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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 5, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
GRAND FORKS, B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1913   '.*•■-,
$1.00 PER YEAR
1****"^ M 1'lHII   i*C*W
success. Tbe report points out that
whereas since 1904 about ''OOO tons
of cobalt were shipped in silver ores
trom Cobalt mines, which should
have been worth 110,000,000, mine
owners really only received I5G6,-
000. He then goes on tn deal with
various methods for the preparation
of metallic cobalt from its ores, and
states finally "the method of preparation by direct production with carbon could be practiced industrially
at very low cunt."
Ab regards the pure cobalt produced, he finds its tensile and com
pressive strength higher than nf any
of the ordinary pure metals, and
that it may readily be electroplated,
ii matter of commercial interest to
the electro plater. As regards alloys
of cobalt, with which he experimented, be finds them 'considerably harder tban the best tool steel,
so hard it was impossible to turn
ibem with lathe tools." Both elastic
limit and tensile strength are as
high as the standard specibcations
for structural nie el uteel. Dr. Gal-
mus is ti'iw bending his energies
chiefly on the production of a cobalt alloy suitable for automobile
parts, and is hoping for success in
this very important investigation.
. 1
The Agricultural Association
Holds Annual General
Faid All Debts and Has Surplus in the Bank—Officers Elected
The annual general meeting of the
Orand Forks Agricultural association was beld in tbe city ball on
Thursday afternoon. Tbe attend
ance was very large, and a grtat
deal of business was transacted
Tbe financial statement showed
tbat the association has had a must
prosperous year. After .in off
all the indebtedness of tbe society,
there still remains a surplus in tbe
bank. The total receipts for lbe
year amounted to over 14000, and
the expenditures were kept down
to a minimum. It as generally
recognized by the members that the
chief credit for the enviable record
made dnring ibe year wis due to
the untiring efforts of the retiring
managing director, August Sohnitter, and he was tendered a hearty
vote of thanks for bis services.
The officers elected for tbe ensuing year are: President, A. 8. McKim; vice president, ELS. C. Baker;
secretary-treasurer, Walter E. Had
den; directors, Dr. Acres, E. VV.
Stewart; C. O. Heaven, T. A. Mo
Intyre, R. J. Gardner, G. M. Fripp,
E. F. Laws and Eugene Herrick
G. M Fripp wss elected delegate to
the annual couveutit.ii of lbe provincial agricultural associations in
Victoria, witb August rkhuitter
cis Fritz. Vernon Forrester,. Lizzena
Irving, Cecelia Lyden, Ewing McCallum, Lottie Peterson, Gladys
Rashleigb, Muriel Spraggett, Vernon Siddall, Ruby Tryon, Hope
Williams, Jennie Miller.
Division V—Helen Campbell,
Annie Crosby, Alice Galipeau, Isa-
tHIe Glaspell, Arena Harkness,
Dorothy Jacobsen, Gertrude Krischke, Ambrose MoKiiiuon,Cbristopher
Pell, Antoinette Schliehe, Naomi
Division VI—Ernest Baker, J irk
Brau, Chirlie Co iper, Lennre Cronant, Howard DeCew, Margant
Fowler, Eileo Hnrkiie-is, Gladys
McLhucIiIhii, Msry Mills, Cleopbus
Montgomery, Denis O'Connor,
Peter Peterson, Alice Ryan, Eloise
Stafford, Robert Leyon.
Division VII—Orville Baker,
ClaraBrunner,Cecelia Crosby.GIa vs
Dimuiitt, Joseph Greuier, Peter
Harton, Harold King, Alberta Mc.
Le.id, James Needham, William
Nelson, Charles Wallace, Oswald
Walker, Z-lla Walker, Mary Errett.
Division VIII—Lola Baker, Margaret Bruno, Annie Crosby, Alfonse
Galipeau, Grace Graham, Tbe ma
Hutton, John Lane. Dorothy Latham, Vera Lyden, Flora McDonald, Leo Mills, James Pell, Alice
Peterson, Harold Qninlivan, Harry
Stacey, Veryl Steeves, Lee Sung,
Frances U'Ren, Leona U'Ren, Ren-
wick Williams, Willie Switlichnoff.
Division IX—Jennie Allen.Teddy
Caron, Kenneth Campbell, John de
Visser, Myrtle Dimmitt.Ruby Eyre,
Chow Fung, Hardy Griswold, Gun-
nar Halle, Mary Harton, Anita
Jaoobsen, Irene Montgomery, An
nie Marovich. Elsie Nelson, John
Peterson, Emily Penrose, Lloyd
Quinlivan, Frances Stafford, Charlie
Shannon, Clare U'Ren, Frank
Perfect Attendance
The    following   is    the    lint   uf
pupils attending   the  Grand   Fork
publio schuol   whu weie neither late
nor absent during the month uf No-
veto ber:
Principal's Division—GUdys Ar
diel, Edith Barlow, Marie Fritz,
Ralph Gill, Arthur Gilpin, Frank
Hartinger, Kobert Holmes, Rennie
Keron, Joyce McLeod, Harold Mas
sie, Stanley Massie, Margaret Mc-Il
waine, Sam Montgomery, Etntno
Needham, Quentin Quinlivan, Ray
mtind Quinlivan, Vera Reid, Alice
Spraggett, Archie Symes, Ronald
Tracy, Dean Galloway.
Division II—Blair Cochrane, Idi
DeCew, George Cooper, Fred Dempsey, Reginald Hull, Lawrence
Holmes, Chads Krischke, Edith
Larsen, James Lyden, Mildred Meikle William Meikle, Abrant Mooy-
. boer, Lturena Nichols, Al Peterson,
Holger Peterson, Walter Peterson,
Demsris Ryan, Catherine Stafford,
Heath Hales.
Division IJI—Lanra Allen', Hope
Benson, Snsie Brown, Dorothy Burns
Mary Cooper, Ted Dempsey, Murrel
Galloway, Margaret Graham, Mil
dred Hutton, Ethel Jacobsen, fingernail Jacobsen, Ruby Keeling,
G'wennie Mcllwaine. Eddie Mcllwaine, Kathleen O'Connor, Viola
Pell, Frances Sloan, Thelma Walker,
Karl King.
Division IV—Lily Ardiel, Bernard Crosby, Alfred Downey, Fran-
Body of   Alex
Lodged Against Grating
at Power House
Coroner's Jury Returns
Verdict of Accidental
Large Number of Entries for
Provincial Exhibition
Next Week
The following is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer ou E. F. Laws' ranch:
Nov. 28—Friday 29
2'J—Saturday   .... »4
30-Sund»y 33
Deo.   1—Monday  28
J—Tuesday   30
3—Wednesday... 27
4 — Thursday  24
Itainfall  01.9
Monday morning, at 7:30 o'clock,
lhe dead body of Alex Banyoskie
was discovered against tbe grating
in the big flume at tbe Granby
power bouse by H. W. Gregory
shortly after he came to work. Mr.
Gregory telephoned tbe authorities,
and the body was taken to Cooper's
undertaking parlors.
Coioner Kingston held an inquest
over the remains on Tuesday morning. Tbe jury was composed of*.
Geo. Clark, foreman; Jeff Dgvis,
James McArdle, Wm. Hoffman, R.
Campbell and M. Frankovitch. The
examination of a number of witnesses failed throw any light on tbe
circumstances surrounding tbe
man's death No one bad seen
him since 5:30 ou the previous evening. There were no evidences of
foul plsy on the body, and tbe jury
returned a verdict of accidental
death. Tbe remains were interred
in Evergreen cemetery on Wednesday.
Banyoskie has been working ss a
seotion hand for tbe C.P:R. for a
number of years bere, and wae well
known in the city. It is supposed that
be was on bis way down town Sunday night, snd while walking on the
flume accidentally fell in. That he
bad made an effort to get out waa
evidenced by the fact tbat be had
made a struggle lo get bis coat off.
When found Banyoskie was well
dressed, and he also had some
money on his person. A tobacco
sack containing a twenty dollar hill
and a ten-dollar bill was also found
near the body.
It is said that Banyoskie had in
tended   to   make a  trip to the old
30 country in the near future.
Annual Convention of Poultrymen Will Also Be
Held Here
Constable McDougail, who t
been stationed in this city for ahout
a year, bas been traneterred to Fair-
view and left for tbat place ' today.
Chief Constable Williams, of Greenwood, will take his place in this
city. Mi. MoDougall bas been an
efficient and popular officer, and he
leaves many friends here.
Mrs. Neil McCallum and Mrs. J.
A. McCallum received a message
from Toronto announcing the death
of tbeir mother, Mrs. Mary Wray,
on Friday morning.
The provincial poultry show
opens in the opera house huilding.in
this city, next Tuusday, and continues until Saturday night, the 13th
inst. Indications are that it will
be one of the best shows ever held
in the province, snd that poultry
fanciers from all sections of the
country will visit the city. Tbe
number of entrieB so far bas been
very large. Hnndreds of birds are
already bere, and it now seems certain that tbe most optimistic predictions for tbe successful exhibition
of fancy poultry and pet stock will
be realized when building is thrown
open to the public. Robert Wilson,
of Eburne, has been appointed show
superintendent. He arrived in tbe
city this week, and will remain
here until tbe show closes on December 13.
In connection with the show, the
annual meeting and convention of
tbe British Columbia Poultry association will be beld in the Davis
hall on Thursday, December 11,
commencing at 11 o.clock in tbe
morning. At 8 o'clock in tbe evening several addresses will be delivered. Printed programs for tbis
event bave been issued.
Dr. M.-J. Vigneux, manager of
tbe Nelsou Hockey club, wbile attending tbe annual meeting of the
Boundary- Kootenay league in tbis
city last Monday, made arrangements to bave one of tbe Boundary
teams play in Nelson on New
Year's day.    li   is tbuughl tbat tbe
j Pboenix   clnb   will be selected for
' this game.
R. H. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, inakeii the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
variouH sub customs utHces, ax reported to the chief office in this city,
fur the nnuitli of Noveiul>er:
Grand Forks  1*2,242 10
Phoenix     1,244 76
Carson        1B9 34
What Are Useless Dumps
Will Be Turned Into
Treasure Heaps
The mines branch of the department of mines at Ottawa   believes
Cisrciule  80 H2 it is on the trail of the discovery   of
I,,. i.»        a new process which will   put mil-
The Thomas orchestra is now fur
nishing titst-cluss music at tbe Empress theatre. J. E. Jones is associated with Mr. Thomas in lbe orchestra, aud tbey are prepared to
furnish orchestral, pipe organ and
piano, vaudeville, picture show and
otber classes uf music for dances or
Mrs Annie Pell bas received an
installment of ber first published
song, entitled "June." The words,
wbich  are of _a local color, are hy
i Mrs. Pell, wbile tbe music is by-
Vivian Brooks. It was published
by tbe Kirkus Dugdale Company,
uf Washington, D. C.
Total  13,757.02 lions into lbe pockets of silver mine
  owners and make treasure boaps out
Only about one more week now of what are now lhe almost useless,
remains in whicb private gx-eling dumps of the latter. The process in
Christmas cards can be ordered. question   is  one| for tbe reduction
                         of cobalt from its ores and tbe pro- Tbe prohibited time for   the sale
When Ihe beaten path becomes a duclion of alloys of tbe metal which of venison bas commenced, and
rut it is time to strike out on a new will fulfill tbe needs ot automobile persons are warned that it is an in-
trail. ,., and other manufacturers for a light, fraction of the game laws to pur-
strong material. Dr. H. T. Galmus chase the same now. A local hotel
of Boston has been employed to man was fined 15 last for having
conduct  experiments   at  Queen's venison iu his bouse.
university, Kingston,  to tbis end, 	
E. N. McBeath, ol Nelson, C.P.U. and has made a preliminary   report Robert Guise, *vbo was employed
tie inspector for tbis district, was in ot bis investigations, which indicate by the Grand  Forks Garage com-
the city yesterday.                           that be has met with  considerable pany lust spring, had a leg broken
It's the things that are not so
that cause most of the trouble in the.
world. .. .
this week by having hie borse fall
on bim wbile out horseback riding
at Midway.
Charles Mix returned this week
from a trip west of Midway. He
states tbat steel on tbe Kettle Valley
line has now been laid to the Summit, about eighty miles west of
Midway and fifty miles from Pen-
Lou Vernon, wbo has been musician al the EmpresB theatre for
two or three months, left on Tues
dsy for Aberdeen, Wash., to open a
new theatre.
Rendal Main and Duncan Mackay
arrivetl in the city this week from
Edmonton, and may locate here.
It is said lhat they are (sst hockey
At the meeting of the Grand
Forks board of trade on Wendeedsy
evening, W. M. DeCew was elected
president, Dr. Acres vice-president,
and F. R. S. Barlee secretary.
Read the advertisements in The
Sun before you do your Christmss
"Soft soap"  generally contain a
good deal of lie.
Pigs will be pigs next  year, and
finished hogs will be profits.
Making  one's   troubles    public
merely causes tbem to multiply.
Tbe   bone
of contention   is not THE SUN, Git AND FOifiiS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
i_x?J-n_fl,?i'flrlr?"s,*""ly,,i;'"'KO "'•♦"••••■i-.Uiiiisl.doilewllll
•n 'lou? it u a» tedlMllei nut th. Kta'eyi .,_■ not
. ,,. -ni.rmg ulc. impurities from His blood
iloine their work offillf
lT.'i'ii!!..1?.?^;- T"C5'_,"'['>"' "If mltSmrs '» ll«iruormil
nntl 0... Ire to be up «n_f ilomg. Fr0m all Dr unliti, w,;
Nillsssl Drag aid Chest. C*. si Cassia Liailt-j, Tarsals.
I "W money back if Gin Pills to vol c„„. ie0
Mrs. Goodwin of the New York Police
a Real Sherlock Holmea
In the Woman's Home Companion
appear,, tlie following account of Airs.
Isabella Goodwin, ilie famous dctect-
ivo ln New York pity In connection
witli tlie police department:
Here ls a real Shu-lock Holmes who
lias been Instrumental ln tlie capture
of hundreds of lawbreakers without
smoking a single pipeful ot tobacco.
Jibe Is Mrs. Isabella Ooodwln, police
matron, recently promoted to detective
of the Hi-Sit grade on the- New York
city force with a snlary of $2,250 a
year in recognition of her services in
procuring the capture of the taxlcab-
bandits, whose reckless exploits had
startled the city. Mra. Goodwin Is a
widow, forty-seven years old, the mother of three children, and her home
life is as peacefully busy as that of
any village housekeeper. Since the
death of her husband, a roundsman on
the police force, fifteen years ago, until her recent promotion Mrs. Goodwin
served as a police matron, Incidentally
exercising her gifts as a detective In
quietly gathering evidence against
hundreds of dangerous frauds and
Her elder son Is a detective of the
first grade, her sister is a department
store detective, and her daughter also
has already manifested ability in detective work. When the taxicab bandits after robbing two bank messengers of $25,000, had seemingly baffled
the police Mrs. Goodwin was enlisted
In the case. By impersonating the
sister ot the landlady of a boarding
house frequented by friends of the
robbers she wns enabled gradually to
pick up Information that was Invaluable to thc authorities in running
down the criminals. It was this case
that won her promotion and official
standing as a detective, y,\ through
her fifteen yearn of service sho had already done an enormous amount of
even more valuable though less sensational work In obtaining evidence
against over 500 ilitng_.rous swindlers
-astrologers, palmists, fortune tellers
and crystal gazers, psychics, trance
mediums, Hindu magicians, quack doctors and BU_*geo.i8 uud others that in
thc large cities prey upon foolish people, almost unmolested because of lbe
■difficulty of proving that they actually
violate Ilie law.
Well, Where?
j.ari-y was a cowboy bold
Who went out on a bat.
He whirled hia lasso once or twice
And  where was lariat?
Too Shallow
What alls lilm?
A coireTgo education.
Trying to put a quart of knowledge
Into a pint measure, I presume.
No other keeps the skin wl scalp
so clean and clear, ro sweet and
healthy, lined with Cuticura Ointment, it soothes irritations whicli
often prevent sleep and if neglected
become chronic disfigurements.
Millions of mothers use these pure,
sweet and gentle emollients for
every purpose of thc toilet, bath
and nursery.
Cutloura Soap Mid Ointment are aoltUtiToiu1iir.il
the world. A liberal uiaple ol caob, wilk 3'J-paaa
booklet on tho car* uut trcatneal or tbe Ikln anil
l-tlD. rent poit-lree. Aiiilrns roller Drug-.<-hern.
Deep., Dept. SUD, llottoa, li. S. A.
W. fl. U. 971
Bake It In Clay Into a Solid Maas and
Carve it With an Axe
When a Maine Indian has the choice
of a hedgehog, a sl-unk, a woodchttck
and a muskrat for dinner lie will select the first named invariably and
take the skunk as second choice, leaving tho vi oodchuck, which Is the only
one of the lot, a Maine white man will
taste, to tlle last. Vnlllce the skunk
and the woodchttck, which nre lean
and unsavory except for a fow months
In the fall, or tho lnuskrat, * which is
never fat and which has a strong flavor in spite of parboiling, the hedgehog Is always in edible condition and
has ment tliat is as tender and white
as that of a spring chicken.
The method of cooking a hedgehog
is so simple that a novice can learn in
ono short lesson. When the epicure
is permitted to make a choice lie
should shim tlio large old males,
which at times weigh thirty or forty
pounds. The preparation consists in
removing the viscera, washing out the
Interior and' filling the cavity with
slices of fat pork, peeled raw potatoes,
sprigs of sptarmlnt and wild celery
from the ..rook.
Then, without removing the quills or
skinning, the body is plastered thickly
with wet clay from the nearest bank.
Tbe muddy, bulky mass Is thrust into
live coals and covered with blazing
fagots to be roasted for two horns.
On removal from the coals, the clay
Is fouud to have been baked Into a
hard solid maBs, which must be
broken open with an ax or a heavy
stone, whereupon tbe sklu and quills
of the animal cling to tlie clay wrapping and fall away, leaving the clean
white meat ready to he eaten.
Making His Point
The correspondence was brief but
to the point.- The letter she received was as follows:
Dear Madam—We take pleasure in
-/hipping to your address till.! fine Persian rug, for which we shall be glad
lo receive your check. lf you do
not desire the rug, please return it.
Very truly yours, etc.
I never heard of such impertinence!
cried the lady. The Ideaf And she
replied aa follows:
Dear Sirs—-1 have ordered no rug
from your store, and I see no reason
why 1 should go to tho expense of returning a thing I don't want and
which was sent to me unsolicited,
Respectfully yours, etc.,
ln due time Bhe receiv *d this communication :
Dcav Madam—I am sending for that
unsolicited rug- Will you return the
favor nnd send for the uusollciced
charity entertainment, tickets? Twenty-tour He on my desk.
Wc unhesitatingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder as being the best, purest
and most healthful baking powder that it is possible to produce.
All ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
A Statesman
At a meeting of a woman suffrage
organization ln Kansas City, Kan., lt
wbb suggested that the members talk
to their servants and other women
workers with a view to forming an
estimate as to the strength of suffrage sentiment in mai particular locality. One member, who haa employed the same washe-woman tor the
last six years, reported that sbe put
the question to tbls worthy lady.
Are you In favor of votes tor women? the suffrage woman asked.
I don't pay attention to politics, the
washerwoman replied. I leave all
tbat to my husband.
Well, how does your husband Bland
on woman suffrage?
lie don't stand at all. Ue believes
ln women staying at home and minding their own business.
How many families do you waoh
And what does your husband do.
He ain't doing anything right now—
unless he found something this morning.
To Develop Zinc Mines
After listening to statements by
members of tho Board of Trade and
mining men of the district, in which
tho iii\.ess.ty for the continuation to
the Dominion Government of experiments in tbe treatment ot complex
zinc ores and tor thc appointment of
a royal commission to make a thorough investigation Into the requirements of tlte mining industry was urged, lion. Louis Coderre, Secretary of
State and Minister of Mines, has despatched Dr. Eugene Haanel, director
of the Federal Department of Mines,
Instructions to authorize E. Dldolph to
proceed nt onco with the work at the
zinc plant in Full-view. Expenses of
the work will he covered by 130,000,
which remains of tho grant of $60,000
originally made tor the purpose ot ex-
pertinents In methods of treating zinc
A Bourget Tale
The following story Is told by the
Matin, says the Observer.—A lunatic
was being questioned by a doctor.
Tell mc, my friend, asked the medical man, did they treat you well ln
the State infirmary?.
' -lit-iita," "doctor." nol   badly.    How
did they treat, you?
And wh«t Interested you chiefly
down there?
Oh, certainly the frequent visits or
an old chap who came ond sat down
iu my cell, put on bis eyeglass, and
asked me tho most Idiotic questions.
Ever; thing I replii: ho wrote down
in ,i little notebook. Of course the
poor fellow was mad.
The vlsl'.o.  was M. Paul Tlouvge..
Increase of Militia
Tito militia Is becoming more popular ln Canada. Figures compiled In
the Department of Militia and Defence
eiiow that tho establishment of thc
active militia to-day stands at approximately 711,900 officers and men, an
Increase of 8,000 In ft yenr.
Cannington Manor, Sask.,
Writes:—"My brother suffered severely from eczema.
The sores were very extensive, and burned like coals
into his flesh. Zam-Buk took
out all the lire, and quickly
gave him ease. Within three-
weeks of commencing with
Zam-Buk treatment, every
sore had been cured."
This is but one oi tbe many
letters we are constantly receiving
from people who have proved the
healing powers of Zam-Buk. Fer
eczema, piles, tore., burns, cuts
and all skin troubles there ia
nothing like this wonderful balm.
No skin disease should be considered incurable until Zam-Buk
haa been tried.
All Draffij|,, 50c. ftr Box-
Rtfut, Substitutes.
Testing Butter Moisture
A number of Inspectors employed
by tlie dairy antl cold storage branch
of the Dominion Department of Agriculture, aro now on a tour of the
country taking samples of butter In
order to ascertain if the provisions
of the Dairy Act are being compiled
with as regards moisture' content.
Nearly due hundred samples have
been taken in eastern Ontario already, and only three were improper.
Men Are so Uncertain
Why   did   you Jilt that man   who
wanted to marry you?
Because, replied the prima donna, I
couldn't decide whether he was ln love
with me or merely wanted to hear me-
sing for. nothing.
Warts are unslg-1-.ly blemishes, aud
corns sre painful growths. Hollo
wsy's Corn Curo will remove them.
Mistress (to newly arrived Norwegian girl)—Csn you cook?
Mistress—Can y t do washing?
Mistress—Can you wait ou table?
Mistress—Well, what can you do?
Girl—Ah can milk reindeers.
An Even Break
The roads today ave overrun by automobiles.
Well, the roads haven't got anything on the pedestrians.
Stomach, Nsrvea i.m   Thinker   Restored by Grape-IMuti Food
The number of persons whose ailments were suoh that oo other food
could be retained at sll, ls large and
reports are on the Increase.
"For 12 years I suffered from dyspepsia, finding no food that did not
distress me," wrltc-s a Wis. lady. "I
was reduced from 145 to 90 lbs.,
gradually growing weaker until I
could leav my bed only a short
while st a time, and became unable
to speak aloud.
"Tbreo years ago I was attracted
by sn article on Urapc-Nuts and de-
ddeifl to try lt.
"My stomach was so weak I could
not take cream, but I used Grape-
Nuts wilh milk and llm-, water. It
helped me from the first, building
up my system tn a manner most astonishing to the friends who hsd
thought my recovery Impossible.
"Soon 1 was abb Lo take Grape-
Nuts aud cream tor breakfast snd
lunch at night, with rn egg and
Grape-Nuts for dlruer.
"I nm now able to eal fruit, meat
a: 1 .icarly sll vegetables for dinner,
but fondly contluu., Orape-Nuts for
breakfast and supper.
"At the time of begLnlsg Grape-
Nuts I could scarcely speak a sentence without changing words around
or 'talklnt crooked' In Homo way
but I have become so st: mgtheued
tbat I no longer have that trouble."
Name given by Cam llan Poatum
Cereal Co., Ud., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason," and lt is explained In the little book, "The .load
to Wellvllle," In pkgs.
Bvsr read tha above Isttc, ? A new
one appears from time to tlms. They
srs tenulne, truf, I nd full f human
In.e rW
A Fine Voice
Sniltli—Youi* wife has a ''.ne voice,
JoneB—Yes, one of the best in the
world; otherwise lt would have been
worn out several years ago.
What ls more tragic than to forget
on 'the morning after' that cpnvlnclng
excuse you gave the night before?
Miller's Worm Powders work so effectively that no traces of worms cau
be found.. The pests are macerated
in the stomach aud pass away in the
stools without being perceptible. They
make an entire and clean sweep of
tlie Intestines, and nothing in the
shape of a worm can And lodgement
tliere when these powders are in operation. Nothing could be more thorough or desirable than their action.
An Old New York Grave
The oldest grave In Trinity churchyard. New "_.„.* city, so far as can bc
determined, ls tliat of Richard Church-
er. The stone on the grave Indicates
that the boy died at the age of live and
a half years, April 5, 1681.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward tor sny case of Catarrh thst
csnnot be eured by Hall's Catarrh
». JT. CHHNDT * CO., Toledo, O.
We, th« undertiinea, have known F.
J. Cheney for ths last 1« years. »ndbs-
Itove Urn perfectly honest In all business
transactions and flnsnolato able to carrr
tut ar./ obligations;made by nis arm.
Toledo, p.
gall's Catarrh Cure Is Ulran Internally,
ir directly upon the blood taa muo-
ons surfaces of the system. Testimonials
tent free. Price 76 cents per bottle.
Hold by all at-ugsltt*.   i
Take Hall's Family Pilla for constlpe.
That Settles It
Bill—Tliey say a ton of newly stacked hay will occupy about 500 cublo
feet. Three months later It will bave
settled to tour fifths of that bulk.
Jill—Well the poor tramps have got
to sleep some place, you know.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs.—I oan recommend your
MIN'RD'S LINIMENT for Rheumatism and Sprains, as I have used It
for both wit".i  excellent results.
Yours truly,
St. Jobn.
blgnsturs Experts
A number ot tbe larger banking Institutions employ from one to half a
dosen men whose sole duty ls to examine every check that comes In
through tho clearing house snd vouch
tor tlie genuineness of the signatures.
Follows Instructions
tli'ls'"" f**;1"*'* "fa small family tells ue
My wife Instructed our little boy
•Mien ho was Invited out to lunch the
other day that when he asked to have
a second helping of cuk'o he should
™„ ?'i Yo," n,ust *■"■>■■ No- I thank
>ou I have had enough, said sho. And
don t you forget it.
Ho ilidu't. Wheu asked if he'd
have some more cako he said: No I!
thank you, rvo hud enough, aud doit
you forget it.
To be Healthy You Mutt Keep tke
Blood Rich, Red ud Pore
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla are useful
L •?,<UsJeast caU80d by "'In or impure blood, and the list of such diseases is astonishingly larg.. Anaemia literally means a condition iu
when tho blood Is thin and wateiy-
Chlorosis is a form of anaemia most
common to growing girls. In rheumatism the hloo. becomes thin more
lapldly than In any other disease. After au attack of la grippr or acute
fevers thp blood is always thin and
impure, aud Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs
are tbe tonic to use during convalescence. When the blood is poor and
thin tho stomach suiters. * The food
ferments, gas and certain acids form
and tlie trouble is pronounced Indigestion or dyspersia. The nerves receive from the blocd all of their
nourishment to keep up their energy
and repair waste or dami^c. Somoi*
forms: of paralysis are caused by thin
blood. The progress of locomotor ataxia is stopped tn many cases when
the blood is made pure, rlc'i and red.
This Is only partial list ot the troubles having their orlgli in Impure,
watery blood, snd all csn be cored
by supplying the blood with Its missing conBtitu-ii Is.
This Is exaotly what Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do. Their chief mission ts
to make rich, ret- blood, aud this good
blood reaches even* organ and every
nerve In the human body, thus driving out dlsens. and bringing renewed
health and strength t thousands of
weak, despondent people.
Ask your neighbo.-s. There Is not
aii Inhabited cornel in Canada where
Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs bave not restored some sufferer, and all over
this country thei > are grateful people who do not hesitate to say they
owe health—In some cases Ufe itself
—to tbis great medicine. If you are
ailing begin to owl yourself to-day
by uslnt Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Sold by sll dealers ln medicine or
by mail at 50 cents a box- or six
boxes for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Bro.kvllle, Oat-
A Stags Eplsods
A breeze blew down the valley,
They set it up again
Stage scenes, you know,
Are apt to grow
Topheavy now and then,
Only 1 per cent of the cablegrams
sent ov.-r..ea. are concerned -with
family or private matters. Tho rest:
are commercial. Journalistic or official.
If tlte harem skirts are to contribute
to the emancipation ot woman much
will depend whether they bave pockets or not.
No man is
Than his
athlets hsvs dytpspsls sod his
b will seen Ml. One's stsn-tas—fsrss-
T KTths
I _ strent._   _
*•*  foHnsss sad strength sf mind or .
depend open the blood, tnd the blood la	
rsMtiw A hsslthy stomach, far ths stomach I* ths
laboratory where tbe feed fs digested sad sack sis-
■stats «ta taken op-or assimilated-whtah ******
•   "   In '     - • 	
> all tha eifsns of tha body,
jver and Udneys. ss well as
the nervous systtw, fttl tha bad effect it tha etos*
such at heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, ss,
Tke Meiiesl jWiiie«*i»
B.V.Pitrte.U.D., Buffalo, N. Y. snitttr* lioels
ef itliest* tjutttiont
about whioh svety titan
«>■ woman, tingle or married ought te knout. Sent
frit on rteeipt efCOeni-
ctni itanipi to pey for
wrapping ami maiUtig.
■eh is deranged.
Dr. Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery
Up the steMMh to dlgett feed Mopsrly, starts tbs
Itoer In to sew seUvity. reset lag the «tMas.ftsa tbs
bleed, aid tks wiett -srgaaa »l rich, red bleed, is-
etedetbttagIllyaesrltCed. TherefreeMagteABem
sf tbls uttaet sf satire SMdlelaal.pints hstbsaa
fWertMr.taew* ArsvsMO years. BretyvbeM
seme aettmrcu teU yea sf Ike goed It -a dess.
fttflftUSrSRfinMf* Miff flflWrafclM&fra? THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Why doesn't she takt
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop»headaoho promptly, yet do not contain any sf
the dangerous drugs common lnheadache tablets. Aak y«r
Druggist about them.   25o. a box.
Natiosai. onse an> Ohikioai Co. or can-.a, unm-rce, US
life is Uncertain
wooden   tub
--the   life   of
or   pail.       m
Save time—temper—dollars—by using
utensils that seem to never wear out
Made of
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer SE
Just ss good ss
Eddy's Matches
Daily Market Letter and Sample Grain Bags.
Send us your namo and address and we will
put yon on our mailing list—It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market iprlces for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading ot all
cars.    Oui* Car Tracing and Claim Departments work ln our
clients' Interests. We have every facility for prompt service and
we* gut best results for shippers.
fi Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whon© business has been built ud by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, $160,000
Heforencos,    nny    Bank    or
Commercial Agency,
KINLOCK PLACE T,ots nro selling fast. Why? Because it is admittedly
tho ti(;.«.t vitluo offered in Winnipeg. KINLOCK PLACE fronts on Main Steet,
120 feet wide, electric cur line passes the property. In spite of present money
conditions AVinnlpeg continues its phenomenal growih, tho building permits to
date for piesent year amount to 817,000,000. "Winnipeg has a wonderful future
nnd miliums of proflt will be mado by present day Investors. This ls your opportunity. Think ot what you may do now, uud not later on. Think of
what you might havo done. Get our look on profits In Real Estato.
KINLOCK PLACE Lots $200 each. $10 cash and 510 per month. Torrens Title.
22   Canada    Life   Building,
Winnipeg,   •   Man.
Agents wanted.
Advise  us what you have In  land
or Real Kstate for sale or exchange.
-With  no  obligation  on   my  part,
please  send  me  plan  and  ail  particulars of Klnlock Place.
Da Vlncl'a Prayer and Triumph of Art
While atlll a Pupil
It la told at Leonardo da Vinci that
while still a pupil, before hla genius
burst Into brilliancy, he received a
special Inspiration ln tibia way:
His old and famous master because f
of bis growing Infirmities of ago felt
obliged lo give up bli own work and
one day bade D» Vlnet finish tor Mm
a picture whioh lie bad begun, Tbe
young man had sueh reverence for his
master's skill tUtt bo shrank from
> task. The old artist, however,
would not accept any excuse, but persisted ln bis command, saying simply:
Do your best
Da Vlncl at last tremblingly seized
the brush and, kneeling before the)
easel, said tbe following pr~yer: It 1*
for the sake of my beloved master that
I Implore skill and power for tbls undertaking. As he proceeded bis hand
grew steady, hla eye awoke wltb
slumbering genius. He forgot himself and was filled with enthusiasm
for bis work.
When the painting was finished the
old master was carried Into the studio
to pass judgment on the result. His
eyes rested on a triumph of art
Throwing his arms around the young
artist, he exclaimed; My son, I paint
no more.
Gives a Quick,
Brilliant Polish
That Lasts
No Turpentine
Easier to Use
Better for
the Shoes
Canada Atlantic GrainCq., Limited
Grain   Exchange
Winnipeg,  Man.
.itabllshed   1910
me Guaranteed "ONE DYE for*
* •     All Kindt of Cloth. j
, ClMn. stmpl-.NoC-tan-Wof MlMakn. THY '
1   ITI Stud tor FrM Color Card Ind Booklet
*7   m
- Botip problem! sowed.
Clark does the worry.
tug eud ihe work—
•al miutm -a-iefec-
Order » a-dottme.it.
WW"   *i
fiiHttA.___.__  *
Fish In the Sea of Galilee
Bible .students may be Interested to
know that there ls still good fishing in
the sea of Galilee. Dr. Ernest W.
Qurney Masterman, who hat. practiced
medicine ln Galilee, made a dieolal
study of fishes found tliere anl ln a
recent book says that he found forty-
three, varieties, twice as many as can
be found in the Frltlah Isles. The
fishermen are taxed a fifth of the value of the fish caught, tlio revenue
going partly to tlie sultan antl partly
to a pasha In Damascus.
Mlnard'a Liniments Curea Burns, Etc.
Deserves no Credit
When a man can do a tiling that
you can't observed the philosophical
boarder, you generally explain lt on
the theory that it's nothin.,- for lilm
to be proud of—he's merely gifted in
that direction. Can I have auother
cup of coffee, Mrs. Irons?
The Oil for the Athlete.—In rubbing down, tho thletc can find nothing finer than Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil. It renders the muscles nnd sinews pliable, takes the soreness out
of them and strougt-tens them for
strains that may be put upon them.
It stands pre-eminent for this purpose, and athletes who for years
have been using lt can testify tn ils
value  as a lubricant.
What They Oo With Wood In Germany
In Germany, says the Scientific
American, wood Is t.o expensive to be
burned, and It Is made lulo artificial
silk worth (11 a pound and bristles
worth |4 a pound, Into paper, yarn,
twine, carpet, canvas and cloth, l-'rotn
sawdust parquetry llooring ls made.
The materials for tills may be bought
by the- pound and then mixed so that
the householder can Iny ltls own hardwood floors according to his individual
taste and Ingenuity.
Ship vour Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Writ* for Price List ant. Shipping
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
mifif wrks. mmm & nrorirci
LUMSDSN  aiJtm.njgmtjl') TORONTO.
mufti re* rteies. "*""*'    at-ara.
Why George Exploded
I never knew that Gcorgo had such
a frightful temper.
How did you discover .tat he has
lie took mu to a baseball game, and
whon I asked lilm why they didn't
make the bats square nntl the diamond
round the language he used was terrible.
Public are Warned   Agaltiat   Strong
Smelling, Oily Liniments Containing Harmful Acids and Amonla
Many people have clung to the old-
fashioned Idea that a thick, greasy
liniment Is tho best kind. Doctors
say not—and they know.
Recently a number of those whits,
oily liniments ..-ore analyzed and they
were found to contain an enormously
high percentage of harmful adds, and
such Irritating chemicals as amonla,
etc. For the moment they may cause
a warm sensation, when flrst applied,
but their continued use never cures
rheumatism, and only deteriorates the
skin, gets tip Inflammation, and
causes endless trouble.
When the doctor warns you to quit
using a white, oily liniment—do so.
He knows that a thick liniment can't
penetrate, can't sink through the
pores and reach the seat of the pain.
Whon asked his opinion a few days
ago, an Important physician stated
that he considered a strong, penetrating pain-subduing liniment, such as
'Nerviline," to be superior to any of
the white ammonii. liniment... In his
twenty-flve years ct practice he had
witnessed cases ot rheumatism, sciatica, and lumbago that simply would
not respond to ordinary treatment-
hut Nerviline cured them. The same
physician also spoke of the great advantages of keeping a preprvatlon like
Nerviline ln the house, because of'
cramps, diarrhoea, stomach disorders,
earache, toothache, headache, and
such miner ailments. Nerviline ls
first-class cure. There ls scarcely
au ache or a pain, internal or external, that Nerviline won't cure. In
thousands of homes no otlier pain-relieving medicine is used. Fifty years'
continued success nd the endorsement of the profession are proof that
Nerviline Is tlie liniment for the
All Is Well
Vour letter came. Glad jor. bought
a team of.horses. Hilda ls sick. She
has diptherla, and she will die, I
think. Clara died this eve. She had
It too. Wo aro quarantined. Five
of FUber's family have got It. My
wife is sick. Site hain't got tt. If
this thing gets worso we may have
to get a doctor. Them trees arc bud-
tliiig good.     Everything O.K.
A Safe Prediction
Well, wlmt is your oplulun ot1 aie
political outlook now?
My opinion of It Is that there Is going to bo a lot of useless talk before
unybody Is elected and tha' tlie man
who Is chosen will not succeed in
satisfying everybody who voles for
Mrs. Ailclar.. Oulllott"**, Bt Kruno,'
Que., says: "My little boy cried night
ami day from stomach troublo and
nothing Bcenied to help lilm till I got
a box of Unity's Own Tablets. They
soon made hliu well and happy ugalu.
I have also found them valuable at
teething time." Thousand, of other
mothers have tho samo praise to offer not only for stomach (rouble and
teething troubles but for all the mln-
o Ills of llllle cues. Tho Tablets
are Bold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 23 cents a box Iron The Dr.
Wtlli.'.inB' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Can alwaya make sura ef setting tha highest prices fer WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their ear lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
When   You Cross tha   Atlantlo
Chooie    the   OLD   RELIABLE     ___^_^^_^^____^^
the pioneer line of Atlantlo Steam Shipping. Recently two palatial new
steamers have been added to the Cunard Canadian Service, the "Antlanla"
and "Alaunla," carrying one class cabin (II) and third class. These
splendid ships afford every luxury and comfort for tho accommodation
of passengers. They are fitted with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy, Submarine Signalling, eto., ln fact, every modern device for tho safety ot
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing-room, Smoking-room. Open and Covered
Promenades,  Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) S.S. "Alaunla" carrying one claee cabin (II) and
third class only.   Early applloatlon for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, l_o-ton
and New York apply to Local Agents, or
THB CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD.. 304 Main Street, Winnipeg
Grain Commission Merchants
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William.
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advancea Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Notify Peter Jansen
Fisherman—Here comes another
dead lish Pat. The river's full of
them.   Whet's tlie meaning of lt?
Pat—Shure, I cannot tell at all, at
all, sorr, onleBs It's thu terrible fut
and mouth disease.
Much of the original to be observed
about us docsu't show many signs of
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If yon have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Kmart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist-* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid; 25c, 50c,
Murine Eye Solve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c.    Eye Books Free hy Mall.
tut U* T»»le «m* tw AH tn. Uut tw One.
Murine Et* Remedj Co.. Chiena*
III.I n *i ,»* ttr
tftht CmiiIiii"—
e» i.trrnti.f
bitter) ,f cutlet.
It thi tins a,tear,
llmplt ilicrltllm
if tbt Dimtslitt
tlell In tvtry detail.
Sn.i*f this tern is
llbt ixitsiiilnt tbt
rant* ■"»»'/•
W. N. U. 973
Save 30%
on your New Range
That's about $20.00 isn't it) And you can
save it by ordering direct from the factory (the
biggeit malleable range plant in Canada.)
Dominion Pride Range is the range you would
choose al an* price—a beautiful steel range with
unbreakable doon, castings snd lids of malleable
iron—a range tbal saves coal —a range io solidly
built ihat wilh care il will last a lifetime.
Aad you csn secure a Dominion Pride Range by
making a small payment wilh your order—the bai>
snee on terms to suit your convenience.
Dominion Pride
Thouiandi upon thousands •
of Canadians have seat to us
direct for their ranges,
and we have yet to hear
a complaint. Our unconditional guarantee
goes with every range.
Canada Malleable & Steel
Range Manufacturing Co.,
Send a free copy of your book
"The Evolution of thi Cookstove."
Freight THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Qtyr (SranbJrTorka &im
a. A. Evans, Editoh and Publisher
■ „- Voui     H.-0
•ne Tear (In advanoe)  1.00
'ne Year, In United Statea  I.M
tridren all nommimloattoiis to
THa Urasu Fohks Sum,
'nn KTi Ghand Fohks, B.C
The McBride-Bowser ma-
chino is making a desperate
tight to elect the government
candidate in the Islands.
Nearly every cabinet minister,
besides two or three M.P.'s
and half a dozen M.P.P.'s, including the member for Grand
Forks, are working uight and
day for Mr. Foster. The Liberal candidate must be a dangerous man—to the machine.
One is almost tempted to believe that the government i.s
afraid that some of its past
misdeeds might be brought to
the light of day in the event
of opposition in the house.
Me .ie is a sample of what
one may run up against in almost every quarter today. It
is from the Simcoe (Ont.)
Reformer: The new Wilson
tariff in the United i-States has
assuredly given the Canadian
farmer some of the advantage
—not all—he would have gotten from reciprocity. But you,
Messrs. Consumers, who carried Hags am' worked and
shouted and voted to save us
from the Yankees, where do
you get off at? Our American
cousins are eating untaxed
Canadian beef. Do you eat
anything from the United
States untaxed, to even up?
Don't all speak at once.
A Tory paper at the coast
objects to charges of graf' and
corruption being made against
the provincial government because it injures the good
name of British Columbia
abroad. The conviction of a
thief injures his name, and
the obtaining of a divorce
brings with it more or less
disgrace on the parties concerned, but no one has yet advocated hiding these crimes
for the good of society. If
this were done, crime would
become rampant and immorality grow   beyond  control.
Why, then, should the government be immune from
criticism when there are reasonable grounds for believing
that corruption exists?
As was expected by The
Sun, the government's recent
move to settle the Doukhokor
question appears to have died
wnere it started—in the attorney-general's office. It was
only a ruse to bring the watering faithful back to the
The first statutory meeting
of the shareholders of the
Grand Forks Canning Company, Limited, will be held on
Saturday, December the Oth,
1913, at 8 o'clock in the evening, at the Davis hall.
FreeSeed Grain and Potatoes
By iiiBtrtleti'iiir* nf ill" itiiiiisier nf
agriculture h ili'iriinitiiiri nf-u|ierinr
sorri- n* (_;ntiii anil |iiiIhIiipii will lit*
iii-ioV illiHlig lh»* ciiuiiiit! winter ntnl
spring tn C'ln-iiliiin fiirtncrn. The
gitiuplei. for irfiifrHl diiJ.,.rH,.i.j<>n will
i-misii.1 nf n|irii.g wht-nt (5 piiUnfb'),
white nals (4 pounds), hurley (5
pounnV), mid field pens (5 pounds)
These will he sent nul frnm Oltaws.
A distriliiitinn of pliTatnes (in three-
pound Kintlples) will lie earned on
from n_ivpr.il of the experimental
farms, lhe Central Fnrin at Ottnwn
-npplvinj/ only the provinces of On
tario and Qit*-hec. All sample.) will
he sent free, hy mail.
Applicants must give particulars
i'i regtrd to the soil on their forms,
and Sturm account nf such expet*
ience with such kinds uf grain (or
potatoes) as they have grown, an
tbat a promising Hurt for their cTui-
ditions may be selected.
Each application must be separate and must be signed by the applicant. Only one sample of grain
and one ol potatoes can he sent to
each farm. Applications on any
kind of printed form can nnt he ac
cepted. If twn nr more samples are
asked for in tbe same letter only
one will be sent.
As tbe supply of seed is limited,
farmers are advised to apply early;
but the applications will not neces
sarily be filled in the exact order in
which Ihey are receivei1. Preference
will always he given tn the uuiHt
thougUful uml explicit reqtieslH,
Application* received after the end
of Jaiiu-iry will probably be loo
All applications for grain (and
applications from  the  provinces  of
A Christmas Gift
Worth While
'pHKKE'H nnthiiis. ynu etiulri
| think nf tlmt will express better the spirit of helpt'ulnt'H'
and good will than the »ifi of i.
guild watch Km- front hein'^ merely
ornamental, it represents h lifetime
• •f useful seivii-e and permanent
Our Christmas Hisnliiv showa nil
tiie standard L'tim-nuteed ni'ikes in
l lie newest models; at pi-iei-H ranging,
from $11) tn U.0. in ipi'd filled ni
sniid yoM eases, Anv walch se
leeUjd now will he set aside on pny
ment of a small deposit. You will
have a better opportunity to shop
if ynu call now while the stuck is
complete and before the tush eem-
See out- window display.
Ontario and Quebec for potatoes)
should he addressed to the Dominion
Cerealist, Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa Such applications
require no postage. Ifotherwise addressed delay and disappointment
may occur.
Applications, for potatoes, from
farmers in any other province
should ba addressed (postage pre
paid) to the Superintendent of the
nearest Branch Experimental Farm
in that province.
■1. H. Ghisdai.k,
Director,   Dominion  Experimental
For Sick   Headache,  Sour Stomaoh,
Sluggish Liver and Bowel*—They
' work while you sleep.
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indlges-
I Uod, Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches come from a torpid liver and
clogged   bowels,   which   cause   your
stomach to become filled with undigested food, which sours and ferments
like garbage in a swill barrel.   That's
| tbe first step to untold misery—Indigestion, foul gases, bad breath, yellow
, skin, mental fears, everything that ls
j horrible and nauseating.   A Caacaret
to-night  will give your constipated
I bowels   a   thorough   cleansing   and
' straighten you out by morning.   They
. work while you sleep—* 10-cent box
from your druggist will keep you feeling good for months.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar tttidTam-
iirac Posts. Prompt at-
tention to phono ordrrs,
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light. ' i
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and seo if we don't
make good. I
Mclntyre <& Smitfi
Adopt the use ol Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money makers lor oilier*.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, as they enable blm lo
quickly locate the place where
he can find his requirements.
Will he find your business
Christmas Suggestions
Santa Glaus' Headquarters
Rocking Horses
l$3.,r)0, $6.50 anil $10.00
Kid Body Dolls
25c,   50c,   75c, $1.00
up to $5.00 each.
Dressed Dolls
25o,50c 75c, $1.00, $1.25
$1.75. up to $11.00 each
Boys' Own Annual
Girls' Own Annual
Special, $2.00 each.
Mechanical Toys
lOo, '25c, apd 75c
Christmas Cards
At all prices.
Call at our store and see our large line ot Fancy
Goods, <zJe4'trrors, China, Brass Goods,
and many other lines.
mWt'J'ee our window in regard to Doll and
Magic Lantern to be given away.
The Holiday Store
No neeit having piles any longer!
No need ot suffering another day)
Stearn's Pile Remedy (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remedy Is a combination of the
lately discovered, high-priced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, ai.d IT 8TOP8 THI
So sure are we that Steam's File
Remedy will benefit you tbat we will
not satisfied. '
This is thc ouly pile remedy that
we can gunrantce and wc know you
will thank ur for lulling you about lt
We have thu exclusive agency.
riartin flu lien
All Kinds of Draying
Wood and Coal
OI'Hflh AT
The Mann DrugCo. 's Stoi e
I'l I'M* JI
RE-.IDl.NtU PHi.l-.il K Id
Grand  Forks Transfer
Soli Attn, l-e
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds,
Bus ana Baggage at All
Mclntyre fi Mclnnis, Proprietors
London Directory
(' ii* lUhitti Aiiiiimlly)
Kimlilen traders   thr.ni.. limit   the   Wm Id   tt
communicate direct with K'lglltli
in cai'li fiji-M of if..•mI*. Btttdn being « o»i'th»
liktp coinine'clnl guide tn l.ni.dnii nntl it*
• llblirliH. the directory contain*  lift- of
with tlio liiioiU <ihs*y •.hip. nntl the ColottUI
Mid Foreign  Market* the) tlt|i|ily;
itr ranged under the I'orti to which they null,
ami Indicating tht approximate Salllnits:
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchants, eic, In
the principal provincial towtm ami Industrial
oentre* of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition -vill be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for $5,
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trude cards lor $5, orlnrger advertisements from ft15.
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Barns fi O'Ray, Props.
PFone 68 Second Street
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
as H" is today?
Enlai-fledjmprovfed and
Better than evtr
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and The Companion Practical
Home Calendar for 1914.
IM -t.rfcriK Sir*
ilnfllon. Maw.
Subicriptiom R.c.wiel at tht. t
TIE LONDON DIRECTORY CO., LTD.,    Rpil(1 |V Slln ^^~'
25, Abchurch Lime, I/indnn,  E.C. on ciinrnl pvpiiIh 1   '
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Bonar Law addresses meeting and
challenges the British government to
arrest Sir Edward Carson. He declares that civil war will follow Pre
mier Asquith's attempt to force the
passage of the home rule hill.
The defiant tone of Bonar Law re-'
gat-ding the attitude of the Unionists
toward home rule, coupled with the
prime minister's speech on Thursday,
ieads the London newspapers to (ore-
cast a bitter strnggle in the near future.
Joseph Martin says lawmaking
Canadians visiting the old country
affect false imperialism An empire
pa-lianient is also deprecated. Hn
declares that it would cteate dis>t*nl
between the powers at London and
Mr. Justice Clement, who is ordered
to refund moneys charged for   traveling on circuit, Will  take the case to1
the supreme court at Ottawa.
Tt is reported that SU'fansson's
scho mer has been crushed to pieces
in the ice floes of the Arctic. All provisions and instruments lost, but the
crew and scientists are safe.
Winnipeg seeks a reason for the in
crease in commodity prices.
Gifts for Christmas II Christmas Puzzle
We Have a Complete Line of Useful Articles That
Would Give a Lot of Pleasure to a Friend or Relative
Ladies' and Gent's Writing Desks
In many designs and finishes.
Oneeda   Community   "La
Rose" pattern exquisite
Large and Comfortable
Easy Chairs
In Oak and Leather.
Rich and Sparkling Cut Glass.
Faqcy China, and many other articles too
numerous to mention. A visit to our store will
convince you that you can make no mistake in
purchasing your Xmas gifts here. Purchases
made   now will   be   stored   till  Christmas.
/ o
/ R A
/d n m
0 l\
My solution to
the above
**pO the first three persons sending in correct solutions of the accompanying puzzle the
following prizes will be
First Prize:
5-lb. box of Candy.
Second Prize:
1 lb. Fancy Chocolates.
Third Prize:
\ lb. Fancy Chocolates.
The correct answer will
be printed in this space
December 19, 1913.
Address answers to
John Donaldson, Columbia P. 0., Grand Forks.
Everything to Eat and Wear for Christmas
The Mexican rebels are ready to
start marching on the City of Mexico.
Geo. Villa says his forces are working harmoniously with one common
end in view.
Ralph Lopez, slayer of six men, is
trapped in a mine at Bingham, Utah.
Dispatol.es from Constantinople report trouble between Turkey and
Russia over the reported suicide in
prison at Constantinople of Kavakli
Mustapha, - who was sentenced to
death for the murder, last summer, of
Schefket Pasha.
The Conservative machiae is busy
in the Islands constituency Intimidation and other low political tricks
have already heen started.
A friendly settlement of the home
rule question is still likely. Despite
the militant speeches a couple of days
ago, optimism still rules:
The grain season is marked by a
total ab-wit-H of C P. R. c _r sh-jrtage.
One   hnulrel   million   bjsInU   wis
moved by the railways fruin thd  wait
without the slightest hitch.
The testimony of an expert in the
freight rate uase at Ottawa is criticized by the (J P. K.'s counsel.
The campaign in the Islands is
waxing warm Wholesale traffic in
votes is revealed by the correspondence between the secretaries of the
Vancouver and Victoria Conservative
The couusel for the government
formally closes the freight rates case
at Ottawa insofar as producing evidence figures.
Western Cauada wins many prizes
in the international line stock show
at Chicago.
A represenative of the Conservative
party in the German reichstag advocates a. tariff war against Canada.
Starvation results in thn evacuation
of the city of Chihuahua by the Mex
ican federal soldiers. A step toward
the capital is gained by the rebels.
Five miners are- entombed by a
cave iu in the Golden Cycle mine at
Criple Creek, Col.
The deportation of the Hindu from
Victoria js said to he assuming a very
grave aspect. The decision handed
down by Chief Justice Hunter causes
perplexity in lawmaking circles. The
natives of India are growing restive
and  seri ous trouble may result.
Seven Mexican federal generals are
anxious to surrender, and the back
bone of Huerta's dictatorship is believed to he broken The oil coin
panics dual a severe blow hy refusing
to furnish oil for national railways.
The French government of Premier
Rarlhiiu *as defeated bv a vote of
290 to 265 in the chamber of deputies
today on the question of whether the
new loan I2tiU,000,000 should be sub
ject to taxation or immune, like the
existing renets.
! The house at Washington discusses
the naval holiday question, and the
advocates of the project   predict   the
! passage of the resolution. Mexico is
the only cloud on the horizon.
President Wilson reads his first an
! nual message to the United States
congress, His words are few but very
much to the point. The Mexican sit-
1 uation is briefly dismissed. Trust
legislation will be taken up later.
I    Ten persons are reported dead   as
the result ot  a big cloudburst at Bel-
I ton, Texas.
European manufacturers will, it is
reported, supply munitions of war to
Provisional President Hnerta.
Now is the Time to Get
Fitted Up for Gold
The Fa& That We Are Doing
the Business is Evidence Enough
That   Our   Prices Are   Right
CAMPBELL'S for Quality
Twenty eight lives are lost in a fira
in a rooming house in Boston.
Poker games will be stopped and
cigar stores close on Sunday in Nelson.
Immigration officers of the United
States * ie busy t o frustrate plans of a
secret organization in Manila to flood
the Pacilic coast states with Hindu
Transportation is held up by the
strike in South Wales bv a refusal to
handle freight from Dublin.
Sylvia Pankhurst says the militant
suftraitettes will make themselves a
leiier to the cabinet ministers.
The Ottawa Evening Citizen claims
to have ieajned that an increase iu
the British preference and a revision
downward of a number of the schedule of the present tariff ant advocated
bv the western wing of the Liberal
The municipal engineer of South
Vancouver resigns because he did nut
have enough work to do to cam his
Two ltegiua newspapers amalgamate.
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
l^ew nam CSS harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited./
A. A. Frechette
The Dominion parliament wiil
meet on January 15, and a busy session is predicted. Redistribution bill
will be contentious. A recommendation will he made for old age pensions.
For five and une half hours today
the railway board listened to the arguments of James Bicknell, K.C,
Toronto, chief counsel for the government iu the western rates case.
Premier Asquith, at Manchester,
delivers his last speech for the year on
the home rule bill. Sir Edward Grey
blames the Unionists for antagonism
to the measure.
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Wonderful Value
The best dollar's worth offered
today ia a year's subscription to The
Family Herald and Weekly Star ol
Montreal. Any bome not now re
ceiving that paper iB missing a treat
for every member of the family—
from grandfather or father down to
the youngest lot. Try it for a year
and you will be convinced. The
publishers will refund your money
if you are not satisfied. It is certainly worth your while to try it for one
Each "Pape's Diapepsin" digests 3000
gralna food, ending all atomach
misery In five minute*.
Time It! In live minutes all stomach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of
gas, acid, or eructations of undigested
food, no dizziness, bloating, foul
breath or headache.
Pape's Diapepsin ls noted for Its
■peed In regulating upset stomachs.
It ll the surest, quickest stomach rem*
etly ln the whole world and besides lt
Is harmless. Fut an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent caae, of Pape's Diapepsin
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Ave mlnutea how needless It Is to Buffer from Indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It'a tbe quickest,
surest and moat harmless atomach
doctor In the world.
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Secondhand Store
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work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have a splendid stock ol stationery
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Armson the shoe man has removed
to his new stand, corner Bridge and
Fourth streets.
They are usually best
and most satisfactory
in the end.
is a home product of
genuine merit. Get a
a case today and try it
now/   Ask for it.
Between theRocks
tt ruin and disaster the Fire Insurance
Policy' safely sails the thoughtful man.
Fire, Hood and famine, loss ot home
and friends may wreck your fortune,
but the right kind of an insurance
policy" will always be a haven of refuge
Insurance of All Kinds
Established 1901
A Bridge of Ants
A species 01 ants which spin silk Is
common ln hot countries. The ants
nest in trees, blndlni the leaves to-
gether to make their nests. The silk
used for this purpose .3 not secreted
by the adult ants, but by tho larvae.
In order to attacli tbe silken threads
ttnd drew Uie leavet together the ants
must carry the larvae about from one
leaf to another. Whon two distant
leaves are to be drawn together a re-
inarkable method ls employed. Five
or six i.nts form a chain bridging the
gap bstween tlio leaves ln its mandibles. A number of such chains will
co-oporato in bringing two lenves together.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief— Permanent Curt
Iiii.  Purely vejet-
•Ue—act ium!
the fiver.
Slop «fl
ctlieindi-l -  _
gotoon—improve the complaioa— brighten
lhe eya. Small fill, Small Dost, Small Price.
Genuine must leu Signature
made by the modern masters — Ctirotoli, Olass,
Heberlln, Ghadwlck nnd
Lowendall — are among
the musical treasures to be
found described and beautifully illustrated iu our big
Musical Encyclopedia, and
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their real values.
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bnt a few of the Items you
wUl find described In this
big Musical Encyclopedia,
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every person thinking of
buying a musical instrument
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tysHYrnrm wtwsrc
Something  better  than  linen  and  no
laundry bills.     Wash lt with soap and
Water.     All mm - - or direct. State stylo
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When buying; your Piano insist on having* an
Piano Action
Thero are twenty-eight pounds ot
blood in tho body of an average grown
up person, and at each pulsation the
heart moves ten pounds. *
1 KlDNE^
"CHT-S   D  5<
° "-. ij t: t r s >'*
60c, • bex or six boxes for $2.60,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
WHEN you buy a "Sask**Alta" Steel
Range you make a permanent
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Gentle Reminder
It was midnight The man had entered the house as quietly as possible.
His shoes made eome noise. Ho had
just reached the door of tbe bedroom
when he teard eome one moving la
tl") bed as lf aboui to get tip, and he
paused. The sound of a woman's
voloe floated to his aars.
If you don't *ike your boots otf when
you come Into this houso, lt said,
there's going t. bo trouble, and a whole
lot of It Here It's been ralulng for
three hours, and you dare to tramp
over my carpets with your muddy
boots onl Go .downstairs and take
them off this miiunc!
He went downstairs without a word,
but ho didn't take off his boots. Instead he went Btralght out into the
night again, and the pal who Was waiting for him saw n tear glisten In his
I can't rob that house, he said. It
reminds me of home.
Was Ordered   by His   Doctor,   But
Complete  Cure  Waa   Effected  by
Dl*. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills.
Almost  anyone  who  ha»  suffered
from appendicitis   wUl   assure   you
that this troublo developed only after
months or years of derangements of
the liver and bowels.
Appendicitis can almost Invariably
be prevented, and very frequently
cured, by tlie uso of Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills. In the case described in this letter tho doctorB bad ordered an operation, but a thorough
cure was brought about by this great
Mrs. .T. A. Ballantyne, Sturgeon
Falls, Ont,, writes: "My busband
was treated for nK-endlcltis, and the
doctors ordered an operation. But
he would not consent to an operation
and began the uso of Dr. Chase's
Kldney-Llver PIUs. Since doing so
he has had no need of on operation,
or even of a doctor, as tho trouble
bas completely left him. I cannot
And words io epeaU our gratitude for
hie cure."
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all dealers, or Edinanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Translantlc Record
Mr. J. W. Alcxrwler, chief engineer
ia the White Star Co.'s service, who
has just rotlrod, crossed the Atlantic
912 times. Dt-lng the thirty-eight
and a half years he has never missed
a voyage. The whole of his seafaring
career has been spent ln association
with tho White Star floet. It is computed that ho hns traveled 3,000,000
miles at sea. Mr. Alexander commenced and ended bis seafaring career
ln vessels named Oceanic.
No More Asthma. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy sounds the
death knell of this trying trouble. It
stops the awful clioklug.and painful
breathing. It guard, against night
attacks and gives tenewed ability to
sleep and rest thc whole night long.
Much ls chitmec", for tltlB remedy, but
nothing but what can be demonstrated by a trial. If you suffer from
asthma try lt and convince join-self
ol Its great value.
Explained at Last
O'Keefe—'TlBsthrango how slow an
arthlc explorer thravels whin he's goln'
towards the polo nnd how fnsht he
covers the ground comin' frum lt.
O'Shoa—Nawthln' Bthrnnge about lt,
bodod! Shure, don't th' law Iv gravitation tache us that It's harder to go
up tbln to come down?
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
Pictures to Teach Farmers
The Department ot Agriculture for
Ontario is nothing it not wide awake.
Thanks to Its activities, the quality
of agriculture ln the province during
the last decade has substantially improved, as official figures show. Learning that the mcvlng picture machine
was being utilized elsewhere for agricultural demonstration work, the
officials of the Department have been
studying the possibilities of the cinematograph for the extension of their
own work. It is believed that moving pictures wo .Id be particularly
valuable at tlie lectures which for
some time have been an attractive
feature ot the farmers' Institutes.
W. N. U. 973
Possible Mourner
And there was not a soul to mourn
his death.
Oh, well, there may bc some lime.
How can ihere be?
His widow may marry again
The only building material that has not increased
in price is
Il makes qpnciete that yon csa depend upon lot satisfactoiy result-, whether you use it (or a silo
ot a garden walk.
High quality and low price sre msde possible by efiaeat organization and  mtaufacturiai
economic! due la a large aad growing demand.
See ibat evoy bag ol cement yoa buy bean ika "Caaada" tabal—k is your gusrsntM
o( ulafaction.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Wrrltfir a fiat eity if the bttk " Witt lit Farmer Cee Dl Wilh Cms."
u-di i. ins Vuuosu ia stictiaaKtWHiss.
No. 100.
Mr rani
Our 14KM wan w
the FiMlvd « I—...
CihlbltlM. CutbiiX
Five o'clock
_  „     Uuut-inbo
IB LlCO. V-ird Lact
Saaklat •MUM   At
nmlet tt*wt M*
" tll-atiati-s em
em <-ll_»l ol   Plll-w
Lac*. Mat It., tc inr
tan ol woria. Tha
ica.aul.era ara vary
(lai M aay tttt,,.
___JW.SM   'Im******
ftlAOW LACS   «|.
Why the Burglar laughed
Ona ot the most Interesting collections of burglars' tools ls that possessed by Canon Horsley, rector of
Bt. Peter's, Walworth, England, who
years ago was chaplain at Clerken-
wcll and Fentonville. A short time
ago he took to a bazaar a big assortment of skeleton keys, Jemmies, crowbars, and a photograph ot Charles'
Peace, onco a member of his congregation. Tho canon is an authority on
burglaries, and tells a good story of
a burglar who uneu to carry pieces of
doctored liver for silencing dogs. One
night he entered a bouse, saw a dog's
staring eyes ln the hall, and nt once
produced the liver. The animal did
not more and on close Inspection the*
burglar dlscovoied that the (log was
stuffed. Here ls a ]cke! he thought aud
laughed so uproariously that lbe members ot the household awoke antl he
was caught.
Patent Your Ideas—No delay, tind
we will sell it for you If Iln idea lias
merit- Send sketch for tree report. Information on patent and I let cf inventions wanted mailed free.—J. A.
MACMURTRY & CO., Patent Attorneys,   154   Bay   Street,   Toronto,  Can.
Mas. Winslow's Boothincv svaup lias tKeii
xxteA tot over SIXTY VKAKStiy MIW.10I.Sd
Is Hit beat remedy ior DIAKKIta'A. It ir. »I»
polutelv Iiar.ii.cs-. Bc sure and ask lor "Mrs.
Wlasloir'a Hootliitig Syrup." nnd Uke no oil a
ki-uL  'iirentj._ivei.-enUa bottle.
•teat ■iic*rpn,ct'i»KS tn son icweAK:;rss.i.osrviooi
._ —   _   —. -       tAPR AND
_ _ LAtTIHQ CU ftfc
■ K11. IvUi IIAVKKft .*.<.**. P.V, iiam ro i r. ■**.*_»,
congenial needlework at borne; irisko
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atlnr ctiBhlon tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dept. 13., Brcdall-ane Block, Winnipeg.
Keeps It Well
Nell—Don't you think Miss Antique
keeps hor ag.. remarkably well? Hello
—Sine.    Sis never gives lt away.
Or. Morse's
Indian Root PIUs
exactly meet the need which so often
arises in every family for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only are they effective in all
cases of Constipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the system
and purifying the blood. In the same
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments.
Jn the fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are      n
A Household •Kmme,sta*
These Pills Cure Rheumatism.—To
the many who suiter from rheumatism
a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
is .recommended. Thr-y have pronounced action upon the liver and
kidneys tind by regulating tlio action
of theso orgo-fl net ns an alternative
In preventing the adinlx'.uio ot uric
acid and blood that causes this painful disorder. Thoy must bo taken according to dlrccllo.-.B nnd used steadily and Ihey will speedily give evidence, of tliclr benetlclal clfcclH.
New York's Speedway
Drivers of fast horses In New Yovk
city have tlio costliest speedway In
tho world. It cost UO0O.00O and Is
reserved by the cily for tho special
uso of (irlvors of fast horses, lt br-
glns nt Ono Hundred and Vlfty-flfth
street :.nd extends not-Ill to Dyckniun
street, n distance of four and one-
quarter miles.
Minard's Liniment for sals everywhere
■jI.iss Windows
Olass windows were first used lur
light in 1180.
A Legend of Lace
According tc Melchioi' da Vogue, the
legend of lace is as follows: A Venetian sailor gavo his ladylove a frond of
spreading seaweed to keep blm in
memory wbile at sen. But the girl
found that the 3eaweed was rapidly
drying up nnd dlBapi-earlng. So she
caught tho line branches and leaves of
the plant with thread ngalnst n pleco
ot linen and, working on, with her
thoughts following her lover, invenled
A Natural Obstacle
He—If you women did get tbe rlgbt
to vote you couldn't lu the nature of
things keep lt.
Sho (Indignantly)—Why not, sir?
Ho—Because lt is a secret ballot,
you know.
and cream
There's a delicious smack
in these crisp, appetizing bits
of toasted corn that brings
brightness and good cheer to
many and many a breakfast
Toasties are untouched by
hand in making; and come
in tightly sealed packages-
clean and sweet---ready to
eat with cream and sugar.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Out.
J**M*M*-H»*l-++-***flt<.*t«4.***i i
She Was an Apt Pupil    ;
— 11
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«*WflH**»***»»» '
Waving aside an obsequious attend-
aut Panllns Fenn passed between row*
ef glass Inclosed desks to her father's
private office. She tapped before opening the heavy door and found him silting In grave meditation before a woo*
Sre on the hearth.
He turned, his head as bis youngest
daughter entered and sat down la th*
opposite chair.
"I've done It at last, father," she said,
rather breathlessly.
"Dona what?' he asked la a startle*
"Broken my engagement to Roger."
"My dearl" He jumped up and pae>
*d"be floor thoughtfully, now and tbea
as vowin itEvaxaa wins saa skohia
uncoil., hts oornvrms.
bis keen eyes searching her yonsg
face.  "Are you wis*?'
"It. is best"
"I thought yon wert fond of Roger-
loved him, In fact"
"I-I did." Sbe was speaking nerr-
eusly now. "Rut yon know he Is la
no position to marry now; ths doctor
has ordered him to go west and lire la
tha open for flvo years, otherwise ha
predicts a total nervous breakdown. 1
had a note from blm tbls morning. □•
his sojtl his seat on the exchange and
Is going to buy a ranch In Montana.
Hs wanted me to marry hlto at one*
and go with lilm."
"And yon have seen blm?'
"I want to bis office. I tald hla
what yon ssld -that if be mnst give np
business, why, you wonld back him
with money to any extent and whsa
we were married ws could lire tn tha
same style to which I am accustomed.
I could go with ths same people and
nnjoy the samo amusements of my sat
I simply couldn't giro np all those
things and sort of grub along, uow,
could I, father?"
Ho frowned thoughtfully.
"I thought you coald, Polly, bat It
teeins I am mistaken. Roger Data
weat Into Wall street whon ba wu
nineteen. For fifteen yeara ha hu
worked like a steam angina, bat th*
englu* his htcn overworked; lt Is a
On* plac* of mschantsra, and If It continues ta work without rest and repair,
why, it will go snsp som* dsy and on*
et th* claanaat and aqaamt man I
know will spend tu* rsmalnder af bl*
days in tha mad-tons*."
"Father I"
"-Ibt That ls th* plain truth, t had
ftofttr htr* yesterday and offered te
do anything for him that money and
friendship can do; h* was engaged to
my daughter and J .wanted to help htm
for that reason, as well as because I
admire his pluck. He refused point
blank to accept any help. Sold th*
111* ef Us exchange seat would set
him op on a paying sbeep r>_ich tn
tha west, and he also declared that he
had an old fashioned notion that ha
wantad to provide a homo for his wtfs
with his own bands."
Paulina was silent for s moment.
Her cheeks wero burning uow.
"But mother would bo broken hearted tf I married Roger now and want
on ta a ranch. It Is a primitive life at
Iha bast, aud ( woatd b* shut out ot
the society of my Wends, nnd tha oth-
l cr gins wouia ae so moranea. -cney
have married so well, yon know.
Mother never did approve of my engagement to Roger," she explained
"No, she did not approve of it," ha
returned coldly. "Your mother and I
began life humbly; your mother worked In a millinery store and never haa,
a pair of Idd gloves until she was married. Now she has married three ot
her daughters to penniless bat titled
foreigners, and the fourth sbe withholds from an honest American, I
should think two countsssas and l
princess quite enough glory for on*
plain American family to acquire and
quite all I can afford," bs added grimly.
"I thought you'd be ratber glad,"
aaid Pauline uneasily as she arose to
go. "Under tbs circumstances, I wonder lf yoa car* lf I go abroad with
Helen." >
"Just as you please, Polly," be satd'
aadly. "All I live for Is to make you
Wben he was alone John Fein drew
his chair to the hearth and gazed long
Into the flre of apple tree wood. A
close observer might have noticed that
something very like tears glittered la
his One blue eyes.
Six months afterward Pauline Fenn
stood on the steamer at Southampton
and watched the passengers coming
aboard for tha homeward voyage. Het
lovely face was a trifle thinner and
tbore was an air ot restlessness about
her that disconcerted tbe dark little
monkey-like man wbo stood at iier elbow, chattering.
"Mademoiselle, ah, yes, tees a gay
scene—Ilka Cherbourg—but England
ees wbat you call tame, dead I"
"Do you tblnk so, count!" murmured
Paulina indifferently,
"Hal - There Is na country like
France, no city like Paris'."
"Toa hare never seen America or
New Tork," said Pauline over her
"I go tha happiest of men now ta
Interview mademoiselle's papa," grinned the count delightedly, tor D* wu
quite true that Pauline's sister, ths
Countess de Lean, had arranged a
match between her beautiful sister and
a money hunting little patrician, Count
Servan Lagrcs. Helen (was accompanying her sister to New York, and
Lagres had taken passage on the som*
Sbe tried not to regret tbe step sh*
bad taken in breaking ber engagement,
but every bour ot her stay abroad bad
been spent to the accompaniment ot
burning remorse and useless regret.
She had not given her promise to Ta-
gres. Sbe had not even encouraged
him, but Helen was pushing tho affair
ln her high handed way, and Pauline
was meekly being lad. She blushed
wben she thought ot wbat ber father
would say when he saw this fourth
foreigner presented as a possible son-
"Mademoiselle ls weary. Come and
alt down and I will send a cup of toa,"
twittered tba coant at ber elbow.
"Pleas* go awayl" cried Paulin*
Pauline moved aiowly along tb* rail
until ah* could look down upon a little
group of second cabin passengers.
Two were separated trom ths others,
a pale, anaemic looking man and a little pink and white roly jioly woman.
Th* woman was spaaklng despair-
"George, I don't know 'ow lt 'ippen-
ad; I 'ad tbe pursa sowed tight In my
skirt and now It's gone, every shllltn'
that I've scraped and saved tor this
goln'!" Bar voice broke auddenly and
tha man'a thin hand gripped her shoulder.
"Cheer up, Sally, old girl; maybe Jos
'II 'alp us out; *e promised lo meet us,
you know."
One day during tbe voyage Paalln*
found them out and heard their atory.
It wu a simple on*. They bad bean
engaged for many years. George Marston was bailer and Sally was upper
housemaid ln tb* same nobl* family.
George's health had deserted him, and
a brother In Canada bad offered Mm
land on which to build a horn* and
plenty ot work it h* would com* to th*
Wben Pauline left them they war*
.riotously happy. Her generous pock-
stbook had replaced tb* contents oi
Bally'* wallet and they were ta repay
hor whan they could. Tbey were Independent.
Th* remainder of th* voyage Paulin*
want about wllb shining eyes. Helen
conld not understand tha new mood,
and tho cdunt brok* tbrough bis conventionality nnd proposed outright and
was refused.
He proposed again and was refused,
and yet again witb kindly bnt monotonous regularity. Wben tbey reached
quarantine be borrowed funds trom
Helen and morosely decided to tak*
tbo next boat homo without tbat Important Interview with Jobn Fenn,
•      •••»••
Roger Caie stood On tbe veranda of
his ranch house aud looked away over
the slopes where his sheep were crowded, huddled (locks of dusty gray against
the green grass. From tb* flecks and
tho rippling hills bis eyes tamed to
(bo winding trail that led from town.
A light bnckbaard was approaching
the. ranch, aud he law that whllj th*
outfit** wits Ms own and on* oi us man
wu driving there wer* two passengers In the roar seat On* wu a citified looking man; ths otber was a girl
dressed in blue. Now, Roger Dal* was
not in tha habit of receiving girl -visitors, and hla Interest wu quickened
at the sight of th* newcomers. He
•topped into the house to make anxious
Inquiries of the Chinese cook.
When he passed through his sitting
room to th* front porch Pauline Fenn
waa standing tber* looking at him wltb
wet, wistful eyea.
"Pollyl" ha cried, with unbelieving
Sbe nodded. "Roger, I hav* came.
Father came with me. I cannot b*
happy without you. I want too**
rancher's wit*"- She never finished
her confession, for Roger's arms wer*
around her and Us bronzed chaak
i.as against hers.
"You sr* sure, sur* you won't regret
It love?' he asked aver and over again.
And Pauline clung closer to him and
whispered softly wbat George and Bally had awakened ln ber heart
"I won't regret anything so long a*
w* ar* together." iha said.
Order ef the Thistle.
The Order of tho Thistle is the smallest of tho three great orders ot knight
hood In Great Britain In point of numbers. It consists of the sovereign,
Brltif.li princes and sixteen knights.
Werk ef ths Bess.
Some bees apparently work on thc
eight hour schedule, others on a ten or
twelve hour basis for their working
day. A beekeeper says that ono ot
his beo colonies begins its day's labot
at sunrise and continues till after dark,
making n working dny two or three
hours longer than any other colony ln
over 100. No two colonics of bees,
says this apiarist, are alike.
License Fee In Brussels.
A liquor license costs only $103 In
Brussels aud Is permanent
Pineapples ef Hawaii.
Some of tho pineapples ln the Wa-
hiawa district in Hawaii extend is
parallel rows for miles, and it ls not
unusual to And the fruit weighing as
miii.lt as fourteen pounds.
Earthquakes In Chile.
About four per day is tho average of
earthquake shocks in Chile.
Th* Nam* cf 8nookt.
The siirnumo Snooks by no means
seems to bo an imposing cognomen,
but as a matter ot fact lt Is a namo
of great antiquity and one of which
nobody ahould be ashamed. In reality
it ls a contraction ot "Scvcnoaks." It
was first corrupted to Sonnocc, wMcb
ln turn was corrupted to Snooks of today.
Rancid Butter.
To sweeten rancid butter' melt tbe
butter, skim it, then placo a piece of
tight brown toast in it and In a few
minutes tbe tout will hare absorbed
the unpleasant taste and smell.
Floundtrs and Turbett.
Tlio flounder lays 7,000,000 eggs s
year, tbe tut-hot 12,000,000.
Three Big Cathedrals.
St Peter's, at Rome, will accommodate 54,000 persons, Milan cathedral
87,000 persons and St Paul's cathedral,
London, 25,000 persons.
Hamburg's Big Organ.
On* of the world's largest church or*
gans Is an electrical instrument at
Hamburg, which hss 12,173 pipes,
some of which ar* thirty-seven feet
Th* Cunning *f Ants.
A naturalist found black ants were
devouring the skins ot some bird specimens on a table, so be made tar circles
on four pieces of paper and put ona
under each leg of the table. Ants will
not cross tsr. Pretty soon ho found
the ants busily at work again and
looking st tho tar circles, found eacb
ouo waa bridged by bits of sand wblcb
th* clover ants had brought in from
Ihe street.
Tbs last order ever signed by Maximilian was for '.2.000 nightingale* with
which to stock tlio groves ot Chipul-
Twenty Inch Nit*.
Tho biggest rats In tho world belong
to tho neighborhood ot Manzanlllv,
Mexico.  Thoy are reddish In color and
attain a length of twenty Inches.
A Square Foot In Spain.
In Spain a square foot Is only It by
tl Inches.
Keeping Cups Whet*.
To prevent custard dishes or cup'
from  cracking  when, pouting ballen
custard Into them place thu dish or
cup on a damp cloth,
Curious Suspension Bridge.
A river in Peru Is spanned by a
brldgo mors than 900 fnt In length
Which Is suspended trom thirty-two
ropes mads from eaetus Ibar
Fin* Relic* of Anslent Times In Now
York's Art Museum.
Very fow people are aware that In
the heart of modern New York is a
complete- armorer's shop, writes E. A.
Suverkrop in the American Machinist.
tt is In the basement of thc Metropolitan Museum of Art and is equipped
with a complete outfit of over COO armorer's tools. Many of these are very
old, bavlng descended from master ta
man or from father to son through
many generations, Their workman,
ahlp is excellent Where steel faces
havo been welded to iron bodies the
welds aro clean and perfect, nnd ths
junction of iron and steel ls distinguishable only by tbo difference in luster of the two metals.
Tbo tempering of the sled faces
seems to bo good and uniform, as neither cracks nor dents aro apparent A
cursory glanco at theso tools will at
onco apprise us of tho origin of many
of our modern shoot metal workers'
Implements. Tbo working faces of nl)
tho tools aro highly polished, so lhat
they do not "grip" the metal being
worked, which It is freo to "slide" to
thc shape desired by tho armorer.
Every collection of ancient armor re
quires technical euro for Its v.pkcep,
The objects must be kept free from
rust, occasionally remounted, nnd from
tlmo to tlmo restorations must be mads
to prcscrvo these priceless specimens.
In order to carry out this work lho mu-
sucm has arranged tho shop referred
to so that theso necessary operation-
may bo carried oil Tho armorer's
tools ouco belonged to Daniel Ttiebaux,
but aro now the property of tho museum. Mr. Tachaux brought them
to this country when ho came from
Paris is 1009 to mako somo repairs ln
tho museum's collection ot armor.
Tho outfit consists of over COO tools
and includes nearly 100 kinds of stakes
and a great variety of hamrooi-s,
•wages, etc.
Northern Ice Fields That Onco Met th*
Sea Are Now Inland.
Somo attention Is being directed to
tho fact that tho -Muir glacier Is dlsln.
tograling alons its face, and there ls
some speculation as to how long, it will
continue to present a great attraction
to tourists. No one can apswer this,
of course, for tho causes of the unusual movement nro not known. Neither
ls it known with any certainty for how
long a time this great Ice mass has pre-
tented his appearance, whicb made it
Assuming tbat t'to earliest charts ot
tbe coast are correct—aud there Is
every resson to suppose they are-
there bavo been very remarkable recessions of glaciers along tho Atlantic
coast during tho last century, so that
Ice fields tbat formerly eamo down to
.the sea are now a considerable distance from lt As, we understand, th*
earlier charts do not Indicate tho posi.
tton of Muir glacier, so there ara no
means ot telling if It has receded.
The cause of tho recession of glaciers
Is uot fully understood, but it seems ta
Imply sn average amelioration of tht
climate. Glaciers nro fed from snow
fields, and lf they become smaller ouly
one of two explanations seems possible. Either tho snowfall In tbe higher
levels must havo dlailulshcd or tbe
temperature In tho lower levels has
grown higher. Thero nre several reasons for supposing that the climate ot
tbo norih Pill-Ilk* zono Is becoming
gradually warmer, although tho change
Is very gradual. Sir Charles I.yell, tbe
famous geologist In ono of his hooks
speaks of thc breaking ttway of a great
ice barrier near Greenland, wbich occurred, lf wo are not mistaken, In 18*10,
tnd says It wss one of the most significant events In tho modern history
of the world.—Victoria Colonist.
Kansas City Star.
A mau ouco arrived nt Kansas City
with a terrible pain under his belt
"Go for a dootor," said tho sufferer,
"and go quickly."
"Whit kind of a doctor do you
want?' Inquired tbe mossonger. "Ws
bavo all kinds-allopath, homeopath*
bydropalh, osteopath"—
"Ob," cried lho traveler In his agony,
"any path will del All paths lead I*
tho grave."—Kansas City Star.
A Mixtd QuarUt.
Among other curious things I bav*
hoard was a quartet tung simultaneously In four languages, writes a
romlnlsee.it contributor to tbo* Now
York Sun. It was Clara Louis* Kol-
logg's company* In "Martha." Miss
Kellogg sang In English,- Btlgnoll ln
Italian, a German woman In German
and a French man In French. Th* au-
dlenco never noticed tho confusion ot
Caught Dud to Rights.
Mrs, Uaddor-Amaudy Urown toll
Stio Parkin* that I wa* a inoak and
.titers prying Into other people'! affairs.
Mrs. niabbcr-How do you know?
Mrs. Gadder-Heard 'cm over tb*
telcplmno. I always listen when them
(wo vats Is talking togcthtr.-Kinsll
City Stir.
Celebrated British Scientist After
. Applying the Most Rigid Tests to
Spiritistic Phenomena For Many
Years Has Arrived at the Conclusion That Their Reall'y Is Rcyond
It will be remembered that W. ..
Stead, heroic victim of the Titanic disaster, welcome acquaintance ot ningn
and Emperors and others in thc seals
if the mighty, and probably the most
noted journalist ln tho world, was t
firm believer In psychic communication with lbe world of the hereafter.
When preparing to face death, he reiterated that belief and spoke ot joining bis previously deceased son, trom
wbom be had stated, verbally and ln
carefully prepared printed volumes,
he bad received numerous messages
from the   spirit   world   through the
medium of an Inhabitant of tbat region whom he knew as "Julia."
Science has now taken a decided
hand ln this problem, debated and de-
bateable from the beginning of sentient existence, In a recent statement
ot the famous Englishman, Sir Oliver
Lodge, admittedly tbe best all-round
scientist in the world at tbe present
time. He Is president of the British
Association, the most authoritative
scientific body on earth, and be has
announced that in bis presidential address ou September 10, be will offer
complete evidence to show "an ultl-
tate continuity ot existence befor*
and after death as essential to science," which, lt accepted, will be a
distinct alignment of tbe most td-
vunccd scientific thought on tbe side
of immortality. Sir Oliver already
hat assorted that "the boundary between tbe two states—tbe known tnd
the unknown, life tnd death — It
wearing thin ln places, tnd excavators
are engaged ln bating a tunnel from
opposite ends. Ws are beginning t*
bear now snd then strokes from th*
pickaxes of our comrades on the other aid*)."
Sir Oliver Lodge has bcen a clot*
tnd tkeptlctl student of psychical
phenomena for many years, tnd after
long and patient observance of th*
famous Italian pc/chlc, Etisaplt Ptl-
ladlno, was forced to admit that "tny
person without Invincible prejudice,
who had the same experiences, would
come to the san_-» broad conclusion,
namely, that tblngs heretofore held
Impossible do actually occur. . , Tha
result of my experience Is lo convince me tbat certain phenomena considered supernatural do belong ta
lhe order of ntture."
It is evident tbtt tbe world ls sooa
to witness the pre*..ligation of another accession to tke natural laws which
govern ita place in the universe, and
one likely to arouao spirited religious
and scientific discussion.
To Make Coal Miniug Safe.
One of lhe simplest of the many
suggested tests for fire-damp ln mines
Is that described by Henry Briggs to
tin Scottish Society of Arts, tl ts til
attachment tbat may be applied to
any oil or spirit safely lamp, and consists of a loop of copper wire supported on a brass rod passing through tho
oil vessel. Tn make a test the loop
Is moved Into tbe flame. Tbls be-
nomes Instantly non-lnmlnous, but
If fire-damp is present In the air tho
gas-cap Is clearly seen. The tes*. can
he made In t moment at any tlmo,
without turning down or putting out
lthe light.
j It Is claimed tbat llm percentage of
I fire-damp tbla method will detect It
! sxceedlEgly small, and the retulti af
t ltls on botb laboratory and mine r*
to show that thlt is one of the most
sensitive, accurate, tnd expedition*
means ff revealing th* presence at
Inflammable gas In mine or other till
- -Bolton Journal.
Ab*u« All.
"Do ynu dy* whiskers?'
"Ves," answered tba barbtr.
"Do they fool anybody?'
"Seem to fool tht man thit wean
'«m."-Harlford Post
H* ■slangs.
"Doss he belong to th* Four Haw
"Tot, ludcodi hi** oa* tf tht clftMMf.
-Ntw Ttrk Mill. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   fl. C.
Oarving Sets $1.75 to $8.00 per dozen
Knife and Fork Sets  .5.00 per dozen
Medium Forks  5.00 par dozen
Table Spoons  5.00 per dozen
Dessert Spoons  4.50 per dozen
Tea Spoons  2.50 per dozen
5 o'Clock Tna Spoons  2.00 per dozen
Sugar Shells     75 each
Butter Knives     75 each
The above goods are all Keliauce Plate Silver and are
guaranteed to be the best.
A. surprise party was given Miss
Regina Frechette on December 2,
tut the occasion ot her eighth birthday anniversary, anrl it certainly
was a nit-rry one. Her numerous
little uml big friends tried to fill her
hmriH with beautiful giftH, and Ihe
guestn, from the little tuts to the
silver haired fnlkn, nil Beiimwi lo be
eight yi*«rs old for ihnt day. When
Mr, Frechette entered bis bome that
■-veiling he thought he had made a
mistake nnd walked into a schotil-
r mm; but no school children could
eiiiuii such a performance. Could it
be Barnum'** circus? No; Biirnuin's
acrobats could never do sucb stunts.
Finally be concluded it wss a moving picture show; and it certainly
was "moving" If a "movie" man
could bave taken the scene bis fortune would now be assured. Miss
Kfgioa thanks all her friends and
wishes she could always be eight
years old.
The Granby company ha. acquired tbe .Snowshoe mine, which
lies clone to Pboenix. The group
comprises the Snowsboe, tbe Pleasant, the Pairplay fraction and tbe
Alma fraction. For thirteen years
the property wag owned by the
Snowshoe Oold and Copper Mines,
Limited. It was worked a portion
of tbis time, and considerable ore
was taken out.
Only about one more week now
remains in which private greeting
Christmas cards can be ordered.
If you read Donaldson's Christmas puzzle ad. in this issue you
have a chance of obtaining your
Christmas candy free.
Girls! Try Itl Hair gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Got ■ SB cent bottle
of Danderlne.
If: - i for heavy hair that gilt
tons v -i beauty and Is radiant "I11
life; hus an incomparable softness sni'
Is fluffy and lustrous, try Damlertm
Just one application doubles tin
beauty ot your hair, besides It inline
dlately dissolves every particle o!
dandruff. You can not have nlci-
heavy, hoalthy hair If you huv.
dandruff. Thia destructive scurf robi
the hair of its lustre, its strength mv.
Its very life, and if not ovcreor.it. il
produces a feverlshness and Itching of
ths scalp; the hair roots famish,
loosen and die; then the hair fails out
fast. Surely get a SB-sent bottle of
Knowlton'a Danderlne from any drug
atore and Just try 11
Geo. E. Massie
Ladle*' ud Gentlemen's
of Brery Description
Bridge Street
Grand Forks, B. G.
S. G. Blaylock, assistant superintendent of the Consolidated Mining
& Smelling ciunpntiv of Trail; W.
H. Atkinson, accountant, Graham
Cruikshank, nnd G. A Lafferty,
manager of the Bank nf Montreal,
Rossland, were in the city on Monday, and attended a hockey meeting
in the evening. Tbey retujned
hone on Ttusday.
At the Presbyterian church Sabbath next, Decemher 7, at the
evening scrvtce, the pastor will
preach a sermon to young men.
Subject: "Conditions of Success,"
as viewed from King Hezekioh's
life. Young men who have no
church home are specially invited.
The choir will furnish special
C. B. Peterson, of the Pacific, left
left ou Wednesday for the North
country in quest of deer. He ex-
pectB to reduce the meat bill.
John Donaldson received a carload of Tartan brand canned goods
last week from the Niagara district.
The new canning factory is now
under roof.
Copies of Mrs. Pell's first song
poem published have arrived from
tbe publishers. The Bong is entitled
'•June," and is on sale at Woodland &Quinn's drug store ot 35c per
Magistrate—Have you   heen   ar
rested on any previous charge?
"*" Prisoner—No, sir.
MatHsirnte—Have you been in
this court befo.it) before?
Prisoner—:No, Sir.
Magistrate—Your face looks very
familiar. I seem to know it somehow.
Prisoner—I am the bartender in
the hotel opposite.
Some New Hockey Rules
At a meeting of the. National
Hockey association held at Toronto
last week a number of minor amendments were made to the rules. Regarding the goalkeeper for kneeling
or lying on the ice, for the first
offence a, $2 fine will be the penalty;
the second offence a f 3 fine and
ruled   off five minutes.   The third
J. H, Plnth, one nf the old-
timers of the city, left today for
Kerby, Ore., where he will spend
the winter. He has rented his place
near the Sunbeam ranch.
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" ean't harm
tender little Stomaoh, liver
and bowel*.
Look at the tongue, mother! It
coated, your little one'a stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or la feverish, stomach soar,'breath bad; has
sore throat, diarrhoea, full ot cold, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup ot
Figs," and In a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested food
and sour bile gently moves out of its
little bowels without griping, and you
have a well, playful child again. Ask
your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which contains full lirectlbns for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups.
Grand Forks Second-
H-__.__!   **\+e.m,ex WMHWMAW.
and store op.wiuip.tHoui
We Bay, Sell and Exchange
Everything We also do all kinds
of Tailoring Work. We are Experts in Furier Work, Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed in everything.
H. Baneson, Proprietor
Local people are surprised at the
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed in Adler-i ka, the German rem
cdy which became famous by curing
appendicitis. Woodland & Quinn,
druggists, state that thia simple remedy draws off such a surprising amount
of old foul matter from the body that
A SINGLE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gaB on the stomach and con
stipation INSTANTLY.
By Modern Methodi
UUn BUI IUimuirmitPf-iUtmod-
irate price*. Kxi'ert medical ex-
tinilntit-on free preeexntnlnatlon
of urine when necei§nry. Consult me—free, Don't delay. Delays
are dangerous. Call or write.
Pree booklet. Everything confidential.
Hourti  9 a.m. to 8 p m j Sunday*, 10 ».m, to 1 p.m.
210   HOWARD
r  DO TWI HI* BUSINESS D«WT Wit* Uie Urm-t taw to lbe
ttlll*, «dMlvdy Ik UEUCIN *UW MBS
Get "More Money" foryonr FURS
a reliable—responsible -safe—Fur House with an unblemished rei>
r e- utatlon exlat.ni. for "more than a quarter of a century,''Jtlguiao;
f cesstulrMortlotsendtaKFurShipnerspromDt-SATISPACTORV
AND PROFITABLE returns.  Write for "Sit fttabtrt _kHntr."
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.
Write Ioc lt-NOW-lt'» FREE
A. B. SHUBERT, inc. Kgg&EgSgiflg:
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
"ffence will be a $5 line and a ten-
minute penalty, and tbe fourth foul
a fine and banishment for the remainder nf the game. Tbe seven*
man team was not discussed, and
tbe six-man game will again be
An official board of nix referees
at a salary of £300 and expenses
for tbe reason will be appointed,
two from Toronto, two from Montreal, one from Ottawa and one from
Read the advertisements in Tbe
Sun before you do your Christmas
If you read Tbe Sun you get the
news of the city, tbe province and
the world, It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of tbe times
without the aid of the daily papers.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done-
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the -shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plsnt
in the Boundary Country, employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Palace Barber Shop
Knlttr lliinlinr * Simtib- j.
jitom randlnf a Hutch ett* 6MO.MI.n_ nir
Djeltlr __wtru.ll our opinion. frMJinatlior in
ttmM-otlce. vtthMtcbuh, In tit
Scientific American
Tcrma (or
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Noktii or Ohanby Hotkl,
First Strekt.
?1 GaltCoal t*.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
TiLM-Hornct; _.
OFFICE, RM ffNt *ttn_Pt
H AMih't Run-iHM. BSS«**** *********
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   WetJding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Good Printing-**K
we do—is
an adver
tisement, and a trial order will convince yon that onr
stock and workmanship are of the best. Let as estimate
on vour ordor.   Wo guarantee satisfaction.
tit*   **.;
The Sun Print Shop


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