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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 2, 1912

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Eleventh Year—No. 40
Grand Porks, B. C, Friday. August 2, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Trustees Call for Tenders
for a Fouj-Boom Addition
Will  Cost $I7,000—Ten-
ders Close on tbe 19th
Monday night a special meeting
of the school board was held (or tbe
purpose of considering tbe plans of
Alex Currie, the Nelson architect,
for an addition to tbe public school
building, the plans having arrived in
the city a couple of days previous lo
the meeting. The board decided to
cill for tenders at once for the erection of a four-room addition, which
will cost about f 17,000. The board
has received a grant of (12,000 from
the provincial government for the
building, and a request has been
made to tbe city council to appropriate the additional $3000 necessary to complete it. Tenders are
now being advertised for, and tbey
must be in the hands of tbe
secretary by August 19, The trustees intend to rush tbe work on the
building as fast as possible, as the
present school quarters aae inadequate for tbe increasing number of
all dogs Bent from Victoria and Vancouver and that vicinity. Special
attention will also be given to the
canines tbat will be sent to tbe show
through Kinsgate, Rykerte, North-
port-and other customs offices. Tbe
dogs coming tbrough tbe latter
points should be shipped to Bailey
& Brown, customs brokers, Symons
block, Spokane. The dog fanciers
are urged to give an average valuation of 150 per dog and to bill as
many dogs as possible on an invoice
in order to save themselves expense.
The fanciers are also urged to send
an advance list of the dogs to the
brokers, giving tbeir breed, sex, age,
name, color, and statistics about
eacb dog in order to preclude any
possibility of their being lost.
Information concerning entries,
classes or methods tb be used in
shipping the dogs may be obtained
by wiiting to the offices of the In
terstate fair, 503 Chamber of Commerce building, Spokane.
Ore Bodies at Hidden Creek
Exceed Two and a Half
Per Cent Copper
ing or by continuing to collect tbe
one dollar as at present, but returning tbe money to tbe settler when
improvement of a certain value bas
been made.
Land in Railway Belt Will
Handed Oyer to Province
for Administration
Bench Show at Spokane Fair
Strong recognition of tbe fact tbat
the Canadian keeps a good dog if be
keeps one at all is made by tbe Spokane Kennel club, wbicb will bold
its annuel bench show in connection
witb tbe Spokane Interstate fair on
October 3-5. Tbe British Columbia
dog fanciers have always won a
good portion of tbe prizes at the Interstate fair, and during tbe bench
shows of the Spokane Kennel club,
and added prizes and trophies tbis
year come as a result nf former
This year will he the firat tbat tbe
Interstate fair and tbe Spokane Kennel club bave offered a prize for
Canada only. The Glen Tana farm
of Spokane has put up a solid silver
cup called tbe Maple Leaf trophy for
the hest dog or hitch, an breed, exhibited from Canada. The district
classification, however, in no way
affects, tbe entries into the olb**r
classes, of which tbere are some 27
different ones, all calling for either
costly trophies or cash prizes.
Another class in which the ('una
dian fanciers are expected to make a
strong showing in the one for the
best do«r or hitch, any breed, brought
the longtst distance to the fair
grounds. The prize, a solid silver
cup, is offered by Mrs. Kobert H.
Cosgrove, of Spokane. Vancouver
and Calgary have in former years
lieen tbe points of major distance,
and tbey stand an excellent show
this year lo take this prize.
In ils premium list, which has
been scattered broadcast over Briiish
Columbia and Alberta, the Interstate fair hat given special attention
to Canadian exhibitors, giving them
the fullest instructions concerning
the best manner Of getting the dogs
to Spokane. Tbe Interstate fair has
made arrangements with George S.
Rush & Co., Seattle, to take care of
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby smelter, accompanied by
Mrs. Williams and boh, has left Vancouver to inspect the company's
extensive improvements in progress
at Granby Bay, Portland Canal district. The grading of a site for tbe
propsed 2000-ton smeller to be built
next year is under way, and 300
men are engaged in the development
ofthe Hidden Creek mine. Mr,
Williams states tbat all tbe work
ings of the mine have disclosed ore
bodies exceeding 2£ per cent cooper
per ton. This showing surpasses
the original tests made by diamond
drilling. Mr. W lliams will be in
north about four weeks.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Burk's big "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
company, the largest organization of
its kind in America, will exhibit at
Grand Forks, Thursday night, August 8. On tbis occasion the famous old play will be presented in
aa new and elaborate a form as
modern thought and stage invention
will permit, and doubtless the big
pavilion theatre will be filled to its
utmost capacity during tbeir performance here. Tbe principal char
acters in this grand old play will be
interpreted by a very competent
cast of lady and gentlemen artists
that have been selected especially
for tbeir ability to give a correct interpretation of Uncle Tom, Topsy,
Ophelia, Marks, I.egree, Eliza, St.
Claire and Little Eva; the balance of
the cast are exceptionally good. A
contingent of the vaudeville artists
consulting of jubilee singers, hoop
rollers, buck and wing dancers, wire
walkers, etc.,are introduced through
out the'play, frisking it the strongest
productfon of tbis popular drama
ever presented to the public. A
pack of Siberian bloodhounds,
horses, ponies, donkeys, and an unusually gorgeous transformation
scene are also among the many features of this grand spectacular production.
The public dance is the modern
school for scandal.
A Victoria dispatch says thnt before many months elapse it is probable that Jhe land in the railway belt
of British Columbia will be banded
over to the province for administration. Information to this effect was
brought back from OUe<va by Hon.
Thomas Taylor, provincial minister
of public works, wbo has jnst returned from a trip to the Dominion
"Tbe matter does not come within the jurisdiction of the minister
of public works," says Mr. Taylor,
"and for that reason I discussed it
only incidentally with the minister
of tbe interior while we were talking
over some otber matters. I gathered,
however, tbat he favored dealing
with the land of the railway belt as
the water of tbe same area has already been deal with; that is to say,
by handing its administration over
to the province on the understanding tbat any njvenutj derived therefrom over and above expenses, shall
be paid into the Dominion treasury.
I have no doubt that tbe subject
will be taken up by Mr. Ross, as
minister of land."
Although nothing official has yet
been done, there is little doubt that
tbe suggestion whicb Mr. Taylor bas
brought back with him from Ottawa
will be acted upon in tbe near future. Tbe claims of individual
homesteaders and squatters in'the
railway belt are now being investi
gated by S. Maber, of tbe department of the interior, and tbe understanding is that all of tbese claims
are to be' settled without unnecessary delay.
Meantime no more homestead
entries in tbe belt are being allowed,
and no more timber licenses are being issued, so that the further development of this whole area has
practically been stopped until a
proper working basis can be reached.
It is not anticipated, however, that
this state of affairs will last very
As soon as Mr. Maber has completed his work, it is understood
tbat tbe department.of tbe interior
will issue a regulation by which the
amount of land which u homesteader
can take up in lbe railway belt will
be reduced to forty acres and al lbe
same time forbidding homesteaditig
altogether on timbered lections. Tbe
practical effect of this will be that
future homesteaditig in Ihe railway
belt will be confined almost altogether to lands requiring irrigation.
Having promulgated these   regit-
Song Service
Tbe following is tbe order of tbe
service of song to be given in tbe
Methodist church on Sunday evening, Aogust 4, at.7:30 o'clock:
Doxology; invocation; hymn,
Nearer My God to Thee," Mrs.
Davis and quartet; prayer; hymn;
Scripture reading; solo, "When I
Lie on My Pillow Tonight," A.
Carter; hymn; offering; solo, Mr.
Tweddle; hymn; address, "Personal
Influence," Rev, Wm. Quigley;
hymn; solo, "Jerusalem," Mrs.
Davis; anthem, "Ihe King of Love,"
choir; hymn; benediction.
Geo. Gowland, manager for P.
Burns & Co., left on Monday for
Halcyon and the coast cities, where
he will spend a five weeks' vacation.
Mrs. Gowland will join her husband
later on, Carl Boyington, late head
cutter at Nelson, has taken Mr.
Growland's place in the local market.
High School   Passes   the
Largest Class in Its
Fourteen   Candidates,
Eleven Are Successful
A. R. Mann and bride, nee Miss
Tovey, returned to the city today
from Ontario. Tbe many frieuds
of Mr. and Mrs. Mann bere are
making preparations to serenade
them tonight.
A. C. Burr, who left for Danbury,
Texas, about six weeks ago, with
tbe intention of locating tbere permanently, returned to tbe city last
Saturday witb bis household effects.
This is another advertisement for
tbe Kettle valley.
A successful operation for an pen-
dicitis was performed on Mrs. Marie
Hoelzel at tbe Cottage hospital last
The Dominion government's fruit
crop report estimates the apple yield
at between 60 and 70 per cent of a
full crop tbioughout Canada. In
British Columbia the crop will be
much above the average. There has
been a heavy drop in many districts.
The results of the high school ex-
aminations,held last month throughout the province, were announced
by the department of education last
Monday. Of the 1392 candidates
who presented .themselves, 105;.
The record made by tbe pupils of
tbe Grand Forks high school is exceptionally good. Tbere were 14
candidates, 11 of whom passed.
This is the largest number of successful candidates ever passed at the
local high school, and Principal
Fleming is to be congratulated for
bis efficiency as an educator. Tbe
names of the successful candidates,
together with the marks tbey obtained, follow:
Preliminary Course, Junior Grade
—Maximum marks, 1000; number
of candidates, 8; passed 7—
Harold W. Mclnnes  621
Bertha May Gilpin  598
Sherlock W. Inghram  685
Doris Kerman....  565
Flora Jemima Murray  502
Robert Newbauer  542
Cecil J. McCallum  500
Advanced Course, Junior Grade-
Maximum marks, 1000; number of
candidates, 6: passed, 4—
£dna May Stuart  597
Alexander B. Donaldson  5114
Margaret Elizabeth Harrigan ... 542
Ina Sutton  500
I'M Clayton left on Monday for a
business trip to the coast cities.
Engineer Richardson has com
pleted the final survey on the Terrace Park road that is become an
auto road along the Kettle river from
Marcus north to the Canadian boundary line. When this road is completed it will he the most direct
route from Spokane to Grand Forks
and Repuhlic. A number of autos
take this route from here, while
others prefer to go by way pf Boss-
burg and Hock Cut.—Marcus Messenger.
Nelson Gun Club Tournament
In fhe Nelson Gun club tournament last Saturday, the amateur
four-man team from tbis city defeated Nelson and Revelstoke. The
scores were:
'Grand Forks—E. J. Cbingren, 25;
L. D. Stokes, 2*2; E. VV. Cooper, 23;
L. Skinner, 23; total, 93.
Nelson—Cramer, 21; McDougal,
23; Bishop, 2t; Blackwood, 17;
total, 83.
Revelstoke—Macdonald, 21; Sturdy, 23; Barber, 21; Foote, 21;
total, 85.
Chas. Mix returned on   Monday
lations, the Dominion will band the from a tri|) t() Princ(,ton and  oth8r
whole belt over to the province for
administration, the only   restriction
being that settlers will be allowed lo
homestead the land where suitable
instead of being required   to
empt it at a dollar per acre.
As, however, the revenue goes to
Ihe Dominion treasury, there would
be no object in the province  requir- for the month of July:
ing any payment to be made, and in Grand Forku  $(.,7fi4.53
any event the proviuce iB consider- P*10*"1'*     2,121.47
ing seriously the desirability of
amending its own land policy either
by giving land to settlers for noth-   .Total fl 1,101.li.'i
Inspector Killed
H. li. Herbert, a traveling   immigration  inspector   of   the Canadian
government, was shot and killed liy
Wm, A uld Ferguson at Detroit  last
week.    Herbert signed an oath that
I barred Ferguson, who is a  native nf
| Scotland and it British subject, from
entering  Canada.    Herbert  was on
the same boat   with  (ierguson, and
lthe latter drew a  revolver and  put
five    bullets   into   the   inspector's
body.    Ferguson is  a cripple,   having only   one   leg.    Herbert was at
H. R. Gilpin, ouitonu officer at this one time mining recorder in tho Yu-
Similkameen points.
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipt! at the
varioun nub customs offices, as reported to the chief office  in thia  citv,
kon.    He visited Grand  Folks
Carson ..
Carcade .
Editor Have you submitted tbis
poem anywhere elsel
Jokcsmith—No, sir.
Editor—Then where did you get
The Average Income
The average Income is sorely  tried
In the struggle to make ends meet—
To pay the wages ot those who help
Ami the bills for the food we eal.
For buller is ii|T, potatoes are up,
Antl meals were :iever so dear
But the average ir.come just stands
Or else grows smaller each year.
The cook In the kitchen asks for more
And so does the serving maid.
And  then, perforce, as a matter of
The increase must be paid.
We are told Ihe coal is about to rise
The gas bills nro twice as large—
And for every strike which threatens
the lund
The consumer must pay the charge.
So. wha! a'e lhe people going lo do,
And how are we going to live,
When the average Income is stretched
and strained
Beyond what It's able to give?
Boyt to Help Cultivate Land
The agricultural department iif Ihe
United States has succeeded In Interesting the boys of many of the
states in the cultivation of the land.
This has been done by forming the
lads into clubs and offering prizes for
the best specimens of corn or other
produce grown by them. The enthusiasm shown by the boys and the
splendid results tbey have attained
have made the movement very popular. As It began in the south the
societies were known as "Corn Clubs"
nnd Ihe name has been retained even
where corn is not the staple product
ot Ihe farm. The plan Is one worthy
of imitation by Canadians. Already
the tendency of younger people lo do
anything and everything but cultivate the land is apparent in many
parts of our counitry. If the passion
fnr making things grow were aroused
among the children, more of tbem
would remain on farms. The growth
of the cities, at the expense of the
rural population Is not a healthy sign.
Agriculture ls no longer work for
mere strength and muscle. The farmer of to-day must be the equal ln Intelligence and business ability of his
brothers in the cities. In no way
cut! a hoy learn this so well as by
cultivating for himself a lot of land
snd In Ing -aa '.raged lo compete
with !a.!s of his own age and to en.
lov *ii<   results ot his own Industry.
Power of Vegetable Growth
\ lur macadam pavement stretch-
Ing trom the Bcbjopl'of gunnery at
tihocbuiyness lo-ine sea ls at present
in a state of violent silent eruption.
About a fortnight ago the surface became covered with what may be called "blisters," raised a little above the
common level, which attracted much
wonderful attention.
From each of these, Jn a few days
a series or cracks appeared, extending
themselves ln rays from a centre. Pin-
ally came up a broad, soft shoot,
looking extremely well pleased with
Itself and its work, which proved to
be so old and well known a friend
as the thistle. At this moment there
are hundreds of those bold Intruders
showing defiantly through the pavement, affording a most interest Ing Illustration of the power of vegetable
growth.—London Globe.
What Lydia EflPinkhani'* Vegetable Compound Did For
Their Health—Their own
Statements Follow.
Haliburton, P.E.I. :-"I had a doctor
examine me and he said I had falling of
the womb, so I have been taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
it has done me a lot of good. All tha
bearing-down pains have vanished. I
hava pined ten pounds In Weight, tha
discharge la all gone, and I feel better
than I have for s long time. I think any
woman la foolish to suiter aa I did for
the sake of a few dollara.
" You can use my letter as s testimonial. It may encourage other poor women
who suffer aa I did to use your Vegetable
Compound." —Mrs. Gko. Colucutt,
Haliburton, Lot 7, PXI.
Road What Tbla Woman Sa.vat
New Mooredeld, Ohio.-"I take great
pleasure in thanking you for what your
I Vegetable Compound
I has done for me. I
I bad bearing down
I palni, was diziy and
I weak, had pains in
I lower back and could
| not be upon my feet
I long enough to get a
I meal. As long as I
I laid on my back I
I would feel better,
I but when I would
I get up those bearing
down palna would eome back, and the
doctor said I had female trouble. Lydia
K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound waa
the only medicine that helped me and I
have been growing stronger ever sine*
I commenced to take it I hope It will
help other suffering women as it has me.
You can use this letter."-Mrs. Cassis
L1.0YD, NewMoorefield, Clark Co.,OU*
W   N. U. 903
Scholarships From Slave Money and
Churches Founded from War
Perhaps tbe most valuable and most
famous scholarships, hoth at Oxford
and Cambridge, are the "Craven"
one. The fund which every year
supplies some of the most brilliant
—but none too wealthy—students In
Qreat Britain jvith the means of becoming great and famous in their
special branches of learning had surely as strange an origin as any of the
kind you can find In scholarship records.
Kor when a certain Earl of Craven
left a large sum uf money to be used
for the release of slaves who bad been
captured by the Algerian and Bar-
bary pirates and slave dealers, he
could uot have had the slightest Idea
that the day would soon come when
the money would never be needed for
such a purpose, and when a grateful
Parliament would determine that, instead, the interest from the Investment Bhould be employed as means
for furnishing the finest scholarships
for poor students at the two greatest
and oldest English universities. Yet
that Is how the "Craven Scholarships" were founded there.
Famous Lotteries
Many folk once had much to selegiline! lotteries In England, and it
was, perhaps, not a bad thing when
they were abolished by law. Yet It
is well worth while remembering that
In their hey-day, public lotteries did
a vast deal of good, as well as a vast
deal of harm.
And when one speculates on the pal-
Ivy gambling spirit of to-day, which
finds Its outlet In an attempt to wlu
a large sum by spending a sixpence
in making a miserable attempt to
poetise better than somebody else,
one cannot but think that the real
properly-conducted lottery which
could build a British Museum, a Waterloo Bridge, a St. Paul's was immensely better as a way of satisfying
and yet keeping iu right bounds the
fever for gambling which seems to
be In the blood of so many folk.
For the British Museum, Waterloo
Bridge, and no small part of St. Paul's
were erected from the proceeds of
lotteries, public lotteries, held In theBe
Islands and sanctioned by Parliament.
And what grand results they are, at
any rate, those splendid erections, and
how mtTch superior to anything which
the gambling fever produces to-day!
Present Day Examples
Even now, ln other countries, these
State lotteries are doing big things
in their own way, however much we
in Britain may agree pr disagree wltb
tbem. Throughout the Oerman Empire—and Ihe astute Germans generally know wbat they are doing In the
m.ney line!—public lotteries are often adopted for the purpose of Increasing State revenue. A man
much prefers to pay (25 for a ticket
which may win him a large sum that
will make hint, independent for life,
and incidentally provide funds for
some necessary Slate purpose, tban to
be taxed to the extent of $20 and see
nothing whatever to bis own benefit
for the sum thus reluctantly paid to
a needy Government. Last year, In
Prussia such State lotteries gave a
clear profit to the country of more
than (22,600,000; nobody grumbled at
paying tbe money, several folks gained large fortunes, and even tbose who
were unsuccessful were really little
more out-of-pocket than they would
have been by paying a tax In lieu
of the profit thus made.
Another Curious Case
As another curious way of a fine
building being provided for strangely,
we may take the case of tbe Phlll-
potts porch of Truro Cathedral. The
late Canon Pblllpotts bought a picture
of "Lady Hamilton" from a friend for
$150. It turned out later to be a
Homney, and waa eventually sold for
$16,000. Of this sum the delighted
Canon agreed to give half as a thank-
offering, in'order to build Ihe splendid porch of the new cathedral at
Truro, which would otherwise have
found itself badly spoiled for want of
money to finish Ibis part of the structure as it ought to have been done.
Then, too, have we not before ua
the Interesting Instance of Queen
Alexandra's girt of \'ie annual profit
from the sermon preached al. the
death of her dearly beloved eldest
son—which sermon she caused to be
published and sold nt two cents a
copy—lo the erection nf a chapel for
tho Gordon Boy's Home al Woking?
No less than close on $10,000 has now
been devoted by Die Queen to this
purpose, and today Ihe beautiful chapel tliere stands as a monument of
what a glorious building can arise
from u curious origin.
The chief of police of a provincial
town sent half a dozen photographs
of a notorious criminal who was wanted In that city to the various police
departments throughout the country
for distribution among the detectives
to assist in his Identification lit case
he should be apprehended. Next day
a telegram came from the chief at
Smarleton—a neighboring town—saying: Your six photographs received.
We have succeeded In arresting four
of the criminals, and expect to get
tho otber two by tonight.
The Pittsburg View
I don't knew what these suffragettes
They want the ballot.
1 say woman has no business monkeying with politics. Woman's place
Is the bridge club.—Pittsburg Post.
A woman never puts off till to-morrow wbat she can tay today.—Life.
I'd have you know Mrs. Blythe, said
Mra. King, that my brother waa a
banister of the law. Mrs. Blythe
turned up her nose scornfully. A fig
for your banisters, she retorted, that's
nothing. I have a* brother who Is a
corridor In tbe navy.—Satire.
lily. daughter says I have a good
ear for music. What does Bhe mean
by that? I don't know exactly, I'm
afraid she refers to the fact that I
can listen lo some ot the tblngs Bhe
plays without getting the earache—
Washington Star.
A flash ot lightning has been known
to cure a case of neuritis.
Ask for Mlnard'a and take no other,
Suppose that the energy of a ton*
of radium could be utilized .In thirty
years, Instead of being evolved at Its
invariable slow rate of 1,760 years
for half-disintegration, it would suffice to. propel a- ship o"f 15,000 tons,
with engines of 15,000 Horse-power,
at the rate of 15-knots an hour for
thirty years—practically the lifetime
of the ship. To Ho.this actually requires 1.500,000 tons of coal—Sir William Ramsay, In London address.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cinnot rent
thf Hat ot the tllaeaee. Catarrh ta a blood or eonatl-
tuilonal d-H.M. and In order to cure it you muat uke
Internal remedlea. Haifa OMarrh Cura ll taken Internally, and acta directly upon the blood and mucoua
Burlacea. Hall'a Catarrh Ciire_,ia not a quack medicine. I> waa preacrlbed by onaTof tbe beet phyttclana
In thai coainlry tor yeara and IB a regular preacrlntloo.
lt Is caamnoaed of the beat tonka known, combined
with the beat blood pairlflera. actlni directly on tha
murotie aurtacea. The perfect combination of tbe
two Ingredienta la what producea auch wonderful re-
■ulta In curing catarrh. Bend for teatlmoniala, free.
F. J. CHENEY a. CO., Prone., Toledo, a
Sold by DrtinlRta. price T60.
Take aall'a Family PUIa Ier cciigtlmtlon.
Serial Story
Ascum—Do you remember Ihe night
I had to take you home from the
club In a cab and—
Nagget—Yes. Indeed.
Ascum—I don't suppose you've
hoard the last of It yet.
Nagget—No, my wife's still living
—Catholic Standard and Tlipes.
Reduced by Asthma. The constant strain of Asthma brings the patient to a dreadful state of hopeless
exhaustion. Early use Bhould by all.
means be made of the famous Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, which
more than any other acts quickly
and surely on the air passages and
brings blessed help and comfort, (io
borne where asthma Is present in the
least degree should be without this
great remedy.
.Modern Railroading
Martin ('lardy, df St. Louis, general
solicitor for the Missouri Pacific and
Iron Mountain railways, Is one lawyer who sometimes objects to beinj
Interviewed. And when report "is
are too Insistent, Mr. Clardy has a
stock story which be tells to shut iff
the Interview.     Says Mr. Clardy
An irate shipper once entered l'.ie
general ollices of a railway company
Where's the general superintendent? he demanded.     1
Out on the road, was the reply of
the clerk.
Where's his assistant? This vay
Gone to the ball game! snapped
the clerk.
Tben Where's Ihe vice-president anl
general traffic manager? explode! the
Gone north for the summer, was the
still Indifferent reply.
Well, then, the angry caller fairly
howled, who In thunder' Is running
this railroad, auyway?
Oh, If that's what you want to know,
replied the clerk, as he reached for
another typewritten report, it's the
newspapers.—Kansas City Journal.
Will Not Offset the Ill-Effects ef Coffee and Tea When One Cannot
Digest Them
A farmer says:
'For ten years or mure I suffered
from dyspepsia and stomach trouble,
caused by Ihe use of coffee, (Tea contains caffeine, the same drug found
ln coffee) until I got so bad I had to
give up coffee entirely and almost
give up eating. There were times
wheu I could eat only boiled milk
nnd bread; and when I went to lhe
field to work I had to take some bread
and butter along to give me some
"I doctored steady and took almost
everything I could get on my stomach
ln tbe way of medicine but If I got
any belter It only lasted a little while.
I was almost a walking skeleton.
"Oue day I read an od for Postum
and told my wife I would try It, and
as to the following facts I will make
affidavit before any Judge:
"1 quit coffee entirely nn.l ucid
Postum lu Its place. I have r.ijtiln-
ed my health entirely and can eal
anything that is cooked to cal. I
have increased in weight 11,1.il now
1 weigh more than I ever did I havb
not taken any 1.1. dlclne for my stomach since I began using Postum.
"My family would slick to coffee at
first, but they saw lhe effects It had
on nie and when ihey were feeling
bad they began, to use Postum one
at a time, until now we all use Postum." Name given by Canadian' Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
Ten days' trial of Postum In place
of lea or coffee proves the truth, un
easy and pleasant wny.
Read thc Utile book, "Tho Road to
Wellvllle," In pkgs. "There's a rra-
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appeara from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
You cannot afford brsln-belogginf headaches.    ,
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
'stop them In quick time and clear your head They
do net contain either phenscelln, sceianllld, morphine,
opium or any other dangerous drug. 29c. ai box at
your Druggist's. ut
The albino Ib still one of the pussies of science. Beyond the knowledge that albinism is due to a iaek
of thj normal pigment in skin ami
hair the' physiologist and pathologut
are about as much at sea regatdiii.;
tho real explanation ot this freak of
nature as they were 100 or 1,000 yeats
ago. Ab to the ultimate why of tin
problem—why the pigment is musing in the albino—tbere Is no'hlni
but a collection of unconvincing
guesses. Regarding the statistics of
albinism nothing satisfactory is obtainable except ln two countries. In
Italy the albinos number, about one
In every 20,000 of the population,
whereas ln Norway the rale Is twice
as high, with one In ewy liVIUil.
No surgical operation is necessaiv
ln remo* Ini. corns lf Holliway at C:irn
Cure bt m cd. ,
The greatest ell-breedlng establishment In the world Is that ot Comae-
chlo, on the Adriatic', where the industry is carried on with scientific
care. This eel nursery consists of a
gigantic swamp, measuring 140 miles
In circumference, and is of ancient
origin, since in the sixteenth century
it yielded an annual revenue of
$6,000 to the Pope.
Life Line Used by Mountaineers
Tbe ropes used by Alpine climbers
IS of-special manufacture, combining
as far as possible tlie differing qualities ot strength, flexibility and lightness. Three qualities are In general use, being made from Sisal, Italian and Manilla hemps respectively
and occasionally, when* cost Is not a
consideration, of silk. The latter,
though very light und strong, Is not
so" durable r.s the others. • That
which finds most favor among British mounti Ineei'B is known as Buckingham's Alpine l'ope; It Is made ofthe best Manilla hemp.
In tbe year* 1864, Mr. McLelsh re-
culls a committee of the Alpine Club
made teats upon a number of ropes
suitable for mountaineering. Of the
two that were approved one waa mad*
of Italian hemp and the other of Manilla. They both had a breaking
strain of two tons and sustained th* .
weight of a twelve atone man after
railing from a height often feet. Non-
mountaineers have sometimes considered this Insufficient, but it ls highly
problematical whether the human anatomy could survive the sudden compression of a thin rope arising from
any greater fall.—Pry's Magaslne.
Nature's Way Is The Best.
Buried deep in our American forest we 6nd bloodroot, queen's root, nun-
drake aad stone root, (olden leal, Oregon (rape root sad cherrybark. Of these Dr.
R. V. Pitroe made a pun glyceric extract which has b;en favorably known for
over forty years.   He called it " Golden Medicsl Discovery."
This " Discovery " purites the blood and tones up the stomaoh and the entire
system ia Nature' own wsy. It's just the tissue builder and tonic you require
when recovering from a bard cold, (rip, or pneumonia. No metier how strong the
constitution the stomseh is apt to be " out of kilter " et times; in consequence
the blood is disordered, for the stomach is the laboratory for tbe constant manufacture of blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery strengthens the stomach—
puts it in ahspe to make pun, rich blood—helps tne liver snd
kidneys to expel the poisons I ram the body. The weak, nervous, run-down, debilitated condition which so msny people
experience at this time oi lbe year Is usually tbo elect of
poisons in the blood; it is olten indicated by pimples or boils
appearing on the skin, the fso<~ becomes thin—you (eel'' blue."
" More tban a week ago I was suffering with ah awful
cold In my head, thr.at, breast, and body,", writes MR.
.Iamim! G. Sunt, of 710 h. Street, S. B., Washington, D.O.
"Nome called It l.a Gripp, some pneumonia, I was advised
by a friend to try a. bottle of your 'Golden Medical Discovery.' 1 tried a bottle and lt did me so much good that I feel
aie In saying it Is the greatest and best medicine that I
My health Js much better than it was before
J. G. Kent, Esq.
safe In saying It Is the greatest and best medicine that I *
ever took.   My health ls much better than it was before   .
using your medicine.   It does all you claim for It and Is
"Life to Me Has Taken On
New Brightness "
Happy Tribute of. Appreciation
Frcm On* Who Took Treatment at the Neil
"Vou certainly have made a new
man of him. I never saw a more
wonderful change in an adult. He
Is no more like the man we brought
to you than a pumpkin Ib like a
watermelon. I shall always take the
greateet pleasure In sending to your
Institute every drinking mau I can
It la letters like this which are the
sunbeams of appreciation that brighten almost every mall received at the
Neal Institute.
The Neal Three-Day Treatment for
the drink habit ls a perfectly harmless
vegetable remedy taken Internally
w.'th positively no hypodermic Injections or bad after-effects. Those who
have Investigated Ihe results of the
treatment are mnst enthusiastic In endorsing the work which baa restored
happiness to ao many homes, saved
business men from ruin, and enabled
excessive drinkers to stop drinking
for keeps. The Neal Treatment requires but three day's atay at the
Institute and at the end of tbls brief
period one can return to home and
family fully restored, with all the old
appetite for drink gone, nerves steady
and In good trim, eyes bright and
brain active.
For.further Information and free
booklet, call, write or phone.
Neal Institute Co. Ltd.
2244 Smith Street,
Regina, Sask.
405 Broadway,
Winnipeg, Man.
820.13th Ave. West,
Calgary, Alta.
Of One Cent Will Bring You
I have up my sleeve a bit of mighty useful information that I
want to send to every live man and woman reader ot this paper
who aie not Joshing when they say Ihey are looking for happlnece.
Your simple request on a postal  card Is nil  the luveatment you
need make at this time,     lt Is true we have something to sell, but
you know yourself you really don't bave to buy unless you want
-    to. I
If you are Interested In making more money.
If you want the Independenc e you see others enjoying.
If you—
But why make us mention a' few of the things we can supply you
with when your request w|ll bring the whole proposition right to
your home! II doesn't make any difference whether you are a business man. teacher, clerk, book lover, editor, woman, man or girl,
my proposition Is one that Is. worth the'attention of the whole
You have aroused my curiosity by that ad. In
Now get busy and send me your
proposition.   I   want to  know.
Name ....
Send  this  to,
K. K. Albert
706 and 708 McArthur Bldg.,'.
P.O. Box 66,
■ *•■- * --••'■■
ail- TT -
4 H. P Magneto,...$280
7 H. P.,...Magneto,...$350
Caah Prices P.O.B. Winnipeg
See your local dealer and he
will sell you on terms no doubt.
Write for catalogue anyway.
189 Notre Dame, Eaat.     Winnipeg
When Baking
tie you at careful about the ult you use, af
rou are about tlie flour or baking iwwdcr ?
' Poor aalt will ruin a baking, just an surely
an poor flanr. Iu tbe kitclicu aud ou tbe
table, use the fine, pure -58
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
vatejproof, exceptionally strong
—wul not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining for
walls; floors and ceiling.*!.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to the is
SeU Cwudiaa Maaafacturara
I ol Caaria, Limited.
' R>alrrtl. Wlaalftf, Canary. Vintner.
ImiRii Sn„a, »1tH» S*w ■rtfltufg. Sat
vate diseases and drink habit
Write 81 Queen East, Toronto.
Wmr Your Eyas Raid Cart
Try Mnrla* lye Bt>ne3y. NoHmartltur—FteU
Una— Acta tyilekly. T17 t% ?« Htfl, Weaig
Watery Kyea and OmnuUted Byallda. Illu»
trated Book ln eack Pwkage. Marine It
•MRioaatod ky aar OoaUtta-aot a "Patent Mafr
folaa"-M» and ta aMmafal Phratetaaa' Via*
Uae fM aaay faaia.  Mow aaf tabid to Um Pak>
Murine lye Remeaiy Co* OMaage
When She Attempted to Work, ao Exhausted Was the Nervoua System
The Feeble, Wasted Nerves Were Restored and   Revitalized by
Nervous Prostration Is a terrible
disease to all who understand its
symptoms. At times the sufferer
alight exertion the dreadful helpless-
less returns.and all strength and vitality seems to leave the system.
This letter from MrB. Martin very
well describes the terrible condition
in which many a auffere)' finds herself. . She also tells how she regained health and' strength by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food after all other
treatments had failed.
Mrs. Edwin Martin, Ayer's Cliff,
Que., writes:—^Before I began using
Dr. Chase's Nervo Kood I was in a
terrible condition from nervous exhaustion and prostration. Dizzy
spells would come over me and 1
would fall to the floor. The weakness was so great that I could not so
much aa sweep the floor without, fainting, but the nerve food helped me
after the doctors failed. It has done
wonders in building up my nervous
system. I can do my own housework now and washing, and feel that
this great medicine hns been a Godsend to me 1 think lt is thu best of
medicines." -
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50c. a box,
6 for $2.5C, at all dealers or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
The Only Way
An elder, while baptizing converts
at. a revival meeting, advanced with
a wiry, sharp-eyed old chap Into tbe
water, he asked tbe usual quest Ion.
whether there waB any reason why
thn ordinance ot baptism should not
be administered. After a pause
tall, powerful-looking mau who. wns
looking quietly on remarked, "Elder,
I don't want to Interfere in your business, but I want to Bay that this is
an old sinner you have got hold of,
and that one dip won't do him any
good: you'll have to anchor him out
In deep water over night."—Life.     -
Maud Muller
Maud Muller on a summer's morn
. Heard the toot of an auto horn.
"Oee!" said Maud, "ain't he going fast
And then she thought of the sighs and
Tin* Judge had caused her nil these
So she act.    ber    teeth    nnd    never
But took his  number and  had  hint
' pinched."
—Worcester Academy Begonia.
Minard's- Liniment usad by Phyalelam
Two eggs of the great auk were
sold recently In 1/union, one at 150
guineas, as against an auction 'price
of 180 gallium some years ago, and
tbe other for 140 guineas. There are
now In existence eighty skins and
seventy three eggs of this extinct sen
W. N. U. MS
Extermination of Rats and Mice
If lt were - generally known that
there ls no trouble to rid a house,
barn or any building of rats and mice
by the use of Olllett's Lye, ii is
doubtful If the article could be made
as fast as It would be used for tills
purpose alone The process connected with using it is very simple, the
plan being to sprinkle a little of the
article in and around the holos made
by these pests, in floors, partitions,
etc. In addition to this it ia well
to use a thin piece of board about a
foot square, or even smaller, and
make a complete circle of tlie Lye
on the board about a quarter of an
inch deep, and Inside of the circle
place some meat or cheese. In en-
devoring to get at the halt the feet
of the rats and mice will be burned
and Ibe whole colony, whether large
or small, will Immediately disappear
from the premises.
The plan is worth trying, but the
good kind—Cilktl's Lye—should be
procured. Hefuse the many cheap
imitations and  substitutes.
Tht President of Switzerland
The President ot Switzerland Is
so hedged about by the Constitution
that, except for official purposes and
to facilitate the exchange of courtesies and of amicable understandings
with foreign nations, he has no more
standing than the other six members
ot the council of which he forms a
part.' He Is elected for one year, haB
no official residence, and his chief
business ls to sign" the documents ot
the Bundesrat or Council of Seven.
His salary is, ln our money, equal to
about ?3,600 a year, and there ls no
provision for private expenses, such
as traveling or entertaining. He ls
expected to live in the capital ot the
country during the year he holds office. His associate members lu the
Bundesrat get )3,000 a year, and they
are elected for three years, their votes
having the same force as that of the
As a rule the President of Switzerland is before election a member of
this council, and Is elected to the
higher office without opposition; but
in 1883 he had a rival, and though
he won in the election he was unable
to support what In bis country is
looked upon aB an affront, and committed suicide before his inauguration,
ln this connection it might be well
to note, too, that Switzerland la the
one country on the globe where lt
costs nothing to die, as in certain
cantons rich and poor are buried at
the expense of the State.—Harper's
At the "Made-ln-Canada" Train
The exhibits on the "Made-ln-Canada train, which Is new tounitg ..'.ft-
em Canada, arc Of'-ling th.i eyea of
thousands of v'sitors. Man/ ot Us
are too prone to be-little our own goods
and to consider that the word "imported" covers a multitude of virtues.
Those who go to see the "Made-ln-
Cnnaila" goods on the "Made-ln-Canada" train discover the fact that the
"Made-in-Canada" is a mark of honor.
An exhibit, which is doubly interesting to the men ls that of lhe Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada
Limited,.tho largest manufacturers of
smoking and chewing tobaccos, and
cigarettes in thc Dominion.
True tp Iheir reputation as liberal
advertisers, the Imperial Tobacco
Company of Canada Limited are presenting visitors to the "Made-in-Canada" train, with attractive souvenirs
and samples of brands that Western
men like—namely "Black Watch"
Chewing Tobacco, "Shamrock" Quality Plug Smoking Tobacco, "Old
Chum" Pipe Tobacco, "Meerschaum"
Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco, "Player's
Navy Cut" Cigarettes, "Sweet (,'apor-
al" Cigarettes and "Columbia" Little
A Neat Coin Trick
Take two pins, one In each hand,
and pick up a coin with them by
pressing one to each side of the edge.
When you have got it firmly held,
blow ou tlie coin, and it will revolve
rapidly- A coin with a rough edge
—a 50 cent piece, quarter or dime—is
the best to use. A dime, because the
figures on It are smaller than on the
other pieteB, cau be made to spill so
fast that it looks us if lt were spherical instead of flat. The trick is
very easy to do, although it may
look hard. All thut is needed is
steady hands.
Worms cause fretfiilness and rob
the infant of sleep, the grout nottr-
isher. Mother Graves' Worm Exier-
mlnator will clear the stomueli and
intestines  aud restore li?althtllli'.i. .s
Metaphorically Speaking
"Let us nip this monster in the hud
hefore lt overwhelms ns as nu oncoming tidal wave!" shouted tlie young
"Perhaps" said an experienced
campaigner In the back of the hall,
"lt would be bettor to smoke it out
of Its lair before it becomes a festering conker."—Judges Library.
Externally or Internally, It It Good-
—When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil op.
ens the pores and penetrates thc tissue as few liniments do, touching the
teat of Ihe trouble and immediately
affording relief. Administered Internally, It will alill the Irritation In tlte
throat which Induces coughing and
will cure affections of tlte bronchial
tubes and respiratory organs. Try
lt and be convinced..
The British Uovernment's plans for
development of aviation contemplate
the establishment ot a central flying
school on Salisbury Plain, at which
170 pupils will bc Instructed annually, ot whom fifteen nre lo be civilians.
The free lodging-house In Honjo
Ward, Toklo, has housed 855,000 persons since Its institution eleven yeara
ago. Most ot tbe lodgers have been
men.between the ages of twenty and
Expenditure upon. Ihe navies of the
world last year totalled 145 millions
Seventy tons Is the weight of the
new rudder of tbe new liner Aqult-
There are more than six thousand
| known language. and dialects.
The Officer Took no Chances
The Prisoner—Tliere goes my hat.
Shall I ruu after it?
Policeman Casey—Phat? Itnn away
aud never come back again'.'     You
stand  here and I'll  run after your
MINARD'S  LINIMENT   ia   the  only
Liniment usked for at my store and
thc only oue we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pbatant Bay, C.B
New   Experience
The city nephew was showing his
couutry uncle the town from a stat
in the open-air street car.
Vou don't often get a chance to
ride on a street car uncle, said the
No, said uncle. -  I don't believe I've
rid on a street car since we got our
new automobile.—Argonaut.
Nobody over recovered a "lost
nerve" by retracing the path on
which he lost it..
Forgotten to Soon
Small Boy—Please, I want the dootor to come and see mother.
Servant—Doctor's out. Where de
you come from?
Small Boy—Wha,!! Don't you know
me? Why, we deal with you. We
had a baby from here only last week!
At birth the pulse of a normal Individual beats 133 times per minute
at the age of thirty, 70 times.
A North Dakota man has au eleven"
foot beard.
Craved Safety
'Captain " snid u wealthy passenger
who was about tn take his lirst trip
across the ocean. "I understand tills
ship has got several watertight com.
"Ves, air." was the reply.
"Captain," the passenger wont on
decidedly, "I want one of those compartments—I don't care what It coats!"
London Telegraph,
_ Mra. Effie Russell, Granum, Alta.,
says: "I have used Baby's Own Tablets In place of castor oil and now
it Is no more oil. I could nol do
without the Tablets; they are wonderful. Whenever baby is feverish
I give him the Tablets and the fever
Boon disappears. 1 always keep them
In the house and recommend them to
my friends." Baby's Own Tablets
do not gripe. They are easy to take
and absolutely safe. They are told
by medicine dealers or hy mall at 25
cento a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Our New Perfection Broiler,'
»« 'fl'-" _-Ar
la pleating many women. It enables the housewife to broil
at well on the New Perfection Stove as over a coal fire.
It tuts all ike heat.
It cooks evenly.
It broils both sides at once.
It iotss't smoke.
And of ■courte you tn familiar with the
It ifetuch • con»eweoc« all the yenr
round. It will bake, broil, rout and tout
just u weH aa a regular coal nnge.
Ask to m \ha New PerfMitoa Stow al your
Alien, ll ii hswbuKlir fiaitbed n ok Ul, wilh
cawact lop.mMmMpneb,etc. (thai
Imi. ensratUd, turquviM-Uw chimeey*. Made
with). 2or Sbmtn. Fi* CookBaok witb
cvtrr Movt. Cook-Book also firm lo
leading 5 casts to torn m.I_m eotl.
"I have a money-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Hove them about
each year. You rave long hauls at
harvest time. In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
Full Mcaaure
"Mr Mt-ftai (!■■-■>_, a_»w
to. Own. Alee «flitEa< dow.
Ff abated,  trhewahewieet'tn
, ... Shew, haw May to
baa arabi- wlwn watted. Out.
. tt, at I. f i thowt afatu for head
ailing aa attea-laed to Ore aar'.'1
"Thnt granariti comt in compact
bundles. A bov can let up and bolt
one togethw in a lew hours. Four
padlocks protect thi grain, Separator
delivery luto a r pout on thi side or
Into roof manhole—gives work during thrashing. Your train U protected
from vermin, wet and thlivm.   SJSell
It whin you are ready, loading direct
tot       'rom the granary Into youf wagon,
Md       or bagging it   Hi m'uatr ot heated
SSt       grain.  $0el mf pssstf and be in-
iperial     dipsndent ol dtvaton (or lelllng.
Sell at the highest prici, no matter
ho*  long you itori your grtln.
The Pedlar Granary protect you."
"Write ine for my booklet, ft anowa how profitable my
Granary ia even on a alngle quarter-eertlam firm I'ta
It lor 1912    The Book Tell* ol Bit Money fur Yuu"
Write fer Booklet N..M OSHAWA. ONT.
Nt-oubardSt.   CrawaBleek      MIMSt-W.
Drawer 1M een Whiiao.l* Harlitt      U ruth ai. a.
Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar place niariat you.   They will kMiwir yel
promptly and  save you tlmt.
"The   Pedlar  Granary  ia  Art-proof.   Think what that mtani!" THE, SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examiner!. Let us.
sluiw vuu how vastly 'improved our
glasses can make your vision;-. We
ure expert optometrists, skilled ill
the science of refraction. Examination free.
A. D. MORRISON «&<!*'
iilillstiiiil ot (Irand Pork., Britlah Cnliimlil
. A.K.vass Editor tnd Ptlbllaher
A Hie of thia paper can be seen at tlie office
jf Mesara. B. at J. Haraly A Co.. 811,31 ami 32,
Pleat Street, E.C., London. Bnfflaild, free of
oharge, and that Hrm will be (ltd to receive
illbiorllatloni and advertisement* on our be-
will have to invent .something
else in order to attract tlie
. Thk editor of Coalmou
Courier lias been -acquitted of
the charge of carrying a con-'
cealed .weapon, presumably on
the plea that the gun was not
loaded—the variety of weapons that usually tlo the most,
damage. Apparently the press
still enjoy some liberties which
even police magistrates find it
advisable to respect.
.me Year MJjJJ
One Year (In advance)..:  1.™
(Ine Year, In I'tilted Statea  1^0
Ailalres, all oommilnloatlona to
Thu BvENisn Sun,
Phonb H.I Grand Fohks, B.C
The Chase Tribune is the
most fortunate country paper
in the province.- It possesses
a cartoonist who i.s the peer of
any other artist in British
Whbn The Sun went to
press war had not been declared between Great Britain
and Germany. This illustrates
the waning influence of the
jingo press and jingo politicians.
The customs receipts at the
port of Grand Forks jumped
.from about $3000 to over
$11,000 last month. As The
Sun only paid duty on one
small importation of paper,
this phenomenal increase is
MODEBN female attire ap- Peter A. Z. Pare, the inventive
pears to be designed solely horticultural genius', has a patent
for the purpose of displaying screen door in his barber chop. It
the "human for divine." If is supposed to ktep nut the flies,
this tendency is not checked, while at Jhe snme it ufWds his do?
burlesque    ballet    promoters! free egress and ingress to the room.
The provincial government
is erecting, a $170,000 court
house at Vernon. At Revelstoke the cornerstone was recently laid for a $1-25,000
building. In Grand Forks we
have to be content with a
$40,000 court house. And yet
the Tory papers in this dis
trict are as fawning as the
publications in any other sec
tion of the province.
Osborne Allen ind C. A. Smith,
of the Boundary Iron Works, re-
turneded on Saturday from a motocycle trip to Spokane, One of the
iiMitocycles came back in a box car.
Gkeenwood wants to know
what the the Ottawa government intends to do about the
proposed post6ttice" building
in that city, for which an appropriation was made by the
late lamented Laurier administration. If a start is not
made soon on the building,
there won't be enough left of
the Fielding surplus to clear
the weeds from the site.
M. Pelletier, the Nationalist postmaster-general in the
Borden government, was down
to propose a toast to the imperial forces at a big banquet
in London. Then came the
announcement that Premier
Bordeu had reached an agreement with the admiralty with
reference to a Canadian naval
policy, and the postmaster-
general discovered that owing
to certain domestic affairs his
presence was urgently re
quired in Canaua. Paobably
recalled by M. Bourassa.—
Victoria Times.
The first car of potatoes of the
season was shipped from the city
last Monday.
Early varieties of apples are now
being shipped out of the city in
small quantities.
The next local fruit in the market
will be the Peach plum.
There'll be no guess work when you buy your hardware from us.
We know whicli brands will stand the hard wear.
When you need anything in hardware, from a carpet
tack up, come to us.   You'll find it iu our store.
We do business on the square,
From the annual report of the
minister of mines of.British Columbia it appears that the reported discovery of platinum in the Granite-
I'ooriiian und in Other mines in the
Nelson district was a fake. The provincial mineralogist failed to find a
trace of platinum in the ores from
that camp.
Lost Or Stolen—Black Collie pup,
8 months old; brown feet and brown
markings on face; answers to name
of Togo. Anybody found detaining
same after this notice will be prose
cuted.—Ed Jonea, Ruckle addition
The West Kootenay Power &
Light company, in anticipation of
the eleetritication of the Canadian
Pacific railway from Rossland to
Castlegar next year, will greatly enlarge the power plant in regard to its
power-producing machinery.
Miss Johnson, nurse at the Cottage hospital, left on Tuesday for a
vacation trip to the coost cities.
■ C. H. Niles, manager of the Bank
of Commerce, left on Tuesday for a
business trip to Vancouver. Mrs.
Niles accompanied her husband.
Born—In Grand Forks, on Friday, July 26, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Wekell, a son.
R. L. Miles, of Carnd, formerly a
Grand Forks business man, was in
the city on Tuesday.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:.
MAX.        MIN.
Friday 80 45
Saturday  82 Hi
Sundiy  86 46
.Monday   90 47,
I'uisilay     ',14 49
Wednesday  «•'■ 62
Thursday  85 61
Ranfall during week, 11.00 inches;
for the past month, 2 81 inches; total
precipitation for present year, 11 16
A Woman who can spend an after-
mum ut a church bazaar cun outtulk u
.seiiut.ii' trying to prevent a veto.
There ure plenty of people who
can't live without work—done by
Suine girls are so sophisticated and
fascinating tliat it just seems that
tliey me born widows.
Snme men's appearances nre startling, nml others' disappearance are
Don't forget that The Sun has thc
best job printing deparrineiit in the
Boundary country.
SKAI.KI) TENDEUS.endoised "Ten
der for Addition to School House,"
will be received up to and including
the nineteenth day of August, 1912,
addressed to the Secretary, Board of
School Trustees, Grand Forks, B.C.,
fnr the building of an addition to tlie
Grand Forks Public School.
Plans and speoific.itions may bo
seen at the office nf the Cliairm in,
Donald McCullum, First street.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarily accepted.
Secretary Board of Trustees.
Dated at Grand Forks, B.C.,
July 29, p 12.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers
*N we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Hansen 8 Mullen
Office I
F. Downey's Cigar Store
Hansen's BttiraMOl, R.W HIM OlldCI
Silver Klnjr ai'-d Silver Queen Mineral
Claims, situate iti the Urntid Forki*. Mining
Division of Yale District.
Where l.np.it.M: On tlie East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle Ktv«T.
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miner's Certftinite Nn. &818H, fur
myself and as lucent for William II. Holfinun,
executor, uud Rosa Major, executrix, of thc
will of Catherine Hotfmuu. Free Miners
CertlHcate No. 3.W7H. intend, sixty days
from time hereof, to a\,\.\\ lo the Mining
Keeerder torn Ceitiflciiieof ImprovcmentA, for
the purpose of obtaining crown giants of the
above eltiling
And further tnke notice that action, uudei
seotion :!", must hp ciiiiimi*in*i'il before the issuance of moll Cerlficatei of Improvement.
Dated this 1th day of May, A.D 1912.
The gentleman on the tortoise
represents the man who does not
Advertise—the one who tries to do
business as it was done in the days
of the tallow candle or the oil lamp.   \a
Are you in the glare of the elec-   J)
trie tight—in the automobile of (IJ
Modem Methods?
Our Want Ads. are high voltage
1 batteries, whether you want light
. or (rower— business publicity or IA
i competent help
VVe wouldn't mind other people's
happiness so much if they would bring
it Mound when we are grouchy.
Give a high financier an ell and he
will absorb an entire transportation
system before you can ssart a reform
Some men are worried lest they
shouldn't get what is coining to them,
while others are kept awake nights for
fear they will get it.
Women can never be truly emancipated while their gowns hook up behind.
Just because a man has a motorcar
don't be sure that he has had a raise
in salary. Maybe some one who had a
grudge against him gave it to hiin.
Stinrl.e Miners! Cluim, xltiiutp In tin-
a.aiaia.l Fork. Mining Ulvl.la.ii ul Yule III-
Wlit'.? Iuri.ti.il: In Welliuirt.iii oamp.
TAKE NOTICK that ..Joseph Altiwif Miller.
I Proa Miner- I'ertinoate Nu. III77W, Intend, sixty days from the datu hereof, tit sillily to the Mlnlnir Krrortler for u Certificate
ol Improvement, fur the purpnse nf uhtuln-
iiiir ft Crown litntit aif the al'ove t'latliii.
Anil further take notice that action, untlei
sectlun '.I'i, miiflt he communceal hefore the
Iflaaiiiuice ol Mich CertlHcate of Improvement.
Hated thi. _6tli day of Aplll, A.D. I'll:.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhosDhonol restores every nerve la the body
H to Its proper tension; restores
rim and vitality. Premature decay nnd at I sexual
weakness averted at once. Phosphonol will
make you • new man. Price 18 a box. or two (or
K. Mailed to any address. The ScobeU Drttf
Co.. tt. Catharine.. Ont.
Some business men are bo fond of
being deceived that tbey even endeavor to believe thnt they cun reach
the consumers of this district with
out advertisings The Sun. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Egg-Laying Contest
International egg-laying competition, held under the joint auspices of
the British Columbia Poultry association, the Vancouver Exhibition board
and the pjovincial government. Total
eggs laid up to the end of the ninth
month, July 20, 1912:
Pen.        Class I. Eggs Laid
2—White Leghorns 734
9—White Leghorns  661
14—White Leghorns  559
4—White Leghorns  556
19—White Leghorns  5M
10—Whtie Leghorns r.  520
5—White Leghorns 612
23—White Leghorn 596
18—White Leghorns  487
12—White Leghorns 483
22-Buff Legho.'ns 482
20—White Leghorns  477
1—White Leghorns  474
8—White Leghorns  451
7—White Leghorns 444
ti—Brown Leghorns   407
13—White Leghojns 398
16    White. Leghorna 3H1
21—Mottled Anconas 380
17—White Leghorns  35<1
15—White Leghorns  327
11—White Leghorns   305
Pen.        Class II, Eggs Laid
3S—White Wyandottes  606
.13— Rhode Island  Uells  602
31 —Rhode Island Reds' ...,.._.'... 545
26—Barred Rocks.-. .',  309
39—Buff Oruiiigtons ., 509
'■'A—White Wyaudottes..,.;  507
37—Barred Hocks  492
32—Rhode Island Reds  461
35—Barred Rocks   428
29—Buff Rooks.:  418
35—Buff Orpingtons  376
36—Partridge Wyandottes   .'166
»0—White Wyandottes  363
40—Silver Laced  Wyandottes... 339
28—Columbian Wyandottes  301
27—Silver Pencilled Wyandottes 295
Average  price  received  for  eggs,
38c per dozen. Pen Temperature—
Highest, 94°; lowest, 48°; average
mean temperature, 65.8°—these are
shade temperatures. Rain fell on
Sight davs, and a severe thunderstorm
occurred on June 25. Twenty-two
days were bright, and one dull day
recorded during the month.
Eor the first time during the competition, no blasting hast occurred
near the pens during the month, although the Canadian Pacific railway
has done considerable dynamiting
about half-hile away.
The absence of stump-clearing operations has had a beneficial effect upon the month's egg production generally.
In Class 1 pen 2 still increases its
splendid lead, producing 119 eggs during the month. On three days running they laid six eggs daily, then
missed one duy entirely, then laid six
eggs on the following day. Although
only medium-sized fgwls, they havo
by far the largest combs uf any of the
contestants in either class. Other pens
deserving special mention are I, 7 antl
18 (112 eggs each), 9 (1.09), 19 (106),
8 (96), 15 and 23 (95 each, 20 (92),
4 (91), 21 (88), and 10(86).
It will be noticed thnt pen 19 is
still climbing up near to the positions
which qualify for a prize. Pen 12, for
the first time, has left bottom, po-i-
The f illowing pens laid six eggs Oil
one or more days: Pen 2(6), 18 (3),
1 aud 21 (2(, 7 10 and 23 (1).
Broodies—Pen 20(3), 7, 8, 14. 17
(5 each). 4, 9. 10. 23 (1 each). Foi
lowing pens molting: 3, 5, 7, 8, 11,
17, 18, 19 and 20.
A Mammoth Amusement Enterprise
under a palace pavilion theatre!
70 People Engaged- 70
a grand spectacular production
More Mini, Women anil Children!  More Morses, More
Ponies, More Donkeys!   The Largest Pack
The   Big   Two-Car   City   Show!
A Concert Band !      and       A Symphony Orchestra '
Watch for the
Big Free Street Parade
Under Waterproof Canvas, Rain or Shine
Grand Frets Exhibition on Show Grounds at 7 p. m
The birds seem to have become used
to the warm weather, and the egg
yields have not diminished during the
spell of hot weather. In Class 2 an
exciting race has again taken place
between pens 33 and 38. The latter
still holds premier position, but 33 did
a little better this month. It appears
as if these two pens.are extremely
well matched, and the race between
the two breeds of American fowls will
be of great interest to breeders partial
to these breeds.
The star performers for this month
are: Pen 37(102 eggs), 33 (97), 38
(93), 32 (89), 30 and 35 (83 each;),
Pens layini! six eggs on one or more
days: Pen 28 (2), 33 and 39 (I
Following pens molting: 2S (heavily), 25 and 3«.
Broodies: Pen 38 (8 birds), 29
(7), 31 (6), 39 (6), 25" and 30 (o
each), 27 and 2S (4), 33, 34 and 35
(2 each), 20, 32, ; 7 (1 each).
Green clover clippings are provided
daily, anil the yards have been spaded
over during the month.
Although a considerable number of
persons have visited the pens daily
since the contest started, the number
has been greatly augmented during
the past month. Kroin one thousand
to fifteen hundred people visited the
contest .on Saturdays and Sundays
during June and July. .
Bridge Street,
Hot ind Gold Bath.
Elret-Cl.n B«r, Pool
Bind llllard Room
In Connection.
Emil Larsen,
Alex McNeil, chief fruit inspector
of the Dominion, reports that there is
every indication of a splendid apple
crop throughout the country. The
Hritish Columbia crop is especially
large, that of Ontario is fair, while
the Nova Scotia crop promises to be
the largest on record.
The Toronto News is probably sorry
that it is on record as saying: "As
Saskatchewan goes, so will the next
Dominion election go."
200 Cartoons Tell More
Than 200 Mmnt
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoons from dailies and weeklies published in
this country, London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin.
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Petecs-
burs, Amsterdam, Stu;t;; art, Turin. Rome, Lisbon,
Zurich, Tokio, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, and all the great cities of the
world. Only the 200 best out of 8,008 cartoons
each month, are selected.
A Flttur* History of World's Events la* I
campaign in "Cartoons ar.d watch the opposing parties caricature each other.
On) tree lanu.le copy will be mailed hy addressing the pub*
..slier, H. 11.Wl NUSult, 318 W. W ash i nut on Street, CHICAGO
While deploring the fact that the
opposition in the Saskatchewan legislature has been all but wiped out, and
declaring tliat every provincial govern
ment would be better if opposition
were stronger, the Ottawa Free Press
observes that the feople of Saskatchewan seem to have had less concei n foi
the provincial administration in mark
ing their ballots than in'sending an
emphatic message to oustem Canails
as to where they stood on the quest i □
of larger markets."
Reasonable Prices
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nil «gesi ail occupation s«
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Wwt ^iantofe
THE STANDARD la tho National
Weekly Nowspaper ot the Dominion
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It lists tho most expensive engravings, procuring tho photographs trom
all over tho world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
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Montnal Standard Publishing Co,
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| iiii«fliiniii„( evory home lu Ainrrlcu.  ttiu.ut
,■ aa.,. Il|a> alaaall III Va.nr l|„|||u III.-.-   till llaj. |,.
ana.I la ill,I.- aaiaaa-a a>:l   I.
» rltf liar flirtlatar ali'laallfl ail uur saw nil...   mill
ii Iraocopy 1,1 the uow Olivia cataluii,  Ada ra—
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
OliverTypewrit*! Hulldllig,
NOTICK is herein given that  (•eorgp  Alex-
auri.'i -tunit Hell  of I nt ;H7I.  I*. O. Hox
81fl, Grand  Forks, will apply fnr a llwnw t«t
t lit- tiiiri o«e one OUblo four in*r neeoful of
watff mil ef North Fork Kpt'le Itiver Cr«pkt
whieli fluwi lu n southerly direotlon throtnrri
Lot »!71 nud emnllM lut" Kettle Itlvfr near
iirand Folk*-. The water win be diverted op-
poslte tbo townsite of Mtiirarn, ntnl Will be
utii'd for ir'itraiicm |)iir|io*esou the laud de-
terilieri a* Fruit f.niul. nlmtit IM ncrt h.
Tills nctlce Waj potte.l on thn irrtiiinri  on
thett'hdasrnf Mureh, 1012- The npirilentlou
"ill be filed In thn offleeof the Water Re-
milder nt Fairview.
Objection*, may bc tiled with tbe snid
Water RMoraer or with the Comptroller of
Wnter RluhtN, Pnrllnmeiit itulldlntra. Vic*
torln, H.«!
<J. A.K. MK1.I-,
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
to all nntl necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the copjies
Its facts fl*ill pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
eisily understood by the everyday
iiiau. It gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or fa van.
It lists and describes 403(1 copper
mint's and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fails it gives hiin  about   mines,
ining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
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Hundreds of swindling companies are
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Price is .*5 in Buckram with gilt
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ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J.  Stevens,
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Inst reatliug, Including nearly 300
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■Scurf for Announcement for 1912 and Sample
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Thn Companion** Picture Cnlondnr
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Mtw Sob-triftinM Received it Tii. Oflke. ,THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Sunburn, blistering, and Irritation
■re the commonest (orm ot- summer
akin troubles, and Zam-Buk ends these
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As soon as applied, Its antiseptic
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All Made Clear
A woman missionary ln China was
taking tea with a mandarin's eight
wives. The Chinese ladies examined
her clothing, her hair, her teeth, and
so on, but her feet especially amazed
them. "Why," cried one, "you can
walk and run as well as a man'"'
"Yes. to be sure," said the missionary-
"Can you ride a horse, and swim,
too?" "Yes." "Then you must be
as strong.as a man!" "I am." "And
vou wouldn't let a man heat you—not
even if he was your husband—would
you?" "Indeed I wouldn't." the missionary said. The mandarin's eight
wives looked at one another, nodding
their heads. Then the oldest Bald,
softly: "Now I understand why the
foreign devil never has more than
010 wife.     He is afraid."
The transition from winter's cold
to summer's beat frequently puts a
strain upon the system that produces
Internal complications, always painlul
and often serious., A common form
of disorder is dysentery, to which
many are prone ln the spring and
summer. The, very best medicine
to use In subduing this painful ailment
Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It Is a standard remedy, sold
A Poet Successful and Laxy
Aspirants to suceesB who are discouraged hy the very early rising of
Coke and Kant should think of the
successful poet Thomson, and be comforted. For Thomson was one of
the laziest men that ever lived, and
seldom rose before noon.
And yet in "The Seasons" he managed to give us one of our finest descriptions of a sunrise. It is said
of him that he would eat the sunny
side oft the peaches ln his garden
■with his hands in his pockets, but
even such late rising and hi* Castle
of Indolence did not prevent his becoming famous.—London Chronicle-
Keep Minard't Liniment In the house.
The Oldest Newspaper
A class was recruiting a lesson in
ancient history, says a I.achine
school teacher and one of the pupils
was describing the Olympian games.
A great many people went to see
them, she said, because it was put In
the paper when they were coming
of. Did they have papers in those
days? Why, yes, was the reply-
It siiy.i so in the book anyway, lt
says the Herald proclaimed them!
Cotton ls grown only In the tropical or semi-tropical regions, while
wool comes nlmost entirely Irom the
temperate regions.
Mo other emollients do so much
for pimples, blackheads, red,
rough and oily skin, itching,
scaly scalps, dr)', thin and falling
hair, chapped hands and shapeless
nails. Tliey tlo even more for skin-
tortured and disfigured infants.^
Altti.iit.li CMkaum Soap nnd ointment nrt
■ailal liy alriiMl.ifl anal Atxltrx eve.rt.bere. n liberal
_nmi»t. ol each, with *.2-pace bookl.t on tri*attan«it
>' aiktE end belr, will be lent, poet-free, on application to ' Otltlonin," Deft. SU. Boeton. IJ. S. A.
W. N. U. 903
No Music at Windsor Cattle
At Windsor Castle, lf anywhere In
England, one might expect to find the
inhabitants punctilious In the observance of all the usual outward demonstrations In loyalty to the crovn.
But the Colonel ln command ot the
Second Lite Guards, the regiment at
present stationed at Windsor, has
found tho townspeople remiss and has
taken the only means open to him
of punishing them.
One of the three regiments of
Household Cavalry Is always stationed
at Windsor, and for generations It
has been the custom of the towns-
p opie to go to the barracks atter
church parade and listen to the regimental band. One Sunday recently
Colonel Ferguson, the commanding
ollicer, was present ln the barrack
square when the band played the national anthem at the close of Its programme and was so struck with the
apparent disrespect, of many1 of the
civilian listeners who did not raise
their hats or salute ln any fashion
lhat on the following day he issued
an order prohibiting the band from
playing In the square till further orders.—McCall's Magazine.
I'm surprised, Tommy, said the father, reprovingly, that you should
strike'your little brother- Don't yon
know that It is cowardly to strike
anyone smaller than, yourself? Yes,
answered Tommy. But when you
spanked me yesterday I was too polite to mention it.
By Toning up the Stomach to do the
Work Nature Intends It Should
Indigestion should not be neglected for a moment, for by depriving the
body of its proper nourishment
through the food, the trouble grows
steadily worse. Neither Bhould stimulating medicines, which ruin the already weak stomach by making it
work beyond Its strength, be used;
nor pre-digested foods, which do not
excite a flow of the digestive fluids,
and by disuse cause the stomach to
grow weaker. Nowhere ls the tonic
treatment by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
more clearly useful. The principle
ot this treatment Is to enable the
stomach to do Its own work by building up the blood and giving tone to
the nerves. When these are once
restored to their normal health Indigestion disappears and the cure is
permanent. Here is an experience
with this treatment. Mr. John Bre-
nenstal. Calgary, Alta., says: "For
years 1 was an almost constant sufferer from indigestion, aud naturally
because there was much nutritious
food which I could not eat owing to
the pain and discomfort which followed, I was becoming much run
diwn. I tried many medicines but
none of them helped me until I began the use of Dr. Williams! Pink
Pills. After taking a few boxes I
was much better and In the course
of a couple of months was quite well.
a.id could eat any food set before
If you are a sufferer from Indigestion, or any trouble due to. bad
blood or weak nerves, you can begirt
to cure yourself today bv taking Dr:
Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by. mall at 50
cents a box or six boxes for 12.50 from
The Dr. Williams* Medicine Co.,
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An Absent Minded Professor'
A very absent-minded professor
•/as busily engaged tn solving a scientific problem when the nurse opened
the library door and ■ announced a
great family event.
The little atranger has arrived, professor.
Eh? said the professor.
It Is a little boy, said the nurse.
Little boy, little boy, mused the
professor. Well, ask him what he
wants.—Woman's Home Companion.
A Boon for tho Bilious.—The liver
Is a very sensitive organ and easily
deranged. When this occurs there Is
undue secretion ot bile and the acrid
11 mid flows Into the stomach nnd
sours It. It ls a most distressing
ailment, and many are prone to It.
In this condition a man finds the best
remedy In l'armalee's Vegetable Pills
which are warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There Is no better
medicine In the entire list ut pill
One dty Murk Twain was being
shaved by a very talkative barber and
was forced Io listen to many ot his
The barber had to strop his razor
and when he was ready, brush In
hand, to commence again, he asked:
Shall I go over it again?
No thanks, drawled Mark. It's,
hardly necessary, I think I can re:
member every word.—Everybody's.
Minard't Llnimtnt, tht Lumberman'*
Why Not?
Consulted a physician this morning
and he advised me to give up my pipe.
Give up your pipe, eh! What did
he charge you for that!
Ten dollars. * I guess be thought
for the moment he was a plumber.—
Boston Transcript.
Their Wey'
Black—How do you know when a
woman pins her faith to anything.
White—Sho does It with a bat pin
so It sticks you—Harper's Bazar.
Ctcjoy Sodas
.     The MOONEY way means more biscuits, less home cooking:
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enough to take the place of the product of your own oven.   For the daily meal
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In air-tight packages or sealed tinsi
Doctor tald the would have to undergo operation, but Dodd's Kidney
Pills cured her.
Central Kingsclear, York Co., N.B.
(Special)—"The doctor said I would
have to undergo an operation." So
said Mrs- J. V. Goodine, ot this place.
But she smiled as she made the remark, for all need ot the dreaded operation had vanished. Mrs. tiobdlne
used Dodd's Kidney PI1U and Is a
well woman. Glveu ln brief and In
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Disease and unable to do my own
work. ' The doctor said I would have
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my work. ' This statement Is true,
as you can easily prove by enquiring
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out of the blood. Thus Dodd's Kidney Pills are n natural cure for all
Kidney diseases aud all Ills caused
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Daddy t Weak Spot
Walter waB 8 years old. He had
been very naughty, ln point of fact
he had emptied a bottle of red ink
over his mother'u white Pomeranian—
Just for fun ot course.
Now the price had to be paid for the
enjoyment, aud father was- taking a
hnnd lu the game.
Utile I.ucy, Walter's sister, was ln
the. room at the time of the conflict.
Thud. thud. thud, fell father's hand,
punctuated by Walter's waitings.
At last i.ucy could stand it no longer. Bursting with indignation, she
stamped her tiny foot ou the floor.
"Trend on his corn, Wai," she cried.
"That'll stop him."
Lloyd's reports for the 3 months
ending Dec. 1 last, show the loss
or condemnation of 235 ships of one
hundred tons or over. Of these 24
ward abandoned at sea, seven burned.
21 were lost by collision, 30 foundered
an J 123 wrecked.
Other tide of the Window
"Why.  brldget. you    surely    dou't
consider  these    windows    washed?"
said the lady of Iho house reproachfully.
"Sure, I washed 'em nicely on tho
inside, 'mum, so ye can look out," replied Bridget, "hut 1 Intentionally lift
thim a little dirty on the outside so
thim Iguorant Jones children nixl
door couldn't look In."
IIiislMind—llul yon must admit that
men have better Judgment thnn women. Wife—Oh, yes—you married
me, and.l, jtoU.—Life.
it an enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
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head,   with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
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The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Will Show » full line of
Motor Can, Delivery Waggont, and Heavy Truckt, at the Winnipeg Ftlr
July 10th, to July 20th.
You are cordially Invited to Inspect these Canadian made ears If you
visit the Fair.
We wtnt agents In all the centret of Manitoba and Alberta, thtt are
not already tlgned up.   For Information addrett
E. D. Cleghorn, Sales Manager,
Queen's Hotel. Winnipeg
Agents ior the Province of Saskatchewan:
Tht Japanete Beggar
Directly a policeman of one station
tlescrlcs u bengal' he kicks him away,
no matter whither, and another policeman jf another station catches
hold of the fellow and throws him
out ot bis urea, and so on, with the
coiiHenueueo thai beggars after wan,
ileriii.. from one ward lo another and
baek attain ultimately Bettle down In
the regions of Ihe leant resistance,
namely, the suburbs. The latest happenings prove that the suburbs are
fust becoming the centre of mendicity
nnd criminality. The Mnlnlchl therefor begs the authorities "to adopt a
positive lnslrnd ot patchwork police"
advocating a:: exhaustive study of lhe
Another plan is lhat tlie teachers
of primary schools be called upon to
impress upon the emotional youngsters the utter desplcablllly of beggars, so that the younger generation
may consider beggars as those deserving to he kicked out for their lazl-
ness or lo be maintained by public
charily, rather than as poor fellows
meriting Individual assistance.—From
the Toklo Malnichi.
M«s.Wi*su>.v'« South iho evaor hat bftt
aud br over SIX1V YBAM to MILLIONS ti
•SOTHUa its CHILD, aOFTRNS lilt opus
I. tbt bnt rfmeet, (or Ult\RKHatA. II lli tb
_olul.lv htrraltn. Bt sure Ud'tW tm *m
Wtttlow'. toothing Syrup." »td ukt M ett*
kind. Tmatr-wtmuttioUlt.
Arlinptan Co. ol Canada, 1.
Willis—What position tlo you occupy lu your household? Olllls—I
um treasurer to my wife's social secretary.—Judge.
The lerm reverend was   flrst
piled to a clergyman in 1657.
in 110 wasps' nest., there were an
average if 25,000 Insects.
Husband (cheerily)—Well, love,
have you had a pleasant day?
Wife—Oh,    splendid! After   I
dressed the children and got them
off,, washed the dishes and made some
pies, cleared away the luncheon table and answered some letters, I still
had time enough left to darn my
stockings.—Harper's Baiar. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Bought In
A Story  of "Retributive
Although we composed the law firm
of Hurley & llogere lu Uie Spindle
building, uy partner. Jack Rogers, and
] bad to successfully solved a number
of Utile mysteries thot ive were often
consulted on. mailers tbat really belonged to Ihe sphere of the detective.
I suppose tbat lit bow It happened
thnt one floe April morning our office
door opened to admit a tall, lank, dark
men of past middle age. who gated Inquiringly at lis from melancholy black
'  "Harley tc Rogers?" be Inquired politely.
My partner arose nnd offered blm a
chair. "This ts Sir. Harley," be Introduced me, wilh » flourish of bis arm,
"and I'm Rogers."
"1 presume it will be necessary to
consult botb of you," began tbe stronger, producing a card whicb bore tbe
nnme vt Mr. Melanclhon Thome.
known lo us by reputation as a rich
man and an eccentric one,
"Well, wbat can we do for you, Mr.
ThomeV" I asked briskly, for It was
our custom always to appear to be
heels over bead In business when as a
matter of fnct we bad not as yet nn
extensive clientele ot tbe fight sort
the litigant sort, I tbould sny.
"I hare beard of your success In unraveling a number ot mysteries, and
I bare called upon-you for similar services,"
"Yes?" Jock's tone w.ns alert, and I
wns agog with Interest. We dearly
loved our adventures In "sleuthing."
"I bare suffered a loss." Mr. Thome
frowned heavily, and I conld bare
sworn a tear came Into his bard eye.
"It la murder, downright murder!"
We gusped. Thit was something
"Hum!" tald Jack In a businesslike
'tone. "Give us.lbe particulars, please."
"Well, when 1 arose tbla morning be
was dead on the floor," declared Mr.
"Wbo wat dead?' we asked In unison, and I furtively reached for tbe
morning paper on Jack's desk.
"Ulysses was atone dead on tbe rag
In tbe library, ne sleeps tbere most of
Ibe time. He bas the asthma, and It Is
■ warm spot"
"Ab, Dlytset lt-er-your butler?"
ventured Jack.
Mr. Thome stared savagely at my
partner. "Butler? (Iood heavens, no.
man! He la my dog."
A tear dimmed the other bard black
eye of our new client
"Tou suspect tome one of killing
your dog? Hare you an enemy-bad
your dog in enemy?"
"I tuppose I bare enemies-most rich
men bave tbem-but poor Ulysses
could not bare bad one. I've owned
blm for years, Hs was a pug, a thoroughbred and a blue ribbon winner In
bla younger days. He was always of a
kindly disposition and greatly beloved
by all my servants. Indeed, I bad a
butler wbo felt quit* honored wben
myites ouce bit him playfully on the
calf of his leg."
Jack's hand hid tb* smile on bit
fac*. "I tuppoie Hawkins felt no III
effects from tbe playful bite?" be asked.
Ur. Theme shrugged a careleie aboui-
der. "I believe be tuffered from a
•light limp after tbat, but be always
aaid he didn't mind as long ss Ulysses
didn't mean any barm. In fact, 1 am
positive tbe-fellow didn't bold mtllce,
for often after that 1 hav* com* upon
blm etandlng In clot* proximity to
TJlysses and looking at him dxedly-
klndly, I tbould tay."
"No doubt," murmured Jack bnttlly
"la Hawkloa wltb you now?"
"tlo; be bas retired to a small farm
outside tbe dty. He has a family of
grown up ion* and daughter.."
"Ten say you found Ihe dog dead-
you ar* positive he did not die from
natural causes?*'
"I called In a physician.   He pronounced It s cateof arsenic poisoning."
"Hare yon any Idea wbo mlgbt bare
done tbls thing?" queried Jack.
"No. Tbe (errant* iu tb* bout* are
•bore lusplclon."
"Suppose w* walk around to the
acene of the-er-ci-lm* snd look over
tbs situation," suggested Jack, and I
•rose wltb alacrity to accompany tbem.
Fifteen minutes Inter Mr. Tboroc't
electric car discharged ns before tbe
door ot bit dignified atone mansion.
He led us directly to tbe library, whore
* patbetlc sight met our eyea.
Tbere, lying In state, waa the de-
censed Ulyties.
A wblts far rag hsd been laid on •
table snd upon It was tb* pug dog.
'Around bis neck waa a gold collar
ptudded wltb turquoises.
I Sogers snd I took a surrey of the
room.   It was a handsome apartment there's a' new pair of glove* coming to
tbe walla fined wltb bookcaset and the Jos; perhaps we better mak* it a doses
deaka and tablet littered witb beoke pslrs."
and pamphlets.  Ia on* corner was a Jack grinned appreciatively at me as
typewriting machine. she left the room smiling. "How did
"Tou bave a private secretary?" aak- you ever bring ber into ihe game?" he
ed Jack. uked.
"I did bare one, bnt he left me re- 1 lifted mf wa,te paper basket and
cently.  I have been advertising for a bade him loolj into it
young woman to take hla place," re- There on the pile of paper was an
sponded Mr. Thome, turning from a slmost new bright green kid glove,
tad contemplation of bit dead pet Stamped on the lining the maker's
"Tou tay you taft Clyme* in excel- "s"18 *ss plainly legible. "Panwlth,
lent health wben you retired last nlgbt, London," It read.
but that you found blm dead tbls "I not1*.*!! It there this morning, and
rooming?" queried my partner. •*• "sme muat bare atuck In my mind,
' "Tea, and, gentl.men. remember that h*«"J| wh*n \ f»»nd «"• °bt"?
I exonerate all my eeirante." he tald «l0T»   n«£ ,n «• >"*«* '?* «»•
':"";' I hame inside and found my flrst clew
Z. _.       u _.!_._»_._ -..._._ ..a. . <o «<"• «f«t murder mystery. Miss Daw-
"Did you bare any visitors yesterday , ^ ^ thiwn ^/^ gloTe aw|y „
in thia room? j   ..QUeer_queel. M th, devil, isn't Itr
"Several young women came In re-     ^ 3~£
sponw to my advertisement for a sec-,   „y-> ^ ^ ^ ^^ of .^ dflg ^
...:.   «... r„ -      _.. -Kt... 'ng that old butler and.laming blm for
"Ab!   Did tlysses appear to object ,,»     fl then m     , fc   granddaugb-
to the presenceof auy of tbem?' , aeeldentwenr-
"I.o-or-    believe  be  was  rather ,  * , fl   „
playful with one young woman. She I £ and
bad removed ber gloye to show me a I    |( )t j,"
temple of her writing when Ulysses,   ,.netrlbut,T, Justk,„, dcclaw, my;
snatched at it and hid lt somewhere. I! Mrtneri   •
waa' niornned tnat it could not be j '
found, but the young women was rcry ——
gracious about it and aaid It did not! P»»' tiler,'* "'•• Pu««ng.    _
matter In tbe least" I   An  °'& fnihloned   Indian  pudding
"Ton have not-recovered tbe glover '. aerved wltb cream Is delicious enough
"No; I haven't thought Of It since." for the veriest epicure. Here le a long
"Did you hire the young woman?"     I tried rule: Mix four cupfula of scald-
1 lug milk, a cupful of molasses,
"No; I didn't decide upon any of
them. She Impressed me favorably. !!««' tnblespoonfule of sugar, a quar-
She Is employed in n law office nt pres- j ter of a cupful of corn meal, a table-
ent but ls dissatisfied with the eltua-! apoonful of flour and a little »nlt. Let
lion. She oppeored bright enough, but; this mixture simmer over the stove for
she bed n bit of n Cockney accent thot "bout half an hour, stirring ofteo
mlgbt grate upon me If I wat com-1 enough to keep from burning and lump-
pelled to listen to lt dally." Mr. Thome ] '"kt- At tbe end of tbls time stir In a
polished his eyeglasses with fastidious ™ptsl ot cold wnter. turn Into a baking
can j dish end bake for two hours.
"She was English, then?"       ..  .,     '
"yet." '     . A Ttsty 8sndwich.
While my partner was talking to Mr. j It wns lhe memory of a childhood
Thome I was quite busy looking tot i appetite which Inspired a woman to
'the dropped glove. I found lt presently  serve brown bread sandwiches spread
and examined It with Interest
Its color impressed me at once. It
was rather en unusual color In a lady's
glove. It was bright green kid, or,
rather, had been bright green until the
playful Ulysses had chewed It Into a
wllb horseradish and sugar with her
afternoon (en. Tho snappy pungency
.of tbe horseradish was very delightful. Tbe horseradish bad, of course,
been mixed wllb vinegar, the slightest
possible  amount  used,  and  It  was
ft Is Found Outside ef Games, Which
Are Net Popular 'there.
An Englishman finds it hard tu
eoneeive of "sport" eacept as embodied in some "game." But the
German, says Ida A. It. Wylie in her
book on Germany, gets his sport
without finding it necessary to play
any game at all. Exercise that brings
him into close relation with natura
is more to his taste. The man that
sees no pleasure in tiring himself nut
on a tennis court or a football field
travels miles on skis through the lor-
ests, skates every free minute ol Ills
day and in the heat of the summer
goes on lung tours among the mountains. *
. At his own particular spotM the
German is a first-class man. and even
•he German woman reveals an energy that is simply astonishing. All
German girls can skate well; most of
them are good swimmers aud walkers
and proficient in winter sports. It is
only wl.en you osk tbem to play
games that they fail.
This dislike of games reveals an
Interesting trait in the German char-
after—namely, indifference to a success the only value o! which lies in
the defeat of some one e'se. In school
a German boy works U rd, not for a
prize, not because lie wants to do
better than a comrade, but because
he sees a distinct personal value iu
knowledge. His attitude it. sport is
quite in keeping.
"And suppose I do run myself hot
and tired over a lidiculoual patch of
ground after a ridiculous ball, antl
suppose I do win a game, what goad
will it do ine?"
"You will have had splendid exercise," says tbe Englishman'.
•'Ye«, but if I wanted exercise I
would rather go for a wulk through
the forest or moke a bicycling tour. I
Then I should perhaps learn something at the same time. At any rate.
I should be enjoying nature."
"But then there would be no
game!" retorts the Englishman.
"No game? What is the good nf a
game? Am I wiser or better if I beat
joh at tennis?"
"No. but She fun ol it"—
"I don't see any fun in beating
somebody at something which has no
value. That is childish and a waste
el time."
•tripe* Made by Stitah-
Ing en Thit Frtnth Suit.
The brown bread wns made of wbole
wheat and graham flour and wat cut
at tbln as possible.
"Two toult with but a sins', thought"-
Now. Isn't that too nice?
She's thinking of en Easter hat;
lift thinklof of the price.
-Houston (Tes.) Pott
dull looking rag. There were traces of ] sprinkled lightly wllb powdered sugar,
its original color In spots, and tbe glove
appeared to bare been new. Tbe name
of Ihe maker waa there-'Tanwitb,
London." *
"1 believe I have a clew, Mr. Thome,"
I aaid, stuffing th* glove Into my
pocket "1 will return lo fifteen minutes;" snd without further explanation
.1 left the house and repaired to tn*
shop of a friend of mine, a cbemlst
He made a test and assured me tbat
tb* green glove I abowed blm contained a deadly poison In tbe dye.
"Would It kill a dog If be chewed It
up?" I asked.
"So dead tbat be'd never yap again."
assured Pills solemnly, and I hastened
wltb tble Information to tb* Tborne
"Aa a matter of fact, tben. my poor
A Monty Trap.
Hon. Robert Rogers, who is a well-
I Thongb the material of tbla SUM*,
live little tailored eult seems st flrs*
; glanc* to b* of the black and wbitr
■ mixtures ao fashionable tbla spring, «|
| closer inspection reveals tbe fact that.
known member of the Manitoba Club ,*um faDrl<: Is.really S very Hn* SSttS.
in Winnipeg, alter dinner a few .and the stripes ere produced wltb rows]
months since at the club, went to of heavy machine stitching. This,
the ciotkroom witb a friend cf his stitching slanta obliquely away from'
(who was bis guest) to don their over- narrow panels of stitching at back snd]
coats. The guest, somewhat to bis front of tb* skirt and a abawl collsr,
surprise, heard a slight jingle, and on wU|, pane]i 0t tb* straight Hitching at'
examination found in his pocket five  lh, edge bas.lnaets of wedgewood bin*'
Ells-There goea tb* luckleat girl
Bella-In wbat respect?
Klla-Notblng sbe eels makes her
fat-Harper's Bazar.
Bklnfllnt-I bave no money, but I will
give you a little advice.
Beggar-Well, If yer bain** got nc
money yer advice can't be very valuable-Christian Advocate.
"Wbat are your Idensobout reform?"
"About tbe tame as everybody's," replied Senator Sorghum. "I bave a general Impression tbat myself nnd my
personal aad political friends are the
Closes committed snteide" fcrbfs own I ""'J Pe»Pl« wl"> *> ■•* neeiJ "•"-
ployfuluess led to bla death." lamented j Washington Star. -
Mr. Thome When I bad concluded.
"Some one abould warn tbe young
woman of tbq deadly nature of Ih.*
glove the atill retains. I wonder If an
advertisement Inserted In tbe paper
would be effective?  Unfortunately, I
bave forgotten her name and address."
"Lear* it lo us, Mr. Thome," I said
confidently. "We will trace tbe yonng
woman and warn her; alto we will
write to the manufacturer of tbe glovea
and tell blm of Ibis fatal accident"
"Tou are Indeed clever," said Mr.
Tborne amiably as he shook hands
witb us, "and you merit tb* reputation
yon-bave gained along tbese line*.
Poor Ulysses will be Interred st tb*
dog cemetery tomorrow. If yon gen-
tlemen care to attend"—
. "With pleasure!" we murmured In
Wilson, and It was not until we were
out of tight of tbe house Ibat I real-'
Ited wbat we bad tald.
"How are you going lo make good
on tb* girl with the green gloreV"
atked Jack wben .w* bad atopped
"I'll show you." I tald proudly. "I ,
or tlx fifty-cent pieces.   "Whit am I
to do?" said be.  "They are uot mine;
some one bis put them there by mis-1
take.   Perhaps I'd better leave them
in the office." ,
"No," replied Mr. Rogers, with a
twinkle, "don't do that, put the money
in your pocket and tet it again."
clotb stitched in black and whit*.
Small wblte pesrl buttons Inertia* th*
smartness of tbls black and whit* centum*. .,  .
First Houscwlfe-I hope you new
nag yonr husband.
Second Housewife-Only when be'i
heating tbe rugs. Wben thoroughly Ir
rltated be makes a mucb better Job ol
I.llllt drops ot nonsense,
Little grtlnt or vent,
I. tup I be pMilmlitlo werld
From growing tay worn.
'How well you are looking!"
"Ve«.   1 am a vegetarian."
Tbat settles It I shall never eal
meat agalu. How long burs you been
**l begin tomorrow."-Moggondorfer
The London Baby't Plaint
Plenie, father, dear (allitr, come home te
us nowl
Tbt clock In the tleeple't run down.
The suffragist ladies have started a row
And smashed sll the windows In town.
And new the dear mother Is landed In Jail
With numerous ladles of note.
They don't care a sixpence fur pardon ci
But they'd break all tht laws for * vote.
We btblet *re crying for mother to come.
Ntw Fltld Fer Women Worker* '•
Tbe woman wbo feels the attraction
of photographs will be glsd to hear of
an opening wblcb, If not exactly new.
It more or less unknown to th* image woman worker. »
.To begin wllb, a knowledge of practical photography la essential for thot*
wbo wint to become expert lantern
tilde makers-os,- for Instance, of de-]
reloplng end developers-for "lt ll sol
enough to be sble to expose snd develop a elide. Tbe operator must know,
precisely whit effect ibe Is liming si
Piute, father, hrlns mother right home! { and juat whlt developer will suit ber
-«*•*•*. wr* oioes.   . purpote."   Among the polnte for rec
' ommendatlon ot tbla work are tb* following: '
I   "Tbere le no limit of age for tbl*
! work, but It Is essential tbat s lantern
' slide colorlat should possets good ey*>]
tight ind steady, sensitive bands.  In-
I deed. It ls epperently work peculiarly,
■ suitable for women." Like most otber
{arts, It require* greet concentration,
skill snd pleasure In the work, and
Speculating tnd Gambling.
"Congratulations, old man.   I hear
fou bar* been speculating tucceiiful-
"No: I lest money."
"Tbit eo?  Well, yon ought to know
better tban to gsinbl*."-Ksnsot City
.         a«C
A Preference.
Footllgbtt-So yon'v* aeen my Hamlet   Well, wbat do you tblnk et Itl
critical Friend-1 prefer Shakespeare's.
Bolton Transcript
Flth Burltd AIM.
. The Alrlcin lung or mud fish some-
hire remembered teeing nnotber glove timtt alta|n, » length of six leet. lt
of tbla particular bu*. Wltcb me!" ■ j, my abundant on the Gambia riv-
Jack watched me eloiely aa we re- ] er> „1(| there, during lhe dry season,
turned lo the oflice and 1 entered my i lasting through August end Septom-
private room. I could hear Mlu Daw-  ber, the flth buries itself in a burrow
Bruaiala Sprouts.
Brume's sprouts nre by far Ihe most
valuable gtcen vegetable food.
ion tipping tbe type micblne In ber
cubbyhole of a room beyond. I pressed
tbe button that would tummon ber to
our presence.
She came, a large, fat, pink and
white golden haired girl, who qulve'red
like a blanc mange whenever abe
"1 bave found your otber green
glove, Mist Dawson," I s ild without
"Ob, Mr. Harleyir ibe gaaped. losing her pretty color. "Vou never did I"
"Tet. Tbe pug dog at Mr. Tborno'i
initched It from your hand yesterday
and chewed It It may lutereM you lo
know that th' dog died from tbe ef-
fecli of tbe feast Are you related to
tbe Hawkins wbo wos formerly butler
for Mr. Tborne?"
Sbe nodded. "He's my grandfather,
Mr. Harley."
"Tbafa   all.   Miss   Dawson-on'-
in the mud, remaining for quite a
long period in a dormant condition.
being nourished by a large store of fat
lhat hu been collected in the body.
When thta o"rv setson hit pissed the
fish again takes lo the water, in
which it can twim with exceeding
"Mr. nivere," said one of tbo regu-
Itr readers of lho Daily Bread, "wben
sn Idea for a bright editorial occurs
to you In tho middle ot tbe ulght do
you get up and make a niciuoranduni
of it V*
"No," inswered Rivers; "I tuck It
■way snugly In one corucr of my bruin
nad go to sleep again."
"Tben you take It ont next day and
use IIV"
"No; I always forget lt"-Cblcng«
Cutting Diamonds.
Only since lbe Introduction of higb
speed electric machinery Into the Industry bas it been possible to cal a diamond across Ihe grain.
Ambrose Channel.
For a width of 1,200 feet Ibe Ambrose channel, New Tork harbor, bas a
dcplb of forty feet at mean low water
for over three and one-half miles of Ils
length, nnd It hns the same depth for a
wldlh of 1,800 lo 1,000 feet over Its
other three and one-half miles of length.
The rest of tbe full wldlb nf 2,000 feet
la from thirty-five to forty feel deep.
"Sew two famous bid men come together during my trip west"
"Bolli killed?"
"Nobody killed. Ton can't talk a
mau to de.itb."-Kans.is City Journal.
bly be msny before any measure of
eucceu ll attained. Tbough women
ire often employed by lantern (lid*
makers, few bive liken up tbe work
on tbelr own behalf, aad yet It 1* obvious tbat mora and more of this method of Illustration It being used for
tmuiement, for Instruction, for eclen-
llflc purposes ond for advertisement
There li no limit to IU scope.
Lantern slide coloring should offer
special opportunities to women, "for It
requires a delicacy of handling and a
keenness of artistic perception wbich
are more usually met with In woman
than In man, ond to tbe woman wbo
possesses a talent for painting, conpled
wltb these necessary qualifications, tb*
work becomes absorbingly Interesting."
Wht-e It Started.
When Atlint met fair Eve ht pursed
Ills lips, ami he would not deslat
Mid Ation,. "Eve. you aro (ht drat
And only ilrl 1 tver kissed."
-OaclnBitl EiCaUlrar
Thty Will Hlbbl*.
Thit high heels md bobble iklrti
are retponslblo for i large proportion
of the Injuries sustained by women
while getting on and off tralm and
mounting snd descending italrways
In slat Ion j li tbe conclusion reached
by tbe Pennsylvania railroad after an
Investigation covering three montbt,
In which tevenly-tbrn such csees
were recorded.
The Injurlu ranged from slight contusions to painful sprains and cnta.
Typical of tbe causes set forth In tb*
' report nre: "Heel caught on ttep ef
| coach and lore off.  High beei caught
while descending italic; wore hobbhj
'skirt" THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
A" peal of music ori the public
streets during the. busy hours yesterday forenoon, startled the citizens, and diverted their attention
from their customary occupations.
Many opinions were haiarded as to
the cause for the martial strains.
'Some thought *t,»X England had declared war against Germany, while
others expressed the belief that the
coronation of the city ollieials was
about to take place, it turned out
tai be nothing moie serious, bow-
ever, tban an impromptu musicale
by lhe juvenile band Irom thc Clril-
Uren's Home at Des Moines,  Wash,
Donald, J. Lihdsay, J. H. Kayee',
W. F. Eddy, T. R.'Hanson, W. A.
McKay. A. Hopper, H, Brown, S.
Waynock, W. Small and Mary Ann
A government grant of $51)0 for
the Greenwood fair arrived in. that
city last /aeek.
The Greenwood Miners' union hus
asked the British Columbia Copper
company to make a wage scale similar to the one in Butte. This scale is
a sliding one, based uponjtbe price of
copper. If granted, it means an ad-
vanBe of 50 cents a day to tho #2.50
inejtt at tbe Hineher, and tbe same
amiJunt to the ,_pien underground
whil^fcopper is $_* cents, lt will
notT.f.ect the surface men to any extent until copper^ Reaches 18 cents
or more.
.-< J. D. Honsberger, the fruit grower, will leave tomorrow on an extended business and vacation trip to
the prairie provinces.
A deal is pending for the bonding
of the Eureka group to the British
Columbia Copper company for $50,-
000. The properties are located near
Nelson and run high in copper.
Newspaper Virility
The story is going the   rounds of
!a western newspaper publisher who
wrote to six prominent men of his
; locality   asking for subjects to dis-
> cuss in his columns    He   received
; seventy two   suggestions   in   reply.
His comment on their ehaTncter is
! thnt if he should write for a   week
along the lines suggested by  the six
! representative citizens' he had con-
j suited,  he  would be nnd should be
ducked in the river as a  common
scold.   The  story   may be  a true
one, and the Montreal Gazette remarks: "There are evidently in the
i world a lot   of people,  besides the
I publishers of one class   of  journal
j who think  that to sneer at, malign
and affront other people is the  first
evidence of newspaper virility."
For Sale
Brown & Adams have purchased
the Greenwood feed store from I.. A.
Smith tfe Co.
The Greenwood city council hns
appointed Aid. McKee and Police
Magistrate Hallett censors of moving pioture shows.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price
terms and'further particulars apply
on premises.   \V. J. Meagher.
Dr. Mel.ean and S. P. Dixon
were elected aldermen of Greenwood
by acclamation Inst Monday
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
(.'. N. Marden, nf Danville, is n
candidate for commissioner from
the First district of Ferry county on
Democratic ticket.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is,for sale on easy terms.
Address owner, \V. K. Esling, Rosslnnd, B. C.
Four blocks and thirty-four lots
were sold at the recent government
sale of lots in the townsite ol Rock
Creek. H. S. Pittendrigh bought
four blocks for $630. The total
value of the property sold wob
$2065, of which amount 1532,50
was paid in cash., The lota ranged
in price from $20 to $70 each. The
buyers  were  H.   W. Farmer,   F.
Year old hens, to make room for
young stock; s.c. Rhode Island
Reds and s.c. White Leghorns. These
birds were awarded the following
prizes at the Alberta Provincial fair,
held at Calgary in July this year:
First and 2nd for hen, and 2nd
and 3rd for cock, in s.c. Rhode
Island Reds.—T. Bowen, Columbia, B. C.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city for the post week amounted
to 348,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 12,406,-
500 pounds.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for tbe week, nnd also for the
vear to date:
Granby 24,072      605,403
Mother Lode  5,475     294,47s
Rawhide  4,705     120,810
Jackpot. ..,;        12,237
Athelstan  340
Emma  4,901
Napoleon  1,341 3,t'.24
Lone Star      230 1,358
Others  7,880
Smelter Ireatnien—
Granby 28,087      748.771
B. C. Copper Co... 12.(150     360,188
t^fe Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuitS   tO Order   M8  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
1 Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Kev. Edward A. Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with'a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. Xo.
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. 1 hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as il is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost then\
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please ad(lress,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York Citv.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
P.O. 10X1353 448 SEYMOUR »T.
Menu-!.Crumley Rros.. Manolieaalpr,  Kiig.
Malum n( Ual Producer Plant« nud Oil
■ KtiKlne. for general power or elet-trloal
lllflitinir purpose)!.
Met*™. Dick, Kerr ,t Co., Ltd., Praaston,'
Knglaml. Equipment for Mined and Contractor,) Light Locomotives {.team and
electrical), vto, .
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
liriiiu machines fur miners, contractors,
prospectors. The best o„ the market,
w.rlte for particulars.
Motors, Oeiierntos, Electrical Supplies-
EldatrtcHl Heating  aud Conking  Apparu
tus, Storaice Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will receive our prompt
attention. Write for information.
Metal Quotations
l^w York, Aug. 1.—Silver 61J;
standard copper, $16.25®17.Q1J,
Londoh, Aug. 1.—Silver, ' 28J;
lead, £16 10b.' .-"_>■»
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Aug. 1.—The follow
ing are today's opening flotations foi
the stocks rhentijned:
Bid. Asked
Granbv Consolidated. 54.00 57.00
B. C.   Copper      5.25     5.76
(I'nlilliheri Annually)
KnuUIi". trntlnrtt throughout  the world  ti
communicate dlrecfwith tititrltth
in Piwli chum of koihR Bexl.lps heiim » com
plete commercial ffiitde tn London ami It*
suburbs, the directory contains lints of
with the Qoodl they nhl|>, and the Colonial
and Foreign Market., they supply. -
arranged tinder the*t'orta to which they sail.
and Indicating the approximate Suilititfi,
of leadiiip Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial townt and Industrial
centres of the UnitW Ktngdoin.
A copy o( the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fur 20s. ;
Deftleri xeeklng Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for *1, qr liirger advertise-
men's from £3,
'2b, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE   A 1.4
Dr}? four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
ft. GALLOWftY. tmZi, Columbia p, o.
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
Wo have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, em piny com
petent workmen, and carry u complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.  .
Shipping Tugs, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
ClfifXW PMMTI1W3—tlie k'**d we do~ia ■"
\j\.njU  LIVl-JllLIVJ   an advertisement, and a
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate ou vour order.
We guarantee satisfaction.
life $utt ■print g-hoji
j\W09aW^V >*WBveW? aWfWW^VaW^V*
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
i Mclntyre   & Clayton,  Props.
Furniture Made to Order.    •
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. mccutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (-onilgnraeiit ol
kerelved Wefkly. •
Postoffice   Building.
Palace Barber Shop
Unior Honing a Special y.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granhy Hotkl.
' First Strkkt.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
'.won- wmnsinivw
Anyone rending a sketch and description n
quickly ascertain our opinion free wlaotlior
I ,.union IS ■™»«*'ir MWIsntA_r"™j;»n>
llonssincllrrnnMtiituL l*»II0H'*m'      ■*"•'
sent free, oldest epenex for sec
I'aatcaaau Ukra through U
u«n oa I'SMUtS
ptCUUftsOlKS, WlinoiH.OU»Tmo.iIltM
Scientific American.
. _r..4_,.__fl.l_i lllssat _■___. (•______! aoskhla      * » mv.
rniQUM 19**3X1 UIVUKU   PHM»p
ijKciaiiwtJw. without obm. to tn
Honey in Economy
Cl««l(l.4 ««i Aa.. or* *m
•am.o_n.ctl *m* sfscllts *x*j*mS
at e****i*t Iha nmrlmt publla.
Tkelr email coat to mm .* **n
psass, b,st *m ltx.mtm.xn erktols
will raetwrc- !•»*• <leM«si<U.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French tefulator: never lalla. These
Villi are exceedingly BOVtrfiil In regulating the
generative portion ol the lemale system.  Keluse
erative portlono'l tne lemale system.  Keluse
._ cheap ImRatlona. Dr.dn▼•■•• are iiold at
a a box, or three lor 110.   Mailed to any address,
ae goibeU Drng Oo., M. Cathnrlnee, Oat.


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