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The Evening Sun Jun 12, 1908

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Legislative Library
Seventh Year—No. 33.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. June 12, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Report From Nelson  Says
North Fork Line Will be
Built This Season
Expect to Have Steel Laid
to Franklin Camp This
h cm of a serious nature. They
were attended to at Rossland on the
arrival of the train, and no serious
effects are expected in any case.
Mr. Richardson, a traveler of Nelson, who is well known in this city;
Mr and Mrs. A. Larson, of Rossland, and the section foreman and
his wife from Genelle were suffering
somewhat from the shock and went
to the hospital, hut it is expected
that they will be out in i few   days.
Two weeks ago the statement was
printed exclusively in The Sun that
work on the grade of the Kettle
Valley line, between Lynch creek
and Franklin camp, would be commenced on the 1st of July. A Nelson dispatch of the 9th inst. to the
Spokesman-Review confirms this
statement.   The dispatch says:
"W. P. Tierney, the railroad con
tractor, left this morning for the
Boundary country for the purpose
of starting work for the continuation
of the construction of the Kettle
Valley line northward. This will
now bo actively prosecuted through
the summer, by the end of which
steel should have been laid for at
least 100 miles north of Grand
Forks. Work is being completed
upon the improvements of the Canadian Pacific railway at the Mother
Lode mine, and also at the point
crossing the Gold range just west of
Arrow Lake. Mr. Tierney has also
a force of men working in tne other
direction at Hosmer, in the Crow's
Nest, in preparation for the opening
of the Canadian Pacific railway coal
None of thc local officers of the
road are in a position to either confirm or contradict the above report.
New Scandinavian Society
Tomorrow evening — Saturday,
June 13th—at 8 o'clock, a meeting
of the Scandinavian residents of the
city will be held in Eagles' hall for
the purpose of organizing a local
lodge of the Scandinovian Aid and
Fellowship Society of America. The
first officers of the lodge will be
elected at this meeting, and all Scan
dinavians residing in the city and
district are earnestly requested to attend the meeting and to enroll their
names as members.
Tne Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society of America iH a sick
and benefit order of over twenty
years' standing, and has local lodges
in the principal cities and towns
all over the continent. In this province there are lodges in Phoenix,
Greenwood and al] the Kootenay
and coast cities. The membership
is confined to the Scandinavian race,
and the principal object of the society, aside from that of fellowship,
is to assist needy members. The
society maintains.at) old man's home
in the east, and it is the ambition of
the western lodges to erect a similar
home in the Pacific northwest.
Wreck Near Rossland
The .morning C. P. R. passenger
train to Rossland was in trouble
Monday morning four miles north
of Rossland. The rear coach was
derailed by a broken rail and turned
over, All the passengers in the
coach, fourteen in number, received
some cuts and bruises, but none of
Married at Armstrong
Dr. C. M. Kingston, of this city,
and Miss Van Kleek, of Armstrong,
B.C., were married at the home of
the bride's brother in the latter city
on the 3rd inst. The groom is the
pioneer physician of this city, and
enjoys a lucrative practice. The
bride was formerly a teacher in the
public school here. The couple will
spend a month touring the coast
cities before returning here to take
up their residence
Enlarging Store
P. Bums & Co.'s store, on the
corner of Bridge and First streets, is
being completely remodeled, and the
appearance of the structure will be
greatly improved by the installation
of big plate glass windows. The
building will be occupied on the
first of next month by ,-D. \ D.
Munro <fe Co., the well known
and up-to-date clothiers, who find
their present quarters too cramped
for the immense volume of business
they are doing.
New Auto in Town
On Monday last C. E. Lane, the
Granby electrician, was made happy
by the arrival of his new auto from
the factory. It is a two-seated, 22-
horsepower Buick machine, and it
runs like lightning. It cost about
81800 laid down here. This makes
auto No. 6 now in the cicy. The
new machines are now arriving hero
so swiftly that The Sun has found
it necessary to make arrangements
with the proprietors of the Yale and
Windsor to send us phone messages
immediately on being sighted down
the line.
Grand Forks Won
The Grand Forks baseball club
added unother notch to its long list of
victories at Phoonix • last Sunday.
Taking the uniqueness nf the Phoenix diamond into consideration, the
guiuo was a good one, notwithstanding the large number of runs tallied.
A number of local enthusiasts accnm*
Dry Farming in Southwest
Said to Be  a Great
A Traveler From the District Relates His Impressions
and ample lire protection. On motion of Commissioners Whiteside
and MoArille, the changes asked fur
were granted, on condition that Mr.
McDonald file with thc city elerk
a certified copy uf the published notice asking fnr the changes.
A resolution was also adopted authorizing the renewal of tbe following hotel and liquor licenses: Yule
hotel, Windsor, Winnipeg, Province,
Granby, Grand Forks, Victoria, Alberta and Pacific.
After a brief discussion of police
matters, the meeting adjourned.
Mr. F. B. McKeehan, United
States immigration inspector, with
headquarters in this city, who has
just returned from a three weeks'
trip to Old Mexico, gave an absorbingly interesting lecture to a small
but select audience at the Yale last
Monday night. Hud the event been
properly announced in advance,
Mr. McKeehan would have had a
crowded house, as he isnn entertaining and logical speaker, and people
hnve been known to travel a number
of miles for an opportunity to listen
to bim. Mr. McKeehan takes a keen
interest in all matters appertaining
to modern scientific farming, and
during his recent trip through the
southwest he mude a thorough investigation of "dry farming," and he
took this as the topic for his discourse. "Dry farming," said the
speaker, "is, as the phrase implies,
farming without water. Instead of
irrigating the lund, it is harrowed at
frequent intervale, this having the
effect of bringing the moisture to the
surface. This method has been
carried on with great success in the
arid belt of Colorado during the
past four or five years. Dry farming," concluded tho speaker, "is a
wonderful thing, and it is transforming tke southwest from a desert
into an earthly paradise. I was so
greatly impressed with the results
obtain from this scientific agricultural work, that I am firmly convinced that if the same method to
obtain moisture is adopted in hades,
it can be converted into unattractive
and comfortable place." Mr. McKeehan may, at some future date,
give a lecture on his impressions of
a bull fight he witnessed at Juarez,
at the same time also relating some
of the more exciting experiences encountered on his recent trip.
Freaks of Lightning
The electric storm last Sunday
appears to have had a greater grievance against the British Columbia
Telephone company than any other
that has visited this section for a
number of years past. About 100
phones were temporarily put out of
business, and Mr. Jost was kept
busy all day Monday replacing
burned-out fuses. At the Riverside
nurseries the lightning played a
strange freak. It tore a small sliver
off a telephone pole the entire distance from the top to the ground;
entered the small house by the wires
and shattered the phone, and after
circling around the room once or
twice made its exit. Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Weiland, employees of the
nursery company, were in tbe room
at the time, but escaped uninjured,
although they say they could hear
the current whizzing around the
room. After the storm Mrs.
Weiland went out to the chicken
house, and found the hens so scared
that they were ull laying down.
Hand Injured
H. I. Andrews, a smelter employee, had the misfortune to have
three of the fingers of his left hand
taken off by the big crane Saturday
morning. The band was also badly
bruised. Tbe patient is recovering
from the effects of his injuries as
rapidly as can be expected.
License Commissioners
The regular statutory  meeting  of
the license   commissioners for  the
the club up the hill.  The score i city of Grand Forks was held in tbo
; " I city nail at 3 o'clock on Wednesday
afternoon, Mayor Fripp and Commissioners Whiteside and McArdle
j being present.
P. 1). McDonald, of the Queens
i hotel, made application for the,
'. transfer of his liquor license from the
Grand Forks.?)  1110 3 0 0 0—11
Phoenix 5 0 0 10 0 10 0—7
The line-up was as follows:
Grand   Folks—Ryan,   F. Haverty,
C. Haverty. A. Miller, R. Miller, Kl-
liott, Longhurst, Hard, Powell.
Phoenix—G. liiner, Mclvilvio, Per
Badly Injured
W. D. Jones was seriously injured
ut the Granby smelter last Friday
afternoon. While assisting in some
construction work on the blower
pipes, a lurge piece of pipe fell and
hit him on the buck, injuring his
spinal column, and paralysis of both
of his legs immediately set in. He
wus removed to thc Cottage hospital,
where bis injuries were attended to
by the smelter physician. For a
time his life wus despaired of, but
during the past few iluys the sense
of feeling bus returned to the lower
limbs and at present he is reported
lo be doing us well ns can be expected. Thi' attending physician,
Dr. Newcombe, entertains strung
hopes of bis patient's ultimate
recovery. Junes is u native of London, England, and has no relatives
Kettle River Rifle Association More   Prosperous
Than Ever Before
Officers Elected—Selection of
New Range Not Yet
A largely attended meeting of the
Kettle River Rille association wus
held Tuesday evening, when the
mutter of the selection of a range
site was left in abeyance, and a committee of three was appointed to test
the Ross rille. The resignation of
I. A. Dinsmore us captain wus accepted with regrets, and E. Spraggelt
wus elected to fill the vacancy. C.
W. Wheeler was elected range
officer, and the following executive
was selected: F. W. Reid, F. H.
Hutton, G. M. Fripp and W. Dinsmore; secretary, S. T. Hull; treasurer, J. S. Jost. A vote of thanks wus
unanimously tendered I. A. Dinsmore for his services as captain.
Tbe association now has (i8 members
enrolled, and is in a more prosperous condition than over before.
Old-Timer Leaving
On Monday next Mr. I. A. Dinsmore, who has been a resident of the
Boundary for the past fourteen
years, will leave for Greenwood,
where he will reside in future,- having accepted the position of chief nf
police of that city. Mr. Dinsmore
has been in the service of the government as provincial constable for
thirteen years. He has taken un
active part in local affairs, having
one of the board of school trustees
for the city continuously ' since his
first election to office in 1807. When
the Kettle River Rille association
was organized last year he was
elected captain, and he has also
held the position of captain of the
No. 3 fire department for u number
of years. He has also been prominent in fraternal organizations, being a member of the I.O.F., K. of
P. and 1.0.0 F. The citizens of
Grand Forks will leurn with regret
of Mr. Dinsrriore's intention to leave
the city, us he hns been, a public
spirited citizen, exactly tin: sort ol'li
man required to advance the interests of the community.
A. Strutzel, Ciirbett, K. Strutzel.
kins, McAstocker, .Sherbino,   Harvey.! building now known as tho  Queens
hotel to the new building just erected opposite the Great Northern sta •
tion; also for permission to change
the name of the house from the
Queens   hotel  to the  Hotel Colin,
Mining Stock Quotations
Ni;w Y'oiik, June 10.—The following are today's opening quotations for
the stoek mentioned:
Asked.     Bid
Granby 104.00    100.00
Dominion Copper     1.50       1.87$
B. C. Copper     5.00      4.7o"
Metal Quotations
New YoiiK, Juno 10.—Silver, 53J;
electrolytic copper, 12f@12f.  '
London, June 10.—Lead, £12 10s;
silver, 24$.
in this country.
Sale of Mineral Claims
On Monday next, at 10 a.m., a
one-quarter interest in the Ajux
mineral claim nnd all of the Munster mineral claim,  both situated in
The mayor stated that the eommis-; ¥mMio cnmp] are .„ ,)e sold ftt ,]]C
sioners had inspected the new house government office   in  thi8 oity  by
and had found  everything satisfac- sherjfl   K„rman   t(1 S!„ isfy n"jiidK-
tory.    The building was a credit to , ment obtained by Forbes M.  Kerby
the city, and the changes asked fori against the McKinley Mines, Ltd.,
were desirable, in view of tho pros- j for the sum of &4.06.80,
ent  condition of the old premises.     _    ,. ,   .„ T-,     _   .
_,.,.,,,. .  T .     . For Sale Cheap, or Trade—Bnsi-
1 he chief of police reported  having  ne„g ]()t ()n  Winnipeg avenue near
inspected the new  house, and had The   Sun office.    Enquire of Lew
found the sanitary conditions perfect Johnson.
Blacksmith Shops Sold
John Campbell,  of Oroenwood,
und James Taylor, nf I'lioenix, yesterday purohased the blacksmith
simps in tbis city owned by M. li.
Feeney and A. J. Stewart. Thu
consideration hns not been made
public. Both shops are to be operated, and the new owners will tuko
possession next Monday.
Election Frauds
Warrants were issued at Hamilton, Ont., Monday morning for tho
arrest of William Lawson, Conservative deputy returning officer for
division 37, nnd H. Dillabaugh, Conservative poll clerk in division 42.
Thc chnrgo ngninst Lawson Is thnt
he unlawfully supplied a packet of
ballots to Dillabaugh for alleged illegal purposes. Dillabaugh is
charged witb receiving the same. on in Ontario during tbe past four     FJ        A       Cf IT? A T\C
I *•«*.«,   ,,nd  this  undoubtedly ex-    tl.   A.   kMlIjAl/kJ
You can get
them at the
■P       J   lOl 17       talon in v-uu.	
| 13.00(1,  -Uiean, treSn years,   and   this   undoubtedly ex-
| plains the increase in the Conserva-.
tive vote in that province. u
•HE first number of the Standard
1 of Empire, published in London in the interest of the empire at
large, has reached The Sun office.
The paper is composed of twenty-
eight good sized pages, filled with
correspondence fiom all portions of
the British dominions, and with
thoughtful, hopeful comment upon
subjects of interest to tbe people of
that vast territory. The paper
bears every evidence of having been
launched under properous conditions.
A<""il.™™ Mutual Fire imurance Co,
Moutrenl and Canada,
"-""Ami other subatantlal companies.
Right Prices
at our storo.
We are  continually  adding
new lines to our stoek ot
John Donaldson
Phone A30       Columbia Avenue
T \kf. notioe that by virtue of iW«*»n'*j{
T''k7*.-..II"i. Ia»l.l-.l".ll Ol  I''''."".,    ',      .
„, Yah*. ll.il.U'1. "I O*'"-'f-?,',-, ',  , 7     1 nil."l-
ai,,,,-.- delendanu, the McKinley '   >™* ** ™',
vi,,,* a.m.. at my illflce In jjjJ|(y°X.tourth
.   TreTond of talking about '^l^g^S?BaSi^
^d old times."    They are   opt       »»eS(. »*«-»»„ ol
remember only the good tbtvt waa n I	
he old times, and to forget thai.
In Toronto tbe otber day a judge re
■***" —.t__« I ,fl Ol* 1 fl {
Fish and Game in Season
S-EOPLEof a pessimistic nature
J ,    ,.  ii.:.... .Uif   "the
Published ut Grnnd Porks, British Columbia*
,,Editor and Publisher
In 'xoruniu •,•••. «	
minded a   prisoner,  when  passing
sentence upon bim, that not so very
long ago his crime would huve been
punished by   death.   The incident
inspires  Saturday   Night to recall
some of the conditions that  English
people have left behind, but not so
very far behind nfter all.    There are
old men still living, it remarks, wbo
were told in their boyhood by  eyewitnesses of the hanging at Tyburn
of   a   whole cartful of young girls,
who hud been sentenced   to   death
for   having   been   concerned in the
burning of houses during the Lord
George Gordon riots.    Small   boys
were also executed at that time   in
batches—their   crime having   been
  that riot and  excitement   attracted
THIS great distance from the them and they ''countenanced" dis-
A tile ot this paper etui be hi*i*ii nt tin* olH,.
of Messrs. K & J. Hardy & Co.. 80,81 and 8!,
Fleet Street. B.O., Loudon, Kuj.-laml, free <>f
charge, uml that liiin nUi he -rrln,l tn reel Ive
Btlbgorlpttons innl ailverti.emeiits ou our behalf.
eunsoitirrtoN hates :
One Year *1.50
line Year (In mlvnnee)  1.1)11
Atlvertislii'- ratBafuentahe. Ion >i'' i
Legal notices, 11) anil 5 cents per line.
Address all communication.- to
Thb Evening Sun,
Phone B.4        Grand Fohkb, B.C.
FRIDA-V, JUNE 12, 1908
i J Alt Kind* of
All Kinds of
Lsdies'.and Children's
NEST 169
fc\ °'0'
Collection Agency
-'— IK™   fivr
order. What an age was that to
live in! And it was but yesterday
in our history. The highways were
decorated with gibbets on which
dangled the rugged bodies of maie-
factotB, poisoning tbe air and brutal-
,-.. _.:.„!    'fnege men
i ». scene of action it is scarcely
necessary to inform our readers of
whnt happened in Ontario and Quebec Inst Monday. After the bluster
and braggadocio generated by the
Tory papers over whnt they delight i mtvu.n, ,    w
in calling a great victory, but which izing the popular mind.
is to a certain extent imaginary, bas ' *"    '   *'"'
cleared away, it will be found that
the great Liberal party has not been
seriously damaged.    Everybody out
here   expected   the     Conservatives
would carry Ontario, and   the only
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r,> McCutcheon
advance of continental Europe
»   liuz on Juno
i 1st, nnd con-
tinning during Umbuui-
vw ^_ met  aeasitii
tills order will be held twine a month only. The1
meetings will noon the timt and third Friday
nights of each mohih,
J. K. GRAHAM, President.
J.C. HARD, Bee teary
ind.   These men i------j      f perfect,
laiug tvjv -v-r  w,«;*n(*t  civilization ih \\,\. •»■ r
were  banged   for  offences against |        ^  ^  Uq cenmies have
proporty, for   such  thefts  us   "^  w0,.ked wonders for   the masses  of
,end a man to jail for  thirty   day*
On walls and gates were expos d the ====i======
black and  grisly beads ot political pERS0NAL
offender., where all must see them!
WOUIU etii.j  ... ,
surprise that tne polling brought j
forth was a slightly increased majority, ln Quebec the gain made by
the Tories was so small as to be
scarcely worthy of mention. There
is once lesson to be learned from
Monday's battle, and thut is thnt although the Tory party is lacking in
statesmen, there is no dearth of
shrewd politicians within its ranks.
We have indubitable evidence of this
onenaera, »u«. „..
and practice virtue at tne instigation
of mortal terror. We have a*nongst P' H' Bun-ham, district freight and
, . , , , , , , passenger agent of the Great North-
us those who sigh for the good old ^D) with .hidqnartew in thia eity, is
times, and good those times may jn Kt, Paul this week,
have been for the lucky few, but for, Lieut Gorinatl) o{ tlle Sa|vation
mankind as a whole tbe world never Army, who bus been stationed here
saw such times as these. Ii must for over a year, left tins week for Na-
not be forgotten that the historian, j nairno, at which place she will remain
the romancer, and the poet of earlier i The Misses Hazel and Myrtle Mar-
days concerned themselves entirely! don have Ieturned to .tbeir home in
witb the doings of the great, and *"» oi.tY frm" C1,c"e-V' y**,h->wh"
, , .. , . . , , i thev have been attending Norma
 ■"•* ■■■■■■-• thmiffht to the   hopeless Lj^j s
lid In the Mtiller u, *..•*-          >   1..-I-,..,
.d 16, Block I; l*ot«, Block a-. Ut 11, Block
ots3,8 nnd I, Block 7: Ud o. Block U; Lnti
is, v, 8 und 0, Blook V2 Map 22, Van Ness Addition, '.nuui Forks Tnwwdte,
WitKiiKAs thu Cortltlcnte of Title nf Henry
white, lielntr Certiflcnte of Title N».
8170a to tiie Above heredltnmentH ims been lost
or dontroyedf. nml application has been made to
ni" for ii duplicate thereof;
, NoTf-H is hereby given tlmt r duplicate oi
•till.' to the above hereditaments will be issued
at the explrntlou of one month from the date ol
the lirst publication hereof, unless in the meantime valid objection to the contrary is made to
ine In writing.
Land Registry Offlee, District Registrar
Kamloops, B.C., May 20th, 1908
LGl Uuumu v r
Columlila, Bonita Vlnta and Helene Mineral
Cluim**, hituutt- in the Urand Porka Mining Division of Yale DiBtrict.
Where Located: Partly on District Lot 2735
nnd on Mountain South of Coryell Pass.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Win*. R. Caporn, FreO
Minora'Certificate No. B5826; Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a OeitlBcnte of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of thu
above Qlatms,
And further t..kc notice tlmt action, under
section .!", must be commenced before the Issuance of micli Certltlca-e Of lin)>rnveiuerts.
Dated at Oratid Forks, B.C., this 2;ird day of
Muy, A.D. 1MB,
I purpose opening an office for
tbe collection of accounts,' ad* '
justing of books of existing
business, and also marie up
preparatory to final administration of estates.
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale* of Property Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made nnd guaranteed
s. T.HALL,j.P.
C.P. Telegraph Company Bridge Stree,
Hif;li grade Bicycles. A complete line of iicces-Hit'ien. Come
in unci see tlio l'JOS niiiilels.
Wheel repairing.
Irish Twist Roll
Imported Smoking Tobacco
I Downey's Cigar Store
Bridge Street
B. C. Land Surveyor
Grand Forks, B. G.
e have indubitable evidence oi mm  m.u ...»   __   ,,
iu out own province, where the mill-  gave little thought to the   hopeless
islers of the crown make 01111111111™   multitude.   It is to the records   of     ._,       .    .. _....,
. „, , ,    , ,.,'*, 1   .       arederio ohipman, manager Kilties
ing   tours   through   the  interior at   lyburn  and  the  roadside  gibbets.kun^.ya, in the city yesterday.    He
regular intervals, and where every that we must turn for our hints as made arrangements for the appearance
petty appointee to office is an active to  the  general  conditions, of Ihosejofl the  hand  at the Rink hereon
political worker.    We  presume the earlier times.    Yet,   had  as   these *l"lv4th.
same clans of work hns heen  carried* conditions were, they were much in     Robert Brewster, wife and family
Prints more live Boundary news than
anv other paper published in the
district. The price of The Sun is
only %\ .00 per year—one-half the cost
of its competitors. The Sun is never
"  oniiidins  questions of
OI Its uuu.hn.*.—
on  the fence regardinD   ,
ewster, wife  ami  taiunj   public   interest.     The   Sun   is   ae- ""■
have   gone   to  Saskatchewan, where  knowledgeil Ui be one of the brightest -*„„„_,*, 0{ C«udi«l Homestead
they will reside in future.   Mr. Brew* papers published   in   the interior of ■
ster was formerly an employee of the the province, '     u" Kedulatlons
1' - and  feel  dis
ed   in   me  i„i«.*».»-
Xhose  who subscribe
Granby smelter
Miss   Paffard,  of   Niagara-oil the
hake, who visited Mrs. Martin   Hur
I'ell for a week, left  last   Friday   foi'
Nelson, where  she will visit friend
before returning home.
V. 11. McKeehan, United States
i immigration inspector at this port,
retail lied home on Monday last from
! Chihuahua, Mexico, to which city he
■•[inducted a Spanish woman who was
deported from Colville, Wash., by the
1 immigration department.
Mrs. R. A. Henderson will not be
I receiving during the summer months.
^^ iCC        JLItutr.     —
and  feel dissatisfied, will have their
money refunded by calling at the offios „       m- _           Unai   jthli
if publication. ™   Hallway Belt of HrltUh Columlila may ha
'n        n. . -.. -,.   dm,    .,,1 »l,,1T„..„»iVi. linmHsteadetHty any person who Ih the heail
liu; EVKNING SUN and the lorontO 0ftt|amuy orwiyraafo over eighteen yeari
Weeklv   Globe nnd   Ciuiiula  Fai'Qier, of Bgp, to the extent ol one-quarter teottou
"™    J                .        , of ItHiueres, moreor lem.
$\ 0U DW Veav »» advancer Bntrymuit be made perionnlty nt the local
"      ••     <iiv   'I'll *     ",—A* "■■trict tn whioh the laud
I .try murt be m^^W^Sol the land
SSrS^S Winnipeg!' I*"**-"     -        *-*
liih I*"-"- , p..„;,.:„ Fiirm
ia'aitiiute. .    rpai,|re,l to perliirm
ujasflsrSJW '"••••wH ,er
Herain 1 on« ol th. '*'1V'w1!"'!,!ft''l?«,l.le..(i. upon uml
" ,'vv M Star ••>«) I*' 5- taLSfc^J'W^^^*'-
,    , *VS eekly Star, Wl "/•"^"S^.$Sfi
udvaiicc.  I diSiaiedi, "I !l«' l!"m,;*.t,'.!!';.„.,i ...tore.l lu-
TllK liVENINU   ou.a,  ....
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farm
""  and  the  Montreal Family Herald
Star Theatre Company
The Star Theatre company will be
at the Urand Forks opera house next
Monday and Tuesday, June loth
and Kith, One of the features of the
performance is tricks and illusions by
Prof. Jarrett de Kota, who is an able
slight-of-hand performer. The balance
of the entertainment consists of moving   pictures   and  illustrated  songs.
. <t<*i*<„,at'il), nl ttie linim-at'-u'liT reaiuna	
Itirin in tiie vtiiinlty nl tiie lanil eiitoreil for.
Three bottles of cold Phoenix Beer,   *li» wqlilretntiili m to reiidenois may Imaiit*
, „      ,.       ..,    , Itfletlby aiuiti peraun realilliiK witli tiie father
50c.    Lion Bottling Works, or mother.
i;il   If the settler hns lila permanent real*
'*— '"■"l "wned  l,y   hint It,
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Sun job olliee.
0 t„    \    5-hole   Souvenir
aldspn's store.
'»»«" **/ ■••*—r	
or mother.
Ci)   If the tiettler hns hla permanent rexl
deuce upon terming Inml owned hy him In
thu vicinity of his lioti.->si--iul, tin* rt-iiiiir,--
iiifiits tin to reHlileiice may he satisliml hy
i-i'Mili'iicf ui>on tin- suhl html.
Six iiiniitlis' notice lu writln-i should he
trlveti tht' CommlHKlotier of Dominion Lunds
nt Ottawa of Intention to apply for putent.
Ooal—Ooal minlni-; rights nmv be leased
for a period of twenty-one yearn at an annual rentfil of 91, Wiper acre. Not more thur
*-**- ■"■■■••il lm loat-od to one Individual Ol
tor a pui-u... -a.	
nual rental of i$l,00 per acre.  Kot more iuu..
2,r>6t> acren shall he leased to one individual or
company. A royulty at the rate of Hve centu
| per ton shall he collected on the merchmtt-
| uhle coal mined. •
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N7B.--■Unauthorized   puhlleatton  of   thli
■—UMMBHt will not be paid for.
„f the entertaimne.ii. *.-...■*.'*• ~- i     *,      ■  advertisers should  ■>»•*•*••
!,    tik'tures   and  illustrated  songs.        ^'rile fact that Tub Sun is  the
Saturday Night, July 4th, at the Kink.,,,
I IIV...   v	
To reach the large and ever-increasing
| circle of our readers than through Tub
■ Sun's advertising columns. th?** c°o9 o^^
Regular Price 13.00
An Otter Which Meets the Special Wants oi All Classes**)! Readers
The Western Canadian reading public is made up chiefly of these classes
Persons who have lived in the West for a lengthy period and are out and out
Westerners, and recent arrivals from the Old Country, from the United
States and from Eastern Canada.
Perhaps no one newspaper could cater with complete satisfaction to all these
classes, but by this combination offer every special need is met
The Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer gives a complete record week
by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. In addition it has special
departments for American and British settlers. The Family Herald anil
Weekly Star supplies the former resident of Eastern Canada with news of the
Eastern portion of the Dominion in detail, and the Grand Forks Sun provides
the local and Boundary news, which you cannot do without.
.190 .
Find enclosed 82.00, for which send me Weekly Free Press and Prairie
Farmer, Winnipeg; Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreat; and the Grand
Forks Sun, for one year each.
A few years ago Grand Forks was
inhabited by a gay and heedless
coterie of bachelors. The number
has gradually diminished.until only
a few of the best ones are left. The
balance have either joined the ranks
of the benedicts or been killed off—
a distinction without any difference.
Before the members become entirely
annihilated, it appears to The Sun
that they should get up some kind
of an entertainment to let the people
know they are alive. Tm-: Srx looks
to Peter A. Z. Pare, as the dean of
the body, to take the initiative.
Nine million feet of timber are
strewing tbe banks of the Columbia
from the Slocan river to the coas1,
owing to the bursting of the boom of
the Patrick Lumber company this
week. The' boom was situated about
four miles from the junction of the
Slocan and Kootenay river, about
12 miles from the Columbia The
logs represented something like $7 5.-
000. There are several mills on the
Columbia, and it is hoped that their
booms wiil cntch the logs as they go
down towards the ocean.
Rev. C. W. Whittaker, who has I
been pastor of the Methdist church
in I'hoenix for the past three years,
hns gone to Vancouver, where he
will he assistant pustor of Mt. Pleasant church. On the eve of his departure a farewell receeption in the
church, and wns made the recipient
of several gifts of money.
The Grand Forks Cricket club
is putting in a few hours at practice
nearly every evening at present.
The supplies for the season, recently
ordered from London, England.have
arrived. These, include five bats,
two dozen balls, batting gloves,
wicket keeping gloves, leg guards, etc.
A. S. Emb'ee and Miss Lucy
Ladd McKenzie and Wm. B. Eni-
bree and Miss Marion Eugenia McBain were married at Greenwood by
Hev. M. D. McKee last week. The
former couple have gone to Nome,
Alaska, where Mr. Embree will manage a paper for the Western Federation of Miners.
Robert Jacobs, a pioneer of Greenwood, who jecently returned from
South America, is making preparations to go to Waldermere, B.C.,
where he is interested in mining and
agricultural lands.
The first cricket match of the season, played at the new club grounds
on Winnipeg avenue last Saturday
afternoon between the married and
the single members of the club, resulted in a victory for the former by
a score of 67 to 49. Another game
will be played tomorrow afternoon
The club how has a membership
of 40.
For Sale—20-acre ranch; all under
high state of cultivation; 200 fruit
trees; good house and barn; one mile
south of city. For particulars call at
The Sun oflice.
Kettle River valley strawberries
have commenced to make their appearance in ihe local market. Some
were picked on the Bth inBt.
LOST—On Tuesday, between R. W.
Trotter's house and the green-
hbuses.a 19-jewel Waltham watch.
Return to this office and receive
The old-timers of the valley will
hold their second annual picnic at
Lake Newby on Dominion day.
C. II. Archibald is erecting a cement block residence in Greenwood
at a cost of .$2000.
living rooms see
lum &
[ McA
fiicial Score
Of the Grand Forks
Ladies' Rifle
Mra. Wcio.l-
Mra. Mc
laud.    1
37     54 50 50 54
Miss Bruce and Mrs. Mclntyre
come highest in a tie; Miss Musgrove
and Mrs. Woodland come next,
also in a tie. This score shows quite
an improvement over the previous
A kiss returned is a kiss earned.
Hope is the mother of disappointment.
Better a wise enemy than a foul
Charity for revenue only pays poor
Determination and doubt never
Money may buy a home, but not a
happy home.
The peekaboo waists in show windows look cool.
Cheerful liars are people who talk
about their rivals.
When you have trouble to lend borrowers are scarce.
If you don't believe honesty is the
best policy, try it.
Speak your mind if you must, but
mind how you speak.
But nobody censures the actor
whose wife supports him.
Where there's smoke there Jin some
one oi something smoking.
The prosperity of a fool may be
either a reward or a penalty.
Rather than wear out. shoe leather
some people ride hobbies.
Many a so-called self-made man is
the handiwork of his wife.
A man is always willing to listen
when he is in deep trouble.
Only a fool wolf would hang around
the dour of a starving man.
A woman is as vain of her small feet
as a man is of his large head.
Even the man who lives upright
isn't apt to die iu that position.
There would be fewer dances if the
piper had to be paid iu advuuee.
The majority of a man's good intentions are carried out to tne dump.
Some people are hot headed even
though they do wear a panama.
The sad part of it is that lots of
people do live to a green eld age.
The successful man gets no sympathy, but he gets all he needs, at  that.
The head, like the stomach, is most
easily infected with poison when it is
Some people demand personal liberty and then insist that it is a license.
As a green persimmon puckers the
mouth, so does pessimism pucker the
A man may be content with his lot
and still be dissatisfied with the house
Many a man who toots his own
horn imagines that he is the whole
The man who does not encourage
local enterprises is not deserving of
A person's age grows very rapidly
when it is a subject for debate by his
or her enemies.
During courtship a man's word goes
about seventeen times as far as it does
after marriage.
You not only have a right to your
opinion, but you also have a right to
keep it to yourself.
if you would keep ou the safe side
beware of people who try to get on the
good side of you.
It's easier to write a book on "How
to (irl Rich" loan it is to make good
by your uwn lucipes.
Many a man imagines ue has a
grievance because Ins wife doesn't
drive hiin lu drink.
Infantile simplicity, like the hluuiii
youth, soon loses its charm when it
rubs up against the world.
Our idea uf a hupeless pessimist is
the man who keeps un grumbling
when thu humu team wins.
A man never borrows the scales of
justice fur the purpose uf weighing the
shortcomings uf his neighbors,
The average man is not a singer.
Neither is the average woman, but
you can't make her believe it.
A woman's idea of economy is te
take an old $9.98 hut and fix it over
at a cost of $12 so that it will look
like new,
A married woman who says she
wishes she were single* again is the
first to look for No, 2 as soon as she
becomes a widow.
After we have discovered a person
telling a lie, it is difficult to believe
him or her capable of speaking the
Knox   Presbyterian    Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
2:30 p. in.; Young People's Society uf
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7::'0 p.
in. All are cordially invited; seats free.
Methodist Church, Rev. Sohlioh-
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 2:30 p.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Churoh, Hev. F. W. Au*
vnrhe, pastor.—Services uu Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; .Suiiday
school and Bible class at 3 p.m.
1 will sell my Nu. 2 Smith Premier
Typewriter at a reasonable figure, as
am leaving the city.
F. B. Mi'Kukiian.
Biovci.es and Repair  Work—A
complete line of 1907 models.    A few
! second-hand  wheels cheap.     Wheels
to    rent.     Geo. Ciiapple,
Postoffice, First street.
When remitting money get an express order. Cash on demand of
payee. To all parts. S. T. Hall,
branch agent Dominion   Express  Co.
For Sale— Brand new No. 3 Gra-
phophonej.cost $50; also ffH worth of
records; will sell at a sacrifice if taken
at once.   Particulars at this office.
You might as well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam as to attempt to reach The Sun
readers by advertising in any other
We are still offering The Sun and
the Toronto Weeklv Globe and Canada Farmer for SI per year in advance. The illustrated supplement
that accompanies the Globs is worth
twice the money we ask for the two
We have some of the highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Bounuary.    .Sun Job Office.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for $1.00 per year.
Agents Wanted—16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent each.
You can make 400% profit or $36 per
week. Catalogue and samples free.
Frank W. Williams Co., 1208 W.
Taylor St., Chicago, HI.
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen hooks in,one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a praoical imuk, useful
tu all and necessary tu must men engaged in any branch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the even-day
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear ur favor.
It lists and describes 4626 cupper
mines and, companies in all parts uf
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance uf tin.' property.
The Cupper lland'iuiik is conceded
to he the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs (ho hook for the
facts it gives him about wining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindlipg companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
tup; $7.SO in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may he returned within a week of receipt if nut found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postolllco Block,
Houghton, Michigan,
What Aila You J
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent,
have frequent headaches, coated tongue,
hitter or bad taste in morning, "heartburn." belching uf gas, acid risings in
throat alter eating, stomuch gnaw or
burn, foul breath, dizzy spells, poor or
variable appetite, nausea at times and
kindred symptoms?
If yoTNiave any considerable number of
the^bovesytmitoms you are suffering
froniNMliousnassTSsrpId liver with Indl-
gestioiv«jJ^*ipep>ti*a*i I*lr. Pjerre's llnlilcn
Medial lljsrovr-rv jsTniulinil) of the most
valuable tnodieinul iirinciiiles klinwnii|*g
m'odleul seienre for the pcriyaflcpt rare of
HK-ll alinurmal enndj'ions^ It Is a must
efficient liver Invigorator, stomach tonic,
botyel regulator and ncrvo strengthened
The "Cold™ Medical Discovery" Is not
a patent medicine or secret nostrum, a
full list of Its ingredients being printed
un its bottle-wrapper and attested under
oath. A glance at its formula will show
thnt it contains no alcohol, or harmful
linliit-fiirining drugs. It Is a fluid extract
made with pure, triple-refined glycerine.,
of proper strength, from tho roots of the
following native American forest plants,
4l/... Oulden Seal root. Stone root, Hliixk
Chorrybork, Queen's root, ISloodroot, rnd
Mandrake root.
The following leading medical authorities,
among a host of others, extol Hie foregoing
riails for Ilie run) of just sueli ailments as Hie
aliovesyiiipluiiisliidk'ate: Prof.It. Bartholow,
M. 1).. of 'elierson Med. College, I'liila.l I'rof.
II.C Wooil.M. I)., of liniv.of l'a.: I'rof.Edwin
H. Hale. M. I)., of Hahnemann Melt College,
Chicago) I'rof. John King. M. D.t Aulhor ol
American Dissensatoryi I'rof. 'no. M, Seud-
der. M. D., A-utaorof Specillc Medicines; Prof.
Laurence Johnson, M. li.. Med. Dept. tjntv, of
N. V.l I'rof. Flnley Elllngwuxl. M. II., Aulhor
of Materia Medics and Prof. In Bennett Medical Cullotfe. Chicago. Send namo and address on Postal Card to Dr. R. V. Pierce. P.uf-
falo. N. Y„ and receive free, liooklet giving
extracts from writings of all the alK.ro medical authors and many others endorsing, in tlio
strongest possible terms, each and eveta' Ingredient of which "Golden Medical Discovery " is composed.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and
Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. They
may be used tn conjunction with "Golden
Medical Discovery " If bowels are much cott-
■Matttrti ThaV*»«larudHi(u-ci)(M&
Carpets Cleaned and Laid.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, and
other jobs In the hoin-e-
f> lean inn line. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
A. J. Stewart
General Blacksmilhing
and Repairing
SIMPSON'S OLD STAND •*»•? ■££■■■
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
47 W. as™ St.. sw Yoiik,
Hut uml Cold Bftthi. M.'.'iy ffurntilied
stnv'--iii>*it-Hi  Roomi.    Entirely re-
tiinii-iii'-l uml renovated throiiirhoiit.
Plrht.i'liiNt. board by dny, Week or
month.   Spi-fiii) rute* to ■toady Inmnl-
■*i- Anii-ririin and European iilnni-
Klni'Ht Min- iii (ity ItiCotineotlon.
Iteeuive hot li l.iiiiii"- and Geiitloinen an resident or day Ntudent**; b(U a complete Commercial or Biisiiiei-t-* O-urse: prepares -.tts-
dentsto grain Teacher**,' C>rtliicntpn of nil
(-Tildes; (jives the four yean*' connse forthe
II. A. decree,and the lirst year of the School
of Bolenoff eourie. In affiliation with the Toronto University; has a special prosn* etors>
course for miner* who work hi H.C. Instruction Is also elvcn In Art, Mimic, Phyiiettl Culture and Elocution. Term opens Sept.l th
1DW,   For Calendars, etc., address
COLUMBIAN COLLE-7B. Bull Dojf Suspenders
TltE^rANDAHnhociiiisothcy Bt, beraiMo they coutaln mor**
J .icttor riil>l-')r Itinn nihor makei,   »11oh'1iib  ensy, frt-
(iMIi-fbt'ily iuo-cry iiiisiiuin: lit-cniM* they Imvu e<1-J-C).'i
liiotnl-Hurts. t*i*»">iiti"},i  ii"t tn ms-tur tfirnMi, nml b**(--i.iio llm OOrtl
ui Jj ai>, »lrti'i*rr tli-in usually found i'u suipumiuri. liruvoutln-fthijui
f rum fru.yr.il? anil wcariii** through.
Tho M"it CnmfortablBS'i'iH-nitcra Mailo for Mnn, Willi nr Bny
In trislil. MiTH'y.r I i'ri ll.-.-ivyIVi-ictilt. K\lrn I ••ii'-fN,, r.-ilrii I'tiit)
SoniXr.o, l..,-» ii him 11' i,,ii' I.ver-, Nun innl Uuy Will likully K-r, i'yo
87 Lincoln SI. Ho .it on, Mesa.
Our us,:fn! Brit. V— ■m-.i'vumii Comb   tin C*-ii iikiIikI for 10c. |*o*iJist*.
Iimlrui-liv« h.-.kl,it.  "Sljtj, or   How In DrMS Correctly,"
f rt* tf you meiillna thli i>ubller.ti'-t*.
We have a large supply of all kinds
of visiting cards in stock, and the
most fashionable styles of type to
print them with.  Tiik Sun Job Olliee.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a line form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Kou'n-
ilnry country. And we are the only
olliee in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job olHce. ,
c_A Snap
,—BUYS seven-acre
tract adjoining the
southern boundary
of the city limits; three-room
house and good well; thirty-
seven bearing fruit trees and
a quantity of small fruits.
$500 cash; balance in three
years. Best fruit land proposition in the valley.
For  full  particulars call at
Application for Transfer of Liquor
•■JOTICE is hereby given that I intend
to apply, at the next meeting of the
Board of License Commissioners ofthe
Corporation ofthe City of QrandForks.
B.C., for the transfer of the license to
sell liquors at retail on the premises
Known as the Queen's hotel. Lots 5 and
wes' half of 6. Blook 4. on Government
Avintte, lo the new building on Lota Q.
7 and 8. block 1, Government Avenue;
p-rmission is also asked to change th**
name of thi house from the Queens
Hotel to the Hotel Colin.
Dated at Grand Forks. B.C., this   Is:
day of May. 1908.
p. d. McDonald.
60   YEARS'
Granby Dividend
At tbe regular monthly meeting of
; the board of directors of the Granby
company, held at the company's
New York oflice last week,' a dividend of 2 per cent was declared upon
the par value of tbe stock outstanding, payable out of the net earnings
of the company on June 13, 1908.
As there are now issued 135,000
shares of the new par value of jtlOO,
this dividend will amount to 8270,-
000. This will be tbe ninth dividend declared by the Granby company. With the exception of the
lirst, paid in December, 1903, all
previous to this dividend have been
paid at the rate of 3 per cent—a
dividend of 2 per cent and an extra
dividend of 1 per cent. With this
dividend the Granby company has
paid back to its shareholders, all
told, the comfortable sum of 83,-
238,030, the payments tnd amounts
being as follows;
No. 1—December, 1903 8133,630
No. 2—January, 1906  405,000
No. 3—February,  1900  405,000
No. 4—September, 1906.... 405,000
No. 5—December, 1906  405,000
No. 6—March, 1907  405,000
No. 7—June,  1907  405,000
No. 8—September, 1907.... 405,000
No. 9—June,  1908  270,000
Total 83,238,630
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lending m akctoli and description, may
qtilcalr luciTtulii cur opinion Iroe whether en
IrTentlnn 18 prohaMT Tmlentnhle. C'utnmiinlea.
llonsatrlctlyi*nnl],lmitliil. HANDBOOK onPatnnte
lent tn-o. old -at alienor for aocurinfc- patent!.
Pntonta taken through Munn ft Co. reoeln
4»«Ti<il notice, without chame, In the
Scientific American
A handsomely Uluntrntod weekly.   Lamest clr-
Stlntioa of nny ROlentlflo journal.   Torra* for
iinula, tj.i.7.pi A y»ur, *{*uata«o prepaid.   Hold by
V   'lowsdealor-t.
Branch Onto. « If St, Weelnuiiton. D. C.
Following are the locations, aer-
tificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government office at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from May
27 to June 8, inclusive:
Martha fraction, Summit camp,
Mike McDonnell; Gracie, about IA
miles east of Coryell on the C. P. R,
track, R. McRae and Edward Wiseman; Climax fraction, Fiunklin camp,
A. J.-Fee. ,
Dan Patch, Franklin camp, Ormis-
ton et al.; Carlton, Moose, Marx and
Muskral, Wellington camp, D. L.
ilclntominey: Faster Lily, Wellington cump, John McLaren; Munster,
Franklin camp, McKinley Mines,
Ltd., survey; Rossland, Wellington
cinip, J. S. C. Friisar, Jaune/; All
fraction, Nero and Togo, Burnt B s ,
Fr.'d Kettner; E ipse, Franklin
camp, Kerby et al.; Yellow Jacket,
Frunklin camp, McCallum etal.; Victor,    Franklin   camp,   Horner et  al.;
Pacific Hotel
Kir-.t---li.ss in rvory rps|i.'ct.
Sample rooms for Qpmtnot*"
I'iitl travolcrs.
Hot nut) Cold Hiitli-,
I'm- in (Jotttieoilon.
Ptitetl Brandt of Winps.
I.iii iiurs and Ultfari. *.
The Purest and Best in Ihe City.
On Draught Exclusively at
Alpha, Summit camp, F. M. Kerby;
Criterion and White Elephant, Bentley's camp, Emma Bently; King and
Queen, Christina Lake, D. Whiteside;
Manhattan and Monterey, Franklin
camp, Whiteside et al.; Sunset fraction, Wellington camp, P. A. Z. Pare,
two years; Sunrise, Wellington camp,
Miller et al.; F. P. fraction, Wellington camp, J. A. Miller; Shaw, Summit camp, E. L. Burden; Omega,
Summit camp, F. M. Kerby; No. 15
fraction, Summit camp, F. M. Kerby;
Gophor, Summit camp, E. L. Burden;
Alpha fraction. Summit camp, F. M.
One-half of Greenwood, Excelsior
and Greyhound, and one-sixth of Exchange, Pass Creek, Daniel Fisher to
Seyauur Birch.
All of No. 15 fraction. Greenwood
camp, Harold J. Birnie to Forbes M.
Kerby and John Mulligan.
One-fourth of Athelstan, Eganville
and Nellie, Franklin camp, Robert
Mack to C. H. Reeves.
One-half of Montana, Gloucester
camp, D. Fisher to Seymour Birch.
George W. Rogers has been elected alderman by declamation of the
city of Phoenix to (ill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of \V. J.
Porter, now of North Vancouver.
The Sun is read by  everybody because it prints all the Boundary news.
The  Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for $1 per year.
For Sale—90 acres of good land,
also two new milch cows. Apply at
this office.
For Sale — Full-blood Black
Minorica eggs; •'Jl.OO per setting. A.
C. Uven, box 294, Grand Forks.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, 1906  and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood r	
Brooklyn-Stemwitjder, Phoenix.
Idaho, Phounix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summit Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King,Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
Carmi; West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp....	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp...
Bay, Skylark	
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
shipments of  Boundary mines
1907 1908   Past Week
613,037        462,521      18,051
135,001 367
3,500 •
Total,  tons  1,148,237
Smeller Treatment—
Granby Smelter .'  637,626
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter  341,952
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter  153,439
478,244      25,807
Total treated.
453,063       23,881
Autliori2eil .--bhareb-^ Piiiil    Total to    Latest      Per
Name op Company.              Capital.    Issued. Par. 19116.       Date.       Date.   Sliare
Granby Consolidated-Copper...$15,000,000     11)5,11110 $100 11,920,000 $2,968,680Sept, 1907 J.8.00
Cnrllino McKlimey-llold     1,2511.14X1   1,2511,0110     j.1          540,8117:**'el>. 11K14     .1)4
Providence-Silver       2UO.0IH)      31000     SO 16.000       88,3114 Sept. 1906     .5
II. 0. Copper-Copper     3,IKXI,IKX1   ISOS.IXIO     ft         201,21X1,Sept. 11107     .40
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have tbe most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posteis, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars anil Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
/T-nnn ppiMTIMfi-tlie kind we d')~_i>* •" itHe'-: an
\J\J\JU nVlL^lILlVI advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
Karor Htm.rid a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hotel,
Bridge Street, Grand Forlu, B.C.
Foo Lee
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Yale  Tranfer Co.
Light and Heavy Transferring to and from ths depots.
A. Mackintosh
Office I   Windsor Hotel. I'hone Alia
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and .Trunks to and
from'all trains.


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