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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 29, 1912

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
Australian attorney-general tells
sensational story of world-wide power
of the steel trust.
Beau Brummel of the criminal
world alleged to have been captured
in Toronto and taken to Montreal.
Hon. Sir George VV, Ross chosen
leader of the senate, with Hun-
Hewitt Bostock close second choice
Severe car shortage feared by railways, who appeal to commission for
increased demurrage charges in consequence.
Premier Asquith, in speech at Nottingham, declares that thc powers are
woikiug harmoniously to localize the
Balkan war,
Earl Grey informs commons that
Britain will make no move towards
getting Russia to remove restrictions
on British Jews.
Ralph Smith says half million acres
uf land bave been staked by fraud in
British Columbia. Proves the statement by B. C. Gazette.
British Columbia potatoes win silver cup, 9100 cash prize and blue ribbon at Pacific Northwest Land Products show in Portland, Ore,
Persistent rumors that armistice is
being arranged and that Turkey will
give her answer thia afternoon. Fighting outside Tchitalja renewed. Austria
and Russia mobilizing.
Liberal candidate is elected in the
bye-election at Bolton, England.
Canadian Northern railway ttearaer
Royal George is safely refloated.
Nineteen million bu»liels of wheat
shipped out from Alberta this fall.
Twenty-four coal miners killed by
explosion of fire damp in a French
Railway crossings will be guarded
more closely, following order of the
Turkey seehs admission to Balkan
canfederation, according to Paris newspaper correspondent.     a
Lack of reference to redistribution
in speech from the throne will probably
be criticised by Sir Wilfrid.
Bonds of several suspects in India-
anapolis dynamite trial trial may be
doubled after investigation.
Sir Edward Clous ion, one of the
best known bankers and financiers in
Canada, dies suddenly at Montreal.
Sunday temperance meeting in New
Brunswick breaks up in great disorder.
Fifty people killed in a paiiie, caused
by the ery of fire, in a moving picture
show at Bilbao, Spain.
Bulgarians and Greeks are charged
with lawlessness and looting. Lull
in fighting awaiting armistice negotiations.
Armand Levergne sues La Patria
fur 110,000 damages.
Two masked robbers secure fifteen
hundred dollars in a Calgary gambling
Nelson citizens want the school
hoard to resign, and petition the city
counoil to that effect.
Three blocks swept by firee in
Brooklyn. Loss over a million dollars. Many persons injured by explosions.
C.P.R train from Kootenay Landing is wrecked near Medicine Hat-
Seventeen persons injured, aome seri
ously.   Fireman  and   engineer dead.
Excessive speed alleged as the cause.
Winnipeg lumbar merchant says
the opening of the Panama canal will
make the eastern market available for
British Columbia lumber.
Peace of Europe hangs on a slender thread. Suspension of hostilities at Tchatalja. Fighting continues
around Adrianople.
Debate starts on speech from throne
in federal house. Encouragement of
agriculture is advised by both mover
aud seconder of the address.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier censures Borden administration for failure to aid
western farmers, while Hon. Frank
Oliver brings up by-election frauds,
Survivors of wreck on Lake Superior tell a thrilling tale.
Yukon gold output is $5,000,000,
the highest figure since tlie early
boom days.
Sir George Ross declares naval contribution in money is like dropping
alms in a beggar's cup.
Eastern parties pay $2,500,000 fur
the A. Macdonald company, wholesale grocers, of Winnipeg.
Stronghold of labor falls before
Unionist candidate in bye election in
important London division.
Member for Comox-Atlin gives notice of resolution designed to promote
settlement in British Columbia.
American mining congress asks government to investigate electric smelting, an important step in mining,
Indianapolis dynamite trial reveals
alleged connection between visits of
union officials and bomb outrages.
Supreme court it Ottawa hears
fisheries ease, involving the right of
provinces.to grant leases. Argument
will be continued tomorrow.
Dangers of Balkan situation absorbs public interest in London. It
is feared that the powers are drifting
toward war. British press urges
George H. Barnard makes a speech
in the house on address from the
Railways want to increase car demurrage charges aa a remedy for car
C.P.R. will encourage farmers in
co-operative buying, breeding and
selling livestock.
Inspector W. H. M. May will investigate the dissensions in the Nel
son school board.
Sir Edward Henry, chief of the
London metropolitan police, shot aud
seriously wounded by a would-be assassin.
Large portion of Adrianople reported to hava been set un fire by
dropping pyroxilin bombs' from aeroplanes.
-Forty-eight hours' armistice in
Balkan war, and tension is relieved.
Albanians hoist the national flag.
Fi'esb troops behind the lines al Telia-
taija. The Bulgarian army is entrenching.
Suffragettes pour acid into London
letter boxes.
Germany is admitted to be preeminent in aerial warfare.
Government will conclude its case
this week in the Indianapolis dynamite trial.
Delegates to the mining congress at
Spokane hope that the United States
metal duties will remain.
Breezy session in commons at Ottawa. Warm passages uf arms during
the debate on the address.
Russia is firm in its attitude
against the American Jews, The
country ia independent of American
Conflict between Austria and Ser-
via is now acute. Sir Edward Grey
proposes conference of great powers.
Servians captuie Durazza.
Poultry Show Next Week.
Meetings of Farmers'
Arrangements for holding the
first annual exhibition of the Grand
Forks Poultry and Pet Stock association are now nearly complete,
and uie managers confidently predict that il will be the largest, best
and most successful poultry show
ever hetd in tbe interior of tbe
provinee. Tbe exhibition will be
beld in the Pocock block, on Second street, on Wednesday and
Thursday, December 4 and 5. Three
hundred and fifty coops have beeu
fitted up in tbe building. These
will accommodate about bUQ birds,
and judging from the rate at whicb
entries are at present being received, every oue of tbe coops will
be filled. Most of the entries are
from this province, but some have
been received from Washington and
other northwestern states, while une
comes from as far east aa Niagara.
A. Boncquet, inspector of fruit
trees for tbe horticultural branch of
the provincial department 'of agriculture, ie in the city. He has been
examining tbe orchards in thiB
vieijity, and will give a lecture in
tba Miners' Union hall on Tuesday
evening next, December 3, on the
"Marketing and Distribution of
Fruit, Fruit Trees and Pests, and
Soils and Soil Management," and
will urge a discussion, theoretical
and econernicy on these subjects
from both the growers' and tbe consumers' point ol view. Every person wbo is In the least interested in
the future of the local fruit industry
should be present, and not only
listen to tbis lecture, but propound
all the questions that may, help to
shed any ray of light or knbwledge
on tbese important topics. Everybody ia invited. The ladies will be
The regular annual meeting ol the
Grand Forks Agricultural|asgociatinn
will be held in tbe city hall, in the
courtroom side, on Thursday afternoon next, December 5, at 3 o'clock,
in according with the constitution
and by-laws. Each and every iinni
her is requested to be present. The
annual financial statement will he
presented, and the officers and directors for the ensuing year will be
eiected. Suggested amendments to
the by-laws will also be considered.
Charles Russell, of Greenwood,
will operate a stage li ne between
Miday and Westbridge, and Bart
Ingram will run the stage from the
latter point lo Carmi.
Skating is now in excellent condition on the ponds in Ihe city nnd
vicinity, and the young people are
taking advantage nf this opportunity
of enjoying free sport.
rier on Wednesday.   No ono   was
Born In Grand Forks, on Sunday, November 24, to Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Cook, a daughter.
Political Equality League
A very small aud informal meeting, called to bear Miss Dorothy
Davis give an address on the question of votes for women, took place
on Monday evening in tbe schoolroom behind tbe Methodist church,
kindly leul for tbe purpose.
Mrs. Ernest Miller luuk the chair,
aod Miss Davis very briefly out
lined tbe policy of lbe British Columbia Political Equality league and
tbe reasons why women should bave
tbe parliamentary vote.
Miss Davis is anxious it sbould be
clearly understood that Ihe league of
wbicb sbe is organising secretary is
en irely a Bntisb Columbia one.
In tbe course of her tour sbe bas
organised branches of it in every
place wbere she bas stayed, witb tbe
exception of Graud Forks, where
tbe interest shown was not sufficient to make a branch possible.
Tbe movement bas received tbe
support of men and women of every
shade sf political and religious
opinion -throughout tbe province,
and it is hoped that perhaps later
Grand Forks, too, may organise a
public meeting for tbe purpose of
seriously considering this vital question.
Panama Canal Figures
A train of flat cars to carry the
excavated material would encircle
tbe earth four times.
Tbe total length of the bore holes
would pasa through tbe center of
the earth.
Four and a half million cubic
yards of concrete, in tbe locks and
dams, would make a solid pyramid
completely covering the Pennsylvania station in New York.
Excavated material from tbe Panama canal would make a line of
63 pyramids, each one the equal ot
tbe great myramid of Egypt, reaching from the Battery to Harlem, a
distance of nine milea.
Tbe excavation work done at Panama would dig a canal 55 feet wide
and 10 feet deep from Portland,
Maine, to Portland, Oregon.
The Panama canal excavated material would build a Chinese wall
from New York to San Francisco.
The Chinese wall is 1500 miles long.
Tbe twenty million cubic yards
of earth nnd rock slides wbich have
occurred during the construction ut
the Pantma canal would mnke a
solid pyramid wi-l foet high and
covering a ground area of 1350
square feet.
OolinHotel and Half Interest
in T. A. Mclntyre Hardware Store Soid
Two important business deals
bave been made siuce tbe last issue
of Tbe Sun. On Saturday Theo.
Biner, of tbe Pboenix brewery,
transferred his interests in the
Colin botel, situate near tbe Great
Northern station in this city, to
Sam Matthews and Frank Peterson,
of Pboenix. The price paid tor the
property was 114,000. Mr. > Biner
has returned to Pboenix, and will
devote bis time in tbe future to the
management of the well known
brewing company. The new proprietors bave been residents of Phoenix for a number of years. Tbey
are men of well known business
ability, and under tbeir management the Colin will undoubtedly enjoy increased prosperity.
T. A. Mclntyre on Saturday sold
a half interest in his hardware
business to J. A. Smith and sons.
Tbe new members will take possession as soon as stock-taking, wbich
is now in progress, is completed.
Mr. Smith is an old-timer of the
city, is well and favorably known,
and will undoubtedly add a great
deal of prestige to the firm.
Tbe new firm bas purchased the
lot north of the Oddfellow block on
Bridge street trom N. L. Mclnnes,
paying 11600 for it, and will erect
a business block next summer.
G. E. Malcolm, of Vancouver, and
Miss Martha Demutb, of Grand
Forks, were married at the home of
bride's father in this city this morning, Rev. Mr. Quigley performing
the ceremony. After taking lunch
at the Yale, ihe young couple left
for Vancouver, where'tbey will re-
Henry G. Knight.of Grand Forks,
and Miss Maude W. Crum, of Danville, Wash., were married at tbe
Presbyterian manse on Thursday,
November 28. Rev. M. D. McKee
performing lbe ceremony.
Frank Coryell arrived ia the city '•
the latter part of last week frnm Ke-1
lowna.   He will   remain   here for
snme time attending to business at
A broken flange on a hox car
cauaed a freight wreck on the Great
Northern between Orient and Law-
Christmas Fruit Magazine
The 1912 Christinas number of
the Fruit Magazine is a handsome
and valuable production just to
hand. In addition to the beautiful
colored cover, there is u splendid
three-color frontispiece of the Jonathan apple. The editorial work is
strong and crisp, covering such subjects aa reflect inns on present day
condition. Many important articles
are given on agricultural and horticultural subjects, nnd the number is
well illustrated with line halftones,
Take your repairs to .Unison's
Boot antl Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Better Than the Best
While it is generally admitted
lhat The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal is the best family
and farmer's weakly paper printed,
the Publishers are determined to
! mnke it still better. They are sparing no expense to give their subscribers of 1913 bigger value tban
ever. Their beautiful picture,
"Mother's Treasures," is a delightful subject for the home and it is
safe to aay that no one who receives
a copy would part with it for double
the money.
No mistake can he made in sending one dollar for that great weekly
puper for 1913. Every subscriber
gets the picture, "Mother's Treasures," size 23 hy 29 inches, free, lt
is the biggest dollar's worth offered
Thc London Advertiser states that
Police Magistrate Jujil, of tbat city,
has judicially separated three hundred married couples in less than
two years. London should not he
A Pair pf   Them
At a recent party given at the
lountry house of a well-known artist,
al which many distinguished men of
letters and persons high "socially and
in professional life were present, a
certain social leader of Chicago had
been invited in company with her husband.
The lady itl question had come into
her social position of late years due
lo her husband's good luck ill cleaning up a fortune by cornering some
commodity at a time when prices were
high and th- demand was large.
Her early life had not been wasted
as sho had once put It, on tedious
text bonks, though she posed In her
home town as a critic and connoisseur
of all that 's best In modern liters-
line, and lent ber name and subscribed freely to every movement on foot
that had as It basis something connected with culture, thereby earning
Ihe reputation of being a patron of
the arts and sciences.
Tlie dinner had progressed favorably, and the conversation turned toward l.teratnre, sculpture, art, nnd
kindred subjects, in which all but the
'ndy in question took p£>rt.
Noliciim ber seeming discomfort, the
host, to make her feel more at ease
asked her:        *
Do you care for Botticelli, Mrs.
No, she answered; to tell the truth
1 never did care for those Italian
Her husband, noticing the subdued
l.rins about the table, rushed to his
wife's rescue, and, leaning over, whispered the information:
Botticelli, my dear, is not a wine;
Jt's a cheese.
Memory Device
The first mechanical apparatus intended to prevent the busy man from
furscttlng iiaj of h-s engagements has
iust. been devised by a New York inventor, and is described, with illustration tn the Sepember Popular Mechanics Magazine
The new memory device is operated
by a large spring, released at predetermined Intervals by an ordinary
It Is a desk fixture which keeps accurate time, and occupies a desk
space only din. ln height and 8In.
It has the appearance of a desk-
clock with three sets of pigeon-holes,
one series for the months of the year,
another for the dayfe of the month,
and the third for each quarter of on
aotir of he day.
A busy professional or business man
wishing to be reminded of something
he Is to do ln the future, makes a
i-.einorandum of it on a card and drops
it Into the case ln the pigeon-hole set
aside for that purpose.
No matter whether the engagement
Is for a year ahead, or for the next
fifteen minutes, a bell rings when that
particular time comes and a card automatically drops down before hiin.
The Rev. Henry Ward Beeeher was
a great wit. and now and then he was
favored with a written protest from
one of his hearers, which he would
read to his congregation and then criticize.    One Sunday morning he said:
I have to call your attention to a
strange communication that has lust
reached me. It Is half a sheet of
no*e paper on which nothing has been
written but the word Fool. It ISflno
uncommon thing for the writer of a
letter to forget to sign his name, but
this ls the flrst time I have ever
known a man tn slrn his name and
forget lo write the letter.
The Best Treatment
for Itching Scalps
and Falling Hair
To atlsy Itehinc and lr.iiM.nn cf Ihe snip,
prevent cry, tu_a sud .maiik lialr, rrtimvt
cru-tflj, scales snd diii-lrulf, anil p;_irai.lt t*ie
growth snd beauty of the bair, tbe knowing
■pecltl treatment Is mn.tefteciiv-, agreeable
ud en_i.e_nl.al. On rei Irlna, comb the hi Ir
out nl.atsht all around, then bsslri at. t**«sMe
and makespatllnc, gently nil>b_niCi_,.._-i
Slntm.nt Info the paitiug with a bit ef r/.t
snaelheld over tbo end oi the "riser. Ar.o ;..i
additional panliuta about hall an inch a|>. t
ont III lie whole icalp hu been treated, the p:. :•
nose bring lo tut the Cuticura olnlmciit on 11
scalp akin ratber than on Ihe bair. Il bw_ I
to -fllace a lle.it covr-rbi* over the hair to
protect Ihe pillow from possible M.,!n. The
next mornlir. shampoo wilh Cutluura soap
and hot water. Sti-mpooi tlone mar be
used as often as aitree.Me, but or.-c or
twice t mouth Is f .nerally jurat-lent lor
this special treatment (nr women s lulr. Nut-
wlthM-ii'llna Cuticura soap and obittn.nt re
told everywhere, those wishing to try 11,1s
treatment may do to without expense by
tendlnr to "Cuticura." Dept. 4M, Beaton, U.
P. A., for a free aample ol Cuticura aoap and
o-utineat, with 32-p. book oa skin aaa hair.
Automobile, 30 Horse Power McLaughlin, firat class condition, for good quarter or half section of land.
Kisit, C.P.R Transcona. Clear title and some cash for
wild cr Improved land.
Houses. Six fully modern, w.-U rented, close to center of
Winnipeg, for section or more of wild land.
Agents wanted in eve.'y town to whom we will pay a liberal
commission for all business transacted for us. Write for our
list of snaps in Farm Lands, City Property and Acreage
22 Canada Life Building,
Winnipeg, Man.
Children Sold Into Slavery
Did you know that the selling of
children Into actual slavery still exists
as a recognized institution In a civilized community?
The slavery referred to Is a practice
at Frledrlchshafen, ou the Lake ot
Constance, where there ls an annual
market for children. They are sold
outright by their parents to peasant
farmers from Wurtemberg, Baden, and
Bavaria, for a season's work on tho
tarms. Here are seen boys and
girls from eleven years of age to sixteen— children, for thc most part, of
lyrolese woodsmen who are driven
by sheer destitution to send their offspring to work for the farmers and receive the money for them.
The children are gathered together
under the care of a priest and taken
to the market, where they are put up
at auction and Inspected by prospective purchasers like so many cattle.
This year 125 boys and twenty girls
were sold. Owing to the demand
the market was Strong; a sturdy lad
of sixteeu, able to swing the scythe
all day, brought as much as 570. Some
of the older girls netted their parents
$60, while some of the tinier went for
The sale is tragedy with a high flavor of the dramatic, for it is well
known by the parents that many of
the children will not come back ln the
winter, when they are. supposed to
return home They will have succumbed to overwork'and underfeeding
and abusive treatment and home sickness. Every year many die off. The
priests try t'j control the danger by a;
black list against farmers iu whose'
liands slaves have died, but each year
more die.
The practice is the survival of an
ancient custom.
Switzerland'a Eagles
The latter-day tourist Is very exacting, and it appears from reports made
by guides and hotel-keepers in Switzerland that one of the points insisted
upon by visitors ls that they should
be able to see eagles soaring above
the mountain-tops and lakes of that
picturesque playground ot the globetrotter.
Eagles, however, are not of an ac-
•ommodating nature, and cannot easily be furnished on demand, the only-
way to secure their lordly presence
being to leave them to their own devices, and, above all, not to Interfere
with their predatory propensities by
untimely rifle bullets or with their
domestic arrangements by stealing
their eggs.
Consequently the Helvetian Government has resolved to constitute Itself
the official protector of any eagles
wbich may deign to choose that country for their residence, and the national gamekeepers in charge of the valleys of Muotta, Sihl, and Blsls, which
are the favorite hunting grounds of
the royal birds, have the strictest instructions to watch over their comfort . They are neither to be trapped nor shot at, and the Treasury undertakes to pay for all damages committed by the kings of the air. The
flrst bill has already come ln for fourteen lambs, four sheep, and one cat—
'ota! $40; but history sayeth not how
long a period this list covers, nor for
how many eagles.
The decision of the Government
will certainly be approved by all blrd-
_o"e-*>, and flrst and foremost by the
eagles themselves, who may be ex-
tect'-d very nulckly to And out the
lavors they .enjoy and to Invite their
persecuted brethren from north, south
and east to share ln the paternal protection of Helvetia.
In sreaking of the two new steamships the "Empress of Russia" and
the "Empress of Asia," which the Canadian Pacific Railway is building for
service on the Pacific Ocean between
Canada and the Orient, a C.P.R. official remarked yesterday that he felt
justified in saying that the two new
boats would bo tho safest vessels
"In preparing the plans for the new
"Empresses," he remarked, "we took
, articular care to make provision for
all exigencies, and as a result the
boats ape as near to being unsinkable
as can be built. The new "Empresses" are being built with double
bottoms and watertight compartments, the latter beijig numerous and
closely placed. Ordinarily, if a ship
s designed to float with only two compartments flooded, a sufficient margin
of safet? ■ Is thought to have
been allowed, but in the cases of the
new "Empress of Russia" and "Empress of Asia," should four compartments be flooded they will still Host,
'n the matter of safety, these are the
first vessels built to fulfill these conditions."
It was also stated that the new
steamships would be equipped with all
the other latest devices making for
safety, such as wireless apparatus.
search lights, submarine signals, and
from the very moment they are assembled, the members of the crews
will be trained intho life saving, fire,
and other drills, which are a feature
of all this Company's steamships.
how's This?
Wt offer One Hundred Dollars neaartf ret am
am ot Catarrh tbat csnnot be cured by x*sw*
lasarth Cure.
*** I. CHENEY * CO.. Tol
We, tka undersigned, have known F. J.'
er tbe last IS rears, and believe btm perfecUy hwss*
stable la sll business transactions and flnanclany
tbla to cany, out any-obllsatioiia made br bis ttx*.
Wholesale DructWa. Toltdew Ol
Ball's Catarrh   Cure   It  taken   lateraallr. aetata
eawrtly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of **,
system.   Testimonials sent free.  Price 75 ceato 10
bottle. Sold by all Uruttltts.
Ills lien's Family mils lor .onstlij.u_.tt
It Rubs Pain Away.—There is no
liniment to efllcfcious in overcoming
pain as Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. The
hand 'hat rubs It In mbs the pain
away end en thk account therfe Is no
preparation that stands so high In
public es'eem. There Is no surer
paln-kllle- procurable, as thousands
tsn attest who have used It success-
■ully In treating many ailments.
W. N   U. KO
Coal exported frnm the United Kingdom last year exceeded sixty-four and
a half million tons.
What's that big Iron thing? asked
Locomotive boiler, replied Tom.
After a moment's silence Laura inquired:
Why do they boll locomotives?
To make 'em tender, said Tom.
Within a period of flfty years the
prrnilatlon of thn United Stntes has
Increased 33" per cent.
Sn you were bound and gagged by
handlls while In Italy, wero you? ask-
tfi a ritrrastlo man of a friend who
had travelled. Regular comic-opera
banlitF, «h?
No. m-'.iI thc n»h«r, there was nothing of the comic-opera style about
thi-m Thi gag--, they used were all
new. *^
Not   Intended
Mary—I was pouring myself out a
glass of wine ln the drawing-room
when the butler pounces on me and
says: Hello! I will have none of that.
And what did you say, Mary.
I said I did not Intend to offer him
any of It.
Minard's Liniment for aala everywhere
A Moving Story
A debate was overheard between
some working men as to whether it
was cheaper to move or to pay rent.
Opinion being about equally divided,
they referred the question to the oldest man they knew.
Is It cheaper to move or to pay rent,
Said he: Well, mates, yc see I ain't
exactly in a position to say. I've
always moved.
The Last Asthma Attack may. really
be the last one lf prompt measures
are taken. Dr. J D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will safeguard you. It
(Kill penetrate to the smallest bronchial
passage hnd bring about a healthy
condition. It always relieves and Its
continued use often effects a permanent cure. Why not get this long-
famous remedy today antl commence
Its use? Inhaled as smoke or vapor
!l Is equally effective.
Fi.zjones—Did you go to the theatre laat evenlug, Percy?
De Brown—No, I attended a sleight-
of-hand performance.
De Bro*n—I wont to call on Miss
In Smythe and offered her my hand
but she slighted lt.
Baltimore. Md., Nov. 11, 1903.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,—I came across a bottle of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT in tho hands
of one of the students at the University of Maryland, and he being so
kind ns to let mo use it for a very
bad sprain, which I obtained In training fnr foot races, and to say that It
nelped me would be putting lt very
mildly, and I therefore ask lf you
would let me know of one of your
agents that Is closest to Baltimore
i-o that I may obtain somo of It.
Thanking you in advance I remain,
Yours truly,
14 St. Paul street,
Care Oliver Typewriter Co.
P.S.—Kindly answer at once.
During a discussion ol the fitness uf
things in general, someone asked:—
If a young man takes his best girl
to the grand opera, spends fifteen shillings on a supper after the perform'
ance, snd then takes her home ln a
taxi-cab, should he kiss her good
An old bachelor wbo was present
I don't think she ought to expect
lt. Seems to me ho has done enough
for her.
Chinese Logic
A tourist, in pricing tea ln a Chinese store ln Shanghai, was surprised
to find that he could purchase live
pounds of a certain kind of tea for
two dollars, but that if he bought ten
pounds the price would be five dollars.
The tourist argued with the Chinaman
that such an arrangement was ridiculous, but the proprietor of the store
insisted that logl-i was on his side.
More buy, more rich. More rich,
more can pay, he explained.
It Is the duty ot every' one ot- you
to make at least one person happy
during the week, said the Sunday-
school teacher.     Have you?
I did, said Johnny promptly.
That's nice. And what did you
I went to see my aunt and Bhe's al-
ivnya happy when I go home again.
Women's commonest ailment
—the root ef so much of iheir
Ill-health—promptly yields to
the gentle but certain action
ol,Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
Dictated newspaper matter to a total of one thousand words has heen
taken down In shorthand ln live minutes .
To filter poisonotji nridi> am) waste matter from th*
■pyMem. Wbat IbappeiM if the kidneys aro not in
perfect condition? They cannot properly filter the
poieonn from tbe blood. What then? First backaches,
paina in tbe joints and imicclc*. frequent headaches,
then spots before the eyes, rheumatic pains, tlitu
chronic kidney disease in whieh—at ireat expense
—only temporary relief can be had. Finally, constant   Buffering  ending  in   premature death.
The alternative, when the kidneys begin to warn of their unhealthy condition, \n to
take DR. ("LARK'S SWEET NITfcE PILLS, They will hub the kidneys and keep
them healthy for tbe future.   Sold everywhere at fifty cents a box or mailed direct by
Grain Commission Merchants                                                Winnipeg, Manitoba
Slake Bills LaOIng read: Port Arthur or Fc.-t William.  Notify Peter Jaiwetl
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns                           Best Grades
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation of Western farmers will never know the
difficulties anl vexations experienced by their predecessors In the
earlier years when no one coul :l get a carload of grain shipped in
bulk except by loading It through an elevator The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell t'jeir grain to the elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to heavy, dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of cars as fixed hy the Grain Act. and the use of the
loading platform, provide faclllihs which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment ln the disposal of his grain, and the hlghW
market prices at time of sale. Kvery farmer therefore, should more
• and more endeavor to use the loading plattorm Ii shipping bis grain
to the terminal elevators, lt is the sateguard of the farmers' freedom In disposing ot bis grain to Ihe best advantage for himself. It
farmers refrain from using the loading platform freely, It might result in its being done away with, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. lt Is easy to understand
why elevator people desire the loading platform abolished. The railway people on their part say it delays the loading of cars and helps to
ensure car shortage. This we know tj he nonsense, because frequently af'er cars are loaded, whether w'th grain, coal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they are sld. tracked for days and even weeks
Instead ot being promptly moved forward to destination. It ls engine
shortage and shortage ot competent train men that mostly causes
grain blot-kales on railways and not lack of cars. Let every farmer .
therefore, do all he can to use the loading plattorm and become an Independent shipper. In subsej ient advertisements we will state in
detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading Into cars
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are Inspected, secure H.e highest prices at time of sale and make
prompt ret-ir-is when sold. Write us for shipping Instructions and
market infoi-mation.
Thompson Sons & Company
„ Royal Mail Steamships
Tunisian .
Tunisian   .
Oet. 10
" 1S
"     24
Nov. 1
" 7
" 18
Grampian   .. Oct. 12
Pretorlan .. "     19
Hesperian   .. "    26
Scandinavian Nov. 2
Grampian ,. "    •
Pretorlan .. "    16
Hesperian .. "     26
Scotian ...
Ionian .. ,
Lake Erie
Sicilian ...
Scotian .. .
Ionian  ..   ,
Oot. 13
.   " 20*
.   " 27
•Nov. 3
,    " 10
.   " 17"
.   " 24
Reduced Sate Tickets on Sals November 7th, to December 31st.
Special Christinas Sailings
Tunisian   ..   Nev. 15
Virginian   ..    "     21
Pretorlan  ..   Nov, 16   Scotian     Nov. 17
Hesperian ..     "     23 Ionian   ....      "     24
"VICTORIAN," to Liverpool, from St. John   December   6
"GRAMPIAN," to Liverpool, from St. John         "       12
"SCANDINAVIAN," to Glasgow, from Portland         "       12
"LAKE ERIE,' to Havre, and London, from 8t   John ....       "       12
FIRST  CLA98    $80.00 upwaMe
SECOND C  ASS    $47.00
THIRD CLASS.i $31.25     "
Ask any lUUway or Steamship Agent for reservation of Berths and
further particulars.
364 Main St., Winnipeg. '    General Northwestern Agent THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
.      e*W*\%M*Hi'/6t
DYE, on* can buy—Why you don't avio have to
know what KIND of Cloth your Good* are nuda
of..-So Mistaken ara Impossible.
Send Inr Free Color Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklet kIvIub reiulta of Dyeing over other color*.
Montreal. Canada.
Book Tree.    A unpin
Boss*  IrootmSBt removed
Old sores, ulcers  ond
Srowlho cored.   Describe
Mir IrooUo | wo will oeod book aod lestlaioaiala.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, and Heavy Plats Work
Write us fer Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Mrs.\Viksuto"s Sooth ini; Svnur has beeu
•sed lor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
Is the liest remedy for DIARRIKEA. It Is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask lor "Mrs.
■Win-low's Soothing Syrup," and Uke BO titter
kind. Twenty-live cents a bottle.
" sion for local representatives;
either sex, permanent; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare
time accepted. Nichols, Limited, publishers, Toronto, Canada.
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundred*   ot   cured   patients   can
_.        prove- onr statement).
Sufferert will receive pamphlet tree
•n request.
Sanol. PRICE $1.60 per bottle In
liquid froir Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
Teacher—Johnny, how can you tell
toadstools from mushrooms?
Johnny—-By the stomach-ache.
A Happier
SAM be yours if to-night you will
seek the beneficial aid of the famous
and ideal family remedy Beecham's
Pills. Nervous depression, or the
"blues," is one of the symptoms
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When the system is clogged—the
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lose their tone. Beecham's Pills
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reputation; mildly and safely-but
quickly. In every way—in feelings, looks and vigor—a better
condition Beecham's Pills
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S*M nsMTwheiv,    •   tie.
fU JfetctUMwUfc mr? Wi an vary fc*lpM
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Capacilv "4 lbs, by ounces; no weights to
C«t lost, absolutely automatic. Extra large
dluJ, with silver centre ana gold border,
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Prudent Housekeepers use family scales
for checking their imrcJ-ases, Invaluable
for preserving. Indispensable for proper
cooking. They soon pay for themselves.
Free for BOO Royal Crown Soap wrappers.
Kvery scale, warranted by Government inspection.      Postage  25c.   extra.
Ewy boy and girl wants a
.watch. We have a great variety oJ them. Secure one free
with your soap wrappers.
These are all high class
watches and will give
Boy's nickel watches, 250
Boy's nickel watches, 300
Boy's Gun Metal watches,
G')0   wrappers.
Boy's Gold watches, I'.OOO
Girl's nickel watches, 300
Olrl's/Gun Metal "Watches
400 wrappers.
Girl's Gun Metal watches,
4.19 wrappers.
Girl's Sterling Sliver watches, 1650   wrappers.
.   Girl's    Gold-filled    watches,
1300 wrappers.
If you havo not the required
number of soap wrappers, ask
us the money value of the desired watch with tho coupons
or wrappers you have.
NO.  60
Is fatln engraved, gold lined,
H__uli ui-lr. plate
m whltfl metal.
It in given free
for G30 Royal
Grown Soap
Wrappers nr _5
Wrappers    ond
$2.00. Sbinl 115c.
for postage.
Is satin engravea, rococo border and Iio:r.-.
Hy silver pltiU.d. An excellent and useful
article. l'Teo for 550 Royal Grown Soap
Wrappers, or 25 Wrappers and 51.75. Send
20c.  for postngo.
,W. N. U. 920
Postage Stamps Under Escort
A few years ago a small procession
triumphantly escorted a sergeant carrying two postage stamps. The
story of the latter Is interesting. The
sergeant, belonging to the French
contingent of the troops of occupation
arrived In Crete with a young Creole
wife, whom he had married while he
was serving In a French colony. She
brought him no dower in money, but
a handsome marriage portion all the
same, consisting of two postage
stamps. These are rare specimens
of Mauritian Issues, and have been
estimated by experts as worth $8000.
The sergeant was told tbat their
value would Increase, and Instead of
selling them he had them framed and
placed his treasure in a Cretan bank.
As the time was approaching for the
departure of the troops of occupation
he went to the bank with his wife to
.withdraw his deposit, and his comrades formed a procession to escort
the couple carrying homo their fortune in two postage stamps.
Trial It Expansive.—To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, Indigestion,
lheumatlsm or any aliment arising
irom derangement of the digestive
system, a trial of Parmelees's Vegetable Pills Is recommended, should the
sufferer be tie unacquainted with them.
The trial will be inexpensive and the
result will be another enstomer for
[his excellent medicine. So effective
is their action that many cures can
certainly be traced to their use where
ether pills have proved Ineffective.
The Last Extremity
Mr. James Payn, speaking of Individual interpretations of general rules,
said In going round one night witb
the ollicer on guard at one ot the English dockyards he heard an amusing
illustration by an'Irish sentry of this
If you seo a convict escaping, said
the officer, what Is lt your duty to do?
Sure, sir, and I'm not to fire till the
last extremity.
Quite right But what do you consider tlte last extremity to be?
Just round the corner of the dockyard tliere, air! was the reply.
Minard't Liniment Curet Dandruff.
Good Idea
He was a burly, oldfashloned skipper and had uot yet become acquainted with all tho latest Improvements
on steamers. When he went on the
bridge of his new steam collier the
engine room telegraph was the first
thing that caught his eye.
What's that for? ho demanded.
That goes down to the engine-room
replied thc mate, who was, explaining
things to him. You see'all the orders on it—Full speed, Half, Slow,
Stop. Ail you have to do Is just to
move tbe handle and thc thing's done.
If I put Ihe handle to Full, will sbo
go full speed? asked the captain. And
it I turn It to stop, will lt stop?
Certainly, said the mate.
Ah, man, said thc skipper, a slow
i.luil smile lighting Ills face after a
long silence, that's clever. It docs
away with all them Imps of engineers.
Why suffer from corns when they
ran be painlessly rooted out by using
■iolloway's Corn Cure.
.The rector of a small village ln Ire
land recently met one of his parish
loners who was a farmer and a great
dog-fancier, and who was also fond
of a glass of whisky. As they walked together awhile tlie rector, admiring some of the dogs he had with him
paid to tho fanner:
Did you ever hear that by giving a
pup whisky you kept him from growing?
Ves, replied the farmer, aud I tried
it. »
With what results?
The pup died.
And now, my friend, said the rector,
wasn't that n good lesson for you?
Hed-id it was, ell', for I have never
wasted a drop of good whisky oa any
ot my dogs since.
John Bull discovers another important German Secret^
Frau Germanicus uses nothing but Black Knight Stove Polish.
m Black Knight gs
"«*• MC—STOVE POLISH—10C. affected by heat.
| Canadian Northen S. S„ Ltd. f
Statin! rente to London ind «*__«_■! oa 12,000
Next Sailings from Montreal
"IIOTAl IDWAM" Oa. 3ft!.
"MTAl CEOWE" Nov. 13d.
Xmas Saifinft—From Halifax
"lOTAl tDWASB" Nov. 27th
"HOTAt GEORGE" Dec. I Itl.
Further Information from tny rati
or steamship agent, or write.  •
A. H. DAVI8, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Strttt Winnipeg
itf io»».l_tbly
cSem, briflit. ful
wool, ilk a, tail-
lam. 24 coloa,
will fin uyikodt.
Colon 10c, tmm
15c •lyoutdttln'*
hi "How teDjft'
l>-  F. L lEMEMer « CO. Mtntraal
Miss Frances Darratt, the ten year
old daughter of Mr. W. narratt, of
Northampton, haa Just achieved an
extraordinary distinction at a French
school. She was thc only English
?,lrl at tho National School at Mo.;.,-
and beat all tho Fieuch girls at their
own language, winning tho flrst prize
for French composition, besides llr.-n
lor geography and arithmetic, and second for writing.
IBc ■ Tin.
fool reo »ltkn._M»la-tetloa
WlU nam t>«M u< f-x.
We give you a Jlomo Study Course
which wtll enable you to prepare for
better things by using your spare time.
We teach all Commercial branches,
Higher Accounting, Drawing, Illustra-
• ing. and fit young people for good
positions at good salaries. Write us
for particulars and let us know what
M'sitlon you would like to prepare
for. Do it now. Address W. H,
Shaw, President, Shaw Correspondence School, Toronto, Canada.
He Knew
Knicker—Do you understand mortgages?
Bocker—Yes; the first ls for the car
and the second is for.thc upkeep.
A great prima donna's idea of an
expensive flat ***.*> he ono that she
can buy for a song. .
dealer pays
more for this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisfied
Veribrite Vcnoil
('!■ at:* nnd disinfects
everything In your
home from the cellar to tin, Mil,'. I'ut
It nn your duster and
dust Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleum!.,
Pianos. Furniture,
etc. Makes every-
thing Just llko
new. Money refund,-,1
If not satisfactory.
Made by the
rAHT. U-tlTED,
Hamilton, Canada.
Hamburg, thc first city to perceive
the danger of tbe modern long hatpin, has provided Its tram conductors
with boxes of hatpin point-protectors.
Ladles with ungarded hatpins may
now choose between getting dowu
from tbe car and giving the conductor
an extra penny for a couple of tbt
municipal point-protectors.
to do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
Morp  Bread
and Better
Bread THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
A. D. MORRISON ^fefcir
(Sranl. Starka §mt
'uhllahed at Urand Corks, llritish Ctiliimhl
..Editor and Publisher
A Hie ol this piper ean be Men at the offloe
jf Messrs. K. A J. Hardy * Co., 30,11 snd 82,
fleet Street, B.C., London. En*land, free of
charge, and thst Urn. will bt glad to reoelve
mb.criulotis snd advertisomonts on onr be-
in supplies. Yet the department of
justice officially wot not of these
things,—Victoria Times.
ilno Year   .. MJjJ
Hue- Yoar (In advance)  1.00
t"ne Year, In United States  Ln)
Address all uotnmunloatlous to
Ths Evbkiso Sua,
.'honk Hit timso Fohks, B.C
Tiia administration of justice under the department of tbe attorney
general of British Columbia has be
come a hissini; and a bye-word
among the other provinces of Canada. Gun a-Noot, an Indian,wanted
for murder, hae been at large for
over two years despite the large
sums of money ostensibly spent in
hiB attempted capture. Two Indians much nearer to civilization,
Moses Paul and Spintlum, also
wanted for murder, have led the
provincial posses on fool chases for
weeks until efforts to "capture" them
have been abandoned. A white man.
wanted for fatally shooting a rein-
t[ye in the heart of civilization is at
large somewhere in the- lower foothills nf the CoaBt range. Oua-a-Noi.t
waa rt ctnlly reported as toasting his
copper shins at the carhpflres of the
white brother in the fa>. norih
Moses Pnul, in the guise of a squaw,
visited the annual fair in his native
town nnd took some of the white
man's burden buck to cnmp wilh
him The white fatalist is s tid 10
ba in el'im; touch with hit Natives',!
who a"' believed to hi. keepin_;  bim
Mr. R. I.. Borden has always
shown a sensitiveness where his personal honor is concerned worthy of
the best traditions of British governmenl. In fact, Canada has ever been
fortunate in the character of the men
who have occupied the position of
the first minister. Nut only have
they avoided personal wrongdoing,
but they hive avoided, as a rule,
even the appearance of it, or of profiting by the wrongdoing of others,
direct agents or self appointed ones.
In view of tbis tradition of Canadian
statesmen, which is a far older tra-
d tion of Brilish statesineiisliip, Mr
Borden will find it difficult to oppose the coming parliamentary motion for an investigation into the
circumstances surrounding the re
cent federal bye-election in Macdonald, Manitoba. Mr. Borden and
his party profited by that election.
He and his party profited in pestige,
profited in numerical strength and
in other ways.—Ottawa Free Press.
From the recent criticisms of the
Leniiftix Act by various Canadian
labor bodies, it becomes clear that
no act is without honor suve in its
own country. The act referred to
has wide fame beyond Canada's border, but in its actual working out
tbere seems to be some room for improvement, The matter requires
equally serious consideration. The
importance of satisfying the demands of labor, if they are just, is
beyond both question and computation, but it is not necessary to repeal the act in order to accomplish
this.—Victoria Times.
Thomas P. Barnum once said:
"It's not what you give the public
that countB, but what you tell them
you are going to give them, and
what you tell them you have given
them.' We have often wondered
where Premier McBride learned his
art—Victoria Times.
The peruser of th>* out-oj-tovvn
newspapers these days might easily
imagine that open warfare exists
here between the citizens and the
D.iukhobors. This is a class of
publicity work that we coil Id be
profitably eliminated.
It does not add to the respectability of a public dance to advertise
thnt perfect order will be maintained
in the hall But The Sun never entertained a very high opinion of the
elevating influences of public dances,
Our Wire Fencing ia Bull-Strong, Horse-High and Pig-
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do Business with you.    You'll Hml our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs.
Military Funeral
There arrived by tbe Okanagan
on Friday the body of J. A. Coryell,
P.L.S., brother-in law of E. Weddell,
to be interred beside his mother,
brother and sister in the Kelewna
cemetery. The remains were accompanied by tbe widow of the deceased and hy his brother, Frank
- Away from this district for the
greater part of the past eightti.ii
years, the late Mr. Coryell was intimately known only to a few of the
old timers, but in the early nineties
he took a large share in the development work of the Okanagan, surveying many of the large ranches into
small holdings and laying out tbe
townsite of Kelowna. From about
1894 lo 1900 be resided in the Boundary district, leaving to serve bis
country in South Africa witb one of
the C. M. R. contingents. He flaw
some hard fighting against Delarey,
and after the war he spent a number
of years in British East Africa and
Msdagasuar in connection princi
pally with the exploration of petro
leum-bearing lands. His health
having become impaired, he returned to British Columbia three or four
years ago, and appeared to recuperate, but he contracted tuberculosis as
the result of hardships suffered on
survey work in tbe Fort George district, and removal to Arizona, where
he died, failed to stay its ravages
He was a whole souled, generous
man, an embodiment of the liberal,
tolerant western spirit, and bis
death while still in the prime of life
is deeply regretted by friends far
and wide.
Mr. Coryell was a graduate of the
Royal Military college, Kingston,
Out., and had served in the North
west rebellion of 1885 as a member
of a corps of scouts, and thus, as a
veteran of two « ars, it was felt thai
a militacy funeral was his due.
Major Clarke, commanding "D"
squadron, 30th B.C. Horse, willingly
made the ntcessary arrangements,
and a firing party accompanied 'the
cortege to the cemetery.
. The funeral left the   undertaking
establishment of the Kelowna   Furniture company at 2:30 p.m.   The
pall-bearers were   all old-liners, v'z:
E. R Bail y,W. Huug, D W'.Crow-
lep, G. C. Knse,   E    W. Wilkinson
and M J. Cnrts.   The filing pnrty
composed S. Q. M Sergt. Brooke, in
command;  Sergt    Morrison,    and*
Tprs. Treadgold, Bird, Go ide.  Vnn
Praagh and L.wlay.   Owing   olhel
terribly   muddy   condition  of   the'
roads, the  escort  mirohsd only as.
far lis the  Prtsbylerian  church, he
ing conveyed in a rig the rest of the j
Arrived al the cemetery, Rev. A.
Dunn held service, the soldiers fired
t .tie crashing vo'ley* over the grave,
S rgt. Mortison sounded the pathetic
strains of "List Post," and the impressive ceremony was over.—Ke
lowna Courier.
Brownie Cameras
'   Work just like -
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers •
<u4sk your Grocer or Butcher /or
"Empress" Brand
tf Butter
This is Eastern Townships
Creamery" Butter, and  the
finest on the market.
Quality Guaranteed.
P. BURNS <& CO., Ltd
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
clalma, altnute In lhe Urand Forks Nllniiiit
Division of Yale District.
Where Located: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettlo River.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miner'a Certllleate No. 8_8I8I-, >f or
myself end a* agent for William..!. Hoffman,
executor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffmen. Free Miner's
Certificate No. H817B, Intend, sixty dayi
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Keeerder foraGeitlflciiteo. Improvements, for
the purpose ot obtaining crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section "17, must he commenced before the Issuance of suoh Ceriflcaics of Improvement
Dated this 4th day of May, A.D. 1912.
Did you make a mis-hit
the time you employed the
laat "help."
Don't worry. There art
Iota of good fish In the tea,
and a ture halt to catch them
Is a Want Ad.
The Following nre the return., nf
the ore prniluction of the Boundnry
mines for the week, and also fnr tbe
yenr to dele:
Oranby 22.7.M   l,OK9,nort
Mother Lode  7,640     402,513
Rawhide  6,844     216,623
Jackpot. ..'            12,230
.Mbelstnn   340
Emma  4,900
Napol<-on       513 11,174
.Molicr       1,331
Lone Star ,'     2,022
Others      234 11,639
Smelter treattnan—
Oranby ,22,405 1,073,912
B.C. Copper Co... 15.255 580,180
Don't forget that The rjun hns the
best job pr.ntinijdeji.irrn-.pnt in tlie
Boundnry country.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister uo| per from
tlie lirnnliy company's smelter in
this eity for the past week amounted
to 348,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 20,049,-
500 pounds.
If you intend to Bend your personal greeting card to your friend
in the Old Country, it time to order tbem now. See samples of
beautiful hand-coloured specimens,
made in England, at Tbe Sun oflice.
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample book of '.be "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 bas been received at The
Hun oflice. Tbese cards proved
very popnlar lust year. The designs thit. year are prettier than last
year. The piices range from 11 per
dozen upwards    Order early.
Don't be misled by false statements ol competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
ppnnle than nnv other paper printed
in ibe Boundnry district.
s Lease nenrio* -ram par*
8unrlM Mineral Claim. eltnate In tin
Oraiul Porka Mining Dlvlilon ol Yalo IM.-
Where located:   In Welling* in enwp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Jnaepli AllrcilM
Vt** Minora't'ertlHooto No. Bill-*, In-
teml. flixtyilaM. Irom the itate hereof, lo ap,
ply to the Mining Recorder lor u Cert I Scale
oi Improvement, for the purpoite of obtaining a Crov.it '.loot of the a'-ove claim.
And further trtko no. Ice lhat action, under
taction 87, tntlat be commenced before the
iiaunnce ol   null CertlHcate  of    Improve-
Sated thia Mth day of April, A.D. IJI2.   _.
Electric Restorer for Men
rao»phonolCTyr^r?»:flV.^!^: .
vim and vitality. Premature decay and all eexual
weakoeea averted al ence.   Phoepkoaol will
make you a ne* man.  Price IS a boi. or two lor
15.  Mailed to any addreis.  ThogeebeU"	
Oo- St. OMhar Ineo. Oot.
loll Drag
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they cau reach
the consumers of tfiie district without advertisingin The Sun. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
that tbe first bylaw wus nut legal
and thu bank refused to arlvunc*
uiiy money on it. Thus ibe city is
put in the expense of two plebiscites.
choice of
thousands of
housewives because
of its fuel-saving.
'cooking and baking
qualities.   Call and
seethe "Kootenay."
We guarantee it
to be perfect
in every
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver,   Sold by- -
The Granby Consolidated company has been letting tbe contracts
tbis week for machinery and equipment for ils Granby Bay smelter,
and a large number of mining engineers and representatives of mining
machinery manufacturers have been
in the city.
. The work of laying the ten-inch
main trom tbe corner of Fourth
slrtet and YVinniptg avenue has
been delayed on account of the non
arrival a couple of cars of pipe and
The following is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day*""during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer ou fi. F. Laws' ranch:
MIN.      MAX
Friday  2S       41 Uu
■-Saturday  '.i       3(3 OU
Suud-iy  22       39 00
Monday  24       32.0*.-
Tuesday    16       28 OU
Wednesday  15       40 Uj
Thursday  22       32 UU
Katuall  during week, 0.00 inches.
At the council meet" g  on   Mon
day night a temporary loan bylaw,
empowering tha city to hypothecate
the   school   debentures, was introduced and paused to the third  reading stage.    At a special meeting last
night the .bylaw wns given  its  final
** passage.   The new waterworks bylaw also passed its third  reading on
Monday night, and it   will  be sub-
mited to the ratepayers for ratifica-'
tion on Ihe 12th prox.  The passage
of a second bylaw on this subject;
was made necessary because the so- i
licitor for the Royal   bank claimed
The following are the names of
public school pupils who during No
vember were neither late nor  absent:
Division I—Eric Atwood, Grace
Ban-on, Archer Davis, Helen ReCeu-,
Stanlev Donaldson, Marie Frita, Oswald Hay, Ruth Krischke, Sam Montgomery, Aulay Munro, Annie Munro,
Mary Newbauer, Jennie Simpson,
Pauline Sloan, Ronald Tracy.
Division II—Gladys Ardiel, Mary
Baruum, Alice Bowen, Harry Bowen,
Frank Dempsey, Amy Frankovitch,
Olga Frankovitch, Arthur Gilpin,
Frank Hartinger, Earl Keeling, Margaret Mcllwaine, Harold Masai.*,
Stanley Massie, Lauretta Nichols,
Austin O'Donnell,   Maud   Peckham,
Snaps for the Live Ones
Two choice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
We tzArt Series      l\
tTHade in England
$1.00 per Dozen and Upwards
Christmas would not be the same
l\        Without its greetings true,
\ I    Wishes sincere from far and near,
J]       From friends both .old and new.
Order Early"
Sample Book at
The Sun Office
Home of the 2000 ton per day Granby Copper Smelter
and sawmill now producing over 600,000 feet of lumber per month, both owned by the Granby Bay Con"
solidatod Mining, Smelting 4 Tower Co., Ltd., a corporation with  assets of over  seventeen  millions!
Granby Buy is going to be a Payroll Town.
And it is the kind of a town that is always "up
and doing." A conservative estimate places the
number of men to be employed at 1(1*1(1 and their
monthly payrollat about $100,000,without figuring
on any other Industi ies outside of the properties
and smelter of (lie Granby Co.
Grasp those facts!
Granhy Hay is in the very heart of a developed
abulously rich copper mining district.
Oranby Bay has a smelter owned by a formidable commercial Giant, the Granby Oompany.
Granby Bay will have an immense payroll
every mouth
Grimliy Bay must have a population of over
1000 people.
Granhy Bay is a seaport.
Granby Bay can produce copper cheaper than
in places where big profits are made from mining
and smelting.
Every lot in Granhy Bay is a gilt edged investment.
Only a few choice lots are being offered for sale in Granby Bay Townsite—and there is not much
doubt that they will be snapped up quickly. The prices are very low. To avoid disappointment
applications for lots should be made now. The Continental Trust Co., Ltd , of Prince Rupert, is acting
ai trustee for the property.     Fill out the coupon and mail today for full   particulars, maps  and   prices.
The mines at Granby Bay already have the stupendous total of 4,ou0,d(l0 tons of rich copper pre
"in sight," and the mining carried on in the winter of 1911-12 proved the wealth of lho properties
beyond jjuess work. The oro now in sight will
keep tho smelter busy 75 years. Think of it! And
this not taking into account various otlier adjoining properties, come under option to tue Granhy
Co. It is estimated that the Oranby Co. can pro
dune copper here for 2:1 cents a ton cheaper than
at its Grantl Forks smelter When the big smel
ter iB completed the total investment of the
Granhy Co here is expected to he nearly two
milliotis,and that over 1000 men will be employed
When you consider the fact that today two
hustling cities in British Columbia are almost sn
tirely supported by the payrolls of this company
—I'lioenix and Grand Forks—you can get an
idea what Granby Bay will he.
Granby Bay has a good deepwuter harbor, and
today the G. T. P. and C P. I. and tho Union
Steamship Company operate regular steamers to
this point.
Sole Agent
336 Hastings Street West~
Room 4
VANCOUVER British Columbia
Sole Agent "Granby Bay Townsite,"
Room 4, 336 Hastings Street West,
Vancouver, B  C. Dept. "C."
Please send nie, without obligation on my part,
fnll and detailed information about Granby Bay,
also prices.
Ad 'ress.
Maud  Rollins,   Dan  Wells,  Hugh
"Division III—George Cooper,
Blair Cochrane, John Cheplo, Mary
Cbeplo, Muriel Galloway; Ruby
Keeling, Edith Larsen, James Lyden, Sarah McCalluin, Mildred
Meikle, Gwenny Mcllwaine, Waltei
Petersen, Mabel Ruckle.
Division IV—Hope Benson, Alfred Downey, Reggie Hull, Mildred
Hutton, Kathleen Kerby, Gladys
Latham, Loretta Lyden, Abrani
Mooyboer, Holger Petersen, Cecil
Ruckle Willie Ruckle, Thelma
Walker, Uvo Wells, Amelia Wiseman, Aurena Barnum, Dorothy
Division V—Anna Anderson, Lily
Ardiel, Bernard Crosby, Sam Eriekson Annie Giltuour, Walter Larson,
Cecelia Lyden, Helen Massie, Ambrose McKinnon, Eva Moir, <ileelt_
Nichols, Rusa Peterson,,)oseph Rowlandson, Jessie Scoley, Marian
Shannon, Vernon Siddall, Pauline
Hatfield, Chris Pell, Ray Lane,
Junie Downey.
Division VI—Arthur Anderson,
Phyllis Atwood, Clara Brunner,
Charlie Cooper, .Vlay Crosby, Freda
Davis, Randolph Davis, Norma
Eriekson, Margaret Fowler, George
Hodgson, Tony Hudoklin, Dorothy
Jacobsen, Margery Keron, Gertrude
Krischke, Elbel Laae, Frances Lillian), Reid McKie, Nellie Mills,
Annie Moir, Cleophus Montgomery,
Boyd Nichols, Peter Peterson, Mildred Rydell, Grace Wiseman.
Division VII—Nellie Allaii.Jauies
Lane, Gladys Aruison, Adriunnu
Lam, Isabel Bowen, Margaret Bnt
no, Bert Cooper, Celia Crosby, Howard DeCew, Ruth Euruby, Peter
Harton, Lillian Hull, 'Ibelma Hut-
Ion, Elmer Kennedy, Mary Errelt,
Johanna Lum, Leu Mills, Flora
McDonald, Lawrence McKinnon,
Bcria McLeod, Willie Nelson, Norman Ruckle, Francis I Ken, Leona
U'Ren, Mary Wibner, Oswald
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at tbe public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number of Pupils Late—Division I 9G, 2 late;
Division II i.8.16, 2 late; Division
111 94.37, 4 late; Division IV 93.86,
2 late; Division V 113.0, 0 late;
Division VI 93.07, 3 late; Division
VII, 89.24, 6 late
Division II wins the banner for
highest percentage of   attendance,
BrlJue Street,
Hoi and Cold Bitlu
Bint-Clan Bsr, Fool
Band llllard Rooms
in Connection.
Emil Larsen,
while Division V will hold the banner (or most regular attendance.
Newspaper Law
i 1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when u subscriber dues not take his paper out of
the postolliee, und slate the reason for
its not being taken. Any neglect to
do so tnukes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his pa| er
discontinued lie iiiu-*t pay all linear
ages, or the publishers mav continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken frnm the otlice or
not. There can he tio le_.nl dlscon
tinuance until payment is made,
3. Any person who takes a papei
out of the postolliee, whether directed
to his iititne or not, or whether be has
subscribed or not, is responsible foi-
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped nnd lhe publisher continues to
Bend il, lhe suhflciibei* is hound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
jsiflt olliee.    This proceeds   u|*ui   the
.ground that a man must pay for what
J he uses.
6  The courts have dooided tlmt refusing to take newspapers or   period!.
| eals from the post office or   removing,
eaving   them   uncalled for, is prima
• icie evidence of intentional frau I.
Personal Christmas Cards
A new sample book of the "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Curtis
for I9I2 has been received Hi The
Sun office. These cards proved-
very poptllaf last year The designs this year are prettier than lust
year. The ptices range from $1 per
dozen upwards.   Order early.
Ml. C. A. ABBOTT, Auguit it, i»oj.
oeAnoSt., New Yer*. Ci'y.
Dear Sir:   I have feotntn for over 40 yean of th*
effeeuofWilton'sKemrdy [Wilson's Preparation
al ItypophosDllitM fc.-ul ..lodiWIU] in cateaot pulmonary tr«ubl_t.    At ll-.is p .nt I trill uy to you
what you have n t b. '•..-. knowa ol; that 41 Tears
■ioce, while I was a resident of N.Y. City, 1 was
severelyill with !-.r.i"i....Y ..   Physteianiaai.ilwas
a consumptive ard my family physician told my wife
that he thought 1 eeuht not reenter,   Myatieotion
was directed to the Wilson Kstncdy, which 1 uted
with aplendid effect.   1 havo been on my feet sod at
work ever aiuce my cure,   Youratruly,
Fasten- M, (.Church, Hunter, (Greene Co,,) N.Y.
Oa Dee 1, tgii, Mr. Saper wrote Mr, Abbott;
"My health is very good.'*
If yoo will write Mr. Abbott he
will glailly furni.-ti you any further
information yuu desire.
Wkt &tankrfc
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
ot Canada. It Is n_iUiui.il In ull Its
lt uses the most cxpenslvo engravings, procuring tho photographs frutn
all over the world.
Ita articles are carefully selected and
lis editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tho Standard
costs |2.00 par ytar to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers.
Some business men are „„ fond of
i being   deceived   thut Ihey even endeavor to believe that they can reiicb
I the consumers of this district with-
I mil advertising^! The Hun. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Zam-Buk Has Cured These!
Friction on the hemorrhoid veins
that are swollen, Inflamed and gorged
with blooc. ls what causes the terrible
pain and stinging and smarting ot
piles. Zam-Buk applied at night will
ke found to give ease before morning.
Thousands of persons have proved
this. Why not be guided by tho experience ct others?
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prince Al-
ctrt, Sask., writes: "I must thank
you for Mie benefit I have received
froth Zam-Buk. Last summer I suffered greatly from piles. I started
to uso Zam-Buk and found lt gave mo
cllef, so 1 continued lt, and after using three cr four boxes I am pleased
lo say it has effected a complete
Mr. 0. A. Dufreano, 183-183 St.
Joseph Street, St. Roch, Quebec, P.
Q., writes. "I can highly recommend
Ham-Buli to everyone who suffers from
Mag.strate Sanford, of -Weston.
King's Co., N.S., says.: "I suffered
long from itching piles, but Zam-Buk
h..s now cured ine."
Mr. William Kenty, of tipper Nine
Mile River, Hants Co., N.S., says:
"I suffered terribly from piles, thc
pain at times being almost unbearable. I Tied varlouB ointments, but
everything I tried failed to do me the
slightest good. I was tired of trying
,arlous remedies, when I heard of
Zam-Buk. and thought as a last resource I wculd give this balm a trial.
Wter a very short time Zam-Buk effected a ejmplete cure."
Zam-Buk Is also a sure cure for skin
Injuries end diseases, eczema, Utcers,
\arlcose veins, cuts, burns, bruises,
chaps, cold sores, etc. 50c. box from
all druggists and stores, or post free
from Zan.-Buk Co., Toronto, for price,
Refuse harmful Imitations.
Try Zam-Buk Soap, 25c. tablet.
A lew doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates •',.60 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
I 1,1 -'Nt llll 1 .\R_
Are the bea* ever made and are guar,
anteed to glv? yon satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send ua 26 cents stat
Int. s-tv i and also required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd,
68 Fraaer Ave,. Toronto. Ont
tndrr   approachint.
Hare  you decutd   where  tt
***»   »   tan
Toronto it Ihe chief Fur manufaeturina centre of Can-
tela. Do luiineti direct aod | rt the f-jJT.alue fer your
Prompt eajh for your cowitom-nti, lane or until
Write aaw for our trade nevn letter lo be utued «om
Mirer, WACilUt. IXASIU 4 CO., IM. C.
MFre_*St.,Eatt,          Tertate. Oattrit
The pretty young matron having
come unexpectedly Into the nursery,
found her youngest, the blue-eyed
golden-haired Irene, in tears, and
Smifkius, the nurse, vainly endeavoring to comfort her.
Why, what's the matter -vVlth my
wee pet? asked the foi)d mother, taking the agitated tftild into her em-
Irace. What's mammle's darling crying for?
She's crosB, mum, explained the
nurse, because I wouldn't let her go
to the Brown's birthday party across
the way.
Oh, I quite forgot that invitation,
said the mistress: but why is Miss
Ireuc not to go?
Because, mum, the Browns 'ave got
charades, sc Miss Bella says, and I
wasn't suro whether Miss Irene 'as
had 'em or not. Some things is so
very catchlu'.
Once a mother has used Baby's Own
Tablets she will always use them as
long as there are little ones in the
liouse. They are absolutely safe and
.'lever fall to cure constipation, colic,
indlgestioti or the many other baby-
iiood and childhood ailments. Concerning them Mrs. E. Simmons, Hamilton, Ont., says: "I have not been
without Baby's Own Tablets for six
years. I have given tliem to my
r.hree little ones and find them excellent during teething nnd at other
limes." The Tablets arc sold by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
oentB a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Wonderful how it improves
them. Heifers develop into
better milkers. Steers fatten
does It. Cuts clean—hurts
little—does not bruise llesh
or crush bono. Write for
free   booklet.
R.  H.  McKENNA,
Robert St.  Toronto,  Ont.   Mention
Said one man on the street, speaking to a friend—Well, money talks.
Maybe It doea, answered tho otlier, but
all it over said to mo was good-bye.
',   PILLS
>'_' -'VI
f<J| ' *\\Vs >•,&
V> MDNCX \,\ ,
.(.'"TliMAT'S   ,'
•■-...   H f'HT y Ol\S'
60c. a box er alx boxes tor 52.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited. Toronto,
Canada.     ,
An Imaginary Loaf
At the ration store of one of our
Irish regiments, Mike Rafferty, an old
soldier, was engaged In handing the
.oaves of bread to the elderly men in
their turn. Suddenly lia turned to
the quartermaster, and with n twinkle
in his eye Bald—
Av ye plaze, sor, there's a loaf short,
who'll I give lt to?
Keep it yourself, Mike, replied the
quarter-master. •
Through indiscretion In eating green
fruit in summer many children become
subject to cholera morbus caused by
irritating acids that act violently on
[lie lining of the intestines. Pains
and dangerous purglngs ensue and the
uclicntoVJy8te.ni ot thc child suffers un
■ier the drain. In such cases the
iafest and surest medicine ls Dr. .1
IS. Kellogg's Dysentery CordiaJ. It
will check the inflammation ahd save
the child's life.
A Slight Mistake
There Is a railroad out ln Colorado,
according to the story of a Western
traffic manager, which seems unable
to form anything like an Intimate acquaintanceship between its trains and
lhe advertised schedules. Its trains
are so proverbially late that there ls
a mild celebration every time one
reaches its terminal on time.
A few weeks ago the word waa
passed about the little town that No.
2 would get in on time, and there was
a big crowd at the station. Some
generous citizen provided quantities of
red Arc, and set it off along the track.
What's the celebration? the conductor asked when he jumped off at the
Train actually got in on time! explained tho crowd.
Put out your fires, thc conductor
snorted. Don't you know that we're
just twenty-four hours late?
Merchant (to clerk)—This won't do.
Every time you see a 6 you call ft
a '.. What is the matter with you,
near sighted?
Clerk—No sir. It's a matter of
habit. I used to work in a ladles
shoe shop.
W. N. U. 920
The Good-Night Message
The evening callers were chatting
gaily with the Kinterbys when a patter of little teet was heard from the
head of the stalro. Mrs. Klnterby
raised her hand, warning the others
to silence.
Hush, she said softly. The children are going to deliver their goodnight message. It always gives me
a feeling of reverence to hear them—
they are so much nearer the Creator
thgn we are, and they speak the love
that ls ln their little hearts never so
fully as when the dark has come.
There was a moment of tense silence.     Then—
Mamma, came the message ln a
shrill whisper. Willy found a bedbug!
» ■
For'some time ln Vienna street savings banks have been In vogue with
considerable success. Tbese savings
banks are an adaptation of the penny-
tu-the-slot machine. Anyone passing
wishing to deposit a small sum drops
his money Into the slot. Instead of
receiving bon-bons or chocolate ln return, he gets a ticket for the coin deposited. The tickets are later honored on presentation at a Government
Department,. Encouraged by the
success of the Vienna experiment the
people of Paris are to Introduce the
same system into their streets.
Ke Scored With the Report
Thero Is a story told of R. C. Hamilton, the once Glasgow Rangers' famous centre-forward, when his team
were playing a holiday match In the
North of Scotland. The Rangers'
team had a regular day out, as one
might say; all tho forwards scoring
with the exception of Hamilton. Under these circumstances the team unanimously selected Hamilton to write
an account of thc match, as his version would be the most unbiased.
They were a bit taken back to read
when the roport appeared In print,
to the effect that so-and-so scored
Koala for tho Rangers, the entire cred
it of which was due to the admirable
passing of Hamilton!
—— i
A Lightship has just bcen placed In
commission In Germany that ls provided with a complete equipment of
Ihe most modern dsvlccs for aiding
and warning mariners. In place of
the old-fashioned mast-beacons, the
vessel carries a single powerful electric light set on top of a hollow mast
or shaft, through which the light can
be reached In stormy weather. The
lightship has, wireless telegraph and
fog and submarine signals. Diesel oilengines run a dynamo, and two large
accumulator batterlca store the electric
current for emergency use. The new
vessel is 160ft. long and 25ft. wide.
It will be Btationed near the shallows
at thc mouth of the River Elbe.
Hands Cracked, so Could not Work-
Cures Effected by
It does not take long for Dr. Chases'
Ointment io prove its magic healing
power. A single night Is often sullieient to produce the moct startling results.
Internal -treatment for skin diseases
is nearly always disappointing. By
applying Dr. Chase's Ointment to the
diseased parts relief ls obtained almost Immediately, and gradually the
sores heal up and disappear. Here
...re two letters which will interest
Mrs. C.tas. Gilbert, Haystack, Pla-
contia Bay, Nfld., writes:—"I was a
sufferer from Salt Rheum for ten
years, and had about despaired of ever
being cured, so many treatments had
failed. Reading of the wonderful
cures effected by Dr. Chase's Ointment, I commenced using it, and waa.
entirely cured by eight boxes. I
want to express my gratitude for Dr.
Chase's Ointment and to recommend
lt to all tufterers."
Mr. SUnley Merrill, Delaware, Ont.
writes:—"For years I was troubled
with my hands cracking, often becoming bo sore that I could hardly do
any work. I got some ot Dr. Chase's
rintinent, and happily find that one
or two applications of same to the
affected parts make them well. I
have had no trouble since using the
ointment for aore hands.
Dr. C'h-'.Se's Ointment, 60c. a box, at
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Last night, my wife and myself had
Ihe most foolish squabble of our married career.
What was the subject of your dispute?
How we would luvest our money If
we had any.
r li: „• W .lining k^   w ni,'    l^    r.-
Not Yet
The General *as inspecting a regiment ot Territorials, the Colonel of
which was a notoriously bad horseman. As tho band struck up the
march-past the Colonel's horse plunged
violently, and the officer was nearly
unseated. Every man In the leading
company was very Interested in his
efforts to retain his seat, with the result that the front rank became bunched up and badly out of line.
Ease off there, shouted the Captain
He ain't, replied a laughing recruit,
but I'll bet he won't keep on for another two minutes.
Minard't Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Complainant—Your worship, she
struck me - in the face with her
clenched list. That cut was caused
by her ring.
Mlglstrate—Where did she get the
Complainant—I gave lt to her. It
was our engagement ring.
Magistrate—The prisoner Is discharged. That ls clearly a case of
contributory negligence.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them Buffering by using Mother
Graves' Worm- Exterminator, the best
remedy at the kind that can be had.
Clergy In Belgium are allowed three
votos, on tho ground ot superior education.
A Confirmed Drinker Take* to Postum
A housewife was recently surprised
when cook served Postum instead of
*ea and coffee.    She says:
"For tho last live or six years I
have been troubled with nervousness,
.ndlgostlon and heart trouble. I
couldn't get any beneflt from the doctor's medicine, so finally ho ordered
mo to Btop drinking coffee, which I
(.Id. (Tea Ib just .as injurious because it contaius caffeine—the drug
In coffee.. *>
"I drank hot waler while taking the
doctor's medicine, with some Improvement, then went back to coffee with
Iho same old trouble as before.
"A new servant girl told mo about
Poatum—said her folks used lt and
liked lt ln place of coffee. We got a
package but 1 told her I did not believe my husband would like lt, as he
was a great coffee drinker.
"To my surprlso he called for a
third cup, said It was "good stuff" and
wanted to know what lt was. We
have used Postum ever since and both
feel better than we have In years.
"My husband used to havo bad
spellB with his atomach and would be
sick throe or four days, during which
tlmo ho could not ent or drink anything. But since he gave up coffee
and took to Postum, he haB had no
more trouble, and we now fully believe It was all caused by coffee.
"I have not had any return of my
former troubles since drinking Postum, and fed better and can do more
work than ln the last ten years. We
tell everyone about It—some say they
tried it and did not like It.   I tell
hem It makes all the difference as to
how Its made. It should be made
according to" directions—then lt la delicious."
Namo given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Road the book,
"Tho Road to Well ville," tn pkgs.
"There's a reason."
Ever read tin above letter? A new
one appears from tlma ta tlm*. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Sign Waa Effective
The residents of one ot the small
California towns near Ltjs Angeles
were annoyed at the constant speeding of motor driverg over the gooj
roads of that section, and so, after
losing several chickens and dogs under the wheels of passing cars, they
made a protest by erecting a sarcastically worded signboard, reading-
Slow down to 65 mileB.
Many a driver who would disregard
Uie ordinary caution to run at the
iegal rate of twenty miles an hour
is forced to grin at the humour of this
appeal and proceed at a more reasonable speed.
Minard't Llnimtnt Curet Burnt, Etc.
Composer—What do you think aj
my new song?
Critic—It needs ventilating.
Composer—Needs ventilating?
Critic—Yes, the air Is bad.
om a
mu  ■
ping I
A horse in the field is worth two
la the barn. You cau't prevent
Spavin, Ringbone, Splint, or Curb from
putting your horse In the barn but you
can pr.v.nt theae troubles from keeping
horses in the bam very long.  You can get
and car* all such ailments,  ror 35 years,
Kendall's SiMviu Cure has beeu the horse*
man's standby. '.
AuLTSVii.i.f, Ont. March -4U1,191-.
"I have used Kendall's spavin Cure for
over 14 veais airing t**oBog Spavins, one
Curb, one Bone Spavtu nul a Rln(*bone—all
bad cases. Your medlciue is Uie best in the
Price |i per bottle—6 bottles |_. Ask
druggist for tree book "Treatise oa the
Horse" or write direct to as ■  75
Dr. B. J. KeeM.aU Compear
-hteJtsw Fala. V—art, U.».A.
Has Polly got her muslo lesson mixed up with her gymnasium hour?
Of course not.     Why do you aak?
I thought from tho way she was
playing she might have thoughtlessly
taken the piano for a punching-bag.
You ought to Wear
Reliable Merchants have them
in stock
After the age ot alxteen a child's
earnings may not legally be claimed
by hla or her father.
What lhe OM
Salt Says:
"■It's many yew*
since I started to.
follow the sea,
and like most
seamen I have
always chewed
They all say as
I say, that
Navy Plug
Tobacco is
the best.
co is
 ,        ,   ___,	
He Found Where Advice Was
Needed and Gave It.
At Sixty Ht Took a Wife ef Twenty
two—Ht Trltd Ltvt and Kindness,
but ta Ne Avail—Ben Thtmpttn and
Hit Wlft Parted Ovtr Jonah.
(Cotyrltkt, 1112, by Associated Literary
' 0 poetry today, Abe," laid tht
postmaster at I started out
tbe other morning to mak*
my trip.
"Cut lt out Tbey are getting Jealou-
if you down Id Washington."
"Oan I help being a poet?"
"No. but what you write for th* next
two weeks lend to tho btathtn of Africa."
I took the tip and drove off.   When
I got down to Faymer Scott'a ba wai
turn 90s taa aunt.
It tt* gat* and looking io downhearted tbit I uked him If tny of the family waa 111.
"It'a wan than that; Aba, a beap
wuu,"   h*  mlemnly   replied.   "Vou any other woman on earth would have
know I wai mirrled about ilx month* atood It balf aa long aa I have.
By ami by, wnen tney haa ciimca
down a little. I suggested that tb* widow was tht one to decide between
thcni and they had better walk along
to ber house In company and hav* lt
over with.
"I'll go, of courte," says Jim, "but
she'd never nisrry no old crowbalt
like blm!"
"Aud she'll set tbo dog on you 1" replied tbe old man Wllkins aa ha pulled
ob* bis coat for about the twentieth
They didn't bave to take a walk. Aa
Ihey were still jawing eacb other the
widow cum* driving along ln ber oat
horse wagon, and It wat agreed that
I sbould state tbe case for both.
"-Widow Skinner," says I as I met
her a few rods away, "here'i two men
as Is ready to die for love of you."
"How beautiful!" laughs the widow.
"Bach loves you with all his soul,
and If you marry one tbe other will
look for a mud puddle deep enough to
drown himself."
"It'a really romantic!" she laughs
"But what are you going to do about
ItJ 'Peara to me you ought to settle
lt one way or tbe other."
"So I will," ibe says, and she beckon! 'em both forward and smilingly
told 'em she'd been married lo Joe
Wheeler two weeks ngo and was just
letting out th* news.   Tben sbe bid
us goodby and drove nway to look
over ber shoulder aud laugh, and' after
a long time old man Wllkins leans
against tbe fence and aays:
"Waal, by tbunderl"
Tben Jim Blackburn gets a brace
for bis wabbling knees and whispers:
"Who'd a-tbunk It*"
Case ef tht Thompsons,
And I heard later that they stood
there looking at each other without'
speaking a word for a full hour.   I
drove oa, thinking of various things
connected and disconnected with tbe
postal laws, and bad just turned luto
the Two Mile road when I overtook
Ben Thompson's wife and offered ber
a lift  1 taw that she had bcen weeping, but I asked no questions, and she
presently said:
"Abe. I've loft my old maul"
"Shoo?" aaya I.
"Tet, I've left him nt last, nud I'm
going to stop with my sister Polly for
a few daya."
"Whit's th* matter tbla time?"
"Same tblng, Abe; same thing that's
beeu tbe matter for twenty long yeara.
I've itood lt and atood It, but my patience ls gone at last   I don't believe
Dttoimlanti tf tht Germane Wh* Cam*
to Thia Ctuntry In Wtt
To most Americana tha word "Dutch"
meant German. The Dutch are Hollanders from the Netherlands. New
fork waa first settled by tht Dutch
trom Holland.
Tbe first Germans came to this country ln 1082 and settled at Germantown.
ft li estimated that the Germans and
their descendants ln Pennsylvania
numbered 100,000 at the time of onr
revolution. Tbe descendants of thos*
are called th* Pennsylvania German*
or Dutch. Th* word Dutch la a cor-
ruption of Doutsch, meaning German.
Tbe early Germans were follower!
of Menno Simons, known aa Mtjnnon-
lies. They were persecuted In tbelr
own country on account of their religious belief and when Penn offered
religious liberty It was gladly accepted by tbem.  The persecuted German*
A Mining Camp Melodrama With an
Unexpected Climax.
Joseph Jefferson used to say that hla
career came very near being nipped ln
tbt bud ln a amall western town. He
at tbat time was a member of a small
pioneer company wbich progressed by
meana of tbree "bull teams" from ont
mining camp to another. Tbey were
always heartily received by the miners and cowboys, who readily paid tht
IS In gold required to witness their
performance. Mr. Jefferson waa the
traditional melodramatic villain and ln
tbt third act waa supposed to kldn%p
"tht child." Tbo supposed mother,
bearing Its cries, rushes upon the scene
Just is he la ibout to escape and Area
a fruitless shot from a revolver.
Upon tb|a particular occasion all bad
gone well until this scene was reached,
and the audience, many of wbom bad
never before seen any kind of theatric-
lame largely from tbe Rhenish palatl. ! •' performance, sat aa If spellbound,
nate, Wurtemberg, from the lower
Rhine, Alsace, Saxony and Switzerland.
The southeastern counties of Penn-
■ylvaula, sucb ia Lancaster, York,
Berks and Lebanon, were chosen for
At tbt crack of tbe mother's revolver,
however, tbe tpell wai rudely broken
"By bcaven ihe missed hlml" a red
•bitted miner In the front row shouted, drawing hli own six shooter and
leaping to his feet   "Round to th*
settlement. Then settlers spoke a ] back door and head him off *fore bt
variety of dialects, and. owing to teg- can git a boss, boys." be yelled, and,
rogation in religious communities, they j following him, half the audience stem-
clung to their mother tongue. English Med for tne exit,
words have since crept in and as a ra- I Tbe excitement wai Anally allayed
mit we bave the somewhat pictvr- I by tbe "mother" and the villain ap-
esque language known as the "Perm- -I peering band lu band before tbe cur-
Notice Pint Udder Development *t
Daisy Graet dt Kol.
The semiofficial yearly record Of
Daley Grace de Kol ib a junior four-
year-old ls a world's record and ex-
ceeds by over 200 pounds of fat tb*
former record for her class. It aim
exceeds by 130 pounds of fat tbe highest record ever made In tbe senior four-
year-old class. It also exceeds all official or semiofficial yearly records of
full aged cows of otber breeds. Her
average per cent of fat for one year I*
4.43, a showing that la wonderful.
In the eight months' division Daisy
Grace do Kol broke tbe record for her
class. During tbe verification test,
when the was nnder constant watcb
day and night, sbe produced 48.8
pounds ef milk whicb contained 2.39
pounds of fat.
Only two full aged cowl besides ber
stable mates, Banostlne Belle de Kol
tylvanla Dutch." Their religious belief and their common Interest bav*
preserved tbls class wltb singular
purity.—Philadelphia Ledger.
tain aud tbe manager's explanation ot
tbe situation. When the performance
had been concluded the audience Insisted en paying another admission
price and bavlng an immediate repetition from beginning to end.
.'heir Use In England Wat Abolished
With Diaastrout Raaulta.
In the museum attached to lb*
itandards department of tbe board of
trade. In Old Palace yard, London,
a box containing n number of the old
exchequer tally sticks, upon which, until an early period ln tbe last century.
It was the custom to keep tbe national
Tbe tallies were notched stlcksof Romans. Between 1045 and 1843 Ibt
seasoned willow or hazel, the notch on i Spanish government employed galley
tbe edge representing the particular   slaves In  tbem.  an occupation  that
Occupation That Quickly
tht Workere. ,
The chief quicksilver mines lu Europe are In the Spanish town of Alma-
leu, which Is an Arabic word, mean*
Ing "the mine of quicksilver." Thesl
mines were formerly worked by tht
Iberians and after tbem by the ancient
, "Sixty yeiri old ind went and married a gnl of twenty-two! Polki said
I wm an old fool, but I went rlgbt
ahead. Tbiy told me that tbt gal bad
• bad tamper, but 1 didn't mlud It 1
"But wbat burden bave you been called upon to bear?" I asked, not having
ever heard of any trouble between
Jtnth Caused Their Trouble!.
"Jouah and tho whale, Abe—Jonah
tmount—tbe smallest for pence, a
larger notch for shillings and the largest for pounds.
Tbe system, wbich was first Introduced by tbe Normans lo tbe year 1068,
wai not finally abolished until th*
reign of William IV., and tben only
wltb disastrous results. An order wu
promulgated tbat the accumulated tallies, amounting to many thousands,
were to be destroyed, and they wer*
accordingly burned ln one of the ttovet
tn the house of lords. By some mtana
or other tbe stove became choked, th*
paneling caught fire, and ln the end
thought I could biby ber up If sh* got "Tb* dty. we was married Ben asked
■id." me if I believed the whale swallowed
"And baa anything happened, Unci* Jonah.   I told blm 1 didn't.   He said
Abe?" be did and tbat 1 ought to believe with
"Heap* of things. Abe, ind I wmt blm.   He'i kept it np ever since. He's
your advice.  1'v* tried lov* and kind- got up ln lb* morning nnd asked me,
ness and all tbat but It won't do no and whon be comes tn at* noon and
good.  Only an bour ago my wlfo flung nlgbt he asks me, nnd tbere lias bin
a stick of wood at my bead.  She's a dsys at a tlmt when be wouldn't speak
regular wildcat, Ab*.   She flies mad to me.   I'm a determined woman, Abe,
and the whale/' ah* ^•n»^/eP^«»; | tb* whole of the palace of Westmln-
.„ ._, _,     ^f< _^ ^ exception of Westmln-
about tbe least thing, and It'a no un
ifor nie to iuy a word. If I ttirted to
Jaw bark abe'd let tbt bousi aflr*.
Lord, bot what a fool 1 wail"
"And wbai do you want my advlc*
about?" I sliced.
"She'' got on* ot her tantrum* on
now. and I believe 1 ought to go tn and
box ber eara, um* aa If ibe wu a
inlky child. I'v* beard that iom*
wires jest oched to be bossed ind was
all the better for being ruffed around.
What do you think about Itr
"You might try It for a change."
"I believe I'll do It 1 boiler* lb*
best way I* to mingle lor* and cuffs
together. Yei. I'll go In ind ttll ber
tho'i got to walk chalk or tak* ruff-
In.' and you mlgbt hong around i few
minutes and'ice bow it turni out"
Wldew Ineltei Jultuty.
f waited, bnt not for long. Unci*
Zeb hadn't been In th* house Of* min-
nles before I beord screeching, and
next minute he liangrd tbt door open
•nd Jumped out aud mad* for iho barn
HI* wife, baring tb* broom In. ber
hand, wna close after him, and from
lb* sound! of thumps and wb*<*k* I
think ih* overhauled him tn lb* barn
and let him know tbat she wu still
hois of tlie roost. Two mllea farther
in, at Whit*'* Corner*, I found Jim
Blackburn, Whlti'i hired man. and
old malt Wilkin* Jawing away at •
lively rale Botb of 'cm wanted to
(ell me all about It u soon it I comt
up. It waa s ests of Jealousy. Botb
of 'em were paying attention to tb*
Widow Skinner, and sh* hadn't decided
which ab* would marry "Jest think."
yelli Jim ai he kirks th* frozen mud
aboul-"Jest think of an old codger
wbo'l bad three wires and haa one foot
in tb* grave wnntlu' lo marry ag'ln."
"And think of th* Impudence of tha
likes of blm darln' to look ot the Wld-
der Sklnnerl" buwli tb* old man ll
lit dailies around.
"Why, he's got 'levin children!" .
'And Oe couldn't buy ihoea for •
"Uo homo and Ilk* catnip teal*
"And you go lo grais!" /     .
and 1 never would give in Ibat th*
whale swallowed Jonah."
"But wby not?"
"I dunno, bot I jest wouldn't."
"But I'd do It If I were yon."
"Do yon believe that Jonah was swallowed?"
"Can't uy, but I wouldn't dispute
about It and break up my home. I'd go
rlgbt back and cave In."
"It would never do, Abe," sho says,
with a decided shake of ber held.
"But wby? If you'd glvo In he'd aay
no more about It,"   -
"That's tbe trouble, Abe.   Tbere'i
Iter ball, waa destroyed.
Som* years ago a number of then
old tally sticks were discovered In
llartlu's bank. In Lombard street-
New York Tribune.
Puxzlei From tht Greek.
If two ara a few, why not tbree: If
tbree, why not four, and by a gradually advancing Increment of number wby
not 10,000, or any otber number? Or,
again, If tb* loss of a single bair doe*
not mak* * man bald, wby ihould lb*
lou of two, of three, and ao on, and
lnfercntially tbe loss of all?
If, then, no addition or subtraction
of. a unit can transform a small number of wbeat gralna Into a beip or a
full bud of hair Into a bald bud. bow
Is'It possible lhat either trausltloa
abould ever be accomplished?
Take a grain of millet out of a bushel
and let It fall on tbe ground, and It
makes no noise. Take every grain la
SSM?£&gS —SMS.,*
leet all tbe grains back Into tbo bushel
he'd com* to me wllb the cblldreu of
Israel crossing tbo Red ica and with
Daniel In tb* Hon*' deu, and I'd never
bave another minute's peace. 1 mlgbt
■I well go now on Jonah's account as
to wilt and go on Daniel's. This ll tin
houae, ind then Is my sister, ind 1
know she'll ny'I'v* don* right Good
by, Abel"
"Aod shall I uy anything to Ben lt
I meet blm?" I asks.
"No-yes; you might say tbat I'm
willing Id admit tbat Jouah wos thrown
aod pour It out. and the result Is a
great noise. How, aska Zcno. can to,-
000 noiseless processes mak* on* full of
*-  ' "* '        """ i
Henors it Callage.
"Wbat waa your son's social atand-
lag In college?"
"Oh, very fair. Wby. he almost got
Into th* Gibber and Squeak soeletyl"
"Indeed!   How waa tbat?"
"Why, yoo know tbey alway* hit
0WbM.-d and ._». Ihe wh.,. =» =  «*» «** -&£&
the back with iucb tore* tbit It knocked blm down."
"Yei. Indeed. He tbought of coun*
M bad been chosen, but b* found out
afterward It waa tbe clsu bully who
alt blm because be didn't Ilk* the wt
,1 hli cofiir. But oven Ibit'i a great
a->nor."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
grab for blm, but aa for anything
1*11 itlek out If 1 die for It. and hi cm
get lomebody els* to make hli loft
wop tbli yurl"
Referred to Dr. Wiley.
. Then wu a discussion between a
Jersey editor and one of bis office
loungen u to table likes und dislikes.
Thi question of coffeo and how It
ihould be prepared cam* up for consideration.
"1 llko my coffee thoroughly boiled
ind black ai your hat," announced tb*
"I'm with you wben 11 romci to liking a good itroug cup of coffee," uld
tbo editor, "but I'll be dodgastcd If I
don't Inv* a good crack on the map for
th* tioit guy In tb* city restaurant
tbat puts demltasm. ,ln my coffee for
me."-Saturday trculiig Post
soon ended In death. The fumes ot
the mercury produce constant salivation, nnd tbe system becomes permitted wltb Ibe metal.
At flrst tbe victim I* Mixed wllb
tremblings, and then tbe teeth drop
snt; palm In the bones follow and then
Jeatb. Tb* annual yield of mercury
li 1.600.000 pounds, to produce whicb
1.000 men are engaged 1a tbla unhealthy employment
After Almaden so far a* yield of
quicksilver Is concerned comci ldrls,
in Austrian town, twenty-eight mllei
from Trlest Tben mines slso wen
once worked by crlmlnils. wbo, owing
to tb* terrible qualities ot th* mineral,
expired after about two yeara' service.
Tbere nre now nearly BOO miners engaged ln the work at Idrla. Tbey an
Induced to enter the mlnu by high
piy. A pension li allowed when they
ire disabled, and provision I* mad* for
tbelr widow* and chlldren.-Pearson'i
Weekly.   -
A Wagir Win.
Tb* following itory li told, of J. P.
Morgan-and possibly of other successful business men aa well. For thru
consecutive daya the great financier
carried an empty birdcage lo his band
to and from hla office. Oa tb* third
day one of bis managers ventured to
isk why he carried tbat apparently us*.
leu article.
"To ice." replied Plerpont SI organ,
"if any one would bar* th* Impudence
to aak mi wby I did to."
"I beg your pardon," began tb* la*
qulrer.   "I"-
"Yon needn't do that" uld thecblef.
Mulling grimly. "I bad a bet wltb •
man tbat I bad at leut ono employe*
wltb lonie curiosity. I'v* won tb*
money; but la future don't uk quu*
tions about things tbit don't concern
A Ftrtuntto Chance.
"Wbat I don't ketch on to." laid
Hon Wlllerby, "li bow ye managed lo
mak* that ottormobll* feller pay y*
Ibutty dollara for splllln' a waggln
load o' bad egga. Y* can't spilt a bad
egg. kin yeV
••Waal, y* see," uld Unci* Jabei. "It
com* about this wiy. Whtn th*
imubup cone lb' air got io full o* tbal
pesky gasoline that lb* condition o*
tbem tbere eggs warn't hardly purr-
cDDin or daist atues oa sob
and High Lawn Hartog de Kol, hav*.
•ver produced aa mucb fat lo one year
aa haa Daisy Grace de Kol aa a junior
Daisy Grace de Kol was bred, reared
and developed at Jlaplccrest farm, owned by Dan Dimmick and brother, at
East Clarldon, 0. She Is more light
tban dark, beautifully marked and will
weigh In tbe neighborhood of 1,350 or
1,400 pounds. Sbe Is very strong and
vigorous, almost perfect In conformation, and if ono wer* aaked to nam*
th* ono trait tbat predomlnatu all
others it would be tbat of giving milk
that li very blgh In butter fat ber average per cent of fat for tb* yur being 4.43. In thia respect ah* resemble*
her dam, who ls also blgh In butter fat
Daisy Grace de Kol waa dry for about
two montha or ten weeks. Sh* freshened at tb* age of four yeara, thru
months and thirteen daya. thia being
tbe third time ibe bad been fresh,
•bowing tbat ah* la a good breeder.
Tht American Collector.
"Tou ean assure mo tbat thli old
master to genuine?"
"Oh. yes, my very dear ilr. Tb*
proof I* perfect Wby, 1 can point out
to you the very atreet In wblcb th*
poor old muter lived."
"And you an iun lie wu to old
"Buret Why, my very dur air. h*
wu mora tban ninety when bo died."
"I'll tak* lt"-Cleveland Plata Dealer,
It pay* la comfort and la looki
to bar* a few trees about tba
farmyard. A treeless farm la a
desolite looking place. Tber*
ar* trees adapted to every climate and aoll m tbere are cropa
adapted to tbe different climatic
and aoll condition*. A ten thrifty
trees, trim ind neav 'n tbelr appearance, will make 'arm lire
more pleasant-Kansas farmer.
Thi Dangertut Germane.
On* can never resist a good ichool-
boy "bowler."   Here la tho litest
Tbe teacher had bun giving a lesion oa elementary hygiene, explaining
about cleanliness and germa. and u
on, and the icholaii wore uked to
write an usay on tbe subject
Said one youth: "Dust 1* a thing tbat
abould always he carefully got rid ot
aa it nearly alwaya contains Germane,
wblcb do a lot of barm."-Londoa
tniwor*.   ___________
Miss Gondtcy-Mlsi Bloomer seems I*
keep her youth aim.
Hiss (.'hellii»-Well, she keeps hcrig*
quIet-Cilbollc Standard aad Tlinca.
Thankful Far Hi* Eecape.
"It's useless lo urge me to m-rrv
you.   Wben 1 uy ao I mun no."
"And ran nothing ever break yonr
determination wben once you make np
your wind?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"Well, I wouldn't rare to marry a
girl Ilk* Hull, anyhow."- Bosiun Traa-
Hard Experience.
"1 tea wbere Uw governor of th*
prison where Ibt l_nndou militant suffragette* ure routined has resigned l*e-
eius* lie can't make Vm eat:
"Tbat place ought to lie w«y lo llll.
Jnst offer the Job to the manairr nf a
cummer country hoarding place and oee
bow bell Jump at l»"
Sh* Halad It—Sure.
•I bate flattery," sbe said.
"Or conn* you do." be replied   "Ktc
try pretty girl does."
Then ibe drew a long, deep ilgb sna_
•.emitted blm to press her .-hwK
■gainst bis owa.-Chlcago Iteconl-UiT THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. G.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level.
Real Eirtate Investments,
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby sir e'ter, returned on Monday from Granby Bay, whore he has
been all summer superintending
construction work.    •
Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Cooper and
A. J. Cooper left yesterday for the
coast. They will spend the winter
either in Victoria or San Francisco
Numerous patrons of the opera
house have requested The Sun to
admonish the boyi for the noisy
racket kept up during the progress
of the play and wbile the orchestra
is playing. Tbay say they pay their
money to hear the play and music,
and they want to know if some
thing can not be done to eliminate
the noise nuisance.
Ed Clayton, after being confined
to his room for six weeks witb a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism, is again able to walk with
the aid of crutches.
A basket social and dance will be
given by Banner Rebekah lodge in
tbe Davis ball on Monday evening,
December 2. Everybody welcome.
Each lady provide ber own basket.
Cards and dancing.
Chrfstel Brau and Monty Wen,
late of Regina, are erecting cottages
on Market sireet, near tbe Sun
orchard, in the West end.
Sam Roberts, wbo stabbed Hugh
Lisle a couple of weeks ago, bas not
yet bad bis hearing, owing to tbe
serious condition of bis victim.
Lisle is still In the hospital, but be
is reported to be improving in
Tbe Ben-Hur mine at Republic is
shipping ten can of ore weekly lo
tbe Granby and Trail smelters.
Nineteen men are employed at tbe
Tbe Lequime homestead  at   Ke
lowna, wbich was old twenty pears
ago, was destroyed by fire last week
The Nelson lodge of Knights
of Columbia last Saturday initiated
seventy-eight candidate* from Grand
Forks, Nelson, Rossland, Cranbrook, Aiosworth and Fernie. Degree teams from Spokane and Ross
land performed tbe initiatory work.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Located in the central part of the city
of NeNon, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Embroidery,plain
and fancy needlework and singing aro
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared fnr examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music
E, Miller, M.P.P., was called to
Victoria on Wednesday hy a telegram from the attorney-general's department, lt is eupposed tbat the
department wishes to consult him
regarding tbe Doukhobor situation.
Mining Stocfc Quotations
Spokane, Nov. 27.—The follow
ing are today s opening quotations fot
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      0.25    5.75
The Pboenix Curling club baa
elected tbe following officers for tbe
ensuing year! J. A. Miller, president; J. F. McDougail, vice-president, aud A. F. Ueddes, secretary-
Get our prices before you order
your job priming. We can save you
money and give you a superior class
of work.   Tbe Sun Print Shop.
When a Socialist commences to
cbase the almighty dol'ar his ideas
regarding the universal brotherhood
of man become confused. We have
an example in this city tbat might
furnish material for a sermon, but
Tbe Sun is not ordained to preach.
Carpenters are working day and
night to complete the Boundary
Trust & Investment Co's new building by the 1st of tbe month.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Orrus, KSS f|r«t Wrapt
ffls Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly antl
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Columbia, B.C.
Suits to Order &18 cwnb
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and soo our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and wo can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
Kev. Edward A, Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chat ge) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, nnd may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
(Published ''initially)
Ktiablfli traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with Uiitfllsh
In each olau of goodtt. Bnldei being a complete oommerelal guide to London and Iti
suburbs, the directory contains Hits of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to whieh they salt,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading ,..-.. , , ,._
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 209.
Dealers seeking Agencies  can
their trade cards for £1,
merits from £3,
,_1^__   advertise
or larger advertise-
25, Abehurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE    L14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-lawn.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill" of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
_nnnn ppixTiMf!!*-t,,e kii"-*° d°~•** *" •t**'"
VJVUI/ [lULlllLTU an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
U\\t pm $rmt Mop
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yobk/'Nov. £7 —Silver 61J;
standard copper, (17.25@I7.5U;
Londok, Nov. 27.—Silver, 2fty;
lead, £16 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
.PHONB 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   fi Clayton, Propi.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A compute stock op
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh Ooiiilffttmento!
KwclvtKl We.-k.y.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ur MmiiMik ■!
Knur MmiiMik • Special y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dook North or Uhaniiv Hotki.,
Fiiist Sthkht,
I • •■etrh or*etontsmtw, *tx*
onr opinion tn* whether tn
..._ .^.saaMlfiMSs
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French regulator; never falls. Then
pllll «e exceedingly powerful In r ef ulttlni the
general! ve portion ol the female ayetem. Relate
•II cheap lmltatloni. Dr. m Thai an told al
•Subtii, or three lor 110, Mailed to any addraaa.
Th» SMbeU Drag Co„ M. CaUiarlaM, Oat.


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