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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 17, 1912

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^       m^^ if)
Eleventh Year—No. 29
Grand Forks. B. C, Friday. c_7Way~ 17, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Control of the Principal Insects by Proper Treatment
For purposes of study and treat*
ment, orchard pests may be divided
into four great classes:
1. Insect pests, such as the aphis,
caterpillars, the oyster-hell bark
louse, and the tent caterpillar.
2. Fungous pests, such as apple
scab, and peach leaf curl.
3. Bacterial diseases, such as pear
4. l'hysiological diseases, such as
cherry-tree gumosis, fruit pit, and
water core.
Insect Pests.—Before destroying
any insect affecting the orchard, three
points sbould'be carefully observed:
1.. Whether it is actually injurious
or beneficial. Many insects, such as
the lady beetles and the svrphus flies,
are of great benefit. Watch closely,
and determine the form of injury.
2. With injurious insects, note the
manner in which the food is absorbed,
particularly whether from the surfece,
or whether by suction from below   it.
3. Decide on the most vulnerable
point in the insect's life history.
For general' purposes of control by
spraying, insects may be divided into
two classes:
First-a-Biting 1 nsects, provided
with biting jaws adapted to chewing
food. These are usually controlled by
covering the plant with a stomach
poison, such as arsenic in a suitable
Second.—Sucking lusects. Are
more difficult to control. They are
provided, with long beaks, with which
they pierce the surfaco. and draw
their food in the form of the plant
juices from below it. There is no way
of reaching them with a stomach
poison, just as a mosquito, which is
one of this class, can not he poisoned
hy Paris green. The aphis and the
various scale insects are our principal
foes in this class Foe sucking insects we, therefore, use a contact in
BBCii.-ide, thut is, one which will
kill the insect hy touching it, either
by li ling up the breathing pores,
which are situated along the side of
the body, as with kerosene emulsion
or by the general caustic action of the
spray, as with lime sulphur. To get re
s ilts with contact insecticides, every
insect nm .toe covered. With stout
ach Insecticides, we spray to cover the
entire surface liable to injury. With
contact insecticides, we spray to cover
every insect.
Most insects have four stages in
the r life histo y:
First—The egg.
Second—The larval, or worm form,
which is the period of growth, and
during whicli most insects tlo their
Third—The pupal form, usually it
resting form, and usually invulnerable
in practice.
Fourth—The adult of perfect form.
In the case of tent caterpillar*, for
instance, the eggs are deposited in the
fall, in a mass surrounding a young
twig, and coated with a waterproof
covering. Tlie winter spray usually
does them little harm. The egga hatch
in the spring, the larva or  caterpillar
growing rapidly on the young leaves.
This is evidently the time to destroy
it with a stomach poison, as it is a
biting insect. The codlin moth ia another example The egg is laid on the
surface of the leaf or fruit, and is not
vulnerable to any practicable spray.
As the young larva hatches out, it
may feed for a few days on the surface
of the leaf, but usually makes its first
meal on the surface of the fruit, gen
enilly in the ealyx end As we have
no means of attacking it unless it has
penetrated the fruit, it is evident that
some stomach poison must be administered with its first meal. This we
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i m
Heavy Steel in Boundary
Between forty and fifty miles of
heavy steel will be laid on ihe Cnnadian Pacific railway dine between
Castlegar and the Boundary during
the present year, Baya the Nelson
Although the work on file for this
year is not so large as Inst year,there
is much of importance to do. A new
steel bridge will be constructed between Cascade' and Grand Forks,
and plans are now being daawn up
for it.
Three bridges not completed last
year are still occupying the attention of tbe engineering department,
one being on the Granby spur, another at Greenwood,and still another
at Cascade. A large fill has yet to
be completed between Tunnel nnd
Coryell, and the hydraulic fill at
Porcupine will be advanced snowier
stage during the present suiiurier
This will take at least anothir year
to complete.
The following scores were made
by the members of the Grand Forks
Gun club at their weekly shoot hist
Saturday, the totals given being out
of a possible fifty:
L. Skinner   45
Mr. Lehr  42
E. E, Gibson  41
F. W. Russell  37
T, A. Mclntyre  86
W, B. Cochrane  34
W. .J. Mclntyre  32
Dr. Acres  32
On Sunday a party of eight, consisting of E. I'.. Gibson, Fred Kussell,
W. B. Cochrane, W. J. Mclntyre, L,
Skinner, N. I. Mclnnes, ll. Mcltae
and E Miller,went over to Greenwood
in Messrs. Gibson's antl Mclnnes'
automobiles and engaged in a coin
petitive shoot wilh a team from the
Greenwood Gun club. The Grantl
Forks marksmen won the match hy
26 birds.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for eaoh
day during the past week, ns re
corded by tbe government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'.ranch i
Friday  71
Saturday  72
Sundty  SO
Monday  'SI!
Tuesday  So
Wednesday  t*(J
Thursday.,  62
Many Prominent Personages
Visited the Oity During
the Week    -
nient ot construction work over   the   H
Hope motinliiiiis.    Chief  Engineer J  ,,  ,
Kennedy   und   his  e.iitire  stuff nre'
now   lin'iita-d   at   slei'llu-aial. uml ihe
"work of extending the  r I in   the
const will im stared us soon „s pn..J Bridge Street Property Own-
sible.     Tin- Kettle Vnllev    Iill »n „•..-,         ,     ,-,           -i
has a corps iif survey.,,;  I.i„,  _, | SIB Petition the GOMCll
preliminary survey   tjyel   tin-   ilopi'i for Ollb
On Monday evening a party of
directors and stockholders of the
North Washington Power company
arrived in the city, and remained
here until Tuesday morning. They
traveled by train as fur as Laurier,
where they transferred their method
of locomotion to automobiles. As
they entered the city the procession
of machines made an attractive spectacle. The North Washingion I'o er
company has a charter to bull a
power line from Republic to the in
ternational boundary line, where the
Wesl Kootenay Power & Light company's high-tension line will be
tapped. The present trip wus mnde
for the purpose of inspecting the
route of the proposed power line.
•Suine of those composing the party
were J. L. Harper, Harry Russell,
Republic; H. VV. C. Jackson, T. J.
Litt, Spokune; Geo. Moody, Geo. E
Reiley, W. H. Whittaker, Detroit;
C. T. Pennington, St. John, and A
B. Willard, Tekoa.
Grant Hall, of Winnipeg, assist-
ai)_. . yice-pffigid(.||t and gener I
manager of the western lines; R. C,
St. John, superintendent of maintenance of way for western lines, and
a number of local ollieials of the
Canadian Pacific railway, passed
through the city by special train
Monduy noon for Midway. On their
return trip in the evening Ihey
made a brief stop in this city, and
enjoyed an automobile ride through
the valley.
Louis Lienemiirk, of Butte.Mont,
superintendent and general manager of the Dominion Sawmills company, accompanied by Fred A
Estey, of Nelson, B, D. Sin. il ley, of
Seattle, and Isaac Hale, of Bevel-
stoke, ofi'icers of the same company,
spent a couple of days in the city
this week. The Dominion Sawmills company owns large mills at
Cascade, Revelstoke, and other
points in tbis province.
A meetingof the Farmers' institute will be held in the city hall on
Monday evening, Mny 20, for the
special purpose of discussing the
coming dry funning congress, which
will be held in Lethbridge, Alta ,
October 21 to 20. This will be an
important meeting, nnd the attendance is requested of every farmer
interested in this mutter. The
meeting will be called to order
punctually at 8 o'lock.
Thirty-two students from Mi-Gill
college will visit the Boundary mines
and smelters this month.
L. Harris, the provincial government inspector of apiaries, will be
in the city on May 31, nnd will hold
a meeting in the city hull in the
evening, when he will lecture on
"Practical Beekeeping." The following day a practical demonstration will be held at the ranch oi C.
0 Heaven. Everybody is invited
lo attend these meetings.
For S a e—Spun of horses; 6 and 8
years old; will "'eigh ubaiul 2,SOU
lbs.    Enquire at this olliee.
C. A Mix returned home on Tuesday from a short business trip to
Princeton. He slatea that the mineral properties recently bonded by
the British Columbia Copper com
pany near Coalmont are showing up
lienor than was anticipated. Mr.
Mix left for Carmi yesterday.
During the past two or three
days of high water in the main Ket
lie river the western span of the
Cooper bridge has sunk three or
four inches. The bridge is now
p isitively unsafe for uuy kind ol
Seven hundred and ten feel of
diamond drill work wss dune ou the
Granby properties iu Phoenix during April.
Joe Pringle, who hits been inspecting lhe .Midway coal properties
during the past winter, returned to
the city this week.
II. 10 Pearson, of Spokane, hus
taken the contract to sink fitly more
leet of the shaft ut the coal prospect
ul Ingram creek,owned by the Midway Coal und Coke company. Two
shifts will be worked.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, Wm.,
is in Midway overseeing tbe resumption of operations at ibe coal
mine of the Boundary Exploration
A pe'tilion lor a u.emetit sidewalk
ivns presented to tbe city cuuneil
last Monday night by the property
owners on the west side of Bridge
street, between Second and Third
streets. The mutter was refeiredto
the hoard of works.with instructions
to grant the request if lhe provisions
of the bylaw governing the construction of such walks una complied
P. Ti McCallum complained about
the condition of the font-bridge over
the slough near his residence. The
board of works was instructed to re
pair the same.
B. L. Milton offered $170 for lots
10 to 21, inclusive,   block   ■">.    plan
22. Referred to Aid, Henniger and
Morrison to investigate and report.
W, J. Galipeau  offered  $20   for lot
23, block a, plan 35. Referred to the
same aldermen, who, later in the
evening, reported in favor ot accept
ing tbis offer.
Al. Traunweiser, of the Yale,
asked permission ot the council lo
move the Biden blncit from.N'innipeg
avenue to lbe side of the Yale hotel
on Bridge slnet. Mr. Traunweiser
was present at the meeting, and addressed the council. He stated that
he intended to remodel tlie two
buildings into a first-class hotel,
one that would be u credit to the
city. The proposition starled a general discussion, in which lbe members of the council expressed themselves as being favorably disposed
toward tbe scheme, provided it
could be carried out without violating lire limit* bylaw. On motion,
it was decided to reconsider and
finally dispose of lbe matter at a
special meeting of the council next
Monday [light.
A bill of 87") was ordered to be
paid to 1. J. Gill for construction ol
Aid. Downey was granted permission to introduce a reservoir bylaw,
or "The Grand Forks Construction
Bylaw, 1912." The bylaw passed
ils first and second readings: was
iben considered in committee, after
which it was put through the third
reading stage under a suspension  of
Ranfail during week, 0.00 inches.
At tbe spring assizes, heltl in
Greenwood last Friday, the case of
George Chappie against several fire
insurance companies did not come
before thc court owing to the inability of some witnesses to be present.
Mr. Chappie is very unfortunate, lt
is new neary three years since lire
destroyed his property, nnd he has
F. H. Knight, of Spokane, and j not yet received his insurance
A. C. Watts, of Wattsburg, Wn., I money,
directors of the Midway Coal com-1
pany, were in the city yesterday, A   Grand Forks citizen   who re-
 — i turned  from Coalmont   this   week
Some of the stores in Pboenix Jstatos thnt there is great activity iu
close Wednesday afternoons during, the Great Northern camp at that
the summer. place preparatory to the commenco-
The Chuse Tribune und the Coalmont Courier are two of   the  latest
British   Columbia   newspaper  ven-1 ,       ?
lures to reach Tbe Sun olliee. '(,j(y ^^   lUy „,,„„„.,, th()
Iassessment roll for 1918, tin mo-
Cooper. Brother! bave a cariosity tl0D| u VM deold((d t„ |„lM u,„
on iheir ranch iu the form of 8num- flaming 0| t|ie court of revision
her of Japan walnut trees In bloom. „„ MondBy. JUDa 10, „t 2 o'clock
They raised the trees from seed. L, lhe Bft9rDOon, in ths council
Each tree has two kinds ot   Hcuvers | (.bn|11,H,r    The   lllliyor    „,,„   Ai,|.
Ion it, the distinction between the
male and female flower being quite
marked. The Sun has been experimenting with English walnuts for a
number of years, but the soil on the
Sunbeam ranch is evidently too rich
for  the  trees,  as they appear to be
' too luzy to make a satisfactory
Sheads, Morrison, Miller and Davis
will constitute tbe members of the
The aldermen's salary bylaw
passed the second reading stage.
after which the council adjourned
till next Monday night.
The  Republic baseball club [wil'
Orchardists   in   this  valley who,!P'-V Jne looa*team in thi"   ''•*>' '"*
hnve sweet cherry trees will proba-j Mfl]pJ4.
bly raise a large crop   this year, as]
there have been no frosts this spring      His said to bit..an  infallible si
to damage the blossoms, and   the of an approaching marriage when a
fruit  is   already well   set  on   the young man gratuitously works in  a
trees. neighbor's garden.   (juien salu■'.' TTTT?, STTNT. GBAND FOH.KS. BRTTTSTI COLUMBIA
Although It Is In No Respect a Cily
of Health—Built Over Swamp.
St. Petersburg, the beautiful nnd
majestic metropolis of Russia, founded by Peter tlie Great, is'constructecl
on a veritable swamp, lt is said that
moisture underlying tlie eity can be
seen sometimes oozing up between
the paving blocks on the Ncvsky
Prospect, a busy thoroughfare. The
city is not only built over water,
which often threatens to inundate it,
b"l it is visited by rain or snow at
least 200 days of the year. The city
is practically surrounded hy water,
fc- swamps abound on twi sides, tlie
sea and the river on another.
At the beginning of lhe building of
St. Petersburg Peter tho Great set
thousands to work, "under compulsion of the knout," to build dykes
and reclaim the land. Everyone,
nobles and peasants alike, haled the
place, all save Peter the Great, who
called the city his "Paradise" and
forbade the use of clone in building
elsewhere in Russia, ordering all the
stone accessible to be brought lo St.
Petersburg. Any peasant who wished
1o enter the city could do po by fetching n cartload of stone. This was his
passport. Indeed, people did not
have to beg to enter St. Petersburg.
They were forced by the Czar's command to abandon other places nnd
come to dwell in his "pet" city. The
consequence was n crowded quarter
where the poor herded together like
e,a many rats, living in squalor and
misery. Even to this da.-, the Russian
metropblis is tlio most unhealthy
capital of Europe.
But, in spite of all drawbacks, St.
Petersburg is a beautiful and majestic city. The Winter Palace is splendid, as are also entire streets of
beautiful buildings. I. might be
called a city of space, for the streets
arc very wide, and nowhere—save in
the slums—does one lind crowding.
Everything seems on a gigantic scale
—cathedrals, public and educational
buildings, art galleries, etc. Beautiful statuary is seen in the public
squares, tlu statue of Peter the Great
being a magnificent monument to the
glory of the ruler who built thc cily
i.i the face of nature's and man's
Nevsky Prospect is the fashionable
street of 8t. Petersburg It is only
three miles in length, hu', it is as
celebrated a highway as Regent
street, London, or Fifth avenue. New
During the winter months the dnys
are very short, artificial light being
turned on nt 3.30 in the afternoon
nnd daylight not coming in full till
about 10 in the morning. But during
the summer months—June, and July
—one will see the surt-at 2 o'clock in
th, morning and easily read a book
at 11 o'clock at night by nature's
own light.
Britain's Hunts.
Great Britain has about $80,000,000
invested in hounds, horses for following the hunt and hunt club property.
There is one clerical master of foxhounds, Rev. E. A. Milne, who has
been master of tho Cattistock hounds
fer eleven seasons.
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar. Itis clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
indestructible. Makes houses
draft-proof, easy to heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or write for sample
and Booklet to the et
Sol* Cenedlea Manufacture!*
ot Canada, United,
■■••lr.il. WlanlKI. Ciliary. Vneener.
WeU, WeU!
I dyed ALL these
of Goods
r»l,h the SAME Due.
I used
ole«.:j and simple to Un,
NO chanct t.l uxus, th* WnONO Dye tor the Oatoda
onr hi! tn color. Atla.a,l.a._l,_m your Dregful of
Itr.lrr. I'RKE Color Cflral and a't'OUY Oaaa.klet II,
The Joluwiii.lUchiriltoa 0*0 ' lx*lt*t, Mo.i_.jaU.
Italy Proves Their Value I . Her War
Against Turkey.
When the prediction was made, not
long ago, that the aeroplane would be
an important factor in future warfare,
it was considered absurd by many of
those who had given special study to
the subject. Why, did not experiments show that the machine could
not be depended upon ? Pshaw I The
enemy could riddle it in less than no
time. Such arguments found favor
with those versed in the science of
war, as well as with others identified
with aviation. The air was full of discussions pro and con when—unexpectedly came the news that Italy was at
war with Turkey and that a fleet, or
flock, of aeroplanes was to be put in
commission over in Tripoli.
Results have fulfilled the prophecy
aiad the flying machine has proven itself a distinct necessity, it was, perhaps, in defensive work that the airman provided the best evidence of his
v«lue. Scouts, noting the enemy's
plans, position and manoeuvres, furnished reports which brought about
severe losses to the Arabs' offensive
movements. As for the aggressive, the
aeroplane has yet to prove its worth.
Bombs dropped by aviators caused
much disorder within the Turkish
ranks, but comparatively little damage. Effective service was rendered by
officers circling above the line of battle, directing the fire of the hig guns
of the battleships, as well as that of
mountain artillery.
France has long been the leader in
aviation, and has gained an advantage
over other nations by early recognition of the value of aeronautics in
warfare, fostered by liberal appropriations by the Government. Fate decreed, however that Italy should have
the advantage, through her war with
Turkey, of being the first to gain
practical experience in utilizing this
new arm of service. But the demonstration will prove of value to all the
While England, Germany, Russia
and Japan have spent considerable
3uma of money in experimenting with
aeroplanes and dirigibles, the United
States has done very little. The army
received a congressional appropriation
last year of $126,000, and has probably a dozen qualified aviators and
less than that many machines. The
navy has also made aome experiments,
including trials ot the hydro-aeroplane, an invention of recent date.
The alow development of flying is not
due to the lack of an appropriation,
or to the lack of aeroplanes, however,
but rather to the lack of officers to
operate them.
Literal Interpretation.
A sneak thief had got into the car
and made off with a fellow traveler's
pocketbook. A greeny, who was evidently on his first trip to the city,
had taken the episode in with a certain amount of relish and, despite
his supposed greenness, apparently
knew more about the identity of the
guilty one than any one present when
the alarm was raised.
He touched the conductor on the
arm and pointed to a man who was
hurrying down the. block for dear life.
"There's the thief," he chuckled
The conductor turned on him
"You fool I If yer saw 'im pick-
in' th' gent's pocket why didn't yer
report 'im 'stead o' lcttin' "m slip off
that wayf"
"That sign up there Beared me," re-
returned the hayseed.
"What sign?"
"Th' one thet sei 'Beware of Pickpockets'."
Admiral'! Retirement.
Rear-Admirai W. O. Storey, who hat
retired, is 63 years of age and entered
the service in January, 1872, serving
as a midshipman in the Malay Peninsula in 1675-76, for which he has a
medal witli clasp.
Specially promoted to lieutenant in
September, 1882, he served in the
Dryad during tlio operations near
Suakin in 1884, and became commander in .li'ie, 1896.
After filling various positions of importance, he was in April, 1909, appointed to the command of the East-
cm Coastguard district, with headquarters at Harwich. T'.is post he
vacated on October 1 last, a fortnight
after his promotion -to flag rank, at
the same time relinquishing a good
service pension.
Not ai  It Sounded.
Used ss he was to scenes ol turbulence, no doubt even the conductor
would hsve heen shocked had he not
been right on the spot to see what
occasioned the shrill outcry. Ho called out "Eighty-ninth street!" and im-
mediately a startled voice rang out:
"Oh, wait a minute, till I get my
clothes off!"
Everybody stood up nnd craned
necks over their neighbors' shoulders.
What they saw was a laundress tugging at a clothes basket which .had
got wedged in the doorway.
W. N. U. No. 892.
A Deep Thinker.
The new teacher was somewhat uncertain as to the natronality of her
latest charges. She was not kept long
in doubt, however, ''Yoke," sho wrote
on the bi.r,_d, then asked in her most
musical tones as she looked graciously
round the clnss, "Can anv little boy
or girl tell mo the meaning oi that
A Small blond boy raised hia hand.
"Ay know," be said hoarsely. "It—
it ess when you say somet-ing tunny."
Yeara Well Spent.
One of Pittsburg's leading manufacturers does not think so highly ot the
value ot a college career. He was
taking a fellow magnate to task the
other day.
"Well, I hear your son Is through
"Yes, he's through."
"Put'in tour years, I s'pose?"
"Four years."
"And did he learn anything whatever thr.' was useful during those
tour years?"
"Oh, yes. He learned to operate an
automobile so well that we have put
him ln charge ot one ot our big electric trucks."—Pittsburg _%ost.
The  exquisite  complexion  of the
young Chinese women Is due to the |
great care which they cive their skin.
Generally speaking, tbe result is due
tp massage.
A Simple and Cheap Medicine.—A
simple, cheap and effective medicine
Is something lo be desired. There is
no medicine so effective a regulator
of the digestive system aB Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They are simple,
they are cheap, they can be got anywhere, and their beneficial action will
prove their recommendation. They
are tbe medicine of the poor man and
those who wish to escape doctors'
bills will dc well ln giving them a
There are bright day), light days,
Intermediate daya, and darkly, deeply, desperately blue dayi; but all are
needed tor gradation of color ln our
life pictures..
Irresolution frames a thousand horrors embodying each.
To teach your hoys what you do
not practise. Is to drive nails into
lath and plaster
Every year tho clothing and victualling of the British Navy cost
In the treatment of summer complaints, the most effective remedy
that can be used is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It Is a standard
preparation, and many people employ
lt In preferrence to other preparations.
It Is a highly concentrated medicine
and its sedative and curative qualities
are beyond question. It has been a
popular medicine for many years and
thousands can attest Its superior qualities ln overcoihing dysentery and
kindred complaints.
We've seen a lo ot promising ssige
simmer down to mere .crustaceans
because they adopted the fool mi-
xim that "The easiest way out is ttie
To wbom It may concern: This is
to certify that I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT myself as well as prescribed it in my practice where a liniment was required and have never
failed to get thc desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
It is Illegal to set trapa with strong-
smelling baits on land, or to poison
wild birds and beasts.
Temperature of 62 degree below
zero, which Is a record, has been experienced in a Polar expedition.
Minard's Liniment Curat Burnt, Ete>
A needle manufacturing machine
is capable ot producing 1,500.000
needle s a week.
Jaggers: "I saw a big break early
this morning.'' ''What was lt, a
bank?" "No; it. was the break of
Over fifty tons of railway tickets
are'lsued in a year by oue English
iairway company.
Letters which are warmly sealed
are often but coldly opened.
Germany possesses 35,297 miles of
Knowledge of one's self le the centre ot all wisdom.
Over 25,000 persona are employed
ln the business ot the London Stock
Exchange every day.
Iii all Us terrible forms
brings ruin ti> th« breeder
In  many of Its nltnrka
—every last one of tliem—
and bandage their throats
with plenty of hot Unseed
and bran poultice, if their
glands ure swollen and liable to suppurate and
slough off. This cut .shows
how to handle the bandage.
You will soon have the
disease under control and
need fear no new eases if
you stick dose to the use
of "Spohn*s." Spolm's Cure
for sale by all druggists—
SPpHN MEDICAL CO., ChemUts, G oihen, Ind., U. 8. A.
Biliousness is Bad Enough
in itself with its headaches, sour stomach, unpleasant breath
and nervous depression—but nervousness brings a bad train
of worse ills if it is not soon corrected.   But if you will clear    j
your system of poisonous bile you will be rid of present    .
troubles and be secure against other* which may be worse,    I
act quickly and surely—they regulate the bowels, stimulate
the liver and kidneys—tone the stomach. Then yonr
blood will be purer and richer and your nerves won't bother
you. The whole world over Beecham's Pills are known as a
most efficient family remedy, harmless but sure iu action. For
all disorders of the digestive organs tbey are regarded aa the
Best Preventive and Corrective
Tht dlr«ctio» with mnrj bos art valuabU-MpttliUr ftr WOMI
SoM-flWnrwhft,  la boxestj, 26c. J
HC>       __«'
Concrete-mixing is Easily
with a strength that Increases wl ill time.
Oonerete li really artificial rock, more
firmly bound together than natural rock,
which often hu cracks, veins, BMuna and
other weaknesses.
Any farmer oan learn how to mil Oonerete
and to apply It to the hundred* ol vern to
whioh It le atted.       -    , . .
But In order to be absolutely lure that hie
proportions are correct and that hla material are properly Milted to the purpose, he
ihould eend for the book,
and read the careful directions for mixing Concrete for all purposes.   It also describes In detail hundreds of weya In which Concrete may be ueed to make the term
more comfortable, more convenient, more profitable and more valuable.
Just eend us your name and address—In a letter or on a postal
-and the book will be sent to you by return mall free.   Addreee
Ceied. Cement Cwew.Ud..      13-68   HelUnel Siak lulMtat. HeefteeL
IT le no more  difficult then mixing limn
mesh, once the ilmple Instructions have
been read.
The   materials—sand,   crushed   rock   or
travel   end   cement—each play a separate
pert.   The rock provides the bulk of volume
et very low cost   The send fills ln all crevices between   the  pieces   of rock or
gravel.    The    cement,    mixed   with
water, forme a "bond,   In other words
a  rocky   "glue,"   thot   binds  tbe
other   materials   firmly   together
Alter Three Operations Zam-Buk Wm
Tried and Proved Successful.
If people would only uae Zam-Buk
(or clir.nlc Bores, blood-poison, etc.
betore permitting an operation, scores
ot- limbs would be saved.
Mr. Robt. Patterson ot North Pel-
ham, Wellanl Co., Ont, writes: "My
daughter, Annie, had blood-polaon ln
Mr finger. The doctor operated twice
en the finger, but did not obtain the
desired result, and a third operation
was considered necessary.
"Three doctors were present at this
operation, but after it had been performed tbe wound did not heal. Try
aa we would we could not get any
thing to close the wound.
"We at lust tried Zam-Buk, and it
was really wonderful to watch how
this balm healed the wound. Each
day there waa a marked Improvement.
First the wound in the palm ot the
hand closed, and then the flnger which
had been bad so long began to heal.
The diseased flesh seemed to rile out
ot. tho wound und then drop off, and
new healthy flesh formed trom below.
pushing oft the diseased tissue. In
a short time the wound was completely healed. Had we applied Zam-Buk
at flrst wc might have saved the flnger.
"We bad another proof of Zam-
Buli's power ln the caae ot my son.
When two years old he had his hand
.badly mangled. One flnger had to be
amputated and tt lett a running sore
for some months. This wound, also,
was Dually healed by Zam-Buk."
For chronic sores, blood-poison, ulcers, abscesses, scalp sores, piles,
eruptions, Inflamed patches, eczema,
cuts, burns, bruises, and all skin injuries and diseases Zam-Buk Is without equal. 50c. box all druggists and
stores, or post free from Zam-Buk Co-
Toronto, for price. Have you tried
Zam-Buk Soap?   26c. tablet.
That Elusive Line.
Mrs. Crabshaw—"You never put
your arm around my waist as you used to."
Crabshaw—"You see, my dear, you
keep moving your walat up and down
to I don't know where to And it."
Mlnard'e Liniment Curea Dandruff.
Then She Hit Him
Mr. Datua—I'll not be home tonight.
Mrs. Datua—You won't eh?   Why"
Mr. Datua—An artist friend wants
me to pose aa a model for a henpecked husband picture.
All mothers can put away anxiety
regarding their suffering children
when they have Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator to give relief. Its effects are aure and lasting.
Two of a Kind
The late Sydney Mudd, of Maryland, was on a train going from
Washington to his home, when a man
who had taken too much to drink, sat
down beside htm. The passenger
blinked at Mudd (or a moment. Then
lie lurched over and asked: "Strky,
whash your name?"
"My name ts Mudd", he replied.
"Huh," said the other, "you got nothing on me.   My name's Dennis."
It is better to miss fire than to hit
the wrong mark.
Terrible Itching
Got Little Sleep
Und Cuticura Remedies Cured Him
Thorn who have suffered long and hopelessly Irom torturing ikln eruptions will read
with Interest this letter from Hr. T. Wllliama,
lit Pacific Ave., Winnipeg (deled Jan. 14,
1011): "The Cutlcur* Remedies certainly
did work finely, and I am Hunk rail that there
ts such a remedy, and thet I tried it. About
three months tie a terrible Itching commenced on my body. I could not understand
lt.: It gradually grew worse and covered a
large portion of my body. There was also
a alight eruption of the akin, sort of a rash.
1 Buffered greatly with the Itching end et
night time I had little sleep. I tried one or
Iwo remedies which did no good, and then
I tried Cuticura Soap, Ointment end Resolvent. In about tea dayi I was completely
for mora thu a generation the Cuticura
Remedies have afforded the speediest and
most economic*! treatment for Itching, burning, scaly and bleeding akin and scalp humors, of young and old. Bold by druggists
and dealen everywhere. Tor a liberal aample
of Cuticura Soap and Ointment, with 32-p.
book on thc can of lhe akin and treatment of
Its affections, send a postal to the Potter
Drug & Clttm. Corp., sole props., tl Columbus Ave., Boston, V. S. A,
W. N. U. No. 892.
The World Jewry
According to' the latest statistics
there are 11,483,876 Jews ln the world
8,876,299 of whom are in Europe and
1,880,579 In America. The Russian
empire contains by tar the greater
number of Hebrews, It having no few-
than 5,216,805. The United States
follows second with 1,800,000, New
York city alone having a Jewish population of 905,000. This veritable
Jerusalem embraces one-thirteenth of
the entire Jewish race, more Jews
than ever before being gathered together ln one city.
Mrs. Ulderlc gt. Georges, St. Mathias, Que., writes: "I am writing to
say I am wel satisfied with Baby's
Own Tablets. My baby was 111 and 1
tried several remedies, but the result
was discouraging. He became very
thin, had no appetite, bardly slept at
all and was extremely weak. I got
Baby's Own Tablets and they soon set
him right again, till at the age of eleven months he was able to walk and
was a strong healthy child. I do not
say I am well satisfied with Baby's
Own Tablets fo? little ones." The
TabletB are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont
Deserved to Die.
A Parisian gentleman the other day
was cleaning hla revolver when his
wife called him to lunch, and laughingly said that he would have none
unless be came at once. "If you are
'going to starve me I may as well
shoot myself." he said, putting the revolver barrel to bis ear, "Don't be
B_f silly," cried his wife. "The thing
might be loaded." When the unsuspecting joker pulled the trigger, the
revolver discharged and the victim
was Instantly killed.
Only One "BROMO quinine"
Look for tho signature ot E. W. GROVE.
Used the World over to Cure a Cold in
Ono Day.     25c.
The Bank of Naples (Southern
Italy) haB recently been the victim
of fraud to the extent ot 11100,000, by
means of genuine checks, the figures
of which, however, had been cleverly
altered and augmented with the aid
of chemicals and a perforating machine. The trickster, of whom there is
no trace, had checks cashed simultaneously at the branch offices in Turin, Florence and Rome.
Slickly memo ceaiha, cures colds, heels
s tkre.l ud Inds     - SB tests.
The diamond fields of Klmberly (tho
best part) are limited to an area of
about nine acres.
By posaesslng 2,975 1-4 miles of
railway lines the Great Western Railway holds the record for Great Britain.
* Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the dis.
sued portion ol Um ear. '.her- Is only one wsy to
euro deanteaa, and that to by constitutional remedies.
Detracts to caused by an Inflamed condition ol tht
mucous lining ol tbe Eustachian Tube. When this
tube It Inflamed yuu have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hear Ins, and when It to entirely cluneal, Deer-
ana to the result, and unlets tha Inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to Ils normM condition, hearing will he destroyed forever: nine cases
out of ten arc caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing
but aa Inflamed condition ot tbe mucous surfaces.
Wt wlU Hve Oee Hundred Dollars for any case ol
Dealneaa (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catanfc Cure. Send for circulars, tree.
F. I. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, 0,
Sold br Driiattta. Tie.
'lake Hall's Family Nie for constipation.
"I want you to understand that I
got my* money by hard work."
"Why, I thought lt was left you by
your uncle."
"So it was; but I had hard work
getting It away from the lawyers."—
Boston Transcript.
Why buy mixtures known as alum
baking powder when you can Just
as well, and at no more expense, get
Magic Baking Powder? The ingredients are plainly printed on each package. See if this is on the others. All
Grocers are authorized to guarantee
that "Magic" does not contain alum.
Here is the unvarnished truth from
the Prairie Farmer: "Many a farmer's
success is due to hie energetic wife."
And yet how many farmers are disposed to make thc proper acknowledgement when at the vendue they
boast of "what I did" last Benson'
China's Stone Libraries.
There is a public library of stone In
Peking. It is a library of the Kuo
T«e Chlen, or "School of the Sons of
tbe Empire," an ancient university
that existed a thousand years before
the Christian era. Tbls library Is of
stone. On 182 tablets of stone composing It aro carved all of thc "Thirteen Classics," the summary and essence ot all Chinese culture.
In the Imperial leoture hall of this
Kuo Tze Chlen the Emperor would
go once a year to hear a discourse
on the responsibilities and duties of
his office and would receive reproof
and exhortation from the heads of
the Institution.
The stone library In Peking is only
a copy of that In Sht An Fu, In Shen-
sl, which was the capital of the empire.
A lie has no legs and cannot stand:
but It has wings and can fly far und
Suffered For Six Years, But Found
Health and New Life in Dodd's Kidney Pills—Warm Praise For Old
Reliable Remedy.
Marie East, Bonaventure Co., Quebec—(Special).—Mr. Peter Bernard,
a prosperous young farmer living near
here, Is spreading the good news that
he has found a complete cure for his
kidney troubles.
"I suffered "for six years from
cramps in the muscles and kidney disease," Mr. Bernard says, "but Dodd's
Kidney.Pills cured me completely.
Yes, I am feeling ao well that I want
other sufferers to know ]ust how easy
it ts to be cured."
It is n good old saying that It is
easy to do anything lf you just know
how. And Mr. Bernard and hundreds
of"other3 are telling you just how to
cure kidney disease. Dodd's Kidney
Pills always cure it. And as kidney
disease Ib the direct cause of rheumatism, lumbago, Bright's disease, heart
disease, pain in the back and urinary
troubles Dodd's Kidney Pills cure
them by removing the cause. If you
haven't used Dodd's Kidney Pills
yourself as'.t your neighbors about
The Plowman.
Starting the plow In the side-hill stubble,
Or down ln the meadow's sod,
Where the   swollen   waters ot the
booklet bubble,
And the willows wave and nod;
Turning so smoothly   the   clean-cut
Patiently, one by one,
Thc plowman follows his sturdy team,
Till his daily task is done.
Long-Lived Musicians.
A physician with a weakness for
statistics has been studying (Bays the
"Family Doctor") the effect of wind
Instruments on the life of musicians.
The average life of the wind Instrument artist is 6S, that of others Is
02. Thirty-four per cent, of the former category attain 70 yeare. Performers on the flute reach on the average the age of 01, while the haut-
bola executant lives two years longer.
Buglers go two years better, and the
clarionet players lives till he Is 05.
He of the cornet only fails the allotted Bpan by one year. The ophlcleide
artist beats them all. Mis time ot
life is from 75 to 80.
After Many Years.
"Persistence will win any sort of n
career—even matrimonial," Is the conviction ot Wilton Lackaye, and ho illustrates it with the following story.
"She preferred the upper berth ln
the Pullman, and so he took the lower. After the curtains had been
drawn and all was quiet ln the car
those near the couple heard the woman lean over and whiBpcr to her
"'Peter, dear, I have at hist found
what I bave looked for, for bo many
" 'What's that?" inquired the bridegroom.
"'A man under my bed.'"—Young
Dress Warmly
To Avoid Colds
Fully 80 Per Cent, of Colds Directly
Traceable to Insufficient
Few people are careful enough ln
reguluting the clothing to meet the
changes of temperature. And until
more attention ts given to dressing
suitably there Is little chance lo check
tho increase of the great white plague.
By unduly expoulug the throat and
chest, by wearing thin shoes, by Insufficient protection lo the body, hy
pasBlng quickly from overheated
rooms to tlio chilly outdoor air—colds
are contracted and too often neglected
until Berlous developments arise.
Avoid colds by every moans possible, and If so uufortunate as to contract a cold, chock It quickly by using Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and
No treatment for coughs anil colds
ever had such an enormous sale in
this country. The reason iB not far
to seek. Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed
and Turpentine la no mere cough
mixture. It is a medicine ot thorough
and far-reaching action on the human
It la not a mere relief for coughing, but a positive cure for the cold
itself. It loosens the cough, allays
Inflammation, soothes the Irritated
bronchial tubes, and brings about
thorough cure.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, family
size, 00 cents, at all dealers or Ed-
manson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
The Wrong Answer.
Junior officers of the army and navy will do well to take the heart the
lesson in the story told In Col. Call-
well's reminiscences in Blackwood's
Magazine. An irascible old admiral
had apologized to a Junior officer for
his hastiness; The subaltern,: wishing to appear magnanimous, replied:
"Ob. that's all right, sir; I really did
not mind what you said a bit." "D—
— you, sit," thundered the admiral.
"What do you mean by that? You
don't mind what I say a bit, don't
you?" whereupon the young officer
got a worse going-over than ever,—
Army and Navy Journal.
Railways calling for men with a
knowledge of Telegraphy, Freight,
Ticket' and Baggage work. Big demand owing to so much construction
going on. Good salaries to begin.
Regular books and wires from railways Insures you practical work and
a position when qualified. Free Book
19 explains. Write Dominion School
Telegraphy, Toronto.
Write for agency for our special to-
order tailoring for your town. There
is money in it. John Dawson, Ltd.,
Church St., Toronto.
Brldgeville, N.S.
"For twenty years, I have been troubled with Kidney and Bladder Trouble, and have been treated by many
doctors but found little relief. I had
given up all hope of getlng cured
when I tried Gin Pills. Now, I can
say with a happy heart, that I waa
Write us for free sample of Gin
Pills to try. Then get the regular
size boxes at your dealer's or direct
from us—50c a box, 11 for $2.50. Money refunded if Gin Pills fall to cure.
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.   Dept. N.U. Toronto.
"It Is never too late to mend,"
sighed the tired mother as she trimmed the midnight lamp preparatory
to putting a reinforcement on little
Johnny's trousers.
■as, WtNaLowa sooT.ti_.ti arte* has bene
_f.*SL_?Lover aiM'V YKA Its hy MILLIONS ol
SffiSSl'llfl*". ,l"lr CKII.6R8N WHIL»
la the beat remedy for DIARRHCEA. It la tS
solutely harutleia. Se aure and aak for "Mra.
r,*r°*l'* eoothlnt Syrup," and lake ao ether
kind. Iwcntr-fivecema a bottle.
Old Sores. Lumps
In Breast, Growth!
removed sndhsal-
i simple
No pain.    Describe tlie trouble, we will lend
book and testimonials free.
10 CkurcMl Ave., Toronlo.
St. John-Liverpool.
Lillet™ Manitoba    Tnura., Mar. 28
Kmpresa ot Britain Friday, Apt. o
Lake Champlaln .... Thiirs., " 11
KniprpsH of Ireland     Friday,     "   19
Lake Manitoba     Tluiia.,      "   ^u
Summer Service-
Montreal * Quebec - Liverpool.
Empress of Britain .. Friday, May   3
Lake Champlaln  ....  Thurs., May   *p
Empress of Ireland ., Friday, May 17
Lake Manitoba   Thuro,, May 2,1
Empress of Britain .. Friday, May 31
and  weekly thereafter.
Low  Rates—Superb 8erv.ee.
Reservations and details from any
Railway -Agent or write
J. S. CARTER, Oenl. Agt.
210 Portage  Ave.,  Winnipeg.
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
Whin YMr Eyes Need Cm
Try Murine Bye Remedy. No Smart .np--rtnla
Fine-—Acts Quickly. Try it for Red, Weak,
Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelids. Illustrated Book in each Package. Marine 1*
compounded by onr Oculists-not a "Patent Medicine"—but u»ed in succBiBftil Physicians'Piao-
tics for many yean. Nov dedicated to the Pub-
lie and sold b/ Druggist i at Vc and UO per Bottla.
Murine Kje SaItb In AsepUo TuboSrSa and Me,
Murine By* Remedy Co., Chicago
are honestly made, and their absolute
perfection in every detail Is tho reault
of our 66 yeara experience In High Grado
Shoe Building. Tney are absolutely thn
most popular nnd best shoes for the pricn
In Canada. Stocked by leading dealers
the john Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton, Ont.
apecUlUt, r> College 8t, Toronto.
A T/o Safe Investment
7 per cent, guaranteed and a share
In further profits.
The above security is the best Industrial ever offered in Canada.
Write at once for particulars.
National Securities Corporation,  Ltd.
Confederation Ltfo Bldg. Toronto.
:c.je«r N't.
!_r    5>IL.*rs
when you have lame baek, frequent headaches, rheumatic pains, spota before the eyes, twinges in tne joints,
etc. Three-quarters of all human ailments are ilua to
the kidneys failing to properly free the system of
poisonous acids ana waste matter.
To Htimutrte. tone, cleanse and strengthen the kidneys,
them tht flrtt UF you hsve cauw to think your kidneys need attention. They contain sweet nitre and
flTf other sovereign curative agents, Acute or chronic
kidney tlWaM ran never get a foothold in the system
CLARK'S SWEET NITRE PILLS. Bold everywhere at
direct by jg
Thot* words or expressions haev
Ine tha nm. m.anlni ar* contain.*
In hundreds of tha latter* I tar* ra.
reived during tha pan year. Man*
were from women who had suffered
•gonlo* from falling ot womb: other*
from woman who nad escaptd dangerous surgical operations, aa tli*
tumor, and ulcers had been removed br th* action of Oranf* Ml/,
•nd others who had suffered front
suppressed menstruation, Isuror-
rhoea, painful periods, *to. For all
these and Ih* oMjer troublw know*
In general a*
On -—   •'-
Oranf*   Mir   furnishes
  scientific, nivar-falllaf ._.   _.   ..
applied direct in tha suffering organs, and It* mention Is certain and benefit!*!,
Aa a trial artually proves Its matt, I hereby offer to send, absolutely ft
worth J6c, sufficient for ten dar*' treatment, te *r*ry suffering woman „...
arrlta for It.   Bmiloss I stamp*, MM. FHANCU I. CUMtAH, Windsor. Ont.
omsn's   Disorders,
rnlshss   a  positive
tver-f*lllag cur*.   It   I*
l certain ant beneficial,
aend. absolutely free, a boa
suffering woman who will
Every Eddy Match to a Bare. Safe Light
WHEN yeu ttriki tn Eddy Match It tlwtyt lights easily
and  burnt  tmoothly, with a ttaidy even flame.
THESE perfect matehee eetne from firat elate material*
anl mechanically perfect ir.iehli.et—under the tupervl-
alon ef tkllled workman.
EDDY'S Matehea are tlwtyt full M.M. count—f*r ill* by
■II geed dealers everywhere.
Makert tin tf Weedtn
Ptllt, Tubt, etc. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
When  Eyes Grow Dim
With Age
Glasses become an imperative necessity, anti ttie importance of giving the eyes proper care obtrudes
itself nn the dullest understanding.
Our skilled optician is qualified to
test vour eyes in a thorough and
reliable manner. Our glasses never
fail to give satisfaction. Examination Free.
llbllahed at Ilranil I'.ia-Us. lt»UUIa Caalillialil
. A. KVAN8
. ..Kalltaar niaal Publisher
convention should be passed up by
honest Conservatives.—Sew Den.
ver Record.
j H. G. Dun A* Cn. Mercantile agency
i Vancouver, is in the tokny.
■  A permanent water main i.s bein
If the political renegades  in  this . iai(1 to tlle cemeterv.
province who have deserted the Lib
eral party for the sake  participating
in the patronage spoils, cnn  extract
any consolation from the result of
the elections in Quebec, they are
welcome to it.
R. F. Green was yesterday chosen
Conservative candidate in the forthcoming bye-election in Kootenay
for member in the Dominion house.
The Conservative papers which have
threatened to desert the party in
the event of Mr. Green's nomination
will now be compelled to swallow
their medicine, ■
A tlie of thia paper oun be seen at the nHii-c
jf Molars, li. .* J. Hardy .*. 'aa., an, :ll nml .12.
Fleet Street, i..C. I.aaiial.aaa. Kturiallid. free uf
itiartre. am) that firm will he urinal tu reaaelve
uhfliTi It iaaaa. aaaaai 11alv1.rtlseme11t.fl am our be-
All  the  civil cases at thc spring
assizes   in   Greenwood last Friday
were adjourned to the next sitting
mm I of the court, which will be held  in
'thenew court house in this city.
.Ine Jeui     W.W
'Ine Yenr (In ualvainee) — l.Ofl ]
"ne Yenr, In lulled Slntea   I.od 1
Ailalraas- all eomintitiiflutlons tu
Thb 1-Venin.i Sun,
1*hi,sk  1171 GHAND .''iihks, H. 0
FRIDAY, MAY   17, 191
The high water in the North Fork
and the main river tbis spring is
making it an easy task for the lum
ber companies to lloat the sawlogs
to their mills.
The grand jury a    the spring as-
  — ~ sines  in  (ireenwood   recommended
The Quebec provincial elections that the pay of grand and petii
on Tuesday lesulted in the return of jurors be increased.
the  (.ioiiin   government   by nn in i 	
creased majority over that which it A man named Norhnn. who
had in lhe last house. By the re' claims Grand Forks as his place ol
disUibution act passed at the last residence tells the following super
session of the legislature, seven new natural story to the Nelson News-
seats were added, nnd while the op "The night after the Titanic disaster,
position captured two of these, it when I did nol know the biglinei
lust two others, thus making the net had foundered, William T. Steal
gain in the Liberal majority in the appeared to me as in a vision, wroti
house seven. All of the members of the word 'Rarrara'on the wall and
the cabinet were re-elected. Premier said that he had some dulies foi
<.oui n wus elected liy a' large nni- him to perform at the lime this oc
jorily in both Port Neuf nnd St currence took place." Mr. Xurboi
Johns. continues:     "At   that  time   1 hail
j never heard Stead's name   nor seei
The New Denver Conservative as-. hig picture. Afterwards in the pa
sociation last week unanimously perg j gaw fep'r&l Motions oftbespir
adopted   the   following   resolution] jitualiUt-aiitlior's   photographs,   nm
"That the nomination   of  lion.  R. i
recognized him us the man who hai
F. Green would not he in the   heot | appeared to mV on the night after th.
interests nf the Conservative parly in
There is nnt much hope of reforming n liar. After he is den:. ht. |irii
The Victoria Week, a society
journal says that Bho will the only
one at the Kootenay Conservative
convention. If the coast land thieves
have secured a sullieient number of
.ilhe turned   delegates,  the Nelson
disaster in whicli Stead wusdrowned
He told ine thut he had some dutier
which I was most fitted to perform
and that he would lead me" Nor
lion said that Stead had nlso up
peuri-il in him nl iihbul II) n'cluCl
while he was in n Nelson hole
Tuesday night. "Rnrruru was tin
tin nm in the past life, he said," ex
plained Mr. Norbon.
Geo. C. Taylor,   repiesenting  tin
Facing Death     ,
if a stoic, if a Red Indian, if a
MaliiiiiiiiH.iInu, a Hindoo, a aSliintoist,
can look Death in the face without
changing color, why should Christians
shake in their boots at the very mention of it? It is they who should set
the example of high heroism and
splendid calm in the [y'esence of the
inevitable, lint they have mude more
noise, have howled und hollered more,
than the heathen in his blindness who
bows down to wood and stone.
A certain bishop was told by his
physician that he would have to go to
the south of France for his health.
The bishop protested that lie couldn't
get away from his diocese just then.
_ ''Very well," said the doctor; if you
don't go to France you will go to
heaven inside of three weeks."
"I will go to France in the morning," said the bishop.
France is a pretty good country, I
have no doubt; but it is not in the
same class with the land that is fairer
than day. '
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, May 16 —Silver 61;
atandard copper, $15.40(815.60,
LauNDON, May 1(1.—Silver, 28}j
ead, £16 10s.
Holy Tuixity Ciiuhoii, Henry Stele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy com-
nuniiin, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
ind sermon, II a.m.; evensong and
lermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
un. First Sunday of the month
loly communion will be celebrated at
he 11 a.in. service as well as at 8
i m. Week day aud special services
is they are announced from time tu
lime You are cordially invited to
.vnrship with us, and we would be
•leased to met you,
Knox Phusbytkriah Ciiuhoii—
-lubhath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
ii.; Sabbath school aud Bible class at
l;45-a.m. All are cordially invited,
floats free. Hev. M. D. MdKce, pas
Mktiiodist Cmmm ,T. Rev. Cal-
•ert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
II a. m. and 7:80 p.m.;Sunday school,
!.80 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
it 8:00 p.ltl.; prayer meeting, Wed-
lesdays, S p.m.;- Junior LeagiiOj Fri-
lays, 7:0(1 p.m. Everybody will he
Baptist Chuiich, Hev. H. W.
■Vlight, pastor.—Services on Sunday
it 11 a. ni. and 7:30 p. in.; Pubic
•lass and Sundav sehool at HI a.m.
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prices. We're are still doing
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Mining Stock Quotations
Spokanb, Mnv 1(>.—The follow,
in" are today's opening quotations for
the stock* tnentijural:
Hid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 56 00 59.00
B. C.   Copper       4.85     0.25
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
HANsai-'a Kmidikci*, BM "™ SUBBI
MULtMti'l Bb-iubnck, III*
Silver Klnir iilul Silver Queen Mlllenil
Clltlllla.. .Innate III lhe I.ritual Milk. Mlaiiiai.
DlVllloa nl Ynle IliAlrla't.      I
VVIia-re I ilaal:  On the Ku.t Fork nl the
North 1'aark nl Koitlai River.
AKK   Mllll I. Unit   I.     lui'ilh   M.    I'lilllaten.
■ I'll',. Miner'. Cirililii.ie No. U8I8D, l.ar
myigll mill UK lltrea.t fnt William II. Ilaall itaiiii.
exeolltor. ami Kiii.ii Maajiai. «• .ra'iairix, ul  ttie
will  aal   Catherine  llaallaa     Kree   Miner«
t'rrllllellle    Nu.  :l.V>I7ll     llili'llil,   fli.M)'    alaaaaa
taa.m   .hue Imreul,   In mini)   (.a   lhe Milling
rriler .nm OeitlHeuteOI lni|,r,ava ineiilia, lur
ilia-|aiiilaaafla'aal aahtaaltllllK a*ranvn   a.'l.aa I.   itl   the
XIV,   I'llllllH.
..ml inrllia-r latko liollra Uml Hctlnli. imilel
•illa.ii 87, IIIllrtt liei'timiiti'laa-a-al tiefaan- tlle Iflnll*
llm aal  -aaa-li C>Ti<lffl< a'fl a,( I IU|,aOV.'Ill,'I I.
Inieilihiflitliilii.il.- Mm. A.l> 1012.
J ..(Jull M. I'.aUI.SDN
SlltirllO Mini.ml Cluim, Hltunte lu the
liruutl   l--,,iits MilllllK   lliaifliaaaa  uf Ynle His-
Where luenleil: In ttVllinu't an ennui.
TAKE NO'l'Ui. tlmt I..lu«e|ih Allreil Miller,
I l-'i-'e Mlnerfl'i'ertilleiite Nn. 114*786, III-
ta-aaal. flixt.v alii-s Iiiaaaa tiia-alitli- iien-nf. In nil*
lily tittlie Mlulliir lleeatraler lur a Certlllente
,,< Iniiirnveineiit, lur the inin>iia.e ul uhtnitl-
illtr II CfOttll '.aaalat iif tlaa' ii'iava- ehiim.
Anil further tiike miliee Hint uoliuu. tlniler
.eetluii 87, must he eiiinmeitceil befnre the
1-siiaiiaa'e of mieh i t-'i-tilli-nte uf Improve*
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m ike vnn n new man. rfiCO f '■• a box. or two for
IV Mulled to nnvadiUc*"" TUoSOOMM Drug
V.o..tit.CMlwiiutflN. Ont.
Tlm following nro tho return*, of
thenre production ot the Boundary
mines for (In* week, anil alno for tbe
vi'iir to date:
Grnnl.y 23(450
Mother Lode.
Smelter treatmen—
Grnnhv -M,085
B.C. Copper Co... 11,240
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subscriber helps to make this
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I'he first lii-'iuil is pi-evident j ones Tlie niiisliriiuiii aiid bread mould
in June and early al uly, the seem d in are two common tyj>es The whitish
August. Oue of the easiest imects to threads tn lie found running through
destroy, either with tit-senate of lead, ■ the saail beneath a mushroom ur toad
1 noun I tu 40 gallons,or even with stonl i.s lhe true plant Imdv, which .s
ordinary roud diiflt   or   slacked   li me; equivalent In the ri i Is nml   stems  of
1 i*»i 111-*i* jil,mis   while the mushroom it
self is tlle ft ll'tillg linilv f'liHtaaillinag tl e
Spain's, which are   the   equivalent   ut
From the standpoint if tin* fruit
grower, fungi niay lie divided into twu
1. Those.whose mycelium, ur vegetative |iiitlion, lives on the surface uf
the hnsl plant, as, lur example, the
various inlld»*ws
2. I'lie laruer i-lass etnlnm-i's   tluee
sprinkled ou them.
Scale Insects, the Oyster-shell Bin It
Louse,.the San Jose Scale, and auum
ber uf others of the same type, are all
j easily controlled by the winter   spfli
. Oaitinn of lime sulphur solution     The
'Commercial lime sulphur, testing to
32aV° Baume, shuulil be diluted with
nine parts nf water This spraying
controls all seale inserts, and is beneficial in other wtit's-, If nj p it'll in
the spring, jusl as lli- buds are swelling, it mat cit.lv ai'ls in iliMtuving lhe] wllaise mycelium peneltitles into tl
eggs of .aphis and,red B| itlei* but is I tissues nf the host plant, sueh as ll
im ini-Uiit in the cutirol of many app'o scab and black split canker,
plant diseases, suel) as peach leaf curl,' M1,
apple seab. and sanne ty es ..f a-ainker.' BroU|
Aphis —There aie numerous kind*
(Continuedhum Page 1.)
secure by an arsenical spray, thoroughly-applied just after the blossoms
fall. Wa have no means of attacking
the pupal form or the adult form,
despite many trials. With a know)
edge of the principal facts concerning
the life history of any pest, we are
able to determine possible and practicable methods of control.
Some principal orchard insects:
Tiik Bud Moth.—-A small, brown
caterpillar found eating the buds
early in the spring. If plentiful, spray
with arsenate of lead, 2 pounds to 40
gillnns of water, just us the buds begin to open.       m.
The Lesser Apple Worm,—A
small pinkish larva, similar in general
aspects to that of the codlin moth. It
eats into the apple in much the same
way. Found principally in the Victoria aud Armstrong districts. If serious, spray with arsenate of lead, 2
poinds to 40 gallons of water, jusi
after the blossoms fall.
The Codi.in Moth.—Not found In
Hritish Columbia, The must serious
pe t uf the apple grower anywhere.
The spray in u t nod for lesser apple
worm is the most effectual for codlin
moth, and should be followed by an-
ether spraying in ahout ten days,
Tent Caierpill irs, Fall Web Worm,
lied and Yellow Humped Apple tree
Caterpillars, and other leaf-eating insects, may be destroyed with arsenate
of lead applied when the insects arc
ti st noticed.
Peak ..xiiCheiihy Sluii.—A black,
slimy larva resembling a tadpole in
Appearance, but only about half an
inch long, found eating the upper surfaces of the leaves   of   the pear  anil
fungi belonging in lhe lirst
an geneially be destroyed by
spraying wilh suitable fungicides
of aphis: On the apple, the gren I when they appeaiybut iliuse of group
aphis, the rosy aphn, and the wnOllyjl aie not affected by sueh spraying,
aphis; on the pear, the green aphis; on I Their entrance into .the tissues is tn
the plum and pruuo, the hop louse be prevented by spraying befure in
and the mealy aphis; on the peach,Inoculation takes pljce. This requires
the black and green   aphids,  and   on j that all the susceptible area   he  thor
the cherry, the black aphis; but the
jemedies fur all uf this class are similar.
Tin spring application of lime sulphur destroys many uf the eggs and
the winter forms. During the sum-
meiy attacks of aphis are controlled
with a solution of black leaf, black
leaf 40, wha'eo I and qtrissia chips,
kerosene eniuhi in, and otlier   contact
oughly coated with the spray, antl, if
growth i.s taking place, as in the spring
and early summer, spraying must be
repeated to cover the new growth as
long as there is danger of serious in-
The fungous diseases  causing  most
serious losses in this province are:
1. Black sput canker.
2. The   brown   lot   of   the plum,
insecticides.   Use at tho strengths i, -   t"una *""* ^en)'
dicated on the Spray Calendar.
With the root forms of the woolly
apple aphis and the black peach aphis,
it is necessary to clear the earth from
arountl the base of the tree, and sprinkle with tobacco stemi. This treatment gives reasonably good results.
BoiiKiis. —These affect the apple and
the peach principally. The borers
should be dug out with a sharp knife
in the spring. Lime sulphur, especi-1
ally if considerable extra lime is add-
ed, acts as a deterrent.
FuN'oous Diseases.—While insects
belong to the animal kingdom, the
various fungi and lateria are plants.
A fungous is a true plant, though
usually quite simple in structure. Unlike ferns and (lowering plants, fungi
have no green coloring matter, and
derive all their sustenance ill organic
form by living as parasite* on living
organisms, or as saprophytes on  dead
3.  Apple scab
Black Spot Canker. —This disease
causes the death of large areas uf the
bark and outer wood, printipally of
(Continued on Page 8.)
Reasonable Prices
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Dr L. S. Eastman
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Wst ^tantarft
THE STANDARD is the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. it Is national In all Its
It uses the most expensive eUgrav-
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The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season,   r_yln Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<■_/! Picture that will be like a
Member  of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
rPHE Family Herald and Weekly Star ot Montreal, acknowledged tn be
I the greatest nnd best family nnd farm paper on the continent, has on
many invasions given ils renders mint delightful premium picture,
hut this season they have secured what is beyond nny question of doubt
the best picture ever offered newspaper readers. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. '
"Laddie," a collie tlog, famous for his beauty anil gentleness, winners
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
hns heen stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns homo on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
HiB familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, in the door nud
sbe throwB her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," nnd answers her welcome by putting his
paws on her shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, whicb in his dog language meaiiB—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyeB
nnd parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture thnt Will win u favored place
on the walls of any home.'
The picture is by tbe celebrated artist, Arthur .1. Elsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children und animals.
The beautiful picture "Home Again" nn heavy plate pnper 2_.x__!)
inches nil rendy for framing will he mailed KKKI*. tn every subscriber nf
The Hun and Family Herald and Weekly Slur for 1012
The small sum of 11.60 will secure the two papers fair n full yeur including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which nlone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not he bought at thai price.
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i It,, niaal ii-,. tine oiililt- lum ,,■ i- -.--,- Inl
A It'a I'a,||l . f ,-aal-tll P.lflt K«' Ifl ' il'UI' ' rt-a-ll,
Wllll'l' llaaiiaaia. u Ha.lltlaei''. y al I ra ,-t i I.aaaaaflk
a.tit 8011 and i n ia ie> lut" Ki'ttlu River neur
'.ilii.il Kaaalas. llll' wiper Will In. alhareil ma-
iia-'tt'tlt,. t.awaasatp .1' Niat-'iirii. aaa.il Willie
used fnr irrigation iiitrpn bt nil the In tl 'le-
, riheil nfl Fruit Lnnd, iilanut 1.1 aia-i' s
Tiais ii'lii'e wu. posted fin tlie anaiiiiil nu
tlle Willi allay nr Mured, llll'J Hie lluillli'Utiiltl
.1 ill he llle.-l lu the nffli-e "I tha' Wuter Ite-
a'aa'ala''' alt I'atirvlew.
t.blei'tloua nmy he li'eal with the fliiial
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CMI0A90.   ILL.
lt wns tlm great Titanic  ilw(  siiil_.il
Uu. briny aou,
Built   with   tin. gruateati skill    un-
sinl.i_.li:e to in* —
Slie   .si.uteil   her   nuiilen  voyHge, a
Hut'i'ii nt' the iii.-tiiiii wivi".
Tn iiiiikn the ret un I n|i»m1   nml   every
stiirm ti. hi live
It was the tenth nf April when she
left Sialllhailil|.tanl pier,
Ami sailefl fnr New York, with winil
.   and w.'ath.ir fair,
With two thouaand three hundred
anil forty souls in care,
But only seven hundred and forty-
five reached there;
For the fourteenth day. npoii a Sunday night,
She struck against an iceberg they
hail failed to sight.
Hei speed was very great—the iceberg was great, too,
And smashed her like a shell and let
the water through.
Then as she slowly sank   to   rest  he-
neath the wave,
I.ifebnats   were   lowered   thn   ladies'
lives to save
Wireless   messages    were   flashed   to
other ships at sea,
But they were too far  oil' immediate
use to be.
The men all tlid their best trying to
cheer and save,
While their own hearts were breaking with the effort to be bravo.
At last thc wurk is ended, the lust
small boat is gone,
And all those hundreds left to put
life preservers on.
1 Be British" says   I lie captain—"lie
„ British" whispered men.
The bttiidtnen started playing to   give
them courage then-—
"Neaier my God to Thee," this  was
their parting hymn;
"Nearer  my   God   to Thee I" was  it
ever played as then!
And when   they   touched   the   water
they realizrd their dot in,
And one word is uttered   within   the
darkening gloom—
The one word "God" is wrun^ from  a
tin u and souls,
It is carried up on high, and o'er  the
wave it rolls.
When we face the great unknown and
human aid is past,
The soul looks to it* maker and turns
to Him at last—
When our eyes and mind are closed to
the things of earth,
Tlio eyes of the soul are opened   to  a
great new birth.
The steerage passengers   were driven
back with shot and shell,
Dow-n near the bursting boilers, down
near a seething hell.
Perchance   before   leaving   thev   had
bent the stubborn knee,
And sought for find's protection   in
crossing o'er the sea,
Beneath some faded emit there boat a
heart of tire—■
The hands knew naught of gold exeept their ilaily hire,
The heart knew uaught of pleasure
hut. the will to serve ils il.nl,
No wiili deeper thnn the une tu
do some good.
Tbe   same   power   that   upheld ihem
through this vale nf tears
Will help them now to triumph   over
all their fears;
They feel God's angel neur, ami know
it is iu time
Tu relieve the keen-edged suffering iu
leaving this mortal shine.
But the souls of the wicked,who knew
not the Maker's call,
Oh, Almighty   God, have   mercy  on
those who fall,
And please, our heavenly father, wilt
thnn condescend
To look down on the bereaved and be
to them a friend.
— Mils. 1'ki.i..
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
glance. r"
It Is estimated that there are over
155,8,1. tree homesteads open for entry, ln the three prairie provinces,
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
.This means that over 25,000,000 acres
•re being given away for less than
ten cents an acre. The entry fee for
one homestead of 1C0 acres being UO
Vill mean that when all theBe homesteads are disposed ot the government
will have received $1,558,760 for twenty-five million acres of land. Of these
homesteads, 118,134 are located adjacent to the Canadian Northern Railway, and 35,000 of them are' within
twenty mile., of existing C.N.R. lines.
many of these being within two or
three miles of a railway service.
Full detailed information as to
where these homesteads are, the nature of the soil and the general description ot the country in which they
are located, is given in a pamphlet recently issued by the Canadian Northern Railway.
The pamphlet is beautifully printed
with three-color half tones, the cover
representing a recently arrived immigrant driving away trom the village
out to his homestead, The town elevators are shown In the distance,
silhouetted against the sunsettlng ln
a blaze of red, green, and gold. Mr.
Homesteader has all his goods and
chattels in the wagon behind him, and
is starting hie life anew, under the
best ot auspices.
The pamphlet also contains a map
which shows in a general way the location of the homesteads in relation
to the railway lines. A list ot Government Land Offices tor each district,
where entry for homesteads may be
made, is Included, making the pamphlet completo in every way.
Copies may be had from Mr. R.
Creelman, General Passenger Agent of
the Canadian Northern lines, In Winnipeg.
Various Sets
"You say you can got me in society?"
"Yes, but we must plan a campaign
Now, which crowd do you want i.n
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Would Be Sensible.
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"Yes, and it gave me quite a start
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The most obstinate corns and warts
fall to resist Holloway's Corn Cure.
Try it
Uncle Pennywise Says:
A spirituelle girl ts one who is too
dainty to eat corned beef, but who
can get away with thh-ty or forty
lettuce sandwiches. —Courier-Joum-
At Work
'Did your sou learn anything at
'Oh, yes," answered the magnate
addressed. "He learned to operate
an automobile so well that we have
put him in charge of one of our big
electric trucks."
Stop the Cough.—Coughing is caused by irritation in the respiratory
passages and is the effort to dislodge
obstructions that come from inflammation of the raucous membrane.
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil will allay the inflammation and
ln consequence the cough will cease.
Try it, and yo.i will use no otlier preparation tor a cold.
Tour druggist will refund money If PASO
OINTMENT falls to cure any   —   "'
Itching.    Blind,    Bleeding or Pr
Files In 6 to 14 days.   60c.
case  of
Mr. MacTavtsh attended a christening where the hospitality ot the
host knew no bounds. In the midst
of the celebration Mr. MacTavish rose
MP and made the rounds of the company, bidding each a profound farewell.
"But. Sandy, man," objected the
host, "ye're not goln' yet, with the
•venln' lust started?"
"Nay," said the prudent MacTavish; "I'm no go'n' yet, I'm blddtn'
ye good night while I know ye all."
Minardi Liniment for ule everywhere.
A Synonym
"Can't you tl.mk of o more refined
terra than 'in the wrong' to descri'..
"Well, I might, refer to him as tlio
.lUlmate consumer.'"
Great   System
"This winter air Is nice u:>il fresh,"
bald tho brisk citizen.
"That's were you nro wrong," replied lho man from Chicago. "It's
t*ic came u.il Mri It on.y ■ler.iiiii frocli
because It has heen in cold storage."
—Washington Star.
Lend a hand—and two lf "needful.
Russia has an army of 1,200,000
men ln time ot peace and 4,500,000
ln time of war.
1)01) IIS
VV. N. U. No. 892.
The Firtt Thimble
There is a tradition that a Dutch
stlversmith pondered long and silently in the slow-working senses
'/hlch he deemed his brain—a notion
for a trinket, a fallal, for a dignified
lady of Holland. It must be a usefu
trinket, albeit a costly one, meet for
so good a samfrstress as Dame Alixe
Van Itenselaer. When the notion
took definite shape, the thing was
quickly wrought in precious metal by
fingers as deft as the brain was slow,
and the industrious housewife proud
ly wore not only her flrst thimble,
but the flrst thimble -possessed by
any Dutch frau.—Century Magazine.
Any wife will say. that whnt she
desires most in the house Is a kind,
sympathetic husband; other things
are good, but none so important.
If you never plan bigger than you
do, you never will do as big as you
•Bleakly «lop« coughs, enw colu. hull
Ilia *ro«t and lunga     -     •     SS cents.
Poverty has-been designed hy an
all-seeing Providence ln order to make
the rich humble. Without poverty the
rich would not know how well oft they
were, and If they did not know this;
they would have no opportunity to
sympathize with the poor; thus, no
condition of humility would be possible.
Poverty Is also useful in many other
ways; tt enables sociologists to write
books, and, by constant practice, gives
them remarkable facility; It affords a
splendid Held for the theologian, and
helps him very much ln his illustrations.
Poverty helps government; for without government there would be no
political parties, and political parties
could not exist without poverty, as
there would be no votes to buy.
Poverty is necessary to produce
sentiment, lf there were no poverty,
sentiment would go begging. It wouid
then have to be expended exclusively
on members of the opposite sex, and.
as a rule, they don't need lt, emeu.
when they also need money.
Poverty is considered unnecessary
by some, but that Is only beraus. tb*iy
do not understand. Without poverty
there would be nothing to live for.
nobody to be sorry about, anl no one
to witness our comfort.—Taomao L.
ii'.uBSon ln Ltppincott's.
A Tonic Medicine Is a Necessity at
This Season.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an all year round tonic,
blood-builder and nerve-restorer. But
they are especially valuable in the
spring when the system is loaded
with Impurities as a result of the indoor life of the winter months. There
is no other season when the blood is
so much in need of purifying and enriching, and every dose of these pills
helps to make new, rich, red blood.
In the spring one feels weak and
tired—Dr. Williams* Pink Pills give
strength. .In the spring the appetite
is often poor—Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
develop the appetite, tone the stomach and aid weak digestion. It is ln
the spring that poisons in the blood
find an outlet In disfiguring pimples,
eruptions and bolls—Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills speedily clear the skin because they go to the root of the trouble in the blood. In the spring anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion, neural
gla, erysipelas and many other troubles are most persistent because of
poor, weak blood, and lt is at this
time when all nature takes on new
life that the blood most seriously
needs attention. Some people dose
themselves with purgatives at this
season, but these only further weaken
themselves. A purgative merely gallops through the system, emptying
the bowels, but it does not cure anything. On the other hand Dr. William's Pink Pills actually make uew
blood which reaches every nerve and
organ in the body, bringing new
strength, new health and vigor to
weak, easily tired men, women and
children. Try Dr. William's Pink Pllla
this spring—they will not disappoint
Sold by all medicine dealers or sent
by mall at. 50 cents a box or six boxes
for 12.50 by The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The trouble about that flghtlng-and-
runniiig-away thing ts that the
next day we're liable to conclude
that enough is sufficiency!
No Asthma Remedy Like It. Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy Is distinctly different from other so-called
remedies. Were this not so it would
not have continued Its great work of
relief until known from ocean to ocean
for its wonderful value. Kellogg's.
the foremost and hest of a'l asthma
remedies, stai.ds upon a reputation
founded In the hearts of thousands
who ha i known Its benefit.
A merry, honest heart, makes johnny-cake taste like angel's food.
Mlnsrd's Llr.ln.ent P.ellve* Neuralgia.
Formerly, the concealment of treasure-trove on the part of the finder
was punishable by death, whereas
the punishment now is a fine or Imprisonment.
What Is finer than an old-fashioned
spring after an old-fashioned winter?
"Felony" includes
clde, forgery, arson,
murder,    hornl-
burglary,   and
The merits of bone as an Indicator
ot fair or foul weather have been
vouched for by the captain of an Italian steamer carrying a cargo of bones from the South American port of
Buenos Ayres to New York. When
the ship waB Balling toward a storm
the skipper stated recently, the bones
creaked and moaned, and when fair
weather was ahead they were silent
again. .
It is only hy labor that thought can
be made healthy, and only by thought
that labor can be made rnippy; and
the two cannot be separated with Impunity.
Shun no toll to make yourself re-
markuble by sonic talent or other.
Tliere iain't a plow on (he market
that ie better made or hai* heller
material than our " Western Chief.*; ii___i .„....,..    v__»
The proot ol this atatement ia in our remarkably liberal tmrutsf.  Too
hsve tlie opportunity of putting theoe .plows to work on your farm for len daya
**•* .     j"     ,AT . L       *' -*"  "■!• I- JL_._.__nlMti_._. laa. .nv flP»V nattlm tha Dlo
II tha result is disappointing in any way return Iha plow
anil we wilt either make en.exch.nie or rifliura.yoM purely pitoi^fun to
gether with all transportation charm., Wa do not questionaJ™»'d«J*»{
5S trist you to give tVo plow a a*^ttkm.jm*^S*t^SA irfthwi
argument. 11 you art needing a good plow, let us know and wa WlU tall you
what one will eost laid down in your own town.
Adjusted for short Mme, or square
corners. Ual distance nxtee with
removable bones practically dirt aad
tAtzm not tort axd
LOOKWO LBTtB.-Holdi.al Ibe
plow in perfect lock, keeping it down
in hardest ground and in soil ol varying weight; Foot lever la long and
easily   operated.
DODOEB. -Thai prevents delays and
breakage  and  with   ordinary  fere
The One-Meea Frame is made of
channel steal with heavy frame ex-
tension to wheel. Can't possibly
spring or sag.    Has heavy carbon
*,,aqI jrott
Bttn Heavy and Strong Beams,
of carbon steel wilh 21|-lneh throat
room, bread ball bearings, extra long
axle holders:  __       ...       .
BEAU HITCH, wuh clevis, a.l-
lostable for any style of cvener from
three to six horses.
LIOHT DBAFT.—The wheels carry full load ot plow. There is no larid-
alde or bottom pressure even when
plow is looked down in hard ground.
WHEELS are strongest used on
nny riding plow, malleable steel nub.
V-16-inch staggered spokes riveted
with hydrautlo pressure. Furrow
Wheels adjustable to or from the land.
Bakastilowing on atony mount
aafe and easy as on any other.
BOTTOMS an carefully shaped,
hardened and polished.
■HABE1.— 5-16-iuch thick, broad
and heavy, soft steal centered *anj.
ud mould boards ara double-shinned.
The- low prices are brought abont by direct no-agent dealing
._.*■ - -..   --        ' a _aa -_«, ........
We save
all m]ddl._m'ei.rs "pfouti and by dealing for cash all collectors* fees as anil.   Wa
' hat ail our farm machinery wm compart favorably with any sold in toa
Order a plow now and prove tbis fact to your own satisfaction.   II
know that all our farm machinery'
west.    Order a plow now and m.      _   -
any part proves defective tbroughtaltv maUrleI or workmanship.\._w
replace entirelv wilhout charge.   WE fltJFFLY AU BEFABI FOB AKY
Too many of us men fail fully to
appreciate the value of a good home
and Its keeper. Not enough credit Is
given for ths hours spent over the
hot stove, the many hack-aching
broom strokes and the many stitches
"This Is whore I get off," observed
the awkward elder, when his horso
proceeded to do some fancy bucking.
Some wretched man writes; "The
average man can make about A hundred different kinds ot a fool ot himself, but when lt comes to sheer Imbecility, it wants two or more women
and a wedding."
The Home Secretary ln Great Britain, or tha Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,'
has the power to vary or abolish ths
close time for game.
For The Nervous Woman,
Or the woman who experiences hot fashes nothing is so (ood to soothe, quiet
•nd calm the nervous system ■• a pure glyceric* extract ol native medioal plants,
and made without alcohol, which has been sold by druggleta lor'the past forty
years, and moat favorably known as Dootor Plerce'a, Favorite Prescription. Ib
younger yean some women auffar Irom dizzineaa, or fainting spells, hysteria,
headache, bearing-down feelings ind pain. All theae symptoms of irregularity
and female disturbance are relieved by the uie of this famoua " Prescription "
of Dootor Pierce.
As a powerful, invigorating tonlo " Favorite Prescription" Imparts strength
to the whole system, and in particular to th* organ* distinctly feminine.
For over-worked, "worn-out," " run-down," debilitated
taachtrs, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses," ahop.girla,"
bona*• keepers, nuraing mothers, and feeble woman generally,
It Is an excellent appetizing cordial and restorative tonlo.      I
"Hy disease wu called isttwaielon," wiltea Mas. Lvdia McDonald, of Mecosta, Hlch., Route I. I had nervous chilli and numb spatte
aad they would leave me vary weak. Hen I had Inflammation and tha
doctor said I had a floating kidney. I doctored seven months with onr
family physician. Ha said t would hava to hava an operation. Than I
atopped taking his medicine. After taking three bottlee of Dr. Plerce'a
medicines I have not had any nervous chilli or weak spells. I am hatter
than for yeara.
"My daughter la now taking the 'Preeer.price.' and Dr. Plerce'a
Golden Medioal Discovery, also the Pellets' fac mnouaaea and weak.
tired feeling. Tliese rcmedtea hava helped her ever so much In a short
time. Wa Eava great faith in your uadldnea for female troubles."     .
fi.n UcDoxuj.     Ar. Heme's Mutest Mfaf* *****, mlU aetata! Atwtl mertmtem THE SITS. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
IU"! ri mmm iiW'i'HWi
.. The Pirn by Which They Were
Carried Prom London
to New York
' One morning while In London on taking up my newspaper after breakfast
to scan the news try eye fell ou a personal wblcb read aa follows:
Wantad.-One varied ln smuggling devices to carry-valuable papers.
Now, it there wns any man wbo
could beat me in methods to pull the
wool over customs officers I would
have been pleased to meet him,
I bad begun my labors by working
tbe hollow boot beei racket; theu I had
a lot of diamonds fixed up In cherries
to ornament a woman's bat and hired a
passenger on tbe ship going over wltb
me to wear lt. She got through all
rlgbt, but came down on me for all tbe
profit or sbe would peach. I made
gome money by having the tiny works
ota lady's watcb put In a chronometer,
tbe space around the wheels nnd pivots
being filled with valuable Jewels. A
.wax tumor on the top of my head was
cut open by a butcherly customs man
and disclosed a big diamond, the profit
on wblcb would bave been $20,000.
The diamond and the profit botb went
by the board. Passing over the Swiss
line Into France, I had a bouquet In
which tbere was $10,000 worth of Geneva watch works. A lady confederate
carried it safely over for me, and sbe
didn't bleed me either, for she didn't
know she carried anything but Sowers.
It occurred to me to get on my feet
•gain by securing, lt possible, this advertised Job; but, tbough I knew ways
and means, I was tbe best known man
In the business to the customs men,
•nd that would make me the worst
msn-fo successfully carry valuable papers, for lt wu evident that tbe owner
wished to get tbem through secretly,
ind all my luggage would be turned
Inside out for smuggled goods. Bolides, the papers mlgbt be bulky, and
lhat would make them hard to get
tbrough.   They   couldn't  be   wound
an Immense property In New Tork.
There were ether persons—the countess' balf brothers snd sister-who were
loterested.. She had recently died, and
her husband was having a big fight
wltb these persons for tbe property.
Bl* case hinged en certain papers
whicb were In London and must be
transmitted to the surrogate's office
In New Tork. Unscrupulous attorneys were acting for tbe American (tattles, wbo knew ot these papers and
that K they conld get possession ot
tbem some 110,000,000 would pus te
their clients. "Now," said Mr. Coils-
more, "can you 'rimmit tbe papers
ssftly? lf yon m "ti will be psW
10 per ceut of tbe count's Inheritance."
"How do you know tbat I will not
turn tbem over to tbe New Xork par
ties for twice tbat?"
■-. "I have-a plan for preventing yeur
doing so."
"Your plan would fail. However, I
can give you a scheme of operations
by which you can work with me. I
shall need a confederate. Xon may
name that confederate."
"I shall reaulre s few carpenter's
tools, wbich I sball take witn me on
the ship, and a tiny pot of paint. I
Buppose from what you have told me
that tbe moment the papers leave youi
vaults the enemy will know It."
"I have been told that we have spies
bere ln this office, and the best London detectives are watching ns."
"Very well, send the papers to tbe
ship ln any way you like and deliver
tbem to tne ln my stateroom, wblcb
you will engage for me. As soon as yoo
bave secured it cable some one you
know ln New Tork to engage lt for the
return trip. This doue, we sball proceed further."
"I will attend to tbe matter at once.
How about your confederate?"
"He may go with me on the trip and
will take the papers from mo ln New,
'But I don't understand the necessity
for tbese details."
'Tbey ore more necessary off my ae-
count than on yours. A long experience enables- me to get these papers
tbrough for you, but tbat experience
makes me a suspicious character. I
sball be searched by lbe customs officers in New Xork. But tbere is tbls
advantage ln your employing me. Likely yonr opponents will get on to tbe
fact of my taking the papers to Amert
ca. It they don't I prefer tbnt yon
sbould see that tbey do. Tbls will
concentrate suspicion on me."
"And insure failure."
It took some time to convince Mr,
Collamore ot the expediency of employing me. In fact, I was obliged to
give bim my whole scheme before he
would do so. When I told blm all he
engaged me at once,
I was given tbe papers In bis office
and went direct to the ship, watched
by several detectives, who remained on
the dock till the ship bad sailed. Once
In my stateroom I took my carpenter's
tools from a satchel, loosened a board
In the floor, put ln the papers and,
putting back tbe board, dabbed a little
paint on it, so that its removal would
not be noticed. To make more sure I
removed the board under tbe berth.
I was conscious ot being watched all
the way over, but I did
"1 WAB arm ths r*?ins is bis orncx
around tbe body like lace, and tbey
couldn't be carried in a false wart on
tbe nose.
I spent a whole day trying to think
np a plan to get these papers tbrough,
providing tor-dangers similar to those
to be met ln a custom bouse, but failed. At 4 o'clock the next morning I
awoke and lay In bed thinking. My
brain always works better at that time
tban any otber. I worked out a scheme
whicb I consider tbe crowning device
of my life.
By 0 o'clock I had mailed a reply
to the ad., and tbe next morning's
post brought me a reply. 1 was invited fo call at the office of s prominent firm of solicitors, I went to the
address at once and was Introduced
Into tbe private ofllco of tbe head of
the firm, Mr. Edward Collamore.
"Now, sir," he said to me, "I am
ready to listen to your fitness for tbe
work ot carrying some legal documents
to New Xork, of wbich any ordinary
messenger would be robbed on the
.way, lt not murdered as well."
I gave him a history of my work in
deceiving customs officers. He was
quite pleased at some of my devices,
especially the carrying of watebworks
in a bouquet, and asked me lt papers
could not be carried in that way. 1
told blm that depended on the person
or persons wbo would try to get possession of them. Ho was sufficiently
Impressed with mmccoinpllshments te
tell me all about the work he needed
- done.
Viscount B., one of his clients, bad
married nn American heiress owning
before leaving London, I was given
$200 a month till the estate was settled, when I wss to receive a million.
I wu paid the $200 regularly, but
when the final settlement wis made I
wu put off with a beggarly bait million on the ground that after all the
viscount bad been obliged to compromise with tbe American belrs.
However, I am quite comfortable
snd do not need to practice any more
schemes, for I enn get on very well
from the Income 1 enjoy from tbe proceeds of my last venture. I live in
London and am mucb respected,
tbough I am known to be a retired
smuggler. You see, ot late years smuggling bas become fashionable. The
wives pf American millionaires do tbe
principal part of what Is done In tbat
line nud do it on the other side of tbe
big pond. As for the English, they so
dislike our protection system that any
man who can beat an American customs officer is popular among tbem.
But I'm getting tired ot London.
I'm thinking of going to Ireland. The
pride of family is going out ln England, and there is no country wbere
It Is still held tn respect except among
the older families of the Emerald Isle.
If that rascally viscount hadn't beaten
me out ot a part of my pay for getting
his bloomln' papers through I could
■ave set up a racing stable ln Ireland.
Ribbon Trimmed Hats.
A hint nt what may be expected In
hat trimmings may be gleaned from
Two Very
the chic model pictured. Tbls l» a between seasons model.
It Is said tbat ribbon of soft and
beautiful colorings aud combination of
colorings will adorn tbe smartest of
the early spring bats.
Net a Bad Precedent.
Borne of tbe beauties ot undent Rome
had marble busts sculptured ot them-
not know I selves, on wblcb were placed different
whether my  watchers were In tbe wigs corresponding to tbe change ot
service of the London or the New Xork style and coloring. If modern woman
parties Interested In the papers. Ono
man, a middle aged gentleman, I suspected of being my confederate, who
was not to make himself known to me,
tilt I was not sure. It didn't matter
to me bow closely I was watched, for
followed suit there would be fewer
atrocious coiffures.
A mirror sbould reveal unbecoming-
ness, but It does not seem to do no. A
bust of oneself, bedecked wllb chignon.
Psyche, Greek  colls or the present
as soon as J had concealed the papers daguerreotype disfigurations, could not
under tbe floor of my stateroom my fall to be a convincing proof ot our
work wu done. When we arrived at selves as others see us.
New York and I went ashore I wan | The greatest beauty cannot afford to
accosted by a customs maa who knew,, trifle wltb ber balrdressliig. It Is only
me well by: the pluln woinun who boldly duties
■"Hello, Bobt   What racket are you looks to be In the style,
working on tbls time?'
Important Bodies In
Judged by practical results the
most important sittings of the House
of Commons are tbose devoted to thc
Committee of Supply and the Committee of Ways and Moans. The functions of Parliament exercised through
these two committees of the whole
House, are also among the oldest, if
not the very oldest, performed by the
representatives of British people assembled in national council. These
functions consist of deciding upon
ways and means by whicli revenue is
to be raised—and that means taxation—and of appropriating that revenue to the public service. Devising
means for raising revenue was about
tin only service the Plantaganet kings
wished the Parliament to perform, but
having gradually established control
over taxation the English House oi
Commons made use of that control to
build up tliat system of constitutional representative, responsible government which Canada has inherited
and so many other countries imitated.
The Committees ot Ways and
Means and of Supply nre, therefore,
foundation stones in our parliamentary systems. Thc former decides the
ways and means—the method of raising the revenue. Tlie latter decides
the amount of money to be granted
the crown, which to-day means the
Government, and the manner in which
this money .shall be spent.
We hear little of the Committee of j
Ways and Means—although it sits a I
number of timet each session—except
when the customs tariff or the excise
tariff is under revision, for these are
the measures under which fully three-
fourths of the federal revenue are
collected. I For instance, this session
there will be very little for the Committee of Woys and Means to do.
The tariffs stand, the method of raising the revenue is on the statute
book. There it stands till changed or
repealed, and under its operation the
revenue flows into tlie federal treasury.
Not so, however, with tlie Committee of Supply to whose sittings nre
devoted probably more tha; one half
of every session. While the revenue
accumulates in the treasury not one
penny of it can be spent by the Government without the authorization of
Parliament; thc only exception being
in the case of emergency arising when
Parliament is not sitting. In case of
such emergency the Government can
use the public funds on the authorization of the Governor-General's warrant, tbe expenditure to be ratified by
Parliament as soon ns it meets.
Supplies are voted by Parliament
for only one year. There must be a
session every year, and eaeh year the
Government must go before Parliament and ask for the money necessary
fo( the carrying on of the public service. Because of theso things the
Committee of Supply sits during n
considerable part of each session.
The basis of thc committee's deliberations is a little blue book of about
one hundred pages, known ns the
Estimates, and which is, or should
be laid before the House of Commons
early in the session so that the members can study tlie work before being
called upon to pass judgment on its
The supplies, as a rule, are voted
in advance, and the estimates now
before the House are for the fiscal
year, which will run from April 1 next
to March 31, 1913. .
The estimates contain a detailed
statement of tho sums required for
the public service for the year, the
items being grouped under the various
departments. The estimates nlso show
the vote for tlie preceding year, so
that comparisons of expenditure can
always be readily made.
The estimates are always accompanied by a message from the Governor-General approving of the expenditure proposed. Measures proposing expenditures or charges upon
the revenue must always be introduced into (he House by a Minister
and accompanied by a message from
the Governor-General recommending
tlie same.
Locating and Fighting Infection Cen«
tera Only Known Magna of Control.
Tbe chestnut bark disease was flrst
recognized as a serious disease ln the
vicinity of New York city In 3004, and
tke first publication regarding :. appeared In 1800. Tbere Is reliable evidence, however, that lt wu present on
Long Island at least as early as 1888.
Its origin Is unknown, bnt tbere la
some evidence that lt was Imported
from lbe orient with the Japanese
chestnut Tbls view Is not, however,
beld by nil Investigators. But, whatever may have been its time or place
of origin, It is certain that lt has now,
spreod luto at least ten states.
The bark disease appears ultimately,
to exterminate the chestnut trees in
auy locality which it Infests. Three
years ago the financial loss from this
disease "In nnd about New York city"
was estimated at "between $3,000,000
nnd $10,000,000." The agricultural department writers regard $25,000,000 ss
a conservative estimate of tbe financial
loss from tbls disease up to 1911. In
many localities the greatest damage
has been among chestnuts grown for
He took me and my baggage Into a
private room and went tbrough everything. He found nothing dutiable, uot
even my carpenter's tools, for I had; t|,e cc(j..r_i
thrown them overboard. Finding nothing, be let me go. I had not got a block
from tbe dock before I was attacked
by a gang of roughs, one of wbom,
doubtless disguised, searched mc. A
policeman picked me up balf dead, put
me ln n cab and sent me home.
My confederate had received full Instructions from Mr. Collamore. A
couple ot hours before tbe ship sailed
the former went aboard the ship, accompanied by one who purported to be
his daughter, bot wbo wns really a
typist ln tbe employ of a legal firm
who were Mr. Collamore's correspondents. The confederate, having obtained the key to his stnteroom-the one
I had occupied on tbe last trip from
England-went there and, with tools
ho carried ln his suit case, took up
the board In the Boor, secured tbe papers, tbe typist concealed them on ber
person and, when the-"All ashore."
bell was rung, bidding a tearful good-
by to him who purported to be ber
father, sho went down the gangplank,
and In another hour tbe papers were
deposited In the vaults of a safety deposit company,
According to the contract I bad made
How One Word Was Bern.
Tbe two friends hud been dining on
divers and sundry strange dishes at
of Lebanon enfo. In the
Syrian quarter of New Vork. Tbey
wero drinking tbelr coffee, thick wltb
coal black grounds, and wondering
whether they rcnlly enjoyed It, when
Smithers suddenly cried out:
"I'ataug!   I'ntnug!"
The waiter hurried away and came
back presently bringing an ordinary
"I wss Just testing," said Smithers
to bis companion, "tbe truth of ths
story that tbe first corkscrew seen In
Beirut was brought there by a Yankee.
It was a patented American contraption, and the Syrians were amazed al
Its convenience. Tbey spelled out on
It the mystic words, 'Pat Aug. 'TO,' and
took tbst to be the name of the Implement Now, I believe tbe story that
pntuug Is Its name ull over the Levant"
-Now York Bun.	
A Batter Figure.
"In your sermon this morning you
spoke of a baby as 'a new wave on the
ocean of life.'"
"Quite so; a poetlcsl figure."
"Don't you  think 'a fresh squall'
would have hit the mark better}"—
Boston Transcript.
Peopling tha West.
The annual report of the Interior
Department of the Dominion fur tlie
last fiscul year, tabled in the House
of Commons receiRy, calls attention
to tlio fact that tlie total cnsli revenue
from all sources collected by tiie de-
fiartment during tlie year reached the
arge total of $5,093,140. This is nn
increase ol $384,126 over the previous
twelve months. Tlie revenue of the
department ia now fourteen times ns
largo as it was ten years ago.
A corresponding increase is noted
in the number ol homestead entries.
During the year there were 44,479 entries, representing • a total acreage of
7,100,640, which is an increase of 3,000
entries over the previous year, which
had been tlio largest in tlie history ol
the deportment.
Those entries represent a total population ol 107,834 settlers and their
families. It is regard-il us very
satisfactory from the immigration
stondpoint tliat over one-third of tlie
total immigration last year can lie
occounted for ns having engaged in
agricultural pursuits in the western
"™ n uig oina.
An unusual thing lias happened thit
winter in that the whole ol the Little
Shuswap Lake,. B.C.. hns frozen
smooth, providing the skaters ot Chase
with a rink live miles long and trom
two to three miles wide.
ornamental purposes, which have a
value greatly ln excess of their value
as lumber.
No method of Immunizing Individual
trees against the bark disease ts yet
known, and no method of treating or
curing tbem when once attacked Is
certain ln its results. While this Is
unfortunate from the standpoint of
tbe owner of orchard trees and large
ornamental trees of great Individual
value, no method of dealing with single trees-surgery, medication, spraying, etc.—however successful In itself,
would meet the demands of the present situation. It Is not practicable at
present to apply any Individual method of treatment to forest trees; the Individual tree Is uot worth It and will
not be for many years.
Fortunately, however, there Is a
method of dealing with the situation
which is applicable to the country ns a
whole and which, so far as tested, is
practicable. The disease advance*
but slowly In a solid line, but Instead
spreads from Isolated centers of Infection, often many miles ln advance ot
the main line of disense. It therefore
seemed probable tbat lf these advance
Infections could be located at a reasonably early stage they could be
eliminated at relatively little expense,
thus preventing further spread from
tbese points at least. It Is believed
that this method of attack will prove
practicable and lf carried out on a
large scale will result ultimately Iu
the control of tbe bark disease which
bss done so much damage.
, I ,
Are you setting a good exam-
m pie for the young farmers ln
\ your neighborhood? If not, be-
! gin anew this year and be a
worthy example for better agri-
,   culture. ■ ■
', Mt4444«i+HIIM«H1»W THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Dr.   Simmons,    dentist,    Morrison
block.    Phone H 39.
A project is now under way that
will undoubtedly prove a great impetus to the development of the eastern Bection of the Kettle valley. A
number of C. P. R. officials own a
2000-acre tract, of land between Cascade and Laurier. They propose to
subdivide this land into ten- and
fifteen-acre lots, develop it to the
stage ot retdy-made farms, and to
bring out families from the east and
settle them upon it. When this
scheme is consummated Cascade
should become a village of more importance than she possesses at present.
W. H. M. May, of Nelson, provincial school inspector, has been
making his headquarters in the city
during lhe greater portion of the
present week while paying official
visits to the various schools in the
All free miners' licenses expire on
May? I.
For Sale—My hoUBe and three
lots on Victoria ovenue. Address
Mrs. M. F. Sloper, 137*2 T Ave. VV., j
Vancouver, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Burr and
family will leave tomorrow for Dan-
bury, TexaB. Mr. Burr has rented
his property in ihin city, and he will
transfer his ranching operations to
the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. H*-
iutends to purchase land at Danburv
and settle there permanently.
For sale or trade for live stock or
land—One 7 room house, in first-
clasB condition, with all modern im
provetnents; less than one block
from new postoffice, on upper Main
street.-1 Apply I. A. Coryell.
Samson was the first mun to ad-
vjrtise. He took two columns to
show his strength. Seven thousand
people tumbled to his scheme and
he brought down the house.—Con-
tiact Record.
FOR SALE CHEAPT0ne acre Tract
Luke Front, adjoining Phoenix Club
property, Christina Lake. Apply
to W. A. Williams,
E. E. Gibson.
Fred Roney hns recovered sufficient strength to leave the Cottage
Horses for .Sale—Apply E.
ron, West End.
All mysteries do nnt happen
nfter 12 o'cloek at night. One occurred in this city in broad daylight last Tuesday; and even the
. cutest of our male population are
not even now quite satisfied that
thoy have nrrived at the correct solution.
Take ymir repairs to Arm-urn's
limit nml Shut* Hospital, llridge
street, Grand Fork".
(Concluded from Page 5).
the apple. It is of consequences only
where fall rains are plentiful, in combination with mild weather. It ia
easily prevented by one thorough
spraying in tha fall with double-
strength Bordeaux mixture. It is
treated fully in Bulletin 34 of the de-
pal tment of agriculture.
Brown Rot of the Plum and Cherry.—This disease waa first introduced
into the province about ten or twelve
years ago, and is now a cause of serious loss, especially in the coast dis
tricts. It is dependent on wet weather,
and in dry seasons almost disappears.
Its control is difficult, because uf its
very rapid growth and prolific spore
production. While absolute proven
tion under favorable conditions is impossible with the knowledge we now
have, the following measures give a
reasonable immunity:
1. Prune out the trees to admit air
and sunlight.
2. Collect und destroy all old fruits
on the tree or the ground before spring
3. Spray with lime-sulphur thoroughly just before buds open
4. Spray just after blossoming, and
again when fruit is half grown, with
lime-sulphur diluted 1 to 50.
5. Thin out fruit so that no two
6. Handle carefully to prevent loss
of stems and bruising.
7. Allow fruit to stand over night
in a cool place before packing. Pack
up only perfect fruit, and keep fruit
cool as possible to destination.
Apple Scab.—Apple scab or black
spot is prevalent in most parts of the
province subject to any considerable'
rainfall in spring and early summer
The varieties of the Fameuse family
are most subject. The spores of this
disease are carried over the winter on
the twigs and old leaves. They ger
niinate and spread in the spring,
about the time the blossoms begin to
open.    Remedies:
li Destroy the leaves, by burning
or ploughing under.
2. Prune trees to admit sunlight
and nir.
3. Spray with lime sulphur, 1 lo 9,
before tlie buds open.
4. Spray just before blossoming
with lime sulphur, 1 to 2.5.
5. Spray again, just after tlie blossoms full, with lime-sulphur, 1 to 30.
The second spraying is by far the
most important, and must be very
thorough if resnlts are to he satisfactory.
Bactkiiial Diseases.—Pear Blight.
—Pear blight is at present almost unknown in thc province, the repressive
measures taken by the government to
control it having given most excellent
results. Growers should, however, be
continually on the watch for this disense affecting both pear uud apple
trees, and must be prepared to take
the strictest measures to prevent its
gaining a foothold
Description.—The young shoots and
thin leaves wither und turn black,
looking very much i.s though they had
been scorched by fire. The infection
works down the stem, destroying the
life entirely as far as it goes. Particularly where infection on old bark takes
places, there will ho found small drops
of a sweetish liquid ooiing from the
bark. This liquid contains myriads
of the bacteria causing the disease,
and, as it is attractive to bees and
other insects, these carry the germs
all through tbe orchard, especially to
the blossoms. The nectar in the blossom is a particularly favorable medi
um for innoculution, and from this
follows the form called "twig blight,"
which involves the destruction of
fruit spurs.
Sprayiug is impossible, because the
points of infection cannot be reached
by it. The only remedy whicw has
proven effectual is the cutting out of
the diseased areas, followed by care
ful disinfection of the wound and the
knife or saw. Cuts should be made
from two inches to one foot below the
diseased area, depending on the rapidity of progress being made by the
NOTICE is hereby given that the
first sitting of the Court of Revision for the purpose of hear
ing all complaints against the Assessment for the year 1912, as made by
the Assessor, for the City of Grand
Fork*), and the Grund Forks Municipal Sohool District, will be held in the
Council Cliainber of the City Hall on
Monday, the 10th duy of June, 1912,
ut 2 o'clock P.M.
Notice of any complaint must lie
uiven to. the Assessor in writing al
least ten days previous to the sitting
of the Court.
Duted Grand Forks, B.C, 10thday
of May, 1912.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   ft Clayton,  Props.
PHONE   A 14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone oraers
ftLflflUJi  mmmmmm_
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of ull Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly  Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A Conplsts Stook or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (.ouilgiiment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, .and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Palace Barber Shop
Kaiur Honing a Specialty.
P. A! Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ibt Doob North or Ukanby IIotki.,
First Strekt.
B F- Petrie, the stntinnHr
turned mi Situ rilny from a bl
trip  to Sdoltune
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A re).able I'rench regulator; never fails.  Those
pills nre exceedingly powerful in r miiatiug the
ainiJBu   generative p'.rthmol the female aviHem    Refuse
alums   nn C(,Mp imitations.  Dr. de Van's are sold at
s!> a hox, or three lur 910.   Mailed to nt.y address.
j The Scobell Drug Co., St, Catharlnei, Ont
Billlirads nnd Statements,
Letterheads nnd Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business nnd Visiting Curds,
Lodge Constitutions and Hylmvs.
Shipping Tilt's, Circulars antl Placards,
Rills  of   Fare and   Menu   Curds,
Announcements   nnd Counter
Pads.   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in nn
Up-to-date Printery.
___! Mark*
■*e.-.-       CorvmoHTe Ac.
4nvone ■ rodlni s akfteh «nd ««Mrtpil<in hut
Dklr Hcwtmln our opinion frw wnoilicr on
invention I. prob.bly ptt.nUbl«,_Coniniunlrii.
Ila.n. .iiimiTafl>aa0O*,,lf«l. MMDBOW <"> l'«»nu
aentfrM. Oltteaat Mencrror.a-ci_rn_irl*wnu.
Patflnll taken tbrouph Munn A TCQ. IOM1VO
xrttmnotlu, wltbouetam. BUM
Scientific American
1 bandiomelr Ulaiauratoal woeklf. Lututctr-
Dlatlon ot mr eclenttflo Journal.   Term! for
', |M6 a r«M>i»taco prepaid.   Soil br
SuitS tO   Order   S18   Upwards
■ Wo are agents for some of tlte leading tailoring establishments in tli" wist. When you order from ns you Imve
th.fl advantage of being measured hy a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit, We guarantee satifaction.
• Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds tind Knglish Wor-
Hteds is better than ever. They are thc best you can buy.
We guarantee you thc best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their busiriea making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
-the kind  we do—is  in   itself
—     <- an advertisement, and  a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workman*
ship are of the best. Let ua estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee witisfiietitm.
it*       '
tjxsi £>utt Print Shop
L^ .^ik"& .^i_.i i£fr£ifc _^ it ^ jSh^ /Si'-t^ ?&l!
f{tppsy &,&$ *J9 (pptj 1 &&$ 01*9 dpfifr f
Reaching the People
A prominent reel .Mat. Oder
In Toronto soya thot ho fete
bettor and quieter raault* from
tho ClM.lfl.d Wont Adt. then
from ony oth.r kind ef pufellelty.
He atotot that tho raaulta ara
out of aroBortlon te tho amoll
oiponso Involved.
There la a moral In that far you
If you went to roaoh tho eeetria
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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