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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 24, 1912

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VJ   -**"*Hslati,  ;
,ve library
Eleventh Year-T-No. 30
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. cTWay* 24, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year, in Advance.
flush Glaspell Receives Appointment to Succeed
B.B. Allen
was the hest exhibition of ball playing seen here for some time. At tlie
end of lhe seventh inning the score
was I to 0 in favor of the home
tenm, and at the end of the ninth it
was 5 to 2 in Grand Forks' favor.
A large and enthusiastic crowd witnessed the game.
At the regular meeting of the
board of school trustees on Wednesday evening, Hugh Glaspell wns appointed principal of the public
school, to succeed B. R. Allen, resigned. The appointment becomes
effective at the commencement of
the next term of school. Mr. Glaspell has been a teacher in the public
school for two or three years, and is
an tfiicient instructor.
Matrimonially speaking, business
has heen quite active in Grand
Korks during the present week,
no less than three couples having
been united in wedlock by one minister alone. Had the other four
divines done as well, the record for
the week would have been fifteen
couples. But even taking three
marriages [ier weekjas a fa r average,
it wilt be seen that the city is adding l:")(i families yeaily to its popula
.tion from this source alone. Thf
natural results of marriage nre also
supposed to potsess unlimited possibilities of increasing the population.
8TEVOsoK-BAU.iN.iER—On Tues
day. May 2.1, Hammond Johnstone
.Stevenson and Miss Dora Ballinfer,
both of Grand Forks, were married
in tbs Presbyterian Inahse, Rev. M
D .McKee performing the ceremony.
Mr. Stevenson is a recent arrival in
the city. Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson
have taken up their residence at the
•Riverside nurseries.
Henderson- Bai'i.nb — Herbert
Howui'al Henderson and Mits J >se-
phine liaulne, bntli of Grand Forks,
were unit-d in marriage at the
Presbyterian manse on Wednesday,
May 22, by ReV. M D. McKee
The groom has been employed at
the Granhy smelter for the past five
years, and the bride has been one of
the nurses at the Cottage hospital
for some time. Both havo a largi*
circle of friends, who wish them
success and happiness. They will
make their home in this city.
H,oi.la.mie-Bhow'n—On Wednesday, Mny 22, Bertram Hollandeand
MisB Inn Brown, hoth of Westbridge,
B C, were married at the Presby-
terinn ninnse by Rev. M. 1). McKee.
Mr. and Mrs. Hollnnde will reside
in Westbridge.
Old Timers Pass Away
Rock Creek lost two of its oldest
inhabitants . this week. Andren
Donohue, aged 86 yaurs, died in the
Greenwood hospital, and Noel B.
Kelsey died near the home of bis
daughter, Mrs. T. R Hanson, of tbe
Rock Creek hotel. Kelsey was 68
years old, and a native of New York
stnte. He came to Cnmp McKinney ih 1898. Later he went to
Oroville, wbere he took up land, but
n turned to Rock Creek a short time
ago. He leaves a son at Oroville
and a daughter at Rock Creek.
Good Ball Flaying
The baseball game at the fair
grounds this afternoon between the
Grand   Forks  and  Republic clubs
Watch Ahoy!
Last fall William Carter had the
misfortune to lose his silver timepiece. At that time he had strong
suepieions that aome one had filched
it out of pocket. This morning these
suspicions were proved to be groundless, as be found the chronometer
lying under a tree, where he had
evidently placed it laot summer to
watch the fruit, and vthe incident
had slipped bis mind. On finding
the timepieie, he wound it up, and
it is now keeping as good time as it
did before its long sleep. The watch
originally came from Morrison's.
(Free advertisement.)
Now Government Agent
W. R. Dewdney left on Monday
for Greenwood, and he hns assumed
hiB duties as- government agent at
that place. No one has yet been
appointed to fill the vacancy in the
local oflice as a result of his promotion. >
Authorize Sale of Rink
The stockholders of the Green
wood rink have decided to sell the
building to tbe Greenwood Agricul
tural association.
' Smoker for McMynn
A smoker will be held in Jlhe
Greenwood club next Monday evening in honer of W. G. McMynn, lat'
government agent at Greenwood.
Inspecting Timher Limits
S. H. Reynolds, of Victoria, was
in the city this wpnk In company
with Alex Robinson, he inspected
some of the timber limits in the
Boundary district.
Road and Bridge Inspector
J. P. Forde, nf Revelstoke, government inspector nf roanls and
bridgps, spent Sunday and Monday
in the city while inspectine the
Phoenix road nnd the Cooper bridg
"~   No Quorum
There "'as not a quorum present
at the special meeting nf the pity
couneil last Monday, and nn adjournment was taken until next
Mond'iy night.
One of the bears that Bill Bench
was teaching to dance the Highland
fling became to proficient thnt he
made his escape and started fnr tbe
hills to teach the Scotch dance to
others.—Greenwood Ledge.
Copper Shipments
Shipnpents of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
tbis city for the past week amounted
to 528,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 8,388,
500 pounds.
Metal Quotations
New York, May 28—Silver 814;
standard copper, J15.75@16.25,
weak. !
Londok,   May   16.—Silver,   2.SJ;1
lead, £16 10s.
Curious Natural Phenomena
at the Falls in the
as the spring freshets are over two
:or three hundred dollars will be ex-
a pended fnr repairs on the Cooper
fbridgp,   so   as   to  make  it safe for
traffic while the new biidge is being
Duaing the early aping month**
the water in the upper Columbia
river was lower than has been recorded in many years, says a Kettle
Falls special to the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer. The chief interest
centering about this fact was the
exceptional opportunity which was
given for exploration and surveys at
the Kettle falls. Giant ledges which
have heretofore Mien submerged
with the water tumbling over tbem
in immense cataracts with drops of
fifteen to twenty feet were exposed.
The entire flow of the river was con
fined to a narrow deep gorge a
etoue's throw in width, but of un-
fathomed depth, through which tbe
river poured in a roaring, fuming
Many new and wonderful formations and curious bored kettles, from
which the falls derived tbeir name,
were discovered. Tbese chimneys,
ur kettles, have been bored by tin
action of the water in whiiling largi
aletached boulders into some erevas
ses dr other possible lodgment, and
grinding them around and around
until all the softer purts were won
away, the result, after centuries ol
wear, being that some kettles un
now found ten to fifteen feet in
depth in otherwise perfectly soliu
marble.' The walls arc utmost exactly round and are as smooth and
polished as the floor or walls of any
finished building. The diameter?
of these borings vary from two to
five or six feet. Oue new kettle, oi
rattier portions of one, has lite
found whicli before the surrounding
wall., were finally broken down b)
the increasing extent of the | e.fora
lions must have been ten feet acios
and thirty or forty feet in depth.
This new evidence that Hit* entile
rock barrier across the river must
al one time have been one htindnd
feet higher than at present, whicb
wuuld mean an entire full of about
15U feet. The ground below the
fulls appears to huve been very early
cut awuy und bored out to a great
Anotner interesting incident con
neeted with the extremely low water
was the opperlunily lo gather up
large quantities of gold bearing
black sand. Sightseers sacked tbe
deposits left in the newly exposed
crevasses and curried it off to be
wusbed. It is said thut it wus possible for a single miner to work out
.$20 to $50 pet day with little effort.
Railway Officials Visit Oity
F, W. Peters, general superintendent of the western division of
the Canadian Pacific railway, and
J. J. Warren, president of the Kettle Valley line, spent a couple of
hours in the city on Wednesday,
and had a short consultation with
the local officers of the two roads.
The gentlemen travelled by special
Big Fruit Crop
If the fruit trees in the Kettle
Valley orchards were strong enough
to mature all the fruit now on
them, the railways would have lo
double track their lines in order to
haul the crop to market this full.
It will soon be time to commence
vigorous thinning.
Camsell and Rose Will Prepare Guide Book for
Last week Charles Camsell and
Mr. Rose began a walk of 500 mileB
through the country west of Midway. They are preparing a guide
book for tbe use of geologolists from
all parti of the world who will meet
in a convention at Toronto noxt
year. About 2000 geologists will
attend. Tbey will be the guests of
the Dominion government and will
be taken all over Canada. In mnk^.
ing geological reports last year Mr.
Camsell walked a distance of 2000
miles.—Greenwood Ledge.
Dirt Will Fly
That the Great Northern means
business at last in the extension of
its line thiough to tbe ceast there is
now every leisnii to believe, for there
is evidence that work will be pushed
up the Cuquihaila from Hope as
well as up the Otter from Tulameen.
Mr. Kennedy, chief enigneer, is a
busy man these days getting bis engineering stuff organized to push the
work from both ends. His head
office is still in Vancouver, but
roiims huve been taken in the new
hotel at Tulameen, which will be
tbe engineering headquarters for tbt
staff at tbis end, and while no contracts have yet been let for lbe work
heyond Tulameen, it is expected
thut contractors may ba along any
day now to look over the ground.
Argo Tunnel Officers
The annual meeting of the Argo
Tunnel company was beld in Greenwood last Saturday, when the following officers were elected: Ola
Lofstud, president und managing
director; James McCreath Sr., eecre
tarytreusurer; R. M. Floyd, Junies
Kussell, Andrew 0. Johnson, Chns.
Hummertadt and John Williamson,
Celebration at Lake
A nnmber of Grand Forks people
went down to Christina lake today
to attend tlie celebration. The program includes a ball game between
Caseadc and the hike club, land and
aquatic sports, and a dunce iu tbe
evening ut Ole Johnson's hotel.
Another Coal Property
Workmen on the wagon road
west of Midway recently uncovered
two coal seams.
Crevices 30 J Feet Deep
While hunting on the range between tbis city nnd Cascade tbis
week, Grant Chase discovered crevices supposed to be 300 feet deep.
An exploration party is being organized ut the lake.
Want Better Mail Service
The two hundred patrons of tbe
Fife postoffice are complaining because that office is only open once a.
day for ubuut ten minutes. Tbey
huve to be johnny on the spot or
wait for twenty-four hours.
I. A. Dinsmore, of Greenwood,
provinciul constuble, was in the city
Krnest Miller, M.P.P., visited
Greenwood last Tuesday.
G. C. Cotterell, of Nelson, relieving W. 0. Miller, district superintendent of the C.P. It., wan in the
city on Monday.
6. D. Clark and W. J. Conk visited the Greenwood Masonic lodge
last Thursday.
J. E. Miller, inspector of excise,
was in the cily this week.
E. G. Warren and Frederic Keffer, of tbe British Columbia Copper
company, are inspecting the properties in Voigbt camp, neur Princeton, this week.
Looking Into Tunnel
A, Pressing, of Chicago, was in
Greenwood this week looking into
the big tunnel situation.
  The following is the maximum
Inspecting Mining Claims ■ ?d n5inimun?ut6mpe?|uro _or mah
iu»fvuiliu6  lummg viuiuu       Jfty    (|urm(,    (fog    p„gt     week,  US re
H. H. Laring, a mining engineer corded by the government thermom-
from  Chicago,   has  been   iu  the [tAsr'ia Cooper Bros.' ranoh:
C. Maginnis, of Vancouver, has
been spending the week at tlie Yale,
lie is Inteiested in ranching in tbe
Okanagan and at Ruck Creek, and
is now en route to, the latter place.
0. B. Smith, superintendent of
tbe Granby mines at Pboenix. is improving his house boat at Christina
lake by placing it on a raft. The
scow on which it was built proved
unsatisfactory. >.
Boundary this week looking over
several mining properties fur Chicago parties.
Will Repair Bridge
The  member  for Grnnd   Forks
riding stated this week thnt as sum
Friday  71 It
Saturday   74 44
Sundiy  80 41
Monday  64 47
Tuesday     01 47
Wednesday  62 46
Tliursdny  57 47
Kanfall  during week, 1.01 inches.
The Mnnn Ding company moved
into the Case block on Bridge street
this week.
Tha Grand Forks brass bund has
commenced to give open-air concerts. The innovation is appreciated by the citizens.
It is reported that properly owners in many parts of lbe city arc
contemplating petitioning the city
council for the cement sidewalks. TTTF, STTN. GRAND FORKS. .E2ITISII COLUMBIA.
Superstitious Natives Kill the Creatures Only In Spirit of Revenge
.It Is a common sight in Borneo to
see a large crocodile sunning himself
ou the muddy bank of a river. He
takes no notice of the natives, even
though they pasB quite near him, so
common Indeed Is the eight that the
Dyaks themselves pay no heed to
these dangerous reptiles; and yet It
is no unusual thing ln Borneo to hear
of some human life being taken by
a crocodile.
For months perhaps the crocodiles
In a river live at peace with mankind
and then suddenly one of these creatures will carry oft some lad bathing
In the river or even attack some one
paddling along in his boat. I know
of a Dyak girl who, when sitting
und paddling at the stern of a canoe,
was knocked ove*- Into the water and
carried away by a crocodile and her
companions could do nothing to save
There seems to be no reason why
the crocodll. should suddenly Bliow
a man-eating propensity in this way.
The Dyaks account for it by curious
superstition. They say that if food
Is offered to a person and he refuses It and goes away without at
least touching lt some misfortune
Is sure to befall him and he will most
probably be attacked by a crocodile.
Also it is said that one of the ways
the god3 punish crime Is by sending
a crocodile to attack the culprit; and
I have often heard it said by Dyaks
of some one who has been killed by
a crocodile that probably he has displeased the gods either by paying no
heed to the warnings sent him in
dreams or by means of omen birds
or by committing some hidden crime.
Tbe Dyaks of Borneo will not kill
a crocodile except in revenge. It the
animal will live at peace with him
the Dyak has no wish to start a quarrel; if, however, the crocodile breaks
the truce and kills some one then he
feels justified in retaliating. Under
these circumstances the Dyaks set to
work to find the culprit and go on
catching and killing crocodiles until
they succeed in doing so. The Dyaks
generally wear brass ornaments and
by cutting open a dead crocodile
they can easily find out if he is the
creature they wish to punish.—Chambers' Journal.
Chloroform as a substitute for the
gibbet in the administering of capital
punishment to murderers was recommended to a Chicago newspaper by
John Galsworthy, English author and
dramatist and student ot penology,
who is a Chicago visitor. The English novelist talked of penal laws and
customs In the United States and in
England at length. "Killing a man
by hanging him by the neck is most
certainly barbaric," he asserted. "It
capital punishment is to be meted
out—and I am not sure that our present civilization demands It for a
time longer—why not do lt by the
use of drugs? Chloroform, for Instance, could be used to end the life
of a condemned man as effectively
as breaking his neck."—New York
Known All Over The World
- -Known. Only For The
Good It Has Done.
We know of no other medicine which
has been so successful in relieving the
suffering of women, or received so many
genuine testimonials, as has Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
In nearly every community you will
find women who have been restored to
health by this famous medicine. Almost
every woman you meet knows of the
great good it has been doing among suffering women for the past 30 years.
Fox Creek, N. B.-"I have alwaya
had pains in the abdomen and a weak-
■ ness there and often
I after meals a sore-
I ness in my stomach.
1 Lydia E. Pinkham's
j VegetableCompound
j haa done me much
[good. I am stronger,
I digestion is better
I and I can work with
I ambition. I have
I encouraged many
I mothers of families
I to take it as it is the
belt remedy in the world. You can publish this In the papers."-Mrs. William
S. Bouk(jue, Fox Creek, N. B.
In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., are files containing hundreds of
thousands of letters from women seeking health, in which many openly state
over their own signatures that they have
regained their health by taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, many
of whom state that it has saved them
from surgical operations.
A bite of this and a taste cf that, all thy
long, dulls the appetite anil weakens the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dm-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
alter each meal—andcut out thft^pleclng'.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited.
When Leprosy Was Prevalent
Leprosy, of course, was common in
England during the middle ages. Old
leper hospitals and leper burial pits
existed In many places. Most old
churches have a leper's window in
the chancel, a narrow unglazed opening In the wall through which the
leper might see the elevation of the
On Saturday last the clerk of the
Liskeard Board of Guardians reported that he had found that at one
time there was a leper hospital in
the neighboring parish of Bodwin,
and tbat the land belonging to lt are
now let for St. Lawrence Fair, one
of Cornwall's popular annual festivities, lt now appears that the revenue of the estate of the St. Lawrence Hospital were directed generations ago, by the Court of Chancery,
to be paid to the treasurer for the
time being of the Cornwall Infirmary
at Truro to be primarily applied to
the proper accommodation therein of
leprous persons.
The Income of the St. Lawrence
estate ia still paid to the Truro Infirmary, and the Llskeard Guardians
have sent full particulars to its authorities of Wellington's case asking
them to take charge of It.
Sugar a   leart Stimulant.
Sugar has had Its champions as
well as its opponents. Its advocates
have declared that, aside from Its
nourishing value, lt carries with it a
quick stimulation lhal is without perceptible reaction.
"On the other side," says the Baker's Weekly, "we have had radical
utterances connecting sugar with
tome of the most Incurable of organic
diseases. But an English physician
recently contended that cane sugar
|3 nlmost a specific in the treatment
of certain diseases of the heart.
J.mpliasls Is laid upon cane sugar."
Dr. F. 3. Locke, of King's College,
London, haB kept tbe heart of a mammal beating for elglhy to ninety
hours after death of the animal simply by keeping the heart muscles
sprinkled with powdered canesuger.
These latter experiments with cam1
sugar, especially with reference to di
lotion of the heart muscles, show that
in numerous cases cures have been
effected that are ot three or four
year's standing.
Railway Survey by Camels.
In a very short time J. Norton
Griffiths, M.P., will leave for Australia to confer with the Commonwealth
Government, in connection with the
transcontinental railway.
The survey of the vast stretch of
country between east and west bas
been the cause of not a little anxiety.
Camels had to be used to traverse
the great wastes and at every point
the problem of scarcity of water had
to ba faced and overcome.
The chief surveyor examined the
country in advance and employed a
novel method lo. mark his trail for
those wbo followed. He fastened a
heavy chain to his camel, and this
dragging on the njad, left a plain
trail. When It was possible observations of the stars were taken at
night, and provisions and water were
sent on ubou. seven miles ahead for
the next day's camp.—Pall Mall Gazette.
W. N. U. No. 893
The Pace That Kills.
The Army and Navy club ln Washington Is an exclusive organization.
The clubhouse Is nicely decorated.
One picture, of which the members
are proud and which they take every
opportunity to bring to the attention
of visitors, Is rather a crude pen-
and-ink drawing, obviously the work
of an amateur. It desplcts an officer
Rested before a deal table, standing
in front of which Is a private soldier
at salute. Beneath the picture Is the
following inscription:
"Pat, I hear that you have been
drunk again."
"Yls, sor."
"Your conduct is disgraceful.
Why can't you drink like officers and
•Faith, sor, and It OI did Ol'd be
dead tn a wake,"
Small paper towels are sold in New
York at 450 for 30 cents.
Canada Sending Many Manufactures
and Buying Much Butter.
imports from Canada into New
Zealand during the year 1911 were
$108,200 ln excess of tliose for 1910,
says Mr. W. A. Beddoe, Canadian
Trade Commissioner, writing from
Auckland on Feb. 16t.h to the Department ot Trade and Commerce. There
mav be some variation in the figures,
hut they will be larger, not smaller,
when all returns are tn. Articles Imported from Canada during the last
quarter—October, November and December, 1911—had a value of $451,-
505, nnd covered 107 Items, of which
42 were entitled to preferential treatment. As to the remainder, agricultural Implements and plain and barbed wire, ot which large quantities
were Imported, enter free.. The preference affects those articles, such as
paper, fish and furniture.
The feature of the season, Mr. Beddoe adds, has been the rapid growth
of the export of butter from New
Zealand to Vancouver. This trade
has exceeded the most Banguine expectations of the merchants, their resources having been taxed to the utmost to meet the great demand from
the Canadian market. Up to this
time last season only 2,958 boxes ot
butter had been sent to Vancouver,
whereas the total for this season
stands at 19,926 boxes.
Recall of Umpire's Decisions.
Here Is a way ot adding to the attractiveness of our national game.
Some offsetting economy of time
could be had In reduction of Innings
to seven. "Striker out," the umpire
declares. "Doubt It," shout the spectators. "How many challenge that
decision?" cries the megaphone man;
a hyndred rise, as the instantaneous,
electrical tabulator reveals. A test
vote is ordered. All ln favor of the
umpire's decision stand. Counted.
Opposed stand Counted. The decision rendered, and the game proceeds.
The umpire would still be a convenience. He could announce the uncontested things. Public sentiment
would protect him ln going somewhat further. Everybody would want
to "play ball." Fanciful or captious
challenges of his decisions would become unpopular. The burden ot
proof would ' eventually find lodgement on the. critics. Perhaps his
position would be more secure than
now. Who knows? Let us try IT!—
Boston Herald.
The Idle man when he has a cold
has it harder than tbe worker. This
was one of the comforting Ideas that
came from a group of well known
doctors who conferred on colds a few
nights ago. One of them said men
who did little or nothing were the
most sensitive to poisonous germs.
Somebody else thought bacteria mattered little, but that being tired was
really the prime factor in catching
cold. Double sets of underclothing
and stockings was another recommendation. Chest protectors were
pronounced excellent—for the people
who sold them; and thlu shoes and
stockings were declared dearest of
all to the heart ot the undertaker.
On the' whole the views of the conference are likely to have little effect
upon that etubbon person, the average man. Almost every grown man
has fixed notions as to how he personally and Individually takes cold,
and no doctor shall ever convince
him against his own experience. For
the rest of the world bis advice Is
usually that the best way of avoiding
a cold is not to catch tt Just as the
Barest way to escape illness Is to
keep well.—New York Evening
Why persist in being Imposed up-,
on by buying poor trashy alum baking powder when you can just as
well buy Magic Baking Powder, the
health giving "No Alum" brand at
the same -price ?   At all Grocers.
Just as Comfortable.
"Have you a spare room in your
"No, but I stand in with tho janitor. So when I have a guest overnight he lets me use the telephone
Petroleum fields covering a vast
area ln Turkestan, extending to the
Chinese frontier, have recently been
surveyed by Professor Hjalmcr Sjogren, of Stockholm.
Russia supplies Great Britain with
the greater proportion of her.poultry and eggs.
^BSBSB *******■-
ISo a Tin. -i
Doa't let tksm Cool rem with » one*, laltatloa
SNU la, th* OniOINiL and BEST RI NO
01-.fl.__mH. Will nmova SIMM aad tttln
MaUkMh. —
rfo,      TORONTO - ONT.     B ""
Nothing Doing.
"GuesB I'll take a hand ln this poker game.   Gimme $4 worth of chips."
"Nothing doing fnr you. Wall
street, is tbe place fa' the small investor."
Larry: I think Professor What's-
hls-name, ln Shakespeare, he brings
things home to you that you never
saw before.
Harry: Huh I've got a laundryman
as good as that.
quickly stops COKihifl cures colds, heels
ia* throat **a loads
HO coots.
In 1479 the "Kulemlar of Shepar-
des" appeared. This (says a writer)
was the flrst almanac printed tn England.
We're always ready to get a little
bit down on the chap who remedies
his faults without ever saying a word
about them!
Do Not Use Harsh Purgatives—A
Tonic Is All You Need.
Not exactly sick—but not feeling
quite well. Thatt Is the way most
people feel ln the spring. Easily
tired, appetite fickle, sometimes
headaches, and a feeling of depression. Pimples oi* eruptions may appear on the skin, or there may be
twinges ot rheumatism or neuralgia.
Any of these indicate that the blood
Is out of order—that the Indoor life
of winter has let* its mark upon you
and may easily develop Into more
serious trouble.
Do not dose yourself with purgatives, as so many people do, in the
hope that you can put your blood right
Purgatives gallop through the system
aad weaken Instead of giving
strength. Any doctor will tell you
this Is true. What you need ln
spring is a tonic that will make-new
blood and build up the nerves. Dr.
William's Pink Pills Is the only medicine that can do this speedily, safely and surely. Every dose of this
medicine makes new blood which
clears the skin, strengthens the appetite and makes tired, depressed
men, women and children bright, active and strong. Mrs. Maude Bagg,
Lemberg, Sask., says: "I can unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills as a blood builder and
tonic. I was very much run down
when I began using the pills, and a
few boxes fully restored my health."
Sold by ail medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.60 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockville, Ont.
Jenks: Why on earth did you laugh
so heartily at that ancient jest of
Wise: In self-defence.
Jenks: In self-defence?
Wise: Yes, lf I hadn't laughed so
be would have repeated the thing,
thinking I hadn't seen the point.
Let Hubby Do It
"You'd think a girl's parents would
want her to learn to cook before she
"Oh, I dou't know. Why should
they supply the raw material for her
to practice on?"
It. Is but poor eloquence which only
shows that the orator can talk.       -
Attacked by Asthma. The flrst
fearful sensation Is ot suffocation,
which hour hy hour becomes more
desperate and hopeless. To such a
case the relief afforded by Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems
nothing less than miraculous. Its
help Is quickly apparent and soon the
dreadful attack Is mastered. The
asthmatic who has found out the dependability of thiB sterling remedy
will never be without It. It is Bold
Some of the fastest trains in the
world are to be found in England and
France. England has eight regular
dally trains with speeds of 66.1 to 69.2
miles an hour, whose stop-to-stop
runs are from 72 to 118 3-8 miles ln
length. The France roads run four
dally trains over a distance of 77 ,3-4
to 107 1-2 miles at speeds from 66.2
to 61,8 miles an hour.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Red rains are very rare, but tn
volcanic regions gray rain is comparatively common. Sicily has had
many showers of this shade. They
arc caused by the upper atmosphere
being full ot ash colored volcanic dust
from Etna. This dust is Inflnlteslm-
ally fine and colors the rain as lt
I always use
Table Salt.
rou can't reasonably expect to make a 1 _jT.it,
flaky pi--crust, irthe salt you use io gritty,
lumpy and bitter.
Is the standby In Canadian homes, among
Canada's best cooks.    It's pure and fine end
vaiuaauu„  uia, flaw..*-.      a. •.  i.u,«  «..»,* moa; aaa.u
iron't "cake**,   squally good for the table, for
cooking and baking. -    N .53
Write tor agency for our special to-
order tailoring tor your town.   There
Is money ln lt.   John Dawson, Ltd.
Church St., Toronto. '
8t.  John-Liverpool.
Lake Manitoba   Thurs., Mar. -d
Empress of Britain Friday, Apl. 3
Lake Chumplaln .... Thurs., " 11
Empress of Ireland     Friday,   •"   19
Lake Manitoba    Thurs.,     "   ii
Summer Service.
Montreal - Quebec > Liverpool.
Empress of Britain .. Friday, May   J
Lake Champlalu .... Thurs., May   !i
Empress of Ireland .. Friday, May 17
Lake Manitoba   Thurs., May -.1
Empress of Britain .. Friday, May il
and weekly thereafter. ;
Low Rates—Superb Service.
Reservations and details from any
Railway Agent or write
J. S. CARTER., Oenl. Aot.
*10 Portage Ave.,  Winnipeg.   '
Canadian Northern Steamships,
Speed — Steadiness — Splendour.
Montreal — Bristol — London.
Sailing from Montreal.
It.M.S. Royal George Mny 1st daylight
R.M.8. Royal Edward    "   15th     "
R.M.8. Royal George   "   29th     "
and fortnightly  thcreufter.
Insist on your ticket reading via
"Royal Line."
For further particulars, Illustrated booklets, etc.. apply nny Hallway
or S. 8. Agent or wrlto direct to A.
M. Davis. General Agent, 272 Main
St., Winnipeg.
The Arlington Co. oi Canada!, Li
^8 I ra.d Avr .loinntn   Oailariaa*
. Troppsrs.Bsslses.Is
agora ._ _._
post ot their collect.
I any kind ot law Txux,
' cannot afford to di*
i of thf.li
r 1 I niafc" without first
■ ***** I I *a*W obtslnlng our prices
^"^ ■ m ^^ sent upon request
Remlttsnce forwarded day goads received,
■sprees and mail charges on all shipments
paid by us. Canada's t*/4.st fwOgsrslss.
your correspondence solicited.
John HslUm        •        TatamwS
Cited an Exception.
A religious worker, while visiting
a western town, gave a "Talk to
men," during the course of which he
txpreased his conviction ' that no
young man Bhould visit any place to
which he would not feel Justified in
taking his own sister.
"Is there any young man present
who thinks one may safely disregard
this rule?" asked the speaker.
Whereupon a youth in the rear of
the hall rose and shouted in stentorian tone:
"Yes, sir, I do"
"And what, sir" demanded thc angry and surprised speaker, "is the
place which you yourself would think
af visiting to which one could not
take your sister?"
."The barber Bhop!" replied the
youth.—St. Paul Dispatch.
Piesslsvllle, Que.
"I suffered from' Kidney Trouble
br several years, and tried numerous remedies and doctors' prescriptions without permanent relief, my
tase being chronic. After seeing
about Gin Pills, and as it Is a well
known fact that Juniper without alcohol is excellent for the Kidneys, I
decided to try Oln Pills. One single
pill gave me great relief. I have
now taken almost four boxes ot Gin
Pills and And myself completely cured. No. more bad humor—Increase
In weight—clear eyes—fresh color-
more strength and vigor. This Is
what Gin Pills have done for me."
Gin Pills will do the same for you
—lt you. have any trouble with your
Kidneys or Bladder—or if you suffer
with Pain in the Back or Rheumatism. Try them before you buy them.
Write National Drug & Chemical Co.
at Canada, Limited, Dept. N.U. To-
rpnto for free sample. Then get
the regular size boxes at your dealer's— 50c. a box, 6 for $2.60.
"There's a proverb that tits every
man.''  -
"What one tits me?"
"To whom God gives oflice, he also
lives brains."   .
"But I have no oflice."
"W«m"—Cleveland Leader.
Protect tho child from the ravages
Of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It Is a standard remedy, and years of use have
enhanced its reputation.
Her Best Foot Foremost.
Mistress—We are going to have a
lance -next week, and you will have
to show what you can do.
New Cook—Sure, ma'am, I can only
dance,the polka and the Scottish
reel, but I'll do the best I can.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
Never Csn Tell.
Dolly—She married a very old man,
didn't she? I understand he had one
foot in the grave.
Polly—That's what she thought,
too; bnt he still continues to buy his
boots by tho pair.—Puck.
When a man Is completely wrapped up in himself the package is apt
lo be small.
Baby Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and He Is Well.
"Enclosed nnd my ion's photo and I feel
ty-writing these few lines to you I sin only
going ray duty, as my son wss a dreadful
sufferer from eczema. At
tho age of two weeks bo
began to get covered with
tad spots on his legs snd
groins,   which   mother
thought was r 1 gum or
thrush; but day by day
*\ tt grew wono until every
Joint snd crevice wero
affected and baby stsrted
■-reaming for hours day
and night, such a thing
a- sleep wu out of the
auestion. I took blm to
_  tog doctoral one said It
wu one of tho worst cases be had seen, the
other did not think It so serious; one ordered
ointment for rubbing In, tho other a dusting
powder. I followed their .prescriptions for
Over four months and still baby kept getting
worn. I could not keep him Irom scratching
■o great wu Us agony.
"When he wu tiro months old I tiled tha
Cutlcnrm Remedies and I am very thankful to
say my baby Is to-day free from sll hi _ sulfer-
Eg. His grolM were bleeding when I started
and other parts affected were the lower part
ff hit body, under the knees, anas, In. arm
joints, eyebrows snd neck; but after twice
using Cuticura Ointment I began to see a
difference aad by the time I had used one
tin, along wltb the bathing with Cuticura
Boap, haSy was nearly cured. I still kept on
-*-f the Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and
, thank goodness, he It suite well and,
ugh he b now ten months old, has not
iny further return of the troubte.".
mod) Hit. a. Martin. 2 Knteht Bt.;
___JU*rille, Sydney. N.8.W., Mar. 81. Mil,
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are told
through, ut the world but a liberal sample of
each, with a 32-page book on the care and
treatment of the skin and hair will be sent
- <n aopllcatlon to Potter Drug.* Chen.
- „ 00 Columbin Ave,, Boston, U AA.
free in
W. N. U. No. 8*3.
There Is WEALTH In your soil.
Buy  a
"Thinking" Horses Now
"Clever Hans," the German calculating horse of 1900, and "Don," the
talking dog of 1911, have two promising Bucessors in Klberteld, Central Prussia, In the form ot a pair
of "thinking horses," Arabian by
blrtb, and named Zarif and Muhamed.
They are the property and "pupils"
of a teacher named Karl Krall.
Certain German journalists who have
examined Zarlff and Muhamed declare that the animals can read and
understand both German and French,'
when spoken or written, and can
perform prodigious feats ln arithmetic. Answers to questions ln subtraction, addition, multiplication and
division are stamped out by their
forefeet, with accuracy and quickness.
BUT      DODD'S      KIDNEY      PILLS
Mr.   Hugh    Martin,   Suffering   From
Kidney   Dlaease   for   Two   Yeart,
Tells How he Got Back His Health.
St. Hlppolyte   de   Kilkenny, Lake
IVAchlgan,    Terrebonne    Co.,    Que.,-
(Special).—Again the people of this
neighborhood are talking of a complete cure of kidney   disease.    Mr.
Hugh Martin, Jr., a well-known young
farmer, is the person cured, and he
gives all the credit to Dodd's Kidney
"My trouble was caused by a cold,"
Mr. Martin save, in an interview,
"and I Buffered for two years. My
head would ache and I had pains ln
the back aB well. I felt heavy and
sleepy after meals. I was often dizzy,
my memory waB failing and I found
it difficult to. collect my thoughts. I
was also, nervous while heart flutter-
logs lidded to my anxiety.
"I was a sick man indeed when I
started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills,
but by the time I had taken two boxes I was a changed man. Are you
surprised that I think Dodd's Kidney
Pills a wonderful remedy?"
If you have two or more of Mr.
Martin's symptoms your kidneys are
diseased. Dodd's Kidney Pills are
the sure cure.
A farmer boy and his best girl were
Beated ln a buggy one evening in
town, watching the* people pass.
Near by was a popcorn vendor's
Presently the lady remarked:—
"My! that popcorn smells good!"
"That's right," said the gallant.
"I'll drive up a little closer bo you
can smell it better."
nleUy slop, courts, cans colds, heals
Iho throat ud load*     -      •      2A cents.
South American Wildcat Skins.
An Importing Arm recently received a shipment of tiger cnt skins from
Paraguay and the Argentine Republic
and placed alongside a lot uf North
American wildcat skins the difference in color ami marking was very
noticeable. Both animals are about
the same size, but the South American cat is covered with round black
spots much like those of the leopard
but smaller In size.
These spots contrast strongly with
the surrounding fur, which Is of a
greyish white color, very different
from the reddish color of the North
American wildcat. The fur of the
South American wildcat is not so
thick as that of his North American
cousin, but the skins are said to
dress well and make good robes and
rugs.—Pur News.
Masterpiece Gone to Watte.
The very seedy-looking young man
made his way with difficulty down
the corridor on tbe ninth floor of one
of the best hotels and knocked loudly at his friend's door. Anguish was
written on his face and wrinkles on
his clotheB. He was a walking sign
of what it means to spend a hard
"What's the matter?" called out the
sleepy friend.
"Matter? It's tragedy, a death, the
end of all things—ruination and
"Well, what Is lt?" lazily enquired
the drowsy man, without opening the
Whereupon the seedy-looking young
man, leaning against the door and
lifting his voice to a howl, replied:—
"I called up my wife on the longdistance telephone last night and told
her why I had not returned. And
now I can't remember what it was!"
In recent years the sea has given
Great Britain back more land than
It has eaten away.
At London auction rooms a Louis
XV. writing tablf*. six feet in length
with three drawers has been sold for
Scotland Yard Chamber of Horrors
Into one room ln Scotland Yard.
which Is only unlocked on certain afternoons, no stranger may go without special permission. It is the
Chamber of Horrors, otherwise the
museum. Here one may see De-
vereux's trunk and Crlppen's spade,
the false arm of Charles Peace, and
ladder. . *
Here also is thc lantern that was
so Important a clue iu th° Mtiswi.ll
Hill murder, ani thc rone that handed Fowler. There are kntvees and firearms, ancient aril modem, and each
with Its own grim story. There are
bogus bank-notes, cases full ot false
coins and coining plant, and the latest tilings in scientific safe-boring appliances.
Louise Masset's boa and Brinkley's
stout bottle recall callous murders
that once thrilled the public.
Two glass' cases are full of bombs
—one diabolically disguised as a cigar. ThiB was handed to an engine-
driver. With it was a real cigar
much lighter.
Fortunately the man discerned the
difference in weight, and that providential piece of observation saved
his lite and the train.
Away With Depression and Melancholy.—These two evils are the accompaniment of a disordered stomach
and torpid liver and mean wretchedness to all whom they visit. The
surest and speediest way to combat
them is with Parmalee's Vegetable
Pills, which will restore the healthful
action of the stomach and bring relief.' They have proved their usefulness ln thousands of cases and will
continue to give relief to- the suffering who are wise enough to use
Scared Into It.
Maud—But how on earth did yon
get him to propose?
Ethel—Oh, easily enough. I told
him you were crazy about, him and
reminded him that this was leap
year.—Bosto l Transcript.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands
I was cured ot Facial Neuralgia by
Sprlnghlll, N.S.
I was cured of Chronic    Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Albert Co., N.B.
The Vienna electric plant Is making
arrangements with the baker's syndicate to have electric ovens adopted
widely throughout the city and to
supply ithe current at special reduced rates. Use of electric ovens for
bread making is being promoted ln
other European cities also.
If one be troubled with corns and
warts, he will find In Holloway's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
Polly—Miss Yellowleat says she always tries to got her beauty sleep.
Dolly—Well, all I can say ia she
must suffer frightfully from Insomnia.—Woman's Home Companion.
An English typist who stated her
earnings and expenditures in answer to the London Board of Trade's
circulai, spent %2 for eight volumes
of Orote's "History of Greece." Her
weekly wage was $6.25. During a
year she spent $5.50 on eleven birthday presents. A girl who earned
$4.25 a week bought pamplilcU describing the English poor laws and
poor law commission.
Constipation is the
root of many forms of
sickness and of an
endless amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills, I
thoroughly tested by
over fifty years of use,
have been proved a.
aaf a and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. «
25c. a box.
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
It ii their way of calling your attention to the fact
tlmt tlicy are not in perfect condition. Many peopla
who penustpntly ignored rerteated warnings p.ven
by the kidneys arc now chronic sufferers from kidney
and bladder complain.b whieh will stay with them
until they die, and perhaps hasten the end.
How much better to help tho kidneys the moment
they Mhiiw signH of needing n little ns»inUnce!    Take
They contain Nature a own remedies. They lift the kidneys out of their temporary
depression and start them again in normal activity. Sold everywhere at fifty cents
m box or moiled direct by 41
Harness Oil
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
Every Eddy Match is a Sure. Safe Light  ^S
WHEN you atrlka an Eddy Match It alwaya,lights easily
and  burns  smoothly, with a steady even flame.
THESE perfect matches corns from first class materials
•nJ mechanically perfect machines-Minder the supervision of skilled workmen.
EDDY'S Matches ara always full M.M. count—for sals by
ill good dealers everywhere.
Makers also of Wooden
Palls, Tubs, etc.
look better, fit better, wear longer, and
give better satisfaction than other makes.
They are tho result of 66 years accumulated knowledge and experience In
building High Grade Shoes.
Stocked by leading dealers Every whero
Jn Canada.
the John Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton, Ont.
Old tore*. Lump*
la Breast, Growths
removed and heal*
ed by a simple
Hon* Treatmt
No pain.    Describe tho trouble, wo will send
book and testimonials free.
10 CktrcUll Am., Tonal*.
specialist, Ii College St., Toronto.
The Big Show.
Post: Thinks he's the whole thing,
does he?
Barker: Well, I'd hardly go as far
aa that; but he certainly considers
himself a quorum.—Smart Set.
Take Laxative BROMO Quinine Tab-
It it. Luustlsls refund money if It falls
to cur.. E. W. (JKOVB » alguatur* I* oa
tain bos.    Ue.
Secret of Unbreakable Glass
Unbreakable glass, for which there
might be a demand lust now, wa.i
Invented nearly 2,000 years ago, according to Pctronius and Dion Cns-
Elus, tnongh Pliny casts a doubt on
the story. An artist appeared before
Tiberius with a cup of glass which
lie dashed violently on the goruiid-
It was neither broken nor cracked,
but merely dentsd, like n piece of
metal. Then the man produced a
mallet and hammered the cup back
Into Hs proper shape. Tiberius,
however, asked whether anybody clsi
knew the secret, and when the srils'
proudly unswered "No," had him In-
rtantly beheaded. The Emperor
feared that such glass would terribly
depreciate tbe value of the precious
metal.—Loudon  Chronicle.
Well, WeU!
I dyad ALL theso
of Good*
I used
NO rh.ac.calu.las.'.. WRONG Dr. forts. Coo*
an. ha.locator. -MUolor. .rom your Uraifgl.t oe
D«al... r»F.K Color(Vd.aadSTORV _a.a..l_.l«,
TH. j**mnmSlxe*tm* Co. 'Jam-., Mo.ni.ji__,
xxxw**xxxxxxmxm |_,I 	
Uin.WiMsLow'. Soothiko sybi'p hi, been
wed for over 81XTV VEAKSl.y MILLIONS ol
ii the licit remedy tor IHAKRMO.A. It in *
aoliilrly harmless, tie sure sod ask for * Mrs,
Wiaibw's Soothing Syrup," sad lake »o elkef
kind.  Twcetl-five cents a bsUle.
A 7°/0 Safe Investment
1 per cent guaranteed uud a share
lu further profits.
'I'h.* itbovo security Is the hrr>t Industrial  ever offered  lu  i'iuuh'ii.
\Vrltu nt or.ee for particulars.
National  Securities  Corporation,   Ltd.
Confederation  Life Illils. Toronto.
A motor plow for throwing up
trenches on a battlefield to afford
protection to soldiers Is one ot 1.10
latest inventions.
Sixty-six shillings can  be
from lib. of silver.
Newfoundland shows an Increase
of $160,000 In Hs Customs revenue
for the last six months.
Whin Your Eyn Nnd Cart
Try Murine Eye Remedr. No Smarting—Feel*
Fine—Aets Quickly. Try It for Krai, Weak,
Watery Kyes oi.d tlramilated Eyelids. Illua-
trated Book In eaeh Package. Murine te
cinipajaadafld by our Ociili.taa -mat a "Patent me*.
Irlna"—but la.ed ln niavraaa.ftll I'hy.ia-laiia.'PraaJ.
tlee tor many lean. Now aajedlraiod to the l*ub«
lie snd mid by laaaaiil.i, st Kc snd Moper Bottla,
Murine Bye Ralre In Aseptic Tubes., too and Ma,
Murine ly* Remedy Co., Chloago
Within the square mile which constitutes the Oily of London, Iho
yield from the Income-tax Is nearly
Camels are the only animals Hint
cannot swim.
DIXIE tobacco THE   SUNr GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Don't Neglect
Your Eyes
At the first signs of eye strain
yuu should consult our optician. His practical experience
is the be%t recommendation of
the efficiency of our Optical
'nblUtierl at Grand ffortu, Hritish Cnlumbl
U. A. Bvahb Editor and Publisher
A Hie of this paper oan be seen at tho office
jf Mourn, li. 4 J. Hardy A Oo., 80,81 mid 82,
Fleet Str«Ht, K.C.. London. Kiifflaud, free of
fliharu'o. ft"a that Urm will be ulail to receive
iubwrli'ttoiii arid Rd»ertl«metiU on our be*
Jno Ymi      . . • *j*jgj
'Ine Year (In advance)  ;■«"
One Yenr. In United Statei  I.M
Atlilri'-fl*" nil ciiinmiiiiiciitinns to
Thk Evening Sun,
i>hunk ifii Grand PoKKa, H.C
MilDAY, MAY 24, 1912
nected with the road. It may be
taken for granted thttt he has earned
every one of them by efficient work,
because great corporations are not
noted for bestowing 1 on >rs on un-
An exohange exultingly exclaim*1,
"Our Dick has Been the king." The1
paper fails to state at what distance
our Dick saw the king.
The following scores were made
by the members of the Grand Forks
Gun club at their weekly shoot last
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty:
L. Skinner   40
F. W.Russell  33
Ii. E. GibBon  3i
Mr. Lehr    32
E. Miller  29
Gus Parker  19
'Is Mrs. Gillet a   well-informed
"Well, she'.s on party line."
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, May 23.—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned: e
Bid. Asked
Granhy Consolidated. 51.00 60 00
B. C.   Copper       4.7,5     S.50
TiiEttE is every indication that the
present year will witness a race (or
the const between the Great North?
em railway nnd the Kettle Valley
line. Orders have been is.-ued to
start construction work on the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern west of
Coaliiuuit, and a report from Pen-
ticton says that the Kettle Valley
line will have 2500 men working
west of that place this summer. A
survey party will al-o work in the
Uuqulhalla pass this year for the
latter road. The direct route tb
the coast, lor which tiie people of
this district huve heen lighting for
n number of .fears, appears to be
near at hand now. When it be-
comes a reality, Grand Korks will he
on (lie main line of two transcontinental railways.
The C. P. R. has hegtin preliminary
work for oouhle tracking ihe main
line from Calgary to Vancouver, involving Ihe expenditure of many
millions of dollars
Tiik local people who invest their
money in real estate near the north
pole, when there are money-making
.maps to he secured at home, bIiow
exceedingly poor judgment.
F W, Peters, the Canadian Pacilic railway official who visited the
city this week, has been the recipient
of more promotions during the past
• few yi an than any other man  con
Notice is hi reby given that on
the ISth day of May I impounded
at the City Pound, Grand Forks, on.
dark brown mare, ahout ten y ars
old, branded on right shoulder,
and that unless the mare is redeemed
by payment of all fees, charges, penalties and expenses, the same will hi
i affered for sale hy puhuljc auction
at the City Pound, First street.
Grand Forks, B.C., on Saturday, tin
1st of June, ID 12, at the hour of 11
o'clock a. m.
Dated at Grand   Fmk«,   B C, the
23rd May, 1912
Will Hold Big Festival
The Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship societies of Grand Forks,
Phoenix, Greenwood, Nelson nnd
Cranbrook nre holding meetings for
the purpose of oigunizing a general
gntherins, to he held at Christina
Inke on June 21 Tin- celelnution
will be the fifih annual gath 'Hiii. of
the niamhers of the Scandinavian
Aid and Fellowship Soeiety of British   Columhia.    lt  is corifidmtl*.
m* rx, GOOD
predicted that thiB season's celebration will surpass all similar events
held in previous years. One of the
most interesting features proposed,
will be a tableau depicting the funeral of a viking. In past ages it waB
the custom of the Norsemen to lay
the body of a slain warrior on one of
tbeir galleys, and to the accompaniment of warlike songs and other
ceremonies Bet fire to the' craft and
turn il loose with the tide.
The Old Country Paper
"Sport, .toiild you mind letting
me look over that newspaper when
you're through? I wouldn't ask you,
only I was raised on that paper in
my old home town, and the sight of
it makes me homesick as the devil.
"I remember how I used to go
out in front of the house before
breakfast and fetch it in for the
folks, when I was a little Bhaver.
That was my first chore. I recollect
how the newsboy would roll it up
and put a twist in it to keep it tight
and give it a fling over the fence,
along about daybreak; and sometimes you could hear it go bump on
the front door, and then you could
be Bure of finding it all right, if the
dog didn't find it first and chaw the
ends off.
"But sometimes the boy wouldn't
aim so straight and the paper would
light iu the flower bed, or get hung
up in the honeysuckle vine, or
htiried in a snowdrift I recall one
time when 1 looked and looked, and
father nnd mother came out ai d
looked, and the whole neighborhoi d
came over and looked, and ne
lidn't find it until the next rain-
st inn, when the eaves trough overflowed, and we got a ladder aid
climbed up to see what was the
'When I saw you o] en this paper
just now it was like stepping baik
thirty yeais. They haven't changed
the type nr anything—the ink, t-ven,
has the same nld homey smell it
used to hive 1 believe if I was
blindfolded and you held that paper
under niy'nose, I could tell you the
home of it in one guess. Same old
headlines,-I see, same old personal
column, same old police notes, snme
old ladies advertising for hired girls,
same old old joktrs' corner that we
turned to first when we were kids—
-ami* old jokes, too, I reckon. It's
like an old friend from home that,
when yon see him, you think Time
must have overlooked him, somehow, and left him with (he same
kindly face he had in the old   days.
"You are through with it, you
say? Then I'll take il along, and
win n 1 sit down to read tonight it
will be like turning the clock back
thirty years."—Newark News,
IIh-.v doea your gavdori grow?
That depends, on the kind of Hoob, Spades, forks and
Rakes you use!
We sell Garden Tools which It won't break your back
to use and make gardening a joy. At the same time thoy
themselves a'on't break, hut \\\\\ give good long service.
Nor will we "break ypu" when you buy your (garden
Tools and Hardware from ih.
_. . ~  ... m^m     . ■. .wwnim , _r~_. __-.      _.       ~ **. Don't forget that The Sun has the
THOS. A. HcINTYRE & CO. #&ffS25*r" "■inlhe
Holy Thinity dmnoii,Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy communion, H:00 a.m.; morning prayer
.mil sermon, 11 n.in.; evensong und
Herman, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
i in. First Sundav of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 ii in. service as well us ut 8
iiii. Week day ami special services
ut they ure announced from time to
time Yuu are cordially invited to
worship with us, uml we would be
pleased to met you, ,
Knox Piip,8DVTK|1IAN CllUliOll—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. und T:.'I0 p,
in.; Subhiit.li school und Bible class  ut
9:45 a.m,   All are cordially invited,
Seats free. Hev M. D. McKee, pus-
MUTHODIST Chuiich J. Hev. Culvert, D.I)., Pustor.—Sunday services,
11 a.in. and 7::I0 p.in.;Sunduy sehool,
2:80 p.m.; Kpworth League!, Monday
at.8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, *. p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m.. Kverybody will be
Baptist Ciiuhoii, Itev. H. W,
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. und 7:o0 p. m.; Bible
cUss aud Sundav school ut 10 a.m.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Go.,
The Kodak Dealers
X\ we are prepared to give the people of (irand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
For Sale at a Bargain— Two horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H,
Plath, box 10, city.
Show curds for widnows und inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to lie read at a
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
oi n. k, ki.ii ■   First Slrppt
Mil.KSL'. RR8II.RNC1., K18
Silver KIhk nml Sllvnr Ijiieeii Mineral
alaalaiifl. aiiiiniti' In Ilia' ilruiiil Korku MIiiIuk
lllvial t Villi) llla-trli'l.
Wlit-rc l.octit.'il'. On tlie Kimt pork ot tlio
North Kork ot Keitlai Itivr.
TAKK   Mll'll'K Haul   I.   .lan'Ot,   M.   I'miiUi-ii.
freo Miner1! CfrlldonJO No.  iwisli, for
IllV-a If Haul 11. llL'l"at f"t   W i llilllll 11. ll aalF lllllll.
a-xeeiltor, anil Hoaail Miaaja,". .-\ar.-nl rIX, of   till!
Will   aal    C itlH'i-iaia-   I laat) laaini.     Kri'H    Mlill'l' M
Certificate   No. J5S1.B.  Iiileiul, »ixi>-   dayi
IIHIII     iliala.   llurUUf,    Iii  lll'l'l*.     I"     UU'   MIllllIK
lU'it-rila-r faar ll C.-'lllii'iUiai'l   lltl|'riavallla_'l,laa. for
the niiriioM! of oblululug erowii uraaniaa of the
llbote olnlllll
.an.I InrllliT t'llala llOtlOO lllalt lli'#all, IttltlOl
flOi'liaan ;!7, aaitli* III* l-lt|IIIIU'IU'a'il l.l'l'ura.' Ilia- is_.ll-
lint'iaol hiuala Certlli'Hit'. aal llil|ariaVa'llll'a't.
Dated thli Ith dny of Muy, A.D I9IJ.
Siiiirlne Mineral Olniin, situate In the
Grand Korku Mlidnti lMvl.luii of Ynle Div
Whore located:  In Welllngljneamp. ...
TAKK NOTICE thnt I, Jowpli Alfred Miller,
Krue Mineral' Certllleate No. Bt. .86, Intend, sixty dui h from tlie date hereof, to npply to the Mlnlliit Recorder for a CertlHcate
in Improvement, for the purpose of obtain-
Iuu a Crown tiiaut of the above clnlm.
And further tnke notice that uclion. tinder
aaectlon oi, mimt be commenced before the
|a.nuauce of   mieh i:ertiHoote  ol   Improve-
"Tl" ted thiii 29ili day of Aliitl,A^.lJ12.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol "»">"•> every nerve In the body
rnugpniwui,,. ltl propw tcMlon s ic.torei
vim nod vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
tveakneat averted at once. Fhoiphoaol *dl
make von a new man. Price Ma box^oi■twoa lor
«8. Mailed to any address, the ScoWU Drug
Co.. It. Catharines. Ont.
The following nre the returns ol
the ore production of the Boundnry
mines for thn week, and also for tlu
venr to dnte:
'Oranby 2f-,30.5
Mother Lode  S.096
Rawhide   0,937
Jackpot      357
Others       140
Smelter treatnien—
Oranhv 24,130
B.C. Copper Co... 14,990
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job office. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Repairs, when necessary, always in
stock at Vancouver.   Sold by"
W. K. G. cJManlr
Having of about 23 cents a ton on
ore transportation, and only half as
much coke will he required to smelt
a given tonnage of ore. The cost of
transporting a ton of bullion to the
eastern refineries will be 50 cents
less tban it is from Grand Forks.
The new plant, which will cost
$1,7000,000, will he completed
within eighteen months to two
years. It is expected to turn out
thirty million pounds of copper annually, giving Granhy a total pro
diictidnof J'orty five to fifty million
General Manager Graves snys
Granby is now treating 'i larger ton
nage of ore at Grand Forks, over
3500 tons daily, at a lower Cost per
ton than ever hefore. This ore yields
about 18^ pounds of copper and 75
cents in gold and silver per ton. He
says the future outlook for Granhy
is brighter, and tbat its. assets arc
worth more than at nhy previous
time'in the company's history.
I figure that when Granby gets
itself into a position where it can
produce forty-five million pounds
of copper annually at a cost of 10
cents, it will earn 118 a share yearly
on a 16 cent metal market, or S9 on
13-cent copper.— Geo. L. Walker.
BrUsh Company Copper
wide. There is a considerable ton-
ii'ige of silicates and carbqhatea of
good grade qn;tbe surface, and lhe
working* at a depth of 9t) to 100
feet uie in primary sulphide". This
development opens up possibilities
for the British Columhia Co|iper
company whieh sl.oul'l .eainse its
stock to sell higher. Current earn
ings must he at the rute of nearly
$1 50 a share for its stock annually.
Boston Copper Expert Com-
'   ments on Granby at
Hidden Creek
Granhy directors have authorized
the management to begin, work immediately on the construction of a
20u0-ton daily capacity smelter at
Hidden Creek. Tbe ore baul will
he ahout a mile and tbe distance
from the smelter site to the docks is
a little less. Hydro-electric power
sullieient for all uses at mine and
smelter, will be developed on a
stream near by.
No arrangement for new financing
has been msde. The company bas
money enough to proceed with the
development of the mine, conduct
its railroad and docks and put in
the foundations of the new plant.
Meanwhile it is earning approximately $100,000 a month. It is
probable that the entire plant will
he paid for out of   operating profits.
Diamond drilling and development work have proved the Hidden
Creek ore bodies to be larger and
higher in grade than they were believed to be when the property was
purchased. Over twelve million tons
of self fluxing smelting ore, which
will average over 2 per cent copper
and carry 30 cents a ton in gold, has
been demonstrated.s
It is figured tha' the company
will make copper at Hidden Creek
cheaper than it doee at I'hoenix and
(irand Forks. Mining costs will be
ahout the same; hut there will be a
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
ut Canada. It is national In all Us
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring tho photographs from
oil over the world.
Its articles oro carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 psr year to any address tn
Canada or Qreat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
LimiUd, Publishers.
The British Copper company
earned about #71000 in March.
Profits were given as 856,600 at the
end of the month; but the appreciation of its copper in transit from
British Columbia to tbe refinery, an
advance of over a cent a pound in
the price of the metal, made it necessary to revise the figures as stated.
Unless British Columbia Copper di
rectors decide to purchase the Voight
property at Princeton and pay for
it out of earnings, the company
will Boon be in a po.-it on to rtsunie
The Voight promises to   make   a
bigger   and   more   pri fi able  mine
than any one that the company now I
owns.    Some time ago I stated that
ore   had   been encountered in this
property which  canied 8  per   cent
copper and $! 1 gold per ton. Further
work leads the management  to  be ;
lieve that a very large  body  of ore |
a being developed which will  average ahout 3 per cent eopper and  $3
to $8 a ton in gold.  The ore zone in
the  Voight   property   is 287   feet
Tho Only Fear
New Merchant—How-big pn"'nil'
would you advise?
Advertising .Man—That depends
oi) how many tons ol cuslonieis
your floor space will sustain. Yon
wouldn't want 'em lo'lireak thrnunl'
into the cellar, of cijUrsel
Had Learned His Lesson
It was the final examination nf
the medical students, and there win-
milch subdued excitement.
''Now, suppose a man enme to
you, evidently a well-to-do person,"
the examiner asked one bright
young fellow, "and gave you a long
list of symptoms. Say you sounded
him, and found absolutely nothing
the matter, what would you do?"
The bright young fellow dtopped
his left eyelid knowingly.
"Tell him he was very bad, and
send him straight home to hed, and
then visit him every day for a
month," he replied succinctly.
The exam'n r made a mark on
the paper befote him.
"Passed-with honors," he com
mented. "You're wasting your time
here, n y boy. Go away, and get
your lirass plate up as soon as possible."      ^
By the  Barrel or Carlond
JUST ARRIVED—A  full  lint- <>.' Seed  Grain.
and (Jni'dcn Seed.
McNeil   &  Henniger
NOTlCKttl.erf.li tivi'ii tl-ut iiciirge Alex-
under "-tnui. UHi nfli.t ;K7., '. O, Box
HIB, Grtil'd l-'.-iUti. will upiil} f*» a .ieeii,*»_ t«.
tc ken i id ti-*** imp o"bto row' ui'r second nf
.. ati-r fin' • T Nni'tii K.m I; Kel'tt ''Ivor i rei U,
»lii«*ii Ri.utln a southerly direction thronirh
Lot M71 ami i ni'ip" nr- Kettle Uivpr neur
'•rand Porks. The \vhi.m*wUI Imtiiver'eit ow-
iitvre the townsite <,f Muuuru. ana Will uo
iftptl fnr Irrigation (.urpn-en tin tlje In A Ae-
■ rihcil it- Fruit t-niid, nlmtil IM .ht s*.
This notice wns posted on the ground on
tlie 80th dny Of Mlirob. 11112. The Himlieutimi
nil! be fih-.l in thn ntllre <>f the Water Ke-
order at Knirview.
Objection* may bp filed, with thn said
Water Recorder nr with the Comptroller of
Wnter KIchtH. Parliament Buildings, Vicioria, B. C. >   .
«. A.K. PKU.,
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you tiring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 at 4 Zeioleb Block,
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   r^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—c^A Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald anil Weekly Star of Montreal, ncknowleilged tn hi
I the greatest und liest family nnd farm paper nn the continent, hat* oi
mnny oecaxiona given ita readers innt-t delightful premium picture,
hut this Benson they have secured what is beyond nny question of douhl
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers It ia entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friend
who meet after an x ior 8separation.
"Laddie," n collie dog, fnnious fnr his benu'ty and gentleness, winners
of many prizes nt dog snows, the pride of the family nnd neighborhood,
has been stolen, and after ninny dnys' absence lie escapes one night Iron
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar,
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjoric, to the door nnd
she throwB hernrms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his bend against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; tbe wnrm-henrted
girl with rippling locks, her nffectioitate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, oil go-to form a picture thnl will win a favored plnce
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur .1. Elsley,- famous fnr
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children nnd animals.
j,    The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy   plnte  pnper   2'2x*2!)
inches all ready for framing will be mailed I'll ___!•_ to  every  subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly .Star for 1912
The smnll sum of 81.50 will secure the two papers for n full yenr in
ciuding a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone ii
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not be bought at thnt price.
Every home in the Boundnry sbould get the big $1.50 worth this
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l lie KuDiiK Hi!Vlie"-"lhe ImuIhu Kuk-HH*"-
riit: Locomotive Ba<t"—f'l'lie aiikiiim-Ii
pieer"—"Iln- Amoiiintii* Tiitititutor"—'*TJii
•sss UlsatiponrlJifrJ ndlcator'
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..•mil!.- (-i)iidetitni(l Key
board"- all
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ew snic- plan rereutly. j * tu (eel thu pulse ot
ihe people.   Simply  ii bin till   ui.-li   payment--
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The result Ims beei) Mid) a delu«e of applica
ii'iiN  for imichiiieH that  we  are   .timply as
The demand (lumen from people of   all ('|._m.p*
all Rges, all oi*enp_ition>.
Tiie noijiiriiy of itiqtilric-s hns eome 'from pi-o
leof known linancial shtndtiiK who were hi
traded by ihe novelty of lbe propos. 'nu.   An
impreslivedemoniiralioii of tbe i.i.itieuxt. pop
ii.arity of the Oliver Typewriter
A nturtlhiK '-onilrmation o( onr belief thai
die Era of Uuiversal Typewriting Uut band.
A  Quarter of a Million People
are  i ; i tf .Mney with
New ivlitidii lssucil Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a ilu/en liuiaks in nni.', i_uwriti^ thi)
history, gnogruphy, geology, lalioinis-
ti'y, iniiiei'iilogy, metallurgv, tcnnin-
ology, uses, stiitistics nml final ce. of
copper, lt. is a pi'ueical book, UKful
to all anil necessary to most nn n en
gaged in any branch of the coppen
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
mun. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or fa vol-.
lt lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Cupper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Relerence
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fai'ts it ijives him about, mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
t'acts it gives him iilimit mining, mini
ng investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
■xpiised in plain Knglish.
Price is #5 in Hni'kiiiin with gilt
up; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on ap-
iroval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of re
•eipt if not found fully sittisfuctury.
Horace J.  Stevens,
|Kilitui innl Publisher,
45:. I'ostiillice liluck,
Houghton. iMicliigan.
The Standa rd-Visibte Writer
The   Oliver Typewriter   la   a   moiiev-inakei
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many.classes of workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
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factor in thu home training of young people,
An educator att well ns a monev maker.
Onr new lel.iiii! plan puts   lbe Oliver on the
threshold of every home tn Ameriea. Will von
clone the door of ynur homeoroltloe on this re-
mrtrlrable Oliver oflarf
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CHICA80.    ILL.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
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1, 1912, it will he advanced to $2.<XJ.
Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 issite9 of 1912 will contain
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best reading, including nearly 300
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Athletics for Hoys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement fo,- 1912 and Sample
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FREE to Jaa. 1912
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paper) wilh $1.75 for ihe 52 iatueiof
The Companion for 1912 will receive
AH Um luues for tho remaining
weelti of 1911 free, Including tbe
beautiful Holiday Number*; alto B M
Tho Companion's Picture Calendar
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Than Tho Companion for tbe 52
woa!u of 1912—all for $1.75—your
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1, 1912, it will be advanced to $2.
Writing Irom Poplar, B.O., Mn. 0.
Hanson, proprietraw of tha Commercial Hotel, says: " I suffered for yeara
vith bleeding piles. Tha pain waa sol
bad at timaa that I could hardly walk,
and ordinary reinediea aeemed utterly
unable to give me any ease. Finally
I decided to undergo an operation,
and went to the Sacred Heart Hospital
in Spokane. There they performed an
operation. For a time I waa certainly
batter, but within twelve montha tha
piles became aa painful aa aver. I
tried linimenta, hot poulticea, various
• pile cures,' and indeed everything I
could think would be likely to do any
good, hut atill I continued to Buffer,
and the (hooting, burning, stinging
pains, the dull, aching, 'worn-out
feeling that the diseaae causes continued aa bad aa over.
" One day I read about Zam-Buk
and thought I would try it. The firat
one or two boxes gave me mora ease
than anything else I had tried, ao I
went on with the treatment. In a
short time I began to feel altogether
different and better. Well, I went on
using Zam-Buk, and by the time I had
used six boiea I was delighted to find
myself entirely cured. That waa three
yeara ago, and there hat been no
return of the trouble,"
Zam-Buk la a aure cura for piles,
ectema, ulcers, abscesses, eruptions,
chapped bands; varicoee aores, burns,
scalds, bruises, inflamed patches, and
all skin injuries and diseases. Druggists and stores everywhere, 60c, box,
or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price.
jam liuk
Amundaan'a Name.
Although Amundsen haa been a
famoua man ever since be discovered
the Northwest Passage, his name Is
still pronounced wrong aB often as
right. The correct prououncintlon Is
with a strong stress on the flrst syllable, which Is made rather long—
"Ah!-moond-sen." The "oo" is not
quite no close and positive as In
moon, and - the "e" Is somewhat
alighted. The last two syllables, being cluttered up with consonants,
take each about the same time as the
long "ah," so that the rythm is much
like that of "Edmonton," or "excellent" emphatically spoken. It is a
resonant, spirited name, worthy of
a modern viking.—Springfield Republican.
The change of dietary that comes
with spring and summer has the effect in weak stomachs of setting up.
Inflammation, resulting ln dyaentery
and cholera morbus. The abnormal
condition will continue If not attended to and will cause tit exhaustive
drain on the system. The best available medicine is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial." It clears the
stomach and bowels of Irritants,
counteracts the Inflammation and restores the organs to healthy action.
One Pie for 90 Persons.
Over 90 persons partook at Gorlcs-
ton of a sea plo into the making of
which there entered two atone of
flour, six rabbits, six ox and sheep
kidneys, 28 pounds of beefsteak, two
atone of green vegetables, half a
Btone ot onions and two stone of
turnips and carrots.
The total weight of the pie was
over 200 pounds and it took two days
to cook.—I_ondon Evening Standard.
Slight Delay.
He—If an old millionaire on the
verge ot the grave wanted to marry
you, would you throw mo over?
She—Not necessarily. 81 ill you
might have to wait a year or two.—
Eloper's Half-Holiday.
Oormany possesses 1.500 moving
picture shows, of which thore are
860 ln Berlin.
tsL KlDNfY #«,/
r*H-r s  DiV.V  ,
W. N. U. No. 893.
Willing to Accommodate
A justice got a jolt the other day,
and he Ib telling the story of it yet.
He scii that late one afternoon he
gave a case to a jury and that it was
4.30 o'clock the folowmg morning before the jury agreed upon a verdict.
"I waited for the verdict," said the
justice, "aud after it was returned I
told the jurors that as it was possible
most of them were married men, lt
they desired ' would give to each a
certificate that he had been detained
until 4.30 o'clock In the morning on
Jury service.
"The Jurors consulted together for
a few minutes," continued the justice, "and then the foreman arose
and said:—'Wo thank you for your
consideration nnd appreciate the
kindness of your offer and desire to
say that lf yonr Honor needs a certificate to the effect that you were detained until 4.30 o'clock iu the morning waiting for our verdict we will
gladly so certify.'"
The justice hastily declined this
kind offer with thanks, and just as
hastily adjourned court.
A Prime Dressing   for   Wounda	
In aome factories and workshops carbolic acid Ib kept for use in cauterizing wounds and cuts sustained by the
workmen. Far better to keep on
hand a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
tric Oil. It Is just as quick in action
and does not scar the skin or burn
the flesh. There is no other Oil that
has Its curat! :e qualities.
"Talk about long playing," said the
Yankee to Pat. "Why, your countrymen wouldn't get a look in with us.
I know a fellow-citizen who played
'Beautiful Stars and Stripes' on the
piano for several hours."
"Arrah, close yer mouth," said Pat.
"You ought to be ashamed of yourself, to be talking ahout nothing.
Sure I know an Irishman that played
'Ireland Forever' on a flute."
Baby's Own Tablets are recommended by thousands of thankful
mothers who hare used them for
their little ones aud have found them
a safe and sure cure for constipation, indigestion, worms, simple
fevers and all stomach aud bowel
troubles. Concerning them Mrs. Au-
guste Bller, St. Damase, Que.,
writes: "Please send me another box
of Baby's Own Tablets. I have already used them and have found
them an excellent remedy for little
ones. I would strongly recommend
them to all mothers." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
In the Dark.
Edith—How did you feel when
Jack kissed you through the tunnel?
Ethel—I felt as lf I never wanted
to aee his face again.—Boston Transcript.
John Misunderstood.
Herr Baron (flnding a friend's clg-
garette case in his coat pocket)—
There! I must have put this In my
pocket by mistake the other night.
John didn't you notice a strange
cigarette case In this coat?
John—Oh, yes, sir, but I dldu't say
anything to anybody about it.—File-
gende Blaetter.
Winter's Chill
Upset Kidneys
Pain In Back   Tell   of   Congestion
Cauaed by Cold.
You Can  Prevent 8erious Complications by Using.
When the surface of the body Is
auddenly chilled the millions of pores in the skin are quickly cloned.
Uuder ordinary circumstances these
li.ir 'M are of enormous assistance to
the kidneys III removing poisons from
the system. Their failure means
greatly lucreaaed strain on the kidney*, and frequently congestion,
which leads to serious disease.
This explains why kidney troubles are so frequent at this season
of the year, and why you require
something to quicken the action of
the kidneys and keep them in healthful working condition.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are
particularly effective under these
conditions because of their combined
action on the kidneys, liver and bowels. The whole Altering and excretory syatoins are thoroughly cleansed
aud Invigorated, tho poisons arc removed from the blood and you feel
like a different person.
-The digestive system does nol
have half a chance when these other
organs are clogged with waste mat
ter and sluggish In action. But once
you get the liver aud kidneys right
the liiiiss of food being digested
moves quickly through the allmeht-
ary canal, your appetite Improves,
digestion Is good and life is worth
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box. at all dealers
or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
A certain member of a Boston club
habitually evinces such a frigid demeanor that many of hia acquaintances, have facetiously averred that
"lt gives one a cold to shake hands
with him."
One evening a group at tho club
were discussing the disposition ot the
said member, when a newcomer ventured this:—
"Why, gentlemen, I understand
that it Is tho custom in this club
when that chap attends a dinner here
to Ice the claret ln order that it may
be at the same temperature as the
dining-room."—Hurper'B Magazine.
Veur druggist will refund money It PAZO
OINTMENT falls lo cure any caso of
Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In C to 14 daya   60c
The Censorship In Russia.
It Is pleasant to learn—the story is
current ln many a Russian household
—that the cook books which had
been condemned because a recipe
contained tho words "perfect freedom," words which were used in reference to some culinary process,
have escaped further mutilation and
hare been selling'without hindrance.
On. the other hand, the list of books
which continue to be suppressed is
long and varied.—landon Times.
> Deafness Cannot Se Cured
bv local »Dl)llci.t.oi._, tj they cannot reach the dl*
tufld norltoi ot tho ear. There Is only oue way w
eon iexomx, and lhat to by comutullojal remedy
Deatoeu to cauaed by an Inflamed condition of tha
mucoufl alntni of lhe EuaUchlaii Tube. When thli
tube to Unauied you havo a rumbllat Bound or Imperii' 't hearlM. anl when It to entirely ilosed. Deal-
neaa 1, the teailll. anal unlets the Inllatumatlou call be
token out nnd Ihis tube restored lo Ils normal condition, hearlue will bo destroyed forever; nine cases
out of leu aro cauaed by ('alarm, which to nolium
but an In-lamed condition ot the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollara for any eaee ol
Deafness fcaiuoai by catarrh) lhat cannot be cured
by IlaU'l uteri* Cure. Send for circulars, free.
' ,; 1. tilESKV * CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Oral wliU. flc.
Take lull's Family Pills tor conatlnalaou.
Things Unprintable
Willie—Mother always carves when
we have company to dinner.
Bobby—Isn't your fattier able to?
Willie—Yes;  but he   ain't able to
without aayttt' things.—Boston Tran-
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Attendant Was Wise.
Jones had just run over to see lf
.Mr. and Mrs. Blank would go to the
theatre with them. Mrs. Blank was
sorry, but, unfortunately, Blank was
out. Probably he waB at the club.
She would telephone. The following
conversation ensued:
"Halloa! Is this the   club?   Is
my husband there, Halloa! Not there.
Sure? Well, ull right, then; but hold
on. How do you know? 1 haven't
even told you my name."
"There ain't nobody's husband here
—never." was the wise attendant's
reply.—San Francisco Star.
Wo questioned the applicant for a
position as laundress.
"Are you married?" we asked.
"No sah, I'se a wlddah."
"Ab—and your husband is dead?"
"YasBuh"—bea sho dald."
"How did ho meet hla death?"
"Meet It? Laws, man, he didn't
meet It! Dey had ter chase him two
mile to dey all could ketch him an'
put de rope roun' his neck."—Life.
"Yos—I have every hope of being
elected councillor—the seat is vacant,
and they want a strong head to occupy it"—
"Oh—then you sit on your heads in
the council?"—Samedl.
12 Tumors Removed Without An Operation
grateful for tn:
_,,„.. , ,     Silver Lake, Ont., Sept. 10. MM.
r,."T.5.Ir"; Currah.—I am enjoying better health than I have for eight yearn
I think I am entirely cured.   I bave none ot the old symptoms,   f am ver?
""   " present heelth. and think Orange Lily Is the greatest treatment
for women the world knows. Its
use In my case caused M tumors
or growths of some sort to be expelled. Some were as large as a hen's
egg, and others smaller, down te
the site of a walnut.   Tou may uie
^y case In your advertisement, fer
la the solid truth, and pen
cannot describe all the good It bas
done for me. Mrs. Louise E. Bolts*
This letter gives an Indication el
the positive benefits that alwaya
follow the use ef Orange Lily. It Is
an applied treatment and comes
In direct contact with the suffering
organs. It produces results from
including painful periods,   falling of
the start In all cases of women's disorders,
aotiib, Irregularities, leuoorrhoea. eto.
I will eend a sample box containing M days' treatment absolutely free to any
suffering woman who has not yet tried It If the will send me her address. Useless I
stamps and address MR*. FRANCES E. CURRAH, Windsor, Ont. t
Cures  tho  sick and acts as a preventative for others.
Liquid given on lhe tongue.    Safe for brood mares and
all others.    Best Kidney remedy: 60 cents a bottle; $6.00
the rlosen.    Bold by alt druggists and harness houses.   Distributors —   ALL WHOLESALI! DnUOQISTS.
•POHN   MEDICAL  CO.,   Bacteriologists, OOSHEN, IND., U. S. A.
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop a headache promptly, yet do not contain any ot
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. Ask your
Druggist about them.  25c. a boa.
HanoNat Oaue »«• CHiweai Ce. er Caaaea, Haws. 132
A Surmise.
"That," said the musician, "is s
Stradivarlus.   It is worth thousands."
"H'm!" replied Mr. Cumrox, rather
wearily. "I suppose music is something like the drug business. Things
cost more wben you call 'em by their
Latin names.'—Washington Star.
"Why do you encourage you boy to
take so much interest in his studies?"
"Well," replied Mr. Bllggins, "I
suspect I have unconsciously been
Bullish In the matter. It keeps htm
from coming home and showing off
how much more he knows about philosophy and tho higher mathematics
than 1 do"
Scrap Iron and useless machinery
which passed Into the possession of
the United States from the old
French Panama Canal Company have
netted the surprising sum ot $2,112,-
Pedantic Old Gentleman (to restaurant waiter)—I believe lt is Improper to speak disrespectfully _ot
one's elders?
Restaurant Waiter—So I'ts heard,
Pedantic Old Gentleman — Then I
will be silent concerning this fowl
you have Just brought me.—London
Mlnsrds Liniment for sale everywhere.
A Clew.
Paul—Young Strongarm just pall
me a ten that he owed me.
Peter—I suppose hn got It ln ths
usual way. I was held up again last
So rare are cases of hydrophobia
now In Kurope that during the last
ten years cases have only averaged
one per annum.
The lace trade of France is Baid
to afford employment for 200,000 persons.
Bi i
Dr. R. V. Pieroe of Buffelo, author of the Common Ssase
Medical Adviser, says " why does not the farmer treat bis ow«
body as be treats the land he cultivates. He puts baek is phosphate what he tskea out ia crops, or the land would grow poor.
The former sbould put baek into his body the vital element,
exhausted by labor, or by ill-health induced by tome chrome
diseaae." Further, he says, " the great velue of my Doctor
Pieroe's Golden Medical Discovery is ia iti vitalizing power. It glvee stress*
io the stomach sad purity to the blood. It is Uke th. phoephstee <££"»£
nature with the substance, that build up the orop..    The far-reaching action ol
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Dl«c«r*erj
i. due to its e«eot on ths stomach and organs of dUsstlon and "Writio.. Dis.
ease, thst begin in the stomaoh sre cured through ths .tonieh. A biliou. .pell
is simply the result of ss effort mod. by the liver to ostch up when over-worked
end exhausted. I have found ths ' DUcovery • to be unsurpassed a. a liver tef*
ulator and rich blood-maker." '
Miss Lottie Kmisf.i.v of Perth. Kansas, says: "I will hew "■""J.^'SiSii
of tho effectiveness of your remedy upon myself. I was "™S with ™*«J™°;
for two years or mow. Doctowd with three different doctor. W™,»,W|*»™J;
ous kinds ot so-called' stomach cures* but received no permanent relief. ItiurM
downcould not sleep st night with the pain In my cheat, caused bj*gsi on.thestom>
ach. Was weak, could cat scarcely anything although I was hlungrr nearWJ*nib.s
time. About one year and a half ago f began taking your Golden Medical Discovery,'and after having taken soveral botfles am nearly «-^"J.!«Sm»ch troubl*l
Cun now cat without distress and have wined fifteen pounds In wehjht.
i thank you tor your remedy and wish you sll success lu your good work.". TTTF. flSTTN. GRANT) FORKS. TUtTTTSIT COLUMBIA.
The Saving Grace of a Sense of
;W.sr Jsds Ornsmsnts With Yeur 81m.
pie Heues Frooke snd You'll Bs In
La Msde'e Front Rank—Women Whs
Hsvs s Tsste Fsr J.d.. ■
Dear Elsa-Last nlgbt at an Informs]
'dinner party, where Dick and myself
.Bids part of a Jolly sextet, not ot
f Florsdora" girls, but ot guests, tbs
.talk veered round to ths subject ot
,"fslry gtfts"-wbst ons would best Uke
the good fairy to give us.
Riches, good looks, fascination—ths
%holt gamut was ran until lt cams tbs
turn ot Dorothy D. to decide her gift
jWltb a half laugh, shs said: "It I could
bars but. ons gift of tho gods, whet
Wonld I take? A gift of humor."
Dick uld that girl knew tbs secret
'of comfortable living and hs was going
to put a certain worth while bachelor
[et his acquaintance "wise to" Dorothy. That decision of hers sst us all
[conversationally quick stepping about
the advantages of owning this particular sense—that ot humor. It seems to
ins If yon have this sense of humor
ind do not hare to force a smile you
|ust chuckle because you can't help lt
While doing tbe most Impossible things
roar thoughts will be bubbling over
with the funny side of lt. Really I
ton't think there ls a situation, no matter how trying, but ls msde better by
the power to see tbe fun In It. Why*, I
knew a woman with s sense ot humor
who when putting on her widow's bonnet Just before attending the burial
services of a husband sbe had positively worshiped actually laughed at the
absurd angle tbe milliner bad put a
bow on her cap.
The humor sense, though, ls some-
femes called dangerous, and sobersides
even consider It frivolous. There Is no
greater safety valve, however, and the
happy possessor sbonld deem himself
blessed of tbe gods.
i It Is said that few women own a
real sense of humor, but we women
know this Is as false as most of the
theorizing shout our ssx. We may not
be able to see tbe fun In the same
things that a man does, but too msny
women sre fsclng distressing conditions and actually getting amusement
out of tbem to deny her this sixth snd
most blessed of senses. These are the
arguments tbe women bended out to
the men at table. And their answer
was, "Lots of women think they have
a sense of humor wben they hove only
a dogged sort of 'grin and bear It
courage.'" They admitted "that it
was much better to smile than to
weep," to tnke life cheerfully snd keep
en fighting thnn to "chuck the Job,"
but tbey did not tblnk this attitude
one of humor, rather something mors
I "Lots ot women, too," they continued, "think tbey have a sense ot humor because they can see a well sharpened point to a Joke. That Is only perception, a quick wit  Others lay claim
,to tbe coveted possession when they
can enjoy n Joke st snotbsr's expense
snd realize how excruciatingly funny
are the happenings of their Mends."
1 Well, we all finished tbe symposium
by conceding thst the person possessed
of a rent sense of humor enjoys a Joke
Just as much at bis own expense ss
at bis neighbors nnd that the gods bad
been good to tho mon or woman to
[wbom tbey bad given this coveted gift
You nsked me in your last letter
what kind of Jewelry to wear wltb
your new gray one piece bridge gown.
Well, I would say that the very
thing to wear with tbla dress Is a
neudnnt or pin • * Jade, If you are fortunate enough to have a piece of this
Chinese stone. The effect of a Jade
plaque slung around tbe tbroat on a
rather fine gold chain ls most charming when worn on a high necked day
dress. Iu fnct, It ts safe to say that
the really well dressed woman regards
tbe Chinese Jade plaque as an Imperative asset to her Jewel case. Quite
•part, Elsa, dear, from the aesthetic
charm • plaque af the delicate green
stone Is rich wltb Interest tbe delicately carved design upon It representing In' every Instance something
symbolical expressed In birds, fruit or
animals. Jade, too, has tbe advantage
of *olng well wltb almost any color of i
B< 'n, for If one chooses a dress of
black, gray, green, purple, brown or
blue the eastern stone harmonizes per-
jfectly. Tour Jewel box snd mine,
dear, ore not heavily ladened, and our
■treasures nre tew nnd far between,
bo for us the Jade ornament Is a use-
jful one to purchase.
I Here's another "timely tip," st the
gesdllners put It, that may bc of service to you. In addition to tbe usual
chiffon or net lining fir yoiir trans-
parent blouses, put In sn extra sop-
Irate slip of chiffon. When the
bleeves ef tbe blonss are to tbe wrist
tit sleeves of the slln msv bt carried
to that point and <ook very dainty It
finished with a narrow edge of fine
lace and a threading ot narrow rib-
,bon. While affording an Incredible
■amount of extra warmth, this slight
•lip does not by any means obliterate
tbe now almost Inevitable cache Corbet, also decked wltb ribbon.
j Jnst a little patience, you dear, long
suffering victim. I'm going to send
you ■ recipe for making a delicious
Velvet csndy. and then I'm done. If
jyou follow the formula exactly you'll
succeed beautifully with tbe candy
'Here tt ls: To one-ouarter of a cake
of chocolate add ont and a half cupfuls et white su.rar, ons cupful of
nllk, • lump ot butter the size of ■
walnut and a pinch of cinnamon,
Break the chocolate into bits and put
it into the milk and sugar and cook
very slowly, preferably on a gas stove
with the flame turned low, for about
fifteen or twenty minutes until the
candy forms the softest sort of a ball
In water, Just barely holding Itself
together. Then remove from the Sre,
add the butter and cinnamon and pour
ont on a big platter to cool. Do not
batter the platter. Wben lt ia entirely cold beat it for about half an hour,
or until It Is stiff enough to bold together well when tossed trom a fork
In little balls to another platter. It ls
now ready to eat and will be found
delicious, light as sea foam and, oh,
so good! When you answer this tell
how you like the sweet to
Fer Eye Irritation.
When ohe ls forced to work nndcr a
light that la placed too high for eye
comfort and cannot be readily adjusted lt ls far better to use an opaque
green shade over the eyes than to allow the sight to become permanently
A good quality of these can be purchased at your stationer's for the moderate sum ot 25 cents, and tbe relief
you will And ln them will be moro
than worth the small expense.
Bhould tbe eyes become Irritated
near the eyelash use a wash of lukewarm sterilized water, bavlng diluted
therein as much boric acid as the water will take up.
One can prepare a pint bottle of this
and hava it ready for use at any time.
Tbe only thing necesssry would be to
place the bottle In a cup of warm water, so as to make lt lukewarm before
Sbould • white sediment form at the
bottom of the bottle ln crystal form
the Infusion ls by no means spoiled, as
this ls only a very small extra quantity of the boric acid which has been
absorbed by tbe water aud ls in no
way harmful.
More tban a certain quantity, say a
heaped teaspoonful to s pint ot water,
will not be absorbed, so tbere ls no
fear of making the wtter too soft, as
only a certain degree con be achieved
ln this direction.
Use of this when the lids become Irritated, applying with a well cleaned
eyecup, will save'you trom many a
painful and patience trying stye, an
abscess of the eyelid tbat Is most discomforting and which makes Its appearance  at  the  most  Inopportune
A Wonderful Vine.
Grapevines are known to live •
great many years and bear almost
yearly crops of good fruit One of the
eldest grapevines ln this country,
wblcb grows on Roanoke Island, North
Carolina, ls claimed to be more tban
800 years old. Ite yield Is still very
abundant, and the vine appears to be
In good health. Blstoiisns declare tbat
It was planted by members of Sir Walter Raleigh's party, wbo tailed from
England for tbe coast ot the new
world tn the year 1584. Many persons
bave secured cuttings from this plant
but fsw will grow.-Ilorper's Weekly.
Gleaning. From th. Arahlves ef ■
Practical Hou.ewife.
Tbe following recipes, which may be
■if valut at this season, are favorites
gleaned from an old family recipe book
oelonglng to a housewife with practical notions:
A simple ml* and potato soup tbat
will be something hot for the children
' when they get home from school at
noonday calls for six or eight potatoes
and two onions.   Boil tbem In enough
water to cover until tender and tben
press them tbrough a colander and return to the stove. Add a quart of boll-
| Ing bot milk, season wltb salt, pepper
i and butter. Let the whole come to the
| boiling point, add a beaten egg lf de-
| sired and serve Immediately.   A bit of
| minced parsley Improves lt
A bot nourishing dish of oysters and
macaroni ls welcome In cold weather.
Boll tbe macaroni until tender, put a
layer ot tt over tbe bottom of a buttered baking dlsb, then cover with a layer
of oysters, add another ot macaroni,
and so on until tbe dish Is filled. Season each layer with pepper and salt
and also add a bit of butter. If tbe
top layer ls one ot oysters sprinkle
well with powdered bread or cracker
crumbs. It the last layer is one ot
macaroni the breadcrumbs will not be
needed. Pour In enough milk beaten
with a large egg to cover tbe contents
of the dish and bake ln a hot oven.
For another luncheon dish mince a
cold piece of boiled tongue. Mix lt
with a hot cream sauce, adding tbe
beaten yolk of an egg to glvo richness. Let it simmer very slowly over
the fire while eome delicate slices ot
toast are being buttered. Cover each
piece of toast with tbe mixture and.
send to tbe table ln a covered dish.
Ham may be used instead of tongue.
For deviled bam, bo good ln sandwiches for the lunch basket have
ready a pint bowlful ot chopped ham;
an even tablespoonful ot sugar, an
even tablespoonful of ground mustard,
a saltspoonful of cayenne pepper and a
cupful ot vinegar.. Mix pepper, sugar
aud mnstard thoroughly and add the
vinegar, little by little, then stir it Into
the chopped meat, nnd when a smooth
mass hss been formed pack lt Into
molds. If lt ls to le kept some lime
pack it ln little Jars aud pour melted
butter over the top.	
Another Long Coat Model,
And still tbey come—tbo long ontlng
coats ot many new mnteriala and
The wrap illustrated Is an odd affair, canted out ln a pepper and salt
Natursl Error.
"Will yon take me to your circus,
Mr. Merry?"
"Wby, Willie, I bave nothing to do
wltb any circus. What makes you ssk
"Why, mother uld you was •
clowo."-New Vork Times.
Ths Reason.
'That lawyer used to bt t milkman."
"That tcconntt for tbe way In wblcb
he pumps bis witnesses."—Btttlmort
Net Particularly Cordial.
Gcraldlne—Whnt did ps tay to you?
Gerald-Well, he didn't send for the
msyor ot the dty to make sn addrett
•f welcome to me.-New York Press. ■■'
Mythology Up te Dste.
"Sty, pn, who's Pegasus?"
"He's the only borse tbat can tow
home an airship, my son."-Womau'z
Home Companion.
The Prlnter*e Error.
"My pigmy counterpart," the pott wofo
Of his dear child, the darling ot Alt
Then longed to clutch the stupid printer's
That eet It at, "Ur pis. my counter-
-Barutr'a Weekl*.
omnia com with bsiwl hsveus.
mixture of Scotch tweed. The unusual feature Is to be found lu tbe big
sbewl revere and In the wide bands
on skirt of coat It's decidedly smart
for outing wear.
Same Famous Dun.ee.
Literary history Is crowded wltb In*
stances of torpid and uninteresting
boyhood. Clbbon was pr.'tioiinced
"dreadfully dull," add the utmost tbat
was predicted of Hume In bis youth
was that "he mlgbt possibly become a
steady merchant." Adam Clarke, afterward so deeply skilled In oriental languages and antiquities, wat pronounced by bis father to be "a grievous
dunce," and of Dollenu, wbo bfcame a
model for Pope, It wns said tbat he
was a youtb of little understanding.
Dryden wno "a grent numskull," who
went through a course of education
at Westminster, but tbo "stimulating
properties of Dr. Busby's classical
ferrule were thrown nwny upon the
drone wbo wis to be known as 'Glorl-
out John.' "—London Standard.
It Was Rapid, but Disastrous, end
France Stopp.d It
Ont ot tbe most singular fishing devices Imaginable was discovered by accident ln France. Though extremely
simple, tbe system is revolutionary.
A pond on the farm of la Mnrle-
qnette, bordered by rocky shores, was
drained one year by the aid ot a steam
pump. Each stroke ot the piston drew
hp twenty-five gallons ot water, and
the pond was emptied In a few hours,
and not only was the water drawn ofr.
but all tbe fishes also were transferred
to a new element.
This was a revolution. Tbe owners
of ponds ln the neighborhood followed
suit and the proprietor of the pump
made a specialty of this sort ot work.
He "let" one ot hla pumps, modified
for the purpose. The peasants of tbe
region called lt "the flsb pump." Bach
stroke of the piston brought up torrents of water; ln whicb were fish and
crawfish, together with mud and debris,
One pond of several acres was cleared ot flsb at an expense of 80 francs,
or $720. The process was Ingenious,
but"as one cannot bare bis flsb and eat
It, too, and as such rapid consumption
wonld bave led to equally rapid extermination, the authorities stopped the
practice.—Scientific American.
Tradesmen Prote.ted When They Firat
Appeared In London.
In a letter dated April 1, 1639, Mr.
Garrard, writing to the Earl of Strafford, says: "Here Is one Captain Bally.
He hatb been a sea coptaln, but now
lives ln London, where he tries experiments. He bath erected according to
his ability some four hackney conches,
put bla men ln a livery and appointed
them to stand at the Maypole In the
Strand, giving them instructions at
what rate to carry men Into severnl
porta of tbe town, where all day tbey
mny be bad,
"Other hackney men seeing this wsy,
Ihey flocked to tbe aame place and performed their Journeys at Ibe same rate,
so that sometimes tbere are twenty of
them together, whicb disperse up end
Citizen shopkeepers bitterly, complained ot this, saying:
"Formerly wben ladles and gentlemen walked ln the streets tbere was a
chance of customers, but now tbey
whisk past ln tbe coaches before our
apprentices bave time to cry out
'What d'ye lack?"
The word cab, a contraction of cabriolet was not used until 1823,-London
He Liked Scotchmen.
The late Meredith Townsend had nn
affection for Scotsmen as contributors
to the Spectator, of which be was for
so msny years proprietor ond coedltor.
Mr. Townsend's liking for ths Scots
wns based on on experience be had In
Leith wben a boy. He was on a boll-
day tnd bad run short of money for
bis return to London. He boldly boarded a London passenger boat, Intimated
bis desire to tbe captain to go south,
explained who be was and stated that
be was without funds. Seemingly favorably Impressed by tbe lad's tale and
appearance, the captain, a Scot said
that would be all rlgbt and sbowed
blm to a cabin. "But" said young
Townsend, "this ls t saloon. As things
are steerage wonld do all right" "Na,
oa, my mannle," said the captain. "If
I trust ye at all I'll trust ye first clnss!"
London Spectator.
: Sweet Influence of Children After o
Stay In Reno.
i   Dear Perclval—Tbe time has como
! when, lu spite of our disagreement. I
| must appeal to you for the sake of
' your sou.
J lf you do not wish the boy to become a hypochondriac tn tbls desolate
| place you will do something for him
at once. The poor little fellow pines
tor the pleasures to which be has been
! accustomed.    "Oh,  mamma," he ex-
i clnlmed yesterday, "I haven't been
kidnaped eltber by you or papa In
more thnu a month!"
I think, Perclval. that you could
•pare a few dnys from your questionable pleasures in New Tork to at least
steal your own son. But do be cure- .
ful. If he suspected that I had written to you about It half his pleasure
would be spoiled. Engage pleaty ot
detectives and let blm be shadowed
for a few daya before laying hands
on htm. He expressed the wish tbat
be might be carried oft ln an airship.
1 He Is so tired of automobiles!
I   It Is the long waiting tbat troubles
■ tbe boy.   He Is really very much In
' tcrested In the divorce proceedings
' end testifies beautifully against you
at rehearsals, avoiding the truth with
1 nn inherent sagacity that reminds me
of you.
|    But bow be misses the crowds and
j the gayerlcs of dear New Tork!  Here
j tbere Is nothing bnt sheep for him to
j kill on bis Joy rides and not a chorus
1 girl for blm to marry.
I   .Do not spend too much money ou
i Natalie.   You always did spoil the girl
and neglect the boy.   Algernon Is terribly jealous becnuse her picture was
ln the papers ln connection with your
sentence to  prison  for tbe banking
fraud.   1 shall really have to give up
I my suit and return lf you do not see
1 your duty In his matter.   Yours pending. > EMM ALYNH.
j   Iteno, Dec. 10, 1910.
| Dear Em-Great Idea! Come abend
a aud save me from tbls crazy kid. Never mind nbout the boy.   It he's big
■ enough to forge all tbese magnificent
' checks I'm paying he's big enough to
kidnap himself. But Natalie, at fifteen, ls a worse nuisance than yon
I were at forty. Forgive the figures and
; Ihe tense. I'm nearly mad with trying
; to amuse her.
|    Just fired tbe sixth chauffeur tbla
a week.   Wouldn't do.   Too homely to
[ elope wltb.   To tell tbe truth, you
I know, 1 sometimes balf disapprove ot
tbls chauffeur eloping craze anyhow.
lt was all right wben lt was new,
but If s getting all to the Elinor Glyn.
"Papa," sbe blubbered today, "I have
not been arrested for smuggling since
mamma went away."
It was heartrending.   I tried to get
her to read a book-banded ber "The
Song of Songs"-but sbe ssld it was
too stupidly moral.   I bone she'll be
quiet tonight, for she's giving a barefoot dance ot Mrs.  Calrfrle's.    Her
costume arrived today ln a postcard,
price $2,000.   Tbe less the more with
tbese dressmakers!   I hste to disturb
I your plans for being rid of me, but
| for my part I'm ready for a complete
| reconciliation, you to live In Paris and
! I  bere, all just os comfortable and
' happy as It was before.
j   And  we sball  always cherish  the
thought that It was our little ones
wbo brought us together.   Your affectionate husband, PEBCIVAU
-Chester Firkins in Puck.
The First Henchmen.
8keat derives the word henebman
from bengstman (Anglo-Saxon), horseman, groom. It ts probable tbot bench-
men were ln the flrst Instance young
nobles who at state ceremonies attended on the king at mounted pages. History speaks of these henchmen tn this
capacity, for we read that Henry VI.
had three and Edward IV. six of tbem.
We find, too, that they were mentioned In the royal ceremonies as belonging "to the riding household" tnd took
part In tournaments. Tht last time
"henebman" Is mentioned ln connection wilh tbe court Is ln the reign of
Henry Vill., nnd gradually lt came to
mean tn ordinary page. Tbe word Is
used by Ben Jonson and Shakespeare
In this sense.
. The New Reading.
The New Mother-You know, hygienic silencc has demonstrated that many
of tbe old Ideas about children are absolutely pernicious to the race.
Tbe Old Mother-Yes; I understand
tbe new philosophy aaya tbe hand that
rocks the cradle is tbe hand that
wrecks tbe world.-Balttmore American.
Charlotte Cerday.
Charlotte Corday. tbe slayer of Ma
rat was, according to the best authorities, of noble llnenge. Unlike the
Mold of Orleans, the most Illustrious
blood Bowed In her veins. Bhe was
well educated, and not n whisper was
ever beard against ber moral character. It doea not appear tbat she ever
manifested the slightest signs of Insanity or fanaticism. Her action ln
killing Marat was attended by nothing
like madness or hallucination. Taught
to believe that the Paris butcher was
the one mnn who hindered the righteous settlement of tbe strife that was
'destroying her country, she quietly
went down to the great city and tn a
very unostentatious manner dispatched
the man she believed to be ber people's
greatest eoemy.-New York Amvlcan.
Helpful Hlnte.
Jewelry can be successfully cleaned
by washing It In hot totpsnds ln
which a little ammonia has been dissolved. Shake off the water and lay
tbe Jewelry ln a smsll box of One sawdust to dry. This method leaves no
scratches or marks of any kind.
To wash brushes and combs, put a
teaspoonful of ammonia In a basin of
bot water and dip tbe brush np end
down ln It, letting the comb remain In
the water for t few minutes. In this
way all the grease will disappear and
after rinsing In cold water. both
brushes and combs will be perfectly,
Tbe best way to clean patent leather?
shoes Is, after removing all tha dirt, to
wipe tbem over with a toft cloth
dipped In milk. Polish with a dry,,
clotb and you will have s bright polish,'
betides preserving tbt leather.
•teted a Foot
A clergyman highly esteemed for hit
many excellent qualities, of wblcb ora..
tory is not one, hss recently bnd placed
In his church by bis loving congregation a new pulpit. It Is a line piece of
work, ornate with carving and artistic
embellishment But the text Insci n-od.
on It, considering the effect of tho good
lector's sermons, might have been more
happily chosen. "He glvctb his belov»
ed sleep," lt runs. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone lt 39.
John Fellin, while at work on the
new nildition to the Pacific hotel
last Saturday afternoon, fell and
broke one of hig legs. He was removed to the Cottage hospital, and
is now rapidly recovering from the
effects of the accident.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Miller, of the
Hotel Winnipee, left on Friday for
Vancouver, where Mrs. Miller will
enter a hospital for the purpose of
submitting to a surgical operation.
The Granby Smelter company
has ii new Cadilac automobile. It
oan be started by simply pressing ft
The boom of the Danville Lumber it Milling company in the Kettle river at Danville has mora, than
one million feet of logs in it.
Fnr Sale—Span of horses; 6 and 8
years old; will "'eigh about 2,aS00
lbs.    Enquire at this office.
The British Columbia Copper
company will shortly install an elec
trie motor at the Rawhide mine at
Phoenix. The power will he osed*
for hauling the ore from the lower
levels of the mine.
For Sale—My house and three
lots nn Victoria avenue. Address
Mre. M. F. Sloper, 1372 T Ave. VV.,
Vancouver, B. C.
All free miners' licenses expire on
May 81.
For sale or trade for live stock or
land—One 7 room house, in first-
class condition, with all modern im
provenients; less than one block
from new postofficp, on upper Main
street.    Apply I. A. Coryell.
Bear are reported to he plentiful
in this district this spring. Last
week Elmer Ness killed nneat Christina lake, and Ihis week R. A.
Brown shot one up in the North
Fork country as large as Volcanie
FOR SALE CHEAP-One-acre Tract
Lake Front, adjoining Phoenix Club
property, Christina Lake. Apply
to VV. A. Williams,
E. E. OinsoN.
C. A. Mix returned  from   Carmi
last Monday.
Horses for Sale.—Apply E.   Barron, West End.
\V. K. C. Manly left on Tuesday
for a business trip to Spokane.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Charles A. Massie, son of E. VV,
Massie, of Danville, has been appointed watchman in tho federal
building ut Spokano liy the civil scr
vice commission.
Charh's Limlmnrk, of Ravelstoke,
superintendent and general manager of the Dominion Satym Ills company,   Fa'.*l   A-   Eitoy,   .if    Solon,   B.   D. Btnalley,   "f  Sfntile^
and Isaac Hale, of Revelstoke,
officers of the same company,
returned to their respective homes
last Friday, after spending a couple
of days in the city. The Dominion
Sawmills company owns large mills
at Cascade, Revelstoke, and other
points in this province.
L. Harris, the provincial government inspector of apiaries, will be
in the city on May 31, and will hold
a meeting in the city ball in the
evening, when he will lecture on
"Practical Beekeeping." The following day a practical demonstration will be held at the ranch of C.
C. Heaven. Everybody is invited
to attend these meetings.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
Erices. We're are still doing
igh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
Louis Lienemanu, of Butte,Mont.,
who is largely interested in North
Fork realty, returned home last Friday, after making a trip of inspec-
tjon to bis property.
Louis W. Hill, president of thc
Great Northern railway, M. J. Cos-
telle, western passenger agent, and
a number of other officials of the
road, visited Princeton last week.
It is understood that construction is
to be pushed with all energy on the
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern un
til the line is completed to Hope.
Carl B. Gray assumed his duties
aB president of the Grrat Northern
railway on May 15.
It doesn't require much pull to
take time hy the forelock.
From Republic lo Spokane
The bill whereby the Spokane &
British Columbia and the Great
Northern railways are given equal
rights of way through the Colville
Indian reservation pnsied the United States senate hist week. An ef
fort will be made to pass the bill
through the bouse Ibis week and
thereby settle the controversy between the two roads which has been
pending before the court" and congress for seyen yeara.
Louis W. Hill, president of the
Great Northern, while in Repuhlic
last week, announced that as soon
ao the government gives its- consent the company will begin to
build down the San Poil valley.
Quite a New Dish
There recently presented to a
newly-married young woman in Toronto such a unique domestic proposition that cho felt called upon tn
seek expert advice from another
woniah whom she knew to possess
considerable experience in the cooking line.
"Mrs. Dobbs," said the fir.-t
mentioned young woman, as she
breathlessly entered the upa'tment
ot the latter, "I am sorry to trouble
you, but I must have yonr advice."
"What is the trouble, my dear?"
"Why, I've just had a'phone
message from Harry saying that he
is going out this afternoon to shoot
clay pigeons. Now, he's bound tn
bring a lot home, and I haven't tlio
remotest iden how io cook tbem.
Won't yon please tell me?"
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rel.able French Tetfulator; u«vi-r falls. Thrsc
pill* nre cxctctiimilv powcrlul i.i regulating the
I KWierattvo portion ">f thu female iVntOIA< KefUfC
nil cheap Imitations.   Dr, de Van'* are lold »t
1 »n box. nr three for$10, Mailed tu any adtlresf.
Th* Soabfll Drug Co., St. C»tlwrln«a. Ont
Suits to Order &18 iWard.
• Wc are agents for some of tlie lending tailoring estab
lishments in the east. When you onler from us you have
the advantage of being measuredjby a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit, We guarantee satisfaction.
1 Our spring stoek of Scotch Tweeds antl English Worsteds is I letter than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the beat made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe Reliable Tailor
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor to believe that tney can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
first sitting of the Court of He-
vision for the purpose of hearing all complaints against the Assessment for the year 1912, as made by
the Assessor, for tlie City of Grand
Forks, and the Grand Forks Municipal School District, will be held in the
Council Chamber of the City Hall on
Monday, the 10th day of June, 1912,
at, 2 o'clock P.M.
Notice of any complaint' must be
given to the Assessor in writing at
lea»t ten days previous to the sitting
of the Court.
Dated Grand Forks, B C, 10th duv
if May, 1912.
Our time, knowledge and
experience  in   the    printing
business is at  your disposal
when you are in need of some
thing ir this line.   Don't for
get this.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is deadi The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
"All Danger of Frost is
Now Oyer"
Asters     Asters
Hohenzollern, Comet,
Mikado ana* Chrysanthemum Typea
Now is the time to get yonr
Garden in Shape
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JRU Columbia p, o
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in thc Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterhead., and Envelopes,       t
Posters, Dates anil Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Pare and   Menu   Cards,
Announcement*   and Counter
Pads.   Wedding Stationery,
Everything turned out In an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the test. ]>t us estimate on vour ordor.
\V« guarantee satisfaction.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly  Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
a cohpi.rtk Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh OuiiBtgnment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
tor Honing a
Razor Honing a Speoialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooit North of Ohanbv Hotel,
First Strew.
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
•rrnfl itopviiiumio h.
Anyone. ending a sketch mideecrlptl.-an mar
qnlcklr Mcertaln onr opinion Iro* whether ox,
lnflaflnl.cn II crcaSiblr r««fl«hi<>lVr>maniia.la-,
■cnt free. OldoK opener for aocunnfpeteiila.
Patent! taken tCrouiin Munn * Xo. Motive
(pKloinoUM, without ObMWilat.il
Scientific American.
A bandaomelr Uluetroled weekly. Lanieat circulation of any eclentlflo Journal, 'forma for
Canada, *U5 • THt, poalwo prepaid. Bold br
all ne_w_ad.*lera.
Reaching tha Paapla
A promlnont real estate t**\*r
In Toronto eaya thot ho goto
bettor and quicker raaulta from
tha Classified Want Ada. than
from any other kind of publicity.
Ho etatei that tha raaulta aro
out of proportion, to tho email
axpanee Involved.
There la a moral In that for you
If you wont to roaeh the people.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the onlv
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job oflice.


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