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The Evening Sun Jun 2, 1911

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 I  v.
1/ '
Tenth Year—No. 30
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. June 2, 1911.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Items of Interest to Horticulturists and Agriculturists
The regular semi-annual meeting
of tbe directors of the Grand Forks
Agricultural association will be
held in the city ball on Mon
day evening, June 5. All members
are requested to attend.
There bave been frequent references in horticultural literature during the past two or three years
ubout ever-bearing strawberries, but
nothing that seemed to give much
promise that they would amount to
anything. However, the recent experience of a Pulaski, N. Y., grower
witb tbe new variety seems to indi
cate that it is something more than
a curiosity. He got three pickings of
berries after August 15 last, wbich
averaged more tban 600 quarts to
the acre and brought bim 25 oents
per quart. Tbe fall or ever-bearing
strawberry, as it is known, differs
from the common varieties in the
one respect that it blooms continuously from June until November.
One crop is matured at tbe usual
time in June, and the second cop
may he secured by pinching off all
blossoms about three weeks before
it is desired to have the fruit ripen
when all of tbe strength of the vines
is diverted to the balf-grown fruit
Those who have tasted the fall matured fruit state that it haB fully as
fine a flavor as the June product.
Patent stump pullers operated by
steam have been invented,and many
of them are now being used to clear
the cut-over pine lands in northern
Michigan and Wisconsin. The derrick hoist principle is employed in
tbem, and it is said tney will pull
and pile from two tn three acres of
stumps in a day. Many thousands
of acres of thia land are rich and
fertile, well suited to general farm
ing, fruit growing, etc., and the new
puller is found to be an improvement over the tedious and expensive
methods of clearing land which
have prevailed in the past.
The man who is wise will not only
take the precaution of driving a team
whicb he thinks of purchasing foi
work on the farm, but will insist on
the privilege of working them a little
hefore closing the deal. If tbe owner
of the team objects to this arrangement pass them up, for the team
may be sound as a dollar, but possess some peculiarty or meanness of
disposition whicb would render
them practically worthless as r. work
team. Neither ability to travel nor
good looks cut much figure when a
fallow is dead anxious to rush his
spring' plowing and has to spend
half his time trying to coax a balky
horse to work. And it is certainly
exhaustive of a man's store of piety
and patience.
Institute Meeting
A meeting of the directors of the
Kettle Valley Farmers' institute was
held in the city hall on Friday evening, May 26. Present: Messrs.
Rooke, Heaven, Burr, Tweddle and
On motion of
and Heaven, the meeting endored !
the' action of the president in appointing Fred Clark secretary fori
the balance of the year.
The president declared C. Scott
Galloway's chair vacant by reasop
of removal, and B. Almas' chair
was declared vacant by reason of
On motion, the meeting decided
to request H. A. dispell and W. A.
Cooper to become directors of the
institute. Both of tbese gentlemen
have since consented to act in this
On motion of MesBrs. Burr and
Heaven, a resolution was adopted
declaring that it was tbe opinion of
tbis institute tbat this district is entitled to an assistant horticulturist,
and that the deputy minister of
agriculture, Mr. Scott, be requested
to censider such an appointment.
On motion of Messrs. Clark and
Tweddle, the president appointed
Messrs. Rooke, Tweddle and Clark
a committee to arrange for a *neet-
ing next month.
Tbe meeting then adjourned.
The record of the rainfall at this
since the installation of the government rain gauge on Cooper Bros',
ranch is:
, inches ,
Rainfall. Snowfall
January  14.90
February 19 7.00
March ta 44 1.00
April 83
May.. .-. S.43
In May, 1910. the rainfall was
Highest temperature during the
month. May 21, 87°; lowest, May
23, 30°.
K. R. Gilpin, customs officer at tbis
port, makes the following detailed report
nt the eust* ma receipts at the various
sub-cUBtiims oftic e, *,s reported to the
rh-ef oflice in this city, for the month of
Grand Forks  $2,846 12
Phoenix      838 2S
Cascade         74.1)8
Carson        35 65
Total  83794.13
Dominica Sersina's
ant Captured Near
making) a geological map of the
camp. A big load of supplies accompanied them.
Giovanni Mastrella, accused of
having assaulted Dominica Sersina
with a razor at Fife on Empire day,
was apprehended by the county
sheriff near Marcus on Tuesday and
banded over to Provincial Constable
Ritchie, who brought bim to this
city. At the preliminary hearing
Wednesday morning, the case was
remanded until Sersina's recovery
has advanced sufficiently to permit
bim tn give testimony. Sersina is
now in the hospital in this city, and
his wounds are rapidly healing.
An auto party comprising Chas.
Howse, Walter Murray, Chas. Rus-
Bel, E. Russell, J. L. Coles and
Chris Cowley came down from
Greenwood on Sunday to witness
the baseball tournament at Danville. They made the run from
Greenwood to this city, via Phoenix,
in a little over an hour.
Jay P. Graves, general manager
of tbe Granby Consolidated, left
Spokane last Saturday for New
York, and George W. Wooster, of
this city, treasurer and one of the
directors of the company, departed
for the same destination the flrst of
the week. A directors' meeting will
shortly be held in New York to consider reports of tbe company's min
ing and mettalurgical engineers, and
of Benjamin H. Lawrence, of new
York, before deciding whether to
proceed with the purchase of the
Hidden creek copper property on
Observatory inlet.
Gus Parker, who made the 'first
auto trip to Christina lake in his
runabout a few years ago, attempted
tn navigate the snme machine to
Franklin camp on Wednesday afternoon, but after reaching half way to
the smelter he had to turn the car
around and let it slide back to tbe
garage. The failure was not dm to
any defects in the car, however.
During the late rains Mr. Parker
left his gasoline can in a place where
it filled wilh rainwater, and unawares he poured this into the tank
of the machine. The machine naturally refused to work on so slim a
diet. Mr. Parker reduced his weight
twenty-five pounds by the sweating
process before he found out why the
car refused to go.
'Isle of Spice"
B. C. Whitney's piquant mixture,
"Isle of Spice," the merriest and
brightest of all musical productions,
will be seen at tbe Grand Forks
opera bouse on Thursday, June 8,
witb a competent cast and company,
together with all scenery, electrical
and mechanical effects and beautiful
costumes which were used during its
successful runs in Chicago, New
York and Boston. The book and
lyrics were written by Allen Lowe
and George E. Stoddard, tbe music
penned by Paul Hchindler and Ben
M. Jerome, and tbe production
staged by GusSoblke, acknowledged
to he one of America's greatest stage
directors. The company is a large
one, and the cast contains players
well known in the theatrical world,
among whom may be mention Stanley Felch, Bobby Woolsie, Bernard days. On Sunday last Ralph Wo
Higgs, Wm. Burgess,Mnrtin Packey,' ver.on secured six black bass, weigh
M. D. and Mrs. McKee leave on
Monday next on a trip to the east,
and expect to bc absent four or five
weeks. Rev. ('. O. Main, of Cranbrook, Judge Forin. of Nelson, and
Rev. McKee are commissioners appointed by Kootenay Presbytery to
attend the General Assembly, which
is to meet in Ottawa. Dining Mr.
McKee's absence union services will
be beld with the Baptist church,
Rev. H. W. Wright, B.A., in charge.
W. C. Chalmers has moved his
fruit and confectionery store to tbe
building formerly occupied by
Willson & Roney, on the corner of
Bridge and First streets. He now
has one of the best stands in the
Beginning next Sunday, the Bap-
Work of Counting the People
of Canada Was Started
Yesterday morning the enumerators
who have been appointed to take the
census  in   the  West Kootenay and
Boundary districts, for which  A.   B.
Docksteader,   of   Nelson, is   commis-
sioner.and which include Grand Forks
and Greenwood ridings,  commenced
their work.   It will probably require a
month' a time to collect   all the data
regarding   every   man,   woman   and
child in the districts.   Statistics will
,„  also  be   gathered concerning mines,
tist bunday school will meet at 10       ,     ,.   .    , ,     .
.     , , timber limits, farina and other prop-
o'clock in the morning for tbe sum
mer months. The pastor of the
church has arranged that next Sunday the morning service, wbich
starts at 11 o'clock, will be of special
interest to children and their parents.   All are cordially invited.
Dr. Simmons, the dentist, will
spend Sunday at his borne in Greenwood, but will return to this city on
Monday and will be at his office in
tbe Yale hotel for a few days next
The Yale-Columbia Lumber com
pany's log drive in the main  Kettle
river has reached   Cascade.   Ahout
seventeen   million   feet  of  sawlogs!national boundary line, taking  every
erty. The following is a list of the
enumerators of Grand Forks and
Greenwood ridings, together with the
boundaries of their districts:
Grand Forks riding—
District No. 30—Commencing at
the southern boundary of township 77
and running westerly seven miles and
north to the northern boundary ofthe
riding Peter H. Donaldson, enumerator.
No. 31—Commencing at the international boundary line at the southwest corner of lot No. 2699, thence
north to the southern boundary of
township 77, thence westerly seven
miles, thence southerly to   the   inter-
tiling within these lines excepting the
city of (irand Forks. J. A. McCallum, enumerator.
No. 32—The city of Grand   Forks.
.Neil McCalluin, enumerator.
No. 33—Commencing at the southwest comer of lot 2699 und following
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister of the international boundary line >st-
public works, left Victoria yesterday erly to the eastern boundary of the
on an official tour of the interior to ridinK ttud Dorth to tlle no,'tl* bound-
passed this city this spring.
J. D. Dibble, a rancher living
near Curlew, was shot twice on
Tuesday by an inebriated stepson,
wlio.-e aim was defective. Diddle
will recover.
occupy  six   weeks.
Graud Forks.
He  will visit
Harry   A.
ary   of   lot   No.   2700.
Sheads, enumerator.
No. 34—Commencing at the southwest corner of the riding, tlieuce easterly to Fourth of   July creek, thence
The water in the main Kettle
river rose sixteen inches during the
past two days. Tbe danger of high < northerly to the north boundary of
water during the present season, the riding and including the city of
however, is apparently over. I Phoenix.   Angus McPherson, enumer
Greenwood riding-
No. 35—From and including Eholt
| to   and   including   Boundary   Fall",
j south to the   international   boundary
! line, including Anaconda mid  Mother
Mrs. McKee and  the  Misses   El- Lode   mines,   not  including   Green-
liott will not receive tbe first   Mon- ] wood. John Lungton enumerator.
The season is at hand when the
neighbors' hens constitute a perplexing problem with the one who takes I
pride in a well kept flower or vegetable garden.
day in June,
nor again  until  Octo-
Tomorrow, Jun; ,'{, will bc a public holiday, being the king's birthday.
No. 3ti—From Boundary Falls, including Midway and to Buck Creek
aud northerly lo the northern boundary of the riding. Charles tiauv-
rcault, enumerator.
No. 37—The city of  Greenwood.
Charles Vaughan, Misses Felch, Mc
Gowan, Perri, Hammond and a
beauty chorus of singing and dancing girls.  j	
Aid. Atwood's canvas boat was
taken down to Christina lake today.
From its appearance, it can evident
ly be used as a flying machine in
the event of an emergency.
During the past week tbe mercury t William ,*j. Graham, enumerator,
haB been fluctuating  in   the  neigh- j —-
j borhood of 90 degrees. "Isle of Spice"
,  Nearly   all   the    merchants    of     Apart from its legitimate claims tn
good business at Christina lake these _ ,   , j   .       t . ,   ,      , ,   • .,
Greenwood   have  agreed   to   close popularity   because   of   its   catchy
their stores on   Wednesday   during songs   and   delightful   music, B. C.
the  month  of June,  July, August   Whitney's   "Isle   of Spice,'' which
Some of the more renowned  pis
cators are   reported to be doing i
ing 12.12 pounds, in one   hour.    It
and September.
Eight carloads of telegraph poles
were shipped from the  North  Fork
Messrs. Tweddle' country this week.
will not be necessary  to nictate the
left optic when you repeat this story, I The sitting of the assizes in Green-
because the every detail can be cor-' wood has been postponed until next
roborated. i Wednesday.
A geological survey party com-      Th(J „,„ working, „f lhe  McKin-
posed   of  Chas.   W. Drysdale and ,ey mine in Franklill ottmp  are |,e.
Chas.   A.   Fox,   of Montreal, F. J. ;|1)? re.8urveyed.
Alcock, of Bedford, Ont.,   and   W. 	
J. Tait, of Toronto, left the cily on      Claus Jenson   committed suicide their praise of the lavish production
Wednesday   for     Franklin,   whete at Bull crock laBt Sunday.    He took  Mr. Whitney has given tbis charm
they   will  spend they summer in the rope route. ' ing musical comedy.
"Isle of Spice,'
comes to the Grand Forks opera
house on Thurday, June 8, iB a
production that from a scenic viewpoint has seldom been equalled and
never surpassed in the history ofthe
Ameiican stage. Theatergoers who
arc most exacting in their demands
for all that modern stage mechanism
has made possible, are  unstinted in THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. R.
Author ot
The Crlmion Blind: Tha Oardlnal
Moth; The Weight of the Crown;
The Corner House; The Slevei of
Silence; Craven Fortune; The
Fatal  Dote;  Netta.
Egan looked relieved, but he said
"You are quite right to hi reticent," Venner said, "but ns I remarked before, I think I can help you in
this business.    You   hoped   to   lay
hands on tlie mun you wanted    in
this hotel."
"Oh, 1 quite see you know something," Egan replied. "As a matter
ot fact we are a long way at present
from being in a position to lay hands
on our man witli a reasonable hope
of convicting him. There will be a
great deal oi watching to do flrst, and
a lot of delicate detective work. That
is the worst of these confounded news-
papers. How that paragraph got into the Herald I don't know, but it
is going to cause Grady and myself a
great deal of trouble. To be quite
candid, we did expect to find our man
here, but when he had vanished as
he did, just before our arrival, I knew
at once that somebody must have
been giving him information "
"Do I know the name of the man?
Venner asked.
"I' you don't, I certainly can't tell
you," Egan said. "One has to bo
cautious, even with so discreet a gentleman as yourself."
"Thats very well," Venner snid.
"But it so happens that I am just as
much interested in this individual as
yourself. Now let me describe him
He is short and stout, between fifty
and sixty years of age, has beady
black eyes, and a little hooked nose
like a parrot. Also he has an enormous bald head, and his coloring is
strongly like that oi a yellow tomato.
Ii I nm mistaken, I have no further
interest in the case."
"Oh, you're not mistaken," Egan
said. "That is our man right enough.
But tell me. do you happen to know
what his particular line is just it
"I 'have a pretty good iden," Venner snid. "but 1 am not quite sure
as yet. I have been making a few
inquiries and they nil tend to confirm my theory, but I am afraid I
cannot stay here discussing the mat.
ter nny longer, as I hnve nn important appointment elsewhere. Do you
propose to stay at the Empire Hotel
for any time?"
Egan replied that it nil depended
upon circumstances. They were in
no way pressed for time, nnd -as they
were there on Stnte business they
were not limited ns to expenses. With
a remark to the effect that they might
meet again later on in the evening.
Venner went on his way and stood
waiting for Vera nt the foot of the
stairs. She came down presently and
they entered a enh together.
"We won't go to a theatre at all.'
Venner said. "We will try one of
the music halls, and we shall be able
to talk better there, and if we have a
box we shall be quite seoure from observation."
"It is all the same to me." Vera
smiled. "1 enre very little where we
go so long ns we ure together. How
strange it is Hint you should hnve
turned up in this extraordinary way."
"There is nothing strange about it
nt nil," Venner snid. "It is only
Fate making fnr the undoing of the
criminal. It may be nn old-fashioned
theory of mine, but justice always
overtakes the rogue sooner or later,
and Fenwick's time is coming. I
hnve he,.n the Instrument chosen to
bring about his downfall, nnd snve
you front your terrible position, tf
you would only confide in me "
"But I can't, dearest," Vera snid.
"There is somebody else. If it were
not for that somobody else, I could
end my troubles to-morrow. But
don't let us talk about it Let us
have  two  delightful  hours    totrether
and thank Providence for the opportunity."
The time passed all ton quickly ln
thc dim seclusion of one of th** boxes;
indeed Vera snt np with a start when
the orchestra begun to piny the National Anthem, Tt seemed impossible
that the hour was close upon twelve.
As to the performance, she bail been
far too engrossed  in  her companion
to heed what was taking place upon
the stage.
"Come along," Venner said. "It
has been a delightful time, but all
too brief. I am going to put you in
a cab and send you back to the hotel
i as I have to go and see Gurdon."
I Vera made no demur to this urrang-
, enient, and presently was being con-
I veyed back to the hotel, whilst Veil
i ner thoughtfully walked down the
I street. Late as it was, the usual crop
I of hoarse yelling newsboys were
I ranging the pavement and forcing
1 their wares on tlie unwilling passers-
I "Here you nre, sir. I.nte Specinl.
! Startling development of the Butes
case.    The mystery solved."
"I'll take one of those," Venner
snid. "Here's sixpence for you, nnd
you can keep the change. Call me
that cab there."
kTILLS   ,
4li   x^^oisk
°IA()CTC'5   *   -
W. N. U., No. 843.
The House Next Door.
Venner lost no time in reaching the
rooms of his friend Gurdon and wns
fortunnte enough to find him in. He
wns hard at work on some literary
matter, but he pushed his manuscript
aside as Venner came excitedly into
the room.
"Well, whnt is it?" he asked. "Anything fresh? But your face answers
tliat. question. Have you found
"No, I haven't," Venner said; "but
he seems to have been discovered. I
bought this paper just now in Piccadilly, but I have not been able to look
at it yet. It is stated here that the
mystery has been solved."
"Hand it over," Gurdon cried excitedly. "Let"s se« if we can find it.
Ah! here we nre. The Press Association has just received a letter which
appears to have come from Mr. Bates
himself. He says he is very much
annoyed at all this fuss and bother
in the papers, about his «o-cnlied Hd-
napping. He goes on to say that he
was called to the Continent *by pr»ss-
ing business, and that he had not
even time to tell his servants he was
going, as it was imperatively necessary that he shoiill catch tlie mil-
night boat to Dieppe. The correspondent says that Mr. Bates has been
interviewed by a foreign journalist,
who is absolutely certain as to his
identity. Moreover, an official has
called at Mr. Bates' residence and
found thnt his servants hnve hnd n
letter from him instructing them
to join him nt one?, ns he has let his
house furnished for the next two
months. Well, my dear man, that
seems to be very satisfactory, nnd
effectually disposes of the idea that
Mr. Bates has been mysteriously kid'
napped. I am rather sorry for this
in a way because it upsets all our
theories and makes it necessary to
begin our task all over again."
"I don't believe a word of it," Venner said. "I believe it's a gigant'.c
bluff. I wns coming to see you tonight in any case, but after buying
that paper I came on here post haste.
Now that story of the Press Association strikes mc ns being decidedly
thin. Here is n man living comfort-
ably nt home who suddenly disappears in a most mysterious manner,
and nothing is heard of him for somo
time. Directly the public begin t«
regnrd it ns n most fnscinnting mys
tery and tho miscreants realized what
a storm they were likely to stir up,
the man himself writes and says that
it is all a mistake. Now, if he had
come baek and shown himself, it
would have been quite another matter. Instead of doing that, he writes
n letter from nbroad, or sends a telegram or something of that kind, saying that he has been called away on
urgent business. That might pass
easily enough, but mark whnt follows.
He writes to his servants asking them
to join him at once in some foreign
town because he bas let his house for
two months, nnd the new tenant is
to get in without delay. Did ever
anybody hear anything so preposterous? .lust ns if a man would let i
house in that brenkneck fnshion without giving the servants due warning.
The thing is not to be thought of."
"Then you think the servants have
been lured away on a fools' errand?'*
Gurdon asked. "You don't think there
is anybody in the house?"
"O, yes I do," Venner said drily.
"I have a very strong opinion that
there are people in the house, and I
also have a pretty shrewd ld"a as to
who they are. It happens, also, that
I am in a position to test my theory
without delay."
"How do you propose to do thnt?"
Gurdon asked.
"Quite ensily. After I left you this
afternoon I went back to the igent
and succeeded in obtaining possession of the keys of the empty house
in Portsmouth Square. My excuse
was that I wanted to go into detail
and to take measurements nnd the
like. I need not remind you thnt
Bntes' house is next door to the empty one. In fact, there is no question
thnt both houses belong to the snme
person. You will remember, nlso, the
mysterious wny in which thnt furniture vanished from the scene of your
"Oh, I remember thnt all right,"
Gurdon said grimly. "But all the
same I don't quite see what you are
driving nt."
"The thing is quite plnln. Thnt
furniture did not vanish through the
prosaic medium of a van, nor was it
carted tRrough thc front door from
one house to the other. The two
houses communicated in some way,
and it will be our business to find
the door. As I have the keys and
every legitimate excuse for being on
the premises, wc can proceed to make
our investigations without the slightest secrecy, and without thc least
fear of awkward questions being ask
ed.   Now do you follow me?"
"Oh, I follow you fast enough. I
suppose your game is to try and get
into the next house by means of- the
"You have hit it exactly," Venner
said. "That is precisely what I mean
to do. We shall find it necessary to
discover the identity of Mr. Bates'
"When are you going to make the
experiment?" Gurdon asked.
"We are going to make it now,"
Venner replied. "We will have a cab
as the Emgire Hotel, so that I can get
the keys. After that, the 'liing will
be quite easy. Come along, and thank
me for an exciting adventure. I shall
be greatly surprised if it is not even
more exciting than the Inst occasion.-'*
They were in the empty house at
last. The windows were closed and
shuttered, so that it was possible lo
use mntcheB in the various rooms
without attracting attention from tbe
outside. But search how they would,
for upwards of two hours, they could
find no trace whatever of a means of
communication between the two
houses.. The) tapped the walls and
sounded the skirtings, but so far villi-
out success. Venner paced the lb*>r
of the drawing-room moodily, raising his brains to discover a way out.
of the difficulty.
"It must be here somewhere," he
muttered. "I nm sure all. thot furniture was moved backwards and forwards through some door, and a wide
one nt thnt."
"Then it must be on the ground
floor," Gurdon remarked. "When
you come to think of it, some of that
furniture was so heavy and massiv,-
that it would not go through an ordinary doorway, neither could it have
been brought upstairs without the assistance of two or three men of great
personal strength. We shall have to
look for it in the hall; if we don't
find it there we shall have to give it
up as a bad job and try some otlier
"I am inclined to think you are
right," Venner said. "Let us go down
and see. At any rnte there is one
consolntion, if we fnil to-night wc
can come ngnin to-morrow."
But Gurdon did not nppenr to be
listening. He strode resolutely down
the stairs into the hall and stood
for some moments contemplating the
panels before him. The panels were
painted - white and were elaborately
ornamented with wreaths of flowers.
Then it seemed to Gurdon that two
pairs of panels, one above and one
below, had at one time taken the
formation of a doorway. He tapped
on one of the panels and the drumming of his fingers gave out a hollow
sound. Gordon tapped again on the
next parallel panel, but hardly any
sound at all came in response. He
looked  triumphantly  at Venner.
"I think we have got it at last,"
he said. "Do you happen to hnve
such a thing in your pocket as a
knife? Unless I am greatly mistaken
the decorations round these panels
come off like a bead. If you happen
to have a knife witli you we can soon
find out."
(To be continued.)
A Popular Ambassador.
Americans like Mr. Bryce, the
British Ambassador ii Washington,
who hns come in for some critici-m
on account of his attitude on the
question ot reciprocity between the
States and Canada, because there is
no "side" about him. A visitor called en him on** Sunday morning, and
Mr. Bryce met him in the hall and
begged him to "come this wny. where
we can talk undisturbed." He led
the way to the library, and the flrst
thing he did was to tnke out a well-
worn tobacco pouch nnd blackened
briar pipe, which he proceeded to fill
nnd smoke. Mr. Bryce, although a
diplomnt and bookworm, is fairly
"tough." He was the first Englishman to climb Mount Ararat, nnd hns
been president ol the Alpine Cluti.
It was once said of him that "he
walks down Whitehall at the pace of
a man who has left a roll of banknotes in the Bmoking room ol his
hotel." His knowledge of books i_
such thnt he wos once described in
the House of Commons at "s walkiug
— _ j
A Famous Inn,
The historic house of Cairndow Inn,
Lochfynehead. is no longer to be used
oa an inn, and general regret is Ieit
throughout the district as the inhabitants were proud oi the ancient house
of refreshment, which has existed for
several centuries. Tbe older part ol
the present building formed the inn
in 1(45, and Prince Charlie took dinner in one of the rooms, when he paid
a hurried visit to Ardkinglas, in the
hope that the laird would join his
standard. An old tree still called
Prince Charlie, stands in the grounds
ol Ardkinglas House. Here the Prince
waited, tradition says, while a messenger went to the house, endeavoring to
obtain an audience of the laird.
An Alrbuat.
The aeroplane is an airboot rather
than n flying machine. The only action of the bird that it imitates is the
bird's soaring, in nearly the same
sense in which'a boat floats or a tluck
swims. With the duck, howevt r, there
is one difference. It shares the balloon
principle, becnuse its body wil not
sink when it stands still, whereas the
aeroplane will (all unless it is constantly urged forward, The duck is
lighter thnn its bulk of water, as the
balloon is lighter than its own hulk
of air. To co'.l nn aerop'me a flying
machine is therefore exactly the so*ne
as to call a boat a swimming machine
(keeping in mind the swimnr.n? ol
the duck and neglecting tbut of fishes
and of human beings)
Landlord—"I hope you find the
place substantial and in every way
Tenant (doubtfully)-"Well, I al-
wuys think it safer to go outside to
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
"You enn't mnke me cry, you brute!
I wouldn't cry for the best man on
"Of course not. because you've got
The Barber—How did you manage
to lose all your hair?
The Victim—Guess my wife had a
hand in it!
Your druggist will refund money il
PAZO OINTMENT faHa to cure any
ease of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles in B to 14 days.   60a.
The bogie man brand of melancholy
yields promptly to massage by a
™ This Corporation has broad'markets for Canad-
^ ian Municipal Debentures both in Canada and
'aan abroad, enabling us to pay the best market prices
j $ for new issues.   We shall be pleased to consider
_________; proposals from Western Canadian Municipalities
contemplating the issue.of Debentures.
Doiifflioii Securities
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Ltd.
The Largest Printers' Supply House in Canada.
We Carry in Stock Cylinder Presses, Job Presses,
Paper Cutters, Type and Material. Can Fill
Orders for Complete Equipment from our Stock.
We are the Largest Ready Print Publishers in
the West. We Publish Ready Prints from our
Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina Houses.
Order From  Nearest Branch
Ws srs   ovorywhtrt with ths   itindord goods.
Pspsr .ni Mstthit srs sur tpiclaltlts.    Lit us
knsw ysur wanes—w.'ll 4. ths tttt.
TheEB.EddYCo.Ltd (£>*
HULL, CANADA iV^     mmm
TEES * PIRSSE, LIMITED, Afrits, Wlnnlr...  Canary, Edmonton,
R«|lns, Fsrt William eni Port Ar hur.
a       i _*•    j \ The best equipped factory for pro
AppletOrd   \    during Counter Check Books
in Canada.
•nd Officii
50,000 ChecklaZks
=■=  per Day.
We are supplying the Largest users of Counter Check
Books in Canada with our
(Nst In ths Trusl.)
Ws wsnl publishers ts set st sur stunts In ill Msnllebs, Ssskstchewsn,
Albsrts snd British Oslumbls tswns   Writs ut Iar conditions snd prlcss THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Cured by Lydia E. Pink-
ham's VegetableCompound
Canlfton, Ont.—"I had been a (treat
sufferer for five years. One doctor
told me lt was ulcers of the uterus,
and another told me It was a tiliroid
tumor. Mo one
knows what I suffered. I would
always be worse
at certain periods,
and never was
regular, and the
fainswere terrible,
was very ill iu
bed, and the doctor
told me I would
have to have an
operation, and
that I might die
during tlie operation. I wrote to my
sister about it and she advised me to
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. Through personal i *e-
rlence I have found it the best medicine in the world for female troubles,
for it has cured me, and I did not have
to have the operation after all. The
Compound also helped me while passing through Change of Life."—Mrs.
Letitia Blair, Canlfton, Ontario.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
pound, made from roots and herbs,
has proved to be the most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms of
female ills, including displacements,
inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, bearing-down feeling, flatulency, indigestion, and nervous prostration. It costs
but a trifle to try It, and the result bu
lieen worth millions to suffer! i_jj women.
Teacher—"When was Rome built?"
Billy—"In the night."
Teacher—"Why, Billy?"
Billy—"Well, my pa always   says
that Rome wasn't built in a day."
Mr. Grouch—Say, these biscuits
aren't fit for a dog.
Saucy Waitress—Well, then, don't
eat them.
The little ones who sutler from
constipation, colic, indigestion, or
any ol the many ills that afflict
children, will find prompt relief in
Baby's Own Tablets—a medicine that
is guaranteed absolutely safe and free
from all injurious drugs—in fact the
only medicine for babies sold under
the guarantee of a government analyst to contain no opiate, narcotic
or other "soothing" stuff. Concerning them Mrs. Ernest Plamondon,
Ste. Julie Station, Que., writes: "It
is a pleasure for me to let you know
what your Baby's Own Tablets have
done for my children. My baby suffered terribly from constipation and
although we had a doctor there was
no change in his condition till I began to give him Baby's Own Tablets, but since then he is enjoying
good health." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Diogenes would have needed no
lantern had he been looking for trouble!
•olds, koals
SS Mat*
taieklyetopo oouks,
the   throat aad  Inafa.
"Your wife is somewhat strong-
minded, isn't she, Littlejohn?"
"Strong-minded? A furniture-polish
pedlnr came here yesterday, and in
five minutes she sold him some polish
she had made herself."
A Ptesaant Pursatlve—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are so compounded as to operate on both the stomach an*t the howela
■o that they act along the whole alimentary and excretory passage. They aro
not drastic tn their work, bot mildly
purgative, and the pleasure of taking
them la only equalled by the gratifying
effect they produoe. Compounded only of
vegetable ..-instances the curative qualities of which were fully tested; they afford relief without chance of Injury.
Her—"He certainly warbles like a
song bird." -
Him—"Oh, yes, but you will admit
that some times he warbles like a
night owl."
Pimples,     Eruptions     and   "Spotty
At this season, scores of people-
girls and young women especially—
find their faces disfigured by pimples, dark spots, eruptions, etc. The
skin needs attention—needs renovating after the trying time it has passed
through during the winter.
Just think what it has gone
through! You have been out in the
rain and sleet and snow. You have
been at one moment perspiring from
skating or some other exertion. Then
you have stood to "cool off." You
have spent hours of the day indoors
at a temperature equal to summer
heat. Then you have covered up
your skin—except your face—and
gone out into a temperature away
below zero I....No wonder that, with
all these changes, the skin of the
face and neck shows signs of needing attention.
Zam-Buk and Zam-Buk Soap are
the remedies. Smear Zam-Buk lightly
over the Boots, the eruptions, the
sallow patches, at night, and wash
with Zam-Buk Soap (only 25c per
tablet) each day. Then notice how
quickly your appearance improves.
As the rich, refined herbal essences
sink deep into the tissue, the hard,
scurfy-like potteries are removed,
Better color results. The cells of the
skin become transparent. The blood
beneath is able to impart its proper
coloring to the tissue, and the delicate bloom of health replaces the
sallowness and pallor of disease.
Zam-Buk is also a sure cure for
skin injuries and diseases. Eczema,
ulcers, ringworm, yield to its use.
For cuts, burns, bruises, children's
rashes, etc., it is unequalled, and for
piles. Mothers will find Zam-Buk
Soap best for baby's bath! All druggists and stores at 50c. box for Zam-
Buk and 25c. tablet (or 3 for 70c.)
for the soap. If you have any difficulty in obtaining, order from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, and send price.
Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness.—Thomas Carlyle.
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
coma are painful growths. Holloway's
Corn Gure will remove them.
"Goodness, John," said a woman to
her husband, "your suit looks as if
you had been sleeping in it!"
"Well," replied John, "why not?
Isn't that the suit I wear to church?"
"Can you tell me if John Drew as
much as Anna Held?"
"No; they were playing Checkers."
Shilohs Gure
oaMaiy elope •easha. mm nUi. heele
throat aad laaga
tS eaau.
"Does    your    wife    choose      your
"No, she only picks the pockets."
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Tourist—"Did the fire cause any
serious damage yesterday?"
Bush Tank—"By Jove, it did.
Burnt down the only bloomin' pub we
had in the town."
They Cured Her Daughter's Kidney
Disease and she tried them herself, with the Result that her
Backache and Heart Trouble are
Jonquieres, Chicoutimi Co., Que.
(Special) .—Encouraged to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills by the fact that they
completely cured her little girl of
kidney disease, Dame Jos. Bouchard
of this village, is satisfied she has at
last found permanent relief from the
heart trouble and backache that have
troubled her for so long.
"Yes," Dame Bouchard says, in
an interview, "I am happy to tell
you Dodd's Kidney Pills have made
me well. They completely cured my
little girl, twelve years old, of kidney disease so I made up my mind
to try them for my backache and
heart trouble. I have taken twelve
boxes and feel sure that they will
completely cure me."
Dodd's Kidney Pills are doing a
great work in this neighborhood.
They have yet to find a case of kidney disease they cannot cure. Whether the disease takes the form of
Backache, Lumbago, Rheumatism,
Urinary Trouble or Bright's Disease
it is all the same to Dodd's Kidney
Pills.   They always cure it.   ,.
Tell Us How You Did It
You may win a prize by doing to
SUPPOSE your friend Bob Wilson, on ths next concession,
"pulled up" at your front (ate on tho war baek from market
and asked about that silo or barn foundation you built, you
would bo Had to toll him, wouldn't youf And It wouldn't take you
long, either, would It? And, aa a matter of fact, you'd And as much
pleasure telling him aa ho would In listening—Isn't that right?
First you would take him ovor to vltw tho olio or barn foundation. Then you would start to describe It—Its dimensions—ths
kind of aggregate used—tho proportions of cement used—number
of men employed—number of hours' working time required-
method of mixing—kind of forms used—method of reinforcing, It
any—and finally, what tho Job cost. So that by tho time you finished, neighbor Wilson would have a pretty accurate Idea of how to
go about building tho particular piece of work which you described.
Now couldn't you do tho same for us, with this difference—
that you stand a good chance ot getting well paid for your time?
In Prise "D" ot our contest, open to tho farmers of Canada, wo
offer J ISMS to tho farmer la each Provinco who will furnish us
with tho bost and most complete description of how any particular
piece of concrete work shown by photograph sent In was done.
The also of tho work described makes ns difference. Tho only Important thing to remember Is that tho work must bo done in till
and "CANADA" Cement used.
In writing your description, don't bo too particular about grammar or spelling or punctuation. Leave that to literary folk. Tell
lt to us aa you would tell It to your neighbor. What wo want are
tho facts, plainly and clearly told.
Soaads simple, doesn't It?, And H la simple.   And surely lt Is
well worth your while whoa you think of tho reward In view.
Mow alt right down, take your pen or pencil—(ill out tho at
tached coupon—or a post-card if It's handler—and write for tho
circular which fully describes ths conditions of this, the first contest of the kind ever held In Canada.
Every dealer who handles "CANADA" Cement will also be given
a supply of these circulars—and you can get one from the dealer
ln your town, if that seems moro convenient than writing for It.
Contest will close on November Uth, 1»11—all photos and descriptions must be sent ln by that date, to be eligible for one of
these prises. Awards will be made as soon as possible thereafter.
The decisions will bo made by a disinterested committee, the following gentlemen having consented to act for us, as the Jury of
award: Prof. Peter Gillespie, Lecturer In Theory of Construction.
University of Toronto; Prof. W. H. Day, Professor of Physics,
Ontario Agricultural College, Ouelph; and Ivan 8. Macdonald
Editor of "Construction."
Hsvlng decided to compete for one of the prises, your first step
should be t> get all tho Information you can on the subject of
Concrete Construction on the Farm. Fortunately, most of tho
pointers thst anyone can possibly need, are contained In our
wonderfully complete book, entitled "What the Farmer Can
Do With Concrete.** A largo number of Canadian
farmers have already sent for and obtained copies of
this free bbok. Havo you got your copy yet? If not
you'd belter send for one to-doy. Whether you aro
a contestant for one of our prises or not, you
reslly ought to have this book In your library.
For It contains a vast amount of Information
and hints that are Invaluable to tho
Canada Cement Company, Limited, Montreal
Send for free sample to Dept. N.U., National Drug & Chemical Co., Toronto.
,1 1mem\*m%\*m*i,S***t,lnttmt.
ltetMl>ot»n'tSauit-Soothes Eye Pain
BnstM. M Ma In tome*,, 1*44. Bt, Ms, IM
MartH Iro Hn, laAaaeaieTabea.'Me.tl.M
Special Notice
Agents Wanted by B. SHRAGQE,
396 Princess St., Winnipeg, to purchase for him scrap copper and brass,
cast and wrought iron, old rubber
boots and shoes and crown lagar
quart, pint and whiskey bottles.
_R«raoTeaBnttal Enlargement*
1 litckened, Swollen Tiriuei,
Curbi, ruled Tendon*, Soreneie
from nny Bruiie or Strain.
Curee Spavin LnmnnrM, Alleys
Pain Does not Il.itter, iem»i«
tht htirorlty the _h<<r** Bp.K.iw e
bottla, dcliTond.     Book 1 D free.
ARUOaiUNK, JR.,   (m-.n_t.nrm.00
touts.)   for BynnvUii,  Strain*,  Unnty
,.. Kittle pootlts, Vtrtooio Vetni, Tuleo
••1*. Hydro*tit.   AUeytMle.   Book fn*. .
ff. F. fOUHfl, P. D. f„ U7ThmI« St. SorlnRtkld, Mm,
*. ri^y^?^.|^.^V.«.
, »iaftl|*i a Oil.
Since 1847
Since 1 Wide mark olft*
world's best tllttr pWt
TWs name on knives, forks,
etc., Is ■ guide In buying
and an assurance ol worth.
Soft He Mil, dlltnl, wrttn,
tie., ere shapes
"StlvtrTlatt that Wet
Seid ftr fat Staples ai leum
Here's » Home Dye
Oan Um.
atwaya beta more or
leal of a difficult under-
tUins-Mel so when
Sand lor Sarnpla
Card aod Story
CO.. Llmltad,
Mowtr»al. Caw,
With DV-O-Ua yoo can color either Wool,
Cotton, Silk or Mixed Good, Perfectly with
the SAM I Dye.    No chance of mine the
WWONQ Dye lor the Goodi you have to color.
Dominion Express
floneyOrders  »r.a.
Foreign Cheques
are eeyaele ell mr the World,
Absolutely th* beat way
to ramit money by mail.
Manoy soM fey Talaf rapk sn* Cafela
Faratfn Moaoy heufht an* roi*.
Netee for Moaay OrOero
fl sea sitm  . I ceoce
Ow • to III       .     ,     I   "
"     ISte   N        .     ,     II    ■
"    Ht*  N        .     .     tt    "
On Solo moll Caw. _■». AV. StmnSm.
VV. N. U„ No. US. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Published at Qrand K.irka. Hritish Oolumhl
, Editor and Publisher
A H lo nf this paper oan be Heen at the otttoe
of Messrs. K. * .1. Hurlv A !'<>., 3*1. Ill nml 82.
Fli.pt street. H.0.1 tjOo'dilU. Bngmlld, free of
ctharge, itml that Hint will hn trlaii to receive
ttlbscrlettonl met advertisement* *»** onr be-
Ine Year	
Year (In nflvnneel   	
Year, in I'tiiletl States 	
Address all column,Mentions to
Thk BvSNISo Sun.
Phonb  H74 i.iianii Bonus, H.C j
1. o
Dapcing Grirls in "Isle of Spice."
Tiik special interests' cartoons are
overworked. Like a tramp, they
wander from town to town.
Thk London Time's open letter to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is proof positive
that all the rot in newspaperdom
does not lind its way into the columns of theCanadian press.
Thau, will experiment with silk
worm. A few book worms have
been trieil in Oraiul Forks, but the
climatic conditions here, npparei tly,
are not conducive to their successful introduction on a large scale.
Lkt's see. Didn't we once hear
the names of McBride and Bowper
mentioned in the public press? It
must have been at some remote
period. Now even their own papers
have forgotten to keep their memory al ve,
Tiik Great Northern Railway company, to provide for estimated finin-
cial requirements for half a century,
has filed ,i first and refunding mortgage for $600,000,000 with the sec
retary of state of Minnesota. If we
could hypothicate The Sun for an
equal amount, we would take a
month's vacation at Christina lake
this summer.
she   will  spend   a couple of
Peter A. Z. Pare is still engaged
in perfecting his irrigation system.
Last Sunday he ran his engine and
pumping apparatus for about an
hour, and the water in lhe river
was lowered to a perceptible degree.
For Sale—Two fresh milch cows.
Apply Yale Hotel.
Mrs. N. McMillian died in Greenwood last Sunday, aged 50 year.**).
She had been a resident of that city
for ten years.
ciahst, always a Socialist,. We sav
these things without malice, for the
Times conceives a superlative admiration for any man who can successfully
navigate so many aliases and gives
promise of still more. He is certainly
no slouch —Victoria Tunes.
A. Willey,of Cascade, was a Grand
Forks visitor on Wednesday.
F. H. Knight, of Spokane, arrived in the city on Tuesday evening.
G   Fairweather, of  Republic, was
in tbe city on  Wednesday.
Then why not have a cheerful room.
It i.s an easy matter when yon select
your WALL' PAPER from onr stock.
Vou can have your room papered
just the way you want it.
-3 WOOD LAND    6c   CO.
Jeff Davis h s   r* turned
business trip to Portland.
Aubrey Miller, who has heen attending college at Pullman, Wash.,
is spending the vacation season in
this city witb his parents, Mr. anil
Mrs. S." J. Miller
So man excellent qualities are looked
for in women— and usually found in
them — that it is not easy to name the
ten feminine qualities to be rated
highest. A French publication has
recently been giving its readers a
chance to express their opinions
About twenty thousand have been
heart] from, each of whom sent in a
list of ten feininin virtues Sixty virtues were named, the lirst ten of
which, in the following order, were:
Go 'dness, orderliness, devotion, thrift,
gentleness, intelligence, amiability,
faithfulness, patience and modesty
Such a roll is eminently to the credit
of the French or any other people. It
is interesting tu note that the sixtieth
virltie on the list, presumably voted
for by a few lordly men, is meekness
—Youth's Companion,
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy" your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
If you should happen to meet a
man one of these days who, while
he looks you straight in the eye,
quizzies you regarding innumerable
irrelevant    preferences,   antipathies'
Cahdaqe ami Tomato Plants for
Sale.—Strong, vigorous and well
hardened, grown from extra choice
seed. Leave orders at N. Ij. Mclnnes' or John Donaldson's store.—
P. A. Z. Pake.
James Hurst Hawthojiithwaite, M.
P.P., is the most genial, capable and
successful personality contortionist
which political vautlt vi'le   in   modern
and conditions in your pant, present: times has produced. He is a Marxi-
and future existence, do not for an lan Socialist, and at the same time a
instant imagine that the hot sun has, Fabian Socialist He is an evolu-
nlfected the upper regions of his! tionist and a revolutionist; he is a
anatomy. He's merely the census! radical of the radicals with his mouth
enumerator, and the government and u conservative o' the conserva-
pays him for probing your idiosyn- tives with his money. He is as worn
crasies. If he wants to know opponent of party politics in govern-
whether you are sane or insane, nients, excepting his own party, and
male or female,   black   or   white;)is. a.devoted follower of party govern-
if you'd rather sit on the bleachers
and watch baseball games on Sundays or go to church, if you think
Cotton' Weekly, a Quebec Socialist
Clarion, declaiming on the Oliver
charges, says: "Sixty.niue thousand
dollars is a big sum of money. Itis
more than the average wage earner
of Canada sees in his life time. If we
put the average income of the wage
slave of Canada at four hundred dollars, it would take a wage slave working steadily for a hundred and
seventy-two and one-half years and
never spending a cent to accumulate
$69,000." Well, how much has Mr
Hawthornthwaite gut? Perhaps $.i9,
UOU would look like .'10 cents. And
when.' diil he get iti—Victurm  Times.
Methodist Chuucii J. Kev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:H0 p. in. j Sunday school,
'.J.30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday'
at 8:00 p.m,J prayer meeting, Wednesdays, S p.m.; junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.in. Everybody will bo
^"" S. T. HULL, MAioacK
Une Night Only. Q
B. C. Whitney's Successful
Musical Comedy,
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $">U0 hewn
lug home; North Fork runs
through Iuilil; Kettle Vulley;!ine
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $87t> drtlhj halimee terms
For further particular*, npply
Isle of Spice:
SBAI.Kt)   TKNIIK.ItH ttridrr**«ed to the nn'lpr-
tigned Hitil endorsed '"Tender  for Pulilit-
nient, except his own party, in practice and vote. He is a violent anti-
capitalist, yet all extensive   and   leis-
Hoi.v Trinity Churoh, Henry Steele,
Hector—.Sunday services; Holy communion, *S:00 a.m.; morning prayer
antl sermon, 11 a.m.; evensong and
serin >n, Toll) p.in.; Sunday school, ,'l
p.m, First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at S
a m. Week dav anil special services
aa they are announced from time to
time You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met vou.
Knox    I'ukshyti.uian    Ciiukcii—
lawn tennis would make a more ex-1 urely capitalist.   He is the accredited,   Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.
citing national  game  than cricket, I discredited und re-accredited leader nf in.; Sabbath suhocj nml Bible class at
how often you've had four aces beaten  the Socialist party in British  Colum- !,--*r> »"'.    All  are cordially invited.
., .. . •        ,    ... ,      , Seats free.     Hev   M. I). McKee,   pus-
in pokerguines.if you consider seven-  bla, yet without  membership  in  any; '
up a more liter iti vi? OCOU fktion than Socialist local. He is above member- j ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
fruit growing, bow much you ship in the Socialist party, ami he
owe vour washerwoman at present, neath it. He has sent in undated
antl what is the must you owed her resignations to everybody but the
nt anv one time, if. your opinion, speaker of the house, and has only reliving is more elevating th in joy (rained from Bending one to that uu-
Titling, ii vou have any conseien- gust personage because such action
tlous Biruples against pitying yonr would embarrass*the government to
bills, and if the people in the last which he is servile. He dare nut re
tnwn in which you lived were glad sign iu proper und orderly manner,
you left, do not fall back mi your lor that would put the government
dignity, because it is liable to break up against a refusal or acceptance,
ami upset you. Answer every tpies- and neither Would be tciisheil lie is
tion truthfully. The tabulation of apolitical chameleon with only on*
these statistics is essential iu or ler color,
to ascertain your proper status in a slave
society.          t'oi)"
First Time at Popular Prices.
Some Show for tlie Money.
Seats  Now  on Sale  at   Woodland's
on  Sale  at
Drill; Store.
Itnlldinir,   Orniibronk,   ll. C„"  will lie
r,-iv«> I  until 4.mi l',M„ on Monilnv, .lone 1:'.
11111,   **r  -he '-.in-tru"lion of u Public llnilil
Ini! nt Cranbrook, B.O,
I tans, spnotflfntl ai antl r»rni of ountraot
cun tie Keen nml forma of I' tiller nlititho.il t
tlie otllcesnf Mr. 'in*, lien leu,,,. Itealdent
Alfl I'eot, Victoria, I1. C . al Hie Post oilier,
I CrnnbrooK  mid at thia Department.
j Petsolls tendering are itntlHrdtlinl tenders
will not be considered unless mnde on the
printed form- supplied, niid'slgnid with tlielr
aotnal signatnr s, -tat'inr their uueupatio a
nnd places I i ealdence III ine ensoul linn..,
til,' ui't ,al signature, the ttatll oof IheoOOII*
tuition und place of redden f inch member of he linn limit tin ,'lven.
Knell tender mnst   lie nccoliipHnied lo   a**
nccopted cheque "It tt chartered t.ank.pa.vaiili,
to th*.'order of tlio lion iiirii'iln the Mini.tero
i_i_-_ti_-*__- I'tililic Work-, etiwtl ten per oetll (Ul po.) nt
PIUTICIl theiimniinl of lhe tender, whlc.ll   "ill  be for-
Mnine Fraction Mineral Cluim. situate In   feiied if tbe person .chide I a. decline to ell-
tin-llrantl   Korku Mining  111 virion   of Vnle   ter into a ountraot when callon llpnn   to do
DUtrlot. so or fiil 11 complete tlie work contracted
where located!   tn Brnwn*seamp. 'or.   if the icicle* bo not accepted tho oheque
... _.    Itrick  1. Byrne, will be returned
rtiticnte No. IM!,**,   In- th  Depntme it 'l"os no bind Itself  t, ae-
froiu tlio date hereof, I" "|i- cept tbe lowesr or an, tend. r.
order for tt  (Vrttlicate Hy older.
I obtain R-Ci DBSROOpitS,
TAKK NOTICB   that   I.  I'lltrlck   J.
Pree   'Inei	
tend, sixty dtf
ply to the Milling Rci
ol Imprnicment, forthe purl'OI
itiira Cromi'.lan* of the a ove ennui ffM*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
-loil furthertilKO iinrice tbnt   OQtloH.  Illi'lor
M'otinn 87, tniiHt tie noinmenoen before the Department of I'liblb* Work-,
Issuance Ol   sueh t'erlillcato  of    Improve- •                  Ottawa, May 1'. lull,
ment. Seu'tpiincr- wlilitotb • paid for ILL ndver-
llnted this 2ml dityor April, A It toil, ti "metii ii Mtey luierl ii wltl t authority
I'ATKlCK 1. I-YKN8,        flaiithollepHitmrtil.
He Is net a wage s'ave. hut is
to existing economic condi-
l.nstlv, he is a   Moses   to   his
people, but unfortunately his light
has gone out. lie is not siilli.-icnl y
familial'   with   tin*  dialectic of prole-
  turittn monistic philosophy to success-
Mrs.   M.   Frankoyitch   lefl   this fully debate with an   ordinary miner,
Week    for   Halcyon   Hot     Springs,   but he is still a Socialist,    (luce a So
il A. Brown   bas  purchased  the
cable antl steel rails from thc Golden
Eagle coin puny.
"iJoo-Goo" Girls in "Isle of .Spiee." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
6 Year Old Girl Cured of
Kidney Trouble
Mrs. Alex Moore, of James St.,
Oxford, N.S., says: "Booth's Kidney
I'ills cured our little daughter, Chris
tina, aged six years, of many symptoms of kidney weakness. She complained of a sore back, the kidney secretions were frequent and uncontrollable, especially at night. Her stomach was weak and her appetite poor.
This caused her to have frequent
headaches, and the least exertion
would tire her.
I A'e had tried
Imany remedies,
■bat she did not
Improve. Finally
Iwe learned of
JBnoth's Kidney
(fills and procured a box. In a
short time ahe was
well and does not now complain about
her back, the kidney secretions have
become normal, aud she plays around
the house with no apparent fatigue
We always recemmend Booth's Kidney Pills."
Booth's Kidnpy Pills carry a guarantee that if you derive no benefit
your money will he refunded. Booth's
Kikney Pilli are a specific for all dis
eases of the kidneys and bladder-
Sold by all druggists, 50c box, or postpaid from the R. T. Booth Co., Ltd.,
Fort Erie, Ont. Sold and guaranteed
by H.E. Woodland A Co.
'- Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the printing
business is at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The high price of living has
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
nigh class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business is too
FHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Clothes   Gleaned
Pressed  and Repaired
S. D. GCRRT has re-opened
the business formerly owned
by Mrs. Lew Johnson.at the
corner of Riverside Avenue
and Main Street.
cJUl Work Neatly Done
Give us a call.
Orchards in the Kettle Valley
W. A. Cooper has taken a census
of the orchards in the Kettle valley,
with the following result. It will be
noticed  that the acreage  devoted to
fruit growing has now   reached a re
spectable figure:
J. D. Honsberger  75
Eugene Herrick  10
B. Jewell  10
Robert Lawson  40
W. H. Covert  30
James Rooke  30
S. E, Almond  8
G. F. Fowler  10
VV. N. Doull  20
L. A. Campbell  90
Al. Traunweiser  53
A.Johnson   5
A.Nichols     7
VV. C. Allen  7
J, T. Lawrence  13
R W. Hughes   13
Mrs. E. Hughes  2
Wm. Pearce  3
Cooper Bros  25
Mr. Lema'ster  14
Joseph Manly  10
G.Wright  3
(t. Patterson  3
Charles Hesse  14
Kettle Valley Orchard company 20
C. Petersen  7
H. A. Baker  3
Geo. Chappie  6
Mr. McAdam  40
Ed Buckle  5.
Charles Ruckle  5
D. Feighner  5
Mr. McCardy   6
Mr. Kirkpatiick   6
W.Holmes  18
E. J. Hughes  8
W. Hottman  8
Ed Stuart    3
Mr. Burr   30
Geo. Massie  10
H. Broad   8
Geo. Rutherford  20
M. Burrell  28
Grand Forks Orchard company. 100
Mra. Young   4
L.Hansen   20
Mike Moweritch  3
August Schnitter  18
Thos. Powers   24
Jas. Little  5
Frache Bros  ',  4
H. Morrison  17
A. D. Morrison   11
Mrs Perkins  6
A. B. Tweddle  65
The Doukhobors  400
W. Farmer  6
Hardy Bros  5
Pete DeWilde  5
Peter A. Z. Pare  3
Mr. Simpson  27
McCallum ill McArdle  4
Mr. Carbold  9
W.T.Ross  7
W.B. Bishop  27
D. R. and T. A. Mclntyre  20
CC. Heaven   15
Mr. Hussey    10
Mr.  Woodard  7
Mr. Cox  5
G. A.Evans  2
H. W.Collins  40
W. K. 0. Manly  4
JeffDaviaCo  7
Percy Andrews  10
Peter Hansen  5
Total acreage   1,626
Frost Danger Points
It is commonly believed that the
danger point for fruit tuds is 32 degrees F., or the point at which frost
forms and water freezes. This, however, is n3t correct, as the danger
point to dsfferent kinds of fruit is
variable, both with the kind of fruit
and stage of development of the flow
er. It will also vary with the conditions of the soil, as to whether it is
wet or dry, warm or cold.
The Missouri agricultural station
has found thut dormant peach buds
can stand % temperature uf 8 to 9 degrees below zezo with no injury.
When the buds are appreciably swollen, zero weather is the danger point.
When the buds are showing pink they
can stand 16 degrees below zero.
When the buds are almost open 25
degrees is the danget point. When
they are newly opened 26 degrees
would be the point of danger. When
the petals begin to fall 28 degrees
above zero is cold enough to cause uneasiness. When the petals are off
they can stand 30 degrees above zero.
When the "chucks" (calyx tubes) are
beginning to fall off, 32 degrees above
zero is the danger point.
The United States department of
agriculture makes this statement that
the danger point for apples when they
are showing pink is 20 degrees above
zero; in full bloom, 26 degrees above
zero; pears showing pink, 20 above
zero; peaches showing pink' 23 above
zero; in full bloom, 28 ahove zero.
Prof. P. J. O'Gara states that in
southern Oregon the temperature at
which the apricot is injured when in
the bud is 28 above zero, and at 30
degrees when in the blossom; cherries
are injured at 29 degrees just before
the blossom opens, and plums are injured at 30 degrees above zero when
the flowers begin to show white. —
Fruitgrowers' Jtuide Book.
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
Recently completed and
newly turn.shed through*
out. Conveniently located
for .railway men. Mrst-
clasH accommodations for
transient!. Board and
rooms by the week at pre*
vullhig rates. Fine line of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
always in stock at the bar.
Grand forks, B. C.
(I'ubliihed Annually)
KiiitMen traders ttiroiiuhout the  world to
communicate direct with English
In each class of goods. Besides beiiyj a com*'
plcte commercial guide to Loudon and Its
•uiburbs, the directory coutaluB lists of
with the Qoodl they ship, and the Colonial
nnd foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which tbey sail,
ami Indicating the approximate SalliiigH;
...  ....    .„■ prfi  ...
imtrcsof the United KlnK'lom
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal
A copy of tbe current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for 209.
healers Keeking Agencies  can
1 heir trade cards for £1,
irifor advertise*
inenis from £3.
25, Abohmch Lane, London, E.O.
1 he O'iver Typewriter'
for 17 Cents a Day!
Please read the hi-adline-over ngnin.  Then its I
tremendous Men.flounce will lawn upon you '
An Oliver Typewriter—the t-.tat.dard  visible
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un the murKct-yours for1« cents     day!
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menial world in a matter of htstoiv — yours fui
17 cents a dny!
The typewriter that Is equipped with scores of
such convenience., as "The Hn lance Shift"—
"The Billing Device"—''The Double Release"—
"The Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—"The
— DiuppearlngliKiicRtor"
-"Ilie Adjustable PaperFinger? '-"The Scientific Condensed Kev
board"-all ►*»
Yours for 17
Gents a Day!
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new sales plan recently. Just to feel the pulse of
tlie people. Klmply a small rnt.h payment—
tlit'it 17 cents a day. That i* the ulau lu a nutshell.
The result has beeu Mich u deluge of applications for machines that wc are simply astounded,
The demand comes from people of all tlu.-st*s.
all ages, all occuptttlons.
The majority ol inquiries bus come Jfrmn penile of known financial standing wbo were attracted by the novelty of the piopos. 'nn. An
impressive demonstration of tin* tmineiir-e pop*
utariiy of ths Oliver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief thnt
tbe Kra of Universal Typewriting is at hand.
A Quarter of a Million People
are Making Money .with
The difference between a bore and
a gossip is slight. Boies talk about
themselves, what they have snid or
done, and gossips talk about others.
SF.AI.RI) TI.NDKRS, marked on envelope
'•Tenders for Clistrnoiion of Nels"n, B.
('., Klfle Range" anil addressed to the Director of contracts, Department (if Mill*In <fc Defence, Oltiiwn, will be recolvefl imlil noon,
thc 15th June, fn, tlie construction of a Rifle
Range al Nelsnu. ".('.
i'laus ami sneelliontlons mny lie seen and
full Information nlitnine'l at tlie olliee of the
lllitdrtOfficer, Commanding Mlliiia i>i.tM.-t
No. II, Victoria, B.C., the Director nf Kltgineer
Servient, fcHen<lutiartur». I'tniwn, ami the
OIHi-erCoimnnntliuir Ill2n*l Refit., Nelson, H.C.
Tenders Blunt tie liiiule on the form supplied
_y the Depiir'metit anil accompanied by an
accepted ciieulle on u.Canadian chartered
bank, for 1(1 per cent of the amount of the
tender, ptiyable t*> Ihe order nf the Honouruble the Minister nf Militia ttuil lief e.whicli
amount will be forfeited if tlie party tenner-
ing lii'i'lil" to ''ill' I1 int" n contract ur fall to
complete It lu accordance wilh thc tender.
The Department due * not hind itself to accept the lowest ur auy tender.
Deputy Mlniater nl
Militia end Defence.
Ottawa, May 8,1911-
Ncwspspers will  not tie paid if thev insert
this   advertisement   without   authority   from
tiie Department.
H.q. 18-im-a.
Tree Which Supplies Rain
One of tbe botanical curiosities of
Peru, which offers a protection against
drought, is the rain-tree. This tree,
which grown to large proportions, is
supplied with large leaves which have
the property of condensing the moisture of the atmosphere and precipitat
ing it in the form of rain! When the
riveis are at their lowest in the dry
season, and the heat is intense, the
condensing capacity of this tree is apparently at its highest, the water fall
ing from the leaves and oozing from
the trunk in a steady, continuous
stream, flowing over the immediately
surrounding ground, and nourishing
the parched soil This water can be
collected and carried by ditches to
distant parts for irrigation purposes.
It is stated that a single tree will
yield on an average nine gallons of
water per day. It is computed that
if a plot of ground a kilometre square
is planted with ten thousand trees, a
daily yield of nearly thirty thousand
gallons of water available for irrigation, with due allowance for evaporation, can lie secured. The rain-tree
appears to be indifferent as to the soil
in which it grows, can withstand extreme climatic fluctuations, needs hut
little care iu its cultivation, and grows
rapidly. It would seem that under
these circumstances nature has provided a simple anil effective means of
reclaiming the desert, and that its
widespread culture will be amply repaid, inasmuch as there are vast
tracts of country in all the five continents which at present have no economic value owing to absence of water
supplies for nourishing the soil, which
might be easily secured by systematic
culture of this tree.
Commenting on the insignificant
sum subscribed for the Georges' fund,
the Hamilton Herald considers it an
indication that the public is becoming
a little weary of continual "log pulling." A few people with abundant
leisure devote their tulents to creating
ing subjects for more or less popular
The Standard Visible Writer
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I heir anilines are considerably above tliose ol
many eiusstsof workers.
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Receive both Ladles uud tie ut leinen aa real*
deot or dfy students.: bus a complete Commercial or Business Course; prepare* sin-
deutsto rain Teachers' Certificates of all
grades; gives the four yeara' course for thf
H. A. degree, and tlie lirst yenr of the Schoo
of Science courae, In affiliation with the To
routoUniversity; bas a special prospector*
course for miners whu work in R.C. In.true
tion ia alio given lu Art, Mimic, Physical Cui
tore and Elocution. Term opens Sept. 11,
lyus.   For Calendars, etc., uddreas
Mining Stock Quotations
BOSTON, June 1.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Asked. Bid
Qranby Consolidated,   45.(10   88.00
B. C.   Copper       7.25     (i.50
Metal Qaotations
Nkw Yoiik, June 1 —Silver, 53J
standard copper,! 11. GOfe 11,76,steady,
London, June 1.—.Silver, 2*H
lead, £12 lHs9d.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies iu al I parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propeity.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the farts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is 85 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7.50 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan,
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANT available Dominion Lands within the
" Kuilway Helt of llritish Columbia toay tie
hotneateuded by any person who is tiie head
of a family, or any male over eighteen years
of age, to the extent uf otie-ounrter section
of 160 aerea, more or less.
Kutry muat be made personally at the local
land office for the district in whioh the luud
it situate.
The homeateuder is required to perform
the conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans:
(I) At least six mouths' resilience upon uud
cultivation of the laud lu euoh yeur for three
li) If tho father (or mother, If the father ia
deceased), of the homesteader resides unon a
farm iu the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence muy lie sat*
isfied by such person residing with the father
or mother.
(S) If the settler hns his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in
the vicinity of hia hoinestead.the reunire-
nieuts as to residence may he satisfied hy
residence upon the snid land.
Six mouths' notice in writing should he
given the Commissioner of Dominion Lnnds
lit tlttawu *,f intention to apply for pntent.
('out -Coai mining rights mav he leased
for a iieriui! of twenty-one yeurs nt au an-
1111111 rectal of (Lull poracre. Not tnoreSliau
i.Wiaores shall be leased to one Individual or
company. A royulty at the rate ol live oenti
per ton shull tie collected on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of tho Minister of the Interior,
N.ll.  Unauthorised   publication „t   this
advertisement will uut be paid for.
Some business men nre so fond of
being deceived that they even en-
deavor to believe thnt they can reach
the consumers of this district without adverlisingtn The Sun.
/Cheaper than wood. Will las* n lit-tlTie.*,
Wlh.ll Aandi World'! Fail, SI. Inn. I*M>
f Mfo.^
"        CINCINNATI, O.
{ 0»er 100 d.slfn* ot Iron Froce shown ia car cila-/
Low prices will lurprbo jiul,
till »J
a. e Hi
*JfawARf Ihom'v.obhs^hpautA
Tit for Tat
"Dear Clara," wrote the young
man, "pardon me, but I'm getting so
forgetful. I proposed to you last
night, but really forgot whether you
stud yes or no."
"Dear Will," she replied by note,
"so glad to henr from you. I know I
snid 'no' to some one last night, but
I had forgotten just who it was."
Constipation in the
root of many form* of
sickness and of an
endless amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills, ,
thoroughly tested by
over fifty years of use,
have been proved a
safe and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. •,
25c a box.
"He takes his whiskey straight."
"Is that why he always talks crookedly?"
To whom it may concern: This is
fo certify that I have used MINARD'S LINIMENT myself as well as
prescribed it in my practice where
a liniment was required and have
never failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
"Do I make myself plain!1"
"Yes; you are not half aa attractive
as you used to be."
INE.   Look lor the signature of E. W.
GROVE.    Used   the   World   over  to
Cure a Cold in One Day.  25c.
In making banana salad soak the
fruit for a short time in orange juice
to make it less insipid.
Desperate Efforts, Disheartening
Failures and Final Success.
Eczema Is a ilcln affliction to whkh men
snd women alike are mbject, from the Drat
to the last day of their existence. It may
occur as a single tiny spot, appearing and
disappearing with each change ln general
health or present only at certain seasons;
at the other extreme, the whole body may
be Involved In a torturing eruption. The
latter condition may gradually arise through
the neglect or improper treatment of lesser
troubles or an apparently healthy akin may,
in a single day, become a mass of eczema.
Dut whatever the form of the affection, the
distressing Itching, burning, scaling and
crusting, the serious disfigurement and the
constant dread that the eczema will become
chronic, make a speedy cure the aim of every
sufferer. Unfortunately, euch a cure la not
always readily obtained. The most skilled
physician Is often at a lost and even hospitals
are forced to discharge the patient as Incurable. Then a wide variety of remedies are
resorted to, many, perfectly harmless and
equally ineffective," others so offensive to
every sense that, were It not for the relief
they are supposed to afford, no person of
refinement would tolerate them for an Instant.
To such sufferers, discouraged by repeated
failures of even these heroic methods, the
Instant relief afforded by the first bath with
Cuticura Soap and gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment Is almost Incredible. They
atop the Itching and burning at once, make
sleep possible and, In most cases, point to
a speedy cure. So pure and iweet are Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and so free from every
substance of a disagreeable or harmful nature
that they can be used without hesitation on
the youngest Infant or tenderest skin. Besides, they are most economical, a single set
being often sufficient for the treatment of
even the severest cases.
In proof of the efficacy of the Cuticura
Remedies It will be enough to quote here a
single letter, from Mrs. Edward Nennlng,
11 Lansing Block, Watertown, N.Y.: "Four
years ago I suffered with a terrible eczema,
being a mass of sores from head to feet and
for six months confined to my bed. During
that time I suffered continual torture from
itching and burning. After being given up
by my doctor, I wu advised to try Cuticura.
After the flrst bath with Cuticura Boap and
application of Cuticura Ointment I enjoyed
the flrst good sleep during my entire illness.
I also used Cuticura Resolvent and tha treatment waa continued for three weeks. At the
end of that time X wu entirely cured and
have felt no HI effects since. I would advta
any person suffering from any form of skin
trouble to try the Cuticura Remedka, u I
know what they did for me." 1*
Cuticura Soap, Ointment, Resolvent and
PlUs are Mid by druggists everywhere. Potter
Drug^fc Chem. Corp., tola props., Boston,
Mass!*Malled free, on request, latest 32-page
Cuticura Book, a guide to the speedy and economical treatment of skin and scalp affections, tram Infancy to age. I
Revolutionized traction plowing in the west.  Buy the original and the best.
Peculiar Little Ways of Some Colonial
I- tlie early days in the colonies
tlie vagaries of the i.V. were a source
of constant amusement, and the writer of this : rticle has. collected a few
stories during his recent travels in
Australia and New Zealand which may
be of interest to readers.
"1 reckon that'll make him sweat"
is certainly'an original, ii nut a refined, observation from a J.P., after
passing sentence. A well-known J.P.
in a New South Wales town performs
his duties in an airy, conversational
fashion. He sentenced a prisoner to
six months, and added cheerfully,' "1
reckon that'll make him sweat."
On another occasion a milkman,
whom tiie J.r*. regarded with disfavor,
was a witness in a case, and when lie
lefl the court the judicial functionary
skipped nimbly off the bench and ran
ti tne door after him. "I say," h*
bawled ut the retreating cowkoeper.
"v.e don't want any of your stinking
milk here!" ,
The same J.P. once directed a jury
to find that the deceased comniitteti
"self-suicide," and this time even the
local paper begun to make remarks.
So next day his worship explained
things from the bench. "I Wouldn't
have-minded if I'd said it," he snorted indignantly, "but I didn't. What 1
said wus the deceased committed suicide himself.   And so hi did!"
Even at social gatherings one J.P.
did not fail to distinguish himself.
At an up-country concert, in the Tara
naki District of New Zealand, a1
which tin chiiirma.i was a local J.P.
the lollowing startling announcement
wi.s made from the chair: "Ladies and
gentlemen, the next hitem on the
jjiogrmn is a uuet oy Mr. Hanurews.'
The latter gentleman approached the
chairman with "I can't perform &
duet by myself. If I played by myself, that would be a solo. Miss Smith
and I will play the duet.'' The chuir
man, rising again, with due gravity,
said: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
Handrews ses 'e's unable to perform
a duet by 'imsolf, but Miss Smith an.*
'e will play a solo:"
It is even now a recognized f.ict
thnt neither intellectual capacity, 1101
education, knowledge of law, etc.. enters into the consideration ot qualifies
tions for the position of a Justice 01
the Pence, in comparison with the
claims that may huve been establish
•?d by services rendered in connection
with electioneering to candidates ot
the right color in the judgment of the
Government of the duy; but it is interesting to note that in New Zealand
the line wns recently drawn witli regard to a recipient of charitable aid.
tt is not surprising, in the circum-
■tancs to f id that applications of
Ihe following description are occasionally received hy members ol the
Upper House:
"Sir,—Vv hat about. J.P. you maid
promiss about? i see E. Solomons is
■ me. i think i am a fitur man than
him and Shaw. Poor men don't get
nn justice way things is. you ort to be
■lshnmed yourself, not to have me on.
others got on. i won't vote for you no
more, and when i won't nobody in our
street will  nither.—Your respectfly."
Society "Wasters."
A curious coincidence links th°
tragedy of Lord Leitrim's brother,
who, after disappearing four years
ago. is reported to have been found
buried in a grnve in the Isle of
Wight, and the fact that "Miss El-
laine Cecil," who is appearing in
"Tho Girl in thc Train" at the Vnu-
deville, is no less a person than the
Hon. Helen Cecil Douglas Scott-
Montagu, the elder daughter of Lord
Montagu of Beaulieu. Lord Leitrim's
brother disappeared to earn his own
living, because he found society
"artificial and unreal." To quote hi"
own words further, "I finally decided
that.if I stuck to London drawing-
rooms my life would ferment into
mere froth like those ol the nobility
nround me." And Miss "Cecil" is
equally strong in her condemnation
of London society. "What sort of
people," she sny?, "gravitate towards
»o-called society? Wasters. I may
he young, but I know what I like,
und it is certainly not that vacant
thing the weekly papers call society."
Lord Montagu himself is a man
who prefers work to an idle existence, and since 'lis Oxford days,
when he distinguished himself ns nn
athlete, he has earned a reputation
as a journalist, engineer, scientist,
and all-round sportsman. For fourteen yenrs he was M.P. for the New
Forest Division of Hampshire. An
opposition canvasser, who once
sought an elector's vote, was met
with thc reply: "No, sir; I elects the
Hon'rablc Motor-Bloke" — eloquent
testimony to the "motor-bloke's"
popularity. Lord Montagu was the
first mnn to take King Edward for a
W. N. U., No. HI.
Busy Hens.
Six Wyandotte hens belonging to
Miss Bullock, of Tiptree, Essex, Eng..
hnve. since February last year, laid
1,085 eggs, and have only missed laying on twenty days. The six birds
have also hatched and "mothered"
four broods ol chickens.
Dolly Duck—Men are such bold
things, aren't they?
Doris Duck—Yes. Isn't it awful the
way those drakes will stand around
and stare whenever we wulk over a
dry spot!
Catarrh' Cannot Be Cured
OK, LOCAL APPLICATIONS, u they cannot nut
Iht MM Ot too disease. Catarrh a a blood or eonsti-
tutleBal tame*, snd In order to our* it roll must uko
talon*) remedies. Hill'o Catarrh Cure a token Internally, ond act. dlrectlr upon tbo blood ond mucous
•urtsoee. Holl'a Catarrh Cure * bot s quack taedl-
doe. It wu prescribed br ono ot the boot physicians
ta thk country for yean and a ft regular preacrlptloo.
It li composed ot tbe beet tonics known, combined
wltb tho best Hood purifiers, ftctln, directly on the
mucous aurlftcee. Tlte perfect combination ot Uo
two inurement* a what produces such wonderful re.
wits tb curing catarrh. Bend tor testimonials, free.
F. JI. CHENEY a CO.. Props.. Toledo, a
■old b, Druggists, pries 75o.
Take loU's roam* Pills tor eeoetlteuea.
Better the execrations of an avowed
enemy thnn the flatteries of a four-
flush friend!
"Perfectly Trustworthy'' Is tho character of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Svrup.
It can be used with the utmost confidence
that it will do what is claimed for it.
It is sure in its effects, as the use of it
will clearly demonstrate and can be relied
upon to drive a cold out of the system
more effectively than any other medicine.
Try it and be convinced that it is what
it is claimed to be.
Husband—Did the cook you hired
show up?
Wife—No. Wasn't it fortunate?
Another one rang our bell by mistake
looking for Mrs. Gillet next door, and
I've kept her instead.
•mloeUy otopa moiIm, swao Mlda, koala
So oircrsit ud iaaaa. -   -   ■  «» mat*
Cover two corset boxes with creton
to mutch your shirtwaist box, and
tack one at each end of the box.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will drive worms'from the system with,
out injury to the child, heoause its action while fully effective, is mild.
All fruit salads are improved by
marinating in French dressing, though
Inter served with mayonnaise.
Minard't Liniment for tale everywhere
"Your husband  wenrs  'is  'air terrible short, Mrs. Gubbins."
Mrs. Gubbins—"Yes, the cownrd."
A Thorough Pill.—To clear the stomach
and the bowels of Impurities and irritants is necessary when their action is
irregular. The pills thnt will do this
work thoroughly are Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which are mild in action hut
mighty in results. They purge painlessly
and effectively, and work a permanent
cure. They ran be used without fear by
the most delicately constituted, as there
are no painful effects preceding their
gentle operation.
For removing fly specks from woodwork, picture frames, windows, etc.,
there is nothing that equals vinegar.
Minard't Llnimtnt relievet Neuralgia
"So Bronson doesn't play on your
ball team any more?"
"No; he's married, settled down,
and is the father of twins."
"I see, he has a bawl team of his
own."—Boston Transcript.
Do Not Use Harsh Purgatives
••-A Tonic is AU You
Not exactly sick—but not feeling
quite well. That's thc way most
people feel in the spring. Easily
tired, appetite fickle, sometimes
headaches and a feeling of depression. Pimples or eruptions may appear on thc skin, or there mny be
twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia
Any of these indicate that the Mood
is out of order; that the indoor life
of winter hns left its mark upon you
and may easily develop into more
serious trouble.
Don't dose yourself with purgn-
tives ns so many people do in tlie
hope thnt you can put your blood
right. Purgatives gallop through the
system and weaken instead of giving
strength. Any doctor will tell you
this is true. What you need in the
spring is a tonic that will make new
blood and build up the nerves. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills is the only medicine that can do this speedily, snfely
and surely. Every dose of this medicine helps to make new blood, which
clears the skin, strengthens the appetite, nnd makes tired, depressed men,
women and children bright, active
an I strong. Mr. B. Martin, Deux
Rivieres, Que., says: "About a yenr
ago I was all run down. I was pale,
weak, and hnd hut little appetite. I
also suffered from a severe pain in
the back, and though I tried several
medicines nothing helped me until I
began the use of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and these soon fully restored
my health. I can strongly recommend these pills to every weak person."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.60 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
indled Tory easily. Tbe alckareonred.and all otbon
table, no nutter now ''exposed." kept from havlaa
», by usingSfOHMtlLIUUIOMSTlotPIB OUR?
no tongue or lu feed. Acts on the blood and expels
Oan bo handled very easily. Tho alcka.roonred.ond oil otbon
In name atable, no matter now *'expr"     "
tho disease, by using SfOHN'8 LlUC
Giro on the tongue or lu feed. Acta on the blood and oxpsli
aermsof allfonnsof dlstempsr. Beat remedy ever know!
Ior maree In foul. 50c and II a bottle: It ana 111 doien, ot
germsof allformsof distompsr. Beat remedy ever know!
for mares ln foul. 60c and II a bottle: It and 111 di
Iglsuand harness dealen. Cut shows bow to t
. Laneatselllng
drogglsuand harness dealen. Cut shows bow to poultice
throats.  OurfreoBuokletgiToacverythlng.  Laneetselllna
SPOHN MIDICAL CO.. Cnemlata and Bacteriologists, Qothon, Ind., U. t. As
Phantasms of tht Night That Hava
Cauttd a Stntation.
The interest in the general election
in the British Isles gave way to the
sensation caused by the evidence given by Mr. Claude Sawyer in the Wara-
tah case. Mr. John Dickinson, who
conducted the Board of Trade inquiry
into the mysterious disappearance of
this liner between Durban and Cape
Town last June, said at the close, "I
heartily congratulate you, Mr. Sawyer, on being alive and being here to
give evidence." Mr. Sawyer told that
three or four days before the ill-iated
vessel reached Durban, he had "a
dream, which waa most unusual." He
had booked a first-class passage from
Sydney to Cape Town by tbe Wara-
tah, and he seems to have felt anxiety, before leaving Australian waters.
Three times he had a dreaming vision
of a man in a peculiar dress, who waa
holding in his right hand a bloody
sword. "The second time it came, I
thought, 'I will know it again"; and
the third time I looked at it so intently that I could almost design it,
swvrd and all, even now. Next day I
mentioned the dream to a gentleman,
and he said, 'It's warning.' Then 1
began to think why I should be warned, and I was anxious to leave the
ship."   He left it at Durban.
Perhaps the strangest story of a
dream at sea is tliat told by George
Burrow in the opening pages of "Tha
Bible in Spain. "Uwas bound for
Lisbon. We passed Cape Finisterre,
and, standing farther out to sea,
speedily lost sight of land. On tha
morning ol the 11th the sea was very
rough, and a remarkable circumstance
occurred. I was on the forecastle,
discoursing with two of the sailors.
One of them, who had but just left
his hammock, said: 'I have had a
strange dream, which I do not much
.ike, for,' continued he, pointing to
the mast, 'I dreamt that I fell into
the sea from the cross-trees' He wa»
heard to say this by several of the
crew besides myself
A moment later the captain of the
vessel, perceiving that the squall was
Increasing, ordered the top-sails to
be taken in, whereupon this maii.
with several others, instantly ran
aloft; the yard was in the act of being hauled down, when a sudden
eust cf wind whirled it round with
violence, and a man was struck down
from the cross-tr^es into the sea,
which was working like yeast be'.ow.
In a short time he emerged. 1 saw
his hend on the crest of a billow, uml
Instantly reergnized in tht unforuinte
man the sailor who a few moments
before had related his dream. I shall
never forget the look of agony he ca-t
whilst the steamer hurried pust h:m.
. . _. The poor fellow who p'rishe.;
in this sinculnr manner was a line
young man uf about twenty-seven, the
only son of a widowed mother. He
was the best sailor on board, nnd wa-
be'.oved by all who were aequaintej
with him."
May Knight Women.
In olden dnys they were not so
chary of recognizing feminine services. Thc abbesses of great nunneries used to bd "knighted" and even
now there is a charming y.ung
French woman, who, though, unmarried, is n countess in her own light
by reason of being tlie Clinnoines.-e
of a religious order.
At present in England there is
someti'J jj anomalous in the fact that
man takes all the titles, stars, aud
ribands, as well as place, power, an.l
money, ami allows tiie women folk t.*
toil nil their lives at inferior salaries
and with no hope even of those ornamental rewards, sueh ns coram ts and
orders, to which human nature is so
persistently attached.
It has been whispered, though, that
the Jwo lailies who hnve been electe I
Mayors of English towns, will be
kiiig'nt**d during this coronation year,
precisely as their masculine compeers will receive this honor at tho
hands of King George.
The idea should be persistently
dwelt on, as the circulation of such
a rumor muy lead to tho foundation
ol some order—with a title attached—
whir can be bestowed on eminent
women, whether manied, single or
_.*?• w,,,ttow'jj_ooiHinoiaTme» bas bm
LVAfeLS?' .*IXTY "a"8 bJ MIIilOKlUt
1BKTHINQ    with   PBRFHCT   SUCCBfik      i*
KSBBftfte Si""' tw^niSa thfooiia
iuS__Al?_"*p*,__'' "Ma wimd colic. ".J
'■,"!«,'>•« remedy for lnnaaHcMA.   It u •►
•0 ut.hr harmless.   Be sure aod ask tot "Hn
Sid"0?:.8?*!!'"1 tW !■!*• -»•» *****
kind    Tweatv-flve cents a bottle -
Boys! Baseball Outfit Free
Bon I We ar._j.Ylot a seedy lassbaU
•utrft po_itlv.li rfrot eiaetty the .ansa at
shown _a tbo above snt. ft ecm_.su of a
OUltr'i glove aad OMakaWt adit, boil.
made ot|flood honehln. leather, a retv.latloi
■   *, •».  s|O0<l horO.bl.tB *.-.. ».r, a, n.v.is.ius
Ste ball, a flood st.oag t**ta_ak and a regular
aa.bili tap. had Kvlsr for S4.S0 worth
ft oat alflh-f rado.atboaaidlp.eM_.rd*, oriole!
(a lovoir oolors aid sold. Tla> soil ilk. bot
takM at t for 10a I all tear stents say <*
Wbss sold, return wa ties anas..*, and wo *
will ae»d voa tha aloo»o ew.lt all shariel
"Md.     Any re-is you saanoe sell, ws will
*»«.   T' „ *M*i*I_uFF«feMnrM
»s*A      ■•      ayiaUssfOf, Canada.
A Brilliant Idea
Mr. Stiffle—"I'd buy an auto in a
minute, dear, but I'm afraid I'd meet
with nn accident in it."
Mrs. Stiffle—"That's easily overcome; I can ride iu the machine and
you can run alongside."
, Nell—Mrs. Dashaway used to say
she wouldn't marry the best man living.
Belle—Well, she has the satisfaction
of knowing that she didn't.—Philadelphia Record.
Thousands of country people know
the value of Hamlins Wizard Oil,
the best family medicine in case of
accident or sudden illness. For tlie
safety of your family buy a bottle
"Why did I ever leave home and
mother?" sobbed his wife. "Chiefly
becnuse your family were too stingy
to take us in," he answered, bitterly.
Internally and Externally It It Qood.—
The crowning propertr ol Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil Is that it can be used internally for nnny complaints as well as
externally. For srre thront. croup,
whooping cough, pains In the cheat,
colic nnd many kindred ailments it has
rurative qualities that are unsurpassed.
A liottle "f ir (-Hi;* little and there is no
loss in always having it at hand.
Mrs. Snoozer—Henry, the alarm
clock has just gone off. Snoozer—
Thank goodness! I hope the thiug'll
never come back.
Baby Htlr to Million..
Some i,iea of the wealth to which
the baby son recently born to Ean
Fitzwilliam is heir may be gathered
from the fact that the late peer's
estate was valued at considerably
over 110,000,000. Earl Fitzwilliam
has large estates la England and Ireland which ara said to produce him
nearly $700,000 a year. A practical-
minded peer, ths earl has played
many parts, and distinguished himself as a mechanic, mining engineer,
big game hunter, soldier, politicisA
Md magistral*.
Cold Upsets
the Kidneys
And uric Acid Poisons Bring
Pains and Aches to Back
and Limbs.
na we's
You feel pains in thc back, find
the urine heavy and unduly colored,
have indigestion and irregularity of
the bowels and there may be rheumatic twinges.
You wonder what has gone wrong
until you recollect that you have
been exposed to sudden changes of
temperature, perhaps sitting in a
draft or passing from a very warm
room to be chilled by the outdoor
The kidneys are most susceptible
to cold and a sudden lowering of
temperature throws an extra burden
on them by closing the pores of the
skin, which are ordinarily a grent
aid to thc kidneys in removing poisons from the blood.
The danger lies in not understanding the meaning ol the symptoms
given in the first paragrnph. Once
you know that the kidneys need assistance you can help them promptly hy using Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
Every day you put off treatment
you are taking the risk ot developing Bright's disease, dropsy or rheumatism. Because of the inactivity of
the failing kidneys your system is
being loaded with poisonous impurities, and that means pains and suffering.
Get Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
today. One pill a dose; 36 cents a
box, all dealers or Kdmanson, Bates
& Co., Toronto. (
Noted Opera Singer as She Ap-
i     pears Off the Stage.
A Craft That Calls Rtal Artists to Do
Itt Work—Motivot Borrowad From
Our Own' Roadtidta and Fitldt In-
ttaad of From Foreign Museums.
Dear Elan—Don't you like to see noted operu singers off tbe stage where
you can get tbem at close range and
feel tbat they are really buuuin nud
not some Impersonation of tbe bruin
of Wagner, 1'ucclnl or some other great
composer? I do, and this week 1
bad tbe pleasure of sitting next to
Geraldlne Pairar at a matinee performance of tbe Imperial Russian Balalaika orchestra, and what a delight It
was to listen to Ita strange aud beautiful music!   But to describe Farrar:
Sbe Is just an lovely off the stage aa
on and looks exactly like her pictures.
Wbat did she wear? A charmingly
simple empire frock of black crepe de
cblne wltb yoke aud very high collar
of a creamy pin dotted net, und let me
■ay ln passing tbat tbis net Is tbe
■mart thing to use for yokes this winter. Setting off her fair beauty to perfection were six ' strands—1 counted
tiem for your benefit-o* magnificent
pearls, small gems, -but of wonderful
nooK bhowiko  modish mihomho of
chiffon fob and kmsuoidsm.
taster, being about the neck In clone
titling rows. Wbat fascinated me mora
was tbe arrangement of ber blond balr
tbat seemed tu be a soft mass of puffs
tbat were not puffed, If you can understand thia contradiction of terms,
•nd curls tbat did not curl, clinging
closely to tbe contour of the bead. A
long fur coat of skunk and a muff of
black lynx—yes, I mean tbat the pelts
did not nintcb, for Parts this winter
baa declared io favor ot tbe fur coat
and coat trimmings tbat are different
from tbe muffs carried with them—
had an odd misfit appearance that Is
nut attractive, but It Is a charmingly
aconomlcnl way to use up one's odds
and ends of small fur pieces.
To come back to tbe prima donna,
ber bat wns a cap-now, bow is thai
for ■ fashion description, but really
tbo mode* are so complex and Interchangeable that one has to use tbem
In this absurd way-of black velvet
wltb > puffed corwn, and a narrow
band of skunk fur held the velvet frill
■bout the face. Between tbe Intermissions ber escort, an opera Impra-
■arlo, and Farrar studied a music
■core. I could bear ber softly bum a
line or two and say wben sbe finished:
"That's bow I'm going to Interpret It
Bow do you like It?"
I have given Farrar the center of
tbe stage, but sbe paled Into Insignificance when the Russian court orchestra wns playing. It Is wonderful and
has been the musical sensation of tbe
season bere In New Tork. Mr. An-
drwtT. the leader, a Svengall-llke looking creature, seemed to move a* If by
rouiuiund of tbe czar or on pain of Intuitu execution If he turned on his
conductor** box In ■ len mechanical
manner to acknowledge the appreciation ot the audience.   But wby cavil
at a mannerism? The conducting was
111 tbat one could wish. The instruments used by tbe players were peasant pipes producing sweetly melancholy sounds, the domra, dulcimer and
the balalaika, which gives the orchestra
Its name and seems to tnke tbe place
In numbers and tn tone value ot tbe
violin In our own orchestra.
I know bow Interested you are ln tbe
mandolin, and this weird, wonderful
music would have appealed to you,
fur tbe balalaika Is related In sound
io both tbe mandolin and to the zither
•nmiltea. It has a triangular body *
ana a long slender nngeruoara. me
musical numbers were chiefly Russian
peasant songs, although tbe players
are able to produce music by great
masters most artistically. A butterfly
waltz given was tbe Impersonation in
sounds of tbe fllttings and final flight
of tbeae beautiful winged Insects. It
always hurts me to call tbem by this
name, for tbey have soared so bign
above tbe grub state—Indeed, one
could actually feel tbe butterflies sipping honey from the rose and conid
Imagine tbem discussing ln epicure
fashion the delicious flavors.
Rtal Art In Handmade Jewelry.
To ebangp the subject, bave I told
you about the exquisite Christmas girt
Dorothy D. made for me? Well, 1
really haven't bad much time, tor tbe
holidays are Just past, and I am still
lost ln admiration of my beautiful hair
decoration. Dorothy Is an expert
craftsman In tbis work, and, like all
members of tbe new cnlt she Is going
to nature as an Inspiration for ber designs. The best workers nowadays
nre not going to Italy, Eygpt or tbe
orient for tbeir motives, but are finding tbem lu tbe fields, along the roadsides and on the seashore.
The beautiful wild carrot or Queen
Anne's lace is the motif for my charming piece of hand wrought Jewelry, lt
is a sort of low tiara tbat any American woman could wear without being
accused of a longing for strawberry
leaves nnd a ducal coronet. Only a
true lover of nature could have made
the design, for even tbe inconspicuous
little garnet flower characteristic of
the wild carrot umbel has not been
1 bave a passion for this sort of jewelry arid can never resist a display of
the work, ln a case devoted to handmade jewelry in a small but very exclusive Fifth avenue shop there Is a
plaque pendant designed by a well
known artlRt which la a joy to every
trained eye that sees It. The plaque
Is ot opalescent blue and green enamel
subtly suggesting seaweed in the partial relief of the design. The very
breath of old ocean Is ln the trinket.
When I give you tbe recipe yon wnnt
for grapefruit salad I'll excuse you
from further friendly torture. Here's
for the grapefruit: Remove the pulp
of the fruit and arrange It on lettuce
leaves and then mix the Juice of the
fruit with a light French dressiug of
oil and vinegar and pour lt over the
pulp. Garnish with roinalne or pimento
olives. Simple and delicious! Loving,
ly yours, MABEL.
New York.
Bargain Papering.
A young womau who thinks she can.
not repnper her room this season because she cannot afford It should mnke
eure that cost is prohibitive before resigning herself to dirt.
One girl has just papered a bedroom
charmingly at a total cost of less tban
S3. Rending of bargains In wnll paper
one day, she noticed some that were
reduced to a cent or two a roll.
Her family Insisted the results would
be dreadful, but tbe selection was
made uf n nice quality of figured
cream celling paper at a cent a roll for
tbe walls nnd a narrow rose border at
2 cents a yard.
The border was cut out by the girl
herself and run at top of room and
down the sides of each corner.
Tbe paper waa pnt on by a country
paperbnnger, a friend of the cook, at
much less tiuni tbe usual rates, lt
would have been possible to have done
the papering oneself, but the work Is
oot likely fo give satisfaction, though
many women are fairly skilled paper-
Most stores hava bargains In paper,
though few as cheap as the oue described. By taking advantage of tbem
a room enn be freshened for a surprisingly small sum of money.
Distinctly Tall.
"Vou  tee thim   mountains!"   ex-
claimed the jaunting car driver.  Th»
tourist admitted that he did see them.
"Thim's the   highest   mountains in
°"You don't say »o." tald the touritt.
"Oi do, dr. indadel An' you se*
thim mountains," went tn ths driver,
flicking a whip to another range.
"Thim's the highest ln the wurruldl
The touritt expretiod hit incredulity.
"Surely not!" h» protested.
"C.ure. it's true," retorted the driv-
tr, bridling, "exceptin*. »v ooorae, tot
thim in furrin parti."—Antwer*.
"But would you die for tool*" pit-
listed the romantic maiden.
"I would." replied the frink and
elderly suitor. "Even now 1 im using
■ high-priced preparation w«*ranttd
to teitort hair to IU original color."
Ho It « Libiral Qivtr to Those Who
Aro In Need.
On the appeal of the Mayor of Bolton, England, for funds in the recent
Pretoria Mine disaster no less than
$350,000 was subscribed in a weekl
That alone is enough to show that
John Bull is a generous soul.
Che first time lhat he publicly helped thc miners was in 1878, when nearly $150,000 was raised on behalf of
the sufferers from a mine explosicn
in Wales. Since then every colliery
disaster has found the British public
eager to aid the widows and children
left behind.
The Britsher is as generous to his
fellow-beings abroad as he is to those
at home. When the Seine rose and
caused such widespread damage a
year ago the British public, through
the medium of a Mansion House fund,
sent over nearly $350,000 for the help
of their continental neighbors.
Strange to say, the first Mansion
House fund was inaugurated to relieve Paris. This was for the relief
of the sufferers in the siege by the
Germans in 1871. Over $600,000 was
collected and sent to Paris, partly in
money and partly in clothing, food,
and other necessaries. The Parisians
did not want money so much as food,
for money was fairly plentiful, and
John Bull responded to the appeals
of the starving by sending over sixty-
eight tons a day or two uftef the
siege was raised. Since that first fund
the Mansion House alone has received
nearly $30,000,000 out of the pockets of
the generous Anglo-Saxon.
When the terrible earthquake at
Messina startled the world with its
dramatic suddenness and its consequent misery Great Britain was the
foreign country that contributed most
to the relief of the refugees. Over
$000,000 was rapidly collected and
despatched to Italy, Germany coming
next with $400,000, and France with
$300,000. Newspapers all over the
country opened their columns for the
receipt of money from their readers,
and the appeal thus made was not in
In 1878 the Mansion House opened
a fund for the great Indian famine.
In response to the appeal of the Lord
Mayor" the huge sum of $3,450,000 was
extracted from the pockets of the nation. In 1897 another fund was organized to aid the Hindus, over half
a million pounds being sent to India,
Altogether England hus sent $10,000,
000 in one way and another to relieve our fellow-subjects in .India,
Such figures are a splendid tribute to
the generosity ol the British public.
During the Boer War, however, Bn
tain really rc;t to the occasion and
showed what she was capable of iu
emergencies. The Mansion House left
all its glorious records far behind
when it raised over $5,600,000 for the
Transvaal war fund. In addition to
this $850,000 was given to the fund for
the Transvaal refugees and $585,000
for the C.I.V.'s. That wus the Mansion House alone, and when it is recalled that there were three other
funds of a similar kind in existence
at that time one is astonished at the
capacity of John Bull's pockets. Altogether nearly $_M.O0O,O0O was subscribed during the days of the war.
Britain paid generously for the magnificent help that her soldiers and sail-
I ors gave her.
I The greatest individual sum ever
i given to a fund, apart from the permanent cbnritable organizations, was
the $125,000 given by Sir Thomas Lip-
ton to the Poorest of the Poor Loudon
Jubilee Dinner Fund in 1897.
Birds For tht Table.
Game Warden A. Bryan Williams,
British Columbia, has become an ornithologist, specializing in prairie
chicken, pheasants and partridge. It
seems that these table birds have been
falling behind the salmon. B. C. men
can both shoot and fish. Warden Williams recently distributed a flock ol
1,500 pheasants throughout the lower
mainland and Vancouver Island.
These birds have helped remarkably
in replenishing the stock. The experiment has been repeated in the ease
of prairie chicken. The B. C. bird
which trips in the Okanagan Valley,
has been mingled with some ol its relatives from Saskatchewan. They
have got along beautifully  together.
Legislator!* Perquisites In Spain.
Spanish deputies, some <f whom are
agitating for a salary, already enjoy
certain privileges. They are entitled
to trunk their letters and to travel on
all the railways in Spain free ol
charge. Unlike the French deputies,
however, they have to pay for refreshments consumed in the chamber,
the only item supplied gratuitously
being sugar. Ol this there is nn un-
limitoi supply, ond lady visitors to
the chamber are always presented
with a packet of this delicacy, which
nerves to sweeten the debates.—Loudon Chronicle.
Our Awful Language.
There nre words mat depend on inflection,
Thero  are   words   aa   complex   aa  our
But regarding a woman'a complexion
It Is not aa complex aa u seems
-Fhlludeiphia bulletin.
Thtro   Aro   Several    Promlntnt   Old
Land Men In Commont.
Among the little coterie of Englishmen in the House, Martin Burrell, ol
Tale-Cariboo, stands out prominently.
He came in at the last general election, after one ol the most spectacular
contests in the whole Dominion, and
he made his mark and considerably
surprised Sir Wilfrid Laurier, by
jumping into the fray on the opening
day of the new Parliament, and eloquently resenting the attack of the
Premier on the campaign methods of
the Opposition in that province. Since
that memorable day, Martin Burrell
has nlways commanded the ear of
the House. On the Opposition side
he is among the foremost able speakers. A a practical fruit-grower, he
is continually camping on the trail
of Hon. Sydney Fisher. Mr. Burrell
is still in the prime of life, being 54. j
He came to Canada in 1883 and for
six years engaged in fruit farming
in the Niagara Peninsula, afterwards
removing to British Columbia, where
he is at present engaged in that industry on an extensive scale. In a
Conservative administration, Mr. Burrell's claims ior preferment would be
hard to ignore, and it is doubtful if
they would be overlooked. And since
the famous crossing of swords with
Sir Wilfrid Laurier on the opening
day of this Parliament, the Premier
has entertained a profound respect
for the little man from Grand Forks,
for after all the Liberal chieftain
dearly loves a fighter.
Speaking of Englishmen, it may
surprise many to know that several
of the prominent members of Parliament hailed originally from the light
little island. There is Ralph Smith,
the white-haired philosopher from
Nanaimo, who deserted the practice
of. medicine in Newcastle-on-Tyns
only a lew years ago to take up farming life in Alberta, and who is the
only supporter of the Liberal party
who dares stand up in his place in
Parliament and declare that absolute
free trade is the inevitable destiny of
Canada. Arthur Cyril Boyce, the clever little lawyer from Sault Ste. Marie,
who is one of Mr. Pugsley's "bete
noira" and who first saw the light ol
day in a Yorkshire vicarage. Richard
Stuart Lake, brother of Sir Percy
Lake, who left his Lancashire home to
take up land in Saskatchewan, and
is one of the stalwarts of the Opposition from the West. Then lost, but
not least, comes Edward Arthur Lancaster, who sits for Lincoln, and was
born within the sound of Bow Bells.
When Mr. Lancaster is not servinj
the public from a level crossing point
of view, he is plotting the destruction of the Senate. One of his ancestors must hove been Guy Fawkes, for
Mr. Lancaster hns a bomb which he
is about to explode, which, if the
fuse catches fire and Sir Wilfrid Laurier does not extinguish it, wi'.l resu'.t
in the disappearance of the Upper
Chamber. Of the various nationaltiel
which moke up the Commons, Ihe little coterie of Englishmen is by no
means insignificant, both as regards
ability and industry.
A Toronto  Practical Joke.
This is not so much an anecdote as
it is n warning. As a result of lhe
trouble between the Toronto Electric
Light, Co. and the city, some active
young men have planned a practical
joke. It has been played Upon a
number of people, and anyone who
hos a telephone may be victimized.
lt is so simple that a person fa.Is
easily into tl.*? trap. On a cold evening you will be sitting by the grate
fire reading and feeling glad thot
you do not have to face the chilly
winds, when the telephone rings. You
go to the 'phone and the following
conversation ensues:
"Is that Mr. A.?"
"This is the T.E.L. speaking. You
know we have been having considerable trouble lately. Would you mind
letting us know if the ure light at
th. corner ol the street is burning?"
Deceived by the business-like voice,
you express your willingness to lie
obliging, lt is necessary lor you to
go to the bottom of the verandah
steps or even to the sidewalk to secure the desired information, and you
return shivering to the 'phone in
| about five minutes.
"Yes," you say, "the light is burn-
I ing."
"Well, the city says they do not
need it." ssys the voice nt the other
end nf the line. "Will you kindly blow
it out?"
Then he rings off, and you say
things—Saturday Night.
Worn  by  Pampered
Pott of Sooloty Folk.
Proving tho Sudisnnsss.
"Your poor husbuud met a sudden
death, didn't be?"
"That's what we're trying to prove,**
replied the wlilow. "but the chauffeur
swears ht- wasn't going over twenty
miles au hour."-Detroit Free Press.
Not Particular.
Uy lady's lips ate fan  to sea-
Away with i.-inin-u terms
B) Jove:   11 tney ware ottered mt
I'd never thins of perms'
—ttliiiiilMluiin lAla.i Ara-Herald.
Shrinking Billiard Belli.
As ivory dries it shrinks, and experience has taught the ivory billiard
ball turner that a tusk shrinks more
in width than in leng'.i. To meet
this peculiarity the best balls ore
mode from tusks little thicker than
th ■ ball. The tusks ol cow elephant!
are best for billiard balls. Thay are
not so curved as bull t-sks, and ths
fine nerve passage is not so plainly
seen. The billiard ball is turned in
the rough nnd kept in a warm room
for two years, lt is then, after shrinking, turned again to true.
Lacked  Atmosphere.
"I did hope for an artistic career,"
said the disappointed looking man,
"but 1 met with difficulties I could
not conquer. What 1 needed wat atmosphere."
"I see! The tame old trouble. What
were you—an author or a painter?"
"Neither. I was learning to play tho
'.rombone, but I wat naturally abort
ol breath."
doouies* sxrmam coluu
The fashion changes ln dog collars
not quite as often perhaps as In tbo
clothes of tbe mistresses, but then
ore sharply defined rule* concerning
what iB correct ln canine collar adornment The latest mode for these collars next spring is a bright green leather, aud oo tbe right shade of dog tbo
effect Is remarkably striking. Bed collars are again in vogue for black,
coated doggies, and there Is a model ln
silver beads tbat ts much approved. A
favorite collar of a dog In tbe toy class
owned by a belle living at tbe national
capital Is of brown leather beaded
with silver nn.'ls. On tbe bangle which
dangles from the collar are described
the canine's nnme and address.
But the most curious dog collar on
record was ordered by a Baltimore
man to celebrate tbe eleventh birthday of his favurlte black aud tnu terrier Dixie. Tbe collar Is of diamonds, of which no fewer than TOO
were used According to tbe Illustration given of this collar, It was fashioned somewhat In tbe form of a tiara,
with a pendnnt consisting of two
graduated pieces higher in tbe center
aud narrowing at the back.
Up to Data Vegetable Dish.
The very latest vegetable dish Is a
three In one affair, wbich the maid
holds by a handle and twirls around
Photo by American Press Association.
to allow tbe person being served to
help herself to eacb vegetable In turn.
The convenience of such a dish Is
evident for tbe family who "do their
own reaching," and lt Is a novelty
that will be acceptable tu the housewife who Is on tbe lookout tor souio-
thlng new fur Mr table service.
Ribbon Neckwear*.
Mademoiselle of the slender purse
mny contrive nil sorts of clever tbluga
at little iiwt this season, for neckwear
of rllibon Is very fashionable and easily iniiile If one hns deft lingers.
Utile pesky bows of iwo colored
ribbons or Persian ribbons may readily be made. These may tie worn
with stiff collars or pinned to collar
uf a lingerie or silk blouse.
Ilnbnls, too, are mnde of ribbon,
closely plaited ends, with a buw at
the top.
These things may be mnde from little pieces ot silk or rthbun. not expensive to buy nnd usually lu be lound
Is tbe workhasket at borne.
So, you see, sometimes fashion la
kind to tbe girl with tbe limited income. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Bedding Plants"
to think about your gar
den,    We have this year 	
of Redding Plants and Shrubs. Ask for onr Price List.
Phone B20 COLUMBIA, B. C.
PHONE   A 14
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, J»_L, Columbia p. o,
The big baseball tournament in
Danville last Sunday was largely
attended by enthusiasts from this
city, Greenwood, Phoenix and Republic. Tbe games were all sufficiently close to supply the spectators with the proper tension of excitement. In the first game Pboenix defeated Danville by a score of
4 to 3. Greenwood won a victory
over the Karamin team of Republic
by a score 10 to 7, and in the final
game Greenwood defeated Phoenix
by a score of 7 to 4.
This is the Kettle valley's growing time. The person wbo cannot
see vegetation gain a few inches daily
sbould consult an oculist.
ground and bungalow. Property
bas 200 feet water frontage. A bargain; terms reasonable. Inquire \V.
A. Williams, Granby Smelter.
Dr. Paxton, Dominion veterinary
surgeon, will move bis family from
Midway to tbis city this summer.
The provincial department of
agriculture has decided tn do everything possible this year towards interesting the public, and provincial
fruitgrowers particularly, in tbe
science of modern fruit packing by
again arranging for fruit packing
competitions at all tbe various pro
vincial fairs during the approaching
summer and autumn. These com
petitions will be conducted in tbe
same manner as last year, under tbe
auspices of the department of agriculture, tbe government providing
substantial prizes.
Conductor J. F. Qetsey, who
punches tickets on tbe Oroville-Spo-
kane run, had a scare thrown into
him on one of his trips last week
that fnr a time made him feel as
limp as a dish rag. The engine of
his train struck a herd of cows and
calves, and one of the latter was pulverized and the fragments forced between the wheels on one of the
trucks of a passenger coach. When
the train was stopped and Mr. Get-
sey made an examination he was
horrified to see a pair of human
feel sticking out from the midst of
tbe shredded veal. Naturally he
supposed the engine had struck a
man, and hence tbe fright. When
tbe debris was pried loose a tramp,
who had been stealing a ride on the
truck, was uncovered. Aside from
being a horrible sight from the met>s
he wns covered with the man sustained no injury, strange to say.—
Oroville Gazette.
Republic intends to spend between $3000 and $1000 in premiums
and prizes at fts Fourth of July
celebration this year.
Dr. Simmons, the Greenwood dentist, is spending the present week in
this city.
W. R. Williams, of Phoenix, was
a Grand Forks visitor on Tuesday.
Tbe Republic News-Miner says
tbat William Anderson, manager of
tbe Belcher mine, has closed a con
tract with the Granby smelter for
the immediate delivery of 50,000
tons of ore. Twenty men are em
ployed at tbe mine, and several cars
of ore are being ahipp.xl each week
Miss   Winnie   Watsman, of
public, visited at the home of
sister,   Mrs.    Geo.   O'Keefe,
If you aro suffering from indigestion
and the attendant distressed stomach
you should give Mi-o-na, the guaranteed remedy, a trial. Mr. William
Sharer, of 230 Qneens St. S., Berlin,
Ont., says: ''For years I have been a
sufferer from acu e indigestion, which
caused the most distressing pains in
my stomach. I decided to try Booth's
Mi-o-na Tablets and they have done
me more good than anything I have
ever used. I am now more free from
this trouble than I have been for
years. I am pleased to endorse and
recommend this remedy to all who
sutler with stomach trouble."
Rainemher Mi-o na Tablets are
guaranteed to cure acute chronic indigestion and turn the old stomaoh
into a new one in a few weeks. All
druggists, 50c a box or postpaid from
The R. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Ont. Scd and guaran teen by II. E.
Woodland <fe Co.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
A new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Thk Sun job office.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 17,017     455,241
Mother Lode  9,414      138,049
Jackpot      728       13,324
Rawhide  5,657       80,243
SnowBhoe        43,900
No. 7  1.350
Phoenix Amal         1,950
Athelstan        63 1,184
Fife  60
Lone Star      480 1,646
Napoleon      425 1,728
Total 32,736 691,415
Smelter treatment—
Granby 15,555 453,779
B.C. Copper Co...13,044 245,856
For Sale at a Bargain—Two-horss-
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Remember that every added
subscriber helps to make this
paper better for everybody.
Bridge Street*
The  best and    ..mat
ubtitaut.al lire-pro  f
building tn thn Boundary country. Recently complete*) mul
iu'wly furnished
throughout. Equipped with all modern
electrical couven-
ienees, Centrally located. Kirst-ciiiH» accommodations for the
ravelling publio.
Hot aad Gold Baths
Fint-Glan Bar, Pool
aad Billiard Roomi
In Connection.,
EIMIL.   LARSEN,   Prop.
Parisian Sage   Will
More Hair
Parisian Sage will stop falling hair
in two weeks—cure dandruff in the
same time and stop scalp itch at once.
It makes the hair soft, silky and luxuriant. As a hair dressing Parisian
Sage is without a peer. It contains
nothing that can harm the hair—it is
not sticky, oily or greasy, and prevents as well as cures diseases of the
Women and children by the thousand use it daily as a dressing and no
home is complete without it. Money
back if it fails.
Druggists and stores everywhere
guarantee Parisian Sage and will refund your money if it fails. Ask H.
E Woodland & Co., druggists, what
they think of it. They sell it at 50c
per large bottle or you can secure it
by mail postpaid from Giroux Manufacturing Co., Fort Erie, Out. See
that the girl with the auburn hair is
on each package. Sold and guaranteed by H E. Woodland It Co.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Lloyd A. Manly returned from a
business trip to Princeton on Tuesday morning.
E. Miller, M.P.P., returned from
Phoenix on Tuesday.
For Sale—A 16 foot gasoline
launch and half interest in boat
house at Christina Lake; cheap for
cash. • W. A, Williams, Granby
Smelter.         ,
G. M. Fripp inspected his mining
interests in Republic last week.
For Sale—At once, at Christina
Lake, tbe property of A. B. W.
Hodges, consisting of  one  acre of
f Printing^
We are prepared to do all kinda of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
The Breatheablo Remedy for Catarrh.
The rational way to combat catarrh
it the Hyomei way, viz., by breathing.
Scientists for years have been agreed
on this point, but failed to get an antiseptic strong enough to kill catarrh
germs and not destroy the tissues of
the membrane ut tbe same time, until the discovery of Hyomei (pronounced High-o-nie.)
Hyomei is the most powerful yet
healing antiseptic known. Breathe it
through the inhaler over the inflamed
and germ-ridden membrane four or
five times a day, and in a few days the
germs will disappear.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including the inhaler, costs $1.00, aud extra
bottles, if afterwards needed, cost but
50 cent. Obtainable from your druggist or postpaid from the R. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Fort Erie, Ont. Hyomei
is guaranteed to cure asthma, croup,
sore throat, coughs, colds or grip or
refund your money back. Sold and
guaranteed by H. E. Woodland It Co.
Billheads nnd Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
(noon ppiMTiiMdi!-tl,e ki,ul we <•<•—•* ••■ i***-***' a»
V.lV.'1/l/ L IVlLl 11L1\J advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor. We guarantee
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A Coxri-itT* Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freih Oonitgtiment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply ofj
Ice Cream and Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
nor Hoolnr i
Kaior Honing a Specialty.
Grand Forks Sun
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Uhanhy Hotki.,
First Strkkt.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly, Passengers and Trunks to and
from.all trains.
Tklkphonk A129
__   VIARr
Terms for
'    SoMtrr
Job Department
A handwmeiy Ulnitrated weekly.
Elation of any ictantlflo Journal   ,
noda. fUS a year, po_it*f o prepaid.
>■) newsdufticri.
We carry the most fashionahle stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it The
Sun job office.


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