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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 12, 1913

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 Legtalalin Library
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Charles A. Wallace Buys a
Ranch and Much City
The Montgomery ranch, owned
by W, J. Montgomery and others,
wsa sold this week to Charles A.
Wallace, of Calgiry. Tbe property
is located a short distance east of
our oi y, and ia considered one of
best farms in the valley. It consists
of 77 acrea, snd tbe price paid was
• 135 pt-r acre. Mr Wal'aoe will
move fro ii Calgary to Oraiul Porks,
and Mr Montgomery intends to remove to one of tbe prairie provinces.
Mr. Wallace has also purchased
between thirty and forty lots from
tbe Townsite company near the
Central school. The prices of the>e
lots range from $200 to £300 It is
Mr. Wallace's intention to erect a
$2000 residence on eacb of tbese
lots for renting purposes. Work
was commenced on three of the
houses this week, and others will he
erected as soon as there is a demand for them.
ceedings. All these disadvantages, !
however, might have been overlooked
had not greater difficulties stared the
young lady in tbe face. She claims
that she waa unable to get a boarding |
house, and an -the had never taken a
course in suffragette militancy, ahe
came to the conclusion that she was
not prepared t» go on a hunger strike.
That night she slept in the sohool
house, and the next morning she
was fortunate enough to get a man
to take her trunk hack to the station
She said that if she could have secured no other method of transport*
tion for the trunk, she would have
used it as a toboggan, and trav
eled to Fife in midwinter fashion.
She returned to this city a few days
ago. She is now on her way back to
the east. She should be well quali
Bed to write a book on her experiences ip the wild west.
But Calm Weather Aided
the Firemen to Fight
the Flames
wben matters in connection with
the poultry exhibit at tbe fourth
annual fall fair this month were
thoroughly discussed and acted
A large number ot lots in tbe
Ruckle addition have been Bold during tbe past month.
Agricultural Association Is
Busy Preparing for the
Annual event
Tribulations of a Teacher
A duple of weeks ago the department of education at Victoria sent a
young Nova Scotia lady teacher to
thia city to take charge of the Hilltop
a ihool When ahe arrived here she
could Add no one among a whole city
full of people who could tell her where
the Hilltop sohool* is located. After
a week spent here, during which time
a lively correspondence, both through
his majesty'i mail and by tbe numerous lines of telegraph wires, waa kept
up with the superintendent of education, she learned that Hilltop was
>oiiewhere in the vicinity of Fife, and
left for that place. The people of
Fife appeared to be nearly as ignorant regarding Hilltop aa the people
nf Orand Foi ks, but finally she found
a man who aaid he had heard tbe
name mentioned once or twice. A
further search, and she was rewarded
by encountering a person who admitted that he was quite conversant with
the actual location of Hilltop. It was
six miles from Fife, nearly straight
up in the air, being situated on the
highest 'eminence in the neighborhood. She would have to employ a
guide to take her there, as the road
waa not very well defined She finally
secured a guide and a team to haul
her trunk to Hilltop. On her arrival
at the school house, she discovered
that it was a little log hut affair, un-
plaatered on the inside, thus giving
the wind an unlimited opportunity to
play with the golden locks ot the
teacher and the pupils But even
with the disadvantage of having ohm's
tresses familiarly toyed with hy. the
mountain zephyrs, the plac. possessed
one redeeming feature. The school
house was perched on the loftiest peak
within a radius nf a hundred miles,
and the vieat was •opteinely grand.
An unobstructed view of the entire
southern seotion of British Columhia,
and a portion of the state of Washington, lav stretched In fore the eye,
the mountains and valleys resembliug
huge wsves when the ocean is stirred
by a hurricane It was a splendid
site for an observatory. An engineer
occupying that eminence might have
located the ooast-Kootenay road
without once moving camp. When
the young lady arrived at her destination she learned that the school dis
triot consisted of six- families, all
foreigners. None spoke English, and
as the superintendent of education
had not furnished her with an inter
preter, she was as much of a atranger
in a strange land as if she had been
in Turkey. A meeting of the school
board was held on the night of her
arrival, but as a foreign tongue appeared to be the diplomatic language
of the district, she experienced considerable difficulty in acquainting
herself with tlie nature  of the pro
The Grand Forks Agricultural association held a meeting in the
secretary's oflice on Monday evening.
A large amount ol routine business
in connection witb tbe fourth annual fair, wbicb will be held on the
26th and 26th inst., was trans
acted. Tbe baseball club made a
request tbat tbe diamond be sprin
kled during the fair days. Tbe
matter was referred to a committee
composed of Messrs. Gardner, Mc
Kim and Acrea. A committee of
ladies was also appointed to arrange
thediaplay of women1. fancy work.
A letter wu read from Hon. Martin
Burrell, minister of agriculture. He
expressed regret at not being able to
attend, but enclosed a cbeck fpr 125
in aid of tbe fair.
Shortly after 11 o'clcck last nigbt
fire was discovered in the rear nf
Geo. E. Massie's tailoring estuiilisb-
uieut on bridge strep*, aud an bour
later, wben it had been extinguished, about 11000 worth of damage had been done, principally by
The fire brigade responded
promptly wben the alarm was
turned in, and in an incredibly short
time three or four streauiB were
playing on the flames. Although
tbe fire bad gained considerable
headway wben the department ar
rived on the scene, it wae soon got
under control, and waB prevented
trom spreading to the adjoining
buildings. It is fortunate that there
was no wind blowing at tbe time.
Had there heen.it is quite likely that
all the frame buildings between
Davis' store and the Kettle Valley
restaurant would have been razed.
The tire started in Mr Massie's
workshop, and most of the damage
waB done bere. Friends assisted
bim to remove bis stock of goods, so
Jbat his damage by water was prac
tically nil. Tbe Imperial billiard
parlors and the rooms on tbe second
floor of the Sheads block were damaged by water to tbe extent of about
$300, and Mrs. Dempsey, who had
rooms above Mr. Massie's store, lost
nearly all of ber wearing apparel
The 'total lose amounts to ibout
11000, covered by insurance.
Mr. Massie will repair tbe   building    He has already resumed busi-
A social evening was beld in tbe
school room of the Baptist church
Thursday. The attendance was
good and an enjoyable time was
spent. Refreshments ware served
at the close.
Garage Company Bays
Lot—Discuss a New
Test Shipment From Union
Satisfactory-Will Work
15 Men All Winter
Our Navy Today,
The navy now chiefly consists of:
Hon. J, D. Haxen, minister of Canadian naval service.
The rear admiral in command.
The superintendent of Tida. service.
The director of stores.
The hydrographer, with a number
of assistant clerks and minor officials.
The Tory idea of a naval service,
plenty of gold lace and officers with
no ships or men, is almost Jeached.—
St. Thomas Journal.
E. O. Bosk, furnaceman at the
Granby smelter, is spending a few
weeks on his ranch near Molson,
Wash., while recovering from a severe burn on his foot which he recently sustained at the works.
Work waa started on the new post
office building at Greenwood this
II. Benson, of Calgary, commenced work yesterday on his store
building on the corner of Winnipeg
avenue and Third sireet.
R. T. I/iwery
Greenwood from
has   returned   to
a trip to tbe cent
John Heron and family will leave
tomorrow for Kamloops. They intend to locate permanently either
in that city or nn the coast.
A Montreal newspaper man and a
representative ofjthe Austin automo
bile works, an English concern,
arrived in our at noon today, hav
ing made the entire distance frnm
Montreal in a 30 h.p. Austin car
When they pulled up in front of
Woodland's store tbey had traveled
a little over 5000 miles. This, of
course, included a few side trips
Tbey left immediately luncb for tbe
coast by way of Phoenix, Greenwood and Midway. It was stated
that tbey are making the trip across
the continent for tbe purpose of
thoroughly testing the car on all
kinds of Canadian roads, and to as
certain wbat changes may he re
quired to make the Austin adapted
to this country.
At the meeting of tbe city council
ou Monday tbe question of rebuild-
ing the Bridge sireet bridge across
the North Fork was thoroughly discussed, but no final action was
taken. All tbe members of the
council were present at the meet
H. Benson made application ior
a permit to erect a store building on
tbe corner of Winnipeg avenue and
Third street. Tbe council rejected
tbe application on tbe ground tbat
tbe plans did not conform to tbe
building regulations of tbe city.
Mr- Benson bas since altered the
plans so that tbey comply witb the
building bylaw aud the permit bas
been issued.
A communication was received
from Hon. Martin Burrell, member
for Yale-Cariboo, stating that be bad
received the council's petition to the
federal government for a cession to
tbe city of part of block 16 for
street purposes, and tbat he bad
taken the matter up witb tbe proper
department and would make a
further report as soon as action was
An offer of f300 wag received
from tbe Grand Forks Garage company for lot li, block 8, plon 23.
The offer waB accepted.
A complaint was received from
residents living in the West end to
lbe effect tbat tbe railways persist
in blocking traffic by allowing trains
and cars to aland across tbe public
highways. Tbe clsrk was instructed to make a protest to tbe local
railway agents.
The returns from the ear of ore
shipped frnm the Union mine, in
Gloucester camp, to the Granhy
smelter last week, bave not been
made public, and they are not likely
to he. Louis Johnson, part owner
and manager of the mine, states,
however, that they were entirely
rfetiefactory and fully came up to
expectations. In corroboration of
this statement, it is said that it jb
the intention of the management to
work a force of fifteen men at tbe
property all winter. If the ore pays
a profit at present transportation
charges, the owners should realize
greater returns after snow
wben it can he hauled at
In the case of Gaw vs. Aikens, be
fore Judge Brown in tbe county
court on Saturday, judgment was
given the plaintiff.
W. E. Sott, deputy minister of
agriculture, visited our city on Mon
day E. E. Gibson took him for an
automobile ride through tbo valley.
B. Hoy and M. 8. Middleton, provincial horticulturists, Mr. Itiuardo,
of Vernon, and a number nf local
citizens accompanied him on his
trip through tbe surrounding  ooun-
fy.   •
Bnrn-^In Grand Forks, on Thursday, August 3, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Russell, a son.
I wish to heartily thank the mem
Work Started This Week on
a Two-Storey Cement-
Block Building
Tbe funeral of the late Edward
Ruckle was beld at 2.30 laBt Sunday
from tbe Presbyterian cburcb, Rev.
M D. McKee conducting the Ber
vice. The attendance wns very
large. Interment was made at
Evergreen cemetery.
The Oranby company treated
101,722 tons of ore and produced
1,827,300 pounds of hlistor copper
during August.
There are twenty three students
in the Grand Forks high school this
this year.
Dr. C M. Kingston made a htij|.
ness trip to the Similkameen country this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Macdonald,
who have been visiting at the home
of Dr. C. M. Kingston and family,
have returned lo their bome in Edmonton.
A local sportman  was fined 110
and  costs  in the police court yea-  hers of the Grand  Forks Volunteer
terday for Belling a deer after  hav-. Fire department for Iheir valuable I
ing removed the animal's head.       I work in saving my property at the'    This ie the busy season for  Allon
  ' fire last night, and also the citizens & Norris.    It takes all their time to
Aubrey Miller left today for Pull- for their assistance  in saving *ny keep the orchardists supplied   witb
man, Wash., to resume his studies goods.—Geo. E. Massie. fruit boxes.
at tbe Washington State college.       i _*.»          	
  The Spokane Interstate fair opens |    The Western Pine & Lumber corn-
Today is a legal holiday in   Jeru- next Monday. ! pany of this city will take out nine
It is the Jewish New Year., -   million feet of logs this fall and win-
  A meeting of the  Grand   Forks ter.   Some of the camps   have  al-
Read The Sun - and keep  posted Poultry association was held in the readv  been  established up in the
on current events. secretary's office on Friday evening,  North Fprk country.
Work was started on Tuesday on
Dr. C. M. Kingston's new two-storey
cement-block hospital, on the corner of Winnipeg avenue and Fourth
Btreet, nnd if the hretent plans do
not miscarry, tbe building will be
ready for occupancy early in January. Tom Wright haa charge of
tbe masonry work, and be ie put-
ing ail tbe men to work tbat be can
get The hospital proper will be
66 feei long and 56 feet wide, with a
large basement under the ontire
building. Separate and distinct
from the main building a maternity
wing, 16x32 feet, will be built, and
this will have two wards. Tbe estimated cost of the building is between 115,000 and $20,000.
The first floor of the main building will contain a general men'e
ward of ten beds, and a general -
women's ward of six beds; tbree private warda, an operating room,otflce,
waiting room, dining room and
kitchen. The upper floor will furnish accommodations for sixteen
patients, and have ample room for
tbe nurses' quarters. In front on
the upper floor there will be a large
balcony partly set in under cover as
a protection from the weather. On
tbe side provision ie made fnr a sun
room 20 jx 10 feet. Lifts und chutes
will also be installed to facilitate the
handling of dishes, etc. The build-
ins will he steam heated and electric
lighted throughout, and will contain sll modern conveniences.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
dny during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Min.    Max,
Sept.  5—Friday  41 72
6—Saturday  .... 39 71
7—Sundty  36 81
8—Monday  il 82
9—Tuesday  37 6J
10—Wednesday .. 29 (.8
11 -Thursday  34 77
Rainfall  0.01
Board of Trade Meeting
A regular meeting of tbe board nf
trade will be held in the council
chamber on Wednesday next, September 17, at 8 p.m.
 Li Owning  thc   Farm  or  Being   Owned
  ! by it
Progressive Policy Inaugurated by the]    whe„ |he p|a|n truth ,9 wrltten ,t
Federal Government
The report recently Issued by the'
Chief Conservator of Forests in South
Africa for the year ending on December 81st, 1»11, Is of considerable Interest by way of comparison with
what Is being done along forestry
lines in this country. For such a
young Union the progress made ls remarkable, and considerable credit is
due to tho Forest Department for the
efllclency already altalned in administration   and   flre-prutectlpn.
The area of tlie Forest Reserves in
the Union or South Africa In December, 11)11, was 1,71)9,550 acres. Besides this, there were also 42,687
acres reserve-*] for growing railway
ties, on which railway funds alone
were expended, making u total reserved area of 1,842,1*17 acres. ThiB
area Is divided Into seven conserv-
iiiieirs—roughly speaking, a cerserv-
anoy to each province In the Union.
Each conservancy, co.l_lll.tlnf. usually
of several reserves, is administered
by n District. Forest Officer and a
technically trained Assistant. Forester, tinder ibem are chiefs of reserves, forest guards, rangers, etc.
The more important positions are all
tilled by technical foresters, usually
h's'ilv trained men who have com-
pleted their course in the Oxford
school of Forestry and in Germany.
Tills organization very closely resembles that of the Canadian Government forest reserves.
Under their snpervisidn, forest surveys are being made for the demarcation of new reserves, and existing reserves are being protected from Are
by burning or cutting lire-belts around
the reserves a..d by planting up their
perimeters with trees of the less in-
llammable species. As a result of
these precautions, there were (turned
during the season of mil only seven
hundred acres or 0.04 per cent, of
the total area.
On the reserves themselves Improvement cuttings are being carried
on under tlle direction of forest officials, for lhe removal of defective timber and weed trees, and these operations not only have much Improved
the species composition ot the forests
but have proved financially justifiable
as well.
Replanting Is also being extensively
carried on In the various Reserves,
Ihe total nrea replanted at the end of
1011 being 48,136 acres. Several
species-of exotics are being introduced witl. considerable success.
Nurseries are maintained and the
seed and transplants of forest trees
are sold to the public at cost. About
sis thousand dollars worth of seed
was sold by the Department during
ihe year, together with 2,806,402 seedlings, valued at over -(42,600.00.
The .not or bus stopped and the contactor looked expectantly up the steps
uut no one descended and at last he
-talked up Impatiently.
'Bre you, he said to a man on lop,
lon't you want Westminster Abbey?
Yes; was Ihe reply.
Well, retorted the conductor, come
Iown for it. I can't bring it on the
jus for you.
must be stated that the magnificent
piairtes are Inhabited In large measure by people who are very materialistic in their tastes and thinking. In
the hurry and excitement of making
good on the homestead, the finer sensibilities are frequently dulled, and
many forget that worthy citizenship
Is not simply a matter of making a
living, but of living a life. We need
more frequently to be reminded that
man <loe3 not live by bread alone—
that we have other needs than the
mere vulgar necessity of three meals
a day, and a place to sleep at night.
The farmer and his wife who decide
that so far as their house Is concerned the esthetic, the beautiful, the love
of (ruth and goodness, the pleasure of
pure and Innocent fun. the comrade:,
ship of worthy books, the, gladness of
music, ihe mlnth of laughter the mysterious awe which comes over (hose
who take lime to pry Into Nature's
wonderland-»-we say that the farmer
and his wife who decide that these
things are legitimate and desirable—
that tihey are worth taking time for
—such persons as these make no mistake.
There ore many farm homes In
which far too great a premium is put
upon that duality of character which
Is misnamed industry. The father
takes pride in the fact thut his boys
are everlastingly on the grindstone
from dawn to dusk- and tbat they
have no time for gadding. He prides
himself that they aie hard workers.
And, yet his sons are mere drudges.
They may hold the record for a big
day's stooklng but they know nothing
about books or flowers or the relaxation nr an idle day with a fishing
rod. They pass by, unnoticed, the
sunlit ripples and the cool, deep shadows of the farm brook; they never
look up to behold the glory of the
nineet; they know not the cunning
ways of tlle bee, nor the wonderful
world of plant life about their feet;
they are just common drudges, work-
ins ah lay long In God'B wonderful
laboratory, but with eyes that are
holden that tley may not see.
Wc make ro plea for mere Idling,
lure ii.doli-r.e-(i Is always a crime..
And fretiuently It leads to other
crimes worse even than Itself. But
there Is no Indolence ln an hour now
and then with the children In gathering, naming and admiring the prairie
flowers: In an effort to surround the
other things ot beauty; and In a word
to live in companionship with the
farm, regarding It not merely for Its
mercenary value, but also for IU delightful associations and constant
round ot Interest and of surprise.
There are some families who really
own their farm aud enjoy it; but there
are other families who think they own
a farm, but who in reality are owned
by It, and have become Its slave.—
Nor-West Farmer.
Origin of Irish Lace
Irish lace originated from the failure of the potato crop that caused the
famine or 18-16. The abbess-ot a convent In County Cork, looking about
for some lucrative employment to
help the half-starved children who attended her schools, unravelled thread
by thread a scrap of point de Milan,
Life in Macedonia
We arose early one February morning and left oi r fairly clean hotel
ln Neapolis for four Lours of travel,
over the modern road near the Via
Egnatia, which should take ns to ancient PhUIppl. Our vehicle waa a
somewhsft dilapidated hack, such as
Americans are familiar with at-aimoat
...v.*..   _*  ..fl-.u^   ...   ,.«..._   A..-   flm-uiiAuKiiiaua nre laminar Hliu Ul. au-i-in-
and finally mastered the complicated  every considerable rallwav station but
details.     She then selected the girls j surprisingly   comfortable  conveyance
who were quickest of needlework and
taught them what she had painfully
learned. The new Industry prospered, and one of the pupils, In a pardonable bull, declared lhat if It had
not been for the famine we would all
have been starved.
Who Waa He?
Father, said a boy of twelve, who
was Shylock?
What, exclaimed his father, have
I sent you to Sunday school for the
past six yearB, only to have you ask
me who Shylock was? Shame on
you! Get your Bible and find out
this minute!
Customer—1  want  a  ton  cf coal.
Dealer—Yes, tlr.      What size?
Customer— Well, If It's not asking
too mucb, I'd like to have a 2000
pound ton.
State of Uito, City of Toledo,
Lucas County "
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho ll
renlor partner of Ihe firm of F. 3.
Chenev & Co., doing business In the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that .said firm will pay the sum ot
ONE llUriDHED DOLLARS for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Caton-h Cure.
Sworn to hei..,- me snd subscribed In
i - presence, i.-s mn day of December,
A.D. MM.
■Seal.) A. W. OLHASON,
Notary Public."
Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken Internally,
md acts directly on the blood and
muc..:s surfaces of the system. Send
for test    nnlals free.
F. J. CHENEU & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold Iv all drusfiste, 75c.
Tc :o Hall's Family fills for co..»tlp».
Georgia lawyer (to retired prlson-
.r)—Well, Has, so you want me to
lefend you.    Have you any money?
RasttiB—No; tut I'se got a mute,
tnd a few chickens, aud a hog or two.
Lawyer—Those will do very nicely.
Mow, let me sec, what do they accuse
:ou of stealing?
Kiistus—Oh, a mule, and a lew chlc-
teus and n hog or two.
Contest Winners Shortly to be Announced
Though still busily engaged In Ihe
tremendous task cf reading the letters received from nearly 20,000
.chool children in the contest conducted by the Remington Literary
Committee, the judges are new nearing the completion of their painstaking work and -ill shortly make an-
nouncemci.t ot winners. The general run ot the letters la so excellent
and the determining of superior merit
I.-, individual cases so difficult, that
the judges have decided to give, In ad-
dition to the prises already scheduled,
flrst, second and third medals In each
of the four classes. In a few days
the awards of these aud ot the 2,000
other prizes offeree, will be known by
the pupils who throughout the country are eagerly awaiting the news.
The Right Soap
For Baby's Skin
Is Cuticura Soap
TN the care of
hair, Culicura
Soap i.s the
mother's favourite.    Not
 only is it unr.-
valed iu * "rily nnd refreshing
fragrance, but ils gentle emollient properties render it of
great value in promoting skin
and hair health generally. For
thc treatment of eczemas, rashes
and other itching, burning infantile eruptions, warm baths
with Cuticura Soap, followed
by gentle applications of Cuticura Ointment arc usually effective when other methods fail.
Cuticura Soap wears to a wafer,
often outlasting several cakes
of ordinary soap and making
its use most economical.
Cik-iira Soap and Ointment aro sold
throughout tlio world. A lilieml sample of
each, with ntl-page liooklet on tho caro and
treatmont of the ikln and scalp, sent post-
free. Address Potter Drug & Cheat. Corp-J i
Dipt. 101), Boston, U. B. A.
m-—  __«*
W   N. U. Ml
Dr. Edward Sanger said In New
Wc should, not announce cures unless Ihey are real cures. Imagination plays too greut a part In a patient's feelings.
Imagination must always be reckoned with medicine—sometimes as a
friend, sonietlmw as a foe. I know
a lloctor who treated an old woman
for typhoid, and on each visit he
took her temperature by holding a
thermometer under her tongue. One
dty, when she had nearly recovered,
the doctor did not bother to take her
temperature and he had hardly got
100 yards tram the house when'-her
son called him back.
Mother Is worse, said the man.
Come back at once.
The doctor returned. On his entry Into the sick room the old woman
looked up at him with angry and reproachful eyen.
Doctor, she said; why didn't you
today?     That always done me more
good than all the rest of your trash.
Seti! Sea everywhere, as the great
ilner made her powerful course over
the Atlantic.
Oh, captain, came   a   disconsolate I
groan from a seasick ptissenger, half
reeling In a deck chair, how far are
we off land?
No answer came to this remark,
which had been reiterated Beveral
tlmn that (lay.
'■ captain, do    answer    me—how
.•Ilie uud a half, eame the gruff
Thank  heuven!    ln  what  direction
A twinkle iime for » moment In
tlie eye of the trusque old sea dog.
Straight down! he grunted.
Their Aim
I suppose, said the husband, 1 suppose lhal you women want lo vote
just like men do?
Oh, no, replied his wife, that Ib not
the point, We want to vote a great
deal better than the men do.
Corns are caused by the pressure of
tight boots, but no one need be troubled with them long when bo simple
a remedy as Molloway's Corn Cure Is
Odd Uses of Sugar
If all the sugar that ls eaten In tha
course of a year were to be equally
divided,  every  person  lu   the  world
would have at least twenty pounds.
But besides being used as food,'sugar
has many industrial uses.    It ls tho
cheapest form of a chemically pure
carbohydrate,  and   Is  often   used  In
place of starch, dextrin, or glucose.
Sugar Is frequently put In compounds
for   removing  and  preventing  boiler
scale,     lt Is used In Ibe manufacture
of shop-blacking,    transparent    soap,
copying-Ink, and inkrollers for print-
presses.     Certain explosives contain
from six to forty per cent, of It.    lt
I Ib employed In dyeing establishments,
i by tanneries for filling leather and ln
{a large number ot other Industries.
— ■ .    ,,        *     ,"   _    .       ..Sugar has a hardening and strength-
me ,i,eJ1^?.L"n'!,e„Lmli0"g„!!ienlng action In mortal-.   The moFtar
used to rebuild the Museum of Natural   History  In  Berlin  const-ted ot
one part lime, one pat   sand and two
parts sugar.      Even   a   very   small
quantity, however, even  as  little ns
one-quarter of one per cent, exerts a
very harmful effect on cement.
Minard's   Liniment  Curea  Garget
Aluminum Servant of Man
When the history of our age is
written the story of aluminum is going to occupy a prominent page, says
Harpers' Weekly. It Is quite as wonderful as the story of electricity, the
all-pervading giant lhat lay hidden
for ages In murky clouds, In masses
of coal, copper and toft Iron, nnd in
myriads of waterfalls, until Franklin
and Morse and Edison put blm IA
harness and made him one ot the
ii.osi useful and Ingenious sen-nuts of
mnn Aluminum, which constitutes
nearly one-twelfth of the earth crust,
lay obscure untl'. Sir Humphrey Davy
ln 1808, declared that clay and many
clayey rocks depended upon some
metal as a base.
for this part of the world. Rattling
dow.n some steep, roughly paved
streets we came to the centre of the
great Roman aqueduct and ascended
another steep street on the other Bide
of the market place.
Early as It was, we found that tho
people of Kavalla were up and doing.
The stalls of the fruit men were attractive with oranges, pomegranates,
lemons and dates. The .vegetable
dealers displayed a tempting array • ■
cauliflowers, cabbages, onions, okra,
leeks and potatoes.
Ab In all eastern cities, there was
no privacy. The cook was preparing
Ills breakfast on the sidewalk, lhe
shoe-maker was plying his awl, the
tailor his needle, and the blacksmith
was shoeing his horses almost In the
very ,-treet.
Dr. William.' Pink Pills Rebuild
Shattered Nerves
Good blood—rich, red blood—makes
all the difference between health and
sickness. If the blood Is thin and
watery, the health of the whole bod/
suffers. The sufferer becomes nervous anC irritable; the stomach fall;
In strength and the appetite becomes
poor. Food does not give the necessary nourishment, and the first feeling of weakncEs passes, as time goes
oh, Into a general breakdown In the
health. The case of Mrs. Angell-
qr.e Qagnon, of St. Jerome, Que.,
Illustrates the truth of these statements. Mrs. Qagnon says: "I am
flfty years of age and up to a few
months ago always enjoyed the best
of health. Th.n I began to feel rundown and weak, without patience or
ambition. My appetite grew poor,
and my nerves seemed to be on edge,
and the least noise or worry would
make in; Irr'l.-ble and nervous. Lite
became nil i ct**al burden and I could
no longer look after my houaehold
duties. My doctor prescribed and ordered a change, saying that I was a
nervous wreck. I tried to become
interested ln other thinga but failed,
and my condition was really deplorable. I continued In this condition
for several months, gradually going
down, and as my doctor was not helping me I was easily persuaded by a
friend to try Dr. Wllliains* Pink Pills.
After taking the pills for a few weeks
I could see an Improvement, and I
gladly continued using them for a
couple of montha, when I found my
health fully restored. I am more
than thankful for what Dr. Williams'
Pink PIUs have done for me, and I
gladly recommend them to all who
are weak, nervous and run down."
By making rich, red blood Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure such cases as
Mrs. Gagnon's. In thi same way
they euro ervous headaches, neuralgia, indigestion, rheumatism, St. Vitus dance, and the ailments that come
lo growing girls and women of mature
If you nre at all unwell start
to-day to cure yourself with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, what they have done
for others they will surely do for you,
It given a fair trial. Sold by all
druggists or by mall, post paid, at 60
cents a box or six boxes for 12.50 by
addressing The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
At first It has been contended, men
used both arms Indifferently, and
those who when fighting pushed the
right side forward had the advantage
of shielding their hcurtn and so lived
lo produce descendants who Inherited
their tendencies. Be this as It may,
there Is no doubt that the two sides of
the brain have different functions, and
right or left-handedneis is by no
means restricted to the arms alone.
One Investigator was very often able
to recognize left handedness by the
examination of the left eye. Tbe
centre ot speech ls ou the left side
of the brain of a right handed person
and on the rlgbt side of a left handed
person. Children show unmistakable
evidence of two speech centres, though
one atrophlea owing to the preference given to one hand. Nevertheless experiments show that lt caa be
successfully resuscitated*
Canadian    Railways    Cancel    Tariffs
Coveriny Cartage Points In
Railway), of Canada have Issued
notice of cancellation ot tariffs covering cartage points In Canada, effective October 1, 1913. On and after
that date shipper nnd - consignees
will pe expected to make their own
arrangements for cartage.
It ls stated that this action on the
part of the transportation companies
In the result of the failure to renew
existing contracts with the cartage
companies at present prices, the latter
cl.-lming that owing to Increased cost
of supplies, labor and other matters
entering Into the performance of ths
service, they must have lncreasei'
compensation. On the other hand,
the railways contend that It Ib impossible to Increase their burden of sue'.'
extra expenses for the very reason
given by the cartage companies—
namely, Increased expanses.
The change ln conditions at cartage point j in Canada, It Is pointed
out, Is In line with practices which
have long prevailed nt American
Cities, when the public are obliged
to make their own arrangements with
the cartage companies for deliveries
to or from the railway terminal.
One of the commonest -complaints
of Infants ls worms, and the most effective application for them is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Tanning by Electricity
A new electric tanning process, invented by the Swedish scientist, Dr.
A. Groth, and applied on a practical
scale In an English works, is attract
ing much attention, and one of the
prominent electrical firms Is to take
It up for commercial use. With this
method, the hides are put In special
vats along with metal conductors, so
as to carry out an electrolytic action,
and this will tan the hides In much
less time than usual, for Instance,
six weeks as compared to several
months. Leather of better quality
Is produced In this way, and the method gives a perfect and solid tanning.
Various electrical devices Iii the shape
of regulators, also safety apparatus
for over-current, make the process almost an automatic one^
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
A Scotch caddie Is almost certalc
to be a shrewd observer of men and
things, and he Is frequently girted
with a sharp tongue of hla own.
Lang WIHIe was for many years
a well-known figure on the St. Andrews golf links. On the occasion of
Louis Kossuth's visit to St. Andrews
a public dinner was given In his honor and Willie applied for a ticket te
the bailie who waa Id charge of the
arrangements. The worthy maa
curtly refused the application, saylaj
to Willie that It waB no place for tbe
likes of him to be at the dinner.
No for tae likes ot me? waB Willie's
Indignant rejoinder. I've been la
tbe oompany ot gentlemen from 11 to
4 o'clock malst days for the la*
thirty years, and that's nmlr tban yoa
can say!
A teacher In a big elementary school
had given lessons to an Infant claaa
on the ten commandments. In order
to test thelc memories she asked:
Can any llllle cbild give me a commandment with only four words la
A li.mil was raised Immediately.
Well? said lhe teacher.
Keep oft tho truss, waa the reply.
The Remedy
She—George dear, here's a scientist
who Bays the earth Is wabbling on its
axis. What do you suppose they can
do about It?
George (absently)—Open up Uie
muffler, reverse the lever abut oil the
power, lybrlcgt£ the bearings and
tighten the Wheel cap.
ing here
Why do you persist In com-
I tell you I don't buy ne
ither— Ob, 1 don't wish lo-«»l_
any of ay utorW, J MB writing a
•uort serial f-litltTed: The Ugliest Mao
on Earth, and came In merely to obtain local color,
A Lark'a Lofty Flight
Some Bavarian ofllcers experimenting with a balloon 6,000 feet aloft
noticed a little black sp< k which
seemed to ..ccompany them and which
tliey thought waa one of the cards
they carried for throwing out reports
and that the dropping of tbe balloon
drew tt along, but on looking al the
barometer tbey found tbat the balloon
waa rising add hot dropping. Suddenly, however, a loud chirping showed that^ It wjp a la^k, yjlet Hj-Im it
una extraordinary height, had been
frightened by the balloon.-       	
Take things easy, lt they don't bt.
long to others,
"Blue" Feeling
Wbca yea feci die-
caarafed smtsW tbe
jam AM i
_ It maybe tbat year Hrer Is Mi-ad aad tetmm te week, ar jeer
digestive ergaae have had too mack te de sad seed ean. Parkapa
yea bare beta eating tha siwf kM of foed, aad Mar Used h toe
rich er tapetetbheX What jam mssS ta a teals. _
^^^^^^^^^^     .WtetyaaaMttls a 	
&Sss^GoMen .Medical Discovery
0VHI ^f -aW-^^WtV IW
Tease M_s emttee syalsa..  Tke weak sto-iaek le
urates with newllfe. 1%* Used Is clesased «f all
" te every vela aad .mit* eat -nusele and
* rrmtini, W*t***D*ea-tmr.
- ,«.r. nI>.
A^k your Druggist or Grocer
tc* show you the new plan for
kijling all the flics in your
house or store in one night,
add have neither flies nor fly
killers about in the daytime.
Taots of Great Structures Across the
Tay and Forth
.**Jot tiie least of the extraordinary
•ears of the redoubtable bridge-bulld-
sr, -.Sir William Arrol, was the fact
that at one time he carried on two
auch gigantic contracts as tbe Tay
ind. Forth Bridges. It was a striking
tribute to his great powers ot organl-
tatlon and to his genius for engineering, on a mammoth scale. The construction of the Tay Bridge was only
ialt-flnlshed when lie made a start
with the gigantic undertaking which
aow spans the Firth of Forth, from
lhe* designs ot Sir John Fowler and
Sir;Benjamin Baker. Over a year
. was spent In the preliminary preparations alone—the designing and making, of Bpeclal plant, the erection - f
workshops on shore and the thousands
and one things essential to the success
at auch a large scheme.. Tbe cost of
temporary plant ran to hal.-a-mill.on
sterling, and Included thirty sleam
a.id other barges, tugs, launches anl
boats, sixty steam cranes and winches,
fifty hydraulic cranes, forty-eight
steam engines acl hydraulic Jacks,
hand-cranes and drlllii... machines almost Innumerable; not to
mentloi. oue million cubic feet ot timber and sixty miles of wire. The
enormous nature of this engineering
wonder of tbe world may be gathered
from the following figures: The total
length Is over a mile and a half, and
consists ot two spans, each nearly a
third of a l.iile long; two spans ot six
hundred and seventy-five feet each. In
the piers there are about one hundred
and tweity thousand cubic yards of
masonry, and In the super-structure
over forty thousand tons ot steel and
aome fifteen thousand tons ot Iron.
The building of the Tay Bridge was
an-opportunity for a display of hla
engineering genius which the ambit-
iotts brldgenibker eagerly welcomed.
A rigorous examination revealed the
old foundations to be insecure, and lt
was decided to build an entirely new
bridge a short distance farther up the
river-. Within five years from Its
oommencemeiit—1882 to 1887—a remarkable erection, over two miles ln
length, and constructed at a cost of
seven hundred and flfty thousand
pounds, spanned Ilie estuary, a structure strong enough to defy the fiercest
gale that ever blew, - It was tho
greatest engineering triumph of tha
age. until It was eclipsed by a great-
en—the Forth Bridge.
Dining on Books
With the exception of minerals lt
ls difficult for one to find on the
earth's surface substances that do
not tempt the appetite of some sort
of animal. The list ot queer articles
ot diet includes the earth, which Is
munched with satisfaction by the
clay eater, and the walrus hide, which
the Eskimo relishes as much aB John
Bull his joint of beef.
- It ls not generally known, however, that men, as well as mice and
bookworms have eaten dinners that
have consisted only of books.
In 1370 Barnado de Vlscontl compelled two Papal delegates to eat the
bull of excommunication whicb they
had brought him, together with Ita
silken cords and leaden seal. As the
bull was written an parchment, not
paper, It was all the more difficult
to digest.
There was also an American general who had signed a note for 2,000
florins,/ind when lt tell due compelled
his creditors to eat It. The Tar-
tarB, when books fall Into their possession, eat them, that they may .acquire the knowledge contained ln
A Scandinavian writer, the author
of a political book, was compelled to
choose between being beheaded or
eating his manuscript boiled in broth
Itsaac Volmar, who wrote some spicy
satires against Bernard, Duke of Sax-
ony, wa3 not allowed the courtesy of
the kitchen, but was forced to swallow them uncooked.
Still worse was the fate ot Philip
Oldenburger, a Jurist of great renown
who -was condemned not only to eat
a pamphlet of his writing, but also
to be flogged during his repast with
orders that the flogging should not
cease until h- had swallowed
last crumb.
Most Infants are Infested by worms,
whicli cause great Buttering, and It
not promptly dealt with may cause
constitutional weakneases difficult to
remedy. Miller's Worm Powders
will clear the atomach and bowels ot
worms aud will bo act upon the system that thet will be no recurrence
of tho trouble. And not only this,
but they wilt r.p.ilr the Injuries to
the organs that worms cause and re-
atoro them lo soundness.
He Wouldn't Do
W. wer.* going along ut an awful
apecd, he said, 1 didn't see Ihe dog
bftt I heard his kl-yl, bo I ordered the
chauffeur to stop. Going bark, we
found an Irate woman standing over
ksr dead dog—one ot Ihe ugllost dogs
you ever saw. She met us with
tirade ot strong remarks, telling
as ln no uncertain terms what ahe
thought or us and motorists ln gen
enil, finishing up hy railing us the
murderers of her dog. It was then
that I thought I would pacify ber.
-Madam, I said, I will replace your
mtse ot voice, you flatter youraelt.
The Way of I*.
Bome mon make fools of themselves
for a pretty girl and a lot ot others
don't even have that excuse.
'Keep a can at your office, workshop or
borne. Alway, useful, nntlHptlc, Good
[for your Inudi. All Dealera xc\\ Snap.
j war cmpuv. uump.. aminis.
W. N. U. Mt
Saskatchewan Lady Adda Her Testimony to What Haa Already Been
Said of the Great Work Dodd's Kidney Pills are Doing.
Caeaarvllle, Sask.    (Special)—Tho
scarcity ot female help In a new country subjects the women of the prairies to unusual Btrain, and careful observation has established the fact that
this stialn first mak . Itself felt ln
the kidneys.   For this reastn Dodd's
Kidney PIUs -re making an enviable
reputation from the Great Lakes to
the foothills of the Rockies.
Everywhere you will find women
singing the praises ot the great Can
adlan kidney remedy that has ban
lshed their patna and weariness, and
brought them back to health. Among
the many la Mra. Edgar Cowen, an
estimable lady of this place.
"I have found Dodd's Kidney Pilla
very beneficial," Mrs. Cowen stales.
"If anything I can say will help any
sufferer I am glad to add my testimonial to wbat has already been said."
The kidneys strain all the refuse
material out of the blood. It they
are out of order this refuse remains ln
the blood, and becomes poison. That's
why sound kidneys mean pure blood
and good health. Dodd'e Kidney
Pills make sound kidneys.
Quotations That ara Wrong
. Some of the most frequently uaed
quotatlona are not quotations at all,
but ln many cases convey tbe opposite meaning of the original wording.
Fenimore Cooper, for Instance,
thought he was quoting from the .Bible when he spoke of an Inscription
being bo devised that he who runs
may read, signifying that lt was easier to run than read.
lf Cooper had looked In his Bible
he would have found ln the book ot
Ilabakuk that the passage he tried
to quote was: Write the vision and
make It plain tbat he may run that
readeth It. The vision waa a warning : nd the reader was to flee from
danger, but the Cooper version hae
survived Ihe original and practically
put It out or use.
A popular chronic misquotation Ib
that of the passage In lludlbras
which says; He that compiles ngalnst
his will ls or the Bame opinion still.
Authors and public speakers wltboul
number have twisted that Into: A man
convinced against his will Is of tho
Bame opinion atlll, forgettlug that a
man who waa convinced could not
possibly remain ot the same opinion
for If he was ot thc time opinion he
would not be convinced.
Theodore ltoosevelt publicly declared ihat Washington in his farewell address aaid: To be prepared for war
Is the moat effective means to promote
peace. But the flrst President said
nothing ot the sort In his farewell
address. In his flrst message to Congress he Bald: To be prepared for war
Is one of the most effective means ot
preserving peace, and be spoke ot oth-
tr means aa well.
Novelists do not seem to be very
strong ln their knowledge ot the
ScrlptureB «omehow, and Sir Walter
Scott, In 'The Heart ot Midlothian,'
attempts to point a moral with the
words: Our almple and unpretending
heroine had the merit ot those peacemakers to whom It Is promised as a
benediction that they ahall Inherit the
earth. The fact Is that the peacemakers did not receive any auch promise, but It Is said that the meek
ahall Inherit the earth.
Pro.—They   cay  lightning    never
strike.-, twice In the samo place.
Kohn—Well, what's thc use?
Light Thrown on  Forest and Trade
Conditions  by  New Government
Over 1200 wood-using Industries in
Ontario contributed the data for a bulletin on this Industry now being issued by the Forestry Branch, Ottawa.
Thirty four different kinds ot wood
are being UBed by those Industries
and the detailed Information regarding the various uses to which such
woods are put,- should be of considerable value not only to the manufacturer by showing new means of waste
disposal, but also to the house holder
by Indicating what native woods are
best fitted to replace the more expensive Imported stock, for interior decoration, furniture and flooring.
The bulletin also shows Incidentally the increasing poverty ot Ontario
with regard to the more valuable work
woods. Almost halt ot the thirty-
four kinds of wood used are obtained
principally from outside sources and
three and one half million dollars are
annually sent out of the province for
Imported wood stock. The imported
oak alone costs one million six hundred thousand dollars annually, for
this tree has become commercially
extinct ln Ontario while the hickory
and ohestnut groves ot southern Ontario have also, almost entirely disappeared. Even good clear white
pine Is becoming hard to obtain and
Its market value Is steadily rising for
It represents twenty one per cent
ot the total wood consumption in Ontario for industrial purposes.
Ot more Interest to the small consumer of wood-products are the side
lights the bulletin throws on the possibility ot substituting cheap home
grown woods for the expensive foreign species now used so extensively.
Recent tests mado of their physical
properties have demonstrated the suitability for certain purposes of many
native species, hitherto despised by
the dealers. For hardwood flooring
lu plac.' ot the oak and maple now
in general use, may be substituted the
home grown birch and beech which
take a high polish and have the advantage et being considerably cheaper. Likewise for Interior finishing,
the expensive oak can be very closely
Imitated by stained black ash and
stained birch ls aimoat Indistinguishable from mahogany, while stained
red gum requires an expert to distinguish lt from the costly Circassian
waluut. The now expensive white
pine Is being replaced, where durability la not a requisite, by the cheaper
spruce, basswood and elm. Poplar
and balsam flr are two of tbe most
common trees ln Ontario and that
tbey bave wider uses Is evident from
the fact that poplar ls highly valued
tor b-.rdwood flooring ln Manitoba
while balsam flr Is perhaps tbe most
widely used native species dn the
Maritime provinces.
The bulletin also Indicates the existence of a market ln Ontario for
sumcc, apple and cherry logs. Tke
lumber cut from tliem being worth
$30, $46.50, a.id $44.SO per thousand
feet board measure respectively. The
Forestry Branch has already been Instrumental ln securing Bales ot the
wood of worn out apple orcharda and
Is desirous of further serving the public along these lines. The bulletin
on Thc Wood-using Industries of Ontario can be had gratia from the Forestry Branch, Department of the Interior, Ottawa. A similar report
dealing wilh the Maritime Provinces
will appear shortly.
VT^HAT do you pay for in shot-
" shells) _  Why, plainly for shooting
quality which means accurate loads, uniformity, suro
fire, care and experience in the making.
Then specify Remington-UMC—Canadian made, from our new
factory at Windsor, Ontario. Arrow or Nitro Club amolteleas load-.
Slightly higher in cost-more reliable in the field.
We wil be dad tc aend a booklet explaining -imply many le_.liul.ut pointa of ammunition manufacture.   Your name and wdreia on a poat-card bringa it by return mail
Remington-Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., windeor, Ontario
Dangerous chemlcale ara not used In tipping EODY'8 Ses-qul Safe Light matches.
Sea that you get EDDY'S and no other
"Just aa good."
Safety—in Ita complete sense—la abs»
lutely guaranteed, but you must aik for
EDDY'S new
Has Them
I bought a horse with a supposedly
Incurable ringbone tor $30. Cured
him with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S
LINIMENT and sold him for $86.00.
Profit ot. Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phllllppe, Que,
Novel Musketry Practice
A report comes from Vienna ot Ihe
utilisation ot the cinematograph for
ln»tructloii In musketry. The firing
squad Is posted In trout ot a cinematograph screen, and a moving colored
picture ot the battlefield Is thrown on
It from behind them. Each man has
to pick up his target, lake aim and
Are. When a shot Is fired the film
stoPB for a second, and lhe hole made
by the bullet In Iho screen Is Illuminated by a flashlight behind It, which
shows the position of tho lilt with
reterenco to the target.
Pa, what Is meant by id!.* curiosity?
A /cry good example ot Idle curiosity
my son, Is a twelve-dollar a week
Bhoe clerk asking the price ot i '.ito-
mobile tires.
Tho eqnalor Is an Imaginary line,
running around the earth, Bald the
boy who likes to tel° what he has
leart-.eil at school.
An Imaginary line, repeated the
great railway llnanclt". absent-mindedly.     Wlo is promoting It?
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If yoa have Red, Weak, Watsry Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Bell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murina Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c.    Eye Book) Free by Mall.
tturlae St* Re-Mdy Ce., CMeaio
Correcting tha Answer
At a horse-stealing trial out west a
jury was gathered and ahut up In a
room after a brief trial, and wben an
hour bad gone by a mob burst ln and
unceremoniously demanded what the
verdict was.
Not guilty, said the foreman.
Tbat won't do, aaid the leader of
tbe mob fiercely. You will have to
do better than that. And he shut
the Jury-up again.
In balf an hour the door was opened once more.
Well, gents, your verdict, said the
Guilty, the foreman replied.
Thero were hurrah from the crowd
and the leader said:
Correct. You can go now. Wo
strung him up an hour ago.    	
Potatoes and Power
One forsees the triumph of the potato, unforBOt-n by William Cobbett,
not so much aa a food, but aa a means
ot n.-tlon. Coal Is giving out; petrol Is going up ln price and down In
production. Tho supply of botb Ib
limited ant. must come to an end, but
there com*a the cheer that alcohol
will be the motive force of the future.
Petrol and coul may give out, but the
earth will alwaya grow potatoes. Potatoes can produce alcohol and alcohol can drive engines. In the potato wc seem to havo discovered the
secret of perpetual motion.
Real Gratitude
Pessimists declare that the days of
gay romance i*re dead—that thero Is
no spirit of chivalry left In tho
br.a»ts of the men of modern times.
Thoy are all wrong. Here we have
the story In the dally papera that a
man In Ohio loft all his money to the
girl who refused to marry blm years
ago.     That'a gratitude for you!
Another One on Twain
Mark Twain at a dinner at the
Author's Club, said: Speaking ot
fresh eggs, I am reminded ot the
town ot Squash. In my early lecturing days I went to Squash to lecture
In Temperance Hall, arriving In the
afternoon. The town seemed poorly
billed. I thought I'd find out it the
people knew anything at all about
what was ln store for them. So I
turned In at the general store. Good
afternoon, friend, I said to the general
storekeeper. Any entertainment
here tonight to help a stranger while
away the evening? The general
storekeeper, who was sorting mackerel, straightened up, wiped hia briny
hands on his apron and said: I expect there's going to be a lecture, I
been selling eggs all day.
Comfort for the Dyspeptic.—There
Is no ailment so harassing and exhausting as dyspepsia, which arlaea
from defective action ot the stomach
and liver, and the victim of lt Is to
be pitied. Yet he can find ready relief In Parmelee's Vegetabl- Pills, a
preparation that bas established Itself
by years ot effective use. There are
pills that are widely advertised aa
the greatest iver compounded, but
not one ot them can rank tn value
with Parmelee's.
Her Portrait
The painstaking artist, anxious to
please, remarked to Prospective customer:
I can paint you a portrait ot your
wife which will be a speaking likeness.
H'm. Couldn't you do lt ln what
they call still life?
It may be better to give than to
receive, but few of us are In a position to keep lt up Indefinitely.
Tired and Weak
Nerves Exhausted
The feelings ot fatigue and languor
which overcome so many people at
this season of tbe year tell of the exhausted condition of the nerves.
lt Is Impossible to keep up the act-
Ion of the heart and the vitality of
the nerves when the blood Is thin
and watery, and this ts why nearly
everybody needs tonic treatment in
the spring.
Some of the symptoms are restlessness, purposeless activity, Insomnia,
absent-mindedness, fired gait, lack of
ambition and enthusiasm, head-ache
and neuralgic pains, dyspepsia and
feelings ot languor and depression.
Monotony ot work and mental overstrain or worry sap the nervoUB system, as does also the atrenuousness
of modern life, whether In the busi
ness or anclal world.
More and more men and women
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sucli concentrated foods as Dr.
Chase's Nerv-.- Food to restore vitality
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Such treatment Is necessiry, because diseases of the nerves do not
right themselves. As nerve force
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extract the necessary nutrition from
the food. Dr. Chase's Nervo Food
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A little patience ta necessar- tn
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Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cents a box, ' tor $2.50 at all dealers,   or Edmanson,
Limited, Toronto.
Bates ft   Co., THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORES,   B. C.
*J\]t tendJfarkfi £un
e. A. EVAN8. Editor and publisher
suaaoKiraoH baxm t
•->n» Iwr I1J0
Dne Tear (In -u.T_.noe)  1.00
One Yesr, in United Statu  IM
Addreaa ell oommunioatlona to
Taa Qbahd Forks Sua,
. Horn K1I Guano KoK-B, H.C
than has a party which depends for
its following—not upon reason and
righteousness, but upon the "loaves
and fishes."—Montreal Telegraph.
Tbe prediction of an eariy provincial is revived by the daily press
so often tbese days tbat oue is almost forced to believe tbat tbere
must be some foundation to the report, esdecially wben taken in connection witb tbe recently published
story to the effect that Premier McBride is now attempting to negotiate
a loan in London. Tbere does not
appear to exist auy cause for au election at tbis particular time, but it
is sometimes difficult to account for
tbe actions of tbe Tory machine at
Victoria, and Liberals and all others
wbo desire an honest and competent
government sbould be prepared to
enter the campaign to fight s winning battle, in some of tbe coast
constituencies candidate* hare „al-
ready been nominated.
E. N. Macbeth, Canadian Pacific
railway tie inspector for this district, was in the city the latter part
of last week.
The members of Gateway Lodge
No. 45, I.O.O.F., held an enjoyable
"at home" in their hall in the
Davis block last Friday evening.
Progressive whist and dancing fnr-
nished he amusement.
Judge Brown held county county
court in Greenwood on Tuesday.
The forked tongue of slander is
never so happy as when it is he-
sliming snme person whose wholesome character is the engy of the
.       Is best done in a
I      semi-dark  room.
T-oatinrl *  nave ^       UP
cSniig anch    a    room,
which enables my optician to
do the very best work.   If
troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
zA. D. cTWorrison
Jeweler and Optician
Pat Maginnis has returned from
Goose Bay. and is now located at
the Union mine in Gloucester
Tbe country bas been assured
that tbe Borden naval bill not be reintroduced at tbe next session of
parliament. It ie as pleasant to
learn tbat tbe "emergency" bas
evaporated as it is tojlive in tbe hope
tbat wben Canada decides to go into
tbe navy business it will be a Can-
dian built aud Canadian-manned
Tbe main ambition of the Grand
Forks citizens between now and tbe
25th sbould be to make tbe fourth
aunual fair a bigger success than
any yet beld io tbe city. All otber
public questions csn be postponed
to a later date.
Real estate transactions are more
active in Grand Forks than in any
other city in tbe province. This is
a very good indication of tbe pros
parity of tbe valley.
Tbere must be sonteting in a
name, after all. In Canada the mercury bas dropped several degrees
since tbe Thaw family was kicked
out of tbe country.
Huerta and tbe Mexican problem,
like tbe poor, we bave always wilb
Liberalism is the people's political
organisation for their own protection
Liberal leaders aie tbe nffi.-ei s 'if tb s
popular movement. Liberal journals'
are the organs of the masse*. And
the Liberal rank and Ble have far
more need of an organ than have the
"silk stockings" of Torryism whom a
a club circular can reach, and have
far more need of a potent "platform"
PUBLIC NOTICE jb hereby given
to the electors of the Municipality
of the Corporation of Grand Forks,
that 1 require the presence of the said
electors at the City Office in the Mu
nicipal Buildings on First street, in
the City of Grand Forks, on the
twenty second day of September,1913,
at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of
electing one person as School Trustee,
for the period ending December 31st,
1914. to fill the unexpired term of
Geo. T. Moir, for the Grand Forks
Bchool District.
The candidate shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the munici
polity as proposer snd seconder, and
shall be delivered to the returning
officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2 p tn. of the day o*
nomination, and in the event of a poll
being necessary, such poll will be
opened on the 25th day of September,
1913, between the hours of 9 a.m and
7 p.m. at the sai.l City Office, of which
every person is hereby required to
take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to b< nominated for and elected as School Trustees shall he such persons an are hou-1-
holders of the School District', and aie
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years, and are otherwi-e
slqualifled to vote at an election of
^School Trustees in tht) School Dis
Given under my  hand  at   Grand
Forks, the 11 th day of September.
(Signed) J. A. HUTTON,
Returning Officer.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
A Common Failing
There was a man
Of history Bad
Whose every plan
Went to the bad.
He did not drink,
He did not swear
Nor slyly wink
At sirens fair.
His ideals high
He would reveal,    .
He could notjie,
He could not steal.
His worth you'd vow
Was something strong,
And yet, somehow,
His luck *ent wrong.
Tbe hoped for bliss
He'd never clutch.
His fault was this:
He talked too much.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, <£Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
P.       -
Fresh Fisli Daily"
Including Salmon and Halibut
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qnan'ty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balis' etc.
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Woodland flfc Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
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The Sun Office
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Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
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This -la the only pile remedy tbat
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"* lea at eoce.   Fkasi'
w-aknetai sverti
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
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Tney are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
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If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
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make good.
Mclntyre C&Smith
At the Head
Thc nun at thc head of affairs
whether at home or in business, it
Ihe one whose attention you with
to attract.
Our paper goes into thc betl class
of home* and is read h)' the head uf
llw family. That accounts for the
results obtained by the use of
Classifier! Want Ada
(f you read The Sun you get the
news of tbe city, the province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without tbe aid of the daily papers,
SEPT.I515 21.1913
International Polo
Dt-lyGuitat between Canad-as
end American Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U.S.Government
72d Seaforth Hi&hlnndera Band
$500 CashPriwssfbr Better Babies
"Custer's Laat Fifcht" Ni
-    *   ••• ■ •    .e—   ___.__,.,
A thrilling reproduction of thit.	
battle witEHOIn-Uana and 200 Soldiers
H Firoworka Display Every Nifcht
Individual Farm Exhibit Prixw
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Raoss Daily
Poultrymtn'tMeeting Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Ba ttleson Horseback
C For illustrated Daily Pro&nm and
Premium List, address 90S Chamber of
Commerce Bui-din} a Spokane, Weak. m
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Oaring the Past Week
Complaint is lodged with thel
benchers of tbe law society at Victoria
against T. B. Shoebotham, of Vancouver, Bowser's prosecuting attorney.
It ia allegee that the accused is not
qualified to practise law in British
Devastation and ruin result from a
Aire of long duration in Hot Springs,
Ark , whioh the fire departments are
unable to subdue with water or dynamite.    Thousands   homeless,  but no!
lives  are  lost.   Property loss, over j
ten million dollars.
At  the   meeting of the Union of
British   Columbia  Municipalities   in
Vancouver, a strong  protest in lodged I
against the government for its gener
usity to the railways.
This waa a day of sensatior.a in the
Thaw case. Jerome is arrested fur
gambling.    A writ in  issued tu block I
Bapco Pure Paints
They" are the best made, Pure
Linseed Oil and Pure White
Lead. We have a complete
r_^41so Varnishes, Stains, Dry
Colors, Colors in Oil, and all
the necessary Tools and Brushes
Miller & Gardner
deportation,   and
the.  cane goes  to!
Nanking is sacked by the northern
army, and. the Chinese rebellion in at
an end.
No loss of life occurred in the North
Carolina storm It waa reported yesterday that SOU persons had perished.
The Westminster Presbytery, in
session at Vancouver, adopts an anti
Oriental resolution.
Home Furnishers
Abe, director of the political  bureau
of the Japanese foreign office.
The mine of the Western Fuel company at Nanaimo has been got into
readiness for starting ' work, and
it is expected that miners will be engaged in the mine within the next
few days.
The case against William Travers
Jerome is becoming serious in its international aspect. It is charged that
he was the only one urr< sted while the
poker game was in progress, An
apology m-iy be made to New York,
Parade of Catholics to meet the
pontiff is , prevented by the polio.*.
The streets of Rome aro guarded by
authorities, who fear a fight between
two religious factions.
The admiral commanding the Australian battleship is warm in his
praise of the polioy adopted by the
commonwealth, and declares it is
based on a sound principle. Individual independence of 'dominions need
never clash with the unity of the empire.
Fifteen thousand persons in Tokio
gather in mass meeting, calling for
military action against China to revenge   the   assassination of Mortiaro
but the  anti-Chinese   demonstrations
continue in Tokio.
Western crops are the harvested for
.(ears, and the superintendent of im
migration expects good times in the
David Lloyd Oeorge, chancellor of
the exchequer, will inaugurate his
great land policy at Bedford on Octo
her 11.
Mrs. Pankhurst may not bo permitted to land in the United States.
The authorities will decide whether
she is guilty of moral turpitude.
W.   T.   Jerome  is   acquitted   on
gambling charge.    An apology is offered   by   the magistrate.   Points of
law in the Thaw case   may  be  sub
mitted to the privy council.
Better times than ever are predicted for Canada by a Qrand Trunk Pacific official,
Hon. Herbert Samuel, British
postmaster-general says the mother
country is proud of Canada.
Tbe Chinese cabinet is reconstruct
ed. The government is much con
oerned over the agitation in Japan.
Regret is expressed for  the murders,
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
M_P*«r Hnft.e-a.tz an(l  do al1  kl"**s  0I>
new liaillCSS. harness repairing. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We Are Fighting
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our ''large sales, small
profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancjl Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes Hosiery and
Shirts    Boots  and Shoes
Fruits and Farm Produce   Tobaccos
and Pipes
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it clone before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. Thn oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
United States government reports
show an enormous deterioration in
the corn crop in the states. The wheat
crop is heavy.
The German airship L 1 was destroyed this evening in a hurricane
eight miles north of Heligoland*. Fifteen men, including officers, perished.
The Democratic tai iff revision bill
passed the United States-senate this
afrernoon by a vote of 44 to 37, amid
a burst of applause that swept down
from crowded gallaries and found its
echo on the crowded floor of the senate.
It is reported from Ottawa that the
naval bill is not likely to be re-introduced at the next session of   parlia
ment.    Redistribution   is likely to be
the storm centre.
Harry K. Thaw is given the first
outing in seven years at Coaticook,
and climbs a hill with his guards.
Olfiners of Ulster volunteer force to
fight home rule.
Less than fifteen miles of merchantable timber have been destroyed by
forest fires in British   Columbia   this
Columbia Press  association, wants a
revision of the libel law.
New Zealand's arbitration act provides for penalities for joining illegal
strikes. Hei>vy penalties for illegal
A delegation of Thaw's Canadian
admirers follow him to New Hampshire.
The Dominion authorities may
prevent Evelyn Thaw from giving
performances in this country.
The mayor of New York dies on an
Atlantic liner from heart disease.
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the linest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drag  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
-    Heating and Sanitary Engineer
The Canadian wheat crop for 1913
is estimated at two hundred million
Women want votes in Ulster, snd
plan to make things uucomfortable
for Sir Edward Carson, the anti-home
rule leader.
The minister nf justice orders H.
K Thaw's deportation and he is
whisked across the herder into New
liaiusphire. He will fight against
his return *o New York.
In   Ottawa   the   opinion  prevails
that the removal of the duty on Can
adian produce by the   United   States
will cause an increase in cost   to   the
Canadian consumer.
China looks to Britain fnr support
The government officials believe   that
Great Hrilain does not desire Japan
ese aggression.
It is expected that ex-Governor
Lind may again negotiate with
the Huerta regime, but the
United States charge d'affaires is
non committal as to whether a new
proposal has been made.
An American and a Canadian are
murdered bv Eskimo guides while exploring for minerals near Hudson
The chief Canadian Pacific Steamship company's office will be moved
from Yokohama to Vancouver.
W. 0. Foster, first vice-president
of the Alberta   and  Eastarn   Hritish
Too Much Argument
The surest wav to avoid trouble in
the mining camps of the west is to
avoid controversy. How carefully
some men follow that rule is illustrated by au amusing story.
A man who had come to a Nevada
mining camp met an interesting young
westerner, and proposed that they
camp together. After they had unpacked their things und eaten their
supper, they sat down to talk.
"Fine night," observed the new.
"Looks like rain," remarked the
"Oh, no, Idui't think so."
Without saying anything more, the
young westerner, to his companion's
astonishment, got up and began to
pack his kit
"What's the matter!" asked the
newcomer, in surprise
"Oh, I guess I'd better move on."
"Hut why?"
"Ton much argument."
J. A. Brown, of Calgary, will
open a bowling alley in the building
formerly used as a storeroom by
Miller & Gardner.
, Money is Tight
But there i.s no need of
you getting "tight" if you
Tlie pure and health-
giving Beer brewed and
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Invest in
Grand Forks
We Capital *f tlie
Ws Coming City sf Southern
British Columbia
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901
Vanishes Forever
Frompt Relief—Permanent Care
(ail.   Purely v-gtt-
able—act surety
tut gently oa
the liver.
Stop titer
cure indi-*
■ation—improve the complaion— brnhlea
the eyes. Small Pill, Small Dm*, Small ftkt.
Genuine mu-tbeu Signature
Something  belter  than  linen  and  no
laundry bills.     Wash lt with soap and
Water.     All stores or direct. State 6tyl«
■nd slae.      For 25c.   wo will  mall you.
BS Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
When buying yonr Piano insist on having an
Piano Action
THERAPION    """< h
I Hospitala with
great success, cures chronic weakness, lost vir.on
""  " *" " ~ -    BAFE AND
IRI _>._•. w ult*i_ir,r_UASir.i.r.MirunMur
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Persons to work for us
In spare time at home. No experience
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lor Instructions (free).
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Wed for over SIXTY Ylt AUS by MILLIONS ol
MOT118RS for their CHILURliN WHIUt
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it the best remedy for DlARHHa./-. lt ii to
folutcly harmless. Be litre and ask for "Mn.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and mice so other
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Suppose one of your horses
dropped down with Colic?
What would you do? What
could a Veterinary do after
you got him ? Colic often
kills in an hour—90 minute*
delay meaita a valuable
horse lost.
Thc thing; to do Is to hare a
bottle of
Colic Gure
Cures In ten minutes Spasmodic Colic, Gas Colic.
Kidney Colic, Hloat. Acute Indigestion, Grain
Pounder. It neutralizes the acids in the
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instantly reduces Moating—stops the spasms of
pain—ami renders the stomach and bowels clean
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Absolutely guaranteed to cure every case of
Colic or money refunded.
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
60c nnd $1.00 per bottle.
Madam or Lady
Fare, please, lady, says the conductor on the street car. Thia way,
lady, please, lays Iho floor-walker ln
the Mnn*. And ao it goes everywhere. Would It not bc much better
If our conductors and ahop-walkera
•ml clerks and officials ot all kinds
were lo adopt the much more euphonious Madam as the form ot aalutatlon.
://  PILLS 4
V*u -Vs
'<idneV J'   ,'
> II ETC 5
50e. * box or tlx boxea for 12,60,
at all dealera, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. Ml
Money Spent In Attending Fair* la
Well Inveated
Fair time la again upon us. It ls
the annual holiday handed down by
our forefathers who tilled the soil and
gathered to discover which had been
able to wrest the fairest fruits from
their labor. It ls a time of healthy
competition and relaxation that every
member of the family should be allowed to enjoy. Both farmers and
city cousins should attend. Evan tbe
most Insulated city dweller ls but a
generation or so away from toil tilling as men all tilled the soil or "grazed
their herds at one time. Those who
can have gotten back to the soil after
drifting luto the unnatural hothouse
city life. Thero is something for
everybody at the fair, whethtr lt be
merely a country pumpkin show or
the more enlarged and classified exhibition and ourself, especially It you
take an active part In entering your
best farm produce or help ln managing or superintending lt. The local
fair, like the country newspaper, the
country schoolhouse and the country
church, ls a success or failure just
to that extent that home folk:, take'
active part. Its power for good ls
also much greater than ordinarily
conceded. Many a big breeder of
purebred live stock got his Inspiration
from the local two-by-twice country
fair when his cow, pig or colt won
th. i-ed.rlbboa from the neighbors.
That victory or defeat may have
aroused friendly competition which
started one of more plain farmers to
breeding pure bveds to Bhow neighbors Jones and Smith that they could
not beat the products ot the rival
neighbor's farm. Attend at least two
fairs the coming season—the home
pumpMn affair, If you wish to so designate it, and the big fair that will
be advertised an£ talked about ln your
section. See what your neighbors
are doing and then see what the best
herds, flocks and fields In the Dominion are doing.—Exchange.
An Oil ot Merit —Dr Thomas' Ec-
lectrlc Oil is not a jumble ot medicinal substances thrown together and
pushed by advertising, but the result
of the careful Investigation ot the cur-
alive -iiialltles of certain oils as applied to the human body. It ls a
rare combination and lt won and kept
public favor from the first. A trial
bt it will carry conviction to any one
who doubt its power to repair and
Grant's Joke at Vlcksburg
Fifty years ago, when Grant was be-
seiging Vlcksburg, the Confederate
newspaper ot that city, which ln the
desperate conditions was printed on
tho reverse side ot wall paper, editorially referred to a rumor that Grant
had claimed that he would be in possession of the city on the Fourth of
The editor gayly reminded the Union
commander of the old recipe for cooking rabbits, beginning: First, catch
your rabbit.
Vlcksburg was surrendered to Crant
on the Fourth of July, and one of the
flrst acts of the grim conqueror was
to print a second edition of tho Confederate newspaper, with this note
added to the bantering editorial.
P.S.—July 4. The rabbit has bcen
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Path of tha Sun
The sun's path Is called the ecliptic.
It Is a great clrcl*. of the celestial
sphere, cutting the celestial equator
at two points 180 degrees apart and
making with lt an angle >.f 23H degrees known as the obliquity of the
ecliptic. The crossing points are
called the equinoxes, because tbe days
and nights are then equal, and the
points midway between the equinoxes
are the solstices, because the sun then
seems to stall still for a few days.
Thc ecliptic ls so called becauBO
eclipses occur only when the moon Is
crossing it or is near It. for tha
moon's irblt cuts the ecliptic ln two
points, called nodes or knots, and at
other times Is above or below lt. lf
th* moon when ln cither node, is In
line with the sun and the earth wc
have an eclipse, either total or annular.. If sho 1 near her node we have
a ,-artlal eclipse.
The moon's nodes are not stationary, but move backward on the moon's
orbit, completing a revolution ln
about nineteen years, when the eclipses of the period recur In the same
order and at about tho same Intervals,
as before. This period ot eighteen
years and eleven days Is called the
saros. It was known to the Chaldeans and the Greeks and gave them
their data tor computing eclipses.
Any Intelligent person can trace the
sun's path In the heavens. It the
sun rises exactly In the east and sets
In the west It ls the time of the equinoxes. If the sunrise and sunset
points nre faithest south and the sun
ls very low In the I avens at noonday
lt Is the time of the winter t'.Jtlce.
Wished He Was ■ Comet
I wish I was a star, the dude sighed, smiling at his own poetic fancy.
I would rather you were a comet,
she said dreamily.
His heart beat tumultuous!)-.
And why? he asked, tenderly, at
the same time taking her unresisting
little hand. In Ms own. And why?
he repealed imperiously.
Oh, she said, with a brooding can;
estness tliat fell freezing upon his
soul, beeau,c then you would come
around only once In fifteen yeart.
At.d he took his hat and went oat
Into the shimmering moonlight.
Th* Kal.er's Son Startled Berlin With
HI* Book
Something Ilk* a sensation wa*
caused ln Berlin by the publication
by the German Crown Prince of a
book called 'Germany In Arms.' The
book, which Is most reverently dedicated to tha German Enperor and the
Prussian King, contains the following
motto: The world does not rest more
safely on the shoulders of Atlas than
does Germany on her army and navy.
The Imperial editor asserts that
Germany, mors tban any oth-r land,
has to trust to Its armaments, and
that as Its geographical position ts
unfavorable, and as all nations do not
regard Germany with affection, the
country has the sacred duty Imposed
on It always to maintain Its army and
navy ln a state of readiness. Only
in this way, relying on our good sword
can we maintain that place ln the sun
which Is ours, but which will not be
voluntarily conceded to us.
The Crown Prince goes on to say
that diplomacy may delay the conflict
for a season, but those In responsible
positions mutt know that once a gigantic conflagration ls lighted lt Ib not
so easy to extinguish.
Speaking of the delight of riding
to an attack, the Prince says there
is one delight still greater—namely,
that of meeting the enemy at the end
of the gallop and the fight for life and
Minard's  Liniment  Curt-  Diphtheria
Paris Police Use Hand Car.non
The Paris police department ls
equipped with what is considered an
effective weapon for uso ln dislodging criminals who barricaded themselves ln houses and defy capture,
which ls a habit the Paris Apaches
have developed quite extensively. The
weapon ls a hand eaniiu.., designed
particularly for throwlnj bombs,
which when they explode will fill a
building or room with suffocating gases sufficiently powerful to overcome
the occupants. The cannon, which
la used behind a portable shield,
which completely protects the user
from bullets, looks Uke a piece of Iron
pipe, and may be carried tn the hands
or slung over the shoulder like a rifle.
It can also be used as a Are extinguisher, for throwing life lines Into
the upper windows of burning buildings, forcing doors open by hurling
heavy projectiles anl throwing grenades ln war time.
Smokeless Powder Shells
For 3 high grade .snell at a reasonable price,
the Winchester Loaded "Repeater" haa the
call among sportsmen who have tried all
makes.   Although moderate priced, the
"Repeater" is loaded with the best quality
powder and shot,   rhe list of loads furnished
this shell cover most shooters' requirements,
and all of them give a full measure of shooting
satisfaction.   Look for the W on tho box.  They are
One or the Other
One kid story leads to another.
A Cleveland school teacher—one who
has at several periods In the sweet
scented past favored us with anecdotes about her pupils—sends us an
account of a quiz conducted in her
geography class only a day or two
ago, cays the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
In vhat zone do'we live? asked
tjiis teacher.
The Temp'rut Zone! chanted the
well drilled class.
Rights And what do we mean by
temperate?    Willie, you may answer.
emp'rut ls where It's freezing cold
half the time and roasting hot the
otlier half of the time.
If Willie wasn't sent to the head of
the ch..« for that It wasn't because
he didn't deserve the honor.
First Child—Does your father scold
every minute he's in the house?
Second Child—No, not when ho ls
beating us.
The Speed of Light
The first astronomer to satisfactorily demonstrate the speed of light
was Ole Roemor, a Scandinavian scientist, who read his Immortal paper
on this subject before the Academy at
Paris 238 years ago. Roemer's calculations and conclusions have stood
the test ot time and subsequent Investigation!! on all important points.
Knowledge as to the velocity of light
was of tremendous Importance to astronomical science, since It enabled
astronomers to accurately estimate
the enormous distances with which
their science deals. Roemer found
that light travelled at the rate of
186,000 miles tn a second. The sun,
being distant from the earth 92,000,000
miles, flashes light to us ln eight minutes and fourteen seconds. Yet the
sun ls a near neighbour compared with
the so-called fixed stars which ln reality move with Inconceivable velocity,
although the most powerful telescopes
will not show that velocity as anything but rest. Beyond the outskirts of our Insignificant solar system are other systems, and beyond
them still others, so far as the sight
of man, aided by instruments, may
bridge the ghastly chasm of the Infinite. Distai.ces beside which the
Immense ltne stretching from earth to
sun Is an Invisible point are now
measured by means ot Roemer's epochal discovery as to th. velocity of
When Asthma Comes do not despair. Turn at once to the help effective—Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. This wonderful remedy
will give you the aid you need so
sorely. Choking ceases, breathing
becomes natural and without effort.
Others, thousands of them, have suffered as you suffer but bave wisely
turned to this famous remedy and
ceased to suffer. Get a package this
very day.
Would r -Ise, But—
Wouldn't you promise to ohey a
man of wbom you thought enough to
marry '
I might, rculicd Miss Cayenne. But
I should undouoicdly have a few
things to say if he were ever so Impolite a- to .om'id me of my promise
Here eome crazy scientist says
that geese honk like human beings.
Well don't some human beings
cackle like geese?
Jeweller Disguised Himself and Suo-
eeeded In Tracing Stolen Pearl*
Charles Gys, a Paris jeweller, who
wa* swindled out of three pearl necklaces by a man named Braun, by hi*
own exertions succeeded ln finding th*
thief and recovering the pearls.
Braun pretended to Gys tbat he had
a customer for the necklace, but decamped when tbey were entrusted to
hUn, ostensibly abandoning his wlf*
and cljlldrei. Mme. Braun exhibited great grief at being deserted, but
M. Gys had a suspicion that she wa*
aware of her husband'* whereabouts,
so he had his hair dyed, donned a
false beard and ragged garments and
completely disguised as a typical Parisian mendicant, posted himself outside her rosldence and shadowed her
when she went out.
Three days passed and then, with
her children she went to the railway
station and took the express for Vienna. M. Gys was ln the samo train,
and on reaching the Austrian capital
hs saw Braun awaiting his family on
the platform. Ke followed the party,
and learning that beside* being a
swindler, Braun was a deserter from
the Austrian army, easily Induced th*
authorities to Issue a warrant for hi*
Captured after a vain endeavor to
use a revolver, Braun confessed that
he had pledged the necklace tor
$4,900 to three Parisian moneylenders.
Continuing hla researches, M. Oy*
found the bank In which Braun had
deposited this money, secured evl-
lencti to show that the threo moneylenders were Braun's accomplices, and
had them arrested, and eventually
traced the pearls.
It isn't the pull that you have, men
Or th) belp that your many friend*
It'* the effort you make all yourself
to collect
The price of the life that you live.'
It la fine to ho helped, but It's finer
by far,
In the battle for glory or pelf,
To strive for hill tops, tbough distant
they are,
And to gain them at last by yourself.
He Knew
Oh, Willie, yon must put yon*
drum away.   Thi* Is Sunday.
But mother, I wa* going to play,
some sacred music.
SOME men ask for so many bags of
Others, more careful, say they want
'4 Portland Cement "—
But the man who does the
best work insists upon getting "Canada" Portland
And he looks to
/\ see that every t
bag bears this
k label
Write lho Canada Cement
Information Bureau, Montreal, let a bee copy ol
"What lhe Farmer Cm
Do With Concrete."
That ii • Caaada
Cement deafer ■ yest
aeighWiood. II you do
•ot bow hia, -wotahf
they Wouldn't Be   ::
inii i iiiiiiiiiiiinn i ii
Miss Mnrguerlte Asbton, a young lady
•f Chicago, wns left .nlone ln the world
at nineteen by the death of futber and
mother wltb a fortune of two millions.
MiflflS* Asliton's brother bud died several
years before lbe others; consequently
■II ber father's property descended to
ber. He had left tbe management ot
the cstute to a young man he bad
brought up In his business, Ediuond
Wurlield, In -whose bands he felt tbnt
It would be perfectly safe and his
daughter would reap the benefit ot
every cent, for WurOeld wns uot only
* man or excellent business judgment,
but perfectly honest nnd honorable.
At tbo time of Mr. Ashton's death
Wnrlleld was ln bis prime, belug thirty-
flvo years old.
Tbe Ashtons were of the newly rich,
Mr. Ashton having mnde the bulk of
bis fortune ln n large real estate speculation shortly before bis death. His
dnugbter bnd no knowledge of tbe
world or of society. Tbere was no near
relative with whom - sbe could make
ber home, and she did not relish living
alone. It was natural, therefore, tbat
•be should wish to see something of
tbe world, and, being invited to join a
party going abroad, she decided to avail
herself of the opportunity.
After visiting the principal cities of
-western Europe Miss Asbton found
herself In Rome at the most expensive
hotel there. She was still tbe unsophisticated Chicago girl, but her surroundings had changed. Tbls difference for
ber did not consist lu tbe vnst field
of antiquity about her, for, although
fairly educated, a girl of twenty is not
'likely to be versed ln the literature
Unit ba* been banded down to us from
ancient Rome. What wns new to Miss
Asbton was tho collection of person*
from all parts of tbe world she found
In tbe Eternal City. Tbougb Bbe obtained no entree Into Roman society,
she wns .thrown In with tourists of
every variety.
Rome, too, hns Its share of adventurers. Wherever Is tbe American wltb
his fnrfiiined dollars to spend there
is the adventurer, and no cluss Is so
susceptible of affording plunder for
dlHsulute foreigners ns American belr-
Miss Ashton could not long remain
In one place without attracting the attention of these cormorants. She was
■linplli-lty Itself. When visiting tbe
golden house of Nero-nnd the guide
showed her a ruined apartment as the
emperor's smoking room—she did not
stop lo consider that somo fifteen cen-
turics had elapsed after Nero's time
before tobacco wns Introduced Into
Europe. When Inspecting tableware
exhumed from I'ompcll and tbo guide
showed her ccrtuln dishes from which
he told her the I'oinpelnns drank their
coffee It did not occur to her tbat a
similar period hnd elapsed before Europe had begun to enjoy tbnt beverage. It Is not strange tbnt a girl so
easily deceived In these matters should
put fulfil In nny man who claimed that
be loved her.
Ills* Ashton spent * winter In Rome,
anil wben spring enme she hnd received n number of propositions of marriage. There are many prince's ln Italy,
for every one descended from an ancient ruler of one of the formerly Independent principalities of whnt I*
now United Italy bear* the title of
prince or princes*. Among Miss Ashton's train of suitors were n prince, an
English earl, a German baron and •
French marquis. ,
It rt** fortunate for Miss Asbton
that tber* were so many of these suitors tbat they balanced one another.
Had there been but one It ls quit*
probable thnt by persistence he might
have won tbe prize. Tbe prince poured
Into her ear tiles of bis beautiful home
In Sicily, wbere they conld dream tbe
happy hours away. The earl pictured
his estates In Hereford. England (loaded with mortgages); the baron bi*
•cbloss In Westphalia, Germany. Tbe
marquis spoke eloquently of his chateau on the bnnk* of th* Loir* that had
been the home of kings and had descended to blm through thirteen gener-
To tbls nobleman tbe yonng lady said
that she could not tblnk of marrying
Into tbe tblrteentb generation, tine*
that was an unlucky number. i
Miss Asbton after ber father'* death
became used to looking upon Edmund
Wnrlleld as a sort of manager for anything, irrespective of finances, tbnt sbo
could not manage herself. He bad
made all tbe arrangements for ber trip.
He bud heard not a word from ber
siuce ber departure till one day he received ii calUemm: "Do please come to
Rome at once. I am all tangled np.- -,
Tbough sbe did not know It, Marguerite Ashton bad beeu an object of
Interest to Warfield from the time she
was fire years old and used to climb
on his lap to listen to stories ba
would tell ber. Sbo was to bim tbo
'daughter ot tbe man wbo had given
blm bis opportunity for bis life's work.
He was busy at tbe time he received
the cablegram, and It was difficult for
blm to leave Chicago. Nevertheless be
sailed at once for Naples and iu a few
hours after his arrival tu Italy was In
"Well, Margie, wbat Is lt?" he asked
as soon as tbe two had settled duwn
to business.
"I'll tell you. I can't Imagine bowl
It happened that so many men should
hare fallen ln love wltb me ut once.
I suppose It's the Italian air or something, but it's so. And tbe worst of
It Is tbat none of tbem will be refused. There's Frlnce Botel. I've
told blm again and again tbat I can I
love blm, antTbe tbreateus to jump Into
the Tiber. Baron Becker snys if I
won't go -with him to his estates In
Westphalia as bis -wife bis life will
hereafter be one dnrk cloud. Earl Bld-
dleton pleaded bts cause so pathetically that I couldu't help saying 'Yes.'
I've balf promised the marquis, and. Indeed, tbere Isn't oue of them I'm nut
partly committed to."
"I see no wny out of it for you,"
said Wnrlleld. "but to go Into a betrothal bankruptcy. However, I'll
make inquiries about tbese gentlemen
and report to you if any of tbem bear*
* good reputation, lf so nud you wish
to marry blm I'll belp you out witb
tbe others—which as your guardian (
bave a rlgbt to do—and you cun be
wedded to the man of your choice
whenever you like."
"There Isn't any of tbem tbe man ot
my choice."
"Well, then, we'll bnve to get rid of
the lot."
"How cnn tbnt bo done without the
prince jumping Into the Tiber aud lbe
"We'll have tbem locked up till tbey,
get over It."
"Ob, my goodness gracious! I could
never look tbem In tbe face again."
"It -would be Jnst as well thnt yoa
shouldn't However, my denr Margie,
having brought me over here to get
you out of your difficulty, perhaps
you'd better leave the matter to me."
"That's Just wbat I'd like—thnt ls, IC
you don't mind sucb an awful Jub."
"It won't be so hnrd for me ns It
would for you. Don't see nny of tbem
till tomorrow afternoon. Then I'll fix
It all np so thnt you won't have any,
more trouble. Write each of them a
note asking him to call here tomorrow
tnront while the* visitor* were visibly
agitated with expectancy.
Mlsa Ashton looked from ber advocate to the men, wbom she expected
to eltber kill one another or commit
suicide If refused, like n frightened
bird.   Warfield proceeded:
"Having carefully weighed tbe matter in ber mind. Miss Asbton has decided to bestow ber band on"—
Every bead was craned forward,
every eye and enr*open.
Tbere was a rumbling of voices elm*
llnr to that accompanying nn earthquake. In another moment Warfield
turned toward Marguerite and nsked:
"Do you confirm whnt I bave said!"
"Tes, 1 do!" exclaimed tbe girl ns lt
■he were casting off a burden.
The suitors withdrew In a body, to
separate ns soon as possible, leaving
Warfield and Marguerite together.
"How did you know that?" asked
the latter.
"Know what?"
"Why. that I liked yon better thin
any of them?"
Warfield, who was amazed nt the
revelation, wna about to reply "I
didn't," bnt Instead he wild. "A little
bird whispered It In my m*"
What Tom L. Johnson Whispered ts
th* Young Mayor of Toledo.
ln tbe American Magazine Mayor
Brand Whltleck of Toledo, 0., writing
bis autobiography, tells the following
"I bnd gone Into the mayor's office
feeling that I was about the most HI
prepared mnn for such a job ln tbe
town. Naturally 1 bud turned to Tom
Johnson, who had a tremendous reputation as nn executive. Even his worst
enemy, ns the saying Is, would not
deny his wonderful executive ability.
I went to him In a sort of despair, and
be laughed nnd whispered:
" 'It's the simplest thing In the world.
Decide every question quickly and be
rlgHt half the time. And get somebody who can do the work. That's all
there ts to executive ability.'
"I looked at hliu In amazement He
bnd grown quite serious.
"'There's another fhlng,' he added.
'Don't spend too mucb time in your
office. A quarter of an hour each day
is generally too long unless tbere are
n whole lot of letters. Of course,' he
went on reflectively, 'you cnn get clerks
who cnn sign your nnme better tban
you can.'
"He tbat hath cars to bear, let hint
Butter In Tubes.
In  India  butter spoils  so  rapidly
wben exposed to tbe warm moist air
that government officials nre planning
to pack It iu collapsible tin tubes with
acrew nozzles-like the tubes in which
printing Ink,  oil  paints  nnd  certain
pastes are sold.    Eventually  on tho
ulniug tables of Indian hotels nnd restaurants tbe guests may find "butter
tubes," from which each person can
squeeze upen his plate us much butter
as bo may need.   The tubes will be
I mnde in one pound, hnlf pouud and
quarter pound Blzes.   They will be of
j jiuro tin, since tbo volatile fatty acids
* in butter attack lend und copper and
form   poisonous and unsightly  com.
Th* Lost Watch.
A detective tells this story nbout a
"confidence man," who gave the police
a lot of trouble.
One day tbe detective was In an auction room, where "fake" Jewelry was
being sold. A lot of watches wcro offered—cheap, worthless affairs, but got
up to look like solid gold. Tbey were
knocked down for $2.15 apiece, and
the detective noted tbat they were
bought by this confidence man. Two
months later the detective met him
and nsked blm wbat be bnd done witb
When It Didn't Com* It Get on Hi*
A traveling man stopped at an In.
dlnna botel. The proprietor told blm
he had not a room In thc house. Tbe
man protested. He must have a room.
Finally tbe proprietor told him tbere
was a room, a little room separated by
a thin partition from a nervous man,
a man wbo bad lived ln the bouse for
ten yenrs.
"He Is bo nervous," snld the landlord,
"1 don't dare put any one In that room.
Tbe least noise might give bim a uerv-
ous spell thnt would endanger his life."
"Oh, give me a room," said the traveler. "I'll be so quiet be'll not know
I'm there."
The room was given the traveler. He
slipped In noiselessly and begnn to dis- |
robe. He took off oue article of clolh- |
Ing nfter another ns quietly ns a burglar. At lust be came to his shoes. He
unlaced a shoe and then, manlike, drop-
The shoe fell to the floor with n great
noise. Tbe offending traveler, horrified
nt what he had done, waited to bear
from tbe nervons man. Not n sound.
Ho took off tbe second shoe nnd placed
it noiselessly upon the floor, then In
absolute silence finished undressing
and crawled between the sheets.
Half un hour went by. ne had dropped Into a doze when there came a
tremendous knocking on the pnrtitlon.
Tbe traveler Bat up ln bed trembling
and dlsmnyed. "Wh-wha-what's tbo
matter?" be asked.
Then came the voice of the nervous
"Hang you! Drop thnt other shoe,
will you?"—Philadelphia Press.
The Friendship Between Him and
Lincoln and Grant.
A Lightning Change Artist.
A young minister wns Invited to
spend his vacation nt the summer home
of a wealthy member of bis congregation. The lltlle daughter watched the
young man very closely during the
visit and one morning sat down beside
him nnd began to draw on her slnto.
"Whnt nro you doing?" the minister
'I'm going to draw your picture,"
replied the child.
Tho young man snt very still, and
the little girl worked away very ear-
nestly. Suddenly she stopped and compared her work with tbe original.
VI don't like It very much," she said.
"I guess I'll put a tall on It nnd call if
a dog."—New York Evening Post.
nt 3 p. m. to receive your final an- j „le watcheB.   The BC0U„are| explained
his scheme. Ho bad hired a room, put
In a desk and a few chairs and mado
blmself up to look like an old man.
Then be advertised something like
tbls: "found—A solid gold watcb.
Loser can bnve It by pnying costs.
Apply," etc. Nearly every smart thief
ln town nnswered tbe m -ertlsemcnt,
claimed the watch nnd paid $10 for
"costs." In two dnys he disposed ot
his entire stock In this way, and about
100 snnrt thieves were fuming over
tbelr loss.
"All at once? Grent henvens, I
couldn't do that! Tbey would kill ono
Warfield persisted nnd went away)
wltb a note for vnch of tbe suitors,
which he posted at once. '
The next afternoon Warfield called
beforo tho others. He exacted a promise from Mnrguerlte that she would
bear him out lu auy statement ho
might mnke, though ho was obliged to
assure ber tbnt nothing harsh should
be said to any of them. I
Tbe prince nrrived nt ten minutes beforo the appointed hour nnd was required to wait below. Tbe mnrquls
came next nnd Iho bnron next. All
were in the hotel nt 3, nnd ft few minutes Inter all received a summons to
[inrlor. Scarcely,. P,e*   '
had one entered bcroro there wns a rap i neiln  acquisitions,
at tho door and another stood nt tho I Chri«tlnn« to take P»rtJn_^« «»■_• -^
opening.   There was no time for run-
Hie Synonym Fer Quick Retreat.
In the sixth grade the teacher was
questioning n boy nbout Nnpoleon's
disastrous Invasion of Itussla nnd the
subsequent retreat from Moscow.
"What did tho French do tben?" she
"They ran away." replied the boy.
"Yes, tbnt Is what they did," said
/he teacher, "but 'run away' ls hardly
tho correct phrase to use. What
should you hare said?"
Tho boy's face lighted up wltb un-
"They bent It!" be exclaimed quite
proudly.—Kansas City Journal.
Htlptd by an Earthquake.
Galllpoll, the undent Cnlllpoll*
(beautiful city), passed Into the bands
of tbe Turks in a remnrknble fashion
nearly a century before Constantino-
Mlu Alton's prtwtrimrloriaTlwiy, I P*** " wa* among their first. Euro.
h..i /...-. ______,_•___. itctetre. .i.»r_. «• « mr,   penn  acquisitions.   Invited  over  by
versntlon since they enme so near together. Some of them recognized others ns rivals, nnd they glared mutually.
When they bad nil been admitted War-
field, who was formally Introduced to
tbem, said:
"Gentlemen. Miss Ashton has desired me to nunounce to you that, baring
been honored by n proposition of marriage from eacb nnd all of you, iho
has considered your propositions aud
come to a conclusion."
Tbe speaker paused and cleared bli
tbey hid crossed th* Dardanelles nnd
seized tbe castle of Tzympe. Then In
1358 came * terrific earthquake, which
shattered the cities of Thrace. Tbe
walls of Galllpoll. fell down. the. inhabitants deserted tbe place, and tb*
Turk* marched In over tbe ruins and
stayed" there In spite ot the reman-
! strnnces of the Emperor Cantncuzenus.
| The Sultan Orkbnn replied tbat prov
: Idence bad opened tbe city to bis soldiers and be could not be guilty of th*
Impiety of disregarding (neb a mini-
1 testation of th* divine will.
Didn't Know Whan to Stop.
"Tbe great men nre.all dead,'
■aid with evident regret.
"But the beautiful women nro not,"
he replied, looking earnestly at ber.
"Of course." sho added after a moment's reflection, "1 always except
present company."
"So do I," bo said.
Then sho nsked It be would bc good
enough to conduct her to her husband
Kntw His Ground.
* "Tou sny tbls  man ls no chicken
Itealcr?" Inquired the judge.
;.'Yassu.i," replied Erastus Plukley.
"Da's whut I said."
"What do you know about thc facts
In tbls case?"
"I Isu' s'posed to know nulfin' 'bout
de facks In de case.    I Is an expert
I wltucss fuh de defense."—Washington
.-A  Novel  Charge.
For thc flrst time in Canada, it is
said, a charge was laid the other day
In Toronto which is not without considerable interest. It is termed "Conspiring to compensate."
In January last Louis Siegel waa
arrested lor stealing a large quantity
ol lura, and Abraham Panser weut
bail for him.
It is now alleged that Panser was
compensated for so doing, to the extent of 123, and Nathan Shapiro,
along with Louis Panser, are suid to
have  negotiated  the amount.
Shapiro got a loan ot a diamond
pin, pawned it and then got some
more money from Louis Panser. with
the ticket as security.
All three are now charged with th*
There have been convictions in th*
old country on a similar count and
it I* on the English law that the pre*.
ent charge is now made.
When ths Blue and th* Gray Joined In
a Birthday Celebration—A Meeting
With Grant In Washington—Lincoln's Visit to Mrs. Pickett
ln Mrs. Pickett's Introductory chapter to "The Heart of a Soldier. As Revealed in tbe Intimate Letters or General George E. Pickett, C. S. A," there
Is an extremely Interesting story, It
appears that while at Illchmond, just
after the surrender, she wus summoned to tbe door by n sharp'rap. Sh*
gives a charming account of what followed:
With my baby on my arm I nuswei*
ed tbe knock, opened the door and
looked up at a tall, gaunt, sad faced
man In 111 fitting clothes, who, wllb
tbe accent ot tbe north, asked:
"Is tbls George rickett's place?"
• "Yes, sir." 1 answered, "but he 1*
not bere."
"I know thnt, ma'am," he replied,
"but I Just wanted to seo the place,
1 am Abraham Lincoln."
"Tbe president!"   I gasped.
The stranger shook  Ills  bead  and
said: "No. ma'am; no, mn'am.   Just
Abraham Lincoln; George's old friend."
"I am Oeorge Pickett's wire, and tbla
Is his baby," wns all I could sny.
My baby pushed away from me and
reached his hands to Mr. Lincoln, who
took him In bis arms. As he did bo
nn expression Of rapt, almost divine
tenderness and love lighted up tbe sad
fnce. It was a look that I have never
seen on nuy other fnce. My baby
opened his mouth wide and insisted
upon giving his father's friend a dewy,
Infantile kiss. As Mr. Lincoln gave
the little one hack to me, shaking hi*
linger nt blm playfully, be said:
"Tell your father, tbe rascal, that I
forgive blm for the sake ot that kls*
uud those brffebt ejles."
Mrs. Pickett explain* tbe Interest
Lincoln showed in ber husband by
stating that tt wa* through Mr. Lincoln's influence tbat her husband received his appointment to West Point
One impression the book conveys ls
that ot the kindly and generous feeling
that existed between Confederates
and Unionists graduated from West
Point who had been friends before the
-war.' An exhibition of this feeling wn*
mode at the time of tbe birth of General Pickett's flrst baby. Mrs. Pickett;'
telling the story, says:
On tho occasion of my son's birth
bonfires were lighted In celebration all
along Pickett's line. Grant saw tbem
nnd sent scouts to lenrn the cause.
When they reported be snld to General
Ingalls: "Haven't we some kindling
on this side of tbe line? Wby don't
ve strike n light for the young Pickett?"
In a little while bonflres were flam.
Ing from tbe Fereral line. A few day*
later tbere wns taken through the lines
n baby's silver service engraved, "To
Ceorge E. Pickett. Jr., from hi*
father's friends, D. S. Grant, Itufus Ingalls, George Suckley."
General Pickett, in n letter from
Washington, relates another Incident Id
which this samo kindly feeling wa*
After breakfast we went, as arranged, to sec Grant 1 can't Just tell
you, my darling, about that visit
You'll have to wait till I see you lo tell
you I w the warm hearted, modest old
warrior nnd loynl friend met me: how
bo took In his tbe hand of your heart-
tore soldier-poor, broken, defeated,
profession gone—and, looking nt him
for a moment without speaking, snld
•lowly, "Plckclt, it thero is anything
on tho top of God's green earth I cnn
do for you, say so."   *  •   •
When I started to go Grant pulled
down n checkbook nnd said, "Pickett,
It seems funny, doesn't it, that 1 should
havo nny money to offer, but how
much do you need?"
"Not nny, old fellow: not n cent,
thank you," I snld. "I have plenty."
"Uut Ilufu. tells mo Hint you hnve
begun to build n house to take the
place of the ono old Umler burned, and
how can you build It without money?
You do need some."
"I have sold some timber to pny for
It," I told him, and to show my appro.
elation and gratitude, unobserved, I
affectionately squeezed his leg, when
be called out*. "Rnfns, it's the snme
old Geoigc Pickett. Instead of nulling
Bit leg, he's squeezing It"
Sugar Fer the Heart
Sugar Is a splendid medicine for tht
heart In certain diseases of this organ.
In others, such ns oedema, It hns no
effect In Iho London Ijincct Is reported the cure of n woman of seventy-
•even  with  "rapid,  irregular,  fecbl*
Graduate Gits Good Joh.
Ttomiro Diaz, who graduated from
the Ontario Agricultural College tbl*
year, bts received th* appointment     	
of agricultural expert from the Min-   puts •, cyanosis and attacki.ot pnrox-
ister of Agriculture ol the Argentina   jumil breathing" by tbe ndmlnlstre-
Republic.   Mr. Diss, who hails Irom | tion of four ounces  of lump sugai
the Argentine, has had a very suo-
w-istul college career here.
overy twelve hours, gradually dlml*
I Mlaa tM **-**. tot several week*. THE   SUN.   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Oar Paint Advice is Free
NtWS OF THE. CITY IN BRIEF  **«30 holes had been drilled, 24J tons
of dynamite were used, and 16 miles
of wires strung. It is estimated that
upwards of 200,000 tons of rock were
displaced by the explosion, the effects
of which resembled the work of a
miniature earthquake, The noise
of the explosion was not heard either
in Phoenix or Greenwood, but in the
latter town and at Midway a slight
.tremor of the earth was felt.
Work was commenced Monday to
prepare the ground around the new
post office block for a cement sidewalk. The walk will he twelve feet
wide on Bridge street, ten feet on
Third street, and six feet on Main
and Fourth streets. The contract
has nut been let.
Last Sunday was a busy day for
Leo Mader. In the morning he attended church; in the afternoon he
shot a bear cub weighing a hundred
pounds, and at night he worked a
shift at the smelter.
Otto Dahl, a rancher of Per bock
P. O., Alta., was in our city long
enough Monday to buy a lot He wi 1
probably return in about six months,
and make this city his permanent
M. S. Middleton, formerly deputy
horticulturist for this district, was in
our city on Monday.
Joseph llichter, of Midway, bas
beeu appointed a fence viewer for
Greenwood iu place of James (i. McMynn.
C. A. 8 Atwood left on Monday
for Halcyon.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
A. G. Carpenter, of Nelson, dis-
triat manager for P. Burns it Co.,
visited the local branch on Wednesday.
Mr. Ritchie, of Vancouver, formerly provincial constable here, is spending a week in our city.
Miss Myra Stewart, who has held
the position of pianist at thn Empress
thxatre fur some time, left for her
home in Oroville on Monday. Mr
Lne, of Nelson, has been engaged to
take her place.
The Grand Forks Garage coinpany
will enlarge its present quarters to
keep pace with its growing business,
and has purchased from the city the
lot adjoining its building on Main
street for this purpose.
For the big  blast in  the Mother
Lode mine at Greenwood  last   week
tailoring will find their wav into
your Soil tir Overcoat or anything yon order here. It's our
plan to please our cu-tomers—
to give all we can—to take us
an little nn we can afford. Take
advantage of every ud vantage.
Hunt among the biggest variety
of the most fatflhionnble Full
and Winter Fabrics—and pay
not n cent more limn you ought.
These conditions rule here.
WE ARE ALSO A6ENTS for   qiiitq
Mime ol the leading tail-    OUI IV
oring establishments in       em,,*,
the   Enst.     When   you       -PIO
order from ub you have      Ol V
the advantage of being        .un
measured by a practical        *"
tailor,  ensuring perfect     UPWARDS
fit.   A trial will convince
you these clothes  are the best on
the   market  for the  money.    We
guarantee satisfaction.
J D. Honsberger, the rancher, returned yesterday from a four months'
visit to Ontario.
Highest cash price paid for old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.
New Daily for Nelson
A report has been curreut this
week that a company, 'with 850,000
capital, has been organized in Nelson
for the purpose of establishing a daily
Liberal newspaper in that city.
C. A. Wallace and sous, after
spending a couple of weeks in the
city, returned to Calgary on Tuesday.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
The body of Ed Louie, aged 25, a
half-breed, was found last week in the
Kettle river near the mouth of To-
roda creek. Investigation by the
Ferry county officials disclosed the
fact that his skull had been crushed
by a heavy blow. Indications point.
to a mur Jor.'and Si m Pelican and
Tony Pontier, Italians, living near
Toroia, have been arrested chaiged
with the crime.
Wedding Bells
A quiet but very pretty wedding
took place at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. Weat, 600 Queensbury ave
nue, on the 28th of August, when
their youngest daugl ter, Jessie May,
wus united in marriage to Walter Y.
Barron, of Grand Forks, by Rev. W,
C. Schlichter, of First "Methodist
church. The bride, who entered the
room on the arm of her father, looked
exceedingly lovely in a gown of pale
blue chiffon over white satin, carrying
white bridal roses, Miss Laurie Gillespie, of Victoria, who was brides
maid, looked very smart in a hand-
embroidered pink voile dress with
roses of a deeper shado     D. McLeod,
(I'uMUhml Annually)
Kuahle* truder*  throughout   the  world  tu
otiminuiiloatedlreot with Kngllih
In eaoh olauof ffood*. Resides being •* complete commercial guide to London and Iti
suburbs, the directory contain* lints of
with the Goods they ship, nnd the Colonial
and Korolgti Market* they lupply;
arranged under the Ports to which they tall,
and Indicating the approximate Sailing*;
of leading Manufacturer*, Merchant*, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centrci of the United Kingdom.
A ropy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for $5.
Dealer* seeking Agenole* oan advertise
their trade card* for $9, orlurger advertisement* from SIB*
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.O.
of North Vancover, supported the
groom. Miss Hilda Barron, sister of
the groom, and who played the wedding march, was very sweet in a cream
voile dress and red roses. After the
ceremony and the young couple had
received the hearty congratulations of
(he guests, all sat down to a dainty
luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Barron left
by automobile-for Vancouver, where
they took the train, mid showers of
rice and good wishes, for the Puget
scund cities. On their return they
will take up their residence in North
Vancouver.—North Vancouver Press
Mexico and Servia
Evidently believing that Huerta
was responsible for President Madero's
murder, President Wilson refuses to
recognize the Huerta government.
The case is somewhat similar to that
of Servia. King Peter was blamed
for the assassination of the former
king and queen, and neither King
Edward nor the British government
would have anything to do with
Peter,—Hamilton Times.
The Sun only costs ti a year.   It
prints all the news.
Local people are surprised at the
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc, as
mixed in Adler-i ka, the Oerman remedy which became famous by curing
appendicitis. Woodland & Quinn,
druggists, state that this simple remedy draws off such a surprising amount
of old foul matter-from the- body that
A SINGLE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and con
stipation INSTANTLY.
md picture imm
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
nr Miui"nir it
Kastir M.u.tngaHpeoia-Sy.
D'  D     1 Tif •  unless y°u are
on t Kead 1 his ;?—•:;£
for money. No words, spoken or written, could convince
you half as quickly as a visit to* our store that we give-
full measure of values on all lines of house furnishings.
We invite you to inspect our stockand judge for yourself
Grand Forks Furniture Go
The Complete House Furnishers
Fl-kira Frual-tf, Bu,
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Don't forget that The Sun has tbe
lifHt ]oh printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
bave a aplendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Oranby Hotel,
First Struct.
oven ca vcarv
. Marks
AnyoM ron dint a -ksteti and
quickly XmCmrtmUi onr opinion j
Inrentlon tsprobaltlrp-Miiuhi
tlor-mtrlotlTconddflntliil. HANDL-... -
lent frM.Ol.Mt inner for •ecnnntMUula.
Scientific Hnerkatie
Afcmdiomelymiutra^weeW^ *«__£*$
_. scientific Journal Terms for
» year, postage pee-pald. BoMbr
art. «^™—^^^^^^^^—
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre .8 Clayton, Prop.
s Qgar Stun
hub'i.rhidmci.ri«First street
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws. V,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill* of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
•0 v
Good Printing-*83 -*ji
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that our
stock and workmanship are Of the best. Let ut estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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