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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 31, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
.$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
Farmers before the agricultural
fl.omtnit.ee at Victoria demand necessary reforms.
The business section of Trenton,
Ontario, is practically wiped out by a
disastrous Ure.
' Delegates to peace conference are
divided as to what action should be
taken against Turkey.
A serious crisis in the Liberal party
in England over the franchise bill is
even admitted by the government
A new military bill will be introduced into the-Germany reichstag to
make a substantial increase in the
army's strength.
The Baitish Columbia coal famine
may be alleviated by tbe Canadian
Pacific, which has been asked by Premier McBride to lower the rate.
Minister of Agriculture Burrell introduces a bill providing for the expenditure of ten million dollars toward farming throughout the Dominion.
Art'umor is current in European
capitals that the sultan of Turkey has
been overthrown and a republic proclaimed, but! the report has nut been
confirmed. i   .
At the opening session of thn
minion Orange convention in Toronto
a resolution asking for a referendum
on the navy question is adopted
Henry Glendenntng again demands
Thirty thousand firemen from fifty
eight roads will take strike vote to
A girl arrested in Tacoma confesses
to having robbed a dozen homes in
Still another railway plans to build
a road to the Peace river country
north of Alberta.
A meat famine is threatened in
western Canada o* ing to the fire in
P. Burns' pluttt ul Calgary.
Tbe Balkan delegates will draft a
note telling Turkey that tbe peace
conference must be considered broken
Hun. A. S. Mathieson, tni-nilier of
lhe Ontario cabinet, dies suddenly at
his home in North Perth from heart
An alarmed congregation dashes
from high mass in a Quebec village to
see a burnin'g house, in which a child
is killed.
A Toronto university  professor is
- accused of "using loose   talk" in   his
report to the conservation commission
regarding useless timber lands iu  the
The bishep of Loudon declaaes that
conditions for workingmen have not
lieen bettered in twenty years, and
advocates revolutionary methods on
the part of churchmen.
The Balkan delegates see no alternative but to resume the war against
Turkey since the outbreak at Con
The New South Wales government
is in the hands of the former cabinet
minister who bolted from the labor
ranks to become independent,
England is on the brink of the most
violent sufragette campaign yet experienced. Two thousand police are
kept busy dispersing huge crowds.
The Nationalists begin an agitation
among the Quebec farmers against the
Borden navy proposal, showing them
how much it will cost each personally.
Canada's fair name is being besmirched abroad by dishonest flotations
is the charge made by Hon. Rodolphe
Lemieaux, naming several eastern
The royal commission investigating
the British Columbia milk conditions .
finds that infant mortality is high because of the fmpure quality of the
fluid sold-
Three persons are krHed in a riot
near Daughin, Man.
Medicine Hat will install an automatic telephone system.
Moral reform candidates are all defeated in the Nelson municipal election.   V
A deputation nf militant suffragettes make a raid on the house of
commons in London.
Baptist Union of Western Canada,
in session at Calgary, favors votes for
women aud opposes militarism,
German bark Parguni sinks in the
English channel when it strikes the
French steamer Phryue, and twenty-
three of the crew perish.
The new Bank Act is debated iu
the house at Ottawa. Premier Borden
believes that government inspection
of banks is impracticable.
.Second reading in the provincial
legislature of the bill providing for an
increase in civil service salaries. The
provincial police will benefit later.
Peace delegates are leaving London... and the militajy officers will
start for Bulgaria today. The allies
may await Turkey's answer to the
note of the powers. Diplomats still
hope for peace.
The young Turks say it is not their
intention to defy Europe.
Toronto lawyers believe 'that the
criminal code of Canada covers wild
cat flotations,
The main estimates will be brought
down in the Dominion house next
Monday or Tuesday. •
Peace negotiations are ruptured,
but optimists in the diplomatic world
still hope to avoid war.
Tariff for revenue, not for protection, will be the policy of the Dem
ocratic administration at Washington
Hon Price Ellison, provincial minister of finance, is in tbe hospital, suffering from an attack of acute appendicitis.
London suffragettes intend to wage
war to the knife. Thirty of the mili
tant type will spend the next fo.ir
teen days in jail.
The desirabilitv of old age pensions
will be enquired into by it special
committee at this session of the Do
minion parliament.
The Canadian Pacific railway will
build million bushel terminal eleva
tors throughout the prairies as a
remedy for car shortage.
After a four days* discussion, the
house of lords reject the home rule
Dominion department of agriculture is investigating the co-it of producing apples,
The German parliament today
passed a want of confidence vote for
the first time in its history.
Young Turks offer a compromise,
and Europe hopes for an agreement.
Adrianoole may be divided.
Big gathering of Presbyterians will
bs held in Winnipeg this year. Every
minister in Canada to be present.
New Dominion bank bill is given
its second reading. Opposition speak
ers advocate government inspection.
In the bye-election in Londonderry,
David Hogg, Nationalist, captures
the seat fot merry, held by the Marquis
of Hamilton,
The A- Macdonald company, of
Winnipeg, distributes $35,000 to its
Permanent Committees Appointed and Finances
Considered .
At the tint meeting of tbe new
city council last Monday evening
tbe most important business transacted was tbe appointment of permanent committees and a consideration of tbe city's financial condition. Tbose present were Mayor
Fripp, Aid. Manly, Miller, Smith.
Taylor, Woodland and Wright.
Tbe mayor opened lhe session
with a brief speech, in wbicb he
congratulated the aldermen on their
election, aud the ratepayers on
tbe persounel ol the council
tbey had chosen. Tbe present
year, be said, gave promise of
being the best in the city's history, and be felt confl lent ibat
tbe business of the cily would
be conducted in sucb a manner
as to make it favorably known
abroad. Wbile the members
would probably be disappointed
With tbe present financial showing, be did not think tbat the
condition was sucb as to cause
alarm, and by tbe practice of a
little economy and adherence lo
business methods in tbe management ol public affairs everything would soon be smooth sailing again.
Tbe mayor announced the following standing committees, the first-
nomed in each instance being tbe
Finance—Aid. Wyodlund, Miller
and Manly. ,
Water and   Light—Aid.
Taylor and Woodland.
Board   of   Works-Aid.
Taylor and Woodland.
Health   and   Relief-Aid
Wright and Smith-
Cemetery —Aid.  Taylor,
nnd Woodland.
I. A. Spinks, of Sacramento, Cal,,
in a letter to the council, made application tor the position nf cily
electrician. None of the members
knew ol any vacancy in that department, nnd the communication
was ordored filed.
Aid. Woodland, chairman of tbe
finance committee, made an exhaustive report regarding the present
financial condition ol the city. The
state of affairs were shown to be
such as to fully vindicate The Sun's
contention, before the election, that
it was time tor a change in administrations. Thnt is nil thnt need he
said about Ihe matter at present.
The city will have to make a temporary loan before the tangle cnn be
straightened out. The report was
The finance committee was instructed to take the necessary steps
! to dispose ol the waterworks nnd
school debentures.
Aid. Manly, chairman of the
water and light committee, jedorted
that the pole line on Winnipeg ave
would soon have to be rebuilt. The
j committee had heen approached by
some of the C.l'.K. officials, who had
made the proposition that the railway company and the city construct
a joint pole line from Kverside
' avenue to the Pacific hotel. Mr.
Manly thought tbis- would be a good
way of cutting down the expense ol
this work. Tbe committee was empowered tp enter into negotiations
with the railway company in
regard to this mutter.
Tbe city engineer was granted the
use of the city team for hauling rock
lor better protection of the water
main across the river.
Tbe clerk stated lhat a number of
errors had been made in the deeds
given to the C.P.R. employees, and
he.was instructed to inform tbem to
-bring tbe documents back to tbe city
office for correction, _
_ After a long discussion on health
ami relief matters, the council adjourned. 	
A hockey, team  from  the  public-
school accompanied the league club
Packing House and Contents
at Columbia Greenhouses
At noon Inst Sunday fire broke
out in the packing house at the
Columbia greenhouses, a short distance west of the city limitf, aud hefore it could be extinguished the
building, with all its contents, was
burned to the ground A shortage
of water made il difficult tn combat
the flames, Some hoss wus tnken
ont from the West end fire station,
hut as it wns of a different size from
to Greenwood last night. A game
nas scheduled with a team from the
Greenwood school as a curtain raiser
to the regular league game, but it
postponed until after tha event,
and conseqiirntly the boys missed
iln- special train nnd both they nnd
t ie teacher who accompanied them
had to remain in Greenwood over
The Grand Forks Social club hus
formed in this city by a number of
local parties, wbo intend In have oc
c.isioiial dances and other (onus of
general entertainment. They have
already decided to have their first
dance on February 10 in lhe Laurier
hall, and a number of invitations
will be sent inn.
li. Miller, M.P I'., returned from
Victoria on Thursday, and made a
hurried visit to ihe Granny smelter-. As he has kept out of the way
of The Sun man. it is presumed
tbal the business whicb look from
the legislative balls is not for publication.
Nearly two hundred people accompanied the hockey club tn
(ireenwood Inst night. Grand Korks
won by a score of S goals to 1, and
the club now bus no excellent
chance nl winning Ihe championship of thc Boundary league.
A statistical genius has figured
out thnt the Washington legislature
costs IS per minute. The British
Columbia legislative has been known
to cost the taxpayers of the province
more tban that amount per second.
tbat used at the greenhouses it
proved useless. Tbe loss is estimated at about £5000, witb JlfiOO
insurance, Tbe origin of tbe fire is
The ends of some of the greenhouses were also badly damaged,
and considerable glass   was broken.
The fire put the heating plant nut
of commission, and as nearly zero
weather prevailed nt the time, it was
f el red that -ouch damage would he
done lo the growing plants and
vegetables. This calamity was,
however, averted by the use ol
stoves. The plant has now been suf
ficieutly repaired to eliminate danger
frnm this source
Tbe Columbia greenhouses is the
laigest enterprise of its kind in Brit
isb Columbia. The plsnt consists
ol seven greenhouses, approximately
18.000 square feet under glass; a
two-slorey boiler house, wilh stonewalled basement for boilers; frame
I barn, wagon sheds, and concrete
cellars built purposely for storing
\ bulbs, etc.
The building destroyed by fire
will be rebuilt 01 soon as possible.
It. It. liilpin, customs officer at this
'port, makes the following detailed re-
: port of the customs receipts at the
I various sub customs offices, as re-
I ported to the chief office ill this city,
'for the month uf January:
jdrand Forks   13.626.40
Phoenix      1,189.60
Carson         408.99
Cat-cade  68.94
Total   14,087.97
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
Ihe Oranby company's smelter in
this city for the past week amounted
l) ,170,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 1,088,-
000 pounds.
J. A. Johnson, of Lethbridge.
visited his friend, W. J. Cook, in
this city this week.
Kaslo has s Scotch council. All
that is neebed now to make it popular is s little soda. mmm
That tliJ Bank of Montreal ls one ot
our oldest as well as one of our most
Important financial Institutions, was
emphasised by the fact that the Annual Report held this week was the
$5th In the Bank's history. The
Bank Is yearly occupying a more important place ln the financial, commercial and industrial expansion ot the
Dominion. Tho Annual Report presented, which covered the year ejlda-i
the 31st October, 1912, showed net
profits foe the y*ear of »2,518,000,
which with a balance brought forward
of $1,855,000 und the premiums on new
stock amounting to 834,000, make a
total of over $5,207,000 available (or
distribution'! Quarterly dividends
anil two bonuses absorbed $1,894,000.
Tlle sum of $1,000,000 was transferre-1
to rest account, $1,000,000 to counting-
ent account, and $511,000 expended on
bank premises, which left a balance
to be carried forward $802,000. The
Bank has now total assets of nearly
$287,000,000, making lt one of thc
strongest financial Institutions on the
continent. During the year lt Increased Its paid up-capital to $16,000,-
000, increased Its rest account to a
similar sum, made large gains In deposits and in current loans, opened a
number of new branches, and otherwise kept pace with the growing prosperity of the Dominion. The fact
that the Bank made current loans of
nearly $120,000, shows that there is
a big demand lu the country for banking accommodation and that the Bank-
ot Montreal is doing its full share ln
catering to the business needs of the
communities where Its branches are
The year was the flrst under the gen-,
eral management of Mr. H. V. Meredith and the fact that the profits for
the year were some $242,000 greater
than those of tbe previous year, must
be regarded as not only satisfactory
to the shareholders, but as complimentary to the foresight and business
sagacity of the General Manager. It
ls doubtful lf the Bank Of Montreal
was ever ln as good condition to take
care of tbe growing needs of the Dominion than it Is at tbe present time.
Its increase In paid up capital and rest
accounts, its gain in deposits, total assets and other matters, makes It peculiarly fitted to take a leading place
In tbe financial and Industrial expansion of the country.
The addresses of the President and
General Manager were both comprehensive reviews of the financial, commercial and Industrial conditions prevailing throughout the Dominion.
That of the President which referred
to the Dominion as a whole, was masterly summary of the conditions prevailing at the present time. The address was optimistic in Its tone, Mr.
Angus declaring that conditions
throughout the Dominion were unusually sound and that satisfactory progress might he expected as long as
present conditions prevailed. Mr.
Angus touched upon the agricultural
expansion, ll," increase ln immigration, the growth of manufacturing,
railroad development, the shipping Industry and practically speaking every
phaBe of our commercial and Industrial
Mr, Meredith In his address, referred more particularly lo the growth
nf the Bank and the banking business.
Me touched on the forthcoming revision of the Bank Act, and Intimated
that there might be a (ew minor
changes, although in the main the
present Act  was giving  satisfactory
We have clients Who have the following'to-offer for exchange:,
What have you for to offer?
Clear Title Winnipeg Lots and some cash for Improved farms. 20
Horse Power auto In good* condition and some cash for Quarter section.
•-.Five fully modern centrally located houses ln Winnipeg giving good
revenue for good Improved farm or block of wild land. Send full description of any land you have to offer in exchange on above.
Agents wanted at all points to represent us.
22 Canada Life Building Winnipeg, Man.
service. He also dealt In an gfcle
and comprehensive way with the Increased cojt of living and the charge
that the Banks throughout the Dominion were not paying sufficient attention to the farming communities. He
denied the charge that the banks en>
couraged farmers to become depositors and not borrowers, and stated
lhat in so far as his bank was concerned many millions were on loan to
farmers and small traders.
Altogether the addresses of the two
heads of the Bank ]jke> the Annual
Report Itself, were eminently satisfactory to the ahareBo'ders present
and Bhould prove equally so to business men throughout the country as
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W.   N.   U.  129
Great Storms of Modern Times
The recent devastation caused by a
hurricane to the Island of Jamaica has
powerfully affected the popular Imagination. Fortunately for us,- theBe
gataatrophies are i-are. When they
do occur It is commonly observed that
they are confined to certain areas, and
that, therefore special peoples are
more singularly attacked. The superstitious see In this phenomenon of
nature nothing other than special
Judgments of the Almighty, while the
practical-minded see only the occurrence of fixed.laws.-
While this la In mind, therefore. It
may be interesting to recall to mind
other notable storms of a disastrous
nature. Few middle-aged people, can
forget the terrible night In 1879 when
the Tay Bridge, a huge structure of
steel wickerwork near the estuary of
the Tay at Dundee, Scotland, was
swept by a tremendous gale, blowing
at the rate of 150 miles an hour, and
prfcslpltated ln the water. This, In
itself would have been a dreadful blow
to what was then ln the light o£ engineering science, considered to be
an imperishable monument to the genius of man. But dreadful to relate, a
train journeying from Edinburgh to
Aberdeen, was ploughing Its way
through the storm in the very middle
of the structure and along with six
hundred yards out of the two miles of
steel framework waB hurled into the
Tay. No one lived to record the
dread experience.
An older generation will doubtless
remember (he terrible series of hurricanes of 1863, which swept over Central Europe, devastating everything opposed to It and leaving wreck and
ruin behind. Peculiarly enough It did
not proceed far west. Obeying the
dictates of some as yet Inscrutable
law, it spent Its force somewhere in
ftild Atlantic, und America and Canada were saved tho-force of Its gusts'.
Old country people resident ln Canada will remember the hurricane that
swept over England on the 14th October, 1881, when houses were thrown*
down and unroofed, large trees torn,
up by the roots like playthings, telegraph wires and poles blown down,
and In addition to a great loss of
life, about 150 British wrecks ot shipping. In the same year, and peculiarly enough In the same month, foi
lowed what Is commonly regarded as
the great hurricane of history. In Hal-
fong, in China, a typhoon broke out,
raged for days and carried off to their
doom tho inarming total of 300,000
Doubt was at flrst cast on this total,
but a subsequent census revealed Its
accuracy. Then two years later a
tornado in Ujs Southern States carried
off 600 people," followed In 1885 by a
cyclone On thc Orissa coast, Bengal.
India, in which 5,000 people perished
A storm, which was attended with
a tidal wave nearly blotted out Well
lngton, New Zealand, ln 188S, and to
Vome nearer home, Ontario and Que
bee were the scenes of storms of wind
accompanied by thunder, In the same
year, which cost three provinces $*2,-
000,000. One could go on multiply
Ing Instances Innumerable hut the recent fcvetrt In Jornada prompts one to
recall the cyclono there In 1903, when
l!.e UrltlBb 15j.ver11.nent granted a
large sum to relialiltnte and restore
the condition of tht) planters.
On the Piano
.lack London, when on a visit to
New Vork, was Introduced to a musician In one cf Ihe popular Broadway i
cures. —'
I am it nm. U-iaii In a small wuy, ssld
London. My musical talent was
once the means of saving my life.
Tho musician was at once very much
How Is that* he asked.
Tliere was a great flood In lhe
town of my boyhood, explained London. Whon the water struck our
house my father got out on a bed
and floated with the stream .until.he
was rescued.
And you? qneifej the musician.
Well, smiled London. I accompanied him on the piano.
Why didn't Ou call fo ra policeman when that footpad robbed you?
What would havo been the use?
asked the man wlfo has an exagger-
ali-,1 Idea of metropolitan Iniquity.
Afier the footpad got through with
me there wasn't anything left for the
Fanning the Flame
For a number of years a Hitter feud
existed between t_tB Browns *wid the
Perkinses, next door neighbors*. The
trouble had originated through the
depredations ot Brown's cat, and had
grown so fixed an affair that-neither
party ever dreamed of making up.
One day, however, Brown sent by his
Ben-ant. a peace-making note for Mr.
Perkins!, which read:
Mr. Brown sends his compliments
to Mr. Perkin and begs to say his
cat died this morning.
Mr. Perkins' written reply was bitter:
Mr. Perkins Is sorry to hear of Mr.
Brown's trguble, but he had not heard
that Mrs. Brown waa Ul.
Teaching the Teacher
Mother (wbose children, have had
an education superior to her own, to
her small daughter, whom she is in
the act of smacking.—I'll learn you
not to contradict me.
Small Daughter (between her sobs)
—teach, mother, teach.
Mlnartfs Liniment Curea Distemper
Safe jind Sane
Mi. P. Latitude—Young man,">ou
-should hitch your chariot to a star.
Mr. Kidsport—No, .thanks. Motor
racing is exciting enough. Aviation
doesn't attract me.      *,
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble, Kidney and- Bladder
Stones, Gravel, Lumhago,
Uric Acid.
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i Druggists
Winnipeg, Man.
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the Infant of sleep, the great nourlsh-
er, Mother Graves' Worm Extenh-
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Elderly Aunt—My dear, I have Just,
put you down In my will for $10,000.
Her Nelce—Oh, auutle, what can I
say to thank you? How are you feeling today?
We r.ffer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for sny c«ie o.* O.tarrh that cannot bt
cuicd bv tiaU'i. Catarrh Cure.
F. J.  CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
We,, the undc-oieneil. have known **.
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out any obligation-: made by his firm.
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'I wish I were a heroine, Fred.
Why, lt Is easy for you to become
a heroine, dear.
I'd like to know how?
The woman who ls not afraid to remain alone while her husband goes to
a poker party is a heroine.
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Classifying Hint
Brother Hardesly, can't you make
your contribution for the education
of the heathen a little larger than usual this year.
Dr. Goodman, I'm more than doubling It. I have just started, that
youngest boy of mine to college.
Cared   Through the Uie of Dr.
Williams'Pink Pill..
Neuralgia is not a disease—it is
only a symptom. It is the surest
sign tjiat your blood Is weak, watery
and Impure, and that your nerves ar
literally starving. Bad blood is the
one cause—good, rich, red blood Its
only cure. There you have the real
reason why Dr. Williams' Pink PIllJ
cure neuralgia. They are the onl,
medicine that contains In tcrrect proportions, the very elements needed
to make new,'rich, red blood. Thi..
alone reaches the root ul the trouble,
soothes the Jangled nerves and drives
away tie nagging, stabbing pain, and
braces up your health in other-ways.
Mr. M. Brennan, an ex-sergeant of
the 2nd Cheshire BeRiment, now a
resident of Winnipeg, J.sn., s*iys:
"While serving with mv regiment In
fndla, on a hill station, I contracted a
severe cold which brought on acute
neuralgia, at times lasting for three
weeks. I was constantly suffering
almost every month In the year for
over seven years, the pain being sometimes so severe that I wished I was
dead. On my return to England I
seemed to get np better, tbough 1
spent large sums of money for _ne.ll
cal advice and medicine. Then 1
came to Canada, and about a year ago
saw the advertisement of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills In a Winnipeg paper. Although I had begun to think
my aomplalnt was Incurable I told my
wife that I Intended giving the Pills
a fair trial. I was suffering from
terrible pains when I began taking
file -fills, but before the second box
wns finished the pain began to disappear, and under a furtiher use of tho
Pills it disappeared entirely, and I
have not had a twinge ot It during
the past yjar. Only those who have
beeu afflicted with the terrible pains
of neuralgia' can tell what a blessing
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have been to
me, and you may be sure I shall constantly recommend them to other suf-
TiifSe Pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or by mall at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
A  glove   for
any   occasion
in every shade,
length,   .
The only turn and satisfactory way In which the Western Farmer
ran secure the highest possible market value for his wheat, oats, hurley and
flax Is by shipping it by the carload to Fort William or Fort Arthur, or to
Duluth if cars cannot be got for the other terminals (loading lt If posslb'.e
direct Into the car over the loading platform so an to save elevator charges
find dockage) and employing a strictly commission Arm to handle and dls-
pope of I FT
W-«*continuc to aet as the Farmers* Agents solely on a commission bast*.-
We are not track buyers and we never buy the Farmers' grain on our wn
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entrusted to us, ns the
agents of thorn who employ us, and It is our desire and endeavor to givo
everyone the very best service possible. We make liberal uuvances ngain-^t
car shipping bills, and will also carry the grain for a' time under advances nf
a moderate commercial rate of interest. If considered ndvlshuiu. We Invite
al) Farmers to write to us for shipping Instructions and market informal.on.
Thompson Sons & Company
Why the low price
of Wheat?      !
is the key to
Co-operation ..
is the gateway
to treedotk  **•
200,000   farmers ere scrambling to    get their '
grain  Into the hopper before the   close    of
navigation—WHY? /
Because all their notes and store bills become ;
due Oetober 15, or November 1, and they are
honestly  endeavoring to meet them.
What Is The Result?;
The tpeut become, filled and thero le a general
•pML The manipulator know* how to take advant- •
age ol a condition of thi, kind and he lay* ble plane '
to rake off a little fortune   and-.h4 eucceede      He
elmply takea all the profit that  under normal con- I
dltlone, the farmer would bave got In the growing
of grain, and the farmer muet ba oontent with the ,
•canty living he le able to withhold from hie cred- i
Itore, and hope on for another twelve montha.
The only feaelble eolutlon of the queitlon le In j
organizing the farmer, that they may be able to
put the coet ef production on the article ha pro-
ducee. Kvery other producer le able to do It.
■van the laboring man of to-day le able to put a .
price on hie own labor. Every farmer know, thet
fact from hie late experience In getting off hie
Then why not make n tittle eecrlflce to create I
condition! which will do vaetly more for yeur chll- .
dren than the accumulated wealth which yeu hope ,
to leave them, but which very eeldom material- ■
lies. The Grain Grower,' Oraln Company la .
YOUR organliatlon and If the next elx yeara devel- i
op ae rapid progreee aa during the laetvelx, there I
will be a epeut going direct from ine producer te '
the coneumer, cutting out the manipulator. • t •
can be done If the farmere are loyal to their or- I
Winnipeg, Man. •"■^MaHMP" Calgary, Alto.
The brain of a man exceeda twlc:
thut of any other animal.
______■____■_____■ \
I /       .
are b'est for nursing
mothers because they do
not affect the rest of the
system. Mildbutsure. 25c.
a box at your druggtst'a.
, eo. er canaba, limitcb.
Ask for
and get satisfaction
A,fsw deere aouth ef C.P.R. Sepal
| Rates 11 H te 12.00 par Saa
pulalne unexcelled
Set and eeld water In every rests
ii' Hetel  practically  Flrapreaf
. All Outaldd Reama
■*..'■   Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
.Ceo.  Wright 6 Mack Carroll
MeB.WirUi.ow1, Rootiiinc-. Bvacr has bee*
met lor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
Moruwts tor mtir ciiii.1>ki-:n while
Is the best remedr for DIARRHCEA.. It is ab.
(olutely hermteM. He sure and ask let " Mrs.
Wiaslow's soothing Syrup," and take ao other
■dad, - Twenty-live cents a bottle.
■oglnsers and Boilermakera
Bellera   of   all     kinda—Engines.
Pumps, and Heavy PlatJ Work
Writ* ua for Prlese
14 ttrachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
^ 1 Send Post Card to-
DOjf S [ .lay__.-r. how to make
lis  "Easy Pocket
/£!___.!_» I  Money"
*U|||  |9 iNow-stheTiine. Adtlr-ss
I P.O. Boa 1268, Montreal
In Luck
Tlie codfish, said thp professor,
lays more than a million eggs.
- It ls mighty lucky for tlie codfish
that ahe doesn't have to cackle over
every egg, aaid a student who came
Irom a farm.
Mc. ■ box or six boxes tor $2.60,
■t III dealeni, or The Dodda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Editor of k Swlea Newspaper la Ar-
* rested on Suspicion
The anarchist In Geneva, who made
plot'to poison a number ot house proprietors and wealthy men ln Milan by
Bending them capsules of a powerful
poison disguised as a medicine, which
was discovered several days ago, was
prepared in Switzerland, where arrests
Are being made dally at the Instance
of the Milan police.
Yesterday morning Luigi Dalnesl,
the former editor of the anarchist paper, Agitation, was arrested here, and
now awaits* extradition. Three Italian anarchists have been arrested at
Lugano, Including a chemist, one at
Lausanne and two at Lyons.
.;■■•■ WA$ CURED
After. Flve-Xears of, Suffering—Three
Doctors Failed and Said Case
' Wa»-lncurable
Itching  a.-.l  Burning  Was Terrible
Until Relief and Oure Was
Effected by
Psoriasis is another name tor chronic eczema.     It Is th% worst form of
this dreadful itching   skin   disease
Once ecaoma has reached this stag
It ls usually considered incurable.
But here ls a case which proves
again the wonderful healing power of
Dr.* Chase's Ointment. Not only
does relief come quickly, but the ro,
suiting benefits are thorough and
Mrs. Nettie Masses', Consccon, Ont.,
writes:—"I thought it my duty to
write you telling you the great benefit I received from using Dr. Chase's
Ointment. For five'years I suffered
with what three doctors called Psoriasis. I doctored with three different doctors, with no good results, and
one of our noted doctors told mc if
any one offered to guarantee me a
cure for $50.00_to keep my money ln
my pocket, as I could not be cured.
"The disease spread all over me,
even my face and head. The Itching
and burning was hard to bear. At
last my brother read ln the paper
about Dr. Chase's Ointment as a healer.' I used 8 boxes, and I am glad to
say I am entirely cured, not a sign of
a sore to be seen. I can hardly
praise the ointment enough, and you
are at liberty to use my testimony, as
I hope thereby to Induce other sufferers to tr, tho same."
Dr. phase's Ointment, 60c. a box,
at all dealers or Edmanson, Bates &
Co.."Limited, Toronto.  x '
Ita Class
Unhorsing a rival in the old days
of chivalry was very  much like a
modern holiday in a busy life.
•How so?
It was taking a knight off.
Freedom from Asthma. Asthma Is
one of tbe most distressing troubles,
sudden in its attacks and prolonged
ln Its agonies. Frequently many-
things are tried, but nothing secma
to give hope of relief. Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asilmiii Remedy is the one
help which can be depended upon. If
you have tried other remedies without
success, do i-.ot fa'! to get at onco a
package of this uniformly successful
Highly Colored Romance
I put my arm around her waist
The color left her cheek
But on tbe shoulder of my coat
It stayed about a week.
In the treatment of summer complaints, the most effective remedy that
can be used ls Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It. ls a standard
preparation nnd many people employ
It In preference to otlier preparations.
It ls a highly conceutratcd medicine
nnd Ita sedative and curative qualities
are beyond question. It has been u
popular medicine for many years and
thousands can attest Its superior qualities In overcoming dysentery and
kindred complaints.
■i     * -ir
Hla Latest
Tinijipson—Could 1 hnve a ploeo of
bread and a cup of coffee, nuidum?
I haven't had a blto for three days.
Housewife — Mercy!     What hav
you been living on thou?
Trampson—I've been _ licking the
steam from off the. bakery windows
Mlnard'e  Liniment Curea Garnet  In
The big game season's elided
And hunters homeward go,'
The which perhaps explains
"The undertaker's woo.
It Eases Pain. At.k-.iny druggist nr
dealer In medicines what Is tho most
popular of the medicinal oils for pulus
ln the joints, in the muscles orinervca,
or for neuralgia and rheumatism, and
he will tell you that Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil is ln greater deniand,than
any other. The reason for this is
that it possesses greater healing qualities than any other oil.
W. N. U. *»'
She—It must be a hard blow to s
man-to be rejected by a woman.
He—Indeed It must.
She—Do you know I don't think I
could ever have tho heart to do It.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine lime, in ten when the liver is right the
atomach aad bowell ate right.
gentlybut Grady compel a laiy liver I
do its duty
Cures Constipation,
Headache, nnd Distress after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Smell Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
Chauffeur—Didn't you hear me blowing my horn? ,
Victim—Yes, but I thought perhaps
you were a candidate for the presi-
Away With Depression and Melancholy.—These two evils are the accompaniment of a disordered stomach
and torpid liver ahd mean wretchedness to all whom they visit. Tho
surest and speediest Way to combat
them is with Parmelee's - Vegetable
Pills, which will j-estore the healthful
action of the stomach and bring te-
lief. They have proved their usefulness in thousands of cases and will
continue to give relief to the suffering who are wise enough to use them.
Debt to Science
What a debt wo owe to medical
science! he said, as )\e put dowu the
Good heavens I she exclaimed, haven't you paid that doctor's bill?
A Written
MADE    WITH      US
Sterling Bank Bldg , Winnipeg.
Phones, Main 4817, 4818
Sanol's Anti-Diabetes
Is the only remedy which has
a record of complete cures.
Price $2.00 at Most Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
The New Order of Things
New York has seen a new white
In the early day the policeman looked for the men who break the law.
Now the law looks for the meu who
break'the policemen.
Minard's  Cinlment Cure* Diphtheria
To be Expected
There Is a man ln thiB town whom
I've.never orce allowed to treat me
that I didn't have to pay for it afterwards.
Who's he? The champion meat
No; my doj^r.
Chimneys became a part of house
construction as early as-4236.
Dr. Morae'a
Ind ran Root Pilla
are made according to a formula in
um nearly a century ago among the
Indians, and learned from them by
Dr. Morse. Though repeated attempts have been made, by physicians and chemists, It has been (ound
impossible to improve the formula or
the pilla. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills sreahouse.ioldron.edy throughout the world for Constipation and
alt Kidney and Liver troubles. They
act promptly and effectively, and
Cleans* th* System
At the bottom of the ocean wntsr
ls much colder than at the top.
light Your Kitchen with a
JR&yb Bracket Lamp
{Sometimes In the kitchen or eUewhere you need a lamp held
high, where it will light the whole room, end be out of the
reach of children. ****»■ «•", -I
The Rayo Bracket Lamp is made for exactly thia purpoae. It it
one of the famoua Rayo Family—the best kerosene lamp* made.
A clear, white light, steady, diffused. A atrong, substantial bracket, easily
affixed to tba wait Tha lamp ls Inexpensive. /Economical. Lighted without
removing chimney or sbade.   Rayo Lamps are made In various styles an*
fbr all purposes.
At Dealers Evervuihere.
When Yon Boy Match*
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have satisfied Can.
adlans since 1151—accept ne ether*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
■"-.si-:      :■:■■. *-*..< -   ■-fZyMwt'wMi.
e t ■,•     "
like this
won a prize
last year.
HIE drawing was made
from a-photograph of
thc  root-cellar with which D.
A. Purdy, of Lumsden, Sask., won
• cash prize in last year's contest.    In that last
contest there were Sp pri-tet.   There will be these
limes as many prises (108) in the
'HUS you will have three time, at many chancel of winning a caili
prue. You do not have to me aity certain amount ol Canada Cement
to win a priie.   There are absolutely no "strings" to thii ofler.
. Tliere are twelve priies lor each Province (three of $50 i three of J2S i three ol
»1 S i and three ol |10) and you compete only with other farmers in your own Province and not wTtii those all over Canada.        ,
It make, no difference whether you lave ever uied cement.   Many ol lait year's winners
had not used it until tliey entered the contest.    When you write for full particulars, we will
■end you, fret, a book, " What the Former Can Do Wilh Concrete." which tells everything
you need to know about concrete.   It is absolutely free, and you are undtl ao
obligation to buy " Canada" Cement or to do anything else for us.
WSITB row urns md _Jlr.,, •. the coupon, -nl null ii. or aie letter or i*it ctrJ. tx,
vt will teal roi al once the book tnl lull ytrtlcnlsr, ol the 1911 tl'ix* CntesL
AUe MS PeUleilr Maaatti
Caaaia CeaM Ctayiay LiaiteJ 104-       HeraU latUag, Meetnal
i, - u:_.
m THE   SUN, 'GRAND   FORKS, . B, C.
Provincial Poultry Show
in Grand Forks
mid get your eggs from K. C.
Reds and Barred Rocks
for hatching from
Hi)t (grand Jfarta &nn
G. A. Evans, Editor and Publisher
Thomas Bowen, of Grand  Forks,
at the Provincial Poultry -show, just
i held in Victoria, took first prize  for
, Rhode Island Red cock and   second
1 prize for a pen in  the same   class.
In speaking of this class,C. Burnett,
the judge, stated that he considered
that the class of Rhode  Inland Reds
i was as good as he had ever seen, one
jor two of the male birds being so fine
that he considered that   tbey would
stand a good chance of   winning  at
any of the eastern shows. This class
was one of the biggest isS'lhe show.
me fear   .. . IJ-Jjj
. Ina Tear (In advance)  )•<*>
One Year, In United Statee  t.-iti
Arldreia all rommmilaatloiia to
Thb Evening Sun,
o>ttosa wt Guano Fowie, B.C
The Tory papers dppear to have
inaugurated s systematic campaign
of mollifying the wrath of western
farmers'. Scarcely a day now passi-s
tliat a dispatch from Washington is
not printed telling them as soon as
President Weodrow Wilson assumes
offiee Canadian farm products will
granted free tpntry into the United
States, This is an admission on the
part of these journals that a Igrgei
markets for Canadian products is
desirable. But we ure afraid tbey
arc doomed to disappifcitmanit-
When the United States grunt., at.*,
special privileges without receiving a
just value in return, il will lie well
to prepare forthe millenium.
The fullmviii!! is the minimum
and maximum, temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer oh E. F. Laws' ranch:
Mill.      Max
Friday. 24th ..... 2J- 29
.flHturda     !oth  21 33
Sundty, 26th    5 2(5
Monday, 27th .*.'.*    11 30
I uesdity, 2 i       13 -1
Wednesday. _9ih    ...   17 -II
Thursday, 30th     ii ■ri
fl..- wfall	
As is usually the case when the
provincial legislature is in session,the
government's joti{nnlit>lic lietiuhnieh
have once more uecome nauseating
in their adulations of the administration. They would serve the people better, and be more of an honor
'to the newspaper fraternity, if they
would point out some, ul the shurt
coolings of Premier MuBrule's ma
The work of dividing the people's
money among the various coustitu
encies in the province is now in
progress ut Violoriu. But the real
task will come whei^ the time arrives for making an equituble dis
tribution uf the machine's patronage of the various bar-rooms in each
Do the best   you  can  and   don't
worry for fi-sr it will be too good.
J. A, McCal Ittm returned todav
from the Provincial Poultry show
ut Victoria. He states thnt the exhibition was u big success As ad
ditional importance of the next
provincial show, which will be held
in Grand Forks next December, he
states that the annual convention
of the British Columbia Poultry
association will be held here at ihe
mine time. This organization bus
more than 500 members.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the Attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:   .
Percentages and Number of Pupils Late—Division I 94.61, 1 late;
Division II 92 56, ljlate; Division
III 95.71, 5 late; Division IV 9o.4l),
6 late; Division* V 96.34. 4 late;
Division VI 95.2, 5 late; Division
II, 97.34, 4 late
Division VII won the hannerfor
highest average Attendance, nnd Di
vision II gained tbe banner for
If ymi read The ,Sim you get the
news of the city, the province and
the world. Il is possible fur n Sun
render lo keen nbreast of the times
without the aid ofthe daily   papers
Take your repairs to Arnison's
Boot and Shoe Hospital. Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Tools w our
Over One Hundred and Thirty
Thousand Dollars'Spent.
Method Unknown
A Victoria dispatch of the 27th
inst. says: Today bills were pre
eented in tbe house for 1349,362.
In the vernacular they are called
warrants from the lieutenant-governor, but his honor has only to sign
them. Outside of that he knows*
nothing about them.
Of this large amount more than
tl30,000 wasspenton elections. The
question is, how was it expended?
Premier McBride and Mr Bowser
could tell, but will tbey? The rest
of the amount is probably legitimate enough. Part of it, however,
is for petroleum licenses, and it is
yet doubtful whether petroleum hus
been found in this province.
As there is no opposition in the
house Premier McBride anil his
then can, and will, pass what ihey
plenan, and this time, larger than
any interim expenditure presented
in Ontario, where there is a popula
tion of nearly 3,500,000. or in Quebec, where the population is nearly
as great, will undoubtedly go.
Scores and Schedule
F lowing are the scores of the
named played, and-the schedule of
sanies to be played, in the Boundary
Hockey league during the present
season: '
Jan. 8   Grand  Forks at Phoenix—
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  13—Phoenix at Grand ForkB
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  17—Qreenwood at  Phoenix.
Phoenix 11. Greenwood 5.
Jan. 21—Phoenix  at Greenwood.
Pnoenix 5, Greenwood 4.
Jan. 24—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood 2, Grand Forks 0.
Jan  27—Grand Forks at Phoenix
Phoenix 7, Grand Forks 3?
Jan. 30—Grand Forks at Greenwood
Grand Forks 8, Greenwood 1
Feb. 3—Phoenix at Greenwood.
Feb. 7—Phoenix at Grand Forks.
Feb. 11—Greenwood at Pboenix.
Feb. 14—Greenwood     at      Grand
.   Forks.   *
Feb. 18—Grand   Forks    at Greenwood.
Work iust like
PiilCES #J.to .1,12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
We Offer to Our Patrons
life finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb.   Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
is a guarantee of good quality.
Fish of all kinds in season.
P. BURNS CSb CO., "d
Sliver Kiii(T ami Silver (.iteen Mineral
I'lalms. attrUltrj In the i.raiul Fork. Minim.
Division „f Ynle Dlrtrlc".
Where toeiitcM: On the Runt Knrk of the
North I-'ork ol Keltle Klv.-r.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Jacob M. Paulien,
Free Mlner'n Certtnriite No. S5818B, Jor
myself anil as airent for William'!!. Hoffman,
exeontor. and Rom Malar, exeoutrlx, of tbe
will nl Catherine Hoffman. 1-ree Miner's
Certificate No. WH7B. Intend, sixty daya
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Rei-erder fora CeitlHenle of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of Ihe
bove claims
And further tilke notice that action, nnder
section 37, must be commenced befote the issuance of suoh Cerlllcaies ,.f Improvement.
Dated this 4th day of. Ma>, \.D. WU. __„
NOTICI. is hereby given  that I hnve
.impounded the following   animal*,
One dark Chestnut Gelding, Abuut,
nine v)) years old; and one Buckskin
Mare, about twelve (li) veins o!H
And nntieS in further given that
unless all pound fees, charges and
expenses are paid on said animals,
lip- same will be offered tot siiale by
public auction in front of the City
Hall. G.mwl Forks 13. C„ on the
,8th day of February, 1913, at the
hour of 12 o'clock unon
1 Dated at Grand Forks the 30th
dav of Jniiuni•<•     1913
City Poundkeeper.
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale Apply Dick Mulni,
Ruckle addition.
Gradually Growing
Our '■Want SaV column, an
•tead'iy growing aa people appreciate their value.
They nolo one ever many of
life's dlfflcuttloe.
Have you got eomethtng yeu
do not need, or need something
you have not got?
Oo you went te
boy o- sell?
« Want Ad will da the em*.
We can't lie on the level antl sell poor tools.
lio on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools. Our policy has always been, the best is the cheapest
in the end. We want your business, we want your oon-
fidence and wc want your good will.   Come to sec us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
Mclntyre (& Smith
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
At the Head
The man at the head of affairs
whether at home or in business, is
the one whose attention you wish
to attract.
Our paper goes into the best class
of homes and is read hy the head of
thc family. That accounts for the
results obtained hy thc use of
Classified Want  Ads.
Don't forget thnt Tht* Sun ban thp
best joh printing depiirrtneiit in the
Boundnry country.
I.uU of pe "pie get stone bruises on |
I their c-oiiKcieni-es travelling thu rocky
| ruwl to fortune.
! Don't be misled hy false state-
! ments of competitors. Advertise in
jThe Sun,n.eca*u_w it ig read hy more
' people th&'n any other.paper printed
j in the Boundary district.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosohonol "»_?"• e,*"T ?""?In "■■* _S!_!
rxxxioxrxxwxxwx ,„ j(| proper (cn,[on. reilocei
vim and vitality. Prematura decay and all sexual
weakness averted at once. rhoephonol will
make you a new man.  Prlco *
M. Mailed to any addreia.
■    Ei_it.0__ataulBM.Ont.
Wit jttmfcnk
THE STANDARl Is the National
Weekly Newspaper ot the Don.ln.oi:
of Canada. It It national In all lu
It use* the moat expensive eftfrav-
ings, procuring the photograph! from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is 'thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any" address ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co,
Limited, Publishers. .■■/
Sixteenth Annual
Rossland, Feb. 3-7
Horse Racing
Hockey ft C,  and  In-
^ ttinational Championships,
Ski Runing and Jumping
Curling Bonspiel
Children's Sports
Band of 25 Pieces
Reduced Railway Rates
■'_   R.B.PLBWMAN,__&._
A.M. BETTS, trss.
Bonds of Small Deupmina*
tion Are Becoming Popular in Canada
Undoubtedly one of the moat im
liortant, if not the most important,
factors which have contributed to
making France the leading nation
of investors in tbe world baa been
the fact that bonds iasued in tliat
country have, in the- vast majority
of instances, been of sniall-denomi
nation, frequently running aa low
ae $20, says the Montreal correspon
dent of a New York finatjcial jour
nal. Thia ia in direct contrast to
the procedure followed in Canada
snd the United Stated, although it is
gratifying to note at the present
time tbat there ia a growing tendency to .issue bonds of small denomination ao as to place them
within the reach ol investors of
moderate means. It is apparent
that a wider market is awaiting
•mall bonds than those ha'-inir a de
nomination of 1500 or 11000 and
that il is easier to dispose of such
issues than it is those which are only
within the reach of tbe large investor.. After a period of speculation
in stocks listed upon tha Canadian
and American exchanges which
have fluctuated violently in times nf
linancial stress or because of the
manipulations  of  large  operators,
and also in questionable mining,
real estaje and other propositions,
the public is now demanding more
safety and is accordingly turning-to
bonds of the better sort. Therefore,
it is a question of adapting the
bonds to suit the requirement of the
small investor or else overlooking an
outlet for such securities as is well
worth catering to...,
The well known bond house of
St. Cyr,'Gonthier& Frigon, Montreal, has taken a leading part in
advocating the issuance of small
bonds in this country. ItB effortein
that direction have borne fruit and
have been the subject of much favorable comment updh the part of
leading financial and daily newspapers and in investment circles
generally throughout the Dominion.
.Now thnt tbe trail bas been blazed,
it is evident that other leading bond
houses will fall in Jine and make
special efforts tn secure small bonds
to offer their clients. , ~
The city of So1* , an i usnia.1
c-immunity of neHTiy 9000 people,
located on the south hank of tbe Pt.
Lawrence river, forty fiv* mileB below Montreal, has made provision
in ita recent bond issue far issuing
9100 bonds, as well as tliose having
a face value of 8500 and $1000,
which has heen the universal rule in
the past, A prompt response to the
offering of the. Sore! bonds was
These bonds, having an aggregate
face value.$210,01)0, are redeemable
in- 1952, and bear interest at the
rate of 5 per cent per >annum,' payable semi-annually. The value of
tbe city's taxable property amounts
to $2,249,279 and that non-taxable
to $1,244,700. It has a bonded indebtedness of $495,000, assets of
$343,480. and revenue $59,548 per
annum. The legal opinion of Hon.
F. L.- Beique, K.C,, is very favorable -to the issue from that stsnd-
point, while the financial condition
of the municipality and its prospects for future growth, being an
important shipping centre, are also
such as to make this issue very de
sirable for investment.
New   Division  at Central
School Will Open Monday, February 10
In order tbat the new building
•st the pnlilic school may be more
nearly completed and better dried
nul, the new division will nnt be
opened until Monday, February 10,
so that there will he no accommodation for beginners until that dnte.
Newspaper taw
1. A postmaster is required to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a sub
HCiiber dues not take bis paper out nf
the pmtotlice, and state the reason for
its not U_.nn taken. Any neglect to
do ho makes the postmaster reaponsi
ble to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he muat pay all arrearages, or tbe publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the otlice or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3. Any person who takes a' paper
out of the post office, whether directed
to his name nr not, or whether he has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his piqier
stopped anil the publisher continues to
send It, ihe subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
pott office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay tor what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or perindi-
cals -fi-oin the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled lor, is prima
facie evidence of int._ntintu.HV.iiid.
To Our Customers
On Sunday our packing house, with all its contents,
was burned to the ground.   We nre urgently in
I ( need of funds, and would be grateful if all our cus
tomers owing us would settle their accounts as soon
A.s possible.
Frache Bros.
Miss Bessie Slewart,of Vancouver,
has been engaged by tbe school
hoard as teacher of the new division.
The following pupils of the public
school were neither,late nor absent
during Jahiiary:
Division I—Grace Barrnn,8|anley
Donaldson, "Marie Fritz, Ruth
Krischke, Mae Lyden, Annie Munro,
Mary auer, Jennie   Simpson,
Ivy Taylor.
Division II— Hatel Argersinger,
Marie Barnum, Alice Bowen, Harry
Bowen, A - Dmis Olgn Franko
viich, Hattie Gaw Arthur Gilpin,
Frank Hartinger, Rennie Keron,
Esther Larsen, Joyce _-_.11cT_eoiT7f.aw-
rence Michols, Quentin Quinlivan,
Maud Reburn, Pauline Sloan
Division III—George Cooper,
Blair Cochrane, John Cheplo, Chads
Krischke, Ruby Keeling, Edith Larsen, Sarah McCalluin, Mildred
Meikle, Walter Peterson, Thomas
Reburn, Willard Shaw, Harry Atwood, Kathleen Kerby, Gladys Latham, Ahra ,\l a , Holger
Peterson,  Violet Wn        '■ vo Wells.
Division IV—Laura Allen*, Lily
Ardiel, Bernard Crosby, Harold
Fair, Ray Forrester, Vornon Forrester, Olivine Unlipeau, Bessie Harri
son, Pauline Hatfield, Mildred Hutton, Cecelia Lyden, Helen Massie,
Eddie.Mcllwaine, Viola Pell, Nellie
Ruckle, Fritz Schliehe, France-
Sloan, Vernon Smith, Richard Stacy,
Ethel Wright.
Division V—Teddie Cooper, Mtty
Crosby, Norma Erichson, Alice
Unlipeau, Tony Hudoklin, tier mi e
Krischke, Walter Larsen, R d
McDonnell, Ambrose McK""1" ,
Glory Morrison, El ols, L   •
tie Peterson,. Antoinette Schlie e,
Jessie Scoley, Vernoif Siddall, Fred
Wiseman. ,
Division VI—Clara Bruno ,
Charlie Cnoper, Margaret Fowler,
Generiteve Gri Hi th. George Hodgson,
Majgery Keron, Frances Latham,
Ma Miller, * < nie Moir, Nellie
Mills, Cleophus Montgomery, Archie
Ruckle, Helen Simpson,Grace Wise
mnn, May Smith, Hazel Bache,
Florence Bache, Willie Harrison.
Howard DeCew.
Division VII— Pearl Br m, Con I
Campbell, Freddie Cooper, Cells
Crosby, Ruth Kureby. Mary Kireli.
Pearl Gilmour, Peter Hnrloo, James
Lane, Leo Mills, Florn McDonald,
Willie Nelson, Dunajd Rydell, Nor
man Ruckle, Dorothy 8chlleho,
Mary Wibiner, lye Waldon, Oswald
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
* Ilje flkatti. Ufarka Stat
and the Montreal
Jamtlij tym B mi Jtekly Star
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasurer," for
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
The following are the returns of
thc ore production of the Bntmdiirv
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 23.11 fi
Mother Lode   7.488
Rawhide  4,808
Napoleon '...     402
Queen Victoria     580
Others      112
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 22,-405
B. C. CopperCo.,.11.845
45,1 tfi
Some business men are no fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe tbat they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising^ The Sun.
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
5500 hewn log house
2J    North Fork runs through
rj|    the land
cTj    Kettle Valley  Line   surqey
fjj     crosses property
11*4    Deed Clear, (875 Gash,
yg Balance Terms
flj **
jefA For Further ParticulnrH  Ayply
he    Sun    Office
Bridge Street.
Hot •n-ct Cold Bit hi
Flnt'GliM B*r, Pool-
Baid llllard Roomi
id Con nf tlion.
Emil Larsen,
Proprietor \
ha ivy S
(, M-M-
proves the quality of breast milk
.-it supplies the material for bone
and muscle—if scanty or thin,
it makes it rich and abundant.
j For bottle babies a few drops
of emulsion with every feeding
produces marvelous effects—
makes new, firm flesh and ruddy
cream of the purest cod liver oil
delicately emulsified into.tiny
particles resembling maternal
milk and each particle is coated
•with glycerine—no alcohol or
stimulant—a wholesome, nourishing, strength-making food. * '<
Mothers everywher-e are enthusiastic about Scott'* EmuUior,.
jlntiit en getting SCOTTS.
Scott a. Bonne, Toronto, Ontario 12-64
The harness sets which we illustrate below are all manufactured in our "own factory from the finest gracie material.
For durability and strength they are unequalled &t Eaton pricesv
When you buy harness from us you get the advantage of our liberal guarantee of good quality. If you are dissatisfied
we return your money and pay freight both wajrs. ' .
There are no middlemen's profits or salesmen's commissions and expenses to be added td our prices.' We sell,direct!
to our customers and thus eliminate these selling costs* which they would otherwise have to pay.
This stylo of harness Is preferred by many farmers.. AU high grade material, excellently made. Triple stitched traces made of three-ply stock 1 1-1
inches wide. Hames are concord bolt putteuQ. Collars open top, leather
or cloth faced.   Open bridles if desired.
37 N 8.—Team Set, -without collars. $31.50.   With collar* 136.50.
37 N 9.—Same Sst, but with 1  3-4  Inch traces,  1 8-4 Inch pole strap and
martingales, and 1  inch back and hip strap,  without collars   $33.00.    With
collars   $33.00. **
Shipping weight 100-lbs at first class rate
One of our best sellers and * harness that gives splendid satisfaction on
the farm.    Splendid quality material throughout   '
Truces 6 lw; feet long, three ply hew-fy stock 1 1-2 Inches wide.   Martingale*
and Breast Straps -1 1-2 Inches.   Heavy concord bolt hames; open top collars*
leather or cloth facings; bridle open If desired.
37 N 1—T#am Set without collars, $26.79.   With eollars*31.75.
37 N 3.—Same Set but with 1 3-4 Inch traces, breast straps and martingale!
without collars,  $30.76.   With collars,  $35.76.
Shipping weight 100 lbs at first clasb  rate.
.401 Caliber
Self Loading
This it the latest ud moat powerful rifle or the so-called automatic
type. Ithaa more power than the
.30 Army rifle. This power, combined with its unequalled rapidity
iff fire, makes it exceptionally effective for hunting big-game. It is
simple in construction and operation and all ita metal parts are
made of Nickel Steel. The name
"Winchester " on it guarantees it
to be satisfactory in every way.
Bend postal for illustrated catalog.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a      M^^^^^
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Ott.
Territory Open to Dealers
Glass Window! wero flrst used for
MghtTn uso.
37 N 417.—Splendid quality Blanket 80 Indies long, fully
lined, with webb attachments same as illustration. Each
37 N 418.—Same Blanket but without attachments. Each
Bridle—5-3 Inch box loops
-scrolled blinds, overdraw checks-.
Lines—7-8 x 1-lncli, bluett fronts
and russet uund pails. Breast
Collar-Single strap, felt-lined.
Traces—SlngM HlratJ 1 1-4 Inch,
doubled and iititchcd nt both
ends. Saddle—Flexible full padded patent leather skirts, leather lined. Shaft Tugs — 1 Inch,
with billet. Belly Band —
Single, strap 1 1-4 Inch* Inside, and 1 inch outside. Breech-
Ino—1 1-2 Inch body; 7-8 inch
side straps; 5-8 Inch hip
strap. Trimmings — Nickel
Shipping weight 22 lbs., at flrst
class rate.
37P.05. Harness ss des-10.AA
cr|bed above   l&.UU
Strongly Built and Durable Cutters
These cutters are very popular and are very special value at our prices.   They are handsome  in appearance, well
upholstered and the general strength and good quality of the stock insures long service.
This Is a TOJ- popular neat ami durable Cutter, ma<le of selected stock, well
Ironed nnd finished. 1 lie Beat has high, comfortable spring buck and spring
cushion, upholstered ln plush. Cutter h.iH nlclcel-mnunted dush and nrni nit It),
channel shoes, shifting shafts. Body black, nicely ornamented; gear red or
green, nicely striped. Shipping weight 1"t) lbs. Red getrr goes wl tiered trim,
i.ilng. When ordering state whether red or firoen trimming Is dealreu and glvo
your choice of green or red plush Upholstering.
37N11.  Cutter     ns above
complete with shafts....
37N12. Cutter, with pole, but
no ihftfti	
37N13.. Cutter,   wilh   both
pok- and shrifts  	
37^14.  Rubber Too for above Ctitt.-r
weight   iO  lbs.    Price   cx.ru..$12.00
A very special value at our price. It Is built of good materials strongly put
together, has shifting shafts, nlekle mountings and a flrst-ciaws imish. The
seat has solid spring back and spring cushion, upholstered In plush, body
painted black, nicely ornamented. Gear red or green, nicely striped. Shipping weight 250 lbs. Red trimming goes with red gear, When uruering plcaio
state whether red or green trimming Is desired, and whether red or green t.p-
holStering Is desired. v
37N1S.   Cutter,  as above,       97 ffA     37N17.   Cutter, with both      Q£ OC
complete witU hIhim. _Cl*Jv        pole and shafts        OVeuD
37N16. Cutter, with pole, but
without shafts   T	
37N18. Rubber Top for above Cutter,
weight SO lbs.   Price extra. .$12.00
**T. EATON C&™.
Cbapptd Setts
Won't Bother
if instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original liuiiil
SNAP con- ^^^^^^^
tains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils whicli keep the skin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week aud notice
the d_4.-reuce.        * 47
Or.l'.i* from jro.irileaVt,_»-._ ,r   Sirecotipotu.
W.   N.   U.  $21
A Sure Way
I've discovered a way to keep a
fountain pen from leaking.
Thut so?     Let me In please.
Forget to put ink in It. »
I was cured ot painful Goitre by
Chatham, Ont.
I ,was eured of   Inflammation   by
Walsh, Ont.
1 was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Parkdale, Ont.
Your ears have never"beeir pierced?
I asked, on converse bent,       .
No; simply bored, the girl replied
1 wonder what she meant?
No surgical operation Is necessary
ln removing corns If Holloway's Corn
Cure be used.''-"
This 3chi.nl Is located In Toronto
■nd does much each year to supply
the active demand for Telegraph operators wanted by our Canadian railways. A successful record of fifteen
years and hundreds ot officials and
operators in active railway service today ls the best guarantee of the reliability of this well known school.
The book "Guided by the Key" explains the work fully. Write for lt.
Address W. II. Shaw, President, Toronto.
-" stock broking business? I want a live
ambition* representative In every city
and town to handle stocks, bonds snd
mortgager; applicant must furnish references and have from 1100 to $500 personal capital. Write ar call, Athol Georgs
Robcrtkon, ts Colborns street, Toronto,
In 12S2 bad pipe began to be used
for carrying water..
A Prize Food for Prize Stoek
You can rube " fall" ptgi an] havo them fine and fit for
the May market.  .All you need U a little extra cere tnd
\J>' Feed "INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD" with a combina-
limSl    tion of ground corn, oats and rye—and they will not only keep
f   \    healthy, but also fatten up in a way to astonish your neighbors.
The average pi$ does not digest moro than half ofthe grain fed.
The other half Is wasted.   " INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD "
tones up the digestive apparatus, Insures perfect digestion, and thus
saves this waste In grain.   " INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD"
Is a purely vegetable preparation—a wonderful tonic—that keeps
hogs well and vigorous, and protects them against tha
ravages of Pneumonia and Cholera,   n
....... "tell" fa' h ftesUet "INTERNATIONAL STOCKS
FOOD."   Gtt a pell 1,-iay frm year amtlte.
*f«4/ e alct Srtfil .a m*r
Checkers' Imagination Loses Him
a Job. "".
He Isn't Appreciative When Checkers
Prevents a Wreck, and Ss the Latter
does te Jail—A "8ure Thing" Poker
■y M. QUAD.
(Copyright, Ita, by Associated Lltsran
Press. I
I HAD been working for a farmet
for a week when he beckoned mi
out to the barn and sold:
"Checkers,   according  to  thi
yarns you've been telling nightly, yot
have killed alx men tn tb* last Dr*
yeara." ,
"Seven, sir," I corrected.
"Well, seven, tben.   you've alio rob-
tod eleven house!"
"And tbree atorea."
"You've saved four passenger trains
from destruction."
"Four la rlgbt, air."
"And tbree otbere from being beld
■*•"• '   tl,?
.. "Just IO."       .    '
"And been Id sixteen different Jalli."
"Sixteen li tbe number."
"And you've been In Africa, India.
Russia and otber foreign countries."
"Jnst io."
"And you're abot lloni and Ugera,
captured whales and ibarka and been
• devil ot a feller."
"Correct, ilr."
"And now you're going to an Island
In tbe south sea to be a king."
"Rlgbt you are. But wbat of all
thli?" '
"111 tell yoo wbat of It Ton are an
Infernal liar, but my wife ewallowi
your yarni for truth and looks upon
"hut wbr blame nar protested the
"Because yoa ought te bave discovered It sooner."
"But don't yon ae* bow 'twas done,
sir? That rail never broke under th*
"How then!"
"1'laln enough, ilr. This hobo Jumped up and down on It until It gave
"So yoa did, you scoundrel!" ibouted
he big man M he turned on me, "Yel,
htl waa Ui* way ot Itr*
"It wai broken by the freight, Sir,"
I humbly answered.
Don't talk baek to me, bobol   Con
Ths   Aareplane   Is  Quickly  Proving
Itself In Britain's Navy.
To the resourcefulness ot the Brit-
ish naval officer there is no end. The
band of four unassuming, fearless,
a*!*.d keen officers who recently showed how the British Navy is studying
the science of aerial flight all went
out to locate the King's yacht as has
_.een told in recent press despatched
and all of them found it after thrusting their craft through dark masses
of fog. Each machine was in th*
air 'or an hour or more; not one of
them had a mishap. This, in sum
mary form, is the story of the work of
. ...__- I "'* airmen, but the performances
duetor. Uk* him aboard aud at tn* . Ken 80 exceptional, and the merit of
next station turn btm over to • con- ; them s0 highj that no bald sunm,ary
•table. I'll se* whether tbe hoboes rue should *be sufficient reading for pa-
thla road or I do." i trioti■> people,
Wo were delayed for an boor, and
during tbe Interval! many of tb* passengers came to tbe baggage car ta
gaze on me and declare tbat lynch
law wai wbat waa needed lie luck
Commander Samson was first on the
move. He piloted the Short hydroaeroplane, and very few people in
Uie crowd on the Nothe and on Weymouth front knew that he had started on his business.
They might well be excused for be-
' lieving that even an intrepid naval
five miles down tbi road, wben w*  officer would have   hesitated   before
Anally got atarted, I wai banded over  launching his craft into the misty at-
you as a great hero. Laat nlgbt, after
you bad censed lying and gone to bed,
abe aaid tbat you were a greater hero
than ihe bad ever read or beard of."
" Taking No Chinees.
"You've got to go. If you are a hero
then It make* me out a grasshopper.
I'm not going to bare my wife sighing
to run off wltb you to bo a queen, and
tbat will ba tb* result If you stay on.
I'm a man thnt dun't tak* chances."
"Women ar* curui crltten," I uld
after a bit
"Darn my hide, but tbey arel" be replied.
' '1 ihould never tblnk of eloping with
yonr wife, but; ai yoa lay, It'a better
tbit I mora along. I can't help being
• slick liar."
"1 know you can't, bat I'll pay yon
•ff and you can Jog along. I bain't
•nythlng igtn you. hobo-nolhlog but
tbi lying. You do that io well tbat yoo
almost capture mo." ****
II* banded ms to, and I took tbe
tfacki. I hadn't lied Just for th* uk*
of lying, but to eo ter tain th* family,
and It did acem bard to lost my Job.
I bid walked four mllea wben a
heavy freight train passed me. I inw
a rail *reak under tbe rear trucks ot
tbe lut car, and when I had i closer
took it It 1 atarted down lhe tracks to
look for Ibe section gang. The train
that atruck that broken rail would go
Into tbe ditch for mre
After a two mile hike I came upon
.'he gang and told lbe foreman of tb*
"You ar* a llarl" he promptly replied.
"Not IhW timet"
"A huho nnd a Hart Thli road don't
put down rotten rails.  Away wllb .yoa
or there'll b* s neck broken."
Truth Prevail..
It took me Wn minutes to convince
htm that t wai telling th* truth, and
tben w* all rod* to lb* spot on lb*
tandenr. It wai higb tlm*. A passenger train waa only halt a mil* away,
•nd th* privet* car of tb* boat of th*
road wn one of the coaches. Hi cam*
•long to se* what wai tbe matter, and
when be bad been told he called out)
"i'hti section gang la discharged M
m taa constable ot ■ village and taken
off to th* lockup. When they came n
arraign me before a "Justice It wasn't
for maliciously trying to wreck a railroad" tbat bad never paid dividends,
but for vagrancy, and hli honor gar*
me ten dayi In tbe county Jail. I called tb* attention of tb* court to tb*
fact tbat under tbe law of every itata
ln the Union a vagrant wai on* without money, whereai 1 could inow 19
tn cash.
"That*! contempt of court, and yoa
get ten daya morel" aayi be.
"But I'll tak* an appeal."
"Thnt'i more contempt, and yoa get
thirty In alii"
I law that be didn't love me and
therefore aaid no more. I auppose he
wag ready, to fun M ap to thirty yean
lf I had kept talking.
mosphere, when a wind which at
times had a velocity of from twenty-
five to thirty-five- miles an hour might
have carried him- out of his course;
and there were no landmarks to guide
him. But the naval aviator is made
of stern stuff, and long experience
of battling with fogs afloat makes hint
willing to accept risks which would
alarm airmen without sea service.
Commander Samson gave the order
to "Let go" to his assistants nn the
quay at the edge of Portland Roads.
,'fhe hydro-aeroplhne slid down the
slipway into some broken water,
which tested the stability of the Hosts
as well as the skill of tl») navigator.
Over the ruffled surface the eraf. ran
for a couple of hundred yards, the
float on the tail deeper in the water
than the buoyant skimmers beneath
the biplanes; and then, at the will
of the commander, the strange  ma-
There was no other Inmate of the Jail   chine was lifted into space.
Just at tbat time, and after tbe formalities had been compiled wltb the Jailer
uld to me:
"Now, bobo, yoa can be good Ihd
hve a beautiful time of It for tbe next
thirty dayi, or you can be rusty and
get me after you with « bot poker. If
you are good you'll be used Uke one ot
th* family."
The aviator did not steer a direct
course for the position in whicli lis
| assumed the royal yacht to be. He
went to the seaward side of thc fleet,
passing through thick patches of fog
on the way. l-'or some eight or nine
miles only momentary glimpses of De
land were secured, and, while tlje up-
| per reaches of the air were clear—
I Commander Samson rose from  1 .WW
Th* Poker Game. ■ feet in  _?ortland Koads to  I.5U0 feet
I replied that I'd be good, and wben   in Weymouth Bay—the sea was frc-
I had got away with the cold hash and   quently shut out from view.
corn coffee he let before me be aiked: I , From the moment of rising from
"Any money?' itn® *v*te.r till the royal yacht was
"Nine plunks."
"Good for youl Flay pokerr
"A few."
sighted through a break in the fog.
the  hydro-aeroplane  had  attained  a
pate of fifty-five miles an hour, the
......       ,      ,, ,        wind, strong and unreliable at times,
'Good again! It will be one call! two  being ot assistance.   The lleet knew
1 I'll win every cent you've got In •   t|,at Commande. Sams -i intended lo
get aloft, and, as there are many
things to learn in the new science, a
fast destroyer was detailed to follow
the amphibious craft, to keep her in
. "But I thought tbl* wae a Jill," I
"So 'Us, and virtue Is rewarded by
allowing tbe prlsoueri to play poker , sight if possible, and to put the navi-
wlth lbe Jailer." I ?ator.to. tn.e le8t «'.proving his pow-
As soon aa wo began to play I began
to win, and wben I wai $2 abead ot
,the game tbe Jailer aboved me Into a
cell aod furnished me wltb only bread
and water.
"Wbyforer I asked.
N"To drive borne tb* moral," b* replied.
I agreed to lose If be wonld take me
back Into thf family, and two day*
later be bad all my money. Then h*
| ers of elusiveness.   It was a hopeless
task for the deBtroycr.
Although commander and crew did
tbeir best there never was the slightest chance of tracking the hydro-aeroplane, which had the wings of the
water-carried ship, and rapidly escaped. So when the aerial craft went
round the royal yacht, her throbbing
engines attracting the attention of
everyone on deck, she was alone.
Commander   Samson   encircled   the
••me Old Fa.hi.nsd Feeds That tSsg
serve a Revival.
Old fashioned oatmeal requires a
much longer time to cook, aa every one
knows, tban tbe kind usually found
for sale nowaday*, let many housekeepers prefer it and when they can
get lt gladly Uke the extra trouble required to prepare lt To cook lt use •
•cant quart of water to every heaping
cupful ot th* cereal. Salt lt and boll
It two hours th* day befor* aervlng.
Then turn lt Into a double boiler and
let It cook slowly all night. In thi
morning bring It forward and let It
boll up well for a minute or two. Serve
Immediately while hot. Some palates
prefer a thicker gruel, in which cue
use only three cupfuli of water to a
cupful of the meal.
Samp la a delicious old cereal that
abould be teen more often on tbe table! of today. Like old fashioned oatmeal, lt requires long cooking. It ii
very nice for Sunday suppers or ai •
starchy vegetable ln place of rlc* or
potatoes for dinner. Soak In water
two cupfuls of lamp all night In thi
morning wash thoroughly. Cover with
boiling waler and cook steadily all day,
adding more water aa lt bolls down.
An bour before serving stir Into It a tablespoonful ot butter and a cupful of
milk. Season thoroughly wltb salt
Boll up well and serve bot
Left over samp li very nice fried.
Grease a very hot frying pan and
■pread the hominy over lt Seaion
with a little salt and pepper. Brown
and fold like an omelet Serve with
tomato sauce.
Old fashioned whest calls for four
cupfuls of cold water for every cupful
of the grain. Let lt come gradually to
the boiling point and cook steadily for
one hour.
__._     Kjtpijynittee.
-   By turning a cauliflower head downward lt cooks more quickly and Improve! In favor.
A little white sugnr In hot water-
two lumps to a baslnful-ls siittkient
aUffcning for delicate laces.
Starched clothes, shirt!, collar! and
cuffi, If dried before n bright fire ifter
Ironing, become beautifully stiff.
Book! bound In leather may be freshened by using equal quantities of wblte
of egg! and water beaten together.
Apply thli with a soft flannel cloth
ind pollib when dry.
An easy wsy to p.rumb bread ls to
put lt Into a muslin bag. an empty
salt lack, for Instance, and then, un*
leu It li too bard and dry. It can be
squeezed between lbe Angers and
quickly crumbed without any waste.
Meat that Is Jo be grilled should not
be salted. Tbls hardens the fibers ot
the meat and tends lo extract the
Juices. Salt on the platter Just before
sending to the ta bl*. No meat ihould
be salted uncooked, but after tbe surface bas been seared and tbe meat
partly cooked.
furnished me wltb • crowbar to dig   royal yacht and her escort, and then
my way out. and I went back to tb.  |**«d *<-•*■ -•■» ^ weU «nd ■'■>■*
old profession, realizing tbat Integrity
didn't pay 8 per cent on tbe capital Invested. ■  ,
How he got ashore no ons on the
land oan say, for, strain their eyes
 as they would, the fog defeated them.
" l ] The fact is, the hydro-aeroplane went
Rebuke Fer Rubbsrsrs. up  its   slipway   just  after   half-past
Down In Fowler, Kan., a few night* ■ eight, at the moment when the Vie-
ago an evangelist wbo waa conduct- : teria and Albert was being moored
Ing meeting! became very mucb ex- three miles away. She and the ofll-
asperalcd bv reason of folks coming cers who directed her proved that it
In late and because the congregation Uh* new arm of the naval service
turned .round to look whenever thero •LS^fe™?\SD.ftS-Tfi? _E*
wa* a naw advent   On tbla special
nlgbt a man enmo In late and every
one turnod and stared.
Tben tbe evangelist told a story: "A
pose it have no leeway to-make up.
A False Alarm.
"You ought to have seen Mr. Hatter, jests ago I wai out on tbe prairie. ■■»>■ •*■' » e«"**j »P°Dh Uo11/ «*•
riding my broncho, ind a, I passed a , •*»■**" remarked Johnny to bla
prairie dog', den I mw lb. funniest J*■* youugmn, who w.. taking
looking thing with iucb big   itnry   ,ea wlth ,he ,n'nl1'*     ' ,el* jron ~
SwS S™ wSiSmTt i ft^a-flflSKKsastber*,,onn,d*of
began walking around thnt bole, ind
•■ 1 walked tbat owl'l eyei kept fixed
on me, but bli body remained station-
■ry. I Just kept on walking, the eyes
kept Died, and II* body remained iln-
tlonary until, would you believe It,
after I bad walked around three or
four time, tbat owl', bead dropped
"Some of these nights," the prophet
moralized, "you folks will be looking
nnder tho icati for your beads."—
Kansas City Star.
The Rest Tim* t* Plant Baiibsili.
Just before Horace Greeley storted
for tbe Cincinnati convention In 18W
be received • letter asking hli opinio,
about baseball. He scratched off i r*
ply .1 followi:
ber wllb bli irm'
"Johnny r gasped bli lister, ber face
the color of a boiled lobster..
. "Well, ao be did," persisted Johnny.
"He had bli inn"—
".lobnl" icrcamed bli molber frin*
""Why," whined the »oy, "I waa"-
".lobn." uld uli father iternly, "leave
tbe room!"
And Johnny left crying ss he went
"I wai only going to iny that be bod
Ui army clothe! on."-Udlci' liom*
Nearing tht Century.
Mrs. Mary McDougal of l-.dgerly,
Ont., celebrated her 09th birthday
recently. A birthday cake marked
"Mother, 18131912." was on the table
in the old homestead.   She has seven
'A recent popular bulletin ef th*
Washington state experiment atatloa
at Pullman gives ihe following advices
Butter made from a single herd ot
cowa In a small dairy located on th*,
farm should command ths highest
price of auy butter on the market
Where one mau hai control of ill the
process through which tbe milk goe*
from tbe time It Is milked until tb*
time tt ts printed ai butter tbe product ihould be tbe best obtainable, II
tbla one man understands the principle and the art of buttermaklng.
The first essential ln making good
butter la good cream.  To get tbla sim-
Tbe Dutch Belted I. , tb* most
strlUIng In appearance of all the
dairy breeds. This breed Is older
probably than any other dairy .took
ln America, although comparatively young tn this country. They antedate the Hol.teln-Frlulans, and.
In fact, It was trom this breed lhat
tbe Holstelns wer. developed. Th.tr
principal characteristic In marking.
I. the white belt or .beet around
the body, which never fall, to come
true. A Connecticut breeder of twenty year.' experience .ays they sr.
hardy, easy to keep, ot good size
end very docile. He ha. nev.r had
a wild cow nor an ugly bull. Laat
May a butch Belted cow produced
1,851 pound, of milk, luting 5.6 per
cent of butter fat for the month,
A cow of thi. breed «lao won the
prize for th. most butter fat at lb*
California .tat. fair.
An Apron Effect.
Tbe bib apron of pale blue moire
silk gives this cbantilly lace dinner
gown a housemaid effect, but tbe little
ipron over the flounced gown li really
You ought ts plant kaiihilli early In lb. etiiiarcn. 12 grandchildren,  20 grent-
spfini « *• tojiuureJMf i«l»J» >JJJ | grandchildren,  and   twd  great-great-
£_?!!& eonl«n^.r. vP.ry bar! ! grandchildren.   Dr.. McI-eaV an old
ZIVtat*T_lX??_^tS2» WU Highland friend of Mrs. Mcboug.ls.
being foul, wbich w* attribute to the nm* | onco  drove  five  generations  of  the
cause.   1 am teld th* best way te cook ; family in the same vehicle to >tlie old
them Is to hav* a iood .tiff batter .nd homestead on tbe 4th concession ot
send lh«m I* bat  Bend m* a Uw « lb. ; Vaughan Township.   On her birthday
K. *!? _2L*"!!_, f"fjf w »£, '-1"3  do**"  »»s  present  again   and
mrss teu, UNtttg epMSF | hrfDVj& m £ Oulto With Mr..
ply means to lake ordinary precaution*
regarding clean cows and barn, clean
attendants and clean utensils and then
cooling tbe cream at once, after separating, either by running It over a cooler or by aettlng tn running cold wnter
aud stirring. Cream should not ha
Ktored wllb any substance bavlng nn
Sweet cream churns hard and gives
a butter having a Dat taste, 'i'o sour
or ripen the cream first beat It to
about TO degree I''. Hise a thermometer,
and let It stand until It hns a mild but
distinctly acid taste, or, second, ndd
some sour milk or buttermilk isl.irton
to start tbe ripening, ot lbe snme lime
boldlug lt at 70 degrees. The best
cream for churning Is thut which tests
about 30 per cent fat after tha sinner
bas beeu added.
The temperature at which the cream
should be churned depends on the size
of fat globules, hardness of fill glob-
ul.es, age of cream, amount of cream,
percentage of fat In cream and kind of
feed tbe cow Is getting. This cannot
be determined except by trial. Thirty-
five degrees may be proper on one farm
and 00 degrees on tbe one adjoining. A
good rule to follow Is lo have ibe butter come about (be size of wheat Iter-
nels In about thirty to forty minutes.
If It tnkei longer the cream li ellher
too iweet or at too low a teinpcintiiro
or tke churn li too full. If It conies
sooner than thirty minutes tba temper-
•turo tl too high.
While the granules ire about tbe sir*
of wbent the buttermilk sbould !•*
drained, tbe granules washed and lbe
anlt added. Then tbey ar* worked together only enough to distribute tb*
salt evenly. Wben tho churn Is not
stopped until the granules become
large some of tbe buttermilk Is Incased, aod It makes butter of poor
keeping quality.
Mottlci In butter ire caused by an
■neven distribution of salt In the presence of buttermilk.
lack di.nnxi aowit.
very graceful. Cryital buttons go
down the front of the Apron, and It la
weighted with crystal fringe. Crystal
buttons ou the black eatln iboei are a
very uew note.
Egg-Proddclng Record.
Canada has established a new
world's record tor eg? production in
connection with a laying competition
at Roseworthy, South Australia. A
Winnipeg pen ot six pullets laid in
the twelve months 1,589 eggs, an aver*
age ol over '.it ott punt*
Pe.tur. Fir She.p.
There are crrtslu soils boiler stilled
to certain of the linger breeds of mutton sheep than others, says J. I', lions
In Farm and fireside. Thoso soils
i which produce licnvy crops of old pas-
j ture grasses, rape, rye, Ibe various
clovers, vetches and olber forage crops
ire best slocked with breeds heavy In
carcass nud In fleece. Theso comprise
tb* I.tncolns, Oifords, Sutfolks, Leicester* nud Ihe larger specimens ot
Dorset and the Homney Marsh sbeep
-on lowlands; oo Ihe thinner aud poorer
lands, Khropshlres, Southdowns, Hampshire Downs end some Scotch and
Welsh homed sheep, lltli* known over
bere, but very hardy and great i.
cleaners up of rough lands. Of course,
tbe richer tbe lauds th* quicker .11
classes of sheep Will fatten, or it ill
•vent* there will be heavier crops I*
teed them •*.
An inquest at 8to*kport,   England,,
developed  the  fact that death  had
been fliused by blood poisoning ori
inating  ia  a slight scratch  on f
VoaLisJUsto*! I>» • fW""'! BIMMb
a THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORK?,   B. C.
I am now ready to serve your
Hardware Wants in My
Big New Store
I extendjo you an invitation to
visit and see the up-to-date store.
(■JWake this Your Headquarters.
I shall in future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
SEALED TENDERS will  be   re
ceived by  the undersigned,up to
and including Monday, February
the 10th, 1913,  for   applying   fifty
cords   green   wood, four-foot length
split fir or Unlock.
Same to be delivered and piled at
the Central School as and where directed.
Tenders to state time of delivery
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C., Janu
ary 30, 1913.
Secretary to Board of Trustees.
. H. B. Cannon, who hns 1-een attending to business aftaim here
fur a week, returned today tn Voigl'g
camp, ten tiii'.M south nf Prin**< t <• ,
where the British Columbia Co^er
compaby is largely interested in
mining pro) erties. The company
hus forty men on the payroll in that
camp and Princess camp, located
. between the Sunset mine and Voigt's
camp. The men are principally
employed in doing dinmond dr. 1
exploratory work, four drills lii-ii g
kept constantly in i p ration, Tbe
company is at present negotiating
for new bunds on' a pnrtioii of the
Voigt cuinj) properties. The Kettle
Valley line is now making a preliminary survey to the camp. Mr.
Cannon is a very busy man. Besides
being on the B. C. company's payroll, he conducts a general store,
and is also the postmaster of -the
Mr. Ewing, assistant principal
of the public sohool, is endeaving to
organize a league of the Boundary
schools for athletic sports. The
towns wbich it is intended to include in tbe circuit are Graud Forks,
Greenwood, Phoenix and Midway.
It is hoped that series of games of
hockey, baseball, lacrosse, basket-
bull, etc, can lie arranged for between the athletically inclined scholars of the schools named.
Fruit From British Columbia
Sweeps Everything Before it in England
A telegram from the agent general
of British Columbia, Hon, J. H.
Turner, rewired a few d- y B-nce by
the provincial tub ister of ugricul
' lure at Victoria, gives tbe gia-ifying
information lhal lhe exhibit of
British Columhia iruits swept nil before it at tbe gi«»t exposition recently held in Manchester, which It
accoun ed 'one of tbe most impor
taut fruit sb ws held annuall*. in
the United Kingdom.
James Rooke returned on Wed
nesday from Victoria, where he has
been spending a mouth While at
the coast he attended -th» minimi
directors' meeling of the British Columbia Fruit Growers' association ns
a delegate from the Grand jorks
Wm. Bonthron and Pete McRue,
wbo are building stations and sec-
tien houses for the Kettle Valley
line west of Midway, visited their
home- in this oil   tbis week.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokank, Jan. 30 —The follow
ing ure today h opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B.  C.   Copper       5.25*7 5.75
Trom a Minister In New York: "T wns
"at-veiely Ul with lung trouble. My titten-
"lluu una dlrui'teil tt> I lio Wilson Kemedy
"which I used with splendid effect."
From n lndy in Michigan: "I used yonr
"medicine lirst 43 or 44 years ngo and It
"huvciI me from ending my days with con-
"humption. There would be no use of so
"many people dying with consutnntlaa If
"they could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If yon nre suffering from ANY 1nng or
throat trouble It is your duty to investigate.  Send for free full information to.
Wilson*! Remedy, Wwtwootf, N• J»
/ (Published Annually)
Knahles traders throughout the world  to
communicate direct with English
in eurh phissof iro-ttR Besides being a com-
pli-te catinne'i'tul guide tu London and Its
suburbs, the directory csiitalua lints of
with the (food* they utup, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the I'ortK to which they nail
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Maniifnctnri-ih, Merchants, eic„ ln
the principal provincial towns and ludiintria!
I'i'iitrch of the United Kitiui.om
A copy of the current edltlun will Im forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealer*, seeking A?cu0tes can advertise
their trade cards ior il, or larger advertise-
menls from £3.
25, Abchurch Ijiiho. London, F/.C,
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to plione orders.   .
J. T. Eawrence'is in Victoria as
delegate to the annual convention
of dinners' institutes from the local
The Pacific hotel dining room n
the West end s now kept operi to
the hungry prihlic twenty-four
h'-urs per day.
The American Land Development
it Manufacturing company, of Cur
lew, has secured n contract to install
a 12-ta.p, current motor, for irrga
tion purposes, for Father J. Ferroux
at Carmi next summer. Thia company installed a similar fur tbe same
party last year.
Two meadow larks visited the
Hiverside Nurseries last Sunday.
It is not known on what mission
they vi-iited the valley. As they
were not seen nn Monday, it is presumed that they contracted cold
feet and return*d to the south.
BEV. Clij.i. .»,..i8 SATS
Ml. C. A. ABC*-!"-, An juk it, tofrx.
GoAnnSt., M.» _i.i\ Citv. I
Dur Sir: 1 have lo-,-....'f^r ov_r4oye*no_ tr*
tfttuof <Vi!u'i- ilism■ Jv [.v.lMi'a Prtparat_aa
al Hrpochofrb'.te, em! ntclitctU] in uiei ol pul-
aMnary trouu-s. At tin* |i .nt I will In- t* ,0*
whit you bave mt bt foi 9 known o(; that e* Team
eince, wbilt 1 w.. .. r< siil.nt of N.Y. City, I wat
acvertly ill with lui.^.- troulile. Physicians said I waa
• Coaaomptivtandmv family physician told my wift
that bethought I Ct-nU net reer.vr. Mvattentioa-
waadiracted lo tbe Wi!-on Kcmeily, wblcb I uai
with aplf ndid eRrct. I have been on cay Mat CM tt
work tmr aim* my cure. Yours truly,
U„I. Church, Hunter, (Urcant Co.,) N. Y.
Oa Dm s, i .ti, Mr. S_«r wrote Ur. Abbott;
*'My health ia very J. od.'r._
If you will write Mr. Abbott he
-will gladly furni.lt you auy further
Information you desire.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the  most up-to-date style
We hnve the must modern joWhing plant
in the Houndnry Country, employ   com*
petent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery. -
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions ami llylaws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and I'lncnrds.
Bills of   Fare and -Menu   Curds,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Weilding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Suits to Order &18 iwds
H We arc agents for some of the lending ta.loringj!stal>-
lishments in the east. When yon order from ns you have
the advantage of being measured liy a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
lliey are the best you cnn buy. Wc guarantee you the
best made clothes iu the country at the lowest prices.
Wo always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
-the kind we do;—is in itself
[an advertisement, and a trial
onler will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction. *
{Mp §«tt put &hop
Metal Quotations
New York, Jan. 30.—Silver 6i£;
standard copper, $17.25(0*17.50;
London, Jan. 30.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   fi Clayton, Props.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every 'facility for u
solid education in English,'coiiiineri.ii.I
and music ..ranches.. -Embroideryipliiin
and fancy needlework ami sinning are
given special attention. The cntninei-:
eial course includes stenography, Ivpe
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boarda of the
London Koyal Academy and Koyal
College of Music -"
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds
Upholstering  Neatly  Dime.
Downey's Cigar Store
it')'ONPI.lTI KTnt.K Of
Cigars, Pipes and tobaccos
A l*ri'nh CoimlKiimt'i.t»(
HWeWert, Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Hmi'tiir a E
Kamr Mmi'tigraSpeoia£y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ibt Door Noiitii or Uhamdy Hotix.
Thaoc Marks
. .-.        Coi«vmoHT»Ac
4ny ond rrmi-lnt • akateta and d-eerlntton ms?
oklr ascertain our opinion tie* whoilicr au
lot.nilno ii PMbtl ir ouanMMo. r.ininiuntm.
tlora>trialr<-™»aoi,lh_rHftoBH*« on Psttou
MntlrofcOMostaconcyforsecuH    '
Scientific America
. bnd-onulr fflnMntM wMkUr, I-tnM olr-
autlon ofonr Hlwtlflo Jounad.   Ttrnut for
■      "fn »t__r,pii.t««e pniald.   Boll br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rellab'o French ngulntor; never la.li. These
pilla in eiceedlngli powerful la tcgulatlu the
BftneratWe portion ol the lemale iritem. Refute
all cheap Imttatlona. Dr.« Taa'a ara aold at
IS a box, or three lor 110. Mailed to any address.
%%* Sa*a*sx Urac Co., it. CatterlMf, Oat,


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