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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist 1913-02-21

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 KettU Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Must Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
the price of cement in Canada will be
increased greatly.
Two thousaud United States marines are ordered to Cuba, where they
will be in instant readiness to go to
Mexico. A Vancouver man tells of
conditions at Mexico City.
:_. run
eratar of the Kootenay Presbytery
at tbe annual meeting held in Nelson tbia week.
Parts nf Adrianople are reported to
be in flames as the result of terrific
Parker Williams censures the British Columbia land policy, declaring
that speculators were able to get anything they wanted.
Wild excitement in the Manitoba
legislature when a member declares
that "man higher up" received graft
in connection with a contract.
President Francisoo I, Madero resigns under pressure brought by friends
Battle in the streets of the City of
Mexico called to halt at 6 o'clock.
Dominion  bouse   will  be asked to
decide  on   the acton against a Mon
trcal   man   who   refused  to answer
. questions in an alleged corruption investigation.
The governor ot Oregon comes to
blows with a newspaper reporter in
the capital rotunda, and both thrash
around the floor several minutes before being pulled away.
Run. Robert Rogers heatedly attacks a newspaper which accused him
uf aiding a friend to secure government land. Sir Wilfrid and Premie.-
Borden join iu the angry debate.
German expedition to the North is
believed to be in serious danger of
The Home Bank of Canada makes
•n agreement to take over the Inter
tionale Banque of Canada.
The craze for drugs iu England is
declared by investigators to be spread'
ing rapidly, to the great detriment of
the nation.
Five persons are injured in a head
on coltisibn near Banff, when the fast
passenger train and a freight meet at
fall speed.
The emperor of Russia sends a curt
answer to a letter from the Austrian
emperor, and the situation is known
to be severely strained as a result.
The second reailiiig pf the naval
bill, it is thought, will be followed by
an amendment calling for a general
election and a redistribution bill.
Sir Edward Grey's rejoinder uiSec
rotary Knox's reply regarding exemption of United States ships from
Panama canal tolls will continue to
urge arbitration.
The British minister at the City of
Mexico has a narrow escape from
federal bullets when his carriage is
struck several times. The city is cut
off from the rest of the world.
Joaquin Miller, the poet of the
Sierras, dies at San Francisco,
Lord Roberts makes a strong speech
al Bristol, advocating compulsory
military training for the young men
of Creat Britain.
The president and twenty.eight officials of the National Cash Register
company are given jail sentences under the Sherman anti-trust law.
The Maclean amendment", designed
to prevent "melon cutting," is de
featsd by a goverment majority in the
house of commons at Ottawa.
The president of a large Montreal
concern is called to appear before the
bar pf the house at Ottawa to explain
'his refusal to give evidence before tlie
public accounts committee.
The eoment company sends a threatening latter to the government, stating that if the dnty is again removed
The Canadian Northern bills passed
at Victoria give that company large
powers in British Columbia.
Statistics show that nearly seven
hundred telephone companies ara op
eratiug in the Dominion of Canada.
A Montreal flnancier is ordered into
custody by parliament as a result of a
refusl to answer questions at the bar
of the house.
Further amendment to the Borden
naval proposal demands immediate
redistribution of seats before proceeding further with the bill.
The Dominion will assist the relatives of the heroic Antarctic explorers. Tributes are paid to the mem
ory of the dead by many speakers.
Hon. H. R. Emerson declares that
the federal government is steadily
usurping the rights of the provinces
in the matter of railway tegistation.
President Madero is taken prisoner
by the general he trusted to relieve
the situation, and General Iluerta is
proclaimed provisional president of
The Liberal members of the Dominion house will hold a caucus on
The contract for the completion of
the Kaslo <fe Slocan railway bas been
let Five hundred men may be employed.
Dr. Friedmann, who claims he has
a cure for consumption, proposes to
flrst treat cases of visible tuberculosis
before doctors.
One hundred thousand dollars has
been raised in London for a memorial
to the late Commander Scott and his
four companions.
Ex-President Madero, of Mexico,
and his family will be deported. Madero' s brother is shot. Another revolt faces the uew government.
English suffragettes wreck Lloyd
George's residence by hurling a bomb
into it. An attempt is t_lso made to
set fire to the house with powder and
The provincial government will not
give votes to women; private member
may introduce the bill. Five million
dollar provincial guarantee for a Vancouver sewerage scheme.
More evidence is secured in the
New York graft cases. Eight hundred saloons anrl other lesirts paid a
quarter of a million dollars in black
mail to the police A witness is
threatened with the loss of his tongue.
Se.ries of Lectures and Demonstrations Here Next
A series of lectures and demonstrations in fruit and vegetable
growing will he held in ihe Miners'
Union hall in this city on Saturday,
March I, under the horticultural
branch oj the provincial department
of agricultural. Botb afternoon and
evening meetings will be held, the
afternoon lectures starting at 2:30.
The evening lectures will be illustrated. These meetings will be beld
under the auspices of the Orand
Forks Farmers' institute. Not only
fruit and vegetable growers, but all
farmers, will find the lectures ou
soils, cultivation, and plant growing
of value to tbem
The apple packing school, beld in
this city under tbe auspices of tbe
provincial department of ngriculture,
opened in the Miners' Union hall
last Monday afternoon,and will close
tomorrow afternoon The class this
yesr was not as large as in previous
years. It is gratifying to learn,
however, that the fruit growers of
the valley are taking a keen interest
in the school, as the sale of the fruit
frequently depends on it being
properly packed. Tbe school this
year is under tbe direction oi J, B.
Castner, wbo has had twenty years,
experience as a fruit grower and
packer in the famous Hood River
district in Oregon.
The Orange Orand Lodge will hold
ita next convention in Nelson.
Two Doukhobors are killed and
five others injured while thawing
dynamite at Brilliant.
Peter Veregin announces the sale
ef the Kootenay Columhia jam factory to a Nelson man.
Suffragettes burn a large refresh
ment pavilion at Kews Botanical
Gardens.    Two are a-irested.
Dominion parliament commits R.
C, Miller, of Montreal, to jail for ro-'
fusing to answer questions of com •
Ex President Madero is held accountable for the depletion of the
treasury, and must answer charges.
New cabinet takes oath of office.
Crowds in Mexico City acclaim Hu-
erta and Diaz.
New president of France sends a
message to parliament urging an increase in the military force. He
contends that the nation must be
ready for war.
W. A. Williams manager of the
•Iranby smeller, who returned from
ihe north last week, states that theie
are now two hundred men employed
at Oranby Bay on construction
work, und that favorable progress is
being made with the erection of the
new smelter. Work on the dam
und docks is alsb carried on simultaneously. The force of workmen
n ill be greatly increased as soon as
winter breaks up.
The Orand Forks Social club will
hold a dance in tbe Orand Forks
opera house on St. Patrick's day,
Murch 17 Werner's orchestra of
live pieces has been engaged fnr the
occasion, and a good time is as
sured. Invitations will he sent out
hy the committee.
Peter Verigin's offer lo sell lhe
| Koolenay-Coluinbis jam factory at
Nelson to the Kootenay Fruit Growers' union for 117,000 wss refused
j at a general meeting of the shareholders of the organization held on
Al. Traunweiser, proprietor of the
Yale, will leave tomorrow for snuth-
'ern California, where he will be the
'guest   of  his   brother for about six
! weeks.
It ia reported that L. P. Eckstein,
formerly of this oity, will open a law
office in Nelson in April.
Jim Turner, better known aa Missouri, bas left Pboenix for Colon,
in the Panama canal zone. —
The farmers around  (Ireenwood
want a market place in'that city.
Mr. and Mrs J. Cook visited Nelson on Wednesdsy.
Harvard Man Awake 20 Years
A Harvard professor who has not
slept for twenty yean, but has taken
his rest in the "twilight state," is
the subject of investigation by the
psychological laboratory of the university and the stute psychopathic
hospital. The "twilight state," in
which the subject retains consciousness of all that gaee on about him, is
declared to be a scientific relaxation
more satisfying than sleep, and restoring the bodily vigor in about
half the time required by sleep.
While the identity of the Harvard
professor is kept secret, Professor
Hugo Munstertierg, director of the
psychological laboratory at Harvard,
who is a personal friend of the sleep-
leas educator, haa made a close
study of bis case. Profeasoj Mun-
sterberg says his experience shows
that it is scientifically possible to
Bleep without loss of complete con
To assist in the experiment of the
state psychopathic hospital in the
''twilight state," a special easy
chair bas been constructed. It is described as a device to aid subjects
to relax as completely as a gallon of
molasses on a slab of cold marble.
Using Ice to Save Apple Trees
A Maryland orchardist has found
that the balmy spring-like weather
prevalent this winter in some sec
tions of Maryland promises to cause
a premature blossoming and budding of bis apple trees, and ia said
to bave purchased a hundred tons
of ice and cracked or broken the
■ame into small pieces, which ht
has packed about the roots of the
trees lo produce in thia manner a
temperature which will retard the
blossoming of the trees. It is a common expedient to heat orchards to
prevent injury by frost, hut thiB is
believed lo be the first instance
where artificial cooling hat lieen resorted to. The orchardist declares
that if the warm weather continues,
tbe apple und peach crop in his section will be cons durably reduced if
not entirely destroyed unless some
means are resorted to to prevent the
premature hloftomiiig.
International Goal it Coke
Company Re-enters the
Dividend List
J. B. Fleming, principal nf tht
Orand Forks high school, has tendered hit resignation, and expects
to leave the city the latter part of
l(W. P. Tierney, the well known
railway contractor, airived in the
Boundary today from Vancouver.
Rev.   W.   G. Blake,  of Creston,
wu tlected to the position of mod-
Radical journals ought not to
poke fun st Sir J. M. Oibson because
he donned at the opening of the
legislature a garb which English
words fail to describe, /.cocked hat.
collet couleur de tang du coeur—
> that is, cape color of heart's blood
(perhaps ctiuiton), silk lined, bodice
heavily embroidered with gold acanthus; lace cuffs, patent leather slip-
pen, tied wilh royal purple rihbont,
and sutin britches, made a burden
whieh ought to have, excited commiseration, not ridicule.—Toronto
Weekly gun.
Divorces ought to come along with
the titles that American men uf money
buy fur their ambitious daughters.
Announcement wat received here
this week that the directors of the
Internatinii Coal and Coke company
bad declared a special dividend of 1
cent t share on the issued capitalization 'of 3,000,000 shares, making
$30,000 and bringing the total of
profit disbursements to date to
$851,000, of whicb £180,000 wat
paid in 1010 and $135,000 in 1911.
A large amount ot the stock is held
in thit city. Tbe dividend it payable March 1.
For a number of yeare prior to
August, 1911, when payments were
suspended, International Coal and
Coke paid regular quarterly dividends of 1} cents a share, amounting to S4A.U00, but lahor troubles in
the summer of 1911 resulted in a
material curtailment of production,
necessitating the abolition of dividends. Conditions at mines now,
however, are eminently tatitfactory.
according to Secretary Graves, and
there is a probability of regular disbursements being resumed, although
this bat not yet been decided upon
hy tbe directon.
The daily output of the mines at
prestnt is approximately 2500 tons,
the most of which is consumed hy
the Canadian Pacific and Canadian
Northern Railway companies, while
the aake product it used by the
Brititb Columbia Copper company's
The old idea that applet were the
favorite fruit of the goda is a plausi-
bje theory, judging hy the statements
of Or. Elmer Lee. He ssyt: "The
freshness of youth waa ever possessed by those who made apples
thtir principal diet. Certain it is
that there it ss food to valuable.
Apples nourish the brain and spinal
cord. Thty tontain phosphorus,
albumen, tugar, gum, chlorophyll,
malir acid, gallic acid, vegetable
fibre, and water. Tbey cure gout
and rheumatic disorder, and exercise a beneficial influence on thc
liver and stomach Ripe apples and
bread as a diet will do more to re
ttore health tban drugs. They agree
with must people and make delicious luncheons with bread. Apples,
pluml and peare unite with the juice
nf the stomach and produce alkaine
carbonates, thereby counteracting
instead of producing acidity." •
What shall we say of the trained
nurse who wears out her life in the
effort to save life? What ofthe
physician who places himself in
jeopardy many, many times and
counts  it   but  the   daily round nf
'duty? What of the man who finds
himstlf in the grip «f a dtadly and
fust moving disease, with the care
of hit wife tnd children in his mind
| as it wss in the mind of Scott; of
ambitions unfulfilled and   purposes
. nnt accomplished, yet giving uo
sign, making ne complaint, but
waiting for the certain eoming of the
summons. These tre but instances.
Nor do they sound the depths of
human courage.— London Fret
Another George Washington
The. French Consul at Cettlnje has
been telling an amusing story ot
Prince Danllo ot Montenegro.
One evening, when Prince Danilo
wag quite a little boy, the Royal family were gathered round the tire and
the children were reciting little pieces
of poetry to their parents. When lt
came to Prince Danilo's turn lie seemed lo be very much embarrassed.
If you don't know anything e'se, said
his mother coaxingly, you may just
tell us a little story.
I can't mother, lie said; I really
Please do! said his mother. We
should like lt very much.
A very little one, iheu, said the
Certainly, ,f you don't know a long
one, a lltt'e one will do.
And you'll give nie a kiss afterwards? he bargained.
Of course I sliall, his mother replied.     And so will your father.
TIiIb seemed to encourage the boy.
so lie stood up boldly and announced: There was ouce a beautiful
china vase—and I've just broken It! -
An American was visiting the South
Devon coast recently, and he expressed surprise at the flue flowers and
vegetables growing In a cottager's garden . He leaned over Ihe garden gate
and talked matters over with the cottager,
Fine flowers, these, he exclaimed!
How do you manage to grow them?
Oh, I suppose Its the climate! was
the reply.
And those cabbages, the American
proceeded. What makes them grow
so big.
Just the climate, the other explained.
Il'in said the American thoughtfully. Now In New York about all
we can grow Is skyscrapers, but we
grow them pretty big and quick. Only
last year a fifty story building sprang
up and It grew so quick that it had
no stairs nor lift.
The cottager stared. Ho,w do you
get to the top, then? he asked.
Oh. said the American, moving on.
climb lt—Just climb it!
A Reasonable Inference
There was a parochial school ln a
remoto moorland district of a southern Scotch county, at which the attendance had, from various causes,
at one time dwindled down to a single
self-reliant boy; und one afternoon
tn a lull of school work the little fdl-
low looked up with a reflective air and
Malster, I think tho schule'll no be
lu the .morn.
What puts that in your head, boy?
haughtily Inquired the master, to
which the lad Immediately replied:
Because I'll no be here!
How He Saved
The new parson met one of Ills
most earnest parishioners in the lane
oue morning. A yer a desultory cou
vernation, he remarked:
I hope, Giles, you make a practice
of saving? There is nothing like putting something away for a rainy day.
Indeed no, sir, answered Giles respectively. I make it a rule never
to spend more than two-thirds of me
wages a week.
Ah, that's the way—that's the way!
suid the new parson, and beamed
broadly. And I suppose the rest of
lt you put ln the savings bank?
Oh, dear, no, sir! answered Farmer Giles complacently. The rest I
gives to the missus on which to keap
Do You Wish to Improve Your Complexion,
Hands or Hair?
If you wish a skin clear
of pimples, blackheads and
other annoying eruptions,
hands soft and white, hair
live and glossy, and scalp
free from dandruff and itching, begin today the regular
use of Cuticura Soap for the
toilet, bath and shampoo,
assisted by an occasional
light application of Cuticura
Ointment. No other method
is so agreeable, so often
effective and so economical
in treating poor complexions, red, rough hands, and
dr}', thin and falling hair.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment have been sold throughout the world for more than
a generation, but to those
wishing to try them without cost, a liberal sample
of each will be sent free
with 32-p. book on the care
and treatment of the skin
and hair. Address'Cuticura,'
Dept. 25D, Boston, U.S. A.
Bargains In Real Estate
Auto 5 seated touring car ln fir_>t class order and cash for good improved or unimproved farm land.
Six roomed modem house on choice 50 foot lot well treed, one street
from car line.    Only $3800.00.
Kinlock Place, Main Street, North, convenient to good car service and
ln line with assured movement, just adjacent to New Exhibition site,
Main street, to be asphalted past this property ln 1913.
Write for booklet, good agents wanted at all points.
22 Canada Llf* Building, . Winnipeg, Man.
It's an III Wind
were a crowd of small boja
and they were all   eagerly   bent   on
catching a glimpse of the Important
('tip-tie match.
A benevolent old   gentleman   who
stood close by watched them for som*.'
lime as they took turn and turn about | about that,
to lift each other np to look over the
Then suddenly walking up to the
turnstile, he said to the man lu attendance, pointing with an Imperious
movement to the eager youngsters.
You might count those youngsters
The ticket collector, thinking he waB
at .least someone in authority, or a
kind-hearted old fool, readily consented, and when he had counted the
small heads as the boys passed one
by one Into the ground, he turned and
Twenty-four, sir.
Thanks, old chap, returned the benevolent old gentleman, as he prepared
for a hasty departure, you have exactly confirmed my opinion. 1 thought
I-had counted correctly.
Fenshaw—1 hear you are to wed
Colonel Swinger, Mrs. Grasse. He'a
a noble fellow, every Inch a soldier,
born to command.
Widow Grasse—H'm. We'll seo
about that, Mr,   Fenshaw;  we'll se.
Distinctly Suspicious
It was while on manoeuvres, and a
soldier was being tried for the shooting of a chicken on prohibited ground.
Look here, my man, said the commanding officer to the farmer who
brought the accusation, are you certain this is the man who shot your
bird?     Will you swear to him?
No, I won't do that, replied the canny yokel, but I will say he's Ihe man
[ suspect of doing it.
That's not enough to convict a man,
retorted the CO., considerably nettled.     What raised your suspicions?
Well, sir, replied the Bturdy farmer, as he slowly mopped his forehead
with his bandana, it was this way. I
see 'Im mi my property with a gun:
then I heered (jje >;uii go off; then I
see 'lm putting the chicken into his
knapsack; and lt didn't seem sense
nohow to think the bird committed
Compensation Curiosities
All sorts of funny claims are mad 3
under the Workmen's Compensation
Act, and after making inquiries of
some of the leading companies who
Insure under the Act, the following
are some of the droll claims, viz:—
A cow, whisking her tail, causes
severe injury to milkmaid's eye.
A servant receives shock through
Beelng a large Teddy Bear when the
room was dimly lighted.
A manservant strains his leg
through stamping on a cat.
A cook breaking coal, a piece went
down her throat.
A curate scalded through stumbling
whilst carrying a tea-urn at a oari-
chlal gathering.
A clergyman bitten by a dog whilst
A coaching, proceeding from a
stable, struck on the face by his master's slipper. Intended for a singing
Well Meant
Mr. Balfour tells a good story concerning au EngMsli golfer playing on
a French course, who understood no
language but his own.
He made a fine approach shot with
his Iron, and succeeded ln laying his
ball dead. He turned round to his
caddy for applause. The latter saw
what was expected of htm, and did
his best to rise to the occasion.
He described the shot in the only
English words which he had heard
habitually associated with any remarkable successful stroke ln th.'
game. Looking full In his employer's face with his most winning and
sympathetic smile, lie uttered the
Beastly fluke
Through indiscretion ln eating
green fruit in summer many children
become subject to cholera morbus
caused by irritating acids that act violently on the lining of the Intestines.
Pains and dangerous purglngs ensue
and the delicate system of the child
Buffers under the drain. In such
cases the safest and surest medicine
iB Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It will check the inflammation
and save the child's life.
At Last
Householder—By Jove, a real burglar. I aay, just wait a minute, wlil
ypu? /
Burglar—While yer call a copper?
I don't think.
Householder—No, only while I call
my wife. She's heard you every
night for twenty years, and lt will be
a real pleasure for her to see you at
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers ot thli paper will be pleased to leva
tbftt tbere U et least one dreaded dlsesse that science
hu been able to core la all Its states, aod tbat Is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure In the only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrl-
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall'a Catarrh euro Is taken Internally, xcf.g directly upon the blood aod mucous
nirfaces or Iho system, thereby destroyinic Ihe
foundation ot the disease, aid Hiving the patient
ilrenftli by building up tbe constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors havo
ao much faith lu Its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollara for any easa Ibat It falls ta
cure.   Send for list of testimonials
AdCrees F. J. CHENEY _b CO . Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
'lake Hall's Family Pills for eor.e_-pa.ion.
Why Not?
He was a very cute man, was Jim
Makesttre. Going into a tobacconist's shop he asked for an ounce of
thick twist. U was handed to him.
already cut and wrapped tip.
Would you mind trusting me with
it? said Jim.
Certainly not, said the tobacconist.
I do not know you, and have not seen
you before.
In tbat case, then, would you mind
putting the twist on the scales, because I do not know you, and have
not seen you bei'ore, said Jim Make-
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Sufficient Reason
A well-known judge recently dined
at au hotel In Dublin where the man
who takes charge of the hats Is celebrated for his memory about the ownership of headgear.
How do you know that this ls my
bat? the judge asked, as his hat was
handed to him.
I don't know it, sir, said Pat.
Then why did you give it to me?
replied the judge.
Because you gave It to me, sir, said
the man, without moving a muscle of
his face.
W. N.  U. 932
Couldn't Stick It Any Longer
The expression on his face showed
thut he was easily irritated, and the
contractor Into whoso oflice he walked braced himself for trouble.
I wish, snld the Irritable man, that
you would do me a favor In connection
wilh the work of my house.
Anything thai we can do will be
cheerfully attended to.
Thank yon. 1 wish you'd semi a
new man lo do the palming.
But the one we havo there Is nn
excellent workman.
I dou't doubt that. But he's been
there three days, and he hasn't whistled anything but Alexander's Ragtime Band. I've got a bad ear for
music and am usually very slow at
picking up a nine, but I've learned
(bat wilh all the variations, and If
its just the same to you, I'd like to
have a chance of learning say, Ragtime Violin, or Red Pepper Rag.
Asthma Victims. * The man of woman subject to asthma la indeed a
victim. What can be more terrifying
than to suddenly be seized with paroxysms of choking which seem to fairly threaten the existence of life Itself.
From such a condition Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has brought
many to completely restored health
and happiness. It ls knowu and
prized In every section of this broad
A lady who waB very plain-looking
called on a friend. This frlend'a
little girl came Into the room, and
her mother Introduced her.
But, ma'niina, isn't Bhe awfully
homely? said the young hopeful.
Why, Laura, you mustn't say such
things; It Isn't polite.
I meant it only as a joke.
But, dear, how much more ot a
joke lt would have been If you had
said: How pretty Bhe ls.
A Long Pedigree
Sir William Lever, the well-known
Boap manufacturer, who, after surprising everybody by buying Stafford
House, has gone on a business visit
to West Africa, once remarked that
when he got his baronetcy, the College
of Heralds had no difficulty about his
All they had to do, he said, was to
take away the *L* in front of my name
and the 'R' at the end and there it
s! Eve!
Salt Rheum of Ten   Year's   Standing
Healed at If by Magic
Hands Cracked so Could not Work -
Cures Effected by
It does not take long for Dr.
Chase's Ointment to prove its magic
healing power. A single night Is
often sufficient to produce the most
startling results.
Internal treatment for skin diseases
Is nearly always disappointing. By
applying Dr. Chase's Ointment to th;
diseased parts relief is obtained almost Immediately, and gradually the
sores heal up and disappear. Here
are two letters which will Interest
Mrs. Chas. Gilbert, Haystack, Pla-
centia Bay, Nfld., writes:—"I was a
sufferer from Salt Rheum for ten
years, and had about despaired of
ever being cured, so many treatments
had failed. Reading of the wonderful cures effected by Dr. Chase's Ointment, I commenced) using it, and was
entirely cured by eight boxes. I
want to express my gratitude for Dr.
Chase's Ointment, and to recommend
it to all sufferers."
Mr. Stanley Merrill, Delaware, Ont.,
writes:—"For years I was troubled
with my hands cracking, often becoming so sore that I could hardly do any
work. I got some of Dr. Chase's
Ointment, and happily find that one
or two applications of same to the
affected parts make them well. I
have had no trouble since using thc
ointment for sore hands."
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Bsd Business
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Mrs. Brown, the sexton's wife, who
was slttlug beside the fire in an attitude of deep dejection.
Mrs. Jones—Well, Mrs. Brown,
what news?
Mrs. Brown—O, things ls very bad,
Mrs. Jones. Would you believe it,
as true aB I sit here my husband ain't
buried a living soul for a month.
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A Guarantee
Supposing I decide to let you have
the money, how do I know lhat I shall
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said Spiff kins.
I promise it, my boy, on the word of
a gentleman, replied Blffklns.
Ah! in that case I may think better
ot lt. Come round this evening and
bring him with you.
■ i.
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Now then, I would advise you to keep
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Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
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A Correction
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Here, my good woman, he says, seizing her by the arm, you*»must not do
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Mustn't do that! What has he done?
sjaculated the enraged negress. It
you want to know, he's been and let'
ie chicken licus' do' open, and all dim
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Well, that Is not so serious, said tha
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Come home! snorted the woman;
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No Wonder
One of two Edinburgh merchants
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ihe wager of a lunch that his watch
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a week's trial than the other's. Each
Jay at -gunfire these two gentleman
were observed to be carefully looking
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jald by the loser.
During thc festive meal there was
a comparison of the watches, when it
s°as found, to tlie surprise of the loser tliat the winner had omitted to
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which time Its hands had pointed accurately to ono o'clock.
From 40 to SO Years of Age.
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/Merchants' Bank of Canada
Proceedings at the Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of Shareholders
The forty-ninth annual meeting of shareholders of the Merchants' Bank of Canada took place at Uie heed office
of the Bank on Wednesday, December 18th. Among those presont were the following: Sir H. Montagu Allan,
Messrs. K. W. Blackwell, Thomas Long, A. Barnet, C. 0. Ballantyne, A. J. Dawes. P. Howard Wilson, J.
Plddington, D. A. Lewis, R. Campbell-Nelles, W. A. Flllon. 0. R. Black, T. B. Mcrrett, A. D. Fraser. R.
Shaw. M. B. Loucks, D. C. Macarow, W. R. Milter, ,1. M. Kilboiirn, J. Patterson, E. Flake and A. Dingwall.
The President of the Bank, Sir-H. Montagu Allan, was asked to take the chair, and Mr. J. M. Kiliioum
■was appointed secretary to the meeting.   Tho notice calling tho meeting was read.
The minutes of the last annual meeting were presented and taken as read.
->. The President then read the annual report of the Directors as follows:
"I beg to submit the Annual Report of the Directors and the Profit and Los3 ami General Statement of the Bank covering operations for the past twelve months.
"On an average paid-up Capital of $6,498,332, there has been earned the sum of $1,338,844.62.
Adding the balance brought forward from laBt year, there is still $1,397,722.80 to lie disposed of.
This has been dealt with* as follows:—Dividend ot 10 per cent on the paid-up Capital, $649,004; written oft Bank Premises, $100,000; contributed to the Ollicers' Pension Fund, $50,000, and added to Reserve Fund, $460,000, enabling us to carry forward $148,718.27 ln the Profit and Loss Account. Your
Directors consider this a favourable showing.
"Our Reserve Fund this year has been further augmented by the premium on new stock (issued at 176) amounting to $560,760, bringing lt up to $6,410,760, or a fraction over 95 per cent of the
paid-up Capital.
"During   the   past   year   we have   opened offices at the following points:  viz:—
"In Alberta: Delburne, Alberta Avenue (Edmonton), Hanna, Hughenden, Redcliffe, and Walsh;
ln Saskatchewan: Battleford; In Ontario: Branttord, Guelph, and Walkervlllo; ln Quebec: Centre
Street (Montreal)  and St.  Jovite.~
"We have not closed any agencies. All the offices of the Bank have beea inspected during the year.
"During the year we have lost two of our esteemed Directors, ono by death and one by retirement,—Mr. Charles M. Hays, whose death we greatly deplored and whose Iosb was national, and
later on lu the year, our valued colleague, Mr. Jonathan Hodgson, resigned, en account of advanced
age. Mr. Hodgson has served on the Board ot this Bank for over tblrty-flvo years, and his advico
at the Board'B councils was very highly esteemed. During tho last ten years he was our Vica-
Presldent.      We hope Mr.  Hodgson, ln retirement, may enjoy many years yet of health and happiness
"Theso vacancies on tlio Board have been fills J by the agpointment of Messrs. Andrew J. Dawes
and F. Howard Wilson. - * ■ *
"Your Directors and the General Manager have had under consideration for some time the advisability of asking your permission to change the termination of the financial year from the 30th November to the 30th April, as the general conditions In this country, In the Spring, are not so congested as
in the Autumn, when the pressure on the resources of Canadian Banks is at Its height. With this end
in view, an amendment to the By-Law will be suomltted for your consideration, changing the end of
the financial year to the 30th April, and changing the date of the Annual Meeting from the third
Wednesday tu the month of December to the third Wednesday in the month of May.
"Tho Board of Directors of the Bank has hitherto consisted of nine members, and we have decided to ask you to Increase the number to twelve. The necessary change in the By-Law will be submitted to you for your assent.
"Another By-Law Increasing the amount of the Directors' remuneration to $25,000 per annum, wl I
also be submitted to you.
"Supplementing this report, I would like to say I visited most of the Western Branches during the
past summer, accompanied by the Vice-President and Mr. Long, where we acquired a great deal of
additional Information bearing upon our business and met a great many of the customers of tlio
Bank and the staff. I may say that the trip was full of instruction and we returned with a very
much better knowledge of and acquaintance with jour extensive interests ln the West than we hava
had heretofore. We think we a,re safe In sayius that the business of the Bank ls on a sound basla
throughout the country. We were impressed wlm tho fact that the Bank Is well represented at nil
points, and the business Is being capably handled.
"We have much pleasure in testifying to the continued excellent work of the staff In recognition
of which, and ln view of the satisfactory results ot the business for tho past year and the strong re-
r.resentatlons of the General Manager, the Board have decided to depart from the policy hitherto followed and have granted a bonus to the staff.
"All of which ls respectfully submitted. "H. MONTAGU ALLAN, Presid.
Statement of the Result of the Business of the Bank for the Year ending 30th November, 1912.
This has been disposed or as follows:
The Net Profits of the year, after pay-
ment   of   charges,   rebate   on
counts. Interest   ou   deposits,
making full provision for   bad and
doubtful  debts,  have  amounted to.$1,338,844 62
Premium  on New  Stock-	
The  balance  brought  forward  from
80th  November,  1911,  was   	
58,878. U
Dividend No. 98, at the
rate of 10 per cent per
annum $151,902.63
Dividend No. 99, at the
rate of 10 per cent per
annum       162,665.12
Dividend No. 100, at the
rate of 10 per cent per
annum..  .'.     166,630.50
Dividend No. 101, at tho
rate of 10 per cent per
annum      167,886.28
Making a total of
Transferred to Reserve Fund from
Profit and Loss Account  	
Transferred to Reserve Fund from
Premium  on New Stock   	
Written off Bank Premises Account
Contribution to Officers' Pension
Balance carried forward    148,718.27.
Reserve Fund Account
Balance, 30 November, 1911 .,      $5,400,000
Transferred from Profit and Loss Account — ■ •.. 450,000
Premium on New Stock  560,760
Average Paid-up Capital during year enOIng 30th November, 1912, $6,498,332.
Statement cf Liabilities and Assets  at 30th November, 1912.
1. To the Public
Notes ln  Circulation   	
Deposits not bearing
interest     ..■• $17,340,321.41
Deposits bearing interest      44,322,560.99
Deposits by other Banks
ln  Canada          783,596.72
Balances   due   to   Agents   ln   Great
Britain    1,051,532.31
Balances due to Agents In the United
States  and  elsewhere  279,828.49
Dividend  No.   101     167,886.28
Dividends unclaimed  2,526.81
Gold and Silver Coin on hand .... $2,346,728.79
Dominion Notes on hand     4,529,797.75
Notes and Cheques of other Banks   5,267,033.20
Balances duo to other banks in Canada         3,046.32
Balances due by Banks and Agents
In the United States          534,944.20
Call and    Short   Loans
on Bonds and Stocks
In  Canada    $5,209,327.Oo
Call  and   Short    Loans
on Bonds and Stcckj
elsewhere    than     ln
Canada (.. -.,002,969.67
Government, Municipal Railway and
other  Bonds and  Debentures   ..    5,733,693.71
2. To the Stockholders.
Capital   paid   up    $6,747,680.00
Reserve  Fund  6,4:0,760.00
Balance of    Profits  carried  forward         148,718.27
Current Loans and  Discounts  (less
Rebate of Interest reserved)■•.. 53,374,824.64
Loans and Discounts   overdue   (loss
fully provided for)       184,290.51
Deposit with Dominion Government
for security of Note Circulation.. 306,000.00
Mortgages and otlier Securities, tho
property of the Bank         118,816.17
Real Estate         27,998.26
Bank Premises and Furniture •-.. 2,427,331.0*
Other Assets          60,206.12
E. F. HEBDEN, General Manager.
It was then moved hy the' President. Sir H. Montagu Allan and seconded hy the Vlee-Proslclent, Mr. K. W*.
Tllackwell, that (he report of the Directors as submitted, bc and is hereby adopted, and ordered lo bo printed for
distribution amongst tho shareholders.
In making tlio motion, the President said:
"I think yon will nil agree with mo that this is a veiy satisfactory report. This statement of Ihe result of tlm
Bank's business for the yenr is better than at nny time during the history of the Bank: You all know that nl
matter who tho Board of Directors may be, or how clover they may he, thero Is very llttlo that can be dono by
them except through the assistance of the Staff and I may eay that our General Manager hns proved himself1
not only on this occasion but on various other occasions one of the best, and one wbo has devoted himself cntlra-
ly to your interests.   1 hnve great pleaBuro In testifying to tho energy nnd teal of tlie whole Stuff.
"wo travelled through the West this slimmer, the Vice-President, Mr. Long, nnd myself. We hnd an enjoyable trip with beautiful weather. We travelled as comfortably as wo could, but wo had hard work lo do. all
the samo. We stopped ut twenty-one places in twenty-six days, nnd we went over the business of tho Bank in
these places and discussed matters with thc Managers. Wo found everywhere-that tho enthusiasm was tremendous, and that all wero profoundly Impressed with, the prosperity of the country and with the prosperity of tha
Bank, and that alt were entirely devoted to the Interests of tho Bank, which was a very satisfactory state of affairs, indeed."
The General Manager, Mr. -■-. P. Ilcbden, made a few remarks ln,regard to thc report and tho business of the
Tho following by-laws wcro then taken up and considered and thi? amendments passed unanimously:
By-law No. 1. That the Annual General Meeting should bo held on the third Wednesday In the month of May
In every year.
By-law No. III.   Increasing thc number of directors to twelve.
By-law No. VI.     Providing for Iho remuneration ol the directors..
In reply to a question by Mr. Pntterson as to the pc rlod lo be covered hy the next statement, tho Vice-President said that lt wou,d cover llvo months and then tho regular annual statements.
Messrs. A. Plddlmrton and J. Patterson were appointed scrutineers, and one ballot was cast electing the following directors: Sir II. Montagu Allan. K. W. Blackwell. Thomas Long. Alex. Barnet, F. Orr Lewis. Andrew
A. Allan, C. C. Bullantyne, Andrew J.* Dawes, F. Howard Wilson, Farquhar Itob-rtson, George L. Cains, A. B.
On motion nf _>.- C. I!. Black, seconded hy Mr. A. Plddington, a hearty vote of thanks wns passed to
the President. Vice-President nnd Board nf Directors.
It was also moved and seconded by tho same gentlemen that nn expression of warm appreciation of Hietr
■en-Ices be tendered the Grnernl Manager and the staff.    Passed unanimously.
Tho President then declared the meeting closed. At a subsequent meeting of Directors, which follow*!
Immediately after. Sir H. Mmlagu Allan and Mr. K W. Blackwell were re-elected President and Vice-President respectively.
Women are Themselves to Blame
(or Much of Their Suffering.
Women are weak, yet under a smile
they will try to bide pain and suffering that any man could not bear patiently. If women would only io-
member that their frequent failures
ot health arise from feeble or impure
blood their lives would be smoother
and they would longer retain their
natural charm.
Wben the blood fails then begin
those dragging backaches and heal-
aches; unrefreshtng sleep that causes
dark lines under the eyes; dizziness;
fits of depression; palpitation or ra*-
ld fluttering of the heart; hot flashat
and indigestion. Then the cheeks
grow pale, the eyes dull and the complexion blemished.
Women should know that much ot
this Buffering Is needless and can be
promptly remedied. Purify and enrich the blood through the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and your suffer
Ing will vanish. Thousands of women know that Dr .Williams' Piute
Pills havo brightened their lives by
making the new, good blood of health,
and so toning up all the vital organs
Into healthy, vigorous action. Hero
is an Instance from among many. Miss
Cora A. Cornell, St. Catharines.
Ont., says: "Ever since the age of
fourteen I have suffered terribly wi'.'i
pains In my back, and severe headaches. I was also much troubled
with Indigestion and had to be extremely careful as to my diet, and
sometimes did not feel like eating at
all. Some two years ago the headaches became so bad that I had t)
give up my position, which was clerking ln a store, where, qf course, I waa
constantly on my feet. I took a position In an office, where I could b,
seated most of the time, but even then
I suffered terribly most ot thc time.
As the medicine I had been taking
did not help me I finally decided to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I got
a supply, and soon felt they were helping me and I continued taking the pills
several months until I felt perfectly
well. Although my doctor advised
me not to go back to my old position,
I decided to do so, and have not felt
any ill effect. I never have backache now, seldom a headache, and all
traces of tho IndLgeBtlon havo disap- '
peared. I cannot speak too highly
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and 1 hope
this letter will help someone who suffers as I used to."
So'.d by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.00 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
There Is probably no better criterion of the continued success of any
commercial institution than tbe fact
that the net earnings are constantly Increasing. When a statement Is
being analysed the item whicli flrst
attracts attention is that of Net
The Annuai Statement of tho Merchants Bank of Canada just issued,
shows tho sum of $1,338,844.62 as being the net earnings for the year Just
ended, after allowing for all charges,
rebates on discounts, Interest on deposits and making full provision for
bad and doubtful debts. Comparing
the Net Profits this year with a pre '•
ious year, say 1910, lt shows an Increase of over 26 per cent. The management of the Bank are certainly to
be congratulated on this remarkable
showing and it aUo augurs well for
the prosperity of the country at large
aB the ramifications of thc Institution
extend to all parts of Canada.
Corns and warts disappear when
treated with Holtoway's Corn Curo,
without leaving a scar.
Belgium's New Army
The Belgian premier haB recently
outlined Ills bill for the reorganization of the army, by whicli a fore, of
330,000 men will bo furnished In thirteen annual contingents. It ls
hoped to apply tho reform to th*
1913 contingent of recruits.
Nuns a* Spies
A I-oinlierf., Vienna, newspaper bos
recontly reported the discovery of
three Russian spies by an officer on
the railway at Komurlno, ln the center of Austrian Poland, between Letv
berg and Sambor. The officer, tn*>
coming suspicions about three nuns in
a train, had them arrested, whereupon lt was ascertained that tlio nuns
were Russian spies ln disguise.
3;.d Business
Mrs. Jonea had Just called up.*>n
Mrs. Brown, the sexton's wife, who
was sitting beside the lire ln an attitude of deep dejection.
Mrs. Jones—Well, Mrs. Brown,
what news?
Mrs. Brown—O. things ls very bad,
Mrs. Jones. Would you believe It,
as true as 1 alt here my husband ain't
burled a living soul for a month.
100 Imported Cigar Bands, na two
allkt, and a center place far olass er
china plat*,  bottle. Jug anil Mhsr
china plats,  bottle. Jus
dtceratlsn, will be mall
prepaid upon receipt at '
emt* In sliver, or s -
N* stamp*. Ap*nt* t
ATA-IW** J0NBi/ cf>
YORK ... ■___--.-'IU
Provincial Poultry Show
in Grand Forks
and get your eggs from 11. G.
Reds and Barred Rocks
for hatching from
>ue feat :	
Ins tear (In advance)	
One Year, In lintled State.
.  I.**
tcldre .h all aornimitiloatlim. to
Taa Bvisiso Sun,
•'hon. Bl* Grand roans. B.C
It would require a second
Daniel to tell what the Conservative party of Canada
really does want. One day
the leaders are imperialistic
to the extent of advocating
the incorporation of the Dominion as a province into the
Briiish isles, and the next
day they talk of sending ambassadors to the foreign courts
This is evidently the result of
a struggle for supremacy between the imperialistic and
nationalistic wings.
a strenuods tijne all over the
world.     In   England    their
guerilla warfare very closely
resembles open rebellion, and
! at Victoria their request for
'the ballot has been refused.
! Yet they are slowly gaining
' ground. In the last American
| election four states gave the
I franchise to women.   In an-
| other decade they will have
[equal suffrage with the men
jin nearly every civilized country on  the face of the globe,
because by no method of the
reasoning can it shown that
the women are less interested
in the maintenance of law and
order than the   men.   Their
I ballots are needed to counteract the votes of thc vicious
and ignorant element of the
male population.
An Edmonton man, aged
62, has paid a $200 fine for
stealing a kiss from a lady,
aged 42. What fools these
mortals be. Why didn't he
ask for it?
As a world drama the war
iu the Balkan states was this
week eclipsed by the kaleidoscopic events in Mexico City.
In no other county at the
present time could such a
strange drama of plots and
counterplots have been staged.
It was like taking one back to
the middle ages, when intrigue and chivalry ruled the
world. But even in those
good old times, history does
record, nor fiction conjecture,
an instance where a country
had three rulers in twenty-
six minutes. Mexico is therefore stranger than both history and fiction. She has now
had her fun. If she does uot
soon mend her ways, Uncle
Sam will probably take a hand
in the fray.
The suffragettes are having
We have seen nothing in
the venal Tory press of the
province about the latest scandal in connection with government contracts.
A special committee of the
house should be appointed to
inquire into the circumstances
surrounding the award of the
contract for heating and
plumbing in the new wing of
the parliament buildings to the
Pacific Heating & Plumbing
company, Vancouver,. In an
action started in the county
court in the Terminal City by
the company against J. D.
Gillis, the latter filed an affidavit containing charges of
the gravest character. It is
alleged that the sum of two
thousand dollars was given to
a forme.i Conservative member of the legislature for his
influence in the company's
behalf. The most searching
investigation into this matter
should lie at once entered by
the government. Who awarded the contract and when was
it awarded? What was the
contract price and were tenders called for? The administration cannot afford to ignore these allegations. Tlie
public are entitled to the facts.
If an inquiry shows that the
Augean stables need cleaning,
they will have to be cleaned.
We ask for a special committee of the house because we
understand the contract was
awarded in the current fiscal
year, that is, since last March,
otherwise the public accounts
committee could deal with the
matter.—Victoria Times.
Walter £ Hadden, secretary of
the Orand Forks Valley Farmers'
institute, bus just received from tbe
department of agriculture at Victoria a large consignment of horticultural circulars and bulletins,
Nos. I to 28. A copy uf each circu-
at can be hud by calling at Mr.
Huddeu's ullice on Bridge street.
Membership in Ihe Farmers' institute costs only 50 cents per annum.
Mr. E. F. Laws' iamily will sail
(win Englnnd for Grand Forks on
the lalh of March on the Teutonic.
The Sun job office is ovarstocked
witb some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12 1
Woodland & Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
Among tbis week's appointments
by the provincial government are
Aid. Wood and J. L. Coles, license,
and Aid. Frank Bucklsss and G. A
Rendell, police commissioners, for
The Sun job office is equipped
with the hest selection of type suitable for all classes of work in the
Boundary country, Particular people no doubt know that the type
that makes a neat dodger is not
suited for a letterhead or business
card, noi is the lettering on business
stationery adapted to society printing.
The Pboenix hockey team defeated Grand Forks at Phoenix on
Wednesday night hy a score of S
to 3.
In spite of what envious competi
tors may say to Ihe contrary, the
circulation of The Sun is still climb
ing upwards.
We can't be on the level and sell poor tools.
Be on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools. Our policy has always bcen, thc best is tho cheapest
in the end. We want your business, we want your confidence and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
Mclntyre (& Smith
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermom
eteron E. F. Laws'ranch:
Min      Mux
Friday. Uth  11 28
Saturday, 15th  26 3»
Smithy,' 16th  33 41
Mondav,17ih  34 42
Tuesday, lsth    30 40
Wednesday. I9ih .....   16 2»
Thursday, 20lh  11 33
Snowfall  0.02
If youjea.l The Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
the world. Il is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of Ihe limes
without lhe aid of the daily   papeis.
Some business men are ho fond of
heitin* deceived that they even endeavor to believe thai they can reach
the consumers of this district with-
out advertisingin The Sun.
At the Head
The man at the head of affairs
whether ,1 home or in busjncu, n
Ihe one whose attention you wish
lo attract
Our paper goes into tht best class
of hornet and ia read hy the head uf
the family. Thai accounts for the
result! obtained hy lhe use of
Classified  Want  Ads.
We Offer to Our Patrons
tjjfe finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb.   Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
is a guarantee of good  quality"."
Fish of all kinds m season.
P. BURNS Cb% CO., L«
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
I'laitm.. ilitiiite In the ".mini Ktirkc Mining
Divlnion nf Yale District.
Where I orated: On the Kast Knrk of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NOTICE that 1, Jacob M. Paulino.
Free Miner'* Cerilfifnte No. SA618I1, fur
myself and a* f«eiit for Wllltam-H. Hoffman,
executor, and Rom Major, executrix, of the
wlU oi Catherine Hoffman, Free Miner's
Certificate No. UH11B. intend, sixty day*
from dale hereof, lo apply to the Mining
Keeerder for a CmtlflcKle of Improvement!., (or
(he purpose of tibial n I use crown grant* of ihe
above claim*
And further tnke notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the lutni-
ance of suoh CcriHciiu.« of Improvement.
Dated this ith day of Mn>, A.I» 1912.
Gradually Growing
Our "Want M." column, ara
steadily (rov. inv aa poopla ap-
araelaU their*.
Thoy h6l_l on* ovar many of
llf.". dlBUsultlo*.
Hava you cot Mmotning you
A* not Med, or mod oomatklng
you hava not cot?
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
Don't forget that The Sun han the
lii'Ht jnli printing ilepaniiient  in lbe
Boundary country.
Lotk of pe 'pie get atone bruise* on
their consciences travelling the rocky
road tn fortune.
Don't he misled by false state*
menu* of competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Electric Restorer for Men
mainvou a n«w m«n" "p.fct t8 « box. o r I wo ior
H. MalMto.ny.ddnu. Tlie leeWn Drag
Wu £fantorrk
THE 8TANDARD ta the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national ln all Ita
It uses the moat expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its article* are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy la thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs 12.00 per year to any address ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT .FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Pu_,!'s'.«r«. 4
TF YOU WANT to raise
1 winners for the next Provincial Show in Grand Forks
visit the
Columbia Poultry Yards
and inspect some high-class
cockerels, bred from winners.
S.G. Rhode Wand Reds
S.G. White Leghorns      Houdans
Prices to Suit All.
T. Bowen
Box 292        Grand Forks, B. C.
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts of the City
Also Fruit Lands and Tracts suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Real Snaps left
in the boom 'centre in the West End. I
sell my own property, and save you commission.
Very Puzzling
Where.can a man buy a cap for hia
Or a key (or the lock of hia hair?
Can his eyea be called an academy
Because there are pupils there?
In thi crown of his  heaii   what Reins
are set]
Who travels the bridge of his nose?
Cau he use when shingling the roof of
his inuuth
The nails on the end of his toes)
What dues he raise from the slip of
hia tongue]
Who plays on the drums of his ears]
And who can tell the cut and the style
Of the coat his stomach wears)
Can the crook of his elbow be sent to
Anti it' so, what did it do)
He*   does   lie   sharpen his shoulder
I'll be hanged if I know.    Do you)
—Toronto News,
The Naval Debate
Ever since the government at Ottawa announced that it had no fur
ther arguments to submit on the
n ival queitiou, that the speech of
Hon. Mr. Foster was the final declaration of tht Conservative party on
the subject, tbere has been an en
ileivor to persuade the public that
"the fight" has gone out of the Lib-
erila. We find this old, absurd se-
sertion repeated ia yesterday morning's dispatch containing the politi
cal intelligence of the capital. Tbat,
however, is not a very reasonable
way to endeavor to persuade the
country that the opposition, witb
Sir Wilfrid Laurier at ita head, is
prepared to let this matter peter out
The naval question contains area!
and vital principle in it for wnich
tbe Liberals are contending and fur
which they will fight absolutely to
tbe end. It is possible that Mr.
Borden, with bis forty-odd majority
in the house, may be able to over-
coma all opposition. That is one of
th-i eventualtiea that muat be looked
f ir. But the endursation by parliament of Mr. Borden's proposal will
never be contented to, and oan not
be consented to, by the Liberals.—
Vancouver .Sun
I.W.VV. Organizers Active
Before Magistrate Guernsey, at
Penticton, W. A. Thorn and Con
rad Mulder, I. W.W. organizers hailing from Kamloops, and John Ken-
nit, a sympathizer, were accused by
Contractor Sbacht of creating a dis
turbance at his camp. Mr. Shachl
hat a contract for several miles ol
construction on the Kettle Valley
line east of Penticton. The case
was postponed for two days to give
them time to get in touch with their
attorneys and prepare a defense. It
is believed that a definite effort is
being made to organize the laborets
at the various camps on the Kettle
Valley construction and bring on a
strike early   in   the apring.   Mr,
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in a growing
business returning 12.01) on every
11.00 invested. Incorporated
for f 1,000,000. $100,000 yours if
you are the right man. References required. Apply A. B. B.,
this office.
Shaeht had some experience with
the Industrial Workers of ihe World
men while completing a contract
near Kamloopt laat year.
Home-Made Sailors
Time waa when the United States,1
navy was recruited very largely from
Portsmouth. For some years the
tapping of foreign sources of supply
for recruits bat not been necessary.
A report recently issued by the navy
department at Washington states
that 95 per cent of the total enlisted
force of Uncle Sam's navy is made
up of citizen! of the United g-ates,
It may be of interest to Canadians
to learn that a large proportion of the
recruits—and the best of them —
come from tne dittricts bordering on
the great lakes. Nearly 90 per cent
of the men enlisted in tbe United
States naw are native-born Americans, and only 7 per cent are naturalized citizens During last year!
73,364 young men applied for enlistment, but of this number only .
17,743 were accepted, so rigid are,
tbe requirements recently adopted.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the public school tbis
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pu
pi Ik Late—Division I 93.46, 0 late;
Division II 96 44, 0 late; Division
III 97.02, 1 late; Division IV 95.69,
I late; Division V 95.87, 3 late;
Division VI 94.54, 3 late; Division
VII 84 61, '. late; Division VIII
97.00, 4 late.
Division III won the banner for
highest average attendance, and Di
vision II won the banner for punc
We   miss   a   lot of  fun by beinir
afiain of appearing ridiculous.
A pleasant social and dance was
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
B. Jewell, at Carson, Thursday
evening. About 76 people, tbt majority of whom were from this city,
were present
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruckle en-
tertaiued n large number of tbeir
friends at a social ami dunce last
Friday evening.
W. K. C. Manly is moving his
warehouse from tbe rear of the opera
house to the lot wesl of the Miners'
Union ball.
A man can always run a household
better than a woman can. Still, he
Anybody can tell the truth, but it.
takes n person of imagination to lie a
good liar.
The worst thing about doing as you
please is that you ate so apt not to like
it when it is done.
Funny that a boy will tell his sister
all about his love affairs, while a girl
always t-lls another girl.
There are women who can keep
busy worrying over what they didn't
tin yesterday and fretting over what
they want to do tomorrow.
The length of time u conk stays in
a family sometimes dn|>ends upon how
interesting the family conversations
Scores and Schedule
Following ure the scores nf the
games played, and tbe schedule of
games to be played, in the Boundary
Hockey league during the present
Jan. 8   Orand  Forks at Pboenix—
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  13—Phoenix at Giand Forks
(irand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan. 17—Greenwood at  Phoenix.
Phoenix 11, Greenwood 5.
Jan. 21—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Phoenix 5, Greenwood 4.
Jan. 24—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood 2, Orand ForkB 0.
Jan 27—Grand Forks at Phoenix
Pboenix 7, Grand Forks 3.
Jan. 30—Grand Forks at Greenwood
Grand Forks §, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Pboenix 11, Greenwood 1.
Feb. 7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
Phoenix 3, Orand Forks 1.
Feb. 11—Greenwood at Pboenix.
Greenwood 9, Phoenix 4.
Feb. 14—Greenwood    at      Grand
Oiand Porks 5, Greenwood 4.
Feb 18—Grand   Forks    at Green
Grand Forks 7, Greenwood 3.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Oranby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
13 370,000 poundt. bringing Ihe
total shipped for tbe year to 1,088,-
000 pounds.
The following are the relume of
thenre production of the Houmlary
mines for the week, and irlsn for the
vear to dute:
Granby 24,189      114,039
Mother Lode  5,642       32,784
Rawhide      406       19,304
Napoleon  391 3,311
Queen Victoria      I>7!) 2,798
j Others        59 502
|    Smeller treatmen—
Granby.. 24,416      113,653
| B. C. Copper Co... 11,291       50.023
To Our Customers
On Sunday our packing house, with all its contents,
waa burned to the ground. We are urgently in
need of funds, and would be grateful if all our customers owing us would settle their accounts as soon
as possible.
Frache Bros.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
W*t (Irani) ¥atks 9nn
and the Montreal
lamthj 9*ratt anil Sttklg&tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasure j"," for
■  #1.50
8 #1,500
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property"
&500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, (875 Cash,
Balance Terms
For Further Particulars* Ay ply
The    Sun    Office
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning tlie paper
does not answer the law) when a sub-1
scriber tinea nol take his paper out of
the pustoltice, and state the reason for
its nut Ik-iii)! taken. Any neglect to
dti so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued lie must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a paper
out of the postoffice, whether directed
to his name nr not, or whether be has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber oi-ders his paper
stoppetl anrl thc publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber ia bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of tho
post otlice. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
j. The courts have decided that refusing to take new .papers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
1 Bf Ha-Dre-Co Dyspepsia TiMtts
We ire continually hearing from
grateful people who bare had experiences like that of Miss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara Falls, Ont, -who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
having received the slightest relief, I
heard of your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets and thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will be only too pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give them a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only
5ive the immediate relief from heart-
urn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
and biliousness, whicbissonuich needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks they completely cure the most
aggravated cases of stomach trouble.
When for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering?
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal. u<
all Urlo Acid Diseases, Including Kidney Trouble, Bladder Stones Gall
Btones, Gravel and Lumbago are rap -
Idly relieved and permanently cured
by SANOL. A remedy that haa an
enviable reputation throughout Canada. We will aend letters from
scores of people, who have been cured
of ono or more of theae complaints,
Write for full Information.
Frlce S1.B0 Fer Bottle at all Leading
fltoalt broking business? I want a llvs
ambitious representative In every city
and town to handle stocks, bonds and
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and have from $100 to 1500 personal capital. Write or call M. R. Edgar
A Co., 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
If you feel "nut of sorts"-—"run down"'
or "got the blues," Buffer from kidney,
bladder, nervoua diseases, chronic weak*
nesses, ulcers, okln eruptions, piles, &<-..
write for my FREE book. It Is the
inoit Instructive medical book ever writ-
ten. It tells all about these diseases
and the remarkable cures effected by
the new French Remedy "THERAPION*'
No. 1. No. 2, No. 3, and you can decide
for yourself if lt Is the remedy for your
ailment. Don't send a cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" circulars. Dr. LeClero Med. Co, Haver-
stock Rd., Hampstead, London, Eng.
How would you like to be our Selling
Agents and make BIQ MONEY in
your Spare Hours?
We have thc Goods 1
Send Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into Business."
M. O. Dept. P. O. Box 1256, Montreal, Can. 1
After the busy season is over, pack
up and come east and spend three
montha ln one ot our schools. Business education will help you-to win
out. It costs but little to get lt.
Write ua for our new curriculum and
plan to let us help you. Address W.
H. Shaw, President, "Shaw's Schools,"
Toronto, Canada.
A Sticker
Muriel, saitl tho old gent'eman,
sharply, that young man you had In
Ihe parlor last night ls dull ot comprehension . All I had to do was cough
when the other chaps remained too
late and they would take the hint and
depart. Did this one say anything
when I coughed last night?
Yes, replied the beautltuil daughter-,
he suid the next tlmo he called he
wns solng to bring you some cough
Remarkable Growth of tha Business
of Thli Bank for ths Paat Year
It Shown frofn Reports Pre-
. sented at 48th Annual
The 48th Annual Meeting ofthe Union Bank ot Canada beld on'Decem-
ber 17th, at the head office in Winnipeg was the best ln tho history ot
this Institution. The net profits for
the year after making the usual deductions, amounted to over $706,000
as compared with 1662,000 for the previous year. This was lhe first Annual Meeting held ln Winnipeg, the
head office having been moved to the
Western metropolis tn July ot this
year, owing to the large number ot
branches which the bank possessed
throughout the Western Provinces.
It la a matter ot satisfaction to stockholders and depositors to know th-it
the move to the West haa been followed by a successful year. In addition to the net profits being larger
than a year ago, there were large
gains in deposits, ln current loans, Increases ln the paid-up capital and reserve fund, tn the number of branches
opened and generally speaking, marked progress ln every department.
With the net profits of $706,000 and
$47,000 received as premium on new
stock and $71,000 carried forward
from the previous year, there was a
total of $826,000 available for distribution. Dividend requirements absorbed $397,000, the rest account
$242,000, lank premises account $100,-
000 and officers pension fund $10,000,
which left $75,000 to be carried forward. The total deposits now stand
at over $56,643,1100, of which $41,-
219,000 bear Interest and $14,423,000
do not bear interest. The total deposits are $10,000,000 ln excess of
those at the end of the previous year,
which indicates that the bank Is securing a larger share of the public's
confidence. Another fact which
bears this out ls ln connection with
the current loans, which stand at over
$45,000,000 or a gain of $7,000,000 during the year. The total assets which
now amount to $69,400,000, gained
$10,000,000 during the year. Tho
bank Is particularly strong ln bullion,
Dominion notes and other quickly
available assets. These bear a very
high ratio to the banks liabilities to
the public.
Another feature which shows that
the bank made progress during the
year was, tho fact that lt opened 43
branches. These now total 285,
making the Union Bank one of the
strongest ln this respect ln the Dominion.
The addresses ot the President and
General-Manager were both optimistic
In tone, as well as being comprehensive and most instructive. The address of the President dealt with the
progress made by the bank and by tho
Dominion during recent years, and
contained a wealth of statistics regarding the country's financial, Industrial and commercial expansion. Tho
progress made by the bank was also
emphasized. Eight and one-half
years ago when the present General
Manager took charge, the capital was
but one-hnlt ot what it is to-day, the
reserve fund one-third and the total
assets considerably less than one-third
of what they are today. His report
on the state of agriculture, Immigration, mining, lumbering, railroad development, as well as his comments In
connection with the country's borrowings, are all worthy of the perusal
ot business men, The remarks of tho
General Manager refer more specially
to the progress of the bank, nud ls ot
special Interest to the shareholders
and depositors. Altogether the
showing mado hy the bank ls one
which reflects the highest credit upon the management.
A Pill that Proves Ita Value.—
Those of weak stomach will find
strength ln Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, because tliey serve to maintain
the healthful action of tho stomach
and the liver, Irregularities ln which
are most distressing. Dyspeptics are
well acquainted with them and value
them at their proper worth. Thoy1
have afforded relief when other preparations have failed, and have effected cures In ailments of long standing where other medicines wcro found
P'» and Q't
Dr. Root*, tho American Bishop of
Hankow, says that when be first went
to China before so many ot the Chinese cut oft their queues, or pigtails, lie
had soma difficulty in remembering
people, the faces of the Chinese seeming all so very much alike.
I'm getting over my difficulty now,
he said one day to a mandarin; but
ln the beginning you all looked'as like
as two peas.
Two peas? repeated the mandarin,
smiling.     Why not say two queues?
Mo. a box or alx boxes tor $2.60,
at all diilini. or Thi Doddi Midi*
eln* Company, Llm It ad, Toronto,
Bennle, aged tour, met Harry, aged
five, and the following conversation
Whatsamal'tfr your head? onn celling.
Ona step ladder?
No, I was playln' 'Ith my pnpa ona
floor an' I was sitting on his tummy
An' nen what?
Papa sneezed.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cathartics and purgatives.  They am
fcrutal-harsli-unneceuary. Try
Purely variable. Act
gently on 1.10 liver,
eliminate bile.ind
soothe thcdelt**
of the bowel.
Cart Con*
Sick Headach. aal In&gestbti, ta mi./twu famr.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price •
Genuine must bear Signature
W. N. U. 932
Mr. Walter nunclman, M.P., who
has just prophesied that the next General Election will not take placo be
fore 1915, waa once discussing the
education problem with another politician.
The other politician refused to b-j
convinced by Mr. Runciman's arguments. There wore exceptions, he
said, to a certain - general rule laid
down by Mr. Rttnciman.
Now at the moment, be said, I have
a school In my mind's eye—
Pardon me, Mr. Runclman Interrupted; only one pupil, Burely.
Minardi Liniment Curei Distemper.
Friend—You and your husband seem
to bo getting on well together Just
now.     I thought you had quarrelled. {
Wife—Can't do that these days when |
our dresses fasten down the back,     j
A Reasonable Inference
There was a parochial school In a
remote moorland district of a southern Scotch county, at which tho attendance had, from various causes,
at one time dwindled down to a single
self-reliant boy; and one afternoon
in a lull of school work the little follow looked up with a reflective air and
said: ,
Malster, I think the schulell no ba
in the .morn.
What puts that ln your head, boy?
haughtily inquired the master, to
which the lad immediately replied:
Because I'll no be here!
A Powerful Medicine.—The healing
properties In six essential oils' are
concentrated ln eveTy bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil, forming one of
the most beneficial liniments ever
offered to*the use ot man. Thousands
can testify as to Its power ln allaying
pain, and many thousands more can
certify that "they owe their health to
It. Its wonderful power ls not expressed by its cheapness.
Ahl Willie?
Willie Dodge—he came to town;
Will he swim or will he drown?
Will he sink 'neath fortune's frown?
Or Willie Dodgo?
When to cross the road he tries,
And a motor on him flies,
Will he fall no more to rise?
Or Wl'.lle Dodge? \
When Death calls on Will some day,
Will our Will his will obey?
Or will Willie say him nay?
Will Willie Dodge?
Your druggist will refund money \t
PAZO OINTMENT tails to cure any
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles tn 6 to 14 days. 50c.
An amusing story Is being told ln
City circles.
A certain newspaper reported a
speech made by Mr. Ellis T. Powell,
the editor of the Financial News. Thc
name was glv-n Indistinctly, and when
the report appeared In print Mr. Powell figured as Mr. ... S. D. Powell.
Chapped Bull
Won't Bother
if instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which Keep tbe skin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
the difference. 47
Order from your dsalr to-ilar   Bm
You csnnot afford brain-befogging headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
•tip them In quick time and clear your head. They
do net contain either phenaoetln, aoetanllld, morphine,
opium or any other dangerous drug. 25c. a box at
your Druggist's. ( . 131
N«TIO»«L DSIIS -NO CHtMICM. C». »l ClHA_«,  LmtTC».
Whenever you see a well
gloved hand think of
Tha only sure and satisfactory way In wblcb tha Western rarraw
can Bee-ire the highest possible market value lor hla wheat, oats, barley aaa
flax shipping lt by the carload to I'ort William or Port Arthur, or ta
Duluth If care cannot be got for the othir terminals (loading lt If possible
direct Into the oar over the loading platform so a> to »avo elevator oltargM
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission firm to handle and dispose of lt. .   ."...  ■.
We continue to act as the Farmers' Agents nolely on a commission basis..
We aro not trackbuvers and we never buy the Farmer-** gram on our own
account, but look after and dispose or the grain entrusted to us, aa ths
agents of those who employ us, and It la our dceli-e and endeavor to bits
evlryone the very best Bervice possible. We make liberal uavanoes against
car shipping bllle, and will also carry the grain for a time under advances at
a moderate commercial rate of Interest. If considered advlsnoie. We Invlts
all Farmers to wrlto to ua for shipping Instructions and market Information,
Thompson Sons & Company
to Old
*^      SMOKC1M*    _mm*f
Pil Ht/vrU:
All winter long—on the Zero days and the
windy, blustering days—the Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater gives them real solid comfort
It saves them many a cold and sickness for it easily
worms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat
The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trimmings (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums).
Ornamental. Inexpensive. Lasts for years. Easily
moved from place to place.
At Dealen Eemmhmo
He (admiringly)—You're not tht
Bort of girl to give yourself away.
Sbe (Insinuatingly)—No, but" you
mlgbt ask father.
She—Just look at the trouble money
can get you Into.
He—Yes, but look at the troublo !t
can get ynu out of.
Keen on It
Don't yon think, said tbe long-halre*
poetical wit to his fiancee, on one ot
those occasions, that we would make
a good couplet.
Yes, responded the maiden, nestling
ber pretty head on his shoulder, I
am not averse.
Tested the Whole World Over
and through three generations Beecham's Pills are universally looked upon as the best preventive and corrective
of disorders of the organs of digestion and elimination ever
known. They give speedy relief from the headaches, sour
stomach, indigestion due to biliousness or constipation.
are no experiment. They are too well known for that;
and their mild and gentle, but sure action on the
bowels, liver, kidneys and stomach, too well approved.
If you are out of sorts take at once this famous
remedy and you will endorse the good opinion of thousands—you will know why Beecham's Pills so deservedly
Have Unequaled Reputation
ScU T—iwhote,
Me. TkaJkMtfoMwkknerrbninWMtlkarwdtah^k.
, V
Story of How a Thin Atmosphere \ \
Was Turned to Advantage
Tbe tbln atmospljere of blgh altitudes is' very deceptive to tbose wbo
ire not used to It. I remember going to Denver some rears ago, arriving tbere In tbo evening. The next
morning 1 looked tbrough my window
and saw the Rocky mountains looming
up, as It seemed a few hundred yards
away. I remarked tbelr beaut; and
thought I would like to walk out to
tbem and back before breakfast
When I spoke of this to a resident of
tbe place, be said:
, "You think those mountains are near
by, do you? They're fifteen miles
Long before the railroad was built
westward from Denver through the
mountains a stagecoach one day lum.
bercd up the Incline, reached comparatively level ground and Anally pulled
up at a botel ln Georgetown. A bride
■nd groom, Tom and Mary Atwood,
were on tbe coacb, making a wedding
trip. Contrary to custom, they had for
a traveling companion Anna Thurston,
a sister of the bride, several years ber
junior. During tbe evening Edwin
Chandler, a classmate ln college with
Atwood, wbo bad gone to Colorado to
seek bis fortune, called and Invited Uie
party to make blm a visit ln bis bungalow on the outskirts of tbe town.
A conspiracy hsd been entered into
between Tom and Mary Atwood to
make n match between Ned Chandler
and Anna Thurston. Ned bad lived
alone ln a region wbere women-were
scarce. And now be was beside himself at being thrown ln intimately with
an attractive young lady. But Anna
bad been used to plenty of men in tho
east, to say nothing of suitors, and,
whole story.   Tben a conference took
place between the four friend*.    .
•Tou needn't worry, Mrs. Atwood,"
snld Chandler. "There's moro real
Justice In a region like tbls tban can
be bad in tbe most civilized city In the
"Every man Is expected to fight
bis own battles, bnt wbere a lady Is
Involved the case ls different Our
men have an unlimited reverence for
woman. If I were to let It be known
that a man had come out here to rob
a bride of her buaband I could gather
a posse at once to run tbe fellow out
of town. Just you and your slater
leave It to us two men, and I premW
you no barm sball comt to Tom."
This assurance took away a great
deal of Mrs. Atwood's anxiety, and
sbe consented to do as Fred had proposed, provided tbey would keep bei
advised, whereupon Chandler agreed
that ber husband should take no step
tbat sbe did not know all about Tben
tbe two men went Into conference bj
•TOm," ssld Ned., "you and yom
wlfe and sister are bere as my guests
-not only my guests, bnt any strangers who come bere are considered tht
guests of tbo town. You bave no Idea
of the chivalry of onr men. Now, 1
feel responsible for your proper protection while bere, not only to you and
revolver an'd appeared to be taking a
deliberate aim. This drew another
shot from his enemy.
They were now barely within killing
distance. Chandler flred a shot, but it
fell a trifle short Markham emptied
bis last chamber. The ball struck
Chandler's sbln, but only bruised lt
He was about to Are again when he
saw Markhnm draw another revolver.
Hunnlug forward zigzag, Chandler
suddenly stood face to face with bis
enemy, took deliberate aim and shot
his man through tbe heart
Wben tbe story of the Dgbt was told
ln Georgetown Chandler was upheld
as having done bis duty as a citizen
toward visitors. Atwood complained
that Chandler bad taken a risk tbat bt
bad promised be (Atwood) should takt
If It were to be taken at all. Uut
Chandler averred that with an enemy
unused to the Colorado atmosphere
there was no risk ln tbe premises.
Miss Thurston saw Mr. Chandler In
au entirely different ligbt from befort
the saving of her brother-in-law's lift.
Sbe not only consented to bt his wlft,
but to remain with blm ln a region
which the bad found to contain ml
cblyalry.   ____, ,
'                      "      , i
Persian Lamb Skint.   	
The trade In Persian lamb or astrakhan skins centers ln Turkestan, and
those with you, but to my fellow citi-1 ti,e traders of that country bavt tht
sens.   If I should let anything happen  ent||., monopoly of lt   Tbey pasture
to you tbey would hold me accountable. I can bandle this affair mucb bet-'
ter without you than with you, and 1 j
want you to leave It entirely In my
Atwood demurred for awhile, but
finally consented, provided that If there
was any serious risk to be taken be
was to be permitted to take It himself. This closed tbe conference, and
the two parted.
Chandler went to the hotel, where hi
asked for Mr. Markham. and wben
that gentleman was pointed out to blm
asked for a few moments' private conversation. Markham led him apart
from'the others, and Chandler said:
"My frleud Atwood bas received
what he considers a challenge from
you and has asked me to say to you
tbat ho will meet you: but, being tht
challenged party, be Insists upon making tbe terms. He proposes that, tomorrow morning at 0 o'clock, yon leave
tbls botel and ride down the stage
road eastward. He will meet you
within a mile or two ot this place,
probably near tbe yellow house, Jusl
tbree miles from bere. You nre to carry one 42 caliber six shooter; be tbe
same. When you meet on the road
either or botb are at liberty to open
fire nt will.'
the ewo lambs ln Immense flocks, and
lt has been found useless to try to accustom tbese animals to any consider
able cbange of climate. If tbey survive elsewhere tbe skin undergoes degeneration, and tbe fur consequent!)
becomes less valuable.
Horses In Russia.
All borse breeding ln Russia is undei
military supervision.
It It a Good Business But Werk It
The important part which wirelelt
telegraph operators played in tbe terrible Titanic disaster led a London
journalist to make Inquiries at tht
offices of the Marconi Company as to
whether there Is much opening for
young men who desire to take up
wireless telegraphy as a business cs>
Wireless telegraphy offers excellent
prospects, was the reply, for, although
many young men have taken up the
work, there is a growing demand for
skilled operators.
What are the qualifications? Any
young man with an average amount ol
common sense can take up the work.
Of oourse, lf he has an aptitude tor
telegraphy, so much the better.
And here it might be mentioned that
the prospects ol the wireless telegraph
operator are far better than those of
the ordinary telegraphist. For in-
stance, the scale of pay is higher than
that paid to telegraphists in the British Government, cable, and railway
services. Moreover, the pay is in-
creased more rapidly. There is, however, an age limit for applicants. They
must not be less than twenty-one
years of age or over twenty-five, and
it is essential that they should be able
to Bend and receive at the rate of not
less than twenty-five words per minute on the ordinary Morse key and
The usual arrangement is for applicants to take a course of instruction,
which may be done at a private school
If desired, and they become properly
qualified operators after passing the
examinations ol the Government and
the company. Then, when there is a
post to be filled, they are usually sent
to sea as second operator, from whicb
position they may, of course, rise to
that of chief operator and have sole
charge of the ship's installation of
wireless telegraphy. It might be men.
tloned, by the way, that the wireless
operator on board ship is signed on
the ship's articles as a member ol the
Pullman Conductors.
Pullman service rules require tbat a
conductor sball be at least five feet six   .... _.___.
Inches tall and at least twenty-flvt j crew, generally  under the honorary
years old.  Other requirements are thai | rank of junior officer, and is subject to
the regulations and discipline of the
be shall bav6-flbeen employed at least
Art years, with satisfactory recommendations from a former employer.
Soap and Sugar.
About half a teaspoonful of ordinary
moist sugar rubbed Into the bands wltb
b soapy lather will clean them and
leave tbem beautiful and smooth.
Tht Equintx.
Tbe word equinox refers to the fact
tbat if the sun erosscs tbe equatol
when lt ls exactly east at sunrise and
due west at sunset tbe hours of sunlight are equal to tbose without tt
Markham  pronounced  theso  terms ( xbt path of tbe sun Is called tbe ecllp-
very different from the code to which  tic, aod lt crosses tbe "equator twice
«>-<S>_»u «*
Since Ned bad fallen Into tbt uncouth
appearance of a prospector, the waa
not Inclined to favor blm.
Atwood had had some trouble with a
Are eating southerner. I never learned
wbat was at tbe bottom ot It except
that Immediately after tbe war Atwood went south to become a planter.
Tbere bt met bis wife. Being forced
by tht prejudice existing against northerners at tbat time to leave tbe country, be bad married tbt girl bt loved
and brought ber way wltb blm. Something lhat bad occurred during this
troublous period bad excited tbt animosity of tba Are eater, whose name
wna Markham, and bt vowed that tbt
world was not big enough for him and
Atwood botb to live tn.
Ont morning Mrs. Atwood and her
sliler, walking together through tht
town, mot Markham. Mra. Atwood
was terror stricken and Miss Thurston
naturally much troubled for ber sister
and her sister's husband. Tbe next
day Atwood received a nott from Mark-
bam stating that bt had comt to Colorado to-kill blm and would prefer to do
so Ukt a gentleman. If ht could not
ihoot blm Ukt a gentleman ht would
tboot him like a dog.
Atwood naturally took tht sett to
bit friend Chandler and sought bis advice. Both were desirous of keeping
tbe matter from tho two women, but
It was Impossible. Mrs. Atwood knew
tbat a nott bad arrived for her hut-
band, waa suspicious and would not be
satisfied till sbe bad been told the
Buttercups got tbeir names because
the people who named them didn't
All went to bed at 11 o'clock. J know nny better. Tbey thought thai
the cows ate tbe buttercups and thut
was wbat made the butter yellow ln
Ibe spring time. It was a pretty Idea,
and the only fault to And with lt ls
tbat cows never ent buttercups wben
they cau possibly help It And lf you
bite one you'll see why. Cows don't
like tbe taste of Ibem any more tban
you do.     .
Asiatic Russia.
Asiatic Russia's 188 rivers have a
total navigable length of 73,558 miles,
while tbs domain contains four lakes
that can be navigated for 707 miles.
be had been used to In the south, bui
they appeared to bo fair and be con-
seated to them.
That evening Chandler, Atwood and
tbe ladies spent at tbe bungalow together. All Chandler said about tbe
affair with Markhnm was that It was
ln a fair way of settlement. He proposed cards and appeared to take so
great an interest In tbe game that neither tht bride nor her sister suspected
that anything of Importance was at
Long before dawn Chandler went out
ln his stockings, carrying bis boots ln
bis hands, and, going to a stable near
by, got out a horse, mounted him nnd
took the road to Idaho Springs. He
went, however, only as far as the yellow house be bad mentioned to Mark-
bam, where be left bis horse and at
5 o'clock started to walk back lo
. The mountains Inclosing this valley
are very higb. The moon standing
on tbe meridian bad tbat gbastly hue
lt takes on when daylight bas robbed
ber of ber normal golden color. The
air was crisp. "Jnst the morning for
a duel Uke tbls," remarked Cbandler
to himself.
When Markham aaw Chandler be
was three milts distant Chandler was
of a different build from Atwood and
tht Art eater thought him some ont
Wben a third of tbe Interval between tbem bad been eliminated,
Chandler dred a shot to let hit enemy
know tbat bo was the man to bt killed.
Markham waa surprised. He considered tbat he bad run a great risk In
not recognising tbe coming man ns bis
enemy, Judging Chandler to be about
500 yards from blm. Ht waited till
sufficient time had elapsed to draw his
enemy within range, tben, taking a
■ure aim, sent a shot Tba enemy did
not fall. Nor did be open Arc. He
continued to advance. Markhnm tent
another thot It produced no effect,
bavlng fallen abort, though Markham
did not know tbls. He was astonished that though his opponent continued
to advance he got no nearer. What
could be tht matter? Was Us enemy
a real man or a phantom?
Presently Chandler raited his weapon and flred. Markham waa not yet
within range, and Cbandler knew It. Ue
sent the shot to start up his enemy.
Ht succeeded. Markham, thinking bis
antagonist to bt within a few hundred
feet of him, sent two shots In rapid
Cbandler had expended one shot ta
Markbam's fonr.   They were not yot
a day.
In arranging bric-a-brac It sbould bt
borne In mind that a few pieces will
give more character to a room than a
Jurablo will. A few pictures are better than crowded walls.
Operators have to serve some years
at sea before qualifying for a shore
appointment. The maximum scale oi
pay for a senior operator ls 55s. a
week and all found. On war vessels
as.many as six wireless operators are
sometimes employed, bui a couple
have, up to the piesent, been found
sufficient for a liner, although in regard to German vessels it is the custom to have three operators on board
during a voyage. One of tbe operators is always in the wireless room to
receive or send out any messages.
There are certainly excellent opportunities for advancement for the right
kind of operators—that is, the men
who take a keen interest in theit
work and study the subject of wire.
less telegraphy in its entirety. But
the young man who thinks that he is
going to earn money easily by jusl
acquiring a knowledge of the coda
and sitting at a sounding-board receiving or sending one or two messages a day will be sadly disillusioned. In the words of the general manager of the Marconi Company, "there
is plentv of room in the 'wireless' for
the riglit sort of worker, but for tht
[AVE some Uut points?" I tal* St)
■ tbe lean looking man
Aa wt tat down togatfeir te dine.
"Thty art fresh, they art ran.
most delectable fart."
But, la tears, ht madt haatt to dccllna,
"I haven't tbt heart," laid tht lean looking man
Aa hit napkin ht pressed to hit chttk,
"For tht thought at their pain at I bit
tbem In twain
Would keep mt In ttart for a week."
"Have lomt toup," I tuggested, "that's
spicy and hot,
A broth cr a bouillon Instead.
Just glance down tht bill and select what
you will."
But tht lean looking man thook hit heal.
"There art dtar Utile mlcrobtt In soup/*!
ht declared,
"Though, of course, they're too tiny te
And I know I ihould weep aad qultt liken
ly lose sleep
If 1 thought they wtrt tcalded for mo."
"Have lomt meat," I Implored, for I'd
noticed of latt
That his face was as pallid as dough.
"Take tome beef or tome lamb or a por*
tion of ham." '
But tht lean looking man whispered,
Bald the lean looking man, "When res
think that tht iteak
Which you gaze on to fondly today
Ones gamboled In glet en tht tweet, ver.
dant lea,
Oh, how can you stow lt away?"
"Have an let, thenl" I cried at tht waiter
"For heaven's takt hurry and choose!
Takt some cream, tlr, I pray, or a cats
But ht lust shook his head to refuse.
"What odds does It make," asked the teas
looking man,
"To lhe dear little mlcroblc troop
Whether they're to be killed ln a dlth that
Is chilled
Or boiled to their graves In tht toup?"
But I put down the chair which I raited
In the air,
Deciding to husband my breath, a
And, with nothing to eat, he escaped M
the street.
Though I knew he wat starving to death,
, »|_>j_>j_^_._«{*ig«
Htlpful at tht Oatt,
people bave tbe Idea .!
■; tbat an obituary tn tbt village ;;
_. newspaper baa a lot ot welgbt .,
;; with St Peter.-Oaborne (Kan.) ;;
!! Farmer.
■H-H-H"W-M'IM 1111111 I'M
The Vocabulary ef Bttr.
Gold For India.
A pTcrposal of much interest Ior the
entire financial world has just been
brought under discussion by tht
Government of British India. The
Idea is not entirely new. but now
6eems on the point of receiving official
sanction heretofore lacking. It is, in
substance, that the Indian mints be
thrown open to the coinage of gold.
It ls not certain whether the opening of the Indian mints to the coinage
of gold would increase tho imports of
gold, or whether Borne of the gold
which would otherwise be hoarded
would not be converted into coin.
It is of some significance, as bearing
out the contention of those who believe that India is ripe for a gold currency, that within Uie last few jeari
the importation of lilver has fallen
materially, while the importation of
gold has been rising. Gradually, at
the consciousness comes homo to tht
Toads Embedded In Chalk.
Mrs. Marie 8. Hagen, of Ropely,
raises an interesting, though much
discussed, question in the current
issue *-t the Selbourne Magazine. She
writes: "Recently I was having some
deep holes dug out of the solid chalk
In which had recently been a meadow,
for tho purpose of planting some pil-        .
lai roses, and in two of Ihes.i my gar- to be diverting his preference
dener found several small toads firmly hoarding from silver to gold
embedded in th_ chalk, and one tightly fixed under a Inrge flint. I had
often heard ot toads being found entombed in rock, but I never quilo
believed it. The chnlk in question
eannot, I think, have been disturbed
since it was flrst laid down upon the
floor of some ancient ocean. Can the
toads .have burrowed eo far beneath
the surface-und through so hard a
substance as solid chulk?"
Parson—I was sorry to bear that yoo
met wltb au accident What happened? .
Dissipated Parishioner - Motercar
knocked me down, damaged me right
pint lifter an' broke tbree of me boopsl
-Sydney Bulletin.
Glad They Told Him.
Wbat It It to be a genuine, slnglt
minded egotist li Illustrated by an occurrence related by an American who
spends mucb of his time In England.
Among bis acquaintances Is a cer*
tain distinguished Britisher who li a
great Invalid and spends most of his
time In bed, a fact wblcb, however,
Asparagus Stalks.
Asparagus, just coming into season,
was a great dish with Dean Swift.
Dining with him one day George
Faulkenor, the Dublin publisher, nuked for a second helping of his favorite
vegetable, but Swift pointed to the
stalks on bis guest's plate, and said:
"Sir, flrst finish what Is before you."
"What I" exclaimed Faulkener, "eat
my stalks?" "Aye, sir," bellowed the
impetious dean; "oat your stalks, or
you will get no more. King William
III. alwaya ate his stalks." Asked
once, when he was telling the story,
whether he really did eat his stalks,
Faulk«ner replied, "Yes, certainly;
and ii you had dined with Dean Swift
Indian rvot that the present silver j does not prevent him from recelvlnf
I currency Is a token coinage, it ecenn i a great deal of company.
his preference for j One dsy while tliui In bed the Britisher received several guests. Tbey,
all began to shiver and pull tbelr coata
about them as they huddled around
tho bed.
•'What.'" exclaimed tbe Invalid. "Ia
It cold here?"
"We are freezing," answored a guest
"Tbank you for telling mt," tald tba
distinguished Invalid, wbo thereupon
rang a bell. The guests supposed tbat
he wat summoning a servant to build
a fire, but when his man camt In iha
Invalid ssld:
'-Mulltns, bring ma my down cover-
let."-Harper'a Magarlne.
__,,..■_,_._.,__. ......   ...., ..... you would have been obliged to eat
within range, but Cbandler raised hid I your stalks, too.
Preferred the Sherry.
Kinglake, tlio historian, was pulite,
yet frank, it Is related that, upon
one occasion, while dining with old
Dr. Marsham, the warden ot Morton,
he was asked to give his opinion of
•ome port wino which was supposed
to be remarkably pood. "I tm no
judge of port mvielt. Kinglake," said
Dr. Marsham; but I know you are,
and I should like your opinion."
"Well," said Mr. Kinglake, "I have
throe ways of judging port wine. Ilie
flrst is by the color, the second is by
the odor, and the third is by the
flavor. Now, the color of your wine,
Marsham"—holding it up and looking
at it critically—"is good; the odor"
-here he held the glaaa to his nose
for a moment, and then added, with
aome hesitation—"ii Iar from unpleii-
ant; tht flavor it"—here he tailed it,
and put tha wine glass down hastily.
"Would you be kind enough to pais
me the sherry F"
Wirelesi  Weather  Reportt.
Wetther reports ere sent from Gib-
raltar to  London daily  by  wireless
A Suggtttivt Sermon.
The Rev. Dr. Howard, chaplain to
Princeu Augusta, wns so fond of good!
living that he ran into debt' with]
many of the tradesmen in tha pariih.:
It waa in their special interests that
he one day preaehed Irom the text,
"Have patience, and I will pay yew
all." He spoke at great length «V
the virtues of patlonce and then pre*.
ceeded, "I now come to tbt teeoat
part of my discourse, whioh is, and
I will pay you all,' but that I shall
defer to a futuje oeeasion."—Londetl
Standard. rmin       . I  i mm iii'triiiwiini   s
 —» -0
I am now ready to serve your
Hardware Wants in My
Big New Store
I extend to you an invitation to
visit and see the up-to-date store.
izJVIake this Your Headquarters.
I shall m future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
would follow tbat the vegetable
growers will find the chief need for
uo operative distribution in large
consuming centres like Toronto,
whereas the fruit growers will be
able to spread a system of co-operative marketing into many of the
smaller towns and cities of the province. Unquestionably there is a very
general conviction that the difference between tbe price fhe producer
receives for foodstuffs and the price
the eonsumer pays is excessive. Efforts of the Ontario producers to lessen thin difference will, it is hoped,
have Ihrge success.—Toronto Mail
and E'npire,
Judge Brown returned this week
from a visit to tbe coast.
Cheer up! The fliea and moB-
quitoes will soon be here.
A plesant St. Valentine's social
was held at the home of Judge and
Mrs. Brown last Friday evening,
The Knights of Pythias lodge,
No. 30, will hold its annual roll cull
meeting on the 25th of next month.
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
R L. Cawston, a big land owner
of Keremeos, was in the city on
Sunday. Mr. Cawston was one of
the firot settlers in the Bounday district.
A. B. W. Hodges, of Lima, Peru,
general manager of Cerro de Pasco
Mining company, will visit the
Boundary next month. Mr. Hodges
was manager of the Granhy smelter
for about ten yearn.
There are twenty-6ve men working at tbe Nopoleon mine, and only
fluxing ore is being shipped to the
Greenwood smelter. The cyanide
mill will probahly resume operations in the spring.
F. B. McKeehan, United States
immigration inspector at Marcus,
came up to the Houndary metrnpo
lis on Wednesday to inform his
friends that there will be a change
in administration's at Washington
on the 4th of March.
Co-operation in Distribution
The plan of the Vegetable Grow
era' association to Hislrihitte the output of the members directly to the
retailers ns a means of eliminating
some of the "middlemen" corresponds in nature with the intention
of the Niagara Fruit Growers' iisbo-
eiation to establish a direct distributing agency in Toronto for their fruit.
Both of these endeavors to introduce co-operation in the marketing
of food in the city consumer otiph1
to receive a thorough trial. It may
he thnl tbe movement will not have
the success usually predicted for co
operative distribution. In fnct, it is
more than likely that the predion I
working out of an enduring system
of getting foodstuffs from Ihe farm
or orchard to the consumer will de
velnp many factors commonly unsuspected in connection wilh Buch
enterprises. But the effort will pay
handsomely, in a pnblic sense, since
it will establish concrete facts about
a matter that abounds in theory.
The co-operative distribution of
vegetables differs from the marketing of the tender fruits, in that vegetables are leps perishable, and are
grown on nearly every farm. The
fruit growing districts of Ootnrio are
a small pnrt of Ihe total agricultural
urea, and therefore good markets
fur fruit exist in sections noted for
nenernl farming, and producing u
surplus of vegetables.   From  thin it
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Ol-'FU'K, RK6
H ANHK^R UKf<II)flKC.K. R.18
py«v«,R*       - First Street
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, Feb. 20 —The follow
ing are today s opening quotations for
the stocks mentijiied:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 53 00 58 00
B,  C.' Copper       4.00     4.75
From a Minister In New Tork: "I wai
"severely Ul with lung trouble. My attention was directed to tlie Wilson Remedy
"wblcb I used wltb splendid effect."
From a lndy In Michigan: "I used your
"medicine first 43 or 44 years ago aud It
"saved me from ending my dayi. with con-
"sumption. .Tbere would he no use of so
"many people dying with consumption tt
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If you are suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble tt ls your duty to investigate. Send for free full Information to.
WlUoa's Remedy, Westwood, N. 4.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Feb. 30.— Silvor 61J;
standard copper, $14.75@15.0O;
.London, Feb. 20.—Silver, 28£;
lead, £16 10s.
(rubllihed Annually)
KiiaiileK truderi throughout  the  world  tu
communicate direct with K*i«Uali
in each (dans of gondii, Besides being a com-
ph'te cuiiiiueicial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory esutafu* lists of
with the (ioods tfcay ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets th»y supply;
-irraiigpd under the Ports to which they Hall,
ami Indicating the approximate SailnigH.
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchants, eto., In
the principal provincial towns aud Industrial
.'fiitrwtof the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20a.
Dealers ceeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or hirger advertisements from £3.
25, Ahchureh I-anfi, London, E.C,
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and Front Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Propa.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY. »SU Columbia p, o,
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks,
"Writ Like the Kipling"
One of the Siamese papers recently
published lhe following advertise-
ment of the merit* of its ware:
"The newest of English we tell
the latest. Writ in perfectly Style
and most earliest. Do a murder get
commit, we hear and tell of it. Do
a mighty chief die, we publish it,
and in borders of sombre. Staff has
each been college, and writ like the
Kipling and the Dickens. We circulate every town and extortionate
not for advertisements. Buy it.
By it."—London Mail.
ll>. C. A. ABBOTT, AugMt It, ,**%.
A, AnnSt., Nev? Wi. City. "
Deaf-Sir: I hnv.. lent,v.n for oref 4oyeir»oltl__r
.J.ctlofWilim'flKen..''• [Wflim'l Pr«0«J»tlO«
•I HypoehOiptllUs mi.*.] In put-
aoury .mimics M Una v ..: 1 will My to yoa
what you have n-,t Ik-fore- tnown of: that 4. year*
■ince, while I was a mMrtit ul N.Y. City. I«a
•evenly 111 with lung tn-ulile, Pky-iciam said I waa
• coBi-unptiveandniy latn.ty ptiyn-iaatoldmywiia
thai he thouiilit I _••».-.■; ...rt re .?*>-. My«tunt.o»
waa directed tn the Wilton k_m_dy, which I oxeA
with splendid -It.-*.. 1 have bfl-ti or. my (eel and at
work ever since «.. co— -.«■ .rstntty.
_P__i_o. U. K.Cn...h, _i.ji.-j_.-, ;.--ec..e Co.,) N.T.
Oa Pec 1, to,,, Mr. EUger -jvroic Mr, Abbott;
*'My health la ver} _-...-(".''
If   you   »i!l   v  it j Mr.  Abbott   be
will glinlly furtii 1; you uuy  further
inform-Lion _-..u dc-ic.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of,
Commercial Printing
Orrthe shortest notice ancl in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobhing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and curry 'a complete
line of Stationery.
64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Suits to Order M8
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the cast. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you tho
best made clothes in tho country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. Wo
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
l.illheiids und Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Postere, Dntes and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
..odge Constitutions and Uy laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and 'Placards,
Rills of   Hare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
.PAAD PBIl-flTIlMfi—t,,e •t*nc' "e o""—is in I
Vl-Ul/IJ IMLIIILUI   ,n adrertisement, and  a
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
w.    lip flflhm frtnt Stoop
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every, facility fur a
solid education in English, commercial
and music brunches. Embioidery.plain
anil '.alley needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Koyal
College of Music
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinds
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
1 OMPl.RTB .-.rniK OF
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Ktvsh i.-mMniimi'i.toi1
Confectionery^ Wwkly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Ktlgti. ••   n nir aS|M,ot«Sy
P. A. Z,  PARE, Proprietor
1st Doob Noktii op Ohanby  llo-rai..
Scientific MMm.
Abi_._li<>n.«l7U.u.trite4wwUr. Lunrtell-
__   Klentlflo joornil.   Torm* tor
* UMi.poMio prepnM,   80M bi
s **\yt*xxmStWi
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A nllabli French rtguUtor 1 ami taili. Thaw
villi ua eicMdlogly powerlu in rMulntlng tha


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