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The Evening Sun May 3, 1907

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■*^&^jU     7-<****~/&^<>y
Sixth Year---No. 40.
Grand Forks, B. G, Friday, May 3, 1907.
$1.00 Per YearlnAdyarice.
Finance Minister Alludes to
the Unsavory History of
Tory Methods
finance who seems to have enjoyed
the particular enmity of the opposition, probably in consequence of his
notable victory'in Queen's, Shcl-
boume, N. S., followed Mr. Borden,
and quirkly placed himself on record
as being in favor of purity in elections, and sympathizing warmly  with
lecture us on our own political morality, when one of the most eminent
Conservatives declares that he, would
und addressed some caustic utterances
as to the reasons which induced the
leader of the opposition to absent liim-
not be a candidate because his own self from that election,and he deduced
party deliberately refused to accept therefrom that the statements made
an honest election. The finance minis- by Dr. Weldon, in which the name of
ter concluded a convincing argument Mr. Borden was mentioned, probably
in   these  words:    "I   realize there is hod something to do with his decision.
any well considered measure designed need of electoral reform, but we know  Mr.  Johnston  then proceeded to ex
Johnston's Pertinent Criticisms—Queen's and Shel-
bourne Election
Special Correspondence of The Sun.
Ottawa, April 26.—The oppnsition
flits from one point to another in a
vain endeavor to discredit the government.   Last week an onslaught was
made on the findings of the royal insurance commission, whose report revealed certain   questionable   transactions in insurance funds with which
prominent members of tho Conservative  party  both in and out of the
house hod been concerned.    After a
long debate, in which Mr. Foster, the
chief offender, mode an earnest plea to
his followers and the house, upon vote
he was condemned by about 17 to 70.
This  reflects   the  views of  his own
friends entertain of  his connection
with trust funds which   the  commissioners'  report  says  he    employed
wrongfully to his own advantage.
The Liberal program for the session
contained so much suggested legislation in the interests of all the people,
that it is no surprise that the expressed intention of submitting amendments to the electoral laws has not
been put into practical effect. Parliament has passed a large number of
bills of great importance this session,
placed itself on record by resolution
as in favor of other reforms for the future, and has revised the entire tariff
of the country, the last a work of
immense detail and endless labor.
This being the cose, it was rather a
surprise to the house when Mr. Bur
den found fault with the government
for not redeeming this particular promise. The government will do so, the
party is pledged to it, and want of
time alone has interfered with (the
due performance of this particular
pledge, The occasion, however, was
seized to bring to the attention of the
house a number of irregularities in recent elections, and it was very significant that allusion only was made to
incidents which affected the Liberal
party. Fraud and corrupt methods on
the part of the Conservatives were not
quoted as a reason for amending the
Election Act.
A very noticeable fact was that
most comprehensive references were
mode to the election of Hon. W. S.
Fielding, finance minister, and the alleged corruption which occurred. The
fact, however, that Mr. Fielding practically ignored and swept away everything that happened in the election in
question and submitted himself again
for re-election, and was returned by
an overwhelming majority, was too
indifferent a circumstance to demand
a reference. At the conclusion of his
address Mr. Borden submitted a resolution which was calculated to condemn corrupt praotices in so far as
they related to Liberal elections, and
it also was cunningly worded, so as
to constitute a confession of certain
undefined acts of corruption in the
election of certain prominent members of the government.
Hon. W.  S. Fielding, minister ef
to accomplish that result. He,
however, deprecated the spirit in
which the resolution had been constructed and presanted to the house.
The finance- minister reminded the
house that the validity of the resignation of Mr. Hyraan was questioned
by the opposition, and it was at their
instance that the matter was referred
to the oommittee on privileges and
elections, and from this fact may be
traced all the delay which has occurred. Mr. Fielding informed the
house that he had received a notification from Mr. Hyiii.m that he had
sent   another    resignation  to   M
Mr. Fielding gave expression to a
vigorous protest against the view advanced by the leader of the opposition
that the election laws required amend
ment in consequence of illegal and
corrupt methods empl(y*d by Liberals
alone. In no sense did he attempt to
justify wrongdoing, but he did strenuously protest against the view that all
the virtues remained with the opposition and all the evil deeds were done
by Liberals. He thought the record
of Liberals would compare favorably
with that of Conservatives, and history showed that the records were
crowded wilh cases of corruption.
In no way must he be understood
as condoning wrongdoing, but he re
pudiated the suggestion that all of it
was confined to the Liberals. Amid
great applause tbe finance minister
alluded to the historic fact that Sir
John A. Macdonald, the great head
of the Conservative party, was unseated twice, and once narrowly missed
disqualification, the judge declaring
that corruption was widespread on
that occasion. He referred also to
the unseating nf Sir J. G. Abbott, another Conservative premier for corruption, and amid great laughter
the finance minister reminded the house
that Hon. Mr. Foster was unseated in
New Brunswick, and also the predecessor of Mr. Borden as member for
Halifax, Mr. Thomas E. Kinney, was
also unseated.
Mr. Fielding said he could give
many more examples of the wrong
doifig of Conservatives in elections,
but he hud quoted enough to sustain
his contention. Mr. Fielding made a
strong point very near to tho subject
at issue, when lie iiifnnii.nl' the house
that Dr. Weldon, his late Conservative opponent at Queen's, publicly
stated that he had been offered a constituency at the last general election,
and consented to run provided the
Conservative would conduct an honest election. The Conservatives said
they would not do so, and ho declined
to run.
At this point Mr. A. K. McLean,
of Lunenbnrg, N.S., arose and said: I
can testify to those words; I heard
them used by Dr. Weldon.
Mr. Sinclair, of Guysboro, N.S.,
also rose and said: I confronted him
with those words at a public meeting
atLockport and he did not deny them.
Mr. Fielding continued that he had
never heard them denied, and now we
huve, said he, the leader of the opposition coming into the houie with the
profession that his party is holier than
the Liberal party, and undertaking to
from experience tliere are great dilfi-
culties in accomplishing such jeform.
The resolution of the leader of the opposition is couched in terms I cannot
approve of, and whiie I dissent from
much that he has said, still the safeguarding of the electoral vote in this
country has the hearty approval ofthe
government, and there shall be no
failure on the part of the Liberal
purty to bring about such reform."
Following some remarks from Mr
Lennox, who took much satisfaction
to himself by reading disconnected
pieces of evidence from various Liberal election trials, Mr. Alex Johnston, of Cape Breton, delivered a telling speech, and one that covered the
ground so admirably that the government supporters added nothing to it.
Mr. Johnston first administered a
rebuke to the leader of the opposition
for selecting quotations from judgments of certain Liberal election petitions, whioh scarcely reflected precisely the opinion of the court. The
honorable gentleman showed how a
wrong impression hud been created by
reading portions which were much
qualified by other portions which remained unread. He ulso alluded to
the fact that the election case of Mr.
Fielding had formed the basis of most
of Mr. Borden's observations.
"Why does the leader of the opposition not read the first paragraph of
the judgment which completely exonerates Mr. Fielding!" asked Mr.
Johnston. But to this there was no
reply. Mr. Johnston then read the
paragraph in question. It is as follows:
"What impresses a judge with the
hardship of the position of u respond
ent who strives to serve his country
during the best years of his life, in
parliament, and who is guided by the
instincts of a stuiesmun, is that he has
to suffer for the illegal conduct of
mere politicians."
Mr. Johnston neverely criticized
Mr. Borden for presenting u garbled
account of the election proceedings,
and omitting to read a very important
paragraph which had a vital bearing
on the case. He spoke also of the
verdict since given by the people of
Nova ISi'otiu, which wus u complete
vindication for the minister of finance.
Mr. Johnston mude un extended
reference to the reasons which impelled Dr. Weldon tn decline the eun-
dldocy at the general election, which
he showed   conclusively   wus   because
the Conservative leaders who put him
forward would not consent to run a
clean election. At this point in his
speech Mr. Johnston read a letter sent
by Dr. Weldon to the leader of the
opposition, in which Dr. Weldon
practically admitted that he declined
to be a candidate for the only reason
that his Conservative friends would
not agree to run a clean election. This
proposition he proved beyond the
power of contradiction, and notwithstanding many interjections and interruptions from members of the opposi*
tion, Mr. Johnston emerged from the
debate with his point unshaken and
his case proved to the hilt.
Mr. Johnston remarked upin the
fact that the debate had centered
around the election of   Mr. Fielding,
Granby Company Laid Off Its
Entire Force Last Tuesday Noon
pose the unworthy tactics resorted to
by the opposition in their desire to
defeat Mr. Fielding. He gave voluminous quotations from the Halifax
papers, quotations which he said were
inspired and and not denied by Mr.
Borden, to the effect that a well
known business man had arrived in
the couutry with a corrupting fund.
Not one word of truth was in it, but
such deception was regarded by the
Conservatives as clean political pruc
Mr. Johnson in vigorous language
demonstrated that the Tory press
knew that the incidents they published were imaginary. Dr. Weldon
knew the allegations were false, and
the man who supplied the leader of the
oppostion with the information knew
it was false, and yet that gentleman
based two speeches upon it. Further
than this, Dr. Weldon was told that
affidavits denying these things had
been made, and although an opportunity was given him to make some
amends, this pure Conservative, who
would only run elections upon abso-
cleun lines, declined to say a word,
but took what advantage he couid
from the published scandals.
Alluding to the statement made
that $600 had been spent in Queen's
and Shslbourne, Mr. Johnston expressed the opinion thut very few men
in the house spent less, and he desired
to say that the money was expended
legitimately and not corruptly, and he
resented the imputation sought to be
put upon the electors of Queen's and
Shelburne that they were purchasable
Mr. Johnston completely turned
the tables on the opposition by the
following allusion to an election fund
which the Conservatives say would be
sufficient to regain the constituency of
Hulifax.    This is the circular:
"The organizers feol that unless the
financial difficulty referred to can be
grappled with and settled, no permanently effective organization can bo
built up. There should be definite,surc
and constant funds, which could be
drawn upon at the right moment for
party purposes—
It would lie curious, said Mr Johnston, to know what is the right moment, whether it is two or three years
before election, or whether it is on the
eve of un election. The circulur continues:
—una this fund should be ullowed
to uccuniulute between elections, if not
nOJessurily expended, so thut it will bo
there when needed.
"Not u greut deal of monoy is ro
quired, und if the burden of providing
it be well distributed as to time of
payment and number of contributors,
that burden need hardly lie felt. Five
thousand dollars per annum judiciously, and above all, legitimately
used, would be ample, so the organizers feel, to place Hulifax within the
Conservative ranks as of yore."
Five thousand dollars a year for
five years, $25,000—that is what my
honorable friend's friends think is required to bring the constituency of the
city ami county of Halifax within the
ranks of the Conservative party once
mo:e, I wonder, suid Mr. Johnston,
(Continued'on Page Two.)
Strike in East Kootenay Affects 2000 Men in the
Tuesday noon tbe Granby smelter's coke supply became exhausted
ns a consequence of the strike of the
coal miners in East Kootenay, and
the largest copper reduction works
in Canada was forced to shut down.
It was the most complete closedown since the smelter was first
blown in, over seven years ago,
workmen, mechanics, electricians
and everybody connected with tbe
works being laid off. When operations will be resumed depends entirely on the outcome of the strike in
the coal fields. It may be in three
weeks, and then again it may not be
in three months. At present, however, all indications point to an early
resumption of work.
On Monday evening a conference
was held at the Yale hotel until a
late hour between the various managers and heads of many of the leading mining and smelting concerns of
the Boundary and Kootenay, those
present being W. H. Aldridge, general manager of the Canadian Consolidated Mining & Smelting company, Trail; R. H. Stewart, mine
superintendent of the above company; A. B. W. Hodges, general superintendent of the Granby Consolidated; Charles Biescl, superintendent
of the Snowshoe mine at Phoenix;
W. C. Thomas, superintendent of
the Dominion Copper company's
smelter at Boundary Falls, and J.
E. MacAllister, superintendent of
the British Columbia Copper coin-
puny at Greenwood. Topics concerning the mining and smelting affairs of the district were discussed,
but whether or not any action was
taken respecting the present labor
trouble has not been made public.
At thc mines in Phoenix from 300
to .'100 men have been laid off, leaving from 100 to 150 only on the
mine payrolls, the smallest number
that has been employed by the
Granby company in that camp for a
number of years.
The Boundary Falls smelter of the
Dominion Copper company has been
out of commission for over a week
now, but up to thc present time
nearly the entire force employed at
the mines of that company has been
kept at work.
The British Columbia Copper
company's smeller at Greenwood has
a small supply of coke and coal
on hand, and is still being operated. Thc Snowshoe mine is alt-o
working and shipping oro to thnt
It is only a question of a few days
now when a general suspension of
the mining and smelting industry
throughout the Boundary will take
place. The strike in the East Kootenay will throw over 2000 men ont
employment in tbis district alone.
The sprinkling cart resumed busi
ness at the old stand this week, which
is a sure indication that the name of
dust will henceforth be mud. •Uf-? Ifotung &un
Published at Grand Forks, British Columbia.
0-. A. Evisa Editor and Publisher
One Tear $1.50
One Year (In advanoe)  1.00
Advertising; rates furnished on ami
Leural notices, 10 and 5 oents per line.
Address all communications to
Tub Bvsmino Sun,
I'uoss B74 Ghand Fukih, B.C.
FRIDAY,  MAY 3, 1907
In view of the far-reaching effects
of the strike in East Kootenay, it is
difficult to understand how tbat
struggle can be prolonged for any
length of time. A strike tbat throws
thousands of willing workingmen out
of employment hundreds of miles
away from the scene of the dispute,
will not be meekly tolerated either
by the people or the government.
For this reason the people of the
Boundary district should take an
optimistic view of the present situation. We look for an early adjustment of the difficulty.
Grand Forks does not depend entirely on tbe mining and smelting
industry for her prosperity, and is,
in this respect, more fortunately situated than many of the other towns
in the Boundary country. At present there is considerable railway
construction in progress in the city
and vicinity, giving employment to
a large force of men. And the ranching and fruit growing industries are
contributing materially to the wealth
of the community. In a few years
these alone will support a city of
twice our present population.
were modest, and promised to keep
the youth's secret after they
had been presented wiili a few choice
cigars. But the customs officers
and immigration inspectors were not
so easily satisfied. With ull the
rice in evidence, they naturally suspected that tbe young man hada train
load of Chinese following him. They
stuck pretty close to him until the
train reached Marcus. How he
squared himself with them has not
been made public. After leaving
Marcus the news agentbecame aware
of the fact that there was a brideless
groom on board tbe train, and he
made him buy all sorts of books on
domestic topics—such as, "How
to Manage a Young Wife," '-Two
Can Live Where One Would Starve
to Death," "How lo be Happy
Though Married," and a host of
others, too numerous to mention.
In Spokane the young man became
quite indignant when the hotel clerk
asked him if he wanted the bridal
chamber. When he returned to this
city the Grand Forks band was at
the station, ready to welcome the
young couple, but when he alighted
from the train alone, the the musicians went home without even playing a funeral march. It has not yet
been learned if the young man really
intended to get married, and was
prevented from doing bo on account
of going broke in an endeavor to
square himself respecting the presence of rice, or whether he was
merely fooling when he made the
During tbe present week steel has
been laid through the city on the
North Fork extension of the Kettle
Valley line, and construction trains
are now making irregular trips right
past the side entrance (or exit of
people who come to lick the editor)
o* The Sun office. Astartwasmadeat
tbe C.P.R. Y, and tne steel gang will
reach the Third street bridgo, where
there is yet a small fill to be made,
this evening. When this is finished,
the track will be laid across the
bridge and connected with the Republic line. The work of laying the
steel on the gap between the C.P.R.
Y and Lequime's sawmill is also
being vigorously prosecuted, and
good progress is reported from the
upper end of the line. In a couple
of weeks, it is expected, a man will
be able to go from Republic to
Lynch creek without change of cars;
and tbe day may not be far distant
whon the traveler can take a Kettle
Valley line sleeper in Spokane at
night and awake the next morning
on the main line of tho C.P.R.
A siding has been put in a short
distance from the court house, probably for tho purpose of sidetracking
some ot thc county court cases,
A young clerk in a clothing store
in this city left for a short visit to
Spokane last Sunday morning. Hi -
fore taking his departure he informed his landlady and fellow-
boarders that he intended to bring
back ' a better half with him. As
Cupid has been working overtime in
that house of late, they took him at
his works, and proceeded to play a
practical joke on him. And this lead
to a series of awkward amplications.
His overcoat pockets, and all other
available apertures, were filled with
rice. When the young man got on
thc train some of this staple Chinese
foodstuff overflowed its confines.
The first to notice this fact were the
train crew, customs officers and immigration inspectors.   The trainmen
Mayor Hammar will leave fot
Nelson next Monday to attend the
annual convention of the Grand
Lodge of Knights ot Pypthias. It is
expected that he will he accompanied by about 25 knights from
this city.
The pupils of Miss Olding's division at the public school had a days
outing last Saturday. It was an
ideal day for picnic purposes, as the
weather was cold enough to make
ice cream without expending any
manual labor.
The enrollment at the public
school is still gradually increasing,
the number in attendance last month
being 307. The average attendance,
however, is not what it should be,
for an average absence each day of
over 57 is much too high at this
time of the year, notwithstanding
the fact that there has been some
sickness amongst the children. A
percentage regularity of at least 90
could easily be maintained in this
city, were it not for the laxity of a
few parents, who by such laxity retard not only the progress of their
own children, but that of the whole
school. Following is the report for
the month just past:
En- Attenr- Acer- Per Cent
rolled, ance. age. Rcgul'h)
Division 1.. 24 2094 20.85 8*.71
Division 2.. 41 3858 34.14 83.29
Division 8.. 37 2852 28.33 76,66
Division 4.. 41 8335 82.70 79.76
Division 5.. 41 3853 38.18 80.90
Division 6.. 57 4(153 48.27 81.17
Division 7.. 42 3505 34.70 82.62
Division 8.. 24    19li(i   19.26   80.25
Totals....307 25216 249.43    81.25
Ap. 1906...270 22679 226.79   83.9!*
Difference..  37    2537   22.84      2.74
It Does Cure Womanly Ills
"I feel it my duty," writes Mrs. S.
Mead, of Fraseryille, Out., "to let you
know that sometimes previous to the
chunge nf life I suffered more thun I
could tell. Neighbors told me Ferrozone was the only remedy, and their
advice was good. Ferrozone put a stop
to my pain ond sickness, had u direct
action on my troubles that relieved
them from the start I safely passed
the turn, and now enjoy perfoet health
and rest. No womnnly medicine cun
be better thon Ferrozone." Instant re
lief is found in Ferrozone for female
weakness of every kind. 50c per box
ut all dealers.
(Concluded From Page One)
if my honorable friend, who wus so
aliirined at the expenditure of 'JO00 in
the county of Queen's und Shalburne,
would have been ulurmed had he seen
this circular. I am sure that if the
honorable member for South Simeoe
(Mr. Lennox) had been uwureof this
circular, he would have shrunk from
the task imposed on him this afternoon and have refused to take up a
brief against the finance minister. I
am sure that he would have shrunk
from the proposition, set out in this
circular, to spend $26,000 in the county of Hulifax in order to bring back
the Conservative party into the fold.
He could not have been aware of that
circular, or he would have condemned
it as roundly as lie did this expenditure of 8600."
Mr. Johnston quoted the Toronto
News as saying that the Conservatives
had a greater campaign fund in
Queen's and Shelburne in 1904 than
the Liberals. To this Mr. Borden
expressed his entire ignorance, and
Mr. Johnston ad viced him to read the
paper and see for himself. Mr. John
ston stated that corruption existed in
the Conservative party on a gigantic
After giving instances of Conservative corruption in various parts of the
Dominion, instances which he sa'd
must be well within the knowledge of
the leader of the opposition, Mr. Johnston concluded his lucid and convincing speech in these terms:
"When the time comes, the leader
of the opposition will And that the
Liberal members in this house will
not be lacking in their efforts te see
that the most perfect election laws
shall be placed on the statute book,
and their observance enforced. I repeat, Mr. Speaker, speaking for myself, and I am quite sure for those
who sit around me, that we are sin.
cerely anxious to have the franchise
of this country exercised as becomes
the high character of our people."
Not content with the significant verdict of the house as to his dealings
with the Foresters' money, Mr. Foster
caused his friends to bring up the case
of the insurance report again on Tuesday.
In an attempt to help the cause of
Mr. Foster, Col. Sam Hughes incidentally damned it. He said that
Fowler and company had paid too
much for the lunds, nnd he hud told
them so. This being admitted, it follows that the Foresters put too much
monev in their purchase of lands;
were taken at an advance. Col.
Hughes also remarked that it was in
consequence of his strictures upon the
value of the property that head officials of the Foresters looked askance at
the investment.
A man who cannot accept the verdict of his friends must be hard to
convince. The Montreal Star, Conservative paper, agrees with the Toronto Globe, which says of Mr. Foster's explanation, thut he juggled too
much, ho denied too much, und
that the fact was established thnt he
profited in private speculations of trust
funds. These are the ugly facts of the
ease, and they won't down and cannot be explained uwuy. The Ottawa
Journul, friendly Ui Mr. Foster, denies his contention thnt the funds were
not Foresters' funds. Hud the money
been lost the Foresters would have
lost it.
The whole thing is summed up in
these words: A ninnwhocnnnot satisfy
or convince his political friends cannot satisfy the people of Canada.
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the reason wily we do the pi inting for
the best firms nnd corporations in this
Second- Dine
iicmd   nigs
<*>41so an Assortment tf
We Wait
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small   farms.    We expect  a  number of
buyers in Grand Forks at an early" date.
It you have farms for sale, call on
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And Fast Mail
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Eastern Points.
Tickets For Sale to Points in Europe.
H. SHEBDT, Aaent,
Alssks-Yukoa Eiposllloa, Senile, Joie-Oetober, 1909
fciOTICK I* hereby given that tho "Grand
'* Fork* Liquor Company, Li mi toil," carry-
inir uu biuhiem at the City of Grand Korku,
in the Province of British Columbia, Intends
to apply to the Lieutenant-Governor in
council, upon the expiration of three montht
from the date of thli notioe, for nerniUnion
to change Its name to that of the "Paoiflc
Liquor Company, Limited."
Doted at Grand Forks, B.C., thli 19th day of
March, A. I). I'M.
Solicitor for Company.
llOTfCE !s hereby (liven that sixty days
I* After dute hereof I Intend Co apply to the
Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands
und Works for the right to purchase the following described lands on the North Fork
of Kettle Klver, that li to say: Commend nr
at a post planted at southeast corner of R,
1). Jones' land pre-emption; thence 80 ohains
north; thenee 40 chains west; thence 80chains
south; thence 40 chains east to place of be-
Erlnutng, containing 820 acres, more or less.
Dated nt Grand Forks this 5th day of April,
A. D.1907.
ABARGAIN— House nnd lot in
North addition. Enquire nt Sun
oflice. »
(VftTI'K Is hereby Riven that sixty days after
11 date hereof I Intend to apply to the Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the right to purchase the following described lands on the North Fork of
Kettle River, that Is to say: Commencing at
a post planted at the North East corner of R.
D. Jones' old land pre-emption; thenoe 40
chains north; thenee west SO chains; thence
south 40 ohains: thenoe east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 820
acres, more or less.
Dated at.Grand  Forks this 12th   day of
April. 1907.
"Waverley" Mineral Claim, situate In the
Grand Forks Mining Division of Yale Dlitrlot.
Where located: In Franklin camp, lying
east of and adjoining the "Lost" mine nil
TAKE NOTICE that I, George B. Massie, free
■ miner's certificate No. BW057 Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining iteoorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notioe that action, under
section 17, must be commenced before the
It-nuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tbis Uth day of Maroh, A. D, 1907.
A. B. W. Hodges, general superintendent of the Granby Consolidated, last Friday received bis new 20-
h.p., four cylinder, Franklin automobile, and has since made the
swift horses in this city look like 29J-
cents. It is said that he has already
made fifty miles an hour with it.
Assistant Superintedent Williams,
who has fallen heir to Mr. Hodges'
old machine, is working overtime
in an endeavor to qualify as a chauffeur. He is gaining great headway;
but some of the buildings at the
smelter are placed where the public
thoroughfare should have been
located. This is a great inconvenience to proficient motorists.
According to a Victoria dispatch,
the attorney general last Friday announced in the' house that, after giving the question of the Lord's Day
Act enforcement serious consideration
and conferring with his colleagues, lie
had decided that he would not give assent to any prosecutions under tho
A, D. Aloreison, Ihe jeweler, went
up tn Phoenix on Wednesday to put
the business he recently purchased
from Geo. E. Dey into shape. He
intends to bring a practical man
from the east to manage his Phoen'x
The Grand Forks-Franklin mail
service will be resumed tomorrow,
providing the stage doesn't run up
against a slide that will necessitate
turning back to tbis city.
All free miners' licences expire on
May 31et, and should be renewed on
or before that date.
Dr. Hall's amendment to the Municipal Clause.i Act, whieh will exclude money borrowed for school purposes from the general borrowing
power of a municipal council, was
merged in a general amendment to the
Municipal Clauses Act. In this shape
it passed tho provincial legislature last
week, and cities will be enabled to
borrow money for school purposes over
and above the limitations for general
purposes. -
The writ in the action for libel instituted by Hon. H. It. Emmerson
against the Fredericron Gleaner was
served by Sheriff Sterling on J. H.
Crockett, managing director, Saturday
afternoon. The amount of damages
claimed is 4$25,000. Premier Pugsley
and J. H. Barry, K.C., are solicitors
for the plaintiff.
The Lion Bottling Works are selling Gooderham k Wort's Rye Whiskey the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for $3.00 per gallon.
Geo. Taylor R. (J, MPCUTGHEON
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Graud Forks, 11. C.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street
Grand Forks. B. G.
Hillhiwls ami Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and liy laws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars mid Plncnrds,
Hills of Fare and Menu Card**,
Announcements and Counter 1'ii'ls,
Wedding Stationery.
And everything turned out in mi
Up-tn-diite f'rintery.
Good Printiiii;—the kind we do—is in itself
nn advertisement, and it trial order will convifiee
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
We Evening   Sun
Job Department
Some people are born great, while
others make their imaginative faculties answer the same purpose.
The grave  levels all rank, but the
tombstone doesn't.
Little things are the things that
tell—say a little one of about five
years, for instance.
It seems a little inconsistent for us
to send missionaries over to China to
teach them how to get to heaven tree,
and then charge them SOUO for landing in this country.
After all, there's nothing new under
the sun. Tnere is not iiiik-Ii difference in the fig leaf of Eve and the
evening gown of the present day. In
time the latter may cover the upper
portion of the society belle as well.
An eastern editor has decided to
drop news per work and enter the
ministry. His struggles with the
printer's devil sho make it an easy
task for bim to vanquish Old Nick
A clergyman recently preached a
rather exhaustive sermon from the
text,"Thou art weighed in the balance
and found wanting." After the congregation had listened about an hour
some began to get wearied and went
out; others followed, greatly to the
minister. Soon another person started, whereupon the preacher stopped
his sermon and said: "That's right,
gentlemen; as soon as you're weighed
pass out."
What a howl would go up if newspapers were to criticise individuals as
freely as many people criticise the
newspaper. Every issue of a live and
reputable newspaper is a mantle of
charity; and the matter left out—
truth, not gossip—would often more
than equal the volume that is published. If an editor could get out a
cold-fact edition of his paper some
day, and then get up in a tree and
wateli the results—wow! What a
picture 'twould be.
There is no end of fun in minding
your own business, and it makes people like you better. It is better to
have others stuck on you than to be
stuck on yourself. Don't knjek; don't
get stubborn; don't roast—just jolly.
Everybody likes to be jollied. Be a
good fellow—it's dead easy. Help
you!self along; push your friends with
you. No man ever helped himself by
knoi'kingothi'i- people. You cant climb
the ladder of fume by stepping on
other people corns—and they are their
corns, not yours—and they are tender. Help everybody; get hold with
both hands when there is a chance to
help your town. Run' youi hatchet;
drop your toniahawkj hide your little
hammer     He a booster.
A Cordial Invitation to Disease
This is an apt description of constipation, It's an unnatural condition to
begin with, and it's more, booause it
brings about blood deterioration, interferes with digestion, renders you
susceptible to infectious diseases and
causes anaemia Not so inueli n purgative as ii naturul Btllliuleut to the
bowels is what you need. You got it in
Dr. Hamilton Pills, which Increase
liver activity, restore the bowels to
perfect action and positively cure constipation and its attendant evils. Insist on having only Dr. Hamilton's
Pills of Mandrake and Butternut, 25o
per box at all dealers.
Wood For Side —Dry Pine nnd
Fir. Any length. • Max Kuntz,
Phone 12.
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
heir prit« on all case ami draught
wines and liquors.
Bicvci.iis and Hkpaiii Wouk—A
complete line of 1907 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Chappi.k, opposite
Postoffice. First street.
Wise People
Buy their
From us, because the quality of our goods is such
that friction between the cook and the better half of
the household is entirely eliminated. Our prices, too,
are so reasonable that tho head of the family pays his
monthly grocery bill at our store with a satisfied
pmile.    Tryjus and be convinced.
Phone No. 30h
- Opposite C.P.R. Station
If an industrial establishment is not
kept up to date it rapidly degenerates
into a "junk shop." To guard against
this, The Sun job office is constantly
being augmented with the latest fashions in type and other material.
Stock Certificates printed nt The
Hun job iidice.
Hot and Cold Baths. Nicely Furnished
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely re*
furtiiilied and renovated throughout.
First-class board by day, week or
month. Speciril rates to steady boarders, American and European plans.
Finest liar in City in Connect ion.
\|OTICE is hereby given that 60 days after
'' date I intend to apply to-the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following- described lauds in the Similkameen Land Division of British Columbia; Commencing at a
Sunt marked "Theodore M. Knappen's North
ant Corner." said post being on the west
boundary of L. 514s. and about '-'(J chains
south of the N. W. corner of said Lot: thence
west 20 ohains; thence south 80 chains; thence
east 40 chains; thence north 20 chains; thence i
west 20 chains; thence north 60 chains to
place of beginning, containing 200 acres,
mot* or less.
Thbudohe Macfaht.ain Knappen,
Per R. L. Huiinet, Agent.    '
Dated this 4th day of April, V.W.        ' j
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms In the City
First and Bridge Strests
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Com in innl oner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase the following described lauds iu the Similkameen Laud Division of Itriti<ih Columbia: Commencing at a
post marked "John Hansel's N. W, Corner,"
and being ahout tliirry miles north of Grand
Forks and near the North East comer of 1 ot
314s on the North "Fork of Kettle River;
thence east HO ohains; thence south ISO chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
to place of commencement, containing 6*10
acres, more of less.
John Wahhik'-ton Hanbkl,
Per K. L. Huhnet, Agent.
Dated this 4th day of April, 1907.
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hotel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forks, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
First-clans iu every respect.
Sample room** for commercial travelers.
Hot and Cold Hatha.
Hur in Connection.
Fluent Hi-uudiMif Wines,
7ii-ii.it'*, and Olguri.
dllaS. PETERSON, Prop
*? '■*•.•**    ''". ■   - v.-    J
SW-slil KsWtt
mmmmmi^' /molmmMmmwa.
To mnke fortunes out
of the future you must
put -something into the
Gold-Copper | I'm Hig
Dividend)- all ovpr
British Columbia.
British  Columbia  Illustrated
Contain lug nvi r 100 Views In Everything.   Post Paid 25c., stamps,
Kiuhest Province in the Hritish Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won
Spendid Opportunity for Investment
The Richest Men In the World are Investing In H, C. Copper-Gold and silver Mlfiel
Why can't you begin now?
The Greatest Gold-Copper Discovery of the Ago Is In U.C.
CAPITAL, $625,000
Every Dollar Subscribed and Used In Development of Mines.
Mines directly west of the Le Roi, whose shares are now about $11; Le Roi No. 2
shares are about $10 and went up to $1W; and Consolidated Mining aud Smelting
Co. of CHuada. Ltd.,shares$138each; the largest gold-copiwr mlnet lu  H.C. paid
Large Dividends.   Assays from $•> to f 800 In gold, copper, silver, wltb 82 per cent In
Rons li ii id mines received highest awards for richest gold-copper ore tout to
St. Louis Exposition._Hig Four had Bost Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminister. B.C,
No Jesu than 100.shares sold.  Shares can he bad on Installment plan, or yearly
contract. 15 per ceut cash, balance monthly,
Comnany hni no debts or liabilities.  .Stud for Illustrated prospectus to Secretary.
No Change in East~Kootenay.
Condition Locally
There is apparently no change
in the strike situation in the
East Kootenay coal region. The result of the vote of the unions yesterday, to decide whether the men are
to return to work or not pending a
decision of the conciliation board,
has not yet been learned.
In this city and in Phoenix the
labor unions have submited new
wage scales to the Granby company,
and a number of conferences have
been held between the unions and
the general superintendent of the
company. Another meeting is to be
held this evening. The new scale
for the smelter employees is practically the same as that which was in
force when the twelve-hour day prevailed. Nearly all the increases asked
for in the new scale have been conceded by the coinpany already, and
there is every indication of an amicable adjustment long before the
coke commences to arrive.
In Phoenix it is understood that
the miners are asking for an increase
of 50 cents per day.
The Great Northern in Phoenix is
selling about sixty tickets per day
to miners who are leaving the camp.
A large number of smelterman are
also departing from this city for
southern points.
James Newby's Ranch  Sold
for $30,000
The sale of James Newby's ranch
to Neil McCallum and James McArdle is reported this week. This ranch
is located just west of the city limits,
and consists of about 600 acres, 450
acreB being admirably adapted for
fruit growing. The consideration is
reported to have been in the neighborhood of 830,000. -
Many Children Sick
Get their feet wet, catch cold or
cramps, and give mothers an anxious
time. With the first shiver or sneeze
rub the little one's chest with Nervi
line, gargle the throat, and give ten
drops in hot water at bedtime. Next
morning all is well. No cold, no time
lost at school. If Poison's Nerviline
isn't in your home get it there at
once. Dealers sell it in large 25c bottles.
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
Peter Pare commenced turning
the vigin soil on his mammoth
ranch in the AVest end toddy. This
place promises to become a close
competitor to the Sun farm. Mr.
Pare intends to experiment with a
crop of peanuts this summer. If his
efforts are successful, he will probably run a permanent circus in order
to create a home market for his
James Stewart, a pioneer prospector and miner of this city, met with
a painful accident last Wednesday
afternnoon while working with Win.
Farmer's wood sawing machine over
in the Ruckle addition. The men had
just finished a job, and were cleaning up around the machine, when
Mr. Stewart stumbled and fell on
the swiftly revolving saw, his left
arm being almost coinpletel) severed
at the elbow joint. He was at once
removed to the Cottage hospital.
Drs. Kingston and Truax decided
that it would be impossible to save
limb, and consequently it wasampu-
tased below the shoulder. The patient is gaining strength and doing
as well as can be expected at present.
Ex City Electrician Wm. Watir
ston intends to leave tomorrow
for the coast, with a view of locating
there permanently. Mrs. Waterston and tae children will leave heie
on the same day for a visit with
friends and relatives in the east.
of its kind in the city.
To OLD BODEGA BUILDING, Opposite E. T. Bank, Bridge Street
Carpets Clouted and Laid.
Furniture Keiiulrnd, tTphol-
iitered nnd Cleaned, nnd
other jobs In the house*
clenuing lino.
Second Hand Goods
Hotel V
Newly Refurnished Throughout
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smeltermen's Trade
Solicited, Terms Reasonable.
Table Supplied with the Beat the
Market Affords.
Hot and Cold Baths
Tin' Finest Brands of Wines.
Liquors und Cigars iit-e Always  in  Stock   at the Uur.
James McArdle and son Kenneth
returned last Friday from a weeks'
visit with friends in Spokane.
Wm. Spier, of the Eastern Townships bank, returned on Sunday
from Fernie. '
Geo. E. Mussie's spring goods
have arrived at last. Very fine selection. He also has half a dozen
lirst-class workmen.
P. D. McDonald this week pur
chased three lots near the Grent
Northern station from H. Sheedy.
Fred Downey is managing E. A
Rainey's cigar store during Ihe lat-
let's illness.
Mining Stock Quotations
Alberta Coke A* Goal.     .28
B, 0. Cupper     7.00
Cons. Smelters 100 nil
C.nibiio-Mi'Kiiiiiev ..     .03
Dominion Copper        (i.Jo
Eoho 04
Gertie 16'
Granby 130,00
Happy Hay i   J
International Coal',,,     6d.
Snowshoe  47}
Stewart      2 <S5
Sullivan '17
Tiiiiiarck k Clieuapk.    1.60
1.5 i"
NOTICK "if* hereby (riven- that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following: described lands in the Similkameen Land Division of British Columbia: Commencing at a
po»t marked H. D. Pringle's north-west corner, which pott has been planted at tbe
son i ii-west corner of McLaren's pre-emption;
thence south 80 chuins; thence east 40 elmi ns*:
thence north 80 chains: thence west 40 ehaina
to point of commencement.
Dated April 19th, 1007.
NOTICE li hereby given that 60 duya after
date I intend to applv to thc Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands und Work*
for permission to purchase the following de-
sorified lands In the Similkameen land Division of British Columbia: Cum mem. intf at u
port marked H. H, ('aunon's north-west corner,which post has been planted nt the northeast corner of 1*7 M. I'Utley's pre-emption;
thenoe south SOcha-ns; thence east 80 chains:
thence north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated April 18th, 1007,
NOTICK Is hereby given thnt 60 days nfter
rlute I intend to npply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchnie the following described lands in the Similkameen Land Division of British Columbia: Commencing at a
post marked L. A. Manly's south-west corner, which post has bepu planted about 20
chuins west of P.W. Reid's north-west corner;
thence east 80 chains; thence north 40 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence south 40 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 tlnys nfler
date I Intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works
for permission to pnruhase the following described lands in tbe Similkameen Land llivi-
sion of British Columhla: Commencing nt a
post marked William Waterston's south-east
corner, which post has been planted at the
north-east corner of the "Jnmbo" mineral
claim', thence west8(1 chains: thence north 4(1
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence south 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 24th, 1807.
The following table gives the ore
for t»05, 1906 and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Sninmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood.	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King.Summit	
1 Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper **..
Carmi, West Fork	
Solly, West Fork	
ltd mliler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
;Bay, Skylark.....'	
| Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark '.	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic,Boundnry Falls	
shipments of  Boundary mines
Ileceive both Ladies and Qentlemen as resident or day students; has a complete Commercial or Business Course; prepares stu-
dentsto truiti Teachers' Certificates of all
grades; gives the four years' course for the
II. A. degree, and the first year of the Sohoo
of Science course, in affiliation with the Toronto University; has a special prospeotori-T
course for miners who wurk lu II.C. Instruction is also given iu Art, Music, Physical Culture nud Elocution. Term opens Sept.l th
19011,   For Calendars, etc , address
Bicycle Sundries
and Repairing
Total, tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
■   B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter.
1907   Past Week
1,158,991 333,679 25,723
828,879 191,065 15,003
121,031 85.539 9,355
218.811 51,771 348
Total treated.
328,475       24,74:!
,    ,.      .      , *— DIVIDENDS .
%&0fm»™±$?<'<"r-. "jajg ,>»$> mo? sum* ««.™«Y''»J *(j
81,000     |5 **  '■■■  -     '
Cariboo McKinney—Gold „       „,„.„,.,*,,.,
Providence-Silver         200,000
Knox Piiesbytkrian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.
m.; .Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30 p.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Baptist Chuiich, Hev. F. W. Auvache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in, and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
Methodist Chuiich, E. Manuel,
pastor.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class'at 2:30 p.m. The pastor will preach at both services.
Morning subject, "God With Me,"
evening subject, "The Good of a
Church."     Everybody invited.
W. J. Cook mude a short visit to
Spokane this week.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Pun*
"lingers and Trunks to nnd
from all trains.
Tiii.Ki'iioNi: A129
l.lTHKItPOIlll   linns., PliOPs.
It Actually Destroys thu Cause
That's why catarrh is Invariably
cured by Inhaling Catarrhozone, The
holding VApor spreads to every part of
the breathing organs, Qeuis infeat*
lug Ine tissues of the nose, tliroat anil
Iuiijjs arc killed, fjothing is left to
cause inflammations. Spots tlmt are
sore are healed. Discharge is cleared
away and catarrh beciimes something
of the past. Use ('iitarrlinzonn and
votir rci'ovcnv is guaranteed, Two
*-:.*.i*s, 25catid 81.00, at all dealers.
The City Council
A special meeting ofthe city council was held in the council chamber
Monday evening, Mayor Hiinnrinr,
Aid. Hard/, Horner, McCalluin,
Mcintosh nnd Woodland being present.
Action on tbe proposition of Mr.
Michener, to paint the power house
for $118. was postponed till tbe
next regular meeting.
While im definite notion wns tnken
on nn,v subject, various miiHers
were thoroughly dlgciisted, wilh a
view ol dealing into ligently with
tin-in when iiit-y ci'm-i up fur adjust ment. The topics broached included ihe pnwer question, sidewalk construction, street nml lawn
sprinkling, ihe new water contract
with llicC. I'. K., nml what mem 8
should be taken to beautify the city
The bill of Dr. Kingston, for a
city pillit'ilt, was referred to ihe
health mul relii-f committee.
Dining ii discussion on the matter, the mayor thought the government should paint the new Fourth
street bildge,
| JNew spring goods just arrived at
Geo. E. Massie's.
60   YEARS-
Trade Marks
Copvriohts Ac.
Anyone sending a skotrli end description nisy
ejnleklr sscertsln our opinion free whether en
invention Is probably ristenuble. Communion*
tions strictly conlldeiu.sl. HANDBOOK on Patente
sent free, oldest egenry for securing pstents.
Patente taken thronxh Hunn 4k Co. receive
sprclal nottee, without ohsrse, In the
Scientific American,
A hAn-lnntn-nl-f lltiinlrnfod weekly. Largest fllr<
en Intl. hi uf any m'limtlflo J* m nml. Terms, 93 a
rear; four months, IL fold brail newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.«----*«' New York
Branch Omen, m V St., Wniinmiiuii, 0,0.
Foo Lee
I     Laundry
[      COLLARS,   CUFFS    AND
Good Corn Shelier for 25c
A marvel of efficacy and promptness, a reined)' thnt does cure owns
und warts. Its name is Putnam's Corn
Extractor. Contains no acids, never
pain-, gives lasting satisfaction. Insist on "Putnam*! only, It's the best.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY available Dominion Lands within the
™ Railway Melt of flrltlih Columbia maybe
horaesteaded by any penon who U the head
of a family, or any mala over eighteen yearn
of aire, to the extent of one-quarter section
of 160 aere*- more or less.
Entry must be made pernonally at the local
land offloe for the district In which tbe land
is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land In each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father is
deceased), ofthe homesteader resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirement-* as to residence may begat*
tailed by suoh person residing with the father
or mother.
(8) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by bim in
the vlolnlty of his homestead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by
residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice lo writing should be
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
ut Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal In win iiuiv he purchased at $10 per acre
for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not
more than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Koyaity at the rate
of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be
collected on the gross output.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B. -Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will uot be paid for.
NOTICE is hereby given that M dnys after
11 date I intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lrinds and
Works for a siieclul license to out and carry
away timber from the following denrTbeq
lands iu the Orand Corks Mining Division of
Yule District: Commencing ut n post
marked 'Wl. 1). White's corner post," planted
about ten chains north of the iiortbeu-nt oor*
ner of Pre-emptiuii No. S228, Oil Deer uroek:
thence running touth HO chains, thence 80
chains east; thence fi) chain* north; thence
we-it100 chains to point uf commencement.
May 3,1007.
Application tor Transfer ot Liquor
NOTICE Is hereby given that we intend to
■' apply, at tbe next meeting of tbe Board
of License Commissioners of the Corporation
of the City of Grand Forks. H.C, for the
transfer of the license to sell liquors at retail
ou the premises known ns the Queen's hotel,
iti block four (4), on Government avenue.
Grand Forks, B.C., heretofore held by us. to
P. D. McDonald.
Dated at Grand Porks, H. C, this 20th duv
of April, 1907.
The Forest and Best In the City.
On Draught Exdusivel/* at


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