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The Evening Sun Feb 16, 1912

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 ^l«W^g^ffijl|l|lllJJ.-4. ^-■-■■■^pip)ftUflV>jpil,!_.4'.-Jfl.-M.v^W
Eleventh Year--No. 16
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. February 16, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Boulders on Track Wreck a
C. P. R. Freight Train
Near Fisherman
The Other Trainmen Escape
Unharmed—Train Was
Running Slow
A Berious freight wreck, in which
one man lost his life, occurred on
tbe Canadian Pacific railway early
Wednesday morning at Fisherman,
seven miles west of this city.
Tbe east bound freight, in charge
ol Conductor Innes, when near
Fisherman, ran into a couple ol
large boulders whicb bad been
washed on tbe track by the freshets
uow prevailing. Owing to tbe sharp
curvature of the track it' was im
possible for tbe engineer and fireman
to see tbe obstruction until it was
too late to stop tbe train. The train
was running at a low rate speed, and
when the boulders were struck only
the engine was derailed, and it toppled over into the ditch. Had the
train been running at (ull speed,
tbere would have beeu a bad mix-
up aod probably greater loss of life.
As the engine struck the obstruction the fireman, Michael Moore.of
Eholt, jumped from the cab. Afte
alighting on tbe ground he was
pinned between a boulder and tbt
engine and cnt almost in two. It if
supposed tbat death was instautane-
ous. Head Brakeman Keefe also
jumped, but he escaped with a
bruised leg. Engineer Alex Bel
leek remain in the cab, and was unhurt.
A wrecking crew worked all day
Wednesday getting the engine back
on the rails and repairing tbe track.
The east-bound passenger train was
delayed for a few hours on account
of having lo transfer passengeis at
the wreck.
Yesterday Coroner Kingston empanelled a. jury for tbe purpose ol
- holding sn inquest over the remains
of the dead Amman. After listening to the evidence of Engineer Bei-
leck and the other trainmen, a verdict of purely .accident death was
rendered. The members of the
jury were G. M. Fripp, A. Mann,
H. K. Woodland, J. D. Honsberger,
I). McCallum and Fred Clark.
inspect some sites for the proposed'
tank. Last year council's special
envoy to the coast on busitiess in
connection with a drill hall, addressed the members on military affairs. All be now required to bring
the armory to the city -was the signatures of Ihe mayor and aldermen
to a petition which he was engaged
in drafting. Mr. Harkness addressed
the council in reference to the city's
conservatory of music. If given
a steady job, Mr. Harkness would
undertake the management of tbe
city band, and train young residents
of tbe town to be proficient musicians. He had had thirty years',
experience as leader of bands in this
country and in England, and bad
been a total abstainer since be was
eleven years of age.
the last frontier, and the characters
' are persons that one might meet in
almost any western mining camp.
The staging was novel, and admirably suited to action of the play.
Joseph Wibner, Of PhoemX. The portrayal of the various character wus all that could be desired,
the company being capable and well
balanced. Miss Eleanor Haber as
Neeia, Lee Miller as Captain Burrell,
and Norval McGregor us John Gale
were,exceptionally strong, and these,
together with a supporting company
of more than ordinary ability, gave
a delightful rendering of the exciting
Buys Interest in Qrand
Forks Brewery
lhe City Council
There was not a great deal of
business transacted at Ihe council
meeting Monday night. A number
of communications were received
innl read. The only one of any importance was from the minister of
public worka in reference to the
council's petition for the rebuilding
of the Cooper bridge by the government. The matter, be said, had
been referred to Road Supervisor
Spraggett, who bad been instructed
to furnish the publio works department with a report regarding the
work. The city clerk made a request for an assessor,' but action on
the matter was postponed until the
next meeting. The question of a
new water tank was talked over at
length. The only decision arrived
at was the council's instructions to
Short Courses Lectures
Short courses in fruit and vegetable growing will be held in this city
under tbe direction of the horticultural branch of tbe agricultural department on Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, February 28 and 29 and
March 1.   Following is tbe program:
2:00 p.m.—"Soil   Cultivation  and
Fertility," M. S. Middleton.
3:00 p.m.—Commercial    Vegetable
Growing," P. E. French.
7:30 p.m "Orchard    Plans    and
Planting," P. E. French,
8:30 p.m.—"Best Commercial   Va
rieties of Fruit to Grow," James
THURSDAY.    -     - - ore.
2:00 pm— "Orchard Sites a**d
Soils." B. Hoy.
3:00 p.m—"Culture of Small
Fruits," H. lho nbe,\
7:30 p.m.—"legation and Conservation of Waler," H Thonber.
8:30 p.m.—"Gravity Irrigation,"
A. Tweddle.
9:00 p.m.—"Pumping Plants and
Pu-nping    Irrigation,"    W.   A.
'  Cooper.
2:00 p in.—Pruning demonstration,
M. S. Middleton.
3:00 p.m.—"Potato Culture," P. E
7:30 p.id.—"Costs in the Production of Fruit," J.  D. Honsberger.
8:30 p.m.—"Judging and Exhibition Standards," MS. Middleton.
9:00 p.m.—Lecture illustrated by
lantern views, M. S. Middleton.
Rev. M. D. McKee a Strong
Supporter of Church
Joseph Wibner, who has been
connected with the Phoenix brew-,
ery for the past three years, having
held the position of one of the
brewers, has purchased a balf interest in the Grand Forks brewery
from John Huebeck. Mr. Wibnerf
is an expert brewer, and extensive
improvements are io progress and
under contemplation. An io machine for the belter handling of the
keg trade has already been installed,
and next week work on an addition
lo the brewery will be started. This
building will be used for an office,
bottling house, and engine and
boiler rooms. A bottling plant has
been ordered from Milwaukee, and
it is due to arrive here in three or
four weeks. It is Mr. Wibner's intention to turn a local beer product
equal to tbe imported article.
Tale Cash Register Is Rifled
to the Extent of $81
by Burglars
The Greenwood smelter has at
last obtained relief in tbe coke situation. In addition to Coleman, a
supply of coke is also now being obtained from Blairmore. All furnaces
at tbe smelter are now in full operation, and tbe Rawhide ore is coming in freely. There are about 150
men on the payroll at the Rawhide.
—Greenwood Ledge.
At the last meeting of the hoard
of school trustees the contract for
supplying tbe public school with
fifty cords of wood was awarded
to Mclntyre & Clayton at $4.45 per
cord. The otber tenders received
were: Robinson & King, 14.64;
A. Galloway, 84 70; James Hani',
14.75; W. A. Pounder, 84.75;
Doukhobor Society, »4.75.
Provincial Elections
It is understood among those who
have ears close to the ground tbat
the provincial elections are to be precipitated during the month of
March, and the whispered word bas
gone forth to the faithful to prepare
for the event in every constituency,
says the Victoria Times. Thus, the
alarm is sounded and the advice is
given "not to underrate tbe strengfh
of the opposition." The interpretation of these words means really that
the faithful are not to overrate the
strength of the government or underestimate its weakness. For it is in
the weakness of the government and
the growing discontent among the
more self-respecting members of Mi*.
McBride's following that the opposition has much strength. The
breaking down of the machine by
tbe disintegration of its recalcitrant
parts is the surest premonition of
the downfall of Bowserism and Two-
Man government in the province.
Pboenix evidently bad s big pay
day last Saturday. Tbe X. T. bank
in tbat camp had to send to this city
for more money. It's s shame to see
good monej^ going out of town in
the wuter and light committee  tu this wny I
At the evening service in Knox
Presbyterim church last Sunday
the paster, Rev. M. D. McKee,
preached a very strong sermon in
favor of the union ' of tbe Pieshy-
teriim, Methodist and Congrega
tional churches in Canada. The
clergymen of the Presbyterian
church have endorsed Ihe proposed
union by'a large majority.and a vote
of tbe congregations will be taken
next month. Mr, McKee, in his
sermon, said the union wonld benefit t>otb the clergy and the laity
Instead of two or three struggling
churches in country town**, there
would be one gi od congregiti n
Tbe clergymen who would be dis
placed by Ihe union, he said, would
be needed in tbe new towns in the
prairie provinces, and for mission
ary work among the immigrants
wbo are constantly arriving in the
country in great numbers.
The Republic News-Miner -says
that a big ore cbute, fifteen feet
widta, carrying copper values averaging from 3 to 13 per cent, has been
opened on the 110-foot level of tbe
Belcher mine. Tbe mine is developed with ibree tunnels, eacb of
which has found the ore. It iB
equipped with an air compressor
and iB producing at the rate of
about 50 tons a day. Among those
interested in the property are J. A.
Anderson, Frank Babcock, M. L.
Andrson, Mike Merritt and S. J.
Cbadwick, Spokane. Will Anderson
is tbe manager.
"The Barrier" company, which
filled a one-night's engagement at
the Grand Forks opera bouse last
Tuesday, was the first show that
hss visited tbe city for a number of
years past that bas been compelled to
turn people away for lack of accommodation. Tbis incident was a fair
index of tbe merit of the perform-
snee. The drama is exceedingly
strong, portraying stirring events at
a trading station  on the Yukon—
At the Province They Failed
to Locate the Cash—Took
Cigars and Liquor
S. H. Cutnminger, a miner, fell to
bin death in a pocket in a Phoenix
mine last week. He is said to have
been walking along one of tbe levels
of tbe mine, and, not noticing where
be was stepping, fell into the an ore
pocket. He was a Canadian, about
45 years of uge, and had recently
arrived from Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fraser and
family left last Saturday for Victoriu, where Mr. Fraser will engage
in business. Mr. and Mrs. Fraser
bave resided bere ever since Grand
Forks was in its infancy, and tbeir
many friends in this city wish tbem
success at tbeir new coast home.
Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor of
Knox Presbyterian church, will exchange pulpits with Kev. J. R,
Munro, M.A., of Greenwood next
Sabbath. In the evening Mr. Munro will prttiich a sermon on "Church
Sheriff Moran and Deputy Sheriff
P. W. McGregor arrested P. W.
Roach at Danville last week on a
charge of selling liqnor to tbe Indians.
The Granby company has secured
a crusher at Boundary Falls, and installed it at the No. 3 outlet at tts
Phoenix mines last week.
L. A. Campbell, of Spokane, manager of the West Kootenay Power &
Light company, was in the city
last Monday.
The Overseas club will give a
dance for members in the Davis
ball on Friday evening, February 23.
The Granby smelter has produced
2,071,000 pounds of blister copper
since tbe ist of January.
Two robberies, apparently the
work of the same parties, were committed in this city at an early hour
Thursday morning. The houses
burglarized were the Province and
Yale hotels.
It is supposed tbat the Province
hotel was tbe first placed visited by
the robbers. Here tbey effected an
entrance into a back room by climbing up the fire escape and breaking a window. Before breaking the
widow they had endeavored to remove the pane of glass by eutting
away the putty. After entering tbe
room the robbers found that the
door leading to the bar-room was fastened on the otber side>ith a hasp,
and after Btraining at it until tbey
nearly pulled the lock off, tbey were
forced to abandon their attempt to
gain ingress to the bar-room by this
route.. They then, went to a side
window, and after breaking an upper pane of glass with a bottle.it was
an easy task to insert a hand and
undo the window lock and push up
tbe window. This gave tbem entrance to tbe billiard and bar rooms.
The burglars made a thorough
search of the bar-room for cash, but
were unable to find any, although
they had opened a "drawer where
two money bags bad been deposited.
After helping themselves to a few
cigars and some liquor, they left
tbe house.
From the Province it is supposed
Ihey crossed the street and went
over to the Yale. Here they gaioed
entrance through the outside cellar
door and up the trapdoor in the
bar-room. The outside door is usually barred on the inside at night,
but on this occasion the porter had
'ailed to perform ihis work. They
were in belter at this house, as tbey
found $81 in cash in the cash register. Tbis tbey tuok and made
good their escape. They left the
trap-door open, end "'hen the porler
came to work in the morning be fell
down the cellar, a fitting retribution
for bis neligence in not barring lhe
The robbery at the Yale waB not
discovered until the day bartender
came on duty. He found the cash
register drawer open, and immediately suspected tbat something was
wrong and notified lhe Mr. Traunweiser, tbe proprietor.
The robberies showed every evidence of having been committed by
amateur criminals. Two men who
been loafing about the town for a
couple of weeks, and who decamped
on the night of the burglary, are
suspected ot being guilty of tbe
Tbe wagon bas superseded tbe
sleigh as the vehicle of traffic in
Grand Forks.
New Year will start to-
A flea is like a politioal renegade.
They keep on hopping trem one
party to another, and always make
their presence known by inflicting a
bite. •JIM.*.*! J*.;*
ii-i i ii 111:11111 in ui inr
The One Led to the   -
.By  t.  A.   MITCftEL
'•. Copyright by American Press Association, ML ,
fl».H-l"H"l-l-M-HM I M"l 1 H-l-l-H-
In the city of Charleston during tbe
middle of the last century a young girl
sat ln a window opening on to a garden.  Bbe was not one of tbe delicate,
willowy creatures of whom poets love
to sing, bnt a magnificently formed, tsll
woman wltb a remarkably handsome
fact. Though the year was -nearly
tpent, the leaves on the trees had not
yet all fallen, and a balmy breeee came
ep trom tbe south. The gardeu'into
which Margaret Lemolno looked belonged to an adjoining bonse, and two
gentlemen were smoking'ob a rustic
bench almost directly beneath the window she occupied. - They were botb
young men of the world and were chatting about social matters. Charles Thlbadeaux was speaking.
"Tbe northern city I most fancy In
America," he said, "Is New tork. At
least It Is to me- less objectionable, puritanically considered, than otber northern cities. But my delight Is our own
■ beloved New Orleans. In the Crescent
City tho meu arc brave to recklessness
and tbe women are beautiful. I spent
last winter there."
"Wbo was tbe most beautiful woman
In New Orleans society last winter?"
asked the speaker's companion, Ed
ward Remington.
"The most beautiful woman, to my
thinking, waa a widow—a Mrs. Le-
molne. Though nearly forty, sbe retained her youthful a ppearance. She was a
queenly beauty, tall, splendidly formed
and wltb a face devoid of a-single
wrinkle. But 1 am sorry to say tbere
were unpleasant things aaid about ber.
Come past Indiscretion hod cast a
blemish upon her 'good name."
Margaret Lemolno paid no attention
to wbat the young men were saying
till she heard ber mother's name
spoken; tben naturally she pricked
ap her ears. When sbe beard the aspersion cast upon ber mother's good
name the blood rushed to ber cheeks
and her eyes lit with a sudden lire.
Bhe leaned forward to bnrl back tbe
accusation, bot words failed her. Tbe
young men, unconscious of wbat was
above them, smoked on. Miss Lemolno
withdrew from the window and began
to pace the floor.
"It ie time" she sard, "tbat tbls
woman's slanderers received a check
But how? Oh, tbat she were a mau and
I were a man I Women are defenseless
•gainst each otber. Men can at least
die In defense of tbelr good name. If
Tom had lived be could bave mnde tbls
man who has trcsted mother's good
name so lightly eat his words. Whj
.was I not born masculine?"
Yielding to an impulse, she seated
herself before a writing desk and
dashed off tbe following!
I have overheard your aspersions on the
■ood name of one I lore end respect. I
demand whatever of satisfaction you may
ke able to afford me. Since I prefer tu
remain Incoanlto I ahall conduct my own
side of this affair. If yeu are not a co'v-
jrt writ* me Disking en appointment for
1 meeting. MARK RENABD.
Hastily, folding the paper on -which
this communication was tnconsloer-
alely written, Margaret went to the
window and tossed lt at the feet ol
Ihe yonng men. Botb reached for it.
but Thibsdesnx secured lt Then aftei
a glance upward and with no slgbt of
any one who might have thrown it he
read Its contents aloud to his friend
The two looked at each other wltb
a serious expression.
"Ned," said Thibadeanx presently.
"I don't like the situation."
"Nor I. In listening to your remarks I am as culpable as you wbo
■have made tbem."
"Ton have nothing to do with tbe
sutler. The responsibility rests on
After a conference it was decided
that Thlbadeaux should write a note
-'- DODD'S'\
P'tllCTES   •'..,.■-■/
VV. N. U. Ne. 179.
to this Mark Kenard. whoever be
mlgbt be, and It should be left at the
door of'tbe bouse from which the note
had been thrown. It said that the
writer acknowledged himself to be
blamable In repeating a scandal for
wblcb be had no proof and apologized
therefor. If after' tbls apology Mr.
Renard still Insisted on 'a meeting his
demand could not be denied. A reply
would be looked for the next after.
noon, sent In the same way as the
first message.
- Naturally Thlbadeaux was desirous
of knowing something of the mysterious challenger. Early ln tbe afternoon appointed for the reply he took
position behind the blinds of a win-
alow commanding a view of the house
from whence lt should come, in time
tie saw a shctter open Jnst far enough
for a hand to pass through and toss a
note on to tbe bench on which be bad
tat the day before. Tbe distance was
100 great for htm to discover that the
laud was delicately formed, bnt he
mw something tbat astonished blm.
I'he sunlight striking lt wse sent back
n a bright flash. Evidently Mr. He-
nard wore a Jcwtled ring.
Men seldom wear rings unless tbey
aire seals, wblcb are not likely to spar-
tie. Therefore Charles , Thlbadeaux
was not long ln divining tbat Ms
correspondent was a woman. All
thoughts of a bloody encounter van-'
isbed, and ln tbelr place came a desire to know more of bis fair challenger. He sauntered into the garden.
Picked up tbe note and, returning to
Us room, read it:
Only on* cteroi* ot a sense of honor will
apeak lightly ot a woman's (ood name. I
am determined to show those engaged In
spraading this calumny that It cannot be
done with Impunity. I therefore Insist on
Thlbadeaux after much thought
threw tbe note down, saying to himself:
"Tbe satisfaction I will give you,
lear lady, If I find you as attractive
is my imagination paints you, Is another ring to be worn on tbe third
finger of your left band."'
Tbe young man mused on, considering every possible method of procedure. At first he was Inclined to
meet his challenger on the field and
there make lt known that he .knew
her sex. Bnt be feared tbat she
might be further Irritated. Before the
dey was done he bsd decided on his
course.  Be wrote her ss follows:
It Is not by receiving your Are, my dear
•Ir, that I can atone for my fault, but by
hunting down the perpetrator of this scandal. I received it from a woman and am
confident tt originated tn a woman. It
within time months I do not bring you a
retraction from Its originator I will not
deny you the satisfaction yoai demand. I
shall look for your reply at the aame hour
tomorrow. ' <
The next afternoon Thibadeanx
watched Miss Lemolne's window
through a pair of glasses ond saw the
hand much' more clearly than before.
This rime the note wae thrown by the
left bond.
"Not married and not engaged," the
watcher remarked to himself wltb'
satisfaction. "I'm pleased to notice
that tbe third linger Is unoccupied."
The note bad evidently been written
in an exuberance of delight and was
consequently a dead give away.
Tour proposition Is accepted. Tou have
shown yourself to be a noble man. If I
were a woman I'm sure I should fall In
love with you.
"Thank yon," remarked Thlbadeaux.
"That's exactly what I wlsb you to
After -writing one more note, stating
that he was leaving for New Orleans
and hoped within the specified lima
to bring tbe vindication, he msde
resdy for his departure.
- Bnt two of tbe three months had
elapsed when Miss Lemolne received
tbe following note from the msn who
was to qussb tbo slander or Dgbt:
I hand you herewith sn acknowledgment from Mlsa Lemotne'a Inducer that
there- was ao truth In the story she circulated. I am sorry, however, to admit,
my dear air, that your good opinion of
me expressed In a letter written before
my departure was misplaced. I acoulred
this retraction by dishonorable means. I
made love to the woman who wrote It.
accused her ef misrepresenting the facts
In thia case and agreed to forgive her
only upon ht - written confession. I am
yours unworthily,
Having dispatched this self accusing
epistle, the writer waited Impatiently
(or a reply.  It was this:
t assure you, sir. that by your conduot
you bave not only relieved me and the
subject of the confession of a burden, but
you have shown yourself, notwithstanding
your own opinion of your act, too honorable, too lovely, for anything: Tour deception was perfectly excusable. I shall
always respect and admire .you for lt. It
Is needless for me to add tbat my challenge Is withdrawn.
Thlbadeaux chuckled over this letter
with its manlike beginning and Its
feminine ending. He was anxious to
get a glimpse of tbls lndy wbo bad sent
blm a challenge to mortal combat and
thus declared that she respected and
admired blm for an act upon wblcb bis
sensitive conscience was not quite
clear. 80 be wrote another note, begging that he mlgbt meet Mr. Renard
nnd apologize ln person for tbe wrong
be had done tn reporting a slander.
Thlbadeaux hsd resided In Charleston bat a few days before receiving
tbe challenge, and after sending It Miss
had kept herself very dark.
Then he bsd left Charleston, and upon
bis return bis enemy bod gone again
into biding. Consequently be was still
In Ignorance us to whether she were
an aged spinster or n - young girl,
whether comely or homely. Therefore
he was much relieved and pleased at
receiving a note that Mr. Itenard would
"be bapipy to receive a cull from Mr.
Thlbadeaux on the next afternoon at C
o'clock." They Could drink a cup of tea
together, Mil Mr. Renard could express
his sense of obligation to Mr.. Thlbadeaux for tbe vindication be had procured. .       -
Silicas Mr. Thlbadeaux never drank
anything weaker than wine, the offer
of tea was not as alluring as the anticipated ilsloh of tho womnn who had
brought about the approaching ac-
qualiita'jeo by proposing 10 kill him.
On ths appointed afternoon he onlled
on Mr. Renard and sent ln his card.
He nad prepared himself to feign
surprise on seeing 11 woman Instead of
a man, bnt wben tbe queenly Margaret came into tho room there was no
need of pretense. The splendor of ber
presence-quite took his breath away.
"I did not dream yon wonld be so
beautiful," he exclaimed.
"Wbat!'' she replied, starting. "Did
you know me to be a woman?"
"Not till I saw a ring sparkle on the
hand tbat dropped the challenge. For
heaven's sake, wbat did you mean by
taking sucb a course?"
"I meant to fight you disguised ss a
man." f>
"If you had. made no better pretense
in man's cloHies tban. tn writing a
man's letter you would not'bare deceived me."
'Bid I give myself away in tbat?"
she asked,.coloring.
'Certainly! It was first your band,
then yonr heart, that gave yon away.
Men do not write -.vith tbe ssme feeling as women,"
'All's well tbat ends well.'" sbe
esld, smiling.
A fow months later Charles Thibadeanx slipped on the third flnger ot
Set left hand tbe ring ne nad prom
lut himself he would out (here.
Still In the <6tsn» Age.
Dr. Walter E. Roth points oot that Isr
northern Australia tbere are today
many commuultles of primitive people
wearing no clothes, unable to count beyond tbree and still making and using
the Implements nnd weapons ot the
stone age. .Dr. Itolh bas ssen these
|H'u|)le making their stone Implements.
Tney manufacture "celts," scrspers,
knifes, saws, hnndplcks, gouges, hammers, pounders nnd grinders from
stone: They also use shells and teeth
for scrapers and drills, and bouc for
awls nnd stilettos.
Behavior et Iron In Concrete.
According to Ibe Engineer, a re-enforced conerete slab roof, built in Paris In 1S52, In which "wus Imbedded
some small tbree and one-quarter Inch
1 beams, bas shown a perfect preservation of the Iron. Thirteen years
ago a portion of the concrete wns removed and the Iron found to be In
perfect condition. Recently a similar
examination was made, wblcb failed
egaln to detect any deterioration.
Latest Remedy Per Burnt.
A new remedy for burnt Is.this:
Make a lukewarm poultice either with
the dry yeast pf grain or tbe wet yeast
of breweries. Apply It quickly ss possible. It stops lhe pain and hastens
healing. The scientific explanation le
that the collules of (be yeast absorb
the bacterial puieee.-La Mature.
Ethel-Grace naked George whether
bo would love ber any more It ber bair
wero some different color.
Edltb-And what did George say?
Ethel-Why. he merely asked bet
what otber colors she liad.-Cb.cago
"There Is a bright side to the 'Mona
Lisa' theft anyhow."
"Aud what Is that?'
"Why, sbe cun't go Into vaudeville
even if they find ber."-Houtloti Tost
With all those Turkish ships ashore no
doubt tho statement's true
Tbelr colore may be yellow, but It makes
a navy blue.
-Dalits News.
Sociable Stones
Travelling stones from tlio nlze ot
a pea to six Inches In dlemcter are
found In Nevada. When distributed
on a floor or other level surface, within two or threo. feet of one another,
they Immediately begin to travel toward a common centre and there He
huddled like a slutch of eggs In a
nest. A single stone removed to a
distance of three and a halt feet, upon being released, started wltb wonderful and somewhat comical celerity
to Join Its fellows. The strange stones
are found in a region tbat is comparatively level and little more than bare
rock. Scattered over this barren region are little basins from a few feet
to a rod In diameter and It Is ln the
bottom of these that die rolling stones
are found. The eaae for the strange
conduct of these stones Is doubtless
to be found ln tbe material of which
thet an composed, whicb appears to
lie lode stone or magnetic Iron ore.
We «re only little ones, bet we know £am
•uk cued ear p»in u4 cured oar sorts.  Per
heps tt wcmM cure you, too, H you tried it?"
fan* this sound .advioe ims
"babes and sucklings"! Take itl
The sneakers are the children of
Mri. ft Webster, of Seigneurs ?t,
Montreal, and tha mother adds
weight to their appeal. Bhe says:
"My little girl contracted scalp
diaeass at school. Bad gatherings
formed all over her bead, and not
only eaased tha.child acute pain
but asade ber vary iU. The sores
dtsohai-gsd, and oeenrring on the
scalp we feared ahe would lose
all her hair. Shews* in epitisble
plight when .we tried Zau. Bak,
butafew days' treatment with this
balm gave her ease. Then the
aores began lo heal, and we eon-
tinued the Zam buk treatment,
In a short time sbe wasqoite healed.
"My little boy sustained a serious scald on the nock. It set np
a bad sore, and quite a few things
we tried, failed to heel it or give.
him ease. Once -mow we tuned
to Zam-Buk, and we wen not
disappointed. It acted like a
charm in drawing away the pain,
and soon healed the wound;1' :
ZeraBakls "something different" ln the way ol belme. It
oaMtainiMwerfolheellngherbalesiencea, which, oaaoooaaapplieal
to skia disoests, kill off the germs and and tho painful smarting.
Other tsienoM contained In Zam-Buk se stimulate the cells that
new healthy tissue is speedily formed. lcnma,itch,uloers,toM
tores, absentee, lettering tores, blood poisoning, ohroniowounds,
cold cracks, etc.are healed and cored in thui way. Use it for all
skin injuries and diseases. It it alto oi gnat service for piles. All
drnpglsts tad ttortt at M cents box, er Zam-Buk Oo., Toronto.
Bead uletat
•tamp fer postage, aad we will
mall trial box
Their Bite la Sometimes Fatal and Always Dangerous
In a recent issue of tbe Scientific
American an article appeared written
by D. Allen Wiley,, describing the Gila
monster. The statement was made in
tke artlclo that scientists questioned
whether its bite was fatally poisonous,
aa has been supposed. W. C. Barnes,
of Las Vegas, N.M., claims to know
of two cases, in one of which death
resulted. Mr. Barnes writes as follows:
"Tbe 'first man was In Tombstone,
Arts. Tbe Gila was tied by the leg In
a saloon as a curio, and a drunken
twmbler named brown was teislng it.
He carelessly stuck his first two fingers Into Its mouth, which Immediately
closed down on them and could not
be released, until the reptile's bead
was cut off. Brown suffered horrible
agony for at most two days and In
spite of all efforts he died.
The second case was In the fall of
188!". Walter Vail sttCrted from the
Empire Ranch near Benson, Ariz., to
ride Into town on horseback, some fifteen miles. A short way from the
ranch a monster was sluggishly dragging its way across the road. Thinking to lake It into a friend, he got
down and killed it, to- at least he
thought he killed It. To carry.lt easy,
lie tied lt on hts saddle behind him,
using his saddle string for the-purpose. As he looped along, be thought
to assure himself that It hadn't dropped oft by reaching around behind
him with Tits right hand and then feeling for the monster.
"It was there, not nearly ns dead
as what he thought. His first finger
went Into the reptile's mouth clean
tb the knuckle, and Instantly, those
laws, with the long, sharp, dagger-like
teeth closed or Veil's finger. With
his left hand he managed to get his
knife out and cnt the saddle strings
and then dissected the head aud laws
to get hla finger from their grip.
'Tall then spurred his horse Into
Benson and found an engine In the
yards. A hasty exchange of' telegrams with the division superintendent at TucBon took pi pace and in a
tew minutes he was on the engine and
racing over the nad to Tucson where
an eminent surgeon resided at that
time. Vail lay at death's door for
two months, and that finger today le
useless from ths effect ot the bite."
(be bite, "
Other Fellows View Point
Wben Attorney-General Wlckerham
waa a plain, everyday citizen and lived
in Tenth Btrert near Fifth Avenue,
New Tork, a tew yeara ago, the tide
of Immigration was already beginning
to flow tn tbat direction. In conse-
quence, it was a rough crowd of boys
of all nationalities that gathered about
tbe curb to play their atreet games.
Master Wlckerham was frequently
admonished by his mother to avoid
the neighborhood toughs. On one occasion ahe emphasised her remarks
by saying:
"You know what I mean; so, play
along wltb the boys whoso fathers are
The speech made quite an Impression on tbe lad. A tew days later he
entered the library, where his mother
was entertaining guests, accompanied by a dirty unkempt lltte Italian.
"Bee, mother!" he exclaimed   tr'.- '
umphantly.   "I've brought Tony home
In play with ine.   I asked him lt hla
fi-ther was a se ail man, \al be said
be was "
Janes bad lately taken to lecturing
on the teetotal platform. "80 yon
want to marry my daughter, air!
What are yonr principles? Are yon
temperate?" he asked of a candidate "
for a position of son-in-law. "Tonip.
erate," was the teply: "wby I'm so
straight that lt gives me pnln to find
my boota tight."
There Is ln every true woman'e
heart a spark ot heavenly lire, which
beams and biases In tbe dark hours
of adversity.—Washington Irving.
Miss Goldrone.—I simply dote oa
s Idlers.   Are you a son of Mars?
Impecunious Man.—No; but I should'
like to become her son-in-law.
Friendship between two always   le
a plot against eaoh other.
A Drop ot Blood
Or a little water hem lhe husssa system
thoroughly testsd by the chief chemist al Dr.
Pierce's Invalids' HitelfodWo, N. Y„ tell. Ihe
ttory ol Impoverished Mood-nervost exhaustion
er some kidney trouble. Suoh exaariaadoos sre
made without cost aad Is ooly e ittall pert el the
work ol tbe tlsf el phyaielsns tad surgeons under
the direction of Dr. R. V. Pierce flvie! the best '
medical advice possible without eost to those
who wish to write and make a lull statement of
symptoms. Aa imitation oi natures method of
restoring'wstte ef tissue end lapoverithmsat of
Ike Mood sad aervous force it used when yoo
lake aa alterative aad glyceric extras! of roots,
without tke net oi eloobol, sash ee
Dr. Pierce's Golden'Medical Discovery
Which makes tbe stomaoh strong, Promotes the Sew ef digestive juieei, re>
•tons tke lost seeVilli, nashes iiils.__i.ln ptttttl. leiajoratti ike liver aad
jmrnrn set se-riSTmo Meed. It Is the great. kee*-etar, feA-bulldej
me. ramtmay* m*H* mate.  U otekm asea .street hi body, active ir. anei
Cet whet yarn oik fort
mmmmm ****roTWwwi,, , , a  ,m,m^i^**m*,.'i.i* a   '.tfSfsj^:
£.-:*»■• "$■--,*•-■ .'       <■:-•, a-.
--.—■"■wi ,'. us ■mi.e«siWM/e».
.   ;.  .   . rtepentlngat Leisure
>'.'AgnoS"wi"ci little tot of fi"o with
curly flaxen" hair, china llko ionH'lc»
lon—end ii will of herown.■■' ;
.- Sho had been ill-ndv_sed_nbt to say
aliberately naughty,   at ,the   dinner-
table, and niamica had dismissed her
. 16 Her iMid+oonv to. a*eualn tn durance
vile tm«l-sh« sfiotild-oxi>«»s dde contrition for her behaviour.
' Agnes ebeertatty obeyed -toe. parental order, and Showed no spirit of re-
jbntcn'Ce'at the end of the first quarter of an hour. - •*-.      -i
When thirty minutes had elapsed, [
mamma called. from   an   adjoining i
room: |
"Agnes, dearie: aren't ,you sorry?!'.'
Tliere .wns'uo reiily from the darkness beyond.                               -     r
* -   Ten minutes later the question was
'" repented.   Back came the reply tn the
patient dignity and childish treble ot
live snnuuera:                                 ,,
"Martina, please don't" aSk me aby
tporC. I'll come and let you know when
Vm sbrrjj."
In Dread
of Piles
Many believe that nothing short.of
the surgeon's knife will effect cure.
They do not know
Call aad let ua explain our special Asti-Sagging,
AatJ-Fnctifltn* twi Accarate Sewiag itsXsfn.
•"•* '!*%'■
Stock It-oker end Financial Agent
Investments and Loans Negotiated
Learn of the Cat
In the study of aviation the flying
men have neglected tbe scientific investigation of the anatomical and muscular structure ot the domestic cat.
Although there are fewer falls from
the clouds than there were—ln proportion to the   number   ot   airmen—It
She Gathered "Him In
It was a wizened little man who
appeared before Uie magistrate and
charged bis. wife..wltb cruel and abusive treatment. His better half was
a big s<|uaro-jawed woman wltb a
determined eye,
"In the first place, where did you
meet tilts woman, who, according to
your story, bak treated you so dread-
"Well." replied the little man making a brave attempt to glare defiantly
at his wife, "I never did meet her.
She Just kind of overtook mo!"
Had tftdtr-ttp His Mind ! CANADA'S
A Cleveland lawyer tells fiow. din*' ■!-
bag a trial, one of thp jurors suddenly I
rose from hts seat and fled from _...*. ;
court-room.   He wsb, however," arrant; |
ed in the flight before he had left rite 1	
building, and brought back. .       .    . . J""_3js _.,„ ., wa.rii.-a Ex.
"I should like to know" what ycc ! -Awarded firat prhe at W»rtlii.i
mean by such an aetlon as .thfs," de-1 Position on Its -kork and »**>•%,
mended tho judge, in a lenient lorie, I   Write Tor a freo catalogue.     we
tsaausiti-o tesz.
fl, fl.LflJ       flu,        __      .»_.„        ,,
also give instruction by mall.
Dysentery  corrodes the Intestines
  aud speedily eats away the lining,
tion to the number, ot airmen—it bringing about dangerous conditions
would be very useful to know how to that may cause death. Dr. J. D. Kel-
leave an .aeroplane hurriedly. In raid-1 l'ogg's Dysentery Cordial clears the
air and effect a comfortable contact \ intestinal canals ot the germs that
with mother earth.   Tho common or cause the Inflammation, and by pro-
however, as ho knew the man, on elderly German, to be a simple, straight-
forward person.
"Veil, your honor, I vill expla...       _„	
said thc Juror.   "Ven Mr. Jotios tin. I   Bricks can ]>o mmlo '''-■■■- _•;..,,„,
Ished Ulklng my mind was clear Ml _&*^^SffiSHUkTs,ffiu*
through, but ven Jlr. Smith begins his The Berg M»«Jl"«g "'„»; "
talking I becomes all confused "•"*'" I   '
already, and 1 says to moluselt,'I boa-   —      _.„_„._,_,,-...   nn   dpaN
ter leave at vonce, and stay avay un:  rvlSBASEO OF MEN-DR.  DtA*.
til be Is done,' because, your hon ._*,  VJ
to tell tho truth, I didn't Uke the vay
the argument was going "        ™    :* I
The agony caused by   the   intense
j Itching, the depressing and' debilitate
- Ing effect on the system, the dread
- lest a surgical operation might .be
necessary—these are the things which
make piles .or: hemorrhoids so distressing.    -'   - '.:■ -.."
.  The doctors have been recommend-
• Ing surgical r operations ns tlie only
cure.  Wnt the surgical operation, with
all its dungers and expense snd pain,!
does not usually effect a lasting cure, i
■ Many a case has been cured by Dr.
- Chase's Ointment after the. surgical
operation had failed. Here is a case
which doctors gave up.
Mr. J. Mawer, Roden, Man., writes:
—"Dr. Chase's. Ointment Is a wonderful .preparation. I had Itchihg piles
for over six years and though I
tried, two. doctors' prescriptions and
used many other-preparations could
not obtain much benefit. Thc doctor
told me there was no cure for me. aud j
tbat I would hnve to undergo an operation. -
"I bought a box of Dr. Chase's Ointment and was completely cured ln
.one week. As this was six months
ago and there baa been no return ot
the old trouble, I believe that the cure
ts a permanent one.1'
One-thing certain Dr. Chase's Ointment w_lf:brlng.yo*u relief from tbe
dreadful Itching end burning almost
as soon ns applied,
, To make tho cure thorough and last-
■— " *» ""iv. necessary, for'you to
household cat knows how to do .It.
Quite an ordinary untrained pussy was
the otber day poised on a third story
wlndowslll admiring a sparrow, and,
..trying to follow tt, she tell Into the
-I street. Hastily, and with tears, one
of the women folk employed at the
shop rushed down stairs to pick up tbe
remains, She found the cat unhurt,
looking pathetically up at tbe distant
window, and wondering bow on earth
she was to get back. Such a faculty
ot descent sbould be practiced by
every aspirant for the certificate of
tbe pilot aviator.
tin-1    Bricks can bu mmlo fi-om Cuiy. fti'iie
tpeclslltt. 6 College St, Toronto.
tectlng the lining from further ravages restores them t- healthy condition. Those subject to dysentery
should not be wlthoul this simple yet
powerful remedy.
"Mr. Subbub, your house Is on t'.re.
Hqrry -borne and save your belongings." ,       „
.".Nothing in the house worth saving. ■ Everything we had is loaned
She wouldn't go to bed. No: she
wouldn't. She wanted to stay up. She
didn't want to be alone. She would
not be alone.   She	
And that was why daddy went up
with her, and promised to He on her
bed till sbe. went to Bleep. .
The weary'mother waited for her
husband to return.- The minutes ticked away. Poor man!   Would the child
Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.—The
stomach Is the workshop of the vital
functions and when It gets out ot order the whole system clogs in sympathy. The spirit flags, the mind
| droops and work becomes Impossible.
The first cave should be to restore  <,„„„.,,,. .__..
healthful action of the stomach and  never fall usleej.
the best preparation for that purnose     Then a soft pitter-patter came down
Is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.   Gen-  the stairs, and her child nlghtclad.
oral use for. yeara bas won them a  stood once more before her.
leading place in medicine.    A trial!    "Hush, niuvver!     Don't   make   a
will attest their value. , noise!" she whispered.   "I singed to
." j  I farrer and he's fast asleep."
Couldn't Economize ^^^^^m*^m
"My dear, you and I have got to
agree upon a plan of some kind whore-
by we Elian bo able to keep down our
bills this month."
"But aren't you afraid If we do so,
that tbe courts will get after us for
combining ln restraint of trade."
To n_»kc tho enra inoyj-uiau .-..--- W(, ,,„,„ „rop
..jig ifls only- hecessatyJstf**«° monlall,, not press »
Wep up ■«*«* treatment regular!v an« ^y^em po
,"&JUutly.   n»\*?,!SWSi-!Si     From-all over An
"^^WSfto-n-iS "wm mxis
CO cents tv box, at ell df.£™!dorTo".
mauson. Bates fc Co., Limited,  ior
onto. . '	
Doctor.-Yes, the symptom.. nro
very serious. You must go to bed at
once. 3 I'll call and see you twice
' P*a«ent.-ln that.case. It's lucky 1
lolned the club last week. •
1 Doctor.-A club case!    Good gracious!   Why didn't_youi say so?   Take
We  publish simple, straight teatl-j the other.
"s- agents' Interviews, I	
om.weu-ifluuwifl people.
From-all over America they testify
to life merits of MINAIlD'S LINIMENT, the bost bt   Household  Hem-
Peter's Pence
Two Irishman were In a city bank
recently,  waiting their turn at the
cashier's window.
"This reminds me ot Flnnogau," wild
"What, nbout Finnegan?" inquired
By the Roadside.      'fi:,,..
The little boy sat by the roadside
idly poking the warm dust with his
bare toes. When the Big Man can.*,
along the little boy looked up anil
"Mister, Is this your nark?"
Whatll you give me for it?" quisled
the Big Man.
"Fourteen hundred niylun dollars,"
replied the little boy.
"All right," smiled the Big Man,
just take It right along with' you."
No matter how deep-rooted the corn !
or wart may be, it must yield to Hoi-1
loway's Corn Cure If used ss directed.
'. They All Do
'My husband is particularly liable
to seasickness." remarked tho lady
passenger. "Could you tell him what
to do In ciise of an attack?'
"Taln't necessary, mum," replied the
captain, "he'll do 11."
A Feint Impression
An Irishman, more patriotic than
clever, enlisted lu a dragoon regiment
with the Intention of becoming^ a gallant soldier. The fonclng instructor
bad experienced rather a difficult job
In the matter of explaining to him
the various ways of using the sword.
"Now," he said, "how would you use
the sword, If your opponent feinted?"
"Dedad," said. Pat, with gleaming
eves. "I'd tickle btm witli the point to
see if he was shamming."
ALLAYS nil fAiM ; *_.wnMU   ..--.
is tlicbest reme.lv for DIAKKHll.A. It U ib-
aolutely litrmlefift. Be eure and ask Tor "Mra.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," aod take no other
kind.  'f went j--five cents a nettle.
Tlie Arlington Co. o! Canada, Ltd.
■.a raWi Av..Toronto. Ontario
We laava you CO p.c. on all drug
store goods. Patont Medicine, Rubber Goods, Trusses, Electric Belts, El-
istic Hosiery, Elnsllc Supporters, etc.
Our large Illustrated catalogue shoull
be tn overy home: A bandy reference
and help In ordering goods by mall.
Sent free upon request.
Canada's   Greatest   Cut   Rate   Drag
[ House, Toronto, Ont.
toils:      \Tuja   inula, ... _.___    ...
a pennyworth of Epsom salts; you'll
be all right tomorrow."
Fair Question
Wlllle.—Teacher Euys we're here to
helo others.
Pn.—Of course we are.
Willie.—Well, what are the others
hero tor?
ie otlier.
'"Tis a story that Finnegan died,
anil when he greeted St. Voter, he
suid, 'It's a fine job you've had here
for ii long time.'
"-'Well, Finnegan.' raid St.. Peter,
'here we count a million yeara as a
minute and a million pounds as a
"'.Mi.' said Finnegan, 'I'm needing
cash.   Loud.me n penny.'
" 'Walt a minute,' said St. l'ctcr."
Bully's Own Tablets should be kept
«...,   i in every home wliore there are little
!     to cur* * cold in one dav     ' °'lm-   They arc. us good as a doctor;
-blTuke I.AXATIV.. HtlOMO Qulnln" Tub- MO absolutt.y safe and can always
lets.   Tn-t'uglptg refund money If It iaall.- ibe  relied  U(
"Wm since I was r. Ill do Bid, thirty rears
ago, I had suffered fortune tram eoenu, In
. one of to meet Mas. -The disease runs la
Biy family, nnd mine wu ot a scaly snd
most disCasurine kind. Tbe ecscma formed
la round rings, and then scales sll ever
m, nir feee end Ibnlw. I
iHV have been smothered
imfli from brwl to foot. I was
born lit La.__tninfton,
which Is famous for its
sulplmr batlin and pump
waters, and one would
think that after taking
the treatment then «•
iilurly ss I did, Uie
dlseam would long seo
have lieen cured, but H
was not. I atlendiWI the
—— I lo.a|ilial tor veers
tnd years, ao you will see
ai-ve ll s fair trial.
,—-, In Ihe town knew nf my esse. Hy
WU aJHijtimal very bully.   A ilortor
— me that rsltould m ver get rial of It.   I
spent nouud-i In donor.-' bilk and 1 at*.. iuM
SSVenu twapaals but nnthliig did any good.
"Tliea une day an undo ot mine recom-
miled the Cuticura Si'innllcs.  1 took bis
inagipts refund money It li f.aiu i be reiieu  upon to drive   away   any
to ran*   B, W. OROVKS Blminiuro is on roalaily arising from derangements of
loncn tx>\.    -»<■■ ' *_ tlie stomach or bowels.   Concerning
,    , ...    .,.„    _        „   them MrB..O. A. Wheeler, Northlauds,
A Clergyman ta the Midlands, well- SMk .., have ,mmd x^^
known for his Madness to. tuo .vu-.ai 0w„ TllbleU an |„Vnluablc medicine,
tranip. had a-wooden buHdlng placed a, jive tW(.Ilty mlleli ,rora to,vu and
at the entrance to the pounds for dofiU) g0 „ ,ad t0 llave B0 reliablo
^lr_,fbe_Lle,t! .'I'".'^ ?^» ™,!nt'l» mUcluc at hand. I consider the
WW,t It !.Lm„^|l^,oln„,^ R„e! Tablets a veal necessity lu the home
■ttntoZt,HilWirilSlW baVe kept my baby well and
iui;lK*^ ! linv^rr 4^S,S°S; bave made him a bonble baby." The
K^,1- J\r??ii}tL fl,. Z^TaHels mo sold by medicine dealers
ou'ty mpi'v aot rov tit thut tne coi»i»rlfc_ ti.__1_-_.__.11 _.» »r __.„«♦.. __. u**, t«.«.'
Rifles For Hunting
Shoot a Winchester once and>
you will shoot a Winchester/*
always: That's beca&e Win^1
cheater rifles after a test of £
over thirty years represent *U
today in accuracy, reliability^
and quality, the highest development in gunmaking. Whatever your
preferences may be, some one of the nixie*'
different Winchester models will surely suit; \,
for they are made in all calibers and weights.
dirty iiapev ,ui ....... -— ...
was "for a penn'orth cheese for the
flejit bloke." ^^"'^"^■■■•■■■■aaaaaaaaaaa.
The   In*:    wnilsms'
Brockville, <>nt.
"1 tliiuk the country ts just sweet."
said the town young lady.   "I love to
see rue peasant   returning   to   his
humble cot. the sturdy figured out-
»veu.   —..~,     lined agaliiBt Ibe setilng sun, the faith-
I-uniiy; for I can bear his cxponse no  Tul colllen at bis side, and Ihe plow
longer." ' "n«n his shoulder."
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Lover (distractedly).—"Answer me,
Fanny! I can bear this Bupcnce no
longer!" I--- .,    -
Voice of Father (from outBlde).—  humble cot
"For heaven's   sake,   answer   blm, lined agalns
■ upon his
j Wife of Labor Lea
Uke Mrs..Pl.lpp_•*&■**:£,.■«
Minard's Liniment Curse Colds, Eto.
1*ia is lU it coat* you to kt**]. your stock 'va  '
prime oo*<IHio« with tbe wortd'a most
hum SsDiuiai Uimtw- -
International Stock Food
Every cent inyetlrJ in Iiii* w-Mdr-rfi>t he_JH>-
«.vlt, hring*. bnrk dollerit in itruni;, healthy
borMs, coir;*, ihec;i aad bi>s*.
Cart-rnl .**.'.<. nliow that I quarts 0? ><nt t »ltd
lho regular  fred of INTHUNAI lO.N'AI.
STOCK FOOD wi I kerp li.ir-.i-*. in bet ier cdnJition tban
FlVK quitrtN ot oat < w ittiout .*l_l_l_l_^^^^^^™
\L STOCK FOOn ni.ln.akc
gain 1 tt»4 (iiiiit{«i.r_nill» per „.,,.
Votlii.tK like.1NTF.KNATIONAL
r l VV. quasnn i>i ,,»*■ * e,.ww— ...
—*" 1 to J ouatt* of milk per mt.
.._..ii.ti( like INTFKNATIO	
STOCK FOOt) to f.ttten itnimaU for
What's the matter with you this
Delia?" asked  Mrs.  Wise.
0! ma'am." replied the servant girt,
'lis the terrible earache I havo this
— _.i______4  hn care.
menuea ine lau-Km* «wau_ia._Ra«. _. .--- ...
tdvlco, and eomnunrnl ta '.ue the Otillenra
Seep. To my aaaionklnnrnt en Iniprovcnunt
at once ret In, and ay hulr, which hail been a
complete mass of scales snd scurf, Soon
began to look In splendid cendltkm. Then
I Dought a box or Cuticura Ointment, and
this deered my skin ..ondfrtully.  In s lew
Bs* time all trues or the scaly eruption]
etna. Baewedlse I tm eompletdy cured et
msmbx AH my netsblieun wen astounded.
vnirn m asm* im one twlet ac uaurar*
her nuenaiiu. A...B. H,	
aid, wife of the Labor leader, Is a very  ,„,,   ,
olever woman, and Is as keonly lntor-1   ,u l1*?,.'"*!?" ™'"~,"~;*-i:„- ..^
ested as her husband in questions of i"1?*'"'"1.'.      #}',SVS*hi?«. ,«CKS
social reform.    Bhe has served on  '•>•• Del"*-   A" "f0 .*J!?v_?S  "
mnny district and Industrial councils, I Uou"° atK *cl> <*""l«l't>*
and when her bushaud first stood for! " :
 -   -•- ->«afli_,.rt imPlii    "Wot's Willie goln' around wit' dat
mass*)«-.,. ""-g-"-, '■'■•','",•
Int. aaaaallaaaafll xtoxt laflflltJ. U.I.
•aaaa, KlKk r.ao.1 ll 111 >aaW-   I
_l_aa.la.al rlaaflaalfraalal Ha UU,
tiuaiialif.'lla.rtlaial MrM
aaial al.. b<at alM to flU'» WWtff
|Ml„,»l._»a,liL M»-.Ua..'
Maa, M rafli aaa ta Cartnll. fl aa ja,
i.a_arl.ra.    Votar bofS need il.    Aa.1*; aaaar
ate;ala-r for it.
Wai laaa-.aa  aa  fojay  pf our  S3.0QO Si.kIi
I kHala l,ir j ami,   Sani tal yuaar tiaanr- aaul
aa.l.lrr-fl anj tall ui tlae aa-iaaabrr of laeaS
aaf aataafl.lt jaaalOWa,.
niEMiTiwii men fin n. i ****
Taaaasi*        surtaio
u-fcitaas- tsii raro.
a UUU   n»v.. -. tut,   ......   .    	
Llecester, In 1D06, she worked bardi   "Wot's wniiu »u,„ «.»»..,  _.
I fer his succoss, spoke at a number of j foolish grin on Ills Tnce fer?" "Why,
meetings and won a number ot votes ain't you hoard? He's wont and fell
and new friends by her   bright   and In love."
clever personality.   She confesses to  ;—
a fondness for blue-books, whllo her     "Mother, can I make believe I've got
children, ehe says, are very fond of another Utile girl to tea?"  "Ves, dnr-
.. ■..■    .-lionientary papers. "They j ling."   "Then may I bavi
* —.— i~t- _,_,,
!lbe~ a ver>-greedy little girl
W.N. 0. No. tli.
children. »»•■*"■'••"- •"^..".Sfhev 1 HnE."   ''Then may 1 have eome more
aiatjar-lod parliamentary papers. ■Tnej ,"n& fc   for hor,_iofs, coo
shape them   into   wonderful   boats, j sweats ana ^ llttJn Bti „
houses and animals. v
One syllable of woman's speech can |
Women,'deoelved by men,, want to, ^mw-—-^^	
Economy in little thinp i» ju»t ••
imdorUBt m etronomv in big U»«t»
f ^Sa^mmsZm^^
of inferior makj.AfS   A3K  poR  EDDY-S. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
. .-. '■    ■■■'■■ ■■^•fcj*   "-'"
Published al Qrand Forki, Br Itteh Columbl
Q, A.Kvass  ..Bdltor end Publisher
subscriptions and ed vertleanaehts ou our be-
suaeoaiPTioH saias i
Une leer........ I1.W
line tear (lrt#dvanee)  1.00
One Year, In iTnUed Slatea  1.M
Addreas ell eotamiintoetlaiia to
Thi Xvsaisa Sun,
Phosb B74 Onasn Poms, B.C
When the McBride machine is
finally ousted from power it will
doubtless be found that the most
regrettable legacy whicb it has be
queathed to posterity will be the n-
fluence it haB hnd in forming the political code of honor of the rising
generation, tho youtbo who are just
arriving at voting age, and who in a
few yenrs will rule the country.'
These young men have already taken
a low view politics. They nre so anxious to b.e with the majority, that
they vote for candidates whom tbey
think will be victorious without investigating the principles involved.
They look upon defeat as a disgrace,
and palliate corruption, when practiced by the victors, by saying tbat
all parties are corrupt. This is a
vicious view to take of public life,
even when expressed by old campaigners, and the McBride machine
bas done much to foster it by its
patronage system. Tbe idea cannot
be too strongly impressed upon the
youthful mind tbat a political principle should be placed above mercenary considerations.
Thk first number of the Vancouver Morning Suh waa issued last
Monday. It consisted of twenty-
four peg's, containing telegraphic
and local news, editorial and cartoon, market reports and sporting
talk, correspondence and ndveitis-
ing, and all tbe- other ingredients
required to make a first-class metropolitan daily. A cursory glance
through its pages gave one tbe im-
pnession that it was a real newspaper, snd a closer perusal of tbe
reading matter confirmed ihis impression.       	
It is about time for tbe police
commissioners of Grand Forks lo do
something. Two robberies in one
night is imitating Vancouver in the
wrong direction.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day. during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
» MAX.       MIN.
Friday  37 32
Saturday  41 33
Sundiy  41 3.1
Mondav  37 26
Tuesday  T, 29
Wednesday  45 .12
Thursday  411 28
Knnfnll dnriiifj week, (I lo inches;
snowfall, 3.7.
Eighteen Pupils Have Spent
the Week Mastering a
Useful Trade
The apple packing school, which
opened in tbe Miners' Union hall
under the auspices of tbe Orand
Forks Farmers' institute last Monday morning, will close at noon tomorrow. Eighteen pupils are taking
a course of lessons in scientific fruit
packing, and under the able instruction of J, Lawler, of the Okanagan
Fruit Growers' union, they have attained a high degree of proficiency.
The knowledge they have acquired
ebould prove a valuable aid in improving the commercial pack of the
fruit shipped out of tbe valley next
Both day and evening sessions of
the school have been held, and a
large number of citiwns and fruit
growers have been interested spec
tators. ..■- :■: .-'-,
Communications on live topics ol
interest to the public are always
welcomed by The Sun. .alt has not
lieen the policy of this paper in
tbe past, nor will it be in the future,
to throw its columns open to correspondents who merely wish to get
even witb their enemies by abusing
tbem. The people nre not inter
ested in tbese personal quarrels
Tbis will explain why "A Ranch
er's" letter does not appear in Ihis
When The Sun went to press the
Province and Yale hotel robbers had
not been apprehended. It was re
ported this morning that iwo sub*
pects bad been arrested at Marcus.
Metal Quotations
New York, Feb. IB.—Silver 69Jj
standard copper, $13.95@U.05,
Londos, Feb. 15.—Silver, 27 7-li5;
lead, £15 15a.
You can make a mystery out of
anything that happens after 12
o'clock at night.
He has a streak of yellow in his
composition who lets the blues dotui
nate him for more than fifteen minutes.
Laurier's Naval Law
The insistent demands of Premier
Borden's Nationaljst supporters in
the commons for the fulfillment of
their pre-election pledges that the
late government's naval law would.]
be promptly repealed if the Liberals
were turned out of power are not
likely to be granted this year. The
new government has found, after informal consultation with the admiralty, tbat the "hasty and ill-conceived legislation" of the Laurier
government is a well-considered part
of a general imperial plan, and that
for Canada now to summarily hack
out of tbe agreement, lo which
Australia, Mew Zealand and the imperial government are all parties,
would be short-sighted so far as
Canada is concerned and embarrassing to the admiralty.
Getting into the limelight is sometimes a scorching operation.
Mining Stock Quotations
Boston, Feb. 15 —Tlie follow-
nn; Hare today's opening quotations foi
the stocks uienti nntl:
Bid. Asked
'Iranby Consolidated. .11100 .18 Ot)
B. C.   Copper  ■ 421,     4.60
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 19,273     125,871
Mother Lode  7,860      46,231
Rawhide         2,772
Jackpot     347        2,182
Athelstan       62 227
Emma     569        3,890
Others        56        1,147
Smelter treatment—
Granby 22,589      121,600
B.C. Copper Co... 9,513      56,392
Holy Trinity Church, Henry Steele,
Rector—Sunday services: Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong and
sermon, 7:30 p. in.; Snnday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a in. service as well as at 8
a m. Weekday nnd special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are- cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Church—
Sabbath services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
9:45 a.m. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pastor.
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D.D., Pastor.—Sunday services,
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.;Sunday school.,
2:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
-it 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.; junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Servioes on Sunday
ait 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class and Sunday school at 10 a.m.
Boundary Hockey League
Jan. 1
Jan 5-
Jan. 10
Jan. 15
Jan. 19
Jan. 23
Jan. 26-
Jan. 29-
Feb. 2—i
Feb. 6-
Feb. 12
Feb. 16
Grand Forks st Greenwood.
Grand Forks 1, Greenwood 3
-Greenwood at Grand Forks.
Greenwood 3, Grand Ferks I
I—Grand  Forks at   Phoenix
Grand Forks 2, Phoenix 10
—Phoenix  at   Grand  Forks.
Phoenix 1, Grand Forks 1
-Phoenix at Greenwood.
Greenwood won nn protest.
-Greenwood at Phoenix.
Greenwood won on protest.
-Grand Forks at Greenwood.
Greenwood 7. Grand Forks 2
-Phoenix at Grand Forks.
-Greenwood at I'hoenix.
Phoenix won.
Phoenix at Greenwood.
-Greenwood at Grand Forks.
-Grand. Forks at Phoenix.
^irK^TOlMR isaf*(ltwul* co,or- We have the
OlLIilJlULlEl popular:shades. It is used on plaster, wood, etc., and can be washed without destroying
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> -
. XT OTICE is hereby given that about
y*\ weeks ano there strayed to my
lamniiwH one mirrel inure, be
tween 5 und 9 years old; white stripe
on («tie; light inane and tail; white
stocking on one hind leg. Owner Is
requested to call and olaim property,
otherwise the animal will be sold
after the expiration ot a month to
pay charges for its feed, eto.
KniiKitT Lawson.
Columbia, B.C., Feb. 13, 1912.
'We purchase otii* Pianos outright and are there:
fore prepared to give, our customers the best
?rice and the best ,tefnui.! We  handle  only
[igh-Grade Pianos.
-»WOOD1_AND   &   CO.tr
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Beef> Mutton, Port,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
Remember that every added
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Sbop Nnt C.P.I. Hotel, Colombia, B. C
Ws Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
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Shop Next C.P.I. Hotel, Colombia, B.C.
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wa namseiNT
Meee .. Croaalar Bros., Manchester, Bui.
Makers of Oas Producer Plants and Oil
Hulliim for general power or eleetrioel
lighting purpoaoa.
Masai's. Dlek, Kerr A Co., Ltd.. Preston,
England. Equipment lor Minos and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), eto.
Marling Telephone Co., portable shot-
firing machines for miners, contractor.,
priupeetora. The beat on the market.
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Motors, Ueneratoi, Kleetrlcal Supplies-
Klectrleal Heating  end Cooking Appnra
tils, Storane Batteries, etc.
Tour enquiries will reoelve our prompt
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(I'uMlsbed Annually)
friable! traders tlmiutthout the world  tu
communicate direct with Bufliih
...„_.  -is.   RsMidflM being * com-
iil'te c(Mnmeroll.l guide to London anil its
In moh classof Bonds.   BMldM belnir * enov
iil'te commercial guide to London m
•iiburbi, the directory oontalui Hit* of
with the tioodi they ehlp, and the Colon lut
and Kortiffii Market* they supply;
•arranged under the Ports to which they nail.
•ud indicating the approximate Salliiiir**;
of leadlnjr Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns ami Industrial
oeutroi of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the cm-rent edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 20*.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean advert!**
ilielr trade cards fur II, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Aboh.urcli Lane, I/indon, R.C.
fleam hihtioii inn nm
Practical Plunder
All work "guaranteed.
Only experienced workmen employed. Estimates furnished.
Bicycle repairing and
bicycle sundries.
Winnipeg    Avenue
OrKlnal Mineral Claim, situate In the
lalraiid Kork. Mining Division ul Tale Dla»
Where located l In Brown's rami,.
TAKE NUTII'K that I, Alexander O. Hilar.
I Free valneraa- t'crtltlcate No. ItcMR, lur
myself and aa agent lor Charles K. Belter.
Pree Miners' C.-rllll<aete N'i. H-'agMH, In-
t<fl„d, sixty ilna-a Irom tbe date hereof, In i'|a-
ply to the Mining Recorder lor ■ CertlUrate
ol Improvement, for the uuriauee of obtaining a Caoitn Hraiitofthe aiaoveelNlm.
And further tatke notice tbat action, nuiler
seotion 87, must be eomnteneeal before tbe
Ifl-Mianoe ot Mich CertlHoeU of Improvements.
Dated tbla »tli day of June, A.D. 1911.
ream op notioi
Tale Land Dletrlct, Dlatrlct ol Slmllkameou.
TAKK notioe that Robert I*. Page of Old",
Alberta.occupation. Farmer, Intend, it,
applr for Ipcrmlaaion to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about wi
ohatna north ol the northwest corner of Lot
lll»8.a on Deep Creek, aud about Ave mllea,
east of tha town of Cascade: them* nortli
40 obalna; thenee we»t 40 chains; tlienet-
Hnutli tOchaius; tbence ea«t Wchaiua tupultit
of commencement
3, K. Cranston, Agenl.
Dated September 2nd. 1011. th£ sun, grand forks, b. c.
If You Have Scalp or Hair
Trouble Accept This
.:.      Offer
liapesiliMot dia-
It wai Libtrals who
all their _ai«htrthai
criminating proUetiee
import*  (ram the motherland,
the old national poller.
It wai Liberal! wbe  supplied the
flrst money and the  firat men ever
devuted hy this country to the eaote
of empire beyond the bounds of Can-
»da, in connection. with   the  South
Wh&l we promise your money back African war,-.
for the mere  asking if  Uexall "93"       It   was Conservatives,   under'Sit*
Hair Toiiic does not do as we claim it John Macdonold, who refused to con
will, you certainly have no reason for tribute a dollar or a man to the great
even hesitating to try it,    VVe do not imperial   campaign   for   the relief of
ask you to obligate yourself in any way Gordon in Khartoum. _
We could not afford td so strongly It was Conservatives who fought,
endorse Rexall"9.1" Hair Tonic and tooth antl nail, on purely selfish
continue to sell it as we do, if jx, did grounds, the inauguration ofthe Brit
not do«ll we claim. Sliou'd our enthu- ish preference.
sinsiii carry us away, and Kexall "93" It was Liberals who devised and
Hair Tonic not give entire satisfaction put in operation a preferential tariff
to the users, they woold lose faith in in favor of British imports to Canada,
us and our statement*, and in couse- a measure which has admittedly been
apience our busiaaat prestige would of far-reaching and valuable influence
suffer. „     in drawing closer together the various
Therefore, when awaaiare yea that aational members of the imperial
Uexall "93" Hair Tenia will prompt- union.
ly eradicate d*t*is*m, fad stimulate1. It waa Liberals wbo,in co-operation
hair gray th and prevent preaaturf, with th* home government and the
baldness', you may rest assured »• governments of other divisions of the
know what we an talking about. ampin, and on the maturely consid-
We honestly believe that Retail and recommendation of an imperial
"93" Hatif Tonic will do mon than conference, eat aboM establishing a
any otherliuiiian agency. toward ra- Canadian unit si thi imperial navy.
storing hair growth and hair health. It was LiWrala who reorganised the
It is not greasy and will not gum the Canadian militia on imperial lines,
scalp or hair or cause permanent stain, and under imperial advice, so as to
It is as pleasant to use as pure cold make-it an effective potential unit in
water. It comes in two sizes, prices the imperial army.
50 cents and $1.00. Remember, you ;• It wm Conservatives who did noth
can obtain it only at our store— ing for the organization of the Cana
The Rexall Ston. H. E. Woodland, dian militia as an imperial force,
'  while  they  were in office, and who
A Comparison i '"ve °'one t,1e'r *"*'*to tnwart' Liber
' al efforts in that direction ever since.
Thepa.trecordiof the two great, u w c__a.i-v.sti.-e. who played
political parlies in Canada afford food ^ ^ lo08e wjth the Mvv ^^
for thought on tha part of those who whi,e lhey were ._. opp^ition| and
have been misled into believing that who M ^ „ they received ^e,
all the loyalty aad imperial .pint •• -t themselves definitely to the task
conOn*! to ^Conservative* j of destroying the work of   their  pre-
Liberal, fought long aod  rtrenu- deceMon. ._. offi(,e Mwgh tlmt w(...k
ouslyforrcsponMblagovMament and ^ ^  diftctW   in^gnrated  8nd
parliamentary fnadom; bat they did dlreoWd b  j     ;ial „„„„„,,
>t constitutionally.   It was Conservative,  who Burned the   parilament
ia a very melancholy state. "I am
truly sorry for that," said one of his
hearers.    "What is the matter with
•'Weil,''replied the bore, "I was
oat walking one day, when' I saw
Labouchereenmidg down the lane toward me. The moment he caught
right of aw he'darted into a fir Wood
which was close by, and hid beliiml a
tree till I had passed;,': Oh, very sadj
indeed!"—London Daily Mail.     ,_
Spencer's Chinese Client
The "Knave" in the Oakland Tribune has published several anecdotes
about the late Dennis Spencer of Napa, who was noted as a lawmakur,
orator and lawyer.. -The following
story is particularly good;
One day there entered his office in
Napa a bright-look ing, well dressed
Chinaman. He took a chuir und pro-'
ceeded straight to the point:
"You Mr. 8penoer,the "big lawyer?"
"How much you charge to defend
a Chinaman!''
"For what crime?"*
'" " "Five hundred dollars "     •' '•*   ' tj
-  The   Chinamau  said he'would call
again. *■•",' '"'.-.■.■ ".'■-. ".•$'
A few day's later lie re'turfied Jt*
aSpencer's'office,'gravely placed $.500
in coin on the desk before the astoii
ished attorney, and said:
"All lite.   I kill 'ini,"
Spencer defended and acquitted
bim.~-San Francisco Wasp!
Hotel C°"n
Sam.Ur eoasuleied and
■ewir htralsked tkrough-
£Csa»es.leailr located
railway sees.. First-
aeeoesssodatleas for
traaeteats. Boar* aad
moan br tbe ereek at prevailing ratae. fine Mae ol
Wlnaa, UuuoraatM Clnr,
alway, in etoek at tks bar.
Grand Forks, B. C.
A Sad Case
The greatest buttonholer in Lon-
don, on his return from a winter
holiday, was telling his acquaintances
nexatinn manifesto. The Liberals et the club that he had been occupy-
then, as now, stood loyally by tbej ing a house in Davos, not far from
crown aud British nationality. I Mr. Labouchere, who, he   added, was
buildings in Montreal, who threatened the life of th* governor-general,
]_ord Elgin, and who ended, ia 1849,
by signing and promulgating an an
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season,  tyin Inspiration of Love and
Affection—<•_/! Picture that will be like a
Member of the  Family—A  Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE Family Herald and Weekly Stnt- of Montreal, acknowledged to he
| the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, has "on
many occasions given ita readers most delightful premium picture,
luit this _M.ai.oi) they have secured what is beyond any question of doubt
i lie 1h»1 picture ever offered newspaper reader.-). It is entitled "Home
Anain" and deacrtli** a touching hut joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation. e
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of many prize* at dog snows, the pride of the family and neighborhood,
Ims haven stolen, and after many days' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with thc rope
which he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar hark brings bis little mistress, Marjorie, to tbe door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brothrr to the door, "Laddie" is equally
ali'lighteil to lie "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paw* on her shoulder and resting his bead against her breast with a little
whine, whicb in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a wtimfln of soft curves, lender eyes
and parted lips—tbe two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with Imir like
his mother's and tbe quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl with rippling locks, ber affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture thai will win a favored place
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
his skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
The beautiful picture "Horns Again" on heavy plate paper 22x29
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Star for 1912.
The small sum of 11.50 will secure the two papers for a full year in-
finding a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not he bought nt thnt price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big $ 1.50 worth thiB
seiiHon. ''."•*
Latest Picture ot'Eorden
This is the season te subscribe to
a newspaper, or to renew, if already
subscriber.   Our paper is as good
ns any, and better than many. Why
not take it?
It represents the welfare and
progress of tbe community and district with which it is identified, and
is, apart from its local value, an all-
round up-to-date newspaper.
The recent change of government
has made the Hon. Mr. Borden tht
central figure of our Canadian public life. .Many would like • good
picture of him. We can supply one
Fbkk We will send any one oui
paper for a year, and the Weeklj
Mail and Emtiire (the regular rat>
of which is 01.00 per year) for thi
same period, the two together, to include free picture of the new Cans
dian preminr, for 81.60.
The Borden picture is on fine
paper suitable for framing, in photi
tints, 18x24 inches, and is in itself
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price of a yenr's subscription ti
either paper. ShihI all orders to th«
office of this paper.
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[The typewriter whisnx-oi.ij.iest ot thei-oni
-ra-laia « orM ta a matter nt hletors-yonra fo
I'he ty pewritsr that is equipped wltk sears* ••
aali iianvenieness aa ^seTulanou shm—
be "< «De»*«»---n.a DoablssS*."—
.he   Locemsilve   iase'*—ta*    Automatic
s-|i«oer"-«Ti.  Autamie Tabulator*'-''?*.
"*     B*a»i<!<l'|«lndleat<)r"
-**ne Adjustable *».
eatile Condensed K».
ke»rd*c2r""" v*\
Tom for 17
CUM a Day!
— - W# •■MMM4   tfclfc
ewiBlcHplaiireetbHjr.JiMtloftetl th* puis* of
the people. Himply * until cash pajrawat—
Hutu i~cenu_kd.tr. ThftttitbapUn In s. aal*
The remit hn been Mich a deluge of applicm-
tioni* for nmclilues that we are alutuly ■••
The demand comes from people of ill claMM,
ull h«i's ml oraupatlouH.
Tti« niHJorlty ol luquirlei hu come ;froni peo-
It-of known nnHiii.lnl BtMtidinir who were el-
tmcit'il by the novelty of me pruilot. 'nn. Ao
unpreKBive demiiiittmtfon of thn ImraenK* pop*
iiiarity of the Ullver Typewriter
A startling confirmation of our belief that
tho Em of Dui vernal Typewriting Is at baud.
A Quarter of a Million People
are M ;i i g Mney witb
Youth is InminruI h.*enusH it Iiuk not
yet Heen the end ui anvthin^.
PHONF 64        GMND FMKS, B. C
'Three Removes are as
Bad as a Fire"
Jhat fm trow, tha pklleaopn..
Makeeaeaaoeeata.  (nuuoS
*tmmnt**iefn' *" ** * "•""•
___, "Vt** mu!f.b* —*... ami ewer
2?_J'._*-t_?_?_ **£ em ta t*mA
with the heel la tlaa aaarkea.
The Standard Visible Writer
.... — — leyours.
Wherever roasts, there It work to he done
and money ta bestada by aslns the Oliver. Tlie
laaifllia.i.. world la ralllns for Oliver opcratim.
Tk,f',___?,'*J',>* •»•«»_<• mmlo lhe demand.
An Ollnr Tfptvritir li Eftqr Hmw!
.JlfSl '"«'"'"""s «ry today. *e Dave made
■heOllver supreme In uiefulseseand absolotelj
MiillsiieiisaMalabtialaeea. Now comes the eon
The aalmpllrlly and nrenith or the Oliver Ot li
(or family use. It i« berorniM an Importaui
■Hdor In the home tralnlns olyouns people,
i u ailna-ator at well as a money msker"
Out-newsslllnsplan pots Ihe Oliver on th,
ihreflhiildol every koine In America. Will roi
dose the door ol your horns or olhce on tbla re-
annrlrable Oliver oir-rT
Write (or timber deuila ol our easy offer and
» freecopy of the new Oliver ealalos.  Aala'ream
The Oliver Typswriter Company,
Oliver Typewriter Building,
City and Suburban
^_»%s_"af-l_-1'«15'' VT. LOT between
■CVKfl a--on.la,.d Thl„l .,,«.„
__D_J_l11J Juat above Judae Uamy't
x*r.jr\Srrf! »»<llt-Oaw*s places) ae.,-
arated from all other propertlea by tu-tt.
'•ne; as laraaai asven or eluht ordinary lota.
adjoining Iota ara worth tl Sll would niaahe
■ilea home, with aulflelent around lor chiok-
ena. fruit. Harden aud lawn; moat desirable
ocation In city.
__1»•*_!•♦%AA ;l?. A,9R.KS «''i"i"in«
ddLUU   " .""i* eloaredl IS
mtw^m'S^^.  'mil trees; new four
room house; bam lor six   horaea:  burse,
.busty.double harneaa aud .arming Iniial
menu.   All lor HUW.   Baty terms.
>>kv_ri_ri_ri «•«»_»• Me wmiin
JILUIJU    one bloat   a.f l.aa.la.fl.,
,T"Flfw» oentre; lawn, <hade
'.EW* f"1" Iff' *!*"" «W",'»'_»» anralrn.
Will aleo aell furniture of house II desired.
One-half cash, balance terme.
,—IM mites from taiwti;
7-room house, pins'.-
_. — .. — —- woodshed: lio fruit
trees, 70 bearing: i\i ecrea alrawberrlea.
gooseberries, cumaiiu, raapberrlei: free from
Irost: the best loeatiaan around Qrunal Forks;
plenty ol go.»al water; fruit and crop in-
lletween :l niaal 4 acres
lu West end „r «ft>-,-
llr«t alaa.a. aaaill, aall ain-
der oui ivatlou; ainisll
home, woodaahed anal oiitbHllrfluiraa; ia ,.|| nnd
piiiuia: send fence. This l« a sacrifice, ns owner as about to Ivavecity. Terms.
For further information re
gardiug the above properties
call or address
New Edition Issued Nov. f5, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering thf.
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It is » pmcical book, useful
to sll and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppen
IU faicts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by tb* everyday
man. It givea the plain facts in plain'
English without fear or favor.
It list* and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts nf
(be world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conoedeil
to be the
World's Han-tort leference
Book ob Capper
The mining man needs the book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 17.50 in full library morocco.
Will _ be aent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, and
may be returned within a week of ro
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
Editor and Publisher,
463 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also all the
issues ior tke remaining weeks ol 1911,
Free. It is your last chance .to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, It will be advanced to $2.U0.
Serial* and Other Stories.
The 52 issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes ol tile
best reading, including nearly 3UU
Stories, Articles by FamoustWriters,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 end Sample
Copies of The Youth'l.Componwn, tree.
FREE to Jan. 1912
Eeer, New Sabeeribar who cuts eat
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paper) will, $1.75 [or the 62 issue, of
The CsasjsstOsS. for 1912 will receiare
Al .tka Iteaee for tke remainlnt
weeks of Itl I free, ineludi.-.n the
boautihlHelUar Number,, alw SN
Tke Cnsaeanlea'a Picture Calendar
for 1911 Utkofraeakoe* la 12 colon
end goM(aa eatra copy bains «ent to
avow oee malUnsasift subscription).
Tfcea IU Ceespaaioa for Ike 52
jreeke el 1912-ali for 11.7     .
last chaaceal tbit price.  On January
1, 1912, It wil be advanced lo $2.
.:..:   ,__*a?OTON,MASS.
iw SeiKrifUta, Received st TH, Odin. 7
Hare you ever heard of a cose of
catarrh, bronchitis, inflammation of the
'-'lungs, or pleurisy tliat did nol start
witn a common cold?
Kyery cold you catch has in it the
makings of one or other of these diseases, it it can break down yonr defences.
And even if It does not develop into
. something more dangerous, it will keep
you thoroughly miserable for a week or
two at least.
The wise course, as soon as you feel
the cold coming on, is to start taking
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
snd Chlorodync, and keep it up till the
cold is knocked out completely. This
splendid cough syrup will do the trick
quickly ami thoroughly.
you can feel perfectly safe in taking
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
and Chlorodyie, or in giving it to your
. children. We'll gladly give your
physical! a list of its ingredients if you
like. Your Druggist can supply cither
25c.or soc. bottles. The National Drug &
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.    117
A Tactical Blunder
It was not an Important case, but
the young lawyer wp.s anxious to
shine. When at last there stepped into the box a diminutive out-at-elbows
youth, the pleader thought his
chance had come.
"You }ust loaf about—stand on the
corner. Any occupation ot any kind""
"No," and the youth shook his head.
"You Just loaf about, stahd on the
comer of tbe street, and- bo on." .
•'That's all, mister."
"What docs your father do?*'
"Favther.   Nowt touch."
"DoeBn't he do. anything to
keep the family?"-
"Sometimes 'E gets an odd Job now
an' agin like."
"Ah, the young barrister Bmllod. "As
a matter ot fact, your father is a lazy,
worthless, good-for-nothing Idler.''
"Ab, dunno," drawled out the youth.
"Maybe he Is, maybe he isn't. . Anyway, you can ask blm for yorself. 'E's
slttln' thero on the Jury."
Pain Flees Before It.—Thore Is mor.
virtue In a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Ec-
lectrlc Oil as a subduer of pain than
In gallons of other medicine. The
public know this and there are few
households throughout tho country
where It cannot be found. Thirty
years of use has familiarized tho
people with tt, and made it a household medicine throughout the western world.
It Is not known Just how long 1110s-
qultos can live but their average'life
Ib much longer than Is ordinarily supposed. Thousands of them live
through winter, hlbovnatlng or asleep
In dark places, and although the ten:
porature may fall far below freezing
they are not winter killed, but on the
approach of warm weather become
active again.
■men Is mora, tatann n «nls section ot the count
than a- * -arlaa-r i<ii¥W*-afl mit traf el tier, nud until the Icil
tOW yaaaiaaa WSB Supposed to baa Incurable. For S Sari
many years aloi-taiw iironouticftl It a local dlseaaaaa a.a (a
liresct-betl loa-al ra-ma-dlrs, and by constantly I-allln:
to cure with local treatment, pronaaunrcd It liar urubl..
Science has proven Catarrh to bo a constitutional alls,
due, and therefore requires uanilitutkmal treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cairo, manufactured by P. J. Cheney
A (.-o., Toledo, Ohio, is the oniy (onaalllutlonnl cure on
tho market, lt Is taken bitemslty ln doses from 10
drops to a teaspoonrul. It arts directly on tbe blood
and mucous surfaces o.' the system. They offer one
hundred dollars faar any cay.- it falls to cure. Send
lor elrculsrs snd testlmcntals.,
AUOreaa: V. J. CtlKKl'.y * CO., Toledo. Ohio.
Hold by rroffSMs, Vk>,
lake Hall's Family Pint Ior constipation.
Coming to the Point-
After halt an hour "[ sileuce Htrn-.-i
■uddenly spoke.
"Sally, I've been a payln' my respects to you for five years corn-
next August, ain't 11"
"Yes, indeed, Hlram," was the to-
unlous reply.  "Why?"
".Veil, all I'm a-gotn' to say Is that
I'm durned sick of, the   instaimc.-a
"So*m I! " snid Sally.
Young and old have
them. Some abuse them.
They get tired, starved.
slssp and appstits, in-
digsstion, irritability,
sventually wrscked constitution.
Alcoholic remedies
stimulate only.
Scott's Emulsion
soothes and nourishes,
feeds the nerves. A
natural nerve-food, containing die salts of Hypo-
phosphites, Iodine and
Oil on the Waters
It has long been known that oil
poured upon the surface ot stormy
water has a wonderful effect in calming It, and many vessels' have probably been saved from destruction from
this simple means.
The reason of this curious effect ot
oil upon the water Is superficially apparent. H depends upon the viscosity,
or adhesiveness, of the oil, which
causes lt to aot somewhat like a akin
drawn over the more unstable surface
of the water,,so that the tendency of
the latter to break into spray as lt is
driven by the wind Is restrained. The
danger to ships from a high running
sea arises from this breaking of the
waves; As long as the surface of tlie
waves Is smooth and unbroken, the
ship rides easily upon them. .   .   .
But while the principle upon which
the oil acts Is thus evident enough,
tbe real method If Its action Is not so
apparent. This has been subjected
to a" mathematical Investigation by a
Hritish scientist.
It Is shown that the viscosity of oil
is so much greater than that of water,
being In the (.use of olive-oil moro
than two hundred and thirty times as
great, that the water may be regarded
»i a Motionless liquid in comparison
vvTtli- the oil. The surface tehslon between the oil and the air is also Bhown
to be' considerably greater than tbat
between the oil and the water. With
these data lt Is found tbat there will
be no breaking of the mgtet unless
the latter vary ln lengUKMMBen two
fractious of a cehtil!|jMH$j|moly,
nine-elevenths nntl flve^tSJlV'
The result wmlM. oVkwmnt*%i.ssxt a
ilttje tftMlffererit kltifc^f «U, and,
ns a matter ot tact. IHe'TOports of
mariners show-that tnorc'is'a considerable difference Iii tho effect produced upon the waves, depending upon the sort of oil that Is. used. Petroleum, and various kinds of fisli-olla
have been employed. The effect Is
always found to bo boneficial. though
varying ln degrees.
As n vermicide there la no preparation lhat uquala Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator. It has saved the lives
of countless  children.
No need to apologize to family or guest when
always right — every biscuit inspected before it ia
packed—and they are as fresh as the product of your
'own oven.
are the great favorites for every day use
They are made in the big .sanitary, factpry 'm «
Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or
In sealed tins as you prefer.
doit" r
Mother Mn a very low voice)—
Tommy, your grandfather is very sick.
Can't you say something to choer him
up a bit?
Tommy (In nn earnest voice).—
Grandfather, wouldn1* yon like to have
soldiers at your funeral?
TILL     HE     FOUND,    r.ELIEF
Fred. Sv.anscn, of Saskatchewan,
sends a message ol cheer to these
who feel the weariness .-nd discouragement ' that corn._. ' from
broken rest.
Macklin, Sask. — (Special)—Those
who suffer from sleepless nights nnd
get up in the morning .reeling tired
and discouraged will find renewed
hope ln the statement made by Fred
Swanson of this place, lie could not
sleep at nights. Mo discovered rhe
cause, li was Kidney trouble. He
discovered the cure, lt it Dodd's Kid
ney I'ills.
"Yes," Mr. Swanson says in nn in
terview regarding his caEe, "I was
troubled with my Kidneys for over a
year, so bad that I could not sleep at
nights. Alter usltig oue box ot Dodd's
Kidney Pills I found great ..-.lief.
Four boxes removed all my pain and
now I sleep well and I o.m aa strong
In my Kidneys as nny man."
If the Kidneys nre wrong tho blond
becomes clogged with impurities und
natural rest is au impossibility.
8trong, health. Kidneys mean pure
blood, nc-a,- life all over ihe body and
that delightful rest thut Is the sweot-
est thing ln life. Dodd's Kidney Pills
always make strong, healthy Kidneys.
A certain editor had cause to admonish his son on account ot reluctance to attend sehool.
"You must go regularly and learn
to be a great scholar," said the fond
father encouragingly. "OthervJiae you
can never he an auditor, you know.
What would you do for Instance if
your paper came out full of mistakes?"
The child looked up into his parent's face with childish .innocence.
"Father," lie said solemnly, "I'd
blaw 'em on tho printer!"
And then the editor fell upon bla
son's neck and wept tears of Joy. He
knew he had a successor for ths Ml-
toria! chair.
The Pill That. Leads Them All.—
Pills aro tho most portable and coin-
pact of all medicines, and when easy
to take aro the most acceptable of
preparations. But they roust altest
their power to be popular. As Par-
meleo's Vegetable Ptlis are the most
popular of nil pills they must fully
moat all rajtiirements. Accurately
compounded and comoosed of ingredients ,,roven to be effective in regulating tho diKeullvtf orftans, thero Is
no surer medicine to be had anywhere'.
Utile Girl.—"I've got a father, and
a mother, nnd a grandfather." Old
(lent.—"And how old Is your grandfather?" Little ISM.—"I don't know,
but wo've hut! him a loug time.".
Mt. osuaeisrs
W. N. U. No. 171.
Minard's liniment cures garget In cows
Minister—-My dear little hoy, why
dou't you curry nu umbrella when It la
raining like this?
Dear Utile Hoy.—Since pa has Btop-
pet! going to church he never brings
home any more umbrellas.   .
A Typographical Break
Henry Wnllerson. editor of the
Louisville Couricr-Jom ual, wns one of
a group of newspaper men who, during
a convention of tlmt fraternity, wero
one afternoon talking of typographical
errors.   He mid:
"While I've heard of a great, many
funny typographies! breaks In my
tlmo, about the oddest and most humorous transpratliUm of types that over
came to my observation was that In
a Now York paper some years ago.
The paper used to print the shipping
news on the same page with tbo obituaries. Imagine tbe gleo with wbich
Its readers found the caption* changed ono mornlm.. a long list of respectable names being set forth under the
marine bead, 'Passed Through Hell's
date Yesterday.'"
Returned Explorer—"Yes, lho cold
was so intense nt the Pole we had to
be careful not to pbt our dogs." Mies
YoumUhi-ig—"Indeed! Why was
that?" It. K.—"You sen, Uieir tails
were frozen stiff, and If Ihey wngged
tbem they broke oft."
Uses ef Time
•'! .~uved ten minutes a duy at lunch
for twenty years."
"What of it?"
"Oh, It was well tliat I saved this
time, for now I spend two hours, dally
in the antlrooni of a dyspep«:p. spt'C-
Her Father.—I told you that you
could marry my daughter when you
could write a check for 150,000. Havo
yp-.i written It?
Her Suitor—Yost, sir; It only awaits
your signature.
3sickly slope courts, cures colds, heals
iti llsoet ■ id luoia      -      •      3D carets.
"But," prolc-slcd the wayward son,
"you should mako allowance for the
follies of youlh." "Hm!" growled the
old man. "If ll wasn't for the allowance you get tliere'd bo less folly."
Jour itruraUt will refund money If I'AZO
OINTMKNT   fulla   to   rule   an.-   rase   of
llellillK.    Hllnat.    Itla'a-aliiiK   or     lYiitruiHlijt
IMIca III U lo 14 jj-iys.     BOo.
Father (Impressively)— Suppose I
should be taken away suddenly, what
would become of you, my boy?"
Irreverent Son.—"I'd stay here. Thn
question is. What would become ol
When Ills friends tell him to hope
for thc best the wise man knows it
Is all over but tho funeral.
Women have-to do dirty work on tha
farm as well __:. Uk men. Cleaning lamps,
blacking stoics, paring potatoes,
scrubbing floors and milking, are all
baid on uie lmada.
The thousands \>!-.o arc using SNAP
find it exactly what women need, and
would not be without a can.   .
It,  Is a  wonderful  Mild  cleaner,
On the Lone Trail
It was ln the backwoods of Canada
that the young Englishman and bis
wife bad settled down. But rarely
did they see a fresh face, and oven
when a stranger did chance to call lt
waB always late at night; In the early
mqrniug-he would bc away again.
So little Johnny had to-content himself with hla own amusements and
find out excitement for himself. By
the time he wai four years old. he-
know the names ot dozens of. animals
and birds, but very little abont human
One day he saw a strange, unknown
creature approaching his" home. He
watched it until it came quite near,
and now there seemed something familiar nbout it. He turned and rail,
wild v,rtl» excitement.
"Oh, mummy, look, quick! Here's
a funny ting like farver. coming."
It was the second man he had over
Many people have receding gums.
Rub llumlliiB Wizard Oil on gums and
stop the decay, chase the disease
germs with a mouth wash of a few
drops to a spoonful ot water.
"What did he die of?" "A slight difference of opinion, near as I can find
oui." '■ "Oh, u fight?" "Not at all."
"What thon?" "Doctors disagreed and
he died beforo tbey settled it."
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"What are tbe Christian names of
tho young couple next adoor?" "We
shan't be nble to find out till next
week. They've Just been married, and
ho calls Iter Blrdlo and Bhe calls him
Hard on the Colonel -
' An Irish battalion contained n man
-who was noted for hia goneral untidiness and who could uot bo made to
Improve- hlniiolt. either by reprimand
or punishment. At Inst a commanding
officer bit upou a bright Idea. He
ordered Pat to lie mnrcltd* up nnd
flown the lines of the whole battalion,
tho men being told to take a good
look at blm. At the conclusion, how-
over, Patrick unabashed, saluted the
Colonel and said. "Dblrtlcst regiment
Ol Ivor Inspected, sorr."
Thc Stranger.—"And wbo aro lhe
Murphy's ancestors?" Mr. Murphy—
"Ancestors! What's that?" The
Tho Stranger.—"I mean what do the
Murphys spring from?" Mr. Murphy.
—"The Murphy's spring from no ono.
They spviug at tlilm."
Indignant Neighbor.—"The little
hussy. Fancy her mother allowing
her to'-go about ln ono of. them. Directory dresses. - It's scandalous." Tho
Little Hussy.—'"Taint n Directory
dress; It's an accident. I fell ofr the
fence und tore my frock."
Patient.—"Tbo examlnaUon soeius
to havo delighted you. doctor. I Judge
from your haMty caniHai__j.ee, that
you can taw. ay life." Or. Sawbones.
—"I cannot promise you that, bat wo
must perform a number,of moat Interesting -operations upon you."
The Parrot's Tooth,
A Utile girl once stroked the beak
ii n parrot.   The Ill-natured bird bit
Instantly remove; dirt, stilus and odor . her.   Sho wrung her lorn flnger ant
without much rubbing, and keeps the cried:         ,
hands smooth and free of chart..   It is ."oh, dear!   I thought it was a nose
ksaUugn-.id antiseptic,   ijc.acau.  U*' and here It's a tooth."
All Alone.
Miss Vocal—1 only sing where
roles Is appreciated, a
Miss Hltt—Do you sing much
yourself, dear?
Discretion Is more D.eMDaa*.*; t? «*.*•
nien than eloquence, bemuse tiny
bave leSB trouble to speak well than
to speak little.—Father Du Bose.
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Belleriver. Que.—"Without Lydia
S. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, I
would Mt be alive. For Ave months I
isi had painful and lr-
;■ regular periods and
V inflammation of
.... the uterus. 1 suf-
.-'.'-.- fared like a martyr
and thought often
of dettth. 1 consulted two doctors
who could do
nothing for me. I
went to a hospital,
and the beat doc-
tori said I must
submit to an operation, because I bad a tumor. I went
hack home mnch discouraged. Ono of
my cousins advised m* to tola your
Compound, as it bad cured her. I did
so and soon commenced to feel bettor,
and my appetite cam* back with tha
first bottla. Now I feel no pain and
am cured. Your remedy ts deserving
of praise."-Mrs. Emma ChaTU,
VauoyfisU, Belleriver, Quebec.
Another Operation AvoMci.
Pooghkecpsie, N.Y.—I run a sowing
machine In a large factory and got all
rundown. I lud to five op work for I
could not stand the pains in my back.
the doctor said I eeVtadaa operation
far won* trouble bttfcydla fc Hi
a PhSat-
trouble,   ....
will take the Osaunond,
. Planum.
•s Vegetable taninoai STA mere
forimttMtlWfltoetoiedkl. Itwre
gained Ore pounds. I hope that even-
one who to suffering from female
and backache
1 awe my
thanks to Mrs. Ptattsun. Bhe to the
working girl's iriend for health, and
all women who suffer should write to
her and take her edvico.-Mu» Tiaia
PLRNZI0,3Jay St., PoughkeepslBjN.Y.
Thirty years of unparalleled success
confirms the power of Lydia E. Pink*
barn's Vegetable Ctwipmusl to eust
Ismals diseases.
The Arizona Kicker Man Explains
Wet-Mad Up His Nerve Until He Was
Net Afraid te Tackle a Gristly Bur.
Has Private Graveyard and' Puts
Menumant Above Victims.
ICopyrlfht, Ull, by Associated Literary
Press.J   :   ,
PICTURE to yourself an editor
seated in bis sanctum on the
fourth floor of bis office. For
the moment be is not writing
an article advising tbat tye long suffering peoplo turn out ilnd make a Don-
Ire of every cold storage house ln the
country.   •         : . .
On the contrary, he Is looking out Of
his window.witb.n snd expression on
his face and moisture In his eyes ss
they look down upon his private editorial graveyard—the only one ot Its
kind ln tbe world. Twenty-three men
he sleeping tbcre-a sleep tbat shall
hut until the trumpet awakens all.
Twenty-three headstones give the
names to the world. Over the green
graves the trailing arbutus trails.
These mounds are as carefully tended
as If tbey covered tha remains of children. 	
The editor brushes the tears from hts
eyes, sighs a long sigh and proceeds
to read the names on tbe stones.
There Is Tarantula Sam to begin with
and .Grizzly Joe to end the line. Sandwiched in between are Rocky Pete,
Awful Tom, Blood Red Larry, Bowie
Knife Dick, Tornado Jim, Whirlwind
Smith, Cut 'Em to Pieces Hank, Ter
rlble Jones, Whooping Charlie and others. Each one had lived and bad bis
lay.' Each one bad whooped and
bluffed and fallen. .Some bad left old;
' mothers to weep as they nsked themselves, "Where 1* ">y boy tonlghtr
while others never knew a mother's
Each and every due of tba twenty-
three had arrived at Glveadam Ouleh
to bounding spirits; also with two guns
buckled sronnd him tud his eom
brero on the baek of'his head. Each
had arrived with • whoop. Eaeh
had taken a drink and made the statement that be was from tbe headwaters
ef Fighting creek and bad shown from
ton to fifteen notches cot into the butt
ef bis favorite shooter. They sighed
for tbe reputation of being bad, aud
they got It
In some cases they fell within a day;
to others tbey listed n week. It was
according to how coon they met the
editor of the Richer and started In to
do him up. That seemed to be their
mission. Tbe editor bad never harmed them by word or deed, and yet tbey
sighed to make btm eat dirt. They'
didn't want him .to live out bis days.
They didn't want him on earth. Tbey
were willing to spare 'others, but not
an editor. So tfiey sought him out
Some gave blm two minutes In whleb
to prepare for the change; some opened Are at once, having no care whether
he went to the one place or the other.
And the editor, desiring to live on
and make the Arizona Kicker tho
greatest weekly ln the land snd to be
mayor, postmaster, game warden, colo-
Ml ot militia, chief of the Ore department, president of tbe common council
and numerous other things, bought a
gun and practiced shooting, and ths
!____.   DBAOaUD OlIZZtT f SOU CATS.
time came when be was lightning oa
Ihe draw ind ditto em the shoot. De
also worked up nerve and confldencc.
and the time came when he dared go
to the mountains and enter the cave of
the gristly heir ind setae blm by lhe
toll and haul him Into tho open. Then
ke also dared go among lbe bsd men
tostsavd of dodging.
Grizzly Joe opened on thc editor
when stilt live rods separated them.
The look of astonishment on his face
us be went dnwn to rise no mora wis
burled with blm.' It wos the first time
bc bad ever failed,to drop nn editor
with his lirst bullet. It was wben he
bad fallen that the purchase of lbe
ground for an editorial graveyard was
made; otherwise the coyotes' would
bave bowled oyer lils grnve on the
bleak desert. It was a beginning. The
editor didn't like It, but tbe bsd men
continued to come, and be had to welcome tbem. Aseseh one fell ha wai
given a funeral, a grave ind a' headstone, and ths editor footed the bill.
The number flnslly reached Ave, tben
ten, tben'fifteen! The editor prayed
that the bad men would keep away,
but tbey continued to arrive. They felt
that there was something really funny
about It Tbe fifteen became eighteen,
twenty; then a rest, and then three Is
succession. With the twenty-third the
editor believed that the last bad man
In the country had gone to bis reward,
and bo drew a long- brctitb of relief and
bung bis trusty guns' on the wall and
felt the blessed *"""• net nesce.
Abd so he sits ami looks out on his
private graveyard and sorrows .that
such a thing bad to be and rejoices
that bis gray hairs will no more feel
the whls of hostile bullets, and he
makes plans that men of all nations
shall be brothers to' each otber. His
heart Is overflowing wltb tbe milk ot
human kindness as be thinks, and be is
about to add n million dollars to Rockefeller's bookworm donation when—
"Say your prayers!"
It waa Pike's Feak Pete who stood
In tbe door.with a gun fat either band.
He bsd ridden 000 miles to Ull ths
editor. '■
Tbere was not n line of. pity ln bis
face—not an atom of mercy in bis
The editor recognized blm from having seen bis picture In a Sunday paper ou tbe same page with Senator De-
pew's and Foxy Grandpa's. No man
had ever escaped P. P. P.
■"Siy your.prayers!"-'- -
.. pika't Peak Pete threw a note ot
doom tola bis voice. It he could scare
the editor to death iii would save a
The editor turned and looked at him,
but preserved silence. It could not be
seen tbit he ereri winked, and It was
afterward found that hts Waterbury
watch bad stopped dead still the day
before, lt was a dramatic situation.
An actress discovering that her coachman Is one of ber long lost husbands
couldn't beat it
For the third time, "Say your pray-
The editor makes a Jump of fourteen
feet, seises a gun from ths wall and
•fter ■ single report P. P. P. Is down
and out and tagged ns No. 24.
"Qeutlemen,'*>snys tbe editor to the
people who rash Into tbe room, "I bad
to do it - Please notify the coroner
and ask the undertaker to step nround;
also toll Wing- Lee thst another grave
ft wanted out there."
"Justifiable homicide."
Pike's Peak Pete will bave bis headstone In a few days, nnd when the
tuns and showers of next spring come
Ihe Jays will sing to bim from thc
branches of tbe blue gum trees, snd tbe
arbutus will trail and twist and cover
up the scan.
Gone hence! Where to? No oue
knows. Be lived ■ bad mnn, but he
died with a pleased look on his face.
In that one Instant perhaps* he saw
that ln the other land bc might reform
and get a vaudeville engagement on
the strength of tt.
Had It All Mapped Out.
A young lady was acting temporarily
as hostess, and ber time was nnicb occupied. Ono ot ber admirers, a nervous and absent minded lover, perceived tbnt this would be tho case, nud
to facilitate matters he determined to
bring affairs to a point He dldni get
a chance.
"Afterward," snys the object of his
IU starred devotion. "1 found this memorandum ou Ibe floor, where he dropped
It in bis agitation. It rend thus:
"'Mention rise lu salary. Mention
tonclluess. Mention pleasure In her society. Mention pros|iects from I'ncle
Jim. Never loved before. Propose.' "—
His Record Ctetr.
Tbe old army sharpshooter wn.
boasting nf tils prowess. "In my
career," lie suhl. "I never killed
a deer by* mistake for a lmin. '—
Chicago Tribune.
A susp.Vli.tis woman, wben ber bus-
band phones tbnt be isn't eome borne
lo supoc, always sends Johnny downtown lo come linnic with father.
Wbcu n man presents a sill; dress to
his wife wlin linsu'i de-t-nt slnies or
Slum be usually'cnn/.lulus bliter'y
tbal she litis no ap'ireciatiwa.
Washington's Historic Landmark te Be
Protected Prom Vandals.
Braddock's rock, one of the historic
landmarks of Washington, Is to be
preserved and protected against the
vandal souvenir hunter, toys 'tbe Baltimore American. Many years ago
tbe Society of Colonial Dames placed
t descriptive tablet on the stone and
Inclosed the area with a low iron
fence, but visitors and local vandals
defaced the tablet, carried off parts of
the stone and finally began taking
away portions of the fence until thero
was danger ot the ultimate disappearance of the rock.
Braddock's rotk is located on tbe
banks of tbe Potomac river, nearly
midway between Twenty-fourth and
Twenty-fifth streets. It. Is south of
the Naval Medical School hospital, on
the line of Upper Water street, Just
north of B street Originally lt stood
high.above the level of tbe ground,
but now It lies ln a hole In tbe ground
about six feet below the level of the
surrounding territory ln a mass of
weeds. The sock gets Its name from
the fact that it marks the landing
place of the British and colonial troops
under General Braddock on tbelr'111
toted march in 17S5 from Alexandria
through the District of Columbia,
Maryland and Pennsylvania to Fort
Duquesne (now Pittsburg), where the
British were annihilated by tbe French
troops and their Indian allies. General George Washington, then a colonel of the Virginia troops, accompanied General Braddock, and It was
because the British veteran contemptuously disregarded the advice of the
young colonial officer that the expedition ended ln complete disaster..
Werk ef Brother Dutten, 8usessser ef
Father Dsmisn,
In "Brother Dutton of Moloksi," ln
the American Magazine, is told the
story of tbe man wbo succeeded
Father Damlen In charge of tbe leper
settlement at the Hawaiian Island of
Moloksi. Unlike Father Damlen. be Is
not a Belgian: "Brother Button Is an
American, coming, indeed, of an old
New England family." Up to fort;
years of age he lived as tens of thou-
ssnds of otber Americans. Then a sudden "revolt of soul" drove-hlm Into a
Catholic monastery in Kentucky, lt
was there tbat be beard of Father
Damlen nnd went to join him. Mr.
Baker writes:
"At Honolulu he transshipped to Mo-
lokal, landing at tbe leper settlement
Just at sunset on July 29, 1880, aud
there be bas been ever since. He assisted Father Damlen until bis death,
helping blm build bis church and
school and, after Damlen fell ill with
leprosy, taking full charge of tbe work.
Although be bas beeu surrounded for
twenty-five years with lepers In every
stage ot tho disease, and although be
bas cared for tbem often In the most
intimate way, be has not contracted
tbe disease. A hearty, wholesome, sensible man witb a fine gift of human
companionship, he has made life pleas-
inter for hundreds of these floor prisoners of disease."
Propping Up a Cathedral.
For six yenrs n diver has been engaged In an unparalleled task beneath the
walls of Winchester cathedral. England, laying new fouudatllns lo replace the original work performed In
tbe thirteenth century. The old foundations had begun to give way, allowing tbe walls to crack and lean out.
Pumping was out of the question, as
it would have weakened the entire
structure. The diver was pnt to work
In the dark caverns, removing pest
and excavating for new foundations
ot concrete. Sacks of tbe material
were lowered to bim, ripped open and
tbelr contents dumped into place. Tbe
work hss hecn almost completed.
The Kaiser Jealous ef His Son?
Tbe crown prluce of Germany bas
been lustnlled as colonel of tbo famous
Death's Head hussars. It Is his first
commnud. but tho significant feature
of his promotion Is tho fnct that It
will keep him In residence far from
Rcrllu for a greater part of the year,
(losstp nays (lie kntaer hss exiled bis
heir lo lhe dreary llultic station because be Is Jealous of Ilie crown
prince's greater popularity In Rcrllu
and Potsdam. Of the crown prince's
place In public regard there Is no
manner of doubt. He nnd bis charming eonsjrr, Crown Princess C'eellie,
nro both adored by the people.-New
York Suu.
Unele Um'New Has s Heard Un-
equaled In the World's History.
We now bave ln our national treasury the greatest gold hoard In tbe
world. Tbe National City bank of
New Tork In a recent circular calls
attention to this and tbe fact that "in
the midst of alarms and anxieties
which now trouble the business world
lt is at least a comfort to know tbat
we- are free from a peril which pot
many years ago was paralyzing enterprise and Surrounding alt business operations wltb uncertainty. That was
the threat of a suspension ot gold payment No general attention Is paid
now to the stock of gold, Including
reserve ln the treasury, and it goes on
piling np (ind making a new- world's
record from month to month. It uow
stands at .about $1,200,000,000, which
Is a hoard not only unequaled, but un-
approached, In thc world's history.
"Low water mark was touched on
Feb. 12, 1885, wben tbe total amount
of gold in the treasury was $98,018,-
710, and of tbls $32,r>78,520 was pledged to tho redemption of an equal
amonnt of gold certificates, leaving
but $41,340,181 in tbe $100,000,000 fund
established for the redemption of
United States notes. This fund was
replenished several times by bond
sales, bnt since 1886 lt hss not been
encroached upon. From that time the
stock of gold ln the treasury bas
moved steadily upward.
"The next greatest board ln tho
world is that ot the Imperial Bank ot
Bussla. which holds the treasury funds
of that country, nbout $640,000,009.
The Bonk ot France holds about $630.-
000,000. At tbe rate our treasury lt
gaining gold It will soon hold the
stock equal to the totul of the next
two greatest hoards ln the world.
The Bank of England gold stock Is
only about $200,000,000 and that of tbe
Bank of Germany but little larger,"
Menstsr Bubble, Bearing aft Island, In
a Fiery Lake.
Mall advices from Honolulu tell of
the most amazing phenomenon ever
observed within tbe crater of a volcano by a wblta man.
It was no less tbsn a tremendous
bubble of lava, inflated by gas from
tbe very center of tbe earth, which
supported on island as It floated across
a lake ot fiery liquid. Frank A. Perret-
the scientist wbo observed It, estimated that lt covered an area ot 3,000
square feet, and bo was fortunate
enough to secure n few photographs.
althougb conditions were fsr from favorable for picture taking.
"The bubble was a huge saussgo
shaped affair, inflated wltb volcanic
gas aid composed of lava glass," says
the scientist ln bis report. "A lava
fountain, boiling continuously under
tbe eastern end. gave tbe appearance
of a screw propeller, and the amazing
contrivance seemed to be navigating
the lake like n great wbslebsck
"There was nn Island of black crust,
wbich when It began to sink evolved
a great quantity of gas, which blew
the bubble of lava glass, and this ln
turn sustained tbe Island and prevented It from sinking. It made several
tours of tbe luke before It disappeared
from sight at last."
Tis wns observed in lhe volcano
Halemaumau, and Perrett and two
Japanese assistants were tbe only ones
who saw It.—Los Angeles Cor. Portland Oregonlnn.
Italian Officers' Wives.
Recent regulations besrlug on tbs
question of marriage in tbe Italian
army are worthy of brief mention.
Henceforward oncers, whether on
active service sr half psy, will not be
allowed lo marry till they bave reached tbe age of twenty-five and nave obtained the ssnctlon of tbe king.' The
bride will no longer be required to
bring a specified dot, but sbe will, of
course, bnvc to give satisfactory evidence as to ber social fitness for the
position of nu officer's wife, lt will be
remembered thnt (he "dot reglemcn-
lairs" was abolished some years ago
In Ibe French army by General Andre,
otber sods I requirements, of course,
remaining as before.—London Queen.
Freneh Army Uniforms.
The French army Is nbout to discard
Ils brilliant nml windy nlllre nud lo
drape Itself In somber lines. In 1S70
lbe French uniform wns nn nlmost uu-
mlssnhle mark f«r Prussian sharpshooters, who upiati (lie next occasion
will lind that they lane n target almost
Indistinguishable frnm ibe soil. Thc
new uniform Is mil nf l.liulil. France
never Imitates another country, for to
do this wuuld Imply"!! Im-I. iif original-
Ity, She has devised it chilli nr light
greenish gray that is I'lmosi Invlslh!,.
tignlnst ordinary nu.'iiral laaal .'(.rounds
Antiquity ef Oold Beating.
Gold fnll-bcaleu to tbo thinness ot
the lightest rihbon-is ono of Ibe arts
dial Is lost In antiquity. So old Is tbls
told foil tbat It hss been fouud on
.'he tongue and teeth of the oldest
mummies lhat science has uncovered,
tlso this gold foil wns found upon the
tombstones and monuments of these
tallest pco|*es. Klghl hundred yesrs
Ik-fore Christ the gold heater wus an
irtlsun, and gold heating today Is Utile changed since the Christian era.
Egyptian coftlns of the third con-
Jury were decorated wllb gold lest
tnd llreclnii potters of ibe fifth century used It In ornnmcutatluus.
How very queer this tpeteh et sural
Foe IntMure, when tie say
A msn le known lo keep tola hours
We mean that lie wlih til Ms puwen
Jttst frlltere time away.
-I>al roll rteva I
sires And sons.
John D. Rockefeller pays WO for an
A London paper recenlly publisheil
a long eulogy of Ambassador White-
law Held. He is suid lo be able tu
wear knickerbockers with more grave
than bas been displayed by any other
American ambassador.
Joseph H. Choate. former ambassador to Great Britain, recently celebrated bis golden wedding nuulver
siry. He will be eighty years of net)
in January, but Is still actively engaged In tbe practice of law.
O. A. Askwltb, who has just bean
knighted and Invested with thu Insignia of a Knight Commander of Ilia-
Bath by King George, Is chief of the
labor statistical department of the
English board of trade and Is known
as tbe "strike settler." For years he
bas bad wonderful success In settling
trade disputes.
Lord Glcnconner. recently made high
commissioner to tho general assembly
of tho Church of Scotland, receives
$10,000 a year for bis work, wbich
consists ln tho main of oue speech a
year at the opening of thc assembly.
He Is a brother-in-law of Premier Asquith and until raised In rank, hat se
long ago, was Sir Edward Tennunt.
The Sculptors.
Albert Jaegers, the sculptor of the,
Bnrou von Steuben statue, which wus
recently presented by tbe United
States to Germany, has been decorated
witb tbe Order of tbe Eagle, fourth
class, in recognitlou of his merit. He
was born at Elberfleld. Germany, In
The Ducbesso d'Dzes. now engaged
on a statue of Charlotte Dodu, Is llm
honorary president of the only Institution of- Its kind ln the world-the
Orphellnat des Arts ot Paris. It shelters tho orphans Of musicians, netors.
painters, writers, sculptors mid composers.
Mrs. Vlnnle Beam Hosle, whose life
slzo bust of President Lincoln lirst nl-'
traded attention to ber as a sculptress. Is working nwny nt the age or
sixty-four with all the energy of tier
younger years. Her latest works art
busts of American patriots for Cornell
The Royal Box.
William II. Is not only king of Prussia and emperor of Gcnnnny, but be
Is also "bishop of Magdeburg."
The king of Slam, who cun write
fluently In three European languages,
ts an author, ot some note. He has
written several stories for children's
magazines published In England.
Prince Erie, nepbew of tbe king of
Denmark, has Just been apprenticed
tor three years to learn practical agriculture. He took up Ilie vocation
purely from bis own choke Ho Is to
make a thorough aud scientific study
of all tbat applies to his subject and
starts by laboring In tbe fields.
Current Comment.
Kipling now knows thnt Hie surest
way to raise Calne Is to nituek tbe
women.—Philadelphia Telegraph.  ,
A Paris tailor says that In tcu yenrs
we shall be again wearing knickerbockers, silk bose, shoe buckles nnd
ruffled Ince shirts, it Is Indeed awful
stuff, that absinth..—Alba uy Journal.
ht. Wiley's declaration tbat "every
person who dies of a preventable dis
ease Is either a suicide or a victim of
murder" may seem extravagant. Pnt
Into another form, that all preventable
diseases ought to be prevented, It becomes an Indisputable truism.— New
Tork Tribune.
>   Tales of Cities. "
In London 48 per cent of tba days
are wet.
More vehicles cross tbe Rush street
bridge In Chicago than tbe ruinous
London bridge, tbo record for euch being slightly under 10,000 In twelve
Philadelphia has more dwelling*
tbsn any otber city on lhe globe
There are more than .100.000 of Ihem.
and as tbere are 1.000,000 people in
tbe city tbo average Is less than Unpersons to eacb dwelling, other strut*-
turea In tbe cily number only n lluiv
more tbsn 34,000.
Town Topies.
New York's ambition Is not going l"
he realised yet awhile. firotiter l.nu
don's population Is announced ns ;.'_.*>'_..
isJ3.—Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.
It Is proposed to provide all Ci'l'iiKi*
thoroughfares with names easy tn pin
uoiince. Gentlemen going luune nu in,
nwl car will appreciate this siiggesi.-'
reform.—Chicago News.
Tbe Charleston News snd Courier
snys, "Oee, but It's great to Im* alive
and fn ■ town like tbls." Tbe whole
press of tin country will admit that It
Is remarkable at least.- l-'iorlds Tlm-'*
Colon. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,   Morrison
blook.    Phone R 39.
James M. McGovern, of Port Ar-
tliui, Out , inspector of immigration
stations, was in the city on an official
visit last Saturday. Mr. McGovern
expressed himself as satisfied with the
work being done by the immigration
inspectors in this district.
Engineer Joe Japp, of the Great
Northern railway, has tvkeu the Oroville local run, together with Fireman
Alvin Dick. Engineer William Bird
song and Fireman Ernie Henry are
on the Grand Forks-Marcus local
run. W. B. Wallace has been promoted to conductor, and is also on
this run. Brakeman Albert Fran-
lier ia laid up with a couple of broken
fingen. Brakeman Lester Bowman
is alto taking a vacation on account
of a scalded neck. That's all the
local railway hews.
Ex-Aid. J. A Smith, a pioneer of
Grand Forks, left on Wednesday for
Esperanto, Sonora, Mexico, where he
intends to purchase land and locate
permanently. His family will continue to make their residence in this
pity until next fall, when they will
join him.
Dr. Kingston and G. M. Fripp returned on Saturday from a business
trip to Vancouver.
Who lias been the hoodoo in Grand
Forks hookey circles during the past
The ski jumping contest for the
amateur championship of Canada, at
the Bossland winter carnival last Saturday, was won -by E. Engen, of
Silkstone destroys the labor of
housecleaning. Choose a suitnble
"tint for this spring, and wash it
clean in the fall and spring. It lasts
for years. Call at our store and nsk
about it.    Thos. A. Mclnryre & Co.
Engineer Hardy Pears is relieving
Dave Williams, of the- Great Northern railway. Mr. Williams is taking
a couple of weeks' vacation.
We are pleased with the reception
of our new cash system. It will save
you money as well aa us. ■ A cash
price is the cheapest and best for all.
Thos. A. Mclntyre & Co.
A. C. U'Ren has returned from
Hillyard, Wash., where-he was working for, the Great Northern company
during the shutdown of the Granby
smelter. He has again resumed his
position as conductor of one of the ore
trains between this city and Phoenix,
whioh position he has occupied for the
greater part of his time during the
past five years, being a trusted employee of the Great Northern railway.
For Sale—Three ' thoroughbred
Khode Island lied roosters; two $10
each, and one for $o. Miles Barrett.
An Offer That Involves No
Money Risk If You Accept It
We are so positive our remedy will
completely relieve constipation, no
matter how chronic it may be, that
we offer to furnish it free of all cost if
it fails.
Constipation.is commonly caused by
weakness of the nerves and muscles
of the large intestine. To expect a
cure you must therefore tone up and
strengthen those organs and restore
them to healthier activity. H
We want you to try Rexall Order
lies on our guarantee. They are eaten
like candy, and are particularly good
for children. They seem to act direct
ly on the nerves and muscles of the
bowels. They apparently have a neu
tral action on the other organs. They
do not purge or cause other inconvenience, We will refund your money if
they do not overcome chronic or habitual constipatioii and thus relieve the
myriads of associate or dependent
chronic ailments. Try Rexall Orderlies at our risk. Three sizes, 10c,
25c, and .50c. Sold only at our store
—The Rexall Store. H. E Woodland.
Enormous Land Deal
The largest land deal in Canadian
history, it ie believed, is one just
closed in Toronto by the Canadian
Northern, which sold, immense holdings of land in British Columbia and
seventy townsites in the prairie prov-
incee, the consideration being jSTi.oOO,-
000. The purchaser is John F. Hansen, of Winnipeg, who represents a
number of British linancial houses,
including the British and Overteas
Investment company.
Mr. Hansen is to have what is de
scribed as a "fair selection" of laud
in the area acquired recently by the
Canadian Northern in .Quebec, a
quauity of inside aud waterfront property within the new Port Mann terminal city on the Paciflo coast and
similar privileges of choice in a large
number of points in Alberta and Sas
katchewan, including most of ths railway divisional townsites and practically every other good city location in
these provinces. Two proposed town-
sites in British Columbia, about mid
way between Edmonton and Vancouver, whicli have not yet been
plotted or even named, are also included in the deed.
Mr. Hansen bought a large area of
farm lands from the Canadian North
ern last year, paying a cash price of
f ii, 000,000. These lands he has siuce
been colonizing with American farmers for the North Saskatchewan Land
company, of Winnipeg, of which he is
general manager.
The sale wus concluded by Colonel
A. D. Davidson, land commissioner
for the Canadian Northern railway,
and Mr. Hansen, after about a yeai
of negotiations.
For Hale at a Bargain—Two-horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H
Plath, box 10, oity.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor ti> believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisingin The Sun.
Show cards for widnows and inside
area fine form of silent salesmen.
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be^ read at a
Don't forget that The Sim-has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
A new lot of latest designs of program and menu cards just received at
The Son job office.
You might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut oft' your advertising because your business is too
Grand   Forks, B. C.
PHONE   A 1*4
Dry1 four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, JSSU, Columbia P. o,
Brldjje Street,
The best and m«nt
lniililii.fr in the Bouii-
fltii-y country. Ke*
oently coin i>let«f) and
u f w ly furnished
throughout. Rqtilp-
l>gd with all modern
electrical conveniences, t-etitrally located. Kirst-oliissao-
com in'>dat ions for the
travelling public.
Hot and Gold Bathe
Bnt-Ctaii Bar, Pool
end Billiard Rooms
In Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
Printi n
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
I have for sale. Silver Spangled
Hainburga<,Piii'tridge Wyandotte*, s.c
II. Leghorn cockerels; aim) egga of
lJrown Leghorna, Blue Andalusians
and Silver Spangled Hamburg*.—
Robert Clark, not Lli of Winnipeg
avenue bridge.
K Yo
Failing Sight
Have your eyes examined.
Let un ahow you how vastly
improved our glaaaea can make
your vision. We are expert
Optometrists, skilled in the
■oience of refraction.
AH IUn_._.;„_fl« J,wiiLi,i._t a
.U.LVJornson, optician
Take your repairs to Armton't-
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
sireet, Grand Forks.
Commercial Printing
^L      On the shortest notice and in •
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in thi. Boundnry Country, employ com
potent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery. *
A Distinction
"So the bank teller has disappeared.    Was he short in Ids cash?"
"No, he was ahead. It. was the
bank that was short."
Liffuor and
Tobacco Habits
A. MiaTAHGAltT, M.n.,(!.M.,
.5 Yoiil'O Street, Tiaronto, Camilla.
Roferoiire* as to Dr. MeTiiffuaipt'H |,r"les-
sliilalll ntalillinp-.unu* |il'l-a.ialiaal Integrity per-
mltli'al lay
Sir W. B. Meredith. Chief Jititle*.
SlrUea,. IV. Haa.,, nx-Premler of Ontario.
Rev. N. Harvflssli.ll.il, Pros.Vk-t.irlia Ca'Ilcjre
ll.-v. .1. II. Shearer, II. A.. D.I-., MC. Biiiuil of
Moral Kefirm, Tontntii.
High! Kev. J. I-'. Sweeny, D.D., llishopnl
Hon. 1 hiiiiiaiH Coffey, Senator, Cathollo Record. 1.Hantaan. Ontario.
Dr. MtaT.fli.'i.'irt'i, va-aietahlo reoia'diei, for tlie
llal'lair nnd tialula'i-aa linaalla are li. iiltlitiil. siafa>.
Inexlaiaaialve home tra-atma-nta.. No hypodermic Injrantlnii., no tatlltllelty. no loss aaf time
fa oan hllalaaeaa-,aaiel u rei'ialn a me. Canitaultu-
ion or com-atiianideuce Invita-al.
Billheads nnd Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and I'lneards,
Riljs of   Fare and  Menu   Curds,
Announcements   and Counter
I'litls,   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to (late Printery.
V.1WI/ IIW^IIUVJ ft„ mlvCTtiseinent, and a trial
order will convince'you that oui'stock anrl workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour order.
Wo guar tntec satisfaction.
Furniture Made to Order.
.  Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A (.Oim.ETB SrfH'K OF
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Kn_-i.li C-oiihlu-nnx.iit of
item veil Weekly*
Postoffice   Building,
Always Carries in Stock
a Fresh Supply of
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
tazur Hon.nt
Kazur Honlnir a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granhy Hotkl,
First Strbkt.
60 VBAkS'
Trade Marks
..._ _ Common's Ac
,__• MtUlnf a aketcb and dmcrintlon may
 / ascertain onr opinion freowliollior nn
moon ttlm>b«l,lrpn«tit«hle,_Communlcn.
uttrMtBrranadoaitUrHMOtlOln on Fateou
at traM-CMoil areaacr fof ■i'cairla>« pateaatB.
-nu taken tbrooah Munn 4 Co. Kaxtrt
*e*m, without .ww, lata*!
ine Hmcricam
UlnatMtlXl weekly,   turnout (air-
r aclentl-lo journal,   'reran for
7«ar, foatMO prepaid.   Sold bj
% £>\m f rat g>b0ji
Talking to the Point
Oiar ClMilflad Want Ads. __»«
rlsht Seme to *"• P**"* •* ,tv"'
If you want nomnthlnir lay •» '"
a fo* woll ohoaon notes* Tho
IntolllBont roader lllios tlmt Mn*
cf atrav'.i.ht-O-om-tl.o-sl.ooli.er.
talk and Hint Is ono reason why
enndentod Want Ad*, aro M productive ef tho s>**\ Kind of
raiults. Whothor buying or soil.
Inn thoy will help you.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding • stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it, The
.Sun job olliee.


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