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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 6, 1912

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 and SSSJS-S.*."*^-**''**-
Kettle Valley Orchardist
.$1.00 PER YEAR     ,*,
Most Important '.Events at
Home and Abroad Daring tbe Past Week
Canadian   Pacific    railway
more than forty-eight million dollars'
.worth of rolling stock during the
Winston Churchill says that a
European war would plunge the countries involved back into the middle
* Sir Wilfrid Laurier, challenged as
to his feeling regarding reciprocity,
declares thatjje has not changed his
Government protection of criminals
said to be more pronounced in the in
terior of British Columbia even than
in Vancouver.
Lord Roberts continues pessimistic
speeches regarding England's unpre-
parednessfor war; scores territorials
for poor equipment.
Formal armistice may  be declared
in a day or two, is the official Turkish
announcement. Austrian mobilization
i orders will be very severe.
Lord Sei bourne, speaking at Gloucester, says rhat EngUnd should take
__. lesson from the Balkan situation and
build two ships to one of the next
Signing of armistice is delayed until Tuesda/C. Montenegrin prince
suffers sever« wound wbile fighting.
Eight million bushels of wheat are
rushed to Port Arthur in one day
with record speed. Heavy shipments
Balfour declares that Canada  is a
'nation, hut still a part of the empire.
Urge* Britain hot to discourage local
patrotiim. .
Every department of the Saskatchewan branch of the C.P.R. is alleged
to have members implicated in criminal organisation.
Sir Joseph Pope, writing to the
press, vindicates former Premier Sir
John Macdonald, accused of rudeness
to Princes* Louise.
The London Telegraph declares
that-lhe proposal to reduce England's
naval program on account of dominions gifts is rank treachaiy.
A member in the British commons
advocate* branding of male and female
"white slavers" as punishment. Second reading of criminal amendment
A member of the Dominion house
declares that the French Canadians
are being conspired against when efforts are made lo prevent the use of
their language.
Prairie oities nominate candidates
for municipal elections.
The damage caused by forest fires
during the past year is very light.
Railway commission permits Canadian roads to increase demurrage
Western freight rate* should be
lowered, according to W. F, McLean,
member for South York.
Prosecution of former opposition
leader in Ontario for alleged alienation
of prosecutor's wife's affections is
" The seoretary of the i.-on workers'
-union resigns office. The government
closes the dynamite trial after hearing
.-".•19 witnesses,
A member of British house says th*
Welsh church is for use of rich members of the opposition only. The remark sauses an uproar in the commons.
Austria said to be mobilising three
armies, two of whioh will 14 pose Kus
sia and one Servia. The fact that Eng
land and Germany are working in
harmony for European peace reassures
the capitals,
Canadian postal business is increasing rapidly, according Ur government
Long-term prisoners at Joliet penitentiary delighted as children with the
first moving pictures they ever saw.
Winnipeg Presbytery. severely censures Manitoba election frauds and
upholds   action of Ralph Connor.
Lettera written by President Ryan
of the iron workers' union identified
by   hiin  in court at Indianapolis.
Greeks hold baek from signing armistice protocol, and serious split with
Balkan allies Is feared by diplomats.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's want of confidence motion defeated by scant gov
ernment majority in the house of
Governor of South Carolina advo
cates lynching of negroes who assault
whits women, and defends use of pardoning power.
Premier and members of-the Japanese cabinet resign. —
Coast cities expect extensive trade
when the Panama 1 canal opens. Will
improve harbors
Greece has not signed armistice protocol, and may continue the war
against Turkey alone.
Twelve people killed and five sustain serious injuries in a rear-end col
lision near Zanesville, Ohio.
Princess Zekky, wife of an officer
of high rank, burns herself to death,
apparently deliberately, in Constantinople.
Students wreck the suffragette's
headquarters in Glasgow.
Greece will not b* a party to the
peace negotiations' Operations against
Turkey have not ceased.
Premier Borden expounds his naval
policy Three Dreadnought to be
contributed to the imperial navy.
First Winter Exhibit of Local Association Was a
Splendid Success
On Monday the Rex Vaudeville
company will pay a visit to tbe
opera house, and this engagement
promisee a most exceptionally enjoyable entertainment Tbe company ia composed of a number of
artiste who have already made their
reputation in the old country, and
it is seldom indeed tbat Canadian
audiences have tbe opportunity of
seeing and hearing performers who
are such favorites io London. Harry
Lancaster, the head-liner, is famous
for bis Scotch singing and comedy.
Miss Edith Wilma is tbe possessor
of a beautiful contralto voice of great
range and dramatic power. Dave
Caston is a typical London comedian
who never fails to intensely amuse
bis audience. The Hall sisters are
a Scotch singing and dancing duo of
great ability. Miss Marion Yale is
a soprano who has made her reputation on the concert platform. Harry
C. Willis is sn Australian ventriloquist and comedian who holds his
audience from tbe moment be appears upon the stage. The closing
item on the program is a musical
co'nedy farce that dauses one continuous peal of laughter. Altogether
tbere is the certainty in the above
material of n good evening's entertainment. The prices are to be 75c
and 50c; children 25c.
George Coopsr received a carload
of plumbing and beating material
from Vanoouver tbis week.
Tbe Grand Forks Poultry and
Pet Stock association held its third
show, and first'! winter show, tbis
week, with verw. gratifying results.
About 600 entries were made, and
Judge Miller Purvis, of Wendell,
Idaho, who placed the awards, declared tbe show brought out a
larger percentage of really tine
fowls than be had e*-er Been in a
show held in an interior city. In a
number of the classes the judge said
be might bave ignored all the prize
winners and still, have had enough
birds of high quality to have made
another full jlist of awards, T.
Bowen, of this oity, was tbe champion prize winner, as be took a large
number of prizes in the open classes
and in specials took down eight
silver cups, besides other trophies.
J. A. McCallum came second with
tbree cups and four otber trophies.
There were twenty cups offered, and
when these two gentlemen carried
away more tban one-balf of tbem,
tbeir place among the breeders of
fine poultry in British Columbia
was practically assured as far as tbe
present show season is concerned.
A, D. Morrison, president of the association) was awarded a cup and
medal. A S. McKim took two
cups, a Hamilton watch and otber
specials. R. W. 3omerville,of Trail,
got a cup on his White Wyandottes;
J. Koomar, of Trail, a cup on bis
White Orpingtons. J. T. Nopp, of
Chesaw, showed some splendid
Black Orpingtons, taking two cups,
one being for the best cook and ben
in the show, a prize much  sought.
The room in which tbe show was
held was very much crowded because, of the unexpectedly large entry, but tbe assembled fanciers
made tbe best of tbe circumstances
and speut a pleasant and profitable
Thursday evening.at the city ball,
Judge Purvis met with tbe exhibitors, and the evening was spent in
discussions concerning the poultry
business generally and in making
planB for the future of the association. Events of tbis kind are valuable in showing the possibilities of
this district in tbe way of producing
fine poultry and in the dissemination ot information of use in the
work of tbe year.
Best Pen Exhibited (any variety )
—SmithTrophy.by G, K. bmith,King
ston, Ont. Won 1910 by A. D. Morrison, G.'and Forks; 1911..I. T. Nopp,
Chesaw; 1912, R. W. Somcrville,
Best Oisplay of Poultry <any single
I variety)—Morrison Cup,   by A.   D.
! Morrison, Grand Forks.   Won   1911
j by J. A. McCallum, 1912,  T. Bowen.
Best    Barred   Rocks—Davis Cup,
by Jeff Davis   <lt Co., Grantl  Forks.
'Won  1911 by Mrs. Hai'binson,Phoe-
| nix; 1912, A. D. Morrison.
;    Best   Pen  White  Rocks—Dunlop
, Cup, by Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods
Co., Ltd., Vancouver.   Won 1911 by
IE. E. W. Mills, Grand Forks;   1912,
j A. S. McKim. .
Best White Wyandottes, Cainulir.11
1 Cup, by Canadian Consolidated Rub-
ber Co, Ltd., Vancouver. Won 1911
by Mrs. W. B. Cochrane;  1912,  R
, W. Somerville, Trail
1    Best Pen Silver  Pencilled   Wyan
dottes—Grand Forks Hotel   Cup, by
M. Frankovitch, Grand Forks.    Won
1911 by,J. A. McCallum; 1912, J. A.
Best Pen Rhode Island   Reds, S.
C Leo  Mader Cup.    Won by T.
Best Pen Rhode Island Reds, R.
C.—Moving Picture Cup, by Cosgrove
<k McAstooher. Won by A. D. Morrison.
Best Pen Buff Orpingtons—Mclnnes Cup, by N. L. Mclnnes &. Co.,
Orand Forks. Won 1911 by J. T.
Nopp, Chesaw; 1912, J. A. McCallum.
Best Pen White Orpingtons—
Manli Drug Cup. Won by J. Koomar,
Best Pen Black Orpingtons—
Standard Silverplate Cup, by Stand-
aid Silverplate Co., Toronto. Won
bo J. T. Nopp.
Best Pen White Leghorns, S.C.—
Province Hotel Cnp, by E. Larsen,
Grand Forks. Won 1911 by T.
bowen, Orand Forks; 1912.T. Bowen.
Best Pen Black Minorcas, S.C. —
DonManly Cup, by Don Manly,Grand
Forks.    Won by J. A. McCallum.
Best Pen Houdans—Mills Cup, by
E. E. W. Mills, Grand Forks. Won
by'f. Bowen.
Best Pair Game Bantams—8 Cartons Soap, by W. J. Pendray Co.,
Victoria.    Won by T. Bowen.
Barred Rocks—6 Ib. tea, by Tetley
Tea Co.   Won by A. D. Morrison.
White Rocks—Brass Umbrella
Stand, by G. M. Fripp. Won by A.
S. McKim.
White Wyandottes—Special, by J.
A. McCallum. Won by R. W. Sommerville, Trail.
Silver Pencilled Wyandottes—
Lamp, by Association. Won by J.
A. McCallum.
Rhode   Island   Reds,   SO—Rye,
by W. J. Penrose.  Won by T. Bowen
Rhode Island Reds, B.C.—Medal,
by  Association.   Woo A.  D. Morrison.
Buff Orpingtons—Special, by J. P.
Flood.    Won by J. A. McCallum.
Black Orpingtons—Medal, by Association,    Won by J. Nopp.
White Leghorns, S.C,—Smoking
Set, by H. E. Woodland & Co. Won
by T, Bowen.
Buff Leghorns—Clock, by Rowland
ii Parker, Winnipeg. Wen by C. C.
Langshangs—Clock, by Rowland
__. Parker, Winnipeg, Won by Mrs,
W, Huffman.
Black Minorcas, B.C.—Medal.by
Association, Won by J. A. McCallum.
Houdans—Cane, by A, D, Morri
son.   Won by T, Bowen.
Best Cockerel iu the Show—Winnipeg Hotel Cup, Won in 1911 by
J. T. Nopp; 1912; T. Bowen.
Best Cock and Hen in the Show—
Model Livery Barn Cup. Won in 1911
by'f. Bowen; 1912, J. T. Nopp,
Best Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet iu Show—The Ellis Cup, by The
Ellis Co., Toronto, Won by A, S.
Best Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet
iu Utility Class, owned by one Exhibitor—Cut Glass Water Jug, bv T.
Bowen. Won by E. E. W. Mills.'
Best Utility Pen in Show—Mayor's Cup, by Mayor R, Qaw. Won
by T. Bowen.
Best Broiler and Egg Producing
Pen—McKitu's Cup, by A, 8, McKim,    Won by T. Bowen.
Best Cockerel, bred, raised antl
owned by any member of thu Urand
Korks Poultry Association—The Ed.
wards Cup, by Judge Thomas Ed
wards, Victoria, Won by T. Bowen.
Best pen of Americun birds, bred
in Grand Forks district—Cut glass
special, by Pacific Coast Importing
Co. Won by A. 8. McKim.
Best Pen of 1912 Birds, bred and
raised from stock owned in Orand
Forks District—Silver Watch, by
Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, l'a.
Won by A. S. McKim.
Best Pair of Ducks   in Sho* —S
Cartons of Soap, hy  W.  J.   Pendray,
Victoria.   Won by C. C, Heaven.
Best Cockerel in American class—
Bronze medal, by Successful Poultry-
man. Won by R. W. Somerville,
{Continued on Pitgi 4.)
Late Hotel Man of This City
Ends Life in Shack Near
Charles Peterson, one of the late
proprietors of the Colin hotel in tbis
city, committed suicide in a vacant
shack near Phoenix sometimes last
week by banging himself. On Monday a teamster who visited the shack
discovered the body suspended from
a rafter, and it is now supposed tbat
the deed had been committed four
days previous to this time. Tbe remains were buried al Phoenix yesterday. No cause has baen assigned
for tbe rash act.
Peterson was a pioneer of Grand
Forks. For a number of years he
worked at the Granby smelter, and
tben he drifted into (be liquor business. He was between forty and
fifty years of age, and a native of
Sweden. His only relative in this
country is a brother. Swan, wbo
lived bere for a number of years,
but wbo is now a resident of Prince
Rupert. Peterson's last business
venture was a financial failure, and
tbis fact undoubtedly bad soothing
to do with his determination -0 take
his own life, •    '
All hopes ol finding Jesse Blay-
lock, uf Cunniugbam, Wash., who
joined a hunting party in the North
Fork country last week and failed
to return to camp at night, have
now been abandoned, and all searching parties have returned trom the
hills. Tbe missing man was 28
years of age, and possessed n robust
constitution. It is therefore feared
that some . accident bas overtaken*
bim, and as considerable snow has
lately fallen in the mountains, it is
not likely that bis body will be
found until next spring, if it ever is
discovered. His father and brother
arrived in lhe eity from Cnnning-
hiitn last Sunday, and joined in the
search, hut they, loo, bave been
forced to give up hope for tbe present.
Miss Laura Cavers Harrigan ami
George Burton Russell, both of
Grand Forks, were united in martin ge in Nelson on Wednesday, the
4th inst. Tbe bride is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrigan, of
this city. She has been a nurse at
the Cottage hospital for a number of
years, and has s wide circle of
friends, with whom she is very pop
ulnr. The groom is well and favorably known here, having been a
resident nf the city for a number ol
years. Recently he has been in the
employ of the C.P.R. nt Kholt. Mr.
and Mrs Russell will be at home tu
their friends in this cily after January I, 1918,
R. R. Gilpiu, customs officer at this
pott, makes the following detailed repot t of the customs receipts at tlm
various aubt-ustoms offices, as reported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of November:
(Irand Forks  16,170.80
I'lioenix     3*767.33
Carso        184,83
Carcade         68.60
Considerate Judge
Judges were very considerate in the
old days.. Lord Brampton in bis lie-
lnlnlscences, relates a story Illustrating this.
Baron Jdartln, a famous English,
jurist ot tne oM school, whose native
leniency and sense of fun tjften
placed him at. th? mercy of the very
men he was trying, was tmce about
lo sentence'un old offender charged
with a petly theft.
Look, said the Baron, witb an assumption of severity; 1 hardly know
what to do, b'lt you can take six
1 can't take that, my lerd, It's too
much, said the prisoner respectfully
tout firmly. I can't, lake It. Your
lordship sees I didn't steal very much
aflei- all.
The I.ln.im indulged ln one of his
low, chuckling laughs before replying.
Well, that's verr* true; ye didn't
steal much, he said. Well thon, ye
can tak' four months. Will that do
—four months'.
Nay, my lord, but I can't take that,
eilhor, was the reply.
Then tak' three.
That s uearer the mark my lord, the
prisoner said, approvingly. But. I'd
rather you made it two, If you will
be so kind.
Verra well, then, tak' two, said the
judge with tbe air of one who ls
pleased to bave done tbe right thing
t.t last. And mind, don't come again.
If ye do, I'll give ye—wejl, it all depends!
My Kingdom
Down by the Bblnlng water well
I found a very little dell,
No higher than my head.
The heather and the gorse about
In summer.bloom were coming out,
Some yellow and some red.
I culled the little pool a sea;
The little hills were big to me;
I, m.ade, a b.oat,
For I am very small.
I made a boat, I made a town,
I searched tbe caverns up and down,
And named them one and all,
And all about was mine, I said,
The little sparrows overhead,
The little minnows, too.
Tbis was 're world, and I was king,
For me the bees came by to sing,
For ine the swallows flew.
I played ther. were no deeper seas,
Nor any wider plains than these,
Nor other kings than me.
At last I heard my mother call
Out from tbe house at evenfall,
To call me home to tea.
And I must list and leave my dell,
And leave icy dimpled water well,
And leave my heather blooms,
Alas, and as my home I neared,
How very big my nurse appeared,
How great nnd cool the rooms!
—Robert Louis Stevenson
Very  Considerate
Well, said tho superior person, that
seems to be tbo general impression
tbat prevails among the masses.
I'll liiiv.e you understand, sir, tbat I
nni not one ol the masses.
I know lhat, yawned the self-satisfied one, getting up. I prefixed the
'm' merely cut of consideration for
your feelings.
Here Willie, cried the boy's father,
everybody will bo cnlling you a little
g.'utton. Do you know what that
Is? /
I suppose, rplletl Willie, it's a big
glutton's little boy.
Eczema 25 Years
Cured by "Cuticura"
We have a number ot clients wbo are open to purchase Choice farm
lands and will pay spot cash for same; Send us all particulars ot
what you have to offer.
AUTOMOBILE—30 horse power Reo, almost new, with some cash to
exchange on quarter section:
TO EXCHANGE—7 roomed house, modern, near centre of Winnipeg
at J4000 to exchange on a farm.
Bargains In Market Gardens and close In acreage, choice vacant lots.
Well located houses. All of abov e will make splendid profits. Write for
We want agents .to represent us at every point.
22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
To Lure the Cat
I was coming home rather late from
the theatre the other night says Robing Goodfellow, and of- was quiet ns
I walked down beneath the IreeB in
our modest surbutban road. Then,
quite suddenly, I came upon a romantic little scene In the front garden of
one of the most respectable ot the
Beneath two tall .tree3 a fire of
sticks bad beeu lighted, and over it
bent the shivering foruiB ot two young
ladles In evening dress. I noticed
to my surprise, that, one of the ladles
had a frying pan In ber bands, and an
appetising smell ot bacon rose into
the air. I wondered whether these
two products of eity civilisation were
playing at the simple life; but# the
next day I found the incident had a
more, prosaic -Explanation.
The favprtte Persian cat had been
missed during tbe evening, and at
length had been located. In the upper
boughs of 6ne of the trees. All
blandishments failed to persuade her
to come down, and yet her owners
refused to lock ber out for tbe night
At last they remembered that ahe
would always make her way Into the
kitchen in the morning and sit sniffing at the frizzling bacon, and they
decided to fry some bacon at the bottom of thc tree to attract her.
After half an hour over the flro the
ruse succeeded at the cost of two bad
Leg Like Raw Flesh from Knee Down
"I lisvs been iieslwl by doctors for
twenty-*'vo yens Ior a bad case ot eci__m»
on uy leu. Tbi-y *"<' "*'r •"'"■ hut '*""'
to cure It. Hy o*n doctor had stlvUed me
to bave my It* oil off, but I uld I would
try tlio Cuticura Ucnwdlea Urst. :ie u.J,
'try (lien If you like but I tlo not think
they will do sny sood.* At tbls time my
Iw flfltti 1'H'lcd from the kneo down, my
loot ws. llko s niece of raw Seek snd I
bid lo wslk on crutches.
"f bought a nir- of Cuticura Boap, a box
i,| Cullcuta Ointment snd a bottle ol Cutloura
)i,w,lvir.t. Alter Ihe flint two JMtmcntj
lhe it. riling went down and In Ito months'
t'.o ot tbo Cutlctm Ilemedlea my let wu
cured sud Ibe new .kin irown on. Tbe doctor
, could not bellevo bis own eye* whtn be taw
thst Cuticura hsd nurd me and ssld that In
vould use Cuticura lor bis own patients.
Hut for the (■utlnira Remedies I ratehl ban
lust ror Me. I tm truly grateful for the
wonderful run lhat Cuticura wrought tnd
I slnaya recommend It itmet hlihly tst sun
tnd econotnlctl cure lor skin tnubln."
(Sltltctl. Mine. J. D. Rentud, _!77 Mcntaat
St., Montreal.
For more that a ite ne ration Cuticura Soap
and Ointment have afforded the tncrdttBt
nt* most trononii.il treatment for skin nnd
iit.1i liutnoro. Hold by druggist! and dealers
everywhere. For a liberal sample ol each,
wilh 33-n. book, tend to Poller I). * 0.
Corp., U Columbus Ave, Boston, U.B.I.
W. N. U. 92'
Nont-of Hit Business
A surgeon describes a remarkable
case ot a patient's confidence in his
medics., adviser.
When I was a student in London I
had an Irish patient with a broken leg.
When the plaster bandage was removed and a lighter one put In Its
place, I noticed that one ot the ping
went ln with great difficulty, and 1
could not understand lt. A week
afterwards, on removing the pin I
found It had stuck hard and fast and
I was forced to remove It with the
forceps. What was my astonishment
In making an examination, to find that
the pin had been run through the skin
twice, Instead ot through the cloth
Why Pat, said I, didn't yon know
that pin was slicking in you?
To be sure 01 did, replied Fat. But
I thought your honor knowed your
business, so 01 hilt mc tongue.
Truly British
Perhaps few stories of battles so
thoroughly Illustrate the true British
spirit and way of doing things aa the
Hltlo incident at a reconnaissance before tho Battle of Ulandl, of which
Lord William Beresford was the hero
The British were almost led into a
terrible tr..p, and discovered the danger only Just In time. They turned
to retreat, anl lhe Zulus poured ln a
volley which brought down the grey
l.orse of a mounted Infantryman. His
rider fell bead foremost. The rest
thought both man and borse were killed at first, but the former soon struggled to hla feet, with his face covered
w'th blocd and dazed with his fall
Lord William Beresford, seeing
what had happened, pulled up, and In
the fate of advancing hosts of yelling
savages, within easy range," quietly
trotted back aud told the mau to
mount behind him.
With a cool courage scarcely second
to Lord WilllamY, the mau refused,
noble fellow thnt he was. preferring
the certain sacrifice of his own life
to the probability of destroying his
TjT.c reply was admirable, terse, and
telling. The savages swarmed closer
t.iid closer, bullets rattled around
them; thc two who lingered were almost within reach of thc assegais,
nnd Lord Wi Ilium said:
Oet up or I'll punch your head!
Tho mm obeyed and rescuer and
rescued escaped.
That's urrant nonsense, said Mr.
Henpeck, about there always beclng
room at tlie top.
Oh, bis wife sarcastically replied,
when were you up there lo see?
No More Asthma. Dr. .1. I).
Kellogg's Asthma Itemed)' sounds the
death knell of this trying trouble. It
slops tho awful choking and painful
breathing. lt guards ugalnst night
nttneks aud gives renewed ability to
sleep nnd rest tbo whole night long.
Much Is claimed for this remedy, but
nctblng but what can be demonstrated
by a trial. If you suffer from asthma try It nntl convince yourself of IU
grent value.      m
The Son—Mother, I'm going"to have
a little sti-ter some day, ain't I?
Tho Molhor—Why do you want
"he Bon—Woli, it gets kind of tiresome always teas'ng the cat.
Minard't Liniment Relluve- Neuralgia
Labrador, the great peninsula on tht
cast coast of British North America,
hn., nn area of 200,000 square miles,
but tho population Is only 4,000.
Laughed Once
A certain European regiment stationed in Northern India has a colonel who has only once been seen to
A private ot this corps, while a prisoner In the guard-room for a military
offence, bet the sergeant ot the guard
five rupees that ho wouid make the
commanding officer laugh wben be
was taken before him.
In due course, after reading the
charge, the colonel asked the prisoner:
Have you anything to say?
I won't say anything more about it,
sir, if you won't was the unexpected
reply. _
The grim face relaiSa, but the stern
decision came all the same—Fourteen
days confined to barracks.,-
Baby's Own Tablets are baby's best,
friend and the mother's greatest aid.
Thev cure constipation, simple fevers,
break un colds, expel worms and regulate the stomach and bowels. Concerning them Mrs. Napoleon Pellet-
ier. St. Marcel. Que., writes: "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets for con-
Btluatlon and simple fever for both
my little girl of three years and my
boy ot four months and have found
them entirely sattsfaotory and always
keep them In the house." The Tablets are sold by. medicine dealers or
by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
My husband considered a very long
Mme before he proposed to me; he
was very careful.
Ah, it Is always those careful people
who get taken in. \
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will drive worms from the system
without Injury to the child, because
Its action, while fully effective. Is
One Board of Trade electrical unit
will keep a slxteen-candte carbon
lamp alight for about sixteen hours.
Wc offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any caso of Catarrh that cannot be
cured bv liall's Catarrh Cure.
P. 3. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the lost 15 years, and believe blm perfectl:* honest In all buehiesn
transaction.) and financially able to carry
out any obligation-, made by his Arm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tbe blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price lo cents per bottle.
Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation .
Scottish oil companies nlone have
contracted for 200,000 tons ot oil fuel
to be supplied to the Navy.
Ht Sometimes Gets Sick Like Othtr
Even doing good to people is hard
work lf you have too much of it to
An overworked doctor tell his experience:
"About three years ago as the result ot doing two men's work, attending a large practice and looking after
the details of another business, my
health broke down completely, and I
was little better than a physical
'I suffered from Indigestion nnd
constipation, loss ot weight and appetite, bloating and pain after meals,
loss of memory and lack of nerve
force for continued mental application.
1 became Irritable, easily angered
nnd despondent without cause. The
heart's action became Irregular and
weak, with frequent attacks ot palpitation during ihe first hour or two
after retiring.
"Some Grape-Nuls and cut bananas
came for my lunch ono day and
pleased me particularly with the result. I got more satisfaction
from it (ban from anything I had eaten for months, and on further Investigation and use, adopted Grape-Nuts
for my morning and evening meals,
served usually with cream and a
sprinkle of salt or sugar.
"My Improvement was rapid and
permanent, in weight ns well as In
physical and mental endurance. In
a word, 1 am filled wilh the Joy nf
living again, and continue the dally
use of Urape-Nuts for breakfast and
often for the evening meal.
"Tho little pamphlet, "The Koad to
Wcllvlllc,' found in pkgs., is Invariably saved and bunded lo some
needy patient along wilh thc Indicated
"There's a reason."
Namo given by Canadian Postum
Co.. Windsor, O*. .
Ever raid tht above Ittter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They tre genuine, true, and full of
bumin Inttrett.
Two Meanings
Mother [whose daughter is engaged
to a young fanner)—Don't you find
Bob rather rough?
Daughter (blushing)—Yes, ma. And
yet "he says he shavps every day.
Two Meanings
Mother (whose daughter is engaged
to a young farmer)—Don't you find
Bob rather rough?
Daughter (blushing)—Yes. ma. And
yet he say,-, ho shaves every day.
Grain Commission Merchant! Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or text William. Notify Peter Janata
co., Winnipeg;
Liberal Advices                             Prompt Returns Beat Grade*
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation of Western farmer: will never know ibt
difficulties aui vexations experienced by the!:* predecessors ln .the
earlier years when no one could get a carload of grain shipped - in
bulk exeept by loading lt through an elevator The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell tielr gralu to tbe elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to beavy dookage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution ot cars as fixed by tho Oraln Act: and the use of the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment tn the disposal of hts grain, and the highest
market prices tt time of sale. 3very farmer therefore, should mttrt
and more endeavor to use the loading platform Ir shipping bit grain
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard of tlie farmers' freedom lu dlaimlng ot his grain to the best advantage for himself. ' .If
farmers refrain from using the loading platform freely, lt might-result ln Its being done away with, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. It In easy to understand
why elevator pcoplo desire the loading plattorm abolished. The nil-
way people oi their part say It delays the loading of cars and helps to
ensure ear shortage. Tbis we know t> he nonsense, because frequently after cars are loaded, whether with grain, coal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they are sld. tracked for days and even weeks
Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It Is engine
shortage and shortage ef competent lraln,re.cn that mostly causes
grain blockales on railways and not lack of cars. Let every farmer
therefore, do all he can to use tho loading platform and become an independent shipper. In suhse)*.ent advertisements we will state In
detairthe savings and other advantages ot direct loading Into cars
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise tho grading at time ears
are Inspected, secure the highest, prices at tim? of sale and mika
prompt ret a,* .is when' sold. Wrllo us for shipping Instructions and
market Information. .
Thompson Sons & Company
dealer pays
more for this
flour than tor
any other, but
he's satisfied
and all Metals, welded to perfection
by the Oxy-Acetylcne Process
Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street,
 2_ Winnipeg
(o do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
More Bread
v and Better
A ftw deort touth of C.P.R, Dtpot
Rates ,11,50 to 32.00 psr day      "
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot tnd cold water In tvtry room
' Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outtldt Rooms
l-'roni lho United Kingdom lt cost*
slx-and-ulncpenco n word to tend a
telegram to Dutch Guiana,. South
. |
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root  Pills
tre lust tke right medicine ftr the
children. When they are constiptleil -
—wben their kidneys tre out of order
—when over-indulgence hi some
favorite food gives them ii idlitstion
—Dr. Morse's Indian Root Mils will
quickly-end surely put them right.
Purely vegetable, they neither tieken,
weaken or gripe, like list sh purn tivte.
Guard your children's health by
always keepint t box of Br. Morse t
Indian Koot Puis in the how*, Tbey„
mV CUCcfeiC
DYE, ons caa fcuy.-Whjr you don't •ven have to
know what KIND of Cloth your Goods its mad*
ot.--3« Mistake! ar* Impossible.
Send fur Froo Color Card, Story VtMfclat, and
Booktat giving raaulta of Dyalng ov« otbar colon.
Montreal. Cauda.
^      Maypol* Soap
: Gives rich glowiH
cobn, hdelc»it wa
of ludj. Dyeicottos,
•ilk, wool oi tritium.
Vxe il youiiell tl
home. Ko trouble—
no tnuik 24 colon-
will give: toy ibide.
ColoitlOcbUck 15c,
tl yotn dula'i oi
poll [niJ with booklet
"How 10 Dye" boa
_   F. L. BEHEDICT ft CO. Montreal
ji»9.w.nwj>w'i EooTintiii Svruf hss txxt
wnl lor over SIXtV YBAKStiy MILLIONS ot
THlillllNfi, wllb PERFECT 8DCCB8B. &
SOOTima the CHILD, SOFTBH8 the Gl'MS.
Is the best remedy lor DIAK WICEA. It i. >b-
•olutely harmlcm. Bc litre and uk for "Mn.
Window's soothing Syrup," ond uke to other
kind. Twenty-live ceiti a bottle.
Art the bet* tvtr made ud are iutr-
tntttd to «lvo you sstltftctlot. At
all dealers, or tend at 15 ctatt tttt
Ioc My: > and tin required.
Tbt Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
H Fnttr Avt„ Toronto, pnt.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Bollera   of   all     kinds—Engines,
Vumpt. and Heavy PlaU Work
Writ,' us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Cantda
*  ippnachifif.
ltd   v.Iwte   lo
RAW FUR fu? ,"„
fttfll-l yw'i nJkfll'onfl. , ._
Tciow-i- no tlm r in nADUttetunni «nl.e ol Can-
xlx.   Do builumdit.cHnJmt'ie lull vilus lot r«'Jl
Prenyl exalt lot yws coniicimrtnti. lens m wiill
Write uw lo, out liodonswfllfUM to bs Mind woo
AdJrnt WMUIU, UAS1U A CO.. D*t C.
Kin* St.; Cut.    litem,. Oxtxti.
nsporanto hc« more than a hundred
magazines and Journals ot ils own,
which circulates lu every civilised
, pins
COc. a box er six boxtt tar $2,60,
at atl dealers, or The Doddt Modi'-
cine Company, Limited, Toronto,
The J912 Convention the Biggest and
Best Yet.   Brandon, November
20th to 22nd.
Preparations are well, under way for
the Thirty-third Annuil Convention of
the Manitoba Sunday Sehool Association. Jt Is to be held in, Brandon,
November 20-22. The railways will
carry delegates at single, fare for
round trip. It will be necessary to
secure a oartlflcate from each roud
travelled over and when signed by the
General Superintendent, will entitle
tho holder to a free return ticket to
their respective homes.
Tho committee have been fortunate
In securing the serviced) of Rev. W.
A. Brown of Chicago us the chief
speaker. He Is one of the strongest
men on the Sunduy School platform
ln America.
Prof. Ij. L. Henry of Chicago, will
have full charge ot the musical part
of the program.
In addition to the oulslde talent, between forty and fifty- of tho best
speakers and experts of the province
both tyiniisters nnd laymen, will take
part. •
Some of the leading fixtures of this
great gathering will bo a number of
luncheons—one u Business Men's
lundheon at noon homv-a program
of addresses, papers and music will*
follow each of these—n street parade,
a great choir of children's voices;
Rallies and an Installation service.
This annual gathering has grown
In numbers and Influence to such proportions that lt Is one of Ihe greatest
delegated bodies meeling in -Western
Canada. An inspiring and .helpful
time ls assured all who attend. For
full Information address AV. H. Irwin, 62-Scott Block, Winnipeg.
Wonderful Change When Health Wat
Restored by
Headache is a symptom, and not a
disease im Itself. It nets as a danger signal to warn, you of serious
By reading Mr. Donneral's letter
you will be satisfied that -there ds no
treatment to be a compared to Dr
Chase's Nerve Food ns a means, of
building up the system and removing
the cause of headaches, sleeplessness
and Indigestion.
Mr. Charles Donncral, Klelnhurg,
Ont., writes: "I wish to communicate
to you the great cure which I received
from Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. For
over two years I suffered from ftnrful
headaches, my appetite was always
poor, and the stomach bad. I took
medicines from physicians, but the
headaches persisted, and I was rarely
free from them.
• "Reading about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, I began using it, with little idea
Klial I would be benefited. I had become thin and weak, and tho very
first box helped me, and with continued treatment I have heen cured
and feel like a new man. The headaches have disappeared, my appetite
is good aud digestion excellent. I
write this letter In hope that otber
sufferers from headache may; use Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food aud be cured."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Fiod, 50c. a box,
G for (2.60, at all dealers or Edmonson,-Bate* & Co., Limited, Toronto.
A More Serious Matter
Judge Giles Baker, of a Pennsylvania county, was likewise cashier ot his
home bank. A man presented a
cheque one day for payment. He waB
a stranger. His evidence of Identification was not satisfactory to the
Why, judge, said the man, I've
known you to sentence men to he
hanged on uo better evldenco thnn
Very llltoly, replied Ihe judge. But
when It comes to telling go of cold
cash wc hnve to be mighty careful
W. N. U. 92.1
Bear Island, Aug, 2«, 1903
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Yonr traveller Is liero
to-dny and we arc getting a largo
quantity of your SIIXAUD'S LINIMENT. Wc find it the best Liniment
on the market malting no exception.
We have heen In business 11! years and
have liamlled all kinds, but have dropped them ail but yours; that sells itself; tlie otiiers have to he pushed to
get rid ot.
Zam-Buk Has Healed It!
Mrs. Wilson, 110 Wickson Ave.,
Toronto, says: "About four years ago
a sore spot appeared on the right side
ot my face. This spot increased in
size? until lt became about lia.f an inch
In diameter and very painful. I
went to a doctor, but the ointment he
gave me did not have any good effect.
The sore continued to discharge freely, and was most painful. I had it
cauterized, tried poultices, arid all
kinds of salves, hut It was no good,
ahd I continued tq suffer from It for
four years!
"A sample of Zam-Buk was one
day given to me, and I used it. Although the quantity was so Wall, it
seemed to do me some good, so I purchased a further supply.
Each box did me more and more
good, and, to my delight, before I had
been using Zam-Buk threo weeks, I
saw that It was going to heal the sore.
In less than a -month it was healed!
"S\ know a lady In the east of the
city, whose husband suffered for
years with an open eore on his leg.
Ou my recommendation, Ztini-Buk
was tried l-u that case. The other
.day, when I «saw thar, she told ,me that
tt had healed the sore completely.
"My daughter, who lives iu Lethbridge, Alta., has also used Zam-Bult
with the same satisfactory result'. I
think lt Is, beyond all doubt, the finest
healing balm known."
Such* is the opinion of all persons
wiio -have realty tried Zam-Buk. It
is a sure cure for eczema, pitas, ob-
rta'fl   ulcers, scalp seres,   bruises,
and all skim Injuries and diseases.
50c. box, all druggists and stores, or
post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,!
for price.     In case of skin disease I
us. also Zam-Buk Soap, 25c. tablet.    !
Sick headaches—neuralgic headaches—3pHt.ir._f,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you tak:
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain phenacstlii, ac-'.aniiid,
morphine, opium or any olh.r dangero-.-.-, dn-g.
55c. a box at your Druggist's. 123
National drug a Chemical Co- or canaoa. limited.
Smokeless Shotshells
"Leader" and "Repeater"
The merits and weaknesses of shotshells tre
toon shown In trap shooting. Both amateur
tnd professional season's averages were won
in 1911 with Winchester Loaded Shells--
"Leadef" and repeater." Their creeption-
tlly strong tnd even shooting qualities make
them unsurpassed for tyrd shooting. They
are til well made and carefully loaded, and
■srlll tlwtyt give satisfactory results. The
Red txff on the box guarantees their reliability. Look for It when buying and you'll have
Smokeless J.oml.o that get the Game
a: t.ljt-k'i
<-A>K>er  Niti-C
J)^     PILI-.    r<
The Boy—What Is a den?
Pater—A den, iuy son, is n place
where wild beasts make their homos.
The Boy—No; 1 mean a den in u
man's lionise.
Eddie, interrupted lhe mother, your
father's definition applies to that also.
The Oil for the Athlete.—In rlibbtog
down the athlete can find nothing liner
than Dr. Thomas' Electric OIL. It
renders the muscles and sinews pliable, takes the soreness out of them
and strengthens tliem for strains thnt.
may be put upon them. It stands
preeminent for this purpose, and athletes who for years have been using
it can testify to Its value as a lubricant.
Backache Means Your Kidneys <r>
Want Helpl q
Thn kidneys are among the moat important organs,    «-,,
They are moat subject, to periods of depression, imperfect (   ________
act iuu uud lowered vitality.   Invariably, they tive warn. ^k**w
iiiK, in the form of buckache,   headache, pains in the /■"—■••v
joints, eto.   Wise people, careful of their health, act ***m\*tw
quiokly when any of these symptoms appear.   Careless ^^^
or easy-going persons often permit a plight affection of fj
^        ..__, the kiuneysta grow intoacute or chroiiio kidney trouble, ^*m\W
O"-1"  ignoring the plainly-given warning of Unhealthy kidneys". ^^-^
Prompt help is given Inactive kidneys by DU. CLARK'S BWEET NlTtUS t^^
PILLS.   They cleanse, tone, stimulate and restore the kidneys to normal vigor
f^     in quick time.   Sold everywhere al fifty cents a box or mailed direct by     44 t*~~\
Mr. Justyn, said the editor, looking
over a new reporter's story of a political meeting, In this writeup of yours
you say. resistless waves ot applause
from toe audience fairly overwhelmed
the speaker. Look at the absurdity
of that figure of speech. How could
a resistless wave of applause or anything else come from an audience'.'
it could come from n sea ot upturned faces, couldn't It? insisted thc new
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A prisoner on his trial, in answer
to the charge, pleaded 'Not guilty.'
Tho jury found the charge proved and
•In passing sentence tho judge said:
"Ye're not only guilty, but ye como
here and tell lies, saying ye're not,
The prisoner who followed next for
trial was doubtless influenced by this
and supposed It would be well for
him to take another course, so he
pleaded Guilty, in an almost self-satisfied voice. '.
Oh, ye're guilty? are ye, said lhe
judge, and come here to brag about
it, do ye?
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true aaf ety ban
head,  with silent   Up.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Canadians lines 1S51—accept na others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
X purchaser of a riverside property
asked the estate agent If the river
didn't sometimes o.'orfinw Its banks.
Well, replied he, lt Isn't one of those
sickly streams that nre always con,-
lined to tlulr keds.
Warts nro unsightly blemishes, nnd
corns palurul growths. -Hollowny's
Corn Cure will remove Ihoin.
Living within a stone's throw of
each other In Stonhnm Parva, a little
village In Suffolk, .are twenty-eight
persons, wliofe aggregate ages total
8,121 years.
A Million
Breakfast every morning
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Suppose ^ou try the food
with dream and sugar, as
part of breakfast or supper.
You may be sure it will
be a delicious part.
"The Memory Lingers"
Canadian  Postum  Cereal Co.,
Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.
What the Look-Oat
"It's a great strain to
have to watch so carefully. To steady my
nerves, I always use
Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco,
when up in the
"Crow's Nest." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you liow vastly improved uur
glasses can make your vision. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science ot refraction. Examination free.
Jeweller and
orand porks, b. c.
(Sranb .tforks £>tm
■ iiMI .litvl Bt Oraiul Korku. Hritish. Collimhl
... A. Evans
..Editor mid Pilbllnhnr
A tlit. of thit paper aan be Heen at the office
J Mesars. E. IJ. Hardy A Co., 911,31 mid 82,
fleet Street, B.C., London, Kiixiauil, tree of
.flliame, and that Hru, will be glad to reoelve
,iit,.crii.tiona nnd advertisement! on our be-
G. T. Nichols, of the Everfret-h
Evaporating company, Victoria, will
give A demonstration in this cily on
Thursday, Deeeiuber 12, It is
; claimed tbat this process of utilising
surplus fruit and vegetables will be
of great bent-tit to the farmers.
J. C. Jackson, of Jordan's barber
shop, this weelf purchased Fred
Knight's house and lots near the
Methodist church. Mrs. Jackson
aud deughter will arrive in the city
next spring from Spokane.
Tbe Kebekab dance and basket
social in the Davis hall on Monday
evening attracted a large crowd.
Everybody had an  enjoyable   time.
A. P. Jordan returned yesterday
from a business trip lo Spokane and
other Washington points.
i„e Vear  Il-M
n„e Year (In advance)  l.l*i*
"ne Vear, In fulled Statu  I.*
Addreu* all eninmnnlcutlom to
Thb Evening Sun,
hhone in* ohand Etohks; B.C
_i*RIDA\.  DECEMBER (I, 1912
-Oil and
Empire Oil  Co.,   Winnipeg-
Premium—Page 5.
Opera Houae—Bex Vaudeville
pany—Page 5.!
Neil MoCallum—Real  Estate
—Page 5.
P.  Burns  it Co.—Shamrock
Goods—Page 4.
The New Westminster Columbian
this week issued a ninety-two page
centennial edition. It is profusely
illustrated with excellent halftones,
and gives a vaBt amount of valuable
information regarding the Royal
ility and the coast district. A< a history of the wonderful progress of
that section during recent years, this
special edition is  worth  preserving.
Skating on the lakes  in this
cinity is said to be good.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Porks.
Do It Now
If you want to treat yourself to a
genuine bargain that will'please you
during 1912 and for all years to
come, send a dollar to The Family
Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal
for a year's subscription to that
great paper, and you will also receive a copy of their new picture entitled "Mother's Treasures,", size 23
by 29 inches, all ready for framing.
It is the best dollar's worth lo be
The picture, Mothec's Treasures,"
will be a surprise to you. It is
worthy a place in the best homes.
I'he Family Hertild and Weekly
Star is known to every one as the
greatest newspaper on the Continent. One dollar cannot be better
sp ut.   Try it and he convinced.
The following in lhe minimum
arid maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermom
eteron E. F. Laws' ranch:
Friday  25
If this mild weather keeps its
present temperature a few weeks
longer, the ranchers who left their
spuds in tbe ground last fall may be
able   to   go out   and dig a mess of ] Saturday   2H
roasted potatoes for their Christmas'Sunday  21
dinner. *lonil<*.v  J8
lut'giliiy  2b
Wednesday.  2'
Tiiursday  JS
Dip'ouiacy loaches us that il is
safer io tell a pleasant lie than a
blunt truth.
Tobil precipitation
0 38 inches
34 00
33 CO
:..'. 00
■III 0 I
-2 00
during «crk,
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong Hone-Hldh and Pij.
Como in and price our fencing wire, nnd we'll do business with you.    You'll lind our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll Hnd our
store tho place to supply those needs. ,
(Ctiiidiukd frnm Page 1).
_ Barred Rocks—Mrs. Harkinson,
Phoenix, 2nd pen, 1st and 3rd eock,
4th hen, 1st cockerel, 3rd pullet; A,
1). Morrison, 1st pen, 2nd coek, 1st,
2nd and 3rd lien, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
cockerel', 1st and 2nd pullet,
White Rocks—A. S. McKim, 1st
pen, 2nd cock, 1st, 2nd and 3rd hen,
1st and 2nd ..cockerel, 1st, 2nd and
3rd pullet.
Partridge Rocks—R. Clark, 2nd
cock, 1 st hen.
White Wyandottes—R. W. Somerville, 1st and 2nd pen, 1st and 2nd
lieu, Ut and 3rd cockerel, 1st pullet;
l'\ Buckle, 2nd cock, 4th lien, 2nd
cockerel, 2nd and 3rd pullet; E. E. W.
Mills, 1st and 3rd cock, 4th cockerel,
4th pullet; Chas Ruckle, 3rd lien;
Williamson & Peterson, Trail, 401
Silver Pencilled Wyandottes—J.A.
McCallum, 1st pen, 1st and 2nd eock,
1st and 2nd hen, 1st cockerel, 2nd
Partridge Wyandottes—R. Clark,
I st cock, 1st hen.
tt. I. RedK, R.C—A. D. Morrison,
Ut and 2nd pen, 1st and 2nd cock,
Ul, 2nd and 3rd hen, 1st and 2nd
cockerel, Ut, 2nd and 3rd pullet; J.
A. McCallum, 3rd and 4th cockerel;
E. Hasketh, Trail, 4th pullet.
R 1. Red, S.C.—T. Bowen, 1st
4nd 3rd cock, Ut, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
lieu, Ut cockerel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd aud
atli pull, t, Ut aud 2nd pen; Mrs. P.
T, McCallum, 4tli cock; K W. Brow'n,
Trail, 2nd cock, 2nd uud 3rd cockerel
White Leghorns, S.C.—T. Bowen,
2nd cock, 2nd, 3rd and 4th lien, 1st
uud 2nd cockerel, 1st, 2nd und 3rd
pullet, 1st and 2nd pen; W M. Duncan, Trail, 1st cock, 3rd cockerel, 4th
pullet; John Taylor, 1st hen.
White Leghorns, R.C.—John Taylor, 2nd cockerel.
Buff Leghorns, S.C.—C C. Heaven,
1st cock, Ut, 2nd aud 3rd hen, 1st,
2nd and 3rd cockerel, 1st, 2nd and
3rd pullet.
Black Leghorns, S.C—E. L. Pal-
lies, Molson, 1st cockerel, 1st, 2nd and
4th pullet, 1st pen; Leo Mader, 2nd
cockerel, 3rd pullet, 2nd pen.
Brown Leghorn, S.C—P. Ruckle,
Ut and 2nd cockerel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
and 4th pullet, 1st and 2nd pun.
Black Minorcas, S.C.—J. A. McCallum, 2nd cock, 1st and 2nd hen,
2nd, 3rd uud 4th cockerel, 3rd pullit,
1st pen; J. T. Lawrence, 1st and 2nd
pullet, 2nd pen; Leo Muper, 4th pullet; S. Butler, Trail, 1st cockerel.
Bull' Orpington, S.C.—J. A. Mc
Galium, 2nd cock, 3rd and 4th lieu,
1st and 2nd cockerel, 1st, 2nd sud
3rd pullet, 1st and 2nd pen; T. J.
Nopp, 1st cock, 1st untl 2nd lien, 3rd
cockerel; R. Newbauer, 4th pullet,
Y\ lute Orpingtons, .1 C —J Ivoll-
niar, Trail, 1st cockr '-'nn cockerel, Ut
__ui_, 3rd and Ith i ull t, Ut pen;
A .S. McKuti. 1st cockirel, 2nd pen.
Buck Orpingtons, S.C.—J. i.
Nopp, Ut, 2nd aud 3rd cock-, lst,2ud
a ni 3rd lien, 1st uud 2nd cocker. ,
1st, 2nd, 3rd aud 4th pu, et, 1st aim
2nd pen
H uiiniis—T Bowen. 1st cock, 13',
2,iil ami 3rd lieu. 1st ut.tl 2nd Cnck
el-el, Ut, 2nd, third and  4tli   gullet, .*
'"suv'er\5gl«i Hamburgs-R. Copper Shipments
Clutk, 1st cock. Shipments of blister copiicr  from
Touiou-e  (.eeho—E.   Barron,   1st the  Granby company's smelter in
..nil 2nd cock, Ul hen. this city forthe past week amounted
Pekin Ducks—Mrs. P. T.   McCal-1 to 348,1100   pounds,   bringing  the
lum, 1st cock, 3rd hen; C. C. Heaven, ttulal shipped for lbe year lo 20,049,-
rownie -uameras
Work just like
PRICES $'2 to ?12
Woodland 8 Co,
The Kodak Dealer*
Shamrock Brand
'• Pork (Sausages in 1-lb. cartons.
Shamrock Brand Ham, ...
Shamrock Brand Bacon.     —■*-*
Shamrock Brand Lard.
Shamrock Brand Eggs,
■     Shamrock Brand Is Always Good
Empress Butter
Silver King and Silver Queen
('Uimu, ftltnute in the liruml Korks
Division of Vnle District.
Where Locntwl: On ttie Eait Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NOTICK that 1. Jacob M. fnulien.
1 Free Miner's Cunlfli'iitc No. SitilSH, for
myielf and aa agent for William'!!. Hoffman,
executor, and Rom Major, executrix, of the
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Minor's
CertlfJaate No. 3581711. Intend, sixty dav*
from dato hereof, to npnly to the Mining
Recerder fora Ceitiflmie of ImprovemcntH, for
thepHritoM. of (tbtalning urnwn grant* of the
above elaimi
And further tube notice that action, uniler
seotion Hi, must he com mi* need before the Imu-
ance of snob Cerillca-e* of Improvement
Dated this tth day of May, A.D. 1912.
Did you make a mis-hit
the time you tmoioyed the
lart "help."
. Don't worry. There are
tots of (ood fish In the sea,
and a aure bait to catch them
I* a Want Ad.
1 >lt uud   2n.I   hen.
t.ui-ks—U. Clark,
iillll |nmiiils.
ilnd und 3rd cnck
Indian Kuimi'r
1st cnck, Ul lien.
Silver Cum-jini)*—\V. Oitmmtige,
Colville, Ut, 2nd wid 3rd cuck, Ut
(James,   Con,i»h   Jhito*"J. J' I the ore prediction of the Boundary
NuHH, Ut, 2nd and 3rd hen, Ut cock-1 __,_  V   u .   ___.   ._ f _ .^
erel, Ul pen
The following ore the returns  of
mint's for the week, nnd also for the
Itanium Hed PyleGauie—T.Uowen, I year lo date:
Ut cuck, Ut and 2nd hen | (Jnuiby.... 2'2,7',4
English Spangled  Game—Sater  &; Mother Lode   7,640
Julius, Greenwood, Ut cock. | Rawhide  6,844
Chinese   King-Neck    Pheasant*— - Jaokuot	
Sater & Johns, Ut pair, 2nd pair. Athelstan	
Golden Pheasants—Sater Jt Johns, | ]jn„na	
Ist pair. >_ iNapoleon...      513
Utility Pen—T. Bowen,   Ut   8C. ' Rislcht.r	
R. I, Red; A. E McKay-Oieenwood, l,„,„ star	
2nd Golden Wyandottes Others.       234
Eim and Broilet Pen—T.   Bowen, 1    Smelter treatmen—
UtS.C. White 1/eghurhsjE,  E.   W. Ornnl.y 22,465
Mills, 2nd S.C. Black Minim**. . |j (, Copper Co... 15.255
If you intend to send yiur per-
siiiuil greeting card lo your friend
in the Old   Country, it time to or-
Some business men are so fond of
being  deceived   that they even en
der them now. See samples o( deavor to believe that they can reach, Ihe Sun because itis read by more
teautUd? Imnd.cn.oitrcdTp.'A'imMns .IwisHttfiw-n* of this di-trict with- people than any other rt^er printed
made in England, al The Bun olliee. out advertising!.! The Sun. -in the Boundary district.
PUMC mcntion tub papm
Stinrlse Mineral Cluim. ■Itliatn tn the
Orand Forks Mining Division ol Yali Dl.-
Where liiealedt   In Wellinict.M, oamp.
TtKK NOTICB that I. Joaepli Allrcif Mlllm ,
tree Main' CertlHcate No, H411H, 1m-
tend. «lxty da*s from the date, hereof, in nu.
ply to the Ulnlng Benorder tor a Certificate
ol Initirovement, forthe unrisiM of obtain-
Iiir a Ciow n ' irant ol the ai-ove ulshn.
And further t„he notice lhat aolloa, under
peetlon ni, mint be commenceil before the
Iflinanoe of sueh Certllleate of   Improvements.
Dated this Mth day of Apill, A.D. 1912.
Electric Restorer for Men
vim and vlUllt
__ to itl proper tension t ref tores
   J, Premature decay and sll sexusl
weakness averted tt once,   rhaephaaol will
illty. I
make eon a new man.  Price M a boa. or two lor
Don't be  misled hy false  state-
mints of competitors.    Advertise in THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Snaps for the LiveOnes
Two ohoice tracts for Subdivision,
In the Boom Centre
Near the C. P. R. Station and Shops.
Also a few residences at a Bargain.
Also 20 acres in choice varieties of fruit
trees; good buildings and highly improved; $325 an acre.
Phone R 117
Though parliament has been in
session but one week', it must be already apparent to those who place
the most favorable construction upon
the press reports of the proceedings
■ that the government is on the defensive to a degree uuext.mp.ed in the
history of recent parliaments. The
speech of the prime minis'er in reply to Sir Wilfrid Laurier was weal-
in spirit as well a* in argument,
while that of the minister of finance
waa but another illustration of the
art of backing and filling. Ths dis-
pointment occasioned by the two
chief ministers was increased by the
violent outbreak of Hon. Robert
Ragers. The new minister of public
workB undertook to champion himself in the disgraceful conduct of tbe
Macdonald election, and in doing so
made a remarkable statoment.
He said that ths Liberals falsely arrested at the instance of ministers of
the crown—as it is now charged in
the courts—were allowed to.go without trial because of the softhearted-
ness of the Tory managers. If the
things are true of these workers
which Mr. Rogers alleged- on the
floor of the house, the minister* of
the crown are guilty of connivance
at crime. The bluff of Mr. Rogers
as to what he now intends to do
with these men will not be accepted.
Had they been guilty of the offences
he alleges he is equally culpable
with themselues for not prosecuting
them before.-—Victoria Times.
aldermen, under our civic system,
are failures. The TojoiHo Evening
Telegram sayB that the hydro-electric
undertaking, the Canadian National
exhibition, and the harbor would
not be aB successfully bandied if
tbey were under the direct control
of tbe city. Each of tbem is under
a commission. It goes so far as to
say "a commission is doing niore in
two yexr* to give Toronto a harbor
than the aldermen bave done in
seventy five." When a paper like
the Telegram, a strong supporter of
municipal ownership and a keen
opponent of private corporations,
becomes convinced that our preeeut
system of civic government is a failure, there,is hope for a change.—
Canadian Courie.
From the nation-wide unrest Kt
present shown under tbe aldermanic
system of civic government, if is ap
parent that the honor of bning an
aldtrgiau is becoming more and
morea doubtful one, partly becaui-e
even if capable men are elected they
find themselves swamped by incompetent colleagues. Under the aldermanic system dissatisfaction has developed everywhere as soon as cities
become so large that the publie
ceased to watch the councils closely
or realize mucb of what these bodies
and tbeir members were doing. Tbe
people can govern themselves aright.
The impossible candidates against
whom the Kingston Standard protests are products of tbe system.
The responsibility of the aldermanic
system is too divided, the motor
power too slack and diffuse. Tbere
are too mony generals and not enough
commander-in-chief.—Ottawa Journal. 	
Everywhere the ery goes up that
A Quebec exchange says: If there
is anything on earth that gives us a
longing for eternal rest and deep,
damp solitude, it is the man who
comes to a town or country, builds
up a big, paying business, grows
ricb and then squats down on the
gold like a hen on a.doorknob, and
is trio stingy even to let the gravels
grind in bis own big gizzard. A
real, genuine, lH-karat, stingy, selfish man can't he honest, and if he
ever gets to heaven and has wings,
he will ruffle a plume or lose a tail
feather. The kind of men who build
up a town and county and enjoy life
and make the best citizens, are tbe
enterprising, cue getic and liberal
men, who believe in living and letting others live; and who do not,
wben tbey eet a dollar, squeeze it
t II tbe goddess of liberty feels like
Bhe bad on a corset. Such squeezing
is what causes hard times and stops
tbe circulation of the big round dollars. If it were not for our broad-
guaged, enterprising men it would
be impossible to build up a | rosper-
ous city.
Monday, December 9th
A   Combination of   Versatile  Artists   From   the
Leading London Music Halls
Scotland's Greatest Singing Comedian
Operatic Contralto
Dramatic Soprano.
London's Most Eccentric
Comedian and Scarecrow Dancer.
Scotch Singing and Dancing Duo.
Concert Pianist and Accompanist.
Australian Versatile Ventriloquist
Musical   Comedy   Farce
by the Whole Company.
Don't forget that Tbe Sun has the
best job printing department in the
Boundary country.
Prices: 75c and 50c.   Children 25c
Seat Sale at Petrie's.
Bridge Street.
Bot Md Cold Buhl
Rlnt-Clui Bar, Pool
Bead llllard Room-
In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be the Best
Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes
out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people ofthe northwest using our oil, we.are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has a large  White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
i   less than $6.00.
-      OUR   OFFFR
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Oil, that holds 41 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with thia oil and lamp we will make no charge for what oil you have used and will refund your money" cheerfully.
Empire Oil Co., •
Winnipeg, Manitoba. \
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which.I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
cannot be broken. We will give away" only 2000 of these
lamps, so fill out coupon below and send us your order at
Address all brders to---
Empire Oil Co,,
BOX 2196 Winnipeg, Hanitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty* tHE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Multitudes of People
take SCOTTS EMULSION regularly to repair wasted vitality and
enrich the blood to wilhstand
winter colds and exposure.
It contains the highest grade of
cod liver oil, medically perfected;
it is a cream-like food-medicine,
scrupulously pure and healthful
without drug or stimulant. En"
dorsed and advocated by medical
authorities everywhere.
colds—nourishes thc membranes
of Ihe throat and lungs and keeps
them healthy.
Nothing equah SCOTT'S
EMULSION for hint and bronchial
uiecknca—iorr, tight che.li and
all pulmonary trouble,.
Equally good for infants,
children or adults, but you must
have SOOTT'S.
Scott & Kfliwiip. Toronlo, Ontario       12-5S
The Height of Meanness
Tlie record for meanness is heVd by
;i certain church-warden'in the South
of England. He owiib several cot-
tug. a-, which he lets at 2s. 6rt. per
weelt, and he has often threatened to
inrii the occupants out if they owe a
week's rent. One old man, who had
lieen Ills tenant for many years, was
unfortunately taken 111, and was unable (6 work for some long time.
Eventuo ly he got two weeks in arrears of rent, and, when the landlord
called cs usual, told him that he could
not pay anything that morning.
The churchwarden said ho was sorry for him. He would go to the
vicar and see lf he could get a'dona
tion from the. poor-box, to which tho
old man replied: Thank you, sir; it
is very kind ot yon.
WeU, I havo managed to get you
Ss. from the poor-box, he said, on calling tho hest day.
* Thank you sh-, was the grateful response.
Where's your renOiook? continued
the churchwarden, and on its production, he wrote the two week»* arrears
of rent-as paid, put thc 5s. lie had
shown the tenant into bis own pocket,
and, advising him not lU-6et into arrears again, wished aim good-morning.
As the Sunday school teacher entered her ciassroom she saw leaving
In great haste a little girl and her still
tmaller brother,
Why, Mary, you aren't going
r.way'; she oxcatmed in surprise.
Plealhe, Mlth Anne, we'vo got to go,
•vas Ihe distressed reply. Jlinniy'th
Shallowed hlth collection.
Recommcads Lydia E. Pink
for Backache, Nervous-
ham's Vegetable Compound
she, Nervo
neu> Headaches.
Lyndon, Ky. — "I have been taking
LydiaE.I'mk.rain's Vegetable Compound
for headaches.ni-uralgia pains,backache,
nervousness and a general run down condition of the system, and am entirely relieved of these troubles. I recommend
your remedies to my friends and give
you permission to publish what I write.''
-Mrs. H. Von Koden, Lyndon, Ky.
When a woman like Mrs. Von Rotten
is generous enough to write such a let-
tar as tho above for publication, she
should at least be given credit for a sin*
cere desire to help other suffering women,
for wo assure you there is no other reason why she should court Bitch publicity,
Canadiun Woman's l-lxiwrit-m-e:
Windsor, Ont.-" The birth of my flrst
child left me a wreck with terrible weak
• spoils, but I am glad
j lo tell you thst I do
I not have those weak
I spells and I feel like
3 s pew woman since
{taking Lydia E.
1 Pinkham's Vegeta-
I ble Compound. I am
I now well and strong
1 and can do my own
(housework. I do
I not take medicine of
■ any kind. It was
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that restored mo to health."—
Mrs. Robebt Fairbairn, 72 Parent
Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.
If ra want special advice writ* ts
I.j-dla K. ltakkaut Medicine Cs. (cssfl.
dcetlsl) Ijnm, Mass. lour letter Wilt
be opeaed, reti -sal answered by S
woman sad hell ta strict confidence.
•9 a
W. N. U. 921
New Trans-Paclflc Steamships
All Trans-Paclflc records are expected to be broken when the Canadian
Pacilic Railway puts into service Ite
two new steamships, the Empress*©!
Russia and the Empress of Asia. The
Empress ot Russia was launched, a
couple of weeks ago at the yards of
thc Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company at 0't.sgow, Scotland,
and as u result, wilt be the flrst ot the
two now vessels to feel the swells ot
thc Pacilic,. In the meantime, whllo
the vessel ls being completed, much
discussion ls heard among traffic men
as to just what effect the new boats
will havo on Trans-Paclflc skipping.
Canadian Pacific officlas themselves
believe that the Introduction of tbe
new boats into the service betweeu
Canada and tlio Orient will mark a
new epoch In traffic on the Pacific.
Certain it ls, howovor, that whatever
otlier results aro felt, all present records for fast voyages between Canada and Japan and China will be considerably lowered. The Empress ot
Japan at present holds thc record for
tho fastest voyage the Pacific, having
made the distance between Vancouver
and Yokohomn ln 10 days, 10 hours,
and 4 minutes; and between Vancouver and Hong Kong ln 17 days, 10
hours and IC minutes, inclusive of
stops. The Japan however, has only
a contracted speed of 18 knots on the
measured mile and 16 knots on » sea
trip, while the new Empress steamers
are designed for a speed of 20 knots
per hour. This great advantage in
speed will undoubtedly mean a big reduction in the duration ot a Trans-Pacific voyage, and in fact, some skipping
men are of the opinion that the Empress of Russia will cut. almost 24
hours off the Empress of Japan, Vancouver-Yokohomn .
^lami^Sa^ra® Arc&od^Little Boys!'/
It Mast Be Treated Through the
Blood and the Poisonous Acid
Driven Out
The twinges and tortures of rheumatism are not due to cold, damp
weather as so many persons suppose
Rheumatism comes from poisonous
acid'ln the blood. This is a medical
truth which every sufferer should realize. There is only one way to cure
rheumatism—lt must be treated
through the blood. All tke liniments
anl rubbing and so-called electric
treatment In tho world -will not cure
rheumatism, aud the sufferer who
tries them le not only wasting money,
but is allowing the trouble to become
more deep-rooted in the system and
harder to cure when the proper remedy Ib tried. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills make the new, rich blood of
health, aud ln this way drive ont the
poisonous acid which causes rheumatism. Thousands of instances of
cures might be given, among which ls
the following ono. Mrs. O. R. Dui-
mage, Cherry Valley, Ont., says:
was attacked with rheumatism Which
gradually grew worse, until I was confined to my bed. For about two
weeks I had to be shifted and turned
lu bed as I was utterly unable to help
myself. I ,a%s under the doctor's
care und so far recovered that I was
able to get up and move about, but
the trouble stllfreraalned lu my system. If I put my hands iu cold water, or lt I went out In tho evening or
in damp weather the trouble v^puld
return, and for four years I thus suffered from rheumatism, until 1 began
to think lt could not be driven from
my system.. Finally I gave up all
other medicine and began to use Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and after using
them for a couple of months I was
completely cured and have not hed
a twinge of - rheumatism since. I
can recommend the Pills to anyone
suffering from this trouble."
These Pills arc sold by all medicine
dealers or by mall at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for {2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
In England tho first dock was constructed nt Liverpool hi 1"08.
When polng away from home, or at
any change of habitat, he Is u wise
man who numbers among his belongings a botllo of Dr. J. 1). Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. Change of food
and water in some strange pluce
Where thero are no doctors may bring
on on attack of dysentery, lie then
has n standard remedy al hand with
which to cope .villi the disorder, and
forearmed he can successfully fight
the ailment anil subdue IL.
China has    .ixty-four   treaty   nnd
other ports open to foreign trade.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
For tho United Kingdom lhe average strength of tho Regular _\rmy is
252,000, Including officers and mon.
These-Pills Cure Rheumatism.—
To the many who suffer from rheuma-
ttan, a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills Is recommended. They have pronounced action upon the liver and kidneys and by regulating thc action of
these organs act ns an alternative
In preventing the admixture of uric
acid and blood that causes this painful disorder. They must bc taken
according to directions and used steadily and Ihey * will speedily give ovl-
donco ot their bcneflelal effect.
Of Ule exports of Jamaica, fil per
cent go to the t'nltril State., uf America.
"GOOD" is right. Pure chocolate, pure milk
and pure sugar—that's what Maple Buds are.. They're
not only good, to the taste — they're nourishing and
wholesome. The children may eat all they want.
Maple Buds satisfy their craving foe. sweets and at
the same time build up their little bodies.
Buy Maple Buds at your grocery. Teach the children
to spend .their pennies for these wholesome sweets.
Nam. aid del-fit re (intra!.
Look for the None.    * !»
They're not Maple Buds
unlets they're Cowan's
Totrato, Oat.
Herald BirfMiag, Montreal
. Pleats tend ms full particular! Ot
tie 1912 Farmers' Priie Conteit) and
a bee copy of your book " Whit ths
Farmer Can Do Willi Concrete."
Name .
Willjyou Le one of tlie 108
farmers who will receive
our Prize Contest checks? I
THERE will be twelve cash prizes in
each ofthe nine provinces (108 in all)
in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian
Farmers. 'The 1911 Contest was so successful in awakening interest in the use of Concrete on the farm, that a
second contest, in which three times as many prize, arc
offered, was decided upon for this year.
The Contest this year is divided into three classes, "A,"
"R" and "C," and there will be four prltet ih each class. (First.
priie,IJO; Second priie, S2.|Third priie, SIS; Fourth priie, f 10.)
Thui there are three %50 Priaen. three $25 Prues, three »15
prizes, and three 110 Priies, fir tacts ptovinct.
In Each Clasi there- will be Pint. Second, Third and Fourth Priici
((50, f 25, f 15, and %10) lor Each Province.
CLASS"A''—Prizes tt be _wi.-edtet_.i four fsfaen In etc. rmlnct ox. «ie awl
Ciiud." Cement on (belr lira,! In Ibe yttr 1912.
CLASS "■"—Ptleei te be awarie. to tbe Ion, far (Mr* In each ,rerlnee «bo lend ibotft-
irtftw of lb* best eenctele leerM «om wltb "Canada" L'eme.i on (heir
fans. In 1912.
CLASS"C"—.>_izea.obeawardedtotbtfeur farmer. In eacb frorlnce who lend tn
Ibe beat description, tell Ini how nnr frleco of concrete work wai do.e with
"Canada*' Cement. .Battles fit (bis ftiu (tutt be scc.Bp.r_ed by photo-
Don't think that you must uis a large quantity of cement In order to
win a priie. The quantity of cement used does not count in Classes "S"
and "C."   Many of last year'i priie winners used very little cement.
When you enter tha Contest, you have a chanee to win s cash
priie of f 50 as well It the certainty that you will add a pimaetnl
improvement to your farm. If you haven't a copy, be sure and ash lor
our book, "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete." It will not
only suggest many improvements that you can use in entering the Contest,
but will tell you all about the use of concrete on the num.
I ait wslte row naaie and addreii on tbo attached coupon, tr an a
postal card, and wa will moA lull particular, of (bo Mi. Conteit ■
anda cotrot "Wbat (be Fartaar Can Do Wllb Canerete" to ran
ahaolodr free.
Addrosa Publicity Manger
Canada. Cement Company
Wl Herald Bid,.    .    .     Montreal
The Central .Business College, Toronto, with Four City Branch Schools.
—The Central Tc'-agrnph and Rnilroad
Sohool nnd The Shaw Correspondence
School, art* tow commonly known as
"Shaw's ScW.ls." In these school*
a great work Is being done In training
young people for buslncsa pursuits
anil for earning good salaries. The
nnnual curriculum Is Interest lug and
Is .nailed tier- on sending request to
W, It. Shaw, President, Toronto,
A West Virginia judge nrralgncd a
man tor stealing a horse, denounced
him aa a persistent law-breaker, and
t'ten sentenced him to ten years' bard
labor In the State prison.
Have you anything to aayl he asked
whon he waa through.
No, said thi sentenced one, except
tl at lt 8trlt.es me you are pretty dara-
oi'. liberal with other people's time.
"Sample free If you writs National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada,
Limited, Toronto.
There are ninny Cannes nt tho bottom
of nu attack nf kidney trouble,—over-eating, ovcr-drlnklng. heavy colds,—thenc
aud other causes often cause IUiu-hhcm
Hilt-it as kidney trouble, gall-stones, kld-
noy-stoncs, gravel, lumbago. But no
matter what Is at the bottom of tho disease, thero Ih now a suro and snfe cure,
ono thnt nets quickly and without fall.
Tnat remedy Is Hanoi, which Ib already
well-known to tho mcdlcul profession ot
Canada as well as to thousandh of auf-
ferorH from the disease named above,
Ono Winnipeg lady who la well and widely known, was cured of Gall-stones by
HANOI* after suffering for 12 yearn. Bo
Ri-ateful wan she, that sho hns sent to us
a large number nf people to be relieved
of similar complaint*. Wo do not care
where thn reader of this paragraph resides, we can glvo him or her names and
addresses of people lu hia own town and
locality who havo bcen cured by SANOL.
Wc will also give tho namo and address
of the lady referred to, whose complaint
had troubled her for such n long period,
and who Is now completely cured.
SANOL in manufactured onlv by tlto
OF CANADA. LTD., 911 Main Street,
Winnipeg. For salo by nil drugglats or
direct from tho manufacturers at 91.130
per bottle.
The American—Why did you leave
your Itulliii hills?
Tho Ex-Brigand—Too tame. Why
I only killed two people a month thore
bi'l since I became a chauffeur It'a a
poor month whon I can't land twenty
iu the hospital.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Salaries ot protcesloual baseball
players ln Iho Unit, d States ot America range from 55.010 lo $10,000 fer a
season ol Bis months.
When Baking
ate y.ti aa careful nbout the tail yon use. as
you ore atwut the flour or baking PowdMf
Paor aall will ruin a baking, Just sn surely
a. poor flour. Iu thc kitchcu and on the
table, tue lhe flue, pure SI
. *,l
Bm'MalAaaa fool rea irtthaekMalaMiUsg
•tU_M.(__.OBialrU...r,4 MISfHltlS
tSLBAHK. Will rtaiort *****. aad rt.U#
The Result of in Adventure
oi a Medical Student
There was trouble among the students of ths Gordon medical college lu
tbe matter of obtaining subjects for
dissection. The; bad been used to securing corpses tn ths old fashioned
-wsy, commonly called body snatching,
which meant robbing net* graves. But
..when a iiarty was caught red handed
Ih .ono of these desecrations so great
was tbs Indignation among tbe citizens
of the place that tbey threatened to
hang without legal process any student
thereafter caught robbing a grays.
One evening Just before dusk Dick
Barlow, n medical Student, looking ont
of lbs bnck window of bis room, saw
through au opposite window ot s helming backing up sgalnst bis warding
house tb* body of a msn lying stiff
and stark on a board, tbe ends of wblcb
rested on barrels. Considering the
fact thst Unrlow wss about to be prevented from following his anatomical
course for the want of a subject It Is
aot remarkable tbat bo was confronted
by. a great temptation.
The roof of un addition to Ihe bouse
ho wss In afforded an easy descent to
tbs back yard, and tbo room In wblcb
the corpse ley was on tbs ground floor.
Tbe removal would bs essy, but if ths
remover was detected tbe consequences
would bs terrible.
Mr. Bsrlow, about 10 o'clock that
algbt, wllb blankets on bis arm In
tended for wrapping tbe subject wbicb
le Intended to purloin and load In an
express wagon he had provided, got
out of his window ob to the addition of
this house and tbenco on to tbo ground
Bis great dread wss a street lamp tbat
ihune across a vacant lot aod lighted
tbo scene of bis Intended depredation.
Bo bad Just dropped- Into tho yard
when lho light Illuminated something
thst msde his blood curdle.
Out of tbo wlnilow bs Intended entering came a man on wbom the street
Isriip shone, revealing tho corpse Mr.
Harlow was going to steal. Man,
gbost or corpse, whatever It waa, cams
oi* making straight for Barlow, who
collapsed, sinking In a heap,
Whether bis fright came from conscience or a natural dread of tbs super-
■atural at didn't know himself. Indeed, be waa aot conscious long
enough after Ms flrst view of tho coming dead mnn to tsko account of tbo
matter, tbough be afterward said tbat
hs bsd no-doubt tbs tblng was coming
to do him.Injury.
Wben tbe student cams to himself
tbo corpse had vanished. Bsrlow got
np. staggered around lo tbo front door,
went up to hla room-, took a pull trom
a bottle bo bsd In his closet to steady
him nnd went to bed. Bnt no aleep
came to htm, and tbo morning found
blm itntlrely unfllted for bla dally
Uo determined to keep his own counsel wltb regard to bis Intended theft
sod tbo result Aad It was well ho
did. During tbo day thore waa a gnat
hubbub In tbo town and especially lo
tho college. It was stated tbat tho
body of a man lo the service of aa
electric company, who bad been killed
hy a live wire and bad been laid ont In
a vacant room awaiting tbo offices of
sn undertaker, bad disappeared, and it
was supposed tbat It bad been stolen
by tbe students.' Barlow beard'tbla
and shuddered. Bs was not chsrged
with tbs thoft, but bo Imagined tbat
•very person wbo looked at blm had
suspicion In bla eye.
Tho college authorities ordered a
thorough search for tbo body, bnt without success, for a few days It was
feared tbst ths clllsens would attack
tbo buildings, and threats were really
made to tear down the dissecting room.
But after awhile tho sscltement died
•ut nnd tbo plotter waa forgottsn.
Arrangements were msde by wblcb
tb* students could boy subject*, aod
there waa no mora trouble on tbla ae>
- fooot Barlow was graduated aod bo-
tamo a veritable sawbones.
Ba was at onco appointed resident
physician to a hospital fat tha ptsco
where be bad studied and entered upon
his duties. Ons young woman wbo wu
studying to bo a trained nurss found
favor In tbe doctor's sight Miss Myra
Etheridge was an object of Interest
from the fact that she was known to
j .entices sbe toll aim tut sbo hia hi!
! a lover, who hat died, and ahe could
aever.love any ono else. Bartow waa
very  ouch cast down at thia for
i awhile, but uo lover was aver yat do-
1 terred from pushing a salt against a
'; dead rival, and tbo doctor waa a* ax*
cepllon to tbo mle. Ho argued tbst ia
any struggle betweou a live man aod
a dead man Ibe former mast win ln ths '
end, sud tbough ho refrained from
pressing his snlt ln the usual way, hs
did so by little sets ot klndnsss that
were bound to prejudice ths lady la
Ms favor.
Ut. Uariaw spent oao ysat at ths haa--
pltal, at tha end o^ which bo would
bave resigned to sccept a position with
a noted specialist but for the fsct thst
ho bsd uot won Miss Etheridge, and
be feared that If he left the Held It
would be tautapiouut to giving up the
struggle, wbicb he hnd no lntenttou of
doing, so bs declined the offer and en-1
lered upon his second year at ths bos.
Something occurred before the expiration of tbls sscond year's work wblcb
gave tbo lover tbo victory. Miss Etheridge, from her devotion to a patleat
suffering from a.contsgious dlssass,
caught tba malady. Dr. Barlow devoted Mniself to her with tb* same assid-
Thls explanation having baaa traaa-
mltted to Miss Btheridg* aad Dr. Barlow, thoy hold a consultation, at
wMch ao oao wu present except
themselves, aad ths bride, indignant
at ber former .overt confessed action,
clung to ber flsnes. They decided to
return to tbe wedding room and request the clergyman to finish the gere-
mony. It ta needless to ssy that ths
mnn who had caused tbe trouble wss
not only not Invited to be present, bnt
wss excluded.
Tbo story being known to sll, tho
couple received an ovation, and when
they were driven away tbo wlndowa
nnd porches were filled wltb those
wsrlng tbem en sdtsu. Dr. Barlow la
now one ot tho most eminent physicians In tha Isnd, and his wife Is beloved by all who know her.
Since this most Important episode ot
bis Ufa ths doctor bas interested him*
•elf ln ths matter of bringing back to
life thou' who, tbough tbey ara supposed to bs dead, are cases of moro
suspended snlmatlot. Bo hss mads
msny experiments noon animals, causing their hearts to cssse beating, tbsn
manipulating tba organs with a view
to restoring pulsation. Ba hu recently
Matured to 'If* s maa oronouncad dead
ulty sho bsd devoted herself to tbs patient wbo had glvea hsr tha dlsesse.
By a close watcb upon Us symptoms
bs parried Its thrusts and eventually
pulled her through.
Sucb devotion broke down her objections to accepting another lover, and 11
was not long after ber recovery tbat
sbe showed ber feelings toward tha
man who had saved bsr life lind openly
renewed bis suit snd was accepted.
Dr, Barlow now laid bis pisns for
entering upon hts profession ss s practicing physician snd being wedded st
ths ssms Urns. Miss Etheridge resigned from tbe hospital service without waiting to take ber degree, tha
melancholy tbat had hung over her disappeared, aad both sbs and tbe doctor
seemed very happy in anticipation of
tbelr approaching nuptials.
Neither of tbe two bavlng any means
and waddings celebrated in tho ususl
way being expensive, It occurred to
Hiss Etheridge, who bsd grown attached to the hospital staff, to bo married on tbo premises, wbere sbs would
bs surrounded by her friends. Ber
betrothed consented, and It was arranged that iha ceremony abould toko
placo In a targe room used for religious
and otber services. Ilia nurses bore a
hand In decorating tho room with evergreens and otberwlas assisted ln tha
Ths day before tho dote sst for tbs
wedding Dr. Barlow turned ovsr his
duties to his successor. The next
morning such pstlsnts as were able to
leave their beds were permitted to
gather In tbs wedding room, and soon
after, the bride entering by ono door
and tbo groom by another, thoy proceeded to a dale on wbicb speakers
osuslly stood. There they were mot
hy a clergyman in tha vestments of
the. Episcopal church. '
Tbe ceremony hsd proceeded to tbo
point where tbe ctergymsn ssks sny
ono wbo csn sbow csuse why ths
eoupls should not be Joined together to
apeak or to hereafter bold his peace.
At this request a flint Tblcs cams
from a.patient—a man—who bad beea
wheeled Into tha room ia an Invalid
"I can."
AU present turned to look at tbs parson wbo hsd msde tba Interruption.
Tbe bride fainted, and the groom
staggered oo bla feet
Dr. Barlow aaw Iha corpse, or rsthsr
ths man ha had Intended to ateal for a
subject when he was a msdlcsl stu-
dsnt. . Mlsa Etheridge ssw ber former
lover, whom aba supposed to be dead.
She was carried out of tho room, and
Dr.- Barlow was aupported as no |
walked beside her.
Tbo man wbo had broken la upon
tbs wedding, being Interrogated, gave
tha following atatemeot:
"I am ia electrician ind was soms j
yeara ago employed lo tho Ampere i
works, where one dsy I accidentally '
received an  electric dlscbsrgo  supposed to bs sufficient to kill ■ mm.
I knsw nothing till I found myself
stretched on s board la a room.   It
was nlgbt   I got off tbo board aad
stood by a window. Seeing tliat I waa
on a Isvel with the ground, t stepped
out of Ilia wlodow snd, guided by a
street lamp, wslksd awky.
"I was tressurer of tho church ta
which I belonged and bad used a thousand dollars of Its funds. I was not
long In infsrrlng wbst bsd bappaasd
to ine-that I had rscovsred and tbst
a favorable opportunity waa offered to
disappear Hli 1 could raise tbo mousy
to tuaks good my deficiency.
"I went Into hiding and resd la ths
uewspspors of tha dlsappssranca of
Gonoreua Boy.
Llttlo Barry'a parents always kept
a barrel of applea In tbe cellar. Not
long ago thoy moved next door to as
orphans' home. Shortly after moving
Barry's mother noticed tbat tbo ap-.
pies disappeared with great rapidity.
"Harry," sbs ssked one morning,
"wljst Is going on with our apples?'
"Mother," be replied, "I hava to oal
a great many apples."
"I am willing tbat yon sbould bkvt
all tba apples you want. But wby do
youo4t so many lately!"
"Wny, I bave to eat a great many
'cause the orphans waat tho cores."-
Judgo.  ,'
The Hems tnfluane*.
"Henrletts," snld Mr. Meektoa,
"What Is It, Lconldss?"
"Suppose I stay at homo aad economise In order to facilitate your pnbllt
career and employ my lelsnra boors Is
assisting you with yopr speeches and
magazine articles"—
"When you ara prominent in pabllt
attain will yon ba ono of those whs
lometlaies I'm almaat glad to hear wha*
I gat horn* that they've Sma had.
And, though I try to look aavara, wlthla
my heart I'm really glad
When mother aadly telle to m* th* Hat at
awful things they've don*.
Been... when they com* tearfully, far*
giving them Is ao much funl
I Ilk* to hav* them all alone, with ■• oa*
near to hur or aee.
Then a* their little faults they own I
Ilk* to tak* them on my line*
And talk lt over and pretend th* whlpplag
soon must be begun
And then to kiss them at th* end-.orgIv
big them Is a* much tun!
Within th* world there's n* auch charms
as children penitent and sad.
Who put two (Oft and chubby arm* arauaS
your sack when they've been bad,
And aa you view their trembling llpa away
your tamper starts to run,
And from your mind all anger allps-far-
llving them la ao much funl
It thar* ware nothing to torgtv* I wondw
It we'd lov* them so.
It they war* wis* enough to II v* as grownups do and aver go
Along th* pleasant path et right, with
nt'ar a fault from aun to sun,
A let et Jays w*'d miss at nlght-forgtv-
lag thorn Is so much funl
—Detroit Fr** Press,
Th* Limit.
Stage Manager-Vou must be entbu
elastic In tbls scene. Miss Brown.
Mlu Brown-How enthusiastic?
Stage Mnnager-Go as fnr aa you
__ can.   Imagine yourself a chorus girl
candidly admit that thoy owe every  again ind tbit somo fellow haa Just
thing to thdr tm*biadar'-WashI-*(r,<_i
Pewsr ot the Eye.
An eye can threaten like a l>ad*d
and leveled gun or csn insult like
hissing or kicking, or, in its altered
mood, by beams ol kindness it can
mak* ths heart dance with joy.—lr*™-
erson's "Conduct ot tiie."
asked yon to hava a square meal.-
Naw Tork Telegraph.
angrily. "I'm going to get ont of hers
and get out qulckr*
"At least," begged tba clerk, "let* us
know wbst Is tho matter with tbe
botel before yon go."
"Well." exploded Weller. "there'e a
crazy fool next door to ma wbo tbluks
this place ts a henhouse. He's spent
tbs Inet two hours trying to Imitate a
ropst*r."-Popnlar Magazlae.
(holy hung over ber; she seldom laughed and nover Joined ths olber nurses In
thslr sociables tbat were got up for their
amusement tnd recreation. Sbs was
•ne of the most efficient nurses In the
hospital, and whenever there was need
for careful attention upon a patient
fir. Harlow relied upon ber for the
Having fallen tn love wilh Mlas Elh-
•ridge, lbs doctor set himself to win
__._■_■-. is soon u ths discovered ois u-
bave bad a grief. A shsdow of melan- ssj body.  I waa rellovcd to heir that
tho trustees of tbo cbnrch msde np ths
deficiency In tbe funds. I wis engaged to Miss Etheridge, lut.of course
dart not communicate wltb ber.
"I have earned lho money to reimburse tbe church snd cams bnck. for
lbe purposo ot doing so.   I was taken
Wendsr If This Is Ss?
II you put two psrsons in tbe sanje
bedroom, one ol whom bss ths tooth-
sche and ths other is in love, you will
find tbst tho person who has the
toothache will go to sleep first. Isn I
Poetoard Crsss In Switrarland.
In Switzerland Inst yesr 109.500,000
postcards of every Und. bnt chiefly illustrated ones, were aent tbrough ths
postoltices, an Increase of 7,600,000 on
1010. Tbe postcsrd crass is likely to
lacrosse, ss tho cards ire becoming
cheaper every yeir ind tourists mow
numerous-London Standard.
Why Irving Mevad Her.
Sir Henry Irving, whose Hamlet
was a masterpiece, often told a good
atory ol an incident when ha was
playing the part In his osrly days.
Whlla on ths stage bs saw that an old
lady in the front rnw ol tha pit was
weeping profusely. Feeling flattered,
he ssnt sn attendant to bring her to
bim alter the performance. "Madam,"
he ssid graciously when they mst, "I
perceive thst my acting moved you."
"It did that, sir," said ths old woman.
'You sss, I've got a young son play
acting somswhsre, snd it broks ms
al) up to think that mayba hs is no
hotter st it than rou/]	
Cansdlsn Wins Again.
J. C. Fletcher, tlie Cauadian owner,
haa won lbs Japaneso equivalent for
ths King's Plale this year. .Mr.
Fletcher lias now captured,this prise
twice in succession, winning Isst
yesr villi a ho.ss named Bluo Bonnets, after tlio Montrsnl rsce track.
Although Japaness sportsmen hats
spent sunn ss high u $10,000 for a
horae. Mr. Fletcher's two winners
wers purchased for tISO and 1309 r*.
Ths Greek Stadium.
Stadium Is trom tlio Oreek word
meaning standard of length. It wa.
the numo given to tlm race courss
within wliicfi other athletic contesti
also took plnce.    Tlio length of the
course  was   always  fiOO Greek    feel     —_..-7rii'T"2'_.i~i " ,.,. !_,_.. w   s
Straightaway.   Though tho length ot tha cho cost mot in the long W. 8.
the foot varied in different localities  Gilbert list of mots:
you msy say that about nine ol  tin     After  several days'  ebsoncs  irom
Dust   Stsrms   and  Chinook*   Sweeej
Ovsr ths Great Plains.
Although   tha   terrible   gust  that
struck Begins recently is the first cy-
done recorded in Canada, the prairio
country of our west ia noted for its
I high winds, says The Toronto Tele-
| gram.   As one approaches the rolling
country thia feature of the climate
. becomes marked.
| There is s saying that it is alwaya
i blowing in Mtclcod. indeed, on ths
! calmest summer daya there is geuer-
! ally a slight breeto in that section.
The wind-is bslieved to shoot out
irom the funnel of the Crow's Nest
Pass, which Ib some fifty miles duo
west in the Rockies. On most days,
to an easterner's mind, it is blowing a
gale in this southern Albsrta town.
Everything is clean swept as tltoufjh
by a huge broom. The slonss show
sharply through the metalling of the
roads, while all odds and ends ol paper ars whirled away until caught
by tlie nearest wire fence. Tin cans
are the special delight of theso high
winds, which send them Uying. bumping and rolling over the prairie. In
old ranching days when tho then
little town was not ao particular,
visitors were regsled witli a curious
! sight. This wss a deep conlee or ravine on the edge of the settlement.
| Here, piled in s chaotic mass, wss a
deposit oi sll tho old tins, swept there
>: thot ttrele scavenger, the wind.
Calgary is scarcely loss famous for
wind than its southern neighbor. A
real Calgary dust storm is sr mslblng
to bo remembered. The writer saw
one of the worst in years. It wss
on a summer Sunday morning; ths
air waB tranquil and the sun shon*
brilliantly. It was one of those glorious exhilarating days for whieh tho
foothill country is noted. Suddenly
the wind sross, swooping fiercely
from the mountains; dark clouds
cdtne over tbe peaks, and in tan
minutes ttie whole prairie was a swirl
of dust.
Another somewhat similar storm
happened in southern Saskatchewan
in Juns, 1.0O. One very hot morning
the wind stsrted blowing from. the
south, snd ss it attained an e'ver-
I growing velocity the hea*. instead of
I abating, seemed to increase. All day
! long this sirocco swept aercss the
! prairie while the thermometer hover-
I ed around IOS in the shade. The only
cool place was insids a hnuso with
i doors and windows tightly shut.
Grass snd crops were scorched up
in the path of the wind as though
' a hot blast had been playing on them.
. Government records show this dsy as
'. being ons of the hottest, il not lho
' very hottest day, ever experienced in
' the West.
A soienliflj explanation accredits
lio; southern winds in the Csnsdlsn
West to the passing of ths air ovsr
ths huge areas ol the corn fields in
si.cli states as Nebraska, Kansss,
etc., where corn is tho staple crop,
and where ths radiation of heat 'rom
the ground is intense.
Sometimes, hours in advance ot a
Chinook wind In southern Alberts, a
low distant roaring can h > heard from
the mountains. Ths well-known Chinook arch over the Rockies always betokens a strong blow from tho west.
About six yesrs ago a hurricane
swept over Vancouver Island. It
cams up one winter night. The sky
wss clssr and the moon gleaming.
Tke wind blew in from tks Pacific at
a sixty-mile speed.   All nigtit it last-
Th* Call ef ChantielMr.
Barney Weller waa about tbe funniest follow you ever saw. Ba was
ilwsyi making people laugh by playing Jokes on somebody, ind bo put-up
• gams on i victim every diy In tbo
week. Bo wns In Chicago it a big
hotel on ono occasion wben tbo butt ot
one of bli Jokei sought revenge by
securing a live rooster and tying It
under Barney's bed st night
At 3 o'clock In tbo morning the rooster tuned up for his first vocal selection ind let out ■ long, shrill crow.
Tbo second performance of tbis kind
was too much for tbe humorist. Ils
dressed himself hastily and rushed
down to tbe nlgbt clerk.
"Give me my bill!" lie said fiercely.
"I'm going to get out of this place."      _ „,.„,..,.„. „,,„„.   „„      ,„ .„ ,„,..
"But please tell mo wbat the trouble j ed, huge Douglas 'firs ind glint cod-
ii," suggested the nlgbt clerk. i ars crashing down in ill directions
"Tbat doesn't matter," ssld Weller , through the forests.   Tho winter siw
Urge limbs snapped from tha trsas
and whirled  through   Ut*  ttr  Ilka
feathers. Next morning railroads and
highways wero completely blockaded
by the fallen timber, and- daya elapa-
eil before the barriers could bo all
sawn away.   In a somewhat similar
storm a fsw years prior to this onj of
1006,   H.M.S.   Condor,  stationed   at
Nanaimo, wbb Bwept out to sss. From
thst dsy to this, barring a slrsy llfs
preserver or empty boat, nothing bu
A Warning te Father. ij"» »««n J« the warahip or any of
A young and promising business mat I hsr crew.   It was thought she turned
who recently relieved his father of tb* jtur'*8 «"'- Sundered.
actlvo end of a largo commercial eatab- "* ,  A
llsbment attended a luncheon the olhel \       Canada a Mountain-climbers.
day.   it was proposed by one of tbl     In August, whsn many Other pen-
party to sharpen appetites by taklug a ; pie will probably be sweltering, the
llttlo something to drink before Ih*  Alpino Club of Canada vill hold its
meal was served.  At lhe table was th*  seventh annual camp, Mhe   grounds
father of tbls promising youug busl-1 ehoson bslng at.I'allisers, Vs.m lllon
ness man. and when the waller asked f"»* ra»ln ™*°',n iho UockJ Moun-
£!«;"* tettttM   .'">• .Ollowibg regulation, mad. b,
ho received from the son
course's lengths equalled one mile.
Bull Maess In Plvar.
A bull moose, eighteen months old,
csme down tho river st Sault Ste. Mario recently and was taken out at
, tha Commercial Dock in an eslis'iatcd
111, snd, hearing Ihst tho girl I lovsd condition. Tlio animal is bfttig held
wu a nurse here and waa to marry ! H1Ki the Parks Commissioner is seek-
tho resident physician, I had myself I jug permission to kcop the animal
brought hero Inst night li order to pre-1 and turn it into tho Soo Park.
vent tb* marriage."
drink (ba yjung fellow blushed and la | „,„ „ ,h,t b, in ibt club prov,
besltsttng tones replied be would tsk* ■ that the outing will ba ralhsr mora
what father did. {strenuous than • insro picnic:
Tb* fstber, is equilly embarrassed,' Graduating members before coming
also showed soma hesitancy In sslect- i to camp to make tbelr qualifying
tag hli beverage and, eyeing bis son, climb should consult thslr family
drawled out. "1*11 lake wator." physician as to their phyaisal ability.
"Look out. father.   You ara liable to I. Members tu ending lo climb require
_...-.c.i™,] fmm th. son-Kansas CllylWMterj l0ft h,ti  „00||#n .taking,
_, I snd socks, heavy woollsn gloves or
A Gilbert Mot. \ mitta and woollen underwear are In-
The following is .aid to bs sWt dl^07t'd%wb|ng wll0 vm, ,Mrtt
or bloomers will be aHowod to take
a placs on a rope, ss these hsve been
.    ,      .,-,,   .     ■ _.„ i ;, io ti,..  .... I found a distinct source of danger to
London, Gilbert walked Into tho Bav.. „ ,        fc,     t|ie   „  b   ^nlA.
ago Club  one  day.  and  somebody U^g'   iffi"^^ w ^g and
'^•."tSStart?- Where h.v. yon! JWJlttr. hav. been found s.rvlos.hto
beenP" .    ,    ,       . '
"I've heen up to Birmingham lo see ,.   .
Wilson Barrett as Hamlet," Gilbert I     _     Net an Epicure.
;;,*'*,     '*"""-■*'' " |   "Don't these parvenuea make yo»
'•Tha douce you ssy I  How wss itf" sick?" asked Chspley ot Us vls-s-vli
uked his friend. „  It the 8pllldorf.
"Oh, very funny—md not at sll    "I don't know," sbo replied lnnocsoa
vulgar," wss ths snswer. ! |y,  »j never ite iny."-Judgik
Gilbert walked into the 8av. THE   SUN,   GRAND" FORKS,   B. C.
$1 Per Week Invested in Bassano Will Start
You on the Road to Fortune. [ Full-sized Lots
$60 Each. Nothing Down. $1 Per Week.
No Interest. No'Taxes. Lots Guaranteed
High, Dry and Level,
.Real Estate Investments,
Robert Clark had on exhibitions
at the poultry show a pen of Gold
and Silver Campines. They were
disqualified as prize winners on account of their wings having been
clipped. Mr. Clark states that these
are the only birds of this variety in
the province. He obtained the setting from J. Fred N. Mennedy, of
Birch Cliff, Ont., importer and.
breeder of improved champion strain
Silver Campinea. The Canipimu
are said to be "layers of large white
eggs and lota of them."
Woodland & Co. yesterday moved
their drim store into thc Boundary
Trust fc Investment company's new
brick Work, on the corner of Bridee
and First streets. They now have
the finest store in the city, ns well
as being most centrally located. The
new premises are decidedly metropolitan in appearance.
Sam Roberts, of Repuhlic, who
has been confined in the city jail for
several weeks on a charge of having
stabbed Hugh Lisle, was released
last Friday on a $500 cash liond.
The bond was furnished by bis Republic friends. He will have his
hearing in January.
Woodmen of America Officers
Grand Forks Camp Nu. 15317,
Modern Woodmen of America, at its
regular meeting on Monday evening,
December 2, elected the following
officers for the season of 1913: Venerable consul, M. F. MoEliiolt;
worthy adviser, T. McDougail; excellent banker, Frank Feabo; clerk,
Kurt Krischke; escort, Martin Bo-
rncki; watchman, E. E. Rollins;
sentry, George Wenzel; managers,
Floyd Herr for three years, E. E.
Rollins for two years, Peter Hansen
for one year.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, Dec. 5—The follow
ing are today a opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      0.25    5.75
Weekly Banner Contests
The contijjitR for. the attendance
banners at lhe public schuol this
week resulted us follows:
Percentages and'Nnuiber of Pu
nils Lnte—Division I 98.89, 1 late;
Division II 90,49, 2 late; Division
III 95.75, 4 late; Division IV 97.85,
8 late; Division V 97.09, 4 late;
Division VI 95.4, 0 late; Division
II, no report.
Division I wins the best averaee
attendance banner, and Division VI
wins the punctuality banner.
This is the last week for
Personal Greeting Christmas
Cards. Sample Book at this
Rev, Edward A.Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will seijd (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charle>> A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Clt~
(Published Annually)
Kiiablen traders throughout the world to
communicate dlreet with Htigjlsh
In each chwsof bo<hK Beside* being ft complete commercial guide to London and Ui
luburbii the directory cant aim I tutu of
with the Hoods they ship, and the Colonial
and Kort-lffii Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they aall,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchant!, etc., tn
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20ft.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade oards for 11, at larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abohurch Lane, London, E.C.
Metal Quotations
Nkw Vork, Dec. S.—Silver 61),;
standard copper, tl7.25@17.fiU;
London, Deo, 6.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders,
The regular annual meeting ot the
Grand Forka Agricultural association
.was. held in the citv hall, in the
courtroom side,yesterday afternoon,
in according with the constitution
and by-laws. All the old officer**-
were re-elected, bat some new mem-
berg were elected on the board of
A. Bbncquet, inspector of fruit
trees for tbe horticultural branch of
the provincial department of auri-.
culture, gave a lecture in the
Miners' Union hall on Monday
evening on the "Marketing and
Distribution of Fruit, Fruit Trees
and Pests, and Soils and Soil Management." The meeting was poorly
attended on account of a. confusion
of diitea. Those who were present
say the speaker hsd some difficulty
in making himself understood.
111. C. A. ABBOTT,
taAiraSi., _><»» York City.
Angmt ii, ly-fr
.Ann St., New York Ult-/. ,
Dear Sir;  1 hove known fnr over 40 year, of th* |
cf.ecuofWilWsKem.dy (Wlli..'l Preparation
«l Hypot-tlMDhitcs and Blodgettl] In axe* of pulmonary trouble,.    At this point 1 will uy to you
■nonary (routi!_>. _._ uu. p.,.,,. . „... _ . ,
what you have not before known of t that xx yean
•ince, while 1 was a resident of N.Y. City, I waa
aeverely 111 with lung trouble. Physicians said 1 wat
» consumpiive and my family physician told my wife
that he thought I cettld not recover. My attention
wu directed to the Wilson Remedy, which I use*
with splendid effect, I have been on my fast aad at
work ever aince viycnre.   Yours truly.  .
Putor M, I, Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N.Y.
On Dee 1,1911, Mr. Sacer wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health is very guod.'r
If  yo'tt   will  write Mr, Abbott  he
flvill gladly furni_h   -**•*  *«.-Hi_«f
information yo\i deal
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility fnr a
solid education ill English, commercial
and music branches, Embroidi.ry.plain
and fancy needlework and sinning are
given special attention. The commercial course includes stenography, type
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
lTo''KH   ,,„_« first Street II
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style-
We have Ihe moat modern jobbing plant
in thc Buiiiidnry Country, etfipliiy com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A -roMPLBTK Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kimli t-ninlffittiiwit ol
Hwfivt'tl Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kasor Honing a Special*.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, D. G.
Suits to Order &18 twa.
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments i5 the east.   When you order trom us you have
Tie advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   Ve guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
Thev are the best you can buy. We guarantee you thc
lest mde clothes in thc country at the lowest prices.
We ab^ays have men that know the r-business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you sat.sfact.mi.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Billheads nnd Statement..,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions nnd By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Uraniiv Hotri.,
First Struct.
**   -■——-, . -    m^  r , trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
I    iiii. &m Irittt Shop
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never falls. Theae
plllt u« eiceedlngly nowerlul la ref(dating tha
generative portion of lhe lemale ayatem. Keluae
all cheap Imitation,.  Dr. d<Taa1 art Bold at
115 > boa, or three lor HS,   Mailed to any addreaa.
1 Um tMtoU Drac Oo» St. Calharlaaa, Oa*.


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