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The Evening Sun Sep 25, 1908

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Seventh Year—No. 48.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. September 25, 1908.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Money for Unused Liquor
Licenses   Refunded to
the Applicants
Matters Pertaining to Public
Health Again Discussed
at Length
The regular bi-weekly meeting of
the city council was held in the
council chambers Monday evening,
Mayor Fripp and Aid. Clark, Miller,
McArdle, McCallum, Rutherford
and Woodland being in attendance.
A communication from A. Traunweiser requested the council to refund to him $260 for the liquor
license in respect of the old Yale
hotel. On motion of Aid. Clark,
the license fee was ordered to be returned to Mr. Traunweiser, the hotel
having been destroyed by fire between the payment of tbe money
and the issuance of the license.
F. W. RusBell, in a letter to the
council, requested the return of $500
paid into the city treasury by him
for the saloon license in respect of
tbe Viotoria hotel, said license having been issued under similar circumstances as that for tbe Yale.
Some of the members of the council
did not think Mr.Kussell had a good
claim to the return of the money
because he had not taken advantage
of his opportunity to use the license,
and also bebause there were rumors
"float to thc effect that he had been
paid by other licensees to drop out
of business. E. Miller appeared for
Mr. Russell. He said Russell had
paid $500 for the license. The license had never left the city office.
It only permitted the owner to sell
liquor on the premies destroyed by
fire. Before the license could be
used something more would have to
be done to it—the granting of a permit giving Mr. Rumell the privilege
to carry on his business at some
other locution. Mr. Traunweiser did
not think there was anything to
the insinuation that Russell had
been paid to drop out of business.
On motion of Aid. Clark and McCalluin, the request of Mr. Russell
was granted.
J. B. Henderson submitted the
• plans of the new Province hotel.
He. also requested the use of a portion of Bridge street during construction of the building, antl usked
the council to furnish hiin with the
new sidewalk grade. Referred to
the board of works and the city solicitor.
A petition was received from J.
B. Henderson, Geo. Massie, Wm.
Nee nnd others, asking the council
to construct a sidewalk on the north
side of Second street, from Bridge
street to the Kettle river. Referred
to the board of works and the city
Thomas O'Farrell desired to know
whether tbe council had approved of
the map he had made for the city
or not, as he wished to get paid for
the same. The matter was referred
to the finance committee.
The chairman of the finance committee recommended an   appropria-
minster convention. Payment of
the following accounts was also authorized :
South Kootenay W.& P. Co..$434.00
Evening Sun  80.00
B. C. Gazette   77.75
Can. Gen. Electric Co  47.21
Daily News  35.05
W. K. C. Manly   26.05
W. D. Willson  24.15
Granbv Hotel  22.05
McNeil & Henniger  20.00
Winnipeg Saddlery Co  13.50
Econ. Electric Lamp Co   12.24
C. N. Cox  10.50
Mcintosh & Heron    9.00
Gazette Printing Co     6.00
J. Eriekson     G.OO
T. A. Mclntyre     5.75
R. Gaw    5.20
T. L. Crossen    5.U0
G. F. Transfer Co      4.97
D. Woodhead     4.00
W. Keron    3.30
F. Bays  '.    3.00
Can. Westinghouse Co     2.70
R. F. Petrie     2.50
Mclnnes* Co     l.OO
W. H. Itter     1 00
.The finance committee recommended that deeds lie issued to the
city for the land purchased at last
year's tax sale.    Adopted.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported that H. A.
Sheads and Mr. Ruckle had made
application for electric light in the
Ruckle addition, and recommended
tbat the request be granted.provided
they paid for the installation of tbe
same; the water main across the
North Fork- would soon be completed; committee had mode arrangements to have two more firemen sleep at the (ire hall. The report was adopted.
Thc chairman of the health and
relief felt disappointed because
the health officer had not sent in a
milk test report. The citizens should
get together and endeavor to formulate some plan whereby a public
hospital could be established. The
committee strongly recommended
that the council as a whole see that
tbe health inspector enforces the
provisions of the public health bylaw respecting the keeping of alleyways in a sanitary condition and to
compel owners of vacant lots to remove all debris and accumulations
of filth therefrom. According to the
by-law, the chairman of the committee contended, it is the duty of
the health inspector to make weekly
inspections of nil premises duriifg
the summer mouths and to report
either to the council or the health
and relief committee.
The clerk was instructed to com-
nvuiiicutc with the provincial health
ollicer for more detailed information
respecting sewerage systems.
Loave was granted Aid. Woodland to introduce the Pond and Dog
Tax Amendment Bylaw, nnd it
passed its lirst and second readings,
wus considered in committee, and
then under a suspension of the rules
passed its third reading.
The Liquor License Amendment
Bylaw was reconsidered and finally.
Governor-General of Canada
Will Visit Cit^and the
Granby Smelter
Damages Against the Kettle
Valley Line in the Atwood Case
Earl Grey, governor-general of
Canada, who has been shooting
north of Moose Jaw during the past
week, left thut city yesterday morning for the west. The party will go
over the Crow's Nest line, and will
visit Nelson and other Kootenay
points, and will make a side trip to
the Boundary and Similkameen districts. His excellency will visit
Grand Forks on Monday next, but
it is not yet known whether he will
arr ve here on the regular C. P. R.
passenger train or by a special. After
inspecting the Granby smelter and
other points of interest, the governor-
general will leave in, the evening on
the regular Great Northern passenger train for Keremeos. No doubt
nrrangemonts will be made for the
appropriate reception and entertainment of the distinguished guest during his brief stay in Ihis city.
guaranteed water to the purchasers,
and as nil of the property is nt present under cultivation much depends on the decision of the supreme
George Warrington, of Spokane,
who bus been in the employ of the
Grent Northern Railway company
as a locomotive engineer for a number of yenrs, hns accepted a similar
position with the Kettle Valley line,
and commenced to discharge the
duties of his new position with the
latter company last Monday morning. Besides handling the throttle
on the Kettle Valley line limited,
Mr. Warrington will have charge of
the entire mechanical department of
the road.
The annual rifle competition of
the Grand Forks Rille association
will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon at the association's range.
The attendance of all people interested in the welfare of the association will lie greatly appreciated by
the members. A large number of
prizes and the cup will be competed,
or, and an interesting exhibition
ef shooting may be expected. The
prizes are on view at the C. P. R.
telegraph office.
This week judgment wus rendered
in the Atwood vs. Kettle Valley line
case. This was an action for damages sustained by the plaintiff by
the defendant company running its
line of railway across the plaintiff's
property, located near Observation
mountain. The ease was heard before Justice Martin in Nelson in
February last. Damages to the extent of $1250 were awarded to Mr.
Atwood, the value of the right of
way across the land having yet lo
be arbitrated. II. C. Hanington appeared for plaintiff and D. Whiteside for defendant,
W. H. Covert, accompanied by
H. C. Hanington, counsel for the
Eastern Townships bank, loft this
week for Ottawa, where the case of
Covert nnd The Eastern Townships
Bank vs. Vaughun & McGinnis for
the water riglit of Fourth of July
creek conies up for hearing before
the supreme court of Canada. This
is a very important cr.se. When
Covert  subdivided   his    estnte   lie
The license commissioners for the
city of Grand Forks held a meeting
in the city hall Monday afternoon,
and passed a resolution instructing
the city clerk to notify F. W. Russell that the commissioners would
grant him an hotel license in lieu of
his saloon license, which was cancelled a couple of months ago, if he
desired to rebuild the Victoria hotel.
Public Busy Guessing as to
0. P. R. Construction
Indications Point to a Line
_ From Midway to Nicola,
via Penticton
II. A. Sheads yesterday sold a
live-acre tract of fruit land, owned
by J. A. Hartley, and located west
of the city, being a part of the
Wasson estnte, to Robert Dibble.
The price paid is said to have been
about $600.
Grand Forks took second place in
the district exhibit at tbe Kaslo fair
last Friday. Kaslo won with 5206
marks, Grand Forks second with
5160, and Creston third with 4920.
The exhibit was prepared by Tom
Powers almost unaided, and be is to
be congratulated upon the splendid
showing made.
The Fire Prevention Bylaw was
reconsidered and finally passed.
On motion, the council decided to
join the British Columbia League of
Health Officer Kingston entered
tbe room at this stage of the proceedings, and presented a verbal report to the council. He had taken
several milk tests, and had found
the milk supplied by the various
dairymen to be above the legal requirements and free from chemicals,
tion of #50 to defray tbe  expenses I We   were now in the midst of the
of the fire chief to the New   West-' typhoid fever season, and there had
been a number of eases nt the hospital, but nearly nil the patients
had now been discharged. There
bad been thirteen or fourteen cases
of cholera infantum in the city this
fall, but the disease hnd now been
stamped out. This disease had been
particularly severe all over the country during the present season. The
mortality from this ailment had
been   no   greater   here   than else-
The  members of  the Canadian
Mining Institute,  wbo  visited   the
Granby  smelter   late   Inst   Friday
afternoon, were presented with some
handsome bouquets and a quantity which
of Kettle Vulley grown fruit by   the j up ibt
Grnnby   management.     The
wore highly appreciated,
A party of surveyors, reputed to
be C.P.R. men, are at present located about twelve miles east of
Penticton on the Carmi trail, not fnr
from the head of Ellis creek, says
the Penticton Press On Monday a
number of the gang, with a pack
train, were in Penticton for supplies,
but could give no information as to
the object the pnrty hns in view.
The must profound secrecy is maintained, and the men themselves
merely know that they are working
for the chief engineer.
A party of C. P. R. engineers have
been working all summer between
Nicola and Penticton, nnd it is conjectured that those up Ellis creek
have worked in from Midway and
are connected withahe same |fropo-
sition, that of running a line from
Midway, tbe terminus of the C.P.R.
ut the east, to the terminus of the
company's branch nt Nicola. Tbis
.liueh is known for a certainty, tbat
the Ellis creek pnrty is locating a
railway survey line that was made
twelve years ago from .Midway to
Penticton. Some grading wus at
that time done at Ibis point, but
was discontinued. At the last session of the Dominion parliament a
subsidy of $3500 per mile wus
granted for the building of a ruilwuy
from Carmi to Penticton, nnd tbe
same for one from Penticton to
Nicola. The proposed railway from
Midway to Vernon curries a subsidy,
and it is believed that the C.P.R. will
utilize a portion of this route, tbat
from Midway to Beaverdell and
Carmi, and then make connections
with Nicola via Penticton, thus
opening up an excellent milling section und giving the company a much
shorter route to the coast.
Thu object in working  so  quietly
is doubtless to avoid   attracting   tbe
attention   or   the   Great Northern,
is  slowly   extending its line
Similkameen to Princeton,
Miss Dulby, of the stuff
gifts lan objeotive point for a  branch of
j the CP.R. from Aspen Grove, south
i of Nicola.
>f  publio
school   teachers,   lefl   on    Friday for PERSONAL
her home in   Vancouver,   bavins   re-	
eeived a telegram announcing the A. E. Savage lelt on Monday for
death of her mother. Miss Johnson is New Westminster to attend the pro-
acting as   her substitute  during her  vi"uiul convention of lire chiefs,
This blustry weather makes a great
many people realize that some  of the
Mayor F.ripp left on Wednesday
for Nelson to visit the sights at the
fruit fair.
F. W. Russell returned home Inst
where, if  as  great.    He   had   in- j the past summer should have been set
structed the sanitary  inspector   to'as;,]e ,ls  a sinking fund far coal and
make   regular  trips of  inspection overcoats,
about the city, and to report.    He
money expended for ice cream during , night from Spoknne und other southern points.
solicited the closest scrutiny as to
conditions at the hospital, but cautioned the members of the council
The contractors of the tunnel on
the Bruce mine, situated a mile and
a   half   from  Midway, are making
to obtain their  information direct good   progress,  having   driven
from him or the matron,   otherwise feet in seven days.    This   property
it was liable to be unreliably or mis- was locate'
leading. ago, and some work has  been  done| week
The council then adjourned.
C. B. Peterson, of tbe Pacilic, and
Thos. J. Benninger went over to tbe
Nelson fair yesterday.
Ed Hardy left for the east this
week for tbe purpose of joining the
ranks ofthe benedicts.
li,      Dr. G. W. Averill, one of the pioneers of the city who   has   been   in
Alaska   for   the  pnst three or four
fourteen or fifteen years, yellr8i   returned   to   the  city  this
He was accompanied by bis
on it each yenr since then.
son Harold.
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The Evening Sun,
Phonb B71 Gkand I'ohks, B.C.
Dr. K. C. MacDonald, of Vernon,
hns, we understand, been appointed returning ollicer for Ynle-Cariboo.
Even some of Ahe Liberals in this
locality do not seem to enthuse over
the appointment.
Both the candidates for Yale-
Cariboo appear to have taken to the
woods. In other words, they are
devoting   too   much  time   to   the
sparsely settled portion of the, oonstit- Advanced showing ' of Fall and
uency, while the people in the thickly winter Millinery, Thursday and
populated districts are neglected and I Friday, October 1st and 2nd. Miss
allowed to grope in utter  darkness. I Cosgrove.
A Wonderful Program
Little do the people who propose
visiting the big Interstate fair, which
opens on Monday, Octoher 5, realize
the length and magnitude of the
amusement program that has been
prepared for them. In summing up
the arrangement of the grand stand
events. Manager Cosgrove has discovered that time is the only thing he
has to beat to give Interstate fair visitors the greatest show ever presented
in front of a grand stand. To crowd
the many features into a single afternoon or an evening is no easy task,
and only nn expert would (lure attempt it. With three running and
two harness events scheduled for each
afternoon, it would seem almost nil
impossibility to lind a place on the
program for six or eight classes in the
horse show, to exhibit, for thc always
sensational relay nice, the balloon ascension and parachute leap, the airship llights, the exhibition drill by
Companies II and I, the Parker troupe
of trained ponies, Fink's long-eared
circus, the marvelous St. Georges in
their aerial casting exhibition, Mine.
Barnes and ber trained lions, leopards
and pumas, the Zeb cyclists, the
miners' rock drilling contest, and
some six or eight otber attractions,
even lack of space in this paper pie-
vents mentioning.
The same is true of the evening
program, as in addition to the afternoon program of vaudeville anil circus
attractions, there will he presented
each evening Pain's latest success and
what has been pronounced his master
piece—the Eruption of Vesuvius and
Carnival of Naples—whioh is cifn-
ciuded with a pyrotechnical display,
alone worth going miles to see. The
Interstate fair has grown rapidly and
is recognized as the peer of all fairs in
the west, but this year should place it
in a class by itself, ns never before
has there been offered here, or elsewhere, for one admission, an entertainment so novel, elaborate and expensive as will be the fair of 1908.
A Genuine
J. Hammar offers
his House >nd Lots
on fourth Street for
sale for
Terms to Suit.
There ore seven elections that will j    Up to the hour of going   to press
be held later than the general  elec-1 no news has been  received  in  this
tions.    These are Cbicputimi,  Sa-; oily from the Nelson   fair regarding
guenay nnd Gnspe, 'in  Quebec; Co- j the prize winners for the district ex-
mox-Atlin,   Kootenay  and    Yale-1 hibits.
Cariboo in  British   Columbia, and
the Yukon.   In the last-mentioned
territory  tlio   election will  nol take
placo   probably   before   December, ,
...       .   .' ... ,   from the Keiiublie brink vuid.
much lime being  required   to   post '   _ _  J
the different notices and forward the |    Th(! Dominion   Copper company
has  commenced   the erection of a
machine shop at Boundary Falls,
W. L. Mackenzie
minister of labor, hi
A number of cars of brick   for   the
i! new Province hotel   have arrived   in
' the   city over the Kettle Valley
juries to Mrs. Dimmick. Taylor &
O'Shea, of Nelson, are solicitors for
the plaintiffs.
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Kiver and South Okanagan Pioneers'
association, held nt Keremeos Inst
week, was not ns largely attended as
usual. The attendance from the
Boundary wns small, owing to various causes.
Thos. Connollys, a strike breaker
who has been in Eholt for some
weeks, was up before Stipendiary
Magistrate McMynn, Tuesday Inst,
charged with intimidating regular
workmen of the C.P.R. The charge
was not proved, and the case dismissed. Connollys was imported
from Spokane, and guaranteed protection by the'railway company.
Thorpe it Taylor are doing a line
of high grade portrait work at
Blome's  Old   Studio, Bridge street.
Metal, Quotations
New Youk, Sept 23.—Silver, M2j
electrolytic copper, 18@13}£
Lonoon, Sept. 23.—;i ver, 21;
lead. £18 Is (id.
papers,    ln the other counties   the
date is left with the returning   olli-
King, deputy
is accepted the
Liberal nomination for Nortli Waterloo, and on Tuesday senl his
resignation to lion. Kodolphe Le-
uiiciix, minister of labor, In his
resignation he says thut be desires
an opportunity of sharing in the solution of some larger problems thnn
Industrial conditions.
The proprietors of the Greenwood
laundry will operate the steam
laundry in Phoenix after the first
of October.
George M. Holt bas leased the
Greenwood foundry and will resume
operations when his moulder arrives.
Geo. E. Massie, the reliable tailor,
has a large stock of the latest patterns of imported goods. Suits $18
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
Tim Sun job office.
Local advertisers should make a
note of tbe fact that Tun Sun is the
most widely read paper in Grand
We are still offering The Sun and
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the work.
The   lirst   Grand   Trunk   Pacifil
train left Winnlped Tuesday morn
ing for the west, officially innugur
nting a new  railroad and almost a j    The surveyors on the Midway A
new era in the west.        . j Vernon railway are reported to huve
Hon. Win. Tenip'enun, minister
of mines and inland revenue, wns
unanimously chosen candidate at
the Liberal nominating convention
in Victoria on Monday evening.
  ] glance,
The citv nf Greenwood is building *""""^~~""~"™~""~"""■"~"~~~~
a concrete reservoir on Providence IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH
creek.    8, P. Dixon   has  charge   of
Dealers in all Kinds tf
Fish and Game in Season
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from falling out—Promotes the growth of
the Hair. We refund your money if it
fails to do the work. Price 50c and Sl.Oo
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Telephone 13.
Builder 8 Architect
Plans, Estimates, Specifications, Etc., at Reasonable
Price Lists of Building Material on Hand.
wotwk is horeby given thai on tho ll'h day
located a less than Ij per cent grade . Aipi,u:J'„,lKr- '*•■ltv
from Carmi to the summit of the
Mining Stock Quotations
■ulereil by HIh Hoi—
Judge Brown. LorftI Judge of  the Hnhruine
Court, tlmt A. c. Sutton, Official Administrator,
bo administrator of ell and singular tlic citato
divide between the V\%8t   Kork   ami  nl ' ■ K Hn'rrlwn, lormcrly of Grand Porta. B,
Ci, df'ceiiM-d. ihU'Miitf.
the ()kanatran '    Kvery penoii Indebted to thu suid deemiieri In
p n-i|iiin'.l t-> mnke imyuifiit fonhwirii m the un-
derMgned, mid everj  parson  lu  poMOMlnu nf
.... effects belonging *-• tf"' deceased is required
An action for damages   nan    been   forthwith to notify the undersigned.
,    .       . Evory creditor or other person having any
entered  in   the courts against the
British Calumbt
Winnipeg    Avenue
PHONE   18
Parties intending lo build will dn well to con*
suit iuu.
Situate in thp Gruud Forks Mining Division
ofiYalo District.
Where located j   In Wellington camp, south
of itnd  adjoining: the   Kewnr'l   Mineral
TAKK NOTICE that I, It. A. Henderson, noting as agent for ti. F. Raulston, free
Miner's Certificate No, B10687, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im-
p iiveineiit* toi rhe purpohe of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim,
Aud further take notice that action, under
section   117,   must   lie  commenced before the.
issuance   of  such   Certificate,   of   Improvements.
Dated this llitli day of August, A.D. 1908.
Collection Agency
I purpose opening an office for
the collection of accounts, adjusting of books of existing
business, ami also made up
preparatory to final administration of estates. .
Leases and Contracts Drawn Up
Sale* of Properly Negotiated
Rents Collected
Correspondence attended to immediately Financial returns
promptly made ami guaranteed
S. Tj HALL. J.P.
C.P. Telegraph Company Briiltji) Stree
High grade Bicyeles. A coin-
pleto line of accessories. Come
in and see the 1908 models.
Wheel repairing.
Ladles' and Children's Hosiery
The Leaders in Corsets K1 UST"
styles and prices.
Hand-Embroidered Waist Drawn Work
Cushions and Braid Centers
Next to MelniicH', Bridge Steel.
Certificate of Improvements
Columbia, Bonita Vista mid Helene Mineral
Olalms, situate in the Urand Forks Mining Division of Ville District.
Where Located! Partly on District Lot 2786
and ou Mountain .South of Coryell Pass,
TAKK NOTICK that I, Win. K. Caportl, Free
Miners' CortlfldutO No. B6826, inleitd. sixty
dnys from dole hereof, to apply tn the Mltilhg
Recorder for a Oeitlfioateof Improvements, for
tht] purpose of obtaining crown grants   o(   the
above claims,
And furfher take notice tlmt action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the insii-
ance nt such. CertilieHte. uf Improvements.
Dated at Orand Forks. B.C., this 28rd day nf
May, A. D. 11*08
Downey's Cigar Store
A Complete Stock of
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh UnnslKmnontoi
n«!oivoii weakly.
Postoffice   Building
B. C. Land Surveyor
I'Ik.ik- i.'p
Grand Forks, B. C.
Copper company
Nkw York, sept,  28.—The   following  l„ i..., ,,.   it      ,  ,    m      tv       • ,'
lor t o   ■ •"""«  ll. and   Mrs. Dimmick.
urn todav b opening quotations
stni-kH mention <l:
Granby Consolidated, 108,00
B.C. Lopper      8.05
Dominion lopper     l.lM'i
The nmount of damages asked is
Jltf.OOO, and is tbo outcome of the
blasting accident at the Mother Lode
mine a few weeks ago resulting in
Tiik Son is read by everybody be- the death of Eunice, their
cause it prints all the Boundary news,  year-old daughter nnd   serious
95 on
two- fcr-tei
OlalmilftOt] nr inl.r.M ill ihr distribution 01 the
I'Ntat.- uf ihe mild doeeased Is nuiulrcd nature
Hie mill clay of Oo.ober, 1008, to wnd by registered letter, atldrcuud tn till! Iliiilrmltnii'll. Ill,
inn mil iKlilru^B Htnl  [llll  |>iiith'iilin„ nf Ills
rlRlm or Interest, nml a Btnt ment 61 hi* Recount, verified hy statutory iloi lam Inn innl Hip
leourltj (,i inn) he d by him.
.\ i.i tiiu -ni.i nun day nf October, runt, the
Aiiminhtrainrwill prooei'd with tho distribution of the said estate, liiivinu reitard to those
uly of whioh hu shell then have hud
liitoriuid Porks,0,C„the nth  day of
iber, 1008.
Ofllfitil AilinhilHIrnlnr,
(Iriuul HjrkS.B. C
rtistic Photos
Now is  the time to have them taken.    The only opportunity you will have to secure them this fall will be
The well known Vancouver Photographer next visits
Grand Forks, which will he on
When he will remain for TWO WEEKS ONLY. Any
one desiring first-class work in his line should not fail
to call on him at
Studio: Winnipeg Ave., the sun office \| GREAT REDUCTION
Lloyd A. Manly aoII offer on
tho I4t!i day of September, 1908,
at the ollico of the British
American Trust company, Nine
(9) Two (2) Aere llloeks 'of Fruit
Land, in the McCarren Addition, adjoining the City of Grand
Forks on the West, and being
only a few minutes' walk from
the C.P.R. and G.N.Hy. depots.
This land.is subdivided, level
and laid out iu streets and blocks,
Price 8100 per block of two
acres, $25 cash, balance in four
or six monthly instalments.
This is a hagaitt at $50 per acre.
Also Eighteen (18) Lots iu
Ruckle Addition just across the
C. P. Ry.
These lots are 82 feet frontage and 125 feet deep. Two,
three or four adjoining lots can
bo purchased at $50 per lot.
This is also excellent fruit
land and is sub irrigated.
Residence on the hill also for j
Terms easy.
The above offer is good
until October 12th, 1908,
Grand Forks, B. C, September 10th, 1908.
I Victoria Hotel   and   Two
Stores Destroyed Last
| Explosion of Gasoline Threatened Destruction ofthe
Business Oentre
Knox Pbesbvtkrian CHOHcn—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m.; Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, Monday, 7:30 p.
in. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8 p.m. All aro cordially
invited; seats free.
Methodist Ciiuhch, Rev. Schlich-
ter.—Services next Sunday at 11
a. m. and 7:.'I0 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible class at 9:45 a.m. All
are welcome.
Baptist Cnoiion, Rev. F. W. Au-
vaclio, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. ni. and 7:80 p. m.; Sunday
school and Bible olass at ,'i p.m.
The Sun and the Toronto Weekly
Globe for $1 per year.
(New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen hooks in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is a pracical book, useful
to ull and necessary to most men engaged in any brunch of the copper
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives tho plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
tt lists and describes 4038 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to Importance of tlm property
The i upper Handbook is conceded
to bc the
World's Standard Hefercnce
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the honk for
Lthe facts it gives him about mines,
[mining anil the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
Hoots it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
■Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain Knglish.
Price is $5 in. Buckram with gilt
Jtopj $7.50 in full library morocco.
■Will lio sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address 'ordered, and
luay bo returned within a week of ro-
ieipt if not found fully satisfactory.
lorace J.  Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Rlock,
Hough tun, Michigan j
Ahout .1 o'clock Saturday afternoon
lire broke out in the business centre
of Greenwood, and two stores and an
hotel were destroyed, The lire started in tlio Greenwood dyeing and clothing shop, spreading to the Victoria
hotel and Jones' bakery on either side,
all being consumed in a very short
time. Holmes & Kennedy's grocery
store was badly gutted and the Palace
livery stable scorched.
Lack of any wind and the good
work of the fire drigade saved the entire business section. The blaze had
its origin in an explosion of gasoline
in the clothes cleaning establishment,
in which Mrs. J. Darling was severely
burned. The loss will be severe on
those burned out, as none carried insurance except the Victoria hotel.
The hotel had just recently been reopened by Hugh McGillivray.
Superior quality rubber;
goods of exceptional
A new lot of fountain
and Bulb Syringes, Hot
Water Bags, Sponges
and other rubber goods.
Your choice of many
Hotel C°'»n
Opposite Great Northern Station
F». O. MoDONALO, Proprietor
Horrent ly completed and
newly furnished through-
out. Conveniently located
for ruilwuy men- first"
olass aoRoniDindatioiiH for
tramlenti, lio » r <i n n d
rooms by the week nt prevailing rates Finn line of
(Vines, Liquors ami Cigars
always in Itook n( tln> bar.
Grnnd Forks, B. C.
ProvinceRestaurant and lunch Counter
Rutherford 8 Mann
A. R. Mann, Mir.
Phone 35 P.O. Box 315
Says Thomas Was Murdered
The coroner's inquest held at He-
public last week over the remains of
A. F. Thomas, who was found dead
near Malo, rendered a verdict that he
came to his death by two or more
gunshot wounds on the body and
hands and three or more blows with
some blunt instrument on the head,
crushing the skull, and inflicted by
some person or persons unknown to
the jury, at a ranch known as the
John Turner ranch1 one aud one-half
miles south of Malo.
Strong circumstantial evidence, the
officers say, point to T. B. Gamble,who
is now in custody, as being guilty of
the crime, and information will be
filed against hiin direct in tlio superior
Geo. K. Massie will have a display of Indies' tailor-made garments
at his store during the lirst week
in October.
We have a largo supply of ull kinds
of visiting cards in stock, and the
most fashionable styles of type to
print them with.  Tin; Sun Job Olliee.
Ai o said often to bo burled six fi'ct umVr
ground. But many times women call on
thoir family physicians, :-iiflVrinf*, as thoy
Imagine, opQfromdyBpofwiatanother from
heart disease, another from liver or kidney disease, another from nervous prostration, nnothorwlth pain hero and there,
aru In this way thoy present alike to
tbemsolvoa and their easy-going or over-
busy doctor, separate discuses, for, which
he, assuming litem to bo BUch, proscribes
his pills and potions. In reality, thoy urn
all only sumplgma caused by some merino
disease. Tlic'j!nS^ici:ni,'1t£norant of tho
emote of suirenni^iNpps up n-wjreatmimt
until large bills are undo, J^jNujIVrlnf*
patient Rets no to'UciVj^^.o^jKtho
wrong treatment, bnt probably wot£e7-d&
rjr'ii^Mm-dj^iejLi^.ijr,. Tin lt's jtoiriM
I'p-sfrijiiiiiii.^irrvfM/ tn the ci'i^avomuJ
ImVtjilili'lv lvilij^*j^^MTiTT-;|vj'~Uu'Y'i?
by \iis|?i^mui^a7rni()su tlhCTrsSuiK symptoms, and Instituting comfort Instead of
prolonged misery, it has been well said,
that "a disease known Is half cured."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is a
scientific medicine, carefully devised by
an experienced nnd skillful physician,
and adapted to woman's delicate system.
It Is made of native American medicinal
roots and Is iierfectly harmless In .Its
effects in aliu conoiiyum or tut: r«fl/(Tg
as a powerful Invigorating tonic "Favorite Proscription" Imparts strength to
tbo whole system and to tho organs distinctly femlnlnoln particular. For overworked, "worn-out," run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shopgirls," house -keepers,
nurslngmotbers, ana feeblo women generally, ur. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is the greatest oarthly boon, being un-
cmaled as an appetizing cordial and rest irat ive tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening nerv-
,na "Favorite Prescription " Is unonualod
bi d is invaluable ln allaying and sub*
duing nervous excitability, irritability,
nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration,
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms, St. Vltus's
dance, arid other distressing, nervous
symptoms commonly attendant upon
functional and organic disease, of. the
UterU8, It induces refreshing sleep and
removes mental anxfi tv and despondency.
t>r. Plorci 's Pleasant Pellets Invigorate
tl": stomach, liver md liou'cls. One tt
t* ree ■-. dopA    ICas.y io take as candv.
Failure is often the result of effort;
victory always j.s,
Nothing soothes the:sunburn so well
as a beautiful string of fish.
Mosquitoes have insomnia worse
than any other created thing.
-   The woman who wears   a direetoire
go.wn has a good opinion of herself.
A lot of characters have been ruined
by being hung over a back yard fence.
Men who always vote straight are
responsible for a lut of crooked politics.
When a woman doesn't know what
else to do, she eats a chocolate sundae.
Some women won't lie satisfied in
heaven unless they can have a box
It is always darkest just before
dawn, but it is often tedious waiting
for the lighb.
The man making a hot finish isn't
letting it be known that he started
with cold feet.
The trouble with brains is tbat so
very few people know what they are
or how tj usu them.
A lot of men are like soda fountains
—give of! lots of froth but mighty
little solid substance.
Some men are so fond of peace that
even when looking for trouble they
always go on a still hunt.
Having a good disposition is often a
matter of carefully choosing your companions and environment.
The girl who has a record for breaking hearts might make it profitable by
running a repair shop annex.
Making a practice of being good na-
tured is Hying directly in tbe face of
the pessimist and of the cynic.
Women may have queer ideas of
what fun consists of, but they are not
apt to bo sorry the next morning,
Understanding a little about everything nnd everything about a little is
what constitutes an educated man.
A reaily serious summer complication usually consists iu large part of
seaside, girl and too much vacation.
The houseoleaning fever is apt to be
followed by a chill of apprehension
when the decorator presents   his bill.
Koine people never turn up thoir
noses at anything, as nature has already anticipated tbem in the matter.
The joys of a vegetable ami flower
garden are mostly imaginary, but the
sorrows occasioned by tho visit4 of the
bill collector are real sorrows.
A steady job and a strict boss may
be one way of saving the youth of our
country that said youth may not appreciate until ho doubles his years.
Sometimes it is really disappointing
and depressing when people just naturally fail to live down to the de.id
level we havo mapped out for thoni.
The greatest trouble about getting
to work after your summer vacation is
the thought that will keep coming
that you ought to be rested and refreshed anyway.
The conversation method of approaching the , matrimonial question
may be intellectual, but it does not
commend itself to the average girl
nearly so strongly as the theater and
automobile way.
For Sale Cheap, or Trade—Bnsi'
ness lot on Winnipeg avenue near
The Sun oflice. Enquire of Leu-
Three bottles of cold   Nelson  Beei\
50c.    Lion Bottling Works.
Bicycles and Kepair Work—A
complete line of 1908 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Chapplk, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
The  Sun  and  the Toronto Weekly
J lobe for $1.00 per year.
M. Inst M. E.
Plumber by Examination
and Sanitary Engineer
Repairs of Every Description
Shop :
Second Street
Paoxe B77
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
.Vjknt von—
Loudon Mutual Klro tniurancu Co,
Moutroftl rtnd Cumuli!,
Ami othoriubalHiiijiil rompanlei.
Synopsis' of Canadian Homestead
ANYnvnihible Dominion Lands within thn
Railway Kelt nf British Columbia maybe
homesteaaed byjttiy person who Is the head
of a family, or any main over eighteen yeara
of aire, ttf the extent of one-quarter Beetloti
of 1(10 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally »t tbe loeal
land otlice for the district in which  the land
is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the condition* connected therewith under
one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months1 residence upon and
cultivation of the land in euch year for three
(2) If tho fat Imr (or mother, if the father Is
deceased}) ofthe homesteader resides upon u
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements tm to residence may be satisfied by such, person residing: with the father
or mother.
(8) If the settler has bis permanent real*
deuce upon farming; land owned by him in
the vicinity of iibi homestead, the require*
metits aa to residence may be Botlsfled by
resilience upon the suid Inml.
six mouths' notice in writing should he
{riven the Commissioner of Dominion Lands
ut Ottawa of intention to apply for pntent.
('oui -Coal mining rights uiav ],,* leased
for a period of twenty-one years at an annual rental of 41,00 per acre. Not more than
2,560acres shall be leased to One individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of live netita
per ton shall be collected on the men •hunt-
able coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N.B.-Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be uuid fur.
Carpets Cleaned ami Laid.
Fnri.it ure Repaired, Upholstered and Cleaned, nnd
other jobs in thc house*
cleaning Uue. Rubber Tires
for Baby Carriages.
Second Hand Goods
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs.
Sample Copy Free.
lUI'tn BOMB,       „. I'l'IIUSMKUS.
ii.NA.iwt       47 w.ttrn Sr.,NBwYoBX
Prints more live Bo lary news Hum
liny other paper published in thn
district. The price of Tin; Sin is
only ■? 1.00 pur year—one-halt the cost
of its competitors. Tiik Sun is never
on the fence regarding questions of
public interest. Tim: Sun is uc-
knowledge*d to be one of the brightest
papers published in the interior nf
the province, Those who subscribe
and feel dissatisfied, "ill Imve their
money refunded by calling at theofflcs
of publication.
The Evening: .Srx mid the Toronlo
Weekly (.lobe and Canada Farmer,
81.00 per yenr in advance,
The Evbnino Sun, The Winnipeg
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer and the Montreal Family Herald
nnd Weekly 'Star, $2,00 per year in
LMIL LARSEN. Phopbietoh
II,.i and Cold Bathi, Nicely KnruUhed
Ntuve*Hoated   Room*.     I'-iilln-lv ru
fnnililiei! ami renovated throughout.
Plnt.olau board bj day, «.■<•!< ..p-
month. Special nt.--. to steady I'onrd.
ere. sntorloaji ami Bnropeau plain.
Plneel Uarhtl iti In Connection,
Receive both Ladles and Gentlemen bi rail*
dent <>r day stud en ta; bai u complete Com*
merclalor Business (.'<»ur^f: prepares itu«
dentato vain Teachers,' Certificates of nil
grades; glvei the font years' course for the
li. a. degree.and the first year of the School
of Balance ooura, In affiliation with tin- Toronto University; has a sLirciul j>ruM>'*ctorf
oourie fnr miners who work in It t. [nitrite*
tion is nl-.. civT. In Art, Muile. PhyilealCtil*
ture  and BloOUtlon.   Term opoDi Sept.   II.
\'.s"i.  For Calendar!, etc., whiM---
COLOMBIAN COLLXGK. Compressor Plant and Diamond Drill for the First
Property Will Be Operated
on an Extensive Scale in
Near Future
Alexander Sharp, manager cf th
First Thought mine at Orient, states
that more extensive operations than
ever before will soon be going on at
that property, The company has ordered from tiie Sullivan Machine company a six drill compressor plant,
which at first «'ill be run by a sixty
horsepower gasoline engine. A diamond -drill outlit has also been purchased, and a thorough system of
exploration work will be inaugurated
nt different places on the First
Thought grounds besides where the
present workings are located. The
company owns nine patented claims,
being considerable virgin territory to
be prospected.
Eventually it is intended to use
electric power at the mine, and the
compressor plant ordered is built
with that end in view.
Both the Northport and Trail
smelters are now receiving First
Thought ore.
Mineral Display Large
"The mineral department will be
one of the main features of the Spokane fair this year. Owing to the fact
that we will have the entire south
side of the main exhibition building,
150 feet in length, for that display,"
says Geo. P. Larsen, superintendent
of the mineral display at the fair.
"We have assurances from many
sections of the country of big exhibits
that will be sent, not only from the
districts represented in past years,
but from many districts that never
have had ore on exhibition during the
existence of tiie fair.    Some of these
] districts already have sent, in their
I ore and more is coining, and mining
men in general seem more enthusiastic than for many years. All the
districts in British Columbia, many of
which have seemed to be dead for the
last few years, are waking up to the
situation and will place ore exhibits,
as well as districts throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho and some
parts of Montana.
"This ore display  during  the   fair
I this year  will   be   taken to the chain-
i        J
j ber   of   commerce   display room and
| placed on exhibition there during the
j mining convention, which is to be
1 held in Spokane this winter, and will
also be kept on display during the
period of the Alaska exposition for the
benefit of visitors who stop oil' in this
city ou the wuy to the. A.-Y,-P. at
"Many special features will be
shown up this year which will make
tbe mineral department one of the
most attractive. Several line cabinets
of sample specimens will be on display
from different parts of the United
States and from Mexico and other
foreign countries.
"A big miners,' drilling contest will
be put on again in connection with tlio
mineral department. This contest
will be held in front of the grandstand. A concrete base six feet high
and three feet square has been made
on which to place the ruck. The
drilling will take place in the afternoon between race heats. A purse of
$i250 is offered for this contest and
there will be special features connected with it which will prove very
"Present indications point toward a
contest between boys' drilling teams
from Murray and Wallace, and probably from other places. Those who
attended the fair last year will remember the interesting contest which whs
put ou by the boy drillers."
I will not be responsible for auy
debts or contracts contracted by my
wife, Ida E. Coryell.
Special   Old   Port SI   per  gallon.
Lion Bottling Works.
The following table gives the ore
for 1905, liiOfi and for the past week:
(iranby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe', I'hoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Snmmit	
EiimiM, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Snmmit Camp	
Bonnie Belle.  Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, I'hoenix	
Idaho, I'hoenix 	
Rawhide, I'hoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Senator, Summil Camp	
Morrison, Deadwood	
Sulphur King.Sinnmit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Big Copper, West Copper	
(iiiiiii. West Fork	
Bally, West Kork	
Rambler, West Kork	
Butcher Hoy, West Kork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, (Ireenwood	
Strathmore, Providence	
Golden Eagle 	
Preston, Skvlark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark. Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
10. 1'. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Bay, Skylnrk;	
Mavis, Skylnrk	
Don Pedro. Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundnry Kails	
Miscellaneous .,	
Total, tons	
Smeller Treatment—
• Granby Smelter 	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smeller	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Total Treated  	
shipments of   Boundary mines
1907 190S   Past Week
013,537 TliUL'O       25,147
135.0(11 0,587         2,5511
208.821 150,011        10,7'J3
14,481 4C.5G8         2,740
B. 0. Copper Company Bonds
a Group of Claims in Wellington Camp
Consideration Said to Have
Been in Neighborhood
of $100,000
Jack Pot, owned by James M. Doyle,
Al. Sanderson and Larry Moriarity,
and tbe Buttercup, owned by John J.
Farrell. The purchasers are the
British Columbia Copper company.
The claims have all been crown
granted. The ore is arsenical iron
and carries gold and silver values.
The ledges are large and the ore will
prove an excellent flux when treated
along with the other ores of the company.
A big mining deal was completed
in Greenwood on Thursday, tho 17th
inst., for a group of claims io Wellington camp, the amounts of the
bonds aggregating in tbe neighborhood of §100,000. Tho properties
bonded are the Molly Priebard and
Athelstan fraction, owned by ' Forbes
M.   Kerby   and   John  Buckley; the
Your home or your farm is now
looking-its best. Have a picture
taken of same on post cards orsome-
thing larger. No extra charge for
intricate work. Leave orders at
lilomo's Old Studio.
Largo Bottle Port Wine, 75c.  Lion
Bottling Works.
Good paying business for sale.    Inquire at Sun otlice.
We have some of tile highest grade
paper and stationery for up-to-date
commercial printing every brought to
the Boundary;    Sun Job Otlice.
We are prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial   Printing
On the shortest notice and in the
most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in tho Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in nn
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—is in itself an
advertisement, and a trial order
will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of
the best. Let ub estimate on your order. We guarantee
For Homes Orchards and
Residence Grounds.
Oun Motto:
Not tho cheapest iu price
but the best  in quality,
Burbank's New Stoneless
Gapital City Nursery Company
Always Carrion in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Kuznr Honing ti Specialty.
Palace Barber Shop
ir Honing a S|ioc
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Ibt Doon North of Giianhy Hotel,
First Street.
Foo Lee
Yale  Tranfer Co.
Light and Heavy Transferring to and from the depots.
A. Mackintosh
Office:   Windsor Hotel. Phone,
Grand Forks Sun
Job Department
Plrit*olosB in evory rpspnt-t.
Sohiple rooms Fnr oumtner*
dial travelers.
in,, nml Cnia Until,
Bar In ('im Hon.
Finest llntiiilmil Whins,
i.iioiorsuinl Oiunrs.
1,148,237 960,694 41,2:so!
637,626 716,922, 19,238
841.952 lii7.im.-f 12,076
103,439   22,666
A nthorlzed r—BBAHM"
i'i.|iitul.    Issiiflil. Pur.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A129
Rutherford Bros., Props.
60  YEARS'
1,183,017      911.D0-,
Authorised ,--siiAnBs—,      Pnld   Total to   Utes
Name OI COSIPAHYi Capitol.    Issued. Pur.       IM.       IJuto.       Dotf,
Or,,ni,vr„,,«„lidnt«l-Copper.. «ir,,(«u»io    isr,,nw tinti *i,o»),ooo $2,11  o»bjrt. I
Cnrllino Mi'Kinnrv-.Oold .        1,230.000   1.250,1*0     *         Bll!,»3T;i'el>. 1
Pro»&o.^rver. ...„;•     Wooo   '-sum    U       I8.000     MUgnrt.
B.c'Ooppef-aopper'     8,000,000    BKi.ouo    IB               801,800 Peps. 1
Total to    Utest      Per
Dnto.       Dnte.   Shore
1901  18.00
1004 .00
. 1000 .80
. 1IIU7      .04
sent I roe. OliloM ogoncy for securing-patjmtj.
Pntouts tuken through Aiuun & Co.recatve
m«ia! notice, without ennree, in tli?
Scientific America
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any fictentiflo Journal. Termn for
Cumuli., $:i.7f> a yew,.postage prepaid. Bold by
WUNfi & Cot?6,B""d-" N?w York
Snueh Ofaos, fo If St, Washington, D. O.
We carry the most fashionable stool'
of wedding stationery in the Bout]
dary country. And we are the onl;
otlice in' this section that have tli
correct material for printing it. Th
Sun job office.


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