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The Evening Sun Jul 9, 1910

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'  "       JUL H1910
« '"i.  i'ia
Ninth Year—No. 36.
Grand Forks, B. C, Saturday, July  9, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Some Things That the Orch-
areist Must Know to Be
To be an intelligent primer one
must know something of plant phy.
Biology. He should know the effects
produced by pruning at different
seasons of the year, how to make a
cut that will heal most readily, and
the influence of pruning on the
fru t-bearing of the tree. It
is generally conceded that pruning
during the dormant season incites
wood growth, while pruning during
the growing season promotes fruit-
Although it is said that pruning
during the summer season may encourage the formation of fruit buds
on tardy-bearing varieties, it may
have the opposite effect, unless done
at the proper time, and may cause
late growth and unfruitfulness. To
give the desired results one must
summer-prune shortly before tbe
season of growth ends; earlier pruning starts new growth, while late
pruning gives no results. The benefit derived from summer pruning
seems to depend upon the ability of
the primer to prune at a time to
bring about early maturity.
Both the season at which the
wound is made and the character of
the cut have an influence upon the
healing process. The pruner should
remember that all food material capable of healing a wound is taking
a downward course through the inner bark, and that to heal well a
wound must be in a position to intercept the downward flow of sap
from foliage higher up. When a
limb is to be removed entirely, the
cut should beat the union with and
parallel to the surface from which
the limb arises. Where limbs are to
be headed back, they should be cut
to a side limb nnd not to a bare
stub. Wounds naturally heal best
with the possible exception of
wounds made in earlv winter and
subjected to a long season of drying,
the season at which the wound is
made having no important bearing
upon the healing process. The
grower who has a small orchard
that will permit of such a practice,
should delay the pruning until as
near the opening of the growing season as possible.
The influence of pruning upon the
fruit-bearing habit of the tree has
been briefly mentioned, but a fruit-
bearing habit may, to a certain extent, dictate a course of pruning.
The fruits with which this discussion
has to deal hnve two general types
of fruit-hearing—from terminal fruit
lunls and from axillary fruit buds
The lirst type of fruit bud is well
represented in the apple and pear,
and the latter in the stone fruits.
Trees which produce axillary fruit
buds are naturally more prolific and
require severe pruning as a means
of thinning the fruit. In fact, a system of pruning under which a tree
with axillary fruit buds would
thrive would cause the apple to
nvergrow to such an extent ihat it
would bc rendered almost barren.
The point may be more   fully  il-.
lustrated by comparing  the   peach
ind the cherry.    Although both de
velop axillary fruit buds, thev differ
ill their fruiting habits; the fruit
buds ofthe cherry are seldom found
on the stronger growing new wood,
and severe pruning, as practised on
the peach, would throw much ofthe
strength of the tree into the production of strong wood that would carry
very few fruit buds. We have said
that in the apple the type of fruit-
bearing is from terminal buds, yet
many varieties develop axillary fruit
buds. Varieties which develop axillary fruit buds and bear terminal
fruit buds on young spurs all tend to
overbear, and require severe pruning. So to a certain extent one can
decide for himself how much to
prune by observing how the tree
bears its fruit,—Prof. 0. B. Whipple, Colorado.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government oflice at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from June
23 to July 6, inclusive.
K. K. fraction, Franklin camp, F.
M. Kerby; Climax fraction, Franklin camp, relocation of Climax fraction, Thomas Newby; M. K. fraction, Franklin eamp, H. C. Kerman;
H. B. Fraction, Franklin camp, H.
J. Birnie; Gracie; east of Coryell,
relocation of Gracie, I. R. Poole.
Province, and Commonwealth,
Franklifi camp, Larsen et al.; Crystal Copper, Gloucester camp, Russell et al.; Doris fraction, Franklin
camp, M. M. Kerman; Fidelity,
Gloucester camp, Thomas Newby;
J. P., Franklin camp. P. Donaldson;
Ieta, McKinley camp, Morrell et al.;
Maggie, McKinley camp, Morrell et
al.; Marx, and Moose, Wellington
camp, surveys, D. L. Mclntominey;
Piper Lad, Seattle camp. Stewart
Carruthers; St. Joseph, Central
camp, H. Johnson; Ready Cash
fraction, and R. Kipling fraction,
Wellington camp, Cook et al.; C.P.
R. fraction, Volcanic mountain, two
years, VV. K. White; Big Raymond,
two years, McKinley camp. Bonnaeci et al.
Gopher, and Shaw.Summit camp,
Edgar L. Burden; Banner, Franklin
camp, Fred W. Russell 16-32, Wm.
Spier 3-32, Jean H. Miller 2-32,
E. ll. Northrop 3-32, Donald McLaren 8-32; Rio, Frunklin camp,
Donald McLaren i, John McLaren A.
All of A. B., C. D., E. Fi, i Ome
ga, i Delta, Christina lake, W. II.
Beach to 11. I). Cameron.
dent, D. A. Macdonald; secretary,
Dan Macdonald. A resolution was
passed asking the government to
j rush the construction on the post-
office building,    Tbe question of a
Geoorge Chappie Disposes of, site is likely to be settled soon.
His Business--Accident
at Smelter
George Chappie on Saturday last
sold his plumbing and bicycle business to George Cooper, who has been
associated with him for the
past four years. Mr. Chappie will
remove to Spokane with his family
in the course of a week or two. He
is one of the old-timers of Grand
Forks, and will be greatly missed in
business and fraternal circles, in
which he has taken a prominent part.
The best wishes ol their numerous
friends here will go with hiin and
bis estimable family to their new
H. Smith, a recent arrival in the
city from Boston, who is employed
at the Granby smelter, was severely
scalded on Thursday night by falling into one of the water pits into
which hot slag is poured.
The high sehool examinations
were held in the Central school build-
ing tbis week. Fifteen candidates
wrote—five from Grand Forks
and five from Greenwood on preliminary papers, four from Grand
Forks on advanced junior papers
and one for teacher's certificate.
H. W. Collins sold his 30-acre
orchard on the Covert estate, last
Saturday, the consideration being
$17,500. Mr. Collins has purchased
a tract of land at Carson, and will
likely start another orchard.
Gen. Tennant, of Spokane, has
been in the city for a week past ne-
gatiating for ihe purchase of some
of best fruit orchards in the valley.
If the deals are coivummated, he
will erect a canning factory and a
large and up to-date packing  house.
The s veet cherry crop on tne Covert estate is very Sood this year.
The yield in Eugene Herrick's orchard is exceptionally good.
The Dreamland theatre continues
to give satisfactory animated picture
shows dally to a good business.
A meeting of the (irand Forks
Farmers' Institute will be held in
the city hall Monday evening, July
18, when Professors Thornber and
Thatcher   will   address    the   fruit
After the regular meeting of the
Ladies of the Maccabees on Wednesday evening, Mrs. George Chappie
was tendered a complimentary supper, and was also presented some
nice silverware. Mrs. Chappie, who
left for Spokane yesterday, was one
of the charter members of the lodge.
Miss Olive Stendal won the diamond ring in the contest for votes
which was carried on by the management of the Dreamland theatre
during the month of June.
W, B. Bower, of the Eastern
Townships bank, has been confined
to his home by illness for a few days
during the present week.
It is stated tbat progress on the
new court house in this city
has advanced to the stage where W.
King, of Revelstoke, has heen commissioned to draw the plans for it.
D. Whiteside has been appointed
deputy grand master of the l.O.O.F.
for the Boundary district, and will
instal the new officers of the Phoenix lodge next Monday evening.
The Kootenay and Boundary publishers and job printers will meet in
Nelson on Monday, July 18, when a
publishers' association will be organized.
A joint team of Grand Forks and
Nelson cricketeers will probably be
sent to the coast to participate in the
tournament at Victoria next month
Tomorrow will be thc second an-
niversa y since one-half of the business district of Grand Forks was destroyed by fire.
E. B. Paul, of Victoria, grand master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of
British Columbia, paid an official
visit to Harmony lodge, of this city,
on Monday evening, on which occasion he was tendered a banquet.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Sunday, July 3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. M.
Michalec, a daughter.
Mrs. E. R. Follick will not receive again until September.
Mrs. F. Latham will not receive
during tbe months of July and August.
The W. C. T. Li. will  hold   their
Council Thinks Their Construction Should Be Encouraged
Change of Business
1 wish to announce to tbe people
of Grand Forks and vicinity that I
have sold out my plumbing and
bicycle business to Geo. W. Cooper,
who has been associated with nie for
the past four years.     My  successor
growers of the valley. Mr. Thornber regular monthly meeting on Tues-
will speak on "Practical Fruit Grow- j day evening, July 12th, at the home
ing,"   and   Mr. Thatcher on "Dry °f Mre, E. C. Henniger.
Fanning and SoilJCultivation."   On
lthe forenoon of July 19th a practical demonstration will  be given at
,1.   T,    Lawrence's  ranch   bv  I'rof.
Mayor Clark antl Aid. Follick,
Henniger, Rutherford and Smith
were present at the regular meeting
of the city council on Monday evening.
A communication was read from
David Whiteside, asking the council to construct a cement sidewalk,
with curbing, in front of his residence on Winnipeg avenue, and that
the city share the cost of same with
him in three annual payments. A
general discussion on cement walks
followed, the -nembersof the board
expressing the opinion that the con-
strtictuion of the same should he
encouraged. On motion of Aid. Follick and Rutherford, the matter was
referred to the board of works, with
instructions to report at the next
A communication was received
from the city solicitor, enclosing a.
letter received by him from the railway commissioners, which contained
a new clause affecting the electric
alarm bell at the Kettle river crossing of the C.P.R. The clause sets
forth that if through any cause the
alarm shall become unlit for use,
the company must station a flagman
at tbe crossing to warn parties of approaching trains. All small brush
and weeds on the company's right
of way must also he cut down. Tho
communication was ordered filed.
The chairman of the board of
reported the sale of the city team,
and that the Fourth street bridge
had been replanked. There was a
bad hole at the south approach,
which the government should (ill in.
The new brick stable, to accommodate the eity team, in the rear of the
fire hall, was nearing completion.
The work was being done by day
labor, as the tenders received were
considered too high.
The chairman of the finance committee reported that the position of
poundkeeper was vacant, and lhat
cuttle were again being allowed in
run at large inside lhe Corporation.
On motion of Aid. Follick and Henniger, (ieo. Frankovitch was appointed to till the vacancy,
Tbe trades license bylaw, which
hns been before the council for the
past three meetings, was finally
adopted in committee, after which
it was put through its third read-
i ing.
Thornber, assisted by M. S. Middle-
After the regular weekly
needs no introduction to the people I on Tuesday evening the
of Grand   Forks.    His trustworthy; Pythias   held a   social
Knights of tion the Grand Forks baseball club
session, at gained a victory from   Republic  by
ness and his ability as a mechanic 11 which the members of the Oddfel-. a score of 1) to *.
take pride  in  vouching for.    He is ' lows' lodge were their guests.
in a position   to carry on the busi-j Mr   and   Mrs. P. H. Donaldson,
ness in all its details.    I thank the j    There will be no services in the accompanied by Miss N. Henry, of
public for  the generous patronage I Baptist church   tomorrow, owing to Guelph, Out., and  James  Donald-
Asocial will be given by the Ladies'   Aid  of   the Baptist church at!
the   home   of  Mrs. Rutherford on I    B. K Gilpin, customs officer  .1  ihis
ri,,       , .       ,1... (port, iiiulirsilii' follow im' detailed runorl
lhunsdiiy evening, July lltli. |of the cuitnins receipt, ut thn *u,'o„_
Bub'funtoms ofllorB, .*** reported tn the
Iu the baseball tournament at Re-I^18' "l,i,;" in th" ""»■f,,r ,h" ""'nlh "f
public at the Fourth of July celebra
(Jriinil Fork- f_!,fi05.83
Phoenix     031.59
i ursnn ,       21 II
Cascade      17.-V2
given me in the past,  and   bespeak ithe alwen™ of 'he pastor. The Bible i son, of Harriston, Ont
for my successor a continuance  of |da8S wi" meet at thc usual hour-      jthe city  '"^  Thursday.   Mr. and
thesarne.             Geo. Ciiai-pix t.„ n„mmnnA  ,.h    , .    |Mrs.  Donaldson   will   make  their
                    Ihe Greenwood  liberal assooia-, fuU|re home ,„ thig va„ey
City Clerk McCallum bad an out-;"011-  at   lts  iinnual   meeting   last j 	
ing at Christina  lake on   Saturday  week, elected the following officers:!    K. E. Gibson returned from Phoe-
and Sunday.
Card of Thanks
We   wish   tn  thank   the  many
in  friends who helped   us   dining   the
long illness and death of our baby.
Mit. ami Mils. A. .1. Strwart.
■ President. J. I).  Spence; vice-presi-'' nix and Greenwood on Thursday.
The Young Men's club will meet
in the Presbyterian church on Monday night. john d. spence|s;s2-1SS:
li   A. KVANS
j; at Saskatoon   from  August a to 12; at Medicine  Hat  from
BARRISTER. I August 17 to 19, and at Edmonton
SOLICITOR. ETC. from August 23 to 26, representntion
GREENWOOD B C at the Toronto and London exhibitions coming later. The special feature of the British Columbia display
will be fruit both fresh and bottled,
included in which are to be strawberries, raspberries, red. white and
black currents, gooseberries,cherries,
tipples, pears, crab tipples, peaches,
apricots, nectarines und tomatoes,
for the tomato is in the class of
fruit officially so far as the British
Columbia department of agriculture
is eoncerned.
QJhp iEhrutnn B>mi
Published at llrnml I'lirln. British Columbia.
nl Publisher
A Hie ol tills paper oan In1 seen at the oUii-p
of Messrs. Iv 4 J. Hardy * Co., 80,81 nnd 82,
Fleet sti B.O., London. liwlaii.l. freo of
ohiirffe, anil tlmt tlrai will ho chill to receive
■ullBeril.tloilfl and llilvertiseiueuts oil our bell il II.
BunscaitnoN katkh :
One Yeir ' $,M
o„e Vein-(III uilviuiee)  1.00
Ailvertisiuc rate. filruUha I nn ilpo
l.e-riil notloeu, lu anil B oeillM iter line.
Address all ootninlliiloutluiis to
Tuk Bvhninq Ses,
I.HANI1 l-'lltO-H, H.C.
PiIOSK   1171
SATURDAY,   JULY ll,   1910
In mediajval times men were
burned at the stake fnr giving expression lo their honest convictions.
Today ihey are "rousted" lo a crisp
for the suine offence. The world
does not appear lo be moving very
The fact that the Jeffries-Johnson
prize light wns followed by race
riots in the .South, in which a number of persons were killed, tends to
confirm our conviction that there are
more crazy people outside of asylums than inside.
People who are inclined to weep
because the prizefighting championship bus gone to it colored man,
should wipe away their tears. In
the eyes of the law of nearly every
community on the face of the globe
both Jeffries nnd Johnson are criminals. The honor thut goes with a
champion prize lighter is of the
same brand as the notoristy which
attaches to a successful hold up man'.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reneh
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
Win. Sjiier, of Sherbrooke, (inc.,
formerly manager of the local
branch of the E. T. bnnk, but now
inspector of the western branches,
arrived in the city on Thursday.
George Todd, formerly a resident
of this city, but now the owner of un
Alberta much, returned to the eity
this week, and will remain here during the summer.
The report that the Kettlo Valley
line has filed an application for the
approval of the plans of a proposed
route over the Hope mountains
need not worry the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern. At the rate the
North Fork extension of the Kettle
Vulley line is being built, the line
over the Hope mountains will not
be completed until after Halley's
comet has made us another visit.
Why should newspapeis supporting ihe local government continue to
report, day alter day un.! week after
week, the commencement of construction on tho government aided
railways, when they know, or
should know, that no such work is
now in progress? They cannot hope
to fool the people all the time. Contrary to these reports, the only new
ruilwuy work being prosecuted in
British Columbia today is on the
Grand Trunk Paciflo and the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern.
L. Robertson, of Victoria, a member of the school examining  board, j ^
was in the city on   Wednesday, and
returned   to   Nelson  the following
Arthur Miller, who recently took
up u pre-emption in Alberta, left
for that province on Tuesday, accompanied by his wife and family.
Rev. II. W. Wright left on Wednesday to attend the provincial convention of Baptist churches, which
is now in session in Vancouver.
Thomas Millerjund wife, of England, arrived in the city this week.
-Mr. .Miller has accepted a position
on the Kettle Valley liue.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. Williams
und the Misses Haverty returned on
Monday from a few days' outing at
Christina hike.
J. C. Sears,  a pioneer j>i   Grand
Forks, but now   located   ut   Water- \
ville. Wash., was a  visitor in   the
city tbis week.
W. F. Lingle, of   Rossland,   who
| is interested in laud in this   district,
was a visitor iu the city this week.
District Freight Agent Haldane,
of the C.P. R., was a visitor in the
city from Nelson on Wednesday.
W. P. and George Tierney, of
Nelson, railway contractors, arrived
in the city on Thursday.
Mrs. D. A. Ritchie left this week
for a three months' visit to her old
home in Sault file. Marie.
Mrs. J. 1. Gill and sons, Ralph
and Louis, will spend the next six
weeks at Christina lake.
W. A. Williams, local manager of
the Granby smelter, left for Spokane on Tuesday.
Mrs. Ritchie, of Calgary, is a visitor ut the home of her son, Constable Ritchie.
Abolish the Cause,and Misery
and Distress of Indigestion Will Vanish
Cun indigestion be cured. Hundreds of thousands of people who Buffer from belching of gas, biliousness,
sour stomach, fullness, nausea, shortness of breath, bail taste in mouth,
foul breath, nervousness and other
distressing symptoms,are osking themselves that question daily.
And if these suine doubting tlys
penties could only read thousands of
sincere letters from people who once
suffered as badly as they do now, but
who have been quickly and permanently cured by the use of Mi-o-na,
mighty dyspepsia remedy that
cures by removing the cause, thev
would go to Woodland it Co.'s this
very duy and get a large box of Mio-
ua tablets, and start themselves on the
right road to health at once.
The price of Mi-o-na tablets is only
50 cents, und Woodland it Co. guarantees tliem to cure indigestion or
money back.
Thin or lean or scrawny people will
find in Mi-o-ua a maker of flesh and
blood, beeattse it causes the stomach
to extr/fet more nutritious matter from
the food, which quickly enriches the
(pmvmo msH-o-Mf)
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, of
monev back. Sold and guaranteed bv
Woodland & Co.
A Dollar  Goes a
Long Way
when you buy! your supplies at our market. We
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
Snap it g(uick
Why"   not get   a
permanent picture
of some   ot    the
beautiful things in this district?   If you
with you there are many things you can get in
this way. Let us show you the Kodak Line.
6c   CO.i(-
HlCVOI.ES   AXD   ItliPAIR   WoitK—A
complete line of 1010 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Ono. OHAPP1.K, WinnipBg
We carry the most fashionable stoek
of wedding stationery in the Houndnry country. And wo are the only
olliee in this section time have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job olliee.
Supt. Dem uth, of the Kettle Valley line, has returned from a trip to
K. G. Hitchie, the Cascade merchant, was a visitor in this city on
Mr. 1'. McRae and family have returned home from a visit to Ontario.
Mrs. (ieo. O'Keefe and child visited relatives in Republic this week.
Attracts Attention
C Ins si fied Want Ads. nre always
noticed. They are read wilh
interest by intelligent people
who are on the look-out for
favorable opportunities to AU
their requirements. Whether
your business be largo or small
the Classified Want Columns
will help you.
i IREDALETertierBltoh.  Return io J,\V,
\    Holmes unci be rewarded.
BuilderS Architect
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
In the Estate of Wassil Kiszkoin, Deceased,
Notice is hereby given that all persons having ulaitns against the lute
Wassil kiszkoin, who died on the
Kith day of February, 1910, at Grand
Forks, B.C., are requested to send by
post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, solicitors for the above estate, their names and addresses and
full particulars in writing of their
claims and statement of their accounts
und the nature of securities (if any)
held bv them.
And tnke notice, that after the 1st
day of July, 1910, the executors will
proceed to distribute tlio assets of the
deceased among the persons entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which they shall have had
Dated this 20th duy of Mav, A.D.!
Eckstein & MoTaiioaut,
Eckstein Bldg., Fernie, B. 0.
Solicitors for Bxeoutora,
Winnipeg    Avenue
Pitrttei Intending tn build tvlil do wtill tn
ull mt...
Application for Transfer of Liquor
OTICE is hereby given  that  I
at the next regular  meeting
of the Board of License Cominis-
ioners for the City  of Grand   Forks
sinake application for the  transfer of
the retail retail liquor license held  by
ine in respect of the  Colin   Hotel,  in
the said City  of Grand   Forks, from
myself   to   Charles E. Peterson and
Gus Eastman.
Dated  at Grand  Forks, B.C., Muy
3rd, 1910.
p. I). Mcdonald.
To the License Commissioners  for the
City of Orank Forks.
We already haven Mothers' Duy.
It is not (surprising, therefore, that
a movement has been started to
originate n Fathers' Day. With all
due respect lo mother, what is home
without a futwoi! Come to think of
it, they're of some coiiseqlience nfter
all. They've been overlooked lor.
many years. Let tbem tnke their
light from under the bushel. Let
them celebrate. Let them have a'
real holiday—a dny when "dad"
cm be placed upon a high pedestal,
not as "the old man," bill ns father,
king for a day, "My Daddy is a
liraud Old Man."
British Columbia Exhibit
The lirst of the British Columbia
fruit displays for the season will bo
made at Winnipeg Irom the 18th to
the iMlh inst. Afterwards the province   will exhibit at  Brandon from
The following are tlio readings
showing tlio iiiiiiiiiiiiin temperature for
each day during the week'ending
.Inly 8, 191 Ol
III!..  Till
mfe fence: abundant
npply to John Hammer, l
'little rinse tu i'lty:
nt feed, for terms
ijiirtli uf July oreek,
City and Suburban
WANTED- Situation as janitor or bnrten
er.  Aililii'ss Vi. J.. Uetiimil Deliver,
lirnuil Kuril., II. 0.
T    f.iril.
I.I i  A I'VI-.ll I ISINi; SPAOK III Tin, Sllu.tlie must
(., | n   widely read uuwspap r iii tiie Kettle Vnl-
trees, fruit ireesiberr
Will alio Hell fitmltui
One-liRIf ausli. bnlane
mid iluce I .Is within
one block nr liuslnem
oentrei  lawn, simile
berry iiiitliei, large garden.
llture uf lioll-c if  ilesoeil.
Mining Stock Quotations
New Yoiik, July 8 -The follow-
ini_ ure today's opening quotations for
the stocks mi'iiti med:
Asked.       Bid
OranbyCiinsolidated,    80.00   30.00
B. C. Copper      6.00     I 50
Metal Quotations
Nbw York, July  8.—Silver, 68^
standard copper, $ 11.75(5 I Si. 10, dull,
London, J uly 8. —Sil ver, 21 11 -11;
BUSINESS-^ Heron wishes t
ei-t In the furniture uml liarihva e business nf Heron * .Miller, uf tliis city. Pull
liui'ticiilurs ean be nbtitiui'd   frnm Intil por-
sniiaiiy. ur by addressing P. 0 Box Udl.Qratid
Korks, 11. C.
THREE   HOTTI.liS  colli   Nelson   Beer    Sllc.
I    I.i.m Bottling Wnrks.
bits ami limine, in Columbia,
I'lnlli, Box 111.
win also sell Tin
One-liilir cash, bulnice ter	
V..   miles from tiiiyii;
.-room liuiisi,,   plas--
 il: lartre btntgysheil,
woodshed! IM unit
trees. Ill bi"ii'Hi_r: Vj acres sin,.cherries.
gooseberries, cuiriiiits, raspberrle.1 fioe from
irnst: tin- best looiltliinnrnunil Orand Pork.ii
plenty uf i.n.,il wuter; fruit nml crop in-
between :t bull 4 limes
In West end or city:
ti est class sol), nil llii-
—     dor eul ivntluu: small
I mul outbuildings; well ami
This ls.tt sacrifice, as own-
Tiie Forrester burn, J
Apply .1.11.
AltQE BOTTLE Port Wine;
-   tllnii Works.
bouse, woodshed and
pump; tiood fence, 'i'i
er is iitmiii to leave clt
JUST ARRIVED,  a full line of
1910 MODELS "f high-grade
Bicycles — Massie - Harris,
Perfect and Rambler. Also
Knglish Bicyeles. Sundries
and repairs of all kinds.
We Wonder
Tu all inv friends and patrons I
extend the felicitations of thu
season. An opening of I in ported
Trimmed and   Untrimmed Hits
will lie tfiven April 12 and 13,
A cordial invitation to all,
cTWrs.Ida Barnum
LAM) -16'J aores («r»<»d timothy
this office.
JIUi'i; for ad
'ertlaittg   purpos s
;On Harden Bt
-jWHtOfusli, bill- ^	
iinen terms- One 	
the buVues81?*i! form of notice
.    f Urand Folks; now doing a profitable Y"1'' Uml PlBtrlot. DUtrlot ol Stmllkameen
   business, owner desires tn remove to   the TAB I', NOTICK tliat Walter Gery, of Bran
.     i    .     ,    coast,  This is the best bargain in thin part '   don. Mini,, ^occupation Parmer, intends t<
mnn.  Appiy   .)f ,|l(! prQVjnfl0i as there are bnt si'veii hotel »l'i>'v f*»r permission to purohase the follow*
licenses In tho Grand [forks,  ''ity is growing 1»k desorlbed lands'
pidll'.   So other town in Bouthcrn Hritish ^^^^^^
> ptoflpects,
HOUSE AND LOT-On Garden street, Urand
KorltSi 8-room house with 100-fooi lot,
Terms easy' Geo, 0. McLaren, Heal BBtate
Bgent, Box GW, Nelson, li. 0.
Columbin bus us bright futuri
For further information re
gurdin^ the above properties
cull or address
July 25 to 29j at Regina from Au-' lead, J&12 11a ,3d,
Commencing nt a post phuitcd on thf
south boundary of Lot WIS. and about ten
chains nortli of the N.W. oorner of Lot 747 on
Rig tilieep   Creek;   theilop   wesl   IM chains;
thenoosouth 40 chains thence rant iti) chains:
thenoe north jo chuins; theuce east 80chains:
thenoe nortli 'J') ohnlm to pofut of commence f
By J.R  Cranston, His Agont.
Dated this tSth day of Marpn, 1910.
/ 1
Holy Trinity Chuboh, Henrv Steele,
Hector—Sunday services: Holy com-
inutiion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
mill sermon, 11 it.in.; evensong ami
sermon, 7:30 p, in,; Sunday school, :.
p.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will he celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a.m. Week-day anil special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would he
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Chuiich—
Sabbath services at 11 a, in. and I-.'.IO p.
in.; Sabbath sohool aud Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited;
seats free. Rev. M, I). McKee, pas
MKTHODlST OHUROH, Hev. Schliebter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. antl 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:1-5 a.m. Tne
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor
meet every Monday evening at 7:30;
Junior League, Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;
mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Everybody will be welcome.
Baptist Church, Rev. H. VV.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Bible
class and Sunday school  at 2:30 p.m.
Buttercup Ice 'Cream
Our SODA FOUNTAIN is now running full swing, and we
can give the best satisfaction as to QUICK SERVICE
Special Prices on Ice Cream for Garden Parties, Afternoon Teas, Etc 1
, Prescription Druggists §
Phone 35 Night Service I
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
tteeently completed and
newly tiirut-lioil throng limit. Conveniently local cil
for railway men. Klrst-
olasa aooDinntodatlom for
transients* It o it r d n n 'I
rooms liy the week nt pre*
vailing rates. Fine lint* of
Wines, Liquors and 01 sari
always In stock ut tKt* bar,
Grand Forks, ll. C.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
.Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
A. new lot of latest designs of pro
gram and menu cards just received at
Tiik Sun job office.
New Edition issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemin-
try, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It, is a pracical book, useful
lo all anil necessary Ia, most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
1 ruined scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
'man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining innn needs the book for
the fuels it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is §5 in Buckram with gilt
top; $7..r>0 in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, oil approval, to any address ordered, aud
may be returned within a week of receipt if not found fully satisfactory,
Horace  J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice lilock,
Houghton, Michigan.
SEALED TKNbBRS addressed lo the under-
*iirrn'<!, uml eudorsed "Tender for steel
Dredge for British Columbia/' will he received »i this ofllae until \m P.M., on
Wednesday, July 20,1910, forthe fionstruelion
<if » steel Bow-Weil Twin Screw Barge Load*
Ing Dreil(TP-
Finns, specification nnd form of contract.
ean be seen aud forms of tender obtained at
this Depiirtmeiit, nt tbe offices of J. L.
Midland. Esq., District Engineer, Merchants
Bans Building, Bt. James Street. Montreal (J.
(i siiiB, Esq.. District Bnglneer, Confederation Life Building, Toronto. Out., and 0 A.
Keefor, Bsn<, District Engineer, New Westminster, B.t*.
Persons tendering nre notified that tender?
will net he considered unless mnde on the
printed form supplied, nnd signed with their
actual signatures, stating their occupations
and places of residence. In the case ol lirms,
the actual signature, the nature of the ocoupa-
tionand place of residence of cadi member of
tin* Hrm must be given,
Tend Kuans must specify   time op de-
Each tender must be accompanied hy an
accepted cheque ou a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable tbe
Minister of Public Works, for twenty-five
thousand dollars ($2.i,00U.(i(l) which will be
forfeited if the person tendering decline to
enter into n coutrnct. when < ailed upon to
do so, or fail to complete the work contracted
for. If the tender bo not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept ihe lowest or any lender
By order.
Department of Publio Works,
Ottawa, May 81. loio.
Newspapers will uot be paid for this advertisement if thoy Insert it without authority from the Department.
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
■s Fresh Consignment ol
Received Weekly.
P< >stoffice   Bu ildi ng
Yale Laud District, District of Simtlknmeeu.
TAKK notice tliat I, AgneSS Ellen Pnulson,
of Itosslaud, B.C.. occupation Wife, intends to apply for pcrnilssion to purchase
the follow!ug,described lauds:
Commencing nt   n  post    planted   at the
south" entcorner of Jiiiiu'h Miller's pre-i-mp-
tiou, Lot 1188St, on Deep Oreek; thenoe north
6li eliains: theuce went 20 chains: tlieuce south
21) chuins; thence we-t 40 chains: theuce
south 2U chains; tbence enst (il) chains to the
point of commencement
J. It. Cranston, Agent.
Dated May 16th, 1H01.
A woman can forgive her husband's
neglect to provide food for her, hut
uot failure to notice how becoming
her gown hangs,
The value of a good reputation is
not what it dues for you if you have
it, hut what, it doesn't do for you if
you haven't it.
The more money a man   will   spend
on Ho wees for his wife, the less he will
unt to spend on necessaries for   her.
A man starts out expecting to get
rich, and ends up thinking he is lucky
to keep out of the poorhouse.
The longer a man can stay away
from his family the more he can lie
about how he missed them.
It is difficult to arouse a man's enthusiasm by showing him a photograph
of himself when a baby.
Wealth causes more moral diseases
than it cures physical ones, but nobody is afraid to try it.
If a person really understood him
self he might have a chance to understand other people.
There is nothing a man can be more
ashamed of than having a reputation
for being steady.
The man who takes victory as a
matter of course makes the most excuses in defeat.
If the fool and his money were inseparable, there would be no get-rich-
quick scqemes.
Most women would rather wear an
unbecoming new dress than a becoming old one,
terrible   when   a    prominent
son   has   to go to work for a
Yale Land District, District of Similkameen
TAKK NOTICE that I,Thomas Henrv I'uiil-
I son of Paulson, ll. C, occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about sixty
chains northeast of tiie northwest comer of
Miller's pre-emption. Lot 1181 8„ on Deep
Creek; tne lice east 4<l eliains: thence nortli
4D chnins: thence west 2Uehaina) theuce north
80 chains; thenoe west 40 chains; tlieuce
south 80 chains; thence east 20 chains; ihence
SOIltll 411 chains to point of commencement
J. K. Cranston. Agent.
Dated May 17th, 1910.
INDENTS promptly executed at
lowest cash prices for all kinds of
Hritish   and   Continental   goods.
Hooks and Stationery,
Hoots, Shoes and Leather,
Chemicals aud Druggists' Sundries,
China, Earthenware ant) Glassware,
Cycles, Motors antl Accessories,
Drapery, Millinery and Piece Goods,
Fancy Goods and Perfumery,
Furniture aud Upholstery,
Hardware, Machinery and Metals,
Imitation   Jewellery   and   IVecious
Jewellery, Plate and Watches,
Photographic and Optical Goods,
Provisions and Oilmen's Stones,
etc., etc.
Commission 2.1 to *r>%.
Trade Discounts allowed.
Special Quotations on Demand,
Sample Cases from £10 upwards,
Consignments <>J Produce sold twi Ac
(Established 1814),
Vale Laud District, District of Similkameen,
TAKK uot too that Stun C. .Jones, of 'oleman,
Alta., occupation Minor. Intends to ap*
1 Iv tor permission to purchase Ihe follow inir
■■escribed lands!
t'oniineiiciii'-' at  n post   plauted   about   80
eliains  east of the southeast corner of Lot
iuu.-, on Deep Oreek, and ou the south side of
the   West Koolenav   Power   4   Light Coin*
pany's right llf Wayi thenee   we-l  nlotlff the
W. K.P.A L. Co.'s right of way 8tJ ehalnsi
thenee south20 chain.-; thulioo cast 00 obninsi
thenoe north JO ohains to the point of com*
io    o i ^ jq        ^
J. li. Ciaustiui. His Ar nt
Dated ttiti 16th flay or April, nun.
25, Abchurch
Cable Address:
Lane, London, E.G.
'Annuairk. Londo?
There's No Other Way
To reach the large and eveiMncleasing
circle if our readers than through Tiik
Sun's advertising columns,
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundary.    Sun Job OlHce,
June Minora)   claim, slhnte In tho Grand
Poms Minim: Division of Vala District.
U here J oentcil:    J,, R.,.wii\ Camp,
TAKK NOTIOE that I. Albert K. Savage. Free
1 Miners' C nni Acute No. slvh-jh, intend, sixty
days from dale hereof, to apply to the Mining
Kecunier lor a Clt Unite of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown Brants of the
above claim
And further take notice that action, under
section :i7. must he commonced before me Issuance nf suoh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated hi. (irand Forks. B.C., this 4th duv ol
June, A. D. 1010
Never put off till tomorrow the
thing some other chap will do for you
A female diplomat is a woman who
can say mean things in a pleasant
It isn't safe to make love, even to
an engaged girl, for she ean break it
When they are yours they are
nerves; when somebody else's, temper.
A thing that makes for a tremendous love affair is to put it in a novel.
The time a man can govern his
home is when he is away from it.
The fun of traveling to mo^t j,
is ho* much money it costs.
Men sleep soundest when there are
unusual noises in the house.
Many questions are unasked because of fear of the answer,
A poor imitation of good manners
is belter than none at all.
Man's most inconspicuous part is as
a poor father-in-law.
it takes two to make a marriage,
but one can break it.
Thanks in words are seldom fell
back of the tongue.
had pennies turn up heads jqst as
often as good ones.
Female figures are made, not  born.
A Mirror of Shams
Ont! of the greatest trials of the
newspaper profession is that members
are compelled to see more of the sham
world than any other profession, J J ay
after day through newspaper ollices go
all the weaknesses of the world—all
the vanities tliat want to be reaped,
all the mistakes that want to be corrected; all the dull speakers that want
to be thought eloquent] all the meanness that wants lo get its wares noticed gratis in order to save the tax of
the advertising col urns. Through the
editorial aud reportorial rooms all the
follies and shams of the world are M.en
lay after day, and the temptation is
to believe in neither God, man nor
woman. It is no surprise to me that
iu this profession there are some sceptical men. I wonder that newspaper
men believe anything.—Talmage,
that on the 23rd day of May,
1910, it was ordered by His
Honor Judge Brown that A. C. Hutton, Public Administrator, be administrator of all and singular the estate
of Patrick Moran, late of Deep Creek,
B.C., deceased, intestate. Every person indebted to said estate is required
;o make payment forthwith to the un-
lersigned, and every person having in
possession effects belonging to said estate is required forthwith to deliver
same over to the undersigned.
Every creditor 01 other person having any claim upon or interest in the
distribution of the estate of deceased
is required before the 1st day of July,
11)10, to send by registered letter, addressed to the undersigned, his name
and address and full particulars of his
claim or interest, and a statement of
his account, verified by Statutory
Declaration, and the nature of the security (if any) held by him.
After the said 1st day of July the
administrator will proceed with the
administration of the estate, having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall then have had notice.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C., the
26th May, HMO.
Official Administrator,
Grand Forks, B.C.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
ANY aviiii'ihlc Dominion   Lunds within the
Railway Belt of llritish Columbin maybe
homesteaded hy nny person who in the head
f ii family, or any mala over eighteen yeurs
of OB©, to tiie extent of one-quarter section
of ItiO (teres, more or leu*..
Entry must he mado personally at the local
hind office for the district in which the hind
Is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the condition-, oounejted therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six mouths1 residence upon anrl
cultivation of the land in each yeur for three
(2) Ff thc father (or mother, if the father is
leceatied), of the homesteader resides noon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence muy he satisfied hy Bitch person residing with the father
jr mother.
(8) If the settler ha* his permanent resl-
ience upon funning land owned liy him lu
the vicinity of his honiesteud. the requirements RS to residence muy he satisfied hv
residence upon the suid laud.
Six mouths' notice iu writing should he
. iven the Commissioner of Dominion Land*
at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal -Coai mining rights mav he leaseil
for a period nf twenty-one years at un an-
oial rental of 11.00 per acre. Not more than
,660acres sliall he leased to one individual or
'oiilpany. A royalty at the rate of five ■■ent-
per ton shall he collected on the merchantable coul mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.-Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not he paid for.
'P>°      V—B,
Furniture  Made  to Order,
Also Repairing of nil Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs.
Sample Copy Free.
A     Kir/o." WW.SBTH ST., .SB* Yum.
Prints more live Boundary news than
any   other  puper published   in   the
district.    The   prii f  Tiik  Si n i^
only 11.00 pur year—one-half the eost
of its competitors. Tin: .Sin is never
on the fence regarding questions of
|iulili<- interest, Tin: Sun is acknowledged to bo one of the brightest
papers published in the interior uf
the province. Those who subscribe
mul feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at theofHos
ut' publication.
Tiik Kvkninii Sun and the Toronto
Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,
Sl.<'{) per yeur in advance.
Tiik Evening .Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Former and the .Montreal Family Herald
nnd Weekly .Star, $_..00 per year in
Furniture Moving a Specialty.
All urders receive drompl attention.
Hotel Phovince,
Tiik Sun ii  read   by  everylxly   be
cause it prints all the Boundary news.
Receive both Lad lei and Gentlemen ni red*
dent nr day itiidenUj bMtt complete Com'
mcrt-i.tl or li_i«.i_n».s C»iip>c; pn-imn'o stn-
(lentstofffttn Teaohert' Certificate* ol .til
grade*; glvei the four yean1 aoiirte forthe
D. A> degree) and theflrit year of tha Sohoul
of .Science course, In affiliation with >'"• Tu*
rontoUnfverilty; lina a i|x.tlal prut pent <>rw
oriurifl for miiicrt. who work in It ('. Iii-lnu-
lion !■ ulfo iflvt'n In Art, .Mimic, I'M ■km! Cul*
til re   and   BlOOUtlon,    Term  ojm'IIh Sept.   11,
lWto.   For Calendars, ate,, address
You might us well try to reach
the orb of (lay by walking on a sunbeam an to attempt to reach The Sun
readers  liy advertising in any otber
medium. Afraid of Ghosts
Many people are afmid ol ghosts. Few people
are afraid ol fterma. Yet the ghost is a fancy and
tbe germ is a fact. II the germ could be magnified
to a size equal to its terrors it would appear more
terrible than any fire-breathing dragon. Germs
can*t be avoided. They ore in the air we breathe,
the water we drink.
The germ can only prosper when the condition
of tbe system gives it free scope to establish itself and develop.    When   there is a deficiency ol
vital force, languor, restlessness, a sallow cheek,
a hollow eye, when the appetite is poor and the
sleep is broken, it is time to guard  against the germ.   You can
fortify tbe body against all germs hy tbe use ol Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.    It increases the vital power, cleanses the
system of clogging impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stomach und organs of digestion und nutrition in working condition, so
that the germ finds no weak or tainted spot in which to   breed.
"Golden   Medical   Discovery" contains   no   alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming drugs.    All its ingredients printed  on   its  outside
wnippoC.     ft is not a secret   nostrum but a medicine op known
composition und witb n record ol  40 years of cures.    Accept no
Enhytilute*—there is nothing "just as good."  Ask your neighbors.
Public School Promotions
Class,W. II. M. May,
To Kittriinei'
Bower, II.
Donnan, A.
McEwen, A.
Manlv, N.
Miller, II.
Newbauer, 11.
Sloan, H.
Smith, 11.
Symes, l\.
To Division I
11. Drape , tenc
S links, G
Reburn, A.
Bwhleivh, V.
Bower, I).
Pell, L.
Craig, A.
Walker, F.
Simpson J.
To IJ.vision II
I [arris, D
.Munro, Annie
Hay, O,
Gilpin, F.
Gilpin, M.
Henderson, II.
Mcllwaine, A.
McLeod, V,
Symes, M.
Walker, S.
Walker, V.
(Fourth Senior), Miss
McLeod, C.
K'Ttllll!), I).
Mr I ones, H.
Barron G
Munro, Auley
Mclntvre, R.
McLeod. li.
Murray, G.
A (Fourth Beader):
McCallum, C.
Stendal, VV.
Atwood, B.
2,500,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $5(j0 lieivn
log home; North Fork runs
through lund; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars apply
Heaven,  (i. Taylor, I.
Sprajjgett, M. Spraggett, M.
Burns, 11. Lyden, M.
Wheeler, K. Cheplo, A.
Cooper, R. Mullen, J.
Miller, L. Donaldson, S.
Fritz, M.
To Division [I B (Fourth Reader),
Miss K. Draper, ieaoher:
Farmer, 1). Frankovitch, L.
IWIee, 1), McDougail, L.
Newbauer. :\l. Michener, A.
Livesley. H. Manly, G.
Tracy, R. Fraser, O.
Bobinson, N. Reid, V.
Robson, F. Wells, Elmer
To Division III A (Third Reader):
Keron, R. Sloan, P.
Dinsmore, D. McLeod, J.
Burns, L. Akins, B.
Larsen, E. Abloom, A.
Michener, I. Kirsehe. R.
Tupay, A. Howard, J.
Bower, H. Cooper, C.
To Division III B (Third Reader),
.1. King, teacher:
Seaverton, C.        Pearce, H.
Seaverton, F.        Murray, S.
Verzuth, K. Mavhew, T.
Heaven, A. McLeod, .1.
Walker, E. Holmes,  R.
McCallum. U. Holmes, L.
Peokham, M. Gilpin, A.
Gill, R. Ardiel, G.
Fritz, H. Coryoll,  H.
Barnum, G. I
Division IV, Miss I Moore, teacher The teacher of Division V failed
to make any recommendations before
leaving for the holidays. The promotion iist will be read upon her return.
Division   V (Second Reader), Miss
J. Elliott, teacher:
Henson,  H. Hull, B.
Ardiel, L. Kelleher; E.
Chappie, P. Meikle, W.
Michener, M. Wells, H.
Walker, V.
O'Donnell, A.
Murray, A.
Cochrane, li.
Krisehke, C.
Quinlivan, tj.
Stafford, A.
Lang, C.
Verzuli, F.
To First Rei
tier. Divisions V or VI:
Burns, ll
Wright,  E.
Fair, H.
. Fritz, F.
Miller, T.
Mullen, R.
Peterson. VV
Ruckle, C.
IVdnv, B.
Ruckle, W.
Allen, L.
Barnum, A,
Crosby, A.
Donaldson, V,
Downey, A.
Elmore, M.
K.ricson* S.
Forrester, V.
Larsen,  W.
Miller, F.
Peterson, L.
Hashleigh, (.1.
Shannon, M.
Stendal, A.
To    Divisioi
VI   (First   Reader),
Miss Olding, ti
Anderson, A.
Massie. H.
Barlee. F.
Mcllwaine, Iv
Coryell, B.
Pell, Chris
Daley, C,
Pearce,  VV.
hi 1 more,  \\
Robinson,  A.
Forrester, R.
Rvan, D
Herr, M.
Schliche, F.
May, Blanche
Sloan, F.
Moore, M.
Todd, E.
Wells, Uno
Walker, T.
To Second P
Burton, N
Rowlandson .1.
Clark, S.
Reburn, J.
Forbes, B.
Smith, l>.
Lyden, C.
Stewart, M
Marruv, J.
Verzuh. M.
Moir, E.
Wiseman, A
To First Prime
liruminer. (.'.
Pimm. F.
Bricson, N.
Smith, V.
Hiekev,  11.
Smith, F,
Mooyboer, A.
Todd, W.
Peterson, P.
Arthur J. West, of the Robinson A*
lipijuiine Lumber oompany, returned
on Tuesday from a short visit to his
home in Spokane.
Miss Jessie Stuart, who luis lieen
teaching school ut Vancouver, js
spending her vacation at her home in
this city.
Miss Isabel Henderson, who has
been teaching the Myncaster school,
is spending her vacation with her
parents in this city.
Mrs. W. H. M. May anil children
left on Saturday last for a holiday
trip to the coast cities.
P. T. McCallum left on Monday for
a three weeks' trip to Ontario.
Bridge Street,
Thn hest anil most
Mihst.i.itial lire-i>ro"f
building in the Boundary country. Ke-
ceutly completed and
it i' w ly furnished
throughout- Equipped with all modern
electrical conveniences. Centrally locuted. r'irst-clims ac-
(iuuinioilntions for the
ravelling publio.
Hot and Gold Baths
Pfrst-Class Bar, Pool
and Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
The  following table gives the ore
fur 1905, HlOli  and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Hoy, West Fork	
Providence, (ireenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Golden Boglo	
Preston, Skvlark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylnrk, Skylark ('amp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp..,
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Republio,Boundnry Falls	
Golden Eagle	
shipments of   Boundary mines
1909 Paul Week
1,067.983 21,024
170,360 1,800
350,433 3,800
EMIL-   LARSEN,   Prop.
JT Printing ^
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercia 1   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Total, tons.
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter..
Total Treated	
1,148,237    1,598,715       27,272
687,828   1,042,887
341,952       341,270
1.133,017      1,381,107
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
3—the kind we do—is in itself nn
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best, Let us estimate on vour ordor, We guarantee
1 he Oliver 1 ypewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
I'leaso read the hemlUne|over again.   Then ii>
tremendous 8l?nlHofince will lawn upon you
An Oliver Typewriter—the Rt&ndartl vislblu
writer—tin; most highly per.    ted typewriter
mi the iiiiirkt-t—yours for 17 cents     dny!
The typewriter whose oouqueat of the com.
merelal world Ib a matter of nlstoi   —yours for
I" rents n tiny!
The typewriter that la equipped with scores of
such convenlunuea hs "The Balanou Shift"—
"The Killing Device''-"The Double RelaGo"—
"The Locomotive Base"—"The Automatic
Spacer"—"The Automatic Tabulator"—"The
-"Tlit* Adjustable Paper Ft liners'' "Tho Set-
entiile L'ondeiiBed Key-
Yours for   17
Cents a  Day!
need   thi>
new tales piuu rCQOUtlyJUBl tO feel  the pill86 nf
tho people    simply a small  cash  payment -
then 17 dents a day.  That is the plan in u mil-
The resull Iuih heen such » deluge of applied'
tions tur much I nea thnt  we are   simply an
The demand comes (nun people of iill Classen,
iiii sges, iiii oco ii nations.
The majority ol ii_<)_iirlet< hus (■nine from  pen
le of known financial BtaiidltiH who were at-
traoted by tho novelty of the propi.K. 'oil,    An
impressive dt'iuonsirtitlon of the immense popularity of the Oliver Typewriter
A Btartllog confirmation *»[ onr belief that
lhe Era of Universal Typewriting is ai hand..
A ^Quarter  of a Million People
are Making Money with
TVpeWri-ter     |
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter is a money-maltlM
riglit from the word "go!" so eaiv to run ii.m
lios.li.nors noon get In ihe "oX|iorl" class, h.irii
as you learn Lot tho machine ray lliu 17 cents
a iluv-atid nil above that is yolire.
V, hcrerer y.in are, tliere li mirk to bc done
nml money to be made bv lining lbe ollvor Tbe
business world is calling for Oliver operators
■•!!!.;'.H.re,""t ellu"gb to supply the demand.
lliolrsalaries are considerably above those ol
maiiy.clnsscsof workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
Tlmt Is the bnltlccry today,   rte Have made
iiej'llver supreme In usefulness and absolutely
Indispensable in business. Now comes the eon'
i|Uosl of tbe borne,
The simplicity and strength ofthe Oliver lit ll
for family use. It |» hecomiue an important
factor In the home training of young people.
All educator as well as a money maker.
our new selling plan puis the Oliver on the
threshold of every home iu America.   Will vou
ftiOTlmK?"""" Dr'""ei! "" """ "'
Write lor furlher details ol our easv offer and
a free copy of the new Oliver catalog.  Address
Oliver Typewriter Building,
Always Carries ia Stock
a Fresh Supply ofj
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Nam* of foMPASY.
Granby Consolidated -OpPpM1
Cariboo HoRlnney -Gold...,.,
Providence- Silver	
Coii, Copper -Copper  ...
Authorized ^-phahkh—.      Paid Total to   Latent     Per
Capital,   lulled, Par.       1906. Date.      Dnte.   Snare
|16,OW_000,    185,000 #H«i W,OW,O00 98,568,680 Deo. 190H $».(I0
"     »,2W,UUU   1.WII.0UU     *1   M8.8S7 Feb. IWM      .0
2W 000        310(10      |B           16.000 3H.224 Sept. 1WW      ■■>
"   um.,m   1508,000     *n               Wl,800 Sept. 1907     .0
Palace Barber Shop
:«r Hotline a
Razor Honing a Specialty.
P.  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Oranby Hotki.,
First Strekt.
Heavy antl Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to anil
from all trains.
T___.kpiioi.__. A129
Rutherford Bros., Props.
60  YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone tending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
Invention la probably patentnbl& Commnnlca.
eimis strictly cnntiaeiitial. HANDBOOK on Patente
lent free. Oldest apency for securintfpatenta.
"  -r '• -—JtTvSn
Pntente taken through jMunn X 1
■pedal notice, without charge, la the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any Hoieniiiic journal, 'forma for
Camilla, 83.78 a year, emtafta prepaid.   Sold hf
»u nemgenisr*.
MUNK & Co.8e,l""*"»- K^w York
Branch Offloe, fS y gt« Washington, n. C


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