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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 24, 1913

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 kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
The entire business section of Fori
Saskatchewan It butned to the
ground. |
The Vancouver member of the rail-
and friends of the family  wis very
Mr. Dinsmore wag one of the pinners of Grand Forks, where he resided   until   about  six  years ago,
way committee scores  wild-cat town- Nearly a, Quarter of a Million j whtyi he was transferred   to   Prince
Contracts are awarded* by the C.P,
ll. for many new lines. Calgary and
Spokane firms get much work.
Raymond Poincaire, regarded as
oue of France's strongest men, is
elected president of the republic.
A New Zealander in Ottawa de
clares that Australians and New Zea
landers favor a colonial fleet in
tha Pacfiic.
Prime Minister Asquith is questioned in the commons regarding the ru
mor of the establishment by Americans of a meat trust in England.
Europe is expectantly awaiting the
answer from Turkey of powers' note.
.Turkish delegates in London are ignorant of tbeir government's plan.
Evidence is shown by the Deiuo-
critic&fWogram at Washington that
Canadian paper and pnlp, mills are
better evuipped   than in the United
States. _,
The member for Wesf Winnipeg in
an hour's speech in the commons
maintained that the government made
a poor defense of the irregularities in
the Macdonald bye-election.
Pre nil r Bor len is nonfiiied to his
home, suffering wjth a severe cold.
Sixty below zero at Dawson; forty-
two below at Saskatoon, and thirty-
six below at Lethbridge.
Officers of Turkish warships quar
rell among themselves, charging cowardice.    F fteeti are wounded.
Fifty Indians have douned war
paint ano are resisting the attacks ot
ii pons« in the mountains of Colorado.
Chancellor Lloyd George waxes angry during a speech before the Liberal
club, and charges the Unionists with
being unpatriotic.
A Dublin barrister ask* for a warrant to ai-jest Prime Minister Asquith
and his cabinet in connection with the
theft of crown jewels.
New premier of Spain has a liberal
program Advocates free education,
religious freedom and improvement of
tlie ,i,iiti],tion iif lhe wol'-flinuilit-n,-'
n .
Turkey will not yield Adt tanople,
altlmugh an offer of further voncex
sioiifl from her is expected. War will
lie recommenced if the it not forced lo
site companies
W." F. Maclean, in the Dominion
house, advocates tba establishment of
a national bank.
Senator Root appeals to the honor
ol the United States. An attempt
will be made to secure the repeal of
the free toll provisions in the" Panama
canal bill.
Turkey asks the powers for explanations. A well informed diplomatist in Constantinople says: "We
are inarching rapidly toward peace,
which will be signed in ten days."
Premier McBride says whatever might have been recommended by
the commissioner who recently investigated the problem of the DoukhoW
colonists, that there will be no relaxa
tion of the statute law hereafter in behalf of these immigrants or any other
section of the provincial coinmunty.
New French cabint: Premier and
minister of the interior, Aristide. Bri
and; minister of justice, Jean Bar-
thou; foreign affairs, Charles Cajon-
mirt; war, Eugene Etienne; marine,
Pieare Audin; finance, Louis L. Klutz;
public instruction, Jules Steig; publio
works, Jean Dufiuy; agriculture, Jean
Morel} commerce, Fernand David;
the colonies, Gabriel Guiathau; labor,
Rene Bosnard.
Severe sentences are passed on the
Porcupine strikers.
The Royal bant" building in Teron-
to will be the highest in Canada—21
Work on the Alherta, Peace River
Jt Eastern railway will be commenced
in the spring.
A bill designed to create an auditor
general's department is introduced in
th- local house.
Miss Helen Gould, philanthropist,
and Fin'ey Shepard are married at
Irvington-onthe Hudson.
Tighta are to be banished fmm the
Montreal stage, and consternation
reigns among the theatre managers.
Fred Starkey, of Nelson, is elected
president of the Associated Boards of
Tratle at the convention in Fort
Dollars to Be Distributed
to Shareholders
Many passengers are injured when
C P.R. cai's turn over near Wynward,
Labor member bitterly denounces
the Mel nie government in a speech
at Victoria.
The minister of customs dismitses
an official in Ontario anil gives the
position to his own brother.
Canadian Pacific railway plans to
bring twenty thousand immigjants
monthly from the Balkan states.
Women are trampled under foot i
and thirty persons are arrested in the
New Vork garment workers' strike
In a discussion on the railway
strike in the Dominion house, the op-
position members criticise the minister
of lain r.
The grand council nf the Ottoman
e warp vnle Ih f»i»-,»r iif accenting thf*
pmrosals put fonward bv the Pin-own n
powers fnr the purpose of ending the
Hnllan war.
Chances of woman's suffrage in
England are reported to lie black.
Ulster   Unionists «av thev are   in
earnest in
The most important event in local mining circles in recent months
is the resumption of dividend payments by the Granby Consolidated
oompany, announcement having
been received here that tbe directors
have declared a disbursement of \\
per cent on the issued capitalization
of 1,500,000 shares at 1100 a share,
which makes the amount of divi
dend \12i>flQD, to be distributed at
once among the stockholders of
record ou January 17.       ,
The last dividend payment prior
to this was Deeemher 30, 1910, to
which time the total distributed was
14,048,630, and the distribution of
the new dividend will make the aggregate payments to date $4 273 630
It is believed by local stockholders
in the company that the payments
will be continued permanently, with
premising possibilities of a material
increase in tht dividend rate in a
short time.
It is believed also that tbe re-
resumption of disuibution of a part
of tbe earnings of the Granby will
not necessitate outside assistance in
financing the completion of the
smelter at Granby bay and the
further development of Ihe mines at
Hidden oreek. but to guard against
the possibility of conditions arising
that will compel tbe enlistment of
additional capital, the directors have
called a meeting early in February
to arrange for a Imnd issue and to insure its flotation in an emergency.
Granby's treasury is said to con
tsin at present approximately . II.
500,000, and the monthly earnings
are averaging about 1150,000. Con
structioil of the Granby bay smeller
is being pushed rapidly, and the
plant will be ready to commence
operations about the 1st of June,
provided tbere are no unforeseen delays Development at Hidden .creek
has already progressed to a point
that insures ore for a number of
mdlilhs ill advance, of Ihe smelter's
needs, and apparently the |i wsiliili-
Iti-s me reunite for lhe need -ni-ing
for more capital tban the company
uow bas available.
Rupert. After serving for a couple
of yeara in the north, he returned
to tbe Boundtry, and wae appointed chief of the provincial police for
this district. He has been identified with police work in Winnipeg
and this province for thirty yeara,
and bas always performed his duty.
As an officer af the law, be had
gained an enviable record for courage and integrity. His many friends
in all parts of British Columbia will
regret to learn of his sudden d/satb.
Provincial Poultry Association Selects This City for
Its Next Exhibition
On Friday afternoon, January
17, at the Cottage hospital in tbis
citv, Norman McDonald, aged 5(i
years, passed away after a brief illness. The funeral was held at i
o'clock on Tuesday afternoon Innn
Cooper's undertaking pari irs, under
the auspices of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles, and it was largely attend
ed, Mr. McDonald resided for
thirty-five years io tbe Ok tnagan
und Boundary districts. At one lime
he was quite wealthy,but, like many
others, he lost his money in specu
lntive ventures. Of late years be ball
been employed in lumber camps and
taking contracts on a small scale.
As far as is known, be had no rela
tivts in this country.
their  resistance  tn   home
A lively dehate takes plnce  in   the
Two Pioneers Pass Away
I. A. Dinsmore. chief of piovin
eial police ut (Ireenwood, died in
the hospital at lhat city Wednesday
The city council of Calgary decides
to submit the single  tax question  to
Dominion house over the West Indies! evening from   Bright's disease and
agreement. |,earl trouble, aged 611 years   He hail I
The German Atlantic steamship * been in failing health for a year,
pool is preparing tn wage a fierce rate and a recent bard trip through the
war with the C P.R. steamship ser- Similkameen hastened the end. He
*lce* I is survived   by   a  widow in Green-
Provincial minister of agriculture, wood, and a brother untl an uncle
speaking at the  convention of fnrtn-  j„ ^j, .i^,„
ers' institutes, says thn Agricultural
Act will be amended so is to allow of
-loans being given to farmers.
The Turkish cabinet has  resigned.
sin a plebiscite to be taken • The people are determined  to   retain
f - I Adrianople, and a mob surrounds  the *"*}   ""■B1
The remain! were brobght to this
city this afternoon, and the funeral
was held trom the Davis ball at 2
o'clock under the auspices of Gate-
Renarks by the Labor Man
In the course of a speech in Victoria the labor member of the provincial legislature hurled the following pointed criticisms at the McBride government:
All that tbe government has to
s'iow for its work is a horde of poor
relations who have to be found jobs.
The Conservative members have
only one function to fulfil, that is
"to net tlie still.." A gang of enei-
getic beggai! would he more suitable
British Columbia may have prospered, hut the farmer and wage
•*-tiers bave not prospered.
No attempt is made to select any
but Conservative incompetents for
various royal commissions of investigation
The opposition has simply the
rinht to pay taxes and watch thi
procession as il goes past.
Premier McRride is an intellectu
•il giant who puts his small wit
a_*iinst the grains of lhe greatest
men in the empire
The provincial governmenl has
done absolutely nothing to preserve
British Columbia as a white man's
In some parts of the province it is
difficult lo tell whether the govern*
ment or the Canadian Northern administers the laws.
When ditl lhe attorney-general
become the ruling officer for a railroad?
No personal objection tn Mr, Bowser looking after his friends, Ihe
women of the segregated area, but
be abould do it through the police
A, D. Morrison this morning received a elegram from J. A. McCallum, delegate from the Grand
Korks Poultry association to the
Provincial Poultry Show in Victoria,
stating tbat Grand Forks had been
selected as the place fqr holding tbe
next provincial show. Tbe show
will be held in tbis city on December 10 14. inclusive, of the present
calendar year, the directors having
decided to hold it month earlier
tban bas been the eustom heretofore.
Local poultrymen feel jubilant
over the victory of the city iti securing tbe show, and predict that it
will be tbe means of attracting a
larger crowdof people to tbe city than
any fair or carnival ever beld here
haB done. One thing is certain, it
will be the means of stimulating an
industry which bas already grown
to'large proportions. And the exhibition should prove of considerable
educational value to our poultry
raisers, even though they are progressive and wide awake. Besides
exhibits of the best breeds from all
parts of the province, representative
poultry breeders from the northwestern states will be compstitors
for-prizes, and many new methods
in tbe business will undoubtedly be
brought to ligbt.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper, from property in the West end
The Phoenix and Grand Forks
intermediate hockey teams played
a match game on (be local ice Monday night, the former club winning
by a score of 5 goals to 4. Tbe game
was clean, and the lioys showed re-
niardably good speed. Roy McKeotl
proved the star for the local players.
The attendance might have been
A. A. Frechette, formerly of thi_»
city, came down from Greenwood
this evening to see the hockey game.
Mr. Frechette has recently embarked
i i the real entitle business. He will
makes specially of Greenwood city
property and ranch lands in tne
vicinity ot that town.
E. K. Gibson, of the West Knots
nay Power & Light company, returned this evening from a visit lo
Spokane. He reports tbst tbe con
dition ol Thomas Kelly,the lineman
injured near Phoenix a couple
ol months ago, is still very low,
Chas M. Campbell, assistant superintendent nl Ihe (iranby mine,
nud Miss L. McUreer were married in
Vancouver this month, After returning from California Ihey will
take up iheir residence near the
Snowshoe mine.
The walls have heen removed
from the C. P. R. bridge across the
Kettle river in this city. It is stated
tbat the structure is to he replaced
by a steel bridge tbis spring.
John Redman, s pioneer of Grand
Forks, who has been living in Chilliwack for the past eight years, returned to the city this week for the
purpose of disposing of some of his
ge  No.   45,  I.O.O.F., of
I visierate and demands the ministers' which deceased was a member.  He
B.  A.  McNab, recently  editor of resignation,    Former  War   Minister wis also a member of the Knights the  Granby company's smelter in,    MJHSKlor«nco tJilpin loffc  on Wed-
the   Montreal   War. takes an  action  Nastm Pasha is slain. I of py,b|M and lhe fire department.   f*jjgjj£ *he ^ "A'T^thJ ""^ f'"' Vftncouv«r' wl,ere 8he wi"
Secretary of State Knox replies to The funeral service was conducted ^., gh'jpped^"the' year'fc? 7I8,8 remU>r ,ol*°o1-
Great  Britain's    pretest   regarding by   Rev.   M,  D.  McKee, of Knox ooq pounds. S-   E.   W.   Mills  is visiting his
Panama canal tolls.   Says  tl.o door preli,yterian church, and interment | mother at tha coast this week.
ing an energetic search for a missing has not been shut on arbitration, but , , , . -.. AIMnm „„_„
Italian believed to have been spirited |contends that the differences may be,teok plaee at the Uddlellow ceme
away by black hand agents. adjusted by diplomacy, tery
against Col. Samuel Hughes for $10,-
000 for defamatory libel.
The Edmonton police are conduct-
Many a  good  dinner  has besn
The attendance of pioneers spoiled by a poor digestion.
Fred Clark left on  Wednesday for
Menagerie Attendant* Save Keeper
From  Terrible  Death
There was an anxious moment of wlltl excitement among the
spectators at a menagerie at Monl-
martro last night when a lion i-Jrant;
on Its tamer. Hametl Amar, antl buried Its claws in liis face and. shoulder.
Two lions in the cage were sulky
nnd refused to go through the customary exercises, and when the tamer
begr.ii to uso his whip one ot the animals struck him to the ground. Tho
menagerie servants rushed to his
rescue and beat oft the lion with bars
of Iron,
The lamer was lakon to a hospital
and had his wounds dressed-and returned swathed i.n bandages to the
menagerie. The animals then proved more n-aclable and went through
their performance.
A Cleveland corporation lawyer has
a new stenographer—the second now
one this week. Strange to say he
didn't discharge the lirst one because
she was Incompetent, but because she
was too good.     Let. him tell it.
This girl came to me well recommended, and w'hen I dictated a lost
letter I found her extremely rapid and
accurate. 3o I employed her on thc
spot. Sho fell right In with the
work and I decided that I had found
a treasure. But on the third day
she gave me a shock.
I was dictating an opinion in a complicated infringement suit, and it was
important that lt should be accurate
In every word and phrase. This was
the third draft 1 had written, ln fact.
At one place Mnterruptea* myself and
said to the stenographer:
Am i speaking too fast for you
Miss Jackson? Are you getting my
words down correctly?
O, I'm getting tbem all right, she
ans\vered, smiling. And you don't
speak nearly as fast as I can lake.
I'm about twenty words "ahead of you
There's such a thing as being too
The Millionaire's Foundation
Andrew Carnegie the multi-millionaire says 90 per cent of   all    millionaires become so by real estate Investments.
i  An Investment Sn Commercial Centre, C.P.R. Transcona, will give
the present Investor a start similar to that obtained by Russell Sago,
John Jacob Astor received from their first New York Investment,
Price today .$150 up.   Terms $25 cash.    |10 per month.   Write for
booklet anil all particulars.
32 Canada Life Building
Winnipeg, Man,
Scared by Black Hand, He Takes
Strange Precautions
It is reported that eo nervous
has M, Mitnltzky, the Russian violinist been since early In last week he
received a letter from the Black Hand,
that he only appears on the platform
ln a solid Irpn and-steel cage.
The letter, it may be remembered,
demanded a sum of (250 aud threatened the violinist with death if he did
not comply. As a result M. Mitnltzky armed himself with a pair of
Browning   pistols.
The police have arrested a Russian
anarchist, who, lt ls stated, admits
that he was the author of the letter.
He however, refuses to disclose the
names of the Black Hand gang.
Incurable Optimist
A Humbolt rancher returned from
a year's trip through the east to find
that a one-time neighbor of his, a man
noted for his perfect patience, had
been having a siege of bad luck; Upon hearing the news he Immediately
sought out .ha neighbor to condole
with him.
Well, John, he said, after the greetings had been exchanged,I hear you
lost all of your'timber through the
foreet flies.
The other man nodded.
And they say that the river cut off
your best land; that your hogs all
died of cholera; that your wife and
children had been sick, and that they
have now fpreclosed the mortgage on
your other place.
John nodded again. Yes, it's all
true, he said, looking about him at
what had once been his prosperous
farm, ull true. Why, sometimes I
get almost discouraged.
Very Much   Alive
.An Irishman, witji one side of his
face badly swollen, stepped Into Dr.
Hurtem's office and Inquired   if   the
dentist was ln. *   -
I am the dentist, s.ild the doctor.
Well, then, I want to know if you
tan tell mo what's the matter with
thl3   tOOth? ' :*.\     a
The doctor examined the offending
molar and explained; The nerve \i
dead;  that's what's the matter.
Then, be the powers, the Irishman
exclaimed, the other teeth must be
holding a wake over it.
In Bad Conditio;), Pimples Large.
Face Sore and Itchy. Looked
Badly. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured in Two Weeks.
Muncey, Ontario.—" Some tlmo ago my
face was In a very bad condition with some
kind of pimples. The pimples were thickly
scattered. Tho tops of thorn
were white; mutter was In
them. They wero quite large
and my faco was sore and
Itchy and looked badly. I
had to scratch to Im comfort-
uhlo ami sometimes lost my
1 bleep. The sores lasted ubout
two months and I trlod some
ointments but didn't llko
them. Then I sent for some GutlcurA Soap
and Cuticura Ointment, used them for two
nocks and I was completely cured." (Signed)
Alex. It. Oke, April 2,1012.
Clarkson, Ontario.—" My little girl, aged
two years, started with a akin disease on
her face, so I called ln the doctor and he
■aid lt was eczema. The skin waa quite
red and all scaly. I washed the parte well
with the Cuticura Soap and then I put
the Cuticura Ointment on. You ought to
see hor now — as fair aa a Illy I
VI suffered a great deal with plies. I
had them very bad, and they ltcliwl and
burned so I could hardly bear it. Whon I
Hot the Cuticura Ointment I tried It. Now
lt haa entirely cured me.", (Signed) Mrs.
Cyrus Want, Jan. 1, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment ara
sold throughout the world. Hend to Potter
D. A ti. Corp., Wept.-63U, Boston, U.S.A.,
(or free trample of each -with 32-page book.
W. N. U. 92.
Not Like Casey
Once there was a switchman named
CaBey. He waa a carefree fel'.ov.
ami he loved nis work.
One nigh*, a bridge was sweptjawsy
ind Cas?y kiie**, that a heavy pass.Ti-
P.er train w.iuld soon bo coming. He
grabbed his lantern, ran down tho
track, signalled the onrushlng train,
and brought It to a stop, but he loi*.
his own life in the effort. The passengers poured out. They were
grateful for what Gasey had done, I'.nd
they wanted to show thoir appreciation In some way. T.i-y found that
Casey had no relatives and so th-jy
decided to get a life she oil painting
ot-lhe hero and hang It -In the Railway Y.M.C.A. at Central a.
When the picture came lt showed
htm ln hla worki-Vs' cloth: i, swinging
his lantern. The committee thought
It was well do-io, but before they accepted lt they deiided to -.ill ln Casey's pal to pasa '..'a judgment. Tli!
pal looked at the picture critically.
He surveyed lt from '.lie dlKe.ont
sides. And then, not t-aiisfled, ha
reached out his hand to touch Casey's.
Don't do that, shouted the artist, he
Isn't dry.
Casey's pal drew back, and with a
look of supreme disgust he answered:
Well, If he ain't dry, It, ain't Casey.
Shoots Him, She Says, to Prevent
Father Being Strangled
Paris ', ''.'.',.'.—Mme. Rednhardt,
a rich young woman, gave herself up
to the police here ' "-.-* "■*-*'•
She Informed the' magistrate that
her husband had iust died In a hospital from two revolver shots fired
by her on Sunday last in the courua
of an argument between him and her
father on the Balkan war. Mme.
Relnhardt declared that her husband
who wao of a very violent nature,
would have strangled Ills father-in-
law had ahe not fired.
M. Reiiihardt declared that he had
attempted to commit suicide. His widow has been released on ball.
The little ills of babyhood and childhood should be treated ^promptly, or
they may prove serious. An occasional dose of Baby's Own Tablets will
regulate the stomach-and bowelB and
keep your little oneB well. Or they
will promptly restore health ttslck-
neBS comes-unexpectedly. Mrs. Le-
nora M. Thompson, OU Springs, Ont.,
savs:—"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for my little girl as occasion required, and have, found them always
of the greatest help. No mother,
In niy opinion, should be without the
Tablets." Sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Rescues Servian    Flag From    Turks
When Soldiers Wavered
The greatest hero of the battle of Kumanova, according to the
French newspapers, was a little Jewish tailor named Abraham Levy, of the
Seventh Servian regiment of Infantry.
The Btandard-bearerfell and the
regiment wavered and was about to
retreat when the little Jewish tailor
rushed forward, caught the fallen flog,
and dashed with It to the trenches.
His comrades, electrified by his example, followed him and the Turks
were hurled, from their position at the
point ofthe bayonet.
i      ——————— x
In a certain iown of Nebraska llvos
a man who haa been so unfortunate
as to.lose three wives, who were burled side by side. For a long time the
economical Nebraskan deliberated as
to whether he should erect a separate
headstone for each, commemorating
her virtues, but the expense deterred
him. Finally a happy solution of lhe
difficulty presented Itself. He had
the Christian name of each engraved
on a small stone—Mary; Elizabeth;
Matilda—a hand cut on each ■-stone
pointing to a large stone in the centre of the lot, and under each hand
the words: For epltah see large stone.
A lecturer was annoyed by a man
in the audience who Insisted on rising
and asking questions.
Sit down, you ass! said a second
man, jumping up.
Sit down, you, too, cried a third
man; you are both asses.
There seem to be plenty of asses
about tonight, put In the lecturer,
calmly, hut for heaven's sake let us
hear one at a time.
Well, you go on, then said thc first
man, resuming his seat.
Trouble at the Tower
She was a good servant, was Jennie, and Mrs. Wanderfar never wished for better. But in tlio matter of
pictures Jennie was weak. There
was one In particular, which showed
the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every
day Mrs. W. hung lt straight, and
every morning Jennie put It crooked.
So Mrs. W, Watched.
Now, look here, Jennie she said
you've hung ihat picture of the tower
crooked again.     Just look at it!
That's just what I say, mum, replied
the domestic dolefully. Look at lt!
Tho only way you can get that silly
tower to hang straight is to hang the
picture crooked!
Minus His Grouch
Saw my husband down town today,
but passed him. I didn't recognize
How wa3 that?        '    .
He was smiling.
Thc honeymoon Is on tht wane
when hubby quits taking wifle every,
where he goes..
The Grand Trunk Railway System
have jnst issued a very neat, attractive and convincing booklet on Ihe
"Chateau Laurier," Ottawa. It Is
printed on India tinted coated paper
ln colors, and profusely illustrated
with pictures made from direct photographs of the several charming
rooms In this beautiful hotel. Each
page Is decorated with allegorical designs .symbolizing the Chateau styles
of the early French monarchs. The
cover is printed on a hand-made paper and the descriptive matter is confined to a brief synopsis of the attractive features of this hotel. Copies
of the booklet may be had frofh Grand
Trunk representatives for the asking.
Quick Result*
Advertising la a great thing, sal.
the Cheerful Idiot as he laid down the
How; do you make that out? asked
the Old Fogey.
Here's a man who advertised for a
boy on Monday, replied the Cheerful
Idiot, and on Tuesday his wife presented him with one,
Y*s, Cordelir., there were' false prophets centuries before the weather
bureau was established. _.
Hope Is a pneumatic tire that Is
frequently punctured.
A Moving Melody
Old BI81e!gh,j after thlukn.t ruaM.-
ly of the gas and coal that wero fee
log consumed downstairs, waa Jut
dropping oft to'sleep when he was
roused by a moaning. noise from below.
Eva, he bellowed, making his way
to the top of the stairs. Eva! What
on earth ls that howling down there?
Howling, pa! came tn shocked
tones; Why, it's Mr. Chuffer sing-.
Ing "Love me and the world Ib mine.**
Then for goodness sake love him,
growled Blffieigh, and p'raps the sill/,
youiig ass will be going to look after
his property.
We e.fter fine Hundred Dollars Reward
for any. cme o* O.tarrh that cannot be
cuied bv Kali's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo. 0,_
We, the unde* signed, have known F.
j. Cheney fer 'he last IS years, and be.
llcve him perfecll honest fn all business
trr.nsar.tlois an.I financially able to carry
out any obligation'; made by hla firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucoids snrlac.n of tho eyetcm. Testimonials
aent free. Price ._> cents per bottle.
Bold by all Drugglsta.
Take Ha.."a Family Pills for constipation.
After three months absence there
has just returned south on the Grand
Trunk Pacific SS. "Prince Rupert,"
the Alaska Railroad Commission sent
by tho Washington Government to Inspect and report upon the railroad
conditions ln that part of the for
north, and it ls upon their report that
federal action with regard to the railroad situation in Alaska will largely
depend. While the Commission naturally had no jurisdiction over tbe
Grand Trunk' System so much had
been heard of this wonderful new
trans-continental line that the party
left their steamer at Prince Rupert to
inspect the road aB far as Hazelton as
well as the new .terminal and dry
dock now being built ou thc Pacific
coast by the G.T.P.
Time Has Tested It.—Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil has been on the market
upwards of thirty years and In that
time it has proved * blessing to thousands. It Is In high favor throtlgh-
out Canada and Its excellence has carried its fame beyond tlte seas. It lias
no equal In the whole list of liniments.
If It were double the pi-Ice it would
be a cheap liniment.
Only Way He knew \-
Mlnister— My  good  man,' how  do
you get to lhe Police Station?
Jimmy Cracker—Usually ln the patrol wagon.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ae,
Every woman should have an aim
in life, even If she can't throw a stone
with any decree of accuracy.
The man wbo takes no Interest In
public schools, good roads, religion,
or politics Isn't even a satisfactory
hasbcen,  a.
Corns cripple the feet nnd mak.
walking a torture, yet Blire relief la
the shape of Holloway's Corn Cura
ls within resell of all.
A small boy doesn't find It very
amusing to do the things his parents-
are willing to let him do,
are worn.
Noted for V
their Fit
and Finish
The only sure a n<K satisfactory way In which the Western Farmer
ean secure the highest possible market value for hiB wheat, oats, barley and
flax is by shipping it by the carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or to
Duluth if cars cannot be got for tho other terminals (loading It If possible
direct Into the car over the loading platform so as to savo elevator charges
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission Arm to handle and dispone of it.
We continue to act as the Farmers' Agents solely on a commission basis'.
Ue are not traekbuyets and we never buy the Farmers' grain on our owA
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entrusted to us, as the
ngents of those who employ us, /and It Is our desire and endeavor to give
everyone the very best service possible. We make liberal tinvances agitmst
car shipping bills, and will also carry the grain for a time under advances ul
a moderate commercial rate of Interest, tf considered advlsuoir. We Invite
nil Farmers to write to us for shipping instructions and market Information,
etc.    • M
Thompson Sons & Company
A Scorching Flush
"of Light     j
■ . i        '
"Burn all your reports on the cost of high living. Put
them in the waste paper basket. They are not worth th?
paper on which they are printed. In two sentences, an
Ontario farmer has placarded the problem in letters of Are.
He put Inside the head of a barrel of apples:
"4 got 70c. for this Barrel of Apples.   What did you*
pay for It?"
The Winnipeg consumer who bought this barrel ot apples
paid Five Dollara and   Twenty-flve Cents for It.
Tlmt Ontario farmer has made- history. He has done
more than all the Committees of Congress, Royal Commissions, Boards ot Trade and Chambers of Commerce on twi
Continents. He has stated the problem of the high cost
of living."—-Winnipeg Telegra'm, Nov. 19th..
He has demonstrated to the farmers of the West a atartll)lf.fact. No
matter what it eost to the farmers to produce those apples, he had its
accept the price whioh the middleman attached—viz. 70c— but Immediately the middleman waa able to attach the price to the consumer—
The same thing Is true with everything raised by the farmer* of Uie
West. The price they receive from the middleman Is attached for
them, but Immediately the middleman attaches the price to .the cen-
The Only Solution It Organization and co-operation.—Increase the
Capital and Send Your Grain to -
Winnipeg, Man. Calgary ^Alta.  J
We have over 13,000 Members Already.—Add Another to It
A Fine Offer
Thc proprietor of a Turkish bath
establishment ln Milwaukee was
much taken by the physical perfection
ot a voung man he saw In a butcher s
shop! After minute survey of the
huge muscles of the young man, the
Turkish bath proprietor offered him
a position as rubber in his establishment.
I'll give you more than you're getting here, said he. What does this
man pay you?
Ten dollar? a week and my week's
meat, said tho butcher employe.
What ls the meat worth?
About »4.
The Turkish bath man   did   some
rapid figuring. 	
Look here, said he finally. I'll
tell you what I'll do. I'll give you
$10 and *(B worth of baths weekly.
Ihat will be a dollar more than you
get from the butcher. •*
■ i *
The detective mSy bo an earnest
Becker, but he doesn't always find.
If oqe gave voice   only   to   ones
thoughts, cne wouldn't talk so much.
which keeps you coughing away, night
tnd dty, will quickly distppetr if you
take Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed,
Licorice an(TChlorodyne.
Nt-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
and Chlorodyne quiets the throat-
tickling almost insttntly, loosens the
phlegm, promotes expectoration, and
cures the inflammation of the mucus
Nt-Dru-Co Syrnp of Linseed, Licorice
tnd Chlorodyne has-the great advantage
of being absolutely free from harmful
drugs of tny kind. In support of this
itttcment we tre willing to give to tny
physician or druggist iu Ctntda S full
list of its ingredients.
You cm therefore give Na-Dru-Ct
Syrup of Linseed, Licorice tnd Chlorodyne to any member of your family,
with perfect confidence that it will be
altogether beneficitl.
Your druggist ctn tupplv you with
either ajc. or 50c. bottles. Tie Ntlional
Drug and Chemictl Co. of Canada,
cannot properly masticate solid
foods and digestion is often
•Jipset—they do not receive the
heeded nourishment to make
strength and preserve heal*,' but
if aged people everywhere could
only realize the strength-tat-
tmning nottriikmint In Seott'e
Emvlsion they would take it after
tvery meal.
■ It possesses tiie nourishing elements of cod liver oil, the vital
powers of the hypophosphites of
lime and soda and the curative
qualitiesof glycerine, alt so perfectly
combined that nature immediately
appropriates tliem to create
etrtngth—nourish the organ, and
build the body. It relieves rheumatism and ailments due to declining
years.   It adds to the span of life.
; Rifui. tabttitatee for SCOTTS,
. Scott & Bowne.-Toronto, Ontario   12-63
31* Ettentlal Points He Holds Absolutely Necessary to Perfection
Mr. Ichlba Is a clever and
famous Japanese author, better known
however, for his eccentricities -th-.ii
for- his literary ability.
His last wife died ln April last,
after ten years' patient endurance ol
the literary temperament, and the
• mourning spouse immediately set
about finding another partner. lie
commissioned all his friends to keep
their eyes open for a suitable person,
and gave a standing orOer to the various matrimonial agencies in the capital to report immediately any likely
candidate for the honor of being the
seoond Mrs. Ichiba.
He laid down six primary conditions which the successful candidate
would have to fulfill.     They were:
The lady mint have passed through
all-the various conditions ot life and
th? various phases of society from A
to Z, as only by ripe experience can
perfection be attained.
Except the clothes she should stand
up'tn she should have no worldly po.
sessions whatsoever.
She must be severed from her family'entirely.
She must contract to keep the kitchen-and bathroom absolutely spick and
span and ready tor Instant use.
Her style cf halrdrcsslng must b3
a la mode Japonalse—no foreign frills,
pads, switches or toupets to be permit-
She must stand  Ave feet high  in
her tabl, and her limbs and body be ot
a proper plumpness—as to face, felt-
-urss and other points, these were no*.
to -matter." '
Mr. Ichlba looked over forty-seven
candidates' before being satisfied with
a woman 28 years old, whose'exper
ience of life appears to have been such
as to meet with the eccentric auth-
. or's approval.
The transition from winter's cold
to 'summer's heat frequently puts a
strain upon the system that produces
Internal complications, always painful
and often serious. A common form
ot -disorder Is dysentery, to which
many are prone tn the spring and summer. The very best medicine to use
ln 'subduing this painful aliment Is
Dr.' J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. . It Is a standard remedy, sold
Malady of; tho Middle Ages With
Which Man/ Prlncet are Affected
London .—The recent pronouncement of the czar's physicians concerning the illness of the czarevitch—that
the boy is a haemophillc or a bleeder
—is the subject of interesting comment in the current issue of the Hospital.
. It la stated that this strange and
terrible malady, whose victims bleed
excessively after comparatively slight'
injuries, has occurred at intervals
anjong the scions ot European royal
families since the middle ages, and
that at present many princes are suffering from lt. V - "*
In popular language, the victims ot
this constitutional tendency to bleed
excessively have been Bald to havo
only one Bkln Instead of three. The
truth lSj of course, that hemophilics
have just as many skins as any one
else (to wit, one); but that their blood
lacks to a greater of lesser degree
that power ot coagulation or clotting
which in normal persons leads to
natural arrest of hemorrhage after
any except very serious injuries to
large blood vessels.
At the present time It would seem
that hemophilia ls more prevalent than
ever among princes. The late duke
of Albany Buffered from it, and eventually died of it. The second son of
the king and queen of Spain Is sold
to be afflicted by it, and to be Incurably deaf In consequence ot hemorrhage Into the Internal ear.
Humors are also current that the
Hoheniollerns are not exempt from it,
.and that some ot Queen Mary's relations are hemophilic to a slight degree. The disease hardly ever occurs in females; but it ls handed down
almost excessively through the female
She Is a. wise woman who laughs
only at the right time.
Minard't Llnimtnt Cures Olphthtrli
A Fatal Ailment
Passenger—I-haven't seen Bill Jones
who was conductor on this car for a
long time.
Conductor—No, Bill ain't on the
road no more.     He got color-blind.
Passenger—Color blind?
Conductor-rYes. He couldn't see
which was his and whicli waB the
She Bad Such *
Beautiful Bands
that It wu perfectly evident
that ihe used SNAP, the
original hand.
de.incr.-to re-
move the grime
of houKwork, _•
Hand cleaners
by'any other
name do- not
amcll at street.
Avpld ranlc
Imitation i, arid
remember Uie
name 36
OrJ« trm your ita.br to-ftf.
flW .WUpOM.
W. N. U. »2S
Telia of the Wonderful Benefits Obtained From
Like ipany another Newfoundlander Hying far from doctors, Mr. Stone
feels unbounded gratitude for the ben-
fits obtained from the use ot Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
For years ho had suffered from a
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys,, witli headacheB, backaches,
pains in limbs and body. Words
Jail to describe his sufferings as well
"ae the gratitude he wa»ts to express
for the cure.
Mr. Alex. J. Stone, West Point,
Nfld., writes:— "I suppose you
thought I had forgotten all about you
when I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, but I-haven't. You must excuse mistakes, for'like many Newfoundland men I have not much education, but I want to thank you many
times for your medicine.
"I cannot tell you what I Buffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
ludlgestlon and constipation, nor can
I And words to express how much
good this medicine has done me. I
feel better than I have for five years
and have given «bme of these pills
to friends, who tell m% they have, done
them a wonderful lot of good. I want
to expresB my heartfelt gratlteMe for
the benefits derived from thc great
medicine." .
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealer*
or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Pretty Personal '
In one of the large cities a street
car collided with a milk cart and
sent can after can of milk splashing
luto the street. Sooii a large crowd
gathered. A vejy short man coming
up had to stand on.tiptoe to see past
a stout woman in front.
Goodness! be exclnlmcd. What an
awful waste.
The stout woman turned around ana
glared at the little man and said,
sternly. Mind your own business!
Why She Resigned
Miss Slngwcll had been a member
of the choral society ever.sluco It was
formed, nnd it was undoubtedly true
that her first youth had waned. But
the cholrmaBter was astounded recently by the news that she had resigned her membership.
Resigned! Ue gasped. But whatever for?
Well, I don't know exactly, said the
secretary but it strikes me ihat It may
have something to do with the solo
we picked for her at the next performance.
'   Why*! What Is It?
"1 once was young, '_>ut now am old."
Wife—What ls meant. John by the
phrase, carrying coal to Newcastle?
Husband—It Is a metaphor, my
dear, showing the doing of something
that Is'unnecessary.
Wife—I don't exactly understand
Give me an Illustration—a familiar
Husband—Well, If I were .to bring
you home a book entitled How to
Talk, that would be carrying coals to'
Newcastle. ,
The more jatas you take with your
eating the fewer you will have afterward. '
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Evfrj Day.
responsible—they not
only give relief—   A
lion.   Million! use
then for,
am, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Ski*.
Small Pill. Small Dow, Small Price.
Genuine quit bev Signature
Look about you and see how trained
brains win better salaries than trained mhsc.es. We train young men
snd women to use their brains ln business, They succeed. Why not
you? Wo Invite you to write for a
copy of our curriculum lfydu want a
.good training for a business office or
wish to become a competent telegrafm
operator. Write W. H. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Canada.
W.H. Storey & Son, ltp,
What Mutter Which?
When the news became known, his
fellow-clerks gathered around and congratulated him.
But, said one man doubtfully, I understand the girl you're engaged to
is a twin. Bit awkward, isn't it? How
do you tell the difference between her
and her Bister?
The man who had.Just spent six
weeks' salary on au engagement ring
smiled Indulgently.    >
Tut! That's all right, they're a Jolly
nice family, anyway, and I never
bother very much which one It Is.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Curss Distemper
Little Jack, aged live, had- accompanied his mother on a trip to the
When the conductor came around
to collect the fares, he asked the usual question:
How old Is the boy?
After being Informed the correct
age, which did not require a fare, the
conductor passed .on to the next person.
The lad sat quite still, apparently
wondering over something, then, concluding that full Information had not
been given, he called loudly to the
conductor at the other end of the car:
And mother's 35.
When you meet a blockhead don't
you feel like ohoutlng "Get-the axe!"
Most of the so called theatrical stars
are rockets. i
—has channing flavour and
wholesome   nourishment-
and cream
This delightful food, made
of Indian Corn, is really
Corn, says Dr. Hutchison,
a noted English authority,
is one of the ideal foods.
As made into Post Toasties, it is most attractive to
the palate.
"The Memory Lingers"
Sold by grocers--
Packages 10 and i5 cents
Mail,; in Canada li>-
Canadian Postum  Cereal  Co.,
Ltd.. Windsor, Ontario.
Women of the Imperial Harem In a
State Bordering Upon -Panic
.Constantinople.—There "Was un
doubted consternation at Dolmabag-
hohe-h Palace, which the sultan inha'i
Its with his household.
The tfear that the Bulgarian army
may after all manage to break through
the Tchatalaja lines and enter tho
city has become- active ln the minds
ot those responsible for the safety of
the city, and this tear has been communicated to the royal palace.
Every preparation tor flight has
been made. Boats are ready in tho
Bosporous . adjoining the palace
grounds, and the flight to Asia, first
to Scutari and thence to Broussa,
could be accomplished at a moment's
Nevertheless, the womon of the Imperial harem, with their attendants,
numbering many dozens, are ln a
state bordering on panic, and the chief
eunuch has been making dally rounds
of the apartments, trying to reassure
the female members of the household
that there ls no danger and that the
army is still able to defend the capital against the Infidel. But with all
these efforts there is undoubted panic
in the harem,
There are no great treasures to take
away. When Sultan Abdul Hamld
was dethroned his priceless collections were confiscated and distributed,
bo little of great value was left to his
successor, and Yildlz Kiosk, where
Abdul Hamld lived, was closed permanently. The new sultan remained
ln his old home, where he had been a_
prisoner for so many years.
Kiamil Pasha ls constantly ln attendance on the sultan, who awaits
with feverish.anxiety any reports from
the' front, hoping against hope that
victory may yet come to the 0..6-
man arms.
A. Simple and Cheap Medicine.—
A simple, cheap and effective medicine Is something to be desired. There
is no medicine so effective a regulator
of the digestive system as Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They are simple,
they are cheap, they can.be got anywhere, and their beneficial action wltl
prove their recommendation. They
are the medicine of the poor man and
those who wish to escape doctprs'
bills will de well in giving them a
A Timely Warning
For an hour the cautloua batsman
had faced the bowler*;, but he wan not
to be tempt id. Not a u.lltary nn
from his bat had been registered.
Gradually the fielders closed In
around him and waited eagerly tor
the catch that never came.
And gradually the light failed. It
was essential hla wicket should be
captured, so closer crept the fielders, till at last there was scarcely
breathing room.
Most ot the spectators had gone
home or gone to Bleep. But suddenly
on the silent air came a voice from
the pavilion.
Look out. Jack! sounded the warning cry. They're all around you!
Take care ygu don't get your pocket
picked. ' v
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured of a bad case of earache
I was cured o| sensitive lunga by
The Doctor's Little Dodge
Yes, said tho doctor, you are ln a
very bad way. You must follow my
Instructions carefully.
I will,-doctor, said the patient.
Now, to begin with, you eat too
much. You must cut down your
butcher's and grocer's bills by one-
I'll do lt, .doctor.
Right. Now, how do you go to the
office every day?
By street car.
Then you must walk. Do ym visit
Yes, often.
Yott must give tliem up. Do you
You must stop.
Do yon drink?
You mtistfcglre up all drinking for
a couple of months, and by that tlmo
you Will probably have saved $36.60
which ls what job owe mo for lo3t
year's  medical  attendance.
Spoiled His Record
Some crlc'kotcrs, after practising
one evening, wore talking In tho pavilion about record performances.
After a few wonderful events had
been related one of their number noted as a bad bowler and batsman, began:
Well, chaps, Ah dorn't suppoorse as
yo'll believe me but Ah once scqoared
a hundred runs an' followed it up by
tokkln' nine wickets, an' Ah hev noa
doubt but Ah sliud hev tekken th'
otlier un, hut-
But what? queried his listeners, as
the Bpeaker hesitated.
But my alarum clock went oft an'
wakkened me up.
Sanol's Anti-Diabetes
is the only remedy which has
a.record of complete cures.
Price $2.00 at Most Leading
, Druggists
Winnipeg, Man.
A few doors south of C.P.R. DspM
Rates 11.10 ta 12.00 per day
i Oulslns untxctllt*
Hst and esld water In every seem
Hstel  prscticslly  Flrsprtet
All Outside Rooms
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
Geo.  Wright & Mack Carroll
All grocers 25c. Ib. Tin
Ship Your
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
-Engineers and Boilermakers
Sellers   of   all     kinds—Enlists,
Pumps, and Heavy Plait Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachsn Ave., Toronto, Canada
Man. Wmsu-w's Soothiko Svnci- hn bee*
Wed fi* over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
ll the best remedy lor DIARKIKEA.lt l»«*>-
lolutrly harming. Be sure lai Ilk lor " Mri,
Winilow'i Soothing Syrup," md Uke ao othn
kind.  Twesty-five ce«i • bottle.    _    __    _,
$65 n $200
A Month. J-Msm a new praftukm.
MnawMnk Ave hiifojoM for three
hundred men twtore Buy lit* 101».
1 MM PMI UKE Ult., UP0KB, IND. '
_ Baak -Vei.    A tmxi.
Btm*  treatoeit rmived
Old llrti, elceri aid
lr.fl.ll,. cind.    Di.crlb.
,..e triable; w. will nad booh aid teslla.il.ls.
Hunters and Trappers
Ship your FurH nnd Taxidermy Work
to tho
.4. Main Street, Winnipeg
11IK QamO bond _.pcclnllHt.t
Buyeri   of   Raw   Fun.   Price   Llitt
Send Post Card today for, how lo make
"Easy Pocket
Now's tlie Time. Address
P.O. Bo*1250, Montreal
Irsome m:-ii would quit looking for
a soft' political snap and-stlck to their
regular employment they would be
hotter off financially.
stock broking business? I want a live
ambitious representative 111 every city
and town to handle stocks, bonds ond
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and have from $100 to 1500 peruon-
al capital. Write or call. Athol Goovga
Robertson, (8 Colborne street, Toronto.
Wall flowers are society girls who
were nipped -n the bud. THE   SUN.   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Provincial Poultry Show
in Grand Forks -
and get your eggs from. ft. C.
Reds and Barred Rocks
for hatching from
G. A. Evans, Editor and Publisher
•trsaoaimos hatis i
Jno fear .I1.W
-Ine Voir (in advance)......   1.00
line Year, ln United State. ._  1.60
Address all eomroiinleatimis to
The Bvssihq Sus,
»koss H1I Gbasd Poms. H.C
The annual farce al Victoria,
usually termed the session of the
legislature, is now being enacted le
a large audience of intereste'l men.
must of whom exp"Ct to g« n tinijif
fnvor from the government The
principal business • transacted at
these meetings consists of dividing
the people's money among the hungry constituencies arid the disposal
of the province's natural resources to
speculators. The former work might
bj done more satisfactorily with s
dice box, and the latter task will
only impoverish the present and
future generations.
As the provincial' government
maintains a corps nf fawning news
paper flatterers to mould opinions
for people who bave no minds of
their own, there is no reason wby
this department should" not be enlarged upon by the addition of bully
ing bruisers to convince Ihe intelli
gtnt and strong minded citizens, by
physical strength, that the McBride
atffiiiiiist ration is superlatively
great. There are' indications that
tbis suggestion will soon be acted
Here is another reason why the cost
of living is still going up: A couple
of months ago we sent a $7:50 hill ti
a collection aaencv for collection in
.Spokane. Thin week we received
$1 50, less exchange, as our share of
the above amount.
The Similkameen Star characterizes
uu extract wc made friini ,.i s editorial
columns as false. If the Star feels
relieved after iniikiii). this statement,
we are perfectly satisfied.
A wise man can gain knowledge
from a fool, while the fool cannot
profit hy the wisdom of the learned.
How Much?
Parker Williams has begun to ask
questions. He wants to know how
much money leaped from tbe provincial treasury across tbe causeway
and over our lofty buildings into the
chest of our contemporary in the
financial year 1911-11 We can tell
Mr. Williams wbat tbe advertising
account was. Tbe public accounts
report gives tbe figure at $12,275.43.
The Vancouver News-Advertiser,-
under the same control, received
$7,631.10, beating out the Vancouver Province, which pulled down
f7,'882.93. The Week also managed
to make an honest living to tbe tune
of $6,950.18, receiving nearly $3000
more than tbe New Westminster
Columbian, a well known Cohserva
tive daily, and 82700 more than an
other prominent Tory daily, the
Nelson News. But, after all, when it.
comes to a marathon with the provincial exchrquer as tbe finishing
point our dignified morning con
temporary bas them all winded,
Mind you, we are no' insinuating
that value was not rendered for those
large iimountir— in a political sense
But we have often wondered at the
frequency at the stately eul> gies of
the premier in our contemporary,
•nd the many excellent *ictures of
him with which it adorned its pages
—Victoria Times.
Ihe Limit
The limit of Canadian self abase"
ment was reached the other day in H,
B Ames' speech in the house. Mr
Ames is an intelligent man, a man nf
idea-; he looks forward to the estah
lislin eut of a Canadian navy on the
l.auiier lines, but some delusion made
him say that he longs also for the
time when'Canuda shall he no more
than a province of a consolidated em
pirn, bearing the same relation to the
empire aa a whole that Ontario now
does to the Dominion He supports
Mr, Borden's policy in the meantime
of making Canada a satrapy of Lon
don, but hopes that the satrapy may
yet be raised to the height of a feder
ated province. What think you of
this, my cnunirymeii? Are you all
agreed? Is it carried unanimously.
Will this orgy of national suicide seize
upon the majority? Shall Isaac lay
himself for a burnt offering upon the
imperial altar, though no Abraham
and no Jehovah command or .require
it!—London Adveitiser
Riwsland's annual ice carnival
will he held from.February 3 '*• 1,
inclusive, llus yenr' Il will be on
ihe same elaborate scale as i> has
been in past seasons. A long program of sports bas been prepared.
The railways will give reduced rates
lur llus evehl
Tools in our,
We cdn't be on the level and sell poor tqpls. ; "
Be on a level with yourself. You can't afford to buy poor
tools.   Our policy has always been, the best is the cheapest
in the end.   We want your business, we  want  your confidence and we want your good will.   Come to see us.
The square deal is our kind of a deal.
Mclntyre CS, Smith
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. 5, Laws'ranch:
Min.     Max.
Friday, 17th  20 29.
Saturday, 18th.     7 21
Sundsy, 19th  0 7
Monday, 20th  -8 12
Tuesday, 2Ut„    7 18
Wednesday, 22nd  12 '19
Thursday, 23rd  11 23
Snowfall  1.6
The Sun is the only paper in
Giand Forks which had the courage
to advocate the election of certain
municipal ollicers. A fight in the interest of tbe people who pay the
taxes, ss against self-aggrandizement, is the only true test of a real
Scores and Schedule
Following are tbe scores of the
games   played,   and the schedule of
games lo he played, in thn Boundary
Hockey league during  the   present
Inn. 8   Grand  Forks' at Phoenix-
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  13—Phoenix at Grand Forks
Grand Forks 7, Phoenix 4.
Jan  17—Greenwood at  Phoenix.
Phoenix 11. Greenwood 5.
Jan. 21—Phoenix  at Greenwood.
Phoenix 5, Greenwood 4.
Jan. 24—Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood-S, Grand Forks 0.
Jan 27—Grand Forks at Pboenix
Jan. 30—Grand   Forks    at Greenwood.
Feb. 3—Phoenix nt Greenwood.
Feb. 7—Phoenix nt Grand Forks.
Feb. II—Greenwood at Phoenix.
Feb, 14— Greenwood     at      Grand
Feb 18—Grand  Forks   at Greenwood.
If you read The Sun you get the
news of the city, ihe province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
Tender to keep abreast of Ihe times
without tbe aid of the daily  papers.
Weekly Banner Contests
The contests for the attendance
banners at the public school this
week resulted as follows:
Percentages and Number nf Pupils Late—Division -I 94.45, 0 late;
Division II 94.88, 0 late; Division
III 94.69,*2 lute;Division IV 9fi.-->3,
2 late; Division V 94.39, 4 1st.;
Division VI 96.0, 2 late; Division
II, M3.I8, 4 late.
Division IV won the banner for
hiuhefii average attendance, and Division II gained the banner for
Epjtaph tin- a miserly man: "His
head gate way, hut his hand never
did His brain softened, but his heart
couldn't "-i-New O'leans Picayune.
Ten   Minorca Roosters, une yenr
old,   for sale.    Apply  Dick Malm
Ruckle addition.
Take ynur repairs to Arnison'j-
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
sireet, Grand Forks. .
Some business men are so fund of
being deceived thnt Ihey even endeavor to believe thnt thev can reneh
the consumers of this district with-
mil iidverlisingin The Sun.
rowme -uameras
Work just like
PRICES $2 to $12
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
WeOffer to Our Patrons
Yjfe finest stock of Beef, Mutton,
Veal and Lamb. Our brand of
Shamrock Bacon, Ham and Eggs
. is a guarantee of good quality.
Fish of all kinds in season.
P. BURNS <®, CO., Ltd
KnrkB   Mining
Silver Kttiff   and   Silver Queen
ristm*, •ItHnti' In the it mud
Division nf Ynle Dlrtrlrr.
When-1-',-...'..:  On the Rait Fork of the
North Kork of Keltle Rlwr.
FAKK MUT.'B tliat I. Jacob M. Paulsen.
Fret? Miner's Ort.llu.u. Nn. 85818B, fur
myself and as agent for Wltlium 11. Hoffman,
i-xeeutor, and Rosa Major, executrix, of thc
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Miner's .
Certificate No. 858111). Intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mlulng .
Ketemler font Ceitlfli-ttteof improvements, for '
the purLH.se of obtaining crown grants of the
above cUlini
' And further take notice that action, under
*eetioii 31, must be commenced hefore theissu-
iiine of suoh C critic ni en of Improvement.
Dated this 4th day of May, A.D 1912.
. . '.-T^***-****-'
Needless Waste
Of tine tnd energy can be avoided
tu the ine of our Clanified Want
Ada.. Time and energy repreicnt
good dollar, in Iiii age. Do not ei-
hauit them id aa aimleu tearch fo>
good help. Um our Want Adt. and
the help will come to you.
There are lots of honest people in
the world. II *you have tost some,
thing perhaps in honorable person
lound It.
This ts an honest paper and honest
people read tl.
Tell them about yttr hat in our
Classified Want -Vb.
florse-tShoelng a Specialty
Repairing ol Every Description
All Work Folly Guaranteed
Bicycle and Automobile Repairing
1     Dun't forget that Thc Sun IiHh lhe
heel joh printing ili'|iHrriiii-nl   in the
Boundary country.
Lot* of people get stone bruises nn
their cunwieni-ea travelling the rocky
ruitd to fortune.
' Don't he niialt-d by falne utate-
nient» of competitor!). Adverting in
Tbe Sun, becauce il is read bv more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhMDhonol tmSssm Miry ner« lo the My
""F - Hi proper teuton s mtorw
tlm ud vitality. Premature aeen, end ell leiul
w.akneta started at once, Phoeptaoaol will
mike you • net man. Price Ms bo«. or two tor
U.   Mailed to any add.MS.  * A* •ooWll Drag
Wit $tettM
THE 6TAN0AR0 la the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
or Canada. It li national In all Its
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs (rout
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
H subscription to The Standard
coats $2.00 per'year to any address ln
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Ce.,
Limited, Publishers.
■■ THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Sixteenth Annual
Rossland, Feb. 3-7
Horse Racing
HoCKey B. C, and  International Championship-..
Ski Riming and jumping
Curling Bonspiel
Children's Sports
Bud of 25 Pieces
Reduced Railway Rates
Protests Against Idea That
Laurier Showed Lack of
Imperial Spirit
The London Times on the Uth
inst, published a letter from Earl
Grey, in which   he   takes txception
to tbe way in which Auiten Chamberlain referred to Canadian affairs
in hia speech the previous evening.
V"I desire to protest," ha says,
"against the assumption tbat Sir
Wilfrid Laurier's policy ^ of reciprocal free trade in certain natural products between Canada and tbe
United States showed any want of
imperial support on his part. On
tbe contrary, it is believed by Sir
Wilfrid and his colleagues that the
free entry of the products of Canadian farms, fisheries and fo_-<._>ts into
a protected market of over 90.00U,-
OuO people would adiigreatly to the
wealth uf Canada, and thus create
an increased market for tbe protected manufactures of Canada and tbe
United Kingdom. That caused tbem
to tavurj.be policy of reciprocity; it
is possible 1 may go further and say
tbat il is uot itu probable that had
tbis . policy been accepted by tbe
peopls of Canada, tbe British preference wonld have been further -increased.
"As one of those who deBire to secure tbe nearest possible approximation to inter-imperial free trade, that
firstly revenue requirements and
secondly national necessities of eacb
of the self governiug units of the
empire will permit, I am inclined to
agree with those who believe tbat
tbe adoption of thc reciproaity pro
pusals .night bave Drought about a
nearer approximation to tbat ideal
inter imperial free trade whicb is_.su
dear to the heart of Austen Chamberlain.
"No, Sir Wilfrid's policy was not
conceived in any anti imperial spi(it,
but the speeches of Taft and others
alarmed Canadians as to the chai-
acter of the American ambitions and
had mucb influence in causing tbe
people to reject the proposals of lbe
Canadian statesmen, who are just as
prepared as Mr. Chamberlain him
self to spend Iheir last dollar and
tbeir. last drop of blood in any struggle necessary to maintain the integrity of tbe empire."
A Democratic Member
J. H. Burnham, member for West
Peterboro, has introduced in the fed
eral parliament a bill having for its'
object the abolition of titles of honor
in Canada. He wants section 12 of
the British North American Act, un
der which, he says, the conferring of
jitiles is recommended by the governor general in council, amended. He
fears that titles will lead to class and
social distinctions incompatible with
thn genins of democracy. Mr Burn
ham's apprehension is not unfounded.
Fortunately, the great proportion of
titles conferred upon Canadians are
not hereditary, if they were, in a few
years we might have as fine a collf-i-
tion of nabobs as ever threw uut a
budget But the striking circumstance
in connection with Mr Burnham's
agitation is that the father of it he-
longs to a party which from time im
memorial has cherished a touching regard for titled aristocracy and looks
upon democracy as a pBStilence.—Victoria Times.
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
Newspaper Lew
1, A postmaster is acquired to give
notice by letter (returning the paper
does not answer the law) when a subscriber does not take his paper out of
the postolliee, and state the reason for
its hot being taken. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsi
ble to the publisher for payments.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must puy all arrearages, or the publishers may continue
to send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole amount whether
the paper is taken from the office or
not. There can be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
3, Any pet-son who takes a paper
out of the postoffice, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether lie has
subscribed or not, is responsible for
the pay.
4. If a subscriber orders his paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the subscriber is bound to
pay for it if he takes it out of the
post office. This proceeds upon the
ground that a man must pay for what
he uses.
5 The courts have decided that refusing to take newspapers or periodicals from the post office or removing,
leaving them uncalled for, is prima
facie evidence of intentional fraud.
SHp (katti. 3fark0 ftnn
and the Montreal
$am% tyt ral& imi W-wkhj &tar
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasure j;" for
Bridge Street,
Bot end Colli Bathe
Elret-Claaa Bar, Pool
Band llllard Rooml
la Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Beautiful Large-size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
•* ,
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene oil which we claim to be tne Best
Grade of oil made yet. In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes
out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear white Light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people of the northwest using our oil, we are going to give away 2000 of our
new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp that stands 24 inches high and has'a large White Dome Glass Shade.
This lamp gives one hundred candle power light and is a beautiful lamp tor any" home and cannot be bought at any store for
less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one barrel of our famous Silver White Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American
gallons at 27 l-2c a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and it you are not well
pleased with this oil and lamp we will make no charge for what,, oil you have used and will  refund your money" cheer-
We make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it
Kmpire Oil Co.,
_    Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Enclosed find $11,55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor
Lamps Free with the understanding if I am not satisfied, my
money will be returned.
Name : 1	
cannot be broken.   We will give away" only 2000 of theae
lamps, so fi  out coupon below and send us your order at
Address a  orders to— .
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Planitoba
BOX 2196
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty" THE SUN, GRAND FO^KSvBRITISH COLUMBIA.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a
Columbia Graf onola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Oiit.
Territory Open to Dealers
You ought to wear.
Reliable merchants have them
in stock
■TTiSe. -J&.
DYE, one caa buy—Why you don't efan have lo
knoflr flflliat KIND of Cloth your Gooda era nude
of—So Mlatahaa ere ImpoHlhlo,
Send for Free Color Card, story Booklet, and
Booklet giving raaulta of Dyeing oyer other colore,
Montreal. Canada.
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble,    Kidney    and    Bladder
Stones,   Gravel,     Lumbago,
Price $1.50,  Most Leading
Druggists  *
-   Winnipeg, Man.
Cleans and disinfects everything
In your aome trom the cellar to
the attic. Put lt on your duster
and dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork, Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture,
etc. Makes everything just like
now. Money refunded lf not satisfactory. Made by the
Hamilton, Canada
town to Introduce our line to the nubile: big money can be made and permanent posit'on secured. Apply to
The Queen City Silver Co., Toronto.
Teacher—If the earth were empty
InBlde It would resemble—
Scholar—A rasor.
Teuclier—A ra7.or? Why, Teddy?
Scholar—Because lt would be hollow ground.
KIDNF-^  \   ,V
•HI    ■,    1)1 5      .
Me. a box or six boxes tor W.60,
•t all dealtr-i, or Tho Dodds Medietas Company, Llmlttd, Toronto,
w, n, u, oa
Quite Different
He was a huge man ot the navvy
species, and as he stood ln the witness box counsel eyed him dubiously.
He knew he would be a hard nut to
crack—a very hard nut indeed.
What wo want to get at, he began,
is, who was the aggressor?
Eh? said the witness puzzlod,
Let me Illustrate my meaning, said
counsel. Supposing that I should
meet you In the street and strike you
ln tho face, I should be the aggressor.
Vou would be a fool! said the witness, with growing emphasis.
*No—no! said counsel, with heightened color. You don't understand.
I was speaking only In the abstract.
Suppose wo met, and without provocation, I struck you. I should be committing an act of aggression.
The navvy hunched his huge shoulders.
You'd be committing suicide, mis-
tor! he remarked, grimly.
You may sit down, snapped counsel .
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Points the
Way to Health and Strength
Ask yourself the Important question whether you are as strong aB
you were a year ago, as bodily fit as
you should be. Many a reader has
to confess "No." Some weakening
ailment haB during the past year laid
hold ot the system, unfitting you for
the duties ot life and seriously clouding the outlook of the coming days.
It may he rheumatism with ita sharp
twinges of pain, indigestion, headache, nervous debility, depression and
lack of energy, or the pains and
ailments whioh only common folk
know. It ls well to know that all
these weakening disorders arUe from
an Impoverished condition of the-
blood. I^enew and enrich your blood
and all your-troubles will cease. This
is a strong statement, but lt ls mad;
on the testimony of thousands who
once suffered, but who have gained
health and strength by the aid of the
new, rich blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. We can quote
thousands of cases similar to the following: Mr. Jos. Grandmalson is a
young man well known In the town
of St. Jerome, Que. He says: "For a
couple ot years I began to find my
strength, falling but did not dream that
the trouble was serious. As I grew
weaker I began t'o doctor, but lt did
not help me. The- least exertion
made my heart palpitate violently, my
stomach seemed out of order and my
whole system became so run down
that I was finally to'rced to quit work.
I had now been doctoring for almost
six months and-was very naturally
growing discouraged. At this juncture I read of a case similar to mine,
cured through the use ot Dr. Williams' Fink Pills, and decided to try
tliem. I took the Pills .faithfully for
about two months, gradually growing
stronger and at the end of that- time
I was as well as any man could be.
I shall always praise the medicine
that raised me from despair to the
blessing ot good health."
Sold by medicine dealers everywhere or sent by mail at 5b cents
a box or six boxes for $2.60 by The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Thirst for Knowledge       1
The phrenqJeglst frowned.        .
Then he went carefully once moro
over the bumps of the man ln the
Highly Intelligent, he repeated—
highly intelligent! But I am bound
to warn you, sir. You have a very Inquiring mind, and your thirst for
knowledge ls Insatiable. This largo
bump running across the back of your
head means that you are Inclined to
be curious even to the point of recklessness. /
I know lt, answered the man In the*
chair sadly. I got that bump-by
sticking hy head through the bars at
the hotel elevator to .see If lt was
coming up, and the beastly thing was
coming down!   ; i
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time In applying the bes*.
of remedies—Mother Graves' Worm
Dangerous Talk
Mother, I wish you wouldn't mention dishwashing when George is calling on me.
Why not, Indeed?
I don't like it.    It sounds common.
Common, ch? Wc havo to eat
don't we?
Of course.
And George knows wc eat and use
That'B very true.
And George alBO knows that dishes
have to be washed, therefore- somebody has to wash them.
But mother—
What now?
If you keep on talking ahout lt
George may discover that you make
father wipe them and he may think
the sa.me thing ls coming to him it
he should propose to me.
Mother you promised not to punish
me If I told you the truth,
. All right, I won't.
Then, I must tell you I told a' He
this morning.
Same of the charity that begins at
home Isn't worth, making a fuss
**> |       * ,• et!
What Ho Owes to Zam-Buk
Mr. C. E. Sanford, ot Westoa,
Kings Co., M.S., a Justice ot the
Peace for the county and a deacon ot
the Baptist Church ln Berwick, eays:
"I have used Zam-Buk for piles and
found lt a splendid remedy. It cured
me/1' ■    ..
Mr. Thomas Pearson, ot Prince Albert, Sask., writes: "I muBt thank you
tor the beneflt I have received from
the use ot Zam-Buk. Last summer I
had a fever, which left me with piles.
I started to use Zam-Buk and found
tt gave me relief, so I continued with
It. After using three or four boxes
It effected a complete cure."
Zani;Buk will also be found a suro
cure for cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, eczema, blood-poison, varicose sores, ccalp sores, ringworm, Inflamed patches, babies' eruptions and chapped places, cuts, burns,
bruises, and skin Injuries generally.
All druggists and stores sell at GOo.
box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, upon receipt of price. You
are warned agalnt-t harmful Imitations nndNsubstltutes. See the registered name "Zam-Buk" on every
package before .buying.
Threat of Assassination Accompanies
Their Demand for Money
'Copenhagen.--Much excitement has
been caused here by a blackmail demand on the Russian violinist, M.
Ysmay Mltnltsky, who ls touring In
Denmark. The letter was typewritten ln the Russian language and signed "The Black Hand."
M. Mllnltzky was ordered to send
$250 by mall to the -Russian political
fugitives in- Denmark. If he refused
the letter said, you will bo assassin,
ated by the anarchist executive committee.
The violinist -handed the letter to
the Danish and Russian criminal Investigation department. The police
declare the letter to be one of the ordinary writings of the Black Hand
gangs scattered over the world.
M. Mltnitzky la seriously affected
by the letter, and has provided himself with two Browning pistols. He
declares' that two members of his
own family in Russia have been assassinated by Black Hand criminals.
Exhausted from Asthma — Manjr,
who read theso words know the ter'
rible drain upon health and strength,
which comes ln the train of asthmatic
troubles. Many do not realize, however that there ls one true remedy
which will surely stop this drain.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
ia a wonderful check to this enervating ailment. It has a countless record of relief to Its credit. It ls
sold almost everywhere.
-Steinhell Case Erho
The Excelsior In a recent Issue announces the approaching divorce of
Mile. Stelnhcil, who a few months
after her mother's trial was married
to the painter, M. Raphael del Perugia. Mme. del Perugia, it Is.added,
Intends after the decree ot divorce
has been pronounced, to go to live
with her mother in England.
Minard't  Liniment Curet Garget In
So you represent the Noocir company, do you? said Jlmpson to thc
Yes, sir, replied the agent.   Just
organized, sir.
., Good company? asked Jlmpsqm.
Best going, said the agent.
Who is behind .it? inquired Jlmpson.
All our creditors, said the agent.
/     ,    NEVER TIRES _,
Of the Food That Restored Hor to
.     Health
"Something was making me 111 anr>
I didn't know the cause," writes a
Western young lady. "For two years
I waa thin and sickly, suffering from
Indigestion and Inflammatory rheumatism. '    ' '"
"I had tried different klndt of die*:,
and many ot the remedies recommended, but got no better.
"Finally, Mother suggested that I
try Grape-Nuts, and I began at once
eating It with a little cream or milk.
A change for the better began nt
once. , »
"To-day I um well and am gaining
weight nnd strength all the time. I've
gained 10 lbs. ln the last five.weeks
and do not suiter any more indigestion, and tho rheumatism Is all gone.
'.'I know it* to Grape-Nuts alon,.
that I owe my restored health. I
still eat the food twice a day and
never tire of It." Name given hy
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
The flavor of Grape-Nuts ts peculiar to Itself. It Is neutral, not too
Bweet and has an agreeable, healthful
quality that never grows tiresome.
One ot the sources ot rheumatism Is
from overloading the system with add
material, the result ot Imperfect digestion and assimilation.
As soon as improper food ls abandoned and Qrnpe-1-Juta ls taken regularly, digestion Is made strong, the organs do their work ot building up good
red blood cells and of carrjJug away
the excess ot. disease-making -material
from the system.
The result ls a certain and steady
return to normal health and mental
activity. "There's a reason." Read
the little book, "The Road to Well-
ville," In pkga.
Ever read the above letter? A
ntw one appears from"tlmt to tlmt.
They art genuine, true, and full of
human Inttrtit.
>■> '"•<'•■>.:
IB uf
m Clever -.
■writes us that he warms his
milk-wagon on cold days
with a Perfection Oil
He makes his rounds
I in comfort. Zeroweath- '
fer doesn't bother him.
Thb milkman has
adapted this wonderful
little heater to his own
particular needs.
You may not drive a
milk-wagon, but there are
countless ways inwhich
one of these heaters would
be a convenience and
comfort to you in your
home. You can adapt it to
your own requirements.
Made wltb nickel trimmings
(plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums). Ornamental, Inexpensive. Lasts
for years. Easily moved from
place to place,   -
At Deeiete EverywHere.
Twenty Patients Alleged to Have Recovered Under Hit Treatment
Dector G. Odin w.n hat
prepared for lhe Society ot Compara.
tive Pathology an account of the results obtained with hla new anticancer serum.
The doctor states that he discovered
the specific microbe of cancer In the
blood of more than 150 patients, and
that analysis of blood now enables
him to diagnose cancer whenever that
terrible' malady exists in a patient
under observation.
For the lost four years Doctor Odin
has been working on this subject and
he now declares that he has secured
a serum which will really cure cancer by killing the protozoa. Thit-serum Is applied in double intramuscular Injections In a fleshy part—one Injection with an organic base, the other with a chemical base'. The treatment lasts from thirty'to thirty-flvt
One patient who was cured by Doctor Odin's serum was a gentleman
who had undergone two operations for
cancer on the face, and who last August was declared to be In a hopeless
condition. .Today he ls In' good
health. M. Regnler, a youth of 17,
who had a sarcoma on the thigh, had
twice been operated upon and had not
been able to stand up for two years.
He has also completely regained his
Doctor Odin has a list of more than
twenty other cases whore a' double
operation had been performed, .where
a third could not be undertaken, and
where the patient had been given up
as hopeless and Is now completely
Poor Fallow
Why are you wandering about the
country Instead ot looking after your
wife and children at home? Inquired
the lady of rhe,tattered tramp.
Well, ma'am, It's like this, exclaimed the tramp. My wife has a very
fine servant.     A perfect treasuce.
I don't believe thero eyer was such
a girl.   »
There Is only one, ma'am, and my
wife's got her,
Good gracious! She's a very lucky
She ls, ma'am. But tho trouble ll
that girl didn't like mc.
She dWn't like me, and she told my
wife she must cither discharge me or
her, so my w'fc- discharged me, madam. *
Oh, I sec, poor fellow! Here's
something tor you,
Keeping Hlmttlf Cool
The heat-wave had come! Even the
dogs couldn't muster energy to bark,
nnd^tho streot-csr conductor who lolled at the back ot his car could scarcely keep his eyes open.
■But he did observe the youngster,
who, tor a mile or more, trotted dog-
like alongside thc car. And at tbls
the conductor marvelled.
And at last when the car drew up,
he Inquired:
Ain't you hot enough? What d'yer
want to run like that for?
Oo-oo! gaspod the errand-boy. Hot
enough? Ccur«e I am. That's why
I'm keeping alongside J'pu. Wantcr
keep In the shade aa much a» »*>,-
Are you one of those to whom
ever/ -Tidal la another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet*
will help your disordered* stomach ta
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take ona after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. isa
Ho Wat Unreatonablo
I hear that Owennle broke oft htr
engagement with Mr. Munly becauj*
be tried to limit her enjoyments?
i Yes the was engaged, to two Other
young men, and he objected.
Often Want
quick relief from biliousness—from
its headaches, its sour stomach,
hiccoughs, flatulence, unpleasant
breath and the general feeling of
good-for-nothingness It causes.
Thousands—through three generations and the wide world over-
have found, as you will find, tbal
give the necessary relief quickly,
safely, gently, naturally. Thi*
harmless family remedy is Justly
famous for its power to put tha
bowels, liver, kidneys and stomach
in regular active working order.
In every way—in feelings,, looks,
. actions and In powers—you will
find yourself altogether better after
you have used  Beecham's Pills
Quick Relief
. Tea ttiiht to be rare to r«d the dlrec thai
with «Hrr bss.
\ ft
H Made » Deep Imprtstlen on Littlo
Julia, and Sh* Did Hsr Belt
"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some hav* entertained nugels unaware*."
The foregoing quotation I* from
chapter sill, verse 2, book of Hebrew*,'
and It Is Introduced solely because \i
constitutes, n vital part ot tbis ttory.
Julia is ten yeurs old, and sbo goes to
Suuduy school. It appears thnt on a
recent occasion the Sunday school
teacher budy-onsldernble to sny nbout
tbls matter of "entertaining angel* unawares." Anyway, It muuo a deep Im-
prcsslon with Julia.
A few duy* after the lesson Julia'*
mother left hor In charge of the house
for a row hour*. When tbe mother returned she went to a particular cup in
tba cupboard to extract therefrom a
half dollar. In tbls cup Is kept the
family pin money, and Julia's mother
knew that sbe had put DO cents there
before she lind gone out But tli*
half dollar was gone. Tbere was an
expression of unxlety on Julia's face,
■nd mother scented mischief.
"Did you take that money?" asked
the mother, somewhat severely.
Julia broke Into tears. "I gave It to
a man that came to tbe back door,",
sobbed tbe little girl.
"Gave It to a man!" exclaimed the
mother.   "What for?"
"(.thought he might be an,nngel nn-
awures," replied Julia. - Kansas City
Tht Bty Finally Recognized Him and
Won • Complimsnt.
One afternoon tbe bey ot Tunis while
flslllug lu Paris wns conducted to the
gallery ot battle pictures. They flrst
•bowed'to him Philip Augustus at Bou-
"That'* Napoleon I., Isn*t It?" »nld
the bey.
"Xo," said M. de Nolhac, "lhat ls not
Napoleon I., but, quite the same, a
grent warrior," .'
*fhey passed to St Louis, who. on tht
bridge of Tnlllebourg, was battling like
the Archangel Michael himself.
v That's Napoleon  I.?" queried the
bey with'a wink of the-eye.
"No." said M. ii No)K«c.
Tbey arrived at Henri IV- who wa*
carrying bread to the besieged Parisians.
'Napoleon I.-J" '    ' _
••No: that's Henry IV."
The bey was visibly disappointed.
.They skipped Louis XIV. and XV. and
passed quickly to tlie wars of the em-
pire.   They stopped before tha battle
ot Austerlltz.
"Napoleon LF snld the bey.
- "yes," sold M. de Nolhac. "How
your highness hn* recognised-It! How
admirable thnt ts! Ab. truly, your
highness knows tbe history of France
marvelously well."-Crl de Paris.
Reducing a Ptund to Nothing.
In what form Is lend lightest on tht
•cntes? A British scientist ha* attempted to tell how to make tbe proof,
but It isn't the easiest thing lu tb*
world either to prepare the pound of
lead or plnce it ln position for tbe
proof. He says that muklng 1,000 small
ball* of tbe pound of lead the weight
remains the same though tbe surface li
grently Increased. Then reduce th*
small balls Into 1,000,000 balls, with
lbe surface enormously Increased, but
the balls still weigh tbe one'pound'tn
tbe scales. But this scleutist say* tbat
If these 1,000,000 shot particles further
are reduced to* one tweuty thousandth
of an Inch each, they, will rest in ths
atmosphere just wbere they ars
placed. Tbls for the reason that thnt
pressOre of light from the sun exactly
overcome* tb* forces of gravitation.
To. make tbe lend bits smaller, how-
evar, tbe scientist says that ths sunlight seizes tbem aad buries tbem into
space. .	
Hindu M*tn Lor*.
According to tbo Hindu*, a lunar
eclipse I* th* contact between th*
moon and another planet called .taboo,
but the masses believe that, owing to
tho will of Ood, Ksboo, or the serpent*
like planet, catches hold of the moon
by Its hideous mouth nnd releases It
after a short time. At flrst contact th*
Hludus bath* In lho sea and anxiously awnlt tho release. After the contact tbey take another bath. During
(ho interval they are not allowed even
to drink a cup ot wnter, ns their belief ts thst all tblngs In th* world get
polluted during the contat t.
H*w to Tut It and How to Tell tht
Kind of Fish It Hold*.
Francis Marre gives the following In-
structlon* for purchasing a can ot sardines:
Tbe two sides or tbe can should bs
flat or concave, lf they bulge out there
ts a likelihood that tbe can contains
gases resulting from decomposition.
No can sbould be bought that hu
been resoldcied.
Th* lettering on th* can sbould bs
clear and distinct
It there 1* a cholc* between soldered
cans and cans sealed by crimping, ths
latter should,always be preferred.
If tbe cans are soldered select thos*
that have bright solder, which ls less
likely to contain lead and. less likely
to be bnd.
After tbe box ot sordines ls taken
hjme the con should bt opened under
water. It any bubbles of gas escape
tbe stuff should be destroyed. Tbo klud
of oil used In preparing the sardines
ls of ad great Importance. The fish
used are not however, always' trut
In the true sardine the dorsal On Is
forward ot tbe ventral fins and there
ts no, wrinkled crest on the ventral
line. The skin is smooth and bluish
on the back.^ln the herring the dorsal
Is only slightly In front of the ventral
fin and there Is a wrinkled rldgt behind tbt latter. The skin ls brownish
on the back, wltb a delicate network.
In the sprat the dorsal On Is In a
line with tbe ventrals, and lbevcrest
behind as well as in front of the ventral Ons can be easily felt by passing
tbe thumb backward from tbe base of
tbe head. The flesh Of tbe sprat I*
ratber hard.
in the anchovy the ventral crest 1*
absent, as In tbe sordines, but tbe dor
sal fins are behind the ventrals. Ths
"cHnchard," a small variety ot mackerel, "may be distinguished by Its grayish color and the presence of two fins
on the back extending nearly the whol*
length ot tbe 'body. Tho forward fla
has a splay point-Harper's Weekly.
An Amsxlng Charlatan Startltd SA>
tain In tht Eighties.
In'the current number of The Corn-
hill Magazine, there it an interesting
Solemn Farcts That Havi Seen En
•ct.d In tht British Navy.
It Is a rule ln the British navy that
wben a ship Is Cast sway or otherwise
Igst a court martial must sit In order
to apportion Ihe blame. Sometimes
tbese courts really try "and condemn
tboso thot are.held to be responsible.
At other times tbelr duties are, from
the very nature ot the catastrophe,
more or less nominal.
Thus, when the Serpent was lost oil
the Spanish coast a court martial assembled and solemnly "tried" tbree ordinary bluejackets, the sold survivors,
although Ihey of course had no more to
Ao wltb the error In navigation wblcb
led up to th* catastrophe tban the man
In tho moon.
A similar solemn fares was enacted
after the -loss ot th* Captain In th*
bay of Biscay, when 493 ollicer* and
men lost their lives. In this cast a
gunner named James May, one of th*
eighteen who escaped from the wreck;
wns the nominal "culprit". The ver-
diet was tbnt the loss of the ship waa
du* to Instability and faulty construction. -This'really amounted lo a vote
of censure on Cowper Coles, lbe designer, bnt as he went down wit*
the ungainly monster he bad creati-d
be wa* beyond th* reach of either
blame or praise. -
On another occasion a small "middy"
of thirteen years of age was put upon
trial, ond once. It Is sold, a court
martial assembled on a cat, which
chanced to bo the sole living thing
found aboard a derelict ft-lgnte. . *-
lur* Our* fer Rheumatic Complaint*
I* New Cry *f London.rt.
On the root ot Gemsge'e building'*
...   ,„„»  .„   ...   xxstoxwoxxxx,    [" »H™ *•">" »' t&J"*?0 P°»T-
account of one ot tho most extrZ I *»* *?**& goWott, «■» $"•/*
ordinary charlatans who ever gulled I "-V.01* ^e*,i.t0 *-r°h r Z,tofmtt
"the Eternal Gullible." He died *. »ljt« to AeumaUsu| owes hfc cure
recently as January 17, 1894, but, un. ' ,". J","f°«n'"? .E?? >. &ffi?J
der theisms of Charles d. BwrimijWftJK*A*_£ *&?-ll 12P&
Prince of Mantua and Mouttetrat, hit
imposture reached its zenith in 1883.
This man's real name was Charles
Ottley Groom, but early in his career
he adopted tbe name of "Napier of
Merehiston," under which style ba
published in 1870 a strange work called "The Book of Nature and the Book
for rheumatic complaints, and this
manager who hu oharge of Gamigs't
aerial apitry, Mr. W. Burrow, eon*
tossed to a representative ot the Daily
Chrouiele recently that he himself
had suffered twice from rheumatio
fever, alter which he decided to take
up  bee-keeping.    "Since  then,"  h»
eu    ine 13001 oi navutt) «*.iu ,„- _>uu__    -r   — .   ,rf\. "      :. ,... . .__.,_._..
of Msn." .Fivo.ye.rs later he read be-   ^J^"^ pateMo
were victims to the complaint hav*
come to us on the advice of thtlr
fore the British Association a paper
upon a new euro for intemperance by
vegetarianism, and claimed to have
brought back 27 drunkards to the moral path with absolute success.
It waa after this thst he assumed
the title of Prince of Mantua and
Montfcrrat, basing a perfectly iniag.
inary claim upon a bogus pedegree
starting, witli Adam, and passing by
way of King David and many famous
personages to CadwalUder, ,.1'rince of
Wales. The most amazing tiling about
this man was that he never seem3 to
have msde any money out of his
imposture, but simply played the
prince to indulge his own vsnity and
to confer make-believe favors upon
other people.
If one could believe t detailed ao-
count of a banquet given at Green-
March 24,  i879,  no  fewer
wich  on   March 24,  i879,  no  ..„,.    --,..,. ,, „_„,, - ,„.,_
than 7,000 people   assembled  to  dox, Further, the hues col Ice ed some forty
honor to the 'brince," who treated -V^^^S* -;•%«■.-» *£
Murgtr'n Last Words.
In the dlury of Boron d'Amb**,
published aa "Tbe Intimate Memoir* of
Napoleon III.," U thi* entry for Jan*
uary, 1801:     -
"I was with Aim* Millet Ith* sculptor), who wss tht lost thnt spoke to
blm (Murger, tht writer).
do you think be sold to Millet? 'Mlud
you * * * there sre only three-thing*
in life-friendship, love snd'- He
could not fluish, be was choking * * *
Tbe man fell silent awhile, then we**-t
on ogatn, fascinated, 'Friendship-love'
- I wish I knew what the third thing
doctors, and our bees have cured them
with slings."
Three years ago the apiary en the
root wat formed by a neuclus of
half a dozen hives, taken from *
firm's farm at Finohley, each of whioh
contained a minimum of 60,000 beet,
and to-day, up among the chimney
pots of Central London, there are over
thirty hives with a total of bees which
msy bs anything from 1,800,000 to
The apiary is principally designed
for breeding purposes, and with the
original stocks as basis, Italian and
Swiss strain's have been introduced.
This year three hundred queens were
firoduced, and were sold at prices vary,
ng from a crown to half a guinea,
them to a vegetarian meal, served on
gold and silver plate which in Its
value; recalled the service at Windsor wlthl
Castle. Three hundred of the guests. f*°rn.
many of them from distant parts of
the world, had their traveling expenses paid, involving an expenditure of nearly $45,000—on paper.
The banquet was as imaginary ss
was tlie breakfast given in the sama
year to 350 Welsh miners, who out ol
the fullness of their gratitude presented His Highness with a beautifully
illuminated address and nuggets valued ot $100,000, the proceeds of Welsh
goli mining. What really happened
was that the prince had an ingenious
press agent, perhaps the first of his
race, who prevailed on certain newspapers to print accounts of these marvelous ceremonies.
But the launching of the Mantua
Memorial University Fund upon tho
publio attention vas the prince's supreme effort. He remembered -that
early in the eighteenth century one of
his ancestors had left lor educational
purposes a sum of money which, by
accumulation, had increased to $3,-
750,000, and he got quite a number
of reputable people to believe bim.
The nonexistent trustees of tb*
fund' were, it appears, anxious to
utilize the imaginary savings in the
establishment of a university where it
was most wanted, and as at this time
Wales was clamoring for a University,
wbat more natural than that the true,
tees sho ild acknowledge the claims
of the -principality? Publio gatherings in support of the movement were'
held, civic deputations wailed upon
the prince to urge lhe right ol Iheir
boroughs t» favorable consideration,1
and a good deal of jealousy was'
aroused* between rival municipalities;
who wished to supply the site for tha
At a meeting in Exeter Hall in the
middle of 11VS delegates from Wales
proceeded v.'jtli all seriousness to discuss the prooosal, And Brecon and
Wrexham hotly contested tho suporlJ
ority of the 'attractions they could
severally offer to a university. But
this was tho hipostors final effort.
With the packing up of his Bible, Iiii
shorn portraits, bogus key, and other
paraphernalia ot Exeter Hall, th*
prince with his secretaries, curators,
pictures, collections, museums, medals, and treasures, disappeared from
view. He lived for more than ten
years in retirement, with the memories of his vast imposture fur solsco.
color, and the nectar (or it was gath
ered by the "workers" of the colony
within a radius of four miles of Hot
Ws can tell from their pollen;"
Ssld Mr. Burrow, "that the furthest
the bees travel is to Hampstead
Heath, which ls about four miles
away, but for the most part the neo-
tar is gathered from the blooms of
the vegetstlon in the London squares
and gardens—both on the grounds and
on the roofs—and Jn th* parks. 8incs
the spiary was established many people havo been Instructed in thc art of
bee-keeping, and there nre many who
'keep bees on their housetops. At this
Imoment I have a countess and a for-
jeign princess receiving practical tui-
'lion from the bees here."
I The cold weather is confining th*
bees to their hives, and a grim feature of the roof is the little piles of
'dead bees whicli the wind has swept
jinto odd nooks aud corners. V.'hen
the wind shifts there is a stream ol
these victms of overwork dropping
into the narrow street between Gam-
age's and the next building. But it
should be remembered that the aver-
ago life of a liee after it begins to
leave the hive to collect material for
honey-nuking is only six weeks.
' It is strange to note that not one
of the bees lias ever been known to
■stray into the building. At this farm
at Finchiey the firm have ns many
as 600 hives, aud honey is produced
in enormous  quantities.
Fakir* I* tlio nam* given to a celebrated class of fanatics found In many
parte of tb* enst but more particularly
in India. Some of tbem will mak* a
vow to continue all tbelr live* in on*
posture and adhere to It strictly. Others never Ho down, but remain In a
(landing position all their lives, upheld only by sticks or ropes under th*
armpits. They pretend to hav* sut-
Quod every passion of mortality,
On* Universal gymb*'
"Scientist* it work on « nnlverssi
Isngusg* bar* one symbol to start
with that already bos th* som* meaning tbo world ov«r," * trawler ssld.
"ThaUs the skull and crossbones. Its
spsech'ls even more universal thnn
must* or money. Musics! values differ to different countries, as docs money, but from on* end of tb* earth to
the otber a akull and crossbones means
poison. "-New Tork Times.   ;       -
-       Addled   Knowledge.
Additions to (lie already long record of school boy howlers ar_ quoted
by The University Correspondent
from a New Zealand paper:
Tho Transvaal is situated on a pla-
AudwhotJ toau ')'0()u rii'e'' 1,i?''* *'"' Produces
Urge crops of serials.
Gross dsi-kness Is 144 times darker
than ordinary darkness.
What is tlie origin of the word
"cshal?" — CA and BA stands for
Oampbell-Baiinerinon and the I, at tht
tail is because he was leader of the
Liberal Party.
Marconi is stuff you use to mtkt
delicious  puddings.
Charon was a nun who fried soles
over the sticks.
Almost as good ss these examples
is sn extract from a parish inagszine,
whose editor wrote:
The sneient risk chest belonging to
ths parish hos been restored snd placed in the schoolroom. If sny parishioners have any articles of publio in-
tew' which they would lik_i to preserve for posterity,- they will be wel-
corned by tlie rector and churchwardens, n.id deposited in tlio chest.
Saih Cords.
The life ol a sash cord will bt
lengthened if it be dusted and wiped
kith a greased cloth occasionally,
Coloring Her Dsd. '
Her Fother-I Judge a man, sir, by
Ibe company ht keeps. Tb* Suitor-
Then I'm all right, for I'rt been keep.
Ing company wltb your daughter for
over two ycars.-Boston Transcript
Bulducss Is ever blind, therefor* tt I*
, III In counsel, but good In execution,*
i Bacon. *
Hoi   Thty Ar*   Taught  by   Lend**
Dealers to Talk.
There is * good deal of individual- -
ity about the parrot, ta whatever
tribe he may belong. Tlie grey parrot from the West Coast of Africa and
Prince'* Island is supposed to be ths
hest talker, but the Indian bird, although perhaps not so clear ot
speech, fs often quite as clever.
A writer ia London Ideas recently
hod aii interview with a dealer in
' parrots ol every known species. By
judicious education, lie said, a parrot
nf almost i.ny kind, from the tiny
budgerigar to the gigantic macaw,
might be converted into 'a talker.
"My method?" he repeated. "Well,
they nre simple enough. I allow my
parrots como proportion of their native food—bananas, palm, nuts and
tho like. I begin by instructing them
to pronounce one word, allowing tliem
two days to master it. and gradually
increasing their vocabulary to three
or four words. 1 (hen make sentences
of words that are easily Joined together. It takes a male bird at most
two weeks to master half a dnr.cn
short sentences in one language. The
females are not quite so quick.
"In teaching a parrot, un important
secret is to demonstrate the meoning
of the word or sentence if possible,
so that it will seem to speak intelligently. For instance, pulling a newspaper from my pocket, I will say,
'What's the time?" The parrot will
soon learn to suit the word to the
"In teaching the bird to greet a
visitor with 'How d'you do,' I repeat
tho wori'i on entering ils presence.
To make him say 'Must you gof
'Good-bye,' 1 rise from a chair, pick
up my hot, -jnd while leaving- the'
room repeat the words.
"There are birds that can quote
from the. classics or from the works
of tome of our best known authors.
These command exceedingly high
prices. One thnt I taught to speak
several phrases from Shakespeare
nnd Dickens, I sold to a literary man
for $100. The bird wos of the common
black cockatoo species.
"Parrots cro admirable imitators.
I had a parrot once.that could give
an exact -Imitation of Don Leno's
voice, snd crock several of his short
jokes. A clover umatcur actor, who
is u pretty good mimic, taught ths
bird. It took him about four months,
but hli patience was well rewarded.
A well known actor heard of the bird
from a member of his coinpany, and
bought it for $150. Most actors have
a liking for pr.rrots, particularly for
the good mimics. Miss Gertie Millar
has ll line collection of (hem.
"Large retail business houses and
manufacturing firms oro nlso good
customers. 1 sell tliem what I coll
m/ advertising parrots. 1 have sold
to several tobacconists psrrots that
I have taught to soy, 'Sit down for a
smoke," 'Try So-and-So's cigar," and
the like. Others 1 have taught to puff
certain well known foodstuffs for some
of Ilie food manufacturing concerns,
who lend the psrrots out to the shops
that sell their speciality."
*     Well Disposed Llttlt Cousin.
A little girl wbo lives In n small
town ln Missouri wrote the following
letter to her cousin: "We la all well,
and mother'* got the bis Tcrrlcks,
brother Tom Is got the Uupln Kaugh,
and sister Ann Is go't a babee, and i
hop* tbess few linos will Bnd you tke
same, Tour affecshunste kuzen."-Keu-
lu Oity Time*.
Scott,  Byron   and  John   Murray.
It is not perhaps generally known
that- Scott reviewed the "Waverley
Novels" in the "Quarterly," partly,
no doubt, to conceal his identity,.**
the author. H* praised "Guy Man-
neriiig,' but dealt warily with lbe
"Black Dwarl" snd "Old Mortality."
. 11 was not till 1827 that John Murray (afterwards the Third) heard
Scott's avowal of the authorship at
the famous dinner at Edinburgh. The
origin of th* Byron connection, too,
was curious. Byron had made a present of the first two cantos of "Childs
Harold" (in MS.) to R. C. Dallas.
Murray's predecessor, Millert had rejected them.
Murr.ay agreed to publish, snd it
wss this production that gave rlsi
to Byron's remark: "I awoke on*
morning and found myself famous."
For Uie hook Murray paid $3,000.
..'The Giaour" and "Ihe Brido of Aby.
dos" followed quickly. Concerning
this Byron's Diary reveals this:
Mr. Murray has offered me one
thousand guineas for "The fiisour"
and "Th* Bride ot Abydin." 1 won't.
It Is too muCh, No bad price for s
fortnight's (a week* each) what? It
wos intended to be c-allcd poetry.
Six thousand of th* latter sold in *
month, and Murroy had established ]
himself as a Kuropesn fore*.
The   average M.H., who   is   called |
upon lo fight fur his seat   nt   every
election,    and    who    seldom    knows
whether he will Im rejected or return* j
rd, must,   envy Mr. Iliigh Law,   thai
Nationalist member for West Donegal, |
v.l)i lias occupied Hint seat since 100'/.
Mi.   Law   eujiys   the   distinction   ol
representing a constituency w-liieli lias I
never  bfeii   contested   s'uco   it was ]
crcottd   in   IS85.    Consequently,   no
nuittcc how   often   general   elections
niay b<i hold, Mr. Law goes serenely j
on Ills wny.
Mr. Hugh Law is the second tea of
the late Riglit lion, llug'.i Law, lorm-
crly Lord Chancellor of Ireland, lis
wa; educated at Rugby, snd University College. Oxford, lie married th*
daughter o. an Irish clergyman, and
when his parliamentary duties do not
detsln liiin In London, he resides in
Ballymore, county Dorcgal, where he
is enabled to indulge in his lavorite
recreations o( fishing and riding.
->  O. tned a Shop.
"What's    beeom.   ol   that   fellow
.   "Ob, he opi-ncd a shop."
"Dulbg wol'r"
"No, doing time. Ua was caught
In the act.",
How t* flrow Tail.
A man'* organs and tbose of bis boned
which are not subjected to pressure
grow continuously -until be ls forty
years oltl—Hint Is to say, the heart
sbould become stronger, tb* capacity
of tb* lung* Increase, and tbe brain
abould develop steadily' uutil tbo fourth
dgcado of life. Also one sbould wear a
larger bat at the age of forty than at
thirty. A man censes to grow tall, bow-
ever, at the beginning ot tbe third decade, because after that time tbe down-
word pressure exerted by the welgbt of
the body wbile ln Ihe erect position
compresses the vertebrae or small
bones In tba spine, the disks of enrtt-
lege between them, the pelvis and tbe
thigh bones, and tbls pressure overcomes the nsturnl elasticity of the
disks ond tho growth of tbese bones.
However, a British scientist contend*
that were mnn a quadruped and therefore freed from the downward pressure produced by his weight upon his
spinal column be would continue to
grow ln height for ten year* longer
tbiiu be docs st present, since It ba*
been found that bones not subjected to
compression Increase up to the fourth
decode.-Chlcogo Tribune.
Pretty Namt* For Books.
Ths following ore some of the curious titles of old English books:
"A Most Delectable Sweet Perfumed
Nosegay For God's Snlulj to Smell
"Biscuit linked In the Oven of Chor-"
Uy, Carefully Conserved For tbe Chickens of the Church, tMe Spirrows ot th*
Spirit ond Ihe Sweet Swallow* of Salvation."
"A Sigh of Sorrow For Ih* Sinner*
of Zion Breathed Out of a Hoi* ln th*
Wall of an Earthly Vessel Known
Among Men by th* Nome of Samuel
Fish" (a Quaker wbo bnd been Imprisoned).
"Egg* of Chnrity Loyed For tb«
Cblcken* of th* Covenont and Boiled
Wllb tbe Water of Divine Love. Tak*
T* Out and Eat."
"Tb* Spiritual Muatsrd Pot to Make
tbe Soul Sneeze With Devotion."
Most of then* were published In tb*
tlm* ot Cromwell.
Appreciated 8il*ne*.
"How did be make out
"Very line, Indeed."  ty},'.
"Wbat did be sny'<"
"Nothing.   He forgot his speech.'' THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
I am now ready to serve your
Hardware Wants in My
New Big Store
/ extend to you an invitation to ,
visit and see the up- to-date store.
sJVlake this Your Headquarters.
I shall in future, as in the past, try
to please you and give you full
value tor your money".
W. K C. c^WANLY \
Granby 23,116
Mother Lode  7,488
RawTiide  4,808
Napoleon      402
Queen Victoria     580
Others      112
Smelter treatmen—
Granhy .22,405
"B.C. CopperCo...ll.S45
*'i'lie turntable fur tne C.P.R.
roundhouse arrived in tne city ou
\\ ednesday, and the work ut' installing it. has be>-n coinineiiced. Five
stalls of the rouiidhuuifle ure now un
tier roof, and the windows Imve been
I ul iu, but the front „i the building
is not yet enclosed. In the machine
shop the machinery is being placed in
The last contingent of C.P.K. employees at Kholt moved to the city un
Wednesday. A large number of
tliem have taken up their temporary
residence iu cars fitted up by the
company, while others are staying at
the Pacific hotal.
VV. K. C. .Manly has moved his
hardware store into his new brick
building ou Bridge street. Mr. Manly
now has one of thu largest and hau.i-
somest hardware stores in the prov
A. E, Cox, formerly a land owner
in this vulley, was in the city last
Monday, being enroute from a visit to
•Spokane to his home in Beaverdell.
The intermediate hockey game between Phoenix and Greenwood in the
latter town last Thursday was won by
Phoenix by a score of 11 to 4.
K. H. Carley, the well known commercial traveller, was in the city the
latter pnrt uf last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Penrose left
last week for u visit to Victuria and
ulher coast cities.
F. H Knight, the Midway coal
promoter of -spoknne, was tu the city
tins week.
The Pacific lutel has installed a
new $150 (juruey range.
Not a single new reason has been
indented, discovered ur advanced
since 11109 in favor of a direct contribution to the battleship urmaneiit
of the North Sea us against colonial
fleets protecting the empire trade
routes and establishing fresh centres
of naval power outside the British
isles—Acadian Reporter.
products between Canada, and the
^United States would have lieen followed by a further increase in. the
British preference This w,,u'il have
largely iiii*rease,l the volume of tradu
between Great Britain and Canada,
just as it *ns ini-ieased liv the first
preference granted,by the Liberal
government in lt.97
A further development of Hon.
Martin Burrell's plan of last kession
for the encouragement of agriculture
is outlined in a notioe of motion given
in the. house, as follow : "That it is
expedient t pr ,v id.i hat a sum not
exceeding $10,0011,000 be paid out of
the consolieated revenue fund of Canada during the peiiod of ten years,
beginning with the year ending March
31, 11)14, for the pun use of aiding and
ad-aiming the failing indus'i-y by
instruction in agriculture, ilieludini;
the work carried on by the veterinary
co leges ", __
Peter Veregin, the leader of the
Doukhobor colony, was refused ad
mission to the United States by the
United Stntes immigration agent ut
Marcus. He was on his way' from
Brilliant to Victoria, when he was
turned baek on the ground that he is
an anarchist. He had to return to
Nelson and go by way of the C P. R.
to Victoria. If Mr. Veregin thinks
be has any grievance in the mallei- the
only thing he can do is to complain to
the czar of Russia, whose subject he
is. It will not be possible for the
government of Canada to do anything
because of the refusal nf the Doukhobors to become British subjects.—
Busslaiid Miner.
The following are the returns ol
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Orates I
F. Downey's Cigar Sture
dfpii-k, Kii6 Ffi***.! Strppt
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot nml • Shoe Hospital. Bridge
street. Grand Porks,
Auguit tl, ifOV
S, Arm St., *mw York Citv,
DearSir: I have known fnr orer 4qY«r» of tha
cS.euo. w.i..,.,-■ Hern, j. fvvilmn's Preiwitka
cSHypoi.licsniil.tr aad B_u_l._c.tl] incuuol p-1-
___o_u__y troubles. At Him i. .ut 1 will Mr to yon
wbat yon have ,,-'. b._.,ie .:;i-i..-n of: that 41 years
•ince, while 1 was a 1, si.l-R. of N.Y. City, I WU
•evenly ill with lung tioulile. Physician! said I waa
a consumptive unci r.-.y family physician toid my wife
that ha thought 1 eesld not re aver. M y attention
was directed to lhe Wilson I.eioedy, which I used
with spleodid .fret. I have been on tny feet and XX
work ever since nt V cn-e. Yours truly,
Kstor U. 1.Church, Hunter, (GreeneCo.,) N.Y.
On Dec  t, 1 on, Mr. Sscer wrote Mr. Abbott;
*'My health is very n •„!.
It  you   will   write Mr.  Abbott  he
will gladly furtii li you any  further
Karl   0,rev's   sence of  justice has
lieen outraged hy the   unfair   attack!.
upon Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   in   Great I  Information you desire.
Britain   and   Canada, and, like   the ' •
.great man he is. he boldly takes his
place at Sir Wilfrid's side in support
of reciprocity between Canada and the
United States,    It must have been a *       CCIIFDAI  TRilKFCQ UffPlf
great trial for him in Canada   lo read j       OtntnAL WRndrCI. HU W
the trash that took the place of  argu j
ment   against the  agreement.— Vic
im ia Tillies.
In his letter to the   bunion Times
on reciprocity    Earl   Grey   said   that  _„_„_ ,,
the adoption uf reciprocity in   natural   PHONF 64
Ten   Minorca   Roosters, one year I
old,   for sule.    Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition,
Mining Stock Quotations   j
Spokane,   Jan.  23 —The   follow j
(Published Annually)
Kuai'lei- trmlere tlironuhoitt th« world to
ooliiinlinloate direct with Uupllsli
ing are today s opening quotations for; m ANUFACTUUEKS .t DEALERS
the stocks ineiitijiietU... .
Granby  Consolidated.
B.  Cr  Copper	
57 00
lu each class of fronts.   ...
u_i't« commeicuil guide tn London ami Its
Suits to Order &18 iwd8
1 We are agents for somo of the leading tailoring establishments in the cast. When you order from us you have
the advantage of bein" measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in tho country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and seo our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
Residue being s com
„,...  ,.„    _. le In London at '
suburbs, the dlrm'tory contain- lists of
with the Hoods they ship, nnd ihe -I'oloiilitl
nml Kon-lgn    arketithej- supiilfl
..rmniteil under the IMrts to whlrh tlity sail,
anil InilieatiiiF thi- aniirnxlmate _.allllitl»;
Metal Quotations
New York, Jan. 23.—Silver 61 J;
copper,     J17.25@I7.50;
London,   Jan.
lead, £16 10b.
23.4-Silver,   28
Grand Forks Transfer
.raONB 119
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*.
Prnm n MlnMcr In New Tork: "I wna
"si\i-tcij- 111 witli limit trouble. Mv atten-
-iinii v.ns iliri'i-ii'ii i<> :i,e, Wilson Ueuiedy
-wltli.il 1 usud with miloudld effect."
Trom n lndy In Mlr-liigiin: *'l used ynur
"mi'iili-int! lirst .B uf 44 ywirs ugo nnd It
"saved in,- train ending-my days with con-
"■umptlnn. Tliere would be no uae of no
"iiiuny penple dying with consumption It
"tliey muild be persuaded to try Wllsou's
If vnn nre snfferlnif frnm ANT lung or
r-  nt Ir-uli!.- It J, ymir duty td lnvestl-
jr >-, Sn-hl ir free full infiirmatlon to.
Wilson's Remedy, Westwood. N. J.
ol leadlutr .Miuiiilui-t'n-,'.. flleri-liniits.e'e., lis
the principal iip-vmelsl towns and Indiistrln!
m-utrosoftheUnltid Kimulom
A copy ol the current eilttioii .iill be lor-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order l<" 20*.
   or larger advertise*
men's", roii. £3,
Dealers seeking  Agencies  can
their trade cards lor £1,
•25, Abohuroh T-ane, l/mdon, .E.C.
Located in thf* central part of the city
nf Nelson, offers everv facility for a
solid education in English, coiiiniercial
and music branches. Kmbroiderv,plain
and Imicy needlework anil sinning arc
-iivi'ii"i«|ii-i-iH- attention The cniiiiitei--
i.-ial i-ourse iilelililes slenoifrii|i|iv, ivoii-
wt-itiiiK, iKHikkeeimit; ami iMiiiiiuei'cial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal -
College of Music
PHONE    L14
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to plione orders.
ft, GALLOWAY, A Columbia P. o.
We are prepared to do
1    all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the -shortest notice and-in
the  most up-to-date style
We have tlie most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, etii|ilny com
|>etent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads nnd Statement**,
letterheads nud Envelopes,
I'oHtere, Dates ajid Uislgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
l/odge Constitutions and Bylaws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and I'liicnrds,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
I'nils.   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
rif*f*T\ PDIl-flTIlVIfi—the kil"" we ,io~,H iu
**J\.I\JU L IV1L11IUVJ   „„ advertisement, and
, ,   ..   trial
order will convinoe you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. I_et us estimate on vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
ill* &\m print &b0p
Furniture Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
A roanrrs stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh t-oimlKlilili-tit ol
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
ttmiifl ||iK»Si»«ji»av
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nohtii of Uhanby  Uotki..
Kiiist Sthkkt.
Tdmttfie mtm.
SlaixAxmi, Ulmttit»4w-«Ur. Lmwtor-
« p ..    — ij KinUflo loonid.   Tirai Bt
ri -mi,*oxxi*w frtfoia.   BoM *,
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A tell»bl« French regtiUto;: never Ulll. Thet*
pllll >re eiCHdlnglr powetlul la refnUMM the
liMntlvt portion ol theletiiele •y»tem.   Kelme
Wibw7oithtMloilia Mal|fUS*WMdNW,
Ttw S****x\ Vna Oo„ St. CntharUM, Oat ,


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