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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 5, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 36
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. July* 5, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Thirteenth General Meeting
field   in Greenwood
Last Week
votes of thank* were pnssed to the
pre** for having given notice ol the \
meeting, and to tbe provincial government agent at Greenwood for the
use of the courtroom to meet in —
Greenwood Ledge.
The thirteenth general meeting of
the member* of the western branch
of tne Cannidan Mining Institute
wa* heM at Greenwood on Thursday, June 27. In tbe unavoidable
absence ot the chairman of the
branch, Robert R. Hedley, the chair
was uken, on request of the member* present, by Frederick Keffer, an
ex-president of tbe institute. Among
tbe visitors present wa* Hayes W.
Young, instructor in metally at
Stanford University, California, who
was in the district obtaining inform
ation relative to tbe operation of the
local copper smelters.
The ballot* for the' election of
chairman and members of branch
council for the ensuing year having
been counted by two scrutineers appointed for tne purpose, and tbeir
report submitted, tbe. secretary announced tbat M. E. Pujcell, of Rossland, superintendent of the ConBoli
dated Mining tic Smelting company'*
Centre Star group of mines, had
baen unanimously elected chairman
of the branch for the ensuing year.
In nearly all instance* election* were
unanimous, there being three case*
where tbe candidate whose name
wa* printed on tbe ballot paper hed
an opposing vote, and in tbose
case* there wa* only one eacb. Tbe
branch' council for the ensuing year
consists of the following members:
Chairman, M. E. Pureell; W. H.
Armstrong, S. S Fowler, Charles
Graham, Tbo*. Graham, J. Cleveland Haas, Robert R. Hedley. John
Hopp, Frederic Keffer, Tho*. Kiddie, A. G. Larson, F. Chas. Merry,
VV. F. Robertson, R. H. Stewart,
O.E.S. Whiteside, W. R. Wilson,
and W. E. Zwicky.
The chief subjects before the meeting was tha( of' The Copper Mining Industry of British Columbia,"
in connection with which there wa*
one paper by E. Jacobs, giving historical, statistical and general in
formation concerning the industry—
mining and smelting—as a whole.
This was supplemented by some interesting particular* of Voight'*
group of mineral claims, and other*
on Copper mountain, near Princeton, Similkameen, by F. Keffer;
"Notes on Methods of Handling Ore
on the Surface a* the Centre Star
Mines, Rossland," by M. E Pur
cell; "Tbe Consolidated Mining &
Smelting Company's Copper Smelting Department, Trail," by James
Buchanan, and "Note* on Copper
Mining in the Coast District," by
W. M. Brewer, Victoria.
In the course of bi* paper Mr.
Jacob* mentioned tbat smelting copper ore* wa* commenced in tbe
Boundary district in 1900, and that
of an aggregate production of copper
in tbe province in all year* to tbe
end of 1911, of 452,381,000 pounds,
Boundary mine* had produced 301,-
571,000 pound*, a* compared witb
1.4,201,000 pounds from Rossland
mines, 49,821,000 pound* from
those in the coast district, 13,313,-
000 pound from Nelson mining division, and 3,322,000 pound* from
other part* of the province.
Before the meeting was closed
Dominion Day Sports '1
The union picnic of tbe fraternal
lodge* of this city, at Christina lake
on Dominion day, was well attended
in spite of the disagreeable weather.
A live-coach excursion train wag
run from this city and other Boundary point* to the lake. The following is a lint of the prize winner* in
the athletic sports, and the prise*
they won:
Single Scull*—First, H. Mann,
auto strop razor; second, 8. Smith,
fountain pen;
Canoe Race—First, H. . Mftnn,
electric iron; second, Ed Mann, steel
fishing rod.
Double Scull* (for members only)
—First, Hugh Mill* and Sam Sid-
dull, two set* of military brushes in
cases; second, H. Mann and A. Lindley, two pearl-handled pocket
Gerasy Pole—First, Ed Mann,
meerschaum pipe; four other contestant* all received prizes.
Special boat race between Greenwood and Phoenix members, double
sculls—First, Greenwood K.P., S.
Smith and H. Morrison, two suit
cases; second, Phoenix Oddfellows,
H. Cameron and H. Munroe, fountain pens.
The judges were G. M. Fripp,  A.
A. Tweddle and B.  Cosgrove.
Miller awarded tbe prizes in the pavilion.
Norman McLellan's House
in Columbia Sold to Ben.
Transfers of city property and
fruit lands continue active, and
scarcely a day .pauses that some Bale
i. not recorded. The 1110*1 important deal during the present week
was the sale, on Tuesday, nf Norman McLellan pretty residence in
Wesl end. The purchaser of tbis
property was Ben Whiteside, a C.P.
R. engineer. The consideration has
not been made public.
Tbe custom* officials in certain
sections of the Boundary appear to
be more solicitous about correcting
tbe morals of aliens than of the natives. Foreign baseball clubs can
not exhibit their skill here on tbe
Sabbath aB long a* tbe home team
can find opponent* on this side of
line. Uncle Sam will no doubt feel
duly grateful for tbe fatherly interest taken in his erring son* by the
officials. And the sport* on this side
of the line will not raise a protest
as long a* they can sandwich in a
ball game, played by native elubs,
between tbe morning and evening
sermons.    -
Labor for Fruit Growers
As a result of an inquiry conducted
by the British Columbia Fruitgrowers association throughout the various fruit districts of the province,
asking what labor would be required
for tbe current year, it is of interest
to note tbat tbe fruit district* are
more thoroughly supplied with labor tban wag the case two year* ago,
when the last general inquiry was
instituted. At that tm 1 fiuitgrow-
ers made application for 1450 men.
Asa rtsult of the present inquiry
they have asked for onlv 300.
Wages in the fruits district* have
advanced slightly in twu yeara and
the conditions of tbe workingman
have nlso improved in that fruit
growers are more generally supplying comiortable lodgings ai d suitable board.
From tbe inquiry it was learned
thnt on Vancouver island and in tbe
lower mainland suitable help can be
secured with little difficulty without
any *pecial effort on the part of organizations for the purpose. It is
true, however, that in these districts
tbe Chinese and Japanese to some
extent receive the preference over
white men.
The Okanagan, which will bave
tbe largest crop of fruit in its history tbis year, haa made the most
inquiries for labor, and it is evident
tbat tbere will be suitable employ
ment for men adapted to the work
of harvesting and handling fruit.
The long trestle on the Great
Northern railway near the old Hall'*
bridge, six miles north of Orient,
will be done away with and a fill
will lie made in-ita place. McDougail
tt Son have tbe contract to make
the fill.	
The quince orop on the Sunbeam
ranch never looked better.
Mrs. C. J. Kennedy, wife of C. J.
E. I Kennedy, foreman of Robinson &
Lequime'* lumber yard, died, on
Monday last. Deceased was 32
year* of age, and ha* been in ill
health for some time. She is survived by a husband. Tbe funeral
wa* held on Wodnesday at tbe city
in a ten-innings game at   tbe   fair
grounds in tbis city last Sunday.
Ovenlooked Victoria
Toronto, aa we all know, is the center of flunkeyisni in Canada. There
were, in times past, residents of that
city who were not infected with the
virus of toadyism from which few of
the citizens of this day are exempt.
George Brown, Alexander Mackenzie,
and Edward Blake were among those
who refused to be knights bachelor or
knight* anything else, and they were
makers of Canada in a very large
sense of the word.—Montreal Herald.
The Power of the Press
Williard Brewer, publisher of the
Daily Press, collided with a street car
on Nile* avenue, near Michigan, late
Thursday night, badly damaging the
car.—St. Joe (Mich ) Herald.
A Foolish Strike
Six doctor* struck at Winnipeg
hospital. The patients are recovering
rapidly.—Beamsville Express.
Trainmen's Examination
' About five hundred employees of
tbe various department* of tbe operating department of the Great
Northern railway are being given an
examination on train rule* and signals tbis week. Tbe examination
train carries with it a dining and
living car, whicb is occupied by the
examiners while on the various division*. The men who take examinations are trainmen, firemen,
engineers and dispatchers.
The work of reparing the Cooper
bridge, so a* to make it safe for
traffic until tbe new bridge i* built,
wa* commenced on Wednesday last.
A large number of Grand Forks
citizens attended the 4th of July
celebration in Republic yesterday
None of them were maimed by the
firecrackers or firewater.
It seems an unjust dispensation of
the weather man that we should invariably be given storms on the Ist
of July and sunshine on tbe 4th. In
future we've either got to swap
weather or holidays with our neigh
bors. '
It it now about time to say
adios to the luscious strawberry until next summer.
A few local new potatoes hnve np-
peared in tbe market,but not enough
to seriously affect price*.
The water wheel on Peter Pare's
ranch is running sideways for fear
that ils occupation is gone during
tbe present summer.
James Petrie, of Rossland,
iting hi* brother in this eity.
Tbe boom at tbe Robinson & Lequime mill was ripped open during
the recent windstorm, and tbe li
were scattered to all parts of Smelter
Geo  McCabe returned  yesterday
from a visit to Calgary,
The Grand Fork*  Baseball club
defeated Cascade by a score of 2 to 1
Manager of B. C. Copper Go.
Receives Fatal Injuries in
Automobile Accident
Tbe following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
Friday  70
Saturday  "3
Sundiy  K2
Monday  55
Tuesday  70
Wednesday  78
Thursday'.  f4
Ranfall during week, 1.10 inches.
Fitzsimmons in "A Fight for
The fen I u re attraction of the
theiitrit.nl season will be the appear
ance here of the world'* greatest
lighter, Bob Fitzsitn 1111111*, supported by a capable company nf metropolitan players, in "A Fight for
Love." Fitz ha* been named by
hi* legion ol friend* and admirers as
"ihe grand o'd mm of tbe ring,
title which he richly deserves for hi*
untiring efforts to lift the lighting
gnme from the slough into which t
wns drifting to n clenn exhibition ol
the manly nrt—self defense. His
name hns never been connected in
any way with any crooked work.
He fought his way to tbe world'*
championship by pure physical
strength and science, and he accept-
ted his defeat at the hand of Jim
Jeffries like a man. He went into
the ring at 160 pounds against a
man who weighed 208, and yet tbe
streak of yellow failed to appear.
He was game to tbe finish. Hi* success in tbe theatrical world has been
as steady as hi* rise in the ring, and
he is still receiving the homage duo
to the greatest ring general that the
world has ever known. Bob Fitzsimmons (himself) and his company
will appear at tbe Grand Forks
opera house on Monday night,
July 8.
.. E. G. Warren, manager of the
British Columbia Copper company,
died in tbe hospital at Greenwood
on Thursday morning at 2:50
o'clock, as the resul- of an automobile accident tbat he met with last.
Saturday night.
While returning from Pboenix,
at a narrow place in the road near
Cropley'g ranch, the big automobile
of the British Columbia Copper
company turned over and ran for
some distance down the hill. All
the occupants were thrown out,
and escaped with minor injuries,
with the exception of Mr. Warren.
He was driving the car, and bad his
chest crushed by the Bteering wheel,
breaking several ribs and rupturing
one of bis lung*. He wa* removed
to the hospital^ and after several
day* of suffering, succumbed to the
effects of hi* wound*.
Edward George Warren was born
at Hawkesbury, Ont., March 13,
1874, dnd wa* therefore 38 year* of
age at tbe time ot bis death. He
was educated at the Hawkesbury
high school and at Trinity college,
Toronto, and first came to British
Columbia in 1896. He engaged in
mining at Rossland for two year*.
In 1903 be was a candidate for
Greenwood riding in the provincial
elections. He was. prominent in
hockey and curling circles, having
been president of tbe Greenwood
Curling club. In 1902 he was married to Miss Wilhelmia Hirscb, of
lngersoll, Ont. He was a Mason
and a member of; the Greenwood
club and tbe Engineers' club of New
Mr. Warren ha* been general
manager of the British Columbin
Copper coinpany for about 0 ie year.
He was also secretary of the Greenwood City Waterworks company
since 190K, having been manager of
tbat company for seven years previously. Iu 1908 he became superintendent of tbe British Columbin
Copper company's smeller at Greenwood, j
The death of Mr. Warren will lie
severely felt by tbe mining industry
in tbis district. Under his capable
management the British Columbia
Copper company ho* enjoyed n
greater degree of prosperity than it
did under any previous regime. The
company will have some difficulty
to find a manager of equal capability
to fill his position, as men of hi*
gcniuB are scarce.
Tbe funeral will be held in Greenwood tomorrow. A large number
of the friends of the deceased in
tbis city will attend.
U. R. Gilpin, cuitonu officer at this
port, makes the following detailed re
port of the customs receipts at the
varioui lub-cuttom* offices, as reported to the chief office..in this city,
for the month of June:
Grand Fork*  12,211.22
Phoenix     1,102.60
Carson         85.21
Carcade         28.55
•antral Oaaaaway law th* Great Man
In a Cemie Situation.
A correspondent fatort ua wltb tbl*
tiupubllsbed nuecdot* about George
V.'asbluKlou, obtained from a manuscript autobiography:
"In tbe sprlug of 1814 1 fell tn company wltb General Louis Gassaway at
Annapolis. Md., tben clerk of tbe dli-
tr!,t court, by wliom I waa lufonned
tbnt lb tbe Itevolutlonary war be wa*
au aid-decamp to Washington. I will
let (,'cner.tl Oassaway relate tbe anecdote himself:
"'In tb* winter of 1779 nud 1780,
called tbe "bard winter," tbe American
■nny went Into winter' quarter* at
Morristown, N. J. Genera! Washington nud bi* stuff bad tbelr headquarter., at tbe farmhouse of one Gabriel
Ford, a large aud convenient establishment. One severely cold night,
nbout 'i o'clock, there wa* nn unusual
bustle at headquarter*. I lodged below on tbe first floor and toon learned
tbe cause of tbe stir. General Washington ran to tbe bead of the stairs In
Ills nlgbt dress wltb a pistol In eacb
hand nnd called to me to know tht
cause of the uproar.
"' "A soldier on guard, sir, ha* been
frozen nt bis post and brought Into
 See tbat tbe poor fellow Is well
cared for and change lbe guard every
hour," wn* tbe humane reply.
" To see n mnn *lx feet high In hi*
night clothe* wltb o pistol tn each
band for a slight alarm of tbe night
guard bordered so near on tbe ludicrous
thnt I could not easily keep my equanimity to answer tbe great general of
the American army wllb becoming re-
•rtct' "—Army and Navy Journal.
- .                   RIGHT In 8TYLE and FINISH
It Will Htlp to Fortify Ytur System
Against Strltut lllntii.
There Is a saying, mucb wiser nud
cheaper tban It seems nt first glance,
to the effect tbat "you Won't get sick
If you keep well," It Is n bnlf Jesting
way of setting fortb a profound truth.
I'he risks and exposure* of life aro
*o many aod ao Insidious tbat they
cannot be escaped.. Tbe only hope ot
passing through tbem unharmed Is to
keep the body so strong and sound
that lt can defend Itself ngalnsl tbe
diseases which are constantly lying In
.wait for tbe unguarded and the,, weak.
It ls a mere commonplace to say
tbat one man will take exactly tbe
tame course and face precisely tho
tame risk* that another mau finds
fatal and go entirely unscathed. Sometimes It I* n difference born In tbe two
. organisms, but often It' I* tbe result
of different living and different conditions ln respect to strength and health
If tbe body Is maintained at a high
•tate of efficiency and If care Is taken
to overcome and correct tbe little disorders and signs of trouble a* soon as
tbey appear there Is not much danger
of a serious Illness. The (mail precautions and tbe constant toning up.of
tbe body by exercise, fresh air, sensible eating aad drinking and abstention from all excesses und follies ward
off prolonged and' often desperate
struggle* against disease,
i It is the principle of the old adage,
"A. stitch In time saves nine." Tbe
silme rule applies to the care of health.
Toronto Man Cured
of Intolerable Itch
By CuticuraSoapandCuticura Ointment
"I Just want to aay a (rood word (or Cull-
cunt Soap and Ointment. Four or Hve years
ago I waa in Port Arthur, and I bad an attack
ol the Itch. It certainly was an Intolcrablo
nuisance. The ltclilns waa principally at
nights before I went to bed. The thighs
weie (specially affected.
"I went to tv,o doctors about It, and tried
more than one remedy. I was beginning to
think the complaint was Incurable, when I
waa tellliiR my trouble to a barber, and he
raid that lie would guarantee to euro me. He
laid me to take a hot hatb, use Cuticura
Soap, and Iben apply Cuticura Ointment.
I took hla advice, and, aura enough, the itch
vanished. I had probably been troubled with
tlie itch for two or three month* before I
tried Cuticura Soap.and Ointment, and tbey
completely cured me of that Intolerable
nuisance. After one warm bath with Cull-
cunt Boap and ute of the Cuticura Ointment
I wu never troubled with the Itching again.
Anything In tbia testimonial I would be prepared to swear tain a court of law." (Signed)
JOs. Hooper. 268 Parliament Street, Toronto,
Jan. 10, »11. '       '
For more than a generation Cuticura Boap
and Ointment havo afforded the speediest,
klmpli st and most economical treatment for
akin and scalp humors. Bold by druggists
and dealers everywhere. A liberal aample of
each, with 82-na* book, sent free, to any
addrcas, by theTotter Drug A Oneni. Corp,
{_) Columbus Ave. Boston, u. 8. A.
W. N. U. 899.
A Few Valuable Printi on a Subject
of General   Interest.
Vegetables, form .a large part of th*
diet of every civilized nation. What
would the Irish do without their po-
tatoes, or the Chines* tnd JapanM*
without their rice? Fresh vegetables
are very necessary il health it to bt
maintained; and sailor* who (50 on
long journeys require a certain
, amount of fresh green food snd fruit
i otherwise they develop a disease
known as "scurvy."
For long lhe origin ol this malady
remained unknown, but it has since
been proved that it is due to ths absence ol these fresh green vegetable
foods. So, in winter time especially,
we ars apt to suffer from a deficiency
of these foods, and care should be
takeu to obtain a certain amount ol
them every day.
A' few vegetables are good eaten
raw, but the bulk ol tliem undoubtedly should be cooked, to a, greater or
lesser extent. The cabbage is an example ol the former. It ls a very
healthful article of diet, and contains
various "organic salts" which are
highly beneficial.
When cabbage is cooked much of
this nutriment is lost—boiled out into
tha water in which the vegetabli it
cooked, and only the "skeleton," so
to say, is left. Cooking seems to destroy tha life-giving properties — the
vitality—of many foods. II cooked,
vegetables should be placed in fast
boiling water — first ol all — as this
tends to shrivel up the outer coating
ol the vegetable and keep the juices
in tiie tender iuside portions—instead
of allowing them to boil out' into the
water so completely.
All vegetables contain various valuable organic salts, without which life
would be impossible.
Vegetarians, or those who never eat
meat, depend for their muscle-forming elements largely upon the bean,
pea and lentil family, which form
"the beafsteak of tho vegetarians."
But one ol-t.e most valuable properties of these foods is the fact that
they contain a very large quantity of
heat and energy-giving ma-erial. The
meats contain little of this, and most
o. the other vegetables an also lacking in these "carbohydrates."
The cabbage family, comprising Hi*
cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach
and other greens, are especially good
for persons suffering from skin diseases of all kinds; also fo;' those having anaemia, scrofula, gout and rheumatism. AM such greens should be
eaten with caution, and thoroughly
chewed or "masticated" before they
are swallowed.
Many persons find vegetables hani
to dirjist. If so, they should eat them
Asparagus is by many considered a
great delicacy and is certainly one of
the choicest of all vegetables'. It ls
considered to be especially good for
nervous complaints and for diseases
of the heart, including palpitation.
Onions are noted fer ths large percentage of. valuable salts they contain.
Tbey are especially good for kidney
troubles—including gravel. They act
also as good stimulants, tonics and
Th* Word "Scat."
It seems to be generally understood
that there Is no word of Its letters
that can be said quicker than "scat."
But just how long it takes to pronounce it is a question lor modern
experimental psychology.
If you were a student in the psychological laboratory at a university
j-ou could determine that. The ozonoscope, an instrument which measures
time in thousandths of a second, tells
the time exactly. Still, a quick ton-
gued man could probably read a book
through while a stuttering man said
"scat." Furthermore, to know how
long it takes to say "scat" is not to
very important anyhow.
Mountain Tobacco. .
In Switzerland a weed called mountain tobacco is smoked in great quan.
titles. It is powdered beiore using
and causes the smoker to become a
mental and physical wreck. The natives ol South Africa are peculiarly
affected by smoking the dried leaves
ol the camphor plant*. The smoker
trembles with fright at nothing, weeps i
bitterly and uses all torts of words
which do not in the least express hit
meaning. The wild dagja, another
South African plant, poisont slowly
any one using it.
The Huntert.
"I'm going off on a hunting trip
with Binks, Dawson and Blldad," said
"Fine!" said Wigley. "Big game or
small?" —
"Oh, we never go beyond the 10-
cent limit," said Hlckenlooper—Har-
per'a Weekly.
A mother who.haB once used Baby's
Own Tablets for her little one never
falls to show her pleasure at the result. She at once realizes that they
are the Ideal medicine for baby—being absolutely safe and free from Injurious drugs aud at the same time a
sure cure for all the little ills from
which babies suffer. Mrs. P. Tlier-
lault, Pacquetvillle, N. B„ wwrltes:
"Please send me another box of
Baby's Own Tablets. I was extremely
pleased with the last. My baby wa*
greatly troubled with constipation
and vomiting, but the Tablets quickly
cured her." The Tablet* are aold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"What you need," aaid the wordy
medico in his ponderous way, "1* an
enlargement of your daily round, a
wider circle of activity."
'Mebby that's right," said the patient. "I'm a bareback rider ln a
one-ring circus."—Cleveland- Plain
It I* a Liver Pill—Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin ln a disordered liver,
which is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to the disturbances that
conie from irregular habits or lack of
care in eating and drinking. This accounts for the great many liver regulators now messed on the attention
of sufferers Of these there Is none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills. Their operation though gentle
Is effective, and the most delicate can
use them.
North Carolina has a naval war of
Its own on Its hands. Oov. Kitchin
has ordered the naval brigade's cruising vessel with the pacific name 151-
frltla to go to Albemarle Sound to put
down the outlaw fishermen who Insist
on violating tho orders of the fish
From tht Fact, Arms-and Nock Told Fret
Society women and aotressea all over
Europe are strongly Indorsing a naw
marvellous discovery of how to remove
euperfluout belr from tht fact, arms and
lieok. Thi* new discovery It now for tht
flrst tlmt Introduced Into Canada. Any
woman afflicted with tht. growth of tup-
arffuout hair ean obtain tht Information
fret of charge. Send you nttne and «£•
drew .together with a S cent ttamp tt
Ktdamt Faytra, Boom II, Btobart Block,
The New Perfection Oil Cook-stove
Suits Everybody
V It suits lhe most exacting French chef. I It suits the housewife. "ft %
is found in luxurious villas—in camps—in farms—in humble city hornet.'
Everybody uses it; everybedy likes it. It a the all-round store for all
ttie year round. It bakes, broils, roasts and toast* as well ts a coal range.'
It is equipped wilh a special heating plate, and we seD the New Per- \
lection oven, broiler, toaster, and pancake griddle—etch specially de-}
i signed for use with die
New Ber,
Oil Coo
All dealers sell the stove. It is handsomely
-misned in nickel, with cabinet lop, drop
shelves, towel racks, etc. Loot chimneys,- enameled turcjuoise-blue. Made with I, 2 or 3
eat'"*. . .        .
Free Cash-
Bssh vita
sstre (f«w.
also   given   to
5ceaU to covet
.vate diseases and drink habit
Write 81 Queen East. Toronto.
and light sewing at home, whole or
spare time; good pay; work sent
any dktance, charge* paid. Send
stamp for'full particulars. - National Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
'**"*). WuMLow'a toorHiKo Irtor kin '
■T.c*tr .SIXTY Y*A»t_by MttUO;
US by
-,3,1**$ "«e4y for UIAKHHOtA. 1t!sifr
< wlete.jr harmless.  Be erne i*a ask tor -Mra
■Wlulo-'a Booihlof Syrup." .nj take «o«_£
toad.  Twenty ftec*tlaa bottla.
When Yeur Eyee Need Cere
Try Hiirliie I.re Remedy. No Smarting—--'tela
nine—Ada Quickly. Try it for Red, Weala
Watery Kyea and Granulated Eyelid*. Ilia*
trated nook In each Package. Marine It
roa.pp_ia.la4 by oar Oealtats-not a "Pateai Mat.
kino"-but used In successful Physicians' Preo.
tlee for many Mere.  Now dedicated to the Pah.
Murine ty Remedy Co., Ohloago
The ease with which corns and
wart* can be removed by Holloway's
Corn Cure la It* strongest recommendation.   It seldom fail*.
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-.Uncial Bathe, Electric Light Buthe.
S.iuviaT. Spray and Needle Baths, Hot
All' and Vnpor Baths, Continuous
Bat .is. .Mawugp, l.lcctl tail treatment,
.ate, for the tiiatmciat of all Chronic
Cases, such aa Rheumatism, Stomach,
I.iver and Kidney '-'roubles, ratarrliul
Conditions. Constipation, Skin Dlnpuia-a.
uii'l Obcalty.
For further portloulr.rs apply to .
Dr. A. D. Carscallen, Sanitarium
Phone St. John 1024.
City. Office:    822 Donald 81. Phone 138...
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Ask for    -t
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head,   witli  silent   tip.    Will
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Fibre Pails and. Tubs.
Way to Wl*.
Branson—What's tbe boat way to
make love to a girl?
Dawson—The worst way possible.
Then she'll think you mean It.—Puck.
A little girl who live* in North-
Held, Mass., was going home from
church service one morning when sbe
suddenly burst out with the words: '
''Oh, mother! Couldn't father do
that Mr. McConnell wouldn't bave to
something of G>n. Benevolences, so
beg for lilm before everybody In the
church?"—Los AngeleB Times.
look bolter, fit better, wear longer, and
live better satisfaction than other make*,
They are the result of M years accumulated knowledge and experience in
building High Grade Bhoea.
Stocked by leading dealers Everywhere
In Canada.
the john Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton, Ont.
Chine** View* of Mlllln*ry.
Speaking to a Chinese gentleman
the other day an Englishman aaked
him If the Chinese ladle* will emulate the men and go ln fqr weBtern
headgear? In reply he bastmed a smile
most childlike and bland.
Pressed for something more definite, he remarked: "Did you hot
know tbat It la a well known fact
among the Chinese that the reason
so many European husbands look harassed and carerldden and thc further reason ■ why «o many of your
young men refrain from marriage la
thi* very question of millinery? ladies' hats cost so much that they spell
ruin and so we Chinese have told
our women folk that we absolutely
forbid them to follow western fashions tn thia regard, whatever they
may do tn other direction*."—Pekin
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
■   Yarmouth, N. 8.
Gentlemen.—In January last Francis
Leclare, one ot tbe men employed by
me, working tn the lumber woods,
had a tree fall on him, crushing him
fearfully. He was, wben found, placed
on a sled and takeu home, where
grave fears were entertained for hia
recovery, hi* hip* being badly bruised
and hla body turned black from hla
rib* to his feet. We used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on blm freely to deaden
tbo pain and with the uae of three
bottle* be was completely cured aad
able to return to his work.
Elgin Road, L'lelet Co., Que,
f       Maypole Soap       ^
CLEANS              —.          |
AND   DYES         J£E_L       1
Gives lieb gkwiag     nvm
colots. fadeless _a sun   /^jM^Sw       '
os suit. DyuuUen. (   (jTTuj      '
si_k.wooUrmtttt_.es. M^rtUUtJ-g^l
Use  il  vouneg  at     7*^7 WBwC'*'
home. No trouble—    n   /L,Ay \
BODMIN. 24eolcfl—       XlSKfTflLfJ.
will give aay shade.    /*aaWV^y__# ,
ColatslOcbUck 15c,   ^W^V
al  yom dealer's  al       W
postpaid with booklet      M
"How lo Dye" from      SJ             .^
V   F. L KNEMCT t CO. MMlml    _i
-"- :*K«8.^a2®
f From Fao-toiy- -toFarmX
A ranchman living ln Wyoming lost.
11,800 sheep withlu an hour during a
recent bllttard.
Minard't Llnimtnt, the Lumberman'*
Mr*. Willis—I suppose that I.i
neaven we will be disappointed In uot
finding certain prople there.
Mrs. Glllls—Y<*b. But we'll bo m.re
disappointed at finding certain o'iic-
people there.—Puck.
S*s****mSt***nst *t_HStt St., an*s*A*as* Se*.
"Why should we say to Satan, 'Get
thee behind me'?" aaked th* teacher.
"So that we shall get ahead of
him," returned the bright boy.
Whenever you leel a headache coming on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
opium, morphine, phenaoetln, aoetanllid or other dangerous
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WeU, WeU!
an use
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of Good*
•ith th. SAME fi*
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use).
CO ctseea of Mlaatka WKONO Ore hcttaOeota
aMwhQI " " " '
" as hcai to colaar.   .
laglka WltONG D» hcttaOeota
Alt colors from ,our Dra_n_ist oa
lajlor Cri ond STORY BflflKlst if
ia_M. 4M__ Ce, r^tmllst. Sloasseal
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out why n black hen lay* a
white egg. Oct busy and jump
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lbelwus.stit.Baa  ararytraiaaaenact
*4*w aaaldaa leal/ sUshss-ma cat ahsaira
A Calculating Nature.
"I* that a garden you arc making?"
"No." replied Mr. Crosslots. "it's n
subterfuge. I tear up aB much ot the
yard aa my wife will allow me to.
and then let lt alone all summer. It's
Juat tbat much less territory to run
the lawn mower over."—Washington
For years Mother Craves' Worm
Exterminator ha* ranked as lhe most
affective preparation manufactured,
and tt alwaya maintain* Ht reputation.
How It Happened.
Condescending Chappie—I Weally
eant wemember your name, but I've
an Idea I've met you here before.
Nervous Host—Oh, yes, very likely.
It'a my house—Sketch.
Bad Blood————
is the direct *nd inevitable result of
irregular or conatipated bowels and
cloned-up kidneys and akin. The
undigested (ood and other watte matter which it allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood and the whole
system. Dr. Morae'a Indian Root Pill*
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them—oa the kidneys, giving them
ease and ttitngth to properly filler the
blood—tod on the akin, opening up
the pores. For pure blood and good
health take
Or. Morae'a   «
Indian Root Pills
The Sad Ont.
The "Prodigal Son" was the subject of the Sunday school lesBon. The
teaoher was dwelling on tbe character of the elder brother.
"But amidst all the rejoicing," aaid
tho teacher, "there wa* one to whom
the preparation ot the feast brought
no Joy, to whom the prodigal's return
brought no happiness, only bitterness;
one who did not approve of the feast
and bad no wish to attend lt. Now
who can tell me who this was?"
Silence for several moments, then a
hand raised and a small sympathetic
voice: "Please, ma'am, it waa the
fatted calf."
R.  Moulajson,    whom    two    doctors
.treated, finds relief and permanent
cure in Dodd't Kidney Pillt.
SuKtte Island, Yarmouth Co., N.S.
(Special)—Mr. Renle Moulaison a well
known resident here,   is telling   his
neighbors of his cure from a severe
attack of Kidney Disease which kept
htm in a state of paid and suspeuse
for two montha and defied the effort*
of two doctors who were treating hiin.
"My trouble started with a cold,"
Mr.  Mjujaison    says. "My    muscles
would cramp and I bad backache and
dizzy spell*.     My head ached and I
had a tired, nervous,   feeling   while
specks of light flashed ln front of my
"I suffered ln this way for over two
nionthB and was treated by two doctor* but they didn't seem to be
able to do much for mo. Then I
started to take Dodd's Kidney Pills
and they helped nie almost at onco.
Six boxes cured  me."
Dodd's Kidney Pills alwaya cure the
Kidneys. Cured Kidneys strain all
the Impurities out of the blood. That
makes pure blood and good health.
Tlte clergyman had come round to
the Sunday school, and was examining the small boys.
"Can any of you tell me?" aaid he,
"what is tho meaning of 'divers diseases?' "
Two small boys began comparing
mental note* in an undertone. Presently one of them looked up.
"Please, sir. It's water on the
In the causes of Infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently,
antl tt may be said that complaints
of the bowels are great destroyers of
ohlld life. If all mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy as
Dr. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial many
a little one could be saved. Thia cordial can be given with safety to* the
smallest child, as there is no Injurious
substance ln It.
I.ucan Nagy of Szegedin. Austria,
sold his skin to a foreign museum a
long time ago for £32. the condition
belug that after Vs death and when
the skin was removed the museum authorities should bury hi* body. He
has nov died at the age of 85. On
hla deathbed he begged hia relatives
to get his contract broken.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat—
At tho flrst symptoms of sore throat,
vllich presige-i iilwatlon nnd inflammation, take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas' {.electric Oil. Add a little sugar
to it to make it palatable. It will allay the Irritation and prevent the ulceration and swelling that are so painful. Those who were periodically subject to quinsy have thus made themselves immune to aitark.
W. N. U. 899.
Curious to Learn.
In Georgia they tell of n prisoner
who had been convicted a dozen timet
ot stealing, who, when placed at the
bar for 111* latest offense, displayed
a singular curiosity.
"Your Honor," snid he, "I Rhould
like to have my cuse postponed for
a week.   My lawyet ia sick."
"Out," Bald the magistrate, "you
were caught with your baud In this
gentleman'* pocket. What can your
counsel aay In your defence?"
"Exactly 80. Yeur honor, that ts
what I am curious to know."—Oroen
Ilnard'a Liniment ustd by Physician*
Taking Evtry Precaution.
Mr. Lansbury's concern, as expressed In thc British House of Commons, over the military drilling going
oa tn the North of Ireland, remind*
one of a atory of how Ireland was
occasionally taught to shoot In tho
past. The war office once sent a famous officer over to inspect tho militia .regiments, and the officer, after
inspecting, asked for a few words
with the drill sergeant.
"Theae men of yours," he *ald,
"could not bit a target as big as tbe
Tower of London. You can't have
taken much pains to teach them."
"Tache thim to ahoot," gasped the
sergeant. "Of course I did not tache
thim to shoot, yer honor: for, bedad,
lf I did there wouldn't be a landlord
left ln Munster."
ty   ...
The Slayer of Mlace.
One ot the most peculiar case* ever
brought tb the attention of the court
ot firat Instance recently came to
light ln Pangaslnan province. '
Pedro Pabalra, with two otbers, was
accused of the murder of Bernabe
Laco, and on being brought to trial
the first pleaded guilty, there being
an aggravating circumstance of
treachery, and was sentenced to
twenty years ln Bilibld.
Now lt comes to light that the deceased wa* Miaco, an outlaw, who
deserted trom the constabulary some
time ago, taking with him various
arms and accoutrements, and wbo engaged in outlawry since that time.
Thero was a reward of 500 pesos out
for hi* capture, dead or alive.
The question now Is, should the
prisoner serve his term for killing a
fellow citizen, or should he be liberated and given a reward for killing
an enemy to society?—Manila Weekly
Eat What
You Like
And What Agree* With You, But Do
Not Eat Too Much.
Digestion Will Be Good If You Regulate the Syttem With
Overeating ls the great cause of
liver troubles, biliousness and constipation, 'ilie digestive system become*
clogged wilh poisonous waste matter, the liver fails aud then follow
kidney disorders of the moat painful
'i.i latai form, such aa rheumatism,
Bright's disease and dropsy.
The beginning is almost invariably
with the liver and should be overcome by the prompt use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pillls before serious disease is developed.
An occasional dose of Dr. Chase'*
Kidney-Liver Fills when the liver gets
sluggish and the bowel* constipated
will keep the whole digestive system
in healthy working order.
Hundreds of thousand* of people
have found thia out by their own experience and would not think of being without this medicine in the
house. Otber* have been restored to
health by this treatment after their
cases had reached more serious and
complicated stages.
There does not seem to be any
medicine obtainable which ia ao successful in awakening the action of
both liver and kidney* a* Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. Merit alone can
account for their enormous sales.
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pill*, one
pill a doae, 25c a box( at all dealers
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A coin of the Constantine period
has been unearthed by workmen iu a
garden at Colchester.
Keep Minard't Liniment In the houte.
Blobbs—Guzzler isn't very talkative, Is he? I dou't seem able to draw
him out.
Slobbs—Try a corkscrew.—Philadelphia ltecord.
etatt tf Ohio. City of Toledo      \    "
! I.ucaa County. a       I   "™*
Frank J. Cheney makea oath that ht It
senior partner of the turn of F. J. Cheney
A Co., doln* business *- •■■---■     	
n the pity of Tof-
  ...j> will pay the aunt of (..._ .._.._
DRED DOLLARS    for eaoh  and every
ado. County end State atortti
tald (Inn
.-.Id, and that
tht auao of ONE HUN.
cue of Catarr that cannot bt otirad by
tht ua* of Haifa Catarrh Cur*. FRANK
Sworn to beforo me and lubsorlbed ta
my presence, thia Ith day of December,
A.D, llll.
(Baal.) A. W. QLEA80N,
• _ Notary Public.
Haifa Catarrh Cura la taken Internally.
and acta direetly on tho blood ana
mucous surface! of tho ayatem. Send
tor teetlmonlars tree.
F. J. CHENEY * CO..   Toledo, 0.
fer oonatlpa-
Bold by all dtuiglata, T5o.
Take Hall's Family Pllla
bear the. loss on one item ot bis Income, *o long a* other* were profitable. There 1* no room for disputing the fact that what la known a*
"mixed farming" 1* good farming, safo
farming and profitable farming.
Look abroad.and see how the farm-
era who pay a yearly rent of from
$6 to $15 an aore make farming pay.
It is not by confining themselves to
growing crop* of grain. That la tbelr
smallest source of revenue. The making of butter and cheese; the raising
and fattening of hogs, sheep and cattle for the butcher; the breeding ot
horses; the growing ot roots and vegetable* for market, all contribute to
the British farmers' bank account and
enable him to pay high rents to hiB
landlord. Here, ln this northwestern
Canada, the land 1* fertile. The farmers have no rent* to pay. But when
bad seasons come, as come they will,
the single crop on which the farmers
wholly depend, Is a failure, and the
majority ot them are brought to the
brink ot ruin. Diversified farming
would remedy all this.
Now, we will give a brief glance
at Ontario, and *ee what mixed farming has done tor that province. Fifty
yeara ago, grain growing had resulted ln Impoverishing the land to such
an extent that ln large districts lt
would not grow anything to yield a
profit.. Tbe dairy industry has worked wonders ln Improving these conditions.   For instance, look at   the
county ot Oxford. Tho land 1* now
fertile and will grow anything. Cood
large brick barn*, comfortable and
largo brick and stone borne* have replaced the ramshackle, dilapidated log
buildings, and there is an air ot comfort and prosperity on every farm. At
Woodstock and Ingersoll, markets are
held-every week at which are to be
seen cheese buyer* from all parts of
the province, and even trom Brltaiu.
The quality of the cheese is equal to
any ln the world and command* the
highest prices. In other parts of that
province tho result has been equally
Tbe factory system prevails, mostly
ln Ontario, but there are a great
many private dairies which are very
profitable, though the farms are small,
tew ot them exceeding one hundred
acres. For example, the writer know*
of farm* ot that size where twenty
to twenty-five milk cows are kept and
the milk la made Into cheese and butter aud Bold In the locat markets.
The dairies are operated on the most
Improved principles, a member of the
family thoroughly learning the business In one of the many nearby cheese
factories. All these farms glye a
good profit to their owners. Their
handsome horaea and the well-dressed
and good-looking sons and daughter*
of the house, a* they go to church
on Sundays ln their double-seated
buggies, bear unmistakable testimony
to the success of mixed farming.
Are the Fly and Mosquito Dangerous?,
The fly, with ipoagy feet, collect*, the invisible terms of diseases, i.
Ihem over our food and poisons ui with typhoid and cholera. The mosquito with
ill bite injectt into our veins malaria and yellow fever. The bacteria ci consumption, or trip, are everywhere present for us to breathe into our lunfi. The Mood
which flows through our veins and arteries is our protection., It should contain
healthy red and white blood corpuscles—capable of warding off these disease
germs. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a blood medicine and alterative
made entirely without alcohol, a pure glyceric extract of bloodroot, golden seal,
Oregon grape root, queen's root, mandrake and stone root, which has enjoyed •
good reputation for over forty years. The refreshing in*
fluence of this extract is like Nature's influence—the blood
is bathed in the tonic which gives life to the blood— the
vital fires of the body burn brighter and their increased
activity consumes the tissue rubbish which hss accumulated
during the winter.
About forty years ago while In Newark, New Jersey, I hsd
-fever," writ ..s Mr. Michael Maouire, of National Military
ia.     I went to Kansas City and in the spring of 1877 the chi
fever returned
. I had ehiUe
T Home,
hills and
IL ICacuuk, Esq.
_ Doctors and everything 1 tried failed to do me good.
Finally I eiw Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical Discovery advertised. 1 took
one bottle of it and the chills vanished. In about a year afterward
1 felt them coming beck so I got another bottle and have never had
any symptoms of fever or igue since. That Is all of twenty years ago,
for 1 had the chlHs about twelve years before I started to uke Golden
Medical Discovery.'"
Dr. Pierce* a Plemeent Pellets mre for liwer III**
Tbo writer, years ago, when con,
versing with Mr. S. A. Bedford, lato
superintendent of the Brandon Experimental Farm, was told by that
gentleman that be had known of many
farmers wbo had failed as wheat
growers, but he had never known ot
one farmer to fall who honestly practiced mixed farming. Mr. Bedford spoke the truth. Never
was there a tterner lesson given than
the western farmers have gotteti this
year. They staked tbelr all on ono
crop—wheat and otber grain—and that
crop though large waa not a success.
The result, as we all know, bas been
losses by bad harvest weather causing damp and wet grain, losses caused
by tho termers' flooding tho market
through making a mad rush to sell it.
The results wo also see: notes overdue a*, thc banks, storekeepers' no-
count;, unsettled, machinery unpaid
for, wholesale and manufacturing
Arms dunning for the money due thorn
by thc western farmers.
To use a trite aaylng, "our farmers
put all their eggs in oue basket, tho
basket fell, tho csr.s wero smashed,
and all tbat wero left was the frag-
mests to psy for a year's work. How
different wonld It bave been had the
farmers bnd thn revenue from their
dairy cattle and their hogs to full
back upon He would then have been
able lo pay hla way, and be able to
You can Save Friction, Save Wear, Save
Fuel by using
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Tho very best oil   for steam plants on the farm.   Lasts
longer and getB more power from the cugine, with less
wear, than any cheap substitutes; costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red .Engine Oil
A medium bodied oil, strongly recommended for slow
and medium speed engines nml machinery. Eases the
bearings and lightens the load.
Granite Harvester Oil
The short cut oil. specially prepared for use on reapers,
binders and threshers. Prevents all avoidable frlcllon.
Does not run off or thin out. Body not affected by
moisture cr change of climate.
Standard Gas Engine Oil given the best lubrication possible, alike In kerosene, gasoline aud gas engines. Keeps
Its body at high temperatures. Equally good for all external bearings.
Mica Axle Grease In the best known, most liked axle
grease made.   Never rubs off or gums.
Silver Star Engine Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
The Imperial Oil Co., Limited THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have v*mi'eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses caii make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skillwl in
tlie science of refraction. Examination free.
aibllshed at Urand forks, British Columlit
.Kalltaar aiaaal Publtaliul
■\ Hir. of this paper oan be seen at the office
ji* Messrs. li. 4 .1. Hair.ly A taa, Sll. 31 and 32.
Fleet street, K.U., London, gnafuiid, free of
•haruo, and that firm will he alaal to receive
.nhsorf tttons and advertisements on onr he-
auBaoan-noH aaiaa:
.me Vear »IJ»
'ine fear (III advance)    Loo
"ne Year, In lulled Slate.  1.M
alddreas all communications to
Thr Evening Sun,
fl*HOSB 1174 Grand Pohks. H.l
FRIDAY, JULY .5, l»l-.'
From information that has
reached The Sun this week, it
appears that the grain growers of the prairie provinces are
not as eager to purchase British Columbia fruit this year
as tliey have been in previous
seasons. One fruit grower of
this valley, who in former
years has disposed of his entire crop in the Northwest,
has been unable to elicit any
response to his letters of inquiry sent out to his old customers this summer. It has
been suggested that this
apathy on the part of the
North westerners may be due
to the result of the Dominion
elections last fall. British Columbia voted solidly to restrict
the grain growers' markets.
It is possible that the grain
growers may go elsewhere for
their fruit. To retaliate is as
human as it is to err. Little
Jeff, of Mutt and Jeff fame,
evolved the brilliant scheme
of gaining admission to the
convention hall in Chicago
without a ticket by walking in
They do me wrong who .say I come no more
When once I knock and fail to find you in;
For every day I stand outside your door,-
And bid you wake and rise to tight and win.
Wail not for precious chances passed away.
Weep not for golden ages on the wane;
Each night I burn the records of the day,
At sunrise every soul i.s born again.
Laugh like a boy at splendors that have sped, ■
To vanished joys lie blind and deaf and dumb;
My judgments seal the dead past with its dead,
But never bind a moment yet to come.
Though deep in mire wring not your hands anrl weep,
I lend my arm to all who say, "I can."
No shamefaced outcast ever sank so deep,
But he might rise and be again a man.
—Wai.tkh M AM INK.
backwards, by this subterfuge deluding the doorkeepers into believing that he
was coming out instead of going in. Can it be possible
that the British Columbia fruit
growers, even after the heroic
measures tliey adopted last
fall to capture the Northwest
market, have only been walking backwards?
In various parts of the world
igitations are rife for old-age
pensions. In British Columbia
there is no need of such a law,
as the government road work
serves the same purpose.
There was once a wagon
read superintendent in this
province who gave his nine-
year-old son a spade and put
him on the payroll at $3 a
day. Easy money for the old
man while it lasted.—Greenwood Ledge.
Hindu Women in Canada
Calling the present litigation between the Hindus of British Columbia
and the Canadian government, in so
far as it applies to the admission of
Hindu women, "a national immorality," the Montreal Witness says:
Law or no law, Utj) refusal of the
Canadian government*!, admit into
the country the wives of British citizens resident in Canada is, apart from
any conceivable results, a miserable
blot on the honor of Canada as a British nation, a denial of the most pri
mary of human rights, and a breach
uf imperial loyalty.    What   imperial
Tools in our
We can't be on the level and sell poor tools.
Be on the level yourself. You can't afford to buy
poor tools.
Our policy has always been, The best is cheapest in
the end.
We want your business, we want your confidence,
and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
** 8. T. HULL. M-.--i.Eafl
The World's- Famous
Supported by
A Metropolitan Star Cast in
Hal Refd's Dramatic
"A Fight for Love"
Carload Special Scenery
and Effects.
See the Greatest of all Champions in Actions.
PRICES $1.50AND$1.00
Seats at Woodland's.
mischief might result from such a humiliation heaped upon a proud and
self-respecting ract> to whose native
indefeasible loyalty the empire has
owed its salvation, it is not for the
most daring statesman to attempt to
compute. The exclusion of men's
wives is far worse in principle than
the exclusion of the men themselves,
for God made mon and women to dwell
together. - It is a greater slight upon
the race affected and a greater mischief to society. We cannot see how
the principle of law can be ignored
tbat a woman domicile is that of her
husband A law tlmt pretends to as
sail that principle assails the foundations of society.
Work for the Editor
It is snid that any one can he nn
editor, enyt. the National Weekly.
All an editor bus to do ia to Bit at
hia desk t>ix days in the week, four
weeks of the month, and twelve
months of the year, and "edit" such
such stuff un thirl:
Mrs. Junes, of Lust Creek, let u
can opener slip last week and cut
herself in the pantry.
A mischievous lad of Malberton
threw a stone and struck a companion in tbe alley last Tuesday.
John Doe climbed on the roof of
his house laat week looking for a
leak, and fell, striking himself on
tbe buck porch.
While Harold Green waa escorting
Miss Violet Wise borne from a
church social Saturday night a,savage dog attacked them and bit Mr.
Green on the pubiic square.
Isaac Trimmer was playing with a
cat Friday when it scratched bim on
the veranda.
Mr. White, while harassing a
broncho last Saturdiiy was kicked
juat south of the corncrib.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Grahum ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is for sale on easy terms.
Address owner, W. K. Esling, Rosa-
land, B. C,
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
e*r\ we are prepared "to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BDRNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Offick, i.i.ii [fret StrPPt
Silver KIiir and Stiver Queen Mineral
Claims, sltiiaata' In the Grand Forks MtnitiK
Division ol Vale District.
Where Located: On the East Fork of the!
North Fork ot Keltle Btvor.
AKE NOTICE that I, Jaoob M. Paulsen. I
Free Miner's Certlllcnte No. S-818II, lur {
myself and as agent for William',!!. Huff man,<
executor, anal Kosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffman, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 35.11711. intend, sixty days
from dale hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Keeerder torn Cettlfleate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims. .
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such CcrllU'atcs of Improvement.
Dated this Ith day o' Mny. A.l) 1918.       _.
The gentleman on the tortoise
represents thc man who .does not
advertise—the one who tries to do
business as it was ilone in lhe days in
ofthe lallow candle or tlie oil lamp. Vi
Are you in the glare of the elec-   ill
trie light—in the automobile of /y
Modern Methods?
Our Want Adt. are high voltage
' batteries, whether you want light
. or power—business publicity or
ninpctent lieb
Sunrise Mineral Claim, situate In the
Grand Forks Mining Division of Vale District.
Where located:   In Wol.l111.t_.11 camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Joseph Alfred Miller,
Free Miners'Certificate No. 1117786, Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to ap-
ply to the Mining Recorder for a Certtfloate
ot Improvement, for the purpose of obtain.
IngaCrown Grant of tbe above olaim.
And further take notioe that: action, under
seotion 87, must be commenced before the
Issuance ot  such Certtfloate  of   Improvements.
Dated this26th day of Aplil, A.D. 1912.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosohonol "stores every nerve In Ihe body
rsxxiapsxvnxix ,„ |t|     _MI |Mllon. reltorel
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
weakness averted at once,
make vou a new msn.  Price 18 a box. or I
tt.  Mailed to any address.  thaSeobell
Co- tt. Catharines. Oat.
Phosphomol will
*"   '   ~ ortwo for
The following ere the return* of
tbe ore production of the Boundary
mines tor the week, and also for the
vear to date:
branby 25,305     437,564
Mother Lode  8,096     228,63H
Rawhide  5,937       70,032
Jackpot      357       10.42G
Athelstan  340
Emma         4,901
Others      140        4,72.1
Smelter treatmen—
Oranby..' 24,130     607,202
B.C. Copper Co...14,990     234,044
Don't forget that The Sun has tbe
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ The Sun. \\\m.
Free Shipments to Regina
Shipments for the relief of tbe Regina sufferers may be waybilled free
of charges at the Dominion express
office in this city when addressed to
tbe relief committee, according to
instructions received from R Helme,
superintendent at Vancouver.
Mrs. M. F. Sloper, of Vancouver,
ii visiting friends in tbe city tbis
Miss Helen McEwen, teacher of
the Mynesster school, is spending
ber vacation with her parents in tbis
Mrs. Fred Clark and children are
visiting at the home of Mrs. Clark's
parent in Coeurd'A lene, Idaho.
MisB Abbott, teacher of the Carson school, will spend her vacation
at the coast.
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby smelter, returned yesterday
from a three weeks' inspection trip
to the company's Hidden Creek
A. B Tweddle has resigned as
manager and secretary of tbe Grand
Forks Fruit ifc Nursery company.
The man who telh hia wife what he
pleases seldom pleases her.
One of the penalties of not being.,
genius is that your divorce case does
not get a column notice.
Most men are willing to let their
light shine, but some of them present
you With an appalling monthly bill.
The Beautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.  t^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—t^A Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the   Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHR Fattiily Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, acknowledged to be
1 the greatest and beBt family and farm paper on the continent, lum on
many occanions given ils readers most delightful premium picture,
but this season they have secured what is beyond miv nni'.-linii of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper reader.. It Is entitled ''Hume
Again" and describes n touching but joyful incident between twil friends
who meat after anxious separation.
I'Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
uf many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
Has been stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
whieh he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar hark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with eries of joy
which bring her mother and brother tn lhe door. "Laddie'.' is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome hy putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, whieh in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman pf soft curves, tender eyes
nnd parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with ripplinglocks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy ncek of
the beautiful collie, ail go to form a picture that will win a Favored place
on the walls of any home.
Tbe picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
Tho beautiful picture "H01112 Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Slar for 1912
The small sum of SI.5!) will secure the two papers for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar hill, in fact it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $1 50 worth this
Reason. '
Some men are worried lest they
shouldn't get what is coming to tliem,
while others are kept awake nights for
fear they will get it.
Women can never be truly emancipated while their gowns hook .up behind.
A woman who can spend an afternoon at a church bazaar can outtalk a
senator trying to preveut a veto.
There aie plenty of people who
can't live without work—done by
Some girls are so sophisticated and
fascinating that it just seems that
they are born widows
Some men's appearances are startling, nnd others' disappearance are
The trouble about promising tn do a
disagreeable thing is that you can not
forget it when the time comes to doit.
The worst thing about having your
own way is that you sn often want to
disown it after you get it.
It is easy to forgive our enemies,
but a real friend will nut expect forgiveness.
When a married man can not meet
his hills he can always charge the deficiency to his family, but a bachelor
has to bear the charge of extravagance.
Just because a man has a motorcar
don't, be sure that he has hud a raise
in salary. Maybe some; one who had a
grudge against him gave it to him.
We wouldn't mind other people's
happiness sn much if they would bring
it around when we arefgrouehyi
Give a high financier an ell and he
will absorb an entire transportation
system before you can ssart a reform
Reasonable Prices
Fur the next '.() days I will
give A 10 per cent Discount
on nil work if you brihgthis
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 at 4 Zeioleu Block,
N. E. Con. Riverside & Howard,
©to jtta
THE STANDARD ls tho National
Weekly Newspaper of tho Dominion
of Canada. It ls national In all Its
It uses tho most expensive eftgrav-
ings, procuring thu photographs from
all over tho world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.C0 per year to any address in
Canada or Croat liritaln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co.,
Limited,  Publishers.
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IN M        GRAND
, n, I,.
We Shoe Shop
Uojmirij.g of overy tie*
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]..*<n.i|.tly dour.
Shop Kext CP.R. Hotel. (Manilla, B.C.
By the Barrel or Carload
McNeil  & Henniger
200 Cartoons Veil More
Than 200 Gebnns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoons from dailies and weekli-a published in
thit country, London, Dublin, Pans, Berlin.
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Stutt.:-:rt. Turin. Rome, Lisbon,
Zurich, Tokio, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, aad
South America, and all the great cities of the
world. Only the 200 best wt of 9.000 cartooni
each month, are selected.
A Picture Hlitcry tl World'i Events Each Marti.
campaign in "Cartoons" and watrh the opposing parties caricature each other.
maaiY •ubicriptisn a uee, wmucopt is.
aOine free sample aarapr flfllll OX culled by sajat. essiaa, tht pub*
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Spacer"—"The   Antotontlo Tu but a tor"—"The
1ms.i|.|M'H rtiif_.iii.lh-.it,,.-"
-"The AdliiMiihte  IV
perFiiiBtys '—"The H_*i-
einlhV Condensed Key
lours for  17
Cents a  Day!
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the result lias been >w\\ u Qeiuyu of applies
timin ier in.ti-iiiiics thnt we nre -"Imply ns*
lou n rieri.
The deniHtnl mme* from people of nil dut-to
all «Ke5,
T...* maj.ni ;
"i" '
- lm-(
fljfroin .■<■
le "f known tiu.ni. im siaudl
tracted bj the novelty of Lho pmpos„ 'on*   An
tmprensive deinnusiratlou uf tlm lmuiet»e pup*
Ularltvif tlie \\\\v»t Type -Tiler
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lh0 Km "I I'i.hlT-Jil Tjp   "lilii.y le HtildlUl.
A   Quarter   of  a Million People
arc   1 . iWney wilh
WOOD   and  ICE
'l'h<'.SI(niiliir<l]'isible II'liter
I', ail   a-  Ilia. ...a lit; I'M  |a.i|„>.      ,\j   li aa,- ,,Lh,I,
a laa-"Ilaa r supreme la lull),   | mil aa,. .!,a!,. a a
il.al|.|ali-aila'a- III 1,11  ilia,..    Soil aaa «l   ■   ,■..,,'
|   a»l aal ||i,. |„,„,,.
alu' -.a iflia lia  mill .IILnutli a,| l|... aa.a.,., lai |l
a.ar  laiaiill)   ,,.,.,   |,  |. liiHaaniltiu nil  a■
an- aaa-   a,,   ||lu   ,..„,..   trHtnt|IK „| •„„■.,.•    ■    |i .
I ta    ilii.ii'. a aa. well ,)N a, u a  in.. 1.   a
' "   • »elliliu I'Ihii     a .     ||,a   ■ .lifl . r   ..a	
 '"'I'I "I I'Vi'lV I a' in   Aaaiail. ..      '.a , i  ,...
'""-   "J"    II "I ."•<•' I,- „-■■•  0   nil Hia- a.
naaulaiital.. I|||V. r aail   a '
IVrilflair (iirilaurilalaallflofaaiiria !.
s ireueuprut tiie uew Ullveri-ntsliia. '.\.i .. .
ThQ Oliver Typewriter Company!
Oliver TypoHrliei i aillaliiis,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and nuances of
copper. Ir is a pracical hook, useful
to all and necessurv to most men en
gaged in any brunch of the ooppes.
Its fuels will |,itss muster with thc
trained sciciitit-ts, und itas language is
eaaily understood by the everyday.
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4(>,'i!i copper
mines and companies in all purts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pnges, according
to importance of the propel ly.
The Copper Handbook is conceded.
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the lunik for
the facts it gives him .about mines,
milling and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is #5 in Buckram with gill
top; 87.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to anv* address ordered, and
may bereturned within a weekjtf re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace  J.   Stevens,
(Editor and Publisher,
■153 Postolliee Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
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the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.00,
Serials and Other Stories.
The $Z issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of the
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Stud for AriHOHHCtment for ml and Sampfs
GopfiS nf The: Youth s Companion, htee.
Ni-yili-i It'lierabi i-iva. tiaai licorice  Hex-
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SliijOra'iil  r.a.1... anil npnl; fui a llceuco tn
t'la'a.  II-..I   ll-,.   ,„ U_jlo   Taaaaa   |a.r KCOllll of
aaaii'r a.ui, f Sorth Kork Krt'li, iiIvit Creek,
aa lala-la (!.,«,, j„ „ Aiaiitlaa-i-ly ilirc-thni alarialiL'li '
I.aa*;:ii7i aaiial a iiti.tla'fl iiita. Kettle ItlvaT near
aaiaia.al K.aik..  Tlio water wilt be diverted on-
,..,-',,' Ilia- ta.Miia.it..   aaf    Niliu'liril. lilial   will I a- ;
atflafli fnr Irrigation nurDO'ei aaaa tin- imaai ,1,.
m-rlbed aa- 1 I'll il 1, I, ail,, laa Kal auaraaa
i;a tlee woe poited oti tlie. irround on
a   ....I'liilaiyii. Mairi'h.  10lt,   Tina aapaalia'ailiaali I
Mill bo (Ileal Iii tl Mice of the Wnter Re-
eu '!' r nt l-'nirvlow.
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The Companion's Picture Calender
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overy one hi.ikim* a tjiii tubscription).
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Mew Su'-irriptiani Received at TfOff 6ilU%* THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Zam-Buk Will End It.
For skin rashes, eruptions, eczema,
etc., either ln adults or children,
there is nothing known to science
which equals Zam-Buk in the quickness and certainty ot its curative
power. Mr. Raymond Webber, ol Al-
lanburg, Ont., writes: "I have tried
•Zam-Buk for many ailments, and
every time have found it successful.
Some time ago I had a bad rash all
over my body. I tried home-made
salves, herb salves, and various homemade preparations, and these proved
of no use, but when 1 tried Zam-Buk
I was cured in a quarter of the time
that I had beeu experimenting in vain
with other preparations
"On another occasion I had one of
mi lingers crushed, and in that case
also Zam-Buk was the only remedy I
used. It healed the wound splendidly.
"My boy had bolls and once again
Zam-Buk brought about a complete
cure. We have also used it aB a household balm, for the Injuries and skin
diseases which are common to every
person, and can say that-In our experience there ls notning to equal
Zam-Buk owes Its unique healing
power to certain herbal extracts it
contains. Unlike most ointments it
contains no poisonous coloring matter, no animal fat, but is purely herbal. For eczma, plies, blood poiBon, abscesses,, ulcers,, cue, burns and all
skin injuries and diseases it is without equal and should be in every
home. 50c box, all druggists and
stores. I'se also Zam-Buk Soap, 25c,
What the Parii Police Are Paid.
The Paris police who risked their
lives in trying to arrest the members
of the automobile bandit band are not
The chief inspector, Oolmard, receives $840 a year and has reached
the highest rate in the service. Sergt.
Fleury has WOO a year. After him
comes Inspector Rohr, who arrested
Carony, for which day's work he got
Inspector Leroy has S1.34 a day and
Inspector Sevetre and Huet, wbo after watching for Beven consecutive
nights, arrested Raymond la Sciesce,
do not receive quite $1.25 a day.
Inspector Naeesens, who arrested
one.ot the gang, Paul Doehel, gets
the same amount.
It ls true that pensions are paid
after a certain length of service, but
It ls not surprising in view ot the
scale of the pay that goqd men in the
Paris detective service should be attracted by private work.
A lady recently stopped at an east-
end open-air butcher's stall antl purchased a Joint at threepence a pound.
She returned shortly after and complained that it was saturated with
naphtha from one of the butcher's
"S'welp me!" remarked the butcher.
"Vou gels don't want much — not
'arf! You've got a wing rib off a bullock what was bred by King George
hlsself for threepence a pound, and
now you ain't satisfied! You're askin
too much, mum. If you want your
Sunday's Joint flavored with lieuii-de-
C'ologne, you'll have to spriug another
Wants Other Women to Know
How She was Finally
Restored to Health.'
Umbrella* and Parasol?.
Fashions change In Umbrellas Sn
well as ln clothes. .We find on' visiting the London Museum thai; Gebrge
IV. used to carry a green silk umbrella fringed with gold, and about twice
as large as the umbrella ot today.
Parasols, too, have diminished in size
since they first came Into use. Henri
Estlenne, writing In 1578, speaks of
a parasol as capable generally ot sheltering four persons from the sun. And
when they diminished in circumference the material remained of the
heaviest. Red velvet parasols, with
heavy gold fringes, were carried by
ladies ot fashion in the days of Louis
XIV. At that time lt was possible,
when crossing a bridge In Paris, to
hire a parasol at one end and deposit
it at the other, the charge for the
accommodation being a sou.—London
That Was "Willie."
The late Bishop William N. Mc-
Vickar, of Rhode Island, harbored a
large soul in a body to match,. He
waB a bachelor, whose sister kept
house for him.
Ou one occasion he telephoned to
his tailor that he wished** to have a
pair ' of trousers pressed, and the
tailor sent a boy to his residence to
get them.
The Bishop's sister admitted the
messenger and called upstairs: "Willie, the boy has come for your trousers!"
When her brother appeared the
youth's astonished gaze traversed the
prelate's impressive "corporosity,"
then he murmured:
"Gee! Is that Willie!"
Thin, Watery Blood Leads to a BrsaU
down in Hoalti'i.
Thin, Impure blood is an invitation
to sickness. The blood is at workday and night to maintain the health
and any lack of strength or purity ln
the blood ls a weakness ln the defense against disease. Anaemia is the
doctor's name for lack of blood—
watery blood. There may be an
actual loss In the quantity
of blood, or ono or more of Its constituents may be lacking. The surest
symptom of anaemia is pallor. The
trouble is particularly common among
young girls between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, but is also found
in women of all ages, and quite frequently attacks men. It ls nearly always present and prevents recovery
after grippe, fevers, malaria, nnd operations, and fo- this reason a tonic
medicine is required in all theBe
cases to enrich the blood, build up
the nerves and restore health and
strength. And there is no other tonic
as good as Dr. Williams' Fink Pills,
as has been proved in thousands and
thousands of cases, among them that
of Miss Annie Turner, Marie Joseph
Post Office, N. S.. who says: "Dr.
Williams' pink Pills have been of inestimable beneflt to me. I was so badly run down that I could hardly go
about, was not able to help in the
work about the house. As my health
grew worse the trouble brought on
some species of fit. and when these
attacks would come on I would Home-
times- remain unconscious for half an
hour. After many other medicines
had failed to help me, my brother
got me a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and I began taking these. In
the course of a few weeks I felt much
better, and after taking the Pills for
a time longer I was again in tlie full
enjoyment of good health. I feel that
I cannot praise Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills too highly and 1 recommend
tliem to all weak girls."
You cau get tbese Pills from any
medicine dealer or by mall at 60
cents a box or six boxes tor $2.50
from Tbe Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont
Hammond, Ont — " I am passing
through the Change of Life and for two
fears had hot flushes very bad, headaches, soreness In the back of head, waa
constipated, and had weak, nervous feelings. The doctor who attended mc for
a number of years did not help me, but
I have been entirely relieved of the
above symptoms by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, Blood Purifier and
Liver Pills, and give you permission to
publish my testimonial."-Mrs. Louts
Beaucaiik, Sr., Hamniond.Ont,Canada.
New Brunswick,
Canada. — " I can
highly recommend
,, Lydia K. Pinkham's
1 to any suffering woman. I have taken
it for female weakness and painful j
menstruation and it!
cured me. " - Mrs. j
DeVkrk Barbour,
Harvey Bank, New
Brunswick, Canada.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from native roots and herbs,.
contains no narcotic or harmful drugs, i
and to-day holds the record of being the'
most successful remedy for female ills
we know of, and thousands of voluntary.
testimonials on file in the Pinkham lab- {
•ratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to prove
this fact. Every suffering woman owes
It to herself to give Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound s trial
If yoo want special advice write t«
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (coatt.
deatlal) Ljrua, Masa. Tour letter will
ke opened) read aud answered hy •
iremau Md hell In strict conHdoae*
Speaking Conscientiously.
Senator La Follette, during his recent visit to Philadelphia, said to a
reporter apropos of a Has' ...it piece
of hypocrisy:
"Why, the man's as bad as a Newport groom 1 heard of the otber da).
"Thin groom stood beside hts master
while a veterinarian examined a costly cob. The veterinarian at the end
of his examination pronounced tha;
cob incurable and took leave. Then
the ninsler, sighing heavily, turned to
the groom, and Bald:
" 'Well, .lames, what am I to do
With the poor beast, now?'
"'Conscientiously Bpeakin', sir, the
groom replieil, ' I think you'd better
part wllb him now to another gentleman, sir.'"
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
"When one hears of a drama without words," says a letter from St.
Petersburg, "the mind naturally turns
to the motion picture; but If the term
is used in connection with the enterprise ot II. Mardschanow the Inference Is wrong." "The theatre audiences have grown weary of dialogue,"
says Mardschanow, "and plays In
which action, music and scenery can
Uke Its place must become popular."
In order to demonstrate this theory
the dramatic reformer haa opened a
playhouse for the production of wordless dramas in Moscow, where the
first, entitled "Tears," will be produced tbls month. "The work Ib of a
higher order than the pantomimes of
former days," says tho writer, "and
although the actors may know no language except their own, tho plays
which they produce can readily be understood by anyone* "
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before It ia
packed—and they are as fresh as the product of your
own oven.
are the great favorites for every day use.'
They are made in the big sanitary factory In
Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or
In sealed tins as you prefer.
-And PONT forfet titi^
The COWAN CO., United
iritis.-^****, Ontario
Shopping is only half done if you forget the Maple
Buds. Children must have sweets.   Their little natures
crave (or dainty sweet things.    Bad for them P
Not Cowan's Maple Buds.   Pure milk, pure sugar,
pure chocolate.   What could be more nourishing
and wholesome ? What else could made them
such favorites with intelligent mothers?   Make the
children happy. Give them sweets you know are good.
Put Maple Buds on your shopping list
r**. mm. t**x*****t»
Nut ud d-iirn riihttrfd
Powerful Plea.
A man tn North Carolina who was
saved from conviction for horse stealing by the powerful plea of his lawyer, after his acquittal by the Jury,
was aBked by his lawyer:
"Honor bright, Bill, you did steal
tt- it- horse, didn't you?"
"Now, look a-here, judge," was the
reply, "I alters did think I stole that
boss, but since I hears your speech to
that ere jury, I'll he doggoned if I
ain't got my doubts about It."—National Monthly.
Didn't Make His.
A t'l'i'iuiii young man who prided
hlmielf on n brusqueliess that he
mistook for wit met an eminent but
tiiaiihy sculptor ut a studio supper.
"So, you're thc chap," he said on
being introduced, "thut makes mud
"Not all of them,' the sculptor replied quietly.
'Why do you refuse me a kiss?"
"Kisses    may  convey germs,"  explained the girl.
"That doesn't scare me. Didn't I
always lick your slate for you when
we went to school?"—Washington
"1 was always unlucky," he Bald
with a weary sigh.
'What'B the matter now, old man?"
bis friend asked.
"I've spent over $,.o.) on having my
boy taught to play the Addle, and now
his hair's all comin' out."
ISo a Tin.
_taa'tW._hM foot,oca wlt_iacliMpt__il.tt.iM_
amiu-ihomuin*!. »n,i bust hand
C-.kan. n.  will nam* sr mm ual .him
ettllklllalt, .
Nothing as Good for Asthma—Asthma remedies come and go, hut overy
year the sales of the original Dr. J.
I). Kellogg Asthma Remedy grow
greater and greater. No further evidence could be asked ot Its remarkable merit. It relieves. It Is always
of the same unvarying quality which
tho sufferer from asthma learns to
know. Uo not suffer another attack,
but get this splendid remedy today.
Not a Vacation.
"I met. William Morgan Shuster at
a dinner at the Savoy ln London,"
Bald a Chlcagoan.
Shuster was rather bitter about
Russia.   And no wonder, eh?
"Talking about Russia, he said he
thought it a fine place to keep away
froafc 'although,' he added, 'I muat
confess that a great many line, liberal-
minded peoplo have from time to time
taken a knoutlng there.'"
Wright—Hello, old man! Been In
Florida, haven't you?
Penman—Yes, for two months.
Wright—Do any writing; while you
were down there?
Penman—Yes, a lot of It,
Wright—What did you write?
Penman—Checks.—Yonkers Statesman.
Some Improvement.
"Jane got her new bonnet wet."
•'Did lt ruin it?"
"I should say not. It made it loot
more faahionably lopsided than boa-
fore."—Detroit Free Press.
There Is probably more trashy stuff
sold In tho baking powder line than
In any other line. Moat of It contains large quantities of alum. To
avoid the use ot this dangerous acid,
see that all Ingredients are plainly -
stated in Knglish on the package. Tbe
words "No Alum" on the package or
In an Ad. ia not sullieient.
Parson Was a Bachelor.
"In your aermon this morning yon
spoke of a baby a 'a new wave oa
the ocean of life,'"
"Qtille so; a poetical figure.'"
"Don't   yon think 'a fresh squall'
would havo hit tlie mark better?"—
Boston Transcrctpt.
1)01 8)S
■/   PILLS
V, '-  k  nr,1
b| A Witch In Fancy, but Not
| In Fact
The three traveling men drew closer
•round the bot stove iu the parlor of
Ibe little hotel nt Duhlgreu, I'u. Ben-
Ion, the cigar salesman, was continuing a conversation that had begun at
the snpper table n short while before.
"Ucntlomeu," he said Impressively,
"] know It sounds mlgbty fishy, but 1
actually did see wbat they call 'The
Witch of Dablgreu!"'
"When?" asked Cooper, the clothing
"On  my last  trip  to this  forlorn
hole," was Benton's caustic reply.
•'"And that was?"-
"Lnst April. It's a short atory: Want
to bear about It?"
"Yes, go ahead," urged tbe third
member of the group, Joel Clifford,
who represented a great wholesale
grocery house. He was a tall, good
looking, quiet sort of man, well liked
everywhere. There bad been a tragedy ln bis life which many bad guessed at, but few knew tbe real facts tn
the case.
Benton passed the cigars around and
lighted one for himself..
"Now, gentlemen," be began, "please
understand that 1 shall not feel in the
least offended If you do not believe
what I am about to tell you, but It
really happened to me ln this town.
Last April I arrived bere In tbe regular course of my travels end put up ot
tbls some hotel. I wss tho only guest
tbat night, and after supper I got to
talking wltb our host, whom you may
have sized up to be Just what he ls-
a narrow minded country bumpkin."
"lou're right," agreed Cooper
Joel Clifford smiled and shook bis
''head. "I can't express an opinion,
Benton, because I haven't seen tbe
chap. This Is ths flrst time I've covered this territory."
"You haven't missed mucb tn not
making bis acquaintance," growled
Benton, continuing bis narrative. "As
I said, I fell, luto conversation with
Linden and nsked him a question that
had been on the tip of my tongue for
several hours-in fact, ever since I had
heard a womau threatening her children with tbe wrath of tbe old witcb
on tbe crossroads. 'You certainly
haven't got a witch In tbis commonplace town?' I asked him Jokingly.
"For a moment be was silent, and'
then he stroked his long black beard
and muttered: 'We certainly bare, Mr.
Benton. The crossroads ls a good place
to keep away from.'
" 'Why?' I demanded.
"'Because tbere ls an old woman
there who can work a charm or cast
an evil spell over anybody. Mon, 1
know Itl' And the old fellow got quite
"'You're Joking, BUI Linden,* 1
"He scowled like tho villain that he
must be from hla looks. 'Mr. Benton,
wben I tell you that that woman hail
ruined my life you'll understand that 1
know rtbst I'm. talking about She
ought to hove been banged yeara ago-
tbat's Ihe way they. did' with the
witches In Jbe olden days,   lf 1 bad
my way she'd bang high now!* And
he fell to muttering to himself nnd
"'Guess I'll go and have • look at
her,' I uld half Jokingly.
"'You better not,' I was warned.
'She keeps a gun and winged Mason
Smith wben bo got drunk one day aud
attacked her house. Just opened ber
window and took aim, and Mason
went around wltb bis* arm in a sling
for three months after that'
"'Is she an old woman'/' I asked.
"'Must be,'was the reply. 'Hair as
white as anow.'
"'Where did sbe come from!' I Inquired.
" 'Nobody knows. Suddenly appeared In tbat little deserled bouse ou tbe
crossroads about flve years ago. Never comes out In daytime, but I've seen
her face ot tbe window, and some aay
lhal sbe rides at nlgbt on a snow white
horse. I don't know whether to believe that or not.'
"'You mlgbt as well believe the
.whole thing while you're about It, my
friend,' I grinned at him. nnd I Immediately went down to the crossroads
•nd took a stroll along tbe lonely wsy
that cut through dense woods. Why,
they must be back of tbis hotel!"
" Benton paused (o .relight bis cigar
•nd to marvel for a moment ou tbe
Idea that bad Just taken possession of
lilm. Then be resumed: "About n mile
down tbo road I saw a lonely llllle
bouse-more of a cabin than a bouse—
•et back In tbe woods ond overgrown
to the very door with underbrush.
Smoke curled from the chimney, nntl
I was staring at tbe windows when all
at once a face appeared at one of tbem.
I could not gee whether sbe was young
or old, but tbe face was white as a
sheet nnd on either aide of it bung
two heavy braids of snow white hair.
Tbe great dark eyes were turned to*
ward me, and two arms were lifted
either tn supplication or malediction.
"For au iustant 1 was rooted to the
spot, nnd then I rubbed my eyes In
wonderment, for suddenly she Jerked
backward, almost as If some one was
behind her compelling ber away from
the window. She disappeared from
view, and I walked ou, quite convinced that thf apparition l uaa seen was
tbat of some crated person. Nevertheless tbere was an air of mystery about
tbe whole matter, ahd the village gossip concerning tbe so called wttcb determined we to stroll around there late
lu tbe evening. 1 did so near midnight and was rewarded by n strange
"Just as I paused ln front of the
little bouse, wblcb I could locate only
by a glint of light from one curtained
wiudow, 1 heard tbe trampling of
horses' hoofs and there broke from tbe
tangled growth ln .front of tbe bouse
a otm wblte shape tbat I knew td be
a borse and a suggestion of dim white
above tbat I was convinced must be
tbe face and belr of tbe wttcb ot Dablgreu. Beside ber rode a black bulk
tbat must have been another rider on
ti black horse, and -for the Instant I
thought the witch must be riding with
her master, tbe devil himself.
"I had to fall back ln tbe bushes to
save myself from being trampled upon,
so furious was tbelr dash into tbe road.
They turned away from the village
toward tbe open country nod disappeared. Uentlemen, I was curious
enough to remain there until tbelr return an bour later, wben a pale moon
peeped from the drifting clouds.
"They*'were riding slowly now. and
the woman was pleading wltb tbe
otber rider, a man, I could see her
wringing ber wblte hands, and ber
voice, n low, sweet contralto, did not
sound like tbst of a deranged person.
Her accents were cultivated, but Ibe
mau spoke roughly ln reply, and I
hesrd her break Into sobs as he bustled ber towurd tbe house and they
disappeared beyond It Later I heard
the crashing of branches ns If the
horses were being led off through tbe
woods back of tbe hut, nud. uow tbat
I tblnk of It, It must bave been la the
direction of this, botel."
Benton frowned as be opened the
stove door and tossed In tbe eud ot
bis cigar. "I've often felt tbat I'd
like to Investigate tbe matter. You
see, I bad to leave early tbe next
morning, and this ts the first time I've
struck tbls towo since then, but my
first question when 1 met a man I
knew was, 'Is yonr wltcb still bere'.'
And be said sbe was. There's a mystery In tbe matter, because"— Benton
paused and stared thoughtfully at tbe
toe of bis polished boot
"Because"— suggested Cooper Impatiently.
"Because tbe voice of the black
rldcc that nlgbt sounded, mlgbty like
tbe voice of mine host bere, Bill Lin*
den," returned Benton In o tow tone,
Joel (.Word aroused himself from
the bolt lounging position be bad assumed wben Benton began bis narrative, and. although be bad been a
close listener to the atory, hla own
thoughts must bave made a aad running accompaulmeut to the tale, for
his eyes were full ot troubled reminiscence.
He lifted bis eyes to- tbe mantelpiece, where an old fashioned mirror
hung In such a position tbat It reflect*
ed the door Into tbe hall. Joel Glf-
ford saw n picture framed In tbat
doorway, ond be balf rose from bis
choir snd pointed with a shaking linger at tbe face he saw in tbe glass.
It was tbe face of a tall, black
bearded man, wltb a narrow bead ond
little block eyes gleaming wickedly be*
neath busby brows. He was staring
at Joel Gilford as If fascinated by tbe
younger man's face. Tbere wns ferocity In bis gaze, as well as surprise
and fear.
"Wbo la that mon." cried Joel afford excitedly as he whirled around
toward the doorway.
"It's Bill Linden, our landlord!''
cried Benton. And tben be pulled
Glfford violently uslde, for tbere wns
the deafening report ot a* pistol, and
the bullet Hint bod been Intended for
Glfford found another mark and shattered tbe mirror. There was another
report, and tbe landlord of the Dablgreu botel dropped dead upon tbe Boor,
kilted by bis own wicked' band.
Glfford reached blm flrst sud turned
blm over and looked closely at tbe
dead man's face. "He Is dead," be
sold briefly, and then, rising, he continued to tbe little crowd of people
lhat bad gathered ot tbe sound of tbe
pistol shots: "Gentlemen, this mnn is
not Bill Linden. That must be an assumed name, fur he has been well
known to the world as Cbatleld Chapman, n well knowu bauker wbo disappeared five years ago and wbo was
supposed to be dead. At lho snme
time be disappeared my young wife,
who was his only daughter, nlso dis-
appeared from my house, nnd from a
note that reached me a few dnys latei
1 could ouly Judge that botb of Ibenf
were dead.~ The-nolo was sighed by
my father-in-law, and he said tbst si
he bad failed ln business be .would end
all and thst he .would take Gertrude
with him. My search for tbem both
has covered five years,.and It must
end tonight, for I believe I bave found
tbe solution to the mystery.
"Cbatleld Chapman was passionately
fond of his only child and always
hated me because I loved and married
ber. It Is my belief that he lured her
away and bas kept ber prisoner In tbls
but ln tbe woods back bere. allowing
her to ride forth only at night for air
and exercise. Gentlemen, the ultcb of
Dahlgren Is my wife!"
Accompanied by n crowd of Interested villagers, the. tbree traveling men
hastened to lbe bouse ln the woods
and broke open Its barred door. There,
facing them with beautiful white face
frozen Into foor nnd ber grief whitened locks banging in heavy braids over
her shoulders, was Gertrude Glfford,
Joel's lost bride.
At ber scream of Joyful recognition
as her husband took her in his arms
once more tbe people backed out of
tbe bouse and left the reunited couple
alone with tbelr happiness.
Thus passed the wltcb of Dahlgren.
Irishmen Barred.
The reception given recently to the
Irish students at Gray's Inn recalls
a time when Irishmen, were not so welcome at the Inns of Court.- One ol
the earliest entries in the Bench Books
ol Lincoln's Inn is, Bays "The Law
Journal," an order, dated 1437, "that
no person born In Ireland should in
luture be admitted as a Fellow of
the Society ot 'Lyncollysyn'; and it
anyone born there shall hereafter be
admitted by any person or persons,
hi shall be expelled, such admission
notwithstanding." The rule seems to
have been in force in the tour Inns,
but sppears to have been relaxed alter a time by allowing special admissions. Lincoln's Inn permitted the
admission ot a limited number ol
Irishmen, but in the middle of the
lOl'.i century required tliat all Irish
students should have chambers in one
building, known as the "Dovecote."
So late as thc 18th century some disability attached to Irishmen. The tine
on admission to tlie Middle Temple
was £5, while other members paid
only £4;
Was Advised.
At a religious service in Scotland
the late Lord Kelvin noticed a youngster accompanying his grandparents
and looking wise as a young owl
through the sermon. ■
At the close ot the service Lord
Kelvin congratulated the grandfather
upon the excellence ol the lad's behavior.
"Och, sye." returned the veteran:
"Duncan's weel threatened atore lie
gangs in."
A Tudor Gallant.
A gallant's toilet was no easy business, and a slow or clum. y servant no
doubt got many an oath and blow il
he tailed to tie. up the points of tbe
hose, lace the doublet or arrange th..
stomacher and frilled shirt to his master's satisfaction. A gentleman's dress,
had so many fastenings, with so
much tying and lacing of bis garments together, that it was impossible
that he should ever get costumed (sic.
without assistance. The long hose had
to be securely tied by a number ol
latohets to the doublet; the doublet
itself was laced up the front, and
the sleeves, being slashed to ehow
the shirt sleeves, had also to be laced
sometimes.—History ot English Dress.
*•-■•'" -.,-  ■•'__««_____■_____;' .
■reeding  Over Yeur Worries Went
Lighten the Burden.
It Is the doty of mankind, even ln
depressing circumstances, to strive to
be cheerful. It ls tbe general belief
that lf a man Is not naturally light
hearted he cannot make himself so.
Yet this ts far from being the case,
and tbere Is many a msn who ls at
present a weary burden to his relatives, miserable through tbe carklng
care of some bodily ailment perbsps or
soma worldly misfortune, wbo, lf he
bad grown up wltb tbe Idea that to
be cheerful tn all circumstances was
one of the first duties of life, mlgbt
•till see a pleasant enough world round
Tbe worries ot a morose person win
Shorten bis days, and the general Justice of nature's arrangement provldea
tbat his early departure ahould entail
no long regrets.
On the other hand, tbe man wbe can
laugh,keeps bis health. Xo the perfectly' healthy laughter comes often.
Too commonly, tbougb, as childhood Is
left behind, the habit fails, and a halt
smile ls tbe most that visits the
thought lined mouth of a modern man
or woman. People become more nnd
more burdened with the accumulations
of knowledge and wltb tbe weighty responsibilities of life, but they should
still spare time to laugb.-Detrolt Free
In Seme Cases the Development 's I
markably Rapid.
It has been said tbat the seed of the
globe turnip when growing Increases
Us own welgbt Hfteen times within s
minute. The seed of tbls turnip Is
exceedingly minute, being not larger
tban tbe twentieth part of an Inch in
diameter, and yet In the course of a
few months tbe seed will be developed
by tbe soil Into twenty-seven millions
of times tbe bulk of the original, and
tbls In addition to a considerable
bunch of leaves.
On peat ground turnips have been
found to Increase by growth 15,990
times J.oe welgbt of tbelr seed eacb
day t'#y stood.
The funguses offer an Instance ot remarkably rapid growth. Tbe great
puff ball wilt attain the size of a pumpkin In a single nlgbt, and Lindley calculated (bat the cells whereof It ls
composed will multiply at tbe rate of
60,000,000 a minute.
Many seeds germinate in a very
short perlod-the cress In two days;
spinach, turnips nnd kidney beans In
tbree days, lettuce In four, melons and
gourds In fire, most of tbe grain seed
In n week and hyssop at the eud of s
month. But others remain for a ver?
long period without showing signs of
iern.lnntlop.-New York Heruld.
A Month's Record In Ons Province.
An Kasterner hears of the "American invasion," and he wonders what
is the extent ol it. Illuminating figures from Manitoba for October, show
that In that one month, 581 ol Uncle
Sam's people crossed the line on to
Canadian prairie in that province; 290
of these people were children. They
brought 748 horses, 163 head ol cattle, in 149 railroad cars.
Capable Engineer ef the National
Trani-ontinental Has Spent Six
Years In Charge of the Work and
Knows It From A to Z—He Is
Widely Known as an Engineer.Sur.
veyer and Inventor.
Duncan Macpherson, who has recently been- appointed assistant to
R. W. Leonard, chairman of the National Transcontinental Railway Commission, is one ot the best known civil
engineers of the Dominion and he haa
been assistant to the chiet engineer
ol the commission for some six years
so thst he is thoroughly tamiliar wltb
all the details of the big railway undertaking.
His promotion is an Important ons,
however, and means thst during MM
absence cf the chairman that he will
have complete control ol the work ot
this important department. The position is a new one but Chairman Leonard desires to make the commission
more efficient and to allow him to
have more time to attend to important work outside ot headquarters, he
desires an assistant with thorough
knowledge of the details and in Duncan Macpherson he feels certain tbat
he has such a man. The new assistant chairman ot the National Transcontinental Railway was born at Bath
in 1853 and comes of United Empire
Loyalist parentage. He was educated
at Napanee High School and the Royal
Military College, Kingston, graduating from the latter in June, 1880,
standing head of the class in civil
engineering, and taking high honora
In several other subjects and being th*
winner of Lord Lome's silver medal
for general proficiency.     Thia class
A Curious Oath.
The following curious oath was until recently administered in the courts
o! the Isle ot Man: "By this book and
by the holy contents thereof and by
the wonderful works tliat God has,
miraculously wrought in heaven above I root of the nail, wblcb fits Into tbe
snd in the earth beneath in six days I groove, os a watcb glass Into Its rim.
and seven nights I do swear that 11 The surfaces of aU these ridges are
Finger Nails.
Tbe nail Is a special modification of
the cuticle, the superficial cells being
harder, more horny and more firmly
adherent to eacb other than ln tbe
proper skin. Tbe deep layer of tbe
akin Is peculiarly modified to form the
bed of the noil, Is highly vascular snd
Is studded wllb almost parallel ridges,
tbe true skin overlapping tbe sides and
will, without respect of favor or
friendship, love or gain, consanguinity or affinity, envy or malice, execute
the laws of this isle justly between
our sovereign lord the king aud hit
subjects within this isle and between
Jiarty and party as indifferently as the
lernng's backbone doth lie in the middle of the fish."—London Standard.
Ourlous Mode ef Catching Turtles.
covered with growing cells which as
tbey flatten aud cbange Into born form
one solid curved plate, tbe call. Xalls
grow both ln thickness aud length.
Tbe Increase ln thickness is caused by
tbe formation of nerve cells on the bed
of Ihe null; the Increase In lengtb,
through Ihe formation of new folds at
lhe hinder part of tbe bed. The nail,
thus   constantly   receiving   additions
A curious mode ol catching turtles { from below and from behind, Is slowly
is practiced in the West Indies,   lt] pushed forward over Its bed till It pro
consists in attaching a ring and a line
to the tail ot a species nl sucker fish
known as the remora. The live fish
I.. then thrown overboard and immcdl
stoly makes lor the flrst turtle he can
spy, to which he attaches himself vert
firmly by means el a sucking appara
tus arranged at the top ot Tils head.
Once attached to tho turtle, so flrlii
is his grip lhat the fisherman on draw
ing the line brings home both turKi
aud the sucker.
jects beyond the end of the finger and
Is cut off at Intervals or worn swsy.
was the original ol 18 students enter*
ing st the inception of the college la
187G and has been known ever sine*
as the "old eighteen." In November,
1880, he was employed as rodman oa
the surveys for the extension of ths
Canada Central, which in 1881 was
merged into the C.P.R. Ho remained
on location and construction for tha
C.P.R. tor several years and in various capacities and was subsequently
given the position ot resident engineer
on maintenance ol way and construction ol branch lines, starting with a
territory ol about 400 miles. He was
afterwards promoted to division engineer witli duties and responsibilities
continually increasing until he was
given charge ol the whole eastern division, comprising 1,500 miles ol main
He resigned from the C.P.R. in
1905' after serving some 25 years with
that corporstion and accepted the position ol assistant chief engineer ol
Ihe National Trar.aeu..t:..ental Railway, a position lis has held with
marked ability until his recent promotion as assistant chairman ol tlie commission with a seat at the board and
ranking next In authority to the chair-
He holus a certificate as a Dominion land surveyor, and an Ontario
land surveyor, and is a life member
ol the Knglish Institute of Civil En-
sineers, antl a charter member ol the
Canadian Society ol Civil Engineers,
and ho is also a member of tlie American Railway Engineering Association.
He is a past president ol the Cane-
Floored (hs Bishop.
Dr. Ingram, Bishop ot London, who
has many Canadian admirers, declares
that chitdren-of whom he la very
lond-olten upset bim with their questions. ,, , .
Not lone aso the bishop was ad-
dressina a aathering ot poof children, about the name. This terrific bugbear
and at the close ot his remarks in- peers In at windows, flattens bis wick-
vlted fn/$oy or girl to ask him quae-' ^ foce against lbe psne, sharpens bis
tions. His lordship answered isvtta, | teetb with murderous distinctness and
but was Anally floored by a litus gin.. c(|rflei aw(|J crj|n, or notoy chl|dren
whq. asked! . „d the        lf \ |n a twinkling.  But he never enters a
A Scotch Bugaboo.
Nurses snd parents do not frighten
children so much nowadays wltb foolish stories ss tbey did a generation or
two ogo. Children ure not terrified
Into "being good."   But In the remoter
country piece, tbls objection..,., snd r^W^^^wTB^^Tod
dangerous form of tyranny still ""•' - '-
gers. In parts of Scotland tbe bodack
still has bis terrors for youngsters.
The chief of these specters Is "Tbe
Son of Plstter pool from grsy spike;
silken spike, great caterpillar." Tber*
Is olmost a Shakespearean suggestion
'Please, sir,
...Ik up and
when they had wingsr
is at present a member ol the council
ol that body, having been reoently
elected lo that office for the 14th time,
a unique honor in the history ol tha
sasociation. He i. also noted as tbe
inventor ol the Macpherson safety
awitch and (rag, which gives a solid
continuous main line antl which is
in use in Canada, the United States
and Australia and some of these Iters,,
have been in use on the C.P.R. for 14
ysars without renewal.
A dog's berk I. worse than his bit*,
waft  up  and  dronj'^i  ESHK|^^•SfJhL^Lh^S'JS'S!   eapeclntly wkeYbe'u chosiig n cat
Dr. Ingram escaped by blandly in-.
tifluiring, "What little boy or girl woold | brooi
ajtlke to answer this Question! jftark
I to summon blm Is enough, and tbe un-
happy child goes to bed quietly te
brood over nameless terrors la UM
London Cbronlcl*.
A man enjoys his boyhood days most
wben ba Is about fifty-five. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,    dentist,
block.    Phone 11 39.
A. Wright, of Vancouver, ia visiting in this city at the home of his
brother, John Wright, local agent
of the Great Northern.
month's     vacation    hy     enjoying
camping out life.' -
Mrs. James Rooke and daughter
have gone to the coast cities, where
they will visit friends.
0. M. Fripp will spend the bal-;
ance of the dog days at his cottage i
at t'hristinii lake.
Miss Margaret Hunner has returned to her home in Ean Glaire,
Wis., after a short visit-with friends
in this city.
R. B. Allen, late principal of the,
Orand Forks public school, left on
Saturday for the coast. He intends
to go to thc Peace river country
later on.
-    David  Shannon,   who   has been
confined in the Cottage hospital for';
a short time, is   improving rapidly.;
Miss Norma Manly, who has been :
attending college in Victoria, has re- j
turned to tbe city to spend her va-1
cation with her mother, Mrs. L. A.-.J
James Boyd has been appointed,
deputy (ire warden in charge of the!
district between Franklin and Lynch
Oreek.   He assumed bis duties this
FOR SALE—320 ocres of good farm
land, partly improved, with young
orchard. Write fur particulars.
Address Box 21, Green/Hood. B. C.
Hugh Glaspell, principal of the
Grand Forks public school, left today for Victorir, where he will spend
four week.
For Sale, at a Big Bnrguin—Five-
room .house and one lot on'First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable bnd woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.    W. J. Meagher.
Engineer L. .Skinner, of the Great
Northern, has returned to the oity
frnm a vacation trip lo Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. My'tton have
returned from a month's trip to
California and other coast poiuts.
Take ynur repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Miss McKinnon, of the staff of
teachers of the Grand Forks public
school, will spend ber vacation in
Vancouver and Victoria.
There is no reason why the city
should cut the weeds on lots in tbe
business section of the city, as long
as residents in the outskirts of the
town have to perform thia work
! themselves.
The Grand Forks baseball club de-
' feated Republic by a score of 10 to 6
j at Republic yesterday.
Gateway Lodge No. 45, I.O.O.F.,
installed new officers on Thursday
j night. J. F. McDougail, D. Peterson, A. R. McKinnon and W. Ross,
of Pboeuix, were present.
. A vote is to be taken on the 816,-
000 debenture bylaw next week.
There is no question regarding thc
needs, of an improved waterworks
system. The only point which
should influence the voter is the
question whether the men who have
charge of the undertaking will carry
it out satisfactorily to the ratepayers
Mr. and M. Hines, of St. Paul,
are visiting nt the home of Mrs. T.
Graham in Columbia.
By The Sun's prophet: The new
1500 city team will indulge in a
lively runaway at it o'clock tomorrow morning while engaged in road
work' near the McCallum slough.
Thescrnpcr will be saved.
Miss M. Haverty, of Spokane,   is
visiting at her home in this cily.
Born—In Grund Forks, on Sunday, June 30, lo Mr and Mrs. A.C.
Sutton, a daughter.
Rev, and Mrs. M. D, McKee will
leave on Monday next for tho Ar
row lakes, where they will spend n
Miss L. Allen has returned from
Spokane, where she bas been attend school.
Misses Avia  Michener and Vera
Reid are visiting friends in Kaslo.
Porn—At Christina Lake, on
Thursday, July 4, to Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Sandner, a son.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
to 435,000 pounds, bringing 'the
total shipped for the year to 10,565,-
000 pounds.
Unfortunate Abreviation
Cardinal Gibbons was discussing
Gilmore and his band.
"Gilmore," continued the cardinal,
"was famous for his playing of Mozart's 'Twelfth Mass,' On one occasion he played it in a North Carolina
town, and next day the local paper
announced that he 'rendered with
great effect Mozart's Twelfth Massachusetts.' "
Actor of Talent
Recently a letter of introtluction
was banded by an actor to a manager,
which described the presenter as an
actor of much merit, and concluded:
"He plays Macbeth,Richelieu,Ham-
liat, Shylock and billiards. He plays
billiards best."
A Complete Specification
Somebody asked Sir Kufus Isaacs,
K.C, tlio titlier day what were the
requisites for going to law. He replied: "Why, it depends upon a number of circumstances. I u the first place
you must have a goml cause Secondly, a good solicitor. Thirdly, a good
counsel. Fourthly, good evidence
Fifthly, n good jury. Sixthly, a good
judge. And lastly, good luck."
Suits to Order &18 iWrds
It Wc are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
thc advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. Wc guarantee satisfaction.
II Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is Dctter than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in thc country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and wc can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Rev. Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers tlio means of bis cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of charge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
ung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring tlie
description, which will cost tliem
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles. A: Abbott,
GO Ann Street, New York Citv.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
P. O. 60X1353 448 SEYMOUR ST.
Mens s. .Crottflley Bro*.. Matinheiter, Biiir.
Maker* tif Ga« ProiUicHT Plants nnd -HI
Kiigineu for general power or electrical
tlffl'ting- purposes.
Mebtri, Dick, KerrA Co, Ltd., Pri-nton,
Kiiglaiul Ktinipiiiciit for Mine* autl Contractors Light Locomotive* (ste.mi and
electrical), etc. i
Sterling Telephone Co., portable Bitot*
tiring machines for miners, contractor.1*,
proBpectors. The beet on the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Generntoi, Elect'leal  Supplies-
Electrical Heating   and Conking  Apparu
tus, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will reoelve our  prompt
attention.  Write for information.
Metal Quotations
New Yoiik, July 4.—Silver 61};
standard copper, $16.25® 17,00,
London, July 4,—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10*.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, July 4.—The follow
in» ure today's opening quotations for
the stocks ment unfed:'
Hid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated, 55 00 ,58.0s
B. C.   Copper       5.75     6 75
{■•iiMfslii'il Annually)
Kim-'le* trailers throughout the  world  to
. communicate direct with K'lglUh
lu each clasHof goods. Healdcs lieiiiir » oom-
i plete commercial guide to London anil it-
nut)arlis, the directory contain'*- list- of
w ith tin. Hoods they ship, and H-e -olonlnl
and I'oieign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they .all,
ami indicating the approximate Sailings;
uf leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
uentrcflof the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will he for-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 209.
Dealers Peeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for £1, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Abchsrch Lane, London, E.C.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
I Mclntyre   fi Clayton,  Props.
Dr$ four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JB« Columbia P. i
We are prepared to do
all kinds of '
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice andin
the most up-to-date style
We have tin? most modern jobhiiiu plant
In llm Boundnry Country, finplnj' coin
potent workmen, nnd curry n complete
line nf Stationery.
Billheads nnd Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
I'osters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws
Shipping Tugs, Circulnrs nnd Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in.nn
Up-to-date Printery.
r^nnn ppimtim_r—*■■"•■ki,,<*we,i"—■•* *n
VH-'V/l/  EMLUILIU   an advertisement, and
order will convince'you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Uty gum Print ita.?
Y&0(7 wW&v te?&vx!~
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete Stock qv
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (Urtiilgmnmit ol
KecelvMl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Honing a Spools!, y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooit Noitrn of Oiianhv Hotel,
Fiiist Stiikkt.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never (till. The-e
Villi «• exceedingly powerful in .ejulatlna the
Mneratlvc portion of the female system. Refuse
al-cheap Imitations. Dr. da Van's irelold at
15 a boxior three lor 110, Mailed to nny address.
Tha Soobell Dm Co., St. Catharines, Ont,


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