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The Evening Sun Feb 1, 1907

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Sixth Year-No. 26
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, February 1, 1907
Semi-Weekly—$1.00 Fer Year In Advance
H. W- Gregory  Stands for an Honest Provincial Government
The Conservatives of the eity are
great bluffers—that's nil. They
know their candidate is defeated already, nnd Imve raised the cry,
"vole fur Miller or the Socialists
will |P't in." This is ridiculous, because there is really no-dlfference
between the two parties. Both voted
in the last house to give away the
people's lands and to exempt C.P.R.
lands from taxation; to increase the
burden of taxation on the poor man,
and both attempt to justify the
Kaien island land deal. What the
Tories'are really afraid of is that the
Liberal-Labor candidate will win.
And their fears are well grounded,
because the better class of society,
tho people who are opposed to a government of scandals and corruption,
as McBride's has been, and favor an
honest, business administration, will
vote for him to a man. These voters
ate not doing as much bluffing at
present as the men wbo talk through
'a whiskey or beer glass, but when
their votes are counted they will be
found recorded in tavor of the victor—H. W. Gregory.
Mr. Green dues not intend to suggest
that, had he considered it of value, he
would have kept it himself!
Mr. Goebel, the calamity howler
imported from New Jersey, spoke
in the opera nouse last night. The
meeting proved a fizzle, most of the
audience leaving the hall before it
was over. The speaker confined himself to rehashing his speech delivered
here last week, which had no bearing'on the present struggle, and to a
viturperative attack on The Sun. It
will he remembered tbat on the
former visit of this medding foreigner to the city this paper bad
the pleasure of calling him a cur for
making a vicious and uncalled-for
attack on one of our respected citi
zens. In the present instance we
simply wish to emphasize our previous remark.
Talk about quibbling! K.F. Green's
local organ, after puhlishing Mr.
Green's own admission of his aeeept-
tance nf the Caiim stuck on behalf of
Neil McKay, says that "no member
of McBride's cabinet has accepted any
stock." The technical truth contained in this statement makes the real
deception all the more culpable.
John Mcintosh was one of the promoters of the Grand Forks coal syndi
cate. The government issued bogus
licenses to that concern. Why should
Mr. Mcintosh come back to thiB city
from Seattle to work and vote for the
Conservative candidate?
In his recent speeches, says the
Nelsou News, Premier McBride has
materially changed his ground on several issues. One in particular is very
noticeable. At first, replying co the
charge that he had not collected overdue taxes from the C. P. It, for its B.
C. Southern branch, he stated emphatically that every cent owed by the
railway nad been received. But he
has changed his tune. He now no
longer * denies that the C. P. B.
owes several hundred . thousand dol
lan in tax arrears, but says that while
he has not had time to look fully into
the question he will do so as soon as
possible This is tancamount to an admission that while the people have
been been taxed at every turn, while
the province has been hard up and
while public improvements have been
refused on the score of treasury stiin
genoy, the government has allowed its
pet railway to escape the payment of
heavy obligations.
You cannot forecast the result of
the election by the amount of So
cialist talk in the continuity. One
Socialist without a vote will do as
much talking before an election as
twenty Liberals with votes.
Any wild statements that may be
sprung by the Conservatives at their
meeting tonight should be regarded
as campaign lies. The Tories in
this riding are desperate, and will
resort to anything in order to win.
Promises made by the Tories
before an election are not worth the
breath that is wasted on them. Coal
men should remember McBride's
telegram on the eve of the last provincial election. Tomorrow you
will have an opportunity to say
what should be done with a man
who violates his pledges.
Up to tho present time McBride's
only railway policy has been to aid
tho C. P. R. and to wreck the Midway its Vernon. There are a number
of victims of the latter enterprise in
this city who. will get even with the
government tomorrow.
In his explanation to the people of
British Columbia concerning his deal
with Sir Adolph Caron, R. F. Green,
says that he did not accept the stock
Caron offered him, but passed it on to
Neil McKay, remarking that be did
not consider it of much value.   Surely
The Fuel Question
For the last week or ten days the
smelters of tne Boundary have been
operating from hand to mouth, as far
is coke, coal and ore supplies are concerned. At the Granby works four
furnaces are kept in operation, while
at the R. C, Copper' and Dominion
Copper smelters but one furnace has
been in operation in each place. The
smelters are fortunate to be able to do
even that much. The trouble seems
to be with the railway companies,
which find it dilHcu t to get coal enough
to operate their trains, there being no
reserves whatever in the bunkers at
the vacious storage points. Tho supply of 20,000 tons which the C. P. It.
had on hand at Nelson and in the
Boundary when the coal miners' strike
took place last fall in East Kootenay
has long been used up, and not enough
additional received to take its place.
Doubtless she railways are using efforts to better the conditions, us it
stands them in hand to do so from
their owu viewpoint. Not only are
tho mines short of coal but the smelters are short of coke most of the
time. It is a peculiar state of affairs,
indeeed, when there is plenty of coal
and coke in the mines, ulid there is a
big demand for it, nml yet the consumers cannot get it in sufficient
'unntitics for operating purposes.
Three cars of ore have thus fnr been
shipped to the Granby Smelter from
tho Grant mine, eight miles from Chesaw, by Supt. McPlice, and shipments
will continue regularly In future. The
ore runs about 5 per cent copper, with
total values above 320 per ton. The
mine is located at an elevation of
4,700 feet,about the same as Phoenix,
and has nine men employed.
"After the licenses in the Telqu
alley were granted, and hefore the
applications for licenses in the Pine
River district Were before the department, Caron, whom I know very well,
wrote mi*, saying he desired to allot
me a few shares of stock in a com
pany to be oiganized. I did not
wish to take any stock. Mr. McKay,
then secretary to the premier, was in
my office when I received the letter.
I showed it to him, saying I did not
want the stock, and if he cared to
take it he could have it, remarking
that while I did not consider it of
much value, it possibly might be
worth something to him some day
He signified his willingness to take
the stock, and I notified Caron to issue it to him."
What his colleagues say:
Cabinet Minister No. 1.—"Perhaps
Mr. Green did wrong."—Hon. Captain Tatlow, at Victoria, Jan. 25.
Cabinet Minister No. 2.—"This
matter should not be taken as reflecting on the present government. Blither does it reflect credit on us that
he is no longer with us."—Hon. Car
ter-Cotton, Vancouver, Jan. 24.
Cabinet Minister No. 2.—There
was nothing wrong in Green's accepting stock from Caron as a friend."—
Hon. Richard McBride, at Vernon.
Cabinet Minister No. 4.—"I feel
sure that is a typographical error.
Mr. McBride did not say that.     If I
thought he had ." —Hon. Win,
Manson, at Vancouver, Jan. 26.
What you should do is to mark an
X on your ballot tomorrow after the
Liberal-Labor candidate, Mr. H. W
Gregory, thus:
H. W. Gregory
E. Miller
John Mclnnis
Polling at the city hall between the
hours of 9 a. m. and 7 p. in.
A Conservative's Opinion
The ex-president of the Conservu-
vative party of British Columbia.Jolin
Houston, formerly of Nelson, lately of
Tonopah, has arrived homo to take
part in the election campaign. Premier McBride thought he had disposed
of tho picturesque figure ho invited to
become a member of the government,
but with characteristic treachery deserted when he found that the miin
to whom he professed friendship was
n.t acccpt.thle to the Lieut.•Governor,
but the late member for Nelson cannot so easily be set on the shelf, lie
lias never forgiven the premier for deserting him, and is determined to
square accounts. Mr. Houston's motives, while they are intensely human,
and doubtless as honest as those of
the Premier, cannot be described as in
the highest degree patriotic, except in
so far as any action he takes may
be regarded as tending towards the
discomfiture of the most callous und
corrupt company of officeseekers whom
intrigue ever put in power in the Dominion. He says iii explanation of
his return to British Columbia and
public life: "My return is not actuated by personal ambition. I took uu
active interest in the polities of liii-
tish Columliiu for 15 years, and in do
ing so made warm friends and many
bitter, vindictive, and treacherous
enemies. There is enough of the lowland Scotch blood in me to make me
like my friends and just enough highland Scotch to make me fight my
enemies. Some of my enemies are
candidates in this election, and I will
endeavor to help my friends to defeat
The province is reported to be prosperous and the McBride government
claims ull credit for the prosperity;
but in my opinion the prosperity of
British Columbia is wholly due to the
great increase in population in Alberta
and Saskatchewan, the newest provinces of Canada, whose people draw
their supply of lumber almost wholly
from the mills of British Columbia;
and to the high prices of copper, lead
and silver that have prevailed for
nearly two years. The building of
the Grand Trunk Pacific, although
construction has not been commenced
in the province, and the demand for
fruit lands in Kootenay and the Yale
districts have also been factors in
bringing prosperity to the provinces.
The McBride government gained
office in 1903, and if it evolved any
great measures it has kept tbem
pigeon-holed, for none have been laid
before the Legislative Asseinply."
Asked if he had evolved any new measures, Mr. Houston stated that he had
given much thought to the question of
maintaining public schools in the province, which has become a heavy burden to the large incorporated cities.
The severe weather at the beginning of last month, and the great
amount of sickness towards the end,
showed their effects upon the attendance at the public school.
Following is a synopsis:
En- Attenr- Acer- PerCent
rolled, anee. age. Iiegvl'ty
Division 1.. 25 361.0 19.00 76.00
Division 2„ 44 717* 37.76 85.82
Division 3.. 41 6K4.0 34.94 85.22
Division 4.. 41 618.J .32 55 79.39
Division 5.. 43 597.0 31.42 73.07
Division 6.. 30 443.0 24.61 82.03
Division 7.. 43 628.0 29.33 68.21
Divisions.. 2     361 .J    19.02 79.25
Totals....291 4290. J 228.63 78.62
1906 268 4099.O 229.90 85.78
23    191.*,     1.27   7.16
Passing of Mrs. Barrett
Mrs Miles Barrett, wife of the
general fin-ennui of the Granby smelter, died at 11 o'clock this morning
of pneumonia, after an illness of but
two days. Deceased leaves a husband, two grown up sons und a daughter, besides a large circle of friends to
mourn her loss.
Death of Mrs. McKim
Mrs. Stuart McKim, whoso husband is employed in the N. I*. Mclnnis it Co.'s store, died in the Grand
Fn'ks hospital this morning, after an
illness of two weeks. She had been
confined iu the hospital for a couple
of weeks iu the hope of recovering
sufficiently t'1 ndergo uu operation.
Her decease is mourned by a husband
and a large circle of friends ami acquaintances.
Jus. 11. Kennedy, of Midway, chief
engineer uf thejV. V, ,t E„ was a
visitor in the city lust Wednesday,
Duncan,Ross, of Greenwood, M. P.
for Yule-Cariboo, arrived in the city
lusl uiuht, uml is u guo-,t ut the Yule.
Editor Evening Sun:—Kindly permit me a small space in your columns
by way of suggestion of some very important facts regarding the Socialist
party in the coming election. There
has been no doubt a goodly number
of both men and women whose sympathies have beon aroused toward tbe
Socialistic element as a result of the
present political campaign and the
Socialists earnest, but deluded appeals
to the working classes. I must say
that any sympathetc person is apt to
be led or carried away with the Socialist theory, while looking at the
mere surface of it, which can be rightly compared to a beautiful apple,
whose core is worm eaten and full of
decay. Like the forbidden fruit of
the Garden of Eden, while most delightful to look upon, yet the partaking of it was the eternal ruination of
mankind. This is the exact condition
of the Socialist theory and those who
participate in it will reap like results.
Why? Because its theory and teaching are not only of a political nature
which ore mere outside principles
(and these are what appear to the
honest toiler as most beautiful) while
the mainspring of it all is the rotten
core; the deadly poison; the old *r-
pent's own means of mischief: It interferes and aims at the ovei throw of
Christianity and its fundamental
truths, the most vital and essential
questions of civilization. It denies
the eternal God as the creator of all
and Jesus Christ as the Saviour of all
mankind, scorning at the holy scriptures upon which even the laws of the
land are based and which alone have
brought civilization and all that is
pure and noble to this and other countries. Let the Socialists overthrow it
and what a beautiful lawless world we
shall have then, but thank God, they
will never do so. Christian men and
women, can you uphold this great
evill Can you conscientiously support such a monstrous wrongl Let
me warn you to be careful. Exercise
your best intelligence. Weigh these
serious problems, and on the second
of February cast your ballot, if you
do, for that which you know will
maintain these blessed privileges. 1
am not saying this in the way of upholding either of the other two parties. They both have faults, yet they
are not of such a serious nature but
what improvements can lie made, but
there can lie very little hopes for this
or any other country where Socialism
Bucceds in getting hold of the reins of
government Strychnine is said to
be very sweet, but once you get a little iu your stomach, it might take all
thc medical host to pump it, and perhaps it will be fatal after ull, uud so
with Socialism. As far as some of
the Socialistic candidates are concerned, 1 havo no fault fo find, but rather
uui 1 sorry to see them taking the
position they are.sceking to overthrow
all that is good, noble and pure, uud
to uphold and establish thut which
will tend toward the cursing of humanity rather than the blessings of
which Socialism is dreaming a the
present time. •
Alex I'Vasei's horse created u great
deal ot excitement for a few seconds
yesterday afternoon by running away
nml  smashing the cutter,    No  one
wus hurl ■ju^i***-
A Tweed Overcoat
for &8.00
Bridge Street, Grand Forts
®\\t -f-Ebttttttg &tm
Published at Orand Porks, British Columbia,
Every Tuesday and Friday Evening..
.A.Evans Editor and Publisher
One Year *1.50
One Year (In advance)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished on apolbnthi
Legal notices, 1(1 and 5 oents per line.
Address all communication, to
Phonb B 74 Gbanu Fohks, B. 0.
If a private individual bad played
the confidence game tbat tbe Me-
Brfde government played on the
Southeast Kootenay coal locators he
would now be "doing time" in the
penitentiary. The members of the
government, however, are still allowed their liberty. When the coal
locators made application for licenses
the fee was $50. Before they were
issued an ordet-in-council was passed
raising the fee to $100. The ooal
men cheerfully paid the additional
$50, and then waited about a year
before receiving what purported to
be licenses. The licenses were
really bogus, because the conditions
placed on them rendered them absolutely worthless. Tneti the coal men
presented the government with a petition of rights, praying to be allowed to prove their title to the lands
in the courts. This was peremptorily
refused, but tho license fee was retained. In this manner the government collected ahout $70, (-DO to
which it bad no legal right. The
granting of a petition of rights is a
boon usually allowed tbe meanest
citizen in any civilized country.
side, you should.vote fer him, because he as good as elected already,
and he will sit on the government
side of the house when the legislature opens' A careful canvass of
Phoenix gives assurances that Mr.
Gregory will come out of that camp
with about 100 votes, and at all
other outside polling places he is assured of handsome majorities. In
this city, where he is so well and
favorably known, he will have a big
lead. It can therefore readily be
seen that Mr. Miller's cry is ridiculous. It is only made to mislead
the public and to bolster up courage
among his weak-hearted followers.
Liberal members in a previous
government frustrated the attempts
of the C. P. R. to secure the rich
blocks of coal and oil lands in southeast Kootenay. From the McBride
government it demanded, and obtained, 800,000 acres of land, to
which it had neither moral no* ligal
right, elsewhere. It had not earned
this 800,000 acres of land, accordign
to the opinion of disinterested authorities. But the government gave
it this, and it will demand and receive more if the government he returned to power. The same corporation has also been relieved of taxation to the extent of at least $250,-
000 a year, while the demands of the
individual taxpayer bave been increased from 40 to 100 per cent.
We fail to see how Mr. Miller can
justify himself with the coul men.
His candidature on flu: Conservative
ticket simply means that he has deserted them and placed himself in
the hands of tbe gang that have
robbed them. There is something
wrong with the -'coal baron" who
votes the Conservative ticket tomorrow.
The voting to'norrow will be a
contest of the people against a
combination of so-called socialists
and would-be monopolists. The combination is drawing from a common
campaign fund supplied by a railway
cotporation, and if it succeeds in corrupting the electorate it is just as
certain as that the legislature will
meet that it will demand and receive
its reward in further raids upon the
treasury or upon the public domain.
The Conservative condidate in this
riding was unable to hold his position on the board of license commissioners without becoming involved
in a huge scandal. That is not the
kind of iniin the people of this city
want to represent them in the provincial legislature. What sort of a
record would he make for himself
Mr. Gregory, the Liberal* Labor
candidate, has been a resident of the
city for the past five years, and not
even his bitterest political opponents
can say a word against bis integrity
or breathe a suspicion against his
character. This is the kind,of man
the people of this district need to
represent them ut Victoria.
Hud the $750,000 uncollected on
ruilwuy corporations heen collected it
would not huve been necessary tor the
government to raise the taxation on
the poor rancher ami business man.
And yet the McBride parrots aie
howling, "let well enough alone."
"Vote the Conservative ticket or
the Socialist candidate will be elected," is Miller's battle cry. There is
pracitically no distinction between
the two parties, because if you cast
your ballot for either you don't
know which one you aro voting for.
The only party thnt has placed 'itself on record as opposed to unholy
alliances is the Liberal, represented
in this riding by II. W. Gregory.
if you  want to  be on the winning
his anxiety to present the C. P. R
with 800,000 acres of land should
have any bearing on this question?
It'slike buying a ticket in a lottery
to vote for the Conservative candidate. You don't know whether you
are endorsing a corrupt government
or voting for a bunch of revolutionists.
How do the Southeast Kootenay
coal locators like the licenses which
they paid for and didn't get? Are
they going to vote for anothur gold
brick, or are they going to stand up
for their rights and east their ballots
to turn the confidence men out of
Mr. Mills stated that the railway
companies owned the old parties.
Who ownes Hawthornthwaite? Did
he give away the poor man's land in
the interest of the working men?
When the socialists vote in the house
the same way they talk on the rostrum it will be time enough to listen
to them.
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Stock Certificates printed at The
Sun job oflice.
J. A. Macdonald was right when
h* stated at the opera house last week
that he had never heard two socialists
givo the same definition of socialism,
Mr. Mills put the small merchant in
the capitalistic class, while nil the
previous speakers stoutly maintained
that he is a pauper.
How docs the socialist champion of
the laboring men manage to live uml
clothe himself in the height of fashion
on a salary of $tio0 per year? He has
not worked since lie was elected to
the  legislature.    Is  it  possible  thnt
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the under-
signed. hiiiI endorsed "Tender for Post
ottire, Fernie, B 0.," will be received at 'h's
unVe until Monday, February 18, IB 7, lliein-
,ivily. for liteeniiNtruelioi. of u Post Office,
"te.. building nlFernie. II.C.
Plans and s|,ecllli*iitions can be seen nnd
forms uf tender obtained nl this 11,'imri ment
it,id on Rltniiontloti to Robert A. Kerr, ami,,
Clerk of Works. Fernie, R C
Persons tendering are notified Hint tenders
will not be considered unless made on the
printed form supplied, nnd signed witli their
uetlial signatures.
I.ueh tender must be accompanied b.v an
aci'opted cheulie on a eburtered bank, nisde
pnynble tn the order of the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, etjnnl to Ion ner
pei t 111* p. n.l of the .mount of the t,*> d -r.
-vhich will be forfeited If the pat tv ten '••■ g
dp-lino tn enter lulu n contract wlx'i, call -d
iipuli io do so, or If he rail to cniupli'i- Ihe
work contracted lor. If the tender lie nut
accepted the cheque will he returned.
T>*e Dcpnrttneut does not bind Itself lo uc-
ccpt tbe lowest or any tender
By Order,
Department of Public Wor-t.,
Mttawu, January 18. IM7.
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Fish and Game in Season
GRAND FORKS, B. C. The Kaien island townsite was given away to a band of adventurers,
male and female, by the McBride
government. Before the present year
is ended one lot in Prince Rupert will
sell for more than the government got
for the 10,000 acres. Yet McBride
says he made a good bargain.
Did yon notice how the mention of
the red flag brought forth tremendous
applause at one of the socialist meetings at the opera house? And yet the
■ Conservatives have the effrontery to
sny that they are not allied with revolutionists.
Methodist Church, E.  Manuel,
pastor.—Services next Sunday at usual hours. The pastor will preach in
the morning and administer the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, ltev. E.
H. Shanks, evangelist, will preach in
the evening. It is expected tlmt Mrs.
Shanks will sing. There will be
union evangelistic services in the
church exei'V evening next week, conducted by Hev. E. H. Shanks, evangelist. Come and help in singing the
old songs.
"I think it is a matter much to be
regretted that Mr. McBride should
give to the question of 'better terms'
a partisan cast. I am aware,of course,
that it is claimed as an excuse for
this that some Liberal newspapers
have criticised his conduct at Ottawa;
but even so, the premier of the province should realize that the question
is a large provincial one, and should
be kept out of party politics."—J. A.
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Gregory's Platform
To the Electors of Grand Forks Riding.
c_/4s the unanimous choice of the Liberal-Labor
Convention in Grand Forks riding, I am before you
as a candidate for election to the next Provincial Legislature.
In this connection 1 desire to solicit your votes
and influence in my behalf.
o4s a Liberal-Labor candidate, I will, from my
independent position, be ready' to support measures
that work for the common good, and all measures
introduced to benefit the true interest ot Labor will
have my undivided support, irrespective of whatever party may introduce such measures.
I am in favor ofthe following:
,       1.    The creation of a Department of Labor and
Immigration, as suggested by J. A. Macdonald.
2. (_^A railway policy' without granting land or cash
subsidies but with equal privileges to all and special
privileges to none.
3. To have the Elections Act ammended providing
that no elections shall be called without giving the
electors an opportunity to register in time to secure
their votes.
4. Trunk roads and trails should be built and
maintained at the Government's expense.
5. Exclusion of Asiatic labor.
6. Eight-hour day for all classes of labor.
Yours respectfully,
Liberal Policy
Our policy is defined by our stand i
on the measures brought before the
House, plus our aims regarding other
measures which cannot be introduced
by an opposition but only by the government.    These arc:
1. The creation uf a department of
labor aud information; subjects too
important tu be left, as at present,
without shape or provincial guidance
to guard us against undesirable immigrants.
ii. Full inquiry into water records
and irrigation, and while protecting
prior rights, providing for a wider distribution of water available for irrigation purposes.
.'1. Au adequate system uf forest
4. Surveys of Crown lands available for settlement, and where practicable parcelling thetn into small
holdings us part of an immigration
5. Repeal of School Act and return
of a system uf State education.
6. Revision of the laws of placer
and dredging leases, and a lessening
of the danger of inadvertant forfeiture.
7. No alliance with those revolutionists who would destroy our system
of government and haul down our
flag; but on the contrary, co-operate
with that great body of labor which
would reform abuses in a constitutional way.—J. A. Macdonald.
Wise People
Buy* their
From no, because the quality of our goods is such
thai friction between the cook and the better half of
the household is entirely eliminated. Our prices, too,
are so reasonable that the head nf the family pays bis
monthly grocery bill at our store "ith a satisfied
smile.    Tryj.118 and he convinced.
Phone No. 30=
-Opposite C.P.R. Station
Hot and Gold Baths. Nicely Furninhed
Stove-Heated Rooms. Entirely re-
fiii-nislied and renovated throughout.
First.class board by day, week or
month. Special rates to steady boarders. American and European plana.
Finest liar in City In Connection,
Winter* Carnival
February 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
fl Grand Trophies und $2,000 in prizes.    Two  bands in attendance.
HOOKEY—International and inter-provincial championships.
SNOWSHOEING—Championship of British Columbia,'
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down the "Zip."
SKI-ING—Jumping and Racing.    Championship of Canada.
.SKATING RACES—For championship of British Columbia.
CURLING—A provincial bonspiel.
Horse Racing,Masquerading,Tugsof-VVar and other interesting events.
Reduced rates on all linos.        For further particulars apply to
J. S. C. FRASER, Pres. E. ADAMS, Sec.
God Save the King.
Why Chest Colds are Dangerous
. They lead to pleurisy and pneumonia. Follow the advice of W. H.
Powles, of Powles' Corners, Ont., who
says: "I used to be subject to attacks and although I used most everything nothing relieved quickly till I
discovered "Nerviline. I have used it
for pleurisy and sore chest and found
it just the thing. For lumbago or
neuralgia it's quick as lightning. I
cheerfully recommend Nerviline."
Strongest, cleanest, most pain destroying liniment on earth is Poison's Nerviline, 25c bottles sold everywhere.
Try This for Your Cough
To relieve a cough or break up a
cold in twenty-four hours, the following simple formula, the ingredients of
which can be obtained of any good
prescription druggist at small cost, is
all that will be required: Virgin Oil of
Pine (Puee), one-half ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; good Whisky, a half
pint. Shake well and take in teaspoonful doses every four hours. The de
sired results cannot be obtained unless the ingredients are pure. It is
therefore better to purchase the ingredients separately and prepare the
mixture yourself. Virgin Oil of Pine
(Pure) should be purchased in the
original half-ounce vials, which druggists buy for dispensing. Each vial is
securely sealed in a round wooden case
which protects the Oil from exposure
to light. Around the wooden case is
an engaged wrapper with the name—
"Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure)"—plainly
printed thereon. Tliere are many imitations and cheap productions of Pine,
but these only create nausea, and
never affect the desired results.
You o4re Next
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z.  PARE, Proprietor
Viuturiu Hctel,
Bridge Street, Qrauu Forka, B, 0,
Foo Lee
Samples Given Prompt Attention,,
Correspondence Solicited.
Complete Superintendence of 0k Shipments.
F. 0. BOX 43 raONE 53
^Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms In the City
First and Bridge Strests
Route of the famous and favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,   Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul.
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St
Joseph, Kansas City and St. Louis.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
CLOSE CONNECTlb^ad? at St. Pa ul
and St. Louis in Union Depots foi all
points East and South-East.
To enable parties wnp so desire to visit
friends ami "relatives in the Eust during the
summer season of J906, the NORTHERN PACIFIC will on JULY 2nd and Brdi AUGUST
7th. 8tfi and 9th, and SEPTEMBER 8th and
lOthsxll round-trip tickets from points in
this territory to Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul,
Minneapolis, Oi-aha and Kansas City at one
lowest iirst class fare plus Ten Dollars, with
final return limit ninety days from date of
sale, but not beyond October 81st, 1906.
Extremely low rates Bre in effect from
February 15th to April 7th and September
Uth to October list, 1905, from all points in
the East to points in this territory. If you
desire to send for a friend or relative on
these rates we telegraph tickets to Eastern
points without extra cost. _ ,
^he NOTHERN PACIFIC have all announced very low round-trip rates from
poiuts In tbe Bast to points in this territory,
and tiokets will be on sale from June 1st to
September 15th Inclusive, final limit for return October 31st, 19U3.
For further iuformatlon address any one ol
I A. D. Charlton,    G.A. Mitchell
A. O. P. A., Oen. Agt.,
Portland,Ore.    Spoknne, Hash.
W. H. Ude,
Traveling- Passenger Agent,
Spokane, wash.
The Lightest and
Fastest ("State Made.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street        Grand Forks, B. C.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Grand Forks, li. C
Pacific Hotel   m-^T
Ptrit'oldn In every reipeftt*
Santnle rooms for oommer*
ciiil trnvelerB,
Hoi iiml (.'olil Baths,
l'ar in Comteetlon.
Fluent Hretidiol WI-ips,
hiqu'ii's und Olgai 6-
'   3-1 i y^
^UpPAOlFB,;^ 1       2   7*
.1   TJjJ    Q*!,l» -"Ml,! ■ WALLACE
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
nf its kind in the oity.
110   WASfflNGTON
UOTICK li hereby -given tbat thirty days
■™ after date! IntendMaking applloatlon
to the Ohlef Commissioner of Land* and
Works for a special license to out and remove timber from the following described
lands: Commencing* et this post, located on
the east bank of Savage ereek, a west branoh
of the North Fork of Kettle river, at a point
tt feet southeast of where a landslide or dry
wash enters said creek from tbe west side,
and where a small Jam and pond Is formed on,
and about three miles from the mouth of
■eld ereek; thenoe ruunlng west 40 chains:
thenee north 80cbalus- thenoe east 80ohains;
thenoe south 80 chains; thenee west 40 ohains
te plane of beginning, containing 640 aores.
Loo»ted this 20th day or Oetober, 19067
o, J. P MAJOR. Locator.
Nowly Refurnished Throughout,
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smeltarmen's Trade
Solicited, Terms Reasonable.
Table Supplied with the Best the.
Market Affords.
The Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars are Always  in Stock  at the Bar.
Heavy and Light Drey Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
SecondHand Goods mm ™RKS ™Nsra* mm
Carpets Cleaned and Laid.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, and
other jobs In the house-
cleaning line.
Call or leave orders at
Next Door to Lion Bottling Works,
, at
WOTI.'K is hereby given that I will appl:
11 the next meeting of the License Commissi oners for the Grand Forks License District, for transfer of tbe Retail Liquor Li-
cenjse for the Northern hotel, situate at Ban-
iiu.jk Clt*)*, Yale District, from the mide.-
stewed to Robert Lindholm, of Bannock City
Dated the Uth day of November, 1906
re  rap-am
To Do Your
\V« have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Duikers,
BusiiH'ss anil Visiting Curds,
Lodge ('(institutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bill*, of Pare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Prinlery.
Good Printing—the kind *e do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
vuu that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guiir-
iinteo satisfaction.
Evening   Sun t|
Job Department
VV''"'. '-"•'■ ■••■■• -> :-:V7;^:7**7'' ■'-.    1$.
One of Ihe legacies of the McBridi
government—incneased taxes. How
do you like it?
The outstanding feature oF the
whole campaign in the Boundary and
Upper Country is the great reception
given Liberal Leader Macdonald
wherever he appears. Even Conservatives admit that his meetings have
invariably been better attended than
those of Premier McBride, and Mr.
Bowser, and in all there has been a
most notably marked personal feeling
towards the future premier. All his
meetings, Rossland, Plionix here, have
taxed the large halls to the utmost,
and in all the leader has created a
most niarked impression. He carries
everywhere the reputation of absolute
integrity, and no statement he has
made on the platform in the whole
campaign has ever yet been questioned. He has been fiercely attacked by
the Socialists, but has invariably
triumphed through his straighforward
statement of his actions in the House
and his intentions when in power.
That the whole province has confidence in J. A. Macdonald has been
amply proved, and his great personal
following will .have tremendous effect
throughout the country on the polling
The follojving  table  gives the ore
for 1905, 1.1UG  and for the past week:
(iranby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,   Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix.;	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark...	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine; Skylark Camp	
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
shipments °f Boundary mines
1900    Past Wed
' 48,390
Liberal Leader Macdonald broke
into the premier's class on Tuesday
when he travelled on a C.P.R. special
in order to keep his appointment to
speak at New Denver. Arriving at
Sandom fiom Kaslo he missed connections there and was forced to walk
the track to Three Forks where a
special palace hand car, manned by
two husky section hands, carried bim
in the face of a howling snowstorm to
New Denver. Macdonald wound up
his'campaign away from home at the
meeting there and left for Rossland
on Wednesday. The meeting in
Docksteader's interests at New Denver was a great success, Macdonald,
in spite of a severe cold, making a
splendidly effective speech. He made
many Liberal votes.
Total, tons	
Smelter Treatment—
GTanby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter..
933,548 1,164,034 14,617
68,7,9-38 838,847 9,810
220,830 121,931 00,03
84,059 218,811 2,284
Total treated       982,877   1,182,546       15,618
Do You Feel the Pinch
Not of poverty, but of corns, aching
corns, that can be cured by Putnam's
Corn Extractor? Don't suffer, use
"Putnam's"—sold everywhere in   25c
Everything for  tbe Housewife
and Prospector
Can be Selected from our large stock of
General Merchandise and
Miners' Supplies   0  0 ***
Groceries, Crockery, Glassware. Fancy* Dishes,
Jewelry, Nuts and Fruit*
Our Stock in all these departments is complete.
A trial order will convince you that our prices are right.
J.  Bell & CO. »anville,
In the matter of the "Land Registry Act,"
and in the matter of the Title to Part 20
acres of Lot 53l>, Group I, Osoyoos Division,
Yale District.
WHEREAS, the Certificate of Title of Mary
Young, being Certificate of Title No.
7&ri*fltt, to the above hereditaments, has been
lost or destroyed, and application has been
made to me for a duplicate thereof.
NOTICE Is hereby (riven that a duplicate
Certificate of Title to tbe above hereditaments will be Issued at the expiration of
one month from the date hereof, unless in
the meantime valid objection to the contrary be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, Kamloops,B.C., November 24th. 1906.
NOTICK li hereby-given that thirty dnys
nfter dnte I Intend m-akin-* apnMcatlnti
to the Chief Comtnih"Ioner of Lands and
Works for a special licem*** to opt nod remove timber from the folio win-; described
lnii.li. Commencing at thi-*- post, loon-ted on
the ef-f* bunli rjf SnVfttr***- creek, n west branch
of H**-- NnrMi Pork of Kettle river, at a point
7S feet southeast of where n land-slid-*- nr dry
wash enters .-mid "reek from tin* west side,
aud where a small jam or pond \s formed on,
and about three mile* from the mouth of
said pre "I*.: thence ruriiiiii*.- west 40 chains;
thence Miuth Mohairis: tliein?**- cant 80 ohains;
thence north 80 chains; thenee west 40chains
to plnce of betrluulpe, contniiiing 804 acres.
Located this 20th dny of Oetol--«i. 190ft.
J. K. MAJOR, Locator.
A. Erskine Smith & Co
To Franklin Camp by Stage, Private Vehicle, Freight Team or
Horseback, ask for our prices.
Bridge and First Sts
The Purest and Best In tbe City.
On Draught Exclusively* at
60   YEARS-
Receive both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident or duy sttidei'tft! has a complete Commercial or Business Course! prepares student to B-tttu Teachers' Certificates of all
vrudci] gives the four years' course for the
B. At degree* aud tho first year ofthe Sahou
,,r ,-*.!. 1 course, In affiliation with the Toronto University I has a special prospectors-!
our 0 for miners who won*, m ha. Instruction Is alsojfivan in Art, Music, PhysleolOul-
• ur.* ..mi elocution. Term opens Sept. 17,
1)j6,   1 or 1 filet-Uttrs. eto , address
Trade Marks
r r -. -        Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch imd description mBy
qnlokly ascertain our Opinion free Whether nn
Invention Is prohably imle.rituiile.   Cnnitnunicn-
tlniinstrlutlySonOdO il. HANDBOOK on Patents
Bent froo. oiilcst naoncv for hei-iirlnjrpntentH.
I'litonts taken tbronah Mann A Co. receive
sptdal notice, without onnftto, in tho
Scientific Bttcrican.
A hnndsoninly ilhiB'rnlorl weekly. Laraest clr-
dilution of uuy ei-ii-*-**-'!!!.- i"iiriml. Terms, $.1 a
•/cup: four months, II, Hold byall newsdealer-..
MUNN &Co.3E'D™-'^ New York
Brsnoh Olflcu. Bft K t'-- -tVAflnlBBtOn- D-C.
To Wm. James Nelson, of Roflslaud, 17 C:
Ynti are herehy notified that I huve expended f mi) in lahor and iuproVements on
the "Vermont" .Mineral Claim, *l touted in
the Grand Forks Mining Division, of Yah*
District, lu Hritish Columhla, to count as
iissessmeut 011 said claim, h* will uppeiir bv
certificate of work recorded iu the olHce of
tht> .Viiiini; Recorder fur the said Grunl
Porks Mini i'*--* Division, in order to hold said
claim under the provisions of Section "U ot
tin1 Mlucrul Act, such being the amount required to hohl the said claim for the year
And if at the expiration of Wl days of puhll-
cation of this .Notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of the expenditure
required under Section 84, together with ull
costs of advertising, .VOtir interest   Iti   snid
claim shall become vested in tiie subscriber
[one of your co-owners] under Section 4 of
tht* Mi -nl Act  Amending Act 1900
Dated at Grand Forks, B. 0., thtsthe 30th
din of November, A. J). UnM.


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