoring gaze upon
the stately capitol at Washington.
And such iiuperiilits, too?— Vic-
t> ia Times."
Getting money enough to do as
you please is a big order and you
should bave started your grandfather,
on the job about seventy-five years
The  annual visit  of Tom   and,
Jerry to tbe city is due next week.'
Tbe  voters'   list  of ihe city of
Grand Forks and the Grand   Forks
Immigration Regulations
The new order in council respecting immigration is couched in the
following terms:
"II. R. H the governor-general in
council nnder and by 'virtue of the
provisions of subsection 3 of section
38 of tbe Immigration act, 9-10 Edward VII, and in view of tbe present overcrowded conditions ot tbe
labor market in British Columbia, is
pleased to make tbe following order:
'From and after the date hereof
and until alter the 31st day of
March, 1914, the landing at any
port of entry in British Columbia
hereinafter specified of any immigrants of any of tbe following classes
namely, artisans, laborers (skilled or
unskilled) shall be, and the same is
hereby prohibited.' "
The order then specifies all of the
ports of entry in British Columbia
coming under ite terms.
Wben a man marries au angel he
should not complain if he finds
himself expected to live in a rarefied
Mr. Bowser Says It Amounts
to $13,400,000 in This
Borrowed $1,460,000 Simply for the Reason It
Was Wanted
Attorney General Bowster, at the
banquet in the Commercial cluK
Vancouver, Tuesday night, given h*-
the Vancouver lumber and timber
men to the delegates to the Western
Forestry and Conservation association, a great many from the United
Statee, undertook to explain tbe
reason for the British Columbia government in November borrowing in
London (1,460,000, and ne gave as
his explanation the fact tbat the
Liberals, or, as he termed them, "his
enemies," were criticizing the government for this particular financial turn.
Hon. Mr. Bowser said tbat be believed tbe time and place opportune
to speak on the question.
He gave tbe following  figures in-
leading up to the reason for the new
Estimate of 1912-13 showed—
Expenditures tl6,200,000
Revenue  10,200,000
Deficit 15,900.000
Estimates for 1913-14 showed—
Expenditures $17,800,000
Revenue .'  10,300,000
Deficit $ 7,500,000
Totaldeficit   13,400,000
The total amount to be expended
on public works—
1912-13 S 8.200.UOO
1913 14    9,600,000
Total  117,800,000
In otber words, tbe attorney-
general explained, the expenditures
on public works amounted to 50 per
cent of the total sums voted. Actual
figures are nol yet to hand lo show
what increase has taken place in the
revenue over the estimate, he explained. For general purposes it
was found necessary to issue six-
months' treasury bills on November
28, wbicb has netted the province
11,460,000. The short loan will,
in all probability, give sufficient
funds to enable tbe government to
complete its program ol expenditures up to March 31, 1914.
A quiet but pretty wedding was
solemnized on Wednesday, when
John Markell and Miss Leona
Hughes were united in marriage at
tbe home of tbe bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. W, Hughes, a mile
south ot tba city, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Mr. Barlow,
of tbe Methodist church. Thc groom
is a prosperous rancher of the valley, and the bride is the only
daughter of Mr. and Mra. Hughes.
Botb are highly esteemed and deservedly popular, and tbeir wide
circle of friends and acquaintances
wish them happiness and prosperity.
After a short wedding tour to the
coast cities, Mr. and Mrs. Markell
will make their home on their ranch
Stresses and Strains to Which Our
Globe is Subjected
When tlie stairs crealt and the furniture gives out mysterious crackling
sounds at nlgbt we sometimes sit up
la bed and wonder it there ls a burglar about, but lt doesn't occur to us
that what we really hear is an earth-
o.uake en a small scale. The nlgbt
air has cauaed the wood to contract
with a snap, thus accounting for the
alarming Bounds. This is just exactly
what tbe earth is doing periodically.
To a microbe, reposing on the polished surface of the table, this disturbance is probably as violent as an
r-arthnuake is to a human being.
An earthquake ls a terrible thing.
It comes without warning. It is over
before one knows which way to fly,
and Its fury can be abated by no
Yet to the geologist earthquakes .are
only symptoms. They are not causes
io much as results—results of great
stresses and strains within the earth
thai cause dippings and sltdings from
time to time. If the rocks on the
shell ot the earth slip and grate
sgalnst eacb other so much as an Inch
along a fissure ten miles In length a
Shiver is felt. A slip of fifteen feet
along a course of 200 miles sufficed
to bring about the terrible San Francisco earthquake and fire.
These strains and stresses accumulate steadily .wltihln the earth. The
point at which they havo once found
relief Ib weaker to resist mc u>- -
■train. It slips again presently. By
successive movements Its sides become more and more displaced. Rock
layers, mineral veins coal seams that
cross the line ot displacement, are
Jogged out of their conr
It Permeates the Entire Being of the
Flying Bird
The Uii'd Is little more than a drift
of the all* brought Into form by plumes
and tlle air Is In all Its quills. It
breathes through its whole frame and
tasti and glows with air in its flying,
like brown flames, it rests upon the
air, subdneB It, surpasses it, outraces
it—11. Is alt-, conscious of Itself, conquering, ruling itself. Also ln tbe
throat of the bird Is given the voice
of the air. All that ln the mind Itself
i Is weak, wild, useless ln sweetness, ls
knit together lu Its song.
As we may Imagine the wild form
of the cloud closed into the perfect
form of the bird's wings, so the wild
voice of the cloud Into Its ordered and
commanded voice, unwearied, rippling
through the clear heaven ln Its gladness, interpreting all intense passion
through tbe soft spring nights, bursting Into acclaim and rapture of choir
at daybreak or lisping and twittering
.among tbo boughs and hedges,
through the heat of day, like little
winds that only make the cowslip
bells shako antl ruffle the petals ot
the wild rose.
Also upon the plumes ot the bird
arc put the colors o: the air; on these
the gold of tlie cloud that cannot be
gathered by any covetousness-, the rubles of tbe cloud, tbat are not the
pride of Athena, but are Athena; tbe
vermilion of the cloud bar, and the
flame of the cloud creBt, and the snow
of the cloud and its shadow, and the
melted blue of thc deep wells of the
sky—all these, seized by the creating
spirit and woven by Athena herself
into films and threads of plume, with
wave upon wave following and fading
along breast and throat and opened
wings. Infinite as the dividing of the
foam and the sifting of the sea sand,
even the white down of the cloud
seeming to flutter up between the
stronger plumes—seen, but too soft
for touch.
And bo tlie spirit ot the air is put
into and upon tbls created form, and
lt becomeB through twenty centurleB
the symbol of divine help, descending
as tho tire to speak, but as the dove
to bless.—From John Ruskln's "The
Queen of the Air."
Why was it necesBary for Mrs. AU-
cash to undergo an operation?
I guess it was becauBe the surgeon's wife wanted to go to Europe.
No Business Is Allowed te Interfere
With Their 8port
Tlie grouse hunting season ln Britain opens on August 12. On that day
every Englishman and every Scot who
makes any pretension to a standing
ln society goes gunning for .two weeka
at least. Nothing Is allowed to stand
in the way ot this annual diversion.
For a week or two preceding thin outing business ls ot little consequence.
foids. fence lines and brooka that run Everything to receive any attention
across lt on the surutce.
Francisco quake one man's front yard
was moved twenty feet to one aide of
hie house, and bi another place the
slip line came so close to a man's barn
that eome piles of straw, thrown out
trom the windows,-were carried away.
In Japan a cliff twelve feet high Interrupted a* roadway, and thousands of
Similar races might be cited. These
were primary movements along the
line ot the disturbance that caused
the earthquakes.
Cau anyone name a liquid that docs
iot freeze? asked the teacher.
There was a moment's silence, then
in excited little voice ln the rear of
the room answered eagerly: Please,
leacher, hot water.
Between Fingers, Spread to Tips.
Would Swell Up, Itch and Burn.
Did Not Dare Put Hands in
Water. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment Cured.
Carman, Manitoba.—"A breaking*out
between my fingers was the lint troublo. It
wu vory Itcby and mm ad to ray flnger tips
effecting the nails. It first
appeared In watery blisters
nn.l thoy were so Intensely
Itcby I scratched thorn nnd
let tho water out making
sores. Thoy would stroll
up, Itch and burn and Anally
tho nails would loosen and
como off. 1 spent many
elcoplcea nights. I did not
dare to put my hands ln water except ta
wash them.
" I kopl using ointments, , ——
Ointment, but was not cured. Sometimes
the remedies would holpallttlpbutlwas not
freo from It altogether. I was tbat way for
bins years trying everything. I board of
Cuticura Soap anil Ointment and sent for
thorn and beforo I had used thorn half a
dozen tlinen I noticed an Improvement. By
washing wltb tho Cuticura Soap and applying tlio Cuticura Ointment frequently l
was cured ln tbreo months," {fl^bed) _\lls»
JiurCVir-sR. PSBd«»6n,Mny 20,11113.
For moro than a generation Cuticura Soap
snd Ointment have afforded tho most economical treatment for affections of tho skin
nnd scalp that torture, Itch, burn, scale and
destroy steep, A single sot ls often sufflcteht.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment an
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere,
lor a Ulicrel froo sample of oach, with 32-p.
book, send post-card to Potter Drug Jb
Cbom. Corp., Dopt. D, Boston, V. 8. A.
at all must relate In some way to
guns and dogs. A year or so ago a
New York man had occasion to go to
London to meet a British financier to
put the finishing touches to a matured
business proposition. He arrived a
couple ot days before the 12th ot August. Tho financier was . not In his
place of business. No, said his chief
clerk; he has gone for the grouse
shoot. He will not talk business
with anyone. I do not think be will
see you at all, sir.
■But, said the New Yorker, I bave
crossed the Atlantic for no other pur
pose than to see him. This business
will not take more than half an hour
of his time, and then I am off for
home again.
I should advise against your going
to his bome, sir. He would not receive anybody at this time. He will
attend to no business.
But-tbo New Worker thought differently. He went to the country bome
of the financier. A burly butler met
him at the door. To him the New
Yorker gave bis card. It was promp-
ly returned to him.
The master, said the butler, will
see no one. He sets out tor the
grouse shooting tomorrow. He says
to call, please, In a fortnight.
And the New Yorker was compelled
to remain two weeks longer until the
Englishman returned trom his hunt,
wben the business was finished ln
twenty minutes.
A society woman, who was passing
the summer ln thc couutry, motored
over to a neighboring farm one morning to call on the farmer and bis wife,
with whom she had beon acquainted
the summer previous.
I henr lhat your daughter Emily has
gone to Europe? said the caller.
Yes, drawled the old farmer, she's
been crazy to go ever since she left
school, and more so than ever since
you wm*. here last year and talked so
much about lt. These here female
colleges dew put Ideas Intew girls'
heads. Her maw an' me can't cal-
c'inle why she should be so set to
go io Yuri-op. She don't know a soul
Why 8a Called
"'bat was the reason for our oflice
getting its name of tbe Dead Letter
innce in the Returned Letter Office.
Well, It was originally started In order to return to the senders all letters, etc., addressed to people who
turned out to be dead. The need for
sttcn an arrangement became evident
from the number.ot valuable enclosures contained ln sucb missives. And
that the old tradition atlll lingers in
the department Is evident from the
fact that the bags containing returned
letters are black ln color.
Yes, there are people who imagine
us to be mysteriously connected with
death itself, and some time back we
received a peculiar letter from one ot
them. Within a week of having a
letter returned to her a certain person living in the same bouse had
died, and consequently the writer, evidently associating her friend's death
directly with us, begged us ln future
never to send back letters again, but
to -burn them Instead.
A large, slouchy colored man went
shuffling"howii he road whistling like
a lark! His clothes were ragged and
his ehoes were out at toes and heels,
and he appealed to be In the depths
of poverty for all his mirth.
Ab he posse* a prosperous looking
bouse a men stepped from thc door-
wav and balled him.
Hej, Jim, I got a Job for you. Do
■i nmirtor?
No, sah, said the ragged one.     1
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful discovery ot recent years waa
she, discovery ot Zam-Buk. Just
think! As soon as a single thin iayer
of Zam-Buk ls applied to a wound or
a sore, such injury ls insured against
blood poison 1 Not one species ot
microbe has been found that Zam-uua
does not kill I
Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk
Is applied to a aore, or a cut, or to
skin disease, lt stops ths smarting.
That ls why children are such friends
if Zam-Buk. They care nothing tor
he science of the thing. All they
{now Is that Zam-Buk stops their
jaln. Mothers should never forget
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk Is applied to s wound or to a diseased
part, tbe cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new
healthy tissue Is quickly formed. This
forming ot fresh healthy tissue from
lelow ls Zam-Buk's secret ot healing.
The tissue thus formed ts worked up
o the surface and literally casts off
he dlseued tissue above It. Tbls ls
vhy Zam-Buk cures are permanent.
Only the other day Ur. Marsh, ot
tOl Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called
jpon tbe Zam-Buk Co. and told them
that for over twenty-flve years he
had been a martyr to eczema. His
hands were at one time so covered
with teres that he had to sleep In
gloves. Four years ago Zam-Buk wu
Introduced to him, and ln a few
monthi tt cured him. To-day—over
three yeari after his cure of a dlseue
he hai tor twenty-flve years—he it
still cured, and hat had no trace ol
aay return of the ectemal
All druggists tell Zam-Buk at 60c.
box, or we will tend free trial box lf
you tend thlt advertisement and a le.
ttamp (to pay return postage). A*
dress Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto.	
Getting Even
Why do you Insist on trying to sell
me beefsteak and beans and buckwheat cakes? demanded the barber.
I told you all I wanted was two fried
eggs.        ,,
Well, I was in your chop yesterday,
retorted the restaurant man. /til r
wanted was a shave, but you bulldozed me into a shampoo, a foam fizz,
and a tonic rub.
Jones met his neighbor Smith.
You were shooting tbis morning?
asked Smith.
Yes, ! had to kill my dog, answered
Was he mad? asked Smltb.
Well, said Jones, he didn't seem to
be too well pleated.
W. N  U. S7B
Wonderful Retemblance
There's no doubt about lt, said the
fond young mother.    iBaby takes aft-
or his father.
In appearance?
Yes, and In manner, too.     Kvery
now and then bo gives out a yell that
sounds exactly as If he were cheering
thc home tenm
Father's Inconsistency
Father will splash around In two
feet of water and ruin a good suit of
clothes to save articles In a stranger's house during a thirty cent fire.
But It the Pan under the Icebox flows
over he will go upstairs and wake
mother so she can come down and
mop lt up- 	
Experience of a Southern Man
"Please allow me to thank the originator ot Postum, which In my case,
Bpenks for itself."    Thc man writes.
"I formerly drank so much coffee
that my nervous system was almost
a wreck." (Tea Is Just as. lnjurloiij
because It contains caffeine, the drug
found in coffee). . "My physician told
me to quit drlnklni. It but I had to
have something, so I tiled Postum.
"To my great surprlt ■> 1 saw quite
a change ln my nerves In about 10
days. Thnt waa a year ago and now
my nerves are steady and I don't have
those bilious sick headaches whicli I
regularly had while drinking coffee.
"Posttt i seems to have body-build-
Ing properties and leaves the head
clear. And I do not have the bad
taste In my mouth when I get up
mornings. When Postum ls boiled
good and strong, it is far better In
taste than coffee. My advice to coffee drinkers Is to try Postum and be
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for lopy
of the little book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms:
Regular Postum—must bo well
Instant Pettum Is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in
a cup of hot water and, with
cream and sugar, makes a delicious beverage Inttantly. Grocers sell
both kinds.
"There's a reason" for Postum
NA-DRU-CO H2SL.. Cod Uver OH
Preparalltn ol
Prevent* Sickness
Are you ons of those thousands who,
though apparently well, catch cold easily
and often . Wt, a dangerous condition to
tolerate, and one which yen con easily
prevent by taklne. two or three bottles of
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Preparation of Coi
Liver Oil at ence-thla Fall.
This plsnant-tastlng food-tonic .'.;■",
tone and visor to the whole system, and
ao slreneth ens tunes and bronchial tubes
lhat they readily tbn.\y _!t thecolda Which
would otherwise take hold of you.
Restores Health
By virtue of Ita temsrlcable combination
e( curative and nutritive properties, Na-
Dru-Co Tasteless Cod UverOlt Is one of
the very best remedies known lor chronic
coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma and
catarrh. It Is also an excellent reconstructive tonic after fevers, and In diseases such
as rcrolulu and rickets, whicli are due to
constitutional weakness.
Prove hs worth by getting a B0c or
Sl.OObottlefromyour Drugelat.        311
$100 Reward, $lOu.
*lm. readers ot tha paper tvin be pleased to lean
lhat there Is at least one dreaded diseaae tnat science
bu been able to run tn sll us atage., snd that Is
Catarrh. Hall'a OUsrrh cure Is the rmly positive
eure now known tu tho medicst rrnternlty. Catarrt
belnit a constltutluoal d-fl-tiae. requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's OiU-rrh Cure Is taken Internally, act jj directly upon the blood and mncour.
lurfaces of the system, thereby destroying tbt
foundation ot the disease, a.id giving the patient
Itrengtll by building up the tonatltutlon and assist*
tag nature In doing Ita work. The proprietor* have
so taueb faith m Its curative powers that tluy otter
One Hundred Dollars tor any caie that It .-lis ia
eure.  Send lor list ot teatln.ontt.la
Address F. J. CI1K.NEY * CO Toledo, Ok
Serf by all Urugglste, Tie.
Ml Hell's Family Pills tor eo-.l_pe.U0-_.
Getting a Verdict
We could have settled our difficulties by tossing a coin.     Instead wo
spent a lot ot money In going to law.
I understand the Jury settled the
whole matter by toBsing a coin.
A Pleasant Purgative.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are so compounded as
to operate on both the stomach and
the bowels, bo that they act along
the whole alimentary and excretory
passage. They are not drastic in
their work, but mildly purgative, and
the pleasure of taking them ls only
equalled by the gratifying effect they
produce. Compounded only of vegetable subBtances the curative qualities
of which were fully tested, they afford
relief without chance ot Injury,    rr
It wns ln train belonging to a
certain railway ln the east which is
noted for Its rough* roadbed.
Just as the train struck one of the
rare smooth stretches a passenger exclaimed: Thank gooduoss the train is
off the track.
Mlnard'a Liniments Cures Burnt, Etc.
Here's a letter from some city folks
answering our ad, - Mlrandy. They
want to know if there's a hath In the
house.     What will I tell them?
Tell them the truth, said the wife.
Tell them lf they need n bath they'd
better take it before they come.
Sores Heal Quickly.—Have you a
persistent sore that refuses to heal?
Then try Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil In
the dressing. It will stop sloughing,
carry away the proud flesh, draw out
the pub and prepare a clean way for
the new skin. It is the recognized
healer among oils and myriads of people can certify that it healed t here
other oils failed utterly.
It has bcen said of Abraham Lincoln
that as a boy he read lesu than a half
dozen books and that they were such
books as 'Pilgrim's Progress,' Weem's
'Life of Washington,' ami a popular
history of the United Slates written
In almost primary language. Yet
Lincoln was able lo express himself
as no other literary man ot his time.
Such ls tbo power of desire.
Park s
For ten days you can try a
Curatoll, Heberllntr Chad wick
Violin absolutely free, make
any comparison yon desire,
nntl K you arc uot satisfied tliat
they stand unequalled In tone,
finish and workmanship, the
Instrument Is returned ut our
expense. We offer you Violins
made hy Curatoll, tlie recognised leader of tlio modem
Italian makers; Iteberlln, the
famous German maker, and
Chadwlck, one of the loading
exponents of tlie English
school, on ten days' FREB
TRIAL. You are under absolutely no obligations, nor de
you Incur any expense, as we
prepay express charges, and if -
you don't want lho Instrument
It is returned at our expense.
Nevor before liavo tlte Instru-
mentft of theso makers beca
offered at our prices,
Our bid " Musical Encyclopedia" will ke sen! {ree if yc*.
write Department W      {or it
Thos. Claocton
303Y0NGEST    -
. Owing to the Increased value ot
I cows — and their products -_■ every
pound of butter possible .to make
tbem pay. Successlul dslrymcn de-
born their rattle, and one the KEYSTONE DIHOaHIS. Send for booklet G. It telle et the benests, xo,
hnw to operate. E. B. X'KZKMA,
IIS Hobsrt St., Toronto, Ou,
Judge, said Ihe toiewomnu of tbe
Jury of ladles, we want to speak te
you about that sealed verdict we jurt
Well, Indies?
Can We unseal It und add a poet-
Keeping the Body in Repair
Nature intended that the body should do Ut own
repairing—and it would do so were tt not for the
fact (Aat most of us live other than a natural lift.
Nature didn't Intend that we should wear corsets, tight collars or
shoes, nor live In badly -ventilated and draughty houses, ner eat and
drink sons *t tb* things tbat w* do, nor ride la atreet care whsa we abould walk.
Th* consequence Is tbtt th* body whu It gets eat of order muat look for cut-
aide help to BUI tb* aeceseary repairs.
For weak atomaeba snd tb* indigestion *rdyap*pelaresulting, snd th*n-tltitude
of dlaeases following therefrom, no medicine can b* nor* adaptable u a curttlv*
This famoua Doctor's prescription baa been recommended for over 40 yews.
•nd I* today just as big ■ aucceaa. Restores a healthy tppeti 11.. Cleanses th* blend.
Strengthens th* nerves. Regulates atomach and liver.  Demand th* original.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
o r
l m        *****    m****,**. **ar*a*   **w        -mmm wm-aamm-mrmtm       ^arm-am      • n       ma
SoM It. Liquid or Tablet fen. hy Dealers ta —«——
Send SO one-cent alamos to par cost ef mtlthw enlg en ■ free ee»r ef Dr. Pieree't Caa-
mon Sense Medical Adviser, 1003 rases, elotbboiad.  Addrte* Dr. fierce, Buffalo, H. T. THE SUN, GBAND TOKKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
life is Uncertain
wooden   tab
-the   life  of
or  pail.
Save time—temper—dollars—by using
utensils that seem to never wear ont
Made of
ab J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer f^
Just as good
Edd/e Matches
Exchange Your Farm Lands
. WAiiave a number of clients with cash and clear title Winnipeg properly who are willing to exchange for good values ln improved or unimproved farm lands. State all particulars of anything you have to otter.
To the largo or small Investor we have some choice propositions to offer, choice acre lots close to Portage Avenue car line, 9400, cash J26,
balance $10 per month. 33 tt. lota well treed, close In, handy to car line!
Price »200 per lot, $10 cash and $10 per month.. Send us particulars of
what you have for sale In farm land or city property.
22 Canada Life Building. Winnipeg Agents wanted at all points.
Ship your Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexanter Ave., Winnipeg
Writd for Price Ust ant. Shipping
tm mmm to mothei md emu.
Una. Winslow's Soothino syrup hts been
Wed for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
lath* beet remedy for DlARRJia. A. It Is tb-
Mtutelv harmless. Be aure aud tsk tor "Ml*
WitaloVe Soothing Syrup," and take ao oU-«
smtxCm  Twenty-live cents a bottle.
Who's te Blame?
Little Boy—Mother, did grandpa
thrash daddy when he was a little
Boy—And did his father thrash him
when ho was a little boy?
Boy—And did his father thrash him?
Boy—Well, who started this thing
Can anyone name a liquid tliat doos
mt freezo? asked the teacher.
There was a moment's silence, then
in excited little voice in the rear of
the room answered eagerly: Please,
leachcr, hot water.
roin tl.i».'
Here's a chance
(or you lo buy
you range from
lhe factory and
me 30%—to
buy il on easy
tenni aod to (et
lhe very range
you would choose, even if you
had to, pay lhe retail price.
- Our free book shows you
etactly whet tbe latft it like.   It describe etch  poinl cleaily, ltd we
guarantee ear rang* tebe juat
ta reprtsraud.
Yas majhl tl well lave the mail
prod.   Mail tit* eoupoi to-day.
Dominion Pride
Mlnard'e Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
A New York lawyer tells of an English widow, who by reason ot certain
legal complications, found lt necessary
to retain a distinguished attorney to
represent her in thc adjustment ot her
late husband's estate.
You will, said tho attorney, during
tlio course of their consultation, you
will get your third out of the estate.
Oh! exclaimed the widow aghast,
how cau you say such a thing, with
my second scarcely cold in bis grave!
Worms In children, If they bo not
attended to, causo convulsions, and
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Kxtei initiator will protect tne children
from these distressing afflictions.
A man who went away from home
somo tlmo ago to attend a convention
I wits struck with the beauty of the little town In which the gathering waa
held. He had plenty of time and ln
wandering about walked Into the village cemetery. It waa a beautiful
placo, and he walked around among
tho graves. Ho naw a monument,
ono of the largest In the cemetery,
and read witli surprise tho inscription
on It:
A Lawyer nntl an Honest Man.
The man scratched his head and
looked at lho monument again. He
read the Inscription over and over.
Then he walked all around the monu-
! ment and examined the grave closely.
Another man In tho cemetery approached and asked lilm:
Have you found the grave of an
old friend?
No, said thc man, but I was wonder
ing how they came to bury those two
fellows in one grave.
W. N. U. 075
Mlnard'e Liniment for sale everywhere
A surbtiiban minister during his
discourse one Sabbath morning said:
tn each blade of grass there Is a sermon. The following day one of his
flock discovered the good man pushing a lawn mower about his garden
and paused to say: Well, parson, I'm
glad to see you engaged lit cutting
your sermons short;
Train and Track
In Cleveland the oars are operated
as pay at you enter in the morning
and pay as you leave ln the evening.
This ls said to facilitate transportation.
Plans for electrifying all railroads
In the vlolnlty of St. Petersburg by
harnessing Uie falls of a river contemplate transmitting Uie current at
400,000 volts, the heaviest voltage ever
Berlin ls now ln proud possession of
the largest and best arranged street
car depot ln the world. It is located
on the eastern outsklrU of tbe oity,
where It has been tn process of building for several years. Five hundred
largo electric cars can be accommodated upon twenty-six lines which are
laid abreast.
Another Cats Where Lift Was Saved
and Health Restored by
We have all read and heard of the
agonies of sciatica, but only those who
have been tortured by this dread malady can fully appreciate what lt must
mean to be cured after years ot suffering.
It ls because he feels lt his solemn
duty to tell to the world bis faith ln
.-erviHne that Victor P, Hires makes
the following decaration. "For three
years I was In the Royal Mall service,
and In all kinds of weather had to
meet the night trains. Dampness,
cold, and exposure brought on sciatica that affected my left side. Some
times an attack would come on that
made me powerless to work. I wat
so nearly a complete cripple that 11
had to give up my Job. I was ln despair, completely cast down, because
the money I had spent on trying to
get well was wasted. I was speaking to my chemist one day, and he recommended 'Nerviline.' I had thlt
good liniment rubbed on several times
a day and got relief. I continued Oils
treatment four montha and was cured.
I havo used all kinds of Unlmentt,
and can truthfully say that Nerviline
ls tar stronger, more penetrating and
infinitely better than anything else
far relieving pain. I urge everyone
with lumbago, neuralgia, rheumatism,
or sciatica, to use Nerviline. I know
lt will curo them."
(let Nerviline to-day, large family
size, 60c; trial size, 28c; all dealer*
or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., and Kingston, Canada.
Sick headaehes—neuralgic headachei—splitting.
Minding hsidtchej-ell vanish whsa you tike
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They d* not conttia phenaoettn, tcetanlHd,
morphine, opium or tny other dangerous drug.
25c. a box at your Druggist's. 123
H-tion«. d* ua . CHiancai co. *r Canst*, usu-n 0.
"Nm Stoat''
Black Powder Shells
The superior shooting; of Winchester "New
Rival" shotgun shells is due to the Winchester method of construction and
loading, which has been developed
during over forty years of manufacturing in a country where shotgun
shooting is a science.   Loaded shells
that meet the exacting conditions of
American  sportsmen  are  sura to
satisfy anybody.     Try "New Rival"
shells   and then you'll  understand.
Once an old Scotch weather prophet at Whlttlngham Informed Mr.
Balfour that It'a gaun to rain seventy twa days, sir.
Come, come, said the statesman,
surely the world was entirely flooded
In forty d|yt?
Aye, aye, waa tht response, but th*
warld wasna saejweel drained as lt
Is noo.
Baby's Own Tablets are tha belt
medicine a mother can give her little
ones. Tbey are absolutely safe, being guaranteed by a government analyst to contain neither opiates, narcotics or other harmful drugs. They
are good for all children from the
newborn babe to the growing child.
They curo constipation, Indigestion,
expel worms, break up colds and mak*
teething easy. In fact they are a
cure for all the minor Ills ot little
ones and a box should always be kept
ln the house as a safeguard against
sudden attacks of stomach or bowel
troubles. Mrs. J. P. Richard, St. Nor-
bert, N.B., says: "I have found Baby's
Own Tablets all that ls claimed tor
them. My baby suffered from hla
stomach and bowels and the Tablets
certainly did him good." They are
sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 25c. a box trom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Marlo't G-re.lt Record
Mario, the linger, who died In 1883,
appeared In London, hit favorite city,
for thirty-two yean, during whioh
llm* he appeared ln forty-six parti,
a record which has never been approached by any other artist.
The Preven Asthma Remedy. Since
asthma existed tliere bat been no lack
of niucli heralded remedies, but they
have provod short lived and worthless. The ever-growing roputatlon of
Dr. J. D. Kellogg*! Asthma remedy
has given It a place In th* 'Held of
medicine which no other can approach. It has never been pushed by
sensational methods, but has simply
gone on effecting relief and making
new converts.
In the Marshes
What makes you stand on one foot
and move your shoulders In that way?
asked the snipe.
Well, replied the crane, there's no
chance of my learning to sing, ao I
am practicing to see If I dkn't become
a clusslo dancer.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Byes
or Granulated Eyelid*. Doesn't Smut
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* 8*11
."urine Eva Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
, Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tube*,
25c, SOc. Eye Books Free by Mai.
A* *** ***** as tor M en* mm ***** Sam
Hurin* tie t\*m*S, Co., Ckloas*
Can alwaya mak* eure «f getting th* hlgheat priest fir WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by ahlpplno tbelr car lott ta FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having ihem oold on eontmlealon by
Is fully maintained ln the magnificent new (1913) one duss cabin (II)
twin screw steamers "Audania" and "Alaunla."
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing-room, Smoking-room.      Open nud Covered
Promenades,  Spacious Staterooms,  Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) 8.8. "Alaunla" carrying on* ollse cabin (II) and
third data only.   Early application for reservation It recommended.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, Boston
and New Tork apply to Local Agents, or
THB CUNARD 8TEAM8HIP CO., LTD., 304 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Dally Marktt Letter and Btnvple Grain Bags!"
Send us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing list—It't fr**.   Let ut
kttp you potted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
ear*    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
cl-tnta* Interest*. We have «very facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers.
Sent to-day tor a supply of sample bags end deal with a
nrm whose business ha* been built nn hv satisfied customer*
Paid-up Ctplttl, |1M,000
-References,    tny    Bank
Commercial Agency,
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain   Exchange      -      -      Winnipeg,  Men.
Licensed—Bonded • - • Established   1910
it the
Thert irt other Liberal Print offered.—Entrlet close NOV. 25, 1913
for all  Information   address C. F. TOPPING, Secretary,
Union Stock Yard?, Toronto
Robert Miller   J. H. Alhcraft. Jr.,   J.   W. Wheiton   Martin Gardhoust
Stove Polish
A Winner at ttteRpge
A Paste Ithe F. F. DalleyGuts INo Dust
No Waste I Hamilton, canada INoRust
Oraln Commission Merchants Wlnnle_*f> MinlMM
Mak* Bills Lading read: Ion A-t.iur or Fort Wllllaa. Noilly I'eter Janata
Co.. Wlnnlpct
Liberal Advances                       Prompt Rttumt Seet O-aitet THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
ullf? (SrattfcfckH &tm
aoBSOBimos taita:
tut (Mt tl.60
Ine Tear (Id advance)      1.00
ine Year, in United States  1.60
*   "iddress all oomrnilnloatlons to
Ths Grand Fohks Sun.
-hon* R74 Gband Porks, B.C
The Sun extends the compliments of the season to its
readers and patrons.
The snow this winter appears to be as evanescenf as
the British Columbia surplus.
The managing director of
one of Vancouver's leading
dailies is a woman. And yet
the men opposed to equal suffrage say that the women lack
brains to vote intelligently.
Christmas is the season
when the text of many sermons is "Peace on earth and
goo.l will to all men." Instead
of only emphasizing this subject at this particular time, it
would be a blessing to humanity if the preachers would
expound the doctrine every
Sabbah in the year. War is
a survival of the brutal instincts of man which has been
handed down from generation
to generation since he lived
in a barbaric state. We
shall never be able to call
ourselves fully civilized until
wars are but a memory. There
is less sense in governments
offering premiums, as some
are doing at the present day,
as an inducement to their subjects raise large families, and
then, after they are grown up,
have them maimed or killed
by engaging in cruel and ruinous wars, then there would be
in a man building himself a
dwelling and then set fire to
it in order, to give himself employment in rebuilding it, because the latter operation
only destroys property, which
can be replaced, while wars
destroy life, devastates entire
countries, and cause untold
misery and suffering. Yet
who would call the man that
burned his house for the sake
of obtaining work sane? Mexico today is a horrible example
of the inhuman brutality of
war. A few months ago the
Balkan states furnished an
equally revolting picture. The
man engaged in fomenting
strife between nations should
thrown into a madhouse.
From an economic standpoint
alone universal peace would
be an incalculable blessing.
1 In some of the military-ridden
(nations of Europe nearly
every man who works has to
support one idle soldier, besides being taxed for munitions of war. It should be
the duty of the pulpit and the
press to advocate peace at all
The man who has never
boen criticized has never done
anything worth talking about.
Of course you will be adversely criticized. The only
remedy is a certain deafness
that you may use at discretion.
It is better to have no reputation at all than to have
one that you can't lose.
Rule of the Road
That the rule of lhe rnad in Brit-
inh Cultiiiihia he altered sn lhat Iraf
tic should proceed on the right side
ofthe rnad instead uf the left, was
one of Ihe radical suggestions made
hy the grand jury in closing their
work at lhe assizes in Vancouver. If
the rule were changed, say the Jury,
the regulations of British Columhia
would then he the same aa in . the
tn HJority of other provinces.
Read the advertisements in The
Suu hefore yuu du yuur Christmas
Eaeh "Ptpe't Dltptptln" digests 3000
grains food, ending all stomach
mliery In Ave minutes.
Time Itl In fire minutes all stomach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of
gas, acid, or eructations of undigested
food, no dizziness, bloating, foul
breath or headache.
Fape't Diapepsin ls noted for Its
tpeed In regulating upset stomachs.
It ls the surest; quickest stomach remedy In the whole world and bealdos lt
ls harmless. Put an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin
from any drug store. You realize In
five minutes how needless lt ls to suffer from Indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It't tbe quickest,
surest and mott harmless stomach
doctor In tbe world.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre <& Smith
NEVER befoieh iva we
been able to offer
such a pleasing variety of novel and exclusive
designs as we show this
season. They must be seen
to be properly appreciated.
The following descriptions
are, however, suggestive of
their worth-while nature:
LOCKETS—I""'** oval and plain
lockets, liHulit and Roman
finish, round pearl set, hand
engraved, plain, square and
heart shaped.    Priced $2 to $10
EjfcACELETS — Solid gold in
plain and hand engraved,pearl
and amethyst set, pearl and
Tourmaline set, in the latest
patterns. Guid filled Bracelets
in plain and hand engraved,
of tlie latest patterns. Child's
Bracelets to fit any child.
Prices (_ _! to $_!5
BROOCHES-In solid gold, uf
the latest empire patterns; in
gold-filled..... from tl up
RINGS of all kinds. Diamond
set in platinum; pearls thut
are beauties, net in solitaire
and twis in three and five sets.
Birthday Rings and Signet
Rings, Wedding Rings in
three patterns, and last, but
not least, Baby Rings in
several patterns and sizes.
PENDANTS are the vogue.
These we show are charming
in design and follow the latest
Parisian style in mounting or
PLATEWARE in 1835 R. Wallis, in all the newest combinations, and A D. Morrison's
Al llidwt.
CUT GLASS.. We have paid
|articular attention to this
department, and have the
Intgext assortment on hand we
ever had before, in cuts
that are beauties, ranging in
price from  $1.50 to $75 00
Early Christmas
be able to get what you want. Do not leave it
till too late. Remember there are only FOUR more
shopping days till Christmas.
-PVnna-iAra'n.a We have a large assortment of
VllllldWdlC beautifully decorted French,
German and English China. This makes a splendid
gift, and one that is much appreciated. Every piece is
hand painted. We have a great range of prices in tnis
line, being from 25c up to $20.00. Come in and see our
China Department.
Toy Department SlJTd $&
Toys are all npstairs, aud you can look these over at
your leisure, without any fear of being in the way.
Come and stay as long as you wish.
The Holiday Store
Notice is hereby given that the firm
■mown as Mooyboer it Postum, black
smiths and bicycle dealers mid re
jailers, lias been dissolved, to take
effect ou January 1, 1914. All pet-
lons indebted to said firm ure request
ed to make payment, and all persons
having accounts against said firm, are
requested tu bring In their bills bt-fote
that date. The business wnl be cun-
tiuued by J. Mouyboer.
Grand Furks, B.C , Dec. 19, 1913.
H. Postma.
They are usually best
and most satisfactory
in the end.
is a home product of
genuine merit. Get a
a case today and try it
now.   Ask for it.
Mi- Vnn-iM', Dwtrlt't Engineer, of
Provincial Water Uinirh, will lie at
tlie O Ult House. (Jiiinil Folks, on
the 22ml and '.'lid of  December, und
ut tlie Court  House,   (iieinw I,  on
tin-i.t'i.-1'iioiiii of tlm °J!lili of December and forenoon of the Hiiih of Du
ceinber, and will asset Record Hold
ers who have been required by Hoard
of Investigation to Hit! plans of their
* cults before the 31st of December,
.91!., if called upon.
For the Board of Investigation,
(.'linn innn. ,
WOjU imfence posts
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Barm 8 O'Ray, Prop*.
Phone 68 Second Street
To our Patrons,
Present and Prospective,
Wm. B.Glanville
Sanitary Dairyman
Hartin Hullen
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
The Mann DrugCo. 's Stoi e
Grand  Forks Transfer
Sole Adeats for
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8 Mclnnli, Proprietor!
Copies of Mrs. Pell's first song
pinui published have arrived from
the publishers. The song is entitled
"June," and is on sale at Woodland AQuinn's drug store ot 35c per
If you read The Sun you get the
newa ol the city, the province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
render to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily papers.
••Vessels Large May
Venture More, but
Little Shlpe Muat Stay
Near Shore."
Tho Urge dtspler ***■ *** Sf*
tar the tart* business ***** the
ClesslSed Weill AS*, ere propor-
llonetelr good for Ihe smell Brio.
In feci mew Urge *r*x* become
such br Ike diluent use ot Ihe
Cleeeined Cdtumne. Then el-
emple le good-etert now.
London Directory
(PuMliheti Annually)
Kimi'lw tnideri throughout the world  to
communicate dlrent with Bfigllih
tn eaoh clan of gooda. Reildea being a complete commercial guldo to London and iti
tubiirbt, the directory*oontatu* llitn of
with the Goods they ihtp, and the Colonial
end Foreign Markets they supply;
urn-lined under the Forts to which they sail,
and indlaatlng the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Uerohante. eto., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centres of the (Jolted Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will ba 'or.
warded, freight paid, on receipt of PciSal
Order lor S5.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean   advertise
their trade cards lor SB, orlarger advertise-
I inenti (Tom SIB,
1 _________________
;     2,5, Abchnrch Lane, London, E.C.
iiii THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
t Important Events atl
ome and Abroad During the Past Week
icords which, it is declared,' up-
II the theories of government ex-
regarding the origin of the Na-
Indians and show a complete
' of the leading events in the life
at tribe for 1900 years are on the
from Arizon to the University
innsyIvania, according to an uti-
oenient made in  Philadeldhia to
»r-Admiral Fletcher, commander
e United States naval forces in
ican waters, today ordered the
s and federals fighting at Tattipi-
> cease firing, threatening to open
them with the guns of the gun-
Wheeling if the order was not
ed, Both sides complied wit
ie western freight rates ense.
nenced before the railway hoard
Bbruary, 1912, closed al Ottawa
Hona Lisa,' Leonardo da Vinci's
t painiing, which was » olen from
-louvre's, in Paris, more than two
i ago, has been fouud It is now
ie hands of the Italian authori-
iml will be returned   to   Prance.
ie premier of Saskatchewan will
»iuce a bill providing for a plebis-
being taken on the question of
ibolition of the bar.
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iuth Lanark, Conservative since
ederatioii, elects Dr. A. E. Han
11 the bye-election, and Macdon-
returns Morrison to the honse.
tnericans, Germans and Spaniards
arrived in £1 Paso today from
mahua, Mexico, report that Fran
i Villa, the rebel leader, virtu-
had constituted himself dictator
ii and that he refused to heed the
est of representatives of foreign
lie British and Indian govern
ts are very seriously concerned
recent occurrences in South
ca, arising out of what the East
ans consider discriminatory legis-
n against them.
olose examination of the "Mona
" has disclosed a slight abrasion
the   cheek   and a scratch on the
shoulder, which were received
J the picture *»i in the lunds of
e izo PerugH, who sto'e it
The American suffragette, Miss
Zelie Emerson, of Jackson, Mich.*,
was the central figure of a furious
scrimmage this eveniug between the
police and the suffragette* and their
supporters in the Bow district, London.
*'  Tile United State*committee want*
Asiatic immigration checked.
Until   April   4   President Huerta
will be obliged to conduct the government of Mexico without congress, as nu record was completed   in
that specially created organ   was  for   today with tlie   sale   of the
mally adjourned today,
Justice Morrison, at Vancouver this
morning, administered a rebuke to
Rev. Dr. H. W. Fraser, because the
latter had commented in a sermon last
evening on the Nanaimo riot cases
bow before the special assize.
Jim Larkin, the labor leader who
tried to "raise the fiery cross" in
England, has returned to Dublin.
Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, the mili
tant snffragette agitator, since her
arrest on December 10 hns adopted
the more drastic method of adding a
"no sleep" strike to her -'hunger and
thirst" strike in order to force the
prison authorities to release her.
Steamship officials contiuued their'
protests today against the LaFollette
seamen's bill, before the United
States house merchant marine committee.
The   Manitob*   legislature
the business of the session.
ow is the Time to Get
Fitted Up for Gold
Tlte Far3t That We  Are Doing
Forty miners ate entombed by an
explosion in the Vulcan mine at
Newcastle, Col., east of Grand Junction.
Tlie labor unions may call a state
wide strike in Colorado.
The biggest private real estate deal
Duke of
Bedford's freehold property, covering
about nineteen acres in the vicinity
of Covnnt Gardens, in the center of
London, to Harry Mallaby Deeley,
a Unionist member of the house of
commons. The price paid for the
property is said to have been $50,-
The suffragette arson
did much damage to
church in Liverpool.
The British cabinet, which is having several councils this week, has decided to eliminate from the home rule
bill the clause transferring the Irish
post office to the authority of the new
Dublin parliament.
A delegation of f.-uit and livestock
men interviewed the Ottawa government today. They opposed any reduction in the tariff from the United
is Evidence Enough
Prices  Are   Right
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IMp-u/ Hurnocc and d° a11 kln,*s of
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work guaranteed.  Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
Final figures gives thirty-seven as
the number of men killed by the explosion in the Valcan mine at New
castle, Col. Twenty-five bodies have
been removed fiom the workings.
Winston Churchill, first lord ef the
admiralty, ia charged with usurping
Premier Asquith'e prerogatives.
The death of Cardinal Ramdolla,
former papal secretary of state, oc
curt-ed last night at Rome.
Sir Edward Grey says it will not lie
tin- fault of Liberals if the home rule
question is not settled
The run on the banks in tlie City
Mexico still   continues.    A   presiden
tial decree making  state batik   notes
legal tender througdoul  the   republic
has been made.
The parcels post has been a great
success in the United States, and the
postmaster-general now advocates
public ownership of telegraph and
telephone lines.
A Vanconver comity court judge
holds that Sunday work is illegal, and
that damages for injuries sustained on
that day are uncollectable nnder the
Compensation act.
The arbitration treaty between the
United States and the Netherlands
was signed today.
The president of thu South Wellington Miners' union is convicted, at
New Westminster, of rioting and intimidation. Seven other prisoners are
The Karluck, Vilhjamar Stefans-
Bon's ship, has joined the phantom
fleet and is now adrift in the Arctic
Canadian scientists are wanted for
the 1914 Antarctic expedition.
Here's Hoping AllgTYou
cA cTWerry  Christmas
The answer to the puzzle printed in The Sun two
weeks ago is;
There were many correct answers, but the first
was given by Hugh Sloan, second by Mrs. M. D.
McKee. and third by Al. Peterson. Winners
please call and receive your prizes.
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New Year
The majority of cases of sickness are caused
by unsanitary plumbing. Avoid this risk by
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Heating and Sanitary Engineer
An attempt is made to blow up
Holloway jail in London. As usual,
the suffragettes are blamed for the
The committee on life-saving appli
ances appointed by the international
congress on safety at sea have completed their recommendrtions, which
will be submitted to the cougiess
early in January.
The Dominion cabinet decides to
appoint a commission to investigate
the high cost of living, and commissioners sre selected.
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Insurance of All Kinds
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Origin of Iron Duke
The iron Duke, of course, was Wellington,, but ho came by the nickname
ln a roundabout way. He was never
so called until long after Waterloo.
An Iron steai..shlp, a novelty at the
time, was built In the Mersey and
named the Duke of Wellington, and so
the vessel came to be known as the
Iron Dake, tho transition being easy
and obtlotts. It was the duke's union of resolution and physical energy
which made the popular name for the
Mersey nullt steamship to fit him like
a perfect cap. Such, at least, Is the
oxplniia'ion of his biographer, Sir Herbert Maxwell.
Make the Liver
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Ths Original New Z-alanders
Tbe original New Zealanders were
known as the most ferocious cannibals and tbe most warlike savages.
Tbey were big, gaunt fellows, of Immense muscular force and groat sagacity. These savage New Zealand-
era, though they ate their onemles. Interred their own dead, and they believed tbat tbe third day after burial
the heart separated Itself from the
corpse and was carried to the clouds
by an attendant spirit..
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Hlgel
Piano Action
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weakness gives place to vigor; when
you notice some pale, exhausted invalid restored to active health—enquire.
More than likely you will Snd the
cure to have been yet another of the
thousands already wrought by Dr.
Williams' Pink PIUs. Headache an.1
neuralgln, Bt. Vitus Dance and twitching of the limbs, Indigestion and rheu
raatism, eczema and disfiguring eruptions, and the ailments of growing
girls and women all dlsappoar when
the veins are filled wltb the new, rich
red blood Dr, Williams' Pink PIUs actually make. Here is one Instance
among thousands; Mr. F. Auhford,
Halleybury, Ont., says: "Some years
ago I completed a lengthy term of service ln India, tbe last three yonrs being spent ln tbo beautiful but treacherous Posbawar Valley. Ague and
dengue fever were rife, and although
I was fortunate enougb to escape a
severe attack ot eltber, on my return
home it soon becamo apparent that
tbe enervating climatic conditions had
left their ravages on my constitution.
In short the reaction had set In, and
Inexorable nature was exacting a severe toll from years ot strenuous labor. My first-warning ot tbe impending breakdown were sever pains ln
the back of tbe head.and eyes, Insomnia, irritability, a general anaemic
condition and an indefinable nervousness. Life had lost Its zest, work became Impossible and companionship
Intolerable. It really seemed tbat I
was swiftly passing to tbat stage
where nervousness ends and Insanity
begins, when by chance I read an advertisement ot Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I confess I was skeptical ot
them doing, what doctors had failed
to tlo, but concluded that the cost waa
small, and perhaps, the cbance In
their favor, and so decided to try
them. To my Joy there was soon an
Improvement, and a continuance ot
tlie treatment effected a complete
cure. I was now as fit and as healthy as any man and am ever grateful
tliat the lucky perusal of an advertisement brought to my notice the wonderful curative properties of Dr. Williams Fink PIUs."
Sold by aU medicine dealers or by
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On the steamer the little bride wm
very much concerned about her "husband wbo was troubled with dyspepsia.
My husband Is peculiarly liable to
seasickness, captain, remarked the
bride. Could you tell him wbat to do
In case of an attack?
Tbat won't bo necessary, madam,
replied thc captain; he will do lt.
Willie—Paw, what Is tho smoke nuisance?
Paw.—The fellow who ls always
borrowing matches, my son.
tlii PILLS a
ll.     ',=HT s  □
50c. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. (75
Miller's Worm Powders will not
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for tho.little ono until the cause of
suffering be removed, which can bo
caBlly done by the use of theso powders, than which there Is nothing
more effective.
I understand, said tbo Judge, that
you stole the watch of the doctor who
bad Just written a prescription for you
at the free dispensary. What havo
you to Bay to this charge?
Well, your honor, said thc prisoner,
It Is true, but I found myself In a bole.
His prescription said a spoonful every
bour, nnd I bad no watcb.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
COME men ask for so many bags of
•^   "cement"—
Others, more careful say they want
'' Portland Cement "—
But the man who does the
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And he looks to
k/\ see that every k
bag, bears this
L label
Write lhe CanadaCsment
Infotmatioo Bureau, Moo-
Heal (or a free copy oi
"What Iha Fsnnet Caa
Tben Is a Caaada
Camel dealer in yo*
eoghWtood. Ilyoude
aot bow In, -vrsssfas
kit name.
mass si in viuauu is WcnmuunaiM.
Nt. 100.
When a womau canvasser asked an
old farmer to sign a petition ln favor
ot a woman's movement he eyed tho
document for a while with suspicion,
No, I am against It, sure, was the reply, with the emphasis of a man who
bad had some domestic- Infelicity. A
woman who Is always moving Is always letting Into trouble. If you've
got anything to keep her quiet I will
sign It.
______.•'/_,      //*• ;\
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What She Lacked
Wlgg—I suppose Mrs. Pnetirlch has
tbo best ot everything.
Wan—Well, per.iaps the best of
everything eiccpt manners.
■rhe cirects ot low vitality on ths
eyesight are little understood, or fewer people would rush to the optician
when trouble comes, Instead of flrst
trying to get tbe nervous system Into
good condition,
When tbe nerves become exhausted
about the first Indication is weakness
ot tho optic nene, anil consequent eye
trouble and nervous headaches The
strain on tbe optlo nerve, ln continually adjusting and foeuslng tho lens
ot the eye, ls enormous, and when
the nervous force In the body is diminished tbe trouble is flrst felt ln Jhe
sight and by severe headaches.
By forming new, red corpuscles In
the blood, Dr. Chase's Norvo Food revitalizes the wasted nerve cells and
Instils new vitality Into the optic
nerve, ns well as tlio otlier nerves of
the body. Headache Is not merely
relieved, but ths cause ls removed.
Sight Improves, and, Instead ot tbe
nnuoyaucs and makeshift practice of
wearing glasses, tho eyes sre strengthened and thc general health improved
tn eviry wny.
Wrong End First
Willie, said tbe Infant's mother, agitated by the sudden appearance of a
rich relative. Willie, dear, kiss your
Uncle Jobn and then go and wash
your faco at once.
Countless bave beon tbe cures
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure. It
nas a power ot Its own not found in
other preparations.
Shut Your Mouth
One should always breathe through
Lho nose when asleep, says a physlc-
(m.   If yet,  awake   and   find   your
mouth open, get up and shut It.
A druggist can obtain an Imitation
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This greasy Imitation ls tbo poorest one we have yet seen of the niuny
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tried tn introduce.
Ask for MINARD'S and you will get
A famous Inventor said:
Tbls morning I was sitting In a
drug st.oro waiting to get a proscription filled wheu a young Irishman en-
Thc Irishman pointed In a slack ol
green castile soap and said:
Ol want a lump o* thot.
Very well, sir,, said the clerk. Will
you have It scanted or ttnsrnntrd?
I will take ut witli nn*. said the
is a
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aTHIoisio»akS«c<i-aC-,.-ml-»J,'Ho««»ll j
Fortune has often been blame;! for
her blindness, but fortune Is tint lo
blind as men are,
Constipation ■       ■■ ■
Is an enemy within the ramp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousne. s
impure blood, bad complexion, sick
headaches, and is one of the most
frequent causes of appendicitis. To
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
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Constipation. Thev arc entirely
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sii-kcn, weaken or gripe. Preserve
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,    Dr. Morse's   "
Indian Root Pill*
k Dime and a Dog Bring Abou.
His Undoing.
Mat With a Pellsemin, an Undertaker's "Dashhsund" and a Duteh arses'
Hs Has His Own Treubles-A Visit
to ths Weedshsd.
■y M. QUAD.
Bepyriaht UU, by Associated Literary
"W^TJUPY," said Mrs. Skinner te
hsr firstborn snd only child
ss she beckoned him In from
the street, where he was
ticking an old tomato can around,
*^ou know where Mrs. Carson lives
en Blm street, don't you!"
"Is there snythlng ln it (or tne it 1
is?" wu asked. '
"There may be a dime."
"Then I know I can go straight
ttere in ten minutes. Do you want to
Harrow a pair of ber stockings!"
"Mercy, nol I want you to tell het
that I've an old brown skirt."
"0. B. S.—old brown skirt.  Go on."
"Ask her if sho can turn lt top tc
kettom and 'dye it blue for me and
bow long lt will tske her."
"And also what shs will charge!"
"Get yonr dime ready against I get
keck," called Bumpy as bo started
away. "This is on a cash basis and
ao trust."
Be had gone four blocks when he
aaw a dog tied np at tbe door of an un-
dertnker's shop, and the sight stopped
him dead still ln his tracks.
Bo was a live dog.
Be was made fast with n chain.
Bo had been brought thero to be
Would he be shoved into the fiery
fsrnace alive?
If btt was to offer that undertaker
the dime he was earning of his mother
would he bo allowed to see tho cremation and hear tbo dog's mournful
howls as be realled wbat bo was up
Might not the dime, wltb a promise
sf a nickel additional at some future
date, buy tbe dog off and create a
ebango of ownership?     -   .
Humpy Thinks Fast.
These wild thoughts were passing
through Humpy's mind when the undertaker csme to the door and beckoned to blm snd ssld:
"Boy. do yeu want to earn a dime?"
"What kind of a boy are you?"
"A noble one, sir.- Please csn I aee
that dog cremated?"
•   "Cremated!  That dog?   Wby, what
hi Jericho are you talking about?   I
wouldn't take (300 for tbat dog!"
"Tben I can't buy blm for 10 cents?"
'I reckon nix. He' ran away from
home tbls morning, and I want htm
led back. Do you know wbere Graft
Street is?"
"Yes. sir. It begins at police bead-
"Tbat isn't bad." smiled tbe man,
"but there's another Graft street.   It
heglns st Brldgo street"
.   "Oh, yes.   It's wbero n Texns steer
got loose last spring and booked down
I tux orricsn.
Seventeen lampposts and s fat womau."
"That's it I lire on tbat street. My
number Is 174."
"Yes, sir."
"Do you tblnk you can lead tbe dog
"Oh, yes.  You sec, be likes me."
"But I want blm led rlgbt along,
Wltb no fooling nbout it. I told yon
he was a valuable dog. He's wbat
tbey call a dushbonu'd."
"Because be dashes at things!" ask-
sd Humpy.
"Yes, snd you see to It that be don't
do sny dashing away from you.
Here's your dime, snd when yon get
te tbe house bavo my wife telephone
Ibat you bare delivered tbe dog sll
Thsy Meet a Policeman.
• The dog walked off fcry cheerfully
in tbe boy's society. He bad got very
tired, even lf be waa a dog, at gazing
Into the window at tbe somber stock
carried at knock down prices. All
went serenely for two blocks. The dog
was glad be didn't need anything In
his master's line, and tbe boy was glnc**
hs was oarnlng another dime, Thes
came sn interruption. A policeman
beckoned to Humpy to halt and tben
ssld: *■
"Mo laddlebnck, you cnn consider
yourself ns pinched!"
"Who pinched me?" ssked Humpy.
"The undersigned did and does. Yoa
aro pinched for stealing tbat dog."
"I didn't steal blm. He belongs U
Mr. Bangs, the undertaker. 1 ats
leading him home."
"Boy, don't lie to me! Tbat dog belongs to the rich and powerful Mrs
Derwent Derwcnter. He was stolen
from her last night, and tbere Is a general alarm out The commissioner has
assured ber witb bis band on his hcarie
that not an officer among the 12.00Q
sball cat or sleep until this dog is restored to ber. Every detective bas
bcen hauled off bis murder and burglary cases. What liu.k for t-t, in sei
\ troth thief and dogl  Come on."
"Say, cop, ls It about thc dog?" asked a man as be stepped forward.
"It Is, and this is a great dny for
Trouble Begins to Brew.
"You look out tbat it Isn't .1 bad day. -I
Tbat dog belougs to Bangs, the uuder-
taker, and bas for two years,   I cams
past there while be was talking to this
"Tben I'll run tbe kid In for deceiving me!" roared tbo officer.
"But I didn't deceive you," replied
Humpy. "1 told you the truth and you
deceived yourself."
"Then it's for coining nloug bere
wltb a dog that I'll run you In!"
But be listened to tbe ndvlce of two
or three men and hit Humpy a cuff on
Ibe car and told lilm to go on.
Tbere was a grocery on lho corner
two blocks farther on, and as the boy
and dog reached It tbe proprietor rushed out and called:
"Hey, you boy, wbero you got dot
"It's Mr. Bangs' dog," replied
"Ho vlina no soocb tblng! Dot spitz
dog belong to my mudder-ln_-!aw. He
runs avbay four weeks ago, und Bhe
don't sleep nights no more."
"He ain't a spltz-bo's a dasbbound."
"Boy, yon vbas some liars! Ho vbas
a spitz, und dero comes my mtiddcr-ln-
law to prove lt"
"I say he's a dasbbound, and"—
And away dashed tbo dog to meet
tbe old woman. He Jumped against
her and knocked ber Into tbo gutter.
Then he dashed across tbo street and
ran a cat up a tree. Then he dashed
back and bit tbe grocer on tbe leg.
"Is it yonr mother-in-law's dog?"
asked Humpy;
"Not on my Hfes!" shouted ths
grocer as ho danced around.
"Is lt a spitz?"
"No, not He vbas some dnsbnwny
dog, und lf yon don't bo gone mit blm
I bring out my gun!''
Three Blocks of Quiet.
For tbree blocks more Humpy and
bis charge-got along without nn adventure. Tbey they ran across a tobacconist standing at tho door of bis shop
smoking d two-for-flve that be bad just
invented to sell ss a straight ten center.
"By George!" he oxclnlmed ns be
stepped ont "but It seems good to see
my dog again."
"It's not your dog," replied Huthpy
as he tried to pass on.
"What! What! Not my dog? Don'l
try to bluff It out, yon young tlog
stealer! Nero was stolen from me two
months ngo. If you were not tbe thief
bow did you come by blm?"
"ne belongs to Mr. Bangs, tbo undertaker of Acorn street"
"And I'm leading blm bome."
"Illght you arc. You hnvu led blm
right bore to bis home, and here's a
nickel for you. Mcbbo you nro an honest boy after nil."
"But yon can't hnvo lilm. If he wns
your dog wouldn't bo wag bis tall at
you? Ho hasn't wagged It once."
"That's 'cnuse be cipects a licking
for running away."
With tbst ha tried lo grab thc chain
away, and tbe dog lilt blm on tbo hnnd
nnd ran Into bis open shop. There were
four men st work ln (here, and he
gnve each ono a nip and knocked over
two sbow cases. Then bo mn down tbe
street balf a block and bit n girl
sweeping off tho sidewalk. Then he
followed up a baker's wngon nnd bit
thc horse on tho leg. Ho wns nfter
an old woman with a mnrket basket
when the tobacconist shouted:
"You fool of n boy, why don't you
call off your dog?"
Humpy Turns Homeward.
"Yon satd It wns your dog," replied
"But I lied nbout It."
"Well, thero be goes, nnd I'm going |
"Hold on! Hold ou! Here's Sre or
six people of ns that may go inml. We
wnnt to know ahotil Hint dog."
But Humpy took to his heels snd
was soon beyond calling. Tbree hours
after leaving the bouse he was back
home and saying: —
"It's bot enough to sunstrlke a feller."
"Ob. you nre home, eh?" queried his
mother. "Did you see Mrs. Carson?'
"Oh. gee!"
"You dldu't go there?"
"Clean forgot It"
"Well, I wanted that old skirt top-
to-bottom. but I guess It will be Just
ns well If I turn you. Como out Into
tho woodshed, firstborn."
Humpy tried to piny dasbbound and
dash, but bis mother beat him st the
Maybe It Was a Qulnee Eve AU is
ths Garden ef Eden.
Wby and bow it bas happened that
tbe apple bas been spoken of as ths
fruit tbat waa forbidden ia tbe Garden
of Eden Is one of tbe great puzzles ot
biblical scholara. Tho fact Is tbat la
Genesis III., wbere tbe Incident of the
eating ot this fruit of the "tree of
knowledge of good and evil" Is mentioned, no nsmu whatever Is given te
fbam fruit All tbat ls said Is: "And
When the woman saw that tbe ties
was good for food, and that It was
pleasant to tbe eyes, and a tree to be
desired to make one wise, sbe took ot
the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave
also unto ber husband wltb ber; and
he did eat"  (Verse 0,1
In fact scholars doubt very seriously
whether it was tho apple at all.  They
suggest that all evidence points to It
having been the quince, tbe fritgranct
of which was  beld   In   the  highest
esteem by the Orientals. Another point
I In favor of the quince ls that It Is the
I fruit which was sacred to Venus, the
! goddess of love, and In n grent mnny
j of tbe ancient writings tbe quince Is
i very frequently mentioned ln this manner.    In Babylonia  Isbtar took  ths
place of Venus ln tbe Roman mythology, and lt should be remembered that
the story of tbe creation originated
With the Babylonians.    All evidence
seems to point nway from tbe appls
having been the "forbidden fruit" and
toward tbe quince as having been tbat
fruit of tbe "tree ot knowledge uf good
and cir-Tit-Blts.
What Happened In ths One Known
Case ef Hitting the Ground.
Probably all of us have dreamed
that we were falling down tbe back
stairs er s high cliff, then gliding swimmingly off Into space. This dream
gives the same sensation as s rapidly
descending elevator or a fast swaying
swing. We sre worried for tbe instant
sbout wbat will happen when ws
strike bottom, but we never strike
■ither we sre off on soother dream
before that disastrous event happens
or we awake.
There is sn old superstition that lf
one ever hit tbe ground tbe shock
would kill the dreamer, but this li
difficult of proof, for, as our Irish
neighbor mlgbt remark, tbe only wsy
it could be proved would be to hsvs
ths dreamer wake np .dead and tell ni
Of the thousands wbo wrote letters
s few years sgo to an Englishman
who bsd published sn essay on ths
subject but one correspondent bad
dreamed that tbe fall continued clear
to the ground. Tbls woman dreamed
shs fell off s tall rock. Wben sbe bit
the ground she wss broken Into small
bits, bat s sort of second self gathered
np the pieces and glued them together,
making s piece of humanity aa good si
new. This dream, however, ls unique
-Chicago Tribune.
Be hsd Jost reached the philosophical stage wben be slipped into s restaurant between bars for s bit to eat
He ordered. Tben be ut starlni
ahead, quietly thoughtful ia expression, snd waited.
It Is sdmltted tbst be did some waiting too. Wbat happened to his order
couldn't be understood outside tbe peculiar convolutions of s restaurant
kitchen, bnt he spent balf an hour sitting there, staring shead of btm.
At last It came. As tbs waitress pal
tho order before blm be started from
bis deep study u If he hsd forgotten
be bad an order coming. Tben, looking up at ths fair transporter ol
edibles, be snld:
"Yoo don't look a day olderr-
Every body's.
Value ef Humor.
Tbe man wbo becomes a humorist Is
Ihe mnn wbi contrives to retain o cer
tain childlike sest and freshness ot
mlud silo jy side wltb e large and
tender Ini.  .ii-.e.-Cornblll Ungazlne.
A      rd Worker.
"Is Do' bi a bard working man?"
"I guess yuu cnn call blm lhat,  Any
kind of work seems bard to blm."-
Blrinlngbsm Age Herald.
With Neither Inlet Ner Outlat It Hee a
Mysterious Tide.
Tbere ls a curious Swiss lake, Lake
Marjelnn, which at regular intervals
completely disappears aud does not begin to refill until tho following winter
or spring. On these occasions it empties Itself so rapidly tbnt tbe Itbone
rises several meters ln a few hours
and overflows its bunks.
But lt is not necessary to go to
Switzerland tn order to find a freakish lake. There is a pond lu the center
of Long Island, at tho present end ot
tbo Motor parkway, called Lnka Hon-
kankoma. It bas neither inlet nor outlet and lies at tho foot of tbo bills that j
form the backbone of Long Island.
.Bound Its shores are many pretty summer homes. The trees about it aro
much larger and more beautiful than
elsewhere on Long Island. The waters
of tho hike aro very clear and raid. In
somo places It seems bottomless.
The strange thing ubout Luko Iton-
koukoma ls that it has a tide; not a
tide llko thc ocean that rises nml falls
every twelve hours, but one that tnke.
seven years to rise and seven more to
fall. The difference between high water and low water mark Is between
thirty and forty feet. Many scientific
men hnve studied the curious phenomenon, but no ono has found nut
what onuses tbls mysterious tide. Neither long continued rains nor severe
droughts affect the quantity of wuter
in the lake.
The Indians used to hold the take In
groat nwe, and few dared lo cross It
in a eanoo. There is n legend of ona
brave who, while Oshlug, wus drowned in the luke. His body was found
sis months afterward neurly ten miles
nw.-ty In Long Island sound.—Voutb's
Joining the Majority.
Remember wben you get tbs worst
sf It tbal yon have again switched
eret on the side of the majority.-Albany Journal
And President Tyler Found a Place
For Old Jack Dade.
President Tyler hatl n curious office
seeking experience at the very beginning of his administration. Old Jack
Dade, n character nbout Washington,
who hnd been the president's class-
rente nt college, went to tbe White
House, and snld be, "Jack, 1 want nn
"You do?" said President Tyler.
"Whnt office on earth do you think you
are fit for!"
"Why, one o* these 'slnecurecs' I hear
so much nbout-no work and good
pay," Dado promptly replied.
"Well/Jack," snld Tyler deprecating,
ly, "you know that I am president
now ond must have somo kind of war-
rant for making an appointment Can
you get anybody to Indorse you? Could
yon' bring mc a letter of recommendation.?"
"Oh, yes," snld Dado. "I'm fixed for
thnt," and be produced n letter of four
pages written by Tyler blmself to
President Harrison, whom ho bad Jnst
succeeded, urging the claims of his
dear friend and classmate, Colonel
John W. Dade, for a good, fnt office.
"Cast your eye over that!" bo exclaimed In triumph.
Tyler rend lho letter attentively to
tho cud, folded It carefully und snld:
''.lock, ynur backing Is Irresistible.
Come up here tomorrow, uud I'll buve
a placo for ynu."
The next day Colonel John W. Dade
wns appointed keeper of thc Federal
prison of thc District of Columbia.—
Louisville Courier-Journal.    HH
Appropriate Excuse.
"Before the establishment of righteous courts and trials by jury where
Justice could ho obtained," explained
tbo teacher, "persons suspected of certain crimes wero tried by what wns
known as the 'ordeal,' One of thess
was the 'ordeal of lire.' U"t plow,
shares were laid at sbort Intervuls
along tho victim's path, and the suspected person was blindfolded snd
compelled to walk ever thctn. If he
succeeded In doing It without stepping
on tbo hot Irons lie wns deemed Innocent But lf ho received bums bo was
adjudged guilty. Wbo would submit
to sucb an ordeul uow? Johnny, would
"No, ma'am," snld Johnny.
"And why not!"
"I'd get cold fecf'-Cleveland Plain
'   .-/'
The Otlier Woman.
tit-seo bow that woman can
>ut the way sbe does and neg-
llttle children."
do you know that she gads
"We get the snme girl to take cars
Of our babies when we're away from
home, nnd she's kept busy over there
fully half of tha time. It provokes me
eo to bave to be put off so often wben
I waut to get away."—Chicago Record-
Where Ma Was Strict
Little Glrl-My mamma Is ewfal
Strict la jours? Utile Boy-Orful,
Little Girl-But sbs lets yon go anywhere you want to and- Little Boy-
Ob. she ain't strict with mai Little
Girt-Then who Is shs strict with!
tittle Boy-re.
Dressing the Bsby.
Mothers seem to -be divided ln their
opinion of bow to dress the baby, bat
their ideas are generally so extreme
that tbey can easily be divided into
two classes—tbe sensible, who believe
ln simplicity, and tbe foolish, wbo try
to see bow fancifully tbey can dress
tbelr little tots.
Tbe elegance of baby's clotbes should
always bo Interpreted In fineness und
not by fanclfulness. If Its little slips
are to bo the most beautiful tbey
should bc of tbe finest hnnd woven lingerie cloth and mude so daintily that
tbo eye can scarcely perceive tbe stitches in their narrow seams. That Is
real beauty and luxury for the baby.
Tbo baby's first slips arc tbe prettiest
ln tbo plain bishop style—finished witb
very narrow Valenciennes lace edging
around the neck and sleeves and briar
stitching at tbo top of Its bem. For
"beat" wear you tuny wnnt a slightly
moro fanciful dress, with tiny hand
embroidered yoke ln tbe front marrow
tucks running tu the neck In tbe back)
and dainty embroidered flowers strewn
bere and tbere above tlle bem. Ot
course hemming always makes a desirable finish at tbe seams and hi not
The Infant's petticoats should be Just
as fine and plain ns its slips And la
winter Its "heavy" petticoats should
bc of the finest Trench flannel, so that
tbey will not wasb together and be.
come weighty and balky. Tbe flannel
petticoats should be finished wltb brier stitched hems. All petticoats should
be made wltb little waists or wld*
Juvenile Nerves.
Wltb "highly strong children tbere Is
often a readiness to pick up nervous
tricks from their ciders. Thus from
ono s child learns to stammer, while
from another it adopts various nervous movements of the muscles nf the
face or limbs. Such a child needs to
be well fed snd kept as much ss possible in tbe open air. to lead a quiet
life without excitement and wltbont
ovcrcxerdso of tbe brain. Above all,
lt must be kept as mucb as possible
away from those people from wbom
It seems to be taking tho tricks ot nert•
-> Reserved Boys.
Mothers, don't be too resdy te think
that your boy shows s want of trusl
In you lf be occasionally keeps s secret or omits to tell you every little
thing that he bas done. Many boys
are very reserved Tbey cannot bear
to speak of what tbey feel deeply.
Make your son understand tbst mother will always be glad to bear whet be
chooses to tell ber, but tbat sbe does
not want to force bla confidence. Tbea
he will speak much more freely to yoa
than be would do If be felt tbat yoa
wcro "alwaya after him."
Screwing Up the Eyes.
Disastrous to beauty of a child's e»A
presslou is tbe bablt of screwing ap
tbe eyes, Tbe trick points very plainly to defective vision and calls aloud
for a visit to an oculist Tbe visit
must not be delayed, for ugly wrinkles
round the eyes Is tbe least evil of tbls
defect A shortsighted child Is severely handicsped wben It begins Its
sehool life, snd neglected myopia leads
to serious eye trouble In later lire.
Properly proscribed spectacles are all
lhat Is required to end this particular
Mouth Breathing.
Mouth brestbing. wblrb Is one ot
the signs Wblcb point to Ihe presence
of adenoids, can only bo cured by so-
Ing to tho root of the matter and baring tho adenoids removed by alteration with very young children ii la
a wlso precaution to do as the Indian
squaws do, and thnt Is to press the
lips of tbe young cbild together when
be flrst foils asleep.
Solid Feeds.
The Importance of nevor allowing *
"taste" of ordinary food wbile -the
baby ls small can hardly be overestimated- Not so much as "a crust or
bite" abould be allowed before be Is
nine or ten months old, and even that
Is better postponed until after tho Oral
year ls completed.
Inerease In Height
Although perfectly healthy children
differ greatly and oo fixed rale Is pot*
slhle, the average child Increases la
height an Inch a month between tha
second and fourth montha After thisj
sp to a year, a half Inch a month.
Nourishing Dishes.
Small children who are math la Uw
epea and who take vigorous exerdsat
ibosld hara cheass dlsbm snd a little}
meat, aatton or tooth (sr anuoar. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Oarving Sets....... .$1.75 to $8.00 per set
Knife and Fork Sets  5.00 per dozen
Medium Forks  5.00 psr dozen
Table Spoons  5.00 per dozen
Dessert Spoons  4.50 per dozen
Tea Spoons  2.50 per dozen
5 o'Clock Toa Spoons — .... 2.00 per dozen
Sugar Shells     75 each
Butter Knives     75 each
The above goods are all Reliance Plate Silver and are
guaranteed to be the best.
E. Nelson, a stranger in the city,
appeared before Magistrate Cochrane in the police court last Saturday on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He was fined $10
nnd Ihe gun confiscated.
P. Crosby uud family will leave
next week for Granhy Buy, where
Mr Crosby will enter the employ
ol the (liiinlij- coin|mny.
A in 'ti -.vas irrnrtted on the streetn
the fir«l part of the week for twing
in his shirt nit-even ami wearing a
straw hat He was reminded that
it was the middle of December. He
established his aanity liy referring
to the thermometer, and the judge
Id. hint off with a reprimand.
Some wood alongside the stove in
Manly's hardware store caught tin
fire on Monday, and a conflagration
was narrowly averted. The incipient hlaze was extinguished hy the
agility of Donald Manly and the
other clerks in Ihe Blore.
Grand Forks
Family Liquor Store
Special XmaB Port, per gal $2.00
Hudson's^Bay Old Port,per btle. 1.00
" "     " Sherry "   "     1.00
G.H.Mntnm___Co. Champagne,pt. 2.00
Old Nick Bhum, per bottle  1.50
Hudson's Bay Old Rye, per hot.. 1.25
Scotch Whisky, Imp. qt. •' " 1.50
Irish "        " it    i.   j 5()
Johnnie Walker's   Kilmarnock
Scotch, per bottle  2,00
Hudson's Bay 50-year-old Brandy, per bottle  6.00
Also a full line of Scotch, Irish and
Rye Whisky and Liqueurs.
Pabst Beer, Blue Bibbon, pints,
per doz 82.25
Pabst Beer, Export, qts., per doz il.00
Nelson  " "     "    "  2.00
Soda Water, qts., per doz  2.00
Cigars—10-in box; 60
10  "   •'   1.00
26 "   "    125
Charles Nelson and his hrother-
in law, J. G. -Marin, who have
leased the Roso property, arrived in
the city this week from Cayley,
Alta. Mr. Marth brought a carload
of stock and household effects with
James McArdle is having some
repairs and alterations made to his
Phoenix hotel, the Knox Hill.
Win. Bonthron, of this city, is doing the work.
W. B. Cochrane left Wednesday
morning for Victoria, where he will
spend the Christmas holidays.
A fence has been erected along
the river bank from the C.P.R.
bridge to R. Campbell's residence by
the board of works department of
the city. The fence will serve as a
preventive in keeping puiple from
walking into the Kettle river on
moonless nights.
Girls! Try Itl Hslr gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a 26 cent bottla
of Danderlne,
If yov ti -i for heavy hair that alls
tens mux i,unity and Is radiant, will.
life; has an lacomparable softness an J
ls fluffy and lustrous, try Pandorlnu
Juat one application doubles thu
beauty of your hialr, besldas It Imnio
dlately dissolves every particle o'
dandruff. You can not have nice
heavy, healthy hair lf you htrft.
dandruff. This destructive scurf rubs
the hair of Its lustre, Its strength an i
Its very life, and lf not overcome lt
produces a feverlshness and Itching ol
the scalp; the hair roots famish,
loosen and die; then the hair fells out
fast. Surely get a 25-cont bottle of
Knowlton's Danderlne from any drug
store and lust try lt
The Grand Forks Fsrmers' innti
tute will meet n**_tt Tuesday even-
>»g-        "        	
J H. Wilson, snpHfintendent. of
the new cannery, left oil Monday for
the wist vin thn (.rent Northern for
the purpose of purchasing machinery
for Ihe new plant.
E. D. Hnmacher, of Spirit Lake,
Wssli , arrived in th« city this week
for the purpose of opening up a
steam laundry. He is negotiating
with the Grand Forks Canning
comnany for a li*ase "f the old steam
laundry, and it is expected that the
building will put in shape, the machinery installed and the loundry he
ready to commence business some
time nest month.
Deltoioua "Fruit Laxative" ean't harm
tender little Stomach, liver
and bowels.
Look at the tongue, mother! It
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or is fever-
iBh, stomach sour, breath bad; has
sore throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and ln a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested food
and sour bile gently moves out of Its
little bowels without griping, and you
have a well, playful child again. Ask
your druggist for a 61-eent bottle of
"California Syrup of Pigs," which contains full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups.
Grand Forks Second-
H..x,A  (_>__>____._ WINMPBO AVE.
and dtoreop_w.»ip«tiHo..i
W« Bay, Sell and Exchange
Everything We nlso dn all kinds
of Tailoring Work We are Ex
peits in Furier Work, ('leaning,
Pressing and Repiiiring SatUfac
tion guaranteed in everything.
H.Ban eson, Proprietor
Geo. E. Massie
Fashionable   .
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
of Every Description
Bridge Street .
Grand Forks, B. G.
or riot at
lent-roe. Oldest uency for ■ccurlusMtei
Pitanu uitn jEfWgh Munn * Co. nolle*
HxtlolMtlN, without mume, In the
Scientific American.
llrUlu-tratodwo-Hr. La-fteit olr-
*ttt Rclentltlc Journal. Twtni for
Ssrtw.pot-tl prepaid.   Sold hr
The Central and high schools
closed this afternoon for the holiday
season. They will reopen the first
Monday in the new year.
Mrs H. Scram and her grandfnn
lefl on Monday for Spokane, where
they will spend the winter.
The Phoenix Miners' union have
elected tbe following officers for the
ensuing yenr: President, Harry Els-
more; vice-president,Robert Agnew
financial secretary, D. A. Vignnux
rectuding secretary, A. L McKin
non; treasurer, D. W. McKenzie;
warden, Mac McQuiggan; conductor, A. McDonald.
Many Grand Forks people who have
chronic appendicitis, which is not
very painful, have doctored for years
for gas .on the stomach, sour stomach
or constipation. Woodland it Quinn,
druggists, state if these people will try
a SINGLE DOisE of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, eto., as compounded in Adler-i-ka, the remedy
which became famous by curing appendicitis, they will be surprised at
the INSTANT benefit.
ie roue na suswess wirer wi»*« urm so™ ts the w«u
juuni eid ____«■» n. sntaicu iah was
Get "More Money" for yonr FURS
s reliable--rMpon-lble-sate—PttrHonM with sn unblemished rep-
te Matlon enlatlnft for "mora than aQURrterolacentury," a longsuo-
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write to-'UTMMift •Wpprt,"
tha only reliable, accurate market report-and price list published.
Wriia for tt-NOW-lfs FREB
Ia. B. SHUBERT. Inc. KSggjTO«iS!fc
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Read the advertisements in The
Sun hefore you do your Christmas
The Sun only ousts tl a year.   It
prints all the news.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Advertisement in The Sun bring
results because it ie the peoples'paper
Furniture   Msde  to Order.
Also Itepniring of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Dune.
Palace Barber Shop
Knior ffon-ntr * rliwiniftXy.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
FlltST Strkkt.
w GahCoal Now
F. Downey's Cigar Store
TVc-Kphonicb} ;•
h'/nhVb KKBIDKKCK. RW ™R SlT66l
Many so-called specialists make
extravagant statements about their
methods and cures. My record of
16 years' experience in this treat
ment of all chronic, nervous, and
special ailments nf men is sufficient
proof of my ability to affect a cure,
when a cuae in possible.
No man can afford to consult
any but the best in regard to his
physie-il welfare. Life and hap
pines* depend on good health. I
have cured thousands of men aud
I can cure ynu, if your case is
MY OFFER! Absolutely free expert medioal examination and consultation. Absolute guarantee of complete cure of every case I undertake, and moderate price.   Call on or write for booklet to
210 Howard Street, Spokane
Prin t i n g
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-tordate style
Wn have tbe most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line nf Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,'
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,   -
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements . and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printings
r—the kind we do—ia
in itself an adver
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate
on your ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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