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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 11, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Oaring the Fast Week
A strike of the telephone operators
of Boston is imminent.
The keel of the first vessel is laid
in the Coquitlam shipbuilding yard.
The Alberta Conservatives seek to
postpone the election by menus of in
An unconfirmed rumor reached
London laat night to th* effect that
Scutari had fallen. ,
A. Sinclair, ef D.unedin, New Zealand, states that trade with Canada is
lieuefitinir the former country.
Queen Mary is to open achildrens'
hospital iu Toronto by pressing an
electric button in Buckingham palace.
The city of Winnipeg is flooded in
parts, the melting snout, not beiag
able to get away owing to the frozen
The militant suffragettes set fi.ie to
a dwelling in the Midlands. Mra.
Pankhurst continues the folicy of refusing food.
on the navy bill. Debate on new  rule
is lengthy,
President Wilson delivers his first
message in person to the American
Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Strora-
boli have all become active volcanoes
at the same time.
Failure has overtaken the Oerman
Arctic expedition   under   Lieutenant
Lumbermen think that President
Wilson's tariff yroposals will help to
create a market for this province.
English suffragettes - attempt to
blow up Dudley, castle. Mrs. Pankhurst shows little effect of hunger
Dr. Michael Clark demonstrates
how Borden's naval polioy neglects
the vital problem of the defense of
the Pacific
Railway Commission Issues
an Order for a Joint Station Here
The danger of floods at Winnipeg
lias passed.
Robert Jackson, consul for Peru in
Vancouver, is found dead in bed, having been asphyxiated by gas.
President Wilson intends to revert
to the precedent of one hundred years
ago and read his message to congress
Montenegro refuses absolutely to
yield to the demands of the powers
that the bombardment of Scutiri
This afternoon the debate on the
navy bill will be resumed in the house
of commons, both aides being determined.
Premier Scadden, of West Austra
lia, says the people of that country are
opposed to the contribution policy for
the navy.
The C.P.R is bringing in several
thousand Russian laborers to work
on construction work in the middle
Salvors and crew of the barque
Mimi, aground near Astoria, to the
number of twenty-two, were impris
oned between decks when the ve-sel
turned turtle, and attempts to sAVa
them had not been successful last
- -Wednesday
Fleeing convicts in French Guiana
eat their comrade
Duchess of Connaught to undergo
an operation in London.
Bombs are used as weapons by
wild Loudon suffragettes.
Court decies that the Alberta elec
tions will not be postponed.
Buffalo street car officials seaure
state protection from strikers.
King Nicholas of Montenegro will
abdicate if the powers use force.
The pope's death may come suddenly. Official reports, however, are optimistic.
Nelson employers to continue firm,
and vote unanimously in favor of the
association scale.
Kettle Valley line will call for tenders within thirty days for construe
tion of road from summit of Hope
mountains westward.
Wild scene in thc Dominion commons. Speech of the minister of ma
line is drowned by the opposition.
Closure bill is introduced.
tbe Orient.   Complete electrification
uf the Rocky mountain division bae *
practically been decided upon.  This
wifl mean a saving of two-tbirds in '
tbe cost of fuel.
The European powers have decided
not to recognize the Chinese republic
at present.
Tariff revision in the United States
would cut the existing duties on the
whole about one-half.
Lord Haldane is coming to Canada
nsxt September to attend the American Bar association meeting.
Discussion of the Borden naval proposals was resumed in the commons
yesterday, Notice of a closure measure was given last night.
Beginning with the first of May
Canadian steamers will handle all
Cauadian mail between this country
and Great Britain with a tri-weekly
service in summer and semi-weekly in
The pope suffers a relapse,  and
condition is alarming..
Automobile bandits at Rome,  Oa.,
blow up a bank and secure rich  loot.
Another long session in the   house
The pope's condition shows much
A deadlock now practically exists
in the Nelson strike situation.
The Conservatives have nominated
candidates iu every constituency in
Lady Annie Thompson, widow of a
former premier of Canada, dies in
The Duchess of. Connaught makes
good progress after undergoing an
operation in London.
A Mexican Central train, fleeing
from the rebels, is ditched. Twenty
persons are killed aud forty injured.
Four hundred thousand workers in
Belgium will go uu a strike next
Monday. This will be the greatest
labor struggle in history.
Handsome subscriptions roll in to
the war chest of the English suffragettes. Mrs. Pankhurst shows the
effect of her hunger strike.
Canadian Pacific railway plans extensive improvements in the West.
Fifty million dollars will he spent,
This Is double the amount expended
last year.
For tbe past three or four days a
rumor has been in circulation to the
effect that the railway commission
had granted the Canadian Pacific
railway Uie right to run ita passenger trains tbrough the city of Orand
Forks. Laat night Mayor Fripp
sent a telegram to Gttawa, asking
for a confirmation of tbia report,
Tbis morning he received a reply,
Haying that an order griming the
Canadian Pacific and Kettle Valley
Railway companies tbe right to
maintain a joint station in this eity
was being issued by tbe com mission
As the station is ready for traffic,
it is supposed that tbe trains will
soon commence to run through tbe
A dispatch from Winnipeg says
that the Canadian Pacific railway
bas decided on a second tunnel in
the western mountains. This will be
sixteen miles in length, tbe longtst
in tbe world, being nearly four
miles longer than the famous Sim-
plon tunnel in tbe Alps and neurly
twice as long as the Lotschberg tunnel opened last year.
Tbe tunnel will be tbrough the
Kicking Horse pass of the Rocky
mountains. Tbe eastern portal will
be in Alberta and tbe western portal in British Columbia. Can-fill
computations indicate that the work
will cost $14,000,000 and will occn
py seven years to complete. This is
based on the data secured from con
struction records of live large Alpine
tunuels. The tunnel, in the Selkirk
range through Rogers pass, will reduce tbe trackage by tive miles and
will do away witb many -niles of
dangerous snowsheds. Grades will
lie reduced from 21 per cent to less
than 1 per cent.
TheCanadian Pacific railway hns
an even greater plan afoot than this,
and that is to eliminate the Ricky
mountains so far us rail commerce is
concerned. This company proposes
to have ,hree, possibly four, distinct
lines from Winnipeg to the coast.
The lirst will be the present main
line. ' The second will bethe cutoff
via Souris und through the Crows
N.'st pass and including the links
from Weyburn to Lethbridge and
Ore Shipments
The ore shipments and smelter
treatments of the Boundary mines
and smelters for tbe past week were:
Granby mine, 23,309 tons; Mother
Lode, 8050; Rawhike, 6612; Nopo-
leou 1040; "Queen Victoria, 626.
Smelter Treatments—Granby, 23,-
935 tons; Mother Lode, 14,590.
Many Brick Blocks and Residences Now Under Construction in Oity
Board of Trade Held an
portant Meeting Wednesday Night
An enthusiastic meeting of the
Urand Forks board of trade was held
in tbe city ball on Wednesduy evening. Tbe board now bas a membership ol about eighty, and a good
percentage of the members were
present. Tbe members oomprise
business men, citizens and ranchers.
President Clark occupied tbe chair.
Tbs most important business considered during tbe evening was the
question of tbe establishment of a
cannery at tbis point. Nearly all
tbose present expressed their views
on tbis vital issue, and the matter
was thoroughly ventilated. Tbe
concensus of opinion was in favor of
inducing outside parties to establish
sucb a plant; but in tbe event tbat
tbis can not he done, tbose present
were unanimously in favor of the
enterprise being undertaken by local
The subject of embarking in a sys
tematic method of publicity work
was also discussed, and the committee having this matter in hand
was instructed to prepare and have
printed a circular letter, and to advance any further projects that may
be under consideration.
The question of affiliaiing with tbe
Associated Boards of Trade was also
brought up, but action was deferred
until the secretary ol that body has
been heard from.
After a general discussion of a
great variety of subjects, the board
I adjourned
J S. Miller attended a meeting of
the Boundary Mining ifc Explore-
tion company at Midway last Monday night. A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, Wash., was elected president;
A, Carney, of Kaslo, lirst vice presi-
Grand Forks to Vancouver, Ident; J. S. Miller, of (irand Forks,
under construction; and mi-1second vice president, and Mr.
olher will be through Saskatoon and j Foster, of Sparwood, B C, secre-
Edmonton and through one of the t»i*y, Mr. Millsrstales that the coal
northern passes into the competitive properties near Midway are looking
territory of the north, continuing on j K„0d, and that satisfactory develop
to a northern Pacific coast port. The j ,„eiit work is being prosecuted.
Son   line   will   likelv  be run on to
There are more buildings now in
course* of construction and under
contemplation in Grand Forks than
at any previous time since the early
boom days of the city thirteen or
fourteen years ago The season is
yet early, and it may therefore be
assumed that a few months hence
activity in this line will bave progressed to sucb an extent as to war-
rent the prediction of a new record
in this industry for the year.
Wednesday morning William
Bonthron commenced work on a
new brick business block on First
street. The buildipg will have a
frontage of 48 feet on First sireet,
and a depth 100 feet. It will be two
storeys in height, witb a basement,
and will be a duplicate of tbe store
now occupied by Mclnnes <fc Co.,
whicb it adjoins. Wben completed
it will be occupied by Miller &
>• Work oo H. C. Kerman's brick
block on Bridge street is to be resumed wilh renewed energy in a few
days. - Arrangements are also being
made for a two-storey brick block,
60x100 feet, on Bridge street, between Seeond and Third, and H, A.
.'.heeds is considering the erection
of a brick building next to tbe
Davis block; -
0 C. Smith, the Vancouver contractor, has completed two dwellings in tbe West end; is at work on
the third, and has the contract for
two more.
Wm. Bonthron has commenced
work on a residence for himself on
the corner of Vicioria avenue and
Second street.
The Winnipeg botel is being
ruised two feet above its present
grade. It is also the intention of
the proprietor to install a bot-water
heating plant and to make otber
Geo. H. Hull has sold bis cottage
and two and one half lots on Winni
peg avenue to Charles Pearson. Mr.
Hull started work tbis morning on
a new bungalow for hims>*lf on the
adjoining property.
Nearly all the hotels in the city
are being raised a few feet higher in
tbe air from their Inundations. The
Grand Forks hotel is too heavy to
raise in thai manner, and so the
proprietor has begun to consider the
advisability of raising it another
storey from the lop,
and   the   fruit
_  . , • Nelson over iegular Canadian   Pa-
The following is the  minimum    .„      ..       ,     ,        ...       ..     ,
and maximum temperature for each :e,fic «!•»•» track8 a»d lhen (Uverl-
day during tbe past week, as re■ e(l *° Portland to catch fast through
corded by tbe government thermom-, freight between the Canadian and
eter on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.    Max
Friday. 4th.: '..-  34
Saturday, 5th.. ..   39
Sundty, 6th  29
Monday, 7th .....'  27
Tuesday, 8th    27
Wednesday, 9th  30
Thursday, 10th  34
Mrs. K. F. Laws and son have arrived in tbe city from London, England. They have now become com
fortably on Mr. Laws' ranch south
of tbe cily limits.
American   prairies
lands of tbe south.
,a . Improvements now under way and
54 proposed will  make the   Canadian
47 Pacilic main line shorter than  any,
ti     ,     , ..     .,,...      : I were sent to Okanagan
'•*' other transcontinental line in Amen- -
ca by 300 miles.   Grades and curves j
The Riverside Nurseries have now
begun   to   ship   nursery   stock in
earnest, and several carloads of trees
points   this
-y will be better than on any American j    M. S. Middleton, of ' Nelson,  as-
Inchee road, and the company looks to de-'sistant horticulturist, is spending a
Rainfall  0.1    vtlop western outlets to Euroye and few days in tbe valley,
Fatal Accident at Cascade
Joseph Genelle, the well known
sawmill man, died at Cascade on
Wednesday at Cascade from injuries
received tbe previous afternoon
while engaged in breaking a boom,
a large log having rolled over bim.
The body was brought -o Miller it
Gardner's undertaking parlors in
this city, and the funeral was held
from Holy Trinity church at 2:30
this afternoon. Interment was made
at the local cemetery.
Deceased was 58 years of age. He
was one of the pioneer sawmill men
of the Boundary district. He is
survived by a widow, three brothers
Public In England Mulcted   by   Customs That Amount to Scandal
boudon, England.—The practice ol
paying junior counsel a fee equal to
two-thirds of the amount paid to senior counsel was attacked at the general meeting of the Law-Society.
Brlnsby Harper said the Law Society should protect the public as well
as look nfter the Interests ot the profession, and It was time to do away
with something which was nothing
less than a scandal.
A friend of his had often briefed Sir
Henry Hawkins, who never wanted
more than 20 guineas anil two on the
brief, but nowadays leading society
K.C.'s were asking extravagant fees.
Thero was no objection to a K.C. getting tliose fees If the client wanted to
brief that K.C, but It was hard that
junior counsel should also get two-
thirds of the nmount which his leader
rec el veil.
He knew of a case where a Junior
counsel was uot present In court for
touic days fluting a trial, bnt still ho
lind lo be puld"hls G5 guineas per day.
In another case, (500 was to be
paid to a leading counsel and the
usual proportion to the junior. Both
were perfectly satisfied, but subse-
rjucnlly it was decided to brief a well-
known K.C. The K.C. was engaged In a political campaign and he asked a fee which was thought to be absolutely prohibitive, but the client
(bought it advisable to secure his services. To lhe client's surprise, the
lirst counsel enguged explained thfit
now he was by the etiquette of the"
bar junior, and was entitled to a fee
equal to two-thirds ot the fee w-b'ch
the K.C, who had been briefed at the
big figure, was lo receive. The original junior also explained that he was
onsl'led to a fee equal to two-'thirds
of lho fee paid to the counsel who
was to have been his leader, but who
had become junior as the result of the
Introduction ot lhe eminent K.C. As
counsel were satisfied In the first Instance with Uie fees they were to
have received. It was hardly necessary
to say how absurd a scandal such a
rule was.
So serious had this question of big
fees become, that City people declined
to make such exorbitant payments to
these fane;- society counsel and were
Inclined to go to arbitration upon
points which should be legitimately
fettled in the high courts.
The chairman, C. L. Samson, said
the society had already appointed a
committee to deal with the subject.
lt was thought however, that the resolution would strengthen the committee's hand, and after discussion it was
Mild In Northern B.C.
Further evidence or the mild and
even climate of the Interior of Northern British Columbia through which
the main line of the Crand Trunk Pacific Ruilwuy passes, Is to be found In
r-tatlsllcs for the current winter prepared by nn observatory of the Dominion Mrtereologlcal Department established ut Fort George last August.
These records show that between
November 1st nnd January 10th, there
have only been 7 1-2 days of snow.
3 days of rain; 10 days cloudy; and
8 days'of Chinook wind: the remaining 13 1-2 days being clear.
In November the temperature sank
to zero on the 30th. but the maximum
for that day was 26 above and there
were 4 days when the minimum was
30 ahove or higher. The average
temperature fqr the month was a
minimum of 20 above and a maximum
of 27 above.
In December the thermometer registered 3 below /.era on tho 1st and
2 below on the 19th, the maximum
on these days being 17 and 19 below
respectively, and there were five days
of 25 above or higher. The average
temperature for the month win a minimum of 13 above and a maximum of
20 shove.
In the first 10 dnys of January there
were II days below zero and 3 days of
10 above or higher. The average
temperature for this period wus a
minimum of 7 below and a maximum
of '14 above.
London. - Marylebone guardians
havo under consideration a proposal
:1ml a Baud of Hope shall bc established among the workhouse Inmates
for ihe encouragement of temperance.
IntciiaUcn.--Measurements ot tho
glaciers of iho lllnter Rhine district
(Canton Grlasons) show that Ihey
have advanced during 1912. The advance of lhe Paradise glacier wus
thirty-seven feel, of the Zupport glacier fnrly feel, nnd of the Tambo glacier thirty feet. It Is known that tho
glaciers of the Alps have advanced
and lost In length In past centuries, a
fact pointing to alterations of wel and
dry periods of long duration.
Cash For Farm Lands
Wp have catfi lor 2 nr 3 sections nf steam plough land, also for u number ot
good improved -fainis.   Prices must be right.
Fortunes are being made In Swift Current, Saskatchewan, the fastest growing towu In the CHnHdian West. Shrewd Investors believe It will exceed the
growth of Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw.
Choicely located lots at |1~5.   Terms J10 cash and $10 per month.
Write for booklet on Swift Current.
To rent a number of choice Improved forms in alt sizes close to school and
mai ket. Write for new list of attractive investments in Lands, Acreage, Winnipeg Investments, etc.
52 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.,
One on Solomon
Perry—Solomon himself admitted
that he was puzzled by tbe way ot a
man with a maid.
Mrs. Perry—Well, he'd have been
more excited over the way of a maid
with a uew set of dishes.
is an enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness
impure blood, bad complexion, sick
headaches, and is one of the most
frequent causes of appendicitis. To
neglect it ia slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or gripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dr. Morse's   "
Indian Root Pilla
W. N. U. 979
Give Blerlot Monoplane, Fitted Complete, for the Use of Army
London, England.—The war office
acquired another aeroplane recently—
a gift from the International Correspondence Schools, the curriculum ot
which includes the science of aviation.
This particular machine, a Blerlot
monoplane fitted with a BO-horae-
powet Gnome engine, has been driven
more than 17,000 ra^'es by Robert
Slack, a student of the International
Correspondence Schools, who undertook a flying tour of the country, with
the object of stirring up enthusiasm
for aviation among other students.
A deputation from the schools waited ou Colonel Seely at the war oflice
and nsked him to accept the monoplane, offered in a spirit of loyalty as
a gift to the nation.
1 have been puzzled, said Colonel
Seely, in accepting the monoplane, to
understand the connection between
the International Correspondence
Schools and the art of flying; but one
thing is clear, and that Is that the students of the schools are exceptionally
alert, alive, farseelng and patriotic.
1 have received many deputations in
Ihis room, he added, but this one Is
exceptional, because, while other deputations asked for something this
one wants to give me something.
Later, speaking at a luncheon given
at the Westminster Palace Hotel to
celebrate the presentation, Colonel
Seely said:
After all, we want two things in the
science of aviation. We want not
ouly the machines; we want the men
with the nerve and the courage and
the skill and the judgment to fly them.
I can assure you that we are not losing sight of the national Importance of
the science of aviation.
I am not going to anticipate now
the statement I shall have to make to
parliament ot what has been done,- but
I can say that a very remarkable advance has been made not only In the
war office, but outside in tbe science
of aviation,
One refuses to be Tried by Magistrate
Because He It a Jew
Paris, France.—Exciting Incidents
marked the trial of two Camelots du
Itol, M. Charles Maurras, the well-
known writer and member ot tbe staff
of the principal royalist paper, and
M. de Couplgny. They were accused
of assaulting several persons who refused to shout 'VlTe le Uol.' The incident took place at Versailles on December 1.
After a banquet about 400 Royalists, or Camelots du Roi. went to the
courtyard ot the palace and made a
demonstration ln front of the statue
of Louis XIV. According to the
prosecution, a railway employe, who
with his wife and friend, was about to
inspect the palace, was surrounded by
the demonstrators, and because he refused to shout 'Vive le Roll' he waB
knocked down, and so badly hurt that
he could not work for a fortnight.
Two policemen who came to the rescue also received kicks and blows and
five soldiers and a sergeant had to
fight wlih the rioters to prevent the
disturbance from spreading.
According to the evidence of the
sergeant, who had several teeth broken, one of the prisoners threatened
him with a revolver.
The court was packed with Royalists, who frequently Interrupted the
proceeding with shouts of 'Vive le
Roi.' The presiding magistrate was
M. Worms, and when he put a question 51. Maurras said: You are a Jew,
and I will not defend myself before a
Jewish Judge. I refuse to answer
questions put by a Judge who l.t not
it French nationality. Maurras persisted In his refusal to answer questions.
Contradictory statements were
mado by Ihe witnesses, some absolutely Identifying the prisoners, others
declaring that Ihe accused did not
commit the assault. But thc accused were found guilty, do Couplgny being sent to prison for four months
and Maurras to eight months. They
were also ordered to pay $200 to the
railway employe as comifensatlon.
The decision was received with uproar and cries of 'Vive lo Roll' Down
with Iho Republic, were raised.
Paris. France.—A daring nnd carefully planned robbery took place In
Pat-Is, when a messenger employed by
ihe Credit Lyonnals was robbed of
$11,140.      .
The messenger was Instructed while
on his rounds to cull on a lady living
in thc Rue Dauphino. Her name was
s lated to have been ottered as guarantee by au individual who said he
desired to effect a loan from the bank.
The messenger was Informed by the
lady that she knew nothing of the
person In question.
lie waa going downstairs, when two
men Jumped out from n dark corner
of thc unllghted staircase and throwing n handful of pepper Into hla face
temporarily blinded him. They then
knocked him down anil matching hla
wallet, dashed downstairs and escaped.
Scientist Says Man of Future Will be
Inferior Product
Paris, France.—The man of the future, according lo M. A. F. le Double
professor of medicine at Tours, will
have a large head, fewer teeth and
shorter arms tban the man ot today,
and will compare with him unfavorably In stature.
Among the primitive races ln Australia, tbl professor states, lt ls not uncommon to And natives with thirty-six
or even more teeth, but the white man
ot tomorrow will be lucky It he has
twenty-eight. There is a tendency
for the first, eleventh and twelfth ribs
to disappear, thus leaving nine Instead
of twelve on either side of the body.
Legs and arms are destined to
shrink In length, but the hand, which
today shows an Immense progress
compared with that of our remote ancestors, will continue to progress In
the direction ot the independence of
the lingers. The little toe will become smaller and smaller.
Advices from Vancouver state that
after being laid up since November,
during the winter schedule of the
Grand Trunk Pacific winter service,
the ss. Prince George ls to be taken
over lo Esquimalt for her -.annual
overhauling and painting, after which
she will take the place of the Prince
Rupert on March 1st, while the latter
vessel Is likewise hauled out at Esquimau to prepare for the Beml weekly
service early next spring.
Captain McKenzie the new Commodore of the G.T.P. fleet who Is in
command of the Prince Rupert, will
command the Prince George, while
her sister ship Is being overhauled, but
just previous to the commencement ot
the semi-weekly service It is under-
stood that there will be a general promotion uf officers and It ls probabls
that the chief ofHcer of one of the two
boats will receive the permanent command of the Prince George.
Circumstantial Evidence
A young wife was In tears a few
mornings ago, when her mother called . When aSked what was the matter she replied that her husband was
out late thc night before und had
been to a drinking party.
What makes you think he had been
to a drinking party? asked the mother.
Me came home, sobbed the young
wife, wearing u phonograph horn for a
Strangled With Asthma is the only
expression that seems to convey what
ls endured from an attack of this
trouble. The relief from Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is beyond
measure. Where all was suffering
there comes comfort and rest. Breathing becomes normal and tbe bronchial
tubes completely cleared. This unequalled remedy Is worth many times
Its price to all who use It.
How did you come to hare that
automobile accident?
I got absent-minded trying to remember all the traffic regulations.
Good Humor Returns With Change to
Proper Food
"For many years I was a constant
sufferer from Indigestion and nervousness, amounting almost to prostration," writes a Western man.
"My blood was Impoverished, the
v1bIc.ii was blurred nml weak, with
moving spots before my eyes. This
was a steady dally condition. I
grew ill-tempered, and eventually got
bo nervous I could not keep my books
posted, nor handle accounts satisfactorily. I can't describe my sufferings.
'Nothing I ate agreed wilh mc, till
one day 1 happened to notice Grape-
Nuts In a grocery store, nnd bought
a package out of curiosity to know
what It was. , ,
"I liked the food fi ou, Iho very first,
eating It with cream, aad now 1 buy
it by tho case and use It dally. 1
soon found lhat Grape-Nuts food was
supplying brain and nerve force as no
thing in thc drug line ever had done
or could do.
"It wasn't long before I was restored to health, comfort and happiness.
"Through tho use of Grape-Nuts food
my digestion has been restored, my,
nerves are steady once moro, my eyesight Is good again, my mental faculties nre clear and acute, and 1 have
become so good-natured that my
friends are truly astonished at the
change. 1 feel younger and better
than 1 have for 20 years. No amount
ot money would Induce mo to surrender whnt 1 have gained through the
use nt Grape-Nuts food." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co.. Windsor, Ont. "There's a reason." Read
the Utile book, "The Road to Well-
ville," In pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Interest. •
Reduce cost of Living
Mrs. Youngbrlde (at the baker's)—
The holes in the doughnuts are very
large.     You ought to make some reduction.
Baker—Can't do that, mum; but I'll
give you a cent euch tor the hol«g If
you'll return 'em.
Now Feels Strong
and Vigorous
And Ht for Any Amount tf Work
at tht Rsstilt of Using
Or. Chatt't Ntnit Food.
Mr. 3. Hnrlbert.
It la so easy to overlook the warning given by headaches, Indigestion,
falling memory, lack of power to
concentrate the mind, Irritability and
worry over little things, that many a
man does not realize his danger until on the verge ot breakdown.
Like the writer of the letter quoted
below, you can call a halt to the
wasting process and restore vim and
energy to the nervous system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. This
groat food cure haa a wonderful record of cures.
Mr. J. Hurlbert,. 28 James street.
Brantforil, Ont., wrltea:—"1 wat
very much run down in health and
as a consequence my nervous system
was very much exhausted. Close confinement at my work, I think, brought
on the trouble. 1 started using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and by the time
I had used up one box I felt a great
Improvement. The continued uso of
this preparation haa thoroughly restored my system so that I feci strong
and vigorous and fit for any amount
of work. I have also used Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and Ointment with splendid satisfaction, and
recommend them at every opportunity." Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, DO cents
• box, all dealers or Edmanson Bates
fc Co., Limited, Toronto.
Has an insect got into your eye?
Then I sball qulc_ciy call thi* old pro.
Ib he specially expert?
Not so much that, but he is making a collection of Insects.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 13 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh and Injured her elbow so badly it remained
stiff and very painful for three years.
Four bottles of MINARD'S LINIMENT
completely cured ber and she bos not
been troubled for two yeara.
Yours truly,
J. to. L1VEBQUE.
St.   Joseph, P.O., 18th Aug.. 1B00.
Rome.—Marconi wireless apparatus
Is about to be Installed at the Vatican.
We r.ffcr One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any cue a'. Cr.tirrh thst cannot bt
eni.ti b. nail's Cstarrh Cure.
If. J. CHBNBT * CO., Tol»do, O.
We, the wide-fined, have known K.
j. Cheney fer *he1nt lt y«ri. and be.
Ileve him perfecil   honut In sll business
ti-MiatetleiB in.i flninclelly able to carry
out eny obligation i made by Mi firm.
Wholtesl'- Druifleti, Toledo, O.
ftill'i Catarrh Cure Is tikei Internally,
scilng directly upon tbe blood and mill;
oi-i lurncsn of \,,c system. Teitlmon all
•ent Iree.     Price 1. cent!   per   bottle.
Hold by ell Di-ugrtlti.
Take Hi.''! Family Fills for coiutlpi-
• len.
London.—Miss Annie Maria Black-
well Lane, of Cheltenham, aged about
40, was awarded $3000 damages for
breach of promise, at Gloucester Assizes, against John Wane, aged 60.
Mlnard*! Liniment Curei Dandruff.
' Professor Metchnlkoff *(sneejy name
to pronounce, but wc are never sure
about the spelling), In his latest book
osaeris that with sour milk and its byproducts ai the chief articles of diet
one may defy time and the undertaker
and ensily live to 200 years of ago
or thereabouts.
A friend of ours who lias given the
Motehnlkon* blU of fare a month's trial
snys lhat while 200 yeurs of life on
earth may sound Mke un attractive
proposition, If he bss got lo stick lo
ihe lour milk illt-tary as a steady
thing be would bc perfii-ily willing
to die nt the end uf the firat 100.
Montreal Msn Conquered his OM
Enemy by using GIN PILLS
Mr. A. Beaudry of 597 Panet Street,
Montreal, thus expresses bis great
•atisfaclion with GIN PILLS.
you that I have used GIN PILLS for
about six mouths, md that they have
done me a great deal of good. I hive
had Rheumatism for a couple of yean,
•nd last winter I saved myself from it
by using GIN PILLS."
50c. 1 l)oi,6 for $-.50. Sample free if
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited,Toronto.     13*
An Impossibility
Dr. Crabbe had almost-succeeded Jn
dismissing Jlrs. Gassoway, wheh she
stopped In the doorway, exclaiming:
Why doctor, you didn't look to see If
my tongue wai coated.
I know it Isn't said the dootor wearily. You never find grass on n race
On Sale Everywhere.— There may
be country merchants who do not keep
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, though they
are few and- far between, and these
may suggest tbat some other oil Is
Just as good. There is nothing so
good as a liniment oi* as an Internal
medicine In certain cases. Take ho
other. The demand for It shows that
It Is the only popular oil.
London. — At Birmingham quarter
sessions the recorder passed a sen*
tence of ^twelve months' hard labor
and eighteen lashes with the cat on. a
carter named Frederick Sankey, iln
connection with a White Slave case.
Women's Leap to Death
Harii.— A widow about 60 years ht
age committed suicide by throwing
herself from the first platform of the
Eiffel Tower. When she had fallen
seventy feet her foot caught In the
iiwiwork of the structure, and the
body hung there for over an hour before firemen were able to release lt.
Canted by Lumbago, a Form of
Muscular Rheuttatitm.
Lumbago Is sudden in Its attacks
and is so Intensely painful Ibat thc
sufferer Is often unable to move, even
to turn ln bed or rlso from a chair.
The trouble chiefly occurs among
working men, among whom It numbers
thousands of victims. As the attacks
come on quite frequently and are eo
torturing, this disease means much
loss of time and money as well as lhe
endurance of much Buffering. No
victim needs to be told that liniments, plasters and outward treatment
will not cure the disease. This kind
of treatment Is merely a waste of time
and money. The trouble Ib really, a
species of muscular rheumatism, and
'.» due to poor blood, and can only -ba
cured through the blood. It ls tor
this reason that Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are so successful In curing thli
trouble, and those who are afflicted
by It should lose no time ln giving
the Pills a trial, lf the treatment:it
persisted in the disease will be driven from the system and the cure ibe
made permanent. In substantiation
Mrs. Alfred Derby, Ettyvllle, Out.,
says: "A few years ago 1 was attacked by excruciating pains In tho baxk
wblcb the doctor called lumbago. '. I
was not able to do a bit of work
about the house, and suffered dreadfully every time I moved about. * I
took the doctor's medicine all winter,
and used liniments, without getting
any relief. I.-i a thoroughly discouraged condition I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. After using six
boxes I was better and able to do
all my own work, and have not been
afflicted with tbe trouble since. J I
now always recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills to those ailing.
These pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or may be had by mall at -50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 from
Tbe Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Hit Only Satisfaction
Smith—Have you taken lu Ibe nutq
Jonei—Sure! I never miss 'em.
Smith—You don't own a car. Why
ure you bo Interested?
Jonea—Well once a year I llko to
look at a bunch of 'em I don't have
to dodge.
-^.tiOXU-i-*■   ■
WmI inker
if instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
■cidl, but glycerine and neutral:
•oils which keep thc skin smooth*
and iu splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week ami lioticrf
thc difference. «7;
•rter froioy*iir dtn'i r Wnlny.   Barr roflftm.    J. si
^omeo'i commonest ailment
—tho root ol so much of their
Ill-health—promptly yields te
the gentle but certain lottos
of Na-Dru-Co Laxative*.
25c. a box il your drugglsl'i.
Wash Day
Makes the Clothes ai
White at Snow
Try It I
Manufactured bf
Tht Johnaon- Richardson Cm
Untiled. Montreal, Cos.
the Heart of a Piano is the
. Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
If roll (tol'OU I OF S(l-tia_'R(!M UOWK'or'-aDTTtlB ILUBS'
■urn-'R from kionhv, ui._MiDi.it, nkrvodr disiaski,
writt for mr PRCI book, thb most instructive
Winicm, BOOKIVKR WRITTEN.IT TM.I.S AM. about theft
- -'i;,*__jv;*v;'0-Hai««y;.'H:;:'r;^'N^
UeBSQIAly fcyout-anderide
_ ti CnHrlvn far   youurli
Hltl. h.rein-.lrfr.YOH.tnv.H.II-nenl. Uoo'tMndacmtl.
AbwlnlslrPRIK. No-(allo*rup'clrtula_a. UR LKCLKKC
Speolal Guardian! of the Night Form-
ed in Pari! for Protection of Property
Paris, France.-—A series of burglaries in the center ot Paris has led
to the creation of a special foroe ot
private police, or night guards, who
begin their duties this week. Their
special attentions sre directed to
guarding the property ot citizens who
havo subscribed toward the Night
Guards' Association.
Last night a reporter for a morning
newspaper accompanied an inspector
on his rounds of lhe Avenue de l'Op-
era and the adjacent streets, whioh
are patroled by a dozen stalwart
guards ln a blue uniform with a
quaint helmet. Each guard had a
police dog and a heavy automatic pistol. Tbe Inspector bad with him a
magnificent black German nil up dog,
which was muzzled and beld on leash.
All the dogs, the o(_l.°r explained.
had been specially trained for their
work. Just lay a hand on me and
aee what the dog will do, said a guard.
The reporter guve him a hearty blow
In the chest. With a low growl the
great black dog at his side sprang at
the newspaperman's throat. His
master pulled hiin off. .
The scheme ls in Its Infancy, but tt
ls hoped before long to establish patrols in the residential districts of .Paris. Subscribers may get a guard at
night to summon a doctor or a cab.
When the baby ls 111; when hla little
stomach It out ot order and he Is
cross and refuses to smile, don't dose
Mm with caator oil. There ls no
need to torture him—give Baby's Own
Tablets—they do everything castor
oil ls supposed to do, only they do lt
better, and wbat is more tbe baby
will like them. The Tablets are absolutely safe, being guaranteed by
a government analyst to contain no
opiates or other harmful drugs. Sold
by medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from The Dr. WIlllamB'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
.i T
What's the Uie?
Though he Ib himself, ln private
lite, a clergyman, George Birmingham,
the Irish novelist, loves a good story
on the clergy, and one ot the most
amusing sections in his new book:
The Lighter Side of Irish Life, deals
with the foibles and misadventures of
Irish pastors. One of his tales may
be quoted:
A north ot Ireland gentleman heard
trom the lips ot a clergyman ot lhe
death ot an inveterate enemy ot his
who harassed him tor many years.
Well, he said, It's a comfort to think
that the devil's got that fellow at last.
The clergyman, being a clergyman,
felt bound to protest against this uncharitable view ot the dead man's condition. He Insinuated a hope that,
In spite of all that had passed, the
poor man might have escaped the extreme penalty.
Well, said the other, If the devil
hasn't got that fellow, all I can say
Is that I don't see much use In our
keeping a dovll at all.
A Magistrate'! Wonderful Experience
With Zam-Buk
Mr. J. E. Arsenault, a Justice of
the Peace, and station master at Wellington, on tbe Prince Edward Island
Ry., has had a wonderful proof of the
healing power of Zam-Buk.   He says:
"Four years ago I had an accident.
I slipped In the stallon and fell on a
freight truck, sustaining a bad cut
on the front of my leg. I thought
this would heal, but Instead of doing
so lt developed Into a bad ulcer and
later into a form ot-eczema which
spread very rapidly and also started
on the other leg. Both legs became
so swollen and sore that I could only
go about my work by having them
bandaged. My doctor Bald I must
stop work and lay up.
After six months ot this trouble fl
consulted another doctor, but with no
better result. I tried all the salves,
liniments and lotions I heard of, but
Instead of getting better I got worse
"Tbls was my condition when I got
my flrst box of Zam-Buk. Greatly to
my delight that first box gave me
relief. I "continued to apply lt to
the sores, and day by day they got
better. I could see that at last I
had got hold ot something which
would cure me, and ln the end it did.
It ls now over a year since Zam-Buk
worked a cure ln my case, and there
has been no return ot tbe eczema or
any trace of lit."
Such Is the nature ot the great
cures which Zam-Buk ts dally effecting. Purely herbal ln composition,
tbls great balm ls a sure cure for all
skin diseases, cold cores, chapped
hands, frostbite, ulcers, blood-poisoning, varicose sores, pt'es, scalp sores,
ringworm, Inflamed patches, cuts,
burns, and bruises. All druggists and
stores sell at 60c. box or post free
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of price. ,
Engineer! and Boilermaker!
Boilers ot   all    kindi— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
■*;     Write ui (or Prices
14 Strachan Avi., Toronto,'Canada
***i lor oret SIXTY YBAKS by MILLIONS ol
HOTUBKS for their CIIILURBN Willi,*
ll the but remedy br DIAXSIia.A. It li absolutely hirmlew. Be eure ud lite for "Mri.
Wtiibwa ttoothlif Syrup," nd take ao other
Had. -Tweaty-flrecenu ■ bottle.   ...
A story of Scotch honesty comes
from Dundee. A small boy had taken
the prize for an exceptionally well
drawn map. After the examination
the teacher, a little doubtfully, asked
the lad:
Who helped you with this map,
Nobody, sir.
Come, now, tell me tho truth. Did
not your brother help you?
No, sir. he did it all.
Woman Anert That Statue of Virgin
In Cemetery Came to Life
Paris, France.—The town of Bez-
iers is Immensely excited by a remarkable story, which ls said to havo occurred tn the old cemetery In lhe town
recently. Nothing will convince the
superstitious people that tt is not true.
According to the Btory, which ls
printed witb much detail, a woman
was leaving the cemetery, where she
had gone to pray at the grave of her
husband, when she noticed u statue ot
the Virgin covered with moss. The
condition ot the Btatue Inspired her
with pity and she tried to wash tho
moss from it with her pocket handkerchief. She declares that the statue enme to life; that one of lis hands
touched the handkerchief and that a
voice Bald: This cloth Is sacred now.
Keep lt, for 1 have blessed lt to thank
you for your act of piety.
The woman ran borne to hor cottage
and told her sick daughter what had
happened. She put the handkerchief
on the girl's bed, and the child, who
has been paralyzed for several years,
sat up, got out of bed and walked.
The statue Ib surrounded all day by
cripples, blind men and women, and
even children who are suffering from
some '-disease. It was reported
among the* townspeople tbat a blind
man recovered his sight and that a
lame man had thrown away his crutches and walked.
A number ot unbelievers visited the
cemetery and openly expressed their
scepticism. They were roughly
handled by the worshipers and ejected.
A number of women have organized
a perpetual guard round the statue,
and one of them collected money from
visitors whose handkerchiefs Bhe rubbed on the hands of the statue. This
was forbidden by the police, whereupon several gendarmes were attacked by the angry women. The leader
of the women who tried to Induce her
companions to precipitate a riot ls now
forbidden to enter the cemetery.
The bishop and clergy have thus far
refrained from expressing any opinion
regarding the alleged miracle.
nut only keep* cold out (nil
conservesbody- warmth: body-
fat serves the tame purpose,
it enables ut to resist unsettled
elements and serves ■• the
great source of our body-heat
Greater body-warmth means
richer blood, more fat, not
obesity but fat which the body
contumes for warmth, vitality,
resittance-power—as a furnace
consumes coal for heat—
Scott's Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful after, each
meal makes body-warmth—
healthy, active blood—
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good.
ll drimi aal and keep, oat colds
by raising endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject tahttitatei for SCOTTS.
Scott A Bowne, Toroalo, Ontario 12-61
A well-known physiognomist advocates choosing one's servants according to the formation of their faces:—
We tried the plan on Martha Rose-
she only stopped a week. Although
we chose her for her nose, we sacked
her for her cheek.
Time and Money
That time ls money, Wisdom bleats,
Yet you win know my dears,
A girl with thirty thousand beats
A girl with thirty years.
Oh, ma! exclaimed the daughter ot
the candidate. I just saw papa kissing the cook-lady!
That's all right dear. He's acting
as my manager and I want her vote
for today's election.
Sometimes a married woman gots
bo hungry for a loving word that sbs
talks to herself.
Wanted—Agents for Hall and Windstorm Insurance.    Apply Ths Canada
Weather Insurance- Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
A ltlllo girl remarked to her mamma, on going to bed: I am not afraid
of the dark.
No, ot course not, replied hor mamma.
I was a little afraid once, when 1
went Into the pantry to get a tart,
What were you afraid of;
I was afraid I couldn't And the
'.   PILLS
There la nothing repulsive ln Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
pleasant to take as sugar, so that few
children will refuse them. In some
cases they cause vomiting through
their action in an unsound stomach,
but tbls ls only a manifestation of
their cleansing power, no Indication
that they are hurtful. They can be
thoroughly depended upon to clear
all worms from the system.
Artie had tried by various means
to Interest hiB father ln conversation.
Can't you see- I'm trying to read?
said the exasperated parent. Now,
don't bother me.
Artie was silent almost a minute.
I Then, reflectively: Awful accident on
a Bloomfield trolley today.
Father looked up with Interest.
What's that? he asked. An accident?
• Yes, replied Artie, edging toward
the door, a woman had hor eye on a
seat and a man sat on It.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Visitor—Was the Christmas mall
Aural Postmaster—Haven't got It all
out yet. I tell yon, -tills town owes
Its lives to mo. About the first of
December all the letters that came
In here were covered with funny
looking stamps. I got kind ot suspicious nnd it certainly puzzled me
till a New York drummer put me
wise, telling me they wore tuberculosis stamps. Of rourse, I knew that
stuff was darned bad, so I Just ups
and confiscates the mall as fast as It
came ln. I've got lt sll out In the
back room fumigating now. Pretty
narrow squeeze, but I nipped thc epidemic right In the bud.
A Boon for the Bilious.—The liver
is a very sensatlve organ and easily
deranged. When this occurs there
is undue secretion- of bile and tho
acrid liquid flows Into tbe stomach and
sours it. It ls a most distressing
ailment, and many are prone to It
In this condition a man finds the best
remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There ls no better medicine In the entire list of pllli
A Kansas City character wa3 clinging to a lamp-post one Sunday morning when a stranger came along and
addressed blm.
Sir, enquired the stranger, can you
tell me where the Second Presbyter-
Ian church ls?
Mister, answered thc weary one. 1
don't even know where the First Presbyterian church ls.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Ms. a btx sr six boxes tor tMO,
tt all dsalsiM, or Ths Dodds Midi-
tins Utmpsny, Limited, Toronli,
" I   **—^—'"™*m*^^mm'
An Irish contractor had the misfortune to run bis car over an old man
who bad a bottle of blueing inside his
coat. Jumping from his car and seeing -the fluid rapidly staining tbe old
fellow's breast, he turned to his friend,
Finnegan, it'll go harrud wid us!
We've killed wan o' thim blue-blooded Yankees!
W. N. U. 139
......  ....   'BROMO QUININE"
I.ook for tho HlKniiliiii- or ».. W. l.HOVR.
Cures a Cold In  Ono Day.   Cures Urlp
Only One
...... Is LAXA
Look for tho at
Cures a Cold
in Two Daya
' Pat was Handing hear the car track
when he noticed an automobile coming
Up the atreet. and to be safe he stepped back a Utile from the car track.
The auto went past and Just as It
was patting the driver had occasion
to turn oft he track. When he did
the auto skidded on thc car track causing the back end of It to swing
around, striking Pat and knocking him
Pat was seen to get up and look
after the car and say: Now phut do ye
think o' that? Whin ye stand ln front
o' thim, tliey run over ye; and whin
ye gli out o' the way to let thim pass
they turn round and kick ye!
are rapidly growing in popular favor.
served either with cream or
good milk, or preserved fruit
make a most appetizing dish
for breakfast, dinner, or
These delicious toasted
flaky bits of white corn have
a delicate taste that is very
pleasing at this time of year.
Post Toasties are economical, make less work for
the. busy housewife and
please everyone at the table.
"The Memory Lingers"
Said by Grocers everywhere
Suitable for any lize of game.
Made in all desirable calibers and
used ind endorsed by hunters the world over for
hard usage, reliability and strong and accurate shooting.   No rifle will give better satisfaction than the
Winchester.   Winchester rifles are sold by all dealers.
Send testil fir amptste. illustrated eetat.t
Canadian Postum Cereal
Windsor, Ont
The Best
Farm Lubricants
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Clings to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear.   Moisture add
changes of temperature do not affect it
The choice of the most successful fanners.
Gas Engine Oil
*  %        ■_i>
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Silver Star Engine Ktrottnt
Imperial Motor Gasoline
Mica Axis Create
B Dorado Castor Machine OU
Capitol Cylinder Otf
\ Thresher Hard Oil
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehoute
stations in Western Canada. Fer addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main Of tie* I
Regina,    Moose   Jaw,   Saskatoon,
Edmonton,    Calgary,   Lethbridge, '
Vancouver. *\a THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Hi\t (SratMurka &uu
lite Y«ar
Due tear 	
One Year, in United Slatei
empire. It flwas tbe iiiiicoiiception
of tbis principle that led to the great
disruption between Britain and the
American colonies a century and a
half ago, and perhaps after all it re-1
j(«'»^iMi»it:V...V.'.?.V!"r.$!W',luired 'ha' lesson to teach us what'
■w0§We  k-.ow.--Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour.
Aildre., all floronmnlcatloim tu .  - .	
The Bvmiia Sun,      !     „     .,     . „,.. ,   .,      r.   .,   ,
President Wilson, of  the   United
States, ia refusing all presents, and
paying his way into theatres, etc ,
like an honest, ordinary citizen. In
one re«pect, nt least, Mr. Wils n
seems to stand alone aiming legislators so far as this continent is con
cerned. He seems to be unique.—
Montreal (luz-tte.
Ohahd Porks, k.g
FRIDAY, APRIL   11,  1913
Thkhk is no use of the people on
this side of the line becoming too
elated over the new American tariff
bill. By the time the meusure geta
through the house ol representatives
and the senate the duty on Canadian
products may be higher lhaii it is at
Sir Frederick- William Taylor,
tbe noted Canadian banker, in a
speech at a banquet of lhe Canada
club in London, made the statement
that the money forthe dreadnoughts
which the Borden government proposes to'donate-to the empire would
sooner or later have to be borrowed
in England. Laughter followed this
statement. No better comment
could have been made.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
to Ann St., Nev/York City.
DeirSir:   I ...ive known for o
VV. O. Millar, district superinten
dent of the CPU, was in the city
The board of trade has not got a
very difficult task to perform. It is
easy and pleasant work to boost a
meritorious urticle. There is no city
in the interior ol thn province with
richer and more varied retources,
nor with brighter future prospects,
than Grand Forki.
Why Bpend all your time in a
wild scramble to accumulate wealth?
The memory of the country editor
sometimes outlives that of the millionaire,
Tht Toronto Globe says: "The
Tories jeered at Laurier'i 'tin-pot'
navy. Nobody can jeer at Borden's.
Kven the London Times says 'no
one in this country can tell what
permanent policy Mr. Borden has in
his mind.'"
Wise Words
Tbe people of 'Canada and the
other overseas dominions must have
and will have their feeling of nn-
tienality. Every Canadian ought to
want to feel that Canada has got itt
own principles for the development
of the future. D" not let us discourage tbat local patr'n t sm Let them
cultivate their own feeling for the
nationality of Canada. Camida for
the Canadians, Australia for the
Australian**, but the whole  for  the PRICESi
For  Sale—A
about -500 lbs.
good  team; weight
Apply Sun  office. I
A. P. Jordan left on Monday for
Spokane. Mrs. Jordan, who has
been visiting in Seattle for a *-hort
time, accompanied him home.
BET, Cr..*_6. bAGV.B 8AT1
Ml. C. A,_ABBr|TT,     _ Antrim u, ,*xn,
ov. r 40 yeart of thi
'1 Pri
., „ _lnc* 	
nary frbuUas, At tliih p. .ut 1 will My to yoa
woMyou have nit before !..iown of: that 4a yi
sine., while I was a mid. nt ol N.Y. City, I
aaveraly 111 with lung troul.le. Physicians laid I
a consumptive and my family physician told my wife
that he thought I coul,i nol re.ever. My attention
wsa directed to the Wilson Remedy, y/blel I laat
with epiendid effect. I have teen on tay laat aal it
work aver since myeyre.   Yoiirltruly,
faatoc H. I. Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N. V.
Oa Dec  1,1911, Mr. Saacr wrote Mr. Abbotts
"My health is very good,'*
If you  will  write Mr. Abbott lie
glad) _
information you desire.
will gladly fumi-li you any  further
" ilr
The Sun job olliee is the best
equipped for all daises of work in
lhe Boundary.
Don't forget that The Sun has tbe
best job printing depurrment in the
Boundary country.
A meeting of the Grand Forks
Agricultural association will be held
next Wednesday night.
For Sale—Strawherry, Rhuharl
and White Mammoth Asparaeiis
plants. James T. Sthfford, Ruckle
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
J. D. tHonsberger returned on
Monday from a week's trip throughj
the Kootenay country.
L. F. Pell, of  Austin,  Man.,   arrived in the city this week, and will
Change of Program
Each Week
we've car what you
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you, buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre G&,
flUiend the siiniun-r with his brother,
J. T. 1VII.
The Sun job office  \». overstocked
with some sizes of
and get a bargain
billheads.    Call
Ed Clayton has   durchased W
Williams' motor car.
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnan'ty. .See our new stock of, Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls $1.25 each
Woodland CS> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
HE Great Northern Hotel
has added a
I to its already well equipped
1 hostelry.
Pompeian aud'Eleetrie
Massage given.
Razors   sharpened   by
an expert.
FRANK     Jf:    WILMS
NOTICE '» IH-RKHY tllVRN that on the j:.tli
.Inv nt March A. !». IM-1. "rt.lmte nf
Op will nf J Im Alurtliiim Coryell, dfWto'
Me nf tho ''ft**' "f -HlHiid Korku. Hfi.wai
i:i iinti'ii nut nf thf* Supreme 'nil't of Rrltloli
R'Jiinihtii, at Gtaiul Forkt. R ■"*., !** "mma
F**rrii»"ti Coryell and Frank O urgt* Coryell,
pxpcsiitrls anil executor tlier*'ln niimen,
hnth nf Grand Fork«. ".C.
Every perfo - Indebted to siM et'n.te Ih
rpqnlrpd tn nrnkp tmymput i«*rth.vHh to thi
snld px^'n'rix and pxppntnr. milt-wry permit 'havliiirlii iJiiBBfunl' i' f♦■• pta Mnn d i'i*.
In i'«tntp N ipifn*fp'1 forthwith to deliver
r nv r tn hhM pxpp'i'r'x a*'d exepi'tnr.
Kvery pfpdltn- nr other perm" ' avlntranv
pin'in .-""ii nrlntprpti* In thi' dUMhiiMfi of
fi*f. r>«ti*ti< nf tin (Ipci'h-. tl I* vpoul'ed liof<->e
t'-p 2Bth dny o*" Afrll A.D. 11*11 tj. «end h<r
r"-ri_j'i*ri'd letter, addref ed tn the under
rjffHPtj hl« name n»d ad,,re»*» mid OiI\
inrhnhirs of Ms claim or intcrput, nml a
Mntpniei't'if hli ncpniint. verlflr-d hy n'ntu-
tnrv dpplapotlnn, "nil the nature of the wwiir-
ity (tf anv) held h.v Mm.
After •hetinld'.,fithd v >f tpHI tthi- etrpu-
ttlx and exeont'T will proceed with the ad-
Tn|nl«irntlnii nf 'he ecta p. havlnir r<*i-ard
tn those claim* only if which they »hall
the" hnve notice.
Dated this m* day of Marph. A. D. »1«.
EMMA F. COM VKI.U Executrix,
FRANK n.rnRYE|J..tt]fwiitor.
Dak of limiting     Until Ready to fJm. Remarks
T,iit«   fall
or  eaily 2 yeurn.
Beans (string) April  15, and every 60 to 90 (lays
two   week*     after-
wards until July 15.
Beans (lima)   May 15. 90 to 100 days
April   1, and   every 60 to 90 days
two weeks afterward
until July 15
April 15,and.Iuly 15 90 to 120 days
8et iitfe yeai* old plants
tbree feet apart,in rbWH
four feet apart.
Plant eight inches apart
in rows two feet apart.
Plant in hills three feet
apart, three'heans in a
hill, rows four ft. apart
Sow thinly in rows two
feet apart.   *
April 15
April 15
June 15 to July 15
April 15, and  every 90 to 100 days
two weeks afterward
until July 15
Cucumbers      May 1 and June 15    50 to 75 days
May 15
90 to 100 davs
March 15, and every 40 tu 50 days
two weeks afterward
until July 1
May 15
April 1, April 20      100 I,
April 15
April  I,   and   every 50 to fill days
two weeks afterward,
until July I
Late   fall   or   early 2 years
Set in rows two feet
each wav. Second planting set in rowathree feet
each way.
90 to 100 days   Plant like early cabbage
70 to 100 davi"   Sow in rows 2 ft. apart
120 to 140 days Set plants 6 in. apart,
in rows two feet apart.
Plant early varieties in
hills two feet apart each
way; late, three feet
apart each way.
Plant in hills four feet
apart each way.
Set plants 21 feet apart
each way
Head lettuce must he
transplanted; set plants
one foot apart each way
lysine leaf lettuce is not
90 to 120 days Plant in hills six feet
apart each way. May ba
planted to follow early
crops of peas.
120 days Plant on flrst dite if
sets are used, on later
date if seed is sown.
Plant in rows eighteen
inches apart.
After frost Sow   iu   rows eighteen
inches apart
Sow in rows U> feet
Set onn-vear old plants
two feet apart, in rows
four feet apart.
May he sown between
rows of other crops, as
cucumbers and tomatoes
March 15, and every 40 to 60 days
four weeks until September.
March 15, and every 110 to 45 days
two weeks afterward
during season.
March 15 and May I  100 to 120 days First planting in rows
2 J ft. apart.'   Second,
ft. apart.
The late planting can
be mulched with straw
and used during winter
and early spring.
Sow in rows 18 in. apart
50 to GO days for Plant in hills six feet
summer use, 110 apart eaeh way.
to 120 ror winter
90 to 100 days   Set   plants  three  feet
-    apart each way.
April 15 and July 1   80 to 120 days   First planting for sum-
.   , iner, second for winter
April 15
May 15
After frost.
Tomatoes May 1 and June 1
Something   That You
Never Seen Nor
Heard Of
It is used this, year as a little
Easter present, or rather a mark
of courtesy to friends and relatives. Its value as a token lies
more in the novel idea than in the
price of the article It is arrauued
so that it can he sent, just like a
postcard, for a cent or two, to-
any place in Canada or the United States The endearing idea
ahout it is the embedded I.umin-
oils (Jnriss. whicli will shine all
night Iihiii (nr in anv dark room)-
in a (ii.uiiious, Mrsiu: Hi.uk
I.iiiiit, after yon have nad it exposed to daylight for a few minutes The price is so low that
anyone ia enabled to be convinced of its real nature. It is
indeed an article which is held
in high esteem by any Christian
familv or person. The shining
cross is made of a stone which is
found only near Jerusalem, and
of which already the Bible speaks
as the I.tiwrnousS-roNK in picturing Solomon's Temple.
PRICES ARE-'ocents each, 2
fpr 25c, 5 for 50c, and 12 for fl.
(Sole Agent for Canada and U.S )
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoinhonol restores e»«r» nerve In the body
,   ""F"""   ,to its proper teneloti l rettoree
l pre
•Im and vilility. Preauture d««y end all usual
wellness averted at once. Phaephoaol will
mike vou a new men.  Price Mai bos, or two lor
l_e»_	 THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Second International   Egg-
Laying Contest
Heldjunder the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria.
Total eggs laid from December 2,
1912, to April 2, 1913:
No. Of
l'en.    Owner and Breed. Elgg,
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, An
conas , 347
2—V. Cleeves.Hagan P.O., Saanichton, White Leghorns  351
3—R. W- Russell,PO. Box 450,
Nanaimo, White Leghorns...346
4—A. Unsworth, Sardis, White
Leghorns ...410
5—E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns 291
li—V    U.   Wilson,    Koksalah,
White Leghorns    317
7—J. Emery, Sidney, White
Leghorns 351
fi—W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. 0.,
Buff Minorcas  61'
9—F. Preaton.care F. P. Hearns
' & Son, 155, I Ith Av. E.,
Vancouver, Anconas  233
10—H. Nicholson, Turgouse P. 0,
Saanichton, White Leghorns 281
11—C. N. Hoi-ton, Suiuinerland,
Brown Leghorns  258
12—A. H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Hamburgs . 318
13—Mrs. Cross,2138 Belnfont av„
Victoria, White   l_eghorns...357
14—A Easton, Duncan, B, C,
White Leghorns  390
15—Norie Bros., Cowichan, White
Leghorns 453
IB—J Aiusden,Box I, Deerholme
P. O, White Leghorns 414
17—I*. Soole; Cowichan, White
Leghorns 461
18—Seymour Breen, Duncan, B
C, White Leghorns 408
19—J. E. Baines, Saanichton,
White Leghorns      297
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns  330
21—R Wilson, Langley   Prairie,
Barred Rooks 238
22— L     F.    Solly,   Westholme,
White Wyandottes 348
23—A.   C.   Lovekin,   Glengarry
farm, Metchosin.Bar'fl Rocks. 256
24—O.  E   Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Black Orpingtons' ,. 288
25—Svseph Arnould.Sardis,White
Wyaudottes 349
•26—1. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av,
Viutoria, Buff Orpingtons . .222
27—Dean Bros., Eeatings, White
Wyandottes .....332
28— W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Gaine245
29—J.  J.   Dougant Cobble Hill,
S. C  Reds 344
30—F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyandottes '.....  297
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victoria,
White Wyaudottes 2c'l
32—C.   W. Robbins,  Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons 418
33—Fenl. Matthews,   Kamloops,
Barred   Rocks ' ..319
34—0. B. Oimond, R. D. 3, Victoria, R. C. Reds 258
35—H.E. Waby, Enderby,Baried
Rocks 342
.16—Dr. W. H.   B. Medd, Mount
Tohnie, Black Orpingtons 10U
37—Mrs. E Mc-U Jlotiley, Karn
loops, 8. C. Beds..., 354
38—W. H. Van Arum, 23D0 Cad-
Ixno   Bay   Road, * Victoria,
White  Orpingtons .201
39—A. E. Smith, May wood P O ,
Vi:ti>ria, SC. Reds  ...3r*U
40—S. D   Evans, Box   201,  Pen
ticton, White Orpingtons 208
Average price of eggs, 26c per
dozen Pen temperatures: Highest,
"0°; lowest, 20°; mean, 44.7°, The
weather has beeu very changeful during the month. Ou the -0th the cold
eit day occurred s nee the contest
started, the tlie.iinoiiii.ter registering
12 degrees of inst. Heavy windstorms have been sandwhiched in lia
tween bright, sm s'iny peiiods, and
rain as well as snow, the latter just a
Hurry, has contributed its quota to
lbe month's weather make-up.
Some good records have to be again
recorded to the past month. Pen 32j
with 164 eggs laid, has again distinguished itself. This mouth it has beat
en all records for American contests
Its daily yield for the 31 days just
past is as follows: 6, 3, 4, 4, 5, 3, 6,
5, 4, 6, 6, 5, 0, 6, 6, 5, H, 6, 6, 5, 6
(J, 6, 4, 5, 5, 6. 6, 6, 6, 6—164. A
valuable setting of eggs has beeu donated to the owner from Ontario.
With only one or two exceptions,
all the pens have performed splendidly, especially pens 32, 39, 37, 4, 18,
28, 17, 7 and 23.
In Class I, the following pens hold
from first to sixth position: 17, 15, 4,
16, 18 and 14.   It will be seen that
oMiller <& Gardner
1 *0
We have a complete line oi Garden Tools, Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Grass Catchers, and all the necessaries for spring cleaning and
gardening. Our Tools are ot the
best makes and are guaranteed to
give satisfaction.     \
Bapco Pure Paints,   Oils
and Baplac Varnish Stains
oMiller C& Gardner
pen 17 again takes the lead, and   pen
4 goes up another rung.
During the month pens 4, I'i, 17.
7, 14. 16, 3 and 19 have the honor of
producing the largest totals in Class
I. The yields are «s follows: 142,142,
140, 188, 136, 136, 135, 133.
The following were broody in this
class: Pens 4 and 20 (I each).
Pen 8, Black Minorcas, in producing their first doeen eggs, tied with
pen 37, Rhode Island Reds, in weight
per dozen, viz., 27} oz.
Messrs. Hearns d. Son reported tha
sale of pen 9, the new owner being
shown in the table above.
In Class II, the leading six pens
are as follows; 32, 33, 37, 25, 22, 29.
The following were the highest pro
dueers in the weight class: Pen 31,
164; 39, 151; 37, 145; 28, 141; 23,
137. and 33, 135.
Class II broodies: Pen 21, 2; 22, 1;
23, !;24, 2; 26, 2; 27, 1; 28,2; 29,
1; 34   2; 35, 2; 37, 1; 38, 2;  40,   2.
Record day's production for month,
177 eggs; eggs for month, 4967.
The following comparison of averages shows that thia competitions' rec
ords compares favorably with the
•'North American" conducted in Connecticut and the English contest at
"North   Aineriian," total  average egg yield per hen  25 I
English contest 29 35
International contest 51.7
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusians.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
■■      Indian Runner Ducks.
Columbia Poultry
1 Single Comb Rhode Island Reds.Single
Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
j Eggs for sale, t3 and $5 for 15. Win
' ner of 1st cock and 2nd hen in single
| comb Reds at the Provincial Show; IU
'cups, over 70 1st prizes and other
specials in 1912. Our birds are tested
layers as well as winners in the show
room.   A few good cockerels for sale.
T. Bowen
Box 293 *& Grand Forks, B. G.
E. E. W. Mills, of Grand Forks,
B C.. ha« nwed tip three pens of
While Wyandottes. Each pen headed by prize winning cock hirda. One
P'li of S.C. Rhode Island Reds and
one pen nf Buff Orpingtons. Settings
from any one of these pens al ti.
and I w'll replace anv eggs that am
not fertile on their p turn
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
Plymouth Rocks
and Row Comb
Rhode Island Reds
F0tf SAt€
for kstchiBit from O A    «ac_i,ln aay
I gihllillloa Slack -LUC quantity      I
Eggs for Sale
Buff Orpingtons are now
ahead in the heavy-weight,
varieties in the second
International Egg-laying
). A. McCALlCH, rroprlalor
GrasJ forki, Urns, L IOS
March lad, l)IS.
Gradually Sriwlnf
If you read The Sun yuu gel the
news of the city, thf province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
render, to keep abreast of Ihe time*
without the aid of the dully papers.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
®l)r (Irani. KtaritB 9«n
and the Montreal
3ffamtljj ij?ral.u attft WtMy&Ut
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasures," for
| $1,500
.160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
S500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley  Line   survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, $875 Cah,
Balance Term
For Further Particulars Apply
gQ Tlie    Si in
Office gj
Newspaper Law
1. A pout-mauler is required tn give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does Hut answer the law) when H sub
seriher dues not take his paper out nf
the postolliee, and state the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect, the whole amount whether
the pa|>er is taken from the office 'or
not. There can be na legal discontinuance until payment is made.
■I. Any person who takes a paper
out of the postolliee, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether lie lias
subscribed or not, ia responsible for
the pay.
•_. If a subscriber orders hia paper
stop|s'il and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound .to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post oflice. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
■he uses.
5. The courts have deoided that refusing to take newspapers or -periodicals from Ihe post office, or reliioving,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.' THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Loren G. Ladd only found complete
relief after using the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
J.a.l.1'3 Mills, Stanstead Co., Que.
(Special).—'that the seeds ot disease
left lu the body after an Illness are
aure to cause trouble ts tlio experience
of Loren O. Ladd, a well known young
mau In this community. Mr. Ladd
lias also learned that those seeds can
bo cleared out of the body and perfect liuulth restored by Dodd's Kidney
"At the age ot six I had Scarlet
Fever," Mr. Ladd states. "At t4elve
I bad Typhoid --'ever, anil at fourteen
I had Measles. About a year later
I began to he troubled by swellings of
Hie face, feet und hands. The doctor told me I had Kidney trouble. He
save ine medicine but the swellings
continued to come at intervals ot a
weelt to a mouth.
"Two years ago one box of Dodd's
Kidney I'ills stopped the swellings.
Last winter the swellings returned
antl again I was' cured by using Dodd's
Kidney Pills."
Healthy Kidneys strain the seeds ot
dlsFa-e out of the blood. Dodd's Kidney I'ills make healtny Kidneys.
Ah, Giles, said a curate to an old
rustic whom he met on his way to
church Sunday morning, how beautiful It Is to hear those silver tones
pealing out from the belfry!
Eh? replied Giles, who was deaf.
I say how beautiful It ls, shouted the
curate, to h?ar those silver tones
pealing out from the belfry!
I can't hear a word you Eay, said
Giles, them blessed bells be making
such a terrible din.
Ask your Clothier to show you
no others as good
DON'T waste your time figuring
out why a black hen lays n
white egg. tict busy and jump
OVUK-HAULS aud get the egg
.. THB --
Leather Label
High Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear Ihla eut and mall It te ua with
your namo and address and wa win sand
yeu ona ef our ealabratad CORN COB
Town rrov	
Your drak-r's name _.
Town Trov	
[•HE  SANOL MFC.  CO   Ltd
WinmufH-    Man.
I.     X.   La
PRICE $3.50
Washes Anything and   Everything
From a Horse-Blanket and Overalls
to the Finest Laces with No Injury.
Coupen Below
Saves You
Not Only Washes
But Rinses and Blues
Sent Under a
Money-Back Guarantee
Join the Army of Satisfied House-
vvlves Today -
Thousands Now in  Use
and Millions Will Be
This Coupon Good for $2.00
Present or mall this coupon and
11.50 to Dominion Utilities Mle. Co.,
Lia., .8214 Main Street, Winnipeg,
Man., and you will receive one I.X.L.
Atl charges prepaid anywhere In
Canada on condition that your money
ls to he refunded if the Washer does
not do all that ts claimed.
March 1st, 1913
Terrler'Kllle Two Otters
London.—A small wire-haired terrier belonging to Mr. Lawrence, of
Streatlr-y. Berks, displayed rare pluck
In killing two full-grown otters. The
dog received no Injury.
Oh, papa, she said, with a blush,
young Mr. Chestnut who owns so
many coal mines ln the Midlands ls
coming again this evening, and he
wants to see you on some Important
All right, my dear, responded tbe old
man, chucking her playfully under the
chin. I know what the young man
Tbat evening Mr. Chestnut came
to the point at once.
Mr. Hendricks, he said boldly. 1
want to ask you tf you have laid ln
ryour. winter stock of coal?
Regiments Home From Tripoli Get
Enthusiastic Reception In Rome
Rome.—Recently King Victor Emmanuel reviewed detachments ot the
troops which participated ln the war
against Turkey, and afterward accompanied them on their march through
the principal streets of the capital.
The king, who was accompanied by
Queen Elena and his children, the
Duke d'Aosta and other princes of the
house of Savoy, first Inspected the
troops ln the Piazza Independence.
His majesty then placed himself at
the head of the column and led his
soldiers who were accompanied by the
regimental colors, through the Via
Nazlonale to the enormous new statue
of Victor Emmanuel II, called the altar of the fatherland.
King Victor took up his position beside the statue of his grandfather and
presented a medal for each regimental
standard. The ceremony was the
most Imposing of the kind that has
been witnessed since Rome became
the capital of the kingdom.
The streets were crowded with enthusiastic spectators, who cheered the
troops and little Prince Humbert.
M-'nard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
• Similar Misfortune
Alas, kind sir, help me! I am spent.
Alas,-poor man I so's my money.
Corns cannot exist wheja Holloway's
Corn' Cure Is applied to them, because
lt goes to the root and kills the growth.
Pekin.—The western part ot the
Winter Palace at Pekin has been turned over to the Republican Chinese gov-
ernment, and will be used by' President Yuan S'nlh Kal as reception
rooms for distinguished foreigners.
No child should be allowed to suffer
an hour from worms when prompt relief can be got in a simple but strong
remedy—Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
How old ts your baby brother? asked
small Fred of a playmate.
One year old, replied Johnny.
Huh I exclaimed Fred. I've got a
dog a year old and he can walk twice
as well as that kid can.
Well, he ought to, replied Johnny.
He's got twice as many legs.
Paradise for Barbers
' Brussels.—The chancellor of the
Belgian legation at Pekin has written
to the mayor of Brussels requesting
him to Induce a number of Belgian
barbers to emigrate to China, where
owing to the suppression of the pigtail, a* fortune awaits them in gratifying the Celestials' passion tor the
western style ot hair-dressing.
Your dniKi.lst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In C to 14 days.   50c:
Baby In a Suitcase
London.—An Inquest was held at
Hackney on a baby which was found
In a suitcase on tho doorstep of a
house In Colvestone-crescent, Dalston,
In Ootober last. It died ln the Infirmary ot bronchitis.
A burned child Is shy about striking
when the Iron Ls hot.
DYE, ona caa buy.-IVIir yoa don't ...n hata lo
know wlifll KIND of Cloth your Gooda ara
ol.-So Ml-tal-oa ara lapoaalata.
Sand lor Praa Color Card, Story Booklat. aod
Sooklat giving raautu of Dyeing ovor otkac colon,
W. N. U. 939
Vital, offers a splendid opportunity
for great profits. We are spending over Thirty Thousand dollars
In Improvements.
Buy now, before prices advance.
Plans and prices, free.
Sterling Bank Building, V/innlpeg
Or abort!■_:_. ln times of some form of distemper among roar
brood mares cun be stopped and other mares prevented mm
losing colts by using "SPOHNS." It cleans the whole body
from germs of disease, tones up the action of all organs and
does not "physic." Give it to mores in foal or out, at any
time, for It is absolutely safe at all times for alt horses, at
all ages and under all conditions, lt is we,Il to give the
CURE several weeks before foaling time. Also safe for
the baby colt. AU druggists.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists arid Bacteriologists,
-    . Goshen. Ind., U.S.A.
It's perfectly disgraceful! Bhe exclaimed .
What's the matter? enquired her
Here's a description ot * woman
who gets up ln public and declares
herself an anarchist.
WeU, was the rejoinder, maybe It's
Jnst as well. I would like to
see women crowd the males out of
the anarchist business. When they
throw bombs they wouldn't be so
likely to hit anybody.
■rroup ot hoboes waiting for their
coffee to boll ln a tomato can were
telling their hard luck experiences.
I've had worse luck than anybody,
said one of them, chaiienglngly, after
listening to the others' tale ot woe.
Once I had to sleep trom Wilkesbarre
to Perth Amboy on top ot a flat car
loaded with hard coal.
And what do you think? he went on.
Every car on the next train that pulled In from the same direction was
loaded with soft coal.
DONT let your hone*
run down during the
winter and get no soft tliat
they will loee flesh badly when
you start your spring plowing.
If horses are Dot worked
regularly during the winter, thar a«*d tha
•pl.ndid ionic effecti of INTERNATIONAL
STOCK FOOD, to tone up tht digestive
organs, enable them to get all the good out
of their   feed,  prevent the  blood   from
becoming overheated, and thus ward off disease.
i.anoham, Sask., Jan. 26th. 1912-
w.      „ j  -—_ — . ......v ■ *a**- -.xs.xix-.*.   * j,u, nr.nrKii,
. For sale by dealers everywhere.  Our |i,ooo,eo Stock Boole—sent free when we
receive your name and address.     IFITttNATIOrML STOCK FOOD CO. LIMITED. TOIONTO.
^Milled '^ Takes
rlronTthebestTmore water,
of the      lmakes more loaves.]
jest's bestwheatAAsk your dealer
More   Bread
and   Better Bread
The Housekeeper
USINQ    .
Eddy's Wares
Eddy*. Indurated Tubs allow th. water to retain hut longer
■nd never rust. Being made In one itimlm plee. cannot splinter
and so the dsnger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used In conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday  Loses Half Its Terrors
Which kind of a culvert
does your waggon cross?
DOES the road yott use pass over rickety,
dangerous wooden culverts, that are con-
stantly in need of repairs and often washed
away entirely ? Or is it carried safely across the low
places by modern, everlasting culverts ? Build your
which not only cannot be washed  away, but
actually grow stronger with age and use.
Every farmer ones it to himself to iniiit that the
money he pay, for road-taxes bc spent to tlie best advantage. As a ratepayer, he is entitled to the best roads that
can be made with that money. When culverts are washed
out, and the road rendered impassable, he not only sullen
inconvenience but nuy also be caused financial loss by
inability to get necessary supplies in time for spring plant,
ing. And at best, with wooden culverts, part of the motfey
that should be used to make beuer roads must be spent
every year for repairs.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay you and everybody elie in your county.
Canada Cement Company Limited
MS.    HsnU Building, Montreal
T ET » , mi r« •
capr al aw haa
book "What Me
Farmer fan Bi
Wkh Cncrtle."
TP roe want ta tun
aura about Caafrett
Calffiu,   ttlltt aal
Ularatllal Desalt-
culverts are
neat, safe, need no
repairs, and are
: The Little Story That Was ::
Going on Right Under
Their Noses.   *
...... .............
vith rri ps en ii p
"We'll take tbose three seats. I sup-
pose It's tbe best you can do. Lawrence, you alt tbere. No, no-on this
side. There's a draft on that side."
"But I want to-aee the river," said
lbs elderly inau querulously and with
a gesture akin to throwing aside a detaining hand, tbough bis fiorld and
•overdressed wife had not laid ao muck
as a linger tip on hla arm.
"I tell you there's a draft on that
side," she said sharply.
"Well, you don't want, to alt Id a
draft either," persisted her husband.
"No; Emily can sit tbere. She Is
young.  Drafts won't hurt her."
David Mat-stop raised bis paper suddenly to hide the smile that would'
eome. He was sitting on tbe drafty
side, too, right behind tbe cbalr lu the
parlor car which had raised tbe discussion.
"Wbere Is Emily.?" asked Ihe bus-
band, now settled unwillingly in tbe
chair selected for bim.
"She's making sure tbnt there's a nice
man In the baggage ear to look after
the dogs. She'll be along In a minute."
By tbls lime David Marston was not
tbe only passenger interested In tbe domestic drama. Every man nnd woman
In tbe car bad laid aside paper or book,
roused to attention by Ibe piercing
tones and dominating bearing ot the
woman. Tbe shrill speech mlgbt have
been forgiven on tbe plea that the bus-
band wns evidently very deaf. The
manner was less forgivable. Newly acquired riches were stamped ull over
tbe tightly luced. middle aged figure.
Tho characterless face, due to mucb
electric massaging, spoke ot, hours
■pent with beauty experts. Ber frock,
wrap and hat shrieked "Paris!"
Evidently the couple' were going
back to New York after a brief stsy
st tbelr lodge lu the Cutskllls, for the
limited had stopped at the small town
close to fashionable mountain fastnesses on special orders.
"Vou don't think anything will bap-
pen to Emily trying to cross the plat-
forms'**' asked the tban anxiously.
"It's a- vestlbnled traiu!" shrieked
hla wife. "I told her tn stay until all
three of tbe dogs bad been properly
chained, You remember tbe time we
came—  Ob. there she la!"
There was much craning ot necks as
the third member of this Interesting
party came through the narrow passageway nround tbe drawing room.
Her advent promised further entertainment to travel bored passengers.
Only one of tbe latter did not crane
bis neck. He 'simply sat staring at tbi
girl, bla hands gripped hard on the
arms of tbe cbalr.
She was a slender, refined looking
girl, dressed in black from ber dull
calfskin ties to ber stiffly tailored traveling bat At her throat and wrists
were One linen bands. Marston recalled wllti a sbudder that a maid who
had opened the door for bim at a fashionable Denver home had worn jusl
such a black frock wltb while bands.
Tbe girl carried a bundle of canes,
umbrellas and golf sticks. As sbs
tilted them tn the corner beside ths
•Iderly man she said something to blm
which be seemed to bear, though sbe
did not follow his wife's example and
raise her voice. He settled back witb
a contented air.
"There's your chair, Emily." said the
woman, waving her hand across tbe
aisle. Tbe girl turned, stepped across
tbe aisle, looked at Marston. caught
ber breath sharply and sank Into hot
cbalr, which she wheeled so that hor
back was turned squarely upon him.
By this time David had recovered
thought and speech. He rose, deliberately walked In front of tbe girl and
extended his hand.
"Don't tell me that a mere trifle like
a beard makes me unrecognizable, Emily. I sbould bavo known you even 11
you had dyed your hair."
The girl's band ley limply ln bis,
then sbe pulled herself together and
withdrew It.
"Ob, I knew you at once. But thi
"Preclsely. It was s shock to me-
fo find you with them."
Tha gesture was slight, but Emily
Hunt knew what he menut, and bet
< cheeks crimsoned.
"I can oxplnln"-
"l*.ot me turn your chair around so
.we can talk," marston suggested, nnd
a moment later tliey sat side by side,
facing the river bank, tbelr backs to
Miss Emily's employer, who sniffed In
baffled curiosity and gazed their way
through a Jeweled lorgnon.
♦Oh, ths story Is short enough," snid
Emily bitterly. "Selling dniibs nnd
teaching youngsters In a Colorado town
aud mnkloc good with your brush la
New Tor* city ara entirely different
propositions. I saw ll waa starvation
or real work aad so"—
"Being companion to a woman of hei
caliber Is real work, eh?"
"She Is really very kind st heart, and
Mr. Maguire Is just lovely to me."
At tbls juncture Mr. Maguire wu
shaken with a violent coughing spell.
"Emily," exclaimed Mrs. Maguire
sharply, "Where's the cough medicine?"
But Emily Hunt was already digging
Into her employer's bag.
Deftly she poured the medicine an*
turned to being a glsss of wator. Mai*
ton was at ber heels, his own* arm*-
Ing cup filled to tbe brim.
"Thanks. Mr. Maguire took sucb a
dreadful cold while we were at Groton
Tbe Invalid wns recovering from the
paroxysm nnd there was uotblng for
Emily to do but Introduce David to
beg employers.
Mr. Maguire extended a trembling
hand. Mrs. Maguire raised ber lorgnon.
"From Chicago? lu pork, I sup-
David's eyes twinkled even as Emily
Hunt's cheeks colored.
"No, not exnctly-ln the law for pork
Emily bit her llns and, returning to
her chair, stared hard at the Hying
"Forgive me, Emily, but I simply bad
to do it.   She ls Impossible."
"But you nre in the law"—
"And for men in pork. I am going
to Europe on my first big commission.
••.vouunrt ne aarpri-na. sweetheart;
snd sll I've got to say Is 1 hope that
tbe young man ls the sort wbo will aot
consign 'Emily' to a drafty seat"
"I hope he Is just ss dear and good
as yon are."
And down In the front of tbe car
Marston and Emily Hunt sat gazing
out luto the night, too happy fpr words.
Weedon Grossniilh. who Is known as
sn artist as well as an actor, was once
assailed by a fair autograph hunter ln
London, who tbust her album under
his nose. "Please give me your name,
Mr. Urossuiltb." she gushed, "lf you
will leave the book at the stage door
with your address and nlnepeuce for
tbe Actor's Benevolent fund," replied
tbe actor, "I sliall do so tomorrow with
pleasure." Tbe girl objected. An actress, she declared, "who wns far better known tban be, hnd signed her
book for sixpence." She pouted at Me.
Grossmlth's obduracy. But suddenly
she brightened. "I know!" she exclaimed. "You shall bave tbe nine-
pence If you'll do me a picture a|
tvell."-New York Sun.
Radical Changes In Slaevse Fer the
It Is  In  the  sleeves  that  radical
changes mny be expected tbls spring.
Ever since tbe kimono sleeve begau to
kxe caste tbe designers have attempted
-   .     ,       ,      .   __,_ , to Introduce all.sorts of new Ideas Into
1 am so glad you have found sue-1 ^^   „.|t tbm,. ,. m Slltufactl011
Ttie Matron, the-Mules and a 8p«o-
taeular Procession.
They tell a atory tn army circles ln
Washington, wherein a young matron
af mucb dignity and a string of army
mules were the principal actors. It
appears that this young womnn has
quite a regal air, a circumstance that
added much to the humor of the situation in which site found herself. Also,
Leaping Peweie et the Tarpon, Set
Salmon and the Treut.
A considerable number of fishes an
remarkable lor their leaping powers,
and several oi these performers are
«n that account specially favored by
anglers, since by jumping clear ol
the water,' in some cases many timee
in succession, they tax the fisherman's skill more severely than fishes
less active, and thereby give added
It should be added, it is her custom to   Mst c. the*ir ^pt^,
Investigate pretty thoroughly any new
phase of life witb whK.li she comes ln
contact Accordingly, ou tbe occasion
of ber visit to au army post In the
west, she hnd everything nbout tbe
post carefully explained to her.
One day, when her host nud hostess
were out of the bouse, this young woman thought it well to go to the corral to Inspect the army mules. Sbe
went among the animals, carefully examining each one.
Blie happened to wear a costume of
Members   ot   the   salmon   family
are universally famous for their high
S" imps. The sea trout, which gladden
evon rivers under the name ol "harvest peal," are untiring acrobats, and
a fish of a pound weight will more
than once jump several times its own
length out of water when hooked before coming to the net. Unless the
fisherman responds by promptly lowering the tip of his roil, the fragile
gut is likely to psrt, and as it is part
of every sportsman's creed so appreciate his pastime in proportion to Ut*
very light color that quickly attracted   difficulties it presents, lho ses trout
... •l->n>)_.   liinln,   >n   tlm   ■mil/.i'a   *_.limaliAn
cess." snld Emily in a calm voice,
though her heart bent suffocatingly.
She mlgbt have helped blm to find it,
but now be was going to Europe for a
mighty corporation, and she wns a
companion, tbe most despised and inadequately paid persouage tn tbe Maguire retinue.
that lt hns brought Into prominence
sleeves of'so many types thut It Is possible for every woman to select becoming ones. Tbe low shoulder seam, so
well received the earlier part of tbis
winter, retains tbe popular feature of
the kimono sleeve. The enlarged arm-
hole ts likewise an easy transition for
"Emily, ring for the porter and order ■ tht a...,t-. ot the wmono.   On tbe
clam broth for us ull from the buffet
"I don't enre for any, If yon will ex-
ruse me, Mrs. Maguire. I'll order for
"Nonsense!" snld Ihe domineering
Mrs. Maguire. "A cup of hot broth
will do you good. You're looking a bit
white liiia afternoon, and we can't af-;
ford to have yon sick on our hands
now, with Maguire .on the edge of
Tbe piercing tones ran tbe length ot
tbe car. aud there was smothered
laughter up and down the lines. With
crimson cheeks, Emily touched lbe button, but when the waller arrived it
was Marston who took the matter In
hnnd and ordered a tlulnty luucheou.   i
Mrs. Maguire admitted that for a
mon "In pork" he knew bow to order.
It annoyed her that she could uot com-j
munlcate Ibis discovery to her husband. Later she said something of tbe
sort to Emily, who bad brought Mr. *
Maguire nn evening paper picked up at
Pougbkeepsle. j
Emily did not seem to henr the patronizing remark ot her employer, tier |
mind had leaped forward to lhat mo-,
ment when the train sbould pull into
Ihe Urand Central depot Tben sbe aud
Ihe Maguires would enter tbe carriage
held In waiting by liveried servants,'
and Marston would go his self made In. ]
dependent wny. When sbe returned to
her cbalr the dull, foggy dusk was settling down on tbe river. Pretty soon
on tbe broad six track wny trains load*,
ed with suburbanites would lie shoot-,
Ing psst them, suburbanites going horns
newest gowns tbe srmhule has shrunk
the attention ot the animals, which
were accustomed, like all army pack
mules, to be led by the whitest animal
among them. Tbey slowly wobbled
thoir efirs aa tbey noticed tbe unfurled
white parasol of tbelr vlsttor.
Tbe young woman finished her Inspection and took her departure. As
she left the corral, she heard steps behind her. Glunclug buck, sbe saw a
mule following her, while all the rest
of the animals were falling Into line
behind their lender.
She wus not afraid. Indeed, she deemed fenr quite beneath ber dignity. But
she wns startled, to say tbe least, and
quickened *ier puce. Tbe mule Immediately in her rear increased his
pace, too. and mnrcbed steadily along
with his nose just touching the back ot
tho whllo parasol.
Then it was Ibat the occupants of
the long row of officers' quarters were
astonished to witness the spectacle of
an extremely dignified woman coming
up the uremic, nt a gait thut might be
termed a compromise between her dignity and u desire tn run, with a string
of army mules behind her, Ibe hend of
each Just touching the tall of the one pounds,
tu front of blm. The young woman's
steps nre said to hnve exceeded tbe
prescribed army stride by abont two
feel. Her dlgnlty-was decidedly "not
on straight" Tbere were about twenty-five mules In the procession.—
Youth's Com punlon.
stands high in the angler's estimation.
This readiness to jump when booked
distinguishes the lively spring salmon
trom the mure sluggish run of an
autumn fish, which rarely clears the
water in its effort! to throw out the
maddening hook.
Precisely why these October fish
should be less nimble than those of
March has never been satisfactorily
explained, but the higher tempera-'
tvre of rivers in the fall of the year
may perhaps have something to do
with their conspicuous indolence.
At their best salmon can jump al
least ten leet above the surface, a feat
achieved by slapping the wator with
the powerful tail and Hexing the body
until the head and tail all but meet.
The association oi thc maximum of
vigor and activity in fishes with a low
temperature enjoys wide acceptance,
but should be rc-cived with caution
in view ol the facF that nowhere perhaps in the world's seas are jumping
fish more continually in evidence than
in the Gull of Mexico.
The grandest of all these leapers Is
tho tarpon, otherwise "silver king,"
or "grand ecaille," a monster herring, which may measure six or seven
feet and weigh a couple oi hundred
Where the Jews Are.
Dp to January 1, 1912, the grand
total of Jews, -according to ofticial
statistics, was 11-817,783. OI these
1,894,400 were in America, and 1,082,-
! 000 in New York. Elsewhere in the
world, according to the Lutheran, is
this distribution: "Asia, 522,635; Africa, 341.867; Australia. 17,106. and
Europe, 9,942,200. Russia had 5,110,-
548; Austria, 1,224,899; Hungary, 851,-
: 378; Germany, 607,342; Turkey in Eu-
, rope, 282.277; Roumania, 238,275; England, 105,988; Holland, 105,698; France
almost 100,000; Italy. 52,115. New
York Cily had 1,002,000; Warsaw, 204.-
712;  Budapest, 186.047; Vienna, 146.-
They  Mined Punishment and  Merriment In tha Good Old Days.
Tbe milkman wbo waters his milk
nnd tbe grocer wbo adulterates  his
butter nre not. alter nil, the products
of   our   modern   clvlllzatlou.    These 	
men. II appears, have an anccslryjjf a   926; London, 144,300; Odessa, 136,935;
respectable    antiquity.     Witness"^ I Brooklyn more than 100,000- »"*•■**
ed in tbe archives of Puy-de-Dome:
"Whosoever shnll hnve sold watered |
suit .kick nu nu„q,i„ry hn, discover- | "Mfl^J- *^Jflj&&.
phia. each 76,000; Paris, 70,000; Con-
. , ,. , . ., ! stantinople, 68,000; Vilna. 63,841; Am-
milk, in bis moiilb shall be set a tube, ; gterdam, 60,065; Jerusalem, 53.000;
nnd Into the side tiibo shall be poured . Kichenev. 50,237; Minsk, 45,000; Lem-
ibc watered milk till the doctor or bar- ! \Ktgi 44,253, and Bucharest, 40,533."
ber there present shall ossert that tbe j 	
culprit ennuot swallow more without Bringing the Sea te  Rome,
being put In danger of his days.   Who-,    ptojwta fot making Rome s seaport
soever shnll havo sold butter contain-   haT4 bt4n diMUMed for years past.
Ing turnips, stones or any other foreign substance shnll be seized and st-
inched In n very curious manuer to
our pillory of Poiitet
"Tben the snld butter sball lie placed
One of these is to ley out a seaport of
a thirty-five foot depth near Castel
Fusaro, formed by running two jetties out into the sea for some distance.
as at the port of Ymuiden, Holland.
From the port will lead a ship canal
curt comment on poor gas with abject
"Suthln's sure wrong, but we ran'l
locate the trouble, but we'll soon be Id
towu," be suid and hurried on. Hs
knew the .Mngiilre type.
Emily started. Murslon's hnnd wm
on her arm. Hot gently or as n remind*
er that he deserved her attention, but
In a masterly, determined clasp.
"Emily, do you think for one minute
I am going abroad and leave yuu wllb
Hint-that sort of a woman? I've gol
to sail in tbo morning. There Is not
much time, but yuu can get frills nud
frocks In Paris, and wben we come
home, If visiting mt renters ubrond
his roused your umbltloiis mice inure,
I'll have you study with the best"-
"I don't wnnt to study; I have no
ambitions; I just wunt"-
Marston bent very close to catcb the
last word-"you."
"Emily, get s rug for Mr. Mngiilre."
exclaimed Mrs. Maguire su sbm-ply tliat
tbe dozing passengers all woke up,
Then as the girl leuued over to pick up
the fallen rug Mrs. Maguire whispered
"1 guess you forget wbere you are!"
"No," replied Emily happily. "I've
only just found out where I belong.
Mr. Marston nnd I are going to bc mar
rled tonlgbt and null for London iu lbe
Mrs. Maguire gave vent to nn exclamation that roused her husband to
frightened wonder and made several
men In the car laugh aloud.
Tbe llttlo bride lu cbalr II leaned
over nnd touched her husband's bund.
"Billy, dear, I believe there's a little
story going on right under our noses."
Her husband pntted her hnnd tender
ly under cover of Ihe friendly dusk.
fashion seems to favor It aud It Is sure
to come If the signs In tbs fssbluu
world are read correctly.
Tbe costume pictured Is a mldseason
affair that Is most alluringly curried |
out tn black velvet moleskin aad Ver-
slun embroideries.   As mny be seen,
outrageous  epithets  .itt... -it** ff£55E^j»KH?S»
them, subject to the respect of Ood 0, ^ -^m. by , .y.ten'o, iotks.'
nud his irajesly. u will co.i ,bout |ii,ooo,(»0 to osxry
••Whosoever shall have sold evil or 0„t u,e project.
rotten eggs shall be seized by me body 	
and exposed In our pillory of I'onlct |             Willing te Conform.
The said eggs shall lie given to the
Willing to
"Richard," said his precise wife in
children of Ihe villages, wbo shall by ! .B undetlone> ..it j, ,j] rieht (or you
avoid elaborate ceremony in inlrci-
tbe moleskin Is used In deep bunded , ^_ Q, Jojft||  _,|vcrslon t,.row tum 1 an
effect on the .Urt. .nd lll»    ereluu j |n „__. f      0, „„ cinprlt> ro (hit „, j d   .     ^ QM    --     bu,
trimming plays un Importuul purt hi ^ (u|| of .Ill!rr|ment .-<, )iusi,. |, wis£       »ould not ...t .Mr Thtog.
ornamenting the coat. | ,„.. | ,on  ahake hand, with jjr, wigmoro."
I  do not approve ol  that style ui
"All right, Amaryllis," heartily responded the host. "I'll cut that out.
Hello, Flatbushl Awfully glad to sea
you. Mr. Flatbush, wi^le Dippers
with Mr. Skimmcrhorn.'
Author and Housekeeper.
Mrs. Msrgnretta Tutlle, who wrote
tbe book "UU Worldly tioodl," dues
not believe that 1 literary caioor
makes a woman less fond of domestic
Justice bad a humorous way with It
In those good old days-Paris Cor.
London Telegraph.
A Kind new ts the Fish.
Etbet. who was ten years old. was
She ls a story writer, special 1 Iiudylug ber geographical reader and
writer and superintends everything
about her own homo In lbs suburbs
of Clnclunntl. She Inspects her Icebox every morning sftcr breakfast
and mnkee up her own menus for tbe
day. She lives within s weekly sllow-
snee and never lets herself ge one
penny beyond It A fter ber children ara
in school each day sbe turns to her
learned tbnt fish ure plsred lu brine
before they nre dried and prepared for
sale. After explaining that brine Is
very strong salt water tbe teacher
ssked why Ibe lish were placed In it
Ethel's fuce was Illumined with sud-
der understanding, sud sbe promptly
replied: t
"Because tbey are used to salt water."-Youth's Companion.
Mctiissl Nets.
"Hello,   Jones!    I   hear
Valuable Household Hints.
Before creaming butter snd sngsr
warm the bowl In the oven or fill It
with hot wnter, empty and wine dry.
This expedites the process, snd tba
heat Is not so great as to melt tbe but- ,u
ter. the danger that Is rna If tbe butter j    ,.Ah    be   ,rrt,,i.d  It
you  wer*
Is first warmed In tbe oven.
i    "Yob; I wns threatened with a fever.
-. but tbs doctor succeeded lu arresting
Too Trui.
"Teu certainly h»vo a trim llllle waist"
1 raid as site pui on her hut.
But alto turned me aaldo aim quickly replied.
"You're tight-..Hurt's no gelling rcun4
-Prim Hi a Tke 1.
I   suppose."-ttostun    Trs*
Good Reason.
"What on earth made you bay that
comfortable when we bave mora now
I In the borne than wt need7'
I   "I guess It wt. because I aaw M
' marked 'down.' "-Exchange,
Not a-BluH.
'You're  not going  to punish  me,
' are you,  father i*"   inquired a youth
i in circumstances  lhat threatened to
I be trying.
"Ol course  I am," was the grim
1 enoouragement he  received. "Didn t
I tell you this morning that I'd set-
; tie wilh you tor being so rode at
1 the breakfast table?"
"Yes. lather," came the wbimper-
f ing reply, "but—but 1 thought it was
i just a bluff like when you say you'll
settle the grocer's bill awry Saturday night I"
Up to ths Proposing Point.
Many a follow wbo has bcen trying
lo get his coursg* up to tb* proposing
point for two yeara la surprised wh*a
Ihe girl accepts blm In two aeconds.-
rhllsdelphla Record.
Tber. W nothing *o easy bnt tbat N
become* difficult wben ion I* It wttfc
reluetsne*.—Ter»»e» THE  SUN,   GRAND- FORKS,   B. C.
■i  ■-'-: ".v.*-
Give your Harness a
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil .
Oiling and polishing at
one'1 operation:   Quart
,„ and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Bennet's Metal Polish
Per quart.
Per pint..
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint 35c
Harness Soap
Per cake 35c
I    Hardware
| p'ace.   They own a young  ten-acre
orchard south of this city and'a resi-'
dence in tbe .West end, and will   remain here for a while.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hutton returned on Saturday from Kingston,
Out., where luey have been visiting
relatives for a couple of months.
Paints     %
A meeting of the Orand
Forks Liberal association will
lie held in The aSuii oflice on
Tuesday evening, April 22,
at 8 o'clock, for tlie consideration of important business.
All members are requested to
attend. By order of the President.
Mr. Syme, manager of Dominion
Canneries company, passed through
the city yesterday. He wns interviewed at the station by Mayor
Fripp and R Campbell in regard to
the establishment of a cannery at
this point. Mr. Syme .was favorably impressed with the appearance
at Ibe city and valley.
Mrs. Marion Doak McKie, aged
seventy eight, died at tbe borne of
her son, John McKie, in the West
end, on Saturday night, after a short
illiu-ss. Deceased bus been living in
thi. city for ahout a yenr. She was
an estimable lady, and bad a wide
circle of warm friends. The remains
were taken to Vancouver on Monday
for burial.
the first open-air concert of tbe season last night on the corner of Firat
and Bridge streets.
The three year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Parent, of Cascade, di'd
yesterday morning after a short illness
Wanted—Situation as Btenogra
pher or bookkeeper; 1 yenr'sjex-
perience. Apply H. B, P., Sun
Mrs. VV. A. Willinms left on Sat
urday for d short visit   to Spokane.
L. A. Riddell has rented his resi
deitce in the West end to the McAdam family, who will remain in
the city until next Octoher, when
they intend to return to New Zealand.
Tbe Great Northern bridge across
tbe smelter had a narrow escape
from destruction by fire early yesterday morning. Two spans were
badly damaged. It bas been repaired sufficiently to allow a resumption of traffic
Salk of Wohk—The Parochial
Guild of Holy Trinity ehureh will
bold a sale of work and serve tea in
tbe Parish hull on Saturday afternoon, April ID, from 2 till 6 o'clock.
Aprons of all kinds and many other
useful articles, as well-as home cooking, will be on sale. In the evening there will be a parish gathering
from 8 to 10 in the same place. All
members ef the parish aud friends
are invited. Refreshments will be
J. L. Manly and family returned
on Saturday from Chesaw, Wash.
They have sold their much at that
Munroe Jackman nnd Miss Helen
Tucker, both of Oroville, Wash,
were married in Hoiy Trinity
church last Monday liy-itev. Henry
Steele. Mr. Jackman is United
States customs inspector at Oroville.
George Traunweiser returned on
Tuesday from a short visit lo Spokane.
Selfishness   and
Don't Flourish on
the Same Stem
Think you, was Aexander
the Great happy when
sitting on the banks of
the Nile weeping crocodile tears because he had
no more Worlds to Conquer? We are not selfish
enough to want the whole
business of Grand Forks,
but we will not be happy
till we have our just
share of it, and that by
giving the right goods at
the right prices.
Fred Demiith, superintendent of
the Kettle Valley line, returned on
Saturday from a week's visit to the
Okanagan country.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
First Street
Om.R, Kits
Hansen's IH-SUUkck. BBS
___. .Metal Quotations
Naw Yobk, April 10.—Silver 61J;
standard *.jopp*r, $i&,00@15.50;
London, April 10.—Silver; 28J;
fead,J_£I6 10s.'  "*
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, April 10.—The foll.-w-
ililj are today a opening (imitations for
the stocks i.ienti.ineil:
Kltl. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 6:1.50 75 00
P.  C.   Copper       3.75      . 50
Tbe Orand Forks bras? hand gave  PHONF 64 GRAND FORKS, D. C.
Suits to Order &18 iwtds
11 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
' Fri)m a Minister In New Tork: "I was
'severely Ul with lung trouble. My ntten-
'tlon was directed to lhe Wilson Remedy
"which I used wltb spleuilld effect."
From n lady In Michigan :* "I used your
"medicine lirst 43 or 44 years ago and It
"saved me from ending my days with consumption, Tbere would be no use of so
"many people dying with consumption If
they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If you nre suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble It ls your duty to Investigate. Send for free full Information to.
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood, N. J.
(I'llblished Annually) *
-"untile- trailers throughout  the  world  to
communicate direct with English
In each class of gooilN. Besides being a complete cotnraeiclal guide to London nii'l- It-.
suburbs* the directory contains lists of
with the floods they ship, nnd the Colonial
and Foreign Mnrkets they supply i
arranged nndor the I'orts to which they .nil
and Indicating thc approximate Sail'tig*:
of leading MBiiufnotufere, Merchants, eto., In
tbe principal provincial towns nnd Industrial
.(•litresof the United Kingdom.
A copy ol the current edition will ho foi
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order lor 20S.
Dealers seeking Agencies can" advertise
their trade cards lor £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY.»,.',"» Columbia P. o.
1    •**'       * -    " *  * '  -—-*-*-e**^e*^am**aeee*****************-*
r in tin
;We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest 'notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
.   Billheads and Statement*,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
C*r*f*T\ PBTOTIlMfi-tlie '":in<•, we (io—'" in it*ie1'
V.TWU tlilLllILlVI »„ advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Wp &utt iPrint Shop
Grand Forks Transfer
*        PHONB 129    '
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of tflVlxi.n^ offers every facility for "a
■loliil education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A roMPLRTic Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Krir.li (ioniiffiimeut ol
Keri'lvNl Weekly.
Pos.toffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kaiur !Tc-ti»»if» Specialy.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooit North or Ohandy  Hotki.,
First .Stkekt.
oven 60 V CARS'
TMdc Mama
Anyone fending a iketeh and deecrin t i<m aw
onic-ir laoerwin our opinion peewhotiieren
Invention uproliablrp  -'
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
AleltaMeFrmch,regulator ineyei-lalto. Thwe
pill, art exceedingly powerful In rotating the
generative portion ol the female .yitem.   Reluae
i all cheep Imlutloo.. Dr. el. Im-i are ill at
£■£_»?•» thmfcttM' Mailed to any eddrge.
I The ioikell Dr»g Ce.. Bt. CJttharlaiee, Omt.


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