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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 12, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 24
Grand Porks, B. C, Friday. oApril 12,1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Pirofits Result From
the Skilful Growing of
TMb Yegatable
.    HORTICTI.TlllllsT.
The onion is one,of the most important vegetable crops. In the districts of lhe. Delta and Chilliwack,
Armstrong, Vernon and Kelowna
growers making this crop a special:
ty now ship numbers of straight
carloads yearly. Crops from tbe first
two mentioned points go largely to
the local markets, the coast onion
not being a particularly good chipper for piairie trade. The interior
grown product goes to local markets
also, but principally to the prairies.
Only the main crop niatuie
'bulbs so far are grown, though there
is an opportunity, for development
of tbe trade in pickling onions, and
" the large Spanish types, sucb as
Prizetaker and Gibraltar.
The large profits rei-u'tii g Irom
'skilful culture on reasonably snita-
ble land have made onion growing
popular wi(b those holding limited
tracts, especially among young
orchard trees, while truck growers in
localities particularly adapted, botb
as to soil and climate,, to onion cul
ture have found the business profitable in larger areas.
This market is generally good.
Even against the duty into Canada
of 30 per cent ad valorem, we import about -15,000 bushels annually.
The f.o.b. price at Okanagan points
for a number of years past hae averaged about 120 per ton for Yellow
Dan vers in 1001b. bags. * As a general pile, the price increases during
the months, but lack of storage facilities and the danger of frost in
transit have prevented any great development of Btorage business.
Prices, nevertheless, have been high-
, ly remunerative, and the market is
steadily increasing.'
New Method of Onion Culture.'—
There has recently arisen a method
of culture in which the seed is sown
in March in hot beds and the plants
set in the field in May. when about
the size of a lead pencil. The advantages of this method are:
1. Leas seed is required.
2. There is a larger and more
uniform crop, in which the expenses
of weeding and thinning are almost
entirely obviated; and -
3  The crop is harvested earlier.
Tbe disadvantage* are tbe cost of
labor entailed by transplanting, and
the cost of tho preparation of suitable hotbeds. Where soil is npt well
prepared, or moisture becomes de
iicient in August, or where labor is
reasonably inexpensive, tbis method
is worthy of. consideration, but is
not used at present in this province.
The Old Method of Onion Growing.—Used almost altogether in the
i province for commercial purposes,
this does sufficiently well, especially
in the districts above mentioned,
where a long growing season, suitable noil, and a knowledge of tbe re-
tpiiremenls of (he business combine
to make il a success.  -
Selection of Soil.—The selection
of soil is of the grertest importance,
as it will not pay to grow onions on
poor soil. The mechanical condition
,.f tbesoifiB of first consideration.
H eavy clay soils should be' avoided
because tbey are difficult to work,
usually deficient io organic matter,
land often.improperly drained. They
can not be worked as early in the
spring aB is desired, and the surface
bakes aud cracks after a rain unless
stirred, at the proper time.
Soils rich in decomposed vegetable matter are tbe most valuable for
the cultivation of onions. A rich
sandy loam is a very good soil,
especially where irrigation is practised. A black-muck soil that has
been well drained is one of the best
soils for onion culture. It bas the
power of retaining moisture whicb is
so essential to tbe. growth of onions.
Fields which bave been overrun with
weeds should be used for other crops
before planting with onions.
The Seed.—Tbe seed should be of
the very best quality to obtain the
hest results. Do not buy seed because itis cheap. The cost of seed
is small compared witb the other
expenditures in growing a crop of
onions. Itis always best to test the
quality of the seed before planting
a-ach year, a very good method being to place a few seeds in a damp
woollen clotb or mo st cotton, aud
note the number germinating. Order
tbe seed early, because you are iben
•mre of getting tbe "film's besi
quality*. '
Variety to Grow.—This depend?
almost entirely on the market t>
which you are catering. The onion
to grow is tbe one whioh will I com
mand the highest price on the mar
ket. As a rule, this is an onion
hard.and compact in structure, mild
and sweet in flavor, witb a tbin
skin, small neck, and as neaily
globular in form as possible. Ii
should also be bright and handsome
in appearance, productive, and of a
superior keeping quality. As a reliable market variety, to be grown
in the old way, and for general pur
poses, the Yellow Dan vera has probably not yet found its equal.
Fertilizing.—Barnyard manure is
indispensable unless-the soil naturally contains a large amount of humus. Itsbould be ploughed under
in the fall unless very well rotted,
when it might be applied on tbe
surface and harrowed in. If applied
on the surface when not well rotted,
it has a tendency to hinder tbe
working of the seed drill and wheel
hoe. A good heavy dressing, 15 to
20 Ions per acre, every three or four
years gives very good results. - Hen
inauure, I Ion per ucre, ie very
highly recommended for onions, lt
will produce the best results wben
applied as a top dressing before
planting. Care should lie taken
tbat all manures used are free from
weed seeds.
Of the nitrogenous commercial
fertilizers, nitrate of soda is largely
ueed. From 200 lb. to 400 lb. per
acre are applied in four equal dressings. The first application sbould
be made broadcast just before seeding, and mixed with the surface
soil by harrowing. Tbe otber dressings are made by a drill |at intervals throughout, the growing season.
Tb supply potash, wood ashes are
frequently used. Ashes are applied
In ths fall, winter, or - early spring,
and Bhould be harrowed in at the
rate of about U tons per acre. Bone
meal or other phosphates are beneficial if phosphoric acid ia 'required.
Each grower should study the requirements of his soil.' A few ex-
A Burglar Awaiting Sentence Succeeds in Making His Escape
A stranger giving his name as Joe
Martin waa arrested laat Thursday on
a charge of stealing some clothing
from the C P H. boarding house. At
the trial before the police magistrate
he waa fouud guilty aa charged, but
sentence was suspended fur a few days
lays in order to give the police an opportunity to investigate his previous
record. On Monday night he escaped
from jail. He has net yet been recaptured.
The annual meeting of lhe Ladies'
Aid of thc Methodist church was
held'nn Tuesday, April 9, for lie
purpose of electing officer!! for the
ennujng year. The following is the
result:. Honorary president, Mis J
Ij. Tuttle*; president, ..Mrs (Judge)
Brown; vice president, Mrs. James
Rooke; treasurer, Mrs. J. Curry; Secretary, Mrs R. Mann; auditors, F.
L Lathe and Mirs  Miirjmie  Mann.
Col. R. T. Lowery, tbe versatile
ind philosophic editor of the Greenwood Ledge, ia in the iity exhibiting a mashed finger whicb be obtained gratis while feeding a Gordon
press. The colonel says there are
lots of poker games in Gnciwood.
He prefers to make his big winnings away from home, however.
built for laugbibg purposes, lhe
comedy contains a splendid plot,
which will appeal to those who like
clean, polite and bright comedy.
Many musical numbers are introduced during the action of the play
and between the acts, which greatly
add to the attractiveness of the
A Vancouver dispatch says "it is
announced bere that the route of
the Kettle Valley line has bein
changed to include Princeton witb
tbe main instead of a branch line.
Terminals will tie at Midway and
Hope. From Osprey lake, CO miles
west of Penticton, tbe revised line
will follow Five-mile creek and tbe
Siuiilkauiei.-ii river to Princeton,
tbence up tbe same river to the
Tulameen, and up ibe latter to Ot
ter creek, to a point two miles from
the place where the Merritt branch
will tap the main line." It is to be
hoped that the statement in this dispatch .regarding the terminal at this
end of tbe line is as unreliable as
all previous dispatches concerning
thus load sent out l.rniii the const
tiave lieen.
Al. Dick, tiremau on- the Great
Northern railway, and Miss Agnes
Larson, operator at iheGrear Northern station in this city, were married
at 7:311 on Wednesday evening al
tbe Knox Presbyterian church
manse, Rev. M. A, McKee per-
lormiug the ceremony.
Tom Powers Sustains Broken
Arm by Being Thrown
From His Wagon       .
Tom Powers, the rancher, while
returning home from town on Wednesday evening, had an arm broken
in a runaway. Tbe team became
unmanageable, and Mr. Powers was
thrown from tbe wagon, sustaining
a number of minor bruises besides
the broken limb. He was removed
to tbe hospital, wbere bis injuries
were attended tu by Dr. Kingston.
Yesterday morning he had recovered
sufficiently to return to-bis borne,
A sale of work will be held in
Holy Trinity parish hall on Wednesday afternoon evening, April 17.
by the junior branch of the Woman's Auxiliary. Tea will he served
during the afternoon. In tbe i v n
ing, when an admission of 10 cent*-
will be charged, there will be a program of music and tableaux.
Considerable interest is inaniftsi
witb the theatergoing public in the
approaching engagemeut . at the
Grand Forks opera house of Tom
Marks and his excellent company,
who will appear hext Friday night
in the funny Irish comedy success.
"His Irish Honos." This comedy
bas met with the greatest success
throughout- the country, and Mr.
Marks' version of the play has
been highly commented on hy both
press and   public.     Besides  being
periuients should be made before
applying commercial fertilizers to
any large extent.    '
Preparation of Soil.—Fall plough
ing is preferable in most places, as
it gives the vegetable matter a better
chance to decay, and the alternate
freezing and thawing pulverizes the
soil. Tbe ground can also usually
be worked earlier in the spring,
which is sometimes Of great advantage, No labor shoultl he spared in
putting the soil inline condition.
It should bs harrowed four or five
times and rolled two or three limes,
depending, of course, on the natural
firmness of the soil. A plank drag
is a very, good implement to level
the surface and make it smooth for
planting. It is very important lo
bave lhe ground firm and smooth
on top and free from sticks,
stones, etc.
(Vii hr miidntkil next inrk )
Cbet O'Telling, draftsman at the
the Granby smelter for some time
past, left today for business trip to
Spokane. He will return to tbe city
next week, and will follow tbe profession of architect thia summer.
For Sale—One three-section iron
lever barrow, as good as new. 822
takes it. Cooper Bros., Grand Forks.
Robert Mann, of Peterboro, Ont.,
arrived in the city tbis week and is
visiting at tbe home of bis sons, R.
aud H. Mann. Mr. Mann will
probably locate in tbe city permanently .   ~
G. C. Brown intends to run an
auto stage between tbis city and
Christina late during tbe present
A. R. Brewer, of Danville, president of tbe American Lapd Development & Manufacturing company,
was. in the city.oo Monday.
James D. Cook, of St. Johns,
Nlld., wbo has been visiting at the
home of his brother, W. J. t'ook,
during the past week, will leave tomorrow for Vancouvrt and other
coast poiuts.
Mrs. W.   A.   Williams   returned
from Spokane yesterday.
N. Taylor was presented with a
veteran's lewel, emblematic of 25
years' continuous membership in good
standing in the order, at the last
meeting of Gateway I_odge No. 45,
I.O.O.F. The jewel was the gift of
the Mordou, Man, lodge, of which
Mr. Taylor is still a member.
The dance in tbe opera house last
night   *vas largely   attended.   The
! music was good, and everybody had
\ sn enjoyable time.
Don't miss Tom .Marks' company at the opera house Friday
night, April 19.
The following scores were made
by tbe members of lbe Graud Forks
Gun club at tbeir weekly shoot last
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty: '
H. N. Niles  40
T. A. Mclntyre  3S
Dr. Acres...'  31
F. W.Russeli  31
HI E.Gibson  31
VV. A. Williams-.  27
Gus Parker  17
It. K. Gilpin, customs officer at thia
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various aub-custoras offices, as reported to tlie'chief office in this city,
for the month of March:
Grand Forks  11,878.83
Pboenix        975.77 a
Carson        103.57
Carcade... _ >...        60.22
• Total J3.008.39
Grand Forks Man Prospers
The Vancouver Sun contains the
following news item regarding one
of ,the pioneers of Grand Forks:
Sam Horner, a mining man of Grt
ham island, arrived in the city yesterday from the north and registered
at the Hotel Winter. Mr. Horner is
making a business ttip to tbe city in
connection with tbe sale of coal
lands on Graham island. The details of tbe deal have not heen divulged, but it is understood that the
property sold consists of an area of
five square miles on the island. Mr.
Horner refused lo stale the selling
price, but staled that "he had received the initial payment, moiling
the bargain, of S3000 yesterday
in irning. Tbe purchasers are a
syndicate nf wbich K. II. Lee, the '
well known mining engineer, is the
principal. Affairs on Graham island,
according lo Mr. Horner, are in a
highly satisfactory state. Mr. Horner
arranged the details of the sale of
certain Graham island property last
fall to tbe Yorkshire Guaranty company, consisting of about four sections, or about one square mile. He
reporle tbat the British Columbia
Oil company, at present drilling on
their land on Graham island, have
reached a depth of 800 feet and arc
experiencing very satisfactory results.
The team from the Nelson Gun
clubdid not put in appearance last
Saturday for the competitive shoot,
as tbey were unable to get tbeir men
together. They have promised tu
visit the city later iu the season. THE SUN. OB ANT) FORKS. BRITIaSIT COLUMBIA
for HealtK
most powerful germicide known
to science. In actual test, one
in one hundred part* of water
killed spores of virulent anthrax
in lees than an hour; PURE
carbolic acid fails to kill this germ
in twenty-four hour*.
RON - POISONOUS, nan • corrosive and non-injurious to human
ll also an irresistible deodorizer
and antiseptic. Thia la the chemical supplied with the PARKYTB
Improved Sanitary Chemical Closet
Send for booklet on modem
sanitation — "The Path to
Health." Ade tout dealer or ordar direct.
"MRKYTE Kills Berai-UI of Them"
TDMMTI        WUUIDie       MMMVU
The Appearance of Evil
"Sister Henderson," said Deacon
Hypers, "you should avoid even the
appearance of evil."
"Why, deacon, what do you mean?"
asked Sister Henderson.
"I observed that on you sideboard
you have several cut glass decanters
and that each of them Ib half filled
with what appears to he ardent spirits."
"We'd, now, deacon, it Isn't anything
of the kind. The bottles looked so
pretty on the sideboard that I just
filled tbem half way with some floor
stain ant* furniture polish, iust for
f ____> *arance."
hat's why I am cautioning you,
Bister" replied the deacon. "Feeling a
trifle weak and faint, I helped myself
to a dose from the big bottle ln the
Prince Christian's Diet
' Prince Christian, who has Jusl
reached his 81st birthday, ts a remarkably hale and fine looking veteran
and is well known to .London crowds.
His position as personal aide-de-camp
to the king brings him out whenever
there Is a public ceremony. He Is still
a great huntsman, regularly following
Mr. Garth's hounds, and gossip says
that his favorite repast ln the hunting
Held is cold plum pudding, a delicacy which dietetic authorities say con-
tlans aall the essentalB of food.
He eamo over trom Schleswlg-Hol-
eteln to marry princess Helena In
1866. The ubiquitous Bishop Wllber-
force (Soapy Sam), who was present
at the wedding feast recorded:—He's
dull, but seems very good." Tbe great
grief of his life waB the loss of hts
soldier son, Prince Victor Christian.
"The respectable portion of the
male sex In England may be dlvidi-1
Into two classes, according to Its me
thod and manner of complete Immersion In water," says Arnold Bennett in
"A Great Man." "One class, the
more Uashlne, dashes Into a cold tub
every morning. Another, the morj
cleanly, sedately takes a warm ba'.i
every Satiitday night, Thero can be
no doubt that the former class lends
tone and distinction to tho country,
but Ihe latter Is tho nation's backbone,"
Paper can be manufactured out of
almost anything that can bo pounded
Into pulp. Over flfty kinds of hark
aro said to be used, also banana skins,
bean stalks, pea stocks, cocoanut fibre,
straw, sea and fresh water weeds, and
many kinds of grass are all applicable.
i   A '>Vo'j
.^Hr_UMAYl'>V   ^
•Ml s dis-v1;.-.
''".rit.-ri.s lLrr. -
How tile Bedouin Captures   a
When  Her  Parents Oppose
Suit. |
Just as It Is allowable with the Bedouin to>Bteal camels, so the young
men may .help one another to steal
wlveB from other tribes. For example, says tha Wide World, notice
win be given beforehand by a youth
to the parents Of the girl that, since
Bhe has not yet been asked for, he1
wants her and is willing to pay such
and snch a price.
Only .the rich can afford to ■ buy
themselves pretty wives, for the price
Is sometimes considerable.. Bbsldes
camels, goatts, sheep and clothing, a
large sum ln money must also be paid.
It often happens that the parents of
, the girl refuse to give her at tlie price
'Axed, or declare that they wish to
her longer, or that she Is too
, may continue-until the young
man is exasperated and will not be
'put oft any longer. 'He then forms a
company ot his companions, all
mounted and well armed, while he
| also mounts on camels and horses ten
I women of his camp. They go seoret-
ly to the camp where the girl is, and
I while the young man and his com-
jpanlons wait with their rifles loaded
| and ready outside the tent, the women
go Into the apartment ot the herein
'and bring the girl out by force.
It is not allowable for strange men
to enter the harem quarters, neither
would lt be proper for the father of
thc girl to reBlst or touch strange women. The women easily overpower
the mother and women servants, and,
I setting ihe girl on a horse or. .camel
gorgeously decked, they aet. oft homo-
ward with their company. Shtf ib
then taken to,the tent of the young
man, who makes a feast, and. with
| this the marriage ceremony is com-
j plete. -"'
From the-time that a Bedonuln is 18
years of age until he dies ot old age
he is more or less looking out for new
wives. By law Mohammedans are
never allowed to have more than four
at the same time., but they easily
evade this regulation by divorcing
one, which simply means sending her
back to her parents. This Is often because she has borne Mm no sons. Su
lt happens that the old sheikhs almost always havo young wives.
lt Is considered effeminate for a
man to show affection toward h'n
wives, at least openly: Oue of the
young sheikhs of tho Adwans Moutha
ty, who recently lost his young and
only wife acknowledged to he the
prettiest girl In the tribe, shed tears
at her grave. For this he was much
laughed at by his companions, who
said: "It a man's wife die he can
easily procure himself another." But
for a deceased father, brother, or even
mother, they think it doeB not show
weakness to mourn.
This seeming Indifference to women has undoubtedly grown out of
the Idea the men entertain that the
express appreciation of them would
be weak and unmanly. The Bedouins,
In private, treat their wives with more
consideration than is generally shown
among Orientals, especially ao If they
have borne sons. Bedouin women can
go about alone and no one dare molest
them on pain of death.
Called Redmond a Hyproerlta
In accepting the office of the Lord
Mayor ot Dublin, Lorcan Sherlock told
the Dublin city council that If there
should be any Royal visits to Dublin
ln his term he would not take part in
any official reception. Hia announcement followed a lively scene in the
One ot the councillors declared that
no -iiponent of Home Rnle should be
Lord Mayor. Another defended the
retiring Lord Mayor for presenting
an address to King George when he
visited Dublin last year, and a statement by this speaker that ln adopting
that course the Lord Mayor had acted
on the advice ot John Redmond
brought a red hot denunciation ot the
Home Rule leader from Alderman
Mr. Redmond, said the alderman,
was not King of Ireland and never
woutd be. .There were protests when
he asserted that In a few years Mr.
Redmond would be the most discredited man In Ireland and that ho was a
political hyprocrtte of the first order.
The Indian maharajah does not alt
down to breakfast covered with diamonds and rubles, and except on State
occasions la often conspicuous for the
extreme simplicity of his dress. He
doea not build- palaces by the dozen,
or order motor cars by the score. They
do not, as a rule, marry with ardent
enthusiasm at frequent Intervals,
though there are exceptions. They
mingle with their people far more
freely than the minor European
princes—India Under Curzon and Alter.
Why It Was Hard
I want you to understand that I
got my money, by hard work."'
"Why, I thought lt waa left yon by
your uncle."
"So It was; but I had hard work
getting It away from the lawyers."   *
The Bli Show
Poet.—Thinks he's the whole thing,
does he?
Parker.—Well„ I'd hardly go ae far
aa that, but he certainly considers
himself a quorum.
Women have to do dirty work on the
form as well as the men. Cleaning lamps,
blacking -stoves, paring' potatoes,
scrubbing floors and milking, are all
hard on the hands.
The thousands who are using SNAP
find it exactly what women need, and
would not be without a can.
It is a wonderful hand cleaner,
Instantly removes dirt, stains and odor
without much robbing, .and keepe th*
bands smooth and free of chape. It ie
healing and antiseptic.   15c. a can.   U*
W. N. U. No. 817
"Tommy," said his brother, "you're
a regular little glutton. How can you
eat so much?"
"Don't know. It's lust good luck,"
j replied the brother.
n Both their Early Actions and Build
Have Close Resemblance
to a Monkey
Many up-to-date scientists hold the
somewhat startling theory that in Its
physique and Its ways the average
baby resembles the ape-like ancestors
of the human race far more than lt
doea the grown-up Into which twenty
years or so will turn it.
Notice, they say, how a small baby
carries the soles ot Its feet. It hae the
power ot turning its ankles in until
the soles are in a line with its legs.
This power is soon .lost, but tt Ib,
so these scientists declare, a direct
Inheritance from the tree-cllmblng
habits of our ancestors.
Another point Is the great strength
of a baby's arm compared with that of
Its legs. Experiments have shown
that nearly all children less than three
years old can suspend themselves by
a .* aims Irom a horizontal walking
stick for at least ten seconds.
mat distinguished scientist. Dr.
Chalmers Mitchell, In a recent lecture,
remarked tbat he had known babies
not only hang on without support, but
voluntarily take away one hand, hanging oti with- only one—even babies only an hour old. This great arm
strength Ib said to date from the days
when our ancestors relied on their
arms alone ln swinging from tree to
Another curious point brought forth'
is that of tbe perpendicular furrow
on the upper, Up. As people grow older this gets less and less distinct, aal
sometimes Vanishes entirely. But In
babies, as In apes, this furrow Is very-
deep indeed.
Again, anybody who has had charge
of a baby knows that, if left to itself
when going to sleep, tt chooses a
posture which seems horribly uncomfortable to Its mother or nurse. It
goes to sleep lying on Its stomach,
with Its limbs curled up beneath it.
Another indication ot how babies
are nearer to the tree-dwelling period
of the race than they are to the adnl'a
around them is said to be found in .he
passion babies hare for crawling up
stairs. No baby will crawl along a
level floor if It can find a staircase.
There seems to be eome mysterious
Instinct teaching It to climb.
To send the baby to sleep you rock
lt, either In the arm or the cradle.
Why? Grown-ups would only turn
giddy. But rocking soothes a baby.
Another legacy, says this school of
scientists from our tree-top days. More
than one scientist has pointed out that
the favorite lullaby In most languages
has, aa ln "Rock-a-by, baby, on the
tree-top," some reference to the
swaying motion of trees, and attempts
have been made to prove that these
lullabies, which are all of great antiquity, are due to the race's dim
memory of the past.
Watch the way a baby grips a mug.
It does not apply thumb and finger
to the handle. It does not try to get
a good leverage by putting the thumb
Inside. No, It uses only its fingers,
bringing the palm down flat with the
fingers inside the brim, .Ignoring the
thumb. Monkeys, which use the
hands simply as hooks to awing from,
neglect the thumb In Just the same
A baby can wiggle Its toes In a way
no adult can. It can separate the bly
toe from the others. In fact, It has
the monkey trick of using the big toe
as a thumb, and the first toe as a
forefinger. And a baby can move Its
toes separately, as a rule, unlike the
adult, whose toes are practically useless to him,
An obvious point ct similarity to
the primeval man-ape Is to be found
ln the baby's crawl. Its Inability to
straighten Its thighs prevents It from
walking upright Though most babies
use the knees in crawling, many, especially those not too fat, uso only
hande and feet.
But lt hi comforting V> remember
that, though many scientists support
this curious version of tbe theory that
the child le father, ot the man, and
believe that babies start thousands of
centuries back and live through hundreds ot years a day, others, Just as
prominent laugh at the Idea.
The "Real Hrtiry Clay"
One Winter morning Henry Clay
finding himself in need of money,
went to the Rlggs Bank and asked for
a loan of 1260 on hla personal note.
He was told while his credit was perfectly good, lt was the Inflexible rule
of the bank to require an endorser.
The great statesman Hunted up Daniel
Webster and aaked blm to endorse
the note. _____________________Z_^
"With pleasure," aaid Webster. "But
I need eome money myself. Why not
make your note for $500, and you and
I will split It?" ■        t
THIa they did. And to-day the note
is in the Rlggs Bank—unpaid.
Al Fresco
"Why does that old maid use eo
much paint on her face?"	
"She's making up for lost time."..
Picturesque Vendore In *   Labyrinth
of Treasures.
Tbe bazaars of Cairo are a net-work
of narrow lanes, turning and crossing
one another ln a so bewildering manner that the stranger would lose Ms
way in them inside of five minutes
walking. . "The only reminder of our
own world," writes an English visitor
in the Queen, "'is the tourist Even
he (and she) has a native dragoman
dressed in the beautiful silks ot the
"It la amazing what quantities of
their wares these men of the bazaars
get Into tbe small space at their disposal. And they are so keen on their
business. They bargain with such
"There are, booths of every sort and
description, from those where one sees,
priceless silk carpets from Persia to
those where are heaped the merest
trifles, and seated tn the middle ot
each booth (wheu not engaged ln
bargaining or ingratiating himself to
possible buyers) sits the owner, murmuring the attributes of Allah to his
amber beads or smoking a cigarette in
contemplative silence.
"One lovely part to wander in Is
the brass bazaar. It seem one can
get everything conceivable in lovely
carved brass, while aome are beautifully Inlaid with silver, This Is a
very choice bazaar, and one Is served
with coffee and Turkish delight.
"In one part they make the queerest
things—scenes done in rough applique work on coarse stuff. There they
sit tallorwlse on the floor of their
stalls, stitching away with the greatest diligence, and when anyone stops
to look, lauding up their wares to the
skies. They are very good natured
in the way they will show their wares,
even though you tell them you have
no Intention of buying. Of course,
they do it in the hope that you may be]
tempted to buy something. But they
are certainly patient. It la ot course
one of their famous characteristics ln
business—enormous patience.
"Then there are the stalls of little
triflcB, quaint and charming and most
fascinating, though of little value.
There Is a tiny model of a mummy
case about half an Inch long, which
l]i spite of Its smallness opens, and
ISJhold!, Inside a funny little'doll, supposed to be the model ot a mummy.
Ahd here is Moses ih the bullruahee,
and the lotus flower on every conceivable thing—hatpins, brooches, charms
and so on.
"The precious stone stall with Its
loose stones of all sorts, Is a delight
ful place In wMch to spend some
time, poking about and enjoying a
good look at them all. If one ean afford it. it Is a good .plan to take plenty
of money to the bazaars, but if, on the
other hand, one has to restrict the
amount to be spent It Is as well to
empty all extra cash out of one's
purse, or tbe temptation will certainly be too great, and tbe extra will melt
away. Everything always seems 'such
a bargain,' and far too good to miss;
bnt if the money Is safely left behind,
there is time to cool down."
Oil Fuel In the Congo.
Preparations are being made for
supplying the Congo Railway and the
various steamboats on the Congo
River and Its tributaries with petroleum for fuel, In spite of the fact that
an almost unbroken forest covers the
hundreds of thousands of square miles
ot this territory. A company Is lay
(ng a pipe line along the old Conge
Railway from Matadl to Leopoldvllle,
and storage tanka have already been
erected. The change of the locomotives to oil burners has begun.—Railway Age Gasette.
Subtle Logic.
Bridget and Pat. were seated In a
hammock, reading an article on "The
Law of Compensation."
Just fancy!" exclaimed Bridget
"according to this, whin a mon loses
wan av 'Is slnses, another gits more
developed. For instance, a blind man
gits more slnse ar hearln' an' touch
an'—" _
"Sure, nn' it's quite true," Interrupted Pat. "Ol've noticed It myst... ■
Whin a mon bas one leg shorter than
the other, begorra the other'a longer.",
An English paper tells ot an experiment In collective housekeeping In
what Is known ns Brent Garden Village. The dwelling houses contain
all improvements except a kitchen.
Meals for everybody are cooked at a
central ball,, and may be either eaten
there or sent home. A four-course
dinner cost; only one shilling and six
pence Servants are supplied, when
ueelod. from the central hall at a
cost of about ten cents an hour.
Cured liy tydta E PfnkhMft
Morton's Gap, Kentucky.—"I suffered two years with female disorders,
Imy health was very
bad and I had a
continual backache
which  was aimpW -
awful.  I could not
stand on my. feet
long enough to cook
a meal's victuals
without, my  back
nearly killing me,
and I would have
euch dragging sen-
Bations I eonld
-     .   J*«"<iy bear ft   I
had soreness in each side, conld sot
stand tight clothing, and waslrregular.
I wae completely mn down.  On advice I look Lydia _B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and liver Pflle aad
am enjoying good health.  It to saw
more' than two yean and I haw not
had an ache or pain since   I do all my
own wort washing and everything,
and never have the backache any mora.
I think your medicine is grand and I
{iraise it to all my neighbors. If you
hink my testimony mil help ethers
you may publish ft."-Mrs. Ollii
WooDALta, Morton's Gap, Kentucky.
Backache ie a symptom of organic
weakness or derangement If yon
have backache don't neglect It .To
Kt permanent rellelf you muat reach
t root of the trouble.  Notht   '
know of will do tbla so surely aa
E. Pinkham'e Compound.
Write to Mra. Pta.Mi.ua, «t
feynn, Mass., tor special advlaeew
Yonr letter will be absalately
Confidential, and tha ad vim fNev
The Aiimglon Co. ol Caria'ti... i.'.d.
Mas. Winslow's 8ooTH_.ro Svaup .haa teas
OM-d for earn SIXTY YSAUShy MIU-lOHScrf
Is ike bnt remedy lor UIARSHCBA** Itl* Of
aolutely harmless. Ac sure and aak for "Mra.
Window's Soothing Syrup," aad tako ao elites
kind. Twentx-tveccats a bottle.
cannot afora tenia.
fioae of thoir collect,
oos without  arat
obtainint oar prices
___._.__.____. sant vpno request
ftamlttaoce forwarded day gooda received.
-£fee on 	
our conespomlnn'aoltiKiM.
Immm BaUaai        «
■egrets and mail ohargea oo all shlpaaeata
paid by ni.  Caeada'a Impf — -~—' —
If you have, write, describe tke tmaolo. aad
mention thia peper end we will aaail PRKE la
plain tav-lepe, portoulara *t tha
Palnleee Home Treatment
Write to-day,
10 Churchill Aee.,
specialist, 6 College St., Toronto.
Mi-u-Ka can  bo made Irom Co...
or Bnnd.   Full .Information <V°n "WiSfi*
Tho Bars Machinery Mfg.
^^"jToronte, Ont.
Wig*.—Your amicus says hie heart
is lacerated.
Wagg.—Who's tbe lass?        . ,
Americana Beware
Unscrupulous  Picture-Dealer.—"Sh-
li-h.  Title Is the left eye of Uonaldo't
Mona i-lsa. Vou can have It for 1500.*'
Recently It haa been doSaitly proven by eaperlmenu sn animals that aloobel
lowers the ienaialdal power d lhe body end that alsobol paralyses the white oor-
pnacleeoi the blood aod renders them usable to take ap aad destroy disease terms.
Disease terms cause tho death oi over one-hall ef the boor	
A Mood asi ^^^^^^^^"
 , phyaleiaa _ -xmlm„„„mm,mmmmmmm,
, , Ike fnt to make ap oa Ainuirn ErraACT ot
roots, without a particle ol slaohnl er aanotio,
" Itis with the xnetast of ^^^^^^^
the mat baaed* I receive J
It la with the xnetast of elsaoon, that I write te ht yoo k»e# ef
t baoeat I received from t&uaa ef «—'—■*-* " -"-
at at hex**," write. Mas. Wa. Hn aa. *t\
fared for'three yeara from o running sore.
thar failed te.mendlor (fare relief.  Finally
iMdlernee oxff sag-
ilted tern doctors hot
tneblsa.   I shell always tar5_rssalt your aHdldnei .
Dr. Plcree's Plieisat PeUett refuleto liver ead bowel*.
_. ___.:.. 1       ■ ■ "
IF Winter weather roughens and reddens
your skin, causing chaps, chilblains
and general discomfort, try
Witch Hazel Cream
Thrcreamy Ingredients sooth and soften
the outer skin, while the Witch Hatel
penetrates and heals the deeper tissues.
. Delightful after (having or washing.
25o. a bottle, al your druggist's.
OF CANADA. UMITEQ.        1*8
Weekly   8alllnge   to   and   From
■■'■ . Liverpool.
-i       Prepaid Paeeagea
i        '     ■ Tos_
i    All Railway Statlona
Manitoba, Alberta, 8-.skatehev.an,
British Columbia.
At lowest rues,   for reservations,
tickets, details, aee local agents or
J. 8. Calder, Oen'l Agent, Winnipeg
flTfl  Bend for Jmve   Book   fivlng
L I Is V   fail particulars of TRENCH'S
II IU  REMEOY, the World-famous
■ ■ ** ww  Cat0 tm Epilepsy and   Fits.
Simple    nome    treatment.
r\t ini-n 25 years' success.
I   IIU-U 11 Testimonials    from    all
UlJIl_L_.U_l»'t,i o' the world.   Over
w w ■ s ■_ v it-fa )n
W7   at.   Jamas'    Chambera.    Toronto.
Poor Old Phlllyl
'   Church.—Here's an advertisement
of a rallroad'a night train,   ft says,
"you go to eleep Id Philadelphia and
wake up ln New York.'"
Ootham.—"Well, I don't generally
take in railroad advertisements, but
I guesB that one's true all right."
Xt&mViT*W" ""*■ "^'   "
"I don't know what to buy for my
husband's birthday. He haa stacks ot
handkerchiefs and neckties."
"He gives them to his friends."
"He wears a belt. I know what I'll
do. I'll buy blm a hall rug and a
pair of bedroom clippers."
No child should be allowed to suffer
an hour from worms when prompt re-'
lief can be got in a simple but strong
remedy—Mother QraveB* Worm Exterminator.   -
. A Chlneee Pickpocket
For the first time ln the history of
the San Francisco police department
a Chinese ie under arrest here on the
charge of pocket-picking. Ah Cbong
Is the man. He was seen by n passing
policeman wrestling with a Oreek in
the street.
In ale possession was the gold
watch the Oreek claimed bad been
lifted from hie pocket, so "grand larceny" was written opposite Ah's name
In the book at the city prison.
Giri Cured of
Disfiguring Pimples
ByOrticunOintment. BrokeOuton
Face when Twelve or Thirteen,
Were Mwt Embarrassing.
Had Tried Everything.
. A Nova Scotta rlrl, Mlas SLxbel Voresh, of
Bora* Waal, writes; "Weoi 1 wu about
twelve or thirteen yean of are, my face
broke out with pimples, aad 1 tried every-
thing to |«t rid of them, bui filled.. Tho
pimples were the wont oa my forehead and
ihla.. They came out In groups and developed
later Into eons. Being ob my face they
caused gnat dJsSgurement, sad wire nml
"After trying so many remedial without
success, I saw the Cuticura ointment adver-
llstd, and I sant for a box, I then applied
H to tho pimples, aad la a week I saw a
gnat .change la my face. I kept using It,
aad la a faw months It rendered a complete
cum.- Now you cannot tell I ever hid
pimples, thanks to the Cuticura Ointment."
tBIgasd) Mist Mabel Morsiu, Mar. II, 1*11.
Pushing the 8teel Across  Prairie and
Mountain In True Western
A report received at the Orand
Trunk Pacific headquarters regarding
track laying on its new western lines
ehowB progress as follows: Up to
the present time on the main line the
track ia now 1,074 miles west of Winnipeg beyond the Yellowhead Pass on
the western elope of the Rocky Mountains. On tbe Alberta coal branch
which ts being built from Blckerdlke
in to tbe Brazean coal fields, the track
haa been pushed 21.4 mllea south ot
tbe former place. On the Tofleld-
Calgary branch steel haa been laid
105.3 miles south of Tofleld and on the
Young-Prince Albert branch it has
been laid 07.3 miles north ot Young.
The entire branch between Melville
and Regina baa been completed, a
mileage of 98.4 as has alio the fifty-
two miles between Melville ft Canora.
On the Reglna-Moose Jaw branch the
end ot steel Is now 1.1 miles west of
Regina. Upwards ot 500 miles of
grading on branch lines is-now completed awaiting the delivery ot steel
for track-laying to be resumed. On
the mountain division it Is now at the
mouth of the tunnel, 104 miles east
of Prince Rupert.
Armies ot men and teams making up
the construction forces are now engaged in transporting supplies along
the Fraser River between Tete Juane
Cache and Fort George in Hritish Columbia and this entire section of the
line covering 190 miles will be a busy
scene of action until "east and west
meet" on the new Transcontinental,
for it will be in British Columbia that
the crowning event in the completion
of the Orand Trunk Pacific Railway
will be celebrated by the driving of
the golden spike that will connect the
Atlantic with the Pacific over the
rails of the only Transcontinental
Railway on tbe North American continent situated wholly within the Dominion of Canada. A fitting occasion
for His Majesty the King to honor.
A Pleasant Purgative.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are so compounded as
to operate on both the stomach and
the bowels, jo tbat they act along the
whole.alimentary and excretory passage. They are' not drastic in their
work, but mildly purgative, and the
pleasure of taking them Is only equalled by the gratifying effect they produce. Compounded only of vegetable
substances tho curative qualities of
whieh were fully tested, tbey afford
relief without chance of injury.
Buenos Ayres has planted along Its
etreete and over Its parks no less than
142,000 shade trees within the last ten
yeara, only for adornment.
Howe THia?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for a iy cue of Catarrh thet cannot he
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. . .    „
F. J. CHENEY ft CO.. Toledo, O.
We, flbe undersigned havo known P. J.
Cheher for thr last Iti years, and believe
him nerfectly honorable In all business
transactions, and financially able to carry
out any obllaatlons made by hla firm.
V^aldlna, Klnnan ft Marvin.
Wholeealo Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
actliut directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tne system. Testimonials
"it Iwe.    Price. 76c. per bottle.    Sold
Take SSf* Family Pills tor Constl-
He could write a comic article that
would make you fairly roar,
And his after-dinner speeches   were
with humor brimming o'er;
Bnt when left to mind the baby his
resources were dispelled,
And the funnier he tried to be the
more-the baby yelled.
Tou are not. treating yourself or
your family fairly if you don't keep
Hamllns Wizard OU In the house. It's
the best substitute for family doctor
and a mighty good friend tn case of
The project of tbe Illumination of
Niagara Falls at night, In order to
enhance their night beauty, Ib meeting with most popular fivor.
__r druaalat wUl refund money If PAZO
JiTMBNT tails  to cura any caae.of
HNTMHNT falls to. euro any case of
.china. Blind, Bleeding, or Protruding
Piles in • to tt daya    lee.
The Men of the Hour
"What la a food expert!"
"Any man who can make Ills wages
buy enough for tbe family table."
Mlnard'e Liniment Cures Burns. Eto,
Firing the Canon on Time
A Parts contemporary publishes an
amusing story from Egypt At one of
the military posts it is the custom to
fire a cannon at noon. Just after the
arrival of a new- lieutenant he was
going around one .day, Just about
qoon. "How do you know the correct
time for firing?" he asked the gunner. "I look at my watch, sir," was
the reply. I have lt regelated once
a month by the watchmaker ln the ad-
lacent village, a SwIbs, who has been
here for aome years,"
A tew days later the lieutenant
found himself tn the village about
noon, and outside the watchmaker's
shop. The Swiss wbb ln the street,
evidently watting for something to
turn, np, ao the lieutenant had a chat
with him.
* "Ieeuppose," Bald the officer, "you
have but little work here?"
"Not much," was the rsponse. "I
have more .leisure than work, but
this is not without advantages. You
see I am now listening for the midday
"The midday gun—what for?"
"I regulate air my watches and
clocks by that."
But Dodd's Kidney Pills Have Benefitted Him eo Much He Recommends
Them to Others—Why They Alwaye
Cure Rheumatism.
Holberg, . B.   C,   (Special).—That
Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure Rheumatism has been proved   again   and
again.   Where the dread disease Is
making Its first inroads into" the system the cure is quick and complete.
Wbere the rheumatism is ot    long
standing'lt takes longer treatment, but
the result ts always the same. Dodd's
Kidney Pills always cure.   Probably
the hardest test Dodd's Kidney Pills
have ever been given is in the caBe of
Mr. C. Mattesen'of this place.   It Is
best stated in hia own words:—
I have1 been troubled with rheumatism all my life," Mr. Mattesen
states, "but I am happy to tell you that
I have received so much benefit trom
Dodd's Kidney Pills tbat I can recommend them,to others."
Here is a case ot the longest possible
standing. But Dodd'a Kidney Pills
will sure cure It. Why? Because uric
acid ln the blood Is the cause of rheumatism, and Dodd's Kidney Pills take
the urio acid out of the blood by making the kidneys do their proper work.'
"Come now," persisted the lawyer,
."are you not able to say, ot your own
knowledge, that tho defendant was ln
the room at the time and objected to
the whole proceeding?" "Yes, sir,"
savagely replied the witness. "I am
able to say lt, I reckon; but I'd be
telling the biggest He you ever heard
of if I did.''
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
for Croup; found nothing equal to lt;
sure cure.
HawkBhaw, N. B., Sept. 1st, 1905.
A Chicago manager was dictating a
letter to hla stenographer. "Tell Mr.
Soandso," he ordered, "that I will meet
him ln Schenectady."
"How do you spell Schenectady?"
asked the stenographer.
"S-c. S-c-er-er—. Tell him I'll meet
him in Albany."
Whin.Your Eyes Held Can
Try Murine Eye-Jtemedr. No Smarting—Feels
Fine—Acta quickly. Try It for Bed, Weak,
Watery Byes and Granulated Eyelids, illustrated Book ln each Package. Murine le
cotopoanaleU by our Ocullntn-oot a "Patent Med-
iclno"— but used In euccetsful Pbrslclon.' Practice tor many rears. Now dedicated to tbe Publio sud Sold br Orunlsts at 28c ud GOo per Bottle,
Murine Bro Balre in Asepttu Tubes, 25c and GOo,
Murine Bye Remedy Oo,, Chloago
I am very sorry,   Captain   Snob,
that circumstances over which I have
no control, compel me to say no."
"May I ask what the circumstances
Wealth In One Basket
"Officer would you mind walking a
block or two with me?   I have to
pass a dark alley a little way ahead."
"Oot too mucn money wid ye?"
"Money, nothing!   I've got a pound
of butter, four eggs and six slices ot
On Sale Everywhere,—There- may
be country merchants who do not
keep Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil, though
they are few and far between, and
these may suggest that some other oil
is Just as good. There Ib nothing so
good as a liniment or as an Internal
medicine in certain cases. Take no
other. Tho demand for lt shows that
It Is the only popular oil.
"What you need, madam, Is oxygen. Come every afternoon for yonr
inhalations. They will cost you 14
"I knew that other doctor didn't
understand my case," declared tbe
fashionable patient. "He told ae all
I needed was plain, fresh air."
Mn. Ritchie, of Gait, Ont., Says She Believe* it Saved Her
Life—Doctors Said She Had Not Long to Live When
She Began This Treatment—Read Her Grateful State*
A child of strict. parents, whose
greatest joy had hitherto been the
weekly prayer-meeting, was taken by
Its nurse to the circus for the flrst
time. When he came home he exclaimed: "Oh, .mamma, lt you once
went to the circus you'd never, never
go to prayer-meeting again In all jour
Mlnarda Liniment for sale everywhere.
At one point near Lyons the Rhoue,
at times when the snow melts tn
Switzerland, runs through a deft'.1,
that makes it the moBt powerful of
European torrents.' This wasted fotc.
lt Is now proposed to turn Into electricity.
Baby's Face Uke Raw Baal
"Hy baby boy had a laifo pimple coma
an bis fowteed. It burst sad tptmatiS
over his face which soon taskeda like a piece
• at nw beef, all smothered with bed pimples.
fl wi awful to took at. The poor Utile
thlsc used to scratch it ud cry terribly.
I teak blm to a doctor but he only got
worse until I wu quite frightened that he
wiruldalwyabedWfumd. Thmlsottwo,
Uu ot Cutteura Ointment, together with
Cuttaua Soap, sad In two months had quite
died him. Now of course I ur» Clitleuia
Boas, ror all my children (Signed) Un.
{*%£,*?. iKorto. Bd..__Udwhot, Eac
tad. May 21, mo. ,.
Outicuia Soap and Ointment am sow
tb^netmt terTirorld, but 10 those «bo
hmaShmd reach, tet hope eeiantMi-
out faith re say tieatmrnt. a.hbeisj.sainpl"
at eacb with a SS-f. booklet on tne skta
aad scalp will bs -ailed2*«{«» »<£?,,°t
Addnss Potter Dnw *<*■■./OB*. •»
Columbus Aro, Boston. V. 6\ A.
•V. N. U, No. 837
Among the members of a fashion
able club are a doctor and a minister,
wbo delight ln tbo exchange of repartee touching their respective professions. Ae they met one day the
minister observed that bo waa "going
to read to old Cunningham," adding
(aa be was aware that the old man
was a patient of his friend, the doctor), "Is ho much worset"
Wltb the gravest of expressions  tho
Shyslclan replied, "Ho   needs   your
elp more than mine."
Oft his guard the minister exclaimed, anxiously, "Poor fellow!   Is It as
bad as that?"
"Yes; he Is suffering from insomnia." "
The late James R. Macshatte, of
Halifax, better known among bis later
contemporaries as Colonel Macshane,
criticizing 8t John, New Brunswick,
as an undesirable place for a young
man's residence, said to a gentleman,
who, like himself, had several years
beforo removed from tbat dty: "If
you. had lived In St. John t1H this time
you would have, been a dead man long
ago." Three noted Irish-Canadian
lawyers were present, and apparently
did not see the Incongruity.
Jerusalem has evicted Its dags and
Introduced the latent *>r.nl!;-.ry devices.
WeU, Well!
fl dyed ALL these
of Quods
-.Uth the SAME t>Ue.
I used
OLKAN and SIMPLE to Uae.
'or. Al     '   -*-■
Dan.hr.  mSBColwCMdjfd _,.,--„
TS«H>a»o«-ak>-rJ»o« Co..   moot. Mow. Ml,
Scarcely a day passes but fresh
proof is offered of the wonderful
power of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills over
disease. In many ot these caBes relief and new health comes to the sufferer after the best efforts of medical
men bad been ln vain. One such case
Is that ot Mrs. D. M. Ritchie, of Gait,
Ont.. who writes:—"I feel lt my duty
to let otlier people know what Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have done tor me.
I was taken sick first in May, 1910,
with rheumatism. Treatment at home
having failed me I went to Grace Hospital, Detroit, where I remained for
some weeks, bnt Instead ot Improving
I became absolutely helpless, as if
trom paralysis, and could not move
band or foot. I was under the heavy
expense of a trained nurse, and the
best of medical treatment, but seemed to be growing worse. -Finally about
the middle, of July my husband decided to briag me home to Gait, where
I remained under medical treatment,
and with a nurse constantly attending me until October, when I took a
further turn for the worse. Then the
doctor told my husband it was only
a matter of a few weeks, as I could
not possibly get better, Up to this
time over six hundred dollara had
been spent for medical and hospital
treatment. In this condition, with
hope abandoned, my husband saw a
testimonial in a local newspaper ot a
cure of paralysis through the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I decided at once to try them. In a few
weeks there was a little Improvement,
and from that time on each day allowed some change for the better, I can
now (March 1911) walk all about tho
house, do up my room, wash the dishes and sew and mend, but am still a
little shakey, but am looking for tbe
fullest cure, as I feel myself growing
stronger dally. I give tbe full credit
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, for I teel
they are an Instrument under Provi
dence given to the benefit of suffering humanity."
Writing again under the date ot
August 16th, 1911, Mrs. Ritchie says:
"Ab to.my general health I can say
that I have not felt so well ln years.
My stomach Is ln the beet of condition and I can eat things I have not
eaten tor years'. I can walk quite
well, but use my.cane when I go out,
as I have not. quite confidence in myself yet But if you had seen me when
I started to Uke Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, you would realize what a miracle
they have worked In my case. All
that I have stated is absolutely true,
and I may add tbat the pills have cured my husband of kidney trouble that
other medicines seem to have no effect upon, tor wblcb we are both
Again under the date of January 18,
1912, Mrs. Ritchie says: "1 am folly
recovered and able to do all my housework. I shall always recommend Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and trust some
sufferer will receive as much benefit
by reading this aB I did through a
faithful use ot tho pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure such
apparently hopeless cases as Mrs.
Ritchie's because they make new, rich
red blood, which feeds the starved, overworked nerves, and gives tone and
strength to every organ ln the body.
No sufferer from paralysis, locomotor
ataxia. St. Vltua dauce or any nervous
disorders can afford to neglect Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, tho great blood
builder and nerve tonic, which hnve
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. .Editor and Pnt.li.hnr
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The Kvebino Sun,
FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1912
' The province of British Columbia
spends $10,000 a year for advertising. The bulk of this money goes
to papers in which members of 'Premier McBride's cabinet and members of the provincial parliament
are financially interested. And
these are the papers that essay to
mould public opinion in this province. The other Tory papers are
merely echoes.
• '
Ari'AREXTLY, a few months sometimes brings wonderful changes to
a man's convictions. The alderman
who, in the last council, profe.-sed
to be opposed to paying the mem
hers of tbe council salaries, this year
introduces the mayor's salary by
The Oity Council '
At the city council meeting on
Tuesday evening, a committee from
tbe Grnnd Forks Agricultural association addressed the board in regard to the city granting certain privilege., to tl e association. Fred Clark
ajted as spokesman for the delega
tion. He aaid the association intended to erect a costly and. hand-
grounds this summer, and the mem
bers of the association felt that the
city sbould assist the enterprise tp
the extent of extending the water
mains to the grounds for fire protection and furnishihg free lights dur- j
ing the fair. Nearly all the.alder-;
men -appeared to lie inclined to
think that lhe -request was a reasonable one, but the chairman of the
finance committee stated that no
definite decision could be made until the estimates had been considered. Incidentally he stated that
thero was a probability that the assessment would have to be raised 5
mills this year. Aid. Downey attacked the idea of assisting nn enter
prise located outside* the city
limits, and Aid. Morrison was
Aid. Downey introduced the
mayor's salary bylaw, and Aid.
Davis introduced the aldermen's
salary bylaw.
The cement sidewalk bylaw was
reconsidered and finally passed.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past weejt, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
•                            MAX. MIX.
Friday  53 31
Saturday  56 30
Sunday  63 36
Monday   71 31
Tuesday   63 ' 34
Wednesday    63 43
Thursday  54 42
Ranfall  during week, 0.13 inches
"And what, is   your  name,
"Don't know, sir. I ain't married
Slipped a Cog
"Has anything - ver been dis ov
ered on Venus?" asked the student
of astronomy.
"Xo," replied lhe | r-ifessor,whose
mind had slipped a cog ,-n I transported him inlocmytluilogical fields;
"not if the pictures of her are authentic,"
It has been common street* talk
this week that a mistake wais mad-
in tne last city irudil whereby the
financial showing of tle eity wn.
made lo appear considerably iiettei
than it actually is.
Difi't worry   over tie future.  To
day's problem is always sufficient.
That's the first thing you want in  Hardware,
brands we sell have stood the test of time.
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nnd sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.) Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
hqly communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
ii. m. Week-day and speeiul services
is they are announced from time to
time' You are cordially invited tu
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Phesiittkrian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:3ffp.
n.; Sabbath school ami Bible clans at
0:45 a m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Kev. M. D, McKee, pas
MuTHOniST Cfll'KcA J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor. —Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:80 p,m.jSunday school,
2:80 p.m.; lOpwoith J_«ague, Munday
it 8:00 p.m.; prayer, meetinj!, Wed-
•lesiliiya-, aS p.Vn.; Junior League, Fri
lavs, 7:110 p.m. Everybody will In-
Baptist Ciiuiicii, Itev. II. \V
Wnyltf, pastor,—Services on SiiiiiIiiv
it II a. m. and l-.'M) p. in.; Bible
ulass und Sunday school at 10 a.m.
Metal Quotations
New York,.April 11 — Silver §8J;
fltuinliu-d copper, $15 25{.i 15.75,
LoNDO'N,April 11.—Silver, 27 1-16;
lend, £16 3s Md.
The following nre the returns pf
the ore production of the Boundary
mines fur the weiik, anti also for the
vear lu dale:
... 5,,154
.adathcr Liuli
Rawhide ....
Others      242
Smeller treatiiien—
'.riniliy   24,140
B.C. Copper Co... 12,120
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, April 11 —The following are today's opening quotations fm
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granhy Consolidated. 42 00 44 00
li. 0.   Copper       6.50     7 00
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with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
nml For. inn Markets Ihey supply;
arranged under the forts to which they tall,
atid indicating the approximate Sailings:
of leading Manufacturers, Men-hunts, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
auutrotof the United Kluxdoin.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
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Original IMimrul Cluim. sltii.it.' in tin-
Qrand Korku Minim; Division or Vnle Di*-
Where liH'uted: In Hrowii'n onmii.
TAKK NOTIt'li tJiat I, Alexander C lliirr.
I Pree Mlnem'Ccrtlticate No. :(.'*_V.H, for
myself und ns aaent for Charles K. Huliei.
Free Mlneifl' Certilfcute No. :iRHlilH, Intend, sixty diivt, from tlie dute hereof, to up*
ply to ttie Miniug Recorder for a C'ertltlcate
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Inn a Ci'o»ii liiantof the a''<»vf cluim,
And further tike no.'hie that action, iiudei
NCction JU, iniiNt Iip cnmniuiiced before the
h-Riianoe of mh-Ii t.'crttfloute of Improve"
Dated this 2»rii day or .hi-e. A.D. l!itl
Ynle Land Dhitrlut, Distrlot of Slinllkuiiiecn.
TAKK notice that Kobert F. Pa»:e of Old",
Alberta, occupation Farmer, intends to
apply fur 'pcrmlt-mion to purchafo the foi-
liiwinir decoribed lunds:
ContmeticluK at n Post planted about BU
chntii* north of the nnrthwcHt corner of Lot
liailS., onDeepCrep-C.aud nbout Hve mile-
east of the town of (-'uHcnde: thenoe north
to ohains; thenee west 40 ohains; thenoe
south 40ohain«;thence ea«t 40ohalns to point
of commencement.
J.K. Cranston. A pent.
Dated September Jod. 1911. j
It Has Been Proved That Microbes Cause Baldness
Professor Unna of Hamburg, Ger
many, and Dr. Sabouraml the leaciins;
French dermatologist, discovered that
a microbe cause baldness. Their*'
theory has time and again been amply verified through research experiments carried on under the observation of eminent scientists. This mi-j
crobe lodges in the Sebum, which, is
the natural hair oil, and when permitted to flourish it destroys the hair
follicles and in time the pores entirely
close, and the scalp gradually takes on
a shiny appearance. When this hivp- j
pens there is no hope of the growth
of hair being revived,
We have a remedy which will, we
honestly beliove,' remove dandruff, exterminate the microbe, promote good
circulation in the scalp and around
the hair roots, tighten and revitalize
the hair roots, and overcome .baldness,
so long as there is any life left in the
hair roots. ,
We back up this statement with
ourown personal guarantee that- this
remedy called Rexall "9,'t" Hair
Tfnic will be supplied free of all cost
to the user if it fails to do as we state, j
It will frequently help to restore
gray and faded hail to its original
' color, providing loss of color has been '
caused by disease; yet it is in no sense
a dye. Uexall "1)3" Hair Tonic accomplishes these results by aiding in
making every hair root, follicle, and
pigment glaiid strong and active, and
by stimulating a natural flow of coloring pigment throughout the hair
We exact no obligations or promises—we simply ask you to give Rexall "93" Hair Tonic a thorough trial
and if not satisfied tell us and we will
refund the money you paid us for it.
Two sices, prizes 50 cents and $1.00.
Itemember.you can obtain it in Grand
Forks only at onr store—The Rexall
store,   fl. E. Woodland.
Liberals' Future Is Bright
Expressing the greatest confidence
in the future of the Liberal cause in
British Columbia, H. C. Brewster,
former member of the provincial leg
islature from. Alberni, has .outlined
part of the program which is to be
carried out.
"The main" thing for u:_ to do,"
says Mr. Brewster, "is to get a strong
organization tind carry on the campaign of education which was «o ably
begun before the election. Far from
being downhearted at the results of
that election, I think- we should be
mightily pleased with the vote given
to the Liberals in those riding* where
the question" of the expenditure of
money-on public works did not enter
into the campaign.''
.Mr, Brewster explains this remark
by saying that he mgans such- cities
as Vancouver and Victoria, where the
voters do not have lo depend on road
and other improvements for part of
their livelihood,
"But the main necessity at the
present moment is a strong organization," says Mr, Brewster, "and plans
for this oiganization are well under
way. The first step will be taken at
the Liberal convention in Vancouver
next Thursday, aud the campaign will
be unceasing to bring tha Liberals of
the province together.. The powerful
Tory machine had been responsible
for the Conservative victory in ths
late election, and the only way in
which the Liberals can cope with the
situatiou iii by means of a strong organization of their owii."
That tliere is a better Liberal spirit
iu British Columbia than ever before,
is the opinion of Mr. Brewster, who
says that-the recent defeat has been
the means of bringing the party together to fight iu the common cause.
"They are beginning to realize that
the fight is in the cause of Liberalism,
ahd not iii any hope of gain," he says.
A Venal Press
The British Columbia press is
prostituted, bought or subsidized to
the extent of over $40,000 yearly
Imagine the government advertising
in every jerkwater weekly in British
Columbia for architects to design the
univrsity. Yet hundreds of dollars
were spent by the government adver
tising in tho little country weeklies
for plan* for the pronincial university.
Nine-tenths of the rural press in this
province is in the pay of the provincial government and could uot exist
but for the pap freely distributed to
them hy a man who has nothihg ehe
to do but prepare "dope'' about  Pre-
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers '
this Season.   r^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<^4 Picture that.will be like a
Member  of  the  Family---A   Daily
Study for^Old and Young
'PHK Family Herald and Weekly Slur of Montreal, acknowledged to be
1 the greatest und bent family and farm paper on (he continent, has on
many occasions given ils readers moil delightful premjum picture,
but Ihis sencon they have secured what is beyond any quefition of doubt
the best picture over olTered newspaper reader., it is entitled "Home
Ann in" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collio dug, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
ot many prizes at dog snows, the pride of lho family and neighborhood,
lias been stolen, and after many days' absence lie escapes one night from
his caplnr and returns homo on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he. broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, to thc door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries uf joy
whirih bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting bis
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast wilh a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klslcy, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
" The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate paper 22x2!)
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Hun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1012.
The small sum of $1.50 will secure the two papers for a full year in-
eiuding-a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone i.s
easily worth a two dollar bill. In fact it could not he bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big *?1.50 worth this
season.      ......
mier McBride and all his works. The
very fountains of public opinion in
British Columbia are rotten with
gaat't. Yet the World and News-
Advertiser will have it that the electorate in British Columbia is a free,
enlightened, unbiased, uiibdught, incorruptible electorate. No one not
an arrant..fool or a culpable knave
will argue that it is anything but
venal, corrupt and pm-tituti'd.—
Saturday Sunset*. t
H. E. Foster, M.P.t1. fur Columbia, who defeated the government candidate, H. O. Parsons, probably owes
his election to the votes of the Liberals in that constituency, as he was
pledged to retire in case a Grit en
tered the field. The threat made by
Premier McBride that unless thu constituency re-elected the party ciuiili
date it would be left without representation in tho government caucus
frightened neither the electors nor
Mr. Foster. Of course tie govern
ment organs now announce that Mr
Foster is au out-aml out supporter of
the government While exactly such
a situation may develop when the
legislature meets, it may be tal e i for
the present as the easiest discoverable
method by which the all-powerful premier is rescued from an awkward pie
dicauten'. The occasional sputtering
signs of independence in the electorate
are but the cloud which, though
■'small us a man's hand," presage tie
coining storm. The old Hebrew prophet sent his paa« tai "Tell AhaiT to
get under cover. " Doth history repeat herself!—Victoria Times.
By the Barrel or Carload
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McNeil  & Henniger
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igh class commercial work of
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to you.
Wit ^antarfc
THE 8TANDARD ia the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
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It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.
Ita articles nre carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
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Canada or Qreat Britain,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard Publishing Co.,
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NOTICE Ih herebv given ttuit'George Alex-
• uniler-ititiut iL.ll.nf I ot ...71,  ]'. O   )',.x
81ft, Grand   Forks, will apply fur a licence to ■
t.ilw and me one cubit* foot per tecum! of
wafer out .if Nortli fork Ket.In Kiver ('rack,
which flows in a southerly direction, th.oti._rli :
Lotji.71 und liiin it's iiit<>  Kettle  Itiver  near
(irand Porks.   The waier will he diverted op- !
l-n-'tL* the townsite of   Niagara, und will lie I
used for irrigation piirpo-es on the ta- d described ax Fruit Luid. about 1 ".4 acn a.
Tr.im notice •■a-, posted on the uroinnl on
the -Huh day of March, 1012 I he iiujiiicatloii
will be filed in the office of thu Water Re-
coi'ler at Kalrview.
' Objections may he filed witli the mi id
Water Recorder or with the i.i*ii>p.roller of
Water Kiuliti., Parliament buildings, Victoria, It. O,    .
ti. A. H. REM.,
A ppllcuiit.
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Darted by (he novelty of   the   pfOpQa. 'nil.    All
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Better Look Now
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far cclUcaa ta twe,*.
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Or If a/aflaa ■»: it, tatuaa 	
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The .Standard T Isible Writer
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An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
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An educator n« well ns ti money maker.
our new selliim plan put« the Oliver on the
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Oliver Typewriter BnUdlui,
New Eilitimi Issued Nov. 15, 190G.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering tin*
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology,' uses, statistics and Hiiances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the copjios
Its facts will pass muster with tlie
.rained scientists, und its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4G3IS copper
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the world, descriptions running from
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The Copper Hand'took is conceded
to lx) the
World's Standard Relereuce
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The investor needs the book for the
mot* it gives him about mining, mining investine'its and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies unexposed in plain IJnglish.
Price is $5 iu Huckrum with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library .morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, towiny address ordered, Unal
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory,
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher, .
453 I'ostollico Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 for only fl.75; also nil the
issues for the remaining weeks of 1911,
I'ree. It is jour ljst chance to get
the paper at this price. (Jn Jamiarv
1,1912, it will be advanced to $2.00.
Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of the
beat reading, including pearly 300
Stories, Articles lay Famous Writers,
Athletics for Hoys, Chats villi Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 and Sample
Copies ,,f The l'oulhs Companion, ttee.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Evary New Subscriber *bo cub out
■nd lendi thi* *Iip (or mention* tl.i*
paper) with 91.75 for lhe 52 Uauttof
The Companion for 1912 will receive
All the Uraet for the remaining
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beautiful Holiday Number*: al»o IM
The Companion'! Picture Calendar
for 1912, lithographed in 12 Colon
and void (an extra copv b*intf ml to
every one making a gift •uUcriptl >»;.
Then Hie Companion for tV- 88
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lattchanceat thiaprlce. On .lami * .
1. 1912, it will be advanced f   |£
tw Snbicriplini Received it Tbis OfCcfc THE SUN. GBAND FORTCS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Eat What
You Like
And  What  Agrees  With You,    but
Do Not Eat Too Much
Digestion Will be Good If You Reg
ulate the 8ystem With
Overeating Is the great cause ot
liver troubles, biliousness and constipation. The digestive system becom-
es clogged with poisonous waste matter, the liver fails and then follow
kidney disorders ot the most painful
and fatal form, such as rheumatism,
Bright's dtseaBO and dropsy.
The beginning Is almost Invariably
with the liver and should be overcome
• by the prompt use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills before serious disease
is developed.
An occasional dose ot Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills when the liver gets
sluggish and the bowels constipated
will keep the whole digestive system
in healthy working order.
Hundreds of thousands of people
have found this out by their own experience and would not think of being
without this medicine ln the house.
Others have been restored to health
by this treatment after their cases had
reached more serious and complicated
There does not seem to be any medicine obtainable which Is so successful ln awakening the action of both
liver and kidneys as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. Merit alone can account for their enormous sales.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, at all dealers
or Gdmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Trouble Forecast
"My wife says women   ought   to
vote," said Mr. Meekton.
"Well, have you any objection?"
"No, but there's going to be a terrible row If the women of our community get the rote and then try to
vote for anybody except her,"
What mother cannot remember the
times of her childhood when the castor oil bottle was brought into uae
—the dread with which she looked
forward to a dose ot It—tlie fight she
put up when forced to take lt. Surely
all mothers will be glad to spare their
little ones this dlscomfort-Hhis dread.
Modern science has banished the bad
Anelllng, evll-t»»ting, griping castor
oil and given ln its place a modern
remedy—a remedy pleasant to take,
mild, though thorough in action, absolutely harmless and something the
little one won't dreed. That medicine
is Baby's Own Tablets—the only medicine used by thousands of mothers of
little ones—the medicine that has
forced castor oil and "soothing" syrups out ot the home and has taken
their place to bring health to baby and
Joy to the parents. Tho Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
No Cruelty Allowed
A'Boston contemporary announces
the engagement of the son of Dr.
Francis H. Rowley, "President of tho
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals and Mrs. Rowley."
Minard't  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
James J. Hill, the ralroad magnate,
has invented a four-wheeled device
which runs over the track and indt-
catef by means of a spirit level wnere
uneven places are. The sectlonmen
find their work aided by its use, and
have given up the old hand le* el.
is the highest type of
is the highest type of
curative food.
The nourishing and
curative elements in
Scott's Emulsion are so
.perfectly combined ths.t
all (babies, children and
adults) are equally benefitted and built up.
B* seta ta sot scoTrs-
it'e She i
su onuoaioro
W. N. U. No. 887
Hot Stuff   "
Jim Jimison was a hard drinker up
Ithaca way. One evening Jim stopped
at the i tavern for a dram, tossed it
oft and departed calmly; but after he
was gone the tavern-keeper discovered
that in place of applejack, he had glv.
en him a drink out of the sulphuric
add bottle that was kept to clean the
verdigris off the black taps. The tav.
em-keeper couldn't sleep that night,
but tho next morning to his unspeakable relief, Jim dropped in for another dram before breakfast, apparently none tho .worse for his dose of
poison. "Jim," said the tavern-keeper, "what did you think of that applejack I sold you last night?"
"Oh, It was fine stuff," said Jim;
"good warniin' stuff. It only had one
fault. Every time I coughed It set my
whiskers afire,"
A Thorough Pills-—To clear the stomach and bowels of impurities and irritants Is necessary when their action
Is Irregular. The pills that will do
this work thoroughly are Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, which are mild In
action but mighty in results. They
purge painlessly and effectively, and
work a permanent cure. They can be
used Without fear by the most .delicately constituted, as 'there are no
painful effects preceding -their gentle
After the Operation
My appendix Is carefully bottled—
The third on tbe right, that's the one!
It's growing, you see, a bit mottled,
Exposed to the rays of the sun.
I keep lt out there for Inspection,
Since otherwise people might doubt
It gives me elation and .makes conversation,
But I try to be modest ahout it:
••Icily •!•«■ couth!, cat** colda, fatal,
tha Ikrul nd iunia •     SS cats.
The Orand Trunk Pacific dock at
Vancouver will be replete with every
modern appliance for the rapid handling of freight and the disembarking
and embarking of passengers with
every degree of comfort, will be occupied by tbe company tbis week.
Holyoke, Mass., U.S.A.
"Having taken two boxes of your,
excellent GIN PILLS, they relieved
me so much that I am quite satisfied
with the results. I gave an order to
my druggist about three weeks ago
to send me some more. Nothing has
oome yet and I had to borrow a box
from a lady friend who Ib also using
QIN PILLS. I bave none left and am
sending you $1.50 for three boxes
which I would ask you to send at
once as I am not quite so well when
I am without QIN PILLS."
Oln Pills must be good when people
in Massachusetts send all the way to
Toronto to get them. There Is nothing
like Oln Pills—nothing Just the same
or just as good. Don't accept substitutes it you value your health and
want to be cured of Kidney and Bladder Trouble, or Rheumatism. Insist
on having Qln Pills. 50c. a box, 6 for
$2.50. Sample freo It you write National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, Dept. N. U., Toronto.       92
During the year 1910-11 28,000 ney
motor cars were registered in the
United. Kingdom, ot which eighteen
thousand were of British manufacture.
Corns cannot exist when Holloway's
Corn Cure is applied to them, because
lt goes to the root and Mils .the
French Soldiers' New Helmet.
M. Detalllo has reported to the
French War Office on the new
"casque" for the Infantry. He has reverted to a modification ot the- 16th
century helmet, known as the "Hour-
gulgnotto." It the new equipment is
adopted the French Infantryman will
wear in war a helmet of steel with
a ridge ot tsronzo over tho round of
Ihe head. The front and back will
bo Identical, so that it can be worn
cither way. At each aide Is a head
of a lion in bronze to fix the ends ot
the chin strap, and on the left side a
tricolor cockade Is used as an ornament.
The French authorities have not
observed that one of the first- things
that our men did ih South Africa was
to loso their heavy helmets and obtain, in the mysterious way soldiers
do these things, a' soft felt hat or a
cap. If, according to Gilbert, "that
man Is but an ass who fights in a
cuirass," equally foolish is the soldier
ot to-day who goes marching ln a
steel helmet weighing a couplo of
pounds.—London Chronicle,
In South America
"Stand to your guns," yelled the
American, who was watching tlie fight.
"Vou fellows don't fight very hard for
your native land."
"Pardon, senor," explained the combatant, "but we are doing this for a
moving picture concern."
Covering a period of five years "fl,-
235 "home savings banks" have been
opened in Manchester, showing average individual deposits of £1.16,
and a total of £137,223..
"Your sister expects me to dinner,
doesn't she?"
"Oh yes. She said she didn't know
but you might stay to breakfast."
don't bake-bake-bakb in the hard
Old fashioned'way
It shortens your life, spoils your temper and ruins your looks..
Try the new way—the MOONEY way.
No spoiled baking.   No overheated kitchens. Lots of leisure in the home.'
MOONEY'S BISCUITS are so fresh, so crisp, so appetizing that
they are largely taking tho place of home baking with thousands of Western
people.  Ask for
in air tight, dust proof and damp proof packages
—or in sealed tins if you prefer them.
Made in the Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg.
Playing Hsr Cards
Tommy—May I stay up a little longer?
Ethel.—What .de you want to stay
up for?
Tommy.—I want to see you and Mr.
Qreen playing cards.
Mr. Qreen.—But we are pot going
to play cards.
Tommy.—Oh yes, you are, for I
beard Mamma saying to Ethel that
everything depended on the way in
which she played her cards tonight.
In the cases of infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently,
ahd lt may be said that complaints
ot the bowels are great destroyers ot
child life. If all mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy
as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial many a llttlo one could be saved.
This cordial can be given with safety
to the smallest child, as there Is no
injurious substance ln lt.
An arrangement has been made between the Qrand Trunk Pacitlc Railway and the Dominion Government for
the-Construction of a floating dry
dock at Prince Rupert, B. C„ to cost
approximately $2,200,000, and Instruc
tions have been given to proceed with
tho work. The construction of this
large dry dock is In charge qf tho
Grand Trunk Pacitlc engineer, Mr.
Wm. T. Donnelly who has drawn tie
plans and specifications and who w<U
be in charge of the construction >f tue
dry dock.
Talco LAXATIVE DROMO Quinine Tablets. DruEclnts refund money If lt falls
to eure. B W, GUOVE'H-algnatuio Is on
each box.    2Sc.       	
Out of Order *   ,
At a meeting ot Toronto dairymen,
held to consider th? winter schedule
of prices, one ot the speakers who
expressed the opinion that milk had
reached high water mark was promptly called to order by the chair.
Minard's Liniment Relives Neuralgia.
How many apples were eaten, by
Adam and Eve? We know that five
81, and that Adam 812, total 893.: But
Adam 8142 please his wife, and Eve
81242 please Adam, total 89,384. Then
again Eve 814240fy herself, and Adam
also 8124240ty himself; total 9,938,480.
Might ba Mistaken
He.—Do you lake me for a fool?
She.—No; but my Judgment is not
infallible.  __
"Ia your husband considerate?"
"So much so that he doesn't co.ue
home at night for foar he'll wake mo
"P*"      ____________________________________________
For regulating the
bowels, invigorating
the* kidneys and
•tirring up Ae lazy
Dr* Morse's
Root Pills
have proved for over
half a century, in
every quarter ef the
■world, absolutely aaf e
and most effective.
25c a box
everywhere.    **■
Cut shows 200 egg
sue.*  Price  J24.50.
70 600,   SIZE in/>,.
Larger tint  at   corresponding
Brices, The new 1918 Style,
lodel Incubator is without
doubt tho greatest value
offered this year. It has double Insulated packed walls and top to
retain the heat, and is equipped
with hot-air heater, thermostat
and lamp. Compared with other
high-grade machines It cost less
by abont one-half, and gives better results. Our customers are
aaked to order thia Incubator at
our risk If not entirely satisfied
after examination, return the Incubator and tho purchase money
will be refunded at onco. We pay
freight charges bom ways on all
returned goods, so that the customer risks nothing.
After careful investigation, extending over a conple of
years, we bave chosen the Model Incubator as the one belt
suited to our customers' needs. We hava chosen.lt because
it is simple and reliable,-and because thousands ot these
incubators are bringing profit and success to present users.
The Model Incubator Is designed and made by men who know
the conditions under which an incubator will be used by the
amateur poultry raiser, And because they know these conditions so well, and have ao much practical experience to guide
them, they have been able to make an incubator that gives
splendid results In the'hands of Inexperienced people. Whatever Information the purchaser ot an Incubator needs is fully
explained In the book of directions. With this book aa a guide
any careful person can depend on getting good hatches of
healthy chicks.
That the West offers a good opening for profitable poultry
raising,'cannot bo denied. The interest that is being taken ta this
subloct Is shown by tho number of Inquiries wo reoelve. Undoubtedly many people will add to their Incomes this year
through poultry raising. To those who wish an economical start
wo offer a simple and reliable incubator thst has a reputation for
producing results.    Further Information may be had by writing
" ""* "our new spring catalogue
Shows our line of Incubator* and Brooders tojetner
with other Items which Intsrsst poultry ktspers. Thia
Catalogue haa Just been Issued, and a copy of It
should be In every, home. Th* Catalogue I* **nt fr**
of charge to any address on receipt of a letter or postcard asking for It. Writ* for your copy today. If not
already received.
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
It la thdr way of eallingyour attention to tha fael
that they an not In perfect condition. Many people
who panlsteniry Ignored repeated warnings given
by Ike kidneys an now chronic .uftarcr. Irom kltin.y
and bladder complaint! which will May with than
until they dis, and perhaps hasten ths sad.
Bow much batter to help the kidneys tha moment
Ihey show sign, ol Medina a little aMhtanea! Take
They contain Nature*, owa tamadlea. Thay -Hit the kidney, out ol tinto Jgnponry
drapmilon and start theu again In nonnal aatlviiy. gold everywhere at My esnM
a boa or mailed direct by
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HameSS Oil  The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
Their Busy Oay*
At the masthead   of   the   Jones
County Time*—"Is aued every Tuesday and Friday."
On the Trail
"Does your fiancee know yonr age,
"Well, partly."
"I want a dog-collar, please."
"Yes'm. What size shirt does ha
A Distinction
"So tho bank teller has disappeared.
Wa* he short in hi* cash!" . .
"No, be was ahead. It was the bank
that was short" '
■m fl—
Ami the Way He Turned His
Purchase to Account.
"What dnt, Blngsr cooed the dimpled cherub, patting the bald spot that
spread Uk* a email shining desert In
an oasis of thick blond half on Blngs'
well shaped head.
Whltlock grinned.
"Mamma'* pet mustn't be haughty,"
said tbe pretty widow, turning ber
brawn eyes apologetically on Blngs.
"Com* to mamma, dearie.   Mr. Blngs
' isn't used to babies.".
'Rut tbe dimpled cherub, otherwise
on Dy tVhliln.lt '* 'uti. e.-iplitlv became
possessor of virions article* tbat were
of as much use tb him at that period
of bi* existence as a celestial harp and
a pair of wings. Hsd Blngs Inteteept-
ed the exchange of winks" between
Whlilock and tbe auctioneer he mleht
have hecn mora cautious. As It was,
tbe barricade around Blngs grew and
"Going, going-gone!" shonted the
auctioneer. "Dirt cheap at that, Ur.
Blngs. Hers. Sam. wheel tbls perambulator around to Mr. Blngs."
Peteojbulator! Heavens] Had Ss
bought a perambulator? Blngs wiped
his perspiring brow and glared debant-
ly around.
"Wby, Billy Blngsr' cried a laughing feminine role* at hla elbow.
"Wbat do yon want wltb a perambulator!"
Blngs' exasperated gaze encountered
tbat of Mrs. Marstou, a merry faced
woman. By ber aide stood tbe pretty
wblow wltb the coveted cherub clinging to her band.
Blngs turned Ocry red and cnugbt
A   Smart   Model
In Magpie Effect
Baby Moffatt, who bad purposely .and wildly at bis bat. or wbere lie supposed
after many backsliding* climbed upon It to be. only to Bnd tbat be was fan-
tb* tsatie teat occupied by Blngs, for nlng himself wltb It.   Making au em-
wbea she had evinced a decided par birrasaed bow, he began ter mop bis
tisllty from the start, only snuggled perspiring face violently,
the closer to the secretly delighted "Here's jer p'rnmb'lafr." said Sam
Bing* and cooed, "Baby 'ove Blngs," laconically, pausing in front of Blngs.
then as a happy afterthought. "Mam- Blngs turned fascinated eyea) on the
nut *ov*; Blngs." at which trunk and tblng, wblcb seemed to him to have
wbtrlly unexpected revelation of bee greatly increased In size doting Its
small daughter tbe pretty widow-* face progress from tbe auetioneer'Mtand.
rivaled Blngs*. "And a baby'* high cbalr," announced
Whltlock   guffawed.    "Now**  your another laughing voice as the speaker
chance. Blngs." be urged, wltb mall, craned forward nnd inspected Blngs'
' clous levity at bis rival's discomfiture, barricade.    *
But Blngs, with a hasty adieu. Bed, Tbere was a general craning of necks.
leaving tbe eberub disconsolate. "And a little red rocker," exclaimed
Blngs metaphorically kicked himself another.                       ,
all tbe way home for uot Inking ad- "A doll-and a doll carriage."
vantage of the best opportunity be bad "A child's cot"
ever bad, eten If lt was before tbe "Footstool, workbasket. sewing chair
(peering Whltlock, and for bis cow- and   sewing   machine,"   enumerated
srdly desertion of the pretty widow to Whltlock. pushing nearer.  "Great Ju-
Wbltlock's caustic raillery, plter, Bings!   What does this menu!"
Blngs paused at bl* own gate and with mock severity,
gaied miserably at the big silent house. Poor Blngs thanked his stars that
He shut his eye* n moment and Imag-* none of tbem knew of that cradle In
Ined be saw the pretty widow and tbe tb* attic, tbe result of a former aberru-
cherub sitting on the front porch.   It tion.  He gazed helplessly around at
wa* n blissful vision, but Blngs felt his tormentors, then at bl* barricade. '
that It would never become a blissful What On earth bad induced bim to bid
reality nntem a miracle happened. in ill tbnt stuff?
Bines was a bachelor. Bing* was big He bad made himself so ridiculous la
and blond and b**4. Bing* was bush- her eye* he'd not stand a ghost of a
ful-ln fact. Blngs was a whole swarm show now. Tbe only thing left for him
of "BV   Ue narrowly escaped being to do was to make his escape as best,
a beauty with his baby comptextoa he conld.                                          I
j_nd Innocent blue eyes.   His size was Blngs glanced furtively around, but
utrnooAT in black ahd white sils.
Fashion prefers little fullness in the
•Ilk underskirt In many Instances
the knitted tights are used ln preference to skirts of any kind.
Skirts are all straight and narrow ln
effect, but there's n tendency in the
high class lines lo slasb .at Interval*
at the foot, presumably to add to the
walking comfort of tbo wearer. The
striped silk petticoat seen In the Illustration I* cut. on tbe newest line*.
Black and whit* is the smart color
scheme, i
Largest Natural Span In Anuria a, H
Net In th* World.
The largest natural bridge In Ann-
lea, if not Indeed In the whole wirld,
Is located ln southwestern Utah, uol
far from 'the state boundary line, and
Is known as the George Natural bridge, i
Its total length between tbe huge ustu- '
ral abutments Is about 200 feet, th*
width of tbe roadway is some 85 feet,
while the span ln the clear Is 00 teet
From the bed up to the span Is 100 |
feet At the bottom flows a small
water course that during the long hot
summer months dwindles down to a
more rivulet Just what produced this
work of nature has for some time
puzzled the lending^ scientists of the
country. "It conld scarcely have been
created by the wear of water unless
tbere was a very large and swift current Sowing where tbe little brook Is
now. The general explanation given
for the creation of this natural bridge
Is that volcanic action, occurring at
some distant period of tbe world's history, was the active agency.
The existence of the bridge is of
'comparative recent knowledge to tb*
public, tbougb tbe Indians in thai: region have long known that then waa
sucb a work of nature. The red men
often spoke of this bridge to tbe early
settlers of tbat part of Utah, but little
credence was ever glveu to theli
Stories. About ten or twelve yean
ago tt was first discovered by some
mining prospectors. It Is located In
the heart of a very rugged region that
Is difficult of access. Of late years it
has been visited by a great many
tourists and sightseers. Very recently
some travelers visited this freak of
old Mother Earth In .automobiles, and
one venturesome motorist drove his
car across tho bridge, passing safely
over the yawning chasm. Tbe stone
of which the span is composed Is dark
brown sandstone of an unusually hard
quality, and tbe thickness of the span
Is twenty feet or more. Engineers
who bave mnde a careful examination
of tbis bridge pronounce lt perfectly
safe and secure and fully capablo ol
supporting an Immense weight Tht
span Is free from flaws or seams.—
Wide World Magazine.
For the Children
A Fungus That Grows
Over an Inoh a Minute.
"I'll do the best I can to make a
the only thing that saved blm from all avenue* wero closed by laughing  musician of your boy, madam, but
this terrible fate.    Moreover. Bing* face*. He grew desperate. ,Just as be   he'd   - "J   " ~   ""  "   """"
was a bargain Bend. No woman could was contemplating a dash for liberty
•cent a burgaln sale farther off tban along the line of the least resistance
could Billy Blngs. Incidentally Billy the miracle ibat he had been so skep-
was tbe climax lo Blngs' woes. But Heal about happened,
no persuasion on his part could con- a fractious bone, a woman's scream,
Tlnee bis friend of tb* absurdity of n scene of confusion, and when Blngs
came tr> he found his arms around tbe
pretty widow, who was clasping tbe
pretty cherub to her breast and sob
calling a six fooler Billy.
Blngs' bachelorhood was a condition
of neither birth nor arblerement-lt
succeed   better   as' a   window
"1 like the candy yon bring me. Mr.
Squallop, but yonr company bores me
beyond measure."
"Marin, there's going to be trouble
tf you don't take your cold feet away
from tbe small of my back!"
"You know well enough. Uncle Jonathan, that wo wouldn't entertain aa
was thrust upon. blm.  During bis evo-  bing hysterically ou bis shoulder: "Ob,   disagreeable a man as yon are if you
lutlon Into tbal stute there, bad been  Billy-dear, dear Billy! Save me, save  weren't rich and childless."
any one of a dozen maid* and widows me!"   . '   -Rinkle, yon nnd 1 would get along
tbat Blngs would have been omy too At these Inspiring words Blngs' cour-' (u ^j if you'd move to some neigh*
happy to hare endowed wltb balf nls age rote to tbe occasion, bis bashful.- horbood where 1 never could see yon."
worldly goods but for bis excessive nexs slipping from blm like o cloak. ••Bobby, wben you go home will yoa
bubfulness. Never yet had he been Before the astonished eyes ot tbo ,-|ea!(e ,t\\ your mamma tbat I think
able to screw bis courage up to th* whole staring crowd he bent and kiss- sbe ougbt t0 waPb yollr {aco at least
point of proposal, though be had made od tbe pretty widow and the dimpled once or tW|C0 „ weekV"
almost superhuman efforts In tbat til- cherub.
rection. |    •There, there, sweetheart" be said
.This seemed a pity, far Blngs was soothingly. "th» danger Is past." Tben.
undeniably cnt out for a benedict H* turning to th* gaping crowd, Blngs
thought all women angel* and all ba- mm mugulflcently.
biea cherub*, "1 was Just going to explain," Mid
As he started uptown on tlte mo-' he, "wben that confounded bone in-
mentous morning after bis precipitate terfered tbat I bought tbese things tor
flight Blngs bid a particular eberub In  my wife and child.   Tbe fact ls"-
For th* Tabl*.
Quite th* latest and most approved
appointment for the table Is a coffee
set of Klanmnnd copper.
mlnd-a pretty, brown eyed, dimpled
ebernb that be would have given half
be wa* worth to possess and tbe otber
half fo powtes* the cherub's pretty,
brown eyed mother. Bnt so far every
glance from Mn. Jessie Moffat's
roguish eyes bad produced tbe unfortunate effect of instanuueoui paralysis of poor Bing*' tongue, so that he
could only stand dumb or blush and
dimmer like any silly schoolboy.
- Tbls was not the Bnt lime by any
means Ibat Bing* hid performed tbat
metaphorical feat It bad been at least
a semlwcekly occurrence for several
months past Each time Illngs vowed
tbst the next time he would not act
the fool. But he did. He had reached
tb* polut where ihe Inevitable mental
feat wa* copiously punctuated wltb a
vigorous ejaculation tbat would btv*
shocked tbe pretty widow bid sh*
heard it
Bing* felt his helplessness bitterly.
So absorbed was'he In his thought as
be picked hla way along the shady
•treet tbat be failed to observe tb*
widow o bloek or ao ahead of blm. A
deep gloom enveloped Bing*' soul that J™*688'
bright June morning. """"
"Confound It.'" be muttered. "If
something doesn't happen soon P1P-
"Goln*. golng-sotte!""
Blngs pricked up bis ear* and hastened bt* step*. Au auction and te
not to know It!  Turning • corner, lie
"Mr. Blngs!" protested a shocked but
smothered voice.
"Mrs. Moffatt and I expect to be
married Juat a week from today, aod
I take this occasion to Invlt*"-
"Bllly Bings!  How dare your
—"lb* whole crowd to attend. The
fact ls"-the Sight of Whltlock's amazed and wholly skeptical countenance
stimulated Blngs to greater Invention
-"we would bare announced our engagement sooner but for certain unforeseen circumstances tbit-er-cnus-
ed us to-or-awnit a more propitious
time.   But"-
"Ob. Billy, bush!"
—"after next 'Ibureday well be at
home to our friends. Tou all know tne
way to tbe Elms, where you'll always
"Oh. Billy, denrl ,
—"A weicom*."
Mighty Mount McKinley Cannst Bl
Climbed. From the •oath.
Describing their expedition to Mnunl
McKinley Inst summer, Profetsot
Parker aud Beimore Browne say In tht
Metropolitan that, although It was proh
' ably the best equipped expedition from
a mountaineering standpoint that, hni
ever been organized in America, tbt
net result of its explorations Is a mar
of  a   hitherto   unknown   stretch, <ol
I mountain wilderness nnd the knowledge that Mount McKinley is uncllmb-
able from tbe south.
]   "We attacked tbe mountain from nc
I fewer tban Ave different points and Ir
eacb case were stopped by insurmountable difficulties. We were on tbe lot
flfty days. Mountaineering technicalities bad nothing to do wltb our failure
to reach the summit At eacb attempt
we encountered straight walls of let
and snow that could not bo bridged oi
"Tbe problem of climbing tbe mountain from its southern side is an unusual one-a combined water, arctic
and Alpine proposition. To reach tht
southern base of tbe mountain the explorer must navigate for ISO milo* a
stretch of swift glacial water.
"Tbe second part of the trip ti
through alternate stretches of fore*!
and swamp land which lay at the base
of the Alaskan range. The lost stag!
Is over forty mile* of glacier thai
stretches from the lowlands to tbe bast
of Mount McKinley Itself."
Landon'a Old Clcthss Lady.
London bas an old clotbes Isdy wbe
comes and goes to tbe houses of th*
rich and (hos* In moderate circumstances. Bb* takes garments from tb*
borne* of the rich pod sell* them to
otkere. Bb* does not solicit bnt 1* so
well known th«t her services are requested and appointment* may be
msde with her. She looks at the gooda
offered her and' makes but one offer.
If tt Is not accepted Mme. Chose bow*
^me'futfujwi a Mmiiisr twne Suit herself out and the Incident is dosed
as a table was kmtekert down to tne M«ara*ah*lsconc*rn*d.-MUwautae
highest Udder    limp** eyes gloated
over tbe unusual display of household
goods goresd More hint.
■'Fifty rents!" hid n vole* In the
crowd a* the auctioneer held np an
article. It was Whltlock'* voire.
Blngs* wrath flamed up. and before he
had time to think he wai bidding furiously against his rival. Fast in tbe
grip of "bargain fever" and whetted
A Bnt Anyway.
Motorton Senlor-You kept the car
out raibcr late laat evening, son. What
delayed you?
Motorton Junior—Had a blowout,
Motorton Bcnlor-H'ml Tire or road
house ?-Puck'
oorfsK sn in olass *sd corrsn.
Tbe illustration shows bow very convenient and good looking is .the new
Shsdew Lie* Vail.
Tb* new shadow lace veiling Is very
charming aud quickly gaining a place
In tbo world of fashion. This bits tbe
happy medium between tbe too heavily
patterned and often disfigured lace
rell nnjl tbo anything but amart veilings mad* of open silk mesh which are
very trying to all complexion*. The
new ihadow veils are delicately patterned ln a fine web effect, nnd aome of tbe
most becoming of all show a fine and
delicately traced pattern In black silk
on a pale pink tulle background thnt
doea much to enhance tbe beauty of
any .uiuplexlon tbut I* apt to suffer
disfigurement during the cold weather
Un. Bagset Bullion gave a really charming felo.
Mlaa Uulllon'e gown waa .tunning, also
atrtctly up in dele.
Tbeir guests all wore creations, moat en-
' wring to relet*.
Waa old   Huiiloii  {.reaenl?   Tha paper
doean't stole.
Slillciis-To whiit do yon ollrllii.t*
the fnct that so many marriages ar*
Cynlciis-I thluk It'a because thoiw
who don't marry too young wait till
tbey arc too old.-I'h'.ladeiphU Be*
Marking an Old Trading Peat.
The Old Settlors' club, assisted by
the park board. Is having a log cabin
erected la Mitchell park on the alto of
the firat trading post This Is to be
done In commemoration of tbe memory of the firat white trader and because of the historical value of th*
spot The cabin Is being erected ln
the northeastern pnrt of .tlie park aud
on tbe exact piece of ground on wblcb
tho cabin of Jack Vleau, tbe Brat
white man who traded with th* Indian* In what is now known as Milwaukee, was located awny back lu 1791.
Tbe cabin will be a model of tbe rough
cabins which were built in those daya.
The site on which stood tbo log cabin
of Vleau, tbe Frenchman, so many
years ago was located by Hans Hot-
nertsoc, a member of the Old Sottlere*
club. Mr. Relncrtson bid In his possession papers relating to the location,
and with the lid of these It wu found.
—Milwaukee Sentinel.
Twe Batter Than On*.
"Drowning men clutch at straws."
quoted the wis* guy.
"Yes. especially if Ihey are drowning
their sorrows." added tbo simple mug.
-Philadelphia Record.
Inadequate Protection.
"What's to prev-it mc from kissing
you?" demanded the bold lover.
"My goodness!" exclaimed the girt.
But it dhlu'L-Sinart Set
David Faircbild, M. 8c., In charge of
the department of foreign seed and
plant Introduction, department ot ag-,
riculture, writes in regard to the ac-,
comnanylng picture: |
"This mushroom, the dlctyophora.
or 'net bearer,' grows in tbe Jungles of
Java, where it frequently attains s
helgbt of six or eight Inches. 1 tried'
to photograph It by time exposure, bu»
failed, for tbe reason that lt grew so
rapidly during the exposure that the
outlines were blurred, on tbe plate.
Tbe accompanying photograph was ac*
cordlngly taken by 'quick exposure,' almost a snapshot" j
This statement was sent to. Professor Charles H. Pack, Albany, N. Tj
aa expert on fungous growths, and be
replies: I
"The Inquiry concerning tbe rapidity
ef development of the phallold fungus
figured therein Is a perfectly natural'
one; for this marvelous growth seem*
at flrst thought too great fo be credible. Nevertheless these fungi grow-
very rapidly wben they bave begun,
to elongate their stem*. In Mr. O. O.
Lloyd's Mycologlcal Notes be illustrates pbotograpblrall} tbe development ht Phallus aurahtlncus. which tn
one minute lengthened Its item from
six line* to twenty-one lines. The actual increase In length was fifteen
lines, or one and one-quarter Inches,
ln one minute. This Is not tbe same
species as tbat called 'lhe dlctyophora' In your example, bnt It is a confirmation of the probable correctness of
tbe surprising statement made by Dr.
Faircblld."-St. Nicholas. '
Qame of Trades.
A Jolly little game fair children to
participate in of evenings after study,
bour is called "the trades" and 1»
played In tbe following manner:
Each participant chooses a trade,
which he exerclres in accordance with
the style of tbe trade. Tbe shoemaker
mends shoes, tbe carpenter saw*
boards, the painter paints * portrait,
the laundress wsshes linen In a tub.]
the cook atira a cake, the locksmith
hammers s lock, aad tbe spinner turns
a wheel.
One of the party ts chosen ** leader.
Tben all get Into n circle, either lifting or standing, and begin exercising
according to their individual vocatlons.1
Wben tbe leader tires of bis or ber
trade be or sbe quickly takes np thst
of tbe boy or girl seated to the right1
and Instantly all leave off their own
trade and begin Imitating tbe movements of the right band neighbor.
This throws tbe leadership to the player seated at tbe original leader's left,
wbo tskes up tbe trade abnndoaed by,
tbe flrst leader. If one of the player*
makes a mistake be must pay a forfeit.
Cenundrume. >
What Is the greatest surgical operation the United Stales has ever knownf
Lansing. Michigan.
On wbich side of a pitcher ihould tbe
handle alway* be put? On the outside.
In which campaign wss tho hero
Atllla killed?  Tbe last one,
Why is a colt llko an egg? It murt
be broken before It ran be used.
What root mnst you bold in yonr
band to Mop toothache? The root off
the tooth that acbe*.-Pbllsdelphla*
Origin ef Slekly**.
Siskiyou, county In California auo_
mountains in Oregon. By some sn-.
tborltles It ts seld to be a corruption of
the original name given tbe district in
California by the French-six calllouxv
meaning "six bowlder*." Otbere stste
tbat It Is an Indian word meaning
"boblailed hone." th* mountains be-;
tween California and Oregon having
been so named becnuse a famous bob-
tailed race bone wa* lost on tb* trait
-United State* Geological Survey. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,   t'li.ntist,    Morrison
block.    Phone U 39.
Lutley it Gulipeau have lieen
awarded the contract for conslructiug
the concrete foundation for the new
addition to tlio Pacific hotel. The
building will be 30xc0 feet, three
storeys high, anil is to be erected by
day labor. The ground for the addition has been cleared.
The (irand Forks Brewing company has installed, in its now building, an aS h.p. electric motor and a
■1-ton ice machine. With the aid of
this maaahiiiery, the cooling capacity
nt tlio brewery is twenty barrels of
beer, from a temperature nf IUU degrees tn -10 degrees, every thirty minutes.
Good progress is being made on
Kobeit Scott's new store building in
West end, and it should be coin
(aleted in tlie course of three ur four
Wilford Baker is having a cottage
erected in the Ruckle addition, on the
site occupied by his old residence;
whieh was destroyed by fire a couple
nf years ago.
J. Ji. Fleming, pr.n.ipiil uf the
Grand Forks high school, vi.-ited Spokane during the Easter holidays.
Dr. Dickson, of Phoenix, visited
the city on Tuesday. On his return
trip up the hill he rode a new 7-h.p.,
twin cyliuder, nun-pedal, foot starting
crank, DeLux Indian motocycle,
whicli he purchased from Geo. W.
Cooper, paying $-150 for it.
Mrs. W. A. Williams and Mrs.
(Dr.) Simmons left on Monday for a
short visit to Spokano.
Strawberry Plants for Sale; $5.00
per thousand. Apply A. Johnson,
Cooper Pros.' ranch.
.Mrs. C. E. Lano and family, of
Spokane, are visiting in this city at
the home'of Mrs. Lane's parents,-Mr.
nnd Mrs. L. J. Higgins.
Hii[se9 Jor Sale—Apply E:   Bar-
run, West End.
Our Reputation and Money
Are Back of This Offer
We pay for all the medicine used
during the trial, if our remedy fails to
completely relieve you uf constipation.
We take all the risk. You are not
obligated to us in any way whatever,
if you accept our uffer. Gould anything be more fair for you? Is there
any reason why you should hesitate to
put our claims to a practical test?
A most scientific, common sense
treatmant is Rexall Orderlies, which
are eaten like candy. They are
very pronounced, gontle and pleasant
in action, and particularly agreeable
in every way. They do not cause
diarrhoea, nausea, flatulence, griping,
or Otlier inconvenience. Rexal Orderlies are particularly good for /children, aged and delicate persons.
We utge you to try Rexall Orderlies
at our risk. Three sizes,. 10c, 25c,
and 50c Remember, you can get
Rexall Remedies in this community
only at our store—The Rexall Store.
H. E. Woodland.
j For Hale at a Bargaiin —Two horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Some business men nre so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe.that they can reaph
Ihe consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Show, cards for widnows and inside a
are a   fine form   of silent salesmen.
Make tliem brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a!
You might as weir cut off;
your legs because you are run- j
ning well in a footrace as to |
cut off your advertising be- j
cause your business is too'
good. ',
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrraent in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The StlN job office.
Grand   Forks, B. C.
Eggs for Sale
From thoroughbred utility birds
Single-comb Rhode Island Reds and
single-comb White Leghorns. Won
18 firsts and 9 seconds, besides 8 specials, at Grand Forks, Greenwood and
Trail last fall and winter; cup at
Trail for best pen in shew on S.C.
Rhode Island Reds, .also special for
best Red iu show, either comb. Eggs,
$3.00 and Sii.OO per setting. T.
Bowkn, Grand Forks (Columbia P.O.)
E. E. Gibson, of the West Kootenay Power & Light company, returned
on Wednesday from a business trip to
Chewelah, Wash.
PHONE   A 1*4
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and .
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
Bridge Street,
The hest nnd mnst
-ii._st_Aiit_.il li re-proof
biiilflitipr in the Houndnry fount ry. Recently completed and
newly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences, Tentrally located. Ftn.t-oliit.t_ ti*?'
co mm nd ation!) for the
travelling public.
Hot and Gold Baths
Fint-GUii Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
in Connection.
e:mii_ larsen, prop.
H. K. Mnrrig, of Vancouver, m
perintendent of the Paciflo t_oa>t
branches of the Caridian Bank of
Commerce, was in the citv the latter
part of last week for the purposo of
inspecting the luual branch.
I have for sale. Silver Spangled
llinnlnirgs,Partridge Wyandottes, s.c
1!. Leghorn cockerels; also eggs of
Brown T_eghornH, Bide AnHalusians
and Silver Spangled Hamburg*,—
Kobert Clark, noith of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
W. li. DeCcw, formerly manager
uf the Tiail Lumber company, has|
been appointed manager of the Rob-
inson it Lequline Lumber company, of
this cily.
..     j
Tnke yonr repairs tn Aririsnn's
Hoot and Shoe Hospital, l)ridge
direct, Grand Korks.
W. K. HarkriesH has been appointed leader of the Grand Forks brass
Print in
We. are prepared to do
all kinds of
Breeder of S.C, Bind.. Minorca*,
White Plymouth Hocks, White Wyandotte*. My show records tlte laftt
two seasons prove mv stuck Is good,
He.i.lirii: my Black Minorca pen this
Reason is h cocWel from the yard* of
T. A. Kouhls, London, Ont., the hest
breeder of Black Minorca*, on the con
tim-nt. Heading my White Rock und
White Wyandotte pens are cock hirds
from the yards of K Ii. Caie, Vancouver, ii. 0.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fulls. These
pllli nre exceedingly powerful lu r<-Kiilntlnn tlio
generative portion Of the female system. Kelusu
nil cheap imitations. Dr. de Von'e nre mild nt
*6a box, nr three Inr 110, Mailed to any aditr.**-.;.
Tli* Scobell l>run Co., Ht, Catharlnee, Out
Suits to Order &18 Upward
■" We are agents for somo of the leading tailoring cstali-*
Huhmepts in the east, • When you order from us you have
tlie advantage of being measured •')' a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. Wc guarantee satifaction.
*, Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds will be in shortly. They aro the best you can buy.
Wc guarantee you tho best made clothes in tho country
at tho lowest prices. Wc always have men that know
their busines making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices, We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notiee ond in
the most up-to-date style
Wehnve the iniiHt nidilprn joliliing pliinl
in tlm Honndiiry Countfy, employ coin
potent workmen, nml curry ft complete
line of .Stationery.
Hililiemltt nrill Statementi., ■   -.
U'lterliemls nml Envelopes,
pouters, Dnti-H nnd Dodger*,
IliisineKH and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constiltilinns nrid liy Inns
Shipping Tugs, Circulars nnd I'liienrds,
Hill- of   Kurt! and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Vntls,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery. '
noon PRIlMTIMfa-t,,e '<,ml wo '■"—is in it,,!"
V.H.WJ1/ IRIL'UamJ an advertisement, und a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the hest, Let us estimate mi vour onler.
We guarantee sat.isfuct.ioii.
Uty §mt Print Stoop
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly _Doi|e.
r. McCutcheon
DowneyY Cigar Store
A Com i'i. im: Stuck of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A FruBh O.iiistgiinietitof i
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
First Struct.
oveii QO YCAR3'
llomnriolltraflnOaoiillaL HANtWOOK on ea.aa.a-U
aent (rea. Olaleit agency forr-ecurlugpatenlfl.
Pnlcuta takon tlirouarb Hunn A Co. itotlvi
xptcul wrUM without obnnto, In the
Scientific American.
A bandMHMly Uluttnited weekly. Lamest cir-
euimlon of any ieientlflo Journal. Ternm for
CMiada,nlSayear,portage prepaid.   Bold by
Branch Offloe, K5 V Bt* Vfasbiantou,
Reaching the People
A prominent real aatata daalar
In Toronto aaya that hn gala
better and quicker raaulta from
tha Clasalflad Want, Ada. than
from any othar kind *f publlolty.
Ha atatoa that th* raaulta aro
out of proportion ,to th* (mill
expenea Involved.
Thar* I* • moral In that tar you
If you want to roaeh th* people.
We enrry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we oro the only
olliee in this section that) have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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