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The Evening Sun Oct 21, 1910

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Ninth Year—No. 51
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. October 21, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
In No Event Will the
Oompany Retrograde
Correspondence Evening Sun.
-Spokane, Oct. 20.—"Two facts
should be borne in mind in connec
tion with tbe subjects of dividends:
First, that the Granby has more
than 41,000,000 in cash in its treasury; and second, tbat an advance in
the price of copper to 15 cents a
pound means an ability to pay more
than $500,000 a year increased dividends. Even at our late rate of
production, an advance of a cent
and a quarter in the price meant additional dividends of (12 a share."
Jay P. Graves, vice-president and
general manager of the Granby Consolidated and head of tbe Spokane
& Inland Empire Electric Railway
system, made the foregoing statement on returning to Spokane from
New York, where he attended the
annual meeting of the stockholders
oo October 4. He said in an interview:
. "Progressiveness always has been
and will continue to be in a more
iBarked degree than ever tbe keynote of the policy of the Granby
company. We expect to continue to
develop more tonnage in our mines
each year than we extract. We have
produced 6,250,000 tons to date,
and have about 6,500,000 tons in
sight. Should we, for any reason,
be unable to do this in our mines at
Phoenix, we shall accomplish our
object by the development of other
properties already owned by tbe
coinpany, or by the acquisition of
entirely new ones. In qo event will
the Granby retrograde into the poj
sition of a company whose resources
have a definite limit.
"This year we shall, both by
means of diamond drills and permanent workings, develop tonnage in
our Pboenix mine to tbe limit that
it can be done economically, while
charging such work, as we have al
ways done in the past, to tbe cost of
mining the ore actually produced.
At present we are operating two diamond drills, one capable of attaining a depth of 1000 feet and the
other 500.
"No matter how successful tbe
development operations at Phoenix
.my be, we shall continue to add
new properties to the holdings of
the Granby company. Recently we
took over the Cliff and Consolidated
St. Elmo in the Rossland ea'np, and
we expect shortly to acquire others
which we have been investigating
for same time. Our acquisition of a
large interest in the Crows Nest Coal
company already ha" justified itself,
as that investment now returns us
10 per cent interest, at the same
time that it tremendously strength-
[( ens our position as an industrial
"While nothing will be done immediately   to   develop   our   watei
power at Kettle Falls, we   have the
project under consideration, and as
soon as the details have been worked
out tbe improvement of   that great
asset of the campany will  be begun.
"Meanwhile we have  decided to
operate our smelter at its fullest capacity.    Two more furnaces   were
blown in this morning, bringing the
daily production of the mines and I
smelter up to 3300 tons. The two
remaining furnaces should be in
operation in about two week more,
that delay being rendered necessary
to assemble the required supply of
coke and secure adequate recruits for
the forces employed at tbe mine and
smelter. When the whole battery
is in action we will be treating 4800
tons of ore per day.
"Last year the Granby produced
22,750,111 pounds of refined copper at an average cost of 10.34 cents,
which was sold at an average price
of 12.91 cents. On this basis we
realized a profit for tbe year of
$564,947, or $3.80 a share on the
capital stock of tbe company. The
tonnage of ore mined and smelted
was a little in excess of 1,000,000
"With the smelter running at its
full capacity we shall be treating
500,000 tons more of ore each year,
and will be producing somewhere
between 25,000,000 and 30,000,000
pounds of copper. The increased
production and consequently reduced cost will enable us to increase
our net earnings available for the
payment of dividends very materially.
"The shareholders of the company
having insisted that, despite my
poor health, I should continue in
the management, I demanded the
privilege of nominating to directorships Buch men as I know to be in
sympathy witb my views and as
firm believers as myself in the future of tbe company. This privilege
was accorded me, with the consequence that I feel there will be no
conflict of views or authority in connection with the carrying out of tbe
policies I have outlined.
"My first object will be to restore
the credit of the Granby company.
This I purpose to accomplish by
working tne property in Buch a way
as to give tbe shareholders a reasonable and constant return on their
investment, with the assurance that
as tbe price of copper rises or other
factors operate to the company's
financial advantage, they will receive the benefit immediately. At
the same time I shall so conduct the
company's business as to insure a
Bteady addition to its ore resources,
while maintaining its plants at tbe
same high standard of efficiency
they now have reached."
Engineers Have Data Required for Installation of
Irrigation System
The engineers of the South Kootenay Power company who have
been engaged for some weeks in obtaining levels of the valley regarding
the installation of an irrigation system, have completed their work, and
are now in possession of the necessary data to enable the to company
to formulate a definite proposition.
A meeting of the ranchers of the
valley will be held in the course of
a couple of weeks, when a tangible
water scheme will be submitted to
porn'ry for it couple of weeks last
summer. There appears to hnve
have been no other cause for tbe
rash act.
The influence of The Sun is phenomenal. Last week we announced
our intention of pre-emptidg the new
Eastern Townships bank building if
the management persisted in using
it for ornamental purposes alone.
The financial people immediately
began to get busy, and tbe speed at
which the bank fittings have been
rushed into the building during tbe
past week appears to indicate that
they are determined to be the first
occupants of the premises if it takes
every dollar tbey bave got.
Only Routine BusinessTrans-
acted at Monday Night's
Session   .
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby 13,646     898,534
Mother Lode  9,502     276,103
Snowshoe  2,131     119,192
Jackpot      329       10,470
Rawhide  2,800        0.700
Other mines  9,523
The Sun man is the proud possessor of a cane made from wood out
of the first apple tree planted in the
Kettle River valley. The wood was
presented us by A. D. Morrison for
being the handsomest man in Grand
Forks. The making of the stick
was done gratis by R. M. McCutcheon as a testimonial of our popularity. This completes the past history of the cane. Now if some
kind-hearted gentleman would only
present us with a gold head fur tbe
stick as a recognition of our pro
verbial truthfulness, and another
ditto gentleman would furnish us
with a steel point for the lower end
of it as au emblem of our sobriety
and industrious habits, the caue
would be complete. The wood
in the stick would keep the famous
Sun orchard uppermost in our mind,
while the trimmings would probably
help us, towards the latter end of
the present century, when we shall
have grown old and feeble, to concentrate our thoughts on the
virtues which we have enumerated
At present the cane is valued principally for ornamental purposes, as
we are yet able to walk erect without tbe aid of it, except on those
rare occasions when we are suddenly confronted by a birthday. But
time, as we have intimated above,
will undoubtedly provide a more
serious duty ior the cane to perform, and for thiB reason we are anxious that it should look aB handsome as the goldsmith's art can
make it. In this guise it would also
be of more value as an heirloom Lo
bequeath to our children.
Two more furnaces were blown
in at the Granby smelter this week,
making six now in commission. The
force at tbe works has also been
materially increased. It is understood lhat the two idle furnaces will
be placed in commission at an early
Martin Burrell, M.P., will leave
nextThnrsday for Vancouver, wbere
he will act as one of the judges at
tbe first Canadian National Apple
Total 28,409 1,318,582
Smelter troatmant—
Granby 13,646 896,554
B.C. Copper Co.. .12,682 302,672
Total 26,278   1,199,226
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Oct. 20.—The following are totlay's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked.        Bid
GranhyConsolidated.    40.00    34.00
B. C. Copper      8.00     7.00
Metal Quotations
New York, Oct. 20.—Silver, 56g;
standard copper, 812.30@12.60, dull.
Lonoon, Oct.29.—Silver, 26^; lead,
£13 5s.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Baptist church entertained the congregation and their friends tt a
thanksgiving supper last Wednesday evening. After a social hour
tbe pastor conducted a praise service, which was entered into heartily by all present. Appreciation of
the work this society is doing was
shown by the amount received in
the way of a thanks offering. The
evening was generally considered to
be a most enjoyable and helpful
Geo. A. MacLeod, formerly a
mining promoter here, arrived in the
city on Wednesday from Spokane.
He iB president of the McKinley
Mines, Ltd., and left for Franklin
camp on Thursday.
For Sale—One Wing & Son piano.
Apply Mrs. J. B. Henderson, Win
nipeg avenue.
E. E. Gibson, local manager of
the South Kootenay Power com
pany, left on Thursday for a
month's vacation trip to Toronto
and other eastern cities. During
his adsence A. Willey, of Cascade,
will be in case of the company's
business here.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. C. Jones and
Mrs. W. W. Tillman, of Marcus,
attended the funeral of tbe late Mrs.
C. O, Robson in this city on Tuesday. Mr. Jones is a son-in-law ol
Mr. Robson, and Mrs. Tillman is a
sister of tbe former gentleman.
A bandicap turkey shoot will take
place at tbe Kettle Valley Rille association's range on Thanksgiving duy,
when turkeys of good weight will lie
shot lor. Shooting will commence
at 9 u.m. sharp.
R. H. Tiueimin, the photographer, will remain at Blome's old
studio ou Bridge street until .Monday evening, the 24th inst.
Col R. T. Lowery, editor of the
Greenwood Ledge, was a visitor at
The Sun office todav.
C. V. I)ake, one of the pioneer
printers of Nelson, committed suicide in Prince Rupert this week.
The late Mr. Dake worked in the
office of our esteemed local   coiitom-
Chief Savage is attending the lire-
men's convention in Cranbrook this
F, G. Hart,   assistant circulation
manager of thu Vancouver   World,
was in thu city on Tuesday.
Woodland k Co. received a large
shipment yesterday of goods for the
holiday tratle.
The ladies of the Scandinavian
Aid and Fellowshipsocity will give
a dunce in the Davis hall on Friday
evening, October 28th, Tickets 50
cents, lunch 25 cents. Everybody
Wm. G. McMynn, government
agent at Greenwood, was in thu city
on Wednesday.
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present at the city council
meeting last Monday evening.
The city clerk was instructed to
settle with Dan O'Ray for balance
due for freight on the city team, the
amount being $20.
A bill of $21 from the fire department for fighting a fire outside the
city limits, was referred back to the
chief. The members of the council
were of the opinion that when the
department was called outside tbe
iinits of the corporation the people
requesting their assistance should
remunerate the firemen.
Tbe mayor reported having interviewed Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister of public works, regarding the
construction of an isolation hospital
at this point, and had shown him
the plans, of the building recently
drawn by direction of the council.
The estimated cost was about $1500.
In view of tbe fact that a large number of contagious cases were brought
here from outBide the city, be had
asked for a government grant of
$1000. The minister had told bim
to forward the plans, together with
a statement of infectious cases treated from the city and outlying districts during the past year, to Dr.
Fagan, provincial health ollicer. Mr.
Taylor had expressed the opinion
that the desired grant would be
made by the government. Regarding the location of the building, the mayor thought northwest
of the cemetery would be a good
City Solicitor Sutton reported that
there was no evidence to show that
Wm. Pearce's horse had been injured
on the Cooper bridge, and as the
animal had been running at large at
the time it had had its leg broken,
the city was not justified in recognizing a claim for damages. The report wus accepted.
The past month's accumulation of
bills were ordered paid.
The health and relief committee
was instructed to forword the plans
of the proposed isolation hospital,
together wilh a statement of tbe
eases treated during the past yeur,
to the provincial health officer.
An oiler of .)f.'10 from I. A. Coryell
for a house on city property near
thu Ciruut Northern freight depot
wus rejected. The council decided
to oiler the building und two lots
for sale for 8100.
Arthur J. West, bookkeeper for
the Robinson & Lequime Lumber
coinpiiiiy in this city, and Miss
Elizabeth M. Buby, of Brown City,
Mich., were married at the home of
the groom's parents, in Spokane, ou
Wednesday lust. The wedding wus
a quiet one, only a few relatives and
friends of tbe West family witnessing the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs.
West arrived in this city on Thursday, and have taken up their residence in Geo. Chappie's bouse on
Winnipeg avenue.
Miss Hilda Burron left  on  Wednesday for Vancouver. Slip Ebpmttg Bun
Published nt Qrand Korks, British CoininMii
fr. A. Evans Editor nnd PiibliRhar
A tilr of tli!t_ paper oan ht* ^«*p» at tlie office
of Mew™. B. A J. Hardy 4 Co., BO, 81 aud 82,
Pleet Street, R.O., London, Hi iff l» ml, f ree of
charge, and that firm will lie Bludto receive
inhHorivtious mul advertisement! on our behalf.
DHL   YPrtf    *1.W
(Jne fear (In advance]  1*00
Advertising raten f uruUht I nn •« i*-»
Legal notices, 10 and Roeuli per line,
Address all aatnmiinloatlonB to
Thk Btbhiho Sun,
Phonb IH4        Qhand Fohks, B.O.
Gard of Thanks
We wish to thank oui-friends and
the public generally most heartily
for the many courtesies extended us
during the illness of our late wife
and inolher.
C. 0. Robson a.\i> Family.
.1. D. Honsberger  und II. W. Cnl-
lins will leave on Monday for Vanoouver, where thoy will bike charge
of the Gr^nd Forks district exhibit
ut the National Apple Show.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 11)1(1
The Sun does not believe that the
council hus a serious intention of locating the proposed isolation hospital—or pest house—a few lots northwest of the cemetery, although an
intimation to this effect was made at
tbe council meeting Monday niglii.
This, if we are not mistaken in tie
location, would place the hospital on
the main thoroughfare—and most
fashionable automobile drive—leading into the ciiy, and not only endanger the health of the ranchers
who ure compelled to travel the roud
almost daily, but would prove a
menace and un eye-sore to sightseers,
pleasure parties and the colony of
residents now living in that vicinity.
For these reasons the council must
expect to meet with energetic opposition from the people if it persists
in carrying out its original idea,
which would prove an effectual
means of chucking the growth of
that portion of the municipality,
and a tendency to contract the limits
of the city would naturally follow.
This is not the time to lay plans
for a "little Grand Forks." We
should look ahead a few years, and
plan and build accordingly. The
locution of the hospital ut tbe point
indicated would be a mistake that
would be dillicult to rectify in later
years. The building belongs against
some isolated mountain side, and it
is to be hoped the council will find
such a spot for it.
To Kent—To  approved   tenant,
for the winter or longer, the residence nf S. T, Hull. Ruckle addition, 8 minutes' wnlk from the city,
with furniture, range, nnd everything neeessnh' for immediate occupancy; rent, 815 per month. Apply
S. T.'Hall, Greenwood, IS. C.
nutritious   substance   to  supply   the
blood and nerves.
And if the nerves are   not supplied
with nourishment, they begin to rebel.
They   kick   up a great   disturbance.
They make you irritable and cranky,
| you worry about trilles, and you oan-
I not sleep soundly at night, you have
I bud dreams, and you get up  tired  in
the morning,
Try Mi-o-na tablets,the money back
cure. Mi-o-na will cure your nervous-
; ness by driving out tbe cause. Mi-o-na
will (jive you relief thu first hour.     It
! will cure unite cases iu   a  few   days,
land chronio eases in a few weeks.
Belching of  gas,   heartburn, sour
taste of food, wuterbrusli, foul   breath
aud other dyspeptic   systaius   vanish
before the mighty power of   Mi-o-na.
Try   Mi-ona.    Woodland   ifc   Co,
sell it and will refund   your money if
it doesn't tune, and only   50  cents   a
large box.
BicvcLiis Ann Repair Work—A
complete line of lfllO models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. no. W. Cooi'kh, Winnipeg
Wanted —Two good fresh milch
cows; perfectly gentle; must not be
more than seven or eight yenrs old.
Address R Forrester, Columbia P,
O., Grand Forks.
The statement of General Manager
Graves, printed on the first page of
this issue, regarding the future
operations of the Granby Consoli-
dated, should put a quietus to any
rumors that may arise concerning
the closing down of the smelter in
this city. The statement should
prove u healthful stimulent to business throughout the Boundary district, as the people nntl merchants
know with reasonable certainty what
to expect from the mining industry,
and can a.irange their affairs. accordingly.
Indigestion Causes It--Mi-o-
na Will Cure It
If you have indigestion, you don't
get all tlienutriment out of your food
you should.
Your worn out stomach pusses the
food   on   without  extracting enough
All persons who wish to
qualify as municipal voters for
the year 1(111, who are not
the assessed owners of property, must register their names
with the City Clerk before
Monday, October Slst, 1!)10.
J. A. McCallum,
City Clerk.
On Monday, October 17th, Johanna Elizabeth Pithan, beloved wife of
Charles O. Hobson, wns called to her
rest. During thc summer Mrs.
Robson was in the hospital for ten
weeks, when she wns successfully
operated on for cancer by Dr. Kingston, nnd from which she recovered
and was about to resume her duties
in the home, but Inst week heart
trouble developed, and to this ailment sbe succumbed,
Mrs. Robson wns born June'27,
1873, in Clinton county, Iowa, and
was married January 1st, 1890, to
Charles O. Robson. She is survived
by a husband and six children, Mrs.
W. C. Jones, of Marcus, and Ada
Lizzie, Florence Christina, Charles
Oswald, Grace Pearl and Nellie May
of this city.
The funeral, which was largely
attended by thu friends of the family, was held on Wednesday afternoon from the family residence, and
was conducted by Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor of Knox Presbyterian
church. The sympathy of the community is extended to Mr. Robson
ond family.
VIUHAR late ol Grand Forks. B. t'„ deceased, intestate
NOTICE IS HKKKBY RIVEN tlmt on the istli
(lay ol  October. 1910, it wns  ordered  by
Ills Honor Judse Brown tlmt A. c Sutton.
Public Administrator, be iidtnlnUtratiir of
t'ip estnte of Tony Vidinnr. lute nf Urrttid
Eorks, 11. C, deceased, intestate.
Every person indebted to snid drcensed Is
required to make payment Inrttov.tli to tbe
iiiiilnrsitrned.nnd every person bavins In possession eflcots beiotiL'iei,' lo deceased tfi required tn notify the undersigned.
Every creditor Ar other person having anv
olaim upon or interest in tlie distribution nf
tlio estate ol the deceased Is required before
lhe Wil, day of November. 11110, tn send by
registered letter, addressed to the under-
si trued, ills name and address and full particular! of hisolaim or illleresl, and a statement
of his account, and the nature of the security
(ifany) held by him, verified hv sintutory
After thesaid Uth November, 1911), the Administrator will proceed with the distribution of the estate, having! roKnrd to tliose
elaimsonlyof whioh he shall then have had
Hated at Orand Forks, B.C., '..1st Octoher.
min. .
Public AdmlnlstratoJ,
Oram! Forks. II I'.
(mmvtw /tm-o-Mf)
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, or
money back.   Sold and guaranteed by
Woodland it Co.
CKAMSDTKNDEKK addresser! lu Hie iimler-
0 citflied, mid endorsed "Tender for Kx-
ttminfiiH A'ureliuii.^e v miuniiver. H.C," will
ho revolved tii tuisufllue until 4.00 p.m., on
Wednesday, Uctober JO, 1010, for the construction of an Exuiuiiifnt* >Varel)uune, Vancouver, B.C.
PI tins, specification and form of contract
c»n liu seen and forms of tender obtained at
tlie oflice of Air. Joseph Greenfield, resident
architect. Winnipeu. .Man., Mr. Win. Henderson, resident architect, '* ict >ria, H C, at the
Post Oflice, Vancouver, and at tl.is liepart-
in- ut.
Persons tendering are notified that tender*
will ii>t he considered unless made on tlie
printed form -supplied, and signed with their
actual   signature*, st'iliim  their  occupations
uud places of residences In the curb oj firms,
the annul slK'ianir , thu nature ofthe occupation and place of residence of each member of
the linn must hv mve  .
Each tender must he accompanied hy an
accepted cheque ou a chartered hank,
payable to the order of the Honourable the
.Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent (10 p.c.) ot ihe amount of the'tender,
which will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do BO, or fail to complete the
work contracted for. if the tender tie not
accepted the cheque will he returned.
The Department does uot hind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender
By order.
Department of Public V orks,
Ottiiw.i, September21.1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement if they insert it without author
ity from tlie Department.
Adopt the use of Classified
Want Ads. They have proved
money makers for others.
They are appreciated by the
buyer, as they enable him to
quickly locate the place where
he can find his requirements.
Will he find your business
represented ?
JEEDLKWORK wanted to do at home. Cull
1    nn Mrs. Win. Ki'inii. Second sti I.
SKAI.KD TENDERS, marked on envelop*
"Tenderi tor tho Uoustruc i„„ „/  Nelson,
] It !.'.. IfIJle Range." and addressed tn tho
Bearetnr) ofthe Militia Council, Ueadtiuar.
I Cera,Ottawa, will |„> received until noon, the
lfitn Ootober. lor the construction of a Kllie
I Range at Helton. B.O.
I    Plant and ineolflontlonR muy Im seen, nml
! full inrormntlt htiiined nt the ollices nl tin.1
. District other Commanding Militluiv nis-
' trio' No. ll. Victoria, B.u,, the Director of
Engineer services.  Hendfjunrters.   Ottawa,
1 nml tlio Ollicer   ('iiiiimniiiliiiit  l"lml  v.,„,, ,
! Nelton, H.C.
: Tendon must he mnde nn the form supplied
ii.v ilm Department, and accompanied ity mi
accepted choline, iti n Catiadlau chartered
hank, for in per cent of theumnuut ofthe ten.
der, payable to the order of the Hoimiirnhle
the .Minister of Militin a il Defence, ivi.ick
amount will in- forfeited If the party tender*
ing decline   to   cuter   into   a contract, ill ito-
oordnnoo with the lender,
the Department does not bind itaclf to accent the lowest or any tender,
1'cp'y. Minister of Militia ami Defence.
ii.i|. m-iis-2.
Department of Militia nml Defence,
Ottawa. Uth Miiteinher, 1010.
Newspapers Will not he paid for thin ad ver-
tlseincnt 11  Ihey insert it without uuuiority
font the Deimrtineitt.
GOOD PASTURAflE for cattle close to eity
safe fence: nhuuiluce of feed.   For terms
apply to John Hummer, Fourth of .Inly creoK
W.\M KJl   Situation as Janitor ur bartender.   Address W,  J.. Uenernl   Delivery,
Oruud Korks, ll. C.
r    f.ird
ISIIKli ROOMS -Apply Mrs. K.Criiw
DVERTISIXti SPACE ill The Sun.tlm most
widely read newspaper In the Kettle Val-
TYPI.WIUTER-Ollver;   uew.    Apply Sun
i     olHcc.
rilRKl.   BOTTLES cold   Nelson  Hear   50c.
I    I.ion Bottling Works.
BARN AND HOUSE—Tbe Forrester burn, 2
lots and house, in Columbia.   Apiily J. H.
1'hith, llox 10.
I AKOE MOTTLE Port Wine75o.  Lion Bot-
L   tllng Works.
LAND—160 acres good timothy laud.
Ihis olliee.
SPACE for  advertising   purpos.s   iu  The
bottling Works.
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you bu^ your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
SPECIAL OLD PORT $1 per gallon.   Lion
lie--"      "      '
Snap it cfuick
Why"  not get   a
permanent picture
of some   ot    the
beautiful things in this district?   If you
have: a camera
with you there are many things you can get in
this way. Let us show you the Kodak Line.
-2 WOOD LAND    6c   CO.K-
City and Suburban
175X175 PT. LOT betweon
Si-i'in.il find Thin) streets,
jnst ahuvo Judjre I-camy's
, and It. Gaw's plfu-ps; «pp-
aruteri from nil other properties by 2U*lt,
lane: uslnnieusseven or einht ordinary loti.
adjoining lots aro worth Si-'iO; would make
nice borne, with sufficient vrnuiid for chick-
Rim. fruit, Kftrderi and lawn; most desirable
location hi city.
-3!i ACRES adjolnlor
city limits on south;
14 aeres cleared; 150
fruit treet; new four-
room house; barn fur six horses; horse,
buwry. double harness and tanning implements.   AllfurA_._m   Easy terms.
%L ^JI Ifl n and three lots within
Jlr llllll one block of business
^r^"^^^^^^ centre;' lawn, shade
trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, larire garden.
Will also sell furniture of hoiiBe If desired.
One-half cash, balance terms.
Wx miles from town;
7-room house, plast-
frcd; large lumgyshed,
_ -*aw   woodshed;   150    fruit
trees, 711 bearing; •$., acres slrawberries, I
gooseberries, curralitb, rast-berrtes: free from '
Irost: the best location around Grand Forks:
plenty of good wuter;.fruit and crop in* i
eluded. |
Between 3 bud 4 acres
In West eud  of city;
first-class soil, all un-
, ,    , dercul tvatioii; small
house, woodshed and outbuildings; well and
pump] noud fence. This is a saoritice, as owner Is about tolcavucity.   Tonus.
-$Hlt00cash, bftl
aucc terms. One
oi hot hotels In
■    „ , -      -    tbe business cen
tre of (irand Folks; now doing a profitable
busings; owner desires to remove to tha
const. This is the best bargain iu this part
of the province, as there ure but seven hotel
licenses in the Grand Forks. Oity Is growing
rapidly. No otber town iu southern Hrltiih
Columbia nau as hrl^hi future piospects.
For further information re
garding tlie above properties
call or jLf li It-ess
A Shipment of
Anti-Splash Filters
Ever-Ready Cigar
Winnipeg    Avenue
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $o(J0 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. .?875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Tale Land Dlltrlot, Dint riot ol similkameen.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt Walter Gery, of Bran-
■ don, Man,. ;ocoiipution Parmer, Intends to
apply tor permlialoii to mucin.sr the follciw
inif deHorihod lunds:
Commenoin-! at u port planted on lhe
ninth boundary of Lot :141s. und about ten
ohains north ol the N.W. oorner of Lot 747 on
Hilt SI p   Creek I   thence   west   li!" oliuius
thenoosouth 40 chains; thence oust Hllohuiiia
thenoe north 20 chnins; tlieuce east Sllchains
thenoe north HO chains to pofut of cniuinciice
, WAI.TKR (.BUY, Applicant.
,. . , ,, By J.B Cranston, His Agent.
Dated    this 12th dny of March, 1910.
Our Special
Cabinet Photos
Now is the proper time to have your photo taken.
The only opportunity you will have to obtain them
this fall will be when
The well  known Vancouver Photographer, next visits
Grand Forks, which will be on
Cabinet Photos for S5.00.
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge St
_________________ .-
SEALED/TENDERS. superscribed "Tenders
for Court-House.'trnnrl Korks," will i>e
repolvt'd liy the Hiumnralite the Minister of
Public Works iii> to noon on Tuesday, the
25th day of October, 1010, for the erection
and completion of n brick and stone building
Ht Urauu Korks, b. o.
Plans, Specification*. Contract, and Forms
of Contrnet may be seen on and af'ertheZUh
• lay of -i'liti'inlier, lltlll, at the office o_f the
intvi riiiueiit Affent, Grand Korks, nnd the
Depiir'ment of Publio Works, Vlotoriii.
l.iu'h proposal must be ncromnnnteil bv nn
accepted luiiih cheque or certificate of tlepnwtt
on ii chiirti'iTfi lm'>lt  of CiiHi'lu. mii'l"   pilj'ft-
l.l.'tothe Mm ruh|i>th>' Minister nf  pndlln
Works, for the sum of £l,(HMl which shall be
forfeited If the party tendering decline to
enter Into aontrnrt when railed upon in do no.
or If he fnil to oomptete the work coutraoted
for- The cheques or certifies e« of deposit of
unsuccessful ti'ndere's will he returned to
them upon thp exception "f the contract
Tenders will not b ■ eamldert'd unjess made
Buttercdp Ice Cream
Our SODA FOUNTAIN is now running full swing, ami we
can j;ivi. the best satisfaction as to QUICK SERVICE
Special Prices on Ice Cream for Garden Parties, Afternoon Teas, Etc
Prescription Druggists
Phone 35 Night Service
(Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
communicate direct with lv.t_rl_si_
A chicken hasn't sense enough not
to get run   over  by   an   automobile,
hut it has too much to try to  run one
aciual   signature  of  the tenderer, aud   en- | ._.
"' " n each olassof goods.   Resides being a com-       What u woman   loves about   beiOff
»lete   coiiuiie'ctal   guldo to  London ami Its   -      e ,        . .      ,
suburbs, the directory contaiu« lists of , »u trom home in ti hotel is she can act
EXPORT MERCHANTS as toough her husband was a million-
,    ,   1 aire until it comes to the tips,
with the (ioods they ship, and the Colonial I
and Foreign Markets they supply;
rloM'd lu the envelopes furnished.
the lowest or tiny tender uot necessarily
F. C   (1AMI.K,
I'liMic Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. 0., September 20th, 1010.
Tale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKK notice that I, Agness Ellen Paulson,
of Itossland, *i. C, occupation Wife, lu-
tends to apply for permission to purchase
the follow!ng.desoribed lauds:
Oommenoing at a post planted at the
ion th west comer of J times Miller's pre-emption, Lot 113.) S., on Deep Creek; thence uorth
60 chains: theuce west 'JO chains; theuce south
20 chuins; thence wet 40 chnins: thenoe
south au chains; theuce east (id chains to tlie
point of commencement.
J. K. Cranston, Agent.
Dated May 16th, 1901.
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen.
TAKE NOTICE that I,Thomas Henry Paul-
I son, of Paulson, H. C, occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described hinds:
Commencing ut a post planted  about sixty
chains northeast of the northwest corner of
Miller's   pre-emption,   Lot   IIHI S„ on Deep
Creek: thence east 40 chains: thence north
40 chnins; thence west 20chains;thence north
Si)  chains;  thence west 44) chains;   thenoe
south 80 chaius; thence east 2(1 chains: thenee
south 40 chains to point of  commencement.
J. K. Cranston. Agent,
Dated May 17th, 1910.
arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will bB forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for *i, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
Hotel C°^n
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly furnished throughout. Conveniently located
for railway men. Kir>t-
cluss accommodations for
transients. Bo a r d a n d
rooms hy the week at prevailing rates. Pine liue of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always In stock at the bar.
Grand Forks, D. C.
I     Ml ■»'■
Yale Land District, district of Similkameen,
TAKK notice that Stan G. Jones, of Coleman,
Alta., occupation Miner. Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lauds:
CommenolU. at a post planted about 80
chains east ol the southeast comer of Lot
1UIIS, nn Deep Greek, and ou lhe south side of
the West Kootenav Power & Litrht Com*
pany's right of way! thence west alone: the
W. K. P. & I.. Co.'s ritfht of way 6« Chains;
theuce south 20 chains: theuce east 60 chains:
thenoe north ill chsius to the point of commencement.
STAN C. JONES, Applicant.
J. R. Cranston, His Avent.
Hated thisltl'h ilny ,,i April.llllll.
June  Mineral   t'luiiii. situate In the 'Irand
Korks Mlnlim Division of Vnle District.
Where Located:   En Brown's Camp.
TAKK NOTICK tlist I, Albert K. Savage, Free
Miners' Cenlllcutc No. 867WB, Intend, sixty
dtivs from iIhic hereof, to apply lo the Mining
Heoerder ior a Co tllli'iite of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above olaim.
And further t.ike notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced before tne Issu-
ailCe of sueti Certitleil'c of i innfovementi.
Dated ,11 liriinil Forks. H.C. tl.is It li day ol
.1 line, A. D. mill
Holy Trinity Ciiukcii,Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 3
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p.
m.j Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Hev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church Hev. Calvert.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.ni.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:15 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League,. Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
id-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sunday school   at 2:30 p.m.
Everybody wants to be a doctor
about good advice, so as to prescribe
it and not have to take it.
There is a fair chance of a man not
breaking a promise to his wife if he's
in his grave.
When a girl wants to see real
beauty she thinks she has to look into
a mirror for it.
The more you reform people the
more they will need it again.
Philosophy is a check you think is
good until you go to cash it.
What makes a mother so proud of
her child is she wouldn't be if it Was
anybody else's.
Tell a girl how beautiful she is and
she will be likely to believe everything else you tell her.
There's hardly any surprise so
pleasant as when you are expecting
visitors for them not to be able to
A land of opportunity doesn't have
to offer any other inducement.
Most sandwiches look best from the
Cunningly devised promises don't
have good keeping qualities.
A hopeless reason jumps at a des
perate chance.
When marriage raises more bills
coos it is apt to be a failure.
Perhaps a bulldog gets but little
sympathy because he doesn't   need it.
The happiness handed over a bar
lasts only till the foam disappears.
Most men think they fall in love
harder when they are not led on; but
they don't.
Some men make an asset of confidence; others use it as a liability
An amateur detective can usually
thicken the thickest plot.
STIiEMviTKii „f ihe in,,,! Registry Act
met in tlie mutter .,(   the  title to   [.or    17115
.{roup 1, Osoyoos Division, (now known as
sjinilluiuieen)   Division   of    Yale   District,
British Columbia
WHKREAS Certificate of Title of Patrick
TArrlon, being   Certificate of Title  No.
SW4n, to the above hereditaments has been
lost or destroyed, an application tins been
made to me for a dupllcat * thereof.
Notice is lipreby lIvh'i tliat ndllplicnte Cer-     -       -       ■-        ■ ...
tlllcatc of Title tu the above   hereditaments  the Mining Hi riierfor Certificates of Im-
will he Issued nt the expiration of one month ; provcinent,   fur the purposo uf uhtuiiiiug
from the date hereof, unless in the meantime    Croe.ii Oruiits of the above chums,
valid objections to the culinary be made to!    And further take notice lhat action, under
me in writing. seotion  :n,  must be commenced hefore the
W. H. EDNONDS, I issuance of   such Certilicates of  Improve-
Dlstriet Registrar uf TitleB. , ment.
Land Registry oflice. I   Dated this 83rd day of July, AD 1010.
Kamloops, B.C., Sept. 7,1910. FREDERICK \V, REID.
Hut Air.   I.iinc Pine and  Lookout   Mineral
Olalms. situate in tlie (fraud   Furl.. Mining
Division of Ynle District.
Where located:   In McKinley camp.
NOTICE that 1. Kred   W.   Ucid,  Free
rtilirate No. B36260, for myself
and iisugcnt for -1. W,  Cook,  F,eo Miners'
Certificate No.  B26260,and A.I. Whiteside,
Free   Miners' Certificate No.   HUMS, intend,
ixty da's from the date hereof, to np|i]y. tu
Strong Healthy Women
If a woman is strong and healthy in a womanly way, motherhood meant to her but little suffering. The trouble lies
in the fact that the many women suffer from weakness and
disease of the distinctly feminine organism and are unfitted
for motherhood.   This can be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures the weaknesses and disorders of women.
It acts directly on the delicate and important
organs concerned in motherhood* making them
healthy,   strong,   vigorous!   virile   and   elastic.
"Favorite Prescription" banishes the indispositions of the
period of expectancy and makes baby's advent easy and
almost painless.   It  quickens  and vitalizes the  feminine
organs, and insures a healthy and robust  baby.   Thousand*  of women havo
testified to its marvelous merits.
It Makes Weak Women Strong.     It Makes Sick Women Well.
Honest dm joists do not oiler substitutes, and urge them upop you as "just
as good,"   Accept no secret nostrum in place of this non-secret remedy.   It
contains not ■_ drop of alcohol ana not a grain of habit-forming or injurious
drugs.    Is e pure glyceric extract of healing, native American roots.
Bridge Sireet,
Tlie best ami moat
substantial Hre-pronf
building In tha Boundnry country. Recently completed nml
n e w l.v     furnished
tl roi.L'li-'iit.    Ripilp-
t jicii witli nil modern
electrical       ronven-
ii'iiccH, neutrally lo«
rated, OTrst-olflis accommodations for the
rnvellliiK public.
Hot and Gold Bat lin
FirK-Clan Bir, Pool
and Billiard Roomi
in Connection.
Cu* education
by heart.
encourages   learning
Stories at Less Than a Cent
In the fifty-two issues of a yenr's
volume The Youth's Companion
prints fullv two hundred and fifty
stories. The subscription price of
the paper in Canada is hut #2.00, so
that the stories cost less than a cent
apiece, without reckoning in the rest
of the contents—anecdotes, humorous sketches, the editor's weekly
article, papers on popular topics hy
famous men anil women.
Although the two hundred and
fifty stories cost so little, they are
not cheap stories. In variety of
scene, diversity of incident, skill
and truth in character depicting,
they cannot he excelled.
The Announcement for 1911,
beautifully illustrated, giving more
detailed particulars of these stories
and oilier new features which greatly
enlarge the paper, will he sent to
any address in Canada free with
sample copies of current issues.
Every new Canadian subscriber
receives free The Companion's Art
Calendar, I thographed in twelve
colors nnd gold, and if the subscription is received at once, all the issues
for   the   remaining weeks of  1910.
The Youth's Companion, 141
Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. New
subscriptions received at this olliee.
AKE NOTICE that I have received objections in writing to the retention of the following names on the Register of Voters for the Qrand
Forks Electoral District on the grounds stated below.
And take notice, that at a Court of Revision to be held on the 7th day of
November, 1910, at the Court House, Grand Forks, B. C, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, 1 shall hear and determine the said objections, und unless such
named persons or some other Provincial voter on their behalf satisfies me that
such objections are not well founded, I shall strike such names off the said
Registrar of Voters.
Dated this 10th day of October, 1910.
The following persons are reported absent from the District:
No. Name. Place.
l...Agnew, Edward M Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
2....Agnoluzzi, Eugenio Wellington street, Grand Forks
3...AJilborn, John Chas. Vivian. ...Carter's addition, Gianl Forks
9...Allen, Edward J Granby hotel, First st. Phoenix
16,..Anderson, Erie Third street, Grand Forks
17.. Anderson, John Alexander B. C. Mine boardinghouse, Eholt
25...Angove, John 'Alexander hotel, Phoenix
28...Ashby, Charles Henry .Snowshoe mine, neur Phoenix
.'iO...Austin, Percival Burton  Cascade
31...Auvache, Frederick William Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
.BagloW, Alfred Idaho property, Phoenix
.Baird, Thomas Henry Dean's hotel. First st, I'lioenix
 First street, Grand Forks
...Granby hotel, Grand Forks
....Wade, Fife
....Victoria avenue, Grand Forks
..Near Newby ranch, Grand Forks
47...Barlow, Richard...
.Hates, Frederick	
..Bean, Thomas Andrew ,
.Belton, George Russell .
.Bird, William	
Black,  J Gospel Hill, Phoenix
Blakeway, AlbertE Grand Forks hotel
97...Bloiidon, Simon Dean's hotel, First street, Phoenix
106,..Boreal), George Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
107...Borrow, Alfred E. D West's boarding house, Grand Forks
109. . Bostock, Charles Granby hotel, Phoenix
121 ..Breesaferre, Alfonso Granby hotel, Phoenix
134...Brouillette, George   Win Near old power house.Grand Forks
136...Brown, Robert Granby hotel, I'hoenix
143,,..Brown, George Mr. Moore's bouse, near  Stemwinder
mine, Pboenix
149...Buchan, Alex Ritchie Bridge street, Grand Forks
lul...Huiliiiiir, Mike Granby hotel, I'hoenix
152...Bunting, Charles West's boardinghouse, near
nortli of Grand Forks
153....Burden, Frederick William  Granby hotel, I'lioenix
156 ..Hums, William Granby hotel,   I'hoenix
163...Calder, Hector John Brooklyn hotel, I'lioenix
174....Canipbell, Hoderick Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
186 ..Cannon, Illicit Benjamin First sireet, Grand Forks
19I....Carmichael, William li  Victoria hotel, Phoenix
19!)....Carson,   James Balmoral hotel, I'hoenix
20li...Case, Frederick Grand Forks
209...Chambers, Arthur West,* boarding house, Grand Forks
21 5....Chisholm, John A Granby bold, First sireet, I'lioenix
217. .Chisholm, Dan William Granby hotel, I'lioenix
218....Christeusen, William  Province hotel, Grand Forks
220,..Clark, Abner li Snowshoe boarding douse, Phoenix
222,..Clark, Charles Arnold    Near smelter, Grand Forks
223....Clarke  Frank 1. Dean's hotel. Phoenix
230....Clyde, Wilfred Thompson Hoftman house, Grand Forks
241....Collins, Tuck   E Knob Hill avenue, Pboenix
244....Connelly, Freil P  Gold Drop mine, Pboenix
249....Cook, Carlton Henrv I'hoenix
255....Coote, Frank B, C. mine, Eholt
259...Coryell, Frank  Coryell ranch, Grand Forks
282....Co8grove, John Phillip Bridge street, Grand Forks
265...Cole, Omer  (Iranby hotel, Phoenix
208,...Courtney, William Granby hotel, Phoenix
271 ...Couture, Henrv Victoria hotel. Graud Forks
274...Coward, George Grauby hotel, I'hoenix
275...Coward, Albert Edward  Granby hotel, Pboenix
281,...Crawford, Robert Gaw bldg.,Winnipeg av.,Grand Forks
283...Crippen, Harry Warden  Snowshoe mine boarding  bouse, near
284,...Crocker, Frederiok Granby hotel, Granby   place, Phoenix
285...Crossly, David Granby hotel, i'hoenix
288....Crump, Thomas Huntlev Grand Forks
289...Gumming*, James Granby hotel. Phoenix No.
3 i (i
470 .
478 .
Name. Place.
...Dargie, William Dean's hotel, Phoenix
...Davies, Stephen Granby hotel, Phoenix
...Davies,'Elias Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Decoste, Ben Brooklyn av„ Tuft's tenement house,
...Dion, Petre Cascade sawmill
..Dixon, Chas. Henry Cosmos hotel, Grand Forks
..Duffy, Thomas Alexandria street, Grand Forks
..Dugind, George Bellevue hotel, Knob Hill av., I'lioenix
.Ellard, Harry	
..Erikson, William 	
...Evans, Riohard	
 Granby hotel, Phoonix
 Pacific hotel, Grund Forks
 Winnipeg hotel, Graud F'orks
...Fair, William Stanley Winnipeg avenue, Grand F'orks
..Fai ren, Edward 0 King's hotel, I'hoenix
..Field, Thomas Cascade
.Finchain, Frank  Windsor hotel, Grand Forks
..Fitzmaurice, W. G. S Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
..Fitzpatrick,Louis  Clarendon restaurant, Grand  Forks
..Flannagan, Edward Phoenix, Lt. 9, Blk. 10, Brooklyn av.
. Fletcher, Arnold Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
Forsaith, Thomas H Fife
..Frache, Richard  Fi'ache'sgreenhouses,nearGrnnd Forks
..Eraser,  William Bridge street, Grand Forks
..Fraser, James Dean's hotel, Phoenix
..Fraser, William George Granby Co.'s mines, near Phoenix
..Fiitcher, Arthus Chas Bridge street, Grand Forks
.Gaw, George R Second street, Grand Forks
.Goddard, Henry Archer Grand Forks
.Gibbons, James  Granby hotel, Phoenix
.Gooding, Wyatt Kaylor E, T. bank, Grand Forks
.Goodwin, William Joseph Phoenix hotel, Phoenix
.Gough, Arthur Carson (Covert ranch)
.Gould, John Fisherman station, C.P.R.
.Graham, Isaac  Cascade
.Graham, Edward Henry Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
.Graham, James Edward  Victoria hotel, Grand Forks
..Grant, Duncan D  ...Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
.Green, Frank Rawhide mine, Phoenix
.Greenwood, Fred Grand Forks
.Guerin, William John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
.Guichon, David Joseph Riverside av., south of  power house,
Grand Forks
.Halcrow, Alex Gordon West's boarding house,   Grand  Forks
.Hall, Cecil V. E Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
.Hall, Stephen Thorn  Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
.Hall, Robert First st., near City Hall.Grand Forks
.Halliday. Mathew Dominion avenue, Phoenix
.Hanley, George Stendal's boarding house, GrandForks
.Hanna, John Alexander Granby hotel, Phoenix
.Hannay, William Henry  Fife
.Hanson, Neil Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
.Hanson, Harry West's boarding house, Grand Forks
.Hardie, Alexander Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
.Hartle, Chas Granby hotel, Grand Forks
.Hartley, Joseph A Dominion avenue, Phoenix
.Hartling, Robert Clinton Crawford's boardinghouse,GrandForks
.Hicks, Francis James North addition, Grand Forks
.Higgins, Frederick First street, Grand Forks
..Holiiiberg, Emil Laurentius  Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
..Hooper, George Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
..Hor'ell, Robert Phoenix, Knox Hill av., between  1st
and Church streets
..Hosking, Thomas B ...Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Hosking, Jacob H .... .Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Houlson, William  John Dean's hotel, First St., Phoenix
..Hughes, Newton Church street, Grand F'orks
..Jackson, George Alexander Paulson
..James, John Hay Bridge street, Grand Forks
.Johnson, William  Stemwinder hotel, Phoenix
..Johnson, Christian Bet. Winnipeg and Victoria avenues,
Grand Forks, Mrs. Taylor's boarding house, Second street
..Johnson, David Cottage hotel, Phoenix
..Jost, James Stanley Cor. Main and 6th sts., Grand  Forks
..Kavanagh, John  Graham's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
..Keefe, Andrew.. ..'.     Brown bldg., Knob Hill av., Phoenix
..Keefe, John Cabin near C.P.R. depot, Phoenix
. Kennedy, John Frederick Grand   Forks
Kennedy, Henry Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
..Keown, Robert .Ruckle additiop, Grand Forks
..Knowec, Dyonz. West's boarding house, Grand Forks
..Knowles, John L Granby hotel, Phoenix
..Kranatz, George Wellington street, Grand Forks
..Lane, John McClintock's homestead, Grand Forks
..Lang, John Snowshoe mine  boarding  house, near
..Lawson, Chas. Henry Second street, Grand Forks
..LeBlanc, J. E Grand Forks
..Liudsell, Chas West's boarding house, Grand Forks
..Linklater, John  Phoenix
..Livesley, Robert A     Ruckle addition, Grand Forks        ,
..Long, Harvey Granby hotel, Grand F'orks
..Longhurst, William Sydney Miss Walker's house, Grand Forks
..Lucente,  Luigi Fife
..Lyttle, .Samuel  Wiseman's, North Fork, Grand Forks
...Mills, Thomas Grand Forks
7Q2..,Marohanton, Alfred E  Riverside avenue, Grand Forks
793...Marks, William  Alex Pboenix   New York   townsite
795...Martin, Alexander  Marsh block, Phoenix
797...Martin, Daniel Granby hotel. Phoenix
799. .Martin, Alex  D Granby hotel, Pboenix
808..,Mathieson, Alex Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
813...May, W. H. M  Grand Forks
S16...Medcalf, Richard Granby hotel. Phoenix
818,..Mellor, Joseph Edward Oro Denoro house, Eholt
821.. Micholson,  Michael Riverside avenue, Grand Forks
823...Miller, Matthew Grand Forks
844...Moore, John West's boarding house, Grond Forks
848 ..Morgan, Edward  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
862...Morrison, Malcolm Fife
870...Mullen,  Patrick ..Butte hotel. Phoenix
872...Mullin, Calvin Herbert Stemwinder hotel, I'hoenix
873...Munro, Duncan David Fisher block, Grand Forks
875...Munro, Henry Alexander Ironsides avenue, I'lioenix
883...Murray, William .Snowshoe boarding house, Phoenix
892. .McBeath, Wm. Maxwell Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
893...McBoth, Neil Granby hotel, Phoenix
895...McBride. John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
900...McCallum, James Balmoral hotel. Phoenix
905...McC'harles, Andrew J Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
No. Name. Place.
910...McCullock, Andrew Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
918,...McDonald,  Angus John Curran's boardinghouse, Grand Fork:
919...McDonald, John Charles First street Grand Forks
924...McDonald, Alfred Bellevue hotel, Phoenix
926...McDonald, John J Dean's hotel, Phoenix
927...McDonald, Duncan A  Granby hotel, Phoenix
937...McDonald, John Alexander  Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
940...McDonald, Harvey William Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
955...McDonough, Joe West's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
903   .McEUigott, A. P  North Fork, Grand Forks
976...Mclnnes, John Granby hotel, Phoenix
977...Mclnnes, Daniel Idaho claim, Phoenix
979...Mclnnes, John H Granby hotel, Phoenix
983...Mclnnis, Dounie A Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
984...Mclnnis, Jesse H Province hotel, GrandForks
997... Mclver, Thomas Balmoral'hotel, Phoenix
1002...McKay, John Duncan Spion Kop, Phoenix
1003...McKay, Frank Victoria hotol, Phoenix
l010.„MaoKenzie, George Thomas B. C. mine, Eholt
1025...McKinnon, Archie Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1026...McKinnon, John Deans hotel, Phoenix
1032...McLean, Hugh Granby hotel, Phoenix
1033,..McLean, Jonathan D Dean's hotel, Phoenix •
1036...McLeod, Alexander Ross Columbia, B. C.
1042.. McLeod, Thomas George Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
1054,..McNaughton, Alexander W  ....Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1083...McVeigh, Albert Grand Forks
1046...MacLeod, Donald Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
1088...Neill,  Herbert Phoenix
1091...Nelson, Wilbur Floyd ranch, Grand Forks
1100...Nicholson, Angus Dean's hotel, I'hoenix
1101...Nicholson, Angus Neill  Cottage hotel, Phoenix
1102...Nicholson, John J Cottage hotel,  I'lioenix
1103...Nicholson, Daniel Granby hotel, Phoenix
1116...O'Brien, James Patrick B. C. mine boardinghouse. Eholt
1117 ...Ockeiman, John Stendal's boarding house, North addition, Grand Forks
H18...0'Connor, Patrick Joseph Grand Forks
1126...O'Neill, Michael GrandForks
1176...Petterson, Angus Johannes Stendal's boarding bouse,Grand Forks
1184... Pierce, Thomas Milton North addition, Grand Forks
1187...Pimm, Edgar John Bridge street, Grand Forks
1188...Pinker, Chas. Henry Idaho claim, Phoenix
1189...Pinker, Percy Banner mineral claim, Phoenix
1212.. Pureell, William John B. C. mine boarding house, Eholt
1224...Rawlinson, Ed H. C Third street, Grand Forks
1229...Redhead, Sydney Granby hotel, Phoenix
1232...Reeder, Mathias Freithrik Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
1234...Rees, William Snowshoe mine boarding house,  near
1235. .Reeves, Christopher Hoaley Delahay block, Dominionav., Phoenix
1238...Reynolds, William H  Christina lake, Fife
1243...Richardson, Saraual  West's boarding house, Grand Forks
1246. .Richmond, Charles Stuart Gladstone
1248. .Riordan, John  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1258,..Robertson, William John Fife
1273...Rollins, Elmer E Bridge street, Grand Forks
1279...Ross, Thomas Province hotel, Grand Forks
1291.. Roy, Adelard B. C. mine, Phoenix
1292...Royer, Jonas Franklin Model Livery barn, Grand Forks
1302...Rutherford, Wilburn James Granby hotel,  Phoenix
1303...Rutledge William Prest's addition, Grand Forks
1304...Ryan, James Edward  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1309,..Sallis, Timothy New York Townsite, Phoenix
1319...Schaefer, Theo M King street, Grand Forks
1320 ..Schliebter, William Clemens ...Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
1321...Sehulli, Roberto Fife
1324...Scott, James Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
1329 ..Sedargreen, George West's boarding house.north of Grand
1337...Sharpe, Miles Madocks Granby hotel, Grand Forks
1343...Sherbino, Vivian McKenzie Knox Hill av. and 2nd st., Phoenix
1344...8ilverthorn, Richard Cor.Knob Hill av. & 2nd St., Phoenix
1345...Simard, Joseph Marie King street, Grand Forks
1347...Simon, Nazrre Union hotel,   Riverside   av..   Grand
1350...Sims, James Leaman Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1366...Smith, David Granby hotel, Phoenix
1376...Speare, David M Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1401 ..Stewart Peter M Fife
1406...Stone, George L   Butte hotel, Phoenix
1430. .Sweeney Ambrose Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
1434...Swindle, Alfred  Cabin near Alexander hotel, Phoenix
l439...Taprill, John  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
1450,..Tedesco, Guiseppe Fife
1452...Tedesco, Giovanni  F'ife
1455...Thomas, Martin B. C. boarding house, Eholt
1472...Tooley, Raymond Ralph Rawhide mine, near Phoenix
1476.. Townshend, William Stewart...Phoenix, Black's hotel
1486...Turner, Roy  Fife
1487...Turner, Robert W Fife
1489...Turner, George Duncan McMillan block, Phoenix
1495...Van Buskirk, Sunford E  Granby hotel, Pboenix
1496...Vaughan, Leonard Mclnnis ifc Vaughan ranch
1506...Walker, Robert D Province hotol, Grand Forks
1509.. Walker, Edward Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1520 ..Watson, John Wesley Lot 2, block   24, plan  23,   Main st.,
Grand Forks
1525...Waugh, Joseph Grand Forks
1527...Webster, Herbert James NearG.N.Ry. station, Grand Forks
1529....Welch, James William West's  boarding house, near  Grand
1531. .Welsh, Edward Joseph Phoenix hotol, Phoenix
1542...White, Milton Daniel Victoriu avenue, Grand Forks
1558... Williams, Morris J. L Granby hotel, Phoenix
1564...Williams, Edmund Golden Eagle mine, Grand Forks
1590...Wynne, James Granby hotel,'Phoenix
1594...Yonng, Herbert Walton Near V. V. & E. bridge crossing Kettle river, Grand Forks
The following persons are reported deceased:
No.                 Name. Place.
254...Cooper, Frederick Edward  Bridge st, Lt. 2,Blk. 15, GrandForks
700...Keron, William  Second street, Grand Forks
771...Lund, Arnt C  First street, Grand Forks
1094...Nelson, Soren GrandForks
1283...Ross, Walter Roger Cr. 4th and Spokane sts.,Grand Forks
1524...Waugh, Andrew Over HuntenKendick Co. store, north
side st. between 1st and  2nd  sts.,
Grand Forks
1587...Wolverton, William Marshall....Cascade.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (tonsignmfiutof
Re-reived Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply ofj
Ice Cream and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honintr a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North op Granby Hotel,
First Street.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
TelephoneAl 29
Rutherford Bros., Props.
60 _YBAH8,_
. _ Marks
Copyrights Ac
r ascertain onr opinion free whether an
i—. __._.,__ .„*-..i-   Comnronlc*
 .„ ..,„..._.—Jl on Patents
lent free. Oldest aircncy for securing patents
Put cuts taken through Munn & Co. reaei
ipeeJalfwtteB, without©.'  _     '
Anyone lending % iketeb and description nay
quickly ascertain our opinion freewiioti	
tcTontlnn is probably tmtenubie. Cot
 luuu AC.
arse, IntM
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lamest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms for
Canada, 83.75 a year, postage prepaid. Bold by
?U neWBdenler*.
r~, T St., WaahiUiitoi. D. a
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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